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TWO MOBDEBS IN thi: mid>t of a holidav
b_OODY F.Xmsr, OI* A Nl.WM'APr.R FEl*n IN
WOUNDED BT ii.yim; bl"lm:ts
Columhus, Obio, Fe- 23.?Ai ih.' n-sult of a
ka*__papei fend, a tragedy oeeumd at l :30 tliis
cfternoon wbich cndod Middcrdy tho liv.-s of two
tiien, one an Innoeenl spceiator. who was unfort
unaic (BO-ffa 1" be pM_-_ alon_ when tlu? des
perate cncoutitcr t""l* p_-4?. Tbe shoofhiK took
placc on Hlgb-k, tbe principal thorouchfarc of
the city. in front ol thc State Capitol, aad al a
time when thoiisands of people had gathercd ta
witness tlio demonstration in honor of w*_a?t-fl*
tons l.irthd.iy. Tlio -_*M_ R?? f?f the piore-simi
1o move fr?ni the cast side of the Capitol had jnst
bc.-n fired, and Ihe Sons of Velerans Dmni Corps
?with marhal mu?-i<*. were ____ alons Hifb-ft on
the wesi side of ihe balkUng and dircetly in front
of the secne of the tngedy. The pritu-ipals in
the alTair were Willuun .1. Klliott, Editor and p_*>
prietor of "The Sun.lay Capital.?, and his hrother.
l'atrick J. Klliolt, 00 one side, and Williaiu -
Leverinff, Kditor and pr..prict?>r ol "' [__ Sunda.v
World," and A. C. Cajbonie, tlie city e.litor of the
aame paper, on the other.
The feud that led to the shootin- had its orL'in
ln a rjuarrel l.etween W. .1. Ettlotl and C-borM,
who was fom.erly in the eniploy of Elliotl M
citv editor, jrrowinp ont of hnsiiiess rivalry and
personal feeling in their rclations as enipl".ver and
employe. When Osl.orne lefl Elliotl "s empkv
and enj-asred on a rival new-puper a bitter war
fare was at onee ojiened tbrough the n.liinins of
the respcrtivc newspapcrs, Klliott belng the as
pressor. W. P. I.ev,riu_ was arnised by "Uie,
CapitaP of hirinc and publishins a nval paper
on the pro.eeds of a housc of ill
repute, rtin hy hitnself and a ?*/_-_-_ wTiom. it
?araa a__t_ed, he had ruined, a*n| hia
ciiy editor, Oaborne, was char_ed in phin terma
with heinp a thief and a hhckniaiW. Thla artlelc
ap|>eared one week BgO, and ycs'erduy l>*v.'nn.;
nnd Oaborne retaliated through "The world.
They ?__*_-)- that Elliott'f-atory was parl of a
eonspira.-y to min a hii-iness lival. and they
bo_BtC- oi immoral r4.h_.__ with fema!e mem?
bers of Ellioil's family.
IV.ih arti.les were <.f the most i.iiter peraonal
charader. and tbe oceurrence ol to-day waa nol
une\i>ect?'d. Ai ihe boor atated both of tl,.*
Elliotts. leavily armed. walked south on High-et.,
and rauclii rdght "f Oaborne, who atood in front
of a hai atore. Tbe atreel was awanning with
peop!e benl on a day of pleaaure and eight-aeeing.
The Elliwtls pulkd theil revolvers, Willlam .1.
?.ing the ftral 1'. Bre. The lire was returned
l.y osl'orne, and a Kgular fuaikde followed. not
less than lourteen bulleta belng sent whiziing into
the erowd. Al the lirst report th,' thmiii. h.irged
tovrard the men, bul _Mtt D_-_e_1 thein in a
niorocnt realized what a deadly ti.ht was in pr"-'
ress, and attempted to reir,o e their stei*. S<> df-nse
?was the erowd that tbeae in advanre were he-B-ied
in, as if surro,inded l.y a alone wall. A clrele a
few feet in diameter was fi.rmed, and in the een
tre the Efflotta Btood and fired, while <?shorne on
one side answered every shot. The most intense
exciti-ment prevuiled. Women and children hcinmed
in by the tiirong shrieked, aud stroug meu yeiJed
"Murder.'" iu lusty tones. ___-.??_____,
^uddenIy the erowd p;irted, and F. J. KluoM
atarted _ar__l_ the eent.e of the Rtre4rt, hut soon
turnert and followed (M.orne into thc hat store,
where the two men came ekae toRether. A leirilio
hand to-hand eneonnter took plaee, as the dozen
or more people who had taken shelier in the room
ecramblcd for the rear door. Seveial shot- were
lired in fjuiek sueeeaaion, and Oaborne fell deud
with a l.ullet through the head and another
through the heart. James F-Oplea, the b-B_baU
man, was the only one who failed to e.-cape lroru
the hat 6tore. He was eul off __**?a retrent, and
look slieltcr fn.m tl.e liyin- bulleta
hehind the cotiuicrs. He eaeaped injnry.
Durtcaj tl.e litrl.t in tbe atore W. J. Elliotl held the
erowd at ba** on the outaide until PolieeiD?0 M<
Manary d__-_a*d him. -r.it'' Elliotl was next
oajrtnred by ihe polioeman.
The killed are A. C. Oaborne, eity editor of" Tl e
"World,"' afed thirty-tbree, aingle, and W. L
Hugbea, nged alxly-three, married; be leavea :.
wife in thia city and a married daughter in lin
lalo. .Mr. llnniies reeelved i\m> bulla iiir,,n_li tlie
lne wounded nun.l'cr four, a.s follows: P. J.
Eili'itt, aged tliirty-live, af?Ip wound on the head,
shot through Ihe afni and a alighl wounil in thc
l-ck; John Reeee, lormerly ol the Adjiitant-C.en
eral'a ofHce, ahoi aI.r..,._ . t ?? leit: ti. E Uar.l*n.
? nl itudenl "t H.'tr. i.ie. Knox County, alight
wouri'l in righl knee; (. W. hullivan, ;, '..>
k?.-; .-1-. bliot through the lefl arm junl below ihe
ihoulUei joint. heveraJ othera were sllghtl.
wounded and a numl*r "i people b?d
liiillet holea ii:i".,'-li theii clothea
Tbe moal lamentahle porl ol tbe tracedy la tlie
?purder oi Mr. Ilughea, a ijuiei and inoflcnaive old
iiiiin, who -i ""1 Idgh in the community. VV. J.
Elliotl is the mnn whom ex-Stale Amlitor Kicae
wetter abol al ln a holel tn the f.-,ll .,i i--.. on
account ol ]x-rs,m..l a__ulta through the formera
puper. XV. I". Lerering hohla an nppointmenl aa
Deputj State (,il Inapeetor under IJovernor Camn
beli'a Adminiatration, and P. ?' Elliotl i- auper
Intendenl of the Siaie Free ..mployinenl Agency
in Columbua. There is gre-1 indignation amons
the people t-vnigbt, im eonatdei-ble talk ol
rynehing i.s beard.
In the Senate thia afternoon Mr ( .,!?? lnt*mouce_
a hill whlch waa aiig^eated by the atTray to-<lay.
li prcvide- tbal any eititor. proprietor. owner ;>r
eorreapondent who puhllahe-, or iwr.?n.- to he
p,ii,!,-!,cil any attack np"" the private cl__racU'i
cf a,,-. c.ti/en wiil. Intenl t" Injuir hia tredit or
itandm. in public. or t,. public y cfiiTrge any eitl
aen with unlawful practicea in pn-;";: onam
ihall be deemed guiltj ol n felony and hno.l i.?i
less ihan *i """ nnd confined in tl.e penitentlarj
nor le*s ihari one year <,r botb at the divielion
cf the curt.
_-? ?
Trenton. N. J.. ??*. ? Tl.e M Vrieran IfOW Jeraey
Caralrr held its flrnt tra*_nk_ lO-M in tba l**OtrM ?t
Pnn - i; A. B. Abonl i'"> aaeaBbefi were preaenl.
Tho Mtowlni ofn.c- aran alae-ai: i-n-iden. Urala
Rai.ieci ; Mirctan- and tieaanrer, Alphona*) S. Illll, of
rrwton; vir.-pr'-Mde.t.t. Colonel *_aea Kn.-fe: Uea
lfr,at,t-r.,|'.neN Vork and Klt.l.'-r. and W?**'
Vr*m. Aft.-r tlio d'v'i"i. Ihe rvroltV l';;'''^'k "' Jl
BBloptuoii-, rtpa-t BMl lat-r M h'M a .amp flre.
-__t_r_. Mc -aat. f3.-Abo_t 4:1- tbh mornlna
a kage a-teor. app-wotly __?! Uw ??? "f ?' ""
BHon, WM .-ive.! ... tl.e -kv II bni*-l wltli I -'""I
Nforl (,..(.,? uui vlllage, bhudnii fi-gnienl icattering in
eve.v dlreetton llouaftiwere ihalieD-alfby Hneartn
rjaakc ani ii.indr -ii-i.f p oplewere awakened from -i"-'p
tj thc ..,:,( ii- -I..U wl'' li i.-w: l.l:,!'.! f"'' ?"'"'"
BkM-eiiU. loundln* l_w heav) rolllng <u""?Z',Lot
?'" "..tm. ^,,1'ii.i.- -.?'?.?iivi u-e ?*,. manv ?-*??? oa
TBE ll.l.lX018 8EX ITOXBBIP.
Sprm.'i, |.|. IU., P-b. -'??? Fea in' nili.'is of tlie l.e^'i
-_re i.-ii i tarne- to the rltj thli n-orni"*!' '''
?Oli.t A :?' Ij (.:.(? I..II"! WM __en iv-nltn I ;!
JoiioM-: PaUaer, n; litreeter, 4; Ogle-by, t; Baj on.
I____el|__, ]-;.. -?". ii" Bapreaae OoaH a_-daj
kandiHi d,.-.vn ;, ri-. laion tbal plgaon ai-atlna i- ""<
rrnclty to ___?__-, UlOfl r*9T*ai-ng thc decl-ion "f
hAftr Yarfeea, of Bneka Conarty. This was B*_-fl ;.
*B\ '"ase hy tho l'lilladclptil.-i <iun Cmm.
tiii: uiviu OFBX n> BEWBVEQ,
-B*4-__rg, N. V.. K'-l.. M (Spei Inii.--.Viiviialion is
?p*"i hetweea New Vork and Itewbafg. Tbe rt___ner
Horwr BaaartrjIJ. Whlek left New York at ?> H_a tftt
J"l". airlv.d Ii.-if- ni ?>:'.() ln alnio-t us good time wlih
?*-*_igs as la mid-uuiiner.
l-lU'.i: TBADE, HE IHIHH8, ?.VHATF.vr._t THE RE
London, F-b. 23.?The fiist, of a series of arti
.,rs publiahed in "Tlie Daily Gimphk" Dpoo tln*
Canadiaa crlais, and wiitten 1 y thc Marquia al
l.iinic. appeared Ui-day. Amung othes tbinga Um
Maruuia s.i.vs' *Th8 anncxalioiiiM BeaN is a use.
ful lesson, liriiijx'inir lionic to our minds ibe faet
that tlie colomes ;:rc pnciically in.Upot.dorit na
timis. 'Hiis is a wliolcsiini.' Ihinj; for ihe pulili,.
to be roininile'l ol. .No compar son is poaalble be?
tween ihe colomes a:.d Ireland.'' The Maiqui*.
lidiciiles tbe ideii that ('annda dcMics lo barter her
politieal indejiendence "lor tlie coTirninent of tlie
Sturs and Stripes.''
?? Tbe Daily Orapbie" to-morrow will publish
the Ifarqoia of Lome's aeoond aatirle on Canada.
ln this artiide the .Marquis will _8J : " Free trade,
whatever tbe rcsult of the roniinj; election in
(hnada may *>, 'ia impoajsil.hv All pmssible
ebange ol (Jovcrtiment, so far rus Greal Brit.iin is
roncerned, will mean eitlier a few i>er eent de
mcaan ln tbe tariff, or, if Canada .joins thu I'nitel
States in a zollverein, an iiurciise of tariff in
eonjiiiiclion with tlie l.niteil Slates ajjainst (ireaf
1-rit.-.iti." 1__ Ifarqoia oonteodi that an Inerease
I in tbe Canadiaa t.-.nff is to be expeeted, and is
i not iindutiful in a country derdoping great I*
i sourecs. Canada. tbe Marquis aaaerta, would never
{ iie sitislied with Anieriian Ix.vernnicnt, and he
ulaaara tbe t-alk aboul anaexation as abaurd.
! Referring to the reciproclty queetion, tbe Marqula
! of Lorne eayn that the reclproeity that (*anada
favora is like that negotiated by Cobden hetween
Eocland an.l Franee,"
ln eoncltision, he adds: " If tlie 1'nite.l StatM
wanl. more, they an.l Canada niusi l>e rontenl to
wait untii the engulfing policy ol Mr. Blaine haa
run it.s course, lilsi* other delnsiona. Sn lons aa
(ireat Hntam retualna true, Canada will remain
Montreal, Feb. 28.?II li ttated oo tne beal a-tborltji
tbal tbe prietta ..f the Provlnce .>f Quebec have re
reived ronfldentlal Inatructlont lo nte all their In
tiii-n.'.' t" -.'.iiis- vlctory f"r sir John MardonaM In
the presenl election ronteeL The Church i- naturallj
oppoaed to any policy lhal trlll leid to pcater Inter
roorae between the L'nltod btatea and ratiada, at II
tcara a dlminutlon "f it- power fr.>m turh an ara u ?
ment The bUliops and prlosti ronalder II to tltetr
lutcrest* to Inrulrato In tne cltltens the necesalty ..f
??t.indliis. I.v tii.- -lain- <|iio aud of lefualUg t" ._ii.ln.ii
any policy ol Increaaed Intereourae.
Dublln, Feb. 83.?A proceaaion oi teveral thoutand
petvons ni.t Mr. Parnell opon Iii- arrfval In Btrobea
town to-day, Mr. Parnell made a tpeech a-bich wai
a virtual repetttiofi "f th" remarta whlch be nade ye
te-diiy. in tlie evi'tnuc Iie w. nt to Longford. He
mct with a cordlal receptlon on the wajr, aud alao when
be rearhrd -t i.-? town, where be dellvared anotber ad
dic--. Mr. Parnell baa made errangetaenta to apeah
in Iriabtown on Aprll 19, tbe annlvertary af tbe meel
ine whieh be oddreated there In I87?. On thlt occa
-in'i he ''Hl UBlUli n National League banriT. II"
will n.ntinue his tour ln Jaao. tlalttag Mago hp*1
Tlie MeC-T-h]1t8l todny heM a. meetinK In Lnndoii
derry whlrli took tlie form ol 8 gathcrlne of a branrh
.,/ tn. N_tiom-l tjetxtnirj. me Psrneil bnineti waa
formallv rti^^olred, aod wat tlifn r?eon4tltiited a- a
braaeh ol tti* National lertemtl-m. W0-itl_ll8 -rere
j.a--e<l i?aadeaaaBBi the aetioris of Mr. P_.riic!l ami Mr
Mr. Dillim and Mr. O'liriei, have b88B -teailllv fail
lnu sinm their Impriaonmenl hagaa, and both ar.- now
In tbe intlrniary Bttacbed to lh<- pri?..,7i. Mr. DHkM) I
brohen in healtb. Mr. O'Brlen is al-n sufTerlnc ron
tlderabl-r, bul is fmirteen pouada heavier than when he
w:i- laal la Golwa-. Jaii.
Loodon, Feb. 88.- Al a meetlng r.f MeCarthjrltea to
dav. a further pro.e-1 waa latued, declarlna thal Ihey
woald never accepl fiiiio1- from the Engliah Llberala.
x-\rr;ii Farnellltea bave Inlormed the ehalnaan "i
the Batlonal i.eapie iii r.real Brltaln thal ihej i
ni.t take parl In si. Patrick'a Daj .?< l-'i..-iti .u-. :n
,??..?;,?:..? uf the dorltlon id ti.tccatlve, leavtel
.,, ,.... :- .? to ii.-nl wlth the partj dfcputo
? ?
Dublln, Feb. 83.?Arehblahop Wai-ii bat wrltten a
letter, pnhlithed ln the newapapea "t thla elljr, In
whieh he -.i\- thal sis prle U, ra poi dlna Ua an
offli ilMnvltatlon t" aaslil In Ihe Bdmlniatration ol Iha
/.'IiiihI li.ilf.iiir fnaad, Btlended aa meetlni, of Ihe B.I
uiiiil :l lt. h-f Committee iai !:? Imullel, C mnly Baj >.
but, upon I'niiii'.' lhal Ihej would nol be allowed lo
,. ... ,',1 .,,;.;,i ,,,; .,-,; of th" fllMribul on. tn- J wltb
,,',,.w. xhc .rchlilslmp idda lhat Ihe amo actfou wUl
be tak-'ii by prle-1 - ln oth? dMrli ta.
FUOITIVI - rii'.M "-v \N UIOS \'s
! OIW :. ' M'l L'lU D _
London, Feb. 83. The lloo i oi f!ommona La-nlRhl
weni i'lt.i committee on tbe Army e Umatet. Ur.
Labouehcre moved a redncMon ol the Army, embody
,,._. ,., ih,- uMii.rii a provUlon for tbe evacaallon "i
sir Jamea Ferguaaon, Under Forelgn Beeretary, re
peated In e>tall the ttatement he made In reply t" Mr.
Mm ley'a qm ttlon early In tl"' day. ll<' decllned to n*.
;, .iii" f..r tbe iva.iiatK.ii <>f Bgypt He would only
.av that the Engliah woaM wltbdraw aa aoon :? ? | md
Government wa- a-.ur.-d nuii oo danger ?. forelgn
oeeapattou renaalned.
Mr. MortoJ BaM that he feireil that lh<- l.oiernim-nl
were relapaJns Into their oid pottry. The Bdvance
inii the Boudan w.uld mala neeeaaary _not__?r ?<i
vance oi the Brltlah troopa. lle armtared to pre
<lj. t that thi- wiirni.i- iv.-iihl be Ju-tltl-.l before l"ii_.
He had no deali. to hamper Lord Hallatmry. pobcy,
a., he wa- im-.il.' ..f lt- <i.m. alty : bal Bngland araa
playlng a bed parl befora Btuope, by biaahlng ber
Mr. Staahope, ln a hrief rejolnder, *M be Ibongbl
th.- fa<! Ihnt Uw-re were onlv :i.fKK) tr."J.- BOW ln
Bgypt, againal 10400 when theGovomuMUl eame Into
?ni.-<-. wiis -nfliii-ni i-i""' "' Bogtoad'a Intenttona.
Mi. Laboarhere'a aaotlon taaa rejeeted I8i lo ?'?-?
s.uaklm. Feb. --'l. A (1i-i>anli fnun Afeflte savs thal
th.. eavalry oarertooh many ol tbe iervlabea who
eeeapea* ln tbe reeanl n^Jit. and that Ibe lattor tar
rendered. Biimbera of wonnded dropped i.v the road
Mde. The Bhelln ol rn.r-t of the tifbea have taenl
lo.t i- begglni i':ird..n fnr Oaaun Digoa and hi- few
? ? ?*?
st. Jol.ii -. N. r. Fob. ^:i p-pertal). Tbe tioverna
rceeived tbe Bddte_ of tbe Houee Ol Aaaombll B day.
ln bl ar-jily I," lOOh eVr..1i.,n 10 Ihe nf.'ii'in'? ln Ihe
addreaa i. tha trade eonventfcwi wlUi tlae I'nltcd
'-.'.I,... and tald i'i.i! aa-hen Lord Eiw.tahHd'a .li
,,,,?!:,.. whieh were er.mlna by mail. w.-re l,.:f.-r.: tl,"
. -kataarc tlae ll"ii.i A?uii'l'- """I'1 '" '' "'"
liictr .- -ti. iu-..:.- aul dodi I'.i'ii- had been erroneout.
ri-H'iAi; in A i.i'.'.isi.ATlVK HALL
IVatb, Feb. 83. During a tpeech by Herr BslbHCri.
Mr i ter "f .lu-ii"'- in '||P lower bouae "f t1"' "?"' I '
gay, a tamnlt aroae v\w< h the Piaaldenl waa nnaWe t.i
quell. The Bproar eontlnaei aatll Herr WTekerle,
Minl-I'T Of Kliiaii..-. aio-c and stiii'.l lli.it. Bnle
?,.'..,- wat malntalned Uw CaWnel wouM BjalgB. AtUsr
_r_iti tbe CUblnel and Ihe PreaMeal of Uie l rwar bouae
.?V.nfern-d IWPiher and the hou- W8a eOUVOBH f"r 8
j.iivaio aaatfen.
j i-riiii, Feb. fS^oenetal Boetb, af tlie Balvatlon
\,,?v addreaaed ? meettni .-i i.?hmi peraona ol thia
mJddlO <li- I" ""s ,|,V ""1:,v- "" ""'' H'"' ' "'"
recepUon ln hlt apeeeh he eemptebted thal Um
ooilre would not allow him to have a praeeatlM la
the Itreeta of Hcrlln. Il? sahl he found laBa povgrtf
aud druiiheianeta ln Ucrmauj tl(an ln tegland. Ha
meant lo baIM ? Balvatton Hall In Berlln, and. thoagfc
ti.e (ini., iie- were bo-tl? to him, io- araa not aaa.
?EB BTRATAOEN "*OR l'.l.irin \n Rl ***0*a*l???"
I'.iii-. Peb, _:t.- Tbe Empre--. Prcnerlck took l.mdicon
V'-l-idiiv Wttk ll'C Uii"!. de TuettCr, tlie liiiviiiLin
Charga 'te Affalrea, at wttaae honae *he aaet tl.e Haa.
wi,.:daw ReM, Ibe Unlted Btatea Mlnlater, un,i Mrs.
Kt'irt. nnd I/,rd Lytton, the Brtli.-li Amb_r-a_or, aml
Lady Lytton,
The I'refect of the Selne. M. I'ouhcll*. ha* Infnrmed
Ooanl v,,n Hunater, the Oerman Ambasaa-_r, in repty
t<> a eommunlcaUon recerrei from tbe latter in rc.:,r<i
to tl? poaalbly orer-sealoaa attentlon whirii tho
Bmpreai has reeerred fmm fiie Firmtk r**
pottera, ti.nt ti.e Picfed i- -na-le to inw
f'-re wttk tbeae ropiaaen_atlyea >>f the preae.
Thc oflleials of Ihc i.crruati Kmha--y _ec_e*1 10 supplv
the prc, *.vitii a tttori o_ tbe __preii. at?trementa
durlnc her stay in Rarla. ltnt. this reeortl keJng _f
a nieajjre and dry deacrlptlOR, many t^poricr- -llll fnl
low Ihe Irnpi-rial vi- lor aa -he triivet- almiit thla "Ity.
The rf-Mi! ii iii.it __***taaa FYeierl-k in-. reaorte. to
v.rio.is etpedlenta, aaek a< leavlnp. the liertnan Km
baaay t>?- an e_t| opentag apon Ihe ttreef a| tha badi
of tliat kaf-Hag and proeeedIng on foot t>> l.cr carr.;.'-?",
wblcb had beea prevtoaaly Mven lo Borne mnvenlcnt,
?pot in tho attempt to ihake (,rf the newepaper aaaa
hoverinK ahoiit ihe Kmia--v. Preqaentl*' tlu* __r**feaa
and her daiichter. the Prloeaaa __rgaret, trlva in -??
ferenl ib*ee-lona, la eeier lo create a il**f**4toa *mi
heullder the Journallstle forcel" bal tl.e lalfer niiiiia-*)
to lieep pretty rIos?lv ,.n the tf-ll of tlie Empre-.*, Bj
sjille of ber efforta to k.-cp away from them.
Then- waa a rnni'.r , ir, i.Ut.sl Iit ni.lit to tlie effeel
that the two Inillo*, now thc eeatl*. of Intcrest In PBT -.
\(.r-re to ba preaenl al tbe __moereaa ooneert. Conae
(incTitiy a ereat erowd coHoetodln and near the aoneerl
hall: hul ihe rmpiraa ar? ber -aagftter_M not appear.
Two tii'rnjaiis. boworer. ?,nK Hocaii and Wagn*t
dneta in nerman, a __ar___a proeeedlog befora
tlu- i-'reneh pablle. The aantleaee, af.T h__l
tating for a f.-w B_Omenta, a> If iiiidc id'''l
whether lo his- (,r applaod, lo?denlj bar-t
ont Into vortferoai apptaaae. There ran be no doabl
that tl.e r_npreaa*? vlall lo l-rii haa been prodnctlva
here of a min ti better feeling towardi Oermany.
i.Hto thla afternoon lt ?.,* annoanced tbal Brnpreai
Frederirh and her danahter wonld remaln ln Ihl*, ritjr
until i-i i.i. iy. The ea Empre? is ao p_a__d wlth ber
rlaII thal -ii'- haa deelded t?. prolonf her atay f:n
beyood ii,- time orlainally tlxeA. Tha Imperlal
rlaltoD. wenl i" Versallre* t-wlay, and thoroagblf en
Joyed thelr Inapei ri"ii of Uie I'.il .? ???
l/.r,i i.\ tl m. i'. i Itlah Amba ~ador, ga**. i
,|ii-t (i.i- evenlnc In honor of l".\ Empre*** Prederl k.
i i Von Mt.nr.ter, Uie German .mbaa*ad_f, wai
.-,:ii? ni_r the i-ii" " i.
Umdon, l - h. ?-?'.. \ dlapateh from Parl? lo '' '
Tiii."-.'" pnMUhed today. ->u that lha prlnrlpal
ii,"Uvi' for il.- Empre - Prederlek'a vlall t" Pai
th- settlemeut "f ? -." ? lenlI* ?! to h
the ln.':..-- ...iii.'ii. I., leeaey, Bieordlna t-- "The
,:?:?. , ... , ,.! ?? - ,,,,? ;?!- t ?
? ? refunilslilnp :,i .1 t" the ?'?? t itlim il the I
ol Konlfctcln, d awltif* l.eavilj amn **r**neh art "?>!
I..-,.',, in the ? irrylna oni nf rm- la k. Tlw Eni
Iit--v v...v to !':?? i i .'li capital h h-l'l t" be pro f
,,t ber eomp?te reeoni-lliatlon aith Emperor Wllllam.
PR] Tl M'l '".? R Ull1-! DRfSEVlTI H
Belgrade, Feb. 23. I n u lfe?to hai been Ir-med by
llie part*1 "f lh? I',v, ader Karageora vltrh, who aa
plraa to the Senian thrme. Tldi manlfe lo eall? .;;'"?.
the jt- .|i.- t,. : ?? an i ?'? ?? lin a i I'olntloo to
iiiiii the Obrenorttrh dyna?ly, and, Ineldentally, lo
1,1,." I'i.'..- K in>-. ..: ?' i i', li ii|. ?:, tli" t!:r,',,e. T'l ?
people, howearer, im'.'* nol reaponded r.. ti ? appeal.
riie troopi forming the aani "1" ar*' ***?*
tirj'-d io banaek . I lor an eawrgeocy.
Th<* n-uinjt of Priaea Ka_a__aa_awftch- manif*?to
would "-vm to ronflnn tho rumpra lat.-lv spread. ln
r???an1 to tlm hfalth Of Klnr Aleiander. ?_? waa
reii.yKeiited a< _*lna'lll wltJi a tfta?B? dlae-.??. No
wondnr tkaf t_Ha po'f hov ?f fnarteen, nhi h,, tie.n
dcpnv.ii. bf p'.iitii ii intrtgnea, ??' the preaenee . t
(?nn. ,f bla raa?ber, and who ipend* bla llfe ln ii.<?
jfl'-omy soiitiid- "f kta fiehrr-de K-.'.nk. ..r pnlirp.
?taMM hiu" f-iii.-Ti 111. iii- father, tho _4 i d
llrentioaa Kinc Mli-:. abdlratrd Nareh. l--o.
tiarnitic ?s .,:?'? of i.i-. rondH ima f .r - llll. _|. .-,!,,? '!?.'
Ing lha eaerelee ?', orereia I ahlrk had
nud^ Iiit'i ^,. ii"|,"|uiiar. thal hl- wife, Queen "latn ?
-ti- uM not be BUowed t,. ??? bei io.i more than Iwira
a montk. Th- youna ' ? I rly ln
rharge of Ibe three Roj ?! i>:--" r ,! Sei
i ,ii. ba. ?? rt. rllned I i Irengl i I ith mentalt] i A
jiir. ileall). lie la the r, f that fM
bOQM of ( ,..::: .\ it. ',. v. !,.?- ? :.> . ? -T< r. tli
Ml< i,-i. iii.i ri,- ronndatlon ol ">ervl_n
i ? ? lenre of the Tnrk?. *~-i vi, had i- <*n . uie '
hy the famil. ??! Kn ,.??":.-.?. and the d" ,??? ' Jealon?y
. ? ? i ? . preva '"I bei aeen the d< rendi I of Ihe
? ?. Iteh and 1 ... i'l 'tr.-r.
,i!\ alni- i.n . f '? tith a
d incrhti i- ? f tbe *?;????
hai - tl," .upp ? ? ? '. l.v la, ?' ?
i I ul n rn: | |m I Illll
Q'.I'S ,i .">. ' ,'< ? |
Bl t';" . :: ? ? ? ,| l,T"l' I . I
sl.'.tii'i . ? \ enihlj. , 'i ? ? ? i ' it
inenl. a hli li ptw I rith <ii?!
(...\, , ? ? ' ? th.- |
l ha I IV ? ' i
aml M.I ' ?,.,.., || :.
v lilrli ?? . pul . ?:. lt | md bm li
1!:.-:' ,,,,:.? ll, ii ? :: um.1 ,'. ?? n,:.,." | I, '111 itl
lowlv !?? | lie I I ha.
' i: ? uli led , l Ihat h . il, I irlteh, -l.niil'1 ,
i, ,\', i . ui ii :i mai :
? ?
tiii; jfonwi r,i w cabiset resio!***..
A 1,1 ni RAL MOTlOS "i , l \^i ni. M.ni'Tl.li I'.Y
rhriallanla Feh 23. i he Nnrwer?in Pablnel '
renicned. the Klorthlna iw,-,.- adoptnl, r.v ,-. \..t.- ,'
:,'.> lo ',.'.. a l.v-! il i.i'.tl ni renxurlns Ihe dlploi i
a*ran'*ement4 if Ihe Oovernment. Tlie Lloeral. de
manded areater Independenee for Nonrij in the forelcn
j... 11 ? - -. of Kraiutlnavla. The fJovernment oppo ,| II ?
demand, ott th?- Rroand lhai II wonld teml to tho di< |
nol..tion of ti*- nnlon witd nweden.
? ? ?
DBATII "I" A M".\\" "I'diKl'i: AT VoNTK CARLO.
Parl , Feb. 23. I?ah Danzlg, nf !?ew Vork, dled rd
apoplexy ai the f*a Ino al Monte f'nrlo. III aidow,
who wai -tivin.- ;ii [Clee, ha rlalmed Ihe body, whieh
will I- laken t ? the I'nlted Btal for bnrlal. Mr.
Ilm,/.:- waa in the mt nt removlnn hli overroal In the
unl.' i-'Kitu of thc r*aslno where he *r,v aetaed with the
attark, and he dled rirnosl Initantly. Tha offirlaN
lo'ik po -e--i,iii of the body und had ii tranaferred
to ti,<- boapital, rontrary t,> thelr aet?n ln prorlooa
deatk . ' 'ii' rly ta ea of icle?e, whieh have oeearred
,it Monte Cailo. Thc C?BlttO au'li .r,t - have _hoW
themaelvwi anxloai lo i* of avi-t:,,,," t>. Ur, Dan-lg'i
Mr. Daii^i!; wa*. rVannerty ? memhet of thc Hrm ol
ll. Danalg 4 Co., eloakmakera, (.f No. it. Ittroadwa**.
ll.- wai ilm elghl jrear* nM. He eataUlaked the honae
ln 1-t:;, .-ijhI ;i few yeara ago retired from ii aith a
bandaome fortnne, tli* baxlneaa m.n- t^in. eondaeted
i,v ln- ivlati\e'. f>f late be had apenl all i,i- Ume
in travelIlng, aeenmpanied hy bla alfe; and he had
no pcrmniiciit home In thla rtty. The membera <>f ti.e
I,,,, ?.. t i.i.r. -,,ii lhai Mr, r*anab**? health bad been
|ood; iu' added lha: hl phyi*lrl_i Iwd -"...? Ume aga
uiii-iKi luai thal ha ralahl dle of apoplexj.
? ?
.ri:\ T'i aroRK FOR lil'.i II'I.'"' ITT.
?avana, Feb. aa.?The rbaaiber ol Oommeire met ta
.i,\ in v "? .il i'- embly allh the i".i ' * "' '?'
Uoti, (be Ugar Mannfaetarera' I'alon, il." Impoftcra'
Leafrne and n.tker orrmnl-alion tbal were rep
resenied In Ihe deleaailo? - rd i" Spaln lo demand i
rcvi-ion of the preaenl aj tem of laiatlon aad Ihe
negiitlaUon ol a Ireatj of ? | ?? Itj aith Ihe I nlted
-,.,,,.. Tha deleaate ot the l hamber nf Coaroerce re
rounted hl- efforU to obtaln the de Ired rone.
ti,.. chambar th. n eol -<i lo approre all thal he bad
,.?,,.. in the nn.ti-r, appointed blm and i.\. fellow.
deleaatea bonormrj nemb. ra cf ti,.,t botly, ana aaaolved
to form a propa(?ndl>d rommlttee, compeaed ?,f rep
re-en-atirea of all Ihe aaao. latlana.
- ? -
i,,i:d RAKDOLPH AM? m LAI10R PftOflLTM.
London, F??, 83.?Lord Ifandolpfc L'karrklll I
ireaalng b meetlng "I bla ?sonatltueau at -oatk l_l
dlugton urged thal the CHlvernaaenl _bou_ ba m?ro
tympath-tlc ii, .' _kor poMey. ll" abo r_M ih.it ha
favored thc fouodlng "f stat.- _c_*r?_ "f .rbltnttoa.
lt i- reported thal U*rd Bandolak wlll soou aU-rt ou a
four tit live iiiouU-' tv_ ol -Iai_o_a__i_,
THlULr.i.vr, xAnr.ATivi; or nr.sT MAT1 baiv
San Fianrisi'u, Feb. 23.?Tbe lOM of live. by
llie \vre.-Uii_: of the elipper sliip Elisabeth oll'
North Head Saturday nlght is now eetimated al
niaeteen, ineluding Captaln Henry, of the local
life-savin_: __rviee. F.levi'ti persons. ineluding tbe
wlle and ehildren of Captaln Coleord, of the Ellsa
[ I'cth, were aaved. (harles Barelay. lirst mate of
the wreeked ahlp, who with four others Bueeeeded
i" Boattng aabore yeatenlay, _aya tlut after tlie
< ?? pi.iiTis family had lieen plaeed al'oanl tlie tug
Rettanee on Saturday every effort was redoubled
t? isave the sliip froin inipendinjr dooUL Captaln
Coleord, aald the mate, araa badljf nnit in thc after?
noon by bcim.' tbrown a?ainst a capstan, and was
nnal.le to move ex.ept witli ^reat piiti, l"it he
hcroienlly refuse.l to be sent ashore and prot^sfe.l
tlaat he .lesircl to stay by tbe ship. Tlie angry
aea aad |ale were wbat tha heipiess ship bad to
enciinti'i, and tbougb witiiin canni.n-sli'.t of port
slie met. her fate on tlie ra^'ced roelcs on which
tlie eombined foroes of the clemciit. threw hor.
Several tllga eame up and attnipled BUOOOr, but
their tow lincs either fell short of tlie deeks or
were broken like thieada.
"We 'lnft.'.l to the leeward all Ihe time,'' said
the mate. ??* ordered n Ufeboat re.id.v fnr htinch
iriK when the ship struek the ro. li, and then went
aft and ri'i, ueeted tbe captaln to eome with ua, m
it was i'1-rt.iin death t<- retaalr by the ship any
lon.'.'er. as slie was beiiiir pjiitalcd to pieccs. Tb.
Captaln repli.-.l:
" 'Save v.uirself, Barelay. Fni crippied and will
only hamper you.' "
Barelay aaid be took the captaln v,y the nrm and
itarted i . lead him forward, wh.n the heavj seas
waabeal the latter from l.i. gr-t-p. Hiraiay agaln
goi hold nf him, nnd aakiated by one ol tln* erew,
ktrugglH through tln- tremendmii se.is aweeping
iiv.T the 'ii' x. A aailor auddenly exclaimed that
tln- captaln was Jea I, and Birclny taw thal tucb
wma thi- .- mv lli- wi-ni forward aul found thlrteen
of the 't'"\\ had launch<vl tl'' lifeboat ancl were
rndravorinj- t" keep near ihe t_ip to lender all
poaubh '???. lle hi h wnula and wave* aoon
drove t ici.l ..i -..'nt liarcl ay end eight men
remained on tlae veaael The maintopgallaBl
in,si wenl hy the hoard. Tlae mi_-en-ma?l fell
with a ?! i?li and waa aoon followed hy the fore
lop-maal The veaael waa raiaed hign "ii Ihe
wavea and fell upon the rocke, where ihe hroke
n-iii: lor. Uan lay and f >ur companiona tl
i led ? iv.--. for a long time, but were
' llnallv carried aslrorr; three ..f the men remained
| in tlae wreckage and were ilrownetf
Tlie ti.iiiies ol il.i's.' aoved witli llarc! were
I". i.i.-fi b .M, Lewia Mnri-.y. ( .irl LclTerl and C.
AdliT, teamen. The life-aoving crew, which bad
i.l march fi urteen milea acroaa ' e
hillt i..'. nl them bcinj cared Ior hy I'ortugueae
I,,.. i. ,? ? i. ? . n aeamen, which lefl
the Kli/ I'li'tn before - ?? hroke up, waa over
ii:ned h : .? wavea ami only four "i ita
? i Ihe jial "f atirvivore -? far aa
.. . , ?:,;,,;,-, Mrs i ,,:,.,ri. i .? raptain'a
t ,,-ir aon ind l ' laiel Mate Barelay,
I Jamea I ken, the wheelman. and s:\ aeamen.
i . |,i , ?? ' ird, Se ? : i ifl ?? l'?"? 'lei i ? Will
i.nu l:."iiii..iid and Kdwanl Miles, ' atewaina;
i arpentcr Smith, twelvc aeamen and tbe Chineae
c.i.U were drowned.
II.,. body "f I'aptaln Henry, of the life-saviiif.
eeryice, wno wae traihed ovnrboard from the
laffShnat, Im. lieon found. nnd a body believct to
1 iv that i-f Caatota i olcord b88 l>cen plekci up
'Ihe ve*_el. whi-h w_.?. from KfW-York with a
oargo ol ..'ii'-r 1 merehnndiae eouaigned to will
. ,__ liimond a i " ??' f! le r''' ? n;"i oarned by
ren.llei.in _ I ". "f N'ew-York, nmi wxs
\ i| .,'.| ,,t aboul s'i'..'""' I bc eargo was volue.l
;,t si .?',,. I ? i Ini .ru.i'i- on the lnill
in ti.i- rity. bul the eargo was inaured in severnl
inaairanee eompavnlea, repreaented In thc Cnlifornia
and the Atlanlle Miitual of New Vork. Thc
amounl of insurance ia n preaeni unknuwn.
Al.l'.l \I'V l'"M ?
Clnclnnall, Peb. _*1 I ' lo riae al
nb?n1 ? - ' iai li nar th-- II ei_aomeler I u 4 .a
i_i, tlae ? ? '? "dtli Ibe ? l!??' f" "'
i , MHith. OUpnl i"- t ? ' M;""
i ..! .. Ulple. ...!:?? - ' I Inch
i i -ii lllplej i , ?.' at] rn.:. - from l
\t if ,?. -i., ix, ? i.i- rlsen two f.- ?
I . ..... i ine .'..'i v-.i;h
ill , f ? ? i . EvnnM'illr, U
(?vri-lovrrd. A realo 'v,': l) >?"' '*
I .,,;, nvo i ? t.-'i mile aide. to Uie - tutli
... , ,,. j, (,..-, imi.. i ill iiv-itl.."...t. In this
,. i ,, ,,, . -.: i- ttttj. flvc fii t ?
? .. | ,-,.??.-?-.
I ? . . , ,? |,i ?.. |.. ii ir'it nn- '.'
? ??,.,. ? ii ii ill. il -- liefi
. .iii,ii.' : ,!;? :i.u-v . II niHV li'.i - I - ll" Iie.
re ol mln. will nrtualn
: ni"ri 'i v IIM ln n. ii
I .i .. .ui.. W. 1 i . I'eb. _::? The wor-l nl
fln .! i ? hm i,vei i ? Na Mi'-u i ? " f .-I nnd
I.i to im.:! .ii will ' i eded from the in-in.- -
?i tin',- . f iiac > i'i. Rlvi :?!?? i '.ll Inuod iled, u I
f.-_ fan il;.-. aill be all ? ta rctttrai to their laonaes foi
i?., u ? i, . i . iffei i ? i" I ... '' ired for. fhe
1..-- Ua iii" i:iii.-i..iii- i rreat. All of them are badlj
irippled, and ln ao. i ?- - N will take aeveral arecka'
work lo repji Ih. ?'? ? Xn malli have lefl
Marietta for flvo daj , Tl* p dolBce waa flooded half
b n in the |op ..f il;.' irtt. r I ..\e-. imi th ? newipapci
idMi-e had f.? f "f nf water In them. In the ohio
Valle. i".i i.?-. than i'./'"" men ii:i\'* been thrown
oul of enaplo. ment, Thli will entall grenl anfferlng.
\ 11.oliaerver ta ho ha* pn ? aad through the liaundated
.?I t.mnl ?? t'n loa it pt.O0o.O0ii. onlj two
, i ?? nl .ii,,,\iiii,_ .in- reported William Powell, who
I \ il n.-.ii Renwood. .-iiui lini-. W.-i.il--. -ho*. Ii.'in..
mis ,it i,,i,i,, ,,ii ihe Oht'i -i-i- "i the river. Mewa
fii.ni Pn ahontaa roanty tayt tbal manjr people ln
Uw iipiriT paii ..f tlut rountt tre In a -tarving con
iiitim. lt ua. i.-inii l.t - a hilIi! that the AUephcnr
and Mi'ii'.'i.ni,. 11 rlvora will overll.m aaratn, and llul
.in.tii.'i- Bood :i- fteai tk* tlut of laal areck '(ill rlalt
ihi.s elty. lioth rlven are rl-lng rapMly.
DAMAOB TO AKl/'iW i"W\s.
'Hia Bead, au/.. Peb. 23. The tecood tuapen-ton nl
traflk un tha Hoothern PaclB* Raltroai, ln Arlaooa, ta
rurred Batardaj afternoon. The walar from the (Jiia
River overlowcd Ihe traeh al a potnl thirty adlea eaat
of Vnma fnr a dlataaee of Ibur or Bve mUea, eaualni
ronaMerabla daange to tlie railroad ati-l other property.
Miii Rlvor, near Phoealx, roae ten feel In an hour,
.wecplBR away many ndnbe bouaep. A thouaaad peo
pto iu tha valley of Ball River are boaaeleaa. Tbe
iii.ui'ii railroad runnlng Irom MaiVopa t" Phooala is
reported bodl] waahei out. Tha Oolorado River at
Vuma threateni thal plara. A largaa i-ree "f men
an- oii_a_.si hiiiiiiinii gybea to save thc town from
A -mi i-'r.ui. i-i.. ilapateh from Ytuaa, Arla., dated
I'.i.niiin 22, -ii-.- - Yiiiim l< i-nfnvlv BBder water.
The river broke the leraa thla evenlag. ami ?130,000
daigage It alrcady done, "Out' Lee wai drowned ln
i?..i. .m.i ,. large amoual of live ttoch perlshed. The
river i- -nil rlalnjt. and If it rontlnaaes w,ii cntlrely de
ititn tho town. ih.-niiir.ii.t ..itl- ? i ttufcrwater.
? ?. ?
Ill-i.W V R tim IN < 'AI.H'"1''-N'I s
-xiiti rr.im-1-.i... i-i.. 1*3. ln the dWricl between
Umraater and San l.ua, on tla Soutbern Paclflc Une.4,
. -..I i. -iv....,. ifojfl . ?? -ml i.i - An .'I-- over.il wtulwial -
v. in. ii wUl ??! aae toaue BetenUi n ol the tralnt are re
pmi-'i. A iii'i'i-ii-i.' -?'." !"?? !???-' I- reported we_l of
A.t'.n. nnd ..i.f the taaae ii.in-n-i.ni- eaat .f there.
Ilearj ralna have Brevallod throughoul H.e Btate foa
Ihe imt two daya raa?Bf -"''.Inor wathouU on
rallrmda and a tertoua Interruptlon ol elegnipiaie
lonimunletiti'ita Xn -oii.1- amase lo oltier ,.i"i>
erty is regvrted Ui thlt -' ite.
KOBI sN'iw IN THB N"RTl!Wl>r.
st. I'.iai. Peb. 'jii.-Minn.'-'iia ?alfered Irom it- tbird
irtmi tnoo -f.nii iu a a aah real irday. II began taou
in.- ii.-f.r- daybreak aod l.'-pi rl ap Inraa.antl) for m'?s
tii:.:i Dftaen hoora. A heavj wind -t In, whlch
arifted the waeoa roada fail bebwa nlghttalL Tbe rall
waya aafered eonaiderably, rhe toow i- Irom two t<i
Ibrec fect dc(,'_) w Wc-lciu AIii__e--t_ aud P88tt8t_a ul
s.mt'i Dakota, and Earaaara _uy it wtfl put the gronnd iu
line order L3 *pili)R.
DXa-OY-___ in thi: POXD of tiii: CP.AJJSTON'
Trovidenrc, n. I., Feh. 23 rgpeclal).?The urjatary of
the dlaappear-nce of Profeaaor T. Wllling Baneroft on
Deeember 8 la.-t waa cleared ap IO ?iy by the Indtng
of his body in the pon.t "i tba Craoaton Prtnl w-rka
Compaay, aboat four mllea from thla cltjr. Mr. Ban?
eroft waa profeaaor of Bngllak literat-in.- in Brown l'ni
eeralty and had been mbjeel i" apelli of nerroai de
presaion. On Deeember B ba aakea hi- ij?ghter to
taUc a waEk mto the mb-rba wtth him. bat ihe da
rllned an,i t.c weat _-n? aJoae. Me ?n- reeognlaed
by :. boree car eonductor on the Cranaton line and i-*?ie
,,nt io the terminatlon of the roate, teQlng Hh> cojv
diietor that hc had been BJiah- i" -1-**P nlghta and in
tended to a__ aeroaa tbe oonntry to olneyviiie.
Varlotu people aflerward aa? thal they had aaan tha
profeaaor ln other parta of tbe eltj on that day and m
Ka-t ITovid-r,,- ,m UM *0*_OW_g day, hiit evldcutlv
they wera mlrtaken The body waa foand eoaapletely
dressed and baarlng ev-ry evldeme that 1 lie prof?-"i
hnd ptnnged IntO the pond at the brt_ge, tlie only plaee
where Um pond waa free from lee al that Ume. Two
Krenrhni-n nanied ('iilmettc dlSOOrered the boiy ln
the rtiin lee near the kw-hoaaa II aaa rbraad by
Pre-ident Andrews and otbera and fullv Id-ntillcd.
Timothy Whltlng I'.anrroft wa* ahout flfty-three
vears old. He fradoated at Brown _fnlve**-ltr ln IMp.
taght school in Ma_r_ehu_et? a few yeara and ln IBtw
a_ ealled to insiw-n a* thc profeaaor of rhetorlc and
Engll-tl literature llc was a DOOt Of 00 mcui. "r'''T.
anrl also pr-flched ocra-lonnllv and delivered vari'.v
puiiiir B-dreaaea. The rollege authoiitlea will aoon sct
apait u (Uv fur the d-livei-v of a memorial addres*.
I'oiiKhkccpilc. Feb. 2-1 (-ipccl.-n.-rvni* Sw:in and
Robert, E. Taylor, attorncys f,,r Ya<sar Oillece, have
made, a atatement for pnMlcat*?a rela_ve to tba re?
port tbal ii:- f-xeeaUre Committee "f 'i"r Bomrd "f
TniBtooj "f Vaaaar CoUege ha~e a_i*-d to settic wrlh
the ne.it.,f.Uin belra Of John Buy V.i--ar TIk-v *iv :
No (ormnlated propoal-on looking to aeompromlae
ha- been made by any party until la? Katur__y, v. in-u
one wa prepared l.v -:i''li "f Ihe represeniatlve*. "f
tlu- nt'.\t "f i'iin a- have appealed fnmi Ihe Judgmenl
; of the Oenerai Term. Tmi proposltlon haa nol yel
, been -uhmlttcd t?> thc Bzecntive Commlttoe nt the
I rollege, ._r 1*1 if it had been tim eomml?ee haa no
priwcr to art A meetlng of Ih* Board of Tnntees
1 ,,f the rollege waa ealled laat f,H by thal Board for
, Man 1. i nexl wlthoul referenee t" anj ?eh aubject.
; The Roard conalsts nf twentj ni'- meml.>. Inc-lud
!?:_? three women, and im one . in t. li ui,c.'vr the
proposltlon will i- aeeepted, rejeeted "r modlfled at
the meetlng, "i- '.??hat the reaull may I*-.
In manj other partleulars thc publiiihed atafi
_*a . f'i'i of error* lhai lt wonld take too mueh timo
.. rontradlcl them In detail, bul i ii'-y a:v altogether
exeeedlngly rrrlali id
The wlll "f Mr. \.-. ar bequeatlu abont 1650,000
to the rollege. S*ol only hai tl.Ilege nol agreed
i, lettle, bul th- propoaition made by the lawyers
fOr tl.?'.' , Wl !: . '.??!? !.' ' ' I
, thoritlea, puts tlie tlgurea at $120,000.
Denver, Col., Feb. 22.- The murder at sdidii, Col.,
!, ? ,-ii_'*ir. uhi7!i waa followed l.y tii- lynrhlng "f
Ollver Rellly, to-day take. en an entirely dlfl
phaae fn.m thal reported n-t nlght. The tir-: i
vv:i- that Reill* W-4 -' lllllg ' al from ti,- rallroad
, in,>(? when Cond.uetor bullivan ordered him away.
: ,.f .?'.". Ing Rellly -',"? and kllled r-Utra. .. ,i
wa* then lynched i-\ the mob, J i?* - offldal report
reeelved here to-nlghl i- thal Rellly wai in charge "f
il-- . huie .md waa attempting t . dii..ik- '?'? .nlllvan'i
i.i .iu.iv, uiio u ,i ttealing the coal. Sulllvan li.ter
fered and after a war of worda knocked Rellly down
abo Chen p,il!"*l l.i pMol and ihot Sulilian. i -
mob, nol und- ratanding ihe f_ u i:i the i we. altampt A
tn lake Rellly from the ofieers. freveral shota were
? ? ? i ii four men were aounded, one "f ahom waa
Rellly, The prtaoner *? >- fl ??? dragged fialf de?I to ,i
rallroad-eraaalng -l?n and hanged wlthoul -'>
n|iiH.ri.i! lur r.. nj a aord. .\ -borough Lnveatlg___i
vill i?! made .md the perpetratora pnnl-had.
ti. l4B_a, Feh. ?.*:; A dlnpateh fr*>m Arkanaa* ritr,
Kan.. mya: --Thiir?d*y mornlng "Thc Travellcr.' ,-i
daily paper ot thli (ity. aaid that lett-rs had 1'cen re
i<-U"ii from rorigre**m.-i Perklni and other*; 'avimj
that ?tUen i? .:,.- , herokee OuttH roald leciiiiy kotd
ihcir tiomeateada. A- a r-s.iit thou??da ..f p*op|.* h iv
.-.?.? in. .\ rorre poadenl ha* ju-t returned, brii
Informallon thal e\.?r\ qaarter-aertton for rifteen atllea
-utii of th- Kanaaa b infer li oc. npled. Al i!,c loweai
eatlmale IOjOOO lettlei. h:.\c rone In. One earload
of rappllea t"r Ihe rnjopa now ",. th- *vav froni Fort
Kei ? .liiivi ye-terday. uatenHlhlr the boomer folds
i.i- te.il and -'m- for nklahoma, I.i- poinl ol de-tina
Ing the -herokee .'utl-i.''
rharleal n, w. v_, I'eh. 23 (Speelal).?The rom?
mlttee investlgatlng the rliarge "f attempted brlbery
? . |.. :? gale Dyer fleorge \. Iloward.
nf the Am-:'.. ... Book . m,;m \. reported to-day thal
uld .- v-'ri no Innoeenl motlve t> ll ... .-'i for
bul n ?' " .'..'?. h ?:. of tha
? nt .i .! ,:i'.. rel him the I
iit i' .- ..ii- .?:,," .,- i . ? ? . ,f the
a '.I ? I,-1,.??.." It re< d lhai he be eeverelv
i rted by the speahcr: thal Ihe
il ,.. him, md II .. he 1.1 n len d fi- >m r..?tortj
iVBTIfE rilW t VI /. IX r.'"/*'7)1.
Ja,:. oni lie, ll:,.. F<' 2.1 (Sp rl il . rhe l >ng
delayed Irlal of K. M '..---?. "i "? ita, ludlr.ed li. tlie
i ? ?! -. >? . i*ourt for vlolatlon of tlie electlon law.
u',:i" , ipei vi ?,.:? ,.? ' . ? ,. in Marlon
.'(.llllly ||| 1---. VV.I-. -Tl.t-ll t'lllV In ., .liv!..!
.,( tl." Jury and thelr riUrharge lij Judge Kwayne Ar
.. ?? Ume th.' jtir-v -t.-"! ten for rimvlitlon and two
.:. i li. i i ? -r .fi"."" ' ' '
i '.?. - , Itl ? ' ? ?: ' ', '1 t v
.rt that an attempt t(i t.rlhe tho Jurj had hee.i made,
lio attempted it ... dd ? ? e a talned. Ity
piitting ?? n-'.i men" ot. tlte Jurles ihev elertion trial*
,iw iv ? ? uu-- tii-.-. ' aa u .il. greatl) t.> thc j,.v ,,f tho
vor ixspectob BYBXES'a \irnnv
-r. I.oiii-. Feb. 2?. Th ? roroner to.iiv lie? lol n
Weat, a lodging liouse keeper ... N'o. 103 S .rth ?.t
-t., respondble for the death of - Trmy" liyrnea, .. .1 af
uiiit", who earned :. aranty livlng hy peddllng ahoe
hhu-hlng, .?.?'. I'.vrn-- t-ii'i for lu- lodging every i..:l,t
before golng i" hia room. Laal Tueaday a dlspatc
ftroBe between the men. Weel itoting that Ryrnei had
?,,t p.ii.l him. and Ihe form-r, it 1- laM, pu-li-d I'.yrnes
down .i tliiiht of -tiiir-. l.l injiiri,'- reMtltlnc falally.
luiii. . , lalmed to be .. nephew ,.f Inapertor Byrna*, of
Ni'.v Vork,
Inapeetor iiymc- aaid hul nlght that he had no
nephew named -Tony" Byrnea, and did aot knoar "f
-in li a man. _
-siu-rii.-M. Ali.. Feb. 23.-The flr-t ateanter to pa?
with a i'atco Ihroogk kTaaael -lioais Canal raaae lowa
tae Tciiii--".' Rlver yeater_?y from Ckattanooga
Ikroagfa (?> Bha_e_, loaded vviih 200 balea of rottoa.
rhe boal i- tho -teamer R. J. Cole, a rdern-wheel
M.ift of moderate tonnage, rommai?ed hy Paptaln
tl, D. saniii'l. nn "l.l Tenneasee Rlver man. I'jptaln
samuel atated thal n.c trlp through tl,.ne lorka ??'?
thc ranal waa made wlihoul the Laal obatreetkHi or
.1.-1 IV ._
Cfdeago, Feh. 93. -1_e eootraeton f-r gredlngJaek
?oa I'arK iii preparBtton f"r the World'a Palr reaamed
work thia mornlng. Ahout io<i men tree -.'t to di
glng in the ti-"i:, ii--. when i mob "f ?oul ;i,ooo ?iict
gaUiered abont and ordered them ont. The worl;i.
nbeyed al ooea The eonlrarton rilled for pilit-o
proteetlon and a anuad ol hlneroat-i ?oon appeared '-.
ih.. M-ene and rjuper_ed the mob. Work araa then
Chealer, F_in? Feb. S3. A Readlng englne raughl
a party "f young men "i. the Ireatle aork near iinii-y
Ci.h bridge la-t nlght, Two of them escaped by
loaplng tvicut.i ti\e f-ci. allgktlng ankarmed la the
-,,ft blaek aad. *ofc? -eCtoaker, aged alste n. aaa
atrurk imd hurtantly kllled. Wllllam P. P-well, aged
rifteen, waa lu.rrii.iv mangk? aod dled this mornlng.
a *
g_r_r_ ro rRIsnx TOB xjxettxixe teabb.
gt, UmIa, Feb. _n.?a iii-i>.,r<ii hram Texau i
v-k.. ..,?,-' "John a. Wllllama, the k?der la the
uotorloui Cotton l?ell "i.i" ?''"'?:".. perpctrat- ai
-.uu' -wh. !i. iu .ini'.- laat, who h,- been ori trtal al
Ll.ideit, >'?.-- C'ounly, Tex., ?lm-e fliuraday, waa ron
vlrted in*i nlghl and l-ivcii nlnety-nlne yean ln th.
penltentiary. Ifano-mn M? Danlel*, one >,f lu- partnera.
who reeelved a xlmllar aentence ln tlu- eount] la-i
-cui-UiUer tuid i_icrw_nl c..*yed, i- -tiii al ._._..'?
IDKl.AIV.tT ai Titovr.D-xo doibt THAT
Prcliminary steps have been taken for the
eonaolldattoa of tlte House af Beal for 0e_?
I sumptives, No. l.H.'ti Antbony-ave., and St. Luke's
, ll'ispita! .I thia <ity. li is probebte that the
amngenevta arill be eomplctcl within a few
J weeks. lt araa hoped that linal aetion would l>e
? taken yeaterday at the narettag af the trustce. of
I ihe House of 1'e.t. A quoruaa was n.it ohtained,
liinvevei', oaring to tlie absenee from Kew-Yack of a
; number of the.se trusiees. It is believed, how
j ever, that the cventual eonsolidation is aimply
| poetponed. Negotbttiona foe tin- traaafee <>f their
property to the older and wealthier lnwpital were
lie^'iin Iry the otlicers of tlie House of
Best abouf. three montlis ago. Deepite
the goo.I and valuable work d.-nc hy the
Hutise, the increascd evnenscs of tho ins-titutlon.
coupled with other rca^ons, made it. advi_.ible to
unit.' with St. Luke's.
In order to contirm the report, of the proposeo.
union of the two institmion.-. a reptrter of Tho
Tribuna ealled upon Qeorge Uaeealleeh MUlcr,
presidi-nt of St I.uke's. I.ist eveninj..
" Tea." said Mr. Miller, in ar.swer to thc re
porter's questior, "tl.e plan of utatinc thc two
institiitions BM Iwn rep'.rted gpon favoribly by
1 he trustees of Sl. Lukes Hospital. who have the
a6-iiranee of tlie indi'idu.i meuil.TR ol tlie Bcard
of Manasrrs of the House of I.'est that they will
do the samo tliin/. A foiaaal meet:^i_ of tho
trustees was ealled-to take f.nal p.etion in reward to
t!ie matter this afterno.-'i. _l,p fa. t, However,
that it was a holiday prevented the .ittendsnee of
teveral merabers. I uniierstand, however, that
a:io!lier meetiiu' baa been ealled i" dis'"iss tho
projeet, and. aa many nrtuben tavor it, it U
e\pected that they will de-ide i.pon tlie unlon.
"The arrangeinenl is baaed upon an csumated
valuatlon of 8100,000 fnr tins property <>f tho
li.nise of Ke_t. That is to be turm-d nvr to St.
Luke'a iu eaae the unioa is eonauntaaated. The
eontcmplnfi'd arrangetnenta aleo pr..'.i<l<- fnr tho
maintenance i.y st. Luke'a of at leaal forty he.ia
for the eare of ooBBUtnptive patienta. Heretofora
st. Luke's haa not aoughi tbe eare ol eonsaaaptlvea,
Since the interest ln the Koch lymph has hrrnf so
?.'?li'Ti! it haa opened its doora more freely t.i that
clasa of patienta. In vlew of tbe lueeess .ittend
ing tbe treatment with Profeaaor Koch'a lymph up
tn the preaeni time, and the world-wide Intereat
in the Bcientifle investigation of ihe diaeaae, t.?
getbec wltb tbe taet that thoughtful aad edu
cated meo feel thal ln the ootning century there
will be greal progreaa in the acientlflc Investlga*
tioo of 'la' cauaea ni diaeaae, the trustees of St.
I.u!:.''s belleve that it is iu due." line with the
piuneer poaltlon whlch St. Luke'a baa occupted
with refereuce t" lm-;'!!. ! work in thia country
i.,r them to provide opportuntty iu buildings and
i-.iiiipinrtit for the scientilic atudy ol tin* <li_ea__
of conauciption. It la with that conviction thatj
tbe urran cinenl with tl.e Hoaiae "t Beal for Con
Bumptives will bf made, in all probablllty."
I .- House of Rert for Conaumptlvee was founded
in 1.69 and has done exceUent work .lurinu more
than 'wn decades. Laat year tlt
patienta were treated witbin it_ walls.
lt aeoommodates aboul iiity patienta
nt a time. No diatinction i* made iu favor of auy
creed. People are admltted wlthout ref'"-enee to
r.'ii_-!'.:s bellef ..r confeaalou. The e\j>cnse_ las.
ye.u- were (14,833 il, while the jivome was $!),
80* 7.'.. Ibe delieiency was supplied by drawing
npon the leixiicies left to tlie Institutloa. An avei
;_..? inoome for ten yeara from l?sii was $'.,.*>4_ .*>',.'
The o.'ti.'crs of the InstitUtion are: Presideiif, the
Bev Dr. T. M. I-Vters: T.ee-presidents. Wood
bun. Q. Langdon. Dr. Etobeti watta und barnia
(. Morris: Ueasum. E. L Tiemann : ser-retary,
William Harold Brown; trustees, E.hv.nl I.. Tie
!ii.i.-m. Corneliua Vanderbilt. tlie l.ev. Dr. Ed?
nmiiil Ouilhert-aAndrew l'. Zabriakie.Jonn 11. Riker;
William Harold Brown, Dr. Bobert Watta, F.
Augustua Scbannerhorn, .jewis ?;. Morris, Wood
biirv ?.. tangdon. .lames Pott, Hertnau <'. Seharab.
i;enr_e \\*. Fuller. jr., l'eter Coopet Hcwitt aud
Hobert B. Siukley.
Aakland, wi-.. Peb. 33 (gpeetalb- The frreat m-h ,*r
latnl- f.irf-if.-.! by tln' vriaeonaln f'.'ntrai road i.e_an
here to-day. The erath "f i.pl- wa- ets-at^r tiwi
iliir at W'.iii-au a few ni'.ntli- ..->. About 1"? ap
plli itloni f ii- bomeateadt were recelvai by mail. whnh
:?.|ved th.' attontlon <.f tii- htnd 0B-C_,_ th- tlr-t
thu.-' after '?? o'clock thi- Bwrnlng. Aa ao miditional
force ?i- put hi th'* i.ari'i oflee. it took aavenl
Inui- t.i l<r..iv over the appllcatlona, a laiga aaaahet
,.f uiiii ii arere thrown oal becaaao "f Uregalarlty.
Neanwhile the crowd >.:it-:^.' waa hnMliri^ f-.r tha
arfodow t.. !,?? . pened. Ken who h id beea i" line for
almoal a weeh gtve ap at laal and lefl tii" lines Mai
and dcipondeait. rhe la ? ? ? a aa aroataod to a
perfeci trenz) of excitement aboul mldnlght, whea ata
attenapl wai made by a crowd ol late arrivaia t. fbreg
Ihetnaelvea Into poitlon at the bead ol tbe Haa.
Phe ten poi u*i t ?::'- and bed* af drj goodt boxea
were thrown .? - i.i ? and .i general flghl enaaed. K:ilv.*.
were drawi ind club. a* f ? ? I) a* d. The pollco
-ii.pp. il iii.- ii.iit befun ui) . v..i- -?:?! iii-ly Injured.
\. i, ,.','.,,u thli. iii .-..:?!-- thci were fmar dlstlnct
llli.x. t. .i.l. - up to t'i" WiliiliaW. lulli '." ' ',' :-..ns
v, ;.? tryiiiH I?> ? ? li thu wlndoa wlth i ipera i"-- Bllug.
Lltlle Rork, \r!(., Peb. 23 ?? Hoaaa of
Rcpre. in- :n ?? to-daj ptsscd . ? Wll Urhteh
will prarti. tl iv iii-fi-uirlii-.' one-half of tbe Republican
ii,. i ra in tbe State. The entire maehlaery i- vealed
ln the Uovernor, and the people are nol permltted t'i
-.?I,-, t either Judgea or rlerka .-f election. Many proBt*
ni'.t Democrata oppoted the Mil, bul it wa- ??railroad.
nf iii agti iv demandlng the prevtoaa queattoa. Th.
ijag rnle 4 - ipplled al ever. itape o. the BroceedlnjBB.
1. will i'-ait in thou_anda ..i R publlrana leavlng t_a
m ite.
-49, -
!'.|xS!\i.i.i; TMAIXM tX COLUMIOX.
(in.-iiiiiiiti. I'.-ti. _:>.-.\l.'.iit '..:;" o'-loeh thi* morn
Ing a local paaainiei traln boand lor thi* elty. wat
taklng th- tldius at Remlngton, fajuitaaa nflea out on
tbe Hiiiuii.i'.' an.l .'iu i 8oothwe?itern road, whea tim
tlirougb paaaenger li-ain fii.m the ea>?t itna.k the Uit
, .ir on ooe - .i ? and threw it nir tbe baa k, i raahaag in
tiio si.ie. Bw*aMgera were thrown ta ??* heap, hwi h
waa f'.iiii.i thai tive peraona were injured but no
one uiii'ii mi? Retta Ctasteu, <>f *>ayettevlU8.
Ohio; Mi-- Mai-.v r..\. .1 st Martln, OMo: W. H. Ko\,
of Dodaonvllle, Ohio: Mra. PhUlp Hall, of D,xl-oiiviiJe.
Ohio, ami uiiiii'ii li. GaUagher, eoudaetor, were ln
lured. They were ad brought tn tha ettr, ami aro
imt -upp"-"l to be s.-ri.iii-lv hurt. Mi-n t'larton ?Id
Ml--, io\ were taken t.? a hoapitaL
Rutland, vt.. Peb. -j:;. .iii'i.-e C. C. Hlaea, af New.
Vork, 'iiiui'-iiv law partaerof Proildeat Harrlaaa, wha
waa ttricken \Mti. paralyala at h.- aammer home in
ri-.,, i ,i-\ iii.- teveral mootha a.-n. and i muuher af time*
i.ported dead, haa f.ir enough recoverad ta leaee thera
to-day tor lil* bome al the liodae) Hoaae, .New
Vork, ln eare <.t hia rargcon, Dr. Pletrher, ?f ln
dlanap. Ii-. il" in- noa thc u e ..t lu- rlghl >lde aad
Ihe l u ,- galntag ?tr< ngtb rapidly.
Ilis BBOTBBBKXIQBT8 <nri.i> .vrt. S.iVF HIM!
(lu. iii: ?. l-'.-ii. S3. >.r Ki:i-.'i i'i. Ixi-r-on. BgOH n'lioao
bad: ;i f"'t M|uare of -K.n taken from Ihe anu- ?( hia
?r knlghta <.f BU Beraard CoauoaaMtery, KalgMs
i --i.ii i.n-. aaa grafted tho i ' ika H?, dled at
Kmergencj Hoapltal thi- aftemooa. -\n "f thc a.-i-ift-'d
,;,,:, |.-.nui' pi ?_.* :!_. atii.ii.-il. l-ut tln- paM-.-at'. vitnl
,ti waa exhauated, aJid he padaallj lo^i sttsnglk
uiitil Uie .:i?i i ame.
CtoetnnaO, Feb. 83.?A Alayateh to -Tiio Tlme*.
^tar." frun Cantou, "'.'.". -?'? - that Arthur L Kellir,
toreman at the Hampden Wateh tforka, waa unieti thlt
i faii from a btcyele. lle eaaaa from
Kl.in. III.'
.Ibany, N. V., !''?' . - '?? The Rev. Harrj w. (ie,.rjro
,-. ? ii be v.i!i aarlthdnw hli plea "f gatlty ta tho
inaipr.ii I,, >? rate al Oal i iii aa u aa - pjoi ? party ta tiio
operatlon whlch eauaed the death af tba artetua. (jeor_a
aud Dr. Inrll havc been i>.lil iu 4)10t0(.0 b__lr

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