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V01 XLVH.N* 15,088.
Iby CAiu.g to Tnr Tiiiiirsr.. t
CoaprxghA; VBBti ?v The .Viv- rori; Trihi!**.
London. March 6.-Th<j Duke o:
jutland's death involves some politica
disturbance. His brother, Laird Join
Manners, who sue,e,als li tm. vacates, of course
tho sent in tho House of Commons fur tlio Moltoi
division of Leicestershire. l\o ivus returned ai
tho las! olootinn unopiHisod. This gives tho Lib
orals a clianco tn cont,-1 it if they !'?< 1 like it. It
is said that. Lord .1,,hn's stn, Mr. Henry Man
nors, who now hf (Hagan Marpiis ,,f ! iran by, wi]
t-aka* this oj>p<irtunity of enterim* Parliament
As howt-vor, Lor'l Salish,irv's private tetSStiakt
aro tho hardest worked tni-n in England, ho couli;
badly do double duty. Tho power whirli Mr
Henry Manners h:is enjoyed ns pi iv ula- seeretar.v
tn I),.- l'rime Mmislor far exceeds any inllutn,,
lie could exert as n memher of riirliament.
Tl io rr- ha* liven nothing comparable to it since
Leard llowtaan. si ill baiter known as "Monty"
Corry, hesU ths sumo r<-i.iii,iti to Loni alVapating
field. Lor'l l.'nvvtiiii was nml is a liaeholor. Mr,
Mainers had and slill has lhe atlv unlace of hoinq
married to a lady renowned fur h.-r beauty and
social jir.--*t i _:?-. On the whole I doubt wintle i
Iynr'1 Salisbury will caro to lose his invaluable
aiale-de-camp. CbobuI candidates fur I'arliament nra"
(?'?nitrion- a first-rate private s--,-ii-t.ny is ulm,,st
as r.iro as a first-rate Minis' r.
The Daka of liiitlnnd was g Tory nohlemar
of the old *i*hvol. willi fine trails of ehiiiu.t,i
hut with little liking for modern ideas. Thf
pr'-sont Duke is a moro oiien-minded man xvii otu
ovary!.ody ra-snoots. He i.s popular in tho Hotisi
of Commons and is not likely to propose or sup
patt innovaiinns in tho upjier cliamhor. It ls
not known whether lie will retain or resign thc
(lianeellorship of thc Daehj of Liincnster, bal it i-i
presumed that ha will remain in thc Cabinet.
The latest report ls that tho Duke will resign lhe
Chancellorship. It is need h-ss to add that Mr.
Henry Chaplin is once more named as his suo
cc-ssor. nor BBB any Cabinet change oocur wiihout
rev ii ins: the rumors of Lord Landolpli Churchill's
return to the Ministry.
Two priz-'s arc at Lord Salisbury's disposal by
tia.- diitth of the Duke of Rutland?the garter
ni.d and thc Lord Lieutenancy of btAmashiiahiie.
Roiklng is maire coveted than tho garter. Men
xvho want nothing else want that. Tho Marquis
of Kith, thc Lari of Carnarvon nnd oilier great.
noblemen are not, perhaps, candidates, but they
un- mont foiled fvr this dislinelion. Lord Car?
narvon is still abroad. H's publi'1 KlTioagj tsi
outiva-igh Lord Baths. Both are Cons>rvatives,
but neiilicr is quite to bo depended on for party
purpose*. Raith, therefore, are well worth en
coura.'iiii' lay this splendid gift.
11 ? *??? inatl-Ts may not seem to you momentous,
but hero th'-y are debated ns if the w, Hare of
the empire depended on tin m.
The proposed Lii-mingham reception to Mr.
I imbi I -Illili llilS Ieee II tiikell ll]) Wita. the elle ivy
thar.ieteristic of that town. Th-- Mayor called
0 meelina regardless of party and ii resolution
of welcome was moved hy Mr. Dixon, M. I*., car?
ri' d, and a committee appointed. Mr. John Bright
xvi-..m r.r Mt in i; that ho could Bot aitond, but
heartily approving thc proposal to si'-jnify, as
lie says, "your estimate of the great, se-rv-ic"*
i. iilii-ed l,y Mr. Chamberlain to his country and
to the interests of peace." Mr. TJriaiLt a<h!s rather
si.-iiiiieantly that he is pleased to bo able to eon
(.-tntuhiti* "him and our country on his signal
m:(.,'|.*s." "dur country" aaVOapg England.
ft ajtonir,y's "Times" published no less llliin
tv... eoliiiiiMs and ;i half of Mr. Chamberlain's .are?
li, ll sp.B-e|i nt ihc Canailiiin Club dinner?one of
Um binges! ll Spat, hes ever r--.;e-i ved by cable In
tins e.,miiiy. Tho impression here is stroua_-t 1h-ii?.i1
taliat Mr. Chomborhxia h;is won very cniisideraMo
diploiiiatie triumphs, an impression c rt;iii;ly Dot
Weakened by tin- B-lvqnent Goldia I it ia-s lie lavishes
on America. His letters home are lilied with ,\
p!-.--*s!ons of hs delight with the country, the
people, th.' I-, e.-ption given him and tho r< stilt of
h.* mission.
Patliam, nt r,-aehog this week Its annual climax
of dulness. Tho 'lr PEi talk on thc army estimates
is Liii.ll> evin enlivened by Lord Chillies Beres?
ford, one of the few good speakers among tho
milli.try and navy men und lhe only humorist
of them all. Holli the Admiralty and the Wur
(Ulice are being overhauled, new systems and
iidiniiiistrations adopt'-d and n?w economics pratv
tis.d, all to the greater glory of Loni Randolph
Churchill, and, In a less degree, of their mapee.
tive heads. Loni Charles comes in for his shara
and horritli's his late chef, if not tho Boote,
by bluntly declaring the Navy totally unready for
war. A royal C'.nimis-*i"ti of Inquiry into both
services was moved for hy Sir W. L\trU-.lot, but
opposed by Mr. Smith, who probably thinks
that Lord Randolph and others have
of late let yulte enough daylight into both da-pnrt
liie-lil ---
Mrs. Pioetai's long-expected death occurred
jresteiday. This woinlerlul old lady, the widow
of Barty Cornwall, and mothar of Miss Adelaide
Procter, was eighiy-oir-ht. and eame in with the
century, as she was fond of saying. She was ono
of the most interesting figures in London, v. hero
kl,a- was widely known in the diila'rent classes
of society. Till this last illness attacked her
t-he st;li want to dinners and parties. Ever alert
vivaeiviis and abounding; 1n aneedote, her mem?
ory seemed unimpaired to the last. )iUe her af
fi-.tivn lor her frim-ls, who relumed it willi
Sir Cooper Key, xvho died suddenly on Satur?
day, must ha v.- once been well known in America.
Ile was Commander-in-Chief of the llritish licet
?n the North Am- rican and West Lillian station,
?from lhTii to lf'.x. He had been in the service
with distinction all over the wirld. He rose to
lie Admiral and finally First Narai Lord of the
Admiralty. Ile was an exc-llent lype of the
laritish sailor, with the merits of the old and
new school coinhineii, uud WM greatly liked
In private life.
M. C.?i.uelin has achieved a fra sh and very
"remarkable sua-ei tt as " r]ian,illiie," in M. ( letiivn
f'euilli-j'V play of that name. From ** Mascarille"
to '? Chamillai:" is one of the loBfOjg*
gteps ?ny BABoB eur totak. It ls
difiieult to say in wlii.-h M. Coiiueliii
ls tiii'T, bul ceriainly lie is ni,.re wonder!ul in
oin li when you have s.-en him play tho utha-r.
? Mnsciririe" is Moliere'-* ty pie il vaa-t? clever.enn
nlng. humorous, base j ** ChamilUe" is a soldier,
lover und gentleman, with both hiidi bNotiiac
and hitfb fm ling. Tliin- jim io,tvs of dist itiit iou
In M. Feuillet'h ereatiaiii which M. fftqaoHa mis- s,
but he plays tin |yart with un jiu* ll.-i t,j;,i dig?
nity and power eurioiisiy in eoiitnist vviih ihe
figure on whieh tin- liv, ry of " Mast'iinHo' ails bo
Well. Sa-ldom has a Loudon audi, im- baen moro
aompl.t.iy ciiiitiiated than hy his |H-ifoim.,ii,-?
^t. night. (J. HT. S.
Uk. '.:i.iu?,i.y j:r.i.r..\-r.i) ,\vi) i.i: ai:i;i>i'I'.ii
tsxjt.lir.. Umtek li Mi. (.illmnly. Melina-: i,| I'.ulia
jii-i,i wat to-iiav iBerlctod at Beivelt, Uouoijr, L'ork,
for lat),11H ?,?,,., 0i(. ( Hmm Ar| mt ^nl< ||()i|| Ut
twa iiiomij,- iii,j?.,?,aaaBBja*. wellioui lian! lalieii'. Ill*
Uv. vii gave nolk? o1 m ?ppefcJ ylr (,,|h(1,,|V waa
?hbiii^AHl or. bail, bm was imnirilialelv ,.?,.-.,-,l hw
SBWmS tMMllH lajogBjagyjj, ??.,,., ?,. ?... s,?.
WWahj tasommsA ta bm en tm- ooo rhoroo, a
eros, siimmona hag been lb.ut-il against Inspector
ll a) ca.
Bkri.i., March fl.-Tho "Retrl. anselB?r" pilbil-. .1
the folio**, ilia: bulletin from tho J,ih}-,li ian* all-'ic og
the frown Prince:
San ltcmo, Mulch 0-11 a. m.-Tn view of the i-ennrti
published In the peSBS BlbglBg ditton -noes of opinion among
the physlclnns BttsadtBg thc GrOWB 1'rline of Oermany.
the undt-tsl. ned d"iis_> that as recards their Idoa* ll HM
nanice of flic Illness no euch (livorg itncle- exist Ju . as
little do they nm In lain that a ilBBgBIBaa turn In the m ',ill
Is Ininiliienf. The ntl res*>onsl!il|lty f.,r tho e.,11 lin ' .nil
treatment nf Hm BSSS f'tiialn*, a- j.riait tn thu IBOSal S0SIB*
tlon. In the hands of Dr. Mackenzie. In th>- Inter,mt at
the an.'ii?i pt>i.nt. as well as .,f the pooptS "ho ??-'? sn.
love and revere him, the doctors OOCe more a-k OeWUBB
and f..r .cn papers lo abolBlB timm ab BleeBO-leo tea eera
Inc hi* Illness, or tho BMthsii or inMrun. nts used In his
tlBBtSB nt.
The local Mataibaaeea In tba larynx havo not apprecia?
bly sltered. Tbs woaai aaa healed ead tba aaaiala Ilea
comfortable. The patient's Iuiium are in a Beattb. -M__>
tiaan. Thc ssagh sad szpecteratlpa have flhBtnlshoil labs
BOtlOaPS Strength I* inure satl *_i. t-ny. His ippetltS lt
tneree _ag There i* aa Itlgaetli _ disorder, aa patfl in
swslloariag and as besdseha. Ba Bleeps wltb itat.-r
ruptlons, for l...in* tegethOT,
A? Hr. BeifBiana'a ?lealsa hal terminated, he .ni
leave shortly. M \< R EN. I '.'..
M ll li lill.it.
K 'iM BR
Il l-i 1K ..M WV.
IT.1*I ilN AN I> TO ASK roi A ci. Hrif.
Paris. Match rt.- A telegram froin Bi I'.-iei .burs
says lhat Mses rei'iinaiiil. of iiulca-la, I* preparing
. a manifesto in r-ply ta tbe expected ultimatum of
I th>* Power, regarding the r.iilctirl.n question, In
ii heh be will proclaim Bulgaria a Kingdom and eal]
upon Hie people lo ciown him Ung,
l.mai..ii. Marok 8.--A i onataniluople dispatch isyi i
In ;.. loiaiaiii'? with tbe demandi ul Rassla. Ibe Porte
hui m.linell Prinoe Perdlnand that hi* po litton lu Bul
?' .i .-? i. illegal.
rnr Tf.i.-iiiiAi'ii to rut: ranon J
Chioaoo, March Ci.? Thc great meeting of
the Grievance Committees ol the Western ind
.Northwestern NBdfl is over nnd no?
body knows wbjF it wns called or what it luis
aeBoiBpHahed. While yesterday the air waa filled
with ramon ol n general sn ike oo the nada of
tin- Northwest*, to-day there is nol ;i word about
any such policy Hld tlie wheels of all the roads
whose employes were represented at yesterday's
conference me revolving Just us smoothly nnd
nninterrnptedly as if no such ooaferenoe ever
took pline. Hm whole thin)? hag resulted in ?
promise oi Ananda] and moral support to the
strikers by the Brotherhood man of tlie oilier
inns represented und in a nromiae nol to handle
nny engines which haul Burlington freight or
passenger oars ovor any oonneoCng lines.
"linie is no change tn the situation," said
Chief Arthur to-day. " We propoaa to li(-!it the
b.itt le through to the cud and we are _ui. ol
"Winn do you intend to n-turn home?"*
"I don't know, l will stay here until the
j boys need me no longer; or until the company
I baa iii,lilied their demands."1
A burge number ol telegrams wen- again received
: from duli icm. points all over the country, pledg?
ing the support of Brotherhood engineers and
; bremen. Una, from 160 engineers and bremen
Int Columbus, niuo, promised tiancia) aid, and
! urged the striken " ik.l to surrender anti] the
in. i. gun v.ns dismantled." Reports are received
i daily ut the strikers' headquarters of the bob*
] ditton ol affairs on eat ii line ol the Burlington
si >(? m. 'l he strikers assen tliat the oompotiy
i hos liol smceeiieil in getting tllTOUgb Lo I oiilnil
. i'.l.iil.. Kansas City or any of the great terminal
j nouns oi the system ;i single passenger train.
! Train - o. j leaving Chicago at noon ima been
sent ont every day but they ela mi it hus never
gone through to Council Bluff! and points in
Nebraska. .No. 3 which yoes out at 1 0 '.BO p. ni.
for Omaha and Denver Ima naval gone t in Kb*
according io the reports sent in to Mr. Arthur's
licadi_uai'ici's. lila- freight t ."ailie, the men say,
liit_ amounted to in -I lilli!,, and many ol iii" fl
trains reported to be running have been composed
ol an engine ami one car. Im. engineers Baner!
also that between 4o and 50 engines hine Iiiiii
badly Injured by the handling ol tba new men.
lu tiie roundhouse at brookfield, Missouri.
six enginea unable to rna cit ncr on
aeoouni ol bumed bullers or other Injuries .ire lil. J
up, und will base lo be seut ttl tm- simp before
they an* used again. At Creston, Iowa, it is said
there are seven eng Des awaiting repairs, 'luis
niaai ajng tim e engiu a in m 'ain- Chicago *?_? I Iowa
line were brought int > the roundhouse at Aurora
witli their feed pipes frozen mi i biir_U>d.
.Many reports come In from dillerenl points as
to the operations ul tm> new engineers- A wiper
who was put in charge ol un an*ine < b Um Iowa
division took out u jiiis-i ii. i r train It is Nial
iiml art.f getting under way he found that be
did not know bow to Bhul "il 11j? - injector, and
the result was thal the boiler Blled with water
uml oondensed the si.-am. 'lia- train stopped, and
tin- new engineer ann his fireman became panie
strioken ami Heil from tue engine.
General Freight Agent Brown said: "I'll give
you something to p il down as a solid tact. An ei en
'in per sent of om full complement of engineers
and firemen are an work to-day. Weare receiving
freight now for all points oast, of the . li-s, uri
Liver. Yest'i'li, v," sent eil s'x full trains,
with 18. curs in ull, from thin house ami the
t ru ns f.-r. We expect to eel ont 150 cars to-night.
We havo had one lull Imce of handlers for out
freight ut work anal ail our clerks. We don't
ink.- freight tn b.. transferred to tho Atchlson,
Topeka and Santa Fe, because we dont want to
fret them into tmublo. Wo dont know whether
they will agree to handle lt for us or not. Taklna
a fair view ol the matter, it looks to me as though
we had won the ban I"."
"The question of other roads handling our
freight will nol ooma np l"r a day or two," said
tho general passenger a .ant. Mr. Morton. " When
it does appear, H will be settled favorably to na,
I tli in k. '1 here is no nason whv nny road should
adopt an adverse polio.. Ml ol them bandin our
freight, more or hs.-., and obi Interests are to that
extent identical."
l'nea-1 iic->_ prevails anning railroad Officers, and
tin r Ural outbursl ol iBdlgnatlos at iin; defiant atti
uni.- (.1 iiie Brotherhood of Loeomotive Engineer! li
laaeeeded tay retteeaoe ami a determination to walt ami
see what bappaas before they make any more pre?
dictions or e-jn-es. .tli.-li Opinions, 'lln-y an- un.u.l
minis lu their In-ll-f, however, ll.at no Sadden lb |i
la?;;e Of all tha railroads in Hie 1 ;ttn] Hill occur. .-e\, sal
admitted yesterday that the Chicago, -tarlington and
Quincy strike waa likely to ipi aad to som., other roads,
hut a grand tienji ol the arterial of eomnmnleat-ofl
betwaaa tho Ailauilc am! racllic b. aboa.ila waa out of
tho question.
At tko general offioai of the ? hleago, Burllngtoa
and QbIBC] load il wa. predietcd that -OnbtlBM nil,ci
road* would looa have SlB-Hsr lion nie to thal ol tba
i hicago, Burllii-lon and QulnOJ BJ .icm, hut nu Inter
raptloa ol traill a on a scale of greal magnitude asa
expected li MM--> d'med that other roadi had s.-m
ii,.u to lill tbe lilac.-- ol .triken, as assertad in Hie
manifesto ol tbe New-York Dlvl.lon of tbe Bro
hood, and tbe nrtic-rs fuith.-r stated thai tbe connect
lug road, had not handle, any of the eoinjiany'r,
freight, Hie only grievance w,_ nea c.mid have wai
Hi.- ijue*tli>n of wage*, ami tlc- cum-iar.-tuii ul I,
glveo tn ibo )iiai.nc i.y Un- brotherhood prodnced a
?holly false Impression The wsgaa ol tbs awn were
_...a _.-.....lli..a I,, ll,,. ..,,.ala. ..( il... ... .. a ?!_. .. i ,i,...
1111.-1a>11 and Quincy Railroad, as hi ls only ei.
engineer- eompeteal to handle fr.it ex pr ww tra m.
Twenty ,'\o were engaged up to '?? o'cloek la tbe sfier
tnu.n. twenty ol whom net., sent w.-Ni on ile- evening
frala One more aol will tm kmrarded tins week.
Mr. Hamilton da- in bis j-om.-n-ioii a long llat ,,t DBRim
.i i wldreytM ..I onglnnei. anl Bremen readj to ga to
work ai i moment'a notice, who sre tborougblj com
uti nt to -ai, u engine lu local hallie.
HaW'BadfStd. Mas.. March IV?The Wam-iiilji
Mills, win.sn S|daasn ami 1,-,'lt Ikijs an- now ..:, -ml,.-,
??ave notice Dial all of Ul ii mill.*, oxomft So. ?'.. Would
sliut down U?-tligM Im .ii liiil.-llnlli- pBffUd. 'IM
i"'?i ha- ii,ai-.i ( (.'.-leanittioii MBOBg lui'l'-s ul,,,
depend lan., i.i uu n? . ,, ,,;? ,,, ive Ital ip] ui i.
lu -.'.. fl in. il. ??? i,nii wawi foci.m standard iIhm. Iniri,
the ffillluu in '?? --.ny fm ii-e -aiii be spun I.v tl,, ovi
-i .I liam.- Oi Hie lill mill, vi lil> li I,.ta?
bbil! (ionii. Tbars ara shoal boo hand- in No, 8.
THC. lil'ii'l'HRBHOOiyn l.\Ti*.T ciitcii.Ai:
'll. PruM ( ni.n .-i- nt ti.- unit hr. i,u,i ni I.,,,,,
monto Magi Bears i?-uci a Maiameai last uifchi i
the powers of the Districts and the Chief In the nial?
tor ot ordering rn strike. The Orsnd Chief can only
Older the engineers of a road out. they say, after two
thirds of the men bsvo voted to itrlko. He may then
five hil perniiMlon or not, sud his division ls titian
n the present ca-io he hai been committed to tii?
policy of actina The Pren Committee birt her aa
fen.U the resolution! of last Sunday on thc ground thal
the other roads are sec rd ly helping the ( ueago, BUT
llngton and Quincy, and only a positive threat ol v, ar
can keep them neutral.
The Non-rondiieiing t'overing DBS-Bra* ABBflSlSllon
held a meeting y??ienl.ij* at No. N Jsk-htt, and dis
sasaedtbe boyeotl .e. lated i? Hm E__atral LBbarOnlae
on tliiiie-ii of th" linn- engaged In tbs recent Iteatn
pips and boiler totten1 -trike. Tbe leading boosea ol
tho Inda Bran represented, Ircladlag tba Jeans*"
MBMfartariaj Cumpaay, tba Asbestos rm-king *??
pasy, ti"' i baimee. Spence ? oespaay, R. M. Gilmour,
fossil Meal Company, BL Radature aci ti.
m iii ta tiona) ? eraring l omysay. Il eras raported
thc) ii." dob ai v.,-I, |ur h.i Magura!* _aetloa.il ' av
Bring i ompany la Ibe Eqnltabls BaUdtag awe ealfcr.
oat jMtei-U.) nu.min- i.v tic Boycott Coaunlttefc
The rV.scclaliuo sgreed Ibal ii was lime Ibe ? entrel
tanbar Cnlon ww emu in ?d ol Ibe tod thal aboo! J
,i,,/,-., men mte s'l Ihal la I-f ?t Ibo -i ? ira P r* ai d
Poller Fellen' Union, tour or Bve "f ahleh mn io
,,,,?-. ..I-.-.- sin.11- aai th. a.n-:- .ntarim wnrtnv-B
vinmi ihe dealers refuse to employ, stephen An?
drew*, the tontrvt presldeni ot Ibe onion, who n -ic""''
hi tl.nd Of Ih- strike. *tat"| that eight J ni Hillel.
ont of ma.- hun.ire.i original member- who "on- the
hesl workmen had rellnqnl-bed their rani* and ell
th,, onion snd that there li prac! lesli j t.nlon m .lu.
?-. H j rtrhhsm, of tbe dralere' auorlstloa, -aid Ibm
ali ih" best workmen we.mployed to-day Vf Ihe
boycotted tm- snd Ihal the boyeotl was only aa
eirnrt ol Inrompeienl men tn Injure the tnanufeetn. rs.
ih.tra) Labor lTnlon will In- Inbirmed I bal Ihe
allegM onion reprea-nta hoi a small minor, j -Alilch
? n.tt official sanction
m. ??
ni,., strike (i.minnie, of the qgarmalten' tatar
nat tonal Union bald a meeting la-u algbl rn Be. BBB
i : Elghth-st., and decided lo eaU ad di d'- "?' '-11
M |..a n- the proprietors attempt to eoforae a
reduction. Thia wa* la eon o_ueno. wt tbe repari
that oilier -ima Intend to follow tbe asample ol
Howard Ivee, whose men stunk la-t week, la ?" aral
toetoriea there la not mach wort to ba dona, partly i?
eon -Queues of the strike troubles that'hav.- Interfered
with Ullng orders, and it I* cheaper ior ths owners
ta, en,i hu non-union men. Beveral loeal nnioni met
ni.,, ia t ni.11, snd all sra acting in harmony wah
th.. Sui;.' Commit tr . Tbe owners -av t hat the union
cam,rn win ni" -nike now, and thal lhere ii c..n*|.?-r
sble demoralitallon among the men, which ls the ont
rome of comlnned tdlenmis. li I* the longni strike
the m.a.n hi- ever known and the Knight* ..f i.?'""
.-ire taking measure, to bripthe strikers. Then i- waa
prospeot of a tett-emenl than a track ago.
Tim wife and daughter of Prasidenl winiam li.
Tiln-niore, of the Adnu* EAB!OSS Cnmji.ttiy, had a
narrow eseape from -erinna Injury yeeterday afier
nonii. Th'y were nut driTtag In Heir private r.ir
riap', and about 3 o'clock, ware piastag Mxtb-ave,
and Tl,lity-t,nih fl., when th- bOTMl -OCBBie fri. M
sned iv a passing elevated train, Ths team i. .an to
prance and then dashed down fsjxtb-sve. Al Thirty"
elgbtb-rt. they swerved to tbe west side of the utrct
ami tho oarrlage swnng a. .lin . a telegraph j> iib,
breaking the whHBotne and pola and liberating the
bones. The carriage swayed tack and forth and nearly
espsteed, bot finally righted. Tho frightened I
within wera assisted to a drag store and after a tow
moments r. -i tn re taken home in a cali. Aai de fi-om
tho shiel* consequent on ihe breakdown they ware un?
Sergeant _ane, of the Nineteenth Preetnet, had aa>
slated the I I - Intt. the dreg atora Hs ikea
turned in* attention to the bones, They galloped
Boroo, tbe avenue with the broken pole pounding
unit the atones between thea-. Dashing against tbe
man fenoe in front of t. i onnor _ hui.*' pinmblng
nstablithmeni in the basemen! of the building on tbe
southwest corner, they broke Ibe tooee and rolled
Iowa lui" t ?? basement. Tangled np in the barnesa
aild inala' |l|a-V ('lallat Mit lOg-IO their feet, lill'! tWO
boon* work with a derrieb and taekle wai required
io pet thea out. One of Ihe bones waa niprnred
by lin male falling npon lt, and was no badly lnjiu.il
thal ll w lil han- In lu .hui.
TIIKN cn M MI Itl sin ll>''.
Punnu bo, Vn'-cii o. ?\ Bradford d'spatrh rays;
"A maaked man named Kimball entered tba Bradford
Natfonal Bank thia morning with ? revolver in bli
band, and when midway beti seller's
and dleronnl elert'a deeks, nlm l> lumped ov.-r the
lath glass partition and made m grab br Um money
np tbe eaa-.hler'a dnfc, The soddeaneas of th.* altair
paralyaad tbe elerks, bm Cashier TomUasoa rushall
from hi* private office and seised tba robbei ; a.s i..'
did so, ba received a ball from tbe Sd ealibre pistol
in the bandi of the villain, entering over hi*, left hip,
going dear throagb bim, and coming out over the
ri Kht* li-- dropped, and the robber asa aped at the
noni il..,.I- wah Ibe m..nev and can down a ->i.ic street.
The report of the revolver attracted a erowd an.l a
number of citizens started In pursuit. Kimball ran
rome distance, when he tinned on h!-* pnrsners and
shot A I. Bleieh s butcher In the sbdonien, Infl ? '
lng a dangerous v.. und. Ile then placed tbe rovol
for to bli o'.wi he.i.i and flred The hall entered si
be i di le a si I. Ui d bim Instantly. The itob n
moncj arai found lu au Inside pocket of a rubter cou
which he worn
" laainliiisiiii and DlclCb are fatally hurt and can
live hui a tow bonn, Kimball ra alana twenty
eij-'ht yean of age, anal wa* a former employe of a
)ro lucina Brm. tte wa- recentij Injured on the
i.r.e road ti,, . ? , burg in an accident tor which
is sa'd ti, have reerlved several hundred d lian
lamases, alnee whi.-h time be baa been drinking
heavily, He ua* funner!- a real eatate agent In
Harden City, hana aa, whare hu wife da-j, leaving
two giris. "
? ?
Cincinnati, Mar,l. 6- A dispatch from tUchmond,
Ind , sa;.? that a tearful sxpluaion of dynamite oeeurnd
on tho faun of lu.ld Hampton, president of the
dynamite company, blowing bia bone, wagon and dog
Intaj allin*. Ihe largest pleoa f.aiinl wai the In-wi
of the buna, a tong dlatance from the point of ei
nloaloa. A hole tn the ground am mad- aileen feel
deep aiul twenty-live feet in elreum erenee, Mrs.
".laik" Chamnesa, a quarter of a mUe sway, b_m
s, ct, ni -iv Injured -early .mtv window in thn vi Ungo
..I \>. llHamsburg, near by, in. broken, ami tbs shu k wai
nu al BJehmond and other town*, u wa. ml .-iken
at Katun, Ohio, tor an caitbqn_-ln blt tons of
dynamite exjilodoila
H mti.i.M.iw., n. j.. Mai. h ii .?Mayor Etodsoa to-day
timsi Thomas Kelly ifdii-in: Michael Quain, .-.-..,;
'.ge Howard, <*'.-. and Th.una- Bakey ?ii;i ii for
- a.-11 i 11 -; liquor on Sunday.
PBOTTDKBCB, Ba 1.. March I).-Tho Houso lo day
passed tbe Mil authorising a .Ingle Commissioner, la
??ead ol a Board of l'ublic Woila., for tho uiy of
i'roi I dence.
Taor, March B, Juha Temple, who ha.i been em
Pb)yed in a maiiiii.i, luring aetaUlshmeal al Weal
Tiny tor tom mumba, was last gighi idoatlfM at a
thoatre ,n Tn... ., j banes P. I linton, aba.* "mr Barry
I "_. .' " ""' '""'"^"'.v. eic. Ile wa, ail.,.ted
to leave the atj and he started toi New-Via-k.
Ti,e Oersssa RepabUess OMttal CssbbbHSbs spttl tast
Bight vthii" rasrgaal-lag! ^ A.M.n,,,|V Xv,..m*
and dual organi-sUoBi bob exist, ?,?. ,.?...,.,?_ u latarasl
K.-i.'.,i., i uiii ,!_r Prtote. M ,., , n|, , ,??, Ult. mtmmt
rx jill-- Ditteahostor. Mr. Prtmtmmtgtrtoada -Ulai thal
- present bsd bo righi t? bs rn lbs BSMttag.
?ii..y a-*-.t thai vu..,, n Udsrsna ( brlHlai.its aallsd
?? ":1" :h" i.f Ibo** Hogans, waa
di*.,,v.-,. i. nan Ju Ik. Ditlenhoeter's Maads trisd, ea
eoidlng rn ths -risdssai sids, i. ...,, . . ia__p*arj
an. ri.l? tbs chair WMdd BSt uii,* ?. ll .
i thai tn.' ehslmsa of Um eoau&lttM ut ti,- anvlaai
.var wa* cl,.,ii.,,an _f tl,. _f_t B-MUag Ihlsyaar sseordiBg
kl ll.e c..11*',lu! l.ll).
JadSJS in: l. ni.,* h.'? fr..,?|s wl,l1(-r..w ,-d ,,,..?.,, augy
- Luau Bchntba. ls .?.? rlcpn-ddaBt and J I
Muiiii..t', Becreury. Mr. rtt-d_.IB.. ,,,..,,,,. ,,?
Heir srgBB-nttsa by atocttag Phuip u,,,,.,., . , .
d.iii. Carl .,.,.,M/i.'! ssenury, ?,?, Au(,..t ?,.,?,.,,.
' Mr ? ??'?? ' usa aad laen
tba BMstlag sppotatod . eommittea n, metgaa-t. Us Ha
siad bj ti., latogs m itho had altMnwa
ii.-.inn.n* ware i,..,-. .1 md,.i sii,K immm u Bmtm i
tuan thc Hepttbtlcsa getty ?u?ui,i asmmaia i.,i Um ic
BOUTH i ./,'0//\ri rh-, /i/./nv..
Cal I Milli. B 0 M al' ll H (Si I ,, . !;,.,,?!.
Hedi l-.xi-i utu,. ti.niiiilite n.l inr,. UmBgf. lt ?.*i
l Ida- . la ll,,1,1 a laalatrlalH.il III Hil* , I, ,,., , ( |
.t'lllllin ?lll I- < .,lll|?,-.(| ..( I.'. a V|||
elect l.'ur dalegali *: hugs u. ii, i .. *. ii ml atl
THK VOT8 13 TO 8
Tkkntibn, March 0? The Senate this afternoon paa-.cd
th'- i minty Option-High License bill over tho Gov?
ernor's veto, by a vote nf lil tyst to rt nays. Loud
and long applause gi.-ejt.-'l the aiiiiuiiiiceuii.-iit ol lim
vote and tha ciel nf g rim-gle tli.it has assumed an
almost Nati,mill |nter,-*r. ,\v SOnn as thc Lill ls slgi.od
by the pteiifiing pshatt of tho two lintis.?>. u wm be
taken t.y -sj,, ii,,.,. ii|(-jv||,v,,,ii to the &?<?! clary of State
and tiled In his nfliee. it is nf a law. to all Int, ms
an,I -SaJpO-att, niel lt l,ey,,;?l fl,.- loath ti ac id.-lit.
Tho In il li am alanine ii i a,f BoootOB OHggB lOOl oven
ii._- h.ni a erotUag ofleel opon tie* Dotoocrtatlo .seu
ttort .md tha&i pv*ii;a.,.|y relaVMd tn ootr_Uaao Ibo tm
ctis.lou then, Tlj.-j- tm'ltly iicnOVlodgjtd that th.-y
Bat 'avi a.h.' to i?. apiooed la a postuon when > "m
pttfaMM v. ualtl t?. di ret t and rioleot. The OOO
' ? MlOB of an adjournim-nt until this muming was malle
oa that bOBlt. During Mr. Gil_._,*'s ml.In-,*, Gott?
fried Krueger, the Newark brewer, itood near him,
i,' vf the salo-ni !ul]::,-i?-e In politic!
i ? vi oppy, ... ],. ,? ,,,,,, xsai Mr. i*.iti.-j_-.-i' fm- g tine
ass taite ri* elooelj nu emt .a* tao ipeoaoc UtTttell
?ae-o i , ia ot tho hill trot rotuioed gooa after
the ayneetlog of the Beoote ti,1* monda*. Beootoc
lain.inls. , l).-iii.i ?f lind,nu. ivh.i vin, atysi'iit hist
eveiiinv via, pi-*.|,|, ibOWlU, ma.ks of illina-,*. Sen
?"o'1"' Hatnei, (Rep i Ol I gag .May, who w .i-j al*o al,-, at
s-iil last evrri-n.-. ? a*, al*,, |,i-e-,.-ni, [ooh Og pr:l ll llla-ly
va-ll. Ubi tod l.a-i-n il -la.ii-al. ll v .a *,inl, hy bog ? *.
but lt was e i, n_ i, l-i ted i-cinarl.alil,- ll,al any bUtlDOM
ihould bav* beoa ol loeb Iorgo importance as to bstm
ba ay a Senator on sn moateatout aa occasion.
ide tntortalnlng ipeeeh ol tao long ii,-i,.ifo was
mn,i,r ty BeoattAir Wye],,,.t, (Dem.) ol rVorreo timmy.
Ono of his expmtlong, When be alluded with tine
Kora lo the eloqaeaeo of Beaaj i Griggs, win lu-o la
ll Iiii'llinry.
'?I aalii.l:.. the .s'li.ri'or,'' said be, "hut I don't let
the pl!i|. d gianna- ?f hi, |-poech ca-ry m.- away.'' Mr.
v.yB-iivir vu,., *a'.-,ii,-,i, *,, be sai'i, thai than wa-* aotb
Ing bal hyi'iH'risy in this bill anti thal the BepubllcaiM
Patti??- ii Jot! ayjveeattge tbe-f wanted to eeataro rob ..
!!?? gno his oplalon its a itudeat of the Coaetltatloa
il.al he giie-v.-tl the i.nvenmr vms right any way.
.?sonata.r i,ni.|i,-r (Rep.) spoke for an hour and a
li.ilf, with minglel lulu,,,,- ii,,' |>traagth, on behalf of
tl:<' la'U. Ho nilli tiled the altitude of tho Dt-iuuci a's,
ni,,! iiMn.'h.-d the tatlooa Indmooe la ijoiitics. Tho
t.nvei-iiv, ?g Bmetage tenladed him nf the militia eolooel
OrbO I HU I, -al li, lie.|,l,j:i:iit..-i-s willi tOO aliililUliilioil of
ii exhausted Aaked again.-,) trbom his iii-.- bad
been dlrocled, be replied be didn't know, bul be hod
se.'ii lome gentlemen emerge (rom a thi. k-t. and be
iee'..'l (rom ihe iiiai-a- they oame (Tom, they eould abe
i.a, (rienits ol h sn. i he Mil anni") from tho Republican
cauciiB, tod the Qoveroor had vetOasd li l>eeause it
evidently came from no frlendi of hls'n. The tttltude
of ihe ITohlbltlonlita wini opp!,>u the bill, was merci?
lessly criticised
S' uat..! lap- auls 'Dean.) speke lirlcflv. attacking the
lt,-],ni,ii,? m. for ool permitting moro discussion ol Iho
bill When lt wa* ian Its pa*,u.", gnd deiioiliuliU the
policy ol inch mootai ?*.
?irur-1 a, lei (Rep | olaoted the debate arith a ipeeeh
nu tl.vii* of the liquor traffic, and in behalf of tbe
legislation whicb tbe Republican party, in ita apprecia?
tion nf the de manda ol the people, had resolved should
!*? placed on the statute books.
The president (ben pal Ibe question?* shall thu bill
paso, tM Governor's objections notwithstanding!" Tho
wt,' was hs follow*: Mmoeraats marked thus* :
yeas 'Baker, Cranmer-, i arter. Griggs, Gardner,
Miller, Holme, Kettla, Larg.-, lum, Mos, tiovlug,
Xavs-'ita gert, 'Edwards, ''hive, 'Newell, 'pfeiffer,
?MrBride, ?WertS, *Wy,-J ,.fT-?.
The bill, wini-!, is ii,,-1 practically a law, vtos Onally
cnii-i,|,-i-e,i iii th-- Renal Hean caucus ",f Febroery 7. and
s evin-mlt ti',* wss directed to nerfecl the draft of lt.
The bill wa* hilra.tlaici-al in thc following twit tBti lias
beoa paw,?,i by both bonM, vetoed by the Governor,
and |,H*sc'i nv,'!- the veto by both ht usc.*, by the hu ??
-rote in each casi?all lu one month. The act talus
effect on Mn- I.
The tU-tooasInn In ih,' S,,ii?t,- has Hi,*oi-1,i>d thc at
fenlinn nf bolli heises this Weok, and no legislative
bus!nea* worthy ol note has been transacted in conse
quonoe. Tie- spei ches on tbe r>. 11 warro t x it- ? n tay a
stenographic reporter, and copies trill be wit rhrough
otil the Btate b) the State Republican t ommlttee. It
i< rh-- lateatton of the committee to make thi* a leading
Isstio In tbe 00X1 eompOlfB and hr loire lhe lighting."
TIIK A?sl vim.V BZCI8I O'iMviiidi; m..ms AHiil.'
mrmt iv ra voa og ir.
Aliaany, Mircli 8.?Those Who doslre flint thc otra*
.-rs of le,ina stores si,.ill I"' .-iritli..;l7.e,l tn s.all llijuor
on Bo oday afternoon ami Sm,dav evening In the large
cities ol the -' tl. given ? bearing thia oftatmooa
by ti,.- i.v - - Committee taf the Assembly. All the
m.-a vile, appealed to ssh i favorable report am the
i ill gre mciiii?Ms of ih" l'"-i-soimi Liberty porty, i
Bteaben lost fail voted again*) every candidate for
:!?? |j'g:si.,i,ir.' who woald not promise to toto tv
open ih'- isloons a,n .-iv.,lay. Tbe Bsemberg ol thia
porty, according t") tni-:r own statemonl before tbs
committee this aft irnpon, arc oil ossoclotaed win, tome
I..? r11 ir- vu::,.i-I,un Of MMlol -"? d'-ty. Otto
iiuinlt. nf tVew-Tork, eholrmaa ol the .Wate Committee
of tbe pi-isonal Liiae-riy porty, boatted thal lt had
r.ii.onn roten st Its ImcX In tho eiilari gflOeted by ibo
tall arni 90,000 vt,'er.* In all.
a rema!?bailie fiaiiiia- of the (tearing was the reoiV
:np of laOtton from Democrollc .ii; yort, ntmely, Abran
-. il----- rr. ?f Sea York', John Boyd Thochor, of AI
lixny, and Isiimls J. V '..-lan, of Troy, favoring tho
r.-iira-s Hr, nundi theare nero pretenl fnnn New
Vork to fa. Of 111- bill Di". Theo,;,,!-- I. lle-llle-Ii f 1 ? 11. ol
the Lii'd'-rii.-iii/ rs,,.-i,-ty; Richard Ko^enmayor, oi tho
yNi'lun .Society; Janus K. (iinji,,11, Senntni BttdlOC and
.lulnn I'ochall. Trott lirooklyn tla-i*- ea*ne Pollen
justice Noeher. ll B. lohormoiin nnd Berman aSeldnL
it,,, delcgotos from ah,.my wore .Max Kurth, ( barlos
W. Mnaiia-r a;,,' lin-'rii- IlalssOa. Troy sent william
tirandpre, Charlei Ulrkmayer, Louis Schneider and
ll-nrv lHllii-ii*!.'!ii. The i'i,airman of the smto Cnn
vi-ntiuii of tlio puia.v last fall, Louis AUftwahTi carno
from laitTalo.
The bili they favored wai Introduced by Amiably
ninn RoOBOb, aid il j,,-a,v!,]-s Iliat the ItOatrds of Ex*
else In tia'- cities of New fork, M.M.vu. All,any,
iiw, By roc uso, Roclieoter an"! Iiuitaio moy lassoo
*|Hs^ial licenses tu llquor-dntlert to sell liquor nu aun
,:.iv tioai ?-? p. m. iitnil l-i mfaffnlght,
A rfu men ts of i-v-ry Imaginable kind were Blade in
I d1 iii- moiture by ibo various members of the
personal Liberty party.-bul tbe hearing tiooi-d with?
out action on the part of tho commit!'HS,
Two spa-cial cars pulled nit of lhe (vraiial CeiitrU
.i-,-,,,,1 ye.iianinv moratag hartag on boord i'i--.i
,1,-nt I't-ia-vv, of the New-Yorli Central, >Cornelius van
dcrbllt, J. th i.avig, |ii<>l I'.-iii <jf the al leland, Ciai
iiiiitiiis, aClneJaooil tod Indianapolis Rtllway, ll. ll.
An,ii-r*vn. saiuii.-i Bortow, arel teveroj other rollmad
11, ? i t'v rv a- pu a.' to art"t,'i thc sr.nutl eleo
-,,,,, ,f ile- rieveland. (\iltnnbiis, Cincinnati ai, I In
iiarcip -Hs r,ael ai ( l-'veland. Afterword a tenir of
?tion "in bo ina.ia- over Ihe **lvL:i pine rood
The party will be gone over a Week.
l'liila l-.-lplu-j, Mar, li il ajtpoelal).- Tht ?tv,<_kli?lders of
Itao tTOOt Jur-i-y l'.il!.,,al !,,ri 1 iii -ii Bl real BSBOCtOg to?
day. 'I'1'" ra;, -a v.., . iota] .???.i|?-, ui,,,,urning to
.1 :,'.' .11 aft, ure! total SXpSOS Sj :'.'lti,ibl 12. T.? net
,.iruii.a*. avers H^t,M7 17; Incressi la gi"** ssniltgs,
I110.7M s:i; in Bipeossq aglS7,07l BB; met ..ii-iiiiia-s,
ItO.tlO 70. Tina vluklnu fnii-l !,-..i|,t. dmrii,-.- the y.-ur
?a.,-I.- ttt 'iii 71 Thors -a. i.a .',-,,.a; I tana of freight han
Bjjjol, au looioooi ol 6'j,oi)a too* ever i-*7. Tho*e dl
1 wa.ii, vlcirtod: 0SOFgS ll. r.-rii.-rr-.. I.,I,-a,.ni Pl
[yeamlag, i.'iiarli-a J BlaMr. J..i,n M Moura, Thom** ll.
lindley. Oeorgi Wood, J N. Uutiarry, N. I*arkei istmri
ridge, l.li,,ui?l Sn.itii, Beary B. U'-lah. W. J. BawelL
ir. i, .iii.iii I* ly:, J.m.aj* ii. Nixon, J,.*:,iii IVIsui- and
David ii. du.
'1 he truiit line pn*?i-nira-r eOBOBlttOS Ti*i"'Hsr wore on
I,.-. i in ttesasSbag Uh iiui-sinm 'af tlotrsaUs] miss ls
!..? llloWOd l,y lot I'.-iirisi Uaiun .and ?li*- ROW'Tofft OSBllBl
linea !., UM awoaltoi r.,i,ii In ,,id,-r ta, np-vn' s aJOBiplete
l-i ol tl,,- second ? I.,** tarin which tia* i itter havo
nir-iiiv f..i s,, eonclualoo ass rs* Bsd and su
,,ili.-i IPOBlIng S lil 1,1. h. I
The at..,-ak.ai lon of the. Texas and I's'-ifle Hallway (JSOV
puny na-t i.-,i. i l.,y sud rstlfled the tlSB ',f lOOafgOOllBUlaB
Bdopted hy Ilia Wa a,,t.-r l-l.ti.iiiA' OsBJBallt* unvl-r vvlikli
Ile- o al lu* ba*B ruiitilnu f,,r .r a a- n
li..*t-.n, Marrh ? -Th.- sol' "f I'ntlierltio V. ("..Ulm
air.iiiiai the lln.iein arni pr,.v 1,1.1.??? RsllrsBd OtmptXWf,
? 1,1, li ha. I., i, |,.-i. nag In Ih- -a,,,-ri,.r CoOTt "lt..
..in,uer, and li: which ! Il ! '"' '" !";"''
I *l Mia: Hollyi..bale d,-i*'i-r. hOS DBOO MtAlSd (et
rlu.ooo. _
pntiSAWOUL March 0 .S|h-elsi' -Tn.'titi -i.lOS I
wen- re-|ir.--? av. ,1 m i),.- |.n,? -r th- Nan-nil la,man
Uoo i'i th- i in.aeti.,1 [.rana ''.I i bate I., lu. Tba af
l.n.iK,ti -as* OOBOglOd IO ill- 'i""'? " l'11'' '"'?'?' "r -**1 r
t.i.oii soggosltag a a-., a.|y?-i.i;.i i' tt ii- ila! 'a, Lobs I
mill IhO ii," v -mein i.ajii.-a-i,:-'! aytj !i.i.,-ll ni N, a V,., k.
and re-iaiininii. lilia- B JotOl BSBSlIng of lhe li,.- Hs
Iri,ll, ll, llllt, .O UKI"- .11 * I ll! f- '?' la'1-VileU..II. I'"' I'-'-'
in.'al Bp r. BB , |-|. ,,, I, , ind ' i - I ?" .
m.! wini Bress o|.|*a* ai-.i. I' ats tell* ,k, i,i.-,i M lt
,i.i,a ii,- |. ipa ? 1 i ..,*.,!.lat.ind I., laail M''-'.
ami i. * tai.ii I., aila witt "?? i ia...I. !-"-?' i""'.> a*a
Um basia .1 lin- I li.wv,?u pt*tlOtat
Ifhara, March fl (.pedal).? Tho Pepnhllcans mado
a clean * weep with tho exceptlmi of ono trustee at
the ch.iiter ried loni today. Tho majority over tho
Hem..a. elie ticket ls at least ..00.
KliigHtiin, March (1 (Special).?The new Hoard of
IMfSII-IMI of Ul. er Couniy will ho Iicpubllran 14 to
12 and prohahly 10 to ll. In this city John Ne .kirk
(Key.) li elecieal Mayne, and Iho new Hoard of Alder?
men will .stand lo tu ti liepubllcan. Tho present
Mayor In a Ic nine rat.
Waterloo, March 8 (Special).-Horatio a. Marshal
(Bap.) xxia raslsstfld PoUes Jasttes hen- today aves
Uk aries w. Van Cleef (Hem.) Tim village i oard wur
.tami tour Republicans to two Deasocratsi wah a Ba*
piihlean pre.sldent,
Klinli.i, ll tn li fl (. pedal).? Tho charter election'
In thl. elly passed oir ('melly today. TIMBS WSS
ju-i-t-1 li-ully nu coule . on ihe elly ticket, except for
overseer of ths poor|(whlcb resulted In the election
of Abraham Anbali (Dem), (huies I. Davison
Iii.'m.) a as cleated Mayor, and sis of the Bidet-BBB.
steel aro Democrats, and aith the bold-overs makes
th.- i i,nm ii t,i..|\e Arnot Democrats, oas Arnot Bs
piililie.-iii and one Kcpuhiicdii. Judge .M . 111. - l- vtitti tho
Albany sontlngenl mawee. the inverai polls la per*
ion and went Into opsa marlal ami purchased Hie
ii..ai. ri Ilks sheep at ir_. a head.
( ansdalgua, Msrah fl (Special).?Dsmoeratle uaina
w.-re maila- in lome towns ol milano ( mint] today.
ihe new Board of Supervisors win be close, hm tho
Indications are thal ll will be i:.|. ii.i n a ii.
Amsterdam, Marah fl (Spoelal).?Tba chai-ter elec
lion in Hil. city today result...; in h vlrtoiy fm- tho
Republicans. Thomaa Liddle was ra ohmtod Kayos
hy lilli majority. Minor nfllnoi are equally <li\ 1.1--U
batWSen hoth pai tics. The Common CoUBBll rem ali is
Kewburg, March fl.?At the charter election hore
In day, l.enjamln lt. Odell (Be]-) was elected Mayor
for a third time hy nearly 800 majority. The Be
publicans also elect the Traaaurar, two fahaol Ti ash
BM, ? Waler Commlmloner, tine.' out of four Aider
men and three ont el four Supervisors.
OsWOgO, Mardi fl?Tlio KepuL'llcans of thia elly
to-day sleeted Beary i>. Mei ellery Mayor over Aian
.11 g, Patio hy ahont 300 majority on a hindi UsSMS
platform. The Democrats elected five Aldermen ami
th" RepubUoani thies. The Board of Supervisors
will Ut Republican
Whitehall, . . Y.. March fl.-At the Imi'ii election
to-day, A. .). Long ilx-iu.' waa sleeted Supervisor hy
BO majority.
L'tic ., Muli h 0. ? I ii the charter cb-, linn li'-. ' t* > day
the iltuatlon "'is decidedly mixed. Tbe Kepubiican
city Convention Saturday night split. Ono wtng, led
by Btata Committeeman Charles ii. Haehett, Indorsed
i h.ni. i Et gearles, the I It-Bens' candldaie br Mayor,
Mr. Beariei being s BepubUean> The other wing, led
by Thomas Wheeler, nomi Bated charles s. BymondB,
but he declined. Martin, tho Democratle nominee f'.r
Mayor, ?_ elected by over 1,100 majority, lam nol
Beardsley, orlgtaally nominated fur City Jud. - on ths
Cit (tens' ticket, but who ii.-, lined bscauss hs wished
tn iceept i Demooratlc nomination, was elected by
nearly l.floo majority. The Democrats lose one and
gain two Aldermen, making the Connell now u to :i in
their favor. Tbe li oard ol Buperaisoi. stands' -_i Re?
publicans ami io Democrats. Last year lt stood, U3
Democrats and SO Republicans.
Poughkeepsie, Mareh 8.?Tho town meerie. ? In
Dutchess County will make the next Hoard of Super*
rlsors stand: Republicans, l ">: Democrats, ll. Last
year Ibo Board wau*: Republicans, 0; Democrats, 17.
.sara' iga, M.uch fl. -Tin- to .n BMStliigs in Saratoga
County to-day resulted in tho election Of a majority of
tba Republican Supervisors. Ballstoa, Charlton, Half
Moon and northumberland went Democrat le. l,n?t
year tho Democrat! carried only two town.. I'.iur
toa ns lo hear from.
boobester, Marah h.?The ehsrtsr election took
place took jd tee to dav ami results l In Mayor Harsons,
Humiliated hj tim Republicans and Labor party, being
ra Bleated hy 0,300 majority. The Demaerats elect
julius Armbruster a member of the Exeoutiva Board
and Judie White for tbs Muuii Ipa] t omi hy majun'.e.
of 4,.Mm ami 4.ino respectively. Ths Board of Ai
dermon will itand: lo i- mocrats, fl Republicans. Tbe
Board of Supervisors will ?,i_;id. -i'd Ri'publicans to
lo Democrats.
Auburn, Marah fl (special^? The charier election
hen- to-day was a complete victory fm tie- Republican
ticket, Samuel Lowrie and Jehu W. Bice. Repnb
In-.iii, are elected Conimisslouers of Charities and
Police by a majority of WU Th" next Common
Council will -.land: Republicans, 7; Dentoerata, .'J, a
train of one Republican. Tbe Auburn members of the
ii.-j.: liui'd nf Supervisors viii be fl Republican! . l
4 Democrats, Ihe lame ss Issi y.'.ir. The entire Re?
publican coy H. i.'-i ai< elected by BOO majority, ihe
reen ll n regarded ai i victors (or Mayor Austin, (Rep.)
whose pi.in term docs not expl.itll next spring.
Mayor Austin was elected one year ago and bai
bitterly opposed iii the Common Council. Alderman
lia- un. oin- o| Muya.: AUStln't Ilio-d hiller npi'aiiii-iit ,.
see,ired a ten,.mlnati.in In the ThT'd Ward, MU Mas
defeated ai tbe pulls to day by Daniel Rurlburt, a
Democrat, who is frieadlj tt> Mayor Austin.
Darlington, vt., Mareh ? (Special),?Tbe Repub
i earn ..f Burlington te-day, In ths municipal rtetithia.
scored a victory over iho eombldod Deaioeratle and
Ld",;- p.tti a. The I Bu 'nee of id" rattail states Cus?
tom House hen- wa* , j>-? 111>- alerted la support of the
parly ticket and a Democratic depaty Inspector *vas
tha raeogulBsd leader of tho Labor party m tho cam
ii.-mi. Against thee odds the Republicans earried
' e rlty anil eloeted Ueneral William w. Henry Mayor
by seventy-raven majoritr, and also elected their can?
didate fnr city Judge, ll . . Peck. The Democrai o
ce fur Mayor, Seneca -Lucieton, wa- elected
city i: pre*-iii,iiiv.- iii l- ? j foin (mrmajority,and
their candidate for city Judgo, w. H. Hare, i* tbs
present Incumbent of the amen, having been elected
linet,) te.- tv-enf. -i v.-n majority last year. 1 a
pu'.Mavin* redeemed Ward ?'.. electing Ellas Lyman
AMciiiian, by _>_, _ uii'! majority.
- ? -
f*_I -tlTI'l'I. Adi >)? VI IV A MINK IV MICHIC'V.
I tn er: Ml Mt. Ifioh., Mit" li fl.-A frightful e\
pla.si.iti happened al tbe Cleveland mine Inst night,.
in trhioh ti ve miners lost theil lives. The men
were blasting out ;i drill hole at the bottom of
No. 3 shaft, turing dynamite for ths purpose, when
ths charge exploded prematurely, mangling the
five out, of human lemblanos. lt is supposed tliat
the explodive was Ignited hy the heat of a gn-t
nipe which was charged with it, anal which had
bein in uh .I and straightened in tlie blacksmith
ihop inst before being us.I. Ihe rictims wen
Charl--i IJisei, John Williams, Erie Mateeon,
William Gindie nnd Allied Luca.. Ail but (jimllu
were unmarried.
Jacbs< t . m . Msreh B.?Ths Bsnate bill apptopriat
Ing #10,000 for a monameal to Om .fed-, atc loldlers
B'SB the ipeC-Sl order lu the Hon.,- to-night Aiuong
the decorations lor the oecsalon wei.- many war em
lilem-i that had evidently seen servico. The tattered
Bag "f the .td Mississippi Volunteers, captured by tho
nih Conneotleut Volnnteers, and raturaad by them at
Sea Orleans, Febrnsry ?_'*, 16BS, st,.n,i antariad over
ih,' Sp. .ii, .'s desk, and Inst under lt wa. a portrait of
Jefferson Davis. Notwithstanding thc display made
t,, u-ouse ti.ntbuslasm of the me-Sbera, tb,, bin nm
lost by a .on- of co to tn.
PT. Coi I". Minali 0 (Sp.s'iall.-In Much, WI,
fae huon liallaid, an oltlcer of the P-dsral Army, re
iiii?,| lo his home at ghoaM, .Mattin County, Indian.-,
faar the pm peso at mialling John Anderson, a deserter.
iv hilo riding along tbe road near bli house, a few
lays alter hi. return. Ballard was ass ass In al eiL Par
Jeulan of ths Brrsst of three men for tho cnuie have
iin-iiy been pnbllshed b? rns Tbibvbb Today
ina.il er chi;.'er WM added by the at rest of Hr. .I If,
-inna., a weU known clergyman, who hat ited
rebes tot Bfteen ycart, fur bring tho p. imo
novei in tba Ballard assi-sinaimu.
lt.. rn. March ii IfPeelsD?? The J.nut puhlle dehatS
?tweaa tbs Hem.- Marhel nob and tim Tarifl iu.
oiin A*-." iatii.n will labs plaae Batantay an.-ri,.mn,
,i , , .... fhe sia.ii." - v. iii bo Congieasmen But
arauith, of Ohio; and Everett ll Whn lee. of New
,,,,!,_ j, ,,,,- time ine.-.d, ni ot the -*eu-_oi_ lai'lif
Inform A*?aclatlo__
M. int, DsL, Msrah ?'. (Spsciall.- Dr. John pai-vli, a
wealthy and BramlBMM phSSBhSIC dealer of .Mi.ldle
Iumii. Dat, w.ts si i "nk bf Ihe ISM mall nain 1,'oliig
loath un Ihe iieiiuir.. Railroad twaaty adits asrth
,i hera to night, and almost lastaatl] kiiieiL Dr.
pu-vu aa* driving across lbs trach whea tbs train
I! ? u.i- a BBSS > leal estate
iwnsr ni this rJtats ami Marylaad.
HOER Bl si it RAUL lu ll ours.
it *i..n March v,.- Ths Uause this sflsraoan passed
i, a ti.h.: iradi ng tbs Mil grantl_| Ueeas luVragi
o vernen, the vats ht lag WU ??? M viitii ci.veu ;j- . s.
All Willi Street xi as agog yesterday afternoon
over od incipient ? corner"' which wus developed
In the oil market of tho Stock Exchange, where
trading itt Nut ional Train.it i -ni li ea tea in tho
unlisted fle-jmriiifijt was begun ou BBB TmBBBSmf,
The flurry dbl not reach Jin'mrUint, proportion*,
but lt (leriveil fictitious interest from tho faa t
tliiit it linne m soon aller iho a\|ierinient of ilia
Exchange was iniiuiteil ninl tali-d attention lu
tho " n, iin,aggr* pg some ajf tl,,) iiii-inlai i-ra irita
Lave I,e.ii fOOtOttBag tl.,- ult'-lii-il ,.. supply BOW
opiMjitunitie. for " bis. ko ia go'' ami " sa-alpnig.'*
The .Stock Exchange repine-, d, ..veils io bo
niaili' ly 2:16 p. ui. and in tho ease of m.lw.iy
and other ?loartlaOg alta-r lflOM ttamtttatf atetsOO
thar: bt-jlO'l' to Wham tho .Vi.il.llll-, ili'aa to I, .b
livered may rei-uiro in case of di fault tho buy?
ing iu utiib r tim rule-* ot tiiv warm.-* untiling to
Lim. In tho uni sled department this ii
minute-,' ayeewa* [* Dot r.*<i ^.i? ? 1. Ye i.-rd.n, ll.
K. Willan! vV Ci>., a h..use traich hag opfMora tao
iiilinis*,j,,u ot oil ?-?? rtifleatto, by oi-ili riiis tbe buy?
ing in ..f 39,000 L.iii'el-* ot oil. forced tte- eooh
prioe up from HG l-l couts to #1 la pet barr-l.
(Ill ci it iii- a', i ],,i\t: been ext;, linly jem-e
for si?-,ulm ive ii-aa- for perara} itoekg niel >yge>
ta n lay morning ]. ana ware mi. md ai frotn IS
cants to |3 tuoniiuin laa-r 1*000 barre's pu bl to
th.- lender .ir the Stook l.xel.aiiv. The mark t
\.*t i-i.iv earh developed aWwagth hu.I agdvoneedj
ri-..||i '.i.i 'i-la'.iju'.l'' l--.> eelllev I., about U? e.nt..
Ii was ruling at'a.und the liitter Bann nb,,at 1
o'clock lind runiors began to circiiint.- Unit v,kiis
of the shorts .ai the St-e-k Exehang.ubi in.fj
fulfil their i.'B.ntriii-rs. Alter tin- tb liv btv h..ur
Chairman llearhmeo began to buy ia certlflcatea
by tim i.tib-r of E. K. Willard A iV them pur?
chases li.-in,, made for the a.-c,;,nt ,,i H [,.
Morton i've <"?'.. Of Nu. M* Ili'vadwae. and
Chtrenot M-K tu. of No. 3a Bftadwni Iii" vat
ohageg w.-iv *S.HO** burrel*, at lui 'l-l. V.oou nt
f)6 7-rt, 5.OOO ar Ul, O.Of.O at (ol 1-4. J, fl. )
nfc Si 01 iii. 2.000 nt $1 15 l-l. 4.ooo nt
atl IO 1-4 : 1.O00 ut *1 TS, anil 10.Ooo |,r,rr.]s ag
il 4.") per liair-1. Meg time th- deaUBga "reg?
ular way"' w.ra teing landl M fr,ni o.*. 7-8 ro
f*7 l-x ceil's, although tho elosdng figure-' u,v?
09 cents. Part ,,f th- oil hntiijlit tot Morton .fe
Co. was for the account of f'nlni A I'd. of N'.i.
?ls lAc'iange-plnee. bal members of that Urn
saul Mbeequently that their rlifterouea-H ott tho
transactions wen- aEt*MB*alj small.
At the Cons'ili.lat.'l Stock imd I'-tivleiirn T.\
ohancr,'. nieauiini,-. the oil speculation was In .a
Stats nf hi-'li ex a"'!, tii'-nt. order*, being Ulled f. r
tho Ha'coiint of Btoek Exchange shorts ar nlrr.' St
any pri?'s a.sketl. 'Ihc market jump-d rntii?lty t't
$1 jx-r luiiTi'I but closed at tx na''iou to .s l-l
c.-nts. Th., locidenl al ih>- Stooh Exchange g:r o
considerable alarm to tin- bear, gnd at tbs ouse,
so ,11.,-r wa* the 'leinand of b-luli-d hi-ars tat
?.in oil foi delivery to-ilav that fioa|i3
premium on 1,000 tami* nus offered freely.
There wns a general siirpriss ex pi'--.??,! thal Mr.
Mi Kmi should nave been caught napping. He it
an obi oil br,,Uer and lias had a long i-xpe-ria-na'e
nt tile Consolidated EX< bringo, bal bc s. lil his ne-al)
in that r.oai-al last it'll,min an,I join <l thi- Stock
Exchange on S' pl emin- r 16. Ixt 7. Horton a* c.,.,
lin- other s.jiiei'Za'.l rti-ni. has 1.n prninitient in
Moating oil into tin- Stock Exoil ange, "lid on- ti
the members ha* !? en quoted as assuring ?? tho
boyg" that his bouse would i,,v| could land nil
tho cert iii,'iitis ii,'B-i|,-ii to carry on tritiisu-tiiaiis.
Am,'lier well'known house' lind hniist.'d thal itl
could lend 5.ooo.ooO ban-Is. although tin*.*
claims w, rc ajulwequpntly reduced to L00O,OOO
laari'.-ls. The broken of the ConooUdated Kv, han.)
t'iok ii malicious delight in (corin:, at the Stock
Exchange omi tho snag it struck altar faeir 'lavs'
dealing lo olL Even tne bean at the little Boats]
joined in t lie- clamor of triumph and ebro re di
"dollar oil," when it who r?-.-??? Ii?-e 1. a* a bloeh oyo
to the " oil buckri sha.p." It w;is - i_r_r<-r-t.-i 1 that
the Stock Exchange co ildn'l run the universe, and
t lira t it bad mid- lt*- own tua-!;.I arni foilli'l lt %
hot seat to r'-st. upnn. Otf.-rs oren made io
ntabliah ii tohool for instruativn in oil manipula
tion, and eveiryhodw wanted to be a professur at a
! | * -t! ,'?" Tn t-ilali Ih- lii^ e.M.hlir'.ge lloW to deal
in the nrti-le.
Nu iin-ieurr aoiivst TttK "ntn" ixritAVor.
Thor-pa itv. however, tren cnphatleall] dani, J
that, tim Cotisoliiliiti'd broken had ina,le a " eoat*
bino" not to land certitb-at.-s to the Stock l.x
ehiinge, aad it was a.>sert''d that li-e loans inn
made to stv,riv boUtVeg in tin- lu,'Hiing. M.aiat uf
tin- hans at tin- oil hoard hp- eleand up in ibo
aii'-iiioB.ii ami then is little oil !?? go around In
any event. 1 ii.-f?* ara- only 18.000 c. nilla ut. *)
ia'!- ir. npnoonting 18,000,000 harnlt of oil, nn-l
of lins amount 1,000 cert ni. at.-s. npareaenting
ii.ooo,ono linrri'Is, an in rhe eustody of n trust,
company lor the benefit of tbe (-fiudui ts. who ln*t
No vern bier agned with >the Stan, la ni <?tl inte-p-sti
to hhut down one-third ol t!,>- praodueUaoa af tim
pel roleum .rn i\ for ? var.
There was s. ni- cimiii'iiinat I in of the act ion of
Willard A- ' " in insisting on posltlre di \lrerr
\ -i.T'lav of the oil bought iiy then or lian-fif
and many ttaookbrokon exiireoaed tba- oplalon that
tbeiz coins.' wa- taken arith the b..;i.' ut aiaciwdiating
th,- mi ti. i..ifri.j. ur of the Stock Exchange by
>Showing lb- eil-'' willi which | "cvnier" e> I
!m> rii;i'la?. Tho pnvailing opinion wns thal tim
ex pe rle i.f -reot-erday oroald leoult In iitllifir tbe
ml market at the Stock Exohangw. Bove>nl
prominent h aiteg however, thought thar in I ?
end the Incident would result in a tar. r bunine-s
aiul thai the s.-lb-i- ol ,,il wo,,1,1 take preoauthiat
pot to he canght again ii Hie a-axate tty, Tho
corner, In hs. If. u;is Insignificant, anal the teollni
of loyalty whieh pnvaitg among moat ttenben
villi po?ibly [ir, serve tin- life Ol tin- oil ili--*irt>
niant longer.
The rnim,!-* il,at vv. rv stariail liv tba- rise- in oil
were Innumerable; s-me uf tho at.'-eb'tits in ti.?
Strei't about the same time a-uine.! g ludicrous iin
pvrt;aiii:e. A crowd gatln-red in front of the otlico
of Jiinieson. Siiiith St Coning jus! ufl'-r tho closo
of inisiiie.-s aad the popular liajMr-oaton in tlie
gathering -,-, in-d to lie that the linn was " xii..rt
nt vii.-' a i ib?'v*. np*>rterwho for.Ihtawa'
fnto the offioe diacovend that tho woodwort around
one ol the hcoti'n bod caught lir- a-..I ib.it a few
carpenters were trying t-i l-nd the eattM utnl'T tin*
Bupcrviaioo ol the nrs [Mimrtatenat, Mr. Jomw
s.iid imp'-t'ioiisly, win n thc rutii'i* m N mea
tioned: ''Oil: wo don't 'bal in tin- stuff.''
Another ueciib-tit Oa0CU*rrod ut tin- hw building
of tho t'vii-olitluteti Kxchango. Tht alrivi-r of il
v;iii.I cart mado a mtaealealation in dumping tho
load and wag slightly Ottonished when cart and
bono, ;is well as nnd, tnmbied into the baeeati i,r.
The witticitmi .thal followed 'in' ooournnce irould
bav.- ii-.rii unnoticed if it had not baoa f?ar tin*
n pt ia n nt " corner'' in oil al tho St,,a k Exobaago.
flfhcears of the Exchange in-i-t.-d thal their mem?
bers did not tia'd "sand." however, foi til'- sharp
a&dvanee bsA ba* resuliaal in luiiura.?..
pnT8BCBQ oil min i:\ihfi).
ru Kta*-*-1 ic*** vf abb dow**! in a hiuhi.y l'n.
8 VftsKAinollY MANVKR.
PiTTSiU'RO. Mani ??>? An tbe gaftatjoilB an aelvanr*
of Six ca'"!* '" ,h0 1"lc'? ?f ?" c?"v", th" ?flartSB
niteiiso cxiyiiomout. Tim marta* timmi bemmtai
from 04 u-n at 1 o'clock to 101. but broke ai tho
-01000 to O-a l-i ut"au -yycllliiji tu leallx-. Ihe tiaca
agBttaot tran heavy,
Tho luiry wn caused bv bull cliques lon and lo
Xow-Voik, who have " coi uea-d" tho mai kel and
ra-fuse tu lend tl.o " aliorta" am lo carry rln-m throui/h.
Ile- IliiiU hours of tho a?e-s*lon to-day were tho ino.I
exciting >noa at tho Exchange for many niourh*
i 'bera- were no fail a I'--* li'-'i-. bat thc '? shurt-,"* w,-rej
-.lue.-/'-,! badly, axn'l Mime may have tn.abb- in jjct
tlng tlia-lr sli'-ets tluough tho Clearing House to
nioiiow. _ _
('apian A. H. i;,),'atil.is, tbe well known wing stint,
will nut again ium|,ii'.' for championship honors.
.Vlvaiieiug >''*!'- arel .lomesllc artie ti,vi aro the mov
lii(* can*'-j. I'vi' seventeen years be ba- ts'en liiam
plou of Amerbii, amt since lo75 rliamplnn of tho
ivoibl. WI,.ii \\ill:aui (iraliaiu, of En gi iml, c?iuo to
tho Uiilti-el Sta',:* In liatj locking for mati-ica, I'ai*
talu llnganlus jjUi-.il In tho keeping of "The Aliea1
auu 1 .cid" UM tup le) won aero-,* tho water. Ttae
I'Oiiilttions o! IMS I'liiiuipion.-aliip mi-eting*. arUIng fiemi
challeng* fm Ile- to pby were llurlltigliaiii rulia*, li
bole fciina, ami ile' viiiuier tu rolalu Un- i-uj) agaiuat
Hil ia,I,fl- kr tl.- la-llial of till, fi-Afn. l.iabaiu
novor ilialbngaal lol ir Mice ami Me.nlers did, how
.-ve., an'! lapuiin Liugardll* ?I.? f? ? .>?. 1 tl,.in. The cup
has mw leen -ii. . . --tull-. il.-Ieiul.-d by Taplan! Itn
gAielil* I'm' tht I 'ne M-ipnieil. lt ,. inivv his MOVOgaW.
ami ie- naya that tatara i baiiipioiisiitp naMMt mu.i
bo shot by yiiiingei mea
liaivii;. !*?! Hank I ti*iHs-la!).--Pleuro pneumonia
bas bia,Len ten among the rattle In Kent i immy.
Md., a ul a hui of riftv het'l Mongin^ tu Henty
lill!, iv I *.? lulu I*, invar Kciineilyvllle. Ivii-lili luil-a
lie-t ut hric. lia. baot allackawl. 1 hi- iiisea?*g
All, H.al* Mon' le.Iie.l Billi Ilia' IrOlxl IJUBJ Bill iued

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