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VOIXLYIM.N". lr).21">.
e.-r i i i. i. i, i ii.i. r i: IV I TIKI CT C i US E.
\\ r IFT ct rt Af IX" ri MT. RT.ATNP! i '*?-"' wWbMbi of stfamcrs. ti-j-sand ferryhoata, near
London. Ant if.-In iii'- House fi Lords to-day
Lord Salisbury moved thc second rending or tho
l'nrn-11 C mm'ssion hill. In n-c-:it fotUA, li ? said,
thr airitation in Ireland had gone uti tara pantile]
lines. Obb party | rofc-->,-el i ?> Mt constitutionally,
and io a certain extent so acted; lin- other party
wn< connected xvith crime, violence, intimidation,
n.-it ihition inui mnrder, Which means were u>p,l to
Intimidate constitutional opponents nml to force
from England the eonc ssion of ;i ehaaga which
BagiBad was not prepared t*, grant. Thoso or
ganizntie r.s had been proteaaedly apart, hut thoy
worked fjr tho sam* mis; t'i-;- hui th.* 'mme
friends an<i dionis nod Injured tbt same i
An impr.-ssion had aaturaTly arisen thru titty
wer- really not so f,ir apart ns thr*. seem*,! to li^.
sn-1 lhal there was complicity or connection be
tween thom. " The Times" had published that
opinion nml BUpported it by bb array of apparent
fnrts in justification. This r\ rited rt scandal ns
a Enoch of privilege "f tbe llonae <>f Commons, j
which body refused lo tr.rit il its such or to
rntir into a eonOic! with thc press. Siill. it
xvns desi nil ile that rm-ans ha provided to dissipate
the scandal. Ordinarily men aeouaed of com
plicitj* in murder tried to clear themsclveB loimllv.
bnt thc gentlemen iBerimiaated refuse to take
Ihat course-, although the Government , Sered then
rvtry nssist.11 nee in its po wit. Instead of taking
Iho case into the courts the cent lomon accused
proposed to refer the matter to a committee of
the Booie of Cootmoafl, B course which xx*as not
approved either by the Government or by the
Hobab. Tho Butter xx-as allowed to rest until
tho O'Donnell trial, which Changed th1* scandal
from resting merely cn a newspaper statement
Into n stat.-ment made by responsible counsel In
a court of Justice. Still the gentlemen incrimi?
nated did not se,k legal redress, alleging that they
distrusted British Juries, li they thought they
could not obtain lustioe in England they coull
hax-e sued in Ireland, but in*-it:'d ,,f adopting thar
course they reiterated tlnir demand for a com?
mittee of rho House ol Commons
Tito Government considered t'i" House Incapable
of furnishing an impartial tribunal where so
much person*.! and political feeling was Involved,
nnd thought it betta again tn resort to an in?
quiry by commission, a bobbm which had proved
successful in the eases ".' the Board of Work..
ihe shelli,*]<i outrages and iii,* charges of electoral
corruption. Ile be.lr.cti th, commission would
iio good hy cvs?ing co ti overflies of tbe ii,o-i
dangerous kind. The Government had full con
BdenCS Uutl jilhtici xx-,mic. !?? done, as it had notii
taatod thr-t- ,.' th-* ablest and most impartial
Judges. Men who should luxe known better
hud impugned rhe Impartiality of the Judges
?elected. These charges had not left the ?
stain on the character af iho distinguished mon
against whoa they weis directed, bul they hud
cox-erod xvith dishonor the lip., which Impugned
them. The co**_ini*s!on would close these ,-ontro
i tunton, It^xxiis not well thal nenhen of rho
House of Commins should !><- a<*-'"i>*d in the
most, solemn manner of having tanpered with
murder. Th** truth should be known whatever
might bo ihe issue. Tho Government was con?
vinced rhar ir had dons good service in driving
irom tho arena ,?! political discussion this foul
luid scandalous controversy.
Baron Herachcli iLibeml indignantly repudi?
ated J.or,) Salisbury's insinuation upoi hi-- |Her
s'hell's tote <"lle; gam for having taken in the
.ion.-*, of Commons a course- which, holding the
viewa they did, they wen bound t<> take. Hr
luanna im-,I il,at his friends wen in no way <h
serving of censure, The Commission bill was un.
fortunate in its origin, scope and object, and in
tin* incidents connected with Ito passage through
the House of Commons. The measure formed ii
mosl novel precedent and one tha! was fraughl
xvith danger. He regretted that a committee 'ef
the ll,him- i.f <'om,'inn-, had nui been appointed.
He strongly protested against the doctrine thal
if newspapers brought charges againsi ti pui'lio
man the accused person rn um be guilty ii rn did
not hnmediatrly sue for libel, lt tba! doctrine
xva-, io be applied it should l?e applied iin partially,
and proof that it xva- not so applied was furnished
by the f;icr that two members ol the Government
lind cone to support, before bis constituents, a
Conservative m, -.:ii>er. against whom allegations
lind been made and never refuted, and respecting
which he had never sued for libel.
The speaker defended Mr. Parnell's course in
not. Mum,' for libel. lb- said thal the mere state?
ment of counsel in an action between two private
persons xvas not i suflicieni foundation up'ii which
lo Institute a Indicia! commission ut inquiry. The
Government had ofT.Tod Mr. Parnell tne hard ;.!
tentative of eitbi r accepting such a commission ,*r
Incurring reproach for shirking an inquiry- In
justice, the inquiry should have br-en confined to
tho char,-' s against tl: ? Irish memliers, but, con?
trary i" their understanding when they accepted
the commissjrn, the inquiry had been extended to
others, involving every one engaged in the League
agitation for tin* last nine yearn. liven the jus
dee of specifying and d tining ii. ? charges had b* q
denied the Irish members, and the commission
xvas allowed to range through all the vague alle?
gations in a tnito of anonymous newspaper arn?
eb's. Bach nu Inquiry xvas fraught xvith tho most
dangerous injustice. In composing the commission,
ans nember, at least, should have been chosen who
was in political sympathy with the accused persons.
Lord Salisbury said that lhere were two
fallacies la Baron HenebeU'a speech. That gen?
tleman had assumed what was untrue, namely,
that the Government had any int 'rest In estab?
lishing the galil of the Irish members, On the
contrary, if it wen shown thai their political
partv was not connected with erinn- the fact,
xvould conduce to thc restoration of r'i,;i ??? ai fl
Quietness In Ireland. Baron Herschel] had also
falsely assumed that the Government bad origi?
nated ihe inquiry, whnreaa, the Irish memben
themselves had originated ir by asking for an
Inquiry by a committee of the House of Commons,
The Inquiry could not be confined to the authen?
ticity of " The Times's" letters or to the conduct,
of particular persona All the facto must be
taker, together.
Ban Jose. Costa ltira. Aue. 10.-Tlie coatr.vt nego?
tiator! at Wathlr.pt.m hy Bbbot Pedro Psres-Zeledon,
Pp-r'.al Envoy Bl Oasis Btes, air! Hiram Hitchcock,
president of ilia ft|caiagna Canal Association of Kew
York, having, after som verbal ehaoges, received th
approval of tli" Exeeallie aad u-.a State Department
of < osta Rici, and BCOB acce|,te,|. _*, modified, by A.
C.. Mer. oe al, limier authority from atid on belia'! of
the Canal Association. WM yestolday ratified lev Con
S-ess ami Baned Wy tha Prtaldeul ol Costa Blea Mr.
enocal will start br the Halted s*at< s ob Aug at IB.
ottawa. Aug. i" (Bpeetolh?Ifl view of tt,e complica?
tion.*- leiatlng to alleged oana] ffisertmlnatloas and
pBBBihto ret alla! toa, tho Canadian Government b-j..
fully arrived at UM flSeMtOB to 1 >ti 1 l'l a Caaadlsn
canal at Sault Me Marl", and tenden aie called for.
Wt.en the canal ls completed there wlU remt
?.nc obstacle to BBlntoiruptod Bavlgatloa bom tl,
hind of ti,-* lilies io th- aeeaa enUrely in Canadian
wama. Tba abslsrhi ls tbs Bt ? lair. Plata I anal,
tho way through whirli bslongl t" ti- Aiit-i I'ttn Qov
ei-nmcnt. is- of tills ls gnaranleed to Canada i-y
v r. tis-xis- oi Wa.hlagton, on lermi of equality >t!iii
United stat'-, thlpping, bul I
lng thal i .in-"la -hould ir' Independent even of this
la_t link In u.e ehalfl of canals
Publln. Aug. lO.-The trial at Royle, County Ros*
common, of JaflBM O'K'ily. Hu joiirnalist and Menhsr
of parliament, xxho xi as BirSStBd In l."inl IB BB ? ShargS
of making ipsBSbM Iii<!tinc to intimidation and !,.?>
citing at Royle, his b,-,n BSaBJuded. Mr. O'KcIlv wan
convicted and sentenced to f"tir montlis' lniprl-i*n
merl, without hard labor.
rai.?, Aug. 10. I'"- <Ah--<-i <>'. tba i-V'T Bsebsngs
nore mope aad today, bu' th- BMwtlag hail mmalaod
r\ofjf\. ?I'.'.r gauri Ot poll'" WblSl war. placorl In
sharai of the holMlag uhoo H w?s ontored t" bl etoflsi
li b*Ui tiaiioned ii, from of thi Eaehaaga.
London, Aug. lo. Tho e|e<don Ifl thl W**i Dorhy
Divl-lon of I.lv. rpe.ol to day to (ill tho vacancy caused
_____*** 1-cilsuaUon ol Lord Claud Uiunllion, CeBBMTa.
e, result,.,! !n Un* return of XYllllam Henry Cross,
e oldei! ssa of Lord Crass, who is also ??? OoBBsrva
Constantinople, Aug. H.- Th- Government han
RTBWsd from l,,oal banks l.f>00,000 poun,ls at BA
le interest on iho loan ll fixed at ;, per cent, and ls
iiii-anti-ed ty the neve fisbsrlBS an< silk taxe..
Amsterdam, Aug. IO.?The Holland Society of Now
nrk wa* received b\- th" nninlclpal BatbBftttoS of this
ly In th" Town Hall to-day. Tho PurgStBater, In
speech, welcomed In boa Bil of old Amsterdam Hie
?*oon,!ants of I Iio founders of Nev Amsterdam. Mr.
an stell n n iurned thank- tor the visitors.
London, Aug. IO?The steamship Trave, wh'ch wa*
.purled as having arrived at Southampton at IO p. in.
i Angas! B, did not arrive there until 10 a. m. BB
ugust B. Il'-nce the statement that thc Blade lbs
is.ago from Sandy Hiwilt io : he Needles In seven day?
jd two horns was erroneous,
TO DBUG Till: drinking WATER.
A lefier through John Rlakoly, who ke<-ps a clear
OBS at No. BBB Rroadway, to the noose ol Coal
id Ihe public, mitten by ono of the rleiks of the
ow York Past Ot!lco, roads as follow. '
Vic, tho clerks cf th" Third Illxisl.tii. itaj.-r der-irti-nent.
tall mop* cifully r-tii your mention to Uh wsy la walsh
e businc- is BMBtged lt, thc Rew-Tert Peat Oflee,
ftcr working the men on an IVStSflS ref one-half per div
rum" since last November, the clerks are still unable
limps tl With thc w-irk. Thor*' are now ovr nev cn tv
ek? of Tribunes (sine- la^- Tn tStf), but
Tl.e Mall and Keiross." twenty sar'*, tit "The Press."
rty of ''The Iii-.,, XYotll" mil ;,'e.,ut Hftv sael:s ut ??'i il?
aire," a t"w tass of *? Graphics" *, ais.i i,,\. ut tU" Tariff
MgM Reform i>am|*ihlets, beatoSB any am un of tliirl
id fourth class miner lytafl at th.. Bew-Torh Btate
ble, somo of which has been tit this tale'e f,,-* over two
eeks. At th" West table rn'itler fo- th" Terrltorlt - ll
ashed away during th" weah sad Mt bbBI Bundar to b
A Tribune reporter wont to headquarters, iv).era
Kittani Postmaster Gaylor said that on account of
te immense am,mut nf Muir which the political com
ittteea were sending out, tho tores of the Btate table
as Insulin-lent ta dispose of lt and lt was l.fi over
i order to attend to first c!as* and second class mat
w. He said that complaint! had been received and
liar th" smCf would be "worked oft*" as soon a
Hilo. When the reporter xvas conducted by a clerk
brough thc malling rooms ho found a pile of " sample
..'ey-' Tilt,uno- al the New-York tal.!.*- t early as high
s his hoad, but not one Democratic paper that ? -. I
eon delayed.
At the meeline of tho Letter Carrier*' Association
*bu_Sday night tt wai unanimously resolved that an
pen letter be sent to Postmaster Pearson and the
,ri-t5, by tho ..erreiarx- of the organlsstton, si fellows:
!r. Postmaster H. G. PeSTBOBi
The Bew-Tarli better-CBrrleraP AbbucIsUob disclaim all
BBWlodgS of fscta tn pet ieo_B1 charRfl ot Mr. Tearson to
olson or drug certain letter carriers, .int Bl ,'ir reputation
* at stoke we ro?)>cetfiilly Ngpeflt thai rou will ci.
ie name or names of your Informants, tlilt we mtiv dis.
rove tho cliarpo, or we a'k yen lo retract or admit
'irniiph th- dally |,ai,eis tliat you wer,: BU-totOTBMd BB to
te stat-mont printed in the dally papen a* cmr,in_- f-om
"ii, and Ti-iA as follows: " Thl' at 'ii* BttetlBfl Bl thl X*.
nciiHon ti proposiM.i:! wm BBbaBtted an1 dlaeatted fhat
..fed) ta driiR the drtaktM water in th- coolers used
y tho deivvntotin carriers, so as to disable them from m,,k
tfl the first morning delivery."
EDWARD MOYEN, Re.-reta.-y.
Chattanooga. Tonn.,'Aug. 10.?The ruin caused by
a-t night's lire ls gi*"at. Tho following business firms
irera entirely hui-ned om: nellea, Howard 1 ( ...
rholesale saddlery; Phelps __? Loni:, eli,thiers; Rn-e
iay. ('.titchfield .*_ Co.. wholesale dry goods; the m.
lilock Drug Company, wholesale drugs; Hie QB) ,,,,.
Lae Manufacturing Company, wholesale queea's ware;
Dtetxer Blathers, wholesale (nilli and vegetables;
Etoshhaaa A Co., elothlers; the Brad! Printing Oom
i say th,- (liaiianooga Paper box Pactory, Rosenhelm
sons, wholesale liquors; A. Bebopln, confectionery,
and Joseph simpson, olothtng, damaged by fire. i..>-s
nn buildings, 101,000; Insurance on <-aine, about
935,0000. Th'- (oas to the firms ls |SSB,000; tasur**
-I'lont ?178,000. The total loss la In the i.?*[~}i
borhood of 1040,000.
The loss of Ufo lias been gi-eat. in the excitement
of Hie conflagration hundred! of persona rushed Into
the bttlldlngB and endeavored lo '.ave goods. lt
seems thal th-re was criminal carelessness in creeling
ti,,* tour-story structures, because they coBapi I
solely from the ln-at. One bnfldlng fell in when fifty
persona wen iDside. At noon tri dav three desd
1,,'iies had been recovered. They sre .lames p. Mc
MlUln, w. ll. Walsh and Thomas smth. the latter
colored Walter Krug, bookkeeper for Dtetsen Flroth
? rs, I- burled beneath tbe erulns, bul lils kodj has not
i,,*.*n recovered. lt is believed that, perin ps, one
other body is imt if.i theare. A negro nsmed Miller
v,a- teiioutly injured by 'he' falling wall, ai wai
Thomas Turney, >,,u ,,( ex-Chief Justice Turncy.
Philadelphia, Aug. 10 (Bpeelal) -Fire thB morning
destroyed 'lie larg,- <-arpe: nilli- of .lohn Hamilton, al
Howard st. and Lehigh av,-. All the machinery and
stock was consumed, entailing a loss of |S5,000,
About 120 mon aie thrown out of work.
A fir" wa*; discovered at i :it, m. m. yesterday in
Patrick Reilly's stable. No. Bfl Essex st.. Jersey City.
Adjoining tho stat,lc on the east was b one-story frame
building, occupted by John Bchultx, his wife and four
children. The rear Of tho house was separated from
Hie stable by a thin boat-it partition. Tlie family
slept so soundly thal neither the fire nor the noise
made by the arrival of th" fire engines awakened
Hiern, and they were greatly luipi lied when the fire
mon brohe open tho door and rou!-*! them otu. Al
that Hmo tho Haines hail oaten through the partition
and the rooms were tilled with Smoke. The family
ha-toned out and In their hurry and excitement they
forgo! the baby stoeptag in the crad!--. Edward
Goyle, a -Bomber nf Truck Company No. 1, ran Into
the burning building and brave!) rescued the sleeping
Infant. The fire, which tpretd with great rapidity,
had communicated with No. 'A2. a sinai! BBC Btory-and
a-half fram" letiildlng. Harry Healand lived on the
icc and floor with bli wife and one child. Another
part of Ihfl building was oceapled by 'thomas S-paik
lam his wife and three children, ami a PoUsfa woman
name! RoSBBCUSka Th-y wen- all istoep aad 1? fore
Ikey could be arouBsd ike lower pan of the building
was enveloped ta Barnes. Firemen quickly placed
ladd, n to the window- and xvith Hi" BMlstana. "'.
policemen rescued all tho Inmates. Another l
en-ape was thai of Mrs. Crowley, "ii" lived st Nn,
:i,'> i iv 'ihe foci wai slight, nol e: ? -.'?-. P2.000 in
all. Two horses belonging t? Relit] were barned le
Aa awalag ta tbs rear of No. is New st. eaaghl
fir- about half-past 0 o'clock la. t evening Afl
alarm was struck, but belan the arrival of th" gre?
aten Henry J/c. the Janitor of He* blllldin;'. bad
i iceeeded In sxtlngulshtng the name's, Tbe
did not exceed .m. it i- mppotofl thnit the flu- was
caused by Hie swaine coming Ib contact with ?'?
electric wei ? xvi,i,*h have b*,-n cit sway and ar
Ing proml-cnonxly In the narro* lane lhal sei
ihe but Min* from u,?t of lbs ">??? tere Cnlon IBM
graph Company in flroad il.
A small frame ttable belonging i" Patrick Mullins
ut No. :,,::: \\~ i Thlrtj itxtfa st., caught fin ami WM
1,urned np yestenlity ii.mii!i,tr. FOar horSBS, al 0
i !*** Mullins, wers baned to death in theil
stalls. They said to !->? worth BBM each and WSW
not insured The stable w&. valued ai BSOO
Ocean Roach, H. J., Aug. 10.?A serious accident,
which may result In the death of BBB or more of thl
Injured, occurred here this morning by tbs overturn
tag of a crowded stags roach while roamBni aeorner.
All 'if the pBBSSagSH vv-re thrown out and < verv 01 '
wa.s more Bl ISM hnit Among thfl Injmed sn
Judge William s. Yard, of Trenton, badly bruited;
.Jam-s 1*. Ma/ialn, faeo and arm, bailly cut; Mi
BhSelS, BgS t-eveniyUvr. Injiiic.l a!,,,ul ile- body i NISI
r-arah Harrington, slightly bruised; XV. Ii. Rlnei
very bailly hurl ; ProfSBBtt 0. Mniray, of Prlnceion
and Mrs. Wright, eui and bruised al,,,ut tba Rue aurl
Umbi. The drlvw of ths ssaeh, Aadnw wooley, wai
thrown uiiile, lt and ls s'-v,-r*-ly Injured.
Fortunately Dr. Gunbar wm In tb. vicinity imi
baittu-d to nlluul toilet to tho injured.
Washington. Aug. IO.?I'p H.e allies of 8t. Mat?
thew's ( hana, hi Im lg, unending human streams,
men, women and children with .serious faces and 1111
covered beads hive bera surgtag ail day and until
lat- in tba night sboui tbs Doflln of lbs fissd bera
The scant light through the stained gla-s windows
BBd thS BIcberiBg Ughl of a dozen wa. taper*, bal
dimly outline the icene about the altar, while giving
added sombreness to th** heavy Arapingi of crape
thal haag hom celling, balcony and pillar. Immcdt
iii.iv- before H,e altar, aa high, saeeesstva ped' tate,
forming s graceful apex, p--n tha c,,ii!n. Ito tho
left, willi willie gloved hand. toMed BCTOM his bn-ast.
nandi an artillerymaa in rall uniform, with his
-.hon sabre .triaging st hi- belt, hooping Blent guard
over his illeut cnaige. Oil elliier side "f the BBtl
fahpie slender marble labtos Itlppori tall candeiabra. In
Which bum dimly the eaadtos appointed by the 'atho?
ne Church for such aeeastOBS. At the corners and
(arther iiacu ar<* other candelabra unlichtci, with
tapers walling for th Bi 'i maw "f to s-orrow. Fur
Iber baek the nd throne ereetod for tlie cardinal
an.l a pair of draped flags lend a background of slight
roinr io Hu* dark dec -ration of the chancel.
Over tho coffin ls thrown loosely, In sash Uko folds,
a heavy Mik flag, the red and while stripM falling
graeefalty on one- sid", and the blue ground willi
pee..: Btan dropping on Ihe other. Buried in ide soft
(old! on top is the dead Cen-,al's cabre, Wtth lbs
i,iiiii". of all his baltic.* and their dates engraved
along ih- scabbard Tin- rash, "f yellow silk and
gold thread, i- folded seross tin- t,,p, and H.e heavy
gold tassels fall on one side. The chameau, With i's
plume of black, is then too, not looking new and
unused, but showing Iho marks of servlco the Gea
rial had given them. At tho head of the coffin, M
approaches Hie altar, a tall (Ugstafl i
above, bearing thc identical cori* flag whieh Sheridan
liad need at the close ul Hie war. This was the
OrfftSmme "f red Wtth a white star on one iMe *.t:l
a vv!,,!" ground Wtth a l*ed star on Hie other, thal
had I'd tin' way Into many bloody fichts and many a
brllUanl victory, lt i-. not an established Bag, bnl
or are ..' roch design ard pattern as Hu- com?
mander of a r -rpi may chooM a- Ma distinguishing
iiiiii::. Two othci old Bags, cf d, IgM now forgotten
and out of service, are baoh of the rotlin. One li
iii- bine cavalry guidon carried by Sheridan's troops
lu imbi ?*f his earlier cavalry raids. Now Hie guidon
ls of yellow, not blue, am! of a dllleient pattern.
i - other Usg hM b!m ms* int.'"!.- of thc hero's carly
As the long line nf spectators parsed np to ind about
ihe collin, they saw a eolored mar. beyond Blddto*
nine on a "-tcp of the attar. The oilier In
ilia:*?'- calls the colored n 1 r*. - -. " Bleb-ad." He ls Hie
Richard who for over twenty years had hean the
faithful body-servant nf Cenera! Sheridan. He hld
been tho General'! attendant lr. health, was with him
in thal h.-: deiperaic rt niggle against death, aid wm
noa stiii ot: duty beside Hie coffin of Ms beaefaetoi
and much-loved mailer.
From il," Hine tba Nely arrived here the coffin has
remained dosed Early this mi.ming, after the
solemn requiem mi's had been eelel,ra:ed, the artillery
men on duty gol orders t., keep bach the uno . |
lie church was to be cleared, so thal the
widow might I,,- l,!-; alone with her bmband Bhe
,ani" lien-ily veiled, luppurted on Hie m (,f her
father, ,.eneral Bucker. The crowd fell ba.*k, then
tin* attendants followed, and finally the relatives.
until all were outside and Hi" big dcors swim.' tn, thnt
til _ li: the afflicted widow. For tho first time -Ince
its arrival thc lid was removed, revealing the linc of
ih" Qoneral't toes row in peaceful repose. This com?
munion nf widow and dead husband tasted for so'mo !
tims iinlll the ulie-t.ian:- Hole In and lifted the grlcv
Ing vv n:uti from hor knees, at ihe lien- over the srill.
willie fae- ol the di 'l. Again this afternoon the lid
v?ae lifted, and a brother of the General who 11
arrived frem th ? Wm! took a final look si the tol llcr'i
face. Then it was sealed. The passing Um <*f men
Bomen taw onlj the black coffin xvitii Hie im set.
It ls Mrs. Bhertdan'i wish thal lt ihould not bc re
11,'eV'e ,1 for i.-' Il'l'llj i ;,,*, t on.
To-morrow ibe dead hero will be bach among blt
troop**, altnn-t literally speaking, rho
foi his grave is lu fronl of the other graves, while
i I -ilt. ol lt ,-i ? - of white bea I sion, .
line after Ihie, column after column, li'
and bri cades ni roil \ v mt, silent armj KI.400 li-.
: nil with Sheridan -'ill al tbe front. Close bv rises
a high flag stall', marking the place n- a military
j bnrying-ground, and a- imo staml- ba ldc the noldlrr'i
gi H - tho ila; ping 'e( Ibo Mar- anel s
heard. Near by. ii. sn Iron flam-, ll this -el,-,'Hoi,.
from O'Hara'i beautiful poem:
On fatti-'s eternal ramping mound,
Ai, 1 ri**: ?- gu il l- w th - Ioi ni round.
Th- btvoui ol . 'lied.
Tlie funeral lervlce* begin Bl 10 o'clock to-morrow
morning with mlemn high maw al St. Matthew's
Chiircli. 'Hie i-i, idem and Mr-. Cleveland and
memben ol the Cabinet u;el their families will at
Icnd. a targe arm rhalr wllh a hneeUng stool beforo
lt '-viii t." placed Immediately alongside the collin
for Mrs. Sheridan'! use The President and i i
will be on thc other iMe of the rollin, In i]
designated neats, while u.,- body of th- church win
accommodate one thousand special!*, Invited i
Including leading official the Jndclai. and ci'i/.-t* .
Ughl balli i li i trom Fortro - Monroe an I
MoHonrj have been arriving through Ihe dav, and
the military funeral well !,,? cn Imposing one. The
body 'viii again bo borne un an artillery caisson,
follow, l by the General's horse, saddled ami bridled,
??i'i !'*? empty leonis having their tiiet turned to
the rene Richard, the faithful servant, win load
the boree and follow the collin mi the crave does
over lt.
Ccner.il George <"rook, Genera] TempkfoS, and
Governor J. M. Bosk, "f Wisconsin, and teven mem?
ben of lils stair arrived here bbla evening lo attend
H.** toner il
Whll" cruising about off Sandy llo-dt on the Sam
sloan on Thursday, awaiting the arrival of the city
of Rew-Vorl to welcome xir. Blaine, reaolntlons of
respect to the memory of General Sheridan and of
condolence with his widow were drawn up and adopted
by ih" follow i'ii.- well-known men, voicing the lentl
n."tit Of all on board: .lohn P. Plummer. K. P.
Bartlett, Joseph PboI, W. ii. williams, a R, Whitney,
A. W. Tsnny. Murat Halstead William Walter Phelps,
W, IL H. Miller. George P. Kdgar, W. \v. Johnson,
Adam i:. King, ? larencs B. Beardsley, Hr. Albert s.
cray, xv. w. im.Hey, James i*. Foster, Joha C.
Rankin. Rd win S, Lee, fi. P. Parkinson, s. ]. Scott
ard I'i ,vil 'Iii ton ?
At Manhattan Beaeh to-day a special concert ta
monioiy nf Ueneral Sheridan win be elven By '.ll
more's band, beginning a, *.-. Boals Tn the amplil
Ihi Ure will le free. The c.meei: win bc followed
!?.*.' the bopmlng ol min ile nuns.
A huge piei ire of General Sheridan inrronndcd tn
his nt tit will be exhibited to-night st th- fir,-forks
enclosure at Mai hal tan i
During the ev, i ort al Brighton B
Anion Seldl will give, In addition to the regular pro
*. the til*, funeral man-he* bj Wagner and
Beethoven, a a mark of roipert to . m.erv.
' ..'!.? ration * i ni Bel ;,. , mai it lbs n eetli
the fount] Demoeraey la t evening In Cooper t'nlpn,
'? ri a relies ol nn Ihe life and ,-n Ices
of General Sheridan. Colonel john R. Cellos.
onded them, paving i warm tribute lo the ,1,-a.i toVdlcr,
and they were adopted unanimously,
pianTixa ,i\ /nu tv hob os i thais.
Msrqoci '*. Mich., Ang lo. Aboul loo Italians
? ui the ' isl bound espreai on the Duluth, South
Shore and Atlantic Road, yesterday, ware ?
:i:iel .tte,nj tel If ,:''t Into || . .. .. |., , .
man .i"t.' reta ed thom admittance, ami they pitched
in'" Mm He drove them back Into tha un,.hu. whoa
ran d him and tried io throw him through
ii.,* window. Hs face ami le., i ,\,i badly eu, al th
lie- gol li 'hi ,,: an iron , or and
aided I * tex era! . forced the m, : b u ??
Into the Mooker.
- rn
Ptttaharg, Aug. IO special Meean Oaffy and
Cully, oil J,I,.tine rs, an drilling a well on Seven
Mlle Island, in UM I'lil" River, and oip.-ct ,,, Bl riki
,in < v-.-i-i ,n of ni" Washington Ooaatj all bait fi
derrick has bren qatolly erected oppoatto Laurel
station, on the Pittsburg, Inri Wayne and Cblcagc
Railroad, aboul eight mltoa fnun Ptttaburg
,ti BAISE A .lillis REHEARD WSV.
Asbury Park, n. j , Aug. io (Special).- At rin?
Brainard Memorial Cootel nee, beM hers to-day. Dr.
George Maelaskto, ol Princeton, delivered an addi -
on the missionary work ol .loin, l.r'ilnanl, and th,
ni".-,in;.' resolved ?'tl..,: it I- i\p-di-i.t tn raise l
John iiiaii,ani I'limi. ie, be ea pended by tha tiamat
,,! ii," Byaod ,,f New-Jersey." The Rev, Dre, Jobs
Hall, of Now York: C. A. I)lck|o, of Phllad'-lp..l.t. ., !
1). xx. , Lilli uti, of Ohio, wei. i, nui-ttrd tu aid In rail?
ing thia fu_.il
ll . I I 1. I ? ll 1 .'1.11. 1.1 ",,,.-.. . _. ^
Informatlon tint James F. Slade had committed
ulclde in iii*. no-MBM A part ment ITniise, at Fourth
,vo. anil i'.lghtienih-sf., was sent to the nrnney's
iffier, at about noon yesterday. Reporters who went
o tho house were not admltt-d by Janitor Day, and
t was .aid that tho relatives and friends of tho
Bad man wero anxious to heep Hie affair ns quiet
is possible. A ilotccilvo of Hie ?gbtSSBth Prerlnet,
?ould gat no further than Ihe door to Mr. Slade's
finnis un the fourth floor. Ile was told that * .
Badi liad eui Ids thnal xvith a razor and thal Coroner
_evy was to bo permitted to make an Investigation.
Mr. LflVy got to the house late In iho afternoon
ind found Mr. Slade's body on a bed In a largo and
land-otnely furnished front room, tho windows of
rhtch overlooked Klshteenth-st. The body lay on
ho edgfl of the led and was clothed only In a night
birt. There was a ga pl nc wound tindor th* chin,
ho throat having been cut from car to cai- with a
?ar.or whloh lay on tho floor. Mr. Nada was a tall,
ipan mat*, thirty-two years of age, wtth blaek hair
ind mustache With somo dlineulty. Mr. Levy
carne,] a _***_ nf th- ,!*-ad man's history.
Mr. slade was the son of a retired BIBHlhBllt. at.
preieal living In PariS. lie was a gradual" of Har?
lan! collepo an(| _ member of the TH, RegtBtBBt.
Lately hr, had bc*n manager of tho Tiffany Class
'ompany, at Nos. no and 333 Paorth-ave. About a
I ear aga he hired Ihe set of rooms In tho Florence
-Apartment Honsn and went to llvo fhcro with his
foulis* wife. They kept their own servants and had
ihcir bmsIi ta private. Mr. Mads was said to haxe
ta laeOBM Bf gS,000 \iar year, In addition tn his
Mtory M manager of the glaM company. In Jinn*
liss wife beeame a mother, aad toa days aco sho
look her clilld to Raal II.imp,on, L. I. Il was said
to havo been Mr. slade'* intention tn take a vaca?
tion and Join lils wife today. In her absence ho
wa.s steeping In his rooms and attending to lils (mst*
oms a- agni'.
John C. Platt, treMnrer of rhe Tiffany Class Com?
pany, spent Thursday evening With Mr. Slade In the
latter's rooms, ile said Mr. Blade fesmed to bo de?
ed bot did not complain of stekness. It WM
nearly midnight when Mr. Blade went to bed, and
loon afterward Mr. Platt went to sleep in bb adjoin?
ing room. Mr. Platt awoke at n MU a. m. yesterday
and band Mr. slade dead. Mr. Matt said the suicide
was a mystery. Mr. Blade's financial affairs had
not camed him any trouble and he was believed to
be happy In his family relations. A March of the
mums ,i i not result lu tho discovery of any written
Mi. Platt told tho Coroner that no Writing of Mr.
Blade bad ben found and carded away. George
Slade, an older brother "f the dead man. had been
in He r-n'ii- with Mr, Platt In the forenoon and
me away, it wm said, to summon Mrs. Slade
from Raal Hamp,on. The * nronsr found xii-. :-!.i,i-*'s
(-oin walch, a bunch of keys and a wallei conl i
U, a ninnis. He rame lo the Conclusion that
Mr. Made hail committed suicide, hut he was puzzled
IO BeCOOnI for a motive for the deed. Mr. Platt
said lhal lils friend must have been attacked sudden?
ly With tuleldal man!:-. Ile fell tut-.-. h" said, thar
Mr. Slade had :?* cause for self murder. Mr. Levy
gave a permit for Hie removal of iho body ta an
undertaker*i simp.
Philadelphia. ,\ng, pi (fcpectal).--A Philadelphia
director of the Keely Motor Company says: '-Tlie
oin Quarrel between rho philadelphia and Bew-York,
dlroelotl has broU-n out afresh, and ls mon* bitter
than aver. In consequence the three Philadelphia
dire-ton entered a protest against tho four Now Yoi lt
director , and thou retired from Uw board." Tho
.poclflo act BgBlast which their promt ls alm-d B
ihe sui Jud begun In the name nf the company,
requiring Keely to rex-cal his ?ecref. Another prom?
inent stockholder ta'd : "It has lone been asserted
by ItOckhoVtON In this city Hint the New-Yorkers wh')
!?.1,1 roni) liing Interests In the stock of flic company
have only ipeealattVB end" In view. Mr. Keely o\
I>?ct? lo form a new company, with n capita! stock of
112,000,000, of whieh 10,000,000 wonM be given par
feer par for the present stock; the remaining
17,000,000 Ifould be distributee] among friends of Mr.
Keely, who In Hie last Fix year- have advanced more
-jimmu*,i in cash to carry on Mr. Keely's BX
*,ts. If thu scheme is carried nut, thc Jffew
York men trill bc in .?> minority, au l lt ls t>eii"ved tho
animus of the latter proceeding is on this account."
nnni> cnn, yon emu: is btv.xico.
Pit: burg ' lo (Bpsetol).?As a remit of a test
made HiN week, Mexican mino owners and thosn
Interested In manutoeturea In that country need
send bo longer to Durham, England, for coi.e. The
Mexican coal Iai tis s,, far developed lie between
Lampasas, Mex., and Ea *'.*? Pi t, Texaa. several
nail li-c-s were Ulled vvith the coal and brought to the
Connellsvllle coke region. The kegs were placed in
the McClure Company's OVeiM and the rCSUltl wein
satisfactory. Bamptoa wttl bc sent to England fur
tho inspection of capitalists who an Interested ta
Mexican enterprises. It ls thought the eke rsa
be made on the ground for S3 a ton. The English
article bring! 113 Tho tesl wm made for th"
' ,Ulbulla i uk,- , ompany, whose office ls In New-York,
and it is expected tliat they xxiii non build a plant.
Racine, xvis.. .xi'-. 10.- Solomon Richardson, of this
city, bM ju-- .ivi l a letter from Ids wn "fred .''
age nineteen, postmarked at Plymouth, England,
which relates a remarkable experience. last summer
Fred, disappeared frem borne to co to Portland, Ora
While walking nCM the liver In Portland he wu*
seized bom behind and placed OB hoard a vessel,
which Ml ?ail fm- England that night. Ho wm sub?
jected to the most brutal treatmenl and wm nearly
Itarved IB due time Hie vessel arrived at Plymouth,
bal li- was not liberated, and lt was only after wall?
ine for a considerable time that an opportunity offered
;, -if for him to mail .. letter containing the facts.
Mr. Richardson lois placed tbe matte- in Ihe hands of
his attorney! here, who win endeavor tn have the
boy released Immediately,
Philadelphia, Aag IO.?William Simpson, Jr., a
member of the firm of William Simpson .. Sens, com
mlsstofl Btercbanti. nf Ba IBS Chestnut st., thli etty,
was repotted yesterday a? having bera missinc since
Wedneaday, and a vigorous March wm Instituted for
him, which resulted In his being found at Trenton,
N. J., ate! restored to bil tome. The family physician
tat! thal Mr. -simpson'*- mind was a(T,-ct/*d by the
extreme heat on Wednesday, and that while m this
condition he Wandered aimlessly av.av. II- Is verv
weak from loss of reit and foo*l, mt his condition ls
noi serious.
Chambersbarg, Penn., Aag, 10 (Special). A party
al Children sent OBI by Tho Tribune Fresh Air lund
arrived BB a Yalloy train IMI night. Fully 1,000
pi-*!.]? were out to welcome then. Ti"')' won
distributed by Mr. Orr, of -The Talley Spirit"
Parties going to Oreaneastle nnd MercersburB i '- -'?
through sere, rho v. ty no* bo rn and Fonthill portia
went down Mont Alto road yesterday.
?*- -
BaRhnore, Am*. 10. A dispatch trom Coatravflto,
Md. -ays: u Burglsn entered ins re ManM of P. L
Smith, dbm Willoughby, ra Tue lay night, ehtoro
i Mr. aad Mt* Batith and secure.! gioo ls
money. Bl,000 worth <>f eBSgotlsbls paper and a
valUSble walch."
[katoa, Aug to (Special). Tha Count de i
of ITance. who rame tO America to get 070,000,
ul'.-li, tinier the xvii; of lil* vv|fe. xv ho v.:is a o ,,,.?'?
ot .f int,- Davis, of Worcester, is to go to tai
Count sad ni, Infant daughter, appeared again with
rounsel thtt morning before Judgo Knowlton In Bot
mu nie, -r^ve ,i private hearing sad u ls undent.I
,,- ,,f the' rn eat- com, of vt oreester
that th,- inoi,ev b-' aatd i" ibo < "imt ta Prance through
i notaij and not In America
fit. Louis, Aug. 10. -Another large advance has boer
made In Jule bags lu lt l_,uls, mills li.ix lng reeclxc,
lastiaettoas tram toa Ka*t to laenaM their scale n
prices. The mle-, now ai***: Ob 1 1-fl pound bagging
101 1 ee,ii<; per yard : 1"! pound, 11 1 1 OCBtS; _
pound, ll ::? i Moto;; t I-R pound- 131-4 ranta, Oi
this bull ???.<>.,mu) yards ol bagglag have bron sui
lr, IhB Sotithein Xliilh. of Ihls .itv.
Kenm bun].po:t, Mo., Aug. Itt - Tbs culler yuri,
f'ndit, of lloston, fri,ni Portland, wini ashore In th,
Hassan Itlxer In a dense fog la*! night. Hie , ,-v
xvere nv ,d. Tho yacht has been stripped she wa
badly da-naged. There '? aoms hope of getlini
bar off.
il J'-jt-.X.-'V-'.l-.li*, VJ" .IX*.*.. _Ja*e.m.-~.--.
american ARD his partt?
Impressive nnd touching wns tlie rocoption
teeordad ..fr. Blain" yesterday morniag ss lie
Hepped from tlie deck of tba City of New-York
upon that of tho Lsun IC Starin. aad found
liimsolf agnin BuirouBded bf bli own countrymen.
9u0h a demonslriitioii vx'iis never before seep, upon
tho WBten of the BBJ. Crowds, to be sure, of
greeter magnitude, have gathared In honor of
illustrious heroes nnd have Bounded bravos willi
a lustier voice. But the soene on the Starla was
.XCeptional. Its central Bgun WM n 1 a con?
quering warrior, xvhose ams had woo dramatic
victories, nor a highly placed official upon whose
favor any man's fortune depended. He was |ust
simply an ordinary citizen, to vx-hom, of the
many present, hut a hare half-dozen xvere re?
lated, with whom only a part xx-ero personally
soquaiated; a man xxho has neither power nor
station nor any of those belongings xvhieli make
him fin object of ft ir or s dispenser of favor: n
mun who lins nothing lo give that is esteemed
hy thia calculating generation as of practical
value, but. simply a man xvhose solo fortune,
xvhose only source of influence is his groat, active
mind ami his worm, impulsive heart.
Tho spectacle of ?-j.Of.n people, draxx-n from
every ono of nearly forty States extending across
nn entire continent, eruising for three days about
the entrance io n harbor waiting fm- iii** home?
coming of smh g ni:m. and for no other purpon
than to bid him ? WSlCOBM back," and for no
ntlier reward than a grasp of hil hand and s
smile of thanks,-?this is a spectacle as solitary us
ii is beautiful It Illustrates a saviag tendency
in the popular disposition, a tendency whieh no
amount of sneering st hero-worship can npr ss,
to appreciate real and disinterested patriotism,
to honor distinguished achievement in the public
interest, and to return affection unstinted and
over ardent for that faith in th-' people and that
enthusiasm for the people which an so nncon
Miously characteristic of Mr. Blaine.
It* was a delightful day for ihe exhibition of
patriotic sentiment on the xx-.,tor, where Beith, t
heat nor dust, snnoyed and when the whole i
atmosphere was light and buoyant xvith that *
strange inspiration, the Blaine magnetism The
sun xvas just bright enough to make the day dis?
tinctly cheery, the clou-Is just thick enough to
save it from being oppressively hot, the wind
just strong enough to bring in from lin* ocean
successive draughts of refreshing salt, odors, nnd
the water just active enough to give the boat B
moiion. Then were -conditions that brought
every one's best feelings t*> the surface, aud th" ?
party, sure now that tho object of its long watch
xxas Just beyond tho loxv, dull, mist-sliro:i'l>'l
Hook. whOM faint outlines could be seen from
tbs Narrows, xvas brim-full of good humor when,
before tho sun had risen much higher than Liberty s
torch, it, started toward th.- ma Ihis feeling
of good humor wns general, irresistible, intense.
No ono could escape it. No ono could have desired
to escape it. It xvas felt in every handshake.
It vaia hennl in every laugh. It xvas seen in
every oyo.
'Ihe* party on the St.-irin xv.is much larger than
that which had gone down on the Sloan, either
on Wednesday or Thursday. There was no waste
room ni th*- eal,in ?r mi deck. It wns a distin?
guished company, and .xet, then wen few promi?
nent politicians there. It xvas in no sense a poli?
ticians' enterprise. Tho Republican Club waa
thickly represented, but many of these present
came from other Stales. Several California men
xvere then, eager to tel] Mr. Blaine that they
would carry the Stato anyhow, but by Ins .
majority of 30,000 if he would come out and
lu-ip. The Chicago Blaine Club made the bay
resound xvith their xxild erv, * Bl hi Al l! N ! El 1
Blaine:: 'Huh, 'rah 'rah: 'Bah, 'rah, 'rah: Sh-e
cawr-go!" This tuneful lay could be heard three
miles away. It never failed to provo'.;,- rcspon
Bive cheers.
..'alkor Blaine, Emmons Blaine and Mr. nnd
Mrs. Jam*, s (i. Blaine, jr., represented the states?
man's family. Several of his friends, including
Congressman Phelps and Mr. Elkins, were early
in tie cabin. General Harrison's partner, Mr.
Miller, iti-tod as the immediate representative of
tho candidate. Colonel Dudley appeared in be?
half of tho National Committee, and Murat Hal?
stead and Charlea Emory Smith xvere among the
editors present. Mr. Blaine's welcome was in?
tended more ;is a personal tribute than as a politi?
cal movement, though it was not without difficulty
tin,t the Committee in charge of lt managed to
k,*,*p its character thus simple. Thc fact that
it was ro kept ' \p!.iiiis why so (ew of those per?
sons known particularly as politicians were arnon]
tho party.
Tin- City of New-York had spent the night out?
side thc har, and oven when morning dawned, she
waited for a high tide upon which t*, C mc in.
Th,- early morning scene In thc bay as thc Starin
wont down to Quarantine to get Health Ofllccr
Smiih. xxiii**.,* consenting presence xxas Qccrasury
before tin* steamer could bc boarded Bnd its dis?
tinguished pass,?lurer taken off, xvas ns lovel] BS
green banks aud bright skies and blue watcn
oonld make it. At tho white ehaxe beyond the
Narrows hundreds of tpy-glasses tren levelled in
the ellon to make out* tlie big ship thal all so
longed !? *,.... AH ri,,, [fttle specks along th-,
horizon were viewed carefully, oven the indiffer?
ent cat-boat receiving some attention until its
identity xxas lived. But not until the Starin
was xvii down into the Lower B
did any one descry the tiir***- smokcsl
by wnieh the City ot New-York
? is to be recognized. Bul at
lust they xx-ero really made out*, and then, in _??
ipoUM to a sere ,,f rep'1:,ted calls, '* Then she js ["
a mighty shout xv'nt up like the discharge ni such
,i buttery as frowned down upon lin- water from
Port Wadsworth, Again and again it broke ui><? n
>the air. each tin:" louder than before. H.its, Saga
and bandit (rehiefs were waved furiously and cheer
after '-beer xvere given tor the " Man from Maine "
n starin did ii"t .." furthei down wh>.n the
City of New-York was lighted. Sh,- turned aboul
md stopped ,'!. the Quarantine pier. The big
iteumes became huger nnd tuon huge, inn il its
immeUM black hull, rising above the \x:.:,io in
colossal proportions, caine to anchor inst beyond
when the Siana was r. -ung. Uer decks inn
crowded, sad Bl first ao one could clearly decide
winch ?f th.- many figures bustling about xvas Mr.
Blaine's. All tin* passengers seemed lo h..
as interested ns tho welcoming party.
They cheered away for dear life and Buttered
tlnir cambric, linen and silk vxith gnat en?
thusiasm. Upon tin- Quarter deck stood a crowd
of young men shouting over the waters tit.it old
tiine cry, " Binnie: Blum*-: James O, Blaine I" A
tho Starin eloeed itt xvitli the steamer and Mr.
Blaine, surrounded by the ladies af his family,
Mrs. Blaine, Min Dodge Md ih>* Mis-,,**, Blaine,
came over lo tbe rall la every oae'a tull view, thc
natos "f greeting was teamendooa. Mr. Blaine re?
moved ins hal and bowed and smiled, but, Hm
hubbub wont merrily on. Every eoneeiviiblo
variety of sound contributed to tho general noise.
id afar, shrieked it wild welcome home, t.rownfl
people lined the shores on cither side, of tho
MflB-B and xxavd handkerchiefs and flags, and
lOUted frantically.
On board the Starin tho uproar wns unbounded.
for a second jt seimed to die axvay, somo throat
ore o'i|,able than th,- rest, would sound forth an
xiik'iiiiig cry, and then tho thunder wouid break
ll again. It was curious tu watch tho sons of
r. Blaine. Hero xxas their father com
Ig homo after fifteen months of
I i rat ion, nnd nil about Hiern wore
i nd rods of mon, soon to be swelled to thousands,
ying with them in bidding tho traveller vrelcome.
did seem ii trifle unfair to tho Blaine boys,
nugh th'-y appear to have accepted tho situation
ng ago of having a father who belongs moro
i the |H'?p|e ihan to them.
In tho midst of the din a plank was thrown
toss t>ho decks ol' tho two vessels, and the Health
dicer crossed Then followed William Walter
helps, Waiker Blain', fha irma*, roo! nnd Presi
i-nt Bait leif, and UM y all hurried to greet
lr. Blain*-. He and his family had for a
oment retired, but presently they reappeared
ii-,* io tho plank. Another great wave of cheers
(undated tho ships as Mr. Blame stopped u[>on
)'? plank and Started to cross, In a moment.
ion- be Stood, his faeo all gloxving with pride
ml .ratification, BB tho dook of tho Starin, under
:,- folds of til" Stills and Strip'**, while a con
ulsion of sound burst from tho eroxvds on both
hips. Mr. Blaine's lins Quivered The smile
Imost faded from his face, and, if over .1 strong
ian fultond in his strength, it xvas tho Republican
sder -'it that moment of rejoicing. Closely be
ind him came Mra Blaine. Miss Dodge and the
ilsaefl Blaine, and xvhen all had returned to tho
t;,lin she dropped astern of tin- Inman monster
Dd Iht pisseng rs had their idol all to themselves.
Mr. Blaine looked in perfect health. His eyea
.-ero clear and as bright M diamonds. His largely
raiii'd figure stood easily erect and he walked
? ith all the sprightliness of ton years a.o. " What's
lu- matter with James G. Blaine?" cried one of
lios" useful lelloivs xxho have voices liko fog
torn* lie had evidently boca looking for some
raee of B jaundiced lix cr, or an unsteady heart.
'or a single instant the erowd was still and all
vs wen Axed npon Mr. Blaine's ruddy face,
.nd then, in complete unison, tv thousand voices
alkd bimlc, "D-ohoh, Ho's all right:**
It xvas so apropos, so spontaneous an answer to
ho question that everybody had on his tongue's
ml as lo the teal stilt,- ol' Mr. Blaine's health
hat everybody roared arith laughter. Tho people
rho have beea telling lt Of las. M evidently pro
osterous, about him xx-ill require no further
lis-.v.r. As soon as possible, xvhieh wasn't s,_
ooo as it might have been, Mr. Blaine xxas taken
o the aft cabin, and the speech-making t>ogan.
lr. Bartlett's Sddren xvas areli delivered nnd
I iii good taste. His reference to Harrison
nd Morton provoked B loag-COntiaaed round of
pplause, only equalled by that brought out by
iis allusion io th*- affeetion of tho ex-ory-day folk,
he whole country over, for Mr. Blaine. There
viis not too much of Mr. Bartlett's speech, and
i was entirely successful in conveying to tho
bib's guest tho true spirit of tho occasion. Mr.
ihiin's was evidently mn-t profoundly stirr* d. His
roioe xvas not frc from huskiness as ho told his
'.auks and bsbui*<i tin frlenda about him of his
ipprooiation of their good xviii. When ho bogan to
alk about tho political situation, ho fired up and
threw out, magnetism Bl a great rate. Every one
>f his clear, eOBObe nnd cl"nnly-eiit sentences told
*n his hearers, and when be summed up tho case
ii tho remark that the issue x-out. " Shall tbe price
,ef lalor bo reduced to the Europeea level ?"? and
he appeal on tlie issue was to tho laborer himself,
he ship rooked erith applause. Another remark
hat Blade everybody cheer was his statement that
non li** Imped to speak on thc QB stn.n xvith greater
'labontion, "May I be there to li. ar*1 was evi
lentiy tho unanimous wish.
In the reception that followed the speeoh-mak
ng Mr. Blaine shook hands xvith everybody ia
hut charmingly oordial way "f his, recognizing
it once all he lind ever MSB before, and talking
cheerily a moment as he grasped each i*ro!fere<l
land. In the meantime the Starla had roached
iii" pier, where Police Commissioner Mot'lave xvas
iraiting willi a earraiga. Mr. Blaine was again
taken away from ins. family, and xvith Messrs.
Bartlett sad Pool ho took his seat in the coach.
His progress, however, through such a crowd as
bad collected on the pier xvas slow. Tho people
were nut t.i l*e cheated out of their chance to seo
him, -and they thronged thickly on all 6idos. A
procession was formed, and xvith it* in front of him
he xxas conveyed to his hotel. Ali along the
route tho crowds collected snd bade him welcome
h..me. j h" windows of every hoon xvere croxx*,lod.
Laborers along the street, cartasea, carpenters,
plasterers, even the filers who xvero cleaning the
-treets, cheered him affectionately, and when he
arrived at the hotel a erowd had gathered that
blocked the wide thoroughfares, all Ballasted xxith
the spirit of welcome. It xxas a triumphal home
coming, an exhibition of popular love that xvaa
extraordinary, ImpressUs, profound.
While Mr. Plain" xxas brought to tho city on tha
Laura H. Karla be wm nally m,-t by a fleet ststaaSB*
boats, uil-s. yacht.s and .ilniosf exerv other hind o|
sailing cruft. There xv.ie at least m score of them
around tin* City Bf New York xxli.ii sh- lmlte.1 to frani
ler h-r distinguished BBMeagM, and an many more
j*,ind in toltowlBg lbs Marlu up the bay. Nnno
of these boats, except tbs LbUM l'ulvor, which carried
the t hlcago iie a. had braa hired t,> tu,. Reception
i ommlttee, er bj i presenting it. r-nme ot
them were chartered by enthusiastic party men who
could aol sm on the t ossmlttoe'i boat, bul most of
the elect eontlstod of boats tha! had BB their regular
xx mk or ptoMMB trii>s ',, SMlSt la t!ie> vole.une.
Tie- si-tin to, h the place <*f tbe Baa sloan, which hs<!
carried the awmberi -,( the *. lu,, aad their frieneis
during He ? two preceding divs. BM is losBOWhel smailes
than the Menin, and If si tailed st tb,** early
boar sic* il.ei, it is doubtful if sit-* would have been
able to carry all who traated to go aa i-oai-***.. Aboul
?j,?i people came to the pier after sho had gone. Sho
iwung '"it a little before 7, just m a. u. whitney
.-uni ;i Dumber of ather belated san ramo hurrying
down the pier.
BOMB Of Tin isl*. OR TOR si xr.i.v
ri .ie were about 500 bb board, including several
wi.,, bad !?ot ti-. t*. on ti,,- watch belora, tosphsa ii.
i ger, Mr. ll! il:!-'-, son-lti'
l.-ixv, WON txvo of IhOM, Mr. RlUaS had boen et,-.
(Bined in We \ i Mrs. ii.tiger, Mrs. Janos ,;.
Blaine, Jr., ? iud tbs BthM ladies arba
waited and watched .ni the previous ,|it vv,it> among
til.- earl ., xi,,st of ___ BTasteca men went
xvii ti ihe Chicago BaBtgattra aa iho Pu iver, but a
Dumber took the lean* boat. iienj.min K. Ward,
who iHine fiom i.'.llfornla to greet Mr. lilalne; e...
CoogreflSBSaa loaborB. of Michigan; Vr A. S. Cray
:i"d Jadge M. W. Maliiltis, of Illinois: I'olnnel Taylor,
of CWeago; xiiii-.it Halstead, of Ohio, snd Colonel
scott, of Kansas, wei-e among tli" VS'ettern mou on
tarin iii" -Balbara uiMtugaat esapitoii ttty*
rc.ciitatlvrs from I. t'.f a I *?' M Slates, licsldcs tho
crow,i Rom MsiytoaA Bruff Raw ingiand stato
,*,, on loan:. In 1.Ut, a- ATM s!,,ittu wh'-n :. >
erowd wm presented to Mr. BlalM, then wss searaaly
a state or Tciii'Mv lu Hie Datoa thai did not havo
miiii'v one on daliel io extend a -greeting In Ifs behalf.
Mu MhiIii i?iH'.-.*.l.?l at BOM '" tba Health OfBattt**
Vhr. Di' sinlili and h.s two iloi,utle? were xvslflng
un the pier. " 1 'here ls the illy of New-Yorh.*
tome ono .houtcd. Tho Health ufllcer replied thM

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