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that he ina.lo rettitutlon to tho ateamlKml eom
pany he la ulleged lo have rtelrauded, he, declarea
that be is innoreut. " I may rejghrn m> aeai na
Aaaemblyman," he wid, "bul ii l ik>, I ahall ap
ik-.i1 to'tho ppople "l Rorkland l-ounty and an
1,.ice mvsoli aa a randid iV i ?r Aeeetablyman.
Thia is a eaae ol political peneeutlun. and l pn>
iliet that I ahall have diiuble thr uiajority I ha I ,
tho last thne that F rai." Ihil Ibe BiifTtlo
ateamboal coynpnny, whieb wai defrnuded, had
nothing to do wlth politiea, and Mr. Demareai may
be under a deluaioa as to the amouat ..t hia preb
ahlo majoHty. , , , ,,.,.
It i?? the general hellef here thal Oovernor lini
will eling to the Governornhip until Deeemhei ol
the preaenl rear even if there ahould I* r ipe< ial
araaion of t'ongreaa. The etntemenl .,f (he Gov
ernor'i frienda thal they ileaire him to go I >
Waahington now is Interpreted aa an attempt i >
The Domocratio rnueus will be beld to-morrow
afternooa at 5 o'olook and the Kepubliean eaueua
at 8 o-, loek.
Aaeeaahryman Demareai after coming hei ?
ionl.iv wenl baek to New-York lasl night. i ??
night he retnrned again, and waa mel nl Ihe depot
by 1 oloael McEwen, ol Governor IlilFa bI iff. He
was put in a rarriage, nnd, II is auapeeted, was
taken to the Exeauthre Mansion. Al any rate, be
diaappeared, and there are atrnng reaaona for tbink
inc that. Mr. Hill haa t?-en [natruetinc him bow
to aot in tlio Asseini.lv to-morrow night.
Io the Edltor of The Trlbnne.
Sir One <.r tlie dutiea apeelalry Impoaed npon
U,e GoTernor by tbe I onatltutlon of tho State ii
evpretssed in theac worfla: "He . ? ? ahall take
care that the laws are faithfulry exeeuted." iSec.
4, Art. 1V.>
A member af the AlaemWy haa been ifreeted
for the ei-ime >.i forgery, whieh is ? felony pnniah
iihle )).v intprfawamenl in a State priaon; and. it is
Raid. he baa eenfeuaed his guilt. Ihe GoTernor
eaauail granl ? pardon till "after eonvlctlon."
iSro. 5, Art. IV. I'onetitution.) How, then, can
the laws be faithfulry exeeuted If thia eonfeaard
iriminal and felon be penaitted to appear in the
joint, onnvention of tbe Seaate and Aaaembly and
M.to for the offlee of United Btatca Senator, "r
1o perlnrriTany other legislatlve funetlon? Moal
osporially, how eould the Goveroor justify allow
inK him to vote for hfmeerf, the Exeeutive of the
State, f,.t suoh an otri.e'' l>"es tbe Gorernor
'take rare thal the lanra are faithfully exeeuted
if lie pernnt aueh ? ceafeaerrt arimlnal to rote 1 *
him f
It is said that the enniinal haa noi leat his
rlghl to v"'r- beeauee be baa nol been judicially
lonvhted on trial after indn tinont. It is true he
baa not l.oen ao eenvhte.1: bul hi the Oovernor'a
ConKtitutiojial duty Umited in reapeel of eriminabi
to thoso onlv who hatre been an conTictedf By
tio means. He is to ?take .are thal the laws be
faithfully exeeuted" and thia obhgatlon appliw
to every sta*c ol their executlou from Ihe Hrel
gtep to'the laM. Sa that if the infenor ofticera
of tlie State or county fail t-. exet Ui! the laws. the
ohief Kxeruttve may ttep in and eoBrmand II ' '
be done and remoYe tbe offieeri who aeglecl their
dottea or refnae obedlenee t.. his ordera, and ep
j.oint men who will obey the lawa. Tbbi is aa
rnuch a part ot his fanetibna and duty as to arC
that the laws are execuL-d upon a tekw after hia
When, tharefare; it eaaaea te the Govemora
notice tbal a criminal arreslod lor and eonfOMin|
H erirac Whieh the UW inahos a felony is g1 largC
rlaiming the right as a leghdator to exerciee the
liiKhest tunetions of his ofllc*, and whieh afleel
not wily tlie State, but the Dnlted States. it be
lome* his speeial duty to take ealt that. the laws
1-e faithfully exeeuted, by orderiag the ShenfT of
the proper eounty to take the lelon into cuatody,
nnd the DaattieVAttornay to praeeed to proaecutc
him BjceBteiiBi to law; and his aeglaet or refuaal
10 do m> is a violation af his own oftkial oath.
Eiptciallj is this sii wben aueh neglen w ob> io ialj
tor puxpoaea ol hia own, or for the lutereata i?l
3us piiity. Hoth the Sherifl and the Diatrict
Attomey who ahall refnae to obey his ordera may
?*? suspended by him and afterward reraored, and
others who will obey he temporarily appointed
to see -that the laws a'e faithfully oveiuted."
The State is not, thercfore, so belpleaa that a
rtmfossed murderer <>r any other felon can walk
into its le^islative halls at his pleaaare and Bttke
laws, or alael Senatora far the peopJe, hecauae
he happens to have been eleeted before Im.- erimea
were diseovered: bu! il BOtbing elae pivvents. a
jaitbfu! OoTeanor caa s?>e thal the lawa are ao
exeeuted by proper offleiahi as t.. prevenl the
autrage and aname <d aueh eonduel by n relon.
]f the erimiaal in this eaae appeara and undertak -s
to execute any fnnetlon aa a leghdator, II la 1 e
plain duty of the GoTaraor to order the Sherifl
?f Albany Coanty to arreal him and forthwith
transjiort him to Rocklaud County, to l?e delivered
to the SheritT or jailor of thal eounty and
detained for proaecution uu tbe charge of tin
felony whieh be eonfeuaee,
For this ho aeeda n" proeeaa, for any Slierifl
may arrest In his bailiwick auv felon withoul
praeeaa and feranaport him to the county where
] is oTini.- wai committed. This la .1 legal duty in
order to obey the letter and (.pirit of a conatltu
tional duty, and tho raoral aenae "i all pcoplc
i.ud partiea will justify ite performance; bul il
will nevor justify a GoTernor who takea al the
liands of su.-h a eriminal a eote for bimarlf for
any oflioe. blgta or low.
It is boped in tius eaae Ihal the ,? ;i!t\ Vaaei
Tnan will not appear. Tweed, Ihough eleeted
Seavaaar, uever appeared in tho Senate after his
ertoeu waia developed. Governor Hill ni-.v wel!
it>eall ihat preocdeal and prereni 1 departnre
from it. SOAH DAV1S.
.Vew-V'ork," Jan. 18. 1891.
Tho rase or AsaeaiMyamn Peaaareat, ef Ro kland
Tonntv, and tho proda aiiTW.t fi Wblch Iii- :nif~t and
fits tonfeaeloa that he l- a awlndtor baa plared im
iVmo.-rats at Alhany. anJ (iovernor Hill In portioular,
vas the nialn >u!'j?xt >.f dl russlon in poUtieal i-btle*
je?terd?T. It oannot l?e donled tbal nio-t Repnhlirnn*.
and a c<VMt many f^-miH rat- waa do ii"t ti.im in the
liovornor*s IbBoWteg rlew the -itn-.tlon with in.-anr
aide eeeapaaeaaey. Few betteved thal Ihe (? ivenMii
wouid rofuso an elecUoo to tbe Senate II >-m-i-> uan
of tho Deimxrutir majoitv In tbe LeglalatUN WlW
Bjraead no better tiian Deaaareat, bnl many teemed to
tiunk that lhare were aoneaf dm i ol tbal part.t la
| >tii hou-os who wooM refbaa lo vote r.?r Pnlted
Mates ."Hsnator if ili? swindl.-r w;i- nllowed to -it 111
t'10 ronvention. Snndry eompllratlons, it i^ ?-.\j?-i ioi'i.
^ r grow o'it af tbe aflalr whieh wonM Inteifere a th
jiill's ateettea, bal aobody In Sew-Yorli who kaowi
the Goearnor thinks tbal he will prore at all delh ite
p- to the nM?ns ho will u-c t?. liiiii^- Demareai to
/lbanr and so.-nre Ue rote OU Tneaday.
senfl'or Daasett, wba ?a- bi the 1 Ity j?' terday, mld
that taava was ao qjaeatioa ihal every devlce and in
fiuc'iice in >ir. HUl'e powee woakl be nied lo rounl
Deaaareal la iu~ eotamn, I'nless <>ar Republiean
??iioui.i provc rei eeant, ?hlch waa aot a iuppoi??l>la
thlrur, I^-marv-t'^ preaenee ?.^ n ????-- n lo -u...-- .
The RepubHrans, Mr. ta---u aid, wonjd nomlnate
and vote, for Hanator Rvarta.
Fuffaio, Jan, 18, AateaiMyman Guentber a\w ?neii
rn^uph t. stai-t for Albany ai ni::.(i t<.-iiiirht. Thongh
ttlll under th<- iMMtmcnt of pliy?n i.iii-. be aaya h?
vould not be ateeat from tbe eaacae to-morrow.
t"i?ejtkii)fc ?f Daaaareet'e arteat, Oaenther aaya: ? 1
l?'itcve him inao.>nt. it i- i>< ?-?i;.;?- thal tbe mone]
*as appropriated tbroagk an overtlght, or by the care
leeeneea of Mr Dt-marest, but I cannoi hdleve him
puilty of a riimo. lle waa my raom mal ? dnring thi
b?si,l,.n of 1800, and wo bare m;ide arr.,!ij:eii.ent^ to
r<<im tOgatber during the .'.nuii;,' so^sion. I tinnk
t/iere ls? nJ?Uke somewhert."
New-Orleau-, Jan. le.-"T/io I'uayune's'' Kort
Worth, Tex., di^patt'li say?: " lieiijamin K. I'uII.mi, jr.,
Wanted In Meinphis for ab-roiidinn wlth #-,000 of tlie
1 ity inaacae twe yaan aso. was arrsaaat bare t?> any,
jMik-n wa- aaapaayal a- ? baekbeapee la ? awgi drj
f(?od- liou-o. .\s in- was enttiuii; hi-> pla<-.- uf boalneaa
this afterucxin he was idfiitilud by a foinr r .tti/j n of
Memphls and pl 1. <-d uudcr air.-.l. lli- ah.is ln-io eaj
J. E. Lawrciu-e. Thero Is a rewiwtl of e'J.'?0 for lu,
Arrest. Pullon contefesed lils Riiilt and will ruturn to
aiemphla wltliuut h> reejuuntlori."
MempUls, Ji*a. lo.?Iionj?inlii K. llillou, who wn,
?rre.sl?l lu Fort Worth, wm lurinerly t;lty HegUtor
liore and ia a dpfaultcr to tbn uniauut of au.oOO. 1 li. i>
pra aeveraf laalceaMatbi paaaing agamst hia ln Uds
ii- pRosPERrry?
C'll \NT M IBIXE WOI I.i" DO t'"R
Tlll.M AS w li.l. IS i'i'. OTH1 !'.
;uv ti.i i.i.iiMii ro tue Tarncan,!
Washlngton, Jan. i-. The Wendi of Um BWppIng
blll In i"- Honae have l*. eompelted bj Dcmorratlr
Ulibustering to refrain froaa proaalng Um con-ddera
tion of UmI Impoci mt i.laure durlng the i<
, , . i.i.t they have nol h> t hope or rourae*. airt
ime of then belleve Uial Ihe bUl tias galned fricnds
rather then l.-t any snppori in tbe nKanUme. Aa
; ? .. raae In regard lo everj Iroportant publli raeasure
the racccM of whieh meaoa Um adoptlon of a new
poliey, .1 t'?Kl deal of Um oppoallion U dae to *a?k
<pf Informatlon, and a good deol .- In tbl i i > to
tbe amounl ol aiUrepreaentaUon and ailalnforniatlon
v!,,,!, in been " copkmsly iMatowcd npon Repre
?entativea who bave not rtodled the rabjeei by Um
repreaentativei not oaly of foreign ahap-ownen and
aldpbulMera, harl of forolgn governaaenta aa woll, who
an able quietly to exerl a powerfal lintnence through
experieneed and aJacreot ageata ami coonael. No
tneniM have been negleeted to preveni Um mccesa
of ? poUcy deatgaed to roatore the proaUge of the
Ameriran merehani marine, aad foreign pald agenta
aini lobbylata are aaarenlng ahoalder lo anouMer wlUt
eqtuUly aealoaa freo-traderi, who alyle UMmaelvea
Ameriran "palriota," in tlria eroaade agaanal Ameriean
Intereata. Hreal Brltaln, of roorae. haa more al *take
ihan any other aatton. Tbe bnllding In Ami
ahlpyarda In the next tea yeara ol Bratcla It n i i
-ie-i -um'ii ve iela wtth an aggregate rcglstored ton
u:n:e of 1,000,000 looj wooM deprive IJriUah -inp
bnilden and kbJp-ownera nol onlj ?-! a large ibare of
Um foreign carrylng trade of lbe I'nited statee, bul
| roo*tructlon bnalnoaa and proflta amonntlng to
kl i-it gl7W)00,000?PO per eenl of wnfch would
f.i Into Um pocaeta of Ameriean labnrera and nw
rhanlra ami be naed by ttom lo bnj Um producta of
Ameriean farmi and faetoriea aod -hiii.
in a recenl lette to Chalnnan Pkrquhar, of Um I ont
miltee on Merehani Marine, Um Buperintendenl <t Navl
gaUqp eaUmatea that. if Um i.Ung blll b.me a
hvw, anti Um nnmber aod capacltj ol Amerkwn ahlp
\aiii- doubled and tlie nnmber f men employed thereln
t ei.led. Ihe iir t rlasa atcam mcrrbant tonnage of Um
I'nlted Btaten In the foreign trade lu Um ? i I ? '
will be Dl.'1,000 ton*. Um Brstclaaa aall tonnag
be 310,000 lona, "mostiy uew," and that tlM toUl
amounl of nountle* reqabed lu prud. iL?i- reaull In
e ? -riod named wbU be M7,10O^J00 an annaal aver
Hk'e below the yearii uverage ol -ni.-.di? now paid l>>
i ol Itlab UovernaMBl lo merehant ablpi carrylng Um
l iit;-li flau into tue porta of Uic L'niled btatea an l
utie i i oautriea.
Domorratii pralrie and backwood latcmen who
? Um shlpping blll are dol ig llielr wor?l lo
w.-ie a and Southcrn farmera agala t tlw blll by
app-iii- in Uielr telfbhiM - forUned by ateb i
wblchare mlsleading and nntrue. niereU.e.'ntlj
waa, tylng m the barbor of New-York a new
vesnel, Um blggeal one ever bnilt In an Americmn ?hip
Mi.(i. bbe is Um Khenandoah, of whli h Arthur tiewett,
? leaatlng Malne Denwcrat, waa Um buikler. lu too
veraaUoa wtth a Trtbuoe corre pundent ye?ttn
inaii who ia tii roughlj famlUar wnii tbe Mibjecl
l>o von Kuppuae lhai nuuiy of thi opp m
the Shippliig bill underatand whal tlie bnllding << thal
one ahip iii'.nii lo Ameriean fanu m l hhc co i V-OO,
i 00 i" build, whirb, Cntlmalilig llw l I '?<-?
.;-j per duy, meanl iiojuou daj * wagen :?? lln l.ihor
be^lowod upon ber, Luelu<liiig Ihi prepiiratiu h I
trausportation "I the n.ilaU of almii ?Uc is eoni
|kj ed. l-.T^'iv in.ii, who worlied upon Iter bud l
and i assunie thal there *ai an uverage "i three.t
niuutlu to in- fed by each wurkman. Now, uo.uno
? : irork Is e*iuivaieni to tlie ?? ork of ? ? ?
;^?i daya, or <?m- year "f aorklnj d..\-. or i ? '' ?
Mippori of i.?-'<?<? perMiUa durlng Ituit pcriod \ :
dail) allowance ol t "it of all klndo. In ita ?
- .,i., for eath peraon l? two poundii; '..??? i.tiw |m
soiis, lueitfore, niM-i bave ronsuuied no e-- l .. .
-T'..iiihi pounds, oi ??;- l.?ns, o! bread tutl
flali. v-L'-i .1.1?. fralt and <:li-r piw. ..t \merliaii
-oil and Ameriean watern wblle tlri- :;."??>?>? , \n >
lp n.is I ulldiug In . Mi ? ? ? :? ?> d. I
. ? ? uii. i he ?hlp i- i iti d foi iwi'iuy twu ?
larriea u. erew ul 1M ofbeera and men, who. wlili ?
families, inu-t cat. Bay t.'i" - ? i oflloei and iman
leares two inouthx to be fed asli ire durlng hl- vo;
rbe d-in'iHii ui aloiM will tonaurac no ;?? - thau -
lona of 1'i'Mi in Um tweutj two rear*. i
ainnimi of in-.li, breadatutfi and other \nn
j.i.ii ts Miii b^ eunaumed on board thls Amerivan
-ii yon see that tbe Ameriean farnier
ai ii pei oually intcrvsted In r.- pni?p<:ril of th
Ameriran slilpbullder. and lntere>ted n uii ni.r-ii--i.lv
Oian lie sonictlm' i i p ? ' ? I
: ulit ??.'.ton ? illi I ip ?'
lifetlme ineaii- a n out : ???' '
io lood pnaluets. i'i ' our -. llw |m r on* ? Ii i
? . ,? i.,?i iua-1 have clothes t.> wea
? , |ter il.-',. I ? '?? to -1?:> lu, fin 1 i ? ""i> i .?
,.i :..-.|. il..ui warm, aud Uw '
,. forts ol llfe ? 'i h Vnu i
. ,|.- ;., obtaln and enjoy. Xow thl< maj ?eeiu I ?
i.u -I ?iii-ni.i! r vie
hnt || ,- .-..? whirh uppoars lu have
led and ..??.???? tteni
,.\.-n I,-. tlie ?! ? n of ?i-<i"in wbu -i! In the ll<ai -
? ?/ , ,..i-- r.' .>f i' IM '? ind ma
_? ;i ||rs1 ? I ?-- Iron or *teel
tionallj bui 'i gjrealer pei ton t;' n ''? >' ul >
ve s"l, but tl
toi *tmi II .a aad repalr r ma
lum l'. I'hd-. of Vea 'i. fluirl II. < u ip. ? '
pi , lelphia, and other eompeteiit Judge ?
I., :>. pei eenl ol the lol i.ra?
: pn enl labor skilled ? '
i , . and !??- ' . lu the. f in
? H!? and m ;. hii e ?> ip , and in tra p ??' ?' >
;,, ,1, the shlp vard. Mr. ? rainp e>ilnmte? th '
i:.,l, .,; in- .?.?; ul building u *lup, uftcr ull I
;??.,,. tl- Viii.l. .
I- llke :' ? - .! ? ' " hlrl.
Mlantii be'tween Nea Vork aud LIvei-piMH. II
? v .,: i .. ? .-.ihi per Um iu tlas ' in< a ?
or . i .'.il i 1 .--?.'i"'.i'"o *1 MlO.OOO ","''',
i ,.r.--.-:? t v. ,..~ pald to A.nerli
!-i i'imi..f thal -ui'. would i ?? m ? ?
fnel and other neee arie and i
i, ?? i.. e.timatc t l
amounl ? inld Bnd II way Into the liam
,'?,... r,j Ameriran ramMi . ai d it mu?l i- reiiiem
it.al dunng tl ?? -llle' ol aeh a liln
i.aild rontlnue to runii-h i wmivi
,., f?r Ihe produ I I '
i' ,, K inT'K rarden wmI ori Ii ird- l Im biiiwlnn ?>
,..,, .,',,.[, i.i,, in Ameriean -Idpyarda wonld ui-aa il
i,.,.i -1 um..i'.m more In tlie poeliel \iim.thbii
}.,.?,..,, m th.1 el : and would mean |5<KMKI0
i.. ii.-m every year durlng ? loi i er ?? ol ?
-M . -? th an .?----?..f lOiMWi
,,?,: ri. ??. ? miilttplled b) ' ... tlie uhhIii
..,1 ||,o e-tlmat* of lbe I omml ?? .'. V,'
a,?i' nerease the am ..-I r*?v? n.i Ameriean a
frum boiiie marketi bj al Maal tklo^oo^OO In Ihe m tl
. rartner. the atoek ral er. tbe ? , ,i gi iwer,
?I ? . n ,i um gardener, a well i i k
builder ami tlie nianufaetiirer. <? |wr?.ii. aud P
,u,la.M irte. fed In ?he -..?- of Ihe polby etr
, ,, ..,. ,., wi- '"II iiom pendin ? I the ll.ai-e of l.epri
lenteUve All id them ire iiiei :??? no ?? i. ?
(;i1l e ,,, ihe d< IrablUty of extend ii* and liin 4Jf
vo|,. , i Ameriean i.n ' ' '? markels. m
brrai.i the ?1 II greater ?le Irabllitj of lm ?
i.... demand aud domeatic roi nrnpUon ol ?u?;h
prodm ti
Waahlngton, Jan. 18, Hn uan pan . pall . ?
ai?i otiier hotnu aoM artb le made ol tln. a well ?
?rnare pbrte* of ti'.. covered Uie long Ul.le
Hoosa Commlttee on Woj ? and Meam the b??t Iwo
d;,v. ol tbe week. Mr. Sledringhau . of Ml ouri, ? i
In the room mo*1 ol tbe Un ?. and i.iplalned to all
Inqulrem the i-a ?<?? for tho ehanged appearan ? I
motn. The Un aaa aamplea of Iboiw whieh are being
t,.,.,.,! ont even ?l:> :'' ,:"" works i:i '"'? Loul*' '"'''
a:,. wholly ui Ameriean manufacturB. rhe origlnaJ
u,,,!. w,,. di. in Ihe ?teel mlll ol ? hatta io ? .. i I
. . , ,, ,.. . n.e plunt !..- oiily i eeoilj
l,n ii e":ai.li-lie<i. and i uow tiimlitg oul al.i ..? ?'
,. . . ol tlu plate a day. rhe ort' romi I ??
imteh IsUna and t'.- pr.I tlw mannfaetorod
artlelc Li about ii"- aaaw aa whea Importcd.
- ? ?
raahingtoi . Jan. II ? Dr. John B. Hamllton, the
Sapervieng 8nrg.i-General of tle Marine UospitaJ
gcn-1 e, haa .pleted hbi repori lo UM Soeretarj "f
t e I'.-.. niTi abowmg the operaUoni of the kervlee
for the n?cal year ended Jane 30, l?00. Tb
nety nial year of Um i d tam - ol Um - rvlre.
i:.. ..;,,, eaUa attenUon to thc nwl thal bde
fl-iti year Um uovernment aaaamed thc dal ol lm
nlgranl InapecUon al Nea Vork Ctty, ind tbal I ?
Marine ilo~j?.t.ii Bervlce wai cbarged wltb tbe medli >i
inapactionof ttMTmm"granl ? ai> emergency hoapltal
I, ii been Btted ap at Um Barge < tii, -. aud ll j- expei led
in a ahort Ume, aaya the report, Uiat a ho-jiiui and
an Inaand eaylum ror Um Immigranl ei ce a U be
e-ui.ii-.ud npoa BUU Ubind by the Ticaaary De
Tbe repori coatalB a kperlal ee^eripUon ed ttu
origin, i auae and U rmuiatlon of tbe ?? gr pi ??' epldemii.
ai.d aii-iiiioi. with a note ol warning, b> calkal i" UM
epktemic .if lUolera wbch ba ptwalied o exten Ivelj
ii, ,\nj ll.iioi. r-r-ia and HpalU, and whlcli Ull exl ia
In Japan. N" epidemb oi veiloa fever liai bei
Dorted, h'i? tbe Kurgeon-Oeaei ii ataled Um UiiHed --i.ii
wimlil be lh- L'ainii ev-n ia a U" niil ar\ ienaa il il
wtn Ui ejiva t.i Um Caban ttoverumeul numileni
hinds to ajkkha llavaaa k aealUi] neaport. Vellow
fever h alinost alwa\> pn-.-nt In llavaaa aud UM) d
Jiiiienii, ami tliijHe cltle-. (onJU be in.nU liealfliv II
proper meaaures were taken. Ai It bL they aro a
ilaadiiig aieuaea U tba he?lth of tua LallaU bUtea.
smallpo, ha, been rwrled on th. Re ...... t?""";;
-nd in i.<?-? ol Ihe l ilifornla stal* Hiierfl
":,';!;:? ha,'b-.-n annoiui'd a. tko Mexlean frantler.
? ?? ?
i r m w i-.i- * i*aw thw ki aaioa
V\a . U iMpecwb. ' halrmatitiayka ?nd
otber aiei.?? -r tbe llewe (Vramlil.i the Jii
,1,,,,,,-v. v.iii, ul. a I'-i'.ii..i -.leul rouvei ed
. . ..,.,.,.,,i |n be ralhei ronfklenl that ? bul
? ' reilel of tbe kupreme lorirl will berome ? law
,lt ,,,;, H .,,,.,. There ha- been som.n^itltull >n
brtwern lucmbers ol Ihe Hon..mmlttoe and - i
tori wh. i Uw ???**? B,,d "'"
exprc . the oplnlon thal the Benate will a.-:-- lo the
?...,, proi i ?::? ol the intMitnte whieh ti.e House
WIU | . .,..,! to ci ? Ider at au earlj day. and
prouably will be adopted bj thal bedy. The ubjert
?rftil h ha been dl en ftd In both bnrnrhi ol
CongreM and In all Ita pha*e* for a namber ol r< ira,
M ,?,,, ,?. ,n rcrenl pbm< sagga4ed are I ilenOily
!,,.?,?.,,? to all tbe okler nnd more experlenced mem
ber, ,..?) || j ,-, ped tbal aition may be had vithoul
protraeted del. In eltber Ihe Senal.? Hoa -.,
-li?. pro].l -ui.-iiiuir providet i ir Uie ireution
?f , , ircull Courl of Appoal In eacn Judlilal dl irirl
,.f tbe I'nlted KUtea and tbe appolntmeid of Iwo
addllional .irruil Judge*. Orlglnal JuHndlrUoii lo
I.,i ,,, the I'l-ii-M i-.mi.i-, and tbe righl ot
,,,,,,,1 fmm the new Inierniedlate lourt* ol Appeal
,? ,|?. supreme lourt ol the i nlted Htattw Im I i be
re.tr. I.rtaln ipeeined rhwaei ol ea?e . Inrlud
,?.. on ,nth i invob ttnwtitutional ?iu.-no., . ail
. under thf palenl Wld COp>llghl UV* . ? a-'
. ... ., ||?.? are now i .m|i. II--<l to do, wii'i n.i
llme to raii ? ? wblch may be cerl n i to inern u
,,,,.., from tl.- i iter.Ilate apiwlnte Irlbunab..
rne^r.,,preninf'ohrt will thu. b. relieved ofancnmnmiia
and ..Histanth liirren<lng buitten ol wora, and w I
,,. .,,,,, ,,, ,j| ,??.. aitti a rea?inal.lc degrj* ol pr.
!?.!.. ,.f the Iniportanl ra - - whl. h *1fl be I, ighl
i,.i,,,,. ii for revlen nnd derNlon.
,,,. ,,,:! |Pl,,v?i.- for Ihe appyintnent nf ani
additional rin-ull Judge*. two for ea.li d h- iilw
1- l.,l rlrrtiiis. ex?-epi th.I "?'?..ui. wbifh in
1,Ii.:'(?.m,V,, ofVertrH?.t, foi.neeUiut. nonhern
V,v Y.rl; Miuthern Se? ?- ' >..?? WU.
:,,?! vi..-? (im iwo ...mi ndgea. In whlch onl)
;?;,' adaitloui..' Judge will I.. reoulred t.
.,,;.,,,. ,,.,. intermedlate a| pellate iribunal.
I |-r; , T OF THK " SILV1 i'. I'OOL" IBQlMP.y.
w,, ,..,. . ,,,. ,- (sprrlal.. The fato of fn md
ui limllcd ,:' ''"? """ ?" ' ' """
Kboul i nrarh and i I rdj d.-*b.n ? Ihe p
,.f the Kl-11...1 blll. The u.--\- ??l the former
ind apparenU) i
IO hHI ? I, ; '? '? ' "
1,.,-inu.i ago. Non.otn are illlj ??
thal llte II
?||| approve Ihe Benate blll . ' " " "''
stullify ,i ? . . rblrh II de
ll,,;1.,. MMV rcvei - elf, bul if ?-? It wUI
cea In thal body.
i the bOl havo two preUmlna
ii?- utmu i - . The ' '
,,. i ? puldl. hearli - i-> I
... . ed to it. a well a lo the "?? ? wlai
It, if ihey -. de li , i lw ??- n d dei i
thal i ? i ahall I ol t?i 'Mer or pa
.a untll t1.mmltiee wl
j.-iini.^i v thoul ;i party dli Mon lo'
., , ,|;,|, ,.,, :,.. blll wIim h wai
I la t a-.mi, r -1.1!! h ?.nip? '?'* tlia worh
-? d i ...-I.! a report Ui i' ?? lloiue. II ni n be all
\,:v acll Ui -ay Uial i ?
? : . , , ,i i-. dw< ll np
. i? -.-i -.;,'. l \. ??
.... t fhat I upugn,
i?-i :,.ii,- v. thoul .m!i -: i - do -. bo h l
a ,.i .. i. ? ? ( i' - - p
V<-,. i ? i ?
. . i and i .
, , , ? ? : - : ,
ii- ?? a
..... i . ?:. itioil - i
? I
. -i t,i uiillioti ? ?? uer md i?- iii i*< i v d
,'i !,??- llver, It I liln "'?, ine n ??)
, : u,i ? i>na.'. iph r .,.-?.??:.,<? ? mal
Him- i-. |..-, i -v Hi ' * doni . : ? hl. ii a mu. li li
-:..-.?11. r. IIm
i ?;. ' -
? irlieve
? .,- - i ,; !?-. . ,?
I lli. . U "i UE !.'i."M I ION I'PTG MORIM1W
I r liOOJi - \- I i;: I'l l;l I. \-. - U I II
1, n.ii Tot;i rin ? ?? im
t lilll. 1'
. >i gj
I ....
i |
i,f at ;? ? ' ?
i ?
l ?
i i ? i I .
I -.ii I I! on ' |.
I ? . ? ? '
? ?
l - , md Mr. IMi
.,..i;- i. ai .,.--???,,
paired wlth nbwnt U ? ? -
i|uentlj. ii..- Reptild i ? ked ' ? ?? -.t n
? j i .i iiiii ? f t-,
t-i dl i ???. Ir an In iii emei..... | M ? . , . > . . i
II. ., ..f N.-A ii ,n,;, hlre : M.11 ioid l*e( I
th H:,!,,,1 , I'ji :...-?. Ihi
'.. , i, ... . md I , II, of III
Al l... Ibree ,i r ??? ah ? ,i???? M-- . liliir,
. | , dler and i irwell. are p\|mm t< d In
i , |oi i . ?!.- . \ I.,;- II Mpii
v,,;,| i,, i,.- ? aij lu relurn. 'I
- e nol -?? Illii li lo . onie i...'. t. Ilf.r dutli h.
i. ., ? ? ? - - i
, Sllll ii ?
I ? i Im i ,i . ? ?
\< II mi) have ii , ? ? ?
,, , froni viHlm \ i
|,,:i !., an "M'lia ?- ' I.-- Mdi ? li ??..;.-. .,. i ?
?nl>h .\.,i>- again t It. t
? , ,, .? |l| I 11? - IIIHjolil V III
in!. , ,1 l*?.-\ lav..i ,1 .1 d
, ki- ? Ho . i .11 will i "Mi- up atfain i ? .
,u |.t.?' I) i, ? ni .-!? ? i'. and iiim i ??iii ;..i u a Ihe
|iart ? ' Ihe ll| lil i" I" II ? ill
ferred uutll llw AlUrii li n olnl h.ii ? .m> un 11
.1 r. .
__ ??
,-ii \l.i. sE> \ToIlsi ii: li l.< i Ki? ;;?, l i:r. PFxiPI.K '
? i. .in IH i-|h-. j i. :?? i.i,.
Featl ei I.f A ? ? < . a ho l au il Hu mial m
ber, and wa fornierl i ?? ? >>? n ol i lie ' i , i
f.,,?.),. rs* ni -? i il/??t i-, nf thal State. ha I ndti -a lu
ii, ? ||oti ?? a (oinl ;r nliilloii pi .|.-' i riment
i,, the i on '': itin i ol Ihe i i II. d -r.i- ? p ovMli
Uie ele. Hon "i i idted i?tate N;n itoi l?j ,. dln
,, ?-,, p, ip|e ? Ihe ev< ral -. H< I ? i do ibl
that Mr. Feath. I I Iii rmi na.
v.nii tbe lentlmenl ol i largeand Inrrea Ing numberof
ii, ? Amei ran : > nple, Irre i?-. Ilve .a party, ai d aian ?
i . -.. are noi mewitx r .>i Ihe i ni mer?'
.,:? au.i Idndred org inli itlon.
rne I - - f tho movei.I In (avor of a > hainre
I i . ,-.. , ,.i . . -. . f tbe I'nlted -i..t.
..,,,-,..?, 1,.,- i ndoiibtedl) in -|.i,t-.l I,'. the dlkgu?| rnuned
b\ t'i manlp il itlon of state L. oma ol
the .-i..*.-- and b) tbe re orl <<> i ? ? and corrnpt
nietii.Kls bj ..a... . a.idi.i .'?? , - n ioiiId have
boped . >u .?--- a he had !???..inpeUed to appeal
t , the ? b - Bul lli' i" vem I n.lei lve? oiui li
nf .t- atrength from the ?horU'omlng' ni ihi -
Itnelf. -senatorial ronrteKy" h .? p i. poUtlral
fi.n,. nowhere rorognlwd b; Ihe lettea or plrfl ... ihe
i ? Itiitlon : .ui'- i ol di i". '? .1 li) i'.-- fram
i ,,, .-, ,? |ii>trnment, and .. , whlrh man) plaln, h'.
/,r. ..i iIm- Itepnldli i-utinoi understand,
I, ,, |,,,. , ,. i, . .- i,| ,.ia, ii Ibe) .ii ? i a. \ In n
i ? : Im- mi- ntioiu d \^ hl< I. '...?? i upaln d
l , ,i '..,!.- tdoraldf exb'lil pilhll. rnlilWeiiio |t. in, hen
;,|,. ;, ;, | , ^1 , . UlO t >.! ? ll. Il BIV ll.l' ? .11.1 ?' I > II
? lt . 'ii .'-if. Tlw >|. Ilon rai?ed bj Br. t'eathei Ioimj'k
resoluUoii "III probabl) providie a good deal ?>[ dl
.-ii- mu iii ti-.. !.-\i Ho.i Kepre entatlve
i ..i i: III CLABd Iii-1MA-I BBg Ali'>-in i i n
p/aaaington, Jan. IT. Foarth^laaa i?. i..--t.. were
to-day appotntei ? f-.ii"?-: ?? Delp, i'i..i.-u. Fana.;
(;. I? l"nr, Kiii'i-on, N V. V i ai .,.1, hiluoon
Blver, N. Y.; J. iilli, Houth Kaaton. N. \.
inr TEi.EORArn to thp: XBUMIM>J
WaaMngtoa, Jan. 18. Tbe blll roported by Mr.
Owen, from the Bekjei Commltl.i InunigraUou. In
i.ndmenl ol the rai.ecta relative loimmigraUon
.ind the Importatlon of allena nnder contraet haa eo
roiintered uiifaVorabbi rrlUcIsm a* to aome of Ita do
taiN. Thal tlie prerenUon .>r nadoalrabla and paaper
Immigratlon romlng to f J ? i ? eonatrj Ia abaoloteiy de
manded admlta ..f no dl* aaaion. II i- ibrange, there
fore, n i uM, thal no provlaloo i- awde in ttu- biU
:,. prevenl launigranta froni romlng here by way "f
i H ?!:i, -in.e it ia ? well-Unown f:n 1 that many
;,i?.i,, who are prevented from btndlng Ia rJew-Yorh
.ii?i are returned tnha ablp laimedlitely Ibr Oanada,
and eiiter UMoee lo the United Btatea aitbont ket or
hindraneo. A i.ill to regaUtc ImmlgreUon, In order lo
--??ve it- aarpoae, ibould make provkuoo agalnat auch
vioiiiii.ii. ii it ioea ii"i. it wUI alaaply tend lodrlvo
bu?ii. from New Vork t" <naada, aod lood the
country nora lhaa over with paupera and otaee ?n
deairable new i omeca.
The blll In aome other reapeeta haa been Uaought
to nced amendlng. beetiou 1. Bgtar ennmemUng Um
ruuMjn or peraona (orbktaea t? l.uafl. prohiMta alao the
comlug of any peraon whnae Uehel or paaaaga i> paM
lor. The term "prepaM tlekeia,' aa naed here, refera
t,, ii. i.i. lor paaaaga from Barope to Aaaeetea htaoed
i.\ agenta ..f ktaamahlp eompanJea to peraona who wlah
I,, bave frienda or refattvea eoaae over from Carope.
Many aa tengera romlng oa prepaM UcheU, UMrefore,
form a dealrable ebua of Immbrranto: Brat, beaanae
ni.-ir rriendj nnd reJaUvea wani Ihem here, and,
nerondly, beeauae k hoea.af eeeupatlon awaU kbeea
pon .iniv.li. To prevenl breeponalble peraona,
nnauthorixed agenta or boaiding-bouaa keepera m
Knropean purla from nelng aueh Ucketa II woukl be
well, ii i- ?nggeated, to emboi) k provlalon In Uu blll
maklng n unlawful for any peraon (?> iaaue a prepaM
tiehet eaeepl Um aolhortfed kgeni ?>.' aa eatabUehod
ime, and prearribing thal prepaM Ucketa may be bv
Mi.ii only on tbe general agenta "f i anpankea abroad
or on Uie maln o?ee. if onl] reapon Ible pei 1011a are
permltted lo do Uila buaineaa In Ud* countrp, thelaw
ean va-ilv reach them if Uwj rtolate Ita provlslona.
-,. i. ,;,- :. ,,.,.i i make n unlawful to a*?*U oin u,
o or enuairage eliher by writing, printing or orai
,,,,. entallon the immigratlon of any allen Into tnu
I'uiird Mai?. aud prearrihe a ii.I ?ItOOO i* lm
prisonmenl for eorh and rvery vlobUlon. Itus prn
ma a good dral or notblng. ? aat
i-onstltule oneouraglng liumlgratlon" i l it lo be
unlawful for anybod) alir ?d I - t) Uud the ' iiit?l
M ,,,. -i ii ,\. al Ihe head of all natlon aa rega
Ihe iniHIigvi.i .1- i.I''-, ,!"- wealth "f It;
,i re .ui..-. railroad devclopme I, postal and
., ,i , forth, ai d th it II Is a rl< n
nnln l liul all Uii. maj Ii Inetire, Indueo
itio . i i-id. perhapa, to Um
in in
-.-. ti .a n pre*< rll. p*nelt\ of gl.OOOor Imprlso
... -ii.iii bring Into or 11 id
Ihe I'i .'-I -? it- . by lai ! or ofhem I -. my kllen nol
lawfully entltl 'i i > - ??? ?! ihe I'i IM Mtab-t. Imt how
, i i.u.ii" oi i-.e .1.Uinlng aa) 100 or 000 or
,.f (be .? paople I If he known thal
I',.... .,... || ,.!,,: ,..'.? ind [.-:? un Ihean lo laod. Iw
.iMuild be held responsihle and i i ?ell tnerited
? bul otherwl<?rt, n ? . ? ?!. i'i- pro].I
? .
,... . ,i. , L be n fi red lo In * hb h, vr
II <!? nld be Improved, bnl the farl thal it
l, ;. ,., nro\ ;?'.? i ?' i nulf -rm -u|-r\ i-i.m of all itnml
i . . otne here, Is
,;.|,iremly ;'-- greil -i defe? '?
XRWVORK I'l-r-'l 11' K (?.'VMI--r.'V.
Wa hlngton, Jan. i-. N I trodneed In the
llunao yeotep I ?? - dntl ? I * the ii prdntment
r ti ii i i - - :? e to i '?.-.-! ol the Poatmaater-General, I
ie Tmmry, Ihe Vttorney ??.al,
,v I',. ? ? ? : i i ? A. Dana,
?!,.,.,. duti il aall be t ? examlne Into the facilltlea of
tbe v-v Voi ' ? ai 't rep iri uj. k plai . If
,!.?..i ? ?; rtlent, bi whb h the pied U faw II I - 'hall
,i , , plan for ? m< re ?peed) dellverj ol
. ui i n ,,ii.. e and Uie Iwent) hair
.:;,,, . \ ? ??? .???- II ?? largc Inrn i
m ibe postal luH n ? ? ol >'-" Vork and tbe Inadequaiy
,,f ? ... i ? .1 faelllUea.
r./ri v ii/: ;;.'.',' To i usn r i?.i I "
i , ? .. i i -. Johi i ->.-.'> in - - lhai Woke
l,.v ,i.i |.i irh have lald bcforo liim, preanmahly f-r
s,..A ,, is of Ma i propo*aJ i" Bght \
\ . i ibin lo ? 110 OOO. Kullivau'a reply h a
i ? iu . blavln fi,. or 03,000 if be
' . , , eu i I before ma loe -i\ roonda
altli ?? I.,... mj .
?? | pennit."
f,, ., uni i il i.M-i.i- ined Nnlllvan,
. i i.ise f.niiv ii-.ii.. -ti ii ?! lhai i
.. uorld and all thal ori of thing,
II ..... ,?.,, nlio titl ...II I
Corhett. ' Aiistrallaii,
, ,| i I wattl ii.
? the tliree
II be Ihniugh
.1 . lapeU llleg.il,
. d
. '
~ ", Will. "il. i-M
. . ul
I ? ? III pll
' ?
1 ' '??
, 1
. ; . IU S I'!'' l).,< nl : . - I fi. il I ?'
,... j iii i - |i?|.all \ ? l?
? ?? S.-n .... , ? ..i !..!' l- tl
. .-.- ? .. ? ? \ enuHila. I. . ? Jti-I rei.'I i1" ?
. . , ...i I. ?
? I ' f ? '. M "
, ,,, . lu lei . lauili I...I-I. aod tlie
, ?i.lllil.-l Ol tl ? ? [MS.pl .
? , ????? ?? |,:";"1
,m Uie
,,.,,. md jii'iior. ui
Ihe ,.in ii ti' ?? -' ? a a .? *ted
? ? ?
IHE WBA IHl'./.' HEP0U1.
i ,.i:i . \ ?-1- Tiii. H P M. MON OAT
u (. . i- i , Malix and N ? H u
I ,, - ?? ?? ?' "?
,: .,,,..? , rlearlng 'i ng tii"
? .nd? .
-i ii'iv ?
. . . I . ?
, i .... . s \.,?. i i-i.'in Pennayh inla, S ?
i. . . i., ? i ? ind M u vi.? i.<i. r.in
.. ? .
I.,, \..i .. i I tbe i.I..."
? .
i ,.r .. .. ?. 11. '.i : I reatern uarl
I ... I M .
1,1 , a ine ?i uu,. ind im l^i".
, ,. , , ? i . , narn i i In lh? ?o'lUiem part.
., , . - , 'i .un.. r i.i tl.I-' 1.. I"''
.. i,. utui;... Indiaua, and
; uai iwr and f-i i
i ,, \\. -:. ,, ?, V'u i, Wi*b in P an?j Ivai i and
<. fah tcepl il|ht Iw .il Miuwn un Uie lal
\. pi in. r
i . ?.; -i. i tbe ..I'-. li.i
.,,?.. ? ,.,,i,- -?: hU; aai.'.- ?.'? in tbe toutb
i ,,,,. r glrh ? f<o and >llgbily 11
,i ii. Mutheaati rn pari ;
,,. .? .I . ,...-.' - ? ii
i,, dlnui uu, fi i Ibti -''ii' ?"'? :ii i"i' '
a-ai > ? ? ii '? i " '? ?
i ., -. i Ui i ? .:i. i n ttu ii-rili
f!?'i'OUKB:S1orii?nr. Ntgfct
ii * a < c e i b eio is t't? 4 ? e_i* * i*1?i
' "TTG
- - J
..... . b-4-rf-T
-J-M?!-?~ Tl?r& 3o.o
. . . - .....
?it,, f-? "-??? fi" -""?' ' '* ' ' ' ' ?' lj '"?*'"! of?.5
in ti... llagraai j coiiiiiniou^ aue >bows uk baromt'ivr
fluciu?tion? rnuaday, a? abaervd ai the L'aited suit'?
siynii mt'.i KaUon ai Utla elly. Tha .iasii.?? iuri.. dt?
i.nperatora aotad at Penr' Paarmaey, Min Ruiidinu.
i . an* "it.' a, lm 19, t a ?< Clo dj .
\. ..i ii--- nl Uie i ii i.-t-'.'n. with :. ii":- i.iiii eailr
in tii. .in. Ttu temperatu ?? ranged ????.%? <-i> 30 , i
|7 a m, tl i. : i ? i.' being .'.'? lowei tii.m oa ti.? ?
i |.|.-|mi i.lll," t]i\ 1 i-l \.:.l Bl.d \ hlgfcet llliill im Sj|.
-.1.1 |]
in .onl a- .i ? !?? day ihere ? III orebabtf be tali
...-.i!ii.t ".uii all ikl UV in ii . baaiaa.
v rii'i.-iiiH aeaw
(il l.-alth mnd ?lr. nutli r.n'i.d ?nd ol ra* and . omfnrt
|0 (.i thr n?. .,f MVni|i ..f liu's, an It a. ? s In linnnoiiy
?otfc uiiUim u. aotaeiuailj rleaaaM ih^ iroteai wbaa roaMvn
or bliion- Pat saiu lu fta. aud eii.00 uoiti.? by ...
Ikdiiig drugghu.
Tho pterre Uwfflard breneh of the Batktaal JoeBep
Cinb i- nuklng baate ilowlr. bal It I* '"*?'"? '"' '"?
i? commendlng It. the wrlter of tnU eohuan ?**?*
bUea Mmaelf. For rea i be La- been devourtng ipneu
;ltll,.1M?,.,.-t?Mnrfn-f???. and it ,- wlth arr,.,ant
*atUfactlon tbal be contemplatea the gradaal awakem
l?Koloar raelng aatborttteatoe.ribto WP?d?tlon
ol the fa.i that the rart i- goiag iown hUL n
lormwhlrfa haa aeemed to him atoat prefclag. namely.
Ibe brlnglng of tralnen and loebeyj ??*??""; g
government, bae al laat been reaebat, and it m
Sted autboritattvelv that theae kKbarto Wapenetent
and imnumageable obJaeU of our ******>."" "?
Mdoureaapleionwlilin the. fhture L? oblignd toeab
?,t to tba dktatee of a w"**^^*!^ ?
toownlaraelnfMlJ?BoardofCairllot Fortk*"
torat. ni.iu.v tkanli-. _.
ii s ii priaee WlHhurj Oatbartie Dalp. mntot alaw.
;in! regarde tbe taddea vlrtoe of tbe Lorilaaa braiteh
wlth nadfawueed borror. and ll waa in tbe alr laal
night that hia immeelata realgnatton wae Irt***?*
Lord Honeatattai John Crakee tbreateaa to go wm u
thereformH preaeee. and in hb Journey he w.ii pmb
,0,11 boacoompaiiledbjrBaronW. ib-su.iib ...f IBnaw.
,,?. Mar,??-ofV,v..llandsir\V.>.roe:. **}?*!+
wlth bul hrw exeeptiona, have aged greaily alaee they
heard the newa. and m bm heta behn anendugdaya and
nisbta In Turki-b batha, trylng to waah away yaara of
ingraund tfn. Tho- Ihal bave not rirtaa aro paabav
iug lo aaaama it. m_
Wonderful to tefJ, one Bwenber ..f lae Boerd af
control i- no leae a pereoo thaa aalemn PhUip Dwyec
nre*ident ol the Brooktyu Joekep Ckab, whieh, by
vlrt,.f hi- eJliance wltft tbe eonfedeeaey. may he
coanted lu wltfc tbe Lortliard braaeh. When Mr.
Lorllbud bagan hi- refona ptojeebi witit a Jinner at
tbe t ni.mi ( h.h. Kr. Dwjrer waa ?o? his gaeat. and it
was thaa said in this .. luian tbal wlbeai him tho
l.unllard mnveinent WOUM fail. Whether Ibe db>
UnguUhed Twonty f.uir agreed with thia opinlOH or
not i- immatorial. bttl Ihe IBOaaentOai f-i't tooau nn
that. all -.xiHl ron-ideratious hav I been fof.od tO
tiva way lo baa.m aad eommon-aenaa, and thal
phlbp Dwyer, who is one of tbe "donMrearaa," baa
i.I, lavHed to imtt arms wlth tba baagbtp and
bigfa itopptng Ba>earea." with at great banor thruat
mmn him, be t-'.' a eraalng tor frenk alr. nnd aa
gaturday nlghl itarted tor PtorMa In arareh of it.
Four raelng aeeodattoa* are repieaanted la tho
Reard of Contrel-the Bew-York, Oenap latond and
Brooklyn Joekey elnbe and tbe Keeaaoath Part Aa
ociatloa. Tbe Bembere ol th.- board are i). i>.
Withen, PhiUp Dwyer, J. a. k. Lawranea and .,no ..f
tbe govcrnore ol the Baa Yorh Joekay Ctob. Tba
powen they aaaanw are -imii?r to thoee enjoyed by
u,o Rtewarde >.f tba Knk.-i.-h Joebey Clab. They wiB
i,. the abaolnto dtotatore ol raelng Ln thia btate and to
i targe exiar1! In Bew-Jaraey. They will kavi Ihe
power, at their diaerotlon, t<> eranr and to wBbdraw
Ucensea lo offletali and jo<-koy-: to Bg tli? datoJ 00
whieh all nieetlngi ihall ho kaM; to aaabe laoalry
Into .-md deal wttb any natrew rebtUag to raetag, and
i., ralc aB any onandar. And batore tho raetag -r.wn
,,f i?:ii begina they aiD formuiate su. h a rule a.s
v.i Jockey or appreotke, aftor the hwl aay ef ine
ireeh la waleh b (hall have brat ridden, ihall rWa la
'anr rare "nUI b< shaii haw abtatead * lleeaae from tke
Roard of Control. Bueli ll. ?-- muat be applUd fer ???
??ally, wlth foll na aa and i Hh. RetUtry OIBee,
i i,. rranted only on tke eonditloa ttmt a Joekey
? .? ?-.M..r ..f any tacc-horae. Paaei execptional
;.,..- may be granfed la Joekeya, who aro
? h, --. ?, aravMad that
- aln. l i.. Mieli owb atable*.
t! p rnoa who >ball employ ? Joekey In eeatravenUea
. :?;.. ihall be llabl to be Oned by the Uuaid al
, I joekeya ihall be puMiMi.-d'an
? f
??- ahall i >??? M . ?' every ippi ntlee wl aa
, .. -,, ... .,,?. .-,. -,, th- Fuod f..i H iabl 4
N , ,. ,, ? bdrawn or refaaea
?? the erauad of .-.-..udn, t wHI i?- eUglhle to ride trlale
i in any webrhlng-fooai, ?iand ..r lael
during ti- tim- hir aaapaaaloa froai rkUag teaUaaef.
Any t-ati.-ii.an wfaauag la rlde bt raeaa >..i evea tonra
?,iii j,.. I.. v, iball obtala pamfeHlan, earaaal tiu arvakad,
f,,,ni ii, ? Bosrd of Control, ;u-J muko ? donutlon .,f ?-?".
.? the r nd r n DUabb d Jfl k< v-.
I-. i?r the llren?lng eystem. Jorbaye will ?ooa aeqnlre
tba i.ai.it ol ridlng to wln. If they do aot rlde boneaUy
ihe) .ai their own doom. II will bo unne. laeary tor
judgiH t.. rule tbem o? for fraad, thrreby uirarrlag
, 0f .,., irtion at U'-v. ni whick the bnid w of
I i vf would ta> upon the > luba: aO that need be done l?
to keep ...i 'ful '?' tUli. ai I when fi wd l? -"-;- I d
? . ? md ??? lurn Mr. rhlef romea for hia Ueenae uext
\... .ir. \..u rannot bave a ueenae." Noth
a ,i,ih. all to prova thaa II.I'"'i:? ?- of
. [U ., , ?,.. There are a hundred ??>> ol doiug
. | kllfi i J? k?) ? . in i-i.-i. ' - Inem a
Siii.t our -i.-". .id and nemben
-.. ..! s.i, ;nit.-.-s Mein t" thlnk lhare i- but
.. ,., ?- puH.i md when tbal I* noi obaarved
, ihougi t ol fraod J une* Galway, at tbe
? . ? -.-,. t^>vlngTon, al Bonmoath Parh, b>t
, ; thal Hia ? " to ?? pnfl" a horoe wae to
,.,!?. ||:,. ,.[?.%' I.v tho li.t and Irorallv draw lil.a
i.;,, ;, i;, ,?; v ,. nip..- n,i n pn --??' n led al tlw
... :.,;,. ., ol one ??' the rul
. ? ;. only an apprentl. e woald
? pulP .i :,... ? ? wa). J? key? <i i ll awra
,H\. wii.-ii tiarriaon, an aeknowledged axperl
l? ..ui h ii all .-. ? '- uppealed to, he gave an lllw
Iratlon ol Ihe manner In whlrh he mde M. Luke lhat
? m liala iv v "ii tbe borrora.
? li und hli liand?
i., i. ,,., ihe de, he diowed hoa he rouM pli..' Idn
i 1.1 ,. i ii' ? i ni.j of the aaddle, MI per
[.., 11v ?.it. and b) an almoal unnerrepttbte turning
ol Ibe wrl t keep Ihe laAloved phyalclao onl nf aigbt
rbe ?? -'ia:>:>.i ' dld md rharge Ihal he had ^''t
? |niii...i' m. Luke. Ile nlmply ilmwed how ii .?'
f?. done. W'. > i ouM prove ?ui h i i tae aa Ihh? Where
,, the Jndge or Kteward who would - ? In o i ?ri and
. , that he lan i1. ??>?' of ? pulllng"! Iledoeenol
N ... .., m all Ihh Is nmiBion knowVadge t.> any
.. ha- an) eaperlenee In race rtolng, and t.
hunitredH of ,,ii?-,> wlai nndentand Boraefeah with
mu a, tuaiK sporting -dlc II ran Im- anderatood ^hat
dlllleulry |ii---iit- it-"if when ? crttie i- .a!;..?i upon
.|,r, ttrall) to pTove a- ? in< t Ihal i glven Jorkey In
, | ,.. dellheratelj rode lo b??e. rbe uiapleionii
,;,- .iTu'ii aronaed, bul lu tbe abaeuce ..r
i?, uivo, .vluelng proof ..f fraud Ihey -.t ullently
i,, , ,i per uit j." kej to do tlieli plea aro. N tlw
eye, ahkli tahea tn the Beht generalli aa tlw
,woop by, there i- Dothlng partirubtr t>> attm-t
atteutlon. Kveu |l tlw eye I i.-- oat thH or thal
J.M-ke) for -.I' iii-i". ii.iu. thore amy be n.? ^''?.d dlrwl
\ ,,?;: ,,f him: auii even if -.?-n rtoae and directly, the
- uiil.liiij:' ?ill i." more uinperted thaa rapabb) of be
lug positivel) iworn i". lu iueh a raae tlie evldence
.no iredlbb) and experf wiin.---. who ha*
huppened t" be on the a ab ii r.>r ?? ?) mptont ." i- worth
tiuii ..i a innb of ii-u ii lookers-on aiio observed Botb
i11i_- mispleiouH ablle gaslng genet ? 11s al tbe performeni
iu I ho.
I! i- not ope nor two pleeej of im allsfartory ridlng
thal by lhcm?elve ran <i<- troj ? j ,i.-v. reptrbation.
n,u .,?- , in and do mu in and ..ui In the rnosl hone^t
iia.iii.. Nn u.an im a.iimai can alwayi be at coiirert
pit. ii. Ilealth, dlstanre, weather and tbapee of roursei
aii tend i...-. form f:..'-' week to week. There are
lii.Hi-aiid- >.f raregoew ?li? ac ? mattor ..f coune rry
?? f.nii i.iiv' whenever they luae?thelr Bsonay npon an
unexpeeted resttlt, and when tke accuratloo haa do
(outi itlon. '.^ iiat . m -??- evll reputatlon In a Joekay Is
a mattor of tlme, ..i roncatenatioui of rla nmatancea, of
eoUicidenrea bctweon the barometer of the betttng rtng
and ti >? ?ub*eoueul i-o-uit- oi hia rktjnc. Raunor i a
prett) good barometer i to Jocbeya' norala; u i* not
InlalUble, of rour?e, bnt II -how, tbe dlreetton of ihe
v.,.i,i ,,i credil and good'fawne, McLaugbiin waa al oi ?
i i.n ilway*. Unce ome go?Hipmouger hinted
lliat, aetlng under Instructlor ? fr m the Chteago ritable,
he wai not golng t i >t.. Id> U--t on Te ra Cotta for the
aubnrban, und McLanghlin, enraged it heanng the
teandal. almoal rode the tuc ibeatnut'i bead orf ln the
i a i
i te oBteial handlcapi. tor the No?-^,,ik joekej
< inii and tke Nonmouth i*atk Aaaoeiattoa haa wrttten
an Intereetlng Blaqutaltion ...i a mirt ()f raeini tbal
dwpl) ..h.i.-i.i- everi owner ol horaaa, namely, the
rule ul .!>? -. rlpllun. S'o doubt all ^retarle of Jocke)
i luh are nioro ...- le annirj ed b) the i.i\u\ ?Ith
whlrb Ihh rule hllherto Iujih been enforead, and b)
tbe inillif.-r.'iu <?. negllgeiire .<i Igtioranre ..i tralnen ...?
Hiauaaei ..r rfablea who mi ln th- entry bbinka.
Mr. Crlckmore made hlmaelf exceedlngl) unpipular
wlUi .. ui.ill liaiidial of Interented pei ui b) tho dU
roverj In IH87, ol tha iinpruper .1- . ripi.' <>r u:i< ??
hii.d lu all lu- rarea prevloUM lo and Inrludlng the
liraal r.a-iorn Handlcap. ri.i- ra e the pubbe aro
f.iii\ aequalnted wlth. Aa tbe i-ul.-? tiivn read, Bare
land slniiilrt h.ivo hoon dl-i|iinlltlod ln every ra..'. md
tho stiike- ihOUM have boen giveo to tho lafOttd hoi-o,
but tho v ..nci liiauU Joekay CluU, througb ita reg
ulaHy appoint.-.i ealeera, de.-id.ti tii?t lim-m,,,,
Ibere ww- no fraudulenl Intentkm-V tiMm^SS m
BeeoJand -iioNl.t koep his pi?e k?d hlHwntr^lt:
itakea won, a wi m.?? of wrong dearrimina J*
up at BUaabeth la t season, when two b"Js,. J*"*
swne liame, rtiaUUlg In the ? iia- pacc iren "'*
properly enterad tiwi the patromi ,t the tmrk"*
unaotatodlstlngulah them. Oneofthese h u--, w,, ,.*'
nice. and nearly everybody nuppoaed Uial II ? ,?
other one. The whole thing waa UghUy aacaed hb1!
a natter of rourae ?? Ignoraaee" waa the <??
glven by tho men who maile tbe estttaa. r'iiu>,. i'J
new nUea uf rarlng a wrong entry may \,v n,-,*,.,:!
on payment ol *io at any tlme bciore Uie ?ui'imkr*
are iixWhlted" for the race iu whieh it ,- detimi.
atart, provlded that error as to a?- 1- i-orrerted hVf.iS
the weli-'lit- for a haiidlran are annotineed .md tlmta
be proved to the latlsfactlon of the, executtve eoZal
tee that thc error wa^ kcelOental. IU*
As Btgnor TagUapietra ii known aeraeeaul* toan,
Jority of the leadlng turfmen In thc Ka-t. betni ? ?J
ftistent ami enUuialaaUi raee-goer, In faet ooo ntr
faitliful. ins eoBcert tliis eveaiag aaeakf not hl u
aitran many of them to Stelnway ii.n. uTaZ* S
his friend-. eall him, is an exeeUeal Judze ,,t \\,'irJ?
The record that he keepa of their puMIe forta i- a m. i
remarkuhle evktettce <>f hbi genlua and utdaatry i!
emhraeea every one af the Ihonaaaaa of iinr-e.> riric,
in tiii-. eountry, as well a- the more con pteaoaa 4m
of tlie foreign tuif. How he keepa it k | tnv?terr
It exl^nd-. haek over a period of severai reara, kfaa
iaii.'-d ajphabettcally and i-. more romplet* ttian ?i.
pnbllahed piide eoohl be. "Tag" brnaght hi* \n?t
nf raellic direetly from Italy. Where lie -?w ? u'lfit #?1
of hor*ea before he thoaght of teetlng to nuke jj
lu.me, iu America.
ITeahlagtoa. Jan. leV ??? The Pn-.r prints tite foibnr,
ing: '-.seeretary Rotne tahaed freety yeateraay of ti)4
Indlaii sitnaiiDii, and now that the tii.nlde is prv,.
Uealrjr over, what paUey ahottM i><: paraaed by tho
Oovarament la its treatment of itiem la tiic fntors,
Flr-f Of all, ?> aoMkfajd tlie Indian- liad no loj.-ttimau)
u-e for Srearma, ami tlieref.ire -.hould be re,piln>d tn
laipoail of them. Tlie <eeroiarv -aid h" thonirlit tim
tho int-iiei t thal eeuM kaaater the MetMkheal in
uieaeles of tlio Wlnrhcvler rifte was fully ctpable i
eomprehending and appre.latlng tlie BaefahkM aat
the nol.Io simplidty of tlie plough. Ile pripowdta
givc the ho.itiic .sioux m epportnnity m well as u
Incentlvc to euru bll ewn Itvlng.
??Of tlio Ugajfllrff Indwns iu thc tJnited Matc<, o??j
l-.vi. thlnls aaare earning thelr own Iivlng ami mukir.i
naterlal ptogteaa le ctvllraattoa, The othct thM w*?
dependent larg-iy, if aot enUrery, apon uie Oaram
menl for aapport. <'f ttiis lati-r rkaaa k lergt majriritf
were Btoax, and they had baeeate buaatfal, ariegjM ?r.t
dlctatorial. Thejr ha^i been aHowed to eoaaa le Wa<i>
Ington every year or two, and had bOIMU d'-cply im.
are -ii wrttt taatr ewn Impenuknee. koaee of n,.^
who gre aaoet vefkkaaeal kt Ihelr demaodi that they
eontinae lo i<? M ?n<i wholif ?klatklnel at Omm
peoae of Um Ooa^rnknent aro the owaen ef \v&
heria of eattle, Irom whieh they realiae coeakaennii
nima of nonep. rfevortJiel u, they Inalat, wiih mni-l
gnato, tiiat the Oovernaaenl thall hjed Uaeat, ami whri
thelr rationa am illghtty redaeed Ukrg eaaab an tha
paint and atart ont on tho warpath.
? -i ..'ii ia favor.1 -aat th- hccTewy. "' msklnj
the-e piopl" work for thelr llvlng, Ju-' ?? m whitt
neonle are dotng. They are atrong, abk boaied nien,o(
arerage Intelllgenre. and there la no reaaao irngeyiM
ran way Uu*y ahookt not earn thelr breaaL Ti-t
....veriiinent Iia- lis'.n.sl tli-m Wtth KTOM -'-renmty
.,,.,1 conttkteration; eapeelallj la thto Irue djuahtjkk
i,-i haif reiitiirv. In thc early daya ihe settfcw
tr.'aie.i them a- mnraerera <>t lun.al nm.mm
and chlldrcn, and the Inaatlable enemle^os the ohal
rai-e Latferly they have h.i Ireoted wttk mort
tii.'in" klndneaa, and -o the* have rome to helievethaj
the whltfl peopbj are under nevcr-ending ohligaboia
1" "The Ume ha^ come, In the ontnton of ihe se.-i*t?rr,
arhen the In-nle Monx ihoaM i- ?..i.i|m-ii.^1 ta II
sometbing for thelr own -npi'Tt. rtasj ?haaOI )e
treated with perfect falrnean and luatlto, hal anrj
-h.uiii enter ktrgety Into any poliey or rheani M
th-ir rivilizrttloii."
LhaHOP HABl o? tiik indian qi r.-rmv.
Grace chur.-ii ?i^ well lltoi u^t algki, hy baj
(rieodi and deie.?ite> of tii- niobrark Leagne af 9m
Vork Btate, wWch waa hokUng it- nrneteentk aaaanl
eonventton. The prinelpal ipeaher of Ihe oeeataag
waa Euahop IT..:-. trho lor twetre yeart ' .- - i
ragaged bi altalenary tiorli nmeng the Indhuu ef tha
NorUrweat The BUhop hm.1v fnr his loat " I'.^-t thag
well to be nngry ' appfyug ii ao the pameral iaangaa*
li.m aroaaei thtoanrhoal tha raated Bialea aaadaal
the Indfaua for thelr leemingry nnpfsvohed .uta-koa
tha hroopa at Wounded Koee. Said he:
??A feeling that the Indian niu-t l?? ext-nniuxfeg
pravaUt all over tiic roantrp. h>an tiieir beal hitade
,i il thoae who have COtttrbSntBi ui"-' -iii.-tai.tially Ul
th-ir kdlvaneatnenl nra to mmbm extenl butneni
thia fe?:iuw. Dafl i approach -u.-h aampaa -.vith ti.e
qaaafioa. -Doe-t Uant wel to be anflspj.?
<.f t.'io ajaeaakaal eaaaaaa af laaftan aaaeaaiosBa
has boea Uas payaaeal ?r their aaaata ia P">?
riaiona aud rlothing, in-tea-t of aaooey. Vot eatlp
waa ihara a vaan ahrbahngn hn beot ionr and e ' r
nroviaieaa tani then w tonu Inataneea I^kkJ
pouoda -if beef (alllng to 900 aouada befcre rea
i uo IndlatMb but -ii- ii klnd of paynaenta eoald t
ronverted Into Induatrlal en erprlse*. The very f*-|
ibad ihe Indian haa nol the purrhaaing power make*
blm oi lltth rame to hia nebjhbor. Ulve hlni ? anj
and be Immedkttely beeoatea a rabaabbs koqaUidaa
to any eommanlty. i know lhai tha paymeaai M
Indhuu .a aaooey bteiead of provulooa wUI bt a??
,,., i,.,i to, m ISe ajronnd thal he trtll be aanoaaaaa
on paj ?ia\ - bi <:- Ignlng whuVamon, who wUI twhaha
him or ajive him bad U?|Oor in exrhange. But that
dUBruU) ?i!l '" foiimi iu paylng enj claet of nm
,,. ,j ti, ;,. ., ,. ),., | ;..,.! - ..f huur.miiv in oar
k.i-'-m; ' i :??- lhai are in dnnger eqnal to thal aftl
Ir.illniH when paul iu money. Ii> all meona paj tw
l/idian in '--Ii. instead ..f pr<?vUlon< it will al lea*
n ul -<ei|. \ un- lo I'i.i.auii.H v.
I, ,.,.. iinitleudei - ..f thia l <t '? ln?nn*eUaaj
|,||| ,!-;iI |.:lll-illlS With lbe I ??-!. NotlllllL' nil|l!"*-H
ihe liKllan iniiid -.. iiiiH ii as Uie ni'.-.ii.i. ?? ?''*
sheriff'a i? --. *lx moiiths after !':? erlme waa caa>
?i. or after H had be*fi forgoiten. -?> e>al aan
,? i .1 ?.-. paiienily bnl hrmty. Hete "?" w
H,em il.- tnil iiiM-t.f of the law, hal with *m
othera n?e greal torl^aranfi*. rht-y r^rtalnly ? ?" *
Utught the livllitattou -f wl le men, and had nol r!i'J
?,,'? fr-ii/- titii-i. p.i-ii ef them. i reaJJ
liaee predlrhrd ihe mo-1 - l?faetory reauiti la tw
near fulnre. Kven aa II l?. .f th.\ ?" meni f-lt^a
ont a ranllooa poliey with in?? lndlan?. I ret tiavo
ireai kope^ .if thelr abMH*pth>n into our rltlKtaaham.
Tombetone, ArU.. Jan. .1- \pa. b-- have ' hl
rhiqulfa Miiitii. In Morae'a Oanyon. Ueutenanl Cawh
i~ in rloee pnmH ef Ihem. nanrtk araa kllled le I;
i ..n ?? knd konibly mntlbtted. Nlne ren^gad's *fra
leen bi Ihla nelghborliood reeVntly. and tN aaaaaerkl
kiii M.-e.i to bave beeu rommltted by ihem.
? m ?
I'liu .n-'o. Jan. i- captatn Hagglaa, al Army i"**'
, lartera, i .-nigbi .1ved a letogram Irooi Uaeaaannl
Maua, .'f lieneral Milea't ataff, aaylng thal all h enae
.. ni.iit. aii.t that ihe Indian* appear to ??? andav pa*
i.i t rontroL
Pl'PILfl i'l' I'l IF CABLWLH gt'HOOt KIll.F.n.
CmrUale, Pena., Jan. t- apeeial) faptala !!? ??
I'i.'H. of ii.- i.idi.iii Tre.ig -? ia. .1. Un ? ? '. ? ' '
\.?-??!.i..\, thrungh the nwlU froin P. Rklge v-''
ih.ii aeveral <>t Ihe Carllale pnpU*. among 1)"'n
IVhlte lloraa, i.r.l- i.'iii and >u. u Katept, ? re atlej
.r the r.i kklrmlahen al the tgeney, kan
I'larton Brave waa anmndtl. rhe bflter doea nm
a e -ii whieh ?We n. pnplh were engagkd.
_ ?_?.
I ||R BITI'AI l"N IN ?? \-il!V l"N
Oljmpla, w.i-h.. Jan. 19.- Phe Uovernor \r-tenl**
rerelved Ubb followlng dlspaUh regarding the ladaal
tiiuatlon ia Okunegkn C aintj
Conlee Hty, Waah.. Jan. 17. rhe dtaaUoe la am
aoalarmlngal pre<at. rhe aettlera on the Oka I
Rlrer are organlaed and are mor.ngdeat. !
lowna bave organlaed rtte eompankK. An tolh"
farmer iiamed rbomaa haa had raanera hringlal ?
Indtooi fora generul rounril al ^-\^;'\';;X*
whlrh eoo.1 i-iiu- are expwted. rhe r- ..-..ui - n?
posslbly a. i Iwlepeiidentlj ol tl,- nmneil. and ranae
-..,?.' trouble. \ .nlgnmenl of arma and aaakaaai
Uon i^ e\pc. bad i" forrow.
- ? ?
ktlnneapoUs Mmn.. Jan. I9.-A dhrpateh t" jm
Tril:- ',,-n. r..,g. M. -??: ^ZJ^
l-ree indian- are eamped In the "^a*awaooa
rjod and Roeh creeha and Dearhora. Ahead -?? "
B? .... here. They are Ul kten aud tov. |; ?
Tto) kave hottghl all the amnuinonui "I?wir.B
Nobody knowa where they .ome feaaa, and v-w**
al.rmed. TN <..ven..r i- lB ...uiimmu at.-n *?
,,..,.... ... Crelg.d if ihe Mtuauon warruot-.*
wTu^dl.P.- M gnn- would .-ilh-tlei "U
ol aetthhra. ol whom there are only 100. iagainii
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