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*BV Tr-LtGHAFH 10 THK tkiim.nk.1
Findlay, .Tan. 1 s._The tirst dJaaatei Findlay
Y)i* OW r\prrionrod froni the nse of natnral gag
orcMin'<l abortly before .' o'elock thia afternoon
whilf tho gueeta of the Hete] Marvin were wnit
ing to bi lliwncd t<> dinnor. This moroing
it \vns disioverod that jrati WH eeeaping 1 rorn a
pipe laanewhere into the dlnine^room, and -Mr.
Marvin, tho nwniT of the hnildinjr. wlth three
?laabera, gpnii ,ho cntiro forenoon tiying to
tind thr leak. About 1 o'dock th<y ontorod a
chamher nndornoath the dlning-rcom, and found
men ea a^?-u!nnl;it i'?n ol ya> iliai they could not
bieetbe, and it wag aafgeeted that ;< hole be
aawed thrniiali the Booi into tho dining-rouia, ni
ordci U> obtain trcsh air. Tlns waf done, and
iuf-t asth>' hok WM inado, ono >>l tbt aanraata, wbo
waa aweeplni ,llp 11'""'- ?t^I'P?*'? upon a inatch. and
in an laataal an exploaion occurred wbicb not
only wracked tho hoikUag, bu! killed two pirls
and aenbaed :md Injured a do/cn otbei empleyee.
The forco of the exploaion waa ao greel that It
bj*w oat the fiann- of thr Igalted gaa, and no lire
fellowed. The wbole city roeked a*. it ?? an
eartboaake from tho eoncuaaion, and all 'he whv
dowi on the equare were demohehed, whito thr
wieoh of tho botel buUding waa nearly eem
plno. Had tho nploaion oceurred ton minutea
later the IfMJg of Mfe WOllld bave been Wfbtful,
ns warly 100 people were waiting to ho . alled to
dmnor. and. M a mattor ->! fart, OM <>t tho okrki
waa on his way to m.ko rhis anBonoeemenl arbei
tho pxplosion ornirrod. Hp waa OBC ol the in
Jurod. .
When tlie work of itteninf tho dead and ayins
vas hcffoa it waa foond that Katie Watera, ?
paltfW. had Won killod ontrifbt Ella Jobn
loa, a dlnkflf-rooaa ?iil. waa touad alive under a
ma-s of brieka and mortar. *"t slio dlcd ahortly
nftor being takw out. Ka'o Kooncy, another
dininc-room airl, "was fatally lnjbxcd. Frank
poiindatone, day ckrk al the hotel. waa pain
fnllv brmsed and cul about tlio neck and raoe.
Ans'on S. Marvin, owner "i the bmlding, who,
vith tho plumhera, waa undei tlio dining-ri>oni
floor wben the exploaion oee?rre<l. waa probaOly
faullv injnred, a- a great deal "t tlio name rrom
t),o t;as waa Inhaled >?y him. AlNrt Vwm h
TKirrt-r at. tlio iiotol, was eut on tho neck and
kead but wlll reeover. Frank Andrewa, one ol
the propnotor-. had hii rieht eye knocked out, un?l
jv serioualv hnrned aboul the face and throat.
t'liar!o> ttravee, Phillp Weil nnd "Jack (ahill.
tho plumben, were fearfully ahoeked and itunned,
but will aoon ^ themaelvea again.
Tho finanoial loaa will ho aboul S25.000 <>n tho
buiidlng and $10.00(1 on tho furnitiire, all eov
ered by lnauranee. It i- ?< qtteatlon, bowever,
whothor any lnauranee will be reallzed, as none
ef tbe deatruction was wronghl by flre.
sti \Mt n C m;i.i'"N
Baltimore. .tan. 1- '-i.al). Cbptaln WllBain Storjr
nr<i tho rre? oftwentr awn oftbe BrltUh steamci ("arl
ton airived at NtaaMoa btat nipht. and t..M a thrilllng
nory of tho foaaaarlng of tu-'ii w-ci an4 tbcir nar
nwt^p* fr?m rtfath aftor aayi an4 Dlghta ol ha <l
fiup ?no >ufforing. Thov were ie?rae4 b) Ihe Hriilsh
glaaaaaat* Yosford in latltwle 33 degreei 50 mlnute*.
tonclnirie 70 degreei 10 rninuf- wc-i. Tbe Carlton
wa- hniin<i fron tho MedHorraneati ^ith Iron ore lor
the PaaaaylTanla Oonpany at bteelton. '?" Jaaaary
12, rturiiic ? viniom gala, tba Carlt m >\>nrm a leak, and
the dO"?-ov BaaUM werr put to werfe. Al niMnlcht of
tho MTonri <1av tHoro ??? ?!> IMf of wator !n tho hold.
o,n the third (!ay th" ihlp was Itettng lo utorboard, anrt
kil hanrt^ Wort plaeed betwoen aecbi thlfttng tho earaa.
W'lth oleven fct of wmoi in tlio hold, all of the OTC
ras under wntor and waahtng aboat Tba ?tonn ror
tinnod to ia?". Tho wavei wMhed tbe thJp'i
itarboai-d rall. and the iea 'la bed agaln?1 tho engine
rooa batrb. Bbortii aftor dooo the crew ttarted to
aat ^'it the iifoh.(,Ht-. and.afler great tabor and dlffl.
:uitv they got the aori Hfeboat In the wat? i i charge
Df CWei Ofieer nianrbe. Two hooni lator Ihey *ne
ateded In gattlng the Marboard boal oat Wl ?
th.z thli h"at oat tho terond aaate ar;d two hand
va-"?<i oTarboari, bal all iiand- Daalty goi Into ber.
Tho men fcad poat tronble In geatlng the boal <lear of
tho fhip on aeroaal <>f tlio bjeaey ^-a^ and iho ihlp'i
dnft. Aftor gettlng 'deir of the itflamer it wa? foand
that the utarboard h^at wa* too aiaeli damaged t.. t^
f?v.d. Tlio br kea boal waa nsed for a bea anchor.
(or.^iant haiins waa neeeasarj '?> aeep aloat. \
ilgtd ratnp on, Ibe *hn> ?n> lot( ?lghl of, and ibe n
inpp^-wi f. li IV- f mnaored.
Tno Bea t.?' aboul In tbe bnat all nlgbl, nearly
aerbhlng wlth tlw" rokl. <?n<'- Uiej bcheM a iteanier'ii
\l|ht> inilo<- aua\. Ther n*ed flare>, but i nild nol
Mwart hor attentlon. .'a-' before da.vbreak ihe in.i-t
h?!/i 'it'ht of anothei rteamer ?a~ ??????. Klaro ?lpnal?
tab tlroe were ai ?wei ?d bj roeliet* frora tli Voxforn.
whlfh oame np wlth tho Bbipwreched rrea and plrhed
Tho Parlton belonged In Seweaatle, Bngland, and
*ji- .; ^.:K<7 ton< i-u-d'-n. Bhewat owned bt < i
t Miller. aitd wa* <\> ut llve vear<? oM. 1 h- rrew ooii
tl<fd cd twetiti one men. Oeorgi Xel?on, i r>
rw. had hl? WKiuldarblade broketi; Wllllam Wl
had r-owral rlb* hrotten, and I.. Manwn ?a Inj n d
by beinp Jamnu'd between Ihe Hfeboat and tho steame .
- ?
fblragn Jatn. i - A di-r"'?;i '""" t??lne?? Ute, T<-x .
Bgtt: "The crl?l? over tlie que?tlon "f ailotment "f
bnd^ and applleatiofl fee* Statehood in the L'hoctaw
Kation N apparently rloae al hand. A ronventlon "f
aaaaa nea, Ih I ?-. ?en *'ho beeane entltlod ?>> clll
aaaahlp through marrlage t'> muaa . wa? heM at l*nr
reli. a: d atrong upeochei naae advorating Ibe
?!?>? fram the eouiitrj of the eiltow ol all papen tt^t
ageorate ihe alhitmenl of trlbol landi In hweral y. The
?aaventfcM wa? preaided over by a mma tuuaed Murray.
an adopted rltlaeiii who contrth 80,000 aeren of Und
?M aaa a thousand taaanta, .ireraur byrd bai ap
. i romnlMlonei te go lo Vt'aahlngtea to laj the
aattet bafore MereaUry Sobk and forniall) ieroand
tbat 3SXXW non i m/.'-ii- now In the rhortow Natlon
aaexpollcd. und it tb? ^?????-'j?- <<?? - not a t nromptU
Ktomarter wlU be lald b-iore *'?;<"--? * "' ?
?apors In tl?e Nat.Klvocate atloitnoni und htato
Ua. and all wy *o In emphaUi Uingiuwe. ?
Rjabei Ihe di atlon Ktrained. ih.-- ?..: ?? - ? ??;? ? o
??o^. foi H0.000 hidlani and otbe ? wdltlod Ui IIt In
UV \?tio.nd ? ?? tha bi '1 ;::,r' l;"V?, ; ' ,rih'i?
to,,-..;, uut and ealle these pcople In ordei t- gobble
tix. laraii they aoa ?i aay.
Wnaeaaolla. Jaa. Ifc-A ii-pat.h lo "The THbane."
feaa lletoaa. Mont.. ?ay< : -The bi? Mlnlng aod i:
avnon Company I* In tinannal troubk. it hw not
rni.iit'is and owea
gaatan. Jaa, le (Spectol). Mayor Matthewi Inten*
I he rarrlcn <??'? '" |,n
?bu> ef aflain ha beea doa paKU i" '? treejiienl db
Hatawani ol the paveaeat* bs th itreel rallway """
laaha, bj ehwtrtc wlre eoaaaaalea and other ioncerh?.
NaWlauiing haa-hltherto beea awnaged here under
?* dn.M Uon .,f tbe ii'Hiiii Deaartiaent. Now, Mayor
h?ttiie?^ propo - ti.ai .i kliall be fche under the dl
r*r>": ol th?' (Juperlnteadcnl ol Streete, He haa
IpiaelL if ,|1(. ||Bvor i- ii'tnliicd In li.- artljai. a*
5 Pnkably wtll be, lha publie ihm theii h"< uw
?tar niio,ti\ re*pon?lble i?i ibe rondltloii ol tm
?heu. m, (K,.,., | ??, a pullili-lHii. He wa*
Bwuted trotn the Ma?saobusetts ln>iltuto ,,f lo<n
Wf^ in thofl. ,,.,,trn.nt ..f i.-ivil ti.^inooriiiu; . :i- ??!
jj". ?M ha* bc?n tonuctt*d wiUi th* city tuglneei >
Havre, Jan. 18.?John Dillon arrivcd at 8:30
o'clock tius afternoon on the Fnsneb ateamei La
Gaacogne, ii'>ni New-York. Ilo wu mel at tlie
pirr liy Mr. O'Brion, and aftcT an CXCbange al
cordial greetiiigi ilu* two Iriah leadera drove to a
hotel, wben tiif.v at once retired i<?r a private
conferenee. Mr. Dillon wag aaked hia <i>iri^n ol
the polltkal ?itiiaii(in, bnl hc eaid In* muit de
cline to make any ttatenenl nntil bc bad con
veraed tully with Meaara O'Brten and (iill and
oihrr prominent nion <>r tlio Iriah Pai liamcntary
party. Ilo aaid ibai tlio voyage acroaa tbe At
wcil after hiK 1 rip lo America. Ilc added thal
a oomprete aeeord bad been cstabliihed.
Uublin, Jan. 18.?Mr. Parnell waa tlie princjpal
apeaker at a inaaa-meeting bebj i>y liis adherenti
iu Cark to-day. Ilc tnet with an eathualaatic re
< ception. Iu bia remarkg be aaid that be waa
i gtill young enoiigh to Bght tbe battle, and i
would continne t'> diatrual "tbe rotteti Kngli^li
Whig party.''
Meaara. Timotby and Edward Harrington and
Mahony alao addreaacd tbe mecting. Mr, Parnell
nii'l party were eaeorted i i tbe atatinn by ? pru
ceaaion ol torch-bearera aa they were leamng (>ork
for Atklone.
Timotby Healy and Arthur O'Connor, M. IV.
for DoncgaJ, eaat, were In Moatrem, I^ongford
County, to-day. it having been orra-ngcid for tbeni
Iu deliver addreaacK tliere. Khortly after tho
meeting hegan tbe apeakera' platforn collapacd
Mr. liealy waa aeverely ahaken ap, t>m none ol
ilm-i' on the platfonn waa aerioualy injured. Tbe
apecchmaking waa aoon rraumed claewherc. Mr.
flealy, in Ids addreaa, tocuged the l*arnellitea of
hnving "aawn the prop" with tlie Intention of
killing their opponenta. IN- said Mr. Parnell waa
fondcr of nawing planki than <>t gleeping thereon.
Tbe Governmenl police were haeking Parnell, and
(""iiict Seeretary Ilalfonr bad ieined Parnell In
nrder to itimulate vioienec and lo diKcredii In
Itnd. Mr. Healy aaid thal wben tlio \riti Parnell
ito^* (i)ii)onpnts awnke from tl?eir dream he ?-ould
befriend theni all exoepl Parnell, wbn ha/1 hmiighi
all this nodafortiine np??n Ireland. Ii?" hinmell
\\i>u!d not tolerate Parnell'ii leadenhip, eitlier
eovert or open. Parnell waa Ireland'x enemy and
would ultimately lr d the Oransenien, Mr.
Ilenly flnallj s d<l thal it Mr. Fitzgerabl ?I'.ir
nellite . Member n| Parliament for Ijongfurd,
sniiili diviainn, reaisned 1ns npii, he himaell l?ein'i
Mi'iuU'i of Parliament f<>r Lungford, nnrth, wnnld
als" ro>iL'ti and conif.Ni Mr, Fitzgerald'a aeat with
Pather Langan, an Athlone prieat, to-dny ex
horted hia eongregation i" hoycott Mr. Parnell'a
mopiin^ iu that plaee.
\i Armaafa to-daj Arehbiahop r?cnie, "i
Armagh, warned liis eongregation again>t tho In
? il Parnell Hiib,
Siaurice liealy Anti Parnellitet, Member ol Pai
liamenl for C'ork ?'itv. to-day bad 11.?- utniOHl
diftirnltv in obiainins a hearins In < nrk bel ire
tlio Catnolic Voung Men'a S?ieiety. He waa both
cbeered and hooted <u le ivimr.
Tralee, Jan. I*.?Mr Parnell waa r.Ived here
^^l1il mingled grnana and rlieera. IJeplyinc lo
addreaaea preaented ta bim, be asiid lhai he hnd
done ;.N part tnwnrd the aolntion n the Ii i
problem, wben he bad Ihe conferei ps ? I VI
'>'Mri'--j, anil the sulwe inv al
? aettlemenl ol thc i ifli< iltj wait entirely iho
faull ??; otl era. Ilc l ? I niail.
own mind on il?" aubjeet within twent.\
t ?. u r hoiirs after the flr?t Int^rview nrif.li
Mr O'Brien. Ile waa icnoranl as t..
aciion hia frembling afcfl vacillatlnc opponenti
had deeided npon, bnl it no aolutJon '???'- found
iho faull x-^ii'd not l>p lns.
In in interview, Mr. Pai neb" def i ? ?'? l l I ere
waa not a word ? ? t trnth in the repori thal r
wnnld retire iineondltionallj it Mr O'Hricn was
(wtisfled that tlio Lilwral leadere in lh;il r^w
would proBTpily dee.lara their 11? -n><? Rule wheme
Londnn. Jan. 18. The Zetlanii-Balfoiir hind
for the ri'iiof ol tlir- diatreaaed poor in Ireland n<?w
exceeda E20.O0O. The r^?rl of Kosehery anh
aeritiea Cton t'o tho fund. Uord Derhj
C200. and Trinity < i>1!p,';p, Dnhl'i), BCnda a |
scriiitiori of ii 00.
Ottawa, ?>nt.. Jan. 14 (Sperial). Tlie f'atiinH heM
a l'>n?' Mttlns vr- i. : ! iv. 1 . . n dei tlw pi ip al
rna<1p by thc Unlted -ia'"-- (tovernmenl for rrrtpnMlt*
with Canada. The belicf - exprrs" ??'? In offlrial ? >r
tluil the negotlatloi w|]| re?ult In an arnMisi
ralrnlated to b< mutuallj bencf)<lal i i bfdli i >
hnt -?> far a ian be leari '??! fi >m ront???' ?'
(atiiii'i Mirn ?<?;-, Um Doiulnlon tiovei.nl "!1 i"t
?grae to f?iriipioi<; rcciprority In nianumetnn
aataral prjdncta. Hcorge E. FoatCi Ml U ? ??'
Flnanre, In an Interrlew yeatertfajr, derlared for rlnser
trade relatlon? corfflatent with the malntcnanre c.r
natlonal dignrty and the prcaervatlon ol
DianufartorlnK lndufttrle->. Ttu >tatement i ??? nmed
)?. Imply tbat Um ottawa authwltlo, *U\\e d
partially lo remove Ole rertrlrt!ori? noa blndlns trade,
will i ->t go a- r.-.r ax tlie i nlted Ktote? fi irernmei I
tbe (1 ? <?? ti'm of -< -111111_r romplrte i*( pro< ly. TIk
negotlaUoim a:<- now In progir*-.. Mr. t< ' ?. fnrth?-i
intlmate>1 thal Mr. lilulne'n off<"i w? ? >mprel i ?
? doukIi ' ? proi i'l- f.ttlemcnl >f all the din>rcm-e
i.iiu the bttbjeel "f dipl.in itb Int^noni ???
\'!w potittioti "f tv ? val ? puitj ? I f ?? I'l
iu Ui" proposal of sir i liarlex Tup|?^r. to tho i nlti-d
Ktates i i-'i"; v <'omml . . made In i ?. i!
hiiKCotlon, anci ?,;'i t h- entlrc i-omurrenixj aud
upprovaJ <>f tli?* ? inudliii] ttoveinnieiit: "That witli
? ? ew "f reruovluB all rau.( differenre
nection \utii the ii-ti-n-- ii i propoi^d bj llei
MaJa*ty'M Plenlpoteiiliarli thal thc I hernM"n nf \,r,\ii
i >uutrli > khall have ail the pi Ivlfc .-?? ?? Jn d duiini the
exiotenre <>i the ij herj arti?l?iH .,i tlie treatj ol W i h
i ??: .? . in conhMciwtlon "t h aiutnal arrangemenl p
\ .ii<ft,- for greater fi.t".:i ol i-omnierrlal Inten
botwet-n the I i Ited Ktatei and < anadn." The Vmeit< in
<.<>\< i iiTii'-nt ot tlial day, Mr. rieveland l? ' '"
dent, de< I ried i - arrept II ?? o?*ei turc, and brforc II
mmI- ?.r reclprocaJ rommene rouM i?- p
Lea1?lature action, the l>ei.atb pait] Ii I i?ntnd.
i e greate?t dltUcultj an--- in I'aanda, whem in
eaefa party dlver*e rtcwii i.iiiam i.bing the <'???? i i
uf a reHprocal baigaiu. >.r John UnedonaM and Uw
t'o!i>t?rvaiive? formeily (avuied ifrlprut-ltj I
tiaiii/iiai pollcy, Indei'd, v.a \n p;.Hiu'' t>w Ii
nient. i.in ?>: latc there ha :.i ^^ thtu t f?* - partj a
ii(,iu?'ai.a- <lr.;i froni the reriprorlt) inofirlng". V
i,., ? iv n alreadj mentlened, ku?tali tbe >?.
, . | ...tni ii"iii i '?!'?? and araufii lhat trade with
o'.ii-i'f'-i- ? in onll '?? "it In p ilitlcal .ii ?! iiint" rUI l<
rhe l.ibrralK oure drprrrated a lliludl< ".- iipp^al"
[ol rwiplorlty, ii.Kti thej lavorrd ihe prlm-lplv, bui
t'??\ havi noii ktrnrk ont opeuly loi lliewid*; i u
u,en1 tTTal nin po.vslblj lie devi d Soi ? >l ti. >li
iiiimber, however, ptrfer free-trade, ." -i tbinli
there liould be n ? barpain aiilch iu ain aay d
lnat<?? upaiii i >?" .ti lii ifaiiu, aud u Ihlrd
i .? n.iii s nnder th* pn ssiire nl feai k t I"-- ol reveiiue
aial dlrerl tnxatiou ithonld l/<- hurtful. -i'' John
Mardoiiald, the l*remler, arlll rriousl) ronsider tlie
.?? eul orf?T, a- lie practb iih to<>h tae Inltlal \c i
few monUia a^?. by propo^lng reriprorlt} In "',(| and
iroM ore.
Ulaaaow, .lan. 18. The Koalhwestern BalrWmy <-iu
ployea bavug rafaaed t" rejoln the Ktrlhera, the men
tra loslng bearl and gradually returnlng t-> work.
i'lie t'aledonlan BaJhray Companj i >Ml bolding pl ?????
for repentafll itHker*. Ita pa< enger dr\ver? volun
Urily aaalated In rkarlng k'--<,?i- In arreari to-day.
Ii,,. nwMuter ol ili" Nortli Urltish K draftlng a srhemc
h,r t'i<: rertrest of ili" inen'? irrlevanros provlded work
, re utn.-rt within h foeini?bt. Ile dorlinea. hoWcvcr.
i<, ji:-.?mi~<- .m.v arbltralion.
Parta, Jan. 18. rhe "Jonrnal <i<- Debata" eannot
I,,,,:. r laml iti" feeling ol Indlgnatioa thal nai i.
arouaed In Amerlra b) the referenec of the Behrlnjc
-..;, i)uestlon to the I'nlted 8Utei Kupr.? < mrt.
Ttu- prorcedlng, It ?yi altliough unuaiial, In no way
rcflert* upon the I'nlted Ktate* Oovernment, whll
mbera of iii<- Kupretne V> nrl rani ol be other
??)?. tii.ia llaUered b) thli nigti of llw ronlWei ?
nlared in 'ii'-ir Judxtnent. Europe, it adda, \'.ill bN?fc
forward with rurhxlt^ I'.ili- icMulUsiun >?( the Judltlal
liiterlude i? u aeigbty diplornatli rontrover*T.
? ?
Algtera, Jan. 18. -Further detalli <i tbe deatrnetlon
wrooghl by Um evera earthqaake In Mgerla reported
on Um 15Ui in-r. hare beea r.Ived bere. Tbe town*
(,f Ooaraya *n<\ Vlileboarg were practJeany deatrojed
by Um akaeka, aad forty paraona arere kUled ly lh<
(alllng <f \?aii-. The amonnl of damaga doaa to prop
erty I* eatimated al ao,fO0 poantf*
VlPfina. .lan. I 8. >a<!allali I'a, tia. UM InrH-ii Mn
i,;iv.:i<i?.r to Aaatiaa, wao, on Tburadaji laat, attompted
t,', roauntl aatrida i" Uda <it\. Had lodajf Jrorn in
fcau-lnfliw-ed |ajjM|gg He rcUred w Un baiiuoum aad
Br?t tried t.. atrangta imn--if. bul (alllng In thla, he
Ktopped ii|i all th-- nperture and turned on ihe gsu?
iio ?.i~ nearly dead wbeg fo nd.
London, .tan. 18, Bepot ? ..f roowetormi and In
rreaatng ioUI weather csome from varfoaa parta "f
tbe Contlneat, In France the ttlronde U roeered
with lee floes, and beavy tnowatoriu* an reported In
varfoiu aecttonti of th*- oonntry. COmmnnlcation i?e
twaen Lyon and Bavoy h rompletely .If, ;iii ih<
roadi beJng blorked by mmw. Traim (rodl Bwlttcr
i.iihI are aboul elghl bonr* behlnd tlme. The "?????
li troxen over, arltb the exoeption of a narrow
channel In mtdttreanr. In Parta Ifie weather i- trn
usually aerere, tho men urj havlng fallen t>> Id degice*
above lero, In Bwitjserland, eI?o, the weai
exreedingly <oid. The iporl of Gcneva i- rompletely
blorked by l< <?. From Uermany conie ilmlbir reporta.
The laeoclatlon ..f rndcrwriterii al Hambarg ha ? a
v.---.-l rrui iiijz ,; ir lleligobjnd t ? warn ve scU agatn i
cntoring th Ellic, Several ehlp-? huvo I een abandoned
In ihe KIIk?, Uic v( eta hnvlng becn bndly damaged
u i,,i,. !???. Iric i ? f?n ? Ihelr waj Ihi migh "1
I>i p.ii !,.?- from f'cttln] -. the i apital of Jdonlenegro,
aaj iimi i heavj (all "i *no? ha- eul oB .ill rom
,,? a; bctv een lha( ? llj and the Interior of the
ronntry li i- lean I that manv disasteni hav.?
rnrred and Ihal Ihe !?>-- of llve storlt will be hmvy.
\ hirpe immlier ol lraveller< are snowed np al varhm*
!? ,.| road -r ? 11?? : - The wolvc* have been drlven
,,.,.,, ;>.? rnonntalns l>v hnncer and ar* r.i,apns tlw
Inhahlted di-r li t-. From Ihe sp-inlsli nort of Vab mda
romes nea - ol ? vlolei t tnin li aiw . Manj ve -??!, aro
,,,,;,. | ittnt of 1'ie ,i',f>o!]. -. of
the ?lorm. From Palermn, the raplt.il >-f -i.iiv. a
? i-.rm i- al- ? r :? ? wlnd toi.f Ihe
. ,f , i the ? ?p il ilmk Ho?pll il llie ??. u d Ihe npper
- f.-n In ?iili a trenu i dous ? rash. A n
,,f pntlcnl were ,eiina?l; i ijured, kut, so far a. i tfl
:,.? ;. n-iii d, mi llvi ?
THE IXMI ROI STS IN l.l'.'.l I H \M> Mill.ll'l. IX
London, Jan. ? ?.?A <li?pr.lrli from Buenoa
Ayre* aaya llial Ihe revoll ' 11 I ?pre i !l"
rapidly. Tlie ir.mirjjcnta aro pnergetie, and are
raid in bc mana rin \ Ibeli c impai ;n In a -
manner. Tliej apivar lo ' ?? imssoaard of larae
rcaoureea, aiid ihe taanc ol the riainjr, accordina
to tbe dUpali li, i ? e ..v.-ii:i.K do ibtfuL
? ?
i ... jan. i -. mi ' ?? ^ laulque (f'hllll
ii have i.?-"
. , , iiavj revnlted again t the liovern
d that II wouW bd -led by
? - , ? i. i a U?
,n,.r, .. , thfnl wttli Ihe ro*l ol the ai
Ibe <,?--?? cveral i
_:.-,.,. ., -,. . .1 l ? ? '
Monll lias
I. , , .i ? ?' tbe It melad II
hllN I ' ' ''" "J ''"
I I Vld and i rtJier ad
. l ival lo the i
- ? :
M into Hi
li .! n III A
? ?
THE SEW < HIEF ,; ' ' l< K "' K\M?'A.
\;i :. - ?! ; ii er /?? il mdl i t ? *
i -... ? i i - ? : ? ?? , ? f
Vlam ?
li-- ?? ? i
il hon H nf M" ?
< hi. f .lu I
? Ith lil? i
rlval and the i of i rfnpivnie t'ou
sanio.i, ihi . ? . ..f f< nrlly and ' **
for Ihn talands.
.? ?. ??
i lon. Jan. 1" sli Jami Hani en I ? ? I ? ? i]
; iii l ol \pp .1 In pi.i.f Ihe l.i
1.1 ? I'ea ik.
the xi ?? i ii vzii.i \x < ?x>i " rtox.
Pai . ?' ? ? ? i - ' ? '"
that Ihe < '
i ... .,
? ?
i rd i
? ?
\| 1. 1 111. -i I ! \v> "I VHM \1? ?X*S WIVEM I m.i ?
parta, Jan I". Vdi ? h d, In W< t
.. -...,,'? ,r ihe head
..? tl ?? i ??>? ? ? ' d i mt ?f the
sultan ol \l n id ?-.? n ? i ? i : ' i' i- '
.. ? : . amoiig whoui
ui |he -
.i ru im it '.-I vki im ni s. i?f i i in r.i
i | ..i-| i
,,.? .,,t ..-.?? :??? ? ? l??d.?J
.? i . , ? rvmplar cave t<i t
oxample id li ?t< rnal lote and
(,.,i,.,. (d ,i ., r mlcht (??? n i.t t-.
?i . ? i . ? ? :?-? ? ..r ,, |.i,| . ,ti,!..
. . - K- !.?'.; Joh
i ? ?
,:,,. t ... i. i.iit -., deep and ??? id? an li.n lui i
j , ,,,. I ? ,. iineqiial ?
t.i '. 1.1 ?
?i ii,.
, || falh-d. : ceoii In . ! ..r.v
.,. . i |.. h ; ?
. ., in . uUld - ' I'1"! ii
.. , ? ?: ? imptcte
i.,-,.\ .?: \. I li? 'i1 ?? ' lon ? i * Ik ''? ' i ?
,,,..1,1 |iiaro Inrhi "f urfai c. I he mal
milei . and tn u num th<
ItnlidiN offei ? 'i i ? i?elvi i . i lic nei ?
i ,. ,,.11,1,11 bj tlie mrueon* have hnd In I
ihroiiKh ' ":' ?' ' ' l'i-- '' "?' '"' '"'? ''' ? '"' "'
p,, l . ? | i i- i.i.ii : nd in nUbed
i hl i.ulnt
,",. |, n ,? i.wk ? ' ? .i'""'1 '" ibe Emei
li, it lli i|er?il -'i a
n '' " : ?''' '' ' ,:
. ? ? . .. um to
roiitril of tho Itl ? i ?
(|lll,.,.,!. \ i|iuiiitlt) of nll. ? had i?- ii
.. rt to tl |?atlenl on lln op?i il
,,,:,. i ?? | m
; ?n Iii ? ?t and aal Inal, ...II?-l i. I"
,,.'.;,, , ? ;,. -iiiii and pla< ed hlm ? ? al the men ) ol
" ()iif,. , 11 , ,. i . n ??' i'!i iiiu.ii and ?ponge,
inibbed the Itex.i und.r urla.I lih ann, unlil
It tlimlod lo iwIih?" ? ':'' :' "" ? appli?l i.hd "
L, '. ,-,,i u., Ii awuj anj mii-n.i,.- or mlnute
'".; , .. Whei. il-'- luwl n.hta-d md ,|-.-,-d hta
;,'-? iintil he !-<?' I" Ihlnh "'.?!??? ?...ildermta
t- " ]"r Uernauti lllted n rold ol Ihe fl< ? .'.l- kli i
{,,,(', :, delkate, ''??.'"? ": '''???> "M ? '
Daner\ -iii|. abo.it ? hall Im h wldi i. two Im-ln In
V|.,. slr Knhrhl m led ?' hl lecth t?ii 'Hnt llrml)
' ,',, | ,,,i. ,i , :, ? ? liat pah . bnl dW no) ke .?
I,,. i'-.mi-i ier heW Ihe Irlp n i " nd ?? i hed 11
* ? '.,, !,,._ i ,.,,,., i. aiin ?? i/'-<l h wlth ? palr ?\
,v ,..,. ,- ? ii, an.-in had appllod >t t<. Hi
,.' ,,, ;,,,- pal i ?nf bod< and \>n --il n iikmiIIiM
, ,v pol ,.i, Mi ? -ii,'Hi'- .i u i (l.?? -I
,,,,!._,,i. und li ? went ??a) with IIm- parllri i
";,,;,. ihal In t.!?? " timiW be all healed up
v i, . ,. -, ., :l. fi liov u Im ii- it had been,
l he -:ihj'-' i i '. ' apldlj md a cre handb il
iviidiiM - b i Ite ?"? l-',: ,; ' ' ' v ' i ??' '?? ?'?
|n|. ,.,| i -.,..- ,.' .!?!?? mi-ed . il d
. i ? ii vei 1,
Irnred tln Ir ai m t ? Ihe ?
lilade and p\\ e i? %\ \ part ol tlt< m ? h ? II li rom
n. Mi. I)l< kei ui v. i .-. en ii
.,,,,, . | ct|i .fi- - ihe perati >n bei in and ? -
awake ino-l "f 'he Unw*. He ? '? Im d Ihi bu
. |( tl li d-vi ?>? <<t Inten i.
Hon ui ii, mi Irlei <i ? Ihi enii ed, n i ap|M-ar< I
,,, |.. |n , , ,,iihdenl and i imifortal : rniiiK- of mlnd
li.. weitt thmiigh the trt U more i ;? ditably llaii * ?
of lu- frntrmlty brotlier . m two ol theat [ainted dui
ing the ordeal _
i \i ixo icbosb ? m v ir/wr.
Baa Fnni aro, Jan. i-- The oeean raee betwaea the
li steamthlp i omi.'- U amor /-il mdl i i d
t!?. i nlon -i. Iilp I.panyS Monowal from Kydney
.,.,-., ed in llie ? U t iry for Zeal widla
i,v m,-i |] t iir i.r , l lu Zeal indut hu led tn ?
bour h?U?r lli ui M '??'i- ' '" ?*?>n p-.A her. I
.M.mi.uai arHved I'i - BM?rnlng, twe I la fron
hydnt), I in, Im l? ^.hln und tlilrti Bve -t-? ,.?
'.,,,.,.iit.,.,... ii.;- raptaln reworl unudderalde delaj
},,,,, ,|,.?, i,\, air piaip-. -lo- i ii-iio- Au?trallan and
Se? /.-.ii.ni'l nialta lor HiU rnnntr) and t)orone, :,a
ag tba -i' unw nrpre*ent oppo*tu| Ituc* tou.nltratilc
ii.t<yt?t wm aiuciied u> Uc raea, l
Tboae of (mr citixena who aroae yeaterday morn
Ing ai i f.iirly parly bonr and opened theil win
dow-blinda to get an idea ol tbe weatber were
agreeably lurpriaed to flnd that ihe atreeta, whlkj
'i"1 in good ahape for walking, preaented a
marked eootraal to tbeit eondition wben ooTeied
with the Ice, iloth and mtid of Satnrday. The
llierinometer at u o'ekek itbod at 35 degreea, and
hy IO:3o o'clock the atreeta were tokrably wpII
HUed with inpri and women on tlipir way (b eburcb
and elaewhere. Early In tbe morning ? amail
amonnt of flne liail fpll, after whieh thp aky began
to elear. Tho wind blew eonaiderably and at
once dried thp moiature from thop aidcwalka fron
whieh thp icp )Md i>ppn removed. Tlm water
wl i had stood knee-decp in thp guttera all day
N lav bad diaappeared and had lefl quentiticg
ol Ice in ani'ill pieeea along the eurhetonee. Weat
at- waa .i, :, had eondiUon early in thp day, but
gradnally unprovcd aa the weatber grew colder
toward evening, The eondition of Broadway and
tboae of ihp ?,idp atreeta leadlng i" the ferriee,
"fx'n whieh work bad heen rlone hy the Street
? 'r aing Department, wag much improvgd.
'I iip ileel ol Saturday had a bad effect upon the
telegraphj wirea along ihp AHanti- Coaat. Mr.
Unl , nighl auperintendent of thp Weatern Union
Tcm r,ip!i Company, aaid to a reporter last nlgbl :
"Onr wirea arp atill in much the aarae eondition
thal tbej were lasl night, Our connectiong with
Philadelphia, Raltimore and Waahington, a.s well
aa with tbe extrcme South, arp now in fair work
order. \\v have no eommunicaUon with
Sandy llook. <?nr wirea along the Xew-Jereey
poaal are giving tolerable teervicc. Our wirea here
i? the city, t? ing all undergroiind, are "t eourae
giving ita n. trouble at all. We are havlng oon
atdei ih]p trouble with onr sonnectiona in Brook
lyn. fhir linea are all out of order hetween New
llaven and Springfleld. Hnrtford ia out in tbe
cold and haa had no telegrapbic eommunication
with the world alnce the itorm liej an. Boaton,
too, U ah..i m Imdly oiT an Hartford, for we
have only one a l e, and 1 I by way of
Alhany. We uaualiy have abotil 100 wirea mn
a tlie Eaat. Our linea Xorth and Weat are
all r t
??'I r sleet, whieh heeame froxen i". New-York
and ItN neighborhood, diJ not extend t'ar north.
i'i- weat through C'ntral New
ronaequcntly in good \ynrkins order,
nnd i - ihcrn meaaagea were ?<ent over thctn
1 v. \ nl < incinnatl and t 'hicago.
our liue ti'in here to Aihony forma the per
pendii ' r of ? gi untic letter P, whoae horizontal
|g foi le a Ire to Boaton. We hope
hy t ? ? re .-. iu I ve cverything in tair work ing
nnler in II .. Iredsofmen lia-ve been al work
I !-: !i. I and ii! V\\ Jeraey and
v. ? - || h ?'??? an extra I irgc num
l.pr o| en al work hetween N'ew-IIavcn and
nrr?W ni'iiIling. One tTiing
i-i i : ???v, (n rep ra: the mcn cannot
woi k uft?*i il ii \."
Vn nllirer ol t }m New-York Signal Rerviee
? ,? i trr who i alled at t lie offlee
? ? Btiilding hat iu.m : " Tl?e atorm
. r v ' ? lay ii p ttaing along
? . where rain ia now i illing
.< fnll of mi.iw in tlie int.i t-.r "I
I4ght flnrrlea iif anow have pre
S'ew-Vork Staip and the weatward over
egion i ?? we itber In ? the Ronthern
I thoae weat of the ri' il ?? ppl h ia heen
generallv rlnr. In tfortltern New-York and t>
the weMward aa i r na the I'pper MUaiaaippI \ I
rrnture baa ranied from .' i to 30
p eni .intry thp ther
. ? i ,s I. e tlie freezing
|. i i
l .? . . Iiest !?? ,[ i.'inrwi.itni-p to-day waa 3i!
. .-i.I nl ? ? ?!? - rei - al :>
'I lie m ind iltn (he day
? i iioi iliweal. 111? i re mhed a
in ? - n I,'. .r from the
: ? si iin ni Satunlaj
ol . kIivi and niin fi ii. Tlie
il ioiix are iti ? i ? eatliei In tbia riti lo
morrow will i-p fair, partly iloudj und alightly
\ ' ii p".|.--'n ?;;.> who take n ilaily eonatitii
liuiial .,.!?! i ,.? ' : w??re \<--i? r-!:i\ well
n p lid for tlieir i V\ ulkipg ? ia aiipfVi \
iind d i'.. ero-ia, but the rluac \ ipw ol the
iru tutv waa wm th . .in\ aiuouul "t
? ii- iimlort I- ? ? i I'i ?? liH.ked Ii ?
? i -i .1 nel woi U ? ??'.i-i. i with iln p?i itii
ita in tli I -i Kive
.-;" ? t> I ? ? 1111:, ? ?
* ' .1 ? evoiiing it wr.a
". ? ? | the proi ir
N'< i -. uiia |H'is,.i ,
r. , ! ?? . . -. .?. .???? fre r.iT'i i, fri litei '
!??. i. '? itiiniPtiai' i? -1? les wIiipIi
. ? ?? p|n >l< ? l eae ?? I ??.?
i - ??. ii . .i
wu ild bi m.' ihc* paa i lieir feet,
'! Ii- ??'? ?' in.? \: ?<??- il -',,? tinal Ihe i.vered
paldi n ? mtide .i *.\?-fi.-,-',? .., ini|Ntaii
' M ? I I I I | | I | I .
Duritig ihe atonn Satunlay .ii'tii.n the feln
? ph v ire? ul i .? VY ?'. ? , l .n ? mup m. on i h
ern Boulevanl, lietween llrooinpra I'irl, anl
Si Vnn'a-nve wvn" h?*avilj poat i with ii r
i be wi i. i t ul tho ii ? m ile i iie w. %e ia'twi >n
? p \ - Iden Ii ii ?' ol m ind atruck i h
po ea a: .| . . ii liroke oH ' |ia<e tfl ih.v
?I 'I liiM |n je t? ? ed ii th- !\ ind, and tbe
straiu pui uri ibe ailjouiiug poh-a waa
I?mi iu ? ? ? , nl, ?? 'I Ihe ?n ip|a*d ull iduap to
llie i . ind, one after fhr ol iu i. iiutil i.i lbe?n
were |i ing in Ihe atre?M i iptain Itronka, ol the
M?rrlsi. atation, informcd the VVeatern I'nion
I i mg ul ni-n ui'ic s.ioli llliaily rn
ed n pairii r tbe ilamage.
KXnwsrn>R.M IX T1IE HOIIAWK \ Al.l.r.Y.
I"??I..I.I. n . v., Jan. I - A h'v ? ? Miowatorm has pre
vailed lu ihe Mohnwk Vallej Ia) morulng
and tn ulghl n In ull ird. More than
Inrhcs lius Praftlr I im|N ii d
? .-h i ? and Xew Vork Cffltml r.ill
> .. i . ? ? were lallei
ihe M-ii.iv, u dl\ i ion of the IV ntnil r?id.
- "? plouglH ,r- kepl running on both ralli ?' .
Provklenre, B. I., Ja i. I-. Laa| nlght's -1?t storm
u.i. partlrubtrly tevera upon t- irlrea In thhi rlty.
Tclrgiaph, Hro-alartn and telephime wirea were iim
ktuntly ir.-aiii: Um eleetrlc light wlren and thc beavj
rurrenl wai rarrled Into bulldlngx, biirnl.ng bul t-l
phone-t, aiai in Mime Inatani si >tarUng nre ? In Um
iVe icrn I'nion offlee Um ii^iiiin^ wirrenl raroe in on
one of Um me enger rlrvult* and >turted a Ura wblrh
required Um ervhc* -f a boae rominuiy. One-half
! pbonei in the i it\ were liio|ienillvo and none ul
Ihe n-li.'phonea In H"- poliee rirrull would work. Ily
Klil it \\>y.m |?v? been ImpuMKible lo turn in ??
i.i.- .ii !? .i rroni anj i">\ In tlw ? ty, - overj i-in-uli
?? du n. Tlie co?tl) rept'ulcr appaiutu-. lu <it) llall
dome v\:i. KMved from harni b) ron^tunl uutcbliill. Tlie
polii-e u-iai !. .\ wln were alaiut t:.ly oihsn lefl
[n ...i'.i.l order. M 'A ??*. I - K tbN niwnilng ^JJic
, |c trli ii cntlii i ? ii '-I w ii -hul dom n bj i>rder
- ??!11 further dama .-. Llnilw
,.... ied i i..k. a from t'?- all ovci tho rlty. Ikai
i.n and VVon c ter truln ?? ?- a" l tyed alm it llrn
jiruis Ihli i.i.Ing by a waibout iMar hiwtucket,
, .ni-i'.l b) a bural water maiii.
};i >;?.!??? i\/.ii;i,Tli r\ Ull v;.'H' TAMIFF.
-..ru. i\ :ii-. x. X., Jan. t- (Spcrlal). TIm Inereaslng
i tbe li-i two !ii"inli ? lia> awde i.f
,, rhange In Um Somervllle tt'oollen MHI-. and plan
are noa Belng mmpleted tor an ImroediaU erdarge
? ,,f tbe .-? sevenil aepartmeaUi are aow
belng ruti nlghl and aay, wlUi two forrea of baada, In
order u< ?npply Um dernand f"r ipring goodh. rhe
,.f nro?periij i- aoi i-it atone bj i.v miI"?'W!-1:,' ;
,,.,, ihe! worhmen are alao ready to aeJnwwIedja Um
value i'f Um BrKlnksj i'i"
? ???
at I...UI . Jan. 18. >"'- "??"- l:"TJ' "r N"' ,,oori
Calllomhvave., ? '-' ? ?-"' )"":' l!( *{Uf
., ,i.: r.it p-.-i.n yeaterday. aad the i I.
. isrge iiaanttty ol the potaon beraalf. TIm noUi r
tMd at xo:*j u'ciuu Ic-gJgat, aua Uje sgiM gaasot
Chattanooga, Tobb., Jan. I8.-A1 I o'eleek t<>
day Judge Jamea A. Warder, tbe late Bepablteaa
eandidatc for Btnte Bupreme Judge, and new
Clty Attomey <>f Obattanaaga, f?!,", an(l kill?''
his' fion-m-iaw, S. M. Fugette, oashier of tlie
Soiith Cbattaoooga Savinga Bank, senously
woanded his only daughter, Mra. Fugette. and
was in turn fatally wounded ?>.v Fugette- Seven
abota were ftred, tivo by Judge Warder and twe
l,v Fugette. The latter was strtiek only onee,
but the ball paaasd through hla heart, killing
liim Inatantly. Mra, Fugette waa gtraek onee, Ihe
i.ali paadng through tbe U^ neax the thigb.
Judge Wardei was WOUnded in two plaoes. one
ihot euttinc off the third Hnger of his W' hand.
wblle the lecond ball atruek him in tho right
bicaet. He baa been unconacdoug for live bonrs.
Tho phvsieinns have prolwd for tlie l.all. but
are unable to Bnd It, and think it pnaeed through
vital parta, and will reeult fatally. Mra. Fugette
?wooned over hor fallen hueband, and is uneon
?eioua and in ? preoanous eondltton,
Judge Warder, his wile and his dauirh
ter and snn-in-law livod in the sui.e
bouue on Colkge Hill. The ?boottag took
place in Mra. Fngette'e bed-eharaber.
The won.on saw Judge Warder enter the heuae
and go up stans. Fugette and Warder had ojiar
,,.ii,.,i in tbe mornlng. Fearing a reaewal ol the
quarrel ihe wotnen fouowed the Judge up ?taira,
but before they could Interfere Wardet opened
the bedroom door and begaa Bring al Fugette.
The latter, antlelpatlng troubla, had anaed bun
ielf and al once returned the (in-. Wardet had
i.D drinking bearlly and his ahota leattered, tlie
Hiat rtriking Mra. Fugette. He eentuuiad Bring,
however, untll be had emptied lns rerolrer, the
laal ih .t paaalag through his eon-in-law'i honrt.
Meantime Warder had been hit by the only two
thota Fugette iired.
Tho tragedy wa? the leaull of ? fnmlly quarreL
The men had reeently diaagreed ovet the plana for
a new houae. For varly a week Warder baa been
drinking beavily, and for leveral hourg before
tho thooUng be waa eraay with whlekey. During
the mornlng Warder uaed roarae language in the
preaence of vieiting womtn, and Fugette re
1?na-ti:itol with him. Th s brought on the end.
Warder wenl lo his offlce, ?eeured his revolver
and rel r- Lng home 1*^:11 ahooting.
n,. hi.ii poaitlon of all partlea 1ms created
the greatesl excitemenl here. Two week-, ago tho
ctv t'ouneil unanimoualy eleeted Judge Warder
i ? ji?.- Attomey. Sinee that time he haa drunk
and -i>-nt Saturday night in the aaloone.
Judge Warder came to Chattaaooga from Bhel
iiyvillo, Tenn., In 1888. L'nder Preaidenl Arthur'a
Ariministration be served aa ITnited States DUv
irlcl Attorney for Middle Tenneasee, and in 1881
he waa the Repuhlican eandldate for tbe Rtate
Sitpreine henrh from Middle Tenneawa. He i- i
,i,t lawyer and haa attained a wide praetloe.
Ko aerved in an Ohio eompany during the war
and sottled in Tenneaaee ihortly afterarard. Mr.
Fuaette married Warder'a only daughter twoyeara
airo. and immediatelj afterward eaoM to ( hat
tanooga from ShelhyvlUe.
St. la.'iis. Jan. 18.?A dlepateh to "The Re
p.ii.lh-" from Lincoln, Neb., eayg that ex-Governor
.-!-, wi,,, haa been auffering from nervoua
proatration, brought on by politieaJ eomplleationa
In the Legialature, to-day became a raving gaauiac.
Lincoln, Xeb., Jan. 18. \ negrobarbei namod Mi>n
daj MeFartand waa arrcrted >> iterday on ? rbarge of
the murden r of John Kl.<iy, a wealth] gambler,
uin, wa? a a**lnoted la*l week. Moodaj today ron
d tbe rrinte, ktatlng Ihal ho waa Idred by Mra.
>heedj !?? rommll tlw de d. He waa r-. i>o patd 9SO,
i.iNi. Mr?, sheedy wa -i dlvorced woman, Bhe lefl
her former hu*band, a poor r irpenter, to m irry Mieedy,
.i,i cnongh t" be her fatber. Rerently Bis.
had berome Infntuatcd wlth a yonng man, .md
fnr the pnrpoae >d marr>lng him Ihal ihe
MrFarland to klll her hiubaod. The da
i,.,,,,.,. iite murder Mi>. alwody trUitod MfFarland and
.ompleted arrangementi ror tbe murder. \- Mr.
, .?. wi ?? <. eri ig uhelr home after re
fn?nt the opera on M--nd.iv night M< Partand
?trut-k sheedy <>n the head wlth h Inaded raiie, rni?h
;i Hi Parland dropped tbe i ine, ? h ? Il
Ui.,i-, rlew whleh the detectlve* had. Mr.
?ii....,i\, tlie murdered man, \^.i- worth 0300,000 tn
.,,M,,?M, pive ttmea before attempta had boen made
',., |%in him. bul up t.< thta tln c ? o trare of tho
d been d ? red. ll" ? u? a brother i f
Heiiiita sheedy, presldeni of the folorado Vntl< il
i BI1M ,,| iHniver. and iou?ln of ?? Pat' bba dj. the hokmI
flin uw gauibl r.
Halilmore, Jan. 18 (Sperlal).?The Qeorgia Centtal
i:,; .,,i t'ompany baa made a propoaltlon lo the
, iaatlon rommlttee ol the Covlngton and Ma< on
lUJIroad id ueorala i-> leane the road for nlnety-nlna
,,.??. and guamnteo a nc? kaui al t i?-:- renl for
thlrty yoaM Ui redeera the prewenl H per rent bonds
and the overdue roupona. Alexander llrown, "f ila"
rommlttee, submltted the propoaltton to ?< prleate
niceting of the bondlaildew here yeaterday, bul mme
. latter did nol Iblak the offer blg enough and
anotlier meettng will be beU thla week, RThue the
offer rofflw intenalbly fr>>m the lieorgla Ocntral <'<>m
.,, ,( || hould be areepted the OovburbMi and
m ., ,'n would enter the ayatem of Ihe RtrhaiOBd
i. i in ui il. _
D! rl.IMXi. Ti> RB Sl'I'K.r.ITl'KXHEXT.
rhteago, Jan. I8.-C. H. Hobaai bvM alghl ien< ?
Irtter to the dlrertoni of the >,?utii side Cahte Road,
dorlinlng to accept the oSce of tuperintandent
r.ahv Mlne, the onee famow pu-.mii. i- dead, Bhe
waa klllad by ? lettiag hen at the kafl .>l her breeder
ami tralner, K. il. Conover, at Keypart, X. J.. and.
stuffed with t->w. ihe will ?oon !?? atfded t-> iii- maaenm.
rnU bird, a boaay blue hen, waa hatehed in Aprli,
i--.;, and in the aatamn ol that year wiw one tda
teamof nlne that dld ?ome of the miial mreeaafal wortt
lu the h larj ol Amerlcan young-blrd tylag.
_?_ ??,
Keofcuk, lowa, Jan. 18. Bra. Kate Pe erano braagM
.,, ? -..- terday for *"..o<m> agalnM Charlea Bagel Joka
Bnn? and Wiltlam Woriey, for loUlag B.* to her
hasband and raualng him lo fall down and braak hii
coUarbone, Bha alto wanta an tojunetlon againat
tbe bulMIng In wbleh tbe llqnor i- m>M. H ht -?.t ed
lh:? ltl,i|(1 ,.,,i. will be broeghi agalnfl forty tfkara.
\ rru^ade v.lli be begun againat tli<- <iIih>ii-. aa IM
loral authorifiM i.' no atU>mp to .1;- ?"??"???
Thlrtj two "Jolat" keepen arere recaaUy mdutcd.
BRTtrgor or a wrBBBwan BxrBvatOB.
st cbmd. Mitin.. Jan. 18.- Tho eapedttlon teel to
rtaacaCountj bj the Laad Departmenl ol Wanhlngl q
returned i.-t wenlng rrom a Uxteen daj ?? trlp tbrnugh
ii,-,., t'onuty, wbere the parti have I.n engaged In
reinvestlgatlug l? rpendlng ejaet wblcb tbe Deparl
n,cnt de?lres io have -. iti-d. The . i-.-- refe red to are
nnodlv 11-?--i>t -<--. whtrh have been < immitted bj lum
bermen of tlu- state. and the amounl luvolved h pr b
ably 800,000. <..ioncl Roaenbuach ^uicU tUat l?c hao
a atrOM ? -?-' j?*i'-?'. th? uoepajaur*.
to smith m. vruowovni PHKNO.MEN.VL
MBUTCTAirOE TO sti:i> into thi; (iOV
HEMAKJB8I to bi: MAJNE to day. '
Alhany, Jan. 1k.? Speaker Shpelian's announ.ee>
nient ai tlip llollman llouse in New-York CttJ
last niuht that (nivernor liill will aeeept ihe
0BBO8 of I'nited Staten Senator il eleet-d to that
plaoe euused littlp surprise iu Alhany to-day.
As Indleated i>y 'Ihe Tribnnerg dhpaieheg from
hpre the paat week, it liaa beefl pie:iy olnioiis to
moat of tbe iending DemoeraU in tlie I.eirislaturo
that Mr. Hill iiiteuded to take tbe Senatorship
and deprive Seaitb M. Weed af the haoor. Kew
polltleiane here, Indeed, doabt hnt that Mr. HiU
decided to elect himseif Senator upon eleetiou
night laet faii, ggj mh as Iip dleeenatd
that the Deinoirats would have a majority ujion
joint hallot in thp Legialature IIi/> violent in
dignation ovpr Mr. Wppds celehrated letter, in
whieh thp latter had said thal he had tlip pr'imiso
of Mr. Hill's Mpport ;u? a oandidate for Senator,
waa itself proot of the Governor'g dcalgn Mr.
Weed, bowever, with * guilrJeoeneaa whieh now
surpnses liis frienda, periniii-d thp Qovernar*g)
Ueutenaata to deceive hhn into a belief that Mr.
Jlill would not he a oandidate tur Senatnr, luit,
uoon ihe eontrary, would assist hiaa, Weed, to
iM-conie Senator, fbf the puriiose of Indii-ating, hy
eleettng Mr. Weed, a ProteeUou Dtmoerat, thal ?<.
moderate protective-tnriff poliey ehoald he edoptoa]
hv the DeaocratM party. Mr. HiU, it was aaid
by t.he leadlng lliil Demoerata, would not eoeajpt
the Benatorabip beeanee n kklghf be ? '^r to iiig
being e eandidate for Preetdent All that. Mr.
Ilill had heen offended at m Mr. Weed's letter waa
iih putting him in the kttitude ol being a dnlaioi
to the Denaoeratio party npoa the Senatorahlp
queatien. Mr. ilill. of coaree, ahhorred being
ronsidored a di-tat .r. Onee the pubUc had fnr
gotten all about Mr. Weed's letter, it would bc
eaay for Mr. ilill to aupport Mr. Weed for Senater?
Belying upon tbeee aaaurancea, Mr. Weed eaade
rm canvaaa amonf t!ie Democratii metnhen <>f the
Legialature foraupporl for himaeil ae a oandidate
for Beoator. Ile dM not even oome Ui Albany
wIiph the Legialature naet, Hr. Weed mnet bave
fpit rewarded for his truat In David 1$. Ilill when
he reeeived a telegraphic drapateh in New-Yark
last oigbt reading aomewhal aa foliowa:
Alhanv, .lan. \~. 18?1.
To Mr. fanlth M. Weed, Xew Vork:
folonel V..%\.. Jodaon, Um anliiary aeeretary of Uea>
ernor Ilill. haa Juat i dled npoa me by hia comaaand,
anit baa alaied thal the tiove.- requeata me 10 In
[orm you that he l? a randidale for 1 nlted Btate* .?n
otor. JOHS H. BIUEY.
Mr. Riley has had eharge here, in eompany with
(Jpi.r^'p S. Weed, a aon "t Smith M. Weed. of tlie
latter's mortifying canvaaa for tl.e Benatorabiajh
Oovernor Hfll aent Colonel ftdeon to Mr. Riley
about midnigbt to make thia annoaaeement, whieh
had already been niade iu New-York by Mr.
Sheehan. It is probaWe thal ihe Oovernor hat
reeeived word from Mr. Sheehan to thal effeet,
"Colonel Judaon," said Mr. Riley to-day, "hv
formed me that the Oovernor Ind. att?-r eonfer*
encea with the leading Democratle naembera of
tlie Legialature, hecome convlnced that he \\.i?
the choice ot the Democratic party for Senator, and
that he would tx* ele-ted aa Senator with !e>*
friction within the party than any otiier nian.
He had therefore (ieemod it his duty to hpeome 4
randidatc fof Senator, and neqpegled me lo iele
graph to Mr. Weed to that etiect I ehonkl \#r
hape e.\plaiii that tor two or tiiree weeks I had
been endeavoring to lenrn for Mr. Weed lf the
fjovernor waa a eandidate for Senator, and that
thia was the reaaon why the Oovernor aent me
thia word to communicate to Mr. Weed."
"What wUI \lr. Weed and lus frienda do to
morrow af the Oemoeratio caucua?"
"They wUI kcquieace in Gavemoc Hill's de
cjaion," replied Mr. Riley.
?? There will be no boli'.'''
"Oh! ii-: Mr. Weed bai all along said that if
Oovernor Ilill was a eandidate he ahonld not be
a eandidate againet him.''
Mr. l!iie\'s worda are pencefnl, and douhtlesa
Mr. Weed doea not bave auffleient atrength In the
Oemoeratio caucua to prevent Mr. Hill'e uomina
Uon aud kubaequent etoctton. Bnl it ean ^e
aafely predicted that David l>. Ilill will aot fiud
lus road to the Pretideney ai eaay a one l.ere
atter in oongequenoe "t 'ae enmity of Smitii M.
Mr. Ilill still ]>oses a> a ni;m Bot aeekius tho
offlee of Senator. He bad a jood eaany viatrorj
to-day al tue i;\ei illive M u:.s.-n, bttf he deellllPd
Ui sav .1 word regarding the Senatorahip or
wbether Speaker Siwehan waa autboriaed v> nnko
the importanl itatement be ntade in Kew-Yerk,
init, from tbe faci Uial Speaker Sheehan retnrneel
from New-York and after a call al tiie Exeentivt
Mauaion aeeraed to puaarai as nm It bair on h:s
bead a* he had hefore hia vbUt to Mr. 111II. If bj
preaunked thal the \*Utt w.i> nul ijiapeneed with
1.1m. The Oovcrnor'a attitude ol akodeatly dt>
claiming Iwing a eandidate, In iriew al tbe word
he bad aeul Ui Smith M. Weed by l olonel Judaon,
;s ludieroua. He ia us mucu a formal oandidate
for ??eiit 1 oa ihoagh he bud wrltten a letter to
thal effeet addreaaed to the Oeawcrate "i tue
M. le.
Lieiitenant-Oovernor Jonea ia naturally pleaaed
witli ii1- faei Uial Oownnor Ilill haa oonaented to
uccept the benatorabip. "1 knew he would, all
along," Joues said, 'and I have wondereu al tho
kocptieiam ol tlie public 1 hope, bowever, thal
lie will aervc oui hia term as liovemor and not
r?im|iel tue to take i.,e pbaoe upon Maroh t No
mun hkes in he i-N|)nn?i'>le for the adminiatration
,,1 itnother I doulil 11 Preaident llarriaon will
eall a apeeial aesaion ol the L'nited Statea rienato
upon Mar-1 4 I would imt atten.i ihe tpecial
aeaaiitn n l were Uovernor HIU. Hia reaignatioB
a.s Oovernor would, ol ooiirae, eievate bm to the
liover.?1 ip, en I 1 m ould bave to decide haatUy
upon a greal maaa ol bUU |Kiaaed by tbe brgie*
jature. 1'hal Ia a taak I would not like to un
dertake. No, I am a eandidate for Oovernor. and
ii 1 am eleeted l abould prefer my term ta iH>s;iii
in January noxt." .,
li is sdd thal Coverncr Ilill may think it hia
peraonal IntereaC to rvalgn Ihe Oo\-ernorabip and
do to Waahington upon uareh 4. ii there ahuuM
he a apeeial aeaaion ol the Senate. He woabl do
tbu for the purpoar of niakiiig acqualntaneea who
ean aid him m his eanvaaa for Preaident It
1- thought by many -t his iripmls that
ihe period from Deeemher 1. when Congreea meefa,
i.> thal when the Drmoeratic National ConventioB
meeta will !>e loo ahorl for him to make many
lueb menda. Tbeee frienda, therefore, would
weleome, they lav, a apeolal aeaaion of tbe Senate
in March. and Lieulenant-Oovernor Jonea wonin
leliieiantlv I? I p-ou.e Oovernoi of the Stato.
The Demoeratlo Aaaemhlymen aeem to he nn
rortunate. There is Aaaemblyiunn Demareal undor
B eloiul on a eharge ol belug a forger and an eea
bezxlcr Then Aaeemblvman Onenther b reBwrtool
t0 ia? il! In Buffalo. Bnl there ia one'Aatembhr.
maii who aetually is UL Ihis is Mu l.a.l V
Nolan, of thU clty. He i> Berloualy; III witn
tvuboid fever. His phyalclana sav th.it they tiiinic
ibeTiiave broken up the typliold fever, hut thal
l?. i, so weak i' "ili ih? Impoasible for him to
ititei,d the Oemoentic enueua All the hope t'.ey
-an cive is that he ii-ay l-e -arn-.l on eis hed imo
iho Aaaenihly chiiider upon Wednee-lay to wite
for Senator Tbe voUng will i>:in on rueaaay
In hoth houeen, i?ut tbe Joint eonventlon wiH not
n'.PPl unlil Wednesihiy. If bot* Aa-en.ldy
maii Onenther and Aaaemblyman. Nolm
are detalned awnj bj uekneaa, the Democrabi
and ihe Rrpuhlieana will hoth have aeventy-nine
\.ites in the joint oonvention. In other worda,
Ihe VOte for Senator will he a tie. Ilur reporta
from Buffalo Indleate 1! it iaeeml lyman Ouentbet
is i'l bellei hralth and will prohi b|v lie here
to-morrow. The eleetion of David B. Ilill aa
Senat ir, therelnre. in.i\ depend npon the rote nr
blyrpan Demareat, who atanda a.:s>d or
forgery and embe?k?ment. A promlnenl Repah
h'-in Aisenibhinan wiU to-morrow offer a reeolu
ti.n the leaiuihlj f >r ihe rxpnlaion of Mr.
Demareat. Tbe Demoerata will then dlaeloee Ifhe
fiiet wbether or m>t they have any moia! :e
puwlon to kuch a man. Demareat eane here lest
nigbt aud in aow ia badiag. Dc&pite thc faet

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