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. tki>:*;? teri th hie ritii.t'-iK. i
Waterville. Me.. Aug '.'T.-This was ft pala day
for the smart lillie Kenneliec eily of Waterville
Mr. Bia- was adverti.ed to speak, and that fact
alone dre an immense crowd of people 'n ^r,':,) ! ?
country towns for m les around, all in holidnv
altin aad eager to listen to the eloquent words
of thor eminent feH.iw-*itizcti Sn* omi tr .ms
vwre. also run from Skowhcran and M ?mnoiith to
bring the OBI pl.. Four uniform d BBtaBalgW eom
panlrs p;irti(i;yite*-. the Harrison Briipide. a lo*al
c.mpany BWUltBg haul-some suits of C.ntinontnl
I vt Me rn, being one sf tl em A larye BUBS bet of
r'nn.ii t_p*tm v.erc in '.ie ranks Mr. Il nine ar?
rived nt lill P th Hi hud sp nt Solidity al
Toland Springs and at. 1 o'clock taken th*- limited
I*ul___-in trim which runs to Bar Harbor It
made a bj* cia] sop fir him at Watart Ile. Dis
two sons, Walker und James i... jr. ace.* nipntncd
him. At lhe slat hi Mr It] tim* was m-*t br a
throng of presto, wh ? crowdi d ab ut ;is h alighted
from thc car pla!fbim 1I<- wai lUBSived by ? I. -
C'p'ioii CsBUBlttM and ? party ol one hundred
bU-tema m a, weariug ia!! white hats. Again
and BgBlB they chi", vd Nir. Blaine, ami thSB bl
entered his carriage and was driven to Monument
Fork, th.* ba-iataa ni it. BBtapaiga SOUtpaaiea and
jk-opie asttag as esc'i.t. Nuiii reis dec nti ns in
tho way of liam's an I bunt n: ap'cared alon.* ibo
route Thc park is a nedi; trrnind BB losurc
of about 200 acres in txt-. ul. and .onie ;,.0(?o |>v<>
pic h,id gath nd iii'l wee la waiti*.-. Ataoag
thugl on the stand Utlt s* vi.nl prtUBtBcfll (.vii
tlemen who hud been aauouassd by th Domo*
cratio press a? being eoovertl lo theil domino.
1 .ultu befoie Mr. Blaise bad arrived a Little
mun, liis dun bristlin*^ willi a short*, i;rav beard
and wea;.n.: a wc.hIi. r-l.":M< n BUUW li tl, wis
noticed . J uping to thc ftorii rail ol the stand.
He had evidently eui" ii lona distance from lhe
country and thc insta it Mr, Urnine walked aero
the platform ho reached forward his banty baud
exclaiming: " Mi Blain , I wani to shake bandi
with rpg sase more. Mr. Blaine, I want io
?.hake?'' The Augusta st..i _m<tn gn td him
svanaly, and after aiectin i varh us g ntlemoa. .vi*s
iatroduoed to tbe nudi.-noe !>v I'.. 1*. Webb,
Instead of occupying ih'* pbttiom winch hud
l- cn provided for hm, he Boanted a lettes *o
that ii- itood v.ii!, bil baek to thc north
we-t wind ile ipoks very rapidly?much i.ts:*r
Tl.*.,f BBual?and t- was somewhat house, but
aotwitbetriadiag th i irs voice coull be easily
beard by every penaa in the nadienee. Tlie
rueeiitij: was aa ? tie one, nnd waa Bade
up tersely ,*f work i | opie f <*;n thr mil'i and
faetorfre ll" spoke 'uh! sixteen Binutes aad
while he dui noi int r Into any long argument
hil Start's wen well calculated for his audience
Mr. Blaine in h * ip ech dwelt upon the injury
which would li*- done the workingmen ahould thc
President'a lari;;' police be carried into effect Mr.
Blaine then nferred to Pnaidenl Cleveland's
message apoa tlie Canadian Tr. .itv as a mero
sci;, ni*- to divert the attention of the American
people ir ri ihe qti *':*-n ol protection and io si ip
na ion* li a* p s..'iii ? ',,? popular iliac itaion of thal
subject, which bi feared would only sttentfthen the
Republican position
'n his pre>en| apirit, be s,.id, the Pn*riden1
will be tatisf! d witli nothing thal does not
put Courage in hi* Admln'stmtion an.) protec
i've inrid out of the bi ods of ihe people, Ths
apraker believed tha! < i ngrma vv, nhl nol gratify
th" President, and thal Ihe America!] peoplo
? I in stioa over to next year. ??.*
which timi tito RrpuMicun Adm ni-i-f on would
bc iu pc.p.1:, wh ii thc q i< st'on ct uld
lu- t ,'.?:? ably *??( I ?? I. Ile * 9*1* sse '
\r "i, <. i'-,-.,r *.; "I". , ?> ?. . ii, -nd
ll* ll. "A 'Pi "ii I,. I'"- '.un.' I ''ino ? "I t'? lei 'ti .'s li
second the Prv-idcnt While Mr I'i t .i-u i- ad?
vocating a peace policy in thc ii*.un ncgol'al ona,
the Presidenl takes the ground from under bis
fc*t by a-S' rting loudly lim* " We nin?! have a
go at Carada a *'ii ven rm' *?-. i**i" and a'l." Thea
with n aide dance the I'i sidenl intimates ts thea
all. " |i*"'t !*?? alarmed: there won'1 be u bit of
thia row arith Canada after ?'. dion"
Com ludiag. Mr. Blaim -, d !
; id ? i .in''.,-I tr, rur ?i ??? j
aevtnty (i..y*. bal Itt -**.k altbooi hs ni te mich '
In front af ii. Bad BM] 1 t ?' 1*6 thal it i- u'laiirably at- j
.anr-i te ki-it .iel kin m? i.-t'ni lt.
At the dos,- be drove directly to the Mattie
Central depot aird departed for his b"ni iu
Ango.ta on the 8:18 train arriving there in
half an lo I
After Mi Blip'r**. Congressman S'h L Milllhes
ndiln-s'd tbe people on th tariff question fir
;in hour and In the ev*Miing then w.is ;i torch?
light parade, and frx-Miaister John A. K..s-o.i
"^?1 i*. Bla'iu-'a next speech w*U be made in
Chlais, ii V ? i Connie, on Ibe I?
Mae *"?:--? Marne ard Now-B"in?wii.k and
'.'?":i) miles froa Augusta by rail. Mr Bl '"if will
leave Augua'a Tuesday afternoon on this trip,
sleeping in Bangor Tuesday ni?? lit sad 'Iv nevt
day proceed'ng on la ? aeon for the afternoon
Beering. Hi* speech trill tr."t chi. th- of th
lif-biiii.* d'C'oi'l"-. and ''nus being a'' 'ac -"'t ti)
h large Provincial b**rrito?*r. manv of *he ?? nu*.
,-t.v, ^'- -^-in >,r. in attendance Mr Blaine is iu
the !.-.? of health, and iii" work of thc caru
puigu is natiag lightly upon bia shouldera,
gome ene hhs ondoab'edlv been found to ca-. Mr,
Cleveland's 81O0O0 ebert for ramaalgn axpeaaea, for
ll ? '- fl fn!rit sijn of life at the Democratic bead*
.v. By fur the busiest man tlieri*.
ws- s porter who .?< nalline un a half dn_en dry- '
goori- boxes in willoh hut! leer psc?id some of tho
free-trade 8aeUBCata with arhleh the Democrats ex
;s-c- io carry a Bunter of .tates. Mool of the !>o.\.-s ,
w?i? addressed to IBioola. it baa I *'en arged !?>? ,
Mate DoBOcrats, who have ^c(?Il Hr. Clavi
fatal tat Ol in a tit lu-? 'li- fie -tra.!' moaaagC, that ihe
'.?nt_ and pampbletl hoi -cnn? up the poslttofl
thut tlie PrasMeul il.r-n took ba called In and In Its
place be aabatltated lhe ntallatary wen ann That,
?:.bj thiaki vvoiii.i bring bael to them the theaaanda
of votci-s who iiitve been driven cut of the party tor
fear of ending In bringing about, ultimately froe trade.
Then teems te ba a deain aa the pun of every one
connected with i Mt Nattoaal Committee io
bath np lhe eootributlOBI ol nore;, fi'.in wealthy
;?* t.i ihe party, ami esyeelally th contributioa
from the President Pcrhapa ioiunt-1 Brice dui not
: ;.c (he eontrasi .f n-_*i for the Charleston sufferers
ny lhe eai 810,000 mr |K>liiicai i
The ?* ('.'I Bi man" li to bi brougai Rasi at.*l
exhibit ic in ii.ls cltv al.out beptember io.
Uv viii maka a Dumber ol speeches befon he li al
teaed to I'-tuin to Hie peace a.id quiet ol ula hu__e
In ohio.
t I.l ?.?'!.AM - * v mi-v.'i.N COKTBI8UTIOK.
1fa?bteeten Aub. 17.?Tl np I BK -o. nnpstaa
. : 'ii . . .lui.i t.i* 1' tba Of
slea op (".-.it ui,'. i ???-.)) t-p.' i to-day. Wheo asksa" t . ?
r ..i.p.ur. Ul - f, i i- .-'..-- .. . I ti'.,)'
that i i well I.')*.".ii
nml ti ? Blways 0|n-)ily anl nt
? t.f cai.my >ui ii ccritrili!!'!i.. , n* his
n.,m.* IbsUsV - U'.i-ir.i d ?"* -? tba re" ???" y I salt instil i
-ijn-uiK .s of hu, iwity'n t_iiii* ^u?, "ie tal 11 hui hun
s caudtri^t..- f..r otlito (?: tm., a..! lin* vcar I. i.i.i lik*!v
to be an ixaraitea. -" i-. Ideal will a? bemofon,
ak?ii>t th*: Bss-ocrstlfl i ? " i) th! aaaan. a-* far a* bo
think* fair at*_ St-*B*? BS1 a* I BBPSWSS Gmmt ra. Kuril-.ri
BBd G?itra! Ptsfe p.i.I JU U? BetiUbUCOB Will Pl
t-artiea. 1 8sa*l kno v Braal sum ta vii,I (five, anl t
don't aaaanteai that ii u am of my baataaaa hui i
hid ?*ire thai the sum v u tr rn n-ii i*10,Ot 0) I- n<>'. nu-Min,; y
lars'.'* Th' laad to sty -luih-r oi uot tha
et v sa t,'jl*u*l.> d via. nu*..
tt_m_9*A-tR M!:i:tin!. OP a viooroi'8 clur
Wmb*s i.'xki paayto gasband la^t tngr.t at the opas.
,.ir ineetiu^ of the Itepnhlican Club of tho XVIltii
ABBBBBbll District, bald al Kurty-foiirlii st. and BlBlb
; ve. C?i),-n air BHNtlaB are hold by bills club on ihe
? .coi.d anl fourth Monday, of each inonih, and at
i very ?BBS-SI btata has been a laijic patherlng. The
dub ba. M6 nie.'ii!. ?!-, ls inlag Im woik, and bas
I'Haallial two a.i>.illaiy clnh.s, on. of Which rn'-'s
ovary Taoaday avoalag at .\o. j.'.o Wost i'mtv Bwrtb
it. This branch bad eighty rn.-ii.'i.ci, oaroUod Ht Ita j
..-! ne-iiir;*. Baa third <>f ahem wer? terned! j- ruo- I
? rats The oilier brunell argaalssttoa i? lbs Colored j
ltepubllcat) Club of tba XVllth Assembly District, I <
Which meets every Friday nl(.;ht at No. <J_8 Wi*t i I
Itally frank lt, and ht* already seventy m- mhe1?. ! i
Tue tim <-.? lien ai tin- ineetiui* last n._ht waa Max- t
well Kv ai... a son of W-.liam M Evatts. Ho wm ?
followed ter M. I). UUlhriS and Colonel Louis H. I '
Ayme, of Chicago. ;
UtBT-UCT !>i U '-ai * * ' !l* ll "?
Syracuse, Au**- u".?li.e fattewlBg dategaMl io the I.
Uata t oi.ventloii BM ciio*(-ii b t ho tel PH BM Pe I
Mbttosa t oiiv.-n-u,ii: CWauel JaaaaB m. Oeaa. J. Bf.
ubwiaaca, U ? " a r smith. Addisno j. ummuu, -.amuti
Dsmsaey, Prana Ho/kim and Owen Dobsvbu
i;*i* h. auk. IT.--The followlBgdategaita auassl-Otai *
at the Im As*emhij DtetiM Bspublleaa Oooveatiea | i
Bsuaassa Pco-ie
will hsrs itt Bf aa io-i". "Hi "ci.re-ails"?msttici .ss that j
si* adrertiiifMl to cu ? c*r.l **nr (non a c. I lani toa ',
broit-ii tteik. Hs-1 Bli* I'- ?( dis sss* ll I ii ? rea's "
? .., rn MciiCil 1>i*e >v?ry "Will . ' . i *-.* ol (I.s m.
throat aoii loos*. "ci|i >* - r ,i i ii*??,
?or^ lliro.l, lui i*'i '-i*. a-, us. rai ar rh, uhe. i. tUB-tiTS, -?ml I "
SWelUUK' canst-1 h. ? r -rm _ nutt . ul lilu. ). >. cr and adis
anti ?ti<,i-?v I au _ wm- liv* . , uixil, l.ul U IB ? ol, 'Md.
grwsl " I'i_c?T?rr" will t.-si! <o ead the?? c. .tcBlnnta
hlii.siT kecae-i. tl iiarifi.-. li.- l> inn uu<u s.ueii th r n psud
sad ballas uv tbs voss yU'? j ci tue _*)_2j. Uy dt__y_et?, ] ll
te-day to attend the State Convention : Chs?les J
W lilt-ins. t harte* W. Haded, Hi-odoro P. Sayre, Myron
W, Vail Auk on. aud Adelbert Perry
Tii-in ivt.rsTniKs en"TvrTFi).
Congressman BOBBWlB tl ".orr. Governor Alder's
(renlal Michigan friend, arrived yesterday from th"
Northwest, bringing an Infei-osflng account of tho Ile
ptibl'can outlook lhere Mr Hotr has r-eently made
thirty speeches In Minnesota. BBB In Wiscons'n and ?
nombi'i- In B-toB'BM He says that (he Slate I_*agii'
of BapabMeaa Clubs In Minnesota his taBOBM s rr
tn at-ably frf.ole.it orgsnlration snd ts d>>ln*t some rx
ecl'oni work He added- "Thorn aire no such tlc
fee;lons in Minnesota as we are, told of In Demuora*!'
Mtwapapan The people nf that State are hearing the
to-l'T issue discussed In all Its purity this year, '.bev
j listen to tallt on tlie tariff with great Interest anrt seem
j f-Voi-Hy dtepSBrd toward th** vtew of that question
I presented by BBPShHeaa BpBakan. Miiin**o't I re
* paid a? ?_ relish!* Republican State: but nf courts there
j ls worlt tn be linne there and H will no* rtn to taite
for rrsnter! Inn much The republican* are unite**
? nd h-K-mon'o"*. while the Denn "cafs are bSPSte-SH
torn Into s numb**r nf factions and are con'Inii.VU
worl?in*T In a harnipil wsv among tbaaaaatooa The j
Bepabfteaa state CBusuut-ea win occur in . ?ptemb<ir. I
and lt will ""e n kanaaataaa am! pleasant affair.
" Tlie situation In WI ?o->?'n ls thoroughly encnufar
Inc. I eannnf .nd thst lhe T>~i??'? ni" making !
iidv prnirress tli?t i> or dint Pec-trad" BOtlBBl a? heine j
in,ns crt).-rt In un ef11<-i,-t|i ?-av The poop'e of thai
stttre B~**ana*tV bars no sympathy with President :
i laval aad-a BrINsh fi-ne-t-ad* notions, ll ls. rom ]
nsraMvelv ?*-*.i''jr>ir. s vo"'!ifn! community : lnd|istrl?" \
ar*? heine developed BBd the peep!" sw the neoe?s|i- |
Bad WladoBI of eaa'lnulug ? protective RVstem. TIkIi '
nomination for Oovernor is a ?pl"n*Pd one. Mr. Hosrd
belne verv strong among th** tewo-ia."
'? .hal I* lbs nnt'nnli In ; n ?*? Stale ja
" 1 be I- mo rat* hav M'< hi an on th"lr list and hoi? ;
. lt, but th? lave not yet mail" d'" BBCe Bary
histed* and I don't difrill th'-v will be stile to do M. I
VT limit th's fusion s Republican victory ls certain. ,
ladeod. H I* ?"W ton late ta form any ennihlna'lon i
sra'nst im If ih" wort ls properly done by the Rcpub- *.
Ilea a party, and lt win bs."
"Vh.it was t'no ellect of Thurman's appearance In
?? Mr. Thnriinin m'dc BOeh a ra inp in* Rta trade !
speech 'hat In consider:!1 Iv mri dd th" tii.t'er and .
will help ns. Tho candidate on th- fusion ticket ha*
always been a Protection's!, and said a dav or go be- j
fn?' h1? tiorninalion that If lt vrit necessary In In lot- e I
flic Mills bill snd Cterelaad*! menage io tie a Demo- I
crat. 'then 1 am no Democrat.' Kut (he eonvetit'on
BBSl day made h'm ?wallow his wort*, and noir he is
trying to trnilille fhe Issue. pne*ag at nn" time a* a ,
I ar'ff ' i-e'o-mer* and at anoth r f ni* a<= a P o*?o''o'i's'.
Th I man whom th POBMeratl and a pa-' o'th dr on
barken hive put foi-- -.t as th?tr fusion raedtaaSO, 's
an exceedingly weall by peraon who is disposed m aid
th' Baltoaal Deiawe?atle Committee and conduct a
'boodle' aampa'ga in M*eh'gaa F.v d noe arcumt'la'n
to show that tho Iieinocrais are making extensive ar
rangaBiatl lor tpendtng a larg" amount of money la
my state, bul [ thins lt will be ripen. In vain. Tim
people of Michigan are not attracted by the fnl'aele* of
Iho free-trade tailors. TbH WM shown In th" Thur- ;
niiii meeting. Judge Thurman" adrea! area heralded ,
for a lone time ; e'fi*i-is wen made te draw people from j
all patts of Michigan and flSMB soma at!Jac"rit Btalai
Thc Democrats lyared no pain* to gather a larg" arewd j
lo liston to the Old Botnan'l tariff talk; but the ni"et
lng wa* si*mly a'tended and ih? manas".- WON gravely
disappointed The plain troth ls. th*' people of M* iii :
pan hnow precisely thc bearing of the ta-i . ?111?--?*t..r??
end reni)!!' *)? deceived into be'rsylag an BBfnuslaein
sde ld ist v. h h ihe; I no ? wo ll ru i
'I les. Th" I> ir ?? -i -il c v ?)*) I ? ? US i" - ol
': i jsu ire potne to snppon Harr'snn: and the Demo- '
eratic soldiers of Mlrh'gin an e ? - ? lo In their at?
tachment to (.. .cc : ii'tii . * i. I., lb- day of election j
yon will lind M'ch'aan ho.unliia for Hsrrlson, and I
>'i*;e,-i the bon? wi;! ca-'v wltn li two or Ihr? COB
eiessional d's'rteta it ls quite pt liable ita aha!! gala
twa and lo-sh'v tb ne Congressmen."
c*nir'r"-sr an Moir hnrrled a-vay lo Potion. itop
ping ' t a shin Mm" lu this cltv. Tn.n*?il he speaRS
at Radford S". from then will go to Main", wiri? ho |
i* pa! down tai t v* ip**och**8. Ile srilj nmaln la
th" l'nst until t'*' Issi "f .*??;'! "o' ?"*. sneaking In Cou- ,
noetic ut, ." o-.v-.ii ,>c,. New-_orh and M:i--a-ii isetta.
Kv ss i nvn,
Indianapolis, Ant: ?7 (Sp*s-!al).?Letters recdvod
fi om OenlrBl Harrison by Baeaben of his family ro
porl that he is -ready delighted wita Ins visit lo
Middle Has- island. Bverythleg eoauibutlag to !il.
pi.-asun* or enmf ni ha* been aiiiieipated by tho peOBlB
wbota hospitality he ha.* accepted. 'Hie npoitl
about tm- aotleeable Improvemoni ol bia health are ?
it --.iii d a* t Kin Dions, v. hen be left Indianapolis
? ildi was as food as ai any time In his life, nml
too recovery of lost itnngth wars not thc purpose ot
i i* vi*it.
'?'Ihe Qeaaral waa! to Middle Pass Island." said J,
lt, McKee la-dag, '* f'"' real ami enjoyment and to
finish Wilting hS 1'tier ol BCOoptanoe, to winch ho
desired to i**ve deliberate, aalaianuptad aiteniion.
'lhere wa., nothing arraag abu nt his beaHh, as tho
press reports Indicate, and Witt the exception of a
r'.i^-ht adiicit toon afier his nominadon he has not
tOBB 111 for many years. That attach was oo. at Bil
teri BOB, and would not have been BOtiOCd even Ly his
intimate fnend. If he had not been a nominee.'
a tetegnua hat baaa forwarded to Jaavu ('?? P.laine
by the lush Anni I* an Piut clive Tatiff Club of lim
ciiy, composed entirely ol voters abo wan Democrat*
prior to tho pies.-ni campaign, which says:
Pental ua to cotiKtatu an- you on fBUi nia.terly ex.
; Bf the trlclt anil Undse of the fentlertuin who sc
auptee Ita Whit* llo'j^i. Hu la um late in his bid for
mi*!* f.>ilmieri tn ta BJ.
Ptii-in-P.ay, Ohio, Aug 27.?<;er*-isl Harrison late
th's afternoon Indulged In a long row rn l.a'ie I.rl..
Ills stroke wa- even, i, ni be IBBCBBded In shoving
the bout over die wa'ers al a rapid rate half way to
Put-in-Lav. Thli eve lng be I* writing in (he cot*
1 quietly enjoying lbs lalio hrSBBOS.
Chicago, Aug. 87.?CoognflBaa Pipgr (_ MU* has
received a telegram from die largMBI-Bt-ArBi Inform?
ing him of the wth>n of thl Booae on Saturday In re
voklng ail leaves of abaeaee. Mr. Milli bat - :
ii* bl il.sent ten daj s or two wee*.s. making Bpi
.'t Toaban, B, v., New Haven and Boston, winni
abai ho Intended lo do iu view nf tba aeilon ot
die Booae, be said ha had telegraphed Speaker car?
lisle ati'l would b- governed BJ the latter's J idg.-iu-nt.
li ? i- ? Mr. i ..iii-i': advisn lt, Mr. MUli will start for
Waahlagtaa at once., lit- thought the action of the
Hods" wa. taken metal] to tee un lbs present! si ano
ban _t watertag plaaei noir v.a.h i)n;*)u. la ardor to
gal a quoi'ntii. a.tl ho had no doubt one would lie se
The bosiueai ia band is merely rauttna, h-_ad.
;n 1 nUUlm oulj a brit? ij .orinu.
Bostoa, Aug. ST.?John B, PtiigsraM aoUeetor
aad ci-KKiian of tba Paai Ofltaa liuiiiiing. ha-, baaed
lowing in affael te th*- circular -oin to tho
i i oihce cmiil'.jos by Um Dmaocratle Mate Com?
C B. Internal Revenue Collerter'a Ofllcs,
Dteutet of Maaaaehasetta
li*, -p !i. Au*;. 27.
To Bm asspiogrci in Bm CsUeeto-'i bepart-Beat in Bm
af Ms ? baaetta ..nd to teoaa in thu
1'i-- ui * Departmeat <?( n.e Post Ogles and Suu
"lr.. ? Bl lng, Bosoa:
i al *, -.j thai ,t eli alar h?s hc-n v-nt -e oil per
i in tin' gapartmsata iben awBtteaad, ie.
? eontriboUeas u> a political eaapslgn fund. This
i- f, inf*,nn a,I laiBSBBIBd bat the fcan.e bu BSSa U" ?
?-IUiou; tit faimtion Bl the Colievtor aol Cu-tedian. sud
?mtv sssploys is hi teity teaira ted ti,at WtlBBln n ht tr. j
Iga Bl bis duy will b* th. U-Dl r-**linn*iidallot. lor
io* roleen les la aatea aad bbb! they are a- lice, mj (ar as
?.ri-..nil.,n? ni" essMBfaeg, a? if teoy w.re aaaylyad by a
linvale linn. Th.. rteteOB -i-tcn, nf sj -shina BBB?--__4d
i>, many -f wh"in ate vory pni.ilv pa.1, BspaeteUy In lim
usi.Kiia.'i'a DapaitBHUb d'"* rit*r sold 'ii'.l-r 'lo* Admla
siratlon. JOHN !".. PITZriKBALD,
CeUeetn and Oaaudtea <>f tha Peel Oatea ii'iiiding.
J. II. Vawaaaad, Hie chan niau of the dido Douio
?ratle State Committee has let the cat out of di.
isp In tho matter of Mr. (levcland's retaliation mes
Baja, and it ls con ilsefvety shown that die message
m. *.inply a shrewd political st*-p BB die part of the
iinior,alic itiaiiHgrs. Iiifoitiinaiely for bim. Mr.
ovuiM.nd old not ti e thc mailer can Ii,M.\ enniigli.
ic si-ni broadcas! ihiougboul idiio, ls rartena m* rn
iii, jany who ai BUppOBod IO lave BOBM la
with U|g Iii.U c::._.n? ol Uk- titaU-. thin tiia
>ai(h :
" Have j r iinliiiriit Iilshmen _?? id congratiilatloni to
'ie- Kt' nt cleveland un bli bi na age aa IN lub-ry '
rtaiy, ard get nj d monst rai tons ii posklble."
A? j.-t no (i.itioii?tia;loiis of ciith' lastle Irishmen
iave bc-.b I.cm il of In ( 'do.
'Ihe I' mn rc lr (,, n.i..: ( IBSStlUOt nf Ringi C.niifv
tasnd tew evsuteg ital tbs prlaM les hs bald rn Us
I ieasfct* ii lind iowas .dh - ? ly oa I
.Bgaal IL ". steal Betegatea .. itnwlilj Utstrlet Baa.
oliUolia |M| l?ltcr will _.? -gg oi, TBBSBBy. BBgl
, sud will milli- il,* tliirij-ms gMBBM-B lo Uio bu.? Cou
enitou io h.'et iu BuiiaJo oo ,S it ir in ber li |t ls be?
ared ibsi Uti usually long Uiverval tatwaea tea so
'ecilon of rJie dderaiea who cs virtually named hy
Basal M. l__ii-h'ii). ind tho State Convention hat s
'tearing upon tho nsntlng sf Maier Cfaapln (or ths Brsi sr
tho second placo on tito St rite ticket.
Chalrniiin Quay, of ihe Republican National Com?
mittee, did not go lo hcail'inatters yeiterday morn?
ing. (Ie was slightly Indis]to.sod. and pieren?) to
continue iib work In bia nunn* at the P.verett House.
Ile was busy mo.l nf the day, however He smiled
.areastloally when he read a pilbil-bed ai tide, stat?
ing that hs had Brined tlie Republican ..enano *
io glvo Mr. Cleveland the retaliatory power which ho
ls s'-oking. "The (servo I* tint a body Pi bo oidereil,
anl I bave not lite po. er to oitler it," was bis cum
It was a quiet day, ta far as visitors go, at the
Republican Hen.tijuarler. *l .ring fhe day. Coin Hus
V. hiss ran In for a moment before start In 3 for
lat atnie Bl seasMd te bi gieaiiy pica .cd and
Ibaraagbly satlflod Wftfe die work alrealy doijo.
congressman lion, of Michigan, alee Slopped In fo*
s moment and gavo a h.iihaut account of politics
lu the Northwest.
A letti"- fro? (ioverm.r K. J, d?le by, of I'llnols,
was received hy Oasmulitessaaa ClsrsSflS yent iday.
It sa\" : "lt eiay bo pmaMa foi me to make
ipeeebet in tbs luiier per *ii September, or ia Cte
loiter, In Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. If I
lad dat 1 cnn do Mt, J will advise vou. I am
-a laded tiiat General Harrtaoa 1* glowing in public
eonfldeaea an*! public favor, in* nnslbla an! nu*:
est deiKirtnienl Mata hi* BBBteailBB has boen mak?
ing a lavina!,le l.-iipn--lim I**r him Ibisagbsul Hie
eoutaiy. I hear of no lulling oil among our lat mers
In lld* ftate among Ilia Republican truly on ac?
count ol Ihe tariff."
Ibo BepuhUeaai of Ooaaactteta will hold a ma-s
meoiing at Booda loch on Beptembei ?>. Aatoag tba
ipoahen who bavo siguiiisJ their IniocUoa or lauag
pi-uni is Mr*-. .1. tijou Vuotei n m.. Cabal i-od??
ha* wiltten ibo National Committee (hat he mil
D.ake 11.tin", in Malta, Rh .tin Island, New-Hamp
.imo. .New-Vork snd Michigan dining tba CBB-pAgR
Levi p. M.ni.*ri spent ve-", -a. ai ld, minc. Bl
Ba g8 Nassau st. lo a Tribune rp mr he said
Uiat averytblag ?eemcl te !<? moving along yuiedy.
Oswego. Aog.37.- Al tba Oswego, Wayne and Cayuga
pop ij.i. an 1 ..1 tie si..1111 Convention, bed to-dag *t
Vreedsport N. w. Nuttli g, of Oswego, wa- anaulBioosly
Ita hun in Cmmym Baloo wa- etmmtmt lam niRht to j
the SSOn by a mullltule curio'i* to h'-ar VVliiiain Lloyd
Narri -ph and H-nry (.*.- lg.- BSpoaad their d ?ctrln- nf
PISS Trade. 'lite yt-L* nil (.pin!*,11 cf Mr. darriwill'*
?iM-.-ili wa* that u waa naak, ti..y real blt ttcliin winn
I... BBMttsaed Bavamat Hill's aaa?, width wa* neetved
?iiii graaaa lh? apaalm stlgmatlrlag idm as a ?? ipslls
slobber.* ii.-Dr.r Georgs spoke his ovttaatly carefully
pr--pared ep?e*-h witii his u-n.il SW *-n7 bal th-re trott a
tent RopaMteaaa pnssnt, >-c\.-r-ai o' 1.1**111 a- -i nome
euibarra-sing question*. Oas SSled him if he believed lu
th" five Importation of tatar. A* Ita an-wer lo Uds
(jue.ti'in -aa not on ih.' ?ta*taia Mr. Boorga nased
before answering, sud then remarked that he dil not,
at which lhere etan BOOM BppteBfle After thl? Mr.
BeeesB aakad la ? bbb* abai ag Bas I tone that no more
nil* Meas be a*_e i. an 1 ;-"? * j* i lo bis aapaaadteg with?
out any mot. eaatanaastBg Iniertoptteaa
why HI 1 1 ir *T. viiiviv _', 1BODRKLT.
Coloael Oaorga n. Hunan, tho civil eagiaen and
aotaractor, whose aneiplalaed dlsappearsaes boa
Minim Vernon two weeks age eaualag an Bprialng of
the large Bamber or Italian laboren to whoa, bo
v. 1 -ii aires * tv- ri, :? laoor, surprised bia aooatea
and Mends yi iti rd ty a
them. coi.i.-i Inman has a larger number ol blonds
niau ba bas enemies, who propose lo stand by bim
in bi* ambenntmeBt, and they beBeve thal if he
is given time he win lettie everything lettefsctorlly.
Ha -aid ro s raportsr ol rhe Tribuaai
" I p*rhaps Djada a mistake in not letting p-op!e
know where I was gol ag, for dun this upiM'ig of
. Vihltli J ini.iil bat ' 0\;i-cted, vvinlid 1 c
been avoided l have limply beoB away lo look
after snot bar conti?-' whleh 1 wa* arranging, and I
have a big Bree 0! wort In ? 1 Ifo ala aboul to eon.
irict for, I did not ham of die trouble ben until
yestorda. morning, and then I eon luded lo com.
bai'k and face the music, if 1 can ba given Ihree
month's lime 1 can tonie up ail my ind -ni.-di e-.s in
full. In any event i prap. ta prove tha' I ani as
honest m my fri. inls have believed inc to bo."
OFFEB I'.KK'.sji;,')- i.i.i"THE WOMEN apply*.
ibo Central Labor Oaten passed neulutlOBa on Sun?
day eoadeBBlag Mayoi 1 ewiti tei oBa lag a pm Hun
of the Hartt aabscriptloB (und lo die woosra waa tea
titled talon the Poid Investlgatlag < ommlttee nnd
wre dlnbargsd by th ii emp oyen tor 10 going Tho
Mayor yeeterday wrote tbe fol!*.un.-- rrplyi
To l.ni-t Buhu, cone-purling aecrcury Central Labor
Cnlon :
?lr: I am somewhat at a lesa to underhand ih*1 ste
Ject of your several conuiiuiilca tiona. You aakt-d mu. 00
behalf of ths Central La tal Liip'n, la argaalrl a sub?
scription for the reinf 1*.' eertala wow 1 wio, iul baaa di*
eharged la cp'n?iu''tip'i ot having sppeai "i in Um wltBisa
hos tefen u.s Kurd Ceagnas Coamdttea I ptonptly t**- j
piled that the won co v.t-r,- BB tl tied I" tedi rniiity Bad dial '
I would appropriate a portion of lite f1111.lt In my pOSSee
?ion for their reliof. Boa nply that tbe I'.-ntial tah I
Cnlon will nol slbtw th* se wt men to receive tho r'!l ?;, ?
because 1 propose 10 par lt ant Bf BMMf which WM raided
Lu lha ca.se of O. M. Harli, 11 linn, von do not Uko.
It -???-_ to rue (hal than unfortunate wornt u have t
grievance gnBW again*! the Cntrs! Labor Inion ihan '
tl.i.T have against th*! saspteyen who glaibBrgad them 1
without cju*-. in ita nu sn prejal *??-. lt wttl sn i? *?
mit dc* rv lng women la Ik rri.ev J fm? Die -pair fla |
condition in which they bavs baaa placed, Ihrsagh aa
fault of their awe, and yea prefer raitvr ihnt tiny ahould '
Narva thea ranlve ibu mitt, whleh yam a-k.-it f**r, at nm :
hands Bf oriu ?Iii*"! you uIio.iih) |b daslgnatl at an " en ir.y
M aigaalied bbor." it 1- evtdaaily very hard io plasm
pan, but 1 leave ita mator ?, t,. wttted between yon and
the unlortunatt.' wom'ii wham y>u Uius condemn lo liana- i
If, However, the won r: , .bin than you are, *
sim'; h<-e r.t ss come t*. ih,- Maj ir's oMte, they o
;??_'' 1 nl'.h tbe btadlMSS jr. I tat I !? ll lOB IB vrl.l .
are . nUUsd aim v, blah yon k iy
A ;;*'.a.vi .v HEWITT, Major.
7HK IXBUSaXl is.
A Ci-e rained bsaaa amouallng te BB^OO ?* I
ri |ba i.?iuiy of tbe Pabi.ar KaaUtaoturing Compaai
u No- |g ami vi columbia Heights, Uruvfciyo. Hie
.nu Btata bia.ss and lopper metal 1.ta, and a nock
>i bOBflBl i* kapi in one "I lue noni*. Ons Ol die j
ii.'i'iovt-s enterea it yeeterday v.itj, a lighted candie la
.i- band and act Ute gea ob Bia, An axplwstoB ac
Hired, and the flamre bpi cati tome Url BBC! bobin Un?
til; waa aztlngulabad. Tbe tesuraacs un die stock 1
I* tolloui
ie limuiance Aa*" I MiehlgsB Firs, Botrslt 1,800
I ..lo* I . 81.000 l: ? iv,ju-'. I'.u-!,un;.. I,MAI
New-York.... 1 i- 1,,'iim
.. .*,'??-Yolk . I.o-? I , . .... 11, . ll il,in,,,rc
I.'? I', _-4| I Kgljlt-.
ii.jm'i.ui, 1. .-. ?_ -, * *...i lil \ni"ii..Boston ?
Iranian's iu.il C?i Z.IMHI l.i.**? dir.-, i.n-.itiul
?p ,. - ?? i .. - '. rn, in i-i* irg .. I
'lilted I -ii--. P. ni . 1 , ? ?* An,, ri*.in 1'hilsduiphia -
'.lugs County I. V.. J ? t- au ....ona, Pin.a... 1,-0. I
li. .-ni an, JVj Y. l.ioi. Lin Ira ant LBOCS*
Aensbgo, H. Y. -.600 si I*,-, Bag. a,ooo ?
lin. lui.*\ Newsrh.... 1,600 1 -
lllwaukos Mi'ti.i'iiici, , Totul .Sij.oui
Wis . 1,-00 I
(?n mai-bluery :
t)ctic.'.t?iC,eri?ii...N.Vel,iV?"i ' A""'tlc.in. Poaton. 1.00c
atii'tul. N. Y. ''On * ij.'I Rapids Muli 1 _ i
lil/ena, Ohio. I..." Nen Y"ii. K.**-. N. Y. IfiOd
lefcls, wisconsin. 1,500 I North Bi I tish anl
o issidls, W'lm..n?in. JJ.jOO ? Mi-i. ant.le. fcng. I.tJO"
lie lii.iuiain-i' Asats V,. lem. CansUa . 1.15*
elaUon. I'.ngiaiid .... l.OOO I Union, Cslifornla. l.'ASt
la ateetaren and p.ni. n 1. 1,7ft
M. '<-ii4iiin,i'it(iburg 1,100 Barn 1. N. J. 2.001
Unovrr, N y. J,OOO Augn'-.Nivals, Cal. 'J.ihm
IsetMBlea, phils. 1.800 '
lel-saes phil.. I.joo Total . 811.75*
e ? tails, n. v .. 1 gao
Pliiloilcl.ihla, Aug. 87.?Tba iBBUraaiB on fhe while
val- groeeiy etoak <*f (icmgc Miller, darnoted by ip
us! FMday, ls ae follows:
leretaata Prov.9_,_*e .Mumal Fire. Phils. . '?< *
Qullp.ble, prov.8,101 .('ouiu.erclal, Cal. I SOO
nn lin- (i-lcc. Rog, 2 .')(, I -__?_
nl(,ii, Philadelphia... 2..',00 I T.nsl . 811.001
"The Worll Moir.,"
Vlalntalned Galileo, when bia to.inriiti.ra rscked him f.
ItaUBllBg the true ?y-tcm ,,f CoperalCaa C. riuln (still -
nhl our, however, againat ihe DlB-BBtattea of flt -...,..
nd expvrlence. TbBB ai" lio>(? of p".ple wini, 1,
hey havo sdi.pied certain principia- continue u> SWaUl -
h'm u* their flying day in *1- Banes nf the laws of coinmoi*
enan. Mercury, drsalic pursatlvea. siipar-ixitent narnni.
nd BBdBttUta BtaagB -teg lune iel vet, ground before th.
rr'-?i*tibie peagfon af Roaaette~a BteaMch Bitten
lalniiHl, pnlnb'M remedy for dl?.rd*-ra nf ll.e llvr, 11
MaSBSt and the Iwiwela, ?)',l BsaUBBB to BMlM BBSS*
|,i.'i,'.u lee' ahopa ol maiiv hi....
Iver trnubls sn* eaelly 1*11.. ll, , BdlhBBl -ur al*!*
ilstartaan wah u 1 sitersUva Ba Mb aa
Jiilt'pai 011, Me* taSdataS In ai 1. bain, and Sll li*
-lill/ i<> d'. ("I saUi.'stitorlly. li oiues (svvii sod agni.
i-'ims'Jwu aod kidney Uuuul"
fUT tri ron* ru to TWB t?-.****-*.
ITssMi' 'on. A^iz. _..-Mr. I'yniini. of Indiana.
1 would have been mpnanl] ancomfortabbi ta day, r:_
copi fct Hm fi'i that he did tint re&Usfl how coin
plciely he had !*e,-n v|ii*;tic,| hy Mr. ('annon, of Illinois.
A week aro Lyrinm charged rhat In the Xl.Vlfh CW
1 gre^a l.evl P. Morion voled I.i favor of Cannon's mo?
tion te lay on the table fhe bill lo enforce tho Right
Hour law. Tho latter railed attention to MA* Unlay,
itnl said finn tii on an examination of tho Houaa
"Journal," be tound rbai Hr. Horton waa no* neorded
OP thai vore |,| i|,(. second session of thc same Con
trent, "Tbe Journal" showed that Mr. Morton had
voted for a motion to mapead tin- rules ami pass th.
! Eight-Hour Mil Then l.vrnm begSB Ki pett_fec His
? aifl.orliv. he uart, waa "The CoagtaSStBaal Beeord,"
oiii'-h he produced Caaam emitff1?* that -The
Ki-ciufi" wm nm tiie hlgbaai aatbortry, a fact vbteb
evt-rvbotlv familial with die proceedings?save By
num. perhapi tbnnagklj neognlaaa Handy a
I morning paaaea when tbs lions- i> m session that
lOHM BWml -r die* nol rlsn iii ids plaee " lo correct
"ibo Beeord.'* Bynum, who preftaoee to fie a law.
? ri tl un -ri to assort that he b-ll-veJ "The Record"
('.?inion con'tiniod lo proa* him with the gaeatteBI
'? BM yon go to -The Journal*" At last ihe Indiana
Statesman vi aa dilven fo e\|ios" hlin-'-lf t*v interim?
the saggestten that Mr Morion might have cliing-d
??Thi- Jaunts!" of die Monte I
A .1 rmm lin- erfioniory of such a MggMttaa, BB*
peelaily In regard to ?nch a man as LlVl P, Moiton,
Byaam prabahli auppoeed that "rio JoumaP is tn
li -??ii*, rip!?" lying 'i und lo*, e." Uta Iris own so
called Mess on tin- tariff?and did not [.row thal it ls
primed t>v the buadwd espie ai d iras a* mi.nh- io
bim ?* ?Tho Beeord," apoa wbleb ba proteased te pla
hi* raith. To eoeiptote his nxpomin ol hi*, owe lg
aoraaae he ntarrnl '<* ?McPherson'! Band'Book," I
ablet he nhl, he had examined, and found Bal Mr.
Morlan wa* neoided a* rating io labia lae m*ition to
reconsider. Bea die auihurtij ha rited shows that
Ml Moiton vole! |p> suspend 'he rules and pa*, tho
bill Edwatd HcPhenm *.M hav*. told him thai,
neither be nor suv ?*! im eu I i . nborfty wauk) over
for sn Incant Ihlnh ol B|ipcailBg Hom "Tho .Irinrnal** j
of the House to "Tho Record" In Hie verification of j
any fa.-r. bowovei slight Much l'-*s would lie di, *?o '
when li Involved tba luiegrlty of a man's political
Mr. r.-innnn treated Pynnm ns he d-scrv-ed when he
inland thai tba ton r*a latement nepeottng Mr.
Morton's vole ubi unit ie. md characterised lt as mere
petttlogglng il il" ld I thal (tynon ought to ii-g
th*- ciiu'itcv". pardon and Hr. Horton's irani.m. itv
mini's KiinlncI 'p. ,1.1V mus! lav. bein painful te Ills
b'si fi ii tis. Ths nit,si charitable view lion can be
taken ul li la thai h was i ll-d calved in ibe b rla?
ning, and I ? - *' ihe courage oi Blandness, or what?
ever gu alli maj I ave boen i ? -q 'iii-p_d, to tnako bim ac?
knowledge and tottact his Bl or.
TUB Ill.li vTL i>N sol i ni; ?* UP I UAH KS LIA'S TOA
? I'K en nt wurra h ?- p *t i n h.
tTsahiagtoB, Aug. _7 iBpectaQ. * i apeeeh de
lii-on-d bv Benatoi V>ul hall ol .'dtssl.-ii.pl. this after
liooii, ls adinliiid by many nf iii* boiill.oru coil* *
to be the bi**t preseniaitea of their alda oi the
"boothera QBasBoa" te whleh they ever lisiencd lu
Congie?, lt v.a- deBvered wtth sn air of fairnea.
an usual la polli ral ipeccbes mada in the heal
of a political camiiiigii. and lt commanded, a- li de
served to do, n.e cte a al eutli n )>i all bia political
?i* i Benaie sud el a goodly number of Be
jul*, ai.-, "i. ? ?"<-. ii was mode In mplj tu Hat
ol E-? i t'*.r wilson, nt Iowa on ihe Ja*-. i*n ''li--.,
outi.ii.-* * bm oie ipeaker devoted mile time to tho
im ai manor In Queeiion. He covered the antin
Bold ol -oUlhci't'. politics In ?o far a* they bingi nj""
ih*.' ra"e (lunation, and te rai as appcaramn and rtia
-ann eoogratu ttlon ol bli felton Democrat I may
.- . ? i ?-. bli icntlBenti aro tbost o'
In party ai ibis I
lie chaiged Hie Republican party with th. sole
responsibility tor freeing an.l enfranchising tilt- negro.
bul claimed thai the mi erial pragreM **f thc former
v.a. due ta ih- guod counsels, a. i-;a;.*c ami
fri-. ti'i*b;p of tbeh fem.ti owners, Ha claimed ihat the
rca chis of employer sod laborer aron mme aatl-fac
lui. In die South than la any oilier patt of thc
country i thal sirikn wen unheard ol lo Hlaataetppl,
ami thal lhe pull I bal problem ol toe agc ll blovvly
aid latlafactuiil] working itself out whan it u on
Influenced by tiie Interference of outsiders, Hei
obarged Inaincerity upon tba BepubUcana wiio In-1
-I** i l and conducted ii..- nal tevnilgailona
in tbe South, declaring thal California, Colorada and |
. *d tue North bad had their race troubles I
and election riots wltboui giving r'.-o to anv sugges. I
Boo of Invnllgailuo by Congress, Tha Milking leal un j
ol hia speech waa lis Btora or b?_. franb arabodimool
Ib subaianea of the idmiaitea thai the nc^io doo* not;
and can no I asp el io bava ins political rights whore
he I* in tho majority. This wa* not kalil in ?olds,
but tbrougboBi trie ipooeh then appeared tbs asser?
tion ol th.- native inferiority of tba Afrteaa, and *t
thc eleni rama tbe d * la ? toa al belief that bs Be
publlcaa lei uer would liva In Mississippi without
doing Li* utmost tu avert tbs -barren" of black
_upi' macy.
'Hie Ipi aK.r hoped I " t'i -'ll not live to see the day
when inch a thing ihould befall Hie people among j
wbCMB hil vi hui'' !;!? hail boen si cfit. This ls a vv nie
departure from the iweeplng itoeb deoiali of tho la_t
dozen reen thal tbs political rlghia of tie eokmd
p opie an rc* "ir i/ed anl a ini'l *l In Ihe South, and
If iho admtflston la nol npudiaied by bia teltew
I. *i,"*i.i s n may possibly pa.o iho ivay fur a uuw
unter ul tkloga
viii lill NA iii)*- . I n Ni.* PAVIXB TBlBVTa 10 HIE
iiKMcfi: cr ( ? ii.'mi mei.
v hlngton, Am 87 (gpeelal).?In die House fo
dtv Mr. Mason, of Illinois, offered a suggMtlve mao.
lutloB "f Inquiry, which ths majoritj in Hie Hoon
mn lind ii diiiiinit io dodge Tin tears aad butbom
of tba pi iposed loquirj cannot he better shown than
In Mr. Mason's own -old. ta aTrtbuiiS corrr.pomleut. !
ii*- said:
.; ri olatlon limply recites the facts ahleb every one
?im' tiie president ti* dei ? !*? l. without Utterest,
? ?', il I...ul.s.. thal i* saith t, t ?
banks. .* .. i ? ? Hit pei ai.inn... ii obi 110.000 b day. lt
tal tiie people si i pn -? auka the chug, that
Bon baa - ai pa) ' au batteas to tho Baasa>
Notions! < ss sn imi iti'i MttstdBisltea fur
-I,,- sss ! I lu Ur* I ont by examining
IBs (.iii.ci- si ii. -,? f?.i!..i booka artvsUiei thi.. u tri?
?r not If il I to pay larg contrlbuUoaa to
ii,,. Den ? lb ey i i kt to pay tel ? *
Am (.*... intent, The RepobUcao party, a* shown by
: only about Bts.000,
OOO i , sod tal I a* s,., i,riy ovei
'7.ooo ooo |n Csvernmesi booda who- nu.v. asahawa by
i in- report af the dt-i i i , lbs rrea*>urj bb viitust 1,
v baa loaned ta the i snta a en than
ft* .*."" ? are wbleb i edy ii"l '*
bi bonds as snarlly. Good
iii.tin-i -in-,-, isn't Itt Hui *t-.if fr,,in thal bsd _mnBgo
it-.-m. I ptoposfl to posh M ita and ?hia Investigation to
is. vi*, ii:"! ihs lamest, ut nlaaNs an nf Ooveraawat
?und*. i* beln| li* -ii* i foi psrtj ase* Tta Bones will
imi rafun te sppelat tta nmwitiet. md wa will ei-amii
ita m i felly.
VOST Ii: l'*l* I'll. "KU "i g A HO UOHT MN'.?A LIVE- I
IV riMR itVRB rsi ht.lilt BILI
maablngfon, Aug 'J7 iSperlal).?In the Roan one ol
?be most exciting acem.- of tba leaetofl followed the
teUvery al a ipeect to-dav by Mr Toot, of virginia. |
log lha Deawerarie majmitv for lt* refusal to j
illow a rote to be taken on 'he lilulr bill Aa every '
a-eftil render of 'ih" Ti ll*mc knows cm* .i'i-ration of
li lg ni MB! ii" hv ll.' Hon-'' was prevented bv the I em ii
?I'.ai*- ?? itseriBg" eoBBtttee In the last Congmatw,
ntl till* -i-sini was ii.it iwo nteatba old helen i ss
n Speaker Cari lie's eonfdence ptb ttelj deetered thal
>0 sctlon on thai ''lil BCCd BS IX pet ted, af 1* a-st until
ifter ti.e PmMeallal clo, timi. Mr. Vost recalled
hear, twit to-dnv In _ vigonui- and eloiuent apeeeh
iblch tva, hm Uv BBplaudad on Hie Rei'iibllean .Ide.
ho subj.i i is aaa whi* b. next io the tariff, is of
Mcf priiiiiine*icr In Vlrglnta poliib-a. anil both parties
ti thu' Male la *i, p. ..ic * ppp ?liin-il tn favor of lt
Vost'-* -p'-.---li aim..e.! di*' fan nf W'l *\ | Deana
tall' I Iva fr* rn IBO Ko linn,ml Matriel WbB
? piade a BBSCoh Ita Uta ol Which wu* mv*-r lieanl b?v
oea i-M-p' in a Virginia i* nu dtoauaaten" tews'-d
ii.- sud of a bot viigims campaign. Ta ?sv that
i.'aadala Vtea Breamed and tartetad an.l thai ba threw
? i- bod] lulu avery pontMa iiiltada u te diaw it
i I Uv The llou?e laiighid 'ipinaiinusl- snd Ihat
-llmiilaled him i., still wider t\\_ni_ Voling Vont.
Mgbt, un.Ib-fBrod aid nervous, bal gone over in the
>"in crotta spio, 4U,| i,r ?., ??.,! ,,, |,? nt,,,,,, ,i?. ,,M|V
" "' wbo t.n.it it - h. ui ? . m lon iv !., ,v wybody
l?e ii waa app wen I thal \*
? !? I d, \t i t.is.ic'i I,a"* way nj tl,,' al-le
? ri lbs DBBOOfBUfl Mia and began to dSidUBOg bia
tatetnct.la. A dBSSS O* n.ocr?? aptang to iheli f,.et,
nut (lia pluck) llitle Vlrglulau dolled thin ail. in
vain did the chairman pound lbs desk; In vain did
the Democrat* cry ** >rdeK-the? was no order. When
the confusion waa at Ifs height, and when to mea who
oever saw a Virginia cdnveotlon or attended a Vlr
ginu "Joint discussion" a general fracas wonted
Imminent, Wise re'lred from the field.
? hat seemed M make Yost most angry-and Justly
so?was Wine's iBfSBSl to give the votes east fur al
well ss against fhe lllsir bil! In the Sen als on eererol
oecaatoBl BBB was Wise's leferotire to him aa a
? t. ol of Mahons,'* when Ceneral Msbaaa himself
wi,ni*! rti.ol -m h a charge, for Y. m has b*?>n owe of
Mai iona's bitterest opponent!. Allen, of Mfsi'islppl.
a*! ed unanimous cors.nt for a vole on tho lilalr bill
duri and there, but to thal, uf course, tbe Democrats
il aro uot agi-oo.
Washington. Aug. 37 (Speclsli.-It ls understom
Hist the document which Mr. ballinger will siibml
to the House ss the ? views of thc minority" of (hi
special commune appointed lo Inv "sd'.'ate "Ho
termer" Bsnadiet'l management ti tbe (.overnn.oii
Priming Office will be of a auffewhat startling nsiure
aml thai lt probably will rSMBBBSSjl the - I",>t!iin i.
a resolution for His Impeachment of that officer Bl
nerious grounds A man who I* familiar with thi
case (a authority for the statement that Dr. Calllngei
U filly convinced not only of Bal ellet'a Incompetency
but thoroughly believes from the testimony thai 'b<
"reformer" has been gullly of BMHsSSSBSSi SI B8B
as of bUrlal favoritism. Another serious charge
which tbe document ls said to contain ls that Bene?
dict or some person under bis direction, tampered
wl'h tba record of testimony, which of course was
i : nted at the Ooveramem flinting OB*?, while in his
control and under his supervis on. The document
will malte ailey and Interesting reading, however ll
may bc modillod beiorc pwontaUOB lo tbs llouaa
B'ashli glim. Atnj. 27.? The bond ?ffurtii-! to-day
Bfgngaled yu..ooo ai toBuwa:
I our pei cents, registered, 840.000 at 128 1-2,
88,000 al IBS, %-O.WO ai t_H 1-2.
i h ? JtalBlStl of (he Treasury accsptod ths follow?
ing hoad oller to-day :
-i,oo?i ngteasnd tours at IBB
Washlngdin. August 27?In the Hausa to-day tho
Committee of the Whole, by a vote of IOU to 59,
sustained the decision of die chair. ruBag out of tbo
?iry ApproprlatteB bill- Hie pmvislou tor tl__
p(?mont of thu firii.'b bpoiiatlon Claims.
ANdriirn polk kiuan ark sted ron iti-UNO
TttlS rivi' riievi a pi r\uu-"nV SHOP.
Policeman William M t'dloman. of the F.a.1 Fifty
BlSl HlSSI ?,u?l, wcoi lo Police Hoadquwters ye.
tetday BtUTBSg and laid he wished to lender bis
resignation. Inspector Williams tonk him bnfore
Acting superintendent Byram*. Sergeant Norris, of
Ibl precinct, wh** bad followed Fellemau to Uead
gaai-SrSf aald In hu prose ace that hbo policeman
v-i-.lietl to n?ign in order to escape punishment for
theft. ThBta was a consultation between tho ollie,als
and then I .-iliiman was allowed to write out and sign
his resignation. Mr. byrnes directed two do'ectlva
sci goat.ts to follow Felic? an from lle-dvinarters.
Ho ado sent Inspector Wlillan? up to tbe precinct
to ' nata an Investigation Mr. v. il.ian,* l.jiii il
enough to om.vince him that tell-man had been
guilty of theft ami (sergeant Norris wa. directed to
arreal ibe mau. rel mm an waa locked up in the
BfteraoOB at th- police Halium aud this morning be
will be atiaigutrd at ths Vorliville Police Court.
During tho slimmer Fellemau hat. boon living wltb
til* family In a tine house lu Illili ir- .., the ow uer of
which is away in tbe lt if BUT Hil post was In
Madison-avo- Lately he had been seen going at
nihill into Paul boyle's plumbing shop, af No. nih
Madisoti-avo., aud carrying awa> from lt bundi1?
Which be di upped into ino ara ol die Fifth-av?.
house, in fi pl aaal lae of his radi to the ptaaabw's
shop, he tobi some of bis comrades on the forco U.at
to bat! leave lo "lay otP In Ihe shop, and ibat he
liid ;i lioj i. ihe place. Inspector Williams said yos
tenlaj that he BSptatld to prove that Foll.niau had
been stealing lead pipe irom the ahoy.
About 4 . m. ftaterdai Uound-iiiau Bingham, of
tho pnelaOt, saw t-.ileman carry a bundle from the
shop to vu. house In .Hth-avc., whlcb ?as olf hi.
: r. 1?. ll-man went imo lbs bouso ami left tbe
bundie ibero. The roundsman nreta to the pp ih-o
sta:.i'd and tuld BtagOBIII Norris, and later Non? ac
COl I I ell'tnun of st-allng pipe from the shop, Fel
1*-i ..in laid be would loaner nv>uu tuaii rest under
si,in a Clurga He luoi. oil his tiuifoim, pot on Ins
plain clodes ari started for Heeduuarteri. in? .?..e
tor Williams sa ... utter tho arrtal of Fellnmaii. tbat
ll," man probu I) coiibl I? convicted uf Hint I el
loman li a reieraa of the war and an old policeman.
leo las) tim- a p dc email was caught Healing, only a
tow MuBta ann. the euipiil was .eui to omg sing
v. ii mu twelve boui..
Flvs baadred ardent politicians of tho Fourth Ward
attired In linen "dusteiV uisrvhed in procession to
the Staten Uland ferry yesterday morning under tho
-omu-ariil of Alderman Patrick Diver. The 500
wi", ali mc-mben of the " Pa!" Divvor Democratic
AsasclaHaa. lad by wv. sf accentuating thu Inter- j
citing fact, each roan carried in his band a " Th ti rm aa" j
cane?thal ls to _-$, _ cane decorated on tho pat- |
ruin cf the nd bandanna. These they flourished In
tho air as dry marched, -'companying the aotlou
wltb slid shouts or whoops that augured well for the
liveliness of tbe proceedings that sere to follow.
Arrived at tbe ferry the party boanlrd tbe Kobert
oarrett for st. Boorga, whence they wout hy train to
Sea View I'arU, th* re to partabe of their fourth an?
nual clambake breakfast and dinner.
Bandy had they got through with the breakfast,
rrbor. Hie long-threatened rain came down wltb a pill- I
ess stoartlne-s thal speedily malu?! through the linen
iMten and washed out all the rntbu.'asm bprn of
unlimited strong Mejum and pnllltesl aidor. Driven
tito their tents for r.fug.. the pirasuie-seehers found
t absolutely BSCesBarj to " load up* afresh by way
if counteracting Hie action of the water, the result
lOltig that wheti tht st erm-clouds at length scattered
lad the rain gave out, they were all In the breeiiesr of
-mids vd ready for any lum,* or.t diversion tbat fata
night throw in their way. lt ls not to be Inferred
fr**m this that they were In sny B8BSS die worse for
Irlnk, or that they nearly approached thal corni .'lion.
rta Pat liivv t.-ilies aro all thoroughly bafdOBOd,
tieady, tystematic Imbibers, md can look upon tim
ivino under all varying I badu Bf color without so muon
_s blinking, '1 hat whlcb would r< .luce any man ot -
>rrtlt:__-y cori-tltutlon to a state of complete oblivion, |
???all itiftlcoi to rentier the Dlvverltes a Utile play?
ful, and they "vordlrrgly began to plav.
They sun. hod each ether's bats arith their canes;
KjUlrted suda water and beer at any ono unforiiinate
DOUgt to oom. within tbe lino of iii*, or br*mglit tba
U late piny with consi.leiable effect. During
lbs afternoon Mr. Dlwor was made the object of a
at lon In the shapo of a handsome gold sud
liaiiioiil badge, bearing the symbol uf tho club?an
ll'l head?aiul Inscribed with Mr Divier's monogram
I half-mil*' race fur men welshing two hundred pound*
ir*! over oi "ailone,! BBToaieua hilarity, ("pon a I
l Ho of heated atoms upvr- *| of tout bundled chickens, j
ibroo thousand soft anti hatti shell clams ami BBS
thousand ay Mara, ta aay aotklag of potatoes and
jr-en com, w.re cooked. At b o'clock tba call to
lintier WM sounded nnd there followed % pell mell I
midi to lb. lent, after which lae party prooiv.lt.il to
paint Ibe village ami adjacent dlatriela a bright ver?
milion until bight bad lung cb sr" In upon them.
Aldermen dali lev ami Dowling, with Deputy-Sheriil
Thomas B'lldei, grs/ed thi iceoe with tln-ir pn-senci),
wb lo Elli's band spilt the air with sumo particularly
iirasay niuslo.
John Clancy, thc young coach-driver who wao
,lni tbmugh tbe left lung by John ('.amnion In (.rant's
l I nor sin .p. si Na. atti (lowery, on Sunday, U 'III
die amt con-oii us in Ward il, Bellevue Hospital
>\ bile Dr. Ballon entertains no hope of bis recovery.
ie a* well as Ibe rest of fhe house staff are surprised
at the pat-Mt*! wonderful vitality. The ball pa?t? .1
brough the lung am! grated the perlcaidlum. Ile ts
lewllng Internally, as ls natural to expect, bul If tbo
iemorrha-e should bo conr-died by coagulation and
'lam-y recover bli case will be one of tbs strangest
in record. To a reporter be aald : *? Gammon did not
shout nie In the hiim a* repotted H.- shot me ni
ih>- sah oti wit html arti provocation. I ur vcr bad any
Hike td ly with hun tatars."
A B'.'L/.-?\HI!*.\ I'uLITK7|V QOtfefeW, . .
Tii*> convo'siuu of evDlstrl.t Att.i.-iicy BealMda W.
Pawning, of Qucii* ('nunty, n.. a-l*in, I n.u _ _ n, u.-ioii ?n
Lang latead yeatetaay, when ii taaaaai goaatuill taosra,
tfebodi is baum kii*.wn ut Oaaaas ant gesatb aaaatin
ihan " lien" BBWalBg and Hie siinoutir*ment that he hal
', nf hla sins aol nut only Un galHtaal tongues
ni-j if 11* it but lha gns-lpa In every village -hr.- lbs
BUBS reaihad .Mi Ot,wn n< wa? makins a quiet -uy at
-BBB I Hxir. N. J. He \-;.t.l, 1 Un,Hui Harrl-nu's
M_ap ?BBttega wtian thc evangelin pion-iiiMl s atrtiufl
-chiiipii. " Wini shall li pr*.iii s mau If lie sam ths abate
nm 1.1 _inl IBM hts own * -il P Mr. Hutt limy yblaul an4
t-rr BteeBleaaaoM
l!8F. IKIKHPOItli'S A( td I'lidai'll Ai K.
Dr. C. f_ I'VKU Ut- lev bi.-, .il, m.. ?? | save found
lt, anl lt ai..ne. I., ta ngalda ..( prnluilng s ssset sud
Miwal sltti. in lana of Insn.iiiis fr un oviuit.ih of thu
iirain, m. t* .ave gi?ma te svitus prvteaslousl sud
Uuaincn Bico.t
weitdina Sis wey ap tbe si ale to the al'ar sui shs*- .
Bsn1? with Brother Harr'aon. Joined biro In ths pr*rina
sod alm-lng, sol arknowlelged ht* faith. Mr. Down*, _
was Dlstriel.AItsrftoy of Queens County for sin
term*. While arrving his last term President Cl?rctaaiL
i_.su Hsnrnor, rsmov*-- him. j -
WAS TT OTff-T Mlf.TTART niBr*f|?ABB %
The Judgment by d.faull for tl.OOO, taken he
Private George C. D'Arcy In bis iud against Captait
George W. Mooney, of Company fl. llth regiment f,
which D'..?*- belongs, was opened by Judge Bhr'irk
of fhe City court, yesterday on payment of sjio costs
, by ibo def-ndant. Pending an application to o_x
Jntant Genetal Porter for an order directing j.-^
Advocate General Clifford A. H. Bart lott t0 ,- fenJ
the captain, tbs latter failed rn serve his ? ..,
within the time rrciuired by lsw. General t__n_.E
' having taken charge of the ea-e will now Inter?,*
an answer tPAreyN claim la for darna"? for f-,,
i Impilsonment, and he allcgi? thai the cspisin, anea
* the leiurn of tho regiment from ramp, deialued bia
I for an hour in the BB-BBUBf room because be -wa?*}
' lo give his pay for one day amounting to 81 __t ^
* doti ai rog.ru ent-l exoen??*. lhe def*" .dani s?-_ru
' that the aaembert of ce company had azrV-iJ!
mal-? thia contribution aid fa' the detention ot
D'Ak) wa, a matter of ,* lilian divlpllie. wm, *?)<*
the 'ourts canuot lnurlcra b Atty paid Ute BM
under protest. *?
J BITS OF |d OW. *,F.W8. ,
An Inlunetion waa meted hr luat.es Petterson, of t_?
leanna Caen, ps'terday. st th* -un of the Oeesral iv_.
Nnrth and Pant. P.lv.r Itsllreal Om pony. r??l*alnlnf the
Forty-*, "-ond-l.. klan, atunillle ind Si. Nichols! A-"nna
Kal!r.*a1 (Vioipanv from tren-'iud!n? or opera'ii.p a rall way
j In Ten'h-sve., be'wen Forty-second snd Fifty-OteltelBa
j under a ncrmi' i-arn -d by the OeaMHtaMoae? of Pnb is
I W*?rk*. anl from " tib-rrutllrnf Ute ptalotlir. ti- k. or u^
i free snd s*t?|p u- 'here**.*
Preaton W Kl in tue ha* nh* ta lr. et from I miles Patter.
am. of the Sunrera? Court, s 888101 nf StaMBM -Ivores
fiom L(.ul?s Kldi-llt?. w**? 'f known on '_he ??**? u
1 Loulne Ssniford They wero mnrited on August 8. l*:-^
' ml have one eh'l.. Ths nfteOB to wh.,m the earn att,
j MtaaUnd teaad dm aha hud '*'?n esdai* Intimal* wits
* John Trnile. ef Poole'* Tr.ea*re.
The trustee* of tbs fe-dfiird Vi*?' Methi -:*t RpiscopsJ
Church have obultx-d from Ju-ti'O I'MU-rio'i of *h*> Ss.
i rem* C> ur . oornil?*ion to ?el a lo ta Mort n st.. ? ?>.!??*.(
the church, for ell.OGO lo "table i_?.? to pay a u. r_ta_t
Sf S-.Ui*. OU Ibu chu "rb edllloe.
i BSr SSW lorRr-rni*-?B(_*-B--(irs Patteraon. I-Nea.
1 91, ._ hi. Iii IT*, ll-.. lui. I?7
' .-?.,. ito. a iv'- * oi Bi?Tn-l: ..uny to be totten h* fore tko
Pro'isl- ricrk- IT,. ?*(? of thc wi'i* of Marr An. K-a
as.1 I li rta. ilepptti-lisi'uer I*. ? m.
Bureaus Pacer - sraciai. ita-x?p*?r i. - AdteataM
amil -'..ii *y. *-t.i?ni'.er 17.
HirsKtos roust?*rt_t_,_ Tsu? - a*for* fr. 'bm, ;,_
No av e H'-ii 1 ir
COMMOS Pt__B - BrKCIAL .l*-4-B*f**S Allan. J.-Ho
oat i-1 endsi.
( i*i kt or iir-vimi *x??ioi???paat L, IL sod lit.-.
Adjourned lor tbs i rm.
evrrAtn. Airnat 17.? ea mt ? Ste 1 Har. <1n'l sud sa
???li ???? . 1*1.1 i. ai $1 tr.'.p*l ?_<*. Xi I Woniora 'ul! at
81 *>I "_* l 81%l Winier Wlirat I . - er. Ne. t Hw I ll ic-IBi OS:
No. 1 a it 'i* U.ei.w ... J-r : Mill'B.' Kel M., C-.m * 'slr
?ts'iiand, but bur r: Wi* I Vail w *.?"** *>*>>.c Be I Yellow
Bo?:,oi,o. Na '-. .y'?.???*?e Hst H. ?-"._iVic n.t. ns
sriilnd "!?) N'i. '** "Al. ?? st ital Nsw No. '1 Whit* .1
3 4 Uc N. IVV*' te .1**?:dP NO J Mlle I p11<'. ?'-'??!
n v saskisb* *l. ki tn 'e.nir. wiiti tate time -. opnog
Piienis .4 0>?.4 Il B--?t Wlu er 94 Bft 14 MX < ors -
m#?. ?te?iT. Otnn*sl sus lr. Canal BaWMa a's-iir;
W bast .'ac: fm n -('.c. I'..* elute?Flo ir 'J_.ir*|.| t.bi*
Waesi 114,ono bas- Issra l-l /am i,u*t_ ??. n?i,e.
? limnieiii* mr R-il--K.,nr _ H'm it *U Whest B-'.'il*
bu.ri. Cum * (l.ooo .Qsn. Oura Vl.'itt * tm* u Kr* 'jins.
ttsi'Si 8 Hi.'"i-ii'a?Wl.?-i 1 s.umi biiaii Cnn. iso o.? I > j?o.
I'MILAOhU'.II*. Atom? gi ? r uiir anim ? ' ? ? . 'T
Wsstor-i Adi Ps i is'. * .ii i 8.i..sr?ii? ti Tseai o':
ila .I*. Kxtrts Si '?'*.? 'lt. He. 1 Wtour r*m lr
t- R7l|Bl*t ll-SJ Peu iiriT.uti i-'sTitir tt no81. Ml
!??? ..-ir.p.i, tiler Peseest tl tue i ft dkn Cur
lt UBI V. li <l-i ?* .- i.-a li ? ? ti tt (ulna*
f'lmr <l UI11V 1 ? i ? i ?. ? ? . <t D-ittl '.? '. >'. Ixii ? si!
8 .itUerri timi ItSW tl lilli) li >? ?S**Mfl( .. ?..*.?
*.'.m. Winter e .tent f*lr t'lclttce Si <?'i O'. I'*. KiO"*'StB
C'lcsr St i?t ii ' di atntifii SI 0 .St VI "1*t Purni
? ? >o?.i Mi *i*> r*v . .t' 'ir nt- ll i" es ?">'. Rrs
Ptnnr -tull ai si*ii mm t,t,i TTbsai Bsr*r r* tb - el \ ?_?
i'm .i m.i r'i ir Bl BM Vi '-..* gOeCT* n7?i*?. N*k 1 liole
w?i.- |tr*l 1) 'C ; N*.. _ I e.i h^ ; Be I Pcntl-ylT ,i.u i(*t
li....': \t, -i I; i Mei all in eui*..! siev-*ior : u. a Ko'
tot A'l.u ' M.) ,?iuo. ii") mr Seiite'iilter BOUIHlaai ito fie
OeiSlMT D7(t '7v An tnr ttmmememt .-rfU'Se. O-.rw
? tct.lv . Stfies ol N'i 3 Mliotl iu -Ut sr. ?:ev.,t?r st Ha _
No - Mlteil in espon *l . *t.r .. I *-_. . I. in ?oih--t. Sts?*4t "*
lita ; ?. V III. i Mn-.l in _ru1u :e nt MV I Nn. t Yellow
In -'thai, el -atm Ma N -' M ie I :or Ausn-t Wt?
tlItf lo tar i-*-|it.?- ii >?r tl- Bite o "or (i toortr .">3>ia
8ic; ts (ur Keessitier irB.Via Osta?1 lie ra r?o. lao
net o,ts w.a t|u.e <ri * sist-ly, lintier rr* olfeii'i-*: salas
s Ssw Kc- km *il a-.l IBs | L'li.rs-leil Mtiwt _!ic i New
ro er.i.l.. _0? -.'fi ? \..r Ke|rctc I Wilt" '-'* ?( Kif . "-'ow Un
cr ci * Whits iii *-Bsta I N w N*, I whit* 3 am**-; <"IA
N .. -I Whits ile. Ultl Vo I Willie i'ic. MOP? WefM flrn.
Ii.it 'init.t . Hm, 1 A'liite (or \ ?? _-n*l MtbBM'OOl 'to f?r
-ror?inh,T Hti, *:iii; do *.r O* t?? 'er 18*k#8tei ?"' '"
N'??.niirr 3i'< t?)S',*' Pnt*t.is? ?eri-Or it at 8) BIM "-r
b.-ki'l. Pr.>irism*ia ?ere *i.-.-v. ot <.<o.l .letu.iii*1 bret
Our. ri mir. o.r sst* *? 4i*W >> i? lo Pic^.t
BT A it** mi. -stieik-.l i onf utily., . it,. r Hams SI'S Sow
BIT At. **rt ii*-.- il- .\? i liii rn ii' Mr , \?* ri ik? do
(?'.miir a',-* )m???.'* imi Hen* s-.io.h! par 0. !>".?
iv. *l i -n. P .!.i"tji ia itirot*. 11 ?? * * i ?j<i ds do >ts
tn sill, lia S, let. Clstr lt ti .* I auikel U-sc.
8't<mli!.r*. in tlrv ssit .. fi.,.- tr*l ,?_ t lo.
?i-i * ti. ks I i'a 11 ai uri cu.. osrsi. **? .
ll *. la t U *< _ I*)') li< t.i III ti * ul) * . ?
lie.: .lo Breskfam Bseon 11 Vi?1-'".?. Lam rtrsi?Cur
R nne*l ?rt ,'><*l ii ?* Sl?*n ai ?'.?' **?? Hutoa-r?' looss
e-" 7,. Uniter ni, ? Poo isvir.uu Unmans B "SB al
I 91 e. Wv.lera rsinecr Kxtr, I'l^-siT.i ti. ll n. N*.
V. *J?t'uer*r Kjtr* tt 17,: > ?et?. ii r*?lorr lt 8 '? "??'
Psoains bolter ll Si rn Bennso's uro P*nn?nrs?ia
_r*i? ai 1.0. We*lcrn .r-r- ,1"' #:.'ir- 1'Ii.m* ,.?._ y
,1~di ia*1 f-tr: Mo#V*tr< fitli i.'reso U'il'iC O'u*
Pl it\ I'h.no* "ia- le *>'?ir l> Prl n- 7Vi*sc *nirsr?
Ksnnwi ml! Powtsre-I 73. . <?r?nuu?. 7 <?c. Feet duli.
? le OT; ?'. inter Kr ? * 117 "IfH 'Si SST los. H?irole tn?
Memlr ; 70 vuei <*?? a .?.* 7v?'. KtastpCO?Bte BB A "tm
outs. W>i-.it S.VIO * ,u ?tu e,*rn 3.0OU buan *?s- 140 m>
liii-k. Som nulli- U us? 1 Co-ill baan. Corn t'.*A? lia*a.
O'* li. m. ...a.
UVtaMBB, Ans. '21.-4 o m.?t'sttos ?Tbs sales sf Ihs
?'ii "-i-i.. *,?! **.8 "i '*'..* S ???') ii u: I ..-inr-* .'.jici .??_',
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