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tym-m0,9 rntt rnsn landscapes now in this city
*'.'?>*"* "ScvemW,* tho largo landscape whlci
ir? exhibited In the 8a1on of 1870, the last Salon gt
which Millet contributed, has been brought to thi?
rty hy lh* representatives of Hoiissod. Valadon A
fla of ivis, and we presume may be seen In tholr
rooms, at Flfth-ave. h-1 Thlrty-first-st., by those vim
rare to study an onus ,1 phaso of thc master of nar
bison. This ls callcri th? only landscape which Millet
naintcri but Ssnslrr makes mention of other landscape
work In oil. There were shore views at (Jinnhy.
jtuJ-es of Nomisnriy lamlscapcs and buildings, and lo
th* ho ge painting of a shepherdess with a dla
faff th* figure ls really an Incident In the landscape
The bes lan.Lsiapc which Millet palufcri. ? Th* B?*V
Frost." <s owned in Brussels. Thc admirable
colicction of Mr. Irwin Davis, of this riff,
romain* ? ?m*u i- >dicape by Millet. MdbfS
land-cap* work In pastels H. of course, re*
f0Mbly fami'lar. Rut lt may be said that tht ptesfnne
of thc "November" will afford many, perhaps mo*
of our amateurs lr first opportunity of studying
Millet as a painter of landscape alone.
Tt?c simplicity, e'en austerity, of the design ls en
mamtj characteristic of a painter who "went stralph
lo bis ei"'." abhorring nredl**>s details anti all mann.
0f -roqee'tcries." Tho subject ls nothing more than
a browu hilled? turned up by tb* plow underneath
aehril gray sky. The hill stretches upward aud back?
ward from th* foregroiintl, which ls BBhrehM by BB|
details or staffag* with the exception of a harrow left
Standing In tho broken soil. At the top of the hill
on the rlfh* a-e a few slight Does, and among th'in h
th* only uftre (and that a tiny one), a spo-tsraan just
discharging hi' gnn. On tho left above th* hilltop ls
t great flock of crows relieved against a sky overcast,
gray !*d heavy In tli* near*r reaches, but luminous
towarri lha high hoi Iron Uno. The broken snrfar* of
th* ground ls firmly painted, and the distance, upon
which so much depends, ts accurately ei pressed.
When this picture was Hist exhibited lu Dari* lt was
criticised for want of texture and naivet* of com?
position and technique, but few of us would cai* to
substliut* thc ordinary examples of sophistication.
Tha tonality ls perfoet, and Di* coloring suggests
thc mellowness of rn Dutch master. The picture ls
Simple lu composition and broad In design and treat?
ment, ana lt ls a picture large In feeling. Thore is
the chill of the late autumn air, and th* emptiness
of the country |W*p( and garnlsb?d anri made roariy
for tb* reception of winter, but thore ls a promise of
fruitfulness In th* upturned ground, and th* scene
was never meant to have tho moaning which Um al?
ways dismal Soaker finds In lt.
Han is Beamer*! melancholy description of this
beautiful work: " I his great landscape, austere as a dav
of Toussaint, has all tho seventy of the season of
tempests aud inhospitality. Theta is a th Id, Whleh
thc .atiu.er ha* ieee ill] harrowed after thc evWlag,
rising in icgniar iintiuialions lip to the plano where
appears sumo ItnggUag life-, mm ly Stripped of their
leaves. . . . .ms UlMtWUp* Is n.l ann totem*
ana M. .Millet hat ... uah how tu evolve from this blt
of eaith, MNBBOapiaO* as a thing v..il,out Ino, Iho
terrible ny ol aatut*. Il U> cold as lt ls un ll.* c.i
Atys ut .November, In the days ot ihe i. . ,,
natch engender* the m.,ei aud .o.iois ul muter.
| ,>-ai> a g.tai knuwieog- ul rustie lu*
to inte esl i's lu this degree la thai bu ol clay, ami to
luce.-.'il ni ai praising ny its configuration ami But
the great po*tr) of th* country, the majesty
and terror ol the heavens, th* regaler modulati .us ul
ti.-- earth, Um puvert) uf the regulation and tbe waa
light of evil Om)*" ll ls plea-anl to turn iiuin the
forctxl gi....ii. .,f 6en*toi io ihe esl (mate ol Keno
Menard, a.un.ugh it un* lie impossible entirely te
i. ? with him M M iu 'I .1 elated i. a tlie Noveni
ls " i i.. -i'"I '"e j inti,non oi the classical si I atti and
of picturesque nature In Its composition " rhe pt ni
?? is pitiahto, dat ls. the clods
of ett-ti. it, th* first plane ar* cottony. and ti,, hai u?
winch ought at leasi to pie-ient some eccents ls as
ii eta m c,- rest A.? ??] rel what a noble air this pict?
on bat ;o. l ho* ;. fatly it represents a'."
i.v." sgt nt ? - cold pedantlelsm ol the classicist.*
Menard wtt thf wi rh of Millet, and h* a.i.ls thal " I hit
is neal arl, the url ot the future nol
ehlnd lt sud will nol perish, because lt addresses
? lo ir?? hea t anil hollis only io natara"
Kelt hoi Bensle nor Menard mantlont a c 'rion el*
flin-' , ll .' Ml I M of this . ? I : (?
can discover for himself If we sinnd ii?ii. ?>,'? ? I
pr* and loo! across th- canvas f.om o.r richi lo the
left lie firm, strong o Hines of ihe "Rotter" ., ,n| ,x ,-n
the impasto of tl? i'" i* er* di tlnetly sh wn. The
Tc e -???'ins even larder thai, tho "Sewer" In the
Van'.- >,:)i Gallery, uiih which a> regaedi ih* fl*"*
St Ic .I'd act'nn ll |? a 11r.o-1 Identical. One CiiiVv..
' i'h a no'.le landscape anri ai l?asl
the strone Knee of one of s.l|t>''. noWc?< rn
The explanation N tha' WVei after nearly
I Ing his fir 'e fo'r.d hK geetgll too InT* fi,.
th" canvas sud rs.!..te-i iii- linriscope ovar it B*t?sl"r
. peal . ?f a ste! la- experience wile the 1st "power."
J,*'n"d In 1*5?\ "lt rn rs bw. tni u-tti f-rv >?-.?
flSTlnt M-q.-l,..,! |1? ?.,,] Ol h's tfi.rl:, Hillel frond 1""
Mlch-.-l Anff'o. that tho steff "a- Ins BleMinl He
truc-i' tl," 'ines pf the fl*""*! *X**tlv and prod 'ced
ttq Isrtn tri.tti"* Which nvrcirci) lp f>,? o\Mi,o',..i it
ti.f. ...,,i ol i-'n " li ls thi- '? fsrtn hrnthnr.* ??? believe.
xrVeh I- in the Vanderbilt n?lle,.- The di |
"son if ' f>-..fi. Which tl." (mein, rift- ti,-.-'' t.: o""n-d
t,y gt. ie,i,.,.,. i 9haw. nf roston a tu-,i " <-???-,.,.?
has ?e-'i al-" tteno lt IM* oo.in'rv. Tt w*? twenty
yPa.v pt-"- tl," oral ?? f>ntr*r" ti,-.t ti" " Jf erv
y-n, rmtwteei fttran -r'r rnr.'.jh -._.,,'..? ,. >,ii,. > u,
;.'??"" '? Viwee h ?" m?1ec no m ?? -i .' t1." f?*'?*
,? ? ..-pc rTi.,?",i .,r."" ,n oil* e?nras which already
bti'-e the flF'irc of a fourth '? Power"
? -
An Easter fe e In std of prison nr-i ' .sr.ita! ebari
rle* iii which man] prominent Romai
de- t" ih. ???'! will b* I."'.I at T>?li ? , ' this
lAernoon f ona '?'? until i o'ci(?-k. The enl 'rtalnmenl
has h.-en arranged by .Miss r>er,ry. Ths ti*
wteih laney articles win be sold he In charge of pretty
git's weU known In society.
TV engageaienl h announced of Mist En
?ai th '1 in fl te- ,,f Predei Iel Slmond* and granridangh
ter of oiisiil lie I.:i/e (,, Rac he Mci (loci
The wedding el Mitt Georgina I're H*r and Th*o
dor" Qelyler wu tal," i la-e en May 10 a1 the Church
of the Holy Communion, Sixth ave and Twentieth
i e wedding of Ms- .tulla McPherson and Thomas
jni.1 ex Wilbur will tu_,e pi.ve on April l
The monthly dinner ol the jtew ?*,'??:' name Ai
elation win be given al Plnard't to-i
Tht redding ot Miss Dickey, dougal.f A. <". n
Mckey, to Howard Tosraaead will take place on April
A r- ? - - in. t of Interest to New-York s<(
r ? f -.t ? ?,: ??. ? Milter, of i oston, te Pt
dtil-h M -\|; -' . .' ihlS CltT, familiarly known as
M -- Mister i- one ..i the tur
l liavi ?? disaster.
Tht f i.s'en A. (art-r. Jr.. to Arina tir's
wo'.d -r i- ? ! t. -.- pace next Thunsdoi evening
tatt. Johns r. ?. psi hurch, stamford, f'onn The
brid* is a niece t cor modore James D. Bmlth, prcsi
dent t.f th- si, ;?? bange, and univ dauahl 'i of
william n gu ,/ Ramford. The bridegroom
1? ?* member of the law timi of his el t)
lattei dta
Mitt Mattie Earlt !? pieeent leaitnp w .m-m wiih
Robert Dewnlnt, in said t.. t.c anxious to Join th* Hal of
?ur* neal season ghi ls likely to appear In " ll
by J ii i
Mn'ii Powell, th- violinist, hat bera engaged for
ths Kaaaaa City PfceUval, April 2? .
mm en Bundey, Arm gg, at the Llederkrau Am.^.r
?sry Fi-siiviu in Steinway Hall.
Ilari.y Merry a' l Beat) r. Hoyt, ol the Metn
Opera lintis.-, a:, petatlag Ihe secoerj foi tb. i? tv
epera, "Tht Queen's Mate," whlek wll t~- presented j*
the Breodwa] TheatM I* ti.e la?t ael thc pi scruium
srch ? m bs ? !? j'ci st all dm) ? rles, and tl
tke tink .f tim '.,y, will de n.ally i-ix'.y I Ol tin"
Lew. Deehmedsi w-,*. in Ne* Tort -? **-'k wheo
k" mmmt j -. . ly h,.. ,,),.,: , ? w
? " n mow n ii ? .in i ? will
n*i,|,.-.ii on BiMtdway ,,, gfpni|m
Mila i'.ir.?, Um kaacei who ba sm ai
In - i.. loree" la aald 1 tal .
She madi hei del.ul at the Sjn fail,, in b*l nat!vt oliy,
Nji i. - mail I.m- -.?,,?? i.-i, . ,. ia epala, sun. a .,,- :i,;.
'??-' ytOt s'e ..a- ii (bt ?, . 1
B?l".--y U. ..ly hat a contia.t wllh hi. | ? ,-.,,?,
*i ii.- cn:.;.,,- mm letatiay haatteds ,t . ,
' '-.. m.,u... . M i, .,... - xaa ?
1 ? ? ? i* with i
*,Kl * 1 I loll'
1 s extra Wi ln**d*) mai -
nth Tht tirst will uki plao
Tfeeie ls ?? u?ut.i taai ?? 'i ? i ?
,w" haadted . . ,? lbim ,.,ty> ??,] v,,n
ti.,- i??, r of Ut .
?chleved this la the I , ,k ,,?,.,...?, u a
. ir.umpli fnr . M
io III ll.D A Hit ABO A DI ;\ MROOKL1S.
C. x. w Iteofhby, ol it,.- larg* Chieat* dry foods tina
et Willoughby, UIU it,, iseu,,,,, ?, ,,? t ,,.,, Aw,?..
,l"'"1 "? N "''?'?"" ' '" - .peoy ol
? has te..,, fuim.-d lot tat mrpom ?t maktaa vt Ina blt
pom,,,, of their pla* awl M ?, ? M< ai,.,,0
to p-.H-ny titotntng th* Clly HalL a sn Ur*
Mas* ?? lett hat beta bo*gbt tnt ?. WB ?f
the tmiin,,, Ma eccapyiM He lea! ... ,.,.,,,,? ., ,,w
JJ" The latall plans bars .lr,,h ,. ,,?,,?,., ,?.
?ow thal the pup*lsd bafldtac M Vt, ,. ,,u,'i.i,ks
wm luelads * inrire ii,.-i,tr.-. -i betti ta rout e
nuu.ber of aU>re* The sinount u, I*. ,Xi^?i.A lt **IA
tc be about tl, OOO. OOO.
a i?.ui,y, p rp fob'-jim^t" ml a ron lib
A larne ?r.1 tat_hatla*ttt gtW* fill v., pt., nwott*
te ils un,..,-'. e*pe. i] tatt uijtht. le wHae? um tmnraii
Jiou of a tmwtm l . i.ainpi..., whip ie j*,,,*. MeUugblta
tm* well known jockey. Thc wh.p ai . , ri (|*
wk. Tux. nt "rm vn'.v.. Baratta' ta! u t tm,',,,,
?Wy preseul Tout ?'?st?r'a gtmpmt and n,a?, ,,,,?.,
tstors awl actresses voluuteeied Utir ?-,vio?? m guUjli
up a euuoart, willa* piwaedetl the presentation ot thc whip.
Mt. Hun.uni lb* la wyr r. usda lix- persantstlon sddreas,
eulugiduu Mol-suxhlln snd praising hts loyalty snd hon?
esty. A aaddle. s horseshoe aud an Immense bouquet of
roses wer* presented with the whip, sll of whleh were
j-la.-c 1 on exhibition In the lobby si ths end of th* concert.
? my
When the theatres had discharged their matinee
audience to swell the great throngs of people who
were already enjoying die magnificent air of spring
In llroadway on Saturday, lt really seemed as If all
New-York was out for a airing. One of tho sturdy
m aiken, m-oii on his way up-towu was C. C. Shayne,
the energetic and rotnist Prlnrivst furrier, whose full
cheeks deno'e unstinted good health, despite the I.lac lt
whiskers that nearly cover them. He ls accustomed to
walli from hi ; store to his. house In Flfty-fifth-st.
ivory day. He ls one of thc patriotic Americans who?e
liUh blom! 1,-a.is him io encourage heartily every move?
ment fur Ireland's liberty. Ile In a prominent Mason.
Major ?'. F. I'lilch, with a now pair of hld gloves,
in which article of attire he it an expert and specialist,
ls tahlag a t uiistHutlonal walk. Ills dark I.row lowers
as he catches a glimpse of TM Tkihl'kk Stroller until
he might a* thought to ha engaged In planning another
hattie w.:h his brother Emigrailun Commissioner, Mr.
stephenson " Soe here," he says. " I'm a pretty reastin
aldc fellow ahoul Ihe nev,-papers and don't kick often
at anything that may be said about me, but the lin*
must be drawn somewhere. I went to Kan* I..,dee
reception th* other night and som* newspaper reporter
with a single stroke of a pen destroyed my Innocent
and pious ba> belorhood by announcing the presence
of " Major t lr,eli and wile." What little
hance I have of redeeming myself by trying
io make tom* woman happy tor life ls thus
possibly ruthlessly destroyed. I say, can't you make
another dash of the lien that will restore me to my
virgin condition, now there's a good follow." Tho
Stroller promised and passed on.
E. O. Gilmore, th* theatrical manager, ls on th*
pavement, with a chum, to whom he gives little at?
tention, as his eyes are constantly turned upward In
a sort of staring way. " I'm on tho lookout," he says,
?' for a few good walls on wh ch to paint advertisements.
Vc have to keep t sharp lookout all thc time for those
things I'.'i'i- iii-i;i places In Broadway are scarce
and In demand."
A round faced, chubby man, of perhaps thirty-eight
years, I- V 11-on J. Vance, a former Uhio editor who ls
new thc agent of thc t Hy of Findley In securing manu?
facturing establishments In that community. Findley
ls tho centre nf thc new natural gas field which has
been developed In Northwestern Ohio within two or
thiee years. Mr. Vance tells mc ihat tho city owns
and controls thc gas In Its borders and that they are
prepared to give away sites and free gas to substan?
tial manufacturers who will go there el,her with old
established factories or start new ones.
Near Twenty-sixth st. ls ob-erved thc complacent
face and <uti p'.m'l:il figure of ex? Secretary William
Wlndom, of MlanetOta, who now spends so much time
la New-Tori that he has the appearance of a metro?
politan laanrlar Thc Stroller heard within a day or
two the story of Mr. Wlntlnin's early career, from an
old neighbor, Un was born In a little country village
:n Knox r.unity, Ohio, where he was apprenticed to a
merchant tailor, llo removed to thc county seat,
Mount Vernon, where ho engaged with I lath A Pyle,
who were Ih* fashionable tailorb of tho period In tnai
iowa while with them he begaa lo study law under
Judge Hud. tbe father of ex-Congrettman I rank Hurd.
and shortly ai'ei his admission to the bar was elected
prosecuting u 'arney, which wa.s tho opening ol his
ilatln faithed public life.
A flooder young man. with aquiline nose, clear cut
features awl springy walk, ls Willard Shaw, a young
at lorne] oho ha- an omeo at Bo. IM Broadway, ead
Who ha- just roco.vcd a letter from lioi.-iice Ju which
Mr. Blaine's nam* watt mein oneil. The lett*) was
written by the Max, u.. it. BuaaeU, who is chaplain of
iho American Chnreh la thai elty. Mr. Blaine had
attended >.-rylee ami Mr. Hu-.ll. ni nOtlag the tact,
mt: "Mr Ulalne la looking far helter and in better
health li.ai. when 1 mel him In 1'atcr-on lour years
*g?." ___
T o Ihe Editor of 1 he T, ibu ne.
Biri Tht f"ii"W,ng letter was received by A. R.
int net. president of Hm I lax and Hemp Spinners and
Growers' Association, at Hi annual mooting In lids elly
las" weeli, bul loo late Itu pu m anett in Hie regular
pic- report* Jt explains Booti IX l>- C.
Washington, D. C , April 4. li li -
Lexington, Ky., Msrch 25, 18S8.
Mr. A. lt Tarot*, Jr., Pres. 1,-nt of tho Flax and Hemp
(ir,over-, amt Spinners' Aiutoclilli.n, Washington, ll. C.
Hear Slr: At a OMOttOf *f tho hemp dealers held
h're ii, In tl irot a?ie?.I that thrungli UM ne-limn nf
a J'.lnt lettai wo weni 1 piniest against any redaction of
the dntv ea fOl !gn hemp or flax, or goods manuf.t. rttUOd
therefrom vv. am Ihoroaahly uta spite nt with iha
\.:si,es of th* h. inp grower* on the nuPJ.-et ant know
tl,ey are 0ppo**d lo any rein,Hon of Hie existing 'I,ity on
hemp or tl.e products lhere,,f. Tb* president ..f Hie
Farmers' l.xel.anee, an orgtinlrstlnn Ihat Includes In lu
membership Hie most prominent farmers In this d,str-',
hat written t'. Hon. W. 0 BfCeklnrldge, representing our
district In Congr***, iMuriag him that our ttiBMIl ta*
not compete with foreign hemp If Hie present. July ls
laina off, uni tuging him lo KO that they are taken care
of The unfavorable Ume at whleh the ttaoclaUon neett
preclude* us fro i being ?:t?. yoe, tui we assure y..u that
we are in entire sympathy with you in nos matter, ead
look to T'oi :,s nresllent of il-,., a--,,,iailon to u-e every
efTorl III your power to defeat the attempt to chang.) thu
viletlng luty o* hemp. V.? truly.
lb..'i,?i w j. LOUOnBIDOV
AVERT s \vi\STUN'.
ll ii ni ia.in g BROTHER.
F. It STA ilks.
TIIBG. B SPARK! Ill-MrCompany,
by B C MOBOAN, Vlcc-Pr?Idtnl.
J F. scott .* BROTHER
Tn I' ? ., I -.,, -
Slr: Having Ifon pamoaally and well acquainted
with Counteat W'aldorsee. In Iterlm, during tho winter
nf H*rt(\. I wish to verify tte -taciimnt of Mr. Chares v.
porter, la yooi Imo* af Mareh 28, la regard to her nobio
i luisiiaii eharaetar. His trlbote of praise is fatly mer
llett b) lier. Although occupying the highett lOOial po
- 'ion. her efforts in tining good H'e Unremitting, anti
were no other in-tanro of b?*r Ingnenre lo t>o rccog
tired thin that of the "Young Men's Christian Associa?
tion" In Berlin, that woold be auAoleni lo provo her
devotion to a life of neefuloose: but this ls only ono of
maa) of thc objects of hor bindoora, C.
New J ort, Apiti 7, 18HS.
7 o th e I'il i I or of I h e Tribune. ,
Sir: A ies| omlent lo lu- ivcms's lnt|iilry Is po
emphatic in the affirmative Ihat lt seems tnlt right
? wind Should be heard on Ihe other side. While lt
may be quite righi for one lo wolli with a good oliject, \
it might be .|uii" wrong to attempt la InBueace leg's
liition in it- favor?a g., If I www a Prohlbttioalst,
lad In a ce tain great crisis three I le bett are pr***nt*d :
m for Mr. a., ProhlMtlonlat, aootber tor Mr Mci'..
tod last 1] foi Mi Lincoln. I n igain, tuppooe a gi cal t
state io be ovenly divided; on tbe one side arc ranged
Ita Intell c nee and progressive spun ; on the other, its
element! : sm i to help by my vote, given
Mindi) io my hobby, lo thro* the power, y.'ar after
rear, ticed i\ In 'ho hauls of Ihe latter? Influence,
fl yon pl. a. . logialolion in favor of all g....tl things, <
ai wnli Judgment. Thit li Ibe trouble iel, many
tnml men; lh--y walk IU ltr*lghl Ihey tumble over
backward. At ii lt written: "Ha who oet eth from
aii n a;, ti, btmtelf t prey," am God lt aol pleated
.etan-" Hi.ie li uo lodgment. Till.KW ,
Nev york, April r>, (BBS.
r ri in e I-' i ? i - i ? u i -.
sir: A few days ?go you published a Qdeatlon of
nine to ulm h I have alreidi ie,.- \..| a reidy l.y mall. ,
iiimii tbowi me that lt N^as misunderstood. Th* j
sntcr evidently tuppuaed 'hat the lineal loo meant,
'If ns a paator I am bound lo do" anything, etc..
? i., tea- i meaal n as a general que* tl ie ami beg to
?-? ia1" it thus:
" If an., man is hound to -tnve lo tapp Wt any evil
ij ali ihe ioma, ami rollgloui ageaoieo at biaeommaad,
s he oi li he no bound lo ttrlve lo do tho same ny
iii ihe legislative agencies al hit oommand I If'ye*,' \
,, ' Whj nm '" I
ii..- ati.iK-, ol ibo "I... favor ra* with eommual
n ..-il. ilia' I may eoir.-i'on I with nm ]
*n en if needful, ami aJ?o lo Koo* what weigh) IO j
tx et ii io ti, ? opinion. i
-mic vi ring the above, l have seen an article m t
thia morn.ng't ,it,oink l.y "Verttae," winch Ira! i
ai wer e., question in Ihe afllimailve and Ihen puta
u '?'.?>? ? hlch ba* nothing io do wllh ihe luesllon, and ,
ihereto - .. p,,.,- ,|rUi i would iel in a manner which
I fe J-i-'ilie . V bo -ays I would aol t
hep Hie lu, i ea,,. ? I mi-li 111 .New \oik lo j.lill a |
Intoning m.in in.,n ii,.- nverl Very leapeclfully, ,
Chjirch .,! iht Btraagero, New-Voih. April :,, 1888. ' j
? l
RttiOU let'ir ui Thi lrmidenre ,l??ri?il.
i ? .s i.,iii nas overboard in a ina* \
nu'room lOCOn ',, imkxu g lui r.val ),a> k Hay belles: ,
' I r il I ge III* j...slii\.|\ P on ." ono -a:d IO t
li ..Iii r. ?' lc tali.-d m m ll .wei j:i-i le fore J nuiie up t
?tans."' y
" Von timi !.e~,i Bitting agilnst Iho wall for a long |
Ima,* w,i th* u .a: ii, i- roapouse fl livered with j
i.urti tao liitis*. "hut lt wasn't BlOO al him to allud I j
o lt. I
Thin reminds olin of an old French storv, only that
' ls ny no e.eans as good m* that fOOontbl* rel ort : 1
" V,,:r hu -I. in! told in- las' ev B'Bgj on- lady ro- ii
iia'lt- to another, "that mv eh cits xxt-r.. | p.h rtmen.'' e\
" I'1-, r Huts th" wlf\ appaiciiHy undl.eonceriod, v
'he -nhl i.. me Hferwaixla that lt wa? a pity they : I
le,uni un yellow io^os." I o
? HOW HR ril'l'imi'. Tt? STOr IT.
There's a new ofllcial In Washington called th*
Censor of tb* Press. ile wasn't created by law. II*
Just grew, eince N ?e..,l ei he ha* taken a piom'n?ni
|la~r In the hea t ol al: pul ll her*, and hit name hst
i ? n ; iom'f-011 .ty ia hod nf wi h evp-e-elve phrases
mu no?n to th* cult,ired ear The man ls t Georgian,
an ex < ongressmsn and when not pitying Censor
wruplos the office of Tt.nl Ass stant postma-ter
(en-i al. He ls ila .el ly la w th the considera?
tion of questions resting lo the rlas'iflra'lnn of mall
ma't*. and th* rates of po;tage. th* entry nf second
i'll pu dleatlon* and co; tat, omlence re a ng
t hei eto.
In the case of new puMlca'lons Mr. Harrt-'t me'h
otls par'ake of pe seen'ion. "The Amer can Hook
? lier" ha ca hd utieiiil.n to tt* cent c. ntn.versy
tetween this ale."d t-ervant of the people and "The
New-Yok l.n He,- pahH ked in thi- city by Bill
Arp's to. t freak anl Vin, r S.nlth. I e tain I'ate
tren t ti ade are so imar.liig tlmt a TMBSBI repoitcr
railed on the Mess s. Bmlih at No 154 Nassan-tt.
foi laitlonlats of their Miugel w th t! e tensor. The
bio'hers a' ll mt were OXOeedla ly 'aitlous
"We don't ca lo le.-in nm.ther conflct," they
aid "H's too expensive a bu?lness?this lighting
the Oiivenimfti'."
"What ls the cs i?e of your trouble with Mr.
Harris's department f th* rerorter n mired.
"You'd beter ssh Sunset Cox. Mr. Harris told
him more than he topi aa"
"Wa* Mr. Cox Inter-sto.11"
"W* end* vorod, ut f r unately. to ns* h't 'pull'
We wei-e told hy a certain Tost Office offlelsl that Mr.
Pox could 'fix tt with Hants.' Of course we ap?
proached th* Congressman only as a last resource."
"You w*r* trying to en'*r 'Th* Halette' at th*
sec.ui/l-i la-- rate of pos'S^el"
"Yea one cent a pound Mr. Harris Insisted that
we should pay fl cents a pound."
"On wha' grounds 1"
"To us he wrote thst 'The Halette' was eicluded
from the ee0*a4-0laai p Iv !???? i.ecau-* of Vt nom?
inal luhfOilptlon pr ce T. Mi Cox ht sad. 'lha
Now-Yu h (Janette teoigt ti th* cla?s primarily
for advertising purpo e , amt lt has n> subscription
Pst.' Mr. Cox was good enouch tn S'nd us Mr.
Harris's letter, else we ml nhl never have learned why
we wei* excluded from tha pound ratos."
" W hat was meant hy nominal rate of subscription 1"
" Heaven and Harris only know. Is H a yeat^
5 cents a copy?a nominal price?
"And tho i ' a ti- ni' nt lo Mr. Cot
" Was positively iinfnie. We made oath that we
did have a subscription list, and the Censor will not.
dare to deny lt. The ev d mk* I- on die In hie office;
bis dorks have seen it. We ndinlt that tho Hst was
small, bat lt was honest. And, Ole?t you, ls a person
going to siibhcrlhe for a new magazine that ho has
never seen 7 And Would in- mighty t en-or give us
more than an eighth of a eba noe IO eireuloto 'The
Octette* In order that people might seo Itt Who
hhall f-ay how many mimes COOatitOte a rabOOripttOB
list I Thc postal laws ami regulattoa* du not tell at
whether lt shall contain ten Barnet or 'en time-i ten,
or a million. Yet Mr Harri. Would havo Mr. Cox
believe that we had no rabeerlptloa list. We told
Mr. Harris thal his rulings placed a premium on dis
honesty, wim beeldet oooscleoee wa- io prevent us
fn.m sweating lhal we* bad 10,000 tubocriboisl Tho
department never |oet behind lae returns.
??Another point. The p-.-tai lawt ami regulatkma
ttate most positively that the number ol sample eopiet
neut out liy a publisher lt nol limited, la tali matter
Mr. Harris was entirely above the postal u?s and re
gulatloi in lim ???'' . publ i.' 'The Stn
Xir.h lia/.ette' mighty quick. Wc modestly ask per*
Bunion to sCnti out i,i 00 of ea h number. ' 11
proportion is too gram,1 Mid thc I ensor, ?l?oiwoen your
Mih , upi on ll " mi i !?? coi ca
Mun, General,' wo arguod, 'the law doeeo'l limit toa.
Ki ides, our sn ..-cr,i ..on- will tuon tun np. "ihe
muds are flooded with tampia eopiet now,' he rep1 ed.
?and nen publication.' canM expect Hie Government
t., edvertlte them, i he\ should i.e compelled to semi
..nt sample copies as Hurd elans Bustler eight .cuts
? pound nulli they gel a subscription list.' What
dill we dot Came down to '-?'.') sample eo]
i>.iwv dm rn- PHKMIOM ni six 9t\
'? What vaa your troiild* about premiums 1"
" w.-ii, u.is iieitig the agt of pn ntlums we pattoraed
after our eoatampuraiioe and otferad a town lot in
Morlda worth 16 cent as au laducmnaal to sub
tenben. ibo Coator deelarad it was a land tpeeo
lotion. We s?o,o lt X* a., not. lie ie
?f.iMtl lo btllSV* lid. li wae drop tho land
piemliim or ttai *Ol of Hie mails. Xx m argued In
vam. '(ieneral,' WS pleaded, 'y.u exclude ns bom
Ih'j malls on aOOOUBt of thit premium You know
linn ninety nine mit of a lijndretl in-rlodicaU "irer
prealuiM to tubeertbot*. ia um aiagtilatr are
n-gular vail.ly More* ll lt an aga of ptomlUBH
and ch.om.'.. Why, wo cnn meiiilon doyens of
periodieaie bow enjoying ihe toeomlolaM privilege
mineh profess io gue tubeeriben premiums worth
ii, ,!.? than ihe price of tubOCrfpl loll ! Wo offer no
laeh Ind rn i'm nts, We've uot tu make a protit or
iiuit.' Harli weil his reply, 'if you haow any gah*
li.ai.nn.s doing as yon .say 1 will bc glad if you will
Iel BM I.now ol Hu mi.' And I.- aid'd ni no uncertain
volo Ibm all st h slim,,d !?? Hopped."
?? inti you -end bim such magaslnos I"
" Yes. Prom a list uf tevorai hundred we selected
=evcn all xxiy.i know it ami of uu-at influence aod
EarefuBy mailed wilh a blilO pencil their astounding
'otters io subscriber!,' In order Ibm they might m.r
?capo 'he eye of the Censor. w> mad" a tai.ie of
comparison between ona of those publication* ami
The Nan Iforl 0 stet te' which we xron suki would
iffectuaUy settle the 'nominal subscription' boslnrat
-o fir as our publication wat ronee?ned. n required
ii telegram n> get a reply to ties dose, bul lt coate st
last containing tbeoo words: 'The pipon to which at
lentlon ls call-d si" known to have thousands of
bona fide tuheerihert and In most if no' all rasm
Sited lt ll established thst ttie snecass of Ihe periodicals
*.e such and not any collateral o' distinctly separate
enterprise ls ihe principal obj?rf of their publication.
I am Obliged lo decline to reopen the ca?e.' So de?
greed the Censor."
?Wll <s .?tt-.p.f-r than* TIIK MtflA
" What did you do?"
* WiKoiillnned tn niall 'The r;,vett? ' at fl rents a
pound to Mgular subscribers. Ten thousand tor's
?ach well were teni out liv Adams Kx press. Mr.
Harris took particular pans to lei\n u, no loophole
Bf escape. Per the flrst Hm" In Ifs history tho Am
.-ii."in News Company, which hand]** 'The eacott*.'
received e\t.licit warning fr.ni th* Post Oflice I ie
partmenl, ? ln?t lt might Inadvertently mall "The
Nen Yorh Gatolte* a* thc pun..! rat.-.' Iho em?
ploye- un.lur Mr. Pearson mu-' have received that?
.nleis, too, for th"' continue t?? petter us with f|urs
tlons which teeto highly Impertinent a.-tlne as If Ihey
nupeeied us af MtemptIng to defraud the Govern
ment. We are told that Mr. Pearson never n.-il.es
trouble for pnMlthen."
" WDre you Rosily successful ?"
" In a measure. Hut we retired from the pre?
mium 1.lisle:ss. We ai"- almost afraid to uso the
wen! 'premium' or ' thromn.' les) the Cantor tah*
tffatKO -Tho Gazette I under the ban ami must
stand alone, without thus ? eyt-aonl nary Induco
mt nts' whit i hav.- established Ita eontempnrariec"
'?You w.ie in trouble with thc Treasury Depart
melli, t.,.; !"
"hoi quita, v.e retreated. We hail a Mg nh kel
? i foi a how .a' i. bul Cinie Sam was afraid
lii.it s,un.i, ?!> might try to gao* ll for a J I enl pico."
" How |ai ^c v ?*. ll .'"
'? About four ln< hea In diameter."
"What do you think m lu rea-lne, tho postage on
library ' perlodfc alt I"
? ii loot.- like on.- ,,f ||r iianis's measare*. The
policy of his department ls to reduce the amount of
i: atiei teni thru ;h ti, ? mall ':? Incr a i the pot!
b ?? ian- i- one * av i.f dolt c lt. To exclude new pub
ll.a-loi.s I- ano)her. I lt the bu Incas t.f Mr. Hauls
i bow m.:, li or h,.-.% Utile printed nial.er lhere
ihaii i.o ! A littlo reforn In tbl particular branch of
ihe < ivii Bervlec wouldn'l offend the people. Mr.
Iluiiis's rulingi ai. unj - . arbHrar a ,i a's.ntl. Hie
Oiai.a.emoni is eharaeteilzed hi u roaaua ami folly."
tmn, tht Alhtinu Ar qui
Dr. Herberl 0. Btarhweether. elty physlelaa, nt
erday noon performed s .-.-? .fully an operation to
CltCVl an ;| .,,.! . ,,: itlffen d kn ? ? lol Bt, upon the ?
rfl leg ot Mrs. Loidia Bach, ol tins city, who has
i Inmate ol the almshouse -.i November i, '<
lera ;-he |. thirty three yean ol aire, the mother of j
Bve childi ?::. and has * I, .- md living The itlffened
|< it ies ned fiom an Inflammation following a
. old shoal three x,,,i- ago. The tool ***
urned up* ii I an i ba hoard, and ih? poer woman
,..i boen a n.-aiiy helpless .upi,ie for over nv,, vears.
1'.porai. was pi f. , ,i ai , ; almshouse hos
..: in Ktarkweaihor was as . ted by Dr. Jamel
1 ? '?'? Hie i,n's- physician nnd surgeon, who ad
ii.nist.'ird th-- snacsthetn William iMnk, brother of
'? l;t'" '" I ?' 1 l ?'? . uh., 1 nov. g student of tor
tun aul medicine, ,. , tss'sted Dr, gtarhweather.
1,1,1 "I Mi ! -rn the matron of the hospital, ami
Innes N,,m..u, a patient. ,?., f.n-m.sl (ho necessary
,t'i.'-s In at tenden ??
Tl.' lUlfully ix-: formed hy Dr.
? tarhwei't -i. wno t'-st ,,,,,),, .,,, |,?.Ki,,n |M ,),,. fl,..i,
rom the upper surface irt rr,-- lower part of tl.e th'tih
i..w n ov. i th.- kn-o j., nt t,, a point midway between
h* knee and foot The th li wa-i then' dK-.s te I
rom the bones, whi-h vera ti il laid han-, ami I
Im femora w?s sawed throogh thr?e I nc he, and a
islf above it," knee, R?.| the gbnla stitt tibia IWO
ts ins and a half t,e|,,w lt. Thus Hid entire hui"
olnt wa* removed fern the limb, and after lt hsd
?cen release,| from th? am h.h.s's thal had con
.acted lt lha tunes men, replaced In the leg amt
elned In (heir natural plves with silver wires to sl
<?* them lo reunite hy th" recuperative operation* of
iltur* In "H,' fr ? ir.'eiitlon" Th* wound Was then
ies,f?t and 'he usual restoratives were applied to re?
ive the patient finn, Hie effect* l,f ether, under
?hleh she hid bern t-onHiiuniislv for the two houri
tcupied lu the ptrformaue* of this dalloat* pl?oe of
turrery. At half-past 7 o'oloek last evening De.
Parley reported that she wm doing well. It will re?
quire about lix months for th* eomplota healing of
thu caso.
WAsniNOTo*. April 8.-Lx Sonator John B. Hen?
derson, of Missouri, has been in tim city for a week
on business to come before tho Hupreme Court.
Speaking of the Presidential pro-peels In the Repub?
lican party, he tald: " John Bherman will undoubtedly
go into the convention with greater strength than any
other candi,lab), but tho question remains whether
or not he can be nominated. Ho would be a formida?
ble candidate If once selected by the convention. He
possesses little of that quality known as personal mag?
netism, s quality which gives Mr. ltlalne the tame
power one* possessed by Mr. Clay. Mr. Clay held
his friends by Hos as strong as " hooks of steel" loo
same may Im said of Mr. Haine. Mr. Clay, In hit own
paHy. was simply omnipotent, llo could have com?
manded tho Presidential nomination at any tim* but
for the fear of defeat, by his friends. Somo nf tho
leaden of a party will get tired of feeding on hugks.
Tholr affection for great party leaders may be strong,
but their love of powor ls stronger still. I do not
mean altogether that power which find* tlgnlflcance
In holding the odie**, the mere loaves and fishes of
politics. That moro exalted power which enables
a party to put Its favored measures Into practical
operation must not be overlooked. It ls tho latter
which perhaps Influences tho majority of even the
leaders of a party; lt certainly controls the rank and
tte of any party. If Bherman should be nominated,
his supposed lack of magnetism would nut materially
affect his chances of election. A Presidential candl
dat* comes In contact with so few of tho voters dur?
ing th* canvass that lt mab** v*ry little difference
whether or not ho ls magnetlo; his personal charac?
teristics are of less Importance than his political snd
business qualifications."
"Has Mr. Allison any strength!"
" Mr. Allison would make a rory strong candidate,
In my opinion, if nominated. 1 think, however, that
Mr. Allison would hav* a better chanco of being nomi?
nated If he came into th* convention without his btato
behind him; that ls, If ho appeared as a dark homo.
Harflrld, you will remember, hail no apparent strength
during the early balloting of the convention whloh
nominated him. Thore was only ono voto cast for
him, and that was cast by a man from Missouri named
Mri'ioskoy. Mclloskey was looked upon In the con?
vention as a crank, and his vote for Garflold was not
regarded as an indication Ihat Harfleld had any
strength. Harfleld's nam* was sprung upon the
convention when the other candidates wero exhausted
with the fight. It looks possible now that tho coming
convention may be somewhat Uko tho convention of
1380. Mr. Allison would probably stand as (.-nod
chance of nomination If ho were sprung upon tho
convection when the Maadi of tho other cantlldatos
were exhausted. It may bo, however, that Mr. Alli?
son's btat* support will ojioraio as a nucleus of
strength and the onthu.sla.stn af his State may prove
nant aglow* in tho end. Mr. Allison would make a
strong candidate. I think Mr. Ulallie, Mr. bin mian
and Mr. Kdmunds would support him."
"Do you think Mr. Sherman ls lh,"> strongest of
tho Republican candidates, supposing that Mr. lilaino
ls otit of thc raco I"
'? .Mr. Sherman is tim l.osi bualBMt man In high po?
litical Ufo today. Ho has been actively In pollt'cs
for thirty-two years. I was Wtth him on tho FlnOOOC
Committee dttriag the war. General .-herman has re?
ceived high praise for his dee,i-t ut.on fhe battle-ncld.
Th.-j ai- known to all. Bal the difficulties nf tho men
Who hud to devise the ways and mean; of obtaining
money to carry on the war were known end appreci?
ated hy few. Senator Sherman Wonld maha a V*fJ
sunn; candidate and he would make a good Praeldent
Any candidate who ea* go before thc country with
the support of all Ih) Republican leaders trill I")
elected. The election will he settled by Nov. y.,.i..
ihe candidate thal can carry Mow-York will bo
elected "
'? Do you think tho Democratic party will gain any?
thing in Hie West ?"
"1 believe thnt Illinois. Iowa. Kunsas. Minnesota,
and Wisconsin x* ill glvo Increased Republican maj.in?
" Is there any chance of Illinois going Democratlo
in eas" ..f the nomination of Rlach or Morriton for
Vice Preiltlent on th" Homocrailc ticket!"
"Not the tlightest Jilin..h will go Republican
bp a larger maioritj lhaa over."
"Do rou believe thai Mr sherman's work In tho
South will henel!! h!m In the convention 7"
" It lukes votes lo nominate, and rotot from tho
South therefore cannot lie rejected Uv tiny candidate.
Rut In OOO seu.sn |t is a dangerous support. Von re
nvml er with What crushing nfTect his opponents used
UM fool thit Arthur's support rame from Ktates th.it
?'i- -il,..ny linallie to gtve him an electoral voto.^
'? In. you think Mr. Rlalne |-j out of fhe race?"
"To think otherwise ls a mere iwflectloa on Mr.
Rhine's sincerity. Bo friend of Mr. Rlalne can
think for a moment that, he Intended by declining to
irlxix himself additional claims or Strength for the
nomination. My understanding clearly is that Mr.
Rial ii" ls fully senslhle of what I have already told
touching person*! rivalries in the party ami hi fully
recognizes the fad thal having defeated him once
they are strong coi,gh lo defeat him araln."
"Yon ih!'.!.', then, that the Republicans may bo
sm.-e-sful iii the next canvas*t"
'?If the Republican convention shrill lie held tor
Consultation and nol for the mere exhibition of party
enthusiasm; if th* del*galm win denigrate over their
action as wise legislators deliberate over tim eon
-truclon end effm ' i f legislative enactments?they will
lie ablo to nominate a ticket that will succeed."
av ohio mw in OPP 'sn rov.
?RtttTOI ."ukiimav vdt mirri aa iMOJtO r.fit>t,
Tn lue E il i t rt r ni The Tribune.
Slr: I am prompted tO write you for the reason Ihi!
I do not believe the summery of Presidential prefer?
ences lately printed Iii Taa rant aa fairly represents
the sentiments of the Republicans of this State. Mr.
Jllalne, prior to the apjiearanc.) of his letter saving
that he need no longer bo rogard'd as a candidate
was undoubtedly tho cholco of th ice-fourths of tho
Republican voters of this State, ami many of them aro
still for him, firmly believing that he would not decline
thc call of tho Republican party If it came to him In
such a way as to Indicate that lt was tho cheerful,
hearty and thought Inspect! rall of thal peat host
who thorough1)' l-rllevn In tho protection to
American labor and protection for tho American
home. Ills action In Withdrawing hit name
thereby Informing his friends that rai contest for tho
Presidency need ls. made on his behalf, ls only another
evidence of lils greatness and magnanimity; but lt by
no means Implies that he Intended so to separate him?
self from his friends as lo ba no longer subject to
their call. I think lt entirely trno that ltlalne docs
not dene the nomination, aol I think lt Just a; true
that a largo majority of th" party are anxious that
the nomination shall lie tendered him, ami I regard it
a.s morally certain that he will accept If lt shall l>o
tendered la the manner that I have Indlcalud. All
talk of his not lielng the strongest candidate ls pre?
posterous bomobm, H th'-' i.'cpuhU'aii patty cannot
elect tho brighten*, ablest ami boat beloved ama la th*
Republic, it caiamt oled anybody and may us wull
Ohio ls a Republican bl ute and gl>
strongly -Republican, perhaps, as to bo tafe
for any candidate that may tie named. Bat Sherman
ls not a favorite In Ohio, and herein, I Judge, th* sum?
mary of preferoncos printed In TM l ,t:,i* "K ?? at
fault, il.- in-n ah* run thi machine ate for Sher?
man l?cauio they want pla."- Th* ?-anl politicians,
the fd!..ms Mho a.-.. always .cady to wh la where
angeli *.I bealtato, a-,- active and ?tfP*?JV?*?
him. Ami it is la tlc eeotwi ol j-i"'?-* ' "*?*
IhOS* tesl.lc ami Wh*!* loo P>p?i'er.-t. a nt Ol I..
tpondents for tho papers do their pm- ?!; ? k ??*
sie man makes i/- greatest thowlng. Inthe rom
dis.,l.t.. where resldo H.- solmr, tf""'*!>',f " *."' /""Y.'
i-i men uh., fight tor principle* ?nd not Jfor tpous,
and oben Ihe I .-publican pa ti get* Itt chief supp.,.t,
th.- rot* ai.ui.iy f? Blain*. . oh.
Ile',* ate two -lasses ol RepnbUCM* In ?' I.
neither of which I- wea In oumbon " ?ni??*<
thal ?!li go to sim,man's support ll st ??,-*'?*"?
reluctance These me tho wool growers fMimmmir
Republicen*. Th- former do not Mtove that
john Merman bat treated '!?" <" '.', h fn-nds
planmion thal be has mer made, "r,^'^1;''",,',,
bi.rn maha, will ever sat Hf j the-" tho -? *j tn o
to their Interests bhen ibo** were im ri utn. it
dt.-s not s.m.fy them Vs tai lb* '?" *'"?'' " ****
than Cleveland; Ihey wau t mau "i'ou wli'"" UJ,,'*
""m^Kn have no. Eg**????f **
bonded extension MU om ?***??"hi ic- m en v
aid they will not long fol
1 hey are not ii nmi nd
low the b-ad of moral eowonR n"j ?"> ?"' ""'?'"??
ul of tim tn,.nan e ol pi"'* ?n to American In
dust-y, bul ti!.f> know a- well tho Baamtlty of pro.
tectloa for tho Amerteao homo. u,t hi-.Yiv
Akron. (lido, April 7. IgM.
(So nun.v letters like the foregoing keep rom ll
tag us UmM we do not feel that it is qait* finr to
refuse tl,0>,. wlio.se s-nt nu. nbs tiny represent a
Inuring. At the same tune, if there is to be any
liMiivsion on thc subject, il si,.niltl b* temperate,
kindly, and devoted lo the end ol bringing out tim
nul Beeta as lo the popular strength of prominent
[?undulate,,. Whoever is nominated this year, wo
must ,,il holtl ourselves In a yoslUon bo support and
elect luiu.-Loj
opposition to the dihect tax bill.
raaa-TRAOgR* tnt *octh*bx bbioadibr8 dk
far TSLBoaarn to Toa tubum*.]
Washington, April 8.?The proapect* for an
carly termination of the deadlock In the House
nre not good. Thc Southern brigadiers, aided by
Free Traders, who are determined not to hove any
bill passed which will in any way reduce tho
surplus, are evidently determined to continue tho
struggle, and are Intent upon wasting still fur?
ther the timo of the House. Moro than four
fifths of tho members of the House are In favor
of passing tlie bili. Rut, under tho present rule*
governing the proceedings of the House, a hand?
ful of men, most of tbem holding their scats by
fraud, are able by dilatory motion* to thwart
the will of the majority and of the legally elected
representative! of the people. There are about
forty-two filibusters engaged in this disgraceful
business, and moat of them represent disloyal
States, which are still indebted to the Govern?
ment on account of this di root tax, raised by act
of Congress, approved August 5, 1801. Their
names, the State* they como from and the
amounts still owed by such States to thc Govern?
ment aro as follows:
Stott. Debt. Biprumtatitii.
I faakheaa,
Alabama.MUM 80.< Firniy,
Arkaniat. 107,184 83.j m\\TS****m%
Rita m.
, carlten,
' f lament.
I Orlan*,
\ Turner,
f Ulambara.
I "ar,
Louisiana,.-. 141,389 33.- logan,
| Newton,
I HoberUon,
f Anderson,
I Hamel,
I ll.'.,*er,
I Merran.
Nerth Carolina. 198.748 08 I HaatlerioB.
.I J..line..ti.
South Carolina. 141.174 31.\ Hempniil.
I I ninian.
[ Knloe.
I (ila**,
Tianiuee. 877.4MM.{o'xJa""1'
OeortU. 46(.3<M 44.
i Mil ll iliurne,
f Abbott,
1 lier*.
174.W3 18.{ussr
There are twenty-five other filibusters from
loyal States which would bo benefited by this
bill. Tho names of these men and th* ammints
which would be received by their States under
this bill are as follows:
Stat*. Amount repayable. Fepretentatix*.
Maryland. tA9Jktttt. Bliaw.
Mlchlaao. MUSS SI.jwini'lug.
Minnesota. lOH.o'-'t 00. Wilson.
I Burnes,
Missouri. iBX.lt! 33.i Btwtty'
I Walker.
Naw-York.2,6ti3,919 07. Tracey.
Ohio.X.biil.oAb .(J. leran.
Pnaaartv****.1,940.71933.| {'*',',; h
( Anderson,
I I .an.t.-1,
Illinois.1.14(5,5;I 33. ' L.ih..
I Lawler,
Imliana. 001.875 33.{ ' \*lii!'
Iowa. 462.0^800.{*??
Keutucky. 713,695 33. Hre.klnrl.lfe,
( "? .*
West Virginia. M8.47B M.r Hnyilir,
( Wilson.
tiik OBUBff factor IN Till-; PIOHT.
The annual ciurter el.-ctlon will bo held In Jersey Cur
to-morrow. The officers to bo eic. ted are a Mayor, ihrco
m.-mb.-r* each of thu Hoard of l'ubliu Warka Ulm Cora
missioners and Police Commissioners, seven Al.lern.eti
ta* a number of Justice* of tho Peace and fleoeteble*.
There will also be ten members of the Hoard or 1 .
hollers elected In Hudson County. Election* will also
tw held lu Hoboken and Bayonne. In Jersey Cl y there
uro four candidates for Mayor, Frederick U**l*r, Re pub
lleaaj Oreatee cleveland, Democrat; Richard J. Allen,
Labor, und lott O. Brown. Prohibition.
Mr Brown ls bolac run by ? few men of Republican
proclivities who aio not satlstled wllh the new hlch liens..
und local option law, and all tho v.,te,-, ht "til |0t (whleh
will liol be many) will bo taken fr un tho Republican I mill
dato. Mr. Hauser, who serve 1 two terras In thu Board
of Aldermen, ls makin? a vigorous rativu-s. |,m cnn
stan.)' hops to win against the naturally lame Demo,
eratic majority In tho city, backed by the entiro strength
of the 110*01 Interest, which ir, oppotpj to him for tho
ream* thot he ttaad* on ttie high license and local option
Mr. Allen ls scarcely considered in the race, beciusa
the majority of the Labor party have kicked over Hie
tteeea and declared for Mayer Cleveland, Republicans
generally concede the election of Mr. Cleveland and ar.)
rtm.-eiitiatliiR their efforts on tho district candidates, moro
especially the candidates for Aldeiii.en, as Hut board will
be charged .vith the enforcement of tlio hlgh-llcenso law.
Tho I.luuor Dealers' Association ls making strenuous
efforts to secure a DtatOOMtlt maturity In that Hi.ir,I,
because they fool coufident that If the Republicans get
control of lt tho Ucenso foo will bo fited to nearly the
maximum llgnre, el.000.
Biwta J. Kerr, the present Mayor of Hoboken, ls tho
regular Democratic candidate with the Republican indorse
ment. August OtMMO, a D. mocrat. ls tho candldato
of the t'ltl/iiis' Association. The chances aro all In
favor of Mayor Kerr. Four Councilmen, l City Treas
ur.-r, Water Registrar, four School Trustees inti some
minor olllciils are also to be elected.
From The holton Tramcript.
On ono voyage across tlie Atlantic tho Listener's
frlenl fell In with an KiirIisIi baronet who was deter?
mined io seo and know America. In his desire fo
learn, to prepnr.n lo rrlngle with Americans In America,
ho throw overboard all tho aristocrats reoorve poen
llar to his station ami soiikI.1 th" ei.rnpanlonship
of al! the AirerliRtw As |t hap)>ciied, the talk at
that time In th* Aimrloan grut ps waa ma'nly mado
up nf war rem In Scrums. Tho baronet funk In all the
norien of battle and siege sml mareil, mid the free and
o**y expositions of eonetltotloaal law whieh tbouad tl.
One day, after th.' ilK.iissloii of tho attitude of tho
South in ai.'! -lavery days had run nu for a lons tim"
and the debaters wore anxious tor -.onie uno olso to
bear the binden, one of tho Americans, turning to the
baronet, s lld
"Well, Mr Fred?ricli, what. \* your Vtewt"
" Well, you know lt seems to mo beastly ttiipld,
von know, to try to make them buy nlggei-s whether
ihey wanted to or not. Why Bot let every min OhoflOO
for himself. I say; and If he wanted som.' niggers
let him have 'em. and If not, let 'em alone. That's
the way I look at lt."
And Slr Frederick resumed h's smoking with tho
-.nutted gravity of th" man who feels that ho haa
flvon a decision that beever closes debate.
From The 1'outV* Compttnlnn.
Two little twins, Louisa and .tulla, by rame illus?
trate tn their queer sp*eoJlM the hart! work which
children have In mattel Ing the parts of tp**eh :
One dav their mother hiIh-.-.I Loni**, ami u* Julia
had Just "beni nu* Ai a neighbor**, .-lie fancied that
perhaps Loalkj had beon with her.
"Julia," she asked "till I.o.il-a go out with yon f
" No mamma " laid tha little mri. " she didn't been ;
I saw shu at tho window when I wai a-wr-utln'1"
fiOvrnvMr.VT nrDICaTtOXB?FAR 21 ttoi'Ri.
xXl*UlrtOTOrt. April H.-For Sou th western Niw .Knttand
ami I-!ustern New-Yerk, wnrnier, fair weathor. light to trish
north westerly wltutl, beelining v.rubli.
KorE.nern Pennsrlrinla ami Ns-?-Jer?er, warner, fair
weather, lilli, to Irish norlliorly win.ii reeling io easterly.
From Virginia ti O.orgla. tn. louing Fasten Tennessee.
ilwi.ilr warmer amt fair.
Pet Wentern I'iiinsyl?anis an* Western New York
warmer, fair weather, followed by ihrealei.lt.g weather wit
rams, wln.li btroimng lijUt lo fruit ?ouihweiierly aa.l lo
creating In for. e.
? *-~"
I lueU?|
In the magra..! rn ronllnnens Hm slowi the harem.ter
fin. "nations roster 'ar. a* ....-rye! it the tinted Nial,*
" Klal '-? rrici "uilWI M I lit .it.- I kl .lashes Hellene tbl
temperature uoto-l ?t iluinul ? pkiriaacr. IU Broadway.
THiersK OWaWRm A).r11 1?. 1 a. m.-Cleir weather prifillil
?i?lere.?y witt, cool n?rlfcw?>it*rly brees**. Ttl tempira
lin rame I between AA ? and ib*. the ?*??(? ta8?,J) kilnv
?l* lower than ,,n lha r*rrs*poa<llng .lay tail Tear aud XX***
lower tha* on batnr.lar
In ant nar un ctr to Am* th*r? will ?r.>k?iil/ he
warmir. fair winner, fillowid by oluu.ltna.a
Frem Th* 9'imn Her AA.
Wklt ls fOInf to be done abuti'. the Mnm eolleiUon
Jagauw* ooiImt m Blina, * eoiinuoa *he?4awij |
- I y
onlao* tod tm pom! Mi to duplicate al any ort eil Loadoa
wanta lt, ind doem t stand on price. New-York want?
lt aod when New-York wanto a thing money onto no
figure, Ilut Professor Mom hai a untmro'al lae*-*
rery foollih ono, tho purely commercial will lay?that ha
wanto Bolton to karo lt, in that ka ma bi sear lt, enjoy
lt, putter over If, If roo wlil, and be, an se of thia he if
willina "' SKI lt to Boston for 92".cnn len than Umina
off"*. Ile ttyi the Interest on *20 COO ls only St.OOO
a year, and he think* lt would be worth thia to him to
kare hi* beloved collection whleh repreienti tko work ol
tfteen yean of his life, near enough for him to maka a
Men Hr call new aad again. What U toing to h* tom
about III
. rn
Josiah IX Dunn died on Saturday at hil home, Ko.
et Madlton-ave., aftor * tloknost of nearly five year*.
Hi wat born In Ireland on October 10, 1810. Il*
carno to thit country wllh bis parent! when urea
yean old, and settled at Charleston, South Carolina,
where hit boyhood wat passel. Iio carno to New
York about forty yean ago and entrrod the employ
of tho Hoe Printing Press Manufacturing Company.
Ile remained with tho Hoes for twenty eight years,
and was during that time one of tholr most valued eu*
ployet. II* wat thon for ten years with the Roache*
While at work for the Hoes ho set up the prettee I*
most of tho nowspaper offices of the city. He vii
olso for two years engineer at * Tho Herald" naloo.
Fur flvo years his health haa been poor, ami ho hal
uono no work. Ho was at ono tlmo Inspector of th*
public schools In tho Thirteenth Ward.
Ho waa a quiet man, a first class mtoblnltt. a
steady workman, thoroughly upright In hil dealing*
with others, ami respocteU by all who know hlui. II*
was a prominent member of tho Independent Orita*
nf odd Fellows, wbleh he Joined when he tnt cam* to
New-York. Ho was a Fast Noble Orand ot Ko*
terprUo Lodge No. RB, and hail also held the offloe oi
treasurer and aeoretary of tho same lodge, Ho left
a widow ond a daughter. Tho funeral will take place
at bis homo this afternoon at 1:30 p. m.. and will
be conducted by Enterprise I/>dge. Tho burial will
be In tho Odd Fellows' lot at th* New-York Emf.
Washington, April 7.-MaJor-General John n. Rlnf
died In this city to-night. He resigned from tho
regular army as a captain tn 1040, and entered th*
volunteer service as brigadier general In lfirt2, an4
was retired as a colonel In the regular army In 19d9L
From Th* S,in Francine Argonaut.
I crossed the ocean, not long ago, with an English
general of renown, who had come from the Soudan
covered with glory, and honor, and with tho Victoria
cross to wear upon his hreoet. In tho very peal ot
his triumphs, he became OOBSCiOOS that a niallciunt
disease was fastening Itself upon him. His physicians
pronounced lt Incurable cancer of the throat, and
warned him that his doom would come soon.
His re-olvo was soon taken. He had faced death
In th* battle-fleld, but he would not fae? the long,
wearing grief nf an Invalid wife, and a del!.-ato
daughter, nor should they iee him lutfer the hopeless
agonies of the months of lifo that lay before him.
Ile told them that ho was coming to America to hunt
buffalo. There are English people who still believe
that the plains are full of buffalo. His ipeech was
already affected when ho gavo Inn last yearning loot
af tho shores of his Eafttti home, bul his family sus?
pected Mothim.'. He tiled, st.mo few month* aftir,
up lo tbe Now Hamp-ihlio hiiis, among strangers.
It ts will ti git clear *f a bad ditch or eoid tin fin!
wiek, but lt li safir ti rt yiursoif of tt the drat forty*
right houri?the proper remedy fir the purpose being
Dr. Jayne's Expectorant.
An examination will convince rou thst In bnylne Fa rn I.
turo ron w.ll eflfsct * Isr ? strl'ig in '.innttr hr calline on
0*0.0. Hint Co. 104 West 14th st. Ther ire nrirlug lilli
to make room fur cinstaul arrivals from their factory.
The "Alaska" products bitter results with les* lei tha*
any *ther refrigerator.
Fina. lie urn* ,v io., .'.lo Broadway.
IlonEMI'M-nn Bnn.lar morning-. F.llot fflcholnon. only
child of I. Milton sn.l lle'le DorimB*. anel 1? month!
Fm ern servite* will be held at Sm Ul Welt Ulli-it. ithli),
Men.Uv IVMIB*, at S o'cliclt.
Please omit ll,.wari.
till.l.M >HI'-tin B*t?4*y mornlmr. Anni 7. 18<H. at titi
r.s..liner. .No. HT Itiin*en *l.. HrouScyn, yulucr A. OM.
more, t lionel of Kiigitieors. Brevet M i),.r'Ieneral U. H.
Fannral sirrle** at *o<-ond Pr**hrt*rlan church (Dr. Vin
l.vke'o. comer Kemseu an 1 clinton its., brooklyn, it il
?'clock p. m.. on Tuesday, April 10
Interment at Welt P..lilt, ff. V., on Wednesday, April ll, lt
1 o'clock p. m.
TTAI.f.-On April a. W.ll!?m Kembla ITnlI.
?Services will be h?M at hts law rill,lenee, Rerriit.it., Wm
llo!i..km. on Tue*.lay otsiiuk. mi 8 o'clock.
TI A'il) N-On Friday ereulnit, April ti. 1'st-r Hardin,
tu the sj t r*ar nf hts age.
Relatives and fnen ls are invite.', to ult* 11 tin fnnera! ser.
viol* on Tuis.lay, April IO, at 10 a. ni., at his lati residency
Wa, Hui 5thare.
Iaterme.it at Cullimbin. Ohio.
KERRIOT?On Tliars.lar. April 5, J. C.roshon Herrlot, son
at iii.i lat* Dr. Oeorgi Herrlot.
Hel:ii'.r*? an I trim,ts are invited to a'tend the funeral at th*
church of tm Heavenly Rest, 6lli aro., above 4Jih-M., on
Monday. April 9, lt IO a. tn.
Interment pr.rat", al'lreinwoo.1.
NI' linl.?' >n (Saturday, April % John Nichol. In the Ofltli
yaar of bis *<e.
l'nnnril aarvlcis nn Tnesitay, Apt 1 10, at 3 p. m., at Un Uti
residence. No. 09 Perry-st.
Interment private,
OLOOTT -Oa Sunday morning. April ?. Ma Lilian, only
itmcihtor if Dr. t ornclius (ilcott, of llr-. .klyu.
Notice of ftiuern hereafter.
Pl Tot'?Ol Run.lav morling. April li. Abbie, bclorid
wlfeof * ii ? rit'ni.
Notleeof funeral hnrnfter.
HKAli-On April n. at th* residence of his parent*. 941
Itearr-iii.. Brnoklro, Kn.ten, k Nash, only el, |,| of Dr.
Henry N. Iud Kill I.ewt* Head, aro 1 10 moulin and Jd
dar* .
Fnueril prirati.
KC?sKi.l ? On Fridar erenin*. Anrlifl. John Watts Itns?ell
sou of Hem HulbertOtA tnt tht late Art liloal.t Hassall,
a n I SS re in.
Relative* ant fi en's are rc-p.-ctrnltr Invited ti attend hil
funeral .it St. tole's t lupel. Yar.0lc.al., below Caual-it.,
on -loni ir. Anni 'J. it 10 l tn.
It is request*! that no Howers I.e sent.
SPKI R?At lil* resi lenee. )&1 Hontarue-st., flrooklrn, V.
Y., April ft. uss. a- H il.) ... m.. Itol.ert Hnelr. in th* 8:?d
y*\e at hl??r?. Relative* and friemti of tho fanillr Sro
re--..eetf.iliv tnrite.l to atten I hi. funeral on vioti.lar. Aifll
0. at '?'? p. BL. at tho Second Presbyterian church, t lilka.
?t., corner of Hemsoo.
Tt'DD-AtTarirtown. V. V.. April 7. Wlill?m He.1?e* TnSA
?iii nt Uer John A Tod'. D. tk, and tie. IMS M,<r A.
IIh,i/-i, nn.t ur in l? ni uf tim lite William XX. H-.txeC
M. D..ef 'hester. N*. f.
Funeral service* lt tlie residence of hil tathir. Tarn low*,
Miutl.iy. April 9, at ?Jilli) p. m.
TtTNISOft?At Oranire. W. U. ni the 9tli Hut.. Rer. William
Tunis..... lr, the 6!bl rear of l.l? aire.
Funeral -errlces from the (-'int M. K. Church, Orange
We.1n*s.lar. lit!; test, st lo* -ti
Train learea toot Barclay and < hristopher st*, lt 9 IO.
Special Xottccs.
A.? William P. Moore, tuctlineer.
2U0 6TII A Vii
sf.li:cti:d OBI "IN TAL
of thi finest qualities and anl ,pie weaves, lu.ln'tn*
Anatolian, Darh.-aiau. Mect-i. K.inu.ieiir. lt...aar.i, > oorong
caitlin.-re. l'er-iaii. 9'n.r-n .Slurvaa. Kaa.i.'i, Mei..ap,.re,
carno!'* Hair, Ao.
T >l Sirwart.
920 TC. are. Mend for .-mulara Tel. call 11x1?'Uti st.
Tail Oflice Nolle*.
Bhould be tn, dally by ail interested, as chandu msy
occur at any tin.*.
1-euer* for '-.reign countries need not be specially ad.
arcs,-1 for Olspateh by any particular tttasMt, ex.opt whi.i
lt ls desire", to -.. nd ilup.., u'.-i ol ba..Mug tod commercial
documents, lett' is ie,', tueilallj addieasod being MM by
the fastest vessels available.
Foreign niall* for the w.*? en lin* Apel H. will elm
(proBiptly lu all cases) at this . fee a* f.-llowi:
MONDAY -At I p. lt ior Ir.ixi.lo. per iteainsliiD S. Ole ri,
freui New.Orleans.
ri'KSDA V - At 3 p. m. fer Trutillo. por steamship Htro-n*,
Irom New-orleans ; at i p. m.for Jamaica, per etoamaM)
WkDNKSUAV?At 2 Ai) a.m. fl' Ireland, pir sieaniiln*
JinlatiiiK, rta yueensiowu (l.-ttir* ror.ireal llritau aol
other KStupisn ciuuiri'M BIBI S*dlr*cl*i ' ?".' I'rlf
luiiic'i. at -< a. ii for I tope, pir stoatnifeip Kine,
xix Butitl.aiupion and iireinta 11 itt<r. f r I? >< a.i I nunt
be ilirecle.l "pir KUI "ii al .1 a. ? . for liiiula n direct,
eer steatnihlp l'.ll?ei,l?ii I, vi* Antwerp ,lrU?r? niusf
I lire, t.-.t " p*r Rel?. ini*.i"'. ?i lo i '.. '..' ciniral
Am*.i.a and i-mili l'*nrtc ports (*i.-,-ut I Mill, pir
?tuias dp co ou. na Aipinwall ( etu-ri fo,'
UacUBlll *iu*t bo .'ne.-;e.l " lier Col.,ir'. nt iv
a. in tor ll.yt [ncM I*.Tl iu Vt: ,. el el.,1 Inm-i..
per ?teani*lilp a de- .-it. r. for aaraaUla Am,. mn*B
be .lirotle* "p?r Aieiee'i; ll I p.m. for the \S u..|.
ward Island*, |wr iteaaselp Ayikire.
Illl'IP-lLlV-At4a ni. ur fara. Periiiiiiu.n.o, iud C.ara,
ltri/.O per st. i:u?li,p 1'uraeiise al 11 .1 ii, ti i.;...,. a.
Ina<u?aii<1 i utU ltici,vU 1.1 om. per slea n.hip A'; -I
ll a. Ut. lor Veneiuila an.l ? na,ot. u? r MMNMBI* Va e
cia at 1 l>- 'u- '"?' Iter rn ti 11, per ?leaiuihip Trin.UI.
? I i p rn. Ior Nan. t. N. I*, a.nl OOAkkiag* * nil, per
? ie* ntnlo tte ifiie/o< . at 1 :?. m. for Csnipeche. I t
p*? I'liiiuci iml YucAtaa, pir aloa mino M.mi.ii ia
(letters foi *tB*t Meslea* isiate* otist be .1,:- 1
"per Maui attau "); lt l u. in. tor Kuala-. Ber -etti
sk i K. li Wart. jr.. from Now. rle*..*: at i .: i p, ni.
t,,r t l'.erro-Ml-j?il.m, uer itiauier tram llslliai
Hl'lI'liliO-lM I ill for frano* direot, fer ileli.is'i'p
Im Norman -lie, ru Marra ^-Iten in ul ... -ll
r*ote.| "uer La Norman il-; itt a tu tor -rotund
direct, per itet.iisliip ..r.*.-..*, ru u.n?,< lenora
n, ul bi i.)-'?l ";>*r tn .?,.?'.. a i Jil i tu. lor
Ktirope. per ateaiaialp Wirra, rli >ouim tipton lal
lr-neu ilettet* inuit t?? .nroclo.1 '' p.?r Werrt"-. st
4 tn ... in. lor I uropo et? ,wmm*:na tum i ru yueen*.
t..we: il i 30 m. m. for the MtlietlauJe. TU Au*,
sterlin. uer slea ail,.p -,oi,l-<Uu i.ellen tnt ne di?
re, te,", per S. I.i.-tl i e i, at I v m. we l'r,i?r->*i aer
?teaman.p ll. Yxle-lt*. rta naran* ,leila,-? ior ol ur
MllluaU Kilto* ililli Ul dlr*uled "per ll i*.i-.ai "I.
BC N DAT?At 2 p. io. or Norway direct, per ?loau.aki*
Helier (loller! mual be dire, led " pet imler "?.
Malls for Clim and Jap* t .. -r are*,nth p Cur o(
Km .te Janeiro (imm au Via n nc.. ei*e* lier*
A ?r.I 'H it 5 UO u. m. Matu tor th" ll tw ula Uland* p-?r
leaii.si.ip Australia ifroni Alu t nu,' **ou ? lom nore At.rll
?)4 at 7 p. m. Mills fer the .is- . r latin ls. per sbla
< itr of t'lpiltittmi sm Kraecia ... oluie Ujr* April
?fi at 7 pi n. Halla for Aunnii*. Niw./eaiaad.
Hawaiian. FIJI ml --?iee?ii UU.i.U. ir ?'*? nah.p/.*a.
lae.Ill .fn.tii Han Frvicm-ol, .;|..n tier* Vi-rli *J7 tel SS*
p m. lor ?ii srriralil New-Yon of ?ie??i?0ip A.iraiia
wita HritUh aalli tor Aaiirtim. Me.U i... cuba, bf
rail to I mmom, ? ?? ?" ' ?*???? br eieatuer. ru Kay
Wilt, l.k,. milt* lt la,*. '1. la..? at M* * ??
* i h* ?< he Inls of el?lla( of Traa* Hielflo miiU n irtiml
on the piiiaiupitou ef thur uninterrupted or*, land uauill
tois*a , i.n.-i.io. Mui* Irwin tae Um*t ?. nr .,? ?.j time at
Han I r.en-eo on the dar of lt,min of i*mti ari *!*>
pat. 1.eil l..e..oe the *in'l nat.
Il KN KY O PKAdnulx, fwallBtllaR
Van uaXim, ti. xn aviu u, imam.

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