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Thn ve.scl will /< L1 \f \\'VIJ DUL'CIIU'VT
Ltrc to save thk country from
Paris, Deo. 1 ?.?In the Sonote to-day during
tho debate on the bedfOfe IC Cii;illcmel-Lacour
said the present was not tho moment to con?
fider French finances, hut the future of France.
He condemned tho polio? now pursued in the
schools, which, he said, struck at thc root of
the traditional principle of parental control.
The main cause of existing evils, he declared,
was Radicalism, which relentlessly pursued the
old founders of the Repuhlic Md gave pt mailes
that were impossible to fulfil. France had
abandoned the most glorious of monarchies md
was uhout to fbll at the feet of the hast ol
men. The Cabinet's duty was to chook thc
movement towan) the abyss, hut instead of
doing tins the Cabinet wa* hastening the move
meat, lt \\;is time to return to | policy of
good sense. He appeal- id to the Righi to unite
with the party of the Left, which was the \x\*
holder of order and liberty, and tOfetbel save
the country.
Jhe speech created a sensation, and at its claw
thc Senators ro-e en masse and enthusiastically
cheered the orator.
M. Iveon Say moved that thc speech be printed
and i>ostod in public places throughout thc coun?
try, lt was ultimately decided that M. Soy's
motion should not be voted on until the next
lVemier Floqmt remarked that the speech of
IL Ci.allenit 1-l.uu our BBighl bo analysed as an
act of repental.ee and an act ct good laitli. M.
Chaltemel-Laciiur had ugod tuat Fiance should
look to the btlfUt lor salvation.
S.'veral Senators protested against tin:, remark.
M. Fioquet asked for a tow monett*' fonxar
ance. Continuing, he said that lie had not so?
lo ;t? d thc power, which had boen Inputted DpOB
him; hm during oHiee be Ind tried to effect a
concentration ol the parties mi iii- Left. The
Cabinet's policy bad been *riae and republican.
In torming that policy lo- had introduced a pro
pond to ec catobliah uugle-membei oonstiUiencieif
in order to bc aide te conlinu, the struggle
M. Floou 1 at this point suddenly left the
tribune llis action caused general astonishment
M. N?y warmly approved .u. Challemel'Lucour'i
tpeeeh. " He saul he regretted the reply made bj
ti. Fioquet, and declared that the 1'renner had
not risen to the occasion.
A great uproar thereupon ensued.
M. lenin defended the police ul tho Ministry and
roi.icndid thal the whole evil was caused by the
Conservative! refusing u> adhere to the Kcpublic.
ML Fioquet announced thal he would, if neces?
sary, introduce new legislation to combat tbs
Bounngisl danger.
1 he House rose amid great excitement.
bakharois tribal wa ru auk in
London, Dec. 10?A dispatch from Zanzibar says
that lo pursuance of the Sultan's arden four natives
?who were awaiting (rial for murder were horribly arid
cruelly executed in tho itre^t* of tjie town, their heads
cn: off and the bodies loft whore they had fallen, c\
pased and unguarded, un'll tho evenlnc of the day of
e.xncutlon. The Sultan ha? abo ordered that twenty
four prisoners. Including one woman, who had been
sentenced for life, be put to death Id a itnttar nan
ner during the next week, a few to bo executed each
day. The British Consul has vainly protested Sgateal
then atrocities. Tho Sultan has proclaimed that in
thc future he will be guided by the Mohammedan law
only. Ho has bestowed QM power of capital punish?
ment on the local governors, and ha* ordained that
their sentences shall not he takjMl to appeal.
News hat been resolved ot an outbreak between the
Aiusba and Masai tubes. The funner tribe had en?
ticed the Ma-at warriors into making a eow-llftlng ex?
pedition, and during theil ebaenee the Axushai raided
thi' Masai settlement, massacred the old men sod
women and children, and seised the young women tor
concubines. Thej also carried oil i 1.000 head ol cat
tlc. The Masai warrion, returning from the expedi?
tion and Anding their homes devastated, lamented for
taree days, and then began a wat against Ibe Aroshas,
which will probably last Jot three years and result in
the devastation of the coui try we.-t bf tho Kilima-NJ aro
London, I>ec. 10.?The announcement of the dis?
bandment of the Honorable Artillery Company has
canard a sensation, and the action of tho Prince of
Wales, which led to the disorganization of the ancient
body, ls unfavorably commented OpOO bv both the
press ami th? people. u The Times-' declares that
thc company was mated as If lt had mutinied on tlio
field of battle. lt -a>- tit.remnant ?tores, field
battery, guns and Infantry rites which were In thc
company's possession have been withdrawn (nm
Its armory and taken to Woolwich.
u The St. Janus's Gatetts" says the company's
offence consisted In refusing to indors* a proposal
of tl e PrUM of Wales to vote MX) poural- for mllltAF'
'?The Globe" characterizes tho treatment of the
company as monstrous.
"The Pall Mail Gaaette" s?tr the Prince of Wald
hat mad- a remarkable blunder, which would be
characteristic of an Infatuated Btuart or a pracmatle
Bourbon, lt adda Hat if he behsi d ai sovereign i
h? has behaved ai captain of this company bli tenure
of the throne would be brief.
Loudon. Dec. 19, Tbs Manch lei Chamber of
Commerce, by an overwhelming majority, ha.-- pa ? I
? resolution boidinji ihat all loreign gooda atmflar
to thos.- produced ia England ihoaJd pay 'ho pattie
?Sfeortlon ol l ie Imperial and local taxation which
T\ev would have paid bad they been manufactured
In Groat Britain.
i.otidon, r>cc ii'. Three aetkm brought against
ox-tity Tioasain Axworthy, of Cleveland, Ohio, were
settled to-day In tie i ohm of Queea'l Hench. The
actions arose (rom banking dispute*. With the sane
Um of the Court, Axworthy agreed te par?32,000
and surrender his propertg lu America In settlement
of las actions,
- ?
London, Dec. 10.-Mr. <? lad-ton- tutted today tor
Naples, a (treat crowd had gathered al the railway
staMon, and the e.\ Premier was cntbusiabtlcally
tjbearad when he dcriartid for Lover.
Thoasaask cheered Mr. Qtodatoas on hu arrival
at Lover'. The trip was made ano- - the Channel lu a
rough va and foggy an
Eotne, Dec. ip. The itsdenti of tbs Onlveralty
have rebelled against the Introduction of trw nd %.
As a consequence Lm . pended a:.d
troops occupy iii? buildings.
London, Dee. IS A dispatch (rom Auckland savs
that aewi an bass rsaoivsd from fi^rs thal the
Sanoaas under Matanfs have raeceoded In capturing
tho tuost of Atna aftm a long battle arith Tsmnmo'i
torcn, The mses Ineladed 100 klUsd and
hundred wounded.
Queenstown, Dee. 19.?The bi er, who
?was arrested at Queenstown when ibe lat; lcd (ron the
>teamer i mbtia (rom New Torfe, hw) Batarday, and
lound 'ci have a number of cartridge* concealed In
her di> w, has been Sued two pounds and ten shilling*
and costs. ^
TnE int ihh le araks at suaetm.
Snaklm, Dec. 10? A troop of cavalry paddled for
a distance of foo ming today. 'J hey del noi see
any Arabs. The eaQCBl repaired the damage done
to their works during tho algal
Sydney, N. K W., Deo. 16.?A (tame of baseball
was played hen today bstwsni Ibe Ameriean 'earns.
Ibe re*ult was as follows: All Amelita 8; Chicago,
I/mdon, Das In- Mr. John Brichl ha- rsltted somev
Parh, l>ec. io.-The boodlu-ldei-s of Int Panama
Canal Company will hold a meeting oti Jauuary M to
discuss the OOurn they shall pursue In view of the
company's dlfllcultles.
The shareholders have been Invited to sign an
agreement to nbMtfbs for lottery bonds on a future
IVs tie at 3G0 f ratios', and thousands have already
tipned. A tow individuals who made deprecatory re?
marks concerning M. de Lesseps Wen roughly handled
by tho Crowd around th" offices yesterday.
Meridian, Miss., Dec. lfl.-The situation st Wahalak
remains unchanged. The BTgron Implicated In the
killing of Maury and (ebb and other citizens of
Kcmper County have all disappeared, and no mee
of them has yet been discovered, although a number
of men have been diligently searching for them slnco
Sunday morning. The county Is 'inlet,. A rumor
obtained circulation yesterday that thors w-as trouble
anticipated at Sbaqaalsk, a station some miles garth
of Wahalak. Th.i originated fi om a request made to
the Sheriff of Roxubee County to send twenty-five
mon to that point, aa there tran teats of thc destitu?
tion of property boltu.glng to Innocent negroes in thai
vicinity. The excitement ls all SVCT, and tho people
are anxious to ariest the perpetrators of the tragedy.
Lobb and Maury were buriod yesterday, and the
wounded are all doing lalrly w. ll. Tbs rumor that
several BSgron wen MRSd In or near Wahalak yea
terday bj utto.ily without (oiim'aiion.
Harrisburg, Penn., Doc. 10 (Special).?Tho most In?
terested man in Harrisburg concerning tho race war In
K.'tni>ei County, Mississippi, which began on Sund?y,
la Dr. II. Clay Chlsolm, son of Judge Chlsolm, who,
with his daughter and little eon, was murdcml lu
prison by tho Romper County Ku Klux on April 21).
L-77. Dr. t hf-olm said today that the two Maury
boys who wore shot on Sunday were members of tho
Kn Klux parly thal killed hil father. Two years pm
ly In 1876?Henry Ma.iry had boen chosen to
kill Judge Chlsolm while ihe lattor was making a Re?
publican speech, and this fact was told to Dr. chlsolm,
then a boy, by Senator dimer, who was himself after?
ward killed by the Ku Klu.v Tho lad did not leave
Henry Mann's sids all that day, and .Indee Chlsolm
was not assassinated. Dr. Chlsolm says the Maury
boys have been .since boyhood thc leaden In " nlggei
hunting" around thc Wahalak precinct, and that he ha
seen more than one srounded negro lbs victim of an
election da] shotgun Ind by one ol the Mann-. He
predicts, from what he has seen, ihat every negro J ri
the vicinity will be killed or forced io Hy tho country.
Chicago, Dec. 10.?Another sensation develop**" lu
ibo Lladauer insolvency eas., before Justice Prender?
gast In tho County Court io day. Mr. Rosenblatt, a
member of the lirm, while in ihe witness ehalr ad
mined thai Jual before the failure he had toben ti
(Nm UM eaoh drawer. Most of j lii-. he added, rc had
In his pocket. The court ordered him to conni lt and
ii was found to aggregate 83,300, The winna -a.d
ho dW not know what had Noonie of the remaining
i*l.TtK). The court then Ordered thal the otter mem
?: of the finn account at once for the money In
iheir possession taken from the corpoiate cash at the
same time. They did so. Meyer Lindauer had S310;
Benjamin Lindauer #1,700, and Kehgman IJndaUfiT
*3oo; which, with Rosenblatt's 98.800, made S4,eio
Tho court then gave the insolvents personal notice
that he would not enter the orders at that tine tor
them to emender tho money, but if they srere ens red
lt would be a& of this date. Judge Prendergast
bavtog refused to onler the money turned over to the
receiver, thal tanotJonary being an oncer of the circuit
i our' ; ihe attorney for the crediton weal bet.ne
Judge Horton, of Oi* latter couti, and made tho same
application. Judge Horton entered an order for the
Insolvents to show cause why they should not turn
over tho money aoid enjoined them from disposing of
Philadelphia, Deo. Ht (Special).?in labor circles
here lt |a authoritatively staled that Charles H.
Luehman, John Jarrett, Robert I). Layton, K. Rob?
inson and James Campbell, of Ilttsbiirg, will attempt
the formalin!) of a permanent labor organization
with " Protection to American Industry" as Ifs ruling
Idea. Mr. I.itchman, in referring to the movement,
said: "It is not intended that the proposed organ.
Ization shall be a partisan ons, but the underlying
principle win be to protect tbs best Interests of
Industry ami labor. One of the vital elements ol
the movement 1 propose ls to show the manufacture! .
as well as the men they employ, that tho reciprocal
Interests that unite them should matte them Insep
arable at ibo pods. A feature of the organization
would be ibe keeping alive of those solid principles
which combated the adv ante of freo trade lu the
late campaign.''
maxy STREET j?jiltF.tr coxDrcTovs poTtnrn
Chicago. Dec. lit. 'lhere WM (pille a reign of
terror among tho Weal BMe car men leal evenfog,
caused by the raids of a gang of pickpockets, About
.', o'clock tuc mon boarded a MsdtSOi st, car and at
tacked tho oin..] cor, endeavoring to rifle his poekel
A nnigli and tumble fight ensued. The coi.doctor
succeeded In reaching the bell rope and stopping the
i a:, when Loth hN assailant! ian. Ihe conductor and
driver punned them and captured both, turning them
over to tH*j police. Tho conductor was so ba Hy
beaten thai he was compelled to go Dd duty, Late.
in the evening another conductor sa assaulted hy
'wo ihugs and severely beaton, but he snci
,n protecting .Ms cash and driving od h*i asset lao ta
s. v.iai other conducion bad Ibelr pockets poked
oj amounts ranging from .fi; to 810. and one v.a- bcd
jp net the Ogden-ava bania, robbed of his srsteh
ami money, and badly beaten.
Cincinnati, Doc. 10.?At tho meeting of tho Amer?
ican Turf Longress to-day two changes wero made In
ihe rules: Ural -Rslaing Ihe -rale four pounds, with
the usual allowance for mares, bal none for geldings.
Secondly?Requiring ihat sealed bids shall bs deposited
In all selling race* within tllteen minutes aficr lin?
ne-, which bids shall Ix- opened by Hie presiding
Judge, who shall divide thc surplus between the second
hone and tho association. Tho association admitted
the Overland I'ark (lob and the Kansas eily Club
Racing dates were li.ved a* follows for the coming
spring meetings of lr.ftii: LoufcsvtUe, Maj 8-lfi
M. Louis. Jural-15; Kansas ( Itv. Jone 17 -
Chicago, June 89 ,Iu"y -JO; st. Paul, July 23-31 The
i ongresg wni meet nant at Louisville, at the call of the
poMi>i:ni.r rmisixc ms orcaxizatios.
Philadelphia. lice, in |6prc|sl). In "The Journal
of United Labor." to be issued lo-morrow, T. v. pow
: der!) will ay, over his own name. "Since the Ills'
i of tho General Assembly, eighteen stat,
i bureaus and a National Department of Labor have
been established; and to this order, mnei than to
' any other cause, must ibo credit of the agitation which
I produced laen rc mis bs gtvesv Rvoa our wont
enemies will accord that eredll to thia organisation."
; Mr. 1'owderly calli upon all assemblies to d.s,liss the
[ <jue-Lon of demanding ol the Legislatures to amata
an "employers' liability i**.''
Columbus, Ohio, Dee IB iSpwlal). -Tbs coal opera
tors In tin- Hoeklngi Sunday (ink a-ui Bbaarnee
? Valleys to-day formed a poid to regulate the DUI pul
? and the selling prim of coal for the coming year.
' Propositions have been ma ie to buy out small open
to:, in the district who retaaed to (ola the eosnbtaa
Hon, by offering them largs -urns io inspend open
Hons for tbs year. The torrltorj Indnded in ibe
"combine'' produon about 8,060,000 torn of coal
annually, or tWO-thirdl Of the output of the Bl I
i sch member ol Ibe pool geta a percentage ol the
profits, and no one ls allowed lo tall bia coal below
: ires.
Philadelphia. Dee. 18 (Special). Thia af"
Conner Ashbridge Inejuind bato tba ?-au-e of death
of Tkeodon Hlsunelntan, age etevea, who was killed
by touching a (Otophone lin which had been erased
j with an electric Ugh I arin An employe of thc
electric light company testified thal the electric fluid
j was passing up and down the boy's body lille a con
llniious streak of floe. Ihe WllaSaS SSOOd on a wooden
i BOJt, and with shears made for the purpose severed
the wiie as far as he could raWh from the boy. The
latter was terribly burned and dlsflgured. Ihe ]urv
' returned a verdict ol accidental death Lom au electric
Pittsburg, Dn. 18 (Special). u'Wlaia i
? mi tar] ol the Mluers' Progressive Inion reccntl]
1 (ona d ?! Columbus, Ohio, sud ex-master workman
, ol Matriel Assembly No. lij, which lucktasd ail tba
1 Knights of Labor miners, alli attend Ihe convention
I ls ibis city to-morrow of the railroad ninan ol SatUfB
i Psnaiflvania, st which arrangements will be made
for enforrlng on Congressman W. L. scott ann omen
tho paj-meni of th ? ran- ol seven's/ nine conti per ton
aatanlhtked bf tbs lasi Int.TMato convention.
? ?
Supervisor Ph'-mas Costigan of "Tba City Keened "
and William J. Host, tbs export accountant, had a
warm tim- of lt yesterday In the supervisor's ofSaa hi
the City Hall basement Accompanied by two assist
anti., Mr. Baal walked In and renewed a demand made
on Tuesday for the book' and papers of tho ofllce.
"What ls pear authority '* asked Mr. Costigan
''I am BathOftaed by tho counsel of the senate
Committee,-' replied the expert, ? and I propose io talo
laen atong with me."
TkS tuc mpsn Nor oa*t a look of withering contempt
at his Sguriag advenary.
? Tour authority ha* boon revoked," he retorted
" SomthOtoSS, you can examine the papers atvvln ll
you want lo. although you have been all throuch thom
and yo i know- how mich good li did you. <;o through
tksn ao often as you lllie, but you can't take them
away. Yo.i must examine thom right boro, under
my own oyo, and I will watch you can-fully while
you aro al lt. You'll not got away with any of ih> m ?
This answer Stirred np Mr. Host's anger, and he
threatened Mr. coligan with tho posrer of the senile,
adding that he would visit Costigan with his personal
Then lt wm the supervisor*! ttirn to g"t angry.
"The Senate ls all right,' he said, willi much vaks>
monee, "but who cares for you? I wouldn't trust
you with these papers. If you want to See gear ell
photographed look In The World' of November 10.
1*77; in ?The, 'limes' of both December SO, I87B, anil
January IO, 1880, and In the same paper of August
Host's rage roached a white heat at this, and he
lost all control of himself. Ile danced about tbs
office shouting ?? Tou're a Har. sir. ?? a Har, ? a
liar. Von lie, if you say I was ever Indicted, Von
be if you sa} I am a fugitive from Justice. Tou'l I
liar, i say a ll it, a liar."
" Yon can't frighten me witt, your noise,? roplh'd
Costigan. "You are beneath mj notice. A fugitive
(rom Justice is gol Ihe kind ol a niau to -car,, me."
The e srai much more ol the same -ort on both
sides, bul no blows were struck, ffhen bot! i
ni-i- v re uul rd ? nd, Besi withdrew hi- I
ling tu vlsi I ir's office again ai med
sith Injunctions and legal processes ol sufficteni
ii lo biiti;; Costigan lo terni-. But up to tho
eton ol bualnesi be did nol return.
The contract for Dams Nos. 1 and 2 af Soi'
Putnam county, was awarded by Ibe Aqueduct I om
missioners ] David R Palen di Co., tbs
lowest bidder, at >-:;".7,7.M>. The engineer's estimate
?10,430, while the next lowest bidder was .Ioho
McQnade, ni 8414,335. The contract for Section 17
was awarded to R. ?'. Malone. a> 833,040s& Tho
engineer's ntlmato wu 827,109 JO.
Upon the repOtl Of Ibe deputy chief engineer,
the defective work upon Brown, Howard A Co.'
Beettona 4 and 5 wn declared to be m far complete!
permit the reduction of the amount retained bj
845,000 and 818,000 respectively, and the Controller
?va- requested to make payment of these sinus. The
amount* -till retained are 885,000 uimn Section 1
and 88,000 upon .-sm-tion z>. The discovery of further
had work a]. Beetloo J. also Drown, Howard d
c.'-. wa- reported, and fie nm retained upon this
section was increased (rom ?-,000 to *.>.o?mi.
The following sums withheld tor bad work upon
O'Brien 4 1 lark's contracts wen released, on thc
engineer's report of partial completion: On sootioii
ti the controler wa ad lo pay 85,000, leaving
Plo,otto retained; Section 8, 83,000, leaving 82,800
ed; Beetloo 0, --.,'><>o, leaving 815,000 rel i
Section 12, Hem.in i larii. contractor, and section
13, John Brauton d "o., contractors, were reported
oomploted, mid tho Controller wa, requested to make
payment accordingly. Section 14, ai-o i.runton t
i i'-. was reported Clear of bad work, except what
can be gnlshed tor 8500.
">n the report of Mr. Howe, chairman of the Finance
Committee, 84,000 each wa- aBowed to 3. J. R.
Ch aa, .L B. R. Davit and w. r. .shuni,, the experi
engineers appointed by tho resolution of March 7.
luna, in foll payment ol their tervlces In connection
with the Inspection ol the new- Aqueduct
After the adjournment Contractor John J. o'Drlen
-aid that be thought the amount ol payment allowed
i.i- Brm was ratall, considering the tori ihat pl,
000,000 or mon was dm-, including tho retained
10 per cent.
? \s ion): as it is neoes arv to find employment foi
so many Inspectors," he continued, "I suppose thej
win continue to bold us np Why, they nave onlj
cm Inspectors now watching ei^iit masoni on om
sections. Bul don't say anything i.i that, plea-,.
if yon do they will ha\e n~ polishing tba brieli
before pa--me, the work."
THOSE wu" Bi ii i IQUOR BT Tin, noTTi.i. wini
Alhany. K. Y.. Dee. 18 (Special!. ? An application
1 a- been made by the lytall Grocers1 Association ol
New York for permission to take par' lu the parade
hon tn honor of Governor Hill on Jtew.JTear'i Da
when be I- In be Inaugurated TLu association was
persuaded lo lake a likely Interest lu the last political
dgn by the argumei tl i high license bill
would deprive it members of 'he privilege ol
liquor by ihe bottle or case. -n,.. association, i
fore, worked! hard bo elect David R mil Governor.
lt li i ie- of the weil known facts of tho campaign
rn en Mr. nil li ? ? Democrat lc n i- soi
..i Kingston a Den i alic parade of clubs In hts
I on ii- Was made decidedly fri-ky and Joyous bj th ?
distribution of beer from a wagon In the procession.
II ii suspected thal the retail grocers' pan of the
?mn on Kew-Tear'a nay -win ban nu air
of exhilaration aboul lt not altogether caused by ibe
bracing winter slr of the day. I occasion will
chiefly consist ol the regiment! of me Na ional Guard,
bul the retail grown wlfl surely attract universal
a tcniion and admiration, aa they will be armed with
beautiful lock' t pistols, warranted to kill at forty
li wa, announced to-day also thai Pre Ident Gerri
wm, bi i and 1 rea mer Rockwell
? d the il Keeper*' Association, alli wall
upon Governor Hill on Friday lo express th- Ideal
ol Ibe hotel men on the proposed revision ol the
excite lan .
8 Ulina ni c, i m n>, i. IO (Spei lab. 11 p teatlm nv
in the enc against ex Treasurer H. P. Royce for al
leged em bo/ /.lenient and fo ? entries 111 the Willi
mu,ile Savings Institute wn closed late this eitel
noon, .lohii M. Hall will open argUUM ni for the
>tate to-morrow and William C. Can will eton for
tbs defendant. The teMltnouv to dav ana latorUStlBg
Tho defence claimed that then wire DO fal-e entries
exe ju those speeifled by Royce himself In bis test)
moiiy. Bank Examiner H. c. Noble took lae stand
in rebuttal and pointed out suppressed 'ir partial
entries iggngatlng 8100.78827, which Kook thoughl
was ptolnl] totended tn raver i ibortaan of 880,000.
Tho expert accountant, I bartel r Brown, of Hart
ford, corroborated Kobte'i itatement. Boyce claimed
ihat the shortage wa- accounted tor'by rout i
not-s received (rom Ingersoll In New-Yorh after sn
penslon, and that fal-e entries wen made t.. cover
obi Ingersoll paper which was protest 4. President
K. A. Huck. Treasurer t. i". webb and Dtroeton J. M.
Alpoagfa and G. C. Martin, of the institute, teattfled that
the four in).', i oil note were never accepted bs tho
bank nor held a- assets, .v i>. v. eh ler, teller of the in
siitiite, ie,ulled that ibe two Botes tor 83.150 and
81,850, -aid by Royce to be unpaid and iai.cn by him i<i
New Voil,, nen, in (act, entered on the booka as
paid and had never tefl the bank Hies
.4 SHOCK OP ri /.TH','.'' I ki; i\ HBW.YOBK stati:
i..j, v v, Dee IS. A shoes' <?; earthtjuake wa
(ell in Washington and Warren connie-, at 5:45 a, m.
t<i tiny. Thc vRtretton toatod aboul four ari
Dulldlngi wen- flotently inala ?
Kondoiif, N Y, Dec iii... people who live In cer?
tain portions of the CalsklB .Mountains say fliat three
sllKlit Blanks of earthquake were felt early this morn
-? -
At the nnnssl meeting nf lbs Rsa Tari insfitu
Iton for the mind fasterdai tbs toOowRsg asaaagera
wera elected: Ro eel - Rone, John Treal Irving,
James M. McLean. Smith ' lift. Willi tm V '?".<?
v ll li am i -?? ii i nu rho n, I hat les ii Ithsm, i
A, Bb n' i rodi lek A cheri P
rndertel w. Rhinelander, KredeHeh Bbekton,
Chandler Robbins, Pinup Schuyler, John I. Ka-? I
wan! Kin?, Edward h inii. Piadsttob Brennen, George
A. Hobbins and A C. aTtagalaad Jahn W. Howers,
Jobu E. Ambler and Henry R rai,.-ll Wan (iioken
as luspeoUirs ol electluu lor the coming j ..-ar.
The examination Into the accounts of Edgar Y. Har?
ris, tho ticket agent of Hie Now York, New-Haven and
Hartford Railroad, who absconded on Monday, was
continued ysaaardSf by the auditors of that road, and
was not complete*! at a lato hour last night. (Jenora!
rnasnunr ajanl Hemstead said Nstarday tnat Harris
riarl failed to deposit iho moneys received by him on
friday, Safuiday i?nd Sunday last, but as Hie t.raflir
was not heavy on those days he did not think that the
defalcation would ascend SB/MO, the amount covered
hy the hond given by John H. isiaj-in. Another official
of the company said that If was the ticket vent's duty,
according to the company's rules, io dsposfl his re?
ceipts (n the Uncolti National Hank, and on receipt of
a cei-title.l slip from thu cashier of tho amount paid In.
to forward tbs same to Controller Kochersporger al
Now* Haven.
Harris had been complaining during tho two weeks
pi lor to his disappearance of a heavy cold and severe
headaches and h* ncgicctod lo forward his receipts on
li d iv night, and, of course, could not do 40 on
?saturday, und Sunday, the bank being cloned. There
are three ticket agents at the station who have to
work all day on Sunday till ll p. m every third
wei-K and last Sunday was the defaulter's day for
duty. Hs complained of feeling 111 when ho wont to
work on .sunday morning and his partner ottered to
lake his duly for (ho day, but this Harris declined.
He was seen on Sunday at 4 p. m. In his otllce by an
olin lal of the cotupanv and sm then attending lo
his duties and was apparently welL The ofllcer re?
ferred to said yesterday thal Harris ls thirty-one
yean Old and wa.s alwaya regarded a* a steady and
trustworthy man and am always con-blend quiet
and iteady.
A Tribune reporter yesterday called at No. ll'J
Baal Forty-SSI. nth-st., when Harris lived, but Mrs.
Barris declined lo be -ecu. Her sister. .Miss Wells,
said. however, in curt manner that the
family know nothing whatever about tho
matter, but after HIM questioning as
10 wi, u Harris was at home last, she acknowledged
ii it on Monday morning shortly before noon be som
bis wife rn tin- Station With bl- otllce lo-ys and a
?image liytag thal he ma sick. <>n ber return
Mis. Hurrst found thal ber husband iud gone out
The young lady declined lo s.:y Whether he lial hi
any nota 0 BU SSgS tor bia wife, and after tlatly de?
clining to give any further Information on tho sub?
ject. -!.,? -lammed the door.
Since Bania bm been tlekal agent at th* Onnd
central Station, he bas been In the hahn of receiving
f 1 . women In the evenings, and has
(requen ly introduced noe (,f them a- the daughter ol
a prominent and wealthy man In tb 1 city. It is
Ihougbl that be mad" un of this young "woman's
natue to avoid entering Into detalli as tc bli Intimacy
with her. The exact amount of bia defalcation uih
not be known until ihe auditors have presort ed th-ir
report io the cont miler of the oom] any in New-Haven.
John H. Marin, who i- on Hauls-, bond, was reported
to be ont of town When a reporter called at his house
la?t night.
thc PTortM pkvkk;: nv Tin: pacific?the con?
ni iCTIOOT Rivi K.
Montreal. Dec. in.Hain service In th" pi-ov)nce ls
gieoHy delayed by the fail 'if snow. Mondav after
noon six farmers started from Booehervttta for this
div wit!, wagoa-toadi of produce. They had t., cro?
the river on the Ice In the height of the sorm. and as
nothing La< been seen of them since their departure
from the village, il ls feared they broke
through the ice anti wcio drowned. Two
brothers, ITugh and Michael Walsh, who arrived
exhausted at Carillon last evening, t ll
a tei-rihle story of suffering) They wc,,, at tem pt -
_- 0, ck,ss with a t.-ain on the Ice to that place from
Point Fortuna In the mlddl' of the rivet- tlie hur?
ricane overtook them and tho Ice bloke up. The team
.va iwepl away, and the;. tbemselVM e,caped death
only by jumping upon a large ice tine. Tho remainder
of tie night they spent In terrible nanny, drifting on
their fia,l support upon the hnipnt tossed river.
? the iee tin,, m Minded 01: a small island,
and their -ad plight bein:' 1 m tram the shoie. a boat
was put out, and flies wen; rCMUSd. Kopo ts af
more lerioui Io -. of nf-- and rt am sip an expected
whin the telegraph i- mice more in working order.
A dispatch fiom lj ; 1 bec say- that Hu- storm which
eeo raging tl Sunday ro?e so a blizzard
yntorday, and that Ute wind an-i -now are sweeping
'tie alino-t ib -cried Itnatl with blinding violence,
rbc Lhonmghiarei are 1 n- 'dj drifted. au communi?
cation I*eui ofl between town and country'- Farmere
ion: the lurroundlug districts bere -ay that ih" mails ,a
am. i.-t Impassable, and Hit many fences and buildings
I i\ ? been blown down.
PL John, N. !'... I-c 1!) -The gnow storm of yes
tei lay sw thc leveresl for years, but no dan
reported in Ute province. The only inconvenience felt
ls the partial luspenslon of train service along the
northern division of the intercolonial Raliway. At
Monstou more Mian a doran trait.s were held beean a
of tin- bl ickada -ion: of 1 ampellfon. A snow slide
ai Mi tapeiMa covered a ipeetaJ train, bur no one was
hurt. A Crew of shovellers dug out 'the train. The
ec nain reached bere tesl night ten hours late.
'I he lrain bandi bad a severe experience
Hartford, Conn., Dee. lu rho rivoi 1- apparently
stationary at 20.7 feet, tho highest point since April.
1--7. [leary Ice tram tbs upper valley ls running
..III tl is cv
fran Francisco. Doc. in.?Captains of coasting
I'-poj-i the recent storm along thc coast, tnim Cane
Mendocino to 1 ipe Flattery, n the wotst In their
experience. Several colliers from the N>rth cain"
11 yesterday, nearly a wee], overdue, li 1- feared
come of (he heavllj laden coal vessels from
i- .-et Bound did not weather the storm, as teven! an
i mg overdue.
Middletown, N. V.. Dec. in A milk fi-afn on the
'.'.' Vin;,. Susquehanna and Western Railroad en
ciiin'cie! a cyclone yesterdaj morning near New Font d
land, N. .1. Aa tho train wm paning, a huge tret am
torn up by the poota and came emailing down upon
the cn . breaking 1 hp ugh the roof of the ba g ge
d ripping off the hood ol the passenger coat
N 1 one w,i- hurt, but Conductor torwln had a urns
? ?-.
T? tAc r.iitur nf Tht Irihune.
Bli : Tho .1 Wilke i^ii-rn rn your paper
of to-day that ail the brid ???- on the mw- line of
the Lehigh Valley Railroad between Pittsburg and
Fairview wen- iwepl swaj or so weakened hs to be
i'e is exaggerated. Ins oRtetal report al Mr. H.
.- Ooodwtn, general Easton npertntendent, ls a.s
follows: "Trains am tunning regularly over the
mountain CUt-Ofl to day. A landslide at Mud Cut
? aiiv yesterday mornitig suspended trams rbi that
line nulli 1. o'clock yesterday afternoon, at which
nice the tracks were cleared and tratbc resumed,
boen running without Interruption linos."
.1. h.. 1. VHRl
Third Vlce-Presldent.
Philadelphia, Deo. m. 1888
A "HOODOOED" N/.t;/?/>.s's !:i:vexge.
Wichita, Kan.. Dee. 1!?. A rensrksble -lory ls told
by a merchant from Klngnan County. "Rn
utile vina-- of Fm--, Klngmaa County," be laid,
ii'1- a larmer, named Bartlett, with hu family, cow
sifting of a son of twenty ona, a daughter of sixteen,
and another daughter of eight. The domestic work
wa- done by a negro woman who was fnrmorlj a
itara Bbs Imagined that she wa- hoodooed. 1 he
person ns nested of having place,1 ti,,. tptM on her
was the eider daughter of ber anployn, and she uv
tm med las) girl of her suspicion. The girl determined
to hue some fun ont of ihe old negres-, and hald she
a i- determined to keep um apoB np until her victim
wa dead, tba Degress ikea commenced to design a
h.cm, ,,f ridding benet! ni cu terrible anett. A tow
ago she aid tbs girl stare ll lions in lae
liol ?? While tl,.- ri I of ii:- fai.ilh Weir lo a DOlgh
hoi-, 'inc negnea attaeked the glii, and, tyini
lani and foot, ? Hipped .her of all her clothing, beal
bet unmercifully, ami anni ed the girl's body with
paint, .sbo Usn locked ber stellas up in a nus ami
ii tppeand. it was ant until the following narang
thal UM gbl was dl-c ivered. Stn- ls now li: a critical
condition ll.e segren lias not yet been found.''
OtkSf ai ' 011; i ia] ? that tia aOgrCSS, afiei paint?
ing the girl's body, ned her In an old Inplan, built
a In about h<r, amt thin led. The girl was Miortly
afterward lound in a n Ighbor ami rescued (rom ber
Mun., bm iiii-it dining ti. 11./o'. The
, 1,uni:\ |? bi 1 lor ti" n. . ?? , .11.d If she
.1 l.e V. Ill in I> III heil.
PIRST TIA IL L'-'.' Ot l lil. 1 iihhi<M>.Y
riillad.-lphla. Ins-, lu (BswenB.- The tUakSSlI York
town blurted on her aaattnbsssT trial trio down Ihe
Rag early this morning st,,. 1, ft 1 ramn?' shipysnl
at half-past 7 o'clock. ?id mads the run to Thurlow.
return lao to night
ASbnry Park, SJ, J., I>e<\ 19 (?pecl?l)-The hot
fight between the Adams Express Company and tho
Cnlted States Express Company: which itsrtcd here
last June, has assumed new eoaapSjrsSSSBBJ which may
result In a long and spirited 8tru?;le In the courts
between these two corporations. The Adams Express
Company cnjoyod a monopoly of tho espies bantam
throughout tails section ol the coast for upward of
thirty years. In May the Central Railroad Company
of New-Jersey leaned the right to carry express mat?
ter over all Its Unos to the I'nlted States E.xpross
Company. This lease covered the Lon*. Uraneh Di?
vision and the old Sandy Hook route of Hie Now-Jer
soy Soutliern Railway down through Sea Hrlght and
Monmouth Beach lo Long Uraneh. and from Rod Batik
across tho State to Kay side, on tbo Delaware River,
some distance below Philadelphia. This threw -h"
Adams Kxpns-, Company off th" Central ti si s running
over the New-York and Kong Kranch Railroad.
John Hoey, who suecc-ded William BL Dlnsmore as
president of the Adams Express Company, at once
began oinking arrangements to retain the business for
his company. The Tolled States Express Company
equipped all Its offices along the coast In good style.
Mr. Hoey sent down handsome new wagons and
horses for each town, and for tho first time in Hs his?
tory Hie roast ha/I first-class e.xpn-s niStoSi Tho
Adams Express Company sends Hs packages down
the coast on the Pennsylvania Railroad ti allis. The
Adana Company still controlled tho express business
over both railroad routes between New-York and Phil
adclphla. The managers of the United Slates Rxpran
Company decided io run fast trains over Bm Central
Kallnmd I f New-Jersey and the Now-York and Loni
llrarirh Railroad to Red Rank, and thence to Hav .side
over ibo New Jersey Southern Railway tracks. A
swift iteamer carried the express parcels Bam Bay
-ide to Philadelphia.
This route was abandoned this week, as lt was found
that li took too tong to send express gooi!- by 1Mb
a ronni!about way. The Knited Male, Express i om
puny now sends Its packages to Philadelphia as
ipeclal freight In sealed car- from Now-York. After
a car ls lilied lt ls sealed, and ike car ls artaehed to
on- of tba fast paaaeUfN trains of the Centra! Rail?
road of New-Jersey, reaching Philadelphia by wav of
Lound Kmok and Trenton. When tho cars roach their
destination they are opened and the packages which
came as freight once more become express matter, and
as such art; delivered by the wagons of (ho United
Mates Express Company. The ?semen! of the
Adams Express Company officials ls being anxiously
| awaited, as tho latter corporation has the exclusive
light to carry express matter over the Round Brook
route between New-York and Philadelphia. It is
known that tho Adams people have been for several
davs hu-ily engaged In arranging their plans so as to
prevent tho carriage of the packages of th" United
States Company over that route. The tight will bo a
warm one and the litigation will be expensive.
Down here on ihe coast the sar between the two
oompenli - goes merrily on. The charges for pack?
ages forwarded between tho coast ton us and Now
V'oik aro far below the rates that were In force when
the Adams Express Company had exclusive rights
here, bo heavily have tho rates been cul. that big
dealers can have their goods brought
1 here and delivered by the express- companies
(or Icm money thin they used to pay for the frelzht
This has resulted In a decided falling off in
the freight i-eoelpts of the Now-Vork and Hong Branch
Railroad Company, which ls opei-afed by the penn
| sylvania Kalin ad and the Lentral Railroad of New
I jersey.
St. Louis, Dec. If) (Speclab.-The contest between the
Rev. William R. Campbell, of Boston, and his wife,
formerly Miss Scott, of this city, was resumed In the
circuit Court this morning. The divorce case ls
pending In Boston, and the .SI. Louis b1iu?clo ls for tho
po i don oi tbs four-year old child Cn'-lstloe. Mi-s.
Robert scott, the mother of Mn. Campbell, toatlSed
thal ber daughter almost died of neglect when the
little girl was bern. When the was asked why she
had i;on" to Boston aboul that limo she replied:
'? It was to save my daughter*! Ufo."
The attempt of the father to kidnap the child was
described, as weil as the manner In which the mother
followed aod rescued her little girl. Mrs. Brand,
aunt of Mr. Campbell, said In the course of her cxamlna.
" I realized when visiting Mr Campbell's house
that something, I knew not what, was crushing the
life out of his Wile."
Robert Ii. Scott, father of Mrs. Campbell, was the
next win
"Did Mr. Campbell provide for tho child;" he waa
" .Not that I ever heard.
" Hbo did provide for it I"
- I did."
" Did he ever say anything to you about provlslou
for Ihe child f"
?? He said he thanked Clod that I was able to 'ake
such a heavy burden fiom hts (boulders. He was
rory profuse tn thanking dod about lt."
Minneapolis, Dec. 10 (Spoolali.?Many of tho Mln
' neapolls delegates to th" Milwaukee Millers' CttttfSU
tlon arrived In the city to da;-, and they were gen?
erally mtlsfied with tho woik accomplished at the
,-. but were di.inclined to talk shoat tho mat.
i ter. The least Intimation that a trust had been
formed was resented. It was generally agreed that
j the action at Milwaukee was binding upon no one,
I and must be ratified by the 1- il
association bofoie any of tho Minneapolis
millers would feel like taking any liena.
Bona think that the Pillburys will not go into Ute
i the agreement, c. i.. Qreenleaf renarked that in
but opinion the local nullera would not all agree to
curiall their product In January, charles A. PIUS
j bury was not at Milwaukee, and Intimated that his
? linn would not bc hound by any agreement and
i wa- not in favor of the shutdown (tolley. It ls
| rumored that Mr. lIlLsburv ls long on wheat aol
hardly can- to as-ist in depressing the market by
shutting down.
! WAjrmra dauaobs tmom ax blbtatbd road.
Frank Dodworth, a dancing master at. No, :?:;ii
Clinton ave., Brooklyn, will bring a suit against the
: Manhattan Borated Railroad Company for #-0,r.00
In behalf of his wife for pei>otial Injuries received 00
account of Bm alleged OSntoaaUSn Sf tho railroad I
company or Its agents. Tho papers will be served :
on tho comp:ny'- agunta this morning. The coin- '
plaint -els forth that on January 4, 1888, Mr. Dod
w< rth's wife. While entering a car on the Slxth-avo. J
, line, tripped on a piece of badly worn matting and
j fed to ibo door, recoivel-;: leven Injuries, from which
I she ha- not yoi recovered a suit was brought by
I Mr. Uodwortn some time ago, and I- now In the
; courts, asking mr s}'.". ,ot>t) for lon of myaree, som
panionahip, a i
Oi?oar ILiitl.ld. who SH SI ISSI Sd mi Tuesday night on s
(burge of disorderly conduct, wn 'ak'-ji Ul leSorSSfl Mai ki I
Court yesterday morning, dud Justbe md decide! that he
must, furnish *5O0 bond* for gool behavior or go to the
Island for thirty davis Later In ihe day, however, an
order na received at tho Court prison for his gtSshaige,
aili lc was allowed lo go. The testimony was to Um
effect that llattleld had gone to Alderman Civanairh'*
hoinc and on being refused admittance by Mrs. Cavanagh,
Insult! 1 beih her iiurl lier aUnghlre and tried to kick in
tic- tasman! San, lt wn also ,-aid tba: he reprassaaid
himself si Um United Btatn Canal a' snarls lava Ha
a bullied in court that h- hat been drinking in thc a tai rason
I that he had no o lill i m ,f tte- lYSOtS of tlc"
previous evening and ic wai sxtremely mrf) for what
BTMd Ile Kild al*.' 'hat I,, tad no BtOOnt SCCa
pallon, having Just returned fr.un Baiapa
The fsinkli g Fund Commisioners hell s long levdon
y^sterdy and thore w?? a full attendance. Tho Dock
IVo.ard's plan for sn exterior mreei 176 foot wile on Ihe
Ban Kucr. fruin Brand n '" Blgksh itt sud from Bovsa>
MOOtb St te Tnlrivfourih-nt, *?? appiavad Thu cost
? i.-d av slO.0O0.0o0. of which S2.OO0.0ih) 1? for
tlc aocUoa from BraaoVst to Bighth at The esatr
about um nteaertj ot um Chnteh "f thc gsesserer, ai
i-.nk.ie- ami Bight] sm -i.. am letded hy um accept,
saes of ba Rei in ShackeBsrtrs agieeasni to rein
<iul-h [eui of tic- ISrSlve lois the linn.-1, has held for
inenty years, aod to psi gS7,M0 tor lim elgUl oilier
Archin ci charles u Atwood moonal ponanan 'i
exhibit his prtt.i plauit for adliug two wings io the City
Hall, al '.h.- Arehiieciur.il tangan, and the Coulroller was
suthorUed to pay ulm S3,0W0 *U11 due aim tor bis wort.
V.. r. .>i-Y 1 Taft/ X HliUlLfl'^ |><
far Tsi,s..K?e-i rn i srr aaam t
Rslffmoie. i?.c. i.?.-Ac ord ng to the programms
arranged by tho Garrett party. Samuel hp-nrei BgJSjssJ
from th" presidency of Ibe llalilmore snd Ohio Rall
road to-day and Charles I". Major was placed in that
podflnn s' s salary of p-j.-i (W)i) a yoar. U'h?n Judge
Frick at the stockholders' annual meeting a* tho repre?
sentative 0f the flarreft Interest, appeared, armed Bf i
??nough pnstos to chango the entire complexion of tlie
board of directors, and by his vote controlled fh*
election, lt was stated In Th" Tribune ihat aban would
be a change in the presidency. Mr. ?->p*neer did not
even then know that such a move was con?
templated. He and Holiort (.srrett were frfondly and
lt ls ssld that Mr. (Jarrett was ported ly sathfled with
Sanson as his aaieesssn in tlie ansMaasaf. But when
lodge William i'rtck. the fa hr tn law of Robort
<Jarrott, became tho manager of tho fjatr-ft Interest, be
dfd not look so friendly upon Mr. Ppencer. ITe
? bought 'hat lt would bo better for th" (Jarrett In
erest If some one closer to Ibo family was In the
presidency. Accordingly Mr. Mayer, th? executor
of T. narrlsou (jarrett's estate, was ssjsnet Aside
irom family affairs. Mr. Mayor's Interest a, pre-d'ent of
tho Consolidated Coal Company, controlling a vast
grade lu West virginia, waa another Important con?
sider allon. Then, too. he ls a brother-in-law ot
(.eorge De n. Keim. of tho Reading, one of the new
directors In tho Baltimore and ohio.
President Spencer, at the meeting to-day In the
Central HiilMlng. presided af the opening, but aftor
tho new directors had taken the oath and all were
tandy lg proceed with tho election nf a pro-Mont, he
withdrew. Decatur H. >:,Iler nominated Charles V.
Mayor for the presidency. Although Mr. Spencer
'?vj- not renominated, eight of tho State and city
directors voted for him. It ls understood thst Senator
Gomea was ono of this number. Tho vote wart,
Mayer, 18, Spencer, 8. Mr. Mayer did not volo, and
II. IL Pams, a elly director, was not pros< nt.
Mr. Frick then offered a resolution fha' the enm
mlttoo appointed on Arrll 18, 1888, to make ai In
rntlgatton of the financial cordltlon and value of the
proper les of Ike company he requested to repoit, and
that If the members of the committee still u-matnluf
In the hoard had an; doubt about thofr penn li mike
a tlnal iv port, the president ta authorised to dil the
vacancies In the OonmNtoS. Tho resolution! were
adopted, but Hie committee declined to make a rejxirt
until |i is completed.
Pnsldeut Mayer's first official act was to reappoint
the chief clerk and private secretary to the president
Mr. Spencer, In an Interview, said:
" t'nfll af er the stockholders' meeting on Novom
ber If) I was absolutely without Informs)lon as to
what the eenpasBtoa of tin* new band would tai
There had never be??n any Indications of dissatisfac?
tion, so far as I knew, with the management of tho
property, and I had no reason to BUSBUS! any Inten?
tion to make a change In the gnsfctM > SaSM Casnj
after that meeting a member of tho board advised me
Of a preference on the part of certain largo stock?
holder Interests for Hr. Mayer for the P"- Hon. and Mr.
Mayer eunoeojaeatty stated to rn that ta had aassaaasaad
to the use of bis name, 'lhesn aanttoaajS esme ot
their own accord, and I could not regard 'hJlr state?
ments as coming fnmi a board then unorganized.
L'uder these circumstances, amt a* no cause* for the
desired change were given, I preferred to await luca
authoritative expression as ta hoard, or a major.ty of
lt, might seo flt |o nuke. It Las aot'd to-day, ex?
ercising rights which no one will question, and 1
have now nothing o say on tho subject."
Charin* I". Mayer, th-; new presld-nt, la a Baltimore
merchant by right of dc-eont Bun Ch ri st I an Mayer,
bis grandfather, who was for many years the pitnei
pal member of the firm of Mayer & iiraiitz, which did
extensive business with the East Indies and F.urope.
Mr. Major la a man of action rattv'1 than words. Aa
prnhtoal cf the liespatd i oel < anaasfljgs, h.* energy
and enterprise built up a karga gan coal trade against
many otsstsctoa. Ho ls known a- a pattoal ant In?
telligent compiler ot statistics, and bj- retooled to
collect and digest the tacts connected wno the s,ift
coal traill' of tue country for subnilss-on lo Uoaanas.
Foi yean the itatem ni prepared by him served to
guide < i ngrase in deai.ng with tba toll leola ojasattoas
Of (arl it Ol foreign cms. Wi, i -on va - **o. ll
was rc?olved to make the Consolidation Coal lomoany
a Maryland enterprise, Mr. Mayer wn ai once coo ?-n
president When he came Int i otllce in i-77 th- i -i
irade of the company and the ngtoa was in a de?
pressed condition, and lt w.is tali ber Complicated by
the lahor troubles of that memorable yen Plnee
that time, boa ever, under Mr Mayer*! managem m.
th ro has been a steady loerea*e in toe output, at 1
^.th excel.ont ralliiiat taClSti s, which af
foid Its own mines and Ikon ol
tho i-e?t of tho i Timberland reg-on ample means of
reaching the Baltimore and ohio Bailrosn ai piedmont
and Cumberland, tho t bcaapeake and ohio Canal and
tho Pennsylvania Bailroad, tko company hs- assumed
Ita place as the ISTCTSl producer of <omLblfiimlnous
coal In America. Mr. Mayer ls tlso president of the
Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad i ompani, the
SusQiMhanns and Tidewater ( anal Company and a
score of other corporations. Mr. Mavor wa? marri.?t
In lh(H5 to Miss auoan Douglass Kemi, daughter of
dooran May Kelm, of Headlnsr. Penn., who for many
years represented the Heading Iii-mct in Congress,
charles w. Kelm. of the Consolidated foal Company,
ard George i>e L. Keim, president of the Hesdirig
i oal and Iron Company, are brothers in law of Mr.
Mayer. _
Tho election of Mr. Mayer a* president of the Bal?
timore and Ohio Kallioad ls a complete victory for
the (Jarrett interests. It ls said b\ Wall .-tte.-t
friends of the company that the change win mean a
more aggressive policy and the Immediate completion
of the line to tho Staten Island terminals. Mr. Mayer
bus in i ti associated intimately with tne uatntta tor
many years, and he is ono of the executor- ad 'he will
of T. Harrison ("Jarrett. When it was contemplated a
few years ago to establish a branca of the bankin*
house at New York, Mr. Mayer was selected as tho
New York manager.
A friend of the (Jari-ffs -aid yesterrrav : " Mr. Mayer
poaaeaon lute exei nitre ability and will make au
excellent president if hi- h-alth ls sufficiently atm ^
to enable him to do the work. The only objection ni
Mi Spencer, I understand, was his rack of sympathy
with the (Janett Interests. Wheo he was vtol ore-'.
dent Booen (Janett merely tolerated bini on account
of his ability as , traffic maei.^.*r. Lui there was never
the sllgbesf cordiality in their relations."
lo the Editor of The Tribune.
Slr: The retirement of Samuel spencer from the
pre-ldency of the Baltimore and Ohio Kaflroad sud
tie election of Chark- C. Msver In his stead, whi ti
took place at thc meetr.gof the icm I oard ol Din-, tot ;
held here to-day. was fully expected. It |, u:ifoitunat?
for the Baltimore and Okla Company tb.it Mr. Spsanv
was not retained In Its service. [( is gsaenOy thought
tba the affairs ot the coaansny aiv lo a crisis, sud
that tho vctj best ability and managemeut are r*v
Mr. Spencer wis not superseded becau-o of any
charge of Ineltlelenev or sjlamai moment none eauM
bo ands n sustained. His reputation ls established
and recognlz.il as oue of thc ablest and most oflstiBM
railroad men in the country. Educated .is a eton en?
gineer, he has devoid his WhOtS life lpini youth np to
Ho railway service, in every blanch of which be has
large experience,
TnS Iftlieiiieiit of Air Spencer ls due to the irs'ota
tion of the Oarnti inSuean in tho control ami gam
agoment of this unfortunate company. While Mr.
.-p. teer was at the bead nf the BsBnV
mon and Onto, as pe-ident, he brought
about thorough and radical changes In Usg ad?
ministration In the dlirotion of econ,,;ny and edie .ency.
in efeet he anderata <i the Bali mon ami ohio Kati
niad. and put its o|iorailon and Inaaetal nadtttoS SB
ii sound beeta, lu making the ant) wcsad annual re?
port ta had the nunn to pnanU a full and candid
sfateinenf of Its tltiaticlal affalis. ami UM atkyatoSl ion
ditton of its property, it u w.-n uasjnatoad bj bu?i
(Mn c'icles that this has been the faip'sl tasssft of the
eompaajf'a ajntn mai' for ihinj y a -. Mr. >i?en
CI-. al one blow, redo.I what has boon carried as a
tlotiMous surpbn, 106,000,000, Tins and other re?
forms in the Slraetton ol elevating the company Bom
the rut Into which lt had fallen mviii to have offended
the la: g- tototSStS now in com roi of tl.e prop-r'y.
Mr. charles I'. Mayer, Ihe new pres d n'. ls without
largo railway experience. Ills best frtoada do not
claim this (or bim, and the only rtMsou for hts ataeMasl
ls that he ls the friend of Iii I (Jarrett Interest sud will
carry out the wishes of tho-o owning and totttlOiBng
lt. Mr. IBWSJMT euj,i\s, as he well tanftUS, (be ion
Hdenoe, pad will and esteem of Hie b-sst bu-l'i -s men
of Baltlaoore, and is poputor with rattnad men
Iknugboal the country. IXVK8TOI,
lialilinoie, Md., Dre. 19. 1--^
Portland. Me , Doc. lil. Ihe annual meeting of the
I Maine Central lUlLuad Company wai bald shea %{iaa

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