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Tiiu edificls rr.owni.n with aiOKBRlTFERBr
F.aster .-iinday dawned brtght and clear over lha
rlty. The .i.r fr. bneaa ol the aprtni I.tod tba
iti-.*ets and parfca at.i aquarea. In the rir.i-.h-- UM
'Tenebr.'" aml lha MDe I'mfunrtN" gave Place to tlio
? Ta Denm" and the - Bceurrex-t" The bearta o. men
md the ino*.<i- ol natara aeeaaei to be ln ?aeco-dance.
ihe rivnra that enelrele t'i-* eltr and the bar atretch
lag Boath to th.- pnrpla Hlghland ol tbe Savealnk
lay nue allver plain-. wlta#co-B-_oroe buahed an.-i
stilliyt npnn thelr bo-oma. Akni tba nnl? "f river
I'i-ont the K-rent Bhlpa lar
With all thelr spar- uplifteal
LHaa -iianf "f snme peaooahla cn_eaa.e.
I.efore the |00d oM tlma had givrn place lo the
Letter new. men ased to greel each other on Baatei
Bunday mornlng wltb the greetlng: "Chriel haa rlaen."
ta. whlch the rea.poi-.i-c waa: "Ha baa rlaen Indeed."
No neh exptesa-M waa oa thc Upa ol the Ihrongs
thal met in atraata and parka yeaterday, bul ?
lips and in the heart- aml on lha tacea .-f each one
waa a refle.tion of the jov and brlghtneai of the Eaater
tirte whlek apoka mon than anv ronventlonal phraaea,
Then* eoiilal i*...t 1 uve Ik* n a MN beautllnl day
for the memorial nf the I'.e-ni i-.*a-lion. Above. tl
_aiied sicrcclv Uke i gohtoa gatteoa aeroaa Ihe aapphlre
-.1, ,,f -i<v toward the siariit nlgM thal awalted ln
the w.-t hevi.ml the Llne .ler-ev bllla, and frtM
re_inn a fre-!i. eweot wind blew. BOQdlng all the
rifthave. and nroadwav. a- is naaal on Eaater Sun
d?y, and all the parka, were thTODged With I-eople.
Bverywhare were Bowera. Women wore them al
their ror.ai_.e-. nien in tlicir buttonholoa. an.l they
hloomed in eharehea and houses. Llllea were tha
favorite flower>. aad - are.-lv a man in the atreet,
whatever his conditlon in life. wa- too poor t*' ahow
nomo tloral emblem of the dav. Rvervbodi had on
some new artiale of wcarins apparel-that i-. almoal
evervbodv-and when tho aenrleea In tha ehurches
were over. Kifth ave. wns gay m.i brilllani aa 11 l?
at no other f-eason. Tho Eaater booneta and the
Ea-ster trouser- r:..t,-<1 m goraeousneea and -,tni(_i_lc.t
to ctlip?e ea?h other in ipJendor. From M-,.di>on
f-quaro t-i Central Parh tho MdewalUs were rivers
of beatitifai ralnenl and happy fn..-.
In Ontral Partl, where the troea and grassea have
laal awakened to the knowledge thal apring i- here.
nnd th.? on- la autttag Ibrth buds and the other taklnii
on a livelier preen. erowd- of people w?t,.l**i-. 1 on tlie
walk* or sit on ihe ben. bea od tne Mail In Madison
-.?uare m.nv rhlldren played aboul ln tha aunshlne, or
Ml aad ehattered on Uie none bench beneatb the
breaaa Igan of Farragnt, and the atern lace of tha
nid bero wns bright, not from the Berce Ughl thal
rtteamed from Moblle Bay, bul hy the gentle beaoty
of the Eaater annahlne.
For one dav the rtorma of life and the wearv months
,-.f wteter were forgotten; poverty and -m hid thelr
heads. and a promSe Of what the WOfM ll tO bt Bh.
nver land and sea. .
<nm Mrrteea ln aU tha Proteatanl Epl
rharchaa were well attoaded. th" Boral decoratlons
were ahundant and heautifnl. and the mutlral pro
granimes whleb were printed ln The Wbune ye*ter
lay, were flnelv glven. At Trlnity Church pota ol
.ineraria aud large palina were aeattered thro
the rhancel, aaaklng a almp-B but ptoaslng East.
belll-hment. The Ber. Pr. Morgan Dix preached to
i large congregatlon. The pragramme of the aervlcea
wns as foOOWa :
Firai celebratlon of lioiv rooimnnion m Engii**n.
r H ?. ? second, 7 a. m.; thlrd. In Oerman. - a. m..
:r-!;; ?,::?g:-i;,;;:;:-;::,K,^.,.
113 lil 11-.: Magnlflcal and Nnne f.iuutt.-.
ratiln: anttiem. Psalm xxxlll. ver?es 20. 21. Naiaii
?.w \-er?e B: l Corlnthlans. w. verse- ??????*?'};
52. woatey; ascrlptlon, Hallelujali Chorua, Handel.
re.es-ionnl. hymtl 104,
The Rev. Dr. W. R. Hnntlngton eonducted th
Mrvleaa at Giaca rhura h. where leve-aJ hon-tred
po.,pie were nnabM to pei aeata on aceoanl -*i the
imniensc erowd in the edillee. The arrangem. I
?owera was e_rpee_a__ly notircable, a beaaUfnl cro - *?'
rai Baaon belag raospleaoua In ihe general dlsplay,
whieh was made np larcely of claerarta and palmi
graeefully arranged In t hc rhancel.
.\t st. Oeorge'a Chareh the aervieea were eonducted
bv tho i-eetor, the Ber. Dr. W. B. B ' ' *
l.v th.* il**v. Henry Wilaon, the Rev. T. E Edwards
aad tho Hev. K. C. Atehlaon. Llllea and a
with a backgraoad ol palma, were the pi
featurea la the '?'" eatlona, Bere __J b.
memorial P-aeoa adorned the communioi
tha aitar. The women of the ehoh wore veati
j-?. ti ? ? ? d, In the hlsh *
Eplecopal Chareh in thla elty. n. Fulton *
the Buperintendenl of the gunday-achool, de_l4*ered an
addre--- al Ihe rhlldren'a aenrlce In the afternoon,
afler whlch Eai-ter offerlnga were pre entcd and ?
? - pnplla. .-\t the evenlng servlce
. holr wa. relnforeed by a i' At ot llftj
from 81. Peter's Church, Brooklyn, under the
.., ,,f o;, -. ni.-t.-i-, aaslsted by
w. B. Bhodes, organlst and eholnnaatci
,.f --. i>, t i During the day o4*or
a thouaand pe. ple were turned iiv.i*. (rom t.'n* church,
anable ... rei ?' ? ,- tealryman sal ' thal thi
atlcndance al the -ervire? jresterday waa tha- large t
ever known In the hlatory of Ihe rhurch. Thla wa.
the mii-Ii al pi -?? iii.n.- :
-.'t. George's, Rer. Dr. w. s. Rainafoi--, reetor.
7 ?,. tn., Ii.'.- Communlon, with carola. n a. m,
?jrore.-i .iii,;. hymn 104, Jobui Llves, Gauntlett;
Te Denm, Dudley Buck, In B ralnor; Jubllate, Dud
ley Baek, In n Bat: Anthcn, -?<? Now the
Jiymn 108, T 8 Sl '?? I' O'et, I'i 1-- ti ina : Introll
. thema, lf Ye Be Rlaen iVith Chri?t, Llght ol lhc
World, _hdltvan; Hrmn 36 (S. B.), On the Besurrec
t ? Konlng, Willlng; aermon by the rectc
faetory, Klng All Dlorloaa, Barnby; Banctui In i'
ive-!-.; rommunion hymn t07, Hpdges; '*i
EzcelalB, OM Chant: Nanc Dlmlttls, Tontu Regiu
Recesslonal, hymn i<>7, a p. m.. Prooeaa4onal hymn
|04; Magninrat ind Nune Dlmlttls, Toun; An
Break Porth Into Joy, Barnby: Hymn 09,
Morgan: SITerlory, Th. R. nirectlon, Bhelley; An
tliein, The Radlanl Morn, Woodward; Re.
; , Btrifo i- O'cr, i.. ??-ni.'i.-.; ChlMrcn'a festlval
:; :.o ji. in.
Tha Rev. Ai-i'mi- Rltchle, asalstaed i.v the Bev
*.,,,: . Baama . * ? udn< ted the aervlcea al Trlnitv
Chapel, "ii West rwenty-flfth-at. A bank ol bcautl
fnl callaa ,.r.?i rotea o_Tthe altar an i garland_ ol roao*
on 'hc puipit tn."!*- a .triklng dlsplay.
The Cha*?h ?*f tl e Jl.lv Tr utj and ?l Th *
Chareh arora arUattcally deeked with flowoiing ihrub*,
Hllea, p.ii.n- ;.- i paaaion Bowera. ll"- recUira fd
i'.-.- ehurchea, tii' Bev. i: Walpole Warren anri Ihe
licv. Dr. .1. vv. Brown, preached to erowded roi
Ihe dciiwatloai al St llartliolomew'e \\.-.??<; proh
Ably ihe mo-t profuBe and elaborate among th Epiu
i.,p'al eharchea In the elty. Large A_cen_lon l...??
}..-. -er llllea, - alUia, I ? i ?'? .1 golden Japaneae beautl.
and ro almoal hlled the .pace ln. loaed bj th ?
chaneel lall, whlle a larfc <?'"*- on the altar. wllh
i. iio.-ii oi beantlful whlta iowera bung above lt,
Vl, cont.pl uoua among othei -symbollcal ?
; i .. Bev. Dr. DavM 11. Oreor, i>- lor ol tho
church, '.n-'aiau-.i al Ihe aenrkca, whlch were largelj
At Calvary Chareh, whlch waa bandaomely doooi
ate*l, the following programaie waa carrled out
Itaocaalanal "Welcome, Happy Mornlng,"
Anthen 'Oul i Our Paaaovcr" Creaer, ln Ba
I ?/'?:?'". i barrcU. In B flat.
li'.tt'nit'.' ii.mii :<- '? hrl i the Lord to Btoen I0
Hymn' 1C0-" Al -ie Lamb'. Illgfa Fcaaf
Oifertorium "I ^'H Menuon Uie Uving KInd
ftoeaaalonBl, Hymn '-?>. M"nk
AnSein-'-Chrlsl is Blaen"....81r Qeorfa Eirej
Hymn i??i ?? .t aaa l-i**
II . Illli 4-.-4.
.,,-, ,,. 'ivii al li-.iv Trinlty
Chareh. We t One-hundred and-twenty-aecond *t. and
1 ClioV ave. Al - a. n. tbere WM an . nily - rlem.-.M.*.,
,'f ie il iv Communlon. the Bttci.dancel.elng large
At 11 ocloch the chiel leatlval -.ervlce was heM, J
;.er.,- the Bev. Dr. 1. Newton Munger. P.reachliig t .
: - ,\ ;;.-,i, ,,. in. ,. thouKaiid chlMrt*n of lhc
,.,?.,,,,.,!. ,,, tlie imriah aaaembled ln thc church
T, i -?- ? Ihelr l'. ' - carola. In the evenliiB III*hop
?a-.-i* i,.!i..iiii-t.i-.-i the rlte of eonWrmatlon to i. .-la
of ntaWy elghty caadldatea. The mu.ii.ul programme
a i.i . ..,. Hfs.i endlns: Te Dcum In C, ?.........1.
?ilr,.'.. V ,xt.??.?*?"? Vlntrolt. i.aodj Kyrle Elclso..
li", 1.',,. Tihl ln r. rours: Offertory, from '?at
io.? -v.- '*n_ Vitii conllrmaMon at 7:30 o'cloek
K-P-rttnT. hymn, 4RB, "Thc __?_? Df_n___," Bnl*
livaT P-i:lt<T, proper T-alm-. rxiii, oxlv, cxvtli,
tngllcao ) hanta; Maanltlcai nnd Nunc Dimitti- m
E F. T. Bonthwlek; Antnem, Dr. B, 8. wealey; f.ttcr
torv, froiii -JIviui. if I'ni .-?-." Mendclasohn:
I waited tcr tbe Lord, He inellned aato mc.
Ho heard mj complalnt.
o blesl are they thal li"i?c and trufct in
The Lord. Paalms m. 1, l. _ ? ,, .
Rece shmal hymn PO, Worgan, 17241700; Poetlnde,
v,ii ?? iii l). f-ullnant. .
t rhe membei id the cholr were Mr . Ella Pfalf, aoio
sopruno: Mis_ tSophle L. Maiircr, aolo controlto, l. \\.
Ritter, -.-I'. .- nor; John D, - iaw, il ? >??- - >'' -.i,",u
Mnold, Miss Mulhcrin, Mi- Wbiteliead Mr. -a .....
Mr. Robln, Mra. M. E. Readlng, noprano: Mlax Iieien
Kennvdy, lontraltu; Frank Hutchmg*'. tenor: __niuci
].:...ii"', !,..-; Mra. Bondheim, MK. Mau, Mlaa Ma<
cabe, Mr. Honey, Mr. Hadden; organlsl and cholr
mastor, Frank Treat Southwick; asalatanl organ ??
T. Irvlng llad.lon.
To-da. would naturally take plare the t-^.-ni ,r
Ea lerMonda. election. l.nt no election wlll be held.
Thia i- cxplalned by tbe lollowlng oflicial atatement
m ?' i he I'aii-ii Reeord ': ,
"Havina In good (alth entered Into an agreemrnl
to consolidat. witli St. Btephen - Church. we iu ? egall)
preventcd Irom liold na an election, whlj " ? .
,;?,,,.. ti,e action already taken. Pendlns l.';-;",':" ?
leitherol the partles lo tlie agreemoiit ol con olid.i on
lu, i, rlghl to ohange or jc .par_* i the tra i ictlon.
I'nder ihe advlce ol rompctenl legal autbortty a
ln n Irom announ. Ine the regul i annui . el
Tlie .tatiites provide thal the ve try creol ??
?u, ,,<_ conaolidailon hoMa nntll th. (ol .wins
'among the roman catholics.
The obaervance of Easter Bunday ln all ol ihe Roman
, . ,,,. ,,??,!?.. in tbe clty -where -i.al ?
were held waa marked by the presenee ol laif.
itlona at the aeveral maaaes. ln St. Pal
. athedral the tir-t maai waa eelebrated al '. o'clock
,.,,, each hour therealter untll n o'clock, when
,;,l maai waa offered up by Biahop Conroy ol
rurium, in llie pr.nce ol ?. congregatlon thal fllled
ti," bis bulldlng and overllowed to the doora, \t im
. ? arge number o| Proteatants were preaent lo
wltness ihe elaborate . iremony and bea. i i.? ? - -tl
nm-i.,,1 progranime thal wa_ aung The -"n'";' l< '"
? ii.ii tlio dranlug ol ihe rnuli "? had p\. n to tlie
JlUw dirtng fi" had dlaappeared and the in.tiury
?" i,i,i,.i-..,.,,iv.?????VT'.i,,'*,;;7.;,_
and several tall palma, wbich added mm h lo t - ap
,. , .-,.,- ... Uie hlgh altar. rhe scrmon wa-s pre
Cv tho i;,-v i larence B. W.Inian, -.1 he r
.,-.,.,,,., ,. -,-,?. niusloal pr04/?_ui.n.e wua given under
,!,, dlrectlon -I l'l.'i*? ?' W. F. Pccher, , ated bj
W,l?,_?lS?5aa'a Chnrrh. of whieh the Rev. Mtchael
,- ii-i-ir-'-l! I. pastor, there were aome hand
Moral and other dccoratlon.. while the main
durlng i!"1 U o'clock mass, aaa a blaieol waj, li-...-.
Hlgh mass waa offered up by Father O larrell. a I
b, the Rev. Frenria I*. Moore a dcacon Uie bcy,
Thomas O'Kceffe aa iub-deacon, and tho Rev. Tl.on h
l. t'usack aa master ol ceretnonles. Die Rev. Vwll
iam - ii...t|v. t. :.,i .lonarj prleal ol the l ongrcgatioii
,,, the Holy iHiost, pr."';"1 "" "' -' '"
ti.,,, ' Vt veapera In ihia rhjirch. whlch were
b> Father Moore. tbc Re) Dcnls Mahonej pn
oh ?? Splrll ? .'? l.i ?' rc. tlon.' ,,,, .
ln {., stcphen'-i < h in h. m Easl rwenty clghth -.??
bIj ?,;,.',', were celcM-ted. The atte. ??
i?_h ,-,,.. whlch was eelebrated-at 10 .." o'clock by
i ather i olton. the pa lor. was laif
the othei-. Tli" ab ir decoratloi
, ,?d ihe -:"?' lal mu ical progr.i n ne ? i a ime
one. I'"1 aermon wa r.' tbc Rev. Pntrloh
\. Halpln, vla presl.le it ol 6t John'a Coll. -?? i ord
'"'.'.'? | ,| tervi., . aftended by large rongn i
v,,.. ,,i ., held iu m. Ann's Church. where ?
-.,,._,,,? ,.-,, . tlio i liurch ol -t. Iranols Xayier,
in West Mxtcntli t.: ln Bt. Agnea, where tbe lugh
masa was rclohratcd by the l >v Dr. IIenr> v Hraini.
, ,, 7.,,. , ,..., |, oi the Pa ?: ' I athera. i IftS ninth
? t. ...nl Ninth-ave.
The Con cll Memorial Methodl i Er ropal ' hni.' .
ln Beventy .ixth st., beM Ita twentj lii I inn v.
servirei yeaterdaj i ln i
Easter Bnnday, ipecial eflorl had been nn.!.1 lo i
., a ? ,. d. ? i ln 'i"1 hlatory ol I le ? liun h.
rhe ^l rvicea were lai -?? '? ittendcd, both -
,\i tbe i.nlng lervlce Ibe Rev. II
\V. Byrnea, ihe paator, presenled a Bnancli I ?tat.
foi the aurrenl year, ahowlng gratlfying reauli
,;..,. i,;. w \ (.pencer. cd Phlladalphla. ron. |. mdlng
-,. i hun li Eatenalon -." ety, prca. hed
- .. |exi ? rhe Lamb hail ? ? j ? '
hriefl. ret-ie ....
..,. ad) u ._ ul Melhodism and Ihe o
nioni .1 Ihi partlcnlai rhnrrli, with
e_crci ea '-' re pa i ". .
:,.,:,.! i. ;?? ' " ?' :'????
...lM-,.t. 1' ' ,
, , | ,.v Dr, ii. J. Cowtoa, pastor ol ihj* D
i . . j,, i.,?,,,):. 4 at th<;
i , ter mu?lc wi ." a . n ir oi n
^Af'the Calvary BapMst "':"'?-!l1 '" *
-n.i.i'1 -i.. the uistomarj Ea
, Rev. Dr. IT. -? Ma '
,,,. both ii -ri ng . d even nc \n da
i*ertpi ?.ading.
,.., nt i ,,'< |o i. a baptl
bolng ir,??.-i-.-.i. ln -
I,,,? anj tomial reremony. Iwo )?
. ,.
lent bla art
n ibe produitlon ol - '?? r
tttext I- prodii.cd
raVN ??
fthe clmri
wlndowa dlroctl) | e. brim
ln tli.I d.: '
.... ?
I, iv i."??? j.'-.- .-I -.-:?? b> ' ' "
- nl <lfred l ?
I in- \ n L-'I of the ?
apparei t Ihnmgh i
, ;??> ..' Mr. i i
i ..
HTii-.! pai
II repre*. nt* M.
. . ? th. lal.l
t<-d a? to prevnl
. . . ...
. -<-l. lt n r thv I
The n
'?.... ? ... ? ? labM
? -i appari-nl I
. ,. ,-. ,) to ? --I- mory
? hiireh. by a d< ? I n, a ' -? '
, lh_1 :??? la a | l n ? ?, '
: I
pl ? (alth.
i . ? ? ? . , .v, -I .- ? ei dly Brookly
? irday, Ihe plej int day brlngb
rhurchgnen both mornlng and evenlng The parl
? i Tl e Ri ? Di i' ? ?'
Cnyler preai hed . ' ?
i. ?("1"
. paator. Hereal ? r he
, ln tl e pnlpil ex. epl i , i ?
day wa tl ?? i Irtleth annlvi r iry n( llie I
?? hl. h Ume li- haa
? ..1 3,000 ? '
umber ol nen papei and
,\, - i. ,i ,h) ' Metl .-ii ' Bpl ? opaJ Chun li. al Red
I .;.: r... :.: 1 wi! .-n t., the um ?' il ?'?-? Ic lor both
mornlng and evenlng were elaborate and attra**tcd
, ... ,!,,;.. h -.-.I lavl hl] di ra tlt 4
?? ? ?..-:? .
The Vcademj rd Mn Ic heM the n aal large andlence
I to hear Dr. Talma
enonn. A Judli lou y aclectcd mu Ical |
-vi,, iv ovcral w, n i.n-," ii li gcr . and I ?
..( llie bulldlng wi t. lefullj de* nratnd * Ith
and planta, Dr. i tlmaga ? pofce on Ma
pei ih, oi Ba-tei .
rhe the l pl ? opal and i nr hea
elaboral i i I liej dreta the cn lom iry
rrowda ..f worahippers, Bt. Aun'a, Kt. Mark
Holy Trinity and Ora. ?? Epl opal ? hun lu
......i'.i .ii i,niii the mornlng nnd evenlng aervloe .
-.. the Relormed Cathollc Church, holdlng it- aervlri ,
in Everetl Hail, Mr. IVal h preached on "Tealtm
.1 Refonn. <i Cathol i
The new Rapll I Ml ai al So i._'.t Myrtle ave,
wa (ormally opened yeaterday aflenrjon wllh upprn
. i -.. .- manj pi omini nl llaptl d i lerg] rncn "f
th.- . itv ? it.li lni".
i be nea bulMIni of the Rradbury m i
Oalnlng Bchool were d i al hail paal 1 o'clock.
riie buildinga where ti"- iice I.Mih plare are ln
ighb) it., near Rayniond. The Rce. Dr. Jamea
\i. Rurkley, tlie Rev. i>:. Lan Ing Taylor, the Rev.
Dr. T. I"- IVItl Talmage, tbe Rev. Dr. 1. K. Fnnk and
..M-i.il i iii.'.'i R, I. ;. were amimg tlu- apea ei
Mra, Joaeph K. Knapp waa alao preaenl and led the
The celebratlon "f tbe day in the Orangea, In Xt i
lersey, thla year waa more than tiaunll.. g ncral, and
,i :i i,.. no ...? i conflned to the Eplsopal and Roman
rathollc churclie . The mo t rao.plete ervlre ?? i
.i Ai! Kalnta' Chnrch, Orange Valley, wh.
hlgh celebratlon ai ii o'clock wa ? (ull eboral ouo,
...ith elaborate mu Ical progi imme, glven by the re t -.i
holr "f thlrty rtActm under the leaderahlp ?.f Dr.
:'. M. Conaiil.
.\t i.i-.-.ii- Chnrch, Orange, the celebratlon ol th.
i:,i> \.a- noteworthy (roni ihe (aci thal a new memorlal
window wa- onvel.ed, n i- placed In ibe baptl.try
,? tba Tii.tii tranaept, and n.'- central panel -ii-.-.v.
nn admiral,iv o...-i nK-.i deaign, ??< lni i Bleaalng Little
< inMii ii." Tha wladow wa pretented by i.
Payne. The ainalc wa under the dlrectlon ol Pro
teaaor Alberl E. Bcboch and waa aung I.v ibe ve ted
, kolr '?'? iw, ntj llve * ol
, ?? dav 'A,.- a gala one lu Bt. !?-..:'? ? hun h, Ka I
i )range, n belng Ihe Bi ' up] .ra .f iheir ve i d
ol f...-i.i. (our volcen, whlch liaa been organU.il
and .inllo'i I1- Profe or J. II. Moore, >.f Bt-. MarkN
Church, lirooklyii, and ln addltion Iheir new plpo
.,.-l-.iii a .i- n---'i (or the 111 -i Iin., .
ln -!. John'* Roman Oalhollr Church, >t. Mark'i
Church, ChrM Church, Easl oiange; Firal l*re?hy.
(?inn. li, i ir.tnge : houlh orai ???? l*re ' '?
Church, Calvary MethodiHl Epiaeopal Church and
Munn Avenne l*resbvterlan Church, ul Etul Orange,
. ;.r .i-.i1.- inn- Ical progn.mnie* were giten.
The ii;.v aaa ob erved wlth nnu ual Inteieal ln all
ol ibe . iiui'.ii'1- ol M'-mn vernon. In ihe irwi (*reab)
(..'ii___a Church the Bav. Chaxlua S. Lauc delivcred a
.ermnti in .he mornlng. rhe * holr, under he tender
nhip ol Franh laockhart. mi - I ? antliem -' l;*'.' ' ''
,.,'. ,ver" .'-- ' I*' Denm/ rhe - vlcw al I
r.,?., ,|,i,i church were impre*>.ive. rhe Bev. *'".'. ?.':/'
II. lloimos preached botb .relng and evenlng. Tlie
Bev. Ichabod - n no - i* turned fi m Ihe Metho. ii*.
, feren.e In Sew-York and preached both mornlng
.?,,, ,..,,. mg in the Rethodl I Chnrcli. There 4?
? ..-rntiinie ul mtiklc. Al Ihe BaptM i
i'l,- I'.n-i-i -.- ? ? ?? i ' t-rcstlngln vle* ??*
,he lacl lhal Ihe Rev. I . li. Dodd hran hM matj ? ??
Th. wm be . reccplion glven to bIm ln the *
ln Jeraey Cltr, Rfwarfe.
I .,?,-, he on Staien lalaiyl and lobi
l-ltiiii. and in mn- ' I towna.
a Bia ihnm :i at i iii: TOMBS.
Tha roiiii.ii-i.-r- ol ? and Uaar bave
nol ..i.'i-n amU-eei ' ' '" ;*"
urter dlaaer. Veateidar. however. througb ha
. .,,.y. the S..7 ..._-.-.,- --
tnjored a ' M>r-ad ?' al whlch I.l. egga arei eaaiumed.
MR. MOODY'! - -8T--B 5ERMOX Tt. TODXG Ml'.v
Few mlniatera In tiu- cltr ye_terdar preaehed to u
i,*_.ngrcgatlona a> did Mr. Moodr In tho roll i
Church. .Ifth-ave. nnd Twcntr-nlhth-at.. ln Ihe moro
,??, ?A .,! \- oclatlon Hall ln Ihe afteimoon and
?Tha iddrea-ea ln A.latlon Hall were
.? .,.?,,, men anly and Ihe* fllted the ?.....?-?
;1,? Hatened with rapl attentlon to the eloqucnt
-.v,.,,',, ol the evangellef- Ea ler ?ermon. rhe plit
form wan beautlfully de ortted alth Bowera and
I ..al,,,- mi. and Mrs. Mebblnn led Uie muslc if
?,,.-il,]f Mr. Moody waa more than u_uallv earne I In
, . m ti,- , in - ni the meetlna i
: , p|c iiiiia-. At tn* ' ? ? ?"
, n ,,.. -,t tiu- i-i ii _ '. ' roniie i. t"
i,r ._ men stood np, at iw *
,,, anxei tor In the flnal _uppH?oUon. and almosl
haif ol the large rongregatlon attei.i tbe Inqulry
m-etlng whlch followed ti.rmon. Manv of the
? men wl.n Haturd.r nlghl had ,.,,i-i to
?,, mdlvldual ,iii--i......--v wort for the eauao ol thrial
I,-,,, their pi-.-iiii-- lo the lette I
Easter stinday. Mr. M.ly aaM. waa a Horloua day
?? whlch lo make a chaage for the good ln ....?? - nf-- I
? wu ? ll:1, ?, wWch ... remomber Chrtefa -
hearl and ChrUf. compa.* *? ?{ "- *??*
c.n p..le revere the memonr ol Abraham Llneoln
,,.. I.,,* ... a.m.1 n 4V., becauae h. l.._d
??ch . bll beart. II wa. eaal to. I m "? be
f ,, ?? m nf aorrow
reached bj a tale "f ' ' !
Mon Had accuscd hlm of havlng a woman a heart
Butmen could m?l help Uklng hlm for that roMon
-,,,., Ihy did Chrh-tlan. tove Jea?. <*rW and I.
,?m1 .'-i |ove Hlm.- _ald Mr. M.ly, "b.. '
an'l help It. He had nri. i blg beart. Thal la
,..-,? .nd over again ln the Hoi, D.- you
,. a lhal hia hearl wa. moved. I.le ?
Umchcd Ifnl "'"-"? "r !,v "?""?? ,;'" /'/'' i
v , ,,...,..,, . , . _h< ol Um multltnde ? D
- Ile ronM read '? ".lM |*
, .,,.?.,. .. ? Today. on bla
-,,.,,. I ? ' ' tell v,i lhal
,-.i ||, . i- .ved vi.
, ? III Ufe wa full of pltr II
,,,, ,?..n ;,u-,v from the nmn affllrtod with lepre y.
who had lo i ' ?? i' ' ' ',i:' The : '
,.. ,,, mj friend-. today li wor?e than thal *
,..,,... , ... ui. I - ' ' ' ??" ??'--< <" tow "
v,,?. ii- had ? . ipa on on all who ?
Hlm. Ar*' ?"" dl_couraged dl hcart-ened
aiyliig that ? '
uit and :-'!
Him. Bul you e lo Him.
- ii ,? i ,? . t 1 e a man wl *' - - nol
wanl to '?? ' ''?? l-"' '
poor wldoa
i |k. . - ? ?' ' ' "'
? nttcyed Hln rhe ea ai
II % ;, *.-. ml omebo-ly .-> Iieli
. ?.- ' ? I ?
. ,-? :> ? . II .- - . I. ?'
Ihat <lty did i I ranl Hlm Ile 1 ? t and
I ,??
. i?.day < bul you
,i .,-! wai ' ll..!?
hn.he ? l h'-ii I b k. i ' "'
I! ' ??-*
lil da) b. th.
:i i..u Ufe 1- Ihe -... '?'
iha-i *
... . , ,
... ii.
i .? ? ? .
..ii Tue_dav, ll'edii.i-la*.. rimmdai and I: 'i.v lie wlll
- ii ,
i'.-n. -.,??' . d at llie II
, ?? i \ . v, . *..
.... lt Ihe (
i Klflh ' '
BIA ./!/?< /. l r BOME.
I - - * ? ? .
-. \ ? -,i -r.
trom is. -? ? mai *' '??! i *i * i*i st a.r tiu raiarn
you I
. l Uie
1 the all .
i|. cvall ' ' ' ?!?:'? k *. ?*, '
II lu * i
hui-.ide i pia Ihe d . up ?
... i
.'*?.. I! .;. ? . .
. ,,*t ..-. marek ls nol
. i , . .ii rl- -i.i- i|
? ? i ..: ? . i ? whlch
form ? ; liere are - . i .,-.:*?-. Uul
-.1. t ,.-? |-' : . ???' . i i , ?.. 1. -1 ? plo - .
Uie workmen ol Uie ma nnll owned bj Un Prlnre, .
i.iii' I in ih, .i ini'.:. u mllh.. i ? _ ?' ? 4 11 -
*.* .ni,;?, ol the hot<!. I !:?? i-i Im Ipal pei r?na . of Ihul
i*l 1 nr i I.--|" i nf 11
v. a hi. m lio i- ..I " ' he Ma foi >.f Prli*di '. i .' ?
... :. mail r ' ile n ir
l i . ?! leti ruhe l. i . I ? ? d of 1
II, ,| I,, ,i ,.< silk ni rt N ln en iu, whl. I. al o !??
long Ui tho Prlnre. i ? lath r do. nol dl da ii lo
ii.i*.- tn (|ui!,: and Irlei dl) lal
I , ..|,. ?!., * ? ? . |.:.i.
|| : ? ?-, p| , .i to tho
pr*. ?. n.ii.i. in thc < ""'i - uttlng and i ? pi
he <?*. * ?
i : . i, i niatod ?? anv olltary hermli
. ou Id deaire, thon rli rca. be i artthln one hotir'i time bj
. .|, . traii liom II hurg. The lo. * <a 1 *t .a. h en
*.*.ii<i .-.i\.*n ,' w. ?? : '.tlrelj
diwaj paaae Irom one ? nd of il to Ihe uth. i
ii , : . ied bj liuntei . ai d tcoop "l de i
ara |o be ?n Irom the windwa of Ibe eiprer.-* iraln,
tiuletly recdlng on the rerj embankmenl .*t the rall
road lra< k. A am ill ? rnok, the Au, Bma i aero ? tho
f.r- i under the folliige of the treoa, and when it <.?
,,ii from ih- wood 11 glve the tnoUve pn rei t*. tbe
i., lil man i. i he un i i1 ai
ih-- I'han. * llor' ? . ume i Uie la . place a here ?
ii.,n .m.i posliiu ni-- nllowed. li i uulte ? lamlli
home, withoul an* pi.*tcwe to dignlly. l?.*ll* und
j. ?, ... ii- ure Hn friend Ij ii.i kiinmc _.-i\--ii i-> 1'riii
l in I, ni,, i;* Hnd i; dilvi III, .??-..' Iriei
,i, ,. ni,; M-tdiiinc i i umi. i. Hg< -I iii-nii !?
;.,,,, iii.ni- ralled Moi her lioll/.niann. fhe Prli ? - i
,.,.. ,|- ,, |?i|,.,\ ,i aiu ii h ? -ii .?'*-.i lo -in. in th
ii,i,i?t ..I Iii fanill' . ' . hl* . iiii'i.' n arouud hnn
11,.- him ? ..I l ' edrl. I.srulie Ita*. "iii*. iwo rtorle .
?nd ln p.iiii-.i yllow. Tiie flt i Uiry I.pi. .1
I |,T |||(. i Imi ? llor, lhc i.i lo l* wife und lil -
*. ,-. in- . .un!.- - von I..111I/1111. -.* hcncvei h ?
.?, ,,n ii ilsli i ? ii-r parent*. n I nol llkely Uial
I i.i-iii.ii-i li *.ill rhange uii*i. in in- dall) routlne ul
with the ??-..?fpfi-.ii lha. lie wlll re?ide -.11 tho
.,.., |.| .,i l 11. .in. h i-nli-. iiinl devote lo hi- ..un
1 private ilfnii Uh* tlmo Im n-ed l.nkccrate to Um :
I ,,f t|,,. I'lnplro. Ile licglm* tlu da.i bj worklng al ln
? . .i inii. .1 i aalk, ?hn h i
I Mvi r Iim ler than live im.I ? . \t the ea und
' i-, i ,,n ihe member of llie lamlli appcar, and taime
Iim, uu-rc i- n distlni-Ui lied vlslUir. The afternoon
i |, .m ,,, worhins und lu _ Bhorl premonade. II *'
dinner la *ierved, after whieh Uie Prln. e retlren lo hia
tmoking room. _
ii,- large curpet aod lUrnltnra hoaae of Bheppard
Kuapp d Co.. "f filxtb-ave. and Thlrteentb-st. and
I'liiii.. uth-t.. dl.-plaj large ?.tmenl ..f llne
\ _,,,,, i,.|- curpel . in Uobelhi and CheniUe areavei
and in the delleate patterna and otliei dealgni ..f
>, ,,;,ii rarpetH. An Immenae array >-f pattem . ehi
bruclng the de Ign ol ..ll Ihe I Mllng carpel mano
ini inn-i*i, I-- hown In Royal WHtona and Wiltoii
velveta, "in. h are f.*i ln -Scolch Ixmlnttaa patterna,
aml delleate and medlum lighl roloring* lor parlon
f'-:i,i.ii-i in l.niii- XIV and Louli XV (aablona.
\ large departmenl ". thla honae i-* devoted P.
raga, in r*rifiit..i and domeatlc weave, The Phlh
Ucli'liia raga, Whlek nainc la tlie Iva patterna of tha
Cleveland's Superior Baking Powder.
Purity and wholesomeness in food compounds are
of the utmost importance ; in these qualities Cleveland's
exceh all other baking powders. All the ingredients are
published on the label, and this analysis is verified by
O:.': :i... Reports and Government and State Chemists.
Strength in a baking powder means economy. The
Ofrici.il Reportsof the United States Government, 1889,
Canadian Government, 1889, New Jersey Commission,
l8S9 and Ohio Food Commission, 1887, prove that
Cleveland's ir, the strongest of all the pure* cream of
tartar baking powders.
ferfection in resuits is what housekeepers desire.
For making light. digestible bread, flaky biscuit, cake
that will keep moist and sweet, delicious pastry, pot-pies,
dumplings, ete, Cleveland's Superior Baking Powder
is unsurpassed ,, ,
The late Ohio Food Commissioner says "Cleveland s is
Absolutely the Best
and most desirable baking powder manufactured."
.*?_* m ____?,-i- -*F mMBU^ixm ***** "^^JSES
**W.,. ~a.'.**~~?.^
?XhPxi _a**x_-n rtn .omoo .t**- <*t 'au TtBPtAt ~*-*_.
i ,1 rnc ..n.i In other ile Igna. are e pefl?U)
.?.:...-...'..! i ? their I...H'-. '?>'? ,rne'.
, ?? ..i.i .,, |...- than hail Ihe price ui nu ? >ri"i,t..l
nig ol tne Mine -|.mii'-.. bm 411' cai'i-el are i ? -
-,- i-uicdil
Wlltona. in darh and llghl col.
. repeai ,,;'.' ,:"' ,"'"' ' '
T!il? .- 1* ' ' portera "'?
n ..,(.. z in thi* i iv. The vniletj oi fm< y J.i] i ?
l |,. ..,.,.., i -.im ?
..,. i. :? re aml attrai llve. I ? ? >eaml -
? ...,-.?.. !. . pi ".I ' hc..
,.,. p| ,1,1 ,,, scvcnil coloi .tn.i toiie-i ol rolor.
-,.,,., ,1 hxray rooni. are Im nlahed I > s>ln ?
r ,.,-. ,. ni ? . .. i plu Isl.-ty. I he .lai
:,. .?? , Aited (Mii u-ilh walla, pam ! -. and i ci 11 -
ol Jnpane*-- ):.[.'? ..'. wlth _??!'!. el I dart pn?-..
i.|,.r, \ wlde pln li trieie dottcd - Ith d" ?
r? . nn i ii 'i."l" -il ? ? ' lomplete. tlu
\' III. ' f"rli
ii re an la ol ' ..'.:??? i.oi - .
? rl lored wllh loathera and
i . ? . ,,g .-,....ii. ,ire dranlng
? '
, ,,'.--. ln I .???'? t?o
h hni i-'.in.1 i. -oitn.. ' ol Freneh i irlor Inn
i- khown, in. ludli : ofas, < halra and ol ?
- ? ?
ln \n> \ rill'IK II BflLDIN'f- FUND.
The '.?..)<??? ol tbe lleecher Memorlal Cw
......I, m ?
... .... | , ? the 1 - i. ll illldajr. ;, tum
... . , to | ,v for .. pl .1 ot gm-nd 100
? llerkimer -t., a Uttle - *-' ? f H
? . . ? , ? .
I.-, ., . ; . - l ..????"? ? ' ;?? :
I hundaj :
I , i unp..
... ? ? , donbled, and Ih. - ?
fl pup I. rhe loi
nini ? ?
aliv evorv 1 *
' '
' '
M . Ilced, ! "
.. . i -ri.i i. \i. ?! : i nr. i
l. ii.,: ? n at n
? ? , ? ed in I
i ? :
.... ' ir il
-.:?? neil I
i i ? 1 n riiih of t
; ? rimi
11 ;
? -
Iti-v. Dr. i
? i .
Dr. _l.ua*- M.
- ? i '
x . , r wll! be di llvered thl ?
Iall. I I ""'
! i.alyn i.
.,,. , , .-.,,. ,i '.:? ? .:. .;.i.ii .iv..
, _?i . ..... . .-. .. .i : -
' ' "'
I,. ||,, |tii.,l, v in rv ln > wouud an.. :
?i ? ? ?? ?<
, ,,,, -,., .,,? , ? ? "i ??:."':'- ? Injurh -"?
. ,.;...,,,-. .. I
: . : .
, ? ?? ; li
" ?
... nu 103.1. l lai. I
parl ii Br(or> Initra
13, e'J
.. ...... Um .
? _. .',.. i.* . aud
l i'art 1 lt. for. Andi-M i, J
, | 14,
:; lt i.. . ?-. J,
,, , ? . :? i. UM. :.. ?
. i,i, uu. i no, i.la. ITH.
, , ,,..;-. i;. i .. i
' ., .-,--?. I ! .'?. IH Hl
? , . , ; |. . )?? ? ? I .. ?
llt, r. i.i- r. ? ? i.
N,,.' , .. -._? l i:i-. 1107, : ..!. 13111. -
713, l.Ul I_?_*_, i-T'7. ,
? "?<?
i , , , i ?-. . \ .. ? i i
.. i.
i ,, |Uiik n *a im ? '>?? 1- '* l'1 "? '"
? . . ' u,d Ju'ui v.. i-i
I . ? : . I ..;. -i II" ,.
I- . : All r. '.' I" - I ?'? m.
... ..,.!.;.. ll. Ill S 4 .-ll 4. l. J.,
? i-'i II. rruax, I n ?-.
i .... . l,l) Dl 1)3. '.*.. '.. >. .(.)-'.
., .. , i . II
. rn.
i ?url l ? ii ,. .... I'ai l-ll-'.or.- 1) I
N?. ',.., | M.l ..- I |31-i, Vi'Ji, l?7tf.
i ,.. i io' "!?' 11.117, SOH, |:i'._)?
? ij , iu ,. irUI T. nn l'_.rta II and III Ad i
ii ....
i . ,,;l,.,. I1;. i- ...iH-nl Tei '.i'i.. thla
ir. -j.nl 'I'.-i .i. llcfoi H ?? r. .).?
i ;,:, nd;. \ | r I.
i . r i ? . i?.'???? i.. on. i'. J.?
I ;. . 11(1 l. I -|H
i unnim I'I- ? i r .1 Ti i .. I'arl 1 -ll. fon D-Ur, t
Vr? 1,17 I".'.'. I'.-", 10*41. I"-'. Il)_4l.
| ,32, Ul., 1...-.1 10-1 II . ? I>. ' lllll,
,1 ll l 107, 1)1*1, 7 ,7 llli -'. I'.I'.. I.'I.
i. . .. .,.? |, ... aol. I IV- -il". KI <?>. 10. ?. I" D. Tt-'"'.'.
II . 171 -..,'?. IIT4K.
i ,,,,,,,,. l1.--.- rrlal Term I'ai II IM B
i v,,, |, . i , . -???-. 1571 I't.Vi i .. ? HMVH I-.. i.
it'.'H, ii. i. iii i. id ? ? 2'itts i. i.. 1120, ir.'o,
I ri. 1133. I .'.. I'?.'"'.. ITi'i, IM.'. 10 ? ?
IM, |.VM, li.'.i 107D |.i 1711. I.i,.
i; im ,7) i"'.i '.I i r-'.> lado 17-1, i.." i-"..
ir-si-j nul i. .- i ? ? ? nn.
I ? , ,. ? ;..,!? Ilfl ? i, . ? i i, !: .1. y
? I n .1 Term I'.i' I II -..- I hrll. '.. I
N , ,... ? .:. , 1 . - I57H 10 fi ? ? 1870 .vu. I3H,
i-., ,.? ,, . -?..." .ii rta ii r in, na . i ??
7.). 725 ' ?
..i 740 742 . ' . 71. - . ? . i. 77,7,.
?_.,--, : -|i, 2704
. 11 ,| i ? in I'arl 11 ll. forc M.arn, ?'
\'.,- 7.'. T.'TI '.7i ? ? ... ,..,
151, 24. 315
, ,' , .- ? i. ?> :> I i"l .'., 7 . :
i , ? -.. - r... .?-? 2041, 818 .iln. r,.i. S8I ? '
,,i i on ,;, , .'.r.'. ll .'i ..." B71, W6, 5(10, .',,.'
500 BOI ,92 I-...I *?"'? 177 Sll>,
, ... rrlal rerm I'arl III -Befor*. i n ?|n nn.,
J.-Noa IMI -.'-. -82, -233 307 ??, 1551 i ,i u ..
?(,;.; 042 i-i- t .-... 2422 171, ?',:<". 831 1701 6244,
?'-ii.1, 147 537. I'i '.'''I. 250, 282 188, 1421, 1801
?il ,; ? _'.i'.
, : r.ii i-i. i'ai' iv !'?? foi- M. v.i.ui. i; i
,,. |0f i.-7 ;... I ?l" ' lal ? '?? ??
Courl < .".. md l'. i-i..i.i'r li- '??? ? Andrewi, j? ,,M,|
.. \ oni. I I .i;."'- * ??- i " 1
i ii..:i ... I'art I -H row* i n? lnc, ,i.,
,nd \ - _lnl Dlalrl VW rn n- Iford .s..-. 1 t., 11 i,,.
, ,i -i\..
r,?irt ( lii ii, n! H ---.-,- 1'ir' I I Ri l.,r ? R ?
KniTtll ar,r |MUUnl ln-ir|. I Ai'..,-iu v I'Tirl-.r N.,.. 1 ,?
ro'iri (ik.ci. -r..l s.-"I"..- Parl III li c r Martlno, .1 .
?II ! \-.!-tllt Hl-'T-'-'1'.'? '? I 'I ??? N'l- I 10 I" III
I'.., iii?".. ln H nxliiiiaioii.
I \ ,i ;i, tl.-,. ? '- I" Wai ?.."? '?... 'i aol : . I i .1. I iv C ii
iral iT'-'li-.?. .ni l ii and (J m MO roun l Irlp. Tlckru
i io di-. r.i-i irun- I'.iiiiiiu.. partor aod aleeping
ean, isia_,,i fooi l-i-'-'rtj-t. '
The qneation "f the prlee of lee the mming snmmer
i. arouelng ronaWerabta Intereat Ju-t now among the
2.10,000 pcopk who live ln Hodaon County. Tlie
rullng price. ror lee on the areal iMe of the Hudaon
River are gauged by tbe prleea ii.-ed by tbe wbotoaaM
ai their mecting beM ln New-Vork In Marek.
pi . . were aa tollowa: Indepeadenl drivera
ut th-* biidge, thal to, aa it eomea ofl the barge, *u>
i ton; lamllica .fl p--r \oo pounda. The product is
? ? ,-.?-: || the brl_!__e, .*?.-,, a ton;
? mranta and hotela, 50 * enU a hnn
iired pounds; familiea, to eenta a htwdred poanda.
i Ume la I year II waa leUing nt f.i ? ton to
dealei . 30 centa t-> reatauranta and '.0 rents t-.
buperlntendent Heeth, of the Mew-Jeraey ire rom
pany, .ld thil hia company bad abonl oae-tenth of
-. -i ? :.. i lili Imal i,.-en cithered
from I...:- i.-. ? ?.*.-. The . unpanr aill protigbly e.-t
\; - He tl mighl Ih il Ihe demand
- ? . imlng -imi'iier, however, owlim to the ri*e m
, ? ? I- more than hall *?( whal it waa
: i ? ? ? i-.
rhe I'nlted lee Companv. f.rmerlv tlie i.reenwood
i , - | . i ???? n mi. hai i ?* I.n i *? d, bul Mr.
w ii -v, i.f t .'???!?? id Uial ? -? tlatlna
\*,.j. -. i hi*. company nsiiull
;,!-, froui '-:.ii*.*..."-1 Lake, When - II Is -.hinp.il
:., .[-? , . i iti i *. ti.- N* a . cood Lake
id, xo ke wm harveated on Greenwood Lak
la-t Tiiiit'-r.
III ]>-. ijt COUNTY NOTEd.
Eatter mn I. >' Ihe eharehea In Jeraey Clty yeaaer
dny a rt ta I il | than Bver before. The
.: p. t much Ume In reliear?i gandprepara
i - Rev. .f. I.. B. nddef preached to roung men
; . : ?
? , - w-i-.-i Davia, tha ilnglng ovamellat,
11..,,. :.-.i nf Eraory Methodlal Epli pal Church yc_
nrlce r ir ehlldren ?-> held ln
Hiu IV iv.-ilv - nal .'.'ii.i* h laal n:_lit.
Bev, Vi. R Kiefcr preached ?? farewell -ermrm
ni the Unden Avenue Melhodlal Kpisa-opal Chorcli
? .:? -n. .;:?? iiaaf evenlng,
ri:,? new Oerman Itoman Cathollc chareh al Bayonna
,._,i.,:, ,-...-.. terday. Father Seliandel, of St. Paol'a
i nMiop iiigg. r ln the exen t*cs.
t wlll I*-- glven at the Layfayette
on Iprll ii. -An Evenlng In
11 dei lit tlie audlenee. There are 300
. ;?,. eta in ihli church'i Ba
j '.,. given 1373 thla year to
i | nl Zabrl.l le Poat, ... A B.. wlll begln
. ,:_? ,.'i itink and keep up aU the week.
r ,, . ? | ? . . ..( the aridowi aad orphane1
_..... * ? : . hiMn n arlil be eanflnned la St.
- ol Aprll.
? Moylan, of Sew-York Clty, oeenptod the
. . ...,?_. i hurch >.*-t'-isi iv. lie lakea
: Lynch, who tu- gone lo Troy.
il of . .ii.t..iii ITederl. I< Apellea, nf . om
ent, N. ... v. .'-. wlll take place
., . proti tai i Bpla opal Church.
. wlll .. embk al the armory
ln tiii drea* unlform, wllh winto glevaa,
I the I i il..
i ,. priaonera ln ihe Connty Jall were treated to
.i |-. .(,.. and y. iterday lmd
il r. i i-r.
v , ,. iii-rann, who Uvea with heraleter, Mrs.
johnaon ?t., and John ">?? I were
.: ia_l rueaday night, bnl Ihe wedding
Uamli * ?' St. Jamea'a
. hun h. whlM p'Xell la .. pron
.. ,,f ,;,,. |-,; ,t i*,- il . mn h. The young
-,.:-.. last Chrietmaa, lt being agreed
. .i,i : tke place on April l,
jo'hn'N tilrthday. A? time roltod by, t tt-- bride-to-ha
. . ,| th ii April i - ame ln Holy Wcck, and ..'
l.t nor tfster _he aaked Uial the wedding
,i John reftucd t*> granl tha requeet, m
,i i,, be married. Iiellciing lie could
. ?.?,? iier Ui * ii mge I er mlnd, lie allowod" Ihe
?.,.,,i ,-..,- f .1* the wedding tn g" on, Bnd even on the
,YiV k'c'i |..r it "tlli llved in hnpe- Uul M ume **n.
iif'.-tiil '' '' ? '" " 'V' -'?"'**'* B_a? "? ''*' i ?*' "",
. . - - wedding ?i- t.. ...;,.- place,
,1,^., u,.',',. ? . ii, .i h) un* i;. v Mr. K-i-Niiu. who wa*
ti| . remopr, ul whal had laken place.
.... ided lo rhange the wetldlng f-a-i intai
,i,, ,--i,i,|.iri.,-i and ? itood lime folloared.
i-M-n i ,.:*. bul John leemed loenjo] II aaa good April
fool J ?!.*-.
,.,.| i. men, a promlnent range bal nianu
,.?. m i__lgnmenl for the bcnelll of lus
.i.-aiii..!-. Allen, who wa* ihe icnlor member <*f th.*
tonner Ilrm ul Allen ?*- Dykman, _aya lhal tha- eraeh
wa broughi on by bla former partnaria awladllag Mm
paper .*f fhe defunci Hnn >>r Dykman .
1*1,. with Uie name ..f Allen d Dykmaa whlM ha
(Allen) waa on a bnalnaaa tnp la the Wtot
? ? ?
. .l.ltWKI.L
in.- ii.. .;i lilnR ('-''i "t CaMwella the -itc of the
County r.-iiii-Miti-.iy. baa been agitattng the qaaallon
ot hoa beal tu aecure railroad ronnectlon with Baa
Vork Bnd Scwark. Bcveral publio meeUng- have lateli
been bcld and a auliacrlptlon ..i 954,000 i.u-.-i (w the
promotlnn "i an) feaaible plan Uial wouM place Uio
lown in i-ul comuiunli-itlon with the i.-^t .-f tha
.....i.i. Two piiu- were underconaideratlon. Onabj
lunncUlng tho orange Mountaln and ronnectlii-i with
Ihe Uontclalr bnuiii. ol thi Deb^ware, Lackawanna
and IVe tern road, and the other by bulldlng a llne
nortbeaal . i Little Falla, and then connectlng wljj. Ihe
tnain llne <*f tbe Nca V rk aud Ureenwood Lake
Itallway. Tlie lormcr plan waa Coaad UnpractleabM
on.um oi n-. .i'.-iii..-ii* coet, and the latter In
volved a two-mlle atreet-cor rtde i*. reach Bewark.
Laat week tbe dlfllcultj waa aolved. a nnaiber <>r
genUemen ..i meana have devlaed ? route whieh "iu
obviate all troubto. Tlie plan la ta. eonatraet a lln?
tn . ni.iwfii heginnlng near Uontrooe station, on tha
llne of the Dolaware, Laekawanna and WTattarn Ball?
road, thence croaalng the vallej ... ih.* eaatern hln|ie
... thc Orange Mountuln on a treatle, aod ti.en lollovi
mi: tlu- iim- ol ih- mountalu nouth nearly ?" MUI
iiiii-n. ai tiu-. polnl the creal ol the mountaln v..u
!,- i-.i.h-ii. rhe road will tlien ?wln_i anmnd the
lioliil *>i Ui * ni.'iiiit iln, and, runnlng through ft. t'loud,
wiil .1* -..-ii.i i.i*- mountaln ^l"p-, rroaa ine vaUej ai
i*|. i. ? inill-. uud ihei-f .-.-inifit umi the old nhan
,i.i road ...-at ... < aMwell tbal \.n> nraata-.i m_m
year- ago, rhe road "ill open up a rlne t, irit.-i - tor
suiiiirliaii roaidencca, aml, aa Ihere i- prarllcall) no
? uing :>. 1..- don.. the route and little gradlng, tt
pnibable Uul ti"' "'"l rouM be buill r.u- ao.
t\.hi i nnl*. The length ol t'i- new Ini" to be
i mii i-i nlne uud a hall inlle?, umi the total dlalance
from Sea Vork to I'aldwell lij thla ...n'- ?JII be ? _i? lv
lu.nl, Iwo nnl a hall ti.lle>. \ meell.lg I*- lo l.e
held tliis week ln C'aJdwall, at which tlio sclicme will
bo flisoi*.. d ind .t ipa tihen tn f.,rm a company lo
carry 11 Ml lo eompMtlOIV
Martln Drews, ol No. tt Laldlaw ave.. Jersey c;ty
Hciglit-. and Aupi-T ikObllKte, Of No. Ul I'ark ave.,
Kot into ? Ogkt in ii li'li""- ",or" r?a-__-_r. Drews
drew i kr.ifo and lloWlfi- KobllMla ln the llmite
and thlgh. ii- h_d 't""1 ,:" "*"*? ;"'<1 r',M umppt
the hrry ---itii tlte inlantlon ol oacaafag to New York,
but FoUeemaa <","'i ampptut hlm before the boat
left, tlie _-1:i>. KoMllioin. WM t-*-1*''" ho*ne and ..,
trnded by ? phyalclaa, W_M pro_M_-B__i tho woundi
dangcrous but not fatal.
Melton Calne WM MreitC- 8- l-l-l-W af>r aq
exeitlni rlMTf. tor bcattag **??? K* Oiti-B, a con
ductor on tha Pcniujlv__n___ B-Utroad- ('.une. who
ls a . oloivd bOOtler, aDegM tlmt tho eondueter de
mandcd two fMM ttmm Blm hai eOCnpeUed < um to
jmv tli'.iu. IMl '?nr.r-'Ml UM mttmY, W_a when the
train reMhed Bllaabeth attackod tho caodaetor tai
?track blm aevernl rloleal Mowi nnd tben Jumped off
the rar. Tl:. eondnctor had troulilo PPBU T*mB ago
,,v.-,- ,, iimllai iflhir wltb t__ .iii'dii.e Brothera and
ThouM Koi,in-oii, tx-cMel of Um Hahway Pliaj De
partment, who bTCttgM Nlta (Of laBMfN aeainst tha
railroad co_apan_
The Poll.e Comml-tee of the CHj CoaaeU on satur?
day nleht h.'ld an Investtgattoa of the eharge*
igalaa. ootoitivo Serge_.nl McOmll ..( brutaii.. in-.o
hik' iiv.:i i oiil'.n, _M .-lili'llv man, who, the OBkaW
do. land. wm gnlawlully rUiting bta honaa. Mra.
MeOrall and Mra. Berry teetttled againal UM ottem,
whiii- Um latt-'i-'- atory wm itrongly conaboratad by
DetecUve sherrlni nnd Pntrolman O'LaaghUo, wbo
aceompaatod blm wben be broiH mt.> hii wttn
apartnmnti. The eommlttee rweried Wa aecfataa,
DetoeUve MeOraU hM been under su.,pen?loii ?inc?
the rharg.s WtXP niade.
Willle Davlson. only fowt-MII ftJBtt tmt, wpt ln?
llctei by Um I-* -t graad jury for iteallng ? wat_ n tt* .
John M....OH. lt hM -.r;..' _M_C_ iMITied Hai I.1 h-.d
no home, belng au orpbMI, and had l?''<;il hurri d
about froin pillar to poet by Mi retettV-M t'l! >om.
one lllifml.- io him tli.it if ho weerid -t?al rJio
wat. ii ho woaM be mo! to tbe Baform Bchool i ?!
?roald bave a ?i?n<t home. ihe liitla MI09 M
lowed the ndvlee, nnd wm caagM ia Um tlMtt aad
arre.tud. iii- gnuHlfathfr l.a> ptoaUaed '<> glva him a
home, nad Judge Bloe ha. ordored hia dlacharge ttmm
There will be a Utoroogb roorgnnliotlnn "f Now
BraMwlck Church chotra tbla '';<r. Cbarl - r.
HoweU, leader ui Um Sacoad Belona d Ckarek . hoir.
looi to tho Ceatral BapUat Chnrch, Fortjr-?__oa_l-ol.,
New Vork; Mra. .'room, Um leading topraao, pth ta
Brooklya; and w. (.. Ludlow, Um Imm, om alw
realgned. Foar i hon h rboin nre t., be roocgMatnei.
The ehonu cholr nl tii.1 > .o.'.d iiefonncd Charch ha*
glveo way to a doablo qnartet iln; Fiwt Bapttal
. Imrch will have an exeeUeal qaartat, Ineliullag M.a.
Ilimyca ; hoprano; Mi-s SfeOWla, alr.,; 1'. M.i\ lllll,
bm*; x. ii. .^mn'-ic Moor. At Chrlat i kan . oea -?
w. wiinn't hM reorganlied Um cholr, .md u tho
Ur.t Befbrmed Charch Lorea Bragdoa, Um leadee
of Um CoUega Gtoo Clab, i:..^ eharge. I
paid quartel In Um dtj wlU be 'i,..i a tho Flrat
Pr.'-byi-ri.in Chnrch. W. G. Lodlow ll tbe baa_
.t. K. Blmeadorf tbc tenor, nnd Mi - Atfdlo l>"
hai been Indaeed to break a I*ew Vork engageoMM
... Ung nl'". Mlai K" hai realgned aa aopra o ..nd
Now-V'.rk ?.r I'hilad.-liura arlU aupply h'T iBOoaaiDf.
\t the Charch ol -t. John tha BvatujaUa. Chailea ??
Powelioa, Um baai aolotat, hM reaignad ta Ung la .)
Efew-York charch. The cholr <>f __. i'ot..-r'. Charch
iu.. beea teorgaalsad and now itaoda m lollowa:
-oprano.. >ii??-, McCormtck, Nh'hi, Kaaaey, Martin
ind Fenin; altoa, Mlaaea Now, OoM, BaUth, Donnellf
and Keagan; tenora, Mesan. Ftnnaa, Bath, K.-n.oi
ind Mieivi.r:; baaioa, Me?w . A'alUar, Moary. wTUta
head. Gilliland and Ferrln.
Tho New Brunawick Mnalcal Aeaodatton la preparnTB
to |ive the orntorlo ol - BU]ah" wlth a fali - harmi ana]
or. '.??-ti-...
Frederlck 6taata, long ono of Um leadlag re^identt
of thi^ <-.ty. di-*d on Batnrday nlght Ha wa- uUty
-;x yean ?'id. Me ?_> a Defaocrat, and ooe ol thl
?..,,?.. ra "f tiiat partv. He ? ?.- * l ? an Um I
000 of Um pabUe icho ?: U -'?' - ol the i "?. a__d f.n
inoro thaa a qaartcr ol a caatary lerved a 11 H
of the lioard ot Edmatlon.
i,eneral Wadaworth Port hM eoaipleted im ?*?
nenta Ior Um proper obaaaVnca ?-( Mem vtal D_v. Thl
Poet Comn Iti ? - eharge li w : I'"*'
roMmai-.ier-- Cawley and Wyehoff. Pm! Senlor Vtea
i maoder Parfeer, Senlor VlcaCoenmander MUler,
Junlor \ i -('.mui. ii * r D _ v, -djat i I -
... p ,? ? - ,_ . Lathrop, and Commaiiden Co k, *.'i.wk,
y, |i.... . !..??? . i .' lor, \ <:. Clcel, Bowa . > _
Peit an.l r.'ttcn.
When tha Bockaway Valley itall id wai f;1-!
kUrted, a number ol cltlwna ol Potti ? ?
I to have the road buill Irca i While H
that plaee; but whon II wm loond Uut the road
lt ..ttTv a- hu ..- S. -v Uer man town thej i
lo pay. Sow that tlw i ad haa reached Potteravllla,
tbe, company hM aaked (or 11m money. imoui l | t.
fr-,. several peraona liave paid, but \
refuae to pay, and dei larc that Un | aUi teat th ? mi
ln the ...urt.
Tho jT-ev Central Ballroad bm aeceded to th?
raqnart ol Bomervllle Ior a han4_ooM new pa - i
.tatlon, whleb w;u booo be buUt Tbe etUaeai wmi
bettet traMportatlon (acilltli?. BU rl i au lai
to have Um Lehlgh Valley Company baild a ipor troai
Ua tra.k, tba'c mllea dlitaot.
The orange COBUOOfl Cooacll wlll h H 11 ' ?*
meetiug und.".1 Um new orgaaliaUon to-night, i I I
? probable tbal a itormy meetlng wlU i"1 beM. m
thera are run,":- tbat au attempt wUI ba mada ta
broa the combination betweea Um IU liurd
crati and fe BepubUeana.
Tho Atiuellf Commtttae <>f tbe Orange M ? t
? luh have deelded to hold a pool handi.
ment ln the elnb-hoaae. II ?ill open on H
evenlng, and Um or.tr,'1- wlll ckwe Umboitow. a
large number ol tho beil player- of Um etnb harc
ilreadj enteeea. _.,.__
? - ?
OTlir.li 8UBURBAN T0WN8.
n \YiTlF.?rKi; - \ large number ol i""'-"!',\v|,,;'h
(h? ruina ol Dltmar'a dj iwniU' worh- yc :? ''>! o. P?n
,?:,,,!, wi- blown up b}
Murtay. kUHng Jamea k _
,..,. rulna were rarelully wai1. bed, hul -
thing aai lound thal loohi- likc hun in ;
Ato axpbaion. bave
l? (he li t ten year*. io>tii < ,?
and heavy damage lo u l'r,*f "*? !
n-id.1,:!. of Laybo-l.T IvaVfl '-" ", J
,: .,,-..1 in-.-r tlie danger of i
it i- Uioughl that tho authorlilei ? ' UUx"
kome a. l:.u.iiii-t tbe woi_-?>.
PBLIl.-MVILLK. \ h . tiJ-f - bi )
f,f i.. Brotherton. at Flfth-a ' '"?" '
i.niillv deatroyed b> Ure eari) ) .terda* ui
rhe tlan.es , miniuiii. ited " a sublj* and i -
!?,?.,?. wlU.1. w,,-1 ;,*.-.* dc trc?ed. Ihe ;
sick. I'.Ntuiv ,.".t bm:.!.'- i- f?t ????; ? ,' , i_
There i- nol much hiauraiice. The "-"^
ited fr 'in tn overheatod ??? ? '
wniiT. I'I.ain.-. wilijuu Korgcnaon. * ? *
l?, a, . ,,u ,-i yis-terdas afteinoon ??n Ibe groiindi
..f the aummer hoi.f I'harles tndeisoti. the New
Vork lea merohant, ??.'.""-:- lnjurcd bj ni
buraUng ol a gun. Sorgenaon'a lell hand wi
ioi-.il iii a terribie manner. ao thal il raajr ba M o*
thrj to ampatata the han- al Um ?n-t.
IIIC-DSVU-LB. l'..r iiie li t week liorse-thlevi bara
i.? operating almo.1 nlghlly m tii;- vtllage. ina
mu, li ju,.i. rt\ haa i>. aU?len. On Satui_a. nlg?l
ihe Uilovcl wrcre agaln I u . and -l le ?? valnabl ? M *_*
from the cUbles ol tlio -i. .i ?!.-'?'- Home and ? _*__;
rarl and .i ael of hanieas from Peter O'P. \ U_
T-..-.ii. isn the thlevea atole Ju**tlcc 8t?lnert'i roiin?
i-.'li and two hor?ea nnd i boggy from the ttebtea ?
lohn B. ilubba. rbe rlticena are much ugltated ")<,r
ihe numomui robberlea, and talk <*f orgaalsiag *
Dlfhl patrol. _ ^_m
BBIDGBPOBT.?The two candtdatM to ba wof A **
to-day in tl..1 Mayoralti election ara flviUon l'""'''1'
Republican. and Boberl B. !)<? Foreat, Democrat. t""
, ,iite_l "ill l*e oondiK'iiil undijr tho necret ImiIK'
i.iw, whlrh ii in pi.t'ti.e tor the Bral llma i? ?h1'*
1 Itv .
\..i: " ai.k. Mlnol i Kellogg. while In r*ly?' '
recenily. lamghl an Kevpttan tent, a-hleh he n **- ?'
Ing lu- irip rn. ...-I. tbal rountry. Mr. Kellogg ?*1*'
ramp on. under iln. i?".i wi >l"ll laland, n-n |,,'l,
rhe?ler, thta romlng lummer. The ,-l.ind i- ?? '
bj Po-in.a-i*')1 Uu--. ?.f 4i"...it Venmn.
" (iiiKKMiiTi l> mii.. Frederk lironaon i- abowt _?
i-.-.-.-i ii new dwelllng "f brlek and -t. to la*. ' ?'
ii.u.-e of tradlilonal "Verna." Ile expett* to oei ip! a
house in the nelghbnrti.I R'hlle Ihe work la golug _
Krn. xirln'n Tokuy Ulne?.
HIl'IiH ent.--..id t?'? Iheir aoaUty. 1_. _? liaTard i 0*h
w_.oi.-_i. a.'.-. b-W avaqr-lMNi

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