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?jp |M?i nt Llnden Park yeaterday waa leaa aat
atfactory than on nn**, prevlou. day. beca_.se *a three
out of r-t taeea the best horm wma beaten by bangltng
ls the saddle. Raeegoer* have two last oaneeB tor dls
mtBBmBomt wlth the New-Jersey traeks. In the flrst
plaee, M?ri*o*atii. Elltobetb and Llnden do not bave
Ftatx- pooie. The etmpcutlon of tne imi??l P??1*''
gtaftt, a. 1?, compels ttse bookmakers to glve
p^*_able odds both* streight and plaee. So
j^ng aa ^he l>oo*_,a*e4-s pnt dp reasoaable
ng_**a, few Freoch UckeU are boW. but the
knowledge t?at unreasonalio qnotatlons wlll drlvc
tin rrpecalatore to the mutual pools. lf Ihere ar*'
W oa the grounds, prevent*- the bookmakeri from dls
?laying a eplrtt too audarkmsty and lmpatlerdty ??->*>
[nY Beeoom there were no French pool maehlm*
on tho greatida. mpch of the betUng yesterday was
Intorarably unfair. In the fourth race lt was hardly
poa-ble to put a ptoo* i>et on Carrte C. akhough a
Itrge fleld run. and the straighf bettlng wa* 2 Xo 1.
TM. -m trae also nf Captaln Wagnner ln the aeeoral
(aee. Mamle B. ln tbe flfth. and Kyrle B. ln the lart.
in the ahseace of French pools the bookmekets never
glve eqaRabte aad rw.aor.ahle pXOe* bettl-g aaains,
favorttes. So good wa?on 88-8. why Mormonth.
F-_abe_ _?8 Llnden Mld_d no* pot lha Frnieh ma
chlrras on IRelr gronads. The machlnea mav ?rMtrr-a
the rlew-Jefdrv _w against hetUng. MMhll the bo.k
uufcui and ail Um trark offlctal* <m that daliy. and the
aReaee can be no worae wlth the edditton of Freneh
poa?, P?r betttng wlll never be see" on anv traei;
w_cR doea not have. them. The bookmaker* are not
loatng vmtmy. They are gettlng n<h. lf they were
oot prwiwrona Llnden wosil.l not have recelved eighty
fve apj-ications for sevenfy <-tanda.
In the aecond plac*. the scai-ettr of Jockey*
thal oan ride at all *-T-oiM sprrrt tn Ne? ?
jawey. Slnne Taral. Taylor and other Jockeys
,n?rt |o Washlngton. the hMrse*- at Ellzabeth
xjA Llnden, wlth some exccptlons. hnvc be*?n rldden
by tke most lntolerabla and inexcusablc lot k<"
cofcWer*' apprenUcc* thnt *>ver put on spurs. Most
of the rldlng ls agonlUng to witncs. Yesterday
Hamllton, the malnstay and hope of every owner at
Llnden who wants a ho-se well rldden at a fair
weigtit. was abaent from the track. If he had been
theje he mlght ha**e rldden Clarendon. and a paln
fui and shocklng'spectaele would not bax-e dlsappolnted
tnd dlsg?tted Uie spoeMtnrs. Clarendon waa the
favortte at odds on tn the flr-t race. He was ridden
by LltUefield, Covlngton was on Castaway, and he
tucceeded ?i "klddlng" Llttlefield Into tlie benef tliat
CaBtaway was hopelessly beatrn. So Littlefleld went
to sleep on Clarendon. At the flni-h Covlngton let
sot the llnk whlch he had np hls F*ocve, and Little
field woke up too iate. -o Ca.ataway won the race.
Lut the extraordlnary p:irt of tho affalr waa Uiat
U-Ueflek! began to whlp Clarendon after he rroesed
the llne and the race was over. and not uuUl then.
Hitter was Ha? wrath of the hackrrs of Clarendon.
Captaln Wagener outclassed the other two-year-olds
ln Uie second race ;md won that fairly and fxquarely
upon hls meiits. Illithc was second und Foreranner
Riley was an even money fnvorite for the prlnclpal
race. with l~? inu Belh- s-c-.nd chuicc, Demuth thlrd
ar.d RuruF lowt-st of all ln U.e bettlng. Demuth ran
as If short of work. but ln i.i.y condition bc needs a
powerf il, drlvlng jockey like Hamllton t) ride him.
Lttlciield could never forte his highest speod out (>f
Irm. Klley is an umertun in-and-o,it?.'r, and hls
lailure to dcfe?.t Laviniu Hellt- at 111 "'O-uids |g her
IU. itidl'-ate. ibat ha R m-t "f hich qu.ility. He could
i.ut l.ave deft-at'-d Tour ani>-nt :it M'.rris I'nrk, ex-en at
11? poonds to Tiuniauiciit's ": o, if Tournament hao
Nen in his beat form, the f<<rn -vhiili ho displayc
v 1i?ji he ran awny from Pial.lo %ui\ St-norita. Dcniutb
w_ a poor thlrd to laTliiM b.llc a-rt Riley, wbil
K. ra- sutte_ tn Uie home6tii", I. nnrl caioc honi'- la?n.
Carrie C. the farori*e, would luvo won the thin.1
ra'e ln a cauitt-r if her rider. ( o-tello, ''ad let her p.
on easlly ln her >tride fr->m tli" sttrt But after
allowirig her t? run up to the front he Icrked li r
back three or four lengtlis in the mo t sudden, rouph.
brutal and injudirlou- manner im-,inavile. T..is rti
hearten>d Uie fillv *o that <^be woold not do all <-h'
i ,iuld ln the homestret' h. and an (utsi ler, Bock, lae.it
her at tlre flata?
Mr. Caldwell gave Iakeviexv and Mamle B. rmc'i
an advanRsge U tho atart ni _e fifth rono that the
others were aTl orrt of It when Uie flag f<-ll. Lake
riew won. with Mamle B. sec-.nd.
Rvrle n. got ott *a*j| in fr >nt in the _st race. and
lf little Weter, who i-^le him. hnew anv roore about
paoe and about mahlng tl.e be?l use <.f l.i- -,pport,i
liitae* than tl.e l.ahr nipiK.p,.t?imus in Central Park
now kn< ws Kyrle H. w.-aM I.h'<' won the m-- by a
length ot inore. But \\>b--r n.;. le >o many Manden
after ihe start U.at Woudcr.tfi wotl the race, Kyrle I;.
Tbe attendance wm acain very large. and the Pen"
sxlx-ania Ra'b-oad ?-',vi< ? \ras annorb, pronipt, swlft
and prartirally perf-ct b>.th way?.
Bettl ne
6t. Pl.
nererwrch StaM.'s b. e. OB.'lBWBy II., by
Outcaet-Lucy LKle. 4 yr*. 108 !b....
(O. Covlaa?M) 1 c?5 Out
F. & McLewee _ Co.'s b. e. Clarndon. 3.
114 .iLlttletleM 2 4-5 Out.
P. Clay's b. c. MMsiaa, 8, 30 (ear. Mi ?
(Bf?aCll ?. 20?1 2-1
Tlme?1 32>i.
Lakexlew was re*.-ryd fnr th.' flfth race. Monroe got
off In front and cu: out the work M the h'ad of the atreuh,
where Castaway, who hnd been at hi? throatlatch all tmt
way. paaaetl h!m. Mtllefleld had N-en lylni- ou: of hi'
ffitmnd wlth t'.arend.m. but he now novxt up and rhal
l-*na?l Ca*t.i*iay, brtnirlnp Covlnt-ton tn nhlp at th. furlunp
pnaX. At U.e slxb-enth po-t |:.-U?;n was pra.'.I'-ally
beaten, but lii?t.-ad of rldinu- out xiltb hi* hand* Llttl.-fl-ld
began fun.bling hi* lb..s and reachli.B for hia Whlp
Thls threw C'larerd,,n off hl? st-lde and enahled Tastaway t/,
get up and wln bj a neck; (iar'-nd'.n flrishlne second
elght lengtha before Mouroe. No Brofac ridtng tlian Llttle
fleld'a haa been seen on the Mtf thla Mwaa.
C. D. McCot's ch g. Captaln Waaener, by
(ireat Tom?Sadlt MiNairy, lo*. r? .
\X'a.v>r, 1 0?5 4?o
W. J. Bpiers'a b. c. UUtl.^, 10.". 'ear. 10T|i,
i.MrDcrnnitt: 2 8?1 o?
E. Rrowo's ch. c. For*r'inn-r 10*>(J Trlbe, 3 8-1 ">-z
J. H. McC'ormlck'a b. f. aaotda^MW^. p ^ ^
W. LBkel-d's ch. f. H-nah^l^ear^T^ ^ ^
C. F. Sanders'BK C. Serx^tor. !0>tonon)0 ^ ^
r. C. Melaeae. _ Co.'a ch. c.J&^ ? ^ f_1
T. a. tmxmxtTh. t. s.iver rh^t.^^ % ^ 3J
D_aul * Brotber's ch. c P'""^^^^,, 0 80_t ,g_,
fitr. Brother.' b. f. BmBomtO, *?? !*-*%> ? *?~l "-1
W B. Han_-'a br C. W. B " (^.^ 0100-1 40-1
?aSS auble'a ch. c. ^'?8?"1'(^tello)0 =0-1 8-1
Tlme-1 -O*1
I'e,**r EqaltT and RM >BBB"W **** wlthdrawn Cap
Mln WaVeaer got off ln froal to b fair atart. and it waa
praeUeally hl. rr.ee all the way. Judoe i'ost raccd witb
LT to the tura and headed him for a few Mrtfca ?t the
o-rter but he .an strong a,.d ffaa througi.out. Otm
[ZTo the stret-h 8k- WO. rJat-e* by a length ; BUtiie
waat, a neck before Porerxioner. xxho beat Zenobla two
AixDED. 1 3-'o MILES.
?_S_-?-iW5**35. H H
^ ? ? w , niler 8 111 fM.inoliani 2 1-1 1?3
R. rorrtrran s b. 0. gWv* * i?em;.th I li
g. C, Mel^waa _ Co. a b. c. "ggg^foj 3 7_2 4-8
Jahn HugalBs's b. h. Eurus, ?*^lo|J)11^on) 0 g_x g_5
Tl?ae-2 :07.
New .r.aiever B*vd S'eekton were wlthdrawn. Eurus ai.d
J-llSTn-ea n-ck. ap.rt for . qu.rter, mhmhttM
?71m by BBmj, ?-? ?> r_2ST__T _T_
MNMh wb-re ht- wa. Jol,..-d b)' Lavlnla Rrlla to 8
lattlln. Co.sh lavl.,1. cleve.ly rtdd-.ll P8>tof. Wga >f
a neck, Klley ^ond. luur leagtlia bvUH-' I>?mu",? wb0
W_rr__*!S!-_U-Jl*3 HWEEimTAKR, n?
V-kRaOLRR. 810 EACIL 8500 ADDED- **a RUR
U,K(iS' Dattlnf.
Kt. Pl.
Whttla-n Br,***e-'hr. f. Ii?xB. by lUnawn
Laii Lyou 101 Tt. I \ *? u^"'^'", i, -?lt ?Zj
J<_d Ii.lv'. b. I. tar.l. C 10. ? ,(?-arllo - ?-**? ?*
D. io.--'. b. c i^koom.Wjff^^ ^ a_x
Pajrle HMMVe blk. e. V^^&jtf* 0 4-1 7-8
W.mke A tai'. Lady Jaa* aaM. /g^j 0 i0_i 4-1
L. h-art a Co'a AlU.r ?r.JJJt^af, >o_l JR-1
?. CBB-irbWI'. ch. C. Hemet. 9i . ,D#> k.rifj 4-1 <-?
J. Bbi.-ft.-B ch. c. Ja-o Atwood. 110 jrar
111) .(Comp8?n,8 12?1 *?l
I. _ Murpby'-.-b. f/ V?a. 107 l?'_ W*0 <0_! ,<>_,
B^ery waa wlthdrawn. Vera aa? OarrtB C. got off
almoat neck *.-.a neck, but Inatead of holdlng 00 lo hia
BBrantaa*-. Co?-> .1., who had ?Bltln* nrtfr*. pulW- Ca'rta
C. ba k to fo.in* plaee. losiag at leiet thre* lengths.
^>ss apace the biiaf nevar was able to aa?a up. Flaiaofau
lad tnte th. ho--4trettb. bui inalde tae Uart farloog post
?aek coaie away 'xnAor paalah?ent s i wo. a good reee
by half a l_(_ . carrte C aaeaaa. a neek bfltore 9no>.
Btota who beat i lamwMd a hotA. Ottrit ti. vot art
__* - of k-r mokmy wwua have w*?.
IllTH 1_AC_?-_UXL1N? 8WXEPSTAK_8. $1$ EACH.
$808 ADDED. flVU I-1U-OKOS.
T. P. O'Hare'* b. g. LaAeview, by B__wJt
fiBI-V*^^lWUkJjMji ^ M
W. C. __*_?___. I. **. aCTSi f-*? ?
*t38 _22S.b-!" "^ *-*[? *-* ?-*
W. '*? E. Hiultb?? b. _a."_i___* B..B. 100. _. , ___
(effr. 10_t._..(McD-nald) ? ***** a-l
T. M. B?-rr__ b. g, Whlt_n_e, 0, 10B
? i.ar. 110)..TU.(FranclaiO 10-1 4-1
j. Miiiera b. c. Blll Barne*. 4, 10* (_aae> o *_-_ 10-1
T. 11. Ryan's br. h. Repee?_, $. 109 _9__*_ta_ . -A_i
111) . ?__- _...<<_,i_l*>0_0- -1 -0-1
t. M. Mlllll llfc. fc, ?**??*?? frg, ^ ^
j. Honokan. b. g. Pa*tlc, 8. ioo
(H. Anaeiaon) 0 20?1 8?1
*A.*_8p?ek- a _rrsbe'sjsia i2-i._-!
. ?_?___-_ ck. g. Rettlcr, J^9_tb-i ?a-l
J. ?j. ft *JMM*MA9 b. b. Red *}toj**i 0 eo-l ao-i
K. E OarrUoo'i bTg.-CbllkewV6^106 |J-| ^
ft W. Newtoo ?* eh. g. _4er_h Bejon. ^ ^ ^
H. K B_te_. cbl g.I-.ol.l ?-. -g^o ^ ,_!
Tlme?1:04. ?
Leo H., Iego aod Ben UarrUoo were w_bd_wn. Mr.
CaldweU dropped the ?__$ oo * bad atart, and Mamle B.
and Lakeview went, oil *o fa?t tbat they were really th*
ouly horae* ln tbe race. It wa. * clo** .trug. e a* far
aa the head of the BMtch. then Lakevlew came away and
aon ln a common caoter by four lengtba; Mamle B. __?
ond. ? le&gth before Prlnce Edward.
St. PL
Whltten Brother** b. h. Woodcjaft. by F'*"
Iow_i.a_Taie.ia. _#_.. *?*jifgpmiil
D. A. Honlff'a ch. c. Kyrle _?-. . \%^t) _
J- fi^T*ch:.c:.L0D'8.u: Ki
P 11 "Orlll'a ch. ff. WlUrcd. 6, 112.
r. aa, _r.ua <__. a. (Claytom 0
11 t.n_- * oh. ?. Ben _BW-SBJL . IU
(._T.il). ...Tbonipaou) 0
Tlr.i?? 1 : ..'a.
Kyrle B.. wlth s coniforteble lead at the sUrt, and
cloaely attended bv Wo-dcraft. made th* ruanlng to the
head of the Mirtch. whcre he waa Jolnrd by Wllfred.
IWn Hsrrlaon waa not able to ret near the front at any
Ume. Ln the atr.tch Woodcraft outran the other*
aod wou bv a neck. Krrle B. aecond, a head beforo L*ng.
shot. ,
. _ rci_oiia_i
Name. w't. Name. W_.
Mad-itoue .llt-.Leo 11. \U
tousm Jeem..J2 l_S_S. _0
Mat.-l Ulear. .10.} , Earlv Blcaon. $8
Nelile Bly . _?7 I Zeuobla . W
?B0OXB RACE-SWLE1'?TAKE8. $10 EACH. $800
OF $1,000. -OBV-W rVMXCM**.
v?_,, W't. Nanv. W't.
i_?>r,r mi. " .122 , Maslfrlode.104
Major Daly . tji-l L,rd of tbe Harem. 07
B___*-?::::::::r.::.m***** -.?7
Jaefe Rote .?__??
Varn* W't. Nan,*. W't.
_._,___.tti'is? p?"..J
(".jwiiik .11-iiEl.vton . ?_?
V4tS^ . .112 MyFellow . N
e22?u?.! .110 Onnwad .-..... M
t^TkJ:n.lcy'For<_t Ring . 96
_____jr_w.!."!.ine.Wcodcraft . W
y,m. W't. Name. _ W't.
St/p-itrlok.?? ">8
Ceaunaa 8en_.JV"
Robtp AdSlr.'Oe
v*nt* *?.io.
Mr. Saa*.v. Ofl
(ir . o-k .'?. JW
ri_a Clly. ??
lrel'Ja colt._. W
Ketcb-m . **
Con_*aa ftlly. 90
R_.n*tia ...
Audl' .1JL
K?W CkrK. '02
$500 ADDFD. 1 _ MILES.
Name W t- N*m_ W't.
aa?_S?_ ..12'i%?l?c/h"m.J$
Lltt'e Jlra.Hr .jyilti-ed J.iw
MldBle-ton. .112 fap-rvlsor .}g!
"nota-.lon .H: S.25 .ir.
tf,.,n .IlliSa'ut^.I'*
Vkt_..rn ".IU Admlral .104
Vame W't. Name. W't.
I _"st? Jr.".lll Lltti Addle .100
fiS&?,r:..:._.j*- SSSid-.ioo
Mt Fellow .108 X. .JiJ
U?A llarry .llibU. B.-?? ??
Flrat racc at ? p. m.
Fvery Jotkey In th* aeeond roet, wlth the exreptiae ef
Watson, *bo rode W. B. H.. wa? flned *10 for bad be
tuvior at the poat. Wawco wa* euapended for one month
Tbe nace U. the flrst race wo* wlflc. when the con
dltton of th.- track is conslder-d. The half ?a_ run ln
_0>2 aeconds, and the tlme for the flve furlong* wa- 1 .021*.
MU1. nlnerv-nine m?n ln a hu-d-ed thouRht that Oarendon
r.ueht to have won.
Ltttlefleld wt* entlrelv out of plsce on Demuth. Only
a jo*key can ridc tbat celt.
Capt.ln Coator. who would not be him_elf lf he were
not _lwav? faeetloti*. deelaMS that he has not made ?
handicap at the undm track. Well. we have been waat
inr lot.* of j.ralae on the Captaln. When ?___ who doea
the handlcapulng, he repll'd. "The Man In the Moon.'.
Who I* the Man ln the Moon 1 Is it Luelux O. Appleby
or T>o\iA Johnaoi. ? Or ls lt both I
Blltbe came wlthln a few oupces of belng dl*quallfled
la thc ?-ond ?a<e. Hla proper welcbt was 105 |K>unda,
hut hla rldcr. MrDcrtr.ott. declar'-d tw,, and a half poui.da
nver. On rehirn*.n.r to the scal.-s aft.'r the rn^c he was
foor snd a half pounds ov.-r. hla actual w.-lght I. lug 109*;
poundr. The rule aava: "If a hor,_ carry mor. than two
pounds over hl? declan-d weieht, or more than live pound*
over hls proper w. ipht, whether d>-clared or not. he ls dls
riualltled, unless th" judp-s are sati-II . that suih exc.s*
>.f weirht ha* been <aused by raln or m.id." Mr. Salmon
1_ obliit-si to ke^p an e*|fle eye on the jo<key_ wel.hlnir In
or out. They hav- imm.-rous wiiys of tn-atlne the acales.
and many of them lnvarlsbly try to do It. Some llttle tlmo
ago It was Un boast of one -j.ai hc had rlUden at nlne
I*uud? evet hls pro)*r wetglit.
Your I'nel" William Daly was at hla old trlcka agaln
after Ui- liftli ra.??-, and the Ji;.!re? were obllged to call hliu
down and warn hlui. He want?-d an und. raiandlni wl'.h
Uie own. r of Lakevlew. the wtnner. el?e therr- wan dancer
of I-*ke\l.w> prlce belng mn op for tbe benedt of tl.,
owner of Mamle B., wh? ran aeeond. It U no _ecrot on
th'- t .rf ti.at W. i.-.k'-land re.ently h*ugl.t of Blll a two
year-'ild colt and named bim Blackmaller.
Waahinrton, Oct 80.-The racea at Brnning'a to _?y
cloat- wlth a aii-furlong hcat that w__ full *f excltenicnt
ind had a se.iMt.oiial eiidiuf. Boekmaker J. J. Cam.ll
_a_ __?*ur^_l hy one of thc numeioua pwaeae he ba* p*r
soi.ai.y otf'iid.^ at thls meeting. and a crowd of otli.ra,
?ho were alm. augry at CarroU'a ni*i.ne_r of couductlnR hU
buslncaa. B_k__ a rush for hin-., It rwjuircd tbe uniwd
eflorto of flv. policem_i and tlie ofllctr* tt the rlub to pre
\eut ae\ere bodily Lairn belng donc U, hln.. Sub?-4juently
Mr. Buikc, th'- judf- of *-*_. meetln; aald thc club would
take aome action toward punl*hin_ Carroll. Four ..ut of
l?_ favorltcs came home wlnncr*, but ttve bc-kmaker!.
r.ev. rt_. let* far.. prctty well.
Firat race-Furat S400. Three-vear-c-lds and upward
wtltci welxhu. Altowaacee. live furlon. *.-l. SyracusA
4 (Moval;7l80: 2. Paln Klll-r. 6 iXelaou.'. __l*. _*_*
ilow-Trd _ (lavlor). l?_ I'l- vaa fllly. Arniadale, Uarrr
Ku*a-11 Ruati'c and Mohlca*. alac ran. 1 Inw?1 OH*..
_k-UI__t--lyiac_M 2 te 1 Mohlrai. 8 te 1. H*rry Ru???h
5 1,1, I'rliice Howaid 0 to 1, and the four other* from 7 to
I 141.
.?-eeoi.d race-Portc $400. Thr*.ye__--ol__. SeUinf
Mllr ai.d a ?l\U-ei.U..-l. Mai.dolln colt daral). 112. 2.
. orluelll (Mavuard), 114 ; U. Tap|i*ha_u_j_k (L- wl?). 107.
I..e___ll.u Vl*_ ran Tlme 1 :.,_'^_. ttU._-Corucelll 4 U,
3 MandotlA colt 8 to 2, l_l-__al_u _ to 1 ai.d lajpabannock
20 to 1.
Tl.ird i_ci*-Pu_c ?I00. 1 wo-year-olda. 10 ? bc._w
??_le. 8lx fu?lon|?.-l. B.-:ievu? (Toyl*ri Mtol t,
-j btnoe (J*a_), 105. 3. Aln? IL lilly (lilllu. l05
?___ sllttbwood and Blddl- Doyle al_.. rau. Tlnx?
. 117 ' B?ttug-b' llevu* i to 6 MirthwiKW and Marv btuiie
3 lo 1 _<_i Blddle Do_ le and Virgle 6 to 1 each, and Ain?
II ll.l. li to 1.
KourCi iat_?Faiae atOO. Thr. *yc*r .ld> aud upw?i_.
K.llluii ou.- rnilc.-l. <ili_y Quc_>. 4 tT_i_iI.. lld; 2. fct
lohn -*rd i_>U>n*1). 110; 8, Sllletk, 4 (Dowi.Uigi, 117.
IVilM- L-_*nd.r and El?ve alao ran. Tlm_?1 :45. B.t
tlhK--<.li_>s Que*n even Bwacy, IVrlelea f to i, Slil*ck .'. to
1. and tbe other* frea. lu to 1 up; St. Johu at thr l_-,i
Flfth rac?-Bl-BdleM sweepstakw. witb $800 added | *lx
furlouir I.eaU : Ti_t be*t_l, Salvlnl, 6 (Sinunai, 106. 2,
Blue j.ans. 4 iTatal;. 118. 8, bamarltan, 8 (Bar.. 100
Ttn.e?1 :lt _. _ ? . _ ,. ,
Blue Jeana won tb* aet.Mid heat by a neck from balvlnl.
_>*:. arlUu Uilrd. fl__$-_ li**o
Bl.M' Jeana alae *?" tae t__ beat snd resa. Tlme?
1 -20. Ik-ttUig-Blue Jeana 4 to 5, _i.l_l $ to 6, Samarl
ui, (? t-. 1 Mutual* pald *4 15.
Thr entrln* for to-u.orrow'a race* ar* a* Ml*w? -
(lr-.-. ra e-live furloiiya. for t wo-year-old*. B*nj*mli.
108 Bertt.4 B. flll- 100. flroek 08. C?rb,.ua 108.
t__t__ r*ee-__l.lBir. 1 110 _.ll.*. Fanny B. $3. Slu.ck
114 ?>t. Eoke 112, Coiurlla 102.
thlrd rac_-Thr?_?-qi.art_r ndie. Bradf*rd 1_7, Vlrj;l* 91,
iM\er 102, Crf_K_ 99. LomuoAet 1_81, CoKsLean. 102.
ITI-.r* llow.rd 102, Htm Ruaaell 108, l_lnklll?r 112.
Kcurtti toto-l 1 _ mlle, handlcaa. Poxaiede 10b, lee
hejru 100, WBtMBBBa 101. P-Btl.er 107.
Flfth rae*-Ha_dl_p bU-dl*. 1 . allaa. Ler.r f-bot IM,
Zansbar 187. Evangalla* 1__, !__?___ I8Q, iMooewall 180,
,*rey Otwn 128.
jtm* fsw_n, of Eatantawa, N. J., made bU aatoart ap
p^raoc* aS thc E!l_ab-_h pollee court ye*___r, la com
P?ne wlth Leut* Prlce, another of De Lacy** nencbnxo
who ->-_g de-Uled _> ?-rr?n-? klmaelf aad ?t>od trial. lf n.-e
imttt'w on Xhe cbsrge el eoaspiracr atade agalnst him by
HarrrBtee-ker. Tb* Baa were socampaalt- byax-Jadga Olt
kMly who appeared as tfc-Ur oeoaaal. B*to aald be weitk
^air* a haarlac aad lat tbe matter go to ta. Jaaaar
anad jury. _U_u__? OObooty ___*__? Slesa _ ksalawia
taVkta iBBBUSBTt Wb8B waated. J*aa 8. Lamb. a __m.
ocratlr ward werkar. ?-,, ->r, ,,, tor TrtOO. *** '**?'
Mwad tha BBBB 88888a aa ?__ aa_ ____ ta R888 aa R>
aa__a___ -BBa aaa _-? ^
Park a??IR. R8RMM at tha _t___a*a. ha. dartdad ta
MRo _a aaaaa eostrso aa4 w_ appear to-day. Ta. &?? -?
weidaesB _ tae aniiilii^ u be**an_? tmtt apt-r-t
srery day aad Rm ___m? bMwaca O. I*** ,B(1 *?
P***?- wbo ara Ighttag tha raeatnck. i. *-or* ***** ***
Chicago. Oet. ao.-Laat mmmer "W OoiTlfa_a
proprletor of the Weat Side Raoe Track. caased the
arraat of a number oi elty poolsrlle? for violatlng the
State law and ctty ardlnance fortaldlng the eaM of
pooM exeept withia Um Mclosare of aaeecounea One
ot these caaaa came ap for flnal hearlng before Judge
Tuley to-day ln Ihe Clrcalt Coart and the Jndge
ren^bred a deeision to the eRect that the sUtuM and
the ordlnance under lt are _**oneUtut-**n? becaaa.*
they tend to glve speciaI j .vlleges aod to croate a
monopoly of garol.ling. The**e laws, he foi?d, are
slmllar to those ln New.York aod Loaisiana, aod hls
deeision waa ln aceordanoe wlth decUlons already
reridered ln thoae State*. Tha city will Uke an appeal
from the deeision. In the meantlme. there ls nothlng
to prevent poolnelllng at wlll ln thls city, unless the
ireneral i-Tiaut law against gambllng eta be made to
apply. Over 200 suits slmllar to the one declded to?
day are on fhe docket. They wlll not be puabod pend
Ing Uie actlon of Uve hlgher court.
1?88?1 piayera hardly kaew what U> make af lt yes?
terday when they read that the eapltalRM of Ihe Brooklyn
(P. L.) club had met and come to ao uuderatandlug that
couaoUdatlnn was neceaaary. Teaterday, moie than at any
other tarne alnce the flrat la_natlon that bath aid.- want**!
to stop the coofllct, did the player. r.illse how helplswa
ii..-y are ia the matter of haviog anything to say a. to
what they call thelr r.ghu te Mttltng the baseball war.
Aa The Trlbune predlchd, they made thelr laat ef***
for recognltlon when they got a rvpreeetitatlve oo Ihe
Piayera' League confereoce commlttee, f.llh,,u|h it waa
done In x-iolation of the orlgln? agn-e?a*nt by the Piayera'
L-V1*' that no piayera would be allowed on the commlttee.
After the NaUoi.al League refuaed to meet the new corn
oilttee the players thought they had galned the upper hand
and they c rowed loudiy. But the caplullats on both alde*
p_y.-d a Uank niove ai.d started lu to flnlsh up the Bght
hy cansultlna; inaivldually among theni-elvaa.
Had thay met aa romroitu-.-.. the same aa ln ths drat
tormal confere-nce, the players could have made trouble.
buch a moxe waa antlcipafd, ard the 888J8MBttt ahrewdly
declded that they would meet a. indlvld?ls. They wtnted
to end the flght. aa they were paylog oat thousands st
dollara to the xery men wbo deslred le step in, blors pro
ceedlnfs and make them eontlnue to loae thelr money.
lt Ux experted that the Brooklyti oenaolldatlon deal wlll
be aettled before Novatnbt-r 11, when the aanual m*"ttii|
of the Players' League wlll be held.
Priuceton, N. J.. Oct. 30 iSpetial).-The I'nlverstty
eleven left Princeton Uils afternoon for Wasliington,
where to-morrow Bilernooii It xaill meet the eleven of
the Columbla AUiletlc Club. r-atai*?.y afternoon 11
wlll play the Unlraralty of Vlrglnta taMven ln Bartt
more. The men who composed tha eleven wereI Ral1
back, Homana, "98; half-bacfci, King. '93. and Sploar,
?91; anarter-baek, Poe, *9l (captaln); rushers, Warrea,
'08; Woods, '92; Jefferson, '91; Rlgf.. *?; Thoma..
?91. R E.; Bpeer. '93. 8emln_ry; Fameas, '91. The
fiubsUtutes aceompanvlng the teani were Langsdi?,
'I.l ; Hayden, '93; Bonner, ?91; Gallwey, '03, Somlnary;
Dalton, '91, E. E.; LewU, *91, and Lavls, '03.
Tho Board of General Appralscrs yesteriay over
rnled two declslons of CoUertir Erhardt under the new
tarlff. H. C. Post k Co., tt Kandusky, Olilo. protcst*
against the follector levylng a dnty of one fourth of a
cent a pound on herrlng and three fm.rths of a cent a
pound on all otlier fr-csh flsh Imported by them fmm
Canada. They malntained tliat the flsh was free under
l_ragraph 571 of Uio now tariff, whlcli admltn duty
free flsh, Uie produrt of Amerlean flsherles. and fresh
or froren flsh (exeept salmon) caught In fresh wat?rs
by Ameriean vessels, or with neta or other dexices
owned by cltlren* of tbe l'nlted States. The ^olle^tor
ha*4 asse^ed the flsh under Paragraph 293. The Im
porters held that they Imported 2.000.000 pounds of
flsh a year, and denled that Uvey flshed under llcense
from the Canadlan Government, aithough they ad
mitted that they had employes who had sucb Uoenses.
But Uiey malntained that their employes were not
inWceted flnanclally ln the flrm's bu.alnees, bcyond
drawlng Uielr regular salarles. The Board overruied
tbe Collcetor, saylng that Uie queaUoa as to tbe
legalltv of catebing Uie flsh did not enter Into the
sobjert. Anotlasr i_*e of the same kind w_ declded
Ui* .ame way.
Mllwaukee, Wls., Oct. 30.-"The ratholie ClUscn,"
a church publicaUon of thls city. announces to-day
lhat news has beeu re*eived trom the East that Arch
biahop Ireland. of bt. Paul. ba. been sumiuoned to
Rorue fur an unknuwn purpose. "The titlte-i" says
the fact Iia. aroused p*jat inkre*.t !n CathoJc rircies.
The lmpresslon prevalls here that Archbishop Ireiand
has been summ l to the Vattcan ln view of hls
utterances in favor of the public school. and com
pulsory education before tbe National Teachers' As
aoctatlon at .-t. Paul la^t aummer.
bt. Paul, Mlnn., Oct 30.-Tl.e staU-ment from "The
Catholir (.iUzen," of Mllwaukee, that Arehb_hop Ire?
land had been called to Koiue on account of his
utterances on the public school at the educationnl con
ventlon last sommer wa-. sh'.wn to the Archbishop at
the ('athedral in this city this cx-eninp.
-Whv." sald he. "that la perfe.-tly absnrd. Its
falae from t-orinnlnp to end. The fact that it (.-nianstes
fif.ni Mllwaukee |i ruffi.ieiit ln bi?id lt a. a st?,ry eou
cocted for political '.niri.o.cs.''
Erie. Penn.. iMt :iO (Speelal..-The Women's Synod
lc-,1 Home Mlssionary S.Klety, of PennsxivanU and
West Vlrglnla. ls in scsslon ln Erie. There were
200 delegat.-s from flfteen of the twenty-two Pre-by
teiiea in tl.e Synod. Mrs. K. P. Bryan, of TitusvUle,
preslded. Dr. Mc.Mullan, presldent of the Board of
Vlsalf.ns, made the address. The contrlbutioiis durlng
the year for Uie. work aniouiited to gWo,'?3H U. an In?
crease of over UO.OOO over la t year's collectlon.
Thls fund is expended ln the mrsslon work among tha
freedmen. the Indians ln I'tah. umong Uie Mcxlcans
ln Nexr Mexliaj), ln Arirona and ln Alaska. The
next conx-entlon will be held ln Wllllamsport. Mrs.
Bivan was roelerted pre*ldent; Mr=, K. E. P.
Andrews, Bedford. seeretary ; Mrs. C. E. Morris, Plilla
delphia, treasurer.
Leax-enxvorth, Ksn., Oct. 30,-Postn.aster Rltclila
thls mornlng cseluded fron. the mails the entlre mail
edltlon of "The Leavenworth Tlmes" beeause It con
talned a Ilst of artides won at a raffle at a Cathollc
church fair durlng the early part of the week.
Waah.ngton, Ort 30.?Seeretary P.lalne, acrompanied
by Mlnlster Phelps. arrlx**jd here at 10 o'clock thls
evening. Arrangemonte have t>een made for Mr.
blaine and tbe PostmaeteMteneral to leave here at
it: 10 o'clock on '?tiirday mornlng for Phlladelphla, to
attend the meeUng at the Aca^emy of Music on fcatur
day afternoon, and Uie recepUon at the L'nlon League.
From a recent cu-cular.
Tlie Ameriean Folk-Lore Society, whlch meet. ln
New-York. November 2b?29, wa? orgai.lzed Janu?
ary 4. 1888. for the collectlon and publi.-atlun of tlie
foik-loro and mythology of Uie Amerlean conUnent.
Tlie members are entitled to recelva the organ of the
seclety. "The Journal of Amerlean Folk-Lore.'' a
quarterlv perlodlcal. appearing ln February. May.
?Xupust and November, and rontalnlng about one
hundred ac-Uvo pug^a. Two voluraes of the Jouinal
havo now- been rompleted, the flrst volume, for .188H
(Nes 1-3). ronslstlng of 2.V4 pagea. aad the second
vi.lnme (Nos. 4-T), conslaUnif of 334 pagea. Tho
rreater part of tbo euntenta of these volamea ls made
un of unpubllshed material, relatlve to Kngllah, fldjf
man, Freach, Rapo aad Indlan folRMre. laoarded ta
all oart* of North Amarlea. _
dQiM articles on foU-lore, about a thlrd at 'The
Jaamal" U lntended to be dex'oted to regular da
UjSienU. namely. "W-te-Baaket of Warda." (rare
and dlak-ctic Engllr? words enrrent ln America).
- Felk Lore 8crap?l?(a*^k.', " Rotes and Onerle." (aervlng
as tnedinm of Inqulry and eommnnlcatlon ln regard
,o iisagca. bellefs. etc.l. "Record of Ameriean Folk
Loto" (eontalnlng ao accoont. aa complete aa P**,2bJJ'
of Uie progreas of eellertion i; " Retea on the Folh^
I are of other Continenta." and u BlbUographieal Rotea
idevoted to b<counts of books and artlrles reiatlng to
Folk Lore and Mytbology).
In a?litlon to "The Joumal of Amerlean roit
Lore," the soelety, arcordlng to a resolve pavwed al IU
annnal meetlng, e*r**ecta to prlnt a aertr* of mosio
araphs en the fo-t-lore of the dlfferent raeea taeionen
ln the scoae of Ua n-aearchea.
It shonln be remembered that the taak of Uie ao
clety canraat be poataoned. The eoileetlon of Ameri?
ean oral 5adR*o_. ahould ba regarded aa a natRmal
dnty To gather materml* for btatnry. whlch are
indlspesiaabMto anthrepologieal record. ??*?_&
unleas riwordeal. win ln a few years bare IrretneWBhiy
nerlshwl. appears at leaaf aa Irapottant aa, __,?_?
ktton ot Wa? rical reccrrds alr?-y aaJety lodgat ln
"^I^Mdar to accomplish U?-_e ends. II la dralred
at least K> tfnohle *ho streogth _ tha soeMty. **?w
conslsUng af ahoat a*0 mmthtto. ...
Peraona dealrtng to becoma aaambers are reaagtan
to addraas tha Baeretarjr. W. W. KowaU, tmmmmmfk
Wasbtofton, Oct. ao.-The Department of _ta*e ba*
recelved a copy of a peUtlon forwarded by tbe Tobacco
Grower* and Gtot Manufacturers' I'nlon of Cuba to
tbe SpanUb Government, arglng tbe negotlatlon of a
redprocity treaty between tbe _?__nd of <__ aod tbe
Cnlted 6ta_s. Tlte peUtloner* assert that tbey are
coDtronted wlth a slmple problcrn: ? On tbe one slde,
roln, stagnatlon, mlsery and vagne hope*. and on the
other aid,-, abundanee, wealtfe and a promlsing futnre."
Tbe Bpenlah law ot eommerclal rdattoos of 1*482,
fransed Ior tbe pnrpoee of protectlng Bpanlsh products,
tbe pfiiuon aay*, deals Caba a deadly blow, whlle at
the ___ Ume tbe productlon* of _-___n recelve no
beoeflt from lt. Tbe greater part of the Spanlsh good*
lmported, tt ls asserted, do not need tbe protertion
given tbem. Tba petltlon, after urglug the repeal of
tbis law of 1882 aa a necessary preUmlnary to tbe
qegottatlon of a reolproeity treaty c__t_____s:
" The Cnlted State* buy from ua to-day tobacco and
sttgar to the extent of $51,000,000. and It Ls not strange
that tbe American Government should make rtself
*trong on the absohite necesalty we have of that mar
ket so as to dernand reclprocal conce_elops, or what Is
the aame thing. exemption for thelr flour, lard. ma
chlnery. h__*dware and other artlclts ln our tariff, ao
as to Increane the exporU to thls Uland. ln one word,
they want to pay us for the tobacco and sugar they
consume wlth the goods that they produce. Tu -day
they sell to ns only $10,000,000 to $12,000,000. BM
they desire to Increase thls amount to the $01,000,000
they buy from us. That 1_ what the > 1. ktnlcy bill
amounts to. For sugar, lt will be effective on July 1,
1881; but in regard to tobacco the rcform is to be
applled lmmedlately, and so tcrrible, so radlcal ls lt.
that It ls equlvalent to tbe closlnc of that market to us.
**.e will l_e a market thal consume* 100.000.000 to
110,000,000 clgars anhually, wlth a value ol PM__y
000 to t-'>,500,000. And we will 1 _e a great deal more,
boeause, lf cwtaln grndea of cib-ars of special quality
and ookir, particularly adapted u> Uiat market, are int
ron.umed there, we _111 not l_ able to snpply other
consumer* of oUier market* wlth the grades they re
qulre without Imuienae prcjudi.e.
-Tbe damage tbat we ?haU suffer cnnnot bB over
wtimated. The cultivatlon of tlie rlcli 1- al wll. ilm'Blsb
to one-half, the grestrr num_er of our factt__BS aill
dl*appc__*, and those Uiat rejiialn wlU have to reduce
greatly their operetlons; thou?ands of soalB dependent
for a llvellhood on tlie factoi.e. aill bc left la rom
plete wa.it, and a p _-.pcrous nnd liourlshlug industry
will come to ruln aud bankruptcy. lt ls ne'.'ssa ry to
avold so much liarm and ward off such calamUie*; and
we Und no other way than a eommerclal treaty wlth
the Cnlted States, acceptlng tiie reclproclty tbat our
neighb-r. p_-po*e. There ls uo tlme to _<>?_ ln making
UU. tl.lU. . . . Tlie busine_s crisls that tlireaten.
us ls terrlble, Immlnent. and lts conscqueuccs embiace
very BBtXM* dangers.''
The petltlon closes by Indorslng tlie action of the
Havana Chaiubcr of Commeree, hei-tofo*. publlshed,
and aaklnir of the Government the Iramodiato al.ro
ratlon of the law of eommerclal relatioii*. of 1*8*:
the lmposltion of a pr_.__tlonary duty on -panish
product*. whlch shmld t_ ln rrlatl.m to U.e ne.c.-slt.c*
of the Trrae un of Cuba, ao __ not lo reiulcr dURcult
the negotiatl .ii of commsrHal treatic.. wlth fore'f1*
countrlo*; that. without loslng Ume. DegotlBUOO* be
opened wlth Uie Inlbed .tate. for a connnerml tr-aty
on the basis of free *ugar and reducUo.i* ou dutl. - on
Ubareo wlthln the llmlfs ali _ad> Bl** nl.... that th
(liambei- of Commeree and lmportant rtirporatlun* <>r
Uie I.laud of Cuba advUe In tli.ir propoMd new taritf
the artlcle* on whlch tho exp<>rt ititlea sbouM b
atH.llsH.tt; that nepotlattons be ent. t*_l Into with some
other countrie.. *o as to lasure hadUUe. for the njfort
of Cuban product*; that. prov Id Ing tbe 'f,rr.:'""''''
dutle* are pald. the fre. sal-_ of tobacco be alloued ln
Spaln. _
Washington. Oct. 30.-The Na.7 Department la mov
Ing wlth great care ln the matter of adoptlng nlckel
ateel armor for Ita vessel*. Tlio Annapolls test* ap
peared to be concluslvc a* to th* merlts of the par
Ur-ular nlckel-steel plate by compari-on with tlie all
?teel and eompmind p*ates. Bal the ordnance Bu?
reau haa not yet been enUrely convlnced that It uliould
proceed at once to adopt the alloyed plate as Uie
standard. Tlie plafe whl. li was tosU_ was of fnrelcn
mwiufacture; and lt may be Uttt, B*_BI lf an adequate
snpply of nlckel is obtained. tlie dome-rtJe BMBnfBrt
urers cannot succecd ln making an alloyed plate that
wiU ?_i___l in n-sl. tinir power the plate trled at Annapo?
lls. Or it may be that, lf tlie suc.essbil pro.aaa ls
dL-Covered, tlie manufscturr will be so expcnsivo a?
tp be Impractlcable.
These msitlers must be determined by $xperl_B_Hl,
m_ Con.modorc Folcer. chl.-f of the Ordnanee Uiireau.
*ays tha* lt will requlre several montli . to asrertain
the re.?uii. In.identally U.e experiBsents whicli ttie
Bureau will undertake will be direcVd to an _-_cer
talnnient of Uie v?Uue _ tlie nlckel -t?-l alloy for
structural piirpos.'*. The Eiiroiiean NaUena lav- for
some tlme coutemplatcd a te*t ..f the new Bll_rj in thi.s
capaclty. lts advrxates __->??_- that lt will prora lar
atronger and touglver than stwl fur this purpo*e. If
thls sltoutd ptove to be the .a*e, liglu.-r but equallv
stroug hull* mlght be i-onstructed for tl_* Navy. a:id
the result would l_ more room for bollers and eir
gines, aud ron_eqoently an Inereaae i'. iIk- sp.ed <.f
ves_ls. whltU ls at preseut tlie priiicipaj ann of navnl
arcliitecU.. _
Washington. urt. flO.-Thc D-partme.it of Ma e has
recelved a d:*paU'h from tlio Imt _ Stato* Uto'.btot a
Bogot4?, aunotuuing tliat tne ITesid.'iit. f Col mb.a haa
appolnted Oeoeral Julio K.-uglfo, Cbmaco CaMeroa an.l
a Colombisn cngmecr now in thc c.ty of Xew-York.
whose name la not given, a* l.t.T.onUnental BaUwaj
Commlssioners. ln forwardlng th'.s inf.irmiUon. M.n
ister Abbott *ay*: -Every (ol.nil.ian ls an.xlous Ior
i_ succe-n. and there wonld ttttt 10 !?? no d>>ult of
the eordial c-.>-.?l_i_tion of Uie republic iu the pru*ecu
tion of this euterprl-e."
Washington. Oet. 30.?..cietary hiaine de-ii-s the
statement m_le tliat he did not reqti. *t tiie ncnl! at
*_?.nor Mnruaga as __0B_r of Spaln U> t!:o I'Blted
BUtes. He says that It Is not trne that tl.e relati n
between hlmself and the late Mlni-U-r Iiad barOBM
straine-l. and that. on thc ^onl _.'..,'?'V.iiMr''
were filendly and plen.*;int. The Ulnlsier * r. .all. Mr.
Hlalne adds. was due solely to tlie rbaoce ol .vi
tulnlstraUou ln U.e spaubh Govoinment.
Washington, Oct. 30.-Tlie President today ap
polnted the foUowlng po-timuter*: Edwitrd C. Wlli
lam?. at Santa Crui, Cai.. vlr? Uart Burl.f. r-slened .
WilUam Muitlock, at CUton, Kan.. offlce locam* Pie.l
dential on October 1.
Fourth-class jilslBtBllBT were to-day appolnted aa
follows :
i>_..<!...vivntiii - i A Sellx. M'mnt Rock; Annle E.
0.SSSS! Ito_7..rsrlilr; K. -? l?1?. HtocUtoa;
H. E. NorrK fttoneham.
New-Jersey-A. __. Iltman. Julln.town.
New-York-F. A. Hlll. llne Lukc.
Washington, Oct. 30.-The amount of 4 1 2 per cent
bond* redeemed yeaterday. under the clrcular of Oc
tober 9, was $ll?.O0O, making tlie toUl to date *3._iO_.
" Wafihln_ton, Oet 30.-Hrlgadicr General Thomas 11.
Ruger coAmandlnit tlie Department of Dalola. Iuxh
subniltted to the War Department his annual report
npon tbe condlUon of mUltary affsir. lu that depart
tttert He says tbat nothing has occur__ calllnc for
actnel campaifn operatlon*, althongh on several oo
caslons tbe serrlees of strong detachments from a num
ber of post* ba^e been required to supjiort the au
thorlty of ladlan mjetttt on tbe resenaUons. to con
fine to tbe reservattons Indians not controllable bv
thelr a?ent-i, or to pwtect and a_*in_ safety to setUers
._ ..._. wlrlnltV of U_s Bloux it_.?Uotii. ALso It
Imcln?* totommtf*T prevent lntrusloti M U.e ceded
utWftt to\T&o\?x re^efratl-n. The*e duttos Ml w_ll
nSroitoed by tbe troop*. There ha* been at somo
___n_d_cl-ed decreaae ln tbe per<enia__ of de__r
R?._. tni* nost canteen -y*tc*n lia* been In opcratl _n
anfflrwmtl.^long at enough p<_t_ to aiford a ba*is for
_________ MtaMl mcriu: and. aays (Jencral Ruger.
boytZA qZ^n the ?-u_* have been benefleUl.
Waablniton. Oct. 80.-The Secretary of tbc Jfavy ha*
9m** Ut award to Harrlson Lorlng. of Boston. tbe
roatraei for supplylng_r_*f_*****_ ,tflel t"fbo*a
for tbe Bary at a cost of $*" 814Fln ail.
WaeblBbjsa Oet. aO.-WUUam B. __o_p_>n. of _*n*_,
M DtaMsS al 1- be* baa. sapotaled aa altenai*
__tt M _* wass P_at Mllttary Academy.
f_____t_At\\* " BBtMBl\*t*B 4-**b-t __a _-___ I
daty ln the Navy Pepart-iBrrt, Oetober 81. aad ordered
le tha Phlladelp?a
Omaha. Neb.. Oet. aO.-In regard to the phyrteal
condlUoo of tha Union Pae?e Rallraad aad the s?rMe
reeently put ln el-nlauon about lt, PraaMent Adama
said to a reporter: "They ara malnly maRdona and
orlglnated wlth some of fhe offlcMla recenUy dto
charged trom Uie eotnpany*. r*arrlee. 1 bawe Just been
over the mahi Une from Ogdeo to Omaha, and it ls ta
far better plryelcal cc?dlUc_ than I ever* aaw lt b_ore.
As to the trafflc of the road, tbe only mlstake Uw offl
ctals hdre made has been to try to do thia year'* busl
nees wtth last year's eqalprnent. The l>oai*d of di
r?**to-*s. fuUy appreclating U?e probable growth of ton
ntdxe, made ample provlsicfi for lt. One Imnstred and
seventy locomottves are to be added to our power. and
some 3,600 freight eon. or a new locomoUve every
other day of Use year. and half a full U__ of freight
cars for every day of Uie year. After a eareful ex
amlnaUon. I am antWled that the onlv thlng Ure
I'nion Pacifle ls now suffering from ia a plethora of
rirhes. It I. ranch ln the noalUon of a handred^hoi*at>
power engW whlch ta worhed lo mo-re ***%Wnenr re
?lulrlna- a hundred and flfty hors? power. Tbe tngao
ls badly racked In the effort. J^tfrrtrnmon ? ay
be elreuhUed. these are the fact* ln wcard 80 WJB
I'nion Pacifle, and lt wUl lnevltably bo appear a MUe
later on."
Chlcago. Oci 30 (Spx'cal).-Every road ln _fl We>trn
Passenger AssoclaUon haa agreed to 8888881 ind strictly
matntaln ?very paasenger rate on and after,November
1. This result was brought about thls mornlng ln
Chalrrnan Finley's offlce. The _gi*e**meiit appllee to
Chlcago, St. Paul, Mlnneepolis, Bloux Cltej, Omaha,
Denver, Kansaa City, St Louls and every talermediate
polnt. Eaeh llne has agreed to redeem aU IU li?ues
of Uckets ln Uie hands of scalpcrs and absolut-ly i lear
axvay all demoraliUng factors. All of Uie Chlcago lines
o.\prt"-s theniselves as ln earncst and most of them have
informed Uielr agrnts already that there must 'oe no
- rroohed" work after October 31. Thls agreement does
not settle the qneMlon of rate. from the Northwest to
tho s?board. The "Soo" U still charglng from BM
810 leji* than the lines via Chlcago.' A meetlng ha-,
been called for November 0 to further discus* this
W. D. Phllllps, preeldent of the Phillips Chemlcal
rompany. and a party of ten of hls personal friends,
will start to-day for two wecks' camplng ln the
nelghboriiood of Keyser, W. Va., a statlon on the llne of
llie Iialtimore and Ohio Uailroad, In Uie hoart of the
Alleehanles. There ls no poln* ln the Alleghany
Mnuntalns whlch is superlor to Keyser for the sports
of camp llfe, htintlne. flshing. etc, and any parties
desirini: t" '?p.-nd a few weeks in ramplntr out. would
do well to consult C. P. Craig, Ro. 413 Broadway,
beioro nialun^ arrangemeiitt.
RaahvUM, Teni... oct. 30.?At a called meetlng of the
Na-hvilk'. (i.atianooga and St. Louls Railroad stock
Ih.lrters at the general ortior* of Uie company here
ye>iea*day, acUon was taken to rcacind the reaol-don
whlch WM adopted at Uve last regular meetlng " Uiat
Uve MMMIRM present capltal stock ot UiU ootn
pany be increased 10 per een?. and tlsst th-x amount ot
increased stock be offered to the storkhoMers of rc-rorrl
thi. date at par In pro rata proportlon to their present
holdlng for t?xty days from date of offer.
Quebec, Urt. 30.-The Engllsh englneers who have
been surveylng the Une of the propo-ed railway to
laliiadoT ara now on thelr way to Quebec. They are
erpected to arrive ta nbout ten days.
W?hlflfton, Oct. :iO.-Tlie Intervtatc Commerce Com
BlMlon to-duy annouiiced it* deeision ln the case of
\V. 8. Kinc .x- Co., a Boston flrm. against the New-York,
Rew llaven and llartfoni Railroad Company and the
Ncxv York a:id New-England Railroad Company, ln
votvlng the (|iie?-tl?n whether or not the*? rall lines can
wake a Joint through rate on shlpmenU of flour from
Rew York t>. iu.aton lower at Bos'on, to meet the com
pein?,n of tho Metiopolitan Steamshlp llne, than the
gomblncd local rate. of the two rall carriers from New
York t<> Readxille. for the Rliorter haul. where no sueh
comp.Miti.in e.xl-te. lt was declded that the carriers
could do this xvnhotit xioiattng the "long and short
hnul*1 ciMUfl of the uct to regulato commerce.
Chlcago, Oct. 30 (Speclal).-The Important matter of
relaUx-e rate* on Ihw hogs and dressed product, MIs
sourl River fo Chlcago, was dUcnssed to-day by all
dlvlslons of the Wcstern Freight Association. Cndcr
tbe Intersta'e Cmimene Commlsslon's d-*elslon the
rntes mi.at !?> eqaaHaed, and. tfxrept the Alton, exery
line votcd to advanea the product nfc to tha pre-'ent
live |o* rate. The Alton refuaefl" to chanpe Its rate,
i.nd ? commlttee f.f five was appolnted to walt on the
Alton and t,y to roach a compromise. The report xclll
bc BMde in the mornlng. Nnmoron* Mlssourl River
paekera are ln attenrtanco on the meeting, and all want
the i.rodurt iate r.ised.
Des Molnea, lo-ax, f?rt. 30.?Tne -"upreme Oani has
ttftlrmed tl.e deeision of the .la<per Distriet Court. giv
lne l ooke A XX hea-le -t..ek d^ulcrs of N'ewton, Judc
ment against the Cbleagn. K<M-k island and Pacifle
Rallnaid f?r t2"b0. The ca-*- is iraportant to stock
iieaiiT- generally. The Rock Mand was ln the hablt
nf gtvlng certala fnv..re<l ahippers a seeret rebato on
tho fr-ight paid on eaeh ear. Cooke _ Wheeler proved
UM exl-t-n.e of thls rebate system. and the court
held that it was an tinjiist di-crinilnation and that the
olalntlffi had been ov. reharped an amount on e.tih
e;ir they shlpped equal to the rekate given the other
Phltadelphha, Oet, 30.?The ttate?ent ..f the busi
nc-- >>f all Unes of tho flrjinsvlvaiiia Railroad Oo_
pany c.-i-t ..f Ptttobiift a-,d Erie f..r Septcmla?r. 18U0.
a, roapared xxiUi tho tana months ln IBBB, ahowa an
InrreaM In gross earninzs of BBilrBOB; an inrrc-asc in
eapense. of WlotfiBB', and inireas? in net aarntnp ,~
*_J1T.'.43. Tho ninc months of HOO, as compared
witl. tl.'' -amc pcriod of 16f*0. sh.w:: Increase ln gro-s
earntng*. *-i.:iT*.,c.,i4: _treaie ln expenaes, #i,-io_,
M1 : derrease ln net earnings. f-J7,31T. All lines west
of Plttsburg and Erie for .Septemtier, 160O, as compared
wlth the -ume mor.th ln lPssi, show: Increase ln grosa
earnlt.gs, sMje/JrO; increase in expenses, 9B11A4B',
lncna-e in net enrolngs. ??_J4?.'S47. The nlne months
nf 1WK) as romparerl wlth the same p?>.rlod of 1M0.
ahoxv Increase in gr-'-s earnings, *4,0!*?^731 ? ta
crea-e in exp-n-t-s, 13,701,753; lncre?o ln net enru
ing-. *?1.3'Jt),?10.
Albany. oct. 30.-Ex-Congre>sm:,n John S. Wlse. of
Rew-York, formeriy af Kichmoiid. Va.. l?,s accepted
an InxM.ition to deliver the annual address before the
?Uto Bur Assodatlou on January 13.
From The St. Louis C.lob- Demoent.
The exes of Englisl. c.plt.Ilsts hive long be?n HMtj
lng w s-M gl.n" - at tl, - OwM ? Mou-taln mlr.e. a nd
hav. ma.le s.-vcral efforta to P''"**?"_tUl,?*Jtv,:^,,,.?
rich tr a-ure. A f.-w years ago. I>r. M-int Pall-P.
wbo had f"-i?erlv llved ln m\ Louls. n^Rtte*?
from New Vork. and rtw.-lt among us ttrrttoi[+*** ?
the hope nf getllnc aatKortty from the prinrlpal rtoek
h'lrters of tlie mlne then. a* now. XtMtohotBL
oms-Io piiH-eed to London and o-ganitc a syndicte
! ?? lt. p?r"l,-,se. Ile a-kei thal ^Sg^J^S^
him s certain amount of ^.TOJM^
to defrav his exaensea, thi- ?- ?>?<???*_?.?-??
hls c..nml<sion should the snlc be effected The deal
wns eot co?*u.nmaU*1. aml the D<*tor retumed te
Iti Vun oi-* ICOWng to the transf-r of thls great pmp
ortx hut nothlng dcflnlte hss shaped Itaelf untll wlth
?n afew d?v* past. when th- same men who not long
lnfe-o.npi.-t.-ll the sale of *-t. Lonis brewerles to
EngUsh rapllsllsta came forward wlth a p,-opo*ltlon,
al*.. fr m fcrlUh rapltallats, to take an option on tha
..mtiortx- The usi'ai effort at seerecy on the part of
h"? n ost larce v IntereaMd ln blg trade. haa been
ma32 S IMP UM detalls of the transacUan from tho
public and Sa presa. Tue man who ought to know
all BbOOt It. L. M. Rumsey. presldent of Uie Oranlto
Mountiln Company. refused. when ^pmached by a
-Clobe-IVmocral" rep.rrter.to MR B9Bm9 Wt
ati~. pleadlng hls oraelal plaee aa the cause of hls
? T!-e Glnbe Btmrntftt' reporter*i were not. however.
arfirelv baffled bv fbe non-iommlttaJUm pf Mr. Rum
Thev pr*,<e?ded to slnk shaft* of Inqulry ln
u ;.ns dlreetlons. and. hnvlng stru-k: a veiri of ln
f-u-mallnn !n eaeh ca?e. tbw "t-artj-d tmttmt ******
to the fi.llowing exfenl : The opfton ex'enrts to the
"t of .lanna-n-^ It app!l~ clt her to '.^.000 sbare, of
tha capltal st,ick or to the v.ho.e amount. wl,*rh I*
.l,*o,Of,o share*. The prtc varlea arrirdina to the
am-ni.t whlrh vhe F.ngir?hraen ?l^^^n?*\Xtt
but the average pnee is f.3. or WMOgMtt 188 the
wh-.le mlive. Rx-Judc? C.eorge A. Medlll and M*.
lamea Ta:i**lg-the tatter one of the attorneys of Ihe
nank of Commerce?are drawlng up the r*pe- ln be
hWnt7Ct**-l eair-ed Oranlte MoonUln rrtoch
to strenrthen on.tho Mlnlng EKtaiia of thi, eltv
reaterdav It was ln demand an<l anid at SJ45. .*,?
m ?he ra-* of nihf atock*. tbe prtee of GianHe Morin
,*Jn 1* re*-i,l*ited enllrely bv tne d-mand for It. Very
little of It 1* ever sold. *. demand for l.OOO abares
w.wia turtip t>-s prtee to ?JO0. and an effort to aell
1 OOO al?rea woa? pw? I* do?n lf> a?XO. Ita reanlar
divldend I. 50 eenta per share per month. ao that al
875 a share II would pay Uw Englb-hv-en 8 per cent
00 thelr Inveatateat. _
The GranIM Moanlaln haa reeentlv added a great
?aal _ e_rUv ___hlaarnT io -? ?I-a_ aaat ta a-U,
4T ABB 4$ WBBT 14TB $T.
BrRtara, ftmisa c_o_r__s
AKLOR HMTM, _\orxo,
AKLOR Bl D*4, ViotBotlN,
4. AND 4t WBBT 14TH BT.
**J* *f*_*f__i? WRttlar dividend montbly ha* a
. k^___* 0f ^B'??0 Ottnee* of sllver on hand. The
cnances are that the saie of the ..rauite Mountaln will
**~ to the saie of the Bl Metalllc. whlch ls capltaltzed
at hcif the number af sharev-200.000.
_ii? __f*_____J^1"* deUils of the whole transactloa
wm bbjbbbbB to the uranlte Mountain stockholdeia
ln a few daya.
A Trlbune reporter was ln a llttle to?_ the other
day. In the ncighborhood of Ncw-York. where rutiery
is torgely manufactured. and a gn-at many of tfi.
factory employes are Englishmen, who have come to
Amema from Shcffleld and <.tl.cr English towns, whcre
they learned tlielr trades, and have found good fcoBMB
and a reasonable degree . f prosperity Ln the new hnd.
(lathered together ln a public place were a number of
these men, talkinr,- ft*v trade and de'ryln*. prote.
t1on. for It ls a sorry fact lhat many Enclishmmi who
live and bene.it by American Instilutnns ?o .11 piefer
lo see the ronntry's manuficturinst Indutries deciin..
sj> that English dealers might have tlie advant:i_- <>f
the Amerlcan market. An .\meri>an was d i^nding
thls ?? bla.ted, bloomin' ? pla<e a* tc-t le culd, an<!
had put the usual l.-ading ou.-th.n* thal w.u.d dl*
oncert anytlilng but the arr __nee f a:. E ...vl.lin.an as
to why they came 1$ America and aliy t'l.y didn ?
go home again. with about as mnc.'i etT<-? _ a* a 1 ntwtl
deducUon would havo on a p.p. and wa.* sbnat tu
retlre. wrathy and di.gustcd, whcn one of tV Enk
Ushmen spoke up.
" Look here, men," lie sald. " We F.ngli-h a. ways
profess to like fair play. but lt setms to BM ?* _ only
want fair play and are very sorry to gvc it to otl__.
Now a good many of you men knew me In chefli.ld.
and I kuew you. I would Ju-t like to tell you my
experlenre. and then you can Judpe whether 1 oue
anythlng to America and its OafBBMmtf or not. I
wa? born ln Shelheld, and my father was a n.ast.-r
workman, and a good deal better off than w.r. rh.
majortty of tho people there. When-I -k a b.n. mv
father paid my employers elght guiti. ns to let me icarn
the cuUery business. When I had tlnl?lied my trade. I
?.. pald from two shilllngs to t.'iree shilllngs und *i_?
pence a week for my labor, and aftcr aiwtlBg thus f.,r
four years I saved enouch money to como to Am-M's.
I am now earning. as you know, at the same vu.rk,
auout $4 50 a day, have e.i_irated all my chlldren, have
bonpht my house and paid for it. and have laid by
some money for my ol.l age; and 1 f..r one feel that lt
waa a bl-sscd day for me when I turned my fa _
toward America.
'? Now, what ls the n*e of ns deny.ng the*. beneflts?
I would like to a_k any of you men wno have come from
5-neiheld 11 you ever ln the course of your life in that
town saw a chlcken, or a duck. or a turkey, or a
goose on your father's tablel" There wa* no ts-ply to
thls question, and the speaker conUnued, " If you
did, I can say that I never dld, and my father wa*. a
boss-workmnn. We had desh-me_t, as it wa.' called. _
di-.tlnp_i.il lt from salt pork, about once a year. rarHy
twlce. My father was always plnched to provide tl.e
neeessltles of life for his famlly. and as for laylng by
money, that was out of the question. Now, men. I_J
hone?"t. How were your wlvc* and mothew dress-1 1 ra
the old country 7 How were tliey dre**ed wh.ii they
Ianded in New-York 1 Were tliey dre.*ed ln llne
cloths and silksi You know they were not. and \el
to-day tliere ls not a man of you In our mill* *_ hi
has shown ordinary attuntlon to duty and a prov
ident eipen.liture of hls wages that can n.,t drc..
hls wlfe ln such goods besides educatiiv lu* famlly an.l
tnaklng sume pt_vi_on for old ag<-. V$B may deny
UMee*_B_-B fo an American. but you can _ to me. You
know If I had . tayed tn Shcflield I wonld not hav- h*l
a home of my own or money to edurate my chlldren.
You know I came here. as you have come, to flnd
refuge from a life of unn?qi.ited toil. *ik h as my fatlu-r
and your ______ lived. and you know also that we havo
found it. Xow, it seenis to me that we should ba
wtliing to speak well of the Ci >v. rnment under wlii. li
we prosper. and should ann at ll* perpetulty, but in
stead of doing *o. I tlnd many of you so ptrjudlced
again*t America'* impo*lng a duty on England's goods
that you airoeate Bree tra le t<> "the niln of our business.
*? It is a certain fact that the only way Araeri.-ans
can compete wlth Encland is by havini: a pnitectlvo
taritf ai'l tl.e r.-a*..,i i- tli.it t'l.v j.av their men enongh
to live upon respectablv. Take ... tlu* t.riff. and our
wag.t inti*t come doan to Europeaii *!anaard?. our
clothes must be _ ebeaper material. and our wtrea aad
chlldren niu;t goiln th" mlll* to help BS rnal;.- our dallv
bre*I You <an do as v_u like. a* for me. I am not
onlv willi*.' but glad to pive mv support to a party
that has bv It. foste.lng .are .hovv.-r.-d |T,nuu.er_bl.
bk-sslugs upon mv li.-ad (bal I u-'ver culd have eb
taiu.._ under the free trade of Englaud.*'
The -M Battery, captain Wilson In cmmand. made
Its much disctissed trip to Fort Wadsworth ve*t_.rday.
and thc cxcurslon was enjoyed fully as much as was
cxpected. The men returned last nljjht with tl.e con
vlctlon that the outing bad been highly beneflcial.
lhe start was made Irom Uie armory. at Seven th ava.
and Flfty-thlrd st., at _ o'tk-ik yesteeday mornlng.
The two new guns. whlch the batf-ry recently re?
celved from thc Federal fiovernment. were dra?*n by
four liorses each. and enough men rode on ea-h gnn to
mt* lt properly. The othe' men went to Fort Wada*
aorth by rall after cro_slng Uie .Uten Island fenT.
Captaln Wilson und Lleutenant Cable had commruid.
.\fter arriving at Fort Wadsworth the batterj" was
coeehed by Major Wallace F. Randolph. of the 3_
fnit.d .tates Artillcry. and Major McMumy. Ciptaiti
Hubbell and Lleutenant Patt-rson. of Uie lst l nlted
State* Artlllen. The distances at ahlch the shoU
were _red were 1"00 and _,S00 yards. and the resulta
were entlrelv *.iU_afcton. The charge* of poa-der
used were llght. and the flrst few shots feU short. but
after that some (_..__ *****__*** *Jo""-, 7hL?yTJ
was of canvas and _a_ and--red on a ___J__*___
The meu returned to the nrmon' at 8 o #o_k laat nigbb.
Wa.hl.iirton. Ot. 30?For Xcw-Englaod, E**U>? WBW*
York. New-Jersey and Delaaar..'. Ia r weath.-r. c_,c*pe
lleht rain or flurrle* of snow ln Xotthorn Vermont; coolcr.
wi-*t"-rlv wlnds.
Kor Eaatern Pennsvlvanla and M?ryland. *ome -loodl.
ti.--- a:_l occa*o:.ol l_ht ta.n; like tundlUon* dov-n ta
Kor Oeorrla. Florlda. AUIama. Ml*si??lppl. I?ul*ian?
Mtd T-_a*. hvlr weather. exc.-t* proceded by n__t rain* u?
NoK^_ter_'-s>w-York. Wesfrn Penn.yhanla. We_|
vi-Vaa aod Ol_o. sllghty <ool.r. norUiwesfrty wind*;
tottm\*B9Mmto, wlth *how*r*. and llkoly Burrlo* of uu*.
Inrh _
Ia th* diagraa. a oaot-aaeu* l__- Uowi tb* ___n__r
flnetaatlon* y**t-__lay. * o_a_rv.?i n __? l ii.led Btatsa
BSSnSSett.^s*S_a at tau cltv. Tb* ___ ia4ieate
tb* v__.i_-ratu._iaeted aS Perry'* Paamacy. Sua Bulldluf.
Trtbea* O _??. Oet. 81. 1 a. m_?Palr weather p*?vaa_
T _t-_?v wlth allffht *o-ithwe*l-i>rty aira aad ii.._e__ly
low huB-MUtr- Tbe i- u.o. ralur-- Maacd betwem \'i aa_8
II *e** the averafe (?4H) !__? 8 _ learr than on um
ttjtjt**** day ?*?* ***? ** *** >ow?r **** ??
' aa-TVar tjhla clg ja*4yjbere^wm Btohktif * r^

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