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GINKEKS OP Tilt. I'NION pacific prom COV1
Chicago, March ?.?A dispatch received at tho
headquarters of tlie Bu ri i nut on system this ufter
lioou from the General Manager of thc Burlingtou
ami Missouri Bailroad at Onutlia, anys:
"" Judge nundy, of the United States Court has
this doy irvsii.'d an order requiring the Union
Pacific Enilway Company to take our business in
accordance xvilh Um Interstate Commerce law and
restraining the engineers of thc Union P&cilic
Company from rclasing to take our business; also
rcs!raining the engineers from striking, combining
or confederating for the purpose of organization,
or advising a strike.*'
C. J. (ii-eitic. general attorney for the Burlington
and Missouri liailrond. obtained the restraining
order from Judge Huntly. Mr. llrecne proce-eds
upon the theory that, when they combino together
foran unlasvful purpose, and in^furtherance there?
of agree to strike, or to organize a -.trike, they
thereby place in the hands of such combination
thrir individual right to quit employment and
thereafter are the agents of such combination act?
ing lor the entire body. When the strike occurs,
each individual not only quita work for himself,
but fer every oilier member of the combination.
The order was served late this afte'rnoou und the
hearing for tx permanent injunction will begin on
Judge Gn-shain's court, room was crowded to
the doors this afternoon nt the hour set for hear?
ing the application of the Chicago, Burlington
and Quincy Bailroad for an order on the receiver
al last Wabash road to compel him to accept ond
.mudie freight from thc Burlington road. No
sooner had the buili'T ru pited lor order, limn the
coart said:
?? The application which was set for hearing
this afternoon is postponed until next Monday
afternoon at 1 o'clock.-*
This annouiicciui nt was recei.cd with iii-0:111
eeak-U disappejintinent aid everybody asked his
neighbor what ssas lhe eSB-ttM al the delay. None
ol tue lassa ('.?> would mr aw any ligbt i.a ti'*'
question. J tallie liix-sham was asked Ij tit lils reply
ssas m'Tiiy thal both sides had agreed that tlie
tuaiur should go over till Monday afternoon. |
lt ssas leurntil. however, that the delay was
caused by a rei.lies! of counsel for the Wabash
road lor t:mc iu which to prepare a reply to thc
petition. They contended that the time alloxsTd
tiiem since thc |>apers were s'-rvi-d un them was not.
nearly su.Ticieut, in whicli tn cM-mine the docu?
ments and prepare' a reply. Counsel for th** Bur?
lington did not make any opposition to the re?
Chief Arthur has issued another statement pra
?tenting the strikers' side of the case, in which
he says, in part:
Tho real question at 1-.-110 ls wages. Mr. Stone snd
his assoclata managers of the Chicago, Burlington and
Quincy and Ita various leased Unas, In their letter to
the engineers and Aramaa, clearly recognise tba
main issues, and, in fact, tae only issues of Impor
taiiO* to bs "pay to be govsratd by Ihe mllss ran,
an increase of the existing rata, and tte abolition of
rlij*sitl(-ation baaed upon length of isrvlre." By con?
fining their reply to these thro- point* th* represent*
tire* of tbe company practically admit lbs Ju-tiee ot
the other (lemana- of the men. or oon-lder them of
trifling '. :n ports noe. It has boen said that the action
ul tho men sass lusty, arjd did not give the officials of
the road sn opportunity fully to ooiisldsi- their de?
mands, but tha fae* li, by their own adxnlislon tbe de?
mands ww** placed before tha oosaptany ob l>bniaiv
is. and seven days later wera replied to In writing by
Ihe general manager ot all ths lines comprising tbe
system of tho Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, and
that the strike did not occur until five days after that,
nor until President I'or'tins hal bean advised by
Messrs. Artli,ir and Fat-gent and had repllod, prac
lleally lhat Mr. tStone waa the man with whom they
wonul have to settle their grlsvanoes. Altar reoelv
lng Hr. I'rikinss telegram. Msssrs. Arthur and Bar
gent again railed on Mr. Stone and attempted to din?
nies* the grievances fo:- a second or third time. They
got along to Article .1. whieh deal* with the wages
qooatloo, and were awain compelled to atop, as theT
could not acree Theist* ssa., tm (ath'<r course left fur
the men bal to -ul.nilt to the demands of the company
or sti-ilie. All lins ls practically admitted by tbe
company In tbfl circular Issued by them, and lt proves
conclusively tia' every means of settlement was ex?
hausted beloit- tho strike wa* ordered.
With ej-wgnrd to the statement of General Man?
ager Stone that the road is willing to pay as
much as i i.s neighbors, the document gives
tlie xtngea paul tty ie)U)|>eting roads and mainl-aimx
the avi iage nit.- paid l?r the Burlington is less
than three com* |>ei mile, which is a decidedly
lower rate tlmn tlint of thc other roads. The
claim of the Burlington that the mileage e*t~t*atetn
Would work unfairly to the men on branch lines,
is met hy the question :
"' Why docs tlie Milwaukee and St. Paul mad,
with as ninny or more bninches*mnke no com?
'Ile- former aiguments aj-n nst the gradin!* of
engineers an- laptated and. referring to the claim
ol thc company, that the placing ol all engineer*
on an equality would tend to produce " cas*cs',
the circular says:
Tho fact is. tho present xystem is much more lilioly
lo ]ir,iduee iramps I.v Its frequent changes of .d
glaser*. In order to keep __, many as possible on tlie
pay of the first xii'l I tc tag years. Thero |g not even
a plausible cause of this sj strm ol grading. Tho tall?
ia,ad .?oiiip.'ci.es know it. and a majority of them have
escWnowleilged lt by consenting to Its abandonment.
"1 he liia.tliethor.i!.* of Locomotive Knglneors and Fire?
men are now enraged In a life and death struggle.
War has be-en declared between them and the Chicago,
luiiilngtoii and Quincy Railroad. The Brotherhood
rannot recede from thulr demands on the wage ques?
tion snd maintain their self-respect for their organl-a
llon. They must win or die. They can only r?
iprct the eUlms of neutrals so long as they remain
nentral. They must and will uso every honorablo
in<*an? to win the fight.
? Thc strike is practically over, so far as we
are concerned,? said I"aul Morton, the general
passenger agent of the Burlington.. ? The only
question is now whether thc other roads are
going to exchange business or not."
'" y\re you still receiving applications for posi?
tions and taking on new ro<n ?"
? Y.-s: hut -tra only take the cream of the men
xvho come to ut."
?" Are your nesv men meeting with any intcr
fcrene/* in their work?''
" Yes. Mr. Barr, superintendent of the Chi
Mgo, Burin,ut..u and Northern, telegraphs that
? Nc 7. whicb svas to bring No. 4 out "f
Mn ruapi.lis. wa- thralled at thc Manitoba rourid
M by a liiisplaee-d switch. Thc switch was
propeTtjr s<-t lust night. As train No. fit) wm
lensing Galena. Ill- to connect with No. 3 at
Chleiit, 8 two-inch nut was placed in the guide
of tlie engine to disable the engine. It was dis?
covered by the engineer in time to prevent an
accident. A dispatch from Aurora says that one
of the striking engineers xv.i-- arrested and lined
taste this morning for throwing eggs at the nesv
At the general offices of the Burlington there
was a feel!::" of irritation toward Mr. St. John,
of the Rock Island road, for the interesting cor
respondence which he gave to the press this
morning. Taja Burlington officials claim that
the letter whioh Mr. St. John first wat In answer
to Manager Stone's nott does not thow the tub
lime ana uu^-flsh conoern for the publio weal
which the one ho gave to ta* press does. The
foUorving is the first letter written by Mr. St,
J"hn in answer to Manaor Stone*! letter of
^rch 6:
1 bato your favor of March ?, tnd must state In
renly that 1 au. surprised that your company In tha
trSt-l condition of thing* ihouW Insist, or evan tor
east thst th* liocli Island or tny of Its adjuncts should
r*Mal*rt fielghi from or delirer trtltht to your coja
patiy until '* batter condltlou of thing* oxlm. Ta
Jo so would leopsrdlie our ontlra lnU*ftta*. land at thli
iwinaent ws tra not willlog lo do so. Our reoiltlon
ls no different from th^ ixcunled by other Chlc^O
lines, and you should ha*"t, I Ihtnk. no teelleg eoa
eernlnf mob action on our text, Wbiob l? only opt
of i*l?proi*etlon. You fnty be tuoteA Uti tht
Kock lilann U alway* glad to tld the Cblotco, Bur
lingfon and Quincy when !t can do to wlte-jouf gelling
Itself into ?arlouB trouble. Our past aotlon ls a -rroof
M this, at you well know. Wt ^llt** H to bt ttjUtily
in your tn'erest. ss well av. eora, that IK* goilUun
r-o and others assume should for the present, at
t*<Mt. ht maintained
'' I like tliat," said Mr. Mortoa " He is aur
;riled! What is there to cause his aur
irny-V I sJoouid like to know. We aro handling
ma freight, and we expect other roads to fulfil
Amt lrg*l duties as common carriers. AU wo
MK ls that they iiiould do what lt defined for
teMni h;* the atatute. Thert't nothing surr-rletiag
lu that."
A awxtart DotflibJe that, the iaosleru roads whioh
have BBnounced their willingness to handle Bur
liutton curs and freight when delivered to them.
may have trouble in aoin? so. A train of Burlinii
tor) curs, thirty Hw in ii.imlior, was run in on tho
Fort. Wayne traoks and delivered to that com. any
to lie trannsport ed to tho East. The- Fort Way no
yardmaster endeavored to awl the cars switched.
but after a half dozen engineers hud infused to
touch them, he grave lt ui>, und tho cars were left,
where the Burlington santo*- engine first sinned
Another train of Burlington oars iras run into
the Michigan Central yunis at the foot of Laka*
st,., to be switched to various points. Tho switch?
ing engineers refused positively to assist in mov?
ing the cars. No further attempt was made by
the Metals li thc ninl let.
The Lake Shore road Yesterday delivered 1" tbs
Burlington ISO car loads of freight, or six traiu
loads, and had no trouble. Neither tbe Chicago
and Otnnd Trunk, nor the Baltimore nnd Ohio, is
receh'in. any Bi irlir. pion freicltt. bot 'his is ewing
to the fact that deliveries ure miado to them
over the Bolt Line, and Ihe Heir J,ino engineer*
posltively rofuse Us bani lt. Bo fnr as nan le
learned, tho Illinois (Vnfrtil is tlio onie Western
ComtMiny which will continue to interohonge
freight with tho Burlington. Ontaftlf of Ibe
willingness of tho ma tin.'renie nt to pursue that,
course, tho inter'han ,c i< iirr.'e. il' ,o, unless *l,..
company should elect ti, forfeit i's charter, us thai
instrument provides thal it shall receive from ur.d
deliver freight, to connecting Illinois royd*.
Atchlson, Kan., March 0.?A serious eolll.lon oc?
curred yesterday afternoon on the Burlington and
Missouri River Railroad, ono ot the I'mUnftOfl lines
entering Atchlson. The through Denver BOaaOBger
train that left this city lu the morn!np was standing
on tho track at Humboldt. Neb., when tho smnti
bound local passenger from Lincoln with a Reading
engineer In the cab. ran Into the station at th'- rate
of ten miles an hour. Tho fireman. \V. ll. Hill, of
Lincoln, jumped as tho engines caine together and
suffered a dislocation of tho right liner.. '?'Joni'' Har?
ris, a brakeman, was hurt In a similar Banner. His
spine was injured. Mrs. Edmunds, of Lincoln, var,
badly bruised and injured internally. '" 1*at" Lyman,
conductor, was cut and bruised about the chest, arms
an _ legs. A travelling man. Wheeo natue is nut yet
known, was aerlously hurt. The others cann* tu
Atchl*on for treatment by the surgeons of tho company.
Creston. Iowa. March 9.?Tho areal bound train duo
here at 4 :20 a. m. had not arrived nt ti o'aloch, and
there was no telling when lt would gel In, Added i"
the Incompetency al the engineers, a fact \< !,., I, ls
openly tallied of in Creaton, it rained .ui Bight aod
the rails are In a had condition. No attempt is made
to nin on schedule time. Tho MOM li true of the
freight service. Mo*t of taa fiei-liis Whleh left th!*
morning were made np of coal cns. At Burlington
a passenger conductor was on Hie engine piloting a
now engineer. The latter got the loller so full that
the water, instead of exhaustion and going up the
smokestack In *ttam. ran bank through the Hue* into
the fire-box. Ab explosion followed, which Now the
.oor of the firebox nh*, and th- pilot conductor Was
io badly scalded lg thc taco that ll la bared thal le?
win lose his eyesight.
Pittsburg, March 0 (Spcclall. ?An ollicial of the PIUS*
burg. Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad, part "f the
I .-nnsylvania Company, said to-day (hat no strike of
engineers was feared on that ioa.1 li'cause tba I'-nn
sylvania Company never hires engineers. When an
englnfcr ls needed a fireman is promoted, *-.'o indue
Hos will follow that of ?_."> per (em OB (ho shop men.
The discharge of emptores Vv (he Pennsylvania Com?
pany on account of the falling od o' frcl^lii traffic con?
tinues. Superintendent Taylor, ol the Pittsburg, cin?
cinnati and Bt. I-mis road, lairs thai nj) Iii lo ni ghi
300 mon have been dlschar_>"l between hate aad Colum?
ba*, Ohio.
?* Let them make the t-eductions. Vc are ready for
them," said Secretary Pampf, of the International
Cigar-makers' I'ninn, yesterday, referring to tho posi?
tive Information In possession of the union that several
more factory proprietors Intend to put down the wages
of their workmen below tho union scale. PoralflBtOfl
baa been granted by a rote of all the local unions in
and out of New-York, allowing the Strike committee
to call out each shop when a reduction ls attempted
or to "strike"' auy factory where tenement labor ls
employed, o. \v. Perkins, Brat rice-president ot the
International Union ls In town cousnltlng with the
leaders as to the strike. Delegates from all tho local
unions tn thia city, Hoboken, and Brooklyn reported
progress to the Strike Commutes at lu meetlu_, at
No. 101 Avenue A. last night, and received instructions
for neat week's operations.
At the general offices of the Chicago. Lulling!on
and Quincy Railroad yesterday tho 000888 Bald Hun
the condition of their road was Just ll:. sumo a* yes?
terday. They continue t.i engage first class englnoera
at No. 61 Broadway and sent ou a few from hero yes?
terday, together with ten who woie engaged in Hos
ton. A prominent Knight of Labor said that in the
various District Assemblies the oi lei had decided nol
to take auy part in the strike, and ail reports Hist
Knlchts woie to be called out to Join the striken on
roads connecting wltb tho Chicago, Burlington and
3ulnoy were false.
London. March li.-Thu Balli ran Mitchell Ul*!:' In
been postponed until Salordajf Of Monday. It will
tako place on au island in (ho Seine, BBBB Vernon.
Bf. goschen .rnMiTs a moronu. which i*
Lo.-on, March 9.-In Ihe llou.o of t omi! ons today.
Mr. Goschen, Ctianeellor ol tko Eseheciuer, - ul ??
his proposal to lighten tho country'* Ananda] burden,
The time for a bold scheme for tho conversion of tba
dobt, ho said, had arrived Without anticipating tlie
budget tic had a balance to fae any Baauclal operation
necessary, lin did not fear thal foreign eomplication!
would Interfere with tho success ol his pian. TM
Government were le?s anxious now regarding the po?
litical situation in Europe than they were two months
ago. He proposed thal Parliament keep the tumut
to pay off dissentients at such periods and In Mich
manner as Parliament inlghi determine upon. Ib
would take two and one half per cent aa an Indication
of ibo credit of tho country, which the Government wrns
bound to utilize In order to secure to Iks taxpayers
some advantages. A system of gradual reduction
of tntertnt, with each stage guaranteed to:- a cc: tum
number of year-, Mould be mo. successful. Three
sorts of stock now existed, which vero divided a, fol?
lows. <-;,_.i.0(kuhx) of eonsola; 1168,000,000 of ssw
threes, and -.UH,Ono,(KIO of reduced rin.?>*,. 'len roan
notice .ould be r_(|..linl to pay oil eomo_l and reduced
threes. Tho new threes could bo paid og Without
notice. He proposed to follow ihe prim Ipte Dial thara
should be one largo stock, not slock of (llileicnt da
nominal lons. Ile san no reason Why the threes
should not bo amalgamated Into one groat itock.
?Ait'i quarterly Instead of half yearly du Iden tis. There
ware strong ai gu.ms to oVer in favor of the eran
lion of two-ana one bait pw coat ttoeka,
Regarding annuitants and rai'-* ot Interest, howi 11 |
the Government had decided aol lo follow the ?
of the two and one-half jmt cent Stock, hui would rn
cc-it a two-aod-three-quarter! par eent stoek, de
toondina automatically alter .(teen yean, lo tun ami
cue-half per cent, alter which, a two and-OM hall per
cent siock would be guaranteed lor twentj years
more. lie also proposed tha* astern should be pre
sumed unless dlaaeal was ex premed bj Man ii 20, for
tho extension ol the time for trustees lo April Ut, A
eiauso would bo Inserted relieving them bom any rm
ponsiiiiiity connected arith tha oonvecilon. lie oifered
holders ol con-uls ami -Minced threes BIOO ,'.s., for
every X.H10 ol stock if they would forego their righi
ol one year's notice, provided they a-tented before
April IB; ot hoi wiso, the converelon would be al par.
Consol holders would Ik- relieved under the now scheme
from tho constant fear of bOlB| paid off. Jf tbe * heme
was aroepted the country Mould *avo from April
St,SOO (OOO and after fourteen yean il would save
EU.t-00,000 annually.
Mr. Qoarhan'i proposal wns carried
Lo. dow, March 9.-The British hark Lanoma, from
launce.ton, Australia, for Loudon, with a cargo of
wool, bas been wrecked near Weymouth. Tho captain
and eleven ol the crew were drowned.
Queen.town, March 10.?Mr. Joseph ChaflBhastalfl
arrived here to-day on the steamer Ltuhri a from New
London, Mareh D.-gome montlis ago George W.
Butterfield came here from Ban Francisco to sell the
May Lundy and other mining pruporttes In iha Homer
I/tstrlot, Calline.:*! A oompeoy was forru?d with a
capital of Al,(Hm,ooo to bu; the properties. "The
Ptnanoiai News* attacked the scheme and only im%000
oul of ths BA, 000,000 wanted was sn bte ri cd by the
public. Mr Butterfield has brought a libel suit sgainst
* Tlie Financial News" aod Mr. Marlu, the editor, uf
that paper, claiming 81,000,000 damages.
KVA-BVILI a.lnd., Mareh 0. -Louts Biehler shot and
killed ids cousin. Ir.iu.sa Smith, j?c IBSSBlSjSB and
theo saut a bullei through his own brain le.terilar
afternoon- Biehler wa* the ion of Jacob Kichtei
Ila had beeu lu love with the iou nf lady and paying
her attentions for seine time, but she did not seem to
reciprocal* his afleotioB-u and M Mi thoa*-U this uu
bslaaosd his mind.
Tl CTI?>. .
SrBixoKiEi.D.Ill., March 9.-Warner Miller did
not reach this city last i vening until lifter -?
o'clock, hut lie found thc Representative Hall at
thc State Mouse crowded with people to hear him.
Governor Offksbf occupied the time until Mr.
Miller was introduced. Tho latter spoke almost
two hours, and held the Attention of his hearers
in n Strong discussion pf tho tariff qiicstiou.
The club convention closed to-day. It was.
willi few except ions, the larp;cst. and without
doubt the most enthusiastic lie publican conveti
i.i.n ever held in II.innis. The resolutions
adopted were few and short. The last one oioSBd
as follows:
'? Ws rely apoa the BSSB of the present to carry
f.ir.v;,r:l the mod work of keening the Bepub
lican putta in Ute van of civui-ation. having
every confidence in their ability to napple v.-i'h
nini to .s.iive al! aranl political qaeaaoaa, ns utay
mny arise, for tlu- beal int. rests of tho people.
We pledge our enthusiastic support to the plat?
forms .'ind candidates Of tbs Republican National
and Slate Conventions, and, as an auxiliary to
the party organization, to Bid in the redemption
ol the Government fmni 1 h-niocrntie misrule."?
The constitution drafted bv the National
League was adopted, with s slight chani,: Rgaid
Ina the ExecutIve < -unmitattH*.
\V. YV. Tracy, of Springfield, the Illinois mem?
ber of the National League Executive Commit?
tee, was elected president of the Leanne: J. W.
l'att'Tson. of Joliet, s-creinrv wita Richard
Yates, Of Jacksonville, and A. J. f/cver. of Sprinc
lii'lu. as BssistantB, A vice-president was chosen
fia.in i a li CongnMwiiona] district. E. P. -farris, n
colored lawyer, of Chicago, beading tho list. An
ex) cut ive commit fie made up of n member from
each eoiintv mis selected. At the closo of tin
buaineea of thc convention. A M. Jonas was
called for. Ile said he hud never seen a more
magnlfleent Katherina;, and that lt was the strong?
est indication that there was no machine about
it. Ile added:
" Don't _o home nnd imn^ine the work is done.
Let us for God's sake elect BOBBS ono to the White
House that ths people mav know where his brains
Several other prominent mon spoke among
whom vhs M. C. Quinn, who was attracted to tho
Republican party In 1884, hy the leadership of
Blaine, Mr. Quinn is BB Irish-American. His
talk was hui led with round after round of ap?
plause. Fie said: * The most distfnguiabed living
American is the peerksaB man, James <>? 1 .nine.''
The convention fairly wont wild with enthusi?
astic demonstration. It was tho only time in tho
two days session that the name of any man spoken
of for the E'residcncy wns mentioned. The body
adjourned without a date.
THY. COok' A\'l> WA rcilMAN of A SCnOONKR EN"
_ nun-der occurred la-l evening on hoard (he thrne
ii..a' ,1 tehoonet Tiltia V. Schmidt, lying In Iho Uo
ranUS Canal, at Seventeenth st.. South lin xililyn. A
inairel eec aired early in the evening between tho
uatrhmsfl oa boat, the veaoaL Leonard wilson, of No.
MO Weet -Oft- ninth st, this city, and tho cook. Jaha
l'0a\ Alter 1 li'-.\ Iiai collie to Mows the cook seined
x earring knife and stabbed Wilson in the breast, in
i pareta wound. Thc wounded man di
rhe mate. Sam iel c. Lad-BBS. who was called out of
Hie eabta hf the notes af the affray, lo po for a phy
-iclan an'l a pottflflBIBB MeantlBM he ala BB bad tho
SOW of blood from the WOnnd with some raes. Purine
tin- abaonrn af thc mate the Quarrel was renewed and
rt'll*on was again wounded by fhe knife In fhe hands
if (he enratrd cook.
Then Wilson, BOOOldtag to his _tafrm?*nt. drew .
revolver In *elf defence and shot tho cook dead. The
t)ullet entered bia brea*! In tho region of the heart.
Wilson was arro-ted and taken to th? Eighth Precinct
Police Siatlon. where his wounds were dfBBBOd and ho
UBI kooked up on a charge of manslaughter. The
lead body of the rook wa* taken to the Morgun.
Two men, who would not give their names but
_ild thal they lived In Grand -st.. called al Police
Headquarters lae* evening They were looking for
William Johnston, Who had been inl-slni: for several
day* and when he went away, the strangers said, had
several ili.ai: ._.(.. 1 dollars wilh him. The records were
searched In iho Banna Of Inhumation, .-i.il M "as
found thal Johnston had been arrested a' iii" Bowery
and Hon-lon si. ai 1 a. in. on Thur*d:iy and **.a-s (alien
io ihe Muli ony street Station Be was dreeeed la
raga aid said al the station thal he hail not eaten
fm,,; lor several dav--, and be eould nerf iel any
ninney by begging, as Ins appearance was ai;-Inst him.
Johnston ?a* taken to the Tombs ob Thursday mom
lng and Un- lust oe Bned him gio, Re pleaded bia
poverty, bal wi.cu be saw that he would have to go
tn the Island he tore open (ho lining nf his coat,
drew out a roll of Mil* and pal 1 I i* line. lb- Bil I
bad lour savings-bank booka arith him which showed
dial he bad a balance ol over 910,000 in thom.
Tba strangers said last evening *hai they thought
thal -..me one had enticed Johnston away mid robbed
him alter be left the conii i<.1 .m. Johnston was In tho
(,>? Tr business Ib 111? s elty for aeveral yeats and used
io spend money freely. 11*? la ebonl flfty yeais old.
About iwo yean ago ba tefl tho city for a ssw week*.
snd when be returned had .*> large amount af money
with hitn. Where he put tba money I* a myatery,
but ever since be i,a* led tba Ute ol a mleer. ii"
would not spend a cent lor food, begged everything
la ronld, borrowed money from his Mends Ib small
sams, white be had always plenty of money (.towed
away Ib ic* filthy rup. Daring (his winier his foot
wen Hosea brenan be waited around with tu. toes
sticking out of hie shoes. He lived h_ a dirty hovel
In Bpi Bg-at, near Crosby. This place li filled with
Italians af the meano*t kind, but .Johnston was so
much worse tliat tiny wonM not havo anything to do
With hlBS. An alarm will bs *ent ont by the police
hips .vi ncsrr MQOOR MALUS making dkspf.R
All I Hull I -
Th" in. .then al tba Hndsaa County Uguae Dealer*'
Pa s Uve Association ari- gt their wtut on&, i>, tryteg
te Ss vi ss sssaa BMtbed of nullifying tba new kiga lionise
!"<:.; .)].lion lav . pfc. of Co ni object to ll,., I:,,
,f Hie liecn*.- f, r, |,i,t ;,n ot iii"in, ulm gtmgt unanimity
mil inn. I. ic,,;...**, ;,L'i ? ll:,;'. UM Sil'i'l.iy I., -
iii- ii,,i*i (eaten al tba aaa law. Bx-Governor Abbett
bss '"'" ? ? ? i a.ii,-i lei tbs aasecladoa, and bis
-m. Mi.,,** tod legal knowledge era depended npsa c
' tba im.its or it,,; liquor-sellers, il" baa ai
Med a plea i" evade tbe high license, but lt
wm Kareel] v..,rn. Th,, pun i? te ban tbs Pessecmds
Board ol Aldens s bi Jena] city a naiad tba p
ordinal. endri nhleh llrensns sxplr. Jana BO, aad
ban then expln ut sack Ubm a. will aasbla lbs Boa ?'?
lo crain DOW UeeaaM I Sf Sts May 1, m|,.? iii" uaw law
There firs several ..(.Maa icu in in(, way nf aanylag
un* j.ian to a saeesaefnl teradaat_sa. Under the etty
ebarter an ssdlsaan wast Ih- yrissatsd st ono. asantlag
.1 ov.r until mo next slated asseUag belan ima'
n'lioii caa bs t_i.ijx.i, u. ti,,.,, ,,?. M ,?r i,a, im
dei ? >.. consider lt, ard it 1,.. spproves tba stdlaanea lt
mast ba adverUaad leo days in tba oafetal papen helen
- ima. edeet Helen ail thia caa ba iMesapMsbsd,
ii ie ann than pnbabta ism Bbs mu bstteemaad bi tbs
UglSlatan last Thur .lay, pssblktlleg the. urainliiS of
any lleaaaaa bsSsn the nee,- mm be..,?n,.? operative, will
ban becom.-. a l.nv. Th., U?aS8-_S_en hav,. deteniilneJ that
neither m..ney nor labor will be tpmreA In -eourlng t
De-soe-atta majority iii the ,,a_t i_.gsl?ture? and In
lOOIlag tho c.iiktituitonallty of Uie new law.
GBUUUBBN*. i '-.Mairh li|Hiierlal)._T_B|nVestl|!i
tlon Into the life insurance fraud, today led to the
discovery ut another instance, of hodj ti_.ch.l_g and
fraudulent !D.ur?uc_s. It was stoim that the Imepe
of Magaalla t.einoterj, the tiraouwood of Charleston.
ls a relative of the conej.iraiors and burled a oorpte
lhere when the burial permit wa. for amit her oemotary.
He 1. held for trUl.
LT ons. N. Y.. Man ih S. -"The l^ons Republican"
isa ss-ed the leading KepuMioane 0f ike town as
o their l*re*ldeiitlal preferences with the following
Matt, with Ulallie out: bepaw, lft; bhennen, fl;
Ibetldaa. 1; EUseoek. 1.
Vi HST Ik_t. ... Y., March S.-Mm. Martin MoCabe.
*i.o died at North <nocV, Wanen I ounty, a few days
igo, was Ul leers old. Tt u -aid that Ue data ol
ic: birth was t*-U.sd oa her arm. .__,*__ _ I
PotroiiKKErsiB. N. Y., March 9 (Spec I al).-At ths
meeting of the Farmers' Club of Ulster and Dutchess
t'ountle-i. lo (liiy, Uecp feeling svas shown as to tho mau
ner ot taiatlon. One speaker declared lhat thc poor
farmers of tho State built the -State Capitol Building
through utie*|iial taxation. Ile said trat the rich
fanners get rid of paying their personal tax, and a
chango ls demanded In the system of taxation.
When the question of enlarging the canals c?me np,
several speakers declared that the canals ought to be
lilied up. Kdgar Knaji]i cxclalni-.l:
"If you want to enlarge your canals, taite the i:ir
pliis flinn th,- National Trr,v my to do it with, and
don't make tbs Bool* farm, r> 8'and the expense.
This may gay t.u- Wostern farmer* bringing ihe
product* of their farms Fast lo compete willi us."
Fx Senator .lanai, li. r.in.-r.ter offered a involution,
whieh wa-- a-le.|.trii, dMltllBg tLui the farmers of
Dutcheaxs and t'Kter desire to ?-xp-"-s iheir dlsapproTtJ
of further laxttlon for tho enltJgemenl of the canals
of the stat.-, aad eat! npon th.- leaatora and Assem?
blymen from the two counties nam-ii to oppoae tl]
appropriations for the riiiarg--mciii of the canals or
the- I'.chK.
"" I object Io Hut,"' i-.,'1'uiucil Fdwaitl Sleight, of
'? Win yon Hs-' and state your objections?" retpondod
the i he.lr, but a. Mr. *-]e*"tt*l,t rose tho Chair syd
"Will some ono make a motion lo adjourn.'" The
motion was made and cari I .a I.
Tm: MKiHoiiisr t"\is i.i:sitv ov mitch ki..., dak.
Minneapou*, Minn., March 0.?A di-patch to '"The
Journal," fiann Mitchell, Dak., say* : " l'lre, broke out.
In tho Methodist I'nlseisiiy, at Ti ..Vlo.-k il.:-, niorn
Ing. from iho spontaneous corni.u-tlon tl r-ii-s In tho
oil rooms. There Itara forty inmates Including the
faculty, -.indents and servants. All but ten escaped
without trouble. Four young men jumped from the
sei'oiul suny ss Endows; lour others and a professor
Jump'-d from th.- third story ; and another professor
condoi! from tho roof by a Clotho* line. Tho list
al tho-c hurt ls .ie follows:
IlAKltiCK, Mi>s, of Salem. Ink., was Injured tn
t ea: nnll*/.
lil Kl AN. eProfrjasor, had his hands and fed lacerated
His feel sven- fn>/on.
JON EH, Esra, of Parlaton, Dak., h.i.l his back hurt
am! was Injur?-<l Internally.
PAIlKhli. H., of Kngland. had his ankle broken.
rnCHKl:, HoUOO, Neaiti.vil.,;, Dak., svas it Jurcd In
tarnsllT so thal he (Bed Dm hours later.
SMITH. Yv.. Blidgewatar. Uah., had his leg broken and
sa*-. Internally injured.
rV.TI.I.WKJ.!.. Wlllin',i, w.is seriously btirii-'d In saving
a sn-iiu; wo!,,an.
8TRONO, MIKS, Mitchell. DolL, hod her hack l-lili-.ril.
i'AVi.oi:. eprnfetsor K. il., hod >.!?? ikull frtotured. bil
arm broken :u?l suifeieij lille: Dal iii-niU-s fl-oiii
ss tilrli he mas dlO.
TAVI.ci:, Haiti,-, ('anton. D-..1... had h'-r splno Itt
The biiilditig was destroyed. Ina loss ls s.00.000;
Insurance, .-fT.". OOO.
. m
Albany, Mardi!). -Fir- brok.' out at '.) 30 o'clock thia
morning In the lVinlierton liuihliiig al Colufiliia and
North l*>-arl >lta Tnt tannage amounts to .inly gi,BOO.
TM* bull-ling i* the old" ttl nt ll.et ni.- In the Cat**, having
!..-? n erected In ITU) bf the LeOlulag fait.ily, who iain..
from Hoiliin.i. lu u .lui." Joeob [aaaslAg wi- bon
la 11-.-2. The hon--' wa- ,,; i_:iiialls con.-; rliei e.l -.0 that
au twa teioin* orara ta the -ame level, three ateps
having to be taken In passim; from one to another.
Tho celling-, were not lathed or plottered, the ileepors
were waxed tod polished and the j;xmt)~ of tba Bra
place sven- fnc?,l un a poi cid n. liquor a" aa sold In
the plate from lol* to 1884. .Since thou a pirtiou
of Uie building ha* been Otod for a store.
Tlio house with it* oootoots, of tho Kev. J. T.
Btrllrer, a retired MiVhodlbt minister at Cloates-,
N. J., was destroyed by fire yr>iei.lay morning, lons
e-sUinated at Kl <).(>(>">, or.sriii of Hie fire unknown.
B. Ytoa. assistant t.-l-giaih operator of Ihe rail?
road station, svas -I gi-ni- l\|iuo.l by a falling wall.
- mm tiri in a Loee ranon/ ot Tr.t,'e<a?,?**r4?ejr, ,?. 7?a J****,)
orssn cla cse ix a phil a DMLFtTZA will.
Pim.Ai.r.trniA, March P lS]teeiali'-? The will of J.
B linley contains bequests of SlOO ca^h to Old Man's
Home and Utf Pennsylvania Asylum tor Indigent
Willows and Single Women. That of .laws Mulligan
efjTeOt efJSOO tu St. John's (ifphaii A.sylutu and St. Vin?
cent's Catliollc Home.
Tim will of Henry Kbeile, whose ttlate is valued a!
B8B,000, evntalUt one clause xs follows:
"'! give onto my beloved wlf- Hi - inti-t-esr of my
e-ra-.-s, i-.'.ai ami personal, providing ihe Itaj single;
if sie- (.'.-is married, theo toe property tuns' be sold
sod one-third tro to my wini ami the romslnlng two
teMrg*) go io lit-eji a moniiiueiii over my grtV<S. If --lie
Hays single, then at her death the whola- is to go lu
a monuuiciit oscr both our graves."
- ?
TBS will OP LOUISA ii. alcott.
Ilor-Tos, March .'.--The will of Louisa M. .Vlcott has
l.een tiled in tie- Mldd.e..'\ pr,I,al.* (nun. The bo
quetta a.-" eoeOgoed eotlral* io -aembeii *>f har f?tn
iiy. The iiocunicni la doted Jnlj i", i--7. Anong
th" provisions an- the tallowing: "I dlreel thal all
iiuiium-i-Ij-.!. laelndlag kitten from *ae shall be barned
ai my dotih, noread, and thal aa nae be made af
then in nus slraie.- or bf any person. I ili? .-*? r thar
all papen and li.ine- af my mot lui-, whieh lhe gave
m.- to dltpow tef. be burned tl my death, except iueh
Bxtroeti aa have bean >i Rta* be m.tde by my lather
lor a lill vf ber rt tome future time." lan thousand
dollar*) la left In trual ta h-i .nie.;.????! daughter and
all her cupyilgh's to ber ail'.pied ion.
Jgl.e.ri-Vn i B, Mn re h !. (Special), .Mis- .\ni,i.v .le.re,.
,i .'i -.- ter of tbe evangeUit, gam Jones, left th.' l*8*oala
i tlkga tl Mlllertbarg, Kv., i.m iv. it I-. sn pp. --? i
btetu?a af aa latali nfl.I -n n prayer, tl t rtvlvrt
ciaiidii'ted by her BOele, ".I ,'" lonat. J. B. Shoi-liley,
aliuda-nt M thc We-les an 'I I.e.,I,un al .-aiiool while Mltl
jianes wa* s.tung um:, prayed thal while .--.lin lonee
? as saving ottiors, Divine (ira..- inlgli! aol neglect
his r.vvn daiiiihte'r. whai wael i:>i:ii_: to hell ns (ttl is
ih.- coull!, iflis Jones left the ehursh, and *oo!i after
the town, laying that sin) would not atay Where i*>ll,'.<
iviild be openly Insulted
Booran*. Marri: :>. ,\ private letter f:-r,i!i Kita Hara
garton, prcr,lu>nt of the Aiii'Urican Rei. Cntt >e?..e-lv,
siie'.cilliiK rvl'i for tho tufTeioiN by the .tomi st Mt.
Vernon. III., says: " Alrout -J,OOo pc.suns irs with?
out lannes. The wua-ther .s rolil and rainy, and Um
mud IO de-ep tliat s, an ely a Wag) 8 l IB bt i;iov-;l, and
r.ot a dollar of iMars***** I' to bt pt I- ''lily WO,ooo
has as yet l.e.-n received, tod this mia! even jion: will
ba inadequate to provide lood tor toa luffenrs. If
yiiMi.oiii. eould be -teeured, these people eould be rir'-t-n
domiciled and would be perfectly satlsfled. The
business ui"n do i".t ask :i con! for personal relief,
ami a:.- eoni.-nt Iq lo-.- their efXlOO.OOO if ll,i; funds
ta. thi la- rai-.-.| for ll,.- n.-.-dy lines.''
im i-v-ii i i:,ky.. Marc ig. Utcey VVtroerwoi li.itigetl
tali iiie.niiii-: ai Jeffersons illa-, ind., for the murder of
ii..ni. iian-,>. a eoarlet lu iii.- pii-vii Booth rt Jotter
?ODVlllO. V.a'-nor wa.s al-o a pi-isou.-f. I'lieier the
.?dilosvr. he said: "I base a fe**' i.-marks lt mal,,
tttort I die. If any of yoi ever lal,.- a g)a.-s of
wl,i-le>-.v. beAMS you put lt to som- li]^ Dink of atocef
Warner ? Rh the rose in Ita hoad ami then look Into
lae !?',foin of the eTjasa and iee If you can't soo a
roi-e* ihi-ie. This Ik all 1 liava- to saj."
li.a-Ia-N. March 0.-A cable aMOttg-e ieeelve.1 today
at Harvard College antioiiiia'cs thc lisoovery of an
a.-.?*e? i,, 1 rI i,y I'alUa at Vienna. Its imsltlon ls as fol
lows: Mareh 8, 1,1 hour* l) minutes, i.'reonwich mean
time, right ascension IO hour* DO minute* BB locouds,
declination, plus 10 degree*) N nilnutes north.
Tho IC.entlty of tho unknusi. man -ra* waa picked
np i-trly *vVriln6*id*y ir.i.nilnii In an unooiis-'ioiii condition
?vt SesromtsVe. and Tiv?r.?.ytiftli ?'. hi* noa" yet beste t*
iabllsfi-1. Au li.ve*Ugalioii by Coroner Vilelniaii lor.m*
t-, .Low that th** maa was fuul'.y dealt arila. Whsn tha
?**:??: found him ba waa unabls lu *??- .n acciyunt uf
Minself, and Irti suldeji daaih iO'>u atlet hla ruiuovai te
ths itsuon lill Uit police lu p <iu-UiiUry. Ths body hs*
bseii lying at the Mort'i-* since W'ae4nesalay awaiUi.g
Iden tl fi ria tl on.
Tn>r-lior Deputy* oi-cti-ir fciuiili* niall* an sutopay, and
th* result inalla sa s tOat th* moto waa i,.unlsreaV Ttva doctor
foaraal Ute body eovared witt t*iTul**i In aevaiai piaoea.
Thar* wss sn Imprsasloa en ?*!? throsl ot -Jib haman
.oi*y*uUg*r and thumb, s* If ti.oAr in sn sturjipt t* oho**
him. Th*M ws* also a tvrg* r-oi-.r**lon an th* netas, lb*
prabsbl* r*aclt of a bl**)- Tl** luftwei Injurlea oou*l?*d
of a fractured rlh sad o profuse lierjiorrhag* from tbe
lung* Into ths .tomach Tie nlhrr organ* ware ootn
l*ratlsrly soul. t. sud lits hsid wa* fr*, fr. tn any wound
of frxtuur*. In t^s opinion of li..ri.,r .--e I,..!.-?? dM e*a*aj*st
of fl-*th wm iheaek from fraotured rtb, Interraal hsmorrhags,
ard other Ir-Jari** KU teS*Em In-H-vrs that tba Injurle*
w*r* liiflleaid during a quarrel. Coroner Eldiiiaii ha*
ord*rrd ttiM lh? body reroaxln at Ute Moragae UH n?xt
Tuasday for loantlgrstlou. In lb* meanwhll* CapUln
tUaciir ls .xtlT-lr eogssed tn fstisUng out, tat inystery.
. a
Berlin, March 9,?The Reichsan-eig-cr gives
the following details of thc last hours of Emperor
On Wednesday when hi. strength began to fail,
the Km*, to. spoke repeatedly to I-"ince William
shout thc condition of the Crown I-rincc and about
political and military affairs.
On Thursday he talked with his dan si.*,, the
Grand Duchess of linden, about the death of her
son. Prince Louis.
At noon he asked for I--ince Bismarck, who
came and conversed with him on the political
situation. The Emperor spoke clearly, and thanked
the Chancellor for his services to tho country.
Increased feebleness soon followed, BttBBkdsd
with delirium. His voice became feebler and
feeble-*, finally sinking to a whisper.
At, 5 o'clock he was so weak that tho members
of the family, Prince Bismarck and Count von
Moltke, aud tho servants of the household gath?
ered around the bed. The Emperor, supported
by the doctors, held the hand of his wife on one
side and his dangin .r's hand on thc other. Prince
William stood alone at thc head of thc couch,
Chaplain Koegel spoke a few words of consola?
tion, to which the Emperor whispered occasional
n_i|i ii ns ta
At ;>::i0 o'clock thc patient manifested extreme
weakness, and death seemed imminent.
Suddenly tlie Emperor rallied, and asked for
Count von Moltke and I-"ince William with both
of whom he talked about thc state of the Army
und '.lu- Prussiiin people, entering into minute
[lartieulars when speaking of military matter;,
to thc astonishment of both his UfltCMIB. Ho then
referred to Germany's alliances with various coun?
tries and the possibility of war. But doling the
lattas portion of his remarks the fantasies of de?
lirium were mingled with coherent utterances.
This temporary recovery of strength lasted un?
til IO o.clock. At frequent intervals hs BMIVSBBed
in a touching, curliest manner with those about
Between 10 nnd 1 o'clock he appeared to sleep.
passim; p_i_n____n_r away.
At about 2 o'clock it was observed that a serious
change was beginning to take place in thc Em?
peror's face, although there was again a slight
improvement in his condition. But at 7 o'clock it,
was seen that the Emperor's last moments were
near, the members of his family were, again sum?
moned to his bedside, and at 8:30 thc doctors
declared that he was dead.
Thc Emperor died holding tho Empress's hand.
He had liecn in a stupor sinoe three o'clock, dur?
ing which ho is reported to have exclaimed: " 1
nm n man of peace, but if Russia forces mn to war
I shall faithfully side with my ally, Austria.-'
Eye-witnesses of thc scone stato that during
tlie last few hours of his life, though partly con?
scious, he suffered no pain. The Em|_-ror was
in a half sitting position on a camp bedstead.
All the members ol the royal family took places
at tho bedside.
Tho room was crowded.
Prince William stood nearest the Emperor,
half bonding over the couch. Ho earnestly
watched thu face of the dying monarch until he
During the last thirty-six hours, says ono ac?
count, tJic E__i_-ror was drowsy, delirious and
conscious alternately, starting at times ex?
citedly to make remarks relative to family or
political mattots. Oneo he mistook Prince Bia*
marok for the Crown I_"incc, and taking his
hand, pleaded that he would always bo kind to
the Czar. Ho afterward recognized Prince Bis?
marck und expressed in broken sentences his
.-tet isl ii et ion With the Aunt nv<_ mian ullin nee.
During the last moments the I.mpirrur did nut,
suffer. His face wort- a tram-nil, almost smiling
expression. A few minutes before his death the
Emperor exclaimed:
" Fritz! dear Fritz!"
The evening papers contain what are reported
to be the last words spoken by the Emperor.
They are:
" Alexander has promised mo thnt he will
not make war against us."
It is reported that the Emperor also said:
" I am convinced that, we oiiRht, not to go lo
war with l.iissia, toward whom the most friendly
attitude ought to bs adopted."
The Emperor's body lies covered with a white
cloth on the bedstead on which ho died in tiie
Imperial Chamber. It is surrounded with cau?
dle*. The expression of the (Bee is extremely
peneeful and placid
The members of the royal family left thc
palaee at 10 o'clock.
Thc body of the Emperor will be placed in
the Mausoleum at Charlottenburg.
mst Horus oi-' THK DEAD i:.M-r:_on.
Ono of those who were present tu the sink
chum ber during the Emperor's last days said that
yesterday evening when tho Emperor awoke from
the heavy BWOan into whloh he had fallen. Chap?
lain Koegel offered up a prayer, which i o:i*iste.t
mostly of BBitet-Oni from tlie Bible. The Em?
peror Interrupted him frequently with ths words
" That's right" and "Good I* When the Duchess
of Baden asked him if hs hsd heard the words
of tho clergyman he said " Yrs."
After tli- Emperor had partaken of a little
food he seemed very talkative and spoke with
Prince William, probably renewing a con versa ti on
which he had had with him In ths last few days.
Ile spoke in a Qlcar voice about the political situ?
ation and the military arrangameata of Oermany.
He mentioned that the reforms he had carried out
In the Army had been oopied in Fra noe. Ho
talked abott. Basal*, and expressed a strong
opinion that Oermany would not beeome Involved
In a war with that oountry. He spoke ia the
most friendly terms of tha AuBtrO-Jfrman rela?
tions, but lt ls nos certain whether ho wns con?
scious or wandering. The Duchess of Baden
begged him not to Ure himaelf.
He answered: ? I havo no time to be tired "
After a while, however, he fell asleep again,
aud awoks at about A u'dack. Um thea left bis
nea ana aressea ana undress, u nimson. m-u ?-.????
ing anybody to help him. After this, he lay down
again and passed several quiet hours. During
the night he asked for champagne, which was given
him. Toward 4 o'clock he became weaker and
Prinoe Bismarck, Count von Moltke and Dr.
Koegel were again sent for. Tho two former te ft
the Palace about 7 o'clock.
Toward 11 o'clock lbs painter, Herr Anton vou
Werner, and the soulptor, Herr von Odis, jr., were
admitted to the death chamber. Tho body in tbs
meantiim; had been arranged and placed in a hall
sitting posture, while the Grund Duchess of Baden
had strewed flowers over the bed. Heir Werner
made a sketch of thc body and its surroundings
and Professor Ile gos cume later on to take au im?
pression of tho dead El_l>er(ir's face. A pln.t.? ,?
rapher was also admitted to the chambeS
and took a photograph of the decca*, al
king an he lay ni ni.- Ina bed.
Only a few sficcially pt-Tilsfsi pSBBOM and .
certain number of journalist* were penB-Msd tn
eater the room during thc day.
No one could help being moved nt the simpli?
city of the surroundings ol tlie most po pa lat and
powoilul monarch of modern tnn-s. BB he lay
in his military bcd In- presented a picture ol mo>t
touching pease, salas and gaatieaasa Tho l.n
perur's bedroom is iiic.-t siaaply furnished, lt
is scarcely necessary to s|>oak af lbs ii' ii camp
bidstead. It uccomiKinied him in all his jourm-v-.
in the Held and whenever hs 1* ft his own pu Lu".
lt shows the military simplicity of the Em?
peror, but it also shows how difficult it was i'or
him to BSBaiatS himself from things to which
he had become aecusion-'d.
The bald does not stand along the wall, but
comes out into the room. Behind the caught
up curtain on the wall at the bead of the bed i.
u w.lea cni'.ilix. On the left sid.: ef the room
is a cupboard with gi.is- dostS BBd green silk
curtains mid [(resents, Meetly of his youth, windi
lie particularly valued. At thc (hor of the
death chamber a garde du cocos ie slat inned,
and lo the aiite-chamlicr are several nidi B 'I* -camp.
officers ot all regiments iiii the r<><>in_ and ths
gaidsaeSB are continually bringing vi Howers,
which wore strewn on ths loor.
PSBMUTTBD ro look at TilK i>;:*i> KUI v..ion.
During the ihotl Interval tha' tbs millibar-, ol
thc family are absent from the mean, a f< \V
privileged persons an allowed t<> see tho body
of (he Knii'i-D >r, which is in a half SfftlBI past HTS
leaning hack atainst tin- pillows oa which h?
breathed his last. The white hed sovei is with?
out a crease, anal aroaad tia shoulders a whits
shawl is loosely tied. Ills aims aie lying on thi
Count von Moltke at Hie closing BSSM BBM
deeply, moved, aad at last wept bHtaily, bm
when lu- BnbaeqaeBtly appeared in thc Keiehaaag
lu- svas composed, being only a shade graver thau
TUE LAST DAYS Ol' TBE III" AD mon akcii?
I'HOCI.Al .1 I) TO
Berlin, March 9.?Thc Reichstag assembled
at ItlM p. m. It had been agreed Hi at.
the ringing of the bell, the customary signal
for the assembling of the members, should ba
stopped and that the Deputies should cuter tho
hall quietly and without ceremony. All tho
benches in the House were speedily lilied and tho
galleries were crowded. Profound siience reigned.
A large number of Federal Commissaries wei. in
their places at the Federal Couiisellois' table from
an early hour. Meanwhile tin: plenipotentiaries
awaited Prince BiMuai.l. in thc lobby, and BS BOOB
as he arrived they wein with lum t.i the hall of
the Federal Council, where they held a pm at.
conference. At halt-pa.i i_ the BBeaBhetS of iho
Council entered tlie 1. n batt! ami tool, positions
to thc left oi the Presidential chair. IsBB-itihatrly
afterward the President was called away bi au
interview with Prince Bismarck. At rr. vi Prinoe
Lhaniarok appealed ami thc Bseabera aro.se m a
body. 'Hie e liancciiui, alter a pause, -anl:
lue -.il duly IfeVlMVO- upon un- Ol IffSS'Hg ti lui
au uiiiciai communication oi whet you knoa already,
dint -lue" nan |i_ai eight d'.'Io. k in* Majesty, Kw
perot winnini, ha* beea ai rest with tc- father., lu
nuaeequenee ut du* (.".ci.: tho Hruss , . and
v.itu ih;*, aoeordi ng t" Article Xl >'i Hi" Imperial ? aa*
itltutJoa, Un* Imperial dignity haa :. i
ubub Ills UaJesii Preoortck m. halag
ni Prussia I'i" telegraph Intelligence
received i.> mo allow* of ili? assumption thai Ult
Majesty, taa retgoing Empeiwr au>i K,n_. ..ii leave
Saa Bmw to-morrow, arriving in due course lu mi?
lln. *
During tha last daya of hi* Ufa I teeelved hom
th.- mu. ii lamented Ki mr a continuation of tbe powei
f..i work which only I ti him "..Hi bis IL. the S-glUV
lure which Ile, before me, a.el which empuwera
mo lo el.ex.- (le- Ki-li?li*l,ii' al tha ii* lal Ilma WW
labors an- Hnuhed. I -.iu ?**? u to I ie Bm pm or i ii j
requeat that be ihuuld sign on!) wllh the iii ??
letters of bia name. Ills Majesty replied thal be
believed lum.*.ai ttlll able to write I Bani" In lull.
lu consequence of ti.;* iii" historical
.ii'cuniciii wtiii the leal signature al ii.-. Majesti Ile*
before ne. ( ador the circumstances, 1 wsiime 1
?aouM be Ib accordance sith the wish "t the lielchti ag.
aa arall aa el the representatlvei ol the federal Uo.
enuaents, nut to separate Just now, hut ta umala
in session nulli aftor the arrival of His Majesty, tba
Knipero. I therefore do aol auifca auy aaa "i the
Imperial sulhorisstlon beyond depositing ii la IM
are ni vee aa an historical doeumeat,and requesting yoai
prosidenl tu induce tbe adoption ul lesol mons *bl< i
win reflect the feeling and eoavlctkio ol the i.ei. bsl i -?
li .iocs not become ne ta k^*
irom this official place expression in tbe personis!
feelings with whim the decease of my master, tha
departure of the Brat German Emperor fi-om otu mihi-.,
?ills tue. There I . In feet, bo r..l "f lt, tor the feet
imrs winch animate ne live In the heart ol every Her?
man. Bul lhere la one thing ffbicb I believe i should
aol conceal (roan you. lt (lue-, aol concern rn, ?
monte, hut niy experiencea. Ii ls the (ac) lhat, ? i
ih,* Mire visitations wiih which the rulei , ?l di parted
lived to iee hla boase afflicted, there Meru two
cumstancee which tilled him alt h satlsfactloa
and comfort. one vf thc u wai
the effect thai tho sufferings of hit onlj toa and wan
rosser, our present sovereign lord, had piodnced
throughout lb. world?not only In Oermany, hut lr
over) |iar( of (li- world. I resolved thia v.-ry d.j
from New Voi li a telegram of tvmpathjr, -Moulin
what coniMenee the dyna_iy "f Usa Imperial hoiuc
hu* eequlreii amoiii- all (.aluin-,. This ls the |,
which th" Emperors long reign bequeaths t" tbi Uer*
mau people. The eonnoence which hi* dynastj bal
won win be transferred to tba nation, (kv-.pi to any.
thing that has happened
Tin: (Him ki.ioi: DEEPLY MOTXO.
Ih" Reichstag sitting was an event ol hi-t.xi.
ia! Importance, never likely to be forgotten hy
th eae who is ll maand it. Prince Fl-mn mit con?
trolled his i.ainu-, lily by violent e?utt Hg
waa only ai)le to inrce out n fess words ni a time.
Sometimes be could baldly spenh al all, and v.ni
obliged to BBBke lons pa aaes to sappreaa tenBB,
whloh be tried to bide by hit nu Ue ponfoUa
or ,i glass cl waler.
Thu down Prince bSOOasefl KsBpeiQt without
tiny formality heyoiid the ordinary. Tho BOW
BBOBtareh will not perfoiin any BOt Of kov eminent
until hi* prcdece.si.or is buried, or until he h,__
taken thc oatli to support thu Const nut iou.
The House, reealvt-d iho communication with
cvldenS satisfaction, th" more s., becauae llerl
von 1-ittkamcr, in tuino'inciiitf the death of Km
peror William to thu Lower Rouse of thc Pi"t,
l.Hii not alluded to the saw Emperor. This
obIbsIod had cr. .ted u i-ainful iBpresstoa.
The Reichstag thou adjourned for .ni iiid.lluite
After thc adjournment Prince Hisiu ..?_ de?
scended from the elevated BBatB occupied by tho
tiipmburs of thc Rundearath int. thc uody of Hm
House and greeted Count von Moltke. The mem?
bers crowded around him as ho tallowed tho order
dissolving thc II. ml.stag, all being anxious to sea
the last signature of the Emperor.
At the opening of tbe Lower House of the Prus?
sian Diet Herr Von Putt-tamer, Viee-Pnwident of
the Prussian Ministerial Council, arose and said:
I have tho sad dury to mak'> a mott painful com?
munication tu the House, lt has rle.-ed (.?,; to call
Hi. MejA-ty, the Emperor, lu the tweniy ei|>h(h year
of his glorious reign, from hts iiarthly existence bj a
peaceful death at 8:30 oM.H-k this morning. You
will not ox peet me at thin most solemn moment, when
sorrow and <"?re so deouly stir our heans, to attempt
to depict the fcellncs with which the whole Nation i?
filled through the iota of our most beloved, exalted
aad yanara-ia ruler.. J mar. howivs_v safsli aad

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