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V0L XI7VII.N* 15,095.
TBRMOE b:9*.iai*ck s pow kr CNniMiNisncn?sig
BirirAV ? or thk ciUNcr.Li.oR's corrk
TBB BBBM BB capital
1st carls to tub Titi iii sr..]
Cmoyr'okt; 1B8S Bv Th* New.York Tr thurso.
Bmii.in, March l.t.-I sent, or tried to send, yoi
ffMcrduy rm BBBVBBt ot EBBpcrsc Willinm lying Id
ittiU', of tho mob which bsoiogai UM Cathedral?
lor the most -Bart vainly--to witupBS tho spectacle,
and other mt.n-sting BURtAfB This dispatch was
sw-nt throiij-h tho centra! (Jovcrumeut ofllco In
Berlin to Viil.nlut, tlii'ii.'jr by thc AiikIo 'Vmerlcan
calila- To doy 1 liciir I hero is some prospect ol
Its seaohlag Booton ley tins siwing, whaaos it will
be BBBt ti. Nsw York hy tr.iin. Tbs An.lo-Anieri
CUll rnillllie-er, iii.indi Weil aware tl ul 110 nies-siage
eould net ilir.'iie_h to New Yoe'., does not seem to
have thought it worth wkUs to notify Berlin.
Certainly Le (lid not noiify mo, though knowing
tliat 1 iiiiiuit to lise tho Anglo lina*. Tho (Jeman
Government refuse, to rci'-Ivc neSS-gM by way ol
tlir OlMBBK rein! cul.Ip, bcOBUOS thc Miliiiiiirino cable
to Valentia is theirs. BxplBBBtiOM from tlio
Aug\u Ama rieai'. Company will bc in order, but
experience Indicates lhat tho company docs not
Mt tt hl|a!i a niue* eili ilia* OplOloB Ol tit* press. No
liol roe appeals a .'cn \<t Raj tliat the line ls blocked.
Today's news from ObariotleBbuig is that tlio
Knir-.T had a Rood night, slept well, and ii [.pears
i\ ll this morning. No hann came from the
Journey. Yesterday*B MpP-k-IM has DOl been with?
out. efTa ct upon the ns ti 11.. ? r i: i ? s. The- niultitudo
W_JilB| to sic ths body of I.inperor William lu
thr Cathedral ;*? no laager allowed to resolve itself
Into a mob. All the approaches are In Ihe hands
of tin* troops. A|.pri'.iili is perinilicd from L'nlcr
den Linden. The bridges and heads of streets uro
guarded. Small parties of iprctaton ure allowed
ta pass I'lmli bridge, form in a cue, and ko urrivc
at the < .itlicilrnl. I lad this simp! ', BP_sll),e scheme'
iieen mic; rui on .Monday, lt would have averted
the disorder which occurred, and prevented soma;
sen*.us iieeid'ms ri sulr ing fr.'.n the gnat pressure
of uncoil!rolled masses of people.
Snow has fallen litfully during il.e day. 'Few
Blvigha appear, driving everywhere being diflicult.
Tl.e chief street's ar* tilled wiih pedestrians.
Funeral decorations brgln to be visible, those In
Tilter dan Linden being Ihe most i* mailcnble for
Ix amy and costliness. The most remarkable tiling
Of nil is the OOOSpletS pie oi cupation of the people,
Wha seem to ?.hinl" of nothing but the loss of their
lhere are, however, many tears of Joy over thc
irrival of tbs new Emperor, The first lime for
army weeks tlie people have I bops that he may
recover. Crowds surround the CbarloCteBborg
Schloss all day. watching for a light of him. Once
or tarlee jest, r.lay he appeared at a window und
was greeted \\i*!i loud cheers and cries.
Hip Emperor received at ll this morning a
deputation from the Berlin Town Council, with
Lord Mayor Von Forcl.onhec)- at ths head. Tho
Krui nss aros present. The Mnyor presented nn
addison, but the* Emperor was not allowed to speak
in reply. 'Ihe Interview lasted fifteen minutes.
The Dowager Empress goes to-night, to visit her
sun. Prussian custom forbids tin's. 8he should
not leave before the funeral the palace whe-ro the
Emperor died. This nice custom courtesies to the
preocnl circiimstmiees.
The two proclamations published yesterday are
heartily approved hy the general public. The Op
|iosition press Joined with thc official press In ap?
pia use. 'lhere arc, however, many guesses respect.
ini-r the real siguilic-unee of certain passages. It
has always becnluppos'd lhat the present Kaiser
when he came to the throne would grant, a more
liberal constitution, and enlarge, especially, Pnr
li.-uiia'tit-iry freedom and powers. This pmehima
tion, while Bf Beguiling the rights of Parliament,
embodies no explicit promise. Ncr is Prince llis
marek supposed to be ready to consent to any In
im.atie.n such as the expulsion of existiug legis?
lative privileges.
Prince Bismarck, think Germans whom I meet,
is not less powerful tod uv than last week. No
sign appears anywhere that his authority has
diminished. Nobody believes that his ir.fluenco
with the present Emperor is less than with the
late Emperor. Thc KOOgBitloB by Frederick III
of I'rince Hi-marck's services and position ls, say
li.ise who ought to know, a perfectly German,
ipantaneBns declaration. The personal relations
between unprroi and Chancellor are entirely
eordial. No radian! change In the German policy,
either fe.reign or domestic, u. belie.ed likely to
00801 at present. The hading Opposition paper,
the " Tag'-blatt," publishes this evening an elab?
orate article putting a rather radical construction
on what the EmjK ror says of Parliamentary rights,
but nowhere is any hostile \ iew taken.
What the Emperor says of religious equality is
hailed as minouneing the end of the Judenhentze.
No Court favor will support Herr Stoccker In tiny
future crusade.
The publication, at such an early date, of the
correspondence between Prince llismarck and
Count Kalnoky is here thought unusual and sig?
nificant. The exceeding cordiality of Count Kal
noky's aaow*| Strikes 1 "russians as not less re?
markable. The whole Ine'idpnt i.s onp more proof
that the closeness of the political and personal
relations between Austria und Germany is no way
affected by the Emperor's death. O. w. ts.
?. ,
A canadian pacifc PAMItBOnn thain raid to
?ATI tit.F.S Tll'lo*-*** INTO A CSA--M.
Sr. Paii., Minn.. March 13. ?A dispatch from
Winnipeg to Tht Pioneer PrexKutvn; lt in repored
that a treritle has given wav ai North Hav, throw?
ing a Canadian Pac'tie* passenger tram into a
rockv chasm. The rep >rt is not confirmed.
an iNQt iiiv ?men inspirit.*) nurp of inivhrsai,
Moscow, March 13.?Sevenrnen thousand copies of
a circular purporting to have been Issued by the
(Jovornor of Suratotf have been distributed throughout
Dial province, ctatlng that during a tour of Inspection
in 1837 the ('overnor observed everywhere destitution
and ruin among the people, suggesting the oeer^i'y
of an early Investigation and measures of relief by
ic'inf-i'tig the people lo exprens an opInloD as lo
rn, belber tho destitution ls caus-'d by economical con?
ditions or whether Ihe BOelal life of the people ls the
rout of t tie BTU The " Moscow fl SSH 110* says lt sui,
jiciis that the circular lt, a lorgeiy; bul ll lentil?e, lt
aaks whether Hil.* ls the begun.lng ol universal hiitt
tmgo in Kut-la and tho summoning of Uie old Kt.tc.
Liverpool. Mirth 13.?John L. Sullivan, WOO ls stay?
ing at Iho house of hs friend .Magnu*, In (his city, was
loo unwell to-day to bo Interview nt. MsgaOS, In
telling Hie story of the tight, said: "in Ibe Uti*,
round (sullivan niajie a iBBOH-dona lun-re m Mlteaall'i
fire wlh hu. ilKhi. .Mitchell threw up li.s arm and
?Juli.i nu's min. le came la ('(jiiiaei Wi'li HHeAeiI'1
BUmiw. Kulllvan'i ana irtirn- -M.' ely la-, n i le s.iell
aifl was nseieass hom lhat lime om. Se.lu au S .. .ld
douhtless |,a\o Won lu a canter hut foi the -cciUoiii."
? ?
ottawa, March 13.-Rumors aro plentiful of probable
Cabinet SkOBBOB Hi < baiies TappSB i> to if.tiro from
ihe -Mun,ny at tho end of the lesion and routine him?
self solely to the duile*- of lligb ( oiiiiiiisiioi.ei at
l-oradon. it ls stated on authoilty thai tho Oovora
meni will n?i w_n f,,r n,e artl),n nf Ihe American
bena)* on me j? Eberle* l,.;aty, but will puah a >atl
Iliad.ni bill immediately allei Hie debate Ol. Mi ( ai!
wrlghr'i in,,tion iri ??vor ol u)))es(rlcted rselproelt*" ls
roncluded, which will ba some time neut wt-ok.
IrORI) 8ALI8HURV A0A1NST ntoi l"<"T1'?N.
London, March 13-The existing agra ili.iai de
preislon was Ilia subjeci ol gMaBSSBB la IBB] HOOSA
of Lrortls last i.gbt. laord **_||i.buiy look Ml- In tha
tleiaale. \s bile avowing ? ballal ibat iboio are Krong
eeonomleal arguments spatntrt free trade, the Prime
Minister said that for political reasons he was unable
to accept protection as a roroody for existing cvlia.
? ?
Bebi rn. March IB.?Emperor Frederic., on arriving
at tho Chsrlottenburg I'alaee, refused to be carried io
his ..prutmont,*. In a sedan chair. Ile mounted the
stairs two steps at a time. After a short rest he
wrote until 1 ?_ m. Ho rose at 8 o. m., received
Prioco William, breakfasted with the Empress and
children, and then transacted business. Prince Bis?
marck's oral reports occupied several hours. In the
afternoon the Emperor dined with his family and con?
tinued working until evening, occasionally addressing
his attendants. Ills voice, was audible but very hoarse.
Ills physicians are satisfied with his condition. The
Emperor will take the oath according to tho Pru-iBlan
Constitution in tho presence of tho Obcrliaim and
Cntei hans it ('harlolicnbiirK on Satunhiv. The Preisl- j
dents and Vlce-rresldenta of tbe two Chambers to-day
received an oral report from QtaMl Winterfold and j
afterward were received In audience by Prince His- j
Dial. If and i omit von Moitke. It ls reported that tho j
Emperor's proclamation will be promulgated to AllOCO
LsrrslBS with the following heading: "Wo, Frederick,
Emperor of (ic-rmany, In tho name of tho Confederated
German Princes,"* etc.
Owing io the Immense crowds wishing lo view the :
body of Cmperor William, the time for the admission j
of the public has been extended. This morntng only
artists, photographers, newspaper men and court Pull' I
were admitted to the Cal hedi al. All available windows
from which a view of Ibo funoird can be obtained havo
already been secured, rr much a- flM being paid for
BOBBI of the most desirable. Tho Influx of al tangers
Into tho elly ls very great, every train bringing fresh
A living WOO of martyrs to loyalty and curiosity
patiently waited to enter the Cathedral yestcrdav.
' The men could hardly be dlstliif-ulsli'd from lb.* women
i on account of (ho thick coatings of BMW which cox ? ired
i their garments. Many wero unable to enter, and must
retain today. A disgraceful Keene of pushing and
Straggling took pince OUtoUle of thc fafhndia'.. Many
women fainted Tba conduct oi tho crowd become
so bael thr.t order-; were given to clone Ihe do..iv
When Iho great crowd WSS finally dispersed, th'*
ground, was strewn with every Imagiuable article of
feminine apparel and brohea umbrellas. The Browd
numbered 50.000. It ls believed that many rOBBTSSd
severe. Injuries. One woman was trampled down sod
left marlu of blood upon tbe ground.
The back portion of Ihe Cathedral has been con?
verted Into a sloping platform. Thia ls covered With
black serge und ls Intended for tho rseeptlOS of the
floral offerings of Hie put.Ile. On either side of tho
altar stand loora! tires snd lofty exotic plants, em?
bedded In a mass of flowers In full bloom, incliidlnr;
largs eameiiias and thoaaandi of mow btosaoms.
PUBI branches of colossal dimension... some of I beni
being thirty feet high, conceal the gianlto columns.
To-day a continuous stream of people poossd ossr
the bridge which bxs t.oeu erostod In th-) Cathedral and
which affords a view of the catafalque. No pc:*1)!)
was allowed to stop on the bridge.
I'rince William std. d Pr an hour siipcrinrer.irng
tha arrangements and glilng Un.l oideis. While be
wan present lifty ,1 alu ail Kaines dal corps, men
picked hom tho first fanillic.* In the land, all dreseod
lu showy uniforms arid hearing silver eagles laid floral
wreaths at tho feet of tho dead Kinperor. and then
knelt and recited a short prayer, IMr.ce William
ordered thal a thick white vii almost cuni,
roi.eeallrig rho ICmperor's face be ron.na ed. This vhs
replaced afer tho garrie? bad talion their dual look
at the dead. Tho same tnlng was BftorWard doo"
when OOOtHajBOta of Emperor William's tsVOfitS iegl
meuts were present aa the BOOM sal errand, lt ls
lunposei* -thal the veil, prSWfcMB io beloit put to Ml
Bs HBO Ul use, was immersed lu some kind of proser-.
niivd liquid to prevent the color of lite youering
from contact arith Ihe iir.
Tho President ol ib'* Kelci.slag dsposllSd on ibo
sstold-giM a arrest> inscribed, "The Itotcbstag I*, la
fjreat Emperor." It also bore Ihe In-cripiioii, "Lo,
I am wuh you alway, even uulo the end of the
Most of (ho older Generals .inri Md uffleeil of tho
Gei man army, many of whom wera fin mu and C( ::.?
rades In arms of tho lalo Emperor, who rofossd to
sauetlon their retirement will MOO bo pul npOB hall
pay und ?Hrs from active setvico.
The ofli ce rs of tho hussars, beaded bj crown Mace
William visited Ihe tal hcilral al noon to 0?| Sod Ued
beliii-D the body of tho dead Emperor.
London, March 18.?Tho l'riiiee of Wales, bil
eon, I'rince Albert Victor, thr: Duke ol Cambridge,
anil l'riiiee Cbnoilan ol Denmark Muitcd for !? run
tonight. They wei*- oot rom ponied by brilliant
itnffa " Th'* 1 linly Tt'lcgrap-V Berlin correa
pontlcBt says: "Never since the (lays rollo wi ag
McClellan's disnstrotlB billi les in the American
W.ir, where, apparently, the whole North went
into Bumming, have 1 Keen such ii public tnatn
fiscitiori of general bereavements,"
"The Journal's" tVioaipes dispBtoh says: No
part icu Inn* are obtainable le re ol the North Bay
accident. Infornntion is refused bj* the Canad ion
I'm .Gc authorities. It ib kBOWB that no liven were
- -ss- .
laondon, March 13.?A re?iioii wai clreulaled here*
to-day lhat Buskin) hud been bumed. Th" Fore I j; n
OOlco has received no confliinatlou of thc report.
fsuaklrn. on an Island In thc lied Sea, ls a ren
dexvous of th** Diit'Sh fen es in Ihe Soudan. Il has a
populates of some 5,000 and has long been an lin
po rt ont Iradmp fta'l'an. "-man liens ami Wa.)
Kodj Viol hHve* | d their reb"I armies against lt many
tlm-s, bul thc Si 11?I -1? have lt). CMlod iii holding I'..*
lown. The last at'ark on -uali ti. HOI it:a.'e I.y Ol
man Digma on March 4 After four hoars' hard
te. ?'hil: n.e r"ii> I- reltrrd, leaving several ba nd red
killed and wounde-l on (l.e geld. Os (hf British side
Colonel Tsp and five -IJBtlO-l WSI*S killed and funr
loen -.'oui.d'd. ih- I; H.sh guntr-uayi Dolphin ai. I
Allia, oi' ii ?. rn J int garrison, and poured a deadly
Bro on (he retreating rebels.
SI ?M ? N *iVF|)
London, March IS.?Th* steamer City of Exeter hSB
been sunk lu Ibo Bristol Channel. Only one ie.mian
wat. saved.
London, March 13, Th ii ?,. tli- tli-r .Uv nf the
Darby Hunt ai?sting Tr.e mee fi i tho DerbJ/ahfrs
1'and rap S eeplech.se wan won by Marry M Iden by Sta
1'.- f. K" I.-- I?s'ij Urtblan --.ta v.I ami .Mar; lan s,ti
a b.a.1 it.ird There were sis starters. The bettlog
was a to 1 ar;aiii?( Mniy Ma.dei).
Ottawa, .March IJ. lr ls Mated thal the (aiidadian
l'aciiio iia.'iwav Com poa jr sdi! not soi landor Its rmi
nopoiy iii ihi Noni .i???! aritboal componaatlon Tis
(.oa-e'iiime'iit i.a a rei msdo ou proposition for a
setttoRMi.il of ide- dirri, ultlos. un ii is bl nt nd i.. dav
lhat thoOuutd an Paaiflt i id tbreotens tueeav-eoperai
l)l|> ll Miall lIlM I l'.'..'.'l "sUdbUTI ata] I',,,i \l'l.llt If
ibo (.uv rum-nt rem e- i., ,i,,..,i 1 Ita Honltol a mom ply.
* ?
pl* EM DENT CARNOT*! I .viiiik DTINO.
Paris, Marci, lg BeoolOI namoi, the father of
President (ai not, li dying
m ??.
t'asaxnaioi'A, N. V., Much 13 iSpeclal'.-Tbe iris!
of the ihioa asBOBson ol Mvunlo, Llvlngst-i* county,
on an indi(ten.m Uti perjury In isrea nj Ui an laos
curate a- assmeol roll ia.-;.,io .( idga : : i, in ? ;,.. i .. ,?
nf SobsIom, at Olen seo, baa aroused wida
Interest. DHirtet-Attorney Dlggetl saul thal the
j?-..pb, would ihow ii; repeated lostsncos arva las to
forty j'Sr lent, ar.d in some cases cacti OM hundred
pm M I I ll BSBSSsnieal than tho full .'.lue which
(her asaeiion iwoie they had givon. Ur aim itstod
thal many ru-n known la be ths ' wai rs af mi
hi. I olde, p., nol j open| In rciisrdeiai.ie ami
bed escaped wlthoui a di.'irv's essa m.r.1
a.a'.C'.s.ii'') have be-ei, l"l te. inilc'i 11 r-ii m..ri;, ind
as a result the sum nuni al pro peri ] on man] ?
n.eui rolls bsa increased astonishingly, ii, i,.
ih" a'alnaiifjii ol eu.e pro;?rty vau.* ....io. I i {rum
"(70,000 to M00400
Auiii.ii*. B. v., Marsh IS (tyasialj lasahh w.
Dum.ll.li. of tbe letgo lui .Ia-il iii ii, ol Pqaatag A
Cu., was examined lo flay '.efme belele'* Uonier li.
upi.ieii.eoi'.i y proceedings bruughl '>> ihs Rotioaal
B-Sliailge Hank. i'lanl. H ll -'ix il, son ol tO-ialaji'
Hix-o.'M. appeared aa counsel for ike bank.
CniCAdo, March 13.-No matter what tbo d<
clslon of Jud-,'.! Gresham may bo In the Willans
matter, which is intended for o test case, there i
likely to be trouble on General McNulto's road
Chief Arthur advised Chairman llatiby, of tb
Wabash Grievance Committee, to take care of al
freight consigned to the Wabash road, whetho
lt cnme from the Hurlin-rton as local or througl
freight, takiiiK thu ground that thc roud M-J
In the hands of the United States Court, lt iva
In a peculiur position and ought not to bo Inter
fered with. The men did not seem to take ti
this cheerfully, am! Chairman Hanny said tha
while he did uot want to injure the road whiel
employed them, he also did not propone to assis
nny road that was righting tho Brotherhood.
A Fort Wayne enxineer, iponhlBf of the han
diing of freight, said: " We have been handlini
it since last Friday, but, it is not permanent bj
any means. We concluded to do so ??eliding th'
action of Ihe Grievance; Committee, which _ ii
session t< rttSjr Our future cuuduct depends ol
the report ol the committee."
Judge Qreahoa announces that he will rend.*:
a decision iu the Wabash cane to-morrow morn
The developments In Judge Gresham _ emir
were a llissgi rio ills surprise to railroad man
BfBlB. Thos had expects**, a ruling which wonk
c.early guide then as to a safe course to pursue
but the result dedctded nothing. Even the ques
tion ns to whether Wabash engineers will nut
handle Burlington ears rcraaint* to 6e decided
Receiver McNulta said loot night that he hr'
received no notice whatever from the represent!,
live of the engineers employee' on the Wal.ns!
road that they would or would not handle th(
Chef Arthur said that ihe Wabash men were"
greatly excited, bat that for his part he would
rather Bot iee tliea take a radical position. Thc
Wabash would han.ile bul lmle Darlington fr.ifrlit
In obj e\. nt. uml the lint that the rood was in
tbe hands of n receiver, who is the offleei of ?
Federal Court, complicated matters t" woh hu
extent thal there oma danger thal the Mmthcrho.KJ"
mi>.ht become Involved In a false hone. Any
net ion taken nv the Wabash men, said Mr. Arthur,
Could not nt all be tWBSldered I precedent by
other roads'.
Mr. Arthur received tn--lnv n lett-er from John
Jenkins, of the Nebraska State Bureau of lasbsi
Rtntistlrs. i*e~ucsting h Btotement of tlie (nota in
the Burlington strike for pi*- nari, in te. tlie Ne
brosks T..gi_lature. Mr. Arthur forwarded his
stnleiii' r.t
T)e;-.:t. Kars. 13.?The Michigan Ceatrsl Railroad
Conpony Cits -norning rafmod to take fi-eipht i.iiier]
to ]i.iinis on the Chlesso, Itni-llmrrtin and .Quiney
system. Notices srsre -pron by telephone and sot
In wrttb s
Golest-org, OL, Horeb 13. n.e strflMS bars hiv
Issn'1! *. B?Valor af the elOSB of which they SSH B I
ihe friends of ths Rev. J. i> Wyehoff, a elorgy-iaa ol
ibis city, ie. borcotl bin beeaass he srroto m ibort
irticl'B condemning tba toni! icy of labor
? ?
(.(", KRNORS WHO PAVOH AT" run: ATI'>*-,".
Linc In, N'.'i,., Mani, 13.'?Governor Thayer sai.l
o-daj regarding tho actloa of the Iowa Railroad
'ommlsilon's Inveal .ainu a* to the eompetency
jf tim engloeeri of UM CWeogo, Bnrllagtaa sad
"talaay Railroad:
"l think ihHt no man who ls not thoroughly com
IMtenl ihi old be allosred to mn au engine. Tho
uw.i Railroad I oi mission or the railroad eomoi
?f any nr>,"r Mote ls Instiled in laves
'??ney of iii'isf* who .r" performing tho Bia ?
t watt. Ko measure ihouid be negleeted which
? ll ronduoe to the security hu.) safety af tl
raveUlng |. ililie. I am lu fa1, or nf arbitration !??.
he.se railroad difficulties, sad ths ; I i ., nol at ...ll
i pow OOO Wllh me. in By Inaugural massacre
iver a yeal ago l used those worda: 'The ?. t
i er,.-.;. plan, in my Judgment, t11 the aiijn ?
neut of thean (lifiieuliics ls by tho asiablrshmoat of
i I ..ai*l ol url :lrlrlon.' ''
Topeka, Ran., Morell 13.?Oovor-aor Martin ?aiei -m.
arrla} lu replj lo a r queel by tv Associated Pi
po tor ler i.i- rle in the letter of Governor Lorsbee,
.I Iowa, io President Perkins, e.f Ibe Burlington road,
I.ut lie bod i"l -.ecu th'< Idler. ll" linet -r-looel. he.W
ivor, ih'*. i advised arbitration, ?Bud if Hit* n lae pur*
.eui he I. -ii * iv approved of lt. (.oven,..:' Ifortlo ssld
bal in lil* judgMCnl <.ipnI?orT arbitration law,. Rt&'e
ii i Bat Ional, tren neei'isar* to adp] ; the relation
iel ween corpora ions ami tl.elr employe '
Pbi-adblpbia,March lt.?Reports by ipeeial
tessenger from Wilmington, Del., tr..it word ha?
llen received there from Lewes, Dela, by the rul
?i.ii.l wire that a number of t/OBSell and tug! have
i.en runic nt the Delaware Breakwater find
went, five lives lost. Two bodies hare already
leen recovered, and it is believed thal the loss of
ife aloiitf thu coast has been terrible.
9 kr vice?rr mirror: i a i. _ dm H.. ;<>.**'-?*.
Washlogtoa, March in.?In the Senile to-day the
ollowlog billa aero reported from BOSiaillloas snd
?laced on the ealeadsr: Orsstlag sn increase of p*n
ii.n to tbs v IdoW of lirifiera! Ward II. Humeri ; and to
o examine the elaine of Pennsylvania for money td
mi. e.) in poy tbs militia called lota servico under the
?MSUtont'l pro. lamar:, nf June lo, 1163,
Mr. DALE called up tte resolution pRl rat l--=t De
en.ber, for '.Le appel Bt OnS of a special committee to
isomlne fully Into ihe present condition ol me t iv il
lervlce. Mr. ((). KKLl.L onered au amendment to
xteud the Inquiry to InstSOOOl of pernicious partisan
ietlvity of Republleoa ottclslfl since tho Rsaeailvs
rater of ir.--lileut Hayes, ni Ju OB 10, 1877. parncularlv
n the Pres) dentin! aiootioaa of ihnO and ISM. 'ihe>
ASudmonl ?'?a; telOMOd bj .a ?.Inri liaity SBtS lOOS
'A, noys SB, ami the oiipmai rosolotloB va*., adopted
Mi. Il El !?. aii'he-.acd the racrialr Ui lupport of his bill
B piovide for the retirement of l.'oiied fiUte-. h-iral
auder sod Nations! hank note* f,t suiaii denoauootioo,
ind lo isiiie soto eeitlgeales in lieu of told certitl
si es.
Mr. I'.l'r I. entered Into a discussion of tho silver
laeatlon, In the eooroe ol woiefe he declared that Mr.
IlLl'.VAN bai.l sri' e. clod .11 passing Hie (.liver do
uwnel aol on bill h. a*erel BMosaroi. Mr. BHElt
ia.\ devoted his romarin to a iriutatiou of thc ill?
usions lu Mr. M-X h'rs -peech.
?? ?
In the Home a bill for th* BdatJasloa Imo the I'mon
if Dakota, Mootana, Kasklagton ami Rs Me_B*o w-r.
Sponsd ami re erred.
ih- (.1 s rn. r 11 solution dlrertlnf- the MIMaiy
i.riairs 1 nii:mi t.( to Inquire whether snj ano-Jolol
uaiter i.a 1,1 "ii In.:..j-p.,nm d lulu the Kri.cll.on r> c
ul-, ba B a.! p ed.
Mr. 1:1.AM >, of MlaSOOlt, from the ("ommltrre on
linea 1 ..1 Uimng, i-sported a bli limit ins iheeoiBoge
t the doable esglfl to CO pei erm of (he fold deposited
li (;.e 11: ms, un : di-., ont.nu.nu tho cUnsge ol tM ana
ii kola p.ecea. Calenuor.
Wasbiagtoo, March 13. beaator (handier, chair
ion ul lbs I oaunlttee oo ladioa Trodieis. -as tool
j (he Secretary ol <t"> Interior a sopy ol lbs ie>ulu
un adopted by tbe sonmlttoo, ssfelag thal ""-* s''0"
la:) ?, ittentlOfl be r.p- .ally (llic.lfil to I'"5 io.-.'A
lom ibowlni linn B-tenslre ii.mii-r'.ni; opora
re ii.?** lielu| carried on upun il.e Lh.*a--ewa n
Hiiii'i uiKie. toil!i"i ts in.i yul apja.u?eil bj the
...ullin-'.. i i of iedi.ni Alla.i-* by '" -.' ??'I'-' "'
III.bei li.er;. ?bO Bli not ludlS0|. 'I ? ' '*''"'ll! "''
to Ibe -??( I'-r.-n \ 1I..H .i.lei* shu..11 '"" I
i lelegrapb lo Hop Ininioallsk-ly the *- - -' 11 n t_ lowo
i ii'-- until (uiii.e. orders irs rocelred iiom the
epai I.i.i ..:.
HA ',',!. I) HY A I,''/' /.) .1 IIRAW ERIDGE.
RslSlgh, *?' C., Marah lg A dtSSOtl !ll I " Tbs KSWI
nd ('!.vi.cr," floin B'aihlOgl. -s' r" '*J>',:
About :i o'clock thia moral og ths ilcsmsr Leia,
i. bar way to ihi, place, blew a ugnsl i" "?"'" ll,?
:?? io ide bndgs. ': >? bridge heal ar m i-1
I action la tbo way. Thedrsweoold
? lentil fol i bi Wi io**' '" I"*-"*
u Investigation ii viii-, (onad that thors ? *s ? '"i?
frwiu b cress beam of tbs Orsw, with s bsovy
? lie., puUod up ? llfel* * bod] *?
.i.i,.I ttt Il.e BOd ot Ibo lope, Ml.l lo IhS BwrySS via,
tuaufi a placard aiih it.s laaonatloa *Jus!K.a ai Lost.1
ba bod] !?.'.????I lo ba i.?i ot winiam A l-aibei. who
? ? ii ie I tm ide ?aSOsStOBllOB of i.eiisial Ju J au i.rlu.os
..?oe -? i ?? .? Mgbi roon ago.
" Vohl-o !.,) . bo .1. iii.lux.de*, he Ma* c iliblgned to
if* I'" I. up Au obi willoi.-il mai. .,l nulli alien I. lo
,0 av au i-a ol I'.. jnU. nei*a slid sleepi In omi of ISO
c*- Ila .!-.?]? ?? od at tbe coroner's ln.juest lhat about
2 a. m. he wa-; awakened by hall a do/en masked
men, who told him to keep .inlet on pain bf death.
Iho band approached the cell In which Parker waa
n? -. _*_Wtoaxobtw, ult the lock rand carried bim outside.
Ile was heard to cry out " nniieler," once or twice, lt
ls not __OWn who (he lynchers were."
Twenty families living in the five-story, double
tenement-house, Nos. 607 and 650 West l'orty-second
st., were driven out into the pitiless itorm by a Ure
tbat wrecked fhe house at fl a.m. yesterday. Most
of the unfortunate men, women and children were
In their night clothes when they fled, panic-stricken,
from their rooms, and their sufferings aroused tho
sympathy of everybody In the neighborhood. The
, ' flames started mysteriously In the basement under
I Mrs. Bridget Gorman's grocery on the first floor.
They quickly spread to the grocery and to the
llquorstoro of Thomas Hughes, In the other half oi
tha first stcry.
Mrs. Gorman and ITiiRhe.s lived (n the house and
they w-ere among tho first of the Inmates to be awak
et""l I.y the smoke, lhere was no time to Uko mtier
tbealaimwa* given. Parents caught up their chllden,
Wrapped them in bedelothe, and fled to the sheet.
Loud cr'es of distress mmgle.i wtth the howling of
the -form, as the frightened tenant*) emorgcd from
the bumliif- house.
BE-PtvQ mi- ?*r*Krrr!Er?? oft of TfiE snow.
The oetghbon flunjr open their doors and welcomed
the sufferers with as much speed as possible I'.are
footcd women waded through the snowdrift-), carry
Inn their children in their arms, crying for shelter
alike from th<5 flames and from the cold. Several
were chilled almost fo helplessness before they could
rerKh a fire and warm clothing. Hernani Daily, prn
rilefor ?f (he llipior-st.'io at Eleventh-ave. and I'orty
se nm! -t., throw epOB tlie lion to tho safsrori and
suppl'ed some of them with stimulants while they
were walting for clothing. |_ several cases the
brief, but terrible, exposure" probably laid a found it!on
for serious Illness. Mrs. Mary Simmons, who was
s'ck tn the horal-K house, was carried out safely, but
-die mfOrsd from iboch to such au c.'ont that tho
died In the afternoon.
Thiee alarms were Bounded and fifteen companies
of firemen started for the fire, out all of tho twelve
eneii,es exc.-pt one stuck fa.it In the snowdrifts on
tho Way lh"re. Only BBglOS Bo, 2. from Korti third
B . reit nenr enough to the burntn1,' house to be o'
service. The four hoolc and ladder tracks due on
the alarms also stuck tn the snow, hut the hardy
members of the truck Oompaniei waded several blocks
through the drift3, cai rv lng the Isd'lrr*, on their
shoulders In order to le of service at the fire.
am the water lhat ooah! bs shtslnad was pumped
throogh two lilies of hose by BnglOS No. ?". If two
o' three more engines could have reached tho tire,
the I iib! Bf might have been caved from desti 11.-lion,
bul '-he fli-emen were sbUgsd lo let lt burn and fo
BO Hoe their eTo-ts to save thc adjoining booses, the
o. .lilian's of wh'cb were ordered out by tho police.
CB!' T OK (."'li N uri ni-v.
BsttSllon<*hlof (ilrqtiel entered the -BUSS mt the
ill. of bis lifo to search for a ehild. who waa believed
tn have been [eft In one of the upper rooms. Happily
ile chM wm already sife. an 1 the gsllsal flremea
got. out ni hurt. For a tim.) (he fire made a threaten?
ing sb..".' 'iho flames ros., high abovo the roof and
Seemed read? to attaek tbe big tenement-house ad?
joining (? ?; tbs east, while Ihe gale Carried a shower
"f Spsrka ai.el Binden as far a? Sixth avo. and Thlr
ll v ri not until the burn'Og house had been gutted
thal the Ure me ti eould stop pefilng water on tho
other tinja.'., and the danger was no' over for un
hour lon ??!?. Only tba walls ol Ihe boas,, remained
When the t:>??* ""..is oat, ml tie front and rear walls
will have to be pnlW down. The bnlbPng whs
owned b> Thomas Donohue, and wai valued af
?15,000. 'f va* sad ti. have ),e.>n condemned by
th" bolldlng! naii-emi %i o- .? I'me on account of faulty
construction. Thomas Hugh?1 ami Mr*, dorman lost
llviiil av] rjfl sa '1 bi th* (Janies, and losses of tho
j other o'-rupnn** together amounted to about (f.'i.OOO.
t*-W of tho,., win. I..st all (heh c.lo'hlnc had hiv
j1 lint,1 e. li was said. A collection for their benefit
was staited yesterday.
o. --
am. 1 \-*T.
Two alai-nrs were sounded yesterday afternoon for a
Ure in ii ? basement of (be flve>etoi*y ranement house
N? 88 Allen-it, where Raphael I'aphacl kept a
bulcher shop n?;?! Louis Meodi Ison Kept a bakery.
I'aiphacl iboiifhl ihe flames sturr?d lu the bskery, and
MendelsOS IbOUghl they besran In the butcher shop,
and the firemen eoald not tell later how the fire
started. Twenty Hebrew families in the hou-o got
.mr In a hurry and ral-ed load lamentations In the
-lr.i*. One excited tb brew rjn shoat Ul.e a
maiman and CliCd out: "Mein (Jodi 1 hai no In
Tbe Raphael IBmlly forgot the youngest (laughter,
Rachel, but she was rescued by Bremen. Only thre'e
engines gm bear enot rh lo the building to send wa?er
through loin: hues of hoio to (be lire. The hose carts
veal on tin- sidewalks t.> 6ire*;ch th" hose. Other
engines were -''iel. In snowbanks too far away to bo
ol serries. The Aramaa eonflnod tho Samoa to ib.<
basemen! snd pu' lt '.it In an hour. Harba-*! and
Mei di Ison los) about MOO each. The building, owned
by Mrs. Crooks, <>f East Etghlg-ssvoatb-st, can bo ro
polred for c-jOO.
A lire la"o on Monday night In the tailor ibOf of
Voung Brotbsn. in tho basement of the bouse No.
fis Bbrth-ave. caused a If-s of $-,00. In pading out
the lire, the firer en must bSVS BTOhOB or d^CO?-SCtOd
a en pipe am! permitted gas to e-ca-u* through the
Louse, Yesterday morning Mrs. Mary Bart bold, age
fifty Ave, and Albert Kuitz, ego Bsty-tbres, were mund
Insensible In ll.elr rooms, having been overcome by the
ga* after they had gone to sleep In ibo carl-, me.rnliig
boura They were removed lo the New-Yoi k Hospital.
Slim 1 ly after 7 o'clock last night fire wai discovered
In the basement eif Lswfs'l hat factory, Nos. IS and 18
f.oi lim'.- st., Brooklyn, and In less than ten minutes*)
the entire building was enveloped In flames. Au
alarm wan lir.incdls'ely sen' ont, but owing ro (.be I111
pai.lble stato of the streets great delay wm ex-acrlenced
by the lb-omen. A panic pervaded the cullie block In
whleh the facteu-y ls sluiateel. Hundred* of people at
once set to work to arrange preliminaries for vacat?
ing I heir homes, but BMpOoOed operations on tho ar?
rival of Engines Nos. IO, ll, and 18 und 8 truck.
'Ihe firemen could do nothing but protect tho adjoining
propsrty. Tho contents ot the facory wore a total
DI*-on, 111-, Match 18.-Th.' Grand D Cur PlSOgh W rles
nero partially burned la*, night, involving a i.,*s of
B100.0C0, partially insured. An Iron ?moke*n'ack full,
Injuring |WS men seriously, ono probably fatally.
Marietta, Ohio, March 18. ? Fir* this rrornlng de-troyed
" The meEMtrnP building, W, A. bnlflVn'* hal and clothing
???.:??, lelpel * Co-'* drygoode nore, Mrs. llurllngr-jriJ-'s
iii?Unary nora aod 11 1.otWi **too store; i.r,**, ji'o.ooo.
( Hf'.ii Spring*, N. V., March I.':.-Thl* morning
fire BsgBS in ihe itcre of Mri. C. P.. Whitney, and totally
destroyed tho Pierce block. The louses are ss follows 1
A. A Pierre, building and furnitures of Clifton Hotel,
1 loaaraoeoOlSaOOOi '>'?'? HoisM* grasarlaa iCaoO,
In-ot.il,. a 0l,M0| H1"'-**. I * LMA, hariwaia 16,000,
lr.a'.iar."" M.BB0; M.*. V, !,i tue-, mllllr.eiy 00.009, In
soranca Bl.* ' it- ? _slsa4 arygaeda, ST.OOO, laaarsoes
J. H. BottWlsS and 1* O. Ssulliaan were both
?evenly lolsisd by lae eaplnoleo of powdm in the
hafdwsrs ?t-.r?.
lin'-on. iN- Y.. Marsh IS-The Cana" OattOS Mill
at v*:*L!e, Oaerga C-pelsnd, praaMaot, woo Inroad ia*t
Lltht. Tiie ple-irrcr sud loller honse was savci. The
i?s? i? mer B70.000, Insttmnsa sfas.ooo.
Bm 1. Iiatt, March IS.-Firs thu morning dei-royed
? 1 . 11 ii r....,.-,* halla aad lbs
... Li.lon Telegraph aSkO, am -UOagSd the nore*
,,r m.ai.non ? Ka>t, ann a, and I Bamoala, drygeos
7110 bun ad ;.?? go wera sse sachs lu the
baatoeaa eaotia i-"s BSO.000j rolly n.-uied.
piottr pt ks-ss poisoned
Mivi.s ClTV, Iowa, Mann IS.?Tbs family of II. Ie
I.rou 11. .on lt ..r-' ' I SinmoU w'e. ?H children and a
hired mao, nara ul--''" rhilsollj ink wnib* at iuppsr
-inl.ai night lu '?'? - thoa ho hour Brown and ono
.-.'.?i.i wr. .i-ml. 'lb rSOtlSl-lnl ?even, lt ba Ibougin,
.am.01 roeover. ? _
Di.Ti ..ir, March 13-The " Big four** of tho Detroit
b-MbpU temi M hlie. liowe, llichardson ..nd BrOOlh
ei-s is a Hiing of the past. J* Dooasa*" White, the
third baseman, sa\s lie cannot plav another
g*n.e under MbSSISS Watkins, owing to '?iiagglng"
1,. _. ti.. -t.
BpSSl >. I. Y.. March ia.-John Beyiioldi, a survivor
nf the famous ch-rgs of ths bli Hundred, Hoi Bt Sis
hi _e in Ui* si ty j reit, rd*/, age fifty-twa.
?raLKORArii wir.Ks still dow.v and TRLrrnoxi
When tho New-Yorker gazert oub of his window
on Monday morning and sow something of a
storm: when he guy ly sallied forth sud thee
hied him Kimo nftcr being tossed about lileo ii
ploco of popes In a whirlwind und after scrvina
ns a silhouette in several slain*-*- in various snow
drifts, lie admitted that ho had got a new expo
rienco. But ho was equally sure that, he bsd thl
last of it. Ile had, rend a good deal about tin
blizzard and ho was nwnro th.it tho strange
monster plajed fast and loose in Dakota; and otlici
Western wilds; but ho was equally suro that one
day in New-York would be all tho blizzard would
dare to squander. At least he hoped so. Cou
scquently tho Now-Yorkor went to bcd on Monday
night a good deal shaken up but conscious of tho
Kii*aeriority of New-York over tho rest of creation
when backed up by tho blizzard.
LACOBlXO Hi.ruiii" se was out Of the nniFis.
Yesterday morning the New-Yorker smiled and
said to himself " lia: lia!-* when be rose from his
boil and saw that tho blizzard had BBImlngljr de
parted, leasing hage beano of snow Ib ins wake
and general demoralization. But it was only
when the citizen of the metropolis sallied pioiidly
mid defiantly forth that be " save himself away.''
Ile first lound that the sitrlaee ears were BO*
where, that the surface tracks had been Mothered
by the wiiita tiing breath of tin* blitsatd, that
a solemn hush had fallen on the activity of tbe
city, that lhere was no roar from the "sheels on
[lavement .ind rail; that heavy express wagons,
ponderous mail vehicles, thundering ico*wngons,
tumultuous venders, clattering milk aranon, the
voice of tho ragman, the cr? of the "ow eloso"
fellow, Uk* nish of the Cabmen and the habel ol'
tongo 0 and unmusical BOUndS which make ii sal
tumultuous venders, clattering milk sragraa, tire
Was it the Sabbath Hav.' No, it was Tuesday.
It was no ordinary silence It wus not (he
stillness of the tomb; for hundreds of beings were
going about. Men willi shovels wen: tossing WOW
hither and thither, vehicles were passing by.
There was, in short, a panorama ol' activity on n
seale of momentous quietude. What could lt all
mean? iii cry man l.-lt uncomfortable. Ile
Stretched bia muscles and wont through tho ordi?
nary functions e,f existenee?ai tried to?and yet
tint hine waa ex.ietlv natural. In consequence
iho New-Yorker felt peculiar.
Tho llrst, thermos! salient thing upon earth?
or just above it?which gave tho New Yorker a
natural sensation was the elevated railroad. The
horse cars were stuck in mow drifts or housed
in stables mid the surl.icc track., snowed hope?
lessly under for the day, save for a stretch in
Fourth-ave., bot the elevated road was running.
What B rdief was that, my brethren! Tlio clo
vated r..inl did not seem exactly natural; ita
wheels were stitl iii the blivazrd ; trestle arid its
trucks gave no click-it-a-click response to the
wheels were stiff in the blizzard's breath and its
but. thanh Heaven, the ears were going! Ths
hlizzArd-strlcken New-Yorker piled himself upon
the Elevated road in tens, in hundreds. In droves,
in rc-i'ments. Ile wus tickled to death to lind
that there was such a diing as an elevated road ;
he was ho tickled that he preferred to stand to
sitting. Bless the stars! the Elevated road was
running on every branch and the Vew-Yorker
wns proud to stand it. Ile would never again
look sour when ho had no seat.
ABOUT Ttl)-- f'N'l Y roN'.e-fil.IVO FFATI'1.-"-.
Yet the Elevated road offered e>'w-Yorlt tthout
nil the consolation shu had yesterday. Men rodo
down town to business in the morning and they
lind all the afr of beings who expected to do
sonielh'ng. From noon until 1 o'clock they rodo
back again.
Wall Street men were a study. Some of them
staved at home, 'lliese, if they were " bears,"
had an Idea that the blizzard was s " buH" and
might toss them uncomfortably high. And those
who were " bulls" had a hectlo tear thar, the
blizzard was a " bear" and would Lug them to
Consequently the " bulls" and the "bears" die,
not ge) down town numerously. They stayed
at homo noel let the messenger boj-s declare the
Stock Exchange closed at noon, if Deoessorp. The
grain and produce man did liewkise. and naturally
the cottell broker hud no greater desiro to tempt
the blizzard in his elen. The SBflhanges were us
dead us a door-mat, trio attendance so slim that.
even petroleum refused to IIobv and metal was as
eli ill", steel. The exchangee closed nt noon. No
greater deference to the blizzard could be shown,
for when the * bull" and " bear" cave in together
they are in desperate straits.
Passenger exit from and entranoo into tho city
whs as dead as on Monday; even deader, for no
train with passengers arrived and none departed.
From the (.rand Central Station a force of 800
Italians cleared one track as far as Mott Maven,
and a relief train sent to transfer blockaded
passengers returned without an additional occu?
pant. The passengers had already reached the
city by sleigh and ny elevated trains. Thc snow
was tl fr cen feet, deep over the main tracks above
the tunnel, and against this tho energy of shov?
ellers is to be directed to-day.
The prospects of the Central of New-Jersey,
tho Pennsylvania and the Erie remained unim?
proved yesterday. Unfortunately, tho opprehen
*lon existed among the oflieials of the Ne-w-Jer
>ey roads that cattle had been frozen to death in
llieir freight-ears.
With the lack of passenger transportation wus
united a failure in the receipt and dispatch of the
mails. Tho only relief In this direction to be
hoepd for ls from the shovels of the Italians.
A MILK -.**?'> C 'ir. fAllllfn rna*-*TKV-D
The scarcity of milk and coal In wta-taurants
ind hotels gives a t-iste of the power of thc bliz
-ard. In downtown restaurants there is milk
*nougti for to-day; tomearrow, at present rates,
*offc6 and tea may be had with sugar. The coal
Ripply will la.st a day or two; then, if the bliz?
zard wills it, tea and codee may bo had In tho
leaf with cold water.
The blizzard hus given such a setback to the
litigious fever that jurors were scarce in tho
Court House, aud the noses of lawyers so bluo
that the judegs?who hud issued their own man
Jntuus to the blizzard it* mpor.tryj? adojurned
rase after case until the will of his Honor tho
I'ni/./aid could be ascertained.
Hie elah -oases Brest gloomy. The club roan
realized thal the demon of Dakota glories over
high living and the club man, therefore pOSBod
I he day and the evening unpleasantly.
The schools of the city were closed eorly In the
lay, a few scholars here and there appeared. Hut
the teachers, more cheery, remained almost all at
tome and so the school-house was left abandoned
lor the most of the day.
Even the vessels coming Into port bore testimony
o the inferior character of th" New-York blizzard.
I hey had hud no bad weather until on Sunday
light when they got off Sandy Hook. They then
(truck something worse, than a cyclone.
Th" big wind which isrspt over Brooklyn vester
tav 'norning after the I io- cens-i I to full seriously
battered lbs lofty B,>ire of ?he dOOlOO Avenue
'rsabirtarlan Chnreh, at Cioo)OB?ato. and Mombo*
t., na i it throat med to trill. The wooden Ir.ri.e
i-ork about tbe b.wte of the spire* proper, at the top
it the tower, wm partly torn aivay by the wind
,od the pioees broke holes tn the slate roof e>f tho
harsh. At daylight il was disaawod thst tho
piro was ab mt lifteea degrees out of the perpen
lienlai and tbraa'aaad lo fall uno Monroe-st
?/here the top would strike tho roofs of houses ou
ho south side of tho street.
The pol oe stretcho I ropes across both CI as* n ri?
ve, and Mooroo St to prevent people from getting
ito danger, arid the people on whose houses tho
aire I lire.Honed to fall were wiuned to keep in the
)wer ronan ana At tbe rear, so sb to be out of
auger, lt was not thought that it would do moro
han crush in the roofs if it fell.
City Works Comm ssionor Adam* had the candi
10a of tba dangerous spire looked into and such
leos Ukea as wore necessary to prevent, damage
as far a* possible if it sh mid fail. The Iron sn?
ports held it securely, however, sud when the wind
abates it will be taken down. It was btnlt about
eighteen years ago and has long been a crispiouous
object on " Ibo If ill" in Brooklyn. The tower omi
Bptre together nsw tojt height of ISO feet, the apina
being of woad covorcd with slates. Tho church
was bnilt for the Kev. Dr. Duryea, now of Boston,
and Iir. Cbamberlinns tho present pastor.
Among tha startling questions which tbe big
blizzard has blown into unpleasant orou.ir.euco io
tho serious ono relating to tho supplies of meat,
tish, vegetables, milk and coil. Most of tho largo
hotels and restaurants aro SOOBMSOHd to keep
stock, on hand which sro cale ilated to last for a
longer or shorter tiree. Ibo vi ,.!? rn cutting oil of
coinmuiiication with the aunrces of those supplier
has caused gravo iippreheusnnis.
Some of tho hotel-keepers innsc that there 1?- no
danger sd far as their ona establishments are con?
cerned. Tho Fifth Avon no Hotel, for instance,
claims that it is beyond tho reach of tl lamine, no
matter how loug tho stor.n may last. Mr. Dar.
ling's representative said last evening that
their immense ice-houso wan full of al! tho
gooal things necessary fur trie complete running of
the hiiuse ; th it the vaults still contained coal
enough to last until tho lr ii of July, and that them
was on hand a ten days' supply of milk and cream.
Tho Hollman Homo aile jed similar? advantages and
Mr. Peacock: defiantly asserted tiat if anything
gave out there was tnone>y te) buy more BS matter
what it might cost. This pleasing eoadltiofl of on*
tiuiisin did not prevail at all the hotels. At tha
Ij'ilsey, tho Victoria, tlio Sf. Jame*, the Itriiuswick,
UM Murray Hil!, the Grand, tho Cvereit. tho
Grand Central, tho Albemarle and the Windi.)*-,
the belief "VSSSSflSMtd that there wns no lmmodi
ate danger of anylhius SSeODt milk rSOBlM short.
The fact is not disguised, iiiwi.vcr, SOywhON that
the continuance of the pre sen i stato of a it'.nra for
a week must result in iMOStfOM SOOSSgl HMOS
A foretaste of what a mu. famine
will do with tho price of milk noa
already been experienced by lome hoiol
men. "I paid to-day,'' said P. T. Wall, of tho
Hollman House, yesterday, "lifiy cents a quart for
tho last lifty gallons of milk that Ihl man who
supplies me had. When that is gouo I must loo.,
DaloMOMO had plenty of meat and coal, hut the
tish *upply is precarious and the milk will not las!
during tue dav. Iho brunswick's cou,ii) ri received
Milli, lent additions ou Monday, hut tue milk BOBS
wero empty last evening amt "condensed " was thc
"iiir variety which appealed u.iou tho tables. I hs
propnetorof the largo Dairy Kitchen in L'iuoq
.-(?tiaro said last evening t
"1 have just throe cans of milk loft. That will
hardly last us throngh to-morrow, aud I under
stand tho stock of fresh condense, mille, is getting
low. lt is not pleasant to nuuk nt coming down to
condensed in cans, but I am afraid that is oil wa
will have hero after twenty-four boura.''
Mr. Haynor. the steward of the Gilsey House, re?
ceived a telegram from Ne av bu ig last evening tell?
ing him that there was uo hope of ibe milk trains
moving. "Our supply on hand is not enough
to got us over to-morrow," ho said. Unless tho
blockade on tho railroads winch bring in New*
York's milk supply eau be raised almost fabulous
prices will coon ba. paid within twenty-lour hours.
A week longer, or perhaps les., lime-, will put tho
meat, poultry and vegetable markets lu a similar
siaie. Washington JJ.iket bas not a week's stock
on baud and Iho abtttoirsand o-ittle y..r.l* in and
about (his city will scaicely hold out longer. No|
to bo surprised by an immediate scarcity th* pro
piieiots of tho Sf. James Hotel yesterday bought
ir-vera I days'supply of beef, mutton and smb. aud
for want ot other means ot trau.-poitatioii hid
their employes carry it on their shoulden io ibo
Sixtn Aveline hlevated carsat Harciay-n and thea
carry it again from the 1 wenty-third-si. station
o il.e h te,. Iho ouly dati.er regarding coal if
iii.- (1.ni. uliy iu moving it iu tho present condition
of the streets, lhere is plemy of coal.
Some of the proprietors and managers of eating
houses downtown boldly assert that their busiuea
will go on. no matter what hapuens, while otherl
with moro oandor perhaps, if less in ld.
ness, admit that if there is not a speedy*
chango in tho aspect of affairs they will
have to turu tho hungry from their doors
unsatistled. Nobody expects to havo any milk
after tonight?many have none already -and with,
regard to other nm visions there aro almost as many
dirt-rent conditions and prospects as lhere are res
i au rn ti ts. lint this is not sil and jxrhaiis it is not
the worst: almost all are in fear of a failure iu tua
supply of coal.
There is a good deal of coal in the city, sod
"only across the channel " ibero is all that could
be desired, but the difficulty is to deliver it tn .New
York, lt takes four horses to pull a ton through
the cro-8 streets from the North Uiver, and st*
tempts to get lt from the piers at ail were
often totui failures. In some esses people
hired men to carry lt tu Backs,
low, whicb it wonld seem ought to be abundant
eiinugh at this season, w_s also hard to get from
the same cause.
I ho Astor House received coal bv tim " back and
sack " method, after the carl* with winch it was
attempted to bring it were hopelessly stuck in tba
snow. Ihe supply on hand was not enough to last
thronsh the night, but there vaa wood ennngri ta
last twenty-four hours. 1 here was only condensed
muk, but plenty of that, sud oysters aud ice wert
al a premium.
Tho restaurant keepers who bad anything to sat
pointed triumphantly to Currier a where a plucard
announced t
" Yes : We axe closed. No coal, no food, no nut-in. ?
But there was good cheer just MfBSS Kultonit., ol
Mouquln's, when tho placard isJd "open."1 Tho
manager looked happy, and said:
" 1 bought everything I could get this morning.
and I bav.a supplies tor iwo weeks. I wu noi afraid
of getting out of coal."
G. In.rv.1, ui-nager of tho Cafe Savarln, In tho
Kepiltsble Building, said:
*? 'I f" supply ot coal ls rather short, but I think f
shall be able to borrow enough t-> get ('...nigh. Ia
f_c(, I have not thought uf lhere being any danger
at all. I will burn (he doors _ml (ho chain, and tba
legs of the tables before I will close.*
N ah .V Crook, iu i'.ric K?>w, thin, ht they would
have e .ougti suoplios of all kinds to get throunh
witt our ciosing, but there would bo no muk this
iiK.iniu.', not even condense 1 milk.
_. ti. I.ippert, manager of the Hotel Everett, In
Paik how, wis arrsid that tho meat wonld gi vs
out. Thors was the grcaiest difficult, in .annig
it and ho believed that the. actual supply waa
Hunte). Mr. I.icpert said that he had employed
hf eeu men at 40 cents au hour lo bring him coal
iu sacks, and they had worked eight honrB. Ill
hui arranged to have them again to-day if lt
should be necessary.
At Leggett'* Halal, I little further down tho
str<*et, the lii.i.i'.i-er pointed proudly to a lame
lu.nitity of condensed milk, and -<aid that he waa
well siiuplied with ? tlier provisions. Ho, loo, bad
received ooo! in sacks.
Joseph i.'Urk. nf Chirk Uro*.' oyster and chop
h..ii*e, in Fulton-st.. said lhat he wtE Et I supnlied
foe the most uart. Oysters would soon give out
mile** more could be ti.nl. but _S used little milk,
itiii believed hil milkman a mild supply him ul any
.?os*. Other things would give out iu two day*, if
ho could not renew his stock, bat he had no fear.
Boura 400 tons uv root, a day.
P, H. I'reiitiss, msnsger of th*- New-Yoik steita
Vmp.iny, felt no fear of iv want of coal
He aaid tint there were 7.50 tons actually
ni hand. 350 lons at Pier 0. 300 tons
it Pier 'I'i., 30D tons afloat and about .".OOO tons ia
Ier*ev Citv. Hie coal has to be carted mily a ehort
liriuince. lue ooiui'.aiiv BSBJ abon t 40(1 ions a day
md supplies steam tor bea'and power to a largo
minti r ol buil.iing*. among which ure (he Po-a
Mlle, (he ( it.' Hall, tile buildings of the Amen*
r*au Hank Note Company. th<* MstlMMlilSB Tele?
phone I "m,iai;v, the Adams Kxpre.*** ('ompany, tba
K.lis.n Kleetiic l.igbt i'(>mpauv, C.o houie of Kira
Kngine No. 4. Ibe Coal and Iron Kxcuaugo and tba
Mills Mull,ling.
Tho large coal companies have plenty of coal,
bo< h at tbs docks in New-York sad across the river.
md ofter to sell In any quantities to those who will
bod mein* of transporUUaan, but they otter Inila
hope of being able to deliver much cou I for two or
three days. Many of tbe retail das lera had out/
ii__,I supplies. Cue dealer in Ludiow-ei. mod to

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