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ki;at and wim, QOMT1MUI his can?
Paris. April O.-In tho election yesterday to fill
tim vnianey in thc Chamber cf Deputies from the
Department of the Dordojrne General Houlnnjrer
wa* (Iks."ii. lie received 59,.M?u votes against 35,
750 for M. Clerjonnie, the Opportunist candidate.
The result was unexpected and luis increased the
messiness of tlie ruiim 11 lillian, who declare that
the ltoulangist movement is a public danger.aud
urgent measures are demanded to check it.
'IL' I'.c>m.i;i.ii-i;n!s assert that thc result proves
that Um country demands the dissolution of thc
Chamber of Deputies and the revision of the
General lloulangcr refused to contest thc seat
for Um DepaitJOCBt of the Dordoj;iie, hut his
friends forwarded his candidacy. The General
has written a letter to an elector of Donlognc in
which after expressing thanks for his (lection
by the people of the de|?iutriiiiit> he says:
" Ia. ry one will pcrcelvd thar it is no question
hen' of any one man, but of thc country's dignity,
anti in the future it will be known that DotdogM
ls not dJapoaed ta al! m itself to be eonflscatod
by a l'a;ifatnent fftaOM sterility and BBPOttBBM
would cud bf making the Republic thc mock of
luope. Your vot.e confirmed the nee..-shy of a
ihmolatloa of l"a; haiieut and a revision of thc
OonetltOtlon. I'nivcrsal suffrage is our muter.
lt is intel, raid ? that discredit d politicians should
presume to make it their servant. The effect
produced bj Um election is Immenae. 1 did not
Solicit your suffrage. J Lave accepted the can?
didacy foi- the Nert h. On Sunday next the \otes
of tie Noll li will be added to yoi rs in a fresh
and v; riitieant protest iu favor of a National
I ibHean policy. Thc hour has come when all
Frenchmen without, distinction should Unitedly
pursue one tole idea, on i sol- aim?the gran tuc ga
of their country.-'
No candidate in the Aude district obtained an
; t ? majority in the elections yesterday and
nnother Lullot will be necessary. M. Perrott]
(Kad;. al who stood at the head of the poll, is
pledf d to demand Um restoration of General
Boulanger to Um active army list.
THi'. ( BAXCBLLOB AIIANDCNS Ills oil'' >hl rios TO
Be Ila, April P.- ii la itated that Prince Bismarch
bat abandoned ala opposition to thi marriage ol
Prince Alexander ol i;a;tenuurg and PrlaeoM Victoria,
heslag gained certain oilier conoeaetoiis, ead thal all
tu differeaeoi between tho Bmporor and Frlaoa
Lamarck aro now seined.
\ Mori ls circulated hew to the circct that at tho
fitsi eonferoaea ol Princo BlaaMrck with tho new
KMperor, tiio Kmpress was present, at Whleb PrlBCC
Bhmafl k seemed surprised, although ho Bald nothing
a.... i ha Matter, lim at bia second eoaierenee wu a
the Buperur, ai which tho Btaprcaa waa aku present,
he hesitated about hoglaalag his report. Tho Em
perot allied what was tho cause ol his hesitation,
?horan poa ho replied that he was not accustomed to
confer with tho monarch In tho presonco of a third
person sad toll thal his attention was diverted therc
b\. Tho PniflltM Instantly left the room, and, lt
)-. Midi has oaves since appeared at the conferences
o? the C'haaceUv arith the Emperor.
M i.o rafi CM I and he:- daughtcis, tho Princesses Vic?
to, la, iso ph io ami Margaret, went la l'oseu to-day
to lafljalra as tm the condition ol the sufferers by tho
Bend-. The Governor ol Posen met the Tannin al
Brena. flMtgamaalwr .Mueller received har at the
i i station and preeeated lo har the hading
atoCMM ol tho deputation and tho Keliel Cotniniitee,
loaapoard ol ofloora ol the second Human. Arch
i ii.:??.' r and a Mumbel ol Protestant and Catholic
'.' v.eie also pie,eui. The road from Hid .-.:a>ion
iii lae town vva-. hniii with Irado guilds earning
gagt and emblem*, landwehr associations and school
i en. J lie Empress drove slowly and was In?
ri -.Miy cheered by the poopM, nm Uni visited
rlum, a tai pe. seiiooihoii-e where thc homo
i are lamporarllj lodged, and thence went in the
Governor's boose, where sim took hinch. Addressing
Councillor Jacobi tho Bmpiow saul:
" I OOOinilmlou von tu express to all taking a hcip
fui jian in the present danger the thanks ol tho
Emperor and Myself, Tho calamity that has be
falien you arooaes our deepest sympathy, and we
huae tu alleviate your suBertags at. tar a? huuia.i
i i can alleviate them."
'Ile Polish leaders have Issued a manifesto asking
i nhabli mis to Mah theil national disputes ami
i ii wei omi up ide Empress.
m petersburg, April 0.?An inspired article In the
? Graldaalne," says that tim Hattenberg marriage pro?
tect u a British plot to secure Prince Alexander's i1*
tinu to uuigaiia. io which Ramla ought tu reply ia tu?
Uiouiilalus of Afghanistan.
Una!real. April 0.-Throe bundled laborers, with
100 cart.i, employed by ?Tho Ktar-' Publishing Com?
pany, were set to work this morning cleaning streets
lu the business portion ol tho city ol lee and snow,
i towdl ol spectators witnessed the work and cheered
the men. In the afternoon about 100 ol the wealthiest
and most prominent citizens, headed by Colonel
MraahaaalO, Deputy Adjutant General, a veterau of
the Crimean and Indian wats, and including Henry
Mame*, ex Minister ol Public Works ; Peter Mitchell,
ht i?, tho proprietor ol "The BorasdP; J. J. curran,
M. P., J. S. Hall, M. P., e.\ Mayor beaugrand and
others equally prominent a-sembied at "The Star''
office and marched with picks and shovels to tho as?
sistance ol tho laboicrs, working on tho streets ful?
some time.
'Hi,* action was taken to show their sympathy with
1 ? ivenient begun In the morning. In the even?
ting a meeting was held in " The Mar'' oflico and
apter hes wara made. An adjournment was taken until
to morrow afternoon, when a deputation will bo sent
tu tho i Ity Hall to interview tho Aldermen regard
lu*' i!.o matter.
BtgooUBraooa ntBAIMBBI ur iBIBaUIBB in thk
London, April 0.?In the llouss ol Commons this
evening on a motion that the House authorise the pay
Biciit of a salary to Mr. King Harman, Parliamentary
Cadet Secretary lor Iieland, Justin Met art hy objected.
He moved to adjourn debate on the guestlon, but
tiihud; on the Government benches took any notice
ol the motion.
Thomas Power O'Connor protested against the dis
courtesy shown Mr. McCarthj by the occupants of tho
bench by neglecting to rise and studiously Ignoring
the objections of the Irish party to conceding a salary
to Mr. King Harman.
W. H. bmlth, the Government leader, replied that
the aaom Vhlat Mr. McCarthy had taken was an un?
usual ono. There was no reason why the payment
ol a salary to Mr. King Harman should be refused.
The motion to adjourn the debate was defeated by
a vote of 100 to 104. On a motion that the House
assent to the payment ol a balary to Mr. Klng-llarman,
Mr O Connor again rose. He declared that the
rationalism were resolved to oppose the bill at every
The motion was carried by a vote of 1A4 to 109.
ino House has adopted the budget proposals.
tea HtWtfl wno morocco to na skttlkd rr
a.\2f2 ^r1^;-;*" **"??? ?? *?** to day
by the Moorish Minister of Foreign Affair, and Mr.
H5Z2T22? ?"" *n,, Mor?? ?o arbitration.
The I ailed Mates steamer UncaMter, which was ex
imBM here, aalled trotu Gibraltar ioday J Villa
Washington, Apr.l 8.-The 8ecre??rv ?? c, . l
osived a cable message from Omma. i!j " h" it
the trouble with tho Mooriati oolen.?' ?*ling!htt
?alls actorily settled. No Oat alli ?"SSS hlw t**>D
?t*?ed at th^Department that\L V?*tn< ' ut U ??
to this Oovernnleut. * U,rmj! *"> honorahla
Berlin, April 9-The Emperor has conf.r Jh *
mino on Dr. Mackensle. In tmajlZ? !??
you oame the first time I confided m aZ Z J
rrmehnrty aoermw Sss;y u::::
BUS ha L..,.!*1"* TOur . r?pabillty. j wmZ
??? ? bmtow upon you lids order la BmadS
acknowledgment of your merits and In memory of
my aeeewdon to the throne."
The Emperor then shook hand* with Dr. Markeuz'e
and with Dr. Hovell, whom he also decorated.
caucus os high licesse.
Albany, April 9 (Special).-The Republican Sena?
tors at their caucus to night caine to no decision on
the High License bill, but lt was made apparent that
there are not euoiiKh votes yet among them to pass
the bill. Only sixteen Republican Senators out of
twenty-one can be depended upon at present lo vote
for tho bill as lt came from the Assembly. The Repub?
licans who are unwilling to vote for the bill
In Its present shape and wish the beer license lowered
are Senators t'oggcshall. Laughlin, Russell, ?wool and
Worth. Hope ls entertained, however, that. Senator
Swe.t will change his pit-sent hostile attitude and
vote for the measure. With only sixteen votes for
the bill the Republican leaders will not penult any
action on the bill to-morrow. They hope that by
a few days* delay either Senator Sweet or
Senator Russell can be persuaded to see that lt ls for
the highest Interest of thc State that the bill should
be passed in lt< present shape and that the Republican
party as a whole teatree li.
Trenton. April 0 (Special).?The charter election
was held here today, and the Republicans again
swept Um city. The most notable leatarn ol the
(oniesi was the saccess of Frank a. MeGovraa, tho
Republican candidate for Mayor. Ills estimated ma?
jority ls 1.000. The Rc publicans elect siv out of
^?\cn Aldermen. Increasing their Majority In the
Board. They retain control, also, of the Boards of
Freeholders and Education The reenlt of the election
ts looked upon as popular endorsement of the action
of th" Republican Leglslaturo in passing me Local
I'pllun bill.
New-Haven. April 0 (Special).-Th" State Coa
ventlon of yoong Bopoallcaaa which will open hore al
noon to monow lu Loomis Temple bids fair io be .is
meoOMful .xs its projectors anticipated, of tho 780
or Bom delegates thal have been invited, five from
each township of thc Slate, lt ls expected that a
Majority win t)C present A ?Maher from the more
distant parts of thc Stale have already arrived, bul
most uf them will come In on the morning trains.
Addressee win Le delivered hp several well-known Re?
publican leaders, including samuel Pees en den, iee ret arr
of th-" Battons] Republican Committee; Joseph ll.
Barbour, of (Bomford; President Poster, of the National
Republican Club* ami Secretary Humphrey! of the
National league Executive Committee. Senator Haw?
ley has oeen invited to attend, bul lt ls doubtful if he
will be- al,le to p.-t away from B*S?hlngton this week.
Governor Lounebury ls ih* treasurer ol the National
League, and lt ls thought Will lie here before the con?
vention adjourns. The committee In Charge Of the
arrangements feel confident that the meeting will be
a loeeesa and thai il will have a splendid effcel up.rn
ihe work ol organising local dubs throughout ? on
Before the convention opens the Young Republican
League of Connecticut, limier whose auspices fha i
semi,Iv Iihs been called, will hold its annual meeting
for tba election of officers, at the rooms ol th? Voting
Republican Club In Chapel-st. The noleen of Ibo
League row are: President, .lames A. ITowaiib, of this
(Itv : vice prc IdentS?E. L. Heath, Rockville; \Villlain
P. Williams, Wet horefield; ?'. ll. Sawyer, Meriden:
secretary. .1. T. Gatley, New-Haven: treasurer, George
W. Corbin, New-Britain: executive committee?R A.
Grining. Hartford; C. li. Havnna, Wet horsfield; W.
IL squires. Meriden; k. a. Wilson, Rockville; Thomas
A. itondrsvr, Bridgeport; a. ?; Biwn, New-Britain;
L. E. Bowell* Stamford, and A. II. Hiller, New-Haven
Must Of them will probably l-c re-eh-rlod. The league
has now over twenty clubs organised and experts to
have KIO more formed insld? I he n*\i llXtl days.
After the convenllon to -morrow nlchl tlc league
will hold a meeting for the admission of such clubs
as may have been recently formed.
Albany. April b. \, the WtB ol the la'e Joseph W.
Drexel contains nu reference to the Drexel cottage, la
which (iel!'ral (Irani died, and which he had Offered 10
give to th" <;rand Army ol the Republic, ll reverts to
the estate. Mr. Drexel's real estate ls lefi In IBCh
condition that ii cannot tie disposed of as had been pro?
posed. Tho Leghdatore had been asked io authorise
the acceptance ortho property! but it failed to act lo
tho matter.
Trenton, April g.?The twrniy-third anniversary ol
General lier's surrender waa commemorated today by
tho surviving maajihnia of'the id New-Jersey Brigade.
It was the first reunion of ibo bilgade since the sur?
render, and some weeks ..go they decided to hold
an old fashioned camp lire and to organise a society
for the purpose of holding an annual reunion hereafter.
The city was alive to day with CranU Anny men lu
uniform. There were over 800 Veterans present. At
io a tn. they assembled in the Masonic Tampia for
tiie purpose of porfcciing a pCrtnontnl organization,
wit fi t;eneral William .1. Sewell as Chairman. A com?
mittee wan appointed tn draft a constitution and by?
laws, whl'-h were adopted. The following officers v.<-\*
elected: 1'resiiieut. General winiam .1. Sewell; viro
p resident. J. P. Rusllng. of the Mb New-Jersey Regi?
ment ; Mayor T. W. Baker, of the t;th Regiment ; R r.
Ogden, of the ftth Regiment; Captain lt. P. Murphy,
of the 11th; (Jenora! Robert McAllister, of thc
?id New-York; Captain Joseph J. Hocem, of the 116th
Pennsylvania; General Robert, L Patterson, of th*
20tfa Pennsylvania ihe vlec-arealdaota from the ist
Massachusetts and the 1st Maine an- to be ap
pointed by the executive committee. W. I). Titus was
elected secretary and James Washington treasurer.
In the afternoon the veterans sat down to a banquet
prepared hy the eltiSODS of Trenton, at which toasts
were responded to by Governor creen. Mayor Mc?
gowan, (ieneral Sewell, Ccueral Carr, Genaro] Mc
Alister and others.
Philadelphia. April ft (Special).-Charles Imus. J
Smith made the dodMBtory speech at the opening of
the new (.rand Opera HvMM at Broad -afc and Mont?
gomery ave. ibis evening Tho theatre which ls one
of the largest and haod-omest In Hie country was
thronged. It seats 2,.114 persons. The National
Opera Company will remain two weeks and will be
followed by the Klralfvs.
At the Academy Of Mule the Ruston Meal Com?
pany pave "The Daughter nf the Regiment."
" Mad'lon" ny the New-York Casino ( oinpany had
Its first performance In Philadelphia at the Chestnut
Street Theatre .ind J. C. Dulls comic opera company
openod at the Walnut.
stoppisg rnE kale oe olf.omahoarisb.
Ballimore, April 0 (Special).?In accord
ance with the new law the salo ol oleo
margarine was slopped In Maryland to-day. The bill
was signed by the Governor on March .'II, but the
ITodnce K-xehange. which started the aMWOmont against
oleomargarine and which will soe tliar the new law
ls enforced, wished te give the dealers a chance lo
dispose of stock on hand and wuuld nut push the law
at once.
a sew rAPEii is cu rr ago.
Chicago, April 0 (flpcelat).?WM promised new
Democratic dally made Hs appearance In this city to?
day. "The Chicago (.lot?o" ls Its name. Four of
the late head men of "TBS Times" are the hand men
of this new enterprise, namely, II. A. Iluilbut, ahjel
owner. Andre Malleson, chief editor; Charles R.
Denned, managing editor, and A. L Patterson, bu
manager. It lias be#n understood that ?? ih.* Globe"
was to be an out-and out party organ, but lu lu tint
announcement are those words : " 'The Glube' ls uo
an appendage to a party machine.?
Rochester, Iff. V., April 1>.-Kvcry Rochester banker
to day signed an agiecment refusing to accept Cana
dtan sliver.
Rondout, If, v., April a?The Delaware and liuuVon
Canal waa opened to day.
HAS LOS SI0S8 WITH is chea sro pat.
Detroit, April 9.-Cantaln limden, af UM Detroit Ruse.
ball Club, arrived In Detroit from New -Yolk today. ?nd
affixed hit ?tftn?ture to a contract. Hu trrni? nen
82,800, an incmaae of S700 over last year, whuh BM
Oireclors conceded.
The ball room at Delmonico'* was put to use
yestetday for the Laster sale to aid the Indies'
Library, Hospital and Prison Association, of which
Miss Annie Leary, 6lster of Arthur Irarv, ls presi
dent. Several tables for the salo ot fancy alludes
wera arranged about the room, and at them were
sold Are screens, articles foi the toilet (able, paint
lugs and flowers. At the different tables wara Miss
Mabel Wright, Mts. Fred Neilson, the Misses Lorry,
Mrs. Arthur Berry, the Misses Beales, Miss Fanny
Reiiusen, Mrs. J. p, I'oedlck, the Misses Hut hlns, tho
Mlsseg Coudert, Mrs. Van Aitken, Mrs. William Os
?;ood and Mrs. Bk H. Van Auken. There was a
ashlonable, attendance, and the ball room presented
the appearance of a swell tea In tho height of the
season. About fM.OOO was raised, which will be used
In purchasing reading matter and presents lor tho
unfortunates lu prisons and hospitals.
The bark Reindeer arrived here yesterday from Pt.
Pierre, Martini jue, wlih a cargo of mgar, after having
encountered an enormous waterspout whKh completely
dismasted her and carried away all her standing
rigging, compelling the captain to put bato Bermuda
for repairs. Captain Standt said yesterday that on
the morning of february ll he was lu latitude gg la
green, longitude 7i! degrees, off Capo Hatteras and
a little over two hundred miles from Bermuda, the
weather being tine and clear. He was running before
a southeasterly bit-eze with all canvas spread, when
thc vessel was suddenly stiuck abreast the fore rigging
on the weather side by the waterspout. An Immense
crash followed caused hy the fall of the fore, main,
and mizzen masts, which went over the side carrying
all the yards, salis, standing rigging and running
gear With them and leaving only UM stumps of the
masts broken as If they had been cut away. The
teasel trembled and (.trained violently and UM loree
of UM blow shattered the Immense column of waler
which luckily did not fall on her decks or lt might
have resulted In lo-s of life. .
All hands on deck were paralyzed with fear for a
minute and fell on Hie deck clinging to anything
they enid get hold of, but on thc vessel steady ng
bersell they (oohed mund In wonder, not knowing
\\ I,:ii had taken glace, so sudden was lin- 'hock home
of the lloallng spa,-. ;,nd ilgglng were hauled aboard
and a Jory rig -ci np under which the bark was steered
for Bermuda, where new gear was obtained. The
vessel I- ai Pier Ba 17 leal River. The captain
said that thc Whole damage was dune In less than two
minutes. _
MK.r.riNt; oe railroad superintendents.
At the meeting of the association of North American
Railroad Superintendents yenterUOy, at the Brunswick
Hotel, these officers were elected: President, c. B,
Gadsden, Charleston and Savannah; vice-presidents,
L. W. Palmer, New-York and New England, J. II.
Morton], Michigan Central, T. \V. Barrona, Indianapolis
and St. Lom- ; aecrctary. Waterman Moue, Providence,
Warren and Bristol; asetateat, C. A. Hammond, Eh
inn. Severe Reach ami Lynn; treasurer, R. M. Sully,
Richmond and Petersburg, Executive Committee:
c. W, Bradley, B'eal ettore; w. P. Stark, Davnui and
Inion ; r. c Fleming, savannah. ElorUla and Western ;
M. \\. Sanborn, boston and Maine, ami ex-ofUcio
the president. The super,mei.dents will take a trip
over the Lehigh Vailey road on Thunder to leal the
winking of the Inductive telegraph, which enables
communication wini moving (talus.
Harrisburg, Penn., April u ? Judge McPherson hos
handed down au opinion in another hu of the ? i
argued a abort Hmo a^-u on a; peal- nf certain rail
mad corporations ami others from Um nwretment of
the stair tai on their gross reoelpta Ba holds that
only the bunine** irausacted between polnta with?
in the btete dial! be taxed. Ender this decision the
aggregate amount claimed nv the snit- in ihe case,
lu question i- reduced from annul 1026,000 to BWfOOo,
the tax hoing e io ul uuo per cont on the gram is>
The new management of the Central Railroad ol
Nru-Jersey K making great pieparailutis fur the
rummer peaaenger traffic, ami the .-sandy Hook route
is receiving especial attention, 'ihe new steamer
Monmouth will begin lo run between pier g, N. I' .
and Bandi Iii,oh about .tune |6. With ihe fasf ex?
press trams from the biller point, the time between
New Viiii, and Long Broach win b<- rodeoed to an
hour ami a quarter. An uidcr has been Issued, to go
into Immediate effect, making tickets between Bow
York and Long Branch or any station south, to and
including Poini pleasant, eood t>> rlthei the Bandy
Hook rollie or ali the rall lines, Without rcBUrd lo
the coule for which the th kets were originally pnr
ebased. The steamers m. john's and Cape Charles
have boen Overhauled and refitted. Alter May 13
then servile will be Increased lo three mund trips
daily between sandy (Inuit sud New Vork.
Midi.mu's f.i\,,r|t.' s?n ex (Jovornor Bussell A. Al?er,
ls In New-York on private buatneea (Jencral Alf?cr hus
recently been piisli.'d to UM treat as a Piesldentlal can?
didate aili iii ;i ebal y. oerday iii n.e stuiiu af tc, Baa oaf,
UM artist, by whom his p.,rlrall ls being painted, frankly
admit-, d ii'.s candidacy and ambition. Ha has recently
been te CaBfarata and speha in strong firms of the n\u\i
inj prosperity of that, stat". Osacemlag business in
Hl< al| in, h" i:d :
i rcrytblag there ta In a preapeteos esadlUsn. There,
as in California, general bosun at la Disturbed by this tariff
agitation. Business ama d', mu like the idea of being
farced t" ''hang" ie un even keel arith Bf apt and Canada.'1
'? The Republicans of your .state intend to present you
1'i.t, do Um ?
" That l? the present indication; I have no doubt they
will do ss."
'? And you a'e a candidate r
'? I am. I had nut thought seriously of lt, until I left
home for thc Pacific Coax, when my friend* at. BOOM be?
gan to ergaalM etui - m ll they Baan) buatneae i do net
?rub io be aadaMtoad a< saving my frl'ids want lt and I
du Bal That would only be MUfaBg half tho truth. Since
it ha- pana so far, I am a randidaie. However, I am in
New-Yera, not on politic*, nm on issssnaaa I am not
running my own boom. Thc office ls too great to scramble
for. My frl>-iii|s have niy candidacy In their hands."
"You received teaafdaraUa favor in california r
''Yes. A banquet, largely fiom hnafnOM men, was
given tu me."
" Did jou hear af Senator .Stanford a-, being a can?
didate P
" I did not h-nr of him In that connection from any on*.
Re is highly ihdupht of at hume and is always spoken of
warmly by bia own people, as he natu tally would be. Ile
ls building a gro.'it university and end owing lt with, large
piepMttoSj which l? a grand thug for a man to do."
'?How about Michigan politically V
" lt is very close, but Republicans can carry lt. The
Administration has given out a great deal of patronage
there?the Governorship of Ala-ka, a Minister to St. Peters?
burg, Patent Commissioner and Postmaster! Jeneral ? with
the Bapa of earning lt. Rut I think lt Impossible for
ile ai ty attain their wish."
GeotOS Burk", Hie man who. Pitman said In a letter
to his wife knew whir' MS murderer procured the opium
with which he ended his life, surroiid-red himself to the
police on Sunday nlcht. He denied strenuously all
BBOSrledga Bf how Pitman procure I the fatal drug.
Burke, uh le tn the Tombs on a charge of burglary, ti ol
shared Pitman's cell for four months and sixteen days.
After being ri leased h? paid several visits to Piluiau,
on one OeaaatOB taking him a bag of crullers.
Burke was analfBMd before Ivett*! Ford at the Tombs
yesterday murnini.-. Ile talked freely of the charges '
against him, and. -aid he, BpOBktng of Pltn.an : " He was j
a Jovial gurt af fellow, and said there was BS case
agni nat hbo. lie sever talked of suicide and i aavei '
kiuw him Ui have any drugs about him. The knife,
though, that was found on him after conviction, vsaa In
his shoe all ihe tim.- I was with him."
'? vv hy did he write (hat postscript to his letter
filing his wife you knew where he gut the drug," was
* 1 cannot -ay, unless he want-sl tn throw suspicion
away fmm her."
Warden Walsh, on the strength of what he had "read
In the papata/ Mani an affidavit anuslng Burke if pro?
curing UM MOMO for pitman. Justice Inri Hon directed
the detectives to take Burke before Coroner Kidman fur
commitment The ('? rourr <ott:inltt*1 him to the Tombs
until Thursday, at ll a. m.. when th' la*MOM n111 hBgha
Mrs. Pitman sailed at UH Coroner s office In BM morn
Mg with a bank death MrUtcOtO, Wtttch she got Deputy
Coroner .Jenkins U> fill out, ai Mi* w|s|,?| BJ BMOSat lt
to a Hf- Insurance company In Vh'ah PlfMOa had a policy
for Sion. The ba Iv or thc dead murderer lay all day
.vs. rd,y in a d tken-l BBOh room In ihe unicr'aker's
BMabtlehaMat Th- burial win be una BlMfooan io
Ercrfrcens Cemetery.
Th- Board Of ChorltfOl and Correcilon has dunc nothing
aa yet with any of th- charges that are piling up against
Warden Walsh. GMMSteMOnet Brennan Mid tr. a ' 'Trio
unc" rejx.rtcr yesterday: " ntl) we hear from the
Ward-n on thc Pru,,!, rater wc will not tak- anv a, I,un.
Mfa aava mt foi pa Maa Bm .iiari;.-* ur axtarttea m*ir oy
the BrW.lyn hswyar. We shall get at thu bottom of it
Mav.r Hssrttt j'-orday repeated his declaration of
hituidiv Mel ' I <"v" Walsh was splinted warden of the
tOMba without his knott ledge or consent Tn a Ttil'i.
0!<? NpartOI Mr ftewIM said: "1 s?w with rcirrct an
editorial In Tub Inuit sa <>f Munday which mat-d Ihat
Walsh wa* appointed "with my consent.' I rcrret to BM
ll, because I have every c..nlld-nce (hst TtlB TlilBi'SB
means t" treat me fairly and kindly. I never .i-ented
tn tin- appointment I nw not ronsulied tn regard lo lt
and did not know that lt had leen made nulli 1 saw lt In
t|,? BOSVapapora I desire ui say In addition, however,
that I IM lt mr duty. If I ?nd (hat Wal?h ls a food and
faithful afOSOV, tu sustain him. If I lind thal ho ls a bad
off;, -i, I shall nut hesitate tu say so.*,
Washington, April O.-The deadlock In the
House continues. All business is at a standstill.
Four lifths of the members are compelled to sub?
mit to thc dictation of a handful of Southern
brigadiers. The end is as far distant as ever. A
compromise is out of thc question.
In the meantime public business of course
must, suffer. Thc appropriation bills ought to be
bussed before (ho end of thc fiscal year, or before
Juue HO, 1MB, Less than eighty-two days re?
main in which to do this. Even then, no ac?
count is taken of thc time, which thc Senate will
necessarily noaJn to consider these bills. But
In the present coudition of things no appropria?
tion hill can bc considered. Tho House is still
proceeding under a sin-cial order to consider the
Direct Tax bill, and as long us April 4 lasts iu
the House nothing else can be touche.}. The at?
titude of the Speaker in this whole matter is
severely criticised. Under tin- guise of strictly
?'-Trying out the ruh-s of the House, In- is lilly
playing into the hands of the filibusters, with
v.iiom be is evidently in sympathy. The propo?
sition of ii Dumber ol Dcuiot nils who ure ni favor
of the imssage of the Direct Tux bill to hold a
caucus is, .,1 eon rae, being stoutly opposed by
Messrs. Oates and Breckiiuidge, the [caders of
in- Bllburterlni Mint:, a eanoua would result in
tl,- Southern brigadiera being compelled tu re?
treat from the position they now occupy so de
liantly and this they do hot propose to expos.
themselves to.
'I he disquiet lui conduct of the Southern men
engaged in defeating the will ot the majority is
a fair Indication of what the representativea of
tin" lute Confederaey would attempt to accom?
plish wen- they nure mure in full possession nf
the Government, with no Republican Senate,and
without a determined Republican minority ni tho
House to (nee their Impudent demands.
The talk of Sotitii.-ru war claims hus often been
decried in late years M a tiiek of politicians to
revive sectional feeling, bm nothing so startling
probably ever suggested its.lt to the bnagination
ol a political propuot as that twenty-three years
alter the suppreMUOo of tin- Rebellion,
n leading momno of the House Ju?
diciary CoaBJUlUcc should rise m his
s.ut and propose the refunulng ol' the rot*on
i.i \ iii exchange tor the repaj mem to loyal States ut'
money Imposed upon them under the Act ut August
'?, IBB1. And yet tins is wi.al, Colonel <?ates and
Ins Southern friends have tue hardihood now io
propose. The Nunn etui hardly otford to deceive
itself any lunger .is tu Hie true nature and 111
teiiiiun of siieh political buahwackers. For many
years the North has been giving expression to a
willingness to tax itself for ihe benefit of thc
boam. The propooition to devote ST",uno.ono for
educational purposes under the Blair lull was
nothing inure nor less than a contribution to be
levied upon Northern communities ia favor of
Southern States. Under that bill, Sun.nun.lum
would have gone to State* .south of Mason and
Dixon's line. Their representatives tumbled over
one another in the race to secure the plunder.
Their line hair-splitting theories about the Con?
stitution were thrown lo the winds, and a sickly
sentimentality in the North applauded the pro
pi.sal as a peace otfering tu Ihe Impoverished
South. And here within two months utter the
passage nf the I'.Iair bill in the Senate is tlie
Hii-wer to thia Billing "I lin- tatted calf. The op?
position of the Brigadiers csnr.ot be explained un
any other ground than that their association with
the swineherds has alt',- tbci Obliterated their
sense 0f right and wronir.
Tin- proposition isa perfeetlj simple on*. Here
was a tax raised upon all the States. Some paid
it; Borne didn't. Those timi d!3 either wish
thone Stat.s that did not pay the tax tu nav it
now. or to tie given back the nioner which they
? ld under the impression that it, would be a
harden distributed equally arnon? nil States
In other words, they want tu remove an In
equalitv of taxation and repair an net of In?
justice as far as it is in their power to do so.
Now Senator Chandler proposes tin- adoption
of a very simple plan, in view of the dishonest
attitude boaotingiy assumed by these Southern
Brigadiera. It is so simple that, it is strange
it did nut BUggCSt itself to others beTure. It
proposes, in order tn equalise things, to compel
the defaulting Southern States to pay the debt
they "we tu the Government; in effect, re-enacts
the ait of August :>. 1861, ns far as tho-e de?
faulting Slate-, are concerned It is it perfectly
simple proposition) and will strike everybody as
eminently lair. Mf. (.'handler's bill reads as
Ba it raatrtHI hy the Senate and iiote;e of Bepreswata
tlves of the United Suit'-s nf America In Confrres* BSeeSB
t.iei, tt,;i' th- sections of 'ii- act af anawa! a, 1861, whii-h
provided raf layinr. apportioning uni collecting a direct
tax Of twenty BlIHIena 'if dellars he, and the sumo are,
hereby revived, esattaaeol and re-eaaeteS fur the parpoM
i f soUeetiag ali portion* af mM hm ahlah have sal ii-reto
fnte Bees paid or collected; and simple Interest at the tate
of 5 per cent per annum from tho rut* of sahl act shall be
collected on such nniiald portions of said tax.
S.erl.in g.? Any State. XOrrlttVy or District mar BamsM
and par Into th" TMaaary ot the Batted s-a'-s Its quota
(if said dlrecl tax, or any portion thereof which ls unpaid,
by giving notice thereof within six months after the pas?
sage of this act. and upon MCh payment shall be entitled
to a 15 per cent d-ductlon as provided for In Section 511 of
said act, to be MtttOBOfl ujsm the amount of said unpaid
quota as aforesaid.
Section B?At the expiration nf six months from the
poaaoge of this act, lt shall rc the dun- of the 1'rcsident to
BMkS due and suitable BPpOtBtOMBtl of IBMIBBM Bad eon
tractors, and to prno ed Otherwise In BCeordaBM with the
piovislSM of said act of Aagaet 5, 1861, te OOUael the un?
paid and Bamawm balaaeaa ? ?( 'ic las impoasd hy said
act, anl In th' ca?e of failure of any Stat-, Terrier M His
trlct which lias assumed payment of Its quota or any part
thereof to make du- pay.neut, such proceedings -.hall be
taken as are directed by BeetiOB 66 nf ?ld act.
sci BBS IB i ni-'. BaOBB.
To-day there waa no Attempt at a compromise
looking to tue tciiiiiuatioii of the dead-luck which
has suspended the business of the Hollie for tho j
past live davs. The proceedings in the morning
have nccn utterly desi ii ute of interest, being con
fliiei'. entirelr to the repeated calling ol the roll ou
dilatory motions. ,
At 7:110 thc Serffeant-at-A rms appeared and re
por ed that of tm- twenty-live members absent
without leave, twentv were out ot the etty, and
the Ot bot tire could not be found. He was duetted
to continue lits search.
Hie lirst amusement of thc evening was aflorded
by Mr. Symes, of Colorado, who, rising to a parlia?
mentary inquire, queried why it waa that the tune
of the ll.iuVe could be frittered away?-but at
this point lie was eui short in his question by
shout! of ??loHd-r," winch continued tor several
mn.ute., everv pause in tue uproar oem/ taken ad
ran tags ot by Mr. Symes wita BIS persistent in?
onu v ?" Why ts it that you can fritter awayJU
time of tin- Heuser He was not permitted to cori
elndi hi- questtoa In peace, bul above the shouts j
ot lanBhasr aud "loaner" ins von e wa?t!ie4rd to ?
demand why thc time should be fnrtrred away ...
en attempt to excuse a member from vating when
lhere was no rule of tao House requiring him to
At 10-15. while the dilatory notices were piled
up one upon another in great variety E. H. 1 lylur
Baked unaniinous consent rn tao i..t.-i-.-st ol good
Datura and food health tool Um H?ue? uko a ro?
tes iniTil 11:45 to-morrow. , . ti
Ihe-.dier pro tem. put the request, and after
s short pause declared lt granted. brana* down
bia ravel Jual a- Mr. Hie-k undue. ?f Arkansas.
Borang to bio fool with au objection, whiefa .ame
OOO second too late. l"? '"?^ w?? therefore
Mr. Oates, of Alala ru. the leader of the ol).
?trustionieu, in ? ita'ement to the public attempt?
ing to exenao tne pool ton "t bis toilpwera, states
dangering tari tl redaction.
1-en i.roia, April B (apodal). The Worth Atlantic
agaadroa aaaei euasmaatlol Hear Admiral Stephen li.
Lara anlvod here loda tram Key weat. Tba Bun
mund, flag sh p. Captain hobers. Boyd, li anchored
"f Penacota s.vi yard, while the Oaajeo*, Coa>
nunnie; ii |i. HeiT'iin. I* ott the etty. The Calena
ai,il Ute \ i.mu are expected tonight. Preparations
? ie mali ag to timi the naval iii-ipade ol tho
sqtiadrun lu a lew day- to pitch camp at Magnolia
Iiiu ft
Haleigh. N (V, Apill aV-OBOS ami While, the ab?
sconding prOSlOanl and OSShlOff nf Hie Sta'e Nallutial
Bank were brought back to Haleigh this morning
Ixuui Canada* Bail la Axed at fl&.ooo ta. li, aud
while lt seems that White can give ball, some difficulty
ls found In geting bail for ('ross. White says he will
nut be balled uuless (russ eau also lind bondsmen.
lav Tst.rouArH to tub -mi^ns-a.
fhtcagn, April 9.-ltlood was shed tonight tn the
Burlington yards In this city. About 7 o'clock a
Burlington train with some freight cars was coming
Intn the yards from the Chicago and Western Indiana
tracks. The rah was occupied by one of the new
?witchmen, besides the new engineer and fireman.
At Forty seventh st. a large crowd of strikers, sympa?
thizers and ruffians was standing at the crossing, and
as the engine approached, some stones were thrown.
One of them broke the cab window and struck Charles
Sommers. He was not hurt much, but Immediately
drew his revol'-er and fired at the crowd. The bullet
struck James Moylan, a fouudryraan, in the leg above
the knee, Inflicting a serious wound. A rush was
made for the engine, but all on board drew revolvers
and pointed them at the crowd. The throttle was
pulled open, and the train dashed away from tho mob
without further casualties, although one or two harm?
less shuts were exchanged. On reaching fortieth Pt
another large crowd was met. The temper of the
men was ugly. A .shower of stones greeted t>ho en?
gine, and while lt was rapidly passing the mob, Som?
mers again fired. This time his bullet struek
Michael Walsh, a Wabash ongln-or. The wounded
man was removed lo Ihe hoapttel, where his wound
was pron mured falal. Tho police after tins 10000*1
shooting telephoned ahead. The engine was Inter
Mated at Thirty first st., and rimmers wa* arrested.
"Wo aro now In BOBMSetea of PMBO Infor?
mation that tho stoekhoMers of the Burlington aro
kicking about the sums expended In this strike and that
a meeting of the directors of thu road has been called
to meet in BottOfl to consider the Matter," said Chair?
man Hug;, at tho Hiotherhood hoad juai-tors this
"Furthermore," he WOBt on, "everything now
points that way. Prosldeat Perkins is now lu Boo?
too, and Manager si ono has been sont for and will
leave Chicago -nun. Thu Majority Ol IhO st<xk of the
Burlington ls held by Baton people and than tho
directors meet. Something will (?op soon."
Pani Morton said: "President Perkins ls In Iowa,
and ManagOl BtOBe ls In Chleagn. Neither of them
contemplates going to Boston until June or July.
It is a silly rumor without any foundation of truth
In lt.'
Tho strikers still show a bold front. Letters aro
dall] ive,teed at ihe headquarters describing the
wrecks of engines which lie around the yards, of the
different towns, wherever tho Bullington hus a track.
??Nut one engineer who la a member of the Broth?
erhood has gone back to work," said Mr. Huge, "and
we are not afraid that they will do sn. ihe engi?
neers are receiving #00 a month and atv routemed.1
tukn 0?T BP ABOTHBB struck.
Dirleton No. 05 of the Brotherhood nf Loeomotrvo
Engineers mel lat Dight tn Jersey city, and after
mill,ne business hud been transacted IhO general sim
aiton lil the w?.i was discussed. The meeting was
unanimous In Bs support of the action talteii hy hhs
Bow-York divisions at the meeting In Tammany Hall
on sunday. Ono of lae delegates -aid lliat the plan I
of action fur the future, Walch will be rigidly carried
Ont, ls to emiline the strike to the Chicago, liurlliiglnn i
ami Quiney road, and in order to cripple that coan- |
pany as MBCS as pOBslhlO the strikers will depend j
upon tho Knights of Lalor. The agreement noshed
between that body and the officers of tao Brotherhood
In- already been puhUahed, and In order to make lt
effectual all the veeeoele on Uta Chicago. Burlington
and Quiney road have been meetly filled by the
Knights, so that the majority of the switchmen, brahe
nen, enLlneelrs, Urea .eu, conductors section men and
many of tue clerhs are members of thal, body and are
only walting the word to ?n ont. and this may be
looked foi al any ninnie, iii" Brotherhood expect
thal this will cripple tl),- read to loeb an extent a- to
gain their ends. They denrecate any tintent meas?
ures, but will us^ even e'ort lu enmpel recognition
of their den-inds hy decreasinc the receipts of the
lead. Meears. Hallanhan and Curter, who have heon
representing Chief Arthur in this district, were ai
Taylor's Hotel in Jersey City yesterday, bul an- ex?
pected lu P-ave tnwn this morning fo: Philadelphia
where tliey will address Heelings.
Several employes of Becker <fc Ko-enhurg, palnieis
ami decorators, Seventh-ova, and One-handred-aad
Btghteenth-St., struck yesterday, alleging that they
had tint received wafi-e.s amounting to 61,800 (l"p to
them. Tho linn had a contract to paint and decorate
a row of flat boam, which aro being built by Mr.
Burdett, and received $-2,000 In advance. This
money, th" strikers claim, was silent fur other Jobs
and not fur paying tho WOrhlUgBMa,
-?. -
Washington, April 0.?Acting Secretary Thompson
to-day approved tho recommendation of iho Collector of
Customs at Huston for tho dismissal of tho following
employes al that port:
Clerhs A. ht Conk, B. W. Sargent, C. BL Sargent,
ML A. Connolly and N. P. Webber. Inspectors?G. ll.
iiaidwin, j. w. Bonney, w. c. iuvis, s. u. i>avi->, h. i>.
hVtwardl and OaorgS A. lintier. Night Inspectors?
07, s. Hall. B. Hamilton, K. P. Whiting. H. White and
A. O. Urninmett. ABSlatant Wolghers-W. M. Hall,
II. A. Oal.iiiau and C. II. Johnson.
Tho Compensation of J.. M. Harker, clerk, ls Increased
from gi,800 to gfi.OOU per annum These changes will
elteet a saving of SrTt.OOO for the last three mouths of
tho present fiscal year.
Philadelphia, April 0 (Special).?The will ot ex
Attorney-tleneral Brewster was admitted to probate
today. He bequeaths his estate of $100,000 to hts
son, to bo held in trust for him by Frank K. Savldge
until he ls thirty yoars old. If his son should die
without issue prior to that time, tho property ls lo
bo handed over to tho Sisters of St. Francis In this
elly. He appoints Mr. BavidgS executor and guardian
of his son during his minority. lames S. Mckersuii
aud 1/iwl* C. Cassidy, Jr., wero witnesses of the will.
Philadelphia, April 9 (Sperlal).-The tleneral Ex?
ecutive Itoaid of the Knights of Labor bogan Its April
session this morning. (ieneral Master Workman Pow
derly presided. The fight hat amen the administration
parly and Messrs. Harry and Balley and th*lr friends
was renewed by the recent discharge of Michael F.
Humphries by General Secretary Luehman. Barry
and Halley aie champions of Humphries and are making
a strung effort to have him reinstated, lt was given
out this morning that charges of " unknightly* con?
duct wore to be made against both Harry and Halley,
and that they would be expelled from tho order. The
derision by Mr. Powderly, that when a member of the
General Executive Hoard has charges preferred against
iiim, tho (ieneral iiea-uuer shall take his place during
tho trial, ls looked upon a-s a step toward getting rid
of the two obnoxious members..
-? ?
St. Louis, April 0 (Special).?The various com?
mittees on UM PsMUSJOtlS National Convention held
a meeting to day at the Southern PM Ot Hie plans
of an architect for changing Ihe north navvj of tho F.x
pos.tion Building w re submitted and lt was decided
to hold the convention In the nave. According to
the plans, lt wlU have a Hearing capacity of ll,ooo,
whiio the music hall can scat only 4,000. Mr. Har
mun says that he has leen gieatly iiil-n-presentcd
bv the preas au'! 'hat he IS not beauts to the candi?
dacy of Mr. Cleveland. _
Providence, April 9 t? pedal). -Ihe republican
Stjt- and district BMVOettoaa fur the elocilun of eight
dle?aes to thc Chicago Convention will probably
DO held on May .'?, the Providence Opera Home
having been MCUrCd for that due |,y tho BtOtO Central
Committee. The esei utls.mmlttee ol ide state com
mltteo Will moot un Wednesday formally to til the
? ? ??
Charlestnn. S. C.. April ti-Thomas fl Clemson,
Bun In law nf Joint C. Call nun. vim BMd Ol fOtl Hill,
Hie fuitner BOOM Of I alhoun. on Friday night last, was
buried al Pendleton yesterday. Bli wOl provisos
handsomely for his grand daughter, and leaves Port
mu and a handsome endowment lo the state for tho
CblablUhment of an Institute for agricultural education.
Trenton, April 9.?Joseph L Suoy. es -Treasurer of
the State of New Jersey, and father of the llev. J. L.
Sony, of this place, dropped dead In front of the par?
sonage this afternoon, a* he wa: about tu visit his son.
Warsaw, N. V., April 0 (Special.I- (iovrnior Hill
has appointed Miss Florence Louise, daughter of
Lenci ai Linus ff. Thayer, a notary public, take ls
chuh lu tiie law ofllca of her (iiBow
TBE TATIENT RESTS somewhat easier OWIBlg
Ex-Senator Hoscoc Cockling ls dangerously
HI at his liome in tho Hoffman
Annex, No. 0 West Twenty-fourth-et.
His life hangs In the balance and his eminent
and skilful physicians arc not able to hold out
any positive BOMBI of his recovery. For nearly,
a week Mr. Conkling has been suffering from
painful abscesses funning in his left mt which,
brought about inflammation of the membrane which
surrounds thc brain. ToMlililoj EM condition
became so critical that au operation was p?r
formed iu thc hope of saving Ins life. This gave
him temporarv relief, and. at midnight he was
resting quietly. ?
Mc. Conkling'* serious illness results from ex?
posure during the blizzard of Marok IS, when
ho made hi** way on that terrible evening from
his otliee iu Wall-st. pg the Kew-York t'luli in
Twenty-fourth st. He was thies bonn IB buffet?
ing the tcmiH-st and arrived at tba dub greatly
exhausted, notwithstanding hu well-known
wonderful nhysieul i?ov\. rs No hud effects fol.
lowed, however, for BOOBS days. . tin March .'to
he attended a bearing in a room whhli w.i^ not
properly heat.il. 'lint Bight he oomp aiu.-d
of a apia m his heatl. This became sn severe
that Dr. Barker waa summoned. Ile found Hat the
|?iin WBO (lue to nu abscess thal had formed
in the inner car, whieh afterward led to au ul?
lin nimaf mu of the adjacent membranes ol the brain.
Absolute rest and quiet were <l dared neceaaarp,
and in neeordeaoe with these orders no one ex?
cept tho pbvaietans uud the nurse wera admitted
to the siek-room.
Mit i ONKI.I.Nl. S ilUKNOS AI. A BM I l?.
Mr. Conkling ?Mftanai intense pani in the left
side of bis bead, which steadily grew- inure seri?
ous, although lie at lirst ifrimffhl ii ? small mat?
ter, uiul his family physican, Hr. Fordjos Burlier,
whs not at all ulanned. As the inltamtnitiuii in?
creased, however, Mr. Conkling exhibited symp?
toms which gave much finrastnros to his rnetMaa
(Ju friday and Batnrday he was mildly deUrtoam
Hr. Coiueiius K. Agnew, the well-known siaeiail.St
in diseases ol the eye uud ear. was called in, and
Mn Conkling arno sent ior from Liku. She
arrived on Banda*, ami when the physicians left
the ex-Senator thal afternoon they thought that
lin- BEMM ot his diaCaes had pfMi d. Ills tempera?
ture uud pulse, winch had brea troff kiga, la?
carno almost normal and his condition was lu
every way Improved.
On Sunday night at 0::m they were hastily
summoned and were ahoeked to lind that their
patient had become suddenly worse. His ti-m
pemture bad risen to 103 g>6 mid his pulse best
at lin to the minute. Ile continued to be delirious
nil night and insisted ui>oi! genni;,' up and walu
lng around his own and an adjoining rm,m. It
was with great ditliculty that the patient was
kept tn any (legree of quietude. While |,e win*
uhie at times to looogntiii Ur. Barker and Mrs.
Conkling, ho was most ot the tune iii her un?
conscious or Highly.
The alarming aymptonas, which had been con?
tinuously on tin Increase, convinced the physicians
yesterday that nothing but, an operation which
would relieve the brun of thc pressure of pus
upon it, could save the patient's life. Hr. Henry H.
Sands and Hr. Francis Delafteld were therefore
called and consulted with Dis.. Harker and Agnew
and Hr. Anderton, Hr. Barker's assistant, who hod
been In constant attendance nt the house sinco
Mr. Conkling's ea-,e became daagereoa.
It, was decided that the operation must be
performed, and preparations for lt wen Mastsj
with great nara. In the meantime Mr Conkling's
daughter, Mrs. Oakman, arrived from I'ticn. and
with her caine Cnited States Judge Alfred C Com-.
They went at once tu the Mek chamber, mid the
patient appeared to recognize them both. The
news of the ex-Senator's illness spread rapidly
through the city and many friends sailed bo ex?
press) their K>mi>ithy. hut none vere allowed to
we him. As previously arranged, the physicians
named were all in attendance except Dr Agnew
renily for thc delicate work bel,ire them. Dr.
Agnew had been taken sick during the div. but
he was represented by his associate, Dr. David
, At 5 o'clock thc payofelaaa ghandi named
were all in attendance, except Ur. Agnew, who
had been taken sick daring tho day. Bat Db
David Webster came in his stead Tho OfMfmfdeaj
was performed by Dr. Sam!-, and was regarded
by all us n most skilful mic. Dr. Delafteld u'l
ministercd the ether, while Hrs. WetMter, Har?
ker and Anderton gave net ive aid. Dr. Harker
iii describing the operation last evening saul:
We found lt, very dlflleull M OM our lintier,' i,u;, | enough
to submit to our wishes. Ile dirt not wan' M Ile down,
and lt required our unlt.il pataeaatea tu iirvjil mum him
to h.' still. When the MsMSSfMtM lia I MlMB oBSM Dr.
?aMs mate an Incision an li.rh In lenoth bock af the left
ear down to tho bone. The oeoad SOS MM BOM hy ra
traetlon mid the external table of the BSOO was gently and
skilfully salssllad rhroaajh by the seamier, a* asea as the
UMtrooMM had peootreMtl tlie tallie a quantity of pus
MMatoi vvith blood seeeped.
L'p?,n removing a little nu.re of the bone by the chisel
and mallet cells wera reached sud mure pus ese.iiied. I
think that In all an ounce of pus waa discharged. It
rei|u.u1 no pn-ssure to bring lt oat. The wound waa
then fhesasi with sublimated gauze and bandaged.
The result has been In my aBOBlaO decidedly beneficial.
I am by no means rash enough to predict Mr. CuiiWlliuT's
recovery. He ls still tn a fhmgOSOeS fMOSStfM. Bul his
temperature has fallen to 102, mere (han ene and a half
deer.es, which la encouraging, and lil- pills., !? now st 'Mi
only. Ills strength ls not yet greatly MsMtOd, and his
splendid pliy-lque may carry him through. He was ablo
M take BSarlohMMB to-day?about two quarts of milk and
six or eight oune.s of bouillon.
Anuther phj sician who was PECOCnt said last)
.Mr. Conkling's chances of w-covery have hSSO Improves,
by the operation. It wa? ci triplet* BS a work of surgery
and Dr. Sands performed lt admirably. The mallet and
chl^.1 were used ; the irephlne has tOSSSM aOOMSOt, Tho
whole SOSrattsO was |M.rr.iim<-d strictly lu loaarOMMS with
the rules of antiseptic surgery.
Mr. Conkling was resting easily ut ll p. m.
Dr. Sands in u private statcmnt said that he did
not think that the patient could live inure than
forty-eight hours. Mayor Hewitt nailed at the
house, hut was met hy another caller at the door.
The |fapor remained at the Hoffman Hones for
an hour and a half walting for news. When he waa
in funned Micro was no chance for tho worse, hs
went home.
During much of yesterday and all last (vening
to a kite hour messages of inquiry came to No. 9
West 24-1 hst. in i:i|)id MlCeeOBMB. At all tho up?
town hotels the utmost, si,licit mle was expr<-s.?l
and Mr. I 'tinkling's illness was the solo topic of
eon venation.
At midnight Mr. Conkling was lather restless.
Pr. Anderton had just tuen oallcd info tho room,
where he and Mrs. Conkling are the only attend?
ants. The patient insists un getting Bp and walk?
ing around, and it has reunited all the efforts of
those vvith him to keep him from his purpose.
At 12:15 a. m. Mr Cooking's condition wno
practically unchanged and he wus walking about
Lia ro-lin iu dclirum.
Pittsfield, Mass , April 0 (Special).?A family clothed
In fill hy rags and subsisting on the flesh of a dead
horse was found rootoeanf by Sheriff Day, sf Stock?
bridge, lu a miserable hui about two miles from the
village, on the side of the mountain (asf of the
llotisatunle Uiver. Th- family OOMdsSSd ol a Wi man,
ago forty, and three chillreu. a girl tiff, eu >?? ars old
and two boys, one twelve and th- oih-r etojbt, The
officers found nothing la IBO kOOOO tu eat BESpMI some
nieaf bulling aa the stuve, the fume-, of whl.h were
such that lt wes almost pMBOeslhlS BM th 'M lo ? miln
in the place. when they Is'iulroi what kimi of
u cat it \san niching bm Ol UM buy- sall it w.t^ hors*
meat, and taking th* officers out ba. U of tho hui
showed them the half eaten hotly ot a hos-.
err a sn gashed hy a becki ess ?'?> \k ard
John Barrett, Ihe uncle of the roiinf Barrett who wai
killed by Longobardl some time ago, was stabbed y??ter
day by a man turned Patrick Coen, of No. 1*7 Munrte-st,
He hms not seriously hurt Ile Mya that BS waa "(anding
at New Bowery an1 N*-w Chambers-st awaiting th* re?
turn of his ennui boy. whom he hid sent sway with hi* ea
pren* wagon. As he stood then Coen ran around the
corner with a knife In his hand, chasing a boy. Hs
stumbled, an;l on lecoverlng himself rushed at Barret! and
struck him over the '.eft eye with the knife. Tho knife
made sn ugly cut and then glanced and made a long,
deep sciat< li In front of the left ear. Harrell said ha
trlel tn pM held nf Um BsSB, but was prevented by the
policemen Ile had never seen Coon before. lie be?
came excited whllo telling lils story and hinted at dire
vengeance it he ever got bold of tho man shu had attacked
Coen was arrested ind taken to the Oak Street Station,
and will be lu ,ie,lu befu.-u thu Tombs Court this morning.
Us was probably drung at tba Unas et Me assault

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