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voL ? javw.ira; ut
In spite of Governor Hill's assertion, and that
of his friends, that ho does uot fear the investiga?
tion b.r the -renate Committee, and that any one
is welcome to tell all he knows concerning him,
it is known that the (iovernor and his kitchen
Cabinet ore by no means _>t__6_4 with the revela?
tions made by Squire, Ivins and Flynn, contra?
dictory as some of them were. J.ut the main
facts brought out are. what have been known in
a misty sort of way by several persons outside of
those directly interested, and were ausincted by
many others. Ihe committee has produced such
as amount of cumulative evidence as to convince
even the most sceptical that the new Aqueduct
has been a vast political job from ita inception, and
that the public departments in this city have been
worked by Governor Hill and his friends " for
all they were wortl^ In the interest of the Gov?
ernor wherever they were allowed to do so.
Tho partisans of Governor Hill attempt to im*
peach tho testimony of ex-Commissioner Squire
and Maurice B. Flynn hy saying that they are
furiously and malignantly angry at the Gov*
ernor for removing Squire, thus depriving tho
latter of a fat place and Flynn of the job of sup?
plying tho Department of Public World wHk
articles manufactured by his (inn at a good round
price. But there is documentary evi.li n. e in the
shape of the .Aqueduct contract., let to O'l.ritn <&.
Clark, although not the lowest bidders, and the
notes made by O'Brien. Muller and other friends of
Governor Hill to corroborate a part, nt least, of
what Squire, Ivins and Flynn have sworn to.
' There are two men who will lind it dilfioult to
play the innocent pirrie any longer. Those are
frovernBir David B. Hill and ex-Mayor "William R.
M>. Grace apparently wishes to be on hand to
place a muzzle on the tongue of his pr.tc.je, Chan*
berlain Ivins, in the future. He sailed from Liver?
pool for this port yesterday on the steamer Etruria.
Flynn's testimony as to the wily ex-Mayor's
? citizens'" meoiing at tho Academy
of Muslo at which ho wus nominated
is laughable, especially to those who know how
political meetings are enginoered. It was n -mi?
nali}- a great uprising of the citizens of the me?
tropolis, who demanded that Mr. Grace should be
nominated again for Mayor. Keally tho building
was packed with mon from thc gas-house district,
aent there by Maurice R Flynn, hy employes of
William It. Grace _k Co. from the firm's lumber
yards nt Greenpoint, nnd by political mercenaries
who would shout as they were told. On tho stat'o
were Chamberlain Ivins, Frank ML Scott, (harlos
P. Miller and others, who have .ince hoon weil
rewarded through the influence of Mr. Grace. It
li safe to lay*, that any " citizens'" movement in
thc future haying for its object thc political ad?
vancement of. William lt Grace or his young
Inan Ivini would cause a burst of lnughtor from
one end of Ihe city to the other. As to Mr. Graca
being nominated by either of tho two great Demo?
cratio organizations, that is out of the question
io long as their leadership remains in the hands
it is in now.
Governor Hill's friends recently sought to con?
vey the impression that he was in ali seriousness
a candidate for the Presidential nomination. It
was well known then that thu was a ruse on his
part to endeavor to sccuro a rr "omination for
Governor by compelling the friends of President
Cleveland to plodge themselves to aunport him in
return for a uuitod delegation from this State for
Cleveland. There ia excellent authority fdr the
statement that no pledges of tlie kind desired
have been given by President Cleveland's sup?
porters, and it is by no means certain that Gov?
ernor Hill will receive a renomination. Th rea
years ago he was renominated principally be?
cause T mr anv Hall cam. to his support.
There has never been .my loye hetv.vn Gov?
ernor Hill nnd tho County Democracy. More
than two years uko tho leaders of Tammany Hall
began to lind that their advice on matters con?
nected with New York City was not token by the
Governor; that the persuasions of a few il the
Go\ernor's old chilli.-, some of whom havo _,et
lled in this citv, counted with him for more than
jhe counsels of thc responsible loaders of Hie
Democracy hero. It- wis significant, too, that
measure! that boro the 6tamp of Jobbery, against
which tho Democratic leader*, protested, v.
?cvon-1 instances sidled by tho (iovernor, and soon
afterward one or more of tho aforesaid chums
Inned up in connection with the Jobs.
Tho most flaring of th ie measures was tho
Electrical Sunwav bill Both Tammany Hall
ind the County I'x-ini.eraoy tonghi it, denouncing
Jt as a measure that did nut Mifliciently proteo.
iho city's interests. Nevertheless tho Governor
Signed the hill, and it is already known that the
Subway scheme will he us.d iu thc Governor's in?
terest for .11 it is wonk.
These thi np have made th. Tammany liaders
)hary of attaching themselves to thc fortune, of
Governor Hill. It is no secret that they have
feared a scandal in connection with the Governor,
or some of his kiteheu cal -mot. M ti-.tr to the
Governor that it would Bulee lum unavailable as
a candidate for renomination or wou.d insure his
defeat if renominated.
lue notes 111U0.Mu by O'Brien &. Clark and by
Maurice ii. Flynn a*, compensation (or tba Hill in?
fluence in obtaining for O'Brieu Ac Clark, above
several lower bul"-.-.*, tho contract for Section 12
of tiie now Aqueduct is a comparatively small
matter, disgraceful as it is, compared with what
might be shown in other aireci-Ona aeon-ding to
the belief of many well-informed po mons. Gov?
ernor Hill may nut have profited bj the good
things that his intimate friends have been le*
Into as the result of legislation, but ii ba tm* BO..
the belief of many clear-headed politicians is
?strangely at fault, and the Governor'- close friends
have proven themselves confidence men. by the
side Ol whom " Hungry Joe" is a verdant youth.
For theso reasons Governor Hill will probably
need to look eLsewh.rc than New-York City for
a renoinin.ition. He would do well to keep an
eve on Secretary Whitney about, tho time wheu
the nomination for Go\ ernor is heine dec di d.
Tho members of the Aqueduct Commission have
Steadily declared that they had Uo knowledge of
the subletting of contraets for the new Aqueduct.
The contract* expressly pro. ide that they shall not
be mblet. Officially, the' Aqueduct Commission
has never recognized the existence of these sub?
contractors. They are known a*. Mip-riBtendente
representing the contractors. But here is one of
the largest contractors along the line, lleman
Clark, testifying thin the contract! m.- niblet
and that O'Brien A. Clark receive from the sub-'
contractors 10 and ll -kt cent of the contract
for allowing then to do thc work. In th
of Section 12, Qhaiiea Petereoti testified that ba
and Ids partners, Beckwith and Quackenbush, had
lakon the work from OT.rion lt Clark, paying
them ll pe*" ?*?*?> fur Um contract. They are
actually doing the work at a less figure titan' their
bid called itv. Thlt >mi_ om of tboae iuds lower
than O'T-nen ?._ Clark's, which wen- rejected by
the Aqueduct OomBaiaaioa, In order thal they might
bc given to O'Brien _c Clark, presumably ,.t ihe
request of tho Governor. '! I.e public will look
with interest to see what the Aqueduct Commission
will do about this.
Governor Hill remained ut ihe Hoffman U.,.,se
yesterday and received a few callen, in the alt.
noon. He took a ahOft drive in the Pirl:
noon. H<- and his military meretary, Mr. Ju
Went to Albany on the 6 p. m. talia.
Liverpool. April 20-E--Mavor Grace, of New
York, the Duke of Marlborough ami Mr. Lloyd, ti..
tener, are pe-nenge.- on the (.teamer Etruria, whieh
called hence yenterdav for New york,
Philadelphia, April 20 (Special).-The .team yacht
.ulldiag ?t Cheeter for Charlea II. Mallory, the steem
?hlp owner, will be launched from Roarh'? .hip yard
en June j, She will be furnished throughout at
Li__-__r before leaving for Kew-York.
Petersburg, April 28 (Speclall.-The through pil?
linger train noutbbound over the Atlantic i_.ie.t Uno
faa thrown from the rails t hie adenooa, near Enfield,
ou the Wilmington and W, Idon Railroad. Five pa_
***4Xfa weja Inftiti, ona of U_^ -.Uilem Morgan, a
now. boy, from Richmond, probably fatally. Th" '
track ha* BOOB etaaitd. The ie. ld*
have been caused 1 Uag of the rall*,
oxijr FirTY-FiVK BAVtwrW* orrs roi sixdat
TUA I*KI' OUT OK MOB* TIIA.N 1 Wa -liol -\NI>.
Cincinnati, April 20 (.Special).-This is t
day fur the enforcement fa tho Oarea law, which was
ShottS fa tfca Ufa aMtoftm af tha OWe Le lt pro?
vide*, that ali places wini*- li -i.o- ur*
Ihe week must be kept closed on Sunda.)*
pi-.-atesi Intctest ha* been aaallwtwl hen :i* in v], ih.-r
or not Its provisions would h. enforced am! bow far
the letter of the law would ho obeyed. A \
Mayor Amor Smith, Jr., had the police ll I
.aloonkeeper In the city tl.at Iha lae -mil*1 I
to-day. During the week a number of BM
saloonkeeper* were hold, hut la*i night found ihem all |
at sea. Tho point In the law whl'-h frightened then
hoing the penalty of not less than lal di
meat for violation of tho law. One aaaoelatlon of tba
laleoa men, The Protective, directed Ita BMBibeca lo
keep closed all day. Another, The Balmy!
soclation, Instructed its adherents to he"*, ole I u:ii!l
1 o'clock this afternoon and thou to open uml all ? land
together. The result has bern that here aad lhere '
a saloon was open to-uay, but in only half a *.
cases were the doors thrown wido open. The reel of
the fifty-five stores where the law waa *!. -il toyed bad
side doors open, or entrances fi-oni alleys Witb
exceptions tho 2,300 saloons In thc city -.
Tbe proprietors of tbe twenty Mu' eottcerl ba
hill top resorts agreed openly lo th fy tl,.- fan
\\iih ono exception, all di*l so, -nun selling landwl in
consisting of a pleee of bread aboal ii.-- .lie ol i
dollar with a thin layer of neal a.ii gjvi
chafer of the lunch a pla-s of beer. All
attached to the hotels were < emont, and
li was Inponlble to? an outsider t.. p-r into one ol
thom. I'atmns of the hoi.sr, though, Who so desired,
were -erred Uqnon with their meals or In ihi..
a** nsaal In dealing with Violator! of i
Mayor's Instructions werri to make BO ai. ill iuds-..
hui for emil j.atmlnian carefully to note any ? ?
beeper keeping open and tu morrow morning te
out a wanam before the police court <;
arni of such a party. .hi*, nile, *viih Iwo Ol
exceptions, whew the erowdi aisembled In the -
wer- bolMerous. wa. rlfdlly compiled with, and lo
night the names of some ISA Violators of thi
were reported at Police Headquarter-. In tbe -
lions i-e.errod in the proprietors of tbe eal
arrested and their eetaallinmenti closed ly the police.
The streets have bean thronged Um _ by crowds of
citizens, all Intent on observing the new oi
and the general opinion ls that the lan bal been
generally obeerVM than vt-n Ita itanchoil ad
bad hoped for.
Philadelphia, April 29.?Ono of tho most delicate
surgical operatloM wai perforated in thli etty t
t ticing nothing' less than a tranaplantatlon of a por*
ion of tho eye of a rabbi, to the eye of I bomen I
rho object of tho operation wa-, to rei;<-ve ti e ,,:,.,urity
if the eyo of a patient, which was oanaed by Intla-n
natiun and wh'ch produced In time an opa.uo s'ir
'aco. The patient was a MTTaOt pirl who--" > >yi. bad
.p-ome almost BMleei by leatarn of the whitish -
ur- She was so nearly blind thal object, od CO
arable size wero barely dlstingulsha'do at the small
llstance of flvo feet.
The operation took place at- the Germantown Ho ?
[.ital under the immodtato direction of Dr. I. Web*
iter l oat, the ojihthainiio Burgeon of tho Imtltntlon,
tho alllllied one of the only two other * *?
:if Ihli nature which havo beea performed In I
ito. d, In tiertnanj last year, lt hen,, perfom
li. lessor Von nipple, of (ile.sen, OOH
Professor Von Hippie desieed aad bad manufact?
ured a very dellrato in.tnii.ieiit. whieh, bj meal I of i
* loch-work attachment, not only bore. Into tbe cor- ,
ara of the eye, but also registers the cxa<" de]
the puncture. In this way a minute portion ol Um
.ornea ls cut from the eye of a rabbtl BBd I ;
corresponding In sirs ls taken from the afflicted oyo
_f the patient, both being taken irom a point illicily
in front of tho pupil of tlie ______
Both the rabbit and tho patient, aro iii st placed :
inrter the Influence of the local anac_'he. ie. <-, .
ihe rabbit's eye waa selected by tea .arliy i
:? tho human eye, because lt ls a dlatlactlvely I
?eons animal, tho blood of which 1- leal llabl to Con- '
laminating Influences than otter animal* whOM food *
is coin posed ptlaelpall.B of animal matter.
Tae .iperatton of to-day, wi lie delleati ? inn',
was net a difficult one, and, while ii will i
from ten to fifteen days to develop the mull ex- ,
pa ''"'I of lt, there has nm bean a doab! o' lt - *
In the minds of the mo" I
nf the tuned states. The operation
technical language in the description, I- simply thc
engrafting ol a piece of the ci,inca of tl
human subject, and ai lt I. the iii i opera) on of tho
hind ovei performed In Am-iVi and
occur.I-'? In the world, the ?.nice-- ol ii
matter jf Intense interest among tho |
ihalmo opl_K of the conn.ry. and, a* Gotta '. Ibe two
previous cases of ihis kind ha.*- I
road the most ianfa_neexpeci l raion,
lhere ls but little idea of falhii- In to d
i>r. Fox, who performed the operation to-day, has
levotod years of study and travel In hts * '
-.tore sight to the unfortiii*at* . wh* have
prlvol either thi-nuf-ti disease or aecideni of nat
kindest gift, lils loeeeaa in lo-daj
llreetion will mark a very Important pan lo ophthal?
charleston, April 'JU (Spacial).?The quarrel In the
Kp!>><opal Chare! over tho admlaalon of >? ? ?
men Into the Diocesan Convention I*. Incrca inn In
bitterness. To-day live or ill pn I lin ol D ?
of Dr. Porter's church aoceded ami rented i*
(iiaco Church. Dr. Porter's I* thl * bore ta
In tho city, but the rau'o of il.*- mo .**h waa aol
tho Qjaeettoa of ciiurrh Berrica - Uon wa.- i_
centlv hehi for delegates to the iii..*, * * entlou,
Dr. Porter hss been one of th( Uro ol
Bishop Howe, h claiming ihe righi of colored
Kates to admission to Hie convention. Jo Uil
Mon Dr. Porter .aeeeeded In beating the opp? Mon,
hence the secession. Among th.*-i!< rf ai ? a war
den and three vestrymen. The convention me.
Anderson next week, and lively limes aro ex j
Ithaca, If. Y., April 20 (Special).-The sermons un?
der the Sa_e endowment in Cornel! Dntver Ity wore
preached to-day by the Rev. Dr. Jocepfa H. TwIteheU,
of Hartford, Conn. At both BOrviOM large I tl?"?
were In attendance, -ace Chapel waa bean ll] *i ?*
Drated with flowering plants of all beea, lahen troBi
the University conservator!'-*. Dr. Twltehell's morn
Inc discourse was from the lost "Bel and
show thvself a man," the subjei I b(
Tho speaker Illustrate,] hil theme bj *;tlfnl
Aeeci-ptlon of tho Battle of Qettyshi
ba lettered to athletics In ooUege Ufo, Thli .
strongly recommended.
Philadelphia, April 20 (Speetai).- Iha I >mstltutlor.al
centennial Oammtaaloa win shortly poblish a ?
rial of last year's celebration. It will be llhi
with v.ews of the pas-ant. Tho WOT* will <
the texts of the (-oii-tl.utlonal Aniei,-lr:-..ia!
ton- nf the State Convention-, ami order ol ri Ificatlon,
bl igi-eph-eal skr-tche-, of nember* of tlie . ? I oral con
ventlon and a record of the prooeedlnp which lcd lo
the celebration The ceremonlee, including thc ora?
tion!, will be reported in full.
AtlaaUi cny, n. J-. A]>.ii ?-".? (s-i
iatphia and Atianiic city Railroad I
alu-raiii ii*, in th . -t'.t'nn to ??? ?
Bxpraai Company. Thc Weal l
is also making improvements
light* to facilitate the boilnaei ol ttl exprose company.
- ?
I-t ts burg, April 29.?Mrs < barta Sn\d*-r. living near
(?rove city, Manar Ooaaty, ehaatiaed bei.i on -r
urday cv.,,. , .,, ,],, the .
He thr-ateued to hang Jiiir;<-<-!f. hut bil mother | ?
attention k, n?. threat, Later ihe went to thc lam
atni found that the hoy bad earrted ou! his thn au Ho
diod almost lumt-dlateiy after bolllg tfa dOWA
st. Paul, April 20.- After three dag i of ri ?
mowing this afternoon, and at ii p, fa. UAH eonl
Dtapateb-M tn m st. Mar. Ulai I
Dal.ota, n pott rn dani. M)..w fa'lli ?-'? I
latest I0OW of any *;.rln? |or I
kola Wiilh it ma, dela bat, lt *,\l
not damage ciop_ afr. adj la th* gronnd.
Philadelphia, April 20 (Special).? There _
ganlted In Camden a comp-nv br thl promotion i
Intercts of the BM-Ml Naarta "I ' ai"' -4':,> '
ll ls Intended to ha\c representative nu n from ?
s'-aiide rosorts of the country enr<*ll-d l.i n
I'hila'ieijihia, April '-'? rhefa ia
that ex (.*,. ernor pattison ?I1) he made lh Dcm
cat d:daie fut i (ty 'inadircr ne\t (i l I
the matt'-r all-*-, that Mr. r*ttisi.i* v.ould p_li a good |
many in-lependuut votes.
? -
/-..v.vari.r.-ji*.-' railroad t. m. o. a.
Philadelphia, April 29 (Special).-Tho Pcnn-yUanta
I_*l_ro_-l biimb. ot tba ?01105 ?u*,a'B c'*'*'****4n Ano
n has Jugt addod a baseball sectlom The mem
? I h ->'U and ls -fr_."ily Increasing. The
-ns are" free to all cuiployes of railroad
?--.m ?
H'KMIAI. QtfltmOB ll IBTTtB-b
[ut iBiaEonArn ro thk ___DBOB_k]
Wa_Q__-_GTO-_ April _? ?_?. ?It, is not a new thing
for ? I'- :noi rune A'liniiiis'.ition or a Democratic
? . shift itt i-eponsibllity, but it has not
. beea dona ao apanli ami with so sot a
lh iiii; trude message of the
, nt gave the DdBOCXatt in Congress their
?utplus'ind thc danmor
lal i ra-ii iinliss the tarirT should be
liately " revised" on a Iva trude basis.
; i"ui ti.*! liny to this th, "hush" policy BBB
* ;i enforeed bf th" Democratio majority
Houae aa to aver] other subject of puMie
I moo, and luis got' h.ed Di ui<.eratic action
in the Sena!
Finding thal it will ba Impossible to pWVtt-fl
the rejection of the Fisheriea trtxAj, Democratic
Senators an now bccIdbc to bael it peatponad
u:nil after th** E*re_-dent-a] e_eett___, and ia the
me to have the -teuublloani consent that
tin- - .-.ij ni-- MBi-iiri. shiiil ba operative. It ap
peara also that the Democratio tjenaton arc not
unduly anxioua to have the Chliuae lr .tv r..ji
tied befon the .'residential electlonf and although
Mr. Beimoni baa offered a Ohiaeae lull in the
d ul. Hie j., inlin- treuty, there ha. been
nu iiniii-.mun iii au Intention to (.rosa it at this
in the Houae the Democrat, have filibustered
* , against the Direct 'lux lull, und a
ratio caucus ordered its postponement ttBtil
-tit*-.* thc i'r si,initial election. After Meerai
months of couaideration the II onie Committ--. on
?ir Marine and thc Fiah rles reported a
dp i*.ll, but --'il nol aak for action npon
ii until after the Ti- idential election, Inalea
.-..- aol waatlBg thal nut utily will avow
: in have Dakota adaiitted be Buppreesed
bi the D n eratic majority in the Houae, but
action oo ia* Omnibus bill, to-celled, will
i.**1 until after the Presidential election, j
1 ti* Houai Committee on Education a __._??
for the Hlnir l*ill is under consideration,
iv**!., expect! tl,.ii it aril] bo repot-ml to
tion until after thu l*ro_ideutial i
il.-i i ion.
adent Pension bill pasaed the fv-nnt*-. i
ance i.i tb* Houae is ns a political
i * 'i may arl ? in tho ouse of Cob* |
i, v.l.ii is tba IV rn oem in: cindi- |
i-i- Governor i.i Indiana.
I be Bond-Purchase bil. with tho Fonate amend- !
haa been referred i" a Bub-oommittea af ;
lt will slumber until
Presidential election. No action will1
be taken on the (.migration '-ill or tba (.oin ral
i I,*ii. both of which an pending In Ina
Commeroe, until after the
I ni iel election
The chani * are that the Onthwaita bill fo re?
fund tl i . i' ? llailroed'a Ind-btednesB I
will bc post oom tl until aft* t the Presidential elec
tion, in r to af ird ammunition for Demo- i
ii s iii tin- campaign.
Nu bill for the relief of the overburdened Sn*
poi_ il.*- House until after the
li ii- -.I elec. in!,.
The House Committee on Military Affnirs
1 nml rep. rtcd a i?ill for sea board fortiii
s and making liberal appn lhere*
1% js dow u lei I****! thal a'i antagonistio
i,i!l arfll be reported from the Committee ra Ap?
propriations, and that nothing fur National de?
fence will be granted until after the pHatd.ntial
i . i ? i
This l:-l Of incisiiros npon winch notion ls to
- after tit* Pr sidential election,
and Imperfccl as il la, shows that the |
ats?who seem acutely to realize that they
? t,il;e an afHrmativi step without makin-t
,-i blunda -are determined to Iea\e their cato*
? listakea ns sholl .is possible. In tho
dawdled and wasted four months of
..nd the tariff and ko po ral appieprta*
Mon bill-, Including the river and harbor sra!. -
iv to carry the session to tho middle of
>i.Y ARD Till* PINE TIM1.T.R srANDA-L. j
WaSBXBOTOB, Ai-ril '."j Special .?It is understood
the Administration bopea that the enforced I
ol Indian Agent Gregory, of Wis. o-mh,
_ Jadtiep exposed bj- thc Senate
, ul windi William E. Chandler
.lilian, will -taU-M) tbe I *.miMMURoBMM ot Hie
i Uipp .N.i Lnveatiaatioi-, W -li inf l-o.'i pa
tt-j uut ..-.I vc ihbbi auch v.ia be um ...ac. Ihe
i.\ j.i\. a bj Utegoty and by
ball luilj s.i.<.-:.uniunt. tba abarge
erv attona undei Ungory'a conir* *
?, ia,. iij stripped ol the pine t-tuber. aud that j
; i. , iiioi - .,)'? bx mg robt*, i ngl i and len*
i .n.l,ar e.i n iii*- ie*.-n anon*, dedal- *
. ._ taken 00 tue land_ will
I -i-iii u.t mal ni grating i' .1
and tin.'., a> ao >u ai Itu meagre proceeds
* In iiai ? an di_ai peted, tba liniiaii
\-.nl uxcoxo.ii paupera and require aid
nu at ti lux'p Ui--m frum Marva
ll. is slated by peiBOIM Who have watched tho
inv< si ...I* ion cl Ucti bai i bt an di_
. w t.i. ii will ...iou thal the ' eretacj of thc
Jniii.or, il ii ; in* Prcaid*ni . .._-?? 1 r? bas bean
rnadt, ii. i iri-. rumenj of tha gp edy
-v . tt ttl . ...ct landa of
their value ii eppeara thai after tne
law, the Donan nw nt
ion I*., an Interpreta
;. *i that thereafter no landa
*i .-? the Chippewas under the
treatj of i thal ali should be allotted
ilty act, whieh gave to eaab per*
* land ii* 'be treaty did. I. ap
- lal ag ni to a*sist tho regular
in ibo allotmi bi m linois under the -Severalty
. .* appointed t** tbe Chippewa neeervationa
uni l n;:i'- montha afterward. Tba appointment
w.i* mad- ir Do. ember; too bite fur any allotments
to I**- made by him,
I pite this f.-nt, however, .ome .evenly nlb't
motits v. re p purled by A gi ni (ytegory under
iilirme.1 fn ,
i_t the s::nie tillie lon'niels with tl"
le for the pine timber ra such
nd I .o' ed l*r tbe Indian B ir-i'i.
ii ipti iota arete ma.le uut. ide
of th ' icnt., 21. of which, ll is
-lated, r the 1 ui*"-r nn landa whieh have
never boen allotted either under treaty ttlpnla*
ti"iis ? ralty aot*. Many of theso con
teni ' -.Itu tin- Indian
by firejrory ur.iil long after tba Senate
i* ions.
When .'I iii* farts relating lo ibo Tndlnns and
? sin and Mino -
i -. ill fi'-m no Interesting
l ti if tm in he Ind an se rv.co.
XAMF.t Mr-.-Tievrii.
v a. I tald to be blgMy aaaba
tAo t< | .,. . sii]:reme
aent to tl * Bate In - law day- and
i of thei preaonl we,-*k. Tho
url win adjourn f(,r Um term next week
aad it is believed it.-.' thia win earn, ti,*- president
DB, .v li ls (l.-Jrable that
* take ats pia/-o ou th. boucl.
end of ti..' lana,
?? being mi*! -ct!, a-ly eon
"tion nit! ' lusilcoshlp
- Mel* m- Culler i-; * ucaco: Put
ol Mow-Tor-;; and
- Mr. in kamo hal
offlee bi mambeia
of tba I ywl trott * un., in .ii i .h., 0f ttl0 C011Dlry,
- ?
Wichita, Kau.. ..lull 29 (Spacial).--* strlhlnj. ex.
Ill fa tba U'liior law In
Jl-T waa glvi ,,,?__ Thfi ,,??,.,,
. lad tho Law
* nie a com
I Of H,e law. It
?*H- "? W?d thS . .,??,. ,.,,.? ,
the ohl law.
' ' ? my aell.ui,
ragbl almply la la
aaatoa wai In
i ad wm, an intoxicated
i befora tba ladle.
. other n.iv
? ? ?a When thehe hid
aral -hot- were heard
? I HdlBg, an.t an Investlcatlou
I Jual r?ca|ied fnim tha
-.-.' I L" war upon couponi
is min gotag mi in l attona
aa |aigB_aar_a ronden-d in thi
.rteildg cofyon* In
and taxed. Ihe shcriif
i n placed I- loohinx tor
? i_,e bute Auditor h_ti"0 "i?lUns the
9 X ' '
OF THB vv Kines- i.nsi-.r...
A large loss wu caused yesterday by a fire which
broke out in the drygoods store of Fadward n. Stover,
at Bedford-ave. and South Eighth st., Brooklyn, a_id
extended to several adjoining bu'ldlngs In one of tho
heit block! in thal part of the city. Plover was one
of the largest drygoods dealera In that part of the city,
and had bean iclling goods at remarkably low rates
for nome time. He bad advertised a special sale for
to-day, with music by the 7th Regiment Band aa au
attraction. At 12:40 p. m. yesterday some people
Passing were astonished by the signs of an explosion
In the first floor of tbe store, which blew out tho win?
dow and showed the Interior to be burning flertely.
Three alarms were at once sent out and a great force
of men and engines was ipecdlly on the spot, nut
tlicy found the drjgoods house a mass of flames and
devoted themselves to the work of saving adjacent
structure*, nut the fir- had already caught a paint
shop next door, the content! of which fed the flames,
and they rapidly extended to several adjoining struct
fires. The progress of the flames was, however,
checked by the huge tie? fireproof building of the
clothing linn of Smith, Gray * Co., at the southwest
corner of Kmadway and Hod ford ave., and there thi
firemen were able to get tho fire under control, and it
?van practical^ extinguished after burning two hours.
The fire broke out In tho basement of Nos. 403 and
40;, Bedford ave., a five-story brick building, with an
iron front, 40 by 100 feot, owned by Edward Smith
and occupied by E. B, Hover. Ills stock of dry
guods, household articles and fancy wares waa dls
I'layrd In the basement and the lirst two floors, the
upper floors being used for storage. The building and
contents were completely destroyed. Tho four-story
brli-U building adjoining. No. 4,*.l Bed foi.] ave., waa
al o burned. It was owned by W. I*. I.lpplneott. The
first floor was occupied by the paint store of J. Will?
iams, and thc upper part by Stewart &, Co., manufact?
urers of silk neckwear. The next building, Nos. 307
and HOD Hertford-ave., was a four-story brick structure,
owned by David S. Brown. The first floor of No. 300
ame occupied by George W. Watson's cigar store, with
throe fiats over lt; and the first floor of No. 307 was
oren pled by Louis Turk, dealer In picture frames, the
piano warorooms of F, G. Smith, and the muslo sloro
of Theodore Wurzlir. Three families occupied the
flats In the upper floors. On the other side of
Mover's store, at No. 121 South Eighth-i.t., a consid?
erable amount of damage was done to 'he store of
Genlo A Sturcl.cn, dealer-, In groceries and liquors,
_nd Hie fire extended through the middle of the block
lo the liquor store of Charles Lugen, at No. l'J. Broad?
way, on the south side of Smith, Gray Ai C'o.'s store,
doing slight damage,
Th? iron front of Stover's store crumbled from the
Intense heat, and thc ruins completely blocked Bodioid
ave. Tho roar wall fell .o that It crushed the one
story extonolon of Nos. 131 and 13'! South Elghth-st.,
occupied by tho Union Club of BrouUyn. Mr. Stover
v H at Coney Island when news of the Uro reached
him. He had driven down early In the day. He
drove at once to Brooklyn, and at Bcdford-ave. and
South Tent lest., where he cuught sight of tha luln tho
fire had eausod, his wagon waa overturned and ho was
thrown aut. Tho wagon was siii__,-_d but he escaped
unhurt. .Mr. Stover woni to Brooklyn about two
yoars ago from a Western city, and opened his store
on Ufa ptaa of Macy's and Ridley's In this city, but
on a smaller scale. Persistent advertising drew a
largo trade, but of late ho had k'pi up interest In the
plaaa by oderlng goods at f.gur*. lat below cost at cor*
ti.ln hours of tho day. A Western man named .'light
-.as i-aid to be Intcr-stcd In the store. The chief
ui-iiol building -as erected in i_7;_ at a cost of
ilK',000. lt was occupied for a lime as the Lyceum
Theatre, and was afterward used for various business
purposes until converted Into the dry goods store. The
Eastern Iiistrlet, Library formorly occupied the first
floor of tho liedfurd-avn. (formorly Fourth-it.) side.
Tho losses fror- tho fire will aggregate about
$2_0.000. Mr. Stover's stock was variously esti?
mated by the head* of his departments from $100,000
? '.?r.O.IK., but he was aald to be Ins ed ter 0-0.000.
i ho riai-mg" 'o the hulldltig was el-<-'d by the police at
HM ,000. but was i-rol-ably about double that amount.
Th- insurance was IMO.OOO. The damage to No. 401
Bedfortf-ave. was estimated at $_o,0'K) on the slock
In fhe paint stow and tho neckwear factory, and
$10,000 on tha building. The losses at 3&7 and 300
Br**l.ord-ave. arnot nted to $l...riOO. each nf the occu?
pants of tho fiats loslug about $1,000. The loss at
No. IUI South Eighth st. was about $3,000. to Nos.
181 an.l IBU .1.-0*) and af No. IS! Broadway. f-OO.
Slight damage, not exceeding $100 ouch, w?_t dona to
.vam! Iterei un tha opposite side of Bedford-ave.
Ihe cau_. of the fire ls not known.
Providence, R. I., April 20.-Tho property known
as the Old Maion Soap Works In Bemon-st., Woon?
socket, owned and operated by Thomas A.-Buoll, was
destroyed by Ure this morning. Only the horses In
Hie barns were saved. Th- property ls taxed for
$-,400. which may represent tho lo*s. The Insuranco
ooo, as follows: Insurance Company of North
..-..?lira. $1,-00; Equitable, 91,500. Th*, stork wai.
valued at $10,000, oo whioh the loss ls estimated at
oae-halt _?__?___-_____--_--_--_
Albany, N. Y., April M.?A bill will come up for
action In the Leg1_latui*. Monday next, concerning
:.'? -lie of newspapers, books, etc., on th-** eolvatcd rail?
road news-stands L> New York city. It ls contended
by tho friends of the bill in tho Assembly, that thoy
have the votes Io pass lt through that Houso. The
1*111 Is said to be Introduced In behalf of a number of
?all newsdealers In Now-York eily, whoso sales
would I* Increased if the elevated news-stands were dis?
Il la maintained In behalf of tho elevated newstands,
that they do not sell more than ono per cent of the dally
and weekly papers In Ncw-Ybrk city, if thoy do that;
and that,, as they have less than loo stand*, they do not
come Into actual competition with moro than four or
five per cent of thc retail dealers of tho city. It ls
also said that tho elevated stands are a convenience
10 'he pilbil--, and thal they are not monopolies, bocauso
tli-v pay a heavy annual rent, to the railroad eompanv.
probably a he av I it rent per stand that any ol me
n-piilar retail dealers lu the city.
Than may be a debate over tho bill. Th **ympatlil*2
of tl.e members anil thu-e of tho publishers arc with us
retail doaleis, In cases whore there ls any ,'PP'*-'.s'n'
of tba latter: and thc bill may pass, even though there
mav be a lack of mfflclent argument In Its favor, ''
11 ls not understood Hist all rotall dealets are opposed rn
tho elevated now.lands, and 'ho privilege- granted on
the elevated railroads of New-York are, with one rx
robt:.- graiitod on tho otho:- railroads of the State.
Tho exceptions the right to advertise by placards ana
oii._rv.l_e. _
C .drago, April 20 (Sp-Clal).-Ex (iovernor Shepherd,
of Washington, on his way to his Mexican mines, said
to-day, speaking o. tho political outlook: "I think
tho general Impression ls Wk-BB I bavo been, ??f'?*
ly among the older men of tho party, that, the fight
MU bo betwoen Blaine and Cleveland. Gresham ls
highly spoken of by many good men. but I don t
think there ever waa a tlmo since tho last campaign
WlM there wero any men to Mad the tickets Ult
Blilne and Cleveland. Tho battle of AdnA is to be
fOBgM over again. I don't think BUIm *?" -?
nm. bal tha tmltwrtrAm al the rase ??? ?"?" c"ona
..? flesalty. Tho rln.ll.la.c- before tho Rep ""**?} ?.
ventloa will M Ore-ham. Sherman. Harrison, jj-p-*
ai.d probably a donen others.*
-a ?"
Balala, April ?0 (Special).-Tho employes of the
BafatO breweries have followed the example of their
New-York bret bron and demanded thal only *******
be hired, also that the brewer* buy their supplies from
union contractors. They want a rl*en p ? c ?
ranging from $14 to ll. > wee*- 'Van I.OOO men.
breweries in Buffalo, emaloylog mora l?.*? h* m tuko
/.ll of them aro atfeoted by 'he strike.^ahien
plaol on Tuesday unless tbe basses give way.
fa, Louis. April SM i-pcol.Ii.^. ls probable that the
*.nc-iber- of the Brewers* Cnlon. at St. Louis.
will p o? a .trike on Tuesday, or bo locked out. Thev
lo H a big meetiqg 10-alglit an.l formulated a contract
ulm-h alli be submit..* to th" SHJ^*?*""*X:
Tha tem** tr* even nore rae^al thea th<iM mada
IMI roar, and will not ba c,*uipil'-' *?llh- ? ?? "**
out ocean, ,|,e brewers say iha: they *M bo piepaied
to opea up in a tew days with nc" mon
Phlladilphla. April 20 (Special).-Miss Bealle Sow
don. the only daughter of Congressman Sowden, of
Allentown, Penn., will, the first won*. In May. be
married to a .on of Senator Pugh. ^itfJP"? *'!!^
from Alabama. Senator Pug- baa fittedI up a home
for tha young aoaaS lu Washington, where the cere
mouy swU be perfoinvad. _?
Philadelphia, April 30 <3p--l?.).-Tho Jewish Foster
Hume held ii* annual meeting to day, and the report
shows tbe Institution to be In a most praiseworthy
condition. Children when they roach tho age of
thirteen are provld.d with positions, but they re*
_taln under tho pr. faction ol the D0**_,*.**"fltJ*i?!
earnings uti'll thoy anim at fhn age of twenty-one
> ate placed to their credit la tba baulk
VA8T bciinkss, riNaxcui. ana kau wat ac bk mks
London, April 29.?"The Economist" _aya:
** We expect to bear little of American Treasury
accnmulations if the American Government main?
tains thc pres.!.., rate of purchasing bonds. There
will be difficulty, however, whieh ia likely to
increase, as the supply of bonds diminishes. It
is easy to skim the market of bonds looselv held,
but it is to difficult to reach those he.d for in?
vestment, which will only be surrendered on du
tinctly advantageous terms."
Commenting on the I ,-esidentlal election 1b
America, " The Economist" says: " Vost busi?
ness, financial and railway schemes bani? uj-on the
result of the election. Even English businesa
waits. Europe has hardly realized that the
growth of America has advanced the President's
l-osition to ono of immense power and responsi?
bility, so that it is now ono of the first importmioo
on earth. American diplomacy is guided by tho
President's decisions, and affects all countries.
The President is now resolving; the fisheries QOaa
tion with England, the Samoa question with t_er
l many, the emigration question with China, and
I the consular rights Question with Morocco. He
I may next week decide whether America shall
produce financial ruin in Paris, nnd sh^ko tho
French Republic, by ita treatment of Do Lesseps'i
I'anamn Canal scheme."
A comparatively small amount, of American
stocks and bonds is now hold in Europe-, but a
large amount, of European capital would be at?
tracted to American investments on perceiving
aitisfactory indications of an improvement in I
American trade, which would b<* reflected in an
advaaea in the value of railroad securities.
There aro rumors that tho tin syndicate hns
collapsed. Tho present difToror.co is 160 per ton
for spot and three months' delivery.
A It I.E.
London, April 29.? A dispatch from Rome says that
the College of tho Tloly Offiro wa. oharg-d to exarnlno
Monsignor P. nico's reports and decldn whether Catho
1 Iles belonging to the National League were guilty of
I sin and debarred from absolution. The Congregation.
| tho Pope presiding, replied In the affirmative, and
drew up a dooroo to that effect. Cardinal Pimeonl,
i acting under the rope's orders, forwarded the deere*
I to Ireland, with special instruct I oas to Monsignor
, Porslco and tho Irish episcopacy, when Instructing
; the clergy to enforce lt, to Inform them that they i
must refuse absolution to any one declining to re
' noonee membership In tho National teague.
Messrs. Dillon and Sexton have declined to give
I their opinions on tho Pope's decree.condemning boy
1 cutting and th. Plan of Campaign till thoy soe tha
j Pope's document. Mr. Lane, M. P., in an address
1 to Lord Ponsonby's tenants af Vonghall. said that
tho reasoas th* Pope adduced to Justify his action In
; condemning boycotting and tho Plan ot Campaign '
i wera all untenable.
The Rev. Mr. O'Reilly, presiding at a meeting of
leoton at Ioehteore. Ireland, urged his hearers to tako
tty notice of Iho reports that wore being circulated
concerning tho Pope's decree. When Archbishop
Walsh rotnrn.d ho would make tholr consciences per- I
1 fectly easy. M-ssrs. Clancy. Redmond and Kenny, ,
menib"rs of Farliament, also spoke, advising tho ;
tieople not to take action until the text of the decree ,
, has been published. _
j Tan rKori.i: fire* uro* by thk boys and dis
Paris, April 20.?On Saturday night a crowd ot
' Botilanglsts collected outside the Students* Club, wh"re
HOO students were assembled. The students gafher.d ,
at the windows and on hearing shouts for lioulangor j
' fired four revolver shots Into the crowd. Nobody was :
Injured, but the people were so angorod that they |
forcibly resisted the police, who tried to disperse
i them. Tbe students theu issued in a body and a
' gaaeral melee ensued, which at one time threatened
! to become serious. Finally a troop ot mounted gen?
darmes arrived and dispersed tbe __oh. A few persons
I mrc Injured. The exc.tteB_.nt contine**
Charles Ferry was to-day elected Senator tor the
l Vosgts Department, defeating tho Boulanglit and
Conservative candidates.
Berlin, April 20.?The Emperor haa a slight cough,
but passed an excellent day. There was no return of
fever. Ile was in the best of spirits. In the course
of the day he left his bed for a short while and engaged
In reading, for the first time In a fortnight. The Km
pe ror wtQ probably go to Potsdam when he becomes
stronger. _
City of Mexico, April 29.-On Friday evening a
passenger train on tha Interoceanlo Railroad was
stopped and robbed hy a baad of fourteen highway?
men, threo miles beyond Irole. The passengers and
trainmen wero systematically robbed. The company
lost over $..,000 from tha treasury box. lt ls presumed
that this ls tha same band tbat entered Amecameca
rocontly and tbat plundered Iho chalhuac ranch, in
tho State of Puobla. A large force of cavalry which I
was ordered out by the Government has struck tha '
trail of the robbers.
Paris, April 20.?Business on the Bourse was dull
luring the past week, but pi ices wero steady. Panama
Ciaal closed yesterday at 32. f. 50c. Attention ls j
being drawn to tho faot that the Paris Bourse has
'eased io be tho loading continental market for dealings
tn International funds. No (oratgn loan liss boen
floated In Parl* this year, whllo thoro bavo been largo
Derations in Loudon and Berlin.
London, April 20.?The ship Smyrna was sunk In a
collision with the steamer Moto, off the Isle of Wight
to-day. Thirteen persons wero drowned.
Paris, April 20.- In a duel rn the Bois do Boulogne
to-day, between Dupuls and Haunt, art critics, the
former was killed.
Paris, Aprtl 2l?.-Thc Tarts Spring Meeting opened
to-day. The Poule d'Essal, for three-year-old fillies,
was won by Count Bertoux's Widgeon, with Baron
Soubsyran's Io second, and P. Aumont's Slbcrie third.
Belting: Widgeon, _ to_: Io. . lo 1; Sir.crle. ti to 1.
Thc race for three-year-old colts, vader tho same
conditions, was won by Baron Schicklcr's Bevesoelo.
Baron Soubeyran'. Saint Gall was second ami Count
Herteux*- Wotan third. Betting: Against Reyeiuelo,
6 to 1; Saint Gall, a to 2; Wotan, 6 to 1.
Clovordale, CaL, April 20.?Tho Lake port itago
was robbed by two masked robbers, yesterday a few
miles from this place. Wells', Fargo <__ lo.'s box waa
taken, but the amount lt contained ls not known. |
When the news was received here Constable Abo Crlg
lor and samuel Allen started lu pursuit of tho robbers |
[ and ovcrtoek them In tao mountains, at a point known
as Profile Rock. Tho robbers were ordered to sur- ;
render, but one of them raised hi-* rifle and Ured. ahoot
i lng C'.lgler through the heart, killing him instantly.
j Allen returned ihe fire, but both robbers slid down t
' high precipice and escaped. A peso ts out after them j
1 today.
Every boer shop In Hoboken, N. J., had Us front
\ doors wide open yesterday and beor flowed faster than |
water Tho ferryboats irom. New-York curled hundreds
' ol thirsty pa.seug.i- to tho New-Jersey shoro, ? '.ere
thero was no limit as to tho quuitlty of beer supplied,
nor fear of tho Interference of the police. Matinees
wero given In Cronhelm's and Jacob's theatres, and ,
when the curtain rose thero was no standing room in
either houso. At Cronheltn'. beer was served among
tha audience. In the evening there waa no attempt
made tu conceal tho violation ol the Sunday law.
Gas and electric lights were turned on In full and
through tho open doon al tht concert halls and
beor * noons throngs of mon and w*unon were wen
tr.__-.ag groy, lt toa Ihe last **uii_ay In April, aud I
tho mein < rs ot tho U<_uor D* -tiers' Association wno '
rciHiu.. t-.eir harvest, ai they have a/recd to close j
tholr plaies ol business on Sundaj next and not
sell a drop of liquor lo any om on th?t day. They '
win then i-n.teavor to nrocuro the I alar ea aaa Bl of the
'? Bin** Laws," prohibiting tbe running of horse cars, '
1 the sale ?>.' meat, milk, bread, newspapers, etc. The
same action will be taken by the w.ociatlon In Jersey
1 City.
At Union Hill. Weehawken and Guttenberg. gardens '
and amusement halLs were open and more beer waa !
retailed and drunk oa tba premises than on any other |
day since last fall. Only three urests wera made
by tho police.
A meeting of the Workingmen'* Protective Tarlft
le-ttua wi* held ycaierdar at No. 440 ('...ira _f. te elect
delegates ut the convention of workingmen in Cincinnati
on May IS. One del-gate wa* chosen from each Con?
gi.** IM.trlct with this remit: Vth District, Frank
Wtter*; Vlth. John Ma.k.nzle; VI I th. John Parker;
Vllttk, John Creighton ; IXth. Wllilan. Pinn ; Xth, Harry
Wolf- x___. -"rink Flussrild; __Uth. Ihomaa J. 6u_iu
yaa.y * v . ? *>*-?. r ? > f V
The Rev. Edgar L Heerman-O, formerly paitof
of the IYesliyterian Church on Broadway in the
village of ..'lute Plains, mot himself while ia
the pulpit of the church at 3 :_0 p. m., yesterday.
Mr. HSe.mancc's resignation was asked for some
months ago in consequence of tho dissatisfaction
arising between hiniseii and tho eh.ireh momb*..
over his salary Ile made repeated demands foi
an increase, all of which were ignored He wal
for sixteen years thc pastor of oue of the richest
congregations in that section. It is reported
that he was largely interested in thc dry gooda
ba_iness and 6on_c thru* years ago lost about
$75,000. Ile lived in and owned ono of tha
finest houses on Broad wey. His wife is the
daughter of cx-I-resident Woolsey, of Yoi. Uni
versity. Mr. Heermance's' family stood high in
tho social circles of White Plains, and hia titian*
cial standing was unquestioned.
At the timo of his suicide he waa sitting
within thc chancel in conversution with the gray
haired sexton, J"hn Blakcly, and was perfectly
rational. The sexton left him for a moment to
get a pitcher of water. He had hardly closed
the church door when he was startled jy the
report of a pistol, and rushing back into tho
church, ho found the i__<tbr stretched prone up?
on the Moor of the pulpit and bleeding profusely
from a bullet hole in his right temple, ("looa
beside him, on the carpet, lay a smoking revolver.
The sexton hurriedly summoned assistance, and
the unconscious minisH-r was placed nun a stretcher,
aud was borne down thc long aisle and into tha
streets. Tho solemn procession then slowly
I-u-sed up Broadway, followed by a grent throng,
for three blocks, until the homo of the suicida
was roa"In-d. MediM-l aid wns immodiati-ly sum.
moued und everything possible was done to tv
store the minister to consciousness. At the tina*
of the shooting. Mrs. lleertnanco, the wife of th*
, a>tor, was teaching a Sunday-school class in the
li.-w eaapaL within a few foot of her husband.
Dr*. Scliund, Curtis, and Haigh! were in c.institut
attendauce on the dying man, until he died al
7:45 p. m. The doctors probed for tho bullet^
but WWSt unable to extract it.
Mr. llcenuanc- was a man of great loaming^
but. ha was somewhat eccentric in his idea... Ula
ministration iu the church for the .-e.viod ox
eighteen years b* lore his resignation, somo three
months ago, vv;;.-. ___a_actat___ad as cu.rm st nnd
thorough, but his sermons were soructim<?. tinged
with sami-in and sti.i-tures that gave oi-ence to
Ri'ino members of his eoBgngatieo. The ri.ln_i.iu
between him and Ins congregation beeaOM td rained
and culminated iu his handing in his resignation
to ihe l'resbyt*ry on February 1. He was pos?
sess* il of a small competency- notwitl-.tnn<iing
the loss pg whieh he had sustained iu th. commission,
business in tills ii;y s*)ine six years a;*".
Mr. Beet-Oanoe was born in I ;Bier County
fifty-five yours u^o, of vv<-althy imrcnt . He w__J
graduated at Male university aud studied thoology
in t_M Vale Divinity School. It waa ?t New
Haven that ho formed the acquaintance <\fex_
I'resident Woolsey's daughter, whom he marrup
somo twenty years a^o. Ile haves three children-,
Woolley, :*ge sixteen: Luura, ag" l**urteen, and
Kdgnr, age twelve. There wats no apparent sign
of mentnl aberration noticed by the m mberof tho
congregation who saw- and talked with him at
the close of tho morning service yesterday, and
they all said that he appeared in tho beat of
spirits ond wus unusually pleasant.
Buffalo, April 29 (special).?" The BuiTalo K-tpreat,"
which has been earnestly urging tho nomination ol
General Phil Sheridan by the Republicans ever -lue
the publication of Blaine's Florence lotur. viii pub?
lish to-morrow In an editorial under tho caption " He
Will Accept1 the lotter to Editor Matthews from a
war veteran: "I have boon not a little Interested In
your advocacy of -.floridan. It suits mo to a T. I would ?
rather vote for him than any man I know, unless it
be Senator Kdmunds, and bo scorns out ot the rico.
I have long felt a supremo confidence In Sheridan as
a man good at all times, but specially tit for great
emergencies and I would like to seo him President
because I think he ls above and beyond the con?
taminating .i uch of tho mlghiy and dirty politic,
which up to tho jir.'sent tlmo scorn to havo besmirched
the strongest and greatest. A well-informed army
olllcer told mo hore tho other day ho thought Sheri?
dan would Uko to ho President. Indeed, ha hadn't a
doubt of lt, and declared tho iitmo*t conf. lenee lu
this opinion, which was lia.-*d upon his _?.sonal and
other knowledge ol .l.ertdau. My friend ha*, had
a t rllllant and Borate war ree.,rd In Indian warfare, la
Arizona and elsewhere, and served a long tlmo a- an
aide-de-camp on the stall of the ifroaf Indian fichte.-.
General Crook. This brought him Into tho upper and
confidential circlet of army knowledge, especially of
personal Information as to tho character aud alms of
the Generata of our army.
" Would Sheridan accept tho Kepubllran nomination!
Who can doubt lt? Of course, no ls nut seeking It
will never seek If. Perhaps he doesn't want lt Ba
han not tho candidate craze. lint, an for declining
an unsought, nomination -that's oulto another thing.
In tin- v,ords of roscoe i (inkling, who seldom asserted
more than he knew, sheridan would accept?and 'hil
election would follow like a whirlwind.' ?
Philadelphia, April 29 (Special).?Wholesale llqoof
n.n aro alarmed because of a rumor which has'galno'f
ground that tho Judges of the License Court would
probably refuse tho applications of all wholesale Hanoi
merchants who live outside ot tho comity, while doln|
business In Philadelphia.
? ?
Philadelphia, April 29.-Charles J. Ferguson, thl
well known pitcher of the Philadelphia base ball club,
dill this evening of typhoid fever.
Tho steamer IT. I". Di mock, of tho Metropolitan
Steamship Line, whieh loft Pier No. ll, North River,
Saturday afternoon with a general cargo for Boston,
struck Pated laat at Hell (jato while avoiding a tow
and stove a hole In the foi ward watertight compart?
ment. At the tlmo lt was believed that the vessel
would go down and Captain Berry beached her on tho
mud flats opposlto Whitc.tono, L. I. Yesterday
Henry T. Dlmock, tho New-York agont of tho line,
went to tho vessel and gave Instruction* for tho
transfer of the cargo to the Herman Winter of tho
-arno line, which will sall this evening. The Merritt
toast Wrecking Company has charge of the work ol
getting tho v.-.-,s<-l ii- tbs _gB& She -.111 !?? towed to
tho city today aad tho work of repairing the damage
will Ire liogun at once. The accident has demon
?.trated that the ship's compartments are absolutely
watertight. Thu cargo wa*, only .lightly damaged.
thal lu the forward compartment h?-lng coane naval
stores. A statement that tho pump, were use leal
whoa tho steamer struck is denied.
The Pennsylvania Kallroad ferry boat Hudson City
with a large crowd of passengers on boan! fo. the
midnight train on Saturday and a number of hMMN and
wagons b___a0ag to "Tba Onateat si.ow on i_arth*
6truck a sloop in mid stream and punched a large liol!
in her side. The cra-.h alai-nied the passengers and
for a few moments there was aa incipient panic on
bunni the ferry boat until lt was discovered that aha
hail not received any serious damage. Water poured
Into the hole In the sloop's sldo and she began to settle.
Two of her sailors climbed over ou the ferryboat and
weretaken to Jersey t Itv. They refused to give their
ramos or th-c name of the sloop. The* said that tl.e
\. wal bad -reen lights displayed, but the pilot of fhe
Hudson City -ays timi uo light.*, could be seen. Tha
ferryboat remained in the vicinity until a tugboat
ii.camed up and towed iho Mo. n over to the Jersey
lats, where she settled In about four feet of water.
Tho ferry boat *__, not damaged and uo one waa
Acting on lnforraaMon, the Hewart police yesterday
made four arrests ol men oa suspicion of paruclpsuioa
in burglaries In Newark snd the suburb*. The asea ara
William Hurley, Patrick Desmond, Mimer Vsn Yaltu**.
burgh ind Adam Haas. Chief ot Police Hopper Mid laH
night thst he con-ldered th-*- irresu the must Important
thu hid been nude In some year*. List week the police
recoverc- In l'hlladelphli ? gold watch stolen from a houae
in Newark, and les. ne I that another stold wsteh which hal
been pawned with lt had boen redeemed by a person froa
N*-bb?._. Tho ptBatm?d -s'-'-h wa* traced to John Al*
botsr.n, proprietor ol tlie Hatti N* rmi alla in Newark.
Albersou and a Thoms* Barn-, the thief, were arrested.
A man named Alotuo _.g-*-ri was also arrested on suspl.
don. It was through Uieso arre-ts that the police got
positive l&foimatioa whl.h led to yesterday's arrest*.
To-day Detective McMahon, ol this elty, who wa* receutly
employed by PoUee Commi-.loner Marah, ot Newark, ia
term eat. ur giant *d_l ****** faton Ue Orin* Jatj.,

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