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Washington, April ?.?The question of the ad
salasiun of Dakota into the Union ta not a new
one in thc Senate lt hos been before that
body a number of times; and the claims of tho
Territory have been alily presented by a number
of Urpubltcnn Senators in former Congresses.
They have never, however, been presented in a
Blearer, more striking and more convincing series
af arguments than they were set forth to-day
by Senator Platt, of Connecticut. This, of course,
ls not a rt-flection upon the previous efforts of
fdr. Plait's Republican colleagues. It only goes
Bo prove that he has profited by their experience,
and has known how to utilize thc fact* and fig
ares gathered by them in connection with newer
data, justified by thc rapid development of Da?
kota within thc last two years.
Mr. Plait's long service on the Territories Com?
mittee point.-d to him as the natural champion of
the claims of Dakota when Senator Ilarrison,
af Indiana, went out of the Senate. His speech
of to-day showed that the Republicans made no
mtaakc when they rhos* him a* the chairman of
thia important committee. It was an a>>le speech,
carefully thought out, replete with unanswerable
atat.st les, i.ml delivered in that earnest ami em- j
Cane manner winch carries with it conviction, :
ou?h it may fail to penetrate the pnehy- j
fgaasesesjOM hide of tho average Democrat who
eaauet rise ahove his partisanship lontt.cuough to
do a simple act of justice toward The citizens
of the Territory of Dakota.
Mr. 1'latt said that the bill was one of four
which had been reported by BOO Committee on
Territories for thc admission of new States It
provided for the admission of the southern part
of Dakota, under a constitution already formed.
The other three lulls were <-u<?liliug acts tor the
Teri ii 01 les of Washington, Montana and tlic north- j
ern portion of Dakota.
Suggestions, he said, had been made ne^inst
thc use of the names of North Dakota aud South I
Dakota. Some people had o fancy for IndUn j
names: others for those of distinguished Ameri
eaiu. of former years. While bc would be gted
te respect this sentiment (for li was nothing but ;
a at aliment), the conditions were such that tho
name ot Dakota could nut be taken away from j
en. r portion of thu Territory without injustice j
and without doing violence to the feeling and
snaliee ol', he believed, every inhabitant in the \
Territory. To give some other timur man Dakota j
tm silkes, portion of the Territory would seem like ?
theran thonties of a town going into a fuuiilj ami
iruwsiintj on giving to its members other names
than those they Lad received from their parent**.
It would be a* unjust as to attempt to change
the name of North Carolina or South Carolina.
The PTOBOOtd State of South Dakota had a popu
iav.'ui ol 4 00.000, and he thought they had a right
to he admitted as a State in time to participate in
Ui* next presidential election.
Mr. Vest?Do you wean that the people of South Dakota
have a tego! and i-nut-tltuttunal right lo come Into the
Halon ak a Mate wilso ui action on thc part ot Congress 1
Br. Tlalt-Ku.
Ur. Yen-That claim BOB been ai>?eit?d, and I wanted
Bs know wbether the fMMSM from Connecticut luUuised
Shat preposition or not.
Ha l'lstt? I do nut claim that the people of Dakota
aaa set up a btsto Government fur themselves Imlepeii
Beal I of tbe action ut Congress, lmt I do claim llial they
fcjrr. a lieut tn form a coiistllullou and that Congress has
mc ricki to deny their ada.li.aWm.
Eixaluug ot the division of the present Terri?
tory lie said thai so strongly convinced was he
that ihe Territory ougnl to be divided, he would
Be in laver of it, ev eu if tbs people of the Ter?
ni, iy were ugambt it. Tko PSUMIU Territory
?m. too laite for vue State lt was 4110 mi lea
long lu,ia north to south, and 40U miles wide
from casi lo weet, lt was very mich target
th?u 1.inland, Ireland, BooUand and Wales; ami,
(aside I kiiu Its uou-commcrcial qn ail th j , capable
of saataininc ns large a population. The area I
ot these oouattiea amounted to 121,000 aquaro
aailcs; that Of Dakota to 140000. lt was as
large, plaiticully, as thc State*, of New-York. Pciin
BOfraiua, New-Jei-sey. Maryland and Virginia
combined; as large ns nil New-Ainglaed, New-York
and Ncw-Jerosy; kuper thoa Ohio, Indiana and ,
Illinois combined. The proposed State ol South
DaWoia would be 77.0UU square uu'.cs, and that
was certainly lars'- enough fer on agricultural ;
State. He had sieii a Waahingtoo dispatch to n
Dakota newepapef atotlng thai Dakota would bo
admitted u^ a whole, and the dispatch was prim?
ed with the beading, " An Imperial Stale." There
sjras BO " Imperial Slate" wanted in tins country. ,
No Stale was wanted BO great and strong as to
glory in it*, comparative greatncea. I'hy-iral
as v.\* ll as !?? pal equality among tho Stales was
what was wanted No itate should he ovcr
ebedowt-d bp any tither Stale.
As io tbe suggestion linnie at tbe last oeofdon
that the cuiiint-' up nt Territortet into numerous
States would convert the Senate into a mob,
Mr. Platt replied that ii was better that the
Benair should be so enlarged as to represent the
Cpular will and to feel UM popalac pulse tlian
it a State should be admitted so large as to
have an abnormally large representation in tho
?boboc ol Bepeeaeetetivee
lhere were now in th*' Union nine States bavin
Boutli Dakota. He argued that South Dakota
ha jMipulalion than the proposed Slate
had brought herself within thc precedents under
which States had been admitted. It could r.ot
be said that she had done anvthin; irregular.
Why should she not be admitted?and admitted
now ? Why should her prayer be longer denied ?
Why should tbe Senate turn a deaf car to her
6rayer P Why should tbe Renate refuse lo par
eipate in that greatest aud grandest act of legis?
lation?'he admission of a new State into the
Union, thus adding to the grandeur, thc strength,
the glory and the renown of the Amercan P.e
Mr. Butler obtained the floor; and the bill
Brent over till to-morrow.
eek dh xi rat.icT roLicwrp.
Washington, April 0?Tlie House Committee
Ctn Invalid Pensions this morning took final a ttOB
upon the Senate bill known ns the Dependent
Pension Bill. Some verbal amendments' were
made to tbe first section relating to the claims
of dojieiident [>arcnts. but none of them materially
cLaiijjed tae effect of the section.
AySubMimu- was adopted for the second section,
which is the principal section of the bill. The
tabotitoto provides a i>ensioii for all persons who
have Boreel in tbe military or naval Beirtoc of
tftie United States foT any i?eriod, and who have
been honorably discharged and who are now,
OT who may hereafter bi? suffering from mental
or physical disability, not the the result ol their
own vicious habits, which totally disables them
from the performance of manual labor, at iIk*
rate ]y-r month of one cent for every dav I war
Marlee.. It farther provides tho sine ptirrtirn for
all persons who are sixty-two years of age, or
who may hereafter become sixty-two years of age
for aud during their natural livs.
Bot -lion three was amended so as to provide
fimt when thc widow of any pareen who bud
Barred in the war and had BOOB honorably dis
Bharred ls In a condition of dependence or is
Suffering from any disability recognized by the
Snerol pension laws, or ls sixty-two years oj agc,
I shall b< placed ui>on the pension ruli at the
Eau- per m. nth of one cent for every day's war
service of her husband.
The fourth section was amended BO BJ te make
the attorney's fees for claims Bled under the bill
fa instead of |10. The element of dependence
placed in thc Grund Army bill by Uk- Senate was
eliminated so that all soldiers are to be tensioned
for their servioe.s eojaany without retard to tlu-ir
?nancinl condition and accord in a to th ? |*-r diem
Idea I h. amendments were adopted by a strict
party vote, the Uepuhlicana favoring the (.elisions
of the Senate bill; so that the amended bill may
ba regarded as embodying the Democratic policy
In tbe matter of pension legislation.
TMi neisr. c-m?iitt?k mope mrs TO KEt IA1M
50.000.000 t-wr.AitNFD acufs.
Washington, April ?.-Tko House Committee
on Public Lands l.ns instrueU-d Chairman Holman
to reiiort a bill declaring a forfeiture of all un?
earned railroad land grants opposite those soc- I
tiona of the roads not completed in the tune men?
tioned in the granting acts Four bill* ilrtVe" I
already Boob reported from the commute declaring
forfeitures in the cases ol Um liaetinea and
Dakota, Ontonagon and State Line, Northern
Pacific and Southern IW.flc Uuilroads. The bill
agreed upon to-day is intended to cover all un?
earned railroad lund grants not Included in thant
measures, and the committee estimate that the
land recovered under all of the bills will amount
to about 50.000,000 acres. Grants of land made
under eleven act* ere proposed to be forfeited by
the general bill, as follows :
Jo Florida and Alabama, in 1856; to Alabama,
In lbi/O; to Wiaoonsin and Michigan, in lent; to
Wisconsin, iB 1050: to Wisconsin, in 1*64; to
TWm loosing fer Srst-class Euraitura will gst tbs i,? ?'..t
gtwtj low prloaa ur Buroiiaslug at tb* tutti vf (Mo. C.
BUM Csv. lat Wa* liuiii. lt win mst rea >? Oirvp la aaa
Maka aa ???*???-??'??
Mississippi, in 1839; to Mtaaesota, in
1656; to Mnnesota, in 1867; to Min?
nesota and Iowa, in 1*65; te sWa* in 1864
to Wisconsin, in 1864 : to the Central Pacific Rail?
road, of California, in 1868. The bill confirms
the rights of actual settlers and innocent pur?
chasers of forfeited landa
Washington, April 0.?Among the Executive com
Bnn nie at loos presented tn Ure Senate to-day and re?
ferred was one reeommendtng an appropriation ot
?100,000 for a gymnasium at the West Point Military
Academy ; and one In reply to a resolution calling for In
formation as to smuggling from Mexico and Canada.
Among the petitions and memorials presented and
referred was one from publishers and others of New
Park tor tba passage of the linns* bill for ike laane of
fractional paper currency, IO, 10 and 25 cents, and
leTeral la favor of ttr* International Copyright law
from typographical natone ta various States.
Mr. TAI NB, from the Committee on Foreign Re?
lations, reported tbe Joint resolution accepting the
Invitation of the Belgian Government to participate
la tbe international exhibition at Brussels and ap
propiiailng BHO.OOB fur that purpose. Passed.
Mr. tull lilt, froBi Um Committee on Patents, re?
ported back the noaa* bul to give validity ta certain
pale nut for inventions that wera Irregularly Issued
(being signed by tb* Second Assistant Secretary ot the
Interior, Mr. Hawkins, Instead of by lae (secretary
himself.) Passed.
Mr. MORRIU, gave nolle* that U would on Wed?
nesday next address the Senate on the President's
annual message and Mr. COKE gave like nolle* for
Among tho bills Introduced and referred was one
by Mr. Al.UbUN (by request) for Lae establishment of
a permanent court of arbitration br tween tim United ' ,
Mates and Oreel Ilritaln and France. (
Senator Cl'l.LOM presented a series of resolutions ! ,
adopted by the Chamber of Commerce of NOV York, j j
urging ibo adoption of amendment* to th" interstate j j
Commerce act, lo prevent fraudulent practices on th*
part nf dishonest shippers by misrepresent al lon of the
character and weight of goods offered foi shipment. , i
The West Point Academy Appropriation hill was I (
reported from the Senate Committee on Appropriations .
without aDy chango In the amount t?3ir>,O00> sp- !
Sropriated by the bill as lt came from the House. The
snate Committee took Into consideration the propo?
sition to build a new academy building fur iMPfMKX) ,
and a uew gymnasium for ifiiT.OOO, but In view of the f
charge of extravagance likely to be brought apatmt j
the committee lt nu 'laded not to make tbe additions
proposed to the hill.
A hill lu remove the political disabilities of Robert
Johnson, of tho State of New-York, was passed. I .
'Ihe bill to autborlzo the sale to allens of certain
mineral lands was takon up for consideration, and Mr. I
PAULKMKB (a member of tho Committee on Mine* and i
Mining, from which the bill wan rejmrtedl spoke In .
opposition to lt. Mr. FAULKNER argued that there
was no reason for the bill. The mineral Industries of J
the country were being sufficiently developed now, and I
not, to any appreciable extent, by the aid of foreign
capital. Tb* census of lr>80 showed the existence of J
1.172 deep mines In Ihe Wostern Territories and Hates, j
and of lho?e only seventeen were owned by foreigners? '
ppves of them In I tah. He moved sn amendment *
piovtding that, where mining claims which have beou J
patented are acquited by a partnership, a majority of l
the partners and of the trustees ur directors shall J
bo *-!tlz.ern of the United ftate*. !
Mr. EV ARTS said thar, in his Judgment." the whole *
subject of the Investinent by foreigners In mining
operations In the Territories was entirely apart from
the question of allowing the owners hip of soil by
forelpnen. He regarded the matter of (he investment |
bv fnrelcners In mining operations In Ibo Territories ' .
ot foi-elgn tapttaf In mines as falling under tho head >
ut trade. J
The discussion haring closed, the question was fallen (
on the amendment offered by Mr. Faulkner, and fhe
Tote was announced as. yea* 20. nays 17. No quorum '
having voted the roll was called, and forty-six. Senators , i
answered to their names without any farther vote on j ,
thc bill or amendment, the bill was laid a.<-!de.
?fOfrrjOE miller's itrsroMSR. I f
Warhixotok, April 0.? Attorney General Carland r
Bd0raa*a4 th* Supreme Court to day and presented | k
fesolottoaa recently ado] trd by the bar of the Supreme
Coori respecting the death of Chief Justice Waite.
Mr. Justice Miller made the response. He said
In part :
It has been said by eminent Judges with Ken Hil-'? af
regret that, lu,never Imp-uiani their BeirlieOj baWSSOl
valuable th'ir dcclsli fis ami opinions, they are, as tom
pared w.th other public servants and public men, with?
drawn fmm atMSreettlB. Hut the Irflnence of a cieat
Judre. like Hie MM Chief Justice, embodied In the reports
of a court ?if BOgk OksieaSaa will be felt aa establishing
rul?s nf conduct and for the decision cf Important ques- | J
(Jons, and will bo commented upon and apprei lated by j t
a Migs elaaa saaatftatlag a learned profession lrnr aft** s
c(.nt>?niporary addres-es or public efforts mt whatever char- c
arter nhall have passed Into forneifuiiiess. To one (BSMW ?
BM of BSatBOMaSM fame lhls connection of a distinguished
judi-e widi the principle* which the courts have laid ;
donn as rules govt ruing the rights of parsons and prop- t
ert.v ai.l tie- pw rs cf Covi liiinent over the citl/en,
must always present a sMBe!*M soaapeaaatlaa for the ab- | *
senre of public applaud; accompanying tko di-' barga of his ?
judicial dudes. ,:
The reaetwBeaa were placed upon the records of , t
the court, a* were resolutions ad. pied hy the .-cnate
of the State of Ohio.
WaaUogtea, Menosy, Apm o, iws.
TO RKTl'RN IK iM E.---Orders have bess laaa d f..r
the Brooklyn, flagship of ros Astaire Malton, to retvrn to i
the OaltM State*, and sho will probably arrive at Hew>
York dutliiK ibe nuimiei. '
lill: IBOQUOIS.?TkS report of tho Board of Survey 1
on thc IriiouoiM, now Bl tho Mare Island Navy Yul. BBS f
bein received at UM Navy Departmut. It shows iliat , ,
sn expense of about fbfi.OOO will be Moeaaary tn put the
VMwf )u complete repair, and BS that M In BXeSSB nf the : 1
li ral 20 per cent Unut of thc original cutt ot ile- umtl, j
the vOsasI will have to be condemned.
(Eur Uu dtadl'd in tnt Jloiwr tttflr$t tiagt.) !
The young" Republ:-ans of tho XVI I th and XIX th As
tembly Dlstiltts met last night at Adelphi Hall, Etuvenih
ave. and Flfty-second-st., for permanent ot ga Miration. Tho
eonatitullon and by-lawt read at the la'l meeting were
adopted, and application will be made this week for nnun
tMT.iiip In the Republican bareges ut titi* bute. Tbe
following officers were elected: President, lodwln H.
Moore; frat vice preMdent, BBKOO] Ash; second vice
president, Joseph Kuniian; secretary, John M. J. Kl?r- I 1
nan; treasurer, A. G. (I oe ss! mg; aergeaut-at-arms, John >
De Voe; executive remmlttee, BeatOS CldV'.on, Henry a
Ilartlr.fr, Benjamin K Itlakeiey. Iiavld Ksoaaal and Con- y
rad Alheidt. Th* club has now fifty ciembei* ?nd la ^
rapidly lucreatilng In numbers. Il ls Intended to have ??
weekly meetinRS at which there will ry addresses by well- 0
known sjjeakeie, and au etiteitalni'.ent commlitce will be c
appointed at tito not meeUng u> add to tho social features o
of the club.
The lupublicatib of tl.e XI.Mh Assenibly District have '?
orcanlred a now club to be I.mi as the West Side Re- | ft
publKan Club. They have leased the Brae btownstone
BMTJt N ?. 1C5 West Seventy tit-ls' B?d on April '_M will
BOTS an apeatOB ni^ht. rte- feataies er which win bo a
dinner and addresses by prominent Republicans. The
el ult now has a OMMOOHfatp of about eighty and new
unities are coining In rapidly.
The members of the Empire Club and the iMMata
Villon^ Republican orgsnltaUons of the IX th Assembly
District, have for several yesrs been considering the
neco>elty of having but one club In the district. A short j 6
time ago committees were appointed from each club lo L
confer on the subject, with tbe result Hist Hie Republican t
Club of the IX th Assembly District waa formed laat night
at a meeting held In tho rooms of the Lincoln Union,
No. 1 i:ii-bth ave. The following temporary officers wero
elected: Henry H. Wllrin, BketSMOa; Claret ce a. BOBMt
serteury ; S. W. Th* mpson, treasurer. James Bassagraaa.
William Ix.rfler, N. D*TI. Clarke, Walter Ixiran, Franklin
B. Miller and Johnson S. Cary were spimint-d ? e. s>
mlttee to frame a constitution and repi.it at tbe MBBttag
le-xt Monday, when peiiuaueiit cfflcers will be elected.
The club will hun tlw I'.epulillcari League. with the
Krpublic-auH of the dMrict working In hatiiiniiy u?c Demo?
crats will have to " husue'' to le ld their own.
Patrolman Schmidt at midnight on Sunday had his at
tentlon attracted by the breaking (if glass In the OtsmbM
shop of Kdwln Huffman, In OlBBga BfVS., Newark. Ile
saw a man crawling thmush the shatten-1 wliidow, and as
be collared the fellow he received a violent blow on the | n
head with a bar of snider, which felled him to the ground. I
The MaOM and the thief had a hand to hand strugd* Whn h
ended lu tho policeman knocking his prtsoDer ssj
with a club. The man subscQuenily gave his natue as
John Hart, of No. 67 Camden-?u, and on being arraigned j
lo court was committed to await the action ot the lirand j
Officer Dowls on Bvinday saw a man force an entrance
Into the store of the Great Western Tea House, on Ferry
st., Newark, and arrested him. Tbe prisoner, who gave
bis name as George, Plunkett, of No. 66 CllntoD-st., waa
held for trial.
Au examination of tb* body of Mrs. Malia Armstrong,
of West Farms, who, lt was thought, hart been killed by I
ber husband, discloses the fact that abe had b?en choked
to death by a pie** of meat, which lodged In her throat.
Th* l'icsbytery ot New York yesterday received re?
ports from all Its churches in regard to their condition
and progress during tbe year. The reports were gener
^- I ?? Mill
louL and Dive I
Mt lady reader. *1oa't pta* in* by with th* onklad remark
Only au *<lv?irtl?*wj?ni." I may do v*n roo*. I mav un
MUS* rour ?!??? tb* Lb* **arl of gr^at ?rlo*." I may be
BMOMeea of r<??torlnc to you hsalth and baspiuesa. I surety
vsaurn** Ui Ita pnu**>
ally favorable. Th* Unwed >EOJtMs?BB C%wi??* la Weat
Firry.aras.es. sra* EOEMBfal wuk Ms pest**, Me Baw. Dr.
Rarshaw, mto the Praatr/tary. Tb* following delegate*
ware elected to the Oeneral Assembly which BxaU In
Philadelphia next month. Th* Bar. Bra Howard Crosby,
J. M. Worrell. Henry Van Dyke, J. R. Esr*. Thomas B
Hastings *ad John B. Paxtoa; Warner Tea Bordon.
Kilian Van Rensselar, William Wade, W. A. Wheelock.
Logan O. Murrey and M. W. Dodd.
Ut speaking of th* Churoh sf th* Covenant, of whloh
the Rev. Dr. Marvin R. Vincent was recently pastor, *
wernher of th* Presbytery **ld that ? mnvenrent was on
fe*', to Mture a new pastor froia Scotland. One of tb*
mint-tiers thought thst lt could not be don* without Drat
consulting the Presbytery, snd he added that all ministers
from Europe were not freely permitted M *ni?r Ulla
country, and Instanced the ease ot tb* Rev. Walpole E
Warren. Tbe Drat speaker replied that s minister wis
net prevented from vlsttlng the United Stat**, and any
contract mad* her* wss free from ev** the technicality
of the contract law. He then spoke of other ministers
In New-York pulpits who hld come from Europe, among
them Dt. John nail.
" Bat vkM I eame her*.* edOed D*. Hell smiling.
? ther* *u no d?ty en nSnlsters."
TB* Prsvahyury elected thea* officers : David I. Wylie,
moderator; 6. D. Alxsnejer. stated clerk! J. H. Headley,
permanent clerk, and J. J. Damp*, temporary derk.
United Hates Commissioner John A. Shields, who
bas long been Deputy Clerk ol the United (Bates
i.lreult Court, and who In all mailors relating to
prooedure In the Federal Courts has been tbe rocognlred
uithorlry among lawyers, waa yesterday appointed
t>y Judges Wallace end Lacon? be aa Clerk of tbe Cir?
cuit Court. Clerk Timothy Griffith has resigned his
;fflce, his resignation lo take effect In May. .He will
>ecome interested In a manufacturing company after
its retirement from office. Commissioner Khlolds has
(een well known to the lawyers of the city for a
[Batter of a century. Ile entered the Circuit Court
Tera's office as an errand boy In MOB. After several
rears' experience he studied law while still connected
rita the clerk's office and vt as admitted lo the bar.
.ater he was made Culled Slates Commissioner and
(laster In Chancery. His long acquaintance with the
ntrleate rule.; of tho procedure In th* Federal Oour.s
ias caused Mm to be Boaga! by a large proportion
if the lawyers who have cm** In the Circuit and Su
ircme Courts and his unfailing courtesy has mads
ilm many friends. Commissioner Shields has held
u-artleallv all the examinations fn criminal eases
n the Culled States Courts for many years. Ile wa*
carmly congi ululated on his promotion yesterday by
nany "lawyers.
Sixteen of tim Illidge trustees attended their April
neetlng yesterday expecting that the Wellington plans
:>r terminal facilities for the Bridge would eome
p for consideration. But President nowell reported
bat tbe committee In charge of the matter was not
et ready to report, and a resolution was adopted to
old a special meeting to hear the report a week from
D-day. The action nf President Howell In negotiating
he eertlflraies of Indebtedness to pay for the property
ii Washington st. taken for terminal purposos waa
ppruved. Of tbe entire amount, ?2:>7.7*:i, all ex
BBt iBt.OOO was placed at 4 1-2 per cent, and the
alanee at ? per cent. The March reports showed re
elpt* of E74.17G40 from traffle., and expenditure* of
31,447 00. The total mininer of passengers waa
The Health Hoard, at a special meeting yesterday,
iraetlgaaol a complaint against John Paine, ths
anltor of Sanitary Headquarters. Ile was appointed
anltor by General Shaler, who was then president of
he Health Leard. Paine's wile was appointed Janltress
t a salary of U20 per month, but be hired another
roman to do her work It ls said that ho paid the
.ninan 910 per month and put an extra 910 into
ls own pocket. Lately th* woman complained that
'allie had used abusive and Improper language, and
ad tiled lo play the tyrant OEOf her. 'Ihe evidence
galoot I.Itu was so conclusive that he was discharged.
The board asked the police to enforce the section
f tho 'unitary code which directs thal lo ad nd manure
arts shall lie coveted while passing through th*
I re* ts.
The will of John Boar h. Um shipbuilder, dated
ros/OOSbor 20, 1MB, was Cle.l for probaio ye>i,-ii'av
y VaiulTpoel, fuming A Goodwin, counsel for
he executors, George b* weed, winiam K. Maepaersoa
nd John li. Bondi. UN ton, Garrett Poach, who
M .' | named as an executor In tbe will, has died
IBM it was executed. John li. Booeh ls'a son and
lr. Macpherson ls a BOO In-law of the testator The
'111 directs Ilia! Mr. Beech's biiblness at (hester,
Baa., and New Yolk shall be continued for not more
tian len years. To his wife ls given an annuity of
:>,000 in lieu of gower. Tao widow and children
f hts sos, Winiam ll Boaeh, arc to have oae-eighth
f Us estate. Iee residue ls t<> bo divided et]
eiweeii bi? remaining children, John ii Garrett,
lephen W. ami Emeline Boaek Bad Harsh K M*o
iiei-nii. lt ls directed thal an] ben fklariea wbo
? ?? will shall I's'eive i.nibing.
a sail by tbs Oregon iMprovemenl Company
gainst Bm estate of Ur. Beach, for gioo.000 dan
.1 breach of cont rael In the building ol Ihe steamer
ania Bose, I- pend ag In iii- Bupei.? ? I
i e could not be brough) to trial nut ll the srill
i'd. a;nl Holmes A Adams, counsel for ibo company,
-bed the Surrogate to order the win on fi ie. Ii vvas,
osrever, voluntarily oBered MT probate yesterday.
Tbe New rark- Commissioners ac now dally dli
oslne of many 60001, and are Rollie, on SO rapidly wl'h
heir srorfc that they will boob Balts lt Tho el i
( tko CommK-loii. l.ulbei lt. Mai.-li, BO lOBgtf luakeg
is splrlt-plctarea a topic of eooversasloB with his
lends, aud there is every Indication IBM his en
haalBBM on the subject bas considerably abated.
'he newspapers by their persistency In "showing
p" MaflBBM Piss Debar hers been entirely successful
ii ItBTftOlalng lier: IeeSMM ibo BO longer even tries
o veil tbe coomel ? ol ber nature by the ti.in eoror
ug of sham breeding with which she used partially
D Bloat her Intellectual nain linois No man of reflne
lem i an well tolerate tint presence of a foul-mouthed
nd violent scold In his household; and theie U little
oubi thai Mr Marsh is now repotting the Impeto
bity of credulity which led bim on first ImproMloae
ii deni over No icc, Madison-av*, to the medium lor
" spiritual temple '.*
A meeting of the creditors of F. A. Macy A. Co.,
mbrella manufacturers at Broadway and Ltspenard
., was held yesterday at the Metropolitan Hotel
be firm presented a statement showing normal as
;ts $113,782, consKilng of stock $104,100, accounts
nd recd, ables B9JBBB, BOBfe $1(13, Insurance scrip
iib; liabilities, OOo,151; of which there was for
HBO Mai money, 833,000; for merchandise, sf-02,151.
he firm made an offer to compromise at 40 ceut?
n tho dollar extending over fifteen months. A
imralttoe of creditors recommended a settlement at
J cents on the dollar, payable In four, eight and
Bahrs EHrBtlM. and tho firm have lt under consldera
Krnest Carl Corty niadn an asslgumrut yesterday
i William Mahoney, wit html preferences. The as
gnor ls proprietor of a Catholic store, at No. 25
ast Kourteeuth-it.
One of the BMBt novel of recent publications la " The
. aiig"llst," a monthly periodical devoted to th*
BBOMSBi inter sb. of Chinamen in this cmntry, and par
cularly In New-York and its vicinity. lt ls really an
?Janet to th* work that w being done In the OotaOM
uuiJay-HChocU of many of th* prominent churches of
i.s Msy. Gey Mabie, an educated Chinaman, who ls
ie assistant BOPMBBB ndeut of the "'.hool connected with
?* KroHdvhT T?U-n?*cle, la (he manager. The editor
J. fe. Uappcr, whOM father, the Rev. I>r. A. P. Napper,
i the ptSBMBM of the Christian Collegs, lu Canton, aiid
thoroughly faiidllar with the eyang-ll-tle work that
now bSfBsJ done amtng the Chin**.-, both In Amorle*
id in their own country. One-half of th* new paper
ptlntod in English and Ibo other half In Chinese, with
I lnurllneatod fanslat.on Tue undei laking pioiniae*
i be enecossful. aud to be an efficient aid In the work
tat ls being done by the churchee among the LoJn-se.
he pnbl'e iib.n's MOW BdawSSS ls In care of Bag Maine,
o. 15 Intverslty | I ? e. 'Hie lo'ter will deliver a lect
ro at the Tlroadway Tnb>-rnacls Church u. night, BOasM
ie title, - What shall be done with the Chines* f*
Th* BiBldtag Material BMCtMagS held Its seventh mnuil
ictlon it the F.?ch?ng* rooms in I.lterty-st resasstay
lie fellowing MaSara and MesOMS *-r^ chos.n
"ero Smith, president; .lames Rogers, vice pr- -I BM .
Irani Snyder, trr;nuicr; 0*0100 BL Sir.lth, Jame. Rogers,
lram bi.yder, Nathan 1'n.k. Oscar A. Curnee. H. Wornt
?mell, Walter Tomkin*, BSbMl H. Sinclair, lu,
? (ha, Blcbard R latuMStM, John J. li-il. Herman B.
oman and (sayres ll..dicy. MBBMaa President bchultt
his annual report reft-ired to the report of a committee
ipolnted to consider the advisability of cona .lidaUng the
ulldlng MaU'ia! with the Mtchanlca and Ttadera- Kx
lange, si,bi, ar*rk la left for tbe Incoming board of tru?
ea to ((mpbte. The treasnrer'a rrjiort showed th*
Tchang* in a pi osier,,ns condition.
The Whole I ital Jliiikiiierr
epends for the fuel, which ls the origin of lu propulinry
n the st.imich. In that hldlen ilembie th*
od undergoes the chernlesl ching's which transmute ll
to blood .from which the system draws the material that
'imburaee lt for Its daily loise* of tissue. These, of course,
?e greatly sugmeutod In disease. If the stomach, there
re, la weskened or disordered, the system la deprived of
isieuance. llostetter's ntoanach Ritters can bo relied
tum to facilitate and renew digestion when that function I
is been interrupted by weakness of th* stomach Bilious,
sta, or a diversion of the bile from lu proper channel,
hlch causes conallpatlon, ls ?l*o remedied by IL Heart!
irn, wind on the stoma-h, sick headache, fur upon the
ngue and other symptom* of stomach and liver disorder,
?p*?Mllly remove* Malarial complaint* of every sort]
dney and bladdsr trouble*, constipation, rheumatism and
luraUla field waco li u u**4 rt-jalarly and perststenu,. | v
The B*w*rk tSab wa* slaughtered at the Polo Ground*
reeterday. Th* anfortunst* Jereeyir.en were not tom
limb trw limb, but tncy had a great deal of baseball con?
ceit knocked out of them. The Giants, so-called, admin?
istered the threshing, and the 2,000 pcopl* present were
hugely tUklsv? end yelled their delight In s boisterous man?
ner. The new members of the New-Turk club played In
good form throughout and were heartily applauded. Crane
mad* hts Brat appearance ?? a local pitcher snd was cor?
dially received. He deserved the applause Nut >wed
upon nt* effort*. Tiernan, Foster and aswlBB did excel?
lent work with the bat The score wa* se follow*:
.vnrsrk. I'.|l?1p*t a,| ell -Trw-Fob.
r. |lt;
i S
Johnsen. LL. 1 0 1 0 0 (l-aser.ll.
frsigBsr f o 8 1 ? olTieroaarl .
C**er.o, f. 0 0 3 1 8 i<)'R*ark*, o. Qi 3
Klsbl*. ia.? 0 lllOl Ol 0! Ewing, lt.. Si 4
Jon**, Sb_ 1' Ol 31 Ol lj Foster. *.f . 1' 3
Sullivan. 2b... O' ll 0 fi 0i.Clev.land.3b' 1 "
l>llln-,c,. 01 0 1 1 S l rli**s'*s-*??( I
Smith, sa .... Oi 0 1 31 0 Crans, | .-I 1
Willer'.?. .--' loo 0 . Hatti.i.i. ?. 0 9| el Sj O
"t*ui*.." "ll"4'iii ui'sr Tsvfi*..tia iVt?7la"3l ??
IS u 0
1 ol 0
HI ll 0
10 9
0 0 0
13 3
4 * 2
9 * ?
mr.-.-.-:: I f I I I I I f fal
Barned nf-iw-rT*--STk 1. Wsw-York 10 First base by
errors?Newer*: 7, New-York 3. Flr*t ba** on BBOjB ?
B*wark % Kew-TorE E. Struck ont- Newark 4, New
Tor* 4. Left on tseet-Newera ?, New-York 5. Stolen
ba***? Newark 1. New-York 4. Hit by pitcher -Fields,
Collina Hom* mn*?Tiernan 1. Th re* sass hlte-IIst
neld 1, TVvnan t. Two-bas* blt*?Sullivan 1. Crane f,
Cleveland L Doubt* ulay* -Richardson and Connor. Col?
lin* snd Fields, Wild plicheo-Miller 2, Crane 1. I'j-mI
ball*-Coi lins 4. L'mpi'e?Mr. Pesrco. Tun* of game
One hour a'2 minute*.
The Drooklyn club defeated the Williams College nine
at Walkington Park. Brooklyn yesterday, with ease snd
dispatch, as everybody supposed lt would do. Mays, Car?
ruthers and Foutz were the pitchers for the homo club,
ind each did good work In the three Innings In which he
played. About 600 people wero. present. The score wae
aa follows:
mi Mi mr. lr. ilblpoj a.. e.
H -a . f....| I' ll 0
Dnry.i,2b... 0 O' 4
larks, c. 0 ll "
7; ?
8! 3
Brooklyn. | r.\\h po\ a.| ?.
4' Bl 1
lb...._J 2| I ni) 0 0
ney, 3b..I 1 3
McCIs lan. 2b 0 1
Brow*. If .... 1 Pl ?' H ? !o'Br1en. 1. f...i 21 M' 0 0 0
I'sn Wri'ssr. p, o 1 0i f. 41! [failford, e. t..I 21 ll 1 0 1
?01. cf...] O' V V 0, o' ?llch. r. f. I1 2 OOO
O' Otis 1 ll Hnilth. a a.... 1 ll O' 5 3
0 Ol ll l! 1 csruihere, p..I 0| l! ol l| 3
3i 1 0 ll li Fonts, p.j 0 01 01 3j 9
J_.- ? ? 'Mays, il..I 1 1 0 4! 8
4l e'34114'13 Bnahsng, e...| l| o{ 1| 2| 1
I Clark*. 0. SI tl, ll ll 1
I Holl>*rt, o.I 1, 0| 3; 81 0
l|~Total?..lii'is'itT 27114
Hoiehklas. 1 b.
Cues. a. a .
smpbsll, 8 b..
Vinisma. 0 01 0 0 0 8 1 0-4'
treoklyn. 1327000 0 x-12
Earned mrs?William* 1, Brooklyn A Base on *rrors? 1
eFUIIam* 10, Brooklyn T. Pas* on balls?Williams 4,
Itronklyn E Stru*-k ont?Williams 0, Bionklvn 3. Hil
ly pitcher?"Brown, fsfo'en bases? William* fl, Brooklyn
k Three-bas* hit*?Nelson 1. Two bise hits-Radford
Double plays?McClellan and l'lnekney; Van Wormer,
Clarke ind Ilotckklas; Vin Wormer, Duryea and Hotoh
tl**. Passed balls?TT* Ibert 1. Bot Clarke and Clarke of
VIII lams 1. Umpire?Ferguson. Time-Two hon**.
Two of the old favorite players of the New-Yolk dub.
Yard ind Keefe, have rot yet signed contract* with the
lub. Ward says that he has not agreed upon terms with
il* club yet. Keefe says he will not slen until the term* ''
11 demands ire granted by the club. Ho appears to be ;
n no hurry to algn inyway.
The New-York and Jersey City clubs will pby at the
?olo Grounds to-day and the Bnxklyn and Amherst nines
t Washington Park.
Baltimore, April 9.-The BalttMSM dub d*'foaV d the
Vashlngion niuo to-day as follows:
taUlrr.or*. 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 0-8
VasbliiKton. 00000200 0-2
Baschlts-Baltlmore fl. Washington 0. Errors-Ualtl
nore 8, Washington 6. Pitchers?Smith and Gilmore.
Jn.plie?Mr. Klulacher
PlillaaVlphta. April 9.? The Athletic club defeated IU
?htlade'phli rlvali to-day In the first name In the serle*
nr the local championship. The score was:
Lt** tlc. 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 2 0?4
?hil.'lelphla. 10000000 1-2
Rasehlts?Athletle fl. riull1e||ihia fl. Errors -Alhb tie
., FsdssBMpteM 0. Pitchers? Ixischler and Seward. Cni
Ire-Mr. Daniela
At I'ltt'burg-l'lt'.sburg ll. nuffilo 2.
Cincinnati, April O.?To-djy's game was pnstji.ned .on
ccount of rain.
If I>i?trlrt Attorney Fellows dees ss l,e MSsaOS to do,
he trial of Th"n>as B. Kerr, who waa Indicted as a co
on-pliator with Jaeob bharp for tho brils-rv of tbs
?? 11 1 M aidannao, w ni tate. alaM next ifonday in the
ourt of Over and Tcrmlner lief..re JaatMS Paster?at.
uhn If. Bird, Keri's attorney if record, was lufermed
eslcrday that a motion would be made to morrow BOMB*
ng tn have the dato ti the mal gaed foi Men-lay. Jodee
'alterson will hear tills moilun. Preparations fur this
rial have ben going on actively ever since Colonel Eel
? ws ta-> 1 ..n vi tn -J abel Jaeob Sharp was In a dylns cen
ltlou, bu*, ail preiss tl SOB were ukin io BtevSat the news
rom getting to the public lest the witnesses lit tho case
houl 1 fail Into any of those foulis of MMptBllBB whick
o often avail lo lake thea ley,,ml UM |m*iadlotMB. Bo?
ure a word waa said even to herr's lawyers as to bia
Mentions, ColMMl Fellows had SKBt '.ut the BbfMBaOS '0
NOS fur the people. Tho Colonel will take
cr-.n.I management of the case, having for his asslst
r.ts MeJCBSUM temple and ex Senator Fitzgerald. Ef
orts were mado by Kerr's MpreaaBMtivSB yesterday to
rcure Beuike Cockran a* leading counsel, Snd ho will
?lobably be ie wined. He now has the offer under coo?
Mr. Kerr has been In Florida for some time for kls
? aith. lils counsel Ml* -i.iphed him yesterday of the
mtlou which would be m.. tomorrow and bis answer was
bat he would start at un 1 fur this city. Clue of bis
ounael said last evening: " .Ir. Kerr will be here t.o-mor
ow night and will remain here prepared for hts trial.
Ie bas no fears of the result. Before this matter ls
nded lhere nay bo a good deal Of light thrown upon this
rbole affair and the man whoso band led to the Broadway
urface Railroad Investigation, tho death ot James W.
?easy and of Jacob Sharp, may yet b* shown up In all bis
James A. Richmond left this elty over a month ago t*
0 to Florida for his health. lie ls suffering from rheuma
.hil After some two week* sojourn In Florida, buding
list he did not improve he went to California, where be
ow ls. Ills counsel states that he wilt be on hand for
?lal vt Bene rei wanted.
The Indictments found against Sharp and his companions
re twenty-one In number. The defendants In saab are
aceb Sharp, Janina W. Foshay, Thoma* B. Keir, James
1. Richmond, William Moloney, john Keenan, Kubort K.
M.i.a.y and an Alderman of 1SS4. Tho Ind.cm.eui on
'MSB Marp was tried had L. A. Fullgraff a* the ua.ni" of
ie seventh defendant. The defunlint Who** trial will
1 navei M morrow wir. probably bo called to BSsSWl r the
line Indictment, although he mny be tried on the lndlct
ent In which Michael Duffy ls the seventh defendant. Th*
ildenc* on the Bharp trial was regarded as bearing attains!
err more strongly (han any other of the defendants, and
udg? Barrett alluded to that evidence in sen toni lng Sharp.
rkn ? Hird ha* appeared as Kerr's counsel heretofore,
nd William Fullerton and Frank J. Duplgn.tc r-prestmted
Police Inspector Byrnes started tor Canada on Munday,
iking pains to keep his journey from the knowledge of
.porter*. Hs was In Montteal yesterday, possibly t&Lk.ng
I th some of the exiled " hoodler*," but tbe ofllclals al
ollce Headquarters refused to give any Information on tho
The ease of Patrick F. Cleary a d Junes M. Hugh, th* *
?eper* al the Ward's Island Insane Asylum, who ir* ,
reused of manslaughter In causing the death of Oeorge
arrlsh, ? patient, was given to the Jury yesterday. '
-'. P. Horne, for the defendants, and Assistant D!?lrlct
?.torney Dawson mada their closing addresses, and Judge t
nwliig charged the ]ury. He told them that the fact that
*ih wa* caused by Injuries Inflicted by the defendants 3
u?t Ant bo clearly established before any crime could I
i made out. The Jurors retired early In the afternoon 1
id were *b?eni several boors. They asked for the resd
g of sonia of th* f-tlmony, but still failed to agr*e,
id st 7 o'clock In the evening Judge Cowing ordered
1st they b* locked up for the night. Th* court will
convene at 10 o'clock this muming.
Two men who had smallpox went to Sanitary Head
larter* yesterday ind made the clerk* feel uncomfortable. ' J
M BOM ti* ' ' SI IMS all the way from the aqueduct. The J
hM>, Michael l'urinu, arrived In this city from Italy on *
areh 2(1 and probably caught the disease on tho steamer. r
hroe other men who had smallpox were sent to North '
rotber Island. They were found In Flrst-avo. near
hird st, In Twenty-seventh sl near Tenthave., and at
ie New-York Dtsieusary.
A meeting ef th* Produce Exchange wa* held yesterday
. urge tbe passage of measures now bc'ore Baa Legislature
r- Increasing tho facilities for canal traffic President
rr spoke In favor of making tb* proposed appropriation ,
SI,000,000 for widening the canal*. Ho protested
(Sinai what he called the unfair competition of the rall
Mds In making differential rates and Quoted atatlsUc*
towing the large Increase of export trade during the Ms*
w years from competing port*. Ex- A-semblyman De
Itt J. Littlejohn and J. H. lUrrlek alan apok* tn sup
irt of tb* appropriation. Resolutions favoring tbe ap
oprlatloo were Cksin unanimously rarrlsd. On the motion
David Bingham, a resolution wa* passed urging th* Leg
laior* not to lnt*rt*r* with tk* regulation of grata td*.
i**r 1 naff asa ?*._. 1
The Best Cure
Tor Catarrti ts Ay er's ftosarsarille. It
eradlcatea the Tims from trie blood, and
thus removes tho cause of the disease.
Jingin trrattnent at once, before the
Basal tissues are destroyed aud the
whole hjstciu poisoned.
"I bave beeu more or leas troubled
with scrofula, but uaver vory seriously
until tbe spring of
18?2. At that tune.
I took a se vera cold
which, uotwith*
Btanding all etTorU
to euro, grsw
worse, and finally
bocauio a chronic
catarrh. I triad
tawny of the so
called aaeoinrs, bot
bb ui ned no re liol
until I began the
use of Ayers Sarsa
jvirltbi. After using
nearly two bottles
of this medicine, I
noticed an tmprove
iin-ut. When 1 bad
taken six bottles, ^^^^^^^^^^
all fracas of catarrh bad disappeared
and I was restored to nerfect health."
?A. B. Cornell, Fairfield, Iowa.
" I was troubled with catarrh for over
two years. JU tried various remedies.,
and was treated by a number of physi?
cians, but rei lived no benefit until I
commenced taking
Ayers Sar
Bftparilla." ?Jesse M. Boggs, Holman's
Mills, Albemarle, N. C.
Prepared by Dr. J.C. Ayer 1 Co., Lowell, al***. |
Which lo caused by an a* id lu tho
blood, ls cured by A j er's Sarsaparilla.
Hundreds have found relief in tba tue
of thia wonderful remedy, when ever/
other treatment proved worthies*.
" I suffered from rheumatism In my
sida and shoulder* for several months.
Ayer*s Ssr?.-ip:iri!l:i has entirely cured
me."?Ellen Connaghton, A st., I/ovi.-il,
John Ti. I>nffy, 83 Oreen st., rto-ton.
Mass., certifies that Ay er's Sarsaparilla
eared him of rheumatism, p*u us ia tho
back, and general debility.
"I hare been troubled with rheuma?
tism so as to be confined to the house
for weeks ; but Aver'a Sarsaparilla if.
foctcd a complete cure." ?A. E. Kr. ed,
17 Telegraph at., So. Boston, Mass.
"I was for many mouths afflicted
with chronic rheumatism, arni suffered
Intensely, in spit*) of all th* rem."lie*
available. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, being
recommended, bas completely removed
every symptom of my old complaint."
? J. Krra.ni, Independence, Va.
"When doctors had failed. Ayer*o
Sarsaparilla cured ma of rheumatism."
Hernani Drown, 132 Adams st., Lowell,
Thos. Dalby, Watertown, Mass., long
a 8'ifferer from lumbago and rheuma?
tism, has been so greatly improved since
using Ayer's Sar
that he has every reason to believe lt
will effoct a permanent cure.
Frlc* SI; BBB, SS. Worth Br, rn bot tl*.
The fleneral Term of the ^'Hy Court has reversed the
judgment rendered against John A. K. Duval, as
assignee of Mrs. ?. Guion, in his suit against Hoi-nee
ll. Wellman, the proprietor of a matrimonial agency.
On the trial of the iase, in which tho return of $50
deposited with the defendant by the widow In search
of a husband was remanded, the Jury was directed to
find a verdict for the defendant on the ground that tho
contract lo obtain for lier a Ufo partner was void as
against nubile policy. Chief Justice McAdam says:
"Tbe mau 111101.1*1 agent does uot occupy * uiuch
more favorable posit iou In the eyes of tho law than
gambling and lottery shop keepera', card moule play?
ers, and mock auctioneers, for money and property
obtained by him are treated as having boen procured
by a species of const motive fraud. . . . And
upon this theory bonds and conveyances for marriage
brokerage contracts bars bara cancelled by tbe courts
and recoveries of money allowed. Wo Mil uk that
beeaus* sn much money had boon received to and lor
the plaint life use that th* Judgment lu favor of the
defendant must lie reversed aud a new ti lal ordered
with costs to abide the event."
miss corns BOT vit rnr.K mon the law.
Aii application was made to Justice Barrett in the
Supremo Court yesterday by ex-Judge George M. Ourtls
for the eonflrinatlon of the finding of the shorlfTs Jury
pronouncing his client, Mles Harriet E. Coffin, sane.
Henry C. Andrews, on behalf of Chnrle. B. Wilby, trustoo
of Um fund left fur MU. Collin', benent by her grand?
father, ex Judge Collin, of Cincinnati, SBtMBSi the mo!lon.
F.s. Julee ( uri' said the proceeding against Miss Coffin
was a baso conspiracy, sud chaiacterlzed young Ur. Ham?
mond, who t< stilled In tho case, aa a physician In search
of his first scalp as au expert. Thc decision was reserved.
In th*> Supreme Court, Chambers, yesterday, Justice
Barrett 1 siened to argument* on s BMttOB to ope* the
default by which the Mit of Mrs. Oasa Thelnhardi, a
vvjdow, for $10,000 damage*, for bleach of promise of
marriage, against CieJ. rick %. Si hm. r<^abl, wak dl>mU.sed.
William H. Mundy, the plalntitr* lawyer, said that th*
defendant hail promised to nnrry the plalntltf both orally
and In iv i: il ncr. .ind hni *|>ecifled Ihe conditions. Lawyer
Bibe, for the defendant. Mid lhat an order permitting
kW tn MM as a pauper had been re'eluded when lt
wa* discovered that she wn. sub letting part of a hand
koine tht.-est.iry house In Fifty -third >M , and that her
fawarbOM aaaOS l e**4 il ul of money at dressmaking. Tho
Judge refried ida dretaloa.
C. C. Shayne, the furrier, purchi*e1 rnr ?000 a carriage
horse from 0>rar 8. Bailey, who keeps sales edibles at
Broadway ?nd Flfty-flfth-st., on January 7, 18^7. Th*
vendor warrantied tao bans as Mos years sM and tiue in
all hsrneaa .Mr. Boara* Kiy? bs sbbb ascertained that th?
v. is ;,.'ii h oll'-r and was not setini by reasoa of
.rn l fflseaaa. lie was eoaapelled to sell him at a
? mel bs sin:! Ballsy lo nemer the OOM. The
answer denies taos lasso was any ?laiefMsacaOMMa in the
f.ule. Tho raso was brought to nial yesterday In tho bu
i "ur-, and Mr. .Shayne, his coachman and other.
u ?.lilied to thu BtaSfOtlans In tho complaint. The trial
goos on today.
John W. B. Smyth, a real estate broker, sued lorenz
Reich In the City Court for a commission of BSOO SB tho
allegation that ho had procured s loan of $173,000 for the
ibfemUiit on leasehold property BjMagfaf to the Astor
estate at Fifth ave. and Thirty-third st., on which Belch
MQpesad to erect a hotel. The case was tried yesterday
beforo JadgB Khrllch and a Jury and ? verdict wa* ien
jered for the defendant,
imony In the contest over the will of Daniel R.
Lyddy, the lawyer, who left all his property to his wifo,
the dres-maker known as Madam Connolly, wa* taken be?
fore Surrogate TUnsein ye-forday. Ira Shafer and ex
Fudge Juachlm-en ByySarafl for the contestants and Frederic
B, Cnudort, George Bliss and William J. Lardner, repre?
sented Mrs. Lyddy. Mrs. Mary Cocheron, wife of the
proprietor of the Brower House, William J. Lamed and
cithers test Hi cd that the defendant was of sound mind and
was uot, unduly Influenced. Lamed said that th* testator
often - at ed that he would have uothtng to do wita hi.
bri,:her*, the contestants In the ease.
Argument wa* heard yesterday In the Supreme Court on
the application ot Mrs. Sarah Lynch, widow of William
Lynch, for a mandamus to compel the Manhattan Ballway
Company to tear down the elevated structure* tn front of
her property on Elghth-sve., between Otio-htindred-and
IftyQflh and One-hundrud-and-flfty-nlnlh sta. The coun?
sel will have one week In which to submit their briefs.
In tho suit of Henry Shepard, a real estate agent, for
in absolute diver." fnni Florence Shepard, Justice Barrett
node an order yesterday in the Supreme Court giving t* th.
a-lfe ?! 00 a month alimony and S-60 counsel fee and th*
Maisey of her two minor children ponding the litigation.
Counter charges of tntldellty are made by Hie defendant,
A verdict for S'-.OOO wan rendered yesterday In the Court
)f OoBUBSS Pleas lu favor of Dane Bussell In his suit
igalic-t Gustave Schirmer, the Union Sq'iare music publish?
er. Tb. action was for damage, for false arrest on the
:h*rge that tho plaintiff, whllo employed by th* defendant,
lad maliciously destroyed sheels of music.
Jades I.acombe In tho Cultod Huton Circuit Court yes
asdaj decided that Cuuiinl-slunor Lyman had acted properly
is far aa matters of law were concerned in ordering the ex
radlttOS of Ocerge Benson, against whom the Mexican au
horltlea made a complaint of forgery In issuing bogus
;lek*-ts to concert* In the name of Henry E. Abbey, the
nanager of Adelina Patti'* tour in lUtHi-'ST. A sUy of
jroccedlngs was granted by Judge Lacotnb* In order that
n appeal might be taken.
At-B a nt, April ft.?In th* Court of Appeals to 'tar th. fol
jwlng causon were argued :
No. 7'JS?I h. IT.abMut and Directors of th* Msnsatts*
'oni-uny appellant, s?L Wdllaau J. I')..Hip* aud .ti.sr*
No 763 Jan* H. Kellogg, appellant, art. Jaeob Stoat and
dmr*. re.apou.laBU.
:?? 1 ?..'..? luopeojle, r.'pju Uiita, agt Hugh B. Ulllson,
N*. 777-Rodn.v C Webber, appellant, *rt tho tT.rklt.er
nil Mona -va .-ire.l rUlltrs*- Uooipsur. respondent*. b*b
No. 77S-John T. Williams and other*. ?i>p*U?uta, sgt.
.?*r.'* M. vv i,-son, rsspomtaat*. Submittal.
Tn* f.llowing 1. th* mntian saUndar for April 10 i Noa.
lia,ltttlil-.s,tm, last.Itt* mri u?u. hst. i.es,
246. ital, 1247, lia, ian, 12J0, leafs, i.-h. i-m. UH
'.'65, l-'jfl, I2i0, 1257. Xiii, 1254 amt 1261.
The f(.U*wiug ls the day oat** Ur for April Iii Noa. 7.S3,
82, 1233. 1231. 1241. l'JJL 1-09, 718 sad 714.
Sirrr.rii. rotTBT-CHastngaa. ? Befors Barrets. J.?yn.
I mi. nu, na. u.'i. ns. 11 r. :j'i. UT 1*3. u*. iso i:?i
si km, 2:? na, '.ia. ut, jut. sn. 3u. sax, 322. gai. 3a?!
2ft, ,(-?;. ?-?. M?\ sss. H.to
ci fKf.?K * oust?(iisiRAi. Turk?Befor* Van Hrunt, T. J
irsdr lad lianlnla. J. J? Kmjoss.
t-tritKua i ocsr?sr-cut, tcrh past I. ? P.?fore ri.aph
..-NocSja, 8-8, 8ufl, titli, taft 035. C'JH, 041. 8Si OBo"
M. '
siirmsi Oeoarr?*traoiai TR.M-i'aicr n _awOjra inrr*.
Sis. J -Noa 13S, 140. 141. 14'J. 138. 8-'4. 6^7. SSS. SUS. Us.
17. :i-'i>. S3'.'. 12(1, Ol H. ??*>?*-*??*-,
HUCRiMiLiouKT?ciacaiT?Past i.? Bator. Ingraham J -
: I umli viuuiiar. April 16.
kirana eocBT?cisciii-Pabt II?B*fnr* o-?rl.n
Ne* 771. 7(12. nt*, 145S. 1443, 1770, IU33. ll'iil MJ?'
X50. 17-^1, 17H2, l?28Va. 1571. lilli. 1918, 8072 [*r79lj 'iy*7
040, 19ft'J, 1770, ffSfSJ l'?2l
atrraius UouBT-ciscurr-PABT IIL-B*t*r* Audrowa,
. -i a?e mi. Nit dOf i eu ?r ?
psrmtm co??r-^)iKcurr? past tv.-Bsfore Lswrsne*.
. -Nos. 1000. WIS. 161*8. 1S77. l?lB.a725, ISIS !*7B, 1817.
757. H4SI, Baal* l*7? 4UJ, 47U. U74. SOoJL 847**. 6?7.
isa, iona ?"
mukro*ath-s OouBT-B*for* Kan.om, a-Will ?f An*
r*nrios, lo Osiii.. will nf ci.-org* Smith. U m.
BL rr mus COL'BT?OBSSRAl.TtRM?It.fure swig wick, C. J^
?re* 'tuan ase. ir'Kirr .n. J J. A iJonrD*.', tor lb. I.roi
BsrsRioa ueoB*-*|jiaciAL rBBBT BsfMI Tra*I I ffBB
ss 170. :4i. teij wa
Mt'PKKI"K Chum Taut. TaBM?PsBT I.-R*f*r* U*rro
-No* 1SIBJ. 4M*I. 1387, 17uy. 10S4. 1- 5. "1?. ?U1?. 170J,
Sit. 17.IO, 1S48 1701 17S0S
gmmo* PLgA*-<*igruAL Tana -Aduorneat f?c th* terra.
Common I'i.iu Hriuui. T*?M-B*(ure Uuok.Urer, J.?
'? Say oileri'tar
Comjmob l-i.aa* K<atiTT TaaM - u-Joc* Larrvsauor-k a J.
?Oas. od. N o dsy osjnotfar,
< ommos Pi.iAs-TaiAL Taasi-PABT I.-a*for* Dsly, J.
I ss. un. .Nu i?r asi.uiUr.
coaaos i-lsa* -Taiu. Taaa-rASi iL-^oetiMa Voa |
Hn**en. J.-7B5, 539, 20J, 720. 721. 722. ,723, 520, 718, SB.
2i, WI. 511. (IHO. 874.
Cm Coi/bt?Trial Tsuii-PAiir I.-liefer. Kin Itch, J,
? Nos. ?4H:>. |n*(4.2817, 1708, ?-".V*2, 2892, SSsS, 8887, 2'J3a,
24*12. MOs, 1771. 25-ia, 2351. 2481.
Cm fofttr?IllHI, I'FKM HART IT.~Be'c.r* Pltahk*. t
?Noa. 31UH. KliH. SSSS, MSB, 3!"4. 1286, .'.ti .J. 1*.(7. 1SWL
183S, HUI. 1S10. 4012. lii.7. 344S. 0400, j4.,1, B07S, ::iii
848(1. 3131.
CIT* Cui-RT?TsiAt Tbkm?Part Iff.-n.-.fo** lirowna
J.?No*. 2/??';(, 611,1108. MOS. S307. 781, t'lis. 33*15. .'Ola,
115. 3201. 3242. 1'JSj. 4S76. 487tl, 2S.VI. 328'J T914.
COURT Or (IKSSHAI, MtnSUSS-rARr I.? Kel.ir. Cowing,
J., sud Assistant Dl-triet Atlorn.v Mawson -No*. 1.2,3,4.
5, 6, 7. e. il. 10, ll. 12. ll. ls. Iff. 16 17, IK. Pleading*-.
Nsvs. 1*. ?,). 21, 22. 23, 24, 25, JIG, 27. U, '-".I, IO, It, 32, SS.
li. SO, 38.
Oct ar op gsnbsal Suasion*--Part ii.-Before Rsconl**
(Smyth and Assistant Dietrtot \tt.rner liar:.? Nos. 1, 2. a.
4. 5.6. 7. 8, P. IO, ll. lt l.t. lit, 15. 18. 17. IO
Coi'dT "r (.rxKUAi. -r.**!ox' I'Attrltl -l!**ire Martin*.
J. *B<1 Assntaut District Atli.t'i t lU.ItonL? Noa, 1. 2, 3.4,
b. 6, 7, 8, U, 10, ll, 12. 1J. 14. 15. 10, 17.
Wahhixgtox, Aprils.-Tho Supreme court of th. CmteS
State* to-day rendorsd sn opintou in caa* No. 014. \v lilias*
Powell, plain Hf lo en ur, asl. tba C'ODimoaweallli mt Pena.
sylvania, commonly kimon aa t'.ie " 0 ?* utiai^aila. csv*."*
in srior to thu t-uureino Cuurt ol I'enuayivauia. ThMSBH
bringa up lor review a JtiiUin.nt of th. BBOrSMS i uart ol
P.nosylv.inU auataiuiug tbe validity ot a statute ot thad
Cuniuiouweallli makins* lt unlawful for any pei a.n to uia.u
faetiir*. .ell or offer for salo any butur or i '.ic-j.i or articlS
d.algn.d t* MtM the BMM of bBSBS ai lu le.. predOCSd (ross
any comuouud oilier Han uuadii.MialoJ nun. um. am. I a*
plaintiff wa* uonvlotei ola v.ol.Uiu.i of thu lt Stat! au 1 11 .?
an appeal, baalnjj lt on ibo ground that lb* sta,ute waa ia
violation of the r'oiirte.iith Amen,lineal ts the t.'ouatil'.ni'ao
and that the article aold wan a new Invention not ileletar.ouO
to th. public health. IBO COOM hob!* (tut it U mBUOBf
wituiu (lu: polio) p*wer? of tli* stat, to protect tau nnolt*
health, ami tit. ijueatioua wh.lli.r th. mahufaeiure BCMOOi
nifugsrln* ts or w-ar Ut (otidurUMl in such a war a*
to Involve am b danger to th* publio health
ss to require th. suppl c-??!on ot tbs BSstMSM ?.i's*
than its tejulatiun. ar. itueaii<ina of tait sad
of public policy which belong 90tte legislative BS BrtOMMI
t* .1.tenn in. if ali that can be aa11 ot tilla BMMMttM tt thal
lt lt is ouwlan ur vniu'cosaailly oppressive (lo ir appeal c.usl
be to the legislature or Ullin MSMt B*sV?*sM i* ili.iju.tic. or,
t-pwluu by fsttOMB llarlau, J isl.ee Field 'lias.oti.ig.
No. L.30J, a similar case, was BSsMs**l ksewlas
Tao sase M tao L'nitoa biala*-'gt. lbs B M (ins.
pai.y wa. advanced ou lb. i.c.h.i aud net tu: a I. ari g Ba liss
second day of ihe next term. 'Hill ia ihe ca-,e breu. lit a-raiuM
tb* Bell Telephone company in nMu by A'.ioim j >0**M ? al
Harland amt v\ lucti las excited sOaaMMafett MMBMl
tli.onghoui tie country.
'1 h. cam ut thu i.**l iluuoui sud .MsSMbI Lui a . C ..*
psny ugaiunl tu. isoutiieru T*ia/.i .ipa (_o.u,iauy wa. dla
Va, o'.'?Tbe Yale Lock htsanfoc thring Cosanaay, a, pc .ans
ant. Thomas L James. Appeal fruin th. < ii 'nu < euti ? i,.ion
r- U les lui Ui* l/islricl ut New ioik. atti in,so WIM co*U
Nu. -I.- ii.ini t lieWul. at al., BpiiSl IbU, 1(1 r'l*fsaSQ
W. Bayes. Appeal fr.m th*CfcrsMt Coari Uaitad Kinta* tao
tue Kismet o. ( am.rms, 1>*i re. reveme.1 with lusts nut
lanae letsanileil lu tse l ucn.l Coull Lu.ted bUI.it ,..l 111*
Noitueru i.istiitl*I cawoiuia wituu.r.cu.uua u u.iu.iaa ia*
No. l'.'0-John V. BssTtraaft, cul'cctor. *tc. plaint.ff ia
error, . ixl ..Ulm M. oliver, ?t al lu dior lu th* >.i.nl|
C?utl Lulim. eUles lor lue Lantern fJiStrMtal P*B*SJ IVafcM
AlUr ? i with coal, au I luieisal.
.Nu. nus iiusiavii. C. ll.patus et al., plaintiff in error, ul
Julio J. -Vii I.lite, lo lBIUl.llalui . etc', el ul. iii l"'U lo . . IS*
iii affli ni p?iip?i.s<i lo hearing au luei t .
Nu. 1, lol ? ibo .Nashville, c halt jiiuuks sud Ot I" ?Hall?
way, pia.uart iu error, agl. tb* stale of Alaban " Ale u . ta
advance granted ua* cause aai^ued :..i ai ?? n . . :.*
?ccuau nay of tn* n.it term.
No. Iffft Cl allans I'. Hunt, appellant, a^t. Ballia 8. Blaato
buruetal. Appeal Iroto tue I'.an., t Coan o: the I iiii*4
butes lor Ma.ieru asMUMt *f Ai..aiisaa. Ulalu.?e<i :*. BBOl
ut jailaSsiiiaa
Nu. ui'J ?W tiiiain Beast al., appellants, ag t. tbe Ilsa ssl cal
Kcupae, sic. Munn, tu uiou.su si .mini aSsuVatL
Nu. l.-'^J lian vv'e.i.ru Air Lin* cuun'.rucuuu < iinpany,
plaiut.lt lu en ur, agt. Willias*. A. Medlin-. .1 al. M iou IO
vitiate sui'eise'leas aubaiiued by vv ;:l am A. McKc.Dy la
bena.: of J9i.ii h. C'oopar In support ol uk>i.*u, tan ny lt.
Walker la opu*?lliun thereto.
atsVXBlte-dl. U- Burdett and others. lAstttB Ml ? ave
te hie petition for a writ of mandamus and lui- a ruio M
show csu**, buhaiittad by W. k. Well* fur Uie p. t.i ua
No. 8c-C-Retilx!n P. Segrlst and nMier*. plait -"Ti lo
error, agt. WUllam D Ciabtree. Minion to dl-.rti!sa .uh.
naltted by J. ii. JCauhary In cupport ut uiutloii wi'a leave
to C. li Barrett to tile buef lu uppuailluu laorsts uu os
before Monday next.
No. 1,077?Alfred Marchand, plaintiff in error, agt.
Josephine A. jUlvaudals. Motion tu dbunla. suLu.,itej by
1 ll. l-anar snd V. U Krutuchmltt In -uppuil u! n.vlon.
and by C. W. Uoioeg and W. t?. IfeuuUia ta -,-i .-a
thc re tu. 1
No. 100?Tb* Curler MocnUln MvSB Mining Coupai.y.
plaintiff In error, sgt. J. Frank Willi* sud Btasra bub*
mined by Walter JJ. Smith fur tue plaintiff In ci. .r Na
brief tiled fur the defendants in error.
Mr. Ja.tlo* Miller *unouno*d that ttl* court would neat* ta
h.sr si gu ..ul. ob May i, and would adjoura for tho Urtu of
Maw oe.
Deputy Collector Frederick W. Wight and Jusepb. Tra*
loar, chief clerk of the correspondlnjr room, hive beea
asked by Collector Msgone for their resignation-!. Ma
Wight ls i Republican and served through the war untfs
he was wounded, sud was subsequently assistant ap*
polntmeiit clerk to th* Bccraury of th* Treasury. lia
renlgued this position In May, 1M07, to cuter the CusuiSl
Houae as an Inspector, and received promotion undsa
Muses, il. Grlnneli and Chester A. Arthur. Ile wa* sos
pointed U"(iuiy C?liecUr hy Culiectox Robertson. hit*
Tr*lu*r U a Doiuucrai and ha* been iu the Cusiuma t>*s.
vice for tb!tty live years. Ile decline* to hand In hld
resignation. Custom House brokers are much exist***
ated at the action of the Collector tn the matter. Cua*
toni* Inspector J. F. Wylie, I Democrat, wa* yesterda/
drupped from service fox Incunipeuncj.
Wheo Charles Weber, of Morristown. N. J? wa* lid]
aeon Sunday night he wa* ba * cheerful mood, but sllgbtlj
under th* lnflusuo* of liquor. Whea his brother, y*s
ter.iay m.nmg, ipened tho butcher shup kept by tbs eldet
Weber in that town, be a*w the lifeless budy of Ml
brother hanging frum a meat book by tbe neel
body had evidently been hanging for *eversl hours,
dead man wa* eighteen year* uld and anueb
drink. Th* eaustj of bl* a*li-d**trueUoa M a tuykbirj
U his friotids
ty ui nsj
ra. TUfJ
given 0]
The ship Nurth Amen..an arrived it this pert from Cst*
iiiiu on March Ho wiu her flgoiel cad and h- ad rlgguaO
carried away, sud reported having bean la c*,LLl*lou wita
in uxkiiowu su-au.er sui ut la enty-fou* n.-le* south of tho
IilghUmda. The name of tho steamer remained unknoi
until yesterday, when lt proved lo b* the Trinidad, of
lit, ti, mia Hie, which arrived from Bermuda ycaterds|
moruing She sailed from New-Tork ou March 89,
when about tutitj-tuut mils* south of the Rsshliada
Into the ship. A part ot the tailing en th* aura of
Trinidad wa* torn sway, but the damage waa sllgak
vessel* proceeded on theil way aad neither knew
name of th* ether until the arrival of th* Trinidad ye.ti
lay muming. Th* dan ag* tu the two v***eJ* wa* si-sha.
i*siug nut nmr* than sl.OoO. Th* officer* af Mah seavs-i
put tb* blain* for th* collision oa th* oub.r I
Tbs following MrruUvs of the suffering sad tui *
Bright's Disease will prov* lutareatJns to th* read***) ut,
Ui.? paper. O. a B*Kholom*w, ot K*lks*ka. MicsVg
mja I locited In thia place five year* igo, having fortnee*
ly resided In Troy, N. Y. My friend* ther*. ss wall BJ
Sere know tim I have b*un s gre*l ?uff*r*r front what (BO
oliy-lcUu* u. Troy called
Bright's Disease of the Kidneys.
A. ? last resort I eomroeneed th* BM ot fir. nsvll Ken.
Hedy's Fa vurtu Remedy. 0f sMSMSMa N. Y. Th* r*ma\
I. little short of ? rnlrscr*. AU the l^rrlbl* avmptow
thia di sea*-) are gene I *we ?veryihiu* u thia uasdlo
1 do nut Lave aoj moto pal* la the *m*il of Ma back.
mero sonnies* ev et th* bti'l^er, no ovor* Oonstlp*u*a
th* Uewel*. nu .-...liing uf th* tlssba, sad moms >M
nymptonis of dla**** of th* Kl?j?*v*. Liv*. *r aur*"'
ho->* my writing thu will Indue* oth*r? to ass ins ***-^
(u* ? n* suffer from ? alano o' BMMJ dUerOe*.
Dr. D. Kennedy's Favorite Remedy.
taVundoaV Ai. y. r-Ma ol i 0 om OM '

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