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noon. The report of tbs directors shows gross earn?
ings of f3.ri80.0O7; operating expenses, SS F.i'.t.rM ;
net earnings, fd,180,125. Business steadily Increased
during the last year, and large sums have been invested
In permanent Improvements. The number of passen?
gers was 1,881,881. The following oi'icci s were
?kasad to-day: President, Arthur Bewail; vice
president and general manager. Pa: son Tucker; etork,
J. H. Drummond; directors-Arti ur Sewall. II N.
Jose. Coorie C. Loni. Richard Piney. Am.n Paul.
PmtoS Allen. W. Q. Davis, .1. (j Klekor. Plant Jones,
Thomss W. Hyde, ts. C. Lawrence, Francis W lill
and John Ware.
Washington. Dec. lO.-The Interstate Commerce Com?
mission ree-imed this morning Its inquiry Into titi*
rates aid classifications of the Southern Hallway ami
S'eamshlp Association. A. Pope, general freight agSBl
uf the Xoi-folk and Western Hailroad. c.\pla4tio<l what is
being done by the railroads to secure uniformity In
classification throughout the country.
M. H. Smith, vice-president of the louisville and
Nashville, eM'ialned the meihodf of hi- company In
making Its through, joint and ormpetlns rate* and
ossifications. He said that his road elan accept a
less raie for a longer than for a shorter distance, but
he urged, in Justification:, the competition of water
lines. While bis road had thus violated the letter of
the law, he regardcrl lt as a purely technical violation.
His road of necessity used several classifications, tad lt
had done much, and was now doing much, he said, to
secure uniform classifications.
Mr. Smith esld that his road had not strictly com?
piled with Hie law requiring tho posting of rates In Its
several offices, because lt was well-nigh Impossible to
do so. That feature of the law ho regarded as a dead
letter, for the reason that lt required something ut?
terly Impossible of performance. Theft rates, be said.
changed almost dally. These changes wore made
noocssary by the changes In water rates, which bis
company were obliged to moot. He had, however.
certain rate-tables rosted, but they wero tu* always, er
even often, correct.
Georg* O. Gauli, of Cincinnati, general manager of
thc Queen and Crescent route, explained what has been
done by bis system to bring its rates Into conformity
with the requirements of lbs law.
BJ/, h. Halsey, chief rate-ek-rk of the 6outihorn
Railway and Steamship Association, and others, also
answered questions by tho Commisi-loners as ro ratos.
J. W. Thoma*, president and general manager of
the National, Chattanooga and St. Louis Hailroad.
said thal on local State traffic the rates In force on his
road conformed to tho law. but on through traffic
between competing i*'!nt* tVy do not.
The negotiations between the Richmond and Wost
Point Terminal and tho Norfolk and We-teiti railroad
companies have been broKon off and th? conference
that was io take place yesterday was postponed In?
definitely. On thu part ol the Norfolk and Western
lt was said that tho failure was due to tho many and
diverse Interests In Ike Richmond Terminal manage?
ment, but that lt would not affect toe business of
the company becsus* a pre\lous trallic contract was
lilli In Ince Per-oiis largely Intonated in tb < Rlch
inond Terminal and tho East TeSMCane companies de
elaied that the proposal ol tko Norfolk and Weston
to buy control ol the East Tennessee was ridiculous
and the illustntlon o( tho "tail wagging th'' dog"
was used many time* by the frlemls of the Richmond
'ii natani ai d e.s' itaaneon enaaaatoa
At the meeting of the lerminal directors on Tues?
day, there waa no positive action taken on the sub?
ject, but Calvin S. Hi1ce, vice-pros dont of tho East
Tennessee company, ls reported to have made a few
timely and vigorous remarks. Hil Msoetates In die
board listened attentively and, it ls said, at the con
rluslon of the unexpected S|?ech they crowded around
[dm to offer congratulations. The meeting was ad
uurned soon alteiwanL
It was announced yesterday Hiat the New-England
railroads would put Into effect to-day tho westbound
tariff which was reduced openly when the New-York
Conti al made Ita reduction to the West. When the
New-York roads reached an agreement for the restora?
tion of rates ihey acted Without walting for tho Los
toa Hues, which di 1 ind give notice of BU advance un?
til December IO, three Baja after notice given by tbs
New-York roads, subsequently Motion was devel?
oped between the Fitchburg and the Huston and Al?
bany roads with legard to the Central of Vermont,
the New-Knglaud connection of tho ('.rand Trunk of
Canada. Vp to yesterday serons Soubt was enter
rained whether the notice of the Now-England roads
would be put tots effect, but an agreement has been
mi ned which assures Hie enforcement of the re?
stored tariff. The Central Verneal win on Monday
make a partral restoration of rates, bat lt will not
put Hie full tariff toto etteet until January 1, 1S80
The company wi.i preserve Ita ordinary differential-,
based upon 10 cents per HXl pounds on urst-clai-s
New-Haven, t>onn.. Doc. 10 (Special).?At the
innual meeting of the Consolidated roal to-day, G.
tv. .Muller, Wilson c.. Hunt, C. M. Itepew, Joser-h
Park and William Rockefeller, of New York: E. H.
trowbridge, C. P. Claik and (i. H. Watrous. New
Haven; W. D. Btokoi and Nathaniel Wheeler, ol
lirldgeport ; II. C. Robinson, of Hartford: and H. S.
L-e, of Springfield, were e>"ted directors. In an
biding to the stiK-kh ld rs Pre-ldent i lurk exnlatned
shy a petition had been made for auihoiity to Increase
(he capital slink, lt wu- designed, he said, to build
four tracks from New.York ta New Haven, to pur
:h?-c leased lines, and In all respects to provide
hw tho be-t possible accommodation of the nubile
Hr. i lark was complimented upon his management
H 'bo road during the year. Tie stockholders mun
anously commet.d-d the pu. nose of the liiiecous. UM
loped the (len-ral Assembly would grant such legs
(ai;oi as would favor the Inciesse of the capital
The following notice was toned to-day in aeeord
ince with a vote of the Joint OouuntttoSi "Taking
rfToct January 1. 1888, the nt lbw nd and west hound
rates on pl? Iron and tho articles named In tho special
Iron ta-III will be on the basis of -J", cents per hun
dr<d pounds In carloads, and DO rents per hundred
pound* In les; than ca.loads, between Chicago and
New rora."
It ls announced by the passenger department of the
l'.uo Railway ihat on account of ike boSdaya exer?
tion licker wm ba -old betwen ;,:i local station on
Ma line whero exclusion tickets are not regularly on
tale, luen lichens win be sold at a considerable
i i timi from the n .'ular i-atcs and will be good from
before i hrlatmm until after Kew fear's Day. i?-ta"
and more deflnt'e Information aa to these ipe< al
ii" may bi had from the nearest Kde ticket agent
Th- litvt spe.-ul nain foi St, AagUSttoS, Fla., eon
listing of ten Pullman sleepen and baggage cats. i. ft
Jersey Clo over Ute Pennsylvania Railroad and Atian
tic duut Line at 8 30 yesterday morning. The tram
ra rel BOO employe* for tho Ponce do Leon
Ihe Alcazar and Cotdova hotels.
Philadelphia, Dee. 18 (Special).--There ls a plan on
foot for bringing Bte Reading and Baltimore and Ohli
into closer relations by extending Bte QuarryvBle
branch of tie Beading aeutk to lbs BaltBi. bim)
Ohio's Philadelphia division near P-ny ville, thu
toratag a abori Une to the south tor Beadtog coal.
It is reported Ibnl tbs Delaware, Lackawanna ate!
West, in Company ba- reserved from a umdieate a
offer af 180/100,000 for Its coal lands, and that tlc
lyadteato bn agreed to build no competing Bae tor
ti - ? ansportatloi of the coal.
OSknri of ihe Reading Railroad stale that the con.
pany ls receiving propoaatt for the oonstrueBon of
500 hopper bottom gondola coal can ol twenty five
Biaawlly, t?> be bulM nazi spring. In the la
y-ar and a half 1,000 can of Uds description hov ? bee
sdded io the sejHlganont, bar th.itput of c -ii in
ena aa fully rn fast as ihe nilling -tm-k. Tl
cars win ii reen Bm eoaspaay'i carrying eapaclt)
bf 7,5(iO tons j.er rionth. Tho rtew-Jersey Centra'
hss slso given an order tor ino car- of Ibe lu
. 'iii- re, vice president ot the |.c|i>
Joy, has resigned from tho directory ul the Ve* I
" ? ? ] '? >1 and li v. Maxwell has I ?? n ejected t<
suc-eed him. Tboro ls now no Lehigh Valley
Ive lo the New jersey i antral board
A com pani hat been organised lo build a railroad
CfSO^OoT ' ' '? r0r' M"nm"'?"? IbsTawtoJ
The Philadelphia and Reading, In extending the
Camdeni .?..ci. t.r and M., ,,' Ephraim Ile | .'
sn mines'. as ' """ ?IWM?*?"irt?Ul tau
cica-o, Tvo. ifi_.M bm Mering nfl 'be rjsswral
tfarapers of the Bosdhweston Mtnourl Riv.
to-day, it was virtually agrsed to restore h
t.rob-ibly as ear y i,s .i?.,,,?,,, r A ,.??,,,>,,,?
i ...oict-d t oat tar with a atauini eoaamittei
Bat Bm in and KoHkweotern lines, and also a eon
Inlttee of the Gctoredo linn, win, a view to it bi gthen
lng the present ?sssnmaad. Hst committee will report
lo tho general meeting of the Wntora Freight \s
soclstlon to be hell tomorrow, sud tl , bidtoatloni
tow on that lt will ta adopted without i?, iel. n
The committee of man naaco! aunagon appo
to sana a new aasmassBr agwiaain! tor Um Man h
the Western Hates A nee tot toa made a report tl -
afternoon. The report was accepted
i 80AK8 all INTI '.lt views?88811 EBUati
iiAiinifsox nr.c:.iviN<; nil loyal
o it nv it?KM. IIABBT8081
Tar iSSanunnt "> ms inmcxc.]
Indianapolis. Dec. If). - Hot ween Senator Onay and
the Loyal I.oirlon this has been an extremely busy day
fm Qeaeral Harrison. The Pennsylvania Senator went
np to tie President elects laen early In the morning
and stayed there until sumo Hmo after noon, titan Ike
members of the Loyal Logion man-hod out In a body,
and tuen wm an Informal reception which !asfe?1 un?
til aftot dart. Ita each of the .'ton or loo veteran
Inion officers General Harrison said a friendly Ward Sf
tasman: fur eosntoS Srtth lbs members of Hie Inaugu?
ration Committee who accompanied Senator Quay from
Washington ho had tn run over the dry details of the
various ceremonies for the 4th of March. Baldest
efl all, In conference with the Napoleonic chairman of
the National Committee, ho had to Wnstfls again with
the difficult and delicate Stable UM of a Cabinet and>a
Senator Quay's long-falked-nf visit to Indianapolis
was a brief one. Ho reached this city a little before
midnight la.-t night and was gone again by H o'clock
this afternoon. Ho came and went, too, with little
eerenony. Nobody met him nt tho railroad station.
and only John C. New arni Private Secretary Halford
wore on hand to welcome him al the Now Denison
Hotel. With tho Pennsylvania senator were C.enoral
A. 8. Britton, chairman of the lnaucur.il Committee,
and I'. W. Loach, Mr. Quay's private secretary.
After a little hand-shaking, the party kieta up
and the visitors from Washington wont to bod.
The news that Senator Qi ny wes (n town di-ow a
small army of Indiana politicians io tho New Denison
Boto! this morning. Pew of them had ever seen the
chairman of tho llormblloan Committee, and all Wen
anxious to be Introduced fe him and to shake baud-.
Members of fh? I .oj'al lecion, ton. orowd-d Into tho
lobbies and tho Pennsylvania Senator could have
stood there and held a public recepiion for an hour,
if hat busfnem with General narrina had not called
him away as soon as he finished his breakfast Af
half-past 0 o'clock. John C. New came around to take
ihe Washington party out tc General Harri-on's house.
Senator Quay had never ni"! thc President-elect, th.men
both wei-.- memben Of the Chicago Convention nfl 1880
General Hani-.m betos ',r|e of the leaden of tba toma
which finally nominated General Garlleid, and Senator
Quay fighting In Ike ranks of the onlobntad Three
Hundred and Pix. Mr. New Introthired the visitors
'? How are you, Senator? I pSttSte wo ha\ o never
mot before," said the President-elect.
" I believe nut," replied Bte chairman of the
National Committee, as ho did his part of the hand
Mr. Quay then explained to General Harrison that
Generala Britton and Williams hal como to Indian?
apolis to tell General Harrison |uel what an-aneo
ssenta had been made for the Inauguration and to
ask bim If ho bad any ideas io suggest or modlSea
tlona to make, ii would bs a good nun io dianne
of that matter Int, the Pennsylvania Senator thought,
and so the two committeemen laid their plans before
the President-elect, who sall he had nothing addi?
tional to suggest, and came back w, tho hotel, loav.
lag senator Quay and the General to a private con?
ference, which lasftnl for two hours or more. Gen
(ral iirltton said, when he reached tho New renison,
that there was nothing now lu the committee's plans.
He and General Williams wen- chit-fly anxious to
find out If General Harrison had any special wishes
about the details of tho ceremonies, but tho Gen?
eral had practically left everything to the Washington
management, and ho and his asslstanti would go
ahead and make all the arrangement*.
'' How aro tie preparations for the Inauguration
getting on f rieneral Britton was asked.
?? Veiy satisfactory In every respect. It will mr
pass the display of any previous Inauguration. Wt
have n larger fund tjia'i ern before, ani already the
arrangements have been made for the entertainment
of about 25,000 people who will come in organised
bodies. This number does not Include individuals, hui
dimply military and civic organizations. There are
about 10,000 nf the militia and 15.000 or 18,000 S*n
belonging to the civic organizations. They como
mainly from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ittiode [otal ? !
and Minnesota. Many will come from Iowa, Illinois
and Ohio, and some as fa-r away as Colorado have
already arranged to be prewnt. I want to say thal lt
will be a favor If you will state that we aro prepared
to make any arrangements Beeta Sd for tlie accommo?
dation of organ lint lon ot Individual! dearing tn at?
tend the Inauguration, If thuy will let us know thc4r
wishes. We look after everything. We have collected. In?
formation regarding tba howls, boarding?
houses and restaurant-, nod have ar?
ranged that none of them should charge higher
prices than .isual, and some of them we ha\ e Induced
to make lower rans than usual, as, for Instance, tho
leading lintels, which have reduced their piton from
SS to ti. a day. Wo not only seem.- for individuals
lie Lind of accommodations they want, but we have
committees to meet them at depot- wi en they arrive,
bl I ??(? that they have no trouble in lindliig the <iuar
lers engaged for them. We also look out for the liv
sry aiiailglWUHlle. so that .strangers will have no
trouble Iii getting to and fro. The perfection of tho
arrangements I? also shown further In tho caro of
hats, coats and canes at the ball. The force of Wa-h
kngton mail-carriers has been trained for that duty,
and ls under the direction of a man who has had
charge of this feature of the balls for three Inaugura?
Senator Quay got bark to the hotel about 1 o'clock.
Ile went upstairs at once, with a thumping headache,
and the admiring Indianapolltaiis, who had agata
crowded the tootles, were disappointed a second time.
Ile sat In tho room which Colonel William Cassius
Goodloe, of Kentucky, had engaged, and put ice on his
bead tor an hour or two, until time came for tho pan
handle train to start. Only a low eton political
fi lends wei-c aile to Bee bini, and ta Wn tOO much
prostrated, Colonel Goodloe said, to talk politics.
-ile said nothing to me about hi- visit to General
Harrison,'' added the Colonel, - imf even giving bia
personal Impression of tba Resident-elect, I am sure
he did not toll anybody herc "what tho mull of his
talk With tho Genual uas. Mr. Quay is not a roni
inuulcatlvc man, you know," concluded the Colonel,
With a smile. The Senator va- abie to stir around and
got ready fur the :i o'clock train, and ail thc Washing?
ton men went back with him.
ri,en- is mush ipeeulatton as to Ike resuti of Senator
Qoay'i mission, but no; one nf lbs polltfcBlsni here,
boatsvm close to General Harrison, w ll renton to
ay whether he merely a-i;eil for tba Pennsylvania
atrousge, or nnabsd the <iaii:is for CUMnei positions
id tho two Beaten men <\).u-e. hopes ka la ?uppuasd
to look on with most favor.
Gsssral Harrison mad- bo ai rones) manie w.th tho
Inaugural (ommltiec about bi lourney to Waaklngton
ii March. Ile bas no pinn- yat for bia trip Ka?i and
.\IU make none for eoaeo time. ll.- will not gu IO
\ew-vork on a visit tn Mr. Morton, or Bay ona al a
Mis*. Harrison and Mrs. McKee eapeel io anke ;?
:.i Now.VoiK early in January to do -
. y ibepl H -? Thej an a ?? buying jil ul that
: ait of theil Washington outfit widen they eau gol
.. md il.ey expect lo be kopi busy making pur
. ? for a month or two to eome. The i Bea y/orh
lp win b.- a brief one and they tbemaalves atUeh
lal imponaneo to lt.
Oom ii ami .Mrs. Barriaon kepi oj,en house ail the
afternoon t- th- memben >i the l-oyai Legion.
i ... ol Mrs. Harrisoo'i friendi came in to
bes In ncciving tba nilen. A luncheon wa, -
. ra wa mu . p <? taunt eonvem ob in an
i.io.ma. *?,. Bi p. ...ii Usyei ealtol abom tnt
Of the afternoon, an I aler akskhsg hand, With
everykody had a short chat with Genenl Harrison.
,! John h. Lonou, ol Toledo, aod Osneral
G. (,. Morilll, of Liston, both past g. and conimatidet -
ul the Grand Ai my of ibo Bepubic, came In pmently
and Joined In the talk. Tbs] bod tuged Sn tbs
! resident ?' I c a neenslt] ol i i nasal SSrvli -?
Pension bill, which, r wa boped, might ta pi
In this, they
-..bi, i -v represeated i Grand Ai nj, wbl b
I of jc i.-.ii i i.i.i passed h. i
. ci,cut every soldier who bud i ivod at toa I
nuntba in me wai and rsoolvod an bouotabu
useharge. Golonel I oodl ?? who I .i Loyal Leghio
mau, an aieiti.?-. noiah.c a rivaj, and a't i bl ii
ii barlee il. i >ni?vci? ide Unlu < ongii
.md General I'. W. Men iii. .1 : lladctohla. The h
eptlon lasted ni :il .. o < lort e Itu Inf
allen hurried in. k to th Uatei House, when
usineaa me ung of i ia i^ -i m ua- to M bold, u
ial Barri un bin li can; down lo hi aud helped
? I organise the India u m len Gem .. I ?
wallace was male i ima ' d . .. .; i fi . inembetshlp
? ni Bsswawa TioiibUbb
Dr. W OHAKVEfs. Northllelt, MU 1 hive
used ll In pass* nt nervous prostration, snit sis., ni eombl.
i i.ailui. vito oiii-i remedies lu inclin?.iju, it ii, Diuv?d ii
I MUWacwry s. c?ull be sk|aKtrdT*7
wa- enrolled. Tl I ;i tlMHS W?n singing and talk!t:?
and after that, thc dinner, tor which General HbitIsoo
i'lld not stav. Kx-Picsidi-nt Baysa was. Of course, tko
nu.st roaspteuoui Uguie ai ihe Loyal Legion reunion,
lb- has changed little lu loo as linen be tefl the White
lion---. though bis iiemd i- a little thinner md
grayer. il- la still straight and
. milj ii- ? vcr. Ile coen! no
talk polities, ba said, and i.is visit bad no political
il gn finance.
-I paid a fiiondiv \i-it of reaped i" General and
Mn Ma rhum," he continued, bul 1 am tnt, aa ??uno
of th'- newspaper! have said, a bio.ni nlatfn sf Mn.
Hatilson "
Gsssnl Ila.-, lol ? rmi pride lu th" L<>\ il Legion.
Of which he i- commaiidoi lu-cbiff Sp ''.dug of Ht
history and growth, he -'?'?! !
'? It was conceived on the nattle-field of Appomatti \.
as you iou! tl is know, fhto was a mere Informal lari
which afterward took definite and thoroughly organised
shapo. Af the rlOSe of tho Pevnlutlonai v War. tho
offleera who had served in lt founded the Order of
the t'lnrliiua'l, membership to become hereditary.
lt flnurr*h"d, and has he,>ii a Strong fuganl/ailon evi r
Since, 'laking the principles of this order Bl a
model, the Lo- :?! Leal m i! luriihed from ihe '?eginning
"Waal arc ihe principles w which yon 1 f-i .'"
- Aiiiong oiiiers, to eherfsh and perpetuate the
mutual feelings of patriotism, benevolence and
brotherly filetidshlp. creates" bi a common experience
of the hardships encountered rn pre ervine; the Onion
and maintaining its rank among 'bo Nations.''
- How is membership beredltai i '
' it dnnndi lo Ihe eldest son, wheo Ike mumbel
?? Has tho order l"-on popular among the OtneeraT"
'Yes, Hs |TOV/th I 'ls Leen -ali-lni'lory. There
are about 6,000 msmbers In all nov and then ar
rommsmlerle, in eighteen States and Territories, in
dlsna ls the hi-t of lie North Centra! Stator to estab.
Uah ? command* ry."
Paning lo the inbjeel of his goners! health, he
ga\e this interesting piero of advice a1.out l.ping
ono's eyesight:
"I can sc,, to road without glasses, and I am -Ixl',
six yeats old. I win tell you bow I preserve ms
eyes." I wast them every morning in cold water,
BOSS thom closed for an Instant, then apnlv more
water. My general good health 1- due io tho mod care
I take o' my elf a.ni to the exercise whick i lake
freely and regularly, if you are In |. health, gat
out Into the nlr and sim.hine." ?
Colonel William CnsllH Goodin hw* boen pul
forward In wme of the Kentucky papers ns ? ran
dldato for a catdnot position. Ho said today about
his aspirations:
?? I will franklv foll von that I hive no Cabinet bee
In my bonnet. (if course. I am grateful to mv ftleinls
fur Buming me tor so his-h a position, bal I am not
h"ro lo (-li General tla'rl-nn fur that or an'.
place. 0 te ral Harris.,0 |. ri tri' ' ? t 'e man, which
ii.i ai.s ai-o thal he ls sn Beeompl'shed politician, ind
r iiini' no doubt ho will si'" - CUM ri itrone. not
n ' in merni) rshlp, bul m geograph eal po i o i
General nsrrinu can bo fuJly In 'ed to make op bia
own Cabinet."
The late-f bil of gossip sent here affecting an In?
diana man ls to tho effect rnat General Harrison, ? i
token of respect fo the memory of the Hlnatrtoui ? ? .->
Governor BUd In deferenc to tho wl-h"s of th
Crest-am elenienf In indiana polities, bas determined
to give Olive- T. Morton a good apnointment. Thc
Information is oven mon* precise than this, tor I
assigns Mr. Morton to Rnfns Magee*! place as Minis
ter tn Stockholm.
Wa?hington. r?oc. is (Special).?The confrre un nf
Soulhorn Pepubl'cans which m< held last night at
tho ro<ms of the Battonal Bepubilean League wn
largely ai tended by ropi-e-entatIve Pepubllcnns from
nearly all the states of ibo South, about seventy five
being present. Tba prOCeedinp were hanni 'ilou
Tho sole result wag the adoption of a resolution de
clarine lt tn be Ibo -ense of Boothera Republican- Ih it
lt wa? desirable that the president should letoel ii
leaol on i snemher of iii- Cabfnet from the Snath, and
taut he siiouid ito fully Informed of Ike prevsiUng m
timent among Boutbera Bepubilean In favor of ihe
pa-sage of tbs Glair Bdneattonnl bill ard the desire
for wiso nanatina to prevent bribery, Intimidation aid
fraud at all Federal elections and to secure an bonni
count and returo by effective Federal legislation and
other legislation National In Mope, bul desired e
peelally by Boutbera BepnbUeana. lt was the tenn
of the emoting timi the general sentiment throughout
Ibo South in the subjecls named OOtUd l? best Ol tabu d
liv DMmben of the List Congresi who an also memben
of the Ltb Congnn, not moro than one from each
state being named as a committee, namely, l. C.
Hank, of Tennessee; L. V.. McComae, of Maryl Bud :
w. H. Wade, nfl Missouri; 0. B. Bowden, of Virginia,
and .1. M. Li-ower. of Barth CaroUna, to whom wa
added tho chairman of the meeting, Judge D. U Hus
sell, of North Carolina.
The above-named wore asked to report fairly to
President Hairlson the sentiment with respect to |
member of the cabinet and legislation affecting the
.south, as may be communicated to them in W's
ton by visiting Republicans or by mall from Bepubll
cans In tho Southon Mates.
There wa- no action taken by this conference with
mapee! to the organisation of tba next Hoon or it;
ofllcers, nor wa* any natno urged or discussed for the
cabinet, and tho subject ol patronage a*n not cnn
sldered. Ibo Republicans who were rsque cd to act
is tlie committee are averse to the task, beean-- they
ny it i- impo-sibie for them to communicate with all
Ike hading Kcpubllcans of tho South who should be
consulted, bul there ls no doubt that they will In si.n.e
proper manuel Inform 'li" president ol lentlmenl ns
it may reach them from the gtatei ol the south, nf
course the addresi of ail the memben of the nm
mitten will be the lim:-'- of Ben esentatlve except
thai of .lodge Russell, which ls Wilmington, N. C.
While ihe re-nil of the conference nay nol bo
wholly istlsnetory to the li iradi of General M i
who asalred that his name should be considered and
urged, I hey cheerfully acquiesced In ll.
Indianapolis Dec 18 (Special). It wn gtvn out
toto to-nlgkl ly one of tl." best-Informed BepahUeani
ben that John Wanamaker wa- the "ne man who
could now bs counted on fur a cabinet position.
"General Bsrrison," be said, "bad Inquired on rainer,
on noriaaloni aboul Mr. Wanamaker's qualifications,
and had often expreseed himself as highly satisfied with
tho Philadelphia niece haul's tides- for Ita bead of
un- of the departments of lin- CPVOrmUSUt. BSUStOr
Uuay's coming was only Barded IO etina Ike prefer.
un of tho Pnshtontetoct. Mr. Wanamaker win be a
nembw of the nz! Cabinet, you can count on thal
from today. I know that General Harrison liked
A'auamaker from the start, and that Quay gol what
he wnitcd.''
Philadelphia. Dec. 18 (Special).-" Tho Nortli Amer
lean." edited by Clapton MeMlehael, mo- lt i ea
?eiient authority tor miking cie Doaltire itaemeni
hat Pi-e-ldeni elect Hams m ha- decided lo BPOOlnl
fohn Wanamaker Poatmaster-tieneral. The iri'oi
nation comos from one of phlladelshlu's besVksown
ii men, who ls a wann friend of Mr. Wanamaker,
laid he: "Geueml Harrlnn hn been in eommunl
aiton with a number of the most pnntinaal Honub
lean merchants. Mr. B'auamaksr1 luoluded. davoral
if the,e men have been invited to Wiall hliti In ltullan
ipolls. I think I can safely ni that neariv all of
asm have, in iheir eorrnpondenn ultfa Ibe President'
licet, advocated BM appointment ttl Kr. W a:,a.usher.
n addition to tba rapport of Bunston Onus and
ameron. Mr. Wanamaker hat a Munch friend In
dr. Morton. His sppolntmeiil was s.-t .ci while Mr.
gorton wm In IndiaaapoUi tost wonk." Mr. Waua
naker will not talk, hi- tnvarlabii answer tn Inter
rlewcn being: "Since mv name aa* desi mentlomd
han refrained from talking on this sublect. i
? break that rule hot." The outotoo among
ml) tx tani here li Cai the wrtfoiio of lMstaiu<ior
ion?ral bis undoubtedly been offered to Mr Waua
Au-iin, Tex., i?c. 18. in- official vote for Con?
gressmen in this .-fate ls Bl fellowsi 1st BtSl
(towart (item.i, m.si:;; McDaniel (Rep.), MAT;
riavis, .pii..',; nd Martin (ix-ini, lo/jio; Humphrey
taloa Lab.). 8,658; tlld Bilgote iDrm.i, -jo .7:1:
Fanner (Lab and Bop.), 8,887; IYtk--Culber?on ?
.ppoaitlon; Vth?Hare (Dem.), 27.006; Thomas
Rep.), ?),,-??.: VPh Abbott (Dem.) -jo.-!-.:; Rvani
Ith Croln i>cn. 1, 1 >,6ia ,-.. a ,,.r
ii-lM, 18,063; VliLh Moore (Dem), 21.022 Cool ?
Bop 1. -. ;? 'i Sic Ige (Union Uh 11 . - (8 . iXth >niu
I'cin.i. 20.70I; Junta lind. Dem. and Ben.) 13:111s?
mi, Sayers Dem.) ilt.OlM; Itel Imap <Bep.i 1 '??n-,:
K th-Lan..am |Dsm . 36,361 . RedU ,,1. ;.,',; Itu'mphi
-?? -- -
I.ITTLK DOUBT thai TOE i:t:i'f m.icw OAKDl
DATE IN THB in ;n CALIPOBJfld ni^.
I WA 1 ' I '1. 1 ni T.
han Pian.WM, Dn. 18 (Speeial).?Tke rooonnt of
he votes for Mayor In this city ls showing gran
randa in ike ntker votes; ?n.i by h.- Sauna t
eem, to Ih- little BOUbt thSl Phelps tlc- BSpuh
lean nominee for CQBgmi In Ike V*th IH- rfct, Bari
?f which is in this cit>. w;ls counted eui by tba
.artisans of i tanto, the Demount, The oBtotal mg
Brfty for I taUla wak only tiffy one. and ynterdsT'i
i n?!ii' i ti reeoun ah m th c Bbelpa hud painui eleven
olc?. While . lilllie loSI tort) lill.e. ti ii, elvin- Ph '?
in actual Inrnan of sixty, io dav Phelps made i
.rt g?in ofl twetiiy two. mating bk) plurality thirty
? f nune, ai tka certificaie has ben aswed lo
, pkei] ?'a sal) reeoone win i>e t.
anful rnnani ands, to pnnm th< ti.'uios ..
oagnsa, an I lo asntnl I lunle' ? --,i.
tbUi in. be aiU gel tba pin tn whli h i..
ali .\ ' iecici. t he I??? -i .
i' an tal j In Ihii n eouni i- bi la iU, but as ito
I bm " havi lal en lt, and Iht acne
hen- cm i, ? .... qiiesl I BS lo I
H?rt >,1 KurU) *** i.rirltaJM tW.? i ! a\L
BrSSSSSteU Al?,lM?i.??n; Kl', .r V.? . lo ii?r, ,u5
)ko .,,'. 'r.i rUi?t,Li?mU5L? W.lirl ,!. h V
ABcnrnD m oiyice,
winrtr. a OOMOBMSSIOHaIV invl-tioation is
i .'f.iM i. riii.iM.r ami ms iilxchmen.
iBt tnjnUAPB t<> rn", rnnriM. i
irasmlngSan, i>ec. ts.?A congressional investigs
t|on of tho office of Ibo supervising Aroliltect ls
-nely needed. Scarcely a day passes Ihat some?
thing ls not bnUghl to light ronflnnlng tho opinion
of those eapable of Judging that Colonel Front ls a
lamentable failure officially. Tho latest, develop
i.. nis regarding his official conduct, however, cannot
le construed, oven by the most charitably Inclined,
?a* lying duo io ignorance. They show a premeditated
aud determined attempt on bis part to violate the
Immediately after tho President Issued the order
placing tho Super,ising Arehlteet's ofSn under Civil
-ivlce rules, Colonel Frere! begun a systematic car
BgalMl thetr appUeatton to bis affine. He had deter?
mined to remove all BepUblleSSUI and to till their
plies Witt t luise wbon nomocracy was beyond
i|ue-tlon. Ile desired, for Instance, to appoint his
.mi a.s a draughtsman. Rut the Prntdent'a order was
just iii Mme to prevent this appointment bf fair
means. tinier tho Civil Service rules all applicants
must pa** tts teejulred examination. Young Preret
wu.* unable to Sn ihW. Ho, ttSfefOn, was BBNtotntSi
- eontldentlal .secretary* to his father, though no law
ezlsted under which this appointment could bo made.
Immediately afterward he was transferred to the
draugflttsmsa'a room, where ho carries DU a desultory
itruggfc) with pencil and compass for about three
hours a day, never falling to appear on pay day.
si'mmom.m; ms iip.nciimf.n.
In order to carry out his scheme of ridding the office
of Itepiiblleans and niling their places with Democrat*
of his own choosing, Colonel Prent, called to bia aid
his chief engineer, one Miller by nattie; o. Van Nerta,
chief dnnghtaman; M. a. Boberte, nfl tho draughts
men's room, ami "Colonel" Umuna Fistor, ektof clark
Colonel Prent stated io then mon that ho required
fifteen moro draughtsmen, but he would bo htonkety
bunked if he'd allow any blanked civil Serein rule
to govern him In their selection. Then he Instruetod
them to got up an examination that would furn any
would tie applicant, gray. ?? We must advertise for
draughtsmen, but they must fall to pas? the examina?
tion i win thereupon dnlan to the civil service
Commtollnneni that their mles won't work In our none
They must bo math- a fal'ure, 'and then I shall be
allowed lo appoint whom I blank please,"
Colonel Preret I i Southern gentleman, and conse
quently sn iiiiept in ibe on of bianka . Unites la was
Intrasted with drafting tte technical examination.
vhcrti-eir nts were Innrted In ail th-? anhltocnral
Journals ol tl country, and the requirements Mated.
reonii. n,..iiis were enough to knock tho lie*.
tortoni draughtsman In Ihe country dissy. The
aiiplieant was required to dn th-- work of five or si\
l" .ili-fs. Mini perform S0 ordinary month's work.
Colonel ''belly, one <>f the civil Service commlsRionBrs.
denounced < olonel Preret and his seiionio openly and
billilly. If ls needle., to add that no draughtsmen
v.ei" seined under fh"-e examinations. BobertS,
who drafted the exsnlnutton papen, hn since in
eauliou-Iy let drop tho Statement that, the whole
?Theme was talked over and thoroughly under-mod
between Colonel Frenl and blmnlt
- i il.v before tho election there, came the cry from
tho Democratic Natl nil Committee for "money, moi-e
money." Colonel Prent set aboul complying with
this demand. In direct violation of tho statutes one
of the draughtsmen, a political chameleon by tho
name of Klnlcel. not only solicited, but demanded In
a peremptory manner, eoatribntton from the em
ployei of tba office, The money, ho explained, was
tu be handed to ?? Colona!" Lister, chief clerk. Then
came the (jue.lion of rnten Demoeruttfl voters, of
course, for Colonel Preret had no uso fur voters of
any other -ott. Io lie brief, ali Democrats who
claimed to have a vote, and mnny who did not. wen
granted learn of Bonnee, and no doubt tbs psproUa
for tte time they wen- gprsa weald disclose tho fact
thal nothing was dednted fotm their salary, another
violation of law. At leas) three etorka, including
Filter, and Iwo draughtsmen, who had been partim
lari] active in aquesslBg "voluntary contribution"
out of tte amployn, w?n rewarded for their work bj
bring sent out lo their respective States a few days
befon ibo election on "odlrlal nosiness." Thus were
ll.eli travelling exponsoi and hotel bills paid by the
Government for tbs votes and assistance rendered
the Democratic party. This ls not a tittle of the
outrages perpetrated by or with the connivance of
the Supervising Architect, Prent, during the pre-i
denUal campaign. At least twenty of his henchmen.
Including etorka and architectural diaughrsmen. have
rendered tkemnlvea Baum io indictment, and punish?
ment by lim- and Imprisonment or both. It only
remain tor Ike Bepuhltosn to determine, after Mann
4, whether they -hall be proseetned for their crime*.
otter they shall be permitted to retain their bl
I'rerot's crowning achievement, which, If not
clerke*) hy Immediate action on the pair of Congress.
mast eventually cost tbs people 111011-811'"-, and per
haps millions, of dollars, enrich Prent himself, and
leave to bis slice,.,-or a heritage of confusion con?
founded, ls yet to be recorded. Knowing that there
is no poeslbUlt] Of bl5 being retained undor tho ajex!
Administration, and with an Insatiable desire for self
glorlltoatton and enrichment, Colonel Freret has deter
mined to uso his official position between now and
Mamb 1 " for all lt ls worth." He has associated with
him In this pioje. I his chief clerk, chief engineer,
chief draughtsman and chief computer, without whoso
anlatann sad eo-oneratlon he could not.hope to carry
it toto elfect. All public buildings for which appro
pi lal lons have been made aro lo be put through, as far
letting of coot neut townescaed, before March 4,
. iheteh plans and elevations an- to be given
ostensibly to outside architects, who sro to bind them
-elves to complete all diawlngs, Including working
drawings, wilkin six week,- thus allowing BUflOleOI
h. way In which to nd vii tis., proposals, a** required by
law. before March I. Tbs contracting hnbltnta
oe a!-o to bind tbsanaatvm l<? employ
diaughtstnen of the Superviilng Architect's of
lice, outside their regular official hours, to assist
them in getting mn tte drawing-. This was neees
iary. Otherwise then would have been a unanimous
?kick" on 'in- jiaii of tte office druugktsuum, ami lu
lonsequenn sn exposure of the. whole scheme. All
hawing boards, paper, ink and other rsquMtm were
10 lu- taken flinn tte offin ai pleasure- another viola
lion Of law. Thc outside architect ls lo be but a
figurehead. The Inside architect ls to select his
1" OUtSlde. The latter ls to be MSlgUed tfl tho
building or buildings Md appear on tte pay rolls, The
[omni 1- lo do the work ami reeelve tts pay. This
is for (he double purpose of evading, lli-t, the law re
lulling 1 ie advertising ,)f ?H contract work; second,
? 0 eva 'rn of tte law relattag t<> subletting of eon
1: s. n.T.TT, Jury it, 1863).
'Il e ni-' hie. on, results of thu gnat scheme ranniit
,e oven -limai d. The Bril losult will bo tho general
lemonllMtlon of tte office and tts ntabUabmenl of a
len) dangerous an-l Impracticable; next, tho ui
te,- confusion and worttleaa work that must ensue in
insequence of Its being done lu le.ss ihan one-fifth the
required for good work Contracts will berlet rm
rtitllri with mistakes. rhen eon
. , mini,lcd srithou great ou?t to ike
liovernmcnt, if the buildings aro begun, half the
work will have io lie torn down as wnrthlna. An
itber i-im "iii be tiiat in a mouth <u iii weeks ike
appropriations for tte fiscal year wi:i beaoate e.\
? 1. and every employe of tho ofBca mist be
either furlough' -I or discharged.
MAKIN.: 11 tv wniLi; Tin-: BBB SHUfEB
?; 1 gnatoSi act!\lty has pivvalb-d In the Super
rising Annlteet'a sfltoa since tho scheme was d^
vl-cd. Nothing liss been left undone bf Freret, sod
eatnl 1 I an 1 ie ervsd. fltn rj
Unsta wbon co-operation la neenanry to Btrtbsi
liiieC- soda bas been given a "plum"' In tho way
of buying a site for a public building. All have
be.-n iktrmlshlng over tba country hurriedly. Pistol
ls at arsenal In Wrmlngham purchasing a site for a
8200,000 building to be enetSd there. Miller, chief
engineer, has Just returner! from Texas, where he
1 on similar business. Linton, assistant chief
clerk, ba- Just returned from Duluth and ls pro
I tor another trip. Von Nerta, chief draughts
mun, has gun ? to Trenton lo buy tte sue for ihat
building. ' Austell, tow cb rh. whose unsavory rSSOrd
in connection with the purchase nfl Bte binghamton,
ti. 1.. -it" I- still fie-'i in the minds ot The 'I illunie
is |ii paring to go nut again. Noi i
Uthful ba ' a rn giecti I. I liter*! record n
ntirrhaaer 1- nartlrularrj and offensively udoi
ons. Without exception, lhere romes from every div
where 1^- has purchased a, sile a prtito?t a?Ain- Mime
underhand work li ls hui a lea weeks
nee IkS CUdgei wa- taken up a-aitist
p, t. Barnum for the queettonnble manner in
lite wa- pun hus d I l -ii I,
. political chameleon capable ol changli
polities three limes a dav If n. ce ar\ lo tb welfare
ot 1 i-ti 1 Under Ur. SaB, Prent's predecessor,
1,-i. .1 .1 !:? i-iiii,1 an. but bboo ike Bennion of
. 0 a Democrat of the deepest
d\o, gi ht la personally demand and re
nive m., v lunn the employee bi his nStoa for Bte
Homoerotic campaign.
Then li abundant proof in the poisesiion of the
corie jMinUcnt of Tba Itlbune to koud nvstSJ al lue
officials of the Supervising Architect's offico to State
Washington, I>ee. io (Speclall.-Mr. Kdmunds Intro.
flfisMd In the Senate to-day an Important resolution
concerning the control of tho Tra.u. IsthmPm Canal,
'uilt under foreign auspices. It was referred ty tl.e
ommlttee on Foieign Relations, and reads sj follow
Resolved, That the (io ve rn mont of tho Culled Suns
will look with sorI>m? com em and dlsspprovsl upon any
connection of sny atolwpna Government with th* e<>n?'in
finn or control of sny ship canal across tho Isthmus of
Darleu or across Central America, and mu ht regard sny
-uch connection or control as injurious to tho just rights
mid Interest* of tho United State* and sh a monaco to
their welfare.
Sjsehaq. That, tte Pnsktoal of tho Cain] stoics bc
requested to communicate this sapfsisfn af the views of
Congress to tho Governments of the countries of Stone*
Mr. Kdmunds has alwa)s talion a very lively Interest
In all matters regarding tts problem of cami io mutant,
cation between the Pacific and. Atlantic oceans. In
three previous Congi- sacs ho championed tho bill to
i,dvy a charter to tho Nle-jrapua Canal Company, which
pnasd the Senate In tho course of tts Int lenton of
ongrne, and which ls now ponding in the Home.
Prapoiring of getting action at th' benda Of Congress
Un company, upon .Mr. Idmunds'l advu.e, oldened a
charter from the Legtototnn of thc state of Vermont
not long ago, hut this has not prevented lt from push?
ing Its plans In Congress.
-a> , . .
NKXT congress.
Waihlngton, Dec. 10 (Spoelali--Tho River and
Harbor bill was taken Up and considered by the IIouso
this afternoon. In round figures lt appropriates
$1;.',OOO,OOO, two-thirds of which is to be expended
on rivers, creeks and bayous. If BM bill becomes a
law the river and harbor appropriations of the
" Centennial" Congress will exceed 884,000,008, al- i
most double tho appropriations nfl any previous Con?
gi' s, f.,r uko pun cen.
In Its report tho committee states that tho bill
was framed on thc tho-iry that lt ls not " needful"
In making an appropriation that the commerce sa
!? benefited should bo "actually existent; it SUSSsn
that If should be clearly potential." When the
possibilities opened by such a theory are considered
tho only wonder ls that the bill ls so moderate. There
are Innumerable creeks which might be dredged and
numbcrl'-ss bayous fi-om which the snags and saw?
yers might bo removed In the name of 'potential
commerce," and the committee has aoUttBjtod Itself
with recommending tho expenditure of only 818,000,
000?a pitiable sum, indeed. The committee barf dis?
covered Ike motive by which criticism of wasteful
and extravagant appropriations has been umpired.
Tba report ?ays:
Tho objections to river and harbor bills urged by a per
tlon of the public press of the country, your COUBBittee
OSBCBln to be based largdv upon elltorlal provincialism,
that ls, carelessness and want of knowledge of BM BcedS
and t-ondltl ins of mh-r HMBlltles than their n?n
What can ?? provincial editors'' know, for example,
about tho needs of thar vast "potential coosmsreo" ol
1 ? lillico Cicek. a stream " nearly two and three fourths
mil-s long," On tlie "easton shore" of Maryland.'
For this niagnliiceiii artery of " potential commerce'
which is K'liei.iily bell -vc . to be hld.len BQUtoWben In
tho district represented by .Mr. Gibson, a nu tuber of
the Uiver and Harbor Committee, and to hate been
discovered by him. the sum of #'..0iK) was appropi'Isl ld
In tho last LUI. Not a dollar of tts ninney has nen
upended, bul if is now proposed to opp opriate 810,000
moro. After tho work has boon completed, and a
"turning basin" has been dug or built at the upper
end. so that a ''polo boat" will not be compelled to
descend the stream stein foremast, fairlie Creek WlB
be ablo to bear on Its lordly bosom whatever ?? po?
tential commerce" may chane to siiay ilia; way?ex?
cept when " a strong wind blows'' from a rerta.n
riuarter and s?nd* the water out of tho cre-i;. By
building a high brick or stone wall entirely around
this raging stieatn lt mich' be made navigable even
u len a brisk nur'woster ls blowing.
ihe laal paragraph of Section i of tte bill is rery
neat, Ind.I. ll provides iti.-u Speaks! Carinda shall
appoint a committee for Ihe next House, which will
have a Republican Speaker. This committee, of
roareS, ls to be provided w-th a Democratic ehulrinuu?
piobably Mr. lllanchard, of louisiana?who is io ap
point a, Democratic doik. amt to control ike expend!.
lures, which will bo no petty sum. for lt ls "tn In
|Bln Into an<l investigate the expenditure of appro?
priation! for river and harbor improvement! and the
?ouiliiitiii and progress of such works ol Imp ovement"
and to visit ino place- where appi iprtotlou aio ex.
pended An indefinite sum ls to be appropriated tn
nay the expenses of this roving committee, the mem?
bers of which, of course, b-dng lawyers, will bo fully
competent to detect and point ail errors In (ho plans
of the hydraulic engineers, correct estimates when?
ever necessary and ascerraln whether appropriations
have been carefully and economically expended As
a scientific work the report of the commit!"" must
excite universal Interest and possess a value not often
found In works on hydraulic engineering.
mc. dakota BILL rooTroxKn DMTIti JANCUlY
Washington, Dec. If) iSpeciali.-The Brat act ul the
'arco ent.tlod "Procrastination, or How Bot lo Do Ii."
ran played In tho House (inlay. ( hallinan (spring."-,
if the Committee on Territories. wa? the " <ur" of tba
iccaslon. Ho mn and gave notice that BU Tannery
IS, 1830, he would call up (ho bill to admit. South
Dakota Into the Union as a State. This ls the samo
springer?the "only springer"?who, aaj the socoml
lay of thc session wanted the House to proceed Im
nedlatcly to conildor tho "Omnibus" bill to authorui
Dakota and Montana to do what Ikey havo already
lotio, to clothe Washington with power which the
icople of that Territory already aeneas, and to
Mitkortn the people of Bow Mexico to do something
vhlch they have expressed no desli-e to do.
Mr. Buchanan, nfl New-Je:soy. reminded Springer
hat the House ha/1 suspended Its rules in order to
: ve the Territorial Committee tho right of way i n
rasasrday and every nonedlug dap, until the subjec
liould have boen exhausted, and that m \esteidav?
ie had given notice that he would not call up tho
louth Dakota bill until todiy.
The "peanut'' statesman replied that lhere wx<
? no politics" Involved and thar he was acting bv
l'reefton of lill committee. His declaration about ?? no
Killtlrs" was uttered with due gravity a* betitied tho
.erasion. In i*ply tu a question. Speaker Carlile
aid that a motion to take up the Territorial bil by
my member who could obtain recognition would bo rj|
irder. Thens was S. S. I ox's golden opportunity, but
k; let lt slip. If he had made thc mot 00 on tte
nstant ii would have carried.
Postponement Of consideration until tlc middle of
lannary blight* ail pnsuni of legisiat on by this
(ingress, and that ls whst nesrly overy lUUUOtirBI in
ongresi desires. When that dato arrives, only forty
vorklng days of I lils Congress will remain and tl.e
louse will be confronted bf tho BSWSl "'uml lion' bf
. short session nany gcneiai appropriation bills in
ie disposed of and Inadequate tim . lt will bo essy
nough for the I )c rn oe rats to defeat Terr toltol togtsla
ion then without resorting ti) dilatory means.
8IDV8 ok Titi: (TiAMnr.R.
vrnktuftoa, ixe. io ispnlel). Tbs DemoeratleBen
itnrs had B caucus tkla afternoon after the adjourn
nent. and r-ached thc conclusion that they would In
1st upon tho Bsnate adjourning on Friday nexl to
lanuary 7 (the time agieod by the BUUK] i that they
rould under no elnumstoncn oonasut to ike holding
if night session*, and that (I.e., would be willing to en
ortaln a proposition to conclude dtotumlon upon Um
pending Tarltf bili on Januut] BO, and with thai end lu
,lew would also bo willing to IU tho hour of meeting
ems/torsi ii 0*010 : Instead of el bjoob. The counter
smnoalUus smds previous!) bj tts BepubUcani Lad 1
provided for the meeting nfl the (senate an hour earner
han m.ual, Ignored the customary holiday rece?s alto
|Btkn, and 1-oked to a termination of the debate on
he Tarltf bill on January 18,
It would bc premature to lay to-night whether 'ho
tepublleana will accept tho proposal of the pemu
irato, but lt ls likely that nan compromise or an
ither win bo reached by io nu'irow afternoon. Most
Ikely another date f,?- (he terminaibiii ol the doi.se
\iu ba axed, aarkai 1 January ic, as January -jo isils
>u a Sunday, a fact which tim nanni lula seem ta hsvo
"st tight ot in Uti ir debbeiallom thu afternoon. As
M| as a da| ls SXSd lor the tabing Of IBS Vole, the
fspiiblkmai, 11 is esBsvsd, win no) nrtossly obj el
' 'al mg a holiday recess, aud ta give up the nicki
Tho greater pago* ,,f t>,,. afternoon wax taken np In a
em nfl ihe Tarli bin, artttuut, bowuvur, anning
ny marked mirna, Mr. Vnruen nauutmed nearly
au hums in bm .idiv.iv of a sci ranch, which hs
ead from manuscript ant which wi, pnpund iii
..dy knows by whom, ii bristled wm. den uncle'lon
r the protective taint. <>r manufacturers who wen
'Mei robbers and thieve,.. ,,( m nopolin, uf dusts,
f nmblnss and of thc Senate ?.uhsiuu.e. which Mr,
"iirheei facetiously denounced as a " fra-id and
'f. ,'L .All"*?""*1' " WM ? performance moro
ultabk> to the huitliigs than to the United Slate, son?
ic, lu thc runniag debate a hick, followed the deiiv
Grand Street, N. Y.
T9Y8, O0LL8, GAMES, B00K8,
BILTsTJI im.\tki> wari:, asa.
Rd r.owNS, vrRAPPBHaR sk tins, mi wv i.s. Ba
Si8; WORTH *.t0.
pura eholmh nux plush gacnxsrim taxloSi
kimmi, sta rs
AT <3.00 AND SS.7&
H1I0, AK l> ?
min' ,i SHAWLS
98c. ; A REGULAR fl.60 SHAWL)
309, 311, 311 1-2 to 321 GRAND-ST.,
3? to SH AI.r.F.N.VT.. 39 TO <?3 OHCIUBH-sTPi
? rv of his ipeech "snstor Hawlej i I nectleut
demonstrated thc fulls of Mr. '? i -?? i ma is
caiiling salt, gnarly ts Bm amusement sf everybody
Dtl -?!.I.
Washington. Dec. IO (SpaeisB.?In Bsa HUSUU to-day
an effort was made to j>a*s s bill providing that every
member of the House who ls not a chairman of s com?
mittee shall bo entitled ta a clerk during the maaaes
of that i.ody. tn be paid mit of the esnttognl Band}
at the rate of sflOi per month. If contain-d a Mks
provision for the benefit nf Senators arks are not
chairmen of committees. Then- was no SBban on
the bill and a motion to pi Into Committee af Iks
Whole was refloated bf a Mite of :?"i io 106, 'Ilia
vote wan not on party lines, many Republicans and
many Democrats voting In Iks affirmative and many
nfl both purlin being recursed in the negative, while
ll ls a fact that many RepnaStttUtflVn ire hardened
wiih a eotrnpondanee so sxtsuslva that thev air
obliged to employ clerks; and while the balk of sued
corns pondenn ann nut relats lo mattera nfl Hgt*
latton, bul ls Ike bnalnan of Individual ewell! ama ta,
ableh a Bepneentntlvs eaanol aflfum tn negteet, it
is also true that h ;rrcat mnny Bepneentatfrn aUn
anally Slap an of their oarn correspond nee. if the
propostUon sf to-day should ben.mc a lat* lt would
Involve mi average annual psi Utan of tia
A more economical and probably mon satisfactory
provision would be the hiring of a permanent clerical
Bun to attend io Mich business at a fair compi
saMon. A force of thirty permanent etorks could do
the work, ?tid th" average annual compensation wuuhf
not exceed 843.000.
West Bad Hall. In fte.t Orie-hundivd and im'i fr
tilth ^t., ls larire am! eonundtOUB, but ron ? too hires
for the big crowd of MUUSkMtM BspubBeuua * ho
sst down to dinner tliere lust gsssaJuR lf waa
the l!r>t annlversarj dinner Of tue Harlem liepi.hdleau
luh, and it wa- :?. lumea. Tkla ri b beeaan
widely luiown and almosl touton* since, a tow weeks
beton election, it organbed and carried ont n s
fuily ons ol Um laggesl BepnuBcsn iiia.-inecii.ua
cir held in tkla eli', thal* ai the Polo l roi n la, when
Hr. Bia ? ?? ? ii -i oii;ci-.
man thai evening; a. B. tliunpkny, - nhflsnl
of Bm club, ans chairman Inl ? ??? ming akn, and a
"right |.I ('hallinan foo." Re ans - ; ?-? ?? Ith
nftafnefl m daring tii- ? ? . nfl bs
might -viii' 'I .'in pto ul of befog a ii.-publican*
wax :>ii expression arkara f-n IreuunHy Bom BM
II; i oi many of tlu.se Btcaenl Tko liiH wn hand?
somely decorated laen wa- anaaS, an, of iii ai
aharasSn ami 'one which Btlnad men's Bouts righi
ucoIls ago as lt did last evening
To loot at thr way .loim w. Jueaous laughed md
told antin nobody would Suva st ppaaod lani aa w.?s
a detoatsd CaadldStS. Warne;- Miller was cain, and
collected and abounding In anecdotes. Tkon who
BUl near him tkongkl thal lie wa-- Imparting Stagg n
erets of ? - kl elgkt and Imnortamn. and Um gulkuut
Bl SUBSlOl let them think so.
B. W. PStXOttc. Ind a place of honor rear ths
chi'rm wi a f ?? -m I ia' In He gat np Whfl ' o'hers
wen anjoytng themselves, ar.; rinci h-r- an i thus*
tl rollah thc mi' ti ihske hands with men whom u*
SB0W, Ile wa ck.1 and ilivrd .-.. .- MsSUf
ih" members of tlie elub nw | i . who
i of fi- Hr-' in HiN etty t > nm ii ? Bspsfl ursa
baanaf among bli Irlal American fe os ritl ?-.- wn
I kera tau; m ?w Hlekasl OlbBa, ai na Wal Moms
BUN Club: so was Captain P. ir KsKaans, pnantui
cf tho Inn American An lr re" Trad- btUfl I
Among tho atkSN present, assn lanta f fsUSSU*, ax
.indi:" Kobari ii. Shuuuou, Dr. Joke Sbndy, loki ll
Pm ne tar. Colonel r. a. Brown, J. S. Pi Osttav,
A. II. .lenniliks Hr J. I.. > I pdyks, P B I'pdjke,
W. R, Moiiigoin. ry and J S While.
inners of rsgnt w?-e mefvsd i^m ex inssflus
mo'iioA i riu', Bilks Boot, Osveraat J. B, ior^ker.
liol i rt P. l'orter, N'iisior iliicovk sr.d QaanjrssnnnsB
iMlilsm McKink'y.
Mee-l'i-csid'nt-eleef I e\ I I*. Morton ?nlc:
i wnuid sn '-I mass nssansnn Ulta lana Bunda
? ho ha*c Mal i .<n arrvtes io itu.' Bspuallan
. Ml?', anl I haas) yen ? - to j.iu: | ? j-,.
SMbUmvs my Riatefu! BUfMSMtstloa of ih.-.r Individual sui
cull -cilu" aUUflta durniK BM Lc
\ lefter fioiii (hauiicey H. l>! cw cmialn sfl this
Ti,, whole country la ewan af thr uplendid wUi? gan
lu the Iud' I'liiipaiKii ly )oui duh. ss well ii- gad
arlu )u-i ?n Um psaBatan u^er bm aausaal mali,
What Uen< ral lUrrMui luvl i> ?ty I-, i nnlaluad In
tkla Mirani Ina ike i Un wM ih be s m i
1U' Sill! SBOUgh l" < \4.i .- ..?. ,,.. , r ,;?[,
i l?clltlOII .if l:.
luis ws-s tan dinner committee: a. m. Uaanksst
James H. Rogart, -Ila- (. iioit and wsnlilugUM
Winsor, The ipeeehes did not in-gtn mun \\ ,. .
sud then Warner -Miller. ,l,,h.i W. .ls<-obiis, .Ism--. V
Poster, Charin D. Us ker. i tunnel > li Putrkn ll. V
liotiinson. Henry Gleena, i>.\'! j Porter nd 'h
Kev. Dr. Jame* ii. Kaiu?sv Ua?l Uioir sav sie> sen
cssunjua to las ocltu.

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