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OOX. 31, 1800.
raaaa i*toi*
inm tae public intareat. to a greai ?*_*JJJJ
o* npon the atruitfe ^*^"J?'5
_w aeaapie ?od Tammany Hall tor tne ~""~
* \mT fmmtmtnt. the Eepublloansjaf thia
S S "ot overl?*tng the Coaaa-. A.
SJwT AW-man aai Clvll *??** ?**
Se ua Count* DenWt_cy and tte ^??"jjJJ
y ~ the Republican- have . counfc Jjjj
ST?-e- ha* eaatrel of the party a?_t_?? ?**?< "J
S tte worh I. being don*. ? ??*? ?g
ttone. ?xt te the eaapa* dMJtJ. ? *
h_ been no otha electlor, ln whlchth* ?a
toaUc-na have taken - lively ?_ _*?' ana
? mueh real her. *vor_ ^'^j^n the
Inaders began the Instrurtlon ol their i
Jew law aad tne m_v_er of v-Uns 8___ tt. nearly
fr-ery Eepc*il)ean organi?tior had iu; voting booth.
aarr.ple hailots and oph-- ,,f the law. whirh were all
put :::to active n-e on n.eetlng r..a*lits. ai.d every one
hart an oppta-t-nin to le_-n what to do ln easting hl*
v,,te aceordinp to lhe r\-M,_l"enie?nts of the pr*>ent
eleetlon rtatut-'s. Rcpul ll.an speav'.en. throug-i-t Uie
spnng ajid -urmner u-ed thelr etojaanea I: thi* di
rectlon and wiieti thi? raapaifB aaa really opei.ed t??
?r*_t ma?? of OM I.opu,._<a-i voier* ua* pr-cUeally
famfa'ar with the law. l_h ha* fttmt lhe Kepublloan* a
wonderful udvant*^". ar.d ?>*? ta p-*** "? Bpe__n_f tlme
__ moiKi in te*?.hiii*. U.-_- <>?i i-r' ?enben what
to do, tlie same tinie U t*r;ng ?.?***i n h ' ? "eatlan
_;rt pettlnp out tha vcHera The i.r- ihl ** randidau*
were early ln lhe lield. aM ai leaa .'-*"_? *?*? -"*** un
l.a.ked for .Tiri.r;-^- tin- Bcpal - ?? "-*-"???oi froiu
tfcfc city ln tha next C?tffaa* i><x kttem Tt -_ud. aa
excellent chani* of >?---n- ll raaa? ra?et lhaa dimln
islicd. Thedi-ision <>f Uf r.-mrr?n* ai.d Ui* < ,.uut>
l>-mocra-*T vote on the eooaty Mehel hav* cauaed ln
r-onre ca*e*> a (tlvWoa of tha _*eni?xre_c rote on
Longre?man aad A?*e_Llj men.
BetpnTUrana have now nomi'.at -d Congressinen IB
eaeh of the nlne ilatiltta in whuU CeagreeMMn ar
tJected ln this elty. I'BkH Tamnian:. ipdB? a !ar
amocnt of money. Colouel Johji 0. f?lee s. tli<- *>eai
pet-ta*?" candidate f'.r Canaraai in the VI. lt Dtatrtr
will probably Ih* rompeli-xl io eara hia trvtag eatatd.
of a public ofhoe. forneliiia Donovan. the Rl-jiu'
llcan caiidk_te in tha, di>t*-i<-t. la raahlaf a aallai?
fi^ht. He la donig tulh. too. _plaal a tr mei.Uo..
Demoeratlr najuriiy. When the raapalgB tlr-t befln
there were thrve in tlie race. the third man bein
Joaeplt J. McKet.n, a County Henwcrat. H? *m.K .um
pe_ed to rei out of the nu-e by Gt.vemor HiU wb--:,
the Oovemor c_iue to thi-. city before surtlnp out up?n
hl* ? Bturopini"'' tour I?nagh ' ?hio and West Vlrplnia.
But Mr. McKeons wttltdrawal wUl not be so disaatrou
to Mr. Daawvaa*. chante- ?* at flrst mlph' be sup
posed. The County D?mocr?t8 on Monday nomin<*iei
Bdwln L. Abbeu, who wlJ ta_e all of the di-affecus.'.
licmociatic vot-.. and durlng the time th;tt tlr-re wa
no County Deruooraey candidate In the ncld Mr.
Donov.in r?ned the br-calni* and aupport of hundn*d<.
of I>eniocr__. who oeUeved. a? every one oot?ide of thn
distriet does. that Tu-nniauy lt?9*. aen, tha Culaael
down to Uu* dlstrtet. givinK him tlie Conp?t.k iiotiiina
tlon aad tliercoy mnkins the be-t of a vry P""':
b_arp_ln. That br-nram ls ?a4entecal by every one.
It w_<- made wlth (olonei PeUaw* ?b..-n he stiowe
rmch exteu-lvc |a_?aey to the T.nimany "haudlet?"
and liquot- dealers. All of the 'hiiikUajt worhl, _me:. I,
thia d.-.u.ct aie d..ina all tb.a .an u. eleci Or.
Donovan. He ha* no wmtttf with wUi- 1. to c;_-v on a
-anip?gn. but the uorlnninue-- *? tnrninf Jtxl roy;_l>
Ior him and helplng hltu in ev-r> WtxJ.
In the Vllth Diatriet the cl_no?* of the -R.-pablicaii
candidate are e_c*llent. Hc i* w,:_a_- Morfaa, a vrell
known and popular Kepubllci?. A_p_ti*t him harh
Taonmany and tte County Deruo.-rai-y have Domuiated
r_t?Idater.. The Tammany oominee U E. J- Dunpliy.
the pie-ent BepreseutaUve. against whom manv labor
i.rg_iliatlon_ h_ve deelaied. and the County D.-nioera, y
have named W. T- Croasdale. Croaadalc w_. at oaa
time a vlgorous _bor man. and few w^re more bitier
a_galnst the leading p..Uti<? partie-. that. he. He has
made a purely per-onal carivaaa, and tumbled tnio
notorlety by beltur his_-ed off tte pletfirm at the big
County Demoenuv ma.s-meetnig ln C.r.per Cnlon re
eantly. He ks by no me_is a popular man and ren>
reeenti. only one hlea? free trade.
Timothj J. Campbei: rhought that be would have a
??wa?over' wle?n Hr 1_<J h;> p!?n- ea-ly ln the cam
paign for the Tammany. county Deinoera" and B?
pubher- nomlnatior,* ln the VHItt Dl-trlrt for CVrr.
rcr?a. Hia dupllclty ).-* t?en exppsed and the R-pub
lk-r_r.3 and the Independent Demoema. have aidied hn
norolnatlng Saaiuel litnaldo. a popul- 8881 estate
dealer and hattcr. wfio wlll glve tte 88>-8?P__8b__ b
1?rd flii.'it.
Aa- J. C-mmttA** haa the unltel Demoeralir
fionuiiation in tte IXth Distriet. John Wels-^.
popular Kepubli.an. h*s ta-en the nomination again -
him. It wa* a eouragtsous thrng 88 dn. Ior thU meaiil
pracUeally sure defeat. The Bepubllean vote wlll be
_id togetlier. a-.d Mr. Cum-ing*. wlU not return to
VVa_augton w,th the record ot belng an r_rio**po*eid
B88_MB?. ot whlch hia friend. bave been accu*lomBd
lo boaat
Cortlandt s. Van Bwaeelaer. whose plcture ap?
peared u. laat Wedneaday's Tribane, i? giving Cen
KT?B-uan Spii.oU. ol s_rve*>ll_- fa-ne. a hard 8ght ln
the Xth Distriet. Mr. Van Bena-aelaer beUevea. aa?
la BBceeedii.g ln nu?ing Uie voter* ln ?* Co-rigre?
_-trict h?iieve. that it i? the duty ? ? Con|rre**r__n
to repreaea: lua coo?_?enu a_t to champlon ttaa*
iDrtereaU, and not to reacat to meaaniea obBtraetlva of
_S.alaUon nor wlt?lraw ln tlme* of debate from tha
body to wtucfi he W aent a*. rapreBentetlve- The
effect of thi, bqlief on tne part of tte v^tera *?"*?
their eonfidenoe tt Mr. Vaa Be__wlaer will be ieea on
eleetlon dav w|W many DeaiocraU wUi go to tte
polls aad (jaieUyj eaat the-- vote* for the Bepahlicaa
t u-p-a-n eugica-i-ntt hava fcapt Mr. Vaa Benaae
law buay. but Jel* co_rtantly reeelvtt? e?eei__ar>
_?irta his canta. aod support from bodle* hlttarto
fMOmg WlUi u,, ioojocraw. On Friday evenlng ??t he
adflrra.fi a mrA awetUH of tba Irou Worhere' le
pahUcao Club ..#8 wa* fmmmYBtmmmmB reealea- Iia
wa*. on the toxM aveaUag Ui_or_*l bj the _aaea-ve
C?_min- of -V AnMMeaop^ laeawte. On tUm
OOt. Oetoaer i.'T-T_e a_4Uease? a a_s^mee_B? ta the
XYIth Asaeenbty Dtatrtet. As aa orranlser ot tot
Tcunr*r men Mr. Vaa Henaaelaer ha.* been actlve and
h? to ********* ___P___$ am on. that atoaa ol reton.
Kx-T-llee Justice Charle* A. Flammer, Who haa been
nomlnated for Conn-*- ln the Xlth District, 1_ flalit
ina J. DeVVItt Warner. the Reform Club and Tariff Re?
fonn League candidate. The Ileform Club men are dl*
iruMed with Mr."_ amer on account of hl* trocklln* to
Governor Hill, after harlni. repeatedly denounced him
in speeches. Thu was done by nlm to cet Con___ .?
man .lohn Qulnn out of the race. Mr. Qtilnn had
been nomlnated by tlft New-York Oemncracy. but ttie
Governor cot_.pe_li.-d that orB?nl____on U> wlthdraw
him from the rontort. Mr. Wanie. I* another man
who ha* been nomlnuted ?olelv becanse he is a Free
Trader. and tlie wnrklncmen of thls dlstrtct do not U_ie
klndlv to that doctrtne. Neithej" dl<" thev to the
si_ lvlng of Con_--_*man Qttlnn. These thlnc* left
Mr. Flimmer a tighttng chanoe, and he ls niaklng thc
mo_t of It. He wa* bom ln thi* clty tn 1*46. of Ger
man pa_.nt_. After potng through the publlc *__iool_
he enter.-t the College of the Cltv of New-York. from
whlch he w_. jjr.du_._l wlth honor*. For a tlme he
taught tlie uld Thlrty -flfth ?_.* Grammar .schnail. and ln
1872 he wa* elected a member of the Assetnblv a*t a
Kepulluati by a taffB majortty. He wa* a mennber of
the ^udirlary Committee ot the Assembly whlch se
ciirod th.* impea< iiineiit of Judge Barnard and the other
rwred Judge*. In 1*7B he waa made a school trus
toe ln the Twer.fv -econd Ward. whlch pla<_e he re
?d__ned when kc *_* appolnted Pollee Jnttloe bv
Ma> or HaTeawyer. Thi. place he held r_ul UU,
He ls the. auth. r of a work known n . Uie " CommltUnp
Mugntrate." whleh I* tmw in extenslve u?e. The dis?
trict in whlch he .- ? ??andlda.e ts Democratlc bv about
1,01)0 Htajortty. Bul it Is a larpe manufacturlng on.
ln whTch thc pr.T rTtdk idea" predotninate*. and the
voters here ar.' BPti?F_pttf anxlons t?. rebuke thc
c_-pet__s.ni: l_T^_ncles of the Tammany-Beform
Club candidate.
Charle* H. Blalr is the Ropnbllcan candidate for
( _ngre_* in tlie Xllth Dlitiirt. a__lu.t _t__w._l P.
Fkxww, who ha* b*.th tbe Tammany and the County
Iiemocn-'i normnaUon*. Mr. l.lair is maliln; a h:?rd
fight, aad ._. givlnj; Cmgre-sniati Flowei nion.- trouble
than he has bad fur at_.ii.. y e__-s.
Again*t the reiie.-i. - Hopubllian. free-trader and
brewers attoi-niy, A. ?u.I P. Fitch. the Republicans of
tbe XUltl- Caagraaa Di*tti_t have nouiinat-d IVtry
Demarcst A___u:*, a wmlar ai.d w U '.aiown young
Republican. Ile will be, lf elected, one of the young
?*t roeuilien. of the H. >_?_>. He bebeve* ln all young
a_s well tr- aid men lahlUB an active and energAtic in?
terest in polltlc*. Hc became an enn Ued Itepubllrar.
i_m<____y upon leuciung ln* majortty. aud ha* eon
tinned actlveJy ln the rmb _nee th< n. Thi* dl*
tnrt baa ln buam past put young m en to thu tr nn.
aTtfifn tM boundartea ls the home of AtaxandeT Ham
llton, who represented lt In the Congr-.* of 17b_ rtS,
where he wa- f_r*t tn advorttfe the nrttirlplo. of a .I.o
toctlva taritf. The thlrte*-n oaks pianted by htm *till
*tand at " Hamlltnn t.range.'' einbleniaiir-U of the flrst
Uiirteen State of the Union. and. stntngely enoiigh, of
tlie Congr_* I___ct bi whx !i the\ .re. Mr. Adam.
wa. born in Chlc__.? on _fofcaab$r .. 1 -''?_. bnt baa liv.l
ln lla.-'lem. whlch form* part uf hls district, Btoft
1"~. dl. his father -. .de !ie |* of Nea Enitland an
ce*try. His mot_.-r wns r. I)e_-.nrr.t. a d._ondatit ol
Hi.l'.e l*emar-st, une "f fhe Frearh Hiutienots who
sevtled at Bt* l.ochelle. nnd wa* a___)a$ the early
-ettlers of Harli-m. He attended and wa. _raduat.?l
from lhe publi< _-h?*ol* and i ity r>l!-r . ile obtatoed
the degree L.L.K. from Columbla (.>ll"fte when hc wa.
CTS/lnsfed Irom the Law s<h<. .1 m 1. .3. Hl* father
vv'*.* a BMBber ol Uie f?m n- el.__?B ot **. Collftfpe tt
the Cltv <>f N.-w York. He read law ln the "fltre of
Itobert A. Ad.m- and Thotna* Alli?on. He was ad
n.itt'il t'i the Itar ln l$$4, aud ocrame a**ocla_ed wlth
hls crandfather. ex Judfre Kobcrt A. Adam*. ln tho (ten
e:aJ piactice of the law. f'pon tlte dnall. of hl*
p?!idfather be .nicciwdod to his biisine_?. and at the
bevnui"-' a? X9M >'? mt e-tat.ll.ht-d tbe Im of Adam* _
llyde, at No. 5? l_ib?rtj .1.
Mr. Adiuns .* a member of ths Harlem Clnb, tbo
I r.itarian Club. the llarkm Keimbllcan Club. the I'hi
i-amma Delta Fn.termty. a f.mnder of the Llterary
Clnb of llarK-m. pr.-*ident of tke l.nlty Oymns_.lum
AseoetaMaa. and he wha for several years tru*tee and
t-eaeurer ot Uie L_5iiox Avenu. Cimarl.-_i Church. He
l- an excptionallv *v<;ug candidate ataonn the younger
element ol the district. Thi* ha* been proved ln two
previous campalci* f..r A__embly In the XXIIId Dis?
trict. which ha- always b_?-n hopel-**ly Democratlc.
Each time he *B ahend of hla UcUe? rednctni, the I>em
(K-raiic majortty app.e____ty. Thc district ln a___h hi*
canvass k> beiiiK niade U tbe largest tjrrltorlally ln the
clty, and ln p?ipulatiou the Uirite*_ ln thc L'nited
t*teies. lt extends b__n the nurtb -Ua of Flfty
aecoud-st., we_t of bev.ntb ave., to ejpnyten Duyvll.
aud trom the north slde _ Elgbty-sli-Ui-st.. east of
liftli ave.. to Harlem Biver.
Ash-_1 P. Flun. hls opponent. was elected In 1886
a* a Uepubllcan. BBBl Jolned tlie rank* of the Democracy
ai_ Tamniair. llall iu lt_.n aud was rewarded in that
tmtm by a iiomliiatio-i at their hands. Mr. Adam* ha*
many ?tronir li-ieiida -siouk the labor or_po__atU__* by
r____>ii ol hi* stann on tbe ()ue*tU-n of Ballot Uelorm,
which he Mipported with all the energy and enthu*la*m
he could brlnK to bear upon lt ln the a$*lfa-__-_i which
took Place thro-inhout thi* elty last winter. Hs was
a tira adnerent oi tbe World _ Falr ta Harlem; - lt
tor no other rf-Bon," he sald, - Uaur that lt would
stimulate the nt. .*slly tor lncreased Vid pennaaent
ranid translt. With New-Yorkers, aeeeaslty brrent*
tl,r -olntlon ot any $lve_i probtaBB." Uurtns ?
l.lame campaljni he made many apeeehe*. Ia tae
UarrlsoB and Bortun oanipalfn Mr. Adam* took ?cch
In actlve part that be l_ca_oe the party'* BBM9BBB*
tor AsaetDbly ln that year. .
J Thoina* Htearns. Uie Bepubllcan candidate Ior
<__a_TM_ ln tke XlVth Diatriet. ls probably thc osost
wDQlar Bepubllcan who has erer been nouilaated tor
rnubBc o__ea ln the Annexed Dtatrtet. Mr. BAttrto
* Vid have had the Bepubllcan nooUnaben tot
oniBiUshiuer ol . treet* la that -istrtct, But thia
would have beeo PlaylnB Into tbe hands o_ Henry D
J^Ct He tM_Vrr____ wfthdrew and threw hu ._r_n_eth
lllZtto J. H-tate, the People'* candidate. t*
IlnJo.niBc opponent ta W. G. fitahlnerker. waa Balned
LiTname o_ Ute " alwentea BMnber* ln Uv* ia_t aaaalou
il ooa?._- Tl*. #<_?-. are wlU Mr. _*__ but.
hlmseif aad
atelT, a dlaappotnted Vandldate has *>?**!j
___d ba may get -.uue ot the voBbs wh-ch ou-n*
to p to Mr. Btearn*. _.. _
John H. Grtmea. ths popular o-Uhrtaat ?^!__3_!_-_
of the Portoaice aod the leader ot the I*t --*lc*
5!E___!lc*__* ? ?_ e__K-a?_ tor Assembty __J~g
-_t*__J__. ____." ? ?-*--o_; man. Ho *-?**!,?
tbe Fittb Ward la 1_43, aad wben tea year* <__ ___[
to BBB ?i tbe ?hlp Blaek Warrtar. He retarmrtJwaae
aad went to *_hool, going through tbe Bort. Moore;
?t Bchool. He )c-ued the Vt_un_e_r Plre D^rtmami
tn lf5B. and ?ervt_ tn tt aattl the aew paid **9*__
ment came Into vocue. Joei B. Krhamt at-l^aiiie*
him Deputy Lnlted state*. Msnthal. He sarred to to*
9apa.lt. ontil appolnted asiistant eu-lellan of tae
__*t>o__ - When Mr. C__v____nd was elected PreaMaot
Mr. <_ri__es was the flrst to f_el the wei*ht of Mr.
Cleveland's civll eer_.ce promlsrs, bv belng prtanptiy
romoved. When Mr. Van Cott beesme Postmaster
Mr. Ortmes regalned hls old plaee. If the Be
publlear.. in t.its district work they ean eleet him.
Both Tammanv and tlie County Democn-cy *_*
nondaated oandldates. Tammany* eandidate M -- _
DufTy. the present mem. -r, whlle P. McCouvUta ta
tba County Democracy candidate.
Michael Hlnes ls the Republlcan candidate f< tbe
Board . Aiu-rmc. ln th- IVth Di.tnct. He L* a
weU-kBOWB snd popnlar baker. and s* Uisre are two
cand;d?t?- a_.__u.-t ti'.ui, hls fri"i.<:.s tb nk tuat hc wi'J
Tammanv Hall he* made s terrttir effort 10 gn'n
the VHt* ...v..'iuhlv iMstrl.-t. It ln* nomm-it-d Cr. n
eral Martin T. McMaliuu. snd Is .oi.-.il/.ing in t'ie
district. I otb of tli_*e tl.lngs wlli not. howv r.
deleat Laca* L. Van Allei.. tl.e Republican eanddite.
AppeUs have gone out from the Mu_wunip pres* to
thc vot-rs nf thi* dlstnct to vote for <_ r.cral __e__al_afl_
but a vote f:?r him nieans otn- fo.- Oovernor Hlll. I IB
BMM-y at iluilot tUtOtm and the trlend of the li-iuor
Had the C'ountv Demoerat* In the IXth Assembly
Dlstrtct remanied tn:e tu tl.e agreement wlilrii th?y
made wlth the RepubUcaa* there, thi* di*tri't woilrt
beyond a doubt h%ve a Republlcan repr*-* tita.lve in
Albany this winter. Governor Hlll came d >wn to
New York. however, and btcrall. c ir.iji-Ilod U_.Co.inty
Demoerat* af tni* district to wlihdraw tneir ladorsa
ment from the Republican nomtnea. William F. GreBL
Mr. Grell was a randldat'- la . year. and ln* ** down
the Deaaocfattr majortty f_?m 1.B00 io $00. m*
ebaaees ot wtnolng un* year are eoot, lf tho Repub?
licans will turn out ar.d Vote f'>r Bla. He was born
near tlie citv of Kk-1. in OefUiany. -m May Ib, IriJJ.
Hc wa_ graduatert fmn the l.iitlierat. C.llejre there
when slxte-n veai-, aid. _;<l came t.> thi* cwntry two
yeat- lator. He was in the proditiv btiilti__s for ten
vear.. and left tliat a ye_r BfO t?? go Intn lhe whol"s..le
grocery business. aud hc ls u.rw euBBactJtf wlth Tliur
ler. Whyland .. Ctt. Ile N iir".*iilent of the C_in._v._irt
ilarket l;u*ii_?* Men** ._**<_-:_ti< >n. wa* for two vear*
lir.-h.'-nr of tlie 11 ?<-IL-r itoeietv. for Bve years v__e
p e_ul. nt of ttie l'_..ti-l"_t-<., VolKfe*t V-Teto, and a
_icm "-.- ol th- Miili- v_nl I'lot.eer t'orp. tor ala _**_*?
He la a (_ua__i apnght baataeaa man. and i g__t i_
iaii.ii.ai. uu. _ft.<.a.. , .
William N. Hi?e. the Rcpubllean cardlrtate for
member Of ___B_MJ. from tne Xltli District. will
be. i. iu- ?___-_] term as ? ni-m?:er when he goes to
All_inv tiii* winter. He wa* elerte-1 tor the *'._: pm
i year a_o. Ills WOltl wa^ an e..cei. nt ..ae. and lie
became promlnent i.i h.s -lagle-haaded t.g .t agalnst
the "Aqiiediict steal" bill. whlch thc Dem .ratlc
leuder, William F. .heehaa, ?*_* anaiou* tu n-i
?'t-.u_h th* Aaaembly. _____ i-1" t_' ?Heac_ of IHmiitoa
Fl*h. lr. Mr. Hoac ls one of thc fe'.v m-"* b-rs o.
whom ihe Keform C'.uh ha* a rowl air.l U aa}.
In th?- xvnth A s.i..l.ly i-i-t.ici ll-.eea i- -",?-;
eellcnt fightiiiL* chanea tor th.- Republli-an* U) Btort
tbeir candidate tor m-:_i_er of A_f_ublv. Rnbert
Millcr. He li;,* llved iil hi, Hto ln thi* rt. .trj. t and
is personally known lo n.._.t of lln- v...-r.. Ile ha*
a fliorouffh htndno** vAu< <mn. and ls a man wltt
-_ii"d eotnmoii ?-r*e. H ootkeA f-?e m_'v ye?r
1-1 Hig"rfn*'? eirp-t faetorv In Weat Fr>._ thi. ?*?.. bnt
evenmiilv sUited ln l.u*in->* for him. il. and I* BrYO
a pr.Ts'.eriii- Ugfat ?Vi*. -errhmt. II- I* mau..-iu
. tirrt tiirh. and a^ fh-r- *T t_*? _Vfl.<^t.'.*.lr r .;: . rt-t ?-,
i.ithis rt .r,.. Mr MIOer needi only ihe Republican
vote to be elected
The Bepubacan* of the XXJst A*-_mbly Dl^trlrt
wlli give t___r candidate for lhe lloard of AJder.neii
a rouslng support. He ls lienjamln K. Hall e *?_*?
known voung laWyer and an energetic and wnu
eouipped youn? muo. He wa* t__rn ln Baaea C____
aud _____ ______ ihlrty > ear. old. He wa. _*_***
from Willlams D.llege. and for a vear after hto "J*6"*
tlon -tudled law i.i Ihe ofllce oi S. A. Kellogg. aho
U now the cundMate for Kupr-me Court Judge- __\
Hall afterward ent.-red thc (_lumhla Law School. and
ktnee hls adml?*lon to ihe bar ho ha_ l*ee?i ? __
?Sa ol ei Attorney-C-eneral LesUe W. Rns_tU. ???
wlU be eleeted to Cnngres. next week by a r_\M]J*
miUorttT by tbe ROMhlleaaa of Uie tH. Lawrenee.
_5_^_Si dl-t-lct. Slr. Hall ls a member of fhe
b _ E. Club, the r-derjl flti. and the _oung
ytm\ Eepubhcan Club af tha XXlrt A_scmbly DU
frotn Tbe PhUadelphia Presa.
ThU ta an old trick of -The New-Yort PpaV* ?
the e_npalgn ot 1M$ lt made tbe claim Uiat Uie dl^
puted eitract aaeribed to -The Loudoti Tlmes. "and
.avlng U.at -thc ont; tltne Etifclaiid .-an u_ * **?
tnan Is when he emlgrutes b> America aod *_**.__
free trade." was s forgery, ar.d It further ('Wm*SJ!?7l
It Iiad been pronoun.-ed tn by - The Uvndon Tt??"
ItaaST tolto tasue ot September $0, 1888. -__?f
S tomX * Tha Tlmes' b_s dtauvowed tt (the extraet)
lod de_B_?d that lt never aatertalaed that opinion
* ___-?>___., on Oetober 9 nt the _m?J_?;
?TI_l-_w?^__MJd lhat - Tfee London Tlnsss' made a
____\ (ot the eztrart) ta tta tosua at Aagest ?.
_%?_?_.__-?- ot -Tbe Loodo-. Tlmes- ou thedto
iwtod exo-et wa* this: - It w-nld be Ttttetotlitit,
fctaow wben BMs aaaBBBiinl appsared ln ___
_mB33** ' --"* *** **** **
MrpatMled than tMs a*tamp? of
iho oatTr(,_mitt_J Isngaaga e_
-*? **** *____*!__
?he Tlmes" UU aa
Balew la gtvara . fall hat _ tha BBBtMBBBt en tha
aeveral ttchete lo ha votee t_r la thls ctty ecd eoanty
ao Tuea?j. Tho poll* wUl open *at 8 a. m. aod wlU
o-ose ac . p. rn.:
cxtt. touwrr _tn> juDici_ar.
V?UI-.Baa. 4 CD- i *
Bhmia._..Wiilia_ H.'_
v-?ty ?btb..w.r. fl. BeUa-or.
fila?et-Aitce-aty.. *
J?ga* of bopo
tior oan
Judge* af
. '??__? __ kw-tt.
J<?i w. u*>_
. ti a. __?_>.
HugU J. I?_-t
T_*v W. ?rare.
Jaa-t J. Clii-Hii.
__. A. _i*a-*??h.
I?aOC"- -V
Preaf.ant Beaid
?f Aid**-. -._
Jaa. W. Hawa*
Prohib. .o..-Mayor. Wtlllam Je__n*i _*"**2J:
ControUer. ...lilan. wai-well; B_ei_I. J<?to MeMaileu.
County Clerk, Je*_u__ T. Br-ohs; A^tt^A>AxAorotBj.
Ch-rle* E. Maniarre, Coroaer, lieorfe tr. ^^-y**?*:
Judge. of rteperU* Court. C*olerl4fe A-HartandJames
H. __ird; Judge* of City Ooart. HertertA. L?_?*?
Henry H. Hndley; ttmUmot Board ot Ai-ertnen. Franee
M. llammond. _ _ . . jv?a?ju
bot-Ullat U_er-MayoT, Augurt Ojtahar^ t^txaU*.
AaguBt Wa-lnger; Sherlff. Erne-t Bohm; <---*25H_2j
Chariee F. Wllaon: D__1-rVAttorney, Mwrarrt J.
Thlmme; Oewner. Oeorge C. __ehUng; JJjM" ?.*?:
perlor O-auTw-llam N. Bee* aad Henry Foth jJ*?
5f Cltv Court. Bebert J. Vtctiie. aod Benlemln J.
Gretaeh: Preei_*nt hoard at Ataarmeo. Jamefl a.
Com-onwe-th-^aj-r^James Bedpeth; Conhroner
George K. Lloy"
Jame* Hartey; _
t\\oaao\)??^ M_i
JKEf* VBies 5 __5__%S
TttuY Merrttt; _-T-e_ent Board ot Al?er-B__. Oohert
H,aS-_- Improvemant I _-_--fiherlff. OrtrW Maito.
Robert Earl. Bep. and Dem.
gllaa W. Wllaoo, Pro. -
Frr-eta Geran, -oclal-l Laher.
UUtrlct .
XI. C. A. Flflmaar (??>>
john D"*A'ltt WBrnn
fT. aad C. 0.1
alth-Mayor. JameB Bedpaih; Cflntroner.
*d7ih-__i. W o-?n-*ji:w" ^ieJ**
r; DtatrieVAOo-ey. *l*f*v2*'??.H?!l:
_ra a Foota; Jadfe. et 8uperlor_Court,
VI. C. X)?oovo? (Bep)
J. K. MUa**ra JKt
- Ahbett (C. D-)
_ Ia Abbett (C
B w <i.v (Praj
o.w. Coiu?r (I. u.)
VII. * *a_*aaa .R-.
L J l?u'..phjr .T i
W T. t_r?-Jale
(C. D. |
W. s>. _*ui*fer (P,
VIIIiT J rarppheu ia-.
T. and C. D.)
Wllllafn Brown (P-)
Sariuel Rlnaldo il.)
Aie-ander Jooe*
-.,,1 Lab.)
I_C..1?ii W*l*a (R.)
AB.o* J Cummlnga
(T. _ C D-, _ ,
Irving 8. Itonft \jA
C. Enttnlneer (8- T*.>
X C 8. V?a BAotm*
_a (?*?>?-, a.
F. B Splnola (T. *
C- Tt.)
A. H. B Hept^rtP)
C. W?gn?r (8. L.,
Iliat n D"*=
L John II. Grtmaa (R-l
I?. R. PulTy (T.i
P licConvllle (CD.)
F. A. I^-"iiiU (P.)
W. A. _t?*oilng* (I.
II. Jan ??? H. Driseoll R.
and C. D.j
t D. ftulllvan iT.i
D. MarttmI'tPj
. a. _U1.<C-.C.'
W. Wamner i.R.)
Farquhar (Tim.)
E. A-ioi (C.D..
H. Wyl.urn il'-)
Bradr (R.*r.D.>
H. Rrtrh^ (Tatn.i
W. B- Draper (P)
A. Frendlg (fi. T_>
XU. C H BUiir (K.) .
b. t. yxo*** -T- **?*
j. p. l*hor_?* (P.)
J. J. Ftick (8. L.)
Xin. P. D. A?_? (K-i _
A. P. FltcB fT. and
H. &. jipaa (P -i
E. H. Eckart (S. L.)
Holden (Pr..) XVIII. Tao*. BirtTg I R*p.)
D. F. M?.-tln (Tam.)
John J. Mvl>t!i?oct
IV. T.
V. 1.
R. L. _
VI. Oust.iv .Merin!r,?er
(Kep. tnd U. D.)
K. J. Foler (T?m.)
S% ph-n MeCa'-e tf.?
s. M-lower (S. L.)
VII. I. L-Van A|lrn fH.)
*d*r*.ln T. Mr.Mahon
'.ain. and C. D.)
Frank Relyea (P*o.l
J. T. htearna ill
W O. Stahlneck?r
(T. * C. Ti.)
8. T. Wllll* (P.)
F. Bfnoi'tU (8. I*)
A. Tanor, ir. (lad.)
XV. John P. R. Taafe
ril?p. andC. D.
L. b-vpolcher 'Tam)
He.ry <?-bom? u'-,
A. Mo4.-ow iS L,.,
Thouiaa J. Bloealng
-Tam. A?*'n. I
XVI. Wm. H-.nl.-1 iRep.)
tjr, O. Bf*ne (1-un.i
T.F.I.t.old r-g (I'.D)
C. A >fi edhani (Pr?.)
II. M. S'?fhi-* (S-f..i
XVII. RoLairt Ml.iar (K^p.)
John K-vr!*? (1.1
J. F. Donohu* C.U.)
J. S. tFathCtftf ,P.i
Saoi Phllllp (8. L.)
Ougan (R.*t'.D.)
I". M .llm,y (T.)
Rerord (P.)
VIII. S. Straabourtrar (R-l
Krank Wo_(C, D.)
Phlllp Wl**lg (Tum.)
R. C. MIIU (Pro.,
Hujo Vogt (8.Lab.)
J. K. BrodafcT (I.R.)
IX. Wm. F. ..lejfrR.)
W. ITolromh (T-l
A..IH-inkerhi.ff (P.)
A. r. Mt ii?_ JC.)
X. Wm. _7_ara dt-i
W. Sohmrar (T..C.D.)
H. F.. Waate (P.)
J. i.-.M-r (8. L.)
XI. W. Nlrh. Hoag (R.)
W. M. Lawrenco
(T. and ,' D.>
J. Fr?*l. B'trsyn* I P-l
XII. C.L.Hnlher*?:.dt R.,
M.DtakfllsalahT ,'D>
Wm. M. Ij.reh P.)
L. Fr-Mrran (S. L.I
XIII. F. B. OIbb* (R.)
J. H. Soiith'vnrth
'T. and C. D.)
J*mea All.-n (P.)
J. a. ...wle ,1. Iia)
XIV. Lro *tonneN>rg (R.
and C. D.)
Wiliam Sulii-r (T.I
V. B. tteCoj iP.l
J. _?,<??, naiier (S L.I
D1?t. W*
I. Peter Riley (R.)
? ori!--! us ? lynn T.)
~ D )
(C. D.)
C. L. Itrde (Pto.)
J.A.Davr-npnrt , s.r...
Jam.-s a. H__itoo
ic. l. tr.)
P. A. Morrl* ,lnd.)
XIX. Henry Altman (R.)
John Coonelly (T..
TUon?? H. Boorman
(CD. * P. M. L.)
E. V. Wrlght (P.)
II. Poh1 iSoc. Lab.)
RT. PHtlt (P.Ref.)
XX. F. C. BWendel (R.,
Myar J. 8?eln (T.)
H.A. aehuRz (C.O.)
a ?. j. uoily (Pro..
Sairltj Or-ib iS.L.)
Albert RMiaB (R.)
C. H. Pet? tr.J
D. D*. Leno (8 I.
J_I.Cu-r.-ing* W6i
W. Jehn*ten. r i R.)
Oeo. P. W, bat- r (T )
Ja*. Lo,, r-m. (I D)
Charlaa Arncld tP .
F. 18. Tci-rg ih. L.i
John A. BrUer (I.i
C, F. Doodr |C L.C.I
XXIV. Wm. U. Davl?(R.?
C. C. Clark (T.
K..M. VanNorrpan(P.)
Ai-.oi, K.-ai.a (8. I- ,
M J Rearrtnn iflD
Ciao. F. Carr CT-i
M. J. ( onnora (I. D .
II. Thoniae F Wvnn
(R. and C. D. i
N. T. Brnwn (T.)
Robert Morran .P-.
u. 9. Ceeriry n -L.C.)
III. P-t-r TlBh" (R.)
V. X. Oakl?y (T.>
A t .Joatl (C. D.)
Rohert Meott (Pj
IV. Mlobae' Hln** 'R.)
A. Nooqan (T.i
XV. Wm. M Montgomery
(R. aod C. D.)
F-s-ik Bi g-r* ,T )
l.eui* IMau?rt iP. i
, .r, Plnkeuauiat (_.
XVI. M. J. Horan (R.)
W. K. Murphv (T.)
A. J. Fivnn (C. D.)
Aaron Holland (P.)
_?? C Behnck? (% Lj
XVII. Jame. E. CotiUar
(R. a C. D.,
Pftv-r J. Doolln* (T.)
R. J. McAuslandiP.)
Carl St-'Dhau (S. L.)
A A. Nooqan (T.I_t arl St-phau (S. I
Trva*. 8hH? <r. D.) XVIII. Hugh Ccleoan (R
F.M-ha S.-'lr (P.)
? ??van Reillv (Ind.)
. T.D?r?* (R.* T.D.)
INtrla'i J. **r_er (T.)
Oeo. W. Hoyt (P.)
tV. I'ianiv n.iC.D.)
Phlllp Kiern*n (T.)
John J*e?.-r iP.i
a. T., fkrtvltr tn. T.)
VII. '.-or-.-s taavronr (R)
J. Morrl* (T v.'.P.)
A-i'on R. L wl P.l
VIII. ' lia
i*. n.
.. \-ll r
n iii-imn t.i
\V R- pnenli-C-n
(C. V
.In<m nlovar (IM
John Ro?- iS.Xa.1
Cha-. Smlth (I R.)
H.H.ClUa 'R (C D-)
\. Me? T-tm.
Ror**rt lllair Pro.)
lt. r. K-. I-- ,t "ni.,
J*,-o*. Rnth R-p.'
n 9\eg?: helxer iT.)
L Z.'ller (C D..
J. H. N'olhnan (P.l
H Sehmldt (8. L-,
J. Martln 1 Ii
.. B Mom* IK.)
C. W. Oafdnor (I.
and C D.)
D W. Lamon (P.,
T, M Dvi-rpr (R.)
W T_1t (T * C. D.)
T. W Bn.hnell (P ,
A. Jabllnowakl (8.
. F. Sattrrter -R.)
I. H. Terr?Il (T.i
W. H Ra^d ftt D.)
T Rocr* 'P.i
W '.Vjrlp ,i. T> I
XIV. WIHam F. Daly
'R ?nd r. r>.)
nam*rd r.irry (T )
.t*m<-* T. Keva* rp.)
H-*n? PM-. rs. L.'
J. ? , Runi,-nmaon
(X. T. D.l
I>lair,'-t. Dl-trl.tt
III. B T Morgan (R.) VII. C. A
Chaa. H. Dnity (T.)
L. MeMahaa (C. D.)
Rleh. W. Turner iP.)
W. F.irallivani.S.L-i
T. 8. L'.Ulahan (I.i
XIX. Th.a*.F.Tlni.nl_s (R.)
Roratl., S.Harrla 'T.)
W. V. OeUael (CD.,
P. M. L.i
Jan..-* Tavlor (P.)
L. Slnnlcer (S. L.I
A.r.S.-h*i__<,-r i PP..1
W:n. AUc'iiioii (R.i
P.1-M J. Rach? iT.)
Jbv Klenun .'".I).)
Ch**. A. Bjxter (P.)
Ja.th Bohm S. L.)
n-nj. E Hall (lt.)
Ko im M .M,>rgan
.T. and C. D>
Lev Mibl- 'P.l
XXII. J. M-'iiU (R.i
11 CTMai% (T., CD.)
C Knaupman P.
W. V. Ehret (S. LJ
D....M--' ->. ?an iI.D.:
XXIII. J.B Kll*he'mer R)
fi H. H*llev T
T P. K?nnely (I* D.)
lt W. Whlted P
A. Kalku (8. L
28d Ward. C M. Hammond
A. Mneb-ia fT.)
W. H. Davls (C.
D )
J. P. WBDare rP.)
_ MlUflr (fi. L.)
24U Ward. B. Van Taaaall
T. M. I?ich (T.)
J. E. Klrb
w. P. Hcera (T.i
T. H. Smlth (C. D.
Hea- (R.)
1. B. M K-*i, (T. *
C. D.)
J J. Dair -fioe. _)
Lonls J. Helnt* (R _ CD.) LouU F. Hafl? (T.)
The followlng are the eand?at?* on the Mveral tirket*
wfco wlU be voted f*r la BrookJyn aa Tneaday
gijartff .Wm. Xramer (R.) Joaa Tonrtney (D.)
J. E Kam-^iy (P.) C. Rsaa s<? . Lab.)
A*_C^r.l__U*Ue#C. A. Coorady (B.) J. MeMahoa (D.)
Contrailer .0. T. Duc?*U (B) T. F. Ja.??oo (D.)
B F. Claytoo (P.) J. allca-l ihoc. L.)
Citr Aadttar.J?ru. Coa?OolBl.) AaBui Weber (D.)
niatrl.t Di.trUi.
II Jaa. Or-*B*ari (R.) IV. A. J. Pe_ry (R.)
D. A. BtroAy {.D.i J. M. ?n.ey (II.)
John N Joaea (P) A. L. MartUi |P.)
F. A. Koenig (8.L-) V. John R, tualth (B)
III. W. C Wa?vc* (IL) T. F. Magaer (D.)
Wm. J. Cwomlia KD) U. bchaefar (V-L.)
F. O. bmlt-i (P.l
M Loevaa (8ae. L.)
r>latrlrt a '??' ?*?*
"""lC-, BUlda- (B) VIII. J*.ne* B*~l rB.)
* jaTj^aklU (D) Jaa, F^alaW (??)
II u A amiia (B.) Jd. J. hUul.-j (I.)
"? B. J. M*B*_- CD ) H. 8 Wjahaai\f.)
Hl. U-arj' Masp.fk-i __?J__?_K>I
IV i-TB0^^. (i) *IHP^-I___i
WJ_S& lw_F_i
th. Ja"rt__- tfi?' ?. rA-A-jTs.
ntf&kft! __l__-tt-g>
u i-_t_ig ta. 1*1 -yuuma WbB**- (a.)
M. c ___rl l_M .,
BUha 9, Bs-M (_"?)
T. J. Caaa .*- L. ?
-__LF. CeotT (lt aad B.) 1$. wl'lUam K. Baasaa (R.)
* iuiaarf_r_$__ {L D?) Oaarta* fBS__Tl_i
4. J*ha g. Patas (K.) Charla* Mayer (S. I. )
twuiiM_r_iiuy (B.) 9^_B.___*_*.**9-*t
_ug*o* R. JuSg* l-M carl B?**a_B?fa_L.t
A_&*P Msrrtek tl.) 9$. VlB'SMjirfc-MMm <*?)
$. Jo*. B.J____g_pj (B.) Jsa?___ P Bum (J>^
_..__?_ &. .bT' 'D) *_^\-^$->
... _xi?_f *? wKX?~i--*?
Rohsrt O'Ds-metl iD.) 88. B-ary w^ltrrt (B-i
u. wmiao B. J_e_* (k) _n-Up _._.J^-a_a P^
Matthew Sru.ta (D.i willlaai __r__e$er __* -.
Mermea Wsmmot (8. L-) John 9. *** fl.)
Vetrlsk J. fl_P (Iad.)
Waids. Ward*. _
1. Th-woa* Flttharrt* (Rop.) 14. _-_l* -?*"J4"__'__^' .
Tanwa. |S fBiST ?-?"- - *-***? 9____H
|. RsB-rt O-tlln. < W> 18. Aedrsw H. M__-*)(Rep.1
I. 9_^p___ _*rkia (Beu.) Wm. U. Brown .D-m..
tokTvooIJvS* <!*___) 1*. Fwiip m*____ (B*p ?>
*- Th.__a.h __!_?___ (R-T_> Frank __N?rt (Bem.)
WllUam Bminan (baa.) 17. Charle* Orove* l*__\
8. Petrtak Pr___y (Rep.) -"???Pj*2j5"'"<^OL),
Prtrttk Bellew (Dein.) 18. Wm. T. _Ml_*rt (Rep.*
B-Bt-ary DaUey (tep*) A. Bl*nd-_tnan (Dem
Tho*. F. **?____ (trtm.) 19 John H. Cordea (Rep.
7. J<*n H T______HRep.) _l*__la_ ?_*?_?<_ (Dem.)
E.T. M.L-ug'.iBn (D nn.) *0. Andrew J. Ly _i? (Rep.)
8. Wlltlam Z. #-__?_ (Rep.) Owen -_?_>)? <P??n
IB JL R_e (Dem.) U Hearr B. t__l* (R _>?>
$. Oeerts Kln_ (Rep.l John Mo_}_tA_*n\.?
Jamc* J. E _____ (Dan.) ?. J?*_ _?? Flt-harrU 'R _???
10. N. 8. WarssoMT (Dem.) Fr__rl.k Brown (Drn.i
LL William D. Se*? (Rep.) *? w? __ ?S_____L?a___: ,
_ j_H. I__-hSTr. (t_m.) $4. H*niy Cjraaael (Rep.)
IB. Ch ._?__ JaeoOann (Rep.) Wimam ____p_er (Ben. I
The*. F. Phnupe (Dem.) 18. T. W. Cejn-ell (R-.
18. H w. Eaattnc* (Rep.) wnilam Fox :D_ul)
l*_t H. Jcans- (Dem.) _a w^v- ??$?.,
-tyack, Oct. 28 (Spedall.-Tbe XVth Coogrea* Dis
trtet, whleh ta tbe flrat of tbe eountry dlstrtots. 1* )a*t
now the *cene ot a cptrtted and hoUr eontested
flght for Congress. ln wajrh tbe Bepubllcan leader i*
Oarence Lexow, one ot the best known _jid ?t>l__it
tawyers ln thls part of tbe State. Thi* __?tri. i i* __Jde
op of Orange, Rocktond and Snllivan i oni.tle-. and ls
a good flghUng ground Ior a man 11 _e Mr. Lexow. He
was born ln Brooklyn, ln 1362. and when ho wn* three
years old hl* parents moved to C___J8awn, in Bock
tond County. where be Ilved unUl .bout nlne years ago.
when tbe tamily bomest-ad was sold. Theii he moved
bere. where he has *lnoe llved. He wa. ^.iduated from
tbe ijt___a-._i._c-- Collertate Institut_. u. lirc. klyo.
when flfteeu years -M, w_h honor*. and he !__?? Wwat
to Oanaaajr, ottmo he _________! the Oernsau *M*9MM*33h
mttttom a a$__M s-Mto _jmk $??-??"" ***___*_*
eronomy. he returaed to thta eountry us lB7i and
entered the Colnmbla Colle$* Law Sehool. ftom whicb
he was graduated ln 1874. He tban began tbe actlve
prectlee ot law. tormlng tbe law flrm ot Lexow A
A* a lawyer Mr. Lexow standa blgh. He haa had
charg* of many lmportant case* both ln tbe State
and !_____ (ourts. He U a brllliant. persiusive and
eloquent *peaker and there are few members of the
bar wiw have -better eontrol over a ]ury tban he.
He w an unfllnchlng Republlcan and has always been
ldenUfled wltli thc best BUBtaala of the party. In hls
di.trtct he ta extremely popular and to hls ejjergy and
afa Utv can be laid many of tl _ ltuproveinenu which
h*ve been m!de ui tlie tbrec Ny*ck_. Ha ta BaUai
a dt.p l__*_ Into the DemocraUc *_**_____***
Md the chancea are grearjy in favor of his etacUon.
or scccBse.
The prosp-ctj ot tbe etartlon ot a BegmMlcan Otm
gre*?Tnan. State Senator and -berlff ln Kasex County.
N. j., are deemed a? good that caretul party leader* ln
tlie oounty are coutldent of gettlng Incroaeed majorities.
Intll the pre_nt week tbe Democrats were tnert a_id
U?t-t_s. They held no raeetlngs, were dU .ded by bltter
lactional qnairel* ln a number o_ dtatrtet*. and bad a
dangerous rebelbon to deal wlth ln tfrBO-re. where
the rwpectable element at the party, tncluding nmny
CathoUcs. headed by Father Flemlng. an ouUpoken
enemy of the rumsellers. were determlned to tbl_w
off tbe yoke of the tbXoun power.
For two weeks the Democratlc bosses have been
tryli* to pauh up a peuce ln thi* intected dtatrtet
trtUi indiffcrent t*-=ult... On the other hand the Be
pubUcsns hegan the cimpaigT unltcd and ln perfect
lutrmouv. Mid sUrted Bi w.th a *.?rir? of largely __.
rended "meeting-. TTv-r^ have l__n uo outaide *pe~k
ers. but no Intereat h_v been la-klng. Tbe RepubUcan
rarvdidafes ore etieoxeA ln a personal cunvas* of tbe
_)unty and everywbere *ee evidence of Uie pnrpose
of Uie peopte to vote the Bepnblican ticket.
EspeeiallV U Ui>> ?o for t_tnn*___men. Mr. Coodlt,
the RepubUecm candidate. ls more wldely kdo*_*n penon
aliy tlmn any other man lii Uv* c*inty snd 1* extremely
popnlar. He wlU swure bu__ired_ ot Democratlc vote*
ln Newark from men who could never be prevalled upon
to vote agalnst him. The fa-t that the tree-traders
and importets llvt-* ln East Orange and Montclalr are
opp._ed U> h*m b__ a wholesome effect among tht
manulacturlng populaUon. Jssnc E, HoweU. *****_\
date for State Senator, ta a lawyer of hlgh
standlng. and wa* never ln actlve po-?c*
^y-. Hls nomlnutton was entlrely unsowgni
and just a* tuvexpected. Hls blsmeles* cburacter snd
flne talenu make him an exeeedlngly rtroog candi?
date. Mr. Howel' ta making speeches _n tbe county
that have a marksd effect. He says that lt elected
he wlU be owned by no man or set ot men, and that
he will devote hlmseif to tax and jodlcial reforra*.
Mr. Howcll. opponent. Barrett. was bealen for tbe
Sen _tor?hip tbree year* ago by A. F. B. Martin. who_e
term e_pi.es thta year. He ta a member of Oovetno,
Abbett'? rtaff and aou-tn-taw of Peter Hauch, a Harrl
?on brewer.
The county has been so outrageously geirym?n_H?_a
tor A__en.ld,ir__. tbat the Republicans are ****_**
advantage In every dtatrtet save U__?*-tbe Illd Vltb
and IXtb. In these tbree dtatricts tbe Repobbean*
p_rt?ed iart year majorlUe- _ggre?---awl?hln ***_**
total DemocraUc tnaJortUes la the <___ nlne dl-trlcts.
The prospecta are tbat ln addiUon lo tbe tbree dls
Iricts named the RepubUeans will earry the . _____
aad IXtb aod po?Ibly tha lst, whleh would be a galn
ol three Assemblymen. Monday was regtatnUon day
thniughout the count-y. and general report* were tbat
there bsd been a tatr regtatratlon ln clty and town
?hlps. For several days pa** tbe Democratlc maius
grrs have been drlvlntf crowd* of Itallan.. Rassiaaa.
Iiobemlans aod other toraigners to the court u> take
out naturallsat-on pupers. and scarcely anytblr.g etae
___t wn done at tbe eeurt-house- Nlne hundred have
iSt^tlteT Mt____ed ta New__. ot whom __0
?_S__ trw the lS?__er-Ur Twelfth Ward. lt ls thls
w%^tbe^'ni_r__? boodle ta be_? dtabuned.
RepubUcan- are now.oj*-^*-* **? u'}letlT ?_J
-_* watch for attempted DemocraUe trauds. The
mottXnto* will be clo-ely scarmed aod aBspletoua
-_2*. hunted out. WWh an houeta regtatry there ta
uuta toaVof tra~-s at tho polls nnder Ute new law. al
xbmV****_ B ,X*d__LoSXbS_^___*_2
,.< vot--* a* tong as the DemoeraUe__$$??$$$$ pre*
_l__Mto take tke ettauees ot purehased votera earry
{^t th^l-lamous ^*_-*^_***- *** ** Mieev
Sfr? MJctaSed ln tbe poWng b??V^
8____S_ajSrt___S_*Se?_3 ____*_
H^ngrT ls_i. N-warh. under the au*p_e. of tbe Oot
San Oty Central _C?***__ .**?*<_* t* week a
Sore of mertings wUI be heM ln the rar. wa wai**
a-ST?o_-_S_pr^e?_-^ Mr. Condtt, the Be
I^wTtaJMe"-! aw est Orange. and s grand BepabU-Mt
rhBjwlS_a ** to to* totamtot * Qvtaastaoe.
So aod. ha* been wrltten aheot the aaw IUnot m*t>.
whieh will he trled threughoat thls state ar tha Ir*
al _e eo-_ffg eleetlen, that __oy ?_?>? *****
?aa eoaaa ta tluah iu precUeal wot_a?s la ha aa
_..- ttricate and -Saatt thaa mtty laoBy^aaa.
la realtty they an slmply aod eeelly miiiiiMii -*7
tha most mc_rta-ely e-idowed Inteflaet. f-^jf ?*??
a btala haa aet beeoe-e mmtAmABom readlng mm
elaherata -SBcetatton* that have appeaiai trom Ume
w> ttme en aaeh .rfberd?ate leaturee ottM aaw
-utate aa the toMlng ol the haDoa aaa other u__o
port-_t matter* of detalL Per-h*.pa aa pood a war jm
any to iiroatrate the new ?y*tem wtn he lo tahs ?a
eaa** of a voter ta thi* ctty, where thh* yaar tnere
will be mo- rhaa double the aaoal aambea- af eao
didalaa to be veted tor en 5ov_iher t.
Lai a* then teleet eay. John Wataao. a tmow
llvlrif la Hnr'era. Ha haa been *o engroased ta baat
nea* that ha taw*n pracflerUly not-tlng ahorrf lha
-.hange ln the method of voting **>vona the toct thoA
a chaBfB haa been raad*. Like a wide-ewake baa.
iiea* man. he want*. a> vote as early aa poeefble. Ha
start. ror the poDa Befcee he raachaa than ha uuNeee
the nr*. go_encea ef the aaw order af things. Ia
*te?l of a e-*o*rd of worhars wlth baga ef ballots saand
inf around the polnng-pleee, "Mttoohotlnf 9BBB99 mot
xxntrtt tha c_?_a of the varloas candlde?a. be aaaa
. plaee ftwed for a distanee of 150 feet of every aoa
out the proper eleetioo offlcer* aad the voter*. Al
thi* distanee awajr from the poUa, however, he tnda
repre-entatlv-ea of all pertle*. ready to sappiy hto,
not with banutB. hut wtth "paater.." '
Theae "paater." are ballot* prto_I at thelr ewa
.xpense hy the dlfferent political iginM-tlBna. Bepee
rir-aus, Deraoermts. ITohlbttlonlat*. etc. They are eo
white P-per aomeavhat smaller than the o_<_1 haQota.
The printing npon them ls ln type son_rwhirt stmilar
to the prli.tlnr* npon the faee of the ofa?al beUota.
They coutaln tha i?tacs of all tne per-o?. ?__??_
hy anv one party or polrttcal org___a_on; that to ta
say thev e.mtaln the names of one eaa?date Ior eaeh
of tbe o-e? to be dled. In addltloo to the names upon
them there an* words Indlcanng the o_ees for whlch
theae atjr-on* have been nominated. Besidee dlffert?g
from lhe offi.ial haJlot ln alae. they do not have any
?verfomted llne nninlng oerom them, nor do they hava
any hidorsuineiit or printing upon tha alde opposlta
that upon whieh the namee appear. <rrpon the tttt
oppoaite the faee or prtnted alde of the paster b-Qol
tiMre ia a surfac.- eovered wlth dry mtK_-4*a, _m_ar
to that ptored upon the taps of envelop?. lhe tn
tentlon lieing that thls slde of the paster ballot *_a_
be mot-tened and when moistened plaeed upon the
aflkUl ballot ln the manner de*>**rlbed ftirther oo.
The voter going to the poLUngplare wtthoot theae
paatcr-s must rely npon the offirlal ballot* glven to him.
If Mr. Wauon U able to read he will have no uaa
for thete pastera. but lf he cannot read he s-a-M
take with hf*n to the polllng plaee as m_5y of theae
- paster*1 hallota. con?lning the namea of the ea_tlda?I
wtiom he deslre* to ?uyport, as there are offlclal
On a-Tiring at the polls Mr. Watson wlll oba-aiu
another Innovatton?the voting booth*. These are
small structarea. three feet wlde and _x feet ln hrtght.
having tour lncloaed sldea. The front side eontain.* a
door extendtng to wlthln two feet of the floor. Eaeh
of theae booths ha. a _he!f arranged at a eonvenlent
helght for the purpose of enabling the penon stand
Ing tn front of lt to u*e lt a* a plaee npon whlch
to plaee hia ballot*. or to do snrh writlag a* he mav
wt*h to do upon the ballots. Ia eaeh of these are
pene and pencOa and writtng lnk aad macUage. and
alao eer_ln artnted Inttrurtions for the guidanee ef
voters taken from some of the sectlon* of the bill.
Mr. Watson a_-ounres hti name. "The poll-clerta
sean tha _iu. They flnd lt recorded an rlght.
Thereupon, lf no one ehallengea Mr. Watson's rlght te
rote, whlch wtn he done at thls polnt tf at aU. tha
ballot clerk hands him a lot of ballot*. une <?f thest
wlU have oa lt the catlaena' d?Inattort*. an?___.V tha
Thi-T aommees. a thlrd th* ProWotOon candla
aod a fourth lha U*er aaa aad aa eo. Among th*
ballots M a blaak one, that Is to ?ay. a ballot con
talning slmply the _*-4gn__o_i af the offlee* to ba
fllled at the eleetlon and not the namee of any ea_
dldaoBs for aaeh offlce*. and the voter may wrtte
ln the blank space* i*_a*-*ved for the parpose the
name- of snrh penons as he may desire to vote for.
All theae ballota Mr. Watson will take wtth him tn8a
one of the hooths. If all the compartment* are oo
cnpled. he must of cour-e wrut for a vacsuicy. Ha
wlll not have to walt long. not over ten mlntttes al
the outelde, since the law forbid* any one to ocrapy
a booth for a tonger perlod tf other voter. are wnlt
.itg for lt.
Once Instde the booth Mr. Watson er-u* the ballots.
Eaeh of these he will flnd to be slx Inehes ln width and
a trtne over a foot ln length. Arrovs the top ol
them he wlll see a per-foruied llne, that ls a llne wlth
ho?- tn 't. mnnlng from alde to rddn, and dls?nt a.
all polnt* one Inch from the top of the ballot. The
p?1 abave thia perforated llne la known aa the - stub*
of the ballot. Tbe purpose of having a perforaled
llne runnlng acroatf the ballot ls that thi. ? -tub* may
be dctached by the el-cUon oflice**;. as requlred by
tha aet. All the ballot*. wlll be of the same _re.
They will aU be on white paper. They will aJU be
priotad ln type of the same _ ?<-. All the ballots osed
ln any election diatriet wlll have an Ir.do?em?_t ln
ihe same words. The namea of the candidate* wiil ba
prtnted ln the ?m< order on ali the ballot*. and th.
flrst or top name upon the ballot* wlll be the name
of the penon nominated tor the offlce uf Judge of the
Court of Appe?a. The only -fferenee between Ihe
?fferent ofhcial ballot* handed to any one voter
wlll be the differenee ln the names of the peraoo*
nominated for tlie varions offlce*.
Now. if Mr. Watson can read. he wlll at once *eek out
the ballot whlch he wanta to vote. sav the Cttl-ens'
tieket, for are aesume that he 1* a good eltln-n and
therefore opposed to Ta_many HaU. He does not
desire to nse the ' pasterf ballot If be doea not want
to vote for all the candtBtBtt r_med on the tieket he
can erase, eithi-r wtth pen or pendl, thoee he oc.eete
'to. and subsun.te other names by wrtttng sueh apoo
the ballot, over or r_lolaing the namea so eraae_ Ot
courae, if be doas not wlsh to *?u*Utute any o_et
oame crr names. ne la at Uberty to leave them blank.
Having arranged hls Ueket to sult him, Mr. Watsoo
procee?, to fold lt and also the ot-Mrt.. Bemember
?la?-11 th* ballot* must be folded. Begarding thi.
matter of to?? s a great deal ha* been *a_, but It to
uow settied that yuu may either fold the UU -te
iengthwlae through the mlddle, and than croaa-vi*a
thrvMigh the middle up t- tue perfonsted Une. in auob
a way ti?t tho portlon above tha perforated line. kno-va
aa Uie atuh, may be detacbed without upening or dia
cloaiing the contents of the b??>t, and ao that the o_I
,-i_l ludor?uiluiit wlll appear on the outalde of the
ballot and the i__.es ol Uie candidatea be conceaied.
or just Uie rvver-e, that la. croaawlae and then Iength?
wlae. The princlpal thlng ln fu?mg la to see thal
tlie namea of U.e candida?es are conceaied, and Uiat the
lower part of Uve ballot does not couie over the per
forau-d luie on to the stub, where lt would be llhety
to be torn when the lnspector tr-an off tbe stub.
Tbe next thlng ln order U the separarton of the ballot
you inteiid u- vote from the other*. In order to avols)
, oufu-u?,. the voter .bould flrat foid the ballot whlofe
Ue intcnda to vote and put tt one alde, and then foM
the __il<>**- whlch he doea not lntend to vote and pul
tJiein tos-eUier. aod then, holding tbe ballot whlch ba
lntend* to vote ln ?a rlgbt a_td aod the baUoto
whlch he does not lntend to vote to hls left hand.
emerge from the vottng booth or romperttneot, and
present hlmself, wlth t_e baUoto thus plaeed. to tha
elecUon otocers. . . .
Uelng again before the election offlcer*. the voter**
name wlll be again called. and he having handed the
UU lot wlilch lie (leairea to vote to one of the ln****-etors
uf eleetlon. Uiat offlcer wlll call off the namber ap
oeaiing upon the stub of the ballot to the poi! clarka,
and lt M number 1* the number whlch appear* op
uoelte the voter"* name npon the poU-IM. lt JBtBB
tnu* made appareot to the election o_eer* that the
balkit ?o h_?,ied to be depoaited lo the b-lot-bo- la
the ballot reeelvad by the voter. tt wtn thaieapon ba
depoaited by *u.h lnapeetor, he having flrst rea8808a1
U,-B_tlbsuppoBe aa before that Mr. Watapo cannoa
rea.1. What had he better dol Whv, -imply take tae'
Ot-eas' ia?--Ts he brought wlth him oMtBtt om of
themto _Th of the oflclal hallota. Thw hajeHl ha
aare to vote the Ueket fla ~|B? ta f8-s _J88a j
paster ballot U aaed. it maat be pasted upon t?_toea
ST_e e-clal ballot talow Jhtv^omAmtBoo^Mmr.
wlae. ln removlng the saah. tae tam aaaw apoo tha
pa*ter mtght le torn off.
Bing np a -|J.m?a wr.__?V_. -__? K_. I< _Z aa--a>
__.Tr_,u,ua,^t^,rs_*: *Sd"w_ SoVi: ^
ba* plenty ?f t_oe allowed him to arraapa aa baaoaa
W^S-5T,H tha vrtvonttom of tha JBoBtt.
_-n&W%M ?aalaaaa.aaa'-pC^-l
thr renuU?wnti ol the Btotoite. ywwjy ???

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