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Pottbtless no serions calamitv wonl.l orisue if
the present, deadlock in Connecticut shmild eon
tinue and tbe good people of that State ahould he
oblisecl to content themselves for tbe BM1 two
years vrith The aiipply of lesrislation left OTCI and
on hand. Thcre's enotiph of it to taal foi a long
time. and a stiffieient vancty te mect ail !*??_?
ble Cheagea until the next biennial election. In
colonial ttaaa it was Thousht nenecaary to bave
twa eeaaieae of the (ieneral Aaaembly eacb year.
Theae they reduoed t? aanoal aeaaiona in 1818, aad
in 1884, after much dbettaatea, they nmde ri''
further saerilice of oce-half of whal iwained ol
the luxury of law-i_akui?, tt-tltlag tlaraiaelvea
therc-fter to the enjoymcnt of a Geaeral A-Wably
onec in two vears. At. Ihe time the last. ehaaac
wa. made It was urjied agglh-t it thal licuuencY
0f alaiitliaaa waa aeeeaaary ta kecaj ap tbat interest
in politics and pulilic aftairs so eaaentta] la ?
doniortai'.v. wlthout which patriotism would dJB
appear and thi- rule ol incompetencc and gtttQ
?neeeed. Bat tha people theacht it all ovei be>
tweea the tbiee gaeeeeeive .sta_e,s tiuou_.ii which au
ameadmeat el the aiBaak aet laaat paaa, toak a
aetrooaectiaa uhtm tt tbeli F__ia_,turee for atv
cral m'uis previous. "heftcd" the Eteviee- Sdatatea
10 BM il thev bad tBOegh law ou hand to laM B
coupic of peara, and aald that on the whole they
would take tbe chunces.
Tbere were i>eople in Hartford. keopers of hoteia
and boaidlBB-haoaai and othera, whoea relationa
with tlie afflueat and lelacal tldea of ateteamen
kdorded unueual aaaortaultka foi a ckai _ader
Btandiag and iate-igeal Mfftaeal of the whota
gabject, who upwaard the opinioa tliat ene oi
the props of civil and religious liberty areald be
auooked out by Uie ebaagdt thal ataay iniportain
induBtrlea would atagaatei aatably tbal the ngri
cultural interest would BBufer, inaaaaaeh as it
would deprive the leadlag agiiea_foi_*a who came
to*the Chpltalevery ariater t? advioe their repre
:cnt.,tives how to vote ou MDa that had " money iu
tliem ' nf a aeeeaaary sourcc of revenue; that a
lar?e number af uieuihcrs of tbe ba| iu anaaU
towaa woald be ebllged to weai their aaaaBaet
elotbea all wintei iu the atteraate yeara; that, tbe
rallroad eorporatiooa, Inatead al aanaally dis
barging their surplus to deaerviag penona, would
be liiiidencd wil.i iiciiniulations which the BC
tivit.v ol Mr. Goodwia, ol Eaal Hartford, would
eempel tbeaa te ooneaal )>y fraud-kal atatgBetfa;
and liiially thal poUtleal ifBoiaaee would lieeomc
so deaae taal even iu a I'residential canipaiga the
intelligenl yoatb of the State. upon whom so
much dejieudb, would hardly know how to dnv
BhargC thal lirst duty ol the ooaaiag vote*?cat
rying a tareh
Nulwith-tanding whi.-h. the experiment was
tn.'d. Civil aud reUfioua liberty have Barvtved
wlthout sehous aboel; the imperUled iadaatriea
Lave ptoepered throagh lnereaaed aeUvity iu tbe
market, udvance in Plkga and the concenttatiou
of two yeaia' diaburaemeata in one; and iacteed
of lapsin^ into politicul ig_Oiaaee and iudiilcrrn.e
the.v have threc Governoia and two legialative
bodlea aeaJag ladependently of eaeh other, aad
there _h*1 a eraekei barrel ia a eountry store from
Voluutown te Bathhaiaatead ou which sonie looal
tti.tesmau does not nhrhtly sit and expoUBd tbe
Conatitntion between expectoratione, and, on tbe
whole, the jieople seeni to eujo.v it. They are BOl
ekuaorona foi leg?hltion. Judging from appear*
ar.ie-, they will be peileotly OOBtenl to have the
deadlock made peruiaueiit and tbe law-__ki__
aaaehiaeiy ataad still till Jaaaary, imi;i. Heen
liiue the partlea more innnodi-tely concerned, thal
is, tlie eoateataata, ek?_anta aad lacuabenta oi
aevaraj State oaaeea, and tbeii aapportera ia eitbei
hraaeh ol the I.oinslatur,-, areawl aet?i_ aothoagb
they really believed tbere wae aaythiag of much
eoaaeqaeaee involved. It h;is been treated on all
M'lcs from the beff-udag as a hage joke. Ih,
tbree (jovernois-Bulkeley, who is actually gov
erniug: Iforria, who ha.s beea ne.uJ.v eleeted aad
Lalf aworn ln and baa notiiiug to govern imt hib
teniper, which, bein^ extieuiel.v inild, takes no
time at all; and Merwi.i, who, being a hold-ovat
Lieutenatit-iWivernor and expeciant Qovenror,
iieither presides nor governs?ar-- all on excellcut
terms with eaeh other, aud neiiiiei one oi them
aeema to think that anytbing will bappen to eivil
or reUgioaa liberty ii either of tbe otbera, oi
both, or all thiee, or even noue of tbeaa, ahoald be
Ihe same relations aeem !<? exial betweea tbe
?nabera of tbe two partiea in the Legialature.
Tbere baa been much oratory on both aidea; the
Conatitutioi baa been bammered and twiated,
turned ead foi end and bottom aide up, Baag t?
the hreeae aad trodden uader foot; in sii'.ri,
L.i.dled in thal boiateroualy affeetoaatc mannei
with which u triily lri" people is accustomed to
treat the objecto ol n.s revereaee; the debate haa
given many penona opportunitiea foi praetiee,
wbile tbe apeecbea bave e-bibited duration and
Uluatrated endurance. And yet, aiagubrly e..
auini ail tbia aurglnj eloquence, 1 bave aol yet
beanl of a aingle eam i I " hurhng baek" (ii I am
correctly lafoimed as to parliatuentors uaagea, no
real troablc ever begiua until aomebody "hurta
baek"); no peraoaal bard feeling baa been engea
derexl, b 11 tbe ehamaioua ia tbe tournament, aftei
baviag Ulaaaiaated tlu- Coaatitutlon with oratori
ealeky-roeketa aad Boman eantilea, have oordiail}
eongratulated eaeh othei on theexoeUenee ol tbeii
reap, tive pyroteehaiea Uy tbeaa, as by prettv
much everybody el-x', ti e whob affaii aeema to be
.. a-idered a alniple aaattet ol officea, about whieh
it i3 well enougb, perhapa, ta indulge in a few In
nocuoas ttreworka, but nol al all woi-b whlle to
get e-cited. Prrbapa I ougbl to make aa ex
ceptioa ol Repreaentativo Walker, of Hartford,
wbo I helieve, is a Mugwump, and takea tbinga
quite Berioaaly. I anapecl tbal be tbinka be bi in
tlie middle of a cn-is, and ia awake aighta aboul
n. Wiicn 1 aaw blm, a tew daya after tbe greal
debate opeaed?1 tblah they call 11 the greal de?
bate?be bad a Btonn-1 aaed, weather-baatea look,
as thoii^ii hc waa feelina the effoel of "beiag on
thc bxidge" every aigbl during a tempeatuoua
time. He ia regarded with auriooity by the Demo
Otateaad nol withou! intereal by tbe Bepublieana.
Meantime, wbile tbe peraoaa mual Intereated
are taking Ihinga bo eoolly, eertain oataldera bave
bulged iato the diaenaaion with tbe same aorl
of enthttataaa with whieh yonr genaine bruioer
cadeavora to arge on a alow^olng glove Hghl
whieh he aaapec- to bc a " hippodroiae." In New
York Gevei_?i-a_d-_~natoi Hill, ano eould bave
had no otii.-ial knowledge whatevei oi tbe raeta
or tlie law in tlie easo. and wboae only BOttne ol
inforaaiica wae newapapei reporta, auddenly de
eid.s it oat of hand, uader eircuniel inoea which,
wbile tl..".- do not intpan much moie ol aerioua
neaa la Ibe aitaatton ln Coaae-tieut. may Involve
gravc oaaarqarnorc through his ntiealled-for and
uawa-Taatabk interferct.ee wltb the ordinary
eour.se of justiee. tTbatevei aaay be aald of the
rifhhi and wieaga in tbe eaae ao fai as thc eoa
test and tbe eoateataata are eoncemed, there
cau be bal one oilmoii of tb_ perlormance of
(.overnor Hill Upon Ibe bee of lt. hc baa
aettbeiatdy lafnard m reeearniie the State aeal
ot Ooaaeetleat, tbe eaaential and ouiy aymbol of
ita authoriiv, with aa otbet reaaon foi it than
comnion lumor thal ihe title ot the peiaon who
aflxea II is tn dtanate. Thia. too, noi to aerve
any end exeepl tbe nrnecegaary nnd Incffectual
naaiaalc- of Indlvidnal partiaan oplnion on a
qneattoa entirely oul ot range; the only eflecl ol
whieh was te aet a none-thief Iree and establtaji
a ptaccdeal which. If folhnred, can only make
the State ol .\ew-Y?>rk a llotaay Bay for Con
neetfeut eriminak Governor Ihll is aald to bc
an uncouiiiionly smart p.-liticiaii. aad this may
pass for sn.iirt poiit.es. bal ontajde the domain
af vcry small nnd elieap polilioa tbere OU l>e
found for it neither palliation imr WCaae,
lt. is doabtfnl if thc thjaaoeratic Oovernof of
ttaaaaebaartta wonld, under tbaltai eireumal laoea,
make the blaadet of taklag tbe qaeatlon onl ol
the baada </ Iha people af Conaeetieul and art
tliug it hljaalf otThand. Even the Dfaaoeratie
aud Mugwump uewspapers would stop :i< that
They do not attompt to jiiKtify OoveTBOr Hill.
-UK they are _uite oertain tliat the whole Danao.
eratio State HeJcet WM eketcd; tbat Judric Morri*.
pven li lie did not have nn ictu-il majority, liad
u plurality, anil so oughl to be IrmugUTated; tliat
the eanatitotional proriaioil rciuirinx b majority
to elect is Inlquttoua aad wrong, anil thal the
rotten borough Byatem of lepreanntatien is the
poUtioal aeanda] of tbe Dineteentb eentary, They
have dlaeuaaerl the whole question witb nmoli
eanit'str.os nn-i nt greal length. There is a tinse
ol BadBeaa lo the lateal utteraneea of "The Boston
Herald" oa the aubjeet aa if it were nottiti",
to be really doubtful whether the other Statea
wotahl takrate Connectieut ln the I'nion mueb
loafjer ualesa she chaaged her Constitution and
thowed ? dispositi" . to act more la haraony with
the r.st. The preaent Co-tatitution, i? gloomlly
remarka, " is framed in it?s eleetian proviatona so
,ih to be iu practical effed moat al the time an
obataele to the expreaaion of the popular will in
gavenusient, The American theory ol toverniaeal
Ls that the will of Ihe people thal] rule, It is ?
scrious IjllS-BllllBI In Itselt bow Ioiil; a State whieh
has .so framed her eonatitutional htwa that a
minority, and not ? majority, of the people thal]
nabitnally have the power in her Korernmenl
can continuc thus to be lo the Natiou, and yet not
of lt in this tnosl HBClltlal laBBffd. this vitnl?
feature of it*s exiateaee."
Fn.m thla it goea <,ii ta say that tt is a serious
question how lonl; this down-trodden majority
will aubmlt to sueh u sN.to of thuips, and that
the State is "playlag with lire in a afl-ugereua
This tueans, of eotirso, that tbe People who
voted for Judge Morria aol yei aaeertained t.> be
a "majority"; tbe Bepubliean oontentlon i* for
an iaveatigatlon and aettiemeiit of thal qnea
tion?will presently riae and upaet aometbing, it
the RepnbUcaaai do not concede all that they
ciaini. Now really la that worth while:* lt
may Be eontrary t<> ihe apirtt of .mr inatitutsooa
to require a majority <>i all tbe votaa caat to
elect. a (ii.verm.r. and it may lio a great WTOOg
that, in delault of an electlon by a majority
vote a Legiabtture cboaen under the ??rotten
i.orou^h ayatem" should elect a candidate who
received less than a plurality. But as theac
proTbrdona nappen to be in the orpanie, aot, aml
the luiidament.il principles involved in them have
beei freoogniaed and aoted upou for over 350
yeara, it might be well not t,, acl hastily in up
Betting th.-m. The whole queation taroa upon
what is denoaneed m tbe "rotten borougfa s.\>
tem.'' It wai with deliberate poj-poae that tbe
authors of the origioa] Coa-stitntion?tbe oldeal
in the Union, aml the model upon whieh the
tederal ayatem and all our eommonwealth organ
izatiu-is were torincd-made the town tlie iinit
and 1'ii.sis of repie.--eiitaiioii in the Lower H?u>e
,,f ihe tieneral A.-seinMy. lu t'onneetieut the
towaa were "littlo repubHca," controlluiK their
,.wn uifaiia. Tliey sent rklegatea to tbe Iftgia
latule t<, represent, not a eeitain numlier of
votcrs, but. the corporat^oa, tbe town. S? t.he
towiw liold tbe aame relataoa to tbe lower braach
of tbe State l_fgialature that the Statea hold to
the 1'iiitcd Statea Seaate ln Congraaa, ln the
latter ceoe we have beoome accustomed to Beeing
Rhode Iahand equal in voting power to New
Vork, and Delaware to lVniis.vlvaina. In Cnn
Decticul tbe Benate hi baaed <>n popnlation, and la
... roniinsly tbe popular braach, Perbaps lt ls
this reveraal oi the agual order that createa oon
fuaion iu some minda.
The theory <>f tbe Co-urtitution thus being that
the State Governmenl sprang from the lawna, ln
itead oi the towna being creatnrea oi tbi State,
was it. nnnatural bo provide, ln the event ?,f no
peraon receiving a majority ol the popular vote
f?r Governor, that the towna ahanld reaume
cantrol of the matter, aml through their repre
?entativea ln tbe l_egial?ture make choice for
tbemaelvea? In a word, Conneetiont is a oom
inonwealth of towns rather than of ladlviduah*,
Tho abaurdity of requlring a majority vote to
elect haa been dwelt upon, StiU I belleve tbe
persona who oomplain moal loudly ol thla pro
viaion oontinue i" require not only a majority, but
a fwo-Thuds majority, for the nominaUan ol b
eaBdidate for Preaideat in their national oon
ventiona. lleaidea, if tbe requiretnent ls so out
i geoua and ahaurd, why have they not made
;,? effarl to repeal it when they bave been In
power in tbe State, aa they were from IB73 to
1879? Tne truth la tbal ti,,- majority require
meiit nnd ihe Byttem of reprev ntal 1011 are, in
the popular bellef, if not ln actual lact, ao
intimately eoiii?-,ted thal one enimol be el
witlwnt tbe other; and i.^ for cbanging tbe aya
tem oi repreaentation, the towna will not con
?eajt to it, aml neitber party darea propoae lt,
As to tbe preaent muddle, it aeema t., me the
nnisi Intereating reature ol ll i> th- probabUity
tbal ConnecUeut will have to gel along till Ibua
without farther legialation. Tbere will be I
yeara tr<v from legkdative puttering nnd Unkei
j., ?. li will la- a i..i-i.ty line onjecl leeaon. And
,i ihe Btanda it, aa no doubt b?ic will, who knows
bm thal ii will lead aome Ume to quadreunial
Bessiona "i Congreas, and what. a boon thal would
i, : ' "? l!
All' ri W. I'.iv, t!r-.-;>e'li'-i''.f th"< "Mi'"''"" """ "
of Bepw entaUv, -. inu< been at the Oerlach for .
,.;,-, , ;,: ? -... i rday he UUMd wlth a Tribuno p p >rtei
aboui the deadloch lu hli Btate oror the electlon ol a
tioven "!? and olhei Btate oftlcers. Mr, i ??-" I i
finaloohlag yoaag man and his popalarity ln Ibe Be
publiran party ol Coaaectlcnl U attested by tlte bigh
ofhee whlch be faoMs. Hc will Petarn lo bU homo thla
,., log. ln reply to a qaeatlon abonl tbe Ukel
?l an eaiiv aettleawsnl ?: the etocUon uiii" alty, hc aald :
??I oo .1 .t -.-.?. an -i'i t" n>- pr? ont des-lKKB. Cer
t-,ia DemoeraUc kMden do not eare fw* a euiement
jt ls bolteved tbal they prefer u, have the pi
.,,, .,:,.,:,' contlnue, becau ? thls may ald ln bi
aboul a change ln the ecuon ol Ibe pi
on provldlng l ir the choo Ing ol Btato officer .
i . 0 ,:i tbal part rcspecting Uie pi enl ystera
?i reprBseiitoUon in ihe Oeneral A embly. Witb
these l-Ki,!- sneh praferanee bad gre?ter welghl Um .
,',,,. ,|, .,,,. t t b settlcment of tbe preaent oun rovei y.
,.,,,, ,i it ? ra to i'-uit m tbe seatlng "1 all thelr
candldab - i r Btate ottla . Thls vMw, however, I
,?i shared ln by many <d Ihe Democratle membei oi
ii.,, llouse, n ? !'? tbe ranb and Ble ol tbe partj ln the
?? xbe ta. i oughl to be well anderslood lhal the clalm
,,r ti,,- Democrats lhal they are entlUed to ir,-: i*?v
eraorsbip, ls wlthoul rea * anu groandle i. The
? tutlon "f tbe Btate provldes lhal where tbe ran
,;?!.,u . ol nettber partj recelve a ctear majority over
all, the UenerBl Aasombly shall moel In Jolnl con
ventlon aad choose Irom Ibe two iets ol candldatei
,,,, ivlog '. P al -i number of votoi tbe <? .veni >r
and tbe otaar BtaU offioars. ?'i Ibe ballol ra I laal
electlon for (iovernor, m> candidate recelved a majority
,.f all. Tkls la a facl as weM known and as true ai
lhal UM capital of tbe State bt localed al llartloi i. and
thcrefore the refusal uf Uie Democratle Benate t?>
meet tbe Hoase la JolBl cooveuUon lo eled ? Gov?
ernor j, an arUtrarj aad Ulegal oosJaslon <>f a e.-n
ktiuiUonal duty. Tbe lieatocnatw elalm lh?l tbe i:
pnblicBjia are deprivlng them <'f Ibdr liovernor ls
Hke tbe thtefs er yof 'stop, ihlef as every well-Ui
lonaed cttlaen la tbe Btate knows tbal ueneral Mar
will is , 1 all> enfllMd, Ul.de: tl"' C',lislltlltl"ll, to bc
cbosen and dttfatred elected uovernor thls, of ttnirse,
ufsumlng lhal ai tbe Bcpublicaui bave b tnajoittj ol
ki_ on j int ballol ihey wouM aB vote (or ulm, and
thli thty would do. , .
?? \~ i , the other Btate offlcors, the Invtstigation "f
tbe return* bj the II -i-- ' ummltiee *hoB . -
Irrvgulariilea iliat Irum tlie return. it ls unpassiblo ...
_v? ; ,. . untroller, who lia already been
.,;. ,1. out ,>f ",.i-i.!,-:.itioii tbat there lias been u i
by tne P plo riw Bepubliean llouac la
hliown an ub uiuiei* I oneal diaposlilou lo ir. i
i , ,. rovei .j - > that Uie conatltutl wial right*
luUI prvvail. ii h'- ".t'i"l i" the Bcuate
ft-verul i opoaltlons wbleh ? "ild ndmll ol .. Ie al
cKtcmnnati ,n ol tho i,ui*tlon. i,i disputc. Among
...,-. on,. io lubmll .ill m Otcd '. ?
11.,;.- I'olae >llll.'?!..?? < '..lll-l "f I'-'''";? ?. .
"There was Introduced In tlie llouse on Wcdn
?act ,, bill i'i"- Idli -? 111 il ':? fiitm-e any M;,l i
: .,,,.,.. -.1 . ,: i -.- , petlll ,n to .i j.,,
,,j tlie B.ii ?. < "':' i''"" u""- ,: ' ?"? ' ' "' ',''!" ;1
can be taacii t ? the - pre">e < ourl ol Eiror. Vtn n
,,?. uon-'. ;?--. ;.:.: tlil-i "' *, there will I
mitted to il a bill mablng pplh iblc t? n, ? ].;??-?. ?itua
llon ihe provlslons ol i.;. mi isui : Uie i,.li uiii re
tbe ai proval ol the publlc. vili u d ??
,.,'. tbe llonse, and, II li ' ? lleved, ?iil Und lavor ?nli
ii, , \ i,. . i ., ruUi B. nators,
- The t'unstltutloii pi ivldcs tlial tbe O. vernor ,,f tho
mi,;.- aball hoM ufflee for a pertod "f two jreara and
nniil ln ?ucccBscr i- duly iiuallBed, and ouL.ido ?f
UemocrBtlc polltlcal g>mna?U. Inrludlng liovernor
ini] (),;,. is nn question thal Morgan ... BnJkeley is
Oovern * of Conne. ll. ul and ??ill be nuill his >uc<x---or
ls duly ebescn a.id iiuaiiucd.*
J. S. Conover & Co.,
The flneat nml i:.:ac-i n??orinienl nl 1**1 A*>*?.
BBOBZI nml 1KON in new an.l ele_n.it ,1, ?i*n? ju?t
rnelvru trom our Inciory nnd iilaced in our w.ire
ln nll WOIHI"*. NATIVE nnd POBUtlOB, from oar
on.. Mjierinl AK( HITKt T> DB-IGBB.
of erery Forelan innUe in ri.h cnamel eolorl.iB1" and
paiteraafar P-OOH*. tVALLA Baartha, ?t*u
??pc-iul .l.'-i-n- ??l>milic.l. ui. niiplleiitlon, for
iiai.i.s. vEvrinri.L-. aa_ iiatiiiioou*.
28 and 30 Weat 23d St.
?Bt, WB* ?*? tBBoff aT-oraa-aiTa
P_yerwca-Mi* wttl ea*e, Boprem* ? art.
Ba vir Traat lareaUgaU-B, Ilotel Me**opole, 10:10 a. B_
(';,.,? of .1. M. aad W. M. Lyddy, BapreaM Coart.
New-Yiira Preabytery, > ol h I hori _, :t p. 11.
Ai'iii.ni al Um ,..:?-" ..f Deallatry, Dekoenlee'e, >'>?'?'
p. Bl.
mi-s ihitiiei r. ii:ip-'.l - "T_ik on Baaala," No. 501
1 f..i\..., :i ;.. ii,.
li U.r.il I'lul., N.i. I'-"' I'iftliiive., 8 p. m.
taaliffa by aaa Mlaaaa nalgaiale aad Eaataaaa, a
teciaUon n.r.i. 0 p. bi.
Mlddla Btate* Regatta aeeeelaUen, Qraad t'nion iiofi.
8 p. in.
Opealag of tim Food and Bealth Expaaltlea, Leaaa
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BOClety <t M'dlcul Jurlnprudencc. No. 17 We?t i' r:v.
thirdst., ? p. m.
(Hiin Bo. I'lv, N... .3.1 Plfiaara., 8 p. m.
Acadeaay al PoliUi .1 ^ leaee, liainiitoi. Hall, CetaaMe
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Maaei ..f th" 3d Coapeay, Naval Baaeirea, No- <i
We--. Trurtv-ilr-t-st., ii :io p. ni.
! if_ Aaeeabty Diatrtet priaaBj ??_-*, Be. 2?c> rirhth
SS' .. I p. BV
Nn.tii Beg_aeat Veteraa AaeoeiaUea, anaety, s P- m
Ualvetaalist Clab, N... 22 Weal Twenly-lhlrd.-t.. 6V6B.
OirlcM' anniial dinin r, No. 1 Weat Tnet.ry-rilnth-st..
7 p, in.
t bIi ol th- CongregaUoB Moae* MaoteSere, H
Oi? r_ Baaae, evanlag. ,
new-york crnr.
Fren leeture*, uiider Ihe Bnaplce* of the Hcard nf
F.'inratton, ail] he dellvered thi* erenlng m Gramniar
Brhoola Nos. -_, 43, :i, 93, _7. 13 and 51. Aaaong the
Bpeaker* will bc w. O. Bl Mard, wm.im Bradford,
.1. T. BaeUinff, Profeaaor Henry A. Botl and Prol.r
h. B. Barne.
ciiiii'i.'s Hlehllng, ?<h""l tro?tee la the Berenteenth
Ward, aa* realgned. Hia bccc -or, ln all proba-lfity,
will t? l*r. Henry Kroilelffer.
A Encreaafol tnlaalon, which ha* been colng on for
throa weeka ln Bt Jamea'* Chnrch, ln Jam* ?'?-. coi
durted by the Angn llnlan Father*, and wliich ha*
i.cen attended by 20,0 0 cloaed
The Panllat Father* began yeaterday b two-week*'
nii'--i('n in th.' Roman Catholic t'lmr. n at -t. V, i
in Chrlatopher I
Tl.e ci'iii Reglmenl ha* for the dr t time been ln
eltcrt ..fii.ially l.y Father Lavelte, ln beball ol
biahop Corrlgan, to atlcnd divine ervire In thi I
.:;,,! oi -t. Patrlek'a Day.
Henry i?- Pnrroy will prealde over 400 of the i
of m. Patrlek who will honor Sl Patrick** Daj by ??
diiiiiT ln ni" BetropoUtan Ilotel.
Mrs. veite Btornberg and her f or rhlMren,
were landed from tbe ateamer ft'leland ln a dertltute
eondltion yr~tcni.iv, wll] probably be aenl baek to
ij.,..., i,v Coionel Weber. Mi Sternberg waa de
terted by her hnaband, l _e i mberg, In Haraburg,
after hartng been placed on ir-ani ihe U une by blm.
A lectare "ill \?- deUTered by Bra*taa wiman on the
?nbject, ">iiiiii ti.. I'nlted Ktal Innea Onnada, ar
. ,-. ? i Annei Ihe I'nlted State "' al < bP u ? Daj Ual
cia.i.!. t-. mnrrow er* ng, al ? i ? ??' ki k. The Ber.
Ur. Roberl B. MocArthui will I iMduce Hk aabject
nnd it." rpeaker.
i.:,'.? s. MlUer, who f..r the h-t bw dn\
_een In a critl ?! rondltlon al l.l- hume, No. :::? Flfta
ave., wa reporled late laal nlghl aa b Ing a ihade bei
i,.r. ii" i onl of danger, how, rer. Dn W. H
gfklte and E. E Doaghertj are attendlng him.
Charle* l>. Kellogg The Owi . Immlgratiori blll,
arhl h waa pe ed by thc llon e of I
February _'., ara alao pa ed i.v the Nenate. lt ?.,s
...... ,i by the I'." Idi nt ai .1 b i . tlierefore, berome a
The iteam hip ntj ol Sew Vork, which waa Injared
by the i.'i her I* I trlp ln l ' ? 'i.I ??''' ?;'^ ''"'
-,, wi| from th .i i...!i oti Wedne day, dld nol hsavc
,|.,.,.,. mi Katurd... v >wn bI
,,,.. ,.:. . the i Ity ..l N-????? V rk, ?*?? ih il I
I unother ocean n.on ' bclw, i II.I ?ro n- il
l >.? usamer fUidam, whirh nrrived yeaterdoj "ith
Ki eabln and ..ti leerage pa* enger from Kotterdam,
?_* .i.'i i.i."i at Uu iwntlne, owlng lo a eaae oi imall
l,,.x mi board. _
iv MEBOm OF MB. il :.< iii'.i:.
ll. nry Ward i-'' <?'"? died fn . . ?.. t m ? .
The aniilveraarj wa* nppmpriatelj obaerred al I'lym
??,:,' , :,.!.. li. The ibjcct of Dr. Ab.'
y, -i.-nia'. wa ? ' li i li ition." He ni i'i ? ii" refcreiice : ?
the daj until neai t'i- 11 >.I theaddre . wlien, peal*
inK of the partlal troth* thal ln plred m rn I ui
,,. , | :1 gkiwing tribute i" Br. Heerher. A hiicclal
. ,,i ervlre wa held in tl"- aftert.n !? U
,. , , ,i. only ..11 meml er* ?-ere B-mltt. rt to
t;,. | odj ..f the . hun h, Uie gaUerie* in inc ri ? ?
for vlaltor*. Mi . !?? by i i old I
,'?,;.,. k pca In Hi" mlddie of thc chnn h. on a
ln fn.nl nl the r Iplt i ?? ' ?' !?? ' "
,,.,,,,,,. ,,,,,,?. ,| |n ,,;,;,-. Tb, platf'inn wn* d rora_d
arlUi palms, fern* and axaloan, and over n
,?,..rlal bonner ol whlte aatin. rhe aervlee* were
? i. , . ol i.v.' Ing ratber tli in o mmirnln t. One
. i boj i nnd girl*, membci - of m ? Maydow. r
.I. rlad i ? v lilte, i..m...l a Une and en
t,.,.,ii the . hun h al Uie opi mg ol t.rvli ??
,, um |.i?" ? ?al hymn "Jcru .: bi Ui? ? olden."
\ ,.,. ii , luiii pa ed tbe pl< lure Iw lald a ro ? be
,:.. lt. After Uie pi .-. r bj Dr. AW ntt tliej
Mra uarricl I.'" i"i stowi iv mn "atlll, <tlll VVIih
, i..... - iii'.ii.:. t.. Bhcarman, tbe lupcrliitcndciit',
Mr Slkcarnian related ;. number ol utorlc* of Mr.
i ,.. , .,., . mra in :, ' I..V..I.-.I luiii wii.-..- he wa
.j,. _ ,,... Dr, iu ' .. .1. "t ??'?. Vort, ii; j n?i hed hlm
|inn . , ,| : ?? \:r. iieeelier, \..a are tlio irraite i man ln
',,',,,," Mr. I..- . 'i.-i ai. aercd, " l>r. Ilamund, rou
foreel \our-"lf." li ' I" ' ! " "' '" ? '''? lieccher
... one of tlie greatesl of Amerii in rltlwm .
Thc day wa* oi' "M"! al Ihe Uew Ibbt Mem irial
Chunh. ln llcrklmei i. The grnve ?l thc greal
prearher al Urecnwood wa covered wlth Bower*.
Tllls F1BE LOOK_ >i sl'Hiiil s.
Th.- Balvatton Army Barracka, Bo. -"-i Wa Wrigton
it,, caaglil Bro early yeaterday ii:..r:iii-r. The tame*
v.,-!-.. neen to bnral oal from thi wtudowa by a ;? ll<
n, ri aod be bnr*1 open Uie d or and aroaaed the ti, r
,...., oeenpant* end harrted Ibem oat before the Bre
englne* arrived. Th" Bame* gol araae beadway, bal
v.cic aoofl pal oat The damage ranaed amoanted to
.- ,,,,i. tioon after Ibe Br. '? > bj itand *
told tl.e pollee thal be bad een :i man kave the i.ml'1
Ing J ii t before Ibe Bre, The poBce are looUni lor
hia. and w il trv io Bnd onl II be wa* eoanected wlth
Um : re, a bleti is Uioogbl by aome i i hare been "f ln
. ? origln. 'l hei ? h ive ;" i Ihr.Un r flrei ln
ihe bulidinc wlth ii ?? nionili, and the\ all Ktarted ln ine
[ ,?,,. piac tli it I ll'1'1'
r.xiin nn tho flral door. Th" l?a*eni nl i- oc. u| .-l l?r
, -i -?, j . a r... hoi ?-?? (i.i!"i-. and :i nunitvr nl
iu'rM-s were In It. Tlie Bi t Boor wa* Uie an
hall. and Ui i ao iad waa a ed ? i room f<*
K'.III ?'-? . + _.
Tl.e pariahloncn ol Bt (. ? 'a i ilhnanian Chnrch in
Sortta Tenth-et., el which the Bev. Patber Sathlu*
^ ,i./ ii- i. re tor, mel al Pal Blnk, In Ora I
,, ,. ,,|,| t , , , . t . :i." deflnile nrra
nieetlng wa* preaided ..'-er by John lioehl
i,,:t ii i roke ap in ia ind wa* artth
dlfflculty tliat t ? i : " "ho wi re la ittcnd i P"
ventcd I loa i from being aai hana I. The troul I
cun-.(i l.y Gcorge Blller, ex-traatee of the cbureb, who
iiita. ^?'i the ebaraeter "f the prle t. trhea be Broae
t,, >p.ak thc raairaaafl deelared thal tha i.ple bad
not gatl*ered t i <'? eu ?? Um i d wai lei ..f the prfci -t. b il
thc BObJOCt "f tryliikt tO BJOl POBB, Ikm Of tl:c I hun h
I . ;.y. Thoae reaaarha wera foUowad wlth an ui>
aoar and erlea ol" i*ut him oatl" " i^it him out l" on all
side?. Miii.T refoaed t" be allenced, nnd. rushlnc
n.Tiard the chairman, ra;-e?l his flat, when the pollee
The roarmlttee appolnted at the bul n.eetin. t<, watt
'?ti Father Yodyz.ua to a^u lum to turn over tbe ebnn h
pr perty m uie congregatlou aald that the prleet waa
wiiiing to do ao if the congregatlon would givo hlm
H.ooo. The report waa not received favorably. Bo
a' t.'.n an- taken.
Ti.e foar tory gray itone h aae of tha well fenown
puper mannfaetarer, Henry C. Hulbert, ..f n.?. l'.n
Preaklent-?t., al Blath-ave. an.l Flrrt-at, which is
almoal Qnlabed, eaught flre yeaterday mornlng, and
?n damag .1 to the exterrl of 110,000. Tbe bouae,
which rronl P ? , . t Park, wa* Insared fe* ilOO.OOO.
Tlu: n.ii'. tarted ln i t wn ol tha foartfa loor which
wa* :; ed !.\ the pnlnter* to : e ti." material* uaed
by them. lt l? ttmnghl thal thc Hamc* ortglnated Iti
tponuneou* roniiiusiion. Mr. Hulbert expected to
?ova ii,;', hl. uea home ln Bay.
oathebed ABorr tuf. TOWB.
John FsrreU, thlrty-eight year* old, of Bo. 110
Baltk t., a fireaaan ol Flre Departmenl Bngine Coa_.
pany Bo. :;. ln hia ha te t" reapood lo a Bro-alarm call
i'i- ti," Balvatloo Army Barraek'a flre, early yeaterday
mornlng, lo-i hia aold on the aUdlng-pole from the dor
mltory of the engine-onae, at llleka aad Degraw >i-..
aad mi io Um floor, fractarlng hia leg. Ha aa
Baovcd lo Bt, I'.'t-'r'- Hoepital.
The h.n-c ..f thc Bev. Henry Freeh, ol the fJornan
-vaageUeal Preabyteriaa Charcb, ut Bo. 138 Bew
Jeraey-ave., ?raa entered bv taievea yeaterday whUe all
"( tha family were at charcb, and Iwo goW watcbea
aad a diamond rlng, valied ai 9800, were
tafei i away.
ti." Brooktyn Caledonlan Clnb w-iii cetebratc lt*
twei t] flfth annlveraary by a _cottl*b mpper In
Baei Bsrband HaU, Bmlth and Bchermerhorn ite., thi*
ev< oing.
:t waa annonneed yeaterday tbal tlie Bev. Dr. T. De
WlU Talmagg had aabscribed tor e__,000 ..f the l**ue of
t--0,ooo of bond* whieh are to be pni lorth t" lake
ap tha preaenl Indebtedne** and Bnlah the chnrch.
Ra?*ell Baga wlU exchange his morigage Cor il_-,000
(or a Hhe amounl ol tbe bond*.
Mav..r Oreate* Cleveland i- aow icrving hia thlrd
Ive t'liii i.s th,, < hi"f BxecoUve of thla clty.
It t.reded thal he would like to draw hts aalary
of $5,001) :, year f..r two yeaw more. When thc Bay ir
waa etected tbe flral time ihere ? is no aalary attadied
t., th.. oflfce "i Mayor, bul wlien he reaehed hl* thlrd
tenn he aucceedlng in drawing f_,000 a year for hl*
acrvke* in alhxlng hl* algnatare lo rontractora'
aarranla and oUicr oftklal dorumenta thal rcqulred Uie
i ,,ni" nf fbe ' ;ii t Maglatrate. wi. n Uie Maj <?? am
ceeded In gettlog for a Bfth Ume ln offlco, hl* InvenUve
geniu* backed by "Bob" DavbV* partlaan Judgmcnt
kuggeated Uie one man power oharter tliat iias
an-oughl ao much dlagrnce tn Jeraey Clty, In lt*
preparation ore?tea Cleveland dld nol forget lo In
,:. , ". ii ? alary of Mayor along wlth thp aahvrlea "f
ail ti. ? other oflaeeholdera. In coaeequance ol thi,
Cleveland a now recciving 15,000 .< year from Uie
taxpayer* foi dolng exartlj the aame klud of worh
he dld a few year* agn free ol charge, and paii wetl
for thli privilege on electlon day. Then he worked
for ihe honor, bul now ibe elrcum*taace_ would Indk ite
that it aaa for tbe -duat.'
[;, ,,;,.., i , l, i Uw poittlrlan* ..f the clty know
i!,,. i,. expecU n renomlnaUon is a contlnaatlon ??:
Iit*. i...i.,i i ?! the aervlce* he h:.* rendered them, he
: thal a dli r ahoald be glven hlm. Tlil*
look plaee and waa duly chronleted, bnl lome I'Ki^
d have il be* i made ki oa r_ i >i o "f
.i r mversBtl *i rx Iwc, n i i lerk of ...
, |i) ? I _n<l oUicr "ti" uU. The . I, rh (he w<aild
i.. .: ? II lll.e il ?"?:. id ;
,.i born t" i linrd "
Ue ; i I* ? ,- .1 tor a .r-'i mbseripLion t'> i'i.
ed to buy i .? dis
auil .... . ? "f ?-?." nnd t" I"-. r'. f ??? ???'?.ither
i ? Many alm took
pla i.i after.
i ?? t of the dlnner 1* the ?<?- uram ?? to
. ., ui.) i." iiiu-i receive .i poaltive pmmlae
. i,e renomlnatod when hl* lertn explre*, or
? will .;-?? hia dlacretlon li maklng al polnl
n |s in hia power to glve the ? rolrol >?'.
-.? n menl t" the Republl. ana, and ll
1 i ihn .'?? ???! t" d" tn.- if ii retention i i
? :..? i- .1 him.
iv,- iioiirn nl i,'.,;:." \% compoeed "f Bve mem
bei . i lin. i'- rat* ? ?? two Itepul :
Hi- lerBM nl Prcaldenl !'..!? teui, who managcd Cleve
la ' dlti . 'i "f oeorge W. Petonen, a lle
p.i ,i...,:.. raplrr. nexl month. By not nppolnting n
Ibe Boa ?! Republl
. , -,: - ? ? i ..... '.?,..,..!-? in
? . lt. ind ?.' Krtui iti m, Board "f
.?>u-...'t .,...1 Waler < immlcaloima and the Pollee Com
ln ,-,. ', nf i' ?? ?'.'." departmenl < lereland, nnder
, i.i.rt.'i'. lu. . it -. . .1. coi e| ided
I i i; "I'-', . " ! . [o| ' . M l.'ia.lillv. tiic p
boaa, t . ..." : .-ii rutv a. ?! ?:!? ii exl lei ce,
i ? I water . mimlsHloner* have Inatrneted
I'hlllip Mnrtln, n plnmber, t" make all the Be,
i- tt. im] ovci ??' lhal Bcho?il Bo. i" requlro*. ,
i tehool v. - i> .".'K conderoned by the County
Board of llealth _i b plaee thal created dl ea ?? ani
a* B tlli:
Th, ' " er i (?' ?? \' ? ? ' ' "''?" ,f Hlbrrnlai h<' I
? ? ? i rthi llnll i '???I ij . and afl i i
? , ; , nl .,;. M in h 17 ln I
f -? Pntrirk. ' J une ? Murrer ? . aelected
, , . the i tJrcek and Pnl i
: ,: i . ? .. ?ve. and Henrj ?t., I
;.!?.? it 11 a. m rhe Bev. fi
llonahka, p* I ' ' ?J ,,; ' Rev. rhoo
? . . ? , fieorgo Volklng,
,,f .i,., ii in, i'. nn., iu ?? -i I1' 'n WUlorkl, Ollphnnt,
i ?
?, ,,,!? .ij 1....1 ,i i ..," v. , .1 ? ?? io ' "t:..i. \e-t r
,. . .v ... !? ..f llic Inmuii -i' am .hip Un ?. U wn -
ll,.- i. i II .il || I.i" ll. .1 Mi- . in ?<! ni .poiituneous
lom .,-:. I li.. ll .li '1 ' 'I : eottn i liiwl I"' a
l.|..t nn the . Uie .Uiimer
, .,;i W'.'.l: , 'ln foi i Ih- llrc I.i
i,v. M iv.,, hours ., ,.t Ihe I ? r ii "l'."l mui li
? , . from Uw 1' IviiiiIj Uallruud Compaii) '*
? * ?
m w \i:k.
i irl Millcr, whn i- known varluii-ly as a i-onali-t, j
Inventor and founder of the International Btock Com I
j,.,:.... h,. dlsnpp, ired from Sewark, a:id n number
;\i..ii r..:- hi^ retnrn. Tlicy ulleffe
' them i" th ? ?".:? i t ol aboul
i ii . . ii .neiil ol the I ii" t ?? ii.ai" ,
. , .',,??.. when nlnc
i ? a youm in i fnrmed a romp inj ttiirl >r hl dlr ?"'< on
i . . ivln lo :'..' v. .rld ., ni w m itlvo |iower. rhey
. .? Hlller tlu Ir wagei i u li weok to promote i1. i
pmjeet. Mlller * * i m. tlilng like Mo .1 ln .'I'I" -':'
ance, and - po ? '' ?< un b|mi lle ?.f ... lallsm, and toW
bl* fr.I- thal II h ? were nol n s.ilhl h i i .uld
ll hl* molive-pnwer Inventlnn for ;, mllllon doilai-,
bul ho (i talred to glve them b i Iwm i to profll bj It.
; ir- . ompany ".. ? i omp i ?! of twent) ato, kholdem.
Ini lud . v ie pledged thenwelve* i" i aj fl
a \.k for cach bare ..( ??:-" eaeh. lt was caUed Ihe
International Btock Compnny, Mlller belng clectcd
pn-Kldent, and Allierl lliia*e, a ?aloon-koept'r. \v ??
ni v. Mlller u-i.t io board plth the laller. ll"
? '..? v ul ?. .' ln Rallroad llace, where Iie n-na
pcrfectlnii ln Inventl n, bul he would allow no one
u, nnd out -ii.i-i' li v.i.. ||e drew a ?alaiy or al'- a
\.k. aii'i iiIm. iiioiu-j t . buy lool*. III* board hill and
.um |i.iH-d, and h. i orrowed ri"u from hia
lai 'ii nl.
Iii oitobcr laal Ihe landlord Irt I '" -'< '>? ,'"".l1'.'1v'
bnl ih.iT was uone In Ihe rompaiij - Ireamiry. nws
irl ' . ii?: her Ptiinmer,.?" Btadelmaii,
jaaoh ll...:.. Allierl llaase, Max Botw-r, tict llablrh,
j.? .. i: .;i!,. u. i.lolm, .i Ivlon, william Trube, II.
Burkenliauer, linstave Bxelber. John Bucho, Hem-y
\v.u:?i. \.i,ri I... Albert Wlnk, Brneai Mlller an.l
(?. nrge Uat... li bave glven up bope.
I'laii. Hill atriklng apinner* arere drawn lato a
r.,,i :,, s... ,,,. ? u lay afternoon, which wa* qaiekl]
i;,,,,.,i .,-. ti,- pollee, bal whieh ended ln U_ bt
reat of Jorfle* lirim*baw, one of the atrikera, wbo
ttves at Ba. <il lligh-t., on a f-harsc ot as-ault and
batfrv. Warrants are bJbo <>ut Bf ?''?" ''^^,-?", "*
chrl-.t/,pher llugbea aad DavM Bavkaaaa, two aaore
<,f the itrtkera, <;rimsh**v wa* balled ln 1300 to ?:>
pear before the Oraai Jury aud m 9900 to keep baf
\ tire was raaaed in tbe leataar factory "f kfooea
Btrauss, in V'esey -t.. l?st nlgbt, by an overbeated
Ktove the damage to the itocb and botkung being estl<
matcd at i?_,0OO, covered by insurance.
The ebarter electlon m Oraoge and tba toeal etee
Uoni ia tbe townshlps of Baal ai.d Weat iManga wUI
take ptaee to-morrow and there la a good deal of ex
cltemeat over the situation. ln Bast Orange tbe Baal
Orange Protectlve AssoclaUon bas bad prluted in
?u t<> sprlag on the voters ln the morntag a
rlrcnlar contatnlng a serlas of ebargea Bgathsl the
Townshlp Commlttee and the eoaduct ?>f the pubUc
offlcers. Amoflg tbe charges bn tbaae t<> bbe effeet
tliat the commlttee has Injured Uie cradit of the tawn
ihlp by refuslng t,. reeelve a bi.i from b reputnl Ie 5taw
Vorb banklng boo.n the townshlp bondi and have
awarded them to anotaar drai at a tower premlum
thaa wai offOred; that throagh reeklesa managemenl
ii- Roating debl of t.'ie townsldp had tacrensed I i ovei
?100,(100; tbat the tax-rate bad beea steadUy Increas
lag nl an alarmlng rate from year to year: thal tbe
books of the townshlp were in a frightfally eoafused
eondition, ao thal no one eoojd teU abytbing aboul :h<3
actual eondition ,,f the townshlp, and that tlic fraaehlM
f,,r the etoctrle road ta Mata-at. bad I.a graated to
Um Bewark raaacngar Ballroad Company without any
adequate equlvaleok
The clreaJar has been prlnted wlth the graataat
? crocy and eatraordlnary palns bave been taken by
t ii*- memben ol Um PTOtacttve Aaooetatlon to boM lt
baek until too bvte for a deafaU or an captopatton ef
tbe ' hargea to be made.
Tbe members ,,f tbe lawnahlp Coatmlttoe are algbly
Indlgnanl over the affalr, and those btbjo have aeen
the rlrcular danounce ll In anmeaatired taran aa ?
? contempUble electlon Irlck," ar. -oatrage'' and iu
other equally for.ii.ie lerms. Blehard Coyna, the
chalrman ?,f the Townshlp Commlttee, waa leea by a
Trlbune reportar on tbe aubject and asked f >r aa ea>
planaUon. lie snld that the <lriiila,r-wlin li he had
not before aeen-^outained, aaaong a bmui of mlsrep
iv?ntation, and Bbsolute ralsehocas, iobm apparonl or
baUtrutba. la regard to tbe lajeettoa <>f tbe bid for
bonds, he said tbat in Ihe i!i>t plaee tho bad had not
raase In properly, thal lt e?ae tor oaly oaa
, 1, . and that the most dcalrabM one.
of the -.hool bonds, while the eo4apetlng bbt
thal was accepted was for the whole. l*urther
Um bldder-a ageal had ampte opportunity to accepl
the wbM lot of bonds aad had retased to do so, and
lhal the prlce paM for the bonds was as great -*
tbe reja ted bkt
li>- denled tbe itatement tbat there had been any
recklcai managemenl rcsultlng In a il attng 8*004 <>f
0100,000, and >ald int thls amoaat waa stmply tcm
porary toana f >.- itreel Unprovemanta, Bgatnsl whlch,
ai an aatet, was an eqaal amoanl of streei BasaasB-aata
whlch woaM be colkcted ln regaUr eoarae.
Tbe Btatement tbal tho taa rate ot Um tawnship
Bfas Increaalng .tt a iteadlly alata-lng rate waa de
nounced aa an absolute talsehood, tba taa r.u,: ba 18*8
bavlng been ?-'?'?? aud lhal for l?tio three potuta V M
or ._a7,
Tbe cbarge thal the books ?.f the townshlp were ln a
eoafused and aulntelilgible conditl n ?a> also denled,
During ii," latter aeeas of the llfe of the tato coUector
of taaes when he was partlaU) biind, mate louluaion
had arlsen bj the cuipk-ynu-nt "f a young man .. ???
fiitaut who wa- not i.iliy competent Blnce then,
however, tlie books liave been gotie over by au expert
(..?ii and were now in perl icl oidcr.
in regard to tiw charge that the tnuichlse ror
, 1.-. tn, itv had been given uway b thout .ultablo wiulv
alent, the malter ?aa one ol dlderen.i oidulon.
rhe townshlp had aecured a llceiiae fee ol dlu a iar
!,. r annum aud a redurtl.t tare from ten ccnta i >
live "i.t-. (Mher membera ol ihe ? .miulttee were
. ?., and corroborutc l Uie ftatement* ol Mr. Cjyn ?
ition <?vi r ihe iiuestion ol Bundny llquor
iclliug bas i, .n ateadll) lucrea Ing and on *?aturday
,,. ,| ?,..-,.?;,; i. me intcn ?tlng devi lopuu nts ?" ??*
plaee. un saViirday Mayoi l.'.an. who haa boon tho
iur_et foi a number ol pti-s nal uiia. Ks in .t thi
I... ii pap< i - I ?; -..:.? : ucf ?umi ?n d tho iurslul ol
!? ,i., ., .: .,.;,, t?d him to i itruct hl. ofheers t - arre-st
i - - iapl, i-i:- i"?' .?:?-. ' under ihe ' lt> ord nu.n
tne - ,i.j.-. t. uli pei ? en < tering the alleya <
,?ti.,!,..- iu the vaiiou-, Uquorahopa. Mr. rvumaii
?....? tin- atep without coniultutlon with the < Ity ? ouii
1 uitii whoni ho hus rith r atra :,->i rclatloiu. rne
\:.,r-!ai "i i "!."? reluaed Ut obey tt,.- order ,>f the
Mayor Tho Moyor Bnally did noi In.Ul uu the mat
;. , ,t Bi-.bed the orti era ta take ?...!?? ol the namos
, f ,n pei ..?- -'?*?!! entcrlng Ihe back yard* a
..li-;.- k-adlng ta Uw plaee*. rhls order w.i> pracu
":,'.em.Iho Bev. tlugb P. Fl-mli..:. p..s
tor ol -i .i'-lii.'- lloman Cotholl. iMmrch. and iho Itay.
i \\ MrUowell, his a -i-tanf. mnde a tour ol tne nt>
und endeavored ta aecure ovbtenw for tbe .?-uv.. mu|
0f ihe S.inda> Uquor ae lers. Ihe two priesli Y^A
? ? ,),,. |,.,,;v .1,,.,;- of Uie phsre of Mlnwcl BUey, ol
IllU-flt und found the plaee full of bal grown boys
., d negniea. The two prlestt nl imce kslgcd a am
? rh-y gave their own
,. roniplah unta nnd wltncsaes. ?' .nllnnlng th-lr
.. ,' ,|iev entered tlve dlflerent llquorshopi ln other
,,,, . ,,f the city. ii"--' will be reported to Ibe poUca
U'i\ni"rbeiic,\ed that tho crasade agalnal tbe e-aday
romaellers ?Ul be kepl ap antll -l UM P'aees are
? i'-'l- ._^_
The cnion rounty i""""! "f r^eeboldarB aro d?
termlned that Benator Marsb'a Lftglslature blU torn
l?g them oul ol nfflce ihall not paaa wlthoul a Hght
,,:, (l,..|r part. The Bonrd I. golng ta Ttenton ta-nlghl
t, irive batilo to the meaaure when II romes up. rbe
(urtnen wj thal II II H paased II BlU depriva them of
, fair represenlallon In tbe Board, as BUtab I t. Bah
, ,i Plulnfleld will m? opolise most of the
,?.. . Benator Marsh's blU. II I* heM. li pn :? .
?,,, .;il, ,.,..,..,,.. deaigncd prtaclnally ta '?"<'??<?;?'
i -eral mcr, ei ol ihe preaent i;-....;i .;???; ; l'i;; ?
f,, - .i.i, leslil ition as -?? .tt.,; Mar?h i- trylni! I
f,.,i v.-n j"',:. hands Bith tlic Bepubliean nierabers In
::- u- < -
Ia t nlgbt the nea Memnrlal UapUsI rbapel in Hlgh
t..was?pened ta tha publb and an addre-s wa* made
bj the Bev. Mr. M, DulHe. Hie I n il deaicatk a a ll
,?? mke pla ?? until Iho tower i- romptd d.
The wlll of the lata John B. Bussell has been offered
for probate, tho wldou and a _in. Cbarles W.. being the
executors. All the houaehoM e.l?. horaes, etc.. and a
?fe Intereit ln the real and personal est.^are lefl to
tbo ivldow. tharlei geli th.al and feed bui i .
,.,, ,.. ri. Kn-n. th- other -n. gel an amoual equal
loA\?caWSiii .-io?. ? -'.^
1 trustees, nl Unulli Blver ta ele. i ? ?
., .,,,... \ atniiig 1" ' *uro i - he - '???? iu?'
;:;,;;v,; _??. i"... :,i.',f ;..?i Mr . Morgan laud tui
Uon, _9_
o Til LU SVBl /.7.1-V T0WX8,
w ) - rCIIEal ER C4)l!NTY.
MOUNT VKKN.'N rhe llospltal Worfcero, the aub
?,.:??, of women who bersn a year ago to ralse
. u.ward putUng up and furnlshing .t bu d
f,?- the M.,um Veriion HoBpital, wll.I al tha
i,,,,,,. ,,f Mrs. will, .in Wllaon, So, >?> Se. mdave , ta
,,,, ,?. ollver Dyer, ol ?? rhe Sea York bedgcr.
and for many yeara I.Mclal itenographer of the
, n? ,, .,,.... semvte. wlll glve a lectare wi "Andrew
,u, l.-on.- for i!iei"n:i! of tbe Hospltal llulldlng r-und
,?, N|rll ?; The srtnual meetlng ol the Knlght.
Tem'piar Assmlatlou wUI be h-dd tamorrow aight.
T.|,j,.,., ol I"-'1 B -...allol, i- lO PKM ide .,. ?;.'
aiiltablc and rommodlous qasatars for Ihe ases of
l-ethlehem Commanderj than II bas had, wllb a man.
bau iBrgeeaougb toexecute mUltary movements and
, banqaet hall. A Mrga kall haa beea rented ln
Firat-sl aud Is nearly tvady for oeeopauon, Pasi
emliient Commandor.rge i:. Cmwford hswtog pro
vlded an orgaa aad mosl of the d4B*oeatloos. Oaaor
two rooaae are to be _araisomeiy Btted ap, aavlng
ln vlew more of n -" lai rharaeter and the accommoda
., , ,..t ,.f i!,?n members B-hlle walMng for tialns.
willTB l'i viNfi. ihe Ftapubllcan primary lor the
i-i, . ",, nl and Thlrd dlstrlcb- ot the tawn of iireen
'u 1 e ,t al h.!!"? of I- rank V. Mlllard
, : ,? l,? ihf. evenlng tor the mm-1 etectlng
From top to bottorn
thc house is best clcancd that
is cleaned with .'carlinc. It is
done with little labor and with
great resulta?with ease to
yourself, and with no possible
injury to anything that is
cleaned. To use Pearline once
is to want it alwaya; you will
want it alwaya because it does
what you want.
of imimtiona which are being
T") peddlad from door to door
rSCVV-irC lirs: .jualitviioods do not re
*"*"^* ,;., rP . ,:ch ilespcrme methoda
toaeii them. PBARUNBeehaaa BaaaBdia, and
?a (C_r.ut-L'.ure,l utilV bv
*mmw" ._ JAMRS PVI.R. New Vork.
The Most Exquisite Line
An Elegant Stock of Furniture is now
on Exhibit.
Sr>MF. OF Tlli: N-.yr.I.TIKS ARE
Mnhngany nnd .Maplo t'liumbrr Suiu, with braa*
Maaaaath Caaaaay ?naah cuambrr Hoita
lliaianiid Ikhi I'.; ,i?
IIiiikUoiki- I'arlor ??:ill<i ln lnr_r Tariety, *ntlrel?
orlniiml. co\er,',l in Ibf i.ewcal lubrica nud moat ola?
_!(('.( UJlhlllsll'l ?
Ai. iinusii.illy Umolinr .ifll.tiiii- lioom I uriiiliirr
Compare our Priros; They (annot Bc
Excollfd in lueapnes*.
ROBXS, 101, I0C A.Mi 10J W. sl' 1.TII-8T.. b*.
tan ? ii 'in. aad tu, bi -. ' * e* ?? **ll bnava
\ it. 0-B PATEX1 I '.i.i.l.Ni. IH.iJs'i i.ai, is AX
ELEOAXT l'll.. i: OV 1 > i.MTi'KI. I'.i 'iN'MU'AL,
I\ l'l'.l. B, AND l ORMg a I.i \i lll.'iN Ul 1'
\\,. i i,, ....! ,,-,--r oi ;i,.;i; ?. "t Ui" l.imp knuwn -*
v. :1 rea bor Lai na foi .nUBSEXI1 er wi'.nnixo
?, pw fM. , , ? lainlj i...:k 1 Iha
! ... , . llYoXi s , MAKKR1I i- WM'.iiAXT.
PD. Oi mn. ?- ?'e* to *. ImI from at our ?tera.
EVER) __YLU foi il ~., iniMi. _c, _c
io? IBColleao r_.haa. r_r_fr_?_ laaahaf aaiBJ.B*
> nd poalal tur i ni. .'.:- tantlnmala? :,? d ratalacoa,
1^- \- . ' and ?.!..?? ii" "'''? r . _J
Preparcd atm Chchona crd Cocoa. *
**aylat Ij ih, | v. ?. ? i ?-? I?-ta -aafliala mmt ffa?6 i
v i... a ,?i?? tt U. ? I S?a-T*rl I
BUGEAUDS WiNE.- r- "?.,...:: ' 1 with **aad*ac? lo Btl |
.. , ? , raqulrla.a ( ... ".r-.. .?..:. - ?..,-.?p (o.-oiut?, ah.j.i,, ?
,, i .... li ? >i *tt*? daUlittuuj a
i! ' ' ? '"'*? |
i ... landdlaptiavaaaa****?la*a*aB a
ta,-t?. 6BM ro:nh;oln|r ?>
,i,'i."ii.'s t.> tho aexl viiii.'.. Bnd ii>\mi ronvenHone
f,..- th,? nomlnatlon nl olliirr*. Tbe Bepublican non*
Ineea are: B ?'? _?v*tt, nre*ldeni: s.,.,|IK.| mena.
\VIIH_m i. -'i'l and f-twar- Haa-ra, tni-'.i*;
Bvatidrr r'arrlnin ?n. IreaMirer, and Jamea A. Storma,
, .'.ti,-.;,,i- . . .in.i-c ih kman, nf tbe Bopreme Coart, h ?a
L-ivn n decMon U> ronl nue Ihe Injunrtlon aaalr.al tbe
linanl "f Ktipen'I?or< of iVnatchetter Coonty, roatrain
Iiik thnn from Rtsmlniz lite ?_n_nt of Suprrvifor
KukIi. "f the Uwvn ' v\> t. hwter. proaidina' f.ir tha
rai*lnK "f an extra f_,00<i f.r road Imiwwement* 'n
tho town. Tho i.v i ? i- will be farther beard hefcra
Judar l>\liiiui" to-m moar, whea th<; >iipcrvi-,>rs uilj
appear a 't'i tbelr eonnael.
N(.rn,.ii. Bafeer, i-arph Beeba and loha I). Hi.ka,
bc-tom, arha araw .ur aud .ri Uieir raaaa, No. ..'.39
iv .i.iiiaM'.. <m aaaplcioa u.' havins eaaaed the d.-atl. ot
li..-.' Ballivaa, a aome aa IrUharaaa?, aera parelai hr
Coron.'r Il.nl.y rcat rdajr. Ticy sa:d H_a tl,.- BtBM
xi-i.d ti..rn Mhon aha Braa draah and a.'.idciit.lly ,-ua
hii-.K ?itii a knif.. i',.:i., man M< D"ii_id, arha aaa
,., .. i io ti,< room ii f' i ? Ma* aemaa di d, i?miy tor?
i,,i,..ibi 'l Ha* sioiv at th b,
AKVISTI. l,i;,..-.-MM<lN" 11'r,"'\
mttni rost ? -. Uehrti ?d ????!
i. iiidao . o dr-, for ?12. aln.v. OW8?,
:o. W.at ?.:il-t.__.
AA llill >-l S ' ' ' " '' '" ''
. rtni Ia ri''"'" ?
", . 11 v .t?.:m.i'ii 112 yv.i I7U*-**.
A. ?*e)i.-t ? t-a ,...'??. s*,0Bl P, s.r.it,
. v o l'i', M ?
? ?
4 ilTlSTiC TAlkOK-M M'' >;'; '"?? *1C/
A ... ,. .r--.t-..i .1 a hall, ?mta< aaf
.,r. otb-ave., over .vli. - - dry gocdi laars.
s itris rti "nu! ?m\mm< '", _? "?
/a . ? , .
A ? ?i~
d'ra at ? ? ' .. . ' ,|,?l ',".
i.udV. 83 Eeal Bth-at, "l Bfl ll
po i'pl BX1 Difl iSM VKI K .
L- f.? . - i,. Uf aay.
vllr. - :<;-? Raat 4"tl;--t
l.ll >-M.\Kl.r.-l lr.t-.laaa litter ind
I I ,'rn.. ? ? ?... - i: ? r ? , ? ?-,-. .1, ?
tfjj lt;;,- 82 per aaj ; esper'cnr, 1 o t .
baolns iioii-u.- mlerenes. Aduri:.. _>-.
_44 bllt-aw.
Ui:issm\i;i i: -Ladtea' lalh
... .,.:l.-!."t in ' nttli.tr ,"?
-tir- i",'- ??'? best work: ei
ilor: klghly
-tin"- ui.
tqol.lt* Mt
_?ai_nU',dV jr,,.- mod, rate. Addreaa
l'.MI.iM. BrXTAIlD, i ? Ita-av.
ralti ss*d vKK.lt fron, l-.rl ? ;!r -- ? made
;,,',' WM. I.'.LIH. ULAft*. 1.12 Wflrt
I),!,..,,'r lio... ? l"? -
.. ,.? I - I.'- II, ?!,'?-'
M ' - "?'"'"?
? ,l
nitl - i.\i vi Kll ' i *?* ' . ' d f'l"*_rI
ll,'.,- disia . d-alin r: l,d o , ;?.
,,,.., ..-,:? m?ii. 8- M u_r
. ,.' ',',..'. eva li .?*tun. a. U
,:, - m. - :.. ' ?- i ' -??';_.
hRSIOXEBand I'llM Kil-I r.;n, i lady
_r_UU worB Mpri ay hish-- r t,.
Hl.Mll. . . I. MH II1-I-. ?" ?
-' ' ' ' ' - ,"',"
,-?.,! 11v r ,i linnii ,1. it -, 1 ladlea
'!? n.
Ivti'iiin ri' di - ??- foi vu'inc n is-"-;
? Im. mat-nal niade up ... tha lal -t ttylca.
,., \s.-t iTih-tt.
Mi -v ,.l i: I IU 1.1.. M.'li-''' ?'>?'" I'-rh
ItJ ,, , uu iM ii.?: a I, ? mort ? ri
'.. Um Uj_-.
Mii>. ( i.ai'.ki.. -'?.''. aTeot llth-Ht.-n.il.
rtron'-. dn>Mmaklna ln all lt* brancbea;
lono at jo'ir lioii.er l?'st cltv r-'f
? r ii' ? -_
? I \|i ,,; Ml, ii: 1. i'i RIIANO, iv.
irl ri??11 dre*?maker. fonn rljr 85 Weal
Iltn-t tn.tU.-~ known to li r i-u<?r.i,ii._-H tliat
ah. luu i i ' tn Weat i'.'tti--t.. ap
. ?? \i"i an'a -' r ?._
Pii',.'i , . _y -1 -> i ? .-I d p*?mak r
h ah,. , i n [iment* bj to ?ay . law
\<i re - ,.. l . I'.. Bth-avo._
rjpAJ !..?!: - BU I HKIsMI VKKK- I I
1 rou ar bi l in i n* "??? tn i b ir
hfalth, t.ut want to purehaa* youi trlro
iuln_a at Uie io?.--t i.rfcea.andtrn'ori
[i ii JOHN I i.W'l'.vs, ...
? ? ?? .i : . ; I r. i r ? ??
ii ? ,, >i , it* ... . 1:1 o" aaa i reni bu-i
i, - . . d. _
AMI I'.li AN i'l Ri ii tsixii ''"?? > 'VJ
inya hlght* '.(-I. pr ? f
, ,, ,, .handla ? ol ev rr if- rfpi .I
..,?:-, . i .thli .-, -h i, bardwarr, _ o ailo*,
AI.I.I., A l"l'. II \..- ' ii ? tn liki >? r. ;?
I ,. .k- Klld .1 ? --inL' . (- - : - Lltnlir
- . 11 UU.ES Si irv MilV. .1.1 rtaad .
52 "'. ,\.'. ._r< fully BOtlc* Baat* UI ...
Bui.ks boaghl ui ai,y auaaBty. JEK
II USO.N IIOOB MAllM.i. 1"A W.-.l
BOOKS ! X.vMINKO. HiltU'ii i.|> and
balan ?,: lilgbe.t rvfereiice_; n-trate
, , , u Ki IUCT < "NKIDI.N' li,
TllMll..- i,.l? .-._
01. i ::<? ri \ r. \. wixtUiTC&x.-A-lr.rn
f.,.. .l.\r ? - nlaaias perasns f.eind ;
thadoalne; sll ir \at' InforniatlOB: all busi*
-;.?;% .. :i. mi ,;1 ix.li.v cxy. rteaee.
, >i:i ? . 321 W, -' ?.?'-; :?_
L- l li.N I ! 1,'llK v. oi-. .11. ? i-i ?f a rtal
r ..r ln. -?? : -? el'-- a?"1 la
? ?' ,..,!. ,nj . : Bip A ir -- BAKX?8,
,r 1. n- '>:?'. ? . ______________
(' IV ' r.l M N - - ,lB| 14, di-iKia- of Ui.'i
I l. -r r ..: ?-!.? ii -a- ,t a f:-.r >?1 n ?.il
i,. i. . ., | iddr -- ?DWABO Mi_>
I.I K 08 ('.?l.-av''.__
Lllil.i: M. Ul-.' i.MI'i.S'X. lo n-i'l,",'tn
.. I i 1 i ' - '
tl : Hant-d to
,... iBbl ? purposo.
? --_
Hl ',',-.- " ?'.
.'1 ' -' . t.
OLD M Mi' ii\XY ftin
- .: all klndsi
- . :.t >_,_.
v. . ' OfliU !?. Irlbuu* ""i.-.'. _
n bi tiuued uu NlaUi i'a.e-i

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