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Albany, March 8 (gpetdaH Tha Bew-Yorh mem?
ber-- of ii"ih Iha sen.ito and the Aaaembly have beea
excepUonaiiy ladaatrlo*- ? fai thi* aaaaton In draw
inc up and teUodaclag t.ilN affocttng tbe (itv whieh
they repreoaat. Whiiu oa aoene "i theae aaeaaurea
eaaudderahle aJorl ama done l.y Ihe Bjembera who in
trodi.rcd them, ;. liirp. namber ol them are old
Mqaalnteaeea of Iha Baeaahara and won- aaetely taken
af froaa ia-r year*a Itoa, Bnl Iha tweaty-foar a -
aamhljaaia and Iha ejevea Beaaton wbo repreVnt Iha
clty have ptit iu ;, cuilou- .??. Of InteBded 1
Uon. I'tie cf tha cailic-t blll* IO be llitl-dnri'l WBI
AKsemlilyinan Brodahy'a Cable Raflroad hUL whleh has
beea a (aaaUtar bU lea tha laal ii.ni doaea yeara. it
l.i.s raeaived prfctieally no atUntion thla year and
now is Meeplag anJoUy in eoBamlttee. Oi the aotorl
BM Baoaaaroa. fkiaaan* Btadler heads the li-t In point
of time, with thc iiitruduiti'-ii ol Ma Deoee-Hall bUI,
whieh gol throagh tha Benate through thc Senator'a
nii-n-prc-'iitat:.ma. Tins bill aUII Be* oa the labM
in the Aaaembrr, AaaoaMjami Btaaaenthal nol bavlng
the raaiage lo bry to reaarreet II after th. bad defeat
which lic got when hc tiied to pai it. Coionel Web
Btar*a Mll gtvtag Ihe Commb loner ol Pabhe Worka
power io apend 8800,000 ln baUdlng t pamplng atatlon
for iii.ri".n la now in tbe Benate. ii" wa* equally
iBBtaaatn la aaearlag thc paoaaga ol aaothar Paramany
enterprise. tho con-trut uon of u brttgB over the Har
lem M| ranal. t<> com HCOfiOO. fMoo-heaper
Duffv, of tl..- ist Diatrtet. ls thc tother of tha veamrabto
blll pt"-cndinR to rompel the trala* on the Xiuth-ave.
?tovaaed raai to mn all alght Thc Banney Bridge
l.Ul has ugain pa-ed the A-? mbly and now i- la t Bj
bands Of tho scnate (onmiltlee on Commerea and
Bavlgatlon. it will probably be reported thla week,
nnd it- paaaage throagh Iha Seaate i- about aa good
Tiinotiiy' d. BaUtvaa is thc acrUm nf aaveral meaa
?res toahtag t<> tlio b-cfeaaa uf thc a_Bttaa ol Bew
York Taaaaaany Hall aakclala, Tammany aaya that II
is not aa-ae- Iheea bUto, bal if that la aa, "Thn i
uot _ good Taaaaaany aaan, cisc hc would obey order*
and lay them a-idc. One of theae bUM glve* tba
shcrifT of Ncw-Yoik County a aaJary of 812,000 a
vear and axteoda iu- podfera in Boveral dtrectlona.
Every year aoaae member of tbe Aaaembly Introducea a
bill reducing thc ratc of lare thal <au l.c charged by
rcrtain fcrry rotnpatik's. ThL- year Aaaemblyman
Berrtgaa baa moaopoUaed'thl* old time euatom and be
ha* n ine-siii-e raabwtag the farea of the Itnea corrylng
BaaaaaajBra between Bew-Yorh and Brookkyn, and a,n
oth.r would io the miihc U-lg Mc 1*6 (iivenpomt
iviiy comiianv. Bettbor of theae luiis will becoaae a
h*W. When Ihe fran. l.i-c t<. (..i.-trmt thc Twcnty
iiinth Btewet BaMread la Bew-Yorh Clty waa purehaaed
Ihe lompany bid so hii-'li for the fnuuhi-e tliat it haa
jicvcr been ahle lo run any eara, tbe peaceatase wUeh
the company afreed lo pay on the eamlnga l^-iup so
larpe that t_are areaM bc aothing lefl lo pay operatlng
esjicu-c- wiih after it had beSB paid. As-eml.ly
man Mtillancy thcrcfoi-e ronie- |o thc rrlief of tbe
compaiiy I.v intl-dUCtng B bill reducing the pcrccnliiu'C
to a BBBaBer sum.
Froaa Mr. Drypokber, la tha Aaaembly, eama a
ji'iiiiiar aaeasure, coaapelllag roanufheturera of gitt
v. ue lo atamp their productlon* ugoM-leal _ilt" ..r
?iinitation gUI," in aeoordanoe wlth the aatare ol t t . - -
I'oi.sidcrable oppc-ition iia< been created t" '- tnator
Cantor's bill giving a pension to acbo ilteai her* who
rearh a eertalfl ago. In Juatlee t" Nenatot Cantor It
(*n bo i-aid tli: i lic is not Iha author of tho MIL
lt fanui lo him from an axeaHeal aoorce and a namber
of the tcachers a:-c in favor of tho pixAi-ions of thc
naaaaare. Anotber bill to incrwasc the aalariea of
Bew-Yorh oflrlala wha are of tha I?auaaay tolth
eeaaea from Benator Ivea. Tl.:- particular blll gtves
ti*- NewY..rk uotaty etorh t_,soo u year. Then Ben
ator Boeaeh, aoother Tammany man, wanta the
aalary of the Bew-Yorh nt> Attomey Inereaaed ?..?
B-,000 a year. And yct Tammany Hall is oppoaed tO
rahrtag ahe saiarics of its membera wbo are lt. tl.e < ity
eniplov. Bigarl on tnp ?,f ti.- . *aea :. l.Ul of Aa
aamblymafl Bnbmr rjaiag Ibe attendanta of tha Gen
eral Beaatoaa Ooari il^OO a year eaeh, W/rlgbl Hokomb,
who is inakiii. MbmoM Dotorioa* by hl* part-aan eoa>
tati as chatraaaa of thc Aaaembly Cenaa* Coa__rttee,
i- Iha introdnccr of at.other Tammany bill 0Vlag tl.o
rommissioner of Public Works power to Uc.idc Whal
kind of rails will bc u*cd in thc (ity In tha future.
Agaia, Aaeeaablyama Mallaney la the latrodaeer ol thc
bill that rou-cd thc irc of "8e|er" 1'l.vnn and othan of
the Bew-Yorh Board <>f AMermen, laklng away from
Ihe Board the power to grani thc rigbl to lay down
pijic- and ereet eteetrie-Uglil poles, and pnttlng this
power iu th- ii.tiid- al thc Btnk?ig Fund Commls-lonere.
This bill caii-"d one (li-i.rii,( (.-ful BCene b.'twocn t.he
iriends and thc oapanenta ol ii when it waa betorc
the A-semi.iy Oommlttee on 1 Itaaa,
a favoiiibic repori araa made aome Ume age aa Aa.
seniblynuii. lilunicnihal'- blll aathoriaiag the' eoB
atiacttaa ..f ;. aootoglcal pirden in one of the parha
aorth of Central Parh. Ihrquhar'a Alr-Gardea bill.
turiunx the old Party eeoBBdat. reaervolr inb, aa aii
giii-d.'ii, aft?r givbig Iha membcn "f Ihe Aaaemblj
coaaMotahta aanaeaaeat, w,,* aanl to a ii.iiii readlng
la-t week. Thla Baaae member ha- aaothar bill pro
vidinc thal ti" baUdlag arected b* a tenemenl boaae
shali be u-ed for a atorage-hoate f-.r raga, aa ;? itablt
ar a* :i todging bovae ot private ai aooL Then .-?
i; eoch aenI la a blll repeallag Ihe Plar-hedalng law
of two year* a^o. Benator Cantor, t(M?, aenda iu
u bill tiiat wiii make iar compaale* eome te
tini'j if it become* a law. Thi* un make*
Ihi -? eompanle* beep la repalr a oertaln
aaaoant of Btreet. betweea and oatalda of thdr
tracka. Tiic Gennan benator, Mr. Boeaeh, put ln a
bill kUBng the aaw arovKUng tor alr gardena oa the top
ol thc B6BT6 on th" BB6I l.'IVCI'. BOXl I.i .:d"i' minc
a aieasure from Assemblyman Sulser authorialng Uie
JuJu'c of thc l uimnon l'ka- < ourl lu aek< t a ji : - inal
attc.idiiit from thc court attendanta.
Benator btewart eame forward wiUi a t.iii whi< i. will
not p.;-- if the Tammany membera ol tbe a- mbly
can prevenl it. it I* the i.mi p i ?. .? the a] ?
? ? ? by ;ih' Mayor >.f men ns pollee lu?tice? a i i are
not liiwjci- or who have not _ervod aa ju-tac- before.
Tbe -;,::.c Benator ha? thc VVorM'* Falr .Vppropriallun
1/iii approprlaUng 8_-0,000 for Xew-Yorh'a pari iu thc
(ivar i;i the Aaaembly Snlllvan ha* the blll com
pelllng ftiiiirc member* of tbe .v>>">\ York pollee foree to
be Amerii in cltl-ena who can read and wrtte. For
Uve duty of a .criaiu cU?s tliey need not necea
kartly be eltlaena. Uoormeu under this Mll ean be
appolnted patrolmen, Irreapective ol waga*. Tiic rc;.
reeenUUve of the XXl*t Asscmblj Dl*trlct ha* a lnil
oaabUablng tl:? rrude of the membera of the pollee
foree and Hmh^ tbelr talarie* anew. This i- the bill
whieh, it i- aald, a hirae corrupUon fund ha- been
rabied t-> pu?-h through tbe Leglslature. Under ;. lull
put in l,v Coionel Wehster tbe OommUaloner of PubUc
worka r?u purcbaae land outslde ol the 'fwenty-third
and r-.viiii'. fonith viani- f.a bewerage pur].-?
Thc Aator Llbrarj blll Introducea by \--c.li lvinan
I'i-h allows tl.e tru-t< - of tliat instltuilon to inve-t
tbo money hrfl it ln Ibe wiii ol John Jacob Aator
in Ooverument. rilale aml New-York Clty bond*, prcfer
oace to be glven in tbe order named.
Thc bill put in by -enr.oi' Ivea, fdvlng rorporotlona
whi. h dcalrc Ui rhange their namea the riglil to have
|he publlratlon ..f lhal facl Rppear ln -Tbe Law
joumal," wasamended aotaal ai lca-i twodall) puncrs
wonld be pbveed un an egual footiug ii.- regard* ti.!- ad
vci'ti-ii'ir wlth Ihl* Tammany organ. Tbe -ume Bena
tor iiiti'.Kinied anotber i.ili givbig Uie Bupreme Coorl
power to adju-t tli" chUm* fiir rtamages for the con
?trnctioii of the -<".vcr ii-iu". M Kinghbridge Itoitd nnd
i ni" hiindfc:: ai'd -cvciityihini-t. and Tenth-ave. To
I'liild ii monumenl to Coionel Ward B. Uurnett, ul a
co-t of pio.tBW, I- tli" pnrpo-e of anotluT of Scnator
Ui.-ch's bill-. ,Pnr nddltloniil wbool facllltles la Uie
j.ui'i*.-" oi eenator rantor** i'ill bondlng the clty for
1*^.000.00'). Tli,- old IVIephoiM KedueUon blll, a co. '
DM_-ure In it-.-ir if koiiextlv IntrudiicMl. tuni I ni,
Ihl* \'.,r ln the handi "f c. c. C'lHrke. TIili bill
nagbi to he pawed, bul II I* feared thal it wiii nol i ??.
tamator Mewart Intrndneed n blll restoring to th.i
Woi an'a lloapltal tbe rlty'a Interesl rn the block at
Lexlngton-avc. and Kiiu.-ih-i. AHw-niliiyman Mul
1 ia. \ iv Uie author of a me_> ine aeeking tn make a
redu'ctlon of tbe ga?? bouae nul uvne.ler thnvn II 'i ?
beea In n.e pa-i. Then Aasemblyma'n flrypn
want- Ibe .u\ i" oapend f_50,ooii for n
nintiiitneiit iu Central Park i... inc aoMiera and Ballon
of the la-t war.
D. Morgan Hlhtreth araa the Inlrodacer by reoneal
of tha moainrr compelllng pe iple to vote wiietber they
wat't to (>?? not under pafn ..f a Bna. Ite i.l-o (n
trodn.ed tbe le_dmate apeclal Ucenae tall tor banqneta
and ball*. Benator Blraetl t <.k la hand thc t'nl.m
Elevated Rrtdge acroaa Ibe Ka-t Rlver and Benator
Hrown fathen"i tbe O'Donohne Mll for , rlval brldge.
Aaaemblyman Taylor, "f Oiange County, ia behb l
thi- vcar'- PoUce spv Mii, Intendcd to affed New ^'o.-l,
Oltv niainlv. C. C. (lirke lia, brouybl ont hi* old
Harleni Kiver tunnel acbeme, and Aasemblyman sulll
vaa ha- sent n the old K^-t Rlver tunnel blll. From
Mr. Parqnhar coxnes a bill provldinp for a wardev t'<
take rare of the members of the Orund Jury, He h..s
t.e?.ides this a b.li aliaarlng Iha geatruetlon of old eiei
tioii ballou. A?emb!vman oTonnor deslix:.s to legis
late in tha Hitareal o* the aorface t-iv eompanle* re>
irardlea-- of tiic aufteriag of boraee. He baa a bill
nllowinp the aarltche* and i urvea of ii_t:is to bc aatted
ln ariover.
II affecring the Bew York Clty i> illee foree
p>:t^ tbe employe* ..f Ihe Department, > l n .
b legrapbera, et< ? on ihe footlna .?.' natr iln? . >1
Webater I* aponaor f r t'.e r>iu Bilowlrui iha Slnklng
l'ui .1 ? rliHii-iovci'- to -'II V"' old lin:li"t- \
blVBMB Connelly wanta One-hundred-and-tenth-at
wld.'iied fr.-m Beventh-ave. to tbe Rlveralde Dttve, and
whci arldeaed ta be naaaed Cathadral Parkway.
Albany, Haa*?i W (Bpaetal).?apeaher Mmehaa i
miieh iiiinoyed l,v ihe iniscoimt nf the vote on thc
Dlaek Rock llarbor AppropriaUon blll ln thc Aaaaaahly
aa Tlmnaay, anO vroebly to-morrow ni.ht im will
fi_UM a xtatement to the Assembly about th
??Th- eppfopilasBUii in qoeettoo," ii- -aid to-day, "l,a
lyxrn made for yeais pa t. It ls no new one; bn! n
h a liiii" targasj Ibla rear, owtag to the fact thal tbe
baraer is baooaatag the eentre ol tbe elevator Inl :r >l
of Ituffal,, Where rra'.n Is tran.t'-rrcd from t'
[ iliamtBi i" elevators and thence to the BHe Canal
j beats. we had BB-Meni aotea to pan the bill. Mr.
Bradaky had stated thal be would vote lor it. if nee
,. -iiv. bal we thoaght we had obtalned n ire than
enoagh voJe. to pasi it. The boy who waa i untlng
the tailv li-t. however, made ? tn atake. and, th, I
we. in fa?t. bad one vote k* than sufflcl m1 to po> lt.
i i have no donbt we hall b* able to p, II I" ni ,ri >w
I nleht. So far a- i*"- HnrTalo Doek and <'.ni, ?
1 Rallroad Company li:,^ an) Interesi In Ihe ;. .-??
tbe bill. that h absnrd. Between the line nl I
noaed rond and the harb ir lliere are t'.ii I ?
1 ?f the Lehlgh Valley Ballway. the trarkx ol the New
york Central, and the Erle Canal it-elf."'
-rXTIMl'.VT KlI.I.x |T.
Albany, March B (gpeelalbr-There la a Busplclon
here that tho Aaseaably Exelae Coaimrttoe win p ?
aoanee a saap yeagmeat apoa the i?. B. inn Banday
Lkraor bill, Introdared by AaeeaiblTBaan behaaf and
report tbe bill Cavorably thls weeki if thla la done
it Will be partly Wltk tlie. ,m< tiv,- of o',Iai:iiii
upm tha biii ut re pablk aenttmeni raa expre - W
; aatfapoa it. )ut Itiwoahl aeem thal aallclenl pnblle
optaton has eoBBVemaan the ipeaaare I i Insare its
n-ji-, tion aa Booa aa H ls iaa>orted by tbe Bxetse Cotn
mittec. Hut if the teefas (oininittee leportl BBcb B
i,iu fnvofai.!v. win not BpoakeT Sheebaa oome wltbln
{ tho sropc of pablk* ooaaton lor appolnttag snob a com
mlttee .' The members of the < oinmlltet' ar>> Karl. of
Kim:-.; iTMhb. ol BHe; Bekaof, ol Kiaga; Deaiarest,
l ,,f KoeWaud: Drypoksber, of New York; roi-y.of Hea
York; Iforrla, of Wayaa; i.'iiommedieu, af Orhjaas;
Waid, of Albany; Hrown, of Yates, and Denalston, of
Momoe. If any of the Keyuhliean Axscmblynieii Who
are members of thi- lonimittee-L'Hommedii-u. Waxl,
Brown or Pennlrtoa?voiee rar tin- bill. people will
he amased, and there ran bo only one Intcrptvmlon
of thelr roiidiut. Every man of Uiem repPeseiil i
temperance dlstrlct. it U not bellcved that the IIiiii >r
rlng wiil. Its rormption fand of P200.000, ran btay
one ,,f them. bal what sboal Mr. Norrls. <-f v
c mnty7 He is a Democrat, but be roroei from a rurul
ril.trlrl wbleh ix temperance in Bentlment. Any pro
posal to opon the aatoon* on Knnday In the quiel vll
lagea of \\;,ui,' Couaty he I* well aware would i,e re
Jectcd with luaror by hla constitucntx. Will HpeaKer
gheeban dccllnc i i recelve tin petltlon ol tbe Catlinllc
rlergy ol Xew York atain-t tbe Behaaf bill. as ho , I
the petltlon rJfmod by his ronstitucntsl Aa foi
other Democratle mcmber* of the eommlttee, are they,
ln the face of the gigantie petltlon of th- Cattiolle rlergy
,,f New-York agalast the bill, ready t? report it tavor
ably ?
Albany, Man li 8 i.-;,.-, ial ,.-x'n:.to:-- Jarobi aad
Rebertsoa, to wlaom waa referred tbe pr posed rbange
of tbe reles <>f Uie Benate, bad a acrrel ranfereni.i
batmday. They did aot eome to any agreemenl a I
i;,i,i ln tbe <ia\ Benator Boberu n went io Kob York
far b vtsll of aeveral day-. Before ke went away be
wrote uiit the tcrms on whieh the Repabtlcani would
aerepl Dsmocratic <>ir. r- for pcace, and slgnetj the
paiK-r, toavlng it to Bensl ? Jacoba i" slga or not, Ju I
ax he ehoee. The termi aa baM down bj Sentaor Rob
ertaon d..1 ln any rospect yksld a slngle Inch from
the posltton asaamed by Ibe Bepublleana on the right
Of the l.ii-uti'iiant-l. .vei-nor to Bppolnl a pl
offlcer to take bla plaee whlk* be ls away bnlldlng np
his poUtlcal feacea nnd worklng on hli boom lor the
Democratle nominatlon f i Governor, li the Demo?
crat* aceepl Mr. Robertaon'a tcrms, bcreafter when ho
goea eway the pres-ldenl pro tem. will prealde, unlcsa
Ucneral *Jonea comea t" tbe Capltol In the morning and
appolnti a predMing ofllcei i r one day only. 1
ntlon inn-t I- made ln person and foi the l<
l ,tlve day only. * nator Jacole ? ild to nlghl :
had noi vet made up his mmd what to <i". Ilc
a i-ounlerpr poxition t" Mr. Kobert*oii, whlch wa? n
,,.. :,,i allowinij the UentenanHlovernor to name .,
pre-ldlne offlcer bv not- or telegram for U,-- foll
,Viv Thi- would be aplrttlng th? dlfference between
the rules a- i!,--\- now are and aa tbe Rcpublh tn
at r-i Intend to have them before the end ,.f the -?
-. ? itor jnroba wlll -"? Benator Hlll to-mome
w:ii tlnd oul from hlm bow mnch longer be B-anl the
I,,..,,,,,! ... the Benate m stand bj the Demorrati,
eandldate for '" vernor. if th.- St-natoi (iovernor aa
,, Btop it scnatv?r Jacobs win pat hi- name to l?*e
nuper aa quitkly a- he raa wrlto It tor j,?- i- heartllv
m.\ aad Urod of tbe proccedlnp aa lar .,- they bave
IndlanapoUs, ind., Marrh p.-in both boaaea yi
terday the conference rer*>rt on the World' Falr
bill was agreed to, rnalunt: tbe approprlatlon P100AW0.
AMOr-UfJ CUVBCB FIGHT om vobb wlabd.
The tronble tn the Ealseopal Cbnrcb ol Bt. f'a'd al
(ilen Cove, U I., i< aol yet BetUed. The Bev. Mr.
Mi Partaae has for some time occnpled the pnlpll a b
sabstltate for tbe Bev. Hr. PHtenger, reetor ol Ibe
parlsb, who ls now in tbe Boatb lor tbe benefll <<i hi.
wife'a health. Mr. McFarlane'i vlewa aa to tbe duty
and aiithonty of the f lioii? mn-ler and orgBnlst Ol tbe
church, Profeesor v. Yakntlne, dlffer decldodly fi ,m
those beM by Mr, Plttetuter. Laal Bunday the reetor
refnaed t<> fnrnlsfa Mr. Valentlne srlth a II I ol the
bymna to be sang, whlch beretofore had been tbe i
t'.m. Instead ol thls be anaoanced to the cboli boj
the hymn- be Brlsbed song and labstltntod " ?
fourth hymn for the "Adeste I Idiiles" i the ?? m
munlon aervlce. VTben Mr, Valentlne protesfed, Mr.
McFarlanc i- taid to bave remarkod tbal ? i
and eholr-Biaster was beneaUi bla notlce." Br. Val
line bavlai performed bs he conaMered his full di
rhim-h, rlosed and I bed ibe ortmn at the b ?
of the eammunton aervlce and lefl the rhaacel. n
bad prevtoasty ordered the rholr t-, leave al the aame
Ume that he did, but only one boy obeyed tl i tmmand,
Mr. VaJeatine aai ?i l tbal be woeM noi pn de ??
the oiaan and be kepl Ua promlae, Ilc also told ti ?
boya to ajo to i).'- cburch, i ul noi t,, entei tbe
ln oonseqaenee the hymns and i baal were led by Mr.
Caa, of the vistry, al the organ and a i bolr i i
of tbree pei ns, all of whora bad bcei ? ; illi i
from tbe ehelr aboul a yeai ago, Yeaterday wa
the bui Bunday ,?f Mr. BcFarlaoe'i occupaney ol
tbe palplt, but it seemed Just one Bunday too lo
in conaeqaence, tbe veatry doclded, at ? meeUni beM
on Wedncaday evenlag, tbal lt waa tor the bi I
t -1-. -t of all , '."-I'ni-d iiiai Mr. m< Fark ie
tbe partsh al i neo. -\ oomailttee "i two wn- appotm
,,i who ralled ni-on blm aad Bcqiialnted blra aith lh*
louae of the meetlng. He Batly refuscd. hoBever, to
BC<ede to theh- ,1,'inands. Yraterda- tbe servlces b.
conducted witbonl tt,,- presen.I mosl <?? Ihe I
momben ol ti?- church, Uie low who w-r- tlwre luivlu :
g-jno onl*. through curioslty. Mr. Valeiiliuc Ud lio
had worked hard and conxelentlonsly du li .- ih< ?
toea yeara In whlch he had been org-wilxi ,.i the
(hurrli. with the heart.v .peratMoi oi Mr. IVttenger,
the reetor. lt w.,- onlv nauiral thal he should leel
ainioved at t.'il-. upheava] and e nfiialon ,,f the
llahed order ol tblngs. Rspeclally waa he annoyed
when Mr. McFarlane announced lhal be would noi
ali'.w ihe full cboral aervlce iisual at Ea?tcr. Mr.
Valentlue's tralnlng was rm h thal bl* cholr was nc< ? d
to none on Long Islaad, tin- rathedral al ilardcn ?'itv
alonc exeeptod, Mr. Valentlne, beaide beln< organlal
Bad cholrmastcr, li ekrk of tho veatry and boM
eral other ofBces.
Bagflsl letter to Th- Boston Trankcrlpt,
Pottery work ol tbree bandred yeara .,-? i ran be d< I
niu h traccd i" Bui lem. The town w.i> then known
bs a bitltcr pottory, that i^-. n potlcry wliere pots foi
kecplng butter were mndc. Then In 1000 along rame
t\..., Ingenlous llollnndcrx named Eler. They i, tro
duced a new form ol gla.-.,- aecarod b) anperflrial vltrl
tlcatlon ,,r ibe ,'.>i tlirough the ui'icrhentcd rumes ,,(
rommon ^:l^t. The Eh*m also hroughl to Btaffonl tho
unglazcd red chlna mcthod fi ,m the Ea t. Thls bii
uli very wondcrful at thal llme. bui bj and by whll
wnre made li upp?:arajiee thnmgh nu arcldentnl d
c?? ,ry. on o Joiirm-y to London one ol the Burslem
P i -.-;-. had powdcred fllnl rw immciidi ' by an Inn
;,..,:., for I.i- liorsc'a >1 firrfi?rvd '?"' . To ii,,.i
nulvcrb: ? It, a tllnl .fnio wn* llu " n ;-:i i tl ?
t;,... xiif potter -:.m that Ihe flame rlmnged II I" n
pure while, Fllnl itoni's were rathenxl in Ihe south
ul Kngliind, scnl i" Btuffordshiru lai Uirge <iuaut
lulxc i ? i!i <"'??"'" I'-i" ';:i' und pure wbltc
wtirc ''a- j,t "1,','d. The rnisiilni? and grlndlng mlll
for pniveri-tng lllnt, mxlng it M,>- flour wlth i
and M-rvlngll i.i pnste of any de?lrod rnnaUtenry, .\ ??
only a matter of llme. Then, In I7H3, Joswh
",,.?! perfeel d enrthenware lor th- t. hli
, el ? ?? rrcam rolor la so attractlve i., roU, ctora whlch
mi p| ascd the Quccn thal .ho gave to lt h,-r Damc and
patrouage. The word Queen v.a st.mped ln ;.n llicse
,:,!,?-. ||,'].. i- -Queciisware" ,,f thal und the i
Ume. Foltowli g thla rame the niosi brllllanl < ? -t
over ealoyed by mannfacturer. Tbe atory read i1
an Aratnan Nlghto' i ,;?. Ihli '? - man IVedgwood,
not b learned man from tli- rolleglute itundard, a crlp
j I- through a mallgnanl illsease ln youth, and noi one
win, had lnheiited piestlge or lubatance. eem d to
j.os ^?s- the audacloas oiiglnallty >>; all real genius, ln
i meelvable patience. and, above all, an uisworvlna
loyalty to true art Wlth tl?-,- auallth , he owedded
nrl to reflned progresi and utJIiry thal there waa re
, ivered Irom tne v.iio).-* iween of tbe known pasi
thlng of true beaaty t.',a- bad been rcvesiled to tha
! tter. Vf'lfu maiveilou, raptditj of conceptlon, dei J
opment, appllcatlon and a>iaftublllly, he not only r.
i-,-.-:>d a'.d reerented whal -? ? ueable, bui
(rtnblithed t,< endure m i itondards lu tii?" iu
Id als ,", Iblc t > , ??! i'i,!' ai ? In a w< rd,
i.. o| . :' -
Into tlf* v yeurs of Inconipanible cr atloi -. More won
derfnl than hla own work, i iste kepl bI reasl ol hl
i|uislte revclatlona N'curlj j century ha ,!,;, -,t slnre
li.- dled here nl Ihe Etrnria ho Imilt. T-> l? ,--.:,. i, ii
ix jn-t nlncty i\ >, ars. Bul In .,ii thl
progrc ?, no added procious aecrel ln eeramlci haa be
(II ? !,-",!.
Whether oo plra.urn boat o ' i aboald tak, on v i
trl|> a bottle ol Byrup .i Wga, .,- it acta nio.t pleaaaaUi
uud sffsetuatly on lha kldneya, llver .,nd boweh), pn .Otiiin,
f,-Vf.r.. head.rh,-. a,,d otlno f.,rni- <,r ?l. kn ? For xale ln
JU.'. aud Sl 00 buUicx l.v al; U-aOlug Oiu.;l-s.
[at tki.I'.h.mii to Ti""- T__tnn_l
\V, hl on. March -.-Thc LHI Congre* araa Ifb
eral In Aimy lei JaOon. aud by no meaaa neg
i,. ,. ihe v.r.v. As ii nal, therowere many meaanre*
pro].d, and the Congre** ended.wrth n number of
lo? blll upon ibe Houoe and Benate calendan,
bul r.' ?' '?' I" "'" '?' ' ' '" m .' ''"' ,I"J
i . ? , , | the two 'i\. than d iring any reeenl eor
..;,.;.- ,,..,.,.. ..( tbe two -ci".i.'i- tha gi
. ,,,, haa been beatowed on Ihe Army.
The reason for Ihii I* found ln tbe iiettn- manaccmenl
,.i m utarj than f naval mattcra before the commlttaea.
\.. importanl Influence opet tting agalnal Naval
?,v?? i- the dlffl. olly "i Bgrcement among Naval offlcera.
wiuto tbe li e and ata?1 flghl I* lea* agaravated than
formerly, anlty of oplnlon I* a* nw o? a* avar. A
KO d many Army oMcera arlll be IneMned I i Judge ihe
re^Blta oi the U*1 Congreaa bj the taUare al tha
moment ol approval ol tbe bUI Ibr tbe Increa - and
rcorganlsaUon ol the artlllery ai.d ih- rhree-Batialion
biii__ . mn tl _ .he eva ol adlouroment had been
,,,.,?.-,.,1 |nl..??? Tbe paa age ol Ihl eomponnd bill
would have ma le prOmotlOO -uITU lcli!l> M|"l (O Btl f)
,,!l reaa nablc demanda. Bul >- it i-. Ihe offieora have
nothlng to complaln of. Undet the ad of ? ?< tober I, all
offler* phyaically Ineapacitated foi duty are rettred and
tbe opporiuiiiii"- for pi".inoti ni are latreaaed aerord
mgiy. This l* the law provM n-' lhal ali BBaeera betow
tbe ranh of major aball ba aabjeti t., phyatoal and
mental oxamination f..r pro_M*tton. if aa ofleer f.ui
of paaaing Ihe mental e_aminatloB ba - lo ba aaa
pended for a year and then re-eaamlned. Tha aexl
offlcer in rank baving paaaad tha e-amlnatlon I* t. be
promoted. II an otlcer faii- of paaaing ihe phyalral
cxammaUon on accounl of dlasJa-tj eontraeted In Ihe
linc of duty. ho i- to be retlred artth tbe ranh t.i which
_i aenlorlty enUUed h m lo be pi.mted. Ihe lettre
menl 'nnder thi* law have been nnmerona, Atwther
law .,( later date, Pebruary Id, baa brigbtened the pro*
,?.,,. ol jiiii..r ofBcera, TMe I* the arl iranOerrtng
the Bmited to Ibe ani Biited n llred 11*1 all ofBcera
wbo bave ren. bed Hi i age ..f atxty foor. rho maxlmum
eomplemenl ol Ibe Uralled IU1 aa* rednccd from *O0
i, 3_o, bul littv .a tbe Haaltad h-t arere
j,,, .?:,: ,i io i.- fllli i i". a- many ofacer* heretol re
found I i i for duty by retirtng board . There
were, ln ronaeqnenre, Bfty promotlon of oflli era ln the
ii, Uve aervb e.
Becretary Proctorearlj In hia admlnlatratlon ihowed
;i dlspositlon lo make Ihe llfe 'f tbe enllated man
Bwre a. "i'i.i'1". .md n I* largel) tbrough hl* affori
ihat Congre** duriug Ihe two ae* lon* ha* nol Ig
Dored tbe Ble In it- lojrlalation. one w i. atyled ? lo
prevenl deecrUona," pruvlde* for the reientlon of a
Born from the montbly pay ..f eaeh wildler, who for
Mta ii ? a de icrtlon or i>- i Ivea il nn i ?
hl icrm of enllbtmcnt, wlth liitereal. it l- further
pmvl led thal ;, >ldl r may pun rta e hl dl
Um ;-. | y, ir'M ervlec, oi -". nre W ? dlm
j^pn ii ? the end i I Hiree yem
i he rallon of tlie aoMler a u al o
i by thla aet. Anotber acf, appUra
bia io ofBcera ai 'i n I .?"? allowed wa
Konlre t ? be connl I ??- donble Ume. i ?? I* k
of nnlformlt) In <ii j> ? ? Ing mllltary Ju?ilc i wa ?
rected by an a. I li
. I ? (u eaeh d. i rb i two
afl ?; Ihe li rm of enll im< nt wouM have e*i
To promote the admlnl tral on
provlded for hdibi irj ' ",:;' ' f":' M'1 .:'' "'"' ":
? . ... Bnd further thal en
ll.ied men mlghl obje t to auch a court, and on re
,,n.-i i o ni. .1 bv ronrl martl >l. rh.n i
,,f thi :.?' .!?? clvil offlcei i the authorltj to am ?1
... |U j.. .. Uw tow* enacied by 1 I I
. wlth Ihe id a of ?
c erllon, and the condltlon ol tlw enllated man ha
I, .,,;.-, ied lo .. -i.ii..t.iii tbal n
ln Um aervii ?? .i di Ui .1 i" objoet
Thera have been other nct* affocUng the Army I"
le?adc*xee Ono I lhal ronfrrrtna hi-vei rairtu ul.
, ?.,...,. for indlan service-an ... t which ha
offlriallj carrled i it, altboogh 11 beeame taw over a
year ago. A more ' ?re wa* Ihl I
exl*tli ? ' htj Bve lu tend u i
on duty a- pr.ie--.f ni.nv aclenc
Urtica al Mate rollep i. Tbe aet iran-ferrti R Uw -i
ervlce Weathcr Bureau to Ibe Agrirultural n
menl and Im i l the eflrlencj ol Ute Blgnal t'-orp
wai im Importanl one. Tbe i reatl.i tbe Bi ' -- -'?'"
,,f i!,o ,,:;.: \ t seeretary of Bm wa ?
tury mattet of lew UiUon Ioiik deferred.
tl..:i.,,... . ? ix lm< nt. that provldl
ii Rci'ord und i'.v . iu -urcuu, aa vel >cd 11 I ?
,""|l.?r.- were all aori ol blU* which fallcd
roudiili ' ; " '
? ? ' ? ? I
mltf-B or . . ????? menwd
. uiiluded nesirlj
.1.: ? wci ? al I-.. t four Ml ?? . pro
niote il. ' ;"'" ;""1 '
were preenmabls '"'" "' ?" ?_ar' ?' ' -' !'' ,' ,
(..,,.','? ..il:. :- ii ' '' '" "'?? ?"l'?lted II
r... ,!
miv in Ihe arlillen Infaiitn men-un a
,. ? . efU.ien<y l-i an ' ?
. ,f ..!?:? iro
.,',.. v . . iiruti nnni '?? ?? .I |i
orn,..i i ? ? ";:"!>'.
?, ,, ,i,i ? i..r . \.,iiMi..,ii"n and pronioUoii ..t uiili-l ?!
????? ' '? ''i.1' 'h
Ii -|."' '
in. iu, il .-1..1..1 ???"?;? ? ? * I: a vel
i ".n il.c r." .
\ I'ondlU'M. . nated I ? ?
for Ih,
... ? i,| !?? in.ii.al ? ; for pn>m itlou innl rcUrvmeni
| I .VI'" i liol .' IH '11
: ? ? ? '
Nothlng wa done f?r Ihu pei ?nne| ul
,,,,) ,,,|,, ,. ,t, ,i nicn have bi li ? .?? !? ni '?' .
i?. hllltica ul tlu
Commltl .. Amu ?:'?'' K thc >n\
,,,. .i i.v ibe i.i ? ' ?. ? ??? i " 'v,1;. ?' ,
l,v ;.,,. ... . v ui Siimo i ..." "f I-'.:- i
ln recn ? .i on .,1 ihe merli ? d ei li ot ?f ( hlel
i iiRlm I "ihcr "in. ? an.l m.f tlu
i. innelte \n lic K .indHion; ale of Ih- Hr.
jc:.v> ? ,. ,| ihe reaolnllon up
,. .ki.i for iv ? pi.i' ha c of nb 1 '?! nre l' nan
ln a been more llbcnil in Uie reirular tppmpi ?
|en imtl".ii/ .t Ihe roi
.. ?| |hn . m t li".- t.tti ??-hln- for
I n o.iiiin ea. h : one i.led crul i for *_.7.V1.'
,??. i.??!,, cri er f i HKI-O.OOO. i.ml one lorp rt i boal
lj;,.ii.Mi. i ; iiddltiou Ui wllli Ii wcr ? pio
i .? nrnuimeni nnd no.ooo ln nmoiinl
nnd p,..\ ii.... i .:? ' ''?' doeh a1 l*orl Itoj .l. ? I
,,,,| for on. i'i" '? :; ' " ?' ! '?'' appruprlaUoii
i in ,?? |he . ; lon B_thori_ed an espw dltm
of over P1fl.000.0tm f ?!? '?Itierea ?? of the Bn\~," ti"
,.,? trnitlon of one j., ?, ?< t.-i rrulaer f..r j-j.too..
und the liulldliiR ??' n drj doeh on Pugel Boand at
\\ i-lilii.'t >:i. for ?"? ' ''. ''-.I Hi" i".'nl.ii c\
|.. ii.Pt.ii.'?. for the :. If ('.ti-t" - ha neglerted
Ihe (."I'-.inn.i. it lu i "t puahed a-lrtu unheeded ? >.'?
enpl.atl. recommendatlon* nf tl." Keeretarj .a th
yH, . ,? ., Mi I.- Iilti . arn.or and ordnnni c.
Vnionitthnl.il* of Inl. i l/> ihe Sav\ whirh have
f, i, , :, ,? |hn ?? i' rardl is Ihe pav and rellrsmenl >!
',. ,'|, .11,;. II. tllC I :'i' l.'l" 5 "I ll' ? .? ili !(? I 1 .
c ,i n-llef (f Jnnior irtllcen of the Navy, lo i>
the ntimlic" nf oflle In t'i" Bnal.r t'oip- of Ihe
Navy, for rellcf of offl.' the Burinc Corpa, ind t i
it ii mizc lii" Ma : ' uid,
THR NAVY I'l PABTMENT IN i "Nl'i.n r B/1T1I \
\ NEW t.' ".'.
?fa hlngt. v Men li ? <-;? telal , Thc \ ,N j i ,.t..,.,
t on hand ? lth b European . j i <i.. ,t
..I.i. h rlalni . i.i n." i...... to niaoufuc-lura armni
pl ite ? nl' l-'?'? The rcsull ol i1 ?? .
; ? ,. i i ?? pi iiber a e < lo "Iv ob en-od bj fltm*
, had Int "? i in tbe ii .. ._ i
ni. 1.1 ai;..'. II i '..I at th i D 'partmenl th il
i e Creoaol pcopM wlm made Uie mmou* lirkel
pjate ||-.?', in i1 it Irial bbb of t'.i ayndlcate. lt h
rjaim .'. i v tbe latl ir I ai t:" InvenUim i pr ln li I
itenta whieh prohlMI Uie manufactur>j of aickel
_n. wlthoul "i" paymenl ..i a*royatt.y, and a
i . ute ol t".ni i":' pound on the Bnl hed armor
j.;,.,. uat Bppurtenam - I* demanded. Tbe Depa l
? pu lu ? oi dome Uc nt. kol stci
? will tn aai Brtenl in rovoring thlg de
niiinii and v.iii awall '!." decUioo ot fhe eourta. i
Governmen', under i'- contract for armor, aaatunaa
t .? lability i theae r. . aad if it ba
l tbal tha elalma ara |n*1 | ?
Uepar-ment will pa ? . iltj onl of tha Bppropria
Uon f..:- armai i 1 I ?? Ulii "? axelualva ol tha prlre
Bgreed apon with II aa Bn Iha bm arfal. Tae
,,.. ,,. . oi rhe ?!?''." I ? manufaetnra dlffer* from lhal
. f the Cn uaot, and thla laei \-..i! torm ?? l itare In n.
?) he e_ . t ?'?? ,::;,: ol nl. ttel i leel ? ?
1 l." C_ . I .. ,. '.? ??" ?" " " ' i -I :i"I in m
.....,i hi :?-' yei . 'i '-: " ' d up n, bul tbe claln
? will ii .1 be ..!'"?' "i i . laiin
, ..., auch di lermlnatlon.
i:,,. -,- rel iry wUI awall Iha eonh u l< ' trlal, ea
,,, ...,i ... bakc pla ?? . ? 'i mtb, before ii"< Idlni
| armor lo .1" ign it- onl
,,r th" fl,ooo *.?:"? ordered "f n- I Flve
1,1 ,, nf ;.. nt IUi nli '."I all ?J
l,I T of l :ll. l!l
Thl 'Inlli ol'lhc Toitii II
Bt'a d!?
I- Vllat'a d'-i!.j f li" ? T'lfiitnii! a*. half U-t ?c_sou'a
ittM lUii-t. aud Okh-avv.
MARCH tosearch,
APRIL to try,
MAY lolellif you liveordie.
So runs the old adage. But if you take AYER'S
Sarsaparilla during the months of March and April,
the resull in May will be all you could desire. To
overcome the ailments peculiar to Spring. purify
and invigorate the blood by the use of AYER'S
Sarsaparilla. All who make use of this as their
Sprinq medicine need have no fear of THAT
other disagreeable symptoms so prevalent at this
period of the year. For the young, the old, the
middle-aged for all?AYER'S Sarsaparilla is the
induced to take any other medicine. Be particu
lar that your druggist gives you
AYER'S Sarsaparilla
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Has cured others, will cure you
?. : The PUI. alllbe ?nl? ib.'?'?- ' '' j
. oras man, a.^ ^UU;^
, from the ilx-pounder guu. Later flrWl*
,.,, |(!,.-?- pondlng .. tbe loretgn pbrte will
".,,',, Th. itetblciiem ."?;.,.. made ...
"..7 ,,f.;... ibe day. ul nlcbel-steel. roatalns ao
, ;.? r,- .1,1. new ,!-, - ol armor. bt* 11
,,,,,-i"! Uwlarnegte plato* sustaln the r^te ol
r.-;,;;.;';:,' ? ^
Leid undo ? "f "i";;:i.:";,.:;t
,., i??,l th. The prlc. are U* m
ol armor, a* well a* II acrepti
. ;,??...i bj l,";,:M-of ,.:!,"?:, from
, mtraciow liave I rlghl ol appcal lo
.. ,...?, ..r three. In tfw isrne ? i ???
? ,i i-i armor i- i.Ie u M-- rnna whl
rulatod Ihe pHco of I ? ?
? ial co?l ol labor and ms
??, v,,i bc added toor* lucted from tho rato
r?ruu '??! Plat ol lh.rrespondlng rla
every rla-s ibjcctod to balll ti. ttato, pre
llti.lnaiv :,' 'l
|.?. i ard rl '? wlth llu ? ? ' magaalne
,,. _,? been experlmcntlng al the
.1 \ . -. -' Id, v i
?, , u.-,-k ol the i.-.-i" ??! -?'" ?;<" M?x,ni '?""?'
p,,wder. Tl.r- -il rcporl o tlie Irial I
.,,,, recelved nl I ?' Wa* Dcpartnient, bui fn.m
,??Uon .t lu. II !? Inferred thal Ihe rcsults were
,,..( entirels ' ' '''" "
.,. o| the weapon. Ihe gun bctng Dred ai a ilnglc
loader 100 eoosecutlve rooudi without cleanlng. a
?.?ll,i t.-,i ,, to i'.iv the gun Bfter lubjccttag rl to i
. ,,.- aand blasl I - taro mlnutea and < leaalng onlv ? Ith
the bare hand, Ihe ktea bel ? to reproduce tbe eon
fUttoni ol I'"'' "i .i du .) rmu trj v' "?' !'
?Hh deferl ? ? rarirldgcs and .i fourtb for eac
pn ure ol from HO,. i . ?-.'.
piiundi (?? th" ? |uare Ineh ngnli
,.f i:,.immi i . .".'?.i p lundf*. Thl Irled I
.. ....jj |? tbe under eiperlmenl h\ Ibe Bt
...... - i puna to be ir."i bl
the maf i/. I* bi i i ?? i - Dai h g in and
M tnnlb ber ascd In Ihe Au?1 i ? i- >rd
,.., i?... ,i.-i tyed ln 11 worh by the non BrrlvBl i I
?-.!,.! .-?:, ? pmi ll<
rrom abn ?i tor ?nw '? me. Tl i Board will i
,t -.;.,,! -i. l'i ? ii Vpiil "?? i'i" re alta ? ? I e tesl
..,-. uwalt-d with intercsl aud Impatl nce In i ie Axmj
.. nt beon ki ? - ? deton ilned to
,,!,.]H ., more p ???? t weapoi i both ervlce* i ?
,',, , ?, .: the experlei .???-- ol foi i
??? n ? :i' HprlnaHeld are ri
,,., ted to i"..' ..-? -???"? Ihl ? ln adt i ot th. ,;"r"
|? .,., ? . , M ?ny ol Iho gun ? i?? bo le?( '
? from European servlrea. and
j.,r ,, .. ,1,1,.i <i resnlt. ol tbe !? -t- "ill
,? be pnblHhed. The* ai i lo be I,- Id ln i
,.?1 I'-.-l onlv r ?' ? ?' "? ?' "*?
, ,,. ., ,. ,i ? ?' .,.. ... havli i ?
;, the nominatlon! of brevel rs
\,,?v .,:i," I ? ?!?> .????? -ii Ind a.ii rami
s-,, ,? . ,,i ii;,- Wnr Dcparti.il acenu !?> knoB jn-i
uli-, bbs ropmialble f r ' Iub under wldch auch
,..,_..... it -,. , aupp <i .it ibe Ume to bave
i.,.,.., ,,.. |? n t" . rmfer > ; '" Iton upon ? i r
.,,? indiau nghters, bui II eurlj appeared tbal IndJan
M*rrlce, exn-pl Uiat, ol nmrse, In tbe late Dahola
,,,,., , . . ? i .? ,... ont racib ..f Ibe i
. ::.. ,1, ..: ; tlie -JUC H"H BT. wl,ctll,-r I W I >* VCl
Imuld bn on preseni rauh oi. tlie gi ide al Ihe ?? iti
i ,;',,.. ii bbm furthcr found, ktrango as ll maj
acem, lhal no oOi lai n i ord ol Lndlvtdual lud an
liad beea B??pt, aud tbe ll I "i propoaed un veii n
m the War Departmeni uncomplcted. ln aendlng the
II t (., < oii.'i,-- llte iX'partincnl Uicurred tlie rl k ol
rrcdll whore II was uol <iu?-. and, aorse atlll, ,f
iimitUng rrcdll where 11 aas deaerved. rhere ba
,?.,.,, ,,,,-,!, .,,- ol -" BlUe moov i,t lo anybodj whli li r , -
Blven ti"' anlli rlilc ai nn h worriiw ntastl ?, >? Mr.
i-titrhenn, rlnlrman or iii.- IIihimj M ln uv Oomnilttec,
Inlrodurvd a bill. al.?' Ihe la ' pre - ted ln the "
mid v,.-.|,,'i |,i,,|?, in ii an amemlnient ol the inoi.iii
l,|vV,., I;,-,. ', .,i ii, i: brevel romml. lons should bi'ur
,,.,,.. ,,,,?, the i"-i",i" inildei.l for ?;hl?h Uv
?v, |,i,,ino!,,i ll id Uir* anu ndmenl lieen made, ll >?
'..V-vri- w, uld have !,.-,.uplv h nor. ai d I -
ii..|,:,i-i,i?.i,i would itlll bave bo n lubjo t to ml laac
'"ii'ii'^Mi.'i'i't'.K . '?.!i. \k lii.ii will h rtly be pul I i com
,,., |?ii nl Ui.- New-York Mavj Vard, b-III lie u ed ln
,,l,.| :.. . -,.1 for Uw men In tbo cnglneerliiK de
ISrtmenl ol Ihe Xavy. Rnplneer-lii-l.- el Me * ?
.nd iM-rml . i.IV' ?'. Iho eiiglni, and nwnarr
t this ,.t?i into plarc "i Inslmclbiii. and
,?.,,.,,?. ,,,,?t!'.,l ilutl, of nicmen. olh-r.*, wa ei U i?ler
,.; ,?]?.,., m the hold arlll l*c laughl. fho need I
..?., Ml,i, .v i.in I,,- been relt. and wlth the ... ,
..i ms i . the line ol li ??.,? :,..,, ??'*?:"; ??'','.
,i,. ,im , llon f ti,- io., hli 1*1 "i > hlp. ll ?'? limi
, , ,,,,,|, when -i"' ui ? ? .'?*? |M V':'
tui. Tl.",- ...n -i .-"t- '??? ?'?'Hi"..,:. and
,. well aa maehinl I" aml llrcmen. A ful ire probb-in
. ,,,. ?.ru... will I.- il" ? i ibllsbm, nl ol au nll annuul
,.,,,,.,i f,.. ,,. i;t enll .leil men foi il.? work In the i ?????
v. vv ti," \. et ol |h, Iralnl u atton
? , ? in ,,.,, , ,101, ihl dnl.v. li maj I* lhal Ihe re
"onstnicUl lis ? Ing ilp will I- no I. - i .rmldal.le Ihsti
Ihe Ie ' eiiiilpped nual rn war \>-- I. \ -t- i> ln tbe
,,l? ,i ;?,.:. i i ie :."?,-? 04, p "i i ? Mlsinlonomah -
i?,il.M-, and englnei tor Ihe purpfl.t objeel lessoas.
i, ? ,. in :.n Engtlsh n i in ?<
. ., ... ??.. a ,- ed '?.th, i ? il ?'? ln eseh
,,|. 1 iu.h BBS Sl UM I'.l: t
bm itylng i ' I ? ': '? ? ? ' ; "''::
ri... ,i,, .,,". l Bnd , ' " ""', ,vl"'h
Be asd previ ! ' ? ?' '""' of
, .., i , hoatag Bss rlght aas Bvory thaa.
Ihe < ,: 1-. ia I Um Bad mm
mi ua eard aad la wla
. :1, pa, ?-.. m rl r uu b sn b*bb bandled Uw
, .|, -.? .-? i ? . tr?BR, ? Bvei aad Wn l
.,, ,,..,.:. | , .. ?' ; ind leok hl. torn al ni n ng Uw
.,,, roi , all inn i. in- -.-..-- II >'?? Ihe
| . ? r i,. IdlBB ap f?.
;,...? ind tutnlng ,' ,! iwa bs aaM
.-I eriii ,;,,v hei rou i?" bbbbb- UbM \..'i eaaaot -
iii ? a ???? " bbb Ihe , i.i.- lall."
? ??[?' t a ii,.- ? . I ild Uw qulet bbu "aad 1 BUty
I ,.n aas ,.f them.
??That," he aald, li ikl.?? ' ?
, . nul I will dl esrd that one. N ?
i i.f, inni i wUI bai '?'?, Bfty poi ada lhal l
, un -. :.? : ti, ,. ? ''
-|l... ..'ii. ; laaaaa ;it tilni BM an ItmUnt.
??An aaaatoaa, by o?d.M ke -aui, and ?t the ncxi *ta
l. ii Uie two rosiK-i I'.-ft BBS tralu.
Albrny, Mareh - (BpedaJ).?Bepablleana who iiave,
rUlted Albany Um taal arei k and tbe BepabBeaa mem
ber* of tbo Legtetatnro ezblbil mach kopefabMee when
they tall, aboul party proepeet* ,u the faO ekettona.
This att tude of their* i- b greal contr.i-t t., what it
wn?> early lo Um year. when tbe memory of the eaptare
of Um Aaaembly by tho Democrat* and the loaa af a
i i state* Senator wa* \.t freah In tbelr mlnds.
Thla f'-'iiv. of <?: ooragei.il to ronteal tbe Btate wltb
vigur tbls fill, when a Governor and Btate oaleera m th
b..tii brancbe* of tba Legiatatore will hc eketei, la Aaa
to a varetv .,f eauaea. One i- thal the rivalry of Iha
' ; cclaod and ..f Um iiiii Dem erata i- beooaalng aaore
ni. n-". Anotber, and the main reaaon at preaent, i
ih.n Um apriux elcction* Iwva i/.s-n -., favorabla lo tha
Uepublii ui party. Tbere baa been a big pain af
-up.-rv. -.a -. ii wltnea* tbe tollowlng retarna froai tor
iv ?_ conntlea tbere are atxty eoaaCea ln Um state:
--I.UO.? ?Ib'Jl.?
n. b. u. i:.
.Vllcgaoy. 7 -l 7 18
. ll 11 12 1 i
i igila . II ls tl _0
11 -I 10 I'i
. .;?: , i - I '.l -li
. li. ii I.U*. . II -'t 7 11
. ll. IMII.O. II I'l 1- '-?
. .. I I'l .i -
iiiihl. . ._ 18 -i II 1"
? .i . io -. g 7
.? ? . 7 1- 1 11
.11 I. ls s
. 20 81 31 Li
. :i i'. ? 14
i-'mikllu . d 1- 'i II
. i :. :i io
... :, -.. . I! 7 | 10
i,r..n.. . II B 10 4
ll. rklmci . n lt i<> I
.1. ?"? r-,.n. 1-' 14 IJ 14
Mtdlaon . 4 10 5 0
Mi.nro> . H 17 IJ .a
i. . u ?t i ii
. tt |3 U 2H
., . IS 1 '? 1"* 1 ?
. :i 7 H h
Orange . IU '.? }j 1'
...,?_',, . II K 1,1 n
12 11 11 II
Id II M 1?
' . j i I
i, -. i al
, .ui, ri
... ll 5 IS I
r. - - j
ij io .o ia
? l _ _ a
, . , . - * a j
a .-. i
_ i_ '! il
WaJilnaton . ......... 9 ? * ?
_ i *
S 2 2 8
Yet -. _J H _2 __
4~-.i ma '140 r,x,
The BepubBcana ln 1B00, II would avpear, bad M8
np^n'lsors, and now thev have 503; and. there
r,, .. bavo made a saln "f twenty aapervlaora. The
Demorraiii had 451 ?npervl*ori In 1800, and bow
,.:,!', uo: nnd, Uiereforo, have a nef taaa of
eteven Hipervlsor*. Tho dlsrrepancy between tho
Itcpublii an gain and tbe Dom ?r II hx la dne le
the fiK: thal Prohlbltion and Faruert' Allianee aapar
vl_or* bavo I* :n elected ln - ?me dlatrii t -. of arhleh no
iOMi'ini i* taken In Um abovc table. Thore baa alao
lieen an Increa.f lown* and war.'- eleetlng nsav
vhl< h had :wi effe i on the total v???( ?. Tha
iietuul gain ol the Bepablleana i- ahown I.v the (hei
ii,;i, |, theae fort) la conntte* ln IBOO thv had a
majorlty of aUty-four anpervtaora, whereaa now they
i majorlty of ntneti Bve, b nel eain "f thinv
i . lupervi-oi -. when contraalad arila the BepabB
ran ??
pi ? Bepublican* galna bave beea ta ilatrtcta whieh
-,\.- them much eneourBgrment. Thev have arreehnf,
M.mtrol of the Board of bupenrlaor* of Monroe
County from tho Den ? '?'? rh??j huvc ulao tnadc _ain_
,,, ||,e ,,.? || nf i' it'iii ui :u-. Chemiing, Colum.ta,
i'ulloi. ilu, "???:'. "?-'?-:". Rocktand. St. Law
; .,,. ..!,...i?,,. sulllvan and Tompaln*. Tiic Be
.?,. i./.m imln* in t'liemung ftmiity, the home of
invid l. liill wero eepectally notkeablo. Ie Mr. Hlll
i.minsj unpopiitar al hia own homal What Ims
mndc David ll. Hill aa n Democrallc Icader a popular
,,,., I,, the DemocrnUc partr is thal aa haa been
,i rlifed wlth b"in; a -ii.vc-st'nl t.aiii. < UU'e he b6C_M
to be ii.f ated hl* powi r i- aone.
i:n ton, Mareh 8 iBpeelaH. The BepabUean Chab of
M .-? i.?iiu-eti- i- engaged In actlve and -v-t-matb work
,,, ii,.,.,.. ii.n piruou* -iu."- of Um demonatraUoo |
;,, i... held Vprtl - i'i Bum tead and Maale aaUa aa parl
, r the tir-t :"ii"f.'l meetlng of Ihe club. Al the preaenl
.,,. llt ,.,,??.,.' the ni"i.'l.ci'-inp at thal time will
ex.eed i '"?' :UI'(1 tha " ? "f entortalnlng tbe cntlrv
, lui, dinner wlU nol be an eaay i.?
? ? ? -
\vi,-i,i'.?-??".. Harek B.-Pai KoHbera K w-Enaland,
irenenlly latr, rxeept Usht ruh. ta Vermeati aUghMp
" ?' Biei .. .- .
, bouUwni n '"'' <-'??' ?'? Ba-U-aa Sc?-Vcr?. i.-.-i.tu
Prunajlvanla SewJeraey, Detawara, M.i.vUnd and \ir
Ki?i_, raln; aligbUy warmer, eaaarrly ..r aaatheaatrrly
v I1..1-.
Kor Mottk Vir..Hn.i. rata; aUghtly waraier.
y,,'.. south i i;. .'niu- i-.i'n: eaula* by Taaaday.
r?, i. oi ii and Alabaaf, Ught mn; MOtar, falr Tue*.
'"'V',." norlda, tur. eaacpt Bght rata ta aetlhera part;
hllthtll .I r.
i',,r Mik*U?lppl, Bouhdaaai _**tarn Texaa and Ar
.* talr.
i'?r Mi-.mil. Blearlaa: atlshUy ?.,rner.
Fo* reaaaaae* ?nd Keatacky, lu?ht raln; dlgktty cooler.
Poi w.>t v.-'.i.:-'. ''''"'? ",! ?' bp raeaday.
i',.:- w.-i. ra Mi w-y*?k aad Weatera Poaaaylvaato, Ughl
i Un ? -liiiiit'v wana ? _
i ?' ir'., 'i nn ' " i r bj Tueaday.
io, la.uni.i iii'a.i.-. laieblgaa and Wlaeeaala. Ught
r,l'1'v;,'.' - iod the Daivotan, falr ; sllphtly WBRBaa by
"poV i ..I, v i.i uka aai l elataao, lai.- aud araraar.
|7uri i i.s ?orui__. Maaa.
I?! , ? -i i mti ?? t" '" i ?' ' .'"' w___Ii
lA'A ;??--??:?-" ; ' ' ? r't ' "i "I ' ?'.7"X_
_ i <_' ? ? ?_J_a___j?_*
_ |_i_' ? .' ? v-.. -'.__.: i i';.; iiiva 30.0
lti ti." ,i. ? ii * ' Une ?h ". ti..' baro.ter
lay, .ha r\..| ;il the fnlted MUt.'S
Kimitl hervlce Statlnn at tlu- rltv. The daehe* indii-ate
. , ' r.,:".. S'iii Hnlldliii;.
Trlliiiii" OfBee, MU h '.'. 1 n BL?Ctoad :,nd sim-Iiln.'
?II rn .t.'.l v. -l.Tilav fur iioi.ii, but ta U. ? att iuooii iloudi
im pcevaUad, aad uaha mta Ml ?t *v6ahaj. The t.',n
tx.rat.ire rauijud betwoun 34 anil 40 4e_re?*. Uie avcraa*
(80) telnff 187. hlzhor than nn tho corre.ponding dav U_t
vear. snd 1 hlehcr than on S_t.nd.av. ' ""?
In and n<-_r thl. dtv to-day thr-re wiH prob_oiT k_
wsrmer, iisrtly cluudy woather and llrht rahi. ' m
* ?
Tho tail rnd of tlic baseball conventlon disappcnfej
yesterday, when UM vlsltiiig club-owuen, left the city
for thelr hornes. Thef a_f tliat they ar* entirely ??*,
Isfled wlth tlie onleome of tlie nieetiin'. and they prob?
ably are, barrinx tfio Cinrinimti tnnul'.'. Two rln|)S |_
the Porknpolltaii Clty would be foolhirdy ln the ex
trcme, for tlie lIty haa, witb tlie exreptlon of one or
two Boasaaa, alwapa been a toatag vaatata to the
pwuaia of baeabBll etaafc, Two efabe ta that city
would siniply iii'.un a loss of from ItOfOOO to OoO.OOQ
for Bbbss <lub.
How mui-li more BettaBaB. lt would havo l>ecn for the
Laacaa to baaa baagjM out a. U Joaaaaa at ti,?
start, wliii'h would hsvd Bhhaa tlie present dlffirultlea
lmpo-alblc Joini-N i-, 11 popiilar man with many
ball-playcrs, afid. if lie had bOOB boucht oilt, or been
allowcd tn ron-olldate with- Clevelind, ?> was done
ln other rltles, not a NatMflB- UatM player would
liavo sbown any desire BB bave ]umped to iui 4_bb>
rlation rlub. Of course, UM Kadford*. lrwim au<
liurlintons would have pBJM lo UM Asso. iatton, tor
UM UaBfta reikion tliat thoso plnyers were ncv?
wanted by tlic LbbbJM.
The Lcague .omniittec. Meaara, Ahcll, I'fdiNnn b-4
oNeill. havltiu' the Cinrinnati problem in tlHr liandi,
may baaa BettJod np'jn smo plan ef aeebMa, l-ut lf they
havo formulated any, they will not rtlvulse the d>
taiU. Mr. Abell will start for the We>t ln a day or
two, and his trlp may bear somo frult In a basebdl
If tho Company F te.tm. 7th llcgltncnt. wlns neit
Siturday's pame, it will raptiire the lndoor rhanu.
ploti-iliip, and praetl.ully end the race, as the only
other came, that b-'twwn Company U and I), will liar,
no real sij-niticancc. Tlic lacosi to daUj is as foi
TBBSSB. . W.0B- l^4T_ara_.BBh
Company F. I 1 a> I
company A. ? _ 4 l
. ompany II. S ~ t
Company B. r 4 ? ;> 0
1 :-.t;ij':. iv t 0 I ' 1
COTho"yiiiternatioiiul [ftafM will haM a nicetinc at
aVaahasBtr t.,-day. Tha etreatt N now lumpbaa, bal
Um lloeatater and Toronto ctobs akaay bobm ?igns
? a\ **??*.< and re-aln are lie,.'..',!. New -t,?_ fom
"f V m ! fi rmed at Itocbester and Toledo.
^"idin B DeVaad Managei Jamei Ma? weat to the
toTtoBPririceton CoUege aeaai has arrancod the bbbb*
'''^ri-r-i-l'hiladelphia Xstlonal IfSBfflO st Ibbb>
*?3 HSrffl? N.u::,;'r..'-,e - ??_*
u --st I, I,.,-*. Kordbsm. at Hlghbrldge.
A I H-Xew-.Y.'ik Xat.01.al I.';.*U" at K?W-TSI_.
Aprtl ll-Lehlgh at ItethUhaij.
APri! KtoVeo I-ht.d Athi-tl,; Club ut l-.i...:,ton.
Downtown bBsobaU entboalaaU ara "^."IfJ
'irr.tiLVPients foi tlie eorolna leaaon. A petltloa u*
iJ, , >,-n to the .veu-vork club aaUng tlut UnaM
nTovlde r,- rv, n teata ao tbat lat,--,-omcrs will aot hava
to -ti.i.'i uii through a whole game. ,.___, ,
??n'.i'v" Aii-ur- nsther has baaa cle^ed Mayor ol
Mar-l.alliown, lowe.
Tba Manhsttan T.nnU AssaebsUoa, BBaapaaad "f the
LBMi aud IlfUi Av.n.i" T,m,i- (SBbe, Bf Harh m, iri
Uu \--.i ef Mott HBvea, bai beea lerawlly srsaataas,
ti,.. offi, r- irei l-i'-i'l-.t 04?afga sf. Toaaaaali Ma>
DrcsldSBt, Ckaries Marltac: Beertary and treaoBrar. wiiliaa
a Hai py. Th ot.j 11 af thli BaBoelaUon i> tbe Bdvaaceaaal
a,-.d promollon of lawn leaals tol w -t- la th;.- rtty. and thi
irraaaxBteBt af Inser-clflb t/.-irnan..?.::.. a? ??'" as geaetsl
aiatches, wtlhla lasst-stlea aiembershlp. a:i ?few-TsBl
nty elBba havin-T an artiv n-,enib.'rolili_ of tWBBBy^lBI
ar*> ol RlWe. The a-?"lati"n will hold a U'lpMno at thl
??EUeralle '? BJos, W md $2 We.t LadtJa-st,, on Tuosdsy
? 1 ii.n-:. March IL
MagBjoMa gaalagB. yli- M:"' ? ' IBpeeasI).?Tbe laari
tenala toanaaaead ,.f the Mm-noiia Lawa laaala ci'A
was broagbt t<> a atoat lateassfal termlnalloa here
oa Vrutay. whoB tbe few r-'miuiiin? matehea Brere ds?
rldeC in ad'llti ,11 t'? the flr.al match in the doablea,
whirh aae without doabl UM leatara of the day. Tin
coaaalattoa priaee la i?>th sim-ie-. ....i 4 al lea aeea
de<lde<l a.s well as tlv? handie_p UagMB ln tfala eont?t.
A. K. Wright w*s the icrsieh man. and olihoiifrti mm
paftod BO tfvc larce o?lds Ut hN opponents lie work d
hli way into th<- tinal nmnd, and wa-s def<ated Uf ft. a,
BOtlth, to wboaa ba irave IO. Tha b-bbbbb maMi of
the SbbJ roiind between O. >? (anip'o'll and A. E.
Wright and H V. Hcacli aud II. bt HillliKn brought
,,iit sosae pHid leaals, and aUasaaga n.-* totaiar pair woa
Lbe matcb In -tnuKht agts, Beacb aad Btlbaga aaalaa
gallanl eforl lo 'iu Mti eaaaa ucar eaptiu-i:u the
aeroud aad tlilr-t bbU, ?'.'i' anBra lor.;; Baarn oaea,
ihere beiiit* ao other _bbIb_mb t<> be pkafed, Baost of tho
vlsttlng phvyers left h"re ^>r st. Auau?tlne HUs nioin
in-. A|.p'-:i'led a:e UM aeotes :
Onen doablea, lin.il r"iind-'?. 8. TampNMl and A. E.
Wrtdht beal K- V. Hei, ii and 11. M. BtUtats, d-B. *-?%
Connolattoa aaabaaa, Irat rouud-ll. V. .lone^ and
B 'initii beal P. I'- Baomgaetea and T. H. Coaaa,
()l-i ( 11 T?ft, I'iual roaad- II. V. Jones a::J
B. Smltb beal <?? >? -taltti ati<l J. 11. Beld, o-ti, ?>-i,
" ttaad-eap Uagiea, Beeood waaaaV-T. H. Opo*e, gjy.
Ina 18 brai J. II; BeM. >?? I, '? -? A. B. Wright,
etvlng: iS neat II. V. Jones. ?-2. ?-l. |. |<mitb
beM T. P. Baaaiaarten even. 7-5. ?-d. O- 8 *njitt.
jivin^ 1 , beat 1 tiawtry. :i??>. "- ". u?a. raua
roaiaf V 1:. tMi.hi. glvTng 30. beal T. 11. Ccake,
2 ,'?; ,? 1 -? --?-? '? b. Pmlth beal B. Kmlth, Uvujl
1-, 7?5, i?3. Ftnai nsateb?O. e>. baaltb beat a. l.
WrlKht, glvlng :?>. ?; ::. 6-3.
? - - -
The UiiaBBtliaal ata^ays' go-ei yaa Maaai ra-v aalsb
bogau aa a-aalay st B-alalgM la Madtsea lajBan fta wa
wUI bs ??'," ? f Bas giealcst sffsUs sf the iu..d eret bmb ?
Mew-York Whlls mi Mm greal BBduBilaas sf balaal
i?d ai?. lea bave eatered Baa esalest, Haers raa ta no
quratloa that the giacBnkl aad atanly ibBimMai. tmm
ai. 1;. will ta th.- ehtef -t.r. Kaw^Tetteara iBasaaaai
hti weadorfBl IaM sf fstl n'!???' i" ste aaja.
Th- i______aaa hthletle CTub Baaaaaeaa that the laasoi
tBBSBN M ba h.-id at bbs MaaBBsa BBisaea Qsedea aaaa
batuiday eveatog nt *> p. m. wUI ta most iu,.*f<>i from
,n athieUe aad isBnal i?'int. sf m,?. The Mtrtea aoai
gnt bh_1 thla BBsrBtog to s. J. t'.ua.n, ehalnaai ?
athlsMS CHB*B*Hln. I',.rty-lirtB.,t. and M..'ll>o..-..v,v. gSBJ.
rerh Ctty. aii i?.\e- Bad Basuved isats bib aa bsm ?:
tl. - Manluttin AthL tie ulab bBBBB and at Ty?on'a th.atte
OBB Ahl. who won the Kvn.na-tie rbaasBlBBaaBP bal
vear, BM lo-t Iii. medal aiid M h, artbok. n. Bo ^Sl
.i4Btitei the unlon U> repLau' tlt" BaSdal and h- ?1U
pay tne aSBB. ..
,1. w. Oraaa, jr.. M tba Bawaersaf a. l . ?:>> aaaaj
treatcd at the lecsal 4Tti? BaglmaBl pbbbm ta ur "fciys.
romi aas stote OreoB-a eBBataa, taBvasg an sM rasse?
.Uli la tii.'lr p!.i."- '.."?-. tad f."t?t.uteh- BaSBBMB
watrh sad pseaatbaak ta a frtoad. i.ienteaant arBasa
BM d ap <-.-">. in s irfhaaatal bubi ?nd kaa sth'.tte e*
taaui la tbat aay. ? ? , . nt
tha ::.? t? ta* roiled lu tho A.n.e 11 all li"???
hwraey thla Bvaalag a:.- a* f4*Uowo: Etsaasaa ?a *****
11,11, Monuuk \h. iilB-f" Pingail aUB aa MaaMaB
M.|'.;,MAHI,r Kx.r,,i,"re-Mnan 1 hatle. ft. I-Hidali. sl
MaaaarhaaetU. BBEVtTOBT-OlBaflSUBSel P. ?? ' : ''
n.u.d Mat.-. Navy. iiKiii -Vr?UWaJaattaalBI
Daalets. >,t BBtsta, ...d rraa* UaMea and Ue.uk sTTfftfaa.
,r WaaB-Bgaaa. OlMBY-^eaatae aMaajad J?- J*J"
..nd Henry B. w,,i.,.u. of c^taaaaa. "OFfiiaa ?>
V.-...-1. .,...:,... af m. aaow. rxi'-N aM?U-___6-JBdaM "?
Teiicii. L'aitoi Statoa MlalatM M b.I-iuiu.
.i H/.vr TO nOtBCtlOWtBXB,
pyoaa Um BaBetln of taa Iraa at.,i bbbbI A-sorntion.
wi-it ls lo ke 1*888 10 avert n Kr>- I'rule vl-tiry
aTK^SaM tldnitl: bui thN ..?c tung sboa d
LU^lnlluonce. \ bealnnlng e.n Jum *?*?
IBaetad newspapcr.
yii'-v'.H.-i^N ^v^^iir'YiVA.^.'.i:. ~aa
1 alMMMaf aJWWM MtOwl^_5_?
u glvas wtth BBtscy aad Ma aat?MM taaalM to me _aaJ
Tak^i'^P^Toulalne aad Bltiera sf svaa kiad.

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