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A aeries al ingenious tn.dc swindles has just
_4rfn unearthed by lnspector Byrnes. Sonie idea
of the extcnt of Ihe fraiuU may he gntheied fr.-m
the fact- thut they have been pursucd unint.-r
rupttdly aod with almost complete 16661-1 Im
nearly two years. and tl.at they mijustly involve
the credit Bf 666 of the licst eotton houscs in this
On Febniary K> Tnspector Byrnes had his first
Jnformation of the r\ist.>nct_ of the frauds. in tbe
ghape of a letter from Red r.l'ttf... California.
Thia letter, which HM signed l>y ihe Konc &
Kimball Con_.p-.my aud Morris <fc Camphell Com?
pany, two dry^roo-'r. lirms in that pl: 186, fBTC the
followin* statement of faets: On January II I
drurumer, who .l.-irril>ed himself as the |?.|B.ia8Bt__
tive of William Rothsehild A lo.. eotton de.tlcrs^
of No. 834 Broadway, New-York, called on scveral
drvgaodf. firms in Red l.h.l.s amd said thal hi> lirm
bad larKe cotton mills of their <>wn in IWBe
8nd wer* preparcd to sell goods on credit at rates
oomiiderahly below the repular scale.
He gave terms al.out 4<> per ceut lower than
could be ohtained from any other housc in the
trade. To cach8dr.v_rood.s liouse in Red Bluffs hc
also made this promise?thut RotliM-hild's |B66B
should be sold la it alone, nnd that his tlrm would
have no dealinps with any one else in the di.trict.
He reeeived aeveral larjre orders an.l went fiway.
Just a fortnigrht afterward the following letter
wai reeeived I.y the __rjraj66_B hotises who had
opened business rehtions| with William Rothsehild
*. Co.:
Telephone 18.118. Cable-Wroth & 08.
Williim RoUncMId ,_ Co.. Cotton f-oodi.
No. S3I Broidway, Xew-Ynrk.
OentlemeTi: We have dedded from thH dato. oavinfr to
the atrlnR-e-ncy of th* money roarkot. and owlnB to tho
duineia of collectiona from mmy of our beat cutoniors
who have hltherto been nted Al md very pr.,n,pt, to open
n,i new i.cuunti for tbe preient. We wlll make no ex.
.-?ption to this rule. If my exc.-ptlon were to I* made
we would make It In your favor, aa all bcliev. you vory
r-t-poo. ibli- ?nd very pond for your contracts. Your poods
i~? branded and ready for ahlpment, but we wlll 1-881
t? shlp them until you flrit lond ui a New-York dr.ift.
If you dealre to remlt, ~e will allow 1 _ per eent extra
fo: antlcipatlon of paymenta. Should you refuie to do
thli. we wlll bo compi'lli-d to reipectfully but flrmly d"
tllne to ihlp tho aoods on any other terma. Ymi can have
the eoods ihlpped now, or we wlll hold them lf you wlll
let ua hcar from you. We send lamplea of cooda involced
to you, ind guiruitee ,them to be equal to the ?a:iipl?-.
\\> hopo that oonfldenc ln mouetary clrelea will be soou
K&torcd, thui enahllntf us to cxtend you the o.-dlt that
your flrm should warrant. Trustlng thit you vlll loolc
at thli in the right llgbt.
IV r II. C.
Tbe next letter, dated Fcbruary 11, is as fol
centlemen : We l-eceived a short time ago a re<iue?t for
our aaopies and jir.o-B. To this requent we did not
reply at tho time, but latcr on ara vrote to you d ollnlnar
to shlp except cn the tenni stated. We also sc-nt the
aamplcs that your lnv.il. e calls f,.r to othvr tlrmi. rx|,laln
Irifr that we sold Koods to a party ln lted Bluffs and that
ti,-- nooda bo.-e special brauda, and that lf you did not
vi>h for BM noods we would be plened to _.ll to tht-m on
t*ims almllar to those mide tn you ln our last lc-ltfr. We
did not, however, r.>--n_loa your unme. Now, is onj had
put speclal bi-nds on the goods for you. and jroods an
i,,,t deslrable without hrands, we, as before st.W, sam
pled your poods. thinktug to ocl! them to th.se jwriies
lf you Cld not wish to uie them. We, are Just uow in
leceirrt of a telc-gram from a party la your town sutlng
that tf.ey had lomltled, aud isk'.ng that we ?hould shlp
the toaa*. We ttre un-illlinB lo do tbla until we hear
XroTii you llr-t. lf you wlsh the g.ods jitr kUiiu, is
itated ln your tlrst letter, wo wlll hold them; othenvlse
w? wlll diipooo of thooi. i'our UameaJatc attenllon i>
neeessai. to procure the good?.
? WllJ.lAM KOTHSCH1L.D 4t (_<>.,
l'er. II. a
I*. S?In caso you have remltted beforc thli letter
reaehes you, you ijeed not t-Megraph.
Immediately on receipt of the letters from Red
Blutls, liit.|iector Byrnes set Detective* .Mulholland,
McCloskey und UoMen to work ori" the ease.
They went Ie No. HHA Broadway and found that
Messrs. Williitn. BotHwhlld __ 0b._! Nrw-Vork
ofice constetC'.l of a small room on the third Boor.
Ob the d.-or wus tbe sijjn : "William Rotiischild
A Co., Cotton (ioods.*1 All that the room con
tained was a chair and a tatile. One or other of
the detectives watehed the ollice. but never founl
anv one tl?86. Finally tliey lit on a clew which
le<i ilieni to one of the memliers of the "lirni,''
vhom tliey arrestetj on Saturday ulfiht at Four
teeuth-st. and SeveTtith-ave.
The piisoner, who is a tall, uUnitly built, dis
tincui_hed-lookin?- man, with wav.v blac-k hair und
nnistache, was taken to Police Headquarters.
where. in nnswer to the usual qtiestions. he said
that his tuvme was M;ix Rothsehild. and that, he
was tnirtr-flve yeara old. He refused to jrive his
Bddreaa or the nature o.f his ocenpation. When
aearehed tbere were found on him __ eheck for
??- 06, drawn on the Shoe and Leather Ba.ik of
New-York, and a letter from Joseph Aleyers, of
ISalem, Ore.. to tbis elfect:
F_oi'loa?d pleane flud Xow-York draft for 8234 T6, tho
8-_ount due on our order for cotton eooda.
There was also fouud on him an extract from a
letter sljrncd by ilie <upit.il A.lventure Companj*
of Salem, Ore., dealers in staple and fancy poods.
This extract is at> followte:
You are entlre atraneerK to ui. We are loath to trust
Jrou a* you uro to tru.t 88, We do uot care a - for
your itaiidlnc. We only want you to aat in Rood faltli.
Ai to r.ur lHter regardlng another Saiein houoe. we have
inoulrvd at ?i*rr drvttoodi houae in balem. ind flud that
you have given them all the aome aoog and d_vu'.e, or. to
u-- plaln Kn_il_(_i. you are trylug to run a llttle game of
llufl. but we do aot cin- for tbat lf you can furulsh the
Rothsehild waa taken to the Jeffeison Market
Police Court yesterday. He declined ta, make any
statement, aud, on the application of lusf-ector
Byrnes, was remanded to l'olioe lleadiiuarters.
Aniong those in the police court yesterduy was
William Rothsehild, of No. 46 Howurd-st., one of
the oldest cotton-dealers in the city. Mr. Roths?
ehild haa probably Ihh-ii the chief sufferei by the
frauds. Itr c-oin|ilaiiie<l tiiat his credit had lieen
ltnpaired lu nearly every part of the country. F:>r
many weeks letters from llrms on the Pnciflc
blope have poun'd iu upon him by the hundred.
The.? letters have all beeu of a violently Indi_r
nant oharacter, and the unhappy Mr. l_ot_M?Ud
ha_ lieen accused of every apecies of knaven- and
triekery. On reccivina a vi6it from "ilesurs.
'.Villi-_m Rothsehild de Co-'a" reprcsont-ilive, tbe
Western lirms naturally consulted the Mercantiic
Asrency's record, an.l Mudinif that " Willium Roths?
ehild" w?* rated Al, of courae had no teattatloii
ln trustinjr him with their coulidencc. Tbe Kone
<fc Kimball Co., however, had a business frietnl
ln this city with whom they privutely eon|_iiiini
cated, and whose inquiries opened their eyes to
the nature of the fraud.
Kansas (Ity, March 1 (SpeeiaD.-Last nljrht wliil.
BU U_e family excopt Mlss riara Morris and her brother
were at rtHirch. a nia_kod burglar effected entrance to
tl.e l-ouie. Mlss Morris was alone lt. tl.e parlor wben
the burRla. etttered. IIe told lior that l.e would ldll
her lf ihe. icreanie-. lie tried tc> take A dlnmond
linsr frajin her tlnpcr. bnt it was too tlpht. 11 _ tl-cn
took her gold wat.h aud tore tl_e diamorvd earriiicn
Irom her ean. t^rie screamed wlth tl.e pani ?i'l
arou??l her broVhcr, whe, liaitened downstiilrs, but Bfaa
too late to catch the nian.
Bo?ton, March 1 (SpeciaJi.-WllIIain A. ilaskcll. vice
liresldent of tlie New-York and New E.igla.id Railway,
bad a strokc of paralysls thin _ara_BI at the Alf06Q6tB
Clubhou_o in Coaimofiwcalthave. Mr. llailtcll imd
?eated lilmielf at oue of the desks to wrlte a letter
and liod nearly flni_h*_ lt when lie fell forward In a
neiple-S condition. Ue wai taken t . hia lio.i.e in
WarlUirc. ?t. Mr. Haskelt li a nieiiibcr of tlie ll_B <?f
____. ,,J,SK,P" * 808 -rid wns lact nininier choson ao
?_mee of the firni of l?otter. Lovcll A ..,.
Weit 8uperior, Wli., March l.-ratrick K. uorman
*? November 26 Mabbed to death a man na.ncd hulll
Yan. it Wju ?hown ttl_f t,|(,re _tg a mcaure of
_")**'B666, and a Jury returned a venll.t of man
?OKlitr if, tlie: ihlrd dejeree. Yest/.-rday a iBominci,:
onmiinnc op. raUir caUed at l!,e poimly JhII-i
!_*>* *?_ operator made a IiaudMunc ofrer for
^'oriiian-s .o? aMAm on tlie Y-rmnii ,n iu.ii_e. Aa
?'? man appoored |n a proper *UU. of mli_I to do bu_l
a__-' __ f/I,era,or Mi hl,"t -fter niaking a date fr>r an
~oer M-Maaa. O.rnian'i coaniel, upou hearing of
tlie ofTcr. nnvle an lnvr*tlgBtion. and fo-d ny fooni tbal
the (iiiiv. awaef l.y tbla conxirted n_i_erer i* raloed
M a'i;.o*t 889 -mn from ..uo.-OO up. lollowlng npoii
tbla _-*e cvidoiipes .f iBsaally ..n tbo aart <>f Qenaaa.
\ motlrm for :. stav ..f pnxrodlngs -lll b8 made. ;,n.1
a lOBiBlla-Irm de IBBOtlOO in.uli.ndo will bc appoinlcd.
tiorman ls slnglc.___^
LitJiiTXixc sTRlKF.s TUE xi.W bfildixo, asd
IT AXf> -XOTIIKI. ARI ?-_____&__
Tho Dutcli Plfiin _-w-B-_B_| station, nr-ar Mon
BMal Point, was struc.k by UghtalBB nt a late hour
,,., BBtardai ni.-ht- an.l sct on lire. Captain Frank
stratton, tlie kooper, cseaped without bcinar injured.
Tha __BBB- 8U_-_aBB_a888- to UN olrl htation, antl
both hmldincs were cntiroly dcMroyr-.l
Tlie lifesavinp err-w oould do nothing to ohork
il.,- (lanics and <lad diflioulty in savirig tlioir pcr
sonal property. Or.o of tlio b_ll__Bf_ <lr-.stri.ve_ was a
now structiire am". had bcen fittr.1 <mt with ino.l.-i ,1
iniprovonicnts for life-saving statimis. The old
building was of small valuc. Tlie loss to the
(ioverninent is severai thonsand dollars.
Niiiic of the oreiv was injured, and some of them
were OB patn.l duty al tlie time the boM of light
nin- itrack tbe Mation. Tbe flre light.-d the ahore
biillhntly ati.1 must have lieen BB-B many iniles
..ut at sca.
Dtiblin, March 1. ? Mr. I .trnrll went to Xnvan to
lef i.y ti-in, ac.-ompanicd hy Messrs. .luhii Kcdniond,
KcUy. I'lanry, llarrl-on, Corbctt nnd Dalton. Mr.
Parncll rccelved B wqlcnnie a' every itattao. Reply
Ing t<> n depuiation nt Dn.gheda. Mr. PanioJl __M
11c was rejolicd at tlie proof of siipport cveryv. lire
accorded him. 'I'liis. he said, _h?wed l-.i* opponent*
that Irishincn would not elhnr tliem t.i il.-pade, tlio
ptiblic platfonn by prrniittlng tliem to striUe, below tlie
bclt B8ier ihe prete.xt of dcwllns with <iue_t! _M oi
pul.llr inomotit. lf the diffeienu-. betwex-n llie two
factions was lfot fought. out upon dignltied llnos. th3
Mamo would not fall opon his supporter*. They
would s'.rain every point to nocord their opponents a
fair heuring, but If their opponent.* a__-8_8_ the aaaae
of the people by golng outside the limlts of decency, tho
people would Justly resent their conduct.
The patty was entliualastlcnlly received aa arriv
__g at Navan. They drove through the town, receiv
ing a warm welcom? everywlicre. The houses were
detoi-ated with green bough? and in _hc stn-cts were a
nuraber of triuiuplial arches. Mr. 1'arnell addre.-.?ed
nn Immenso mec-ting ln the s.mare. 11c said that
pcrhaps some day ln the dlstant ftiture somebudy
would uriso prlvilegcd to addrcss them. not as mon of
i-oyal Meuth but as men of rt-publlran Mealh.
(C'heers.) It. was MBatB which flrst gi.ve him an Op
j-ortiinity, si.\tcen yeirs ago, to sen-e Ireland ln publi.
life. (Clieets.) At what moment during tliat perlod
liad he ever been unfalthful to the prinelplc- then
plodged? tCries of "Never.") They had won n
hundred ___n__8BBI together, and now he jyanted lo
bo allowed to wln tlie battle with thera. Already they
had put a tfnafflc ln the mouth of the lnndlords. Iiyc
and-byc, with a rnrliament ln Collep? (Jreen. they
wi^ild fit theso same mouths with blt and blrdooti.
(Cheers and laughter.i
Mr. I'arnell iheu proreeded to rcvlcw the r-trucplo
ln Parllament. and referred to the- aeorot *ystem jiur
a_ed iu the Honse of I'ommons w aap and ntidermine
tho independeni-o of hl* raUeafnea. Althnugh th.-y
R-cre only thirtv afalost ?o.>. hi* aoprjortera imd had
the hont'-ty and i-ourage to beat tbeir opponent*.
They hud drlvcn tlie _eccd_r_ from the cominlttee
room, and thev would drive them out of Ireland
before long-and out of the House of (onimons, too.
iCheer-.i Jlis supporters tiad foiled the weaktie-.*.
trerwherv und eowardice of the scteders by re.*l-tr
lug Engilsh lntlmidatlon. Thus they had glven time
to evervthlDg solid, patriotie and brave among their
ra<e. at home and abi-oad, to i-ee tho trutli ajid tp
r_llv to their .upport. He had never feared the reoiilt.
lf he had not a collcaiS-e left in the committee room,
he would stlll have to come back to the Irlsh people
to cet their verdiet. (Prolonged rheerln/r.)
In conclustioai Be cxprca-ed tho hope fJiat all his
opponenta w?-_ld take warnlng of the portentB. A
nfipular r.omi v.a* llfeoly to sweep tliem away. In
*?*_d of opposlng- Ict tliam rally to his slde, let tli.ru
frwe tlieniM-lveB from the entenglemeiir? and Rtigli*-_
iiarty alliancea woven around them by the. "(Jrend
Old Splder.-' The cnte of repentance was stlll open.
lf tliev w_it4>d too late tho g&tc would be shut and the)
would" becomo marked on the pages of hi.torv ns do
llberate traitors to Ireland.
Mr. Piirncll was eutertaJnod at a hanquet in tho
evening. He' will speak ln London next Wodnc-day.
Rome. Marrh 1.?Qneeu Margaret yrteterday visited
the foundry to seo tho statue of the Ameriran Ho
pajbaVi and eroup* representing the Army und Xavy,
designed for a soldlers and sallors* monnment to bc
era lei at I-rttaat, Maine, which liave just be_n
comple'.ed L.v Mr. Simmons, an Amcrh-an sculptor.
Her MaJeMy had a long convcrsartJon with Mr. fMrn
mons, e-preaslng hcrsJlf na hlglily pleaaed with the
seulptoi'* worlt a_4 toraplimMiting Idtn upon hia
HiToss. ln the navaj group 1* a reprosentatlrra -of
Admlr.il Farragut, whleh Mtia at onre recogniied by
the Queen. Kint: Humbert wlU al*o visit the fomilry
to vicw the w..rk of Mr. blmmona.
Ii.-ilii), Marrh 1.?The artion of the Government ln
regard to passports ln Alsarc-Lonaine is lll-re.-elvcd
by somo (onservatlve* :us well as by tho Frelsliinige
party. Tlie " Reica-sbote" hope* that the p_BB_Bj_.
measure is due to ottier re4_*ons tlian the rondu.-t of
French (hauvlni*t*. The ?' Kreuz Zeltung1 sperulnt.-^
upon the probaTTillty of war with Frauce, aml i\fter
upbraiding (icrmatis for being of too patlcnt and
sluifgish a l____N8 ainent, aud expressing dnubt* of the
frlen_s_lp of Itnly and England, it says tliat Q*jt>
many, ,ha\inp lalled to seniro the lovo of Europc,
ought to endeavor to obtaln resprrt.
Tho " JourrTal de St. I-terabourg" hopes that efforts
will bc made on both sldes to reniove the shadow on
the relarton. lietwocu France and Oeiiuany.
Rome, March l.-The great lncldent of tlie seasr.n
here was the rereption glven to Ameriran resident* of
Rome last nlght by Mr. Portcr. the I'nited BUites
Mlnlster. InvltatlonB had been sent to all the Amerl
r _,;i_ ln Rome. Inrluding thosc who have 80008-- alliod
to Italian 'amlllCr. by man-lajre. Tho piests wore rt>
celved by the Ameri.un Mlnlster an<i Miss Fortrr.
Beven hundred Amerlcuns wero pre-ent at llie receptlon.
Rome, March l.-AU the Amerle-an consiils in italy
liave Jolned ln a repoit lo ihe (Voverninent on tbe
c-ondltlon of trnde between ltnlv and the Unlted
?taaat, with II.L-. elew of calllng the at!cntion of
Amerltan merrliantf, to tlie opeuhig afTonled hero
for an extcnslon of their forelgn commeire. Tlie ooo.
sul*. both iu tho northern and souMiern i*ortioii* of
Italy, ar-j confldent lhat tlie sut.Ject has boon __r_88__8i
ln hiicli a manner thut it riitinot fall to .niiimniid nubllt
aUeiulon. The people of Itatr, the repoit BB]
favorably __a__a_ed toward Ameri.an prodti.t-.
Rome, March 1.?A I-pal allocution ls experted to
be made pnblic to-morrow, detUlng \ilth tba Lavigerio
policy tn France and with __b__8 in DlBlH It ret
(iiniiieiKl* ('iitholic* to unlte and u.i out*ide of i.ollii
c_T_.at.ies, aiming sol"ly io obtaln a rcgime of liberty,
Cleveland, March l.-Importaut foiin.'.ry Interests in
f], \. land. -JBeaBB. Indiaiiapo!!* and ___e_0 li:,v ?
boen unlted lnt<i the Xatlonal Malleal.le 088____8 _-_??
pauy. ln.orpoiat.-d in <?hlo ujth n .ai.ilBlization __
93,000,000 and O-tt k_ai8_aai88fa la <'l.-v?land. Th'_
ofllcer* are: A. A. Pope, of OleveJand, president;
E. L. Whittcinotr, vlre pn-,'.f!eiit, und <>. K. Ur..
( l.-vclaiid, serreUiry aud treaaurt-r. Tli- man.,
of the new ees_aenf .-niphaiicaiiy i.-it.- tbal it t, n,.t
u tnat nor P"..l <>f ilffereat bHeieala, bal mmttt the
inar*liailliig of lour fuindrie* ow ned l.y s:il.*tantl illv
tho same ni.-ii Into one |Ba__a__ eoe_paa_r. Th.- s;.mk
,.f Um .'.mr roaapaalea whleh bavo niTged into the i
now one is mainiy lield, they say, by th. time men.
Deach Havcn, X. J., March 1.?Tho atenmer 87. E.
Chapman became dlaabled to-day at Little Egg Hartxir
Inlet and the captain nnd rrew got into small boata
and went ashorc. They ptii aa _|__norajr__{ at th?
ltfe-savlng *l ltlon. The stcam.-r'* marlilnery ls brokrn
down and she 1_ said to l.e leaklng b.-idlv.
Tlu- I'ilot boat B_ ? llarr.-tt, \. 8, r8|_e|ef la?t i_?Tht
t_at ut BOBB B8 Sst.1r.av.i1. latltude 40:50, lo.ieltnde 07 _BT,
Ki-ii.. of h. r cr- - boarded the taalc ateirii-r 1 _aat r B___b
I18- on liuard the cr.-w of Uie aUaa-iihlp Iumb, that -_?
abaiidoued at a._ a w-'k ago. The 0__8B8 B_Q iirobably
riB.li port c--rly Uila niornltio.
MOKF, RZQOIflTIOXI l'"ii . i:iMINAl_s?
?UA ni.M.r.M:.r.i) r.v ni.M'i
Hartford. March 1.?The attenipt af a few Demo
crata lo 68BHBH llieir party to an atlenipt to sleal
the State of Connecticut looks. in the lii'ht of
; (iovernor Hill's panilesto, |e ba a more far-rcachin_;
! eunspiracy than was at flrst supposcl. The
j Deniocratic Scnatc - rcfiiscd to invcstij_.it.' the
inaccirat^ or fmiidulent retnrns by whtch it
was sunjrht to place Mr. Morris in ofllce. and
! theM> return*. t__C_B6e)~CB have beCD iwr-^tctit'.v
', and systematically niisrcprescnted to BCOB8I out
i side of the State l>v B Deniocratic, propu_.nn.la.
Tlie Dcmocrats liave rcitenited. over aml over
j a_ra.n, this one proposition : "Tli" faeo oi the
rctnrns show that Mr. Morris had l majority of
ihe vote? cast. Hc is thcrcfore tlie riirhtfu) Oov?
ernor and we will do BBthiBB until the RoBBB
swears him into ofiee."' Thli has hnd urent
weipht with people both in and out of the Sratc.
for thtm is BOthlfll so al.liorrent tn an Amcrie.-n
ng that a man lawfully elected ta an oflice should
be kept out of it. As a muitcr nf faC. the re?
tiirns upon which the BfWgHfllatid elaims B1B
l.ased show tii;it it is _fl_6-8B.b_e to tr-11 front their
f.icc who has bC6B olcc.cl. They sliow on their
1,-ice thut. aome lmndreds of lecally i|iia!lfied voters
liave had their votes illcimllv rcjccted by Denio?
cratic ollicia... They show that in many placcs
Ihe gross carelessness of the PetlUltlBJl ofllcials
make t!ie retiirns vuluclcos. aad in several pl-i.?8
give prin.u-laeio cvidenc.t of fratid. That is whut
the retiirns show, and the IJepubiicans staiid
lie-TKinn; for a fair and fire counf. Such a cntint
the little rinjf of conspirntors who have led the
Dcmoei.itic party of this State into the prcsent
sitiialion do tiot. want. They liave bfOflfht aboBl
the present (.ituation for de*-_B|(Ogle puipUBtt and
have used it f_f those pwrpigBB.
The aetion of (iovernor llill. the head and front
of such Democracy as is rcpresciitcil hy tha (011
necticut conspirators, is a litting elimax to the
whole afTair. It, hai., liowcv.-r, had I wbolCBBBM
and salutury effect in tlns Slate. Tlierc are here
Ihousandh of old-tinie l.emo, rats wlio have all
their voting lives cast, a Dcmoeratic hallot con
6cientiotisly and honcstly. bettr*lng that they were
vntinp for the hest intcrcsts of the Slate and the
country. In conservalive coniniunitics likc this
; ideao gather foree llowly, and it is b6ld for these
people to read that tlie party of their old al
le^ianee has beconie Ihe sport of tticksters and
ambitions men who play upon their fidelity and
hefray their conlidence. The audncioiis interfer
ence of Oovernor Hill in the doniestic affairs of
ihis Slate hn_> stnrtled people of this ty|>c, and
opened their eyes to the true position into which
their _elf-constituted leaders have led them. Now,
pcrhaps, they will look fairly ar.d Brtthoot parti
8-anship nt the facts reoarding the lale retiirns for
State oflicers here, nnd not lake as the whole
truth the 6tatements of a eoterie of JJemocrais in
the Lcpislature. David Hcnnett llill, (iovernor
of New-York, United States Senat,,r-elect, Ghraad
Mediator of Connecticut and would-be I'rcsi'lcnt,
has been of prcat serviec to the Hepuhlican party
here. It needed somc such shock as his unwar
ranted and illegal act to awaken people to a triti
sensc of the acttial sit nation in Connecticut.
When th_> preaent Deniocratic cl.uniarils for State
oftlces were makin;r their canipai^n, (iovcinor HII
Ieft his exeeutive dutiea at Albany nnrl canie over
here to stump the State in their behalf. He wa*.
the adviser and conthlaut of the people who ran
the canipaiRii, and his hand is viaihle _B many
ways in the occurrenccs whi.h followed. Tha
personal respect fclt for the Dcmoeratic nomine*
for Oovernor was uscd as a part of the gtock in
trade of tboae who siTTight, at any hazard, to con?
trol the ofliccs of the Btate. ?I B mo'iient ol im
p.iticnce (iovernor llill has thiowfl oli the inask,
and now the whole sittiaiion. (ran the beg?I??_(
of the 86BI66-6B tor State oflici.ils lo the present.
lime, is brotisrht out ln strorij? li_rht. Now, per
haps, Connecticut people will realize that a power
otitaide the btate haa been aettre amomj them, and
that Albany Beema to control Hartford.
The pollttael acthoda cniployed are rather new
to Cotiinecticut, and it is douhtful If they
] ever becomc popular. ln spite of Qover
, nor Hill's icfitsiil t.i lionnr (iovernor lJulkeley's
reqtiisition, the latter offloial wlll oontlnne. whe_
ever tbe occa.sii.ii arisi's, to send u rcquiaitiou to
the Governor of New-Votk. lt is boped here that
popular -entinient in New-York will be strcn_[
enout/h to foree ...i-.crnor llill to eeaBe from m__l
inn hls State a refu_.c for the ciiminals of Coo
neC?Ctlt When poH-lca interferes with ihe ad
ininistration of justice. deccnt people thlnk i' la
time to call a hut llorgan 0. .iitlhelc-.v is Oov
eruor ?f tha State ?,f Connectioul by the law and
Ihe ("onstittitioii, is exereiaing the fnnclious of
that ofllce and will conunite to do ko until his
successor has liecn dttly quallfied. Of this tbere
is no possihlc abadow of cloubt, (Iovernor llill
notwltnstatiiiiin?-'? Now, the people of ConncotJcul
are not of the kind to slt <|inetl.v down Bnd, with?
out, prote.st, aee their (iovernor instilted, thelr
domestic. affairs interfered wilh and ;ui asylam for
their criuiinals orfered ln a M_fbborl__g ___6t6. It
la safe to Ray that when all is clearcl up nnd
the crooked way made straieht, i.ovcrtior Ilili's
t>.nnectictit caninaijrn will not redound to the
glory of c-ith'-r I?B DetDOOimtie party or hims."lf.
lt must be B soiirce of preat snrprise nml annoy
nnce to (iovernor Hill to B0B tha a.titinle ol tbe
Dciiincraiic 6KM <if 1 liis Slate taward him. Not
a nc\vspnpi?r hut wh;it poinis out .-, him tbal be
ba.-. made !i mtstake. After eoming over here and
runalnf a campaipn, nnd theti, after the eom
|>ai_rn, declarinir who hai been elected. thenhy
s;iviu_r tbe Conneetient people nll ihe trouble of
manafing their owu affalra, it must aeetn rather
hard tO be called to accotint hy tlie DeXDOCntlO
jiress. As a mattcr ot taot. the Detnoeratic lead?
ers are mBrnfty witli llill for "nlvin_t away tl.e
Miap,'' aa aome of the Governor'a m,.sr rolued c.,n
slitiicnts mifrht aay, an<l callin^ attention to Cne
whole s'-he:ue of New-York Intei-eienee and its n
sult, the prcsent condition of atTa'rs in the State
Ii laexneoted thal by lo-tnorrow (iovernor Rulke
ley will lie cnlled upon to laaoe anolher r,"|iiisition
li,r g criminal now held in New-York on a chnw
of stciilir_g, No applleatJon baa yei hem bmmm
to him for u requlaitlon to bting book (O Connecti?
cut ihe .netrro swindler now held in New -Jersey.
Wh.'ti one is made, the rei|tii.?ilion will undonbt
cdly be is.si.ed und .!iere is little pn,l>al>ility that
(iovernor Abbetl will make the _j_r_ake made by
(iovernor Hill. It is difiiiult to see how (iovernor
Hill, without a complete and hitmiliatinir bitck
iluwn, can reeede from the tmmmt and untennble
position he haa tiken. It is just ;ui hard to sce
MW he can mainlain thit position. He secms to
have crawled into a TTT.'e and pulled the hole in
after hlm.
The Uemocratle Bettate here. hy the wny, anve
Iist week an e\ernpli(ii-atio:i ol how mii-h their
refiisil to tranaael pni?lie bt____neaa is B matier of
princlple, and boar nraeh it i.s a matier of piisin?.
The Senute, whlle olistinntely refnsini,' to atlend in
any B86M8M tO the afl__6ll "f t'ie Si.ile, yet con
s"tite,i to appolnl a eomtpittee t<> report oa the
lniviite ajriernnee of a mllitia offleer who had
been removed by (iovernor Hulkelev. The tuisi
inv.s of tbe Btete eon tratt. bol poiitics must i>e
atleiuled to, seems to l>e the rule of aetion of
the Demoerita. _
rharlcs P.. Farclon, ??_ was \iant?.l lu ( ..n.irv-liriit
for l).iri;lar>-, anfl vilion. 06688608 llill nfu-i-il lo haml
over to the Ni.tinctr slate anthorltlei, ?as v,-t f,(v>
M'ttiflav. II" left tlie K--e\ Marli-'t Pi.-on at 4
',-t|i,il,. rarclou -avs ln- ivill -n ? |__ IVat'Tliury
uutliorilles f>r ImvlrUJ rp.uaed ti J ?_ Imprlxoiimenl.
The bencflt In alct of Ihe family of the lale founty
flerk Reill at the Mar Theatrc la%( evenlnp ~aa
lilKlily iucc_?ssful. Tl.o houic waw cruvrdeci and tho
propratnmc w.is received witli pe.tcr.ni, ap^aaaa. I"
th,-. uS.cii.e ol Mni'T OlMi, 9MM Wm de(.iili-l out
8| lown. ttB tlialrriiaii nf tkt I "iiiin.lii <? ou .\rrall^:,,
m,'iiN. Colonel Joliu A. M.Catill, pfeaMai. He cx
pres^ed tl.e lliankB of tlie ?oinmi. t<-<- I,, the puMn
for td.-lr fgaatdM MBM8Ma t'i tln- 866861 BOV Hi<- B8M
ni ,,f Iho wldow i.ud rliild of Mr. K'liii. and aiuionnc i
thal il,,' rcaelra- fooled uji more llian c7.?XX>. bneeellCi
lanloglatic of ihe - privnf- life ..f t'ie dood
Cle__ wera. mud.. bj I. ',snwr
Joaec, Jatob A. Cantor aud X_ionia_? C. _>'.-.ulli\ un.
_ \ mpi BB i B Tnr. cKMi-vrcni __?>
Yuma, A. T. Mareh 1.?Yuma 81 8 eatnp of dis
trcss. Out ef |M houses eomposing the town
r-nly flfty remain. The srrond liitrli WBtBI of the
Gila Kiver on Thursdav 8081 more .lisastr.us than
that of Siinda.v. The canals BBTC bafB W88B__I
c.'it, the ranches destmycd and the rnilma.Ie are
under water. The loss in Yuma fo half a njillion.
The .-emeteries aro on high laad, and many people
nre Caapins _g tliem. It is reportod that a _________
family, right niile* east. were drowned <>nc
body. tbal of n man. floated pasf the town. The
?iver here is foiirtoen niiles widr. Many people
are belleted t-. l.e drowned in the country. bal
no paitienlaaj liave l>oen rcecivcl.
No woid has been reecived from further than
ten iniles from town, and it is fearcd tlnt hiin
dre.is of lives hav<- lieen l_8t up tlie tiih Valley,
whi.-h i* 10. miles in lengtli. Iiidiau mer.sengcrs
have beea sent, out, lmt have not reliirned. It in
known that thotisinds of cattle, hoises and raules
are dn.wned. The wires Brc, all down east and
repairers eould only get llvc nnies easi to-day.
Five miles of railroad are --'one \ve.,t ..f here, and
it is known tliat sixtocn iniles east of bere are gene
nnd prohahly three titnes bj mueh more. Tlie
Southern Paeitle. will put .-very man obtaiirible at
work t.i-ni..ii-.)\v. Every hoii.se on the hills has
been IbroWB .,|>eii to leecive tlie hotneless, and hun
tlreds are q_ait-J__ in taBtl aad Bld (iovrmnient
buildin.s. The tnerehant.s have opcncd tbeirgeoda
on tlie streets in order to help tin- sulTerers. The
anater is *till higb for _no miles east, of this point
and as all of this _BBBt BBB. here, many fe.ir that
the wotst is yet to 000-8, oispeeially if there should
be any further rainfall. The eommon loss
ha* broiight all cl;__ses of people to
_et!ier, and all have worked with a will,
tti-t in trying to save the town by construetinr.
a rudo levee. and next, the Hrst
provinir futile, in snving as mueh as posasible from
the ruins.
A boat which has just arrived from Mohawk,
sixty miles up tlie Qlla River, brings reports
of terrible lr.ss of life, all tbe eountry being under
water. 'Ihe greatest tTufferei- are the poor M.x
icans, whose entire possessions have lieen swept
away and who have no reserves to fall baek upon.
There ls yet a vast stretch of territory to b<
lieard from, and cvrry one fears that when full
returns are in the loss <>f life will prove of ap
palling magnitudc. In tliis city the ruin has
been most, eomplete, the Catholio chuich lieing
the only building left stan.iing on the main street.
The c.nvent and adjnining school Btoed t'.ie wenr
..f wiues for many hours, but, flnnlly crumhled
into ruins. "The Yuma Sentinel-1 nioved Mi
ofliee four tiioe- and riimlly su.-cecded in g.-tting
out on lime to-dav. " Tbe Time-" was less for
fuiinte, and if- oflice nnd material went down
iu the wrcck. Fears were. cntertaine.l that the
lae mlUaad bridfa woaV- i _ _a_-_ed away. but
fortunately Ihe piers stood the test, nnd, unlos
-<inie extra heavy wrccknge should lodge on the
superstriictiirr- and cause a .iam. it, will not be
materiallv injuied.
From the iii_t. ir.iim.ition of danger everv one
labored -with a will to save the town, even tbe
Indians working as they never v.orked liefore. For
hours they lnbore.l in water waist. deep on tlu
levee. and when it waa too Inte to save the town
thev followed wreekage and towed it to a plaee
of safetr. When it waa evident that ihe main
hnillMBa portion of the tOWB D08t go. DMB, wonien
and ehildren busie.l theinselves iu moving st-i.-ks
of goods and household effecta to the hills, v/here
everything was left unguarded, tlie eoininon dan
ger n-ndering eaution euperfluous. When the
waiei- rese so high M 1<> eut off further BOC-B. to
Im isi-s ead st<,re? nn cfloit was made to ereet
temporaryshelters fer the wctnui and children. Dlf
_i.,.<ls besea were looked upon :us niini.iture ...t
ta_os and their possessors were deemed execedl-gly
roitahate, ai most ol ibeae driven so hastily from
their h..n.es w. re obllf-d to eoB-Ml themselves
with mere wind-hre.iks, made of old hlankefS and
earpt-a, In the rasjl el tlie wnters the steimer
M..j,.ve was driven high and rlr_/ on the bank,
and a _osea f..mili'?s have taken refege in her
r.l.ins. The ofileers of Fort Yuma have done
everything in their power to assist the sulTerers,
nnd fortunately there was 8 good tsupply of t.-nts
on hnnd and tlMae were at oiiee placed nt the dit
peaal Ol tlM hOIBChB- families, and B-Bjlh -ufTering
theicby prereated. Should there be no furth.-r
rninfail it, is boped that ihere will lie little fur?
ther loaa, and that with the restoration of coin
maninat-oa with the ^Vest tafleteal relief will
lie brought in fiom Baa Frane_seo and Los An^elrs
to prevent any serious trouble.
Th'- people of tbis eity have already suhseri!>cd
...I- s.',:...o to a relief fund and Eos Amreles h.na
eolleeted about l<:!,nn.i for the same purpo.se.
San Frar.eiseo inerehants have subserilied lib
erally lo the fund in that eity, and a dispatch
from there this evening statcs that a relief train
will 1k> sent through as soou as the railroad is
l?.-iiver. Col, Mareh 1.?A dispateh to "The
| IJ.xk.v .Mountain Xews." from Yuma. Ari_.>n;i, s;i.vs
I that in that town over 250 houses are in ruins
from the flood, and 1,400 people :ire homel. -.-. j
in.1 a sinp-le busiiiess hoii*e remains ItaadlBf, und
it is feared that hundreds of lives have been lost
in the t.i.i Valley. The telegraph wires in the
valley are down, an.l as all bridf-8 me gone and
rnads ini]ia.ssablo, no trustworthy reports ean be
had from there. The river above the town is
s-v.n miles wide an.l lielow the tefwn in plaees
the water eovcrs the eountry in one grand lake,
over fifty miles acroas. The railroad company
will not have the bloekade nised for westbound
tralaa for four days. and il will be len days or two
wceks before they ean ?H east. Tlie town hhs
provLsions snftieieiit fur eight, more days, and the
Southern I\.t ilu- Ilotel is feeding a thousand people
a day.
K.-ports from .Iiikuno; flfteen miles above, are
to the c-.Tect that the flood drove the ]ie<.p!e late
th-- tree-t..ps, and many he8--_lnj e\hau.*te> from
.-..Id and hunger droppetl into the water and
were dlflhoed. K'eports from tiustworthy buiii.-.-*
put the loss of life in the valley any where from
|8 to 180. AU aJoiig the vnlley, for IM miles
everything i- in desolation. Costly houses and
l.arns h.ive been washed away like plavthin-.s,
while Bteek and fence.-. have lieen earrie 1 down
bv llie flood, leaving the eountry Bl bare as a
d.sert Men who ten _B_ I iigo weif wealthy
are now homeles- and p..iiper..
Einhty miles south of Yuma. where ,'.,nno
Caseeaab _______? U-a, the eountry is taadad f?>r
ri?hty niiles s iiiare. nnd as there are no hills for
refuge, it. is rcported thut over l?'ii t.f tlem h,.\e
leen drowne.1. The great valley of the CUafado
ia one vast aea of water as far as tlw eye ean aee
in every direction. Th? river has fallen ai\ feet,
I v iBOhre iu t!.ntvsi\ houm and is now i-.early
ill. The wetitlier is ttdeh and thr.
beavv rams. The hw^ ln tlu* one eoaotr will f....i
.,000, ofwblch the nuln.al will bare t.>
snffer t . IM ext-iit of |_?30,000. <>1 1 lutn.i will
nerer he rebuilt. The town will bo higher up
the hills.
Snn rrancisco, Mareh I.?Ir-ins are n..w run
ning 811 I""1' '.etweeii her.- aud [aM Angel".*.
The Southern (alifoinia traekf are still [a bad
cuudition and will nol lie iu workiu;. order for
another wcel. ' :.e road to Yuma is impasaab.e,
hut it is ixpecb ? '.<? tracks will l)C clear 111 6
lew days.
Tueson A. T, Mar i l.-A dispateh from \ uma
to 'The ('ilizcu" aays: "Two meu attempted to
0T66B the (iil.i I.ivcr at Hiverei.lf ".__.ii mall this
tnorninf. One was drowued, and tl.e last, seen
of the other he was floalink down the riv-r on
8 piece of ilriftv-ool." _.__?___
Newi received from Cila Hcnd is to the effeet.
lhat a small cnbin flontecl down the fiila Kiver
laM niRht pnst that |.lace. Lamps IB Ihe raWB
were lit and cries of womcn aud children wero
feTIlU-K AND SI-'T ON flBfl IN
New-I>lford, Ma_-, March l.-A deatructlve
winter tl.iindcr.torn), accompanied by lightninjr,
visilcd this city ahout I) o'clock last ni;,'ht. In
the city proper not, much __6-66f- was done. but
it: Sout!i Hartmoiith, Dartmonth, Westport ar.<l
Mattiipoisett the lightning playcd havuc, de
stroying no less than six buildings and causing
seriot.s itijury to two elnitches.
In South Daitmoiith the Congregational Church
was struck I.y a bolt and damaged to the extent
of $.too. The house of Joseph Head was struck
at alxnil the same time, the bolt setting flre to the
house, which, with its eontents, waa coinplet >ly
,lestii>:..-l. the family escapinz wHh wl,at *??
had on. I^>ss, -?l,-00.
At Mischaum I'oint a barn owned by Roberfc
Watsoii. of Milton, was struck hy a bolt, and bBffl
a?,l contcnts dcstn.yed. Mr. Wa6686 had a tine
yacht la his barn; loss on barn, about I-.006.
At lloiseneek, Ifl Westport, the barns of Captaia
John Hosvhii.l an.l Captain Warren O.ifforcl were
stri.ek by Ughtninf, and ha... two horaea, a eow
aml all farming iniplcment? were dcstroyed. L888
?n Howland's l.arn, tWM: on (iifford-s. $-.300.
\t Niis< li.iiim l'oint a man reports that he saw
a vessel in the bay apr.arently on 11 re. She dr.lt
(?| , , the e.stwnrd and .lisappcaied. He also saw
I Hn on the island of. Naushon, owned bf the
Forbceee, oi Boaton. . , ._, r
n M.ttapoiscit the lightning stnick Ite CgB
_.v_aii.-..-.l < hurch and s-.-t the Mructure on ire.
Ue, a hard battl' the resi.lents of the pteee
8, n-cled inexting.iW.iiig the tire but not .mt
a te the cast side had been enttrely biirn.-I I
he building dama_red to the extent of flA0*'
Tlie heat from the lire damaged the orwtan luclly.
T e houae owned by William Faoeoe was burned
2d liwontent. dcstroyed. A barn near Fn.e
Island containlni hay wm **?**&?; storm
Welltleet Mass., March 1.?In B nea\y s'o.ui
h-T'niJhf-to Mothodist Cbo^wM -Wjkjg
lijrht.iing an.l dcstroyed. f.oss $8,000, parm \
nstre Alfred Sn.ith'a dwelling was slightl
damaged bv tl.e flre an.l bajdhf damaged by watc
O 1 er dwclli.)_s were slightly datmM.cd A fall
of snow aud the absence of wind saved the town.
Sandwich. Mass.. March l.-A heavy thunder
st.nn. aecouipanio.1 I.y strong wind. snow a.i.l
hail. paaaad over Sandwich laat. evcning. Ihe
houae of Joseph Bwtr, pnsttnnater at East Sand?
wich was struck by lightning and grcatly dam?
aged A barn at. Scorton Neclc. lwlonging to Isaac
^feBtU-Ffc. March l.-A thunder
storm occurred here last night and did gre*t ln
jurv lo the keepers dwelling at Highlaml L ght,
The lightning struck the .Nfarlnc Signa Station
destroying the (iovernment telephone btioy and
iS the house on flre. The blaae was ex
tiiiirnished without serioiisinjury.
Vinevard Haven. M.iss.. Mareh l.-A se%ere
thundentorn viatted Martha's \ ineyard last nisht
A barn owned by Charlea Theodorc I.uce. altnated
"in the BUburbe of Cottaze City. was sirtu-k jy
lightning and imrned t.) the gronnd. Loss, J666.
Tlr fnllowit.g lias been rccelvea' here from T. J.
Keruan. attorney for the Loulsvllle, Naer-Orleans aml
Texal Rallroad Comrany ?
-Baton Houge. La.. March l.-The KlaaUalOBi U
boomin? here. The gauge now rfads 31 1-9 foet an.
rlalng TWa la only flvn fr<-t lower tlian tlie hlfth
VOler BMlft of 1800. when the lilgh-water mark waa
| blfhar than ever beforc known. The top
ROtcft of BJ|? ***** ln 1Pf)0 w*s not r,a''hed untH
\pt-ll 81, and naturally. great appr.hen-.io:) is felt
hero and all along tlie lower tilastaaleBi Vall?y that
there wlll be a repetltlon of the flood of last year.
That, Cnnprcss ^hmiM do somethlng ln this emergency
ls Btronelv BtfN bv 8T8fI one ln t?ils section. t_M cen
or.il . Ib ion Vlng that every doUar spent m>^J'>J
pn.te.-tl.... wouM be woitl. more than a hunilrcd spent
hcrcufter for the rclicf of flood sufTerers."
Waterto-cn. N. Y.. March t.-T'ie largest, pulp mlll
Of the Remlnirton Papcr Companv. about two mliea
below thla rlty, **> aimo^t iaatreyel test bbjM by
the hlfh watar, eaa__| d-nagea repdnng ahout
630,000 tO lepelT, aud hllling Jol.n Murphy. an em
plove. _ped .eventy-ciKht. Eleven pulp-_ri-lnclei-s. tln.
" ht.-l and varions other parts of ihe maalilncry were
."irrled down the rlver. Tho woik.nen ni>hed for ihe
SootTaod all eoeaped. axeopt Murphj aad JhoaM
,,"..,-,? who were 'tn.ck by thu shaftl.tK and cmahed
t, ti,.' floor. Stereni mceeedefl ln extricatBig Wnwelf
? I,_ mado n nerilons trlp over tl.e brohen mof l__...t..g
over tlie wafer. The accldent wlll not Interfcre witli
Uie company's output from lt* papcr raliw.
, ?*> ? ?
At the meetlng of the Central Labor I'nlon ln
Cteiendon Hall vesterday a letter from the Deputy
CommtMlonar of Kraet Oaentef. Mr. Daiton. waa re?d.
IU "-I-1 that the report nf tlie lnvestlgatlon Into el.arg??
of blackmaillnp by employcs of the departmeat WOBld
i?,t ba reudv until Tues.Iay. A commlttee W88 ap
polnted, whi.h w'ill appea ! koday beBlte DbMOB witli
allcccl new evlden.s. of acts of blackmall. In tho
d-et-stoe followlng the reading of the letter it was
?aaortod that tho Investlgatioti was rcally only a matter
?{ fo-in and woul.l Whttowaah -Tohn MotftaM, tka
acensert in. pector C_ ptroH cleaning. The followlng can
dTaatcs were nointiiated for B-MBl of the ( eut.i-al Dnlan
for six .nonths, the electlon to lie held next Sunday :
.icorse, K. Lloyd, recordinjr sec retary I (hail.-s L
Mlller, L. F. Pugc aud llcnry Cillin.. canTOapod?Og
soc-i'etarles; Alexander Maitlu, tinanrlal ->c< ic-t ir>- : K.
II. Jfiirpliv. 118886118 ! aud #88688 Kdward--. M-ipcaiit
ut-arms. Cuiclidatcs were al-o namort for servlec on
tho several slandlng commiltees. Among the trustecs
named an JUBU P. Arehlbald and James Bell.
T. V. Powdcrly, .lan.es P. An lilbald, Jamcs Murray
and aebeta are expectod lo speok at a mass meetlng
in Coopcr Fnion on Thursdav nlght, to be held undor
the aaapteaa of the _MfB_a of Labor. _
TTpographlcaJ Dnloa No. <l mct in (larendon
iiaii reaterdav t<- adopl a new sealeof *****?_&
,,al,> waa partlv forniulatcd, and a apeelal mectlug wlll
bc held next ajandajr ... perfeci nnd adopt it.
\t the regular meetinK of th Central Labor Fcd.ra
tioti at No. :ir,, IVowery. yestorday. a letter vfw rr
cotved born tlie Brewers' Fair Tn.de Exchango of
ICew-York and H.ooklyn. protestlng 868-681 n?e of 1 s
menilicrs belne iioycotted. Tho letter In part, U
M followa: "This lxivcott of Mr. Feigenspan will not
be allowed by the Exchange." Tlie boycott wai l.i
doraed, and sotne thitilt a Bcncral lockout of brewew
wlll fellow.
Watortown. N. Y., Matfli l.-IIcrnion, St. Lawrenco
Fouiity, B vlllage, of about 600 inliablUnts, six miles
from DeKnlb .lunctlon. wa* vlslted tl.l-. mornlng by
n i-onla-rratlon. About nildnlght llre appeared ln tho
buslneis part of IBa town.ln a atore owned hy J. II.
PBalpa. It spread until lt had burned up about
lu.nty buildings and entailed a l?s_ of upwnrd of
_.T.-i.<xx>- Moit of the losers had Lttlo luiunince. and
genM had .)"..?. The only nppiratus for ligliting tho
fiamoi was a hand encinc lut tho wuter troia ln tha
hose aud mado it uselea*. Tl.e followmg buUdlims
were dcstroyed: Phelpi's Hotel. tho Knox BBd
.lolin-ii-i HoehBi and Uie itorcs of J. K. Halc. fitohes,
Uroen A Babcoak (two store-,. Cl-.lld-. A MaMaaOB,
nutji itwo .to.vsi, W. li. Popptei. Bas.. ?nd J. II.
Mc-l-oun. alao tlv> itoclw of goods of Rjel. McLean,
Has-, Ladd, and Popples, tlw liaptlst Clmrcli, tw?
dwelllt.gs ovmed by I. H. Phelpi, and one owned by
Mri. I). Hill, o.iupli-t bv K. <?. Roynoldi, and tlvo
(ireat Northweat-rn Telegrnpli ollice. 888886) faiulllei
livm- over IB8 lt):?s 1'tt all thelr ] M.x
and oue 8-6- r-nialn of tlm 8688868) pOltkMI
,,,|:i_;e. lt : ' lt?88888 16*1 tli" in-\u i',-,- Will
legrrgate 4<4.)....a.. I lie llau: ,i.,il ou by
U -Iiiui.' Iioitlivi-t WlBd, Uiltll tliev ha.l ,1. 1, \, I
rverytlilug ln thelr patli. Tl.e thai-808jMter inarked
- lielow /.ero all dav, aud tbere Ih iuiiiIi
MifTerlng and destltutlon. Tlie llre ia belleved t'> Imvo
been ol inceadlaiT miglri. at,,l au.plrli.n rests on one
per-on who hai h*_ mauy luos. asd whoae Drvpcity
waa n.t yaylug lilai.
the ___an_tAt_ term says no purchasb
The ottempt of*Mayor Alfred C. Chrtpin. o4
Hrooklyn. and his felluw-nfflcials to spend $1. .'.'>,?
000 for the plant ef the Long Island Water Sip
ply t'ompan.v withotif authorify of law has beea
tlnally stopped, unless tlie Court of Appeats shoiici
step in with a deciaion overrulin_ that <>f the
Ueneral Term of tlu? Supreme Court for the
Seeond Departmeut. handed down at Ponghkeere ir?
on Satur.lay. On Deocmber __ the Mayor. Con
IrelleC and Auditor signed a contriet io purehase
the plant for ?1,'.'.o.nno. William Ziezler.
through his attorney, William J. QajBaf. at once
brought suit lo restrain the carrying out of the
eontract. alleging that the property was not worth
morj than 1084,880, and obtained a temporary
injunction from Jiwtiee Cullen with an order to
show cause why it should not ______ pending trial.
Justice Itortletf heard the argnments on the order
to sliow oaiige on danuary fi. and the next day
tleeided that the injunction must stind pending
trial of the issues. Corporation Counsel Jenks
nppealed to the (ienernl Term from this deeision.
Meanwhile 88 bad the case placed on the ealendar
of the February Speeial Term, al_h___rb the service
of an amendcd eomplaint had compelle.l tlie joinini.
uf new issues, and the case had no proper place
On February 4, notwitiistanding the faet that
a motion had _*_? made two days liefore ty. strike
the oaat from tlu- ealen.lar, an.l that Mr. Caynor,
B-BBBUag -hat the case wns not la^fore the court,
was not present. Justice Dykman otfered to v_e;-.t_
the injunction at on.-e, but afterwaid alfered Im
deciaion to n notiee thaf he would vaeate it un?
less the plaintf. wifhin six days istipulated f . tfj
on February 1?>- Mr t.aynor at once ehaneter
laed this action aa nn outrage aml refuse.l to pay
aiy attention to it. The Corporation Counsel
e-orieluded that it was illegal, and asked for tho
or.ier vaeating.
On Fcliruary fl tlie nppoal taken from Justice
Bartlett WB8 argued betore J_BB___B _________) aad
Justices Dykman and Pratt in Ihe General Term.
Deciaion was reserve.l. Mr. Cayiior amendcd hia
eomplaint, and on Februnry ll Justi.-c _?____?.
after heariug an argument on the qarhtioa of
submitting the issues to a jury, deeided that, the7
must ho heard before a Judge in Speeial Term.
Tha case is on the enlendnr for to-day. and Ua)
issues of faet would prohably liave l*?on trir-d
this week had not the deeision which was re
Miv.d by the Oneral Term been handed down
Thh ehanges the entire eomploxion of the ens*.
Jiistiei Baraaid writes the opinion, and the whole
beneh concurs. They hold 117it the power of the
city to purehase expired with the two-years* limifc
during whleh the eity had llie riK'nt to nequh
the property by emiuent (loniain. The limitation
of the one power implicd the limitation of the
So, whatever the vnlue of the property. oi how?
ever hor.est the negotiations, the purehase eannot
1-e made. When 'he .-..so i-omes up in the Speeial
Term this week. all Mr. (iaynor wiil have to do
is to move for judgment on th>^ pleadings in _c
cordance with the Qeneral Term's deciaion. Then
the Mayor may appeal to the tieneral Term and
get a deeision of the same kind, which ean flnally
l>o taken to the Court of Appenls. The pr_ar?at
deeision eannot he appealed, for it is not a deTH-ion
on the plcadings, but only sustaini* an order for a
toiiip.ii.iry injunetiou. Yet the law laid down
OOYera the' whole case and hns only to be applied
in a forr-.ul manner. The steal is stopped. llie
men who left the eity to avoid going o'n tlu
st.ind may return m safet.v.
Mayor Chapin sent word to a Tiihune report*;
who ealled on him yesterday : " I eannot see re
porters on Sunday.'' Ile has not always refuse,
to see reporters on Sunday.
A friend of his who has been eonnected witb
Iho case was asked yesterday how the dcisi-.n ol
the General Term harmonized witli the Mayor'a
statement, in liis aflhlavit presented to .Jiistic.
Baitlett, arbiah said : " Deponent is a lawyer, and
is not unfamiliar with Ihe rulc* go.erning the in
terpretation aud construclion of statutes or witli
llie constitution of the Stato. . . . Deponent also
exnmined the poition of said law Ithe Annexatiort
A.t BrovidiBg for tl.e purehase or eondemnatioti
of said property on behnir of the eity. nnd con
oloded ili.-i the twawrear lladta-iea epfdied ts the
power to .-..ndeuin, but not t?> tho power to pur?
ehase That upon both these and upon ill otl^r
ouestions of law involved, deponent eonsulted the
C. rporntion Counsel and that the adviee of satd
Corporati..n Counsel eoineided witli deponent.
oonclualona as alicady otati.l."
??Oh " aiiswored tho man, "ChaptB wn.te nll
lhat aftidavit himsell. F.ven if the denonent is ?
hwver Uie lienerai Teiui docsn't s.vin to agrec
wlth ____, or his adviser. the Corporation t ?un
* Justice Cullen was asked lo oxplain tho exnetj
bearlBX ol the deeision on the ^n Vtocgton^
but said he did not th.nk il would I* PB>pt?Ja
de so. as he would proha'dy have to decide tnat
in court. He added, howc\er: "I have no hesitft
lon in -ayin_ that the Speeial Term in thiai as ln
all easos, is bound by the deeisions of tl.e f.eneral
The defenders of tho piirehahO have given up
nll hone of carryinc through the Rclieme
Tliomas K. lVarsnll. the BttolWT fsrtkf U**
Island Water Snpply Con.panv. said: That ??
the eaaa. If the BBTOhaiT .is ever made, it musl
be i-fter fnrthw legislatlon.''
Comoration Counsel Jenks eoald not ho found
at tho Urooklvn Club. where ho now dines.
Cvrus E. Staples was pleesant in spit" of hla
troubles. He said : -1 l-MNH that en.ls the fhab
thJnjr. I Ooo - tbink 1 bavo :.,,vtbio|r taaay about
it " In answer lo inquiries. he anfcl: oh, no. I
Jhan-t loso anything by it. We bave a good
thlng and we are going to go aa *???> ^f'^.'i
No, I don't thlak there is nny hope of the Conrt
01 Atinoals overruling the dee.ston of three t.en
eral Tern. JndB-8 who all agree. I guesi, lt _ oxer.
"'iVis^meulWo^oo how he Is all rlgM if hl,
romark mnde on Deeember _t, J- the Ma? ttoa
VUh to an assemblage of members Is true: "1
to?W_ia^iSt!tBlk f?>r nub,1;atlon ye,
ten av bulr.mt?raHy ho is welljaUaed witbitha
loe ii n and with the sueeess which has attended
We brara Ighl against the eombioe*! rlng_
T e case will S ealled in the RbboM Term trw
day, but if ls iloubttul if judgment will be glvea
for a few daya.
Trenlon K. I. March l.-THe pohee ?ro ptir-M
over the 88-8 of afl-B llattie Piirtly. agM ?iBlllBlj
wlio in a few half-con*vlous monient* a_8 bjM had
a _ee last Monday. talUs of havlng been for. e_ Into
a cab bcaten ?nd robbe-. Ib-B Pur_y lives lu Xcw
Briir.swi.k. shc ..mc to Trenlon to Visit her brotlioi
fa_ law Leonard A. Stowell. a printer. bhe ha_ beea
at hls'office up to 3 P- m. on Momlay. and it _aa
tlireo hours later when t>he reached hU l.onte, all
UM -toirell famlly Imvlng been alanncd ?t her pro
-? 11881 IM.yslclans are ln attendanco an?
thlnk alio will recover. Thci. are no aerloua marka
of vlolence upon B_BB Purdy'a pcrton. but wl.en ahe
wtHt-hwl Stowcll's house there were marks IndlcatliiK
ifttr-Sale'or a fall ln the atreet. Slie htid not bcen
'" Thaoollee after aaJettar __a-_ai on the caae ft>r
?a iook aiilioiim-d th't lliev could ?f.'_v uo .l.-xv.
Tho lalk of vlolence. tbey thlnk. is only the result
t.f d<-Iit-liiin. The faet tliat tlie rings are mis*!n_ from
hl-r rl'icera and thut money. which she hnd In her
i.ur-c'when ?& reacli-d 8-OWOU't Ik.uvj were mlsslnf,
inalie- the poUco tlicory unsaU?_wtory.
.... a
ou. PBonrrrios is pexxstlyaxta:
OU Clty, Penn., March 1 (Speeial).-The Pennsyl
van'.n oll rcp> ' for Februar>' Kivcs th. ___a._8taj|
flgiiiv*: Two hundreil and flfty three well* were mm
laaVal larlad B_e _r_aa. ju*t pa-st, pruducing d.iug
harrl* Blld -?1 dry h<?lcs. agaln*t :no wvll*. l_,:jrVt
l.arti-ls nnd 4? dry wella the mouth before, and 410
well* drllUng and 105 rigta up and bulWlni
407 _]___-_ wells nnd _4o rlga tn Jauaary,

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