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kJJ>Mc4 AUD ^?_B*pt4*N pNGLETE.
??0?_NG IN*E i__*#^r_JW^8 OjTHt ^EE
XBADERfl W NEW ENGL.N?_rjpjB -*%,
r?T __s___c_?_a *o tws a____u___l ?*
P?Md2__^8rSc-Tht lt-*B-r_e_j_. tarned
out teven hundred ctrong th& .ar*** tw tj_ir
tenth annual ni.-t.__ and aupper in fataatrv _jal".
Among the d.ttintfuished gueeta preaent were W?J
?>? W Aldri.h. S?__er from Rh<B_>**?_?__?'?_
Hoa. Ne! anf #0*. >. *?? ?*?*?. g. __Tg
fr,m ____U.V$-**)*_-__ LarW/ Oeorge_ M
ramenter, Preeldent Arthur Wateoo. ef the ?__
ioTcoancil: Elkry a Wltoon aad*?g?2
Soodwin of PawtuckeV After the ealratle-. had
b^n *r^*d. Hw-ident John E. Kendrtek. of the
ftlnb awjended the platform with the two speskers
ofSlflS; Seaatar AMrieh aad L-ngT-eaman
Dtaglry In openinc the exeroiaea he _aJd :
"_/___ r ?*. ___?_** _
"Tl** ?. ^TZ. , ?__*,. _-p*t ?_____*? bi Intro
tbe whole c__mtry_ ]**jg * tht evenlng the
dncmg to yoa aa tbe llrst spea_-er ?.
Hor. ______ DiGgley. o. Malne. ?? _^i __
Mr Direley was greeted with applawe aad ic
*x****+ "SttS-a-aw n?b of Prc*._e__ .
rLfto?S_-$_4? ^p^^18?,n Rhode uu^
_ _^? ^ Veetoe r_ult of the last Coogress _
J&r ??% a_ Jlr for the Republlcan party ln
thT-atfoo. The worklng. of the last Congrea. hava
5 .r^wn . we-kn- in thi. party: lt haa done
lo* the TtemocroMe party has not been ablo to do
' a, rhe laat slx rear.. It has rcvlsed the tarlil.
5ow my-triwA*. I am here to-nlght to speak about
th," nrotrctlon of Amerlcan Industry and labor. There
J J| ,vewed purp-se In __ McKinley blll. Whlle
?,foaraging Importations of those artlcle* whlch can
~* be manuf-c'n-- in thls country. It encourages the
rn?__f_.*tarr. 2 nf other artlrles which ean as well be
B*?_ here by r.strlrtin_ the ln.por.a_.i_. of such
,rt?-i.. The McKinley bill. lf you will give it tlme.
tM prove bmeflcial to New-England. as well aa to
tftg -.h.'le eoimtrv.
Senator Aldrtch wm the next speaker. The
?99** t-nator from Rhode Island was reeeived
witb grent apnlause. His speeeh was a* follows:
Memrv*t_ of the Yonne Men*s Republlcan Club: I
thanfe vou for your kind reeeption. I must express
ir.y thanks and yours for Mr. Dlngley's clear statement
ln r-ard To the McKinley blll. I am sure lt is not
ueressar. to detaln you any lenfth of tlme and what
I have ?. remark will be only a .nppleroent. I thlnk
I <__ safely t* that no art of Coraeress ha? met so
mnch hoatllity on thls and the other slde of th- At
b_ .tic a_ the McKinley Tai-ff biU. The language of
the opposing slde is that of denperation. Long before
thls bill came up tbe Democratlc and tariff re
forro pHpers v?ld what wonld be tts effects. If
you ran be!i<-ve th'-se. the dirct oalamltiea aye
likely to follow thU a^t Whv is this bill
this artacked. when It ba? not been a Uw for
more than three w**__ ? For vears tbe eolumns of
these p?p-rs hav* bc- n fllled wtth the di:e. edPorl sta
bs to what wonld happen if th" p-ofr_rtonl?t poll'-y
BheaM he __ri*V! Into effect. Cnless th s blll ean b.
rordemned tn the n..t election. the calllng of theee
men will be _->ne. Pair rrttlcism. howes-er. sh ___ not
* disc- u- t_.BU.ea. Tlie blll ?hon!d be oon.ldererl
and _?cus*ed ov_.wher?*. Thc-e gentlemen are not
s.u .ed wirh fair dt.TO.*k>_. Thev misrepresent the
f_. ?= of the c_.se. Th*- DemoTetic party has been
tr.m *d over isltliln the last few years to tbe tartfl re
fnra element The cld Democratlc p-irtr. wWeh was
^p^-prjt^rt hv Rardall In th. Iatt->r davs aod by Jawk
aon n the rem t. past. that parl of tlie Democracy h_n
gone -o the r?a-. while the RepuMirant of a l_W year;
?go hav. U_en the m-chlne. The Dcmncmts have
gv?-n over thls q_e*t_._ to them. and nrleas rbey can
r-fn'e the facts of tt. c_s??. their vocatinn 1* a.ne
forevr. It I' wo .hv of*consid*ratlon tliat tnl. que*
ti.-n is not conflned vthls __ie ef the Atlantlc. The pa
pen if Eurr.pe fcre ttteaflBtag the cjaestinn. I reeeived a
paj>er t' ls m-irnin;- from Germany. whlch stated that ln
ro long rtme Earope wiU he trirmtarv_ to America *?,j
ec_mni_ p?W_ea. T ean aee aa?- *rrt-ypo-B papet*
r._.t oppose the art..hut why the New-England pre.s
<honld echo such sentlments as it doe* I cannot eon
I lrtetid to take np for dismsslon thls evenln_ rhe
'? Addirs* IB Voters of Hew-Bag__i by the New En_
lnnd Tariff Ref'.rm ( _nh.- an rwl'lress pnMlshed ln all
UM Mugwump p?pe_ ot New Ensltind. (Luughter.)
It repreaents the faime?s of tlie opposlng party.
Thi. uddress onot--. me as having sald in
r.pl> U> the o, ueetion whether the purp ose
of tbe bill was to reduce taxation. " N?t by
ar.y roean-s * 1 did make that replv. but the ques?
tion wa- wholly dlfferent. Bnt I made other state?
ment-- al.o. I said that the purpose of this blll
waa to reduce the rereuue and to rdleve the people
of any bur_.-:i. Thls sUtemetit ls not lmportant
eaoept a. sboa.iie tiie campaign policy of the opposlng
gtie. It is not the truth they are a_ter, but the
(.venhrow of XtoS policy of thelr opponents
in .htaever manner they can effect lt. ln
j_ply to the second statement. that BM
proprtetors and mar.aaers of ln.D worklng establiih
meuu ln New Ei^land. iiHludiiig C-Overnor Ames
and nearly aii thc other p___fl___t Republicans en
gaired in that businesa. petitioned our Senator. and
Ropreeei.tatlves in (>njre-_ that lron ore and coal
?h-uld be put on the free list, and tliat the duty upon
pig-lron and srrap lron and scrap-steel .hould be re
duc?d to 24 per <ent ad valorem. I siated at Brookllne,
Mass.. that. out_ide o< a llttle < -terie aronnd Boston
there ls no senument tn the OemocraUc party ln favor
of free iran and coaL
At that meettng ln Broolrtine Mr. RouaeU made one
admisflon. He sald that the wishe. of Mr. Mlll.
and othew were controlttng ln that matter and that
tliey did DO. dare to put ;on free coal and lron, for lt
meant a low of electoral votes to the Democratlc
party tbat they eonld iil affo-rd to lose. lf you say
that tbe Nll 1* sectional faots will prove otherwtse.
Tlie lron prwduet lo not oonflaed to Pennsylvania.
Mlchlgan and uiany other States are engaged ln thls
pursuit. The 10.000.000 ton. of pigtron made
<n thls ooontry are divlded among twenty-four States,
?nd 32- fnrnaeefi helped to produte lt Should th'>
llght of theae farnaeee be put oot. n order to tu
enrase the proflt* of a few men in N?w-Englandl
Hjaill a man has a eotton factory away from all
mean. of tran?pe_t?tl0--c_o be compete wtth aaocher
mlU of better locatlon aod with better __.a_l_.-_r>rl
What would you have thought lf those amall ____-_
fvn__*_?- .hoold aek proteetlon becaus. of their un
favr^-able locauon and bad mack-nery ? but thlb ts
rot Ltoitwl to thi. cla*.. lt ha* been ?aid. but other
n.auufactui-re bave pedfloned. I presnme that
* theae man ha?e yleld-d to the unportun
ntea of thoae travelPng aa*ent?. 9**M about
New-England to aeciae slgaatnre. to petitlons. merely
to get rid _ thmn. I know how easily men are gotton
to sigu such papen. btrt they never hav. pre-ented
such asrtm-B-B to me. Not one of them has ****** j
to me to have lron and co_J on the free ll_t. I know. I
b^evw-. that whea tae Mlll* blU wa. before Congrese |
oue of them aame men, who have bow .Igned tbis peU
Uon. aaid : ,
- lf this blll pa-.es. I tb-11 be obllged to cloaa *f
miBBJIIIIIj and let fordgner. supply my cixtUtruert
U th,.y h*d . objected to the McKtiUev bll. I
kaow my malls wouid have borne miaalve. fro_n tlaem
and U it had been for thelr lntereat. they wouM Mt
have appealed to me in valn. In regard *__/***+
me_t that Mr. Whitmao tbnaMl have been *********
the old raie_. fr_m hts report. daled *__*_____f_J*
vlnch ha S r__iu_. with *9*$** 2**J**]*4*!ohZ
beer, 20 per tt* on atock Invesfed. I can ?T .iTLTlt
man w!.Tn__^ thU _$Bt__ie?t must _??$BM*n**tt
mrn th\ -. Mr. WtaUBaa _Ud to me that ?__***_
had aiMiwn a ___? ir__-t_d ot o _*";-. . .
_a* bS i".u*cea_T thi* toat ** to tor jawUgtOJ
U_ tariff. U. tt. mierewt of the people of tho . atmn ;
and of Ute induiiti. of Rhode I.laud. _
The next ot-Je. tten whlch 1 wlsh to ?$_????"
e__E___ t*. t? tha -t_*e_?ent ln rogardJ? tho ******** .
amount whl.h American c__si_uei- of ^on *ABX_B*m |
Pay over the Engii*h priO-*. It U not alona wiiat yo?
fiave to i_. Ih a thing. tt ls al_o what yemlhaeeto pav
wtth. 1 do not ___-* the _t?_en_n? ***_*__*_*_[ !
die-*. _t_el ralls Bave beee *>_d aa taw ln Asaerir* as ? .
??reat l.maia. We 9* ml Xo .no.lin -.fj *
money oxotte. 1 do net beli_ ?* ^t___Ohe man
_-tar.-_.-r* are desltvus of fnereaslng thetr money
at the expentu. of <__sr people. MMM. _*__*,
ls wne that tir.pons laaraaae wfthexporta.lt ?W
be _aad ta be tro. fmari V*^^,**_*' l"_* ET.
aenl to you flguraa whlch w.11 shew _**__*_
tottttj at the Tariff Reforrn Lea_P?e ?? ""^"i
-rom l*vtT to 1?37. an?tor. tbe tariff oj
!__*_i th? imito_atl_ns per _\2_[*___]m_Z
$T ft*: aader the tariff ?_ ia$7 tr ?8._*_****_ *S
Uriff 0f l-_lp MT IA. Toa wotUd e_fp*ct
a deereaae af eaporta. bnt what do we flnd11
VnAmt the tariff of 1?4-. **Vo_*m w2T__,*i7ji
per captta: qndar tbe tariff of \W__ ____\ *__
under tl_ tari* tt !*?-. ?12 2i- ^V *T*%m\.
faltaer of th, . aeetrioa. There la no fe?v
TUm d -re* ,_r 'y , befween $he twa. ? _*__***_
**A wa ha _ ioc reasa. tha dnttea $? aU o_ the aa
eeulUee of UR I afcoaM be vory glad If any oo.
would name one." ?
i-syp*j fw
I Gl^rarU|lJ||)fe AT 0p(gpf7B,,r.VlOX HJ-ARS IIIM
m ii^PL^rD t?1 ajA-taAart ticket.
f TRfmetftaf last-Rr**?l_i*_ th# lan- hall of Cooper
tji-loa,' urr?r the A9B ttm People's Munlolpal
lf.?qr- tolbear thf>Jrj0&n>'?>T tb* F.-v. Dr. Thomas J.
BRaajr. ln aRvr-r of NfeJOandatat- an the Antl Tammany
tlr-et. waRone of RSa-tnost MtRhalMtlc that ha* taken
plaee slnra' tha t*a*tpalgn beghn. Hundreda of pef
Bons who wtahed to'R?<v Rrto the ball were unabta to
do so: still they rhCtarfrom onf-l,1e wlth as mncb
vigor aa thonah they had heard what the orator aald.
Tha pt-xrortn *.*_ tBBttmtBt ?n'1 ,hr *Nl*s leading
, lo the.plettam tn the ra_r. B**dy of the hall were also
i flla-st. a?B_Tj_ng one of the rrush and pnsh and ex?
cltement wh)eh ta known only, a. a mle, durlng the
helght ot; a PpaROenttal ea_pnv_ The presenec oi*
Father Dtteey was the attrartion of the evenlng. and
H waa apparmt from the app**aranee of the aodlenre,
without at all rrpeaklng of tha applaase wlth whl'-b
the leetarwr wa? pixeted. that a majority of thoae
preaent were Rnman Cathollea and peraons who were
formeriy aeeaatomed to vote the Tammany Hall tieket.
I'r Jeremtah Couahlln, the president of the Antl
Poverty Soelety, called the rneetlna to order. When
he stepped npon the pla'form ln company wlth the
Rev. Dr. R. Heber Newton. a onlted eheer went up
whlch fatrly Bhook the walta of the blg bulldlng.
In the front B?_ta a large number of peraons had
found placea whlch they are aecustomed to ocrupy
when tht Rev. Dr. Edward McGlynn make*. his
weekly addresaes to the members of the Antl-Pnverty
fiaclety. Among those present were !Sy!ve?te-- L.
I Malone, of Brooklyn: James P. Arrhlbald. R. J,
! Ref'onnel], and John J. Bealln. Dr. CouRhlln noir.
lnated the Rev. Dr. Newton as chalrrnan of tho meet
i lng. Dr. Newton said ln part:
"It ta Bcareely neeessary to tatroduce Father
! Dneey to a New-York audienre. I walfced down town
j wlth him one <1ar and tamoi lt almost lmposslble to
J earry on a eonversation with him. without being In
tcrruptert every moment, *o mueh was he engaced ln
, aeknowledplng the salutatlons of the many pei-son.
j who pasaod that knew him. (Applause.) Father
Ducey has been one af the most indefaticable men
? ln this movement. whlrh is dlrected apiins, w-rong
and corrupt! >a, and whirh ls ln behalf of Justlee and
of llgkt (Applaase.) Father Dtirey ls 1 >yal fo his
| church and loyal to h!s riUzenship. and is a llving
j denial of the i-frairr that the Cathollc ls nat a true
; clUzen." ,Applause.'
When Fathi-i- Daeey got up to speak he was
j unable to go on for two mlnutes. so eontlOMMS was
tho cheering. He said among other things: ?? It ls
' the duty of every public man, and cupectnlly of
1 every mlnlster of Ihe Gospel, to Uke an actlve
' personul laterest ln the welfare of his
I eountry and of his city. and to see Uat good citizens
, are elected to public oflice in tbe city and in the state
and in the Natiou Iapplausei; and these are in sub
, stanee the wunta of the bighest dignltary of the
I Catholic Church ln ti?' United states?cardlnal Gib
bons. (Applau-.-. i
- Mlnlsters of rellgion have a greater responsibllity
, ln thta regard than other citlzens. lApptaus-.l Tho
present goxernme-it of New-York ta a disgruce to ti.e
lnhabttaata and to c.viiliaiion (proionged cheering and
applauoc, again and ae_n reneVed., and hniwing thki
h pure city govenime.it i? esaeutial to U.e real pr -gies*
of this great metnp Us. we are d^termlned lo liKht
the good light aud to porsevexe untii we att_n tlie
end for whieh we are ainung, no niatfr how mueh
i-idicuie, alanJer or . aiumny the eneniiea of the people
, *eo Ut to eaat upou us. ilmmense ch.-ering.)
"Thi. morning a New-York newspaper Informed
the pubhc tnat a certaln Father Dnoey .derisive
laughter, *--a. t<> make thls evening a bitto.- and parnsan
liarangue againat a ccrt_in hall 111 t~b city. Nor*. my
fnends and fc-llow-elti-k-ns. all tliat Father Ducey ls
going to do is to exerclse tbe rlght whlch belongs to
ex-ery Amerlean titizen. to critici*** the maladministra
tion of tbe eity's alfairs, and to point out
where. tn his opinion, improvemenU can
be made: and lmprovements. he thlnks.
can be made by getting a majority of the
citiaens of New-York to defeat, by their votes .m No
vember 4, tlie present municipal administration. (Ap?
plause., Thla'paper sald, or inslnuated, that I would
not appear here to-uight. But am I not here* (Ureai
choeriag., Tiua t_U. whicn thi* paper a_d 1 wa
Hoine to deiioi_.ee. wUUe professiug u> be loyal to
mv race and poUtical falth. has done more t?an ali
other aarcniiea to degrade my race and my faith in
the eyes of the Ameriean people. 'Applause, again
and aealn reuewed.. ,
? Two of the noble-t men that thls eountry lias pro
duced were born in thi* elty of Ii.sh parents, and .
b.v, txeua sjh_. voloea aad Haraa*- to t a*ir les.soi,
ttfrt-trlifor-eet a noy. and tne ressouB ?nioh Uiey ln
eulcated still rtag tn my eara Theaa men s na-nes
were t barles O't-onor and James T. Bnafc .applau^i.
and tliey taught me to beware of these halta. (Re
newed applause.) Why should the clerpy be4nil.efl
atfainst bv tbe newspapers for tlie stand that thev
bave lafeeu In thi* coniest I is it laerause of the ?ide
whieh th-y Lave takon 1 Did you e.e:- hear any elargy
mal found fault wlth tor apeu?tns lu favor of the
pol-Ucai unlverslt*' ln F.-urwentb *t. * ,A volce.^-1
Lhouid say notl" Langhter and nppluUfce.) 1 shoiUrt
?ai not. either. my R+eoa. So long a> the clergymen
suit our particuiar xlews, thex- are all rlght, other
wtae, 1 suppobc. Uiey are all wTORf.7 (Dcrl^lve
laughter.) m
Tha RepubMeans of the uptowm portlon of Brooklyn
fflW Turn Hall, tn f*umter st.. last evenlng ln the
lnu-rests of the candldacy of WUIlam Watson for Mem
iier of Assembly in the XIlUi Di.-tnct. Tha liev. Dr.
A. stewart Walth presided. Bpseriias were made by
Dr. Walsh. e.\-rH.'nat.Tr Jacob Wa-th and Mr. Wawon.
all of whom were recelved with enthusia.-m. Mr.
Watson expressed cn-at oonfldenc- that he would win
despite the opposition of John Y. JlcKane and hi?
friends ln C.nivesend. who wUl support aU the Re
pubhean candidates save Mr. Watson.
EnU,UfU_stic meetings were held by the Federal
Club in Uie Twentieth Ward. b.v the Twcntx flrat
Ward BepoMkRBS in Delmonieo Hall. and ln nearly
all Uie Eu-stern Distriet wanK William Kramer a<l
dre-sed half a dozen meeUngs in the interest of hi>
eampalgn for blierifl.
To-nluht Uiere wUl be a meeUng of Thirteenth Ward
Republican s in the Bedtord Avenue Ta^ernacle, a?
bouth Thlrd st.
About 1.^:00 ex ?ilunteer flremen and prlnters paral
ed last evenlng ln the Interests of John Courtney. the
Demoeratie candidate for Bhertit. The start wa* made
from the (.ity Hall. and after ruarchlng to Atlantic-ave.
and the Bar. a boat was taken to Broadway. Th<
march was then taken up the priuclpal streeto of the
EBbiern Distriet. where Justlee* Courtney aod Kenna
reviewed the llne at Bertford-ave. and Broadway^
The Board of Eleetions ln Brooklyn ha* Informed
liallllll that Uiey can lnspect the ofhclal h-Ma
bearing thelr name. to-morrow between 9 a. m. and
1 jTdeaf mut* named/BUlaW Lelplt. ls reglstered from
No. 170 Atl-ntlc-ave. ?e ta not a cltuen *?<J^?
he thought he was loinlng a club. He was held ln
?500 ball ye-terday.
Judge Bartlett heard argument. yesterday upon M
appliration by John L. ClUMs. the Republi.-ai. canrt,
date for Congreas lu the lat Dtatrlct. for a mandamu>
U, (ompel County Clerk Oatphln, of Queens I ounty. la
atrlk^ the name of James W. Coveit from the l.st o
randidata, flled by tl.e Gleason lnterest to be pr.nte.1
a- an lndenendent tieket. as lt appaars on lha regular
Ueket. Deeision was r,-served.
Wllllam Domeyer. the So- iallstlc Labor eand date
for 8apamsat oi |ka Twenty-slxth W.rd. d.e.ilai.
Wednesday. As his death did not ocrur elght da>s
betore the election. the vacancy cannot be fllled
Judt-e Bartlett yeaierOay .Itamtased the ?*PPllc*fon
to have vtrlcken from the ref-i.tr>' of the town of lllgh
UifKl ..rai.g- Countv. the name* of James Craney and
hia son. of the Weat Point Hotel. on the grju-d that
IRM live upon land ceded to the Oovernrifcnt. and
Uaer.-tor? not . part of < ?ran?e County. Judge Bart.ard
clerld.* simila.ly on Wedneaday upon a like uueat <<n
ln Po_rhka?*i>*le holdiag that |l~BSH hving Wi8?8
\\\ZotMtmt SSTrflSe? ftreVht ,a,*th7%mnd tha.
__aTla_aito>a. the Ust of qualiOed voter. ln the
Jr^rth Strtet .R the town on ^Zax^it^C^m
u, law Thev were taken hetoTr L nlted Mat*> tom
_i^oner AUen and s-ted, ttot lt JW-J*~+
\ntlOmn Uiat they had ?lols_Jta ??T *?d **
were released upon thelr own r****a*-B*n^'-*ea- .?
The r*-tTlatra_on trom Barrea BBOXOf. t^Jg___
ni.sety-etalr. aod there svara MSRMH ?880MgM
^ievihr***! r.<tst_rx-4 from that ?SSKfJfCSS;
Asthe namea of Ixty of ^JSm&m\mm^oWu
appeared li. the Ust. ol voters. thelr reeorOs wui i>e
The xneetrng ln sopport of the People*. Mnnlcip
League held laat evenlng at the RloornlngdaJe Re
formwl Chereh. Boele-.rd and 8_th-eiglrth-B4.. em
phas'red the faet that the eh-m ara taldng a mi>
acen and ronstafltta mereaatng m'erest in fho canvass
The aueodawe w_ larfe aaat the a#grerUtlo,. of thr
?re_ dlrected cata at Taouaany ml?rnle wa. er^rea-asd
hv enthwRa-tte aod ?fenerou. applaswe. Many women
" u9Mni Tha Rev Madlson C Peters. pac?ir ??(
_! b^. Dr. C.- P. W. BMI-S8. of the MaMaoa
Awute B-RRt CR_?-: B_?-_8?'fc. A RteanR-l
Atoert __nu.?. a._ vt. j. aihooo. Tbe ***'__!
B. Heber KewToa .ent * tott_r rtr_fret *?_-*?
wrltten .peeeh. Dr. Umendorf aad Pr. Tobon ox
preased thelr l_tent_on 0f t_r.on_Uv worklng at tha
polls. ^^
DETEWcrnn. to work this " B-*-" t-"***"11*
Governor Hlll reaehed tbe Hoffman '.loose-oon after
dai_ last evenlng, aod be ftmnd Mayor Grant. Rlrhard
Crober. and flcereUry Speer, of the Mayor'* oSce,
waltlng for him. They went Immedlately to the Oor
ernor _ roam. Tbe Msyor thi Mr. C ober ha I ev d -ntlv
long ago made up thelr mlnds what they aould do ln
the cen.ua matter. whleh Taminany Hail ls Just now
uslng to sttraet the attention of the voter. of New
York from Tammany*. eorrnpt record. and all they
wanted was a publlc announrement from the (t__emor
that he was ln sympathy wtth them In that effort
They dld not remaln wlth the Oovernor long. tmt the
Mayor _in 1 hls secretary hurried down to the CMy HaU.
where tliey went to work on a letter to the Secretary
of the Interlor. After they had goue Oovernor Hlll
refnaed to tell what was dlgenssed at hls lntnrvlew
wlth the Mayor and Mr. Croker.
The letter whlch the Mayor and hls _ecre.ery got
o_t My. that there was not Ume for the Mayor to
procure all the proofs whicb he could get. showlng
that the Federal Cen.u. wa. not a rorrect one. and
that lt was necessary, for reaaons unexplalned, for
him to use the utmost ha.tr ln preeejitlng what he
Tbe Mayor flrst refers as proof the ortglnal enum
eratlon boohs of the first flve ward. of the clty. but
ho says lhat these books do not lnciade the entire
populatlon of theae ward. a_ returned by the pollee
enumerator., a_ there have been -ereral addition.
made to thc .chcdules .inee the flrst books were put
ln the Mayor'. bar.ds. The Mayor hoMs that the popu
ladou In the_e ward. i. decreaatng ln place ot increea
lng. He further say? that lf the popui i-ion of the
__cond Ward, whlch be selects. ts less than 1.000. whlle
the F_IthI Oeasaa placed the number of thc in
habitante of that district at over 1.300. he ls wllUi'g
to concede th- accumry of the Federal count. rne
thlrd p__>f whlch thc Mayor otf.rs l_ a compntation
of the inhahltanj* on the basis of the r*glstration or
the Ia_t Natlonal election. The registrntl-n in 1*p?
was a llttle uv. r ?__. ...<_>o. Tlie Mayor's last prool U
a eomputation of the names ln fh_ clty directory
Detroit. Oct. 30.-Speaker T. B. Reed made his flrst
speeeh in Mlrhigan at Adrian thls afternoon before a
large aud enthu-iastic audience. Hla remarhs were
oonflned ali::o>t exrliuilvely lo the tariff $_?$____? and
the effect of the McKlnley bill.
Mr. Reed was met at Adrian by a crmmittee from
this clty who e-eorted him here to address a mon .tex
maas-mceting this eveniug. The rink was rrowde.1 to
overflowlng when he was Introducod. II- addresa
was opened by reference to the rules whlch were
adopted by the last C_.np.ss and whirh gave to the
majorlty the right coiif.-iTed upon them by the people.
He made a pa. _ing r__rence to the Solld Ponth and
eulogUed the Lodge blll a_* a measurc to give the people
the Hbeetjr of an honest c.mr.t and Just ballot. He
d eclared the work of the la_t Congress to be tlie bj-st
and greate.t of all, i_* none other ha.1 -.-re_
ta thn.w down tlie gauntlet a* they had done in
pa-sing the Tariff bill ln the face of an impending elec?
tion. Mr. R.-ed's -ul..juenr remarks were d?v<it_i
entlrely to tl*e MeKlnley blU. The etfcer eveakcn
were General R. A. Algcr. S. M. Cutcheon and HibUird
Tammany HaU U makinc fra'rtJr efforts to make a
show of strengtfi a_id $nthusiaam at the ma_s meeting
to be lieW at the Wlgwam to-nlght. Ex Judge Lei'e_
ter Holme and hls ?? sp ?llblnding*' committee pretende-l
to be highly encour.ii.-e_l because they thought tbe
names of Senators .roo-man. of Maryland, and Eu-.tls, _
Louislana. whom they have taken the liberty of an
nounring as liavlng ?? promi-ed" to be preaent. would
draw a re. pertable crowd. The meeting ls to be a
last despairl._g effort to rorivtnce the voter. of New
York that the flght is purely cm DemocraUc. llne. and to
befog them a* to the real __uee of fhe campalen. It
ls predirted by ,ul__antial and solid Dem.. rau w*ho
are supporting Mr. Scott and the Cnion ticket that
Messrs. Oorman and Eu-tis. lf they do appear. will
steer as clear o_ kx-al politlos a*. Mr. CYlsp. of Oeorgla.
,Ud lae. w?ek. If the f-.nator*. fall to appenr. W.,___**
nckrari John R. FeUow. . Anthony Jj.-hoff. " lcewan
TurnSr _n.I "ldM -U-ral ^P'nola are tl.e best _____-. to
be offered to fill ta tbe gaps.
WasMngton. Oct. Tfc>.-Tbe Dopartment of S.ate l?
without Information re^perting U.e alleged impo.ltion
by Mexico of a il$.illta Mtlng duty of $:.00 p r cxr
l,?d on American cattle. which 1* n-ported irom the
West. AcUng Secreury Adce snys that when th.
Mexican Government- by a decre. IseMd a ye-ir ago, ln
creased tne duties on lmported ratt.c and ?___ . _hl.h.
by the way, were general dut.es. _nd not dir ded e?
pccAllv BMjktomt t?e Lnlted .*t_t__i. the D p__-t.i,em o:
Sta^? wa* inlormed of the _____ wlthln tw.-nty-Iour
hnure; and, whlle he cannot deuy the la_treperied BC
uon. he la eompaHBi to d.mbt lt
Kan__* Citv. Mo.. Ort 30.--Regardlng the prohlbl
tory Mosicau dutU.s on Amerlcan cattle, the fnllow
Ing dispaUh. leedved hetv to day. seems to be _____!
tlVr tv of Mealeo Oet aO.-l_e__ lt "" adrt.tional duty
on 1ve si..ck n her than U__ which ha- been ln
force durlng U.e la-t twaltre months lha wrilT U
,e.?g W.-.5. and ahoaM a OO* dnty * **-\****_
g%s?i ?? ^%r_oS__r
Tho l'eopl. s Mui.li-tpal Lcag.it- h? laaued a clKular U
whicb ? -?e* i* BMsihil aho_i.._ that thc hvtnttt ot th*
tax valuatlon. of tho rc_W.n bound-d by thc BaWery.
romna-ve.. Eart r_arl___.th_t _nd BlrM__-__, under
Mayor Grant wa. $120,_1- .',9.
A B_at mrt of .-oiartd t* _* wltt t. held at Mort_n
?nd Bleeck-T -t-- le-BlBbt, and arlll mdora.- the __sf_es
Munic.',.! La-u. teeaty aaariaaMbaa. The Rev. AJea
wacr Walt,r- WlU pr ? &<? ** among th. .peaker. w.J
t?. F M P.ott -he Rey.. Dr. W. B. DeHleB. tlie Rev.
B R Sm.t... BanKai _. T. Mo-gan. Jr.. Con.ellu. Donovan
Lucla* L. Van All,... M.ior io__. W. M. Randnlph.
Krauk Karr.h and Loui* Lat.ra.r.
TUc Praiicla M. Sk:o_ lt_i.|?lgn Club of th? VIth
viu_>_.-lv D.srlct. comijosed nialnly of H-brewa, was
?r,a..l-d U-t ni-ht at No. 80 MeiMk-i S-V.nty-Qv.
_IH1? w.r. eunllrd. Th. Mlewlaf ls X* \* of
oBic rs: Preadent Moses Le_l_-___l ?_-B-|$?bH nt. John
p sch__-_; seeNtaiy. H. P. Luh_; twaww Un
noiiter*. su$saatalai-BS, No-J. Fn_-ni?n. Th_ ciut,
lnd_r__d tae noimnaUon* of custav Mcnulnfcr for Aa
?-__blr and W.a_a_n Oaaey tor Al-.rimui. A r_U0c.t.o_
i,,*l.n_ wlU bc h-ld tomorr-w uight rt the san.* |_aee.
BjtftM hm.dr-d Rputl.can. cr.wd'd lnU. ta? h.ll
?t No n7<"> BftXhM*. a-Sl nignt to attend the r_g'i_r
meeting nf th- Voimg M n*. H-p..bl.can Club of the Vlh
A?t_>n.blv District. Among the apc-J-er. wmisj W_l_r
Iog_j. li. CotttOf, U*-rg- Blliz.rd. A. Morehou*.- an'l
Cufwlt-. Danevaa, Xto i_?,tiiur eandi-ate for Coiigr^ss
ln the Vltn D.?tric_ Cr.-oriie H. Bru-iune.r. pre-id-ut of
U_c club, |i.sidt_.
Xwa -aaillar ?w held la-t nlght ?t Xo. 449 Elghth
.ve. one U. th- !___? '_ t_>e RcpuMI-an organir.tl. n ot
ta. XVUi A_s. nibiv Dlstrlet and the otn _ . _nas*Die-Ung.
ln rhe _t_e.l. M>i--h enth.i.lMr.i ._* n_Milf_ted by tM
i ro?d taat s. ra A .r.und th. .p.aker*' pl.tform. Ad?
dr*-** mott ttbto by Jo-eph 1*. O?Flynn. Edc uud C Lee.
l olonel liu-enbury md John H. C. X. vlua.
Tbe Mgular w._-kly ? -tlng of the Vlth A?embly Dla?
trlet K.p_bll_an Aiiielltlsa wa. beld laat t-_Bta$ a* No.
45_ ?inuid-.t.. wlth Theoclore Broadh-ad ln U.e chair.
Ih- mt.r-stiug featur- of th- tn-taig ?aa an ad_J_?? by
Job l_ U'_gi?. -ttrstary of th'' **t*_ League of Repub?
llcan Uub-. who spoke upon the munlclpal iMue. of the
nre__it .-au.palgn.
A _(?*_._. wu gl^en ln Weat Ormnga, M. J-. hvst
evenlng to BtaS Xt. < ?ndlt. the Republlcan noinlnec for
Caotress in the Vltfi XtmJetttj ttoXtttt, by ***_**
lata of Sfewaift. Tn*y _-..-ch?_ titt torches ?'id _BB<
n-ra to tbe hon.- of Mr. Caodlt. In thc llne were the E.
M foodlt A..oclatl.a. th.- 11. M. Doremu. ArtiHery. _<?
Hecrr A I _-Kr A._-_tloo. the \>.-r_n 6?ldl?. and
-mi.orV A_4_clatlon. .nd the Kourih Ward K-.xiblK-.''
Club At the home nf Mr Condlt a_dre_._a were mad
i,v C. Wllbur Mott. ..-neral __ Burd Crubb and other*
Mr. Cendk trsd- a tt/M reply.
The eniPll'i ?epub!,can? nf tl.c IXth Asaerobiy WBB__
had ? rouslng ___etlng lMt nlght ln thr B;ee.ker Bulldng.
at Ble_-k-r and MorU.n sta., to r?_f_ th- P-ople'a Munl
elD.1 -ean. _____ Fr.n_lln B. Mlll-r prealri.d. _>d
,plr_he. were n._?le bv WlUlam J. <i.___n. *****
Arpleton. Henry -owenthal and J. Nobie Hay_. A
letter >H read trmr, KrancU M. 8. ott, regretl-ng a'?
Inab-lltv to be prcent kl _e meeting.
llapld tranalt wl.l t_ tbe Ui___e di-..ia_<_ to-nlght M
the People*. Munlclpal I__._____--.Ung In B_p.it-*!. ln
wood Aju-rig ___ ap-ak.ra ._p.et_ to be praaent ar.
KrancU M. IkoU. Joha W. Ood. WIlllfB H- BcuamT
Uenry Aluaan aad Tuooa. F. Tlmmlna. Th. EstAAor
KcpubUraa Clnb wlU hav. chanre of th< meeting.
The ProhiUUaaUt. held a i____.-___-U__g a* Chlekermg
HaU laat clgb- Th? hall wm run. rrtal.lv hlltA by a" $**?
?.nblage of a_a. women ai.d ehildmi, whe hearfly ?P
plaud. _ thc aaun. WlUlara T. W?____l. tB. Pr^iblttor.
-__ia_lM- for tont-ollcr. prealded. T__-I?.v. Haary B.
Hu-Uun open^ U_ aervlce. wlta ptwyer. A____a?? tt*
\umt4 ttom ___ _?*'. Dr. Charlea V. _?-_-. Prol^aor k. A.
Mor,ala. W. Jennuifa Demonac, the randldeu. f?r Mayor
Ckarlaa E. Ma_-_*. .Jeorge ?. v___i. X. L wT_s_I?t.
l__Ut_>r of 'Th* V__a," and otht-x.
_t a !__? ___:? mmmtlmu * u* XiXtb BM9MM*A DUtl!-* ?s*
a* buaaa tBtm a mmBm\ 8ms l_
Jttm M. Saarls. Oinagt P. Glrooda*. ThaakM V. TRbbbIbi
?? ?????? Tlas mmmBBm aa RaaaR ib ?aaa tanv*_ rs
P-w*td thal _ a_-__* Ox* mmmU paeRaa af __ _?tncl
ther fsaad _*> tapaoilcaaa who warla* aot hav. r-gi*t-r?4
???pt far Uaslt p?f, Wllaaa 8p?***. aod O- ort- F.
Or?der wm ateetat M i^aaa la ?pWB? the ort-.iia
Uan at ?. rrasetuiB af tha Raaac ra* elaba af the disukt. I*
waa dretted le Ml a retUtoe*!-' BnaRag IHB8888- er_lng
ia il?t Of t-? , lt_.bl_-.Bja.
Tka M8?11 ta ftiiaahm BaR. m Basaod avo.. last evaa
taff. .rgBatlsed by p. H. tf'-aa lnfiose-al labor
-ader la tha Xvitr. laaaa,ihtj Dtatrlct waa atta_d?d by
aa eathaa?Mia efowd at vatara w*a are appoasst la tka
ca.,dl?tca of Ta__?ty Hall. M.-. Spellman spoka elo
quently. orglaf hta baarera to work hard en Noxemhr
4 tr. eleet tha aotlrc antl Tarnrr,any tt?et
A larp ly attended roac?? ra* ?s Rr?-Mleeria of tha
Hld Anaaibiy DlstrVt waa heM laat evenioa la Room
4. Cooper Valoa. C?trtaa H. iiurray praai.ed. and
apeeehaa tn favor of tha aatl-Tamau-y Ueket were mada
by PoUee J'.istie* Chartea N. Taintor, Rleix-laa Ftah, T. A.
Engbhardt aad Or. J. Rrown
The ?_ ?in Repoolleaa Aaaoetall? of th* XXII.
Aa-M-ab y Diatriet will bold a ra inasal? ra**rl *ur to-dar al
t'aloa Uali, No. 1,501 aeeaoa-axa, ta n.dor-a Ihe Paople's
Munle pal Laagae faoaat aud Ihe Diatriet Uaket
Another rousinj aceting waa held laat night at No. 678
Tenth*-?. by Uve Qtwtnan Re-rAIlcan Aasoctatl? of
tha XVHth Aaa?lbty Distrti*.. Adolph Ooebet pro
sided. John o. Bojd, Edward Leffaaa, C_orlas A.
1?mm*r, K.publlcan nomln**- for Coaareaatnan ln tha
Xith Diatriet; Henry Power*. ot th* People'a Municipal
L?fua; K*?rt Mlller, Rapubllcan nomln** for AMBBB?8
of the XVII itii Distriet, and olhera made speeehes whlch
were recelved with the frsaieat ***thuslaa_. A letter
from Prancls M. Seott, rBgrettliig that his numerous en
~*"?enu would nol pennrt him to be preeent, and corn -
pllmer.tlnf the aaaoelattor- for thslr aarnesC work ln the
interests of fooa go*-?ram_t, waa read by the aeeretary,
Louls Sehnel?>r, Jr.
One of theae days the world may learn all that oc?
eurred at Plerre Lorillard's dlnner at the Union
Clnb last nlght and this mornlng. Good
news aa well aa bad newa generally
leaks ont and by and by gets Into the pape.-s.
Bo mueh ls known: Mr. Lortlland. who ha? had
numeroas hobbiee ta his very actlve llfe? men of
genlus always have hobbles?has almost coneluded
to let Tuxedo take eare of Itsclf. while he
Ukes eare of the turf, or rather under -
takes to reform the turf. It is a noble undertaklng.
May he succeed. He haxs long brooded over the daliy
Increaslng evidence that the turf ls irolng dowu
hlll. and he would like to come forward as a
modern Hercules to cleanse the Augiean stal.le.
Last nlght he gatliered his friends about him and
Invited them to relleve themselves of whatever oplnlons
they mlght entertain. The tabie was set for twentv -
four. OlUllianj there were to be twenty-elght
plates. but W. L. Scott was obllged to
decline an inxitation owLng to illneas, the
Hf?(glns, J. B. and Ben Ali. were kept away by busl?
ness elsewhere and -senator Hearst waa called to Cali
fornia Theae gentlemen were aadly missed. but tlieir
abaence tm In a meaaure atoned for by th.: hilarit.'
that prevai 1*4 among the Twenty-Four who wero not
Al 1 o'clock thls mornlng a card sent Into the
b? mootllH I?11 at Uie club retumed wlth the mlscel
Uneons lnformatlon that tliere was a heap of SPOOCBJ?
fying goinir on, and the gentlen.en were so imraersed tn
an animated diseusslon of turf matters aa to be really
unable to Ml what was going on aasaas them. Everx
thing would come to tbe front later in the day or nest
It was bellcved on exeellent authortty that
these gentlemen. all dlstinpilshed ln mahv waxs.
were the Twentv Four that broke bread wlth tlw
Xiaater of Rancocas; D. D. WIthers. sage of Urook
dale and head of MonmouUi Park; A. J. Cassattt
presldent of the Monmouth Aaaoetatlon: Auiru-st Ilel
mont, Jam? (ialway, John A. Morri'. owner of Moriis
Park; Alfrcd llennen Morrls, J. H. Bradford. J. G. K.
Lawrence. seeretary nf the C. I. J. C.: Colonel
Lawrenro Klp, John Hunter, Captaln J. H. Cost-r,
rpiesentlrg Uie Llnden Blood-Horse Assnclation: John
,i. Heckscher, Corneiius Fellow?s, ex-Oox-ernor Georg:
Peabody W'e/tmore. J. O. Donuer. James R. Keene, Gen?
eral Danlel Buttcrfleld, K. C. Lltingston. H. DoOaweey
Forbes, presldent of the N. Y. J. C.; F. f.ray Grl?
wold. T. Hurnham Baldwln and Predertck Ho y.
The x-enensble Leonard V.'. Jerome was n t pn sent.
Mr. Jerome haa been 111 for some Ume, and sa_s fur
__ra***9 to-morrow for a long aojonrn.
At 1:30 ? -Rtlngul.shed-looking gentleman came
doxi'nsialrs and graeiousiy voltuitecred the Informv
Uon that he was the flrst of the guests to be allowed
io leave tne tabie. "I made my little ipeecfc*" he
aald. "and left them doing tlie ?ame. Mr.
Lawrence made sex-eral sp^-eches:" He bowed low
bottoued his coat to his rubleund ahla and fafled away
into Uie night. It waa afterward learned that he ii
Uie hnad wiiter nf the In.mi Cluh.
Tke ruenu wa* arranis'ed by John G. Hec?cher.
John A. V. Al?lo. flfteen years old. of No. 5&*i Park
ave.. and hia brother Wllllam. e.-ght year, old. ln Uie
abseni-e af thelr parents yesterday afternoon. got SOOM
inolasses and made some candy. When lt came to 3
dlvUlon of the candy John, who is a bljt. strofiK boy
for Ma age, thought that he onghft to have a larg-r
aharc than Wliliam. who Is sniall and puny. This
did not suit Wliliam at .Ul and hc Insisted upon ?ivin%
uu aqoal dlvision. Th?-y had a wordy dlspute for so:ue
time. and all the whlle Uieir tempers were belng
aroaaed. 1?0 boya an- Cubans and both have violcnt
tempers. A'ter John liad ta.:en more of the candy
than properly belonged to him, Wliliam tried to p.-t
It back by force. He struck John. and after Uiey h.wl
wresUed lopethet for a few momeuta John puil.-d a
sm-U self actmg revolver from Us p.Kket. He savs
tliat he did It to frighien Wilham. He .r.apiied the
pistol Mveral tlase. in Wlll__*a tooo, and then there
was a nport. Wllllam fell to Uie floor and blood
tlowed trom a sruall wound ln Uie centre of Ids fore
liead. xmly one elramber of tlr- rev.jlvr had a cr
trulge ln it, and the ball passed Uirough tlie boy'a
akull Into his brain.
Aithough Joiin was-frlghtened %t what he had done,
he did not loae his pre?ence of mind, but got his
tuothefs apron and tled up Uie wound. The injured
bov did not lose conaeiousness, and after the effei t
al the fchcx-k pa^-eA away he got on his feet aod began
to cry. John trteU to stop the flow of blood. but waa
not eucce?ful? Then he put his arm an-und his
brotber's waist and Uiey walked together to Mount
nlnai Htrifttal. several blocks awaor. Tbe house stugeon
saw at once the serious nature of the wound and put
the boy ln a oot. It is beileved that Uie ball entered
a considerable dlitance Into Uie boy'e brain. His
symptom.. soon became alannlng and at a 1-te hour
il waa said at the hospltal Uiat Uiere waa only a sniall
chanee of his reeovery. Captaln Gun ner, of Uie bluty
seventh-st. statlon heard of Use shooUog and sent D?
tet-tlve Campbell to make an lnvektlgaUon. Tne de
tectlve got enough lnformatiou to wanant the arrest
of John and he was lorked up. The revolver waa
taken from him at the pollce statlon. He said that he
liad carried It since laaf July. and afterward co.itru
di?-ted the Itatf tflt He s:ud that the sliootlng waat
a< cldental and that he did Dot mean to shoot Ma
brother. Mrs. Auldo called at the pollce station last
evenlng. She w?* greatly exelted and den.anded the
i-elea.ae of her son. The prisoner WUl be ?ken to Uie
Vorkvllie Court thls morulng.
The Itellan coliny mn?*ered ln strong frirce last nlght
at Tammany Hall to welcome back thelr C^.nsul-Gen
eraL G. P. Rlva. who had reeently returned from Italy.
The large hall was decora'ed wlth Ameriean aod Italian
dr*as. whlle the dlff-rent bright unlforms of the s..ver-_
gnard* gave a elieerful cotoring to the dressee of the
men and women who fllled the hall.
Consnl-General Rlva arrived al 8:30 p. m. ae
companlea by Vlee-Co?-__s NaaelU and Poma. He was
rer_ved by a commlttee conalstlni; of Laigl B?llaro*a.
prealdont; Vlneenso Romano, Te-idoTo Parombo. R
< arluccl, F. Be Lorenao. A. Leamltl. 9. Volpe. f>.
, arKirale. A. DelM Paoll. V. Rortnt. L. Trola. G. Bar
kHtl Capt.ln Caatelta o. A. De Caro. O. Borlello. and R
Ntcco and guards trom the folin***lng so-rletlea: C/rono
d'ltalU r.arlbaldi. Itallan Veterans, Vlctor Rramanuel
aod Pni.ee Amadeua. Bpeechoa of welcome were made
by A. LeajnlR. 8. Cantonl. R. Rlohelaaielo aod Captaln
8. Perraco. _ _ . .
Amoag others preaent were R. Grlllo. L. Rovorai. G.
Lordi T TeaJdl. C. Baraottl. Dr. 2uoehl. Dr. Aaaalta.
fhevaher Cont**neln, Joe P*coraro. L. ErtmcAk, G.
bonanno. G. Te__o. ftoft-we CiJIS^S. F. do
Lorenao. Dr. Abtmo. Oaplala R. Uodl. ^<rolmr M.
Lemml, V. d'Aatoalo. A. Lapenl^ Reeara. O. Roaao. F.
vai-?._ a r Aatart?. R-afio BAato, G. Guarante.
ttSk??______i ?*"*n- '?Vo!pe' ?
__* t_J3 w_M_?t ap tUl a lala hoar.
rBT TBl.B__B.l-i TO THS T ?_.tr___]
Pennlngton. If. J., Oet. 30 l-peelaD.-The seenV
canteanla] Jnbll <v_ of Pennlngtoa Semlnary began laat
nlght wlth a reeeptton by the undergradoate. ln tha
MetBodMt Chnreh of the llttle vllla$. _ Penrrtnfton.
There was a musleal and llterary entertalnmeot, the
following stodents taklng part: B. Ooerdeler, Xlas
E. Belle Clarfce, of Oeean Qtoot, V. J.; H. 8. _?__
borough. of HaJOmor.; Mlaa E. Wadley, Mlaa Ray Mor
ris. MIm Maggie Bnrd, Mlaa Helaa 1_rwtUlg_r. _ Elien
vUle, N. y. ; George E. Barber. of Asbory Parfc;
T. Rrown. of MI_r._tpo.is. Mlaa X. V. __ri__n, L. E.
Travis. of .;ng fi ing. N. Y.', Mr. S ulzer. ol Tren ton;
M_s Jnlta Hoack. of Waahlngt ofl; Mlas 8. Stewarl of
Rrooklyn; Lools ifleb. of Camden, X. J., aod Miss
A. a. Connell. of Scrantoo., Penn.
The exercises began thls mornlng In the _ethod_t
Church, whlch was crowded wlth .todenta, atamni and
j friend. of the inHtltutkm. General James F. Ru*llnc.
pre?idf.>t of the board of tnistees. preslded. On the
platform were a number of promlnent men. Beneatb
a canopy of buntlng over the platform bong tbe por
tralt of the Rev. John Knox *haw. the fotinder of
Pennlngton fteminary. President Hanlon made the
sddres. of welcome, which was answered
by the Rev. a. K. Street, one of
the o_e*t mlnlsters of tbe New-Jersey Couferenee and
the only survlving member of the ttrst vtaltiag com?
mittee to the Mminary commencem.nt General
Rusilng then apoke of the sue____ of tlie lnstltuil n,
paylng a hlgh trlbute to Dr. Hunlon _ antlring eflorts
and ablllty. An intcrcsting addrcss on the lnfluence
of the p_.p__.fory sehools npon tlie success of stn
dente ln oollege was mide by President Patton, of
Prlnceton Universlty. The Rev. W. V. Kelly, cl
New-York, made an addresa full of reminiscencea of
ihe Institution a early 9*0. Tlie mornlng sesslon
closed wlth ad elo_uent address on "Comrnde." by
the Kev. A. J. Palmer.
The afternoon exercises were pre*ided over by the
Rev. Dr. J. B. Graw, pr.sldlag eldex of the Trenton
district. ITofe_or Jolin R. ILin.on, vlce-presldent of
Pennlngton semlnary, belng lutn _ured. gave a acbi.l
arly ad-lress on "Tlw Educatlonal atandard of Pen
nington .Semlnary,*' dv-elllng on the importance of
thoroughne-s in tho classroom. Tlie Rev. Joseph G&s
kell then told about -The Flrst Students of Pen
nington." Willis Fletcher Jo___u>on, ol The Tribune,
dellvered an able address on -? CoetiucaUon at Penning
ton,'' referring espeeially to the retltiing lnflnen<*e_ B>
education should have upon Uie munuers and morais
of young men. He said the day b* BBBBBi when we
should say: - Here has man set up an lntellectual
staudard. to wlui h wo nan must conform ln oi_er to
be his oqaal"; but rather: ?? Here BBB woraan set the
standard, and man, to be 'ter equ.il. mu*t c.me up to
lt." Mr. Johnsou's addresa waa reeeived with great
enthusiasm. The exercises of the afternoon clu_ed
wlth remarta by Henry Baker, on "The Fliwt In
The evenlng sesslon was opened with prayer hy
the Rev. Mr. Moore. after which Pre-ident Hanlon
kitroduced Mr. Johnson as prcsidlng ofllc.-r of the
evenlng. After the _ngmg of the reu_.ii ode. the
Rev. Dr. B. C. Llpplncott was Bt_BB_t_d to tho
I audlence as the repr_-_ntative of Alpha < miega, tho
oldest literary soclety of Pennlngton BBfl.ii-B-7. He
gave an interesting skleich of tho ht.i...> nt the
soctety, dw.lLng at some leng h npon the MBtlBBB ren
dered by General R-ullng. lts founder, and Dp. A. M.
Coney, lts flrst president. Ihe slnging of the Alpha
ode followed the addresa. Mr. Joh_*on then ______
duced E. C. Si.yder. of Wesleyan ruive. Ity. as a
repre_entAtlve of the Phllomathean Soclety. Mr.
Synder made a bright little speeeh. ln the course of
I whlch he had something to say about th_ ______?
and first pre-ident, Colonel G. G. Oreen. .' vVood
hury, N. J-: (.nvernor Rubert Taylor. of I_P.,esa$$_
senator Alfrod Taylor. G. C. Dalres. G. T.
Craftmer. Judge J. Frank Fort, of Newark, N. J.,
and many other members of the soclety. Mr. Snyder
ls thc young.-t man on the Jubllee prograinme. The
ode of the Philoniath-an Society was then sung.
Judge J. Frank Fort, of Newark. N. J.. followed
Mr. Snyder with a wltty ttddreas. The f_.lll-__BB so?
clety was ably represented by Mrs. Jeannie Fish Ber
dan, who lu the course ol her remarks menUoned
many former members of her BtttMRf. among them the
lare Mrs. Mattle Baeklej N elson. r_ Paterson, X. J.,
who establi-lied the _____ EtarklQ Nelsoo medaL
I-._idcnt Reed, of Dic__n*on cli-ge. was the next
ipcahnr Ile made an earne?t appea! for the up
building and perpetuatl-ii of preparatory sehools,
ihowtng the inahiiity of pablte and hlgh -h>__ u>
p.-epare men and women for coll- ? ? He waa hcartlly
applaud-d. Dr. Lloyd Wllbur followed Dr. Reed.
giving remitiisrences of Drs. Coolt .md Vail; and tho
exerclset were brought to a cl ae a1th >ome reminis
cemes of Dr. Wiley by the I.. v O. I.. Dobbtot, of
Trenton. Tlie e\crcl*es of fhe dav were .iit.-r.-p.rs_l
with mu-tc by tbe Ki'ter.hou-e urrbeatra. of Trratoa.
The pr-_ramn,e for tn mormw ls an Intetv-tlng one.
Governor Abbetr. ol N -w-.h-r-ev. wlU p. -i .' in the
momLng: and Governor B_S>. <>t -*_$?_-$? at the
afternoon BBBtloe.
John Norton, the head of the large and well-known
flrm of Jol.n Norton _ Bott, of No. M WaU_t, ship
ping men-hants. dled yesterday mornlng from heart
_t?tM at his home. No. S9T Henry-st.. Brooklyn.
He BBd been falllng since -unday. Mr. Norton was
OM of the laree.*t and best known shipplng merchant
in t!le .-ountry. He was bor seventy-t!ir*_ years ago
in Bastporl Me., and came here about flfty years ago.
He wa* twtCB ?__?$<, and to** a wldow, four
ianghten and a MO, Edward. Mr. Norton lost a son.
Attgustas, three years ago, nnd another, Ellery. about
l-r>7. He had a brother, Thomas, who ls promlnent
in Brazil tniil-. Mr. Norton was flrst ln business here
ln the .rm of RusscU A Norton. shlpplng merchant* tn
the W.-t Indies trade. Twenty years ago he took hls
?oaa in partnership wfth TTtm. and at the tlme of hls
death he had vassill sailing ta La Hatte. Buenos
Ayres. Rosario, Port Ellzabeth. t-Uth AM$B and many
other place*. He was a member of the Church of the
Holy Trtnlty, at Montague and Cllr.ton sts., Brooklyn.
The ____eral will be held at his home to-morrow at
| ::iO p. m.. the Rev. Ur. ChArJe* H. Hall offlclating.
The burial wlli be at (Tfeenwood.
The fni_ral ;>f Count Eduard d'Auxy, who dled on
Wedneaday at the PavUlun Hotel. West New Brlghu>n.
s. L. will be held thi* monung at the church of ot.
Vlncent de Paul. Ln May last the Count. who U
unmarried. with hls brother. the Due d^Auxy. the
Duches- d'Auxy and their Utree-year-oM daughter.
enga?ced a ?utte of room_ at thc Pavilion Hotel. The
Count became lll about two wceks a?o from ga-trttls.
on Tueeday la-t. whUe out walking. he was _eiz-d
wlth a chlll, and he tlnally dled from pneumonia.
Count d'Auxy was born ln Belglum ln 1 ?$?. Hls
famlly U one of tlje oldest ln Europe. his oldest brother
belng Due and Man.uls by prlm-genifure. All the
daughter. born slnce the relgn of Charles VIII <_f
Franc. have been C.t_nt___es. whlle the _-ond. thlrd
and fourth *on* have been Counu. Hi. mother MM
one of the noblltty of Austrla. The dead Count*.
brother. the Due d'Auxy. ma ried Charl $$$ Soutter. the
wldow of BobeM . oufter. formerly of Nerw-York. Mar
qul. Csen-vUe Prodtnes. her flr.t cousln. waa Senator
from Nime*. and at one tlme private .ecretary to
Count de Cba-abeea. Her father. G. P. Lamar. was a
coualn of Ju _k$ L. Q C. Lamar. of the Unlted State.
Supreme Court. Mr. Lamar was for many years
president of the Bank <_ the Republlc of New-.ork.
Th. Duehe.. waa wme >.ar. i_o Involved ln a law
*uit wlth W. K. soutter a_ executor of the e*tate of
hU father. Jamea T. Soutter. who was a banker. The
.ulta were brought _ff an accounting ln the Interest of
tbe wldow of Robert Soutter. who left four chlldren.
The Due d'Auxy and hi. wlfe evpeet to return -
Europe next .prlng .nd take Uie body of Count d'Auxy
wlth them. Meaniime, the body wlU be kept ln a
recelvlng vault.
Khyert-n Oet. 30 (Special. -Anthony Beneoc, treae
orer of the Clrter and Delaware Railway Compwy.
and one of the oM_t me_h_nu ln thi. city. dled here
today. after a brief Ulne_s, .ged _eventy-fc_r. He
waa one of the best-known reaidenta here. lie waa
born la Mai__town. th*. eonnty. had been a fanner
and havlng ratnove* aere ln l._?. s_ga?ed la the ?__?
and leed bo__ne?. a__rwar$ going lato tha groeery
trade He had been etosely -lenttfled wlth the Clater
and Detaware ReUi-ad froas Rs toeeptiem, seeretary
and ut-wuiur of the B<_a__t BoMam Bank over twenty
vear. dlreetor of tbe Flrst -fattonal Bank of Bpndoat
for fl-teen year.. J B^?' J_*_\___ *? _^_?*_
matters aod a pUhw * _X* ___***_* *H^oAM
Chai-h here *ar lw___lr-d'e y___a-. _________!?$?
Malt Kxtract.
Tha B**?t MoinUre T?la
Ri all tasea af uvsPEPSIa.
ART aad Thi*)? Uu-ibla.
lndoraed by all phyrtelans ffcreughoat tha ctrllizaa warU.
There 1* notiiiag "just aa good" whea roa cao obuin tho
0.a?.n* anlele. whlch haa the dgeamre af -JOHaJIR
HOFF" oa tha ne*k af exeij bctUe.
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R Rarclya iMrrsi. .New-Yark.
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show. we und ,>?*11 the trade twenty to Mty pr cent, belng
wllllng to tuia gaaaa for a factnry pr R8, ai;d Jusl no***
some vetf haadaoMM p.o-a are inarsd laara to remnr??
rat.-s, Ihal ai'- Xht '*!<la aud ends that serx.d aa aa_plea
mar en. and n._? rfKm lat ?B* new a?.c_? of the oomlu_
holi?v aaaua
104. 10B IMI lajj fft-T 14TH ST.
James II. F.veretf. nf tlie lst Ulster Distriet, R a son.
lu law of Mr. Ik-nson.
An nntnT-vrn ni.'i. abasl forty years old, wlth .andv
mustache. dark h.ilr lUgfctly baid and neotly dreased
in a dark ?tt of rl tht*. xxith ralfsal? shoes. shot him
seli near >i,.unt >t. Vlnrent Hotel. in Central Park.
about b o'rlo, :< li-; ev.-nini*. Nothi,:|r s_ foond on
h|| pers ,:i whirh might lend to hia identity. His Nx'r
wh. iHi.en t<. tha Moriru". II- -hot iumaelf ln t.i
right temple x*ith a .JiM-ai.bre pMol of a cueap _al.<_
I From Th? WashinpUn Post.
A voung la.ly wlio ls an e.xpert with the machine
and li_ a p.-euv fatt and a pleaalng tr.-iner reeently
t..,.k rharge of un o_ce in one of tlie leading ho~ls in
\V_hinpton. . , . -. ._
??The averaer lmlr-lall^t., snd she, talking Of ner
aafrons - w a ?pevim*n ?f man thai IrrlUta- me be
yond mcaaaiT Ha - cencrally very nervons aM
alxvavs in a liurrv : u-uallv ha* mort to say than .-x
has "time ta say it in. II- wttl dl<t_ua a few Uaea,
i,.,.i Into lriBO'i'*rabi ? .,<? 't?? " ??>? tnr-w th'-ra a>id-.
scan all the dailv pap.-r-. then all of a <rndd_n Id
r..-.-ar^ to lum tlut ln; mwtt see a man ln tria eafe.
Ha retui-ns ln about the sp^-e of tlme lt would Uk*i
to make a OCCktall and ilrlnk it. aud OnUhes h!a
aitlcl.'. I do not WM to work f'>r 1;>nrn_lsts: they
aro extn-mi-iy nervous ard maUe Um operator s.1.
They will noi uermit you ux stop work for anything.
You must bimply play tlie keys unt.l tli-ey say stop.
rhey will tell yoa anv lnierruptlon diaturbs their Un?
of tiiou?ht. ai.d you will be _-?e<l le reroal orer a slngla
1 MntMhte as many as a doten tlm.w. riiey wlll no.
j alkiw you t<> eorr**ct an ern.r. saylru* it takea np ton
1 mueh &M: tliat they prefer lo do tl.e rorr*?.-tlng them
aelvos. The:r work Is ganerally very inieresuag. bu?
in doine it vou are eitlier kept very MMI or worfc ln
analehea a few Unes at a time ilt depond* somewhal
on how 'many Umea tliat man ln Uie cafe has to ba
"^?T?i newspaper man ls bad enou^-h. but dellvar me
from the man who is writlng a book. The ml.ilstw
baS doctor are two classes of people I am actnaiiy
afrald of not of themselvea. but of the terrlbly long
and dlfflrult word? they use. I remomber once wHttoa
Z very R-f *ermon from dlctatlon, and I know about
half the word- were mlsspelled, aud If that man had not
t,een a mlnister I know be would hare gone ouMide
and talked to hlms.:lX. Medical work is even mora
diflirult than Blbllral, and several plixslriam* havo told
me tliat lf typewriter operators would make a ?per|al
study of mediral work. leam the terms. ele., they
would be pald almost any price for thelr work.
-Tho man about town oecaslonally strolla ln, Ra
ls aaaat Ukely to be very audactpus and v<*rv hlaiiea
seeming apparentlv to have nothlng to do n*_ Mll
time, whlcli he does by cliinnlng to the operator and
intervtewlni* her bx asklng how many adn rer. ?n#)
has. tf she beU on the raees. what slie shoea ahe weai-s,
aud flnally end* np bv asklng her to go to dtnner a8
one of the swell hotels. thlnklng probably to lmpraaa
her, but ln this Instance ahe is not impre-jsed; lt la aa
old story. . .
-The sportlng man has oeeaslon sometimea ta *r_ta
a tvpewrltlng ofUco when he wanta to send a 1 ater to
a fnend out of tovrn. gix-lng hun a tlp on the rr?as.
Ile pavs well and talks the same.
"Then there ls the man whom all hotel atraeDea
abomlnate; wlio Is here to patnt the towr r*-d. anjt waa
si-ema to hax-o nothlng to do b? t<> get drunk aod
sober np. Ile sits In the same rlialr all day, hall
asleep. aod would prolnbly ga fast t.Wp were lt ao8
that his numeroua and freo.uent vi-lti to the cafa
kex-p him ?anovlng. The nlgtit befon; he leavea foi*
home he wlll dictate a letier to his wlie, ?lllng her
how lonesome he ha* Ottn wttho.it her: bow husy ha
has been; w|mt a mlscrable though beautuul cltv
Washlngton Is. anvwav. and how dellgbtea he wlU
be to aet home once more.
?The man who has lots to say. hut ca nrva* put Ma
thoiigbta Into words afford* the operator mach s-mu-.
ment. I had an cxperienro wlth sueh a eharartf_*
the other day Ile waa frooi Ruryland. I an* om
Ing toward rhe a tall. gaunt lonltlng fellow. wlth hav
seed expres-ilon everx-wbere about him. He wora
a liome-.pur> sult and a I-ename hat. whieh he p-illlalr
dofled as he addr-ssed me wlth:
?? -Sav Miss what ls that there arranaement yoai
bc 8Mb?M at; ls lt one ot tl.em writlrtg uiaeh1*. a
I've heard tell about' Well. now. I want lu arl'a
a letter to mv tr.rl. I want la t?*ll her I a ?> bei> ail
rlrrht and somethlng alaiut thi- '"re rlty. but I d.m*
hiiow lust how to si-srt ln. Can't you Jual wrlie a
niee letter for me and tall Recky just whnt I s
to sayt Make ,t niee and floaery. you kaow. *r
mteta l? -* beat drl going; the'* a d.slsy, sfea - '
"I begtn the lefer wlth Ihe qaotat"vi. T'< mfM
Io*t *0 s'ght, to m"m?H*x- dear" and "naile t later?^*ing
and flowery to the extent of thraa pagea. Ry ronnlrv
c asln *ead lt 'oo' ni *t me. and -ott Well. hv goa'i.
after Rerkv re_ls that she wlll take the flrst trat'. fb*?
xx'ashlnirton for she'll want to see eoox of Uh>*? thinca
she re*-* aboat.' ...
MVhe*, I told h m 7? eent. wrai lh* eharsr he tn>'c
a "o-g l^athir pc-fkatbor* ont of bla -xxk-t. . ni'R
a huze --oll o? greasy b'll*. lad *_ rn, Ma d?? an.l
sald- 4Wd you sav T5 ean'at ?reat Hr.att! II
woaM be ch*ap at B2 \ Uke thal and eall It >-|,,sre ?
After promlslni- tn brtng Reekv MJRMinil a'a
rome*, to WMhtngton. ha poefceMd his l*Rar aa4
rrfrod. away. , _v? .
b Oh__M?I aa (mtrOttvtro mOTtm OBB Hror ma
wlth hl* confldence. and dletale sorri*- drx- cnlntere?i
?nr? t*w paper. 1 know ahont wha? to expe**' Ha
w?U ataee on rar *>?? th* <n?*a*t arrav of eahiatr*,
iiM.ri'.. 8??i and *aot-tgM*i thst it wa* avor rar
m.-fotona ?o bah"M. and probably beain |a
d c'ate a bHef. and wfll app ai to av* a* the ima-inarr
Jndrre or Jary I?*?J***? "?"??. ?? J'll bb rto^nrss,
fo- from three R? tom- hoar* R th' U**** lt a. a-aBT
UVes him to get ln shap* a W4ral?r wKar.' aa ha
ealla tha br.?f. Py tho ttmo t have flroaha-1 | a-a
nulte rrady tn rm home and dream of al\_-ca " '
aad tnaaR of pnmlae aoiu."

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