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traon a rrarr coaa?*poin>i~rf?r ths Tamnaal
Copyrtght: 1?8?,- By TU .Vew- York rr.--*-.
Pembinai North Dukotu, May 18.
After visiting so muny pluces dotinod to
beoome the M gwnd _uPtrol>oli_e_?, ol thc North
weeV one expericnces a cortuio sense of rolief
iB oomlng to Pembina. Ho flnds a nuiet little
town lying against tl.e Red Kivor on ono rf.le
and the intemationnl boundnry line on another,
r~noved hy its rituat.on from nll vala ainbitions,
expecting little and content with enough. J* hen
the Scot.h and English oolonlsta of the Hadsoa
Pay Compnnv had pushed their way through
Monitoha nnd bad rcac-icd ibe spot that has
.ince becoinc known aa WinnipcR. they ,-n
countered a party of Frcnehmen undor thc pntrun
age of the Northwestern Fur Company, andtbere
?_, forthwitb a quurrel Ba* party said tba
othor wus poorhinK on Its presorves, M?W
Frenchmen, baeked by Indian all.es. matiifosbed
- ~___Z i i- mmtmH \t laat sotnobody
an exccedinjily ngly spirlt- ? ?
flred n shot. and imrocdlately a battlo began.
It enL in U.e ultcr rout of tho llritish and
the aelghNirhood of tl.e ?_*!?*?* ThLjr
wJ_ LH I-chmen to the nort^of th*..
Ind Th?eC fl"- ?S_ oTcbipr-? h.tt.ing
SJJT iST them, tbev had p-ont, to tlUnk
-v-TieT Thev wero prcscntly rcinforoe.l by Ixml
Llkirk o whTm they wore or.,inally tod-Med
? a 1 the neligbtful experleners they bad gone
through in thi* land of P-omiso. He had olv
?tf rrom the Huclson Bay Comr^ny B gran
TS the R?l Rivor Valley: nnd he come out
nLclf with another berfy of ?*?tBW? .?d
l\ imt he bullt a lort upon a spot perbaps
!Thundred yards from thc site of Tcmbina's Lourt
House. The lay of the land was prctty. A loof,
deep, narrow river tliat haa sinco rece.vcd M
Sts name the namt of the town, it, bnnk. ?ver
grown with poplar. onk and elm trecs. flow d
fnto the R*d River at a -hort d.stanoc below
?e fort, and the surface of the country wa.
hfted here into mounds and depresscd there Into
?*_*_, which scrved greatly to rehevc the
monotony of the e_.panding praines. Wh. n S,1
Srk Varned two years later that bt. .art Bad
S people were on Ameriean soiU hc moved ti*.
^JeTtbe boundary line, aud eatahlished then
there they ** ^ ri?ht to bP" ^ V a
theix dekcendan-s are yet living in Pembina. and
the trndit-ons ol thesc eorlv daya are a soaree
ol pride to the whole community.
The Pembina of to-day. however. lt a town of
recent growth, but little older. ln fact. than Iti
neighbors in tho Red River Valley. Peapjj aro
Ktiil accounted young who have travolld all the
wny rrom Winnipeg through Pembina to St
Paul ln dog-carta, eamping in thc snow and erosa
tng tbe river in skiffs of buffalo hide drawn to
gether in ten minute. and prnpelled bv a. pole.
ShfVe bovn and glrla ten yoars old can toll you
of Indian ftghU on the plalna around tho town
where now the wheat- is greenand thc nurc
blooded Indian is as rarely to bo found as the
bone* ol tbe bnffalo. with which. even then. the
nralriee were literally strew-n.
There is notbing liko Pi-mbina in nll Pakotn.
Not more than a thlrd of its poputation are natJve
Ameriean*. Manr are Cnnadians. many are hair
breeds. manv are Icolnndo-. and I saw one Lsou.
naa. Uot only tbe ettr. but tbe entiro oounty
ol Pembina. has been overrnn by Canadmn*.
Tbey have fllled tho county bolow it also. and
still thev eome.dar after dav. There nre a milllnn
acros in Pembina County and .00,000
of them nt lenst aro held by Cun.i
dians. Tl.cy make tho very best
ritizens Thov have givcn such value to tl.o land.
have prodoeed such resnlt*s from it and bave BO
eonaplmiotisly detnonstrated its fcrt.litv. that the
aerea ol thls oounty aro now tho most expens.ve
ta aH Dakota. The loweet prico at whleh B nuartor
aection 11 BO nore*.) can bo bOUght is |1.?0?. wl.lc
there are farms in tho county that cannot be oh
ta.ned for a penny leas tl.an |S0 aa aore I he?
Is no wnv ol tdllng an English-sneaking Cana.lian
from a native-born Ameriean. They are ju*t like
the roet of us. and thov roceive from evcrybo.ly
tbe heartieat kind of a weleome. Tho half.breeds
and Icelamler* are markod. They pSSMM lnov.ta
ble peenliBrltlea. Tho Frcnch hnlf-broed is an
Indian just touched with tl.o fle,,r-dc-l.s. The
ficotoh half-breed is evor nnd foremost ? llnstlo.
wlth a woakness for blankote and hoads and moc
easins. There is something strungo aboal the of
lecta produtvd by tho crossing of bloods. The
l.^neb hall-breod is silcnt. swift. vaiohful, sln
letev and he alwavs foefl armed. The Brotoh
ball-brerd is slow, calculating, oannj', and h ? hints
dollars with ?n oairorncss and a perahteaey thal
tell their own story. But both. no n.atter wlmt
the degree ol swarthinoss in thoir eomplexions
mny be, havo the Indian QPM, tl..' Indim
hair and the Indian walk. Neitbei fc_ of any Breat
acoount in such arduous lahor as tho tabjugn
tion ol tbe wilderneas cnlls for. They aro both
Indian enough to prefer tho huntiiu iroand ta
the plougbed field. 1 hoy loof around Pembina.
harmteas and uselosa. half their timo, and spmd
tha other hall flshing in the Red T.ivor or followina
the -naller one in oearch of dueks and goese or
Chasing wilder and terjror game over the woody
mareheo ol Narthern Mlnnesota. It is only onco
ln awhile that thoy develop into dnngorous chnr
aeters, lor the law reiims with a hcnltbr nnd
rlgorons mnsclc in all Dakota, and men arhoafl
natural inclinations are bad keop irood ont of re
ipeet lor the prejud.coa ol the community.
But in the earlier daya a bad hnlf-brood was re
carded with more awe than a bad Indian. Thc
terrlble dceds of " Yaller Vio" are still rocounted
ln Pembina with hated breatb. u Yalhr Vlc" was
a comi>oait1on of Wlnnii>og. Freneh and Bed I_ake
Cbippewa, and no good wn* evor known to come
from thia mlxture of ferocity and devilmont. Ho
earne to an untimely end at the hanils of a Bnck
tye tenderfoot The onlv man in Pembina of
whom " Y^llcr Vlc" slood In fo.ir was a **torekeei>or
who had seourod the aervicok of a aroenhorn clcrk
from Ohio. The mcrchant, aoon after the. nev
elork arrived, stortod ofT u|>on his annual trip to
ft Paul. Before lenving he told his clcrk to
wrlte bim coneorning the progrek. of
^roe newly pl*nted potatooa, and alao
laatrueted him that ?em. ??? ?M
aecount. shoukl he pormit "Yajta V.c, to
*t foot insiile the store. He had been ln Bt.
p?_l .ibout a week when he reeelved thi, letter:
- Deer Snr: Yesterday '.nller Vi* come to thc
rtore an" started M to walk ln. Sez I. .? ler
VUV keep out.' Sez ho, I wanto to come n.
5e_ I, -It ain't ter be did.' Sez he. 'I m coiuIb n
?? he eome. I tuck Um |aa an' lnlt him Hrt
iead. Balea ls good. ??"??
- P. B. tbem pertaties is all rlte.
Notbinc I h?ve ever hoard of more clenrly 11
hsttates the weakneea of codifled Uw than the
kgal prooeediBgs Instituted to |oinlsh tlie murderer
9t** Yalkr Vlc ? John s lawyer ahowed the cor
oner the statnte holding that the princlp*.l wns
mpoBslble l.~ the octe of the agent, nnd unOer
tbat approprtate mlc J<hn wns disoharged, nnd
Ibe eoroaer held bis etnpbyer- But when tbe
employer waa arreated, ho act up an allbl. and
sbowed beyond queetion Uiat nt the timo of tho
sbootlng ba waa ln St. 1/ouis buying rocxls. H
frmalnji to thls day a mysteey who was Jegally
laapoBslble lor the kllling ol M Yaller Vlc."
The leeJandera eontribute another lnteresting
aartion ol Pamhina's population. I doubt 11 there
rv.v.1 Wl * __??_? ? Y**Y~?*" _.?-? - - ? ?-?
Mfcother spot in Amerloa where you can
Btm tmm _*? tba etsaet ootnr. tnlklna lour
ferent langtitgea and each -inderstandlng the
others. It is a frequrnt thing in iN-inhinti to hrai
a Frenrh hnlf-breed. a full.bloode<l Cr*e, an Ire
lander Bfld an Americnn disruasing human alTnin.
euch in his own tongur. The Icelan.lrr* ure to l>e
di-tinguiahed by their round shoilders. Thej
nlways walk aa if tiiey were eohl, wath tlieit
fhouldera drawn into a knot around their hcads
und their hands atuiTed into their troitaen.' p >ek
eta. Nothing eotihl be mot- ah< ap shly traaqnil
tlmn the . xpreasion of their at.dd nnd aohrr fner
I'hoy chiefly contrihute to tlir wrll Ix-ing of a..
clrty ps cooks. An Jcelandic rook i* drarrl-ieu
to be a great comfort lle doesn't wont night.
out. You don't have to reuulnte tiie nu_ul?er of
clothrs you wear by the f.-nr of his di/qdrnaure
nt the aize of tlir waah, and if he ian't all a
" ehef," at least he ian't all a tyrant.
To a sportaman PmbiBa is a jMiradise. From
yenr's end, to yrar's rnd gnmr ls plentiful. We
can begin his dnek shooting i_ thr sprln;:, and
ron have his pirk of about twenty vnrietirs of
wild duck thnt flock in immrnsr numbers upon
the Pembina River. The mallnrti duc.V Is es.
peclally abundnnt, tbongh pintnils and blue aud
groy teal arr soarcely lee* ao. There ia ru better
gouse ahooting anvwhere than withm ten or
twenty miles of lVmbina. The gray gooaa,
I'ntui.la bnint and the wavy or snow goone arr
all to be found. A rurious drvlre for nttracting
tlir wavy g.-esa nt nijrht ls odoptrd by thr In
grmious huntrrs of this region. They Obtalned
it from thr Indians. They go to somr 6pot to
which fhe geese are known to rrs-rt, aud there
they build nn iramense flrc. l'res<ntly, and al.
most invariubly, a Hock of wavies will come
and oircle around tl.e hrr, f.dling a
quick prey to thr huntera ahotiruna. Cun
ada geese frrqiicntly liatch in North Dakota,
aud when tlieir egcx nre put under n lirn, thr
tnaHiig may be aaaily doBBaltearad. Daeka and
geese are the only wild fowl avnilahle for the
bnnter nt this time of yenr, but it will interest
ornithologists to know thut the bllda of North
Dakota, all of whieh enn be obtained ln this
aeighborbood, arr nuinrious und varied enoucb
to st-ock n iniisetiin. The hald eagle ia M"ti con
stantly, rapeeially alonr. the IVmhina liixrr nnd
around Devil's Lakf*. Ati regle'a tiest re|x,srs in
hh immen* oak tr*>e upon n |>oin? of land jutting
into that e.uriotts lake, whirh is nat.1 to I." of
altogether wonderful (limrnsions It iaahandoned
now, fn drferrncr to Thr Devlfa bnke sniall boy.
Some of the atirks of which it ix mude are as big
ns a naa'a leg, an.l au ordinary doutile Battreaa
-otild rn--ily ha pnt into it It eonipletely or*u
pies ihe Uee, wbleh itanda up nb .vr ..II tl_* other
timber, thfoaiflg the aeet Into n no-dtion both
pictures.|ue and prominrnt. Uolden an.l gray
raula., the oaprey, kite and tah-ofl nr- nll nAtKr
here, and apecimons nrr found in mnny houaea and
in nll tbr laxMemiat eatnhlfahnient* Thf*
mmlhill rrnne, wary and hard t.. g?'t at, but ex
ceilent to ent w'nrn inkrn, the whlte cranr, th?
night heron und the bittern often apfear nlong thr
IVu-bina. Thr largral Dakota bird l? the whoop
mg cranr, a BBOW-whlte fowl tbat stnnds nl.oiif
live feet high. <?wls nre here Ifl grant numlierv
ihe horncd owl, oftrti two feet lnu>: with n
aprrad nf wlng of flv feet, prrys on rvrry other
bird exeept thr bnld rn>;lr Snow o4\-ls and round
beada nre nlso plentiful. I- \..>111.1 foru, a 1 .ng
rntnlogiie to rBumerate h 11 the aninller birda pe.
eullar i<> t!iis region. Ti.e.v fnclude a ecor. ot
rare sprcips much pri/ed hy nrnithelnejiata.
Ihe HahiBg aeaaon lirgins almost as soon ns the
waters opefl atid rontinurs alBoat until tbry cl.*r\
l*ikr, pickrrrl, gi ld-eyrs and f-turgeon arr to ba
eaaght so rasily that n atring of slvty or aavrnty
flsh is oftrn tnkrn with n Bingle line ln h aingle
afternoon. Siaty-poand iturgeon en 1 Bfty-pound
catfihh revel in tha 1_??l Kiver to the nnl minded
delight of fisheruien. Thr prnirie cnickm aeaaon
eomea on about the midill? of Angnsr and rfldurea
until the snow llies. Wliat are ealled pralrie
rklekeaa hrra nre retlly pinnated grouae. Thr
mnle bird is ra'her ImndiOBai and very wild
lle hus wing-lik. frutlrrrs projeetinir frotn his
urck. Tiie prairle chickrn, as thrv srt vr it here, is
food for u kiug Kufted gTOBae, or ptirtrldgr*, a*
we call Uiem in the Last, are . ou.nion, though not
much aought for wliere ebJekeoa ure so anaeroaa
But the pime of gaae, the gaae th.it dis
tinguiahea this eouatrjr ebeve all other*., __a?t or
West, North ?>r South, is to be found about thirty
mileis from Peabina towaid the Ited Laki- region.
Here, atill in grci.t abtindance, ure m<<*"e, rlk,
caribou and derr. Several of the preaeni r.?b:dellt^
of Pembina came hrra simply thal they might bc
nble the better to graUfy thrir tastv f()r huntin^.
i luy ^prnll n nioiith or t\4o on the plain* r4e;y
winter, atartiBg ?ui with the iirst g. nd snow
Oue of thi'se deioted aportanien, wbiae homr is
st(Kkr<l with -preim.'iis of liis pro\4ess, 1ms rr
dueed the huut t<> n acienee. He g.?-> oul with n
i?'4v kelc-ted eoBpuBiom iu ? weii-i.-nit e.biu,
hgbt in weighl hut tightly put together, wnieh
be aeta on irkeela. Four broncl.os pull ii t*. tl.e
bnatlng ground.s, nnd a eufllcienry of punins
trnined t?> ataml under tire follow Thr cntun
ih aupplied with aleeping bertha. kit.-hrn utin?ils,
pMrn t n-.s ond a litt!^ atove, un<l un |ri th* l.oit.im
Bueh esseiitlals as c al, ..il, anuuuiiit.ou and guna
uir stoted m aefMiaM coniiarLtneii's Th.a l.unfr
hne beea out tan sensone. and he r.rv.r fmls lo
bring InicU a goodty lead of gan.e. i.4ary n..\v
and tlien a black br.ir ap|*em>. bul thr faM.ritr
paine is moo-**-. Kighteen of thrse nohle beaala
were ehot lnat winu-r. Several bave i?rn taken
alive. Thev weifh from K)0 to l,SuD p4.umN.
Klk will 4veia). from 40o to 70?i puunda, and
reinil.-er from :<o.. to 4.'.o. Ihe or.litu.ry <\><c
is eapeeially beniitiful. They nr.- ..fteu found
vi'h a aolid l.uin h ?.f tat ui^.n fl.rir
hid-s. Thr largeal li.ind of Booae an-n rr.'otifly
numberr.l aeventy.?even, bul hands ol from flftran
t.. thirty nr- met with every winter If n werr
not for the Bleerable Indians wh>. kill them nll
summrr )..ng, they \*-<.ui.i Bultipl)' rapldly, bul n
is iiupi^siblr to eoatpel the Indliuia, under pre_eni
eondifion*. to p?S|h*>? t tli" law, an 1 tlrf- result la a
Ft**dv darrr.isr of the largrr gnme There are
s. me siM^-iai?iis in -Vmblna thHt tha muxnim* "f
tba country oughl t*. i>o*sess. A Booae heo?1 Bt
owned here with twanty-two proru'a upon hl*
lordly nntle.-s.
ln Tembina ( oonty tl.e fleld of wheat i* r<
marknbly larcrr, n . ireumstanca due aa \sell to \u
Fettlerl condtiion and to fhe |adu*triona eli.-.rieter
of the rnnadlan fannen as t*i qiBllty or tlir *?.ii
Thirty bu*irlr lo fhe nrrr ia thr average erop. ln
IggO wheat wia hronght irre f.,r hre-id, and in
18**7 over 5,000,0011 l.uali'-l- were sl,ip|>r.l oul at
nbo.it $1 [>er buahal. Thr n-s?i.?l \alur of
ptopettf in IMfl wns but |-&O,n00; now it i*
more thnn M.OOfl.ono, aud it*. real value i*
twire that. Tbr rlimntr, r.f cf.urs?. i* nold, hnl
it is not tha teniperatnrr nf whlrh rnmplalnl is
mnde so much as ti,e len?th af the e..|d aaaaon.
Mrs. Cu'-trr hlt it jierfrrtly wben shr rleaerlhed the
cliniute ns ninr months arlBtet and three months
late Id the full. Tbe lute iti the-fnll \k\tI of it,
liowever, in the mtnda of many people, at.mes for
all the -ent I* >' 0.
how its pi.or.nEss was BETARDED by com
[rnox a dTarr rimBran.st.BXT or thb TBtm ,xi.i
Copyrtght.- 18*0 Bv th* A'r_r. Yeek Tnbunr.
Devils I?ke, North Dakotrt, May 20,
In a reeent urticle deflliflg with the politira!
nituntion in South Dakota I apoke of the
outrageoua oppreaaiotta of Lmd rom
miasioner Siuirks nnd hia ofliaiala pm.v
tisad upon the aettlers in that pnrt of the Territory
1 am aware thnt Simrlta ia no longer an isHue, but
tbe wanton mtKchiaf he did baa not yet ln-en re
pairrd, and Ha efTect* in North Dakota are a..
aerioua aa to eall for some a|~*cinl eommrnt. All
thia country lylng weat of the Ked Iliver Valley
and north of the Nortliern lticilie land-grant Ib
nrw country. Ita d.velopment l>riran srarrrly xix
yeara ago. The land offira ln Devih I/ike wns
opened in 1H8?, and had lieen goin_ only a yenr
before Sparka entered upon hia rruaade. It ia an
enormoua diatriot, emb/acina: nrarly 10,000 tuiuar.
miles and coutalning attout 6,ono,00o aorea, two
thirda of whieh are pure agricultuml landa. The
ofilre had done a heevy buainrM.. Settlementa lni-l
l>een made at the rate nf trn or flftren i>rr day,
and a large part of them were pre-emptiona, claima
in which tbe aettler llve?. on hia land for at leaat
aix months oultlvatea at least ao much of lt, and
then buya lt from the Oovernnient at |1 36 oer
acre, upon proving that, the oondition* of tbe law
have been eomplled with.
. hoso people ehiim that Rpark* so held in check
their cnuntry as to lrave them to-day in pomt of
development two ycnn. bchind where thev should
havo been and might l.avc been. This is how he
dld It: Wolrster Merrifield. a young cnllegian
from Vermont, c?me here in May. IIM. sctt'od
on 160 acres. an.l porsonnlly lived on it from May
C till ubojit Novcmlior 1, when what proved to be
iho laat i'llncvs ol his mothor rnllod him to v"'
mont. He had *|?ent over S000 improving his
clalm. Ho had put up a little house, bought a
little atock, dug a well, and swenrs hc meant to
make his farm a home. His mother died. after a
long alege of siekne**, In Angnst, ItM. In the
prevloii* Juno Mr. Merrifleld was chosen n pro
fessor In tho nowly estnbllshed University of
Dakota. at Grand Forks. ^Vhon ho rcturnod to
Dakota. after his mothcr's denth, he wont to the
rniversity. and not to his farm. Sparks held hi*
patent for cancellntion, on thc ground that PrO
fessor Merriliold wa* " ovidently a speculator." Of
coiirse he wasn't, but what business of Sporks's
wus ii If he had been I* There is nothing in the
law* of thr I'nited Statea which soys that a man
ahall not apeculate with hls own property, if he
wante to. Tho low ay* ho shall live on the land
for so long u timo, shall cultivato such an areo of
lt, and shall r*ny bo mueh for it. When he has
dop.e that It is his, nnd why should he not sell lt
if ho likes? How under the sun could the Coin
misMoner proixrrly undcrtnkc to control Its dtspo
sition after the setUor had dono all the law oalled
A young lawyer nnmod McGoe took a simllar
claim, lived on it eighf months, cultivated flve
tjn.es tho ure.i roqulro<l hy law, at tho same time
pructising his profoseloti. Hc gold his claim a yar
or so later and gave his whde attontion to tho
law, a Inrtro pnrt of his husincss belng to de
fond settlors agalnst Sparks. His patont
was nttacked and " held up," M tl.e phra>e Is,
beuiuso?I um? tlie agent's own words, taken from
hia roport?there wus " no evidonce that hc in
teaded to make it (tlio furtni his future home.'1
- Future" home: Mr. MctJee ond his pnrohaarr
urc l.oth atill minus thoir land. If Is still await
ing ilivpoaitii.il hecausc Sparks chumrd the right
tn dn.w eonclusiotu* as to n man's Inlentions
itliout where he would live in tho future. Could
anything l>e more idiotic ? Or more |wl|*ibly
uiitlirious ?
Cnw* just, lilce those could be cifed hy the
bnadted. There nre si\tv-six of them still held
up her' at Devils Loko. There aro na many more
iit <inm*l Forks. They have beon pondlng for
from thrco to four y.iirs. Tbousandl more wrrc
Btlrropted, eaaaing i;reaf los* nnd e\|>otise to tho
settlors, who had to come hundrrds of nnlcs
with thejr witnesaea lo iho propet land ofllee,
go tJirouah a loag and barren t.ial nnd wuit
six or rifht montlis for a deeisiea. The only
reaeon why this Iiumiiov* did not ruin tlie country
v.i.i liecnuse the lemoerntio TerntoriHl land
ofttcer* wero too lir.nost nnd high-mindod to stand
by it Bul it mightiry hurt North Dakota, nnd
ceprrially sneh very new narta of tho country
ns this. Tlicro nre still about V'.OO.noii acres
oiK.n for settlotiicnt in this dJatrlct, and all of it
is flret-claas wheal land. It is rapidly fioing.
During Apnl 521 aottleia cntoreil u|?on Ki.UO'i
acrea, It eanaoi he iaa atroagrly imprexscd m>on
tho miiula of people who think of oiming Weal
tliat the timo to come is now. nnd that " froe
lionies" nnd the " pnblie domnin" aro phrases
tlmt will snon co-iii' f. |k s-cs. Mcnlfloatioe. It
ia otisv enough to learn nll any one would wish
to know about Devils Lake or ahy other Western
town. All lmve loral organi/atloBS of their live
licst, husinew. men, usunllv ternied a IWaird of
Tiade, which make the aupplving nf facta and
licures a hutlneas. Invoatiifiitions Into what
the?*e nssoointi^* say ustinllr ahow that they
speak well wlthin the limits of aerurney, nnd
tlt? t their obinis urc m.ittcr* of nhanlute hiatory.
They csto*-m no troublo tr.o wrioua tliat reeults
in -iviiiK new nnd deairahlo si-nlrr*.
Tlio city of Devils l.ike sits u|M.n ?n arm
of tho rarlona bi*]y of water from whleh It haa
t/?kcn it* name. When the ifrent rnilrond pro
priot<.r whom everybody in flto Northweal foi.Ilv
(T'lN - .lini" Hill eatnr along in irs. to orr a-hat
tho country lool.-e.l Hke. n aingl* I**?f 'lianfv waa
u!l ho iaw nf Devils I.ii.e. llii ni il r t_* 1 e.m.
r.I-.-ng In another year, nnd a eitr bid mouawhik
nri-oti t*j tiioot il. Now thoro nre 1,000 people
Hvlng in handsomc, o?.:iifoit.i!>le ho.i*-*.. Itu Id
ing Imnrorements to thc amount af 11.17,0011
wero mado ln less. Thouch nnionjj the very
yunjeai of the verr yonna eitie* of North Daketi,
lieviK \j\){? 1ms detnonstrntH lastiag quilltle*
It h-'s Mirvi\-i>?| n hoom, nnd lha* i? n _-..o.| gunr
I'litce that it rontain* all tlie e>?'ntiiil etetnenta
of pros|*Tiiy. Its oattira] advantogra ur.- Indeed,
nutiiorous. So ii t h aml eaat nnd west of it. i*. a
beautlfal lake, liftv-flv- mil*^ long, nnd from
two to eight mile* witlo, with Ita shwea cut
Into a hufiiln'.l c.ijes nnd promootorlea, f..nnln?
deliuhtful little lm\s aml mleth. lli* bike Is n
never>lalllng *o.ir.-e ol intere-*t to Ihe people
li\.ng nenr 11 It h.-is surpriainK luil.it.s, nnd
u[.oii lt nnd wlthin if is n nnpnlntion which bna
<**n f. .- )t, f nol lhe eoti'ldetiee, al l'-nst the ro
?peetlnl eonalderalion, ol everybody. Ii ia any hut
n usoli"-* lake, for nll around is .. heavy growili of
t.mr--r, a godsend lo all pmirlo eounfri.-s It sup
i lies tl.?* lini. markrt, loo, and it* infliienee upon
Dio general rainfall idhbi l>e greal l.ike nll tlie
wiitors in this country, it has been rontrneted lo
it* prraenl nroimrtians from others tnt nr-Mrr
It used t" evlend b-yond its proBout slior.--. o\cr
Ihroe siieerar.ive " lienchea," or itoiw, pininly de.
flno<l apon lhe prairie. fo th- rlistanl bliiffa beyond,
its origianl sh..h-s ln tho-* dars, wliieli wero many
whilot i\n'\ it nndnnhtodly pnaao?-od nn ontlet into
th< IC-il Kiver. Now it )s hd I witiim the ti_dif elaap
a* the land, and its nraten .ire ?a mll nnd ns blne
bs theae of Ih.<>ni Withm tl..- groves of oaV
nnd ebu tImt li ie ,ts smidv and pebbry Bhorep nro
many >|uain1 and plelureai|ne sltuatloas, *..on to
lieonme sumn.or resori* for praetieallr tiie wholo
pf Nnrfh D.l.otn
As n i-iiitket fof wheal tho ejtv I. f.,st roali/in?
its destiny, bul it is also beeoalBfl a greal market
for cattlo lleyond th- Mooee, Rl*er, a bnadred mllos
away, immeaae rnttl- renge* c\igt Tlie ]fl,Mi |n
tlmt eoiintry is |??iiImrlv adapled le Ihe aeeom
modatlnn <d eattle, nnd many Ihoumnda nre nl
roHily li. ing hordiil in th* viil)e\ A vnst dep. sit
of bgniie conl iu thc Turtlo Monntalm slmpliflea
lhe prol?r*m n"d Ifdaeea Hio expenao of llvlnc in
I).-\lLs I_ik.-, greatly to iho disaatisfaetion of tho
?foreaiiid S|*irJ_S, * >!?*? ol wboac moat hurt lul act*
was the withhoklin. ol flni Turtle Moantaln rou-lon
from M-ttlcmotit and developmeni Deni to tho
ariruiiieiit tlmt lhe eanrmoui timhcr triu'ts end
eonl miii'-s ?f "'i* mouotaia country wore hIi*..
lutoly necesaary '? Ibe amafon nnd praineritjr of
the people, Sparks shut ll up nnd drme away tho
Bcttlers who had come upon it ta thc'.r Irms nnd to
the lov, of tho St.ite. lli* nctlon wns nft< rwurd
memilrd hy Seeretarjr I.tniiar, as his aetfoM usu
ally woro nM?r they lind done fhe injurie* they
won' intended to do. 'let. Ibousaud fnmihes are
now suppliod from those inine* witli nll the coal
they use. and iho tlinbcr on the mountnins is fast
l?eing turniil int*i lunlding nuiteriaN.
You must have been aakteft Why Devlla Lakcf
Tho truth is, there'* a sen sor|)ont ln it. Ihero's a
phantoin sbip on it, and there nro Bupernnturnl
light* all around it Thc Indtuns know of these
things long before thc wBiteg cume here, aud they
nwrirxl it Minnewaukon, tlmt ia, " Spirit Waters."
To thia day no red n*an wlll ever venturc on tlie
Rpirlt Waters in s boat When the lake I* froxen
hard and ti?ht, and tho evil ?,.|rlt ia shut under
the lee, ho will crosa it in numbers, hut. mimcious
as he is, nn monoy, no haabnr, not even whiskey,
could tempt him on it in a boat Iher'' Is an
Indian reaervatloa on iho *outh aide ol tl.e lake
nt Fort Totton. where i,:,on Sioux are eorralled.
They havo no canoe.. At the fort I made the
hi .|.ini.it.in.-e of an ;._.-.l w|uiw, who wlll talk
Kugliali lor plc. She knowa uil the Irgrnda of tbe
lake, and n* long n* you prod hrr with pte ahr
will croon on and on. Shut olf the pie, and
straightway she ahuta off Uie romanoe. "They
say that iu her prime, ere tbe pruning-kntfe of
tlne" h-ul dug Into her aheeks and cut teafls all
over her withored body, moat ot whleh, when I
saw her, the day hemg wnrra, wns erothed wlth
the zephyrs only-they aay she waa a eunnlng llt?
tle thing, as playfnl as a fawn, and Just as sleoder
and gTacefnl. They my her narae was Hekle Toe.
Under a tre_ near the ogeney bulMlngs I led tbe
now fadod Tlokle Toe. She carried the
arm chalr for mo to sit ln I car?
ried six pies for her to eat, earofully
cut into quartera. Sho sat tallor-fishlon on tho
gTound, grahberl ? bIW of pio and as lt dis
approrod bryoml her httgo, toothh-*s Jawa, ehe
toid me the wild, welrd tnles of the Minoewnukon.
When she wss a papoose. sho snid. the Sioux
camc eaat from th* Mlssotiri, the Minldy Water,
to make wnr on tho Chlppewaa. At about tha
mme time the Chippcwns earae west irom the
Lake country to make war on the Sioux. The
scottts of ench party aseertnined that the other
pnrty was advanelng, thotmh neither f mcled the
other know that fort. Thry drew near each other
in the vlcinity of Devtl ? I/ike, the Sloux on tha
south slde, tho Chippewus on the north One
nlght and at tho wime momont. ench party
emhark-M |n canoei, intending to cross the tnko
and surpriae the other. They eeme together in
the mfddle and th* hattle beaan. Whlle lt
wa* at ita flercest, a great'column of whlte light
appearod over a little round mound a huudred
yards or so from the shore on tbe south side.
It was a wrmderful lllumtnatlon, and it made
tbo lake aa light. as it over waa in the daytlinc
Torrifled and amarod, the bravee of both pertios
threw their weapons into the water and bowod
down In worship ot the light. The squawe, old
men anff chlldren of both partloa, attracted by
the wondcrful Ught, had come down to tho shoree
of the lako aud wero gastBf in dread and eon
fusion at. th.< mranire appearanoe. Suddonly a
ho_rs\ trump ung gouiv! was hoard in tbe distancc
like the benting of many tom-toms. 'lhe mound
over which the light wus still shining began to
throb like the heort of nn angry bravo. I'cer
lng down lhe lake they all saw a huge mon.fer
advancing through the water by great Wt
his red jawa oi>*-ned widcr than the. teepoo'e
flap, hls eye* throwing out sparks, and his
trcmondous tail lashing thc water into u foum
like tho foam at the foot of the great fnlls of
the Muddy Wnter. On, on he came, whlle tho
wavoa of the lake rose lugher aud highcr. ond
She stopped. Grent T.ucifer! the pies wore
gone: Not a cruet leBUiaed. 1 plcad wlth her
to continue her aarrattve. I called her - OeBtie
Tlchlf To.," and otT.red to wnte a sonnct to
her blaek nnd silken hair, but she wouldn't say
u word in Kngliili. She would only givhbh- in
delirioi.B Sioux. Tbero was not another pie on
tho r?v*crvation.
Th.-M* uppcoraneee on aml ahout the lako have
nll beon obg-rvod hy whlle p. oplc Mr. Fnlmer,
tho trader nt Fort Trdten, *aw the phantora
vfseol ten ye*rs airo. Half a do/.en people were
wlth him at tlie timo and thoy all saw it. lhe
cv.-ning waa aoft an-1 bnlmy. They were _ro_a
Ing tho lako m a skitT and all at once MBe ono
cHlled out. " Look there!" ('..mlng townnl th.-m
in an obHqne line was what appearod fo he a
Btoamboat, Its light* nll glowing and tho smoke
pouring from ita amok*-*.aek. Tliev all know
there wa* no steaaboal plvmg on the lak- nnd,
moreovee, It m. pw%lMe lo we cleer throutrh
this one ll was ? BMsty, sluidowv apfrar
ance. lt come on. eros*ed thoir bow>, uud
suddenly faded awsv Thoy sailcd t*-n miloa
out of thoir way to eoonpo ernaatBg fhe traek of
the phantora. Mr Palmer has alaa seon lhe
*_??.. sorpoiii. Wtth wln.h I.e bad BB adv.-nture
that qatte cdiiwes nny ?fa-aerpeat experienee on
retrrd. Au a"-oniit uf ilie nlT.ur was printed in
a loost na|>er al the tnue and may be areapted
H suthentlc It was In tho wlntor. aml Mr
Pi.lmcr was erossing tho lake on the ice, in hi?
skigh dmwn by a |*iir of ponios. Suddenly the
|ee heeke, aml ho found hinn?lf flonting in op n
aater. While speealatlnf how ho mlght direet
the roarw of his arivate iccborg. hc iherrved
nn ndione-lenhinB head roaring Itself ??>ove the
wnter. Its llttle bla.k rv.-s wore rlxed on him.
He drew a kiufe. hi* ouly w.npon, from his
Seandiaavhan aook and a* tko aerpetit plnng. d at
him ho boklly siruck out The knife h.t a hond
ns baid as tlmt, bal II una,no*tinn.ihly aaved tbe
..Miier'a life The se.p n's fnn-v snn.-d at Mr
I'elmer'a thr.-it, w.-re diverted nml onlv eatifhl
the rollar of hl* hnffalo ..v.-rront Then followod
a hand.to-liand itruggle wuh th>- ?oaeter. Loek
ily, the ice-tli*- drifto.1 lato elinllow wate*. nnd
Ihe aeriient found bi-Bself sl a dteadvantnge
Ile endeavored le hnek wafor, a movement wlndi
Mr IVhner utllir d by making a qaick tarti of
his body and altdiBf out of hi* avero-at, The
nrrpent had Ibe cont nud ha.* lt yet f..r all tlmt
is known to tho eontrary, bnl he wa* whor*- ho
could not pursu kis mnlicioua deelgn on Mr.
Palmer'* hfe. Thc Devils l.ike serpent draws
about aii feet of smter nnd thoy h?*l rraehed
part of ibe Dorth bay, where the hottom lay
but four lect hi 'nw tli.-tn Tn tlna happy fortutie
Ibe t-nlinnt frnder nWi* Im life. The seriient
wlthdrew Into th> deptlta beyead, aml In a few
momrnt* more Mr IVImer, his poolea, hi* horso.
nnd his skigh had Bonted neliore ^Lirvellons
to relate, when he reached dry land nnd turned
around t*> lonk hack upon th- aeono of hi* pril
ous ndveiitiire, ho found lhal tho lnkc was njram
froron oi or. The lee was aolid everywheie, an-l
i,..t rvea n sign nl an oponlng could he dete.-t.-.l
A steambonl is now runnlnir on the Inke, inak
ing daily trtps between the eity and tlie forl
Its captnin has in three M|mrate oaeaataeM wit
neaaed Ilie wlnto Hrhl lhal the Indian* ..iw 11
ond MaiOf Cramsey, the Indian anent. saw it
rlearly oa Wo<inc*ilav, Vfny l^, tho day before
I croaaod with lum If appearod just over th-1
pralrlo abonl ino ranls from sbore. ll whk a
liigh column cf whitc licht and It mnde the d.iv
light ditn. The eaptatn h->e ulso seon th*' pliantoui
slnp. bul he li i. not yrl run aerrr*a the *en serpont.
iTi is evldently a littb- joolous of Mr l"nlm.r ia
thi*. porticuhir, nnd Im* hls beart sct on nn
ex|ierienco with the sert>ent lhe general imprea
SK.n _eem* to be thal 1"' adll sooner or latcr get
what he wante. IJ ?* W
stMHFR roMF.mrs wiTn Mrsie.
Manager* Aroaaon, M<< smII *"d Brnaon itbvlousl.
do nul Inl-ad ll.at tho .trini/er wlthin our _ate. -.1 all
,lle ,,f ennal ttila .un.niei ln Hiroe poBalar theativa
they liave ti|-,io;lit faiWaid tlnee romle open-lta* ln ;i
nisimer whlrli .ompleiel) ecllp?ea th'- t)e*.t eltort. made
boretofore t?r U.e wlaier sea..u li looks more and
more as lf ln Oi* aiattor of muahral *od dramatlc en
lerialuments there w*a lo 1^ no lotigei ? " de?*l *eason"
In New Vork. W.ll. tatre Is ararrely * noo<| of one.
for If m*ny deniieni f< 'n '"'' "imm'r many Vtsllora
roine auo II Is thercfore flt that the lummer Ihould
h?ve etiiertalnmetiia no lo-,* eseeBsal than thoae of
The Ihreo opcrottai " Hrtfanda," " f'lnver" ai.d
"Oidah" afford an liiti-resilnic ?ni_y of the theorlea of
their leapeellve mauazen lotir-hlnu fhe in?, epfltile aMe
nf summer smanesMnl-fnera, The flmi la an ? ? i_i work,
but new enoiiKli for all praetl-al punx'?e. <>|*era
Ix.utte inemorle- aie never vrry t.iiaelou*. and thoae
whlrh iro l'?ek to the old days of tho Preueti n-j;lnie ae
the llrand opera Itoaaa, whea Kiih ptmtej fhe Brla
itochholdera to .lerU out hK I'aiialan butterfll.-a, aro
more likely to be flllo*! wlth people than with eomposl
tion.. It I* thcreforo no drawhaek lo " Tlie Ilrlpaiula"
ihat lt la not new, e_. ept ai t?te* may han- rhaoflrd
wlth referenre to niuslr and ronie<l) when unlte*! lu
lhl? furm of enlortalnnietii Mr. Araasaa bt-lievea,
evldently, that Iher* ha? been a ehaiifo ln fhe flrst
?lartlcular. elae he would nol ha* e micrpolatod Um new
rnti?lc which haa been pi-r-tty ir'-t?erallv <ondenme*l by
eonnolaieut. becauie of H? Incongrulty wlth offen
bach'i atralna. (iperetta audiencoi. however, are not
prone to bo raptlou* In ma'tei'i of t"1* Wnd, and If
they flnd lhe Inirrpolated HM*k tearwr In flbre and
wantlng ln nrlglnallty they aro likely. In twn or three
of the number. at leest, fo arcopt as ron.pematlon the
bro-di r efTerti an.l Inrreaaed onurer Clron by lt to tlie
lu one raapeet the pruduct'on of "The Iirltfatids*
merlt* enth.ulaatle pralae? It li anagnlflrently dro****d.
more boauilfully, rlrhly and taif.hilly than any of lt*
pr-loceasoii af ihe Cwa'no Manaffer Arouaon ha*
made hia itrongeit appeal to tbe eye, a* Manager
Mcraull haa made i-.ii to the ear. "-lover," at
palmer1! Thaatre, n a hetter operelta, and l? beller
ottoA aad battar iuag than either of lt* itvais, bat
tt Is no maieh for "The Brtgandx" aa a flhoxvplece.
It la a rafeathment. boxrerer. eran tn wnrm weather,
lo bear IU aparkVng asaiie ln which ?are la not-lng
to offend etitlral taatea <avan *\t. Hopper*? laevlUble
toplcal coupleta have a rather pretty melody of
(ierman orlglni. NVjmt nrlther of the othrr operettae
has. a happy hlcndlng of aatkoa and pretty ?entlmrnt,
?'Clovar" his ln alntndanre. and It prrxrnt* brsn**,
the milqur foaiiire of a thlrxt a. t, In xvl.leh both the
mufllcal and dmrnaUc luterast rearhc* a rlluiax.
Whv Mr. Wllson rhose '-'Ihe Oolah,** with xrhleh
to begln his camrr a* tnanafl-rr lt would puirlo an
oxpert to tell. It li noi .nough that * lumrdian
be krpt on tha sfa?a thr grrater patt of lha tln.a: ln
fhe aeonomy of tha nio*lrni burleaque oj-rrrtla M
ahould l.ave flomc'llnn romieai to do aml say wblle
he Ix there. The fundanieiital coucelt of the booX
Is romleal, but ln Its exe-pllnVeihin It Is hammer-l
out lo such a degroe of u mntr that ao orraslonal
smlle ls all that lt can .'haltengr. The bawlsome
drvoraflona, thr 4-tvartn* and oratity of Martr Janw-n.
who lt moat bewitc!.lrijr In hrr imprrsopailon of a
la*I. and ibe reflned Krarefuip^.' and lirauty of murh
of the muslc are the rhief elemenfs whlrh Mr. *4\ ll*on
can eount on besldr. his pri-onal popularlty to maao
Uie operetta sucrcsaful.
From The Lewiston Joumal.
One uf tho best storlcs of whltehalrad, whlte
rhokered, rouneoux Calvln Reoord, ls ahout a mvllow
old laxrjor xvho u?ad to llve on the banks of tho
Andr-scoggln. The sgulre was glvon to doep pota
tlonx aml wns lamous foi bls flne tUatluefcma, lt la
miltl that In sperial pl-a.tlng he rould spllt a halr even
more eloielv ihan Mr. Iteoord ran himself.
Hut often after thr ?i,..;. -. of n.gut had f_llen, tho
sq ilre mlghi have baen **en Itrttsj ln_ homr so boo/.'
that l.e apparantly eould not aplit a slilngle, to say
nothlng ol a halr.
<">ne night when he x-u .lrunker than usual, ha
fltargered eompletelx* out of his eouraa and rnuld not
fln.l lt Ileallitng that ho waa losr and drlftlnit Into
unfamlllar replun*, he called at a b. Haa to a-sli for
'? Madame," he gravely said ti thr la.lv xvho rame
to the door, camlle ln hand?"CM you tell thlci nio
whrre .-.pjire Blaiik Itvea?"
" ,-'ertallll^.?' shr aaid. and gave hln ftill .llrertlons.
Hut as she talk.-d and lonaad, and as her candte
IIBlaalBj brotight out thr feat.rr- of Ihe man before
ncr, a puxr.lad expr*?s*ion eem* Into her far*. and ?he
t.tiBliv asked: " Hut, Ian't thl-. aqnlro lilaiik.*''
" Madame," rej Iied Ibe oM Ia4?yer. aaaUBBg a
Judlclal a'r, "that la enttrely ..h!e> linniaferlal."
From Tl.e PiBaburg Oraimarelal Oesette.
A liocton newspaper man told a atory to-day xvhlch
Wustrafes Koae rhararteia. A messengar In the
Custom Hoaae at Koxtnn left a n..te In fi.e corro
Bpoitd-nt's otlirn last nlcht whlrh re_wl:
'? .T. J. Srnlfl. at d f."n"iat N. I*. llank^ have arrlvad
In the nu ?nd tahen up thrir auertera a* the Kbbltt
Uouse." The note w_s signed hv Mr. -mith.
.\n eoually cood one |s told <>t* a I'hl a>l-iphta an
nllrant for a plxce |n one of thr riepai tnient*. Ho
brouRft down a very promln-nj man'ifa-nirrr B hr!p
hlm along. They rafled on the lTe.lrtrnf. ind he
?ald aftrrwaid ' " Th" Prealdent lavllad me and
to take lunrh with hlm. but I refuS'-d.**
sif.vr ffif_".M_r r,T.Ar*TOSK.
From Tha fbleago RetaU.
?Our mald-r.f all-work, Katgaret," r-atd a newx
paprr man. " wa* sadly g'ven to l-rer-dtlnhlnx, but
shr had onr i-'deenilni- point about her. and we all
rrspeetnl her for lt. she wax very drvo'lonxl. No
matter what fran.r of ttnnd or t?*lv
ihe wax ln, Marcarat would davontlv
atfend to h*r t-llr-lou* e.verrlsea. n?.t tl er?
seen,.?l to he xornrthlu. la^kltIg fo har ln Ihl s'lapa
nf a vl?p.|e ol'lret of ad'.ra'ion. p..r oM _o.ll. "un
day th* Iatirlla.lv aakad nr- If I w..uMa'l m-i.-t |eantn?
I er that portralt of tilarlstone o(T tny wall |nr awhll*.
and ?he f,.|d me that Marcari-t ha?l hren verv p.ol
for a week beran_e *h* had h-me lt a- thr head ?f
her led, ati'l that she had found th" old w..man one
evenlnir kneallnc hrfore It and ?ayin? her pravrr-.
Fnr a lorea tlme I Irft fha 'frand oM man'.' plrtnp'
ther". and waa tt\*A to rMeeovar that It was a ernuin'
s.nl rnu.forter. Whether Margai~t kn--4v who t:|ad
*fon<- was 1 cnnld nevei fl'il r...t hnt I was told Ihat
--.* bIwbt* went tn laed hanny and aohrr whep sh*
? aid l.er p.aier* hrfor' tt. *?. you *r-, tbo foren.o.l
rnan of Fnrland ha* hl< wor?hippers and hts non
xioriliippers amnpg Ihe people whosa canse he has so
Dobly eapouaed."
Ifin.lSf- BATATZT.
Fmm Rarnllreflnns of Court and Sorlety.
Mme. nafarrt atTeetM a gnablng and nassionata
Irne fnr hrr serond hu-hand. f-?flfl<?d hv uirll.h demnn.
itratlons, kl*?ln_ hlm In pnt.llr, etr., and rvan (rolne so
far lha' 44hen .he Invlfrrl a partv nf twelve tn <1lnn?r
*he had nnlv elrvrn rhalr* In the rnnm. so tha* sh*.
wa* rornt>rllr<l. a* she arrhly oxpres'^d lt, " to all
In hrr old man's lap.'*
wirr ir" ir.i.vrni rovr.ivr.
Fmm The _W|_H Vtet) Vrr*i.
?tVhaf? -he matter altb yoat" he called arrtrss
Tllr-i ?f. ye'terday.
"f'-'m* rvar#
"Wha* fnr?"
" T want \-er ro tn tn to* rrmrery wllh me ?
"Will ver flit a rneoanut ?* qtierlaa tha flrst bov,
M he rrxaaed 'he atnat.
"fand* no' T want yrr rompany. Come down
wh?1* I ?I4?- i)>o Brr*-*.r an order."
" Von mnsi he rraay.*
" ("nnl" al'mp and <".'
>? X'% ? xnt* 4i-i lo crr ' ..-" '?* y*'n aa ne m*'
tha cr.rer at th* do-.r. "flve* pmind* nf _rantil-*fed
?u_ar half a i'onn.1 of your b.--t tea. a-.d aboul
I44-. pminde of- ?
'? Who'- vnur mntherf1
" Mrs. Illank "
" Vr*. I lh"'l_h- so. Tell hrr she nwes me f*_7.
T W?a# that ?-ttl*.t fl-t."
"Thxt's what I've t*>?n In-.trtrr. for th*-a la*f two
weks " etlld the <ee..nd hor ae he wa? ovrrtakm
a hWK ?wxv "Ttia*'* W-v I a-arrtad vnur rompany.
f??>r ?r,4 thlne rrarv aJvu.t m". nnw?"
'?Tlial's aw-fi'." i*Tl'a.t nnratrr one.
?? You N*t. and I*'- -* earlv thxt I dnn'f h.-llera wr
ean ?t 1n 'he **a*hore lllH 4 ear S'av. WOll'f vnii
r.mia nn .xnd sfaad h-r.in.1 in- while I t."11 ma I*****"
4.0 ri. -,t to .? -.mn r1_ht down fo hard-pan or Bnd
another irmrerv t*
Piob The liosu.n Advertlaer
A liarxanl inai. leUa "ihe lireakfaat Tabhy a co.?l
story ..' I..-4' a i*.<.r t.ut auii.ittou. y.aing fello- man.
a?-. lo sta4 at tna law arhnnl. The stndetit In quastlon
livr.1 tn a apareety settlr-1 Bratern vlllaga. where
?. !,....| advanUgrs aia faw, aml opportiinlilea |o ftilBw
hlf-tier .tnd'e* unkiiown. After j.-'-ftttig what e?lu. a
tlon he roilld at the Irrepular eonulry seljools. h*
bounl.t an.l l.orn.weil thr ta.oks us.-?l tn flttin^ for col
Irixe an.l masfriisi ihem. Tbeii rlerhllng t-. enn-r ihe
la-. hr look-'d .x?'oi|i for frirnd- t.. h.an htn: monay
euoiiirli to go to the IUivaid l.aw Srho..l. Hut Blaee
he .-..i.u Hnd n*. one ?i.o trunkl U*an him aextnaMrratde
?>ini wlfho.it .is-inltv. he ha.1 li. p-sort t-. a nnl unroni
nioti, but unpl.-x-ant plan. lle had hl* llfe lnsiir?sl aud
th" polley n.ad'- ovei t-. tho n.otiey len.ler, who there
upon advanced hlm tl.<?><>.
?K -iMli.s' x.v rifB irFsff.
Fn.m The Boetnn i nurler
Mr. Faarh- KraiKis Adams lefls wllh appeerBrtvo
aauseoBM a *torv at his own expeiiM
In a t..44-11 in tbe aihl aod arxKdly B'eat, a. II ls tho
fashloti to rall lt nowadays, he 4V_.s trii.le.Ysl a tarrp
tlon hy thr BBaMianB, arnl a? they had no trthef
p|a.-r whoie they rould or anuM h"ld tho fe-tlvlty.
the (jath'-rlng to.ik ]>lir?. ou fhe Ma*-'' "f lha thra,tre of
th?- hur_. ftneh M rh* .nr;.rl?e ot al |._.<t rh- rh'.-f
giir?t. after the fll-l greattngfl between i,lm-e|f an.l
ihose prosotit had been propoily s*"' tbrnagh wllb. th'>
rnrt.xln of the s'a_e rolle.1 up. dl^.'lotlne t^:e audlforlu*ii
of rhe thyairr 4vel| lllleil ?lth Inhabltants whose soeial
p<.*lth.n did not eutltle Ibem to an Invltatlon to the
atage Hsrlf.
Onre U.e eurfaln wa- up, thci-e mual nf eoutNe 1k>
speaklng, aad Mr. Adanis wa- -nal.litlv rall.sl iijsin
to xddtxi^ th.- a.ssetn'iied mnltlindr. Thl. be d;.l m
well aa inlghl he on an oreailon 44hen pre^iiniably
fl.an' 4va/. nothlng ln i>.i!ilrnl_.r to say neyond Iho
ordlnanr expre*.si?.n. of gnod wlU, aml ftftri- he had
flnls|_~d' iho Marnr of the f..?ti 44a* ra_t*d f.^
Tho Mayor avlrteaMly felt that l"ir wa* a;i oj.por
Innlly 4vhl.,i shnuM noi !.r k)*t. and that (_> eoum not
do let.tert- thati to bruln 4V|tl, a tremandoiis r.impllment
U> the ifurat of fhe "Venlnj.
?? I..id???? and iretiil"ni"n," h? b.-gan, " are bave llvtencl
with d*\ep lntei-st fo the r-la'lfii'las of Mr. Adams.*
The audlrnre did not BboW any slim of parealvlng
anvthlng WTotig, and thr Mayor s*||.-i on ln hl* eto
quent oratlon ; but the puest 44 a. mlu.-e.! to a state of
mind xvhlch rauit be fclt tn he aprrecleted.
ABABMl'tt s'S.ikfs
From Heeollertlnns of Court and Sorlefy.
Thaf fflinou* naturallst nilss-d onr morning Ihrre
snakas hn had hMusht bouB tha iilcht before. on
sear.lilng blgb and low hr found ti\o. but one w_?
silll mlssliik*. Mi*. Apr_s.tr. (who was dr?s*tng> ln
piitilnn on hrr b.a.ts found lt enlled Insid* her b.s.t.
Iler Kcreatns of surprlB hroiiRht Agas.sl_. who ex
elalined: " *'h. I.lr.ree. h.uv terrrehl- It mleht have
baen.* " Wflal '?" ?ald hl* 4vife, ?? ar>' they poisonous I"
'? Oli. yea. the moat puisonons llttl- ^orpanls y.m .an
thlnk- so rara-vnd you might have crushed ih-s nico
llttln t_.ii.i_.
** At a tahle water HTBOST! A I* unanmaasa
C. W rilANl KLI...11, M.n.
Ster.fry Btntrd of ffrallh. tilnU of MarflanA.
"I reaanl (STROVTIA Water aa being snperior to anr
"other Iii(trranBrtneuts af tlia .Il?eatl4-e trnrt and ta ea*e*.>f
"ar-lnarr ur.ln.*?a of t.'.eae. n-tlnir liinct_lona.it the kltuera."
I>. W. BtIBB, M l).
PbgaMen fo lott PMBMM QarjUld.
We say positively
thai HTRONTIA Watrr I* s areat natural r*m*illal anent and
uoi.t.rWy ewrM IM *>I*BI*-|.A. (101 T, Hlll'.l M 4TI-* M.
1)1 AHKTI-'* aml "!1 eurahU afteeli.iua ul thr IvIDMlV*, aa.l
aa an a-idenoe nf K'??t faith w* aatriM.. ln all Inaiaiiers wliar* a
vr-i-M tn*. 1. .iv.-,,. i-> KKTI'tlN TIIK XU.NKV exueudcl
on lt If it does not prodiir* thr rranlta wa unarantre.
Ftr mI? By Irariing Oroerr, and Druggult.
*>n_ fnr pamphlrt rontalnln* analrsls aml over sltty testi
Ktad and (m Mnel??U.
wiwToaa u_rric_ta ?** <okti.ani>t 8TBXXT.
The flr?t tr.e! of Ihe Punreven eutter ValkyrtOa
satlsd !a.t Tueidav. eiiiaod manr raehtsmm on thla
a'de to Inditljp |n oniplutle ? l-t-ld-jou->o'i," wlth
:e'--i-nee to the iiirro-cd falluro of the Amorlea'i ("up
el.el pger. Xothlng eould have beea more prema.
tur. snd the s_-_W|BBB. yi.ormancee of the new
WaUon acventy-fnoter bave al ready provod the errorj
As was .uggesfed In Thursday's Tribune. lt was to ba
expeeted ihat Skl_>per Plapcr must flr.t make the
ar .uatntanre of h'a new reetnr-ma-'hlno before any
aatlsfactory rasults could reasonahly be looked for.
As It was, tbe flrct contest of the Valkyrle eould not
po?slNy b*s looked upon a- a dlsap^'dntmenf. The
eirciuintan<c vnroiindlti. lhe rare, wrc not of fhe
klnd to favor a dl-.d'.y of ipe-d qitalltlei, yt ?he
Valkyrle led the fioct In rr_o.*?fon over the enttra
eours". Tho only ve??el ne.r her at any time waa
the crack Varana. her*e!f a woider of ?_**ed. Tha
lesult of tli0 ,?-e. afer ela_>?ed time had boen eor*
re~fed b;- thi tlmo allowaueei, ihowed an advinfaje
lor the Dcrhound of only a fo? leeonds. whl'e tha
Valkyrio, affer al!ow|n<j Varana. took second rrire by
a snull fractlon of a mlnute. Tlie dlffererrces In eoi*
rected tlmo wcre so ?llght tbat It may be regardod ae
ri.sslble Ihat tho \alrrrfe ?ould have won wlth a
ltt|" illfferent hindllnc. She hvl M cood a leed tiefora
iho fleet that Capf. n Dfaper may have thought htmsMl
ssfe, even wlth the allowance. o'klpper* are rarely
ai.lo to Judfte wlthin a fow -_jeond* whether their leed la
sufllrient to let them giv allowance and win.
At sny rafo. "Tommy Duteh'' wa* more oar?ful frM
B'ertaeedar, and brenghl hls new chsrgo to vletnry
with plenty of room to ijifiro. Th" wlnd wa* about
the same r*s on thr day belor*. maslng fh!s race,
e- ?p, <h.? flrst, a verPa'l" dr filngmatrh over
the gr'.fer part of the ooursr. The courta
was pra-Hcallv fhe -anie as on the flrst day, If waa
a flylrisr .tarf from tho Lower Hnpe ro-md iho Mntai
Hpht-hlp. wlfh the flnlsh oxaefly oppojlto R-istervtlle
Ifotel. Th* enfrles were fhe three rra-k flrltlsh
rutter* Iirx. Valkyrle aod Yarana. Tho Dunravetl
cntter at onee took tho leed. but the Vimni stuek fo
her untll, m short tark* on the Kentlsh ihore. tha
challenL'er galned an advantage by _a!l ng c|e?or to
tho wlnd. Thence sho Irereased h?r ?peed untll she
rounded the mark. On tlie home run thn yachis wera
l.eraiineii |ur a time, anil when a llpht southweit breete
sprung up jt caught only the V*lkyr.e, which. nn se*
count of her lead. was ln tho most advanta?eou.
po*lfton. The new eutter wa* earrled home hy fhe
hreere. while ?he other ronf-Rtants. hc-alir,o1. had to
anebnr ta avotd helnc earrled out bv the tldo. The
flnteh wa* ihereforo undoubtod'y attendrd by luck, hut
all her Hnk would not havo avalled bad not the
Valkyrle dune pond work In fhe dead beat ln a Ught
breete. it m*y l?e oon- luded fmm the reports of the
| rare that t|,e lirlfhh onlntnn that ihe Valkyrle IS
I rapaMe nf i.rlillant light wra'her work 1* well founded.
I The fact that she ha* 'llsplaved rooU fortune ma) ba
I of algnlBeaaee to those far* who lndulge In rali-t
1 itipersllilon, whlle the al>!llty of tW ?klpper. onee mora
j domonsfratod. a another itrong argument In tha
| Valk>rle'. favor.
Tt.e probeMe ilefenler of the Amorlea'i Cup. tbe
I only Volunfocr, ha* reneatedly ?hown her ahll.'ty ta
j sall ln lluht wlnds. On last year** erutoe of tho Xew.
| York Yarht (lub <ho proved onee more that she waa
I tlie fasteit yarht ever pmdured ln Americ*. whoibar
ln a drlft ur under reefed sall*. In the race from
j Newport to Manha's Vlneyard. whlrh was a!moit a
J drift, ihe I'olanteet *eeme<t to watk away from tha
leel of fhe fleet imf'l about *lx mll.s' mterval exlited
l.etwoeu her and her neareat rompeiitor. At the last
n.omorit .he waa compelled to anrhor to esrape belng
carrle.i t,. sea by the fldo. and had to Ile thoro to se?
th<- liirlian rros* the line by a fluke, but her powora
lu light neatb-f wore fully shown. The Valkyrle'a
perlbnaaacet show her lo be nmbablv a worthy
anta~)iil*f nf the Volunfoer ln llirhf wliids. and n'r
work In a .mart who|e-a_|| breoie or -omethlnj
still ItveNsr l* now the suhj??-t ot ln
lernaltoael aatmlaHaa. One trlal. or ev?*? h*l|
a doien. will hanlly b? ?umcl?nt fo glve a
fair iilea of her eleinents, and tho deductlons from de
tallod reperfi win not bo of pormanent value for a
raotith or so. In the meantlmo h*r every porform.
? me ?ill, at any .-.to, be pn.-d_._va of.materlal foe
Ex-'ommodore Jaoiea li. sn-ltfi, the rhalrmao ot
the Aireilra'. i up Coinmlttee, may be looked upon
not only as one Of tho Oc*t autliorttles on the yacht
Ing gport ln gonoal l.ut eipeclally compctent to utter
o valuahle oplnlon on tho Valkyrlo's performinces
tl.us far. " The reporf. of her work surprlie me,"
he sa!d yesterday, " for now yarhts do not usualry
make so sood a showin wlth .easoned onea, no
matter what may be their Intrlnsle merli*. The retalte
of Uie raam and the Infotmailoa glven about the
'.Imo sJtowaneei furaish another proof that the
Valkyrle Is largor than wa* expeeted Her talllna
lotieth li evidently so gi-oat ihat fhe Volun_?er wlll
nut Im comnelled to glvo as U.vc an allowance la
ve at fli-if thought muat bo elvon. The rontesn be
lareen lhe I*" wiii bo mueh m.*re Inierenlitg tb_\
the tlrat tufuimatloii ln.lca.to 1.^
The commitfee has r. t aa yet any deflntte ln
fonnatlon re^anllng the V.ducie.^r. If is not ee.taln
tbat t>ie greai aloop wlll bo sa led. E.x Commodore
Mnifli, l.owever, sayj ha i.as iiooil reason to belleva
Ihat when tae tlmo comes Oenoial I'alne wlll olTer
tho u-o of I.l. riack lacer V> any ono who deelrca
to cail her :n defonee of fhe cup. In thc meantlme
there ha* he ? no new* i-cgbidiiig tho buildlug ot any
new scventy-footer*. The confldeme of the ownors
of iho preienl seventy-fiait craft in tholr respectlva
rarht* ptotocts them from anxletj. hut there li a
ilroog feoling of neivouaiiois groM'i: samng yachta
uien over rhe da'n;or of the lovi of the l'alno Intee*
nattnnal Cup. though the Aaierlca'a Cup may he
tucre.atull) def.;ii.io*l._
A rr. -ui MI of addltional InformatK.n about (ha
delender oifcnj.1 bf UallBaota ie*.i? a? follow*:
? ibe Kveniy-fuoler Daltlaaota, which u de.irned to
beat thc wurld, has seseral strlktng peeulfaHtlea
whlrh .it fh.t light loiik cxrerrtltigly stianire to
ya.l.isinen wi.o aic ?ren?tamed lo Banjwss designs.
The model Is for a slnop tlpn'-d vacht. but Xathanlel
M.x.re. th" v-teran l.ulld -r and deslgner, *a> s that
any ad.lltlonal lengtfe ean t?e alven lf de*lred on a_iy
Klnd of rlg. she ha. a roanter stoni and li unusually
rlcan aft, a -?> v ??!-,! alupe boglnnliiK at her 'iitarter.
When ruittnp through lhe water aho Irave. no wake,
l.ut a p.-rfeetiv sawelh trail. Thc forwaid lioes aia
?II itialghl t,? fhe ?ietii. and fhe stem Is pcrpendleii.
lai. Tl-ere I* no nt'erhaaf forward or ah. Tha
wator lln,' U a .lead -.traiglit line, *_nh no vaeiuim at
the bow or s-ern. Th-- d.-.-h is flu-h, and the eahln
aoeommodarloa* ar* a1i helaw." The *ieiicnor of thii
ixtnonllnaiy rrult wa* iri New Yoik last week. He
is an anr|etit mariiier. atid. thoush, b. still adlicre* to
Ihe ide-is of half a oentury ago, kuows uhat he la
talklug about.
lhe I-irrhmonf Vachf Cr\h seem* fo be on the way
to ltsrea.i|n_ n? alieadv exiended rrputat'on as a
Ihotaagh iparilag orcaiitnttaa. Hs pniaiimme ol
liiures for it. coaatng .-hsom has |mi beea iiauod
and ln adllMcn t>> ihe u*ual nuniho. ,>f (re:ieral re^nt
las pr.-seits sr\eral ape lal rias.-nci-s. wh ch prom
Ise to bo amoiif the ni..si |m part anl rarhthlC occii
ri'nrei of the \eBt. The club ha* |-ec>_ni|erl lha
ieterest which Is rontted fhl? y-ar ln Save_ay*lsaaBBJ
ori a*'e*uiit of the Ili.iuDvei. elial on?". and bBS also
baea f<.i*enio?f amoag tlo- yachtlnc ore.inl.atlons ol
tho roiist In aiTaugliiK foi a .-Ivs-.'t.nir ,i among
ihe iopre<iontif:vca af the most madera dovelopment
..f rann;; maehiiic. Ihe noiv fo l\ footors. Tho i^v.
outy-footer rare Is mommkH for noxf Th tr*dxy,
|.- i i-,..n l>ny, and -!il be at the lame tlmo tha
forri'il op.-n!n? of Ihl* .car's sea.'ou a. far as the
l.airhmoiit u roaeeraed. A cup vataed ai 11 o-o
hj- been .>H__ed I- IBS WMMMT, aud. naturally saoath.
ihe owaera ef leveetr foatara think tha glorv of thn
cup of alnuxf a- nnc h \*l>ie oa o v|et,.ry !n the Amer>
l.-a's Cup trlals. The Tltaula, iShamrotk. Boioula
and Katuna Wlll prolmhly all bc aalbd. Thc Judges'
? iean:lioai wlll l.a\e the landlne hefor- the beamt'f_|
clul-hou.fl at La *i n>>irit lnn"..-d!a:eiy after Iho antval
of the 0 o'rli.-k tra'u fnun the (irand teiitral .Statlou.
lhe race wlll l.eptn ?l 10:^0.
llosion yael.tmg Witters bave acknowledgod thaB
tho l_sn hmont fori> fuoier race aa July I will ba
the bot rn-ti foi that rlass ol .loopi for tho seaa.in.
Last ye.r'. roaBMti over the 1-irrhitiont cou*-g. |n
whleh fho partlrlpanti wen? the ll^hnon. I*appiOin,
naashee. ihlauita and Nymph. still n-nulu iv thi mem
oi.ei of faehtsasea a? n.i.si lnier?-.Ling ront.-.t*.
They wero und uibto-lly the cause of tlie " furty.
foolei- cn-te" of thi* year. .
Tho Ailanttc Yacht riub is awa_eiv'
li-K from Its wlntor leiharir*,'. rommmtore
.feffe?on Hoftan has lasueil from hls flarshlp Pavaller
a serloH of peneral ordoii, of whleh tbe following la
thn suhstance: (ieortin F. Karlow \? api olnted tleel
* apiain. On Decoratlon Uay, the day of the opealng
excm-lon of the club, the fleot wlll asaemblo off the
club-house, m Klfty flfth-st., llrooklvn, at 10 a m
prompily, anchorlng In two Une* hkT yor<\<< apartand
paraUel wlth fhe shore. At 10:30 a gun wilT bo flred
from tbo flagshlp, thc club'a slgna' will bo hoitel at
tho club-house and the yacht* wlll ntaBj Wtth a *uc
cosslon of guns. Thc . ,!,ne boing onded. another gun
froiu lhe club houso wlll be the signa-i for thc fleol fo
voigh anchor and start. Tl.e tall on thh oeoaslon
wlll be ? trlal race without tlmo allowaoeoB or prUe..
The coursos fui all achooucn and for cla.se* 1. i, 3, 4
and !S of sl^ps wlll bo to and erouiul Buoy 8 U
on 8outhwe*t bplt, keeplng lt on the port hand, hence
home to thc club anchoragn; for all other claas-a, ta
and around Buoy ll. on \\?*t liank, ke-plng lt on the
port hand, thenre home.
??n June 1 ? receptkin and cntorfaiitmeiit for ths
edlflcatlon of the women Interested ln the club, u ta
be held at lhe rlub-hou.e aad grounds. The fun wlll
_5_H *. liBTfBal 3 o'eloek, and wlll end wtth a ra.
gai'a of the cluha over a tnaagular oouna m f_u
viaw ol the member- aad their _ue*u. ^

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