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fM-TBCTIVBS ntl) BVIBKBOB IB Tit mcrdbrrb's
lira. Madeline GocU, who tnt shot bj Charla*
Giblin in the bakery at No. 160 Weat noustajn
?.. on Wr*dnc**ciHy eveniii". died a trw m mu tata
after noon yo?t??rxiaY. Coroner Levy whs unaltle
to fot any slatomoiit lYom her. Valentine Ooelz,
ker hiiehinil, made the following ira_temenv tu,
%-r- (.'..roncr:
Alu ut hilt pBat 7 o'clock laat eveolng ray enter Mary,
?artio vt.rbi kr ? y b'Tlher in Hie bakery next di-or, carne
Bb ??<? B Hi a C.. 1 li r bill Mii ask "tl IB w ai 1 thought ot
Bt, *>* BW sui h ni ii In ih<* tior* who hui twight thi i ty
aaa'*' aJBttfe of i>l<' autl cakce. 1 exsnun'i ii anrt said ll
bm* a oo.'i)' rf it six' uRmi run ti g" lino Ute bakery ai ul
Bill the i- an bo, .a kIm* aa* afia.d lo tull hun. I toola tho
Bill md went with Ber. When I ent"red the bakery the
?nan mm BUMafl n ar th' * o\ a PPR lo .king nt the firmr. 1
Bake-', lil a ui.i'ii' le' |i t the b il sud he said "Int (.alamil In
?Twt ni ?-itu r,l-?i " I mi t : '? Y. ung wan. thai bill li a
aeon'. ??:.-.t." ll* miJ : ''I don't kuow any nuT* a bum
eaenrti: i)> than that stove." Ile wea ttUi tonkins; at
IBs f or 11 -it h ? itti up Mal pu'lel eoine niiuey out of
hi* [.ttl. " I hart 'wc-nv cent* In riniii-,'." he gull.
Then ha ntii-l to ? ar : BM door, tumlo* hu. BB 1 la/lea and
Ink ng at int" mid ly. Whee Iv gut n.ar tha- floor he
BO I'l .-? r-v.'Vei out Bf Blt .0.1 'n>itif.L 1 .'af, i Ul liing
about IB Iv fe r distant.
" < hrtn r-." ha sa A, "or there you sro *e pointing
tho ?i"i|iin at my h'ad. 1 t*-o ight about
?W.tilni* a"<>.v. but eniiclii'led lt would pg Letter to run
tee ant lim and get the revolver away from him. Ile
?ravi tarlee u* I ?l> ru*l.ln(? at him. One bullet struck
tate !u the .hln and Hie ether In the should, r. 1 ?tru.-k
kia BBB 1 ii* I"' fired kga\:\, aird the powder burned my
ta ?? The lu:let went Into the wall. Aa I tried to Ret
the ** aju'i ii- av tie flt.-(1 aga ii, and that bull, r ..l-u nant
Into the wall. My wife ian to help me. arni aaa behind
BB*. 1 kai H.e nisn by ttie thioat. Ho rea. hed around
Bf-Mri-1 BM mir! *.iot her lu tl.e BMaBBBB. He hell the
reto'.i' v..r., mu IBM l"1' ?1 Mi BRM burned where
tnt" I ullt-t rr. nt In. That wa* h!? Ia*t ?hoL
M] ?lfe crl.*d out thal khe h.t.l aSM shut. My sister ;
?an rai in tall help. Tony BeBara**, my clerk, rame and '
eauirlii h. ld of the man. My brother and my elaler-ln
Ibm alee rame to help me. A man r?n lu from tho I
street and rarttSi away the please. Another of tho gang
sst: <? in ail triei to NBBM the man who had done tho |
?1 ? ' g. 'rt..ui m polk-eii.ita tatiie and arrested tho iisna*.
al! late* I irate tho counterfeit bill to a !>.?! let mau
wi.. aqa re l r. r it,
Kitrly in tlie tiny Qlblifl wns t.ikf*n to thc Jc*f
ftr-.,n Murk.'t I'ol ie*" Cooli BBd IBBB?llHlifl with?
out lui! on a cliiir'.''* ot fc'loninus assiiult. His
wife. i>;il<' ini'1 fm11 l.u'kiniv'. wns tlicro to moct
bim She ivept rs li- cl.! a story of poverty
Binni:.r in thin h<T buahand U !rt after his arrest.
Giblin claimed that lie did not know that, tlie bil]
was <t e. unterfvit.. Ile also denied that he had
fMried tin* revolter with win rh lip shot tho
(.oel/s. bul ch dart.I that he* picked it up from
the fl.mr while defending* himself. Ianta- in thc
atv munn Giblin vmi* .liken to Goclz's totRRt, In
Iliiiisti.ii st . ami ("i.r.iiii'r Levy anil several re?
porter**. witBeatied on exciting Mme there. Goeli
jot dd fi- ni hi* lounge nnrl Blared at (die hand
en<T..I ;r ?..)!! wrcteh!" be shouted, " yon
arc il....i vho shot uio and killed my wife.
Oh. 1.. v. 1 wish I conk) gist yoi", what you do
I ? ll.aii.iiiL' is too good for y.ui. You
im i t lo lu- 1' ni heil I**
il... I/'*, brother find sister shouted "liane him
Bpi" Ih" nv mus eanghl un by leverBl Ott
rnri"* whit hud put into tho rooms, and a crowd
in thc sti .i bawled: " Htuig him tii>! haog him
ni I* Giblin wea r***le but cool, and his slender
fr.mv In! nut tf.-nil'le. Point inc his left hand
Bt ';.?!/. he Wild ilclihcrntely: "You know that
whit I did IfBsl nighl was done in Belf-defence.
You !;? a v. how many set on me; and you could
VII. if i.'i Rooke the truth, who OWBcd thc rc- j
trcilt.:- 1 du not know that."
C,,-i-}/ nant, tn the sofa overcome. Then he '
jK)iir".| Dill ii flood of nrofunitv and thriitt-s. anti
fi im fi;, neut thonted: "Hana* tke munk-rcrl
Tai < h hun"* p I icemen lcd Giblin huck to the
JefTt'i-vi.n Market I' i*< n. A rrowd followed ''art
af thc wu,-, t .'"'iii'.' " liane him up!*" Gaell was
i*emo\ea| '.. tbe <: nunn II"M'itiil last evening,
llis wife's i. .'i will he htined in tlie Lutheran
('nu i. rv on S'l'ltlaV.
Tin* ? >"K? ntl) mr, oinriv.
T'i ?! "''til. ?* ,M."*'f;.n is and Scanlon, of thc United
Ft'ii.s Se rel Sottieo squad, called Ht Jefferson
Mnr'.'t Pu* n yesfciil'iy and rccoirnlzed in Gihlin
m " pill" ol l"hn Smith, a notorious cr.i.ntacrfi'irfr
and forser, Tbe ofDeeti anaerl thal they* potaBeaB
eridenee anfffienl to sin." thal Giblin knew that
the S*. hill i.'.i'i which the tragedy "ccuri'd wan
a ??*? mt 'if"it. The deteetiveti then ahadowed
Glhlin'a trife to her home, and found sonic wooden
plater *>i"! h* i ?? i*''l hy ron'it-. rf.-it.'-s. _great
nany ehnnka ol e n fr were fountl l*s*trtfi In nooka
and i'.rn. rv It is siiimosnl the copper wns BBcd
In mti.ufactoring rjfjnnteTteTl "diver nollaia. TBey
BK,, r .,,) ? t * ti ivi?" of Genera] Grant petr"*.
tiv MiMi'i'i". said he hnd >>ecn ?.n Giblin*! trail
iii ice laial November, ard that his " |>al." John
Bmith Bboot th.* miriillc of Noveaiber went to
thc Mr*s*, Fntrravine Comianv. No. SS9 Pcarl-st..
?nd ?bowed tb. ni ? tin tvt"' of Oner-il Ortnt. and
.pi\c ;..| order to h-.or- ti str el plate cn-.'"ii vd fruin
't. ni-" t i"uiiir* the si/e hr* wanted, which is r\
?etl\ thc -.ive ten rip hills. He found fault with
tim ti rative phown liim on account of the way
th' hail wai rairted.
faff V -v nbont this time prew Bi|*r.irio'iS of
bi- cost-mer, and mic notice to the Secret Scr?
ew. The tin tvpc found in Oihlin's room ls
fanni t.. he the oae ?>*nwn at the Moss entrravlnt*;
ajBatabl'mhtnen* GfblHi, Iti t.tlkinn to the de
te.(ti\. * \.-st. rdar. sairl he was sliirhtlv aernialnU'd
ft-jti .),. i i.., Smith thee had rcfr-rcnec to.
Tlc hill is a lennine *-i silver certlflc't/* io
OltrnsiU raiaed to a flva that il could hardly frii)
lo >'s ape .! lc "t ;on. The poliee have received a
Biimi.'-r nf rx mp.ainti reeentlv from shopkeepers
?ah', have lu il inniltr bille pMSsr-d linen 'hr-m br a
roan thr-v W tc nnat'l ? to ihsari'i.- flelinitely. To
dav the pr s ht -aril] be in*pc*t.ed hy severnl -
these po,plc. la hopea thai some one may identifi'
him _
PTfif?svr V. IUbH I.lla'.y. jr.. w ho?e tttillei of ? ' ? 1- rn
Jtu?ii'a have j.r.itm'i'v tieeri at iTBBl TBlBB tan mi'd.rii
gr*, -.,?),!,. - mid |i,llr't-al *efetttJ*t* rlellvererl tm In
gop ai nv l'Ctur. W-ilne-!?v ev n'nir b fore the A Dieri can
Bttii/raiili!eal Slx-lely, at Chi' kvrin? Haili. 'Ihe lub.ect
ass "Maa.,.iv"- aiid th.- aapllal "f the Uuii'iiti WM
Bevel. !i''i,?|i*. Trier*- fullv rt'sc-Hx-i. lr* iBBaMtaatB, lt*
Bull'lliif* Ila hlait.iy, or lt* iiolitlcail toi.lirlou. tx;fore
B Nen Va.rh au !li-iic<*. Pl lit "Batt Ub*f*BI hluairure'l hi*
iMiaia, willi uoiBBptlcaa rtawa of patrallar aoBat?aaa
al Hie Ku**;*ii srililKHttirc from the f.irirttrenth f. the,
pMaeat eetitary, and rif UaatrBttaaa of the eti.fBi'ierlb*,lc
ttUB Wid lial Us of the pres;r.r lntiHlil'aiit* of the ffNBt
Bmi.ire Tlie I.-. luret BBeWatl rt^e|) HMBBKh, Burt fltreful
?bserv .".'ian In his AeatTTtptBBBa The deierlptlmiB of
Uie Kremlin, Ihe itutilk" Njuares and tiillrUnim, at.1 the
Bui>y rimiiasre..-* aJel iitHUaMa of the hl*ri,rlr city were
BBiieiially tliaqu.iit. Thc eatn[)Bi|ffi of the First Consul
iea.eive.rl tareful att.'ritla.n, anl Ihe oulrHR'". coDtmrtted
ky the rn nt h aruay under Nauolton wtie moat graphic?
ally rie-ii.r !_
Af'.-r ?staBlaf hi* lecture ceurse la-' year, John L.
BMMarB* BgatB went abroad and IBWBrt a loner Mirrimer In
Fur<.i>" rath'rinf* n.aterlal for un.ihcr aerie* of lectures
Jfhi'.re un- t!\e In the serle*, nnd Ihey will be delivered a*
? lafiiien matinee*" Bt Daly'* Theatre, beginning ou
luesrt.v. February 28. at 11 a m. Each lecture will
be Illustrated. Th? pl?n. whi.-h wa* fiuod BmUfaciory
last year, *J Rlvlna the course lu duplltaie. will be pur
atxyl Ifela year Cm Fftiruary 28, and March 1, the
leelure will be " Travel* In Sunny Bpain" : March 6 and
a," Juliu* radar" ; Mar, li 8 and tl," The Pyrenees" ; March
12 and 18, '? laoi-d nyron" ; March 16 and in. " Coimtantl
Btayle." The price of ooursi; ticket!", lii.Judlug rv te rv cd
aaawi. I* Pb.
Ki-I'ol'. t niau riirl-jt jifier I'lark, thu was recently di*
Milmed DaBtB the Hmm tor druiikeniietts, made ehar|*e* at
Police ll.. ,/t.;.ii!ter* yenterday agalnm Koundaman Fn.ll
Bach.-, if ih" K?iat blxtT-Beieiith-n. "yjuavl He declared
that in IBM Hat'iie kept a dimirdeily hnuse In lt...sa-n-iu
at., aiid vta* llfMMl thsrv fur htyhwny robbery, Id cobv
pany ttlih Jt.)iu KuuJT and Charle* Mrfintiigle. All three
Bfii w.i. iiidlriaaid. Clark a.ld and later Iliv-he was arrested
en a iria)ja of assault. If Clark'* story ls true. Dacha
aotupiiiii'l iji-rjury when he applied fur appointment an a
policeman. I.ike other applicant* for appaalnln'Ont, Dacht
Bia l. an affidavit that he hart never been arresvrtd nm
?oniUicd of a crime.. Clark pra.mis/'d yeBterrlajr to make
Bb afliluvir ?ui,p.!Uhf* bis charxeasa, arni to appear a* I
wu...--- If lia tn was placed nu trial. It aaa snld al
JJra.il.'ian. iv u.at a similar ahBIB* afaluM Bathe wai
InvenUgaUatl ai.d not entertained lay CoiiiiiilsNloner* Vt
kardt an.l Wheeler. H.,che lia* iiad a good, record since
Ba bas tx-tn a p<.llc.-man.
The Fat Ific Buvet MelhtxU..t ICpinaapal thur. I. In
Brooklyn, which eccuplss a tai,,- artTraetBBI edifice at
Clinla,!. and I'arlflt bu., bot his 'm,u laBOClalle Involved
tor stn ra! yiiira., I? Ukely to ditbund ai Um Blaai .f Hm
pj-iasuil I'oiiferei <?? yiiir In April, and the buil'lli,? will Ix
Bold under forct-J.inure of Diortttaffe. The Faclflc tstreet
Chur. 1. vtaj. bum lu lb&O. and wai regarded as the laaa
M'lli,. -likt chm th In the older part of the elly Mer, ilka
JJol.n T. .Martin. Goori?* 1. Krney, W, ll lln/Tard uk
Jaw-pli lla/leliuafel were BaaBBBBBBi with lu bur the ar
landa:..'?? ?as always ?mall. The pata-toi ha* been pani
Billy ?1 tu, it, _w year., md li has beeu ln,po-.?ll,le u
say th. .; taeM on tiv debt of Blti.oOO, ae the oonnreKat
Iii.n- flu ma iiuml^r moie than .me hundred al any tm,e
And reurtsr Hie at.ut.?plierr ?w,-?i ou\ luvlrorellnr Ba hnrn
lae li i UKO.*?* A PH r.lDL PAHTILI.ltit, wul? B4BB llMn no
the pre.iiUea ami atilt i anuiaiiuu. ai n,e ?.,,,,-,,. ,,
B? 4 ?.. lit en amoual ul Hie uis.'.li.in,.. :.tn,r?a kti.i , ,,. , a
aaijea .i.ia, unka, fit>e?, *a. ta isetarieir aid iu ,? ',i0
<ftiar tiiiroiia.lune* Uou't faj-Jfie, HENBoN'a PI.A-T' Ufo
BOUiii*. r I i mil chett patlt.
wtndttr affevee-WiUiaa-. L. ffiiiaatn, et tha Fliharlss
CaaiBilaaloB, aad Jartg* Ueerg* ff. Oaa>atsak, at Sjrraeaia.
.Pl -O' Atenue H*tsl?monaloo Rrtaeai Bil*, of Balee (
ei-aeaater N P. mil, af Colorado; Jaiaae U. Tynar, ef Indi.
BBBi William D. WaaBbnra, et Minntiou, and Oeorge Weat,
of N?w York.;-'or*,n?n Boote?i?ornnnt Daeld B. Hui
.ifrrreort ;imn-Ja .?? DliT.r Weartell Hola.ee,Jr.. of
Bottou.hrerrtt itvuie H. A. P. Cerur, HawatUa Mlsit
ter at Washington.. *?*..Tor* Hsttl-O. W. Woolley, of [
Cincinnati....!.fitri> H**us?hscrstary of Biala Beor/ a |
Kell*/, uf New.Jersey....//?tel Brut**!*)*-*? Donal* Mac
mat ter. of Toronto.
? ?
Aldermeii't Committee on Kail ri,? in, City Hall, noon.
Anderson will case before riiipromc Court
Cm a. \\ i'Hiuan nutt. Supreme taourt.
"steamboat Inspectors' liivostlgation. Federal Ilulldlng.
yale A'.iii-.ni Aniorlirloii, Delmonico'* 6.80 p. m.
County Democracy County Commltteo, Cota.ier Union,
t P- tn.
Veteran AssoclaUou of intiih P.. (tin "-nt, No. 62 I*ni' n
Square, 8 p. m.
lvnadliiK* I'.v Charle* Dlrken*. Chlrkerlng Hall, lp. n.
Amateur theatrical* at Madison bouare, 8:30 p. m.
Heading* by i'uti .in t. I uJer nih, Association Hall,
8 p. m.
Organ openlnR Memorial Presbyterian Church, 8 p. tn.
Orchid nhow, laden M n <?,?
Blats Convention of Young Men's ChrlMlan Assocta
tlon, .I'llgrltn Congregational Church, Hailer?
Henry George, says : M 1 was a Prottvtlr.n!r*f until
I heartl protection expounded." Ho will be surprised
to find tho overwhelmingly larper proportion of his
fellow eltl/.en*. who alli be affected In exactly tho
opposltt* way during the coming campaign.
If Janice Calllgan, ti bo kept a news stand In Park
Raw, vxheio Um *tiaet I.* \uili'*t, fur ten years, offend?
ing nobuily, ls obliged to "move on," anti tho Urti
telegraph pules on I'arK How, where the sidewalk ls
narrowest, are al 1" we rt to '"stand still,*' otrentllng
every body, where does the consistency conie lu?
The report that sixty go as-you-please men have,
demanded, ot Coninilsslniier Coleman a fair share of
thc Bicju.OCH) a month of the city's money which he
handles, ae coinponsatlon for tramping and ret lamping
over a given number of miles ui BtltaVM (luring tho
v.'iiv'iv weather, with a view of at lca.*t bealing down
tho dirt, *? i.i'4> lt cannot bo carried away, is nut yet
ottlrlally eonlirnied.
Aniring tho many assurance* of regat-tl t-ccclved bj
Senator Ul (Mle Ur i ge i lroiu Irish societies In several
large cities throughout the Tulon for his sjcocsMuI
opposition to ihe proposed ^xtiit/litlon tren*; with
hii(-in'iil wa* a han siiino Bot*) Auici'le.in Hag, in
behalf ol tbe i lan na < ,a.;l (society of th.s city, au
organization which contains many thousands bl In.-li?
me n witlilu ns lat.lis.
Tl.e Fifth Wari! branch ot the Irita National Iacaum-.
I which claims to bo "' the banuer blanch," hat, tlhaagitfl
Its lime and place ul naotlug (roan Horrigan'* Hall.
H. t.1.. mi anl Des! in*-*e*. sis., Siiihlay oficruiir na, to
tho hail attached to m. AlpiiotioUi i lundi, bouih
Illili ave., Wedneeda** BVBU UKB.
Co-as jou-picase champion, "I'a!'' tltrgeraM, Who
IS not saltshed thal Albeit cov.'ied Hit* C21 Uill-rs,
anti bas tiled ovciybody by sa) lng so, will now .lon
Ibu bell Winch tho champion BO-aS-yoU-plOBBB " klcltor''
lia.* t righi lo cxpii'l, il -in u a bolt He .' be.
Lox eis of Vi Inter sccneiy ian do no batter than
visit Niagara on batuitiuy. A sin'i'ial exclusion
will leave .Now-Vork at b p. m. by tbe Etta Hallway,
aii'iviiig on return eaily Moattaff. iii'* turu is e-a
Tho County ix-inociacy l.xecutivo I oinniittce will
mot th.s ova.niny ai tho iictiqiifcihis lu looper
I iiioii and complete its orgaiiiaaiioa.
FlBBs, aggi Bio costing ii\)"r two cent* erich whole?
sale Have 11,.' beni lonni tl a tiust, tool
i h.vi'li a J. I'ie.ci t.ill will iliad sell ctioiis from
??l.aviil Copperfield" in ABeOolatloa Hall, Teemy
lilli ii ^i. aim r wurta a* e., ai o un,nu ibis oveulag
At lita M. J i.lui's Mc'hoiUst hplwopal I Uti rc li on
tho evening of reUruai) tst. Utera will be an euler*
ia i.'iiirni illustrative ot iiu "Social lifo ot ye oldo
nun) tollu*," anl entitled n.o ** Yanbee l'i ivB.de ol
li.io." lt wu, gl.a p.. ni)!.- a iriaia.i oppoi lu uil y lt>
(uOaga whet iori lu! linn luelr gt-aaiUattMia kail alton
lucy a tay eu homo Bignie.
Tho Staten Island (tepid Transl! Company have
applied tn i! o Dock Board foi pe irltaion to re
binni th'li' leny-huns" at iii' loot of Whitehall-it.,
im nie purpoae of accommodailag ibe new non ateain
els ti li i li ile ci hui.my in Huts t.Uiltiing lui' Iho
s a'ii. 1*mii.1 leny Hallie.
Th') I Ivll Beivlcc examination ul nj pl it niits for
Customs elorkthlp* coiiiiiiii. rt yeetenlay. Kighty-oue
ctn lulatcs woro c.\ .nil ned, ami ?< these Dot linne
Hun one or i?u "threw np lite ipouge* bcioi-o ibo
ci.a ot the olticriL
An au.tlon sale of bioi. n pa arin.a, nate the
au*|ik"* oi tbe Aiiniicaii arl A-.*." a nm, will laka
place al 111." A inc.'.ali Ail Ctllii le*, .No. li l.a>t
Twenty tiiii? 1 lt., on 'rue*tl.i*,, Wian.Mtay and Thuis
day ovt-mi.fcv, i.i ui-.\t week. TTbb -Mlieotlon laelaclea
111 lll> i-Mlll |ll, v i,{ Al-l', l.ul.V. ll rtlliiv. Killi C.lin,ll I,I'-,
two emili iy prlVBlB I'..ll> ci ion*, ainl iiuiiieroiis tun
tl'lbutloua iiolli UtBBC li u,twin I Iii ?u...n-..
Tbo failures of cotf.-o Imu-ej lu l'ana tMUaoaaBBd
>.'*'.'i.iiy on iho toil..) Exchange eauaed a tumbling
ol prteee r,i iron tweatj io ihirtj potata. iney rv
collin! about lileeu poitils alli-iuiutl
Members of the Produce Exchange >c*terdav adopted
resolutInns in rncmoiy of i.c-fige V. Ile. lier, ar..' a
coiiiMi.ttfi- of lolly 1' ir Vii,- apioiii.ed to aticinl
hi* funeral.
Walter J. l!til*"!i* Qotag baalnesi as W. J. Koberts
ct. CO., de Blot Iii stoic, at No. 43 liroinlway. hu.*
boen plai'-d in th> bandi of a receiver, Jaei.b P. I).
Bolla, tm tin" appih a .lu ol Dloomingdale Brui hern
ludgmenl eredliotrs. Judgmente for a.nut gttjri.OOO
have been entered again*! bim by varloue ereditora.
Wavur Hewitt, t out roller Mveis anil l'tilillc Wini-.*
CorainlMlonar New tun jreaterday Mtboriied the toatw
ot Jti,DUO 3 pei ccu! liinulv, lo pay I lu" Leake and
Watt* Urpliaii Ax", lum truatOOS foi a lol -J.j by 126 "ii
ihc. so.Iii s'de nt uni' l.iii.ilieil and lliliti i-ir li *t., t.l)
!?-, i w.vi ut Tenth ave., to be u*ed as tin* silo of a
new engine Iwusa
The counting ot th" money In the Sui TremotJ,
which is rendered aeoeeear*; by the ehaage ot nanago
I mont, will not be begun for a week or two. l..\
judge Mci ne. ii.e neat iVaalatant Treasurer, win uot
enter BPon tho linties ot the Office brime Ma'li. lt
ls not BXneeted that he wiU make any chang's la
' tho force uuiindiately.
Compeer " D," of Um 7i-t ReglBteati liad -?? drill
and teeeptlon leal nigh) at th.* armory, Forty-tltth
st. and Un.a<l? av. Forty-livo men took pai-t In tho
; drill uniir'i' the command of Captain tiaik.
Chatles Mtgv.-anl and Prank tathep, *roaag eoiB
i poaitors einpioyo'i lu Willi un a. Pell'i printing offlc ??
at No. 92 Johii<t , quaiT'lled tAutt yr'.*teidai, ainl
Kch-p was kiioi' Kill down with an Inm bar bl
Mlgwerd, who eecaped, bchep*i skull wai tra lured
Tli? survlvinc War OoTernon will bc thc gnesta ot
the Saturday Night Hub to dio.tow at tho Huffman
Chief Enriiiec-r Nd Ins npoit"d to the Mayrn ve*
terday that all tho hotels lu tho city have eampUed
with the law In placing ropes foi e*cai>o iii case of lire
In each room.
The Iliookl.vn Theatre fire tn 1**T? ls recalled by
a friendly suit brought bj Jamel **.iiiiii!c. Jr., airainvt
Isaan Tium to settle the title to property at Noa.
188 and 187 North Elliot piece, in tr hie h it li neoea
tary to prove the lieut li of \\. ,i. Bani pie, a brother
ot ibo plaintiff, \slm periahed In the Bro, bul wboee
bo.iy was not Identified.
Mayor rhapiu'i I.apld Ti ans t OtiBtmlniOii organ
lied yestei'tlay by-the choice of Thomee s Moore,
eh.iirtnaii. CtMugo sx. Anny. trcii.iuiei', and George
brown, eeeretaiy.
The County Batallpox Hospital ls to b'< ealBrgcaj
and iniproieil. .No now casi',* of smallpox wen tuund
In a suit by Mary Agnew, ape plicht, In tho rut
Court, to recover 810,000 as demegee (rom nc Brook
lyn Ctt| Kaiiioad Company, for Injuries received bj
being nm over by a Itroet cax, a verdict a?aitliin
tx,.Oi 'i wai, given yesterday.
N i:\v-j KKsr.Y.
A lulled 8tatc? l'ost C'llica-, lnii'K-ctoi- h.t- been ll
Orange OoumUbi lag tbe ij.i ?-.,,u of moving the pu*
oflicc from Ila pivXvent loiatum to the Mason,c Hal
billi" Um, Bud jceteiday catii d ull bnelneM Hi' ti to g<'
their views, which were g.m rally Jn fBVotT of th
Many citizens of Uahvay have ".Ik'n-.l a petition t
.-\--i-i.ilil , man L'Iii.li, a-li v tho j,.l ... uf B bil
to niaJke legal th- a/IJii*tineiii of pa*l due t.ixe? an
Bf -I krill' l.l.a. ll Will iapply Olll>' lo iBlCn ii 1111 BBBI M
uii uta. K-virsi prior to IomJ.
Ollvrre- Clark, of West lal l, a gai*ateoer BBd (.nu lui,a
em ploy oil by Ad alph Gaii/."-i, ha.. *><et*etved milla-.-, ut th
tnhcrilituco of tH".'" i). UU*0U(h tho death o. a biotin'
In tapo Town, ALI.'!*. Ho also lecelMtl woul iha
eavaral tbooaaBd dollar* prize money awaltad bi
oidci at V.a.*hliii.'loii. lit- wa,* in thc MaVJ during Mi
? ?
Tha Iii publiiaii A"-*." lal inn of Ihc Bightb Uar
har. linuuil 1,11.111 Int nat loiin for a reeeptluu on \Sa-l
lagtoa'a Illnhday. HM Aef.-rClallini will t-tit ?-i- Iii
bt.lte IjCagu.. tit KcpillillCBIi Club*.
The nowiv meei ed edifice <>f Uh geeoad t*reah*terla
Chinch ti. formallt U'-'l t < at .tl la.,1 BTeaiBg va. il
a, (lrcesi-a by a numbul of cl. lg., m. u ami oiher eau
tris ce.
Ji'scph ll. liatall. one ?f |he proni'ilti. of th
TorUlla Ml,,,- ,lo. lt. who liv* In Jlb-.m,..-1,1. u ,
reeee-ai: *<..xi by bin,..,, ra li. ?t mn, oin, lu
8800, ?*lar8gBd te hara been borrowd on a note whirh
went to protest. A levy on Heall'* household ctr e. te
was pr?vaated by the daltri of owner-hip of Mm.
Heall, and In a trial a rerdiot wa* r.'i.<!.'i*.l In favor
of M.a. JReall.
The patent leather factory of Charl''* Hmlth, No.
fits Central eva., waa do?trov?*d tiy Ure yeeienlny.
Lout about tb 'O'), pa. tiv oovr-rM by tii-m amax
6eventy Ave nmnitx-rs of the Oakwood Avenue flap
tilt Ohurch (ecori**]!, have with'rawrn and formed an
Independent congregation. The troublo arose over the
diamLaaal of the pastor, Mr. Davie.
A circular letter liw been lent to
all tho phyilclans of Iln.lton County,
by tha Board of Health, notifying them that
a faJlure to report case* of contagious dl?*case will
tnvlta legal prosecution.
Detective Aufnistna Holt lr ?aa kiiix*).ril down and
brutally hlckeal in tbe stomach by two prl*nnei-s who
wem In his custotly yesterday, and hid it not been fur
the timely arri*, al of assistance the oflkcr would havo
probably been killed.
The project of tho residents of North and fioiifh
Faltr.abeth lo cstabli*h a stage line riiiiiirtrting th'-m
exti emil les wllh the bu*lti?*s portion of tho elly
hss given place to n new scheme for tho foi malton
of B new horse railroad. Tho route will bo from
North l'ark sf. on Jeironon ave. to F,a*t ttroad st,,
thence to Urti....-*.!., connecting wllh tl.-* track of tho
Elizabeth ami .Newark i ompany.
Martin Thoiii|>s)>n, captain of the canal boat Mon?
tana, walked Into the drug sloiro of Dr. David II.
Miller ye*tenlay md goBiplalBBd of feeling III. Ills
hands were tovcie.l wlih pu.*tular eruptions. Dr,
Miller ln*!aiilly prouounci-rl ll |*Jj*allpoB and hail tho
man removed to tha. pc*r bo'ise.
Tempcranco people aro much exercleed over the
oust im.' of tho lied Ribbon chili fruin it* beedQnerten
on East Onad st. Thc liquor nv-n terned a leognc
to coniii.-'.t the chili, rented the hall ami ai unit* served
a notice to quit.
A nian Hiving lin natue as John Dale, of No. 20
Hani; st., New- v.irk, was ?treated on Wedneeda**!
having ta ale pneeeaalea nearlj all the property tiolcn
a few hour* b- fore fi mn the Kev. I. K. Miiilcr.
The silk dyeing eetabUahnwal of Claude Qoppo
lt clofi-l tor iiiiii of finnis to pay tho hanils.
hin-ei ann was miami" io |-i-i iii.. in1 Mats mau no
crie'i out for essUtance for icverel boon natll bc
beean.o unconscloua brou tho cold.
Tlie balliol'* af Bridgeport, Snit rmi'. Southport,
M c*i ix.it. Norwalk, l-'.v.- M'l- Uiver, Main!..ni in.d
MiuiiiLs, windi im i h. cine partially clear during ino
thaw, were on wedneeda*! completely blochr*il again
viih lea,
Ex-Crinfrrcssiiiriii E. W. Seymour has t<elegrapbed to
Mayor rmi-, Irom Washington, thal Ihe committee
hail ngi'.-id to rrpoii In favor of kn eppioprlation uf
|GOO,000, for a post olliic and custoiue building In
Bridgeport _
i/im; island.
A unanlmon* cali has been extended to ttie nev.
Mr. Venema, rif Kalamazoo, Ml. h., by tbe eontlttorj
ol the li. im ne <i i lan' n ai Janalea,
The fsiiikine Kunil OetBtattaalonara yeaterday anther.
l7ed tho OeatreUer aa Bdrenlea far propoaali fei lha
Bale "f tit" leeea "f the u I terry ter ;. iwried "f
ten yarn ai an BBMt prior n yBBT. 'l'i.' CBB>
tiniier offered a Kaolntlon thal 11? ? - ksaae el the Thirty.
fi.urti).st ferry be Bdvertlaad for aala fat tea yean el ea
ansel price "f 110,000 a year. The Uayoi objected ta
Oils and *aid lia. lu- In fit-..>r of BOBlnl IBM i BM ll)"
yearn. Tli" larrj *'?'- IBpldlj growing In In,i '.illili, .? .'ind
value. The matter ?n? referred beek t-. tha Caatrallat
to further eHHiii ne Bad IBparl
Mayor Dewitt tald that ht* at""ulla,n h.vl been rallel
le the lead at LeslagtonaBve rn. i Beventy>ae~
Beveled i.y itni'iin'iii. boaaaa the rents r.-i ablet* wera
aollectad by tba Hebrea Orphan A-iium, The Central.
li i asl i ii.at the ' araluan I outell ba I - kaylen
the lat. 1 rn Qt ? I "H. ?' '?' icing several elij li ta ;'.r " ?
eansl leration at lt The \ yleni ba I belli rn tl
eity ead aoUected the rania The Haroi raid thal thia
pla ? l lha ci'v in tin- Bttitada af eedawlBf a etwrltabfa
baatltatlaa. Re aaa red tin.' lae eatlre "nt.... i be ra
f.rra.ai to Hit' fi.i|, main .lt t i.nlivil lu ln\r*' ?-'''?' anni n
port. This wat uki. ci to.
Titra: E. A TD TWBUTT U ' E DOOR FROM rs-a I, i va
Tha at cental Uaadafl City, et the iiii*ta.i Lina*, e rived
yesterday at in-r peat Ra M Worth River, eat-ered arhh
i.e fn.ni ber if", ii 'i.t.i*' royaga fr ni H lataL Aboat
the liveliest Hm:'- aa beard were nana' dlstJiictilBlied
j i.t'iitb . ?? .a ilia* fa.un Bf twent] three dogs oma
ana hera to be exhil.d a' lha dog show at the
Mali--ii Iqaare Dtrden en Pebraarj _i. 411 ef Ihe
'!'.(.?*, except a bal tall I ihepherd doa;, hare i
un lune a* ih"ir taila s..m.- of iii. id iiiiv already tjia.-u
?rateable i ri,--* in i acland, and if they ail keep ap Heir
, record, ii Ih expected Ural taaj alli lake many
prites imii-. t nw in ii. Monta "f i vi"'? i i ..lull, owtaa
the dui.'-, s . ,r ti h. sra fr.ni ti1- rateable Devon
ihlri' kennel, and Others ai" fiaam Ills aportlng fili-i.rl- and
exhibitors .n I iigland. v. tb tbe exception el a spaniel
* bli ii na* a luii" saaslek, iii" gaga bm la grattai"* ?
The larfeet due; in th" eolleetlon li Oentaar, a fine
?;.- oin.en i,f ila- si, p.. maid speelee. ll.- i* tba *i ? al
a nuiniit-r af rateable Boga bow owned in England, and
eoneldeial le none] ha* beaa tefneed foi him. Hi* niat",
? a l* anoihei beautiful ipeclmen. The polo te ra
ara Devon Bell, Juno, Don an i bsneho. Devan Nail's fbther
BBI r*.l!lll'aa Ilia- lla-\ll. ll ho Wa.Il HUT fifty pli/i s. 'lil.'
,n.. I ii-;.!.-- i ',:.i,n'. tVllllaa the Bl lam, William
ti..- bee..in ai i tba New-York Beauty. Thora la a mo
tailed dog ni pare breed ahepherd v. h" can .ins'' ins awn
nm k nf *in i.|i ti.iga :.ibei ti,.ck ? inn,ui, lo lng ian.- a,f
his own sheep Arong ti," ipanleli bm Emprcie and
Gladys Mr. m..ms i.ghi bia dugi ovei a. the re?
gie el ol * BM Bl Um " dog '.l ii..
- ? on
J Im P. Bl .!.. !i I iili'ia'T. carrying on basin ;- .rt flo.
36 B "ii I lt New 'ark. a 0" 1,\ n In . jir en lu - .
In Mail s"ii-:.\.-., I'la h Bf, I.. I , la et a i .. Bel Bl 0U h
bia Kim,ie eoadact t- a ml ali wife an.i fa Hy. h" aaa
arreaied yeaterday In New-Yerb cl..i ".*.-il with attempting
to kill Mis. Btock. t'i mi being arraign l ti" j.t. ided nm
guilt] aili s-kt-al fair an a" ihiiihih ni. m. iii- h wa- iri.ni-.-il.
Ifra Bioek - itotrj le ths bei hnalauid, who bee Bl*
treated ber foi eom i roman lo ni*
heine uni sunilay and "litsil?v nlelits nf this (seek, lnr.,
daelng lan ..s iii- ie mid wife tu .-in.' of Ui eenrMta Baa
*:n I 'tim ..ii 'i '..?? i.i. night li. o.Barreled with her and
ni rea ber "'.t of the boaea f!"'.r ihli r t pla ol ead tb i >'
illina '?, k ii h r Sh., un tn | ii [hbo - Imus" am! n
irutiiicd lhere uniil yes'eid.y. In _ m an'iii. Bloch
and thc MOman locked up (he han-', lear lng the ebildreo
ll li" In lt, and wan' re Nei-Vnrk. Btrteb BXTi lii.ti bil
ti.i!i|i.i'iii.ii i* a nm- aervaat, ead that bli a f--'* t.a.i teapei
chds^s ali ibe inuit'". H.. expreaeea hi- wllBBgaeai ta
e-: 1<i"-rr hil Wife a.ul family.
MOBOBR oF HIE inn Halium; MATt ll.
Eugene Ctualsky, a oarnallat, living al .\... tl Vfeel
Tlilrllt-lliHt.. !., ll,,. ,..ii,|,li,n, mt aunliist BdtTBrd J il, ".
who, he ' laim*. i> tin- real nun,.!.-.?.- ..r tbe ti eanl -
viaik. He sayi unit i>n jami ai >? 17, he expended i'.'.'io
far the BTtrpenaea ef Gt urge Can , ? ?, i
d.--tilan. Hall, ths lion.lint imnagnr promlaed I
Imlairs" liltn, pal failed t.. ),, a., BBd < "'!??
that Ila-.-.-, who I* n ii.ii r.-rt.'tit, Int,.,,!., i ,,, ],.;l.,.',|?.
city wm...ut pay-tag hi. ela ? ledge lltal. ,,f the
City ii.un, leeaed aa erdet el air.--t. ,,n a-bleb Hasse wai
detained a- be ?a- eaterlBg bia hotel earl* \
ni.irnitii.', t,v Dspvty Bberil Crawford, and In default of
etoo hail, v.ns eemniltiBd la laiiii,,a Btreet Jail.
look iso it, rn, UATOMTOM iii i p.
c- n !i,i"..."s ,,f the Oem u and i -. .' ,?.),. a
eonfe-renee yeeterday le dlaeaai ateani ,.f teeuring tba
repeal af the resolution adopted ai . ??? ?,
th" jt...ird et ':i.,i.'ia!i"i. to Uapanaa alta the Uboi Ba
i.-.iu et Ca '" Gardea. n w?s urooA thai
ll..isit!. e\-i.nici? a feea-tber, ihaBld i*r Br?eaily r..j.i.?
??! in attand Ibe raeeUng oa TuartrUr, when an effort alli
lat mai" tn annul the bcUsb taksa en Mee
Mayat Hewitt, whoa Baked reaterday a kathai bi
favored nr opi-1 lae -moval .,r the Labor Barasi
fruin l'a*rle Gardea *a:'l r'ia' ba |,',,|... i ., a'i.ii'1 lin
li"?l BMCtlag ..f Hi*- l.iiiir-rarl,,!i i '..i-,? ,;-.?;.,,?,, .,?., ,,,,
deavor t.. leara the details ef the gm ,i ti. i
ba ri,ni i got \i...-sh an opinion.
Absolutely Pure.
Ih ? i," ?'!?? lever i arii-i. A mari'lo.' pul a, strenpt
snd vt ti.iii'siiii.t ii. s.- Mote ernni mleal than the '.ii.
linda, ami ? allin,- be letd in eorapetltien ?iih iha muli ti nd
of Inn Mali ibnrl et-lgbt alura oi 11.??-(.!. .'? (...,? hr*. Mil.
only li. rank. ll") tl. ll A Ul.', if l'i. ll lil i. CO., li"
Vt'?ll ku. N. V
Equitable Life Assurance Society
For the Year Ending December jr st, /SS/.
Aiiot-aT op Lk.doeh Assets, January Int, 1887.$70,100,00.30
"ku-rat, Hunt*, etc. llg1,CJ73 ^2 TAAAtXRU ?*}
Chlms tij* Tietth tal Mut tired Endowment*. fS.TIS.M.*) M
liivlilenJi, Siirreiiil.-r VmIui'*, Annui'.lfii ind Dlscouiitctl Endowments ... 4,ll;i,ljtj4.?!l
Total Paid Policy-holders.$ 10,062,509.81
MvMeadeaCaaHel. ".oonoo
CearaUeeimM, Ail thrilling, TV?>t*.7f' and Kxrh&ngo. . BMtl JH7 ??'I
General Kittens?*. St?U\ foul ty ai..I I irv T?iea .. . l,Tl7,?UT.ll I4.199.1M.13
Net Ledger Assets, December jr, iSSj.$79,297,955.46
Tinn-la ind Mortcrn-rit.$2S,r>l**,3rC.I8
Kial Entile, Including the Eqnltrihle Iliilldirij** and jaiirrhasei under
fi.r.sl.isiire.if mortgage* . . UAW.Ttl.R7
1 1 it.il **t?tita si.n k*. stair ?atm-ks, c'lt.T Stock*, and nthi r Intrstmentl... 8h,M''.l*i.' HS
Lobbs eetiued by Boade sad Moen < "Barbel Valaa, UUBJUUi. 6it7.ou<) 00
Ilea! Ratabi oaands tha State a>f >,'??? York, incliuling purchases under
foriTlomire of mortgages. . C.'OO.l.M.Tl
ruell in Hank* ?nd Trust ^ompjiiiie*, st Interr-nt ; and In transit (tinco
received ead iaieated). . fAUYJRBM
I)n." from AfMUBoaaasnaatef Premiume. lti^06.tf f**o,W,(tta?).aJ8
Msrket value nf BtedtB Md linnd* over beek value. 2,3'.w.921.T9
Interest and lb 1- doe and arei led. nt,vi 'il
rrniiii.iiita, dater rad and in trtmilt. IJRRRABt 00
Total Assets, December jr, iSSj.$84,3 78,904.85
I herr'iy ttwB/p, dat tfttt n ntr'onnf cr: m Ihi'Inn nf ire. ttcuritia and account* detcriled in
thin ttakuiBt, IjtBd the tam' to be true nnd cornet at stall 1.
JOON A. tfeCALl, Omftnller.
Total Liabilities, including legal reserve on all ex?
isting Policies (j per cent. Standard).$66,274,650.00
Total Undivided Surplus, over j% Reserve. 18,104,254.85
Of whirh the proportion eontrihr.tit. (a* enmpntcl) Itv poli ie> In genrrsl dees, i?. 16,911
(if whir li the proportion eotltribut.'il (aa eoinputeili hy ruinna iu 'loni hie ilium, i*..12,l*Jj,yl8.iXJ
New Assurance written in iSSj.$ijS,02j,io^
Total Outstanding Assurance. 48^1,029,362
IF* certify lt, ^e rorr'ch.etn nf the abort rn ci -ition of Ihe rtte.it' and turp'ui.
From (hil MTV, U the u-tvut Uicidendt u-Ui Oe made.
om. ir pb nura, .,,?-,.,,
J. ft. I'al.V CloM, ) a***""'
no Ann of m:: koto ns.
iiFMtv n. iiviiK, ra?obi
JAM).- W. ALEXANDER, ) 11 rmnrviT,
?' 'rn nT7r.n.Air>, othw A.?JTawaitT, etjoene killy, crarucsa tttvm,
iriMiv a. ic in mr, j'.ns i' j.>nks, ora mu..irs levi r morton,
henry a a a mil t-.n, J""*-' sloane, ww. n ki.*.,, .il, ,,, ,,,,,,.. ? STL.ARTl
WM. A. WI ir. H.'at ii. r pa mm itv k. JJ ??"" .'? '*? ' ??' '. wiii.iamm hu**,
HENRY LAV. & WIM.IAM-'.V. litB . hS") J<"*KI tl 1 LOW,
at hartley, a w. rkgixTon, WM alexander ' r. Dbwitt cuylo,
Cl "A. n M I'EITIV, )| s, Tt'l-.rit'll CB iLF.XANIiER. BL'.ST.tfl i UTZ,
CHARLES O. LAHPOn, Tl'""*** TOffCO, CEO DtF. I. DAV, 8. ll I'll.1.1.ll*.
CoKNELIL'B >". HI.!-.*., Ra," I'THM** J. t, Ul * I.' vu.Lo, HENRI , M I ' I ? I r,
ALANkON TBASK, J.allN .!. M.. .".*:, PARKER I'INDY. A. VAN BERllEft.
E. bsit;Ui>l)I COLT, u. r. RAMi.iI.--II. IUWiRI) W. *a_OTT, ..Isl AV ai. lt,Ula.
AN INStVltY IXI'Kirr HI 'I.ITK* III* r< i\ S I LS ATI-)N
wini Hin Aimrt K'.'rt.r: ti' t I- *?.
A BberlfPa jury y - <i'Iny In line of tin* Supremo
lui.' r..iain* hr.ai ari ln\ e-t|;_'it ni In regard tn th."
aile- .1 I - nit. of Ulna neiTlet Rllsaheth ' > ititi, wno
la *t h nun ming in Jersey Qty. sk* waa in thia
elly ye- cul.iv lur a slinrt Um*. End railed Bl Nu. l.'l
Weet Tueiity *<?.'..ml si., the lum t "t Nra ' nilli, un
o ri friend ol thc Coffin family. After a Hhmt talk
mi ii Mrs. Goold -lie neatened baeb to .ir-ev Qty.
Mis. C.,ni i was Iii n,url bad BO Wee Mi*. M-xta
< rifll i, ti.e mother of tho eecentiie young woman, hut
f, cv w.'ie ntl Balled tn th'- wi i ness si mal. Dr. C). .M.
ll murnini t ,1 Oed thal ba wae un expert In nervoua
di rac-. Hr hi seen Hies Collin tan save ni <>..;.
- a. *. "ii Janna**) ir, he . iii .I m tho Wlnclsiir Hotel
Where In* mi- ier ti 'i -I-.-II lin.lt r I ho H.un." of Mia.
Hil II.||i1m) I
ll- li NOI - tl Ililli III'! Ill III.* pilli' fl'i'll 11*30
J) ! . ll li. '_' a III. MthOUgh -I"' it)- tx.I a...|i
wi I, hi Nh ni.,fiaii fi.-.iv, inn. revealing tn him
i.-, i n i.i. . ,,. . h.. *..,.? ...i i hi ii tha Kvrl i '? le .
Wli le oi Hi. st i.',. I,, i), ? |;, ?|.,,, -j |, ,v , n ami i-l-.-u i.-i.'.
h -I motin In h. li i: j.--, ni ?- anal remarks in her, ami
i ut hVlwtn li.i. h : il done the sam,'. Rhe itertat*f*d
?h t ji i> e iii rin' -it-., i ti i -n pointed ai bar ami aal.l
I, st -le wi- a bad wiiinun.
r.e.-1 .. mu h ex...I while making these s'u'e.
ments. Fl nail -'ie n-i-.e I tn pi wm, the dnrtor the
text i. oi'Til'i in the private a*\liiin ..f Dr. Per* rai in
King Sing in when I ?? i aile , ah< h ad ii hart ed ami he
hil mit -ea., i i sm.,) iha heeling wae adjourned
io 4 p. m. tn 'lay.
Tha <?.!*?? nf Mrs Uughee, th'' i.? wldna dring of
eaari*uni|irinn, nt N Ililli av. an I < Hu" imi.'tr. .| .'in!- thlrtl
i". -t.. il.- ri!., al In WV In. -lily-* TBIBCBB, nn't with
i ? pt and heart; relief from Tbibunb rBarters, a
!.. .-.. a- Sent nf ur "'I y Ima !..?, li i , lil l .lal! ? 1 hy Yirmn-I
? *aaelent te keep itu" family eomfertable lei
?nm.* timi', a penlee >.f the Boaey, reen ab i.. m ?i* i v
in, it..-1-. --. baa been aenl t" bira lin..'..-,
im! tie r. ii,ni.i i.-r bee been placed la Ihe banda af Hie
New.York Association fi.r Improving the Condition al
tba Poor, ia. be applied t>. the future net i* af Mr*.
Uugbea and bar ebllJren. The Aeeoelatlon baa *eat ene
nf lie visitor* tn iee ti..'m. haa provided theta willi lead,
tu, i uni clothing, anl baa a-,, furnished able medical
air. ii iain'? fur Mra Bag-bee mil the lame buy, a.il will
bbb lb ?' th : de e..' -'i". r in the tatura.
i ?? ibm -. which iiaw ii"i prevtoutdy l.a ,.a*
Iged. Lave I..mi received a- followa! A. X. 1'..
eg! Mra c. M. I>. 1*9; T. N. RR; A. ll. H.. Ml
Pf. II. C.. ?>..: I*. H : <). Il fl ; - I'.'.)." "fl ; J- T. s-..,
$10; K., Mi "A fri. ml.'* cl: " IB" I te," tb; ll. A. I...
i! .ii, Canada, $10; "Smnpetby,** Hi "A Barlea*
it..." pt; c. a. M., t-l; eletk* In the Home Insurance
a.I*,' ", ?1 :'i (1.1 , "mi" of 'lill. TBIBCXI i.-.el rs." ij-l ; "In
m.m..,ry nf Tommj & I'.' ti; ? < Bab.** gi; ?'? H. H..
BS; J. ii M. ab; B. sx. k, aS; " ABonymoaB," el,
" Maili.'l!.., ' li
Tim asia nf " nnelalmed and BhandonecT i*..'a<is gt thc
Pt li ,- st. ra wa* finished at lb i liar-' OSes i estardaj "?
th iel Hiing et uh ant (8.400 pt the Governmeni Treasury.
An e gr i\ luff upi n Ivoi | of Wn-h. ugton, kittani i ii il inc i
M-|iiuri.. wh.,!i antedate* ina. celebrated portrait bj stuart,
vu* Bperaleed bi a reine ef e.>- 50, bal a Mr. Mm (ta
wu* ide inn. i.a-- r ut eil. lt w<is consigned u> General
ai Ces apia who tald y- aterday 1
u mi thai i UiiD'v aijnnt the engravlBg I* a let?> i thal i
received bobb. time an'i fruin the amst. ir *.ii.t thal ha
bad t k n ile ui)";;i ta. lead h u> tm, beertag thai i
w n'..i -'eli an aug being ob Ivory ol iVaabJogton, sud if
i wm 11 il bi '?? ? ol i foi h'u. bc ameld allow bb i eon mla
*!? n. a* i .im aot in the romatiiBloa boslneea I paid bo
fnrttier at entlon t ? th ? matter,'
rjOlf TO ti li IE a sisnAl-sciioor, nri.-nrs.
Mrs. \. I, ]"., vn. 1 I., pre-l lent of tim l.a.'ll."' Aids eletj
af the I'i-t Preabyie*lan Church, Mount Vernon, baa eaa>
reived a navel methii I af ? reeling . Ben lar-echool I'm -1. Bbs
procured ene iiumirei bbb iv-iini. ? and gave aaa le ea I
af the Bunda] tehool acholara with the Miggeetlon that
th<ii -ii'.uM be mt.-lui in a in.ni'.T thal wonld prednee a
guli), iiii'l thal BB BBB) I tiiislin i- tha ri ruriis sliulild bo
i, 11, The mu ?? tlon baa al aadj began t" aban u*
ba bbb pennies fer u premium,
?asking candy, kulttlng, Bne needle **..rk. palatlng in nil
;, i , ., .md writ.ng items f..r bow leapers hj
the ehUdr....
Bering baa roty Utile Ur rle Kelsey had been
kneen* la Ihe theatrical prof.ieloa af reeeat yeera, it |
wu* a raili.*- r< maila .ih" proof Bf the kind Measly In
r, hil ii ,,; I fi lends bel i bei thal *<. man] actor* end a. treleea
si,, ul 1 ta., bean p?*eeal al the fun- ii -?? ley at the
Utile ' i.ui ti Amend ths Cotrasr. Dr. Haeghtea read
tbe strti"-, end there va- s,,n?, excellent tlnglag, Harriet.
Kelsey, Ibe "I In M*t.'i i.f li, gt , | BCtl -*. was
present She I* bersetf in delicate bealla, and fainted
during ti"' *i'. ina. i.ut I iel sled .rn galag to Ihe eeawtery.
Ai'i'.ni- tboae i.li w..re io* Veraoa, Amy Um, Louise
.Mi.iiijK'i-. "'Imii" I'a-l.ir ami wir... .I.ui,.-s Meads, Kaw. .'tl
Rowe, J.i.i. Vincent, i.a.uis Aiiriih, i barlee Rice, " Bea"
Bab. r. J ..? i.i. il. Tooker, Mr and Mra tlarry Walbina,
T. Mst.ii Brawn, Louis Uarrisoa, "J..sir Hart and ai.
Web.l- li"- " i'..'*' i-uml" ked ahure- (af the
fum'ial. the Lu. ia! br-drag In lt* plot iii I ..rn "fr. rim Came.
t. ry, Man] ftsral ofcringi mated un the Beana,
KO Kl rOS colic, ci ?" OBI TOIA llox.
Protease! Joesph ll Otlmona, af tin. Unlvet
Rm h'-t-'i. lectured leal Bight before the Laas*tu**-B Club
at Cola . aa "Otu Ulaglaaea ta Dtetl.irisa.**
li" Baa i i wily Introduced by i)r. Robert Callyer,
win. mali, i /. w r-ri.aili* ,,u t|?, ItaumtlBniW nf Hut w.,rk
that tha Lei ? ? lab la dolag. The teetarat laid do?ra
tlir.it rul'.? for the |.rum.un.-I iii,,i, ,,f Bards arkara ii-,ik'..
ali.,ns a iii.i..'. i ir-t. prefei thal pronanchtUaa which
rm.foi mt tn mal.my ; second, ehoose IbBI whlih I* n?,.t
_..i.-ii,I., ia th.i sar; third, study tbs rhythm ..f mntenoae
BBd il.nu Hist will, li in BMBl lim mal.
"i inmsiiti i4?iii.i .nm wt.- treailae." <n v. Trlbnae
"Yee aagt.l i-> *rii IOiilOvii ? Ibam, i_ a lin,* gd
Hnirn ?: Ihe Tl.*
iili.'i! IN IU I.M l"N I" AUK AM) ACTIVITY.
lill' I it) kii Hoary n.ipsoa, f. u. t. s I'loUi,
a ' i i 4 i j,,, pul, s,.li; ,,? ,,??,,? ?f ,,rl, e hy the ^m,
.li..rn i ' I i . A 111 lt.., ll?iiali, kiata
Strict observers of Lenten diet sro not at.undnnMy
.ilpili l this n....ii, not likely to be until tbe aa
uileratea, Egga are sun Quoted at thlrty-tbrae eenie
?er do/, n. rettlt foi fresh, With an Mp'..anl turn nf Hie
narket on 'eHnnga. Common fresh Bab aro marin i
sw, tn ly because dealera ur,, wllllnf lo ""ll at at>i.nt
her thea rl-k a braaklng up ef regular ca alema ro
,y allow in,' them 10 *l'"ii urminil A good si'fti (eel
I -n ai 'ia, perhaps twenty snti*i. la* riii?, eal arrival*
I along so thut 'any daalere eetaln fell reo,alre
North Caretlne *inil are worth al>ty rent* for inn-ha
mi -l fur me, sBch; Canadian rroren amita, 8 per
'.nil and Maine green tn. tr* 15; halibut, I8SS0; yel
aw perch, IO; white parch, 15; sela lf*aTtl; atrtpad
.un ia**, 20, and bolling si/4 go; bed, live, 9; Nova
Scotia berring, '!; loundnra, B; rroren ntacheiei, le*:
prawns, (0 and SO rente pei gnarl*.
Bhell ti*h am min-u itiv ataree, BCBitope betaf cn
?.-n's per gnarl 0}**tei men an: Borne what epprehea
?i.. .ii-ui tho hulling mu of their Nock, which baa h
ip.jiy a 'iiiin ii rhu i baon. Supplies are ? iw when
ce Interferes with the tunga Virginia, of eon res, esndi
ir theta, bat a,i available gathering I* nea-1, i tn sold
?eather?prieee rance at 7"i ta gS per 106, extras gg go.
Caipitnhia River eeatied Bthaea t* finite plantlfBl st
io vents pei caa; Aia-ka *..rt*. ld; Nova gee tie amok I
Btmon, 00 coate par paend; f.ngllsb aprata, io eenta
"ter bunch) Engllah bleatera uni kippered herring are
a p.-r pound: lil. ' mackerel, S
irVnole deep-eee Oeaigee suit ead ts ead packi I :
To pru,D tito oi' ima v in pi 1ST OBUMOBBS
T'ie K. v. Dr. J. F. Bidet pi -I lei ur a ape'lui meeting
af the RsptlM City Mlselon which waa bstd ut tba
i'm hiv ihini Street Ha:"-t Chan h ia*t night The
'pi. .ai object ender dlacaaaloa wai* the bun ling of two
.."man Baptlet eharehea in thia etty. Addie eeoc were
i i- by the Rev. Dr. Joh') lliiriipM.'ne. of tho Ininti.-I
Saptlet C'hnrt-h. In llrooklyn, ami prealdent, of the 1'lninli
[ \'.-'si,,,i Boelety; by the Kev. I)r. it. s. MeArthur, bad
he K.v. i.. a. Crandall, of the Calvary and Twenty-third
Baptiat eharehea Contlderable enthualaera ares
ii.u-a-i iii re-.ai't tn the two (l'iman Baptist eharehea,
md every tltort will ba mada to raise lbs BBeaaanry lurid*.
Ttptv.-iro of a Rli-r.it Irritation of tho throe-.
Hr.i'iri ill'i i ii no Drill ri/j i.a mini) relief, boil al
li.a eau val oal isiirji 1 alt ll I 11
(.' "iVri-R?Its Ci'i.e.
Vere lolerentingpin.alilsC Iraa,
Mt. Ki! a iso, l.'i W'eslt'aM-ata. .tow.York.
Ui.MiT A. I",m'i.-., M. D.,
am Wm i.'iiii.sr.
P!api*e?*f ttl* **r?rTii|t -rina ' rtiito-ftt-iry Organs.
Iniiioienc* ami sterility "lours? ri is Vt, ? le H.
" ROCOH ON H \T* ** for ni'-). ttliiT, blt .**". l.JC.
" lui a.M .in c \ I'tiiuii.' Only itieointe eera 5-'e.
?* I'.til'OH UH l-'OB a." Ilui'il or tot tsrn*. 16c
"*KolDH OM louliliCllR." l**t.tst tolief. 15a
- ?.
"To Mot m. rv'
Mr.*. wiis'iaw* eooTdita tr tor. *r OMI tree. r**'bi*?.
MtlfBl the lim, realdoe* mi t < n ttl in. sll tri .ill pm,
cure* .Tin! colic na I Hut mi Ttrsaii' lits costa * ll tttl ?.
Spring Wraps
and Jerseys.
We are showing very hand?
some and choice styles of
Wraps, Raglans and Jackets
for Early Spring Wear, also a
line of Paris Jerseys that are
very unique.
Lord& Tn vlor,
Broadway & Twentieth St.
Oar A.VMJIL SAL!*: ot broken line
and shop-soiled shoes furnishes
uth-ttve. and SSd-tt. N. V.
_4rerHeaaaea!ta a-elaalitael latta the.* es lama* are
rearaeaa.Bt**?*aJ ????**" rtmdoro ml Tll? T Kit. Ct?
hr -MBe. with the ?rlearllesee tri t'i jerlael ea'elf
E. ULT. AntlionytWo
"Wi BllOAD"VA V. B. T..
AUlll.li: Ul lr I i'"*.
?tATtiM'l. 1 tMCTtt.
U en in ni rnhnaa
'?iiout: t \ E.i
I "iKIt"
r-i'n- ll'tirkeri
,1'iitari, leo
?lilli- aal'll, lal
B IBS ts!
YiHtih* tl.s
AIhi at a nr
^^^^^^^ llltsllft A
rampiete BTmotmon*. rake*
cp lim Si* laehB*?*ln_r#"2J*.
rnnril' ?OtBBt**lB? SSW. tntttf
,.?., '.inf.lil", r.iprehBBBIBB,
liV*. ?fn I for "iril <r
ac hod tatt fob pirytii'At
j? K i?t I d'' tlrsH an.t 11 '
Fifth Ari-nns, **?' V. ''"r
Vrot i) I., i"''Viv William
Blaikla. iBthftr nt "Haw ri
Ciel Bttrwi c" -ara nf lt I
rAvnr a.tr HT t>t!>t*T ' 11**1
half se watt." _
f*? tnt.TOV--T.. ft. T.
Tlis le*', pltr"
F.nsrll'li ?illr-riTBrs. stn.
Biles! WUBtA Wurt at 40 o*.
RepalilBB *????'?? Watchee
m lapeciatllT
Wiinilv iinllkta arUtl.-iBl *T?
tsaia nnrr ?t B*la.l.araansr.
in . im ii ? >fe a an.ol iu aaa
rraUi'. l'lO-pt". ms. * tn
ap lunn* ol Wart] 1 teal...
tir. I* ari ar, lion* w tv
Astor, .lu lull I' HeninBin.
*l'r. Brawn. *<? v.l-'rm.tria li.
Ill'll'lt ml I'H'.r* ai'll! istt
,,re. .1 aaa a.,I | IMTJ .'?ll lui
Lair Blurt* .!?. ta*e rlssaaa ?t
1 a ri)' Jiiii-.li''. USO 'l Otter.
Un ? elle ?. 100 ai Wrelleelef
i ,ii ,. -a- 4 ii si I'in*-, rai al
Pro nar lr ml', ib I hrff laren
rlSBBS* U < ll tllt.lU'l il-t fill
earettr __.,
Prat. LOIS! TTE,
?a'.'i? rtflh ir,.., Meat Vu'!-.
>f\ 1 ? /
mun mu
Dui. nail In 'nt tioif" Brill
ron. I rr- Hil alinpii.-r His" I
?ell alerllBB ti * er Wfi.ilne
11.? ul* io i ei imi is,..?t
Bra niel t ' "" ""' '"'?',
nar.'* iwane 'v TltfBar, '? "*?
ti in tl Lit r.r. K ,r. amt t>ih
rt., iiin-ii ?? '?-? iBltf i'll"- 1.
M Iii mi I'.uffl'iV ll lin* Ol). 1)01
Iii e'ruant D' * l B*B*
150 Uowt-i-y, C or. Ulooma.
limit.i nlX tr .itn-ons*;'*
BPI 11.1 riv ft is
KO ri: SILK.
'I Ina a 'Kin mi. I.ll' .liol ir
lac. a . i null ;. "A* il
111., ' lt r*y l.'ia.i'l of ita l?"
mi ii ?ofi leann e*nar all'
.'tu i iii. f r in.a'nelli.' eal.
,111,. I .alola 11 [ -O . 1,11 ItlS
Ui- if i lill !? a net* la BBB
4t;*l Lieailwitv, Sf. V.
Laraae" %?"???????? m.
i.' **" ?<'*? -imi
l.t.ttia.1 frier*.
John Moora.
8,1 .Ti? A SS Unrren-*..
ilrit-r'i** "fit* ute
t.anuliii'iiirnJ ??*
boynton tol-Ml )?>
107 AMI aaOfl H t FBE*mB\
M. lt ? I H.. lt..
?M liltO A ll lt AV.
fUttmAimprmt* ?i?l.-nf Ar.
lilia I l'i. inii*.|i|i i rt lu
inn-, linn H iol? ric, .-n
ir.i.al' . < ll* ll I at a nu .mo.
mri!, lin', linn nt|.r.|.
IMM lii-o\..'.v .*,.
**aBll?,'l). ' ?.. I .!)'.r..l)lrsj.
?*'. n. iititvKY & ra
Ks. Hi it ll.oi.awa*>.
Jt. \. - 1 Ol lt
Kaindi!'.',)"! 1 *- "..i
Stationer. Printer,
?Ml Nt?v\l a-T..
Nfsnlir1, AeaertOM nnt
Bbcibb Ba. k Martee soi haas,
ail the rear.
Bpeetai Hu aA itttmva*. Beete
;..i,, : ,'iort nail e )
1 lill! a ?? "IU I" Villi TU fl.If ita
.,... ?., ,, ,. ii,. a ii
-ur ai-1 i! it; Hi.- rt:hi line nd
w il .iirelv tail .f ii. Hi,- sr ., t
par* ni M., l r, i . tr li 'i*
gnni if niii. r-t.Mi' ni ' r eVI*
ii tttnt. 1>i> lim ir ? tia at
t'i.- ?rent, lt ii. 'V rn ii ,, ti.
Kalin af*, 'i iii |. sol a, Hut.
A piiraaslo**t. si ' h rt mil
ttlaM Wini a ia.-al Uti nilli.
r.a ,l.t, iv I'ltVli; t Se
\\ 1.1.1.-. t I).. TT . li tl' IV.
Crouch & Fitzgerald
ItVli-tlili' 1'Mt it kt
:ni(l I Iii ?.*?..
1 lorilnnit.il. tUB 'ifti-ne
i,C. Ht on .Itt nt. N. *i.
J.S. CON JV it\ScZ J.,
? annfi.-riu-i-r* -
AIM lallu
aa.) Parlor 'Iriist,
tri Wno... ta^ls i'll t.'V.
iiiPiJlllt.il.-* Or' llLbiA.
BB AllOW '-53l)-sr..
M.W ti).IK
?n - ta ai full tt ever if i'ulUM*!. atatirla'.iri eat tc.
pUnstajry tlita relating tu Ills
at th* rnitsn Bitts*. Tfii* Almerna, tlrtt ?r*rte I br ntreat
Cl. nee,, bu 1 B trori na witton lie iiiiltaii j: Jil 1**. st
t'i-:.. jj cars. i* still tlis
ot ths Any. It c laulat eUt>orate ititiiiiirt at lit
hr **t?tia* sn! caa nina, ooti ,ir?t wiia mymttmu r*art faal
lu th*a-atianf .-a v .1 a .. i .fea* Jerte/or t .thi) ?a ??
eelle.it stjirrax-i ot ninth a lae
of t*i? patt rear, tnol'iliae t*i* Air nuil'iral ronTiot Ut ? ir.
'Father*/, aol lu lise leiiaui ecai <?*?? Utm tum I o I ?>?'??
hill, the t're.iteiuitl Kie.niii.1 ntl i >* BU et l?ri4ai*s
aaiberue.1, sic, eie, ste. ABM us at iiio tl URtR
In tits tllffsr.iil elitist, inf i,r >.1a iUsb ?C ?si I sn! tl! rte IB
U.? U. H. au4 HM auria st Isr-js, uffiirii sUtlef eil Hst
Alto ell tl*.* "Mar, Plin?.?ry, Tl .le, asi ether Aitrnantaiec*.
tlatiilioe winert cou.iiistes flrsi-oises Oslss ls. .if \usysnk,
(?? i lu nil part* at tu* Catie 1 Hists*.

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