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voi.- vi.int N?* 1...091.
_n.or.i7iNo tiif fovmikr or Tin* vmpirf and
Berlin. Mit1 li I'-. ?An extiaorelinury edition of
thc "Otliial Oa.a'tic*' contains tho following
proclamation from Km*trror Frederich:
"To My IVoplc: Thc Emperor lias ended Ul
fkdou life In thc much loved fiitlicr whom I
bewail, whom my rcyal house wit- me laments
in deep, -t sorrow, Um faithful Prussian people
lmve lost tlieir fame-crowned Knur, tlie* (.orman
nation the found ri of its tinily, and the newly
riseti empire the ?mt (?.(?mian Em*>eror. His il?
lus! ri'.ns Haine will remain Ineepaiebly boond up
with all the gnats'*ss of tia* German fatherland,
in v. hose new i real ion th.* strenuous labor of thc
i'la.*--.;.in p. ,,j.h- juill Ptillees luis ni-'t With 11S
reward. Wblk R-Bf William rara-ed the Prt-B-Ul
Anny to thc heights of its earnest voention bj*
_e-\. i- tiring care, a nation's father, he laid a
(?ure touriiiatii.n foi thc vtetoiMI wliieh "tvoro
aft. -rwa rd tra nnd Bf (orman anns under his lead?
ership, and out of which spring national unity.
Ile thereby secured to the Empire, a position
of power such as up to thal time every German
h. cr hael yearned for, but lind scarcely dared to
ho|>e for. And that whM* he won for his people
in honoraMe lb nth Ul lining fl-.ht, he was destined
to st lengthen and beneficially increase by the
kag and goaoefa] toil of his laborious years of
Safely resting upon hi r own strenrrth. Ocrmnny
?taada* forth esteemed in the council of thc nations
and desires only to enjoy in peaceful progress
lhat whi.h she has wein. Thal this is so we hilve
IO thank Knitjcror William. In his never-waning
devotion to duty and Ul indefatigable activity
eonseerated to the welfare of the fatherland,
he was supported by his relianeej upon tlie self
sacrificing devotion of which the Prussian people
have given unvarryin. proofs (iud in which all
tho 'iiiman races have shared.
"All tlie light, and duties which nre con?
nected with the crown and my house, nnd which,
for tho time that, accord ins to God's will, may
be allotted mo to rulo I am resolved faithfully to
pr.s.rve honer now passed to me. Imhu.-d with
thc greatness of my mission, I shall make it my
whok endeavor to continue the fahric In the
f-iirit m w hi- li it was founded?Ul make Germany
t*lu- antic of peace and to foster her willara
Til B i:MA?EEO8 NOT so 1L L.
wo kn orr.
all nr-RLtv eonra to tue CATm"nrtAr. to tart
_J!!r.ni.iv, M-.reh 12.?Emperor Frcderii k paaeed I
fairly good night, His condition ?ppean satis
faetory. ll,>, aprlghl hearing last night in walk?
in1.- li'oni thc train which couvcyi d him from San
Remo to the carriage is Kgatded as proof that
thc reporta thal he had inffeied a relapoe bi
tt relict)] arc groundless. Ii lo stated thal E_ana*-fai
Freii.rlck's phy.a-i.Kins were oprtoeed to his going
tei Irs father'! deathbed The * Beleheanseigera
(officiaJ otvan mri: "'Thc Emperor in spite of
Ins ti-iii.c j.curley .,?.,* _{_ emotion feds no un?
easiness, and his r iplration ls aol Impeded Tho
looa] *-. in,''.!!!.*, aaa unehana_i] Further bnllotini
-aili bc tolled by his Majesty's omi.ii.em.1 fr.ia
-.1 time, and -"-iii be siciic! by Dr*. iMacken
ric, Doegner, Kt-nuse and HotelL"
Prince Bismarck went to Cbarlottenbnrg this
afternoon to n pi rt verbally to the Emperor.
Th.- "North German Gazette" -rive*, prominence
to the ennonnoement that the Ohanoelloi has
be ii leverely tri"d by rec. nt eventa ari.I thal
be has been oideied by his physicians to abstain
as t.,.. ;,s pooaible from business.
The I'l-esiil.nt and Vie.-i'fea.id.'tits r.f the Reich
el ii.iv.- written a letter to Emperor Frederick
in which th y say: " Thc I;. ieVstag feels impelled
to tee itv its devotion to the Emperor, and we
therefore Inquire whether your Majesty is luoiined
i (ive nn cxpreesion of its feeUng." A similar
letter was v nt to Empress Victoiht. Tlio 1'ri si?
th ,i and VloavPreaidenti requested the Dowager
Em proas to giant them un audience for thc pur
aoea nf reoeiving Hair eoadoleneen I'[ion tlie
epenin** ol ti,.. Upper Houae of the PraMian Diet
to day the l*reaidenl said :
- Worda are too foible to depict the sorrows
which are filling our hearts, and wbioh echo
t ul Germany and the world. The ro
* -eratoi ol the Empire, tin Nation's pride, is no
noire, Et uh bow with humility to God's Will,
fortif' lng our coiiiiih ncc In the future b> loiking
to the reigning Etmperoi. May God vouchsafe
him His graolooj -rapport uriel proteeol him r-o that,
Ins 1.1-ci.us health Btrengthened be may oxer
cis- h.s ardaoiu offloe with Inherited devotion to
'Hi" Emperor has conferred the order of thc
Black Eagle apon Empress Victoria and also
apon Heir Von Friedberg, Minister ol Justiee.
The collin containing tho body of E-nperor
W ?. OOVeied With purple vii.et, with gold
omaru.-nts. on each tide of the- catafalque an
three burge candelabras, with lighted wax tapers.
Trthorcts con. red with white silk WOlked in gold
an* [.laced alongside tho collin. 'The tat.ords
b-ar the Etniieror's crown and the insignia of
the \ ;j ii. ns orders to whleh he belonged.
Thc cathedral has been open to the' public since
BsOmlag Th( edifice consists of a broad central
nave, thc lu vcr Spree Bowing behind it from east
to w.st. Entering the chief, portal from the
Inst gattea, a bridge, diaped in black, is crossed,
leading to tho northern door. Looking from the
bridge the catafalque is risible on tho eaetern
tidc Th.- front of the altar is covered with ermine,
bordered with purple velvet cloth.
Ha Emi-cror's head r.sis on a white satin
pillow. Thc face is turned in the direction of
thc cnlnmoo. There is but little* change in Ms
appearance, although he loo__ unusually small.
A large tarpot severed with nape, on which is
I lat rd fifty chairs tor membera of the court., ls
apr.-al. in front ol the catafalque, A large tribune,
willi aso-nding rows of ?cate, is placed on the
Woetera sid- tot high military others.
Since midday un unbroken st team of people
fin-sad in mbj?Iii ii,is bera pus-jug through
tin- srii.rs to\ini.| ti,. eathedraL N.-iirly tfrary
?>iie* carried Howers nnd wreathe to lay hefore the
Coll i II.
The Fmmeai ol Oeraumy and her danghten
enmle a rWt ol eo-<1olenae today to the widow
of tho Emperor, thy afterward proceeded to
thc cathedra] end rxmained foi a long tune be?
anie the eatafalqae.
It is propoard that 180,000 workmen who
th' insiiieei against aecnlciit and illness eade!
the law whleh '!?' late Emperor William Initiated
lim* the sol s of the -ftrtr**-ta along the route to
i ? . ? fun ral pr-oce-taion of the (hud
I. ., i.t h. dml to the mausoleum.
M.\s u.A/ii.l.AN VIM-TRY,
i ... Narra ta. i )?*- ne-* Bratlllan Mlato
?, a p 'sc t a- Mien
BKOI ai I .
si .OB I't'.ilto.
- BOH . I KUI* A.
i IOU COI iii" 4I.mi.Dj:
la i NON *? I an.\ I..
An , , * | NOA SILVA.
1 - HOB ."Uts'i a ii I'.i'lRA.
'?"" I'??? Mw li lg, sull io.i sud Miulull strived In
laUiuaVn .lils mimili,K. huilli.iii rltrU'A tor t-Veraeel I
tenon Hm- tt*er%ard, J.),.it..ir- frlcndl ii-- verv juill*
Mab *\?r Um, it.iui ?_ Bm ikthi __UI\*u'? Uno md
hinds seemed badly tnatiled. Friend* isslsted him to t_<"
train on walch he prorivd-il te. Liverpool.
Ialveinoiil. March 12.?I'^-n hi* arrival here Sullivan
drove (..icily to a hind, li ls reported thal he I* ev
Imu-r-i. lie declined to se-e mr one. Hundreds of
persons were at the (.Uitleu tn ailing hil arrival. He
looked heartbroken.
LOMMM, Marrh 12.?The navy estimates nero BAY
StBSSSd in OoSUtJttes Of tho Whola In the* House of
CoinnioiB io day. Lord Thai les Here-ford, lately a
?luulor Lord Of tlie Admiralty, ?oihriiltted a motion fis
clarina that au entire refoi in was needed In the nian
SgeaMtm of the _SVSl service. Ile sahl that WbSS he
Joined the Hoard of Admiralty ho told his CoDoogao*.
that ho Intendeil to say his say to them a.s well as
anyliody ol-e. (f.au-filter.) Rut frank spcHliltif"
availed Hr.le arralnst a system of manv year-i' growth,
tinder which tho chief of the department was totally
Ignoraat af everything connected with lt and fiepoafiod
?poa his subordinate*, who also __ght know Ju.-t as
'?When I wu nt the Admiralty," he continued, "a
clerk came to me In the forenoon with a payer at fl a
wet pen. I said : ' What ls that V The clerk replied :
' lt's the navy estimates. 61-rn them.' I said: ' Cer?
tainly not. I haven't read them and know withing
a ho ut Hiern.' The clerk res p.. n.led i 'What nf thai/
They require your (.Ipiiaturc.' (Hoars of laughter.)
lint I did not si fm them.'*
This incident, he said, showed the way thlrifr-. were
done. Thc department" ought to ho thoroi'-rhly over?
hauled. If F.iir-land had mal ni.il ned her naval raper1
lorlty, lt was owing to the Inherent manly o.uulii:-- Sf
thc race. Nothing was owing to pood administration.
TaOrd George Hamilton, 11 rsl Lord of the Admlraliy,
replied, ce i. lemnlng tho tono of Lord Charles la t
ford's rer larks. He Insisted that the naval adminis?
tration Map fairly pei feet. Alt Iii.ugh reforms were
required, the authorities could i.oa.st thal there wis
no corruption among the civil oflieials and no want
of rapacity among (he oflleera He admitted that tbe
system was defective, but said that under l-COMS-l
Csvltleism lt would he amended.
After speeches by ?'? B. lier hell, a soatmandH in
the Navy, and other members connected with the ser?
vice. Lord Charles Beresford*! motion STS*. defeated
without a divinion.
EL Paso, Tex., Match 12.?Senor Lanro Carr'llo,
rrtlng Governor of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico,
ls here. Janos, the town where I'nlicd states Mar?
shal Meade, of Arizona, was tir-re-ted hy >!c\lcan au?
thorities. ls In the State of Chlhtiahiri, and therefore
within Ooreraor Cutilllo's jurisdiction. Ga.vernor
Carrillo I" fully Informed about the arrest, and Baili
yesterday: "Ihe Gaited States ofllcci**. were
arrested bee sase, ttithoul either authority under tba
ti-cat-r or permlMloa from the* Mexican oflieials. they
were found In Mexico In anns, In pursuit of alleged
train robbers. Tho arrest v.tut made nv Mexican
riisiom.s oflieials. I was Informed as promptly as a
courier could carry the* Besiege from Janot lo Chi?
huahua, a ride of a day or mora I at OBOS tele
graphed the facts to th? City Of Mexico ami requested
Instructions from the Tedcial Government I ??
directed to order the release of th- oflieials. bal not to
return their arm-, to them. I '"tit this order to .lanis
by courier, and suppose that Marshal Meade and bia
aides have t.ecn released before thl* rime,
"The Mexican authorities would gladly have de?
tailed officers to Join the Gaited States officers In tbe
pursuit of the- robbers, had a request for such std Men
mail.'. Thc act Iud of tl,.- i loie.i Btstet marshal waa
ciearlv without warra-t and could not bc over
The Mexican authorities say that there |? no treaty
or eoarentlon no*) ls force io antboHsa orbc-ni <?f eu.r
goTorame-t lo croea lalo tl.e territory of the other
government In pursuit of any class of ont Ians. A
convention was >uai]?> between the Cnlted Btatea and
Mexico ioma tune*, ago permitting -tho iif_i*-an, or
troups of el.lier government to pursu** hostile 1
across the border hut that convention has expired.
if ls reported that five Americana were arrested .at
.tano*., rutted states Marshal Meade, Deputies Rha
r-eii and "Min" smith." and two trailers, rt
ported thst at the time _f the Hrr,-ct Mi,.-!.ai Meade
sad hit potse were hut two hours behind tba r. biron.
6TF.PPINO I.IflllTl.T AM) WAl.-IMi Willi III*
(SCAI ("e>MM4VM\(* MIRK,
London. March 12.-" 'IV lim g" es- ?: " "Alien
Emperor Frederick reached the castle Rt Cl.ar
loitenbarg Inst nif-ht he steppe- lightly from tin
carriage^ holding n handke-rohlef to his lips. When
lie arrived Indoors lie threw open his military
mantle, holding himself erect and firm, to the foy
of (hose who saw him. lie walked apstainwith
his usual commanding mien. An nfTlecr *\hn mus
presenl st cu i.s enthusiastically of the Emperor's
appearani e und deportment."
Conni von Hatzfeldt, the Herman Ambassador,
dressed In deep mourning, paid an official visit
tu Lord Salisbury today to convey a special
mt-ssage ?>f thanks frito nie German Government
for the message of sympathy and condolcnoesent
Ly the Kn.lish Government te Berlin. A re
nuiem Service to be held i'i the Germen Chapel
Royal, Sc James**. Balnea, lins been Hxed fur Fri?
day. The service- -trill pr^c-ed simnltaneouslr
with tho service in thc TWiln Cathedral lt
Will he a state function. AH the m. mli"rs of the
Royal family, the Ambaasadori and Ministers dow
In London will be present.
a> -
havk rn \ kii.i.irii.
London, March lt.?It ts reported tliat the Sou?
danese have again nttacked Bnakim, nnd thai
thc neting Governor of the town imo been killed.
? -?
St. E*etersbnrg March l*..?'!bs Oaareviteh
and the Grand Dukes Nicholas and Michael will
start from St. Prtersbnlg feir Rrlin to-morrow.
They will be aecompanied by t-heli full 1
and also a deputation from the Czar's military
honsehold, -.eluding" Alde-de-Camp nuii-nusky
General of Suite, General Fredericks, Colonel
Abolcnsi-y, Captain Benekendorf, and deputies
from three regiments ot which Em-M-i-ut William
vhs honorary colonel.
1.'.ni.ti. .Mareil I'i.? Ila tin il..uv of Cami
Mr. OaaehaWa Nhaatt fal Um tamaialuu et the \
det.t had lt* first read.i.g. Mr. Qaaebaa will BXplaln ile
bul fret 1.11 Ma rc li 20.
Faria Mates li!.? Tha new BevlsaiFSi arise, " i.a Oa
tann." male it* ippaaiaaea to-day. li l.ad * lire,; ?jic
cu Hie beiiicvard
- ?
i...ndi.n. Mires i'.'.-ciii.ii"H t. Rltchlt wB\ Beta tht
len al -(..veti.tiii'ii! lilli iii Hie Hons.- ot Cuni!limn* on Maa>
sn: 0BOBG1 wants ?jion.ooo DAMAOBs.
I.e.i.doii. M.iK'11 li!.-sir OSStge t iKtwynd. In hi* stilt
ir-'iinst Lcd luirhini for libel lu .'(iiiiie. (le.ri wiih tba
reiciit imf bob?Sala, ataaaa his S*b_i??i al -i-o.ooo.
dt.e.ce rsi a, Msss., Marel IS.- 'il.e tebooner Brun
hilda. wiiHh strived here rsoterdaj fros tbs Qrand
iranl.s, re'iie.iis the loaa of l?aiilcl McKlniioii and
Alon/.e. McMsatOB, two of the crew, hv thc CaSSltlU
..{ a dory, while _tte_dln-| 11nv. ia. McMaster helor ted
in Guyaboro, B. v.. aad MrKlnnoo on i*i.i..c _dwaitlt
Islsn.l. i.oiii were BBmsfTlsd.
('nu too. Marsh l--- Bdfar lT<-lt, j,-., member sf
ths timi ul i? ('? Bama, BOM a Oa, el th;- olly,
?sas robbed sad fa at i lalo InssmibQitr ia.**
ii, Mai, ?.? i ila. i.s.iii-s!., by three gsrroisrs,
; I. thl 'ii I-'-" I.
Ait-i'.'i Kie.i i, \ m. Marsh I--?A duel, sadlag
in tbe eie.'ith of the coals tants, sesnrred st gfrlnaar
(Tilla, Arl/.otia, la.ai ci climie, William I'll maa ami
a man lian,.al 1.lalee. I,.ul ai^'avl (o ni*l)t out S "illari. I
ol. I (ard-, ami (.'..inp oiit-,|.le ol sleill.ig Brothers
,i liivloi - -linc ni-, liol al tba -ame laStSBl
I'ltiiiari fdi dead amii,lunic died In two btnus.
Pcme.M'.ciaiiv.N. Y.. Mart-b 12.?The flrtt (Jerman to '
renoume his allei/Uiicj-, to B-tpSTOI l*reder|(lc III lt
John (.ross, ol ihis etty, who Is'came a clll/en of the
I (.Med si.tc*,. aad -wine he would sii-jjion tho Con
-i.miin.o Uifuio Judge 1.taine lin- moiul-K.
A collision occurred on lbs Third Avenue F.levated
railroad yesterday morning In which one person lost
hit life .nd f*everal passenger* sustained Injuries.
A train ot four cars drawn hy ono S-glaS snd with
Engine No. ag in thc rear, to SSStSl In pushing lbs
cars from the Seventy sixth Street Station up the
grade to Sixty leventh-st.. stat-ted from the former
station at 7 :40 and only got a short distance when the.
engineers fonn.) ll MSeoearj to back tow aid Heicrity
slxtli-st. again In Order to get a better start. Ibe tun hs
being .1. ei.lv covered with snow and io lllppeiy thal
the -trting wheels weald aol catch hut whirled round
allheal malling any progress. .lust as the rear en?
gine got to the south end of the Seventy sixth ?t. plat?
form lt mrs crashed Into hy a train drawn by Kngine
Ba 1, WhiOh had left the Kighty-nlnth?St. station, and
which run- through to slxiy-flflh st. without stoppi-g.
Tbs imglnew Bl the hst nain could not see immy
yards shesd owing to the snow storm, and as he caine
to thc Seven'*. BtXtb-St Matta-, the passengers who
wen? crowded on the platform awaiting their Iraias to
be eoavsysd dov. ti town to business raised a warning
cry apprising him of lils danger. He Instantly aje
piled his brakes, bot anneal svsO. owing le ths
sia'e of the tracks and the sppe-d at which he wa*
running las triin could not be stopped. The tWO
trains eiaShSd Into each other with terrille INBS ind a
report foll..wed that wa* deseilbed by a Thl rel ive.
store-keeper as like a ttiiimier clap. Thc* eugine
(hawing the fast ttaln st melt Kiigltn. No. 1 With NS
force as to telescope the la't-r fully thn*.- fe*e*t Into the
rear car of the tnt train which lt was pushing. The
fireman. Martin Byrne, fulled to hi* engineer, Samuel
'['..'.vie. to Jnt)i|i nfl. seeing what w;u* al.'lilt lo happen,
hut Tow le remained nt his post and was wedged In
between the tender and engine, which were broken
aiun.lcr by tho foice of the shiel;.
takkm i.visei i itdM rna wnw k.
A gang of men was ln-tai,tly put lo work With B-Oe
and pick-, and afte-r considerable labor r.ngliiccr
Towie wis extricated and takes a. root the track te the
Bwsltlog-rooai on the uptown tide, where he died In a
few niiuutes. The body was terribly stashed sad
scalded by tbe dena" ri'iti'i*. e.f steen which ea sped
bani thc I'lieine, which was totally wrecked.
Both the trains weie peeked with poonngers, and
tho-e In the rear car of the tft-t train were mut es
verely Injured by the wrer. caused by the t'-leeicoplng
of the engine. The nSOIfl of IhOSS BMSt scion, ly In?
jured ni"' a follow s :
in ii.ht. Ill *? KY-Tra.tund arm; live* at Ba 321 East
I If I 'v third at
CAN A kV. \v -In'nrles to the r!?ht hand. Ile I* thirty.
am Ked Hies ir No. 24U Last oiie-liutidi.'d aud-fuur
teeni ti *t>
Ct i.s.*. i.i-i- MARTIN Severs Injarlea to th.* Mn ind
baot Qt ? al N... 400 Estl l-iighty-tluli-**. and
la flfi-y-flve .earl old.
DO I. DO f. A iftlalATlOtTB?Wraettir* eif the rleht hln.
Hi ii thirty-eight and llvaa at Ka 4so Ebel Save- > ?
feIll'li st.
Isl IA I II I'.!'. 4??"severe lficemelf.n nf arm ld hnnd ff?,
n glin ind splinters j I- forty nnd ines at No.
RI AN, I'A I KM ia.-rru.iu:.-.1 jun. Ile wa* engineer on
the rear engine.
VAN' win I. ll 0. I*.-Inn hs to the rbrht leg; lives it
Na. 1,84)9 Thlrd-ave.
Engtnecr Samuel Towie ol Kngine Xo. i. who was
killed, lived at Mnetv second -t. ami Lexington eve..
His i.niiy was taken nen th.* Bleveted ttstion to the
nearest police station house, to await action by a
rrori.r. mnows* cws in meara
John Pavls. a mra-ciifi-r boy in (le emptor of the
Direct C;|!,]e ."uinpany, was In th" l-ar of th" fli-t
train, going to his work. Ile sahl that be WSI Stand
lag a'lieit ten or twelve feet from the rear door when
the engine ern-heil through the platform and smashed
In the back of the car. ["educing lt to splints
halaling ihe Iron wort ot tbe platform complete)* out
ni i ijie. Tbe peeeengen wore thrown oil tbolr feel
ami fill In houris one un another amid a shower of
broken fla s and splinters. The boy said be was
thrown nilly aix f."*r from w here _e ?.,, standing,
but sustained no Injuries, bal was badly frightened.
Arthni Conley, a printer who lives at Ko, i,3S0
Third.i\e. wa* on the train snd sustained some In?
ternal Injuries, tbe ext "ni of which, however, bad not
been a*, i rt al tied when a reporter called at l,is house,
Ills wife said thal Mr. coi.hy could not bc seen, but
he had told ber tbat as lOOn XS he; OXlrlC-ttf himself
ii-oin the wreck be fonnd lt imp-w-lble to get bael to
the Seventy -itt!.-st. station. I!" therefore mad* tbe
lor of blt wai down tbe traci, to sixty seventh at.,
nn.i wai taken borne. Ile was it anding In the middle
of the ear uni waa thrown on the small of bi
acro-si the I ai k ol oi.f the middle Mata of the car.
lb- v.ta : adi;, hurt In the Side, and had il not been for
some i.ie.h* and papen In the pocket ol blt coat, an
umbrella which be wa- carrying would have most
lil.- i> penetrated hts body, i* Hw force arith which lt
? tia.!, his brea*( wa.s tufflclenl to shatter the stick
and fi anil* Into fragments.
Intel.xi Item ni pr vailed In th" nelghborl.d
e.f w},. re the .oili*i>.n occurred, nnd many ol the ja ?
'o their hollies prostrated bj
ibo k the] ud tn ?
1 he tlc kel H..'.'ut nt tbe Beventj ilzth-st. station
cont ii.ned to tell Mi.-i* long after rho accident oe
curred, although so euc were run until afternoon.
Ile and thi ot I er employes ol tbe ral|ro id ?
declined to furnish ans information about tbe eol
llelon. Al i h ? oi'i. e, ,,f ii,,, n.a.i. \o. in [trot
i idol ?; t un wat reported to i*? ai.-ont lowkln
tbe traffic no the mads. Vli-avPresltletit Oallonay
wss on ind but all Inquiries ol re]
by ih- oflieials with profesalont ol tnt si Ignoraace on
the SI!
Tie' i,.."io tia- almost sf sn entire star.datlll on the
dlf*.ni road* uwins '" " ' tioim, and out ol
..OOO t ral ni which muall) Constitute tbe da)'-:
only a f.'M Wort run.
Boston, March ta.--At u meeting ol tbe Pentrsl
Lebor Colon ol Boston jreetetdsy, the -
inirte.' sp] i ed to coater with ihe State Executive
of the Knights of laihor, for the pnr|.('se of effecting
1 unity of action la.'U.,.,i the tWO bodies, reporti
an agreemeul had bees reached thal no peraon thouM
be lull sled Into either organization until both Brew
satisfied that he w ns a delinquent mer1 her ol I i
Tin- meeting siter a lons discussion, decided h\ a vo s
of twenty-t] I - tv o nol to sd
from the Socialist section Into the Central Lsboi
of I... toa The son ol 160 wss sppropriatod for the
io ki d-oul rna -i * workers.
New-Bedford, Mass., March ll -The chance rf the
W.'i'iia. Ht Mill starting tip today ls a slim one Thc
striking splnnera have pal ea a hold front. At **?
meeting oi Onward A ??tiii.iy on Batnrday ni
committee wat appointed -.. wsll upon the Pall I
(?pinners on Tuesday to teenre esiiitance In
tailnlng the hatti". A ina-*, me.tin.' of ihe spinners
sill be held on Wednesday. Tho worsl phase ol ihe
trouble I- that over 2,000 other operatives i i
thi .'?* ii out ol work North End ttorekeepert
mo ne j to enal le ile I'i em lin ian arbu caused thi trouble
at the Wamtutts Mill to leave tot n, bul Ihe -i
Induced him to remain, and the slr ke, lr ls predicted.
win in- extended for several mont hi. Pear* sr* es
i.I tl * n.e poor Depsrtment win bc obliged lo
? ? ii , ni the 8,500 Idle opera
Boston Man h IS 'I be rn i.| Ulet a i-,..
P, Morton, snd Bweatl ganoora t Oo. in Join!-,.
tuan ii fair l utora v. ho hud prevlou ly ssked for a re
d o :. n un prlci - edd ? shout one hi
and st-tty rlgsrmsksn to the ranUs of thc striken ""??
inoi nmg.
Kan ..* i ii-. M?, Merck IS.?Tba cai reps
r"' ? ? i ? ami i.ih.-i laborers to the' number ol
lad In tbe - ta Pe heps si Argentine rofiissd to ge
to work yesterday. They have hcen rn the bsbtl rf
aorkli . ..a - .i .i ii uuni a;.om 2 o'clock In tte* afi**r
i""111 siul la>mg ..a the rea ol ihe day. .iiaw.tig a full
'? ?'. ? i ? >'? i nea nia,i i un el ana- fold ' '?
U'v .M hu.- lo Morl Ibe .little dal. h'll." Hell*
ranttal to work y, stanley.
/.'?'? 'lt IRS All Arc A SILK wini DTNAMTTE
Coim.s, m., Maivh 1_.-The hanking
,"".f Parker d Allen wan catered by
burgl i .?"terday mm nlng, enter re le Ike,
building being effected through a Mile window. The
outside d.a.i of ihe \_iiii Ma, "brood ..pen apparently
Without linn I, trouble; then a an,all bolt wa.- hore', in
ntre ol th -at.- door aad ebarged t Ith dj s i
The exploalnn Mea open tht sale _oot anJ stterly
(lem..ii nial it, j o.'ii opetaUosa te tores au cati sane
lulu the burgl ii i.f box, wbon tbe m..nev ?..* were
si sion, nil . bul arter a labored amount _f dulling sud
? : mille, ih.-v were compelh d oo
scciinnl or H.' tune, t.,,,.,. im,,,,,, their Imoty.
' i jrlni large suma i. donging to the
township and varloua drainage districts rn this part uf
the btste rhe burglars toot, rf-mio in eamney,
whio!, de ..f tba burglar-prool b.._- rte
af- w.i- daiiiaged to the extent of BLoOO,
MrAt.i i-ti K.I. T., Msrrh 12?At Kavanaugh, In the
1 hoi law Nation, on lafldSf. thn b<,||er In Tucker'!
saw mill exploded, killing a boy Instantly and lnjurln-r
Iga tun SS teveivly that tbolr recovery li doubthiL
.willam l'atter.ein, the flfUsin-yeorold ion of Jamet
hsttSSeSO, the cn.lneer. was blown through the roof
of tho building and his body torn to fragment-. Tbe
Uiy't father wat blown Bpi nat a lumber pile, which,
filling ou bim, emitted tu. arm* and legs lafll'tlna
I nj u rle* from which he cannot reoover. The other
employes -sr-re at some distance from the boiler room,
aud were struck by plccos ol tba wreck.
Winns lows- a Fiiriorrs, iii.ivdino
oalk that mmi Kzpoaou to
ir an KXQtrittTa toktuke.
Tlie forcii.lc if not elegant vocabulary of pogtt
\MB supplies ths phrases which will. perhaps, h. st,
rcv.ni to thc popular imagination thc effect of the
?torm that -fatted New-York yesterday. N'*w
i'ork was simply " knocked out,'1 " i>sirnl\ zed,"
md reduced to a condition of suspended nni
natfon. Trudie was practically stopped, and
business shendened The elevated railway ser?
vice broke down completely, but not without
supplying a tragedy to the history of the tiny;
the ItUSi Utrg were valueless; the suliurhan rail
-viijs were blocked, telegraph eoaananieatlons
won eat; tbs Kxchaages * I i.i aeibing; tho Mayor
iidnt visit, his ollii'i*; thc city was left to run
Itself; chaos reigned, nnd the proud, l>oa-tful
-nctropolis uas reduced to the condition of a
primitive seth mont
The wind and tl.e* snow did lt all. There
luce been before iu New-York wind.-, that have
howled louder and sped Baste, and snow?
falls hsa-riet and deeper; bal neves before, not
rven in the memory of that most astute disciple
of Ananias?** ths Oldest inhabitant'? buck a
terrific Contblnatioo of wind and miuw.
To say that March exhibited tho lion-like
BUS lilies, with which it is usually credited, would
be a weah ?lander. Match yesterday wasn't a
lion merely; it was a whole bowling nenagexfa.
'.amii in.ni; roROn ai;..it MIDNIGHT.
Ihe Mischief began brewing on Sunday arith
drizzling rain and goaty winds, which Steadily In?
ti in loree. The rain gnvo way to snow
nt Uu Diiiuii.s after midnight, and Hun tho
wind lashed It-elf Into furj and bowled wrathfully
Newspaper men going h.mic In the " wee una'
tr the morning" found progress difficult.
'i o avoid setting " Mulled" the trains on ths Third
Avenue' EJevaUrd Railroad skipped the intervening
Motions between that ham Square and Ninth-st,
snd Nnith-st. and Thirty-feurtli-st., and bo on
until the terminus was reached.
Winn the city awoke, lt was staggered and
amazed. Great rifts >.i snow tbat kept shifting
m.'I twisting w.r.r piled np at. thc doors; side?
walk a and si rets were in*, [albie, the air was lilied
with sleet and Bne pellets of hail, windi, Impelled
by thc fores ol the wind, pinched snd Munn Like
eedlea and clouded tlc vision with what
i like clou Is of white smoke. The conse?
quent discomforts began car y. Thc milk snd breed
lue tin* morning brea hf sst w*ere frequently miss?
ing, because line milkman nnd the baker were
unalilc to make their rounds. Tu add to the dis
agreeablem-as of stale bread and coffee without
milk, the morning newspaper, ..ti which the head
of the family ko often vents his splci n, was fre?
quently missing.
But not until the door was opened Hld the man
of business started down town, .lid hs folly realise
what sort of a visitor it was that had taken
possession of the town nnd wis roaring through
it. If rod a man expert in doll ni tb us he at once
declared that it was a "blizzard." Generally be
bad nut ploughed bis way ten steps tbrougb the
snow before bs found that appelation
to weak, snd strengthened it with
some profane expletive. Thc snow
itself would have been had enough, but the wind
made ir a buntlredfold worse, whisking it hither
und thither and defying all efforts of snow, plough
or ?!,.I tn clear a path anywhere. It was lot?
te- cold. The line particles of snow formed cakes
nt toe on beard ani mustache, uni even transformed
tho eyelashes and eye-brows Into ridgee of icc.
A few minutes uf exposure to the storm trans?
formed every bearded man into fae similes of
thc chile Iron's painui saint. Santa ('Inns.
Getting down town proud to most people who
essayed it an insurmountable task-. lu the earlier
hours of ths norning here and there n street car
minot have bet n w en I ? b ship in s
storm behind lour or i tight i. irses, with no room
inside f,.r the traditional "one mun more." But
early in tbe day the street car people generally
abandoned the battle bi i um 11 ? elements and
did not resume it until tbe storm bad abuted
some! hin| ni its *> jolene.*.
(ni th- elevated railroads mutters were v...rsc
than on the sti.o's. and n is certain thal some
i mil ..i the storm will be to start a "boom"
for Mayor Hewitt'! underground scheme, 'lim
elevated trains proved h " delusion nnd a snare" s
trap foi the unwary traveller foi they were often
oft. n com(H*]] d to chic to a stand-still between
stiiics, nnd stop thor.* f.,r li.iiirs-t. whore there
mus no getting ,,ut of them except ut .?*. pense of life
iiud liini.. \.:nie tlc stirm wm raging rm train
/ur. through nader tin.,' or four hours, snd for
ric greol r part of the day no ciliated trains
WAT.Kivfr TMF nv ty RasO-RaTB.
Mist of t!u* people who succeeded In petting
down town had lo foot it. Only the favored of
inn line could avail themselves of tho other al
t. niative nnd endure tho extortion of some mcr
c.'uary and merciless J. hu. Fabulous pries wero
u. ni,Hided und often paid for carriage hire. To
m.lin. ans .ii-1 i ice required s good deal of "bull
dog" persistoncy nnd g..od powers of endurance.
Not a ton di-l ir al the exixrnae of frost-bitten
were useless, No expertness
c..uld proven! Mern hoing "inside out" in *-h( rt
order, for tbe wind shrieked and howled urouud
corners without sny regard for passers by.
The snow waa uneven and treacherous and tho
wind prevented it from packing. Drifts varied
in height from two to three, four, and even live
feet, nnil they never remained long In one place,
ior the demon ol the storm was more urgent and
ix ri tn pto ry than was ever any blue-ooated minion
ol the law in keeping things moving.
To add to the difficulty ol locomol ion mu I
danger ol getting oms legs snarled up in the
wee. ked telegraph, telephone and electric light
wires tbat w.-re- plentifully strewed ai.out. But
worse of all was the sle.-i that congealed
tbs eyelids and made it frequently as lm
ble to so" where one was going .is tl
in the midst of a London " peo-aoup" fog. -\- ?
result, collisions between pedestrians wero frc
. though tho n s.iis v> re .. epted
t .od nat i)redly.
To any one who ventured abroad on a tour
of observation nothing was BOTO noticeable than
thc spirit, of good humor that prevailed every
srhere. It was eminently chnrnet-ristio. Under
similar circumstances the linton would have
'tum'.led persistently end volubly. But tho
American simply laughed at every mishap and
discomfort and made light ol it. And to any one
in good health there was a heap of fun In this
plunging through snow-drifts and defying Old
boreas te de ins worst. Bat Ins ruder blasts
often compelled one to ding to s telegraph polo
or u lamp post until theil lore wns -.pi nu
Of course m.my sign posts and awings wen*
wrecked, and the pedestrian who mus luckless
enongfa to let his hut go in th" clutch of thc storm
frequently lound pursuit hopeless. Numerless ware
ih.- smaller discomforts ami inconveniences oe
caaioned. It ..rion happened that clrks and
others who .succeeded lu reaching their Mores or
.Hie. - found tiii.t those to whose keeping th.- keys
had lu,-n entrusted hid o,,i "StUCk" somewhere'
eui I','- way. Ile ti their plight was a sad ono:
n was haid to .loci.ic whether it was beat to wait
or strike out for home again, i lie only shoe* that
? lid any business of any consequence were the
grog shops, the cigar slops and thc "gent's lur
nishing" stores, where ear muffs and such ] mt-o
UUS from Arctic weather were sold, lin- st,,un
Stopped the work uf 'he law court-.; the* legal mill
..aa.,,i to grind sad fer '? dav offenders went
" uwhpit ot Justice," though tlio goddess
stu.k t.. h.-r perilous peal OB top of City Hall.
Mi Kl.lLl'.N TKMN-** TO HU- brill." HU-.
Sae! was tlie plitflit of many who had come*
int.. the city on the earlier suburban trams iii,.I
Ohsa they stilted hom. ward learned that there
w.-ro no trains. To make matt, rs worse winn
they hurried to tho t4'lcgruph olliccs to send re?
assuring mest-agea to their wives and families,
they wero frequently told that the wir-eH nts
- down" und there wero no ? communications
Many peoplo rather than put up with the dis
oomfort of tx return uptown on foot, ".topped for
tlio night at dowu-town h.itels. Taken all in all
it was tx unie|tie SXnerfance for New-.(irk, ono
that New-Yorkers will talk about for mani a day.
Up to H o'clock, two feet of SBOW had fallen.
The mBmBtEB T*v**mMl ol the wind for the dav was
hirty-flve miles an hour nnd Its greatest force
it any U-M was forty-two miles an hour.
Mt ( u nsidisiiip Avn scki frimi.
The storm shut the tirane! Central Station eom
ilctcly out from tho railroad world, not only as
I'garde-d incoming and outgoing trains, but even
hs t. legraph wires were of no avail beyoud
{payten Dayvll after noon. The snow piled in
Ipoll the tracks between the Station Uild the
unnel which extends fr,.m Kitti -sixth st. to
sinety-sixth-sta, so thal no trams could bs sent
nit even hitd there been a clear spice beyond.
I'ho tunnel Itself wns comparatively free from
now, although the Bakes lew in from the op. li?
ngs to tho stic.t, un.l in niunv places under ths
ipenings the drifts piled up from live, to eight
Set deep.
Beyond Ih* tunnel the sturm had undisputed
way. Tho chaiiucl through which the depress. ,1
rinks of thc New-tork Cent nil and the .Nevv
lavi'ii and Hartford roads run formed thc best
toeaible kind of a resting place lor the snow
willing shove; the high walls at the side con?
ni.uted t.. this advantage. The result was thal
In. snow- piled Into the open cut find tilled it up
O thc level of the walls on either sid".
President IJ, pew itnd Super ut1 ndent Toueey
nada various SffCCtS through the day to br. air
brough thc snow covering the tracks between
he Bunion and the tunnel. Hut. lt was no use.
-Trst one engine vvas sent Steaming proudly north.
[he Missen] met it ?qaars t.) the cow-oateher
vith u solid front of snow. The engine did not
OOg butt at the blizzard in this form, but yielded
uni returned to the station.
Mr. Depew thought that the blissard must be
i trifle toucher limn nu after-dinner speech, ko
wo engines, coupled together, sailed proudly
Hirth. Their combined front un.l headway om!
he blizzard. Their combined tall cann! bach
..iwein their combined legs, so to speak. Mr.
Depew loolred solemn, nnd seemed to think that
ie had run sgainst something heavier than a
mom, and so throe eo_ine- went gavly tn the
lorth, their Strength united, tli. ir steam In full
'lav. 'I hey, too, met tbs blizzard disguised as
i nannies*; snow-bank. Then' the engines na?
nnied together. They b-d " bucked'' against
lie blizzard and thc blizzard had won.
inn: K m'.\_ii!.i> iiaiivns disco*, ii ron.
Ic calling the st,.ry of the drops that wear
he rook, thc Grand Central powers hired them
np) Italians to begin an onslaught on tho biiz
ntrd. To break them in gently und givo them a
jnid taste ol tho storm, I. si tlie memory of sunny
Italy should ni1 lt their ardor, tiny were 8<'tit to
work in th.* yard. After an boura steady work,
ihe 3> ii, for..ii.ii of Leonidas, "kicked" sgainst
iho blizzard aud iusiblcd ou returning to their
nao caroni.
'lins event wm discouraging. Mr. Depew and
Mr. Toueey conferred. They bil on a pian. Mr.
Dcpew recalled the nntui*.-, tendency and ellet
>f good dinners, and h.- felt mrs that something
if this kind Would " fetoh 'cm." So oin) moro
Italians were engaged later In rh ? day, nnd a g.I
tupper vvas the ti:sr hard work (hat they were
['nilli on to Walde through. They sueeeded in this
iital then tackled the blizzard, but us thc monster
held ihe whip hand and us d it vigorously, doubt
rt i d on the Grand Central power us tu whether
the Ital rt tis would weather the night.
All hope of doing anything to remove ths snow
fr,.in tl.,* tunnel was abandoned until tho wind
should abate its vehemence. Superintendent
louey .said late itl th" dav that MOM forty trains
srers snow bound between One humircd-und-teiith
st. and Woodlawn Junction on thc Harlem Hoad,
mid Spuyten Dujrvll on the Central. H.* at least
kll.'W', UC sn;.I, ti,ill ta.ll nuill'ler of traills WON
due, and that s,, fur us h.; could Judge th,- blizzard
had captur d the trains within a distance of at
least thirty miles. Hie trouble lay between this
city end Vonki is. 'ino Springfield sleeping oar
train on th- New-Haven and dartford line wus
tin- h; at train to come in. and that arrived bet .'.ecu
ll it. tn. and noon. Note train had gone out lroai
tho Grand Central station during th.- day.
l.HTi.!. Si.n.inv -BOYS FKEK-XILL,
At 7 u. m. Mr, lou,, y had reoelved word fron
r.eksk'Ti that there was hardly any snow there.
At thal point and else*W_em beyond the railroad
ohio ia la hud had no inca that tum city was in
thc embraoe of thc blizzard, lt wa. no one's
fault, he thought, that trains wire sent forth
on theil' usual runs to this mty and thus forced
to bc piled up within a sh,ut distance ol lim etty
lo o.i.se no dispel ode tue eily had uny
idea to thu Hains wcio to bc surprised with
this kimi ol ;i reception. 'Joe blizzard bad corns
unannounced and b-d swooped down on the rail
inn.is hereabouts without warning. The wires
went down and noan, ali communication with
the outside world wus bu,a ..it beyond "-.payton
1 *uy v il.
A telegram vvas "received from Buffalo before
noon thai lue sun was si'itiiii. In (hat city, and
i h.< water from th.- melting snow running in
tin- stree ta Even th.- lung distance telephone
I,, .Mi.any gave out, ami no word could ht* got
o\,-I' it. 'Til.- Stamford local gol us tar as One
liuiuIre*l-icid tent ii sr , and two passengers walked
down to the si anon Iq bones to take tao elevated
road. Their hopes wt te flashed,
l ROW LS AT ?lill-. ORAN 1) (.?'?.NTH. VI. STATli'.N.
People hoping lo depart by rail from ths Grand
Central station kept arriving ut that point from
farlous paru of tlio olty ali day. They heard
tho news, expressed themselves in warm terras
about the blizzard i peclally eitel having paul
from $iu so a-*:", for a cab?and then, then- cob
having slready departed, they got back to their
hons, i us best they could.
Iir, Toueey sud that this vms the leverest
-.tom*, since tho Grand Centra] station was built,
.ti 1871. Several trains were snowbound at
Mount Vernon. Local (rains between this city
mid Bridgeport were ca - i. The superintendent
it tliat, alter the wind dad away he could
Blear llic cuts within three hours, if ho could
get 1,000 men. Bul lt s enied almost Impossible
lo obtain that, number. It) was hurd work to
raiseb the second supply ul Ii.,Mans, ainl limn;
wacla pprehension at tho railroad < thoo Unit th. so
uiiii would not long face the s'orm. A_ soon
us hm s; oi tn abate,l, Mr. Toueey said, all tho
men who could be v cured v.oill bc put at work
shovelling '.'it the snow.
A general distribution e.f sundwiches on tho
ii, la* ed trains, ns tar as they could bo reached,
was ordered by tho railroad oflieial..
1 herc was to all intents and purposes a completo
blockade on ull tim mads connecting with North
Uiver ferries., Haily in the day tho -clatvagcnt
Of the Pennsylvania tUilroad, at Ooortlaadt and
Dcsbros&c- st_- posted announcements owr tliclx
windows tliat no train- would bo run until fur>
the*r notice, Ihow wera crowds of disappointed
travellers, whoso solo anxiety seemed to bo to
yt awuy from the oily, homo of them hud lui th,
tLati tho * fartheg uotioc" would arrivo Lcforo
long, and waited patiently. A number of ex?
pires, companies had sent wagons to await tho
arrival of trains which did not come, and tho
poor horses stood in the howling blasts covered
Witb a irostuig of i> o, and to ail appearances be?
moaning tho death of Uioir benefactor, ilergh.
Tho train despatcher ot tho Bnaayivania had
little to do but worry over trains lost in tho storm.
All communication with points botwecn iNew
\,.rk and Philadelphia **wa_ cut off, and lt was
Impossible to ascertain whsrs tlie trains wvrro
blocked. The express which left Philadelphia at
midnight came in looking Uko an Ice berg, four
hours behind time. A few local trains managed
to nd iii carly in the miming, und left their pas?
sengers to walt in New Vork until another out
l.ursi of spring or t,, walk home. All tho ex
ana mails from Philadelphia after tho
midnight train fade! to sppeor, nor could lt be
lcun,.I whether they had left Philadelphi.i. Two
ol thi ni should have n (.| ? connection with trains
the South, and a,,Motts Inquiries Tor tho
welfare of friends were frequent at ail PennsyL
vania ofitoes. Hui two trains were dispatched,
on.- of th m thc newspaper nain witb two eni Ines,
snd tiic other tbe Southern express with three,
locomotive-. Hoth were B"nt out wild, wit unit
oe to the time tai,le. and nothing is known
as to how they fared. Heyoml Newera ths road
sppeers t.> bs blocked by stalled freight teaias
and snow-drift*.
noun bbojwes *->n thk jEnsF.v onrnui.
practically the same state of affairs reigned
on the Btw -Jersey C'cptiaL Ail telegraphic com
inunio.iiioii was cut ott between N'cw-York and
the Jersey coast. Onli two through trains r_.
rlved e.v.r the reaad, both carly In tho morning,
h. fore lin- blockade became complete. One local
train, which was due at Jersey tity at 8 o'clock",
came in with three locomotives at about noon.
Tbs Cmmunipaw Ferry, of tlio New-Jersey (Vu.
trul, millik' to thc peculiarity of its Untiles, ox
neriene.d nior.- than Its share of diltlculty. Tlio
Plainfield had a narrow is.'aix. from capsizing
during thc at'.ciiinon, aud for u few momenta tlio
passe-gen t... i< to praying.
Thc Jersey hrttnch'"' of tbe Erie rut. \,ai* ail
blocked wit li the exception of the New-York and
New-Jersey to ami from Haverstraw. The block?
ade wa* below tlie tunnel, and was occasioned not
by snow drift*., but by the freezing up of the
twitches. A switch had been opened early |
the morning for thc local from Haverstraw, whi
consists of a s.noking-car and one coach. 1
train got through all right, but when an attempt
was made to turn the switch so rs to shunt
In tho other tracks converging th<T*\
lt was found to lie impossible. None
of the train-, ca the main line, thc Northern of
N.vv Jersey, or any of the other brandie- could
bs run throne-*) the tunnel on account of this mis?
hap. Thc passengers from all thc trains had to
walk ai ross to td.- New-York and WeW-fereey
tracks and jam themselves into thc two little
caches. After several of these trains bael made
their way marly to the Jstftee* ('itv stntiai. one
of them was stalled, and could nen* bs mo*, eel. A
pen ct sslug of mo-ared np trains formed, and long
nrravs of naeeeagers waded to Jersey City, ? elis,
tnn.-e of thr. quarters of a mile. A number of
them had their ears frozen, timi 00 "ti.- WBS m
cline'el to i.e locator upon his arrival,
II AK IHO Till", iirsr of IT at ROBOKRV.
The Delaware, Lackawanna nne| Western fell
into Has with the r.st. Thc wires we're al] <|o<vn
early In thc dav. nnd with the Increase of the
storm ciitiiinunication wan made1 impossible,
No-Udng could bc lea "faed from the e-hdok about
the arri'al of tialns. No trains weis sent out,
ns no one wanted to take the respoaaibility. The
passe, pw ageats ware making themselves nomi, li?
able during th.* afternoon; smoked cimirs. di*
cussed incidents and answered questions, which
poured bi tn h. s.s.
Thc West Shnr.. and all other ialli 0-4*1 with
termini on thc North River were completely
blocked, and no trains were arriving or leaving
All the roads mentii ried above have sent ont jjangs
of section hands on special erst ruction train*- to
try to OPSa the tracks, but with what SMSOH
was not known nt a late hour. 'Hie men w.-re
all well fi .1 before they left and w.-rc sup: 1
with luncheons, so a.s to enable th-m to work
during tho nit-ht.
FT.l'SHI.Nl, TK A VI.T.I,PUS IN" Il MU) I.(( K.
Passengers on thc Long Island Ita i! re*** 4,
which is blocked from Hunter's I'.unf to Mesn
tank, had dismal SXpst-OMSR lbs train which
lift Whitestone at 5:15 a. m. moaagsd to Rm)
throngb to Long island Otty. Not nomi people
travel on this train. The SbOJoiIII of tln.se who
do husiness in thc city and live out on thU branch
of thc road us,, the train which haves Flushing
at 7 a. m. When this left flushlog yesterday,
however, it Consisted of only om' car and au en
finc. The distance fr.?m Flushing t>. Hunter's
'..int ls seven miles At 1 p. m.. six benn after
it started, thc s,.li'firy car. leaded erith pus*i?n*.
gers. hud got wi'liin H quarter of a mile of Hunt?
er's I'i,Int. The mi.ruing had ben spent butting
into tlc snow driits, sonic of them twelve feet
deep. Thc engine would unhook from th?* ear,
plunge Into tin* drift, cut a passagi my of n few
feet, then St) huck, honk on to the car and pal
lt. SlOttg. When within a quarter of n mile of
the Point the conductor s-ild that they could run
ro farth'-r: the rest of the wnv must bc walked.
Thc passengers tumbled oat into the ?mut drift*,
nnd after au hour's st ru .trie reached the ferry
Then nu hour's wait followed for the brnr-beok
which ultimately binded the hon r cold sal
fatigued Flnshingites st Thlrtv-ii.ii-th st.. si bf ia
those wini bad business downtown found tb-tt tho
elevated r..nd was not running and they would
have to walk thc distance?four milea
rnrsttirrNT CORRIR on a nrr.vrin TIXAXW.
No train1-, except one to Rockaway end one to
Jam dca, left Hunter's Point daring the day to
-o out cn the rend. Tho Si,? fTarhoi ti lin com?
ing e-iist reached Babylon without much delay st
ft n. m. Anion, those who climbed on board at
Babylon was -.astin Oorbta. From Babyl***1
ptogrcs** aros dow. Vt | o'clock p. m. the tn.:*!,
wltli Mr. Corbin still on board, was stuck fm#
In a drift just outside nf Jamaica Pnsnee-'sa
ful efforts wero made to reach the stalled trail
with snow-ploughs from thc station. There was
no news from this train or fre.m the- nott I m.i-s) .
on the Oreenport and Perl Jefferson h-anch?a,
which ar>' also stuck In the snow s,.n, trhere DM
std.* of those towns. Th re* arc ne.t many naeoaa?
geri on Hose th"ee tmins. but the**- must hriT-?
suffer.1!! fruin cold end mea of food, un''ss thev
inccoi ded In reaching other shelter Several
hundred people arc walting at Hunter. Point pat
n brenlc in the Long bland road blockade, srhhi
the officials think cannot enme for nt has- tw-.nv
fe.ur hours. Telegraph nnd telenbi ne coniu-unJ.
cation is ahandonM on the island.
Tirrriiovr conrantwiraTtoji mtu.*- narran a?
POtaS ("Ml DO WW I If TWU STU ll.
N V- r.c's Isolation fr m the outside *? I
was begun at sn earl] boar yesterday, lin* tele?
graph -tires began to give oat shortly after l
o'clock- a m. This was kept up nntij daylight,
by which time there were only one i-r two ta
operation between her.* and Chicago, 11r*Tir a do/.a
or so to South rn points, nnd a few to BootOO*
Springfleld and other Near-England oil ? I' ?)
dtd not last long. Ai noon eommaaieatioa with
tbs Wost v\iis abnost entire!*! cut od exeepl _s
intervals. Theo the Southern lines Weal down,
except between here and Philadelphia, whets a
aim was ocossionallj obtained fora few iuoiucids
and ti,, ii loot.
ai.il New-England beyond Mew-Haven wim hal
by ". o'clock, snd evan between hero mu! bl --
Haven Little business could bs ttnn-octed. 'll*
city business also suffered severely. Tbs WoM i
Luion, liku tho other tel graph companies, lum
already mule a twnsJderabls u_e of Iha sui... *
ami elevated milroad structures, bat thus ur
mostly for the local linea. Local wires ors M I
carried on the pole*, to u large extent, und th<*e
were st the mercy of ths bli/?.ard.
Superintendent Brennan, ol tbs Western Caloa.
(.pirating room, said last evening thai while ra)
business was refused, ail raeos-Ms were tak.-n
" on condition," that ls. subject tu the delay
occasioned by ihe storm. This applied to cities s*
Beal as Newark, l*Mta"rsou, \ ankers,
Trenton, Long Island towns, and stboi
neighboring aud auburbuu places, wktEt
wins could only bo made to worlc at inurr.
vals. This was a serious denrlvntion to mu-f
business men who, finding that it vms impossible
to get h,mu again last night naturally wnriTi-d
to iiifuriu their iamillcs of tho tad. Coui-kii-*
tiviiy few cf them could bo aooomioodated, I
telephone wires, however, fared ti littlo ir"aa
nnd by these means messages wen; moistly I at
during tho latter part of tho day.
Only u few poles wero down In the city. I fe
out through tLo country, especially in the Si a,
tho duniu.o in this rape-ct was widespread '-r
ports from borne poiuts stated lhat miks ii w.n>
wero on tho ground. In Washington aloin {.'.Vg
poles wero down. Then was n s.ut ..t ooaimunfr
cation between New-York and Buffalo, Pittsbi g,
Cleveland and Chicago, but it did not amount to
inucl- Any business for tho South or Sou'; ? -t
had to be sent by these Western wins wheuetes
they could bc got to work. A largs tottt ut
linemen wero kept) out, but they confined th r
efforts to dearing away th. lu.-sc wir-.. and
broken polea
attempt was mode to hang wires, of curse, for
as Foreman Brown of the Const rm lion Depart?
ment declared, it wus -ji-ctically uapuOftibls tut
any man to c_uib a j>ole In such s gila So ou
tvn*Dt will bo mad) to renalr saythilig, lu fm;.,
until tlio storm abates. Many of r _? WoM.-rm
Union wires, especially thone m quired by arl
consolidation of thc Baltimore nnd Ohio and Met
uni Union Companies, run along country MOO.
where lt la Impossible for ilm-me'i) lo go. It may
tako duvs to get theso in working oril?*r a.a. .,
as th.* highways nie p...,tioali> im|*4M>s.ibl? ..i
I'he ocean eablea) worked all tliht, but In s. me
instances the laud connections with them were iq
bad sluipe. Not over a third of tin* desks In tbe
big operatinjr room of the Western Union w.'i
oocupfed. .Nfany of tho ois-rRtors could uot g?t
to tho office nnel tiioao that did come had cotu
paratively Jiltio to do. Thc utr.-r flitlliaab
oompanics, except t'te rbttal Oempaay, ha(ii_sii
llar retjorts to mnke.
Tho Postal neoplc claimed to h.- in better a**iape.
Five baadxnpb-ea and one Slngls wire, they
said, wero char to Boston and lease of the Chi?
cago circuits wero in fair working ..rdcr, but the
Snutlicrn lines wero hopeleshly mi sad It moa
the general opinion of the rthgrai-i sflslM t__?t
with all Its tiolenes tho bliz-jul hod not liijurcd
th.* tek-iaph oervles here iu Uie sltg a> niuo- _?
had the memorable sleet storm of Issi, wiu-h
broke up tho MCVieS for a time entirely.
Tlie telephone wins suffered sever-dy. but not
as much as tho telegraph lines. This was due
to tho fact that moro of them aro under ground
and as a rule are better protected that tho others
I. I.phono cimmunictiou was kept up pettr /
much nil over this city nnd Brooklyn throngV
out Hie day. Hf course, there was some delay,
some cro.s.i, j, of wires and other mishaps that are
experienced \ \\\,, a*rmrf storm, but as _ rule (ha
lowil service vvas in fuir workinii order A geod
mauy poles wei" blow ii dow ri, but the worst dam
ago was done i.i W.st Eleventh-*.!., when aliaiaa
thc llil.U nU. ol' e.??..._ Uvioii.;:.. lo Uac

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