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Tiioroitr to iiavk accomplish*'H.
Oalaari Oaaifi Miss wu.s aslaeil ty a Tr. mrs k
rcpctte, ye*:ei<!ay if ka ^* piv pared to express Ms
eammj ?>n tho rc.islm ol -?? BmaM laaartlgaMa-" Bo ima
nenau. QmBBBBmmB M 0?WU U*. He poudcivd
a while and ilc-n replied:
"1 think that Thk InUOT ls right In Maying 1Ut
(!?? committee have accomplish., a great deal, bc
r*a--s? ahoy ham tamma t_i.* wkatt matter Braal the
rcnlm of rumor and Nfart and have bi ought lt Into
tbe ic-alm of ascertained facts; but 1 Millik -HE
Thiiusk ls wrong In B?W?ltBnj that sny disagreement
between Ihe ,-nnnrilOeo ami I heir con rn-el has hail any
effect In limiting tlc* anio..nt of l.nowledgo aequli-rid.
On the cito.i.y, whatever disagreement there was led
rather to more can- In bringing ont information than
:o tho iiippifssio i of il. And, In fart, there wrns
Jtllo mmmmBBBbmBBB either between counsel or counsel
ind emmtitre, or betwee i. mo m. be rs nf Ihe committee.
mtii-li less thati might br inferred fioni '.omi- of tho
"Of C-iuire. (he committc* did not investigate, all
nf ibo HiiMs, ur an-, I Liiii* Ma all, nor did they get to
Ihe bot lt. ;n of any of the tnisls In the senso cf bring?
ing ont III the details <,f their past actions. Tlicro
cps no Hine tc. do th!* oven had the commute* b?en
M disposed. But the theory Ol Which the committee
proceeded ?*m lo look Into carn trust so far ss to toe
tho prlrveip'es af ttl organl/.ation, as found In the Instru?
ment creating lt, and Its practical working, ai shown
tv li* operations. This wes all that v,ai necessary
at BWBB I't-.p-r lo recjult-o to enable the ronimlttec to
tatar, what, if any. legislation upou tho subjeet of
tr.i.tfl wits neces-aty.
"There waa a constant Inducement to go further
than 1MB, and to get al mutters whirl, ically came
w-iihin tia-- aaeaa al jrivate haalnaafl. nf Beaten, tba
eaauatttae AM aai pst al aaatpthlaf whtoi araald have
beaa de Irabla in ali the ousts to thro* light upon
tha n('."ss:ty ,if le .i-i ii I lon, but they got at enough
wttn evey one ot them ta show thal there ought io
be some legislation. When th-, oll'ucis of iho trusts
batty produced their a.'t.cuicnts ai.l answi-trd read?
ily as to their Bperattaaa, it iran n?i aaeflaeary la
loiiiiw iimm up w.iii th' Baaae pe i leal ernM-ax
ainlnailoQ a. when they UflMtaak lo withhold in
ftu nial ion.
"To the surprise (af e-ciy one ihe f-tardard Oil
Tr list, which wits ii-*ervcd wllh Iho ex part-lion that
lhere viiau'.il lae a prolonged fight Nt it li then, Cairn
forward, produced th'-lr agreement, which had alv.ass
I icvloiisly l,'"en kept a profound sec -et, and gave full
si-ten.fuiv. of course, these Blatnmcn'.s were one,
i . in a BBeaaara, and ptcacalcd tho vtoaj Beal
toearaMa to oj* oust, hat lt wai so clear thal aa
Bach ilaltmciits thfl caye, war made out for tinnc
I' i-Uinia in much lesa time upon tho examination
Bf thal Oust than ha/1 Inn lippMed nen marj. <',i
ihe other hand, tha sugar trust paapao panrtteBtly
Bo:.ghi to avoid giving InfoimaMon. It tnoh, thru
lore. more Hine ai.il a Kath more aggressive ?-?.stein
nf '?ross-exaiimi.itlon. Bat as a result, wc finally got
at all aavaaaary details, though li thc cornmlttoo had
had more time 1, personally, should have betn glad
lo follow uji Hu- oj ri .itioiis of that Oust a
little mo;>-, partlealarty la IM effect la lm.r.ii.g oom
petition for crude sugar in this itiiii.it.
mi) Dtppcuurt ci.i-8 ? ur* raoan.
"it iin'iiM i** nate, that t!.o eoatBBlttea las-itl
fated two widely dlir-reiit cla-.ses of coinbliiiitioiis.
One class of t atiihliiat'oii ri Hie trusts, Strictly spcaH
itig. In thus, tho prisons aagapcd la ha iiaPss for
tho parpeaa ot ytavaatlap eeaiaatltlan, regulating
piie.,_, maanaililaa, the conduct al bananas* umi in?
creasing their cwn profits lrs_t_sf<*t llnii property and
Its absolute control to Certain trustees. V hen this ls
leland in kp ali those aatmoi la a part lea lat baBlaeM,
lt seems la secure absolutely to Ihe ttaal it- central,
If not Ita monopoly, and just In proportlun as tho
parties engagetl In Ihe business cori.it into sud, a Oust
In that propoitli-n do they Becura abBalatC control In
Ihe iiihiI.iI. These tru-ts havo all tho powers with
nor.? of the limitations of corporations; their dura
Hon noed i.ot bc luniwtl; they aro .ul.ject tn no sii'er
vlslon ; th")' atc a new creation, to Which legislation
must bo adspte'l. lt v;ould hardly be wiso to forbid
their cxlsto_ee, but lt cannot be denied that thi*> nay
perform--!in-y have pwlQNMd lo 8ome Oiicnt a bene?
ficial fun.'le ll.
"Thi. ls partlculaily true to tar a* r>-lat>*s |(, hi;,
r-tate of Ncw-Voilt. Pat some ot thl Ousts here have
brought to this state all thc capital and the aaaaatary
advantages dmlvcd hCBI the practical concentration
of a business hero which otherwise would bo statteied
over ihe whole conutry. Talie, for iitstanee, the cot?
ton seed ell trust. Apart fri m the possible objection to
ho found In speculative dealings lu Its eettlflcatCB. lt
has como herc, established Its office hore, bargains for
tho salo of us pu,duels heie, while noni) of Its mau
ufa* tining op'iratlons are carried on w.thln many
hundreds of mile, of this .-.tate. It ll,us btn>i> la UM
Mate a business which under any other ByatCIB could
hardly come hore.
"Tho MaaaaN OQ Tml eertalrdy hat brougld
about a largo reduction hi tho pt loo of relined pe
tioleum, or at any rate thia ha.s accompanied the
serrations il tho trust. U'it Hs CaW-BWH aggrega,
tion of nearly 1100,000,000 t iplta). eaatroUed I;,
'lino men siting with all thc Immunities of a cot), ra
lion without the Illulia'lon. of a corporation, ought to
bo brought under the control of statute law.
"Just What thal law should BB ls a po.'lil upon whit h
Ihe wisest Individuals may all differ, and upon whuh,
without any knowledge upon Um (abject, I pttBUUBB
Hie menilacis of the commlHiva will dllfor. Il ls un
(oiOrnate that tho %BCiMai comes up Just befoi*o a
Presideiit.al cbs Hun ls to bo hold, for lt OlTots In
luccmonis to dcmagoglsm, wliich tie human nature of
ill legislator? will, 1 fear, not bo of the hind to ro?
ust. Indeed, there sro not wanting Irttilralloii- that
thorn ls au attempt to convert Iho question Into one
out of which political capital ls to bo m.>do, and there
may be men la both parties who Will l>e foolish enough
to enter Into a race la sec which shall go Ibe furlb'ist
on that tr.uk.
"Tho oilier clafS of combination'* an simply cws
a*boro porsons engaged lu ono class of businrs- inter
Hilo contracts ni.orig theni.s.'lvc. inicndod to control
production, limit comi-otition and laCfCMC pilcc.
This sort of combination is oid, and aipinInane hus
usually show u that, no matter bow Itwgty ixaople
ace bound upon paper, such Combinations aie not in
fact MM er last.ng.
"Romeo! those Investigated by thc MN?_UttCC aro
nt --i.. ta a nature that lt BaCBU that thee should bo
some legislation on the Hiib.'.ct, though lt ls d Uh ult
to frsme any. Take, for installer, the (rea stone <-t.r-.i
blnation, tn which lt ?pnjMaai that suLstantl.illy ill
tho owners of fia-e stoac b.avo made an aKioeiuent wllh
tho klaater i_toni-e;ittciV As?ociailuu lu this city that
H-ey will icu no stoue to any one lu this city except
to uicii.ua i-s ot ihal association, while ibu association
agrees to buy ol no one bul th-rn; yet tho -Master
hi.11ie< i.lteiV Association ls, to say tho IcmSt, unwill?
ing lu admit new members, and requires any now
mcnilier to j ay .f '.no admisMou. Of course, ibis tends
to piovom any active young inechaiiH' nbc iaslrCC lo
go into the l.ii.slriess, but who hat not tjto-XJ capital to
? pare for a penult to engage iu bii-liitss. fi .nu rsiuli
Hshliitf hiinsiif, and Keeps him la a subordinate ja, .si
tlou all han Hie. Path ihlapi ought ucl to be. 'ihe
Lrglslatuie ought lo stop it.
".--nil, jon aili see thc dlfllciilty In framing legisla?
tion when you come to retied i hat ll you say no
pe, son* shall comillie among Ih.-ins'lves to limit the
production ol any article or to control Hs sale, >ou
practically prevent the bu-iuess of an oidlnaiy put
aerabJp olios'' Bteahcn nuvl dariba how much mtoaB
they will in a ii u fa. lure In a given year or at what
pt.ee they i-'ii sell H.om. ibo man who can draw an
efficient act walch JBBflfCB honest anti pralBBWOrthy
trsde fi*o to puiBMB Ba Coarse and shall af the same
time provr.ut a combination Bach as the stonecutters'
Combination, can tind uow abundaul room to eser
alae his talents."
Thor? ls a good deal of criticism at tho Navy Yard
that ao little progress is being made with tho new
6,000 ton armorel vessel, io be know ii as tho
Maine. Tho lines of tho latter have ben laid off |
In the mould loft at tho Navy Yard, tho keel bloc hs
and platforms have boen placed for building bat,
the machine .hop and stine i,o,i?o aro marly com
plct. tl. a low moulds are b* lug made, i.nd the tool.
for doing thc work havo been contracted for. Hut
there !b ? MtlBfl delay in beglnnnn; the work and
ll-!, ts said to lae due lo laxity al tho Navy ixv
partnii-ut, and with the evldeiii um-puke to make it
an eleciloi.as.itnn j?t, i,y be ginni na the work and
puttlna on a la.Ke l<,rce ot Ulrll j?st u-Uini election.
Tlie advei'tlsements for Ih. maa him rv were put Into
thaine several weeks ago but they ara languishing lu
nuahiigiuii waltina |h ihe bectctaiy'a approval.
Offleers of the Stock Kxchanne ssld yeaterday Uist th?y
hid uut, rscclved the decision of thc General 'ia-rm of the
kupreaas Court In Ute ? licker" eaae and e<>na<-'l<i.-i,'iy
could eet Indicate the course Hui would be purni. 1
becrctsry l.ij. ?xpre??ed tlie opinion that the deel?lon waa
aol so unfsvorsble as it appeared oo the tire of lbs pub?
lished rspaaits, and to Ue suggcsUori Hist the -'lchinge
bad the rights at sny rate io end the contracts with both
the Gold and Hunk and Commercial Telegraph companies,
he replied that that right could hardly be taken awty.
?Patti the full lei* td the deciflion had been received,.how- |
ever, ll waa neelees W speculate ibout Ute iction of thc
hilo.- lvxchsnse.
Aunt kt I'.iKK, N J., March 3.-The permanent resi?
dents of Albury Path and Ocean Grove are excitedly
discussing thc recent nntiu.il reunion of the Mg-na Zeta
lltetiity Holey, which was held in tbe parlors of the
West I.n.l Hotel at A-dr-ry-ave. and Kingsley flt Tro
fo-umr William I). Ireland, thc rJuperliiteiidont of Public
Instruct!.)!) of thia solitml dtstrlct, taok an Batlow part In
tiie ofliiir, Hi" mmfBBt mata Hoe|i-ty being composed of tho
puplla and m i ilusu--. of the High School. The I'rofossor
ls also tho Bupcriiiteu.lcut of tlio Sunday-school of tho
VUal Methodist Bptaaepal Ohatah of Asbury Park, of
which; the Her. I), lt. Hillock ls thc pastor. Mr. Fell .ck
was on. of 1 ha invited guests at tho reunion. Ile asked
the Divine blessing at tue table and also responded to
the toast of "Our Host and Hostess.'' "Tue Hhoie
Press " pubu.',[,?,1 n (01 account of the adair, tbe article
cont tiniiiK this p.iragnph:
Tho till,les were removed soon after nnd Professor
Woitinai"s orchestra struck ap ?" lancers." This was
thc algiiiil for tho real fun of tho evening, and for nearly
four ho tr* tn. y-uiiK folks with a ice exceptions
Hu.- idc-l the mar.es of the danoo with happy faces.
The publication of tbe article raise 1 a decliled brceto
"The Ocean Otarra P.ocotd," wilted by tue Ker. Dr.
Adam Wallace, a retiral Methodist clergyman, pub
lishe.! acointnuniC-tlDii signed" A Parent," In which the
Kev. Mr. (-chock and Professor Ireland were strongly
condemned for adM-M-lag the reunion. Tho wntor asUs
if Paaiat Boheoh ami PtilaaaBt lialaad wecwaaaeag
those who tlid not tiiso part In Hie daiicim,'- ' Il would
bs a c irio.is si'.'ltt," eays tUe writer, ?* to see'a Methodist
preacher and ex pi\_-hlln_ el b-r Joinliu with the super*
inletnlent of bis H.ui la/-school in the iii.uesof tho
.1 nee. Wo do not suppose that either of them did Oils,
at least wo hope they did not; but the ilistiii>*tlou be?
tween dammi< themselves aud giving their proseuco and
appian il Of the flaacc is very slight Indeed. ' You might
as well cat the devil as to di ink his broth.' "
Tito writer then quotes from tho Discipline of tho
Methodist Epiaajpal Okatah tue lines condemning aa
" itu t'Hi;stl.in cou Iud'' "dancing, alton Hug dancing
paitics, bona races," ete, Tho article decca with a
strong protest against, Professor '.Ireland's connection
with tha affair, and says: " We send our children lu t;io
BChOOlal Which lie has cliar.'c that their lutcliect- tn,ty
bc trained an.l nm their heels."
The pabltoattaa af ? A Parent's" letter nos followed
by one entitled " Tlie Ol 1 a'atns," and al-'ned " A Crank.'1
Tnis was p.ihlishcd in " Tue New-Jersey Tribune,' a Pro
biltiliotiist journal here clited by tbe Kev. Hiram II.
0] tlvke, nuat'.ier IfatBO iist inlnls.or. In refelling to tho
rc,inion ol Nf BU Zetas ? A Oran!- " eays:
The Invitations were Inned by a clenrvmnti and ths
oacaalaa was graced uv tha daughter of aaeteer, .ts wall
aa tba toa ol tull Boothera while his father was preeent
to eantrlbnta to tba interest af Um ecaaaloa as wall as io
witness thi llanelli.' in which lil* son wns engaged, and
Which We !.:rn noni one of our local pupers waa the
?? real fnn el the en nins," aad whs continued for nc.irlv
four hears; mid to thia lae fact thai another otergvaiaa
meant ly gare coantaaancc to it ball by hie preaeaee,
l lu- writer- i Lim tii_t bia conduct is " a dell.mee of tiie
i elis oi tlie ('lunch," i.n.i Hint ?" i lirloffaUM eomlug here
irom otiur puns of tba caaatrTbBTcoipttsaeatheil
surprise i;t thc laxity of processors hare."
Tuc feeling cause I by tie public,itlin ot the two
iiMK.is Ib rory Ritter, The lanibaTaaf tb. sig.ii.i-.cu
literary Society alroagly denounce all peraoaB who atc
in favor af upholding ibe ru ii af the Methodist Church.
a nu meer nf then arc members of thc Rot. Mr. Behm _ ?
oliurcb. They threaten to withdraw fara the fold. A
number cu aerlmoulous tjuarreH bare beaneauaedby
louie,! discussions of tho uut alien. ihe Lev. Mr
Bi ii o t. wbe is tl <? pastor of H. Paul's Methodist ICpla
copal linnell in Ocean OroTC. wrote to Hie Kev. W. M.
Hoflett, Hie presiding elder of this district, that he la
tended to prelei charges Beilul tbe Ker. Mr. .chock.
The elli r replied lo the eitect timi in- earnestly hoped
thal nil iici.soii.il aii.tcioiicis between tbe twa elerarmcn
waaia renell a friendly settlement before the opening of
the annual Bassfin of tbe New-Jeraei Confcreaoe at
' ,aiu icu on Marah ll. In answer Mr. Heltlng wrote thal
he iiml no person ii dlBerenoes with Mr. Bel ooh. Tho
nhargo*, If raade, will be for nnmlnlsierlal eonduot In
attending the Sigma Zeta's reunion. Tim feeling ovet
thc BBntter trill "probably seriously cripple tho Pl.st
Methodist Church
Boeroa, March 'i (Speelal}.?Aa Intercatlag decision
has baan rendered by ti.') Bopreme Court of IhleUthta
In fa*, or of the Manufactnron1 Pira and Marlac lu
luranoc Company agalael tim Middlesex Ballroad t'om
paay. lu i.to thc Middleton Coaipaay Itaaed
bonds lo tho aiiioiiit of 1160,000, and
ti,.- plaintiff became the owaer of Ifty ol thens, lah*
seo.ii nilv th" ioii,piny was authorized to .divert the
bondi Into stock and to limo additional stock- The
arratit'titiciiis Mt;-c made with the Iti'i-rnaftonal
Trust Compaay, and ail rights expired ea January
ill, lcs6. At li o'cloCb on the afternoon of Satur?
day, Jaauary Bl, lr8.\ that being the close of business
hours of thc defendant ( ompany, the Baan e committee
of tho Mlddlc-iea Coatpaay transferred all rcaaJalag
-ti.. K which had not Leen tahen, lo the Ii.toinaiional
Trust Company, Al 8:20 o'clock oa that day, tho
president ot lae plalatUI company presented bis bonds
ami saked to have thom converted Into stock, but
l,e was (old Hut ho was loo late. Tiie pia.t.mr thon
brought suit ami claimed lhat lt was entitled upon
surrendering tbe pS5,O0u of bonds and Interest th-rcon
to ha\e a decree tor a oort!beeta ot BM) shaina of
Stock, mid to subscribe at par tot IM 2-100 more
shares aa age! ne I tho Middlesex Company, nr 'i.vi 4 lo
shares ot tho Bacton Consolidated Street Raliway
l im mil Court has ordered en assessor to be ap?
pointed io determine tbe value ot ?60 sheree of Ina
-toc.% of tbe Middlesex Hallway Company on January
Bli 1866, and Ihe Dial nt I fl ls entitled to a doe tc*, fur
the amount of this value?over fttt/MO?-with lu
lore.t from that day.
Boeron. Maret I (Spacial).?Although tha tests ol
electric un tors made by the West Bad street Kau?
ri.ad Compaay a few months ago were not satisfactory
in proving them suited to practical use, the result!
led to a continuance af experiments, on Monday a
car waa! lalo commission on tbe line betnteea Uarvard
K'luare, Cambridge and l'hrii Bqnaro, Baatoa, raaniag
two taaad ni-.s a day. Oa Thiindaj tha number of
tups was I nc rc BB ed to four, which ls about the limit
of Ibo baitei.es. Duplicate batteries have been pro?
vided, however, and In a few days tho eat will be run
tho full number of trips for a day's work. Ibo route
over which the car ls run ls practically level, uu.l
there lb no trouble In Carrying a full load cf pa-sen
?Bia. v. hen iina experimental trips iver.- bmob la.-t
tull, thc car was nut ut a satisfactory rate ol speed
on eaay grades, but had some difficulty in climbing
strip grades, There lois \^,-n ma nhsngo la tha ear,
but a BOW mell.od of n*lng the power -.toted In the
batteries gives mach Bsore satisfactory results. Tho
company will soon put in operation the other eat
which it baa lined up with an electric motor, ami
bulli cars Win be kept In rep ular use. 'the cabin
system will probably lao put in operation la Huston
over u pan of ino \. tst Bod Company's ln.o this yaar.
hy. Janis, March -.-A runaway engine played a
biief bm .iisiistao'is eagagesscat la the Mlacoarl Itaalla
yards at tin- place las! night, 'ihe Kan.sas city ex
P - _:iivcd at liiJO p. tu , anti Ibo engineer, as
usual, bai'Ked the engine li,to tbe round house and
left, lt theiss. An bout later in some mysterious niau
ncr tho throttle was opened and the engine went
through the yards a! the rate of thirty miles au hour
with nobody, to guido lt. There were a BUSBbei of
cnKioes lu the yarea and on tho main trasks. The
eiiKinijers wen; ail auxious to gel out of tho way, but
owing to the complicated arraagemont of toe numerous
switches none knew which way lt would come. A
train was pulling up on a long swltok lending to an
elev al er, with aaotaar ctglae ini.in.i it. imo this
switch the runaway engine tm neil. ilia- eaglMCC of
the Brat tram s,iw um daagor, lie was betwaaa twa
tues. Put reversing his engine and WhMllag to tho
engine behind him he started backward, A not -rana
of tinco Mocka ensued, but thc runaway caught the
train. The two engines carno toj-e,i!,f-i with lei'fill
taree, tcaiiiiK both Co pieces. Thc Urala behind con?
tinued to back at the rate of forty mlle* an hour, arid
beti.ut the engineer could stop. Jumped ike traak ai
the elevator, Wracking lite engine. The three loco
moines aro ruined.
Ir-.C isvn.i.h, March II (Special). IL H. Lawirni-C, one
el the proprietors ol the ..nferpr.so Vinegar Works
ban u.-.-, -not at 5 p m. yostui-day, by li. 'l. Qlviden,
liriil died half BB hour later (,'ivlden iha' ?om ''
gave lawrence a check In payment tor a small amount
In dispute betweea Ihena Tbe banh refuneal paymcui.
Lawience retuint. to Oividcn's otllw an.l a q'luirel
ri, .-> ii Ci li. cia.ii. in,i LawtOWC Inc tusiniie
.i with a slick gpd then drew a pi-iol. UlVldei
srreated tba ptetal asran and Iradi lb bail aatared
at the base ol the brain, i... only vttMagea VBta
(1.1 in's ni', WOW in itenogrnphem. Lawrence's
tub i waa killed by "Hen" Jeaaeoa, of Lexington io
the Hall Ililli-*.- la IBM His mo h'r wa- afterward
mauled in Jam-. Uh archill, rh ownet ul Churchill
Downe, where the Lenta Illa race trach ls. b.,e li lt
bim fl'_.',.JuO, which he bail run through on mo tu:f.
Vinci. nm>. Ind., Man h M.- lalgBM (Xi ileiiienl piss
vaJLs In shoals, Ind., over the arrest of John 0.
Jones, County CommtantOOer J Hr. Blaalklld and James
Archer, thai ged wllh tin- murder of "Jack'' Ballard,
a I'nlon soldlei iwenty four >ears ago. AllxTt Qualk
Inbush tamed t-tates evidence. liallacd lane heall tn
Ibis county during tho war to BTNal s de't-r-tet-, ind,
ii is said, tha three men iiHmeai balaaped to nu- Kalcbta
of the Golden I in ie. At a meetlag of thc order, Hal
l_rd"a murder wa* decided on and it ls alleged lhat the
mon arrested wera ImpHeatad in tin- crime, .innes
ls out on fl.OOO hall --tai.Held and Archer are lu
Jail, and one tslone, wl.u tlvea near Olney, III., lt ls
Kaia, will be arrested.
A challenge de1 ate between UM Weat Harlem Voun?
Men's Circle and the Irving IMetwry (society will
take place si t,ne Wesi llarlorn HalhoiM BahMapal
t'hur'h on M. I, 1 r,. The propo-I'lon for tlelnte ,?
"That Wo ???> ahuuld nol be entitled to fluili-agis'*
ibeio will _l-o o , musical and literary i-nlm iain
meni, iii.iP-; hm ?aa_pi.?i itt tho Weat Harlem Vouug
Men's Chile
Tho Iyrsygne delef-ates tirortp the deadlock over Ihe
reehedule at 8 o'clock yentenlay morning, and the
Schedule, aeloptaill Will DO fo'ltul IrCloW. JollD af* Tiny
maile a haul itglit, saying that he v. as not treated
fairly. I>ay's olijertlons, however, were overruled.
Tho deadlock iva, broken by sending tho three dis?
puting dubs from tho roon: and the five dlslnteroastod
i,ri,vs agtoajtetj the schedule that had caused all tbe
trouble. Fi-llowlng ls Hie tchodule of games:
With Boston : April 30, Msy 1, 2. 3; June 23, 24. 2f ;
August 27, 28, 29.
With 1'hiladsljihls : Aprtl 25, 2C, 27, 28; July 2(1, 27.
28: .September 3, 4, 8.
With I'lltstiurg: Msy 80,30,81 ; June 1, August 0,10.11 ;
80, Anutvt 21.
With rittsburg : Msy 80, 81 : June 1, August 9, 10, ll;
October ft, 8, 9.
With Detroit: Juna 14, 18. lo, 18; August 18, 17, 18;
Scpte-rulicr 28. 20 ; October 1.
With Iiidl.nape.il*. June 2, 4, 6, 8: August 0, 7, 8;
October ll, 12, M.
With Chicago: Ju 0. ll, 12; August 18, 14, IC;
October 3, 4, 6.
With Revsiem April 20, 21. 28, 24 ; Juue 29, 80; July 2,
August 20, 21, 22.
WIUi New-York : June 23, 25, 2d, 27 ; July 19, 20. 21 ;
Aupuaat ta, 24. 2ft.
With Washington! April 30, May 1, 2, 8; July 23. 24.
2Sr August 80, 81; Re-piember 1.
Wllh Pittsburg: June 8, 9, ll, 12; August 10, 17, 18;
Se jiiaieilacr 28, 29; October 1.
Uv li Ueiinit: May 30, 30, 31 ; June 1, August 9, 10,
ll ; October 0, 8, 9.
With I nil m:i]?- i- ? June 13, 14, 15, IC; August 13, 14,
16; Oe i flier 3, 4, 8.
Wl-ti ( Lunge: June 2, 4, 6, 8; Anrust 6, 7, 8; October
11, 12, 18.
With NetvYnrkr January 13, 20, 21, 22; Aurum 2. 3,
4, 30, 31 ; (september J.
With liuls'l'iplila : Msy 98. 20, 28, 29; July 30, 31;
A up isl 1, September 24, 25, 20.
With Washington: June 23, 25, 26, 27; July 20, 27,
28 ; Srplember 8, 4, 5.
With I'lirsbuig: June ?, 4, 6, 0; August 6, 7, 8; Octo?
ber ll, 12, 13.
With IVtmlt: June 8, 9, ll, 12; August 13, ll, 15;
October 3, 4, 5.
Wllh liidlatiS|)'!la.r May 30, 30, 31 ; June 1, August 9,
10, ll ; october 0, !*, 9.
With Chicago: June 14, 15, 10, 18; August 16, 17, 18;
frjeptenabcr 2H, 29; October 1.
With awatea: April 25, 20, 27, 28; July 19. 20, 21;
An;-tivt 23, 21. 25.
Willi New-York : April 20, 21, 23, 24: S-'ptembcr 24,
'3, 20; Aiaia-u-'. 20, 21, 22.
With rhlladntphia : J ...- 18, 19, 20, 21 ; August 2, 3. 4 :
27, 28, 29.
With Iiitiburgr Juno 18, 14, 15, 10; August 13, 14,
Iii; ('.lober 3, 4, 6.
With Detroit; June 2, 4, 6, 0; August 0, 7. 8; Ottobr
11, 12. 13.
Y.'iui Indianapolis : June 8. 9. II, 12; A ii gu vt 10. 17.
18; Se pta n,i? r BL 29; October 1.
Willi Ptotragt' May 80, 80, 31; June 1 j August 9, 10,
ll ; october 0, 8, t\
Wllh Peats. : May 0, 7, 8 ,9; July 14, 10, 17 ; atoJMNt
bcr 13, 17, 18.
With Neva-York: May 19, 21, 22, 28; July 4, 4, li
September 'Jo, 2t, 22.
v.itli l'hlla1el|.'ilr\r May 10, ll, 12, 14; July ll, 12,
18: S'jiieitiiVr il, 12, 18.
With TTfarktolton* Maj 15, IO, 17, 18; July 7, 9, 10;
*jc;,f niber 7, 8, 10.
Wllh l'lltebuif May 1, 2, 3, 4 ; July 23, 24, 'ii ; Aogu*t
2, 3. 4.
Wllh Iiidlan.tp.ilif . June 20 21, 22, 28; July 30, 31;
AOgOM 1, 17, 2*, 21).
With Chicano: Juno 25, 20, 27, 28; July 2G, 27, 28;
August 23, 24, 25.
With Ri.a-ton: May IU, ll, 12, 14; July ll, 12, 18;
fccpfinlicr 20, 21, 22.
With Nm.. York: May 15, 10, 17, ly ; July 7, 0, 10;
bepteiiibcr 15, 17, lb.
With r'.iloslciphU. May 6, 7, f, 9; July 14, 10, 17;
tV-pn-iiiia>l 7, 8, 10.
With Washington- M.iy 10, 21, 'J-.', 23; July 4, 4, 6j
Beniestnei n, Ut, 13.
With DttJOlt. april 20 21, 28, 2! ; Au:*!i*t 00, 81 ; Sep.
'.ei,0'-r 1, 24, M, 20.
With Indianapolis: May 24, 25, 26, 28; July 20, 27.
28; August 23, 24, 'ib.
Wllh Ctiicci-or Apr',1 20, 27, 28. 80; Juno 29, 80; July
2; AutfUHl 20, 21. 22.
Wllh IiviAis.n : May 19, 21, 22, 23, July 4, 4, ?; Kip
tenil.-r H. lat, 18.
Witt Mtw-Tsrfc: May 0, 7, 8, 0; July ll, 12, IJ; tep
teinber 7, b, 10
Wiih liillitilp'.plila: May 10, 16, 17, 18; July 7, 0. 10)
!>ptcmber 20, 21, 22.
Witli Washington r May 10, ll, 12, J4 ; July 14, 10, 17 j
September 15, 17, 18.
Wllh I'lite-burr, : June 25, 20, 27, 22 ; July 19, 20, 21 ;
Sept- rnbci 3, 4, 5
Willi Detroit: April 20, 27, 28, 80; June 29, 30; July
2 ; Augu*l CO, 21, 22
With ChU-jvgo: April 20, 21 23, 24; July 23, 24, 25;
Auguiil 30, 81; September 1.
With Dillon: May 15. lo, 17, lb, July 7, 9, 10, St |
ten,ber 7, 8, 10.
Witt New-York: May 10, ll, 12, 14; July 14, 18, 17;
binn-nib-r ll. 12, 13.
With I'la.liviaiphia. May 19, 21, 22, 23; July 4, 4, 6 ;
September 15, 17, 18.
With Washington: May 5, 7, 8, 9 ; July ll, 12, 13 j Sej,.
tatala r 20, 21, 22.
With Pittsburg: June 20, 21, 22, 23; July 30, 81,
August 1, 27, 28. 29.
With I)eir?ll : May 24, ?5, 20, 28; July 19, 20, 21,
neasaoxoa 8, 4, tv
Wi.h Indianapolis: May 1, 2, il, 4; August 23 4
)Scjile-:i,t>e>r J*, ??,, 20.
After the us antoMOM .che lui'.' .natural had b"'ii settled,
to. tosetall ui ti Btouered la laka a tee koorsf rest, B*>
fine n,?,ii, BO Wt ier, they sroto all bath lu the BBs-riO***
? nain lu greatly Inci-ea-.-! niicl-ci*. The lt-aa rd of Arbl
ta-allon then niel. This egBsasJMM ls Mosman*! of t.liieo
Isogoii and tares aaaastottea clubs, and is Baapased r,,
wilie all dliTcrcincs. lt iii I not rattle anything to a-peak
ut yesterday, anil left thc iirluclpal tangle In a knottier
condition than lt was al Orst-the Quarrel totwSt. th-' two
etota In K:in*.is Ci'y. Messrs. Ri me, ii,, lp, and Von
der Alie, of course, fainted the claim of the Association
" Cowl,(,>*," adult HM bango* men did not favor eiiher.
Aaotaei deadlock Maoltetai As na aaototoa itali be ar
rivet! at, H waa finally agreed to allow the tao Cowboy
MMM to fight out lb'lr battle In tht- Western courts.
The.ro are- ras.gk lsvv>fr*' fees lu the dim distance lt
wn-i-k bulli clubs.
Von d"r Aho. was Indignin' at thc recent decision lg tie
Halliday mm and demanded aiiutber trial. Thc gatJstta
wss ..'alii ai-., ni- to the (luman manurer, nnd Halliday
will lui" to jilay In tho Des Moines Club. Thc delegates
watt also unanimously in favor of thc three strikes' rule,
and lt wa, allowed to I'.ii.iln a basoball law. Manager
Willi:.ans projioscd lhat lour strikes snd four called ball*
should govern, bul the motion was laughed down without
hav liv; to be put to s for.rv.il vote.
Tho Joint Committee on Balm and the, Reporters' A.?e>.
rlnti-iu Committee then had s liv dy session. The practi?
cal scorers carried lhe day, and nearly all ihe suggestions
drawn up by them at tho recent meeting In Cincinnati
ta?r* adopted. Hereafter the players' reiords will bo worth
kuma tiling mores ihan tbs paper on wiil.-h liny are written.
In tho fourth column hereafter will 1st .cured lhe bases
stolen, according U. thu fellowing rt.l?s: Any atti ii,pt to
steal a ba?o HOM go lo the credit of HM baw-tinnier,
whether lhe bali ls thrown wild ur muffed hy the Helder;
but any manifest error is to be charc-d to me lleldei nian?
ing tbe am.). If the bsstrunner advance.* another base,
ho stiull Dol be rred'.te-d with a stolen MM, and lhe fielder
allowing such advancement ts al u to be charga-d with sn
error. If s ba-a-runnei nume, a surt aad a " battery"
criol ls also mad'-, thu maier teeureg thc credit of s
v.,.,-ii MM sud th* " laltcry" e.rioi la Btrored against Ibo
player n yaring lt. Bhotnd ? I..-*- i,,:::,, r overrun a base
an I th, ii I"- put out, he should receive the credit for Hie
ming i*-"
The twe Items under baschlt* wi.-ev als/, nlopted as fol?
lows- ? When s player reachc* lirst basti Dir,-ugh an error
ot Judgment, auch ss iwo fielders stlovving ihe ball to
drop between them, the bstler shall BM ta- riedltei with
ti basthit nor tho fielder with an error, bat lt shall be
s,.ie,i a* an unaccepted chance and the batteer shall bej
charge! willi a lime st bat"
it rn :,i.i, H -,,'ved thai m ca'e^ f/kMi a tootreaaoi
is retired by bttag hit by a baited ball, Uv* btlssaaa oatjl
to irtfitlH aiik s Batseai Nrivfoaali 7 it Rals i).-i ha,
itoH I '1 ai (ollowe : " An BalBOl rna *>i.ali b?- a,orel evry
Hat -? pl.] sr vi-:.'* till ton ? 1 to I te ile - I ny -n. rs, be?
lo re , Lances hsvo t? I -i I ?? ? i t" rcllre tl,. b|d,. |,ut,
tia*cs on called balls, thougla sumu.ari. .. >ri,u
bo orediu-d as fai-teirs In .ariied nins ' i ,,?? ;,ir. , |,atl ?(
thia lulu was ol,.tv ted t. t,f <:,,? Heirn, hil ;.?, |kjg man.
ager, had conceded so n.udi, Hie Beaton yteUSSl I'.ule
M BBS .iitrreda as follows. " In the MMB ny iii- ?
be a iie-.? ae.iUiyii, Nu. b, regarding " the number ol Mm
?truck ,:.'.'
Tho lye ague men irrofissed to Is: Indignant that 1 tn,gus
scheiuii! had been pnlillihed. They eaiy a rigid liiv.:,tlga.
linn rilli be male, and if Hie gu.Hy person i. din ?v r-d,
he will tie summarily dealt wllb. Tim bogus Khedule
wa* ia 1, - r..j 1.' I for.
The American Aaemclation umpires also held a formal
BBOtoMOM afici Ife. niau.,,', r* had niri.hcd H.slr labora.
They wished lei Cum* tey .one ui.ilrr.Litidlng about In'.er
piftl.ag 11 nain rules, and ?,i,,,-, d-d i,. ,li afur a short
Maa! .a. Tlie Kansas City liub Saftni I'll,Hips and lian
tels yeaterds/, oblie toe ixir'.r. Club Induced Breuiiius,
the heavy bitter, to put his slgrniture to a contract, Hm
lon refused to sign with Detroit and Ciiok-m also refused
IO fllgU S ChklgU COUUflct.
Jn the suit brought by William E. Dodgo Btskei in the
New.Yoik Supreme Csart acslait the majority ol the
truitess of ths rh.lps Mission, to restrain them from
dlverlla* the tanda and property committed to their otiarjrs
snd to sst Milln tbs sttemptsd ooniolioallsn which tl.sy maits
with the Elghty-fotirth Street .'reibyterlan Church la Jan.
?jary, 1687, ajramit the protsal ot Mr. Siokea. a t'.ecislon l.t.
Jaat been hsuited (town br the lisneral Term In favor of the
plaintiff, ths Court roMIng that the transfer of the Droperty
ot ths Phelps M leaton by Anson a. P. Atterbnrr,Henry Dale
anti Ktllasa Van Rensselaer to tbs Klshty fourth Htreel
t'hureti, ot which Mr. Altcrbury ls paator. must be annulled
ss a mlsapproprtatliu ot tbe prsperty of the Miaaiou of .rblch
they woro trustees. Chief Juill o Van limul, in sn able ami
exhsnillToopinion, lays.
The plaintiff han shown that, all of hts aasoclsfe truitess
were enfaseil tn the conspiracy to deprive the ii,ties Mil
alon sf Vitality sod rob ii of its properly fer the- benefit of an?
other corporation, tu the an, .-<?** ol whloh one of them waa
deeply Interesieii, being pat-tor ot the recipient of the stolen
KOOtis The fart that oneof the trnsteea of the Phelps Mis.
sion, who ta alexi i to usve been th* chief pni-iotet sf thia
acbemo of soDSolnlatl.iii, waa atm the pactM of Hie Eighty
fanrth Street Presbyterian t'hnrch. Waald of Itself be sfltfl
clent. If na other grouud inned, to invalidate tho whole pta
The principle thst corporations hartns common oflieere ami
truatera cannot a-nter lSto valid comrade with each other,
lias become wsli established In the Juriaprualencs of lb la
country and In England. Esch corporation hal tie right lo
the unbiased counsel of e?eh of lt* o!th en aud rrnsleea. and
where an olHccr or trustee ls connected with two dlrfereiic
corporations, e.ieh, with any dealings between tho two.
wouul be itenrived nf that to which lt ia entitled, viz.: the
niibi-.s-t ali _iot roi.t'l nf sue', trustee ami therefore thur
must not contra.-!, aitfl if they ito such contract will lie set
_i:.'s. A fltore air.kins* illustration nf Hie salutary ten
ilencr of Hus rule BBS nf vcr been pinenled la sny court
than la SXhllattfld by thc tacts alleged lu the complaint In thia
'I'l.e cia'-ir nf tba Elihtv fourth f-treet C'hnrch, also s trm
toe it the Phelps MisMofl. assnuee that if woul.t tieirieatly
for hil advantage if bs rsa by rnes'is of his Klthty fourth
sireei Church swallow np the property of
His lin i,i? ."!>-? ai. and apply the isnio
ts the support of the etnirch over which he ministers, stn! aa
trustee ol tia l'heliis Mission he brlrirs about tho anrrrniler
"I Ita wiaole i te eily t? Hm Right* fourth Street i.burcn.
lt la clear Hist I e whole Interest ot Hits pasta! waa lu thu
l.iplitr taa.ii ii; -i, , ,.- I :,.,,, I, ?,: | u,.aa I,* n-., I nu I.,,?il,,H.
ss s trustee of sail mission, to accomplish tbs ui.Jecl ol
.alisa.ibm;, (or the brttertt of the church to which lie must
look for his ruppert, sll property ami aa*, t* of ibu rulasisc.
Juline Van Btaal also holde that un.ier tint ital nie ot 18TB
and other atstutea of thia Mite -consolidationcan fn nn cast
lie effected between a f roo church, such as tbs Phelps Mle
' alon, which la a benevolent snd chsrltsole socloty au,I unite
nominations', and s body like a Presbyterian church un.Ur a
denominational control, and pointe ont with great diinnet*
ness ihe organ.c iLHercnce b"t.veen tim twa Tlie Fhfllf
Miision ns sharllaMa stgaaitallea sstahUsfeei as a smsscc
lal to Anson (l. I'heipiby his deacemtaaie sud relsliTra fur
the beuelit of the poorer classes.
Tln-aae waa ilechied on au spnesl from B Jaifaseal sue
taming a demurrer, umi was BffgBOd by QeOfgC BtchOlBfl an.l
Cephas llrain'ril for Mr. r-to'.ie*. and by Beatie IL l'or.lea*
sud W lilian- L. t-nyder for the defendant*.
Germ -.mitti h.a* saocecBeB 1" i st-'-L-i,lag ala anua
to damages for thc liialadioil, treatn.cnt of a frft'"iIS ll
lils ankle bailie hy l)r. Cornelias J. Duna,nil. 'I'll*. Ulai
of the Casa 111 the Supr. Court h. f"ic .Ins';.-' Andr* v.*
and a Jury result,! je-prday in a verdict for the plain?
tiff glvli.K him *1,0U0. The .labu WBS f-r ki.X'O. Mr.
?i Ilk, who ls in Bfgaatst, ic lived Ihjurlci B lilah, lt
was rliilimd on thc ti I ul. lilli Lita. f ? )'? SSI-OW-ly Wltb his
agata.ag ne petali Bl ths lastraawal sa whlcb ba pinpa
F. W. IVrihoff, to nieun Henry W. BtOhf & Co. rn ei ?
Ba aaatgaanat in Deceaber, 1884, ehtalaisl a indenten!
in the BapresflS <Soart for 811.000 aaaleat Laala BehtelU r,
who had Itel' h.nile ,i U.e shStU print ta tie. aatfl -J UM
littler of properly of tbs inni l.r the lui.?lit "t .redlloi*.
An ipp. .il waa tali' n bf BIWBCnatlcl V. Hirsch, BOBBMl
for the deft tidal.'* and lbs Oaaeral Zetas hat ordered a
new HUI.
An ord-'r to show cause fl 1 t A in-ii.din,iis should not
ir.*ue rt qui rina? the Manhattan BaUnaH Osmyeay nnd thc
Coninilsnion. r if Public Works lo r>-i_..ve ..nain WOoBra
structure.-, Stetted by UM company for thc st.aa;.'" -il
coal, ell, ere. lu front, of the -.lopeiiy ,,f BCtBh l.-un lt,
iii Eighth ave, hetweea Oa?haaOiaBaad lity-Bfth-Bta sad
Ona hunting Bini Bltj ninth bul, was er.ini"ii yaaasraay
by justi.e Patttraea, al tbs Bapsaan cnurt. Baa slals_s
that tin y arc a nuNiince.
Tha Qeaaral T.rm of tbs Beiatani Osnrl i j* oidaiei
a nctv trial of the sun lu which WUlUca K. Hayden, tba
IhssMrii al ?anagcr, Obtained a Jadfrnenl fat fi!,'"'" Bcalnflt
Tiioiiuita H. Eagleton, known oa lbs ?'ng'* as Xhowaas
W. Keene, UBCCBIaa, br SSOaey which ll ?;<s clulm-d
wa* OvaryelO lo thc actor. The la".r, while under fn
|B(aaBBat to 'he inaiiat*''r, WM Mri .lien with paralysis.
When ti" recavcrai, hsssaal al ccaUaalag Ma enirageincnt,
lu. starc-d out, la psi fatal under his sara Bansapeawat, and
Hayden hi*et:;'ht mil for tho BMMMy on a note which
Koa no had glvta bte, aud Which ibo latte, cialins that
ha baa paid.
James Redpath i- atcwdfly recoverlaf (ran Ms long
ai.d Mil Ital illness, and 1,1s ply-lcun, Dr. B> W. Dana,
believes thar Mr. Itcdpath v.Ill ultlin.itely recover
hi. entire health, Th's will bo gratifying news to
Mr. lieiipiitd's anneroos Monds, who feared thal it
?'m nut polhla foi tie) faiiitius nid Abolitionist to
pass -brough BaaUm Bttaeh al paralyclf. Mr. itcd?
path wm attached thia bait time la the throat un Janu?
ary IB. His Illness, therefore, BOVOtS about four
weeba, no wai uaaUe la epoch part of the time,
and ro'ild swelloW only occasionally dilling the llr<t
stages of his l|lne;s. 'Ihe Ital altacli raine a \eir
or -ti BfOa It ileprlveal I."rn nf the HM of his left Brm
and lefi loir. Ile reoaavered Hit* uso nf his P^, hut
cannot ta. iuy open bia fingers. Mr. Kednatb has tu
fur rapalaed hi* health that he catt walk al.tiut bia
hintso) aid e:at solid tutxl. He Writes a little now,
bot generally only to answer qaestloaa leal by his
fiends ni doctor. Ye.-leitlay bc WTOtC to I'i. Dana
that h.- waa nil righi ami wanted to walb to Central
Part and beeb te l.i house. Iir Dana says lie Uha
io Bghl wltb Mr Redpath lo keep bim from soelag all
his friends.
Plstrlct Alton y Kellows was not at bis oflVe
yesterday, hut tho Informal turi waa (riven out there
on good aathortty that thc fa-ii af Jacob Sharp wouM ?
be (alien up at tho Court of Oyet aud Tttnulner to
Le held In April. Justice PattertOl-, Who ha,, liecn
a Justice, of the 8nprenio Court only for a jear and
who han naiver presld >d lu tho flyer aud Termlner,
ls asHlKiit'd to hold that mort fit Ihe Ap-ll term.
Sharp's trial, if it takes place, will proceed on tho
same llnPi its tbs funner trial. o\c,pi that the (osti?
ni..ny whit-li the ( nun of Apicals cut'.ldered oblcc
ah-nal le win i^ excladed
ii-it'et \!ton."v Pellowa ha? pranleeB lo prose?
cute pw-Mmally tho ease of (JuNeppe fainpobardl,
accused of tho BsurBat of Polleaaiaa Harrett'i nm.
hsmnol J. Oana, thu tobacco broker ot Xy. 1:>1 Water lt.,
whi>ne llrm. J. fl. Cam, Sou .t: Cu., impended a we, lc a?jo
?ra* i,ti *tlr airtstc.I a te-r Jj-, ag,, at the Instance o' two a>t
hu crenltots on a charKo ot laicr-nr. and toteeaet oa 88,088
lull. IIIt)ei?tnniiti<an wu iel 8ewa fur yejtfntar ?t th*
YnrlaT,Ile I'bltco Court, lint st til. re.inr.l *t Mt com,iel lt
was aajeatael nnid Tbataaay. The stailteta who tom
nicnral Hie criminal procrfl.Iinrs BgBiafll him are ll. Fall *
Uro lier and O. C. Kieuiiuich. Thu tr*us_ctloas on winch
tba turn,er base* Ma co -plaint, lt la Bali, wai tito salt br
Mr. ('ans as broker of finythre , c..t??s nf tobacco, Tatum! al
SI.O0O, for Falk A Idother to Kilns liacti & Hon, the latter's
lilentltj* not belr.g known to Fia'a ?_ nrother nt tho timi- of
sale In thc ...sn of Mr Klenbns.ii.lt ts saul Hist Mr. Ham
itold fl lot of iota.cc. for him to HorTtiifln A Son, who rave
their note lu p'-Tinna;. Ci.tt Mr. Haas Ind ll dlscouuted and
nepi the proceeds, amountlnir tfl shout S- 600.
His le.ls'iiieiits were ?iite.-n I aarsiflst Huiuet t Ce., Iron
fi,unit.rs at So. 704 Hut Twelfth.et., yeit.rdaj in taror of
M_rr J, O'lflH. flaarod-tlni $l.,0st), for money loaned the
linn. Jacob Kruiniue, her attorney, sall ycnterlnT thu tb*
gbattBbad taken diane of thefoundrr. Th* nra had been
pr'tinisinj Ui par the mouey, but wer. BBBblS to, although
they boped to r.ilso uienoy to extricate tl.eiuselTes. 1 he Crin
ie composed of James J. and (jilcert J. Unmet, tbe tonier
tl,e ' ?a'.I*' 1st. andtiifl inter kissou.
The schedules ol DaTiil -OhmlJ, Jeweler, No. .81 and 286
E.iet Houiton-sL, to Aruold Kolan, show liabilities,
BMBBYBi contiBjiiui lialwhtlaa, $.,o7U10i nominal ai
sets, tl,1110 45 : aul Actual SBaatS, $1.7-0 60.
S.lic.i.ilea lu the aaalgaaMal ol Willivi I. Negns end
Wi'..lain ll. C. Carpenter, comtttntinj tbs nrm of W. I
N,|ii? A Co., dealers In Hatilware. (fa. 17 Wnrrou-il., to
>*i.,iet!ek (j. har-.ller. show llabilluis. 8180 3'1 ll i uotulual
assets, trb,S7'J Ul, auil sa-iniil asaeis, t35,04?', li.
, -?-,
I'lMfesior John 1.. I.tnceiti. of BtBWa Lui* era-lty, ons
.f Ihe uiost BBOSeaaTa] and hMietti of New 1 ''nijlaiid orluej
torn, ls now BBValllaa In iulr. li, a urlasm laatBS to a
friend in this cltj dated at ban lieu, on ivbruurr 16 be
"XhC health of thc OteWB I'lln-c ls tho all-cncro-slutf
aahhiii "' tbs Banaaa pr^-*. ^nd of aoataa arith avail*
i?,iiv hara. Lana haft rs \ s cn Ibis lattes von win i.a\.<
h.^ni et ii," , ?>? r,,'.. ii , r .., hcatonu which les been f"r
f?n?. 1 mal ,'f Hs Hms tar t.rsMfl msalU 1 BM ilu.ost
dally S friend ,f Slr Mot. ll M.., kentle and aa get ii ll
lepeeta it laellaaa le st lanai tba b bs tbet lbs disease
mar not be cancer, hut tl- Herman phTfllctaaS all thlnlc
Hilt lt l? SOB SSI and t-'ri. :,.,inlri!!* bBS-BSa. In BllbCS
biBttbssIa it ie a m rv Betteas nail tl ta hs whlcb tho
i rewa Pita ss is m. Btaosat ii,- eeaaat ajcah above ?
a-lunacr. and BOt much ut u.at. (nd ll pt weal bOBM lo lils
bed. or st lej.t to his ttmmBMt. AU IbS world ls Iii -jin
paiuy wbh b-fls.-' i'i',fe.*?r Umala u Ihfluaahlj ?c
inatalad ?iih Oeeaoay, whets ba spent roar* in tom
pictiiiai hi-i eBaaatlaa sal ahleh bc has visited -ince md
ls ihotnuiihly In sympathy with the bel md noblet
t.crni-n nci.llu.erit. In this p-tii-r ha refers In the follow
li, g term* to lli-iiilrch'u great sixech i "I read with
Blent ti.lcres*. tho words of l.-ud hiillsbiiry In the IlousO
Ol I..O 1* ill Ott dala-le UH the '.Itt. uf Ifllbt?IBff, It III
lerested mo far more dian lils attempt ia, Jusltf-r H-_,- t,*,.
Hold's (In Answer to I.sri Hraiavtlle) actiou cu Ui? Ballia
Congres. tu fsvorabie to (ie una li T snd Hinuiia. nescons
fi.ild had fl great ovstlnii lu I.ngland as If ho had resisted
Kus-ls'i ambitious designs; bot lllsuiarcbfa groat spee-h nf
the ',?;. ot thia rnonth tells the story very di-t-rvnilr.
Iiy the way, thia Bleaurck, mee. li ls ...r.ii-ly a cieii one
In the sweep of Its range and tn the rigor ind outsp /ton?
nes* of tts tono. It seem*, too, te givo promise of peace
In Europe, but It ls a peace, howevr, resting on au a*
sured pn-L-a-.allon for mr, I think lt I* rather over?
praised by the C" -man paper*, bul lt ls so full of telling
Herman utterances that lt I* not strsngo that sll paule*
acne la lt* praise. Rut there la an undertone nf Uireat
and even of boan In lt. In Its confident words of (''rican
strength In tts armies and their officers. Tbe lier man*
are making enormoui sacrlflcea in these huge armaments
which rcQiilr* such crushing ti-.ntlon and draw aa hard
upon everybody's earnings. Ry and by there must conie
], n.oiistraiire and perhaps something worse."
Lakewood, N. J., March .'I?Wilnoa tie Mem,
Hie Now-Yntk artist, aaa ft unique little studio on
the upper lloor of t.he <-iislno of tho I atm rel House.
Tho Hoot ls covered with rita's. Comfortable}
chftirs Invites the visitor to seek their embrace. A
cheerful Ure of oak and pine wood or-acUli *, in UM
open fireplace, beneath thc brick munta?), j.n iron
crme supports a bright ri plier ten-ki'tllc over the
blaziiiiyj logs. At one sl-li- of tlio trantel toaaatl
aa old-fashioned brd-wftm-.ini* pan, wind) was
iiv'.l for years in one of tho historical old man?
sions of Connect lent. Tho queerly designi'd
andirons in the (irepliteo came from th" sn me lmus-v
Ncar one of ibo wind Wt baDSt un iinci :.t link
iutf-j-lass with tho imiiilin** of a farm hotiw, which
la Its liny was [jrolnl'iy ci,:,,,iereel a Work cf nit
Thc oddly designed frame bas carved on it birds
which slightly Nfamtbk tbe Anii'ri'.iii rn?,!<.*. On
one well bangs the pajtnla ot Madame La Coni
tonal d'Oicsii, which alt. is Meta exhibited at the
French baloo Id 1885. There iuat other picture,
meetly painted In Fnnc* walch gita*!* laterctl
the visitor. Mr. de laen, it, now at work upon a
port rn lt. viii, li Will (ivute tl mtMatfOB WU. li lt )s
? xhibited in New-Yore,
IX -Governor Howard nnd Mrs. Howard, of
Rh.nie Island, have lu cn Item this week.
Dr. and Mik. Alfud Ja. Loomis, of New-York,
ore iiinonu* tlie BOfljV K'.l''St"> "I lin- laOUtV) I Ho IBO.
Mr. gad Mis. Cornelius Vanderbilt and their
children will not return to New-Volt unul next
Mr. imd Mr,. Hodman B. Ellison, of Plilladcl.
phin. have taken ti hxTg. suit of rooms at HM l.ai
rel llouse.
'I'he Minara Bilton. Mtm Anu:t M. Bmttli, Miss
Agues Morgan and John B. KUison, all of the
Quaker City, nm with thi m.
Mr. ami Mi--. Clarks -I Bomtimirte, of Baltimore,
are late emilers at, the Laure] House.
William Tiona pori, Morgan, ol Eat! Orange.
tt. J., baa joiiud a patty of friend, nt the Laurel
Huston ic represented on the Laurel House rejr
latei this week by tb. names of Mis ,T, M. Brewer
iiiid Miss Brewer.
The Lim rd'- leava-s show the following late i'r
Prom Niw-YnrU-Mr. rind Mrs W A. .I'ullman,
Mrs. Henry W. Vaughan uud son, Mrs. Sharpless,
Mis Potter, Mr. and Mrs. (J. Pountoin, Mr*. K. VV,
M (Jinnia, l>r. It. 1*. Collin, Mr. and Mr*, lt, M.
TbompsoD, Mr and Mrs. Fran-is Lee Morrell, Hr.
li. Kitiish, Frederick K. Coudert, Mr. and Mis, l .
I). Eddy, the Miss,s Ekldjr, lia, J. Hawley, Mite
Knowlton, Mr. and Mrs, John Kath, Herbert 1'.
Brown, Mr*. .'. IL Coghill .Mia. Coghill, J ?ed
crick Kernochan and <>ilt< m.
Prom Brooklyn?Mr und Mrs S W. Johnson,
Mi-s JohnsoD, Mi-s VVallace, Miss Hoi nea, Mi*>
(lawley, Mr. and Mrs. l"homaa i. EVareul) and Dr.
anil Mrs. Willium Wallace.
Prom Philodelphio?Mr and Mrs, Lucien Moss.
the Rev. L. M. Colfeltyij W. T. KJnitloy and Paul
? - ? ??
CoUeetor Magoo, nod ths CommlMlooora ol I'ml
gratlon took Much tomrmt y tcn'.iy in Ino dispatch
tran tyMhlngto. lltal Um Bee rot try af tho Traoturi
aad been .i.ivi ed ol un srssrsSsS movement to Rend
Oennoo eoavfcti to thh country. All sanes agars on
lin inning steamers will l,o watched and tl.nso u ho
ci nie within the re.trilling provisions of the uv
against ex ,(,nv lets, naanem, tad nt hers liahio to be
ccnio a int lilli* charm will M MBt back; lint lt ht )???
Ueved fL:tt the ii.overii'tit tm al'eady teen nlj.jat'. la
tbe initi.
Tho United Moles Congnl at Miitiieh hes srritten
MTCral le'tera recently relative t'> tills goading Ogee
if (jarman eonvtott, and two wore found on the steam
Ship v-aalo and were nt,t tllotrod to laud. Tho consul
said lhat f'.ur .X-COHVlCto bad bed th. (boko ol
going t<i tn. WoraVhOUM for fivo years or earning to
lhe united states, ami they/1 bose to fttints hen*. Km h
w u.s provided wllh a mw suit of clothing, a nsw over
eoat, a few extra places ot uoderelothlug, a hat and
?omOafow small objects lueb ns eomba and brushes,
I jinn their arrival hei-o they wen) lo lie sent to tue
Gorman Consul ard anon his Ideatlfleatlon of thr-in
wein in have a lev dollars anti a railroad Mogal to
Omaha, Bf. I'atil, Pargo, or lllsmarek. Cori I-r-iia't-i-s
watter and Jur-ejiii Rictberger wno rho two fi und
ari, .:,.- u.o Beale's patMogarg. The former wm rto
,-i li.i-.i ai a worthless vagabond, ami a dlsordtirly
character, nnd was nader constant watch by tho poi loo
lu Bavaria. The other was equally a" objectionable.
lioth weia* sent back.
dibcomio*, ovra tim'. oi'ii****.?mci-.nsi: dux?
VISI HlRS AT tm: BBatCaf.
ATlaVgTM CfIT, March 8 i.Spi'elal).-iiiii main tuple of
OtetCIMllM this vvt-ca Is to. naf.-.igo of tho Option
l ' SM bill mer tho dovernor's veto. There ls much di
veriilty of oplr.lnn, bm )nany pro|,eily-!iiil(lcr* maintain
thal If the taloona wattle] close hire lt would kill the
place. Hut tho bill does not iMOtMS tpsratho for a
year yet, and In the meanwhile tho MaVaOfl kco>,c;* will
trgtalte Tho Iicinocrats have attrmiited to form a
combination with too so-called Independent* against lhe
RatpabUcaa tleketi As aOtotts city ts aaaaug Btpatu,
tho inovrnent ha* met with llit'.o el.c ?-.
il shi.-ii'* along tho line of tho Can,hu ami Atlantic
Btolwtf have ojivniltcd with Ucccrsl bewcll aa to tho
ru:-: in price for commutation tickets. They say that
tho i, -v i e would have a disastrous effrct upon lae
new towns on the route, (iencral Sewell said Unit he
would gr*t the a.alter carly attention.
A Ur>.-e hotel is being BtOMti at Arctlo and New
Jersey ave. bix hundred and six Invalid women vrere
ccrci for at the Mereed Memorial Home here during last
year. Among tho coiiulbullons to tho Institution were
aariy.i.'OO from Mr*. atatOMM ll. Powers, of I'lilladelpbla
Mrs. Quintin, president of the National Woman's
I, di.,n gsaselatloa, ha* BrgoaJtoi a btwich known gi t!ie
ludlati AssnelaUon of Atbuiflc City.
l'lit'ish.-d eoltagta are already In demand rci:'iri-ri fr, e
sjOOO to $i00, aecordlix to r>i/o aud location, for the se\i?e>ii.
John Van Horn, of New York, ls hero with his tandem.
Millionaire Duncan, of New-York, ls making (ame as a
besch pedestrian.
The 5th Maryland P.-clrr.fnr, ha* selected Atlantic City
as Irs place of encampment next summer.
Among ths jimmi neut jieoplo horn are i-x-liovernor nar?
rows, of NtW-BsstpSalrt j Mr. POfttj of l-'.iicland, brotb-r
to Captain PtVgtt, who mauri.d Miss Minnie hlcviiik,
Iilai.i'li S. S. ChtMfd, of ludiaiiapulls; tUJOl i'arnsvvorth,
one of Uie Wtalthj) StUstOS of llaltlmore; Colonel llradfoid
and wife, of lllchmonil. Va. ; ex-Mayor Ulcliard Vaux,
Iurnao a-hephard, (Jeorge JJ. (Jinlian., wife and toOghttMi
Ilanlcl al. Fax, Duevinr of tho Mint., andflfiuer ii |<,
Jamison, of l'hlla k-lphla. Among the New-Yorkers aro
Mr. Homier, of "The Lcdgei" ; Miss Louise Pusi-mere,
Mrs. John O. Warneck snd d.au.hte.-, Ul Ital lilt W. C.mk
llrifr, John Jay I'lirticnier, Mrs. Jay, F. W. Ve-rhts, Mis.
W. H. Warner, of lirooklyn, and Ccorgo W. Lok*.
? ?? ? -
PHii.viiKt.iiiiA. afmeh I ifipottisA).--A prominent
coal merehant, hiicalilnx ot tho coal outlook, said to?
day : " Prices havo fallen from ?.r> to 40 jh-v cent a
ton during tho week, and (might, by water have
kept eotiijiany. This, however, hal not Increased
trade, ss buyers prefer liolilluis olf a little lo: |m
In tho hojsi that prices will fall to the fij-tuo that
prevailed prior to tho strike. Tho markets aro baro
of coal, consumers aro lu urgent need of supplies
ami no one company has much on hand. lint tho
market, ls, DOVOI theh'ss, exceedingly dull."
Them jul, es jaiavMilcd tu dav at Port I'.lchniond:
llroken, *:i si,' c^k, ,*.| ; stove, 44 ur,, ami nut, B4 40,
frito un board for tnlpmant boyond tho t ajves. Thom
s but little demand, how,-vii-, tamp! fur small lots.
h|M'(ial toondi bring belier prloes. Vosgel (relghts
to liustou ate $1 lb, a ticcllue of tit) cents In tia- las'
PaWTtoagOB, March .'I isiiive'ial).?Au lotomtttag and
Important cane has Just been decided by Jud/o Colt,
"f UM I'nlteil stat.v* Circuit Court. Ono John Iv
Q.I puii'liascd lli|iiors lo tho value of OUO 50 from
Hanley, lloyo .v; Cu after tho proelamatluii by lng
liiaveinor thal tho prohibition amendment hail been
raia!,-,!. Good psld fur th. ll |IMM hy note. Ilan
li'V, Hove ,t i o ItnloiNcil ta. note over to OM Daniel
Smith, who sties lot the fae- value, ela!ming that
Ibo prohlhillon amendment vv as not lep.illy earrled
and laoreforo lbs itla and pnreaate tl Uvjoor gras .1
lawful ti an,s.k ti,,11. Judge Coll decide* thal the
United Bl al es Courts have un Juilsdletlon to decide
ni" 11 the vaiiilitv ol an amen lineal to a state t ,m*ti
tutlon when lt baa tern H |iileV ,-,| |,i by lin- people
Judgment wa* given fur th- dcfuiidaut, and Mr. lioud
PO*, n.il ling for lils Ihitnus.
(Jeneral Neaw tem still " holds iho fort" lt No. 81 Cham
bcrs-,t.,atid will retain Hie garrison lhere until sll .lancer
of Hnlliii M. beiulie stteiiiptlnj; tn obtain possession of
the lieiMirimenl of Public Warta bf fons la pa.t. linus
do not bristle from the windows, hui the guards ara cod
I at* I uf 11,en, each of whom " csirys a gun."
Al Hie ,,fl!.-., ol Howe a Hummel, Ko,utru'a lawyers, lt
was asserted that nothing had yet boen dotio looking
tu wa rd beginning a ault !>,r the tssliisutetueut of be.ulru
ss Cowint asl oner ot Public Woika,
ni'wbki's OB8BBVBB nY mBAMBM,
The di villon of Marm* Mstaaorote^y of ihe Hvlretrs-ahte
Unrein yesterday gave flat an interesting report of aagbj
spouts noted br reese!! In tha .North Atlantic. Ai to lille
ls known of Ihe rhsrseter and forma'tun ot wat.-r spo.iti.
they are Interesting y deicrlbo.1 ss elmplr spe.clai <nee et
viii iliviiels ami toruidoei, but on a muller -ca,,. Tbs
general princlpl*a nnderlrlng thru pitenan.-u* ara a
layer of wann, molli air at the mrfaee of the ocean with a
layor of cooler, drier air above IL 'I his con'tiHon of thuga
ls oue of unstable equilibrium, so 1 sooner .r lat. r the warm
light a rat His surface rises thro.igh the cooler and heavl?r
air above.. When tho difference of temperstan- amt t--?}*tura
and tb* supply of warm motet air at tue surfaen are cravat,
thia action lae.onie, intense, and ls Ititi fort MW lncroa.ie.1 bf
tbe comloi sation of the moisture of the air. As til* surf*, a
air rushes in ami escapee upward lt tikes up t rotary or w'.irl.
lng motion, the velocity of whlct Increases mi tri the centre
of the fannel and a motion or partial vac nu m ii ere a taxi Whea
a whirlwind is tims forme I over tho oce.to waler li ot'ea
tb a vu Into the ceatre of ihe whirl ow.n; to the nictloa
cr. itel, ami at tbe lama time tbe moisture in Hie air is eon.
deiifod a* lt rises, hence the natae n-etcripo-it. r-on-rili-nen ?
spout will lnirst over a teasel and flood her BssBb iud ?> h?n
one ii forming, ita upper portion ia flfteu visible first, teem
log to grow downward from the eioadi.
un January 12. Captain II els, af the steamer Philadelphia,
ssw (our spouts In lattitcde 36? 41' north, hu.git tide Ti*
BT* weat A week later the caption of the iteamer i.l/zia
Bagliab i.iw several about fortv tulles to the oast want, and ea
January _1 the eaptfllit of theateanirr Kdam siwa inr,;,' BpOOJB
lion miles eist- northeast of the plac* where thu .the:* wera
sin li let. Captain netter, of tho I'acltlc Mail flts.ri.er city al
Pare, sa Jauuary '22, lu lstitu.le ,')1? 8T? Berth, Baw th-ea
bags ai outs at one time, sun sam BM course ef half ab hour.
The waler seemed to be drawn np frun the sea, i.u'j tttug la
spin! eil uni :n of troiocndoui thick natl, w.lh a lou,! roaring
i : ' aln f'leirv, of thfl iteamer Itlver Avon, on Iinoirr 2%
In latitude ijn0 30-Not tb, longitude 51? '.'O', Welt, saw a
spout BOte Hun a mlle la diameter. BoTetBl other* wera
noted ta tli-? r<-porti, and ibe Hureau re.iuests careful re
?ort? orall sucii phenomena, witu lb* temperature of the an
aa i water, isa nus oi tn- barometer, tn* itfaasasa and tmyta
i . thc wind, eic.
The rilot Charl for March, iMi'ied bl lbs Ilydrogiapble
Batten of tho Navy Dsfartsaaah la un seenrats t.ra.k
chart, and pie cms graphically much inti mullan sf Irr.ly
Int :>-t and of value to mariners. A r- neral r*,,"or,r-o
:? il tsiecaatj with deduct: ns ibsrcfrem, '.*? gi :? r
the current month, and thc drifts of Bel lUtfl a.:! I |
sbetmctlons sa lbs eeeea ar- Indi Bli lon tl . ?
Ibeagh neatly throe months have peasel BOCO lbs erna?
Kara Scotll raft wai abandoned s<aurh of Nairieket, re?
port* coii'iiiuo to be received at the bleach ? ?*'.' - '
nasals fsiiiux in with tho ions, arbleh ate aaw widely
sa-paratcd. The gem ral dilft has bCOB In an SOBS SS Otb
ea?t dl-ei'ion, Um loii* being fan? I a little la abe a 0_b>
srard el this line. That th.-y Bran nat SBtrl i :..<>r?? to
Um aartbwati and tantwflrd of tho <iuif st-osm ??>_- pr-.b.*:.
bi.v du" to the biioiiK liol lin. es', wini, nhl) li pit .iiicd ia
ii lettes pj:t of Ja;iti,iiy. flesh sreeSotty *.uin basra
I ? valid over the transatlantic BMaBB-big Baanga lui log
tba gteeset part of Pebtaaty.
Tbs ii I <f Baagateas ot*ttu Bews on the aecaa is coe,
i i l fr.in ofr.eiai data, md is eoneesci up to W8_aea
day eight Much moist fog was Bsaatteacol oif tha
(.und Hallies and along tba Atlantl..ist of tl: ? U '.
Btates than is umwI d-iriug ytebtaety, Baring to ibe Bfa>
sal n? that moved through thone re ginni
lng tbs flrtrBtbi 1".' has L.i;un ta ...,n.o gawa timm the
t.a'oradcr coa-t and lnl"?s, repattfl hSTtag been ? ''iv**!
<f large (ie. 1, between lot.fitii.'c 50 and Bl dgrto.., u. -t.
Bad aa, far north a- lat.lud" __ gagtcea north.
The terecael for Hatch la thai tba waa lhat aBI ba
?liv lesa (-oe, re than during February, (ba lou'h
sta Unala of Bog anal pales being, la paaatal, i Baa from
Caps Ilal'.oras to thc '-'.iigllsb Channel. To the north
ward rale.s may occur a_ fltlsa as saes in six Berm, blow
lag h.,iciest from BsatbflMal and BStSbWaat BBg fTCO_n0aa1y
Binodal hy slectrisal pbsaoawae. Along the .iiantm
e..si, from ffattsraa taatbtratg, Bm wind* wr.i _<? let*
-rarlsble, md Berthon win bo tess bog acas in ihe Oaft
Onsets! dlrcctlonfl, or suggKHtioiifl, uro given ae r? thl
h. -t i utcs for ttaaaetlaatls stcaaHta sal ^.iiitig \> taab
i .ni to English or Hcni.su pori* and to tho mmMBBB
rti'ivtiii.M n, March fl. -Two years ago B mWBbStB ol
robberlei were Bsnunltffrll In Central Falls ead Val.
ley l'alls, ouo of thc large*! being tho robbery of th.
Valley I'allt Compaay'S alon', .-evcial fires weiss
ret In tann In the Iwo villages, ami while they were. ?
bttralag tho aatyeinJog bolldliifs were will _itni*-iity
.-av. .1. A ftitv WWalB "if ? thc Valley Tulls store \t;tr.
agata robbed. Boon after thin, (he local police ar
rested a couple of fouag mon. tram iiifnituatiou
galBM front them, tbe robbOfg of Hie N'alley lillis
j.oat 0000 were arrested, n. I oeafaaoed that tn eoas*
:?!>? with two ether boys they fliv.i tho bulMtjtja
with oil "to seo the His) companies turn out." The
gang ranged from thirteen to cightd-n ye ira In age.
BOOfOSt, Mir'h ll (BpecleJl.?Two years at*;o a Bos?
ton man died and soon after his property wrns sold
mid the reei-ipts wero di.tributed amntiji his Ihtwa
children, who supposed thal their father had dl"d a
widower. A fow weeks a^o a strange woman ap?
pealed, claiming to have been tbe Wtfa of fha man.
Thia claim was found to bo si.uinl, as tho marr,aga
wes found recorded at thc Begleirar'B oi'icc nut
two days after the wedding tho woman left for New
Vnik mid later lived In Peniis.vlvai.ia at the State's
expense. YBt man never told bis bully of this
marriage. As the title to tho property w*.? gu.tr
unti'i'il by the examiner to Hie purchaser, be is now
the Inset and not tho chlldien of the original OWaOBb
Bdstdv, March 0 (Special).?" The livcnlu^ Tran*
scrlpf says that a KbBM for 011111111,' tho lacel cx-t
01888 ci,mp.mles ruiinin;} from lioston, Into a trusl
bas been under con.sideratio:) for .-.onie mouths, an.l
has now taken such shape that Its consummation
se, ii *. probable, lt ls proposed to limit the trti-t mt
the U-j.Inning to rompanb-s running east, Including
tho (itlcs aud Iowas on lioth the eastern and western
division.) of tho lee-nm aud M tine Italiroad. In floniea
BlaceB lot esainple, Tort-mouth. B. H.?there am
Several companies, alUioiii.'!i tho busiueas could well
ba handled by one. Dm- of the promoter., uf th')
plan. In M{ac.tKlng of Its advantages, said' "It valli
result in it saving of froin ir-COOO to *r_-,000 a vo.ir.
Wo will render better service tn our paliou-i, ana tho
bu- nio-s will be fai' moro expeditious."
CM'i: Mat, March fl (Special).-Telephone connec?
tion I. to bo established between hero ami riilladcN
pi ... with loops for all intel mediate poi nt 5 atong iles
A ledfB of colored Flee KaOOBB has ben ..rj-".-ilal/-<*.*.
Already a number of cottages have been rentest
for the s;mimer. Holly Heath, near mBBm, l? beln^
piislit'al with great enterprise.
Mayor Kdmutnl. and Mrs. MB-BaB. have returiie,
from thaiT trip to Florida.
Tho .Mount Vernon Land Company ls to build a
hotel costing f'.O.OoO and a number of cottage.. IS
ls probable that the City Councils will ant hm in- tho
extension of tho beaeh drives to tho Mouut Vernon
A number of owners of summer cottages at Capt
May Point havo beeu oecnpylag them lac several
V. eel.s.
Another lai-fro exctirslou goes from I-lilladelplila to
Sea Isle City to-morrow.
lutvaya an* bdaa BBSBla for a branch of tha WeM
Jersey Road frotn Sea Isle City to tho BCrW resort,
Avalon, on Seven Mlle Beach. Tho roiul will be oaly
foin miles long, and lt is Cxaectol it will be com*
plc led by May 16.
MaatiCS B. ilysa ls Ving conKraiulata-d by fthnds
a", around on being "out of the wood-."' is they (g|| lt.
lu adlttion to being relieved of the Indictment* haii-.ing
over him he ls also safely out of tho hOaWhM a la. il *uil
that ba has encountered in hu. ca^?^. Ile sud Willum ll*
Kally haao setlcd tho sui brou'Jht by William MeMahon.
of Babara?, N. J. to obtain slaea aatth BI881OO8 in n.o
I le, ti. ll Bwbiray ( onpany, wl.ieti Mr. McMahon SU 9*4
tie- nth is had iio'iii-e- him for hU icrvicoa In ?*? a?'
up tho buhu ay Cun*: ruction Company. The action wat
brought In the Culled Slates Conn, and ta'Slluiony HU
taken before Conimusioner Bh-BMa I lie new* now loidlt
out Hui th- .suit wai settled lase Baaaaar. Mr. ilaHaMB
did not ic, all thal hr had dciu..U'!ed) bul bc va ate BBt?Be4
bo was Mr. Ullin. tji-tUruu-iit was n.? 1>- varlly lu cast
and patti) tu stosk.
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Biaaalaatlea on a charge of Ui-o representation. I_ul
lie. -.'ii, hat ???inc f.rijr hu-"ie. houses In this elly Ind bera
dcfi.iiiied ot over 88*888 woilti of pt-.ieity Hie mer
chants tald lhat a iran, gt Stag tba mame of Henry H.
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lyn. with a sto, k vtilu d at fll.600. ci-sr of debt. Oil
this reaseeBatettea h? reeo-vel tamma BtaBa which be hs-i
BBBl to Hie BtSSHra stine. ll ??? leaiiied Hut after
rci-enlng Ute soojs ordered, ther wore sloresl at No 803
Mercer-st.. ?ud ib?n moved Inw ? store nt Ko. l.lyj
BaaBgjaoa wu not the outr one In the swindle. Alet.
Hider I lr., as. in suclloieer, il No. (12 ltowury, and liv?
ing at No. 1..7- Thlrd-ave.. and Jonis (ai.ld-u.uh. also tn .
? uetioiu-cr liviiiB le One- hu nd real sud ninth.su. wero Im*
pllcl ted. About D-an-D-b-r HO ahev went lo ta sn* ry Bx
l.tpptuun. flu.' iloneers. at No. titi Howard st.. sud disposed
of the whole stock tor 0000. Bimnson wss flrrestod in
1-hlladeiphla last wes-k and wss brought le this mir flag
held for nisi. ?aMaBaNh. Uo third flwludiet. Bad te

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