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PHtuKc tb cn TinrMriis - postal-baimi
lat lauMBAM to thu* tri mt-ra..
San Faa* i*?". K,h. 4.-T1.- Sun Frniieise,,
Chamber of Oom-o-ree has n free trade m-aortty
_ka?|aaBaUvaaaaOaUfafmteisB. Hal toMa?e
this m.iiur.iv had il..* amaiaam ta attempt la
nana ths pammje al a reaelalteBi asking for re
cipro.itv -Wi Omma_ aaaaam then tins state
world hav.' f*. lumber and e*-al fruin Brittan
Columbia A pru!'*-rion resolution xxns adopted
in its sica.l. This xveek the lively minority.
headed by ol'. CfRRR Spreekels. tried to f*4 the
lainmm al al ? r. solution pteciag a bonnty of
two cents pm pee?d aa bael sugar prodaeed in
this cnuntry. After a bmasy debate the ntajority
killfl tb'" r* s*'lati*'ti. which xv;is denounced as an
effort iu ti"* direction of (kee trade, and adopted
other reeolatiOBa Hatl\ condemnlag any attempt
to interfere with the present duty on sujmr. and
sa?tag en tbs l_ci(ic Cuast date-gatton in Coagrem
to es*- all passible means to (bl* al any notion in
Osagrem thai eoatematetm ? change of the sugar
dlit) ^ititi tin* establishment ul the hounly system.
Th. resolalteaai also argrd Um delegation ta make
? x igonuis protest, against aaty reduction af the
duly oil lumber, fruit, xvine and wool and other
imi nrtiHit const int* rests As tin Chamber of
Camimam is the lepsematative bad] st San Fran?
cis,-,,, ;,s nn . ? 11 a- of the Slate and 'mist, this iirm
stand aim inst any tree trade tinkering of the iar.lt
i> gigaiteaat, Polittes has no fore* In ? Brave
question of this kind, and at least hall the emn
nniiee thnt drafted th*se stmn. rmolntions
agaiiiM Ihe bounty system or a nj el??IS ia duties
un- Democrats.
Complaint.s of tbs defective mail service at
San Kraneisro increase every araek. 'Hie marking
for*-e lure is small and their labor is greatly in?
creased by irregularity in arrivul of the trains.
The overland trains ure from two to six hours
lute every day. und onsei-ru-ni ly niuny employe
are kept on duty from early murnini" until mid?
night. Nothing has yet been done by the new
l\,?tmiaBter-Qeaetal to reform the idiotis methods
of Mr. Vi las.
Numerous street robheries in this city have led
to unusual police pmcautkmi. 'J'he olVners iu th.'
western addition reptClialrj have been warned to
look out for footpath, oflicr Harrington early
on Thursday morning saw a man come running
down tfTasblagtim Bl toward Van Ness-avc. The
officer says lhat he iboated " Il;ilt>~ and the man
?stitl cnming toxvard him. he find, patting a bullet
through a hackman. Thomas Fd wu rds, xvho had
driven Miss Jennie Flood to a parts on Qougb-et.
With two other baehmefl he was running down
the street to gs! wann. Fd wards und his tom
pauioiis declare that they heard no command to
halt. It was a iaaBSatabls mistake on the p*li**e
man's part, us Edwards was sober and industrious.
The MereHiit.le Library trustees have ut last
decided t*> sell the present building and move ui>
town. lt is eat?Bated that their present quarters
will bring 1175,008. The building was < on
steacted -Belaly from ths proceeds of a tottery
biituiiutinl by the Stale. High manufiKturing
ssteb-bhiaeBts now surround ii and eui efl thc
light and sunshine. The library has au admirably
eekat-ed general polk orion of books, und would
llourish il in a Convenient hu at 11,11.
'1 In- stat- meats af " The New-York Herald" in
regard to the narking af ths Chiama Bestriction
net bays exalted amusement her*-. To give the
total Bamber of coolies who succeeded in gening
late the country last year as eight is too absurd
almost for notice. Nut a single Chins steamer
luis arrived hen for minc than a yen* without
fifty Chinese who had no pro|H-r ce rt i th ates, an,I
frequently as many us 150 have lu eu lauded ou
habeas corpus write
The sixth annual Viticultural Convention trill
be hen- neal month, The eil itel ol wines and
brandies promises te bc large nnd interesting A
som pant ive exhibit will be opened in iinirr to
il*'termini- the nature of the wines from different
parts of the State. The special fiat ure of this
exhibition xxiii be the department of raisins, and
all s etioiis (if tl. ? State an* un it -d to s lid samples.
Tbs project of establishing a National park near
Mooni Shasta 1ms been I,rotulined. and now it
heavil. timbered tract is te be reserved It in -
eludes ten townships, or abeu! two hundred thou*
mud acres in Stekyou ami Shasta Counties, A
bill xvii! be piesenterl som*- time during this
i.essi,,n ? t Congram asking that this land bc Ml
apart and the forest preserved.
A new spurt has been Started on tb* San Joaquin
plains. This is rabbit-driving. The Inch rabbits
arc sn numerous In Kern County that ranchmen
have organised ead will imbi week.*, rabbit-drives.
Lon. inanimia!' corrals ol bruah are made. Several
hundred men drive the rabbits into ih*' corral and
then knock them on the head with clubs. About
half a doma drivel have been lu 1*1. and 1 7.Omi
rabbits been killed. Tlie large land nv,nil- give
barbecues to the men after the drive.
fienernl Bidwell*! offer af a liftv-aere tract near
Chico, in Hutte County, lora tree-planting stat mn
has been accepted. Th's will make four stations
under the charge of the Snit*' Hoard of Forestry.
Ran liie.-* is now a paradise of gamblers. In the
heart of the eily. ,,n the malu business -t reels.
liv* tar,, banks and .nany poker games are in full
blast. These g-ambling places ar,- as open to the
public as ordinarv tuloona They nap a nice
harvest from th*- crowds nt strangers tba! throng
the streets. Dunns: January titree thousand
through passengers from lb** Fast arrived in San
Diego, while thc total arrivab for the month
aram ten thousand.
"nv maumu to tiik tiutirnb.*
C Hinno, Feb. 4? Whal 13 believed to be Ibe si r. ing?
est petition for a pardon ever presented to a nov
erDor li now in Governor Oghiby'i hands. It i-i.
lor the paidon of ??Joe" Madlin, who was -upposed
lo bl one ol the chief cons pl--at ors In ihe ballot
box frauds which occurred here during the last
iT-esidential election. Tho petition has Peen Signed
Ly Judge Moran, who tried and sen.cured Mackln. and
by Mr. (iiliiii.-U who prosecuted him. Among the
?prominent signers are Judge- iilodgett, Tothill.
Horton, collins. Jamieson, (Tarneit and 'Vary. Mayor
Hm I,,-, Boast st Parwan. Abasi Taylor, U J. (iago.
John K. Walsh and P. D. Armour. Nearly all the
thsatriesl managers and hotel-Keepers have als,,
Slgnod. Every member of the Federal Juries and
every living msmhar of ths r*tate Grand Jury bm
?lgn?d. and so las the entire Jury Wfebh Convicted
Mackm, except one man who wained to be paid for
lil? name. Kvery newspaper In the city has given
Mn. Markln a letter tj) the (iovenior, asking Ulm to
grant her request.
The chief cause of this change nf sentiment la regari.
lo Mackln ha_ been brought about by the efforts of
the editor of one of the local papers which was
chiefly Instrumental In exposing the ballol-box fraud-.
This- eslltor lg said to have In hi- po-s^sion a eons
leaslon signet, by W. J. Gallagher, Whtoh completely
exeronates Mackln from anv coauecttea with the
frauds, but which implicates some vary prominent
Democratic politicians.
Th" blc grain and stock brockerage concern of
Jones, Mc-orralck A Kennett, which has a brunei
In Wallal., will probably go ont of baatBSm as far ai
Chicago la concerned. Mr. Jones will go fo New
York and tbe lu.ne stone house which be har beet,
building for ihe last two year, on (he Noni, Bhom
Drive, at tho corner ot Hellevue place, ls linders!,,,,d
to tie ter sale. 1 hen he bega,, bulging he declared
that nobody should know how much the place cost,
and be SSS kept the Matemems hliiiielf. Tte ground
cott 080,000 Tbe general estimate ls that the house I as
emt 811*5.000 more, lt ia not yet quite finished. The
Winding up ot this large concern ls generally tty
girded as the final collapse of this city as a st.,, h
market, although around tho Beard of Trade Mr
Jones's removal ls teetered to be solely the work of
Mr, neoige Hopkins, of Kew-York, who is abo a
Tbe uMunal')* mild weather this week has melted
the winter's accumulation ol snow and Ice, and tho
lt"*"- and alleys of the ctv are In a frlghtta] ma*
ditloii, a disgrace alike to both city and the am lau
Bbl navin^: cha.ge of them. (souie of the streets tr-s,
pra. ..cally I ii i pas-a tile, and as lo the alley,,, they
ITS in many mettam absolutely glutted and over
""-wing wnh tiiih of all descriptions. The cause ol
HUS :- very largely the non en lon -meiit of the nub
asaem against befouling them, poMleal tevoritbm,
BBd .', some e_s*ss dlsh.itie-iy. which rh.-.ractenzcs it,e
BMMMgmmai ot nus aapartmeat of iho etty, i.*st
v.., ?,c1 ball a million ol dolUis ?_ appiopruie,]
?JM i ' nt lor cleaning Ihe st,e.!, and allcv-, iel
? lie en- wat never lu a Warm comb. un.
-ta* ordlng to a decision given bv Judge Tulh.ll. of
?maaiMriae . tun. thu, amah, a policeman cannot
Mia lie au arrest unless he -a.* i|,e misdemeanor. I he
en_iV?*,!i_L .T"1 mr*V** "' J'.'? clrttes for Hs
S ,L*__!____ \? '???? s majorlly of the persoAi ar.e-.
_L^_K____i? '*** ? *'"' "f bsbeai ..upi,- is ai-kmi
wr. Ha.eiotore the police have mada arneb on
reasonable Information Mid belief. The times whon
the pollen actually see an offender or criminal In toe
commission of tho Illegal act are rare, and by simply
turning their barks they need not make any arrests
at all except on warrants.
The Canadian-American and thc British-American
bBBgBSa, which were recently formed In ibis elly, are
at odds. According to a 'prominent .'anadlan, the
propositions made by the first named have been re?
jected. Tbe -BM?BUS claim thal the Hrltlsh-Atncrl
ran lz-ague ls really an Orange pj-ganlratlon and that
thev are down ou th- Canadian- hseauss thOf ai**** BM
anti-Catholic and anti Irish. Thc Kngllshmen deny
that their organisation ls intt-Catbolfc or anti Irish,
or lhat they are running their league as a political
mai blue as charged.
Mr. John M. Ives, who has been commissioned to
visit this country for ihe purpose of Interasllng
American merchants and manufacturers In tho Cen?
tennial Exhibition Io lie held at Melbourne next
August, was In Chicago this week. Ot-cai prcpa
ratiens are lielng made for the exposition. The hnlld
Ings are to cover twenty four acres of ground and
(100,000 siiuaie fe-t arc tu ls- sci apart foi* tho dis?
play ot American product!.
ThS Mavnr has written a letter to the Women's
Phi-lit lan temperance I'nlon, In which h<* expresses
hil appreciation of the wort don" by the IT.is and
xirom'ses to onfo-ce the art forbidding the -ale ot
"Tobacco to minors. The I'nlon In turn has sent him
a letter thanking bim for his suppression of tho In?
decent theatrical posters._
" 1 have not yet decided what my movements will be
next teii?on." laid Mine. Msdfeskn " If the political
horizon In Europe ii clear, f shall probably Basks a tour
there, but I fear Hint war is likely. Bbould that occur
my husband and I will possibly stay in California. We
aro Interested In a Hinch there, and are l nth verv fond
of the * git lions climate.' lu any event I do not think I
shad play uni amma. I am beginning te feel thal I am
entitled to sniLO re?t, and I am rory, verv lind of trav?
elling. There is aa pssslMs nrtlstb mtlsfasttea la sash
a life, and with the desire I have to giro mv pl *> 1 as
Well as possible there ls not profit BBOagh really to com
pensHte for the labor and annovanccs. We li -ve a rom
pau this season of twenty-three people and play many
Fhakesperean pieces. In such a repertory every ador
and actress ls not always available. Some ac geed In
certain parts and ?mild not M la others, "few, tue
ordinary speculative ui.uia.er would mBBBgl to cet
along with considerably tewar people ahum ha weald
pul Into BVSry Blag regardless SI the result to the per?
formance. And I .un bound to say that commercially
he would be right. The general punllc in the country
are not attracted by tho nll-rouu I excellence of an
mgaulmltoa They saasa to am the star, and tbe mp
port counts fer very little. My basined hat been quita
its good with the poorest ci mpany I have had Bl with
the t-est. when I Sara beea maaasad by business nam
the salary list has been nt 1, asl 89 ii) a weah less than lt
is now. That sum saved is, of aoerse, a vary rS-Sbtm
able proflL Hut I fe-l I cannot do myself justice unless
my iiirroundtngs In seam measure satbfy me. I should
be reef glad to play for I law Sleuths tn N.-vt York with
a good stock company; but if that is not to be done I
think I shall take a holiday."
- Is teem aay possiaiUty of the formation of such a
company I "
" 1 rear not. A wealthy lady here, moved by the same
taste for tho stsire as Mrs. Thurber has for music, spoke
to my husband and myself about Hie foeadatloa of a
theatre modified after the plan of the Como.lie I-'r.in
_aise. Count Beioata told her that the buil,ling would
cost at bast |r.iKi.u ?0 and that the Institution should
have aa endewmsal sf 81*000,000. ? And whal would
he the profit ! ' Hie asked. When told dal lor the Brat
five years the loss might he at the rata af 8100,-COa
year, and that after that time small profits might per
hups he looked for, she grew far Uss cm iii-.astic.''
"What do you think, Madame, ls the outlook for the
stage here I "
I "For tho higher class ol drama.-lc* id,"liv not very
encouraging, fco long as you see the drams wnttea
about and thtuglit about umler the head of ' amana
j .neals ' lt will never take nuv vere high rank. Winn lt
j ls treated M an art and reel ves the same aid and cu
eeangeaMBl ns are extended tu other arts, tees it will
attain Hie pOUttOU it oil-Vf to have."
I "Tlie voung American actress who has aspirations
tea_id tm- highest etan ol drama Bbs neehaneeof
i schooling -wit i the exception of you. self bs mode!,"
j mid the reporter. " Will yon kindly say hew rea thiak
' inch u girl should study I "
i ?- Hunks will not help ber very much?I mean books
that analyze and di meei the plays aod ah meters of the
great dram it isf. Helen randi's (Lady Marlin, aeeoiint
of her studies ef Bbakesperaaa roles m the most tatar
?StingBBd p- riia),s the mo-t really helprul. Hut I must
coine-s that I believe that she dil not have this
thorough anl deli.alf ll insight into the characters Uti
! billi? Bier she had played an 1 BS lt were ,-iown ii,lo
them. And thoagh arneb af tm boslneas abe suggests li
citron.riv lin-'eiunus au I delicate, I think a gani deal of
ll w, ubi noi, be .Irani itlcallv crt,?!?'..ve. tirol*.-. LaWBS'l
j ' Actors and tue Art ot Acting ' c,vii.nus some valuable
suggestions aui msuy intsraitlsg ramlstaninrm, Hm
let uer 'leware of the ordinary commentator aud essayist
! Whs ts daabtlem extremely ch rer?the only trouble ls
that he ls too clever and linds subtleties au 1 hid'.cn
BMsalngs that Bbakeepears never dreamed <>f. The great
beauty <>f Shakespeare ls his simplicity BBd intelligi?
bility. Of eonrm there is au orc.isi.iu.il phrase .,n i word
that iii iv raqaiteexplanation, nut I Blinds io tue char?
acters. They are easily mid-rstood and you always Ind
the key lu the play. Take, for instaaee, ' Boaallnd.'
Balm people sni-iii to tin uk that she should be roil-,! iud
, boisterous. Ikey Cannot sorely r-iuoiuaer tea wurdi iu
the Ill's! act of the ' Duke ':
?? Her imootbnnm.
Her very silence and her patience,
(?speak to tlie people all 1 t isv j-!ty lier.
" The best light un BBakeapoara is te ho found tn the
careful study of hit own works; one will certainly be
helped te a better nnderstandtna hy a theroagh knowl?
edge of ntetery ami by the study of other writers nf the
Elisabatssa period, i gained a great Beal from reading
Thomas Lodge**, story of ' Reaallad ' No actress who
does not poMSM I poetic touiper.iuient will ever make a
success in Bbakespessaa pans, ami abe mast not fall
lalo the error oi thinklag that the emotteaal temper
aiueiit is the same Ullin,' as the poetic. 'I'he one is nu
aginative, thc other actual; sud un* dttteranoe la the rs
suits of the work of each is similar lo the ditterenos br
tween the wmk oi an artist and a photographer. Tue
purely emotional icnaa it generally utterly* at *?'?_
when she attempts to play thc legitimate, and the e MM
is uot hard to lui 1. lu cm,,(mutti plays nhill the nc Hess
does is of the Mg est Importance, and what shs mys b
of comparatively little moment rae tn iv gasp, or tilth,
or appeal te lbs heavenly powers just as she may feel is
most eik-ctive, bul it ts tue physical depletion ol ihe
pa-sbin or the emotion that atteets the au n.ui'e far moro
than tin- wor's. lu tat: poetic play what aha savs ia ol
chiefest momenta and the action, ttiougu Illustrative nf,
must be subordinate to. the text "
? ls not ' Juliet ' an emotional part I "
** No, lt is a part ol paaatOB as lu.ruse as you will, but
not of emotion la the sens** thal we apply that word to a
play. The feelings avowed aud depicted iu the
emotional play are I hose of the nervous, hysteric.il
temperament. In them tho emotions evoke and rule the
thought; la poetic plays tbs thoughts sall forth ami
govern thc tetdlaga 'Camille,1 'Mles Hulton,' 'Kari
Lynne ' are plays ol' the emotional order."
" Hut, Madame Mudlcska, yea pbiV ' Camille * ta siddi -
tiuu to so maay Bhakmpamaa p uta."
" Yes, but lt ls the only SOS of the hind 1 attempt, aad
if I succeed fairly lu lt, the fact lt due, to my having i' ld
so "bamaga a tralatag la srery styleefeettag, And
this brings us back to your supposed "Beag ad res.. Let
uer w-ork weil, no nutter ia what lias sha b asst, aad
she will .am axparianee teat will bo invaluable, if ibe
bas teteUlgeaea aud poetic feeling the will be able tu
play the higher rabi when the opuortnotty comes. B i!
alu,ve all things she omst no' teed te begin ai I ;.. to,, nf
the ladder Very rarely does au aeiraia who an begin*
muk,- any In oro vernen t. Practioe only eonflrms faulu,
and the frequent repetition of a rate imperf eel ly con
aatved ami executed seems i*> binn! tin- nerty pt Inns and
tbe M-nsibiiiiirs. i uutemioately galne. my anowWge
i on tata head from experience. Dari us my very Ural
season I wns *v hat yon Sall lure a ' star.' At thr en I of
it I fortunately had sens.- enough to know thal I was
worse than at the beginning, and that ir l persevered ...
that course I should never make an BetnSS. Be I went
into a.eon,puny ami played the small, st parts, xml tl,otc.
of every k'nd. I have been oren a dr ii ii kc ii servant, aud
have Mood up through nhate aete aa a aHanl aaiwr. I
reub sins' and had a fair a-iiount nf experience ni comic
opera. I am almott ashamed In say what un* sal ny was
liming this se ison, ll was ihe munificent lum of 8-0 a
month. I oould not live on timi, so theaextseaaon 1
again went starring. After that was over I waa Inrtu
nate in getting Into a goad company to play juvenile
parts, i wat fully itv*- ve*!- ob the ataga before (had
aiir eitabllHlted position a*i a IsadlBS woman."
** is there any I'oiitii dramatic literature I "
""Yes. but the serious plats bave % semi mystic ole
ment tnat reminds one strongly of Eaat Indian poetry.
They breathe the same apiril us the 'BakUBtala.' our
thoiurhts and feelings stem lo l,;,vo tbs same delicate
gradations. It is .is in in,i-ic: bare rea have tenn and
semitones; Hast Indian inil-i' hm ipiarter Innes. .?*,>
has li. li.,n jMietry, and flo* Pulls, r.-seu,hie- it. As in
Chopin's iinitic ttie highest myal] and the tteepeat
sorrow alternate alni somoniui- minglo: so lt ia In our
serious d-a.iiatic literature, lt it the expres-tnn of Hie
peeullar spirit of the people, bat we bara some exec!
lent earned lei that would bear HalispUntlii., only few
1 n-li-h writers know Hollsii and thc Poles do not Brits
English weil enough. 1 have traaslsted se*ae English
plays into I'oiisD. nut i should not be abb te rev. rae tbs
preesas satlafactoflly. One of our older comedy writers
worked very much In the vein of Moliere."
Muir. Molje-ka ls natur ,liv proud <>I the su -cess of her
renns countryman. Josef -orman? la spsaktaa about
him she said: *' More than turee ycart ago, when ll- waa
Just tinned seven, I remember how he us.-,I to ge to tho
piano and OBBSpsm and then run to the table to write
down a phrase. .No ehalr was tall enough for nun to sit
lo to vrite coiiiforui-lv. s? I,,, would climb up an I throw
himself full lem-tti ou n?. Ubls. and tn that position
mark down hil mites. At flint time he aald to bm I 1
lovo yon. tat ><ui ax-liku music* | thiak that waa ths
inna! pet-feel compliment ever paid mo, and whal au
amount of feellna lt thowed In a ehli 1 of that a^'c! "
I'i jiu T.e Lum: Hie , i,anti Journal
The In,li..na fannel win,se cai was bitten off lu a
fight need nm despair. He eas move ta ioma other
Mau* and pass hi-, eu lor a liaknlat sultrier
How a trifle will mabie one forget the troubles of
business and State, was tenthly Illustrated Ibo oiric
afternoon. Among the ineinls-rs of the Muck l*.x
ehauge thi-re are many enthusiastic- MteWSTS sf tem
bail, rsonie are young men, bul others ai*e well ad
vance*! In years. If SW Bl is generally a busy thorough
fare Just before the closing of the exchange and stocks
and bead, are, of course, tho lively ihcnu* that teems
IS Interest all. Cn this occasion bears and bulls were
yelling frantically Inside tho high building and some
of Hie small fry wore hawkin; ?juOtatlons In iho street.
Finally a well kin,wu member rushed out of the .New
St. en'i ance. Ills hat was lipped back and lils ??"'*
was flushed with excitement. The din lii"lde seemed
ta havo driven him Into the street for sum,- frmh
air and a chance te collect his bewildered thoughts.
Ile had a memoranda In lils hand which he be?
gan ta look over carefully. Another member raino
hurriedly up I),,- stree! fnun Exchange place anil BS
abo bau a llttlo book In his hand.
* lb lb, BUI I" sa d he t" the dl-turbed nus. ** What's
troubling youl Too loah ?- if the Glam* had bseo
beaten. If you want something lo thtnl about, I
can ?.:>." li lu von. The v ? York Club ha- Ju*-*
sold Keefe to Boston tor Ha*!, mme and 88,000 bool "
?ls .ha. sn. * aiiim.v ." replied 'ho other. "'I hen
I am done wu), baseball, v by Keefe ls the greatesl
pilcher that *? er lived and I shall never gs to th*
i'oio ' mund. again"
The twi, members apparently forgot business sad
talhed baseball will, tbe gusto ol the average -Miall
buy. They ware -u engrossed tbal they did uo! notice
lhal 8 o'clock had arrived and thai they would have
to wall fm* tbe morrow to attend tn tba btrtiuesa on
'Change, whether either Imi any money by ibo Be?
la) . i lu- repoi ler could nol lind nut. ** Hill" * Bei i ard
found OUl thal Keeto had um been sold, bul that he
himself had beea _
Keefe ls, of course, a great pitcher, and so ls Welch,
when the latter ls In condition. Crane, the new pitcher.
signed last fall, ls also a valuable player, if his r,.ld Ifl
a minor league can be taken as a criterion. Yale Col
lego has developed a model ainleto and baseball player
jin A. A. BtBgft Ho ls a pilcher who would tit Into Hie
? .NewYork club with great. benefit to tlc team and
-Binllsl benefit to himself. Stagg- Mends seem to
I think that If the yoTii-' athlete should turn professional
I lt might Interfere with his missionary work. Those
? friends in 1*1 advised. The New -York club preset,ls a
< wide Bold for mbatonary tabors. Stags could probably
; dt more good work among Hie uncertain (.units than he
| could among savages of I iDtlcrelit hemi-piic re and
darker coter. Magg liri he prays for victory in every
gan.*- he pl.ivs. I'mbaoiy something of tins sari might
make our NeW'Yorii player! win ? tew more games.
There we.e Hirer divinity Undent! in last yeal"*! Prince?
ton College p.i,ti, ill team, and yet .noeses was aol casi lr
won. Bta__ waiild better reconsider, como to New-York
auil save thc (.ians.
lu August, 1880, a young in.in named Dalton went to
seo a ga,in* of l,a-,-I,all Bl the Polo (.rolluds between Ihe
New-York ami Detroit clubs. During thc contest au trna
liar whisk supp,,ried one of tue awnings in front of ths
grand Hand citiie. duwil among the yelling throng and
Whacked Mr. Dallon BS thS h? nt. A demoralized Derlir
hal an 1 a slight scalp wnund was the result. A law SI il
again*! the Metropolitan Exhibition < eaapeur followed,
the young man placing i.i** damages nt ?**-.OOO. The
plaudit! got a verdict in tho (Tty Court last wok for
?j-i'.n. Among the lory were raven, friends to baseball.
but when Justice aud base,,an win- opposed they were
tor us ,-,-. lt might be "t benefit to tha company to
have s-ni * of fiose old tumbi, Iowa arrangement" al
thc popular lus-baT grounds strengthened and reiuve
inti,,!, a ward politician may he lujurad some day and
the,, the damiges demanded might make thu coilersof
the company mos week sad sick.
A meeting of ths members of lbs old Western Base
ball League will lu* h id ai M Joseph, Mu., on I'ebn.
arv 19. Il ls said thal an odor, will ls* made te IS
organise 'ho obi League. Tha. the project will be
carried nol seemi to i>* extremely uncertain. A bos
B'ostern League bm already sprang up. and li i
doubtful If lhere ls any room for tho old. s'omo of
the baseball Manage,- say lhat the scheme ls sinipl.i
a project to " (reese ont" thi pifs"!ii Western League
club localed iii Kan-a. I Itv. If Ibis were don-* ll
would give the newlj organised American Association
club ai Kansai City the Dndisputed righi to thal c ly.
one of Ihe .(rilling batu rea lu the rubi wbbb v-.:ii
guv,-rn the clubs of thc Old I. ague, If revived, I- a
peculiar lalary limit rule, ii is proposed thai the
leam -alary of each duh shall nut bo over #I._(io a
month i in- would give the players an average sal
arv of aboul *?j.'i a week. How tbe well hnown play
etS Who receive lhal much a gBUM lu il -t shudder al
the-e Rgurasl If He -lari ls mid" In lhat ecunuin
h al manner tbs League mlgbl s,,?ii he made a sue
cern, and then belter salaries could bo paul, other
minor league clubs might liston lo these siigg"8(,ni>s
with grew bem-fit to themselves. They need not
place iheir salary ll.uii a- hm a.- 814200, but they
sho .ni place it much lower than it i- ai prase ni ban]
nf tho smaller clubs will pay Balarlei this yeal* out
Of all j,i,,port,on to th'-lt gate receipts.
One vern Sgt) Michael Kelly wa- S'dd tn the Hnslon
club br the over careful owner bf tba Chicago nine
for the i.bs! mm of 810,000. Bs was at once
? ailed tho "810,000 beauty.-1 tho " bean ealing dal?
ling.'* aad other pretty nsm-m Baaloniam were proud
of their culture, their John L. .Sullivan and tboll
Kelly. How tl mus. Jar their nen es te bear tb ll
baseball Idol called '* Ton cont M.ke*' and tho "red
beadell dub.1* Kelly has whal UM small bul .all
Inls of '?-and'' and does ii"' mind ll, but lt nitn-1 I"*
palling lu hi- Boston friends- Kelly ls at present
engaged In telling tte owners of th-* Huston club how
much he love. Boston and how lillie he loves any
Other city. Ills shrewdness seems to have been re
wauled, for the nodc-i Mike was last vveeU signed
for the sum of 04,000 to play a little baseball for the
Iioslon club in tho coming S0SS0B. Kelly ls a gre,-,'
i player, bm if he ls worth 04,000 to a club, lt would
? lake a mathematician to find out tba worth ol such
players as Murrin, Anson, Ward, Keefe, Comlskey,
Csrutbors, I larkson ami many oilier players who will
? draw not much over half thal salary. Kelly will b<
neltnei manager nor **ap:ain ol the Boston club this
year, bul villi le simply au everyday 84,000 pla)er.
It ls now- c.x |s-*el?,l lha. Kelly will do mos! ol the
I catching tor lue club this year. Ho ls eorislnly more
useful in that position and of better terries tn hts
I club than lu righi field. The .New-York club WOUld
i like to have Kelly for a catcher, bul Would not give
; 40 cenls for Wm as a Helder.
Many Bf the professional players began .heir reg
ular gymnasium practice last week, and nearly all the
rest who care anything for their condition or club
will go to work reducing lUparflUOUl Mesh thil week.
Baseball player! ara pi om- to stoutness, and ain-i i
\ iiiuii!li or two of idien*ss, totten up uta Berkshire
pigs. In thi- Coinllr.uii th,*", are good for Bot ht Og
ju-i whs! mos! ol .he playen de la the winter months.
This accumulation of balneal ami ease i,as io be
worked *,IT. Some of the p Byan vvill rod. r- to wm],
lng weigh! by running several miles each day. but
the majority seem to like the gymnasium better
Terry, tbe Brooklyn club's rising young pilcher, trains
matouelj each day. Bvolutiom with heavy dumb
bells lake Up miuTi oi lu- tun*- lu ihe morning, while
when ile- weat hor permits he uniizes tbe toboggan
sin!'- ar Washington Parh In .he afternoon. Aiiei
taking a beaner down tl,? steep Incline ta tai,"s Ibe
toboggan on Ms back and races with ll up ths lull
aga n. xi, hour ol lins hind af werh will make a
heavy mau incl. bu. 1. will n,,i ,|u him any bairn.
Orr, the lb-si baseman ol thc stab, i- av,, following
Terry's tactics, and i- said tn have reduced 111 pounds
Iii one, day.
TO a dose observer of baseball ll l-egilis tn loo!
_s if the - ! un ol trouble tor lha chicago playen i
abuin over. PitchM Clai i son and second ba-einan
imiier earned mos! *,f ti,- in,ul,io. bil ? tbe lain-r .
i.o. signed, the gr,*:! pitcher will also probably pal
ins signature to a . hbago club contraa! before lune
I'li-ir r and larkson wera miuallj loud In their boasli
thal l be j would novel pta lr, Chicago again The
itockbolibre ol ibe chicago club mom te Udah lbs!
tbe bostonelub-ownsn are trying lu Bute tho breach
between the player and bli dub a- wide a- posslbb
rte Best**' 'inn. of contra, would like to have tke
graal pitcher, bul Clarkson'! release would eos! Ita
club much lunn I bau ll h probably willing to pa) al
present, l. is san. nut h,- servbet ol Beujamln
iiuiier wau be tecured u, ibfond the pilebei sgaiwi
.h.- grasping * blcagu duh ii tm case ls taken Into
'"" conns i lav-.. aili alone be tbe sufferer. ?*"*
'im.-i agraameui could bo mado between tbs bibb
ag*-is. an.i ever) cnn, would i luse to i gn .hr pia.er.
ii may ii- iibgal lu blachlbl a player, bm a club can
not be eempeitod te sign a player unawn ii vaab to.
Haunter latter te tReBewam H.,,,ni
i.eiinaii table manners, so tar from lacking .nine
Hung ol reitnemeut, s-em rather iinu.ii, so im sm
ibej *?, tot Instance, In declining a di-i, inat rn
(?Herod oi.-, k is contideied a rudenaM le lay. "Na;
I thank rou," Ita "no" belag too euri ami unfriend.)
lo lu .iihlic-scl t,, noe's hostess. TT,e proper alld
well bcd negation is, ?? l thank you." Il one accept
the second scix.ng or proffered dbh ' Nca-e" i? the
polite bum ol assent, ami 'Thank you" Would BMBB
that whatever was offered wm declined. Aad lt ha
transpired thal tome ol the American ways a. Ita
table ure ir?ni .led a- extremely nd,I, nil In say waul
lng the fin,* polbh n. Civilisation Atom! the Hine
of our American national raanksglving, ths < tuted
Mal'*! Consul With the thoiighlfilt kilnhu? so omi
in-niiv characteristic ol thai g,?,d friend ,,f all Ameri?
cana Haying in llanover, .-cm bs a tine pt a eatary
from his garden, whtah, by u,c way, is the *-,:>
portee Hon ol *? garden and taranto masted te the
raising ot .vin,-, u tn vegeiahles, as American rasidentl
in Hanover nara grateful reasea te kaow, oi conrse,
lt waa calen adm Ihe U-n,,,n which 1 inu-i Ml 1
have hitherto considered lather g,_.ef?i and lni.hl>
aestbette, tim stalks, wiih then wavy lops, le ni la thia
hand, after tho manner of a iliu.-c or a Human vt tl li
S stylus. I,,,! lt w_s suggested lhal, for Hie BBB!
day. iho highly prised vegeiablo should bs cul ap
lilli. Utile hit- Uini biuughl ready .-Ked IO thS .able,
and wheu wo declined si., h piepai allon, one of ut
asked tm dorman ladle- lo loll us honestly If we dbl
not leam like Ameriesa Indians, as we sat ealing
Ihe g. rei, bi am be* 1 bay laughingly coule, .cd mai
wo did, and then told us that an American friend of
theirs, who had green corn sent her from this tame
?Brose, sh,shed ihem very much by eating lt off
the oar. er as they xpressrd lt, "like a * mlrrel."
.me of tho ladles illustrating tho savage feat with
her fcnlfo. _
PLoumiiHuro undo. mr. moora.
civil BBBfTCB ("MMi-sioNritS BIBI!I BBB BI
AMPI BB otf its Ul BBB,
The dreadful disease, Nepotism, about which
Democratic editors nnd om!ors lind so much to
say when the Republican party was lu power,
hus bta_m out in a virulent manner at the Cus>
toni House, that political institution of Jeffer?
sonian simplicity and reform, over which the in?
line* nt statesman lnun St. lawrence County,
Daniel Miigoiio, presides. 'Hie disease hus oxist
e?l there for some time in a mihi form. It "wigan
lg rage in one ?r two departments recently, hut
iimv it has baeeam ii|B"iVmlu tbroagbou! tim en
tin- service, th spite the alleged elTorts of the Civil
Service Commissioners tn bald it- in check and
despite the .oU-Snrtng explicit preventive which
is found in Article |,851 of lin* Treasury Hegu
latinns, which un- bas.d nu Federal statutes:
'? Whenever there are two ,,r mure members of
a family in the service in tin* grades covered by
the Civil Service net. no other member nf web
family shall In* eligible to appointment tn any of
said grades.''
Familiarity with the law is not a strong point
with ihe avenge lb moemtie official, aa th,- -cecal
csiscs of Cdlect.r Sullivan and seven! other QoT
ernraenl representatives have abundantly proved.
but this is such an inport.itit provi-inn that for
Collecior Hagons to be in ieneiBBee nf it is much
bm i-niniiiendiible tliiin fur him lo know untiling
alu,ut pooVaelling or other devices of the wicked
world. Whatever excuse he may have tn offer,
hmvever, the actual condition of tin- Custom
House s*-rx iee, in CO-SCquencc of the ravafees of
the, terribb malady, ls most, deplorable.
" l.t* wini; " (in* mn. SBBVICB n*"iRi>.
The Deputy Collector of the Marine Division is
"Charley" Davis, wno with Be-eretary IfaaoB runs
tin* i iv il S**rvice Board ia a manner that makes
every one but a hide-hound- Dem DC int, with a
-"pall1 feel that, it is easier to go through a
needle's eye thuii enter the Federal service at
this port. Davis corni s fr,,m. Binghamton. Il'*
is known np then as the man win, turned the
plans nvor, politically, one year. It happened
when ihe new peat office in Binghamton was
about to he erect**!. A syndicate, hes,dud hy Davis,
secured a site vv In re it wsis thought the building
Would stand. The citizens, however, wanted tba
office built elsewhere. Davis tried te form things.
The [M-ople wouldn't st.ind dictation, nnd thnt
yesir lin- town actually wet, Republican by a
sweeping majority.
Bul like many Others cast, off bf the people.
Davis hus been talion up ami eared for by tho
Administration. Not only has he, himself, been
carefully provided with n ju,nun place, but pretty
nearly all his relatives have been looked after In
ihe most bountiful way. Fur example, his son
i- a clerk iu the Civil Service Beard at a Hilary
of 11,200 a year. His brother-in-law, cn-' Plough,
is a cleric in the Marine Division at 11,400 a year. I
Another brotber-in law named Captain Johnson, \
receives 81,460 a year, aa night, watchman. Mr.
Bishop, a elerie in th*' Storekeeper's l>, pertinent,
gels ah,ng on 81.200. lb* ls .-aid to Ix* a inn-ill
,*f Hav is. Division Inspector Hubert, is another
distant relative, but he draws $1.1 nu a y.*ar all
the same. Altogether the Davis elem mt manages
io get ii bout SI Ii,olin ii year nut of th'* I ii,vcr.ime.it.
It. is saul thnt Mr, Davis te constantly bewailing
ihe fact, timi the number of his relatives is BOi
larger. If hi- family hud nnly been muni rous
enough, he believes that, he onuld have ruo the
emir*- service. All these mentioned liv*- in Bing?
hamton. Following tin- ravages ,,f th*- disease
a Utile further, it. i., found tu lu,ve taken hold
*,f an*,'her Deputy Collector, Mr. Jones, whose
eertrh* mourne of g-'t.OOA i1* swelled by 8000 im-re
that his smi.a clerk in the Gauger*! offlcc,recciv-S
OB1 "IBO his nii'-T.iri; lo hm p ? ivt
Next comes Special Inspector Berwhind He
draws ll. I'W' and his brother, one of Surveyor
Beattie's body guard, receives th** same. .lames
[-"enfield, another tospeetot, found tbs xvork so
agreeable Ibm lie told his brother William about
it nnd now both aro helping to dispose of Hie
Mirplusnt the rifle of 82,820 n year?$1,4(10 apiece.
John Fallon. Deputy United States Gauger, nt
11,800, has already worked one of his brothers
into his office mid hopi's lo have all the rest of
his living kindred willi him before long. Them
nie nnly a f,-w sample nama Many others equally
bad might be given, but it is sud, a painful
subject that for sake of the truly good peoph
who still believe in this Tfeform Administration,
only two more vv ill bc monti, ned. These, however,
.ip- pnitieiilurly md niui painful In contemplate.
Among the Democmlic county pripei-s of this State,
none is ,,r ratler was tuon* ably manuged than
" The Whitehall Times," whom former editor. Mr.
Wilkins, was not. only bright and witty, but
tbe sturdiest, foe nf nepotism fr,,ni the St. Lnw
the sturdiest foe nf nepotism fruin the
St. T.:iii renee tn Mnntinik- Point. ll*' never
w-iiried in denouncing the -rsicin. and predicted
its utter alu.b*inn when Mr. Cleveland obtained
-onfroi. An-l v-*t. sad tn relate, two of tbe
lamented |onrnallst.'i own brothers nro now bidd?
ing ii" the hands of Mr Malone, one ns insnoetnr
at ?tl.-K-'u- a year ?"d another as gauger at ll.uno.
Hut how cnn a" this hamlen right under the
cres of th" Civil Service Commission? if may be
.--ked Such n nue-tinti ls certainly relevant, hut
to a-sk k to imnlr un ino-Vence on 'be part of
the quest inner e-Tual to that professed by Mr.
tfagone in regard to bookmaking.
'.At'nnifffl AT frtVtt 'TVirrni'ir-t.
Wln-n the tJ*rm * Clvfl Service" is mentioned
nt. the Custom Dense tlie aver-v-e clerk dr,,ps
his right eyelid and snides. It fi a standing mke
there, bal ii* bccnmliK/ b trifle stale now. As a
?"ore-, it ls about played out. This ls no adverse
criticism "f ike system or the slightest reflection
?>l>nn some of ihe f'f*mmis*"ion"rs who ar" really
iiniigb' and honorable men. tTnfortunutelv. thor
r*re praeticallv powerlera to du nnvtblng thnt the
Collector, "Charley" Davis and John A. Mason
d? ont want to have done.
If i-i,n is the secretary nf thc Hon ni. and one
ni tin- shrewder vanna politicians In the Demo?
cratic farce <-f this "state He is an o\-mombor
f the Democratic Stat*- Committee, hut to hear
'Im ext!.,tuite on 'be beauties of Civil Servic?
e-form, one woubl snnriose thal ho never heard
of sncl, a thins as paritenn nelrtica. A look of
1 error Conns nvor bis Intellectual face whenever
tbo subfe-ft is mentioned, bul for Bli that tho Re
.,,'.1-ot.ns continue to co and the TY-ninemts con?
tinue to pour in. rees.fdl.se; nf merit. Take A
single instance' it w-11 illustrate tho whole mat
? ?r" lt n recent evnrninntion hv th" Civil Service
Board foi-r* RennbUcau Custom House clerks
ninny <*f wh-.m wera mon of marked sbilitf and
fitness, entered, clnlr two r-.n-s-od. Last wrek
mother examination was h'-ld for nromotion of
,.|,.ri- fram tho fl.ino to tho ?gl.finft elwm
IHrentV D**moerala entered, and everr man nt
them ...i-s'-d. excotit. one. xvi*,, w.i- held back lt
is s-,'d for ani'-arsince's sake. When tho Col?
lector's attention ams railed fe the matter, he
said it was an ev id -nee of "Vmncratlc mental an
reriiritv. and seemed ta ceaslder lt aU highly
smu-lBff ?_____________________.
frem Bead BiMMtwpfas
l",,r a sum throe! <*ut -lies of tali boat bm bacon,
pepper ibiokly, aad tie around the throal with a Ban
,,,-! .loth When it mm b) a hes ar wasp, make a
. _\t* of common Barth :md Water, put OB the place
h. once and eover with a cloth Por a cold on tho
.hes! .i lanae! rag wrung , u' In holli' - water and sprln
Ucl vi nh turpentino. laid on the Chest. glVM IBS
R eats I relief, wara a felon first begins te make
ir- appearance, uko a lemon, nit nfl am cn*!, pul ina
linger In and tho loiter lt ls kept there the better.
lor a COU(h, boll ono ounce of flaxseed In a pint ol
irater, -hain ami mhi a little honey, uno OBUM of
roch candy, and the Juice nf throe lemons: mix and
boll well I'i ni, aa hot as possible. "Ken after
,.mnp a meal, a persoB will feel fired and havo no
appetite. Por thi- boat a raw cur until Unlit. *i,lr
in m -ii'tle milli ami lugar and mason with nut mes.
Drink half an hom before eating*, i'm- a burn or rasla
make a paste of common baking -*uda and waler,
appl} ?t once and cover willi a linen dolli, when
.te thin ls -Toben apply tho while of an eirg with a
feather : ibis gives Instant relief, as lt hoops tho air
ti,,,u the n-sh. Al the flrst signs ?f a runraund, take
a cup nf woid _?he-, put lr. a pun with a (purl of
cold vva'c*. put the pai on Ihe "tove, pul vour Ingar
ii tta pan, beef it thors, until tha water begins te
bull. ,,i a- lune as lt can If burne. Hep-sat once
ur ta ice H no.-,--- ai).
- - ? - ?? ?
i Basra, i BBIM-M A lltreyi tn The ????'?.)? Herald.
Tb"* reference mado m-emly to Mr Kine,s,,i>"<
statement of the ?piallilrailo_s asesssaiy for nieiuis'r
ship In the -saturday (lui, was bio,.ghi up lu Iho
-.limbing som part mem of the parlor sm 'n- other
lag, and turned Iho -BBVOriatlOB lo club iimtters lu
general, and iiiethnd- of eloei.oii in narllcular. The
.,!?. anl si-", amt dlsa,Ivan.aires of inverai methods
t,v the club, by a coiuiuiltoe- were lolly discussed,
and ai tangth Qeoras Jg, lowie, who wan of inc
pail), uald . *' in th Lound Imi- the scheme IS'SlB
plUTl) l.s-'lf. Wli-n al dinner, the president an
uuuiu-es Hu. name of Ita can,udale, if lt ls received
in siieine. i,a "' a ana?hm tram thal mobmuI ; but lt
anybody ia.*, "OU, b?I' there li uo e..**,,,,. *
"Tho bonanza mlnea of tho country every one hean
or reada about. Thus tho world li kept posted as to
tho S2.(XM),000 m dividend., paid by tim Oranah* Moon
tain mino laet year making nearly fo.oo-o.Ofi-o taken
ont In throe years; the ei.ooo.OOt) paid hi Un* CBhnaal
and Hecla, making t*s'lO,(K)O.0(K) item H wa* Bfgaali
Iho $9001 foo paid by the Ont ario, making nearly
*K).(MX),0OO la all lhat ls paid itlThblltetl. and
so on down a long list. There aero, however h's.
than thirty minos last year which paid over 01*00.000
In dividends to their MacKhsMsm, Hui there were
hundreds that paid handsome roiein.1 on Invest meats
about which ro one over hoard.** This was il,..
burden of remarks made by y? <-, prieo. H ??*,? lnt?.
tug sKperl sad arasfstlm. Mr Mes is ju-t uaw
from lub, bul I,,* ha- been In the mines of California,
Dish, Wssbtegtea Terri!my Oeterate ami Aii/ona,
fluting like a bo* from ono to ihe cher. II- ha- midi
a dosen ?-ink-,- and neall] a* open mad" a Hillie of
his forton-. He has I, en in B*BW Yi.rk for wveral
days arranging to slut fur tho Cn,ted Mates nf Co?
lombia tu inspect a gold mine there. He Continued tho
eniver* sit uti wibi; j. gcct?4 .'.hove by sivTng: "There
sm MM ru in-- in i perattoa in this country at the iuw
c-l e-iimaie nrblch .ire paying. They aro small In
vosi incuts, Worked for all they are worth-no stock
operation, bat a gcnui'io hmiaem wi,bi, yleldl good
ie ii,,,., Lu, iij.se m ai ps alni ats rarely heard ii*.m.
I am to!*l tl.eie are ? nh Hiiny tlve to foiiy-tive com?
panies which have -tocks mi thc market where they
have a quoted value. Thai tells ibo story of what
praportlos of mining is done ou a ipeentatlve basis.
Mining I- gilling down to a ba-l* w.th iiianiifaclunng
as a Steady and permanent bu li.---.
Tie -rlenro nf eDctri Hy w_c_ |s becoming more
and more u-eful every year bm mt )??! i eeonipb-h'-d
the snlutlon of Iho baining problem of what electrl
oliy is. General 0 I Ma Hen. of "Borton, lormeiiy
a.- it .?nt general manager "f the Bell Telepbi ss Oaa_
pant, ob-rves: "Tho electrical world la still looking
for a man who can r -Il us what ls electricity. The
* he,nst ear, tell you what ls lard aud what is butter.
De eau analyse their component pans and make his
results clear to you, but this subtle force of electricity
is still haming us all. Expert-Mate In electricity go
on for a ye.it-, with each day's -|. itirtious proving
Un- ivurk a:,*l de icinn- nf ll," p-evlniis day. ami on
the vet last dav ihe enilre w,,rk ami deductions of tho
whole year may bc Basel and knocked oval by somo
tbtng wo (anuof control am! do not ender-.,nd Tho
general laws of electricity aro besoming fairly W'ell
ki,own, but what it i- remains a Mystery, a theacy. an
Budsnionstratlc problem."
It li not always easy lo convince business men thal
a surplus ls a bad thug. They see:., ral ber to think
that, lt ls what every business tuan ought to have, and
masoning hy analogy thal it is a Rood thing fm- every
government. John ll i:evnu|i|-, a lubataatlal citizen
of Rm land, vt., remarked tho other day: "I s*_
not Inn. In tho erv aloin a sarplBS thai ll af all sen
lible. When a bii-lues- man l.n-l. .hal l.e has a -lu?
pins he feels happy aiul prosperous and proceeds to
um hi- .ni),'u- foi JndlcloUM Investment, if he has
mortgage-! he pavs .hem ot". The (lovertinietit is
In the MUM position As loBg as tl has bunds BBt"
Mending lr ha.- a place f*r all l's surplus."1
Ba-fan at or Plat! pralaei Hie management of the ele?
vated roads. Ile -ays. "The but ; hal -o few people
havo teen Ulled on ibo i'i vated mad- since thev went
uno ( pei allon ls mai v -etona. The wonder ls lhat liun
drcli have not been kilted vie ie they c.i.ry M many
mill nus. Thal then- nave been M fevv a* cl lents * in
lng (balli, -peak- well for their sy-teni of handling
paisengers. n also ipeata w,-u fm ihe dledpUne an-l
rmtralnl practised bv the people who travel on the
i ..-i*l . The tio.il,:>' With thc elevaied innis ls Cal
they Cannot handle all the Hallie. We neisl iii,ne roads
to lake the people up and down the city.''
At a recent benefit concert in steinway Han,
a young lady made her debut as a linger, wh*i*e family
li a prominent ono. lier name ls Mary Cary ttttith,
Ib-r fal her. Judge Smith, -vhs ?_ prominenf public man
of i ih,,. if,- nm a member of tb mst constitutional
Convention of that Slate, and droppcil dead while n...I.
lng :? speech m thai body. Rei bmw ?'? I'- Cary, vyas
a well known banker, ami th- poet-, Alice aud I'luebe
Cary, were ratstlvm.
Tho seci-clary of lin- South Pittsburg Improvement
Company, which has baili up one of Ihe thriving tow us
of the Tennessee coal and Iron n'gton, ls Major O. C.
Connor. He ls a big Irishman with a heart as big as
his body, a larg*- head anil florid face. Years ago
he was a reporter on * l'h- New-York Herald." In Iho
day- when tho elder Bennet! relied on tho Intellleence
and mtlvlty of Irishmen for nearly all his reporting
: work. Major Connor conics oeesstooally to New York.
1 where his last lilli wa.s foi- tho purpose of collecting
i a handsome legacy thai had fallen to his wife. Tho
osij.e vv;,- in Brooklyn and amounted to some .fpn.oen.
Tho Major has been fairly prosperous In tho \,-w
j Booth and now takes a place m one of the solid men
of that region. _
Chan nosy M. Depsw linds bi-' prominent mention as
a possible Presidential candidate attended win, di-ul
vantage! In the shape ot '? strikers'' and " ward politic?
ians" "ho bc-lege I,;rn for favors. III- ubiquitous and
courteous private leerstsry, H. C. Duval, w-ho ls a
lieutenant In the 7th Reg!Beal and sometlurg of an
athlete, ha" formed him-elf imo a hollow s,p;?re for
the protection of Mr. Ivmiovv and keeps out most of
the fe'lovvs who vv.ini to borrow a dollar on the strength
of Whit* House vts'nns. Hut tho letter writer can't
bo pul aside lu that manner, ami Mr. Depew "--reives
by ovary mail applications, recommendations, ind
flatter tig Compliments. One nf them writers was
evidently a itndenl of "Macbeth." for his letter wm
addressed to "Chauncey M. Depe.w. President nf tin
Raw-York Central Hallroad bv th'* grace of tho Vander?
bilt-, and Prm'.?at "f 'he United Stales thal shall bo
by the grace of the people.*' A coriespondenf who
wained Mr. DSpeWi picture for a political * lui, roo'ii
slgn-d himself. "Yours for P.," which WSI talion to
mean fm- President Tho pressure upon Mr. Depew
from business, social and political sources luis be?
come so great thnt If ls reported thnt he intends tn
de^o-i .he present Preeldent'i offleo al then-rand entrai
Depot for a quiet, secret * den" In a remote part nf the
building whore he hopes to be included for a part of
each day. _
The purchase by Andrew Carnegie, the Pitt-burg
millionaire Iron ma.ster. of lon or twelve new?pape**s
In various pans of England was a matter of much
comment In this country anil abroad When lt became
known Tho purchase! wen made four or five ve.xi-s
ago. lt wns said that Mr. Pa.-ne.ie Intended " lo go
In for* Parliament." but If that wa.s his Intention, tho
movement proved a fa'lnre. A moro plausible ex?
planation was tho one that bo was ambitious In a
literary way. and that thi-ouch those publications ho
became widely known as a writer. Mr. Carne-xle said
a year or so ago. that the papei-s paid him a bandSOUM
annual profit. It was. thecefui-o. a surprise to learn
from ono of his Intimate friends yesterday that he
ham sold all his iieu-spapci-s. MT. Carnegie savs.thtt
they weiss a source of Infinite trouble and worry to
him for which tho profit he derived wa** In no wav
eamsessatory. Mr. Carnegie has went Iv come out
as an advocate of extremes* In th* tsrifl revision.
1,,-eph c. Huller, jr.. talking about Mr. Carnegie's
tendency to free trade, -a'd vesterdav : "What tho
Carnegies Dani U cheap labor. Mr. Carnegie has bOOH
studying tho results of cheap label abi oad anil 1-etng
on tho top mund as a maiiufaenii-or hare, he wants
cheap lal.ur hero without stopple, lo ronslder what
woubl happen to mon of loss capital or to laborer*
In a leadin. uptown church. WhSTS a lecture was
given lo a SlBSS Bl young people wi o wore Shea! to
become BUM?ten, lhere were seven lads and one
man lo forty three of the other sex, only three or
four of whom were full grown women, tho remainder
lasing girls. The male popalatlOB of Now-Yolk ls
nm given verv largely either In ehUI-h going or re?
ligion. Ministers say thai the proportion of female
communicants te malo ls becoming larger every year,
ene of tho oldest pastors of thc city commenting on
this stale of things said will, a half *.ls'h : " However,
ll ls a great slop to bring tho women Into tho fold,
for lu the end they will bring the men wllh them."
Tho Hochesfer millionaire patent medicine manu?
facturer, II II. Warner, ls credited with considerable
polities! sagacity. In 16H4 he was a delegate to tho
RepabUraa tfutteU-1 Convention, where he supported
(lenora! Arthur tor Iho nomination. In talking a
day or two ago he BIBremed himself a.- favoring the
renomination ol Mr. Ulaloo. He regards the re?
nomination of (loveland as certain, and said among
other things: "Mr. ( loveland has westered himself
by his tariff message and put his party In a nole.
Hlaine ls as strong or stronger than he was before.
ihe Democrats have ten foieod by Mr (loveland
n, take up this terifl gassttoa ll thm fa" ?? P*"**
a bill. th?y will bo In a bad position before tRwewnwMrf.
If the. pa-s a bill lt must be In accordance with
Ihe majority sentiment of then* party. Which ll beyond
ouo'tion .ho minority mntimenl is this country.
Thus lu ell lier dilemma they will go to defeat. Aa
to Mr. blaine, ll ls easily tn lie seen now lhat the
...... wi... Tun.nl Hm l-efor* asm fi-eo trader*.
prompted by their antagonism lo prolerilnn but afraid
to avow lt. 'Ih")* will oppose any Republican tats
yea'-'" _
Mr. Warner sj-ends annually In ad vert Nine; what
would be a largo fortune to almost any mm. Ile
said lhat he regarded ile meekly paper as Iho surest
to repay judcioiii expenditure of all classes of
newrspapcr p bil allon.. "I would rather have a
bn_bed lliniisaiul weekly rheola!!,.11." .aid h", "than
BBOlOCO ddly. Tho "BBSS!- sf a dilly | aper rarely
read lt through. I' ls glanced over. The salient
petals sf ?Ni ire iBdtCated by big head lines, and
1 lr-?? a.o read though. Then ll ls Ihiown away.
Bul with a Weekly If I- dlffei-ent in tho country,
wi ie a family lukes only ole- or two Beatty papers,
avery Ward an-! oven Hue af lt ls road over and over
again, Advert! lng is such a msdtom 1- ran to be
remunerative. It ls sure ta ho read, which ls fha
lu*-, con-id trallon, and Icadi to the j,urcl,a_o of any
couiinod.iy adve. (ls il."1
:>..tails OP hie M:\vV.8r BOHHCI.
mr. application" BOW BBBOBB ina iioaud ok av
DiiiiMnv-Mi-.v wan auk irmtBaaTBBt,
Tbs rai id transit | robh-m hns come to thc front
nj-r-in in amther rnilronl sch-m-. Th's time it .'*
ii lunnel under thc lent Uiver, the prent, pagpBM
of which is to connel the Vnnderhill and tho f/m,
island Itellroad ia-ereete. The praaami lunnel ii
tethered by the New-.oik and Ixmj- ls and ll il
road Company, whose corporators are Walter S.
(.urn a, ?agaatas Ol fla ram. Tbaams Rattan,
Bte?? K. Hain, general man (.er of tbe Manhattan
Railway Oompaay; An, ead act Oamai mto?mOUam
VV. Hames, (,ene,ai II S. Iluidcliopcr, Bf Pbi'adel
phiit ; Malcolm W Niven, secretary ol the llirlcni
Uiver Bridge (.'?miBB.sion; i.ver-ti P. Whe-ler,
Henry s. White, attorney for Hie Hudson lt,vcr
lin.md Company ; Colonel Hob. rt Townsend, of
(lyster Hay; 1. Crait Stratton, of College I'nini,
L. 1.; -targe If. Slu-idon and (jen* ral Roy .Stone.
the president of the company is General stone, tbe
mit* t..rv .Mr. Niven und ihe trcuwurer Mr. Shel?
don. 'Hie capital mo k is * 100,000, which ia to
be increased in accordance with thc neds af 'he
(jciie.al Stone and Cunimir-.iei'cr Karn I have
long Ix** 11 al wink on the plans tor the tunnel, for
tlie Company has been incoi pointed since August
lu-st. it now manes apptteatiaa to Um noa ni of
Aldeim*'U for tbe iiee-.-wiry franchise to enable it
to carry out its project. The gsassal plan is to
di^" two *. ural iel tunnels, lift.v test apart, under
_-.,__ Itiver at Tb,rty-liftlmt. These are to emerge
in this (itv betmeea Niutii ami Tenth a vet-., no to
oonnec there with the freight lines 01 th*- Hudson
Uiver Railroad. At -'ourtb-ave the u; per tunnel
i_ to ba eoaneeted arith a north and south taaael
opening ut .'orty-lonrth-et. to cIT ct communicniion
With the Jiew-Yorh Central. At N ntu av*' uni
Thirtieth-*-.- a tuiinel is to branch ott to connect
with the Hii'l-on Uiver tunnel ut ( br sto'In-r-st
I his second branch tunnel is, however, mort- ot a
project than a probability, at least for tbs time.
'Hie plana de'*'?ed by Engine, r.s Stone and H.,rms
prov .de lor a width ot fourteen feet in tin- tunnels,
Which will be dag through solid rock sixty leet
below the --rnTu- c of the streets. E^MBPWgrr ele?
vators at points _itemaeted by the elev.n,si mads
ur*- -el duwil in the , Ians. Bridges are to be baili
over the elevated rouds so that these elevators BBB
mnd one hundred pameaaj-n bb th** rited level, at
the level of u.e elevated pletforam or en a level
With the bridges, so th t pi-.ssen-.-ers cnn cr*-ss over
|0 take up ur down trains. 'Ile- <?? riipany au
Boenem ih_t electricity only will bs used in light?
ing tbe tunnels, ann ti,i-. ai.o in the form of ?OtOia
wiii re tin- propulaive power for cars, a pates!
mil is te be um <i 01 such rona as tn pre veal ths
(li-u_ie able "ci k. tick" ao furn I ar an railroads.
Aqueduct Commissioner Harms vv.is ina hmry
the other day to catch a CBS when laked about the
the lebeme. Vol he got ;i minute to speak of the
main features ol' tbe project in answer te harried
questions."' ihe chief purpose of Ibis tunnel.' said
be "is te un te UM Vanderbilt and Long Island
Railroad systems. Long Island, yon know, is
growing rapidly, nnd the amount of freight and
paserimcI traflic which will be Hccommedntcd hy
such n tunnel is large, BBd Will he much larg r.
.OU may bava seine idea of the great nuin
I er nt aagOBS goin:1* to and fruin I>mg Ulandi BB
peela tty in tho spring, when farm products are
brought oxer mornings on their way to the mar?
kets. All this freight can be carried through the
tunnel to either side of this city where it BBB I*
carted to market IT-is Will mk* a tn-cat saving
to tim hons; Island farmer in Hie exp ns,- of de?
livering his prodaete at tl,,* amrfcete '
Till-: Ti'WKi. COMPS" Y as* laDBBBBDUT BBB,
"Are the Jjong Island Railroad and the New
Yor!t Central Kalila d cnmpanies interested in
this pgojedF" Mr. Hames was aske?l.
"they are not a-'tive in it," was tho reply.
"'Hie tunnel was proje* ted independently of them,
but "both ar- Livoiabl.- to it .md are anxious to
have the project pushed.''
"An* von going to go right ulong with lbs BBB
"As soon as we get it through thc Bauld of
Aldermen." said the Coniiiiiss'otier blandly, "we
shall gu right on with the work. Ye-, there is
money enough to push the proiort." Mr. Hames
mttanatos thnt the cost of building and eqaippiag
the tum el will average ll-OOOjOOO a mile, the
principal tunnels being three miles lon*-'. Ot the
bran* h-s one is 1 half mile and the other one mile
long, in nil seven and a half m-Tes. Th-* com
puny sins it would like to begte
vi'ik next June, aud that it will need at bast
litton months In which to complete its task lt
is though! univ, the Hoard of Aldermen befog
willing, that work on the abandoned Hudson
Itiver tunnel miy Ix* resumed in the _fY.Bg to
form part and parcel of the scheme to make New
Ynik ibo connecting link between Hew-Jeney and
Lone Island. a
VV S Gurner has been the active man in the
enterprise in raising the money to push the lun
nol. He is now in Florida for a brief rest
from his labor
.V'?tteefamilia* in Haliyhnnd.
The l.iceot kind of crib for a new-horn babv li a
dot br* bask*'. ! (ie, the largest si/.*i of wicker clolhes
ba-ket a -??.intro one with handle- a. each cul. Have
a small hali maitres! made to tit tho boiiom of lt,
ax hub- i- much mun* wholesome to sleep ou il,.wi
bathers, bm for a Hidden emer-reiicv any oi-dmary
pillow will answer the pu, pose. Thl? hind of crib tue
many advantages. Il Can he put In a closet when nit
In u.se : ll ian be lifted uno another room without
disturbing the baby's Bleep, ,f Ita mother should want
10 receive semis belara -ho u xr,-ii enough t,, lenra
her room : it is very convenient In moving to tho coun?
try foi the summer, as ll can bo puked willi babvb
clothe*, covered arith 'he bath rubber sheet and tied
carefully aero-- willi a mpe; and on arr .val -fhe
baby wearied ind tired there need bo as wait.nu till
the porter earrtm up the heavy crib, as any ono can
carry Bg the hankel : and there ls no screwing together,
but simply lal*'* nf 'be lubber sheol and iden" bibi* hie
Its bed ready BBd nu.se can attend to other th-nir*.
In going aero-- 'he ocean i. ls Invaluable aa. re-ilni*'
on l's bru?1 haas un the floor, no pitching nor nilling
of Iho ship will bo able to up-,-i lt. When baby ge'.,
too old to am lr. It ian Wt W'S to |t? mil uni hume -
the laundry-and lhere bo made useful for the rest of
lu dav*.
I mak-* nilne not only useful but quito ornament il
by covering lr In- do and out wllh cither blue or p,nh
paper muslin, over which I draw In folds some thin
dotted Swiss, sewing If carefully and tlghily through
the bon,nu where the coarse erftclteS will be hidden by
Ibo mani.-.j; now fruin the uuislde edge of Ihe 'up 1
han-? a rates of cheap cullen lace. covering tho stitches
made by scwtBg it sa by a mw of quilled sal in ribbon
In cob,)* lu inateh ih'* paper mn-Hn. and I have | very
pretty and che ip crib. The mattro-i can be k-pi (ID
needed again.
-?-? ? 1
From Th* Norwieh (Conn.) Bulletin.
A.1.nag the bUilS?' In lils city on Monday w*l that ol
an tdd and honored Lame' Hill ave. Plymouth Hock hen.
who had tlrorlr-hed ton years under the name of
"Splend." which 1* short for Splendid. She wa- a irlant
bird welt: ii it,? about bulleen pt undi and had made a
big egg record, Had her owners been ipoculaltng
lOOlogilt! thev could have sold her eges for astrieh eggs
to collectors without much danger of being delected.
sho hnew when !' was meal time as well as a regular
boulder, and cami n-gi-'-il" f ??? her food, calling for
ler 11 oat once a day. Of a brood of forty she was the
h*n altogether lovely, oho al-uys wanted a ebsl wiih
her n Btrasi dally, and when sho was not feeling well
woultl tea-,, to bo held In he, lap ami rocked by pulling
her mistress's apron. She waa appreciated not only tel
w nat si,., dbl. bul also for what she hnew. ^'hen aha
departed this life on Sunday the queen of the brood
was do id, aud a riyal burial was accorded her.
From TK* San Praneltto chronicle.
The daughter of Captain of Police Thoma*, who ls
subject to a pacaltar affection that causes hor tu go
Into long I ranees, awoke yosierday morning after a
sleep that baa been unbroken for twelve dayl, during
which time she han partaken of no no uriah tue nt.
When she awoke her mind was bright, but ihe had
no recollection of eventi during her sleep. 8he en?
joyed a hearty meal, listened ta the news of the past
two weeks and finally tell to reading letters that had
been awaiting her awakening. With a letter atilt ta
her hand and In tbe midst of a remark:, she again ?>'d
_ani- fall ?aleen.
.'. V\T... ,.. t.i... mteiTraohtsa ilbeawafiai. kjuu.y Di.a-ie aaa all asuaa aa- yalal. Ail ter BkBSUii B H-aa
undi", t?Wa caratTwbBmb, BBaaamtaaB, ivjitney
"?M aud tel'uae all utusia

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