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and otiNsnrLiioNAi.ilY-i;i.i'ini.ic*s oni.i
T* f he lid it or of I h r Tr il mn r.
Sir: Tho profound satisfaction willi which thc
Basans* la ths Senate of tho mair bin, despite
the ii:i(oiiiin.i,ly three attacks to which it had
heea Bnhfmted, will hs hailed hy a rerg large por?
tion of the Kcpnhllnsa party, will be amaewhai
marred ky ibo announcement that- while S nat. r
Edmunds. Sherman and Evatts headed the Re
pnhlioaa aanaotaem af Bas MU, sevens] Benah
Been Bsssoteen misled, perhaps in regard to thf
ral nrnamaenm nf the saaatiy, nm found ls
eempaay with it* opponents. In lSc*4 th* Be
pnbllens Nateaaal Convention. In obedience U
the prevnIHng sentiments that, the Natl* sal duty,
Hie Hutteaal lasareas, and?as the Inion League
club pal it in its aubseejaenl ladomemenl of the
lllair bill.?tb- National obligation to gUUiantec
as etch state a republican form of government,
pardens! lan antsy t<> " a wiso ead Indielona sya
Liu of general edumtton bf ndequsle appropri
Btioa from the National mveaaos vrhenever thc
gams is seeded."
That Rational pledge was not for a new ned
lint ned policy, but for one in accord with thr
conns..is of oar pr. at. statesmen from Washington
to Lincoln. Grant, and Garfield, and with n
line of Nnti mil preoed nts which ni I ide
ts of hnni. land-scrip, and money. The mem*
<r.iLlo division nmorj tho Stales in 1 Ul of thc
aargdaa af *tte\aag,eag was an allagasent fraught
with advaatag* pronoaaead mid puBsaaaat to
thu Behool System of the Statis, and Milmiland
thc inti Iii gent j.ride and energy of ths people
iii its behalf. Tho RepahBeaa pledge was also
in accord with a Inter grant of moneys amount ina
lo gii.l.ou.ooo to the Free. Ima us Butene, nnd
still more recently of $100,000 to the institute
nt Hampton ead Carlisle. That pledge has been
forgotten neither by tho country nor by the
Southern States. It, was sure to bc recalled in
the Bpaanaehiug Presidential canvass; nnd to
be compared with tbe malua nf ths party on
Ibis bill. It certainly seems regretable when
"The Evening Post" iu Its Ingenious, persistent
nnd skilfully arrnnged ssaaulta inion the bill,
had advised the Northern Republicans to oppose
it, that Bepublleaa Senators should have been
led tor auy reason to adopt the (nurse so recom
no lided, erass it branght them int-u eoaJUm with
the settled policy and the National pledge ni
the Republican party.
Thu Senate bill, ns Mr. Evatts showed in his
recent masterly argument, accords in its character
and in the wisdom and regulation of its methods
with the judicious and successful sehesae of tho
Peabody fund. It. has had the advantage of
a stngumrly thorough seruttay and revision by
the most u. < omplisln d BtateaSSOU of all s.-etions
aivd of both parte*! iii Ike Senate, and of sdueu
1i.>n.il BS perte throughout, the land. It stands
as the perfected embodiment of the Republican
plod ga te all sections ,f the Republic. It- was
pledged first to thc South, which is appealing for
National assistance against the illiteracy result?
ing from slav -ry, but made a double burden and
n National dfingtr by (.ur conversion of the slaves
Into ettlsena with aovexeign power. Next, it wan
a pledge to tho North. East nnd West, which
nro viewing with solicitude rising sometimes
olmost, to dismay, tho mult it udo of foreign il?
literates representing inferior forms of cvili/.a
tion, which, with tho vicious and un-American
heresies based on ignorance, despotism, and super?
stition end defying American principles, laws
nnd constdutions, threaten to vitiate and under?
mine Ihe American civilization which Mr. Orestes
A Broarnson pronounced " the fiirthest point
in sdreni ? m yel reached by any sgc or nation."
In the great Christian Conference held at
Waahiagton, in December, leprcaentlng million*
(,f our most InteRigent, far-sighted and thought?
ful citizens, native and naturalized, no opinion
WM hulled with more perfect unanimity than
that, our prevailing illiteracy nnd Ignorance,
whether nilen ot domestic, unless corrected, puri?
fied and Americanized in the children by out
common schools, will convert, the suffrage itsell
into the Bama daagemus nen poo arith which
the foes of American liberty, who are now so
desperal -ly attacking our common school system,
gan Uadenaiae our press and our institutions, and
overthrow mir civil nnd religious freedom.
The pledge of thc Republican party to favor
an adequate appropriation from ths National
?avenue had hal one condition, " Whenever the
same was needed* ; and that flint time had come
?was shown in the Menota, especially in the latter
part of January, by proofs of willoi, it would
seem as if thc learned and diminguisbed college
presidents had never boca advised, for their
nrgum nts seemed to proceed on the assumption
that the Soutb was in uo need nf assistance and
only required to bc left alone, to educate every?
body >>y self-help. F.very auggestieu and opinion
in favor of the ability of the South to cojic with
illiteracy alone, nnd anion;; them was the rather
guarded opiates cf General Ai anal nmg as to " tho
evident ability of so-called border States to edu?
cate, pot .it the present time, but in a reasonable
time, all tlnir children," were Completely an?
swered nnd swept away by the testimony of the
highest edumttenul czparta and the most intelli?
gent and well-informed citizens throughout the
Southern Staten This testimouy was confirmed
by the frightful statistics of the last census,
showing tint illiteracy matead of being arrested
had Increased1 and was increasing, lind thal South?
ern States with tb' ir best efforts pushed to the
extreme limit of ability could not stay the pro
gross of illiteracy and of tho barbarism which at?
tends it without the aid of the Nutional Govern?
" The Charleston (S. CJ News aud Courier,"
Deeembet, l?s7, say* of the Rlair bill:
Every dav shows nioro and moro the need of
some such law. every year that is lust means
mi many mete ignorant and da ti (.'or* ms voters who
have |.i-s. d b.-youd hope of redemption or uu
Dr. Curry, long distinguished as tito agent of
the Peabody School Fund, nud now our Minister
lo Spain, who may rank as thc very Idgheet au
tborVty on the subject, says, and be Ls Blanking
of thg children, not of the adults:
Hearty one-half of the white children and more
tban ann hs ll af the sneered ure mun lag up with?
out educational advantages Tbe rosou rcs* ol
the South aro wholly InadoquslT to meet the haavj
burden whick is upon her. In her present linuii
ii condition universal education without Federal
aid is te*kO*e*ble.The South had in l?r<1
4.leV.OTu'illiterates and in 1 8s0 1,741,1 f3, an
liic/Ciuse ol over one-half million in spit.1 of the
cilucutMUai activities of the inlertnccliHto ten
jiuiN. . . . The total number nf males nf veting
?ge in the Si.nih ia i*-> was 4,1 IB,PO*, and ol
tis- I.::.';.-ii uren illiterate. Thlftj-thmeand
on.'te'illi per cent of thc voters in the Souti atv
illiterate. Of (he iliter.ite Bh\d pei cent gm Col
(??.?d and 10.2 per aral are white. It ie especially
s:inifi- nt that these figures shew an increase ol
illiterate voters in the last dei ade.
Judge A- A. fjuutry. of Monroe, Ln.. writes:
Everybody who believes lu public education is
ra advocate nf Motional aid to education and
tully lecsjgtiiaes the pressing aeeoestty ol asaan
rn .xis a Bantam ??.
Thg Rev. A. <.i. Haywood, agent of the Slnler
Fund, an e\)>ert of authority akin to that af Dr.
Carry, writes Revenrbsr Sd, I MT, from Decatur,
La., ol the lull for National aid:
Ll bj BBSS* Seeded in the South with each M-ur;
racy outgrow* wealth. The South bi set
nble lo Sang [ta double burden of ignorance and
poverty . . I he South is not prosperous outaide
u f<-w assies
'ibis hmi red som.-, tn modify Qeaernl Arm
*trong*a renmrk shout Ute nmrveBona prosperity
of the South.
fudge Bcckner, sa cmineut citizen of Ksm
tntJ;y. v.'itis. Deaemher, I MT, tram Winchester:
1 s( c no r, Bsonnble bois- fm acheew for tLc chil
grru >t tab State saBseient for their proper edu
mite* wit Lin tin- him frcicnit i.ui or two unseat
Fiibril aid cornea right speedily.
,f, j ja Bamaga r assagsaf to thg work brvalval
iu tin Bemm* bill as ''entitled to rank third ir
tl?< un al Bjglsk venn uts of American sta 11 sum tish i |
<ii Mn- ir 1<-is-st.s ol humanity. First, thc peclara
lian ol Independence; second, the abolition o:
slavery; and third, provision for the eduoatiot
of the masse* to whom must Ix- Intrusted lin
geeeegrgglea of our liberties.'' (Cong. Record
Mr. Henry Coleman, a county school odnmilv
stoner, writes from Eastman. Ga.: " Unless Na?
tional uld is given the public school system is
iu danger.'1
Mr. C. D. Nieholns, of Mobile, Alfi, writes
that the States uro doing as well as it is possible
for them to clo, but that "their inability to meet
the di mauds upon lln-ni is Very plainly shown by
' tho fact that there is no diminution in the num?
ber af the illitor'to in proportion to our growing
country, but nit br an increase."
Mr Prank J Wise, re'irately of tho c hool
Board of the City et Pun IllulT. Arl;., writes:
The annual increase of jilin racy In the country.
particularly ra the ud-ton-growtng States. js bj
Hiv opinion an Indisputable and lamentable fuel.
I believe the census .>r 1880 will show it. . . . If
it be true that igaornnoe is displacing intelli?
gence, which is tbe basis of our institutions, it la
a question paramount to all others.
From Texas, of wins,, ability and BMBWdfteunt
school fund so mu ii is saul, Professor Hogg of
Fort- Worth says:
Illiteracy is increasing nt a fearful mle even
among the white cit i/..ns of Texas. In
ism them wera only 17,605 illiterate
white vol. rs bin in I SOO then were 83,085.
Them you hive thc stnrtling increase of white
voting Texans of BO p"r sent. The colored illit?
erates number 47,285 voters in ls70 und 66,498
in 1880, an inereese nf ZO t?er cent.
This evil.nc and stat isl os show thal al this timi
the aid pledged hy the BepubllcuB patty is needed,
the pledge is binding; and tho Southern people
erith .singular unanimity demand the promised
assistance. Cue objection that might, perhaps
have been raised at an earlier period with some
plausibility, that the South had nd- yet learned
to appreciate the public school system, and that
the funds given them for the local management
might be wasted or misused, is now c*duded by
tho clear teat iinony ol Gem ral Armstrong to " thc
Vigar; of sentiment existing in ibo South in favor
of the public school system:" to "the important
devotion to it of many cx-Conf. derate slave holders
urhteh I have personally witnessed:".te '' tho fact
1 that it is hopeless and ratal for any politician,
I whatever his standing, to oppose it, the negro
: vote Hading rta chief excuse In the solidity with
which it goes for free schools."
'J'liis settles tbe question that there will be no
misuse of the fund, aid it helpc to dispose also
I of the singularly unplnlosopinial argument that
tho temporary national aid proposed by the bill
will demoralize the South, discourage self-help,
' destroy their ScB-reHsnee, humble them to n tow
I level of mendicancy, impair the State manhood,
and injure instead of benefiting tbe cause of ed
I oration. Congress voted a gold meda] to Mr.
I Peabody for Ins gift of fifteen millions, and of the
I great goodelready accomplished sad now going on
from that private charity, Hie Hon. M. C. Win?
throp, a strong advocate of the Dlair bill, has
written; and Cnn, ral Armstrong wrote that it
had toni for negro education " a tn mendoua mere
tal and moral result." Thc methods of the Bleir
bill welt fmmed on those of the Peabody lund . its
annual quota to each State cannot exceed the
amount rasied by that Stan-, thus encouraging
self-help by doubling its results. The payment
Judiciously arranged with a view io Bole State
support alter temporary assistance ol eight year*,
conns not, from private charity, but from the
national treasury from which New-York nnd Mass?
achusetts ami the other Suites have diawa their
quota of sasistanee not as modicums but as equal
Statis, with no diminution of Slate pride, no
abatement of life and energy and effort ni behalf
nf ta munni schools, but with great advantage
in their rapid and permanent Improvement,
lt does not. sci in tu have occurred tn tb'- Hillside
assail, rs of the Blair 'nil who in succession have
fud ard it "a lull to promote medicancy," that the
taunt, and sneer so defiantly Hung al the Southern
States burdcued with their millions of ignorant
blacks whom tho nation has placed among the
sovereign rulers of the Republic, and whom we
lisle them, exhausted as they have been, to educate
at their own on peii.se?that the sue -r was not only
unjust, ungenerous and un-American, but tina if
it could have had the slightest force as regurds
the South, it would be a sarcasm, ju-t and bit
tai and crushing, to every Northern State winch j
had perfected ita common school system by tho
assistance of th* Nation.
Will either the North or the South appreciate
the argument that the grunt in this ease would
be unconstitutional, when that (mint, is urged by
Senator* or Representatives, by editors, or by col
Use presidents belonging to States whose citizens
poiut with pride to their admirable school houses, i
trained teacher* and improved methods; all as- j
skated by hinds and money under similar grants; j
accepted spain nnd again without a suggestion !
that thc grants were unconstitutional ? Arc there ;
to be two rules for the construction of the cou- j
stitution, ono by which the North has been as- i
Steted and unother by which the South will be
made lo bear ulone the education of a race tu- '
franchised by tbe ii it.ioL P
It is true that some distinguished friends of
American education have hastily and at the last :
roment joined in Ihe sraaade against the bill; '
it has without doubt been chiefly due to a com- I
perte misunderstanding of thc belpteesaeas of the I
Sooth, of the impending dancer to the nation, and
of the very guardid nnd Judicious provisions of
tho bill. Others more familiar with tbe fact may
las honestly govern**! by a desire to correct at I
whatever (Dst what they hold to lie crrouoous j
theories of government, without regard to the j
practice of the nation. But the chief opponents
Sf this auenipt to aid to thu establishment of !
the common school system in tho South are those !
who desire the destruction of the common school
system as the bulwark of Che republic aud ol its j
civil and religious freedom.
Thc war ugainst the bill will bc continued;
and as one argument, fails others will bo invented. !
Winn the Northern people find that tho consti?
tutionality of the bill has been proven by Southern
Senators from thg works not simply of JciTorsou,
Madison, Mourne, Stroll;.', aud Kent, but even
of Calboun, they will probably be met by appeals
to save hhs Southern States from having their
I right* invaded and overthrown by thc encroacdi
i mentis of tho National Government seeking to
| chauges and control their established systems of
j common schools. Those who have read on this
I point Hie speech of Mr. Li arts or that of Mr.
Pugh, of Alabama, a member of the commilU'C
i who reported the Bluil bill, will understand tina
! Inst dosi],:, and il.as. who have not may perhaps
j trust the Southe ia State* in their jealousy of
! aattonal centralization nnd evn;roa*?hnient ut?on j
j Stat* rights, and recall the leading provision of
; the bill that each State cnn ncoept or refuse thc '
amount* ol the quota; whmh avonis the aiigbUst !
pressure upon any one of them. Can any one j
suppose that American orin, iph* will permit I
sucb un unequal gRine; that rugged American
common sense cnn bc ut all confused or misled
by technical glosses on so plain a point; that
Aincrieun pride will tolerate a policy so double
tooed-and so singularly ignoble, tit st, to tl?e rooe that
Lincoln cuv.ncipatcd, and whom neither Lincoln
nor (Irani would have lett in iKnoraiiCe.and next to?
ward our Southern countrymen who are doing
their best to stem thc tide of illiteracy, and ask
thc national aid that WO ourselves have received'.'
Thc history of t-tnaiicipaUuu torbul* such a blot
upon its close; u vast majority of tim American
|x opie will resent a policy which by ll* sLabbiucas
impugus their honor.
Let the House of Representative* pass the bill
and let every Repnblicnn share that honor willi
its Democratic supimrters with tho feeling that the
duty rests especially upon thc Republicans, glace
thc Democratic party docs not rest under the
same rcs ponai In li ly for thc elevation of Otu colored
moe. If ttof oousliUitiiaiaJity of the ucl is qos
tiona bio let the donleen, teat the queel mu iu the
Supreme Court, the proper tribunal for it* de
cisiou, und when that court shall decide we shall
not have one rule for the North and ila reverse
for the South, one for ono decade and its op?
posite for unother, but wc shall have for all sec?
tions and for all time, the same rule of equal
justice atiiioumvd with decent dignity, without
invective., taunt or jeer. Should the law lie de?
feated In the House ot Representatives by Ke
publican votes, where will tho Republican jmrty
stand-when they again face the issuo in the com?
ing Presidential rlectiou presented by a largely
united Mouth, inxl by millions of tbe Northern
masai-a, who propose thai SouUu.ru children elute
and black and the children of foreigners through?
out the land shall all enjoy Hm right to nu Amer?
ican education ?
With thanks for your courtesy,
I am. sir, faithfully yours.
No. 5 Washington Place. J lix Jay.
New-York, fl b. lg, 1888,
CICKXgg B9IX riiorvlll B ? 'MIK NATIONAL
004 BO,
tim arron, i on it, tv final toct sf the nari af tti^
nepubllsas caucus wm ba ?ade thai weah Tin*
p i age of the cmin:\ (ratios H!gii License mu by tb*
Renate I* a matter of coarse Beet a MU In it* malu
feiiiui.-i tins repeatedly aaa! wltk fever In th* (Tpyer
ii,, a, and on ii.> aeeas'on lt win bantry be seriously
?i. The otffieulty ii'- been and i- wbotly li the
\,s. Hildy. wher? tba ettie* lave a large tepr-s nt*
Hen. Thirty nn? votes nre neces?nry to pren ih? Mil.
Teem am five i.vpnhiirans srbs have ?a'd ikey wii
md rapport Ike saan***- Messrs. Christie, Lotter si d
PtllBBBBIIJ. of ktewarft, and (.ells nnd (inila.I,er. o.
jersey I 'j- Tketr eametlofl wonk) sim leora tba
Republican* ono moro than enough vote* te pern tho
i.iii: bul us ni offset lo lbs losso* men loaed at least
four Denaeereti tiav^ detenulaedte saggart ike asea*
tn-o. one thing only can alfect Hi' present caleula.
Huns, and of thal rumor* ksve I.n Hying for the
pi.t leonly-fSui boara. Tie pmilhHUy of eorruptlss
sun:.-lout io afcaagci the resuli bas keen s rlously da
bated, it was reported ob ant kort ty of -i doubtful
character y< iterdaj thal the brewen bsd relied a fund
high up In Hu) thous.ids n, <!cfe ,t the Mil. lt is de?
nied with min, f. tatloa* of ladtgaatlou; hoi wk tier
ii be m.a oi false, or partly true or partly lal -. lhere
ls a determination to 0-f -at any possible corruption
r.i any ezpease of labor, watchfulness and detective
'ile bili ha* brea drsWn wltk great care The Ors)
leriong difficulty wa* found In classifying the tense,
smonstng tests* regulrenumt* of the aevmal tocal Me*.
ii, desire ara* to Bx a lower rate for the place* of
sj,;ose | ijiiii.iiion. Tal* ka* been .iou,; by a system
ol cia ilflcation according te population, sn thal ike
liens,., vary free* 8100 np lo *-o0. rae latter being
the Ugo re for I be large enies, it i., complained thai
tb* foe is uni klgk enflugb, bul it will ai ka*l be
infflclest largely to Increase tho revenue rn Ibu larger
riii.s, Bini ai the same Mme munee the Banker of
the aii.ouiis Ly driving boa the business the small
rles " 'l be linportanl feature* ol n ?? act, onl
aide of the local option clause*, are found In the iee
innis regateiiag the revmeuoa of ifoenses. in tho ?
the bili inal.es radical Bkaagai la ihe existing law.
Ali offence against i: ? law* ol tbe State by Ibo saloon?
keeper or d.-onier in his laloon is nada canoe sufl
eleni lor ike revoking ol the license, and any eltitsa
may bale tho affaadei before tb* courts to answer tba
charge. After tbe Ueen*e has bees taken away for
M cause* eiiu.,i.-rai.-.1 tba same persuu eanaol ix>
gi ii. i a hoc use a.a.a nu ii year, sud on the > coud
offence Ihe penaltliu are Increased, ihe < oumy Op
non feature ol lae b,n is identical awn ibu liable bul
Introduced early In tho session. Oue-tentb ol ino 1
legal voters ai" to Batu los to tbe * Ireuli ? ourt, amt
when tbe i st ni potliiunera' bas i en dull -cnn. il the j
Judge ls io order an election '.. be bela wilbla forty ?
day*, al v. Indi no ulhei gi.i i, to be submitted
excepting thal ol * Ucense" or " No Lteeaie" li the '
ii , tj rotes sgalaai lloenao, bo liquoc bj to ta sold
in ile count) under stringent penalties. An amend
nen; will be prupaeed, ll h BBcerstood, by wbleb the
mau ifacture (.1 liquor may n"' be Interfered with, thu*
relieving tho brewer* of Mu.Non ami Rues ami tua
w,ne grower* nt bouth Jereel fiuui u." dancer ol hav?
ing their business suspended. There will probably
be a liv ely conl isl .r ibis teal ??
i ba .um ; .1 rcporl of the Adjulint-Oenersl of Ihe
Slate, wiii'.mi g. Btryher, just issued, shows that tlc*
st;-, nelli of Ihe Nai unal Guard ul Sea J*i?ey ls ? <??
il.I officer* sod 3,90.1 onllsted men Ths
is un inn..;i.f over l i-i >???ic of 204. Tbe Adjutant
,: |* oi op nlon that tba condition ol il. winard
;- bi .""l sa possible undei ? s>siom thai effsra no
great Inducement* to tbe members.
ii.li'i'ANT Juki s AT Till RXPI ns,: of afs rOEUgg
eui i:n.
A large madleaee greeted the Rev. Ragh 0. Peate
?o-t nt yesterday B*oralag*j gm kellog of in-* tuny
nngiegatlon at Ihe Masoaie Temple Lan galee ami
omi applause were aprlakled freely througk the me
rice*. Alter remarking thal lt would to a long day
Woio ho would agate eoaaeel himself wttk say
eligloua orgaalsetlon, ami Impiesstag sse* bia
tearers thal Unity congregation was "not a church,
not ii so icty, but simply you and I, met together for
improvement," Mr, Pentecost announced thc title of
i. ac mon to be "Concerning Prayer." Kc lest nm
Mr. pent..eoe! believed that men would nlwavs
pray, yoi thal from time n> time the form and *uii
itanee nf their petitions wohld ba smdlned. Be In
itenced Mooly, kS*m* .lone-., Voflelrai Tom Paine,
rheodore Parke) and Deecber aa praying m^n. whose
players differed with their aafferoal eoaeeptlom of
Sod Tbe apeeker believed tbe aevegn a ho preyed
to devils to ave;t their in- worn rsm rat right tban
kom who In the Litany ask the "Good Lord" for
toilveraae* from peetHence, lightning and Hood, ile
lenounced as foolish and absurd ali prayers printed
ind d-'slj-'nel foi repetition, and said thu l.oid's Prayer
Is.-if hail been aaed so C.tatilly thal lt ls wolli
mt and threadbare. Ile erltlclaed at lengtk and with
n .(-ii mverity thc aieged sbcurdlty of thom arho prayed
:bat th* Operation ol natural laws might be stayed for
helli. For liis'anoe, in ridiculing I bose who pray for
?alu during a drouth, be asked, ''What Bert of a
fond Lord la this that withhold* tho water when we
need It, and sends grasshopper* when WS don't
need thom. Da stilled np gi eal languor by pastoring
two Captain* aalUng In opposite directions and each
preying for a favoring brees* fcald he: "The cio.l
i hat makes laws ami then brees* I hum for Hla ow ii
favor les. rarely ought aol te objeel if wo break wrns
jf Hi, issn.*
In closing ho denounced Ihe mon who on Sunday
play "Thy Kingdom come," and the next dav brm
pool, ami say - not if i eau help p." "sum., aenalble
persons In l'ditmylvsiua," bs continued, ?? have petl
Honed Ausllii I Baste te reis'iilani ihe pilot) of coal.
if Cod awned tba Pennsylvania coal m.ne,, it would
he quito ripht te pray to him. bel Cochin ls th" Rod
Si them MOSS, and la the proper peison to whom to i
pray. We may lind a way tu tako Ibo llulo IVnn
lyivaTria gods from their ped- -tai, and ehaettae them.
yet si) are coming te MB that as loni; as mon own
tins Bartk lt ir perfect fully to a?k Oed for tho tbiegjl
itiat (otho out of tim Berth, People wtil recognize
(hat Ihe coal was dei osii-.l l>v th-t great Plath** for
Ihe lench! of all his children.*
Byee king of trim*, bc said I "If manna wore lo
fall from heaven nov*, policemen would anet a
iramris %\\ wIki aoagk* to ntl k lt np-a trust wnind
lie formed to control tlc ir if put of manna, and a prion
would he pul on it a, blgh as the traffic would bear."
Tlie Kev. lir. K, \V. Miner spoke at tho fifth Avenue
f.apilst Church last BVSniUg on ' Teisonal lloiuiu
Isrenees of Abi'Hham Lincoln."* I>r. Miner wa, UH
pastor of ihe BaatM ehureb at Bprlaggeld whick
Lincoln attended for many years before his obj. lion
sa IVesiaeut, and wa- also hts neighbor and Intimate
friend, and the lecture was an Informal account of his
character In tbe a, pees lu which lt appeared to the
speakor. laridenla wore also given Illus) i -at I nj; ibo
nature of th* great uciii, with anecdote, for lb* truth
of whick tba iseeker was personalty at.ie to vouch.
Pr. Miner vlsin-d Uk; Pre,,dent at Vaahlagtea, ami he
Bsetlagly related th* leader aymyatky which b.> al?
way- Mt for the lowest ?f thine nuder him.
? Mr. Uneata," sa'.d I>r Minor, - v a^ a pr-at nun
amana, I took a ride with him In WaSMagtua dui In
the 'var, and as we BUM dUtlnpuishod pim Bah and
Scmiiors be icav.; thu customary BSlUte, but when we
met a BSBasma suidici and he prescn'od axni.s. tho
Praremst would nae fi om his seat, uko oir m* hat
and sasha a bow ia tito seagtor.'
Ur. Miner then spoke at n,n.o foegth of Lincoln's
relation! wttk Doagtea, which be thought had uni
rem red tba BttenatoB they assersed la the puMtoked
Mug!apina* H- said: "Mr. Ueeola, a^ i, weil
known, entered IVasblngton in tho emgarm of ? i\ otek
lUpUaii'ler, and bo afterward said to nw: 'The fii ,t
man I met whom 1 knew wa* Judge Douglas. Ikm****
ireaiad sm msg warmly, s*>ihk: ? cuod rasjrulna
Mr. pvceldeot; you aro roy Pra*idsnt, sod i b*\.
come to oiler you ail tbs servkxs in mi p,,w?.r |
know Ua?u.ii|{ioii. and I huoiv Ins ?eoe*sioui?t* bettor
than you go, and 1 think 1 ian be nf Baas* aurelea lu
you.' ?
-They weal totfoilrer to Willard's Hotel, and Doua?
la* n, a fieyueui visitor to Hie President. c?n i"0
day of his hasusaratiuB pousle* asked to ride in tba
same carriage saying ' ll you ats- lo be shut t?.
day, i weat ibo ballal ka pa,- threegh niv own bodj.'
iii- roda in tiic carriage and Hood by Liucuiu'* aide
whna ire aaeh the "iili ol bBbSb."
i*r. Miuer regesan] tue sharp that LBaaat* was an
iBfidaL and qviolcd Ibo Winds that be buaid Lincoln
say wh.:n tho pooplo of Berlngfleld rame to hid bun
fareaetl on hu depitrtnr* fur wasteugteu; "A dins
ti.-. ...i,;., uj.oi, iue wbab U a'ealer (.ban Las SjBVolvad
OB any luau since Ik* (tai I al ?/Babington: ba never
could have *ucr<fw|o<l without thu divine aid on whir),
Iii relied, and 1 hope that >ou, my (rteiidl. aili pray
thai I may BBSS lou san*' aid, wllhoul uluu 1 , .jo?
ni.I succeed,"
lee th* Old mil Bunabie
Catena dmrnara tu* -. <>*-i ut amag, usu **d i?,ini
raphdy lifroinMoffeimir. ?n* i.tten eulastoatra ta cuuiii'i.n"
lias ?ii(t ,>???mir Nu bailor what ?:?*?> isa BUSSBa* lias
adTsun ,1 to I r '.i.'?' ji.ici i pi, ,-ii, win ,-iu tum
Il This iliac, all-in I* i*? noir tare ear* twr tait ,a4i,,i, in
t'.c ii,iili,*!. yet has m.my lBittalllfa. UUatX* m*f u,n ||
i.?vi-i does. Your at ngii.,t *?1U iv
m vi g ko t's impoktaxt paammSTB am. i.ookivo to
ctosna iitakhc coaagonon arttari ui s
[nmii ** t><-<- imanas ceinanBasmannri on tuf. t Bieune.]
OTTAWA, feb. I*. -If tho DOUaialon Sf Canada W*m
mu m ti,i<>tiitii by tba canadian Paelg* tyranny,
her railroad development would soon oriiiin her ts
knock at the aSglS of Ihe Inion for admission. It
i, worth] of note in ron bot ita* wltk the general re
Bsrnkaalai al nrijvlty how large a i>ait American
capital and enterprise play in it. and kew elosoty iii"
??ev ?? -inpmenl sf tteaslalen retlreaata i? related in that of
thc I stead State*
Aiipllealion will lie made ta the Parliament of tho
Deaslatea ai Isa temi ag lewlan Bar tho Inampsrette*
of tic gt Lawman* ead **nr*adaeb Raihray l em] ?? iy.
lo atari from Badahary da Valleygeld I* th* (felted I
Sia'.'s frontICTi lhere tO Smfce New yorl and Western
lion*. Another undertaking connecting thia
aide of tho si. Lawrence wltk Ihe United Btatea ht a
railroad eridge i vee th" river ta be called Ike Grenville |
International Hi dj a, I em or seer Pieseoll ta Ogdens
iiiinr. Among similar application over or nader the !
water i>nniidaiH>s dividing the two eoe nt rle* hi oas by
a company lo Itmn"! for railways under lb* DrtroM '
River from a point In or near goad*lek or Windsor ,
toward Dstrotl te conaeel wltk tho werta from tho
United states end. Another ls ni.nie by tho Bsgni
manll and Renelaao Railway Company ta connect tho
I ??Mullins nf Ile. loiui'iny on the Strait* "f Ruea willi
tba ra ii inad system ol iii ? rm'.'d Mates tarroll sting al
Pint Angelo* or some other point on the straits of
in. a wilbla ih" territory ol iii" United sines.
Connection with Ihe United State* ni ler the laws of
Ihe Dominion ht desired by the Pori a,Muir. Duluth I
nnd Western Railway of canada. This eompany ap !
plies for an Act dectelil g the railway lo be a Wort for i
Ike general benefit of I nuada and for Dominion In
corporation with power ta malya connection at. the
boiiinlaiy lln?> With tho Duluth and Iron Pane" full- '
way Com pony. An Act ol Incorporation is applied for I
iv the Bouthwestera Raliway company, with power ta
coaatrnel a railway from a point on tba Canadian
pa. iii.- Railway ai Canghaawaga to a point on thc
province lino at or near Dundee, "there to eonneel
wiih the railway ajratem of the United Mali ? " Kow
connection between tho western geri of Kew-Yort
Man? md canada ly way ol Megara Fall* I* proposed
by tho Buffalo, Chippewa and Wagara Pall* Steamboat
mid Hallway Company- The eompany ashs for power
t'i connect ps propos 'd termini i on (ho Canadian Ide
upon lb* Niagara fiver, i^r Welland fiver. In tho
village of Chippewa by rall ta i potnl I* th" town of
Klagara falls, and ta operate a line ol steamboats be
tareen Bnjfalo, on tbs American side, ami the canadian
terminus above, described Other steamboat connect?
ion* between tim United State* and canada are pro
;-,.. d hf ti." Chatham Navigation Company, for i Un*
botwoea Chatham, Canada, and Detroit; ami by Ibo
Halifax, N. B., ami Newfoundland 61 lamshlp Company J
(Limited!, for a line af steamship* botwoen Canada,
Newfoundland ami tbe United St aloa.
In the North wost the applications for Incorporation
nf railroad companies aro R.ifflclent'y n'.naerou* to allon!
an id- i of tie development thal would fol'cw Mic re- ?
?naval "f the Canadian Pacific re frictions, and ostah- I
llahmsnt sf fi" eoinectloii* with the United -
roads. The Alhena and Athabasca Railway Company
j:i\?-s notice oi application for amendmenl of charter
nov..ir i i oteni. Ps railwaj front n- Soutliern
terminal point on Row liiver or the I anadlan Paselflfi
Railway soot berty lo Ihe International boundary, and
biso from it, northern termlnn* on the Athabasca
River northwesterly ta the boundary ol Alaska, Tho
cn'arin. Manitoba ami Western applies for incorpora- i
lion with power to eonstrucl a railroad from fort
Arthur, Ontario, we*lerly lo winnipeg. ci casing the
narrow* of Ike fake of the Woods and south of the
line nf the i anoiiaii Par I Be, and extension* westerly
li .rn Wlunlp"g i lu nu-di Ike Nod bweal Ten 11 orien, toulh
ol the i ,i nail ni par I fie, with branches as feeder* lhere
io, iii eonneel with or acquire other railroads running i
louth, or from, or between any Of sa .1 points, lo -.-,11111 '
luh steamship and telegraph linea and io forth, ap- [
pareatly aa eventual transcontinental rn home acarcefy
les* ambition* than the Canadian Pac ii.- Itaelf. Tba
Chinook Bell ami peace River Railway applies for
Incorporation to eonstrucl a railroad from a point on
th-- Canadian Pacific, between Calearv and Oletehen to
Edmonton and thence lo the Pence River In the North?
west Teni tortes. Tho Rnerso* ami Northwestern
Railway Company pronoun* after Incorporation ta
build a railroad pom \\e-t I,vim". Minto',a. north?
westerly io Portage la Piarrie, ami a branch line ta th*
western boundary of tba Province ..f Manitoba
Among tho oiher railroad enterprise* worthy ol
notice are several In th" eastern province*. A third
railroad I* proposed between Montreal ami Toronto,
ln.e ihe Canadian Pacific by wsy of Ottawa The
Wellington ami "wen Bound Raliway i- lo eonstrucl
a linn from Durham lo tim low ti of flweu Soiled. A
railway ls ta bo Incorporated from Renfrew (ai a point
on the canadian pacific) to Perry Sound by wey of
loganville. Incorporation ls applied for on behalf of
the chatham Raliway Company, for a road from fha
Intercolonial Railway si I hat ham Junction ta the
tow n of Chatham and fiver .Mu amii hi. a number
nf oiler mads besides the above are prolected ami some
of them have applied for incorporation.
In addition tn tho foregoing lift nf concerns that
have |.'iven notice nf application for Incorporation
there aro nearly twenty rnmpenle* already having
eharten ead reedy te proceed with thnir nnrteiiBkincs
thai apply for extension nf Bowen and limo, most of
them lo const mel additional linen.
Taking a comprehensive inrvey of tho whole scheme
of railroad extension in Canada a* above rougMj o l
lined. If vviii po seen al a glance that up here In
('anaila lhere !, a development destined to become
almost entirely tributary to tbe United Kiata*. There
ls lint a Bingle project to carry Canadian produce lo
the ^.-a. Bvery line i< either n> be tapped hy Cotted
States mads or must eventually eonneel directly or
Indirectly with Ike United Btatea raliway aystem. Of
the business that in future days may be expected ta
como over those linn roads, four fifth* will bo
poured into tho lap of New-York.
morasses oiuconnf* urrKansTiKa talk ox sid
m.y I.amii: and i:\iiiisii ricnojr.
Holme or Joseph if GUraore, of tho university of
Rochoster, delivered two loctorea at coiumhia Got
lege yeatcrday, te larg* ami interested au diane ec, in
the morning tho .subject Sf the lecture was "Sidney
hauler.'' After Kivl"? a sketch of tb* author's lifo
and writings, finfc-nr (ilimnre said: "Dr. Ward
says, 'Ho wdl, 1 thiuli, take his Baal rank anions
tho flrsl princes of Am il. an long' Ho might havo
taken thal ptem had ta lived, bul win hardly achteva
it hy virtue nf what ho has lift us. He mlirht also
have achieved hitfi imputation Indeed ho gaservcB
hlph reputation -as a Rtersry cililc Ills Influence
would have hoon pro eminently healthful and helpful
on lue, na'scont HUratare of the South. Ills lifo was
a join moio boauilfiil and more pathetic than any?
thing that ba ha, tefl behind him."
la tho afternoon li'? took for his subject ''The
Development of English fiction.'" H-> COBS ramed
Daniel De foo the Bather of fiis'llsh Bellen, and the
fi|s,t novelist who wi-ol" eton** Of adventure-as
" Kooinano crusoe." Benaud Richardson h^ ehereetor*
lard as Ihe Bril society novelist, ibown by "Clarissa
Harlow*"; Slr Helter Bcetl aa lac fssinter sf a new
Igne sf novel. tlsi historical novel, lu
his ? Ivanhoe" ; (huies Dl'keus. in " M iMIn ChUSBte
nit?* a.s thc aral ateguob writer cf "novels with a
purpose, oi augsr coated pus of literature." ami ( barmi
i.'.i.de a, the Bret analytical novelist b> tea groduetten
Of "GrUBtk daunt." Jane Auatea'a " .st-iise Bad ,-r'U
.-ibiliiy," published lu lull, hu consulted to bo tho
pei foci los uf the aocloty novel, while Xamkarey'a
? Henry i-;,iiuiiid," ba lb*nght, " vras tlc h.-st slnjfie.
novel that had ever Loch Written." Bc said that
Geo BS Kilo' had so me I niles boin caged tb* daughter
of nesltespssre, but this honor belonged ta I hai-mtie i
Bronte a, ssrasmpHaad la "Jan.t Bym,' au analytical !
In shaking of the recent n-alistlc tendencies of
novel writing, Professor Minion -aid: "The erin
ctpio tendency developed sine; lieorgo F.llot attained
nor w*ll merited reputation as a novella!, is in the
direr non of that "Pre lianhaelltl.m,' which, in Ita
Pxressive devotion to the real a- opposed ta tho Ideal.
i? making Ksglhh pointing ami Rogues j.try so
hersh and bold, and which threaten* Bngtllh fi.,Ioii
irlth the sane- fin-. An USUSlng llluslratlon of this
amentlslly as*j**fc tendency li aJTertfed by a recent
novel of Thoma* Hardy, which ia conceived and
emented with such topographical BdeUty that a
..retch map ls actually published with lt, In order
that Its readers may follow the thread of iho story.
Kilt who wanta to r**ad a not*! as If ho were a Juror
in a mutdor nial1 who weald not prefer the free
amye of creative Imagination fx*rcis*,| bv Fielding
and Broil, t" Hu** waeteh literalness which threaten*
io lin nie modem fictiont"
prnhHaor fiiitiiore wfli deliver two more lectnie* at
th" B*ateS*. ono to-morrow BlJCewuBB on ? Tho Vie
tor,an IVlHod in fi.tfish Literature" and one on TUes
aay Bftaraoos sn " lunthorae."
John 5Ioran and his aifeaaaal from Ireland and land
cd in Beaton four mamba a?o. They neal ta .Mar?
shall, fenn., but failing tu prOSUm employment they
dote rmi nod lo go back to the old Country, yesterday
they BgSaBSied Bl Castle (.ai-den and i-equ.?ted Snperln
Irndf-nt .lackoon to send thrni hack, but >}r. lasaaN
reuld not ld un) them fnvo transit In li eland as they
had not larded In this port. He nave them a lotter
lo William Ulalie, .,upe, inlcndniii of Outdoor fool, No.
nu Third ave. They have two children, Maggie, Bg*
fivo, amt a bah* twenty meath* old. on th* way tu
Mr. Rlake's efllco Moran leam" separated from his
wife and children. Tb*> were found rrouchtna; In a
doo. way lu ' hamUib *). on latarshal ni.ht aud pr*kai
dav wre eommltteoT to tba cart of ino Charil] Com
?iiors. Moran ts probably wandering ihnui^h
tho slrevli looking for his family.
When a man offers yoe a elnar, and then hesitate*
In d-ep thought, don't think that ho Is nhnsMOublsJng,
ile ls simply trying t* l-ecnllert which Mrte of his vest
euuiaiua tko gift cigar*.? (htertlagtoa rico fun*.
UK 0*1*1*0? TRAMPER BM fofr.oyvlNO.
Pram Tho wsaaungte* Peal (Demi
Vo sooner did tho florence lotto,' appear In the
newspapers than seore* on acetes ol la.ididates
?piiiiiK up and other scores aro still sprlnKtnu up.
They do not eo'iio as Ibo waves c.,mo. when navies
are stranded nol unite sn strong sa Ins*; but thoy
como In irie.it numbers nnd Ibo supply seems exhaust
loss \ll this ls evidence. If any were needed,
of Blaine's primacy, and the Impossibility of any
man's lt*h*rrung bbl atmagth,
Press Th* south m.io if-""z lalaad) Observm.
" The Obaorvcr" hope* thsi lbs Republican I onven
lion win diaragard Mr. Rial**'* whke* ?nd nominate
lum by Bcotaraailon. ii" n too patriotic io refuse
tt nomination under such cliruimtancos.
Prom ihe Bmtea Traveller IRep-i
Tho man to add I" or even SOJUel tho vote (tlvon
foi- .limes n. blaine iu 1381 uri-' h?ve rertaln indi*
penseble element i. Ho must ' e a Republican ont ami
oiif. wltk Hi" geniiln* stalwart ring, or be will not
re elva Hut Maiva:t Republican vol*, which consti?
tute* nine-tent hi of lt* volume. Ile mu*i be abc
In rail to assistance the financial aid thai a Prosl
iientiai enan pei ga Involve*, Republican* are out nf
]o..i-. Democrat* au io. ?;,.i the money contribu?
tions Hey '.-.iii receive from thoao win. wish to con?
tinue in their pisces viii be ia ge. Prom the liquor
Interest their resonree* will be Increased a< never
before, while every dollar (riven by Republicans mini
b" fi om private rlti/en* a ml ic pu.'"iv voluntary la fis
nsf ure, ic mun alto lr..' lome e!*menl ol blstoii
ral advantage, or *otne personal magnetism In awaken
enthusiasm Ihrouchnul the country. A cold Kallona!
campaign i- a Republican m.ii, for it would fall to
lall mil Repubi i .in rouen c.
Prom 'i se New Vorh Tsbtet
in .-nii'i.ci- important resneci Mr. BJaiaja'a namo is
n tower of Hren/th. Ii-1, \mertona vet.-,, r^cog
nlr.n In bon m.' only t!,,- .,',| j opponent of English
I':-" 'i rad.;. ,.ut a conslstenl outspoken champion of
Homo l.ul' fm- Ireland, i:\c; v Irtih American knows
thai with Mr. maine lu th' white House the indi.'
miles to which dis country hu hen mb! . v-l by
Kneland would never have I en offered. Every Irish
American know* thai with Mr Rlainc s* Presidenl no
?ful truckling to England would have been at?
tempted by anj member of hi* Cabinet. Rvery losh
Amerloan knows thal arith Mr Blaine a* i hlef Execu
live no (..,-. oi timent nihcal would daro to enter Into
in unholy coneplracj to assisi England in forging
freak chains r-,, Ireland nnd denying Hiv richi of
mylum to Irish patriot* outlawed by Rnellsh tyrant*.
I.ei. thea, the Repnblleaa porty nominate
Am.m.ca's foremosi atateaman w,th acclamation. Tho
beal Inteiest* ol tbe country demand tins step
From Tho Mei.row- standard.
This letfer place* the Republican nerty in a sad
plight. There wa, great unanimity in fa<..>: of Mr.
Ulaloo, and whatever aggressiveness ibero la ititi left
In tho pariy mattera would readily ce.m.. around the
l> adersnlp of the old wai homo.
ol.in.Al*> winn not LISTEN TO WITHDRAWAL.
Prom Th" Isinvor Re] ublieati.
\v,> eenie**. t|Mt this a a genuine surprise to m.
We kn v. thal Mi. Mains did nol v.ant Hm Domination,
hu' wc ii,ii nm think lc would si, pelufullj ditep
point h's friend( ?., io refu*e ,i when tem* '
if- mud be kepi in the rae-, if we mistake not.
ile; part] will refuse to consider his declination.
ii om Iii" Minneapolis Tribune,
'?rho Tribune'' is uienured ta declare ps belief
Unit, all thin;'- considered. Beaator William li. allison,
nf iowa, is th" mun beal entitled to tho aupport of
i|.os? s-ates as their candidate. Mr. Allison may
count nron ile- hearty support of hi, own state. Ho
ls voiy strom; in Nebraska He Will BOl lads foi'
friend* in Karns*, n-- has been a most inteiM^ent
nnd obliging f' ??i'd nf Minnesota in hui long service ai.
Washington, and om- people are human euungh,jp bo
influenced favorably towera him bj that Int.
President Eraser, of Iii" Detroit Alger Club.
Tl", endeavor tn secure th" nomination nf Hen .1
Al. -i would i ? a labor ci lor* io tl
trott. Tho ci.- ? larg ? Rep mi
pm (ni ! c :, deplorably cul down I fun ha itoppod
lo tho filial. il" cai 1 |."l ll- ? lld With
admirable shill and built up h,
VA hen ho left Iii" I iOVd . - ?: j T of
office In a blare of glory, If (len* ii Mg
Ih" people of M.ch / i" ??- I I '
lleicv. ls th.'l" HI'V I'-lon .v.i\ \ I bil
people of tbe entire i neal 11 I
lliscoi K'S STRENGTH OCTOIDl ? i.iRK.
fruin Tho foci,a ter Democrat ai
Tho ii-itii.s of Iii'o. I. 1
have been on men's lips in Hiv BOBIiei loB M pre*
ont. the tinnies nf Uiscock and Dopes ara lae mu I
seriously canvassed. Either oft hi aould
doubtless cany New-Turk, but, with all duo respect
io ibo genial and gifted presidenl of Ike New lork
Central, theie are stale* In which Mr li woch would
be th" al roiiger candi.late of tbs two n least, be
would not inspire r.-rtain antagonlam* which the nom?
ination of Mi Depeuj could nol fad lo provoke. They
would be antagonism* as seivselesi sa malicious, but
Cai they wool,] declare themselves, Mr. Pepew, quite
as well ss others know, roil,/os ami adm.ls. when ho
lette lerteusly upon ins Prmidentlal boom.
front Tho Albany Kx press.
With all tho DeaBneralle criticism nf Mr. Blaine'*
loller, we nuii.-e a BUggnttVC sllonce on the facts and
figure, winch tic groat Republican leader presents ad
an augury of Buccee* in it," coming campaign,
fi oin The Albany Journal.
Did over m anny or a party in this or any other
country pro*per without a rood nucleus of brain* in
im leadership 1 Is lt not a fact that tbe mas.es of the
party bold brains in leedereklp moro admirable than
the nile editors lupposel t.o io ihe workshops?
\ ill the back streets during tho canvass of a local
election and Inquire. Why was lt that long aft-T Mr.
Blaine was supposed by many to bo politically dead
and lairleil, a vast army of enthusiastic Republicans
from every section of Hils land, against patronage,
ajralnst public clamor and In face nf tho most apnall
Inn th reels?Why was lt that those mon took up their
bom triuiniih m'ly and placed tho standard of tho
party lu Ins hands 1 lt 1* Worth thinking about.
.i. s. Clarkson la 'rho nos Moines itofrhnoi.
it is no lodden determination on the part of Mr.
Blaine. Ho announced lt to tho writer of lids article
nearly a war uko as hts fairly sm led conclusion ihon.
ii" bea written it in lette** several times il nee ho was
abroad. Ho has been lu a very delicate position, and
ono In which he could not lay down official leadership
Of tho pally with the possibility of injuring the party
lu doing so.
PTom Tho Northeastern Cariotta* Advocate.
WC do not son why the lotter need bo regarded at
all. If bo ls nominated and elected, tho letter will
cullin lor nothing, have as proof that ho did uot
compel his own nomination. . .
PTom Th" SI. Paul Dispatch.
As tho matter Hand! to day, Mr. flalne ls stronger
(than four years acroi and tho probabflltles of bis re
oeivlng a renomination by the unanimous acclaim of
the delegete! io tbe next Republicen Convention aro
greater thin they have over boen before.
from Tho Kansas City Journal.
Wo will venters the assertion that not a leadlnR
candidate fut tho IO-publican nomination has this day
Ike lca,t doubt lu regard to the conduct of Mr. lilainn
?ts a WOT ker In tho ranks next fall. Of Mr. Illaino lt
is not whiftpoiod that In case a certain candidate ls
nominated be will lake the Bold to defeat tho pariy
Lean," ii dare* lo exercise Ita chi lc*.
Prom Tho st. Paul Plouaae Pre**.
i/d every delegate io tbe oonveatloa be chosen as,, a
Btember of a il rte tty deliberative bely; ami lot tb*
slnrlo alni of th< party represent at I vis be to uni;.*
without a l! ..nulli of individual " lumms'' or local
(lain... upon that man who shall bo able to bung
every Republican vote to his support
Pram Thc Jewish Messenger.
Thu ;- Esetateg Inst" kl sincerely le I ss condoled
wllh on tho di.sapix-nanoo of Mr. Blaine as a l*rnsl
donllal candidate. rs'an'Oly one of its bemm lor a
langi kl pei ind ha.s boen free from some mention of
Mr. Illaino. and lho shafts of sarcasm and Invective
hurled tu Ihe " plumed kiiiffli*" were countless, and
in ii ~t have mads Mr. Blaine Rtiash hil teeth. With tho
absence of alluelon* io tbe ge*tle**as from Maine,
lt ls pus,Kiln thal "'Ihe fiist* will lose sumo of Its
snap, bu' a geed many oi ns rcadei, will lather re?
join; at tho change.
from The Po.'lsvllle (IVniil fopubllean.
James c. Blaine should be our nominee, and If he
ls. be will d.-foat Crover i loveland In a second trial aa
Jefferson defeated John Adam,. a.s Jatkson defeated
John Quincy Adams and as Dirrung defeated Alarllu
Vau liiirnu.
From The Waterbury (Conn.) Republican.
Are ron quite sure Mr. Blaine ls out of th* Presi?
dential race f lt may be shown when tho Chicago
i .invention ince!., thal it his dulv to arcot-' the norn
(nation and (lion what : Did anv on. ever lino*- th*
Humed Knlpht tn shirk a pubMe duty I
hi: had it abb his owe wat.
From Tho Scranton fpei.n I Republican.
Tin mad" tho sacrifice retuatnrfly, sm eeam fM-ai
or come victory, th" pa-tv would aK*:n have nom?
inated him hid he not forbid.! -u lt.
from Tho Knoxville (Tenn.I Journal.
James c.. Blaine ls a born leader of men. nhl prc
son, his prceenec, bbl voice, his language, .iii point
bim out as a man BBSBBg ii en. If h- ?' nold never
again l>e a eandidnte for tho Presidency, Md serai bo
como Chief Magistrate nf the Repnblte. I botts* ?
ama would go lo thHr gr eec* I* tPssppointmeBi,
from na Mlaaeeseli* Trfbena
On the first page nf ihl* murnini.', "Trfbnne* an*
peats a lettor from Mr. faa*M c.. mel ac whick win
bo a surprise and a blitor d sap| o tun ont te hi, ihoin
sands Bl Bara**! sii| porte s aid Bdmll SJ*.
no sAff. scrurrrrrj rs pre ra pw nd.
Prom The Omaha Repnhtiesn.
Other aspirants bara their l?,.-a| following Nf
Blaine's itiwngth is national, i i,i?,, mho dralrs bi*
nomination believe thai lt would put Republican I I
nmph nev' \ pember beyond onesflon They I Kev*
that tho nomination of *n\ other cam, date would in?
volve a readjustment and a reforming of line* which
would weaken the party. Thev will Ihei
that Mr. Wain* ahaR hu- asl :?? per*.I
tiona, an.i i-.-inr.il/." dnty ami ih" artll of the reonie
vie bell ive, therefore, In spite of this lefter of
rteellnai nn. hs win be nominated, and thal be win be
Induced to accept th* nomination.
A PERIL wini n av. i.n THE DEhEM l:\r>.
I'mm The Halifax (N. s, B*teM.
At present tho Pniinial. Ihlak Hey aro geln*
lo win; bul lb ty realise thal ?ll ? ' a"
antagonist they can univ win bv standing theater* to
shoulder, and working fer all th*] it is
ibis feeling thal has bushed Ih* tai rt fi re* Isv
tween Randall and Carlisle, lias induced
ll;-ll to supp..rf Mayor Hewitt, a.-d that, for tbe time
heine, h is mad" eve* "Mi" Nen york World
:- Min" ) il.in al fi lend -.. Inn if i:
ls withdrawn, the gertie rlvalrle* and dlOrenre*
known to ulai In t;'" nemoersl party mav - nb ant,
bi i v. hal tn .; iv ail eat like a ? ; i
before Congresa adjourns, be ? mere aggi t
A icc deni elements ma' will not mix, am am ?
Iron ml.vs with mirv dav. On th" whola, then '?> ??.
whlio ll is Jnsl po -ihl- that Blaine nf Msl ?
ly disappeared from Ike list of Prml lent lal cami .
In tho neighboring Republic, lt would t"i ba a w w.>
think, t" rolly accept thai conclusion mei ill became
Mr. Blaine ka* arlften n hitler to that effort.
Prom Tho L*wi*nneaerg (Tr-aa.) inion.
Illaino ls certain of the nomination, if de desire* lt
Nos* the quMtlon arise*, ran bc defeat Grovel Cleve
land .' We nnnly believe ho can. . . The time in*
come When none but true bl :o \n',ei:rat'S ti mi 1st
pul on guard, and lhere ls no niau in thia greed re?
pebiic who represent* bettor imo Amerteanlsm than
.Isreos c.. Pd dre. ll" 1> BOC ad the >a u ? at homo and
abroad. Whether bo ht elected president or not, ni
win pass out of mis world tho greatest ami bm ?t
brilliant statis,,um the i nlted State* evei produced,
aul should tho Nations', Republican convention sea
tu to nominate loam ono Bise, we'll bel our worth
Jim Blane will be found in line nattung tor the t* i ?*
of his pu cy.
hrmr rh* /.no.ill v, r.) oases*
If a mau ls Interested In politic*, ho wants Tit*
Nrw-YoB* Taint:t. Almanac Wo elli put it
-.- 'iriii that?he can't afford to do without ,t.
tl I- cou,Tilled bv a tuan who wa, bon malan.' si ll --
t'.-s. and ha* been making thom ever sine. Edward
McPherson la the best man in Ihe eon nt ry ' i compile
such a work ??<* lui TufStTSR At-U**AO ami we
betray no confidence In sayin.' that ls J ist th* r> ????
Why TlIK 1'ltlHLSK people gal him io do lt.
Fr*)* T\? jesa*eetiu?(Jf4inss/.aWMi <ld**a**,
Wc heartily recniiiincnd this io our roaster*,
Fr.'tn T'if Hen cunnii [ara) ara*****.
Winiam Rancher, of th's place, ha* a complete -"*
nf Tn* iiiiiii'm aim isa.s from 1852 to rn- p?al
\"'r: also one of tho Hr t cop.", published by Horace
great Th* BmfmU rtmtes.
Not th* least of lt* al.nc live feat ur** aro t|.,> or
coiioni blograpblcal shot.hes of the Kc na) I
memtstr* of Assembly. 'iuk TatBrsc'a sluavao
ls a imr-t valued and appreciated part nf OUT Ubi .1 y
of general and political Information
yr nn rn* SatcM (Qhtei Erm.
Tmk Tatara* ai mam for ISM ta freak, popular,
. adapted lo tho tines, and crammed with tho
political stailsttos to which every on" will turn for
reference In tho Presidential var. lb" popular role
f..r President In ISSI ls given In detail with the n>:*l
veto In each election back to 16SS.
Trnm Thr Hr'in itnwr i I'enn | //.,;/,/ gin f.
It ta Just what are all want feat winn lt onghf rn
bo. a record of the political life of the Nation for tho,
year 1387.
Fr rn Thr Fr"m,nt "ihin\ Journal.
A eontploto tile of tl ita Almanac Would bo a polit?
ical tr*a*ure-houae, and every item sn Indisputable
fact. Edward McPseraon, the *-ell-known political
Statistical!. Is tho editor. It ls non-partisan, and Its
c.imp,lad.uis aro used aud relied upon b) all political
parties. _
jv.o/i rs* I?*netter* [Jfisvu.) /meant
Wo feel that wo do our leaden, whatever their pol?
itic*, a service In calling their attention to this veiy
valuable publication. _
From TKf Imtkptt Journal.
It should Iai In every household, shop and olino.
lt is brim full Of fact* and statistic* of great value.
gram Ih* Wmttrtmm Vntt.
it is peeked full of earlene information on gov
ernniont matters, pensions and traill ItallallC* and
other useful Information.
Muss lintier, tho matron of St. Parnabal Bsa***
said yestel day In referenro to the caso of Mrs.
(.raves, I ho n-sro woman, lhat thoitJ was no ruin
against receiving colored persons lu tho Boam bul
that such applicants had been mal to a eater**] tumut
In Thirty-third st. because their prece*** In St. Rae*i
bas nous" was not desirable on account of tag
wblto women and childi en who got shelter Ikara,
Mrs. Graves and her children first went to .st. farnabas
Tfouso on Monday, and tho woman ashed for a pass to
go to her mother's home In Connecticut. Min Butler
mat her to th* colored homo and di retied her io
apply ta the Charity Organization Society for a pass.
When Mis;. Graves returned to gt Barnabas Hom.I
fi blay night she had a card from an SgPBl of tb*
Society for tho Prevention of Cruelty to children, amt
Mis* Huller's assistant, who was In ellar**, shuni.I
have provided shelter for the woman and children out.
sblo tho keene, which then was tilled. After Mrs.
Graves was sent to tho Mnlberrv street Station. th<t
mistake of Miss fuller's assistant was called to the
attention of ibo Rev. Or. williams, the ndssionaiv al
the house. Ho wont tn Tho police station and offered
to provide accomntcstattasas for the woman and bee
Childi** In a betel, bul they had been made comfort*
aldo for thc night by Sm grant Moloney, who h?d
given np his own l>od to thom. Tho woman and bs*
two children were sent to Gaylordsvllle, I omi., sal
| uni ay.
sot if rm pjxsTtF.n for their PATWE
The office ot Tupper i Reattie, ship brokers, at
No. lld Wall st., was entered by binglars la-t PI ldliv
Bight, They did n i have to open the safe, a- they
found th* koys In a drawer of one of tho dusks. They
failed to (jet Hinch for their trouble, however, as the
safe ls simply B**d BM storinjr the bonks if the timi,
tho total haul Consisting of about lifty couts lu ItSaTfT
and postal Sarda and au old overcoat.
Tim Maret* ,t. police made a raid last nirV on tho
gambling h.msc No. 140 Rleoehe,-st.. known as tho
P Baili av, and form.-i'y run by tho notorious Hawley
inc.in. They eepcared thirty-four maa, aaaaag khcai
a number ni BOSSeCSj who were ptSylUg hazard,. In
ICalls waa not lound. Tho place has been r?l<1?d a
number of imo- bofoie, and lia, BOM running univ a
few nights- The police captured all the gambling
Implements and tock thom to tho Morer aErsai Statb'tt
PUSH Mitchell, tho goDmtrl for RmagB RnanNB, wba
mad" *25,0o0 out Of the ellmoos of Mo.lco br iho salo itt
fr.m1".|ent tio^rts for Patti concert*, ha* boon In Wi-iilni{
lou for two or thr-e liv*. It w ul rSBOtlai In th? PaS*T*l
Pu Idteg yesterday that a writ ot habeas eorpu, h*d BSSU
obtained for Henson hom Justice tMatchfi.rd. Ot the Unit**
States Supi- mr lout, and lt would bc ?.^ .ml la Wakbiu^
lon ou Wedn.'sdajr.
Makes the Weak Strong
If Vim fi .1 fred, weak. Br*** out. er tun down fl***
bird work, by Impoverish.4 (.?million of tho blood or low
Mato of the M'-teni, J..ii itlnuild bah* HooJ'a laMagerUte,
The peculiar tuning, partly lag and rtUatlttag ciuaJiUts Bf
ttiis BBseaaafel Bs*dl?tee an aaa* adi ter?*ieh**il the
entire syxn-tn, rvjielllii* dlsens?, and ph lng quirk, healthy
action to overt organ. lt tones the Moameh, cieat.-s an
appetite, and BaeaBB the liver and kklnoj *. Thon-and*
who havo taken lt arith ten.-flt, te-itlfy th it BteoSTa bama
partlla - make, tho w.-ak ainag."
? I took Hood's Sa:.-a|iartlU for lum of apo, HU', dyo
pepsia and general languor. lt did BM a vant uiivuiil
of gool, and I liave BO I- an, v tn leeomuiendlng lt."
J. W. WU.1.1 I OKI). Quincy, III
At th's s.-a?on. a? spHn* Iga******** a reed rettshl*
tenir and Meed purl lier ls needed by nearly everybody.
Hm (f. Kat wirrilla s ptscnllarly adapted for tata |??ro?,?
ant BS*.s I. p padarCV*** year. Try it Me (.prlii*.
?? rmuag languid and story, terka* no taseUte and no
aasMttea te eerk, I tate fctessTa aasaagmWIa ?llh ??
teat malta. As a health k*ltg**a?B and for BS*****
debMlly I think lt soi^rlor te anything eftm" A. A.
KIKI.lt, fi lea, H. Y.
- I have nike., nol (,nlto a tenir of BteBS?* telMgllSllB,
and BBBM wt ll Bl ?." of tea te* medlr-hses for (Mug
au aupeUto. gs* lily lag the Sh* J. nail resUl.uli.K Rte ?**?
Uv. organs ilia: 1 em heard of ll aVd BS a * eal deal
of gu-O." MIU, MA. aVnJIU Y, OaaaMett. W E.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
_.... ... _ ... .? ?_j. _i- ?...?. v- .n A..,..vista. *1 I ?1\ for I v.
Sold by all drnitglau. *1 : mk lor *>&. I'rvpavred only
i j o. i. in">n a no., sga*a*annnsj u?w*n. sus
IOO Doses Ono Dollar
Urti by atl drugfflata Cl ! sis for CV TVepar-vl ?uly
t>y C. I. HOOD t CO., Apollo carles, t-owrll. Wv*.
100 Doses One Dollar

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