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Ons of the largest " coming out" receptions of t_e
?easton was given by Mrs. ."rcdci-tcli tioodrldge at
her home, No. 250 ITfth.ave., yest ci day attertioru
fer her daughter, Miss Charlotte Grosvenor Otital.
ridge. Jdr. r.ouverneur t'amoeban, whose wedding
occurred about six weeks ago, assisted In receiving
with a number of debutantes, Including Min Claire
Coudert, Ml s Emily Dclatield. Hhs. riark-vnn, Miss
Lita Pell. Miss Mav P.-tklns, Miss l.rz/le Keach, ot
Hartford; Miss .lennie Mluton. Miss Mbi*v Klngsland
Jones, MU* Eleanor Duer, the MtaBBI laidley and
the Mls*.e* Randolph. Lander's orchestra played
throughout the afternoon, and an elaborate collation
was served by Pinara. Fully 1,1>CK) Invitations were
sent out.
Among the guests were Mrs. Newbold Morris, Miss
Morris, Mrs. Augustus Field. Miss Field, the .Misses
ttcid, Miss Hale, Mrs. Charles Urad
aurst. Miss Bradhurst, Mrs. A. S, Weah,
the Misses Webb, Creighton Webb, Martin de
Garmendla, P. G. Tlhebaud. Mrs. teal Thebaud. Mr*.
Kenley, Miss Schley, Percy Iii_mweil, Mrs Von li.
Thompson. Mr. and Mis. F. E. liertler and .Mlle.
Bertler, of Paris: Mrs. W. A. Budd, Mrs. Eastman
Johnson, Philip Mlnton. Mrs. W S_ Livingston, Jr.,
Mrs. Herman Clarke. Miss Livingston, James Duane
Livingston. Miss Claire Counert, 1 red Alllen, Min
nessie Campbell. Mrs. Irving Clark. Mil. C. W. Field.
lr.. Mrs. I- Merttassr Thorn. Miss Emily Thom,
Coade Thorn, Mrs. John I>. Jones. John Wainwright,
Mrs. Winiam Fellowes, Mist Pyne, lin a. j. I.clih.
Mrs. W. T Lush. Miss Lush and Thouiae Howard. Jr.
Mrs. laaBSM- Ktssam, No. _7 West ntty-sixth-st.,
gave a dinner for her eon, William Kisxam, last evrn
Miss Whiting. No. 150 West Flfty-nlnth-st., gave a
targe receptlun veiterday afternoon. A dinner for
thirty at sn,ai; tables followed. a::d a dance later In
the evenins
Mrs. John W. Mlnturn will (rive a ball at Delmnnt
-<?'- t!il? evening for her daughter, Miss Katharine
The Thursdav Evening Pandne Class will meet
for the first time at the Mendelssohn Assembly
Rooms. No. lot We-t Fiftv t'.fl.st.. Hil- evening.
(..ra sfeKB] and Mles Preston will give a
tea on Saturday afternoon from -1 until 7,
A w ruin SO.
A pretty wedding occurred in the Church ef the
Holy Trinity, Madlson-ave. and Fortj--seeond-st., last
evening at I o'clock. The contracting parties were
Miss Lillian & Chfimbers. daughter of Isaac B. Cham?
bers, and Willard II. Young. The Rev. Walpole
Warren, rector of the church, ofllclsted. the Kev.
nenry Freeman, assisting. The bride entered the
church on her father's arm. Bato wore a handsome
gown of white poult de sole made In the style nf the
First Emrlre. richly embroidered In silver and trimmed
with point lace. Tlc maid of honor was Miss Lizzie
Halsey. Thees were no brdesmalds. The heel man
was Harold A. Chambers, bn.'her of the bride, _nd the
ushers were Archer ThnsajSOn. F.rnest Thompson,
Gilbert (sayers, and James \\lils, a large reception fol?
lowed at the hesas of the bride's Bateau, Ha, 86 East
Forty-ninth s_
Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Nichols,
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Toucey. -.annul Sloan. Mr and
Mrs. John K. Towser, Miss Boyce..N. F Boyce, Mr. and
Mrs. James B. lmicher. Mr. aud Ms. J. W. Shaw,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nicoll. Mr. and Mr-. How aid
Carroll, Mrs. S. Carman Harriot, Miss Florence Harriot,
George Farrar. Miss Lillie Nicholls, B. C. Harriot, Jr..
F. Houghton. 0 \n >tet ..? Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Pratt, John Robinson, Mr. and Mis J. w. Baow. Mr.
_l1 Mia. Charles H. Coon, Mr. and Mr-, ey, ,t
Ucmaifst. \v. J. Young. Miss Young. Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Beal Hr. and Mrs. .i..lm Wentwouti. Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Wil-y, V. II. Weeda, Mi and Mtv. William
h. Irisher. Henri Rose ra, and W. J>. Murphy. The
pair stat ted on a BonthBta trip.
Boston. Dec. If' iSpeclali.?In the Interview with
the poet John Greenlea! Whittler pub tabed In The
Trfhuiie last Munday a law Unas app. aivd io the effect
that the e*>ciety of lYIends might some day become
absorbed bf th- Methodist Choreh. Mr. Whittier did
not Intend to convey tl:e broad in-aning that would
naturally attach to such a remark, but Intend od it tu
apply to a _it>i't*in oi the Weetara Quakers, as will be
seen by thc folh.v-ing letter received this morning by
a Tribune correspondent
Dear i rlead : I ti,auk thee for thv note and flip
from Th.-New York T lt .ti- I th clo.) g p_r-gs__>_
relating to the Quakers 1 meant uni] tu .-..- that a
laige Baaaber ol the Western l lends i,a\, become -_
rload] Bssimila I to the Methodists In docttioe an:
practice mat Sher might be united with the laffer in
rame as well a. fae:, ihe _ icteti of i rtenda, i trust,
will continue to exl=t and bear lt- needed tesMmony,
notwithstanding ih defeoUon o. many of tt.- members
Will thee be kind enough to gjfve my explanation _
Ih' New-Vora Tribune or li: " I l.c Journal." 1 am
truly thy friend, J. a. WlilTTIKi;.
Oak knoll. Tuesday morning. l_m. lfsih, 18-8.
Columbia. .-". c.. Dee. ia especial)^ Tba home of
John CL Calhoun, with the akeleton in iii.- li?
lt, danger of being effectively tie i up In lu gatum for
many yeast, .-dee Stnsoatoa, of the Catted Btatea
tlrcult Court, 1 is granted an inji.net on restraining
Clemson's exeeotor from ttaasfsniiiji the estate to the
S-rate under fhe Clemson will. Both branches ol the
legislature hara seased an act accepting the bequest,
and the act bi now m the hands of ihe Qoveraor, who.
lt ls rumored, ma} veto .t. T.'.eie are not enougi,
friends of the bill In the L>Lgl ital ure t" piss it over
s veto. Public i,i,ii,i,iii. out-ide of a wu ti cla>s
In the agrlciiltiiial district 1_ UM upper part of the
fe-tatc, is shu. ?e,i a' the idea ul the State fight.ng
In the courts with the grauddaughtei of Calhoun, for
her _BCastor's home, 'lim situation I- perplexlnf,
The marriage ol John V.. Meeury, the lead of the
?paint maiiufactui-ing Ina of John W. Maaary A hon.
tn Keaaau-st., lo Mist Mary O'Kennet of Brooklyn,
was announce- o:i Monday, Yeoterdaj BOBBC BOWa
paKrs. because Mr. Maaary is over the ste of three.
icoie vals and ten, a:ul because he avoided pub?
licity as much as [tttaalhie In lae adair, wrote of
the marriage ;n a somewhat aeneatIonal manner.
There does not appear lo hs any rSBSOB lil doubt
Um g> n.I:..--i -- o: the marriage notice winch appeared,
and lt is sad tl-at Hr. Maslin sad h's bride are
tow at his winter home m T_omasvHle, Ga., but
St bia ollice ii. Nass;, , st. yeeterds. BO one was
wining to say anythlnif about ihe artair.
Findlay, Ohio, Ilcc. 19 (epewali.?in Itlanchard
township, this rouiily. there h_s j st bees comple'cd,
li a BOBl of r_.'-.<KK). upon the faun si John (raw Hu,
Iftesa mile* from any town and maota from ral
rt-ads, a line building which will be known hereafter
as i. rawfls Collete. It was erected as a monument
to l'i_wfls. h-i. , iiis.red in ll, _ wa', t.. ptepotoate his
name, but now that lt ls completed oobody haows
What lt Will be Us, d for-. Mo c-ilb-ge can be e
tahllahed there unless some one heavily/ sadowa it:
and _s Crawl, has few neighbors as anxious for fane
as bl?self, the build,i,_ i> Ilkel' to remain forever
uateaeated, a Btootunen I rt fully.
_ XOTi::> BOBTOB akh.-i IS tows.
W. F H-.sa.i. tn- areli known Boston artist. w_= at
the OUaaj House last night. Mr. Halsall Ls painting
tu- 'he Sonata Chamber _t the National capitol a
j?lctui-e < f the obi man-of-war t onattttttloB In a gale
Tbs ship ls now lying at Portsmouth, and Mr. Halsall
has been to sc. hui. Ht- h-a, with hliti drawings and
iketchek to aid lum In his work. Ihe Navy ]><-j,s_r:.
Bsea! at Uarl.m^iou also turniahcd him with sketches
and drawings.
MB.s-. Wi.ni-. UVCR BETTER.
Washington, Iiec. m.-Miss Waite, daugliter of the
late < had J ii-t.ee, stai.-il tl. r. aft-muon ih.it bel rn tn i
was miii?_ is.-tter to-day. Hrs. \.an- rested well last
Blglil ard BO ui__vu;aL'le change la anticipated.
JAY coy lu sot goisc, Tu BEEMVDA.
The runcr Hist Jaj i, -?_ s_ i /_,, )?.,...
orderetl t<, IJernui'la IM I ,,f his baaltb ?\ a>.
last ssa?I aaaaSemelly dmu-a hy Dr. Daldwta, his
physician. The d?ci.r s_._. I soppesi thll ,
ue?* easaoBled tteee vvsi. BU?sai awl wai
eviiaiiiK p_l^-rs. I - - ? ls s'lrliui.i i,, BI ?:, i
l* uit-.i1. Mas. Mr. Oseia ls i-, good baaltb ead uu.-s
a iii.\e tl i-'Utfi! tlc Park .--.ery day. _lU_l_g_ Mrs
G.,u:d ls doing fsiiy v.. :,i w.uid nut have
home whll..- t.lie la In her pu - b, even slij,
posii.lt that ba ?Sea auk. i da aol b?-.;.-vfr that h<
bas ia.dcr<_ his yacht put maa aaodltlsB fat s royasja.
a* Nysetad _i,u i_> i ass Bet jessei-Mag any madlalaM
for him, ll ls ceit-ln ihat I haw- i,,. otcaoiuu ut oidt-i
him smsy from ht.me."
By the will of Julia Autrusu 1 -.'.-a I imch. one of
the Stewart heirs and a s.stc: I Mia A. T. Mewart,
which wa* Hied yeaUrrday with l*iot_t< (l.rk Char.cs il
lie.Sett, Chat.es Iv Butler, bnatiicr In-law of Ihe ta-as
trix, and l.sr nepnevrK. PreaSOtl Ball Huller and Max
well Kv?rts Buller-, un- ?| |?,.ii'. 1 SS Sm toea Ihe "ii
ls dau-d January ll. 1h_o. Boaj-eats si el.OOO sud MOO
respectively are given i.. < ,,n,< i,u M I '< i, sud I. lea OaS>
fold. Bud Ute residue ,,f HM SQIBtt U"> - t', the ut,, slaters
ot the teststrix, Anna Catherin- and I . \ .. . Qlack,
for life, with revision In e<ju?l ahai-s nt tluur laatS to
iloselle, ll- ni i . Virginia. i'i.-..;i Hail and Maxwell
IvarU Hut,er and IdUSB iaouisa swan.
KuBsell ?SB__ea_ visit to thU etty trlfl terminate
tbl" evMilng. If the present arrangi-mcnts my foilosnd,
fae ha lots-ids. to stan for home at ti o'clu* k this after
neon. He received a number of callers yesterday,
but spent most of the dav and evening away from the
B. A. II. Don redo dc Hurbon of Berkan, nuke de
lieical. and a scion of the Spanish royal house, sat in
the barber .hop nf the Victoria Hotel yesterday linn -li?
ing, awaiting his turn to be lathered and rBBOted with
rather less than the usual meekness. Ile ls. however,
eseeedlnuly uulct ami untvsummg In his demeanor and
his manner ls marked by a genial, warm franknei,.
< hevailer I ambreieng, who ita- with Dos -Mia, pro?
fessed his Inability to give any Blear ot coherent ac
rount of the collection of old master-; now lodged at
the Cai field fsafc Deposit Hank. He lefcnvd Th
Tilbuno retrier to J. I. tsditon. BBStetarj Bf the
aVnierican Art Asioelatiou. who has charge of the
arran_vments for tin- exhibit.
? Let me tell you at once,'' ho said, " that the Duke
ls not hers on a speculative mission. These picture-.
must be sold in order that the altair* of hU family
estate may be settled up. and I wist, this polai to
be distinctly understood, lt was a: Ire) 'Blended to
Uki- the collection to London, which ls tlc- ij|i-tui-e
maikpt of the world, and only alter long persuasion
was he Induced to come io America, lt being rep
resented to him that he would be able to dispose of
the pictures in New-York quite as BBSlly as, and
probably to better advantage than, In London."
The Chevalier thou chi that the exhibition of old
masters would be the linest ever seen Iti New-Yoi ?.
The collection, he said, was only second to that In
Madrid, and contained mary wo:ks of value t
nolsseure lu art. There were ten Murlll.is, an Albiocht
Durer, two Velasquez, two o_ta?ic., three maters, aol
it-pi. senta'lve. speci-iens ol Francesco snyder, liein
biaudt. Vandyrk, Koger Weyden Liueia. Salvatore
Rosa, __bbatlnnl _urburan, Antoine Pedra Blunt,
benito, AJoase lum, t serene, juan Maranda,
Labrador Mettys, beb_*tlaii MuBOS, Poussin, li,ni
Bene, Ueynhoitis. and mc;.lom ill _at-. A_tO|
there weald bo lao plotmes, i ? l . ,,f which wete lien-,
watti the utlie.. woi_U ba helli iu ihe course ... .. 1. ..
- We expect." he said, " to open the exhibition at
the beginning of March, and at Its elooe the |:
Urta have lia I lilli tiena to dispose of the gallery at
public auction."_
yt.AU'b WOHK.
The Presbyterian Ht.pttal in Hs twentieth annual
report, Just published, r-tate- that In leen, IJSSS
patients have been treated In that hospital, and .'JOti
have been attended to bj Its ambulance surpeons and
;aken to their hom--s. /.mon.: these patients, M6
were Catholic., un Freehs tartans, ni Lui beran i 101
Iplscopaliaus, filly Methodist/., tareat) Dine Uebrewe,
l wen ly les OsagietBiloiisllsla. and iii of other donoml
iianons. The. hospital has been greatly crowded during
the year, and plans ha* ? |,. n BMde tot Othes t ..
which arc needed.
? In regard lo the wlthdraw-l of the hospital from
the Hospital saturday and Buadaj A-Soeiation, the
report says that the belief that no charitable Institution
eau succeed without poa ona! tympathj and aid in i te
sp,cia! wuiii was thc ?a,i-e ul Ita withdrawal, aa op
posed to the conitary views ol thi n. lt
ados :
The unworthy criticisms of thosf- who assign
?eaayed ssMldeeattaas ss the mus., ot mr withdrawal
we can afford to puss in silence, in regard to Uki -
menial criticism that we hay. broken tin- channel ?-ir,l.-.
an. aie lacking in liberality _n_ hro.ui humanitarian princi?
ple, we h_ve only to say : We join nn.-i in-art?ly with hui
brethren of al] denominations and BStloMllttea iii the de
sire thal on Ihe h?m<- day in the yt-*: ail "iii na l
thought of and effort* to provide for th" Bleb and
We cannot believe that th? sober thought of the commu?
nity will Insist that ail thc clft* on this flay for Back sb
jets must pass throiiKh the Hoaejieal SaturJay and 8unday
Association. We cannot los strongly emphas/. our bC
Ual that the managers of no Bbarttaltll institution ,.
scientlousiy assent ls any plan which might mid to we:ik
en the support received from persons Interested In their
Hjaeclal wo-_, whether such support siises from a relig?
ious, nations! or philanthropic spirit
A rT AILMENT THAT lil. Pin .I'0_,_> TO LIVE IN
Philadelphia, Dec. IB.?A local paper ti.is mortilng
says: ".Mrs. Cleveland savs she ls enji.vlti- her stay
here very much, aa she always does, _>he ls very lon I
of Philadelphia, and weald Uko to make her boase bete
altai ihe clove of the present Administration. In
lieeri, there has been some Bartons eonsideratlOB of
ihal subject, but sining business reasons were ad
vanced In favor of thc residence by the President lt. Ol
lear New-Vork. It ls ni.w Quito deeMed that upon
the expiration of his term the President mid Mrs.
fhn Plead win pboMo ?t Orange, rf. J., and Mr. i love
land will have an Important business oeenpettOB In
.Ntiw fork. The President hat. bees offered the niau
agement of several important financial Imtttatlona lu
New York City, and lt ls understood that hi ha- qnil
lecided to accept one of the offers. Be u- ai-, been
icndoTed some law |iartnershlps in stew-York, bul lt ls
-a.d that he has determined not to retnrn to the prm
i i,c of law pore and simple.1'
The Oiiuni laowshes I inb of New -Torfe held it*
annual dinner last evening at Vlanest'l restaurant.
No. 87 Fulton-st. After the (limier a .short lu.
meeting was held, during which lt was deeMed that
If a carnival Ir held in Mot,treal thus winn;- ii,.
.hall attend in a body, wm, ita handsome new anil cms
of blue and gray woollen stuff. Among il i - i
were William P. Ellery, Gooree M. Fairchild, Jr.,
Philip farley, Wakeman Holberton, i". L. Holmqulst,
John McAdams, A. li. Bchoff, William A Short, .'atdi?
non Wallace, William ft Weld., a/Ultaan J, Weldon,
Professor J. ti. C. Wells, B_ k. WQllaa?, f. ft ICS
piell, L'. L- W. C'-amber*, and Dr. William Valentine,
Kobert .luc.iansh. Un MthOI of * Partners" an l it'her
plays, ea:ly in l.Ht made an ag rr-mont Wllfe bfe
Shooli and Jame* \V (oilier, pr'-prietors . f the li, ,,u
Square Th'-atre, to furnish them with a * SBBtSty" dnMBt
Ilurhanai. t--l>-gr?j>h<-d from London that he had saab a
play for them, and it was astaafed ifeal -tey Bhoald pay
~.?1,000 for lt, of which -lou ?> to b-- paid la a',
vance. These terms were complied with, aol In doa
U-M the play, " A Ibiro In Spits of Hlaaalt," waa
received from Buchanan. On mating UM BBWnaeilpt
Shook _ Oolltal found tba) UM BOOM ?an laid on in,
prairies, and that tlie principal character- wei, ls ?p.
psaf In r-d nhl:tn and boots. This, in theil opinion, was
not a " sni'iety" drama, and they declined la BC - pl I
manuscript and s______d the return of ihe money which
they hal advanced. Mr Huchanan would not glin the
?woy bash, and a sun io recover it was beana in Um
bupreme C"urt. The ,a*e was tried beter. 1
lawrence and a jury yetti
Mr. Collier and Charles A. Noonan, author of several
plays, BMtfSod ss 10 UM character ,,l UM Ur.m.a. tm th>
i-her hand, the tc-stlmouy of Mr. Buri,ai,;.:,, taken by
? nu laatoB in London, t., ti,- adoct thal als piny
??? a "society" drain-, w.is presentej. A verdict nt
.-!>-& for the plaintiffs was promptly reJ-.tro_. lin*
OBS tie? full am,,uni suel foi with intercut K_-Ju lg.,
a. j. Mtaaa_oafei and David '.erber appeared for tho
,. al ii tl .ls and Howe 1 Hui.,mel for the deiriidant.
The Metropolitan MuMiim of Art lhre? open ns tli?,rs
yeM.rdsy u, tin- gillIII pantie, and ali day the gstlsrtos
Bem lilied with visitors. Tin- pin fi rm whleb bi
UM main hail durliic the exerdSOO SB TlMBdoy ll M I
rciii.iviii at .-nee sui the Wi.lari archlt. u .
then ls placed lu this hall. In a few tin
of wrought Iron w,,il. W_leb ll,-:.rv i. H-fqooad N
BBBUy parehaaad In Nuremhurj;, aud which ls now ut thu
i ii-:,un House will arrive at th. Moran, i. ail |
p.aced on exhibition. Ti. ..;. l? BBMUl ds.lv
a-teat Sunday and M UM p-hlli BO ail d.ys exeep Mon
d.\ -and Tuesday. Whoa an Htoiissloo ol U
charged. On ll : How Yea:*. Da] Is?
la will be ope- M tha pohlie,
Th? fair of th>- Dlrectolre haas. :?i Um beaotl al UM
Mt. -Inal llospiul for Traloed Nurs<-? w_> ,
BotSl litunswlck by Dr. Jacobi, last Bight. Oval
hal been *t,ld and tte room v. . lad. 1 ba
L*bles wire artistically arranged, and th. |
bonbons anl lieautiful PbllMBMI pfOOSBta MaaBtOd many
i.u.ers. The fair ls ur,br ti, niaieig. m>-i.' ?: v it '
truce, and il ls expel-:.-1 thal el..out, ,-.... i?
lt will aantlBne BBS- .saturday. Th,-re will le _ BMlllUll
.ii i'm ii-, .ir-, rnooa at irhleb ti.
Monkey" tomblni'lou, will anteeUlB Ul
From Tlc Chleaaa li-ialil
i-rcsi,ieiit i ii ii,, m., a. ,.f Bet phi sage OK) aoUway
('.,iiipan.'. ls a thorough business mo, ll,- ts
:i t. ?? s,,._ le n .o..-.,,,i- chailtles, and .
Lbliaffo Home for the Friendless, localed .-. :h, __,,,,,:,
*Oel cx/ruer of Wabash ave aiel TsTOOtlStb St Mi.
Holmes bellew, in bringing his bs_s_esa pHael]
bene upon his charities, sud h.- dosi not i ion
in UM hon,' when he la. Hew, ?
s?lfsup|a(.rtiiiB A story la tod of hm. (,, the > (Trim
thal s Stn weoks ag<, there ?.o- a WOBM
-uai ward of tan baflBB, and tha- thia womsn had
hui ono leg. At the meeting of
ii,.mies edvaneed Ua saataaea ideas sud argaad that
If tl,, one egged wiuiian w?? ?iaf!.-iert t,, reu ,11, with
'hem Sin- would probably b" ther- fS4 ,'? * her. Sa. If
ihoy did a lints spfteulatlDf on UM ouuide sud houghi
ker a esik .eg sha mighi he able ts. gu out s_d " hustic*
for herself lll? Idea was adopted after som" del.at?\
am! ihe woman was set adrift with a cork les as a
fl.tater. According tn th.- at,,ry she found a luis-Mid
-MSB. of a we.-k, and now Mr. Holms-, swggeetlSM
have gone up above psr in th- directory of the nome.
When Marie Wainwright, ile- dianiaiic and conj ipal
partner af Inala James, arrived gs, this city a few
days sen to ih, mmm hottday showpiaf, shs was
BBtoalShsd to her.r that I ti- James Vv alnwrlRht rom
t.lnatlnn was to spilt up at the end of the present
SBSnea nm! that BS-1 teat .Ml-s Wainwright and Mr.
.Tames wee to "Stat*1 In separate companies. r>he
liniii-dian Iv wrote to h'-r husband, who ls spending
the week with friends In Chit?sst, informing him of
ti..- report II la needlees to add that he, too, wa*
mrprl ?!
Miss Wainwright (Mrs. Jamesi received a Tribune
reporter at the 1. liney HOBBS yesterday and graciously
commanded him I trudie! In the most positive
and effectual manner the story that she and Mr.
.'ames were to " star" In separate eumpaules. r-uch
a thine ba'l never been dp-amed of by either of them.
All their plans for tux: nar are laid. In September
they arc to open either In lids elly, Philadelphia or
Chicago, with an eiaborate production of "Twelfth
Night,* with Ml?s Wainwright et- Viola and Mr.
, - as Olivia's wicked sK-n-ard. Malvollo. An
excellent company is t,, be aoenred, negotiations being;
all tesl J under way with Menial prominent actors and
Mias ? ai:.-.- ii.-iit BHMlestly expreeeea tie
. ti i' -!?? and Mr. .lames can jce-ent - I
'Bodellghtfnl eoaaedy in a manner that the pub
Ile will heartily approve and enjoy. OBS of the
features of the performance will be tl"' muilc and
atng*ngi of which these ls to be considerably more
than an audience ls accustomed lo hear In this
Miss Wainwright goes ahmad next summer. " Put
not to act,- she said, -ihe Asscrtcaa ttaas ik large
fm me. i'm- preseat vi-m, his seen won
derfulU narri SBsfnl. aid 1 am eniliclv s.rMied to ie
c Ive the app'inii! of th,- American people Ml
.lanes aii'1 1. bein,: husband and wife, never quarrel
over the dt'trihittlon of parts. You can imagine ho*
agrei-a'tle that ls. So long as I am on US
sh,el act tofethsr. Now. Just to please BM, BC is
going to play Orlando to mv Rosalind isn't that
nice' I am tate he will bs very sappy In thc part.
And i do bops Hitit ii,-- Boa al Ind arl- !?? wei] re. ?
Her ROSSlInd viii be BOOB St t).-- sta: Theatre on
January 7. Ii will be a full-ti.-figed Rosalind, such
people -leii.'n to s.e. it wui he original. I'
win be BosaUnd In the forest ,,r Arden, not .1, Um
drawltig-riKim; do petticoat llosallnd, bm a Bosalind
unhampered bj conventionality, prudery 01
a modest Rosalind, but at tin same Lime Rosalind
Irj lng io look tii
Ml > Wainwrighi candidly acknowledges that she
?er seen 11,.. port played. Ibr idea- on thc
?ubjeei sre 1,er own Next i ? ?'? Mi .ian,es
nu,rn to Nashville. The week following tbej an-ai
ttl LaOufcvllle. lui .lanni: \ 7. - .uol '.. tie > plav -As
.mi I.lin- li" at ihe star, ??;, the 10th *? Virslnlus,"
a; ,1 on th.- lilli and 1-th "Much Ano Ahom Nulli
In*" _ _
Tin: CAMPAIGN <>v nu: actors.
ATTV.MlT-s TO Mlrl.l AH TH!'. I'T'TU.tl'?CROWTII
fir Tin. ortiiKK of f*i:ir.Me'iiiP.
An sheard attempt la being made in certain Q-earten
to niish ntl tlie pnblle cn tl- qnesUOB of protection
-mortem) actor. Tin- Actor-;' Older ot Friend?
ship ls ggl link: neither a-t BOT Individual merit. :?
tole purpose in petitioning Congreee to amend the
lol Labor Aol ls to prohibit the ini]Kirtailon
mel--: COntl-Ci of droVM of cheap aclors. " (stars"
may coiiilnue ti eonw to the United Btntea whenever
their parses begin lo grow thin, "supers" may du the
same, but while the lormer may come lintier enn
g tal ?? ii ay not.
"Our altitude toward the foreign actor," said a
member of , eat "la preelsety
:U! of the America': people toward the i
Why do we heep out the Chinese 1 Roi thal we've
got any personal tooling against abe little Mongolian.
Why, bless you. the Ilttl. fellow is ijulot. Industrious.
unobtrusive, raise., rm rows, alway. I to his
? ami leta oort alone. Bat he slarpl]
ben to gel eur money and take lt heme when
.,-i. He never becomes one of na There?
fore, w. don't want him. n ? ? _lcn, i
matter bon tong be remains. Without a burden on
his shoulders he runs l ?? race ol lins in con.!,
with the American laborei win, it] . | will
a baby under one ann and a free school under thu
Other. -<> with ti." English actor. Ile OOBMO ov-i
bet ? f',:- doltan pleka up all he ran. and hun;
bach to the otha ihto. It be choose- to Bettie anion,:
us hm) spend bli Barney with u* he is welcome."
Jolly Lom- Aldrich, one nf the mainaprlnga of th<
preaeni movement, was Insulted ii ti" ttn I a da.
Or tWO a-o b) a:. ? fun!' tte fl
?? y.\ heart, w wrapped np in thli movement," said
Aldrich, " thai l cai i ihe ala
?? cnn.m. i i ?? Uermanj a
v .is 'n. \. ki old and rv.- been In Ai i
\,.i"! foi Uncota ? L'olunteemd for the nun
in the lae; campaign.
I'm Ion . ?_ ?- pi unda and don'i
owe a (Inda: Alni 1 never wa- insult,si in my ll'
: i.v at EneUshn
Applications tor memberohlp In the Order o( Friend
- | ri celved bj ti - u -
try to lota til* t__tn
pa -?: : ? ; on.
s - i,,x's fri-i..ls anning rj:e profe?sion are a*
"ii lo ihe movement. An
effort li being n ade to pul the C'ongraaoman Ofl the
right tiiK-k. ami lt was rumored yesterdej tba! he htvi
? the ern.r of hil
IS?SON rvin.l. Jill: pit! -i nt HAJfAOKXa
The victory of limes M. lilli, the th, ,
ager, ovei M Margaret Mather In the tates! of their
i'-iriii battles teems to be an exceedingly doubtful
There are certain theatrical people in Ootha? who
believe thai Mr Uni li before he is ont of
thc woo,is. .Miss Mathei ?'tted nndei Qtimora '
Tompkins, management last night and those gentle
men are eoafldeal thal she vi ill continue lo do so until
the end of the present leSeon. .Iiihtlce Andre-as,
v. hu band <i down the dee lalee of tie- supreme ? ourt
on Tu oed ay, refusing to _--.??r t Mr. mu either nam
: lltogSd violation of contract or an Injunction
. -tog Mlaa Mather from perter?lng under any
Other manager. In reality placet, th.- defendant In a
lat better position than kde was before, for shi?
ts now at liberty to appeal to the
eerier? Term without bond. An appeal
would nave been made ia any ease, sod the perntltflon
to api* ai wlthont preiudlce one wai or the ol
on by Mis, Mather's eonaaal as decidedly
advantageous io be Cause.
Ex-Judge Dittei M - Mather*i counsel, hnew
nothing ol doelstoB bbUI b o'i lot k
:? wa- mailed to hun at _ p. iii. Tueadajr.
'i he opj Bin fi n-iids of Ma
Hill. ki i bat tie earl.
ii .'an. i his ls 1 , h I o . ...
i. '. Ol rn .'- -iii to a Tribune reporter last nighi
:, a . .md.Mun?l victory
foi Mi - M. ttl-r
An oxteanh. and tinline collection of i .
coins win be offered foi tah hy ths Brat ol (Jessee, h.
leavltt A. CO., OB PeeOHlhOI 87, BS am! _t>. The coins.
which at?- the property ito* raid D. Hart, of Monti eal,
h. ida, repre_ent ihe result of many \oaiv of j
lain r ami research, ano the eatatoaae ve,ii i?
to contain the nana- od over ton thousand ape
A ino: g Ibeos are many extremely beautiful ami rai.
Ancient Qreece ant] Judea an vwii rep
resented, and the eolleetioB el Jewish c.iis .
ne o' the I known In Ajnartoa old
. i rcnob ns fm? sa Im
pBrtant fee ihe i niel rated
ildevlen penntoe, th golden ' hari-i pound and the
: iiiVii 11c-l-l> will po-.-,--- pecullai
ol Ihe antique. K-peciallj j-erullai an
(on.- formerly Issued nj t'res-. terian
iti n i 7- ,
?ron i lev. ixi,u. grund tat bel ol Um Presi
From :
Th.- I.:, n I-,ii,, hr.n/- _r,,up of a UonOOB and her ruin,
a adorai I Um pavamsat al the C_estnuws_ sid.- .<f
. ,- mj loiiB. un 1 ? h.-h ? |
i? -1k., has dem istiated n? laithfulw
Ufa in a wsj ?hich. ?.',i.. i...-? nt:,i\ I., n
r. had alarmed ti. Pars Coma md the
r_rk am A?e., ..inn, n. ublch it boiooga li vat
. ii a pn.iiiii.em peettloB la the bi I Iii t :i. i nu
? ? ol th, gna un bad bridge atblch
trses- ivr thc road.
Al mei i thal Um ipleadM
Uoaoaa sras aa shject ,.f ? ? ssait) every
i:. I] ;. I OBI mind ile
n.-ar Hu- ps bl ll Bl UM
[ Wrestl
but sTlMB ll -<i,- t,, s MS -BOOBS, liol lint- a ?I
in hoi i-sntb. ?,'h i lot et but achlag ai.out
lier, i1 ->.-tl s dat |dk 1 . :i t , la_e to
TbOUgb Hi'- gtOI ? -n iii i,:_,,- a lew dsvs
it alreadj hs- t-,
suns haw- boan thluff ii fr un thei' cairlagOl anil {.-ii.
: iii tin- fiann. iRsStS Ml
away tn tn liie terri!,;. ItoWOSS, sud thin- lla^ I
and M eaasgbatata te tai Pars l ri shorn Um
As a ^?sull. H has U-en rte. Irtwl ll,a' tie i.?ii, ?
must s>e, nst nm ot the Para bourely, but to soma isss
cunepic? us place.
About this time of seat the city's gymnasiums are
full of yong fellows ewiter to become athletes, many
of whern will have tons themselves ron-Ideriid.
harm bein.PtiBg and a few have erlppb-d them
?ihes for life. While there ls nothing better than
practice In a gymnasium for dSveioplBg BtaSBlS and
building up a rigorous constitution. Its advantages
are easily abused. The spirit of competition ls the
Moloch to which many a man sacrifices himself.
With his muscles ail soft from ii summer'. Inactivity,
with a chest contract.id by bending over the desk
or counter, the avei__, nov icu in the gymnasium ls
not happy unless he cati whirl the seventy live pound
dumb-bell, like the other fellows he meets th-rc; at
du the i-lint swing on the bars before he can " shln
the cat" ; and will try to keep ;,|ac? on the cinder
path with the sprinters, and at tue same time out-stay
the lonf-di-taiice runners, until Ids head swims and
his teague hana oat Mic a doc's, a jade<i mind
ami a strained body follow, a* a matter of course.
and if a serious tumble from the ringa dose aol
CUI hi* Career -imrt, be <i-i11-. soon In disgust. Mod.
? is t_e hey to unlock ail the g""d things Mored
In a U-BBOtlaw _
A merchant from Nassau, New-Providence, was
here a few .lays ago on his way to Yucatan to In?
vestigate the agave or Sisal grass industry. Ile said
that the lialiama Oovernmuut had recently taken an
active Interest in thc plant, with a view to l's
cultivation on the barren lands of the Bahamas.
He remarked further: "We have folk 100,000 acre
of ungranted land on the Islands which ls of a
i H hy nature and cannot be used for the growth of
any product, except lt might bc made available fm
?M--.1 grass, it is told that the plant thrives best on
rnehj ami Impoverished sall, and that it is in
diilerent to drouths. 'lhere are also large land
owners who have hld tracts of rocky and worn
out lands suitable for ti:-' growth of the plant
After the fuliesi Information ol Um Industry has been
obtained by a Government commissioner to v
to yucatan, n ls propo ad to purchase and ship to
i a iiippl; ot plan in tun. clent to stock non.
tue to leo _ousaad seres of land.
" If the Industry ahonld prove to be profitable lt
would bo a (treat BOOB 10 MW people. A lleltl of
the agave, ur r-;.sal, properly planted and attended
to, will last from fifteen to twenty yeats; and when
it is remembered thal TO p i cent at the nanua!
value of the product In the south of Ki I rope represent
the labor, ii will be sppareni that the benefits to thi
population of Ihe l'.ahamns WOBld be very great
By fair ci-lctilailon Ihe value of the yield woiihl bl
about f.'.ii an acre, ami from 100,000 acres then
WOUld be a revenue of P6.000,000, equal lo ten Mme
the average value of the present exports of ah
kinds of produce of the isiu\ ? ? maceration
' ? ? leaves coarse fibrei are obtained, which br
used in the _lanufaeture ol thread, twine, rope and
hammocks. It is also used as oakum. In Mex In
. cc- me ii,,.,] for making pulque, ?
tonie wi len has found great tale In the ' nlted si iti
tor the last two year- It is also sahl that some
parts of the plant sn good int cattle-fodder."
ihe man who ha. not bought bia Chrtstmaa pres
mts v.-t because iii- does not know what to get, or
because he i~ med at 'i,- way he tared a year sen, bsi
yet time to recover lu-' ground, it's the amplest
?thing In the wo:lrt to huv presents when one knows
how to du the thing, and foi the beti.-lit of those whl
are Ignorant of iiu- art. here ate .om.- rules, ti i
with a- few- luggestlona, furnished by one who prides
himself on hli lueeese _* a ihopper, ami who i~
be mys, in - a'.- a part ot hi- wisdom with
others, ii'- sys: "Don't buy a thing for some om
.-ls.- just beeause yon like :t. if yon do. some om
w-ll he minus thai thine on Christmas Day, am! Il
won't be you. Don't lay out the greater pan id
jour money on one person, just benanee that person
ls tick The i ,.?? man of today wears a pair ol
strong mental glasses. Don't, If you are a wife, buy
sour I - am! a lei s,-t, ami don't, if yen aie a hus?
band, iv your wile au umbrella. Don't get any
thiiU ter 'he mun who unexpectedly sent ? nu n present
l_st i li Ninia- v. hen you had n,,t thought of him
lb- will not do lt again. imn't semi your present
la'e on < hHatmaa Day E_oola might thinii you
? norhlng oi: tho.i you had received, isn't, in
order to i ij tor you purchases, pa .vi: anything thal
ls conspicuous, lt maj be r,i ted, And lastly, don't
do anything winch you will regret the day sftei
i nong tl use interested ii
>? which th! Ii"ard of AM
? i -. of 11 to .",. requiring eegi l
and berries te be mid by weight m-tca.! of bj
at pus,-ni. ihe small retail deal
without exception, pra:sa- the ordinance anti tine:
sgres wit! them. They maintain thal lt
will ha possit.le under Ihli system to put a stop to the
iwlndllng devtcea practised by dishonest dealers who
an rl?l.e up a:.d |ugg)e a "email mra/i-iT" of po
ipiouch, letture, etc, and make lt un half a
peck. Against His base eompetiUon boneol dealet
ope to be relieved by the new ayotem, and eonanmera
,- so profit by Kiiowiim thal they win pet just, wha:
ihej ps\ for. oj the other hand, some wholesale dealer
who buy fi-om the shippers and sell to th" retailers
Bay H is impractlcabli to ai empt to main- th--.r bus
inesB eonfnrn i<> the sen rule. The bulk of lt is too
,n the lir.st place, and In the second place dis
? methods, such a. watering the vegetables to
maha them heavier, would .still be practised by some
unscrupulous farmers with Impunity. These dealets
niainain. besides, that the ordinance cannot be en
forced wh re ihe dealer sells on ins ,,wu premises
ani not in the elty market. Altogether tlie nu,-stint,
s tonie i in io, s phases, Ihe ordinance onlj
tho .Mayor's lignature to become a municipal
Albany. Dec. 1U rsiieciali-'hai-le* K. Ila_ter, chle'
ci.-rk of the Superintendent of Prisoi . wei ashed t,.
day If any sit-p, \lAt\ heen taken by fhf wardens of
IBS -'i'e j, ona for fihe execution of murderers, bj
lectricity. The law sn, ihat the ezenuttooa ahall
*ake rlaee exclusively In the Mute Bri eons.
"The law pnvtdet," BB? Mr Halter. " that persons
convicted of Barter after January l, late, shall be
executed bf a Btroha Of electricity. We do not ex
peel that any persons will be convicted of murder for
-niue time after January 1, and then, vim 1'.ow, pep
waa atv raretj executed li tala e'tate until a year ami
a half or two iw- after their conviction. The mar*
'-hr always tillea bia case lo the Court of Appeals
and lt takes a vear and a half or two }eaj* to end thal
court's opinion, ho we have a year or so to prepare
the eieen-icaj appliance. Meantime, we inp* tin
. itun- will relieve ni of the *luIy. A State
1 ls BO place ff>r the capital put.Isl'merit of a
murderer, in some was tl.onvtota would learn of
ih< approaching execution and lt would destroy dis
dpiine. The agitation In the prisons would ne gieat
We do BOt want this duty, and
.hall try to get nd of it."
M. Vasili Vcr- sf.scliii.m ujs th.r.tr-l llgure Bf I
? 'ul BC?OS last Dight, sTheO tile I.:?lies* Art Asaao
letlso af Blew-Tart govs him sn tatormal reeeptloa
hundrel tavt-Ltll BS hal bOOfl sent nut, snd
snail h:iii la nhleh the teceptloo was Bsid wm past
Itfteen [instil . small to aeeon?LOdaM iii* two hundr.*!
crs,,ii? win. responded tn ma eslL -meng them nen
Mrs. Mar.ley, Mrs OeorgS Kyle, Mrs Hr. Il
Uta li. C II iweUS, Mrs. JnlBBB, Mu,e. Pottfl
iii.niery, Mlaa Clara Boneo, Mme. iv.'-h. Km, Doughty,
Mrs. Viu.hsn, Miss I.atv, Mrs. Hamlin, Miss i.liftman.
Mrs. Pair:- k Ferd. Miss V A. Ka-WS-l, Miss I|.,,?
I'nrd. Ur. Ilullsnd, M. gCboaneST, PreSaaaae Werner and
Wasanaston; Da 18 tay a_ WetWow-Bag?od Baot
en, New Veric. New .Jersey. K.iat.-rn Pennsylvania, Delaware,
vt uyh?d, Virginia, taa t-mimas, tieoritis, Florida an,!
l_*____BB, fair , continue- low temperature, westerly or
norther!) willis.
Rh Alat-iu.. ami Mississippi, fair -, contlnus.1 low tempera
lure, followed lu the nu rt Ilieru portuui by slightly warmer
For Eastern Texas, Arksnsas, Tennei?ee and Kentucky, fair
. ,:iy OBI Btw.
Fur Weat Yiriniiia. Western Pennsylvania, Western New
Yura. nhl.,. Iii.liana anM linne:-, fair, prece.lert in uerlhern
Weat Virnuiia aod th . |hl sn,iw, wanner.
For Mn ti,_;in. WloOSBLStB, SttaMOOlB, Imkuts, luw_. Kansas,
Missour. ami N< hrss__, fair. sht-J.tly wann.-i
IW i .?:? ? i.i- BBQ tempi rature
IOU?I Barning. Mn l.t. inch
l ?3.ss:fcrini"i_fi4p-t';L..:onj yo..'
"ttti t, i ir^.rri I' ?., "'* '?. [.fi.1 j" i, j*)
.'.,, l.l \i l, fi i ri.Fii..sXs0^jix.
. -1-44 L-'-T-'-: -~,,l';4' t?U fti.f-H
;-;?_; ; rr* - _?__r*_ ??t"'*'
B_D -??"*
li. , ,-.n.--i.-i
' .SI.,', s
Siirnsi Hervice ?ta ,tduate
' i ,|H-ratur? noted lt sherry's Ptisi?ley, .Sun Building
TkiBt'ss (irrus, !??<? Bfj i _ m I ali, attar w.-sther
pr.fSllf?t yesterrtsy. -Uti fresh southwesterly wlmli 1 hs
-mvcraturs ranged between 30s and lt*< un stsisbs k_J _?
being 1UV lowsr Hutu ?n tho corr_,i?Ju.liug day last year,
alni Hl1^ lower tliau ?.u Tuesday.
In and near tala city to tty there wlU probably be
little ur no change In BBS weather.
. --*.
Whether or not the bombard men t of Tape Haytton
was resumed by I.eglt|ine'n entire navy of two cor?
vettes and two gunboats, BB DSBSSBhSC St could not be
learned yesterday. But lt was learned that lonsul
Oeneral Hassett received a ruble dispatch by way of
BurOpS on DaOSaahSS B ta UBI effect Uiat the fleet did
fire a fsa shots sa the town BB December 4, and that
BB armistice was granter! at the request of the foreign
Consuls and the noti-eoinbatantB of the town uti'll
they could escape to a place of lafety. further
news of the bombardment may not be received until
thc arrival of Ihe steamer Prinz Maurita, which ls
due her- from Poit-au Prince on Tuesday. It ls also
probable that news may be received by cable from
Kings,on, Jamaica, upon the arrival there of the
Iteames Arran from Port-au-Prince, which vesiel ls
das there to-day.
Dr. Auguste, who arrived from Cape Ilavtlen on
the sfeaincr Mictnaw on Tuesday, yesterday went to
Washington, lt was said that he had a commission
from Itvppollte as Minister to the I'nlfed (states, and
ihat he BOaM asl for recognition.
Chief Meet 1 naries Hale of the steamer Saginaw,
of the (lyde Una, now lying at tie Osafl
wharves, Benth lirooklyn, was seen by a Tribune re
portes yesterday. Ho said that three or four
small Havtliin gunboats had bl?Md away af < SJS
Hay Hen for awi. lc. hut. thai not much dam**'.- bed
been don.-. Ht denied that the Baataaw heal cented
eontmbas I nuns on her last trip. al'bough she took
a few rifles and BBI-S ammunition. There had been no
attempt, however, to evade any one or to run any
blockade. No etrort had been made to heep the
saginaw from entering her port.
The IM*auter A.-ian.":' UM 'lyde tir.e.arrive-] yest,-,
day frun Kingston. Jamaica. The chief ort!cer said
I bal lt had been 1 Timor-<1 at kingston thai a sea I ?? 1
inn, for Pl ooldea! had taken place.
lt wa. expected reatarda. that, the caulking of the
?leeks of the t!.i_ ship Bte?asBd would be finished to?
ur. , sad thal shs voald ga to sea when her tailing
irden taine, lt was luniorexl at the Navy Yard that
ihe tuofamond vva.s aol t.i hseosse the Sag-ship of
Bear Admiral Luce, and that sn,- would not i-emalii
long at ila. ii, if siie weal lhere a ail, bal that the
South Atlantic bdUSdroa IO he th"
p of Acting Boa ?Admiral Gulls In place of the
.watara. The ittei v.- 1 is -aid t.> have been
selci led as a rellel to the Trenton, Hag-ship nf th"
_outh I'aelllc Bsjuadron, BOW at Panama, which lu turu
I- to be tie Bag -inp of lite .\si_t.c equa-ron.
Washington, Dee. ii'.- The PepsiIibisiI of State ls
furnished by the Consol at Cape HayBeu a copy of a
stat, nu nt dated Novell bet IT and signed by the Con?
suls of Austria, Italy. BwedBfl and Norway, Denmark.
Belgium, Oermnny, spain, the Dominican Kepuldle
and the United States, resilient at Port gay-lon, cer
'Ifylng that that port has never boee eifecfiv.-lv Mock
mi.-ii ttase ! etobst _-, wbea a Haitian war teasel
tame in sight of th" port for the purpose of blockail
mg. The Consul states further:
That im strainer h;wl bSSB stationed off this port, ac?
cording to ike pteaertp-os af tateraatlensl maritime law,
hut, has always het-n cruising fruin hep- ',, Kurt I.lle-rty
m. i beyond; that this practically inelDcUnl bloekadi
illj Interfered with the legitimate trade of neutral*.
1 ? Departmeal is informed by the ( onsul that two
steamers, -even barks and nineteen schooners entered
i ape llaytl tn In a nun.th's time, from November - to
De ember 1.
The publication of Madame Dlss Debar's original
intention to meet " I'.-neral" Dlss Debar In Fast
i lft\ scontsi. yesterday morning, upon his re
? rtdeutty caused her to change her plans. When
ihe st am launch William H. Wickham landed on the
yew.York side from Blackwell. Island, about f?
o'clock, the '? tJen.-rar waa there, but the only ones
Interested enough to) leootvn him were a number of
reporters. Btowart A. Douglas, Mr. Marsh's nephew,
rho ! .i- Madame Kiss D- liar's escurt the
ine over ta the [aland early In the
morning, and bsd supplied the prisoner with ordinary
.?arel to replace his prisoner's uniform
Mr. Douglas also accompanied the accomplice of thc
" spirit picture" Bedlam over the river, and maintained
the same BUenOB whlci had marked him on Tue.-day
'norning. Tin- "General1 did not look as healthy as
lid his Colleague upon her releaan. Ihe male con?
spirator had grown thin during bis Imprisonment, and
'ils worried look was enhanced by th" aeedlaefla nf his
it Ira Mr. Doug]-* had not brought him new clothing
as he had done for the mailain.v
ici when the pa-sn- nana of the wickham, including
1 number of o'her ri leased prisoners, landed st Hm
pier, young Douglas showed his unfortunate companion
?v iry at enilo'i. While the "Genetal" wa* carrying
a black oil.cloth valise. Mr. MirsVs n?phew had his
-ii ; anion's oil Tts wrapped up In a bundle, which
he caitie.1 uuder hil arm. Mr Dlss Debar showell
derided 1 ' 1st . a? he climbed the pier steps, and
.caned bea.... ,,.. Du iglas'i ann. The relea*d prisoner
looked about him a' the little group which had gathered
to reeeiva hun, but rejected all approachei by the
reporters. To one penlaton! pres* representative ha
vouchsafed the expression: "l think you newspaper
men 1,ugh' to ;,.- ist'sfled now. :. c jg a cL_n*> "
iii- appeal waa hcaiil, ami the pour old man, who
? rta?j excited a feeling more akin to pity than say.
thing els,-, walked awi;, |_ ll?nee w.th his companion.
One of the Brat .nesMons eonsidored bp thrifty peo?
ple Wbea PBIChSSiag gooda, whether for themselves
ui as presents fut- Mends, ls that of ijuaiity. This
is .specially true of purohaaera of furniture, according
to B. ML lowperthwa f, of the old established furni?
ture house ul < owperthwait _. Co., Nos. 193 to _H5
Park Row. liils firm makes a specialty of pallor
a.ni bedroom turnltUtn, though everything In the ihai ,,
of huii.so-turnlsbliiis guods u also sold. The house
waa eetabllaned more than eighty j ears ago and the
BX].lenee gained tn that time has demonstrated that
th" cheapest grades ol parlor furniture, are expensive
Bllke to the dealer a.id tho purchaser. Having _>
c. rtalned what thc pi,Mic wants, they rak" paJns to
supply the demand, and all of these goods sold by
them ate manntoetnted ta their order. They take
great pride ta their large line >t parlor sets, and lt is
their boast thal IhSJ 10U a better grade of goods fu
the same amount ol money than their competitors
They are ol all styles ami mat.rials known 1.1 the
trade and plies tangs from $46 for a set of seven
pieces upward.
1 if bedroom ants ol anttrrue oak. a*h, black walinu,
maboganj and Imitation mahogany, taara is always
and varied sim U to s'-lccr from at prices within
iii.- i".i'I, of all People wishing to make presents
"f usef .1 as well as ornamental Braelee wu sna at this
well-known esrabllihment a line assortment of man?
tle ornaments, clocks, hanging and stand lamps, pie
turee, '--i ela, brtc-a-brae oabinets, ete. The stock of
caine's. 0II-1 louis, mats, rug., curtains, etc., i? _??
usually compi ;e The firm has also a larg" line of
of ali deserlptl ms, and a BioeK "f desks from
which -any de Ired 1. id Dan be Mloeted. Of 1, ir
g_a_sos, mantel mirrors. ea_y chairs, lounges, rock?
ing chairs, willow chairs, ..driiii)- Leis, wardrobes,
mattresses, itoves, kitchen ntenstls, etc., lhere ls au
assortment which sustains th" reput-ation of the house
for keeping a complete stock ot ev liv thing in Ita Uni
liifll after the holiday* the store will be open until
1) p. m.
Manager Junien M. Hil! has concluded t<> recall Marr
Henrlee fiske's play ? rhlllp Herne" from the n.sd.
Tho drama li" s.n., his fa,lcd te return a proilt. Mi.
mn's looma awl obey ladleaM that the play
luis iii) future. The u?usl IWB weeks' nuti," of disband?
ment has been Riven t., lin memtiers of the BSMBaoy
They win perform together fer the last time <i'i gotarday
Bight, December ~*. ?t Mobile, ai*., md the Mlewtag
lay will Mka th" train f ,r New-Yorlc
The dates left epeil h.V ?| ?l'bdl_W|l Of "Philip
Berne" will tie tilled wttkont a break by Mr. Illil's "A
rsaalWa Case" company.
AMERICAN (iI.As.rt THF llFl-sT.
Will II Iaow, lu his art ole on staiusd glass tn the
CBrutuiiis Scribner, says tkat the bail in the world ls
mat nare a wonderfully lutei-callag paper aod well
? ? s>
The first statue of Waahtngton ever marte is offered for in
?pOOltM hy the curious Thia ls of wood, 1(1 feet lu height,
sm! 111 IT'.'it UM s.-t up lu th.BtCS "t _S SM nattery I "ark In
th:s,m. wh.-n- 11 r.niame.1 half a century During alters
Hana aiadi at tai Bttntj st l-^i ui.- su?tue was put upai
iiictlnti mit! bought by a geutleuiau as a curiosity.
Aft.-: paastag HSWSgh the hanrti of several gentlemen, it is
?mu ..Merci to the tnsiM-M'tloti of Hie public for the Urat time.
This ls i.,,t . \.i, tu 1 tiling nf beauty, but lt isa curious old
mUa ?,,rili BBSBBg N"' fal fruin it sta nils a statue which ls
baas?I? tue "t?bnus" .,( Saraar 'ibu virgin was
f.tlil, ,1 te have be?-u turned into s river nymph, suit abe is mp.
resented aa rising from the rifer am.,ns lily pods sud waler
the _we bassit ciqmsit* beaury of expressiuu, and the
aaama has bb Saplisale MtaMeaBaar] nMssssaBnaa.wtta
:m .lui,,ni ,-nil, s. i.r.'y .,( sill:,|ti.s amt m.sleruslB art fur
ulture and curios. BBB BBaaaBM th. BMBBSBI al.ire of Hyptuii *
Co. tirourtway ind 1 ti t, t.t. tasyoeaoa la always WSSMBSB
llerl'iii " ^f i' " ( Litinimaiic.
? : tuile.1 and silver label il 1 .... ..( 1 dos bo-tles ?:?)
I .se of _ do- i. iMittlss. S.t'J nel 1 ur sale by d,? ?
F.J. Kaldenbrri: to. aianaS-Ttnrs bb aadlaaa mrMtT af
meei*, hanni and biler I'lfws. "Tti ill "BOW. iTtllT Bnfl nmltlT
{..,,!? llietr .-.Int,-: Bl 871 IU.afatll.1v IS vroudrrf'.ll . also al
M . uiion-it, and ti Astor tlouas .bioadwaj-1.
Keep's Pres- Matris _,_.
mads u> measure. fff..r efl BOO" iM-tiex at any prMO
K?? and Ml i iir.s_lw?y.
_ -? - -
Mehi- OSBBBBBBen Kxtrsict of Meat
No household coinplete wltliont it
l.undbors- ? . ??oss Perfssses,
Kl-bxia and BOCS I.ii.t.
Eur Holiday PtaaOOSB
Iacndborg's New mi. Original Enameled
and Tnns|asrfii' sill ('sari Siled
with Perl
For Sale bv Osiers generally.
I.aiu> a Corm.
? Proprietors and ' -rs,
t* Bsrclsyst, corner CBSNM-, New-Tat ?
-4> -?
V.. r f consumptives claim the .llsf-ae la the result of catarrh
"he rei edy for catarrh is Ely's ' SSSBI Balm ftOc
The H. si < brisl-aa filfts Mewl sn.l Ear l.ai?tears
In BfW Lea _na
L. Jaeekel. Mannfa/turiir mrrvr. il r'_st!9th lt Xew Tort.
The t hsi?ilnnMiyles ,'i -proof i los Ka ls
radneed t,> ska Benaan Bi iaei company. Hroadwsy aod
.rand st., hav" cre.rei ari BBpMOOdMBted-BS?aS\ whick is
teadily Increasing.
Ten cnn neb et han.ls.im.- and 'tiftiMf holiday r resents from
he new styles nf Ktimlture ..e., <'. flint <'o. < llth-sL and 6th
.ve.jare showing.
lART-BAItn On Wednesday, rieremraer lt), by the Rev.
T L CWyler, Ii I). M's (".therine Voorhls Hard and Mr.
Noah ilaaseri Hart, all of Ilrookhn. N V
[aORD BA MB Oa lu ?_*, Daaamhaf IH. IS**, st SS
John's Church. Clifton, hy the Bov. John 0.
Ko leaton, .lulim Townsend Marsh daughter of the lats Ka
Uisniel Mmrah, t.. <;r.,r". I .?.,?.i l
Noticet o' iwrrlngee miuit be indorted wi.'.* full name
ind ad.; rem. _
DU l>
iRrnFR- In Brooklyn, M-ui'lay, lLee?mber 17. 1.88, Ales.
auder II Ari h. r
?"ri. uri* am '.rn,t.-.l to sttend the funeral from t antral (onsTS
trati.uisl church. Hsnefx'kst.. Franklin are.. Tbursday,
December 30, st _ p. m.
tn K Harriet Heck, widow nf the 1st* John G. Beck. In tho
71s: year of her sate
tnier,.; (.-mu ber Lite resilience SSS Van Itnrenst.. Brooklyn,
Fri-lnv | .e. ember SI, ot 9 o'eiook p m Friends are invited.
IBt'BWITB Ob Deeeasbet io. In the .Mitti year of hisa**,
Jt.hll ItP-'i.s lt-, kif,th
rhnerul s_rv1e.es from his late residence, 74 Cfrove-it., Friday.
Un-.1st inst.. 7 KU p m.
nta-rnif-nt priTBU
fulfils- ..mit flowers.
IBBWBB "ii Tuesday mornlns, the 18th Inst, Abigail,
daughter ..f the lite .t,ii.n Brewer
I'!,, rel.iiiee* snd friends ,.f the family are in rt rad _>attend
tbe faners! services ii.lp m. "ii Tdurailay, the JOth lost,
at her lat.- rsatdanee, 137 wi-si M\h at
'ORI.IF.M At Rngleir.sKl. New Jersey on Tuesday Peces^
ber Ix ISM, t.eor.i. H.' crties. sge.! 7P years
'un.-ni frein his isle maldenoi .i E?iglewood, Krnur, pecem.
her'i upon ihe arr.i.i! ..f the 1 lr, p m trmin from New.
Tort (itv. Northern Hailroad af Vow Jersey, fr. ,m toot of
rttsnilisis si
?.-riaiies ?,il 'ie in wsitinc at depot upon arr'.vml sf train.
iQUbl-ASS Qa Psrssshai lt' C-BrtsSSa wife of wi-isaa
I itu t?_, ?s. in the s-.xi ye?r of her see
? um! friends an- respectfully invited to attend the
funeral rr.m tbe Presbyter- ?*_apel, corner "th ave. and
lt* th st.. Krl.tay. 'J!sf inst . al i'J itOo'clock.
BO?Ott, Ki:_l?nri. |nipers please i-npy.
Fill' I'stiN ni, Tuesday, the! sib nat., st hlalsteresldenae
Sd a'esl MU, at., Iiiirr,s..n li F-r.uson.
'unenil Frid??, December 21. nt Ki JO _ ra . from the i htireh
of the Holy Name. B7t_-I sail Huh ave. Relatives BM
fr., ula are respectfully Invited u. nfteud.
real TAO vt Wardl?tt, December 18. Frederick Ti Freitag,
"liner il services from Hie fhapei of the Home, on Thursday.
at 2 ;, m.
? stol pujiers staasa espy
IA.BBBTaOB?At Bewtswa, I. I, Elite T? Eastman,
wife if (Jarret J Oar
?'iiiienil fr un sit Jan s irircti. Newtown L. I., on Thursday,
the .nu, lost, .t : IO i'elo< k ?
id etty all o'clock.
IA0K1 i: vt J,-, ia I. J , bb theiTrh inst. Phebe Ilsg
her. Il tlie 1+1 Sit ve_r ,,f h'T lire
funeral on Fi:,Uv. Der,tuber 21. at 2 o'clock, from her lats
resilience. Inion ll.lll st . Jiimales.
',,_. li. s will meet friends st Jamaica fiepol.
11* RI?UT cn Monday. DeesaBbSf 17. of heart tathire, 8 nasa
Heb. .-rs wife of Henry A. Murlbiit. aged 7W vears
- and fri. iel- ,,f tue family are ir,\.:.-.? lo attend the
funeral san tues (rom her la" r.?,i ,?_,-<?, Il West '.'Otb it.
Thors?ay, DeoaaiBBr SO, ol io o'clock.
ntcrmental tTaodlB-B.
'less* omit flowers.
KW ITT i.eorge Averi I>-sTitt, s?ed ?6 yean. Tnesdav'
,1 en:n_, l)eieiiiHa-r ll
ps.iner.il from hu late residence, j.*). I.exlneton ave., Friday,
10-40 a m.
I'KKI.l.N-On Wednesday, Iiecember 19. at his late residence,
_.1/t West 4_d-st.. BdwU O Perrin, aged 6s yt-rs
Sotit-e of funera, hOtroafB r.
r?Yl.(iK- At Caa?Matarsa.BI.T- on the 17th mit.. Usa.
II.-nry W Taylor. I.I. D In the Md year ,,f his axe
I linera! servlt >r from hu late resident ( on Weflnesilay attse
noon, at . o'cl.ack.
Special Notices.
? Art ??ale
JOHN' H. DRAI'KIt, Auctioneer.
C. F. WBTMOBB, Pp,pr.e-,r.
i:vi:m\-.- \ - - ,,ii.f,('K.
tlie sxeSastlvs ftwfti ty -if
eniliracin-r "xampit-g by
Miller, It P Smith, Pistrowikl,
Ilium. Reba, Kslepa.
Tain.iirtnl, W T ichards, Mses.
1,'icliart, Homier. I eioir,
lUgei V.uiderveit, hteinhsil.
Vllieiriwf, Br.?- ' T..|ettl,
ix r.i'kler, \',,n ualade, and othsn.
Vlnea, s,l,..-u.-i
-a? l.eor_e A. I.eiiMH A t nm|innj.
n. C. MEltllY. Auctioneer.
Sell THIS 'TH til-I,AV ?f_?BVOOsr, at 2 30 o'clock.
OK OUliWNAl. Wa rn ' PLO Bi AN"I? I ItAY'iN'S.
h.? I'eorse A. I < :.>:'. db l'ompHn?
Very iiis-ti trsde i larets, tin- feater part bemj pur
nu.!, Bttbe a iles , if th.- private llncka of .!' b.lH
liiridi, J.AWKI.M I.. KI.N'ii, I KOTUiNtillAM BM
Itherf of equsi MSS
SI MlI.I.sT. N I WI". IT R -
Tt be ?,,lrt by nnrtion
Diamond Jewelry. .Mi i"i? lusmood I_ce lins, Stnda,
Collat Buttons. R.m.--- :._:r.n(rs. ac. _f, at soo
tum ,.n FRIHAV Deeember al '.--- al 19 O'elBea, at 3d
A.-~ lt.iii.lt-!. Hu rr more t\ Itillms-,
ImjH rters and ('urter of Iiumondi,
58 Nasr-U stieei ami .".? Maiden Lane. New.York;
1 8t Aiii'.f. vt'? street, Iaoudon.
A.? For Chri?nnns.
OABW?Us M sBBBI B 00 haw receded tf ?B steamere
the n-fti st i^itt.-rri-. nf
-MO-IBU CUT fil.ASS BO. I I.is
tor the toilet table
l.lii Bissdeaj aad ITS IBSssis-sa- Bewfart, r i.
I'OSI (filler Static*.
f-honl- be real da.Iy by sit li.iere>i.-d, ss changes may
occur ai any I
I.' ,r-. f ,i f?:- ik'n c, muries nc 1 not tn- aurcUilly sd*
dr-f*-l f,,- d.-i. ''i tv Bnj psrtlcular ^-.-aiiier, exce|A
v> lieu li ir J- ?-ii - . ti send duplicates ..f tun blas and >:..u,
nier,-ial iocu.nts. letten I ;
Um ti Mest M-. els swill .
.-ii nislli for the -- will
dose pion - i this el .
Tllt'R-DAY-Ai 2 3fi .1 m. foi (euirsl Amer?
ica and South Pacific La,,rt-. i--- - * - ?
Colon. its Asp-.tiwall lt -tiers for C,-is It . ? and
Guatemala mu.i he ?retied "Bei i ,,h i. at l p. bl
tai len__d_, i? r atesmshlu 1: I I p. i fr
Nassau. .V P.. sud Santiago, i uha. p?'r s">sm?h p
- -'lip Crowo
, _? _ :<?, ii m. f.-r (itewto?nd -'??__>??
from llal.ls\, at S 30 l> H. f'.r s |-., : \[ .,ju.;?ii, |m.-|
steai H al 1 fai
BATUBDAY?Al 1 a m. fer lt-_y|l and tbs f.a Plain
eouninea, mb tlra/il; fer Kl I \. \.?
St. Thomas for Bsrhadoea sud foi Ir.n lal mt l?en:.-r.u?,
ila Bj sloes per steamship I nance, fi m Bews-ort Baas
: ?:, a i:- Iwsrd 1 per
Plus i.- ai J ??" a bb. for Frs edin uer steamship
I_? Hiaur., un,- Ms Haw
laud-, Birluerlaad tia i .-m :i and Poriof.l must t^ d,
:,"??? 1 ? pei Ls Bourn; _:i>" at 4 s. m. f,.r iiun.tf-. per
Me-m-h.i- Eirui -ii..,. - foi Frame
Biu-t t,. ., 4 _ ,. foi h, .,'lsiid
direct, pei Kean?alp Furneesls, v.s liiay-it.m ilctiers
inu-t tw. dlrSS I :?!>?>-.a",; Bl 4 B D_ for Or-st
Britain, Irslaad, tferaMMy, Austria. Dei,u,sri, Kweden,
Norway, Ku-ais an I Turkey |. etty >,f Chi".
as - - .' Qu eas oa n tters i .-? | ? d:r?eted - per City
of i hie i. " . '
Pennland. via Antwerp (kiters must be d:re-.,>d "per
I'eiiniand"). at 4 ito a m f?i the No thor lau is, via Honer.
dam. par BiesjnatUp RotUrrds?i lletters mus (~ t . ..-i, at
" lier Rutterdsin" : at lo a ni fur Jams, ca per st.?- -hu
lelti-i-s fer Silvain ..t t -J/
Claribel"); at t i> rn f ("hisjias, Tabss,-o
sui Vutatsu. p.: steamship ban .-. letters f.,r uifc.-r
Mexican States nust .t ;. . u io
a ii. fer (.revti.wt, Belnre i.tistemsls B'ld t'u-rt.i ( orter
unable A_u_u iluitsra fur Jatualca uiuat u- dire J
- per A. ll
- \ii\V At 3 B tn fur OBBIa lUra. VU Lliuon, par
st.-atu-i. . > ftrsf ftrlrana
Mulla, fur t luna sud .l.t|_.i, per su-amshlp ll ty of
Biw-Vera if iou ..m. Krs.iisiscu), clwsa ,. ? ,. i-.', rn,.
bel --.'it. ut 7 [i m.
raf shin Tropic Hird ifnun Ssh Fran - . ?? h.-rs
a cembei ?'_?? vt ~, p. bi Mails foi ll . ?_
Islands, per steamship Australia -Jrum s.n Fraucisee)
close ii. r.- Il ? ' :?:. bi .' ;. BL Mails fur Australia,'
N. ? Kealsnd, Hawaiian, I ind ti , i-.i? p_?
- ? lp -W-Undll ifn.rn San Prauclseo ri. i,, ,,- J ,u.
un: > ti. st ; p. in. [oi eli srrtvsl st Bew-Yarb. nt sir.ra
ship Bothnia ? malls for Australis Maila for
lui- h\ rall lu lami-. lia, .md thence l-. - k ,
K'-. West, Fla, close at thU ofiit,- daii> al _ Ai) a. __
? The schedule .if rBsBBI Bl STSBaaadBs insils li ar
rsin-td ,.ti tbe presumption of 'i-.'li utiinti rrunt-d ..\erla"4
transit to Man l'iau.-i~,, Malls fruin tin- r.ssi striving
on tune at sm Francisco an the day of sailing of stcam
ert dispatched I?MM- the same dST ReffUtrred mail
closes at 8 30 p i,i Brsvts_i di.
Psit. otioa, New-Twrk. M. f. Bee- is. UM*

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