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new york, friday, DECEMBER 21, iswl?ten pages.
fa! fABLK TO TKi TRll-tlkE.]
CapyrigAt | HSBl My Th* Sew Perk Iritrvnt
London, Dee. _(?.? With reference to the B-rfti.*
Legation at Washington, sump kind of rom pr
taine ii now said to bc in favor nt the Forrij;
Office. Sit James Ferguson's statement iu tl
House of Commons, on Monday, is seen to ba?
rnado _> bad impre.ssjon. Sir William Hurcour
whew attittnrie was both fr;etul]y und senslb]
tried to enlarge i* hy SMBB-iBf that tbrre wi
no foundation for the belief that no mw Mini
ter would he -sent while Mr. Cleveland WM Wt**
daat', bnt SiiJ James, unable to go a
inch beyond the -strict I tier of Lord Sali
bury's written instructions to him, decline
to Sanction this view. He repeated nil thii
had been said was that no declaration of it
tended delay lind been made. This eon vi ne?
ttie members of the House that Lord fltHtftiT
meant to let matters drift. They saw the dar
?ger of such a course. Sooner or later the Aru-r
cnn Minister must ask for explanations, an
must go home if none was forthcoming. 1
is, therefore, now suggested that Mr. Edward'
ihall return as Charge d'AIIaire*. But for the Sad
ville incident Mr. Edward**, who was nore o
a lea-re of abs-tuc-c, would already have returned
It la felt that to pr-av-snt his return is an af
front possibly graver than the failure to sen.
a inece**oi to Lard Sackville, The lu Uer i
bot an aot of omission, hui Mr. Ldwurdet. *pi
only remain hore by order of his superior, whicl
ll an aot of commission Many rearons migh
be green for not immediately appointing a nov
bli ni star; the only possible reason for keepini
Mr. Edwardes away from his post is a desu
to resent Lord Sackville'* dismissal.
Success at Suakim may bc more helpful to th.
Government than the Unionist victory at Col
chaster. It puts an end to all notion of sur
rendering the port. The policy of surrender neve
was popular. Mr. Gladstone is one of the fev
English statesmen who are willing to see Franc
in possession of Suakim, threatening tiie road t<
India. Many of his supporters ou the other ham
would keep Suakim, with the view of ulti
mate ly occupying Herbet, and securing comnian.
of the Nile, There seems to have been no ron
difficulty in clearing out. the Arabs from th<
trenches, perhaps because the operation WW
wll-planned and well-execnted by Gejieral Gun
The Colchester election is frankly accepted b\
the Home Rule journals as a blow to the Lib.
e.*als. It wns thought or alleged that Lon
ltooke was a weak candidate, and they hope*
ta reduce the majority. Thi effect of th.- larg ??
ly increased Unionist majority is to silence foi
tie moment, the cry that the House of Commonr
u? longer represent* the country. The belief ic
a steadily growing opinion in favor of Home
Elle has never, perhaps, been very sincere*-,
hiid by practical politician*. One of thc most
pr?ctieal of them said before Colchester thal il
a general election wero held to-morrow the Glad
stoaians might gain, at most, twelve or filteeTi
sea-*. "What/' he added, "would be the use
of that t The Tories would still have a work?
ing majority of titty."
Tie farewell appearance of Mr. Gladstone for this
sc-sicu iu the House of Coui_uous, ttttU **)?
nounena, has at last been made. Ife lett Loudon
for Na pie*, yesterday, a crowd attending hun to
the station cheering him as he went.. His move?
ment* are closely followed by telegraph. Friends
and iocs alike watch his progress with solicitude,
1- tt agrteing that !.'? cirri.-- BOBM Kuli- in his
I* *rtin;inteau. His health is vigorous and ki.-.
fcpir_.s, as usual, are supi-ranundaiit.
Tie National Liberal Club is not the only ono
in wiich GladMonjans and CnioniMe are unable
to d>ell together in harmony. A committee ol
the liverpool Keferm Club refused to sDow ;.
notic-s of Lord Hartington's lecent meting in
Li ver pol to be placed in the hall of the club.
A gencl im nd lng of the eltth thereupon hirs been
called, and tae whole question of the relations
bet wee., the two Liberal wings is theo to be
.aised. Lord Hartington meantime remains a
meuibetof both the Keform and ti.e Devonshire
Clubs i. London. In neither club is anj leane
to be rased, because in both an atfmpt to draw
a line btween thc Home Billen and Unionists
would sfit the club in halves.
Now erne Anglo-Indian expert! to assure the
tusceptab. English public that " black BBB" ll
no terni 0 offence in India. It is used, sa;, s one
writer, by a large part of t-he Indian population
as a b-rui .f pride to distinguish themselves from
people of pier fae** on whom these dark gent-re
tuen look ?own. So they will take Lord Bolte'
bury's ph.ra?- as a compliment*.
The quari-1 which ha;, broken out in the Honor?
able Aruller- Company is a quarrel about d'-tnils
devoid of tafe-r* for outsider-. Whal is ii
lng i.s the I*j-i,,. f,f Wales's --hare in the Incident
ll<* is strenuo^iy, even bitterly, attacked bf some
members ol t *? regiment and in the press. Hit
offence consist in standing by tia- Duke ot Port
lund, whose cndui-t is in question, and whose
Influence and te I'r.lice's seems to have ir
U.e authorities o take the .strim, st.-p tl.ey have.
Almost every Kiting paper sides with ihe iegi
tt,cut against tin Prince and the linke. " Never
le./ore," says Ul "Pall Mall Gazette," v. },.*>
leaded this hostilici.onis, " I a*- a Prince blond) red
M badly or beer rapped over the knuckles to
pS-BjUQ "
London yesterdw beheld a spectacle this gene]
ation has never -efore Wttaeeaed, perhaps no
generation anywhei> els.- in thc world OObH have
produced. It was noil.ing less thBB ? public
funeral to " Jem"* Selby, late whip of tho
J'rigHton "Did Tikis" eon.h. His bl
in life was to dri.-- four-in-hand. He. did it,
perhaps, better than any rival. He WM nt t
head of his profe*>si<n. To thousand**. I.e WM
a hero. Neith.-r the {asea nor the Gtovernaieal
eent a delegate, but it'.le els.- w;'s wanting to
make this a solemn c-roinoniul. I h.- body lay
in state, and it.e multtudi-s gathered about the
Louse liJli-d one whoh quartet <>f London. A
division of police kept order. The funeral ear
was covered uith costV and beautiful flower-.
Eighteen coaches, three Wmmp and some hundreds
ol private oarriagee sad ?.?.*> formed e proa
over a mile long. 'Ihe luke of Beaufort, Lord
AiU-sbury, Captain Blyth Seager Hunt, II P.,
Lord Grey <!<? Welton, [_rd Deerhurst, Colonel
North and many BthCf ICteone of distinction
were either nie-ent as BO-hten or sein carriage.
or wreaths. Many I Ge.'i-ral or Minister who
had done tin- State lasting service has gone t.,
his grave attended wilh fa* less fiomp and far
less genuine regret G. W. S.
-? . *
Flomn<*e. Ptfc. 20.?The Counr*_ Costa wa* stabbed
tn death In a carriage here yest.rday by a captain In
the armv, who tl.en committed suicide by shooting
himself with a revolver.
Ivondon, Dec ?_?'> Slr Janes Fergusson, Par.li
mentary SeeretMT t" the W*t*Ug* Whee, stated la Um
House <*f 00SI_MM to-day Ihat Iniructions but
-wot to the lin tish '..ii mi I at Zanzibar to piolesi lu ti?
tt-rongMt teruui against a repetition if th* erael e.xet-o
tiona which luul oc-c-un-d in tbe ?tr<-t? of Zoinlbur.
lie huh tito baess-laaSnwlMl la l_u?i-i*__. enat to j?gu ,
Consuls to ro-ope-mt* vrltfi him In warning the Sultan
of the disastrous eoneoquenees that are likely tn fol?
low hi* dli-mgard of thK pr- f-e-.'.
.Tarana, Dc.*. -.0.?News from HajtJ has been re?
cently a dlflleult thing to pit the bloehsde and the
revoluMou eOBMotng te nate communication with
the Islam! altuo-M hBpOeSlbia, However, the sub-sea
system BOO S lahMshOd I- Worklni satisfactorily, and
by tfils mean.-, the following telegram has Just Leen
I*, rt-au Trlnce, Dec. 20.?President L-efiMm** con
a ttnncs i.i power and a iniijorliy of the people reeogiil/i*
e ? hts authority.
ih ? prclti'-atlon of the rou nt rv is eOtlsldored at hand.
C Neither tbe Yandi- nor Calena, the United Mates
i wai- si.lis t! at s.-rliisl B SbOft time a<?o from New
, York, has yoi arrived.
X Public opinion supported the Covernment In thc
n | matt'-r of thc capt ni*1 of 'he steamer Hayden lt/v
I public. Ber seizor" ls regarded a- an eminently lecal
a<t. It ls he'd that she was riwleavorlnp to run tlit.*
. ; blockade when overhauled and made a fkt** hy the
Hsytian man-of-war.
Washin_ion, Dur. CO.- .secretary Whlltey has al
last settled the question as to the dis* port 11 ion 0f n,p
I'nited States steamer richmond, which has Just hen
lilted out al Blt N.-v. fork Wtlty Yard br ordering her
to pr. c. id without IIIIIIOflOQOaiJ delay t0 Montevideo
for service its ih. Bag-Ship of the South Atlantic- Kt i
tion. When th_i reese! was ordered to Baw Yet* for
repairs it was fm the purpose of sending her to China
as the ha.- ship of the Aetatta Station. While the
work on har wee In progress tho trouble wltb Hayti
occurred, and the won was expedited ?<> as tu bend
h.-r lo that conni it. Her pre*,, nie lhere ls not now
rngai-ded as al all BoeeBSOty.
At the liny Man Consul's office verterday no further
Information had been .etvOd from thc horne Coven.
ment. Mli.l-.tcr heston said that he ha.1 been
Troubled with e number of appl'eanta who dcRirfid to
enlist In the Hsytian army and were under tho
impression thal be Wished to secure men.
Edinburgh, Dec. 20.- In Hie case of Mr. Pa-mell
against "The Ixwu'oii Times" tte court to-day con?
sidered the proofs of the validity of the ariestmentu
which lia.1 been ie /le by Eu plaintiff. Two Kdln
burgh adveonishii* aborts tre-stlfled that the plaintiff
had arrowfe-il small sums which th-y oweri " Th**
TlmP6." ThciT remittance* -wore mad*) tn Mr. Wrinl.t.
ono of t.h'- propri.-r ?
Mr. Hayman, rapeeaoottng the registrar oi newi-v
papen at Bomen I House, proved that Mr. Walter
was now the registered proprietor of ?? The TfaaesP in
behalf of blmeelf and others, "Sba Tlmes's* toltol.
tor- boring written tbal there would be prent dtBeulty
in registering t-h?- names of all whom the ail mi(,'ht,
eoneeroe se propmeton, beeanoe some of the pro
i-rietors nore mirmr-*. som- were married women end
some livid abood. They al--o said that. In niau*
the Interest held was null
Mr. Walter testified that he hnd Riven i_i authority
t. resister him es proprietor, but he had ezpreeeed
wUUngneas to eel es reg) tered proprietor. He did
aol have s li-' of the proprietors. H's own Interest.
in "The Hines," !.- -ni.;, wai ? tenth, ruxl half
of th" offii ? i* - OOO his.
Mr. .-oaiue-. ?? i lolleltor. said theio wore
Ol " The T'liH-s."
"th- .-..ni' adjourned I . c tho sollelter to pru
dii'-o a Uti of tha proprietors,
London, Dec. BO.?In the Boneo of Commo
afternoon, Mj-. stanhope, Heiietsij for War, replying t..
a qaeettoa of Mr. Rowlands, denied that the Queen
had withdrawn the Honorable Artillery Company's
: sai.-i he boped that Ibe necessity tor
neb a step wonkl nol arise. Decent event-, however,
hod demand <i the reconstruction ol the eorpe, oJmjoc
services, it wm to be hoped, ti.e country would never
losf*, '1 ? officers - om/iiandir,p the company had made
an O-Mal report thal tiie corns wa* in a moat un
mtlefaetoty condition [punting dloefpUne, eui thoro?
ton, in view of t.'.n lack of discipline and Vf. resls
n at lon of the oflioers, tho corps could no longer be
rs WI gained as ethelon*. The usual oomoo had bren
adopted, and tri. egulpm-n-nt In the company's pon
whtofc warn the propertj of the state. bod been
IOU ll * hoped that a long period would not
eUpao t.efore the cup* wm satisfactorily reorganised.
ParlO, Dec. Ba?There was an exciting scene In the
Bea ate thh afternoon, m. Loon sav withdrew his mo?
tton providing for the printing of M. Challemel-La
cour's speech and Its pooling throngboot the country.
After he had made this aonOlUX eincnt. M. Raquel
a-..?lid.-*'! the trlbnne and renewed M. say's motion,
'lhere waa ImiedlOtely a (Treat uproar In the Senate,
the membore si.outinc ?' Enough I* ?? Enough t* ar.d de
mandlnB thal M. Naqnel tahe his seat The Preel
dcji stnrcii it..,i! M. Naqnel be I taken rip m. s.i
Hon on bli own eeconnt Theo Herr was renewed
disorder, which wu li mased when M. Keane! left
the trit.ino rind attempted to rnaUo a speech from tbs
floor, the tumult being so lo-a* a to c,.n;,*
drown his vole . s-*\-*r.-:l men.I.er" shonted "Expel
Idm." a-* i the President, as soon a* he could make
himself beard, called M. Naqnel io order. The latter
thereupon left tbe chamber.
The Sens ?? afterward rejected his motion and then
resumed the debate on t:,,- budget.
Berlin, Dee. 80. The Emin Relief Commftl
Donnoes tbal after a es tal < lamination ?.f I
ilium's letter lt has co i proof of Ifimlo
Pacha's capture iris not been established, li will
on start Ltootenanl Wanman*! expedftlon for
Kmin's relief a> tbe ear; I j ibis moment
Dr. Junker declares tbal Emln's loree were armeU
wltl 5n
I lo, Dee. 80. Aboul 700 holden of bonds and
. rn the Panama < anal Company held a meeting
to-day and decided to forego tor the preaenl tl." pay
so ni "f iiu- oo ipons and the redemption of tbe
All pei i documents binding them t.. mb
scribe to anj foe h i me. At another meeline lt was
ind that the necessary measures be
rous Interests
concerned In the canal.
?? ?
London. Doo. 80. Tl ? Earl "i Warwick i- dying.
George Cuy Greville, fourth Barf of Warwich and
Brooke, and owner of the famous Warwick Castle, was
(.om on March ?_.-.. ii, . ;,!.ii was educated at Oj
In i -? '?> He -Ht in Parliament
from 1 - * BO.dod to the e I
il-* I- .- .' , itlc ol . '
for v. !.--.. iel colonel el ibe \s arwl.
*i ? -ju S ? tO thl Q I. Ami ri
nt Uugliv ' barity. He married the ?
flauR.'ii'? of th i tri of Wemyss In 1L.'_. and hi
n (lord
rears a 1 er ol Parliament,
? ?
London, i>c<-. _?". -Al e mo -. the Conn
ni of the English i ? i Aireri Company, the ns
of whom ar.* ooneei ned In I hs Emil
to the .on. in-ioii il.a' Stanley arrlvd at Wa-ieial
after Emin bad started on the march toward Lado to
encounter thc Mahdiots, and that Btanley is still await
lng Kmin'-- return. Ihe Council dink thal Staaten
white traveller tor n limn Oman Saleh eas
. * rii.i;.
Liverpool, I>.-<?. BO, The fr.llure of a largo Brm
of grain dealen ls reported.
Peits, Dee. 90. 'ii;*- .*.*?? iil sydnej O'Danno, the
alleged Oem beins ti i ?? n. caaaera." Tbs
thal excites intena. i ?* ? on the Continent
Paris, Do - ? workmen ob the Kind Tower,
ono of Um ff at iu
the K.\i.*i*.r,. bi . ilke,
Dome. ii.*.*, -jo. The lettei sent by Cardinal Gib
hons ar.d ii.-- Ameiican Bishops to the Pope "Uh
reference to the Washington University announces
that th-- sum ol if-."un.'""> l.n 1,,-cn coJIocted tor the
now Institution, and thal the nntverstty buiiiiings am
now in prue eos ol ereetlon The Cardinal and Bl hop
request Un - nc. on "f academia privileges to the
university, end ask the i-op.-v appiovai of ir- ?< oui,.
ll.-os WOBK* is tn.' l-l t WOE BALM,
Hs I, Va., D . ?'. .-I*.*.- of the
United - sh ? Coori here tho i ommii lon ? i i
?, i. In thc .... ? of tbe i
1 ompany, ol PhUadelpI i
the Bheaaadoafe Iron Compony, io Page Countj
Nato, have MdrcrttMd lo sell, oy .lauuary H. iho works
and personal property', 'd'A.OOt) acres of mn...ml Und .
taree mansiuns aad osvoitly->soveu te-uutt houwik. Tka
capacity of the furnace ls ino tons of pig Iron pur da
Tho dchl against the company ls over SMM'.OOO.
Till. CITY s-i.XTON.
Macon, Ca.. Dec _n (Special).- The local paper? th
morning intimate that th.- Indignity to Die flag mci
doned In peetstday*S dlepatel WM a practical Jo)
Intended fur a local candidate for city sexton, wi
was defeated for re-election, tie Uh* helm* nailed i
half mast on a telephone pole, union down, as n
Indication of son nw for hil political death, and thr
lt ?(, not a I'lilt/*! mates flag at al! The facts ai
that the flag was a large twelve foot banner wit
thirty-eight Mani on a blue field, with the rrwlatln
?.tripes, tut having one stripe at thc butti.in tor
off. It was -suspended Just wli.-re two streets furl
tliiou-L-h one of which the Judge wa- hound io pm
going to court. It was neall} a Muck fruin tl
sex ton's. There were several telephone poles bOCWW
th.- mw ton's house and that point, and one rlaht I
front Of his honse. If Intended for the sexton, tl
Inquiry ls pertinent why tho jokers did not find a pol
nearer lo his house. De fore the court convened th
morning. Colonel Lamar, the mar-hal. BMiB-tOd hy 11
jiirynirn, who hail furnished a fla* staff, unfurl-.I th
captured banner over th" Dnlted Biases Cbart Hm
wi.cit- it now tloats. Tiie ineirh-ni Ml OWOtaoM a.stroi
National spirit, and lt I- -.lid thal a new and heiutlfi
flag will be given to the court by prominent elli", n
as a -Christina* present On op-nins the court, J-udg
speer said :
'Ihe presiding Judgo and the gentlemen who actO
whh him yeeteioay in attempting to redrai
aiil.eap-U to Ix* a deliberate and pul.!!.- di honor I
tl.e Hag aro as much delighted BS anv OM ' on!
be al the published statement thai j; wss not wu
sMh a purpose that Ute Bag w,i.s ezpooM nod n
rec ed, bal lrom a thoughtles and Idle splrti ol merri
mem. Wo trust tba ls true, wo wece awai
the Bm ? -o mu Hated, but that did nm detract fros
I),i* significance ol the Incident. It was non.- ll:
liss what the eloquent Webster cali*, ?? ]
ensign of our country.'' and Whatever the motive rh.i
prompted tin* perpetrator! ..f the act, or whaterc
others may think, there an- those who will neve
behold any apparent indignity to ti.e National color
without the must poignant MMlbillty and the u.o
gioomy forebodings for tho earelesi and unpatriotl
spirit su.-ii wallton acion inculcate*,, if then* w .
eyer a people whom li b.h...... c*.i at <?ii llme-i to thot
devotion to the -yni! oU of ti zrcat gnv- nun
law and order, lt ls the Southern people. Tl..
hag whose mutilated bean ties and whose reversei
union was exposed yeaierdaj io the contumely am
derision of the passer bj mav to-morrow be tbe rally
Ing point r,- which good men an-i true will sss
to ileteii.I or enforce the law-, to protect wi .- en
little ones and all thai men hold <l ...r. There I*
only QM solution (br all on: rr. bid In thc Bonti
and thal is a reepect for law, ito steady and im
partial enforcement, obedience t<> the National nw.
on to the tina; of our country a-nl all rl.i.-?
principle! of good government which ii typifies an*
represent! In tho mind* of all men. It ts m-n ..
I-.- sensitive for the gar. n is v. n for Um yentl
of tbe country, the rising generation, to know that
(her.- are thousands amons ia wbo !o\e j. and honoi
talnlcm glory, and who will never, with
lest the nr"-i rigorous, me is hallowed foils gool
ing In dishonor, he it Intended or not.
hON's P.K\of.vi ii. hWWIACWBD with
:: i UtlTOROLT.
ChJeagO, Dec 2o. II. C. V. bitney, who. aa attornej
tor the boulter, B. W. Baneon, in ins <i.??. -..:*-..- mit, wm
shot and wounded in open court by Mrs. h ,
I.-.-' spring, was adjudged IneaM today ai I
to an asylum, it appeared fn evidence thal
Insanity 'v a direr; recoil of IM ihootlng. Be
suffering from profound melancholia, erith a balluclM
tion th.ii h.- li i.-i,ir; punned by a wonum oho waati
to mordor him
Mr. Whitney was uliot In Judge Jamieson'* court?
room on. daj last summer. Mra, Rawson had ben
the day before defeated In a branch of the d
. her and her husband, Whli
lound ll- way Into fhe Ap).ellan; Court. She ap?
pealed In .lodge Jainieson's courtroom the doz!
morning at IO o'clock. The Ju.lg- hid been sitting at
his d.-tk watling for her. General Miles. Mr counsel.
was not with her, but he was close b"hlnd her.
feared what she WM ab.mt to do. No sooner brui the
Inftirlaied woman entered tho courtroom, Dian sba
drew a revolver from the e.lds of her dlMO, and level?
ling it at the lawyer fi nfl four shots point blank. Mr.
Whitney received a severe wound from whian he hat
never fully recovered
Leavenworth, ind., Deo _o. Georgi w. Davie, of
Marietta, whom daughter Lillie wm i
William la Oregory, Hw indicted "White Cap,"
Gregory dead today in Nita city. Mr. l>>r.i> oas
l eartbrotao over Ihe ruin of his child, and bli Mends
have known fur some tlmo that. In ca.-.-, he mel
SCOgOry ho would kill him. Ure-gnry was Indicted
.ti several count*;, and v,a< ta have I.n tried on
December 2d, al this place, fie lett Ms letta on
ry end ref ? *.f tbe
! fat har who-e child'* life he bad bil. ted, i I
Bed Hank, n. j., Dee. 80. WOU-am Lawmnee, if
ted Bank, ls not a.*, thriving and industrious ar. pub?
ic sent!moot in the town demands that Its citizens
be. He it a good-natured tetlow. ? '?
lorty, but Ui- dtolncllnnttoa for work b md Ij kr own.
Last Bui r. '.i -. or wai iboved und * ths door
.f bli Uni- house In WaU-ot, lt wm addi* i
"Mr, William Lawrence, to I Bank, B. ?'*
in haste.)" a skull an.i esossbones, wltii the wo i
1 Poison* undera otb, were on tM envelope, which wm
'?a.i?.I with blood-red wax. 'lue lotter mad m (ol
ows ?
"We, thr White Cape, notify von that if you d
tt to wort and support youi family, and .
->? Tuesday, i.mbei i- we olll call sn you and
.Me you M. tame :-- we wouM a dog, you pup and
oater, hy giving yon a good mauling.''
? wera more threats, m-.r.- death ard era
and mere "Poison" on tM reverse sids "f too
etter. BM ; ? mid ev--\
il., i* kimi of bosi workmen were treated to a gen
m.- surprls.? Monda] morning. Lawrence .-j.
.lied i" every on ? <?'. thom u - ?? i I *
om l-l no' gi' v. ].. bul bli nonie ?
ii-- .1 him. lt.* was home,. On 1 u ?? it Mid
i of the populai i
.! it d him with ' Hos I ?
ie \\ bite Cai ? -i-'l that lt
i nd then wen bo w bite I a* *.
Wichita. Ka:.., Dee. '_" Ifeoms MO "linelly, a
?ruing teacher, oho came t<. i. *. i- a riiort time ?
' Ibany, n. . Eat Ul] burl bj
ire of his pupils. Ile wa. teaching Ot And
(tera i I hi i *? H.- -'..! ome ir., ible aboul
M organisation of bc ehool, ;<?, i had Ita iii v.;n ..f
-I.i tM pupils, *\' Ile -? v pl aw t
| U] 1. Ile
with the yo mg bull.*-. ???* ben I toe * I
In v blo-h ' li fatal bl i
id from a poker In the bandi of on.- of Ihe
uric un: op a MVBDBBEB iv ms cpu..
Bea iiav.*... i'.-c so -- lon Calhoun Jet
taged bim elf al t1;'- Boo Baron County lad
?n.e. n -i and c. o'ch ch this morning He ?-.i await
lg trial In the MtperfOI i..un for murdering hi
if.-'s father, Stephen Anthony, on th-- morn ng of
i- 15, el Wallingford, in carly life Jenkins
;it*\ man, bul domestic troubles.i
in to drink, and tinally hil Otto tefl hi"i Md
?i tion.-d for a divorce. Thu a.-t seemed to make
i bins wild and on tl ? i tM murder he
aite<i out to kill hts wife and all in*r family. Hil
tbei ii. law "a*. Orel n l and before fa.lld flnlsh
s sjendlsb worh he wa- overpi i * locked up.
nkim loft seTeral corni g thal hs
I suicide to as * *
ci nicnisc tup. >> vin: tauipf pall.
.-?in i ranrlseo, Dec. 20, rhe i bamber of Commeroo
is afternoon adop'ed i resolution which will be
ot to the < ah;.*!* le deli \ itlon In <
solation protesl sgalnsi tM reduction of iM dury
i iposed hy ti.' Bi *-.
il,d bril. _
i DM. 80 ll.'- Jury in the OOM of .Mrs.
rcblo again rf Bates i Walley, itMl brokers, tu i
?v.-r -fi.o.iHMi eOegBd to have bera |,,-i in speculation
BOT MC have {greed upon a verdict In favor of ihe
alntift fte *<il.77-A
Uh tOU OW -1 itt/; iv ATTOntTBD A CADET
i- e. -?" to . CoBln
? ; . ..
Iel i.
toe Mate sf Mow-T.sk win
-I inf* rn,ni ly ?'- Hi'* A-.'ul iinii-te (<>. murrow al 1 iM |* ?
.ey wlU dine together and mah* |ii.liuiln?rj at reage?
nt*! ter Us ?nc__. -_etUu_i a Alt-oj la "
PB-UTl ? ft 1101 OP THI nEKVisn ku?
tti r: uki i isl DOM njOB-S.
Suakim. Dec. ju.?Hie eonihincd force of
BUttah and Egyptian, mode nn attack early
this niuruing upon the rehcl position. They
stormed tho redoubts nnd trenches, nnd
after a brilliant engagpee-mat*, "ruing half an
hour, drove the enemy Into the bush. The Hritish
\'-t. four nun killen and two wounded during a
?allan! cavalry chargO The Arah, loss is stated
to h.- 400. lli-lore dawn this morning the
British man-of-war Starling and an Egyptian
r moved np the coast with or.h-rs to cover
the rebels nt Mandoon. At dayhrealc the forts
opened fin- npon th.- rclxl trenches and thc troops
advanced tr, ittntilr. iiie i.ia.-k hrignde on tiie
right. Bank and the cavalry .'md mounted infantry
Coveting, The Scottish Horde re-t*-, the Welsh Refi?
ll,e.it, and th.- Egyptian brigade occupied -in cm
bankmont between the forts, the Btitfsh in
fun'ry being h.-ld in nwr\ e. The forts shelled
the trenches, toaping np a terrific, fire. The
. ii. my h.ld th.-ir f-round with int en e courage
until the Meek brigade charged the trenches,
which fell after half an hnur'ft hurd lighting. The
rd., is fought with fanatical bravery. Two of
th.-* enemy's culls were captured. The naval
brigade did splendid work. The Euyptien and
black regmente carried tho trenches brilliantly,
lo.iinu two men killed and thirty wounded. The
only officers wounded in the attacking force were
twn Ku v pt in ns.
The Hus-rars followed tho fleeing Arabs. They
ch.is.d the enemy to ? point within toni miloo of
Handout). The Scottish Rortlrrnre taeontlmo wura
nt work eBtrrnching the rebel position. The
enemy retreated toward Hnsheen and Tamar.
A feature of tbo fishtin-; was the determined
-rush npon the trenehea by thc blacks and
Egyptian* The dervishta foti aht with the ut
itubbomeoa, e great many of them dying
in the trenehea 'Iii" charge of tho Hu-s.irs was
I i-ticularly Inspiring When th<- dervish cav?
alry saw them emin)? they demounted from
th.-ir horses and planted their spears in tho
ground, but these proved no obstruction to the
Hueenre, who swept down upon the dervish
h..rs-men like an avalanche, cut throiiK'i their
nmk.s and left half of thea dead on the ground
Tho Hussars then reformed and charp.-d the
remaining dm -shes, who Bad,
Ih.- oonvepondenl of "The London Standonr
w n*. tlio following account of thu fight to his
paper: "At 4:30 this morning thc man-of-war
Racer opened thc batik by iHeDing Ihe enemy's
trenehea The ships np-ooasl fi!!..wed suit nnd
1 parties, who lighted lites arid placed
dnmtnlee tn potation. This had tho etT.-ct of de?
ceiving the enemy coming from Hnndoub. The
wi*..!.* lo.c- moved toward the enemy's left (lank,
with a naval dot;,.?!un *ili with Diachine -runs and
cavalry nnd mounted infantry, scoutinc. and pro
tecting the Bania nnd rear. Two linet, com
' ''.limns In .heil.h* companies, rushed
toward the leif corner ot the enemy's trenches,
tiie British Infantry nnd Egyptian reserve linine
tue i-ril inkment between th.* v.-ater forts. <i.n
era] <irenfell and itafl oocapied e poeition to
the 1- fi of tho wateriorta From 5 o'clock heavy
salvoes of guns and mortars from every fort
bore on the trent bes."
(istnnn Digna's nephew nnd twelve dervishes
have bean capt ur.-.1. All ure wounded.
Serious complaints are made concerning tho
finality of the Wbree gi d revolver- furnished to
the troops Several cavalrymen returned with
broken sabres, and In many instances thfjir re?
volvers became clogged and were rendered usc
A lar?o portion of fhe rebel force was not en
::.r. I in to-day's fighting, hoing absent camping
at Ilundoub ai I the wells beyond thal plaoa fi
ls believed the rebels will be reinforced and make
an rrtt.jn'.' soon to retake their lost position. The
British force numbere 1,000 mon.
A dispatch sent to "The Innes" says: "The
prisoners say they believe that all the mounted
gunners were killed. All tell th.- came story of
privation aud cruelty al the Lands ol the Mahdi
an.! Osman DI n . None ol them wished to
li.hf, bul ? re fir cd to do so, or persuaded t..
bj promises of lool at Suakim and other
rewards The tr aches were bare. They found
: *. food, clothing or money, but only S*ii<l.-r
rifles ni'l cartridges Thc prisoners know noth;;.cr
of the r pur'.-.1 capture of Emin or of the f:ll of
th.- Equatorial Provinoca The nattvee assert that
llandoub would fall al the Bret approach of our
tr... ps. The Government ouaht not f" lose th-s
chance. The task is an eas* one, as them is nol
lerhtesl *-i7ti of any gathering of the beal
The Emir of Trinkitat le a prisoner. He (a
London, Dca ttl.?An official dispatch from (icn
i ? -''ii. dated Sualrim, 11:25 a m., mya:
" 'I he ei * - I - ? v. ;r 100. The Husserl ar* still
pursuing thc .Auri".. The trenohee are nearlj filled
nnd ; ? I mitorary redouble ar- being built. The
loinl forces are entrenched. They will bivouac
on .I* fi' id I-. night, the naval detachmen* with the
in:,'hue ^iiiis remaining in the trenches. I have
s* irt the mon I war Starling and all available
"i* ofT Hnndoub ia order to pro
venl ll ndnub coming npon us. Dur
in?_- the action the dervishes were sr. severely pun?
ished thal we expect to have a ii'iiei, night."
Londa . Dec SO ior.'. gall bury, in ? speech el
ii t night, -. ' - '* long m Hr.- Khedive
flc-lr . If. OS shrill sr.'* ' -I f"H ports We
fie promise made by Mr. oiadetone'i
? intent to do so a British statesman's Brsl
duty j, io prevenl foreigners trom thinking that even
* of Qovernmeat mast necessarily nc en the
?- ,.f om* foreign policy. It w mid b.? madness
.ni whoa ere are on r.i,e .vc of sup
I.- slaver,, |ji-r?,i-e the Ilnal srrilKK!" with Ui'
- r ui ? i ? f igbl on tbs Red Sea. Bj
. r.. uphold th" to?
mi Ire."
on,-, .ii.! ii.;-.: thc Ministry hnd no tatra
tl,,n ogling I In e new Boodoo ex
i - iou Buaklm. The
I Turkish Mini-tries wei ?
. i Inion thai Boaalffl must aol be
i Salisbury, speaking at a public meeting thl?
tl ? i, aernment had
never had the tli sb tesl Intention of abandoning Buaklm
to the -
* *? lowi the "block ni.in" Incident, he denial
thai he i;;i'i. aa Mr Oladstone wort nd. oontaeiptounilj
denounci 'i t bo i idian p i ;.i>*.
. i>f;ad BBTTMB EM 'mr: woons.
Columbia, I, < . Dee, go Special) Tbe recent race
tr.?.lill.- iii i. i . mn ty, thli Btate, hri-. had a
funny ending The st ry as originally told ^a.
thal Robert Mons, a prominent farmer, had iiceu
i iv nogra l whole
township became excll .1. Thc usual arm. .1
i. and scoured the i
in search ol tl b 'iv .i" the ? li Un and -ii- ? to
. ,.! * ,*? .. rr. idoln - ove . .i ead itu
were lound In ii-1 . *i thc excitement became
Las) t the bunton and avengers bond
Morris dead drunk ta tin* woods, end the story
out it seems thal Ihe Morrie faintly got
their ( lu tmas jug of vhkkoy earlier than they
Itarnucll ls whal ts called a " dry" county, no
li im?r being sni.i i'.ere sieepl in Jn_* and demijohns.
i drank, ead Behan Merrie, with
? :
, ? ,. ? i.* h ol
?: l laklnf thc )na with them,
s .i i -? i i>,. ?o...ls, where ti ? ?. I. tn he l Imaj
dm kn* for two nights and a day, while their neigh?
bors wrrw hpari-ihlng tor their oorj.sos and their
u.iir.orrrs. The people of Hamburg havo returned
to tholi waiei__al.il gelds, muon luosnsnd and du?
ll -os ted.
As-ManC Controller Tomllnson and thu auditors o
the New-York, New-Haven snd Hartford Railroad
eosnptoeM their laiesllgellen of the accounts of Kdga-r
Y. Harri*, tho ticket agent of the company at th.
(Jrand Central Station, who absconded In the earl]
part of tho week, carly yesterday n.omlng, an<
returned to New-Haven In the forenoon, to (Sport th,
i.-suit to Oontroller Hocboiifuigw, They doc-Maw
to say anythliiii legaidtag the result of their work, run
tho officers of the road In Ihis city pn.fr,--ed Catto
ignonuico of Uie -amount of the defalcation discovered
A representative of John H. Starln. who I
il.u-iU'-, bondsman for ffri.OOO, was seei
rrotatltef afternoon by a Trilune reporter. Il'
wald that he kai heen officially Infonned by Un
railway company that the amount cmbeztled bj
Harris emoontcd to w.too, which sum included Bets
Whick wa- left lu his hands for chang*. Thli leavci
the actual receipts unaccounted for by Uie defaulu-i
g4fM0, which -um he took in and failed i<> pav Inn
the Lincoln National Bank on saturday and Sunday
He also said that Mrs. Harris had called on him
during thc day and had amur.-d him of her entlr?
limorance as to where ber husband wan, and whet
questioned as to hi.** habit* and the rumors of hit
Soeopodec -.vli-h women, she said that ho had always
been a devoted and affectionate hnsb-Bs. and father,
and eba did not behove tho reports circulated about
his fal th lass ness.
Mrs. Ha_';-li subsequently declined to lie seen by
repoi-torrs, or to give any Information to thom. Willlan,
T. Cornel), cashier of the Lincoln National Hank, sal.
that a comparison of tba bank's book-, ha/1 bees Badi
with those of tho railroad company. He bald that h<
knew nothing about Harris personally, as the ticket
agent! deposited iheir receipt separately, and theil
names wars not entered ou tho bai-k'a books, th*
railroad company knowing who made tho deport on
receipt, tri the certified slip given lo each a?e:it.
Anotlier officer of the bank said that he had noticed
that Harri- hui ol lat*- appeared to be nervous. 'Ihli
he thougla was ti.e resu.t of overwork.
The absconding ticket a?eni ls a nephew of Samuel
Fisher thrt old and trur-ted fann-a*ceut of Johu H.
Mann st his farm near Palatine Bridge, and at hia
solicitation Mr. Starln got the boy a position with thc
railway company and subsequently obtained hil
promotion and boram" his bondsman. Hain-, IS
Delved a salary of ueai ly $!i,00'J a j ear, and an ..Hirer
of tho railroad said ymterdur -hut it is believed thal
h.* had b'-eu pilfering from Ihe (ash left In hil lon.-ls
for change, and had gone so far as to be un,vb lo
to uia!( ? hie eaah balance for the monthly visit of
the travelling auditor, whose visit xv, expected
this weeli. He said that he had ol .served the man's
exeemtve nervousness of lite and attributed lt to thli
Harris, however, hms been known to do BOOM
'shady" actions tc hie Mtoo ticket sgenti lome
time -ince, and these were reported i<> W, L BQulra,
tho treasurer of the road, who bald, however, that as
ihey Involved Inslgnlicanl sums and no absolute
proof wm forthcoming of hl? guilt, tho matters wero
ed over.
Tho general impression ls that Harris ls accom
I-anle-d By a woman who is one of the many who
Eave been In the hai.it of visitin;. him at the Grand
Central B tat ion. Private Information wm received ,(t
.' !.:. ii. starin's ..Mice that the defaulter was mon In
ihl- ciiy on Tuesdsy night, but who he wm s.-en by
or in whet pla.*.' was Bot told to the rope
Cann'..halie. N. Y., Den, 20 (Special'.-?The report
In New York papers that Edgar T. Harrie, the missliTg
ticket Sgent of the New-York, New Haven ai.d Han
ford Railroad, was at his mother's house in Canajo
harie ls a mistake. Iiuiulry here i-eveals the feel
thal his mother ha- not heard from him. Mr. Harrie
has always been tilpilly esteemed, and lils frier-Is can
account for his strange con?*uct only by supposing
him to be gunering from temporary Insanity.
Boston, Der. 20 (Special'. A correspondent af
"The Journal*" from Tort Morant, Jamaica, W. I.,
undjer date, of Dec. 13, wriDcs:
A '?Journal" cllpplnn roc?Mved tho oth-er day gives
a brief account of Captain Wiley's arrest af Morant
Hay sum-.* weeks slnc-j. In l< you told of tho trial.
Slvlni,' tho captain'9 own words with regard to his
unjubi trratment at Hw hands of the English. That
story has a M-?juel, wildeh neem., at least, to balance,
frha crpiilslon of I.or.1 Sackville, though the title* of
tbs two Insulted Individuals mav belong at the ex?
tremes of the M'r.i-n. Last week a second hearing was
cranf-ed in the case, during Captain Wiley's sbsei.
n Boston, and tho steamer that P-aves to-nlghl l.rlni?
?he Qrst tidings of the matter to America. Tho lo?
renzo n. Halo-r left Morant Pav alum! .'{ a. m. on
that memorable morning, captain Wiley in chanre.
tht Custom House officer, Mr. Brice, could not 1?>
Sound, and with a cargo of fruit delays an- dancerous.
the] blew ihe whistle vigorously, until tinnily, the
?gfli=taiit enstome ollicer '? clea.re-1" them, as far as
"aptaln Wiley saw or knew, legally. Just as tb*
<re.im-\r wa- leaving the wharf, Mr. Brice (an alrv. *
.1 mulatto, appeared, .tshe-d the captain W i
?leard them, and when told, wared his hand, sp
.arently motioning tor them to proceed, which thr*v
lld. and soon tho Baker ?ui plowing the Caribbean
ouar.l li.wton.
When ^Iio rvturne-d, three we-?ks latrv, the officer
unsted ''aptaln Wiley, Without even demanding a
hie .willoh In case of cleating Illegally Is HM) pounds,
ind would have lodged him In Jail had not captain
laker, of tho Heston Fruit Company, produced ba'l.
Ihe case wan Med In timi*, and the Judge refused to
Isten to m< st of the testimony furnished by the de?
ft..*.-, In tin- shape of trustworthy witnesses, The
orv returned au unfavorable decision and th>* fir*
rai demanded. Then a second bearing was granted,
rom w.-nch ths Americans boped Justlee ai Hie |
.' English lrr-.v. bot the fOrmee decision I- tin,-.!. The
natter hts already been carried to Washington, and
he t nlted States Government ls to be Informed i f
he result of th.- serond MeL lt ls hoped that r-ir*
ff air will not rest '
Washington, Dca 20 - ri-.pos.iis won ta lay Invited
y the BOoretsry nf tho Navy for the eoostruetlon
y eontrael of ea armored coast defence i
bout ?I.iK'O tons dl<-rp!ncement, complete, exclusive
f srmamenl r-ids will bs opened at the Navy r?o
srtmenl al noon nn Wt binary 2t>. 1-949. Th" vessel
inst be completed Within three years from the date
f the execution >.f th.* contract, and payments will
t made in ten equal Instalments,
Bids were opened to diy tor supplying SMBflBte
?ts of roagh-flnlshed, oil .tempered ami annealed sr,-.>i
rglngi of American maaofseture, tor sinch. 10-Inch
n.i i-j m. ii guns. Th.- bids irene a.- fallows: The
I td vain steel Company, Philadelphia tor il- 9-lnoh,
B cents a pound; 10-lneh, to cents; nnd IS-lnch,
l cent a The Bethlehem Iron Compsny. 9-loeh, 24
*nts ; IO- neh. 26 1 2 cents ; and lt Inch, 37 1 2 . ? DU.
here rs a.. appropriaei in ol 11,456,400 for this pm pose.
Pittsburg, Dec BO (Speda!).?At a delegate eonvon
on of the railroad mlosn of Western Pennsylvania
.day, lt WSS dc.-id. .1 !.. |0 Into the new 1*1 Og! Basile
niou of Miners and Hine Laborers. Thli will be e
?a-h blow to I'i-trict Assembly Ha 186, Kn ghte "f
alor. Twenty-seven delegatoi, representing enme
O'Ai miners in fhe Pittsburg district, wara present,
itu H. Conway, who prodded, sa .1 the object of the
eetlng wa* to decide upon some plan fur the eui.ncr
ont of the seventy-nine cent rate, and foe bringing
. terms XV. L. Scott and other operators who are
111 paying the seventy-four < sot rate. After soino
seuss lon by Master Workman Rae, General kssrotary
.Ulam T. Lewis and others, a committee on meeta
ons reported a.. follows i
"Resolved, that we find that we am poworle;,s
. enforce ur maintain scale.rates under easting mj,
. ar,.i we recommend that the eufprcemenl
the KUI be lef. to the officers of the Miners'
atlonal Progi-w .-,-..- Union; and.
Resolved, thal the delegates to th s convention ase
Air best efforts to make the new oiganizarlon
laolmoui all over Western I'-nn-ylvania *
The report of the committee was adopted. i*ir!shur_
i-tric Nu. i. of iiie new onion, was nj mps organ
ed. A permanent organization will bo effected
uiy next month.
Indianapolis, ind.. Dca 80. lha Federal Onad
try is still in meeton, ihe Imp-reosioa meeee to bc
owing that no Indictment win he found in the Dod
i ca*,.-, a prominent Bepihttean, tpeahtag of the
after this evening, esp recced the deeMed opinion
iat no Indlctmeal would be returned, n- mig:
lhere has not been the aseeosarj evidence against
ulonel Dudley. There has been evi.t.-n.-e, but tho
ilks do not meet. The Jurv ls jrlvInu the letter tho
n?t thorough and nearchlng Investigation, but no
Itness has yet connected Dudley dln-ctiv with lt."
htn same authority rives what ho styles the history
'the letter whick wai published in -Th.* sentinel."
the letr.-i* wai ml i ? ths paper from
* sn i ol'- b) i ia. i r ..h. ts,
bout thc letter by whleh ihe lender could be
tntlfled. Editor Hon rilled in a number of r_
Dudley, signature, and tti**v urned thal the
-.nature was I'nliiiiel Dudlev'*. I.evond auv doubt,
id the letter was cnns'gucmlv puldl-hed as genuine.
?? i undentand tbal tu*) penon wim furnished the
tier to Ths sentliiel' cannot be nmduoed before the
rand Jun- although that body ls exesedlugly aux lu us
* ass kim*
An electric conduit .'it. Maiden Jjtne and V.issnn
st. a little after midnight on Wednesday, exploded
with a report that shook the ground for a con?
siderable distance. The iron rap of the manhole
which covers the conduit was turned n*er nnd a
huse volume of flame shot, upward. As the iron
cap weighs 200 poonda the force of th** explosion
wns mtaaitut to have cnned much loss of life had
i the accident occurred m the hi<v p.irt of the dar.
Not much daaagN MM done tn the building* in thc
| surrounding ti.-i.lil.orho. d. a, few dislodged paving
>ioii'-s and a crueled window- compri-ing the sum
total of thc mischief.
The only truce of the accident to he seen yes.
terday was the new cap which had been laid
down in the early morning. Fleury J. Smith, of
the Edison Electric Illuminating Company, to
whom the conduit, belonged, was seen yesterday
by a Tribune re|>orter and expressed the opinion
that, the accident had been caused by the forma?
tion of an arc in the conduit box. The spnrh
thus created communicated with the arcumul.v
fions of gas in the mi.nhole and brought about
thc explosion. The company had not yet made an
examination of the conduit, but, was s.'.*Jsfled th-if
the explosion had happened in th* way descri'n-cd.
President Rich, of tho United States Illuminat?
ing Company, said: "This is only another in
stanc* of thc danger of runr.ini; electric, SgMog
' under the ground. Hm Edison people have a!
! ways boasted that, theirs was the only current
? that could bi- put under ground with anything
! like baldy, in contradistinction to the arc light,
| which was usid in Philadelphia come saan mt*
i and had (o be abandoned In conseijuence of re?
pouted aocidenm such as this. The whole point of
I the difliculty lies in a nutshell. \\'hene\er the
! electric insulator from any cause boOOtMl im
! paired, the curn-cnt must form a connection artus
i Mic ground and a spark is generated. If thl*
; should happen in any receptacle where gis mora
: or lem iiii.\.' t with air, has accumulated and when
such mis ls within a narro _, compass, Mdh ns a
manhole, an explodion must follow, iho busi?
ness man or other pedestrian wall-ring unsiispe*ct>
indy over e, conduit can never he sure tlint it
will not, explode aud blow him to pieces.1"
?a_noAO</g urmsfi in toe cahe.
St Louis, Dec. ?0 (Special).?The nell Telephone
Company scored a big victory In the Missouri Supreme
Court to-day. About a year aim Pt. Loni* paesed on
ordinance prohibiting fhe telephone company from
charging more than i?-">0 a year for an Inslrumeut.
Tho charges at the time varied from *nO tn fl-"'*.
In bel.alf of the cit- it was argued that tiie city in Ut
charier I.nd received fmni th* State authority to
establish by ordinance the maximum annual chance
for the use of tnlophnnoo wt'hln the city. It was h-?ld
that the statutory provisions relating to telephons
companies do not, by implication or otherwise, repeal
any provNun lu the eity, nor Impair the power cf
f.h? State or the ci tr to regulate telephone charges.
No question was raided a-s to tte power of tho State
m regulate the charges of a public corporation that
makes use of public property to carry on Its business.
Ihe telephone company argu.-d that the city did
not have t.he authority to Bl the rate, and the Supreme
Court decided fhe same way. Ttie i??uo will noir
be submitted to the Legislature. Lawyers are gen
crally of tho opinion Uiat th-i Legislature can regulate
the charges. The fact that the consfinierte of
Senators and Representatives from all cities and towns
In which the telephone ls In uso will insist upon
their legislators helping to give them relic/, makes
lt probable that a bill fixing a low rata will poa
without much trouble.
Chleago, Dec. 20.-The dispatch giving the decision
of tho Supremo Court of Missouri was read with In?
terest here, and lt OOOOJO to be tte lmprsKs.'on In
nflir!al rli-cles tha*. if St. Louis, under much more
favorable condition-., cannot li ttc-se charger* Chlc-ogo
cannot. In speaking of tho matter today, Corpora?
tion Commet Oreel -a:<i i -The city of st Ljuu
has by far a Itronger charter ttan Chicago. It pro?
vides thal the city has power to lax all businesses
and corporations >p< .-jflcally enuni Tated, but the state
Legislature paned a general law regarding tte use of
telephones which, the supreme Court held, revolted
the powers of tho city, ena tims it uas that St. I>iui*
wa,, beaten. The city of ' Meson, tr. the matter
at present, bas no righi m txx ihe telephone
companj b) tal rig anv ponl.in of Its earnings, u I
until the Legislature pisses a law giving u* th.- po", r
to do io, notting can i.- done. I eau sss that thu
nure -aili not give bs that power, because ine
telephone "mi,ur.' will aame t.? nay a g'-noral tax
In all lila.-.*,*., a.i<i a-s this would ' g;v> add.
revenue t.. the different towac, the m-enibcrs of the
Legislature would Just lenore chicago and let i.ej*
howl. This hm been done in trisoonsia, ohio and
Iowa, We are .-.imply pOweri
Poeblo, (ol., Doa IO (gpedaO. Th..mas P. Nelson
a delej.-aie from New-Me\i.-i i<, the iai.? Immigration
Convention at Montgomery, .Via., arrived here today
to a-k the Hoard of Trade of this city to divide their
prop..-lthms m a-; to penah nf M-ranl expositions In
the North, one of them to he at Pmibla While the
Bonthern Immigration Convention was In session at
Montgomery! this Mtj offered! '..? hoe am et the opera
House, ->tatc Fair Qrouads, Reposition buildings and
$10,000 In money, If tbs proposed Northern Exposition
v , |g lu Mils city. No action was taken on the
matter until Mr. Volson'l antral to-day. The Hoard
of Trade he-nvwlll make their oir.*r nod If the F'.xjw.-i
Ut i- ina-flc as lar?-.* ;??* the one to DO held lr. an Kast
ern city. It ls claimed thal the clltr.ste |S its
strong**! reason for holding lt bora
the i wo-;) rois ir ki. combe at jackhoxtu.le.
-JscksonvlOo, Dee. _o fBpeeMh- Iho n?-w clyde
steaauhlp Iraq o'- reached tins atty this morning ami
woo warmly recdreC Three iteamsn ooal down
the rlv.r io tn--,-t her, and live geom of Wilson's Hst
leiy, llattOMd upon tim wharves, tired salutes when
the rossel slowly epproaeked ber dock. An informal
reception was baai en boord the vessel as ?oou as she
s 1- safety moored. ( aptaln Kembie was tte lion of
the occasion. _
tiif. ri:v. w. Ba ca sirnfll os the stash.
St. Louis, Dee. _<1 .special!.- The case of Uie Kev.
winiam B. Campbell end hM wMe was a_ain taken
Sp to day In tie Circuit 'ourt. lour minister* of
this city lasttSed le the good ebaroemr <>f Mr. camp?
bell. The latter th'-n took the stand, and t.-vtiflc***-*
lh.it h'*- dM all h.- could for hu wlf- wh>vi the child
christina was born. It was true that h-* tied the
child's arin- dOWl at on- tr m.-, but he did lt to pre?
vent the 11frio one from scratching h"r tapa, Ile hui
slapped his wile SOW in the mouth ? I utarnsl le
COieOS her,'' said ho, ? and she pn--he<l me oil and
spat In my fae*. I dapped hr with tho back of my
hand, but wa* surry right away, and bOgpt her par?
don." IhO VltaSSS sad bS had charge of the money
for a while, and th n nts wife took charge and put
him on an allowance of #,0 a month. It wa-s true
hat his salar] O0B tii'-re .s-.i, and that he "held ..ut*
the increase from his wife, as he needed tho money.
Ho was Kiaduated f'om Andover and bad been a
minister In Ilosti"i fur 00*00 years.
P!.llad.*lp!ila. Doa IO nspei-iali.-Tlie Oneral Et
ItmllTO Board of the Knights of labor liegan th'Hr
ISOetollS here this f.ii-.-n..on. 'li.l.s was tho tlrst meet.
li.' of the USW 1. i
rhllodelphle. Tut. -" |8peoWI. The baal crew ot
tho Paternal!! of Pennsylvania bas enter,Hi into a
leaguu with tiie crew-, of i oiu-ll and Columbia Cl
Isaeo, the mean ol wiu.-h alli be uml thees three
MOW( will WW in annual three nillo raeo at New
London be'wren June lg and --->.
? - ? ??
gnu nm to comleibb salt maekus.
Warsaw. N. Y-, Dc*. _'? I>pec|*h.-C. 1*. Burger.
who represents tho salt combination, ls again In this
field. He laughs at th" l-|.i of a salt trust b-lng Im
ii.- *.\a^ not plea ?'. witt the pnblleatsm o|
? m.. m. Baily, i>"! -rr I now :'
? working to hts Inti.i?r, from tte numerous
loiters alreadi received ll fell tl newspaper marp
that tire mist will us.*- a tnw method (or ti.ski nu sall
Si a reduced 000t
1 tic_, N. V.. Deo. SO.?El Congrossman J. Tttomw
Hssiggs to fa-Ung rapidly, and may dis Isfooe mo____m>

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