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and Miss Norreys n_u? ?vacivbel_ned arith grief. -
Both placed exquisite Dost, on tho coffin.
miss AvniiaasiM Tun BWMWB o. Max Mt-U.nn.
Miss Mnry Andi-nion was the gue*-, of Profeasor
Max Muller, at Oxford, from Saturday till Mon?
m. cwji'ULi'r's nitsins.
It floes not wy tnurb for our insnl-.r tast* thnt
* lie Impute de 1_ nnblgnac" t*liould draw tetter
li noses a? thr Kov-lty end please the nu (Hen oe more
than " I .'Kt 0.111.1." M. Cocmclin is good ns De
< .usntelnm. Imf siipert) ns Muse .rille. Ills talent
applied to t*be hero of M. Hue.tn', piece in like tho
?proverbial si earn hammer cracking the Hlliert,
whereas in M_sc_r_lr he has put forth not nil his
strength. ?>nt ?!>? Irater nari of it. .Vhsil supple- i
bean of cxprrssioi:. srhiit inexhanstiMe inventive- !
ness of hui-or! Tbs whole five neta consist of
nothing 'nit the _nine situntion over ?nd over i
again, yet no amount of repetition run stak the
infinite variety of this prime of ro_i tr*. M. Jenn :
Coqnriln ls tn__1n_ great progress nnd pTnni>.08 to
_? aa oct Hill corno.ian. His l_-~lie is bright nnd
buoyant, and bis Mannuis de la Seijrliere is r.-nllv
an asionishing rs. rf orman, ie for sn asoona an netor.
?URI ix tiik ri.ivs uv MIK HI", (,_r.Ir_.\'.. SUC?
Tbs stn. I. hold itrs of the M -li-cn Square Gartlan
Amiss-menl Company have about decided to gtv? up
the theatre a* a part of the splendid new building they
will pul .ip a>n thc sile if ti.e . nilson Square (.ardon.
Soma font leen pl aua tor thc uow atiucturo havo been
r?,c-iicre.i in all of the-"-, aaren! ii*, one which i
Will probably be adopted, the necessity of providing ]
i.paoc f.r a theatre haa prnv-d a drawbach. There j
wore .several ileauical in-iiagrs ^lio wanted to rent |
tho piupii-ixl Hi-rHie, and acvoral of thom oife.rc. 1 as j
btgh a rent aa could be expected, but lt was found that
the apace which thn theatre would occupy could be
iU-lli-t-1 lo better advantage.
One thin, which the stockholders concluded vronlil
be extremely dec irahle waa rn concurt hall. Ths*. ?io
elre. a larger one l^an any now In the city Tho
ong-nal plan provided tor a music hall on the TYurth
_*,u .-.ale ot Ihe now building. Tills ww neotMrMM-y lt
lii'.'.'i- should ho a theatre lu the struct ure, as thal
lui lat liiii Its main entrance li. Madison ave. Kia-n
tl rOSSB could he provided for both I beal re and concsrt
l.all at th Mad _n an _.<lo, I hern was th- qurntion
of ii.' -r ??-..-, ,? of sound tu le boruo In mind. I: urns
thought tha1 thnnd-rlng spplau*e fiom tlie amphiilio
alre ovor h particularly good leal of an ants>bat v..mid
lint ld ;nt wnh a pianissimo passage tu a p ecu of ria.-,
lent nm-ir interpreted by a 'It'Oinas ntthSStm. es
xit-clalty w|,cn ti nd acclaim tn a tragic scene In a
drain . should tte wafieid from th--i theati-e.
For il...- ? two reason*, the 1d>s of a theatre In the
new bundinie ha* b-en praetlralty abandoned. As a
Maali th- city w ll have ono ol tht; finest ains'-c halls
In tin oountry, one whtcs will (teal mamet lhan __H. >
p u pla TMa ts the nroaont drift of Beal I meal among
tho tdd .holders. The-e idea* were lo all mirjNMIt
dec nie. I on at the last m<> -ting of th- Mw .holders. Tho
final rteclMoti wilt te reached in ,-Yld rn next, srhen a ',
mo-fti . of _H M nc .holders will b? held. The j.ro- j
posed Cancer! hall ls tc Vv creen, on tba Mad1*nn !
ave. aide of tho btiildJuj-. aud alli he raaebsd bv short
statren?es, ttl easy nsci-nt. Th" plan will vrr- tx larce.r j
amphitheatre than al Brat ooiueiaj>Jat?4 aiad will atlord
li toro ri .on li -totus.
The arbitrators of Bot losnea en tho tine at the Union
Wepo.-.r,- Th. attn anl SloTir-i n>>ti_? met yesterday snd I
?arveyai) ti,* taSBBgan They Uie.n wami id their rt- I
apectlvo o_ice? to make, ooi their e. li tai, ic* Ii la proh
bbie mn ? aamaaaaal win ba isasbai to nie ht or carly !
to nc.i row. lu Un* in'ant mo Iho itoik of reit nvliif; j
the dahlia from the I Sci tra, Ih I. nug ai-livoly pt-fiacroled.
l.-.ti i ..I i at tlio .*.._* ii,> lour of lim drn-.vln. a |
that ?a on prizes la thc competition martel by lei * J
Kindty were exhlbltM, bulnR thrown 'limn ? lirpe atc -ten j
by BMBBB af a sUirei ip-iron. TBalgbt r<>nr mian- will 1
he ??.??wit. Iho Dames ot Ibo winners are i i..).cl to
the rrfiii.Ju. ?'.sm of taa i .none*
A roalinj: of ? A Pi.??!bla Ca*.-* win Ii. ? 1 ycnt.rlay
al the Woiv.n llou-ri, and thc tirM i> h, -O-sal ass calityl
for lomon,.vi.
Mans .rn* i;ilme*s Sui TT111 TP-eerltT tirrsmrel with |
Jlarry Ke.nu. .ly, nuuiitecr of tho *' Whit- -lave" Hompsny. I
Uta to-nn* m. w^l(?h he mirron-nrei lh? w.:?k of March i
IS at Molo'*, to tho ? Hen. eil. ". Tho ? Wldlc Slate"
viii ho . ?? i aa Hist dam ia iurh-ru.
I*udttig Ila i ii ia j. tho iia^udiln, ls oa tV ?Travc,'* which
la aoyaslai t-. arrive lo-lay
Kcirly all the rnonoy thnt haa la.x-n jaali In aflcan. -
fer ???sta io ths foina fstj'iura Thoans) hu botM called
far, not wx-ro than s"* rt-maln.* yetirt-rday In tins trc. <
un-!'* li?i:l?
Hermann l>c .an a -r**Vi cut. yemeni lind ntjht at
-Still to'* Ho ltvr .iiced aeveral novtl fi. u . _ A* u*u.d
ks wit saatSM by hi* wi_?. and Mys rrni-rka'.!.** Bkirai
Junkier, I)'A'vi ni. TtK- hi.lcrl. ni;:, al lu throu^huUl
bri. st and konuinx aol la a'li.-J I'.r .ai::'i qulcUj and
wllh unflai_rlnr spirit,
i W. J. .Scii'.lan, ?hci hss ttt>__ for several y*aT. the
Bl Patric)-a flay atiraeiioo at Uta C.rand Open Bawn
jrlii aeslo appear ttaere neal ws_>_.
|i Manti-ll's ne rf" "na noe nf " M'.ntlrfim'' on Monday o' tt
?t Uio Kiflli Avenue Th^iiti.,. will be Ins flrst, -iv-_.aiance
tn thlf, oily la a saaSBaaa l-art.
CUmnrc*." Tlatil tefl h>-re je?ter1aj- on ? tour wblch
will ext.md up Into Canada lind daovn late thr Sotilh.
Oa Ranter .tin-lay. Mr. -.Ilmnre will bring his forces
V> ths ttrnalway Theatro for a single eonc<.rt. ATler
that he will atula take tho >.,, 1 i,ji the opa&lng of tho
sagulaar aSSSaa Ul Munhauaa Ueach.
* Say Govld left Uie Cope Vtj_l I.-Oaiids ut the coast of
'Sfrtra on Svnday. and h? will r??Ui Kv Themas in thf
Wael li la.ts pri.ba'.iy by tha em of U>e w.k. It la i
B-pertc_ that he will bb at honie wiUtln two wct.a. His
j>_>_'.- car has bt-.i itent te VairnandUia, Kia., and from '?
then- he tBB r-"ne.h NewTnrk In ooai day. Mt <;..uld hus ?
not abSaSJBi tba ronui laid oul fir hi tu. except by >tn>_ ,
el circuini>:aiii>'\ and ha will bu lu N??? York al abual .
Sha liii.u originally flied. Many rumors have bet-n |
etArli-.I .il *:ii((- he Hailed U> )irove thal hi* in .t.i. .,'j.
were oniHTolled by fear OT topi prnce-dlncs h-rr. Tl,!,
kets mal ha wou'd nial ba la ttl. countr/ lu two yosr.
aWUl bl> d(-tided iu a short Un..
Will,un. htotoway. Hem _w U- nit* t of tue II n.a....t..
national OBaaflBBtSa^ ia f-tiooi a Ui-tl-i-'.a . Inilisili.ii lats
pellUrs. lin is rccelv-iii; aom: 209 lciura daily from ap
yi_-M.U> fair |iolitii-til paisitlona.
J an h. * 1). l.'?ry ls lc king foi his bi* Tatt lo torn -sp
?? Sbo _e_i' of _ontay t.t_>_l a maalh liun.c. Thal
tnSnrta lt uti.'i'.i April 1.
hJUuou- C SUiuton srIU ..ill for Emtmgm la. morrow tn
BBBBjaaa and oitioa- nc-ei/ul miu-ilal foi the neal
of opera In Oerniaa.
Havwal pia.u. neut Ilruehlyn nata have BBSS t-tanaiiiiu.
Hera_n Clark's plan for a tonnel 1,'aO f<-et l>?.1o*? the ttor
lace to eaanecS Kew*Ystt anl llrt.klyn aad Jersey City
aad aBerd ntfid liiiu-uu
The wedding of Miss i lara Taylor, a daughter of
James D. Taylor, lo William IL Vau titeenberph, will
tale plOBS to night at 8 o'cloc! . al tho I idlegiale
?-. a rd Dutch Chun h. . Iflli avn. and turi- -xxl nut 1.
al. No ir."plii.ii will follow.
Tlio sngOfSSSMl is announced ot Miss Louise l'.ldi-r
lo Henty Kash, son of S. P. Nash.
Ur. and Mn. nobel. Hoe. Jr, will ^i.e a harsja
dlntn-r at their home, No. ll Hail Thirty .nth .1.,
?ext Monday ev.nlnev
Ab atnateti- t-iit-Htalnment witt be given at Orunc. .
B. J.?"oii tue Say evening, April 17, nuder Ih ? di reid .on
ot tho -B-M County '1 obnggan Club. Mrs. Oliver
Btimnw re al i and oihet well known amateurs will tabs
The enRagomeBt ls announced of Mia* Josefa
. clr-on, daughter ot William IL Nelhon, to Ku bert
The wedding of Miss Katherine Con tm. Pedmnnd
Gary wi i lake place al the ho'me of tbe bride In
bouth brooklyn, ou April ld
Mn. Soward *. ebb flin a large dinner at her
house, tUVi .Ifi- ava., last evening.
The wedding of Miss Matt o Co..illidge to r. .nva-nenr
r ar m.-han will lal" | lire In Mei early autumn. Bl
tbe country aeat of the bride's pa-ents. Mr. and Mil.
Vrede'le (ioodrldi*. . Riverdale on Hodgon.
Prrparatliaiis for thn " Kaalaitin 'l.ui* -lay In .'mice"
?_t>- rt al a monta, whleli premtnent society pe.a;de w.11
give In Ih't _ M. f? Ulan Op.-r-i llonae ?n 11,,, rv en'tit.
of April ll and IS. are going forwai-l rap'dly. Tho
Gr-r-olan danon will bo !?__ jaiaed at 3 p. fla. to fl-Oimw.
I-iitWiis ..f th- llcriot and Vcncll.n dances will h.
rohear^-d tn the evening ai tbe satin- place, pisif-_.tr
Marwla-s ern.ms, 10S Wis. 1 ifiy fifth at. Tt.o Sw itali
a_n( BBMBt danoo* will he rehear-.--, on Sattinlav
?renlng Mrs. LsaSS BaBBRHsSra.. Mm o]h_ i/,w
Ifairtman. Mrs P ter Moller and Mrs Hann B. Hyde
aro atnotig the addllloua lo tho List of patronesses.
Oo Saturday, January 21, the M'_ra. Hadar.* Rc.-t.
?* Wash n.-t >a and louth sta., wa- oix-u- l by 'te
taeparlnats-t tor Soldiers ad tsaiors of the .Voroat-'M
OhiSatiaa Ten aper _u ? I mon Ihe lin occupies a
building fix-iueily nsod as a llt.nor shop, ls fltted np
wPb readier aad wilting tables and ls open fn.,ii eiKht
in the morning nulli t--n ?t night every day In thc
?^?S- Tho first inoiiili'a mut was paid by Mrs.
B-HhStft Klux, and the s>M*ond by Mrs. Annie Savery.
Yos'.a;rua-y ? baxaar' lu aid of Iii ia oiga__Ualluu wa?
el .t,-il al tho rOMM of tli* Woman's t'hustian Tempei
anec Inion, No. 'A Kmt.i Fonriei-nth st. Fancy and na*
..il a-sicies. needle work and refre.h_ie.iU were on
.ale. and la tba cvonlng an attractive pregraa tue was
ioilov.04 oil. roiiiorising songs hy Mil Katu (I-* Jinige
lef-pii. piano soli., bj iii . Ai1"-" K Hore, and recita
tiu-- t- mis. UasOfla israuder. afOsaraaja. and Miss Ina
Hunt. Th- lair w:i| um moe thio-'gh the ? -il:. Tba
SOBiail-ti n having it ia ?*|,?..pn are Mrs. Karah Mo-'bss.,
Miss ^nIl1e ICrn;,* Mr*. W, Je.iming-. tl'-moresl,
atm. Aj.ola aavc/>. Mrs. Kita Iaetr Clynior, Mn.. R. I*
2*W. Birt. 110ma,. Maa Ha-u_a_i Ail-.., Miss Us_
MaUrt mhI Bit. Auna kUUet
j.VaAviNo tiie rockaway iiuktikg ci.un.
0"~R1:.VO_8 nA8 NOt BFr.N SI PT.
Tlier* ia t*emtl>le in the Rockaway- ll tutting Club,
and it looks now ss if Ute country would not kl
hunted Hm coming mwBBBBk 'Hie difficulties in thc
organization are lust eipluincd by tho letter of
resipunt ion of F. Om. (Jriswol d. master of tbu
hounds. Tlio document waa transmitted io Preai
dcnt Ilikighl, under Jute Felsmury 28, and ia ne
Hew-Tf.H_ Vets. C.s.. 1888.
David Ta. Tlalelit. esq.. P. tldent Rockaway Ilnniln. Club.
I).*r Mir: I have ll,on. ht lt my duty tn myself aud I?>
open, le nrmlun from the Kort-sway Huntbtg (_nb.
I __-ue?tt_l lo Nutent.-r hist that a ne-iin. of the
Rev. "nars ba railed lo rte. Ide what their winhmt were ceo
e?(min . the huming Inr tho st:ir U-W. Such a meet Inn
a. n? called on Novnreljer ls ll. vine boee lnf,irrae_ thal
ths . i_rrt of tko club n rn- not In the mast flourishing
<_ -dltloa, I ofletod to hnnl Hie country tor ans year with
a aubM-tipUon tram the club of tf3 OOO. I. st?a1 of one-half
tho duo*, as tn fr.tnvr year. Tin* pis >po*ll_>u wa_ ac?
cepted without aay <)iialiflcat1iaDS shafr-et.-r. At a Apee
l?l m'tetlng cf tli ei governors, held on Pebmary '23. I nol
?uly la.util thal certain r)uallflratl(,na tint beea ald'Hl So
Ihe ralnniea of tho club, taken from a
personal litter ?ni ten by BU tn a i-'-rn
ber of the boin,, hut lhat . Temi of ths governor*
were of tho opinion that a certain n_aro of my huraea and
hounds belooco. tn the club, and further, thnt on*-half of
Ihe B-m appn-p.at. 1 bv tbe eli I. shtvl. go toward lo
ei-castog Ute club's elmi- In the _.__ I-.nsiderlng lhat
when I agreed m hunt the country I brou .ht my own
horses aad ho'ind ' and never rc-:i iced one penny with
which to .pine* hire". esUles, bri lisa aad ths Ilks,
which ars perishable, and that when I moved to Uockiway
lhere waa nail so much an a pitchfork In the stables. I
thought lt t>> tter for mr own y.rolaa ton and for tho pre?
lection of spurt te rt-hlgti from Ihe club.
There wits a few eonplo of lianna.* In tbe keno, la at
fvoekswBv wh.ii I moved there, and T was allowed twice
rama of aiouer for Ibe putporvt of niling their plaroa aa
Ihey died. All thev hound* save eur bars _r,_- lieooms
unfit for aerr'c . but I nm w'lllnc to replice the a ran tiun
ber 1 founl In tho kennels In 18t?3. In return f..r thia
I ssh but what I on ..er ts fair, th-it. the club give nie as
Ag-tisl om--sixth of the siuo tiny pn unlt-cd to allow n.o BB
NuTS-nther 1S. atm ,y, my allowanea for January and
febmary of thia ye-T. My pst. of Ihe ai Teem. tv. I hare
kept, the hound* and hone* be_ug III tu bcglu tho i-p.-iug
-t-a_>n Years very truly.
P|_ ./.Y r..trtvm.n,
M'lster Queens Otenty H'-us-ls.
An attempt, -was made Inst evening to see some
of Ihe prtBOM directly iutcntsted. but nolie, of Un m
oo'ittl be foii"d.
The fir?t Oh_Bs__HI sus tc T ntliletie mating
srill be bcbl on Mo* 10 und'r tbe ?,>.>. ces of the?
ft .cl-awnr H iiYitin-r flub on the Cedhehurst tns-k.
the entries for whir . will close on May 5. The
contests svill bc ns follow*:
? -?? ha- dr d vault. 44 J yards, half nralle. ons mile.
1?S rs-dt hwrll- over I fee' fl Inrhe* hu -I1?i h. and j!im**u
and ojrt yards epen to trf*S0i g-a.iua'-* onlr. The
.r-a' -.it"-- ?.f tba _K---tl.ur will lr i I sall" irosi
un ntl inn ncr tie- s*. epic, ti-is" ro-r" fnr a ctlrt rn-i,
V'tU" S_."0 tn lae rc, n,e lt. pi.p?rlT Of ibe dub which
th'' fl. _l__f te>im 't 'o-ir men _--i_s-nt?. ths Bru, sen.iel
aol th rt -neVi pat .? r th*- tap- .-elil-g ell neila*,
value BBB, The sHaBB In the other BBalflBIB will be
bamd'Om'- ?nd vale. Me. s Ivor cps to the . inn .. ai.d
r"ld md s.v"-- ttv I sis to th? sf. nd anl thirl men. A
COmpetefll c nenltt-e of sell known SlMSISS will have
Ih- msnarr-m to 'f tho ?**'|r>e. The official p.-gramma
will 1.0 pul.IUlieil In nlKiut ten day*.
ro vhcv sar. s1TOR.*iaT*i_xXRAl to rm i? kc in'
THKM ?... Itl'VllSKTaVIB CIIAItll' A.
The Tamma.]) .dniniltteo of Twrnty-1:rr>. compoved
of tba leaa!'.*rs of tho or .aiilintlon. last eve,,inp ailopiel
resolutintis diiectliip ihe roinmltle? L"retofoi-e ap
I?a!'ilrd to prepare and n'ivocate a hill for the snp
pr.sslon of trust monopolies, to lay before Ihe At
lori. j ileneial of this cote ami the I .strict Attorn-"?
of tbs ( Hy, th" B~1-COBS tate-n tty th'' **ena1s Investt
{ratltip ( ouiinito-a- ati.d (<t BSgS Ibssa SffvstS to li-t.tittil*
snell procaedlDga a? tho taci. may wm rant airnliist
any flomoititi COrpOTStlOB tliat may have foifejieil !l_
charter -lad asalnsl ineh Roan] nf Tinstoi-s or o* nr
Linly t. may havo nniatvfiiiiy eoas pb Od lo tho Injury
of tradti oi ri.iniiii'ic. to lim '-nd that s ch coi -snath.n
shall he (liss..lved aud surh hoar-iI or body he watrain"'l
nnd deprived of th ir BBlawM pflSBSV sod finotl for
their usurpation, ard such Iri'ilvidnnls 1_t pmaaBMled
anal punished fnr their ccusplracy.
Tlie I/.jclsiatuiti la urL''-d in pass tho act in r*]._fliaii
to tunis intioiliicd In lit' Senate by Mr Castor and
In Ibe Ass.nii.iy by Mr. Mi Kenna. In 0"tier that this
Stale may tie mttdmetod tram Ibe threaten-ri rt-,"?-,T
of llii- latiiSt and BBOal O-l-S. Ism nf ni(al;ia)i(ilv nun
bin.tinn. Pin Cvonalaalonsi ?rokei aai s*ithar*se_i
in ciiiss;1') ocrdiniiitxlations fur the Tammany del .
iratinii lo th" Deiuocraiic Mstloaal Coaveutlon al tic
_.-Utlu'ru lioicl in St. l.otiis.
TI'iN?DTMri! . t'SIN' ss.
Tho winter tneetttiE ol ths league of American
Wlevin), .i was h'.-ld a< the (riand t'nion Hotel yester?
day. Tl-cre wero ile!e(.'a'.cs present from almost
every Stato ls the I'd iou. The reports reccUe.) wero
nf an oiiconravins nature. Thc Kxerutivo Comniiitee
reported thal "The _. A. U'. Balletla,*1 tho oftklal
orRati of the l>ca|;uc. had liecn BOflaolWatad with '-ihe
Bicycling Vorld," of bosloo, and thu the. debt of ths
T--at:iie had boen wiped ont. The Coininlt.ee; on
Reorsaateatiaa rapsrtaa thal th^y had made sm h rad
leal Bbaaaaa in thc eaastltutlaa ihai ll thair rajwrt is
adopted th ' const I tu tin ii will tn- - irarllcally a new ono.
1t>e ptinrijial featuie is that tho btato li? Isimi* a *
in hat's Biara power, uhile ths pwa__r of tho lt at Ional
bod* ls Rts-arily lessened The report win l?- rsfifred
to the Cnn-titntlotial t'niritiillloe at the .-nnitner uieet
Inc. Tho Maryland ronllnpcnt snppested that the
animal meeting ol the l/*a.ue lie held In Baltimore,
ami I lae mk. e-1 ?.? n hoing favotably cecuived, Juiei lo,
lb arni Jil were dociU'd uimiu.
?Award T. OsbaUaatOUS, a ina-sace doctor living a'
Na. IM S.-tliai'i, who .. ilsiiKhlor, Mabe.l, clo]K_l
Ui;h iicd.rit V Kudslii, of No. 4*1-1 ?fest Toouly
so und-t., on I'dbruary 12, was anaign__ ye.tciday
;il Jefferson .M_ri_'- t'ouit oa the ooriiplaint of Mis.
V'ict'iria A. Mead, of .... Ml Wi-st Twenty second- ...
who ls the anni nf Knowle*. She accuses thc doctor
of calline at he;' homo and mlnf; vile lan^-iagc toa anl
her, as well as writing lo her indecent Idlers in rc
gard to tbe n.ii.ilsc" of his (lau;; lit or. Ur. Os
b_lde-,tone, upon bo'iii; call.-d to tho \i itn.'-ss statid,
exei-jtin*d drsffi:itlcall> : "Judire, they have BN_Sa
away ruy child, ny pretty, liino.ent, chuch potng,
Snndayschnol -scholar. *Slnre that night 1 have known
net a moment's rest."
Ho root o . to d-iiv that ba had called Mia*. Mead
vile, nattie-, but admitted calllug at the house to di>
nartd h1? child, wtion they tauntingly told him, "Your
(laiij-htei las gonn away with r__l." He told llit-in
that he doubted thc statement, but before he <-.,ui,j
say anything further tlio door was slammed In his
face. Ile was ad vb.-td to get a .search warrant, but
ho was un.il,l>- to Grid a mavis'rate that night. Hp
had i-iitMt Jnrd the Mead family In ? prlOBSty fish
ion" at lils home, and little thought that they would
c-iuin his hospitant.v ta -SaallBg away '? his treasure.'
Hil daughter, he .ant. Wm snlforlng fi oin mental
aberration, and her mother wa* a nianiar and foi a
long time roii-tird lia.an asylum, lie appealed to tl,*
paternal Instlncis of tba Jn-tlrc, and bengeo him to
return the eblld lo her father. Ju*ilce (TRellly, how
c\( r. held the doctor iii jj*,00 hall ta Seep the peace
for tbreo mont tis.
Tho lot? offered at tli? Kseosora wale at BaRSjBB-l Art
r.o..?i a. So BIT Bru il way, jeslerday aftetniHiu. wera; com
|.n--t.lor the. UKft J*rt of kTilrk-ktutrKa ant odl* and
(lids, and jatcseiilcd piobably tte lea.t attnu live feature
of the entire salo. The atu-iidatioe was aeeorUngly not
so lattto as oo thc prtvlou* -La.. . and tut. mli th" ' 1j.nn
was active the price* were not high T?o hun!. -1 hi. 1
ten lots were soil the total receipts being enly $0 020,
Diaklng Iho total for thr salo lu dale 132,320. A Gothic
cha-.ul.ie, embroidered lu gull and stiver, was the lim lol
t.. rri'li threta figures, brlnclng Ju?t S100. A ellver
rclliltiary of the alxteenth rentory teen. !,t $10.1. Two luiiu
tiful lillee* of l't-ra-lan t,i]a'r.trT. Ihe hrst. of llosue uf ^-al 1
and allk. a>l i leen ih century,and tho other of -llkcmh. allered
with arianial*. fiftei nth ceiiUny. biougiii SKI and 9A50, r*
s|teiUvtaly. A MU.U1 In-*- IBpBaflflfl |*?-lur I1a?k, gild-- I.
of the sixteenth centtirj, bvoughl iflOO. and a pslr ur gold
ena-jrlled ?<ii??or_, and a gull flaa_Bfltlal pBB lalfB. MM
useil by Marti- Antoinette, weac knocat-d down foi gmo
These "ors the only article* ui bring ?100. The ?ale un*
?at;, i malan ttlll latitude H.t. liij_i-'.rii._, ila arum _i._ aiiiiui*,
and fumnuru.
At the un ??tins of thc ORliial Hoard of Iho \V*nliii.^
ton Mreet MethoHnt . t.leconal I'hurth. nnioklyn. last
Blgbb rtm.lutioua were oj.--. J ;'?*. inline tl,'.se adopted
ty ili.i tauurd on Kel a narr (1 iclniivo lu thc trial a:
paaataa af t'harle* VV. Millen, and BBBJBS-BI the iipialicj.
tiun of Mr. l'arshley /,.r icimbursenienl of expenses
laourr(ad i,t i.im lu earrvin. on lbs Diosecuilon. The
new ie*.iii'..(.nu li,1ir_. Mr. 1'ar- til.-v'? iitln ns and NSaaS
! u.eu-l tliat tn* chilli, be Lui br gtTWSl BBBtribBdBB
| The Hu->d'a lae reoue-'.l n,_i i^e i,r--*i.l!iag elder, il,.
| Kev H M. Adsm*. n*e 1,:? tnenence lo ai-.nre ile r?
ei.;. .ii ... ni bl the It v. f. C.. .tn aa |..-'uf -f the
?lei-? - for the c n : ._ tear.
dint E1ICS . r roust LL ukiyeuiiitt.
ItbSS-a Jt-JXih 6 (special). Tho winter's ?Wttag nt
tbs All.I -I.e. A-hoclaiinii of Cornall (.'ulvorslty lanie
off if Tl ti*, i t.g was a emmi ,aioi.e-i,
.. .. a. r. i, bi-koi_.
ort tub- icu. rABry vora.
Te the Editor ef tko Tribune.
Sir: Looking forward to the important polit?
ical cnnvrss in whieh the Am-rican pople uro
soon to engage, it is w,-ll for .{cpu bl jeans to
give timely consideration to all measures cnlcu
lata-d to renrlor more cfTuctivc tin- political org mi/ji
tion of their jmrty. Deinoemts, ns a rule, are
more active in support of their political faith,
which gives their imrty (lee.ida*d advaiitoge in
the frei'iient conies.!* rendered neoessnry by our
form ol governm-nt. Cartfnl estimates based
upon actual re-siilu in many localities, indicate
timt while tin- Democratic vote actually polled
at elections ranges from 82 to UH 1-3 per <rnt
of the entire strength of that .party,' Iii* total
vote fast by Itcpublienns varu-s from 6tf to N
1-4 per cent of l.h'-ir party memtaersbip. Utt
deficiency consists of these who Irom ahscn e,
illness and indifference and other cnusea fail
to vote, aud of course the extent of such defi?
ciency is more or less de'K'ndinjr. upon tin extent
of interest felt by tho commuuity in tho jamd
ing election. When it is remembered that the
I last Presidential election w<is bast by a difference
j of less than one-eighth of ont aper cent In the,
I total poll of tue State of New-York, the import?
ance of providing the ncccsaa-ry means to insure
a full vote may be iu some degree, appreciated.
The present activity in establishing lii-publican
clubs will ace.ompli.ai valuabb results hy enlist?
ing the active ia; 'nst ol young men in the np
pnaaching Presidential can,.isa and every poa
8ible encourajxement should be given tn snch ef?
forts. The most important npene.y, however,
in ali of our political work, ia thc Stole Com
mitta-e. and, speukin;; from an rxtended personal
experience., it is my belief tlnit a decid xl improve?
ment oin be made in tue formation of that
body, lt is now composed oT one member from
?adi Coti-T ssional district, s mc thirty-three in
number. T*Inny of tUe*a* district", cnibntoe three
or f mr counties and it is im oriel icaMe for mera?
llen (BtxTanaaiaa auoh districts to give attentioti
to the detnils of ii pending cnn*, uss such at the
oeension reouires. j
Much gri-at'T efficiency would be secured ley |
(li-'n'.irie th- f.-iiiMtinn of tlie State Coiumitt?'e |
t.0 that, it should include oBe ineinbaT from each
eounty Mi'-f-ide of New-York end Kine-s. and one j
m mb'r from each Con?rrestional distriel witlnn j
thus- two e, iintc-x Thus members wiuild r.-|v ?
Ra<ai>nt connaiict districts, and initural nnlitleal
cnvt'iinene.ies. to the theroueh ortran'/iition of
which they co dd d v-aie tb<-m?*clvcs effectively j
without being enlleel Irom their re*T*eeli\-e places
of resid-nei-. Them C-.U lae no doubt that the I
services of eneh individual member of the c m
rniti**e would thus beeom-* of mueh grater vaia.
Tn tb* mrty than ls possible under existing cir
The Ina und pa rluetas only oli'tee-tlnn to be
iire-.v] utrsi'f*) such n eoanjre .vii be thu* ft eom
iv't'-c of oj+riRy m-m,"*rs w-n'd tn- mi lor^e as
to he uowi^dv. bit fliis cril'eisin bas no sn>>
-..'?nti-il tv"n,lotion. Coater if-* nre*^eni lorm the
**-i*ole c^^-nttee is eiill-d tnr-th'T tmt t"'o or
three 1'nvs in the eon rv of n sa HI Balta, and etalf
for a tarief s"*r*ivn of two or three hours on each
occasion. The n-.A work of tim c****vass st
hr-*d rm a Hers is ronibiei*d hr un (-v-e'ii'<e c m
niitree, of nbout e dor-en in-nthei-S. holit'O" fr**
nn'it meet ines. The nam" nrae'iee w-old f How
nndT the nriatanavi-d en'sr^ement i-f the Strati- C- m
rn:'1"r'. -ed iV-aaf a-* |'., ?e ev-oiild lt* in e^e'te-il
eonven'eiiee, hut I'fte rt ?'(T-a-* nee wh"tb-r iV,<* ni'n
lai-rs of the ('"'-lal com"i;''ee were tliitlv three
or s-v-iitv. T'.iirs r*''"""""''.
New-Y.,rlv-. Mar.-h ';, 1 HSS.
)\-\*fi' of Tip- innfitii-.-rita.
Wf-tinvf.TC'N. Mutch Ti (Special).-The contacted
election case i I Mi -Duffie against Davidson ol' ,
thc IVlh Alabama Disti ct WB. di*!Us.*,il in the
House to-dny. Two MotlaTB members of tin
Llectioiis Commitu>? wirrc out forward l>y lhe j
Demoed'? to di fa-nd the outrageous fniuds by '
which Davidson, tin- s.tnn:. iimniyi l waa d-carcd j
** Mr ol ni" ju ui<* luce of an aili ti-.- majoiity of
ii'-aiiy H.000 vv'.s aiiiiiilly >pul in Hie I,allot ;
boxes. It, was h.story n-peaiing it .self, Nor-.u
CI'll JyH'ni ifl'il.s, il...- .aj.Alsii. Ml l'l ..us., I. ai i in, ajXtad
Oiiitivviuii-. ot Olin), doing tiie tiiuiiiiur ol ilieir
Sou tin rn iiia-sieis. Moth of t lie-in labored hard. ,
Th'-ir ease is u, a);cr than water und the written
iriKirt from which they ar-ii'd ls as vv.-uk b.
tueir casi-.* 'lhe ni.i.oi.iy ol tug cntiimit.lce, which
oast aside as ruhhisii th* I, .si.nuoiiy ollereil by the
coiit'stanl^ showing mal, Iraudoleul conspiracy
existed in four ol the live counties which com?
posed thc district, to count out thc liepuMn-an
Cain.lldale. cuiiinlains h.-cause lhe e., al' -Unit d.d
not (hmain! a ritouiu of the hallets, xx lieu the
fact is mut no! only could the emit slant no!,
obtain a'eos t*a tin- ballots, but li" found even the
poll list -? niisla.il." The majority says that the
evidenoc submitted is md. only f-i-eondary, but
inadniisMlilaj. and even in he-half of contcstee
evid-nee is submitte-d rs to " 'I'ilde.n precinct,"
u precinct which does not and ncv'T did exist
in Dallas County. The committee linds that ns to
the nuuib'-r of precincts tbe eon test uni sup'sifts
his e.laiui by e,nlr one witness, and tlu-n it radi
as to other preawcig where more -.vituessa-s wen
(.tTi.p.j grilkSit, iheir cvitk'Ucu ii "simply cumula
| ti ve."
lin- majority was constrained, however, to re j
'cit the olDcial r-tn,n (rom D-jvids.iii's hom'- mm |
cine!? tieeordiiig to the ollie al rtirn, Daviiuori
ric veil T'.'O voles anil MeDnffl. only faf). The
fst nioiiy allows thal IteDa-fflc reoelvM aboal isl '
nts. The n::iji rity of Ibe committee gives
| MeDufle 400 vote-? and Davidson fi.'a. Now, tha
fraud at Cnioiilowii Prei incl, which is the urie
! mentianed, wes exactly li1,,-" the la-nud nt ti'tn'
i thing Ik- one hundred oth-r precincts, which the
I majorty of the committee does not condescend to
j UaatlC'
That the PTfirirriti" majority in !he House will
! **ii*-t:iiii the T) moerutlc nuiiori'y of th" committee
is air inly evidnt. Whu Henry Cabol Lotlgr
- begnn liri niei-eilevs ;nrOy<is of th'- testi"ony.
, whieli sh, wi-d Hint tin- id--,.ti hog liol the ahadovv
I of a r gt,' t-r h"l 1 nseqt in 0 '"gr -s, the laMnocr-ets,
| otc- Kt. fini? nnd in -e-.tiadv of rhrra- nnd four, va
; est,-el theil Mtg and saeiitrht, the seclusion nf the
cloftk'ooms and the comfort of the re-stanrent.
i T)ae. f'a^a '.viii, r-lll'iioi-el '-aid b''|e Ri|'-n'io?. \VI)'-li
Mr, lyidge. who ' re'ar"d the vii'WS of the Reiinh'i
e;-n mu-r'ty nnd is fa^i'lar with every fea'un
ef the (.-.*-*, eciielu'ie.l, tb'-m was nothing left of
Davidson's fiuudulent cintra.
IS HIE JERSEY r^'f'-fivf/; DILL safe?
THF ?1 SATF T"*"*TPra\l S iCTI'iN, AI.T||'?I'rn IIIKPr
Wmt> X'eiT' S FVOfiiM Tia FA?? IT.
TllI'.STa-S, Mn-eti S fsperlap. ?The .1 I,*t- le, th'- 1-VaTI
. ate ibis evening u|sm the (Jovcrnor'a Velo of ttee*
j fonnty Dprlnn High-!, 'crnso bill at Irk'td the largest
; Mseoilil?ire ween la lhat hons? for many years. An
! efTorl wss ninrte br the Democrats, us usual, to ob
tuan (arther dc.ay. lb. ptta halag tbe ttaoae. ti
, Senator li-1 wari I* (lieiu.) lue motlou to p.,*ij,,i,u
iva*, lost nml S-n.ilor .Vevius (Rep.) took the floor
and niaile- an evty'Mleel *pee*cb In bohalf of ibo Lill
| ainl lu crltlcljin nr-ou Hie tsoveinor. Senalor ?.riggs
H'M .-|..,?i- und ina,|? a lung and vet) eioarjua-ut tat
dra. ap.
Among tbo-e who hoard Ibe ?peej-h
iV'-re I inti flied Ki_n-gef, the peat New
ark bieaer, ami otbor biiiior ka'llei*.
Aller Senator (ririiigk'-j ap ttlh. Senator Wort* (Dem.)
mail, un appeal f,,r IBrthor ilolay. and after sonic coo
tereiKi- atiiniiK u,H Reiiubileaiis lt wat agroed ibai it
wouiij ba auvaiit;m-c?ii3 to prolong thi discussion as
mu. I, ii, aagalUrj, o.iei an ailj,,.., j.meiii uniil lo iiiono*
vi Bs a,-i -ai tu
li' idea *M..i,ai?r KUiialas (Ix-in.). f-enator Hanc
?'i'i ?? at,*, in ,v,,ll0 eojumonl was canoed tl
[?* l!l "' ' ?-.i'i?'ki..i,.,-. bui ,,,. i-epubdoaio) slid
thai "bo iSS" 20r" IUjuj il,tljcii:ul l" i'^*'-' lliL> Uil* L*d
e..,v,M ,?,r limn aajode blt tam uomsommm mts ?<?r
b ,-., awsta thia ayening if -*.*,,.!?.?* bia i*w^
, ,'.V, ''J 'l-\,'",U,? ","v'-* ??' nialar.al pa.t.s.m at
101 l-e.l u|.?o alt.-iHli,,.. ,,, ,?, ,lul|((i lM Jtl). ,,.ar,.tu,.
Loam uer. \? , \iliu,,IM!u^ 0( lb flraaiiigB. of the
rooai aiijo t ng. tSsweA that tin ?.mara dui not ?<>?
tu all. iii.ai u?- a bott lynt.t Ul? oiahio^o nt lbs
.sui,, ll,,,*,- j.* in ? BecBliBrl, bad <?i?lit.oii Tba
l.-a' e Inf K killi frjj- |lu]11 w [, j fa av^nlly
?iufTeieii seierely.
,-,"'." fl,l,0r<;i"'l;.,"Ve['l"K ^^veii a long roniiiiunl
bie -.. .' in'6 ^v*,"? EfWrt?alai eoneernlni Iha
bra, l.-i. ca bin. on viaiti, ti,e OI u,,,,., ilt a,,, i ?,?,nic,
h ?.''.^i ^~m i'.d' ?'"? ' """"'-!"?'<??* say the i il
. al .1 CrU "N"'".'l"-. BtMl Ubllo ll.la.a VIOLI.l
? c. tali, inge aalvsiiiav,-, ,? ??.,???,. ,,,e solel
iround lo tb- uee-p *?:,, elsaoaoi Btiooalta CoaMtahle
Boola- there tra other e?;.slj0l..t)0, ' . ^IU,,ull4kBl ?
uuirb loqiitioexienilral evamliiition
Afier rearting tbe Mmmanlealloa Mr Vemriirwe In
? r..1.,rv.? ? r.-s?|???? wbl-h iK"lJVr^'"!"
talttoe of tire- beaxtoi-v snri ,,?,.,. A,J,.,IlMvni,.ri l0 act
n ,,,ii.!,nciion viii!, he Attorney (l,uerkl ae-1 th.
Ipai.k.. loniniUslon t attora gb UiveMlgntau. of
;; tT,v" *""?*'!'?'?" h-Seead r?es ?f ibo Irtten
; ' .i',; ' a' ? ,h "'?,1 *wt ot the How-Jraey
( totrtl l.'nlli'oad rrope-ir
Tb" (..iveiuoi -a l it,,,-, ???.,. .,.,, ,, (h(>
Asseiul,ly. tb. lulls abu '.1 i? wu ,,? ,,,? |1H>.
I.St"J'e'a/lla"Ci L? LCJl,ii" U'!"-C'* ?',U" *******
Tba Uoias' Dav st tue Aitlstr' UtAt. Kxl.ibilion
ol Qm .Maialia-taa Atlv '? . h.:. j.-i-Mi-.y ara* a
briUlani sucre-s Ov.-r 1,1.(0 p -o;ile -eire prrn,e-jt :..al
leii*j xrcligiiawa a,-.,,.* veer* iwiaiT-yseaalod.,
nra nomi. ..'-ons.
er.xr.x _h_*id-_is snit, aart'sixu to be boukd
BY I AliTT Ad IO -.
tar NMWI to nm tm ,ir._l
Ai.hANY, Mnrcli '..-Mr. Vertder nunouticed to tlie
Senate to-niuht flint tbt-re would lie a cuucua of
the Ifcpublican Scnatori to-morrow .fk-rnoon to
consider <i.vernor IliU'a nnminnHon.s for Qnur
?sntiiie Commi.-caoncrs. This cannus, however,
tdfeis but slifrlit hope of harmonious action on
th'se nominations. l-iictically*, th'* Republican
Sctmtors ant us far u|>art on ibis matter as tbey
were wheti they di ? pu ned from AHiuny lout Fri?
day. Se.vo. of Hum aro unwilling to go into
caucus, because they believe that tho remainder
arc dt-lcrmined to bang up tito nominations and
not act u'mn them.
Mr. Vi.bier said tonight: " I think the fiov
cinors nomination- will be rejected at the caucus
to-morrow." Ile also .sid that it would bc a
raucus and not a ?? conference." Tlie seven dw
sident S Mt OM have huh rto drcliiitsi to attend
a caucus, but have utt-nd^d conference.*!: the
difference between the two being thnt the latter
bound tims, who attended it to nothing, while
the former did bind ex ry one to whatever de?
cision tht- majority might make.
Senators Kobe rt son, O'Connor and Hawkins
said that they shall carefully consider the in?
vitation to attend a caucus. Slr. O'Connor aaiil:
" I shall attend the mei-ting. but mv llrst (pji-.tion
will be 'la titi, a mucus t If it is a caucus, I shall
nt- -nee take my but and leave thc room ?
Mr. I_in_bcin, one of the D -noorat ic Senators
who lest week declined to vote for any of Gow
ernor Hill's no->itiec.s for Quarantine Commission?
ers, had deeid-d, it is said, to vote for Arthur
l?**-r. .
_t:i.i_visr; mp. roi.. ? nv:mm. _\t< h. i.p forwakd
ins: rttnin'>iTi>iN aUti'sn-trsT,
Ai.Bt. t. Maret, u f. t .clalh- Ppoalier Cole waa In
much helter health to ..av. Hu loft his le*d and rn
cc-ved Ul friends In his room at the __oe.ut1vo Man
sion. Amonir his visitors were (ienoial Hosted and
Charles . . ('hlchcrln. . clerk of the Assembly. Tic
Ward SXarSSBBi the opinion that perhaps Mr. Coln
would I*, aide to preside over the Assembly on
Wednesday. Tbe Assemblymen wero called to order
lo night by Clerk ChlcknrlDg. who road tbe following
Ucnilsmen of the Assembly: finable, hy rea?
son of Illness, lo perform the duties of my office this
evenlnfc. yet. BBVOrt_0__B, cspectlnK to be pres*nt as
early as th* openln* of thn <1a1lv session on Wednes?
day next, I itisiiocffiillv solicit tba st.oelal consent
of thc House to allow ths sdoctloii on tn*, part of tho
Uaa. .lames W. Unsted to oflieiat.n a* Spealu-r ut tho
day. and. If DBfleaaary, until Wednesday ol thu anet
Very respectfully, |'_l_40?\T CO __&.
Albany, March &, lftfW.
Mr. Mnssvnrth moved that ths Sj. akor'a e_i,iie_t bo
rrantnd and tnat Ur. Huatod be ilusr-n spcaUor ruo
Th* moilun was carried unanimous'. , and on tal. ni;
the chair Mr. ll ns lo. thanhed ike Aa-tcmi-ly on liehalf j
of the Spoalter and hlmselt
Assen,'.I yin an HSBBa Iptrodtic**. a hill to Increase I
Ihe salary of i_epbo_ U. l-'rench, preslduiil of I'.oard
Bl Police, ta ?I0.(S_>; of ihi MUS comm-.sinners lo
f. .f-H>: of Superintendent Murray to f.,<XXI, and of
pollco sorgeanta to fi.'ilt).
Tho Asjacmhly, without d.bato and by a unanimous
vote, o: ih-rod to a thud reading Mr. Plan's amend
n,cut la. lb,; ('ni;,lHui,nn, proUUUog thc salo or ti.an
iifarturo uf liquor iu Ibis Slat . Ihe aleteiice of any
ojipfi-ilon fruin I hs Iiemoerals flSlooHk d every one,
stn! Hit Ile publican UsuBfB mtv inclined to think il.at
thu DSBBSSraUa leaden hopi by *>ei tiiltiliiK thc pro
hibltlnn aiuendinent to Ml BkS04 Sf tba lli;h lalee BM
bill on the cal-ndar to hinder tho passa^o of the lalla:-.
Mr. Ainsworth (Rep) said: "I -MTS that tho
amendment imw havo lix I hird r"adlr.g"
Tuo Democrats O/Usla utnl V .- duel -Objected, and
thus rr.-cal.v1 thst thl I>mocra;lc _SBSB_atjftBM do
not ni.tilmoir.ty ftivor Hit am -ndim-ii'
1 r.-.k-rlch F. WbeeJsr, chalrtnati of the Prohibition
Ptate Committee, "as pres"-! nnd appealed much
s ban ml h> tbe uciion of ihn Bewblleai-L
Tht Itepiit.llcai! BB_Bberi of the l.e_ .laturo from
Krlr, County ?a1d _. eight that a ernst elfort would ba
matte, al the awstlag of the PepulilleAB -tate ( tumult
I"- on March 10 to tak ? thu .Slat- Couvenllon to
Albany. Mareh r. (Bperla..?Tba Ceneral Caws t'om
BBlttSS of tho Senate, uti,ch h.. BSBB Int e _l. alln? Qm
trust, an.l miinnpolle., .Ill mali. Its report to the
(senate tomorrow. After adjournment lo ti ight the
metnbers nf th~ BanB_ttSS held a CBB-BieBCe 'o decide
wh.it ?. tlon thn LtB. .atm. will tie requested tn tape.
Senator Van ('ott pr-S'-nted a bill to-night, the ob
jeef of. svhirh i* to Iner-ase the pension fund of tho
vi--r Tort Pallas Dspart-aeat "The bin provkK- thst
BM per cent nf I h" morey paid for F.xclse Usa bo
turned lalo Iho pension fund. It vii luUsidtlrcd at
the reijuest of thl Police Cnniinisslouew.
HIS' A's" --IMIf.MtltT TO " s AfJ' Zf>A."
Mnur ce Pa-r-rr. cr*-, tlie BBtbOr of ? . adletda." feotn
vhich ho cIhIiii-s thal sordoii hal tahwi some of tba
most import uni f t nations la -tm To-aca" has art
drc_ie'l to I mk Tttisi.. s a liter In which hs states
thst In January \<*ot\ "a m'niitely deHOrtptlTe ac?
count of thc pint and action" of -..ad le da" was pub?
lished In "Tho flail Kira o." Imnn dat-ly a ter thu
production of Ihe play at lbs Hayn arl.t-t 'lliualic,
i-indfin ' n Icbinary. 1P_7. at th* i.quest of Henry B,
Vt..-., a transl-tun of " Vadjo'.da" wm* subuiltte.1
hri.Ui,'h Mau ice (it ai to Mme. bernhardt. Mr. Harry
no re nays ** in .lunn last al lbs Star ihcalro Mme.
liemliarll tod nc that shu had tval tho flj-.t act of
my ua,il. and ailmiitxl il n.ntie'i*. I.v."
After Sliding that ho ha-i never itllSB heard from
Minc, r.eruliar.lt Sr. li.oiyaioio tay* ''So mu h for
the hl-tory. hs pilnt* of .g-nillattty and thc . 'ison a
for my charges ihal my property has boen aunepH
tiaonly appiopj' ateal are as followi: In the pro
higtm Ol *' .NadJesiJa " "-abutir.iff," tho all powerful
P-pntsi-ni; all vc ol a BJMVSlSSI RO BrUDSala havitiu tho
laaargeal -(ount i_?. ill. k." lu Ua ui-ip, oircrs io amii
ii, ( ii mil * * lift tu hi* "Rife "TTa_JlflilB-~ ^>I? the pi ice
of h-r hoi.>r. Ihe iuir*_ a'llo s-unian con-outs to tho
licnld har. alu and ?? Zarmuroff" sends her hu-bund
Pa. I. to hoi with a bullet lu his heart.
"(heated, d.-hoiioi ed. ill-t raimht. ahe dedicates
her dang .ter to the BalaMon of revt.nKs and kl is BBC
self o.cr the ilea i body o th- httshatid atid father
uti'* had Baniflf-hl SSS soul to lava in the last act
nf tho pi.-tY the same aiTuatioti ls reiieaied. Tho
iBBflai -,mwii tn a-oin . ,i.o,,i al-o ma*'--, a bargain
lor a lite ihat of hei lover over a suyp*r ta..lo in
'/.a.bo..-j_, apait. int . bho app. BSSBtaa tht utter
nor. ll. Ba hoi _Ci IBCiUUB, BoB 1 e., tun ilprnUrt aim-.
a, 0..111J her i,'11. aud, ma .dened, i-dram til, denni
io lay. soe -.tan- he. Would b 1 r.etln >-r to rim heart
.ni die-, as *? lox Tu cv" ill a, by her own hand.
".neil a (1 'h>- rle 11 -on., from mv play ??"Nailji'lda"
?rtiich I Ins si Lave been U. illy s oPiq by H. Bal doa
fur tho bal ont actlou " 1 .a losca." lt ulli bfl tm
nt*e.s-,ary, in viow of Ihe evliaiistlvo .l._.c ri jirltui
,f t,,o 1'ienili ii .iai.v to po nt oul tba sb Biella Identity
I ti?.en tin- spun ami body of ? l.a 'losca" and
ii" iran .a tun of ui) pa. " -adj./da' In Mme. Barn
liarUi's BOssiS-lOa. 1 I'.-ave to ail who havo seen
haljaadfl" an,l who vrl se^ "Um To. -a" the ulti?
mate dec .mon as to wii-thcr 1 am correct tu my
piomlaos o: not inl* mu li 1 do contend, that Vie
.ail ti Barden, adel aud abc tu I hy Sarah P.oi tihaidt,
1,a- hodlj taaaa lbs sar. _?**_-_ tho un.st. potent
-tna'lons aul lo Boas ln-iaoc?s th?? vety UagaajOi
,.f the pl'it and pl y cr-alert by ni", without ns murd
?. b, soar lases, and 1 prepeaa bu foo-.n the issue im?
mediately tn Hie coo .s to learn whether such pro
ceedlnp ran contltine even If the culprits are as
iel r tel a tnv j. rs po ed ml. .ari's, or whether
rislit snd Jii-tlce will prevail ox on lt tl:,. s,*.| ei I,
linne oilier 1 han tho real original author af '" Radjesda
i*a Teaaaa"
The lsrpe ai'llonce that assembled at Daly's Th-?a're
yr .nr.lay mornlag 1.1 ll*|,.n to Professor John L.
Stoihlai-d's second lecture In his conn, of fronton
matineis, afforded fresh evidence of the popularity of
thl* entertaining and ltistrootlve lecturer. Tho selee
tlon and beat-BSM of his subjects, th. form and do
lu.'i.v ot in- taetarss, a-i areli as tho vell-cboaaa and
well?bown lliii.lrallons of thouu aro admiral.lo.
Ve-lei'il_v's lubjeel (wliia:b will Iw tho subject In
Course ft ta day also) was " Julius Caesar and Iiome" ;
tl," pi-iatiu-e and dUttaettoa of his youth; Ua eeolllel
elli svUa. shouinK bis U4syeadsaaa and stnnigtii nf
ebsraetar ai a younj- Baa; his social and political
caroer de\elo>-.d and strengthened by Ul military
SUesssSBS; his Callie campaigns; th" llnblcon. pre?:
nant with eeaasqaaaBsa; and all tba familiar story
(low n to tb. ides of Mari h, POIS tuterestlii|;l> do?
se r ix il. and th- chai arter of I ac sar was diawn a* that
nf a prent pul,Me benefactor, Whose penlus snd power
were applied tn the ttnitiratl'in of all for which tho
name of p.mut -tooti. ?%|e| ? bb th" B orM of that day. ?
Wit hoi t I a-sar, Hinno would have f.itlen apni t iiiidiv 1
th" fail Ional wari, of an ollforebj rcii'in'.e, hofora Its a
filial do .nfall. The iiliisti-ailou* liu'lnd'd rcprndtie
tlom of many palutini-s depleting arana, in tbe >, -tiny
ami hom--* nf liomati italy. porti_its and statues, and
such phota.crsiih* as could be sns,illed tc lbs sn'Jct.
Th- palm n|rs of Gerome. AlmaTadema and .'ooniaiis
wera amoog those thmwn on the scioen.
The sciject for Thur-day mortttmg'a lactan will bo
? The E>iaaaaa: the 6wll?erland of IYauie."*
The ccneral clo tl"ii of of. .-rs nf SorosN yesterday
-ssidto. as fa.llnus: I*n-sldenl, Mrs lAiunr Thomas;
I111.1 vie-> prealdotit, Mrs J- C. i'ioly ; -.ocond vlto
pr?*lrtent, K- I*. (Ispp; exea-ntive eoinnutlcat, Mrs.
taunto J. Ileliiinta* Mri. Mary A- bewion. IL M
hillier, li. A. Allen, K- V. Townsend; ror?usling aoo
rclar), .1 C. Ostrom; coiTOspotidiiiK -ecrolaiy, Mirna
kimj li ley au-llh. lic-at'-eer, Bliss Uaoy C. tUutum*'.
auditor, Hosier M. Poole; BBuaieal director, (lara K.
r*tiitt-nikii; chairman of r-atlodta, Maude a\ clarke.
ehatrraen of eoinmittees Mteratnre, Mrs. f. Vr. Champ
i.a.y ; ott. J. lt. f liahnots; drama. WU. (ieorgla Cay
van, phllanthiopby. ht K. h. Oougc; srloure, J. M.
I o.let?; eductaloa, K \\. Illglnr: bouse and home,
A. kt in-own, business women, K. V. Higgin*.
titisnitKX at roeirfa BBBWB Am.kVO Tue HA.tr.
ok tiif pk sn pvTHiorr.
Cooper T'tilon lx*t evening w?s crowder! to the
"ours with Irish Americans who came to honor the
memory of the Irish patriot. Kolaert Emmet, tt was
tbe one hundred and tenth anniversary of his execn.
Hon, and was gotten np under the auspice* of tho
(lan Na dael. A handsome nil painting of Emmet,
was placed over the chairman'* seat, surrounded with
Irish flags, Intertwined with the Stars and Stripe* of
America. An lllumlnatlm In gas In large letters of
the words ? (Han Na flael" added consirt'*rabIe effa-et
to the general scone. Bayou's Obi li Kegltnent Hand
did their part and did lt well, as !hr*y always do.
Rome of those on and In the vicinity of tbe e!?ffntm
were Major R. O. 0*fihauirtines*-r. John MeCarth-r,
.'olin C. Craham. F.dll.ir J. wri OT.ilen, of "The
Catholic Cullin": Adjutant Jame* Muran, lilith Keg!
iiient; James T. Mulhern; Michael GtMIti, vlc-prosl
dent of the linnie tats OM; Augustin,* v.. rostella,
William J. Knnud, J. W. O'Connor, ? Frank" Fttt
gerald, John Nolan, Jeremiah ll. Murphy, Henry J.
l.,lv*on, ex .-chool (.'01111111**11.1 r ; Thadl-ui Mortally,
John P. Lynch, li vin, 1, Martin, John J. Walsh,
Captain Condon. Austin K. Ford, P. R. Caslln. Arthur
.1 Delan T. Thomas Megan. Dr. William B. Wallace.
William C. O'llrien, Ibo Kev. Fal ber O'Connor, lim
Kev. J. J. I'oigha-rty, .lames J. Huckle)'. Coroner
iNug 'in, John T. leal, Dominick tVluUlyuu and Jame*
TH!'. 1KISII VF.Tlil'.ANS AN I) Til Ute TrjnrTK.
Tlie Irish veterans hn 1 their second annual dinner In
Clarendon Drill 1.1,1 nlaht In r ri.!,rntl.m of the part th-?y
tamk In the Fenian rahallla. In Ireland twenty ona) years
seo. kial also lu hvaiior of Hie birth-lay of Boliert EgOOBi
Thi-y were ,,n hand In larne numlie.-s. fruin tho hie form of
O'Donovan I.?**i to Iho Ucla wiry cx-clll'-'i of Dublin and
Pelicvi-r In an Irish repuhllc, 1'. J. ll ay linnie. Imam
RalUgtB presided sud ?. F. St Clair read letters of
tfmpatAf ;o, 1 renrel from many a ho coiilln't come. Th*
K|*'i-i-li04 kl! btv alb*, a spirit, not of peaceful
nritatlon. hut nf armed rea!*tai.re to l-'.nellsh
fluihorlty In Irelaml Theso wer.; thc mea va bo told bow
they b level Iru'unl could lao mada) fiee : Ceiieial T. W,
lurk, Augu t'ne C. Cost Uno 'I'hrmas P. Mairi-'*?nn,
Jos ph T. C Clarke, who re?iaoniI.-d lo the toaAst " Rols-rt
Frnmet" ; Captain lt* t Marrihv, Jame* lioynolila, ol
New Hst ku. aiiil O D ju-avsn Ko s.a.
Charles T. t.rns'can, a member of tho firm of Tif?
fany A Co., tulon Sjuare. died on Thursday, February
23, at Hamilton. fti-ritimU, In his forty se ve nt Ii year.
Ile had been III during the winter from the etfects of
overwork and too close atteutlon lo business, and b's
medical advisers mcommooded a change of climate
and lota! relaxation. Ile was considered one of the
bott designers and mosi skilful silversmiths In thi*
country, and le icieil his business with Ihe firm of
C ms j ean A Woodward, !u this city. In which Ms father
was a partner. He afterward became a partner In
that dim, and on bis faihir's d'-nth carried on tho
business until tw.*nty teitS ago. vshen be areepled a
position with Tiffany iv Co. as manager nf their sll
va-i works In 1 "il fire* st. Ile vi as so h,gilly esl'-emeil
li) thu ti.-tu li. at bu WaB mimili,:d tn purl i.ei *!,i|i in
Among tbs niany fine pieces of norh done be him
weira ihe s|svelnieiis of urt lllvorwaare i-xh'li led by
Tiffany .V: to. al tb- I'arls imposition of 1,-Ts, tor
?!,!, I, Ilia' Ililli olalaina-ii the prize medal. ile li el
been in Kai,niton only two dui*, vv len fa I dt"d. HU
ivlduw sailed for Bermuda on Tl,ar rl.iy und will briug
bis body back to tatt elly for bunal.
Ja,lin Oratan* Itttg prominent la Ihe Twenll
a'li Ward. agJet are-ierla.r at his b'amo. No. 8 "a I rVeat
'i'l.iitv -'lill lat., ail r suffering I'-** than a we"lv. fr, m ;
gil ?.',. pneumonia. The fnnrr.il alli ttfef p.iee Bl iii- li tat
10 murro vr, and 'Jae batW alli bc al Orceuwool on Thui*
Vr. Oi-sham wm horn In Msy, letti, In New-Hartford,
If, Y Ile nit'cla-1 r.'ie ri.*lr-1ct scheul. and arhta sixteen
yara til MOM lt th le. eily und learnel the ti-wli- of aTaatV.
lng iii the tfeo-Tork Milla By dUiL-unce Ml iier.-aeveravice
be wa* i-iialilel to engipo In IhB n, oi.if.ii -ure ut BBtf*W
fi'irlr* oho. still a yriinir m?n. Ills Inanes* ptSSpStet
si, 1 with his el-lent .uti as pattern ho Ljill np a lai-pe
t.-klrt. Hu avas vIOAj-piesI'leiii, of the National Metear
(. nniprany an-l 11 tiuso-r a,f t lu- N..rili Uiver Savings Hank.
Ile wa* 1 ireraber of the St. Andi civ'.-, S, i-lety. and f,,f
nis?y years ow ,-|,airman ?f tia- Hoard of TrattBOB of the
North Presliv-terliii Churrh. at Ninth ave. and Thirty flr-t
*t Mr Ptahan was a 111. lOBg Itni-iiMlcan and a hard
?vork?r In Ila- ltitere*e, 0f |,|. party. H'S. however, never
hell anv puMIc offlrc except thai of Scluml Trusu.-e for lbs
T?v>'uuetii Wai,!, uni lhat only f,,r a atoll lira*.
*? ?
WlllllH 1*. Rtfl/ll .lt'" a*.a,'eiitr a r-Crcd halter, dl.*1
yeaterdiy in \Va*!,ln?mn from |B**iHBsmlt !!?? stuned for
llir Sm.th f,,'!* weak- neo. hup ns. n,.i' *)-e rn'll ettSBBt*
fl>i>aild irnoraa tnni ti. boatlh, bat oe ies,-hiiig Wiishlngiun
was (lepi'llt-l to Rive Ufa ll.'- li ip. sui got so much worR*
that hr eould not return tee this city. Mr. D.*M hal s
comfortable fortune and civ- freely Tor etmiltable pur
post-*. He wai iiiviu-i, but had no , liili.-n. Th*
hinersl ir||| take plsce al his hotoe, N.) 71 West Thirty
.l.v.ih st., to-morrow, thj ourlal being at CreeniTood.
Asher Crane, who traced his da-scent llarf.iiah six g^aer
ariics frum Jasper Crane, ene nf tho mlgiiial set th-ra of
Neivark, dlel st C.iMvvell. N. J., on Sunday, sgc eighty,
lie wa, burn io th. laaiusa io vrhicta I10 dn-d and was fo*
muiy years deacon of tbe FlStBytt Hai. Clmri b ut which
I'resi'leiii Clevelanl'* father was at ono time pa*tor, can
trirutlng l*M,tY)0 te, ti, erection. IP- ru director of tho
Orange Bank and wa* UaSSMBeS With, eiln-r li.r- -., ?'
Mr. Ciao, rn teles marriel and leaves a wldon md two
Vleams, Marali g.? Sublist Zang, th.a bMBBI Ot Vienna
leiirnallsuv, and f, under of Uie " Neiio I'rele Presse, ls
li uni 'lhe l'otiglikccp*!* !**;?'.
We lveHeve ide un* above al! oMier* who hnv-e i?..n
latltatfll that einilil 1101*1 easily 1,1.it.a tho party anil
present lt with an imbi utica non! against ibe enemy
l< Joseph lt. Hawley.
From The Vhiladelphla Vasts.
"The chicago Ttthaotf ls aaahlaa ibo GrathHa
boom wiib all ii-* might and main. TM* makes lt Itu
oort ant to Inquire whetb-. Judg< (vavbiM ls a Ftm
Trader or x ITotertlonlst, and whetbei bis views on
the tariff are Idenllcsl with "This Til bu tie's."
From The Mllwaikee ha-nt!ne|.
The friends of Ceneral (insham lu Ind: ida will make
B grave i? .uk? If lh'-v niHke any sort eil flrht fm- (he
indiana delegatloa. Lei Oeaatal Harrison have lt by
all mean* . . . Thei-e ls a |l*BBr|Rg sentiment In favor
Of (ire-sham Ibroiiuaio'il Ilia VV..*l. killi lr will maUee it
self fa'H If tbe condlllons tvecome*|avornMp* and if th~y
iiie not fav nralile no inpporl by tbe Hullana il'lepatlon
woebl secure bis nominal ron. All h? needs ls tie
(r.1 will of the whooping- llootlora after oeueial lia: -
rlsoa'i milo eoatett >ube,iUe*
From TI.e Pliiliulolrb'-a ITess.
HI* comparative perrett J. Stier thirty years In pnt
llc life and fifteen years In tim S-eate, |* known. Ile
ma'le neither boa*! nor terrel ol lt. hal when a tire
recently deairoyed hil .mall prapeity In Ka)i*as lt be
eiime i.01 i'i_ally known lhat lils hom.- and bis linn
library were about all be bad ?ae'-iiiiiiilAieil.
From Tbe Indianapolis Juiirnsl.
Ninety per cent of the FepirMlaans of Indiana are
for*Gencra-IIaiiUoo for President.
r.rivi-RVMK-tr ivoicatiuvs?v<in. Ii hocus.
WA"ltrTornx. Merri, 6. ?Kor M-B*-irhn?ett*. f onneetlrnt.
Clam Naw-Viark. FMtern I'ooi.r'.r.nia ao't Naar-Jrraar.
ll *ht to [rush northerly wiaua, sutiaaarr temperature, fair
Tntnctr. ioctl. nnsittvxTio**-*.
.. .._._?. -->- r>r-t'"*!'?H
, , r,--*-.-i-r,-*,?: 1 ?-' -rr
In ttie dligrarn B eontlnua.ui line .hows th* bsrrmetsr
flan tu .lions )i?airr1ir. as BhatnrBa1 *t ths ! nlt.-d ?--..-.?*
Menai Service station at his rltr. Tho <tiir.es Indicate
tOo uu.ier.tur--: iiota?d al Uulnut's bb-vrueaajj. 2Hl llroad
Tiiisuxi Omit. Marm ft-l a. a.-Oanar*Hy clan.ly
?risellier i.ir 1 ?.,,. ? ye* tar, lay. wilt a lillie liar inls** au,,ar at
eremiol. Tht teuiis-rsliirs raeseal bBtOvaM 11' anal li-.'"', !i,a
sa.ia.'i. iH_'", Usiaa 19%* luwar Bbb. a,ii tim coire.pouiliag
Bu la*t 1 sar. sn I \p* ht.ner than un hua-Uy.
in aaa! aaa* tki* cur ta !?>? iVt- ?i 1 pr-iia it-rir he jaa
arally fair westlirr. rilli nrarlr stiimnAiy lein^aralurs,
Af'IIF.? AND 1'AIV*,
Alle-a-k'* Faro.i* HlHsier* srrll
III rori ahai te*i or irr lill
Tin*** aoiio* aa. l'ala* that aiuke yan Ui. ,*.
It sceaatf ltar-0-sit.e Ual anylhlnc el aa tedammsbls
Bature could hs ve eeeeped the rsrai.es af tbe Forty
eecood-s. Sro; aad yet all-Ob baolu, paper*. ate.ee*
tal oed la tba safes of ftiarvia's aa** a. owned by the loee
m.tlc T?al CotBpanr an 1 antila* Armatree* wera
ai?fla.itelr niihanoe.. The result ls marrelrausla Visw
of the kiuK-coatlBaed aad totcaie beat. *
a ? ?
h C-llfo-oin Plessitre Pirtr le;i?*? Marsh 31. tn Mo-see*
Pal-toe (ai *. . otus rla-tofh^ra .Utaa*. r-u ir<t!n. au SS,li
Ia'<B( i'r sn t (>?iiv?r. :?4 da aeo1<i?a?'- irs.elba '. ail aw
rn-,,**- Batt Sim. M?> larch (far cv. 31S Madisas sra
als* SIS or SSS Broad way.
-,-_. - - , , -
< bila-i-_ 4 ry for Pl I oka. s Castaris.
?nerrin n >* Prraanr*
e'thlrtT Pms is eira a to I ie >? cake of Ci.h-.W- ll.i'i^esi
Utileteo-p. ttnatl-..isall n.i.ara
?-1 -?
mc-Anns KLi.t-* on H.tiir,tn_ ....-at..:, i sh., i.y ?ae
lier. Murrin ll Vincent. I> ll Mimii* . "err-n?, .tailfhtor
t.I ItaliU tito, .lit* 1'. Kins t-> liar, J I* ll ac ii-rt!*.
No'lreinf mirri ije* mu it br inline I ?rilli fall nam
ando 1drt?%_
Ii I Eh.
UAH li KU Un Mare . S. _':/.* Kolar
lt.lativ..*aiil inen i*of Hi. rauil ?,?, Inr.t. t t* attend th*
itin-t-O frein i.er lal.. AMSlaeae, IBS rael i lol- al.. Wertaes
?air, M rca 7, ai a p. hi.
I'rend-i ,r? r-r,ie ,(.?.! not lo nen ll '1 tanara.
HAVI..V - \t BBB n>?.San Hia*?a l^'vil _ ti itt
Mareil t. Jells, wulow nf Willi ?, a. Uv loy. amt laughler
e th? ott.- Win a . Seals >n. mt _.>?? y.ir* e
Kniter-l atf-tnraa* nt ('ir al (:??, _, .aw tlrif'iUa. ea
T'.nr. Itv. M veli H. al . SI p. an.
IWaat la?T.-? f et ni \va-tei__l ?t at 1-0 p. ns
Kll-H*. a.lllll lt > ar ?ra.
(*r.I .*II-(in Snn-ltT. March 4, s ter s ?1iorll'.,ne??(, ?;u?
Surah A. ( '..|. ll, .'?!1 -tll-r .it t , I f. i ll ?,,, < ,,?! fc.
Faacralaarftcaa unei ut* trnttBtm. _i i ,_i ,.7uiat..oa
We.t-iet.tr .n?r it* ., M?r?'i 7. at IO fmtmX.
CHOMBV-SI dst llnaville. Oer?. wares t. nariliss tl
l'ro*i.jr, wife nt ..Mir.-, i r?.*i". t-it I fi. tear _
. onert.1..? To ?* 't- , ?ih I nut, frnm Con ir reptile n it rpinreh.
ll inliurr, si 1 SO a. ?.
PA Vin 'f Wa?h;n. ion. Ii. ('.. March 5, ot paSUMSlb
w ma- P f.-virt.
Netlneef lunar, i I., rr. vf ter
. I. m i'. ii (in Moa s it, of pneunmnii. William A. Kl mar,
a. ert 46 ts ir*.
.*,?tire. ur, fries tr, nf 11.* ,1. r *,?.. anrt ii e - e ?l.-r. ot
the 71.1 and inti Rh tm> nt Velum* ?icre?,,t_if.i1lr
O.Tlf.-.! t, mt tm* I the in it i from i * rr,,l-,,_r, ,.r h.*
l>r,,|tier. Hr A P. Mmer. .117 l tal -,', it., nu l'ue<.tar.
Mnreh 0. al 1 ?t'cir. k n m.
I etiritale* nf J hn A. 'It Po .. N'n 1.1'., ll A. lt. ara
r:t.|i.-<te . le ailsa I um leaeral ?' .. eui. -mai-. Wil Isa
A. Kilner. A. W. 0OI.SrBL.la, l n n a.i?ii.|r r
Ciao. VV. In., mr . A.yal. u?
Kl. \(.I.K.Il-At . ull-lt ra. Maarch 4. ol __-..:.. .?. ( oni-lle,
wi tow n Nh-tin it* y *..'*r
Knnenl frt. u h- r lain rot. lanna We.na?uy. Mareil 7, al t
p. ni
l-l PM AN-At Morristown. N. J., rn Mal nnliiy. Mtr-h I,
Arthur Mt.iwin'er I r.rm.ta
funeral tatxrmm* will ',. i,?t,| flt Tai it linns nt hts fflthrr.
ti.e lletr. J. M. Kree-nait. I>. I .. kin jr* 'ale ure . tor.I*
tuwn. H. J . c: in -a i ti-. Miiicia c.. al I BS n ???
Tr tm* leta* i<<r,,i.r and ''hH*t0|aher *t*. ni _ il: return
luar. Iflflte Mi.rn.o.w ulla !*a.
Inieria.ei.l un Welne.t.r ht i'ertti \m'.or, ? J.
Krir-n 1 * art. ron, it. t ri io inuit 1 . vera.
<J ii DWI >--^nl iea'r. at M. rn-m. S. 1. OaBSPiSK
March *., Kcinia B_ viii. ., H'lel.'nn (In.l.in. nnd
itait liter of ih- i?te Kev Jii'm K M.-iiemr. ii Hrinkifii,
B. v.
Fu-teT-il ?rrlrM ,it Hie CbBISS ?fths PeL-cmer, Mema
la_ra.es rsa?I it, Mareh'*, u rj fates c.
CBlTtateaWill meut tho 10:lo n.t.a injin sew Yuri noll!
ar Ivel.
ons ham -fin VaaSev.aS-T a ebert Meses i-ha uraitsm.
in th* o'l'i v-.r ot h'* a.-e.
Iiin-ral .<rt',-e. trill Oe 1ml t at h>? lite re,ii* ,-?, 3.,| Weal
-.(I-f. SVeitn.ltr t.;i:r,i.i i. Jl.r. ll 7. .ll J;, ul
KlinUr ..int ia.wrara
(i ll'isJK.A N-Ai BaSHIiea l?lso lo' RsMMBBB. nsTtanr.
ii.t. i'.-iiraiitrf ld. i ...ni.-* r. Qhmmbb, IH lint lilli nan ?I
hi. .?'?>.
Il H. Ill B?Al Btnrlon. f- f.. Saint Hf, Mirch .1, 1SII.
m. dam I'i-V-. i?a nt rears,
Kr'eni* an'l rr'ii'.lre* re i<*->t to stts.1 thc funeral at
hi? .ti I asa tar, Mara d UtafaUsk,
ll' l-l.AT-At (Jr- inti. -h. I'.mn, --iniiy. USTSS 4, "Sit
nenh. nf p-. .ii. II. nrr li Uml..t
Relatir. and frlsfl ii art tar _e I la .'i'll the laaeral fraai
lu* I ile ren 'miee. * - last I ir, at I dBi ?> i
Train leaves Uris I '?urn lam ai I-iii.
IBSBISm On s,iii-ir. Vt a rr u 4 Mirv l*adMStafl| ltelnra*
arilw.if K IVli.tr* Jenkia a. ir.- I 1i( -...ia
Funeral * rrue. n o .ri li Av.uni I'r -a .rl*ri i i '"iir'i,
inner IU. v? . ni ?? 11 t, Tim* Ur, UaiBB o. al 1 u BB
in rm, ni ul W i??l! nt n.
Aahera, ? v. a,i,-i. ,i ,?.*? coir
I.i OK At Xeiv.ii*. . .?., Mair li 4. 1--s. :' ..un* li'.TSrtJ
i v.!.-. Uafit I ai! .- ..ra.
Ile ativ, * a-'I'ri >r. tt ire InTit.-l tn ittn ' t tint tuner il fr.nn
hts tata r> sMeacs, Ha iii ?.?. vina-aie. Hewars.ea tt'ea
no .lnjr. "t a io*'., nt '2 feta I >
Mtiii'.ax-Oa Marah I. OUraM. wi',o** ortimuts ur.
.laina-* Hors*a
IMi'ti. * :n Tri-u ls ?r> Inrttel tn altai I tba fuiir-rtl uer.
iks*? at i bah.- ...'er-o i c. law, ts inaBaa R Wwmt, SSS
(.it.- iv-., I.ra.iiklyii. on Wo.lout l.ir, M-rib 7, itt ll
Iiit.-rni.-or nt Rvs. Wes'che.tcr Co.. st I p. m.
oAKirhv? \t BM n-ui, si. Meres . is__. ima iv.
(a.ikl-v. M. Ii. , . flt.
--4S-IS-. awl frlen I. are Inrlt-v". trtstt*nt IkS funeral *er
rase al Weet?awatea ooeiea. i.: _..?-. .-. _, tmm*i*t,ttB
ni* , at 2 p. iu.
lilli nrr Or er ei ll-c I nsnt l..?i>n ?! 'he tMleS
Mmes II. S'lo/isifi r-. C >SIM . IS y ..i IH* >isle ol Nt-w
V i.rk.?Tlie ?? i i:.|?l|i/i-->c ? i**. n .un.- ->l nf ih.. .!? ntli -.f ( ni
|..t*i.ui -io eon l.i-? i* w llakler, D. B. V. Hea_a?e< w>-?r
la. il.a in*K lt .. nil ir-niit, n? (no *ci iln-,1. ure r,,|.ia-.:.*l la
a ti t-i ii ia. in er il. ive ii- 1 p IK. ir nu I'eui rsl it. li ... .'.. I
M il. r (icn Ml J'.flS M. *-< llnKI t l.D. h "A..
Capuio Uia.iK il. vax v. IN Kl.ti, . .-...aa er.
I'. S. V., lt. eerier,
s-irr-iin BflSnrAir, M,rrh ii, al bia 'ats raaU n-e. 3i
I 'a-t ll 'l St.. I ..um ... I>,.|_le, S.H t, M. I) . Ill Kio HU MM
o' hi* are.
f.'iiner_' aartieea at Mw Ot ireh af tba TiaaaflsetaUea, :ioti?
el.. I'm -.liv. Ma'cli MB. m.
T-li_V -du March .i. m IUi*lvn. I, k Aim ll., aos of Na
ii..--:.-. M uml Catherine '. Tarry. a?s I 4d rears
Kin,, rt I -erv , e? itiSi re* (l.> icu el Mi- ll. N. Ji *on, 7S
II ii k . *(.. Il ..,.'< I rn, "ii I a. a Ur, ilia ii th iu tt.. ul l ;i, nt.
Burial .il Mia'lor.l, C.,an.
?| ow-*? limere-l Int. rest on "int 1 ir mtrninr. Marchi.
Kary Uowaiac i>ei.>voi anima' ttmm i? ll law*
lu uni *eiTir. * w.ll lie l,el 1 tt hsr lite rr .itr>i.< e. M j. (ill
fill.-ex ?? , ,.(l : il -. I .. . .M-(. il (... lal -i oi lock i* lil.
Ititei diem .il Al lav
V WIM IlVniilir-At la-torla I. I., on-aili lir. M.vo. 4.
J.ase,.li llurioaiilit Vari Trauiu m ino 7SIU ysar of
h toga.
Itel Hiv..* ?->t frlen.ls srerasta -f<|ilr invltud tn .Utan I th*
In i-r.i' troan Ula lat- re.', len-e,, a- .tn-r IteWflBS BB I Kisuk
lili itu, Aat'.ri . on ,l r- :?.i I ar. .I.ncii 1 ul j p. m.
lille! lil. 'll at Kl -.ll I-1 M.
Cprcidl XotlCfS.
A.- (toben "*vii*rvd ?, ti Mtl ?i-er.
ll Y ORTOlEa. <- co.
I'ltTII AV!M K Alli' (iM.1,1 Itt'S.
3?6 5'i if A\ h., N KAU Ml it >> Ba
.sii.r. ro-Moaaow wbunfbdky\ bv-NIMU
ai . (i elaas.
AMiT.irvv i.wie.i \i'i: rnxriM.s,
nv .iLiuvi- mci.mi.i, H. a.
rr.nM Tfir. X. v. TRIBUKR il- i- i ; ? i"r ot
?american Iaa4seapee Bli p.tun-s ar. rsa] M Um asHL
Ile hu* i.a,-, found ll oi-1'.s.ary to *earrh thr.I. rural
Iiai!!,.- fa.I lil* *Ull..."-a itllall llla-l. W.r,.- Ile' I .,,11,, j'114.
In-.. . - !'? in.-. IBSSIS1BI and af-Odlaadl nf Hus Stell .u.l
nf New IU. lan 1 n ar ,u h ind. Ai 11 *... fleM I,?...??
rltl/.ens of Ih" ?nield In (mr irn-rt, tfi'. tli.-re ii *ur-y
mua-h Mi be said fur li..- loval study ur liia.t,e ?nhj..-ct-i
which _-*u!t_ In au UUflBBH BaewteSfl St Bhfl_BI?llfllU
form* amt SlstlacUi i riUctfl o', i g\\ ;mj Btaaassbeaa
If there were no otl.er r. a- i.s. the tnnhful lnr.it mint
ot Mr. Mcl'.ntce's work would entitle lt to the r*--.;-?.-(ful
,'.i,-,.il.'i.i HM ali-aj* lae Ur ninc'iiy and li.Mr.v.
" In lil* 'r .iliic nt nf Hi" bBBM th ri e, n. which li" lite
been unifnimiy im.'i. Mr. MeKasaa'a BBeaeaal?f ''aa
al?ay* ioaV->' l_aU eti.si.ly fall."
A.? i br I ec* les rc pa ru lt nn al
coh-I.IVKIi oil,.
caawa.ll. Maeaar <*(??. a <. nula.am wit i u nama ae I I'- .it.
Pr?at;riiie i ny let.iiii^ Myal .un 1 l:t utiar it '.rs itu- ir.
I* 1*1 littler Noll,'a.
Should be K ad daily by ail UlteiBeiaA a> a hail,'. * may
oi-cur ul riuv uti'
iMtsara Mt '-.|.agn eoeatrtaa need noi i^> s|kjcu:i? aS
di. med lui dlapBieh bv aa) p.rt cular steararr. es e,,t'?itea
lt, lr, de.-trr- 1 ',. Send ili;.i.,'.in- a (?liliilli.T ;.n 1 c mina ..al
d..">ii ni* letters tut Mectattj aSlieaael Mag >"iit by
Um f ? Mst \c-ei? available
r re an 11..11N fur tl." if ? ? en tln? Mar.-'i IS will a lois
(promptly la .ill eas.-.) St. thia oflice as follow*:
TI'- -I>A*i At'.' t'l it. m. for Irelinl, p-r ?MBaBaUf Wu*
ciin-in. tis Uuoaiietown (le.lr* Ur (irr**i Hr ca
aai ether Kui ope tu .iiiil-ia. 'in, im hr a. ? I " u?r
Ma ia- ?? a?ui"i . a 'J p. n.. for i'r.,iira?o ia*r .le* ,,* ,i*
Thornhill I ; fl "> fur Tiai... ;,.). alemualiio limn,
ol.l, frit'ii New Oii.-aat.
WED. KSDAV -AlI p. m.B*B/ttmtt aaSUr OMII anl the
i.a ri*is Beeasrtae rta Btm de Amarna*, per MeeaieUa
i ,t.ni ? fro ?i H*l:iin..'" MM IU a. m. (or -( lr li i .4
hi I lloma*, vu -I. (loll. ._*>. fie the Wln.lwarS
I*l*i.il* iel St??sha ll ria...nt*, ul ll a. ni tar lr*.
Ihi.I per ??(> "?? P ':' nolie, vii g id mt amii ...ii -ra
for i'i real Brll-ia Bal other turo, .mi couulriet ina?f
be ilirr-cteil "l>er Kenu'iiic " a.
ISSMPAi -vt 113* s ir) lor l-airoie. >,er nae .
?mp 'i'r**-.-. vii kuiuii.inipton an i Brwaas *t t
p m. tor liciiuii.t i pei stet ??hip Urti. ..t 1 rn, nu
for ismi.oce Ubflifas TaSeMi ssl Vii.-ita'i, |mic
ateemaBia M-.nh*nau (lawler* for ...inplro asl Yaam
p., iii ,ii,rel .mt for oilier Mi--.lesa >'aio?. vi* Vars t 'nm,
ie,i.i b* ii.i.sri..I 'pur Maa bal I af|i al'I u. ? f?c
Kill f.el.t*, per *iea ns lip ll ti Un, ri a .New oila-a it.
FHIIiaV At I i',0 a ?". for Nrwrouii.ll.in.l. t>ar noam Ml
tr. m n*iifi\ ai ll a ui. tor VeaeaaeU .. 1 a , j .,o,
per *tea nsli'.a Vjl.tniii.
SATt'HOAV- Al 2 a. M. fer Prancr. .wluarln I. It?ly,
i-paln ?aS I-ti.i?.ii, i>ar BMBBBaSM ta \,.tir'i. va
ll*vi.. ut te a. ,i. ir Url i*. iinrrin, ?u 1 ..,aia
I*?. iflrport*(et -tot I'huil. |ei *i? ,iu*1i.j, i'..i ,., ? ?* A*.
rii.vr*ii. i.t-ti.-ai f..r ,,u?lr-ni?u iiiiiti t> ilir-olrtl "uer
...od"), ai ll ?. ni ior i ai Ulanna*, per .ie?in.hi_
l.'l.r.bel ileiirr* u.r ("otu Uta ti* l,i,?o . mmi ? ? 4,.
in el ' p. r i lari el'i. ?t K* in f.,r Uerutnr. \ i*wt_,
Iiasraarl. Hwattan. Norway, lt.t**,_, *?.| lanker. p?r
? tetai.iii. "-I.e. I'M I renie,, (l.tl.-r. ior iir,..i i r,i?e.
IreMs , Bein,mu *ie1 Natherl.-uila, Vi* iS,.iili.aiiiulon,
?eal be .liracl?4 "per r.lim"i; *i || ;<,i u Ml ,M
Kraal Imaal .iir. C . p>?r ? I" , a, .1,1,, I in*..I*, rui I-1.I9B .?
(leturi iiiu?i ba .tire. u-A ",*T cir, aaata"!. t u:ii>
|a. fla, for K rona, prt aaBflBflflS p Aur*nia. tiai. terna
town, (leltora lor Uei uia> y. lu.ira. l>eiim*rli. a?r iee,
Norway. liu*-i* ?n.l I urkev moat ia rt I re. le. I ?? per
_;iraai?"l. ?t -' "? ?"? tor Hie N-l',ert*n (? ti* lt .lier,
dam, ut-r st*.iiu?hip An ?enlartt (ieit?r* nmal ita
ii i re.-lei '"per Amii, r lam "i . *i v p. m. '<>r li-u.u'a
via Antwerp, le-r ?lr*in*lup Wa*teiai >ittt ilrt'e-rt ni i.|
be .'ti-K-lr- "met - raiect.iaa.1" |; ai Up m. for c*ru
pian amt cu la l iluliv*i. i,-r ?i,-..u,?'. ., . i.i.n
Malls for linn* amt J*p*n. pat sMBBSaOU sun I'.h'.i
(ir,nu Nan Krai. Uc >i. c.**a Lara Marco '1 ai 7
p. in M*ll* lor fia ri uv .nan |*,niii* prt ale.m.Ina
Ante.. IB ( r..in tau Ki ..??? -Mt, ri...a uer" M r, h -Ji ?|
7 (. iu. Mail* fn the SaeMl| Niau .a per ?lup Tiwea)
I! r.t .noni -lao -r.uct*.o>. cum* Urra .nartili ? lb. *t
6 SO ts iu M.ilt for Atteir.h*. \e-. /??? t- I
l.?w.ian. Kl,i aiul ? BSSBSB laUaSs, i er flwfl.
?Inp M*ri:a>si Uro.ii t-an Kraiusavo), rh** hera
M.rch ?*% at 8 ii m. |.,i ,,? *rrvil ;,|
KeW'Taffc ?_ ?teaui-hiti Ursa lu* sun ? . ri?a
mul* lot AiitrtU, I1_ i. r.tr moa, tar ran I- uiiva,
Fla., ami Uioace t.v antaiurr, vi* Key Waal, . ,a..i.,. i
a. Uaie .aitKo daily al 2.34) a m.
-Tl,a ?a ha??tn'it of , I, *ira of Trana racine malla la ar
ranaeil on ia. (irt>?uiii.>iio(i of their amnionuplod over,
lani liaii.il lo San (tancisco. Mail* from Ute Feat ali
riving on lima *t Maa Ininrlaeo on lbs day af axiiin^ .;
ai-aioei* ale dlaiai. >,. 1 thei.vs Ihe aaino l*y.
Ill XltV li. I'_ A li.. OX ?'?'-atlTr.
rou OlBce. New IT otk. N- Y.. M-ruh .'. MS

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