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THE PHYSIOLOGY OF WAR. Nspeleon and th. Rtis
slsn Campaign. Dy Cocxr Lao Tolstoi. Translated
from tbe Third Franca Btlltloa by IlrMisiiTOt
SuiTn. laina, pp. 190. Thomas Y. Crowell & Co.
CHIMHtKN. Hy CoirsT Ltor N. To*>Tol. Tran*
latael frem tho Kasslan by Katha* Has*ki t. Hun:.
12:im., pp 302. Thoma* Y. Cr*well & co.
It was the private opinion of His Britannic
Majesty (Jcorgo ihc Third, communicated to the
fair author of ? Evelina," that ? there -was sad
stuff in Shakespeare." So far His Majesty wa*
entirely respectable. It might lie lils misfortune)
that he could not admire the Hard of Avon, hut it
?srae creditable to him that he should maintain his
own opinion. But he did not long continue to i
deserve- even this credit, for he proceeded: "1 j
know it is not to lie said, but it's true. Only it's ;
Shakes'icare, and nobody dare abuse him." The
human inclination to hero-worship has suffered no
decline since those daya, aud if nt present the I
world allows Shakesjiearc to be abused by the
gibbering Baconian pnradoxers. il seems inclined
to erect tltt old tabu over other and younger
writers. Not the world, cither. It ls not fair
to bold it accountable for that eddy of tendency I
which i" rh a ps ten years hence will bc recognised |
for what it is. namely an abnormal growth in no
way an indication of healthy progress, but on the
contrary a dir ct product of feeble intellectual
The rise of the liii&sirtn school of Action, and
mon cs'ieeiaUy thc Tolstoi school, has indeed been
an interesting and diverting spectacle. It would
be exceedingly rash to assert that more nonsense
bas been written on these subjects than on any
other of current vogue, beean** the amount of
noi'.seiiM- written continually upon a great variety
of subjects is really very considerable, and tlie
endeavor to proportion it would be dinieult. and
Clearly not worth thc trouble. From the first.
howi-vcr, the Russian cull has been marked by a
?Jugular and increasing ctiihusiasm. and since
Count Tolsloi ap|?nred thc eulogists have been
hard a-a*, to it to maintain the desired plane of
laudation. Ile bis proved tai be a very diflicult.
hern 1,1 worship continuously. Not because he was
at bil beat unworthy of admiration, but bee-nils'* he
??was g man who did not know his own stri".rlli; a
gH-iiiiiiivc. un-, 'i Un rv,i man, evidently a type of a
mack ward race, in vii,un Western Civilization had
aa yet (ailed gg penetrate. 'I he obvious usefulness
of this man lay in graphic description of what he
knew: BBSS is. of what he had seen. He had lt
gift i-f observation, and a p"ruliur naive method
of interpretation. His reflections were frosh,
though never profound. Ile was sure to fall into
eruiity if he went far beyond th' matter-of-fact.
?n writing thc stories which made his faun- he
eommiited ft ulta which would eerttvlaly have
mt*amped any MjagHth. French or American writer.
Ilia " Peace and War" ami " Anna Karenina" are
'both fully twice us long as they should have been.
iiThey ure often tedious, verbose to somnolency.
Of the character drawing it has often to be said
that while it may ]verha*>s be wonderfully faith?
ful to l{us**ian human nauirc, it reg embie. BO
?kunian nature found out ol' lius'ia. With tabes*
Sand i-tht-r elcfects, however, yo merits uud benni jcs
tuftii-i.-nt to give IU. to thc writings, and had
ffolsioi kept to this kind of literary production he
would probably have improved by practice, and
evuitriully he mii,ht have come to deserve a lame
?preapi itioii of the praise so pu n..tt.rely and iu
tei.i;.erHtely showered upon him.
But he had a philanthropic side, and it. de?
veloped unduly. His lack of cluettivi) painfully
jTc\ca)'d in such booka as lu- has latterly written
on 1,-licious and economic toi-i, s led him Into the
? adopt iou of diverse, crude ami shallow f ll
all of which had been cxplo-ied gage, pn viously;
and at the sain,- time rjegsjQgjded him that lt wa.
his duty to bid. his light under t bathe] by l*>
gtnciing the Mope of his influence to the effect of
his p r.-onal dredi Tb. n followed ths un;,tacti?
cal and futile experiment in peasant life; and
tu-li i ,lti"iitional projects ns could only make the
Juiii'i.. is grieve; and lastly, In sh egaaya ni litera
tun- upon the new and delusive lines. Still the
dis<ij,l"s of the Tolstoi Behool stand gallantly to
tie n r-'-I'vis. and nothing ls more curious In tha
whole singular " Kunian movement'1 than th. en?
thusiasm willi which the translators of ti- I WV
iii*- ;rous books In fore us Mht> their ttraage
peotiges into the FilnTlth atngablng world. Ac?
cording to them evi ry thing their author writes is
2 tupi ?natively excellent, and the rc is no lg om for
choice between his magnilie nt cn at ivis. Th*,
it amusing, beean.. "The Phyalology of Wm" is
retilly a fantastic and essentially unsound work,
while the otLcr volume contain, abtwrditie. iail
ure io |ai-rc ive which Indicate, a phenomenal
litei.uy myopia. Count Tolstoi takes Napoleon
anl the l.'issian Campaign as th. terzl of a singu
gularly wild argument, thc gist of which is that
in wai commanders do not fight battle.; that they
do not direct campaigns; that in fut nil ile-ir
dispt siiions go foi nothing: thai a stream of ten?
dency, or destiny, or Provid'-iiv,-, or the individual
soldiers composing the uinics. are the controlling
causes of victory or defeat; and that all history 1
ia wrong nnd false in ascribing to any capt ii in,
lead, r. Caesar or Napoleon the inspirit! ion. the
Tolition, the initiative, of pea, conflicts or cam
paigj's. Nothing is more striking in this ni-giim-nt
than th" Ptsi childishness which underlies it,. It is
miiiiiiain.-d throughout by thc most thoroughly
puerile quibbles. And though ia the llus.siau i
?taapaign there was more mnnMfqniant than in
most because of lhB tn niendous part played by the
deadly climate in the grui', tragedy, thc contention
that -Napoleon did not direct his armit*.; thu!
Koulousof did Uot restrain his; that the battle of
lion 'lino, tlie hurtling of .Moscow, gad the subse?
quent retr.'ut. were not humanly coutr.P'd events,
the respou-sibility for whieh is as ci, arly fixed as
au*, thing iu history, is most ex tra va tja ut.
Tau is the way Count To'-tvi na-oiis: ''lt is
paradoxical to assert that th. musggiini of St.
Bartholomew was the work of Chaffie. IX, I
1 ni- the order to kill, and le lieved that the
killing was done at his command. >,'0t. |g*jg psEBx
cie.-v ii-.tl is it to allirm that th. battle of B irodiuo,
which cost the lives of eighty thou*'iiid m -n. wits
the work ol Napoleon, because he planned the
sjagngi nant, and gave the order to begin the at?
tack. A sentiment of human dignity, which tells
nu- Uial tarli of us, if he bc not more of a mau
titan Napoleon the (JTrial, is at least not less than
he. directs me to a solution of the problem jubtilicd
by ;i multi!ude ol fae'*..** And llien he goes on to
say. as though tah. fact wer>- rc lev -tn! : " At the
1 oj I'vivlri'i Napoleon did not atia"k any
b* or kill anybody. That duty wa. |? rformed
by Ins svldi-rs. lie -.id i vt ,i-> ac killing him
gtlL" Auld tins is his wonderful exp! mm i.n nf
the i-vi'ia: "' Tue soldiers of Ike Pr- nell Army, in
j to the battle of B:,rodiiio to kill RlrT-rrBl
n wr" obeying, not. rtaDoieon'a (u-deis. amt
i -.vu in.pnls.-s'' J ihi-, isa rewriting ol history
in strange filshie n. surely. Se the six bl ndred
th<nu -i.-al im ti who are supposed to have raari bed
imo Kessia under Napoleon's og-dora, really went
there because they pr-f'-rr-d that med. of passing
their time. Truly there is no a (jountiaf for
ta.stes. y-tccor-liua- to Tolstoi rivibyd., had let. BO do
willi the Russian campaign IsaiTJ Na;,'.,, on. ll
ihal iic true, he ou?ht liol to be held a, countable
for thc invasion; aud yet Tolstoi abuses bim as
Lea rt i ly os Lau Ir, a did.
lt is not to be- denied that there is some interest
in following tbe itussian writer's eccentric course.
but u is his p r\ersiiy and not his insight thnt
entertains tht- reader. Id ord. r to uphold bit
privaie and peculiar interpretation of the brother.
hoo-.i ol man, he gravely contends n,at every
moujik iu the ranks of ihe Pas*.an Army
imd every peatBjggl ju lU). ft,-.,*. 1.1)lk,i
Was a* good us if not ly -111 r Cm .V.p?
hon; and by the term good ba liere plainly
nu mis milalary eriapaotj and uol eUtcal |s/sjg|lggjog
Wh.iltver merit Ih.s curious volume |>ovs.>vsi-s is
|l<'riv,-d irom tin- preaenoe ju it of that line literary
tense, that power of description, which bj lolstoi's
earlier novels and sk' tches attiacted atteatloa
to biin. Ile caunot diveut himaol! wiioily of Uiis
Ctoe-icity, uud I rn ref ore his poorest work it Bavtd
from dutness. But the oontcnts of tbe book, ito
tbjcctive, can only be considered another proof
nf the distnnee this once promising anthor hos
strayed from firm ground.
?When we take up the collection of short pieces
published under the title " The Long Exile," and
rend the oi>ening remarks of the translator. Mr.
Nuth.in Haskell Dole, who declares that " it is not
eusy for the translM-or of thia volume to speak of
Its contents with due rostrainC?-UJO naturally
prepare ourselves for something uncommonly fine.
And what, do we find ? A nu_ul>er of very short
and generally trite little stories or fables written
apparently for the use of infant schools; und ari
account of " School Scenes a*- Yasnavu Palya na,''
which sets forth Tolstoi's educational ideas in ti
floeMeffly (lisill.tsi .nizinf: manner. The f-chooT.s
at Toounyu roi., ana aie those whs-h the author has
estah'ished liim.srjf. 'I'here he hus been illust ruting
the profundity of his new views of civilization.
Why the word " school" should be used In connec?
tion willi than grotcsr*ue institutions it is bani to
say. for evidently teecliiug is the Inst thing tisOOfM
of in them There is no order, no met-hotl, no
course of study. There ore so-called teachers, hut
their chief bubiness seems to be to tell stories to
the little peasant boys nnd girls when the latter
have duly -worked off their exuberant, vitality in
nil manner of horse play, and aro content to re?
main quiet n few minutes. Thc in nat*- dignity of
human nature in thrse yoting WfUfM is ko scrupu?
lously respected that the very idea of discipline is
put ont of flight Kven when the scholars flight,,
as not infrequently happens, moral suasion olOBO
is resorted to. They tire not required to lena arr
lessons. They Uteflnohm choose what they will j
be talked tn abc,nt. And ni lune various pictures
of the philanthropic Coutit goinn about in tho I
Bolas .ind unruly crowd, and Uotening with deep
nt-tfOption to the nonsense and gnbbk of the
cUiMr-n. and |0b_f of solemnly to MA down their
inconsequent remarks, and once in a- while gnvelj
nskiiig himself win thcr the little ones ar' not
betta fitted to instruct bim than he them. A*
to this question, it, is not so easily answered M
might at first appear, for the Count's own didactic,
capacity is so conspicuously small that some chil?
dren -flight possibly exceed it.
Bul the whole affair is dripping with a dreadful
moby sentimentalism which is intai to good work
in any kind, and perhaps mool fatal iii edaontiouni
nark. Nor is it of tho Ional use to palter oj tem
p.iii/.e with sm !i a question. The plain truth is
that Count Tolstoi's educational scliwne is Sheet
uouaouMi utterly unpractical, _nt-le?*-nnonttod to
any HMO ol human children that ever lived. No
good cnn rome of it. The half-savage paaOUUt .nils
ar.d lasses may h'arn self-will, ego! ism. vain con?
ceit, and a number of lliglity ami groleaqoo idea*
about art a lu Tolstoi; but they will never iain
in that way to become useful, self-sustaining.
clear-thinking nen and women. Tlie whole line
Of development is so plainly wrong and in the air
that no pleasure ena be derive.i fruin the aooounl
of the experiment by any ono who knows what
real education involves.
oondat nnworAPKua, *u .<;.?.zrvrs awn canap
UTflU-ATvnn _u.vn honk mum i'aut.
What is tn be the futon r,f proprietary Ubn
Are tlcy to Ik replotted entin ly by tho free in?
stitutions, or trill they yet reno, r tht Important
position in the community that they form . ,
Then questions wen suggested by a litter
that ciii.c to I'll': TniOCKi tho oilier day tren
a Philadclphio gentbman, who seemed to be
greatly dits&ppoinu-d at tlie v-oy in which the
UcrcontiLe Libniy of tint city is looing ground
?"flus Institution,11 be wrote, ?* fa - been st "ii.,
og down in membership for several ,
until nov, with lome 160,000 valuion there ow
leu than hall as many members os there
fifteen yean ni >. Th uirectors attempt to <
the resuha of their ineffioieni m&nagem< it bj con?
tending tlmt. tho doy iii proprietary libraries
i'.-.-. gone hy in consequence el the steadily
growing call for free libraries. I am sure
this Lu-; | is ! ,.' ly n- r- 1 imatl 'I D(] I
the N ? Kork il . Io Libmr} ian .-.'.. t bette.
ri sulla."
mi: mi: can um; b: ur. fiAs inn sam ! TUncntR.
?? V/cil. tho New-York Men tntUe can'l da any
?neb thing,11 was the candid remark of Mr.
Peoples, the genial libraziaa of thal institution
when this Bta4em.nl was rend to oin. "In >. bc
continued, "your correspondent i.*. wrong In
censoring the directors. They ure not ta bl
The Philadelphia Mercantile ls simply -
common experience al about all suliscription .
ries th rou ml the country. Its tat*- is I i m
.1. -n tai ? 11 ali. le i mo show our i he
co'itii ni d. opening tho lat. report ol the As?
sociation al the tobie showini tho I l I li i
o! books each fear i net 1850-60, when the number
sta .miy 64.298. From thai time h conti met! lo
luci .-?? steadily until 1870-71, when thi max?
imum, 269.034, was reached Then folio* I
u decline. This trna nboul as rapid as Um In
Orcnn hud been, live y ars fln it WOO down to
112,375. Til" next year the Association opened
tl; Fifth-ova, branch. A a resull the eli ulaiioti
has crept upagain frafn 112,000 to nearly 150,000,
But this increase boa been dearly h >ught It
eeata about 913.000 o year te ron the mid
bri ? !i and <>nl\ aboal lilli or iiii* sum ;-? ti*ken
m. 'i'his unpleasant loot bag boen the sui
of much thought '-n tbe purl ?>!' Ihe dil i ora
and oom ol thom on di-iMS'-,] i.- think ii mi lit,
after all, be as w?-ii to alow ap the 1 tth-nve.
department and apply tho money expended cn lt
to th" main building, lixiii_r this up ii
moke n ti- Mew-York what lae A h - ?? m i-, lo
Booton. -"-1-6elevated nilroadfl," *-..>.> 1 Mr. Peoples,
" maka iii1- ns cent ml as any point ia tho city
aad it ks doubtful ir we could Bnd a no
Bimble >.t'- below the nark. Ol eouttt., we
not, go above thai, pleasure ground.*
ACCOO UM. km: TU < ha:*.:: .
" How do ym aeoeuut for thi- decodoneo of
proprietary Ubmrin?" wa*- flaked.
"Oh, that is easy to explain; ti is ?,-?
apparent un a lit;!- telle t and 1 re
iiio-t, the advent of fm Librarl : secondly, the
sa ii cheap Utcmture, in which may ba Included
the Mwopupecfli npeoially ihe Sunday pupen,
the magazines and other pariodicSkls.
asss oess-ldon the eaomono anouni i>r matter of
e*.ery kind fiirni*-lie.| to tbs public in then forms
he will not wonder at, tho comparative neglect
sh.,wu by lnnriy people toward institution- <>i this
obaneOer. Whether Hus will eontluu ? ox v.
the present tendency will bi follewod by s n iction
in out favor remains to be seen. 1 hold thai
there will always t.e a pine.. for then librarin
and I tlmilt evidence in turor of this bi
furnished by the Boston Atnemeum, wi
alwuyi now sell [ot thns times whut they did
when the free library w.is established, whloh many
though! ..mild ta!ti tho ph. ? ol iii-- '
entirely Vet it has not done m i'i any means."
Fi em Ciod BotUtmttFtmg
Batty it tbs . an-,.- or -tore troabio thal saj other
one Uuag li<" .--v. ? J 11 ii jr n1'i li'il. Koi ll I-ii'!-. lUBll ti.
murtieaa. niiiiidt*, cabot tlc-float, drink, family
MtrBItgeueu'*. ij.un-1*, aud builil-HS 'li.II. il ...
Worried i ? ;???* eaanol ru;'k'- good bargains! their
Jndgmsats bneme n warped o tv tted, through dwell
mt loo long on ilie sane tebjntj wm, tin,*c iub}ecti
ih.-y sn no olearer al the end ol theil thinking than
?tc, were ot Um I.Kim,'.uk. Thre ai*e multitude* ol
deaths evi ry year Bin,! ted to nguiai tpeelfli d
.,* typhoid fever, d\spep?la, t lon, and boori
,! .,,,.? i ;. b bat ? roi ii'-ii cause worry- Worry In*
4ueea iubIi ? eo ?,1 os oi L__y ibai n rcituily n
iii" (.'erin- Ol d -','' ?
j,, ,, . v.:.-. \a.t- tocustomed to worry, a fries
wbo avoided worrj a-' in leh as ponlUa; " \\ hut woni.t
yon do ll you uiorili"! cv-r> lime i,. . naaldar th? poaai
bllltii. ol e^ery 0Ot 1 1-000 ol a voliua abu
earelull] aao.a a smooth carpet d Bo ir; the f ll, brake
,, Julut, anl died In a lon flays. I Knew of a
lie!Klil.<it v1''! BU li- '''?"'.? nod fe! 'I':nl ia- li- ItMO
froie the lutle. A?otl.er Went lo ill np Well, and never
woke; another ride oul and wss killed." 'I I i la
il , ?!, tann ? ghi bs bm ni onad, tot ever]
dally act, if wo ba*! travailed, ar n_-i muob, n mc:
man ? per_oi s
.,,-. i-i,;,,:i. we n,-"i peopls who can tmij be Sailed
lunn ii. n,--. liny lid 8' evi, v thu.', sad leven days
un,; ti ,??_ alghtfl a t* .? . i ?? tbem I
tbs v nb to <! i ali the wortyl i
doing; as foran; nae living With ii'"' li h thSU wont
pHtitsbmeal that ti,",v have tooadun themseivea
We dolli lne-1 f,. ' I ' 9 Iii" re<ui|N of I
ll.ey me w;amed. ami Wrinkled, Md full of lin?i. They
?bniild Im. a warnlnx to ae. lt Hi" tims aie! Htrvuctli
ajpcni Iii worry coiil'l I.e. OOOd IO trtf-MBprOVBOlOnt amt
laeuefltlns tho-e neir us, then would lie many changri
In every community.
From The Kortttrh K'nun I Hullrtin.
Cut off a pond ht /ed branch of lilac from two lo
iii"? feet lu >ii((iii. (.ul it in a Jar of tepid water, and
laoc'i il in a .Lulu i oula ul a tcu,|aei aluru of about
v-venty defroe- Keep the water In Hie Jar tejilU by
(.outing In v.rtiin waler twlco a day, and In about four
weelu you will ba.e fragrant blos-om*.
I-itrnct from District Ordiri,
riclerninrlt7.l)urr, May 10, lsTO.
"Captain Ellieoit, Mik Heginirnt, will rei-ort
liim.se.t witiioiii <i,-hiy to Major Manley, Chief 1 .'v
laaator, i.i order tu receive ... that will
he conveyed to him bf thnt OAOCT."
In obedience to thc foregolnft I presented Hayaolf
nt the hi -wi o flori of ths Anny Pay baaatrtaseat, and
reauostod to be shown to Major Manley- roon,
"Ooo. morning, sirr I Hud on being admltton.
" 1 am directed to report m.-??If to you."
"" Yes, I.lli.ott," iiiiswi-r.-tl the over obnry chief, j
who had always kii.iily weOUO ot advice ami MB-j
oourngement to oiler than who served under hisi
ordem " I am nboul to detail yon to a difficult
and somewhat dargerons duty. Money must be
conveyed to Nnweonlo f,(r tho payment of tuppneo,
M the Ha-ier* r.-iuse to receive our parter; and even j
if the dial's wen ocoopted there is not Bufflcicnt
nedo in the small country hanks te meet all the
di manda that would !>e mad-1 upon them. So I i
want to send you up with iiliv theunoud pounds
in Bold to bo banded over to Mr. Martin, now In
oounihanrint charge al Ncwmatro, who will ac-j
Coant to me direct fol Sall pa., merits i-vi-K"
" Am 1 not to nave the usual nowrt detailed in
the Tnaauiy Instructions T* l aalrea.
"> >j (here's thc pinch Our loam won so'
f-Tent, nt basidblwana that we have not a sine;.!
man tu spare. Ail ch .-ks ami employ -.1 men must '.
toko thou turn of duty. Besides, I wi>li to avoid
an escort ns it. would only have tho effect ol on-1
neoefloorifa advert! mg the mutter, In the present]
slate ul mba c.u'ilry. -.- ? ( doubtful 'liar- :
OOton about, tuis wou] i be Uijudicioofl and almost
invite nttnok. ho ti.e General nos falk, in wttli
my suggestion as to ihe manner ol conveyance, ll
taking tho naponsrlbility of its safe delivery. -Now ,
liMcu. And bu pi. i-'l to unfold l.:s plan.
Tho pusiTii._i appeared to be thia: After our;
losses on thc 53d ul Jun un ry, and ?.-.?iii!" waiting!
for i nnft-reementa. t!i re w i ? barely enough ann
ta enable na tc Isold our own in ean ol s .1 Brent ;
upon tbe Colliny by Cetewnya t-letarmaritshurg
had boer, init u fl state "i defeit--a i.v erecting
loopholed barricades ia the ttreota, YJ'!i'" court
lions,- was fortified and laugr-rs formed nt various
-tr.ii gie pointe, I "? l be Inhabitants were
to repair un n a given slgnnl?tho Dring ol three I
yuns In ni ieh flncccssion fr. m Fort Kapler. All I
the outlying posts nnd towns wen abo flin |lj
fortified. This prohibited th wtthdrnwnl ol auy
iu- o ' mph red in the dui leo of <i !? >
Ordinarily a gum I ol one officer and t ?renty-_ve
men h provided for the mort of treasure; but*
M has been en plained, the pnaeut circumstances
wen nnfavanble to thia eoume, -? n.i prompt pa1.--!
mem lui supplies being imperative., i.x fouOaVingi
woo decided on.
'j"ue money wno I ? be packed In empty an mn
nit um boxes, wli I ??? ??? i p ve l.i? ->-l of I
content* remaining on them. Then it who to bel
loaded in aa ordinary Capo carl ,? marve] ol 'p-m-I
nen aud strength, and placed nader charge ol an
officer, who, be wai pleased to s.iy. should bo a
niau if courage ac I res turee : ps wing ,t on to tbe
fn nt, ns was freqiu ntly dene .it the time, as am*'
munition. There was orcity ol stores of
all kinds arier our tosoes nt ItaudbJwnna, where j
immense quantities ol supplies boa to be aban-1
dom il.
"Now," be trent on to nj, "the grentcsl risk
rill run is fr< in ih.- ? wa cm of mon who, undi r
lin of nmebody'a 'Horse,' or somchodv
else's 'Rangers,' cl boc genus c.,ne. are spread nfl I
over tho cou,i!iy ai the prennt lime, I don't
allude to thc ^.-alii'iit tuen under tried leaden who
have done such god and loyal _ rv ice, bul to]
th -?? maller hands under unknown men. to \?lii.-ii j
are ni I racti I t ii ? usnal lae less spirits i hut nlwaj ?? j
ciop up under pressure of tim * Like the pi
si, lld \, u i ne Boro - anv "i these, they would
make nothing ol Inking your life if they got an
inkling "t whal you have ia charge."
: ".-1 ? i rue enough,
"How, Captain ElTlc-rtl\ do ri i feel equal to
ihe ri*-k ;'" continued Major Mauley. ?>ly -?
r.se a. th" proapei t. The lash wno no doubl a
. but I rt Bi ; tl ihal 'Iii- ans a ch inc ?
thal roi :!>i never come ngnin, nnd ! felt
;i net unpardonable pri l iii ti,- I i|.I obtaining
a little distinction should l - illy carr, out
thc duly now ' al rested i" i,i .
?* I am your mao "?? " I rep! il. " "? | n un
I to St: " ''?
" Qood." be said, gnu.ping my neild. " Your
ready accept nee ol what,, to be oin,a with you
is a luuai I taking, shall nol go unrei re
tonted in thc i roper iius ri i
lu order to throw the loafer cl ment off tbe
; ; ' ' ' in ' ' ii N'al ?! ;
V, itt ?" ' C:ip1 lin B'licott of the '
04th Kegimenl wno in ordem to loin ti'- bend :
,:'- i ? ? i i , tiia ci p?, nml take willi him a ? ippiv ;
of n rve ni in inii ion, ii:.- i mi I I , tm??ni j
, . i
fl ? ?
liter thal ' con- j
sequrntlj i lil be well on the way b rue it.
ii thnt 1 hail M -'
Two doj - ni. r tbe inter ie** nu id on* I ni
the mrt containing l
\' ound .-? along ten of
: le.iti.1 drivel I
no ??- and 1 hen ni the weight ul the bi imui
nyiii ought I. - -:'
. irt. Ile wi** bf mid tiie prii -
i it l old ont. I I him, ho er. wil I ?
. ' . hi i.i !' er b ii with wh -li I
i . i f-tliat fiery li iuid ?? i I
pria tl by li ? ? ?' eared
I-,,' i , , ? lighta-Hl int- ?? s< ?"?
ii ml i
? i ? rood which term
:. . I al thc hotel.
I-i- ' ?? il i
; i mimi ? -:
, ns it- bpi I lo n
lb.it .billions cl , rani en li
of S nth Afi n i
'i hey li t lie leiMlei di ip of n -I
tongti ?' ? ,il named ? h?iciion, whom 1 L -I
: ?? | , i ? , mel ai i';et i':i.i. itzbui ind w ho . n
? -,.i | U-d#-a rei UL - ip mbli r.
t i Itel on i'i .' inn . or ev ry I bing, hov Eng
t ? ndditiouKl reputation ol li d in utterly un
scrup ilou ouiiurel.
Ul nd wan a drunken, i
:? l been foi
? i he ei i ree to uni dec >n1 betel -,
known, nnd was strongly s>,- >., i ,i ol bein
cerned in u robbery t.iraitted at a farm-hi ..-? on
the Mo.,i [tiver si,me months previously. His
knowledge id the .ubi language he having lived
among tim natives f"" several years v..
>?, ;omi-K ': lal lou for the p'*-1. he held,
i "i i f rei ing Mia, [-ndley, the landlady, to
oblige I--- with a - parnta room ls which to de
: posit, the umuiunition, ulm became ala rai id ?'?'?< I re?
tuned toall ns 'i i" ei.! [ the hi I -
"Mo, slr," sh. nid. 1 h re h.*d trouble enough
? ave bi en h
' about the plsw e for oe -!v a wt lc, and I nm nf rain
ii ! >,i- i pour ammunition, they \.ill eel Ure to
nd id"-., us all to pieci *, lt hs I I* :'"'
? r nero oul
'iii,, v. e. an nnexpeeted rebuff, and all I could
?rv wron ld net make ber eitel hoi decision So
with n ? rings j piled 11 ?? hoses In Ironl
ni a little turrel r""*n m the end <?> the \<-1
thai hod bi >n allotted tn me os b bleeping place.
'I i:'s band of volunteers, er whal many persons
would be inclined t" is, |:, r-, up theft
i,-. ls to a late hour, and I ipped off, one bj
?? . ! .- bou ?
| I :: ? lol
l ? d to ii 'rtnin from Osierton where h? was
11 and t ?. an i whi n he intended to nmrch, bein';
im .,f i iving him and his men a wide berth,
ile sn - ely, and replied in hi i smooth,
aim i*t mus ??.! noir* -Zeally, * ..plain. I nm nol
,,- , nu ur yet. I wai detailed liv General .lilford
to proceed to Harrismith: bul I under land thnl
1 hui bs i nov h en chane d, and 1 am wail ine here
for ordere. \','. igbt j u b
I thoughl i' well to conceal my destination, and
" Oh! I'm for the Bushman- Uiver, at Weston."
'The Bushman's Ki ver 7 Why tho nsounted
police are then I I nev have plenty of i.tnmu
lnti m. I know. Major Dnrtoell, their oommund
; nut, told me so."
"Yea, ol cenrse." t replied. "Bal this thal I
have ls Intended for distribution ii, any detached
1 poet thal moy be In need of it; and Wnton ta
teni nilly situated."
This conversation io"!- place in the renndah
outs:.lc ia\ room, in the vicinity of the boxes.
Mondrain com,air out of tia- bot I al the moment
with ? pipe in Ins month, reeled np to where he
heard \ oices.
- What's op?" he demanded. " Who ?
we're to move on? Devilish unlikely, with com?
fortable ; '? !- and ii.e boo a dny for doing
i nothing. Tlmo enough lo do tho lighting v.ion it
?? I vi't" for staying hew and holding the laager."
A loo --.i- ai .? ?? nt to. and i*n-ti\ ioiniug the hotel.
bad just, been i im ploted by the uclghlioriufl farm?
ers, as a i : ? ??'. ' -I Bl, ? ii h ? made.
- What do '? i toy, ' ommandantr* h.- iiK-p-n-ed,
addressing Osierton, nnd -..nun iiii;iM.j' ,,i, (ne
?? linn i smoke over the ammunition," l
-(?nc iloe-u t know how a spark mlghl reach it.'
?* L"t, i' go oil, tlc n," ne anowered arith na
ugly word, !...r.ni, ni tba pile and dialodging ono
ol the boxes, which fell to tho ground.
"llullol" h.- cried, "It llngln like coin.
Lei us int ii up again."
'lins random thoi mode me hold mv breath for
fl lu.aucut. ilieii 1 hain illy Btoppod forward and
replaced it.
??lt, wouldn't be a bad Iden," nid Osierton.
"tO alnfe thlS 111 tb' IB I i'll- WI Would
havo ii Min.', tu case oi a visit ii,.iu DabuLamaaiJ
I hear he wu ?een ni Veldtmnn'a Orifi yest, rda/.1
" 1 co'iNint allott it to I- a- e my elm I
returnnl. " unrsl n is handed o\er to tho ollie, r
ooatmanding at Wooton, otherwise I should got
into trouble."
"Ok we ll relieve you of all that,'' he cried.
?? Tins Is war lime, and circunisUno n iilta:r> eoon
The P'.sitioii was Ketting u Little emhorrnatlng,
so it struck BM I bad nattai f-_.ll In with his humor,
and pretend to think it might bc a.. well to do
as he Kiigui'sted : merely oboervlng that they would
not flndll nf much ns?, as the cartridges were
for Maitmi Hem.... uud their urn.* seemed to be
"Oh, let it gol What's the good of keeping
lt hr re?" said Mondrain. "It will only l>e In
the way. Wc lin.e plenty for mir own fellow*.
Have you anything to drink?" he inquired, turu
ing to me.
Yes. I have ? couple of bottles of whiskey
in UM curt, mid ahull bo glad if you will join mc
iu tx gie-s."
This offer was met with a nary Rppcoralj
nnd scating ours Ives on thc step of the hotel
we pr ,'? ! d to discuss the liquor. After n while
I pretended to full aadeep, and they, when beau
bottle, had been finished, were soon ssspring be?
side me.
I rose cau'io'i'ly on asceitaining that all around
wt re deep m .lumber, nnd went toward my iimm,
vcr;, anxious as regagtled th. action I should take.
1 may here tn,-ntiou that the money was m.ide
up ni- tue haul; in rouleaus ol' twenty toverelcn.
each, and rn*eft-ed rightly In the box*-. Bul after.
the lust had been i:lled. them lertMfated over and
ulaove about eighty Mgaayjgfiu i lou lew lo till an
Uiiii-i' box, gnd ioj bulky ta iii in. m,u!e up in
thc tame manner na the athen So they were
distributed loosely over th,- top of thc lae, box.
and some sheets of pn|>er PaTUSyged heavily dowu
upon them to pnvent any rolling about. To tiiis
circumstance my thou, hu reverted when Mon
drum spoke of tue " jingle of coin ;'' for undoubt?
ed!;.- th. same illiiri'e-sir.u hid bell (a,live,',1 to
my own mind when the box fell. It would be
larly unfortunate if this should be thc Iden?
tical box iu whieh the loose money had been
p'a-' ,1.
I also beran to have doubts of tlie crafty Com?
inan,li,i,-nt. 1 bad noticed him eyeing m. once
ot twice, and I might, unknown to myself, have
shown mon- anxiety than the occasion seemed
to v.arrant.
I wns ba much pcrdcx lt y as to what court. I
should pursue. I could do nothing openly against
the desperadoes that surrounded me; and ii any
iv',i dawned upon them of the real nature of my
charge, no! lng eould mire me. But- I wa* de?
termined not to resign it, without a ttrugrrle
Several plans suggested to my mind. I thought
of Quietly harneaging the mules and driving back
to rietermariwburg, taking my chane, ol pur
s nt, .ud waiting a more tuc ruble opportunity'.
But this i n, ,,n reflection, I abandoned, ts ir,
wa,nhl b. Impossible to get away unobserved,
and my returning wit hom any obvious Masons
v i lld give ri," io commonly.
I never eloeed my eyes during Hm night, and
- the nay lian! ,i dawn Began to appear,
i got ni* and looked around. Otierton and Mun?
dt tn were lilli lying where r had left them, and
a numbs i of ,,i hem wi re scattered about the steep.
At thia moment I beard n quiet step pass thc
eio! of the houae near ths laager, and was g little
startled to tee th. dark face of an Italian named
..la. Dinelli, who bad ben employed i,s '? ??'n|
! . clerk ia the oillee of thc Chief P.u master.
l'rra that post be had I.n quietly dismissed
,,n account of a doubtful Iraiisiwiioii in reference
to ii money Ditlei teni to a soldier who was a
patient in hospital; which order, wat etvthed by
LMnelli, tfte* the man's death.
Tb. deceased soldier's signature was mis- | I
of being a forgery. The [talion averred, however,
that he had .advanced the amount ol tbe order
to the man.
ex-eli rk knew a good deal about the pey
. and t1,, ob|.?i ol my lourney might by
- omi- means mitre leaked out ; to 1 wa. nol without
a ppr iniisioii on thia score.
tte ad van - I nnd sainted me respectfully.
'? Well, Dinelli,"' I saul, " what are you tining
?? I am oil my way to the front, ??:.," he replied.
?? t . i-i,,,,i Shepstone told mo tome time ago, it
ever 1 wanted ernployment, he would appoint me
tu '? la own troop of natal Carbineers; and being
gi , 'i*ila- service, 1 thought 1 would
remind him of his offer."
?? How did yon ?--? t here?" I naked.
?? I came uj, by the poat-eart on Thursday," be
i. "anil wa. boping tome kind person would
give m. ? in't. You dou'i happen to have any
roam, vr?"
"No," I nhl; "my mule, have as much as
Ih -v can COI ry airca.iv "
He glanced, I tl,ought, curiously at the boxes,
nnd saluting again, wished me good morning,
and w.enl toward the front ,,!' the hotel.
By this time th*! peoj lc ol thc hi ute began to
stir, and preparations for breakfast were soon
in full -wing.
un the appearance of Uti. meal, I joined the
moUe] (croup in thi common mom. for there la
? ,, .,. tin ion iii a frontier hotel i.i South Africa;
mis! teat and guee!, of every d .,<? ??
sitting down together.
I ibaervcd Dinelli nnd Otierton in oonver?ition
dun.ig tb. ni .-ruing, and ll,is did not tend to
alla*, my fears. >?> I delayed pri >.di
i vr iii- i resent, und c >ntin ,--.i my staj ut 1 lowick,
until I li-'?! "iii'- it- think l ? matti i t ut.
' -??-?ting
' ? ; -a i from thc din ction of !',-->?
i io reaching t bc hotel il pulled ap i
to y.l'cre I vv;-., still.ii i,;. -.nd th .ii- stepped ,>ul,
un i ii. . r .u nu.!,:'.i, whom I recoj.ii l'ed as Dr.
Milla, ul thi Ai'.uv Mi 'ii el Dopa men!.
V, i- lui I in t ii.--pi, ul v ul li adq . rs, and
knowi .- him to be a mnn ol ionic pulgul ? il and
1 ii, (ermined t-i make a ? in
li:!.' .! ? '. tu
i! ?. mg uni ri ' I |Kirtoken of ri fi sh,
h I-- se- the I
i nt cn ade In t be iiuidi ii late
? rom a heigh! of ot i r three
red feet. 1 lie roar ? I ita wutera couki be
b nrd fi a v !, re we --., re si ind
I bailed this opportunity of ma!,mg my com
; ) olunteered to ot mi any him.
When weil oat of ear hot, I explained all the
s - i* mv pe di: m nnd thc doubt. I
.. I of Dinelli. He listened attenl Ively.
?? Aud now i.bat do you - " he ;'*':;,--i,
ofter 1 hi i ended.
My idea ll lng on lil way to ll 'lp
imforti lor
permit me 1 ? loads
allowing me to transfer the content.
? while 1 placed the ?
in bis. He then wat lo i ive on by C
to J thc money
, :..- nlaced iu charge ol the rt ident magis?
trate ui ?: , . ,- rival.
?? H ,i boa :v mi yourself 7* he agki d, " li. nt
iu t-j think, the) ha.e ;i ? aspic,,,:i of what
carry, yon will be murdered lou cori linty, I
never ?? n* a more ou! throui looking se! of
scoundrels iu my life thau th i '?
u rton's Horse. Be.-udes, Jhow eau tbe exchange
be effected witboul exciting suspicion t*"
?? 1 hive though* of that,' 1 Kturned. "After
break I i bau t private Interview with Mrs.
piiUlcy, i.i-l upon in', pressing repres utatioua ob
i-i.ii ,1 I.,-,- c ',i---',i I-, i ave vi.-- boxes removed to
:t room at the tatck of the premiaotv, A dooi (rom
thence lead, into th. uta Laager, as a plat of
? ?Mt, should lb. hotel be attacked and become
untenable. Prom thal room I think 1 should be
ubi,- after nightfall to make thc necessary, tran fer
mr bsorv???!. ng four conveyance to bo
i.iiv ii to lhe back ol the house. I beard them wy
Hiai Mr. Si..-re. of thc Telegraph Department, -a..a
d in to-night arith tome workmen, nnd m
lu- j, a ? o i i.d tort of fellow, alway, ip adina his
money pi tty freely, thors will, no doubt, he o
caron.* A- i rds myself,"! added, "they will
i, i ? re, i iv mg announced my intention of not
.tarlina until late to-morrow morning, two of my
h.;. -s being slightly lame, ibis lucidi* happen.
to be file ca '? SI ? lld thli come ,-:l all iii btv, I
will take my departure, after allowing you a good
start, and. if I reach Currie's Poet unmolested, will
remain them ror tits night: and on tbe fallowing
morning endeavor to reaefa Ladytmith by Davian't
. i he old r, ad."
" I think the plan i risky one fer yon, which?
ever way \ou look at it," he observed; * but you
laav rely on my co-op ration."
1 thanked Idm heartily, and remarked that his
'..-ii antara wns not free tt-oiii , hine,, r; ai which ho
Altai '? lowing ihe falls we returned to ihe lintel.
The adeenl ot Mr. Shore led, aa tva. anticipated,
to a jollification, and I joined in it arith apparent
i-t st, slij ping away every now and th, ti to remove
a p.,,i;et Iron the duct,,,r's cut, replacing il by
oin- of th. boxes, until thc exchange had ben
fully eemphtcd.
ii.,- neat morning wa, gu anxious one to me.
Dr. Mills, at un early hour, hammed, in a
leisurely manner, stood chatting with m? far a
few minutes on Indifferent tnbyect. within hearbag
of the people aleut, and then drove away.
I moya a sigh of relicl as 1 saw the muies turn
round the corner that that out tba view of the
house, and disamear in the siiub-iiued road below.
Turning back te the hotel 1 encountered the
Italian, In company with Otierton and Mondrum.
" VVcll, Captain," said tlie hitter, " when do you
.lari t Can we fas lp you to load the ammunitionf"
?? I bank you," I said rolly ; " ii bj don. already.
I didn't like te trust to chance, as accidents often
" Yes; it mighl go ofT, von know," Raid Osier!on
jeeringly; and they ail three laughed.
I wu, now ci,vi,,,-, ,i ti,,-a Dinelli had hy nome
- beeome io'ran.tel with th. i gel of tho
di | at' lt oi the gol I; go J determined to o\ lav my
departure us fang ns poasible, m order to i-imble.
It Milla to re. b Chiirle'a pratt ?? hUf*ici,,,lt u'm?
to halt, rest his mules, uud again regume his
lourney; hy which time the safety of the con
????nt vvoiil,I >m> secure.
1 answered tm- trio willi it lest, and my spirits
ros,- at the thought of Laving outwitted the snout
dr Ls.
I noticed that they did not, commueicate vvith
any oiher member, of the bard, go concluded that
if they had any tntel-prigc j? huml, tehy uieunt lo
katysy lt to themselves.
When the time ni riv al that I baal decided ti
start, I ordered lb. drier to ham. %* having pta
viously hired two freak mule, from a farmer ir
ll/' neighborhood. When all was ready I drove
A numlaer of tin- nun were standing about, bul
I did ti,,! observe Dim-Hi or his two new friends
Carefully ,-Namming my revolver, whioh wa:
load.-,I in ali si\ nh.mh.ra. 1 brought lt e.onven
Iciitlv to my baud aud prepared for whatovt-r might
Them was ,nly one part of the road where 1
could be atlackeel at a disaelvantagn, and this wai
situated about half way between the Pall* and Cur
ric's Post, at a Im nd rouud a narrow shoulder ol
ro,u. before Doming In sight of this place* I pulled
up a few moments, and addressing the driver said i
" Now, my man, I -want you, ou reaching Hotha'i
Nek, to drive your hardest round the lund, um]
tour at full sneed down the hill into the open. J
a -vvu ? m.
f.'iir 1 am going to In atiaek.-d, but. nothing mist
flUp yon. There is a sovereign, and if wi, renell
Currie's Post, 1 will give you another. Hut should '
you hesitate for a lUUUWUI 000 th:s'-'? and ll
pointed to my revolver. , . ,
" ni!" he yelled, as lie r*. light, the coin T threw
to him. Then nourishing his bllfO v inn and ?Oil.
lng tho ani-nali by their 00100% no ur,,-.:d them on
in tbi lumn] Hottentot -tohnm.
I had determined to push boldly on, concluding ,
thnt Dr, Mill- would by this time have reuched his
destination: for my life ivould certainly pay I
forfeit should they discover the IM i had piao- ?
th -I. , , .
On reaching the point I had Indicated, the driver
ri ? in bis soul ard brought his whip down with
a , rae;, lilt,- ;. pistol-shot, inking the critical turn
nt b br. aknei'; pace. But os wo r >unded 1 be curve
thci*.* arose three fl ares f-mn behind one of tho 1
i:u-"cr reek*:, with ri Sn pointed and shouting to :
us ta stop.
" Drive on!" I rried. " Drive on:"
Sts-intf that we disregarded their men-aO-nc dc- .
Wand they delivered a Volley, one shot -triking 1
tho driv" and tnmhling lum into the Mad, the j
wheels panning dim him.
I gathered np the rems as Ivsl I could, shout- j
in.nr nnd encouraging the mules to keep np tho 1 >< e,
and With such success thal 1 was enabled to ;
r a- li tho Incline that led to tho open country.
Urning by this tun.- re-looded, tho? sent in a -
second volley, one shot, -triking me in the cheek, j
while another disabled two of the feuding tn.iles.
This brought me to a stnudstilL and the three men i
rushed forward. I lind at the foremost, bringing j
him down, and the other two, swearing fearful
laths mad- toward me. I recognized tie a as
Osierton and Mot-drum. The man 1 had iii) was
I slimed not on tho off-side, when 1 tnt partially
co vena hy tho cock
"Stand back," I said, "or I'll tire. What do
you want I*
?? 11;?. 1-1 over tlr_ money," replied Osierton, with
au oath.
" What money?" I asked. " llicre is no money
?? Dont purley trlth ns," nid the other ruffian,
" or m put a bnlh-t through yon in no time."
" 1 tell you then is no money beru," I repeated :
"nothing bat medical fltONO. Look for your- I
polvi fl,"
"Stand on* of the way. then." saM Osierton.
I Stood aside, revolver in hand, while tho blood
streamed down my fa.,e and neck. They bott
dived Into the cart.
At, thlfl instant I east my eyes down the road,
and saw a small party of mounted men rid ina
toward ns. I sprang to tho creal ?>f the hill, and
waved my hut fi un ti cully *o thom. Tho next
moment I heard a report and fell p burning iensn
tion at, the silo of my bend : then dropping to tho
ground, loot all conscfoasneen.
When I r-e evered, f found myself in bc*, nt
Currie's Poet, suffering from a gun .hoi wound that
had nearly mad" an end of roc; missing by almost
a hair's lireailtu, hut giving m<" a nasty knock on
th- head and currying away a portion of my lett
The hommen I had Been were Commissary-Mon?
era] f-snfree ai 1 tl.* ofl-cers of bis department
on their way fr.'in the front. They Ol OOM ob?
served my signal, rode rapidly up the Kill*
they found me Insensible, the driver nverely
wounded in th" neck and two rids broken by tho
wheels Lav iux passed over bim.
Dine'li wai deni. The oth.T two rode nfl", aiul
escaped to the Orange Free Slate, taking part
Bffainsl us sui.inently In the Trnns-vnal War: bul
after that nothing ft; rt li I was ever learnt rt lard?
ing them.
The money was conveyed safely by Dr. Mills to
?nilli aad depoaitet. with the R id ill Mngis
tr.ite. from vrhem custody it was afterward trans
ferred to Its proper destination: Ihe worthy doctor
meei, lng back his mpply of medical applian 1
1 was complimented by the general for wi,ai he
was pleased to ier*n the oourege nnd resolution I
had displty.d: and on tlie report reaching borne
i ? -. promoted, and r- ecived a decoration in tt cog?
nition ot thc k i-viee I had n ndcred.? I be A |
From Th* 1 ol' ii): Hearth.
Hod voa bs a a rltltor, nearly twenty years a-,'u
In th_t qul< t little _o.wa.iokl of the Orcenaways dosi hy
tht) churchill t ?>?:.?: it.,Isitngton,you wu ld have bund
thal '"!?? of tbe (ssturot of tbs evening wai to l"1''.
aver " Kitty's" draa lag.: tor In th.day* Mi 1 (.reen
nu.ay had not arrived si the sga tor the pren. M
ThOBO trifles wore mostly ia pened, bul there wen a
tow "Kele!:'.: in pen Billi lu', anl Oilier, lu N Uer
lie. eharaetei; -? le ol theta early .tut!:-- was e ire. But
i i ,..?! too i i .?? s tsney : ?
elvos, fm ll ; ten and I io pots that a chi
dos-it.. Hor faihoi *.? a, a wood on o mean
merit, ami io thia il,',' Mr Ore nawayN work in iv bo
Men from Uni a. io linn* la "Tho Illustrated I lon
".\.-,-.s." Mr. Greenaway i"i.K a gi it and
int -i it in the sri prcollvltiet of 1.1* daj/hler, dally
Instruct i i??? i iw to ebservo, whal lo observe, md,
In fact "cooehlng" hit child In tho 1 te
ii. ler lin I: sn tdftii dj the a.: i ot child
omul ? tlon ll v - ? ??? tied 11 .- !
away nm I iro ;?. .-. ? I 'hool this " mew I re
' i ??! 1870 and ultima! ly ihe vj- ion! lo
!. ? it. Unln ? - ? I. ? ,- V. ? j
i its, ittl Kel ?', Mell IlUt ll WBS
from work eonoeli >d buiI e rrlod oul a; Heath ly's
that the made her lin popular blt. At the t>!bck and
white exhibition si tho Dialler Gallery, lu 187
? ? . :
Ob ii Iv le vi -. rtaj tl were ? I by tho i illtor
.f -"The !'? ?itj.i'-'s Magi ? I shortly afte
i i -. i Riven lo Ino pu bile throu; li
ii pages of . lc Borlal, Thus at atnioa}! b youth
Ml3. Gi - - >?? .,-. ., ? ? bi ed In pi Int n il 1hts | ?
lor was 0"; Fha only person attracted by *
il 1-. il , rln - or Mta I J ii at lids limo
? fever h ni iel In, and oue ol tl"- pla
: ?rs In inch malters, Mr. Mamu Ward, st onie set
."'..?- Greenaway to '\nik, nn i the c, . > ? roan
ma coi tl anl conl
b> iea?on to Manu. Ward's i bristmas sod
. in fart, th-* I:, i; - - un 1. i
for booh Illustrations wst also given
to hor bt 'h's linn. Son e particular euts may have
I.?? _-e ,i earlier for Mewn. Cassell, bul lt wm,ld
bpi >ar thal "Mildred'! Mistake," published In 1870.
was Mlts Greenawayt llnl attempt i1 iuppl)lng tho
- lor a oon.plete siory. .
Ia color .miss Oreenawai ls almost a purist if voa
could i ?'? !'??: I'-ilni bos lt ls doubtful I* yo nd
Ihal li r, .tain. 1 many colon uuttld. tl ?? pi li tries and
their Bttt-butes, I.ooh at any one ol her studies : red,
ijlue. y.llow and black would li* eclors enough to paint
almost any one of them. Tbi. ilmpllcity nut through
nil hor wont, lier H>mpe li on i squally simple; it
ls in fi,cr, Anglo-Saxon mt at Its best; pure, simple,
matter of t.ic, subject 'natter, with rcfino__enl enough
m lt to lift lt out of th. common
?ir..-, pnte sentiment onoo(-ii to ? re
lt from hollow di Int mn'lim. ind yet sn nc.*,
to oature thai although our little folks aiv ted a-< ihnf
.ire depleted, yoi they av,, pn.t. tj ped al wi it wo would
have rliem be. in her .rnai'M Him Greenaway uses
almost pure eolors, or. n* iii ?r*!'ts poi 'f. iho ran-iv
,:d\' iflakom Chinese whlto with hor paints. The out
line li Bi inly drawn ell hor with iii" pen or pencil, ih'?
thadot - bm then Mined la, nootly in cray, And over ail
Bash sftor wn*h ol cole i- i. i ? o' coairto tl.are a:-,)
du meroin retouchings and " helghtenlngs,-* till tho
j iiirhr tone required h obtained, lat *. . eenawayt
i method li thal ilmpta .ena "wmh." n* handled by ell
| iho greater of the greateil palnten In ??v.<:"i colon
Now (bra ,1".'<I a., to the wat In which Mis* K:ite
Greenaway ha_ made everv day material clo duty te her
ix-! ell. pen. and brash, and foi (lill we mast io badi
to the ohlld tbs dally pupil. It was hei-e. lu
lebool, that Kate Greenaway be/an to mal<o itudiea
of her lillis fiio '.is. Birt mg boes or there a r-uaint bon?
net, a eloak, s oap, or u lioy*t imock. 1'or lt te i|ii'-e
from the lower middle ilsa ??? lbs! Mitt Greenaway bat
drawn h-r Intplratlons. These almn-it dally mamor
arida. b.;Kiin so young, were continued later on bv
Ml i (Ireeaaway. Rarely a week elapsed but shs
a vl-.lt lo the aehuol house, coher to eomnOTO pail
Jottings or to s<*cu out new materiel. Ami In th<?io
malton St ui Gi ena way thowi d a good dfai of wi; lom.
Bbs dd r.ot root on material olooe si len.e. Wltb
sketch book lu bund sim nilibt t.? sron ut nio^t ol our
groat oaartty fe-~'lvals. notably those of tUo ''c'-mity
chlldi-en'* hold I. St. Paul's Cathedral.
From Tnt HvtUn I'ranicrijiL
Ono summer at, Cape Cod I woo n*marking on Ihe
Color of a woman's earrings, and shi* Informed lue
rin.y were BOOBS lei* hu_liaud brou ghi from sea,?
(hey were made of "tho liver ot Mt. VooUOroun-1
(Captain ll. sskod nie th" botanical name tm' that.
I nraor w-ii-ro one w.m bitten by a mad dog. i ro
pllerl, "Is lt hydrophobia I" "Oh,#ye_, yes," was tho
Rut, Mr. i.lstoner. can you defoe tho ninanlng of
tMs lost repiark, made to me reoontlyi My milk?
man hail .been sick. I f-ald to him. "Ale \.,u quits
w?ll nov; j" Ilia ansv-tar w*s, ?? _Vot no elaborate as
1 might bo I" I
from The Philadelphia TAgmm,
There are a nontbor of thin-ji that tho rnn?t faa-hion
aldo and well-bred people now oat ai the lUiuier
tallie with tlie BUCOM. They are:
Olive-, to which a fork should novar Ito applied.
Asparages, tttaetmaa hot or cola, whou eoi-vod whole,
as lt should b ?
lettuce, whddi Bhoiild be dipped In tho dre. u_.
or In a little salt.
i'fiery, which rnav bo pniperly plaflOd on tbe
table o'otli ba**lde tho plain.
t)travvberrje_, when tOTVOd with the ntem on, aa
ll,ev llanelly are In th') most, elegant hun*, e.
Dread, toant, an.l all tarts and .mall ?? ? -.
Irult of all hindu, except ni loni aad preservej,
whlrh aro eaten with a spoon
i Bama, trklOB U at Itool Invartahly eaton with
the tingei** of ibo mont nartteular oaopla,
I'.ven th" lett or oh.-i amall pi.....a of a bini ls
tahrn, lu the Ingots at faatiioualde Manon, and at
ino-tt of the innehoono la-ll,,* pict mmmll piecei of
ohlenon ptithonl using a fork.
IViihingtvn yoitiv in rfti> J>n<Z,'<la-t|t*iri- Pren.
It Ii an upou -e. . "i that the great commoner, Thaal
dom MovenOi waa much sildlcied to playing faro,
and at times he wm a high belter. Ho preferred to
l.lay against the dealing of <;eueral Wilkinson who waa
bli peraoual friend ami a gentleman In every attribute,
ailhuiiKh following the pi ifeaalun of (Cajole* K-vt-iy
n.aiiit, when tko weather permitted. Thaddeus Stevena
eulei-ed tienoral Wllhlnson'i uatahllshmeut. took bia
favorite teat at the table, which all playen Intuitively
yielded him al a tire emptive righi bought 91<JO
worth of oh-eks aaa allenQy made his play. Whoa
tbe hour of midnight oamo Mr. eiovoui invariably
retired, wbother winner or loser, and General wnklu
soa provided him with a " ulah! liner" hack, topped
by an agml colored driver iLi earefully drove tko I
ukin TonTrnE-t
That Hely all oilier aieiaH-eJie-e >p~eslily Careel ty
HumillaU.'.aT Fruplloii.*, Itching and nurnlng nid.
Tr ilaius, f. illii- rr-e Sirs*. J',1 iv"*y >\n?\en erf Tl'lalng,
{-?c.ly. Limply, Itile I".'' I. BSMmiems Md Cl ntinrir.iig
I Va sad rValp, arith IyO?s of Hair,
from Inf-wi j ta oil ag*, sro poaltlvely eurevi by CUT*.
Cl ? ?. th* | , .it Kain i bis, ami CUTICURA SOAP, aa
mil ger, externally, sad itti< ta*
; , ENT, UM te- - Bl I ' Btr, internally.
T I,av> le.-ri auricle) SlaCS list. M - ? ii Bat a sida
di agaa iaia aacior* castled Es avesta Mj tweeeaS
at Ita rab* BBd sore*, sui thu itihlnp :.ni baralgg ss.
-, i.? your COTICTJRA it: Mtv
lillis al ? i t'l-'ii.i, 1 '? .ii" tl,cm a
trial, b .,," I*' ' I TICURA anil ti, lAP "x.
lernally, and Ui- sui, V I..', X laltratlly, fl* i'.'ir rn,a,ins.
I rall nc., u i iii-.-j, in -ra ,-. t* tot ? i Baa
put!!': -i u t tUa l '? IIU l ? ?? ERICK.
ititi! Ilrova, Co..ii.
I was aSI'U'd flvitli Kerena on the Scalp, ia, fl. r?r*
Si.il Neil,, attta 'he in.?''tal, vs-li't-c t Rut ymir ,-?
gie** u ii ne eal bm cr tts arose* saaat natl i..vt asi aoider
Bl* ,';v.-. lie BdvtaS. BM BS tty i"'ir It'TIIIftA
-?is, and s lye* aat ay a tip at l i^ri
of n,y tte* a ? ? ? i. and i Boy* la . r
c.. .si-, ?, ck aad Eta sta** pan y
face turi lli.UM.VN bl.Aili.
190 JCs ?'?
tiit::*** ii * -r.iiY ci ltr.o
linvinc ase I raw i I TI! CBS r.'- M I ii1', fa* ci;;his*.
nm iii- rnr Ttv'.rr. and tinaUy cured it. I I Mat! - ha
?-?t lt t sell mi i ,rai:'-v"-ri. I ? al il te ssl
?pj- r ? ,,, i i ?-..,- asad ' t i nsr, i.M-n.. reta,
eic. In ravrt, ll ls the te,* B-tedlCfna I baw*, .vcr ,-isJ
ter aiiyihini'. ta, la lIUliTON.
M. rile, Miss. _
Beg] me!vuii..ic. pn,,,, ( c-rrrt'nA, Me.: ? ? ''.
9U.; BPSOLVKNT, gi. Prerparad by ths J" ,t
ftp sad ? I ? !?'? D . . ' I i : s
CO iIH .Villi.
li'tl'a.F.S, Masts* bran*. IhSpprl an-t *>Hy skin pre.
v :. | by < i : n li v Ml int vi I n BEAT.
i,- ran THK PA IS.
\. ? !,, . -r SJ ... Sips tad -si*. ti
l| pulu, I'lrtar.. :'l!on, and Wesene*-, I |
on* a - . bj lisa Cl TH I .. \ . f.
?vf, ri v - ' KR. Th. llrst tai SB
huti-.lulua; gtaseiaa 2.> v?il'l
M. ejirirl in Tbe P-Uo.t Free P, rei.
i"ome. ny iou, U ls time you trem getting rei iv fir
a ?] ring rsi , rail's-,.
Dtrin t lui,." n
Mayor," "(ins, the (Irliilj ivilicr.s and othei exciting
and t ruth Ai I stories, intend-.1 to nate s boj ?: ts, -?? t
wirri humdren lim, and roar Bind i. mai- up to go
You meal have aa outfit. Thal can tn cot watts
?raiting foi iprlng lo open. One retsua ul.v *,
uii,:.y I- . - . IS
UliX" Inn uuicli Iii i!,'- mil nt. Don't ls
cir.*, lt trill i- .-ii; t;." better if you have .i Bpencer
rarblas and a doable I'sri-fiied sf,?ttift?u to cv -? tr'
Ier. S ipr* to you i - ? n 1
of eighteen A;,j, ne wtrrlors. Toa coola nal I
i .*.;,??? -i ol tliem willi your wi-,ci.-ster gad two ? i
h. I*lt io r:,!" od ai.d alarm iIm tribe. Mt having
some ext' i gui : lo' I V oil ur.' Ul It) of fl ? Whole Cl
and t;,-- ?? ' in't gel onto you. ' I ' i
on !iiivvtc-!.uj .e*. Il aro let be an almost fatal r, - a
to itali oul v'.ih only two. Buy tour nt the lei*'.
They ara tor use al close) quarters w th n-.irr'.;-'*. of
course ou bowie, ls enough ' > i ,i one b*i
von i.i.av '" attache**! by lour bears at once. aed foiir
i , ? ,-s v a,: i ra-,,ii i?. ia demand, if yoe don't gal
bul three howl i make np tl ? denV'eoey v. ? ,
' - lette or * Moori*.- rtag] I
? ,.u!y in a cloie ii,.:.:, but io pteh
t-e-i, aritl it the ei -.
As tor dress, gel tot f,:n-r-'! bueksklD, i roe i
aaa *n<! regular moeeBasiri I *| thin i as i
i, c:"T or ban ?',,?:, -f- :
If you should bpi r In Mles ir,- -a ltd a
collar on lr ?? ould glvs ?u away a' ont ?-. fj
?rould subj 't that von wete the Young TArror f a
Kasai wi ii -i .- ..- ' fi g foi a ebonee to ile a kn al a i
gristly b-ar'i tali,
Yon should ratre at lea*! "I'"i poatiMls of i i imltlon.
y,,i may be ? o-ia!leii ,., .,i>whe-ir In the Hooky Mon nt ?
alu ty fi) Hero, and detarailatxl ladlana, . I i
dont wan! to lo?e yoni icalp lor the wa-it nf a raw
. . .. ah the i ? -,,.,. -, , ' i , |
ol Jerted buffalo lt ? i'i mali ? I! ? ?>
blt ol tl h :|;.-,- the burTalo was j-rvl ot alt
PJ -f. v S, or !,''??),! ovi r heels. If IV
? .-; little blue a it will add to v mr lignlty ? a
buai< . '. on ,- - ci.' ? . - .
yo : I aei ri nv ir. bal lr ' ? - ,.-? so. .Mi
the rharnpion Terrois chow large quantlll .. and 'iii
Juice coi .-? ? handy fo spit in* i a ra tlc i ,!,?'.
' i v,'i take a herat if i were you, tl?? wot M ba
a gi -i il, ?: 'i trouble to lake cai-- of, anal no. t of
your hunting will ba in a it igh coun y. i "? ? t in
Terror !,-,-? ? ' aiU. Any*
e ?ir on I.-,- . --?.- ran make ur> fares ar a |
? of 1,-iii,
One gre I miltalie which the average boj mal * ,i
to aeeompllsh loo smell il,- first e
let ! ??ut Sbou! I ,'i o ,
?o tl ?' nm ,1 ey of hean. I- ? ;? ."? ir estln i
doe rt ti nra. You fe-ei ambltloi I
enttvi I sst lc, of -vars-, bot ttl ' ;- -t limit te a t
boy 'ii., '?-, - i ? ..- v .-,i.,,,i- m.) m .'..-. t
MO grlzilles. This wm ' - ?' two per ds tl i
year mond tad win | -.,. you trooi spollii
I should ?- Un even Indian I ih**. n no' i ly
looks more t- *',-?;. it* ?? to do ?c but tl '? j *
? r?ls ni fe for. and tl j
? ?
r saw. fi tl ? -',-? bi ' i ilead i
I '?> lo nd if wu dou'l ta',- r ii viii . ? .
waste. Ii w i l-l i>* v.eii fo hat le team
follow you ar the d itanee nf , i ll?? or io to p: ?' :ja
and cai for th* ri IV knives, i ow t I
' ? ? | These ean be ru.
K ti ".- cr I ita and sold tl i, and tee - i
will buy all your ammunition
1 it.''..- of re I i -ii. bul kill oir al out <
fourth of seven or eight il - *. i" !
extend your reputation s, i i roe. Aa te f,- | -,t
: . ? ,.-.,,
'?ys prefer to hoot him, and \ ? lu
?Uti tl .:'?-. If yon rmi , arch I
a deep porgo you might drop a big boulder do*
his bead in any event Un* fun villi in: gil on u
it's- a mti? gaffei-enl tvith the grigBjy lear, ita
won't be qulM ao terror-strlclien ovrer your seirteteai ip.
psaraai ??. belag balli on a d.-vaet plaa Too ???.?
r.e.-i v,mia show of realgtanee, howoirer, that jron t ty
have opporttinlf* to ihow youi eire!;, gotae of tl ?-<?
pale-fa od, weaavtored boys hold a rilr.y.ly o;f a* I i
ranga end fill him np with bullets, bul you will re*>v-sf
tea their wi*>od-euts In a dime n.I. The ti ?
win wind his Mexican lertpe aroond ht* k-tl - ra,
hoM !t out tor rh" bear fo thew on. and. whtls ttl*
beast ls Mary r.-trlnc sj meal, put th'* hosrle-ltnlfi I.
him to the heart. You aTfll he a tilfle n.-r-ni, -iltli
your ti'-r bear, bul trier that ll trill be ri* es i
cUmhltu, a toneo. The ci.-vi lavoald ba taps tied
bann the s*rn aad *o'd In a dir,vent lot The Ir.test
quotatlou ~on bear.1 elawi la BAB i r bail I, ird if
you tani average more ilia.ii two hi.a!,<-;* pr-r day
you wlH "'Ul mate a good thins of If,
/V?ni />r^#?.
Tepid water ls prefer.al,Ie tor every SettSoa "! ths
roar, tttik ) ail.* tare teen In favor from ti.
mem.,ila! willi ladles, ard nofriius ls bettor (linn a
dally aol bub ol milk. Mme. iaJiien w.n amoi .- the
hlstorleal woaten who ba'lie.l la midi, to which *he
Byddedcruthtd tttaeboirlM te rle. b an ajeTeeable [??>
ftmio. I have alto heard ,f un old lui-, of eighty.
wi.ettie 'il a kiil,*u complexion ; keen ita -i i *r*s
iv aiuavs waahlng in the J,nc,- of crush) I trawborrlsg
ard nothing ohe. Hut we ean, tortuaatety, heep mir
iklni heaitnj tod fair wlthonl reiortlog :?> o
extrevie in?*n?ure*.
Io: a tou lriiRth bath a bag of bran will soften Itt
Wiiiir nml make the -.Ul'i deliciously siii.oili and fair;
bul let me hci-e remark thif no hatli is i irfeet in its re?
sults without the long and I,rilli fi!ct:,,n of hern!.* - a a
coarse towel afterward. Friction not only stimulate).
circulation, bot it mata, tbs llesh Brm ti a i -q
Illus Parian marble. It ls sometime- ;;*t,,n shina; ta
sen tho chatitio uiado lu an tiivlv skin hy finiio-i. ara)
any n-Jv wkvo wutlve-i to potses* a healthful body. Urn
to tho touch and fait ta th" eye, with the clrastlclty
youth weil prolonged Into age, must give willingly
her strength to tho dally task, of rubblui,* thu bo
Prom Th* .1!' rr v Journal.
A dreadful accident ls said to have happened to
small and Inoffensive citizen of Albany BPoa arrir
hcrs of ibo Syracuse bob Prater, which should wa
all !,.,'? ,,w ,,-rs to bo I'sis-liil not to put too high
polish on tlie metal trimmings of their bobs. It U B
that a Hy, a liaituloss Albany fly, aligMttd on tin* st
liig-whee-l of the Syracuso rai-er, and lt wes ,o sllppe
i hat tli" poor little Insect fell and broke bin iieok. Jj
probably accounts for the faut that thcio are no fut
on tho Fraror, J
- -a
are a well kno*ni, tboroa.aly testas, aad amooaaaSi
ramtAr, walch ha* beea la devil- ase Ier ever laMrajl
yeeara *
T**y ar* Insraiaable ra aa sea af Weak Heat*. RbiastsJ
ti***, IoBebaa*. -Sciatica, Catela t'aagba, ftar* *nir*etj4
ralaasaarr aad Kldaey Dtsaoaltlaa, JlaJarla, Uyaja***ti-|
tlaesrt, siplara. User anet Htaaaeti AafblUtBI, aflttStm
aad all Looa! Patna,
aatjarara af lailtaslesit. Aakfar

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