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[BT TEtrWIR-Itt To TIIB Tllint). B..
Wa. hihgton. March, fi.-My a party vote and
* mnjority of twenty two. HM Democrats in thc
House to-day sot tho seal of their approval upon
ene of the most flagrant anil outrageous elect i?n
fran.ls in recent political history. Again, for two
years, an- thc ?*ualilled elector, of the IN'th DtMllUl
nf Ahilinmn la M misr-presntdl in the Mouse of
Kept-. .e:ita.tives hy ii man who received a Mall
minority uf the whole nntiilier of votes uetuiilly
east. The vols showed lli.it Hie Northern " dough
fiiee" still lives mid thrives, while lie does the
Jiiddiiii.' ol Ins Southern master. Thal Davidson
liss Bat a shallow of right to the sent in the
UBBBBBBBWB ol which he luis been continued hy Ihe
I ule.s ol Uemocjiils iu the House, must lie evident
lo every fan ?-minded m;in who will rend the nu
toiitrudii'tr!.! .'ind iinimi-enehed teati-BOny Sled in
the wiso. 1 .-moo_it_ object, ii lo the t, stitnotiv
oii tiie grand thal tin- ballets ami pi.il.isis tin-m
selv s wife ll I put III c. i'll tl a', and thill Ihe
i.siiuion.v ni the voters themselves ams not ad
tlueed. They were safe in so doing, for it is wll
Known timt Iii" ballots have tuen desi roted, the
poll-1 Inti "Ins!", mid thai Ute pia tearing ol omi
ta st .ni imy wis m.uh- impoMlhle. 'Ihe nature ni
ihe I ninds, liv which nu hom st Urpublicafl major!
tl ol .1 M of ile* votes iiel-iiilly mst v.iis trill's
lasmed uta b fraadsd-S-t Den_oe__tto plurality of
11,500, luis liecn heretofore shewn in Tiik
'I riiii'vr,
The pn.eccl in irs to _BJ showed ihal Ihe Pi mra
rmt.s oared nothing for the merits ol the mae,
uni it is doubtful il ? score of them ever bad
g ta aced :>t the r-st runny or r ad the reports from
Hu- eeaamittre. Pew nf them pani anv iced ta
ths argamrnUi on either side, although ihe debate
Bssnill wis be rame hoi nnd nt her exciting. It
ls true thal the I*. miiTil*- e;,|)-e ju and listened
to the nianing speech by Chairman Crisp, which
provoked .Miaidenible upi.Inns- on his aide ol the
Ila.usa.. Om- eiii,.ide of the debate -.".a* ii sharp
colleo,ny iiet\cccn Oak-Bel 0'Fermil of Virginia,
a l).'i>i... >ni ??? rn -ll. f of the rn mmitt'-e. nnd Mr.
Donielle, nf Maine, in which the former did not
i.ii-K-ar io advantage. Mr. lt.iiteii.'* r.'i'lv to the
\'tnrlalan'a rude and snTsiT.__Bent .rv attack vms
t>iii'!Iv and il*?.i ..-d. and was heartily Applauded ,
bv the Bepahlieana
TIM' v i ?-..i ni \ M___WB*a FBABTIO srv.rrii.
Mr. o.Vrrall. of Virginia, tonk the floor lal
* ? ...:t ot the niijnritv report. 'Die T.-mnerntir
Admin ist rali.m. In- said, fad stani)ie(l as false the
chartres mads hy Befmhlfean I- eli is in the Smith:
il. 't the Ill-mill rut. weald deprive the nei_Tocs of
their rieh's and lihrfty. Bal I1"** BepubHeans
ha,l determined not to h.<e their grasp upon tln-m
nnd son ghi to retain tbem through their churches
and sonic.! -s and hy Intini-dntfon. All the imders
thc Bolorrd ix-ople hud were oflice Beckers] and
ihn' .ms why they were Repuhlicans. As to j
tm- iollunec (>f the prNtehftS on tlie negroes,
be sud timi in this reaper, the colored ones were
slaves ns il.ev had been on the t\uy when
Lincoln " with heallatlng haad" signed the E_man
Bl pat ion I -?iie.liimnt i..n.
Mr. 1' '"t -I'e. of Maine.-Tioe? Ih" centieman pretend
t> ?>iv thal f.ir'-o'n ?tm enraged In pertormlni Ibe
BiandBBl ilntv. wm hesHatlnvf I tell the gemiI -WIS0
iin h.- wns iiufurliinately sltaassd m know ths blsteiy
of hi* ron nt ry al IfcBI Ilma,
Mr (i .'-rrall Sv.-h lineoao a- thnt conto. f. mi
thu ar> ?!.:'? te sa i- ant tlc- lammas* of a brara min.
Mc r.a'ilell. Ml-W BBB lo SUV ?
Mr (I'Cm.h; I do nut yield. Von can taite your
own litre.
Mr. H<'it-M- That I-i the M.iV'V lo Whlct JOB
nil".V-. ? VpfBaMsa un ll - Republican lida*.
Vt- d'".-!.nil v -ll. sir. li i- Ihe righi Mn- of
travel j. yea may net yaar baltam dnllar aa that.
Mr ii'.-iir. of TV nar sara, ragrctfod that nn
at 1.1 pt BhesiM he made to st;r ap partisan nraju
dice H th.- eleeii.in of IM4, as the gentleman
fta.ni Vlf Inls saki, had put nu mi(1 to the -war
jv*,,,, ni.- cii'ld not an eleeUoa rasr he coTrsid
... .1 hv th'- lions'- willi,.nt the IMic) bloody bl irt
berne anfnrled nnd shBlcn before the country ?
lt. BS BC had said, nM the colored people who DSed
t.i vol.- ti;.- Ri -Millican now vot'-d the Demo
matte tte .et, waa tt,,ii the reasoti thai the Drmn
cratic majority in Virginia hud fallen fn-ni Rd OOH
to not him', and lhat thc Democrats lind only a ,
f_Mn_*Hit of one cr two members in tin- Ifoiise
ft im Vir-"iiiti. while the |{epnl>lie;tns had B.B Bf
seven II the Dtraooiat-C party had eontrlbated
anything ta Ihs emiincimtinn ol the colored i
t>-. nj.- it u.,s on the raine!nie of a kicking gun,
nilling the t-tabb behind it inst ad of whal it
_hot at , I jiu-liter. I
Ml.-, it'll'rn .t v's i>k;vii nt. f:ii-IT
Mt Baatells said Ihal the m nil-man from Vir?
ginia OT'errall had u"in' mit of his way to east
tx retie .lion mum t*ie sincerity lind earnestness of
Ahriiham Lincoln in the perfnriiiiiiie;- of the ni"st
Iniportatit net of his life He was cordially
willing to accord to the gent h m:.n the BBCed of
braven in one aspect. It required b peculiar
hind of bra ra ry in tiny man ti. stand ni> In-fore the
AmericaTi people and attempt to pluck from the
hi a if af the martyred Lincoln so muck aa a single
wither.-.! laare] leaf placed there hy the common
consent of the civilized wor'd for the performance
Bf BU Bf. which would live as lon" hs the history
yf lilK-tt.v sin.nhl survive. Ile (Boatelte) had fre
(pieni'.v hanni Haaaihal Hamlin any tani Lincoln
h.ni omi. dui to bim bis pwyow to issue tbe jiroe
Ittmation long Ix-fore it wa*. -Bade known to hm
(ul.incl. Jlml 11. iclumaftioti lind In-eu siirttcd un
.lo-dt'iii!. iv and afVer carafat ooWdoration.
After fuither debate hy Mr. Batter-iras th, af
Ohio, in laves of the BBinesItv n*iHiri and by
Messrs Moore, of Texas; Joins, of Alabama:
Wheeler, of Ahiliama. in favor af the claims nf
the -itlin'- m.-iiiU-i. tin- discussion was. closed by
Crisp*: of Oeargla, who in regard to the nejfrti vote
oaelarad that ra th" Stmth that vote was being
Bast foi the T).-liticriiti,. iiarty. The minority
resolution declarion MeDaffle entitled to the s-nt
?oas nit ctcd?yana 12.. navs 141: and Uie majority
r sol iiii..ii deawriag the sitting member entitled to
L. stut Brag udupted witliout dlvWoB.
Bt:i PI II! IC -Kl.NTHl BBXBMCY is not ax a.t
I'I III.? IHSTR. . SINfl nflNlON.S (ilVF.N.
W a si! i m. ton. March f, Special ? Reformef Tlcn
?d i . t. was un unhappy man lo day. Mr. Gall inger.
nf tlie 1 . intuifi ComniilN-e. again took him in >
liiiiul iiml jHiinteil out iiii-xeiiMilile blunders in i
the l*ntciit Oftior (iazeite, and other publications I
which Benedict wan linallie to explain. Ha could j
not tell either bow it I nippen cd that a disscrl.1. '
lion on thc diseases of the era*.', vine was
insert od in tlie volume A the BsnaU-OO lteoords,
sr bow it happened that Senator Sherman's speech
wen mrlo.sasj in thc covers of Senator Mel .lersoii'i,
.I.-eeh. Mr GaUtagd pradueed doetniient after
document in which errors were found, tia cause
ot none of which the I.eformer was aide to tell.
Ile wai* then ask-d whether lie |_isses.ed a knowl
nlge of bookbinding nnd lapUcd " Ves, sir. the
law n-quiia-a tliat. I Lave a knowledge of book?
binding that comes from observation of working
ut the trade.'' ile admitted that Ik- never had ;
charge of a bindery until be (ame lo Wa.hiii^- ;
Mr. (Jalliuger then asked him if lie had a
BBS-bBBional or technical knowledge of the difTer
rut kini-s of leal .'kt anl (loth used in binding.
I. medici, replied tliat he knew ali ali,.ni leather
.tit that bis knowledge of el,,th was not teeli
sicul. Him coiintciiatice c.h?m*i-d visibly winn
Mr (.ullinger oncned an enve.ope, and lash
therefrom Several si-eciuii-us of lent Inr. Ile
liiimli-i one to Mr. Benedict and asked him to
Inform thc c oin nut tts - what, kind of leailn-r it.
" I refuse to answer." was the reply. Mtei
some hesitatiou the ('hiiiriiian required Bene
dict to answer the qoutiCB. Mc took the piece
of leather, nnd after twisting it aad bonding it
said : "I don't claim tiny tipari knowledge of
leather I have i.pillions in such malters and cou
liasa iudyaieut.''
Mr. (-ullinger objected to this answer, and Mr.
Gilim-n, of Maryland, tried to save tin- Reformer,
but (Jallinp-r pi-cs-s'-d his qaestiest At Inst Beac-.
diet said: "In mv opinion. [ should Kay this is
B pieoe of slieep-ekin.'' Another pi(N-e pas handed
lo hun. Ile vt,,-* in ihm'.t about that. N>-\t two
rieoen were handed ta him together, and he t.a.ss.-d
he oniriion that one was colored cowhide, and
Ihe other Russia leather. "Tlie Tribune* BOCUB
iK.ndent is informed thal both plo nra were cut
from the Kiimc hide Mr. Benedld said he never
beard that the late I'uhl'c Printer bad M exnmin
fng committee to in>is-ct leather ami other Bap
pli?s Mrehasad for the bindery.
In his nnniial renort I>nedlei Muted flint only
four of tli* watrehmen ?? in ployed t?v )ii-> T>r>-1*
vemmor were lionorabiv dincharired .oldiecs. while
m* ve nt. en of the twenty-one now cmnloved are
Tiiiion veterans. He admitted tin. v that at
least meven of the watch.meu whom lie di&chargrd
we.- fjnloa veterans
Mr. Benedict's knowledge af prlntlncr-rressen
end ririnting pm diselos.,1 during the rem tinder
af the Hpfailon wns as Iimit*v1 mn bis kn owled.* ol
binding. H. failed in n.r.t_em_t1c-. too. for
lie did not explain bow lie saved ICfi |kt cent in
tbe purchase of j ..o worth of InfffiBllBO
Washington. Mn_.h fl.?Tlio tmstiatn .iommlltee on F1
nsnoe has ordirc. a tsvorabii. repm-t aa tin* -_BSSa
tlli, BB rrovlBe for the p?rrha>-i of trtilt.1 ntate* bssSto
by tbe Kncr.Ury of the Tre*.*ury. lt autl,..rlzr; tin,
feooretary of lite Ti?ssury to apply the, hui-iIii* money
now in Ike Treasury ant uh aurplm ninney mn may
-araafter be la tbe Treasury, not i,e|.i f,? kiuviiic
parpoMBa and not otbrrwlhS aipi .priat*?l. or *o nm, li
thereof aa he may deem propw, tv it,., panhass or ro
?Kwnptltjii of the United Ht at es hon.*. provided ii, at
aaeh bond* -hali eeast!mu uo tart of the ainUini
twmd, hui .hail ga SOn-oiled by ths Seuaiary af tbs
Tnt: mv om rv demands mica ni-os?acer.*, to
W_-__n?_fC_. Mardi G.-To-day, three months
after the beginning of the session, the Ways and
Moans Commit tc;- met for the first time to oonsider
the subject of Itevcnii* 1 legislation, whleli wns
regarded as one of such importance by 1'resident
Cleveland on IV. ember 1, lti7, that he devoted
to it the whole of his annual message to Congress.
That BMSSngS vns referred to the Ways and Means
Committee by tin- Iii.use, and when tho committee
assembled this morning the mes.-41 gc was still on
its table, never having boen refelled to it-, pr<>|.-r
sub committee. Tn-dny's meeting was a lively
ime. When it WM BnspSSSd to take np the " l_ir_
iaiiiitern'' bill. Mr. Bsed objected, nnd said tliat as
he understood it, 11-111,.- rmiuired that the rmsi
dent's message should ree ive re. |>ef,tfi)l attention
nnd be eoiiside.-d uml- r tha inst ructions of tlie
lb use. Me araa promptly uer rated hy Chahnaaa
Mills. Mr. Deed thea blandly btqulied where the
bill came from and upon what it was baaed. Mr.
Burrowa, of Michigan, also offend some obscrva
ti..;!-, on the subject. _ I> animal ta meiaber af
the ciDiiiiiiiia.? oiaje.-ii'd, iiii'l tin- aou__aittse by a
party rate decided lo lake Bp Ihe " Hark l_inlc_r
tariff bill. Jud;:.' Ki Hey tin ll offered ll resolution
di. ct in. tin- <iterk af the coaaaUttse t" raqaant
tha (J-nmiis-!. uer af Agrleul . r to infatm tho o-.m
mn iee 111 v. hal Stat ca and IVrritorieB las i?. d b mi
i'.er- grown in 1 he fear l*B7. tin- aaaaber ..i seres
01 cac. planted, and the average vi.ld. '1 Inr"
iras s, m.. hesitation on the part of tlie " lYenii'-r"
and lu-- colleagues, int Mr. Braekinri .ge, of Ken?
tucky, e\pre--(l his wiitin:nu-s to nave thc nv
101 'motion obi a inc, I. provided it should IM' for each
year Mine 1885. Thc rraolution Mas thea adopted.
BQUIBS MU IS u; f. iv Iii* A I 111 WliHHING.
Mr. IfeMillin, of '1'un'sc", th.ii exposed tn
view Hie " Darh Lantern* Internal Revenue bili,
and expressed a d' tire that ii Lc forthwith tredded
lo thi- liiiill bill. The miin.rity tried lo prevent
this abrupt and irregular proceeding, as neither bill
had received consideration in Hie iiooimittor but
a party vote over-ruled the attempt aud thu
marriage ceremony was promptly performed by
Squire Milla Major McKinley tbcu offered tho
usual mntioii that Ci" consolidated bill be referred
to the Secretary ot thc Treasury for i i-- ratlBBate
as lo li." effect i.i the measure upon ila- C/UatOflBfl
atnl the lui.-iiiiii Kevcnue, uml bia opinion refcpeot
Ing tiie administrative features ol tin- measure.
Hy a party \(,ie tin- committee decided that it. did
uni whu any information or expression ol opinion
lr. tn .Mr. Fairchild. Mr. Hoed then Buggeatcd that
many important Industries nra attested by the
loll, lilul timi Ihe mil.only ol lin- 00-B-B-ttOB, at
least, desired to obtain infonnatiaa not only fraaa
representatives of euc. Industries but fruin arork
Ingmen, who*., wagra might be affected by th*
proposed reductions of duty, and frum bimera and
anal gio Brers whose interests ora involved, 'lids
suggestion was received with a chorus of ob?
jections. " Il is too lute in Cu- session,'' said MW,
"Ah," Interrupted .Judge Kelley, "that is not
the fault of the minority, gentlemen. We. have
been frilling to meet with voe nt any time and
consider this subject. Wc have not been?I will
not say -ri-tuutt'd?bm Invited to nay conference,
and wc nave not enjoyed the benefit of any hear
lugs or Information which mny have been had
or received." Jud::" Kelley spoke with great
earnestness, hut made little or no Impression on tin
sullen mid stubborn majority, After the com?
mittee adjourned, he remarked that he did not
priapic... tu -lund silent between the committ-e
roun nnd American people in respect io -Batten
in which nil of them feel a (hep Concern, Mr.
Brecklnrldge, of Kentucky suggested that the
persona who desired it. in- beard could put their
statements in plant und Bend them tn mefflhen
of tim committee foi their information. Thi<
provoked Borne sarcastic ohaervations f ..m Mr.
Itccd, who said everybody knows that f"angilaa
men sit up nlghtB to read printed circulars, and
are never so happy as when doing lt ll" declared
that thc proposition, if adopted, would amount to
Mr Reed then rend n Idler from the Rosendale
Cement. Company, of New-York, whoae works ap?
iti Mr. Hopkins's district, asj-itiir that the _ narri ran
cement producers lie beard on tin- propaaitloa to
transfer all cements to the free list. Int the ben?
efit of Canadian nnd English producers. Mr.
Burrowa presented an application from the Ea
terbrook IVn Company, of New-Jersey, asking
that, its representative might be heard fur ten
minutes only to show thnt the proposed reduction
of the duty on steel liens would ruin the steel
pan manufacturers "f the United st-ten, and throw
the market into the bunds of l.ii.lisli mHnufaet
u. ts. The members of the minority showed so
much feeling and demanded with so much earnest
ness that, hearings he granted to parlies in int cr?
est, that one or two Democratic members hesi?
tated and, filially*, n decision on the question wns
postponed until to-nforrow. It eiime out in the
discussion that tho " Dark Lantern" confederates
have granted private hearings not on Iv to lobby?
ists in the jruise of disinterested " Revenue Ke
f.i-Tie!." but to certain manufacturers who ii
wns thoiiffht. might be persuaded to lend their
influence In aid of the measure in Com-idenit. ni
of certain promised ud.iuiLagis to tlieu__:lvea.
TI\C IO"*".
The Executive f otnmltteo of the .tups County
liepubllcan tleneral Conni lillee, composed of one rep?
resentative from each ward and lown, and the presi?
dent, secietaty and troaaurer ol tho (icneral ( omnill
i. e illili, three In all?met for orgBQliatlon last
evening at Na '__ fr-nilth st., llrool.lyn. There wa*
a ?.j.,iii.d, bul friendly contest for tho positlnti of
i I, hi r in (in lietw -en the friends of Luther VS. Emerson,
of tho .-.)-. eat h Ward, led by David A. -aldwin, V 111
laui II. IK-ac! and Jusep ii I_ Follett, and the itupporlei.
of I>r. lajui* E. Bleat, of the Seventh Ward, whoso
clilef supporters were Major K. EL Hobbs and Will?
iam II. Iri-avcraft. I're .dent Baldwin, of Hie tiou
eral ( oniuiiita".-, wa, in tho chair, and each member
i*ose and named his rholre for chairman. The result
was seventeen votes for Mr. Klnersou and thirteen
for Dr. Nicol. The election of UM former was made
uiiauiiti'iiis. Secretary i'la-Mire a. Harrow, of iho
General Committee, was made secretary of the Execu?
tive Committee.
Mr. Emerson is a lawyer at No. Ill) llroadway, and
ls forty BBVCn >cai . of aga, He I,as baafl ore. .dint
of tho seventh Ward KepunJIcau A**o, .allon In Brook
l\n, and In taOB ran for uiemlror ol A-,_enibly 1u the
Mth Dis*ilet, but WM defeated Ly the combine.I
Daaascrattt and Laaar vote for leauet p. (iraham.
lils most Importaal duty In Ins now position will Ito
tin- ap|>olntlua-ii! nt the I amjaal.n i mimili lee fur the
inrthconilng Prasldentlal contest, and ho will have
general BVOIBlg-B of tl." lalerests of the party, to
COfher Wltb Incident Baldwin, of Iho UOBOTal
i'n. miltie. . and thc chairman of the Campaign t oiu
tuilleo, to he . lo leal.
A* a lagani to Uie ault recently brought by William
gi eg lei to Beean an aeeemMlag fnmi bia pastaes-i 0, K.
and J. C. 11.,;?.-;._,_, who eotriprlns a majority of the
M<-ck-oliler- In ihe Koral flaking Powder loiiipany, au
ariliui hut l>.. ti begee bf Mm Anni.. Y. Jarrett, In tho
BapssBN Claim in ntiaiiivitii, tn wears au aneoesUaa
from Mr. Ziegler and W. I'.. BIdn'-ll, an f,c -i?i, v.,il,
li.r of ibu . stale of John ll. . ? al who was hsSSfSSISd
in ths BaWai Bmmrutt company betas i.m death tu
1NS1, and whola- ?toi;k was all. rn ard bought In by Mr.
ll U alleged Uml ho gol thc aleck at less limn Ur
real -raina aliasagi ike ?bmw waa ssttlal by a friendly
Milt. Mis. .TuiT.it was th.- widow of Smug EL Seal, and
she lian a ??*>n nd ytt ot ug'- named Harry E. IS.al.
.ludije Bartlett yesterday BgpstatBi PBel OL O reen I nj; hi*
. iiar:)1an, In or.br thal another action may be bini, lu
agaasM MB. /.levier. Thn Mock left by Mr. Seal
lia?ml is MB -hare, aud sir v.v-gi-r piid #70,0011
tor lt. A (-Ult nii.ui.hl iii Uie inter, M Bf the bo) hu*
afterward tempi oml_-d for tlb.OOO. Xlie ilovk la now
BlllgCd Ui bc north lill .ooo.
Ale .auder (Iraua, of No. 1.272 Thl id ive., wtao SH BO
MBB-i Saranl lays ugo for beliiir lnipiic^lcd wilh Henry
I), haiiij.itoii, of Pillia'.lei(.li a, In U, fiaai ling div *.*.i*
In.U-ea, wai honorably dUcharg-d j.-ntciday by lastlcS
o'Reilly al Jc. (tw.u Market (.'..tnt. Ccaa* shuned con
clutlvcly that he tva* not iu SBllaslSB _lli Sanip?<,u. wi.o
I* lu Hie Tunibit awaiting trial. Sampaun alway* railed
i.1 Ute <1:.>K'"'I" fcsasaa alana, BMSlval Ino go i la and tai
tl., in NH! O. Jil .x.Klyit. wha-i. Jona* 'i<.M*mlth IBSBlfei
lhem. (,.,ld*iiillh rsgaSBSSi (atau* lo IBSftM UM |n-.|i.iiy
and v-ll it at innlhiii, which ht did. II- gal ?(>.'>0 from
th. *.allom ria, Caapary _ l.lpuiaii, w hil li ho waa lo baud
oN-v-r tu Ovid*milli, wll.., ho e .irued. had U?d I" Canada.
The (hiiiiln Home for Ihe A eel and Inllrm held lu
Uti.-.lilli annual recejitlou yeaiej-day aftenic in and even?
ing. Thu HMMOtlaa room and dining room of the linnie
nert handw.tn.ly decorated with pi.tte! plant* and BM
Isarafa and a programmo of fasal and lotrun. nial music
and retitaiioiis wa* Kona through. Tli* year tiaa been
ona of great proaoarlty and raiuarkalilc for tho fart that
U-ira baa not ba-.-i. a death among Ihe alxiy-ouo inmate-,
ot ilia uii-tiiiiiion, although they average uearly eighty
faasa In Iho mtu-rnoun tie to waa an addreas by the He v.
Ur. A. (iuiiulsoii aud in the (veli lng oue by tha Ber. Dr.
Cl. ll. Katun. Amuni- thoae proaenl were the II. . Dr.
BSBOM Coliyer, ihe Rev. Oynia H. Kay, Mr. snd Mra
1). li T. Maraiiall, Mra. 1). I). Vnninan . Mia. c.. I,, mi, i.
ney. Mra. A. Havt-i. c-n-r, Mra H. II. finbarl, Mra A.
I'urrrh, birt. I O. llhlt.iitf. Mr?. W. N. Mardon, Mra. I',
T. Bherman, him ll. H. DrundreUo, Mia Uugh Taylor
aug Mra. W. A. Co nevsa.
A VlatiMMtOUg RKF-l-T TO tOtnilKr.N gKrtATOBO?RK
?Tag i'Riivisin.\? or the hill
t.NDIIi leK.ilAiK.
iVASUixr.To.s, Maroh a?Not alina* lb* day on whioh
Grover Cleveland tonk tho oath of BOatO as IVT-*hleiit
nf tho t'nit?il States has the Senate piwsent'-il such a
crowd's! apiaoarancf) as It did today. It waa ip-ii
crally linnvin that Mr. Ingall! would lake tin* liunr
as soon as (lie I*onslon 1)111 came up fur debate,, and lu
anticipation of bis doing' sn every Inch of avallabl"
spai'o was occnple.l In tb" gall-rten. Kva-ii on tht
lliaoi ol I'in i li.-imlaor lb-* room In Iii" reaar of th- -ea'*
wss paella")!!. A giiornni alino.t nf Hie Baan secnieil
presont. No pul,Ho siioal.nr, coitaiiily wilblu Iii')
last ten jcars, lots roeolved Ibo dlstlnrtluu which such
an attoinlai,,,' imj.ila-ij. Ami, lo do bim Ju-ilico, .Mr.
Ingall* ilid aol illsapiHaint lil* aud,oleo. A mastor of
Invcciive, sallie ami Irony, lil* arraignment tn day ol
Ilia I>eii,.,cantu1 patty, of tlc- I'rcsitla-.iit and of Mo*si*.
Vest cml lil.il,I,ai ai WM BBSS, enttiug, and onay
lbiu.it of ll weat 1:,alua. To borrow Ula own Og
prttssliili. applet! by linn in lb" MOIOO ail lils -I**, eli
to ir vii, ?! mailor, lt was a gOOOOSOaa-M of " L a li's -
iv. ai.il thu ling of ibo I" ll livery Uatt-I
'lian) w?* 1, bm al applau-o inn! ntlr-r slgi'4 of *p
ptaival lu lat galleries v le-in-v.rr Mr. li,gills maila)
-um- ol bis telling -bois, bul ila, pl BraSMag viii' or, All.
Plata*, hartV] oared to oafmog very rtg-Jdlj ilia; italn
of Ibo ranuate.
ll- sal,I that i .i-ixlili-i-Atiiit,.* nf ilea ajruin ami pru
BllOty baal ,1 ri ti'.'il bim I.nm j.u ll, I |.a: i,vi In d-hul'i
in Ibis s---*!,,|i of tl,,a -s-nala. In, minn;*.*:.ni b'-ilig Iliat
P'-i'lia|BS onie- a viii,I b" morn llnpat lialiy BMlOtOlOOd
by in-. ohtUaooeo, on pr-.-.*iiiiiig tsanar, mai eeatro
ayonlOl nu Ile) Ibiair. Ila* y as sm ial*,Ml, t hei-ofuie,
nile, day la-t vi-li upon it'tui liing to tim I hambor lo
learn Ilia! lb- .senator boin Mi**.a.ol, V, si, had talion
oiicaslou WhM bo was ant pr"-"nt tu altinla) tn hun in
um uiiipiiiin-iitary (enus In a toennlot In v.lileh be
bail laial'll lay pint; ami inclutllrig liol bim abu,-, but
iii bis tOOgalOl -'I cynicsin the Itihabltaiili of tb) Ins
Uriel of ( iiiiimbia, ami ail Iii" emma,Wa nf thu i.iaml
Anny of the Kcpiibiio. lui inini ing thal Ibey w-iD in
CB|'iiiil? ol ii,sliii-r. Me,I pan mi.*.ii, am! thal ll,-- Mir
viv,ng loloraii* nf tho 1 moa Anny net*) a neal) nf
seiallU uiB'in-iiailes, organised tot ],..i.,.,a ami atT aai"
io ii,., blgh si pvi:iia-ji Wdaler. -i Jj - per^ossl aii.i
sions iii hi-noell le) would pa-! by erith Ihe single ub
serv allon 11,01 tie) iiomiiiiiliuii anil oleelioii ol li rover
i ievi'Uii'l bail tr,aile lb' pr ,-inni ,,in , nf any An.a-, e an
llll/B-ll la, lie) 1', ,:,,il, nc* ia -J. li allie. lin IC_|a-l!.il
that Ihc ,-y i,alni- fiiiia .l|,.-,-v.ii I wa, uni p.avul lo?
ila)-. Ho sbould out Imitate his bsd example, bat
-I,mil,1 conllna- hiniM-li a- titi a* i )? a:, Senator via-, eon
ca !.:<>!, lu iv btat I.s.* boult ili_.i Jus-d ni bis OBtoM
lill, m IT.Ali AMIaCI'llKMN Off IWo RKV ATOIiH
'Ibu Bonging vv as boru lu a ni .itu lhat il i tl tint loeoda'
jTi-emi tat I mau lii-iiiuciiy. Ho rOjW/OtOatOg in toe
( niifclirrali: UoOtt Ol Kepiuiciilotlvos fur two yean
:n.'I In Ibo gp latte ol Un) I unfcdciiita) Slates fm 0110
yoar, ibo .-tale' 01 ll In tart, much at-u AM aol Meedo.
lt unnhl ba grattfyia*g tn kaaaw upnn what eoadUions,
and by wini nothodl a nia-mbci of th. ( uiile. '??! -., .?
liol,M) Ol' bOaOlB a o.nil have boon ai|li,ltlet| frOU 11,0
Mav- ol Ma-SOBUr! Inal iicvor BBOOIaSd liaiiu lb- I ti..,11.
il" iiui 11,11 Biiniii) in this nattai in obj dispars , i
ol' Hie iso 11 ai or Irom llIWOMll any 880.0 luau t.- 0.1I iii
til) Ia, 1 thal Ibo HOtialOC liaain Knut link) I HIiicKliiiiin
aiv-e lo dr 11 unco Ilia sujaor 1?) all.v nf ile t.iaiel Anny
Of tii<< lie,pul,Ile. Ho aiilliiet! to ll int' th) pinpi,*,' 1,1
shaw lug thal lu their devul vii t?> lin- Montocru i nn
lederaej ihe senator fiann Kentucky ami tao Mnttoi
tartan .Missouri could uni is> smpocted ?f loslocatrity.
il wa* a billi singular, thinigli, Uial tho 1 uni -oe I -
Iron ile- 1 a.mi Mates were 11101* prooouaoed, i,iB,,e
atgi.-s-ive, ami Illino VlutOM In ihnir tlenutu lal inn.- of
Hi.) North, ni Ih" I 1.natl armies-. .,( Ho- vb- b-i-;i- vi tbe
1.livia Anny of rle; I, -|,nl.ii, . titan Hm*') abo had tht
excuse of following thoir htat'-s Into - ion Inn.
Mil. Ul/././ A'.I 1 ail.rilli,- Off hiri.SA 11)11 \K-1.
Mr. lagalhi ipi,ii,ai 1 v.,a iii- sja--e.ii of tic- Beaatof
from Missouri Ibo slalcin'-n! thal a h"P QOOOTal LM
sarreB4ered at AppoatBttos it,,ma van but 0,000
nutketg, ami saitl that tho cumpiilali.ui of Iho Senator
must r-Ciialnly bavii been made w.ih Ml fiiucy. If
the Si'iiuinr would jiiiick a trw nf tu- platan hom lhe
ila/r.llrig tall nf hrs imag Hainan am] -,1,, a tl, -rn I nt ra
tho WlBgl nf bi* JuilgUi, ul ho Would ii> a bniiii-r ann
ann accurate aLthL Ihe oMeiM r, p<nis ?ii.,*,ii
that fran tint Stitt day nf Morea. ib**A\ lo April :>
then wue coptiind ol (Jeana! i.s's army *-.'.gsa
nan iii a ia-,, ami mi 11,.il fatal day lor lhe I nnled
eiaey tl.-t,- va i i. lal,"ti g7,41l! men in .aibbtiou. luak
lng a i.,ial. Instead ofg^uuu ano win, musai.-is, vo.dii
Iiib'ij. 1."':,) WM I,ai olia: parallel tn this ex.iaor
dinon Iiia -ni i. v, lind lhat wai the rseMiatm's other
BtaBtomeat, laval om of -..an.,111*1 i astn so ld lent maro
than half hail apiylicai for ja.i,-l,,i,s. iha* -laiearB-ni
would have boon rafuiod oj an laspeetioa ot tb* la',-st
1 alni 11 nf Iii- 1 ,,nilli.-.loner nf ]*niisliius.
A I'AINKt.T. DKMliCKlTir Btll'.NllF.
ile ha,i never boord bon mn quartor la ti)" Demo
eratic porty, during th" flftiaen yean bn had boen In
Ibo Kciale, tiny i*e* jindi at Kin nf SoatlnOBll like tliuse
avowed by Ihe gossttaxr fiann Mi.-siauri ami ito Beoator
from Koittucliy. Why wn-s It thtat when an Associate
J Ot IIW of i'i- gaajrons 'oort ol tim I ntrd Stales,
v, bu, I,) oin- nf the StTOagS capnii;, of ii.*lory, now
*at 'a }odgsr>oal upon those great 1 lataslltutluoal
rtinrii-.iii.ei !.* I lial we," tdoatod against bl* BTOiarot
and eil, ri- why wu*, it thal when ho asaid-in tim ren?
ato ilia, be Would noaa! as 11 p'-isuiial alfrutit any
1 m j an t ai nan upon ibe honor 01 patriotism of Ja-lfei *oi,
Davl.*, vileir- h-v saul tliat lefferton Davis woald ac
cupy a ulrlia In history by lhe side of Ioho llani[*1e-Ti
am! Of Ot gt \\ a-liiiigtini- ?iiv was ll Ibal 110 bcuatur
nu the I'ciiiucmlir sitle, North or South, arose to re?
pudiate at.d disavow lt ? y\nil yet Hie nmiiiein any
BOaorsvtat senatitr on I ho liepiilallcaii sMe, Of anv
Ottltor of any .N'ortherri inttr, or any organ of tao
Grand Army I al bel aboul Hm I alon ai'iiii'-.s, .in.i tbe
olillgatiun* of thu Nathan, they 0*01*8 lauiilcd with vv av
lng tao ensanguine,! nnrlcrEarnieu' ralilng up ths
ines of Motional strife, appealing tu partisan hatted
and mullen. Ho nant eil POW Ot rolla ligation wini
wrn< opposing tills tull on tin* ground tba! lt was an
gttenpi to dispose of the nrolat, 1" unrlerilanit that
tho dl-gul-*) wiiai an e.\a eeillnglr thin lhat nuhody WM
deeolVM by it. The Smith did lint Uko tho Tulon
suldlery it never dbl.
Ho illd tin! lilsms ths Southern Senators for th'-lr
"i'i" s? 1 lian In pension lillis. He oflrn xrotiiaeresl bow
be wimbi have ae'te,) If He 1el.1l Inti* hail l-cii reveitOat,
alni if lhe I rib-ral Cnei niiicnl bael linen overt lilown.
Ile !ie>lifavtv,i ite -binilil gave boot] a etm-pli alor Bgalnsl
the Confi-deracy In the em! of lils dav*. Hut h"
sliniiltl have rcL-aclail lt as ile- climax ',1 effrontery If.
after lie bari accepti-d a Bargoo nml hat! had lils ills
al,llitle,s mii'ived, ami bail tal.rn Hie oath Of allegiance
lo Ihe siiii-e-*fiil Soul lit,am I nnfrtlrraey. he had ile
nooaeqd IIio efforts Vhteh those aaaaManOM maele In
rtwatxl their own solrller*. I'llllclsliig the slalement
of Mr. Yest il-at. of Hie ">>-:( issi.ism paid mu In pan
SlOBB, #-_riiii.iM)?.oixi hail !s*en eajtitribiitetl by lhe smith,
he tloiilitetl whetlie-i- the Semi ii hail actnallv riuitrltiuteei
)jriCI)0,o<>!i ln*lcad lal n-JD'ilSMt.lHaO. lnsteael of gnun
I-!'-..- amt complaining that lt had paid so much, lt
ought lo tm lhaiii.nil that li dbl uni have to fool the
entire bill, as i raino had to do after Hm Franco
1'russltui War.
Tlie Senator from Missouri ba-) a*lied wl,"ie ail UiM
WM g"lia^ i'i cm!. ''I will tell Hr- .-oiialear," said
Mr. Ingall*), " ami evwy Senator on that able nf the
Ghanbtf what we lolentl lo do; lt ls going to stop
Whoa lat ai rears of pension- aro pabl ; Whet thc limlta
timi is ri moved ami every sui,Uer on tbe roi li ls pabl
fiom tht 'lay nf los disability or bom tho date of the
soldier's death ; and when every surviving soldier of
Ibe Tulon Alaka* is put upon tbe rolla fur service univ
'Ibal ls Whoa it I* going to stop (applause In the gal?
leries!, am! If mu lin not like lt. make the mt?l of lt "
As tb- comi-ailes nf tin Grand Army nf the RepabllS
bad boon stigmatl/eil In the Senate ('hamlin- as a hand
of sordid niarainW-rs orKBrilreJ for Ihe purpose nf
plundering the) Iii lille- Treasury, he road from the Jour?
nal of tim anneal lOOMon of tbe (iraud Array nf tho
I.rp, 1,11c at hi Iaii'I-i lari September, anil In the name
of tb.it IBganllttlon ha ropuaiate-d and denied the
assartii.il nf Renalor Veal In regard to thraeats nf
violence ami dishonor uga.u-i tl... !'p-*i.|e-,t af the
t'nlted States.
He eonptalaod that Bath nm nrganlzatlnn thonld
liave boga rtlWIatlaad la Hie Senate a* a gang of sord;,!
plundeiei-s. They wen- organUeil. h: said, for Charity,
and hael e%|ieti-|a,l |n rharlty during the year l*)nei
atV-anX^gaaa, relieving Crt.lHIai -nersirti*. Tt wa* to
SUpplaaSBOOl this charity thal that organlration l-awl
asl.cd from ( oiigre*s that thi- bill should pass " And
wa -jrOffOOO, Mr. Pntldeat,* bc said In cnnrlimti,n," to
? pas* lt. I htipi* that lt will jias* tha other House of
1 'nii*re*s : anet !f lt dir-e. let th? Pre*U(1e?t ?f t),a l-|,?i^<1
?stale., veto at bis Kill.- (tienerai tSMlaiug nn th's
Moor and In Hie guilei-l?vs.)
A IMtinT.ST ri'.OM glKTf (K S SVNATDF.
Mr. lilackbiirn rose In reply, atl,i bb|| i',.t h? oas at
a loss to Bicr.unt for the runf*e of the (Senator from
Kansas In lugging him into the tirade In which I
had Jti?f Indulged. Ho was sure that ho bad nevor
i-a-fencil to tb-i fail of hi* having l*>e?n ? ,'onfriler
ate soldier. Thal Senator knew that fa* (Mai*, kim ml
ita pr?.a -i.ti-d a a-on-lltuenry which had aent three men
Int.i tht DolOO Anny fur Hie ono .nan n,al Kansas i-ent.
In Hie coin ip nf hi* MSM-ach. lie i*-pril, ,..| jg. m^iai
for his attai'k uiem Hie Chief Magistrate, and entere-d
into a def'-iiee of (.euria! Hani'ock and Oevueral Me*'|e|.
lan, and tatong 11 pon au exaiiiinatlini itt the anto
l.lugrajihv nf Ihe Senator Irom Kaunas. in enuiclu-ion
he said :aI du not want to be put In the pn-lllon of an
opponint of -jaetislnnlng of boneit rivderal taaldier*.
1 have n-v-i i,j,pn-ed pensioning amii abu leave mu vd
In the I'ula,ti army, and whu were ln>-apacltated from
?.iij.iiortln** theiitselveas allin*!' by <!.-?,. ?r W(I?nfj*. !
And I do mil know the 1 onf -derale whai ha* 4la.na**> si, I
Tht .-"nain1 tell- ii- lhat tm I ar mrs-ral lc Custitiioraej- |
lu n^ Seeith ba* eve-r eiee'lcd a I'lilon si.iij|?-t t i either
llOOgt of I'liiigrcss. 'I I, 're ls imf aa aloin of foiindaiiiiti
In fact fur Ibe statement. Tho Stati ol TegM -? -nt '
to rona 1 m. lana olMr asaras, a diaiingm.,-,-.! Uattin
snldb-r 111 tbO pOrtOO of (.oven,air RatrCaOek Thc r*lsle
of Arkansas sent In rer?nt years frnm a TXemoeratlc I
cnnstlliieuey a liibui soldier lo represent her In the j
other lloiiaa of renigies-." lulior Insianco* were
giv ,-n " 1'aii) man a- I ani, I do sim e.nilj tnist ibal I
I may never lind my term of pottle servlos prolonged I
to thal day w!tan. without warrunt, without faa'tx tn I
support it. wlibool truth at my back, I win tum ile I
lllsiratoly tu traduce and abuse Hie oVatl oin,, whlla
living were hoimied lay ail liunuraUo mon." Hamid ,
appian-) which Ibu iir--.nl:ng oftloer Bgalu 1 Iv. 1...U,,
? ?
riiticoril. N. H . Mart;li Sf Thu (lavern,ir ami
Connell have d?rigiialn-l AinI U as l's*! Dav ami
AjV',1 '-"? aa Ai bur Uar.
MtB-BM-N ci.kv_.aka conoa-.as with inr.
witmw-labor . umbxbs ntagBBT.
Tho funeral of ex Pul les Comm',* .Inner Thomas
'?ipili, of llro.l.l.vn, who died Ju>t a* he was about
a lo made . htppln . ('?Tninl<.tnner nf thU port, was
leM yesterday In Ihe hroo.lyn nomHii rallmlle (al ho?
lt al. The service*, fluaSlMlag of a solemn requiem
88-. BSgaa al ID o'clock. Mflhag laka IrouRhlin
?as the relet-rant ami wa* aiiUtod by fathers W rod .
alnada, amt Mli.h--ll
Thi |a_ll-bt-?;*rrai . wore t orr.ml-slnner of .T un ir. Vf. A*
?'urey, ex lie. Mer lli".;li Mvl.anchln, ceorpe M.
slr hula, J ailie* J. (T J im,noll, proiUle.nt of th" Young
den'* C. A. a, Now-York; neaHtnr W. IL Murtha,
laka I'- Adam*, pie-ldont Democratic General Com
nlttce; TkSBBSS CaaSla, Hugh A. .Melin 111.(1, prusidonf
?.m.-ia!.I Si., icly; lt Flank How nine, president I'o
timi lav Rab; Tamara k >vars?i\ arssMsal Osmtlta
nm ciui': Bflasaa. a Knimever, laka Oaaarfagaam,
VlenaMsr Forem-it'. l)r A. J. Iiooiiey, Hernani Mo
lOrey, and Iaatiiel J. I,iiviv.
Ami'i.i; tkBM lire*enl al Ihe service* we.e i"oloi.e
laka Y. lulyor. ladfM Munta, Partial t. and (ullon,
i.lied Siales ( einniiasinuer Allen, Malo Senator
ames Y, pinn aa Mayan D. i>. anutaey, and .'nin.
i nut rr, ' omml ,> iniiei-* (irlflln. Baals, bell, und .chile
u-un. i liuni ?. Treasurer Adare, police U tut Ices walsh,
u.i Henna, I_.ti.cl .Homeys nid^wav .ind fTUher,
lll1erB_eB Km.n, Coffee, nnd McCarty, Charities Com
ii lioner \\ii"_ni ii Hat. i minty Ami un- naniei
mme, [-Mama-tar .J I , Hendrix, Corporation : onnsej
\ r. ,b ul,-. I'liutinlier w. i.. Uvlnesfon, Superintend
nt of public In trneftfon w. ll. Mavw.-n, Gaorga <>'
larman, M. K. Usborne, Thomas fassln, W. A. A.
ii .wu, Deina* Strang, (..*..!_..* .1. Hardy, Thomas Y.
(errigan, .1. A. Wornberg, Winiam lian.', rolonel .1. N.
?arlnilice, Pairie li Beady, Joha la-imar. nam-d o'i.eii
v. tleorga a/. Anderson, .lanes w. Webb, w. ll. Ur.cn,
'iirinan T. Null, and -StBUBl I.Btbrte
?rim bm lal wa- in linty Cram i '-iii.ii.try and nearly,
KB) eariiagaa wein la lae graeeislon. 'Jim board ai
aHpervlion passed rasolutioni la banar ol "olonel
a, ion yeetei lay
pi -iii, m lavalaad Baal Hm following dispatch
,i * hu Widow
Bxasrrtlva Man ion, ff Babington, u, c.
ilr?. Thomas t arroll :
Vhlle the friends of your husband were i 'Com
rending him to my faun- ln;clll_eu.en hed BM Ot
i's tt-K-MI (inatii. Acicpl niv .nene condole, ct!
md sympathy. UROYKB I l.l._i..\- I). '
The DeasBetaUc Oaaeral OeaBtms and Um Bfesas Oaaaty
hnaBsmtls club h.-u a joint me elim- i.-t sraalag IB tat
erasa Hail. Broehlya, ta. ad..pt NMBtatlsas ur recto, st
bS d.alh at l ? I'.n-l TtaBBM Caro ll. CoflHBlSSlOBef
\liin |>r>- .dal. and tel lr..-/* * Wtme ina la bj Juli.-.' Van
v.nk. iiistrui.Attemera amber sad Bldgwsy, ('..?.?.-_??
,'. llrowor, 'lin.mn* .1. BSSaBB, John A. Quintal I. .Ii'hn
isgalra anl athara. Tin- reaolBUaas aers affersd by
lui???? vin Wyek. <?>''.ucl r.-irnaii hal beea trssrarsf
,' il,- (i-n.-nil Coiiuiilttee fer thirt?>n y.-nrt.
ur. KAH.uitK- Of N >BD_Y?BIBI a\i> PAlt OK
Many members of the Cot toa Rxehanga wen' lo bed
n*i night iii mi eastsr itate al aUad Hum Ikey not
If In veMoitlay BKHMlag. 'I lie KeUBial feeling wm tba?
ba HqaMatloa had bsaa eomyleted, nnd ths market
laasd finn at lea aelati hlgtar thaa tta closing
trices (.n .Monday.
Thara wa* h goad deal af n-mum af Um eaadaet
f .lim m w*. linii, . Bf .Minti 'm., n member Ol tM
_ju>h___gB, whn precipitated ih" tallara td William V.
\inpt, J. il. Clarrtson, and Georgs T. Dlcbsoa, ob
ii..tulay, by hi* f.ibn.i io ratpoad io the eall lor mar
fin* upnn Bealraata c.-uiied Ibr him. If be had not
mk.aged his braters tliat Bronny a i-- oa Ita Bray,
ii. on,nacl. cuni.I l-ave baas lold out, and ita brohen
?nuld hil*., bavc'l Ihem-e'.v-s. Mr. King's lOM W9R
Mtweaa MU.000 und | o.oihi. Tba lao oiler (anaret
,ioro oalmportan. Mr. Uarla'i other brotora la
M.* eily Merci hHutiiiin ,l .-lu-!', i.. - bieffoi , < lUBSt B
lill, 1). Poililni m i ?., Qubbard, Prl( a I I " , \Villun?*.
i.i_i,_ .v c., llano Ueala .*. I o., Waller T. Miller B
o., uml walter .t -atman.
The ijaoatloa aaa raHcd yesterday aatatker Mr.
lUiio could nut i," daall vt nh by ita Kxehanga, Tta
?> ia-is provido thal tta Supervisory ' ommlttra may
rda* him baton lt, bit Hmm bava bo nearer to force
ila, to appear. Mr. Hole Dial beeame pn.mtnenl In
tm cotton v. aiM i>v ti-, i -eeeesfol ipaenlatlon in eattoa
asl suuiinei', winch nellert him ?era than a hall
?i,iii,ia ol dollar*. I pon tim presumption that Iho
-.innateof thc colton crap, almut 6,300.000 bales, waa
a lint, Mr. Ila.I- aai one ol many who iiaa,iir-i f..r
t bull marhe. ami ta baaghl heavily, art only la May,
Inna, Jul. and Angus! contracts, bul a!>o of Juno
l, ei. ii liiciitlai- iiinl ea: ly In January, since the
iitt_.il'* Ol .lanti-O Ita ie. .-Ipi I ol MittOB have nu teased,
diuwln. tliat I lin i>slluiale \> aI BhOBl a hill inilllon
jaios below the actual eran, and thi* bootine so ap
r.aicut that iiii marhet bena to drag suddenly a week
Sa and .lum) bal tullen Irotn flo 0() to
HO 20 a bunill ed poonda, "i about fit a bal" In a
reek. Mr. ilario i> said lo bava eontraets H-nonp his
;.|?lc;s innouullns to 11.0,01,0 bales. Thl- would
pm iceni a lo-s of a.W.000, so thal if ta waa worth
Koo.OOO, a-, wm |nnerally snpposra] by those In
ilmat.-ly acrjnslnted with bin , he ?-till baa enough to
nt\ hi* creditora.
- ? -
wiNvvns io BK. tiiv a THIS BBASOK.
Tho American As-ooiallon baseball i-tagBBM fln
sassd their laban al taa O-araaAoa Ho ml, Braafetya,
revierday. and manv of theni ?lartr_l f,.r tlnli' iMMBMa
IMU ii slat, 'i'hr bsaakall mot-lngi bogan al tho I'I fib
\venue Hot ci last . C.d.iy, and tho maii-SC-r* and cJui
MBaara havn i^en kept btuy ever aline.
In arranglnir tHr schedule thu I'.rooltlyn club |t-et- the
itvt of de*iraljii> (lute-, bal il- i tuitM AalBgatea y.-iter
lay all but couvu.cod their bieilnon that iiiuoiilvn
inly . ..t iu due. Monday idghl'* dinn'r loki te-vercly
upon the aawaa of ho.ne el the clubowner., and lt
wai ,ift'*r 1 p. m. y.ietenUy bafan tl-ey gM ta WOik,
Ali Blabs have to havo lurn*n|_- at thc rp.uni'..* thia
year. The oi Kunizaiion also le-lui- upon a record of
the " deaul heaiU*- boini; kept, and even thc ts i-irtcn
in list pu.. IfclvMgh tho turnatlles. Tiie rcmiultteo
?ppnlnle<1 at Ihe meellnir at Cliiclntiatl In De0SB_Me
ta *' i if redaeed raBraad rates could not t>o aaearag
tor tho clubs, reported failuro. Mo club will get
,pee1;U rates from the railroad* thia . ummer. A com?
munication received from a political faction, tho Anti
Monopoly !>? ague, created BBBB. discussion. Aa the
w-soclation is indorsing BBMBytMag at present, lt ln
Im.-'-'l the sentlmenlH of tho Anti-Monopolist-. A
saaaatttae w_j ai>i>**iiti4_i to ao? a raaamtt.ee from
th.- Anil IMom poly Iviagin* and fwj|i eBSBBttBBBBfB at
-lino lui nee dale, gonion li rt puta a p -nully af gftO
ni any iiiaiiaR-r or club owner' who K'ves out tta bat
l i...> order of the nines, except tn tl.r regular man ap
|ttiiiit<-1 to get out the leora cards.
Mme tally wan smothered nv . tho SOn__H (lei
Kates uml tiny arete tdd to go lu ami flght the other
leam, lt wu, al.o resolved lhat In fut ur.- the rtr*t,
*econd ami thlnl clubs xhoiilil i:ot piMea Tli. nil- 1*
nol iB-peratlve Ihal Ike money -hall b>* Rivnii to the
player*. i,nt li |- ganeraOy soppo?sd that thai ls what
will he, dine, at lervst so ?avs Mr. Itv nie. The little
Ills m.l.lyn club p__.ii p-ut think* that lt will be ?,, i?
renllve to letter work. Tl* re-oltitlon In frill ls as
follow* : '? Th at ai the rln^t ?f the playing ici-nti the
board (f UradlM Kl,nil i.wanl to tie dab winning
Hie ehainpli.i_.lilp a paifB ol #1,(MX), in addition to Hie
pennant provided, ami to essa stayer of said dub
i baadsoms badge with ii* aaasa, imsit'on. etc., in
sctibi'd Itara; n. They aimil also award and deliver to
the club homing aeeaad plae- a purse of gTBO, and In
Ilka manner a |.ii, *. ?f ^...hi to Ita elm, holiiltig third
p'ace. All of *Hid auniim!, uro to bo paid out ?r the
(iu.uutit. e Piitnl.'"
The umpire, will be alb wed io wea-r anv litilfinni
tbsp please. Tta >-tatf will haas la rsv for tl eir own
uniforms, and will bc Bxpestad lo keep the anita in
irood order Tlie umpires ol J'Cteil to paying fur their
BBB*tan lint Ihe clubs ssv they mn .,
The deni,mt .-int. -i.r,,..i Mei none yesterday and
rompb-lr.1 their Hst i.f players.
Tt'on. Chin Foo. the Chinese reperter, BBBHaiBd a'
_--'?_ Market Conn yesterday, and told .Tu. tl<-n p:,t
te,*,,n thal he had pained .gt enmity of his eoontryaWB
In M..tl -t , by writing np th" opium ami gambling dens
Ikara. <-n Monday nlpht. alu.ut \0:?,0. ho waa ''sluni
mlng" lt around the ( blne-n hannis In Mott lt., looklag
[or an httai view with a Ch'naman who had beea accused
.,f BriseBweaHBtlna gigo, "graleetloa mun . ? nn
entered No In Molt ut . and m about three seconds he
found himself Hitting In ihe middle nf the .street Ilr,
s_vs ihal asaarei society exMs there, who anaartnate
people al a reilaln lipure. " |t(?,neli,L" i* ak,, .i,,-- ...
tbi* saslaty. bal do-s aol ni?nfl ? i,l.h rn WMlnatlon
..ns.lce 'aller,,,, ,??,??, ?, ^. ?,^ PS^Sug0^
protei ted fur thi Maia In his ramble, tkraagh Muk
a FRIMONRM wno IB wasted ts waterbury.
Ma A BaagBB. * nipatUMy dwassd raaaa aam, wi.o
Mild he wa* a geest at ,),.. OlBad T't,1.,i, II,,tel. ?;? |n tho
IdaaM IssBea court T-*tr.rd_v maralag, befan yasdes
Murrar. PSMStllS gSfBISMl BsSJSSB, Scc.mi anl- 1 l,v
DMaatrra -BMbra, timm Wtnhrrmarr. ('..mi. kui that tha
prisoner wa* wanted In tlmt t..?? for abducting Minnie
ItTrnis. a fifteen ve,r old g|r|. Th, mtuuant na* i,
mandel, tn emible the a'ii hon tb-s to pnaan the lilli
nary requisition t*'!*- s
.?? rform rr np nr built or repaired!
m. Msaday Msyai Rawttt rsaalrad i Isttse from c
Tinrmrd. ot I'.asl On. hmdia-' _?,1 , .,.. ..u wnath t. p.o.
t,.,iinr air-.ii.Ht ihe lapilHag or tha (falsa .Kemar.- Ttaatra
-tn vlof of IkS datiR^r te .hr, Ux,? ot tl.,,*., iaauiiainly
paUBBlltBg lt. ind to the Inim.-dlat. Mirronndln. *." This
b-lter tte- Mayor SHU M UM l'lre l'?nu,il*aai..i,..|s, lal BM.
Uti lal thl C .a.!l.l,sl,,i,,.r. ftg, ,.,,.,- Sll], dlila'lidelal I)'.,, lui,
?I tho Banding anissa to auks au larastlgailsa .md ,,:
pori to then, lo day.
-.*.??__ ?
'?linii t Horrors. Unlit "
Han e.l.rasaloti of Milton raes, lins-lh_ -In'ernal wari,I "
ll i* n..1 ii... in i. h li. .ar m*i i.i w.i.t -ml. ii*,,i -aurrh
rn mid finis eti.r-e* the aMafSM iihont thal Bl SSS Sa, Tori urn
ami rlnspa r maia ilaatr iU|lr ?ii"ii-n, . liawarar mrmry
em* rmi ha . ure.I by Hr. Mag.'afla*arrli Hi marty. 'lUi/ru
I-i i.,I,,i. hSV? tor tears tuart- * alan uuj offer ni a I Ihe .i. .at..
pa|.?r. ol MOB f"l an lo-ur. hie -ass lt SpSMlly aiHnlnea
au bal si, mis. u lharaaghly tlsanaiug. BBtMsatML stwlUlua
sail Lia.mg tu Hs sis vi*.
Ar.T?A\'T. March 6? 'lhe Onorril fy-itv* Commit?
tee this afternoon submitted to tho fV-nate tim
I report of its inn atigaliun of trust*. Following
are extract*:
li.a-mg th,, ln-..a*ilt(.itli.n the fjarmntlon, n.iruigeiwsnt and
! effect ot thu fa,il,,wing a""hi"ttrSSBa, commonly known ss
llQBtg va. e mado tho chief Soh)**tyS of Inquiry: hugiir,
mil. rni.i er, cntton BStt] Bax, 'nv ri ope ?, eic
valor, olbloih, r>t.'in1iird nil. bat'hers, glass and furnlu
nre. However different the Influences which gave Mae to
the-iei conililiiiitlinis mir be, the milln purpose, rnstiage
ni-nt and riTc t nf nil ii|aon thi public ls th- sims, to wit,
iho SKafreirstlnn of espllal, Its power of rnntrrill.'ng the
m.-innfarture sn1 imtpnt of vsrlotm necessary comDioOltln*.
tho sa-aTilettlnn er destruction of ronipetlllve priiis'rtlas, all
le-jdliieT, to the final and cnn lu ive purposes of luuilhllatlag
i i.inpa-Utlon and B'lialailiig tho t-onihliialions to Iii Ilia price
st which they would purchase the raw material from thai
producer and at irhl*h Ihey would ?*#!! tho relined product
i.a th.) con au mo rs. In any *vrnt the puhlic al each end of
lin- ml isiry -Hie piOarOOn sud tho con.sume-r? I* snd ls la
bamba* to ha, in s rennin sense, al tho mercy of the syn?
dicate, oni*) ? st'i'n "r t:n?t.
'I Hi; SI OAR Tl'.l'ST.
The report reviews t!ie history of tue airguui
/utioii of lim Sugar Trust and say9:
'Iho trij-t BOtnlsn ahsoltite control of all the lodtutry
sud in its flans-tieari tokn m ooo eot*pantttnq iMaest* mr
r-nVr ihair Meek al valuation, agreed BpOO and In tsitnrii
reeeln r.-itin.-va's a,r ttmb in Um sn.ai- it-iitene* com
pany, f..r v. hi. li rcpu,in of BOW cu rpo ra tl .ans Hi" a.rlglnal
tran atgieeoMal isaJe roll pi*ori*loo. li i* oiaviaans ian
i? ? in-.-i itali i-i.mi.,iii ilia.a, i-ipreosntlag U p'-r eeat '.r tier
sagti rennin*- soptelty ,.r tb* Atlantis Ceaast sad all ihe
sugar lOahattln in IbS BtStB, nil greatly i*IT"? ? t ,11, I f,,r a
tlBSt, a-, least, conn-.'! tbe prlafS nf Iii'1 lav- in.ta-rlal anil Ilea
reflned pm birt, and thi-, wnlmm r, gard !?> th" liit.-f- *' - ayf
i gstatar,
'! Iii: i i ITT'IN SKI I) lill. Till n
Tho Colton S.-ed Oil Triust is m-xt considcroU.
The ftfmnltttrt sayt:
'1 ll- iiiiii,. lind In fad. lhe aTVOWOi o1i|ert nf ttt* lrn*t I*
to jp-t ani v.-11, coal ,-a,i 'f the bjoiisIbi Ibis sag -ai ? of tann
- . I a,ll, anl i? Iha-. end lt hoys np, gB?UOy* 'ir BBSlflgMn
.-ill inrtlvl-Pi-il ln-lii-rrli-s of li* own hind within Hs reacli.
Tl a, cotton ?,, j ?|i itiiat, atti!* il has many of lin- ven-y
warm faalttroa ef ii," Iron kia**, rlslaat Heat while ita
SMcO ls l,,.-n!,-l III N'evvVialli I!; i.-vvi.b|.-s ala BfOOght
Illili.r from dlsfuil Sal' , nie ie li* enterprise* are carried
,,ii Bad .ev le PS d',- rited, aii'l Ibil in a BaStBWW lt, Caall
trihula-. I.. Iha- va.-.lilli :,i:l ptBaSpOlWy nf New-York.
Tin; milk MOlffOPOLT.
Ile- Mill.- I Exchange, Limited, i- n.-\t oontiidend
in tho report. Of it the eviiniiitt -e -a,-.:
p. can im.iu be sailed a t;u*t. bm lu >njoet i- to dc
???li...-.- ,.jicHti.in arni ii I* ii ci-.ip.pa,ly nf ih> w.,r*t s,,rr.
iii,, ,- iipoiBtll :i ma fumed with tho o-toi.slbb) design of
baying anl selllag milk, bm tim mid lb men who have il
in Matti I'i'iiioi wiaisi it fran Its nlglaal parpaat and use
i' hy U**,|,lill,g thia.Ugh il* IBthOtity t'i lil ll") PIUD of
milk to BbUgB the fara.er tn -'ll bl- milk ai 2 an! .'I cuts j
a (pian to ihtBi lbs BMssbors t,f th* mig bettntaoy, Mn
ind sad tti'-y a.*e h-fi pt thargB naoatotXTt In lhe city
7 ur B i-a-ni* uni et times lo coats a iiunrt at ibelr d!?rr.a
l!,,n. Usia ort,':.ul.alien -limn 1 naaih,. ih., itiiie.-.iiai.) al
lenilon of the AUoraoj u-n-ia! sud le; sboulg i<iu,g an
it Hon t.i rt-.-iare u, eta rt er forfeit* i.
'lill; GRKAT AM) lill'. Di'.MilNM. TRUST.
'Iii- Standard Oil Tiu-t, tim caimiiiiHee soys, is
the nrUinal trii-.t. mid ii- s'le.-a-ss das been the in?
centive to tlie formation of nil other trustr, or
ronil'iiiiitiviis. 'lin: report U'Utinuis:
Hi- ii,,, 11 p.? of a tyasten whl * bas spread like a dis?
ease ttroogt il,- i iiji-t -?!' ial sv.,ieiii of ilia- ci.imliy. The
valli-' o? tee prapaitloB i.r tie- serotol corporation* known
a* lhe r-iainlrjrd nil Company of nhl.) wss fl v. I a' th"
Brat lt,,'-- leg ut Ile- trust ? - at 070,01 i) I li) li aol nit*aags
f.ar il," -i\ y, ai* (at.-. ? riinv being rn.anally lil '.'sal pet teni
eau ? i,i,t ?om. Thia stooaat '.ra- sftenrard iaetetBed lu 10
roraiiini-B- niiii a pfatvtsln of 'ha- trust Bgmnent t'< .'.10,
000 OOO, sad i'i" actual vain" of tv property in Um tm*'
ean trot a*. Um ntooeal Urns t* aol ton than $1 tH.ono.ooo.
This sum In Um boags uf uino null, energetic, intelligent
anl Bggn -*.ve |, ulm ,,t th') m.,,; ac.ii, anl pilSSlblj ll.t)
Uiaasl fo nu I lilah) niiitii yid power am this ciitlnoriC
When ll I,, tanonhsni that all this TVB'alth ls tli*
growth ef twenty y.-.-.rs, that this pitiperty hss moro than
il.ai'.bla'd in value In six yean und that with tatt bsetton
tim trust lu., ii.s.i.. BggiagatS di-.! l-i,,1* d'iririg thnt period
of a.v.r >og0,000,aOOO, tie. peoptS may vvx-ll layok Valth ai'pre
le-ii-l'in gpsa BOefe rapid devi Lap.nt anl , ? ai' nih atii>n of
vr.-.-ilih wha.lly Ind'pi'iid. ni of legal contrail, and anxluiiely
se.-k nut the BtSOOS lo modify, if not to pioMMil, tho nat?
ural Cons. quaiii-ais of Ilia daivacaj pr-jduclng it.
lt ls tie- .laIna ut tin) BMBa*ga*Baal af Itu* imnnpilv fha*.
Iti Iiiduatrlei furnish i.uiploymcul to 6,000 BSSM, many of
then akllP d workmen lotelvlni; high ???,-,. Tho pro?
moters of tho Mandari 1)11. togtf mid CottOO ItOi OH
'i'nisi* ali iirgiiM tliar tam isnlilniluBs ls ott oetttnrlly
hsve Ile- .-(T. ,-t of rdisintr tho price of tart luaiiiifac'.uv J
srti^is to ths eaaounar, nor of towatrtag tv price of tho
ravr prtdott tai tho pra,liner, hut that Hm hl^ii prloi- paid
ta tho ptofant aud liiu low p, I ?, iluiij.-?d
lo lhe ttOaSaoni dep' ad to a gnat
??xi.a.t agaa t!?- plan cutr.i-i by th.- Bwaaawtaser, aud
njMin tie) capital st his reaiiinasud. and that (tea larif..r ths
capital aud th) more) SKtSSBtag th.) field of lt* indaiatilsl
'.|k t-a'ia.n* th') hagan will bs Ihe pitas paid to the pro
'lurer ,,f the raw material, sui the lowtl tie- prue clianp.'d
the C'lll*'lt,I, r aaf thc rafltl'd pltadtl.-t,
Hie coniuiiUce did md have linn- for un oxtcuuVd
invesii,'alion, but is unable to reconcile these
plausible Ulourie* with oaJgtiag laets. It says:
UBfXrrtaaately f..r these theories racti of re, int dat.! do
not support then. As applied io Lhe aimar trna it sp
I" ur* Ital thfl prh-.i a.f >Mgar has Unholy advaii-od aluce
the Uual'.- f,iriu:iliou. Trio'l bj this siaiidiird ibo .standard
Oil monopoly has a belier eas* apparently, for
"'" I"1"' "' c,.al er ka-1-ijBi.'ne oil ha* diminished
Moodily rlna.o tho formalton of rhe tru*t. But, sm-h
Hiniiriur-ian In price tai tuc consumer ls not due lo thai
Inti min les nf tat Standard OH Company or Trust, but ls
atlalhulahbt to WOOBB who'ly liid-p.-n tent of lt, to wit:
thc constantly w lrt.nl tig Held of ni prodm lion and th*
ever laVnwaOytag voluii.e ?f ciude oil p'i' upon thc inaikct.
Certain lt la tarot th,, Tiust has Hie power W pul up Ui?
pi i, as, evrij if lt fails tn .-Acrci-e* lu
Colo-sal fa.rtuiies hastily arcuueulat.-d are alvvays ggs
OOarrsat to tho peaiple, and even In Ula- hand* of private
Individuals aro orion conei-lt-red a luenaoe U> goiad jjov
? millern. The end, if not th* purpose, of every om
tiinaiioii ls to Intny ttBaae>tttlBa and la*eve pooplr sub
.'??i I to iris rulo of a monopoly. Thal Standard Oil and
0th*t tru*ls have groom by matmt Uk* these, and vex the
people and b-vy ilielr reli-iitl.-as toll on the ptnt of milk,
th* pound of nu ut, nial even on the Inuf of tin ad.
The committee imiuirc.s how tillie evils ar* to
la: it-mod led witiiaut, by going Ino fur, injuring
thc comincrciul inte'tsit-i of Um iriUilye. The report
Wt afar not uiiinli.dful of tin- fa<-t that this Stata-,
BOSlly Hist in point of . ,!i.!*y-j, ,.iI ImporuAiica, lin* al?
ways culled capilal imo ita lyonlars lay wise aud ee.uai
laws her,. eiia<-t>-d f.,r Us protocUoii .N'aa el?|.;irteir.- fieim
this rui'i is leoletsary. A wis.- people win tlsrays lind
a ra maty SSOnslSMl with Hs o?n prosap?-rlty for every
?,-re-at evil of lhe ,->t?!a', and In this case capt ral should
I* sub'octod tn tho rulo of which lt baa aliviys claimed
I* bo thea nroniatcat adv orate-lhat no ruinbiuattnn ot
conspiracy should ta* lob-raled In this haute which would
inn ri,)ia. din elly or Ludiruclly wiia.lh.- oaagtara. of Ue*
laoldest CoinjM'lJi ion lu OVttJ iudueiry or calllug.
Your ? oii.i-.ii-.-ii will ut au carly day report a bill
which will. If lt becomes a lair, morl!fy, If ii doea, not
prevent, the Kra-al'-r evil* ion,plained of.
That lt Ls a proper suhji-ct for further and moro com?
plete laiOBtlgttlin. your I'uniDiltteo aro unanimously of
opinion, but whether such further Investigation shall
la.lat villains for lat Itaatt to decide.
l.L'GI-.NK R O" OMafOat
ll I.NKY J VUOlil-Jsli Al.l.
jxiDWAiUl C. WALliKlt.
Benator Arnold, cliuiiniiiu of the Coinmiitee,
vin*, called a way ho-l night to the beds.do of u
m-ml)ir of his family, who was d.in.-e-rously ill
lu defi-reiic- to lum action by the Sa-nate on Olio
re|>ort wan ii-istponed until ihunnlay Some dis
euvsioii took p'in.'a:, ho aro l Ol. 01 cr un ultempl of
Mr. ld-illy to inject polities Into the coinniiitai'*
work. Senator liuines i.illed for innui .'.into
action beonaaa of tho utietupt to rasiiiee tl,.' i.iriiT
? ?ti raw Mivar whicli would, if unreel to, put 511,
a ,a oi,, io ii ] . ar in i na into fbi- pu, kc ts of tin- I rc-ts.
A resolution to print ii.DOU <xlra lupus of Hie
a olnililtlee's report tiiieJ 1,000 Copies of tho evi
(b ncc lakt-n iva* pu-iad .uni s-ut to thc A->-tubly
for concurr, nc
4> .
Tl I Fy PEQSIE8 sa\im;s.
IMIVIV-IMai AND A HAl.r Mill.ION Ixil.lxi;* IN
( III A-i: 1*1 I'lIO-IT*! IN I'M \KAIt.
Albany, Mundi ?.-Willi* S. Paine, ltapillltll'aTj)a*Wl of
ths hist* Baiikluii Da |.u: m. ul. has BaaaaajIBg to tie* l.ei;
i ..i'ma hi, .nu,iiaI i.'peart lealnllve lo ilia i,,,.li,-on sud
altair., of Hm Ssa Inn* I Lu ka, and Train, i.,.un. Moriijajfi'.
Isi-i-iirll v, (.uuiaiiic. and liail lunliy AaaSnltVaattatj and lliclr
a.en dillon ut thu ly< Ai.lining of tho pl... ni },-,,r. 'ile- tttl
gaaagn PtBOamt '"' Unana ral ni*ilm, ion , an Oj mt to Hie
? ,i|.'rv lalou of tin DaBfOftaaBBXt, Jaiiu.rv I, Issn, was
-'-h os|,7.-,i u, ,4 net Inrreaar dunns Mw liva- pajgg t,r
Pnf.taOB.tlB Wt. Ono liundi'-t and twenty lim -avii.;;*
boakl vi. i i lu i -vial, nen In Hil, Slate, if wbtek mass Brae
line liva and m.a-nr.-. tawan! wiitilnig np Uieir airair. liam
laira ri-colliuuaide 1.
Th,, I.ail ami.tina, of rc.un,a of tie' kS.liiRs hank* uf
th* but* on liiu uioiulug ot January I, labu, wm gjui),
That !>**& all s*her Kent-lies -speedily Carra bi
TTamillat 1n? Frat-tlotnt, Itching and ll iirnl>>? Akin
T'rluMs, I. ath?ume Sores, and 99W*t ttmuhut nt Lobing,
Scaly, l'lnipiy. Inherited, Scrofulous and Coma, lona
BfeSB-BB ot the Blood. ?*H? and Beal p. srlth tmme mt How,
rrom I-fancy lo old age, ar* paseitlvely e?_id by CUTL
ITU. A, tba great Hain Cure, aad ODTIOURA fsOAP. an
evqulsKa Mk I ti Hoaud fle r, eiternally. and (.I'TlOUItA
Ki .OI.V__NT, ihe new Blood 1-triller, internally.
I hara baea afflloted since l.nl March wllh a ek_l
disease the doctors called Rcrama. My face waa eoveend
tri th scabs aad aorea, and tha Itchlag and len ni nit were
almost unlit-arable. homing your CI.'TKTKA liKMK
UI I -Si Ko Ill|(hly reroinni'-lidalil. c,,., il 1 1 to g . ?- them a
trial, ii .ni? the CUTlCUBA Bad M'TMT_.\ SOM' tx
I- mally, and K_SOLVL. T lulernally. i ?r four womba.
I call myself cored, lu gratitude for which 1 make (Jill
public stat-n,ent. Mrs. (.'LAU . A. I_._-.Kltl-'H..
Ui -1 Brook, Conn.
I araa amit-l.td with Ye,rut rm the Seal. Pac . Pars
and .'?'-, which tba druggist, ttl . r? I got your remedies,
pronounced one of th., sa.i.i cases that hal eenie nuder
his notice. Ile advised rae io try your UUTICUBA
REM ROUEg, nod after lim days' u?i my scalp and part
of my face OSf.iMrely cured, atid I lupe in auolhar
week to have my ears, neck and the other part nf n.y
face ' u.(-1. ULUMA.. -.LAUK.
UM Last 4l)i st., New-York.
Having ti*od Tour CUT-CUR. R*'M. I)I. S fer MghSBBa
?Baths for Teti_r, and llnally ca-'d lt, I am sii.lna* io
Rel lt in w-ll on t'.aiiiiiil*--*!.Mt. I can re...inn, >i I lt bayoud
any remedies I hat'- ever u?ed f..r Telt.-r, Nurina, Cu's,
etc. In fact, ll ls the best mr-dlcine 1 have ever tried
lor an) Hims '? ?*? l-OUTO...
Myrtia, Mis*. _
. .ld evervithcre. Price, CUTIUVtUX, BBB', Kaili1,
25*. j P.r.-ol.VI.N T. Si. I'r. l.i. el by Una POT'IKR.
HUCO AM) CIIK.MK Al. CO. ll'i-ton. Mas*
r^*_ei?| bm ? linw to (Ure Mdii Disease.** .,1 pa??s,
M illustrations, anl 100 t'oUinnnials
I Pl fl.I.s. b'se*. head*, rita, ped and olly skin pre?
vented bv tl IK.IT. . M Lilli -TED M'AIV
A-hlni,' M.,*,-Ies, Hack, Hips aad Silos, and
ill pain, Inflammation, and syeagaaa. I rad
in aaa minni-* by th., tBPttllint anti
HAIN ri.A.STLl- Ibe i,r*t and aiaiy pain
plaatsr, -'?. ren:*
WILL (neill
io-1, av.
lotion Sales.
Br or br of Attorney for a.. iixn.n-s or tu* Ksfigagaaa.
480,781, and on J.iruary 1. 1B8T, ^?".''?h.Ss-o.ho; . shavlag *
nej iticr-ate fur the -.oar of *-_i*J,ITl.HSS. On faBBBf. '?
1-78, thu ti.t.d amount of renourues ?f ihe - ivio. * banks of
thu glBte eas ?H4fl,'_-iV-'> . showing a ucl lnc._w#i in leu
ySBSS of $'..:>, 73'.549. Tho siivirigs batiks Lad loan* out
standing ou bonds sad iui>rtga?*e-i amounting lo ?-1 '.?3.Ti"...
IBS. Thu tutnl sum uf tin ir niotlgago loans un January 1,
18.1*. was $li_),07'J,87.">, th* increase for the year bein*
I-.7J1.SI9. Un January 1, 1-78 tba aggregate id su.-ta
loans was *107,97-,_'._*, shoving an increase lu U>n fSBIS
of BBB im. sui.
On January 1, lndd. ih>? savings banka bo,& aesaMUSS
la which th-y wore entitled tu Invest amouni'iii* ai par
valli'! to $.70,112 054. The a<*f;re_ ate rest Of such seeiirl
t!.-s was |EBB,BBB,NB The market raino of the aanie
was estimatet al $333,004,i)_B, Ix-ln? e:--,r_r4.U'7 tn eanrsi
of cost, and *:?! foi.'joi. In excess of their par ->a>_e*.
Tho d posits held by tha savina*., banks of Ibe .-sula SB
January 1. l_r__ B-BBBBtat Ui ii0i.ijll.7bl, ad hMSSBaS li
ths year el *--,--!,-2L
rick's day pa ka dr.
A delegation cunslitlng nf 1'.. L Carey, John tlc,
t .lire, Janies Haggt-rty, James Mnlliu and uthuts,
c.ille.I un tn..- Mayor yesterday ami asked huu tu io
view tho pal aile uf tlio Iii_.li audi-tie. un st. i'ati-l'-h's
Lay. Tim Mayor nits, a* n-ii,tl. busy when ihe dolo
nation calb-d, bur he hu iked np as they approached
in. desk amt groetesl them pleasantly. ' hallinan
( urey iutioduced hm colleagues and thou said'
I liam cilla.l. Mr. Mayor, to ask you to review the
Irish m..-au'/at I.,i,-a en gi Lat ri'a's Day. Tbs mat-wliy
nf UM Irishmen vole the DsBBCtBtlS ticket and your vol*
cantu bsMSty fr.nu Irishmen, a 'a.tisl l-irahi" pi,.portino of
whom I* i o.g to tho boiileiiiis niau wu; parado un Si. Pat
ric k\s Day
Tho polltleal allusion .as an nnfoi-'inafrn one,
couples! wltri tho natlonallry nf the wen ** i.ose parads
tho Mayor was asl.od tn review. Tho Mayor has bern
tofure declared that so long ss ho ls at tho head ol
tho Diiiniripal government no toroigu flag shall tlual
dom Hie City flail. Whoo the a pe ni fr hail ceusod,
ibo Mayor said calmly and deliberately :
Kow, let BS und. rntand each other. 1 am Mayor of
this eltr, aud you aak ina lo leava wy duties to n.-tn-w
tour parada.
A MflrilSl of th" delegation?But, Mr. Mayor, Si. Pat?
rica's Day ls a bolt-lay.
The Mayor?It ls not a l>-?al holiday. Yon ask me to
leave my duties hore, as Mayer, and f-vlew your parade,
ami yu speak of fhe volo i-.i?l by ila. Irish and your au
pieties fn- th? iieirucratto randi dates. 1 t_ay be a randi
(Hie for Mayor or for Praaldeut neal tall, (with a su,.b ; anl
may tv mt al! the Democratic votes I can gel. The Irish
totes cast f.,r any pu tl. ular catilldato tn this city would
.1,(1 him. Hut for the purpaaa. of getttag thia vote I
will not como down to tha lavel of revlewlug sny paral'i
because of tho nationality of Ita members, tither Irish,
Herman or Italian. I will rovlew no parudas ricspl ii*>j_e
which I am officially called on as Mayor lo review.
The committ"ii for a tnoinent lost Its breath at tl.S
jilaln ?is.-ecli of the Mayor. Ooo of tho delegation re?
covered viflirlcntly tn say apologetically:
Mr. Mayor wt- do not ask you -.. review the Irish *?>
cl-tle* as a Densicr.it. bat aa Mayor.
Tha Mayor <!??' i. 1 >.-?_i>. bul nub no evldeine of im
pattrneei-faentlentrn, roxi have my BBSSref, 1 shall ut?*
review your parade on Si Pac oa * Day.
'lian liclrj-alluu lite ti wii li.ire w.
Portland, Me, March Br-D-V-t ol tho Winslow
Paoklag (oiiipany, which suspjudt-l yesterday, lu
tho amount of nearly H0O.000 ls B_4sra_aai to bo
held in Nations- bauhi of this etty. Ihe rei .atcd
-.i.iu bruughl agaiiMt the cutuiiauy by J. Vi in-low
.lottos are .ulai tn baie boen nie of lb* causon load?
ing up to Iho company's BfSSSal otnbarraiasiiiont,
while fhe rather iKinr biisltte.s of tho last vear or
two bruughl mailors tu a climax. The estimated
taine uf ibo eulin n.y'* la. 'torie* la BCi5ii,ijiX), with S
hondo- ludi-btcdiuvss of fl00,000.
Thc fall'ire of a'alden _ U'i rni-a, uf No. 4.'i New
lt., was ann.'ire '-I al Ibo gtSBft BxchaDKe y>.sie. day.
The UaMUtlsa on tbe Hour Wei. sn small that ths
dllf.*i..iccs will bo settled today pitibably, and ths
failure haU uo BBUBt oa Ibe couinc of tbe market.
It was ia"..nitcd un ha- .:?.-.' that the oiubarra.ssiuoul
wax BBftag to tin- fault nf a large customer, wbo had
tun ct -immlfil tu cal]* for mure margin. A inooibor
nf tho Ililli saul that lt wa* U'ie tu " ilr> roi," and
(hat while the ii,--it wore |n,*s'.l>iy fuffleiont to r^T
the debts, lt wai nnoetiaiti wheth-.M' a eonsaleraMS
part of them Baald tw oolltvted -khuvler Waidea,
Ihe h'-ad of the tittil, has been I inemlier of IhS
Ktoeh Ksaaaasa since Oetaaar m. |ggl. and he wm
Italaai In baa Brui uf H,.t. h_:.?. Kurnliam A lo, ls
ahleh ha was admitted a shun time befune tho iii*
-(dutton of that firm.
Tha' Dock Comm!s .onere a*y that Where is no Mil.
graaal f"r the opp., .tina ar.ong iri^ato pruperty-awaera
of the MU by nhla.li the city proposes lo ac(_uln> water
front property. President Stark and Cominissloners M>V
thees and Marshall will appreve the bill, but ther ir*
wlliinB. lt ??? meld yest*- lay. to modify auy r!aa*e thal
will make it more BBSSB-BBia lo th.> property ownoes. Ons
iiioiliUiati. i liss .-eu uwdo by ( ori-njllon OeaSBB. BSBfc
man I.v shlth 0M pioperty owner* are to BMMlfS IhS tull
m. NBS fi ima tle-ir p:ni*-rty during the enure period ot III*
(leora-. Osrdluer, ef the lloyal Irl*h Constabulary ??
Oawairh. Cminlr Derrv. lrclsad, has written to the Police
Iles td Dial he ls anUotis to tiecomo a Kew York psilli-eni-B
Ile tl. M-rlbtsd his BaaBBaaSJMaa M great length and B?
j _s__rd a bope that he ml*hi bosi ot his appeiatmsnt St IB
early day. Air. Gardiner will bs iu_iru__l lita* hs eaa
tiut be a luembar of tho ? i tue st." BiUrsa bs caa Mks "~~
live years, beci-iuo a voter, and pas* s UlvU IMrflSS i
iaaUou bclorv ba U Whirly yssia si iga- . .

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