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><-'?? XIA1I.N* 15,089.
TMK KSC.iN'KKIte AM a-IKliMl-i . OP TH" B.'lll.IN'U
T<).V AM> N OK.HI'.K. QOR WnRK ? 1 IlKllt
PLAC) S HI.1.K1) AT oNi K ? llTUKIt
lt 'll i Tri.ll UNI 8.
Jut Tt;i.i:.'KA!-ii to tue minn, h.]
.tivNrAii.ii*. March 7.-Tho HfnthsislhOOfl en?
gineers anl lin men ItBplsfBd by the Chicago,
Burlini-tim nnd Northern road went oa Strike at
10 ii. m.. to-tiny, it I XMiig tmpossib-S, on account
of Its uniiiiiii. r<l.itI.ii, v.nh ths 1'iin.jH", Burl
lagtoa aiul gurney for tlio company tn noenda to
th.- liirn'.s iss_MH-d-L '1 hi. is i.m-.-ly a q nijmthctic
?*':.? tbs ui.n beiug wi'll satisfied wit li their
wages ami Laviug uo oih.r grievBBess. This
strike wat. Inn.-d on the fo.lowing uotioe to Sup
emit, a h nt Jiu:r, ol th. But-infitOB aud Northern
lu-,1 nifhta
Tbs otife*inrers and firemen employed bf your
company Rupootfully rvxiutwt that after iii a. m.,
?larch 7, lr-,*--*, you do not a*.|_ them to handle
'business, eithei pusss&gei o_ freight* or any con?
signment in tbs Interest of tbs Chicago, Burl?
ington Hud Quincy railroad, as sueb eton will
not bs consistent with tbs present t"<>-i nilli
Which sxlsts between .our company und iu> tu
giucti'K and liiviiit-ii.
'IiiI-. im iiiiii^ tue coni|iiUiy replied that inas?
much ns tbs Chiougot Pm-*mgt<w und Northern
depends for it_> outlet between Oiegoo and C'lii.ugo,
on tbs one hand, and between FnttOB and .St.
Linn*, ou tiie oilier hand, u|ion tho C lucugo, Bur
lingtiiu and Quincy li-ulroud, the uoti.o was i-i-uiv
alt-tit to au onier upon th. Chicago and Northern
to draw into its .hell and lamala there, pending
the d.-hiring oil of tho Ch icagu, li.irlingiiju and
Quincy strike. Tbs Chicago^ Burlington und
Northern o'-_.al_ tait, ths slow that _o lu us
lbs Chicago, BtulUlgtoa and Quiney is concerned,
the Strike is already ended aud tho bullio won.
tho planes of tbs striking sngLneeis and firemen
having bSSB peOBUBBBtly lilied. Thu .for., being
UiiwiUiUK to 4-0 out ol u through business for uu
indefinite period, they ans,, .lcd tho notice of
the nnginnnis und Isssnesl by wtyiug thnt it pro*
posed to sontinas to intarehangs business with
the Chicago, Bodington and Quincy,
without intermission, und thnt iho places ot the
nun wiio hit thais engines tins morning at io
colin 1. v.ill be pemanontlj filled. 'Ino Northern
1.- a BOW load and hus Little luca] business*, hut
has bees doing a henvjr through business, having
earried more slinneapolis Uoiii' Bust this winter
than any ol itu- old lines, ii refuse, to enter lite
j.1. and on account of its light local bu-itu .*>?
ami* able io iii.iiutaiu a low tate to Chicago sud
ti: . H. oonform to ths provisions ot tlio Interstate
Commerce law.
bil oe the partial obstruction of Its Chicago
nutlet, the business of the Bond baa been neatly
seduced, and mans of its engineers and nreinen
have hoi u hud oil. 'iho 11 um ocr of Brotherhood
men who Mont out to-day doo not exceed thirty.
Their places have !>'?> n supplied with new men,
ami ali trains mn as usual tonight, passengers
ii 1, I Creight except liva stock anti perishable gooda
Vicing received for all points. The stn!;.- i* only
Important on account of Its significance as the
Brat move In aupporl of the Burlington engineers.
Ju Minneapolis and St, Paul tlie Brotherhoods of
Engineers and Firemen have s membership ol
o\ i-i 2,200, and as an utascsemeni of 110 per ci pita
bsa bet n levied tbe two cities will contribute
upwards ot c.'...ouu to thc fund in aid of tho
Burlington men. At noon to-day engineers on
nearly all roads .-.-'ring here refused to handle
Burlington '..rv The ti adi yli 1 led, and the possi?
bility of a s. merni strike on the dozen roads enter?
ing here wa** averted for the present,
St. Paul. Minn.. Mar. li ..-When -sverrthing is
running smoothly fully ISO engineers and aa man;
firemen arc employed on the Burlington nnd North?
er, bul the -trine on tbe " .'" system, of which the
Burlington nnd Northern is a feeder, has reduced
the number to about _*-vent.i live, F. is itrlkers
ar.- In tbe city, most "f them having gone to their
Ina Iquartera al I_a Croess
I'KA.'K HUI IH..V i'KI Ki.il A l-ASSaOW lo a
CniCAOa, Minali 7 Special .?The situation in
regard to the Burlington strike, though
idly mixed, mema to bs growing critical. There
is no question but that the mad hus hud much
the best of the light fio fur, but it may now have
t: able with tbs other isdlways. Tbs mn .agers
of all the lines hers nra nervous les! ths strike
should extend to their . .ads, nnd u, y are mak?
ing all sorts of premiss of neutrality to tho
Brotherhood, Severn] of them havo waited on
Chlel Arther and endeavored to nasuis him that
they would la no way uss,--t tba Burlington. So
far as heard frost, Bot a single rond spca which
the Chie.'i'ro, BnrlingtoB nnd Quincy has made s
(lenniii'l to handle freight has responded favor?
ably. Ths Wabash refused point blank, Ths
bt. Taul declined, and a heavy train switched on
tu its traci's liuni liui'liugtou tracks at Western
ii\e. f.,r tnuisportat-oa over tho Chicago, Mil
wankes nnd St l';iul Lins wns hauled back.
Other Wcetern roads to whom thc formal i
v...* sen1 lui'.o either refused ur are prepared to
lejecl freight winn offered.
raul Morton, wbo is the authorized spokesman
for the Burlington Company, said: "We pro
pans to Maud by our rights, bom a* regardi our
employes and oilier railroads. We have won the
tight with our employes, and we nre sure to win
the other. Tia law compels other rca.is to ram
our freight when ws deliver the cns on their
tunks. Wo nr,)]>o-_; to maintain our rights nt
all hazaida, lbs position of tbs otk r roads is
decidedly mure uncomloi.able than that ol the
(.hun. ,., Burlington and Quincy. Whether
the ott,er reads nre willing to incur tbe unger
of their mon and t*i_o chalice- on tlie lawsu ts,
or iii. . fjigpae the other horn of the dilemma, the
situation ls extremely uncomfortable.
?? We are running forty-seven pa Been ger traina
and im freight trains od the Iowa division. Ail
around we un- di dug wclL"
The nirsi_t.ni freight agent, Mr. Ripley, said:
M We haven't nsked all the roads, hs we hnve only
got to work with our height, but so tar we have
only found four road* retuning to handle our
freight, the Wabash, tho Belt Line, the North*
western and tbe Rock Uland. What tbe others
may do winn WS get around to them I don't
I he erip, neera on all tbe Western and Nurth
Westem roads, and in twx all lines connecting
with the Burlington, seem determined to lian.ile
Uo Chicago., Burlington and Quincy ears. Tho
moment nn engineer on one of these lines is dis
eharged for refusing to Couple his engine to a
Burlington ear. a .trike will take ph. ..n that
line, and if neoeeaaiy. on all tbe connecting linea,
Chief Arthur said to-day to tho strikers who coiled
at his headnuartnraI
" 1 want io impress upon yon all the no,- -
of keeping a close watch upon the actions of yous
roads in toe mailer. 1 would not be lurpriaed to
-*r-e some dismissals soon, and tbs moment that
anybody la discharged Iel lt be reported to head*
ouarters hero und a btrilce will follow immo
He fcaid to B r(-]>orter, " There ls serious dnn_er
that, the strike w.ll spread widely, it ia Im?
possible to appease uar men when they know
that tbs railruii'l wanpunies all over the oountry
an* divine ail io tbe Burlington. We are con
t m nu Hy Tn ic-, ipi af t. legrama showing thnt
tba man pa nba aro rendering tins aaaiatance and
lt is not in my passel or ths power "I any other
nm ti tn use NStB-lBt unless such thin;,', uro
At Ihe stock yards tVis moniln. , .v. T.filce
Fhure engineers refused to take a tram of Bur*
liii_tun cars from E-Uglewood to Bixteentb-at**
de. aring timi they would quit before tbej wonM
haul anything bearing tin- "Q" label The ears
cen*. ...|.-iiily remain at Eaglewi od. The Wabash
..-.ita'nm n refused to receive Burlington outa
wrhicfa were broughl to the yards ai Boot-et. The
switchmen employed by Ute Union Stock Ts rda
and I rei.-it Company, whleh ha* charge of nil
the switching si the yards abm decide, to-day
thal they wonM handle no Burlington ears.
Crairi <'i.i'i Wili-ii'M"!. of the Brakemen's
Brotherhood ivns summoned here by Chief Arthur
ve-1.-i.iv TL)' cause of this action \ .(* the fol?
io lng order Issued by thc Burlington read:
"To (-ouductota: As we ar.- t.k to open
ap .; i businrsa nnd will discontinue the running
.. rr will exp cl v<"' or one of your ?
me-, i. dhow tin nan* engineers the road winn
ii,.,., * ary."
Mr VViikinson said: "No member ?'. my or*
tin,:.,';. a .v.;i he allowed to do anvthing hut
? rnnti rfu tics I jun now going on ii,"
i v1. it there is in this report nnd look
?vet ih situation."
?D.*.' .HUH nv lill ll. WI li AM) I I.( KUM
-Al.lt ii 1,1, M*.('K To KM.IM-HY Si Vi BBB.
Dasvsa, CsL, Marat 7. ii>e atatba sn un- Bnriiaf
tm, ti. .ju khaaaSaan la astead ta thi Bagmtai sad
flrs-uii ii it, taa Ii iiv.r mel I lu Ol amie liviuli! \;-i'l*.
Kove.iU \toMg ol BttkBa sanslsjBsi bi ihe llnrtinBtna
tn tat* Kio ( rando tu trtnsfor tn tho treat Brrlrexl in tha
);.jel* this morning. Order* were lesucd to Uave the
cara switched but the engtreer on tho swltoh engine
I* ',n*,-.l tu touch thom. Anutlmr eugine *w aout out
after them with tie same re*ult. rho ears were
al-ai.aleaiie-a and the mian cay they will ii'.ilt work be?
fore they villi nu, ve them. Tho Burlington aoat out
thtse freight trains ami had twu In from Omaha.
Oai-sLu.g, UL, Maixh 7.--TU division ot tho Brother?
hood at alagaaot 'ia lia-io numbers about ono hundred and
thirty iiicwiai-ib ; ot tl,t> lieut herhood ol Plrumen aleout
tlio same number. Two ut tho engineers Lave re
tuiiied to the service of Um company. The eriitlnre-rs
say, In place of the 1<?? engineers who went out,
thirty new om** have fniion their places; twen'y-iwo
i.l taOOe ail- fi-.u tko Eh*1 ; twu of tliu*.r win. rviuin.-*!
I-, vieaik, anti Uta nili"i> arc m<-ii teem thc sin,ii*. Y-i
t '?" '? *??.- thi .i,_.r,,-c. Uv,a freight trains loll kort
esatwtrd h..1.1,1. oi ikote, three pnllei] back toad
ii.,! somewhat *ct.i<-)i-ii giigjneg. Toa -ui'-*! ra tht
Pe nit I ranc ,, ol ak , 1. one piiiivl La,-]; mm one burne!
al Knoxville. Tko Mg who its DUI a*hy iliat tko
hol'tr mailers at tina r-hops IOU thcia tlicv liiiva- fr..;,.
Hie "tilka.- Myan up lu to-day. bad to repair twelve
engines bumed by iii-- careletsnesa of the bow gaea,
I) vi-!,,ii Mi|'-i-lnr, iiil.-nt Riots claims that the cnmiiaiiv
I* doing po |i-t- c. ni of ib- laii-im** lt did before the
ii il i.e, even emiting In the Imotoose Ute stock tantcrly
done. H-- -riv* thal ill tin- new 'nen after a lew
trim, erm iieo toad, trill ta fun. ?-. c- mpete-nt a* Hie
OM m> ii '1. iv, llvo l:e.b-lit tnlilt went out of 00100
burg yestcrdaj.
Pit ia'ins sfoirk 7.?Another partv nf >t4)gjiieert
frt.iu tho aPMladeiphlt ami lP-adim; i:.tilioa.| passed
through HtUburg thia moralng on route tu L*hlcagi . to
na-.-.?;?! n iBUlona on Ute Uilcagv, Burlington und yidney
Halli ua-L
PE Louis, Ma nh 1 (.Niiee-la!).-Tag II url 1 nji t on Com?
pany appears to have tho bi*t of the fluid In and
around st Urala, Pii'-fcnscr trains all starred on time
tv day and Bra freight Hains vere sent out of Bott
r-t. Louis. -i'|,(v |:.*it BOOd OOgllieer. ami the 1
and Tonne) ougloeen refuse io touch Burlington
fri-i'icht ni'd the transfers me mode by master meehan*
Irs ami ioieiiieii. 'ilia' Wabash Hoad ls sending too
1 arlington pet/tsenger truin=* through to st. pct-,-, wit),
Burlington englneon ut ibo throttle, ami a strike ul
tag Hi ul lie hood un tho Wabash ls eXpOCtOd.
Tho hews tbiit 100 englaeeri aad tii'onicn on the
Chicago, Burlington and Northern liallruad stunk
jTettordta* iv.us regarded by railroad men In H,ls elly
who have btudii-,: lb,- tVettern situation as only sn?
ot b?r skirmish la tko war Iliat han fairly b.---n il ?
dared bel weet the united rallrtiada of tills country
and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Eng!neera. lt
waa) exp'-rtcil tiiat the **1rikr vv.iiilil ta exleinlcil to
oilier road* ami the railway ufBoera bon m preta Ita
bollol freely tba' engineer* of gevoral lines eonooctli ^
with ti,,- i blcago, iturllagton and Quiney system aili
(jilt iv,irk In it fwy days unless Un linrtberliuud 10
oodei irom Hs present position
A iiii'i-tiiiu' of Ike inemtora of Dlvltlon Ko. 118 of tbs
B otl erkood of Locomoilve nreaom waa bold y>tst>erday
nt Nu. Ho Boot (iiie-i,iiii(lnil-aii'l tw-'iity lifib-M., for
the purpose ol eonahkalug tko condition of atiairs with
n-L-riil t.> ih.- fiiemi-u o'l tho Chicago, Burlington anal
Quincy Luiiwj.y wini liavo Jollied Hie engineers on
ttiiko. lt waa unanimously resolved Uiat iMvlsion
No. 140 fully Intlcr*?-. the acllnn taken by Hie IrtatTata
on Ha' Clii'u:'), Burlington and Quincy, !n r*-fu?lng to
work vvii>i non-Brotherhood entdneera. It wr.s fiu-th,-r
resolved Iha! tko division should tessi at No. li" Boat
Ono-bundred aud-twenty-flfth-at. on sunday ajVii a m.,
ami prue.-.d in a body t-i Tammany Hull, tu toke
nari 1n and supporl ibe line of H'-tton which may bo
rb-tlned agu ' a-l ij nd a* tba me'i-tliii. Tba- dlx-|*lon COO
sl-ts ol SSg ?embers, ant! a lin ir** majority art) cm
ploy*! oa the elevated road la th* city. The
l'iriiialiiil' r work on Cm N'-.v-Yuik. Kow-Bapea
a'-! iii'-f-ri', Lil ln.n.i. 'ibe, >*aoetlag
las Ic and lhere w re over 100 members present
out of a'tutixl uf ?_--?*, xxUu lutiipiL-e the divi.iuii.
lat PEELlKG BETWEEN KN!';!!'!- ANT' KNclNE.T'.T'.r
riilliui.'ijaiiin. Moreh 7 (8j**eciaal).?John J. Mltutey,
who cain,: In,iii CkleafO to bring about a pOOOOOhle
lotti -iii- -nt of the strllo exi-etlug totWOOO tke Itroih'-t*
bood of I.iK-iinKiilve Baglaeeri and Ibo Knliihts of
Labor. >4*rowi>s| oul of the >B>eadtn| >R.aUroad ttiita ?)?'''!
today: "'la! fact ls the Leading road has heat
knighted tu d'.-ath. Tb-ro ls nu doubt th- KoJghta
cmjilov.'il on tl,at ?v.*"ni had a >*^>0rtotii oppottuolly
to i>':iji tb" adv ant .vs to t>e dt-i'lveil fiorn orgtalftlll
lal >.e, but they a).u?*.*<! their prlvllego. a bile I be o R
ie. i?,'ii orgaaliaHons, i mus! admit that I am greailj
disappointed with s-ino of tke leading Rnlghti whom
1 have .) in tat* city. I saqao kOOO BO sal t.-tn 'it tia
ciieii a >? ni'-,n,-nt ol the dlffloultiea existing totween
the two orgeBnltotlont, bul l bav,- tlmost oonoluded
that some ot tbe Knghta don't want to have peaea.
Mii-e i arrived In Ike city, i lave teen trying tn
determine jual kow many Brotherhood mon really did
ac e pi eposltiona vacated by Kn!ghi s on the Reading
?yat, in anil I have bini at.:'- to r,i::l lew so far." m
? .44.
li'l'E.ENXfKNT roNTLCL OP Till" COAf, V,V.]X.
I'biiaii'ijina. Morok "??a lotter from Oenera] Mat
tci- MoiKiiihi) i'ui.ii-iiv lu thia troek'i "Journal ot
i h.ti-d Lavot-," nodor ti.e caption! "Wko uv. ut tho
Coal Land-,'/" says I
i :, iv..:,-a- the propoaitlon thal ths ceni fla.1.1* ,,t Pena
srlvaiils I- - ? _? te ll ?- |- I'nited sa and
should la'- iijaeiai'd bv t >,- Eii, ? . - U I '? ? v -i u nn-nt foi
? tare ol the snide people. Ihe cea.l km--ni<i be dun
ul in i.kel at a i.e., price, n ahould iee- placed ai
?I ?? I.,,.; .f-v", m ?:, '-a i ll in- Ol 1 t - av llhiu
reoeh if all, and iiie-i" eould be tuna lur where pounds ara
bl Earlie now. xv H.. ?;i) *.-,?, thal rh.- - *r wai of ?- '
tiing r' . : ? ? te il"; eos! Bel 1* foein
ii,,,*,- wile, now abase ths powei ve'ri.-n rle; possession -.'
lieasurss ly. .i--; ana plsci ir. Utls lu nu: lyuvcin
? 1,1 li L t
Il AZ'.I. K'N.
Hail'tani, La-iiii., Wai'Ch 7 (Spcrlal).? The end of
tho groot Balnea**' .trike lu tala logion, wklek has
l,,*ti'l ubuul ayttX tOOUtfca, ls neat'. Out of tho 20,000
iii'-i! iv ho WOO* out ou still.o, nettly one hall are now
nt wurk ai<aln. All of Ibe 1-800 empluyes ul I
iiaiui A sheer hine ielinii,d lo Hoik; four fifths of
tho 2,ouo men employed by A, Lanie? A l'o., havo
iii,o lit tiiii-'al. .1. C. Hayden etr tn., a! Jeiiusv ill
uud Calvin Peedee A io., at Hollywood rosumed
i pe rn Ilona thia morning full handed. W. T. (hii-i ,v
Co., have resumed ai their t olroioe eolllertet. t oxo
Brothers A Ca, tbe mott exteotlvo opertiton In the
rei',on, employing 8,000 men ai their ranom roUlorlet.
? announced tb ir initiation ol rotUOalng doju
Mu;,la. morning
About uno kundrod n:en f|ult tko employ of tbe
Nev. ark Sn-el Vorkg yestcnlny momlog, because tho
llini would nut order 1*011X0!tn John lassldy to dls
Bkarge a man whom he ktd l-l_t?-?*<l at a n.llliii* nilli.
Thc strikers, lt Is claimed by the firm, only number
forty, but their helpers aro thrown out of work In eon
?seijuenco. 'ihiaso Wko wi'iil ult elcilai* that the four
fcoadred men rn ployed In Ihe workt all bolong tn tho
Amn!."iii!hi. ,l BtOOl Workers' SoOlOtjr, a branch of
which was formed la Newark some months 040, but
tke Brm deny tko! any bal rh-- st ri kora belong to that
Drganlcotton Arbitration ha* bee-n declined liv tho
Brm, but four roting mill*, ar.r, and If thia striken
Ho not totara to work luiiaj, omer mon will bo cul?
pin, a- L
-ay -
At tkg animal nioeiliig of the laval Lrole-tive
Assteciallon of I Ipar Manufacturer* of Now-Veirk, In
tho Fifth Avenue Hotel, lani nlpbt, Ldwaxd Hi-vuimi
wa*: rc OlaeteOd piesldcnt, I rank ilc( oy, Armanel Levy
and Alrabam l.'a.senihal wino elecied dlri*ctors fair
Ihioo yean* ami tho follnwluia: 'jllieeia chiiien for Ibo
ensuing year: Vii I prc.-idc.11i, Emil Seldi-nlmrn , treat
ut-er, frodriek A. fm*, lt -waa roportod by Morris
*,. VIVO, that clr'.n u.iiii'i.i. 11 .i.-lilnt-ry luirodu, t-d
tliiriiiK iho last year mu aatlUaod tu make a mtrfcod
okoago lu tko nlatioaa ol tko tioaaftelaioii ami their
won.m.-ii amt that answers to a olroolar letioi tami u>
tho leaellng cigar niaiiulactun-rs of the Lu.lcd gtotett
ikOWOd that two thirds wen) In favor of molal Og Ita
Internal r.venuo tax on cU'aiS. Karh liianti
faa'luier whoso factory ts on tirlko ls flithllug his own
haiti? and tho a-*soclattun will take no cou.l-l
tv-liou. Kosolutlons were pas*od BTflag Caa,'???
to adopt that portion of the Levl-i.nl Taillf bill which
1,1 wi'lcs fur a uiiiloini lax un ai! Imisirted tubaeco
and tia-uouriiciii'.' tko taturday HoU-taUaay act of tho
*s.-w York Mal? LeglBlByturO o? luipi ae'tlcal'le ami iii
judon* to Ibo Coiiiim-i-a lal Inton-sts of the j-.?.,j.I.-.
Tlio tax resolutions wac- focw snl.-l to the Msy* and
Means ia.nm.itt-e and tho half holiday protest lent to
Her liejlilejiit ul tho benalo and gpoaOOf il tho As
Kaufman * Hondy h*v? closed Ih'-lr factory fur
two wt- a*, throwlag oat au ot Uattr wtctriaxaa.
Il MIUA.Maieli 7 <r-|)C('llll>.-Madame Ma?]]e*ka, who
appeared tl tkt MtrllfH Avenue Theatre this i-v-.-u
lag mel willi a severe lu*ri by Aro lo day. Hie
played at lilugliaaaiwi i**t algkl anti after Ike p.-r
f-eiiiiaiii e, ber mai.I paaaad th- wanlrot..- of Ita BO
tri- -, in ri willi w biiinp--t ami it XX?* ahlp|.'l tu Hill
elf.. Wla-ii UM bOOigin woyi luaieii ftaalii tb- | |
1 ai it wa- iii II.11 ne*. r*, ,1 , il '.a*li\ il,' 1001 1 Kl .- ie r
articles -were doatioyed, The inanl. Il li said
smoking i el ga ret le while parking ita boniuur ami let
a spark fall among ih'- .|,.-__-. w lu,-h bring las
Hg Irt I' ? -.'-a rbi.-I.-.I 1 ]| l|,-\ raiiiei ll, col.lacl With till*
ali and lien kiiidl.-d lol,, a kaBaaX
< III- A".aa. Mai- 'h 7. 'lb-- luina . ,f ?' 1 tl-' 'I lilies" I- tbl*
liioriiltiir p-dineil to lim-.ni ? , oxi cpi fur UM -miimIiv
e-itlt inn Wbllli Will ls- t" <? c.-iit- a* hri-etul.u- This
ekatagOi wi'b oib-is. wa* .1,, ni, ,1 ii|h,i, mole i baa t wu
UK Hil ll*- il|_'aa. W|l"U lll'W !\|.- Ullel BA* ptl-V \'. , I f
urucn il ami ot hoi pJiiiia laal lui iua>io-d Itqaiar tass ola
There can now he no doubt that tho Buresu of
n .liding, will enforce tho late, t lu ivs governing
them rv construction in the rehulldlng of tho
Union SqBBN Theatre. Last Snturdiiy the Mayor
forwarded to Henry D. 1'urn-y, psssMaStt sf the
Fire Dcjjurtm.-iit, a letter from C. Barnard, of Ka if
fhn! hnndrtfl sbA I ii anij aa i anth slit fm%BBBa**%\
Bintinst tbs restoration of tlie burned t lieut rn. Ti'0
Tiro Department, instructed Kii|>erintend, nt
D'Ocnch to make a pSBMBBl Inspection of the tlie
atrc walls, etc. Mb D'Ocnch yesterday made his
report to Ptssidsnl I *ur_oy. It is in substance as
fol Iowa:
TIM walls lt.,-l..sln? th* su-'lto. um ure IBeat sixty feet
hi?*h and abeva tiie IiaaSstlsa 'bo* t __efeaaa_ of twenty.
sl\t?-'n amt tts-elve 1n.li. ta. Thsy are built of brleii Ini?
la limo morts--. 'iho . ,tin_atl.>ti walls ar** of atna BBS
brick an"! whero lt lu pomilble to mea.su. . them they shew
a B-Maass of twenty-futir inches. Thea* walls seem
originally to hsvs tx en tiullt tnt same other purj.'se thsn
tim u*? nf a theatre, betas full of rue . recesses, and win?
dow oi*-nlt,R?, Hm majority of the window openings, hew
aver, t*!i,g bttoksd.es. There is nuthinf iMasgsassss
al-aiut the walls. They sre not g.1 S#W, n.n-r were,
and ahould Bet have beea used as the malo walls pf I
th.-atr... 'ile / ar., i.f in*u(T)rl?ttt thlrkncsH, and devoid of
all bu Urea *..??. They should BSISI BBSS d'.ne tho duty
liny so lung partmaaSi and should not now be its?d ug.i!n.
tn wh..l? or lu part, ci cu if . tie,,gt lien.-1 by lining or
Tho proscenium wall likewise ls but n very flimby con?
strued, n, l> ling a'aotit twelyu Inch., uml partly f"iir Iticli-s
thick n,..\.i ih.i BUp.i level, tim fa.tir- Inch-1 h I < li part being
n.r. ly a Breptoef lining lu front of tbs wooden truss hut
tins proscenium, opening. Tho bialcony and Kallery havo
been So -MC. bsjeied as to P_|-iN rebsUdlng, Nothing
remains of tim auditorium roof. Tho only p.rt of tim
tatilldlng escaping complete destruction Ih ibe *tn_o, an']
UUl ls tho smaller portion of (Ik- structure. It seems to
EiO that tho building BM beea .nu.,,iv il. ?'-,,>. 1 mud IkM
If the tiicatri* ls to bi! ieliuilt ll t-hould be r> a .instructed in
Cenf.armity ulth UM provision-, of MCtlsa 5A)0 of thu build?
ing laws.
In conversation with a " Trllauno'* reporter, Mr.
D'Oeneh supplemented tins report with aa eaa
phntieitlly es pressed persona] wi. h that the arbole
thpatre might ho rebuilt from tba ground up.
Said he :
Toft much core cann at be taken In building theatres,
and as I take a particular liit?re>>t In seeing them made
Kitts, I i-liall do everything in my power to carrv .nt
UM law. 1 would even go further than Um pre.*.nt law,
for it still permits wooden galleries and leets lins
si...ull be changed.
The Fire Commissioners have not taken anion
on the report* and no plans have bean submitted
to tbs liuiiding Bureau hy tbs proprietors of tbs
theatre; bul as already stated, the course of notion
tn lie tatben by the authorities cannot be doubted.
(harl.s P. Palmer, one of tbs namers of iho
Union Siiuare Theatre and Morton Uonss, anidl
I havo feat teeelTad an seeeaat of Superlntandent
TV Oeneh'a report, and I think lt exttetn. ly prejii'liaed
and unfair, and In some Instancen It ls absolutely Incorrect.
Ile states ? Hie bile,ny ind gallery have been so taasl
bijured _? to require 9tak\wtBt rebuilding,.** This la i.a.t
S", aa any (>n? caa a. . tiy going Into UM th- utro and
looking for himself. Again ho says, "Tho proseoiiliim
wall ls s very flimsy coiiatnicUon.1* Well, lt wa* put
up under hi" laspeetfSS^ and " flimsy*' though ho calls
lt, ?stryihltig b- Mild lt was saved. Nor ls he correct
about the thickness of tho wads. As far ivs their safety
|SSI aa havo tia** opltii.an of the best esp. rta that tiny
sre uninjured sud sudclenUy strong. k'urtunately, Mr.
Ii'Uuiirb'i opiiilnii doesn't _ettle mutters. If hu refuses
to sanction our plans sn ?p| .al ta tie* Mechanlca Cotn
u.itw.i, asBSIMSsS "f thr e members. Their d- c-Jort ls flnal.
ILF. of Tin lit SttWBBAQB BTSTB-l.
Wiusibotub, DeL, Ifareh 7 (Speebd).?lbs
I--\y Court of NswOBStls County, which ls a court
of in st resort*, wt to-day in this city to rseeies
npplieatinns for assessment on the [xirt of those.
Wilmington voters who were overlooked hy tbs
assessou in 1 ic.inti-r, or ayers BsfBsed hy lbs
Bssissiin ut tbs City Ball, sttting la KbraBiy.
The court hus S"t ssids six days for this purpose,
three, this week nnd three the next To-dny BBS
tbs first of tho session and fully 200 voters from
tbs Ninth sud toe Twelfth Wards presented them?
selves. The sonrl was In session flea hours and as
Beaned tm nty -i* pi mons. The eourt is composed "f
eleven mn, exclusively Democrats, arbo belong
to the Gray ruction ol that party, sritb two ajt*
lal,tmus. -Werai ol them had expressed them?
selves us shocked and shamed al the outrages
ia .nu, uti. ai .ii the City Hall n month ugo, und the
people i? le v? d that bb honest eilmi would ho
m.oi.. to assess tbe voters. Tootsy's srork has
dispelled the expectation* All sorta of dilatory
questions wen- pul to the applicant*, At the
nate of to-day's work only about ij<) men will
be bbb rear tl bj iln.un. and the rest of the 8,ono
Republicans still unasss-sscd here will bs debarred
from voting tor mi',Uni .var. Tba assessors havs
I.ii i.ii * t .ti- on the names of fictitious persons
instead of assessing th, sotnal voters Out of a
list of 741) ttepubllcana mads by ons assessor lor
1 ,*m~i7, it was found tliat :,iii had no wsiatfiniw St
all. Several hud hen (l.-id f.,r Tatra, and t*-n
preta known to nave moved out of th., eity four
fears seo Ths Levi Conn accepted this list
and i'i"! foe lt. nor ls any uttL-mi>t being mada
lo loo_ iii lo the matter.
wi' T'i'i LOW BBIBOS A iiKrrrii tYBBBB.
Tuon. N. Y. Mareh 7, (Si.-cl.li.?The iyti.ic.u- heud
-. t.v Warner Miller and ex-liovemor bu ni re, raised
?linc,ist.) cash willi Whloh to Luin'Iis_(* Aiul run tie*
toinln.'ton Armory. The claims of various eic' ana
>f the eorporatlOB of rc. newington a i-oiis. ann,ir <
n -&__, value to SOo.lKni more Win BSBlgaSd to a a
iiittoo for tho t?ui-i!hi_o ol atOSft In a couipany ls be
oi med bf tho svndlcato. Thus, the total iubsorlptiou
ii the brief time allowed for preparatloa bafora the <-*i"
.o-tl.iy aiuoiiiile.l to about I. I'oV.OOO. A' tho tale tho
ijnillcate only bid uti tho price of the works to BtBBr
?(..) aud allowed Daitlei .v (Jiahani tu make thc
aui-liaso at lust ff-i ->.(. i0. 'Ihi- urln.-iiial reason for
llluu.na tho purebase lo bo matin at so low a fliiuro
i _* lhat Hartley ,v (,rahaju TiattSital wioto a letter
.. the Byndleate acreelai sabataa-lally that u thai
itioiild secure the woil.s tba) would run tie rn
u good Im'ii ami not dismantle the works not BM
bineiy eaeent io subntiiiiio fur li oihtu- Intsceved
ii a<'lr. ie-rv.
Bj -??nator Miller and ex-Governor I* .nlre, having
ute. ai..,! UteB>?elves prlmarllr to secure, this o.Ject.
Sit lui, OU WbOU 111'' ball Of H_[ll>'.V <t (al -illllll n-iK-l,.*i
Htoo.OOO, whleh wv ti.- arise tte- issslvsra hail atated
o tlio Court thar believed thor could obtain for the
property If the court should ord?r a reaal>'. 1 he MSM
kl the lil-.! asia l...\liial Instil only *1,"/_,_'"?, lt will '?*
i".a; thm th- eie.iitnrs of Kcnilngton _ -jons will r>
c.lvo abont aaa third more money than they would
iavo ilolil. haU tho Ural salo ba-eD tontli iiictl bi ibo
?)F HIS) M*. KY.
Tw.) men railed a, mgting Her,_i,,?arteri ls*i -SOB*
lng fur Information ss to the proiK-r course to bo
taken WmBm a parson dies Issuing a large amount of
monal nblsb eaaaot bs baad it was Issrssd that
tho i-noii who bad died -a^ Captain Joim Havan,
who lor IBs larat forty Je-r? ha- Ix^-n a faiullier
OfUra In this city. For years h- him VBUdBTSdthrouftb
this city with a pack of brnoms ui>oti his back pad?
dling t)M-ni. Ba Mmt SB Tu. .day, at No. SUS West
Tbirte-inti st., from IflTfteiJ. caused by rn rupture
af s blood vessel In tho brain. Ho was over eighty
yeiu. of agc- and eases etlglaal|| from Karmln^t"".
Ma.-s. Ho lt saul tu havo been sn Intllnsto friend
Bf John Kelly, years SfO. 1|,- hoarded up his money.
dei.j ;i.ti i. tn-if even n,.- aoaaaaes soosaattlni of ufo.
Lasl Iplins Ms son died, leaving him #V*',(?(?), but
Be veal oa Tn ins s_laarl| caner s_ formerly. Dn
liiinta. of No, BB Jsita.-s si , w?_ omllrd lu to loo
tbe old ii.an last weet am ,i!,| wha, tm, ,.???,- (?, him.
bul he (1...1 (in Tm.day. \i'h?t ha. become of his
m.,1.. v u put !,?,,-< ii Mes. -ebnaelwrg. hu laadladv.
Staled ln.t evening thill she thought TU) she wi,nhl
have to bury tbe ( -ptain, but finally admitted thst
shoiil >?i ""'? bad te. n found. In his elTects. Bbs ro
f ed to answer (pi-stlou* and -.-fenvd every one
to bar lawjrnr.
'li, l.oli.'e of IBS liial.iy eighth Kfre,.| |>?|?,(, -.tatliin
rani ried la Iha I an bsi*i ..nie,, yessmiday, the anlesia
nf Hai'hel mara, ago twenty,,,, u Nu ,?1 -_?-t
Klghtleth kt. Hbo bad boen oouneotwl u,lh ninny
pl.. nilli, -ni li.-l.t.-w iMiiovoletit aaaMtsa, and w_r, a bald
and em i gel le wi.rker. I'm sa,mr monlhs lbs hid c>f
IBM I fe (ii Bteleaeholia Hie family', |_,i I,i,|ie wa?
lo lead tbe iii.i.i.' wau.aii to an im i,.. ii Mum Tut
i. 'la. ber nu,thor found ber hanging i0 th*i door of
Ibu dining i. i>iu.
obam).dm, pmsc. WllilISM TWtCIB Tua
WI .!> WANI>__ri>-_li.._Dl. S OF
Nu IF Flt A CV.
BBBUW, Mnrrh 7?The Emperor of Germany
vt-ns said to be dying at 7 p. tu. to-day. The a'>
acnt m-mheni 0. hil family were immedintely
telegraphed for mid the BoBdesmtb waa summoned
for an extraordinary silting. At 0 o'clock t.o
Emperor pnrtook of a .light nourishment, and an
hour inter, notwithstanding his frmMimcnB. showed
signs of rallying.
At midnight the ag"<l monarch waa nn better.
Ile talked a little in the evening with his aids*
d.-eainp, but his mind wand-red somewhat. It
is stated that lt ls. lmpna.sil.le to administer
remedies, and that his ree.,very depends SpOD
bis rccu-lenitive power. Another (Stating (lt would
probably prove fatal. Ile Ls now in an almost
comatose, state.
On Sitt'irday tlie Emperor caught, cold and waa
confined to his bed. A baHetlfl was issued on
Sunday savins that his illne>-: w.is alight, but tliat
his physicians had advised him to kc-p his room
for several days. His Bleep was much broken,
and the doctors prescribed injections of morphine.
Thi- morning the ? Reichsaagei" publisher]
tbe following bull, lin ilgsed by thc palBOS phy?
" To the penernl symptoms of cid which have
affected the Emperor since Saturday, together
with nn affection of the mucous membrane of
tbe throat and Irritation of th.- membrane of tbe
eyelids, have been added during thc past few dnys
painful abdominal disorders, which have occurred
frequently _ine. yesterday. The Emperor's ap?
petite bas materially diminished, owing to which
there bas been a marked decrease in his StrSBgth."
The royal patient was restleaa Inst nif-Iifc up to
2 o'clock, when be f, ll Into a deep shep, fr. tn
which be did not waka until 3:30 this afternoon.
His condition was unsatisfactory and I'r.nce Ilis
narek was sent for. The Emperor took snme
nourishment and for a willie appeared to mst
easily, but at 4 o'clock he suffered a serious re
laps-. Prince William, Trinee Risman?_, ('..nut
Von Moltko and tho court physician were then
it bis bedside. The Chancellor immediately 1. ft
the palace to convene a meeting of the UinistCTB
Af thc s.ssi,,n of the Budget Committee late In
thc afternoon, Count Von Sch dlendorf, Minister
of War, referring to tlie Emperor's illnesg, said
lhat thero was no Immediate danger. It It r_
pnrtcd that the closing of the Reichstag will be
postponed until there ls some decided change in
the patient's condition.
Fnncc William remained nt, his grandfptlicr's
bedside a quarter of an hour. Before having
the palana Princess William visited the Empress.
lids evening th-1 first rtory tf the pallico, W-BBN
the Emperor's bedroom !< litnsted, wns all lighted
up. A constant tdvonrn of military men nnd ('...>.?
ernment officials p'is-;e._ \,\ and out. Uaa street
in front of thc ral.icc wns kepi pei-fL-eily quiet.
Late to-iiii'ht, the r*np.T"r Baked fer food, and
on partaking of it felt refreshed. The members
of the Ministry of tlie Imperial House wero in
attendance dining the night, and Hie telephone
to Potsdam was kept oi>> n. It ls state] tliat In
addition to the kidney affection, the Emperor
ls also suffering from Intense psta due to inflam?
mation of the part, affected by the rupture which
he suffered some time aro. It lias been found
tHnt the morphia administered to alleviate the
pain ls too much for bis strength and has a bad
effect upon hts appetite. Ihe Injections of the
drug will Therefiire bs discontinued, Doctors
von Latter nnd Leut'i dd do not lenvo thc Km?
peror an instant. _ 'io rn-ntest excitement pre?
vailed in the Pnliicc all day, but to the general
publio llttlo was known until toward evening.
Among the various reports sent abroad wns one
fjiat Inst night the Emperor had a serious faintitiR
flt, th" second in the emir-.- of his pr. sent illness
After midlnght he lay In a heavy Btupo .from which
tbe doctors were unable to rouse him to admin?
ister food. Jin' BttendantS In the RsL-flS have
been anxious for several days on acoounl cf ths
Lm|reroi''_ rapidly declining strength.
The Grand Duchess of Baden, the Emiveror's
daughter and her husband, nnd the Crown Prin?
cess of Swchii, the Emperor's granddaughter,
have been telegraphed f"r, nnd trill arrive hera
in the morning.
Iltlil'AKI.NO TO OT. PA IT r BOM SAM Kk.Mi), All HOL lill
i nhi ron tuAviii..
Fan* RBaWOi March T.?Tbs Crown Prince bas
passed a good day. It is ona..ted that, in oonss
mienco of tho illness of tin- Emperor he will
tither return Immediately tn Berlin or gc to toms
plans in (J.in,any, Botwlthstanding Hie fact that
he is as yet unlit for travel. I'r. Hr. mann de
partad la-night. PrlnOS Henry Han*; tor Berlin
p-ssorrow. It ls repotted that preparations ari?
being made foi the departure of the wholo family.
Of hllilU'.T AT Till' -SH Nt'.WS.
'I he (lennans an- always distinguished liv their
wann li.ve ior the Fatherland, and Bosons UM Her?
mans in this city, hi. li and low, rich ami poor?
everywhere except BtOOOg the inuigntf-OSnt and
Inconsiderable mimi .r of Anarchists and Social
lstB?a profound Impffasslon srascreated yesterday
by the news ihit cd KalMI Wiln.uu wu af
death's door. At tho clubs and B-SSWhSM wlnr
i;.Minali eiii-eiis met u faraisbsd ihe ganami ionic
of conversation. Kv ry tv hero the old EmpSTOC WM
meutlonad with rsspaoL and often with warm af?
fection. No min, perhasa.lS better una.dm I to
voice tim fi eli ,g* ot intelllg*-1-* ticni'ims on the
. 111-J ciihaii Wt.l'.un -itemwsr, the piano mano
fu< inrer and areal leal ot ihe LiederkraDS ( inn.
? Ho far in I can judge, i?- said, tli.- Germans In
thia city havo a feeling of 0>eep
veneration aud wann n surd fur i-in
pSSM ' Williuin, beCBBBS BB ls t* pin1 uj?
right und Just uu'Ui?r,'h, who has nm.le Ulta toter*
sots of bia country his chief eoneern. It nuglit
wall be biiid .,f him tl'iit be ih 'every inch a kinif,
and is worthy Wing, who him enshrined himself Ul
th.- h.-ariH of bia subjects 1 Bl.I within thirty
feet of him at the Sedan llinidn In I BBS. Ile was
then eighty-nine y.ur_ old bul fur hours he ml
snot mi hi- hom.., a magnifloeal specimen of hardy
..ld age. Though the -.nows of ulut. r arvie Uncle
on his head, bin cheek- were act nally red arith Ul?
rich blood of viKoroiiH health. I e,,.||i| n..t hell
thinking what a cont, is' he offered to tunny New*
Y..rk I.a,mn. ms men who were t.-n ni).I tueiily fBBH
younger than lie. , I
" Emt .In'-, he became Emperor of a I nlted
(iennany tba Orman Club of tin* city baa cei>
brated H1h birthday, and at each celebration i..r
the lani ow. yara we 1mm- Baked i
Miselvas, with sm.- forebodinfs: Snail
we Ik- able to pUdge his beatth on hi* birthday ,
neat y._r I* ls art um pgobsMl tb-*1 *--*r ?**?*?*' ot''?" J
brutton will be indeed the last. Alreniy In the
club preparations for celebrating hi*, ninety-second
birthday on the 22d of this month had been
talked about It i.s certain thut his death will
cause genuine regret and sorrow among the Ger?
man* lu thia city, and without doubt they will
unite) to te'Mify in some fitting way their oppreoio
tlon of Ms character."
At tho German Club. No. 13 West, Twenty
fourthaagt, I'liilip li; ss in g,.r, Ar.tnn Muscle and
apttara spoke to the s.nii-- .?!.. Ot attar] nt th- I.icbr
kran>- nml Arlvn C'lul.s the reporl.-r h?-ar,l similur
expra-ssiuns of feeling.
contf.rf,xce at Tim qwmrm f.utussy.
1/ ndon. Murch 7.? -Jiieen Vietm-ln and the Prince
of Willes lillie sa-nt tili'.riims to Ite-rlm asking- f,.r
tin- late-st news n-iriir-linii tin* Emperor's condition.
Tlie lieriiiiin I.iiil.u.ssy here hus nut jet received
ofliciiil notification of the F.inparor's serious eon
(lit it,ti. The 1'rince of Willes, neeoiiiiianie'd by
Count Herbert Itismnrcit, went to the Embassy at
7:80 o'oloek this evening and n-manu-ii in enn
ferenoe nit li Count von ll.it/f, Mt for half an h-mr.
Tin- (Jr.iiii! l)nl.e of Meeki, ulm ria* Schwerin was
?'lniiit'el to tin- Interview and left with tba- I'rine.o
of Wiibs. Count von lint/frl-lt il.-,Iii,es to say
more than that tho astra fr-im Berlin coiiecriii.ig
the Em-n-rur is of n Benoni* character.
BBB!.]!*. Mareil 7.?The Hourse cln<*oil weak to?
day, owing li) the condition of the Enptrot. Hat
Bnanelal advices fr,,ni Kassia aiso ailded a bad
effect, to the market. 1'nssian securities dropped
1 per cert. Roubles closed at 1G?.20 and ex
chani-'e on St. fcteigburg at I gi, tither foreiirn
s. ni ties receded ."> -8 per cut. PHvate diaoount
was thiner nt 1 M-l.
Vienna, March 7.?The "Ron rsc he-re- to-duv wns
di.stiitbetl anti depress'tl. ll.,mo funds closed at
;i i. aliii'tivii of !-'. per cent. Anvlo-Austrlan
I timk shur-s nnd Au*t: i-m Credit lor*t 2 llorius
catii unii l.,iniiiu:<ls uni I>mbergg l florin eaeh.
Parla, March 7.?l.iir_re orders to sell internn
t i,,na! tecuiitieg fro-n foreign l-oiirvs cuuxed a
general fall on Ute Puris Bknirte. Titre*, per cent
r-ntes for money closed IS centimes lower and 3
i"-r cent rentes for the account. 2'A centimes lower.
Ottoman Hunk f.'ll l franc 2.', nrntlnurfl. Lom
hardt 2 franca BO centimes, E*grjrptlan 1'nifled 2
finti'-s 50 eeiiilnies, Spanish, RuaWian nml Ifiinirn
?iin securities ?'( 1 per cent each, Suez Canal 10
frillies, and Rio Tinton 21 fiancs. Panama
t'.itiril shall.S Hero. boll",llt largely, uild POSS 13
Odessa, Mareil 7.?Tlie shipment, of freight by
the stilisitli/eil Ulrick S.-a Sr,:imshli) Cotn;iany has
been snsjve-nilerl ail'l nnh-l's have laci'ii jrlven tn flt
out imiiieiliiUily tlie steamers of iho lim. for ivar
John BBJOBT and loud fiA!;iivi,Tox n ITS atti-ck
I.oM.oy, Morok 7.?A Batter from John Ilrleht wa*
read at a reeopttoa to Lord BOrttagtoa at Ipswich this
evealog. Mr. Brtgkt reminded th* Uberal party that
tho OInd*;ttinlans hui-* great sympathy for dltloyal
Irish leodora and for priests wko forget that their true
mission ls one of poaoe, nut of violence-. Hut they say
nothing In b.'hnlf of humbler men Imprisoned for
offences Inelted by gontlemeo distortion of the pea.ee.
Tho seveiliy of tlc punishment Inilii'tcil for common
offences lo England is far bey und thc s.-vrity of tho
setitenti-s of Um uieii wbote vviitinKs and ipeockea havo
etuied the leiToi-Kiii, boyeotUog ontragea aud gwutatgi
thnt hove 'Ii-.'-h- i-i! Ireland and ikoeked mankind dur
Ing ile- last seven ya .i s. Barely lo all modi-t-u history
lhere ls no Instance nt humiliation so irieut oh that to
xx I,!. Ft the bulk of tho lab.-,-als have been r>-duce,| by
blindly (ollowlng a leader w i,o, toward the close of a
groot earner, baa committed the grtovooa error nf
adopting a pulu'} tu win, h ino cullin iy will OOVOC cuu
I ...rd BartlOgtoa, tn a ?Tace-ch. cn,derided thal the
nalonltta bad every reason lor congratulation. 'Iheir
Increasing strength, he Bald, would .-naiaio tiiem to
malii'aln fh"lr opposition to Hie ilam-emus and di*i
hnneat lehemei of the lilsd ronlans, He (k-eltred thett
Mr. (Hadstone ha* r.eew ogauly i.uiiute.l rlolenoo anil
dlshonetty tn Ireland.
Londoo, Mareh 7.- O-nut Berberl Dlsmareli is iio
troih'd to I r. lal iv- of tho Marquis oi LuuJuiniiiy,
lau.I Eie'iii.ii.iiii nf n-eiaiiil.
li.a'lin, Marci, 7-I.anni lei-dinand BfOktoaat, I'm
f- - -r of Ooology iii tko Bertie Poltortlty, and a
fain,'i.s rhine*.: explorer 1* de-iid, ace Ilffy-livo. His
publlCeBetloot un ( lui,a a,.- ,.'. bigk valno.
ni:: biro of BAt.TTMoltl BROW! taievtiiil'i. Oil
Ai.lt.iNV, Man h 7 y-p-clal).?yMihuttgh l.i< u!--i!.'i,t
Govcrnor Jonea I* a member itt tke c.,mu. ii.',* on
Public Buildlnga, he tppeort to know a>4 little gbeuf
Ike duties anv powers of that b,?'.-. us Jacob sharp Aid
ui the aifaiis of tho Broadway lailrood, Ur.*Jonoa
wa., bcfuiu the Wily* ai.il M ans C.minina'.* ^,'e a. .
mhi'i, but littb- aatUroaCtloa "a-* obtaiaed fn.m him.
Ho said thai ho li id never BttendeMl a Dueling ot th"
bumd, and that n,yiie had been h. l-l si.-icv ho b.-i-aui'.)
il Iii.'iubi-r Of U i.i 1-s.-,, Hf, Hiiiuiliull aaaked iillli gOOM
(pi.atiuiis, tko MMWOCB to wh I eli shuvvo-l that tJu* OOV
amor uovtr tolled a Bigoting uf thc ii'iaid iu euaaldat
ol' pott upon tOO oxp.'inlll iip-.s.
Mr. lliiiiiil'un Hu yuii ihlnk that this ls a propel
way fur Ike booid to du Us dut) 1
- No, i don't," blushingly and meekly irMponded
thO lyla III, llillll (JUI'llllJUl-.
Mi. Uauiliton iiu yuu th;nh iha' tko Intoreata uf
the peoplo eau bo ooai Ciiiiiid out by this kimi ol
an iii-- I
Mr. Junee?Tbe stature mnhe no pruvlslotis fur tko
tin,a; of Ho mooting of tbe Boetrd or lu dulles, hui u
Ll SUpPOSeBd IU lleeaU U'Uill Jill-- tU 11111*).
Mc. f..'i.-a han I'ii von ciin-lele'i- thal tbe sup. ,-tnren
ik-ut of tb-: ( apilul hail th I potTOr tu put un u dolli, s I
Mi- .E.H's laugrUyj k'uuoooai io oe uai'pius' un y, ? aa
tiona ul opinions.
Hr. H.aiuilluii I Object to rbis Hue gf eT-iulna ',,n.
Mr. June?i don't uiijint tu BUBweting any gueo
tion.a. i don't tran! i-> ttl a oploloao.
"Thal li i.i. '. mU Qeaertl llnrt.-d in hi*
ixroete*l vi.r-, and Mr. Jnu.?, with .1 goree Iuuli ai
As?in1 lyiii.-n sheehan harried um of the rooat,
lli'luie Uat bal.ie.' ' oil. lin 1 I. t* Wei*; (j.-u.lill? VA'lngttlt
and l'a-eitei, in bari ali vi ll") bill to turn tho (.ii*i*liiiuur
rifle liing,' over io the Mut" br tko usa m toe Bottooal
(?na d. lt aili ev,1 *2u,' is. lu put tko rang.; In the)
proper Condition f'yi Ike OM ol ilia- MiUtlO, and au
animal e.\|ie-udli.Uio uf ubnllt alii,DOO lo keep lt So.
A fire nsiiltl,!*" bron a child's play oamo war
eaottog lo.ss uf life aa the tup iiuur of iho Bvt story
In.ivv uituiie tlai house, No. :;;I4 Klghih ave, jerst.'i
? lay. In tho iroiil top Hal lives a Mrs. Doyle with hor
hnttend ai,J da'ightor fiVxreooe, *_,?? tom-. Tho child
n.-nt Inro tho al lc ho a *ml bOgBB to pokB straws and
bits (af poper imo tho taaaa. Wklle Uuia tngagjed tho
*.-i gre te, iiu* iiua.r. la a Ita tttMBeata tho kitchen
,v as oMetOO and sli? ran lulu the prlvaM hall uf the Hat
irreanilni (or irip- Her ttoete, J a mea Orokoat, a
clerk in tko Hotel lirautwlok, heuid her cry
sud ran tluungb the urning roon- into tht bininu,.
kitchen to grope wildly aooaii lu s-an-h of tho girl
il,,? chu.i'i screaiiLS had bea.n k-Miid alan by Mis*
li.,s,? Martin, wi,,, lived on tho fourth iiuor. Miss
Martin ran np Italrt, opwoeA the door uf tlio pr! 1 ate
hall and i-auglit up tho ekIW In her arm*. The child
had been bunted lerlously aba.iit tlia? fa-e and hands
and ber goladea euri* hui boen barned elooe to her
head foung lirahruii was slid In tho Utchee shoiit>
lng ?? i'lnp-iice, where ero yoat" Mus Marun, called
to him thal the Child HiVi saf). He mai,aired to not
?* - hall afa*i h'* hod boen bnrn-d icilously
about bia head am! limbs. I'm men exitiu^'lala'd th.,
itam-s ofter then' had la-en 1- Ivs,* "f about ?1,000,
Vuuk i.ial am wan tofceB to 'I") New-Vorli HuSpItaA.
II.' gad UM child will mciver.
Basso*,W, H.. Itareh 7.-TU,) so.siuoscopo at the
m.-!, ,,i,,I,..-'cal offlce here li.diiaie* the ggtiirraaoa of
an .? u'li'i'iiii." bel weer 0 tag 7 o-eloeh un night, lt
aaa ol Maori ihiraitvii. Wllk ? aUnt vibratory movo
""p.videiia Tal., March 7.-AD rarfl nu.'ibe iva* felt
? .. o'clock Ik ? ".''"?' Brick building* wuro
?.halv-ii bul no danit.'.- ??- 00110
I,,. \n-,i, * ? 0-, Matrch 7.? An earthqooko wag Ml
hen to-day. being f.ivorest ?tr elibteooyasn,
N'o dntiia-- wm dorie, but hou-set wei-.- bailly Shalu-n and
people ran in'', tke ttreeli la Bigka
Focr coiniil il . MEt AOMSRD 'Poy.
ti,,- upp.,*iM)u to ike paau har 'he isjxwgatflaatlagi oi
l|,o i I.. -;e|a. ile- :u?! ohio lia |WO| ba* OglWOd Upon Hie
name, uf lour ni*->iiil)-'rri nut uf I lin coiiiiiili'eo of five
recent!" atlil^orited Tko I. irei iillliain Hiraiisa,
who calbel th. tn-etliiK tad bt* tho appulutin.-sit of
Ike committee ; I ktriOl OtUBOl, Wlillam ll Vonna.; am!
i . w. Ilranck 'I'b') vuciiucy is ezpeetod to be '11 !?-*! b)
a r. iai...'iit.i'iv-a- of loreign btadars ol Ott tocwrttleo.
lt nj. sail ye-ieiilai teat Hu- lU'lnci;.*!" upi t*l!!vii tu
tke sXi?||,ata- plan MOM fivm lb-- c)n,s II and UM
ciil'iciicv t.'iiil*. .ucl I hal ,v ei hvo un il lani of I hrso
l-tfiiij- tod i-rlua-a-l tv agjee to iii- plan.
Sphin.,hi i d, .Tass., March 7.-The new offlce
of "Ths Evening Union'' waa burned about 4
o'clock this afternoon. Six of the employee met
s terrible d ath. Four othere were badly injured.
'i he lire was first discovered In the mailing-room,
and clouds of smoko were pouring out of the lower
windows bsfSBB tim fifty persons on the ui-per
floor were aware of their danger. The flamen ?hot
up an old elevator in tho rear, cuttinst off escape
by the MatfBBf, and mont of the employee who
SSSBBSd found their way to the ground by way of
the roof In the rear. The unfortunate men and
women who ciowdcd into the edtorial room* were
cut off from eM-ape in the par and hud to faco tha
alternative of buming to death or jumping to tha
sidewalk below. The tim department Mpsaisi
promptly, but lt seemed an age before the firemen
reached the windows in tho fifth story. A ladder
WM placed to reach to the fourth story, and tha
sulit. of reseiiat no near seemed to madden tiie
Bullering people St tbs windows, and, one by ona,
they dropped to tha sidewalk below. Six persona
fell in tills way. The h.. of dead and Injured
is as follows:
THE KI!.__D.
URO WY, ?, a o-nipo-l.-r, killed by falling from a
PASLEY, Mrs. Fre.erl"S E., a number ol Die editorial
?tad of the paper, klllnd by thu fall.
BOt-LDINCh Henry I., fort-limn of the competing-__>m,
buatie.l to death.
HOVEV, W. E., ot H.mion, killed by the fall.
l.AMZ'iN',-, (jua-ha-c, killed. Iiy juinpiiiij tu |h? ground.
TliO.Ml'huN, lil . li., - prout-nader, wa. allied by lbs
fal L
DON AH PI-!. Thnn,.i . asMSSMSSSS, left leg broken st the
ki ee and bud cut on ihn head.
DT7H H, Timothy, eea-pee_tae, arm and leg hrokon.
ENSWOBTH, O. E., (_>iiipoalior, cou.pound fracture ol
thal leg.
WaX-.Ii J.'M-ph W., compixiltor, han., neck sud ..irs
It is thought that the fire sf arl.-d among the
lnmba-r in n .-I.,-,, t on tho ground floor. The (lumea
were drawn np tho elevator well and spread thr.iiigli
the comp"MnK-room. There were nior. tlian thirty
eompositorS) naen and women, on tlie fifth floor.
Tiaro wan uo Ure escape. Iho crowd below
cried to tho people In tho witidowa to
to climb down, and tiley at first seemed OSMaal
to obey, bm no slow were tie Udders lu wing,
erected thnt that a paulo Seized the victims.
Shrieks broke Iroui the crowd as each of the \ iiv
tims fell into the Street below. Tbs only ai lil
able article for nj nen -hing the flames in the office
was an old anftterlng can. .here w..re no . are
pumps nor di" I rskots of any kind
eanvns sheet was atretehed over tba
Three m.n lumped into this, but broke throng,
i,nd fell ont on tho fMivenient. A woman also
fell through the canina and landed on th. side?
walk, insensible.
Mr. Iliil, the mana. in . editor, was the Ia.t to
-esoend th" ladder. Ile swans nisavelf under iha
ladder and niaih- his descent, with another mau
!n front, Choking and blacki ned with smoke,
lu- staggered along, groping his way to Um tc!,-,
phone iilha.'c, und told his wife that he was salo.
I A large
io s'dewailt
oke througn
Ottawa. M arc h 7 fllponlBI) Blt CbSltai Tupper, In
laylnc belan Iha ROOM of ? .tntr.. ns th.. r'Ish.'ry Treaty
and Hie formal protocols, said he had received sntlior*
tty also to Include the Hellish plenipotentiaries' trado
prnposBl and the reply of the American _?->te. *ntat1vee.
Tho papers covered eveij I tiing thst had como liefa.ro
the Ooasadssloa relating to trade relation*, reciprocity,
or the Tarltf bllL
l'eicr .Mitchell asl.e.l If the. nrltlsti Commissioners
meant the i>rt.i-.K_?l to bo i-eatrttiled to tho natural pro
dUCtS Of IkS IWO e.,all.il ia.'-.. Or e_i.'I,'l '1 tO III.ian fda t
ares' iittci..-.
Slr Charles said that the form of the Rrltl.h pr 'ponai
answered tin* question. It waa /ramed In bro.id and
liberal (erins, leaving lt open to tho Aitiotic_n tulumi**
alsaars to proaeed fa it Sew The .un..un Omb__ss*
bi.,tiers never raaehsd a point vsera setalli could i_i
entered Into. Tlio reanou atdlgncd bonig that the
House of Repreeeatattvea and tho lanais would bsssi
permit a treaty with any eouatrj that would prevent
Congress from takfag iii' h setloa from day to us -vi(h
regan to thc tauitf a.- might ba desired ns Basest.
can repreaeutatlvea ?ats nat psravaally Indianeaad io
entertain ibe proposal, hut vere simptj saabs. 'o do
bo. lt w-i* impracticable, ui.'icr tho elreaawtanesSa
In answer to oilier BMB-bers, ;ls i a ,>! ? t:, t nero bid
been any discussion on the british proposal. Slr
( karisa menl onad Mr, Angell'a statement Uual eoasak
arable time bad beea laK.'ti up tn that w?y.
Pater Mite bell said thi. eondraied whit had boen
?napeeted lia'- Amertean plenipotentiaries aeie res
resented its meeting the pi-opoaal at ones with s bold
refusal. He could aol conceive how lengthy argaaaenia
Iii.I (..cn l..-j.at np in Ike taoe of a direst refusal at the
Ko doubt -jl, Charles had Ant stated ia d-tail
rn hat concessions Canada wa* piomi. >1 to mahn. Tf
definite proposals sn ra aude, tba noaae waa eutiti.-d
i.i know abai ikey aero, if lt co.ild bo told without ciu
barrssi os 11 ?? Uovernaseal.
8lr Ckariee made uo reply, and tho BSSSS pro?
Liter In the session, thc necessary consent of Slr
.'-aries's collen, ne-, bavin. I.-en obtained, the Mltil.K-i
of Finance tallied the document, called for by 1 .te*
MltekeU. Hi'* Can .dian BesfSSSl ia an foJowsi
That with a view of WOelng all rsm", of difference
in connection with Uss Isfcerlea, lt i> srepSaad bs Her
Maje.*t>'s plenlpotenilsrles th.it Ike nkenneB of horh
countries iksil nave all the privilege^ enjoyed during
tho esistenae ol the Oakery artiste, of th.- Treat] >i|
Walkington, In eonBlderatloa of a mutual srrangasieM
providing for preal freedom of^joinme-1!ai Intereonrsa
between the United btatcs and Cawida and MeW-BaSJd>
Tho American reply is a* follows:
Whllo continuing their propo.al hTctofore inf.
milted on the : Dili ultimo and fully sharla,- the rt-vilre
of Mer Britania.- Majeaty'a pi'-nlpot.-ntiai'ia*. to re?
move all causes of diflorence In eonneetloa w.th the
flsh-'iie*. the Atnetican ptealpoteotlarlea ai-e sss>
strained, after careful eonslderailon. to decline to ask
from th'- PreeWeni authority requisite to eoaaMar the
inoiaosiil conveyed t.. tkasa on tho 3d lust, an a means
to Ike Srslred end. his-aus-) the cr'-a'.-c fr>-e.l.im of
commercial Intercounie ao BtepeasS would neeeaja-tiate
un _.ij ilmeul of Ike present tarni of il." tinted stares
.) . pugro-iilonal action, which a,l]u*tmerit the Ameri?
can p.eni'iofenMailes consider to be manifestly Im.
practicable of accomplishment through Ike Beedina of
a treaty ur.iler tho crcnmsiance* now existing.
Nor a-ouiii tu- American plenipotentiaries admit
'hat sin-), a mutual arrangement aa thai pioi-.>e>i
by ii.., i tannie >iaje*ty. plenipotentlartea ivaiid
bs sreeptnd aa eooatltatlBi a anltasia basia of ne.
got la'hm ponoernlns ihe rights and prlvlleajea claimed
for Ame: lean fishing vi . BBS lt still anpear. to
tho Ame-can plenlpotentlartee to be p.assii,i(t to Td .
an sd Just mont of lim dtfllafeassa hy agreing on sn
Interpretation oi raodlfleatlaa of Um treaty of i?iS
whiek "111 bc nonoialile to hoth parties, and rem ive
the pis's.-nt caIISOS of complaint, to whleh end th'-y
,ts> doW, an Ikey havo SSSn from Ike BOS-BBlBg ot
lilla conference, "i-eat'v to devotn th?tnias|ee?.
Sir ( harlen alao pr.*g-nte,i m, Bnmn ot the treaty,
moilun vl\eii.!l and protocol*. Tb**1 protocols Contain
ii'Sialufely nnlhlng of Infecesit, b*tlng n-rai-ely a record
,,f SlOStlagl .th! "of Indicating In tho tllghtatt d#
BM what wa* done afior the presentation of the
I'll*?- >
rsoM a rmnBtMAiPi sta. ppotnt.
Washington. March 7 (Spnclal).? A pamphlet . r?t(ri. .s*
' Plsh-rles Treating betwaton the T'nlted Rtaiayi and
ireat Drtfaln Discussed from a 1 .sherman . Sfandpo1nt|
iy Luther Maddocks. Secretary of tho National Mshery
?association.'' wm published hero to-day. Tho pam*
dilet | iiiiaini a careful snalyals of tbe provlsons o|
hn pitndlng t.-ifv toifether with S -CSthltlg revtisw
if tho latest product of Secretary nayard's diplomacy,
ITie ait'.'les of the different trestles between the
'nltod Stat.-s and treat lirttaln whleh a. I In any mai.
ncr ape, lallv appllcahlo to tho Haliery qtiasatlon are
rpud In their chronological order beginning with ar*
'tele III of th" treaty of d>?*ce nf lTriS. The docu?
ment i* one of much value, and ita publication ta
Tlie rinsl tvaiitrucn and host-owners bald sn lndlgnaBee
meeting at No. 10 Rotith-st resterdsr, to proloat agni nat
the ??Mtsrtlnni ..f Mr nts uta editor of "The faiul A .to*
rat e.* and Mr. Cleary, prts?ld?nt of a Bout Owii.-ra' Kt
suclatlon. t.a tha- ?> .ont that t>taatii,?n do uel want a rt-hie.
lion uf terminal chargtts and lno____l tormina! faollltUa
for eatial aaanneree until nrepe-od linprovomenta lo ihe
i-anal a_> c.nipletod. Oeorge w. Dnnbar pmaid.A il lbs
nu'-'ilng. whloh waa largely aliatndad. John J. Rowland
mut assesawg. Adair.???.'? wero nunlo by Maier ('ix-riiland,
nt faaan OBgl Ohsa_aa Ilamliuui. Captain Dapttw, aad
i m BakSaat ot mu etty.
Baal tun. ma essa adopted atatlna that immediate relief
lo tin. iisMihiirdeiiatd omul connnaroo waa lm_>> latlttsij
in... r_jry. and (bal ihe I ..g ulla tun. shoii M oaabodr a ela uas
lu their Cunal hill r.stu.lng iii., ulevator and wharfage
rbargea to thoo elghlhn of a cen I S buahai ou grain ; tua
(hat a hwavy pt-naiiy should bs lutposA so amy porneaa
or osirpuralioua who vlulate the p-epo-wd law

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