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_ *_-3^a
Bueno? Ayros, March 8.?The Aigcntine GeT
frnment taaaed a deeree yeaterday whleh aoapeada
Bnalncaa an the Bonrae, in the Cu_.ti.ra Honae aml
l? th*- banka f<>r twa daya, to-day and te-merrow.
This deeree waa isMicd in view of tbe diatuibed
state <.f trade, the Bnanolal aaxiety preTaiUn*. and
ti.e general feoling of panta whkh exlata la all
eirdee. The deeree anneuacee that ihe days men
tione.l are to bB ohscrvid as holulays, bnt tlie
real reax.n for the suspofisioii of busine^s i> to tiy
to save the I'rovincial Itank, about whleh so meeh
bas been bbM reeently, trom iiiianci.il diaaaier.
Ihere has heen a mn on the bank foi severai
davs, BBd it is belicved that it did not daro to
opeu its doors to-day.
A syndi.ate c.m.poscd of 120 itiercbants has ar
ranced a plan hv whleh it will lend the Argentiiie
Oovemn.ent tl.e BBO of f20,???.?0?. Cenae
Mnentlv, the Government haa decided that i.o
fresh issue of paper money will be made. and tha'
the tax of I per eent reeently teried aa aU de
aaMta in private banka will be aboliahed.
Senhor Lopea, tbe Miniater al Flifnee, baa re
aigned. He will probably be aneeeeded b? benhai
Fan*. March fi.-i^spat.-h.-s received liere from
Baaaaa Avrcs say that it Ls baped that the
two haUdaya (to-day and to-n...rrow. ennounoed
bv the Government will fheUltate the s-.'1'l.n..'nt
of the eiMBC .'ommereial and linanelal d.tli
cnltie*. Tl.e reports also say that the pe.ie.al
opinion prevails that a forced papei bBOJ H
London, Mareh C,-" Tlie Stan.lard'.s flnanClal
nrtiele to-day, referrini; to ihe lirm which is said tn
be in tr.-uhle, declares that ita support by the
BrmB BBBBpaaiefl depende apoa the pending investi
gau'.n Inte tlie eonditton el the lirm by mcoub
tanta, laYolving the delieate .iuestiou ol valuatiou
of South Aniericau aeenritfca,
Altii.-.npli there have beea nuaen of late legardtng
the iltaatton of flnanetal b?B1h la London the New
\oi-k rtook market gave BtUe reapaane lo them aatU
j^tei-div. Tbere waa aa laenaaa In the aetivtty ol
?j,e.-.iin.|..n. but peieaa fell away. For a Ume there
?a, n f.-ee i Ireulatlon of dfcqaletlng reporta and the I r 1
j-..im .i- ot .h..- ralcMe ta London waa .<> tbe effect that
tlie head Ol ihe large baiikinc booae of Contta ? < o.
had tai.e.i Ma life. The aatheatlc rable dlspatchea ex
pbdned thal Ihe nilelde had beea eoanaltte by a Jantor
niet.iher of the tirni. a young man. aad it waa not be
lieved that tinanclal ticul,!.'- WBTB tha caoie. ral
kBdad t.> aiL-.v |he aatraeacaat Meaa ol a posslble rno
mi the baahlag mtmee and the atoch market railled
Bhghtly froaa Ita extrams depreedoo. Tha toter dli
patehea telhag ol the siiuati...i In Bnenoa Ayrei weit
I'oiistruea as fav.nal.le; tlie aaBOBBeeaaent ol the eu
foreed hottdaya ta the ArgenUne capltal belng offset bj
ihe new* that ihe ..ovenniient ha<l b<-en aaalatad bj B
loan of POO.000.000 fr,.m Ihe nawehanta. lt wai the
paeral o?taleo ot hoaaea WMeh have ehwe Baropean
eaauBeettaw Mtea tmrm part ol th" dlaintottng rumon
ln London were the pioduct of Bfecalaton who dealltd
IB depress prices.
There were uo further aaplleattoaa for p.-ld for ex
port at the A*say oiiioe paBtarday. A theoo waa balll
up by wnie parBBBfl i-liat tne rca?on why p.ld had not
been ordered wn- baaaass of tha fraeUco of the A*?ay
oSoe ta wlthhoMfeg aU appllcaaooa tor bajate te
I.i7cct..r of the Ml.it un.ll after -2 p >?-*"f^*&>
jitjv, gald tiuit tl.t-s pmetlco wfis slnTpIr tp minlmlie
tlie bton ol tne Dtrertor ol the Bl.n und ot Ollte
nrr D^pmrtn.ent ln foi-mally passing upon requ'V.t* fo
coid bar* BO effort w?t beim: niade to ob-truct an
outwai-d movenient of gold. an.l lf. ln order to cet any
n d 111 Ume tor the early steameiv ol :uiy oaeeeedlna
S"v he. (Mr. Maaon) would transn.it the .-iistomai-y telo
craphir reqnwt lo WMUafton belordS o'doch if it wa,
fleilred. _^__,
Bcrlin, March B.?DaHag the. del.ate ..n the motion
for ti.e aeeoni iaadla| ol tha Navy bndget ta Ihe
Bdchllag today Herr Kicliert said that it waa 1m
possible for the nmntry to bear tlie pipidly taereaitllg
biu-den* which were lmi>"-"d up?.. lt.
Dr. WladthOCat, the leader <.f the (ortre. said that
ho would siippi.rt the ?eeMon of tlie ooiiimin..-.
Berauay, however. could not l>eir t.? suppoi-t B N.w
equal in atNBfth to U.at of Baglaad. Thti eoaatry
could bear her large -Navy beeaaat her Army W
fcmnii. in eoaeUulon l?'- WliMthorBl ?aM: "1*1 the
Government submit. not line morAa, bnt a pi-a.-ti,;.]
gebeme for Btraagthental UM Navy. The Qavern
?enVfl popBBBBI have tivated p-rror througliout Gei
Chnneellor von Caprivi srpued that thn propoaall
were tbrnteef M thOBB mad" in IB8B. The MlnWi'v. he
uM, wore aaaalataaa ta Ihe optal... that more moneo
would not t? BeetttA. The Chaneellor proposed thal
th^ vote for the tw,? new ironcladi ahoeM be retarned ...
t'10 fiiiflBH <'oi.imitt.H-, when doabtteu aoaM agree
?wai would be an-ive<l at. Dr. \Vindth..r-t agreed to
th',-., and the House approvod ot tiic BBgjeallon amtd
Herr uwhier .ontended that the revelattoni of Ihe
eaaaaalttee in reirai-d to the Navy, eapeelally In reaard
to tl.e aewJrondaia not exeeedlng Bfteea knoh aa
h'.in-, evoi.ed anlvenal astonlshmeat The eredH,
lie -.a.!d. miKt bc M...-.1; l.ut be arged the in-.i---.ty ..(
c-i.in..!i in biiildinK tli.- aaa iblpa.
Kniperor william baa pre eatod t<> Herr Koaelelskl,
ii I'oiiah ineini.er <>f tbe Beicbxtog, wbo li a tfrong
bupporter ot the Government'). navaJ pollcv, f paintliig
of the tleet ol the Greal EJeetur. The 1:1:1 vv^- tc
r.impiinicd with an autograph letter from the Bmpcror,
statine that th." palntlng w;.s Rent ln reoognltlon ..f
1!.:: KoacleliBl'i majifnl advocaey of tbe Intere-ti ..f
the Orinati Navy. Iu hla letter lli> Maj.-.tv signs
Mr.:-?lf, "Your p-ateful i::i jm-i. .r Kliitf."
Paii-, March .'..?The "XlXine Blotde* lo dav tml>
lish'-d an tatarrlew wlth m. ii'i-iK-tte, tiif Preneh Am
baaaaahif u. Bartta, ta 'he caarae ?f whleb Ihe Aai"
bussador said that he thought that tlie Fiaaeh arti-is,
in retaalag t., ba repreaeatcd al the Berlln ezhlbltion,
ot.eyed the ordtrs of a few blusterers. 11 wm Uloctco]
fer U.i- Brtlsta 1<. e.xhil'H at MbbIi h and Btattgart, and
..1'Ji-ct to c.Thil.itirig ln BerllB. The m Kinir ?-??-, vlill
la Parla was iK-rhaps Impradent; and wai ander
tiilini without eoaaaltlag any ..n.'.
M. llerbette deuiied having beeo Kmnded iu reaard to
Emi>:-es, Praderlth'a faaraey. laylng thal the French
i.ov.-iiimeiit *iis i.ot adrlsed of ber Intentloo i.i vltii
PBria untii the u..y before iha arrlred Iheie. rhe
Frein li Aahaaaadot added lhat, althongb h.- w:, m
advin-aie uf a Franeo-Germao alllance. .'.itii. ng taeb a
thlng laapoaMbh), be h?'ld tbal every ?-it<.rt oaaht t<. i..'
iu;;<i" K. reeaeva the itialn al areaeal e?latlng betweea
ih>- two eoantrtea. m. llerbette warml] pralwd the
Emperor for hl- -?t'-'.ne ehararter and Indomltable will,
saying that he wa- desilned to a. hi.-vc great thlngs,
rh- "Kehode Parti" ....lav announoes thal tbere n
redi.u.'l.'d a.-tivitv nt the inllltarj worki at l. nrgea,
the Mmiitcr of War havlng tent an order t<< donble Um
P-cafnctioB of cartrklgea.
Dubiiu, March .i.-ii: tha eppeal for money to f..rm
a l'arn.ii rampalfn fund the Lord Mayor ol Dahlla,
lueapb M. Meade. 1. P.. and the Hlfb Bherlfl ?.f Dablln,
.ibi-i.'s >i.,-mi.-, ara appolated lieaaniera of tbe fund.
Tha ap]?-al put< 11 .711- IMle t?. Iha fr >n. aud d?-.-l.in-.
that the indu^U?la! dev.-l..piuent i.f ln land a-.d . ivil
aid leligious Uharty BBBrt be an es-ential part of
lri-h wlf government. ?
I. I don. March <i.- NmI week Mr. Pai nell will issue
B manifosto Ut Ameilcai: IriBhBBBB.
Mr .L.hn Pop- Henaaaay Iva.-, written lettais to prlBBM
and orneii in Irataad, la whleh hc a--i?ru thal he o .t
bid Mr Maruell iu the exte.it '* tiie H.'me KnW BMBB
ures whleb he dr^npd. il^ -avs t'..t hc deaiand* c n
trol of cwrytbiii,', in.Iudiug tlie euatOBM an.l 11*. *1 iy?
i.imerlck. March ti. At the openlng ol the LlmencK
Ai--:/.?* todav. the judg.A Bnnonneed tbat they wera
rejoi.ed that t?i<? condlflon of affain ln t:.' clty a::l1
.-oiinti- had laproved, and that boycottlng and fie
"Plan of fampajgn" bad eanWhed.
UadoB, Marcb fl. .\ dlipatcb t.. tbe Bxehaage l '
P>>h Compaay f'-..m etnii wya thal InforaBBtlaa ra
*ive4 from officiai aoarcea ihowa that the Chlllaa ta
MapBM aie Bhort <>f aiiiiiiuiiitiou, and thal the] there
M| refraln from mahing an atta.k BfOfl the capltal,
*Mtnjo ?a Chill, where the trooys are well araied and
],r> |,,i:,'(i to Biake a rlgoroei defence, Prealdent ii.il
Biaceda'i parttaaaa are ol tbe opinion tbat ? rl i
eif'irt upon tba part of tba GaverBBMBt trouij.s will
quell the lebclllon.
PRESfl 0OMMEMT8?THE ri:i:i_
Toronto. Mareb 8.?Tbe followlng mmmtfy of the
resull "f ye?ter__y'a elacttoB ta eompiled from |al ?
corrected returra:
Total in,ml" r ,.f se.ta, 216, ln thr.-e of Wbleb?Alg88?,
ont., Hontln'gdOB, Que., and Caribou, 11. C?cl'.llon.s WOT*
not lie!-.
Ontarlo, BS aeata. CouaenratlYee, 40; Ltberala, 4'>.
q . i ,,-, .. it-. ConaervaUvea, 28 Liberalt, .1,1.
Hava Beotta, 21 teats, CeaaemUves, it, Liberala 1.
Hew-Branawlek, 10 s.ats. CaaaarvaMvea, 11; Llber
al-. ?".?
Priaefl Bdwaid IMand, C Itata Conaervatlvs, I; Lib?
erais. 4.
Mariitotia, 5 icata. Connervativea, 4| LtbetBlB, 1.
British Colunibia, 0 a.ats. ron-ervatlvea, 5 : Ubemla, 0.
MatthwaM T, rritory, 4 aeata, CeaaeilaUeaa, 4; Llber
a's u.
Xead-CeBiarraMvaa, 117; Liberais, a*>; a Caaaetiattva
majority of '-"-'. ? _
In Ihe three _OBatit_e__Clefl yet ta clert, the COn
aervaUvea wlll probably eanp two aad the Llberali
In t>;e ahove siiminnry, two IfldepeadBBM in Qtieliee
are clflflflcl wltb t'ie Oonaervatlvea and oae KatlonBltal
wltb ihe Liberais. Oaa Indepeadeat ln Jfew-BraBe
un u is elaaaed with the Ubarala.
mi- John MacdonaM wa? emapletdy exhaaated t"
iiiv. He gol ap, deaplta tbe advlce ol bl* phj
and anawcred Ihe h_mdred? ..f eongtotulato-y f'
- tii.it poured ln Irom aU qaartera. Tho Premlei
haa nti-'ily loal his rolce, bal expevta to be all rtgh.
BgjBln in .1 lew daya In an Intervlew wilh nn Ai
BocUted Pitai eotT-Bpoifflenl to-day be eatlmaied hU
majority at between thlrty-three and'thtrty-flve.
.\ diipatcb fr.'in 8t. John, n. 1;.. myi later letarn*
from Klngfl Oouniy, S. B., aay Ibal George B. Foater,
Minlatet "f Flnance, la eleeted bj ? amall majority.
Commentlng on tbe eleetlon. "The Bmpiie" my
??The lasue w.is momentoua. Tbe UovernmtBt waa
BaaaUad witli a bltterneafl almoai onpreeedented In oui
poHtlra. By ealltng In torelgn aid, the OppoalUon
leaden hmi themflelvea to a dlflgtaeefal attempl to
aubverl the Independenee of Canada aad t" overturn
Brittah ruk oa this contlnent The pi.'t
tini_s and lebemlBgi arere worited oui andci
ihe cnise of a aednctlve eommercial poliey.
Tbe .LA-.-nimi'tit ol Blr John Xaedi naM haa bea
nmphantly rindleated ln the lace c,f ihe world. Tho
pollry ..I anreflirlrted reciprorlty, or annexatlon
received Ita quleta*. .'.nd the oM flag. i?M leader BBd
old poliey have received anch an Indoraemenl Irom the
,!..-,??. o| canada ns to iweep Into obllvlon thdi
detracton .-inci foe?."
-The World" iaya thal ;> number ,.f border wmn
lies ol Ontarlo have defeated tbe GovernmAil 1 rndl
datea, and to thi* extent the Innexal iy claim
aome galns. Before another general eleetlon I held,
it eoaUnnea, tbe Wlman h,<i wlU have pasaed awaj
"The Maii" iay?: "Taklng the eleetlon aa ?-. whole,
it will be :. diaappolntmepl lo both ildea. [_ flte
Llberali, becaaae the beadway they hare made In On
tario ntici Qaebeo bai been nnWfled by tbe ad
tha eleelorate efcewhero; aad i" tho Government, be
raaae it iiid noi sweep tbe country."
"The Globe" iaya: "The pro*pccl before t'i- Rov
ernmenl i- noi an Invltlug nne. lt ha* been terribij
we ih.-I ..t tbe polla. The Preml ir'a ri Me - i< -< li<
bave dertroyed anv hope ol lt> obtalnlng ani relaxa
tion of Um Unlted Btatea tarlfl In oar behalf, and bave
1 iciit'd aa b-tetton in the aUodi nf our netghben
whlch may produc.- ? vil f-n|t tor ns before lon.r.''
Londun. M,", h '.. ??!'!.? Clouo." Hii- ev.'i.inj?. re-'
?arring t" the Canadlan eleclV/ns, aay* Ihat tbe CBB8
dian (.civerntnent BOW h.i- a fr<v hafld, BBd ean eon
eiude the iittpnllalhina with lha Unlted statea wbleb
were peadiag before tbe electloaa. -The Glabe"
thHt ihe MK,_t gratltytag feat-i. ol ti,e re*_11 1- n
ilgalfleaaea :.s ? proteal agalnal annexatlon.
-The st. .lames's Gasette" - ? Ihat II 1- a _onree
of prid" end plearai- to Bngl ihmen to nete 1 -
sponse atade to the annexatlon ery.
"linve yoa beard the aewa from canadal" ?a.s the
watchaord yoaterday of tbe Canadlan rolony .vin,',
tealiefl abonl Braataa Wlman'* ofllce. Mr. Wlman'n
rlewi on the reeaH ol the Canadlan eleetlon4 1
be better expreeaed than by the anawer ?t. t lo Um
IbUowlng si.-. ,-ii, telegiaai from Rlchard W h
Turv aewapaper man "i Mcmtroal. Mr. Whltc
vxha.i^teci tbe Canadlan roeabnlary ,,f i,a?i wordi on
Mr. win.i,,'- devoded h'-i'i dnrtBg the 1
gaatertay telegraphed hlm :
Montreal, Qnebec, March >'..
To Eri-tiis tVlman, New Y !;.
. liave \.,n lieard from < anadal We are
bappy. if" iiahi. w inu;.
At Mr. WlxBkn'fl direction hla prlvate aecreta ?
out and senl over Ihe wit-.- tln- followlng dl patrh ;
To Rlchard White, "Oaxette" Offlce, Montreal, Queliec.
Only the imly i:??l maiht lie happ.\ nnder -u
verslty. As tln- Duke ?'f iVelM
? tlw bnt. her. bill ls large.' rwo Ml killed,
the rtorvii or. do*] d. ?! ind Ihe majoril
down ;it l--a t ?:.?? Ii'iif. I 1 .?:,_.'! ilnl ,t<- yoll ',,, I
i.,ll\ and oomiiifl oui ?troug, under '.'?? clmn t.m ? .
To hl- many callera, Mr, Wlman expre**ed h II
bi well mtlsfled wlth the ontcome ol the L'anad m
eleetlon. Tlie resull waa ? ral lAnUal trletory, hc ?nld,
and tbe LlberaJ party ?.i- noi 1 >?'? I ? 1 ? '?? vl<
torj. The ele. lion liad boen f..1 nn (I em n nd
dorily tli.it il,,-, liad hard 1.1 liad llme l?, formulal 1
plan nf , :iiii|'.l-;i. much !? - a poliey ,.! li
He tmdei ? id thal Ihe majority ??'?:- n narroa tl
John vonld (..iv,- the greitvM dlfficuliy In 1 irryl ? ?
i!,.. Oovei ument, .."i the I.I raj party would 1011 e
oot triumpbanl ln the m u- fntnre.
? ?
VlIK AI.MINKI'llATl'.N N. >T INTI'.I.' l-> il'l).
Waahlngton, Mareh B, Bacretary Blalne taid thh
BMralng thal he had nothlng t., bj In regnrd to the
Canadlan eleetlon eaeepl tbal there aeemed t., be an
intpn?..... tn -..ne quartera t il r d nl llarriaon'
Admlniatratlon wai Intereated ln tbe eleetlon, ?? .\
a matter <>f fact," he tald, "Uie Admlnl trancn li
ntieriy Indlfferenl n- to the i-itit Itone "f the
memberi ot the Cabinel tooh any Intcreal In tbe matter.
;,.<! , itc-il le-W llblUt il t II t.i '( .,1,1.11.Ill ll iriljy Ilo
about our electloii?."
London, Marrb ?'.. The Brltlab ateamer VTeatban
has arrlved al Plymouth In a damaged condition, hav
kng.been la collMon yeaterday, "tf the Ltaard, with
the German .teamer Wandrmhm, from llamburg, M 1 h
1. Ior Jlew-York. Tbe Wandrahm proceeded. i1
Wi'-tt.iiiv !::,- i large hole More In her de, and liei
afterboM li flllod wlth iwat?r. The Cunard 1
ateamer Calalonla, Captaln Atbln, al Uverpool foi
Boaton, whlle lylng at anchor it, Ibe atream "... run
Into by the liiiti-ii .teamer Merchanl Prti . Tl
c.ital','.1:1 wiis damaged un Ihe porl ijuarlcr. -:,?' bIH
1m> rompellod ln dUcha ire lier rimo and go Into doch
fnr repilrs. The Merrhuul Prinee wlU al_o bc 1
j. i : to go t.i Uie ,1 ?";. t.i repalr, bul it v.iii noi be
iry for her 10 dlscharge ber cargo.
? ?
i:i'i:i.\l. OP l.Ki'.v \::i) JBR. iMR
London, March 8. !.?? n ud Jerome, of Kew-York,
w;is burt. 'i lo daj In Ken ,1 Green Cei t 1 he
Ih,.:. waa broaghl Irom Brlghton to Grovesnor I bap I,
ln gouth .\:-.ii??>? -t.. \v . wbere the reUgtoni
were conducted b] the Rev. W. Foater Kili u. From
tbe chap I the b dj was taken to tba cemeteiT. Mn.
jerome, Lord and Ladj Randolpfa Churchlll, Mr. 11 I
Mr ? Moreton 1 ??? re he 1 11 -1 State Mlnlal -t. tha
ll.,:. Roberl r. I.i::, ln. the I nM d Statea 1 0
... ? ? al, tlie H".. lohn. C Sfew c- German \m
ba~aador, rouni von llatzfeldl WlMeiiburc, and 1
thli 1 fi-i'-i.ds weif pre ent nt the runeral eeremonica.
- ?s ?
Berlin. Mareb 8.?Offleial Goveraaaeat rtattatlei bave
I,eeu i>re;.aic4l of 2,17-J e,_-es ,,( tabarealoali '1 "ated
by the K,.i h method fmiii tha middle ..f Vovember t"
the end ol December. 01 caaai nt latarnal tabercaloala,
13 .,;. reported cured, iti eoadderably Improrad, i>4
iiniir.'ved aad 49 died, w-.ii,. ,,f caaefl ol exteraal
tuberdaloai* . 15 are Mported cared, 148 ronalderablj
Improved, 887 Improved :. <i 0 died. The itattatiri
are Incomplete aod Bia aoi fi. ai Ike abc ss uf
i'p,?.?--..r K'?h'- rein.-ii.T his axcoeded ererj ai 1 Ipa
H..11. _
Wll.l. <>F CARDIKAL XKWMA.v. a
London, Mareb fl, Tba wlll "f Oardl ..1 Ifewauw
beoucatln all his Bwntucripti ai.d eopyrlgbta ,'f booki
lo UM H<'v- Ur. Xevill.-, Ins reai and iBBaBboW Btap
city to Um Bev. Mr. Miaa Bad ti>e wbebi <.f Hn
ru_iduc to Me._r_. Xc-villc. l'olleii ai.d __8?8881. all ol
uii,,iu belong ... the Oratory nt Edgbaatoa. Iha whoM
1,1 the Cardl li ralned at ?3,574.
? -
an ) \IU.V rm.i:\mt-: PBOM MK. GLADMOXC
-th:. CEM81 I
< Copynght,- 1F.H , Uu thi 9aet~9 rk ilBWfaflB Prtlt,
London, March fi.-Thc LJbeial nflfi.-ial clrrlo exp^d
an early 4 llverance from Mr. Gladai ne on th* psrtv's
ehsctoral programme, whleh arlll etther be liened as a
ipectal marlfcito or deelared In i.i- eamlng ipeaeb at
Hastlnga. The pHvaie and penttteal Biitiaaly ol a
number ..f Icadlng adhervnts t.> nake hla attltnde
t Um Irtah party dellnlte aad aaailetahable baa
tiiniiv eaa .-d i.iin to deetde ta ipeah oat Mr. 9mt
iicll's rciteratl n ..f aa Braneea i" the ir,-h people that
bv rapportlng him tbey wonM BHImataly brlaf ahoot
the anrrender ol Ihe aiadstontana li re*etiiod kceniy
by Bngllsh LlbeM leadera. Mr. Gladrtone'i Btteranee
i, expected lo l-t tl.'- worM hnow thal it the iri-ii
people rharoplon Mr. Parnell Ihe Bngllah Uberala will
abandon Home Rale.
Hr. i'li-::'-!:-- delegatea t.? rtiaerlra will leave here
..ii Banday. They an- greatly cheered l.y tli.- aabta
ii--iii-,ni..-. ol the vvaiiu and wMespread mpporl "f
Ihelr Aiii"i-i.-.in ...inpalii..!-. - t i.il.'.! IreU-id" con
i'.i-i- thedepartnreand proapeeM .f Messra i.connor,
Keily, Redmond and Harrlaon wlth ihe pa.-tial eol
i,p.f um MeCarthylle BilMton ptapaiatloae. Tho
r.i:u,--t Bngltob frfendi .>f Ihe McOarthyHee ara be
glnning to d.-pair "f tli.'ir al.ill.v to malo- IleadWBf
agalnsl ii.f rigor aad icHvlty ,.f the Barnellttee. Mr.
I--:- elFi tpeecH al Clerhenwell waa a pointed Md he
Ihe labor vote. II vv .- ..;-.. neanl .,. entlca Mr.
i.ivill, bal Only ~lin-*-,) np Mr. I.i.vilt'- .-uil'.t.
The oat i-i.'-i'.f eertaln prl u I papeiinaheia
over Ihe Amerli-an Copyrlghl bc| do n,>t iiid any r
-]>,.ii-.' .-M .? ..- wme <.f Ihe greate t Bagllab pnbltahera.
Mr. Longmaa, ln au Intenriew, i l tbat he v*.i* re
j..:.-? -<i ii tbe p.'. -.!-??? "f tho a. t. i- a reeognltloa "(
Ihe prlnclple ,.f literary property. H? thlnlu thal
ni'1-.i pni.ii-ii.-r-, wiii t," left in a naotral 1"-.tl'..
whlle thoae havlng \ ??? an bonaea may po I
be beneflted by Ibe i L llli Brm, havlng a Maneh
iu Ameriee, vviii, when neeeaaary, haw ti;.- t,"
im ln lype Ihere. He idmitted t' .. Engllah prtnten
.. ,i ;.. permakera wonM be Injniwd, as an anoaal "f
trade wonM certalnly )"? dlverted from tbem. Iha
,i, i wonM not bring tbe mUlcnnlnm to Engli*h aatboia.
? ,,i gpnttla* ? le'a, the gn al (-.v-.-i i e .
juii...-:?-. aay - the < ?pyrigbt at t will nol bave .-.
effecl on ih<- pnbtlahera. Tliere will be a tremendoai
w i le .,f Ume ln endlng : to and tre
between Bntfand and tbe I'nlled Btatea.
Tlu- papcrmakon are more alarmed. A depatatMa
pro]. ... vv : i m Blr Mlrhael Hl I ?
Reacb, I-- ? lenl of the Board ol Trade, and demand
(,,?> "-iini.-nt action t> prevent lerloni Injqry ;?
rhe worb of tah . ? ??- i f the llrltfah F.mplra
vr:i- begnn Oll Tlll I i I ' -1 ? ' ??'. to
.-ii.inhi,11,10 i,.i,,;..t ,-1- in [ndla, .agaln I - I
.oti "? i -i rhe Brltl ih !-!?? will i ?? tiiken a
month hence, and II i- rsllmatcd that the popnladon
v, Ml -' ? ? n of 15 per cent.
i I.--- : ! ? /a. haa tlgned tho
Knglish t'onimlttc-'s fundltig >eheme.
i.i i er i \v\T MVRAr.ni's RTAitTUJcn <,,.mmi.\t
i; ime, M tn h ?'? i i ntenanl Lti raghl, Chlef of
I',,: ,- ,.f vi.i--,,w:iii, v.ii,, i- ii,-, i:. ,i nf mn
na.ivv- for purpov ,,f plui -i t, In a rommnnlcat nn i..
- ? ,,,.-' :, || <l |? I-,,- .IL'-- iu | '
,',. M?-.?v;,ii p li,,- .?, - ? -.hi nallvi .
pnblio are mnch ei Ited over the affalr and <i
thal ii ?!:,;. enl loqulrj be made.
In Ihe ' ! am' r ,,f Deputlci ?., d.iv .' ? i
Maniul' .li Rudli I, -?_...i lie .'.. i lined. f..r Uie pre?ent. lo
i,l-, , : v ,,i slia "i '' .lajanni, In r>-.
tho alk'g'd uiuiii"! iv I.i utenanl l.lvraghl, |u Ha
r. U t i ? ...
mcnl vv..-i!,i m ike a full |i qulry Into the matter,
? ?
now BARON V"V WHMVAirN imni-iuii a triiii:
T-*' '"'-'II IM'.- ?!?! UTV < 'M'Tl'tll'Ii.
BerBB, March ?'.. '.TagebfaUt4 pnbllkhqg a i
patcb from Zanalbar, rtatlna that Itaron ron Wl??manr
baa punl hed the Klboeh tribe, and that ln -.. doing
be i.iii'-.i '-'."i. wounded no, m <\ cwptured :,'. of t1
irii.'-uu'ii. Tho i..-i:u:.ii I,-- ?.. . two mei klll .1 and
i.ft'-.-ti wounded, rhe n pl ired itti.iion 1- ti
?.f < attle - - lly uf ammnnlt ?:. and lt ury.
Pi ir ;.', vi ii. li . \ ? ? i ? lo ha - ? -, i- ."l by
Ihe i 'i.i i '/? ? ii up .ii tba rereni The "l-l
I'aechi <i'-'!.'i.' that ilnce tlw re iM ol tbe electloBi
thua that lt i- the <!?? ?,>? nf tbe people to adopl a
: by tne m -u ivhn ' ?-??
? nf tbe ii itl?n, tbe lead. i of
? ? ? ? ?? i /? ? h part) vviii retlw from pnblli Uie.
The A -ath ? f the ' ?M .'/.?? h party Itti i een tor,
: -"i esplaln. ' " commenu . ? ferent ?- - .
lly bo a .;- to a i body, The
irtj !. , i t ,,, ? ? ?!? ,|. cit'i.-r. I'l
in AuKtrla. Hut the dl ? mlH I I i
. - .... f.il'i. u.i, |he i.t
,,f ihe ele. biral > ?? p ilgn In
thanlan Au tro-llungar}'. rhat factlon ..f reac
? to It great Burpi
OathoUc . !? .'. ? nll bsd against u. Th ? i.i hopi
,f au ' I. short ' re the eV ? 11 m, ?
.i i.-i.i on Bund
Ihe ehu ?: lilng more nor l thafl
,,.i ele. ...iil nianlfc .". Id not, of .
plali Iv nn ui.'.ii Ibe aii urd and mij
made npon Ihe 11-?' ? r-? v. , wlth Ihe larli aiienl and
..r Ri.ii ..,;.,,,? imi i ?? \,' mi iu
Iti N,,|, , foi Ihe enl "'t polli v ..f l'. po I ?
XIII. who ..ii'-u .?.',., i!i!,,'ii the antl-SemlUc n
? ,i in iNi'ir p, ? i-. i i ii, i | ,1 ?? tha hclerod ??.
ly ihouM ii..t l?- wounded ln anythlng," md il n
; ? Catl "lu- prinripl. -, Ihe n -
?ii ihouM ii >t drag tli" hlthfnl into ^rfrltlna
tir; law ..f brnthcrly love." Burh derlaratloni f. *n
i ? a .:; iu lii ihop. in-i i have he< u n terribla
bl ,-.v ? , Dr. Lueger, l"rli re Aloj - v.m Ll h
,:.., ? ?! ?? i ,,.her I. id. i?- of i ?? ' .li 'i
? i iiiii-ii . ? ?. im-." who had formed during tbe bisl
few year* a powerful antl-isemltl. party viiiini they
experted lo lead thi* time to thn bal loi wi'h il.M
,n : ? Down wlth Ihe Jew I" lt i un lo be eapeitcd
[hai the i . .- ?! < liii-ii.ni taetlnn will be dl i.lv.-d
llke the "'d ' '?? h part Ho ., .. hut the oppoMtioti
ni.i.l.' (,. them bj llie wll >lc ."?;? ,,f Ihe bl?hops ihnw
.ii n ' ' ' ' ? ln -l
I,,,,- way "( progreiu m th Auxtrian Emplre.
- ? ?
f.ii:-, March t'>- N'otwltli Uuiding the r.ul dwl lon
,,f ihe Chamber ol Deputlei lo u klnd
,f betUng '.'i ' "?? *? i . ? tbe tutet.il rare* will be
1,,-M iu accordance wlth tlie programme alr dv pre
Man itlng ?,f tlie Mnnli Ipal " onni .1 to daj
,? | i uM tuat Ihe ftirlii mutucL. would pn i
i.vclv bo suppn.' M, and thal tho . :,i, ? , ln wliich II
betllng wai ..um -I on were now h.ir ?? ol demoli
i l ivr brl* id "t .. .1 ? e woukl ;...1 th. racei
(,, mjppn ? Iho vi,,:h of Uw bonkmaki'i . nnd I
?. Ikj hi ? :. . iv ? |,i, enl ll I
I , ,1. Ii! M ll.in I , thls ? lin .- ,|ii,ilr,,ii- n!
puar.I- and >i ?? > < - a l.l I l? l.< Id ln rr idii ? -- ln
e, and 100 ,i tei tivei
w..iil,l bc p'lared on p-< lal duiy.
KlJftl HI.'MBBirrs.i? n u.i. r.. i in- ( . ?! mi:v.
i;..,: , lar h 8. i i u Ui- ac. i lon ,.f ihe v i-u ??!
Klng llumbert .>u Wcdne?d 13 to tbe f.iry where tha
^tuinr ..j ihe American Rcpubllc baa Ju-t l.n eom
pleted l.y Mr, Mmmom, the American milptor, the
Klng congratnlated Mi Slmmon npon the reialM ol
. ... ., 'i ,...i thal !:-? " 1 - i.,.i i ? ? sixe an orci .
U, honor Ameriran art and ... expre*s friendsiiip foi
,,,, people ol i1,.- 1 nlted Ntafea. Ttw statue refrrrcd
lo |s ,: ,ig:n .1 1 ? ? : id salloti' ii... .uu! nt i"
.?? ,.,., mi ,it Portl md, Ma.
LOXDOH ?"' .'IT. ..N.-KI.H ('II. MKN ((.MIINK
London, Mareh 8, A number ..l promlnent 1 -""'
; merchanl . Inctadlng Meaara, Boaa, Wil-.,n ?<?
1; ,, .ge -?..'.,?-. Bon a Co., Devaa, Hatrta ?<'
Oarrard, ?nd Gaaia, Bowai d Co., <>t BAe elty, beea
formed a Jomt itoeh company with a capltal M
? ; 000 _ _
UverpooL Mareh 8.?The inman Llne iteamer <'"v
,f rn-:-. whleb i.a- been In d."k at Blihenhead ilnce
rewchlng thia port altar her miahap la-t April, wai
t,,n,.i ... ntaafoa i" d t. ii, ...<i r thal her repaln bia|
1.impli t. .1. The flty >.f Parli mili for Stm Yorh i"?
May ISI. 0
Barln, March ?;. it 1- -' ?' I thal Prtaea Btaiaareh
ii elected >,. tha Batchatag will upporl tha u
1,,,,;, and t '... ti"- braaeh ln Iha ranhi "f the it Ml< :'i
h-, r-.-i.ii.-ii .t Prinaa Blamarcb ... Chaaeallor roa
Caprlvl slnce which reconctllaOon ti..- ^llamburger
v.i. brtcbtenV atlacks ou the Uovernuicut ha.e tca-.eJ.
G. i01) g?| ikity F? IB WELL KNOWN MEN.
the r.\ir.noAD oppiciali wiio a_.f. " tiflu
Coroner I_evy wore ii look of untiMial sayety
yeaterday afternoon when several of the directors
anil oftiiers?of tlie New-York, New-llnven and
linrtfor-l Railroad appcared la his llttle eourt
1"'"ln, :it N',i. l'.'l S,-,-onil-ave., to give boflds to
anawer ta .-. ebarge <>f homtcide. Theae offlcert
aad diieetora *ttt ChaaBcey M. Depew, Charlea
J'- Clark aad Joseph Park, who, with the other
dlreetora oi Um road, were eharged by tbe rar
dlet oi the Coraoer. jnr.v aritfa i-epoBslbility
for the disaster in the Fourtb-ave. tunnel ob Um
mornlng ,,i February '-", whioh reeulted in the
death of Hetea T. Snpple, Willlam A. '/..'ilner,
?'"Im H. Ileneke, Michacl Mullane, .I.inics 1!.
Flynn aad John Ifnnagr. The ball fnr each of
tlie railroad men WM lllxed at, $35,000. l'..r
belltia VaaderbUt artived his slfnattiro fo Mr.
Depew'a hail-bond, Frank P. Tilford went OB that.
"I Mr. Clurk.nnd Hohart .1. l'nrk lieoanie surety l?r
hia father. After the strikinsly unusnal cere
nmny wm over nnd tlie tnillionaires liad Ieft ihe
attiny llttle cotirl-rooin, CoroiMI I.evy BMtapborl
eall.v patted iiitiiM'll' 011 tlie shoiilder and .said:
"1 think l have inll.i ImprcaBed them with the
1 ?'?! that 1 shall fuiiy exeentc Uie law aod tnat
thli eaae exaetlp as I wonld any otber, Irre
?pective of wealth or poattlofi." He also an
nounned his InteaUoa of iaaulag warrantt a! onee
for all oi tlie otber dlreotoia of tln- NetMIaven
The vordie... layinjr tlie blaBM :.t ti..' tfoon <>I
Um New-Havea road was fivefl by i!:.- Coroner'i
jnry late ou friday nlght. In aceordaaoe with
the peaal eode, whleh reqalrea the prompt laea
ance ..f warranta ot arrvst, tln- Coronei arrlved al
liis offlce much carlier thaa nsttal yeaterday moro
inc, and began at onee the moBMBtoua prepara
ti,.ns f..r flummoning the whole of the board of
directora to appear on n orimlBal chorge. t?m.
pai tively tt* <>f tlie dlreotora hold reaideBce in
New-York, and for tiie arr.-si of theaa warranta
were Bnt laaned, The p;|>ers were ready hy
tn,.,n. iind were Beat t" Inapectoi Byrnes, who de
I . led iiieii to servc them apoa the followlng
diret'tors: Chaunoey M. Depew, George N. Miller,
Wilaofl <r. Haat, Willlam Boekefeller aad Joaepfa
1 . w :i ni for Mr. Depew read :,s follows:
To any aherlff, conatablo, maraba] ,.r pgllceman
i:. ' ? Ul ?> ..! Sea "> .:,. :
A ; ?,,:,.' 1.:, thu dav found hr a ,,,r
, me, I'erdliiund Levy, one nl the
. ? ? . I and j '.,' New -i..
II :? |i\ i: 1. Kuppl ? and nthci 1 ive 1 nrae tn
... 1 li,tiii.,'T y. Depea. .1 dli -. Ior of
I ??? ? 1 tk, Se* llat . md :. :
al'iinipnn.v, In lln- cltj >,f N'ew-York, hy ,!
.,- found i.v the -:, .1 ii..|ii| Iti .t,. .iikI itif..ni,a
. ,,.- ' ? n t.'n- dnj Inld liefore me thal I 1 ?
il I I..;. ti T. supple r ,d oth 1. h ??? b n killed I.y
? I iii'-.m-. \..11 are her. hy r?ni - ,-?'.ith
t. ..???-! ii,.- nliove-named ( Imnnce. M. Depew, nnd
.im before me al the offl. >? ,,? Ihe Coruner. No.
r.'|s.nd iv.... or. ln . .i-.- of 11.\ :i!. ? ?-..- 1:ial lltj
ln act, before the neoreat or mo?t acccaalble coroner
lu tiua rountj.
n.i rn in,r, th sr.i.vr 1 r.
Thia fortnldable dooomenl i.s ol lefly vnlnable
iiti,,Mt\. lt v ns not oerved on Mr Depew,
aa ?? vo ??' rlly appeared hefore the Coroner
i.iili.'st opportunity, ns did a!s.. Mr. l'ark,
foi wbaa UbUbi warranta had been issu>d. In
hehalf ol Mr. Miller and Mr. Elaaa, BllWlgiUll Hla
erere made f,,r them to give boud on Monday, Tlie
warraats in the bmbbUbm baiag wlthhald by the
< '..roiier.
The tlrsl to appear at the Co-nner'i offien wtv.
Mr. I'..rk. who arrlved there aboflt 3 p. ni. He
u.s aeeompaaied by liis s,,n, Ifolaut .1 Park, who
promptly ahrncd Ins father'a bond. Shortly after
Mr Park, Charlea P. Clark, the presldeat ol the
New H.iven r.i.l. Brrived. Wlth hlm waa Ins
rounael, llenry W. Taft, Mr. Oark Iives iu
n.'-a lliiv. 11. and no w..rn.nt hnd heen Issned for
hii an al H<- had antleipated it. however, and
. remained ln the city over m-l.' on purpose
? ?? ihe Coroner. He "surrendered'' hlmaelf,
and M'tit f..r Frank Tilford, of No. 10 U'.st
Kittii'il; st , t.i s,..M; ins bond. In .-s.-.-'intv Mi
Tilford offered property 1" Uanhattan-ave. and
on.' h-i.-.lt.-i 11: I iiu. tl ir.l-sf.. placinn un value
al >'si,,. Mi. '!.ii Btronxb objeoted to th.
1,iJ, li.ur.-s at whioh ti.- bail had '???< n llxed.
Frank Loomla, the altoniey for tlie New-York
Central, itaehed Ihe ' 'ownera ..fliee at :> i:.1* p. m.,
BBd aakod thal Mr. Depew'a boad be made ready,
wilh Corneliua Vaaderblll natued as 1ns bonda
"|)i you think Mr Vaaderblll .al fnr ihat
Bfflonnl '" fnc iloua v aaked Ihe 1 'oroner.
"Well, I will (tiiiirontc. '!.- bond for 1 bbwII
commhwion," replhil Mr. I.mla, lauuhinu.
1 ,? |, iper n 1 m uie reudy, and Mr. V mdei
Lilt's bouae, So. 1 VVcal Flfty-aeventh-st., was
named as ihe property lo he offered oa aecurltj .
1 nt.'.'ii minutea lal 1 Mr. Depew and Mr. Va
hill arrlved.
" ls the i.'.nd prepored?" were Mr. Depew'a Brst
Ibe paper waa haaded t" hlm, an.l wlth
.. qulch ulance al Ita conteats, he ilsned it. Mr
\ ni'i'-riiilt, in reaponse to the Coroner't Inqiiiry,
?aid tbe propert; mentloned waa worth over $200,
001) 11.? alao si.tici the instrument,
" \',w, for whal omounl am 1 under bond?"
aaked Mr, Depew.
"Kor 925,000," ri-plicd tbe Coroaer.
"Goodneas!" ejaenlated the iwealdeBt of the
Oraitd icntiil. wlth au air of Btirpri-*.
The whole thing w.is done ln a moment, and
Mr. Depew aud Mr. VaaderbUt hurried away from
1 ln; .room.
Corom r Levy siid that he wonld [naue nddltlanal
warranta fnr the followlng offlcera and directora
"f the New-IIaver road; Edward M. Reed, of
New-Haven, vioe-prealilenfc; Willlam l>. Blahop,
jr.. of Bridgeport, aeeretary; Willlam I.. Squire,
"i New-Haven, treaauter: B. II, Trowbrldge, ol
New Havcn; Ueary C. Bobinaon, Hartford; Heary
-. I., Kpringficld; I_everetl Uraincrd, Hartford,
and N'atluuiiel VVhe.ler, llridgeport Mr. Tafl Imd
ohjected to the issuing "t warranta for tlie con
troller, tbe general freighl agcnl aml ti:'- general
paaaenger agent, on the ground thal thej *txt
only i'itifil,iM.s 1,1 the road. llie Coroner accepted
the s. ,:,.,..,.;,! ;.,,,i ttruok tbe natucn ol thoae
ofHcera from his orlgtnol li.-t.
Preaident Clark wiahed to _.ive one bond for
tbe appeaiancc of __ 11 tbe directora. "Ia it not
enough thal I aay I wlU oome aad give bonds, and
Wlll have all tiie dirctois hne when WOnted ?"
be asked. "There is no oflicer or dlrector of mir
ro:ul that will not be fortheomiag at tha propei
Coroner Levy repiied thal be m isi e. cuply wlth
hia 0:1th ol offioe aod laaue Individual warranta.
WHAT M& I.IA '. WOU1 ' DO.
Mr. Levy _:,_?! l.,-t nlgb! that ii the dira
llving in Conneei icui and Maaaachiiaetts ,i;.l noi
appear before lnui witbin a reasoaable time be
would apply for raqfl?Itioii papera, bal oi courae
ln- did not BBticipate aay ?ach development, The
i:,,i oi Ita pcpaibility raiae 1 interestiflg quettlona
aa to tin- ontcoBM of auch a proceedlni ln con
aectloB with the direetora living ln Connecticut.
Goveraor llill b** twlce refufleil t.. bonor
requeatfl for requbUtloni eomiug in.m Goveraor
Balkeley, and, as Mr. M'-ni. haa expreaaed hia
inabiUty to act, it waa feaeially thoaght that
.ernor Hill woald Bad bimeell powerleaa In
poial , t 1." 1. there leeBM to be noi Um
poaalbillty ?.f such a eonttogem . 1 the oflicera oi
tbe New-Hav.-n read arofeaa eatire arilllngBeai to
do whataver is reqniiad of them.
Coroner Lcvy liad a coubultatioii with District- .
Att.-rney De Laneey Nieoll yesterday about tlie
eaaea of Mr. Depew aml the others. Mr. Nieoll
afterward aald that the Bobjcet would he plaeed
l.et..re the Orand Jury Bt as early a date as pos
?,.,'. ile Bald that it would be ditlieult to prose
eute the direetora ol ti.e New-Vork, New-HaveB
and Ilartt.rl Railroad Company who lived in Con
iicti.-ui if they kept out of thia State, but he had
uo idca that they would take advantage of their
uon-resi-lcP'-e. The oflicials could be prosecuted
under Seetlon 703 of tlie Code of Criniinal I'ro
Cl.aun. ev M. Depew told a Tribuno reporter
that he waa gnrprieed that the Coronert Jaiy,
eompoaed ..f buatneaa aien, ahoald give aaeh a
vcnlit. "What they propoae," he said. " is that
the dlrectora, aa well as the people immodiately
in eontaot with the aecident, ibonblbe held re
aponaible ror the accident-Ior murder, io tact.
That h their propoaiUon. lf any ol theae gentle
ni.-n ever aat on any Board of Direetora,0 a raU
wav company they ought to know that while
the Board oi Dlrectora are the Baa] authority,
yet, aa a matter ..1 faet, the expert. buaineea or
operationa of the road are ntattera that a board
<,i Dlrectora cannot attend to, aad if they at
tempted it thev would make a lallure ot lt. llie
Btockholden efecl a Board ol DUeetora to manage
the affalra ..1 the oompany. They look after ita
lina.ic.'s and pn.vide the nie.uis for furnlBhlng
it wlth equipment nnd with aaeh things as the
offlcen and engineera and lunerintendenta and
managere, who are experta, and whom they cra
ploy, recommend.
"I do n..t thlnk there was ever B 6888 where a
Board ol Dlrectora ... a railway oompany have rc
fuued t., purcbaae or aupply what tbe experl peo?
ple. who are employed i?r that poipaaa recom
nieiid thetff to '-'ft.
" A Board of Dlrectora edeeted hy the body of
Btockholden to look after their inlerests can noces
aarlly know nothlng aboul aignala or naethoda <>i
..uii.ing or the poarer .>f electrie lighia aad
the penetratlng poaslbllltiea of eolora in fosj or
,- or darkneaa; but theyemploy the very U-st
talent known or found and i>'v v.-ry high aalariea
for it, t.. Inform them on theae questiona, and
when the dlrectora bave done that they bave done
all thal a Board ol Dlrectora eaa poflaibly do.
??A-. to the ventliation <.i the tunnel
?wln.-h an .-vi'. Lng paper says we ought
T,, lie Indicted on?are have trled for yeara
to ventllate 1 ic tunnel more thoroujrhly. and have
beeu denled permiaaton by the publio autborittea.
V.'.. have had a eonatant itruggle to keep the
ventll ition we have. ,
? I bej aay we ought t? !*? hanged for murder be
cause we have nol electrie lighting in the tunnel.
Well, the Boanl .,1 Dlrectora had tne teatlmony af
men who were eomnetent?tbey were oompetent
theniaelvea t'> speak on auch Bubjecta?thal it
would confuee the englneer; and notwithatanding
1'",. reeommendation ol the Grand Jury, if ln ihe
fnee ul g eli teatimony they had adopted eleetrlo
tiirht* in the tunncl, aml an nccident had oecurred,
, , one "i ' ie ilirectora would have beea In
? ; for manslauglitrr becauae they had done a
arhlch experta bad told them woald lead
to juat thal reault.
" S? far BB beating t!ie ears is o'lcerned, thCN
is no rallro d man ln the United States wh?> bc
lieves ti.it. up to tl.e preaent time, ateanaheatlng
is any better or lafer than tlie l>cst and ni.-st im
proved km.l ol heatlng by atovea. Steanvheating
eame into tbia State?1 think it exiete, If al all,
m only one or two other Statea?under great
preaaui ? o! public cl mor. The New-York Central
Koad, a.s aoon aa the law paaaed which gave the
Biithority and aii taaumed on the pari <d the
Leuin, iimv the rekaonalblUty, obeyed the law
and Bd iBttd Iteam-heattng. I have eouvervd
ilnce thia aoeldent arith railway meu who-araa
ln n,'. olflce yeaterday from ni; part-, of the ITaited
ht.-ito'.. and the ...1.-st an.l tnost expert .nen there
,in.- i . the busineaa, an.l thev any that, in the
preee l condition "i beating liy st'am, thev are tn
conitnnt terror of what may hnppen.
?The conditiona nre exactly theae. Vbn eH
i atovo .,r 11"' !.' -,t Improvcd |..tt*ni. The
<? ii,i b | it ri al tli ? t p. Tlie c ."1 is hermetieally
aealed iiuude. J l.e stove is ancbored down u,
the i!'- .. s,. that lt i mt be knoeked over: and
tuen it is .-..!'lir..-.l iu .ni ir.ii <>r a rinc i.'ii, with
nn i;..n ii....;-. The car is im; heated rtlrectly
from ihe stove. I.ut from hot water, which runs
rhroagh |ih?-s all around fhe car. and tiic watar
.s . .t.'.l hy *he stove. The <>nly ae. ident thut
oan puaalbly oocur ia that the stove in a ooilMloa
ball be w unaabed a* to set lire lo tlie car.
i ..llisi..ns nr>' v.-rv rar- in proportton to tlie
numbcr of iraina Wial ar.- rcp and Um number
,.i people who trnvel. Thcj are s<> rare that the
aecident conipaniei all mako forttines out of
inauring men l..r $5,000 for 55 eenta. 'llie N'ew
llaven reiid, for Inatanee, ln I thlnk rlicl te*n
veara haa had .n> aecident from atovea, although
it oarrico i j.ooo.ooo people a year.
"N,.w againat your ehance thal there may he
a collUlon, that ln a collUion tlda Btove may be
auiaahed ao na to Bel flre to a car, you ba i
the st.'.m heating this other cliance. The steam
comea from tlie Iwiler, and the preaaure Ln the
, i controlled by n valve. The ateam
ni the i? il. r haa l ao pountla presaure,
and ii..- Inhaliiig ol i. will kill a
i imaii lieing ii ten seconda lf the valve ahoutd
i,i,. ,? und ? foro ol the ateam ln the
Imjler go through I v train, h: thirty aeconds there
- i uot lie .. peraon allve in aio one of the cara,
ml t|1(_ |] Uaul up at the next atatidn
I ,.? fo, i so far ? the train waa concerned, but
;,,.,:.-1 wnii .-? rpses.
"Fortiinutelj no luch aceltlcnt haa occurre.1
,i life, i. i. i". ii,.'. own ..mi
-..,,,in , uii burat. I fori inatelv
wua i? |j,,. rear and mi I I i ?' imm 'di ite y. 1.
11,,. || i,| i iimiei --I ... . '. I.I, and I had b* co in
i .. I, (| ? c lieen roiind there d< id iu tin'
?? ln ihe tirand LVntl~.il Lh*|wt yard tbe switeh
,; ,i rar on ??> ? " iln ln s,,m, way broke tlie
valve. Tl ?? te ui ? - M>'"l lul ? a Waitner ileenini!
,',r, in wlii.ii, r..rtuimtely, i.ic waa, nnd the
foree of il wns a ich I ' all ol the pl ite
-l.-.ss mirrora, vv hi. li ure a ?: ;..t-t.-r ..i an inch
lliieli: Ihe plate-K'las* windovvs, i . i i uk the var
iiLsh ofl the car. I. anj .me !, i I heen in that
,ii- be would hive l.eeu dead i.i l.v,' aeconda.
" ln an aecident on tlie Ixdiijth V'ullej Koml -
pnMteuKera, I vvna infortned, were found m a cai
.i.M.l, though the rar was uninjured, Thev ?^re
..itiii:.: in their aeaia aa .1 ii,.i!.in_^ had huppemnl
They had inhnled the escaplng ateam.
sTii.i. AN OPEN 0' E9TI0S
"All theae thlnga prove tbat, iiotwithst.ui.ling
theorlea and popular eonvulalona on questlona
which ii.-.iil.v .-.,? .-.-ni tbo liv.-s of the travelling
public, and that is the life ..l ever.'!....l.v, li is
atill an <>i?'!i qiteation what Ib the aafCat metbod
,.i he iiin.', u pitsaemrer car,
? s uu- of tlie i ? -v. spapere talk as ii the managere
..I the railway di I nol eure whether the pnaaen?ers
nn i,..-ir road were kllled or not, and as lf thej
:. i not care how often accldenta oecurred, and
were iiidifferei.l oa to tbe nature of tbem, aml ab
dutelj iii.iiii,'iviii as t., the oiethoda for giiardlng
uiruinai accideuta or [.roviding t..r the aafety <.i
p.,->!?;....ms. ii any expense were involved.
- Tiie utter nn irdit. oi thli ia readily leeo
when it is i-u..iii.'i'.'.l tli.-n ia the competitioni
of raUwaya aud tiic differenl ln.es thal >'\ist by
whleh peiiple can ?e* Into N'ew-Vork an.l out ol
ii each line exhnuata every elfort t.> make lu
road Bttracilve to the travelling publle, To do
thal ii ndopta every appllnnce. lt ilecoratea n
,,,,> witlioul ..-- rd lo expenae. lt lurnisliee the
,. r te " -,.I coiwhitent with aafety, und
spemlfl h.indre.li ... thousindfl ..i dollara a v.-u- iu
ndvert-iaing the mcrit.s of its line. The dlrectora
know that il tl py don'l c businem jlie.v
_.,?: ;,., revenues, n*id ttielr atockhoiUeri
will t ii im them out. Tbe managere know that
tliey muat attract travel and buaincBB i<? their
ro d. .,i- they will loee their plaoea and otliers
who are more capable of taking the placeB wi!j be
employed. A rnilv. " comp inj n akea iu?rt bn
exertions to attracl busineM and t.. keep h
,.,:.,.,. attraeted oa auy freat dry-stoode houae or
i ereantile eatabliel.menl ln the eity of Dfew-Vort
,;,?w h the Central road or the Pennaylvania
rot i ihouW elther of them get the reputation i>f
.. 0r nol bo ?afe aa other llnea elther
, i them would laae la a week ..ne-half its buiineaa
nd revenue: ao that ihe direetora aafl ofleera la
II thia matter ol aafety are m..v,..i by tl.e higheal
i tions whleb non any bnaineaa mau t..
Improve his condition.
" ii Ib very eaay for ? arriter >>r a nwmber of a
jury, aittlnn for a few boura b day liatening to all
? lts 0| teatimony, to arrite at concluBiau, and
npon them has,. auggefltiona for tbe aafety af the
travelling pnblle on my partieular line. Tbe
value of theae su_... - rainsl the iudgmeut
ut lucii w i." apeiitl their livea ln the b isii .-s- n I
?a ',., are paid to pro\ ide for and to tdi pl inpli
inces ror aafety is notbing. I am aometintes
tempted, when I read an edltorial telttng bow tbe
ti?iii^r sii.iul.i be done ou the road, and au^^rtng
l ?iiiiiuied OU -.--.(-.uii i'a?r.)
nnii.LiANT SPF.F.cur.s by tiiomas b. reed.
Tlie ilinner of tlie Fcdcral Club last evening, at
Deltuonico's, was a splendid success from every
point ol view. It. had all Ihe elementt. which go
to make a soeial reunion nieiuorable and plcasant,
The arrau^ements were aduurahle, and were car?
ried out without a liitch. There were not ta*?
many speeches, and the only quality of which they
were utterly destitute was tediousness. There
wa.s a large audieaee, tl.e company miuibcred over
200, ai.d they were all pM_ Kepubliraus, proud
of tln- priiniples of their party and euthusiastio
over its reeord in the last two year.s.
The diuuer was kivcu to cx-Judge William 11}
Anioiix, tlie president of the club, and the close
of Cmniires-s gave an opportunity to some of the
l.est l_,'pul.li_ans and l>est men in the country to be
pre.seut and spcak of what, had lieen achieved.
The chaiinian was Chauncy M. Depew, and
his iiitroiluetory speech struck tlie keynote of
the octasiori, and for every miun who *.pokc he
had "a, word in season." At the table on the
d.iis with .Mr. Depew sat cx-Juugfc Arnoux, Thomaa
BL Reed, Hcnry Cabot LoiIkc, tiie Iicv. Dr.
l-'aunce, General Stcwart L. Woodford, WilLiana
1_. Keyes, Lucius 1_. Chitteudeii, Thcodore liooae
velt, and E. N". L. Strong.
At the other tableb sat:
O, W. Spiwiier
i:. a. Morriaoo. jr,
Dr. WeUter
Ur. S. M llayne
1- r-clerii _ Taylor
9. R. Nmteut
W. 1!. 1" ,1 -.
H. Ci. liond
John ... Moore
j. ii. Bchlcy
B. P. a\. ry
\V. L. Anilrevrs
Kllbert R. Hawafl
11,. odotfl Wilson
J. M. niincly
Joaei li I'. Knapp ?
I rarik M Kn.L-lit
K.mii r Boco k
II. ili> rt S. I'ariienter
John ii. \..,-.-.,
Rl. hard A. Mi >'uidy
>. tii m. ictuikea
A P. Mllll
rhomaa I.. sniiman
ia ll. ? 1 - .1 ?---*!
Ueorgfl A. llals.-y
W i.i..ii, N. Ili.ii,'
li: ,.::..r'l Khoade*
K. J. Lewli
John J:.v,
i.n. Ullaa,
Piaok sj. wuh^rbee^,
'??n.'.,. _a-_.lt,
s. n .tor btewart,
William Dowa,
11. I_. Lnddiiifton,
:_ . - lalcott,
Bamuel Rlker,
A. II All'ti, V
J. It. (
.,..:>? i. bkerry.
Mllo M. Ai ,. .
.i.n: ? - k. Doudge,
l'i:itik li. 'a.;. nt'r,
II '.,, K. I): Ion. ?
Willlam c. Wallaea,
I.i.i, n. M.i. Arthur,
D. J. Wari. ii,
... A. Morrlaon,
j:. 9. Brown,
E. n. K' llogg,
C. W. -M Ailisvr,
P. <i. Wllmarth,
II. D. Hnnt,
J. 8. UnrcUtt.
i, ? - ii. fhipaa,
.1. 1.. Manaoo. Jr.,
Jani s fnilllpa, jr.,
f.. E. Klngman, ,
1. U, iMIUlllWuIth,"
William ,....,
C. &. sa'ij.uj,
I). K. i ..:l..ii,
Jjii.os 1. M. Oli,
A. C. Ua:..-,
J. s. |,h lt W'.lmhy,,
Willlam 11. W. 1,1,,
Robert K. Bomi r,
John Oderfcln,
Pran. la M. J'-nka,
Ti.on.a- .St> ru'ls,
I.. i . Wliil?n,
N H. WhlU.n.
t. P. Vacheron,
ju,,. - N. W-ltaep,
iu. II. J- ii, .?-,
\V. D. Uot* .
<-. ll. I-ddo'lc,
\V. D. Muil'l.v.
J.r. B. A. UM?Bl
]-.. It. llarpir.
J. W. \ ro..'ii,an,
W. Q. DamlBlcB,
Al.v Doii,iiil'-k.
C or--.- .-. K dll'.ld,
ll. l, rt '.raliain,
Mas ? A. Mnne,
Ur W. A. W,.od,
Willlam M. W. Ilinf.
J. Aii.it Ent ll.ari,
tyrille ( arnau,
}?:. A. Ilru-h,
? it. Blktna,
F. Il liii.ii, r,
li. n. llMl
John .1. htiov,
b. D. Br ?st r,
w. l. Johaaoa,.
t. W. Itiitt.,11, x
A. i*. Mcra .
.- 11 llall,
AU. ii 9f. kt* ? -,
A. It. W. tinor-.
W. ll. Simooaoo,
i w. Uarrta,
\\. i.. Mioiie,
;, . ? ii. I'aee,
J. V W lil'it,-',
'Ahv Rev. Dr. Maynara,
b. M. sauiid r-,
John MeC'lav.
i in, , - ll \\il?on.
V. ii : un K. t pa t.-rova,
J. r..n,.- i pter* rove,
A. 11. W.-tn ,.r?.
Ciiar.^a !___. liiawclL
When Mr. Depew r.ipped for order for the
spee.hes hc was checred again.and Bfbta. He
Geetlemea, I am irtth you bere to-nlfbt ciulte un
.?xp.s i.-<!iy. (Laogbter.) i l.til a mlnute before l ar
rlvad l Lhouaht it would be ImyoMlb? for bm t'? coaaaj
;... i,.|,,|, ?;?> juiy (Uunbter) havtiig hall m^ ie?
s|i..nsii lc tor everythlng tnat oeenrred on a rallroad aaj
?lii'!i i happaned t be a dlrector. Tlie foiuaar iu
rormod bm :it a !?;? hour. ln vlew of Uu* pieaeaj
e.xlitenrie* <>' tbe llepubllean partp, il I waaM iev> bail
in j:-.",.i'"0 be waaM rl?k my presence in tlils baucjuet.
(la.fbttr ami ebaaea.)
? spe...Uer Beai aay? tlils is Uie liist timo be haa ever
baaa atoaaht ha awb intinnaie aoatael with tha
tiiuiinal ci_?s.-es. i.Mu.h lauiflilor and ebaaaa.)
IHtailflfllnf. bowercr. tbe aa-rici'?fit,< nf eorpoiata
ilBrea, wbleb I have collkta-1 with before iti my po
litli-41 career, we wlll eome alown to tho busbteaa ol Ba
eronlnir. Vt an' her.' ioni."it :i- Ben ibllearu leb tm),
i .:-,? :n:ii itmple. ii.,.iid iii.????-.i There ore no Detao
rrati Ln thi- crowd nf tbe kind who fall t>. rote tho
i.-i.il i.i-itt-.. to t:'<- iuialdlng oScer roaimo to
dellberatlve bodlefl. (rheew.i Tbere ure bo Mur
u ?;:?.;, . who .|..iii.t ev, i". 111i11_r in t!u ? world aad in iht
i ,.\; ! ? ._iit.-i-.. 'There are onlj Bepublieans, whA
luive taltli lo tlielr party aai know II is right every
tline. ,.!i,-.-t
i lider the gnlae "f :. conapllraent t>. tbe pro-id^nt
ol iii" .luii we are preaeni i" iriv.ir ereetlnp to th-i
Natloual leadcrs In tbe Nu.lotuil Congreaa, who dartng
? ., ,.,-, two years, eapecia!h during the last aeasloni
ighi our n-'lit nt'l won our rtitory. |Cbcei-.|
: mie Beed. (Load and I ? | ?.ring.) ^
u.?;...:;.?? Lodgo. '.:-..' ebeering.l Wt only avret
tlint M. Klnkw i- ti"t here. ICh. cra.l
rhe Bepublb-iui party onls falla wbeo it is on the
ilefi'l:-!vd nl'l tl.c-? t.i :.;>"|.?_i/''. iChcerfl.I A B**
putillcan properlj ron_tltutcd baa n tlilng to d.-fend
.-li. iV'.. a-'.i when i i:. iul._i.an aitempt* to apotogiia
for the prlnrlple. and mcasarea ol hla party he patfl
hlmsell ln the |>osli|.f the rellglonisl who is h-miki
i,i cxplain ui v hu i .?!'? mt ln the detaJogue. (Ch? r?.|
ll,. .i k s- noi Intpnir the aecalogue, but he rul ia hla >.wn
pOslll ''I. , ||< ? t'-.l
The II party during the yeara thal It law
exlsted haa alwaya won the vk-tory when ii Iw beea
. when n haa been 'n -^ ing u|?>n th.i
.1--..1I.??.?-.. wh. . li looked noi bchl d lt, beeaafla
,t know thu it ?;i- all r:.-ht (rlieera), bul looked tor*
1 e I1- tt. ?: - whleh must be rarried in ilifl
ta ol good .,,vi-iinu.iu ai.d the llberty oi 111.-0.
tiie hosa MAKiii orr op I'vn:
II 1..1- been tabf, aod I ? uaj - haa oftea baafl
quoted, by ? - "f the lual eentury: "CHag
bm tbe iu iblBg ". the umgi ol a p ople. aad 1 ean 1.0I
wbo arritefl thelr lawa." The time haa im--.i1 wbaa tho
-.11.-- of ? people aay bmger Mt its enthnilaam or
dlrect its poUcy. \\.- hava pa* fd the aingiog lK-ri.'il.
Vpplauae.) The newapaper ln tlie uni\.:-.il dlacuav
si.in iui,.- m daj ,,f tii-- i>tiin-ipi' - .'? id ??; t--'- Bteaaarea
of tlie hour luu relegated inelody l. the bard of Hia
pn-;. Bul another and .Ignlricaul fa i tarea t'-.i
politieal phii.pher to divlne, thal is tlml In tha ru?a
and iiiin-v and itruin ?t 1 ur dally life, tba Bewa
iiaper, wbleb taa rulned tbe niiaatrel, haa eeaaefl]
10 um t the publlc aentlment ..s it :II
Hfty yean ago. through tbe teading edltortal.
r.-ople have no tIm.- to iead edltottab, ;.n<l the* ara
nn i"ti-,"- inoviii i.v aobga. They are taught bj piinise,
rplthei Uld eplgrutn Blid W8 Un-' Ib au ane vtli.-n
poUtl. are phraaed in pplgiaaa
I'ntoi-unatel; th.- Bepnblieani fiiled t.. gnisp tlio
Itnatldn and gave the rommand of epitiiet lo thelr
, n-iiii-s. \ 1,111. Intei d.'.i aeeordlng to tha proaMflf
nl our Matloaal Oonveatloa and the praaal-a of tiie
party for _? !l time to aecore boiteat electlona, to i-'ivu
t,, every man tlie ru-ii- t.? eaat liis wtm oaee aad to
huve it eonnted ai eaat. In Ibe vorotmlanr of eptthai
ti roni.?? a "Forco Mir aad worfta Bgaua] a*. a
bill carrylng oui tti?< prtnclptea and tha promls^a
,.1 ,,iit- party, wbleb sinii oaee more plaee tin> Aatencaal
ie upon tlie s...i aad American <? immei. ? iti Amertcaa
shlpH, become*. In tii" epltbel of the boar, a "ettbabtp
lob." A determlnatton apringlag fr an tha lu-'i. -.1
t'.i'r .,:i-tn and the Brofouudeai eonvtetlon, and ;irt
,.. 1.1-1,11.1,::-' of tli" Induatrial, ihe eomiaei-lal aud
ihe Hnanclal nced-i ?.f the coantry, wbleb leadfl tlio
i:<.piii,iir:ins.i.i itond as a wall agalnai taaatieUai and
iirotect honeci currency. boaeat BMwey, tha nea?,
Ihe lx'i;utaii"ii and tlie bualoesa of Uie coontry, !??
,n,.- in iii- i-pitiii-i of tlie bour, tli- movemanl ol
tVnll Streel aml the deaire of ihe ??-?old bag" BBfl]
ih.HMipon cutter." A Bwaaare which erystalHaai
into law the prombee, the pledgei nnd _ha pt-ln.-iplea
[ tbe party for a quarter of a eeatair. a
meaaure, Ibo electrie tlu-ill- ,-f whi.h ar.> bJbbbjjH
I li in every part >>f lli<" country irivini. lo Itidustrr
Impetua, and t.. wage-earaei. i.a._"s aud employaaaaat
hecomea "high prlce," whlle 1 a_itlemaa who in hl*
. n.iiiv ,,f Speaher >.f tho Ho__aa tnore than any man
orciipying tli.it I>U'-e for a dcvaal.- of C"ii(-'r.MI
enl :?'?'- ih" i-uie>. briaga Um i--?tv wtthla tha iimita
.,1 law, .-\.- them t,, uoderatand that < aa>
erea* is mul" to transad bafltneafl and competa tlicrn
t,, traniocl tli" publlc buaioeea, is a r_ar. (CaaerflJ
The l'-.-s,d-ii( of the 1'iilic*! Statcs. who lua.. ftilttlied
all Uie promlsei contatoed In the platlorm up??n which
i,n n .- eleeted. ln the _peeche
ind letter*"which hS
la th-> ea
\io and a Ui-"
,.. tbe publlc, is carieatured ln th" ...nu. panera
o.il the pr -- a? a nian of littl- -\io and a Mlgfl BM,
Well if avolrdupolfl and adlpoae il.mphten are the
??, dern clements Of iti teamaoablp. ;?s our Uemocratlo
1 thlnk (great laughteri ,i,<i-. d hy tli_?t ?iandsrd.
dlaml**ing all ab-.v.- tbe _bo_udeea (ebaeia and BhaaH
,,'. I'lu'it -?'. ? :i the beai _od BtOfll aci-urate -.ale ln tha
oati ry (laughi r. Pre_hleni Ma riaon weleha more t ao
Governor Hill and not 10 mucii as ex-l'resident I'leve
ii:id. (I?ogbter.)
nut. fortaaal tr, tha leflaaai al aitarally have thelr
us.-s. Bad they hava aroased the Bepabheaa party
to its old -pirit and Its bM Bggreaalva teudency.
(Cheers.) Wt ara bo laagar ln aa apalafHae mooA,
\\\- a:e Bghttag. Pl 4 I ? - ? he-ring.)
w,. .ai ? Buh ;dv bill, :? l.iii far pattiag kMttmm
ommeree aader tha Aawiieaa ii;ii_ all avee the world.
. We ? all the aVfeal of tb ! b.oinage "f *llver
iiouesi : 1 Ihe i:it.i-.--'s ?>{ th ? prosperity ol
tbo countri and avery man and woauta In it. u:beer_.|
We call the McKlnley UU tha pcotartleB <>i American
liidtiatriea, und thelr pioinotiin and encair-.sement.
(Cheers.) We nv that whtla plracy upon tlie liigh
aajH waa crushed out luu years ago, aud UurftU__|

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