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PAGES 9 TO 16.
MARCH 4, 1883.
8. Alli & Cl
will offer an immense variety o
the lats arrivals are Voile Glace,
willi hemstitched borders, and
rich Jacquard stripca ol novel de?
in all the popular shades, such a.
?Bois de Rose, Argent, CJris Tab?
leau, Gobelin, anti Reseda.
A special lot ol PRINTED BEX
G A LINES, in fast eolors, at
68c. per yard.
ii nt, ii a, & mi
(lOth-st. Station Elevated Road.)
ABB aiisiim) rXATCRKC
fm i .!.. ,i:v.-i io mnuoxa]
Was listen.!*, March a?In reply to a icqneal
foi hos ?pinion of tho "Darb Lantern" bill to-day.
Hamp Cabot Lodge aald: "I have not lind Hum
to-ri ve riiiir.'Ulan a-most cursory examination to
t/i" ma?are, sn I i;.'<!ce:i only expert, conld speak
on Hie j uv ci.sc effect of oic:i prov talon of tue Ililli
lui. -Mill there aro some general feataree tr hieh
area-ijtareut at a irliuee. lin. avowed object of
tin- tull is Ut rc tuco tlio revenue and yet du ties nra
l.'av.'red on :? lorga number Ol articles winch, willi
11. e except mri af Mizar, would from lins lowering
mereeee in the a moimi imparted, aid thereby m
iiea.se the revenue 60 as to an I ll fy ali efiool
hom the loduced dunes and not Improbably coun?
terbalance to Honift degree tin* aclu il reduction
p;,')> .-.I .I ill the fiec list. IfOfOOVer, DO chADffe IB
proponad Ih Internal Revenue, wh-iean mime.hate
reduction of revenue might mosl readily be made*
" ihe fact is the bli ju-ii.'ic- fully ihe charge
that he orv lor reduction of revenue witta Ibe
Iiu oeratie part.* as u.>\\- control tod te merely a
corer for aa .Maali upon the protection priocii>l? i
Hillie tanti, and not a ?MOilM ell '-rt loi the rt
?oval of a -inpus, roeta aa the Kepubiieaue drai e
to brina about, Ihe utter Inaineenty ol the hil. is j
?lill finnier shown by a eomnanaon ol ?ame of
theprouooed changes with thoa* omitted. Coil er
o,<- m pl iced noon he i ree I Rt. but Iron ore ia nol
i one lied, while manu ac mel iro :, representing;
Jut bo maota more labor is prodaei. ". is mriouMly
a talked. The profound ?ymiNttny ol free-trade
Widen and the tree-trad,^ pra--;-, t<>i- the tolling
maana hardened with tani, taxes hoe ol la e been
warr tenoning and moot have appealed to every
feeling lieut; yt. wiii'U t hi hit] lillicur*1, it (a
fbiiad liiat w..ol ih made free but that coal ia Oatt
Olia ed to iu anyway. A reduction of o .iv aome
'.0 per cut is made ou the dut-es on rai ar, a ncce..
eaiv artie e o u uver.al eonsum;. ion.
"Tba uoiiucai re ihous tor ino>o glaring Ineon
'i*'.- eteanxe ohnoe-seneug-1, hut they look strange
wtia n c >n.ra*ie_ wau the promise] bo fr, ely maun
tnst this was to ba a bill to reduce revenue and aol
to hui fo: electoral vo;ea. Where no votes were to
i>e nope i for, aa meroe has been shown. In mv
own Mate, or liiM.in.e, al noel everv lodaatry hus
Imvii a*sail"d in wnat s-O'ii* io he n ii:,>st dam gina
'v;i\. N'otiimir Booree, i is spured in ubieb bow
i iiL'imd M I 'Taieiy ami v.la.ly interesU'd. rho
tull c >iue- in sui-port of the mimOBfl and makes
it evident that the cry to- red nc* nm
of tue revenue and levieioa ol ihe
t'Tifl I* a snore blind td indi free r. I" .'ind critch
u ttn iknu votes a ul thal the next cainpiiga munt
ha lough!our, between free Irode and protection
pi.uciples. No lui tiler deeeptMM aa io tho real
i-k,i. i? possible."
? - i -,
III.IMA a's I ll-rri'IOt \S It'MAUK*-.
WmBBuVBBTOB, March 3 [Special,.-ll'my W.
S- .vin our, the new lb-publican CoBgnaBMO- flow
Miehlgau, nached tana tins n-.-rmng and was
?wera in at lue opening of the liottM h.-s-sion.
Ila is a mau of line pomonal appro ranee, robust.
Pal rainer short, with hair ju-,, tuning ?niy
tuid u lace of luialiiKauu mould. To a ia.1_1t.Mi
tou-t-.pvudenL he said:
A.n.o g.. i havo liol Hlndled the tanti measure Just
aUlau.ia.^u, _,(.t i koo ?? Ihal lt e.li."*'- 0 01OW .al lill giv'-l
iii-.u?.j-i.., ot ibo eopp.i and iron repiwiia ol Michigan, j
ah,<u i ime lb..- n-uoi to lepreaout rhee* two
|i.u>Ju.lr, and luuioei lui) tho rtapaf* ol Iii- lauiilm. u
1-'iti..?u.a, uu.i a.l lim'" ol tlieiii aie inaUe r-pt-eiai ,
wo joct? ?i a.iaxrk. i wi.I, of ca.uine, apliBM eany !? i,*
lanun let da aa la 'Lal duiciion. a_ w.-il as Miythiug
ulici. a,r.a,i. ur -.uta In }aef0ldl lb" B "e?al piotecuvi
j?j,i,y wi.icli han bul*, up ana eipauUts. our copp.-r
awl i,vm .raduRiniv to then piv.-.-m a.nditlon.
Mr. li.i.sasa-11, of CounecUcut, baid:
Ibo b.il in iidlrcly uiiaaiLstaciora, but nuch a bill
wa* io o,- .-\!;.-.t'<i ti-..iii Mcaara. Mille ?"d BreelUa.
ridge, alter tho exhibition of their profound ignoranoo
OtbUayed ta their Prevtdenes Bpaeehta when they
lii.Ui-i :<>.,li to ili-,ui-8 Ihe iiianiilaeiurlng IndttStlim of
the ooun r\. Th people ol Oemieelieui win op.ose
Ihe bili in a ino-,1 paipbatte Manner, a* erlll e erj unik
lagman in tho eonatry, whoea mtatOBte the majority
o ii?o \.ay? end ai.an? OamoMtee taek io daatruy,
Judge E. B. 'Tiiylor, of l?hio. nidi
Ihe Mills bill Invites fi*aud by lnrr< a-lrijt ihe ad
valoi?m lu-t. lt is incou?ii.ifnt la principle an lt
jan* wool on tho fi -ea Met, hecnooo lt I* Bo<aUN raw
material, hut r't^iu* a <iutv on on; ar.d eok,, heeanee
li pit* cottO'i tie*1 o'l th? fr-.-O llsi, but nut hoop Iron
arid in many other liit>unce?,. It ls (..-.ilona! and ls
?hap d to niC-t political ends, lt ls ?beointd} cruel
I" the Noil horn fairner. If pOOBOd Into a law lt 'Mil
n"t univ di el ?0| many minor In'u-iri"*, but ?-tll
milanel| erip 1? IfO-Uag ones. lt ls Jumbled lefrthct
without *Mon or plan. lt is la th*. lBte*B-Ba ol
Ragland and bMtdO lo America. Hut none can say
t-?l U Ih not P. BMCnKh
Mr. 'Tillman, of South Carolina, said:
Tha? bill says nothing about thu repeal of tho
tohs?-fo tax nor any modlfleatlon of tho Irlternal
BWBoae laws, if tho Democrats go te the country
*"h 11,ai bill they ai-o snr.? of rMeat and th"y will no
do'amef* t,, deffti4t a?y way |f ttifsy renonilnale Cleve?
land un his Imno messagn. If th" surplus ls to bo
reducact, ami wo ^j- a^roo that lt must be, then let
us repeal the odious Internal Revenue taxes and If
any deficit occurs wo can raise tbe revenues by lory.
mg ar. Income tax. I'll vote with Randall or the Devil
to repeal the li,t-n,?l revenue la\es. Th. I<!ea nf
plscinjr wool on the free Hst. Under our protective
system for tbe past twenty years we have preepMOd
as no other country has ever dreamed of. And what
7r\L (-levc??"d done tor tho country In tb- South I
??._f?.*r5t,^*,-r ?0,--lng. H's true thai be has to ?u*e
___!_.. f!*"'^.-!*4 lh* D,*nk fsrpet bagger, but ihat's
?heut ?a H-hy with that tariff bill, or the Pii>aldr m/s
Aa Eminent r*hy?!r!a*i lend* a Paper of (Jrcat In
l*re*at Ur fare th* lauri iiiitlonnl Medical Congreaa.
Al lt,a* Ninth lnteinational Medical Cenrreii, Hr. A. Es
A. Tobol.lt, o! ih* liilreiiitr ?! Pennsylvania, rra<! a
SBBttt slating fiat on: ul thirty caim tisalr.l witli rarlsbaJ
Water arni trie I'otr.Ieivil Carli'jsl Sprneni Hilt for rlironlc
constipatinn. I.y.mchjuili.a, il.ieasu ol Hi* liver anil
kidneys, jatiiMl.ee*. atlipusi*, rtlabeln, iliopsy lro,u valvular
heart illiras,-, ayagepsla, catarrhs! In fl tm nation of th*
stomach, ulcer of Hie aioinitli or s;,leen, rlnl.lrrn with mara*'
nins, aout rliaiimatl.iu ot tho Joints, niarri, ito., twenty
six wt-re ratlrely rnri-it. three Basti liuprorail anil aue not
Ire.!,? : laug enough. Averaca UBS* of trratiuenf. four we-ks.
In al, 0! tl,'I - cy*a* no nat ur,liar diet wa* prolcrll,*'!. Tiia
eb..-ter i l.iiti-, in i .lac!a.-.ua of hla gagar, U,*t tl.* C'srlilisii
siiiit-iai w.i.r.s. exuorien ly tts etty af carlina*, bala*
Ilia sataral BredBBt, ts in itu lt ta be |ireferr*,l whare th*
qn ii.-] v ni w.iteri ls no objection, particularly In diseases of
th* sn,mses. WSenevvTlh* quantity nf water cannot betaken
(as when swat fror* liomei ih* I\rv )<>r Carlsbad S|irn,lel
Hall merninie liiinorteet) will aaswer. He states that ts*
?tlei l ol ll ea Water and Powdar S:arn,l?! **u|t m io te relu-l
U|,*n, luflu;>e.B<lentlr of any ii'Juncll of troafDeat. sui ti as
diet bm ssstelM, whet beti taken hot or rohl, clalniln* even
an ?,lr:inia-.-(, iviirn taken cold, as lt nels more dei |,is,lly
Barga tl ra, ar t ta.t he lia* siren col.l the proferenc", i'nly
usiiix lat w.'ei lior when no gSUgallVS action ls (lo?lre,l.
The .ms* nf Hie waler emi>l'ire<< wa* uro tumbler rilli bolore
breakfast mal .me or Iso durln* th* dav. The co*e el '-alt
li a l*a*gaenral rhr,'0 times a day <Ji??ulrexl tn water. When
rv, ra * rea .-er soils? ls d-. Irs fi, lh? I'owdsr Sprulel Sall
should Ik- Baa. In conjunction with tho wata-r. Tlie
QBNUISE article ls liattlnl utvlsr the sup-rvislan nf tha
ilty of larlslaad ant has tba seal of the city aad the" signa?
ture af "lamer A. Mei,die,on Co." sole anent* for th*
llLited statr-s, on th* nock of even' bottle. All olhar* sro
sreirthws* liallBlloiia Tno genuine is never sold la bulk.
Beware, Meuriieviju i'om pa uv, 6 Uarclar-sL. New-York.
Message wo will limo Vlrgiuls, Waal Vlrplnla. Sortk
Carolina, an'l perhaps Alabama. Row ito away, and
don't ask in,- .my muli) questions; vim will hear fiann
mc on this subject la iho linus.: when tho Hmo comes.
Mr. ttfsasg, of If.'alifonila, ?atM:
1 Ila. ami il., n't like the bill. California I* opposed
lo tree wo, I at.,1 frees iniits, and on thei piattorm nn
wlileii i whs elected lo Congress l Baal oppose ;!n*
placing r,f thote iw? luti'los un Ilsa free list i'la- lilli
has, iii ny judgment, many cried ami ba^ features,
and lt -.viii nam lo be ameu'dcil considerably before lt
can ever |>ai*a tl." Home.
Mr. Taulbec, of Kontiicl.-y, said:
I laina it ni excellent bill. btH it contains non)
featiiH-s that per-i,nally I don't sgrae wits. Vr-i I'll
vote for lin- Mil a- lt stand* rat her than pa-s DO tai MT
Mil Lt til. I th'uk Hif committee prepared ibo 1111
with a viuw oi Basing it pas sail
Ex-C.ni'Tvs-.niai) Wiitri.'i'. of OIilo. Mid tlie-*
Mil was r<!i:,fn;ct<"l on Hi-* linc of expedlencj
mil.,-r ihan on any j-rirn-i[ali*, anil I hm its ptlaSa\gt
would destroy Hie wwi ii.dvstry of thc country
an,I possjlbl* deftest ih" Demoeiatle paitr.
Mr. Slcv.-iiit, of Texas. WBg Mked for his opin- ,
ion, uni r,'v ,"d as follows:
I bavo not '(-nd lae *-.!11 lu full, only Usa synopsis
of 1! a- published In the, papers. limn iv hat I have
n-ad I lite the bill 0! eottrta I have, objections to
rico wwi. bot if lt become, B^eegtaaTT thal irool thal]
bo placed on lhe Ires Its! and the. passage ?'f tho bill
Shall be facilitated llieri'by. then I *hal! trott tor frees
wo'il. Tat fi co Wool iiuettloii "111 hoi hun BM In my
.Mr. I.afoon. of Kentuekj, said:
The bill meeta mi- full and heart* approbation. Og
tho wlmle n's a poi mea-ure, and wu will aram and
H.-,- v,,;,*; fm- it in the [loose lr ought t" pu*- it
it pretenl thapPi tad we can ko before ibo couiiiry
on ih- hill and win a glorious victory,
.Mr. Tarbay, ol' Michigan, t-aid:
I ia! ep till mldnlgbl ia.*t alghl studying the bill
end bars not yet digested if luffletontly to Sire an
opinion. The people ol Mlehlgan will not objeel to a
new equalisation ,,f lhe turill law.--, bm they will ob- i
Jeot tu being slaughtered at i!,.< expense, of any otlior
part of the ron nt ry. I suppose the Mil wlD bi* gir.it- , |
ly ann'!: i'ii before ifs paeaage. L
Mr. Hayes, of Iowa, was very eiit.iiisinstic over ' i
HM bill I!" ??.-lid:
1 an foi ll I,''.-ni ar,d srn;l nr;d tho only eiltlricjri J ' 1
have to oller is thal lt does not rro a* fa; a? ! would I
l!le. The Inn,her tnsn In my district arts nut opposed '
(o fis'n Inn,ber and Ibe pena,ir- ol t liA West geners I] i
vt io have bf en f, ,p tarli reform win uree the passage |
of ih!* I.l'l. lt is lr. line with th" 1'ie-ldenfs MMSSffB, ,
atvd Hie Democratic party can atford to nain the taiiff <
il- Issue In ".a* i-'arnln? eatiipalpn Dniew iii" Hepuh ',
1', tl tl I whipped Info iln? hy th" party la.-li ron will i
c. : ? ore Remibllrans, espeeltull In lae weft, who will y
?upraurt ii,-* bill il:an Dernooraia who will oppose it. , i
i be ;-ve we win geenratome rednetlons of th" Inl r: -,i I
Retyenue taxes. The people of thin eonatry, however, j
Bl ? opposed (o any i*ep*al of Hiet liquor tastes. They j
are willing t,, repeal the tobacco tax bul nothing more, 1
i ti,inh the Hoes* -.vii pass the Taiiir bili before th- ; ,
....?., ? ,.t .,.. W.tl,.n.l ,".... .-?, .tl..., 1*1.lu t... I . . > " **
of tbe National rontreatlon Th's eountry
ll nol In favor of protection, as was derrun:-Haled In
1-.T--1 and will be aKalii in 19C8.
|360 A TE*" TO A Ki-YsTDNi: PtTRlOT.
vv'','ii:'.,.i,,v. March ?'! (spceiaS).?" Beform" morel
spate, if anybody dont bc .eve it u-t Un rea4 j
tb:s liul" story. The tUaX Ugjht fisi-ls of etrl]
ant Html ind totsrbed t!i<- forost of Eradford Cou-,iv. ; ?
Pennsylvania and Iwrned Um leaves ol the :,i;j (*ii*
uni sun acli ta a bri li gi gMOfl When II nry IfeKeaa, I .
ol Towaadt bled hlntaelf to iiie rtilirty ttaiton one
brlgfal ri,i,n.lng with a cheery smile on In's faro and j \
a "i j, a-ii in bis ham!, lu bi, pocket he eti-ried ;
a f.atiintj?i' ti us mestonger ilgiMd by " Pbytloltl
Wrcii" Bitch which ha/i boin lasood at Um nrgenl
ic,j est of isaniua] I. Ramlall, tor Mtring aa ho did in
the pore osone regions, of Br di*-,.-.'i. Henry McKeaa
v-.'.i a " Itai'dal! Dcarsrat."' fie WM aid ls ul*,, a
members of thi Dcm eratic State Commutes*, lie
ai il vial in Washington bi Atm retgon gnd begga to
discharge hli duties tor a salary o' .*,:o ncr annum.
Henry was happy and eoatcnted wi,en he arrived
liei-e. "i;'.ii ruuununicaiiona eorropl guod mannert"
nod t!,e atmosphere r.f Washington ls not pare Ilks
thal of lil,vlf,. ,1 County. 'lit" denton Of ar:,!,:la,:i
entered an i tonk pot eetlon of Henry- loom. iit<
waated to be nearer tbe throne. He aspired so h gfa
as ti, desire to le a noMOngnr al Hu wblta ll,mo
lu rai ry tlilinps of joy or sorrow as tbe tata might
i.o from Daniel gr li i-i mggtor ta tbe
leaders of Hi" faithful lit ni, erltl" bot
Milch liiid eneaiiipcd In Wwhf*rigtoa.
Bot bil patron liad no "pull" at tho White House ai:d
H'iitv's hc-iii -a,il, v.l,lilli bim Who. li" was infirmed | w
tba! lite vr,< ant mM*a*nganhip ha<l been lllli-d. Ileni?-,? h
i-i-fb i I,-il and a bri(;hl lii'iu^'ht slr,nil him. lb* said lo ? di
lilmself: O'
" it ls plain lhat Raadtll has had his dav: hil -;;n ',;
ls act ting, I wilt ailee amigo to6eott Peraifveature ;
ho will help BM." j f'
/\n.l Henry arose and W*nl to Scott who whispered ?
dr, a,f hope In his ear ami bevlrs Mm slilde In p"aco | *l
' after tba
mill after the meeting ol lhe Democrat!,: Mat
nilttee al Hanitburg, lo eleci tehtlrmtn, ami Henry
iiii?i,- in pe^o. \\ lien ti,., tim. earn. Ik- h'"d blmself
to th" raliway vtation wriif, thal sjurut rh'-e,y smile on
hi* fu'-e anl lhut samo grlpsach In his hand. Ho
arrived at Havrrlaborg In due season and tonghi th-*
p,ivei,ii. 0f j;,lins sandem. lbs liandall caniLdalc for
chairman, and eherrfully said:
" 1 am all i 'i').!.''
Of course Dallas trne-.v. or Ihoaghl hg knew thal
Henry megnl uAll lipid for randall." Ile wns rndely
und'celved thirty minutes later when Henry roted, riot
for i*aiiden, tim. for iho Mott-t loveland candidate.
Henry returned to Washliiglun and called bcdine, ,,n
r-cort and vald:
" llehiild I. havo eas,) I'andall overboard and Inve
resigned (he glace he gave gas, i ask my r*jwar*t"
Tho i-lalrii was too sin nit to be raaiffta<l. Tho
- Rltumlnesig Baron" who looks out for thc interest
of "(i-veland and Ifefonn" In th" Keystone Plate
prorvpllv WiVerofd his promise. It I* (-aid ria* wiri, iv
he a,-.) Henry learlied tho White Unlive thev w -r-v ie. j w
celveafwtth "pen arms by Hie IT-^td'-nt and Daniel and ' la
thal H'tiey av the proud wctrer of a imali Iractlon of I Ti
" Randair* Main," a si promptlf gasetted as tn rttei a ir < ?
at a salary ,,f j},] got! j,,.,, annum Th!? plaeo lia now ' '"
holds vviih clear cti'.velcnee and a Strong grin. In his
CHve not only is ''virtue Its own reward." ont lt r*>
ec i,s a bonus of tF"1 i) a year " to boot" ; %r.d thus I* tt
that "reform" move, apace. finch evidence of lt
are like oases In tho political desert which rive rc
fi-ci-hmeiit to tho thirsty and weary Ix:muriatic pilgilm.
Wiffimini, Miirh .'I?In the House Committee
on Agriculture to-day, Mr. Wilson pf-sent-d nu?
merous petitions, memorials and resolutions pray
itijj for the juissaKe of tlie pendint* Iiill to prottel
Hu- miiiitifiicture and .sa)'- of pun- lard. I!,- ttt
aLso read a Bamber of l-ucrs fr,,m commission ?'*
mcrclmnts in London, Antwerp, Hamburg. Liter- | J"
pool und C.las.guw, tc-iiifying to the injurious j },
ilT'its wliicli is'Milt to the Mile af pure Ameri'iiii
lard abroad by th" exportation from the United
States of C'-m-'fiiiiu) lard.
W. S. Hill, in thc employ of John P. RQg.N it
Co.. testified to having purchased in New-York,
Philadelphia and W'asliinjjlon, naniiiles of lanls
manufactured bj Armour a. Oa. Pairbiinlcs Az
Co.. and HiiNt^ad & Co., und h.-iviiik" subiniitcd
'.hem to Professor S. P. Sharpless, of mrgtop, f,,r
?h mieal atmlyaig, and Prof, Btor Sharpl'-v. tat , r
tifi-fi to haring aiialyted Um Inn) bearing tebe (l"
brand of Halstand et Co.. and liiivm'* found lt i dei
"inpounded of lard, Cotton seed oil and beef
fut. He e. uld not leil iu what proportions thc*,
ItigitdieutyK wert* used
WaBIIIMOTOM, March | ,S[xcinlj. Several dgjnj
igo a presMiiiy, invitation was sent from the White
House to " lioss" afnfalitblf. of brooklyn, to
Mme to Washington for u eon fe renee with Presl
liat Cleveland. It was expected that lie would
ie accompanied Bf his lu uHnanlis, nun und
iltirthit. It ls understood lhat the " Bog. w;is
' indisposed" anrj sent word tliat he could not uc
:ept tue invitation. lu his i-hcnd came James
shcvlin, a,ciiipiiiii'-il by Mi-ss-s,. Furey and >lur
l..t The em un nt trio ol i, l-.int. :, arrived iii
iVashin^ton TliOrtaduy afternoon am! went to lin
Vhlte* Mouse, where they were i I, stet. ,1 willi tho
'resident and Prlvute- sVcr.titiy Lam-nt. until a
atc Lour J hurs-kay night. Il is said that the
election of d"Ic(rnfcs and not " patronage"' w
the .subject nf the <onfcror*ee.
huvato tkrntng to bmpiotm bkokkn or?
BV lll.Al _'S AliKNTfl.
WA?tti\r.Tn\-. Mn red 3 iSpeeinli.?It has loi
bnfl known that " tho riiysical Wreck'' ls ti
only a law unto hiaiaelf. but thnt he also mi
PMUMflM the ulfnirs of his important oflice I
nlnioKt every part len la r in a manner that
wholly regprdkha of law. The infnrroatii
now given, however, is of an unusally Mart lit:
chanfttir I'M Tninoxa ahowed ?ome tin
ago how the late Secretary Lamar caused B con
mission baned bs I'r. shi'-nt. Arlina's Admini
nation to n toeul land afloat to be taken froi
:i Va'e-n rn mail balami returned for eancellftlioi
but it lia* been left to the lVnsion Oflice to onto
even Mr. Lamar in this violation of tho mai
It is chnreyd that in the Pension Office the juivnt
mail of its employes ha*-, been frequently t'*n
pried With; that letter** reach their Illili--, wilie
have bren opened and very clumsily refasten.-.
One of the auiTemn after ooneapondenoe with
friend hud him mail U> his addr.ss in the Peiisio
Office ii deooy letter, wfalefa arrived in due oona
with Irr iri"iii|e evidences upon the envelop
that it had been broken open and dnmeily r<
K-aled. 'Die cleric then made n crn_.til.iint to th
Root onie.. Deportment and asked that a dete<
tive be detailed to Investigate the matter.
It is charged that a special ..trent of the effie
who has a moot unenviable reputation is ollowe
the mn of th" mail <livi?ion by orders of der
en] Black, when the said agent is in Waahington
and lt is alleged thnt these nefarious praetir.
On not only winked at, bul directer]. Und*
nnv "ther bul the present "Reform' Ad-adait
tntion such fiogrnnl law-breaking would bc Iff
roedlntely invest linn, il .-ind promptly punished
and if til" I'lineil States StatUt*- lire li H'-.-.l.'
b.iic 1-, th" Commiiwioner "f EVnaiona, bia pnoen
chief, Mr Vihis. could doubtless, from Informntio
gleaned m his former H'M of official ooefulneai
enlid.ten bim as to the serious pains and penunie
provided for the violation of thc mails. na
only don ihe law toke summar-- cognisance
(?nell offence*1, bat they were deemed of si.
tr.in<-e-*ndent. ImportAnoe ns to i-].v?>rvo tv: icc 1
th<- Constitution ?,f th** United Staten, nw
Commissioner Bleak will Bud upon conanlnni
that, tho TVth Amendment to the 0 msthutioi
nads u?; follows
The light Of Iii" people tn be Kertne In t.i"lr per
non*, boase-:, papen ann effects, against aannoeaMj
searches ami Bel-wres si.aii nor bc rtolated, ansi mt
warrants shall ls?i?e ha< aron probable cause, sue
ported by oath et affirmation, and particularly d*
Berthing the pine- io be aearohed, and the person a
iLings to i.e seised.
Fits u<>t'-, coMMinn: o\ g.KCTIOXd com IKM
OrmSRAt Pu-l's TITI.K TO ats Isl*. I.
WagmaoT.ir, March .t (8peeial).?Tbe lions
Committee on Elections to-day aaanlmonsly agnei
to report In favor of the sit:in_* member In tht
contested election cnn of Worthington agnlns
Post of thc Xi ii Illinois District. General Pool
:iie sitting member, is a Repobllcnn who leoelvei
i plumlity ol' only 2\) votes on the lace of tin
iflici.il n-turns. ihe plurality was so small tba
be Democratic candidate determined to contd
be nat, although mere nulli W11S "? groum
ipon which t" base a contest, na the tesiimonj
ally showed. According to the views of i
najority of tba Elections Committee Post's actus
.limility was .'.."j Inatead of SO, vs hil.- other nun:
tau ol the committee ii^;nr-- out a plumlity ol
(.'i rotes?either iiein^ *u Increase on Poet's of
leia] ;??.:i.1.itty.
The committee will ne\t hear arguments lt
he contested coses <-f Frank sgainst Glover, ol
be IXtb M:ss,,uri Di-.trici, and Lrnch against
renderer of the v_th California Distnnt and
speels to report both eases to the House before
be end of thc month. The only other eont.-st'
re those of Smalls against Elliot of the Vilth
louth Carolina District* nnd Sullivan against
'eben of the Vth California District, which
rill he considered In the order named. The com
lilt," expects to have all the casa reported tc
he lions'- befon May I. so that nil of them
jay be disposed of at this session. Thc case of
[.Duffle sgainst Davidson of tim ivih Alabama
Hstrid will bc e:.ile.i np in rho I]oom ?n Monday,
n this -,-,?-., the committee, of noone, ls divided
f party lines, for the Democrats seem determined
har Alabama shsll remain "solid1* ns loiijt as
hey control the Mourn i.' Repmoentntivea.
Wasiiim.tov, March >.?Mr. Bacon, of St w
'ork, chairman of the Committee on IfonaCoctums,
ITerul s naolution In the Hoon to-day author
ting an expenditure of gS.OOO by that committee
a i ,,. conduct ol the Investigation Into tbe sub?
let of trusts. Il was adopted.
KIMOSITY OF Tim " i;i.!o!:.Mi:ks" Tu nu: WuOO
rove, woollrXi incur ami salt ixdustriko.
Boeion, Mardi 'J (Special). Bx-Oeagnssasaa William
. Hassell, tba paper maaniaetaier ol Lasmnea^ apeah
ii: of the new taint .1,1 says that tlie poper trude va ru
ueii aorpnsed at the free ltatiegol paper pnlp Bs
Tba proposed m-taetlea on paper 'a uncalled for, tbe
itv mott belan only '?' V ' ' "' ?*? unslied paper;
?nih' u.e average duty on all other manufactures ex
* ed* 40 per e. a* Boos a movement alli fall through
* own loeonsiateuey. The proposition to put unod
alp eu the free li tis maolfestlv unust. This will be a
i t-.it i> iprise lo pain manufaeturera. lt le a new sud
natus ludusli,- lu thu country, sad ls ss dlsiiaetlrc in
* tuan uf act aro is rotton or woollen cloth or paver
?elf. lt requires nnespenslre pleat, Immense water
,-,?.< i. beary awl costly tuaeulnenr and bandings. It ls
io palp uuiuofuciurer's iiuum-ii product, n t liv no
cans tiie paper manufacturer-* raw material. Tor it
i* through tue ai.puiaitos of labor aad exjpetiahs
temieal proeaaaea reached advanced stsgn almost to
e point ot pa pr Itself. (Utanda, Norway aaa Sweden
oul.l reap the Bal rai taxes rained br toe remnrai of tiio
uv. Tam I-., Hey w aid t uratan Ute aupply amt oar
star power, capital and labor ile hil . tim business
ia grown from a small beginning In 1870 to ?<i<> tons per
iv (sonic rmni pulp di now imported), tnrolnnc an
lllay In jdaiil of flinn 97,000,000 to glO^KKMHK),
Dplujrtag a large imdyof mich ;m,i.-,,?.-?un-i 2 a ;.ir_.<
1,01111 of woori. To-uay farmers ara deriving a jreflt
um poplar trees that are of little ase for aaytoingbut
1 wm 1 palp. A largs smoaatot woad palp ts Biadetrnm
nice. The flee llstiag of wnn.t |ni!)i will rena lt lu
naini* the capitol now employed here io foralgii ea m
, otu ,.- aToris 1 ! ba pul ap god the uanulaetared
lip ? wi hew luty fna.
TOewholeMll i? strangely eoaetmeted, Both pattin
1 :iic v. 11 * sad Me.ias Committee lu the reriaioa of Hie
lift in l-s.i agreed that lt a'as advisable te de away,
fir .is pe** dlr. willi ft'l Tal'.lem ilutl.-a, un,I tlie twilit
1* ina -e lip lo Thal emt. '1'licv i.nw pre pees to ir\r;-e
at poller and iff sgrTBTstn ihn annojing nimallon et
Merral Bat loas. in fact, they seem le ewe every -
?ans to throw o.'.T mai',., t opOO to tao world.
i.nni: nora rouwooLUta mam PAoroRn
n,e pnpaaad abotee ia tho tarlfl on wool ann woollen
umtaii'ires it pcenoouaad au aoeaidlty hy Mr. Hardr 1
.'. of the Arllnirton Wosilen Mills. Ile nay*:
lt utterly raina tao wael grawan Tiie woollen n*..iiu
doran ni..)- ne Hide io scratch atoag under it,
ii..u?a they sn nlaead al gnat dlsadvantam, I da
t sn why the 1 ommltln amde the change in tin- mas*
1 li did. It aertinniy li aol as tho manufaotarers
lilied it. \\ c* wished tor a rectification nf the exifMn-T
nu, ssh! the tainui* amalad ihe tarin on wael raised,
ere was a bad feature nuder the eld tarli which still
lats lu u.ai lt .nimur, ino grade wonted gooda at a
* .-r, ia - Beatlon Ibau woollen gooda When the tarli
i.? ortflnallv rramed there w.-ro un high class
inteda. they bad not begun to he ssaaafsetared. To
i those arti.-ie* sheold ko into tho same cussiiicatiuii
th arooUea koo.ls.
l.NJtint to I HF. Ill MP AND Kl AX TIIAnP:.
itoss. Tamer <t co. aro asaoag tho largaatiaa and
?p i>alers lu HosKin. Mr. Turner, wno lins given
icu attention to tim st;iti*tics ur thc trade, say?:
regard tha fraellattagel msssunntnnd hamp bb a
ry bad move, a trick baa appanrtly hanauaeam
ly playre hy a tmnsc that I eeohl mendea, whin ls
masted ta letting English ia* line Inhere duty fies
n vain rather from reading the hill thatealy nw
inji Ui nm ure sdOdttei free. Hut tits ft not Si).
,a.i the hemp sad flax elauaa-* fan straw, ian net
,?,'-'i or dreessd. ias baehled(knowaaspteesline)
,v ol flax or hemp, turnip inunil 1 and other siiii*tituUae
? kemp. ate. ..Now. haealed flax n dressed las Maa
k distinct I rely BMnnfaetand article and employs a
go iiiiiutu-r of i,.en, when laharls slmast unilr-'r
mt worn, mere t* a iar?*o Bamber ol gnat Been
Huies in Huh country that will lie ..fleeted U I H"?t
ii undoubtedly dotuus. ,;, tu. jr taeklen uuU rougheis
il im pu rt their line direct from ahroad.
what rona sam mi.ans.
inc of the Unrest hagan orsalt lu Heston ls Charles
Danapnt He .?.n* hi* laerHoiol preference ls for
?e IYhiIc, ror he could BSSka more money with ??lt
ty free than with PsslssMsq Bal free nail nie it I
tructlnii I,, a s-re.it Amerlc.m |qgqat|| and defeat to
party '.hat forces lt upon the pou-ile. It will surely
1 more voie* in tba Wonnw .-md Qauusn?aBayata
* Y.-i-lt than "Hun*. It unautsui ami Rei.o.llon "
relmrd gave rn New Yors state. 1 hero ls a simd deal
tain abeut tho 1 ix na *,.r ?,?,,, ,ll(> .,??- |U)iU Wi,y
tax ,.u ?alt for carin. K I. incl of nura ls only 0
1*. Thai li notiilas a family eoasames eee-taJrd
tm ..nine of h.li uer npltfl per day, That ls Ul
ices 11 year, or le** than eisutmmads. I am cert-ln
t Hm sdialastea "I malt tree win rum ? Kreat Indnsiry.
it 1*. i.ii?*li*l* salt, iu spite at tueuuiy. su..es?r_al/
JlM-tC foi lia il |lla--erviltlull.
9UI0IDE of a BIBI wbo was nnirrro.
niCAoo, Marrh .'I-Kin ms l.snge, tgr, Klxteen, rom
teii HUlchle \r. ;? 1 iuy h> tai.ii.k poison. On 1 hurs
m,o, 1 tho Kui limit SUIUi out Ute mitti ulijettiou
? company and br (aller wlilppcal her. I hi* ls
only naOOU ki own fur hat -oil duUructlaau, as she
ked io lalla after ia:.ng ibo yu,.on. funber th?n
sj that ?ttc wi.l.ed lo du*.
^ To tho Editor of Tho Tribune.
}tj Sir: Thc bill introduced by Mr. Hamilton
jj" < which has been prepared hy the Cotiuscl to tag
n t Corporation, is cimnictcrizcd as unjust, utterlj
opposed to tim principles of ottr institut ii,ns ami
n to any and all the practico under our Constitution,
a" down to thc present time, In this, that lt Intend'
to divest thc owners and lessees and all DasBjgssj
lnteri-Me-d lu dock prn's-rty upon thc water front
n of the City of New-Yi rk of all title thereto, u*
l, eioon ag thc oath of cilice ls filed with the County
? Clerk; and, assuming that tho bill it cotistitu
J; : lionel, such will bt Itu effect.
,. This prn'ierty consists of a large number ol
li piers and many thousaud feet of bulk-head owned
'? by a large numher of persons, whose interests uri:
a ns distinct as thc owners of any two house:, and
0 | lots can bc.
c j In thc statement r? Ltivc to tho bill which wat
- furnished to " 'lhe Herald'* correspondent and np.
,_ pears in tho issue. 0f "Tho Herald" ol March 1,
: it is conceded that, it is thc intention of the Com.
?J missioners, if the hill pusses, to apply to tho
Supreme Court to have Cutiimissioui-rs of As-' ss
. mint appointed, and that from tho dalt) of their
s appointment thc titi.* to Hie piopi-iiy viii vet in
t* thc eily.
I 'lins properly extends from somewher,; ghont
. Canal si. to tit. Batter**, on tho North Miser, aud
1 emilia,.,-v. tin- whole water front on tho Last. Uiver.
Tho Corporal ion Counsel admits that rins hill
iiuthori/.es that the whole property ghonld be in*
s c'uded ia one proeeodiUK, nut Uial he proposes to
t, take the propegty by sections, gg oocaeiou i ivs.
' lint what control has tlio Corporation Counsel
( over tts, when Um (l.'teiminatioji letta wholly with
I the Dock Ib-partm,-!,!, imd the t'orpoi'iitiou Coun
r tel is contii.,;.,i ni ins action by any reaolution
i that l?ei'.iiiiiii ;,i ma- p;.v-,.- n, gg tim Corporation
( i ounaej would teem to admit, it would, pot he. a,
good plan to include all tue. property in one pro
I CCCliltin, wliy thoiild til) power In- (-1VCU to lio SQ f
, Ought not ti;i: Laegiabtture to toa that no (taugot-ous
' po.vcr lg ci .munn, a ta any pu*,nc odie*, or ouiceis .-'
; i lhe Corponition > ouutacl ttatea mut tbe ita
, provemeni ol the water from has been retarded
I lot vcais triv- want of any authority in the Dock
[ pepartmi nt to ucu ur- property lur public asa,
. ls ii-.! !..? aw:,n thal Chapter .', 74 Of lin- lav. s ,,!
: ieii, orpnising the Ijio-ic Dcimrtntent, al pan
1,237 ol the laws of that year, eontnlnt l ..1
i Hlitiiial-ily lol Hie ))-?<-,. Ile; ililli, lil tO tl v ? I .
I piece ol property necessary tor any public improve
, incn: di ic.-.i.imd upon by it, the only diitereuoo
? between that aol und tbia being that tbe title
: to the property cannot be tUvetted in bulls, but
: each owner ha. ii bearing with respect to bia own
I property, and big title cannot be divested until
, the money la omUi to the owner, following, In that
t, the law of 1813 and the other lawt "i ?
similar ciiancter, umler which uil tbe property
whieh liiis in-,-ii taken by the city lor itreet. and
avenues gnd public pltvoes lor the last teventy year.
bi i been aequired7 La it necessary in the year of
' our Leord one thousand eight hundred un<i eighty
eight tv throw overall tho precedent, wbleh were
; ? ta',ii h,-,I by this legigbttion, and authorize the
city authorities, nt mice, to deprive ii.- owner,
of property all along the water front of any im uno
1 therefrom while legal proceetlingg are pending,
whether ih.se proceeding, bul for one, or two, or
ii vi- years, by the simple proeeta of the presentation
of a petition to the General Tenn of the Supreme
C'liiit, mill the filing of an affidavit of the C< m
)i;is.,ioiui's aj,pointed that they will ditcharge th? ?:r
dui:, i'.'
But Hie Corporation Counsel says that iipon
the Bssesament of tho Commissioners' being con
finned, the value of thc property, wu ii interest
irom the date of the Conajniaslonert' appoint?
ment, will be paid to the ownera Th. pro
vigion. of the bill hardly s>.ni to justify even
that statement It is provided tint th" Ci n
misaionera thal! proceed, after their appointment,
to make an ,-*?> ininti- of tin- loaa and damage to
ihe respective owners, lessees and parties und
persons interested, but they need not ascertain
the names of the owners or proprietors thereof,
j but may malt-,' their aa nd '<> unknown own< ra
il they teg tit; win ii theil repoit, is ready ii may
bc pretreated io the Supreme Court, may is.n<
Arro I or tent beek to new commissioners for re?
vising and correction, or lor a new report, und
after the second report is returned lt thal] bc
confirmed, and shall be final und conclusive
How- long tltis pro *ecding will last beforo thc
Commissioner! no one '.i:; tell. If tboy acquire
ail the property in one proceeding, lt may be I
v;:is and ycart before the value of thal larg, j
amount of properly sha ! be (Ascertained, and dur
lng al! that time no money can bc received, either
ag principal or interest or income, hy the owner
: of any portion of that property.
Before dlvettlng title oi tbe land under this !
, act, lt, would s,-, in al-,i that iii! existing !,a--s !
an- tettniiiiiti'd. so that- th" Dook Department I
would be entitled to whatever wharfage Bbnll |
be received during * I?;it period of time, and the
city will of cotirsi be In receipt of a very large j
revenue, whieh properly should k" Into the pe-k
i ts and provide means of subaittence of ti-," own- j
? rs during the time this proeecdiiig 1. pending, i
And then the itel provides thal the Maror,
Aldermen mid Commonalty shall, within four
calendar months after the confirmation cf the
report, pay to the partiee entitled thereto the
reg Bective tum. so estimated and reported re?
spectively, and. in default thereof, such persons
ii,in- sue f,,r and recover the same, arith lawful
Inters-** from and after demand thereof, with
costs of suit. Tliei,- is nothing contained in tbe
hill aitoiit paying Interest from the tim. that
Hi- -H-ritiiaii was filed, and any provigion of that
.-.ort would he unlawful, because there is no lille
of law tinder which nu amount not ggsjettaiued
jg to beat interest.
It, is not. nt ni ?ij now to consider the prross
Injustice of "riving to the City of New-York the
entire incn,,- from this property while the pro
cedilla's arc pending The injustice is in taking
that income away from the private owner. Th.
Constitution declares timi rn a ate property shall
hot be taken fog public use without just com?
In the case of Bloodgnod vs. thc Mohawk and
Hudson River I.ailroad Company, in 1? Wendell,
reported at page h. ivhieh waa a leading case upon
thc quegtion of whether railroad co ni pu ni es could
exercise the power of eminent domain, it was ad
judged by a lar^e vote of the Court of Error,
that the defendants irer. Bot authorised to take
and appropriate th. idaintilPs land to their use
for the purpose of milking ii railway thereon, until
bis damage, were appraised and paid, or deposited
to his iihe. as provided in the Act of Incorporation.
Is there any more justice in the projvrty being
tnUcn hy tn. City nf New-York from a private
Individual for public OM until that individual has
been pah. therefor.
If lt creates more labor for UM Corporation Coun
v 1 and throws more labor upon the Dork Depart
menl to ascertain in advance who atv the trwnem
of the property, a lab**** assumed every year by
thc Commiggiouerg Of Tums, wlio tax the owners,?
is lhat an .xena, for thc oppression whicb neces?
sarily results from turning a mun out of his houet
and land, without paying him a dollin-, until a
commission of three men shall, at, their leisure,
ggyeertain how much bia property is worth f
Hut thia liill seems to Intend that thc first three
nun whom tbe General Term shall appoint Com
mitgionen shall cetimnte the value of all this
properly, of the different pieces of land, with dif?
ferent mteregt. in the bulkhead and witli different
ownerships In the piers. No jary of twelve men
who have wit in au nss.iilt ami hatter*,' case Involv?
ing Sad would lie permitted by the court to sit
in two consecutive ,art,.s relating to the same as?
sault and battery, hut the plaintiff would have a
right te a new- Jury for tho trial of each caso.
If tin- law will tmt trust twelve men to render a
second verdict up,,n biil'stantlally thc same con?
troversy, without the consent of all tiarties. is it
ri-v-hi or just to gay that tba rain, of thin whola
winer front, with ifs many and varied lnt<T>*K
shall lie determined hg one jury of three men ?
New-York, March 3, 1888.
To the. Bd t tor of Ihe Tribune.
Kir: A correspondent rrrtttng from Fast Tennessee
(ives me an Item from the ohlcn time. Before tho
war Parson Ilrownlow edited "The Knoxville Whig."
lils political hot shot wa! thrown in a very cinch *.i
manner Into the Iaemocratlc camp. Ono of their edi?
tors undertook to lecture th" parson as '?' -??? Impro
li d' g| a mini,ir, of |hg (;?,-!*'! rahlnii part In pol
liles. In tho neut Issue of "They Whig" th,* parson
Melted: " I fight the rMmoeratt. party six nan rn tho
Wtel and on tsiinduy the <h-H " *-?? u- LINCOLN.
Tonally, N. J., Feb. 'JJ, D^a.
- sta
THK SI I'l'I-t'S.
To the Editor of Ihe Tribune.
Blr: I-iir a long time them has bevon a great outcry
lu the nev. -HSByBSBBj ahout tlio dangers whivh Ihissaton
Ihe coiiniiy front Hie surplus In lhe Treasury. Villi
TUB TmiiL'sK Infnim an anxious linjulrer, whetler
these rl*ng?rs ore real or Imaeiiiary I Ao tho I'nited
Blstes |? perhaps th" only country which ever had
a heavy surplus., perhaps the teachings of the school
of Ai gio An.e. i, au oceuoini.t, are vnihoui any facts
lo support thom. ?-? ft CI^VUKK.
Mat.uti a. Ga, Pot*. Hi, If--"
iTIm withelniwal of currency from elmulatlon,
i (|ual to the wiioie Or Hie larger part of Ute tut
plus revenue, would affect speculation and r"""'
In speculative markets. A full m sueli prices mil
for n timo depress brandies of industry nnd leg
iniatc trade. Tints tho surplus ia dreaded m<
hy then who believe any < oiitra"ion of tbe circu
tlon disastrous, while those who think tliat sm
eontiartjnn of the r-Iivuli-tion would result, in nu
heall!iy trado nnd mon* prosperous industry j
ouly apprehensive lest the withdiasval should
too Large or too sudden.?Ed.)
To th* Editor of Ine Tribune.
Slr: f nottca-d lu several new^j-Riaa.,-. this morrti
a statoinerit to tho effect that ll ti ? undea-stood" th
Clark di O'I'.rlou are to be awarded the coatiact fi
Tlpo and laying ihe same from One-hundred an
thlrty-lifthst to tho Ke.ervolr. llovy this ran 1
" understood," 1 do not know, as the Aqueduct Om
missioners will not award tho contract to any blddi
uniil next Wednesday, March 7.
My bid was made upon tho proposal, which slat*
that the elly would furnish the pipe, and I am tl
lowest bidder On that proposal. My bid added to tl
j bid of either of tho bidders for pipe ls from $40,iH
I to $00,000 lower than the hld of Clark .t 0*fMoa fi
i tho whole work. I am i-ospnnMMi) UnamHally ar
! have had a lat co expert .uro In thl. particular cl*
el w iris, and I .all to nee why clari, A O'Brien thou
l have a continued monopoly of aqueduct conti act
especially, as la this ln-.tat.co "tho Interests of i!
! cHy"' will be benefited by a Inree SBVtng If Clark
j O'Hrlen do not get this parti."uI ,r oontraot.
I also fall to seo why New York C Hy contraa'foi
i should not Lave a ohann to do f.Us work, ejpea'lall
, at a Wine of over 060,000 to th. cit v.
Nev York, March B, I?88. w. -t MAN.
m.owixa out TRI asa.
i Tn th* BBltor of The Tri lune.
Kir: ju connection with M's leiter on " Stowing oi
j the On," his suggestion that Ihe stops in some ga
f.xttues an broken, may be a Cornel one; but, i
ssany Itow-Yorfeon lu.ow, tho old fashioned gxtm
nntaln nothlne lo prevent the faucet from turnli
<iu.io amand. it ls well-hnown that accidents h.\
ocenrred from this cause, nnd ir pom. high time thi
the iiroper authorities compelled landlords to nt ga
flgtures with life-taring steps. NEXT
Brooklyn, feb. 'i'i. IMS.
a oooDgu_gox urgento?fbuuxal am? socu
Ki.wi'out, n. p. March ?'?.- Goo4 weather has pr.
vall.-d of late and a few cottages han b-en reata
Tho temllfar tai'i'5 of well-known subumc nsMeol
ar>' dolly Been upon tlc* ?troe:s, un I ll li appa; .-ut U.
tl.<?>? are hen to Ri', o orders for harlot their hmm
' put lu coalition for th-ir advent for the SOUSC?. Th
"prospects" lor the coning season m being disown
ls I sch i-hops and elsewhere. Many on ol the oi inls
j that lc:.-?it* Brill be lound .'o; all tho cottages) whll
j others ai-.: not looking tor a lery hrllllant snmmoi
I one nmg, hov.-ver, is certain, aed Cat ls, thnt Ken
j port cannot have what ia known a- a anil leann
I Thc etty i- n.leal with pretty summer hi m and t.iea
?;.l be Mounted ty their owners ->i u> Homebody elsi
The ni1' ,"'r of IhOSC Who own OOttSgSa SOd who IntOO
1 tooecupj them is eufflctentlj Urge to warrant the stott
mem tiisl the toa_on \,m >?.,, moderately sueesnfOI
li BOthlag iiioie. Msnj who were either ahmad in
pear, ur who sought ..t .er shan morts, will bo ber
next nano* The hotel hnpen aro looting for a pius
pei is lesson. The roo! estate egeuts aie .-onn-wt-a
chagrined at the small aumhec ol application* whld
they havo received rims tor f".1 cottogn. bal thev ar
fut- boa being (Uteouraged llany new families win t
ben next r- .n, aud ss nJargs number ot fr*1 I'r
will bs out oi mourning, it i.s reasonable to iuppoe
ihat tho kt-.aou ul lcoa will bo Baoderatety gay.
Dr. d weir Mitchell, of 1-h-ladeiphln, who Ua
occupied ono of th- ciiii cottages tor nveral son ons
has leased u Need wood" mitsjnt owned ty on-Gone
nor Vfetmora ami j;a\M King. TL;* eottags m
ocenpled during the seoson ol i_~o by Un, a. Law
roan UopMn, whan hu-band recently mond i
divorce fi-inn her.
John Lawrence, of New-York, has taki-n anette
lens.- of tho Charter \ Illa, on tba ClUts, nea
tho beach. E. J- X-atttsoa, of Nev. York, um* Icaatii
the lie-.. Dr, Unicorn's rirHsgti on Kay-st
Mik, Theo. Uavemeyer, oi Kew-York. is visiting 5ir<
i harlee M. Oolrl bs.
Among the vi-:!i^i**> here thu week wara Uta, Mile
Carpenter, Miss Carpenter, P. ii. janies ami uspenar
:--.. .-.ard, of *>'.-???? York; Jaine* Shaw, ol Pl-ovtlenco
sod ex-Oovernor George p. Wetmore,
Miss ft 1-:. BtotehfenL ol New-York, lg ot the ..dam
cottage where she will romain (?nine time. Ma
Jilin c~:i fop I, who owns a cottage hen, bsa inst re
i foil Germany. B. Williamson, of (few-York
baa arrived ai the Riggs cottage, william Redmond
' i.i p. Morel.ic and Mrs. William Gammell, wat
, ? i. ii : .,.- a summer residence .-??(-.-rc.; on ti, ? ruffs, hort
pone to Florida, W. Watts Sherman, Mrs. J. 4',
ni-owi N el Tl lyer md t. .-. tb d il ';it,.-\ lilo,
v.hu dui noi occupy their Newport cottages ia-' san
mer will bo ou hand ti.u season Frauds ii. Itotm
and c. M. ?Mri< h.- b.ivc returned hero irwin New-York.
A. I., .---w.il, of Wappingci*. .'alls, N. Y., is vlsi tl U|
blends here.
The Kev. i>p. Ken/.ie, soeretary ot the American
Hui t-1 Onion, will visit (fowporl n. xt week and will
speak ur the Baptist ohurohes. captain J, v Cotton
hss bron elected prealdeai of the Kewport I,aw ami
Order ?agiie. Mrs. T. ft Nowell, of bootoo* t- tho
1 '? Mi-s. M. 1 oitrcll. Mr. ami Mrs IV. Waldor!
Astor ha\o ben here nveral div- this w-'?!_. Exten?
sive Improvementa are being mail-* 10 tii? cotta^-s
owned by Mrs. W*. t\ V.i-M. of Boston, hikI O. ?'. H.
Wolles, snd Henry If. Cook, of New-York. Maturla
Livingston, of Ifew-Tork, who hus not ocenpled hs
cottage for several seasons w-U he hero next sommer.
Colonel Howard smith, of Governor Dovtsi suir, bas
returned here froin North Carolina. Mrs. C, v. reit
ami Miss Pott, of Lynn, Mass., are the guests of -limes
Aa Brown. John (}. Weaver, jr., nf the l'.verett
lfoi-e. tfew-Tosfe, ha.s been In town this week.
Morristown, N. J., March 3.?Mwgri by on te a
promlnnt nembet of the Jiorrls Coonty bar. One of
his ellen's v/m an honest old totlow, Joh'i l-rnlth,
who ow ucl a farm up near Dover, In Dover Town
uhlp. Counsellor Lyon found lt necessary to search
tho title of Mr. Smith to the farm on which tho tilter
had lived fm- sumo years with his family. The lawyer
searched tho reeords In th. Morris County Court Hoon
for sixty years tack, and found that Mr. bm"h's title
waa all right. Ho found tho record of s stuail moit
gagu on Um farm, but ho had tern told of Its ex?
istence by Mr. Smith. The Judgment record of tho
Circuit Court of the county showed there were no
Judgments against Mr. Smith. In order to com?
plete tho scarh, CeUBSOOor Lyon wrote to tho clerk
of the Bupnms Court of tho State at Trenton, asking
him to have a search made of the rcords of his oflice
and send him a list of all tho Judgments recorded
against John Smith.
In about a week Counsellor Lyon received a bulky
document (nm the clerk of tho 8'ipt.>me Court. It
was the result of the search ho asked for In his lettora
The size of tho document almost took the lawyer's
breath away. It showed that John Smith had Judg?
ments enough recorded In the otllee of tho Supremo
Court to offset the valuo of half of tho farm? of Morris
County. Mr. Lyon at once set to work to unravel
the ca-se- Ho found that there were mauy John
Smiths In >ew-Jorsey.In fact tbey woro to bo
bond from tho rock-ribbed farra of I_nquarry
Tuwnshlp, In Warren County, down to the white
sands ol Cupe May. Mr. Lyon wrote to all t!;0
lawyers who had secured Judgments and from Ibolr
repliers he made out a complete record of them. One
nt tho curious features of tho case waa that fully one
half of the Judgment, had teen paid In full but had
not been cancelled of record. Others were uuder
rolne Kettl?*ment. The sworn statoments of a lot of
awyers showed that none of the Judgments recorded
it Tienton was against tho particular John Smith
sYiosn title Counsellor Lyon waa searching, (joni.)
if tho other John Smiths have been greatly cj.er<Mjed
n mind ovor Mr Lyon's search and they have maila
urangemenU to Batist)' tho Judgtn.u. recorded against
BlWOUAinon, V. Y., March n.-tit Psal's African
.tethodi.t Episcopal Church of this city has closed Ita
loon to WOrahlppon and creditors. The Rev. A. J. C.
lamllton, tho pastor, complained that his salary,
? hlch was r}-i co per week, contributed ty nine active
nembcrs, was not sufficient to support him in becom
M sm le, snd he yesterday tendered his resignation,
h's morning William l-eo obtained a permsnenrin
unction agafnst the church trustees, restraining them
rom lidding services In tbe structure so long as lt
nr ros-1 hod sn toM on his land, contrary to au omer
if removal Issued some months aao. lt t* not likely
bot thc building, which ts valued at 96,000, wUl be
eopenod aa a church.
Fat.i. ItivFR. March 3 (Spec'al).-The print cloth mar?
et closes fli-ni at 3 5-8 cents for 04 by 64 goods. The
reduction for the week was 170,000 pieces, and
,0 deliveries 185,000, reducing the stock on Lund
a l.OOO pieces of 60 by ld goods, held by one mill,
ales for the week amounted to 00,000 pl?ees, 39.000
1d goods and 50.000 Itaadord f4s; spots 54.000,
ituies 14,000 gales tot wiaekly dnllvery In Monk,
nw agffresa'e ? .??< c.; April, 45,000; May,
?,O0O; June, 0.0110
Lo-isvil.t a. Ky.. Mar-I. 3.?In the United States
ilstrici Court til* ntomiug. Judge Darr reaiauded
in West Virginia piisOB'-ri Ihe JUtUelds, to lite
Uarge of ibo Piha 1 utility ollie I-is.
i. ; aVo.VD!:i.:.vG what hik nut khtati. txcnscl
?u The elevated, ndvpnund and surfne r.i hoad meir
^ ' of ihis city have diverted theil ga/e f.or.i Hogn Hewitt
, and his bill, temponril), to take a g. od look at tho
j l/"gislat ive Cotumltte. of the Heal Km ale M-rbango,
j whirl, hn bean sending to thuin ali tho following
, i circular:
Tho fellowing resolution was, on Febrtu-v 14, lSisfl*
; adopted by the U'^islatlvo ConuxiJtteo uf ti.e Heal >*?
? lalo l.\ -|. ji,/,- -
I j "Resolved. That a cou mttfavi of Aft-en be ?ppolnt?>fl
P to luqulro If any plan* alis In existent which will
. I nut conflict with tho nra"sent laws, and afford iho city
. ! ??y-Yv*L,*_r*,*-"to ?>?*?? "? i-epid ti.it.,11.'
J I Will you kindly answer at once and Inform ihe coin
mutee whether your r..nin_ny d.?sire? i? t* h<-..rd
upon the prscilcahlllty and legality 0f your plan?
This comnuaiilcaMo:i has caused a hubbub, sud nol
only the Ai-csdo Railway Company, but the Cable Com
psny, ths luilorgrourd Hallway Company, rho MtatCct
Raliway Company, the Terminal DUdmioaad Railroad?
j j Company, tho Metropolitan Transit Kallwsy Company,
and evey organisation with a charier, dead ..r slice,
I i or hoping to tic alive, ls on the anxious s?>at io Yuur*
what lt all means. Tho curront of oplulon ts thal
; this call ls tho result of a belief at the Heal IXatr.
' | exchange tha' Mayor new itt'r- pUu will nol hn car
s ried out, or cannot bo, in time to give requisite addl
': Donal r-ipid traoott Lawyera, otoay si these, d..v:si_
j that tor that plan a cun_rffiitfonal amendment Will bo
Most of the companies ar" terri!,!y OfroM of a col
peed person In tho noodyflo Hewans, nearly all
have slgulfled a willingness to ap ne sr and let th" lr.it- ?
Islatlve Committee of the Rca! IMafc exchange ars
as a Court of Appeals and tain knotfv legal question*
whloh have piu-led tho Supieuie Court In Its lower
Representatives of the Arcade Railway* Company
explained their eas? on Friday. At the next sittings
of tho committee the District Ballway sad tbs 'able
company will have their say: then will roast *he Lu
dar ground Railway Comapany. Hemau Clark's plan
for ..jiving tho entire rapid transit plan, with a tunnel
ll ii f.-ot below thonrtaee, running down the haekbeno
Ol thc Uland, to a point under th" Astor Monge, thence
branching to HOv-JcTtcr sud Brooklyn, win also ho
presented, lt is under-toed. Tbs ssombers of th* Leg?
islative Committee are doom ?/. Van Mckies. William
C. Orr, Onset ant A. Andrews, rufford Coddlngton,
Leonard J. Carpenter, fieorfe lie P. Rarton, OOOTgl rt.
LnptOOOSS and Ciank lt. noughton.
nxirniA M RTaiM tiik i aw.
PHiMn;:rrnt,, March 3 (Special!. -Thursday was tho
last duy in which to present remonstrances to tho
courts against the applicants for license*. Four
hundred nnd thirty four 100-0001ranees 0000 BBBB fled
| and If all application.-* should l>e grained v. Ah tho
BXeegtlon of those objected to about '.),()CO *_too:.? will
bo authorized to sell liquor nest year. Remon?
strances havo boen maib Ogotoat sme Of the most
pro od ne ? places in the city as 11.-" Msoanenkn
Oar i"n, Aoodessjr af M,:s!c, and industrial Etoll. Louis
I). Vail, of the Law and Order Soddy fs ersdited with
toying thal he tklnkl tho leading drlnk'nc ptaSOO malia
more drunltards th ,n th. pOg-OUOfl of Ala-'.,-, r.
Against tin) largo hotel! and saloon* th'M-e ar-- no re
?MMtnnon rind no remonsrranr*s Igofnof tbs places
In Bon st. and >.'tr.tii-sC, r."r agslus1 the loiflO 000-bOi
of saloons WhlOh tOTTOaad the ON Cliy Hall.
It appears that thon li" tin arrangement that WhBE,
a club gives a ball at ihe Acad'-rny of Music any ono
| who Ls 00nptad Ly a commute.* ls, Open UM payment
Of a dollar, allowed all the privileges of th-* club for
Ibo night. This includes the accommodations of tho
Some Baaionn-keepers In order to get around thas
pm-siston af lbs luw whisk forbids the sale of liquors
to children have had cai'Ls lil.o thc following printed:
Mr, -. This ls to ccrtlf> that I ha\e (lils day S'-n';
my child tor beer for family ns"i-. I';eaf.o let my
children have beer or aie when called for until you
are notified by mo to stop soiling to them.
lt ls not supposed that tho tOkesseuHl be effectual.
They oxpeot in Kow Jetsoy that osstor tin> law jmt
pasaod ovi th" danmor, veto they can ca-ry Camden
County for Prohibition. Ca ns den (.'.aunty lac lu dee
Olouoester which lu_s bon the great hu oday summer
ro-ort for lilli Bibil phisns
Berta Coony, Pennsylvania, will receive over
r?40,0TO from high license. Tho Oecnne In the Dumber
ot saloons lu Reading ls sixteen ami sfneton In 'ho
com.ty leaving l'.H -aloou- and hotels In RoOdlUf and
L'd'i In the rest of the county.
irr.isiTio.v To ci.nvri.ANir.
Canandat.e-ua. Honk H.- Iho Cana'dngua Reputj*
Mein CJtth Otgnnlsed th1- wee'- f?i- th" caa pslgo, Ths
flinting whs larg! and enknlntto Major Frank
nisnihrslshij who did sxeslionl mein aa okulnuaa
Of the County OoO-t-UfOI lu th" campaign of lggQ|
waa elected pieeident, and ei-Dlstrl't Attoni"y o. 0,
Armstrong, an energetic worker was pin cod at tko
1 ea-i of lao executivo committee. The town elec?
tions of Ontario County o.cur next week, and th.
Bspoblleoas are in good fighting trim.
In ,Yates County, the slactiOM of la-t Tuesday re
s'.i.:.'l in an overwh.-nilng Republ can v.c,'o:y. Rut
ono lonoly Democrat win sit in tko nool Hoard of
Supervisors of that County. In Wyoming county
tho Republicans held their own.
One of the faction- of the 1.^*1 Moncton ha? been
for io;no time trying to organizo a dub. The project
Started lo good shape aud wars assuming very re
?ie talde p.?portions When John 1 -la'Ua. ,-an began to
luspect thal tho pm-poso cf tho oigaalsoUn was to
sma-h th" ina- liiue which wes to elset him a.* a
cleveland dolenate to the National Convention. Ho
at once Informed his henchmen that th- club must bo
oi Hiked- and the preens of disintegration has been
going steadily ou ever ..nee. ike pro lectors are
frantic over this Interference of tho Loss and they
will tight harder than ever now.
In th- manu feet urina tow.s of Waterloo, andi
6eno-*a Comity, tiiero ll well organised opposition
to Cl ve and. Th" msnufa tuier. and operatvee
cannot swallow froo trad.;, and ir CtOvefOOd ls noni*
lo.'.'l. Seneca County ls good for a lui go Ropubllcaa
Rrt-VAr.o, March C.-Tho recent death of QNOMl
?Uslga fiennett and tho Court ot Appeals decision,
which denied the right of the Niagara Falls and WhlrU
pool Raliway Company to take lands belonging to
I>_ Veaux Collego, may have the effect of pre.'eutlng
fhe realization of the ?cheme to nu a narrow g. ugsi
steam railroad along the base of the 'Lil* forming the
Niagara goige. Colonel Bennett ww the principal pro?
moter of the enterprise and tho empres.lon ls that tho
project will bo dropped. A meeting of the Hoard of
Directors will Le rv-ld in a few day* to decide on tho
future course of the company.
There have boen a gool many drawbacks to building
the road, the ownen of the "elevators'' ohJOOttag to
lt bar au-r. they thought lt would dostroy tho patronaga
which they would enjoy, -'or Instance, a person could
lake a train at tho State reservation and ride tho
entire length ot tho gorge, for a fare perhaps no more
than the fee now oo.le.-ted at eaa h elevator, where
only a limited view can be obtained of tho scenery. A
trip on the railroad would give a bettor id.ia of tho
gorge to spectators In quicker time than can now be
obtained bv anandlug a whole day and 410 to 915 on
elevators, naokmen aud other tout-res of cost to
strangers at tho falls. The main trouble ba* been to
get tho right of way. Tlie guestlop of euiluei.t domain
*on.es In and lt has beeu held that the road, being
built for pleasure and not for commerce, cannot en?
force the condemnation of land by commission, m
o: ld be done by a regular railroad. The sum likely
:o be cha'-ged by owners of abutting property tor the
right of way would be ao great that li would quench
tho enterprise entirely. It is hoped by UuifaJu peoplo
I ho are interested that this win not provo to Se tho
Nbw-IIavbn. March 8 (.Special).?Tho athletic meeti?
ng und-r the auspice, of the Yale Athl.t.lo Association
ind 'Jd Regiment, 0. N G., was held tn the Armory
ast evening. Harvard, Columbia and New-York
.liletio Associations were well represented. Tho
luuiber of contestants by tor exceeded that of any
iisivKub mo-ung, there being over :._o entries. Tho
ollowlng were the a inners lu Ute several events;
Ugh Jump, -hearmau. Yale. '60, 5 feet ft laches |
i picked Toto tug of war team pulsed the freshmen
1 ii inches; halfmile run, handicap, II. R. Miles,
larvard, thirty six yards, g minutes 8 4-5 aecuudsl
euclng. I* l-e-tllhon. Yale, '60S.; rope climbing,
lartsborne, Columbia, ft seconds; horizontal bal,
u-!. :.,-, Yale, 'ttl; tt anding broad lump, Ilartshortie.
o.unioia, 0 feet ft l-l Inches ; putting sixteen-pound
hot, handicap, Hartwell, Yale, 'huh.; tug of war;
'aie pulled Columbia 1 1 _ Inch; high kick, Lee. Yale,
-'..-.. rt feet 0 inches: pole vault, bheatman. Yale.
, prominent feature of the games was an exhibition
e..:i on the hydraulics hy the champion Yale crow ol
am, ?ii??i! entrance was received with gieat a>
Hause and cheering.
Colonel VV". R. Morrl-on, the author of the celebrate $
' horizontal reduction * tariff bill, which got suob hard
mocks whi>n the XJLVIIItb Congress came to confider
t. waa aiaked by a Tkibcnk leportei what he thought
it the now bill Just brought out by " Rremler" Mill*.
" I think,-' he replied, "that lt I* a good bill, a very
Rood bill, but lt MU be a hard bill to pace -taara
atv-re the tronblo will como in In Bellina lt paaaed-*
Uoloaal Mel-laen knows how it ls hlnusli

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