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a*_Tt by Vm-J Oi*iet. -Bpiaaa Drder, Cbecfc, vran tt
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Wliat_ VlVMMagM. 1C4 RaMaa^,, Raw-Tork.
AddrM* al" e^9rT*.|K)ndene. *laipiy " Th* Trtbun*," ffaw.
!'..ic.,n -Threo-qti-rters of the ?CWR of Colou,
nn U.r Isthmns of ranama, **rtk deatroyed by
tiie : Inoters iu the ruina were flred upon by the ?ol
il e.:. and wvenl *A'?-n- Killed. _b_bs The tnal al
r.neliall cl Woodstock, Ont.. for tlie murder af
Itoiiwel! mi.s oontinucii. s_b_s Goldwin Smitli
*|a..;e i*i..i?. the rc?lirrlcl Union Ciub nt l.?
i..i i.i .ni ic-'iprocitvi- and Ihe MeKiniey MIL a-asa
ratriek O'BricR, M. P-, **? awcaatal iR Irelanil
^ V fierinun Army oftiiei rominitte.l suii-idr
ri Bcf-R --- Muck desirueUoQ ha* bCRfl done
I., Qooito in FraRCC. bsssbb l'urtl.er revelnuons
. u_een_ttg ticner-1 Uoulaiiftrr have brcn ni_de l>y
:,.-, foimer srcretary. --^--= Five pcreon. T,ere
kill.-d in ;* railway wreck in ltnly.
. uugn-iw.?Bmtk brani-V. in aehsion. -am Tl.e
N-u^ir: \ iiiiuiWr ol billa *vere pai_cd. ,.c '
i l ?(? l!(u*r A i;ii'ii uai w.. nhtaine.l, and thc con
i*hI d rle.-tion i-Hiiea of LbRRbIIC airain.t Vrnnblo
aml Miller Beatnat ISlaatf **'ere decidcd in fav..r
,.i tn*- e.>uter.tunt.. __-_ ln lommittee: The Ke
r,,ibiieun tBClfCWCa on the TRltl bill rt-uehrd un
.arhspim-nt on all thc matteis in diapute evept
h.ip_r aud t inder t*vine.
I)otne*tie.?The r*_8B8j1>CRa1 league of Ra
puhlican (l.ibs held ift* eonvention in Philadelphij.
arss Preaident Harrison aml his faniilv preimred
ra leave Cresson for Waahingtou. =-- Tnriff de
hatea took plaoe at Lyons and Coopemtown. X. Y.
_-r_-r. The annual feativnl bejan nt WBtaiCicr.
-_=t. The Princeton srientifie t-xiiedition to Ibe
t;ht-an_? Bad Landa wtia ,uci*e44ful. saas. The
(tcnnaa Catholic Coogreaa began in Pittsbms.
City aud Suburban.-Wllllivm Walter Fhclps,
rnlteid Statea Mlniator t? Germany, arrived. _=_b=
Governor Hil.'ft Pomocmtic Sbkte Coro_.itt*e rnet
aad followed a 8U^Bnd^lrled pfotraranae laid out
by their okl8f. ?i?i Tba ThomBa Jafferaoa Build
irm la Byooklya wbb form-lly opanad. s_-= A
flre ia tba ledjIc Oll R?ttnery,? ^orks tn Bayonne
oaueed a loaa of $250,000. =__r= A llnamaa re
eoivod aa clcctj-le chock, whiob kaooktd him twm
a telegrcpb pole and lnjured bim badly. __x_- The
HobMwa began to oelobrat* Yom KlpP'T =ir
By dccciTing the offloara of a bank, a younc mpue
waa eaabled to swindle wveral Itrmsi. 8__t_ Win
ners at Uravei*nd: Clrfaauc.be, Diublo, .-.aper
mira, Demuth, Lowlander, l^qiiimau, Busti-e.l
and I.lttJc Jipj ?aa T. V. Powderly aeut out a
.tnfcoient to the KBig-bt* of Labur. runkinc *vlld
i-hargea againat tba .New-Vork Outial Koad and
ibe Pinkertona, nnd aakine f?r aid in flghtinir t!.e
riulioad. :-=-= Stoeka generally dull-acttve iu
rpou-after deprcaiiun generally irccTCICd au.l
i-luaed ,troog.
ITae Wenther?Forecaat for to-day : iair and
JiRhtlv cooler. Teinperaturp yesterday: llib'l*
*?t, 76 degretig; lo**eat, 61 ; avcrasf, DG 3-4.
The ^cnatc Comiiiittcc on Cities?toinmonl.v
i.nown a? the Kanaett Committoe, ulthough Mr.
P_s.ett is nut iu chainnan?i. proparinR to re
siinio the ta.k of cupl.iring our mtinicipal pov
ernment. A meeting of the committeo is to
bc held on Monday, tyhen a plnii <>f t-anijiaign
will be agreed on. Thirc is plcnty of work
for the eommittcc to do, of rotirse; the only
question i. as to which department to begin
with. It ir rertain that our lectll rnleii. will
keep on trcmbling ro long as Mr. Fa.*!?ett and
his assooiates keep on inve.tigating.
? i ?
Anotoer haub of raihva- accident* is added
tb'i* morning to a list which has betn udded to
fiom day to day for aeveial week? until it has
attaincd formid?ble propjrtions. Tkecc <-isu
altief. taniiot be tcgarded by the travellins
public without profonnd contern. Railroading
ia hy no menna thc cxact "cience it h sometime.
proclaimed to bc, whon ooIIimous and derail
menta ccn ocour 80 frequently a? during the
last mooth. The reoord of fataliUcs is already
long cnough. Bailx-Ry offidsr's of every grado
ahould roaltao by this tinie the need of increased
vigilaflce ?Rd uri*>c_4ing ccre in the perform
anoc of their duties.
GoTcrnor Hill wbb the brigh. pRrticular st*v
Ir thc Democritic oelebration yesterday at tlie
openiRf of Ibe Tbomas Jofferaon Huilding in
Brooklyn. Hii upeiMih was of the usua! crnt
nad-dried crdcr, and coBtained little that he
ha*. not aaid b^Torc time and tUne again. Thc
OoTernor's orRfbry ia liaiitcd in range, and bbMR.
an addreas as bo made ye8t4?rday is not cal
oukbed to firc tbe Demeiratio boait. It wa.
prrhap. well that be nteol aloRe, and that no
* raf.v_r.bl. comBRricons were poscible bctween
bim and othcr ^eaWerc. If his apeeeh had not
beco fc_*l8>gtty RsWsi 1_ ^vancR. H watkt bc
thought that be had exhausted himself by his
political labors in this city earlier in the day.
Tho minority in the House of Repicsentativcs
oamo to its undoing yeeterday. Tbe Kepuh
lionns mustered a quorum, and not only dis
l?osed of the Langston-Venable oontest, but
also took up the Miller-Elliott oase. and de
cidcd that before T_e Democrats had a chanoe
to rocover from their surprise. ln their cha
grin and vexation th*?y talk of rctaliation by
ineusting that tbe majority must furnish the
quorum when tho Tatiff bill coincs up for final
paasage. The Republicans are ahie to do this.
and -e.il) do it, if necewary. It is to bc hopcd
that the ill effects of absenteeism have been
made clear enough to prevent the recurrenoe
of the evil in thc futtire.
In deciding not t.i hold a -tflta Convention
and in naming Judgc F.arl for thr* Appcals
bench the New-York Demociati,- Committce.
which niet xcsterday. availed itnelf of the ex
nniple set it a littlc c-nlior in tho season by the
Kepublicaiis. Of .'.otii'se. it was a good cx
ample. Democrats Und that they ntake no mis
take in following where thclr oppoiicnts lea,l.
It is eminently propor that Judge Eail should
oontinue to flear the artnine without a oontest.
There is no polrtlcs in his exalted placc and
even those who insist most stieimously upon
an oleotive judiciary will l.e ghid to *ee him
remain where he is by unanimoiis lonsent.
If the Demoiratic CounriT.'t'-c had oontc-fltrd
itself with making this ncniination its mceting
would have l-een a creditablc one. Hut before
adjimrning il adopted one of llill- stunip
speeehes. naming it an "addic.s" to the voteis
ol New-York. Like aall ol thc GoWflor*
stiunp-speeches, it is ihaiacteri/ed hy had
temper, n.isstatemenf. silly chargcs a'gainst Re
publican administi-atinn. and abaurd eulogy of
the Democracy. This intei-esting doir.inent bo
ginis wifh u reference to " thc revolution" which
has "overtaken the control'' of the Bepnblit_H
party, but in the ahsencc "f a foot-notc ii is
cleariy impossiMe to detcrniinc what is nvant.
Then comes a vcneiaMe alliisi.ui to thc ?' fr.iiid"
of '76, after which thc stHitiinir inlelligciicejs
iraparted to the votcrs that the Kepubl.ran?
"seized possession of the Viesideiuy" in 18R8.
InasDiiieh as (icncral Ilarria-H rcceived 23.1
votcs in thc Electoral Collcge to lfiH for Mr.
Cleveland~a coinfortable niajority of iS
" seized pos-.es.iuii of the Presidcney " i* par
tkulaily good. Of cour*e. tho Fedeml Elee
tion bill caubt's it. hut the ternis in whirh that
mea-stire is abiiscd could noi wcll hc more pre
posterous. Its purpoae i.s -?ai<l to be " to enaMe
Rcpublican nianajiers to do their own couniing
and certiiication." when evcry candid peraoB in
the country id perfectly svell aware that thc
measure aims wlctj t4> atirroufld the right ol
siiftragc with .tnh additloRfll safcuuani. a. c\
periencc has shown t.i hc vitally ii',. --aiy ?
1'assiflg from Natimial t<> State iiflair*. lh*** a'l
dro*s is chietly signili.-ant fur whtil H can-fiillt
kccps ?waj from. Xo cxplBBalinn i. offered
ul the shamelcs r_oioe ol Mr. H.bflfl hj Ihe
Jkimocratic mcmbcis nf tlu- la-t A-s.-iiii>iy a.
their camlidato fur the Speakewhip; Ru cx
pianarioa is offered ol tbc oppu?itioR of l'"in
ocratic Senators an<l Assr'inl.lynK!i lo ballnl
i-cforin, tn hii-'h lin-nac, to the I'rohiliitiuii
Amendment. Thc addl-e-d ia aih nl aa Ihe urav
in refcrenoo lo thc.e polnts. Whj '.' H' :ui*"
the ritiise ot thc lJcnmcrutic nrinli is nf the
Legin-tureo! lsno "cacupc*. i-ritiiiMB onlt as
it es.apcs olisi-rvation." baving b<vfl Biarki'il
by cowardiro. iiufticicncy and Btibaerviem > lo
tho svorst inflncn.e.-i. Kvon au ,iii.<mij,uI",i. a
stump-spcakir a. llill is evidcntly nnable tn
tind anything iu th? racord of that minority
to which he can point with pfide, and r_fl_e
i]OCRtUj contcnt*. him.cll in his a<l*7ics. \\nli a
sailing the inaj.nit.v. He h_IRt- it i-R Rajliljl
for the I'.ss to New-York of ihe World's Kairi
hut reailins Letiv'-n Uie lirn** ime .'?'??? 'liat hc
is ungry bciati-" Taminlany. iinder Uv lead of
Uodfathcr tiiant. v.;ic nul fllluwed to hiKter
np its despeiat' forlRRe. with tlu, Ri-r-flt enter
piise. Thc reputable fBember. nf lioth partiea
have heartiIjf rnniiiit-inh <l thc Si-nal" t'omiiiHt"?*
,m Citic-j foi it? Infelligent and reaolute erTorfB
in hebalf ol iiiiiiiinp.il reforiR. In-t- -*<1 of
jnining in tbc-c <iu jiniuni-- ihc fiovernor,
thiaking onlj of thc injury wtiTh thi inveati
gation of the cotnmitt. c has iutiitled upoR th"
rcputati.iii of the 1?ciii<uintii- Ma.vul ol Xaw
Yoik, mnndlv doROunce. it. Thal i. Ihe aoH
of a patriot hc i"s Gmwiog reckh aa as be pn?
tv-eds with his addicss, 1?. chargon the 1- ^i?
lative ni-joiity with haiing pa-.dl " uii'|iiit..n.
stewls," ignoring thc iacl that ovcr Ku. own
signnture he ha. borne liitness tn the fart that
tbe record ot that majmity. an tar a. tho greaf
fisoat Bie_s_4- of thc sc.sion wtiis roRiseroed.
was uilaHsailable. 01 coiirsH*, a disaBBRogue
capable of making snrh rharfci will atop ot
nnthing. A-Mor*_Rgr*/, it is hanlly t<i bc won
dercd at that before hc gcts throaali he hroadly
insinuatftfl that Mr ."-axfon aud his nssoeiatc
were h}'pocritf? ao fnr as bflllid refortfl waa
HMicern?'d. and that thc incn who ml down th"
tax ratc and who dralted, perffHied and put
through thc Appropriaiinn bill on Wbirh reni
hil einphatu fuiinal ir_loiscni??iit would have
been guilty of extiavagancc in iheir handling
ef the pnhlii: funds but for his vetoe*.
Neverthelc.s. this btiRiSfhib perforn?iflee
serves oin'- useful parpoaa. lt ?board that the
Dea-ocratie caiapaigii for Ihe rontrol ol ilii
next Lcgi.latuie i.. tu hc a ,aiiipai?n of braaa
and blnsicr. m^^^^mmmm^,^mmm^
The Braziliaii ('nnstitiitii,n-niak''r-i. whil" re
pnidut-ing the .-vutial fcaturcs oi the ftlflda
niCBtal law nf thc I'liitcd Stat.'.. have pmliled
by a\inciic'in ?gialative MpeneBi*e. While
proTiding in their Conatilutiun that Iheir Sen
ate and Uotua? of Keptrejiefltfltive-. ..Iiall labor
separately and ofll* delilierat? when there may
bo pre.ent in citch ol tbe Cbamben an ahsnlutc
mujonty ol it. r_rnbeia, they inttert th<' fol?
lowin^' a_pp? fltetltal ..cHinn : "Thc rulcs nl
thc two C'h.iiiil.'is will f.ta bliah BKBIM lot rufli
pelling flbaenl inciiil.cis in appeur." .\ uajurity
of the meinl.cis is con?tituted a hihu-irai for the
transaction of bUMRe>-B, but it is noi Icft at
tbe inetcy ol tbc minority. WIh-ii Ibe iiiiii.nity
.ittempts to bloi'k bnsinc.s by reinainiii'.' awav
in a body and thcrcbv depliving the ('hainhcr
of a quorum, mean. aic to be fnimd for cum
pellint; abscnt iiicmb-is t'i bc iircsent and tu
take their seats. Thc majority U adcquaiely
aimed in this way ajiainst fiutional obstiuctinii
on the part of the minority.
The eagacity of those Hrazilian lawmakeis
in inwrting this explitit paovisKm for seeuring
the attendance of abscnt membcrs is amply
deiaonstrated by tbe scencs reVIrUt enacted in
Washington. DflJ flftot day the itepublicun
majority was defied by thc Iieinorraticminoi
itv in the Haajra?. With the parties nca.ly
cijually divifted the minority by uVaertiRg thc
House in a body wa- flblfl to pai;a)yze lefit
lative l__Ct__s bo long :ic a 'dozon Kcpublicin
inembers werc not pie*.<'iit. With aa uiany u.
157 Republi<_ns an.wciing to a roll-call tbere
would not be a quorum. and buaint-.s eould noi
be transacted. Not nntil yestcnlay was it
practicable for the majority to onll in h*. last
stragglers and to provide a quorum from its
own ranks without a Democrat in his seat.
When the party had wblppad ia nearly every
supporter the deadWk was brokcn and action
wa. promptly Uken on the election contest*.
While the nliHgationa o? the aiajonty have
hoen recognlced in this crisis it remain. n gnive
luii.lk- question whether the power of the nu
noritv to dcprivc thc HoOM of a quonitn is one
with "which it is to l.e armed inderinitely. Doe?
it not involve a danizeroiw encroachment upon
tho piin.iple ?.f maj.rity rule?
On one account the factiotis oonduct of tho
ininoritv at the close of the sessirm is of sorne
practical odvantace. Tt cnforce.s one of the
prindpJec fer whiih tlie HcpnMiian majority
has been lanoriously eontending dnring the
presenf session. and direefJ pnUic attention to
it oa the eve of the general electioiis. Thnt
principle is ihe rifht of the majority to legi.s
lat^ and goTCrn. Tho ...vereign people BaBjda
it-s rcpresontatives to Wushineton and cxpccts
the majoritv to rule. The minority ha* sought
froai the bcginRing to the end of the seaaion
to depiive the inajorify of the rights with whiih
it wa* anned bjf the people. Ought th.' minor
iiv t<> l.e investcd with a su*pon*ive reto npofl
lo'gi.latiiin and the tran*ai ti'.n of puhlie l.usi
ne*s? That is one of Ihe most impoitant qucs
tiniis irpriH whi.-h the AmericRH people are fo
pa*.s fudfmenl in Xovemher.
To r.untiri'lien.l fbe dependence of Europe
upon thi* conntry it i< enotigh fo nhaerve thnt
American exporf. lii Europe ineliide of food
t?o hundred and sixn *i\ niillions of dollara;
of ligbl and lobart-u Hfty-five niilli??ii< of imv
teiiuls nf m.-iinilHi-tiiie two hundred and eighty
nine iiiillion*. ind of miK-hine* aml CRM s.-ven
millioii*. Here ar.- over >ix bundrcd and neveii
lecn inillioiis in VRlne <>f piodu.t*. upon which
depend, roI oRly Eiirf.pean iRilnatry, ?>"' ihe
siisteniime nf millions engaged in prodRclioR.
The food alone would atipporl a poworfn! na
tion. Witiiotit American light a large parl <>f
Ibe boinea and amallor ahopa ..f Kuropc would
l.e in dai'kfie.*s. Withoiit our macbinerj most
ol the hoin.'s woiil* Le withoiit scwiiig-ma
rJiinea, and man.* nf fh*1 iBtm* withoiil ncces
Miry ma.hineiy and toolg. Withoiit American
inaieiiiils mnntifai-turlng work* now enplojring
milliona would be forned fo rloae. Theae are
fa.ts so pregnaiit that the Ameri.an who re
alizes them ran only langh ai a Ihreat of l-e
Dftiiial returua fot the Haral year IMMi are
not yet piiMisMed. and export* nf s..me prin
ripal arti.lcs tn thc niinor rouRtriea of Kuropc
rimiiof l.e sepaiately giveR. l>ut report* al
ren.ly rontain data from which the following
tal-le has been i-oinpil-d. thoilgfa ex|M.its rrf
soine articlet in e.i.h ela** to (ieiiiiany or lo
l'ran.e are hcr? in.'lwlcd in t!i<- *i ti-ineni r?f
rxporta lo ??otner Enropoan rouRtric*," }??'
psporta to (iei-many or l'ran.e of n-vessarics of
life and indnatry ara more lhan donble all
Aiii.-i-M.-in ini|...ii* fi'.in i*crmanjr or rranre. ex
rliiMve nf liixiiii' *. while ex.mrt. i?i ne<e*.aii'*
r.f nie and indiistry lo l.rcat liriiain aro in
valne iicarly f."ir limes. aii AflmrRaii imiaiita
..f nther than Ihi.'.* fmfli iJrmi llritaiii. ln
ihe fnllimiRg fal.R. only tvheai. Hoitr and rnrn
are imludeil a* liread.tuff.; latile, l.?..f frr.h.
? anned and *aliorJ. lalluw. I>ai-?n, lianis, |?**ik.
lard, liiittcr, nicuHiaigariiie and il.'? *". .n in
rl'.nkil a. provii*i?H4: lnr|wotiRe and >?il i-ike
,?],. inrlii.i'l with naval aturea, and only a-de
aud ii|.|.'-r I'.-iili'-i. nrc Riid in---.; ."|.|..-i. and
.|.;il bnards, 8p|M .ir und -i- fbe hoail. nam. >l
ui marhine. mily agrirnliunil iniph mfjits.
..?imii; in i' niii' * iiiid ' n.a. I'ii "i* ii"'.ivhore
.|M*rilied" are imludcd. .-i ib?i Kgiircsi *I,..m
i..i.ii'li l..ii..r.'in il'i'iii'l" ii'??? ni'.'ii Ihi. iiiiiii
uv i"i nt-ec.ssaries nl lifo aud ni iiii.ii.it4 :
?f-UI ? -f.i ...-, tr ' I : . - .--.-*... '. i:i..'.." r-'.'.'I.:i'.,
Kurii] .an |*iin ha*.* ..I i.I ii.in ii:i- ."un
t,i aiiioiint.-d i" #_GS.!r-9.7w? in taliR*. "f
ulii.li **I47.afo.*a*4_ wm of pnivisiiiii. and
:.? 11?. ..!.. * i.". of breadainffs. iVbeal und Boiii
,,,\.i I'ighty nilllion* trnd e..rn ihirti righl
c.iit!.. i.*i .-n-1 ii'-.ii..* thirty niillioiiv I.f jm<"I
ii, t. iw.? 111\ Hght, hog pnidiicta nearly **-veiil>
three. aud 'J.ur.'. pnnlui'ia ovi-r len niillimis
Withoiit Iheau .uppli-s nf food ihe conditioiis
nf life ..ii-1 labor in Kiini|??* aronid Ih- trtriblj
ailered, li i* on!.* u> <<"?*n* lo a?M lhal crih
Dl.in. .|.i uititi-s ?.f tl..*r pMflilcls, p.-ii'in niarl.i
uf poik and other ii?R prndnrta rxeluded b.i
nuniii Karopeafl RBlioRa, gu liral t'. Knglaud and
ar.. then.e ahippcd to lh?i Conlim-ntal montrie.
in qiieatiiRi.
Ci.ti.in .il'.nc .over. ?'.'?ii,?l l.."> I'' in rnlne,
and an.* Rlteuipl to fxrliidi- it would i !?.*?? uuil*
(iiiiploimg s.-veial hundred ihoiisand hand*. At
th.- saiii" t.mi rt would alimnlale * i ennrnioti.
growth and atlivity ih-- milii in tin- naiiilry
which wtuiid viuI lu nil Ihe avuiid tl.<- \.i*i
i|iiaiitiiie. ..) i-biih n'?? supplicd l>y mdld ?l
tiigland '..nd th- ""iiiiirm. Thi- r.ipp?-r
leath'-r. fur, iRrpentin,>. naval sturr*. i.-.tid*
!,,,].* and tobaioo Biippli * ar ? m_uii!Ii i."..'*
aarf lo thc \?i> <?*!*' n.i-ol iii'lu*tii ?-<.|ii|.l".\
,iik' ninllitiid. ol hand*. aml i \cliiai?Hi of *'"ii
liii.dii.t* no.rl'l in l'l.'" niiilin-i' UttW l" ihi
r.iuiiii* il>- niiili'is "i ih" world Fnr '":">"
fiiituies ..| eiiollli'iii. VrIiR*.
t?| exiaiti- ilin-ii i ? Ii.'rniaiiy lln '?' nro. in
Ihaar l.'w ila?ea over wlriil.i -li\" millioRS.
nhile liermani -II* lo ii.i* rwiinir*; nol IbirtJ
figbt milliona nf all produria mhar lhan
limiriiH. rininl.v, l.cimanv cannol affonl l"
...\<-.!ii'le foi-ti -two inill.* w'llli "I Aiii'ii.an
liitfim, ii >? ?'.:ii 1'iaii'- alTo.'l t-. exilmle Iweti
ivfour million* nf pntt**n. Uritiah imporla in
ii?. fctt .I;.--- imiiti .n-d .?*.'??* sio per head
f..vev"iy inl.al.itani nf l*r**al llritaiii. and lu.-iui
in ;i di.nl'le *.n*'. tbe living for ihr Ilritiab
n.sipl...-tba food l*i su*tiiin !if.'. aud lh~ Ria
terialsof llldu.tr* hy whi.h fooo may l*e i arii.d.
It is r.\|..clini2lv prohaMc thal Iwn yeafa nf
non-iiii. iioui-se with thi* .-onnriy would put an
<nd io thc |.i'.'*-ni fonn of governRiani in ni'f
than oii.r Ktii-op.-.in nation. ln point of finl.
tbe talk of non-int'M.oiir*e i-einind* on? of
nothirig eJsRl so inuih as the thie.it of n Nmi -
Knglaud poor-ouae lo aeeedc from tbe lown.
A new and most bopefid turn has he**n j-'iven
to the long warlare agaiiM demortlixing lit.-i
ature, in '.he very pkw*e where it **ill ito most
good. Had book's anywhcre ara mischievuua.
l.nt e.*perially in rbe hand* of Ihe yonngi and
ivhen Ihey are impreaaeil **ith Ih*" ?nl nf |.<da
goRii.il anthority and InfToditeed into .cbooll
a. text-l.ooks, they reRCh fbe i'ih.it nf per
niriou* hiflueniif*. It is theief.m- imI'i itartlillg
to discovei tliat. while rigomua law* have been
eiiai-t'd and enforred BfraJnal Ihe puld r <i!'' <?i
cirrHiation tbrough the mail* nf immoral l.nok*
4)in piilili.- sihouls hav... L.v the mnnivanre and
a.Ui.il diie_.tioii .if tlnii .*up< lint.-nd' nt> und
gnaidiaRn, been lilerally Boodcd \*iih ihe umst
virioii* and dcgtad**d pro.lu.'tions ..l nncleati
pena. lf ever ihere were iKxaaiiRi For atern
apeecfa an.l iron-banded artion iu liHiRlf ol im
perilled youth, it i - Rbw: and are hall with |iro
fouiul eniotion the attitudc Rsonined l.y gome of
tlie BC-Ool priniipals of llrooklyn, as reportod
in our cohunii* of ye.terday. It marks a new
departure in education, and the dawning of a
hrighter and more glorioim moral era, for tho
vvholo human raoe.
The revolt of thesc piueminded inatnictors
of the rising generation haa been directly pro
voked by the introduction into tho roading
ooursc of a corrtipt and dcbasing poem callcd
"The lluilding ol thc Ship," reputed to have
been written by one H. W. Longfellow. But
this is only thc culmumting incident tn a long
oourse of svstematic outragc. Other poeins ol
this same man Longfellow have been used in
the schools Bgainst the earnest protest of the
principals. One of them is entitled "The
Psalm of Life"-its very namc indicating it?
shockingly incligious character; and it oon
tains. among lines that cannot hcre be qnoted.
this infamous pasxagc:
"Art, art In the llvlnjt rrcscnt.
lliitri -Itliln and Oed o'erlic?tl-**
words which must have led hundreds of inno
cent hoys and girls to forsake thc wuys of
virtuc for thc gilded vice of the dramatic stage.
Anolhcr shamcless effusion from the same pen.
" Thc Hridgc" pictures its sin-stecped hero as
sayinp :
-llovv oficn. Bh, li'.iv of.cn,
ln Uif vcur- thal have BDM l,v.
1 iirut .-touit on lhat tuiiiiw ai mMalfbt
Aml BBtfld an t?ll Braire nnd .Wy!"
And thc rh.blren of Brookljrn were forced to
,-ontcinplale the coiuluct of that hai'dencd mu.
,-j-caiit in hi. nightly nrgiea ani'Uig the piirliena
of the wat4'i-.:'lc. As thniigh this were nnl
BRouffh, thc aatne insidiou- power* loaded thc
iiiiricnlnm Of thc schonl. with cmintle*. nthcr
pqtmllj vilc worka, among which wc may only
mention?-for f<> quote tbem in a family new.
papcr i. nnl <>f thc qut slinn?siich pocius a.
" Alatiil Mnller" by Wbittier, thc''ln Merno
riain" nf Tcnnysmi, and c\cu that unsp.-akahly
M-andalotia produf-tion liimnamly known n
?? We Are >''vcn." the offaprtng ?>f thc hcated
and licentioiw imnginatinn of an Kngli.hman
uaiii.'l W'nrrl.ivnith. Wc have cv.-n heard it
tvhiapered with bated breath thal Ihc Hippanl
nnd lii-ald " I -radiae Lo?t" ol the nutorions
.Milt'in. nnd tbe verj pmperly Mippre*?ed
??Klegy Written Ih a Country ChiirehyRrd,*1
for thc prodnrtinn of nyhirh the namc of firaj
i> .o imivrsally ej-errated, bnve been rlan
.li-tiivly diatribntr-d among thc pupila iu aever
;,l sihni.ls. Ilul th:. wi> .:iu M-arcely even v>? t
i?ur iciiil.'is will agree wiih ns in thinking
thal it i. high rimc bn BtinTeTbing lo he d?ne.
There in stirh an abiindanee of pnre and who!e*>
Miuie lit.iaiuic cxtant that lin i>\<u-c i- po*
sii.u- for poiaoning ihf mind of j-oitih wiih am h
nflal a. Ihal which ha. now hoen cxp"?f'd. I.i-t
ns ili.cuil the aBbtrioiti I.niigfcllow for tbe
i liast*. innocenre of SwiRbinne- earlier w?irl_
and the auatere <l.rnnt of WhitmaH- " Leavea
,.f ttnt..." l."< Whitti'-r and the Stygian
VYordBWortb Rive plai-e tn ihe limpid im?*etne?B
if f'ongreve nnd Aphia IH.n. And the un
alt.Ti'il worka ni ftda, and fatullo Meniba. mul
li.iv ilfl .M;iil|,:i..:,lll. Il"l I.I n:illl" I'uma. a-lld
Toi-d.-i au'l " The I'iili.e lia/ett" " ?h:ill ihej
,-i,,i all ho iu "ti i"'l i"'t'-I'-- im h wril -|. a* ilm-.
ull.. have :,i'i:is .I ihe ligl..- w rath nl Grad
?_ ri ii?l aml -'I'.i'is |h i, ii'l I." Ib. :.?"'.' We
inist ihal mi, li .in "]ii.!--\ l..'''iit.'.ii "iui-" ma.i
',,.. |,| p.,n .| ll l||i --? lll.piicl |.i:in'l|i:i|s j
-Imll effiTl ,i nhiile. nc- n?? ?luli m in tla?- read
ing id iii" i'"H.I. li i- i gn-ai ""rl. and wi-ll
lii'gun: and al if. li'iimphanl ,'".?? ih" stmng
. ,i j,:,.!'|...| ,!?'- iii tii-. riatliii.h A.sl.iBi >l ill
he ihe re-ard "f ii* anihiM *
nl Ii l.ni I.VOI 11 il. f.i/ V.
Tlw* pli'i'i wrcatlrr ? ln.-li ',, . p'.-- . .I?"l Iterc
4>M.I||B siH'l- h-l W, 'I'.,'- |:,\ s iiC,'.\ |.,|M j-, ||..|
im liarm.'ii.v aiih ti"- (cpular nuti.in ri*_nrilln-|
fi,.- in.- -'..ii.,s' fr*? n.? :-'..i.:...',. ,1 nipcrs'i
l|ii|.fl 4|c au \\cll ri?.t."l. ;.c, B. i;r..ii,i.llcsa. a?
ihe u-ucf tliat tii,- .i.'i, in cri_?lnit lin" >? : ?..."r.
,S I.,- lI'-Cs ll\|. ,- I, ' , .. ' |. . ll*>S .. hfM ' 1 1 'lls
iiirlnii..' in ..ur .,tti..> |i!,.'.'- niilik"' liittiiflMnees
.i i.tii't iii.ii--. .rn I B_nife?i?-d witl.t : iwn or tl r.*1
ilava nf tin- i*.|iti??\. I,,'' -iti'aii -". 'ii.il" l?l-i
I.j ihe llr.i.kl. -iii.l l ii.''! --i.ii.. MiMihcr liutf., -
,.-.i- ah'.aii ? "i ? i.*>.vel.t ll.nl Iher*- ia n" parti-" -
: ,r .t' rii. ii.-ir ilj .,* llir <? |H....h i ,1 |m i i,m| i..|
fmiii llirn- t" li'<- da)'* , l".l, "ii H.' hand.
,.,.i,ira ?r?' -i.i.tl. in lavm ?( nn-lei ralm
lieiitlii.ii '.st i. i-i.- ml /i ? >iflrr\s..r?l. II."
li,e <"?'? irt'-ii.? "f Nt-vrre b..w*b "ti "i very near
I .r ii .ii .i.i.i Srpti-inhei .**: ni i*ii to f ??:"' ' i?nl.
is ii'-.'i.l.'iii.il. |,i..i..'1v aa 1 K-ir .,|.|,.'.ir,,ii.c on
.ii,\ i.tl.ci >\ ,\ "! Ilw V rn a*..nld ?"?
li in,,-.'!,' .'..si-i-vl, l..'M-.'-i. Umi lin- purrl.a
lilftllltllllB CO|.l.-li'i- lli ..t ll il .!'., 11-. .. r. _* 8* ll ll
i,,;,-i,,i.|,. li.",iieii< s. lu tl.'- i.-iii|h-:..i,- /..ii.'.,
in ,re >)T irss p'-ri.-''fly u>tel..pr.| si.irm ajsteiua
un,-.,- p.ist anj i|.sen B*.i..l al-mi unre rvery
Uii'-c i.r f"ni da\a, i*n an avrrois**: aa lli?l "
woiil'l he .iltti'ist iu,p"v.ti.!c lor ? .|'-' ilicl ctufion
esiirei* t" csr.i|-o n fall ln i?? Iwmmeiei aad ^
iiuli* rloiiiliti.-.s. cvii if tii'r,- HPic in, heavy
niitt <'r galfs, artibin i\s" "i Ihree .|?\s ..f citlirr
eoiilnox. Rni ti,.-.- Btarm h.i.icius vur-. tu in
tciMty. Their aeveiit. iBerenara Irregnlarl] frotn
>',,?nicr ta *-4iiii<-r. .ui'l <!??< r.-'t-a-. lro_ w.nti*, ...
Miiuiiicr. In thr lut'ii,- "I Ihingk, t|irrcf,.t*c. there
miist ratae, s>."iir-r .ir later, lu liic crly m.t.imn
j stortn "r iw? if I'Mni finleiiee; and, nficr
hpruia.- haa plven .."in?' preiaature siun.s "l :,p
|,r".,'li. ;i ni'li' if Iui''! len.?rMiii <sf Musler.V
winter i. |.ii.'ii.' iH.v i.i' im li h ?' ill i?- c ...., im i
.vr..uu, lo iM.r.BltJlie .mll .li.i'ii l-.'ii' '?. .? rcl.itcl iu
any aay t" lur aiin'. ei-iBsaiiu Ihe llne: and it
i- ,,i,U l'.\ nii.lul.i fMrii'liii.' Ibe liine lin.tla .,
iv?i>k rn- t w <> .-.i'll u''\ ii'i'in 'in' .'rnn"\ ti-ii "ii"
,'.,i, ,-\ 'i ii nd mi,. n| iii..,' i., nlt-univ .,. tl,..
sii|,|,"-4-'l "e<|iiii,.? liii "
Thcrr in. ri.-viTi li.'l.-.s, ;, rertuin rlns. uf atornis
\N|,i.l, iHi-iu-i more imioenll' in llie early iiiitiinu.
tlmn it I'tiv "tli-'f ..-'-.'in, nmnely. 'Ki- VV.-sl lixli.,
liiirriBBnea. IXail iii.--'1 ure linlile i" miiiila-r liuni
two '.r ihree ln eijthl "i len :i sen??., and are
nn tii"ic in to cmuic'-ti'ij -mi!i the r?|i.iii?x Ihuu
is any idber Biitiimnal sturm. Mnreuter, lh<
afaaon im iln'*1 Barlienlar rjrhifu- rxii'iula ull
ilic aray fi_HI luly i" tR'tidarr, iiorninllv, v-itn
.,iiii.,iin.il nisi.iii.es in r\i-r\ i.iiicr iiii.ull. The
sti.i? aiiii-h mi ii,??il.\ arerked ll.1 1'iiitt-il *?lat?*-,
slup l'antie, .mi iu Ihe iStilf Slrenrn laai year, w.is
n| iin|iii-.il iiiii.ii,, i>ii< 1 \i-i ilevelunetl ln May. ll
any biaj atorm larlweefl Kourlh nl .luly and t'hrial.
naa is t.' to _*Ued bb " ?-<i'.i.i...-t 1,41. " the rrlation
helwren eail*-1 and ciprt la*eo_ea u tr.ll,' nhaeurr'
l^'i ns kr*ep 'i|> mlli Ihe liBtea, aml Inatead
ol |imklflg lt Imd wi'i.tlicr rteaf M.n. I. :? aad
SerMenjher )'i .very year. rspeel an r^uinaetial
(??.Iui iiitlicr, auch as are have jnst cvpi-ru-ticcil
A niasa nwriini i. to he held at the f'eapet
I'ni.ic.M Momlay to uri-c llie Baaaaae ul a lav/
i,y t'onttreaB taaklng el(hl bours a ilay'a work fm
ull pustoflii-.. efltpkiyea. Ii i. well known th?t
Tbe Tribanea aytaipathk? are efltirely iu favor uf
aaeh a liiiv. We have reneat?dly ?pakea m op
prnvril of it, ntnl beUeve that Itaeaaetflaenl anghl
not to lie postponed. Siu.-I, u tnretiiK; an is lo be
held will. ao doulit. he B*apreet_bly belpful in
scr-nrinu wlial is soui/lit. Wc trust tliat. there
will lie b uooil altefldaaee aml thut the voke uf
thc mcctiiiK, which may luiil.v lie takei aa thi;
raior ?f ihls trt?X < ity, will i>c sn lou,| iii?i rjle_f
thal the tlc.lii'il effeet will ImtBedlately follow.
-_ ??
i "iiiiiiissl'iiicr liilrny says lhat fur salnrics iu
ihr Tiiiili, Wurka 1 ii-jui11mi-nt hc will neetl ii3,:,..a
more m-xt year Iban waa alkiwed thi. year.
Tutuuinny lakea eare ?,f its awn.
\ iii.ii, iteat til'iiu :i p:,( kt-il hall (li'f'lui'il ilmf.
it waa so full thal "tlie lasi __u win, forecd bta
wuy iu waa eoatpelk-d fur w-,nt of roo_ to Iravc
his i'iiiic uulsnlc."' 1'hilii.lcIphi.i win. jnst uliuut
M full ns that yeaterday of Kcpuliliciius. Thc
Kcpuliliran rluhs all ovrr tjie State pnureil in, aml
had a plei?<uil aud prolitable u.eeting. We coo*
gratulat* Philadelphla. A city is never so well
of! as when II ia Kepublican by an overwheloinj,
majority. _ _
There will be no waillng and lamentntion over
thc diBContin.ir.nr* nf the coinaire of three-doll.r
and one-dollar gold pici~? and of the three-cent.
niokel. The three-dollar gold eoin bns not been
Mt. mueh of late. Bt kaat in this *^ * *?
countrv, and cerlainly no neressity fct "Wa*. a
ooin ob. be peroeived. Thc Kolil .lollar wos t?0
84411 to be popular; it waa liablc tc P***
Iclv lor* in eornen of pooket or ..ooketbook Bf
obe to be paid out t.nder the impresatan that it
waa only a rent. Th* thrcr-ccnt niekel wa. never
unythin* but ? peaky nuisanea. Thc number ?f
people who have aereptrd it ln the hehaf that
ihe" were ffrttlRg teR eents ent.ld not be en?i y
eonntcd, and U.eir wrath on flndlng the uiisuke
would best not br dOBeribed. Again. what ean
1* nioie provokmg than t0 havr the btreet-oar
eonduetar ta whotn you hand a dime otTcr you as
Ohangf two eentB and n three-ceut picc f I r..t*
,,hlv this piirti.-ular eoin has iriven ri* to in.-re
bad U..Ki.aKe lhan any otbct Ifl tl.e history of tl.e I
countrj. To stop enlninr It is realt? B BtCR ui |
tbe direetion of good morals. und Conirn-ss L, to i
ih* fban-ed for its aettoa. lf lt?aa is aateraaJiam. ,
l?>t us nil l>e glad to make tl.e n.?si of It.
When fbe romercte_e of tho Rrooklrn Demo
cratifl heailquartew waa laid Orover ci.-veUnd
araa preaent in penam and Darld B. Hill *_? ?
l,.t?.r. When tl... bulldiBR waa forBUtUy ..|.e...-l
llavid H. Hill dc'ivored the oratlon and Urovei J
(IrveUnd geat a Icttar. Time is soid la make all i
thln's even. bul in this trana-eliou ii." Impartial
nhwrver rou.t admit lhat I>. U. IIIII haa i*4M_e ;
...it o little more than even
-?- --.
The D.-micrritlr., r.mimitiei. laiil ??? -tbe lalrt>
(..niiiiiti.'.'ii.i.u Vnorliia'a rraiROatlnn. aV That is
M,.. reaaan wby Tammany lell llke patting her j
rtauc ui half-maat hsi evaning.
Tho Tribiinc is laqitested hy "Tlie I'tlea Ob
arrver" to i>".' down a Ueniocratlr gain i"i' lla. |
Int ..no.-li. iH-tri.-t. Whal du U.e Bepublicana ol j
the dlBlrlet *-.-. 10 the lC|ii<-s' ? Il stllkot, 118 BS
distlnctly unreaeonabla.
?? ? -
Thr prrarnl Broadway Rallroad romnany are
lo ni. ke amenda mr Ihe alialiby trick played upon
thr L-onmiiiiity bv llnir iirr-ceeacarB when the
I;,,,. ,|,. Sharp waa tn ....ijuuau.l. Sharp nu-reo.l
t., p.n d..wn raila thal waald iutorf.-io with tba
wta-*>la nf vol.i.lo* b. little ;<s poaaihU*. Wiili
uitf-r sli.imolossiio-vh ho l.n.ke lu. **?r.l Bnd iimhI
Ihr nh retinuable rantre-hrarliig rail. Whon the
rable ayBiaiu i* introduead, I nUmel laamoni prnm
is.-* ti t a rall wlll Lo put dowfl Ifvel with tlie
p.ivotnont, with "nlv ii gmove f..r iu.- rlaiitiaa "r
ihe cr ivho.-l*. II.la mil h... been deviaed for
tho ipteial i..'neilt -.1 rarriaces, trucka, ate., and
from ti.o .l.-vtipiMMi ll will awve flic P'TP'"*
How woiiH it dii t.. r.r.ill all a'^s-ntee C?n
_.rrf..nien l.y l>mg f Ir.'rniiis n.arke.l ".o'.li'i' '.'
? ? --
. i
Will ihe 1 !" ?*.'s <"''i r.-"...or from !..?? >!.'?? k
..f Hn.Hiii; lhal ?J'din M Ltiiaaioi; will a**iiii.l?y I
...o,|>-. ihe v..t in rui.arma t" alueh l.o ia I.
niliinaloli e- 'Hl'"i. ln apiie >.| the |a?n.i8teiil rlf< H*>
lo ilrtraii I him "I l'i* ri. Iita. It t!u* ll.ing j,ia->.
,,;,. ihr iiine I....V i "ii.?? i*iien tln-n' ?ill *?' n?
i,.,,ni |n pi...iisinu "i"i.' an>l Iraud .t i'b>>
li'iii-." and tl.'-u ** :.? i aill lareoma uf thr Sohd
*-" 1111 ?
A farmer "f ?>'?:". ?raa .windled <.mi of iI'..""f'
. .. ?i|i,.| -i.-.., i.\ nn i.l.l. "''1 'ri. k, wlu?'li h ia
i ,.,.,, ., |i|(1 ;v ,,,,| itu,.--. r\p. -? I .'i tl .? m iv*p.i|HT*.
,. j, ,,|,| t! .i > i. |.iiii '.t firmri ii .* " ?' -'""I
. ;, ar imnt, ' ? ml lhal in i-oiiaenueii.'e " I i. !?>*?
... | , ,,,,| ?...| to U-. . It la .'?'.' iinlv I ?' kv
,,.r |,||U tiMi i.o did ti'i ti:..'.v .ni.iv l.i* .-r.t...
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-Unll wllh a l.ulloi. s.i. I. a lif? I* 88 BWful invvti-i-i,
whi.h no 808 raa panetrnt- b, rxpliun, an.l Mlggost*
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vli.inl.l I.. lall'.l I" !nt"M ln Ihi- .oi.iitrr. i'liii.tini.Mi
ni Ainoi'i.a Bta .(lii holnn hrtllallV a-MHilt.nl n.i ii.i
ntlii'i ?.fT.-fn<> than iho fa.t that Ibe) Bta Cbiaaawn.
iNiiHl-'OITI, llot-.tllt.
? "We loalti fiinii piivuto vi,|,i(i>-," -i.ys ?? Tlie Ki.-toil
Tniii uipt." "llinl I'nlni.i-l Robert lin.-ci-si.il Will -.'.mi
il-li\ -r ln rhiltutoliihia or New Yi.i-'.i (plu..' imt iloi!t.ltol\
-ottl.-.l on) an oi-alioii on Walt Wliltiiiii... <>I m liiiin 88
I- nn ardeRt*a.liinror iiiul |~t_iiibI R-aat?. *lr. Wlnt
iiii.il __ala fl.'.|ii.iil l.'ttor- fronl ..I.l ?..r x.i.liois uii.l
fioin K.iro|...|in M-hnlar* an.l loi.-r* - .iih.iik tl.e lult-r
i.oing tba rhUdrea of Rraraall aatllb. i'l.o ggajlba iln
clnduig Mr?. rosteiioe) siimnii'i' lii Bwtcjr, ulth
Tonnyson a?s Uiolr nciirit nelghlx.r. Youiig Logmi Smltli.
abo I* at oxford Colloga, rcceiitly *old for Whltmaii
ixty liiB-r' ?worth of books. Mr. Costelloe ts a
mcmbcr of tho (rreat conncil. or board. lhat noverns
tho citv af -oi,<lon sln.c tho BsiiibRHb of tlio atf
.eparato m?nl-ipalitic*. BB. h a-- -Thc Mty.' ctc. and
the taaaolalalUa af tli.-ui Into one hnp? aKKliftneratlon
ncprcsontliK'. bv the waj. BBB BjBBrtir af the we-iltli
of thc -.'loi,.-'. The CallefllB* arc of that enthusia.tle
btind of aertfll rcfornicr-- (Tornhce llrillcr?. etr... who
arc pr.ippliiif- with thc hydra <?f poverty and crimc ui
Lofldnn Two of Pear-sll _BB_'i diui|*liter. snmo
two years aco BBt?I on Tcnnyson at his t'arrlnafont
home with a letter of Introdwt.on from the Encllsh
poet's long staiidlnu friesid, Walt Whltman. and re
relved thc rordlal wclroni" that ?*__ sweet Quaker
ladles (with their riualnt thoes and thous, could not
liavo ml-scd rccelvliur.''
III. Kxpediciii. -WliiHov rlo smal! b<>r)-H*re, sonnv,
If vuu .ollert nie h Int ?f in-c, ts lll plve you h ipuirtcp.
fjmall Rov- ln**?la! What do tcr want 'em fer I
Whitley-1 w.uii lo put tht-iii ,.u niy wifo's pltnts.
Shc won't let bm -tiiolic In iho hou?o cxtcpt to 1..11
lnsei'tb or, thc plmits. - iWest Shorc.
'Thc i*_?irtnblB I'r.-s'- ihinks that in tlurtr yoars
th. Statc af I'tMin-ylvaiiia _lll have a paBBBf popu
Iatioii than th? M.it- of Ni-iv-Y'.rk.
Mlss Territt) - Wh<-:, tuo-titner and I werc ln YefBB.
oli. Iha BSTfal?t iBlnK-app4?4-1 There wa. a prln< fl
- aad b ioiiiii- :,nd- aml inejr fouclu a toel-about i-oor
inc- irllB pi-i"l-.
Yni.-lcv-.Mii were thcv toaaadt
Mi? l.rrin! So, thev aervn'tl Thcv werc Jnst aa
sol-.-r a- .utild he. iIttdianat?II* Journal.
AIvu'.i i lark i- now roestrt*rt4_a* * toie??-ope for a
I."- Aatwleii oli-. rii't'.rv that win br_fl tho moon
B'Rttii, an apfaarent <li-t_'i'i- uf 100 nitl'-s fron, tho ob
acrver. lt l. expei-ted thal trhea thi- faaw-BB Is
lini-iicd. Tln-* <|ii,'-tiu:. trbetaer there an- any Inhahit-uita
on ih- moon will Ih- ilciinii.-l\ -.-ttl'-.l. and aKa whettier
thc siipposfd liiliitliit-nit. of thc plaii.'t Mars arc *nt
nalllnu ta u- by atean-i ,>r rer_ta llsht- whlrh a?tr"ti
oaBBrs bata nntk?l na that atoaael.
-ll'-rc. inii over that a-Bich!*- _4 thc road auons,
4 ii.- Up|n- .ii" ti.ivi.r- i..ii ..f MRa lata Ms
pochet, " an.l l.c miiI' l? ai.'.nI 11."
-iiraat fats-ar!"1 .?\|,..-tn!.it"d thc i,.nrist, "jraa
sri-u?n't lake .i ataa*. llme and bls muii'i. to<>. would
you ?"?(Wasblngtiai star.
if an* of Ibe i*._ti**fte inanttf?-larers lt?ra clnscit
llinr f;i< t.n-i.. ,i, ii ,li- !.,,:v".l aat "f tlicir BBipl"}'*?
..."? th'- iiv rr-rbiddini i,"i- to imofce ri*_r.?_ went
Intueftwt, i'i" .'."i i- iwI iti-nriilly knoarfl.
Iti'inlrv liii- iitt.-n hc.'n mad" ns to why thc Hon.
WiUiain M. I'.vait- pci-l.i. ln Breai-tuK the BB?*M_nc
old wliite hat wbl.-h be haa r_d. in-ton.. h__t.?r
Fi.rts av-ea nnt u.-n- i|h; liat U'-iu-'- "f pennrlous
iic-s. hut 1h-<an-'- I." reaarB- it n- lu- niH-<..f. -ln'-.
wcriiifc ii .'ii- 'i-aith ha. i.<-or, miu.?allv grtt?. aad h.
hB8 H"|lllKSl :i >,.|i;4t"r-l,ip.-ilio-,toii trfo*/.
\n or.n Rt'iai: Nf.wi.r r.XK.-RCED?a s\iAr,i,
B lTTf.i: AT Tltl" -: i -DARD.
snmr of ihe tii'MM" maaaecrs ic-i ag^raned .ir a>n
oitkr fi.-iii ihe Fire Itwpartnietil for the .trlei ralaer?
meni "' an ? .l*t I.u iha. no pcrvoa. -Itall be altaareaj
ta ??od m aajf nl iha pas?Be-aya iu or ,-..i:nc, 1,4
?-Hh thc aatfitortiints "t Ihcatre-. li las to*r\ rh.
rustotu lo l....|> ihe al?les i-har, and wv- thc re-li.r-4
,. ataa? Ihal h." -i-r-- hehiml lh. -?ai- r..- lep- .i".:
al-,,. ii," regubtiu n 1,1* i. bi -1 H*. th?s far :,t
il,.. Rna_Bav and ih" -4anda.4 r ..ur.*-. Th" nan
.,.-?1- ?f ci'ii ..f i'i. "-i- ?.1 **lrR a n.'ti'C "n
>l iininv tha. "n!v ."i"ii;ti -? ,' -tr -? 1 ? ?"i, ll.ke?- ????
\* ...|ii to /..nn ..ii- ;i.*? >-f 1.il.- alonfi th" backs
?l t c -???-. Mr. 11.11. - i riic Mand '..
: ? ? .-[it.il th. riil.i..- wiih mn. ii r:,lmnc-?
and -aid v,-t"i',l.,v '' it li" t'i .:?-':' i< v-ould to as ?"ll
,,, ii.i-c !i,,i".d. -1 i:.<i 11 ill. ..- |b. pte ni tl? l_?- saalB
??...- .nn, "\di tn 1..I1 ?? kanti - "?>?: ? i' "'ii. lalklBft bi -i
iii..vi a at-.Mil. I'' ?li*-n i:-:-- *a* ?< d-nnnd f-*r
-t.t.i.h'i.' r ??:,.. Mr. 11 ll ..'iiii.t'.'i. "i".-o aa* a bb>_
.1-.1l .1 lemplai ? 1 10 -II U.
Nr. .ri-.:' lli???:"'. i.'i iv'" i-t'i'i' h?nd. lhat lli.
i.j.l r wa. an >hHi ?-". I'i- Ul wl.af I'licatr" BTB4
lillilt. h" -...'I. ?" 1 '::???' -:?' I-. B.tll BBBBtB exU. !??
,..? h, v...,, 4 I.i ...l ,'. ..? u <? ?tl lh. f'.nrrli aBte,
V.I1..I1 imi, '...I nrl' i" lli" I.""iu B-aJI, a/* rc.|ii:rct
1,1 |.,u, i.ui ml ii.- ...i 1:? ?: 1? "ii.' -ii.1 i" Ib* rstber.
Then* ?? ? ?? ?<:- > ampli ' ?ir. >? - fi '"1 H a bah r'*.v. aaa.
,.,,.. ?? . .,:.' g. in , 1 .- ..: 1 ;?.: 11 tnare thal hnJ
... ,11,(1,-1 c a?iiid I-"- 1!.-ii ih*" ??'?' b-?*m bo4
,,.,, i!in,i,_i ,?<? Ia<k i.'iit "t the indltnr.nnt <t sll.
||,.. !.-c v.i- l.ililt. Mr. .--...-??: ., ?'! 4. -ti.'*l> * '" *'
l,tt t" I'"' :??;..: III' Ilt. "I ' " ?"' ' ! -*? ":| ?'?'' *uh
,... i, Hh-u- i ... ,.,:.? i ,w f I"' -" -n'1'1-ilv c:,f r.'-l
r.4, r.ii'I'. Rlieil I'"..: '* ???:'' I'?lt u"'' ??*? '"*-'?'?
l,.r ,.,1-tv. ,|l,4 -ii' !i .1 Hl!" '"i-'t i "t M ' C .Pil'-a
iiiriv I.. :i I "H-- .ir...i.-??'! Ilhe t" I.r 'i-i'' 14
.\r th? i.,",.'.?? :,-. la.. uiirtit l- * ? '"'* *?r '?
-ti.-,,-!icrt fr.iii I'i" , ml- "1 Ib. ..i-i"- t<> tn. ,|o ?.
fi r,. nii* "it llie put ," hc .14? f"r -un,: ni: ri.'ini. -.i
rii .r 't .'..ild i... i'i-??:? x-rve .,- a p,--?-""?.??. n i
biihiM n..i i" ??? .n.4er t'i?' aopbraii ? "f ihe mle. " ?
Mottda* isi.iiim .. tii'-inaii it lh. s_w?ard 11 ???>'. -i
a-l,.-,1 an B-lter iii lli" -:ili'i> ?'? ' K ir BM '
ii.. i,fii...| i.i il,. -.1 and ?'? a- iii.-i |.i:i -I i.i-.- .
1 ,., , i-e ns hc - iine '" i';" '" ':'" a. I i?id l ??
ii-.,-',:-. Mr. ???,!?'. .li" "?'- -luillns i" lh" I ! i
wiih lu- ln' 'i- i iH "? .'?'?'? ? ?' ?' "'' ?* ,''"'1 ' '
in.sk . ih li in. x:' I..U..II i'1 ??. it :,.- .'.'ii't ii...
Ht-nd !?? lum 4i pi ---i.t. _lsa-r-.-i..' i'i" e\n.li-r
lll U'l, 1,1,11. ni"' ll.'' I?" '???' '?'?'?' I'll'"-' 4 I'
li 11,11". r."> "'i*' ?'".? sra'.il in i i"'v ?:. ?? ? *- ? t
tliv i:i- tl ? idiuate ,i il ? ? \...- pi.' " ?: "1 Ih* buitdlng
m. I'j'iil. .--i'i. .:. i.| e 11' I"", s..'i ? i nn" th.'pc h.,s
,.ii ?i im. il excilrmeni ani?im ihe Mt?? sr ir*,
I'l-i" RM |B) \_'-,i- v . In SrtMlB |i:i:."t.i. I'li'V ?:? C\
pc, im, tn* >-t>nitn? ,-f ?> .'??'' I.i4lan a-*4..'ln" man.
vtio ?ill r.-t,.r.- tl- brnavn Biflii ?- Ib th" iv. MttU
.4-, t.c k.ini.s4 reom lh. Imlian... who an i-i..*:i
np,,., tl?> .ni.ii-it. int ni.- t..-1'..f iu ihc roniina "(
iii<? i'..t.:iit i-.l -i'i:it >> i_.-n--i.il AbkhiB nther WeaB
uhi. h u-c ?_? t" ?' 'I""!' n tbe -""'- '?? fl"' -1""1- M
i.4-!i;i i,i;..'i ,'f I'.''.'I, liii!-. ti? f"i' or, up.m'-\. tmt a*
I ,iio ai.otlc "f Bwa-erfBl Br-trn? ib4 a ?4?T4?hja_ ? ,,f
"i.icln.'ic' ,.f ihc trrc.i'c-f ji.i.'iiii. Pr. A. K. Miil-.
a i-hii, firra-i livlnt "it rM" Kepiibll.?1 li.'.ttiim*. B**?
tt?> reaervalbia. aive*. an lBt**re?tiiiB a ? """ ?' thia sm
,*ijar entbtrak "i *_per*?i.il?n . d -jy* |h.t scv..r,i
t.andfc ..( ta-ve. -h.i have -t. '??! 8^?t*rstt- tosraH
ihe Wlls ha?i- !-""i iani**d h_?* br (atalrf stauo-/_
a, iiclririr- Miil-. Il<- -ai* iliat ih?-r?? Is no t>.?i
.i.?,,i..' tlk.-itU-r->e?e.i ln t.i.- i:i"i'."i.??""??-ciaiij ?"?."?
,....n n|, w I'i" c.i':,i,"iii I'i- n..*er "' 'V <'li--i. '? -
,.t x rcltai -ii- ti-:./- lh.ii "f i ii" ' '<?? """i-'iis. au4 i >
?-,.,ii. ,Ti,i .. .,.?.' ?.".:.t to -..' l> -nppe -_?'?? -V
,,, .1 ,- t" M.lls's arnriint, ,*>"-? '- n?i iTticlUtc ,1,
i , ,,, r. . || .I,.- l,| CXlll ' ' I '"'"Il-tl di? 4.?
' ..,, >.,i lu.alin arld.h ? ivill-wt:... i- -npl.
... ,. . ,,,, Hi.< |.', . il-- -.'?- : ??? i'"' i ine l'"''."
{,,.,,. ,.,. . ui ....:-. IteaJthr "i.i rapidly imr..?.-iii-:.
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..;? mrm //".".'?..? ro ifjtv* i fAMBixxi
M | ,,.. >. ,?. ?_:. -|.". .al A Jl-pai. h frBBt l.'>m4
,. . .,,,., . ,-. ? .?, ".- rii'iatUMi "t In'hWshaa Rimi
,? ,, ?| ii,.. , ?.. t.< hi- ii*itlin?Uu l*aa ? iu-"d *
,,|, t\ ,:,- ... ; ? . llll ?:?. W, ?!? :i < * * * I ? 1 J *'"'
'?.,... mmcil '.. I. "I'.'-'I'i'-lv I"l':iU: ,'l t'..'i '*
, ,.,,? ,? ||.ii. Kenerally. and -<ire r*Bre__W
,.i ,i'?. ,i....,-..? i, v ii. M l?*? ai.iii".-h.'i' Ha* vorkat a*t_i
.urh linrkt- -"**? \v Imi*!"!' IVtBT ******!__
'. .1,', ,i. IHiMlii. an.l i- ? '?i-,':"*r >lA(r,:'
77,, i a ni t?.*"i ?? ??< Haii!."*? "|"> -n<i.,?
|:,!y1' ,lr',.? ..,.it.',l l.-.-h..p ,i, fl.:. .'iir ?? IMI.
4> - -
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