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V<? XI/VU.N* 15,090.
|BT > 'FM a To lilt inuit:. _. I
BornjHght i 188S.- Ry Thc Kexe-Ymrk Tribune.
LOMMM. Mn roll 8.?A telcRram from tho Porto
lo M. Stoiniioiilof, p. )rlaiit)in>; I .ince Ferdinand
ax cl' no liRlitftil authority, has
startled Kn mix-. It i- is cerium that,
thc I'oil. ha il r. --ol veil last week to decline Russo's
tvquost to -mt pressure on l'rinco Ferdinand to go.
Th.- revci-.il of tins decision on Sunday is duo to
iniiiK iiccs Whleh as yet arc mutters of BuBkm lure.
-.'mint Herbert. Bismarck h trip to Loudon is su|i
BBBui to have something to do with it. England,
Austria and italy all stood aloof, nnd all declined
to join with l.-riimtiy mid France in supporting
BuaUuVa . Mincst. Count Met! .rt, I now hear, told
Loni Salisbury lhat the Russian campaign was
only entered upon as a natural s-v-ui I to I'rin'-c
Ihsma. -h's offer in his recent speech of diplo?
matic aid inn purely diplomatic effort hy Russia to
vlndieato her rights in Bulgaria under the Treaty
nf l_*il;ti. Unthill will rome of it, said Count
llu-liert ; l{u**ia will han made oue more feint
(i.(.\c. SN" I,,is no rights under 'he l.i'iHn Treaty,
Mya thaaa common to all thc I'divars. She etin
n.'t, and Turkey will Dot, Brod BOkUCfl into Bul*
gnrin. Wli> not mi the Parla address to Rrince
Pcrdinnod som,' mcenhge such as that of last,
August jt Sn. li aro the arguments supposed to
have had weight with Lord Bnllebery. Rut the
Turkteh t if. uni is non thi ngjbt likely to have
?ON clint than was anticipat d. Vienna di_
pntetaa rend as if Austria were nbundonlug him.
No decj-ion is announced from Sophia whether
1 -iiiia I', rduiaiid means.to 'io or stay, or whether
M. Staniboulof, tlie ablest and bohles* ot the Bul*
yarian leader*., believe*, th. 1 .int: can be kept
on tin- tlll'ollC.
Thl* Queen's letters to Miss Giila li,n h.'l\e pl'O
lui ed ii vert ta bk sensation. Beyond doubt they con?
vey, or were mcaul t-i coin cy, ensure on Mr. I _I**-I
t-t enc for his long Kluan] to send relief to General
Gordan, Tha Queen has ohcam her own tinta tut
dteeloaing to the public the toet?well known to
immy at the thl) thal she frequently and cop.
.tautly paeaaed tho.**- who sent him te save him.
V.'hat Uer Iinji -tv anya nf tha stain left on Eng*.
laud ia hut an echo of General Gordon'a own
nords, that the conduct ol thi Mini-try had
brought on them Indelible diagroae. Mr. Qmd
stuiie's Iriends to-day Would shift j.art ol tho
leaponntbilitg for thc delay on Lord Wolseley.
They may, if they persevere, provoke the publica?
tion of scm>' oi Lord Weis, hi's lette n written nt
tho lime. I know of one in which he said tliat
he had been on his knee to the Government foi
i.i.uiths, panging them io gtauti nn expedition be?
luga it was too late.
The ucw rui.s of procedure of thc Houaa nf
Commons atc now Complete and have bCOOMC
atnading mles. The attempt to actubliah -mall
Beateh and Welsh I .irlinn.i nt* within Ra ri ia mont,
Galled. Thc Minhrtria thought they saw in thcac
propoenla Um gem of lli.mc Rule foi scotland
a...I Wah--, and resisla xl all em nat les baaed on
nrgumenta lor a mm eouveuJeut dJnpntch of
Mr. Wilfrid Rlunt's mirnee from Kilmnlnhan la
briefly chronicled and Buffered to pena without, a
word of eeanment by tha Glad-touiaa organ, which
hcro-womhipped hun while he atna ? onndidnte for
Deptford. Irishmen showed themnelvea mora grate?
ful. The lush Mi mb. rs wdoomed him at thc
prison i;at>s, _ branch of thc National League
thanked lum, aud Archbishop Crake called on
ls:tu iu Dtihhu.
Rotting is yet known respecting the ?entente
of the aannuaerinte just found In the Stratford ea
Avon Cuildhall. They number thou sands, and
anea discovered in a ehaaiber long locked. Tut
librarian ol thc Shakespeare House is exumlnlng
them. Ex perta think it mon* than peohnbk thnt
they cmtiiin something ghoul Sliali(s)-lire.
ti. W. S.
1.OKI) lt. .NUKCilll.i I>i:.MA.\D* -Kalil IMjl'lltY AM)
I/OMKiy, .larch 8.?Tba debate on ibo notloa of
Hlr Walter H. Particle.! (Conservative), for tho ap
j.'.'iii mein of a royal cuuiiiiivr-Inn to ascertain and re
port upon military iiica_uie_ necnaaiy ior (ho pto
t lam of tho I.nipnc, was ic.imcil lu th a Donee of
COnneaa to Bight by I. ml Bnadolph Churchill. Ho
be. un bis (gaaeh by nnladlag (he House thal nu less
than 178 members w-cro eonneetCd with the anny and
navy services, ami tliat tho debate bad disclosed their
at sollie- unanimity on ono point, namely, that not
vtthatandfag thc hnuneea luereeea in annondlturoi
tho military peattloa of Kng'and wa_ deplorably bad.
Tho renie i!y of thoso member was the eApondiiino of
moro money, int. lils remedy was reform In the ex
peudttMU. Enough had already been paid to main
tain beth serviee, in a state of splendid eflicloticy.
Hut the Bngttek agaton wm uliheul a parallel in
any other country, military men who had been
trained In Iho business of arms b":i(,- v.iboidmato to
civilians who Mero utterly untrained, lt would be
Just aa reasonable for the Pronto to ii'imlnate Mr.
Labouchere Archbishop of I'aiiK-rbu: y. or lo uiuke Mr.
Chaplin Lari ChnheaOer. (Laagbter.) Military tratatag
-reined to disqualify a man from managing tho War
Oflice. That must t?o alici-ed. 1 he launelul con
ti-ol. after the e. moates aro mate I. ought to be
placed In thc band* if responsible olin er_
Kn. i;_h ottic ii. wcio made ipendlug anima hi la*
atend of. Ilka ihe uormaa oflleon, r>\ ..ii.ni.- ono an?
other in economy. Mores for a (>erman regiment
cou ld co tu tho fi oul cn twelve hours' notice wnliu.it
prolonged lenci, from th? War Utlie.. 'lhat emild
nut _-? (loin- in t-'.niri_i.ii without nile.-, of fo:ios .arsine
and repa ..rig for sewial days. Tho (Jerinan cm ps
d'armee was maintained upon i' 1,.".()().(MM), as again>-t
jlT.oimhmm) for au English corp*. Tnls monstrous
wa-I ti* extended to emery brinah nf the s"iv;eos. A
rtpld and vigorous Inquiry and radical refoiius were
imperatively iicicn.ar.v. Ha could not vote conti
donee In ihe exlstlni; .system; it was hopelessly bad.
Mr. Stanhope, leeratarg for War, Intimated that the
(,a wi nu em would aanctlon an luquliy Into any
defliiile matter conncKted wit li tho estimate*, but
wiinid r_>wt tho angelnlanni of a ro>ai eonr * i
of vairne general character. Tho motion for the ap
poiiituiciu of a royal cominis .on was uesallv(_l.
tuimgeiow og tng hhmkky pAntnn? gKAgwt
Ottawa, March 8 (Special).-Th* Dominion ls ttlrred
to wrath and liidlgnailon fi-om one end to the other
hy tho Bupyrenateu nf iho lahng p*!""*. .irong
verdi wcio used in Iha fcenm ni Cemmeni io night
un tbe subject. Mi. i_mrle, loader el Iha OppOSitloU,
|ii.it" tal against the (iovei mn-ut bringing down
piaitically I lani; protiH-ols, and demanded the publl
tatlon of Iga Vhala ptoeCCdlUft particularly the
A mei luau counter prdgCCalB,
blr Klchard Cartwriglit hdl. nled the Idea of dignify?
ing t_c.,ii (uenij nv.- blank pages wltli tlie designation
of |i .,((. ol-*, and cl,ai . Mela ut the wliolo priK-ecdlng
aa di.resp ctful to Paillamcnt and the people of
Cana-la lehCCnli and, he believed, equally di.ia.ia
ful lo th- nngnce MlnUlers.
Kir Charles Tup'.er said I Lat If ll.e pi .; ceding xx.au
gist -es poe t ful, lt was equally so lo Ihe British Tarlta
nen. and lo iho (lilted Males, fur th,: papers pro
f i.led wero praetaalg Iha sam" In calli ea.si<. ila
promised to hiing down the full text of tho cori-e
?puudenco with Mr. iiayard to monow.
l-.iusiiis W imaii was aliackcd by Mr. Denison In
tiie lions,' of ' oniuions ti day. Mr. lk-nison moved
for a se>e> t ecipiiiltloo to I . 4ulro Into tho desirability
of the (lovori.uieiit acquiring the telegraph lin-* i I
Canada, and ehanjed Mr. l. mian wi(h ii*:ng bli line-:
u. eeautu vi toieg.-am* ami lorwaid Aacaeiated J'.e*v
Ola acl.( il sciinlng a feeling among Hie penah, foi
i (.uni.an lal uiiiuii willi Iho Lnited btalcn t.'ial (bd not
ex l?i.
t'AKAl A W.itl.D INUt'l I Ul' BBB IKI.ANO Kl J(li>
TIIK _._l>- ItAt. I* ION.
?? Joiix's. N. F., Mai* li fl.- (>u Tuesday last Oov
irilOr ILL,. __._!_I IL. _.ll.._,,.r. 1.1..?,_,_.
__? -- .'_ lo ,M'_oilaiet In our o
noa should represent tho Of?uah_te
Ministerial party, am! as tha Cansellan stolon r-as 1**
i;iih tin] may iw short, wo aaa lg a-npp. lat Um es
pedlency ol lin ilopufallon sailing I.v the 'teani.-r
of Hie lr.ih In-t. LANsixiVNl*.
QSrttEBBt lil.Uii' replied yesterday as follow 11
1 havo received your ti. legra in and laid li before
my Ministers.
This correspondence, causes a sensation.
SOl'GlII' AGAINST THK til 11 Ill'.l'.ilonO.
tar iitR.iRir:! to BU tuibo.n*. j
Chicago, March 8.?Thc Chicajro. Ihirlin-rton
and Quincy officials to-day transferred thc tight I
from thc lines of thc road to thc United Statis
Circuit Court. At an carly lu.ur a liiu fslilioii
was filed in the court hy Wirt Dexter, chid coan- |
Kel for the railroad, lt set forth thc history of
thc strike, with thc grievances of thc road, and
wound up bf praying an injunction against Chief
Arthur uud thc Eiij-Tiicers' llrotluThood, as well us
an older on thc WaDa-h road com->c|)ing it lo
handle Burlington fe-cight in ibsi-bur;,!' of Ita duty
as a fi mini" n earlier. Tho order issued by thc
court lovers thc ground of thc lull and shovss Ihc
s|H'(ilie nii.iters prnyed tot therein. Tate Iiui-lin-.
mad mak.-s Charles E. Beers act in thc caivaeity
of complainant In thc eave, etehoa>*h the suit
ie the work of thc company. Mr. Bel is i.s ii I114
lumtier mere hunt, and as be has had his luisi
iia ss lied ap sin.''' tlc strike .began, he gladly
niiidc thc petition in th-- bone ol obtaining sum.
relief for himself, li is understood that tbe eu?
lin- lumber trude is back nt lhe reiml in its lifjlit
in tin- courts. The order is ns foUowe:
(nine nnvv tin- i bleago, burilngtoa ami Qnlnei
Tlailriiad Coiiiimnv am! 1). F.. Kiehardson bj Ih-ir
aolicitort, nml pteaoei their potlttee ld Um eoart,
praying for an older ot tlie ciint. reqolrlog thc re
colver ol thc eoort, appointed in-n-in. aw! his ogeats,
otliccis am! employes in peiiorm liis -lillies at s
lani.lie i-ar'tef. ot* resBCCtt itaflie xx Li ii -nih petitioner,
anil oho har an uni. 1 restraining lhe tesaoolatlon,
common!* relied tbe BititaMrbood of Locoowtlt-o Bo
gaticers. ami Its ollicei-s ami tgeWe, ami etptciellj
uric, P. M. \rthtir. Its Thief executive otli.er. as
i ii.iiyi-d In e-altl petition, from In .any wog irvine any
orden te tho eaglooera la the employ el ii"- receiver
for thom io refaso i,? bani loaded eora eomrng l.
going Dom tbe railroad in choree of --ai'l roeolver li,
usual baalaeaa latercbonae trltb ihc aold getllloaer
rorporalloa ami also inavlug tm- au order to punish
Hu- tah] Arthur fi,r c.11,1,-nipt of e.iiirt In uiil.au fall;
iiiteiici-intr ivitii ibo ailuiitiNiration af Ibo piop-Tty
in thc eaetodv ol tho eosrl la thia can"*.
? hen-,ienu tin- rnint milers tl,,- Stld pirillie,n, tn
-cthf-r vvltli th-> affidavits ami BtpCI*! in sini)ui. :hi-n.,!
io lie fl.'il. am! i'ii- said mai,ll. an.,n I- ? I law linortn
a' 'J o'eioi-k of ITbrch !>. is-.-. ??:-! ii I-- order**! t'lai
itotice of sm i, appllcatlun Ik- fort ti wi th -etsc.i oa tba
ip-elver or his sollritor.
lt is iiiuler-tniid that He;" i.il M.Niiliia wi'l r<
Bain pateive in the matter, A strong tiri,' in
eenrt ngamal il,,- Bnriint-ton't petition will lie
lundi- ll.-verth'-less. Il, will lit- enliilui la d Illili.a
, Hie auspice's of (he BmHii-rlu'od. 'lies' have eu
froged Alexander Sullivan ai..I 1,1s pnttner,
Thomas C. Windee. It is doubtful whether Mr.
SriMiviitl ssiil be illili- let bc pr-si-Pl- ii) COU Tl I'i
! morrow. as In-night bc wot lu Sruiitffh bi on b 1
! ness left.1. the Stale' Supreme Coutte. Un'.'it-T.
Lincoln will uiip.-in- for General M.Nulla.
toi; m m ki-ic- arapaiean mi Birt n smsyi i>.
There was cm iden bl' turprite among the strikers
and their chiefs when l be ne ivs nf iii is la I esl mw 1
of thc ra.iid was brohea lo them. " I have au old
injune! inn thal was WM served ,,u BM in lb'' Lake
Shore strike," hind one ol tha strikers, "nnd thc
railn.ad eau bice 1 oopj ni jj if that want. [I
.ever tu ide mc pull u throttle" Tb<- pooition
that, the engineers as a bodv will take in anj
aviiai will abc a simple one. So law, ikey rbiim,
1 eiin compel ii 111:1 1 iv work when he is not avUling
ito. Mr. Sargent saiti un ln]un<etion, if ii wris
', L-ranti-"!, vs.mid have no effeet on lin- strike, to
! 1.ir rv. thc engineers and Bremea arc eoncemeil.
? "Mr. Arthur." he siaitl, "il,.ts net miler vi rik's.
i An injinu linn iijjainsi Una, tlicrefnre. cms no
; ligure."
Ob the otiier baud, the difQcultice of lhe Wa?
bash line are .-..t radi ly oa tlie im .vase, 'f lhe
I a-ourf, !o-i)iorn?w ^i;atit.s au order requiring Ihc
, Wabash tu pcrtni'in its du t lea -,,. h paulie earriei
lat res|M'ets traffic willi tlie Huilin-.t ll, lien
I g ?.Till lill triC-Uji ol I l.e- Wiil-iadi lui'sl. li.;'- vv. I Ju
I engineers will, of -Muree, rrfuse to handle th"
, BurIm-*ton cart, Th* ni.imcni. the lit.xt nttni ia
1 ilisebai-veil. a strike will fellow,
i-p- etiAi) t-.t i.viN.; ns tttr. corni'*.
*>Yirt, Dexter wiis in eb.- ? eonversntiian with
President. Perkins all the murnini--. Ile ekiinis
that if thc eagineera ean't be eaugbt as a sm-ieiv.
ibey may- be reaehed under the cnnspir.M.v law.
Ihc road ofli.'lals arc not >going tu contine their
efforts tu tin* Wallas!., bul. s.-i'e Ibey svi'l ^ii into
j the eoarta against anv road that refaeee to handle
! iheir freiffht.
The l-ake Shore load ha-, l-en rcccivine- freight
fruin ami to the llurlington it.-day without pro
ti-st ftnui ita engineera. Tbe olHciala or Ihe wnvl
say thal they will continue lu handle Hie In-L-ht
I tiniisferi.-d te. them. Most of ll"' I'-aste-m rnuil.
I have siviuiied their williiiciifss to do t!"- tome.
? but, willi thc e\e?'ptin;i ol Hie I'liion I';ie;lie. al
! the rVeatern roads remain Brm in their refntal to
j touch ii Ihirtingtou ear. Said lb.' t-cm-ral pa
i ten ger .v.-.-nt of the Burlington, l*nul Moitoai:
VS lien tlio slril.t! Hist t-OgOa, I lio. ol her roads were
with ii* In our purpi.-c to run our OWB iiuail In our
ow 11 way. They aedmlrod <nir npuok. Kow, when we
have broken IM haekhone t,f :'?.' virile, th.-y lliluk
we're a ll.ile ton dletoiorlol Wllh oar mon. 1 so
Dial 1 kief Artiuii- I* IInIiu; up an excuse tot thc roads.
ll) tova lhat ibey can *ay thal lite* emil.lui boudie
our esr*, that their i-'itlii"civ vvnibln I have thea*, and
they arn nut roqulrcd t?' -I" what ls Inpossible, well,
now, lt Isn't any hauler for tlicm to mnl-e thal" BaDfl
oi#y ihan lt i.s for ut. if til-*- men don'l do us they're
l loiii. dltebarge Ihom ami i-.-t ntiteis These mi-ei,
aro boood h> lhe tctlon of th.-i- employoa if tin
eogloeofl refuse lo lianl ihe frelghl lt ls Ins! tba sant?
as if tho general naaaaor refused, ir ihe vartoua
roads tefUte to lrn'l our fii.-lj-M. wo will make Vin
that's all. The nilly tliing dial l-(ei).|cs us now |.
lo rei a frrv more Bret clo** eogineere. We aie going
ahead and raaalag OOI rnatl Jest as we svia-eteil lo.
^se erongbl la lo*** ears *.r itoeh ii.k innrnii,^
Thc sti-iivc on tho Rarllagton umi North wes tarn d'd
not tHect us any. Mr. Ilari-I- ls still runnitis. a iinm
her of traills on the road and is pelling new engineers
as rapidly as ho ran.
Thc (Jrievance Comnnilcts of the Northwestern,
the Wabash and thc Chicago mid Alton road
met, ;it, McCoy's, the Grand Cacilie and the Sara
J lo^'a Hotels respectively, and discus-td thc eh.iri_ts
! of haulim* thc Huiliii'-ion's freight thal
had been mad" against those, roada
j Just, what was the result, of theil
1 deliberations could not, be learned, all the* mem?
bers haring been enjoined to ttriet eeereey. An
old Burliagton engineer eonvertant with the object
of Hie moetiiiK wild :
"The contest is ut. present in this si! nation:
Thc eBarlington ls doing work. It, is, however,
doini? it -arith thc aid Of other niads. Now thi
uid has got to bc and shall bc stopped, 'lin loin's
all declare that they are not liaulitiK tarlington
freight. Wc lins it proof thu!, liny have 1>. a ii
doing it and they will be Mired with 11 notice
Hint., upon their next, olfenee, thc cnginemeii
sviil st ri kc."
" Will that apply to F.a.slem roiids?"'
" Yes, to all of them. Thin '.bing luis pot ti1
bc stooped, and you may bc eenuin ibm it will
bc. Hands off, or take the eonaeq>u<eneee, is tin
whole thing in a nut .shell.''
Thc following communication was la*aied thh
, afternoon by the Brotherhood! of l-oeoiuotin
I'.ni/iii'-eir. and Firemen:
?) wi iib to the rc purls that sr* b"inp circulated In
rcRai-ti to the attitude of the locotnotlve eaglneere *n.l
llrcnion In tlie MetOBl strli.o ahleh now .'.\l-ts. an.I
there heliii.' a tendency on I l.e part of the press te
Indorse ths stand taken bj thc railway rciepniiv. vat
iici-m it Boootoory Ib oar own behalf la stale that IM
two oegMi-Mstioat which ai** eiik'riK'.'d la tha |,n-ei,t
ii-n.i.i.- ait> eompoaed of rnnseivaiivc nice., abd arc
ready and willing now, and have bena, lo mr-t th
ollieeis nf t lie ('l.le.apti. Ilinilnctiiri and Qlllacy Ra In,,!.!
lo aiiiliiaic the quootlnt in dispute. Th'-y at** 1101
only w 1111nu 1-1 do this through their exoeuilvo officer
but are also trilllna t,, maee ihi- whole matter la ile
hands of threw railroad Biaaogen, ead te rii.'.i- bj
flu: r decision. Now. in al! eau.lin-, we Would tah an)
liniiert t hi nh! ns* man If th" oiaanlr.atliatis nha-aely ??n-n
tliuied can du any more sud inalti'&in Min pi iv il' aaa
prat ie,1 them by the Caastttutlon of tho i aited st.?i-s
If this trouiile still cumin,es sim n,? anMlo at largi
*nlfi'|si 1,11 aiiniliil of Ile- same, th* l.lainn lui,st iv-l
Where lt '??Iniur . und that is willi the parties who re
fiive to art.liraie.
wily thi. hoi k ihi.ani) ni.Kisiin iii'Hi.in(;ton
Tbe f-tdlowiag letter was sent hy E, Sf. John
pener.al ruaiiai'er of thc Hock Island lu'iilroad ii
reply to one written by Cincral Manager St om
of the ilurliuglon, :n -whieh he Nqaeata a nain
uieeit ni th.-ii reasoaa for Rfuoiaig Ko baudle Hurl
iii(.inn cars yesieiday :
That iht'ie etrtl 1 e. do misunderstanding a* lo ij.e po
klliuii of Ihc eCMcogJt, Killi l-Ulul and I'neall- li.nl
road o<iuipati.v tn regard la onebanfl* al IraBti arlih tb*
lin, sro, I1111I1 ngt on and Qui ur v I.a,In.a,I ('willpally, J
dasi na lo add to my hastily avjlti ii mile Bl Mai. I. I
the following: This company ia willing lo poi form Ul
dune* lii'|Hisial upon il hy law ia- s iiitiumni 'an vi
and wi'l do so when aide, ll aili nut nahlea to pertnt 11
SUI li dulles lo ll! tee a.i-f fl |s rei,,l-l. ,| i,v 'li emil
sianre. for which .t I. not rrsisinsu.le BoaMo la per?
form ih-iri lo one. ll ali| not auspeiHl tl>e rparat on
of Its rut 11c Hu- amt Inflict lui-alcularite Injin v ii|kiii
iii-* in nun ui.lt le--* dependant upnn lt fur tranapnrtat Int,
hocause rlr'iimitaiices itender 11 Impound'* lor lt tc
exchange traffic with anni her railway company, lt*
engloear* and flromcn positively refuse to handle'
height received from nr tell0810. th your road. We
bau- gone nothing le Induce <hi* icaelntluii. Ta (ta?
rbat ge them wi.ubl not coal le il- lo ev bange willi yoU,
xx 1,1 ci v ii dd i cndei lt Impoaalble to carry lor anjrbortf
elan, Wc . empv no ?? altitude of non Intercourse" tait
do ri-fi>ae tn lapin all our pm mm beean**; IBU cannot
help you. 1 cunno! -_e how bringing about a gan
dal anapaeston ot wa apia al Ina of i-ailwjy* in ih_
Wemi eau ubi von In vour pren nt . Int. ale welle 1 iau
am Uml il would work preat injury In the counti->.
We arc ma willing lo alteinpt the Impossible with Iho
known sip?? tliat the attempt will Injin.- many and beno?
ni m ne.
Ulnnaapolh, Man h ft- Bcratelam tha inillngtnu
and Northern auHehlUg In this city has been done hy
(hr Manitoba, which al-o furnished ths . urllngton H_
termlnal facilities hero. This morning tho englnc
BBau a* the Manitoba refused to handle any Hurling! on
cam whatever. Can wei. side tracked everywhere,
mid tho Nw them ls unable to get any freight In here.
Its paceengur tialns are hauled hero fran ?!? l'aul hy
Ks own engine*. Tlie Manitoba officials have taken
mi aetleu, and li la net thought (hey will make any
attempt In enforce the handling of Iturllngton ear*.
in st. Paul the Burlington docs its own switching.
Cedar J'.aphis, lawn, March H.?The engine**).* "ii
ibo Rarllngton. cedar Bapida and Northan road re?
fused la-l n!gh( IO haul freight which had been loaded
in Chicago, Burlington and Seine* cars, bul was nat
received from or cnn?lpr. d to tho Itiirllnpton road.
President Ives, who had acceded to the demand that
(he ro?d should not haul Burlington freight, derided
lhat this was going tOO far. and hi* ultimatum was tn
haul tho-e ears ar none nt all. The engineer* *!d-.
Inched Mieh- engine, and quit.
chicago. Mareh a.- A di*patch from Hannibal. Mn.,
says: "A BOUth*buUUd M. Umta, Keokuk and north?
western pas major train last evening wa- la collision
arith tba ninth bound 11alu at Taylor's Switch, south
nf th<< city. Tha northbound train wa- ataUU-Ug "'i
ll., (nain tmefe and wa* about lo pull lU BU the
twitch. Thc eaglneer ol the south bound train, an
Inexperienced mau nnnei Yeager, loaf his prece eeo
of ml nd and failed eil h-r io apply IhC air-brake- or
whistle for brake.. The en. in. or*. Dreman and nail
? L-l k . nf both trains {amped before the rollUlon. No
P\es wero b.*t. Many passengers wera thrown norn
their scats v hen thn engine* Milich, bat no serious
injin ic* w i-i i- reported. Tbe tt. Unto, Keokuk and
\..ith\vc-lciii ls a branch of the Corling!OB, and
Yeager Waa one ol Hie tn-w men who teen the place
of ps striking engineer*!."
rill'. (.l.A-.-.ol'kr.K*. BTRIKB ABOUT TO FND.
Plttaborg, Mindi I (S|,..ciaii.-ii is battered iii*1
the long -tribe nf thc Hint ghin workara la Beering
ii* end. Twi.-e within a noak tho nuraafaetereri
have nked Brr a eeafereuee. ami thc strike.* I iva
Ci alu a edel t.. tin-, request The eonleionn win
begin io au . row, and each alda will have four
tentative* Ircacat i< N expected Ihal an agreeaienl
v..n be ii ai after ili?* ttriker. have ma.;.- a tow
.a,,:., .*.,,!; and Ihal tin* Caetartea viii mena un
' I iH'-.'l.il IN lt.
ITA' I BKS OT TUB f.An. ll O'" I RTIOlf.
Th.- tn ?.'.,. - .i iha ,i-iiii theta ai. launilag r.iil
: en..in.- ii,-1.- ..ni mnte naipilnied everj dav. Tte
meelina ot te HoanfBctam. n U/cdneaday alfhl bad :?
t.-n l'n. y ??. m.'i.cihi n th.-, propi leter* in theil Maed
-? ir,- .'iii.'..*, and ('"? Kritc*. af several Dina - lc
,,. ,v|i| iKempt ?>. eaton ?? ? ' ;'.* il "
,,r aragea in a tew day have heen teal aai ta ai! iha
loni anion* "t the Im national Unka ?i;ii the
lei ; rmlaatiin ti nil Ihe <??.;,:..-..- ,,_t mi ?? I
ss tba mies aie h>-*. Md, Tha atrlhen aspect their in.i.i
i. _ e. i ?? n .iii .I. mi:i" i in i hi- way, aad tort B<iBn i an
ini'-'i- nin ii. %-.- ,-, ii, .-ni teat a,, tarry. The aetfoi
.a lim "? ' letta, ll t' lulu, ni !.i.'.ir ii.,i'i'|I;i. tui-"r, bv
Pi .dent -??..-- i, af Um t * i-... n ..;? a*' Inienailanal
. *?. c.-; .h.-1 f..i u-iu-.i;- . ..nci, ??? ,i" bine I i'i
? iii favai el the anion i ?? thi Coori ..f Appeal .
.Hie III ll' I l ll o
lu New-York aad Brooklyn with regard la the Mport thl
? pu -ai. month th.!? 11. ,ii.->- - - Inti ad ta |
"iiii (len. ie, Joining r. if li lc K ni.lit* nf Label BBd cat ':?-<
?ii the ce,,, mi (.. ?.,....: rii.iT r te town Kkwrs,
hi if ii plaeed n Mllaauhei b*-e_ It bal beal ??
parted [bat (la- lu.-na rn i-.,e:ll , lu .- ti, i?-n"W UH "ii
tract* v.i,i. .:i:ia.i.ia>tor* (ur nae iiiBUni jmr.
It 11...h.ni ,i, pj, j., March *? Tic JoeinayaMa petema
ef ti" iy v.im qalt iv.uk a tm daj ? age, di mei-ar aa
? ii, wage* fruin si 75 ta ti a flay, h;iv< ;. ? i
rial ? ? i iii. Increaae eui ten pana la *rorh ipata
Rprtegfleld, ll!., Match B?A *'il?' tai brm .
in ile mine*. r nu- w'f?i l'n I i "..l C(.ii.|.in.v by thc tadrra*
con, (ai force lin- mageey ta redan HM aire ?t Ita i em
i ..ii Mw, __*., Hank h?Tha suthlag apes* - a*
tho Ana-'i iiiiii UM n ill n tuned lo work l?-d_y. fha
1...1 h. _-? h.. ni pnmlai l thnt Hie wei|..iu of y-rn in th.- beena I
weald be reduced .mi the MM af m learn ? '?- fha I
doitei rn 'Lc .ni" mil niwi returned, but ....au nani eui ?
uvmri ta bom .,' -..inc in gi tf voaaa
TWO IK. I. I.IA." hl'K'IliKS IN Pril-l'A.Ni' . Og AX
Al.tll*' M_XT.
{Chicago, Marni Bl?A suicide um bron, hi le lip'it
i in tic- .lapi*acm bunging thia norning. Aboot 9
! o'clock tko Janitor net teed a light In tbe n oin-* oeeupk i
' by Iho mania in.- Mtabllahneai of Mrs. ( ?t. .. Ile
forced hi* tray Into tb" pl-.:.- and band Iha bodp ut
Mi*-; Joela Mc ullin, thc amnagm of thc ntanlcura
rooms, acatad In a chair, ll wu* loamed thal ana arm
much excited yeeterday on rending ol the antetde of
! Vi. ft Il.inwell, at BO, IV. North -late*!. Th" ale
i velopneata at the inqncat showed Ihal Ihe tulelde arm
i lu pursuance arith nn agmeneal male with iiuuueii,
oho ibol blauelf In a bathtub yeeterday,
Min Mi * 'nil; ii e.iiuc bera from Milwaukee lb yean
ugo. md entered llartaoll'a bouae m a servant, Uart*
a eli and in* ^^ ifi* did not i"'t atoo| wen. and tba
'? jroung aervaal and her employer fell In love .ith each
: other. Sta bit Ita bon*.) when (ins condition ol
? thing*, vas developed, and entered Ino employ ol Mar
vi,ail Field a in. i.;a*t November Mra. ( obli eaan oa
from New Vork. nnd engaaed hei ai mananer ol h r
parlor, in thc meantime nartweli ..nil the met, and
nitiiii i>cioii! lafat iiiey arranged lo leave tao world
togethi r.
ii a .(in* that wh_e Min MeCnBin **a* ai werl
i at (i p. m. yeaterdap upon ;? woauui-i hand, a aar.*
: -enj-cr brought lier a letter from Hartwell. l*ho
bot ame grcatlr agitated, an.l partly dlackMed hei
pmp(;-e ii. a friend, bal wn pemuaoed hp tba latter
tn promiffl to 'do no wrong." Mn- added thai -ho
\, oul.i be "found in ihla roan tn nor mw."
On ll" de .a wll bin arin'* length ni where the bod*
w-.- w. ic lound (wo totten, sealed and addict nd,
(in- v,a.< addrcaaad te "Mrs. Mary B, robb, in. Weal
Turley ililiil st., New-York." lin ether bore tba
addie., (at thc anleUto'a ? ater. Tha two rui-*i\c* lar
oa a Hain >-li (f of eonnon note po|K-r, an, whlea
wera written ihe laUowlai brief bm espraaalve
i words!
?-1 die tiui- tu tim it-otatloa i inade ta aai heal
i friend, i die wllh him.' J. Mi ULLIN.
"Talcgraph ta Mm. cobb.'1
This mes-.a|?e was adireaaed le m one In par?
ticular, an-i (rom ti.- nrnwlp looktag eharacten In
black lek, m i*t have bis-n Written after -ho kail
lal-en thfi poison. On tbJ iai]>et near the Matre
table |a| an open totter wrapped about tho pbe
' tograph ol a man, bandaome and wearinii a full beard,
i lt was tho phill!.- of William S. Hartwell, ev fr-i-lKlii
' auditor ni tba Nortbwokfern BeltmeA Iha town
was iii UartareU- _wn band wilting au.*, ir ad as
"Chicago, Mareh 7.
Tiear .mle! Perhaps ivh?n you rereUo thl- 1
will I. pnue. Ile the bi ave, courapcoii-, noble wumaii
' that jon _ I ** ;? \ ?. have licon, and reni'-mbfr our plcili,-,-.
, Viiuia agoetlonately, william ft HAKTWKLL.1
'Ihe ( (iKiiiei'ri jury returned a veidirt (hat Miss
M.' ullia caine (o her death from a dose of pol.oii
1 taken -Aitli miieldal InlonL
Mra. Cobb itarted la*' night for Chicago ky the
Feanaylvaada road. Tho first Intimal lon she had af
the tragedy wa? a letagiani received in ike lamneen
from Min Bough, who ls In thargo of tho CWcafP
( See lt read :
"Miss Mel ullin illcl thia morning. What shall WC
do P
Mi*. ( nbli's liu-l.aiid i-ald lait night that Mha Me?
rnilla had been in ina i barngo oOtoa about *;i)t
noatha . She was about twenty throe years cid.
Hood looking, eangniu, and UUll informed. .he had
?'.' *>' boen a lady-.matt About January 1 she
anceceded Mi*. Andrawi in i\,r nmnageanel el tba
nfflee, sud MOB iK-n-an to forward twice Ihe return*
usual lu Mrs. Andrew. *a ilma. Mm Cobb i et ar ead
from Chtoago iwo weeba ugo. BuSki Inure, Mh_ Me
I ullin aftwed her a phOtOgl |gh, .ai Inn il la-pc1- ?nlisl
a ..it iii-, raftmad auuuor, to whom sin- wm aagaged
to ir Mooted, 'iLi-, Mm, cobb thoagh_, arm un
daabtadlj BartwaU,
Imonui, N'"b . Marah I (gpeetal). Oeneral Harrison,
nf ladlaaa, addmaaed a tarp audience here Ia-t ni. ht.
ai ita un itali,.n of ii,,, i ggggj \ ily nepuhll-iaa <lub.
(.'overnor John M. Thajer presided, and lu eaUlUg tia
m."Uni; U\ UrBUT, a-ald lli.,t ba li.,,|?,| i,..,,n il ai- an
an-pleb.us sign that so much Interest ls alrcadv Liken
in the queetioaa that win foim ,|?, ihkiWn ?j ibo caning
a ont l.i.
(leneral Marrlsrin took nfrong ground In favor of an
unrestricted ballot and Hie pi-.teotmti of American In?
Fun aiim pim i,Mareh fl.-Jnh,, r. OnoOU, ago twenty
one, aherf-d wim having mamrai i:n?n Maheuag In
Camdon, N. J., on January ?:) iut and teven dayh later
we-ldlng Mary Hoyle In thia city, waa In day (-olivia, d el
bigamy, (ulluu denied thai ho had Married Min
Main ney. A motion for a new trial waa mado pend?
ing which Cullen waa c?_-U(iltlcd to prison
HOEATHDK? ms last at . ,M o'clock this |
THC BAD ?r.w? received i_ this citt at
? a.. eaiilv noun tuis norxinu.
IJkrlin,March _.-E_t_i.i.-ror William died at ball
past I o'clock this inorniug. i|
-a- J
that ir coii.D hk iii:ai:d octsidk oi ma
corm DOCVeM wi: ni: koo led?
PWMBCOraO Eon rtii
Ug ms DEATH.
Berms*. Miueh ii?The Emperoc this maning
v.-ns able to sign Mic order proroguing Hie Beich.
stng; etnmw_Mi Um signing functions lune been
?nannied by Prince William. All tho troop-- BEE
kept in the burrueka iu rendincm for tba contiti
I. wy ol taking ii new oath of allegiance. The
F.nilirem> and the (.1 .md Duchess of linden remain
with the Em-.-ror through the night. At 1
o'clock this morning the Emperor's voice WM BO
strong thal, it could bc heard outside bis ronni.
Pa. tween P nnd 10 o'clock la*t hight he
'greatly Improved, nnrtnking repeatedly ol aoup
nod drinking one glum of 0hUg_pUgIM. [Ie spoke
to tLc doctOta and expressed a desire to get up,
but WM not allowed to rise, except partially, so '
that the bed night be reurmnged. Prince Bis?
marck and Prime William paid him a -.hort visit
ni it o'clock.
Hm doctor* bnvi by ne ni(.m-- nbnndoned hope.
Thc Emperor was very low tn tho afternoon.
During thc sitting of the Rekhotog Prinoe Bi*.
i.iaril. r.<. i> .I un tiivnt sun.mons lo bnetCO to
thc pain? ?-, thc meeeenfef informing him that
tli" limp, inr waa dying. Thc doctors were trying
to iiijci enmphor and ndminiatei atimulanta me?
Thc Emperor was perfectl] cona- lona at 2 p. m.
yeeteidny, winn be aent fm Prince Btamnrck, with
whom be eenvemed for twenly minute . Prince
IHamnrclc, reassured by the Emperor*s display of
vitality, than drove to ti.e Beiebatag and presided
nt thc Ceuncfl of Mlnlatera, which was followed
by 11 meeting of thc Bandeemth, whence he was
summoned to return -linet to the E-_nce nt 5
o'clock. It. was then that, the EcapeCUf had the
WUml attack, and the whole family was summon' d
to hir, bedside. The ringing of the church bells
Xi) ii'inoiince thc ndminist iiug of the sacrament
led th>' public ti belli ve tin? end had come.
The report cf th.' death of the Emperor evented
thc wild.-., excitement. The papers that pub?
lished the report will bc pvonceuted. It i* atnted
flinl just before the swoon the Emperor was talk?
ing with the Grund Duchess of Baden, and that
bc -addi lily fell backward in a faint upon the bcd.
AU efforts to revive him were in vain, and even
the doctors for a time thought bc was deal.
Th? Grund Duchess of Baden kept up an ani?
mated tclegmpble correspondence with the Crown
Prince all day. In the afternoon Prince Will?
iam's children, d.ssed in white, drove past tho
Palace and looked anxiously at the window for
the Emperor. The croud was deeply effected.
It is rumored that thc Dowager Grund Duchess
of Ueehlenburg-Schwcrin has fallen dangeroualy
ill. lier (lifughter and gmndnughtcr, who -'ame
to Berlin to be present at the Emperor's bedside,
han- suddenly returned to Schwerin.
ni/.i; tim: tMPBBAB fMHATOUg
Berlin, March e.? The EmpeitC was In a "half
waking, half sleeping condition yesterday. lie
showed u slight increase of streng th
in the evening after taking nourish?
ment, and appeared to niaiii.ain lt. Drs.
Leuthold and Tietn;inn remained with liim through?
out Um night. He rested fairly wi ll, aud this
morning took some slight nourishment. The
following bulletin was issued at 10:40 o'clock:
The l:n,|. mr had rn .cry tesl'or. night, aiul ls very weak
Ola murnini;. VON LAD UL
The 1 irand Duke and Grand Duchess of Baden
and the Crown Princess of Sweden arrived tlifs
morning in a special train. Thc Kmperor recog?
nised his daughter, thc Grand Duchess. At noon
all the members of Um Imjierial family, except
thc Crown Prince und Crown Princess, were in a
room adjoining that occupied by the Emperor.
Prince and Princess William went to the palace
at 8 o'clock, remaining there the greater part, of
the day. Other persons In attendance were Gen?
eral von Moltke, Count von Stalberg-Wernlgerode,
the Court Chambwl..in ; and Herr von Puttkamer,
vice-president of the Council of Minister..
During an attack of delirium shortly before
noon, thc old warrior imagined thut lie was re?
viewing a battalion of the guards. At midday he
was feverish and hts pulse was 1U8. Dr. Koegel,
the court chaplain, ame summoned between 12
und 1 to administer the last sacrament.
1 -Tlnee Bismarck visited the palace frequently
in the course ol tin day. At noon he had a long
conference with I'linee William, aficr which he
returned te Um Ri lill Ming
At 1 o'clock thc iiatient was mon' (|iiiet, but
had not ggfaacd perceptibly iu strength. Thc
I.nipress and the (.rand Pu. hess of Baden visited
him and sat for awhile- at his bcddde. Prince
Bismarck Joined them at 2 o'ejock and thc Em?
peror spoke to him.
After the Chancellor toole his de?
parture, then; was a Budden change for
the worse, and at 4*o'' lock it was mpofted that
the Emperor was rapidlv ainking, At ll.at hour
he did not reeopr.ize even the Kmpiiss Dc fell
into a swoon nt u und rf maim d nneonaduuo un
til 0. The report got abroad that he was d. nd.
and all the Berlin papers punished extras tm
neeaeteg his demise. Tha report avered to ba
pr.mature. At l:|0 he fell into a quiet Bleep,
which beted until 7, wine and other liquid nour
bbaneat being administered to hun at ihort in?
Previous to the 1*9*1 that the Emperor had
di.(I Murial services ware held in tl"' various
churches. All UM cdlliees w.re crowded und I be
congregations joined fervently in tlie prater*.
Many persons sold-ed.
Divine service was held in the Pnltiec at ti
o'clock tbia aftcruoou. All the innubrra of the
Imperial family, the court, dignitaries ami the
members of thc household were prese-nt. Hun?
dreds of iK-tipl.) stood bareheaded iu thc rain out?
side the J'alacc uud joined iu the prayers) offered
by Chuphiin Kocgcl. Thc.scene was ii deeply
Impressive one. A pin could almost be heard
drop. Whoever came to the door of tin- Palace
wns mutely interrogated by thousands of anxious
eyes. _,
An immense lint silent crowd stood near the
I'aluce all day, notwithstanding thc fact that g
cold ruin was falling. Thc Palace ls guarded by
o loree of cavalry. Business was initially sus
jtcndod and the theatres arc closed.
'Hie official bulletin issued nt 9 o'clock this
evening announced that thc Emperor still lived,
mid that oa thc whole his condition was more
traui[iiil. Thc bulletin reassured thu people, who
had been intensely excited by thc reports of bis
that h.
The physicians in attendance upon thc Emperor
have published un assurance, that thc somnolent
condition of His Majesty is not thc result of
the injection of morphia. Thia has confirmed thc
belief that a crisis is imminent.
i lie session of the He ic hst a jj will close to?
Brussels, March 8.-Tin* King of the Belgians
iias sent, telegrams of condolence to Empress
Augusta timi thc Crown Prince, und has p?,st
loned bis journey lo London lo uttt-ud the silv. r
A'cdding of thc Fringe ami Fi incess ot Wah L
London, March 0, 'i a. m.?It is reported that
Queen Victoria received a telegram from Berlin
af ll o'clo-'k last night saying that tho Emperor
was still In a state of torpor. There is delay of
four or five hours iu the receipt of dispatches from
Berlin owing to tho crowded condition of thc
wires by thc immense number of messages sent.
Puris, March ti.? Thc " i.oit'' bays that Emperor
WU lia rn died at 5 p. m.
London, March 0.?A report is current that
thc Foreign Office has a bulletin from Ba-rlin say?
ing that the Empe'ror was conscious at a late hour
last night. Thc Prince of Wales and Lord Sal?
isbury were closeted with thc Queen until ll :3D
oelock. Thc result of the conference is not
The Queen's " drawing-room"1 and thc silver
wedding fates of the Prince ami Princess ot Wules
have been cancelled.
fkf.lino on the european bourses.
London, March 8.?Thc London Stock Ex
change uud the Continental Bourses were Hat to?
day and operators maintained un exiicclunt ut
Berlin, March 8.-The Bourse opened dull to?
day, hut, became firmer under large bear rchuy
I lng. Russian securities closed at a recovery of
! I-'.' per cent. Roubles were firmer at I BS. tb,
St. Peieis'iiir,' c\clian_*t' was (pietcd a' 1 lt.40.
O'her foreign securities were 1-4 higher. Pri
' vate discount 1 7-8.
Vienna, March 8.-Thc Bourse was lesa ex?
cited to-day. Home funds closed a fraction bet
; tar. Angh.-Austrian Bank gained one florin.
I Credit Anttalt was one florin lower.
I'nris, March ti. -Throughout thc day there
ama an undecided feeling Hi Ihe Paris Bourse.
Leading operators wera- disposed to await the eourac
of events. Tlir.'i- |? r ont Katee lor money QlOBed
1-, centimes better and .three |st cent, rentes for
the uceoiint 8 centimes better. Italian seeurities
i ajrero up 20 <-i-nlnnes.Ottoman Bunk shures 1 franc
1 t;7 e.-iitini's. Suez Canal shares .'I francs 7.'> ren
tuna-s .mel Rio 'limos I Iran's .'.() cent inns. Other
foreign teeuritiee were 1-4 per cent higher. l*nn
amu Canal shares were I francs 50 centimes lower.
8.W REMO, March 8.-Thc Crown I'rince will
go to Berlin liy tin- Brehncr route. He will stay in
Berlin nu longer than is absolutely nee-saary,
going nffcrwiird to either Wiesbaden or Homburg.
Fr. M.iekeii/ie will iiccouipujiy him. Tho doctors
un- mm h opposed to tho Crown Prince** return
to tJcruiany. larg Prince is much distressed over
the news f.?om Berlin. He receivee Meijraias
about Uie Lmyerur eve*y half hour.
Ms Dr*. la'ui.IC.
tar caulk to tiik rnti'.tjNi-..i
Ceoyr'u'it; 1X38. Bu The Xtn-.lorli Tribune.
London, March 8.?Piincc Wiliia.n is Regent of
thc Ocrmun Einpii'c. The decree which pinela.ms
him, duted Novcmlier 17 last, is one more proof
Of bow little Prince Bismarck leaves lo . hanee.
The Emperor was ilu-n thought to be rapidly
failing and tho Crown l*riiiee dying. To-day
then- is more hop* of thc Crown Prime and lilli:
or uonc of thc EiuisTor. But whales>t hapi* ns, ;
the Iui|H.-rial authority survives. A undi, al
luilb-tin from Berlin says that thc Emperor bad
u restless night and is very weah. The English
I ir- -aa iuduL'as in a copious dis< ussiou of the
situation Iii;.dy to be created hy the Emisror't :
th at h. Ii O-rinuuy'a laa-s ;irc xx nit ii ???; for an op- j
portunc moment, to strike, th- belief lu-r-' i.s tbiit
they will trait yt longer. But, 'rretfi'day'e news
cam" so suddenly lhat there h.is been lillie lim,
for newtpaper leAectione.
All Lniuloii was in gloom last evening) as if
some egrievona dom-st ic eaianit'i -weie iui;aeneiing.
The (Jt'inian Frnpetor was blicved to be diing.
Mrs. Peel heM a throng d roi-epuou in the stalely
apartmente of Hos Bpeakcr'a houae at Wist
minittcr. Lady Chariot Beresford hadb tntall bat
eery unart donee In Luton s-iuar.\ The news
spread iii beith and sobere'l ihe gay.ly of bulli,
liank. rs' dispatches from B.riiu, ppyt of which I
sa v., said I hut thc Kni|s roi's deal li was only a
nuesi ion of hours. The Croom Prince was re?
ported to be hurrying to Berlin from San Remo,
regardless of Ute grave risks which Hie journey
involved. The I'rince of Wales was known to
have gone ju person to the. Oennati Embassy, in
Carlton lions'- Terrine, svliei-e- in- aspen! an anxious
luill hour svith Count Hut/.feld. A -peremptory
telegram had summoned Count Herbert Bismarck
hom.-. Count Herbert, who was engaged lo dine
ut Murlborough House, hurried ort by Ute night
train to Qtieeushorough to catch thc Flushing boat.
Society, ti[iiirt from all political anxieties, was
in sore concern over the sneial calamities which
would follow on the Emperor's death. Friduy'e
Hm wing-Room would not bc held, and everybody's
gowns were ordered and made. The Queen coriki
Bot dine willi the Prince gad Princess of Wides
en Saturday, an event, on which society half
eonnted us thc beginning of a new departure. She
hus never dined out siuce the Prlnee Consort's
thalh. The dance ut Marlborough Houso could
not take pine, ami the 100 invited guests would
bc miserable. Twice that numb,T, who expected
in bo eaked uud were not, were ready to c-adore
with courage their fri, mis' misfortunes. Alto?
gether, London luis seldom spent a more agitated
evening or been Bore agreeably surprised than
to wake up this Morning to hear that, the Eui
jaoror was still living. The first act of the Queen,
who arrived al noon from Windsor at lluekinghatn
Palace, was to K"inl Prince Henry of Baticnburg
to the Crinum Embassy t?> ask for nesvs. Other
Callen were numerous all thc morning and after?
noon, i;. \v. S.
Berlin, March e. ?Following is the text
of of un imiicrial decree, dated November 17,
1HH7, which was promulgated this afternoon, de?
claring Prince William to he Hie p-pivsoutative
of >the Emperor in state affairs:
" Considering the uncoitain state of my health,
which compels me temporarily Ut abstaiu lioin
the trunsuction of affairs, aud iu view of thc ill- J
ness nml prolonged absence of my son. Frederick
William, I charge your Royal Highness with all
cases where 1 believe representation necessary in
current Government business, specially signing
ciders, without a social order being requisite
on every Bcpurate occasion.?
thic tonga mr. oaogg-Tg WOTI OX 57 TO 7?
Tlo.N?tWgWTVWMMOfg ok inc ku 1..
fur Mumu hm 1 totiib Mugan )
Albany, March t. ? The Republican Assembly,
men held a caucus to-night upon the Cn-by. High
License bill. A caucus was considered aeeossary
in view of thc fuct that when .Mr. Crosby had
attempted to secure immediate consideration for
his liill his motion wa.*, defeated by the votes of
51 Democrats and | Rer. ihlicjins; while i'd Kc.
publicans voted for th" motion. As ll Repub?
licans were tither absent or did no: reba BBBB the
motion, the friends of tin- mea oin- did not los.
ho-ie of peening it. Moreover, all of the j Re?
publicans who voted against the tm,ti.rn, namely,
Reiiz, Donaldson, ll. atty, Morgun and (iallagher,
could not be classed u_ the (badly enemies of
thc biLL Mr. Donaldson, lei instance, th" follow?
ing day im limited that he should tUtO (or tba
The caucus was . secret BBB and was held in
the Assembly pu dog. Not until long atu-r |(?
o'clock did the Aauemblymeu fen rentum out of
the room. They all slated that a -Iniggle waa
in progress over making Hie High Lien--' bill
a pgliy measure. The ?UaUefUMM m ttmUBmuBBB
at the caucus Havoced tufting this step, tun tiny
wi re opposed by a small baud of liVpublie.iti -v
semlilymen Iroui city dist rici*.. I li. m- wc- led
led by BanUson 1. Morgan, of New-York, and
Elwari! Gallagher, of -.ulfa!*.. Mr. Morgan 4
sti nt ona 11 voice could bi heard outside oi tim
A. seiul'ly parlor, saying:
" 1 um a BipubUcUi I rom the crown ol ni> In ad
to thc solos of my feet, bul 1 do not think tina
bill should be passel. High I.ecus,- bas not BBBB
bulliciently tried to remove it liom tin- r-gion of
experiment. We should not say it is a itc.i>|.d
Slice, m and lhat wc mu*l malo- it B party HMMUlUa
1 am opposed to making it a paity mcueUfa. and
1 waru the Ul pud,eau AxVlliti), mell hMO tliat
I bete Um 1'lgllt Oilier il- pillllli'ltlls wno nave tlio
sam.- s.-ulmi. nts a-* mya li.
Mr. < .illacle'r wti'l Hint the _>(_lbl-__M of
Bullit lo were laigefj (!?1111.111*, and that they gregg
lilli;' st ly opp?,s,,l tO til" lllgll l.iecll--.' system,
tis ll would hum- poof li,[inn .len. r* oil nt th.
buninam and nmke lt a monopoly ul rich dealer*.
Ile tuon .t>l lt would Ue licll-T lo paw. a local
option lull.
Mr. Gallagher walked out of th" caucus about
lo o'clock, and mid to th" now*fuper eorr**epoud>
inls, pointing nt Hm Aaneniidy [artur: " They
cannot make a party matter ci Ci" High Uecama
biLL To nmke M ;| porty nmtb t yoe baie got tu
have iinaniiiioiis eomicnt to -Hell n.t.on. Tiny
cunno! gr. thut. In my opinion they bad bettrr
pa>* a le. .il option bill."
Mr. I.'ii/, of llrooklyn, oleo st [tped out of the
cuueiis and deported, Hying Ili.it be would noli
'enpport any High Lie (is,, lull. As h.iib Mr (ialla
ghernnd Mr. wita rotednguhMl the High Lie use
bill ti year ago, the II 1 uidicau At**1 millya, m ure
not surpiis d at their a. lion.
AMUWnirYMKM POM *M> A ..ixsr thr: Ititi.
S[n aker Cole was abeeut from Um caucus on
account of his recent iUm-ua, and Qeueml cum-,
who favors the bill, had gone to Washm-rimi.
Mr. <'ocrss, of Niarara County, had de putted for
home, atnUng thnt he could nut wout fer the MO
as his const it ii'-nts vere opposed lo it. Mr umuBYf,
of Krie County, si id that thc people ut his district
were opposed to having the license so high. Ho
might, vote for the bili ii th,. lieeneM Mern put
low.r. Mr. Buxton, af \V:iyo<- County, mtmu peted
as cliairniaii, too!; iii" lloor and made a powerful
sp.-eeb iu favor of the b;lL Ile was followed by
Mr. Adams, of Newburgh Oauugn County, who i-f
reported to have onnoee. the puaaege el any limb
License bill. Mr. I'l.ill, ol' l'oii':hl.ce|.sie, *aid that
perbepe it would be letter to pass tue prohibition
amendment and his laced option bill. Mr. Crosby
[ then mo', cd dat his High License bill should bu
I made a i*irt>' w a_u_e. uud, Ua'atiug. tin lull, mud it,
? section ny Reetiott. He then earneslly advocated
I the passage of the bill. Vat BpCUber Unsted also
i earnestly advocated the passage of the bill.
When the roll una called ii was leaned that
j M BepubliCunu of "i Ifapohlionna in tiie Assembly
were present. There were 7 votes casi ngnlnal
? hi'ti.m. the toil 11 party aaeeaure. Them rotrt
t ar repotted to have been rael bf Adams. Heatly,
j Emery, Morgan. RaitX, Savory and Martin ll.
! Smith. Mr. Tallmadge, of Brooklyn, is mpertml
to hive said that he st.nd upon the Ramtoga
plat form of the Repuhlieua party In temira te
j thc li'iuor queetiuu and to have refrained from
; voting.
Mr. Crosby's motion to malt.- thc bill a party
measure was carried, however, by a large ma?
jority and this fuct will scenic for thc mensnr.
the votes of Republican Assemblymen who. per?
sonally, do not favor the bill.
Mr. Platt said that lc* never saw a mon* good
natured caucus. L'very thin_ was talked nf
frankly, lt was his judgment lhat, thc prohi?
bition amendment was even linne cn. Iht||> sup?
ported then the nigh License liill. All UM absent
Republicen Assemblymen weis I nei-ount.-d for and
In such a way thnt In his Judgment the ? -ussage of
tin- High License bill was assured.
Mr Crosl> y's bill will Ix- e hu iden .1 by toe _*?*
aembly next Tuesday. Now that if has be( n ma de
party neMN It should advance rapidly on
thc calendar.
Thc cnueua also made party menaume el Kim?
ball's Local Option law. Mr Plait's prohibition
amendment and Mr Plait's bil' limiting the nu ro?
ber of liquor stores In every city.
**-C?T.no of niuo, te cow. shoji at mn otatb
_piiiv(;kiki.i),I1!., Mardi fl (Special) Tie* eU-OOM ot
tlio flub Convention which met in till-- (itv today to
organized a _? publican Itnte league surpass-d the ex?
pectations of the i))o*t sanguine. Almoit two thi; 11
sand delegates reported willi credential* for sea'n In
the convention. Tho Prc*. I'titlal temperament of tho
gathering has nol bubbled cut yoi, and during tho
d_y's pmcneglU0l UM name of any of UM l*rc*i'l"nti al
candidates waa not hm ?titioii'-d. The convention wa*
organlzeal with Colonel __ ll. Oro ker, of Im Sal lo
foiinty. as temporary chapman, aud Pilchard Yates,
of Morgan County, the son of Illino! *'- fani.iis war
OUTOIl-W, was mad,) secretary. J. lt. Foster, nf New
York, tho peaafcteut ot tho IMfcuml ImmMBB, *??. pn_*
cut, and .nldie-.-d the convention
Colonel Ci no lier created minni-, of api>l-u-e when
?.Idror'aing the young in" n. Ho si-id :
*' 1 want you to lOeab UM PeOffta of thl* Nation lhat
tho members of thu (.rand Ai" y al Hal Uepsibllc ar?
not all beggara, and, therefore, 1 want you to lonah
this poonta that au old soldier ls nut a tit iiuiij?-ci.
tor tho nt up ig wit of a chief Rmeutlun."
At tho afternoon'a BMctlng tba tempi raiy aageam
wen made paraaaaont and a nunibet of vice president*
elected, lu nuhlng up ii.o eomuiitiem 11 w, * iaMftjd
to have each commit leo composed of a member from
each Congress, iud dlilrl. I. A motion prevailed lo
allow the Colon Veteran I/*anne, i,f OWUUmn, *> peel "ll
repreeeutataea. Another vetnrmm acgnn*anlMfl m chi
cago wau also alluwcd ?poelal repraneniallon in
th,) caaaaMttea. TUe irish Aawrlraa (Inti
i.anK il a iii 11111 jr favor and a li_hi occi(ii<-.| an.l iho
dele, ad . of (hi Tatter witli.lii-1, fi cm Itu; hall lie
cause the motion wa. io.-1. Tba Veteran Leaejne nme>
daf*M then declltied lo Berm and I armour was .leam
'Ii.o ht al e bangui UM bo organized tomorrow.
Boston. March 8?At. a mee;lng of tha tlosfon
Chamber of Commerce today i>'solutl'nt# avro
adopted, diging thal 1'iingrosa take prof.r me-Mires
for (ho (i*. u.il of thi ?..".'!..na' Ularino, d(-elaiing
timely thc Teenage bin IntiuMeei in Magmm by
Amos j. (.'minni. .*. reeemuMMftng 11 for hupog^ia
p^s^p- nu tba greond of its uaeuaeltfl " io aaa)4 tho
prof. clive lc;-.ui ion and ai 1 fol evacTam ot fi*e amt
ladpreeal tran- toiialum lreatr?>* with lorHgo .Vi
Hon*.'' The IMOletlOUl il.'.* lari -a so I hgt 111.' Ililted
Mates mails oagM te lie earried betweelt nut atnl
r, , .ii coimirica iii Anmrienn ahlm a..i umh-i tba
AaMuloaa t\i2 as -.ion as proriieuble, coulUtoutl)
with Un rertaiii'y af tba wrviea, and f,,i- lUth tar,
vice Uii* Coverntneiit ..u.-i.t to 1 ay Jn*u eonpeuaetlaa;
that the vat I nt.-rc ts of this eonnli> outltM th ?ni
to a foreign m:ail Fcrvlre, tho prompt DC. 1 tag eet.
tainty of winch shall bo lannie. In ueare h.i.i i>, war
by National palrioilsm, p, do and ami,,il..11.
I... hlioit, Mar-h S tSp-etal).?J. v.. C. (ala* ni, ?
young niiiii clilmng tn lie a cieiar*,-tnan, wa* au .--led
at Ka.-t Wilson, this county. Ia*i nii*lit by a < hleag>i
detective and a deputy sheriff. Me |* thOTgtd willi
b-geri by the Ann-r.ean RaiiieM Company, of money
oidera to the amount, of WAS). OUmcd rJaiBi* thai hi*
father lu a member ot the Ontario ParlUmeut.
?ggggggggg, March 8 (Special). -A driver for a paint
Arin thu morning went into tho feed .toro of Joseph
ll*j ton for a bag ot oats. He wa* Iel Into Qm etote
looin and there llaytou and bia hired man aeveretv
hone-hipped him. lt ls lear neat that the pu ni ah-neut
waa due to the complaint of Harton'* .antillar that
tba man bad attempted to aaaault beet

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