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, l.J-.LU PANT.
gar PIaT|:t("T-.\TTOUNKY WAXTRD THK tiort.n-SAOt
NOT HI what ur IUD TO DO
ei.ow ab )ur makino a
Tlie arjomplitint charging Jay Could und Hnsm-ll
|gajg Mit!, the appropriation ,,f Denver Bte dal*.
rt ak belooging to the Kansas ltciflc hondiioldera
<vicupie*l Hie attrition of lOaorder Smith vr*st r
il'.y in.rtiin:.'. D:.-tri"tAttorney M?Kinc, District
Attearncy Fellows, JudifH Cowing, and one or two
(Jnind Jieric* lt-xve already considered phases of
thc aulijnoL The ouse xxx-nt In-fol-o th* Kocordcr
> r?l*?r?iay on a Blat-eine-nt made lay District At?
torney faMaoEB. Although Mr. Fellow* tlid not at
tlr>t ap-otrontljr iiiU-n?l tA) take any definite action,
Ito wo* eomis-lled in onlcr to have the mutter con
sldewd tai niaUi- I motion that Hie complulnt. lae
? til-iuii" d -tiniiu to a Cram! Jury, nltlnuiKh ono
Orand Jury lint) (l:-ni,*.-.ral it.
l?e lain.: y Mfoll, \V. ll. Prlancey nnd E. Ti.
Andrews, counsel fur thc Kansas IHicllia* Iiond
liialdrt* acre pres-jit, ainl they oeeooiottally
pioiii.teil .Mr. l-tdioavs. 'lliey had a pinn d 'imf
oil WBtg nf t!i'.- Lx.il.Us illiiyj.ill, UlUl tue District
Attn.'!.' y l:.-i!ided tx copy of tbs brief to th'' Re
curvier. Tho xvork of examining jurors in th-*
..oligolitrdi mulder trial gBOB was *.ii.*.|*-ti'.eil wini"
.Vi. iVlliiW* ina,,e las statcnn iii to th" liVoordi r.
Mo stud that the ci..nipJaii)t waa lir?l made on
Ottotn-r tl, 1B87. Diairici AUaiiiny Mn rt ino in
tai latter Dart of PttaiaHr Iles] a iieeuiornndum,
ailvisin,; tlihl Ihc case Ik: sud i.iiU'd Io (li.- I ?"'?ami
Jurv. Slr. IVlluws r.liit .1 his own aajWIaenee
Milli tin- (ilse-. lie Mii.t thnt every -WltaOHg
xvIiom- Bagot wns <-ii ^estell, uni ul'" clild throw
ii ny liijht un t in- tuen wu* called.
?fd |)!-T*|ITK Alidl't THK VATTS.
There BBB no dispute ns te tho fae!:, in thc EBBS,
Iii- apjicanil before thc ti rand Jury and hold lb, iii,
iv hen ask'-el ns to tli* Statute of Limitations thal
they must find Uiat Uk: erinn), if any, hud l?*<-n
(iimmiwed within flit yeur*. A nowspuj-er BB
count, wliiuli Mr. Kellows hil ni lie lind ii-rified,
nus r.-nd, relating the prooecdingt before Judge
Coil iiu/. ivl"'!i th'' (trana Jan ?aOKe-tl for instruc?
tions ns to the Statute of lyitr.it.rtions and the
?taalng of tbe word * MitHi'ddin -." Mr. Kel?
lows said that there htd been got io pnblU) cniieisin
of thc ga-atlon of the flrantl Jury. mi*, ii letter lnt'1
boen flit by thc uttoriieys Tor the complainant*,
:,s"<1i)r_t thal the case bc >afaiB submitted tao the
Grand Jury.
He said that le htd nothing furthor to do but
to submit tbe case to the (.rand Jury.
The ILet-y.r tai?NVaat ia Tour molleen 1
air. Kellows?1 was sh'.ul lo rall jour Honor's stleritlon
to Hm maun* r- hich Kt*te* that a case gtsastasad by stta
(?rand Jory ls nol therofor* bnrrod Bett BfOBBBtOtlaO I ?
another Grand Jury If the Court shall d ?-ido to a*.-nd tt
it.I.liar, lhere ls not ona surd said tu thal sr, tion or
tat other au.'a;, on tu whblaior there ls any n ...-..- .n
of duty upon a public oOlclsl, whether tlie Dlstrlct-Altor
n*y raey pro-atiit Ode mat'or. er whether thst msy Is*
done br Xtw counsel for the -wamnlalnsnetae. or whet'..-! ?,?,*?
|>?raein may curia* Into .rouri la> B aa* that SOggaotlaa. lt
I* Uti t* ths discretion of the Court. TM Distil,'At?
torn*/ can '",!. se-- that a full examination of thc fads
-li male, if lhat ls accomplished tho D-uicl Attorney hs*
ti ethlug further to say | hi* dtuv tts btta dlscharpe'l. If
a full t-v,inanition baa not laen Baale, tbe I).strict Attor?
ney ran only express hi* wllltngne.*.* to havo rm Invtvsllira
I -n iiislo before auy tVidy conipet.-nl to make ll. ns fully,
gs fr-nslr aefl as often sa may tar consistent with public
),*Alerl.-)ar sud Ihe flue adnilnt*trrit1?ii of Ju-tla-e.
Ths K'"-i>td?r Ho you now make a OMttoal
Mr. Kellows I nink* no motion. 1 simply BOlMBtt i' I
ti it I- r io yonr Honar.
Tho Pe'coi-dcr-Why should you d.i thst t
Mr. Fellow* Oat* Ear :),, I - ,i-k,:is willah I h.avc ftatcij.
Sud Iwymnsea I have Isiaii ra?<)??stievfl to In Hil* b-tter.
Tho leerier?I do not rrrojrr.lrs l.-itas. I rOCOglllta
you a* tte public prosecutor of this county, and If you
rr*.; j? your jriecc to ouke a molina I will make some gio,
J-ysitlajU Ul lt.
Mr. Meataa .hr.- li'..iig for a 1MB >'."' --?* I ->--i
I , v.-, va ur BatflaaXt, tli.il 'Ji-oii the ?Utc of fa. ts shown thi*
noe rosy be .agslu pros.-m.-l ta. tin- Gm rid Jury.
Tke K'-curdir-Tlal la yiy.r BatflJoa. Now let OM ft-k
you aomcihliig. I understood y*B t-, say il.at ve.-i advised
ths Orsiid Jury aa to their duty la Itagracel to lhe gucr
t 'U? Invnlved.
Mr Fellows?1 a !vi~-:l th'*u) a* to what tho law v.a* ;is
I nni*esTat04a(t IV
Ip,* Baeoeitla*'?I underaloei you sIm to say thst sll the
fscts were tn tholr possession which wore within tho
rtaach of Ui* publio proa*oator. arni that tbess fact* were
ptasad ia tte ptSBIggBtg ol tho Gland Jury to Miable them
to had eat what the acta war* and whaa thia alleced
crimea was parpetaratee-l
Mt. Veli ow a?Upon that Haere can be no mtmtnfortund
Ing anywh'-na. Wa wont c.e?ii Ul th* extant ef calling
ene of the counsel for tb* oouiptaiuaau In li-* eas* before
tbs Grand Jury, ho being sworn as a witness aud being
rAja.fl by tha foreman wbethor lae could auesnoat auy other
i lumaa or say other evldoaca.
The RaBoorter?1 BBfleratand Ui>*ti that sll thc fa-*ts w,.ra
before the Oran! Jury to culbin thain to drtuiujln* tho
gaeation a* lo when lb* allaaged ugeiic* wa* perpeirswd.
Mr. Fbllow*- Y*s.
atj*he Re*rorder? Hare yon any new factst
fir. Kcii.iw*- Ne.ue whatever,
h* lUcorcli-i- No new tact* ta tresant ou that >au<8*Uon.
Mr. 1 (illowa- No ; noaa srteaisror.
Th* Reeorder?Do I also understand you a* stating that
IT the *tiry found the facts, which you are bound, In the
Sheene* Oaf gi-oof te the cnn us ry. to assums lhat they did,
tbof* wss a promt* appileauon ol lhe law, as you uiMior
S'-snt lt. ta th-rxa* fsctst
Mr. Ft li,ms -Ccruiiily If the Grand Jury found, as a
Miter of fact, that the alleged crime wss committed live
yaar* prior to the beginning of this prose cull"'), tkae tho
(.rind Jury were barrod from flndtn; any indictment.
? The Recorder?Did not the flrand Jury so flndt
?*gr. KBlloflfl*--That ls for yonr Honor to determine.
Che Re?eerdV;r?No, lt I* aol for me tea determine.
Mr. Fellow.*-Th* Grand Jury B-ade a pt-e<*enunent In
sourt, and lt I* not fur axe ta gut aiy eoaatnicllou on lu
The Recorder-It ls not my province to give a con?
struction te that which 1* not txafore natx .
Mr. Fellows - y?ar ll,-nor will eevncavda that lt la not
Tvtthln ray proxdnes ta ssy what the Grand Jury nrvtuint.
1 ran te!! you what they eateS. Th* Gnni Jury said thst
haring been advl**d by -he Court and by the Olnrlct-At?
torney en question* of law, they gig not foel wairanu-d
tn audios an iied.inra.iii. saving th* facia before i-iaiu,
Taa IbmorAer? You hara ao addlttonat tact*?
Mr. Fellow*?I har* noae.
Mr. Nicoll leaned over and spoke to tbe Dis
tri ct- Attorney, and Mr. Fellows then said:
I have been re<,verted to sak youi Honor lo examlno
tba Twists wheoh are before you.
TO* Keearder?Do I understand you aa aa* rt!ni here
that Judge Oowing did not give the proper legil -iti--tiii.il
to the Grand Jury I
Mi. Fail lo .vs I de nat ev. aliaaf**
eJTi.e- Iloyearttar?Do you oar Uiat hie ruling tts. right 1
Mr. laallowa-Jn my conr.|atlon of the a)w, yoi.r Honor,
I see hot one answer to maka. Tbe question as tn the
hour when the erina was uonttalttad 1* a question of fact
for Ua* Grand iary. walsh, within tho rulings of lina law,
II 1* eery t* find.
Tba Beeorder?last ma ask you another Question. I do
not pargo** te disposal of lois aaa lier now, bul I want te
get all the light I csa on it. What r.i.i hare I, a -.-I.-.
I iring Barely co-ordinate 'nrladb um with Judge Oowing,
to oil here and rerlow hla action In the absence of any
Mr. Fellow*?The oaly right your ITonor hs* ls mst I
g'.owtd hy tha aa-ollon of tb* eodr whick ls be'f?re you. It
gays that an liidirtasxct having te>tni dismisred br -ans
-*T>rand Jury may thereafter be picscnuad to another Grand
gury, if lb* Court so directa.
Tbe Recorder-la lt not more Utan tutti That iho
Court Brunt decide thal there 1b some good reaaen for
eajutraxlttlBg the matter to a now Grand Jury!
Mr. Wlma Tm.
Th* Roee>*ader?Tho *tat?t* doe* not raoan, nor caa it ho
etsi aga oed to n.asn. thst the mitie-r eau bea aaibmitted to
tnotbor Grand Jory without acree good rcaeon.
Mr. Feliow*-lt li alkaged by lao cmuse-l for th* c- ?.
|alaiaaau that your Hoaor wilt flad la tito brief tatt*
xiaara maye* Uni QUtaaHam oa abie*) th*y suggeaii tho aarnd
tug of tb* caa* before tba Grand Jury. if n.-y ara not
a-waaaotia thajr are aU'c-aant* of law lu so far aa u?j go lo
the qusaiion of the liisufrlciiney *f tho InatrucUons to the
Orsad Jmry ss tx what " wtUbaaidlug" muaat la Beetloa
The Recorder-Did not tbs judge und^iiake to ditoruilne
Dist In bis Instruction* to the Grand Jury.
Mr. Folio wt read again the report ol the pro
icfdinip before Judge Cowing.
Xaa Bac4ai*4ter-Ua did laauuitt u>jwii.
Mr. Fellow, lt la allegisl that Ila* lostruotbana were
Inaxuaaoleat oavg laialeaglag.
TO* P^oewWif-' Wara Kiauflirlsiit sud rr.lj^dingr Y.iu
wloh aaa ts aaa* -agaa ttsat o-vaxetlaa sa sa spiialbit* jud.e.
A kmtaWBm -tn Largo!
iotatA** .aaVS: wail a"pKU-- H '"" *?*?"*
ajaaraaxari, aa Hil aaarg wa4l, ha baa sisal aa sala ina ,. .,,
Boro* bf a O^aiu* cousu. Iluaaa ?yiup.2Z*^xi? n.-l.,e
tnanrreof nmsiiinBilon aael elaath. aaVral hs^aUeiaiaa ?,
h^^ememAwr thal wa eal Mai a BagtajTTjn two trio
tliiSr4-e*^U h,m *?F**? "*"*?- "' l" Florea*. ...t"
MadlOAi lit-a.OT.ir wilEeyai .iolaf. ll will nita !,,?, ,. ",?
60*0 Itt* ilia* It wilt BM anra.-olo.isiy cr-awo bow Idbb*
**** _*?.**? ?*?** fi! ??*"? ??"?? W ? oil! raitoroii),
SSoea oses ts a PASJtEB <*ti-4itiaa. 'I -J! hlai alaeui ix ka,i
xVTwaiaatiuii.j.iT^g.^ ***** |
a powor which I do not poaeost I win take the papers,
Mr. Dis. lot Atteraey. end win ?inn,lue them, but I will
not DMhe any dl-posttlon of this matter until I am through
with -hs cass now on trial, whlcb la s capital case and
-essequi-nily of very grest Importunes.
District -Attorney Palistan, then resumed tbe
examination of jurors in the Loiisroberdi case,
und tim c.un-el for tho r_uusa_ J-iclio bond?
holders left the room.
TIVK (*oil MITTK ..
Tlii meeting of tho Sub Executive Committee of tho
State Wcpubllcan League at Hie liepubllcan dub
House yesterday afforded further SSSfSBBS of the fact
I that tho great work of party organisation ls jPBSSSd*
i lng In a highly SsHsfSSBBrf tBUBBBt 1-BSUSjlWUl tho
j slate, .cally every canty w?_ heard from >e*._r
\ UUT. Of the ten nietiil.efs nf til" Kui, OSBBBBB.SB
*.\en vcr. peeseata Tkeaa won* i;. 1:. BaBnsd, of
_rlO County, president of -BS State .cairne' ObBSBSI
r. a. MsAlpta, si Wsstsfceslsrj Osarag KsaanHu of
li.oohhn; Vi. S. OofgswS-1, ? 1 ,'ilmalca: ST. tX Weed,
; ol st. Inniama. ST. ii. Brigkt, ss OasMnj Jamos w.
llav.c* aid .Seiicisij Ja_)t-? . l_-k-SSlSB Un Mat
lard plCaaldid.
Mr. .-?Iil'in.'1!"* top.it. whisk was th^ flr.tt UttUt
el bnatnoaa, -bowed thal Ikara sra now so.>- Bepnfc
I Hean <Inls-- in IMl Kate I -. . two ol tfceee ur- alii'id.
IS tte 1/agne, tw-nty five having Jolted within Hie ne.t
month. A-Bong Ikeas twent] Bee wera Iks BefokHesn
League of Brooklyn, thc sseoad Wert Bapabtlcan club
nf Boeksstar Ny? 1. Bspokl rsa l bili. BapakUesn club
' of fksssnasnrj. Warna Coootjr. Dales Bapufcllean ;
dab of th) Mimi Assen i ly District, .ortfc HSBBB*
' Mead R.pulillean Club. (lin.-Ll l.V-ul.:..-.*.i flab, ol
Bi iM. : Vonhers Be po bl lean Huh, l-o.isn t Inn,
ol Di.i.s\ file : liepubllcan i lui. of nmlson, Vn mg .m.mi'.*
RenubJIean ?"int. of thc .Mst Assembly District, lb>
pufdlcan club of Btaploton, Lincoln i lub. of Wilton:
, republican dab of Ofsegw, the Kcptioli-an Inion ( Inti
of tho xxiii AsseaaUy District, and tbe Republican
, Club of 1."(.ol Held. All these '..',-ii:)"i! ??>:?-. Hi" -''i'
, rot .ry hI.i,, il. i a i .lui. i..ie. e. k here debates ai re held
! and political Itel store could im obtained, Tha
i spring t-le-tlona bad imparted a great mi'
tm t.. ike wo ii. and be (all e nfldrm that within
tka next thinv d.vs every Bounty la Ina
Slat- would iv Mell organised. Among Hu sa wfco had
na-iiMv been sdued to tb" executive rotnmltlce wero
iv i. Requa, of Orange *_>u_iy, and Banal or I'u-s-it,
; ol Kl ml ra.
Ti,? o her inenilaCt-s pt*-* .it tle-n sntunttted their
reports, which wera d lenedlj cnociir.glng, after which
followed a long discussion coiteeinlng Ike bert m.-ih- ,
...-is nf work lo di 'reis that nee only getting fairly
awakened t? t|,> work of organic allon, lt was ,1 ??
elded to Io'l n meeting cf Ihe State Commltteo ai
A'.banv on Mai-. I, _7. when tl." oneal lou of holding a
sia'o Convention the dav aft'?*- ih- regaler c. bvob
Hun of the party I* he'd, will he dlaei.d.
Ttl-1 lotter* ft.,'a the vte'oi, parts of Iks Wai -
showed thn* Iha enthn*.asm la. ph*-. i,v ike I hlek r- ?
lug Hsll gatkairlng bsd ky ne manna abated,
Co-Bglalnt wa* Bania lani PHdsy ij Oommfsslenav
Pink thal Manu- (af the trunk Unoa iver; "pro-rating'- '
; wltb th. Chicago sad Borthwi-. ern oa tbs eui n|l
weal of Chicago, Tka ecmplslnl rested on tba fart
tint the northwestern had on Monday Issued a through
tariff allowing only 'Jj ,'-ai* ow grain for Ibe proper
ton of ibe Keel 'rn trunk r.i-* From I ii raga to tka
aeaboard. Mr, Kl '; said yosti-nUj ihal upon Invotl
gatton all Ihe Iron. Unca had refuted to accept Hui
nsw far: IT of tbe NoHhwiat ora
seri's A_\'..-T RAI LHOAIM iHK'.iN MM r.. .
Ti.e s.rts i-e..i, two at til. yeal. a">. by Walter B.
Jtiiti-i'ii, lbs r-ci'.r o' ike Maries Nu-..ntl Beek, I
against ti.- New-Yotk, Laka Bria -mt Western Rall ...ii
?'.inp.ny. ag bJ-M Ike '?cr. " eBBBBSny loliill.v with UN Cfc!*
cagr, mut atlantis Bstlwsy Uaaanaay aad Bfalast Ike
i .(nillir L'.f ? ssseiaaes Sass lall-a nara ll i aitBiaaS
, yaataidag ls Iks sited gtatss Ciraait Csarl bb ike liing
??t a romani i.y ul ii," partlaa ta tka sella Tha -nits
sgslnsi ii." Lil.- mal ;.. -? sal uf u aaa "( tba Iraaaaatleaa
i to iii tka trial of .._,?_ ii. ...M. t:,? ptaaMsal ,
nf Iks beak, win k serving a tea yesrs' teim in Um |
1 An* (i-i ph- n. The |oRs ? ai * tiled In a tn law i a hlek
tho lawyers s-'-il STSS s.iil f... t.,i.i '?. R ? ,,i J,.:..a.toa.
< ievalsnd, Ohio, Msrcb T. U Ike annual aaestlng
of tho r,a te Lin.* ateofthasssr. held bera lk_ Baoralng,
lhere were few aiiendant*. (oniellui Van l-rbllt, nf '
Ne*-, fork, chairman of tho Bosrt )f Directors, and
i ha'iiney M, i*i?e\v arrived la a syaslal nain early'
Dil. asarsdag Baas New-Terk, anil brengfcl In their
poeketa ia.'-i:,-. end proxies sulBelent to control Ike
election. Messrs. Cornell tu Vanderbilt, W.
I ?- Van-OrbiU, II. ItcK. Twomblj, snd
i sannesr M. Dojew, of Rsw-Yont, and
Amos townsend, ol Cleveland, wns unasimeusU
re elect e. i directors for tlni-o rears, 'Ibo annual n
port for 1887 submitted to the rioekkolitei. by Hut
li,,uni of Dlrcctoi-s thorn thal tho total e-Mnliii. for
l?. 7 Merc ir-.'i.'iii.iiH-', and thc net earnings -rJ,-_o._7--, ;
an fncre.i,at of gaSaT.lB] over 18B0,
I'hll.itl.llihla. -lureh 7 (Sj .tlali.?A [alan of teorg.nl.j
(lon of ike Obasaar WaUsg Baltoead eas kaasi this n;ern- j
111?. It J>_i.ilCN |oe tbS i*su? ot ImiiuIs tn tho ?-..,?,.. ot
SS00.000, fiaiir-tifths i.f which win bear Interest at tks rata
ef fire lier cent, an 1 the ren .Itilnsr one ft fi li at four per i
cent nadtisad ^t<v?k to the BBMUal si ?'.'.'.. I -sill he
Isan*-^ the dlvldendn on whl.li are nit to ex.tel flin |s-r
c?nt, and th'-re will also ln> an taaaa of common ateru tn
ti.- rona.'mt ot SSSO.SOQ, Th" usauuuii steekbeldsrs will
pu a dividend If lt ls etrn-d. Th. enj.ii.ill/..t 1..11 j.ro- !
; via-ia.ii wu* n.ja.. fa.r developing uni Impi ivies the prop- '
j orly. OClieria were elected under Die 1 .-?> .-.miration pinn ,
asf,,]i(,Hs: I'realdent, Austin Corbin: d!--elora Daniel t '
llt-aiii.-lt, Oourto I'eU. Keim, A. J. Angelo, A. A. M l.ii
ST. ll Taylor und 1?. H. o'llrkn.
Kt. Louis, March 7 (Bgeelal Tka hit,' war of rate* j
which haa hain i-tnrlns* fur ni'intias i,>-iwe,.n t|,e Chlesao
aai Aliou auJ u.. wakaab waa ftsclsind .il iiii? sMsalng. i
A DlKf.MNO, OL11IT WlU-1! lb .SAIli IO BK THK
oxii BBBB DY uur.n am* ha -Ii.m.n.
Tn the show window of a "rT*tfflitStflTSfBlanae
there ta a hundsoine rosewood aSSS neslslslng a tirnce of
ilnollln. inatols of thc tvpe in the carly part of the
century. A enrd nttaclied to the enuc annnnnssa that tka
pisiois ere for snie. nnd lani Ikey wars srlglnally tka
p.-opcrty of A?ron Uuir aad were use 1 l:i tue duel iu
Waekawken in which Barr laiiie.i Alexsader BaaMtsa,
"There la no .location aban! linn's neiHBBklp of th(;_o
weapons," aaid Mr. Xsfgsri the prcai nt holder of the
piatola, "nnd there aro two hlstorlc-ttl aaesat__>, one of
Xew-Jerary uad tho other of BslthnSfS, no-,v nsgaUntlag
for tlieui. Tlicre nre BSSSS fSOta relating to tlio tuniiuor
in whloh I obtained them that I would not care to BSake
puhllo, but tlie pundiaaer will have nocea? to them In
order to follow tho histury of tho weapons. IfcSM
platols wnr?* at one tims the property of (.ieucial Grant.
I have iuown them for twenty-Qt-e yenrr. Somo lifteen
yeara ano Ikey wera on C-lnlu 11*11 in a ilroadwuy honan
and att'iicteJ airreatdc.il of alt SO tl HW Uheir iiisiory
Wi* Ikea ei.'tmhied into mid Teri, ed."
The pistols are of French BtaBBfBftBTB nnil of tho most
careful workuiiiiislilp. Too lani; mee. barral undine
in-botany slocl. SIBslsbsralalf caned and iuluiu with
cnrioua ifold dSShgna ol U10 fasl.inn lu regna la the liint
century, rney ure flint 101 ?_. sad both glee os era Sa
asad esaaily alike even la tin. t-i?rv);i<. niabsrs lalor
a rjuud I'liiiet of the sun ot asmaUkasal ant. Ia ike
pass is a bullet poiieli panly tllltaU with le.tii n jh lleis
coated witii a wklte oki.io from aga, It is believed thal
lbs hulleta were male lay A .ron Htirr Iiliurielr while tuc
?wsageaa were lu hln |>0H*et-doii. A luiilet nain!.I. powder
fla.k uml nil thu appurtenance* of (lUiiiiUing uaiiiii me
ciiuiiiired lu tba e.isc, v. lneii, U lt ona ba proven ls tba
ntiiiiciitie oiittit u?e.l i.y Hurr ami BaaJl-an la their
dael,)? of cittern, niau>nc Intoiesta An aaeeaal ut thom
etutea llrit tui-y ,-rere obtained by Durr Iruni one Of '.Le
Ki'e.ucii eBeara who asrved in Ihr American Army dniinc '
the Kevoi-tio! . and tnat tlia-y were retained Ivy lum
afi'iitv.ird until kia *.;>_j-aton from ri sd s sis Jutne.
when they liccune jmrt of bur elkcta and nero Ulan, .cd
of aller ker deatk. '
JUM1I0M io MEE Jon.
frum FBt St. Paul cl,,5a
Job wai n wonderfully uitlict?*d ii.mi, kal as a piirtlal
coiupctiaatiou f>>r ii he hus iiait ilia Blinna!bj ol ike
hum.ni raes for S.000yeera. Bil ii baa not beea aa alts
job's wife; nabong ana afar aa-tken a kind word of lier.
On the cmir.iry. slia lins USSB bel.I up for toity
cont url.-a M it bon il.le example. lint lor nil thut we are
i-.iuflleiit tho iioar worn.in deserve! a 1 (lier place iu
history thin -he has ever oosapied. If abe wai fcour
laaparaa atm bad anengb le give aa sold tinga te bar
disposition. t?be waa made le drink tan era. s from a
very bitter cup. and lt ls probable that sba bora bi r
ti niti'.e with about us n.ueii e immunity tu tho average
woman would do.
In tho first p'nee, ibo wns soddenly redaoed from
luxury to peunrv. Any unfortunate wein ,11 wfco kita
anlnrsd this ardssl knows lust me fr,unc of muni punt
Mrs. Job was In.
In tbs nexl place she wus t.ereft of ber ehll.lten.
There la no . rief ko bardenaouM us ti;nt ?Milch mils
li| on B uiotbel'a l.ciut w'.cii the gTBVe hides ber el,ll,hen
from xla-lit.
In uddltion to Ikla aeeBBtnlsoc-i ef anrranaaka wsa
left willi au Invalid fcaeband on ker kenda Jab was
euvere. with Loila, and azperlanr. aaa taugbt aa thai
there is no mote exasj-eritim; pall.-nt tliiie ,1 nan itili
m hall on him. Thine ure wlv-a. timi goad wlies, |.o, in
tata christian lau t of oura wkesc li?o? aa> s beea m.iaie
most inisersiile f?r daya and weeks -? t a time hy a bus- i
i) ni 1 aud our boll. Just think. Men, what Ima aeer
woman hud to cn lure wltb a bnabnnd with perk aga from 1
.0:1 to 1,000 b lls on him. ls lt uny winier that tho
woinun encourage 1 lier hualiand to ii-rmliiilc bi* exist*
euc. I 'lu-* only wandal la tbnt abo didn't ctn lier own
tue. it 111 despair.
Hui these were not all the Iroiililea tim, .1)1,* WlfS bad
to bear. Her basbnad'a Wands rana on a visit to bini
n:u| took peasaaalaa nf ti.'- Sense for >u eeaks at a time,
Other women, und L'o.ni women, too, bsve ba I tn 1
fie anni" itititeiiaii, ntui tin v c.tn \. ty easily ai Benni ior
Mrs. Job's oxiiibitinii of bad U'.i.pei. Jon um woniol
willi tut) lb ruo vi.ilo... Iill.,,uir, UI..I jul in-dl.ln I h .1 e
to walt on 1 noni. Io de H up I hell I 00:11-, to nip 111 ?
liiiiaee-.t |ule? rr?tn Ike put ior OSf-pel ever', dag. to sweep '
out lue unit I icy euri i si in on I ? :r l.i ot-,, 11,1 1 io aub mil
to thu tllOll- (ll t .' 1 i due llllioj J . ?> lilli 1: il..tin 11 ii o
(tivrs the beaaakaeger.
It ia ai.oiit time that a.bu br waa ralalng a voles In ;
defeuoa af J>i'?'s .lr.-, a.Mlseyins i kind word foi ibe
1 our -reams wbo for -..o io yeera bus suflereJ tka -'in ta
ut un)ii*; 1 , ll,ll n iii Ill|.'.illlt'!.i1-;llli' sile!., r.
Tuoro aro 11 ginni nu ni Jnii's nitma lo th* world to '
BA,. I
two bills to i:i; .ri.vrrc CTfAWlWr.
Al past, Mareh 7. -On April BT, 1 ?*? ~, tb" A.soml.ly
passed a r salution gllOftlag Ibo appointment ufa I'utn
inltt'-e charged willi tim duty of .-am crt aluin,-; tba. nonte*
of ail companies doini,' !? leplmul-r lui'lii"-.- within th':
.'dato or Nevv-V.rk ; Ih,.- amount of tho capital stocji ol
each, tho cost nf the plant nm! operation*, tho amount
of tko aaralap of eath of *_vid ooaspastaa, and thi
dlvldflisls paid tv Hiern, riiiwquently the gjs-ahor
appointed aa stii'li cu;.milt-: M'--n Al tn wo, t!i ol
Osiil go, llad.'uy of rieakHe. 8axli'ii of Wayne,
WcH-y of Hui Wand, and (tnion-r of \1 .??,,. l,.*i,r
Tho meetings of thu et uinulti-e wea-.- hold In tho i.iini
ir-or at I iii x, Troy, .-aiBinga, Uuflalo, Ite.ehealnr and
N.-w Ifork, and Ibo ti/airs of a!\ Hi* telephone com
jiRiilt0 xvi'! Jn tho Malo af New-York ween ltivi*silgaied.
'Ilio rep,.rt, which wa, siibinlltul t.j tl.n l/'gl-l ilui'!
tn-lay coiita'n* a voluminous and detailed statement.
of Hi; ciplral'r.atlon, c.-' nf i i-ii-i i m-t lori, operating
expeaoee, eel t-aroJagi and iiivida-tuii pabl by eaek -.1
tli-< i oiiijiauics in ibis St si".
Tho total nurieber nf iBbterlheig to t< 1'p.'i'jno ox
(hinge* llvxiiirribiiut the gttte I* BBftO. Ike total
capliai Mack oi UM i oap inn* tit, I.-ig btialneiss lu the
six'." la I ...'...'.im. Tko intai ooot of noaeltartloo
of the fison of th-; rortotu eoaj*ajH*il>ei tkrougkoal ike
Male is *r. T-o,i)7rt iii. The lota! not eeralaga tor
tho pa*i beal year were ^i.ujs,?_?:;;!. no gmtp
Mjatallgatlog per -:,.*.-.!, . i* B310B8, Tko arm
nus ranbaii/iiiioii throtjglioM tko i'i.iud -stalag lg
1301 per -ii, oort ber.
' I I Uv ll NS OF TIIK MlirnoIval.ITAN (. >M1'ANY.
Tbe orfttrixotloa doing Ike larfeel bellron* in tho
i-lkio is lao M-t rupo.lt an Tvi.-phvn.a and Tolegnvh
1 tunpany. Tko t*f Wtoo review rho c ,ni',ici kotwaea
Ike v.. .i.iii i nloa Tarlegnnk < t-mpa'iy. a* otraan "i
Ike E-tlook i...?':,?, gad tao Doll i .-tiipimy. m ownera
of tho urakaa Ml pat ona, oat of tke a-it lem-nt ol
whick grew tke Metropolltot (.:,xiiv. .a. (Tew-Yoik,
'ibis company wa. otganlzaxl in May, lotus, wtth *
rtpttol stork of Bl ,00 ,ono, owned rtapeetltrely by
tko Am. ri can I.-ll Coln, SST, St ll,>.-*'?.n, glad I lin IV..*'
ern Union Trjograpk eCumpoay In tke pr..po.-n.>...-. ul
tlxti a-.d forty pei coot
.1 op-ini? ?* Maohotioo iBlaod oaly, tltkoogk the
terrllorj operated b- tl. \\.-leiii-.n-,- (aiopaay, tho
Mann Isiand cmmi-iny. nnd tke New yoik a.i I Botr
?l'i*v (..ii],.,, waa utiglni g tataia* ad la its fran
chl.-o. The royal y patti by th* Metropolitan t'om pan j
tn the Am .nan inn i umpaiij 1* gm p, r Inotman nt
per annum, ii* ???--? ul const ruction 1. rr 1. ?-? 71.1 in m.
1: i'_'a,.7_!. of iii* having berni expended in the erection
of ths cn,j.any'* oex* building ai No. lg ( . rtlaii.'i-si.
Thia Ibo i-onnri i'i e- hare dial ???: ivie |u hu-I nea; Ita ]? I
etflnti lagos, x ? s... -1 the ground Hu I it bad uni been u.-ru -,., -i
during Hid time emnro>oed in it* r oelpt* end dial iii 0
moms, and thu bad not oonUlbut>*u Ut'iraWdt its not
Ii - net eengan for its Stat Boeal year vere
. showing a p? I'l'-'iifn',- 11 in-t rarolngi ree
coot ol 80. HH pt ,-. ?,;. (I paid 00 eiv.l.rid* Jn
1881 ur I--.'. !?;,?! the iii Wend fur Hi past Oscal v,-hj
vu- 1 ' i-i,- cam. lt.*. earnings for th- v ir ending
March 31, 1880, vfi- : private linea, 91117,787 ;;i . di
frtei rx< hen-.'.--, pa n,ir7iS.*.o; telephone rentals, gi08,
i-i-'1''; ti..l-, ii;o.',lia7iV; n;|ae"llatie?aii* sources,
'' ! r I gi,171,703 06. Its eipensoa wer-x:
I p' ? alli'll. er1.V-.1M 71 I PT 011 * I I'' I ? *. g i - . I I " I 4 11 J
ln*ini:;;ei:t rental, \:.i"ricaii Bell Tel phono Company,
(ic- .7:-- -a ; ion:al MonhOettan plant, I184WO:rwmes,
H,75070; roof reattleS. ?'(.,7l.. BB', lax-a, $!-...< sa);
li,-.in niue. ja.'i.iio; i*tr-*1 et pen--?*>, 113,-MW); miami'
lataeous, .t_'.::i.. m. Total. B72B.J7B.fJ7. Their avei
;>in number of iubsrilbert foi ih* pas) v -ar u.w 0,101,
ai an ttrerage uanoi rkargn '??' 11M lft.
MA I I atOII ! lu lil-CII.- I g CIIAnO:-?.
Tbe rommlltoe doti ol ktagtfa wltk tbe problem of
i -a-i-i'i-o nat] eomtroettoa, whieh they :..v i ate! in tho
?'i! s of liii.ntiyn, Baffala ami New-York, The etoxt
mltte** pre roi on estettthra brief gattaittlaliig tke
i'' a-orol doa in ix \atft Dtuoker af .-ui.-.i
upon tke righi af the tegbiatare t,. regnltie tl:
ekangoi af kteal eoo.*onn*oo, and Hm! that they have
*'''-ii right; ai ,1 :i|-,,!i ii.?' i -i.i nf ike aLegfolataie te
regulate the royalties rhtrged by Ihe American lt-!!
'I ii.), ol Bootoo, and llml Hint I li.-r hive not tho
righi !-, regulate theta.
Univ ii. r a) -11 ? a i Tilt: Bl l.t. Meivopni.Y.
Tko eotainlttoa eoawlade tba' fie only remedy to a;,-*
f'-ai tko Boll Oavfloapoly win bc- ike invention ky taotker
!? i*n!i of ,i lelepkooe Whick KliaH ren-l-.-r ciiinniun'i-a
t.'i.n pn*.II.la by means of what I* hnnivn a* tlio "lishe
oad Brook" lystota, which, eleetrlolaaa taya i-r ea
ii-ein, ly do 'Infill. The roinniltteo think thr-r^ I* hut
ono cir, atti -tai-'-,- trkleb la Heir Judgment woubl Jual I
fy b_.-;-la' re Inlrrferenee; that elreaoMtonce 1.4 Ike
laposll i"ii of 1 eii.--.i--.'" *o large 1 la-it it --hali be a bnrdea
in those who nv 1. gnd which shall prodoco a re-vo
nne disproiMirtlonate t,. thal return t,, which its in
i"i,',,i* ai. 1 iiiv-e wh'i pal their rnoojsy in'n it whnu it
itu au un-.1.iv ad problem aro entlllea Tktl cir. nm
-'ui.re ia found la ii," diles of Now York ead Tray ; tn
Ihe rate ol ii," bu vi- it* IranchLte explrea ?o soon
that no legtalatlOB li recnnini.-iideil lot 1 Hut city. They
ellcve ib" rel urns ul the Metropolitan eUomoaaj an
lurirrr than tlicy li^.w a nrorsl richi to doniond.
Two iii' Bceompany Usg iej,v,t of tko leiephone
lrixr*?tlgating CominiiieD. lim 0. ;t Hmttt Ike Its oe
of slock and Ike crenion of Pcm by lina.i paaaoel cuni
linnie*,, aie| a*,|\ S |
"Any I'liiee-i- or o'her person who shall Kano or ai
-iiine to Issac tny shan-, stock or -.tlBcoto <>f itaoek,
1 who -.ball make or axoeuto any hoad or ttairtgsyge,
i.r rome tay Indehteedneai whej-eny any Ilea in 01 h
narnntd to 1** e reel ed eoatrory lo tho' provisions of
1 I.i- arl la gu lt) "f a mladeueouor and, upon convlo
lioii. Baale lo a linn of not nore (bau tho par valim
af ti.o ?toefc or ikom Ittued or Ilea eieatod or a*
iurned to be eioateeq, or by latprlaonasant tn ihe c.ninty
{all for gol ateOte than ono year or by both such flue
ami Imprisonment."
The second bill isvi that evm-y telephone rom pan v
In Ike sta'" In cities bavin; a population of i.oon.dud
Ii.habitat:'* or over xhall furn! - li telephonic apparatus
iv it-, lubtcriben gi 1 rbtrge not exoeedlag fri r,o a
month for tho uso of tim ln*trutnent, and a furtbeC
-1 "ii.'? of .yJ ii iiiutilh tor .aih aiblllional Half tulle Oaf
fractional pn;-t I hereof that tke place In which tho telo-'
phono ia |donal ls from tho central oflire of the com?
pany. Karl, and ev ri y violation of tho provisions
i.f th!, act bhaJl lie geetOOd a misdemeanor.
Tbs Bloop Ami rican thinner. In Itt with sand and
(,'rsvel. sin,i> yraierdny morning In New-York Har. Just
i.iiUlaJa- the I'.rlr HicakHSUr. in BtOtk Urvoklyn. snd John
Ni laoa, laka took, via* ikraaTo late tier areaw. ii-' beaottt
M clilllead hy tho In.nv'islon ihit he died within half sn
ta.ur siter bo was re*,-ued. He hsd !>cen ix tao sod to th*
p.H fur a.-ve ral leura. Th-' Bltttf arrived In cort on
M-iid.T. OwhXl te, the Ire she could not jret In the
Poaoaat (ansi, and iras moored outside His Hrs Ili-ik
BBeiar. i !.-? cai.tiiin. Mlektal Htaktoa sud u.o rn nf
lhe i-revr. asye BotSBB. Braal fc?hi,re. It I* aatrgBattg thar
I cake of Iloatlnii icu -t..vc a bole in Hie side of the release!
md ali* sank.
Aa nigkl i.av.a batta a *.i> e-e-d. Roary n,-..ri..i toUewa
,1* laaotaeaaoat af i*rc*;iaj,t ciirvci.-iiid's ?eaaoga v*ith sn
van atrcager commendation of Mr. Mills'* T-arl/t bill.
Radical aa ka la on tho aaklaal sf fi*)* liada. Mr. Oaaag*
1 eempetted t? adaxlra Mr. Min*-- etTotts aad congratalata
almaelf on ?hst the rhalrnun rf the Wnys sill Means
.eii.uritrr-.- BOQiragll In '.??v'.-.ln.'. M'lth all Its d'?- 1*.
10 aeetereo, Uiat Um bill hta " ttai*, in a aiteaaitiag
1 Irt na," which lt laisesai-s In eOBBBBtg altli Mr. (30t*B>
anl'-, n.'-a*?:i;'c: that vvhlbv '? pretaoatog latBOtatlta for
er..te,-ila.n." tt rr-ill.y alms s dcjlly MOW "Bl th* Ogtjr
ri UOu" an! lt* mere lutroductlon o ia ms a u?l!tlcal cuillict.
?wkftk vail! br,'." ?_ i,!|{||t;r educstioiisl i-fT.-t upon tho
Air,-iron BBOglO."
STIMCLA 1 iso.irv exile .1 vnsrs.
At y.-te. Liv'* trn'!r..*e- of Imre Klrslfy'.* " Mi/ulm" st
he A,.1'.? nv. oi* .Mualc. tv. -r.tr -Iv nf th" rhildr.-n's dOOtgaj
1,1 r-1 lu UM di-.ii.ii' c ai,|H-'lr|a,ii iverr di,;!ayed ta Uk'
ateri-,,|.l!t-r>n rsnvn*. ("af these, slxtian rrere; entric* In
he els? * fe.r it -t vu B Bat l'T ta.r* sod girls of tho .ipa*
,f rifht tin.l nins years r?-?py,-||\sly. Tbs folbmlnp dl
iiluullvi- sriista were ina te harpy by BWatga of meelal* for
-av lin.' made thu brat draw in gs of s tttaa or Incident lu
ri,a pan..,11,line :
I.ifl! \. ti ..! 1 cia.* r.ie.1.*, W. Graff mid Alfred Km
1: - * --'.il-. Belli ll;- i" snd I'eriH-rt li.-ri
Hlat yefar-olfl ela** ia-*!*, tABj BoraeoaadL. Ti.-nnl*;
ei-a*.eiid*, ga alt Bordaxsa and Jaine* Jones.
Tba) A.ia"i .lian ^yiibill i iii n n.et yesteiday si No.
\4A lin.ii?.ic Bel gafs ree praseat tram Um Btatea
I st tad al Ores COB! cuis. a ioiiiniio? was aypolntud
lo inaki; SkeBCgOS In Ik* BOaBtltBtlOB*, IO r-'iHiii at ti,"
ani n'- i ?" t tu ("-lng Ot Mann 21. Thu r.-Hiyw lng weru
le,-ti-1 i effie r*. I r' *i ricrit I I n n-* M. Km ali , M'S
-.-,, !.-r,r IV ll I "i I * at* i-i mil tr* .-mir r iharl'S
i. Bekatalag a lb tea* i aii-m <,f ita tviuiuiyi* union
lui. from BBtaabftoblp via* ace-.-ptod
(?hai'!.-t,.Tt, S. C. >:ar.-h 7 (;-pola|i |*lv? pm a usia
iii- tmg'.ed bete to dav Nb oooaplilag tn ricfiauii
i iel nu.-v.iaJi'i*. gie a totally >,( vkftet iia...ed Baaa.
in ti.-.l ami lb" rniiipaui.as 1 ave leg! ..re;- ^HKi.OOi). Th?
Pr-iek-iace: Prudciirr!
Ia me'n at! >n, a* iii aa J it i ri o. ptnltiice tkOgli be cor
;u!rte. Yrt t:i.m'in!s ea?t lt to the) winds. Krcry new
vesti.un lind* ll* |ia'.roiis, Uta nrdi il oap rici ?f srery
aisi-s-iio ll, to their*,iba B****7 OhaagB ia tlij*am-.tt of
mtni.ii.' :s ran,- aiircaiafnlly - for a tina at lessa-tha BSttt
ililli* rnraialir I i.} tho , realnloui. lakaagg ron!r.iat tu His
i,;ii,t a.lTritise.1 iiiipoaiiire* e.' tho day stanals llnilalier'i
;aii.ii; I.: u ars. noa in i:i lhir.1 ,'oca.i* ul tx'paiaxiiy, ap ?
,Ha|gd atd liacolnlnaivlel ley phrswuf, ll'laraeael by fia
ire'iol bajj-lani.. acbuIiI st'l (U'le-l br '.nvslidi erary.
aliei,- lt Lau BStawteBfctBd B|ar.a<; law as : prsvsslia a oi
i,alsria! d seisia, ibi-enrc lnali.-istluu. la*>i?r c stn pt at ii I aad
oosiiuili I-. OhtOkt lim Kloreth ut rteiam.ill*^ uud n*',tal
?l.t. ls ii ;n-o: 'aaa inr;;i.aat and usaf asl il-.e|*li'i *f*r?oi4*
>*ejpl* l*JllB..l by ea
Bftlsfl con?plrat(mn mm rn family of B_fcftsn named Dond.
Ono of the I*, .mis fa a . bysloien. another noted ns
agent o' Iho Inaiiraneea .oin. anil.. Thn third acted
as pur baser of bod;,- ? The e.t tipari ie* robbed aro
Iho 1'iiit-sl States Mi -ital Aceldant Company od
News York ; the Travellers, of Conneotlont, tho Valley
of VI)_lula and the Iloyal Templars, of New-Vork.
a pnorosino. .or armovKP?changes sua*
WkMDNMR-g, March 8.-The new Navy Tay bill,
Whisk "The Triholm, recently published, .mposlns
au '. .".ii" of pay lu ibo lon or grades of tho Uno, aud
making ? walling orde.i.*' pay ono half of Iho son pay.
hat o, .a Im,wi luorn than ordinary I ti tel eg t among
CaapaagB-Sn and Navy olllcera, aud has tuns*>d much
111 fooling -motn* lins olbVors thomsolvus, and ro
ppsasd Iho obi controversy between the Uno and ths
Mair, ono of the angil.ri, \*ho, in issysnss li*
Pt)BgrSBIBIBB Herbert's tSQnsat, gave to bim tani')*
and BtStSSMS-S to prove that the line grt more |
for the same Icing lb of wsrvlco than do the at alf officers,
ls thres'ona.1 with orders to a foreign cruise for ? In?
termeddling. ^ A numl-er of line officer,, *. ho com?
plain that they are not favored with duty, but ara
kept on walting onion, protested against the reduc?
tion of ivaltlug-oi'dor pay to ono half of tlie sea-imy,
upon the ground Uiat lt was In the nature of a punish
in ft, .iliia-h could only 1st inlllcled hy a court -mar tl .1,
Slid In most Inst,mies tho pay would not lie c |BSl t><
tba! of nu ordinary clerk on shore and Mould imf
Hipper! them.
Tho cotuiiiitteo, of which COBB-BSndSS Kohl oy H.
bruns, chief Insnsstar of atasl for tks no.v ernlssrs,
ls c_.-Ut.iati, and I.l.ulonant Hilliard Kush, of tho
i sraaa al Navigation, is secroiary, havo baan lawed
to abamlon tho original bill, and a now bill lias been
framed by Ihe committee. Hut lt will n be ui'i-'od
ujion Itt paaaagS until an BKpsBBSlsa mt opinion of all
eaaSsn of Iks Navy, aaksd lar bv the eo_-_tttes, M
roiolve.L goHM oppo.itlon bas Bined) bSOS i-hovyn
upon tho part of SSBSSM of. and Ixslnw IkS ranli ot
lieutenant -commander, whole salaries will Its reduced
from JK.no to if .00 a year. The argument produced
by these officer, ls that the (Jovemtnent elves them
Ihe barri salary, I nat ead of supplying thom with ra?
ll,ms and uniforms as ninny taqButa. Tbs i'o*it ol
seven difT.ient uniforms, including a full di-e. ?
wllh epaulets, otc, OOO lo fdOOj the SXpsnsa
Of bedding ami room funilturo; the mos BXpSnSBS,
umouulliig lo about irl>> a BBOnlk, and niton au l;.ci- ?_. ?
fm- tka em ei tal imiont of foreign antral olde ors aadotker
guests, which the Uovemmo.it (loos not grevlds BSf
cut dow u to a small flguro tho amount lort for tbe
I . i (al tko offlcor'a family on abMS Tbeu, loo,
hs must havo a suit of oltlzeo's clothing, a* le> ila. s
not ui*h to be conspicuous In uniform in tbe public
nalke of life These expenses, thal ara not inonmbenC
upon a clti/on, piolaaHv sei'lom sug^eht tbemaalvea to
thu average Congressman, who is always ttrivlag io
i,l Hid otlicers' pay down.
The t-.eiv bill provides for oti-> ailniii .1 and on.
vice. .1.in,ii al, which positions sh.d rania lo '?-*! ii I" in
iho do.iMi of Admiral Poller niel Vice Admiral Rowan;
an tneroa-e of roar ailinn-ult from so-, nu In tea; tbs
al-olltion of tba grade of commodore and the Ineraasd
.f captains from forty-five lo tifiy ; ike ntuober ol
rom man. ors to remain the Mme us nov.; iloulenant
rommsnden lo be Ineieaaod from leventj four to eighty
Uv.-; lieutenants to t>'? reduced from S 0 to 200; sub
lieutenants Inc reseed From seventy Bea la ana hundred
and ensigns from lui; to 800. Tho following chango.
In lbs sea-pas ? as suggested: Vice-admiral from
gu.ooo in pi0.000; rear-admirals from fflyDOO to
P7.500; rommanden from tf.BOO to WaOOO: lieu
!<-nanf Cf.nsmarnln'i bum F_.rt( H) tn i! ..-><'?>; lieutenan's '
front **"_,IO0 to _l>OO; sub li.-ulenanls from rsl,si. ) to
. 1,000, and ens!.ns from I1J00 to 01,400 lt ls ali'H
provided thal oil,ot. on wa'tlng ordei . iball receive
?(??."nt. live |N-r rent of their sea ray. Ai present
il .ut sixty .Ix lier tent. Olio excellent provision
of tba new Mil is thal which rids Ike tenden of .ny
ofltoar ???'hil ls int faithful and merltettetts.
Wi.-iii.si.iDN, -Liro'i 7.?In irspoBSS to SsnBtOT
? Hil ni's resolution of Inqoi-J. tho I Yc-idi-nt to?
day sent to tim BsBBtS ? lattas from tin- Secretary
if S'ntc, giving n blstory of tim prohibition i>y
I'miu" of i ii-- importation of American pork, which
(lutes fi. in February li), l **-*i. The moat of the
nccomi-hnyin . BO-TSartondenoe hns long since Ix-en
mini'- pniiiio. The lust letter from Minister stoLena,
under d;iu- of FVbruary ?*, Us . auttea tlie present
condition ol ilia qui hi ion. 'I hs Minister anya that,
in linn tinder the recent instructions of tim DcDArt*
ti.e.it, he bsd eulie 1 the ;itteiitjon of President
i .iiiiot io the anbii 11. nnd Hie latter expressed Ms
desir.' to satisfy the complaint. Mr. MelsttlS con?
cludes SS follows :
In eonebislon. I have to assut - you that I will not
cease In i iy efforti to obtain fr.the Executive, avon
without the co nenrrenre of the -bamber of ivn:itt<*-.
a decree Ml_.tlttl.ng an In* raeetlon al American |"nli
and its ftiltni**ioii Into Franca at a ra'.- ol duty t.,
which all pi"'k ls sakleeS In Ben of the erl final
prohibitory decree, and I am not wUbOnl hoi . of soc
eeedlng. as thia ouetllon of Inspection of fbi*, .n
| meals t* now under consideration by tho Minister
of -oeinterec and agrlenUare, ami sa apporrnally ls
offered ,I1 tny opinion for at l>-.*.? a temporary ar
ratic.nient until thu -kamber vii .11 vot" upon Ike hill
for tho liispectlon of moats.
Tho session of thu l'ark Com mls_1.au yeotsrdsy waa
mainly gaveled to a Ussasslsa cf the pinn of J. l. Ol Iv,
tho architect, fur the proposed SddlMsS to the Museum uf
Natural Ulster?. Mr. Cady Bad Calvert Vault, lainlsciipe
architect tn the tv pannoo,t, wets prassat Tka plana
wkltk h_vi ts'a*n agptered hy th'- trust--1', eeatamplate
an addition ta ike ?outh ?Ue of the prasaot building.
Snnva of the CoSSSalSaleee-S favor tho placing of the uoxr
baQdlag on the east silo, which trouts Central l'ark.
Boms n.l'e.r nltcraUuna In ihe (.lana, aaggsaSld by Mr.
Vaux, were udnpt-d. In referring lo juaolug the now
beHgtag Mr. gaea naiad the fact that lu lars the Baaid
had BBBSSVSi a plan fair connecting tho MnSBSBI willi ihe
l'ark hy an entrancw BndSI Klj,'hth aro. Thia connection,
he sal I, wu>jil n* 0f valu? aa SBWMag Iho Intimate rela?
tion lietwe-m the two, and pnBanally he mt in favor of
the camteily sliualiuu. Ile sujf!<.,-.to,l tho * .sslt.iuty that
If Iho bullllng . _r. not noon be. un tho __S lld- of tte)
llaaaaai aquir.) would be sold ai city building lots.
Mr. liulchlna ti.a-d lt tho irtittees had not l>e*tii iii! ;._? i
lu opinion rcgardUiK the tile, and aidd ho -u-hI-t. *?>?> 1 that
An lr. a II. ('ruen Lad baan in favor tl the eaatarn altua
11 on. Befoi? he approved th.ao giana he wanted to 1. now
Ju?t uhr tkS tru-tee- hid che son tho southern alta.
President Itorden r-lleved tho trustees' aeBaa had hoen
lakfti saly uf;er fall isaBdsratlstt, and aaggastad thnt
ftirtlier d-l.iy weald prerent the eomplotlon hy MXt fall of
tiio MW lei ure IniH. which waa a.,roly needed.
Mr. Bebb ralsrd tho qnestion of e-tp*>ns?. His flgiit.*
fi,,,a .-I n total cost of if 750, OOO, tha entiiuiiied aasoaal balai
..lily etoo.OOO
prssMnl lUo-len aald thal tho eura fc.iQ.OOO waa the
atuounl ?allir?tr>d for further iRiprovcinoata, the pla_i? for
which had nol gal baan iiubiamud.
'tho Ho.ird iliiiiily deride! lo lay ovor ibo pi.ins for two
WSSBk *>---l ?*? mvucsl a lionftiieuin .iii the trusties.
From TAI St. Loni* 9U,o* Democrat.
M-ttor J. ST. 1'owell. iho director of tho BsStasjiaal j
8ur*ey. la ofton referred to ,.? "tho noilableMa|or
i rowell." Ho la even-tempered nnd caliora neldoni rei
the heat of him.
?Meier,gea reaassakst your bssssIss to bm i " a Cou
greiainsn salli say.
- Yes," the Baler win reply blssdly. - I pmimlae?l you
a pince tor a youuK luaiu, didn't I t "
? Vou Uni."
" Wi ii, tba nissa la rssdv for l hs to day."
" Ah, t:- tn--a Vou place me under many ohlltra
tlona ?"
? Hot," In'erruitta the Major. " ho will have la work I
without pty mini Osagresa makea an aggrogilattea for ,
work in that purtii__er dtrasUea."
Tuc Congrrasmnn inuits perpleaed, hut he cunnot ,
doilhl the houeet) of what Hie Major la telliUK him, und
he gotta ott te button Hole atom* mum.>t-i' uf IkS Apnroiirl- |
sBana ( ...ii a,it. aud aeo what chu be naas mIUi Mr. {
A few deva Hgo thc colnrt-1 inegscnifcr brnnght Into tho
Ma|oi's (jc.ee :i cur 1 on which appeared tt.c iiiiii,ii ? (Jen
end Ulan'-." Thu Mu|or ls gres'on war mnlnlsesness,
inn ha coulJn't pince ? (ii.ucr.il niauk." However, he I
" Show him in.
In clime the (ienenil, not rory dlltlsglllsksil looking'
bul with pretty falraddreea. ETekegaa to Utlk about the '
Mal'ir'a empty Sleeve, which has boen willmot SB occu- j
ii iii iver .moe. olio d:iv be f oro SfaskviUe. 'i'lion lui
i-,rltcn?'l oil "n Bhllnh and wanted tho Mn)r.r's recoil.
Bona ,,f foo surprl.e. He opened a hook hu had iu lila
hand anl a?k.'d thc Mi]or If that wai a K"o>l picture of
Albert Sidney Johnston. Then lie tnlke.l shunt the
Malo-i Aiirtime friend, denara! Little. He gm _. mud
to i irani and l-ee. Batt aa bear passed. Buddeniy :be
Malor wlitvtlod in bia rim ir and exclaimed:
'-iiood beavaaa! ara you a beokagnail u it a sub
aortptiaB ranwantl"
General HI.nl- amlleil and begin tn nay the pa kilaben
oooi'ln't think of paasina by aucb a diaUnrulaliod aoldler
n. Mil?r I'oweii without getinn; hi io os their list.
?Tkeia, there," Interrupted t.i* UmXor," tba!Il do.
Voii'-e imf me. Haw nntch I four dotlsra I There's
rii-t, Serer mini the change. Oesd dur. air."
Th* Mular drew a Inn. breath na lila ena followed the
baal ut Hie agent to the dour, Tlicu ba tur:ie.| to Ina
desk anl his ores Bal moa a carl. Hu auld only two
wnr-la. bat thora* wm much Iii Hie tone
"Ooueral Wauk! "
:ilns In
Inflammation of tho Bladder,
and seethes tbal i had a ?t.>??> in my uttx kldts i P..*
tiir.ic ii.i.iiUi* i wm uii'Jur Ike .ur* . r tm am.ni apeclsllat
ui Ailtaey, hui c> n.lanily gMwing wot... I p??| up In
a1w| *lr ami irani lioaiu to .lie. r:>tl..l Iv ? lear! ef Hr
I) t. ll Kenn. 1. 'n lu..'lim r ? -tl- lr. af Bondout, N. T..
and iir?i-t nm t<> lr* lt. Koon illy n_.l.-l(.i ln-a'ao In l,?lp
me, tho lialn and d_it.?_? :? . ,,...1 in t?.> ni,ntli?' lima
I |af| tn) l,.-d. SM lu "Ix or -r-ti.n BtSOtbS 1 WSS miaul
and "tr."??? Many wltrteanna. will ?l?i milli's *(,?? | mny.
A i...ne, lt wi,li'h ian do IbU (ur ula* au na?r death ?.* 1 .. . .
.l.uuH ho known rv.iywl,.,! ,. i i? pa ii u italement valli
.."lia rs it. .1. I".! as I waa ta, fln1 inlla-f In tht ,?.,,:
ere. (' W. BmOxYB, I'nUrstiui., N. V.
Dr. D. Kennedy's Favorite Remedy,
ii u-uj.-i, it 1. Man si ? u toi am.
Res.lta from tba use of Ayer*a Sarsa?
parilla. It assists digestion, makes
?oori blood, and restores wastet 1 tissues.
lonee, tbe priceless vain, of this med
Icine to Invalids, convalescents, and ill
wbo have overtaxed any of the bodily
"About four years ago, I was taken
down with Barrons prostration. Miud
nnd body seemed
to hare Riven out
together. 1 loo tura
preaoribed for me,
but without avail,
sui at Iml I ro
801 VO'l to try tho
virtue-) of Ayr's
Sarsaparilla, [did
tn, and lief.ir,. I
had finished tho
first boltlo, I felt
a deetded . h inga
for the better. I
continued tin- nie
of this medicine, _
nntil noir I can wm
scarcely believe that T ever had been
sick." -Mrs. Ca Keiiuudy, 7.7 Bacilli: st.,
Brooklyn. .N. Y.
"I suffered for years from n 1 it con?
dition of the blood and general debility,
with Revere pains in tho tack nnd
shoulders. 1 nnvs been greatly Jie]p<;*l
by it (SW bottles of
Ayers Sar
saparilla, um! take every opportunity lo
Bpeak Of my euro to those who are
a .lided aa 1 wns." ?VV, P. Steams, 9
Free st., Portland, Mo.
To endure the wear nnd tear of life, BBB*
cessfully, demands an unfailing supply
of pure, vigorous Blood. Marvelous are
i the results achieved by tbe use of
Ay.-r's Sarsaparilla? tba beat and
most popular of all blood medicines.
"Ayer . Sersnparilla baa done me a
errat deal of good. I was all run down
before 1 begun taking lt, arfTI now I am
gaining in strength every day. I In?
tend taking one more bottle to restore
my health perf_ctij.N ? Alice West,
Jeff eran ti, W. Va.
" I hare n grs-xl rici, and for Aver'*
Sarsaparilla and recommend it to all.
It keens ti.e li.a d pure.
Sud larra stfffBftk to endure."
? C. . . Minor (n drug, i*t for & J years ),
l-l SpiingM., New Voik.
"Before iihhig Ayer'a .srs. parilla, I
was constantly (entiled io gpm Bed J
Rime using thu medicine, I um able to
?e. Ik two ot three miles nt a Hmo. I em
t- vania nf ase."?Mrs. Benah En. us,
i/0 Plsnsnnt ts!., Lowell, Maas.
" I Ind A1 er's Sars.-ijiarilla le be sn
admirable remedy for the cere of bio.al
diseases. 1 prescribe if, and it does tho
work every time." ? E. Lt Bater, 31. P.,
Manhattan, Kansas.
" Heine- in poor health and wcal.ly In
body, when s Ind of eight years, 1 uaa
given Aj cr's _ar*
It helped me so much that, since then,
it bas l>een my medicine whenever I
have needed ;i tonk or blood-purifier."
?George W. Hendrick, Nashua, M. If.
Pre|iarc,l ty Dr. J.O. Ay?r _ To..T.owcll, Waaa. ' Price SI; atm,BBS, Worth Bn rn bottle.
.Ito-, aw \i:i 1X0 a HQ C< .KT-tABT.
arfcaa the _e_eedse< f omnil ssliin i".-in Ks span >*<*? .on
yeeterday at 1:41 p. m., ti.eas ia attsadaaee st aearly
aaa handled parses. atoet ,,f them esatrsctara it eras
e.\i.nd thal tho ( ,ie ;, i,-i, ,,,-rs weald award tim eontraet
tot lli-t |il|ra lion from ('.on vee t-ti ve. nn (1 Oas fceaiteisaai
thirty-tifih-nt. to iiae Central Path leeetrolt. 1
clmr. s estimate f?r tbs witt was Ut,t9T,19B, Ii Sad
t^-en (|.i!a.tlr whispered Stwead tliat prior to the bOffln
iilnif of llio nusslon. nu Ol 1st I a! Iw-.n serve 1 on fleet deal
Bpsaose leattalnlag him sad tka etkar assatbers of Iks eeas
ml salon from ??-loctitliii' a eootteet ri'lth OTIrlen Sr Our. ,
, nark aai Ureettag Iks Board to skew esasi aky
tka Injaaetlea ahonld sol he atada penaanent
Ths raster vsa trna Ja 11 s Berrett hed lass I serb aa
erief en Ike sppl leeUea of Jacob Bbllae, abs leeor thal
himself ns ? tsspsyer, whees !!'t'',j hs s.i >, irere being ta?
ft : i Tba order ki ll ll y ta. tallia Kel
? .nisei tot Mr. Rbi lae, snd i- returnable ss Mareh
IS. Chsrles W. Dayton appeared aa aeaaaal for winiam
_. Bega, v.-ho hui Md on lbs handling, hsallng snd I
of thS lien [)i|)l-?.
Basretary Bbecbsn reed ti"* minutes Kl ring tbs partlcn.
lat i of the bids., Ti.ere eera three elsa Oas
.las. iras for all tba work, a aai ob I elsas i is for tba iron
pipet nnl the third mus for handling, hauling and laying
Ihe pip**
The report ef (he Cmin'tan a,n .titters t,r,r* t,, I , wxx
'oxd. e>lv',is- ti.e bl lu. a rt those Which :>r- rt ?< n rt If.rt,.ol.
Anion? these *_ Mr. Dean's n? hal tal te. to ilga it
in tim poper pl iee, uvd this was hell to iiiv.iti'lute lt.
Vies rrss.dt.nl Dowd, ehalnaaa ol tka nnaaea Coantltteo,
irioxfd ia lay the report sa tbs tabla b esuet ?>(! lo section
hoi beea tervei os tho Presldsol la relotloo to tho bid
illa mellon .ms earried.
Just ai thia Hine Corporetlea Counsel Beekmsa esme
in. ('?i(iiii!->i .uer ni lg it,-,. gass Ma Iks popsrs eonaectod
uiiii ti,e <>r-ia-r laaaed bf Judge Berrett ?**! Uta
(lied t? an liner c m te soaanlt Bona tftersrsri the
Commies!..** -va-nt into executlre ac lion.
The . .davit algae, by Mr. Kellog iceonrnanylng the
ariel al Iks Coarl .m. tkat thara l- reaaoa ls ;
" >."... c sn leaton win atrard Iha eontm t to otki i thsn
tho tawaat lui r.
wi.en tho axeeuttse se salon of ths Co swelt ??'? n wm*
ended Corporation Ci uneel Iteekraen said he hart tsken tba
papen nnd weald Setaai Um Comm! ooloo nr do hearing
before Jadge Burrett li" ieetlni to sar anything sbenl
th- iBeged tafertnsllty of Ur. Dean's bid Tbs Oon_siio
.on will nte.-t to Morrow at 3 p. m.
Tbs laaryea tai Mr. Dees had ssked Bserstary Sheehan
io fnniish inf. ininti.>ti eeneeralng tl i soetracts aad W ta
and allow hlni aa.* | i I ...Us ind poper* hit. SI., .-han
... Unod t" do thia ii.i was ssrTad with ;in order from
.lui,-,, Barrett Slre-tlng bin ta appear before a referee ut
?2 p. m. to-day and aaswet such qtic_>ii>_ia as may bo put
lu him taurktag iho bid .
.la.hn (I'llil-ti, of ih? fl.:n et O-Bitaa* a- OUak, tt?s
served .Uh sn ord. r Immtd by Judge Bsnett, nlsaa ort fhe
.-ompiaitit of Isaak ISbllagi directing him to show reese
(.n March IS why ho otanttl. nut bs roatialned (russ rigntag
the (.-ontrsct il award--! lo bim.
ii w ok tbkm munn os thb axrbica-I sm. ?>?
AN" omi Hil! nu's LA MIT HT.
'* Cannot SOflBBtblBg bo dune to arnnie Hie pat ria ll .tn
of tl,i*a Amerlcsn sailor, hy ibo revival of those spirited
_?a sangs I" said n reporter ol Thb Tm bu ob le one
cf the old sailor*! In tba Navy Yard yesterday, 'ihe
.ray boarded old sailor, resembling tlio pletniSg of
K'ng Neptune ai tin board! the ships when t_-?y cross
the equator to BoHsel trllmto fruin tho uninitiated,
wai a typical BIBB 0* WBf*l man, and a* he adjusted
the (jnlil of "Navy IIhk' In lil- niontb that lils toogee
Blight tie free, and Borrngntsd bl*1 forehead and aoewlsd
his fa,*.- with iisgust, ha said :
'? W liv Mow me, me lad, WS nln't gol any Ainerl
ra-i lallon, they bs all |_ono. An' If y *r doan't
bsUevs mo why holst yerself aboard o' the Atlanta,
or the Cklesso, or tbs Admiral'! lagaklp iii" old _le_
mond, an' ta.o an observation Bar rettelf. Or co
aboard Ike old Beeolvlng Skip Verm,ant lyln' over
there ta Cob Doek an' far won'I Ind more* n a half
dssen Amci 1sans in tba wkols slip's eompnny, an'
tho rest o' t!io ci .w aro all foreigner!, lt's a feel
boy. Ti_!n't Ilka it nacd ter bo v baa I His*, como Inter
tlie iSTTlce forty years ape. I feel SWfttl IsaSBOSM
wll lout the good old TaabSS sailors that we used
tor have. Talk about munnin' the Nary In war times :
Where will they Ind the old Yankee marines an' old
Ystiliee sailor. I 'ibe Jolly American tai . that Wa bad
when I first enlisted a-e all dead an' pone. Imr
they'll Lo mis .ed same dav an' When they are wanted
this country an' tii'**1 rtsf-nmen In i otigross 11._.r
tareel everything but themselves may Ind 0"y have
mad" a greet mMatie in not enconrailing and pro?
testing the mercantile marino.
" Why don't lt maka yr yonng Mood t.nil when yer
l.x.h al tkeee han'some war ships an' think that they
o' . to t,e matine.] by -irelgnatl : don't it maka .vcr Bvl
like as If yer bad nobady to d?f>>nd that han'some (lair
nn there) When yr think lhat the big ?ar shin- of
other srreat navies BIS] come tli'Mid'iln round our eoa?t
anal threw th"lr hot shot an' skell In he>*. an' destroy
all the i)ro)s>rty. doa'I ii Hake yer akuddar an' ask
*'l.*'ll yer iii ari yer Navy I Where'll yet- llinl the
. ani.ee tailor the*i i iii-aven koowa '? m. time's
iilmost come; I'll goon haul down my pennant an'
niiip arro', the snarler dees sn1 Inlsr the caiit, whsts
? be BBBSll ore, I. it I'm m.t so old that. I've lu*' my
love for that tlai* WklB I fmijilit fnr ll In the Ucxiean
War an' In the late cruel "-ar Ihal Hiern S.mt!,..rn -rs
rall -a little iinjileasant noss.' I toll yer if vi-r prefer
Ike forel.ner in times of peace yer ean'l exseel the
Yankee tailor lo be In nedi ncaa In time, of war. Ho
ll ain't Hie pond eld 1 ?! s.inrs. thal baie enlivened
the foreeasile In my dar. that's .oin' fr nia.is .
Navy. If the men In .'oakington don't do something
to encourage ti"* manning ol our thlpa with Yankee
?allots, yer won't need m b>a_ abenl naval lunremacy
when the next terrille MCSggla nnatSS"
BTIOOTTNM WTMEMLF iv. NOT ///<.* irirr.
A iruli in T. Ilia1, lb r, n.*e fo-ty five, whn mn taken
In an ami ulan ts to Hellenic BaapHal tala on Tuesday
olgbt, SBgSrlng fn.in twa pistol abut wounds, was lu s
a rious rendition yealeriay. it is peebnhls that one
1-rJl ],...*?'1 th ...i-rh die cvertnn of the heart. Hratid
ie. a wlfa was found yesterday aftetBOSa at her home.
No. 81) Htantoii-at. Mra. Hiatndli-r maid that ker bua
laiuid hal alwajs had an u irom nishle lein^-r. mil ?.t?
semen hat ad .11 ried t. driiik. EVS! a.ne alfhl diy*
lifter ber n.arrlage le r life had beou aeia iiii*?ial.la
fruin lilia isua*.
As ?ho aaa! inui Ike seireaai on Taasisy slgkl to
pul on her hat, be tollowi l her, uni irawlug a revolter
I., i.n ta. bi.Dot. bli., ra**ghi bi. arm, and ens '
en,Ix aided Ita. If in Ibo vt all, the oilier ISIS l.i,'teing ina
? wu body. Itrainll-r has f'-f ten years ba-.ai I .reiuaii
mid eiiglncei- In Theodore L'rbanl's hat t)lork fa< loiy at
Nj. i_3 deaky at
There waa grist ISjoletag last titer tit nt MasoniS tkw|lla.
Ti,.. Blxtk M i a a.' Distrlel has psli ns -bera of tbs hall
anl n ss itini (lent and less th.in aj.li-1 (mo MS B maine for
tka .a linet ion of lim entire BbUt, *50O.000. Bil diMrlris
have now nude thoir i.aymei.ia. Tba eeielnaiion look
[.lace In ibo granl laina losai u:a l->r the auspices a.f Hiram
l.od^e. Thura was a not >MS plkOtlOg al Bia lan! I'i.. . nt.
licorgo \V. M.'Man plBfai iii." organ, lifter wkteh Ike lodge
raselvoi DM .rid Depaty Jaka it- Papa Ita recrtved ta
hu tum tarana! Maatoi -laak B, Imutnuae, ti,.. Uresesnt
Quaru i iiuii _hh. and thea Ike Omni Master iallvoiai
.... a I lr. ,v (,.ii,?l ('Iii'.- ll.aa and th- l'..\. Hr.
Reseal OoUyei, ike graai shaglala, ui*s. aa ila aid
Thu ia tim ihaat ? ngiisi, npasfc-Bg -tis',ni i<> , aasytota Hie
work. li rai-od a'.7,'_M.
to WMITM > 0 MOirj Poi nit*.
Tho agaoU nf tka Mei. hauls' liisticaiicu Ci.oipati) hue
been tnit.rii.id that taking i.( i.aka nss ilsoanUaasi mi
Ma.n ia,, ia. a.: u. Hon ?> s.i.l yaaasKby:" This ting b ia
bass ,!,.. h. a u...-ii afb i ila i iallkowttaa, ii i? sae
,f ibu r.Hiseq uno. ?* .,f Hie uar uf in,man,,, rates Wkiek
loavaa >?i ?uiaii a aaisla bel ieee asasaaaa and losses tkal
malo BSSB Ul ytoliu Int Ike *tuiikbuldrla. iUo i,-i,ii>auj
begtt bofrtBBBB in IM.V). Since that time lt has paid In
j : 21,097, rooMvog ii psaaasxaa* *?'? oci.nio sud taaid
In dh I!-nd* ijl.140.OoO. Wo have In i,tit?t*i.d!r.* rl->ks
f. tt ."."."..nod. wllh f.lir,.m ;:i in rash a?"t*. We hsv*
n-.t yet de-id"! "luther at will relrasuro oair rl*ks, cancel
them or c Min,us ibe m. 'iho low rate- an I MOOBI BBBMata
fli'cs, hu ii tn cr, hart settled tin) question ut leur wi.'mg
any aaora poeUol ??>."
Th') lOOth *i!? or Twenty -Ibli i St. bOtartOO Ilrvil'.v.y
ind Slxi i.av. i* sae af th* groctact* sf wetttta't ptit>
dlse, where she Batten aboal Ilka a aad Moos aa a beeta,
diiipinifl bart lo tootie an onetttatel gow g*w and bmm
'?' e. in,ino a iiisririi-1 -il'iirn MOttatM gag. Tho array af
(ealnlolty tl.,-io oxiuiial? from K.iei.ius d sappn ntn -ni lo
i ublin.y reMlxaUoa. Tht confronts run tho WkoM gaaeM
uf cial.>r, fain, und fr :_vjii, >-. ani BOtaMat In a wiall ima
fan ano e,i MoXtJatal e li...t malia a ten.*) th* m. n: u ?? 1
? ? ,i 1 BO I - BOOBS tl,?) ey j la lang fa.r t *-r', 1 BMB 1 BO t, 'le",
ear f.ar bal,!,lin:: waler*. Tko BBSO thero ar* not we,nli
noHHag, Tb ?? who sr" si:;,pic B*tag t*," attoot as a
1, e-rtns Bf getting ,on,, WbBtM wn as despicable se || ? ? ? i
wreteb thal peeped u- Lady Oodtva ta r,er gatkgfed i*i.iry.
Tho " ina-:,.-r-.*' Itt ill". It ls a rushing Itvtf of wu. ii
mid se.. Halm-ally, full of conflicting tld"*. AU eyes ar.)
flinn i ..ii earthly thl/iga, coolly rmballlabtMaia 1
vae.r, hail Male, aol kBOtt MOM anl piano*, lt is not
gotastally koowa tiiat ike iiu.-.-t los kl ag n'.ri in tin- Maota
avlth Ike baot polm-, ni,ar*; atyle and n.oit arlAtonaliei
-v-ii g :-i ,j i..- :seing aloag e. nt H.-: v ,,n? aaaegy ot a glott
akora ah* faso*** rle- sea *??'? a poper M plas saxopos 'i,,m
ikywke ra- I'l.v. Mun- than llksly Ike girl a Ilk Ike Poriat
;,n ulr, hlghlj iii!.-!i". tu ii gtsac* aad pserteoa aelt-pa -
?lOg h.l* Jtttl aile,"J fleelll Hi'- l.t-H,,, ,yf ft I V - J' I MJ Ml
u dav', shopping shoo* Ia,r Ike leay* ai. 1 . ap.* f'yr i,. ? 1
i::,l',er. M ve.vr tin) I'liiladt'li'liU ii.ii l'-u may I..- il. i
inii*t rha'nilii!?, brlgbtOM vlsi an in --li-bt. A Philadelphia
lea. I ii iri HoW'Totk ls oil'-n re.til 8abM f-.r a fi*-h.
atytlah lii.tlvl<!ual!r.r, and gals U.o c--llt of bung ?
irrac-rul SBMni* i?f flsttSBl's baal pta in, non. Il is n-.t
Mwaya eg v to eoojeei lag asxtet af oath ft ? r
ta tlie parterre. TM I fr-om New-Y>.rk,
lier Mm, -hal Kl ll toots fi-ni Ita h-ri.U*. Hut tl.fl Ce., -.
artie eBOet ii vivid and lux lt.* valuable tattojnatn -\
ntiii accident tttaittg in Twetatj UUrdat ii.) o-h.-r
?arOetag vv...._i is il,,u!,:|,.*? rellim.turra; 1 di-'ine'iy
bi ai i'-av. ? a-; poiasa. A yin of writ log IOr*allaaM hal
lyme de,au 1 ... t, in a coupe), ai rayed In a full ttaolag
COntUIIlO fir UM le.-peysi- e.f Slll'.llg f.lT phlltDgliiptlS. J'I il
ns .ehes wa, gilghi lag fr,,in her carriage anl hu! her foot on
tho stej), the- mttrem ktrsta |tuapi 1 galeklj forward, ike
laly loot h?r balance, and fell with fon-e to tho ai Je?
ir Ilk, Baton leer companion, another Biri, could a**!??
bel t" I.,-r (art, UM whirling west wind caiitfht lim ah.iwl
that shs wore ant whisked lt wildly Into Hie air, leaving
tho unfaii nanala girl lu a fascinating, but cool state of
a--..., ie, ,-,., hltlog tl r. MWOO Mt, ilia* y.>ung lady's coif?
fure', Whieh hod ,-vld'ii'iy O", 1 u,1,11,1.-, I Ly au arlistio
bani, lum.?-,liar,dy b.st H.* mi.-h ty-jtily, and literally
stuck o'.:*. In nil dlrOCtltaa It vvrjj Ind.?d a de-nie,r?li/litg
sxperlaan f"r any gul, with sere * of ptopta at a -:ui,d-llll
lo watch and IfBISlt opoa tha BBaaoM spertacte.
" Hun, Uly, run o,u!< h," said thc fully dressed eotnpsn
Inti; and sh'- After pt-'d to push h?jr unhappy friend toward
tho |riMttgngkai*a gnat
'? i'll do ooeklag ?.f tho sort, I'.Hrabo'h. r?>t bfk ltira
the carriage, l look like a kowllag gtnrtak and I fe..f
like ? iianX"
Juli then the deo. of thu c."ii..- BtOM to willi a vlei'.ur
An enthmli>*t c meeting ot the Union Qooaty Ra-pii>il!?
can le ik ne rai lu ld hst night at the ronni* of tha
niltkMb. If, J-. ? h is Hub. Aiiins ni ms w-'ro ina.lii
for peilUSUSUt i.ea iaj'iai Ors anl plaaa for lin- aOBSlBg cajii
polak ?o a ''I*- mst 1 at mom lei u;u. Matty aaa ? mt.* ta
wens cur.II d. Arter tte adjOurnm-nt ot thc MagtMi tha
letgoa too ta mal in * m on aad sato aft rwani aaag
IBM a eon,mt'ta.' gf Um wh 1- to dlsru-w several bills of
interi'St ti B* gat 118*08 B li eli have liter./ boen brought
up In the fOglglMim Ir'cveY n. MMM of elinor lhe leaai'a*
or th* awnafe were ul neut. (.Cai enthusiasm ate c:anl
[?.s'.ud and ti,c h., et. g. vv-*r* MMsly Iniere-liag.
A BtaarteM and literary i n'ertaliiiiiei.t will bo given to
nlfht and to-i-nrio-v tlgkl si thc llniaar of the Na'lona!
Wnman's l hi 1st lin Torrperance talon. No. J kiast ("ne
1 un lr d-sii-l-lortv-fourtli-st The rsa: ur*, of iii! the ship*
ta Hi- hartaer have ta^-n Invlred to be pr s--nt to-night.
Tilt ronni.* w,-r- BBBtly gtBOtOltd y'-st'-rtaj or th" saiior*
fnuu the MlaatOOta. Among those who alli take pga|
In the tatrtltltoMat nra tho M'->s e Artots, I M liii.-nii,
rr.-eniiin. K-rr anl Xavetatti PtOtaSBOf Ay.es, Jl. do
l-i Ciolx, J. 04 Joliiistou sud Mr l'accl.
A llreaiklyn p.'i|rf,r puhllahed rrsterlnr a atnrv stating
that th- Bot. Tho?ai I, Owewf, ot st. lao'* rhurci,,
lind been aaayotsdad ky Ara?h^l'<help (nrrlajran. Tho storr
aaa BttMwg t-> l>" utterly untra;- nt th- Are-lil.Kha.p'a
?e^:dn,i.e, ni I I'a-hcr Hurry celebrated i.-speis in bis
hank as OtUtl last evening.
suomi so nu: mills pill's WBAEMBBB,
J. W. ll.iu.-s, chaiinian sC'tkt sutec\ecutlve enmn.lttee
)f th" KOW'TolB State Republican league, add^*a.-.l a
[lieetlng nf the Vl'h Assemhlr I)|*inet BttatOfBak at No.
112 Hran I -I, last night. He exialalncd thc Tarlfl b.il
in an able) maimer and pBtattg MM how lt had been manu
fiictu.-a-l by I.. ii..?ia",e goooteta with iho on* afcfjiet of
:* lc lung vcte-, lu doubtful M.,Ul.
I NTH 1 Ol ."
Hear n.any poor, w.ak. vv.rri out Inialil* 'nsve
maafca I ned toa thad tanda ai tko wri.iie da, e eatfl B *a*
"O lalee f?r ;,,,-, g..-;,. ?r n,,-,-.,,- |? |,e yH,.,, tl.e'lll Nl'.UISJ
md the Alndaihfy cover MM MOB "f m. lilt,* Me.tli-'r I'aarth
otth 1' ? ' v lag L--r'!'i. f- 1 i.v the gow, aaotaod lay H?*
tepkyr, ptlotad i.e-!d-:i yellow l-r thc laaeMtaga BM tot
'..I ab.1.ea, 1,1,1 f,,, 1 sotjanlga iiiii-lr. Th" aooxaMI
tokoa ti.?? 1 ito ih.- 1., 1-1 1... gt-no Mot ?""' ?'","> taek
.iiiy kern"! axim.t, H,e BtOaaaTthM lill -i tlcie. soi
ivhich kaaeaa Mock tai atMooefc ta-atikl not BsS tt i-xtraoi
fa.r ili,ni*elvrs ni,aide,I.
Hen' ana Avrii-'--cs for brain .xii! Ml808 M aaotkt
ralni and build up: Pkaatakarai a* BBltata cn* vbow
I'h'.H*. tt fa'.-d th- wei-n MM buln and n-rv *. i" h-al Iht
'xvltlca in thc- i-.ii*,iinptlv.'? lilies ai"1 al-v'- MM -lr 'Sit
md si.1 ..I,-.'p mi whl, I; i . a-i I Hurt. Ita ?k
i.e. fie'lii tko eOotatMOl Raak, to flax the la,weis, cur*
ijsp'|e*i.i. imbil UM Mtoxi purify tho bile, rullcve ibe
lier, and sci ill wi.ilu.f. MgttlMt pngtflr.
- Kn... I, anl ll .hall bt I D' '?? < " " XHk "n|l " H,'*l?
?. ui,,.,,- 1 ?i ;, Mggege, i.ui the Mattel af gaUaa uraiu;
Saturs'a own rem-Iv, *s<l?T4 ll tUTM Kr--KM K.
Al a laelih nf lin- alieiiil?t's avant ill" III.kai la ulvoa
MM Ula- tl,).v lillie I...I..* nf "" C.i.no that MWO bn-UifM
I..itlh i. I H..I-. la- ? lo M "?*"? homes; Sriienuth and
, Ine-r t.a rai 1, soy weak sud weary; H.1I111 anl Healing
.1 ao many ba-.i,' . fa-va'iish aad coiisauiplivos.
ii..'! has gltati no- aheetke h?s axirjctod; it is ta-fi**^
wu. lou ban: bui lu kuoyk or ssh sad hcsiU U yd B?

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