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* |0| l*-l."VI H-fll TO tM.l'R.ltt:,!. ,
Saratoga. Aug 27?A flood of delegates to the
ft? -Miran Slat* Convention poured Into Sara
togs to-day. The railroad trains were quadrupled
In sire, and ret when tbe railway cars rolled into
Saratoga they were filled with the delegates and
xhe platforms wore Mack with them. Hundred*
nf Republicans not delegates arrived to BltBlB
the proceedings of the convention. Apparently lt
will be one of the best at tended conventions of the
party ever held in the State. Whnt was especially
noticeable about the gai hering WM the good humor
of every B'TiiMiean and his confidence that th*
Stat* and Nritional Republican ticket will sv?er>
lue Stat*. Great, enthusiasm was manifested
whenever the names of Harrison and Morton were
mentioned There was a general testimony that
the Republican pnrtv hid not been so united in
the State since the davs of the Lincoln campaign
in 1860. Party dissension, the cause largely of
t-arty defeat in recent years, it wns reported had
disappeared. Party harmon:., so essential to (suc?
cess In tie State, wa* revealed hy the fi. ct that
>hcre was only one contest inz delegation before
"he conv.n'icn?tImt from Aibanv County. The
large attendance of the party's leader* also showed
the keen inter* *t taken by all Republicans in the
|B(8IBl campaign A large proportion of the Re?
publican nv-nibc? of the LrgMaturo were present
tither as delegates or spectators.
Karly In th*? day Senator Ili.eoek arrived from
W*88hlngtoa and ex Senator Thomas C. Platt from
N-w-Y?!; A little later Senator W. II Robert?
son and ex-S;-r*ak"r James W Unsted arrived from
<h-lr homes in Westchester County. The trains
from '.Yest^m New-York brought Norman M. Al
len, of Dayton, with a crowd of Republicans of
that portion of the State who favor his nomination
tor Lieutenant-Governor. A train from the - South?
ern Tier" of counties had among ita passengers
F. F Parkhurst, of Bath, who ct-me io Saratoga
to manage the canvass of Judge William Rumsey,
of the Supreme Court, who desires the nomination
for Judge of the Court of Appeals. From Buffalo
there cam" Harvey J. Hurd. William B. Sirrett
and William J Morgan, who In company with
0 G Warren, of " The Buffalo Commercial." and ;
ex-Senator P ll. Ifotflttaa, began making a lively
canvass to nominate Congressman John B. We ncr
tor Li* utcnant-Govemor.
All the d.leffatc- soon found thnt Congre.sa Hall
aral the _*_o?_e of the conferences regarding NB*
didatea ami thl part? platform. Here ex-Senator
Warner Miller, thc coning nominee for Governor.
Senator Ilise* .ck. ex-Senator Platt, and all the
candidates tor Lieutenant-Governor, had head?
quarters. The room of ex-Senator Miller was
crowded all day with auecvssive delegations of j
members of tli-'eonventlon who had BOOM to assure i
h'm of th* ir support for the Governorship. Ho I
received all his visitors with a hearty gra?> of
the hand and thanked them earnestly f?r theil :
proifcrs of support* No opponent of Mr. Hiller *
waa BB8fas__d by nny one, and it became obvious
before the end of the day that he would be norn- |
ii.iit.-il by aclamation. Early in the evening Mr.
M.Iur left his room, and democratically received
Ms visitors in the main offloe of Congress Hall.
.Vliiie he was thus chatting with a orowd of
- Meads, Colene! Frederick D. Grant arrived
' the hotel from Lake George, when* he is pass?
ing thc sumn* r. Colonel Grant walked up to
IX-SrastOf Mil cr and said:
'* I have con-" to do what I can to help you."
Mr. Miller giaaped Colonel Grant's hand and
said: " Thank vu. I shall need your help after
my noni mut uni"
Colonel Grant replied: "Ton shall have li
1 wis clad to ?a*l to-day whah you said yesterday
in favor of our adopting a Hijjh Licence plank
V* i arill hav*' the tetniH-rance sentiment of the
State lappar*lag you on that plank."
Senator Millar answered. u Yes I am confi?
dant that all temperance m*-n will support thi Ba*
pobUeaa party, if wi toke thal Btand. I think
cne-half the Prohibitionists will do so. I have
beea highly gratified la-day hy the cordial support
f.f ? High License plank that comes from all part.*)
cf ih. Slate. The only opposition made to it
cim*". fr.m Buffalo and Rochester delegates, and
they will not bc able to defeat High Lc nw in the
'.'* miaittOl on Resolutions, astin- sentiment' cf tho
ni* m'cn of that committee will be ovcrwbe'.ns
?:"_?;. in its favor. What is most aurp-ising is
thal a hr?*- proportion of the New-York delegates
lav.r a Hi.h License pl;.uk. But th y are thal
'.li" ! ?:or d. ale < are going to snr.port Da. id B. ll II
Li- i. ran I .- and tint the only courts'- for the Re
u iiarty to take is to seek the support of the
t roten cf tho State. I do not believe the
Bf thil Stat-' will elect a mnn as Governor
wiio will i?. _pohsn af by every liquor dealer in
this wiiy: 'Il i.s our man.' "
Tha ?i s i:-sion of the IIi;_h License plash 0*188"
?*] M-d th talk about the caadldataa so oora
p.*i ?!.,* that om- might hiive thought that the Bo?
an di. Mea had come to Saratoga solely to
discuss the party's principles and not abo to make
ooii;ii:;:i n- fat the S ate bAcbB Many of thc
iles tuought* tho innovation a good on**. Or
diaatUy nil tho tal., among rh. m is about, eandi
dati.s and the party platform is neglected or is re
? I at i'i ladifferanea*.
'* Jt is imp-ituni," said Colonel Grant to a
*' t;...' ira aboold have a, State issue, and
this .n of Iii .-ti License seems an BZoelleat one
I hope h a ii h. Blade.11
hit iiiMiocv v.as of the srme opinion and
Bald: -We eaatiot aiTi.rd to dodge tins ih-h
License isaue and are hate no inclioatioB to do so
Wherever hal tall ara do*iged it io any Aaactably
pruitt, we lost votes by doing ao
A\p- .Bast have a straight-out, unmis
takable declaration for High License, and I bib
la favor also of Indoraing thc action of the
Repuhl -ari Legialature ia po ring the ll .li License
till. '.\ hil ii ?a> \*t j'-'l bv i;,,v mor Hui."
i;.\S"ii" tor Thot_u_i C. Plait was equally posi?
tive I!" said: "We shall make High License
a St" te iaaaa. V?e could not ullord to quibble
er vacillate apoa the gu stion. Many ol the
tim-, mme I>; ullicans "ho have beea voting the
?i iick(tl lor several years ppatl have
? lri-ady ictamed to iii" R'-pu!>li..tn party in con
t-iiuenct- of tlie paaaaga of a High License b ii
by the I^*publican I--gi-latun-. If wo ahould
adopt a Migii Licrnae plank I should look to
o.r "-tring uni'-ih.ni of lhe present Prokibition
Many of the leader** of lhe Republican party In
Kew-Yvrh City laver adopt ng a High Lioeuae
lilniA.. l'oioe Justice Solon H. Smith sold:
David il. Hill i> go nt-* lo m.ilii' a ru a eaovaaa
?There is ac alternative bal f**r us to make a
IriBpeiawe one The delegates from oar t'on
gr. s ii n..i dlatriet latead lo pul (.roaal ll Uroaby
t.poti Hie (On,ruitiee on liesoluUions as proof of
eur B-BCerity ;n the n.attcr."
As raibij man l-.r.'i* si H. ("rosiiy, of the XX lat
Assenti?,,? I'.Mii't of N<w-York. said: "1 ara
dcligl.teil that (he Bepublieoa party is going to
l-h\ <- a High Lie-iis" | leak. I did dinv BP cl.c,
b-.it I nliall not present it, arid any High Qoeaoa
plank tii.t a uumisUikable io ita fenns wlil have
n.;,' inivort."
Clara-M W. UtmASt, of Ni-w-.ork. eaM : 'Wa
fnigt t as well make up eur ai I mu that every
itiuor-dealer in the State v.ill vote for David li.
Hill. Thil talk thal if PPt treat the l.nuor t_ui_
t* tai erly, wt may g*'t the aappari for Mr.
Miller *.! mum- I -jioi-dcaiirs la BoaaeDM. I am
In (ave* "it a il -'* Lieeaar phtnfc. ami sreking tin
B ppori foi ., o." the te8npera__si bbb ti tba stat..*1
Yet tin rc was some opj-osition. Jacob Hess, of
Kew-York, the Subway Commissioner, who o-..ns
a brew.ry at Dob!)* Ferry, -nd that tin udoptioii
aa a High License plank would alienate thousands
?f German lu ?publicans and lead them to vote the
fca-noera-lc ticket
*-ha Lrle Cpuif* *a_egau_t appointed a eom
'tire, consisting of (). 0. Warrell, Charles W, Orr.
ounty Clerk of Eris County; George Clinton,
X-Senatcr ll. H. McMillan, j. J. Miller. James
iw.il and M Makouslu, to appear before thc
ommittte on Resolutions nnd oppose a High 1.
ense plank. One elite' ol ihis action was to
ssi-n tiie chances of John H. Weber, the Brie
oumy candidi-.t for Lit utcnanMlo' ernor. Thl
rochester delegates aUo thought abom ai.ooiniing
? aim iur eonuaittee t. oppose High Liocn?c.
.'eo.kc W. AldridfC, of Rochesu-r. asked ( x-SeiiaU*r
thomas L". Platt his opinion ol th*- wisdom of thc
'oehester delegates tuk.ng such a step,
** Well,' said Mr. l'liu,. ** il you I C..chester fcl
lowa uaut to knife Cornell tu H. Parenna, your
candidate for Lieutenant ("lox ernor, I should u?l
. isc you to appoint thal oomtulttae.
The Ricbi'Ster men took the hint and did not
"Ppoint the committee. However, ex-Senator D.
H. McMillan, ol Buffalo, busied himself in opih>s
ing thc High Licenw plank, nnd Mr. Weber's
chances of being nominated for Lieutenant Gov?
ernor laded ns fast as McMillan made his ariru
iiient. Mr. McMillan ai-ucl ihat the temper
ance plank of a year ago should be ndopled, but
he wus told by about every delegate ihat he met
Ihat th:s wns not strong enough on the subject of
High Lie.msc.
'Ihe talk of the delegates showed that tlie Com
rnlttee on Resolutions of the Convention
bv a largo majority would favor a High-License
Thero wns another significant lneldent at 10
o'clock. The Republican State Commttce met at,
Congress Hall and selected (ieneral Benjamin F.
Tracy, of Brooklyn, for temporary chairman of the
convention. After the adjournment of the co.u
mittee Jacob Hess and Bernard Biglin, of Baw*
York, tried to persuade General Tra*, to avoid .ill
allusion to Hii,h License in the speech he will
tiittke to-morrow upon taking the chair. General
i rn'y declined to take their advice, and after
wan said to a TuiBt. NF, correspondent:
" It would be weakness to retrace onr st*.pe
now on this High-License question. Wc are com
laitted to the jrlneiple by the platform of ine
lust Republican State Convention, and by the
act of the la-t Rcptihhmn I-zislMure in lessing
* High-License -?ill applying to the whole State
No: wc should come out boldly and firmly for
BAMBA mintto-fti rot liffttn-i's'T -BOWtsroB
There were many men named for the nomination
for Lieut* nant-Governor during the day. There
were present In Saratoga as candidates for the
position, ex-Con?-es*-oan Edwin Einstein, of New
York: Congressman John B. Weber, of Buffalo;
Cornelius K. larsons, Mayor of Rochester; ex-Sen?
ator Edmund L. Pitts and cx-Senat ir Norman NL
Allen, of Dayton. Besides there wen- in ntloncd
foi the position Senator Henry ll Low, of Middle?
town; Colonel ll A. McAlpin. ot New-York: ex
Mayer Schroeder, of Brooklyn; Corn* hus N. Bliss,
of "New-York; Lisiienard Stewart, of New-Yorlc,
and Colonel S. V. ll t'ruger, of New-, ork.
It waa s?on lenrned trom ex-Senator Platt that
ex-Mavor Schroeder, ?*f lirooklyn, was not a ea_td_?
date for tho nomination, 'lhe BaUM of Cornelius
V Bl.ss was eanvaaaed for some tun'., but a
telegram was received from him early in the
evening, positively declining th? nominn
Con. A jorti* n of the New-Yok de te?
gul ion pressed during the day the nomination
of ex-Congrc-* ma:i Einstein and another portion t f
Hu delt-gai ion that of Colonel E. A. McAlpin
This evening thc nomination of Coionel S. V R,
* ru |,-. ..*'>, paint of th*- Mew-York dele
cation and iiy delegatea froim othe- roan*! s of t1'*'
Ri te. Cclooe] brager w.,s in doubt wi,ether his
busine*s connectiooa would permit him to become*
a candida'- and nt a late hour he was engaged in
t ri -mi:-liing to Ne.v-Yrk to f iends of hs theta,
in or ier to obtain gui lance for hil de* 1-ioa T <>
ward midnight he wa* looming ap rapidly ns fie
e ndidatc for Lieu enant-Covcmor lt was th<*
gtn ni 'pinion amotii-' tha d" le ga tea f'om th*
farming district* of th** State thal it would be b st
?'? i. 'riiii e si rn New York tn n for L en tr ea r.r -
r.ov rn r. and this qp'nicm prevented tl e*. n lacy
ot Mnatra. V." b r tVuaona, Alk-n anl Low from
gaining arv sir. ? .
The pkiiform, In addition to the lilith License
plank will contain a plank denouncing Guvemor
Hiil for vetoing As-cmblyman Saxton'a R-form
Bullot hill a plank approving of the nomination
of Harrison and Morton, a plank denouncing Presi?
dent Cleveland for his cours** in the Fisheries
question, a plank supporting earnestly the Ameri
prol elive tarifl Bad a plank In regard to the
StaU- canals.
The Saratoga delegat.? ask the election of Gen?
eral G?org" 8. Bateheller, of Siim'oga. as ptTTBt
nent chairman of the Convention as a oomph-Bent
lo the plaee. It looks as if the request would be
(.ranted. General Batch lier for many
years was a Judge of tho Court of
International Arbitration In Fzrpt. He will make
an exc-lli'Tit chairman if chosen to the position.
The cont.-st for tho n.initiation lor Judd of thc
Court of Appeals seems to rest between Judge
William Burney, of Bath, and Jttdga Charles
Danit ls, of Buffalo. The delegates of Buffalo are
beginning to say that possibly J ;dgc Daniels would
accept the m initiation.
Tin: torn ELF.CTOTV* at-t. .r.r.r
Chauneiy M. Depew still heads lhe Hst of tboss
named for candidates for Presidential clectors-at
large There sire four of iii?- electors, to he nomi?
nated. Ti.e men now named for tb. position sre
Chaunoey M. Depew, Thomas Cornell, of Kingston ;
Henry W. Sage, of Ithaca; and G?neral William
ll. Seward, of Auburn.
COLONEL CRUGErt'S rLOrniSTtIN'** noovi.
Colonel S. V. R. Croser was growing so rapidly
as a candidate for Lieutenant-Governor n*-ar mid
aigbt thal there was a general Inqutry umong the
delegates of the interior of the State about his
h'story. They were told that Colonel Cruger liad
been chairman of th" New York County Committee
fl r two years. He was Ifirmir'y treasurer of the
committee, aad baa alwaya been an active party
nan. Several thnea he hu* bein urged to run
for ofFee. !>at never would cot n nt to do
so. His friends m;'.de a s-k-i.-iI effort t"
?et him to run against Mr Hewitt* for Maror two
rears ago*, bul the -ami' conaid ration thai eausei
bim now to hesitate about accepting sec,.ml place
on Hie State ticket 1* d bim to decline the Mayoralty
nomination, Thia waa bia extensive businei
!? ris-rs. The Colonel is etntroller of ihe Trinity
Corporation, a position that requires a croat deal
of time ami eloae attention In addi! on t . tins.
be h-s the ma nerrin .nt of :* lar':- mn' ont of prop?
erty belonging to bis family sud numerous estates,
lt. is, therefore, no particular aversion to pnb.
lie offloe or unwillingness to serve Ins party thal
makes him hold baek: it is surety a QB I
whether be eau gel time lo attend ?o the d
ot 1 Iii- position lc which he might be railed.
1h"rt> is no question Blboul the (".,lo*vi's ponu
le.n v. II" i- welMiked h? all ehtsaes anl hil
.t^miiiiiz thronghout the State la shown bv the
willingness of .the .upporters of o*hrt candidates
to anita upon him, in eas- he should accept the
Some of th" /Hecate* fr<*m Western New-.ork
were stirring aboul to-night Becking to have
?h.- High T,'c?.s.. plank of lart year adopted.
Ex-Senator Miller, when Informed of this action,
aald: "Their effort will amount to nothing,
The plank of last year is an ursati'-i.ic'o-v ni
and f* will nol I ' aoeeptable in mv opinion to
thc drletr-te. to ?lis coivnl'i**! T"Vr I'\'? an
outspoken declaration 'n favor of High TJeenao
iind will he BBtisflod, I am sure with no other.*1
Niaih ali of hm delegatea ta Ihs Bopublleaa K'ate
Convention a' Saiatoca ar,<\ other prominent Bcpub*
Hear.* staHa4 vesiorday man ti.e Ciaiid OBUlral or
West Shore glattoa. A few wet.' up on the night
boati Piaaalasni aaaong t'l'i-c who leH IM etty ns
Police CoBimhaloBM ItoplMi p.. FYanoh, i !,1
??'"ii Reaaaelaer Craasr. AHeaibi\ men Fob'rt tap
Bani Bt oa anl Bra esl il Creels Edwin BnstelB,
Polite Jijwti.es taloa B, laBlk snd Jaeah M. Fa'tei
son. ex Beaaior FredeHcl s. (;iiti??-. flareneo M
Mesde. Jobi W. Jaeobua, AiilcrrrBii J (J Mr.Miir-i.
I'.etie?,) Hem*/ O. Rarnaflt, Po'eii c, MM ard, t*her1
dan -liiinW. Iivilgiit IBBBBBIB pa* Joht, blmpson
Among the BiaoB_|B del-psi-B mr* General H
ff. Tracy, M. 1. D_/l\ ?r<j ?iber- episllj well known
There was no tllvl 'on of opinion saning tbe dole
gaie. as lo thc nominal inn for Ci vernor. All
favored Warn'T Miller TbSSS *-i* a ?|U.et toom on
tlio part of tho SYlngalei fnmi the- XHh and .WlUi
Mat ri eta lae Babari Bag iiamiitDn aa toe candida'o
for I.!'urcnunt-i.(.vernor. If Colane. VoA-fM tt
cline, to BfiaW Bil BBB lo l? Btcd a? r? ca."1i*la'". B
is more than probabll list thl <"' r>: Nen "iori. i!?-|e
patio:i n.a> BMta on An-_-nit.lt *,i?i ll_nulun
Alleirnan Jame, A. rowle and om ur tun oilier
belated delegate, will po Dds Bftcinoon. Mr. (''.vile
will M-malii lo attend today* mc-tinr; nf _he boaid
ot Adernicn.
? -? m
C'ebora, Aug 27 (Special!.?Tbe George Cam "?U
Assoc lat io a la a apaolal trala aod w'tA a bead of
itiuile will ?t*rt In the morning ft..- Psratogs The i
members will visit the Miller head inaner* wliere a
cn-iiide will be toud.rvd to ex-seuator Warner
nvari.t SIO.OOO uo ty.
William F. Clark, a joting fore?- who bas swindled
business Brats In this city our of nearly f 10,000 with
In a few months, was a prisoner at Police Head?
quarters over Sunday. Ills method of awlndllng waa
not new. but he was so clever In his operations
that the polleo look upon bim as a dannie.on*
ragas He made ready for his work by depositing
4*10 In the Fifth Avenue Dank an.l getting a ocr
tined check and a cheek book. Than he forced the
bank'* certlflcallon on many worthless checks. He
also forged litton of Introduction to various firms,
pretended tn bc In tbe trade and talked of making
extensive pnrcha.es.
Having pained the confldeneo of a firm he would
select good* worth a email sum and otter to pay for
(hem with one of hi* worthless check*. As a rule
his check? wero accepted promptly on account of
the torgad certification, and he tecelved balances in
cash or In checks which ho oould have ce. bed with?
out trouble. His practice was to offer a chi*ck which
wan for a few hundred dollars more than the amount
of his pretended purchase, and he made no attempt
afterward to get the goods which he had s*'|cr:.-il.
| Tho losa of each Aita, ih-i-efore, was the money
whie.h they paid to him. He parsed under a num?
ber of assuni" 1 natnen to pre von I the polleo from
getting on hi* trvk. lie.emly be spent a few weeks
I at Newport, calling himself Lieutenant Colt, of
j Ihe 2_d Regiment, and trending some of tis III
gattea money lavishly. He also went to the oflice
' of the French Line of steamers and said ho Wlabsd
I to bay passage Bellata for himself and wife to Pail*.
As usual he afforsd uno of his bogus cheeks, and he
lOeSlVSd ?-??2 In chang' Among ths firms In this
i city who were swindled by him, the police yester
| day mertloned the following, with the gums paid to
I him by Bach:
Mitchell, Yance A Co., Ko. 83a Brosdway. 84-0;
Bah-.. 6tn!!h A Co., heaters. No. 77 \Vo?i lIOBBlaa
j st., 8-1-0; Dupanjuet A lluot, ranges, Ha M Woostor
*t., S.O-i; Sayer A Co., engines. No. 37 Dey-st., I
\ ?slfl9-0; Moslcr, Bowen A Co., tates, No. 7(1* \
i Broadway, 8*1. 0; T. W. Morris A Co., glass. No. 442 j
; ( anal-st., 81H0; Fnexcelled Fireworks v'ompany, No.
ll I'ark place, 8b.3: J. Slmmoni. pipe*. No. 110 ,
tenir-*t., t?_2; Abbott, Den_;.ng A Co., wagons, Na |
142 Prince-st., Slr"*}; and Millar A Coleman, of Lrand- I
St., 82-0 .0.
Complalr.ts from the firms snd trom the bank wero j
received at Police Headquarter*, and Chief Inspector i
Byrnes s">t h\K dctccthe-sergeants to work sea* --Iii ng
for tiie iwindlor and forper. Tltns and .Mc.'arthy ;
learned that (lark's father lived In West Forty
?venth-st. and they kept a watrb on his house on
-afurday tho father rc lived a message and went to
meet his sou In Fifty-eighth-st. Il ir. gctectlvas fol?
lowed bini and arrested the yoting mari. In t lark'a
pocket wm a raid whirl, ihowed that he had been
staying at tlie Preseotl lions'. HI* valise wm found
at thc bmol. in lt were a nu:r,tri of thc N 'tis
clwc-? ai i'l a ?iam;t a Mah tho ra-'-sl had uso! In
forging the bank's certification, 'lark _?:_', hat! a
detective's bodge arri claimed to (.ave ero ploy mont
rn a private detective a_i--.ity. He wan arraigned al
tiie ?<_"? Market Police Co ni yesterday and reru.?id-d
back to Police Baadqaattera,
B, "lon, An?- 87.?Tba Congressional lrnmlrr.a,l(>0
Committee began Iti int . . ii-n- '.'day.
i Wrlghtlngion, Snpetlntt adenl ot th~ Indoor Poor, I
Oed t-.s; for twenty-live yea? li* hi'! bad tbe s ip"r
| vision of the emigrants landed ten., iiui.ns ths
I year ended June 4, 47,062 emlirronti had arrived at
! this port. The Increase of lunacy In the btate wat
; due to Immigi-ation Fifty-seven paupers had been
? stopped 'luring tbe yew at tl.l? port. Fully 2_0
paupers brought h*re by emigrants *-.!strd by t.ho
luke Society hu*! heen s.nt hick. Tro'.ble his bcSB
i caused by BoiSlaa Jews, the worst clae* of emigrant*.
, Prior to 18--2 l-inorrcd cnnvlt-t* were common. The
steamship companies may encourage the Irnralgrailnn
, Bf paupers, but lt ls d;_icul* to prove lt. The present
1 law ls not sufficler,! io operate on this stile, and ibero
I should be agents aeroaa the wat*r. Th- only way to
' stop eoniraci lalor is by imposing duties which win
t loo expensive. Every alien .hould to eom
1 pcilcd to make oath thal for six month, or a year
re had not !-*cn eonflned In any Institution. Out ol
ih*> 47.000 em grai.ts who came to this port lMt year,
l.OOO were tinder contract.
Charles I). Parsons, whose business ls the finding
i of cmi'ioyment fm emigrant!, sid thara wm moro
'. demand for newly arrived einisrraii*. than for skilled
i lahor. The migration Ol our own young people Bum
the Iowna uno i .*- cltlw rendered ft aeceaaan to ob
tain foreign workers for the farms. Ile denied tia
he ni.de a profit hy lei ting the labor of immigrants
nut to iho.-e who would pay tba highest price tor it.
TWO MRMBBB1 OP PAIII.IAMKNT, an editor and a
A PIM' sr Altl.TSTKD.
Dublin, Aug 27.?Tba police of Weifurd to day ar?
rested John Kcdmond. Member of Parliament fur
Wexford, his brother. William Kcdmond, Member of
Parliament lor Fermanagh, aud eduard Walsh. Iv!|t.,r
of "Tho Wexford People." They are charied with
BflSoCSa un*P*r the I limes Act
Father Kennedy has been ari"*te- for holding a
meeting of a iui.pre.sed branch ol the National Lcaguo
al 1'uhejiow, tin,my Cork.
OttawH, Aog. 27.?Il is reported to-night that the
Hon. J. S. Ii. Tbempsoa, MlalStel of Justice, hu been
knighted for lils services Iii connection with tiie ne
goilB-lons for the recent Usher] Treaty,
i.l.n, Aug. 27.?At a conference of clergy at
Drogheda, the Primate presiding, raeohittoaa wera
adopted demanding the iflease of John Dillon, e..
pressing Fympatliv With ami conndei.no In Mr. Par
!)? n amt appruvlog the raising af a lu&d far Mr, _**_>
Betl'l delfin.e.
Hamburg, Aug. 87. laren old woollen wanbOOBBI
at Siclunai.lt, containing cotton, rice, sugar and ?dt
l^rre reload a: 7.0UO.000 Biorha. were destroyed hs
lire to-day. blx jetsons perished la tlie flames.
Lo*.don, Au^. 27.?Memorial loivloei for iu*h"P
Ham., ol Michigan, wer- bald ii. Beeto-laster Abbey
resterday, 1I a Bishop of Minne,ota pteached * ?*
funeral set mon.
Landon, Ang -7 lbs ballooBlal . wirb
tv.t, ci.mpai.ita.*. nn.i" an ar", elision fr*.ni the Italian
Rxhlblttoa today. The balloon deeoonded In Stars,
.,- i gashing agalasl trees wa- smaabed t** pl <?"
a:,.j ??:?? oeeupanta were Ibrawn om. Mmmons
died from tbe effect *<! hla lajarlai. Tho i
were aLo aariottaly Injured.
Montr al, A'ig 27 (Special) ?Their wa* wailing ami
cn ash i np af teeth n cn employment ajrency here to?
day Whoa lt became known tia* an entetpi
Alfeeriean, nam'-d Yon l.ecr, who had bern receiving
rountkea appUcattoaa fnr s tuatiotiK, tli" am;
Dg trtNB Bf to 810, bad disappear ,:
Iha **.'?;* lita went < i elghl n tay . and -"hen
I eople came lo-i'.ay for tl.cir expected situat on*, they
found thal Von Leer l,a-l skipped. Ela atea ne*
? 1- ri m ' *;:i-:>" lng * c*"-'- d -ra)*le sun: frr.m a leading
hit* 1 proprietor. Von Lee*- I* s*'*| to he Idcn'lcal
vi;!) "? . clerk In the Second Nat.onal Bank
t .ier- -j City, oho l fl ibBl -nv I wo months -t"
; a't i- i avlng altered books to cover a deficit of
j $14,000. _ _
tXABVtSO rn* TUP. \trRnrr- oe VR innxs
Prov! 1-nr?. K. 1., Aug 27-Popular exclti-men'
! over the brutal murder of tv Herman Irons, an old
,' merc-ani. SOntlBUBI f"-day MontaoTiery, wh*. was
accompanying I*erin!j. alisa John, aila* Spike Mar
phy, when th" latter wm am-nto*!, sud who st ? do
fained with him, hM been reieaae-. He wm nm the
msn the police were htoktnc for. Th's momlr.? Mnr
pby wm srialpncd on another eharga, tefOllS-V with
Kraut McCiobi.tl;. for hr-a'tln^ Into and alli IBS Bte
,r Milgi' Orlmaly ls im-. rtty. Murphy w?
. .1 mated ?* somewhal tavarabla latasrialafl
Da -nd Ittte boyoad pteadlag asl ptOty, but iald
. I),,! hs Weald like IO ha'.-- tiie ra " con*mticl Iur a
: fra d.ys in order te secure good oiin ' HI-,
nsmpaiitea ai *. ptoadad asl guilty sad ins r_.? bbb
set .In?, r. fir s,.;,trm!H'i 4. Murph) was laki-n baal
In the Lily Hall. His account of his actions on
Friday, revering the hours In ?h *!i Hie **?*" ill BBd
ro! -rrj weio committed, waa put Io Ibo test of In
?cosiigstion this morning and _o____ to ba mads out
ol whola cloUk.
RAIsiNi.-tim; r*.i Iii- i'. \: !'.?>:
There was a lerioua accident at a meeting of '
tho llnngnrinn-Anier cnn Democratic \.-< *i:t;ion
a! thc junction ol East Uoual rn bi I Norfolk ita .
Inst evening. The oOGBoioB of the meeting wns j
th. raisins? of a Cleveland and TburtaaB buaaer. .,
To accommodate thc sjeukei-, com in il tee nnd wu- ?
slcians, a stand vvr-s crt-ced in the tm..'die 0f a \
little square in lloi_ston--t., and the crowd thnt, <
wns too heavy for Uk size, I,?*" e it .h wn. Arter *
Ute bonner hnd l.een raised, the crow*l clustered 1
around the s|*nkers' -tan." and Coron*'.- Levy, '
who prcM'lrd, got up, rjii*ed hil hand to lileBOB '
Hie cheers and hud just sn id * Gentlemen," when '
the rapport, tumbled for a .seeond and tba struct?
ure fell.
Coroner Lory fell on top of the tallie and es- ,
C-p-.'d injury. Policeman Thomas Ki, vinni w;.s r
standing nt the oa.st end of the pint form, leaning !,
BCBiaal it ar.d when lie fi it, it sri. iii',* away, ho |
braced against it and supported Ihe weighl with '
his Kiiouldcr for ? icoood, which gave set ral i" *?
pie an opportunity to {ump to tbi ground. When 1
Kiernan'! strength t-avc ont, he Ml int*-) the itrt t ?
sti.l wns hurled In the ruins. His entire hit lida '
was nverely inj.;r.Ni and the Benfa waa torn from
Ha lc? la aovera] places. It la estimated tbat '
sixty people were on the stand and thev fell in '
a heap uiid m-n hoys 8Bd timbers wen all mixed
togcti ?r. There was great excitement aad ie' r l !
women were knocked down und trampled upon t
bf the swaying crowd, :u;*l Mary Swebert bad i
hei hick severely strained and bad to bi carried I
homo ly her friends.
Another troBtafl was rolled over on the grvund '
un*ler a Lruoh and r.-..? i\ <?*I a iprained ankle.
The mu*i*iiins, eighl rn Bomber, weat down in
? solid body, and th.'ir instrument- vv<>r*> twist! I ,
and Bent so os to bo melesa. Coroner Lsvy v...s
tho first man on his feet, an.l ha called on tho '
mualciena to play and quell the excitement The
??uai ana locked ai their inBtruucnte and thea al
th" Coroner, and then repaired to the rum-shop
to Quiet th ir fe.itn.-s vvitn beer. Several people
received slight In)unca, and bi irly ubi
?eratebed. Among those t rionsly injured ? -
Ahhrnian Fhilip li Benjamin, who w.is down lo
deli-.>r u speech. His head and neck were badly
bruiee-t, ami his left leg wai ti mi .-in to ?*.? broken
at the anltle. ile v.::- t. u n hom ? in a carri
Ignatius Grant, of N... :,'i Norfolk-sL, had
fl* sh t.,ni from his left leg. Frits .I toke, a hoy,
had s portion oi his scalp torn <;. Michael
Wortheimer, musician, ol No. 186 I-."*! Seventh, t,
bad bia righi aide injured. Jacob Ituntf, musi Inn,
Of No. i_ Clm!oli-st., bad bia right Leg cul aud
boot crushed. Abrnin Goldsmith, of -No. IBS At
lornay-oB, who was letting off lifeworks i i-ceived
a _. vere injury to his spine Charil" Shoucgro,
of No. h'a Chttrehrat., wa* sn,; r ,,, ,;,,, llCe with
r plaah and his nose wis cru i- *l n:;*l eye partly
torn out. A'*" Krona, i boy, living at Na 281
Last Honston-at., had n pl >1 b car lorn off
and was also injured In th*- body.
After all th*, p* opie had been taken out of th" ',
fa'len structure, tbe plan ka wera rained to see if
there wns any one under ii. Tbe police bad j
about givou up th. work when a white face was
Nea in the electric tight lt vv,:s bal of i
who wa* pinned down with a carpenter's bowe. I
lie waa ipeedily released and -??- t* I to bu
'Uni). H.l ski. ll >\".s crushed ami -ie- :>?
Ile iras identified as lour'. Gnt-nl ol So.
3t)l -_ast lloi'st-ii- t. Ho i ier tha
structure, arith Ins head resting ,m the platform,
when it fell.
(.'harli- I-tnd.nvin built thc platform for $:ift.
Hs whs thc lowest bidder. Coroner Levy or?
dered his arrest and DeteoMas Ba- "tt, of thl
Fourteenth IY'-einrt, found him at I is home. Il ?
said nt the polinc na ionbouse thin tin platform
waa substantially in',:!', and thai if there waa any
fault to be to md with ii tho blaine should be pul
iijh.ii the .ouitaittece who reduced Ins price from
?io to |30. Colonel Kell - . i -*<:? ni of
the Executive Committee, who ; I thc plat?
form before the meeting; .cur 'or landsman nnd
told him thnt it din ti"! ap v ar lo bt
Tr.?Tritr>AT> STABM WOi sf in Tin: stnrnii. TTUX
Durlnc the severe thunderstorm wi rh pasaed over
staten I land yesterday afternoon, Rob niora Davis,
agc rhicteen, wa; itrurh by lightning and Instantly
UBed v.hil" Mated at an open window In bli parent'i
house a* Egbert* ll".
During r. thunder itonn -.'.t New* Bruni wick, If. J.,
yesterday afieritooB, I I laptafl and cupola **f fl"
New-Jersey Bubbar Works building, bel-mglng io the
satate of c. Meyer, waa itrurk hy lightning. Tho
cupola was sd on Bra, hut tbe Barnes were ex
tlncutsbed hy apptanees a. hand. There were : 0
persons, a majority ol them women, In tho rooms,
tiiany of whom were si'inned sud Blore of ??: om ari ra
paaie-strlelM. ureat azettemenl pievalled f"f a
A heavy rtorni of hal began wlih the shower v
Flathush, L I., and for about ten ml
hailstones fell with the rain, willie the thunder roared
and the Bghtnlag eraa vivid, 'i1' i mps ol ca
a la?- as | Igeoa eggs at-*! enough of Ii,"*n-, :
aiake ihe ground ahlte, while they cul the leavi *
from tri e ond ihrubs and badlj
?nd v r-iab'e-. in gi ,'-i - ind field .'..?: Idcrabla
una::* iv o] "_- m ti.H niu - ahousra In
i'la * tm .ii was broken. Persons oul In the storm bad
theil- umbrellas punctured t*y ti:'- hall toaes
or les-, rtama;* wa, dona by the ball n lhe southern
part of Prospect I'ark, tut none f-li in Broohly
A h'-rivy shower ol rain In Ihe eajlj
of yesterday Btadi the Breather a ii li elly d ill pitifully
c. ii i, i ti,,, r-st of the day. Alt! ky w**
?atned dab and wet-lool n fell, ar. i
a Dftli fresh brena dried Ihe pavementa ol
elty. rt lt had not been fer lhe I
would have been close and ililli ng .1- thc humidity
'', a* excessive. The ther ter'i
otiTv ft, decrees on the Equi! il
ir-ual .""ifieti, e ni- shout ?_' il green do n Bl Iliniiin"
Th ni'n'ii" in ? '? wi '"? d
t*. the 'agc. of ti, ? si:ml - irv ???
caused I Ibe iain ? ? and
' . , -il be a da; of <*l -ar sk.* s and ?*ara Ih.
PoW'Fiedfbrd, irasa., Aur- 27 . I rifle
thun-i r atorm accompanied by hall and ra
i o'.ci 'thia am a 1 and 2 o' after
boob. H waa the meal - ate atorm of 3 ?
a.'th.v.iEh it la-ted bot a short time >i,*l eonslderabto
damap. to rr**!'-, especially co 1. UuadreUs of
af apples ahd pears a
t and ^ripeviii"- wara dav ttent :; ?
atoaaa aero large aa walnuts. .1 late
1 phone laatrumenti mer* rendeiod u og Um
1 "-form. Several lo,'*':.; cs a ? * bj 1 {ht
alag; and tin; hum Bl i/*vi Salisbury with Ita ?
"nrs. ca*i?ir,r a los- of 86.00IX Tho barn ol Bl
! M. Anti.*,:... st *oMh Dartmoulh. was sel or. Bi
.Hi twenty tons ul hay aad I
and wagoaa.
? ? ?
a Mi*, rrfl'or.s' isgirr.? T" BO ro.t
r.'* lea, Aug. Vt [S] - IbI , ? "? ' F. Dall
: ll V.e-1
Badham -t., came home, *? ? 1 Turnbull
st., aWit 4 :_0 this BM
saulted in thc doarsray l?j ?? Un * man and
badly -tahiH-.i in ?
the City Hospital The a* alu.' I ,?? been
captured BB moi ive is not kaown. ."-i. Ba
?ell known al thea Uh Bod, an'i 1- the proprfHoi
"t -i m at mariict. lt le Hipp "'I lo b 1 1 >_M ol
ini?'.iien idantlty. Thora is Uttla chunca ol i'_.".'
Bo .rut., Aus _7 ?A c*i-l? mt.-is_*wn baa tf*8n rwn!*eil
fmm I/rfC v lawford, sr Dui -'-bl, Be t'.aiid. sayiui; thu
j on Augint ia anl 22. thu vartable kiar ?'!.'
I was Bbaarvsi by Apia, Bl Batstngnam, an.l thai iii
l ipeetnun w*-s found ta Itrlgbl lin-., it
; **i'-*'ii anon was eondrmed yes tn rd ty ai Ihe l>unr,:
nif.r.F.') JD" .i.v BMBBI R ;?;.*.!..
Hy t ., bunting -f an etfij w.eel to tie' eaiTla
Caetory <*f it. M. Klvei ? ht I--*' thtrt] 1,,- ??. *
day. Henry DuawaM, a yaoi
He was >e-iii||ni{ tiv.-r lhe Wheel ^:nl -on..- ol li:
flylns fragmfniM ciu*hc| in lils chet. r>miwa!<1 wa
'tronty-lWd years of age and unniait.fl H.s faihe
snd motbsr died loss ally. He had selected li.
wheel oa ona without a Uaw and ho bad solo ch.??
ot lt In tao factory.
lill. MA Alt ELL LASH tiRASi t:I<>T
nitilN' OK THK TR?*l ll! K--Mllllt Bl.'-OI'SIIPIi AP?
Da iver, Au-. 27 ? _ 'he trout I" at the Maxwell Land
Irani hal baaa blowing ter somo tiir.e, in f?i ever
Inc tli<_ S. . erne Court of the Fnlfed States ron
tba 1 : io the Ki-a.it. The grant wa; originally
isde by th M-Mean OOVOnMBBM to BbSBBtaa and ;
i two Marteaaa wi.o * mi given two i rure
?guee, or 00.0? 0 ac?s. o' land providing tha! they ,
rould etitivate Iba same. The boundaries of the
'ant now contain 1.7_.),o(>? arma. Tba manner In
itii the-grant grew to Ita pteaant pteport toa* la oas
' IBB c. u-'s of the trouble. The sctilcn B-lag within
bl booBdailai Bf Uta giant charged that the origma!
opt-ny was BBlaiBBd by fraudulent m*'ans. Hu:.
reds of seniors have improved booBM aad besi th.re
ri many yean that th*.-y eoaaMai tenant Bm righi- !
idly In poBSSBStoa and look upon the threatened |
j Ctmenl a* an outrage. Tito manager* of the Ma.\
eU g'-ant last night swore out warrants for the I
r.csi ,,,' v,; reen m*-n who pai-ticlpateil In thc tioubles
I Stonewall, on tlie chare; of riot. Writs of eject
? iii against a hundred o'hc? w-re a', a s*-cured aud
he (Jutted .-tate- Marshal left here to dav ta serve
hem. Il is f Bled thal tif -"viii'.' ol the-* papers
dil causa another outbreak ana perhaps more
loodshed _
Tiie onicers of the Maxwell r.ar.d Grant In Beth
'Ort had no direct information yesterday from the
BOBO of trouble In Colorad.. Mr. Martti'sen, pres!
? nt of th'> co'npany, said to a Tribune reporter:
"Tbe traci known a* the Maxwell Braal ls owned
y a company of foreign capitalists. If contains
bout one million and a b'llf Bena, and das Mit len
0 th*.- number ol between .'.ooo and 8,000. A larje
url * .' I ?? sett len ure Mexteaaa, t-ttt many are
atlves of Missouri and other part, of th- United
tates. Then have always wea a good many among '
'?rs w rm aron dssatl-fl -d With the decision of
he Bupremi i onn affirming the grant of th" eompany,
rhleh paid a largs lam te tbe arlglnal grantee.*, our
erin. t*i aetllen are ea-?y and favoraltle, and nono of
h*'ni have anything to c.implant of. I have no
tews from our people than, hut if tlie Baaed Bled
?nat rep.,:-* is eorreet, ar.*i there ha^ baaa Moodibedi
1 i. prni.,u,ly because thc people h.-.ve i?-en toilosrlng
vii "'in:.-i-i-. i .shall tefegreph al once ter Beam,
. di, perhapa, know thu u.txiu ot the trouble
ro r.tN prom iivi.ni'd. l Td boston?BOIUMBB
Philadelphia), Aug, '_7 (Spacial).?Than ls a well
'ounded np ri In ihlpping clrctea that lha inman and
[nteruatlonal eaawhlp rnmpanhi. of which ( lement
\. GnicOBIi "f thia ci y, I- pmhtenl, will extend their
ervtee to Bostoa, eatabUshlng r -,-ui ur lian betsneataal
?Hy a'pp| Liverpool and Antwerp*. Theee companies
.-.ve already legular linea lo Bew-Tork -uni Phlladei*
lilia. Hr. (iii-icom I;-, just ?: imadto Karapa When
ba ai r tteamship city nf Pam B nady, shout i '.nu?
tty 1. tba illimnil City of Chester, City of Blehmaai,
md several tyan vessel*, ol tho Ihxl Star Lins .ervice
ivl.l bo pat on tba Uno between Liverpool and Boston.
rbis WU] hav*. tor the New-York kenrtoO tlie City of
S'ew-York, City of Paris, City of neilin, snd City of
i Ani> rican steamships Indiana. I'dlnol". and Penn
?ylvsala v. ii ba WM IO the Clyde and transformed
nt i vessels ilmllar to tha oi.-.o, and when eompl ed
rill run to Phllad ..hiti, laking the places of the ..*? in
iblps British King, Itrltish Prloea and Britte*- Princess
iwned hy tiie British Bhlpmaeten' Company, of Liver.
pt .'ol. The Pd Mar Line soi vice will also be strength
i,i by a new vessel i..?cr ihan Bee freeteralaad.
unship i ? i -. .i ? T! -i t. th pioneer vessel
; >T snd Liverpool.
- > brings fl IsrsjB cargo id
? outwsrd csi.-e.-s win ,)?? taken on
-, bul thosj :i will be brou ghi
io this city._
Till* (Ht'ir TK* DBUTTNA1 THKY liUCilKO HIM.
ry Physicist) Coaveni has oiden-ti an laquest
In the cs e of Peter Origin, of 7881-8 Jeraey-ava,
le^ey City, who 'I'cd In Sb Francis Hospital, saturday
fiom in i'-."- iald io have '""ti Inflicted by
?? i, ikea policemen. Crlflln waa thirty years
: . :. - r .-.rr. Mrs. Mb bael Corry, ile
r's bouse about a month ago, ami waa
. -1 i by any of Ids relatives untB a week
I.-,,, v titter was lufi rmed lbs! he waa la
mels Hospital, infferlng Irom a broken ?
>n tin ;:.'* ol "\ngusi ?';. a policeman whoee namo
i ? mpp.i to be Rathjen f**'i*ul bim lying atlorp ob
???a .i.i- rn Fourth and tdarnt tia, Hoboken, Thc
isld, dabbed him, libed bim
ip ni his feet ar.;l i he.- let him lal!
lek a-iin-it an iron ferro. As ?oon as ba
truck Ibo fence he fell a ihsrp pain, and knee.
i, aa he ex pres ted ir. He wm
unable lo walk, ard be said tha pollceuian dubbed
bim, at ''ne same Bau accusing bira of iheramlog,
Ho wai i it inti a *eii tod thc neal morning I
m , he lupposed a physician, examined bim and be
wu- - ni io the hospital la an ambulance.
An autopsy mada hy County Physician Convene
Gi Bin's -:'?? ? lad lustal i id a n ? ml
i and deal I resultod from lt. Tho afloen wlio
ii*, ledan 'hat thev found bim with a ral
*? '. of h's hoad from which blood aaa notlaf,
Rathjen happ ned along and dil.*! Police
ii--.I Ryan awl lian Ison to pr* ne a negoa, They
il,*l -*. ti l took UriiBn io lha pol. ? station when he
? ? ? ince wai pe -
n undi --I'-iai hours later. Ths
. i and .*.!*-h.* i d elate Ilia) tli y *!.l nol touch
itu* with tl b< ac ni in a dlsoi I
will te 'a Um Inuuesl
.. * .. , it-* ttl _ **!
I. **. ow Dight.
extkxsivb rnttt*T nnr.t rv mr wr.tr.
?. Mi* h.. Auk. 27.?A dispatch to
r from N'egannee MJch.. ays; "lt li dUB
cull ? * g ? report! aliout the tores! Hr ? near Na i* ni.
t - ? than al th-' i -
- cral building I la I nigh!
? ? ' - ? ? a'. A BUmbl i Ol
; ir the i escaped -rith
lng * an "I
i ? :?! -il loans aie
I .1 .'.'
.?. I ai -.
ind i'i-- latter .-^..j'-'i di ami wood
rn Ballway Co upan* l il
' lingi. Al M
?? ' 'it ned ca . - f tlh,l OO,
??? Ith i '' i*"!-' d thal in iho bm--.
a wm i.. lo- .,; Ute."
. A-:,.. -.'. -\." ial \ aa p Bieetb g of
I at La 't" i.t-t ni^'.t with ttn - ? ? ?
* ur re was a tn >n on " i '??_
I - i's Pa ii rn." After thc ** ve **n a n
i tod .tl'* Bel .!." v...* given, fol
\om *i by iho f* its* of ihe i"ar:c*i calf, whleh w-as
(?Iain, barbecued .".n*! lerved fi a to aB who desired n.
?> ? lins..i aiih ii march re" relenting me
in ?'?- of I -ri" i ?? River Jordan and
laying th ? tweb s nu mot
rrri'Ti'rrr.i nurse, .it mern hadley.
Baaa, Aug -?' lal).?A d phtherla
" l, tbe tile ol
Mourn I ollege ind 5* mina j, la four
tl ri-, .'.ni *a-e, bave been nooned, arni lour
: _rj coi.i.11.-ii of tbe
na deplorable ?nan-. Tl i
" ll ", en for lb ? 'all tenn e. . rmber
tendam < w .11 he .niall till an
?Unh* if m tbe d sse ia pa
Ji 8WI.VDLBB CO>fl.'.s Ttl OBIBT.
S. Y. AOg _T A rouag noir, who
' ? ll a, la Bl *1. r an -st herc
as a -wii'.ii-r. Ha noted ri al Baal
Ul ?! I :h*- -. '.'!.?- of loka i>. Im gr r, which
- the r.vs.o uf a wrB-known grocer, ai de nd large
I gooda from ahol tale deaten in Baw*-Terk,
I'htlnd r a and o'bet pla ea. Masl al ibe unier*
c ?? I, id tien supt using that tbsp ware doing
I'tiMties* witli tiie geaulaa i ?tn?iet-.
Isbpemteg, Mic. Aug '_7 (Special).-Koch worth
-io non a ton waa totunl In rhe Mlthli'tn ctld mine
I roperty tO-day, and U now on mtblbitlOB bete.
real axeliemtnl has been crt-,r.-i ??,.?. importaai *'o
'"I"."' I ivsy of araaalslBg new * m
i te., ate BOW being a-.aii-d.
-"? "*. M f r?ITB rtOlSXBR
Asklaud, wis.. .\!.x. -.?: ?.-, ? strlklag bi ibaaaaa bb
be vi. oa la < rotral BaBraad me -an.tag arael
I . a trala ailumplad '*> atari Bul teal algbl
'" l: I Sited 'lit. pins a 11*1 set the brakes
',*- paitoa lone ?, then calltd out, and the Mr-i
relght train alnce Saturday w? pulled out safely
?veral attempts were made to atop the train, but thi
i* -?soee of th* polleo tended to preveut vtuleoea
Two al tba striken usn a_raated aad lodaad la lath
IMI uPBIOMBt on tut. snir.
The Wie n Linc steamer Persian Monarch,
which arrived heM on Sunday ni/h?. hr-ip,'1 1
iwelve of th? crow of the R.itish burk Gytfe, wi ?
Bbaadsu d their vessel -*,o mles casi of S .fohn ,
Newioandlund. and were to-n-n on hoard tl i
steamer, having refused to rctn.in by tlieir sh' ,
which was *BtaS-8gp-A The men m ide awn t
statements yesterday before the B.i"i-h OsBI 1
brn char; ii t, their captain with end -avirinz I ?
scuttle his voss* 1 Their story, as to! I ar. I PteM i
to hy the bark's boatswain, B'rgquist, is Bs f ?
The bark sailed from Quebec on July 3. rum: I
tnr (Jn-enock, with a onrao of lumber. Duri :
th1 passnpe down th* Gulf of S . Ixl wrench, s ?
BMt with laugh weatli'r and spran. a leak. Ol -
tain (Jitters at once ordered th. ves*el to h' r ?
ab< ut and ran for St John's ai hon.h th" tn* i
protisfed that they would keep ot the v, v.i ? Bl 1
work at the pumps, ae they did not think t* ?
leak sc-iotis. In St John's shs v? *?** 1 USS ov. -
Ililli"! nnd the leak stopped, nnd sin* sailed fro t
that port on Au_i!st 11. \\"h?i onlv three di t
rut, the nv-n were called to"?t!ic. an 1 til tba I I
leak had h.-nlren ont agnin. and they mrs or-!? r I
to thc pumps. , They suceetde-I in keepir:,* t ?
water down, but on the morninsr of August *_ . tin *
', i ? mad that the pBBtpi wou'ii nt work M I
they swear that they hid been intentionally r. -
Bbled. The men became *i:s;i;.-i us Bf the SBpta I
and iastriKted the steward to w.it.h his ninvc.
The steward gamea thai, ou toe morning vt
August 2o bs te*** the e->; t.-iin and kal mute _-.}
*lown the fore hatch, and thc cap;.- :i b.ir*'l a h*ii i
IB tlie vessel With an au;,?-. The crew said ncr! -
ins; to the captain or ofhetrs, lint in a short tinm
after tue two men came up from thc roaaePa liol.l
they found thnt fhe hnd made seven feet of water.
On the same afternoon the captain and mate w.'ul
down thrctuh the after hatch and Hie men sus?
pect them of having bored another liol*- j 1 the wa?
ll I
Ofl the same Bight the Fenian Monarch wns
sighted end sjcr-ils Qf distress were made bf tha
Kirk's *Tev Og the captain's orden a beat with
the boatswain n:nl si. nu ri w* nt to tin. st.-ai,ur
*tid reported thar they waul .' '?? be taken ? -
board, aa mere was fifteen feel <*i water in tl* <
bark and she was i. n sinking condition, Cap! i. i
Irwin, of i1k> Pet-inn Monarch, told then to g?i
hack and send th^ir skipper or some of the bari; t
officer-. Tue (SfMBlB OT the l_irk then boarded
th*, steamer, accompanied by tia- rant-?, nnd re?
peated the storv. i-lrlng that all banda be taki i
on hoard tim -tourr.i-r Captain Irwin wns ru ?
piciona that all wai not rifeiif. or. us he iald w
terttey, that then w.-re some ''hanky panky*1
tricks going on. He therefore sent his tl ir*l tm -
ctr, boatswain nnd "arrenter to examine tho bari:.
They fonnd all the stores, taila iind llttings of
the bark saturated with kerosene oil, which, th-*
crew stated, had bern spilled by order of the ppQ.
iain. 'Ibe carpenter reported only ten feet of
water, ir.fead of fifteen, in the hold, as was stat?!
by the r? ptain, /.fter IhOTOOghly .c?r.i,in_ ri**
'?.irk they pulled fur the stcamrr, w:i-n. just Bl
they itartcd. Robinson, th" ....ond Butte of th*
bork, appeared oa deck nnd shouted _.*- a
shoot the lir.st maa a ho came on board, ur, bl Wi I
in sole charge of the vessel and intended to ta ki
lier into port alone. Ul had previously told Cap?
tain (Jitters thut l,o would not lie a porty to aban
dnnincr the l.;irk. a* she was seaworthy. vTheB
the offioer of lha iteaater reported fi is on board
his ship, ('.'..ptain (in.rs and h:s Bra! n*i;fe ra
solved to return to their vroeel and imt Bbaadoa
her. Thc eaptaln asked his men to return, i-ttn
they declined, tuyiny thai knowing whal t:i ?? did,
th*",- woiil*l not trust themselves In tlie v.-s- [
again. Capain Irwin told him ihet lie eould
not sp;ire any of his crew an.l the two mn -"t
into a b*>a1 -ind were toured elOSB to tte l.arx and,
it is thought, boarded ber.
Captain Irvin yesterday took the bark's er-?
boffin tbe British i'on*'ii and vvi',1 ??-ii.*v mah*.
his report to that official, after which an lttvc*tt>
?_?tri.? ri will be h* ld before lite men ate * ??*' home
i*i England. The Gj Ife is 'mi \,ms u * _Bnmaen ,"
and when la I teen oo Tuesday wns In bttitude ir
dt% 12 min. North: longitude 4 1 ?*? ?_. '?'?? Dtio.
West. It her captain ever reaches any port be
trill !*c summoned befon the Admiralty <""iirt ii
explain thc eharjrr? n ode against hi u ' r bia en a.
Captain Irvin mid yesterday Um n.ate *
bad n. rertilleate.
f-ricrnv. op a PBti.ADnj.rPU rOLtTi^fIB.
Philadelphia, Aul- _7 ir peela!*.- John Mel aBoagh,
ono of tba beat koowa pain- ana shoal town, rv
Bslaian, and ol ?*. loci i mi U, N -
eantlte Appraiaar, aad a <-:, ri; in tr,, (.moe u* tho
Register of wu's ibal blmsell through lbs ii"_*i ? I
morning al bia boaae, ta, 1,480 * b iv - ., Bcd waa
found ih ail In he*!. H" wis forty alni ""ir* old, 1
-*iv, .1 alli *li* i ir,i lion in lin- (Iv il War, being "Wanly
soomtad ar -inri, i,.,?toi*..' Va, Ha held a number
of responsible polltleal offices. Ile i I aad a ??
thc c mmander of tbe Good win lesion, ?? maa ?? :
i publican cB-npsini elul oto.ci .- 0 members. Kain
ll? iroubtn an ?.* . . Mr. Mo
: -Bough leaves property valued at M~,OQB,
Trtnvr.r.r. tETWBSS CRICAOO PB01
Chtea *. Aug. ST.?Uaynotdi .v UH n, a Boaid
af iradi- Brm. began su't ;,,. 830.000 da aag - i
hariet li Smith. Smith is a'.* . a rommlss "t man on
the oj-n board, a'id oo Thur_day las! I ..i
a.r.u lilli.:, ; , ? .iii thOUSaad '.'"lia* BgBlBSl R > ?
? a .. : . . i . t, that lhey v,?.-o
shoal i > eooeeal anl place their pnperty aol of tba
lOHiii of : I f.iiinbli.'ii a -e.f lin.*
Ibe a,.!tii'.v.' bj s-o'li waa false sad lbs! ll gars r.v I
lo lbs statement that ?!">? bsd lofted, aad '!;?'- them
graal injury. They claim thal **iiMh'. .nun I was
in the in'ti,*'L* huiis" viii'-u ba mtd thv'm and thal bo
fut if aexl day.
Beading, Paa_k, Aug. 87.?nepal] Batted Ral s
Ha thal Meyers, of Philadelphia, smstsd tali iBar*
| ii*iiiii Joha li. l>'rr ar.'l <. -2 ? Te oin, boih bmlo-r.
, )>f th!>< my. on Hm ekarge i r rottsplracy wirh lleniy
ill, tbe defaaltlng poetma t ? af M. ( la!r, v.h,>
? . fugitive i .en j1 si? -. *?* .; Band tba ! b ted
srates GovornmcBt Tba acetrsed mete laaea t.>
Pkllsdclphla, befon t*r :??-*.i *r .? ?. romnMoaar Bd>
mu ods. lo . -? ... lt ls alleged ihj' N irshatl s[*<-u
_' 1 villi ti.-m lu sn.et-s. anl | i'll t i.i in In foi 7. I
. ord s .,n which Hi", ilnv. iii*- isoaey at th*
. post-office. The dneodaata deny ihj chvge.
rnor.^vr.s' LBPT to chasity.
navet hil). Ma-.., Au^. J7.-The will ot Jam.s E..
QUI contains the tottewlog puhlie bequests: Tn
ne Havcrhil! Pi'ubc Library I184MMI te !>?' sliow-ed lo
malata until lt amounts io 8_0.000, to be use!
for tho pana,bbs ol naen noe werta ; n the city Hospi?
tal s mir.-. saBtetoul tn riait.'ain a free bed for tho
' tbe Masoi :? fratorairj ; to Hie Cblbliou'l Haaus
irO.oiiO; to th*. ;* ...eui Society, il,< w.
and to tho OM Ladiea1 Hon.., |]
PhBada ph a Aug, 87.?AnbMsbop Byan st:,'rnatli.-i
as absotaioly fis. a paragraph Boat Daaahalteara
"t bristlaaly hi lha UaBad Main," '..h.ih *,> truing tho
ra lads of lha preta, in whit i, rn,- AnbMahep i_ "juoie?i
as sdvocatinp tii_ peraaaultoa af barettei ai soon aa
athollca in thu country shad hav- bsooaBB BBBM-UBI
enough to d.i *n. ll,- stan-* thal ta t?-.er wrote ur
i-ou^'it it, and BBB Plumy rejiiidiaiis the sentlmeuU
Trenton, Aujt 27 iSpoetslj.?Peter .'luan. s lahoror,
rrlpj)ed over s mo: tsr bell on Centre st. to-dsy and, tali.
??ii under a stieoi-csr, was cru?he*i to death.
Marv smth. an* olgt-'y-ei^hi. fell fmm a thfrdstory
atataw ta M. liane, BuapMal today sod mao la
**sntly killel.
Philadelphia, a*?j;. BT (Byaateh, Altai (trial the
matte.- eoa_ls>rabte tiit-u?t,t, Mm tTaaaaahaB has
I .'*,it-tl tn bini! a lar>? ho'd ai lha tOO-ehON for hts
?rmv of eaaplovea. The lorattaa bat asl ^et he,-o
BBaSBd, brit Allaiuii' City will pcobsbly be eal* I -I.
Wooniocket, R. I., Aug. 27.-Ono hundred and
twa-ve weavers In ths llama Woollen Company'!
Privilege Mill struck to-day againat tba heave Baaa
Impoaad by tba asw evsraeaa. ^^

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