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Surrogate I_*nsom is alway* punctual and Ro**
co**- Conkling ia occasionally so. Yesterday wwi
one. cf those o-casious, und the lc$-,al mill bugun
to grind io the gr-ct* Stewart will case nt 10:30
a. m. sharp. Edw?i*d B. Hilton waa again the
witness. A little preliminary skirmish between
Mr. Conkling and Mr. Choate as to the latter's
method of examination served to clear the heavy
atmosphere of the court-room. In response to a
question, Mr. Hilton said emphatically, " Mrs.
Stewart never gave m?* a present iu her life."
Mr. Choate-Dld she make your tether anv *-uv***_te 1
Mr. Hilton (flushing,-! know nothing about lhat.
?_ -Did ahe not U-.cifer **jij.c BttaatSJ to your rather!
A.?The roeord trill ehutv lt such ls the ?-<**?.
Then Mr. Choate fished up another document
and handed it to Mr. Hilton with the. observation,
" Vou don't remember your father discharging
mortgages on his pro pt-rt v ? few days after he t?ook
the deed from Mrs. Stewart; well, look at that.
You see the date ia April *_2, 1876, eight days after
that of the great deed."
Mr. Hliion -This refers to some other matter, nome
baainees of Mr. Pox. a client of ailne.
<_.?Do you say that thia I a not a satisfaction piece on
your father-** property 1 a discharge of the mortgage on
hie Flfth-ave. house 1 A.-Well, X don't know. It le
not clear on the face.
Then Mr. Choate read from the records In the
Register's oflice. showing that when Judge Hilton
purchased the house, No. 630 Fifth-at \ of Aaron
Rathbon, July lt. 1874. there was a mortgage of
$?0,000 on it, which Judge Hilton assumed. This
was followed by a dispute as to whether the satis?
faction paper did refer to tbat particular mort?
gage, and whether the evidence waa admissible.
Surrogate Ransom said tbat he would let it in,
but. lt would he of no earthly value unless some
connection were shown between it and the alleged
exercise of undue influence by Judge Hilton on
Mrs. Stewart. Mr. Choate then put in two more
satisfaction-pieces, dated May 8, 1876, for mort?
gages on Judpc Hilton's property.
Mr. Choate?Do you not know that your tether** *.?>
tmpraved property, about which you testified yesterday,
wee mortjaged to the extent of sl.o,G761 A?There
were aome Be**t*M***; I don't remember what they were.
(J.?Ia lt not a fact that within a very abort period
after the death of Mr. Stewart all these morl*-*.**, to
the extent of $196,675, wiro discharged 1 A.-l can't
remember; lt ls so loni* agu.
Mr. Choute began an inquiry after tbe books
fi Davie.*,. Win k, MeXamee ?S_ Hilton, for the pur?
pose of ns.. na.a.uk what legal work thc firm had
done for Judge Hilton or Mr. or Mrs. Stewart.
'Jiu- wu ness mi id that he hadn't been able to get
the Looks.
Julieu T. Davies then took the witness-stand
and wu,j that he had i*iven directions thnt morning
to hu v.. hw ullin- searched far tbe .books, ttnd if
any such were found he would produce them in
court. After enjoying this brief respite, Mr.
Hilton air.)ni seated h'm*-, lr in the witness-chair.
Mr. Choate reverted to the will. Mr. Hilton said
that he had copied the will errt'1-ely from memo?
randa funi)*))-! hy/ his faiher, staying home from
tht- office a .int i.i that piirpase. He also copied
the letter wh ci urc.iniianied the will. Mr. Choate
?MK a d.-niriii'l on Jinki' Hilton's lawyers for the
'.reduction of those memoranda, adding that they
had ittHTt handed hy J tige Hilton to his counsel.
Mr. Conkliui* said that the [tapers were not in
court. Mr. Root observed tartly, ? We will hare
to build a ferne between our table and that of the
oppos le counsel, if the documents on our table
bp to be so closely sertitinized." Once Mr. Choate
observed, ref.-n-itu*- t<> Judge Hilton, " He never
went Inn'.- wHhoo. seeinf* Mrs. Stewart." "If
he did." replied the witness, ? Mrs. Stewart sent
for him."
It!i|tiirinf* nhout tlie taine in whleh Mr. Dav,ea
spok* tn Mrs Stewart. Mr. Choate obtained the in
formtitii.n ihut Mrs. Stewart was "slightly hard
of hearinK."
W'*T*V Mit*. r*TtrWA'*T W*iS TIFAP.
- Were you present when Mr. Rice said that
she was not wtmtf* asked Mr. Choate. The wit?
ness replied that he was not, and then ensued a
dispute bt-tween ihe lawyers as to whether Mr.
Rice had or htid not t-stified that Mrs. Stewart
was deaf. Lalcr Mr M'lton said that Mrs. Stew?
art hnd been hard of h<-a.rini* in Mr. Nt-ewart/s
lifetime, but the infirmity was slight; she could
hear Mr. Stewart speak, oven thoii.h he spoko
in almost a .vhisner. He had not observed thut
she grew harder of hcarim** as she grew older.
Q.?She did lint like ls let a perien know that ahe
waa deaf, did *h?" A.-No. If ahe watched a :*sr*on'?
lip* *h<* could always toll what be said.
Q.? Did you ever knot**- her to make tt apparent that
she was deaft A.?When ycple were Import-winf* her
abc wss societlm*. very leef.
Q.? Were you ever pr>**'nt on thoae ore*"-***)*! A.?
I have been present _M8t_S_M when people wanted to
l*ot from ber eomethini* Diet she didn't weat to g-lve,
and then the wa* very deaf. (Laughter.)
Mr. Choate then startc-d an inquiry to ascer?
tain what knowledge Mrs. Stewart had of busi?
ness affairs.
Q.?Did yi.u ever know her to transact any bnatneee
durintt her husband's lif.-iiii.**! A.?No; X don't know
anything about lt.
Q.? Don't you know tl.at she never did any tcma_ees
of any kind duiii,. her husband's lifetime 1 A-Ko,
1 don't.
Q -Don't yon know that he even went ao far a* Be do her
abopping; for bert A.?No, I know he didn't*.
Q_Tben you accompanied her when ahe weat -hopping*
A.-No, I didn't
C -Did Mrs. Stetran ever ?o li to society*) A.?Not aa
cl.ty so-called.
Mr. Root-Sa* ci-ty. I_ I
Mr. Coi.kMnp -N..t ortho Dlr itociety.
After the ripple of laughter had subsided tb?
witness replied that Mrs. Stewart did not attend
crand parties, but went out a little after her
husband's di al h.
Titi-' tsaMBt "R'-rHHT IV'O OOV81T.
Aiter recess Julien T. Davies came into court
with sonic of Hie hooks that Mr. ('hosie had been
fo anxious to examine the witness about. But
Mr. Davits had no intention of letting the books
so out of his control. After he took tke stand
he said: "I protest against the books being
brought into court and submitted to ths exami?
nation of any person, for the reason that they
not. onlv contain confidential communications
from some people who are parties to the contro?
versy, but from other people.
Mr. Choate? Will you place the book* where they ean
be accessible to your ronner partner, Mr. Hilton 1 A.?
That I decline to do. I cannot let them go ont et my
Surrogate Ransom?The hooka, If they are hera, will
be l'-ii with thc court, where they will be aeceaeible te
the court and to no one else.
Mr. Choate 'lo Mr. Hilton, who had returned lo the
?e-ltnees-*tand)-Wlll you pleise refer te the tx*eks and
Bee If the deed by which Nra Stewart transferred the
(Stewart business to Judge Hilton la charged to Jude*
Hilton or Mr*. Steuart!
Mr. Hilton said nothing, bat looked blankly
at Mr. Davie*.
Mr. Davies?I must decline te part with the booka, er
allow them to Mata mr ciistedy.
Sarrogate Ranaom-Tou will hare to take the re?po_
alblilty of your position.
Mr. Dane*?Th!* question haa been sprung upon me
without an opportunity to deride 'ult what I should do.
I hope that you will gt ve me an opportunity te consider
what my duty to myself and my ellen* demand*.
It was Anally agreed that Mr. Davies should
be allowed until Monday, when the case will be
called again, to consult his conacienoe and decide
what attitude he will take with respect to pro?
ducing the books, the hooks meanwhile being
left in tbe custody of the Surrogate.
Baffled in this line of inquiry for the time,
being, Mr. Choste contented himself with putting
in evidence several satisfaction-pieces, showing
how Jud,*e Hilton hud discharged mort pages on
bia property soon utter Mr. Stewart's death.
Then he plied the witness again with question*
about the preparation of the will and oodicik;
how Mrs. Stewart, acted when she signed; what
he had done before that and since that; how he
had spent the Fourth of July; "the annual mi?
gration to Saratoga." etc.. until *it waa impossi?
ble to imagine that the witnesa had any Informa?
tion directly or remotely bearing oe the c__u> th_t ?
he hadn't been questioned about. Then he an?
nounced that he couldn't proceed any further
in the abseaos of the " reluctant books, and an
adjournment was taken until Monday next nt
10::*ti) a. m.
Genet- Viole, Killeen Van I'.eniselaer and oth-ir
Weat Side property owner, appealed before the Park
Board yesterday, to protest against the proposed drive
for trotting boure*, tu Central Park The delegation
bad a protest, signed by several hundred property
owners who object to the drive. Lawson N. Fuller,
who ls tba originator of the project, wa* not present
to defend tbe drive. It wan Mated that La had been
snowed up at V. ashiDj-ioi) Height-' ?ince the billiard,
and that he taken no Imf her Intereat In Central Park
-rive*, Cou-niirrtloiici K.bh iayi that ho baa bean
Informed by a number of those wKose names were
given aa In favor uf ibe drive that the; knew not hi tag
vf the project
JAe. Vaa flam aa* sae sat* Hutt such a drive would bs
' " 1 'tnfarj ta Wost etta property. During toe
"i^*8^?&$ff? _5_:
three yean the taxable value of the West Ride, be?
tween Fifty ninth and Ore hundred and-st.xfrenth ste.,
had increased e-W.OOO.OOO. nnd capitalist* *vou'.d hold
aloof If such a project aa a drive waa contemplated In
Cootra! Park.
tin n?_t Wednevday a hearing will b* piven to tbe
trustee* of the Museum of Nat uni History on tbe
plans for the'.r new building.
The Rapid Transit Committee of the Real Estate
Exchange met yesterday afternoon, tbe chairman,
George W. Van itlolen. prealding. Tbe lesslon wm
occupied with a description hy Rowland K. Hazard,
Tl*e-prt*-**4_e_*. of the Kew-York Underground Railway
Construction Company, ot the plans for the New
York District Railway. Mr. Har.ard believed the plans
could be carried out under existing laws, as loon
aa Um neeeesery contents ot property-ownors
could be obtained He showed a model of a
section of tbs proposed road, which ls to run
Immediately below the surface of tbe street,
the dietaaca toing only fifteen feet from the
level of the eldo wal li to the base of the rails.
It ls proposed tbat there (hall be no opening* In the
street, the stations being entered through ordinary
buildings, and tho air win alao ba taken In and driven
oat at the itatloiM. . _
I! ls proposed that tbe road shall extend from
Eowllug Oreen to Broadway and Fifty-ninth st., and
thence to and under the Harlom River. There are to
be both expreai and "way trains,*' run by electricity,
the expree* train* at a ipeed of forty miles an hom-.
lt U estimated that this road could be constructed
for about 113,000.000 per mlle. The oommltfo will
meet to-morrow acd hear tha plans of the Metropolitan
Transit Company.
e ?
" Off with their beads'' was tbe edict of Collector
Magooa yesharday. "We've got them on the list,*
responded tbe deputies. There was walling and
trembling among the oroployes of tho 'avtotn House
yesterday, bul the anxiety as to who WU be si.ions tbe
18 per cant to be ? ??upended" because of a ? deBcleney
of appropriation to earry on the work with the pres?
ent force during tha remainder of the fiscal year," will
ba anded today.
? 1 have no doubt." said the Collector last night,
"that Congress will take action at once to meet tho
emergency, but the orders from secretary Fairchild
are imperative aad 1 shail suspend the ll per cent
to-morrow. No; I have no authority to propose to
the men to remain at their stations and trust to Con
grees to pay them the deflcleney of salaries. Will tho
tmalr.ee* of the port be emherr-tscd 1 Vet. I think so,
seriously. The discharges will ta? made from th* va?
rious dlvtitoni. excepting the ll.utdatlng division,
whleh has so much end Important work that the force
ought not to he reduced."'
tho liquidating division ls tn charge of Deputy
CoUea-tor James E. Jone*, an up-the-rlver Democrat,
and who lt ered'ted with being ** the smartest Demo?
crat in tbe Custom House."
When Colonel Edward (iebhard, of No. 2? Brotyl
?t, had his falling out recently wl'h the Governing
Commit-*, of the New-York Club, he asserted that
thors were d'ffercnce' and had blood In 'h* committee
whleh ma-le ll an nnit body to alt _ Judgment on
him as lt pro- oied to do. The sf cement tha' all wss
not harmony In the committee waa *'renuou-ly denied
by the members at the time. Yesterday Colonel
C'ebhard shoved hi* friends and old club ac,ua nt
anose tbe rubiiahed entry of a Judgment aec-ader hy
Controller Myer* agilnst George w. McGill, hoth
being mar-hem of the Board whleh had an agonized
the Colonel. Colonel Gehhard pointed to the Hem
as a vindication of h's statement!, and said:
"You -aili see hy thia ihat the denial given la-t
fall hy the memb-r* of the commWaft ot th a - attsgad
rtlffcewr-a was en'lrely fake, ami tbe judgment en?
tered tn the ease of Mye-a tige no Oeorge W. M0
Glll lt the oonelusloii al Ihe e.. u-t resp-etlns th*
same. HIcOll! seems to br. unfortunate In hi r-eul?
ie, t lon of facts, particularly when h*> 1* Interested.
He claim*** and ve.it fled as a def n e iru'er o?t'. In
the su't .iga ns* him br Myer., that Myee 'fa nely
btu*- fraudulently*' Indu'-ed him fMeO'O) ?o Mts haast
Erle stock with Intent io 'chest and tl'fia-d' him.
He also pleaded that Myer*, hsd ctn in-irl him
against loss. The emir ha* Just t**tb*t*i v.v Ik's
Judgment against McGI'l Hat ?1 M GDI's alo:at'ons
are fal-e. 1 think McGill !s lilli a member of tho
Governing Committee."
The Judgment awarded Slr. Myers was fur $1,395.
There was an exciting session of the Rahway Oawaaa
Council on Tuesday nljhu Councilman Greaves, R**pub
llcan. resigned as member from the Be'ord Wi rd. owlnp to
removal. This lotion made the connell consist of but
eleven member-, of whom eoven watt Ds__e**jt_a and four
Republican. Ona of tbe Demoerat* (President ( rr.*.,.-ll)
ls opposed to a certain fsctlnu in tie parry who ht v.- heen
anxious to obtain several coves, tot Oewf_f*_ PStS stood
hi the way while the coun. B faa fall Th.* re*lgnstlon sf
Greaves gave them their BfpaftaaHp. They elected An?
drew Mr-Mann* to 811 the vseancy in the Second Ward and
then i?r.ree-*d to e*rry out tlit-lr irbeme. They flrst
elected Albert Ayres St?et Commissioner, to racceed A.
I. Ritter, who is a Crowell Democrat, and ls it present In
Florida on a tracstion. Th* new combination followed
tfale by electing Garrett Be*ry City Attorney for a four
yeer term. This action aroused greet ID-Ilgnat'.on tn
Rahway yesterday. The office has alwiys bern filled for
ene yeer before, bat lt la elalmed a new law SdraTts the
eeiesltoB of City Attorney* for sny number of years up to
Eve. The charter eleetlon will occur In two weeks and
lt waa te taaks sure of Berry's appoint ?*-.?-; t that thc action
waa taken. Berry ls the Democratle boss and leader, but
has many opponent* In the party who will vote the Repub?
lican ticket next meath to rebuke the outrage ot Tuesday
alf kt.
Bj the will of Henry Ellas, tha brewer, which was
iliad for probate yesterday be gives to his wife, Katha?
rine Blas, his certlftoate of membership In the Produce
Exchange, to ba sold tor her benefit, and also his house,
Ila IM Serventy flrst-st, with Its contents, and
?**_,000 In stock*. He bequeaths the rest of his
property, eonsHUnf of stock In ths Henry Ellas Brew?
ery Company, valued at 8300.000 to his executors tn
trust for toa benefit ot his children. Concerning
SraestiDe Schmidt, formerly of St. Louis, to whom the
t ss I aBo t saya, " I was formerly married and from whom
I obtained a divorce," ha declares that his heirs must
never give her anything and that they shall receive
nothing from brm if they do. Ile gives to Henry
Ellas, Jr., his son hy this wife, an equal portion with
hts other children.
The funeral of Daniel Sweeny, proprietor of Sw*eoye
Hotel, took plaee at 0:80 a. m. yesterday tn St.. Petefe
Roman CithoJlc Church la Barclays'. In presence of a
erewded eongregstle-, composed ct lefty ef Meids of the
dead man and people living In the Fourth and Sixth wards.
The rf-ctnleni mass waa celebrated by the Rev. James
Meileen, pastor of the church, assisted i.t the Kev. David
I-**-* hr, a* deacon; the Rev. John Ri ody. sub-deaeon, and
the Kev. Thornes Qnlnn, master of ceremonies. Bishop
Michael O'Farrell, of Trenton. N. J., a former pastor of
8t. Peter's; the Rev. William J. O'Kelly and Father*
Wood sad Owens aleo took part tn tlie ceremonies, at the
eioee ot wUeh the Bishop pronounced the ab-i'.utlon.
Thee* wsr* the pell-besrera: Bryan Lawrence, Thomas
Higgins, Wllilsm Olwell, Peter Mccormack. Malachi
Doyle, William Clerks, Thoma* williams and Owen Clarke.
The others present Inoi-ded John II. Spellman, ex-Alder?
man Cleary, Alderman Dlvver, ex-C.rr.iv-r Kennedy, James
Dunphy, David Lard wi th. Police JueUee Duffy, Jud*"*
M*rgaa J. O'Brien, Richard (.'reeker. Owen Murnby, Law?
yer McOesn and Alexander Storm*. Tbe burial wa* at
Calvary. _ _
Th* ease of Annie Allen, who accused Adolph Gibson,
brother of Helen Danvray, of ertmlrally aa-aulting her on
October IS, came to sn abrupt <ilo_n in lha Tm - vi ll.; Court
yet*tarday by the withdrawal of tbe complaint by Annie
Ailsa. The following afldjvit waa preeented to Ju-tice
Annie Alica, of No. SS Grand-st., Hoboken, being duly
sworn, -ays. " I asa the .-oiuplalaiint In the within case,
ana after rUtectlon I desire to abandon the further protao
tu'.ion ot the e**e. believing thst tho ce*e 1* weskent-d by
Ute abeenoe ol mate'lal te*t_**iony. I, therefore, believing
that 1 could not sseurs a conviction for the reason glveu
above, a* well aa a tcluitanee to loee any more tin., in
pureulng the case, now a. knowledge aautfaction of tho
within oempielnt, and auk that thc caao be dl*iui**ed and
the defendant discharged trom custody.
Juatloe Murny dlsmlsasd the case. Tho defendant wss
absent, but hla lnlereeta were looked after by Colo-el in?
The Tammany OemmlUee on Transportation to the
Decocratlc National Convention st ht. Louis rr.et ac;.In
on Tuesday snd ie.-<lv;*d from the chairman 'I.- offers of
the various trunk line pssi"e?r agent* for a spe.-l.tl
irvin of sleeping.ears lo and from St Louis. There was
ll tel* difference In th* rate made. The cost ef trans?
portation wa* placed al from lit to ?24 SO for each n.an
ter the round trip end 88 SO fer eeeh sleeping-car. The
tar* fer eash maa will he 881 for th* round ino. luclullnn
sleeping secommodailons lha entire Ume while swap. In
addition te the aleealagoare, lha Tammany Committee ha*
engaged room* for 200 pet-eon* and three larre pitiers at
the *>>utt*m Hotel In St I*ouia. Th* commltteo will
report to the Tammany Oomaiitee of TweutT-tlve early
next week. It I* p.-obtble that the offer of tbo New
fork Ceptrsl and Hudson River Railroad Company for a
aueelal train will be aocepied.
Aa Infant wu crying fretfully In hi* mother's ar .na in
a street car the ether day, whan eke turned to a mao at
har sida with tba requeov ol t - Wad yea place ie Ink erase
al him soe .-he'll lUafc 1Tb Us fathet aad kape athin l?. .
Fi'th Armut lietel? HeBBtor Joh* !_*r*?BD, of Ohio, and
ex ***nator William H. Hero ora. ef Cenueclicnl.Betel
RruniwV.-V 7.. Letter, or Chtoago..'?__*?. 'Imxti'-Ome
dicer O Hotibard. of Vt a*lil-itou; C. Prentice Kelley, of
Utica ; Mmeou Holn.rd, ol Albany. a.-l ' hef.er 8. cele, of
Ottsaaa, X. V..tii'irfeir #?.*?'-William W. crapo. pr**
lilma, an.) Baa ITO Potter, vie* .prssldeat, ol th* Pilot sad
Pere Maiqn.tte Railroad t om pa nt.Prer**rt H*iif?< ol.v
erl Pour C. Hale*, C. la. army, aud H*arr B. Sanford, ot
Plerl.I*..Vorrov lull Rare "*TM ?*v. Dr. E. K Atwlll,
of Tol*do: tb* I er. Dr. QBhtci ot A.roa, oale; tae Rev.
Dt. <-. h. Baie*, of Clayetand. jiocmsrtt Hotel A. Voa
Murom, of the Oermsn Legsllon st Wsshlngtea.A"?*w
York Hotel-. nnul Sapla tl* Lends, of Parla
Tilden will ea*e oefore Jule- Lawrence.
Convention of Woman S?r'.ra*e League, Masonic Tem?
Farewell reception .r. ihe Rev. Dr. James M. King,
Park Avenue Methodist Eplacopil Church. 8 p m.
MSW*reft Yacht Club meeting, club heuae. evening.
E.-t'ctlc College con.menr-ein'-nt. Chlekerlng Hall, 8 p. m.
uh'o Society meeting, No. 280 Flfth-av*., 8 p. m.
College of l'harmii-y Alumni, No. 209 East Twenty
third-st.. 8 p. m.
llceeptiou of 8th Regiment. Armory, evening.
Nsttehsl Association of Amateur Athletes, ('.rand Un?
ion Hotel. 8 p. m.
I-icruase League Convention, Knickerbocker Cottero. 8
p. m.
Ms*?-meeting of East Orange, N. J., property owners,
8 p m.
]it-ii'."lt for " Tony" Hart, Academy of Musln, afternoon.
Conununluition of Cresent Dodge No. 402, Masonio
Temp'e, 8 p. m.
Dock Department meeting.
Father John E Burke, pastor nf tho Church of BC
Benedict the Moor, for oolored Catholics, says that
the man, a mulatto, who has boon collecting money
during tho last few weeks for tho church and for St.
Benedict's Horan for Colored Children ls an Imjiostor.
Professor William R- Ware delivered an Interesting
Illustrated lecture upon "The HW tory of Grecian
Architecture"' In Ihi icc tu re-room of the School of
Mines nf Columbia ('.liege last evening.
Tho Coffee Exchange yesterday voted to observe
Good Friday sud t'.e day following a- holiday*.
Tho White Star steamship Celtic will not sall until
niiue repairs arc made to one ot tho stern platea
which will tako several days.
" Plenty of seats In the for? _rd care, ladles,*
shouts the Bridge policeman. ?'Hats I" whisper the
bright-eyed shop-girls to each other, as they bustle
Into thc crow.1 at the Ant platform,
Tho examiners of the National Civil Service Board
yesterday held an examination to fill vacancies In the
Damage Department of tho Appraiser's office^ There
were twonty-nlne candidates exanilnod. Ihe salary
ls $1,800 a year.
Phillp NeldlInger, foreman of a Jury In Part I of
the City Court, fainted yesterday, and Judge Ehrlich !
was obliged to excuse him. Ills Illness was ascribed
to the foul gases In the court-room arising from a i
waste pipe that ls out nf repair.
The t'oronct ls pitlently awatllng a favorable ?
wind and clear weather, aud Captain Crosby ls each
day hoping to make a start mi tbe next. The trim
schooner yacht has been rather unfortunate of late
In her crew and In the weather conditions.
*\"o greater tribute to the memory of Henry Bargh
could be paid than by thc substitution of some Im?
proved motor In th-*, place of horse power on the
surface railroads of this city.
A man Wat hail become an admirer of the bespangled
girl who dally thrusts her Muled head Into the bia;
red month of the circus elephant, wrns anxious to
iiear tho pretty words by which, he felt sure, sha
charmed tit* huge beast. He crept near enough to
hear hor hiss: " Hold yer Jaw, y' ugly brute I"
If William K. Crace cannot be elected as a governor
of the Manhattan Club, how can be hope to become
Governor of ihe silalo of "sow-Yorkl
Ono of the hlggc*.t down-town restaurants has had .
strawberry gboct-oaba on Its card for over two weeks. I
Jay Could ts a good sailor. He steered clear of '
tho maelstrom lu the District Attorney's .mo-*, stean.e.
an.uiul the bllzzai ~ and bas now sailed sale In tho
taco of ihe Blackshear railroad disaster.
Such crowils of curious il^htf-ecrS go down to Coney
Island tu seo Blffhtoa Beach Hotel ha'iled fa:thor
away from the surf that tho contractor has been ad
vised to I.... .1 a high hoard f.-nce around the thing
anil charge an admirion fee. Thnre ls no doubt that '
he has ci.nliileii.-e In his ability to draw a big house, i
Inspector Byrnes says history shows that " honor I
among thieves*' ls not encouraged hy tho public aa |
It waa in the days wher "robbs*** was a capita! offence.
Feople Lied to see the rogiios hang togotbOf then.
f ipeiintciiK'.i.-nt D'Oeuch, of lh" Buildings Bureau,
Ins DOVSf bon regarded as posses*lng exceptional
histrionic talent, yet, at his fOOOM appearance In the
Union Square Theatre, he brought down the house.
Assistant Surgeon James E. Pilcher, U. S. A., read
a p_*per on "'The Transportation ol the Wounded" be?
fore the .Military ttrfteg Institution st Governor's
Islam! yesenia) afternoon.
The graduating clasa ot the Eclectic Medical Col?
lege of t.ii-- city will bold lu commencement this
evening at Chlekerlng Hall. Tho Rev. John L.
Scudder will address the graduates.
"Tho Mail and Express" has Issued a n -Hy printed
" Veterans' Refcrsuce Book," containing a roster of
O. A. It 1'osts In New-York and Kings Counties, with
other valuable Grand An..y Information
Some persons are so un-Amerloan as to assert that
no cryptogram or combination that could possibly be
evolved out of the simple announcement: "Ignatius
Donnelly has gone to Europe," would be any Improve?
ment thereon.
Oll lamps have been temporarily fallen back upon to
light the Franklin Square Elevated Station.
It ls generally admitted that hot for several years
! hM the observance of St. Patrick's Day In this city
j been so general as on last Saturday.
Congressman W. Bourke Cockran, In bis lecture on
j ? lri.-.h Nationality" at St. Lawrence's Roman Caihollo
i Church, sneeringly referred to Queen Victoria as " a
. fat and commonplace female."
Where is nenry George?
Foreign convspondent* are crowding their dla pate hes
j with announcements of tbe English hating propensities
of tho Crown Prince of Germany, of the Emperor's
physicians, and of the German*) generally. This sure?
ly cannot be io "cultivate the Irish vote."
Men who believe In O'Donovan Rossa sent him
8115 last week for his advocacy of dynamite.
F_-Congre***,[nan John K. Finerty, of "The Chicago
Cltlr?n," speaking of .Mayor Hewitt and th" irish, says
of his countrymen: ? Even yet, such slav'*s are most
of them to the party fetich, tbat If St. Patrick him?
self were to run for Mayor on the Republican ticket,
tbo New-York irish, as a majority, would vote tor
House property has Increased tn value In Chat ham?
al, since It was re-named Park Row.
Tho lot 40 by 125 feet at tbe northwest corner of
Flfth-ave. and Thirtieth st., belonging to Colonel
John Watson, has beeu sold for business purpose*}
for $-_'!.'*,OiX). Tbo lot lt at present occupied by a
large brownstone house, No. '1*4 1 -'t fib-ave., where
Colonel Watson live*. Colonel Watson last night de?
clined lo give any Information as to who had bought
the property or for what purpose lt would be used.
An Intetestlng lecture was given la-t night before
tbe Art Sohools of the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
at Fltty-uinth-st. and Third ave., on "Animal Loco?
motion.'' bf ITofessor i_*) ' ?*?inl Muybrldge. Iho well
known photographer of animals In motion. The lecture
wag profusely Illustrated with views of horses, dog*,
and other animals, and also of human beings In ac?
tive iiioii.m.
It has been found that GflgM Relnhert, formerly a
pilot In the employ of tho Williamsburg Ferry Com?
pany, who wa** dischii-ged fur th*-ft and has liecome
Insane, ls claimed ats hush.md t.y tv-o women. Ho livia
al No. BM loath Third st.. and ls to be removed to an
In*, a ne ajiyli.m. The firs! wlf* agreed lo compromise
with Ihe se.:ond, whom Relnhert lives with, by accept?
ing i_00 and tbs household furniture.
Mayor Chapln expressed approval yesterday of the
bill for the separation of the i?*pai-intents of Police and
ExcSr. which will give the BxOtSS Commissioners con?
trol over the subordinate*, of |_*| depart mi nt I ne* ead of
the Police CoauatoetOaOC ba**1l*| control of them a* at
Grand Marshal Janie* D. Bell, of tho Grand Army
of tl.e Hepnl ll.-, has designated Jaine, N. Mills as his
Adjutant amt Cats' of Staff.
The Batata Kiev att'd Katti- ..id Company has Axed
April 10 as tlie date fo ope.:-.,- Its Myrtle ave. branch,
from Grand ave. to Adams st.. where the City Hall
Station ls being built. There will be three liiternif.il
ate stations, at Vanderbilt ave., Navy it., and
Bridge at.
A ITimary Teachers' sunday School Institute was
held yesterday lu AatoelaUra Hall. Mn. J. 8. Os?
trander presided. A number of pertinent loplca were
discussed hy teachers present in the afternoon, and In
the evcti!n_ Mit. Kennedy, of Philadelphia, spoke upon
"The Mistakes of Primary Teachers." and Dr. Ii. ll.
Mst mill- on "Tbs Relations of Little Children to the
It has been found thai the signatures of a number of
resident* ot the neighborhood, purporting tu ba those of
we ll-know* proyortymwaort, aitaehed to tbs patttlon
for tbe llceiv>o granted several we-elcs ago to James IL
Reynold* for a Uauorsho**- al Second place and Court
it ., are forger,.***., . Mr. ney onida says ho gavo a man
?IO to get thc -seiltlon signed and know* nothing of
the maller ra-rsonaJlj The rtxcls* Commissioners
say that the place waa properly ]lri*_ed and that
a petition waa not weded so that nothing can be done.
Tbe people Interested propose to see what ean be done
A MU has been p.wc-d by thc L-glslet-ro and is In
tbe bands of th" Covet-nor, which ls believed to have
la-en drawn for the purpose <i"f giving a life position to
"Jim" Dunns, tbe ax priiefiglrter, now Imper of the
city Hall, a* lt provides thal tts kr>*p*r or Janitor of a
pu brio building, who ls a war YtWan or a mt-mtcr of
tbe Volunteer fire Deparfmshf 'when lt dtobanded.
shall be removed except for good oana**.. Dub*****, was
a volunteer fireman. He had his term fixed at five
yean by the Legislature two yt>art ago, and the Alder?
men a few months er '?A his aai try from J1.800
to 82.04)0, over tba veto of Mayor Whlt-yty.
ender a new law yeaterday tb** Republican minority
of the Hoard of Supervisors d***tlgnated " The fttandard
t'nloo* as ons of tbe payers to publish corporation ad?
A fire oecnrred yesterday In tbe llthograpblo works
of Ernest Edwards A Co.. at Koa. ASA and -1811 Thlnl
ave., and caused a loss of 83,000 on s-tock and machin?
ery, and fl,BOO ob tba building. Tbe Ice**** wera
covered by insurance.
It has ]ntt leaked out that Mollie W..Mams and Peter
Bergen, of New Urn nsw Irk, were married about four
monthe ago. The two met with considerable opposi?
tion In their courtship from Mrs. Williams, bot finally
escaped her vigilance. The affair was kept a (reoret
until a few days ago, when Medlin told her mother, who
locked ber In a room and refused tn let her be seen.
Bergen will probably -reek tho aid of the courts to get
possession of his wife.
Dr. J. F. O'Grady, ot *Vo. 136 Jackson-avs., was ar?
rested Tuesday night, on complaint of his wife, who
charged him with being an habitual drunkard, and
Justice Routh yesterday committed him to the County
Jail for fifteen days. He waa taken to the Jail In
a coach.
The Benedictine Monks of flt. Mary's Abbey cele?
brated yesterday the Feast of St. Bensdlct, tholr patron
saint with elaborate religious exercise* in St. Mary's
Th* Marcus L. Ward Post, G. A. E., has adopted
resolutions condemnatory of Senator inpails's char?
acterization of Generals McClellan and Hancock In his
recent remarks In debate In the Senate.
Wtammtss puum
The Rev. Mr. Roi luson. "ho fur over fifty years
wss a min Aler lo th - Met boris' I pis op: 1 Church.
di d at h's h.mc In Wet N w i.i.gh n -e-ten-y of
1 ti'uiii inls. Mt. Robt son waa eight.-one y arr. of
Fears are entertained for the safety ot the fishing
smack Peter Cooper, whleh left Bechtel's Dbck. 8 sole
ton. on thc *Hh Instant, en a enrioe. The missing craft
was last seen on ibo sunday preceding the storm, by tha
sm**" h. ('coif.ana Yours, od Cloak Island, ohe was
tben heading off shore. f>he ts commanded by Cai lain
Kdward rJchmalr, who lives at To*npkl_Avlt]>. with his
wile and two ehtldre*. Besides her commander (hs
carries a erew of ten mer.
The various towns and villages on Long leland
wnre in a deplorable ?ui? yeHerday. cansed bv the
heavy rain. ra el wrns Impeded In many v Hag*-..
Ute streetB an! lane* being Hooded tm fret In dent h.
with water and sloth, -finch damage to property
waa al*o r?a-.rted. c-'lars and barns being flooded
and lira stock (1ro*t-ned. .'at er al waahouts ob tho
Long Island Rail oed occured yesterday.
Tha steamer Nonowant which runs to Brldg**
pnrt Conn., ls ashore on tba beach near Port Jeffer?
son the ? anial'i havti.** bee*' oonirallfad to run her
hoad on huh and dry lo save her. the Bea having bean
running high and rough tor several days.
? - ? -
The Republican Clnb of Eaatcbester win meet In
their ball at Mont Vernon to-night, to ratify the nomi?
nations for town ofTlrars.
A social reeepllon and parlor conference wac held
by Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Mose man. Mount Vernon, on
'iu-rtdsy night In the Interest of the Young Men's
Christian Assoc allon, which has purchased a site and
contemplates erecting a handtoma building, with gym?
nasium, atc. The parlors were well-fllhd with repre?
sentatives from various or-f-cl'tattons, and James I..
Gordon, secretary ol the Brooklyn Association pre?
sided. Frederick B- Schenck, cashier of the Mercantile
National Hank, snd Of the ,->fat*> Executive Committee,
spoke of the work ot the Association among hniluost
mea ; and E. W. Watkins, secretary of the International
Commutate, made sevaral valuable suggestions as to
the method of conducting the work. A lunch fol?
Tbo Democratic Town Convention of Eastc'ie-tler
met at Mount Vernon on Monday night and made
nomination* which promise dcf**at, If tne resp<M>table
ritlirirs torn ont to vote, as they har. promised to
do. Tho better cbws of Democrats threaten to holt
the ticket, especially Ita hsad. Daniel nickey, nomi?
nated for Supervisor," Mr. rDcttey ls ono of th* fathers
of one of the Tweed relies, the malodorous Boulevard
?tchem- which saddled Westchester touuty with a debt of
"'.r.oO.OOO that has always roused tbe anser of tho
taxpayer* whenever lt has been referred tn. Mr.
Hickey will probably poll Hie Italian labor vote In
Tue.kr hoe without much trouble and he threatens to
"spend a good manv hundred dollars to be sleeted."
Herbert f*_**-t, the nominee for Town Clerk, will also
be snowed under If tie respectable Democrats stand
to their convictions.
The poltr-e of Yonkers have been Informed that tho
smallpox !,*..-.!(at on the nntik'rt* of the town hat
been robbed lo the last three weeks of t> n comforter?.,
two i?icl. ok <i'.llu, a number of ni nitre a a aol
pillows, articles of clothing, a quantity of orockery,
a cloak and a policeman's ol-j...
The charter ejection heh! in Tarrytown on Tuesday
ree Bal In favor of th" i-..-ll?silPg: George --liver, for
president of the village: lilfl*_ H. Yocuf.i and
George D. Cypher, for tm* ees; Isaac Reina, for
treasurer; also lesolutlon- for the ma nt'&auce of
wator supply, gae light aad police protection were
Alfred Bt-ckhout, Irrether-ln-law of ex-Governor
John T. Huffman, died suddenly on Tuesday at bis
home tn bing Slug, from heart disease.
In the village of Noi tb Tarrytown the following
officers were el coted: Abram De Revere, for presi?
dent ; A. 0; Randall and Theodore Arnold, for
trustees; James A. .terms, for Ool'sctor, and Robert
Henry for treasurer.
At Dobbs Ferry Charles P. Mcclelland was elected
piesident; Alonso Ackerman, trnsu*e: Jame- Lange,
oolloo tor. aad John B, Acker for treasurer.
At Iiaatlr.is 'ipt.n-HudM-n Tli.mu* K. Fraser was
elected preildent; Peter Young, trustee; Jacob T.
Wheeler, eoilecter, and Bertrand F. Tompkins, treas?
The Prohibition:*!* of Yonkers have nominated
the following candidate*: Charles E. Se-, for super?
visor; Dr. A. H. McLawry, for Mayor; Maurice Con?
nery, for Aldermen-?First Ward; John L Platte, for
Keeond Ward; E. A. Hall, Third Ward, and Odell
Stephenson, Fuorth Ward.
The chai*_Bf* little burleeque ictree* " Corinne " ls so?
rt tra*, ir lt*_i~a**_. Sh* Brat felt 111 during the matinee
performances nt ? A ree Als* yesterday, bnl itruggled throng ti
her part. She wss then taken to her room In the Ht ur Ha?
vant Honse, wh*r* the fainted, snd her guardian, Mrs.
Jennie Kimball, much slarmed, summoned Dr. T. S. Rob
eriton, who proaowneod Corinne's illneee te be so severe
ss to nut her su pea ra nee le the ?vening perfortnanee eui
of tbe Qt-eettrm. Thl* le the first Ume In her five years'
profes-tonal eereer that tbe little **er has bees obliged to
dlaappolnt an audience. Har friefMa, the gallery-boys,
Quickly got to know of her indisposition, sad seat up flow,
ert snd many meresgee nf sympathy to her. It Ls sup
posed that she caught cold on Monday, when. In spite of
the blirtard that wss raging, she gsvs a sucee-sful per
fonnsns*. It I* hoped tbal sha will he sble te appee*
lo-morrow evening.
Nothing hss beea heard of W. Gould Rroksw's **donner
yacht Whim, whleh left this city on Mtreb 8 a* go on s
pleasure cruise to Rt Augustine, Klori la. The yaeht's
owner and three friend* went te Rerfelk, Vs., Just before
the ttorm to Join her there, bot swslted her coming in
viln, ind hsve now grave tears for her safety. The
Whim was a centreboard yacht and was enrolled In the
fleet of the New.York Ysekt Clnb. She wss built In
1885 (or Charles W. Cha pin. of this dub, sud wss pur
ekaaei ter th* owner hy hie rather, winiam Breksw, t
member of the wall-known clothing firm. fer. lt I* Hld,
0S,(J-90. William Uro kaw in_ ta/, ..enid Uro ks w sre both
st Fort Monroe; but If lo the course ef t tew dsys the
wuim ls not reported, they will give her up for lost.
Chsrtee Abbott, the leading man of Maggie Mitchell's
eomptny. engaged st ihe Fount*:.ih Street Theatre, on
Thcrtdsy. it lt ehirged epat la Ue face of H. __ Saad
tnrt, tn aetor, snd stTuck him on tho ne*e, ?(coloring
both eye* sad canting bioed te dew. L**l Monday Sand?
ford (enured a wsrrint agsin?t Abbett for ssssult, snd
yt*te-lay Abbott ippesred at Jefler*t*n Market Police
CMS! D*wy*r Prtcat speeared fer Abbi.tt and _*t_-i*>ded
t'.tt clent'* nitchsrge na ibe ground that the ooinplalnant
hid nut api-e(r*d to proiectite. Abbott Informed th*
mag!*sr*t?r that Sandford wa* miler personal and flnanolal
obligation* to him, hat circuit ted report** derogatory in
him. which hs -tae.-vui j estie* White after waiting ten
mlnau* la vain tor Sandferd. Ileohsrged a lt bott. About
? Quart*** of sn hour trier th* ease was disposed ot, Kan_
f. rd cam* into sear, sad on .taming ihe stat* of affairs
hs*uiy departs, in oneat ot t lawysr, detennlned te hara
lh* eas* reopens*._
The Ori"|>Si_**u affair ls exciting dleutiMlon ill
steans, sod General kadee, would net ?*? *zaetty _*l!_hted
to hair lbs t.mmary . th* gsBeral verdlst ea th* centro
)"*.' A gentleman tren acquainted wtth ihe Orin of
Wnbater A Co..esk* *.itir*>* t/iat (Jenora! r-deao had all
along 'ut-mated to thst firm thal be had been the chief
perauii in lae pr*-par?U? af Oeeeral Cranf* memoir*. The
(set thal Cetaaet ?. ;*_?. Ur*ul h__ Uk* origin*I of hi*
nikafa lenee at MAR t, 1888, la tmoertllj tmttrfi te
The use of a good soap is certainly calculated to preserve the skin in health, ta
maintain its complexion and tone, and to prevent its falling into wrinkles. Ivor.
Soap is an article of the most careful manufacture, and the most agreeable and re*
freshing of balms for the skin.
A WORD 1 "-"Here are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as goo- aa the 'Ivory' **?
op* [ they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of
WARNING.) the genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it.
Copyright 1?6, by Procter dt Gamble.
anfflelent oartdmet* that General Grant octed for himself In
writing the epistle.
Colonel Giant said yesterday that he expected to Rive
out a letter to the public to-day un tho subject. In snswer
to certain statements made by General liadoan.
Tha Delta (hi Association ha.*) been Incorporated
by Jul us Chambers. Sidney II. Role, John Ix* Witt
Warner, Henry A. Montfort. Edwin Ullotle. Rmlltua
t). Kendall. Frederic. M. Steven.. Daniel J. Tompkins,
W. J. Thuni 1*8-1 n. Haiu-I O. liorto. Sigmund M. Leh?
man, John I. Hamilton, James Ward Vt artier, Herbert
ix Sohenck and Hollin C. Horr. These giad-iate. of
Cornall t.'nlrerslty are organized for social purposes
and io promote tha welfato of that Institution.
- *j
Edwin Gould said yesterday that he had received no
far'her messHge from ht* father or bia brother George.
Both ot thea), he said, were In Jacksonville. HI*
tether wodM r *obably remain there i tim day*. He
certainly would .tot be here to-day. at there **-a*i ni need
fer hts presence st the meeting of the directors of the
Mlesoert rae?c road.
Tbe i'm.lita Ila ma hs i. of Indi*, who ts endeavoring to
csrry out plsns for eduostlng tbe chlld-wtdows of thst
country, lectured before the member* of the Long Island
Illaterlcel Society. Brooklyn, l.i*t evening on Ihe msnners |
snd custom* of Inila. She wse deseed In native cos?
tume, (nd corrected many popular errors In regard to Hin?
doo society. ,
miniati* tte ai* i-va'*;.
Bnartiea. ? 881 R?|8. 6 la I M*oi sets. 9:3. | Hoon'* ag*. 8
mon tvat*.i_
A Jf,_t*T)i*T Hboic 3:10 I Hot Id'l 2:43 I Hell nate, ?:?
l? _.-__adr ?'?)-. 2.il I dor. Itl'.L 3til I Hell Gate. 0:10
FttttV Tram, tatmm, BIM
Holland.Loorina.Mar 9.NeMoo-l
a*n*iu.Llrerpo.iL.Mar n.Nanon tl
? Ute of Nerada.ftia?t*nw.-far 9.Mtet*
Ktater.-.Bremen.Mer 10.NO Ll.iy t
li* Huffer.Antwero.Mar ?....Whlt* Croae
Alt-e.Aa .Inwall.Mer 8.Atlas
Martel.Barbvloes.M.r'.J .Hiifoeo
Aila*..Pert I,nunn_Mar 6 .Alua
City el Allaala.h-v?.>s.M_r 17.Aiexanare
raiDAT, MARCH 23
Bothnia.Lrveroool...Mar IS.Canard
BBHBBB-*..Liverpool.Mar 14.White HUr
hui.._-.;ii?i.ia*.Mar 14.*** U Lloyd
Hie Mega.Na*?*u.Mar 19.Wura'*
SArCR.'tY .mm ii -.'. t
Ohio....Liverpool.Mar 14.Inman
Wieland.Ilsmbnrr..M?r U....Hamb-Amer
Antin.ii*.Hemhuric.M?r m.Carr
"".?fiann.Antwer*.Mer IO.Roo ater
City of Pera.Aapinwail.Mat 1?.Pacitic Mal
C'aracaa.i*__ueyra..Mar 17.-....Bed li
YttteL Etna. fer M-1U .less, eail
riweet OaargU. 8tate. OUsrow. n . .n.
Rh.1etI-.H4mt1.Amer. HnruOiirc. 1 pm
Sewrutt. I'..'Ul.-, '.VI. t tym ? ii.10 Bm noOO.
Cltyof Columbia, Alex'.lro. ft_v*m_ Ao.. 1 nm 3 pa
Olio ooo. i4uei*M, ber .n i.i._-. 1 pm 8 pm
fill'.VT. MABC.I 23.
Philadelphia,, Red I). Leg-uerr-*.. 1 pm 3 pm
SATC-DAT. MAH. ll _i,
dervi*. Canitm. Llvernool.ll am 2:30pm
F.tli'opta, A*ehor. '?l?*eow.ll am 3 pm
fl!iT..n .*. Baltic, Heintmrg. m*. n
Marasia.ij._-r. Kambora-. noon.
FAtlet. so Horn. Bremen vi* -ionth'ten..ll::iO am I'S" p m
B?l?enlan.l. Rrxi-tur. Antwerp..lliJOam 3:30 pm
Le Benrgogn*, Frsaeh Tran*, llavrj.ll am 3 poi
Osama.Clyde Heyti. 1 pm 3 pm
Maxioo, BfJM Tran*. Harana... 1 pm 3 pm
Saratoga, Werd'a, lutana. . . pm .
Steamer Wvo?Ine (Br). Risby, LlT*rpool Feb 10. Queen*,
town ll. arith wk* an.l p**a*n?eri to A M Underbill et co
ateemar t retilc (Br). 8.ultu. l.iv*rp*ol Mar b. with md**
and u***e_c*r* to J Brae* lamar.
nt*.::'. *chr Lotus Boc ki. Mount, Jack*onvllle 6 days, with
linnher to I. Hm.kl A Bon. veasel to Warrell Ker.
Steamer I'aii*!.*****. Pi?.*r. flereeuah 3 day*, wtth mdse
an* |.a***ns*r? w Ri, W*ik*r.
8t*em*r R.ohmonil. J*nn*y Waet Point, Va, with md** and
p**aan*-*ra io "1.1 Dominion R* Co.
Brlgitiora** lurull, nlare.lt. Pouee, PR. 33 .lay t, wit li
melesa's io L W A P Armstron*-.
*c_r Emma R Smith (of Wln.l*or. N?), Fr,nlkn*r, Cientne
gn* bb dar*, with *n_ar lo enle-r: ve***l to Ft.ulke di Cu. Put
in lu .1.si re**, boun.l lo D*law*re llrtaek water.
Behr Annie V. Rlrk*r?on, Foi*, Onnalr** tb days, with log
w*?nl to T ft M***eo?*r: v****i tal) A Brett. Son .<- ( o.
rV.hr list* Far. B*B**r, Mayagues. Pit. .r, tavt. With frat
te Domes dt Pearsall; re**el to H B Rawer, di Ce.
Bl.'J* ta ET?A' 8*adv Kotk. win* moderate, NW; elon.ly
and thick off anare At City I aleo a, wind lg. NW; cl.ady.
Arnvari ratt.rtlif -
Bteamer Danish Prince (Br), Jones, Proareeo Mar Vs with
len ,, lu Ttiehsild Mr..a. Vessel to rtnnp*..|i. M..*..-,. ?t Young.
a rr-, rael et th.i Ber at 7 a m.
Bark TalKoian (nf Yarruoath. NS). Baker, F*w*y 65 dara,
i wuh mdse tu Hammtll A Oilleaple. veasel te Bord dt lillie.
I katu.
Hark Keetrell (Br). Priest, N*w.Haven, in ballast te
i loni.a * Co.
Htic Bari ght, Fn*f*r. Vort spain 37 days, with molasses
to L w A P a rm (trulls.
QT Atearaer ti ".tex i Br), which arrived Tueeday from
Japan an. china port*, was eeBsicsed to Certer, Hawley
B to. net aa reuerte.l,
Bteamer The Queen (Br), Mesley, Liverpool via Queen*.
I*wu r w j Hor*t,
8t**m*r Steie ol (.**rgla (Br), Moodie, Olaaerow?A nd tn
Hal*-;., A CO
??ttaiiier Al.er (Oar), ('tirltuiflars, Bremen via Southampton
-Oonah* A Co.
*l**tn*r I'er'.nl* (Br). 1 uni. t.labon - Phelp* Bro* * Ca
fieainet Alain... Rlak. (Jalveaton?V H Mallory <fc Co.
Bloomer Breakwater. Dole, W**t Point, V*?Old Dumlmon
Be Co.
Steemer Wyanoke, Roes. Norfolk. City Point and mo.i
moorl?Old I i.u.ninon *ts Qa
ateemer Fanny Ca-walader. Oilllngbam, Baltimore-. B N
Kteamer Josephine Thompson, Moore. Baltimore? fl N'
?l??m*r Winthrop, Bra.s. Portland?Horatio Hall.
Bhip Alma ..*_r>. tcluingel. ll..;tertl:irn? a *ij. ii, Tool * Ce
Bark M*rtiu'.n < Ital). M-S-etio, Batavia Java, (or order*
Ben oem A Hoy ??an
Bark Mary r rater (Br), Cash. Rottenlam-J F Whitney
*k Ce,
IUrs Belt (Rr). Monro*. Cadi* aad Mahon- lt de Flor**.
Bark f-.lvtea, Corti*. Leg-aa? B F Maieelf A < ...
tacbr flam* Weston. Morto*. Mt 0**jr.*. Urena.la?Chas R
mii A <_.
ftc-r D W B (Dr), Me Lean, 81 Jahn. NB-t*oemm?U Bro*.
T. (.Alli.ARO 1 HO MA*. M. ?..
MR J. J. ??*?? B, Hebb* Petry.
and hundreds of other well snd fsvorsbly knoem gentlemen
use snd indorse ELECTRIC SERVICE for maintaining an
even tnmperatare In hu-ae*. -ffiee* and publio buildings.
Any kind of heat automatically, accurately aad putatively
centrelled, and any deelred tempersture malnuined, Ineur
ia_ i.ea.ii., comfort and eoonoaiy, sod preventing the de.
(trueilon nf furniture, woodwerk, *ri-s.*etng, Be. We re?
fer to any of ou: nut. ratra, whose uiaunwiuela will be soul
with Ulestrsied Calal*..* on appltcailon.
U_ Bm-wa-r, Maiwu. MMiac. , 88 Baal a8*a> sa.
?Steamer* Helvetia, for tesatattt r*?n?*tvl Kart. lt*obnr?i
AH", sud WiUon.ineu. lire.n.m. I; iain, AinnieMaiu A lame
(ia.ve*;.in: llrrakwatei, Newport Now*.
Al*? **l ed?vi* Long Ulan! -iound?8(*am*r Herman WU
ter. Boe'.eo.
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QtneittisTCiWK, Mer ll- Arrived, *t*emer Lord Ooo rh (Br)
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(nno pr. cee<l*.l).
Bki.W II *-a:*. Mar ??*,_P****M. ateemtir l..k* Bnpanor i Br),
Btvwari. rr.nu Nnw-Yora Mar h. oh her wet i.. Lirerutiol.
Ki.NrMi, i -r-ti ? Paaee*!,sr**m*r I'si-aiine (Br), walla,
way, Irom Bosiou Mar 7. oa ber wey te l.lreroool.
(For later Shipping .V_*. If ans. te* *V'A Peg*.)
ftaware of s nlijfbt irritation of tha thro**.
BtB-nmeir* Cough Drop* riv* ia nt l. tit nu*". motA et
th*-leveledr_ur_aI tuu.it ant drutgleu everywhere.
E. Miller's Sfbing Hats.
1,147 Broad wey and 4 Aster Place.
" GOGEBIC" E. _- W. " Goo?bic,?
Benrt A. Mavifls M. D.,
819 WIST 1 'STH.tr.
Dtceaeee ?f the Varv.ut arti* u, i.emto-t*tintry O'
Imi*oleue*?n.l(terlhtr Hour*?Ste 1'*, f> toA,
Pleasure, profit and peace in u sin gr a He win s*
Marilin*) if lt I* e eenuin* Aummatlo rn ..In br Willotia lt
uttii.a m. M. Co. w. A O. medallion tratlemara on nv*ry
amai-hiTie, 658 Broe.lt.ay. N. Y.
Discounts are frequently offered by
dealer, in Solid Silver Ware, but
upon investigation they will invari?
ably be found to be made from
prices that are fictitiously advanced
for the purpose, and will be found
higher than the regular prices asked
at our establishment for goods of a
superior quality.
Gorham M'f'g Co.,
Broadway and 19th Street.
New Thing in Furniture.
Parties purohaalng _oo*l Furniture shoal') reta** to hu v sn*
piece of upholstered work where the black headed tacks er*
driven throagh the-(Imp. a* thef noduiibtedlv civ* avideooe
ot poor work and cheep fl-ilth. tine furmlturt never th mes
Ult gimp tucki, for tnt gimp it glutil on. Let thia geld* yon
when looking- a: furniture and inslat on the application of
gimp wlthoat tecka a'Hittite Gimp lt applied teithoot
For Ladies and Children
Ar* Oae best j-oo.lt m?.le. Fit Perfectly, Easy on the Faa*
Superior tn style, OM oo moto than any
other Fine shoes.
CA-'TION.-Oenulne hart) th* rall naree of
?Umped on LI VI NO and SOLE of eaoh Shoe, aad are Wit
For (tte itv tee tint: retail tho* dealer* in aearly avery et***
throughout the Unlte<l .state* end c.inada.
All width* er Lest*, any Styl. et Mhaa. ***ole. Toe et
If yeti cannot get our make of shoes frons roar dealer, send
a-.irea* for direction* tio ? to procure them.
NOVKl.TIK*t*?rRPA**.**l\t.A>\ **EA**ON*H IROIHC.
and Decorators.
41, 48 and 40 Watt J4ttv*rf.

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