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iap.?---t-R**il Rt-IRMa
JrtOARWAT TBRATR?-*-l*al Jaaaa
RUOR TmRATRR-lVla-Th. City Dlr-rtory.
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?TA* 1_RAT?R- R-TlBt Saaator. . - _
TORTPARTOR-THRATRE- 3and ?-\aa-xlll...
UR10M?*.?7ARRTHRATRR-?:I?-Tb? C.-uaty Fair.
Mnbtt to a.oRtniRement?.
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ptptytn aVall auSacrlbera ln ?wT__ _*dM on
SDtJ, 84?|.W?#kly and WeeWTto fr_?,JB_E_? ln
wkieh eaaaa .itra pa.wnr-- wt" t*> \*?*rrla\7a\nii or
R_t.lt by Poatal Ordar. Expres* Order, Chs?B, airan or
**!&$ K9 Kate. II .ent la so unreg.ster-rd 1??".
wiM be at ewn-r ? rlak. .......... v<.?r VorB
Mala o?ee Bt The Trlbune IM XtMOtt-^St-w yorr
A.dress all earreapood-CB slmply " The Trlbune, new
A?v*rUa*a*--U for publlcatlon ln The Trlb-.n. and
srtler. for regulsr dellverr ?'*<? dsllv paoer JKLf* r?'
Mlved at tae followlng brani-h offlce. ln J^ j_S_
MsId branch odlea. 1.288 Broadway, eorner Uistst.
I.*.*, ith-ave.. eorner 14th-st.
570 Woal 28d-at.. eorner 8tb-?ve.
100 Weat 4***d-at.. near Oth-ax
t>n Ax-eoue A. near Ea*t 4tl>-?U
:?0 M-ave, MtrBnec 47th-st.
1 0?l 88mv*.. between 00th nnd 01 st sts.
1B0 F**t IM?M., near N-BVa
1 Ofi ntb-ave. n*-sr r,Stb?f.
1 708 l.t-ax-e., near aftOist
er? Llberty-at. _,_
*Va*hln?tnn-No. 18? F-st .
? ?>?
K1MDAY. (ICTOBEH Sl, !*?"?
Knreiirn.-M.KiMcr R.-ebf e\|,l?n,'.l il.e P">
vi.1o,,a..f lh? nr-xv Firnrl, IRril httlMa ? <"''?
nittt? uf ihe ix*., Llia-tarra. Ni"' >""""^
Rritteh marUie., took port m tl.e storming ol
Vlta =- - llcriieii Wnnl <J,'f''n?l? th* e"lJJ?
of Major Borltcl.it. wlllk in coii.inan.l af MMl^a
,,itr p?arrl ln Afriea. = Tlic Vktari- MiR-Rla
Ua brcn dcfct.tc,l ,-n n vyle uf ronthlcnce. --
Txv, l.i,n,li,a xxerc cxecili'd !? OH.a. rr*-- XTttt
,.,,-Soiiiitic imrt.x !? IR8 Htmiroriaii D.ct has
hrcailkaaalvcrt. - The Uraad O.unc.1 of TMm
?,,.- ,? R.>.w?. Mr. tmltoot radliRMi
hia travcla i? ihe \VcH uf Irclaml.
l>.aril,r Thf Tarifl Wll waa iliaciaMftl "J
rtrntrtrmrnon Dinnlcv ??*! *oalai Ai.lrici,, al
V?vi.|'?.e - Snow fell in varlaaa State-*.
tlir Ibp-rt St.ae ri.iivcnti.Hi al l.oekport
Kuilcx .'.utinue.l hi- ,*8lixa_ in lln" ^J? Oluo
riori-,. HK-kcrK. -_J.' ?"?. *?
,?.,,.? - = A ,.,'.i..,?i"..t lo 11k- ui.-ii.'-i-r. of tl.e
jeanael c cxphfriua eardirtau who i?cr..h.*.lIta
lh- iidk waa oi.xeil.-d ai Ainiup^l^- - ""
M.mi-i-en.e,.,.,.! j.H**l88 al P.nn.n.to., Se imiarx
""n"v nn.l S..?.:....-? I'l"" Kk^wtivf I 'o-.ujttcc
..f Ihe Inion laCRflR' < **??? ???? "", u" apP<,'l! f"'
lnnda la hcla iho Pcplc-8 MnRiciR*. Utmot. -
1'rr.n.ii* M Kcall .-.inlun.cM l,s m-tiv;- r-anv.* ??.?l
?aa ,-,,lh'.Bi,^i.'all.v recfivcl in Hnrl,':n -
IA T Tannul.,11. a xxell-knoxx.. ii.c.i,l*cr ol IR8
, otton Kx.hann.'. kllM l,im?-ir.------ AdJutajit
,.ererul Port,'. revoked ttifl orrle, fnr tl.e ,Ua
hanilmcnl of C.???a.,v C, 2 i'l ,{',?i?'^1f;i ".".
Mcnrv D. Puriov trie.l ta he " funnx' la-f. rc tlif
KSl Coinniittc. - Wtancr. al UB&tm
Park: raataway II, '"??t?i? W?R?. I*?
Hcllc Rook, l>ukexievx nml Waudei-lt. - ??
^an'of rco'r^niration nn.l . i-^J ^^g
?f ,i,o S.i>:ar 'lT.i.t were 8MQ> L"'- i'. -"' Mor-kj
Hftfr openlng ort made Bharp n.lxaii.es. n-acted
and oloaeel ?tea.ly, with partlal r.-coveti-s.
The WfaUicr.-Forcrasi for HMtay: ??<''?? *??
Higbt thcnnal ckhfafta. Ten.,K',:it.,rc Vv?terdav :
Highctt. :.l dcrrces; lawcat, I'i: 8T<fP, W ?'-?
The Union l^iiRue Club has the (-ouime.id
ahle habit ?f Rfi?nK on tho lik'ht *ide of pu*Mc
? 11111'T? **"<* ?f d?in? s<) ;" "?* " tl,Ue *"
in suoh ft RV ^ to make its iiiHi^iuo power
fullv felt. Through it** EsRfuttve Couinuttoe
lt r-a Juat iaautMl an ai>i?eal to lb? xtttmbtm
?f the ol.rb c*UinK iilKin then, lo n.ako hbcra
^ntribution-t for the benetit of tho Mtm.tMpa!
LoagtM Money for tho ai-tive piw?tRitiOH <?f
the campaign i? grtatl.v necde<). and it is only
jlUHr- to ox,re<t that the Inion League
Bvlll re-.pond generounly to this ippeRl.
? 'Every one who ha* cxamtned tlie nexv Kallot
Ihw -MVW8 that. aithough it make* a radir-al
hange injhe method of voting. its pioviaions
Ire Bimple and eaaily undeistood. All voters.
however. do not have the time or Ihe oppor
tunity to make ?uch an exainination for them
aelre*8. Uv turning to RROther PRf** of thi? is?
sue of TiiK Tribinf. they ran leam iu a fexv
mimite* the exaet operation whiei ? man ha? to
to through ln voting undei tlie ? exv -.ystem.
HalloU. lxwtbB. iMsters. how to 1 the ballot
.nd ail the otbei iiiteitstinia jn.ints aie de
*<? ibed iwiilllj. but xvith snfluient fulne--* t..
make the Kiilije'it ,-lear t? the b-rifRl leudei.
It was a fitling thing thnt 011 l_$ aiiui.er
atiry of t_? day whh-ii pinl.al.lv nvirked tb$
lat* of L_*_en_nt-C-_Mniand-_* Dp 1_0BR*8
ieath iB lhe lonely Lena Dr-Ita uine ,.?*?t_ u*.
a monument in hoaor of bim and the hen.i.
man who perished with him shmild b* dedi
t*ated Ib the Naval Academy < .metery at An
twpolis. The oeremonieB in oono?..it^|v.with
th? dedic-Uon were limple. the pr.n..paTfeat
ire belng a touching and appropriat* addr*a
l.y Pl-fe_aor J. K. Holey, the A_i_ tant Secrr
tary of the Navy. " Honor to ihoac who ft___
faiied !" one of our poe.? ha? sung. Trnl.v no
suooe8$ful axplorer i? more daaervin* of honor
?h$n the brave and unfcrtiinnt* De l.orij:.
Fir* CommiBaioner 1'urroy appears to think
[bal tha I -_*_<- Committee poaBeaee* 8ome.hinR
ti gb$ 8am* oh?Tt_4?r * the Doiitical oonven
tlon.* wbich he is accustomed to rtde wita a
high l?Bd, eren going to the extent of break
ing the Jan* of any delegatc who happen* to
disagree with him. Doubtlw it was not with?
out difflculty that he reatrnined hlmnelf yeater?
day from exerciaiug this proclivity upon the
chairman of the aimmittee and Ita co-tnsel.
The fact i$, Mr. _ urroy i* by no me?B8 bo itn
portant a pcrsonage aa he suppoeea. His per
formanoe on the witne_?-?tand waa that of a
btiffoon, not of a man fitted to be the head of
ii gteat city department.
I'erhaps there ha* been no raora Kigni?cant
indication of the depth to which popa.Br feel
ing i* stirred in tWs munlcipal eampadgn than
is furnished by the address whioh slxty Oer*
man pbyaicians bave signed, and which ia
printed in another ooluuin. l-ootow are, aa a
rtile, too buny to give much time to po-it-c*.
The signer* of tbis addros.. however, realize
that it is not so much a polit_cal as a moral
issue tbat is involve-d in the preaent struggle
iu this city. Thei-fore, they appeal to all
Uermsn-.-roericans to give their voioes and
votcs in favor of the oandidates wbo are sup
ix.rfpd bj the 1'eople's Mnnicipal League, and
tl.us "end tho mismanagement and domination
of political bosse?.M
Two speoches on the same day, from Mr.
i-lad*_one at Dundee and from Mr. Blaine at
South Bend, place in strong oontraat the Ameri?
can policy and the British. The r!r.t great
wmtrast is that Mr. (.ladstoue deals with the
ories while Mr. Blaine appenls fo fact*. The
Knglishman feels aure that Protectlon must
defoat _l*r_f by enhantfng prices and the -ost
ol productlon. The American knows that Pro?
tection haa r. ndei-d manufactured product*
cheaper than they were under tbe last revenne
tariff. Mr. Blaine is able to appeal to the per
Minal kiKMvledge of everj' American wbo bought
things thirty years ago. and with auoh certain ty
that he addi: " lf you don t lind that you kre
paying le?s for every single item than you paid
under the Kroe-Trade law, cnacted in 1846. I
will come backahere and retract what 1 have
_i.,i." Mr. Gladstone illustratea the chroiiic
.'.ce-Tmde indifference to facts outside of Eng
Jund bv overlooking the actual charge 990*99
l.v the McKinley bill in rogard to the jute man
ufneture. iu whioh Dundee is most interested.
But Mr. Blaine says: "I don. stand here to
argiie theoiies. 1 invitc your attention to the
fact that during the period of twenty-nine
years of i'rotection the tondency of price* of
inxifri*. and the necessaric* of life has been
stoadily downward."
Another strong contraai appears when lhe
. ree-Trade stateaman nnlurally appeals to his
baaten not to sacrilice the larger foreign for
the smaller domeatic market, for. savs Mr.
li ladstoue :
Tlie amount ai imperlal t.inmeiie wa* ?137,000,000
yearly. taklng tn tniports and exporls of all^ klnds,
wheien* the forelgn commeree amountert |B ?554,000,
000. It would be a most luglorioii. policy Io clog Brit?
ish euergy ?_nd enterpri_e In a market of ?554.000,000
vearly in order to enltuge uctlou wlth a market of ona
il.li.i that aniouni.
The Ameiican policy is cxactly the oppo. ita.
Mr. Blaine points first to the enormous devaU
npuient of the home market under Protectlon,
never paralleled in anv other land or clime, so
that the domestic tmtle ha* beoome to Ameri?
can . inlinitely more important than all foreign
Irade. Than he shows how a great Nation,
ha\ ing iTTst aatablialMd by Protection the great -
M? aud most valuuble market iu all the world.
is then able by Bcciprocity as to things which
it does not produoe to secure for itaelf 000*
tessions in foreign markets. The nation which
pcteett can offer to an.v one foreign country
grcat advantages in exchange for special M__M
Ui its market.. But a nation which adheres
to the British policy of tt* trade can offer no
udvalitages to Br-j-.il. or Cuba, or even to it*
own colonie.. and so Britain _____ get un*
taxed admission for its own manufactures into
Canadian or Aiisttaliun porta
lt ia in pcifect logical accord with Free*
I'nide theories that Mr. (.ladstoue argues
against any jttcmp?ed retaliation. or a Zoll*
veiein of the British Kmpire. If tho* the?
ories are .ound. as ne says they are, any such
rc__iOt-U_B would be foolisli. I'lingiiiK l_ the*
oiies. as if U> a solid rock. Mr. (jladsnuio begs
his heaiers u> bc.ieve that ProCectioB will tlu
iuliiiilely inoie hann to this country than to
any other?which is cold comfort for British
woikingmen who lind themselves without em
ployinent. But Mr. Blaine. as if answering
the speeeh made in Kurope at about tjie same
hour. point. to the uaparaUeled progi*ess and
?iowth and prpspcrity of this country under
Protection. Tlie Ameiican pOlicy, which Mr.
t.ladstone tliiiiks will hurt us. has in faet en
abled this Nation to surpass all othexs in wealth,
in manufactuies, in railioads, in telcgiaplis. in
rupidity of growth. iu wages for labor, and in
...nitoit. for the laboring millions. Tbis in an
.inswer which .'iiake** Mr. (iladstone's pi*edit
tions of daBMge to this eountqf apjiear most
unwoithy of hii iCputation a*; a piactical states
It i* the American statcsinan who shows
practical ?ri_doM, never losing his firm hold ou
facts. The British policy. churming in theory,
has brought no _uch advancement to British
induatri-B or t<i British labor. The prool* are
literally lnillions. Kveiy stiudy emigrant, of
thc S.fOO.UOO who have rome from (Jreat
Britain to this country since Brotoction began
here, is liimst>lf a canvincing pronf.
The good people ot t?iis country thoughi they
wanted ? Demociatic ..'ongres- four years ago
BBd they eleded a House uf the .'nrlislc-Mill*
pattern. The reaulta tvere bo disgusting that
in lMHs ihe people eleeted a BepnbHcan Con
Kie** instead. Now it is the hope of Demo?
erat s that the voters who turned them out in
lHSS will take them back.
The particiilar siu for which Dcjnocrats were
thrashed niorc than for any other was their
attempt to break down a protective tariff. The
Republieal (ongicss baa reaaedied defecht, oa
the euntrary, by redndng fiuties, where they
irare not needed for the defence of home in
dusiiie*. aud by making protective duties more
effective. But Democrata blindly suppose
lhal the people will puni. h Hepuhlican* for not
doin^r wbat Dcm n rats were punished for try
ing tu do.
Next lo this the nusf offensive siu of a Dem
.ciatic Congrws was its incapueity Ut get any
thing done. of all legislative bodips known
umong men, it was the most like a child's
liobby-bome, whith is forever galloping but
never goes. I'tter disgust made many voters
of that party anxioiw to turn it out of power
so that somethiog might be done. Tbe Be
publican Congrea* which followed has been a
marvel of energy and aocompliBhment. No
man of either party, who waa familier with the
work of reoent Congreanes. ever expected the
Bepuhlican majority to accompli?h aa much aa
it actually did at the laat _?_______? And now
Dcmoerats are expeotlng that the people will
again pi-efer to be rnled by B?en wbo are in
competent to do anything.
The business intereata of the country bad
been sUffcring for years liecause Democrau
could not or would not remedy exiBting evila.
They kept induatry and trade perpe-itally e_n
barraasod by airitation. but aoted lust a$ if
,?cy xvere iieteraHRco m *%+**} VMMl
BoeAtion r**?en ln order to get ro-elijetad. 1 ired
of unending agitation, men of buaineaa and of
labor gave the Hepulilicena power to ?etth?
things The Tariff bfll, the Hilrer hill. the
\dmi_irtratlre blll. the l'eflaiaiw bUI. the Elec
titin bill. bave applied -leflnit* r*emedio* for
eiistiug evll.. The reault 1. tJrejdy i R?_r
V0II0118 change in trade and iR-urtry all _over
tho couufrv. from prostratiofl to great aotivity
and proapeVity. Now the Democrat8 hope that
tho people wlll turn out the men who apply
.einedie* and briflg proaperity. and put back
the men who renew agitation and proetrate
If election frauda, eorruption funda. and
awindling apportionmenta at the Noi*t? and
denlal of rights at the *wth. oan defeRt the
will of tho majority. the Democrats will have
another cbanoe to agitate. disturb and do noth
ing Hut lt is aafe to say that they will not
get that chanee unleaa the will of the majority
can lie thua defeated.
Every induatrial intereat in the eountry ia
reoiving atlmuhis from the new Toriff Act.
(Jreat i-oaervee of eopital are going into fac
tories, plant and Riines. Old industnes have
been invigorated; new manufactores have been
created. and all claascs of labor have ah-eady
a wider ronge of eraployment then formeriy.
The general oondition. of bi?ines?. were never
better. I'nlesa all sign* fail. an era of un
paralleled induatrial activity and prospenty ib
opening before the eountry.
What offect will Republican or. Demoeratie
lucoesa in the en.uing elecnons have upon the
pi-ospects of the bmsinaeua world? This is a
question whirh xve ask prartiral men to con-.
aider dUpaaaionately. A oaudid antl judictous
answer groimded upon retlection may deter
mine their political action next week.
The election of a Jiemoerntie Hoime will un
questionably create a fecling of unccrtninty in
business circlc. It will Involve the prematine
leopening of tariff agitation boforo the result-i
of tho McKinley Act can be definitely estab
lished. Industrioa whieh. have received an im
Diilae from the passage of tho McKinley Act
xvill he retarded in their developmont by Dem?
oeratie sticces*. Public confidence in the main
tenanoo of settled conditions of business xvill
he iinpeired.
Republican suc<*es* in the Congressinnal elee?
tions will inipart inotensed momcntiini to the
induatrial impul-.es xvhich have been t-uickened
hy the pasaage of tho McKinley Aet. It xvill
oonvince the busineas world that there can be
no revival of tariff agitation until Ueceinber.
1893, and that in the meantimc eveiy indas
try. trade and occupution xvill enjoy a season of
pixigressine dovelopment. After the long
period of public uncertainty i-espectiug tariff
conditions this*is what the eountry needs. A
aettled ord, 1 of tariff law and oxeniption from
agitation and disturbnnce xvill be m:?rkedly
helpful in pmmotiiig husineAs prosperity. The
election of a Kepubliean IIou?j? will 8*cure these
Tha XVlllth Congiessional Pfltriet of this
Mtate is identical xvith tho XVlth SenatoriaJ
Distriet, both being coniposod of tbe counties
nf Kensse.aer and Washington. The present
Monator from the distriet is a Dein,K*rat. bnt
his seat has been oontested, and the tentimoiiy
taken last year by tbe 'Senate Couiniittee on
Privilege* and Election proved thut he xvns in
debted to gkiring frauds upon the ballot-box
for mueh of the strength at the poiU with whieh
he was credited. The present Cungre-ismnn
from the distriet, John A. Quackenbush, is a
Kepubliean, and it U evident froin the letter
from Truy piinted on another page that his
cham-cs of re-elcction are exeellent. Mr.
yt-ckenbii-ih ha* seived tlie distriet at Wa-sh
ington xvith ability and iidelity. lt xvas largely
.ixxing to his exeitions that the tariff 011 collar-,
cuffs, shirt.s. biushes nnd potatocs?represent
ing industries in all of whieh the distriet is
largely interested?xvas ilxed iu the McKinley
bill at Hgtuea xvhich secured mueh needed pro?
tection fnr hi* loiistituents. This is one ob
vioiis an.l piuper souice of .Mr. Climckenbiish--*
Btreflglh. Another thiiig whieh helps his can
v_v not * little is the featine of Yhe new bal?
lot law xvhich provides for persoiial registrj
tion. Uv excludiiig fiom the poU-lists thoii
taiidn of bogus names it xvill ma,ke the busiuexM
if repe-atiiig in Tmy poor indeed as c*ouipnied
with list fall. Stiil fuHher. the Jlepublioan
c*indidat? haa the benellt of the dissensions
a-hicli noxv prevail in the rRRRa of the Troy
Dem.TTci-acy. There ?IC elear signs of un np
rMRfl 011 the pait of his politi, :?1 bicthivn
against tlie rule of Bosh Murphy.
.t is evident, therefore. that .he Ilepublit-iis
of Rensnelaer and Washington have good reu
aon to feel great ly eiu-niinig,f(l. It is difflcult
to see how they can fail to le-elect Mr. Quack
OBbtt-a? not to sjiouk of gaining one or two
Assembly districts?in case they eontinuc to
fight with unfaltering enorR.v to the end of the
canvass. Kxpei-iem-e. has cslablislied two thiiiKs
ln refereROC to thi* distriet : that the Kepub
licans ean alxxa.vs eurry it xxben they present a
united front r?i the enemv and shnn the vice of
over-confidence, aml that. xxben they relax tlieir
offot'ts they Odfl eviuit upon being beaten.
They have only to piulit I.,, the lessons of the
near past to s<i?re a RMgfliflceRt victory on
Slnce the Washington legislators in tlu-ir
wisdom decided that the ahorea of Lake Michi
gan afford the most deairable site for a great
[aternational World'a Fair. the eyes of the
country have rosteil on Chtcago. Lrss conii
dence has been inspired by the dcliberations
of the various couiini. sions than would pcrhaps
have attended their effortfl in tbe more tem
perite atmosphere of the sedate and slow
going Kast, and their Bollltiofl of tho vexed
question of location has nol ararranted aaaur*
ance as to the perfect wisdom of their subse
(liient decisions. Still. there has becu a gen?
eral disposilion to let the city of stockyards
and slaughtei-houses worh out its own salva
tion, and Tffl Tiniir.NK has been foremost in
discoiinienaucing preatatnre rritiriaa of m-ih
ods not readily intelligible to ouf?iders, but
presumably cleur enough to llieir ontfipii<iug
Wo rcgret to observe thal this attitude of
kindly toleration is misinterpretnd by those
whose power for harm is diiectly proportioned
to the audaciiy of their imagination and the
hope-aasneas of their infatuation with their
own ideas. lt was recently aunounced, with
b Houriah of triumpb, that the offloiala havej
made great progreaa in their delibeiations, and
that after thc general meeting of the com
nrniionem things will be in readine*. for
i'resident liarrison to iwue a proclamation
invitin^the co-opeiation of all the Htatea. What
is the exart nature of the " progreaa" ho
achievc-i? Haa the Committee on Orounda
and Building* accepted plans for beantifying
the Exposition with noblo structurea and mar
vela of landscape gardening*. Has the Com?
mittee on Ceremoniea fornuilated ita programme
for dignifying the oelebration in the eyea of
foreign nationa. and are tka arrangcinenti for
miecuau *om otaaaiiying a notabia aewea oi
?bibi-. ln ? <** ?** ** forwardnea.? No.
Tha \o*l directory and the comndartonerB hare
________ Just diacorared that time preaaea
.ud ao wiU dlapenae with an on_a_aental towpr.
The prfvilege may, however, ha famed oot to
oHvat. company. Meantime the braioa of
the ooncern are buay with atupendooa proJeete
ior an intcrnational band oonteat, $ drill-show
ind a race for thrae-year-olda, ao that whilo
intending vlaitora to Chlrago in 18t3 may ba
able to plck ?*?*? in the general acheme and
_, tt tbe elaboration of importaat detailt,
they will hav* reaaon to revel in tha popoJar
fentai-" whioh ?on_t_tote the cheriahed attrao
tions of every well-managed ooonty falr.
An international exhibition, to be worthy of
the name, ahould of oourae combine elementa
that will appeal to the taate of evory member
of the population. Acoapting the Chicago con
gtmction of this axiom, it ia evidentithat aorna
neople are not going to get their deaerta. WMt
arrangementa, for inatance, bave been made
for the eatabliahment of a mammoth grab-bag?
Why bave the commisaionera neglected to ao
licit contracts for a gigantic shooting-gallery
and peanut-stand, and are tho chlldren to be
cheatod of tbe opportunity to ride on a leviathan
merry-go*round in the intervala between the
evolutions of active militiamen and the ear
aplitting pcrformances of atrong-lunged fife
and cornet players? Keally, if the object of
the Kxpoaition is to auffer diatortion, some
method should nt least be observed. When it
tvas Buppoaed that tho World'a Fair would be
held here, we were threatened with propoai
tiona for tho erection of architectural and me
ehanical monstrositics to perpetuate the fame
of crack-brnined invontors. These propoai
tions, hotfover, all came from without the offi
cial body and received prompt oondemnation.
lt is unfurtunate for Chicago and for the coun?
try tbat the county-fair devices seem to re
ccivc the sanction of high oflicials within the
gacred body of the commission itself.
Wc are frequently in receipt of letters from de
llghted suliacrlbera to The Trlbune in whicli
tbey tell of the great plcasure that thev derive
from rea/ling of the lunny curiotis occurrencea
whieh are reeor.letl in its columna. We must
thaak our luumpeBdeata for their kindncss, bal
we en.n rlaiin but amall credlt for the aecounta
of divertltiK P"h?n hapiienluga which are from
Ume t.- tluir printrd. a clo_e wateh of our
vuliied exchanges an.l a faithfol report of the
more i.uiuun! incidenta told of therein being aU
foi Whleh wc may rigbtfully feel tbe least pride.
lt ia ix pleasure f-.r BB to aay tliat wc are able
tbis murniug to give a ahort accoimt ef one ef the
strangest o.ieiirrenrea whieh. perbaps, we have
re.ord.'d for many long months.
In Bnrtford, Conn.. tliere waa played yeaterday
a match game of football betwcen the studenta
0f tbe Bancroft I'niv. raity. of that city. and
those of Wnshlngtuu College, $B ins.itiitlun of
leornlng wb|eh tbe n .<ler wlU remember is
situated ln New-lfampahire. lt wa* a botly eon
test-Hl gntnc, and eaoh elcven was in tbe pink
of condition. Tbey appeared on tl.e grounds
proiuptly ot _ o'clock. Tbe word belng given
the.. rusbed at each other aavagoly, the Cnlveralty
men gainlng tbe flrat advantogr, Bradford, a
College luati, beiiiK corried away in a Red Croaa
ambulancp with 9X9 right leg l.roken ln three
pla__. Be ahawed himaelf a Unc player. and
wbile being ploccd iu tbe ambulance kicked out
viclously witb bis left foot. and uitlioted a palnful
scalp-wotiml on a I'nl verslty m_. The advantage
?1 tbe Iniversity was but mon'..ntnry, however,
a* tbe College men, stung l?y the ''heers of tbeir
opponents. niude a magnlflrent rally. and within
r,bree nilnutes lt waa n? .ssary for the sanitary
eorpa to carry away two l.niveralty men, Endioott,
left-tncklc, with fraetured akull. and Siandish,
half-bock witib a broken kuee-pau and Internal
injuriea. We should, before going further, pey
deserviug tribut* to tbe varloua noble Imnda of
nurst. nnd physicians pi__-ut. The Red Crosa
workera were preaent in foree. Scvera af them
bad geae through the late War, ond all of tbem
were at Jobnstown. Tbc Sanitary Corps wa.
Mgaataed on the spot ond ild excellent aemce.
.i_.bulau.es wer.- present from all thc clty hos
Bitala and tl.e local physieians without exception
wrre on band. 'Iliey organlaed two fleld hospltals.
The Soeietv uf First Aid to tbe Injured had more
tban it ceahl <lo. Besidrs theae, many Sialera
ut Men-y _ov.sl fearle__ly aho.it the grottlK-B,
wl.iU. _-_h I'rutestnnt nilniater and Catholle priest
dceptte the gr.-ut danger, earrled consolatiou aud
nl.sol.itloii io Ihaea tbat needed it.
We see now tbat we lmve not sufflcient spure
|a give a detailed a.euimt of the entire game
M we intended la do. We may cont-iit our
selve. with r.viiig. however. that lt waa a typieal
gojtm ot foolball. tboiigb. of course. it was B8__
.v|,..t more sub.lucd than Ibose hetweeB tbe larger
wllfflBB likr Marvar.l and l.inceton. it was
witu.ssed l.v some ?.0_- people. inelii.llng mmiy
ataduatee and st-denta of other leadiiu eoHeaea.
Tbe elev.'iiH were so evenly nu-tched tbat neitber
side bel.l Ibe a.lvantage for any lengtb of time.
Winlbrop. of tbe Cniversity, bad scarcely. l>een
rciuoved unconscioiis from loss af blood when
l'arker. of tbe College. was enrried away witb both
oyP! rlosed an.l paralysis of Ibe lower limbs.
Several. inclmling Wbitney, of tbe I'nivcraity,
u,?l Prvnne, ef tbe College. were found with
both Ifgs broken. whlle Carver. ef the Iniversity.
wns dieeoVCICd with both legs crushed, his left
nrm and flve ribs broken and his right ahoiilder
dialooated. still. iiotwithstandin^ the manifeat
dleadTaatagee under wbich be labored. be was
witb great dlfflmlty niade to relax tbe hold with
|,is teetb Whleh be bad on the ear of Williams. of
tbe College. Tbe game bad gone on for an hour
and the judges were abont to declure in favor
ol tbe Tniversity, when suddenly Mr. H. R llunt
lagtOBi of Norwich, a Yule gradiiale of '81 nnd
a nian noted for bis close observation and the
grcat interest wbich be takes in atbletlo sporta,
leaped up in the amphitlieatre and in a loiid voiee
made a most nstonishing statement, nanudy, that
thc game had lieen played through without a
ball! An investigation showed that what be
?nid was true?both sides had ncgleoted to bring
iV foot ball. and such a thing had not l_cn on the
ground* at. any tluie.
We sturted out by referring to this as a most
Mtonishing occurrenee, but perbaps we overrated
lt; if tbe game could have been played almost
to tlie flnish without. any one of the ft.000 specta
tors BOtletag tbe nbaence of a ball, it may not lie
so struiige ofler nll. Rttll. we believc that it ia
mstoHinry to bave n Imll. But why ? we may ask,
now that it has l>een sbuwn that it_ abaence in no
way interfere* witb tbe game. Indeed, we mu:.|
deelde tbat the ball is a p_alfiv. drawbaok, aa a
man will frequently fall on it nnd susfaln much
smaller injurles tban if he bad strnek full on
llM ground. Tbe ball iu a fanie ot college foot
ball is a superfluous relic of the paat. unwurthy
tbe present enlightened state of soclety.
Don't vote for two Demoerats at oncc, and one
of them a very bad one. A vote for a Demoerat to
Aseemblyman ln thia State ia a vote for Oovernor
Ilill for the Cnlte.l States Senate. Don't east
that donble-barrelled vote.
' There ls one foot about the birthday dinner
which ia to be given ln honor of Allen O. Thurman
on November 13 whieh cantiot fall to appeal to
all men endow. d with a proper senae of appreela
tlon of the litneaa of thlnga. It ia that Norember
13 r_.ll- ju*t about a week after the tlme when
the reeult of the eleetlon will be genesally known.
Hence the dlatlnguiahed Democrats who will ? get
together" on that oeeaaion, ineludiag __r. CWrt
land, Senator Carllale, Roger Q. MUla. Senator
D?nlel and Senator Voorbeea, will be exoepUonally
well prepared vo ooadole wlth one another and to
hold some thing ia tha aatura at funeral e_.ei.l__e
ttmf the doom ef the Demc-ratte gartv. What
afl evidence ef overruling wiadom that Ur. Thar
maa'a hirthday waa plaoed a week after, loatead ef
a week bcj_rc, KtooUoa Day I
?? | -
Ir a newa artlcle whieh wae prlnted in The
Tribone on Tutdday hRt a brief lefewitce wae
made to ReeablledR ee__eRte upon the ee
eiaioft of Judfe tnfr_b__* ln feref of J*ieder*cR s.
CHbbd ln the fflMM-Cowie caae. and H wae eal
Ihat the decieioi did not oauaa any aurariaa to
Kcpubllcaw aa il m tBB4m bf a Temw JRdf?*
It waa not l-teaded ,lo iattaaate that Jud*
iDtrahan wae _8?wp?ljr lR-ne?ced hy *?**?*?
Mttm in -aklRff t*id driMan. ?_? m+fB*
acoeaalon to the heaeh 1**9* lagrehaa. had atead
Uy growR in the favor aod foed o*rtai?n ot tte
bar and the eomMuRlty. Hia indnetry, bla qniek
and oompreheaalTe graep of eobjeota under dlacua
aloa before hiaa, a. well ad the vi?of and tapai
tiality with whlch he haa enferced ttte rigbtt of
partica again* powerful wrporato er other ln
tercata. already pwrnha? to mark him aa among the
beat and moet efncient Judgee of the city.
Bourke Cockran r-ondemnd mi" renegade Irtam
man" the man who waa largely ina_ui_fnt_ in
aectiring the eecape of tbe Fenian pi_o*tere frorn
AuatraJU. What kind ef. an Irlahman doea he
cor-dder De Lancey Nleoll?
The gewrotdty of tbe atreet railway conpanlca
?f tae eity. whieh, aa a rule, have oon?nted to
earry achool-childien at reduced ratea of fare,
-leae'rrfa a word of apeclal praiao. rhese corpora
tlona 8re often looked on aa belng particularly
aoullna. mt thoir reaponsc to the appeal made by
a commlttee of tbe Board of Kdueatleo fumlahes
evidence that the popular impreaaion is erroneous
In many famlltea the coat of ear -fare where aeveral
chlldren *o to aohool ls no |neon*iderabr> item In
the domestlo economy. and the action of the com
panies will be hailed aa a genuine ble?lmj.
Charles A. Heaa. the Repuhlican candidate for
Clvll Justice in the Vllth Distriet, ia makiug
so earnest a canvaas that hl* election aeems proi
able Mr. Heaa haa ftreat pert-onal popularity
among the voters of tbg distriet. Hia evperlence
ils un Ass-tant United Statea I-trict-Attorncy
and his actlve and siicce?ful practii* at tlie? l?r
Kive him a apeclal fitne.s for tne oitioo whirh he
aeeks. His opponent, John B. MrKcan. ha* not
won favor among the mrtdenta of the distric,
and DemocraU aa well aa Republlcai.s are promis
ing support to Mr. Heaa. In Icgal knowledae an.l
cxperience there can ?r? ne comparltwn betxveen
the oandidntes, aa Mr. McKean is known as a clerk
rather than as a lawyer.
Mr. Wallace is opposed in tbe Illd Brooklyn
District by a Free Truder, wbo haa enhated tb.
services of Mr. S<'h..r_ in hi* canvass. Coombs
without Schiirz was a strong Mugwump dose for
the Democracy. With Sch.irz be - positively
unscttling to thc Democratic suuparh.
Charles A. Flammer. the Republi/_an candidate
for Congress in the Xith Diatrict, is a lawyer of
excellcnt repute. The dlstrlet containa many
manufacturlng esUblishments. and the workmen
who understand the importauee to tbeir interesu
of the Protective tariff should unite in thelr sup?
port of the Republlcan candidate agalnst the Fr >e
Trade theoriat who ia his oppouent. El -Judge
Flammer lias individual strengtb as a candidate
in addition to tlie party support, Be made many
friends by his good record whlle bolding a minor
judlclal posttict.. Wlth the support of tbe work
ingmen and tnaniifacturera be should make great
inroads into tb large Democratlc majority iisually
given in tbis diatrict.
In Berg*n County. New-.lersey. one ot the
.trong.s. Democratic c.untles in the Stafe. party
ties have been east aslde, nnd Democrnts and R. -
publicana are working together to defeat for re
election for a thlrd term tbe present inci.mbent
Bf the county clerkship, Mr. Samuel Tnylor, who
has occupied tbe ofllce for ten years. Tbe ofllce
is worth at least $1,99* a year, and is the most
luerative in tha cuuaty. For yeara thc npmina
tiona of the Dcmooratic party bave been di .
tributed by a llttle clique until at last a revolt hss
come Tlie Republiean candidate ls Tohn R. Ram
sey, a young lawyer. wbo is very poptilar on tbe
western side at tbe county, where the fcelin-i
against the "third term" i. tbe greatest. and it
is generally eonoeded tbat .Mr. Taylor's onlv hope
of election will come from failure of Rcpul .i'-ati
in the eastern part of tbe ounty to east tbcW full
vote. Therr ls .o teoson mr any Repi.blic.n vot
inir egalnet -Mr. Rain?ey, and every one should
Bake it hls business t.i -_*.* tbat tbe party vote
is east in bi-* favor.
Samuel Strassburger und Charles S. Adler are
tbe regular Republlcan cundidates for Assembiy
mun and Alderman in tbe Vlllth Assembly
District.. Whatever may bave been tbe political
alliances of tlie candidates noniinuted 011 the In
dependent tickets. the regular nomiriees are en
tilled to Republicnn support. Nothing bns been
urged agniiut the personal character of the cantli
dates. and it is importunt tbat the district. wbich
was for many years represented in the Iiegislature
and BobhI of Aldermrn by Reptiblii.ins, sball again
bave repreaentatives belotiging to that party. Tlie
divlsion of tbe Republicun Vote endungers party
supreuiacy in tbe district.
? ? ?
Tbe contest in tbe XlVth Congm_.iou.il Dis?
trict. Ivetweeu J Thomas Stenrns and William
G. Stahlnecker is li\ ely, and the result nught n..t t?i
be doubtfnl, unless some Republirans are so foolish
;._. to be mlsled into voting for AU-xamler Taylor,
who, after an unsu_ces_ful attempt to obiain tlie
Republican nomination, bad bimself nominatcd
ou an Lndependen* ticket. Mr. Stearns is not only
rhe regukir Republlcan candidate, but is po_ses_ed
of great energy and inielligeice and lugli char
acter. Bis eleetlon, nffords the only possibjlity
of saving the district from being ngain misrepre
serrted by the present Congrcssman, who has .?
nataonal reputation oa tlie champion neglector of
publio duties. A R.pnblicnn vote for Mr. Tnylot
Is a vote for Mr. Stahlnecker. As Mr. Tu.lor
cannot expect to be elected, hls candidacy can have
no other object tban to gratify personal spite.
Bis aotion should 1. rebuked by every Republlcan,
and Mr. Stahlnetker's inelllciency should lie re*
buked by all citiiens, Republican or Democratic,
and the rebuke can only be adrotnistcred by a
vote for Mr. Stearns. The Republican candidate
Ls an earnest bellever la the carrying aa e. the
Harlera Rlver improvemont and other publlc, worka
in which the residente ef tbe district are vitally
intereeted. _ _
It ls reported tbat tbe T)ukc of Portland Iately
paid a bill of fl_______ rondere.l by tbe pluml>er
who _*-paired tbe drainage of one ef bis mansions.
Tbis glvea point to the anclent exclamation:
" Let me do the plumbing of u natlon. nnd I
care not who moke? Ita laws!'*
Colonel Jauies M. Varnuin would Ive a worthv
associate of Judge Freedman on tbe Stiperlor
Court hiaeh, te which tbey bave both heeu
nominated by the Republicans and the Mnnicipal
League. Not only haa Colonel Varnum'a le*al
experlence been large, but he poeseases in a high
degree the judlclal temperoment. Be la cool,
clear-bej-ded. and fair-mlnded. Be haa served ln
publlc offlce wlth the greatest credlt to hlmself and
with much advantage $o the publio. Bla promo
tlon to the beneh would be a deaerved reoognitioo
of hla abllity and past publio servlce. Repub?
licans also owe him grateful recogaltlon of bis
aerrlee iu tbe Preaidentlal oampaigne of reoent
yeara Hla friends and admlrera are not, however,
limited to hla#party aaaoclatee. and be will receive
the full Anti-Tammany vote.
The frleada of William H. Coraa. the Republlcao
candidate for 8berlff, lneinde many Demoerata
who have beaa brought in ooataot wlth him ln
tne many aoolal and beoevolent orgaaisaUooa with
whleh he haa baan oonaeoted. lie la a veteran
of the war, add has beear promlnent la Urand
Aitax cixdea. He haa been one of the offloen of
tbe Maaonlc organltation of tha State. ll* ^,
been inMiteted ia 'publlo affeira for maoj yeaa,
and hia Mrrviee aa an Aeec mbtyman waa honorabli
Major Carea'a oliaraete*r to ? aalBetont ir,.ars*ntee
tha* the aherlfTB o_ee aadet bla eoauol w<ni4
be Managed without the ecamlala whieh made tt
notoriaua under Democratio rule. Hia record le
ia coRtfael wllh that of hia eppoaaat, aad asy.
eltisea who dealrea aa haoeat and efnehrnt -dmini*.
tratien ot this important ofloe wlll vote for hia.
The proeeedlafB of the united Inatltutea of Iior
aad JHeel Met* whieh reeently aet in thia iioj
aad then took a tonr of the Weat bave heaa av
printed by Tbe Trlbune in a hamtaome paapUaa,
whlch la new for aald la Ue baaineas effld*. Pi_i,
38 eente a eopy; eent by mail, poetege pald, far
that prlee. f ortnlte of d nnmber of thg prlnclpal
men la attendanoe are glven, aad elther an aa.
atraet or the full text of the prtneip? p*per? read. .
Tbe addidiMB of Abram H. Hewltt aad Andrew
Carneffe, and the paperi ef Slr Ixiwthian Bell, __
Nathaniel Barnaby aod A. E. Seaton are glven ia
full. Tbe pamphkt le ode of great lntereat, aad <
ita lew prlee, in oompariaon with tha formal book
of prooeedtnga, will make it popular. Tbe Weat.
ern toar of tbe lron men la desoribed. Among thi
many valuable extra publlcationa of Tbd Trlbmn,
thla one must Uke a hlgh plaoe.
Yflss Franret E. Wll_rd, who h.i. been a?tl*e te
agitatliif for tho adml..ton of women to tha foveca.
ment of the Methodtot Charch, to rredltod br "Tha
Bultalo Cootler" wlth an ambltlon to be elected Dlshop.
These words from "The BotrUra HeraM" ara tirneiy
aod true: - Dr. Uates ought not to be allowed to ?>ia
ceed President deelye as tbe head of Amher.t lolleaa
without the amplest recornltlon of the di.tingui..*.
Bervlcea ol Dr. toelye. Amherst ha* had no ? )er
'preslCent than he. none wbo haa done more tor Ua
Instltutlon, none who has labored harder to rniflce Ara*
berst trae to it* mtaslon. and yet broad enoaga to rlva
rueu an eddcatlon adapted to oar own tlme*. He ha.
btren not only a tearher, bat a leader, a? iasplrar. a
rreator of manbood, a man who has unUed the knowj
edge of practlcal alTalrs -* ith aiarked glfu of admi.-il.
tratlon. For two things hls <?reer at Aailterst ba.
been sperlally remartable. He has gone lar to solva
the problem of local self governtCent In an Ameriean
college, and he haa always been a man who beltRved la
the wholenesa of llfe. and who sought to Iraaresa upon
others tlie vlew by wlilch thls wnoleneaa mlght ho
reached. He has been recopiited as one of the fore
most and strangost edurator. In New Englaad. and tka
Intellectual largeness whlch has been unlveraallv con
ccded to him has done mueh to lmpre.* voung men
wlth a good worklng theory of responslble life. Dr.
(.ate* declare* tliat for the present he shall watk ln
Dr. Seelye's footsteps. and, whatever may be his ln
dlvtdual Impact upon the college In the future. lt wt_
be dlfflrult for hlni to brlng to ll a broader or a more
whokaoma administration than Dr. Seelve has pro?
Wllllam P. Soiithworth. of Clevelund. has glve,.
f.'iO.OOO for ? 'vitrd or xvards ln tlie hospitiil there to ba
devRcd to the raM of slc-k and dl-abled clUMren.
Dr. A. .1. t. Relirends. of Prwoklyn, as>l?ted taM
TaaRMg ln the in*tttllfttion of Dr. Fran.-1* Allen llorton
b? pastor of the I'nion Congretratlonal Church In Provt*
dencc. Dr. llorton tomes Ironi oaktond, Cal.
S*<nator eleet Calvtn B. Brlce told a Plttsburg re?
porter the olher day that l.e thought iTMBstir Qasr
would like to ie?ism tlie clinlrmajislilp of tlie National
nepnhllran commlttee. What Mr. Quav ttj_a_dt__
R. liriie's leillaaHMM has not been recorded ln priat
The 8?borata imlitcnes- 8f an edurated Hlndoo 18
sometlilng remarliiilile, Here. for in'tnme. 1* tlie way.
a yottng Hlndoo rttfR rerently wrote to hls employeri
? Most F.xalted Slr : lt 1* Wltli the most haMtutUy de*
vo,,: Ugil.nlpni af mv sensltive respeet ihai I up.
proarh HH elemenry af your ma-terftil posltlon wltli
llre ^elf-dlapralalng utteranre ?>f ,uy esteem. ai.d Uat
also forgottcn-l.v-myself a*.*>,r**nre that In n,v o??
mind l ahall be fr<**d from tlie aasiimpUon tliat I a.u
Hsklng unpar.lc-n-.ble donallon* lf I a?ser> tl ,t I d?
slr.. a alio'.t reaplte tttm mv exertions: mdeed. a fort
niglit lioliday. a. I am -unVring from Ifccea Mia, tt
per niargln. ^
-I Have the honorable dHiirhi of aabavrlMag my*ea
your exalted ttfitotttteo't *ervltor.
? (lalgi.ed.i .IAN.IAMIOL PARJAMJAl'R.'
in ihe familiar *eaf '?Pall tot ?*? R?re" there te
ft i c -ciig to*** m Btere.' whi.-i,. tt* sang xn _j
?._?a a__re,i tn mtm ot tbe m Imol;. _aadal
iuangSlv*nFoa having iTaald ?_? N Mrdla
coverad U.at fhe*. wei-c >inglng. ?Tleim "BJ Nlf na
mor-j."-(Anien<ai. Misatouary.
p. T. lianinni ha. xmtm eajajrlag iilm-'l' la Renvai
IHM anv -***?*?- ???? ,,f ?~*?t* ?""'? '" r:'"' tha
Deflrveiitaa wea*l belleve Ihel ac l? an iiiMgeaarMa*
He has Ju*t bomrht nearly -0OR.0OO xvortl, af pfoga
orty l.i Dcavcr aad ,-xi-e.t^ t<> live l<-..B eaoaali t'? va
lt qitiidriiple ii. value.
Mrs. Q?rfrni iirrtrfi~ i am t,.i<t iun- kaw rdrta
v.ni a beaadfal **flga**e*_.?nl rlng. ttxtttrw n
" r.retclieii-t'li. Ilu.- x.-.r It hlmwltaf ,??''"
iifrult 1 luae hln, i.ut anal.-i- feller. ..I<?, It-r* aa_ir.
The ..I.l iCN-ark aboal < leigviii.'.,'- -"'.- xmot
itaa?illtig u. anx tlii.i/i- Rardly u? H L'aaada. -< tw'.t
Topper." -i.j- a arrRcr l? "The tanadMa i"--t.y.
Icriaa." -i* a *.... nf tl.e MM Ke<. l_irte* rappar; *?*
Kkharf ,'artwikl.t. mm of tl.e Mle Kev. R. I). ?arv
Vrifht: the II..,.. .1. .1. C- AM,..tt. l.".der ?.f tl.e U8jr
ei-nni.-nt iu the Senitt.'. -mi af the h.te Kev. .I'.-epH
Abbatl: laiRa Mtraaai ?flUv iafieaBa cutt. aaa ot rha
lale Kev. Dr. Mnrng: .Midge lIvymM, -*>'" tt Uf lat*
nov. Wllliiim (ixvvnue. D. la : tlie Haa. Wllllam HtuM
r.lngf* v...- a -<in 8f lha liev. Dominlrk lilake: K. .1.
Hall. M. P. mr l_ei*araa_c. I- ? *on of ihe Rev. K. V.
Hall: .1. r. I'i.tter*rm. M. P. for F.a-iex. ?on of the Rev.
tum.- hRtcrsen: K. II. 1-rior. M. P. for VI.N.ri... R. C
IM af the Ilex. Henix Pri..r: lha Haa. w. H. RUhey,
lato l.ieuteiiiint-liovernor ul Nova Srotla. son of ihe Rev.
Matthew Rlrhev : Deputy Mini-tcr of J?-tlce SedgWIca,
MM af UM Bev. Dr. *Ml;-wi.-k: Alfred Selxvyu. rtlreitor
af the geologirul -iirvey. son af ihe 9\tf. T. mtOTfttj
Rubert lioll. asaRtaai dlredor af geologiial mutOh
MM of thi, Bav. Ai.drx'vx llell: W. H. sm.thaaa, ar
roaataarl af p.m'ru teyartMRt. ?<?,. af the Rov. w.
aiVith-on; .U-.tlie mo*t. son af U>c Rev. Samuel ltoaf.
- A great maBg l>*ipl<* owe thelr live" (o that doo
tor." -alil Kkhllngton.
? |a he an able phyBletao
-lt |,u't exactlv thut that I icdtstrad Ja...Hto ?
uevi-i- ... 1,1' ofltre xvlien vou want hlm-'-iRaahlngtoa
The eighteeuth annual .-(.nfeix-nre i.r the w,.rker.
?I me gaiii8|8l CoowtB anu'iig rmored peefda ha- jaal
been hol.l ln Hhlladelphia the Rev. Wllllam V. Tunnall,
a well kn .wn colored (lerg>man of lirooklyn, belng la
the rl.alr ln hl? sermon be?8M UM .onferenre. Ua?
He* l*a,ilu-- M.-ort af Llbcria. aaM I " H H * ?????**?
Uiat we must BtBBt Have ?_MB M8 over u, always
wlilto HBlMllil U tea.l. ?* W__ xxe have blark men
and women thoroughly lo.npetent. We want ..ur owa
negro MartM-*. und ptmtOOIt. tmt sre i:eed and -h...iM
have btaa-k MalMga. I know 1 ahall Ix- i-rttl._8d or
saylng thls. but I fcal R to bc my duty thus M paM
the way to moi-e aad greater p...groa- lu the mott ?
converting the colored people to oat awe n-ble .-l.urrli.
A Ruslcal Pointer.-Motl.er (whM>ermg.-Mv dear,
our hostess wlalie* you to I>1?>'; . . nVim
Daugliter-IK.rn.n.. m.ulier! ^.... h ...>? "J-^J
play before stranB.M*. I hdcejd to *rrv?M ? "rt ?
tlted tliat my tlnger*. get all MagMd up. a,.n i m_.
all sort* ot awful lilunrter*. .?,??.,.,., MM
MbSTii RflCT mind. dear. Plav ?om. ?"iu *m
Wagner. aud then the ttkaOttm won't be aaMraa. xmtw
York Weekly.
Fn.m The Norwli h Uulletln.
If Uie pru-o of tlu ha* ,i rlght to W ai **f2Z
patlon* _ a chBiige l? the tariff xihl.-h wnj_
SS UU M-t June. why BRMte'l <X *"".'? uTilS
down -by anurlpatlon" af the aballlhiii ?f ">" ???
on augar. wbUI, goea lutJ effect next April
Kron. The Chl-a*. lnt-M-_.ii. ^
lf the raatU should ue denied to ***_**_*_[__mt
ll_-e_ __l a* lo U__e Uwt ?? _*ua*e _**____*_,
oraans lu*t now would liave a Jo__aii of ? 4?!_L ___L__S
H_tfsw" them c.Mild tet out of the U-vmihip ***
they are prlnted.
Fr.im The Mllwaukee Sentlnel. -^
Hinee Mr. Petter haii scattered to th<llj$^S
.r_.i__r.t_ o? \__* Q- gtk^__B__Jt_?_________a__
?xrept lo __ Kepubliran*.
_ .._?,.-?
From The ClnclnnMi Commervlal uasctte.
The RepaWlean who desire* Democratlc <??** V
rear -AouM Bierelv derllne to vote. lt ***__* ZZ
pSTdodiipon lhat ti_ Deraoeml. will _**_**_[ *\
ot them. except tooot. who cant aet out to .<**. BW
reason* aot tl.elr own.
From The < hrago Intar-Oeean. m
U.n? t*fore IHOtt iwn__ rat* will t. c*__*\\o
beat fea-ure* ol the M> Kinley Wll w_e *****
ta DejnoereUc _-___?*.

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