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F.;nM AMAir (Ol'.B.M'O.MilM Off 1BK TKI-l'NK.
Louisville. Ky.. Feb. 28.?" UghthorM llarry,"
"Ilvrry Hotapar?" "the daahiag Harry of the
ajfffat"?.theae are aaaae of tbe pei litles eeaJerred
by his neighbora on the brilliaal editoi of "The
Ctoajter-Joarn?1,* wboee polltleal valentlnea ao
(_aeci bate Ooveraor Hill Mr. Watteraoa e]a nol
only <>ne of the ableat uien in _us_t_e_ry. He is
one ot tae beat-Uked. At one time his Uf. araa
Baaate ln any Soutbera rarmrHr-tf Now, every
body aare_ni by him No man's worda are aaore
widely (juoted or <arry greatet oreight, aud his
old enemies have paid him tl.e hoanaga of eomlng
iround at last to bis ideas. Like Nelson, Iie
ncver aaw lear. A Coiifedernte Boldler in thc
ivi.r, as s'liii iis be laid down his arms he took
thc part of tho acgro, when tn do aa araa t.i laear
general Imsiility. If Suiitheni sentiiiienl has
ehaaged, it is h.r.ely laeeaaaa bc was not aftaid
tu aide lt. He has a heart as well aa biains, uiid
even his politkad adversaries admire his gealua
and dariag aad admll his K'reut service to the .State
aud to huiiiliinity.
Mr. Watteraon lives in Louisville. in an unpie
teBtioaa hriek hooae, aaiated gtn_eeo*ar, with a
yelluw porch. lle reeeived me this Bjornlng in h_
hedjoom, and is one of the few uien fi.at lose
little hy beiag so stirprised. His giayiah hair
ttuiiides pletareaqnel. over a hroad, aojaara f<>re
head. liis noae is Btralght, t>ut aggreaalva, and
his heavy maalaolat. ohaagtng from Baxen to gra.v,
eomplctely hidea his mouth but allows you to read
the stoiy ot a firm-set juw. His volce is deep and
pleasiint. His talk is a continttal entertainuient,
lucid and l.ireeful, like bis wrl-Bg, and eharged
with happy epithet and sparklim,' epafiaaa. He
i* iu great reqaeal aa a aablie apeaker. He is a
ennspicuous flgare at. Louisville rcunions, and no
heat is niiue aarreeable or elever, He is fond of
niu.sKv His home Ls tlie home of a man af letter*.
modest but BBBg, wiih no ouy.\ mantel-pieres, bul
plenty uf iU'c\t easv-ohairs. Bookcases Jine the
walls. Iu the .ittitiK-rooms are porlraita of
I.i.well and J. G. Ilolland and Leagfellow, quuin.
little aketehea by Thaoaaa Naat, wh___eal eloek
Igarea and busts and crayons. Over one of Ihe
_a_ate_ baaga aa eagraved or photopr.ipl.ed fae
siinile of that most toaebiag of iuseriptions, be
glaalag "Good friend, foi Jesus' sake mrbeer,"
in the old O-UTCh at Stratfonl-on-Avoti. Draidea
Mrs. Watteraoa, a grown daaghter and two young
K'lis, tbe household eoniprises Mr. WatteiibB.
f.lher, a l.ale old gentlemaa, with ti.iwin- whitC
hair, the l'-st Barvivtag member of the XXVth
i ongreaa. It b earaoaa tliat Mr. Watteraoa was
liorn at Waahington while his father wiui the
ro-nfleat member ol Coagreae, and that his son,
anotber Henry Wattetaaa, was born there on the
K.aie date while he was the youngest member of
o later Hoaae.
As an editoi-. Mr. Watterson's armor is nlways
baekkd <m. Ue maaafea as well as ha write*.
His prinoipal aides liave groara up Btoaad him.
?everal havfag aerved bim as private aeeretary.
Juat now. he writes little huuself. At other
tiu.es. he covers half the editorial page. III* arti
tk_ are penned with lns own hand and at boaae,
rxecptlag when stirring tekgraahk BarWi keeps
him in his sky-parlor at fie otlice. He reads no
paaoia, bal has every line that involves the eoncy
of the paper read to him. Like most old ne.w*
paper-men, be rarery poes to i*?d until . ?r :i ia
the __ot_t-g. His bedrooni is destitute of piet
ures or oinament, barring two bronze medailions
and a p_otograab of Boyd Wi-cheeter, ex-Miniatei
to Switzerland, who lives with hi_ dau.hter at
Ihe Galt Hnuse. Hut there is an inkstand ia the
window, aud histories, almanacs and cncyelopedias
mc hraped on bureaus and tables aud chairs.
Men wbo have been the lonpest in Mr. Watter
aoa. servKv apeak the ?>est of him. He eaUa
everybody "Mr.." is a flrm distiplinarian. but full
i.f irnpiilsive kindness. His ready graap of B
politieal aitoation is phenomenal, and bis old edi
tora tell many atoriea of bia Inatanl aolutioa of
dlfflcultiea befoie they are fairly revealed. He
never maligna -r abaaea, and bis aaeet aetlve <>\>
ponenta ate his warnaeat triends. He aakaal bm
about maay old aewaaaaei comradaa in New-York,
aud seemed to take great iuterest in the welfare
oi " the boya."
-I go to New-York usually for my summrr loaf.
vou know,"' be said. "1 BBfUa it as the beal
nnri reaorl la the warfd. Voa have the asa
witbin a few milea that yoa eaa gel to foi _a
eenta, and thea thc mouutains. Paria doeeal
eompare with it."
Mr Watteraoa is an ent-uaiast over the New
Bouth " Doni faU te go to lUdtlleeboroagh/ be
ui edme - and Into Tenaeaate aad Alabaaaa. Ihe
Mioomatera,' ol eoarae, 1 look on as gMnblinfi
awindlera Bal yoa'll had eMr.o.rdinary timbei
a.d mlneral wealth all throagh that reglon, rhe
Tenneaaee marble qaarriea are aiinply a^rgeoua.
Withia the next bfty years we shall aee the iron
-oeptta wrosU'l lrom l'ennsylvania and trmibfei icd
to Tenneaace aad Akbama. Pennayivanla will be
(?lll(. N phvee <?nly for the manufacture of tbe
hiRhei gradea. All the erade materia] will eome
from ibe Sontb. We had 'Plg Iroa' Kellev a1
Ettrmingbam nol lonp before bta death, and I b>
iri.dn.ei him whea be sp^Ue- at Laaiavllle. He
was perfectly ecatatic about lt
-Will Nortbera wttlers eaeoaatet lmstiiUy m
the Seath? N"t at all. A great deal ot Ken
mokv and Tenneoaee Ls already Eepablican, M_d
dleaborou h la Boated with Eag-sb eapital, and
iu Korthern Alabama, if you stick to Protectlon,
M.u've gol taa. Tber. never was so little aec
;,??alis,i. in tbe S.-utb as at this mon.eut. Tbe
neal dlvtalaa to be aivweheaded ln tht f.nure is
not between North and Beatb, ?>Qt between tbe
Weat aad Soutb a* agolaal the North ond Eaat, oa
a? i'-rarian b_da, aaeh aa thia FnIt_eJre, Alttaace
foreahadow*. The partiea oi^anized as they are
to-iaj C.1..1..1 enclure for all time.
While we were taUdag ? servant bTOaghl in a
trey of eoffee and milh and Md H .... tbe bed.
'?M.eof my old Paria bab-te." remarhed Mr.
Wataaraam, wltb a ea__. ?!? ?? ***** *???
there, we aaed ta take atmaly a eapof eoffee
for oarlv bicakfast. wfthoOt rolls. fhis and :,
;-v.** ofmllk keiitmeffotoRforhoora. Whal waa
] doing la Farial- S*a4rl?g theajaaa. ?'IwT.?
tnaaaaa pfaae playei oaer: aaed to be a great fnend
,1 r_oah Gottaehalk, aad eould do raie thiaga aa
ihe beyboard with aay lefl hand. Aaa boy. in
Waablagton 1 aaed ta play al eoneerta wWii AiWina
]??.,... whea ahe waa ekvea and l was thirteea.
Yi-s.tha, w.,sa.,,iorr lK.,,nninpli.ra neushMH',
vialtlag the old it.ion lMace Hotel, aoa th.
M .rt.,,. Raaae. la New-York. They were ? ?oa
aerfal family. I wiete the maaleal ertttdam m f*e
New-York Tim.'s' of Patti's lirst epaaatie P-Tform
aaee in thia cuntry. Tl..- >e?r wi, 1S3?. u?.d i:.?|
pieee was La Somnambula.' M.v caieer wasehanged
by a triflc. I waa ataetialng ecavday on the piatao
aud hit my lelt tbumb agalnal a black key Ilwt
produced a feloa. the whole hand was paralyzed
aad Dr. May had to amputate the first joiut of
the tbumb, at vou can see.
?After that I returned to America ani becamg
Waablagton lemapaadenl of Ihe ntlfadelpbla
Pre*.*.' When the war broke aul I ?ent ho.ne
to Tennes.*er-. 1 never bad any Waa ol jolalBf tbe
Caatfederae) AU aay sympaihie* were rtorthern.
But l iN..-.., ?atiaaa yeaag bay ol t?e"?.\ one, jroja
know. aad yot mlghl aa well have trled t<? re;.tiain
the wml. 1 ealioted iiaa private, tboogh I weighed
enly about i.^hty aaa-da, and when 1 araa aavde
aiu>-de-c;.;in to (ienernl F?irre*t, tbe old man de
elared Iie frit it was like eaaamittiBg aoleide
fvery time be tdb_ me oat. Be they drove me
out 0f the Army to edit a newspaper al I bat
tanooga, whrn they BrJt they waiited an oWin.
A young mau uamed Albert Roliert*. one of tbe
a?_ brllliait fclioWB I ever knew, who hud
alrculy di-stintriiislifd himself under a pseudouym
and who tnisscd maki.ni' a niark only by a strantic
ihaiti of cireiimstancca, catne East from Nashville,
dodginf thl 'M?a constrlctor. At Chattannoj-a we
sturtcd 'Tlic Ilebel,' and it was road eat;crly bf
lioth sidcs."
CntifeiiiT.-ito Beterana, by tlic way, will stni
tcll Vou l.ow llicy iised lo pay twenty-Hvp of-nts :i
copy for tl.is l.roa.lside, in their depreeiated eur
reney, and how they erijoyed watehing ilie young
editori advise tne (.overnment aud tlic neneral.s
what to do to aave tlie Confedcracy.
'?(jrticral Boaeerana read ti.e paper," ooatinued
Mr. WattefaoB, "and it aold like hot eakea. I
iiitroiiiiei',1 b aoheine 'int was eopied by The Lon?
don Times,' and nfterward by "Tlie New-York
HeraluY of plaeina ? 'ew liaea, giving tbe lateal
news, at tbe bead of tlie initial c.litorial rolutnn,
headed, 'Tlic Situation.' Wlien tbe Armv eaune
nearer f hattatiomm I called it 'Tlie Front.1 Thoae
lincs vere the first tliitiK rc.'id in the paper. To
ward the cnd, (lenerai Bragg begaa t., make um*
of them for dceciviiif- the cnemy, and tlie suni
nmry would appear dated 'The Bebel Offlce, 3 :30
n ni., or 8:18 ?''? ?"?? "r ? :,n a- ?????' contaialng
matter baaed oo a teregrara earefully prepared al
milltary headquarteea. The old eoldlera grambled
terribly about ..ur giYiag the cnemy such valuabh*
inforn.ation, never re:.li/iii^ tliat we were really
nn important orm of the scrvi.o. When 'Ti.e
Rebel' went South, I went l.ack into the Armv
ll used to think I was a younic Napoleoni. lieeaine
chief ?f scouts, and saw no more of the paper.
" I was n nephew of Stanley Maltlnws, and nfler
the war I ipent some tin.e in Cincinnati. Then
T went to Nsudivillc. There was a newapapei
there called 'The Kcpublican lianner,' a very old
sheet. Rohcrts and I gol the idea <>f buyiag
it. Rolvrts's father niort?atred his farni lo gel a
thotisan.l dollars for us. There were nine other
papera in Nashville. At the end i.f a month we
had eleared out all exeept one. nnd that waaat
a rival, had paid l.ack our thousand, had a good
itoek ol pajior and ink, and $408 or $.V>" lo boot
How did we mann-rcit P Why. we were two ener
getie, stavinc hoys, with tho war ?>ehiiid us. and
the people gtood by ns. We didn't l.elieve in any
?f this antediluvian ruhbish. I was a IVmocrat
with Republiean principles. I li.ld tliat we were
under a great obligation to ouraelvea, t.> God Al
mighty, aad to the ne-ro, and that it was our
diity t., do somethinir for him. After I had been
M.ine lime in Nashville. GeorgC D. l'rriili.e. the
greal editor of the old 'Lonisville Journal,' beg Ul
to f.iil, aml 1 was Bauted to take t-barge oi tho
pai>er. He owned a third ol the Itoek, and that
was offered t<> me. I earae up to Lonisville.
Have vou ever seen l'rentice's portrait'.' Ue waa
a weird-looking old man. with a marvelloua intel
lect, whieh he never gave full play. They were
talking about aandltti hta'aal io OaHfornia. lie
aald lo me: 'Now, my young friend, you probably
wi.nt to make n jireat name; but here youll be
overshadowed by my greal name' I replied: I
don't. eate a |ot about ? great name, sir. What
I'm thinking oi. is to huild up a greal property.'
"Tlie gxeal rival of 'The Journal' Waa 'The
Coarier,' in the banda of Mr. Haldeman. who had
just oome back from tin- war. At first, I pr,,|?.M'd
t,, him to ens'lidate Ihe tWO pap.-rs. bui he re
fueed 1<> do it on equal icrms. lh- wanted to
oounl 'The Courier' as two and 'Th.* Journal' aa
One, Whieh Waa what it was really WOlth. l'.'ii
1 held out, and worked fo Impair the preatige ol
'The Journal' until a eonsolidaiion waa flnally
efTcctod. Then I pluneed latO the Bghl foi th."
principles I believed iu, and you have no Idea
what a storm of .lefamalion and afbuae 1 cn
oountcrcd. I had to st-.nd lire in the rear. My
s i;>|i,.rters in thogc days were afnral Halftead,
Whitclaw Keid nnd John r'orncy. and Horaee
Qreeley I reaarded at a s,.rt. of 'guide, philoeopbei
aad friend.' Mr. Heid lias been abueed ai iliffer
eut times in his life, and has nacd the effectiTe
wcapon of Bllenee. But in Keatueky a man haa
lo flght, and an people attaeked me I had lo bil
back. Wliat was I tryitu' to .1,,:' Well. lo]
fore ihe \IIIth Auiendment WM paaatd. 1 Lfl
takeu itaTong Kroiind on tbe negro queation. The
way the negro wai treutc<l here was ftigtitfal A
lu;; or a horse could testify in the courte, but if
r?,oofl ue^'roes saw a niurder ooramltted, not oae of
them could open his month. Then they bad a 1"1
of blaek lawa A ncttro re.(uired a pass to u<> from
pbvee to plaee, and he wasn't. almwed to enter a
BtreeVear, and so on. After ti.e n.vro liiiht earae
the flght lor honest money. whieh araa settled at
St. Looia in is?.;. Theu came the tarifl flght,
that is still going on."1
-What rule had you for baUdJag "P .V""r
paper I'"1
-I tried simply lo make it a good new^paper.
At linst. I worked sivteen hours a day. I I
ione.l it raore aa kaa on ihe basis of the txmdon
papers, as Reid did The Tribune. We were both
devotees of ihe idea of Imperaonal joiininlisin
The London Bagen were then better than ours, and
are so etili, aa far as the uTiting n'-es. thongh the
American Dewspaper of bvte haa piiked upwonder
fullv, and we beal them i.u the eollecti-.n of newa
l'oor Mr. Prentiee died before I had been bere
Ihree year*,. He used to live iu greal S|iia|.,r.
lakin^' his meals in his n.oiu. It js aad t" think
bow his ability was Bquaadered. He waa tlie
father of the peuragrapfa as you aee it bow in
editorial wlnrana, aud be made ii perfeet. S',me
times, hih prejudloe ran away with him. and then
he degaareiated into rodosaontade. He was a
dictionar.v-ni"ii.siei. and 1 l.?-rt''s a woiidertul l"t ol
h-aruiiiii in the dieiionary. Iv- beard him say,
ai, i i BuppoBB it w.is true, i!,:.i he eeuld reeite ihe
whole or the Odyaaey in Qreek. My. whal nn
intelleet he had' And, iust U'l'.re ti.e end, when
he reoovered bia atreaath for a Ume, whal eopy
he could turn out: Vet he never forn.ed 80>
iiitimate 1ellowshi|>s. Not an eve that had
amtehed his great carecr was wet when he died.
The Loftislatiire j.assed iininorial resolul lOM, and
I was invite i to ?:,. to ir lanklort, nnd dellver I
addresh, whieh I did, and we put up a monumenl
lo him over ihe dool ol our new bnlldlng. Bui
bia graee in the Ceae llill Cetaetrry is oaraarked,
and I doabt whether his fan.e now is Htroiii:.''
We i.-.lked of the fate "i a eomnion aequaintanee,
a clever wiiter. wh,,, after a lifetnue ,,l j,,,ir;:alisiii,
made a fortUBC iu another li'isine.ss, bui has s[HUit
it, and in liifc old a^e laeks " visible raearsa ol
??Don't you Uiink thal nm>i ueampaper men'a
lives are lailures,'' I asl;e.| Mr. Watlenson. "ao
lar as their OWH tcwaid,. are eoiicertif'i P"
"I do,'' he said, . nipl.ai.call.v. " Il is a wear
in1*. tearing baaineaa, \..u ^et riothing out of a
newspaper exreptlng arhal you take from it. I
aiu beal on it thal neither al my aana aball ?<?
into joiirnalisin. Tlie el.le.t, is pru< t.sinj' medicine
and ihe other two are still l.ovs. There i^ UOthing
in it l'?r a man in comiiarison with aimoal any
other profeaaion. Take Mr. Dana. f,,r laataoee,
Think ot his vast aeeompllahmenta. There is no
other man t? my bmwtedge lhal eojuah him ln
brUiiaaey aml variety of attainnaent, and I've
known a gaad many hriJliant und veraatile men.
He ls a line WlitCf and u clever editm ; and ha\e
yoa beard him ipeak* Hea a Bplendld apeaker.
Now, Buch a man leavea no paathnasoua tarae ; only
a iradition. A greal journahat la Uke ?. ureat
aetox: he leavea no oofBn. When lu* diea, all hia
brilliaut ariitiag is stored away iu newspaper fljee,
that nobiKly ever looks up. During his life, bla
iuilucncc u> only iudire.t. lie .Lk'sh l u'-t credil
for what he ih.es. t'ompare ilorace Oreeley and
Beeretary Seward. Greeley waa a far more potent
factor in tlie i'ree-Soil ajitation, in Ihe v.ay ot
reul, back-breakinK work, thun Seward. Val k?k
mto aay bastoiy ai.<i yaull Und whole ehaptera
aboul Seward and only bCTC aud there a rtfi reire
?,u Oreeley."
1 usjied Mr. Watteraon whieh he regarded as tbe
.le.iiesi Atueruan newspaper, alwujaexceptiag his
own. ,. , ,, . ,
"Tbav'a bard t" aay, he replied. renectiveu'.
He added alter a pause : " I ln-.v is iu, liest < b.e
papei b* !,esi one day aml aaother tbe next, Eaeh
i6 Eood iu "s apeeia] line. ln New-York, The
Tribune will be the ix***! lU'w s|,..|?-r mie .lav. lie
ln,,,'-' the next, and The Herald tbe next There
i.s alwaya a tloatina armv oi writera aml editora
who one dav add brillial.cv to one j.,iirual and ti:,
next to another. and that eomplieatea thr i| ?
llon. 'Ihe Sew-Yort Tr.bur.e. 'Ihe Ciaeinnati
. ommercUl Qaaette' aad "rhe Loaiat lie t'ourier
,lournal' have, perhaps, toed their m.nk ti.e u..-f
steodilv, beaaaae ea.-h MM beea e,lit?'?l by one man
tl.roii?ii'a lont- tera. of years."
I remarked that ^Viieu Tbonutikc Ricc had one?
aold me Mr. Watteraofl re.irded Wliit.-law Heid
us the Ik'*1 American edit.ir
"Yes," he siii.l, "at one lime I thlnk BeM and
John iiussell Ynnii. and m.vself COUld go lato a
compQ_iag>room al l o'cloek in the mornlng, where
tiiero araa a demondized foreman, and bring order
i.ui of ehaoa qaickei than anybod) elae. By that,
I iii.'.iii are poaaeased the lechnical ability. A
g.l managing edii..r ahoald imderataud every
tinii., trt.,,, i-. peael;ln*j up. Tha grea! __na?inn
editor is the man wbo can Bad at ihe rleventn
hour that. iln>re are twenty-flve eolamna ..' i
and only fift.'oii eolumna to put it in. ani decldc
on tho Inatonf whal shall he lefl onl an.l whal
-hill o(> in. Henry J. Raymond, who waa alao a
tino writor, araa a aplendid inanaging editor. I
don'l know how ii i* now. There may 1* dotcna
of thc ' boya1 who ean dn that. I Bappoae there
are. Aa t.. arritera, I have Jnal bought two
volnmea ..t Oeorge Smalley'a lettera. an.l I know
of nothing tliat 'vii beal them. Whal have 1
done tn form my own atyle? I hardly know.
1 aui nol o,.ii*.'i..ii> now ol having any atyle when
I write. I have nol battl ii up on any particular
iiin.lol. Al dlfferenl tlmea I have had dlfferenl
liiws. Ai one time i' was Maeaulaj, at another
Kdmund Burke, al anotber Thackarny. al another
Jeremy Taylor and tho early Bngliah eeeleaiaatlca
1 waa thlrty yeara old laefore I got tli- eourage
to kieb away 'tl.o *tilts and starl ool oU my own
aecount." ,.. ,
1 BUgireared thal Mr. watteraona fearleao ami
energetio atyle was well revealed in a letter hc
had recently written t-> an emineni New-.ork
politician, and thia led to one .?! tho moal later
rstiiiu olia-ca ,.t our converaation.
"It'a trae," he aald, thoughtfnlly, "thnl leiter
reallv looked w.rso ln P'i'H than I thought lt
would. Mut there waa nothing m it thnt anylmdy
rould take offenee at. Aa the oaly offlelal repre
sentative i'i thia State "l iii?' Democratie party. I
had a rn.'hi 1.. sond lt, It was written afier
rounael with people in New-York and waalungtpn,
"i.,i there waa a copy 'n rneh ?>/ Hvse citlea
Vfter tlir garbled vrraion had appeared ln prinl
au.1 I waa telegraphed in for permlaalon t" uae the
New-Ynik letter, it never croaaed my mind that 1
ought io aak Governor HUla conaent, eapoeially
aa he had never anawered lt. li he nevei _t>
ceived it. oi eourae that'a nol my fault '
"liis Irritntlon,'1 I auirgeated, "mual he naiirn
ihat lo's infatuated with the ldea ol ihe Prea*
?? vea, I araa amatnl nt bis hiek of rommon-aenae.
If that lettei was impertlnent. I had written one
;i rear before t<. Mr. Cleveland that waa far more
iii.poriineni. only Inatead nf Mr. (levelanda
tnking it as Mr. Hill dld, he rei.liod in a epirlt
.,t eordialify nnd acqnieacence. I hayenl *P?'tP)n1
of that aince. partlj trom aeotiment. Bul l ahould
have no heaitation iu puhliahing it if Mr. < .eve
land would permll ii. It'a true thal Mr. < icve
land asked mv advice, and Governor Hill didn I.
"There is an imi ri'.s*i..n," I aald, "thal ln
writing tn Governor Hill you were approaching
-That*a'o mistake. In maUng thal rtatement
1 waa wlthln the mark. ll i- trae <...v.nmr iti
and I had had m. corTeapondenee. Ilul tlie nrai
lime I tnel him he poured onl ln* grtefs toto my
t.',r f?r tbree hniira! He told me all a',..,. hfa
Cleveland irouhlee, and in hia d fferenceB with
Mr f'leveland I thlnk Mr. i ley.land ia Inntciy
iM the wrong. In faet. Fve rold Mr. " levrinn
M I'liioh. Bul tliere was nothing ln mv hu
,!,:? ninety?lne aood Dernocrata out-ol a hundml
would nol aay ll Mr.lIiM aaked them. If he
h?l .,??? to Mr. rievebmd and aald. Here, Mr
Cleveland, there ia nn Imputalion thai i boiii
vou ..ui ln ls.**: it i* nol Iriie, bn! I am goins
,.. ,.v,, v,,,,.' and ,t l,o had th.'ti tak.'t. hold and
nominated him and managed Ihe ennvnaa nnd
? 'oit.'.l i leveland. i ithing ln tlie worh ??i M
havekepl Hlll down ln imifi rhe wbnle wiuiitrj
?*,,,, iVveaone for him wll 1. )rememb^ia rnthu
?i ,, , \. ii i* Iie will -?. Into Ihe Semale mrt
!? |os', (ie i* nothina bm n good ur nnirrr, any
h*i Ofe'irse !?'?? brigl.t, levrl-heroleil
., ho-* nol on orator ?r .k? mter. Hiere are
pontv "f men In Ihe Senate arlm aill nvermnleh
Moraan ?rnv. Voorheea. IV:--..u *.-*:?.
, Will loaeeonlrol of tlw Ine. and
,h,t wil| be tho eml of him. ' ,,,,,,. ..
I ? [d 11 aremed I. Governoi Hill had
InVwitramallhiirir^larr-plylng t? Mr.yatter
Lon-a statemeni ?' ' "''r h?T,n? ,,",,.l ",". "'?
v.,,h :, *noor as to lu* " briilnni career ... Coa
"r,Mr Watteraon ?1 up ln ned and pnlled the
i,.,: .int!,,-* ai.mit him " I don'1 rememl?er, h
anid alnwlv. "whether 1 aald ln my letter I.
, \:, rvn.oen.1 who 1 id never Mitight and held
. ? ?,- ,??. who had 'never Miughi ""'.'v n
,., Hrat, it w.isa allpnf Ihe pen. Bnl, ll ia Irur
,1,1,1.1 li.vel^erviJi. .'Ihoo. ^^?'.-.,'liv." '
.,,,,?* nnd BCore* nl 1.- ^ "' ' WM
? , i,,r < '..n.ro-. it "a* mrninBl mv nwn d<
dldnl wani 11 H arnad I V '-''
Intereat. Ital when pooi Nod 1 ir-...* d ed. Mr.
?I,l,l,.,i tele.r.ipl.'.l mr Iie wantejl rne U> takehh
,,i.,... He wn ildn'1 hfar nf .'nlal Ue ?-"'
heaviiv in debl ln-re with the new ?Cour.erJournnl
buildins nn nui handa II Ideman and I Bul
thfv aald: 'Oh, ymi won'l bnvj tn gn. to WaahiM
, ?, ?,,tll ,.,. , wlnter.' and I Bi .llj r-...^.-r.t.-.l
\. far aa dolna whal I wbb aaal for. th.ui . 1
.?,?:,, :.* woll have i.?' ln Uie I iji Mnn I*. M\
nominntion was nevi '. and ll 1 waa whal
1 1 ol in mlnd." . ..
\\- Watteraon'* tone and manner, ilurlnc an
thla Mplanatlon, werr ..'- .latrly dev. i ?; piqiir-.
;,,?i | WIW,_trongli Impresaed with hia cvident-.dia
Intereate.liiea- Onvernoi Hi ' will he edined lo
le ri thal Mr. WntterHon'a -??? :.*.*?."'??-. ?^<i
P been med f?r yeara to B?iliei1 hl*
foreraal of polilieal Biluations, deelare Ih il event.*
bave iilmoat Invariahly ahown hia judgmeni to he
I I.
Berrant* nl all klnda eaTer their aervleea In the
sl. .it advcrl -' "f 1 '?" I'
tO-d >Y
wim II Wli.r. nr. 'nn: BT.tTR FLOWEK THI
n u.iH s r.'ii. ? ?;?. thi. Rosi i
Afhany, Mari h - ISpe, lal Tl e Deparln ent of Poh
, . i i ne l It* rn. ti i.i r tor the prop i
,,], , i\.,.. ,? of Arbnr H.i-. whieh orenr* Ihl* jrear oo
, in ul u, Buperlntend, nl Di ip ?
? |n i- -., -. ..-i ? | dl.tricU oh ?? ? ? "i tli.
,!,?.. nml -.'1 KWtreea arere plaotc-. I" 1*00 -.1"'.
, |,o ,| .ii : .. ? i i-i ? ipateat, .I Vt.VM tre,
,i. ii |i pnibal I- tl. il a."i" lhan half a n
, |km,| , blldren and othera nn led ln ol *r\'in? the Aa)
i ii. lt I ?!?.: ? -i t" h '???? a .'. ond vote t d.
fm | *ir. iViw.r. i uflnlng the rhoire i-. the two lead
, ,? dld ii". ..( i -"". Ihe r.ind aold >n r d, li i
mui h :.^ ihe i-.tnl vou- of the b i andidal, illd nol eqn U
i ,ii ,.,,. ,;.,,..-\ t- - . . * - ?' Tlu-t*'in i. ii.ii i h* made
before Jol] I. The total rrrte on State OoaerlaBl jreai
; i-.n7'.'. the goktenrod raeelvlng S1J0S aod Ihe
everalM ? ofi 170.006. The raat of tba vole*
were dlktrlhnted among I3fl dlfferenl vnrletlca. The
,,,:.!,. t, thi* v.'in aill be ? inuned t'i Ihe r-.v and
guldeii-rod, and Ubb Iriend* of the pilden rod do nol
l,(._lt?te i" :i on lhal thi* recommendatlon I- anfair.
i . goMen-rod rarelved the plurallti over all Ihe
,,|.| liould be i amed Br t ln the rmtleo, Then,
I,,.,, (be mau] cla ? ..i roaea roled foi are plaoad
nnder one bead, aherean thej boaM be leparated.
Xhe r.'i' it of tlie guperintendenl dlvblea the vote on
iv.' ii!> into (iitioi-. nt rbut ra, nnd tbci aee no ita un
v. Iiv ihe i' " .v.'iil'l n i B6 irv.ili.l Mii.iliuly.
Priae* f.? tae beal kept raral (H*in.t aehool urcmatt
ire ,.'iin offerad thi, yeartij UTIUiaan A. Wadawarth, nf
,,,.,,,..,. gioO for the I* t, aad t-0 for tha aocond-be I
Phidograpbn "f tne ground are lo be fonrarded to Ihe
- ??? bupcrlnteodcnl of Public Inateurtlon before Uclo
i?... i. .\ gold medal I al u Hfferad .. ;. priae for the
i,,.-t r ?? b) .i pupll "1 ;< rommon M-hool ?>'. Ihe st.it.
jui tlio rn.i-i protitihk) observance ..f .\ii. r Day.
i . i, .-. nt- ..( Ihe unlvei in we.ro unmn'ard Ma) I,
i ? -1, ;,|.,| ii i- (?i,|..i'.'.i i.v Hi.- regenl I i bave ii.ii
, ? _r) i ';. .ili. i' . ..'i.'iioii.'.iiii.'il v. i' li . v-i'i I ?( *
i,,, |n under theli Jnrl?dlitii,n. The exerelaes
n,, .riHloin ?-? ili i "ii i 1 "I ., In-t"i\ ..1 Ihe i-,>--.?,11-.
,;,,. vimV ;.ni | !. '.'I I.v ll.'in. IHid Iho Beal v> "I >
n<rw being done undei their auiwrvl lon. Tlie regenh*
have in'i.i- ii.. ni Ihe State Library *nd *i,." Museum
i io i'.-iitut: n . The ?? are 07 a. idemles, '_:n
lio'h *i iio'.l , iiii1' 7u degrcu-confcrrliig aud piote loual
a>? ?
;/ii' FOOD .iv/' in:\l. li EXBIBII BEADT,
f ?. ,? i Healtb K-|i .-itioii glven andor tha
;:',.;,|,,.. ..f the N."'' Tork Retall <?. ' i nlon aill
i,. ,,j, .. i' ,.i the Lenoa Lyeenm nt * o'cloek tbl
evenlna- rhonnce) M, Depew aill deUver the open
ii g addreaa, to a large nanber of lavlted rn' I
For ni'.i'' than a week, the rarpenter* and aarorator*
i ,..,. i, ?? i ba ' in preparlng Ihe bnlMlog ter Ihe
exhlbltion. A. B. De Freee, the dlrector general of
Um exhlbltion, ba* been nnthing la hii Bflorta lo
ii - -ii. ll.- i - i ui\ in. .-ii tii?t aianj
ol doll u- a il ba raiaed by the exp altion,
which .-? t. I.. t until Uarcb il.. rhe proce u^ are la
i,. devoted ''? th* bolldiBg <>! 'l l,aH ln thi*. Itj for the
Betall Urooere' rnlou. The .1.itioi ..f tlu
Lyocum "id be alabomta. Xr. De Fraoa, aa an lo
irodui Uon to the oxhlbiU w, gave a "< hineae loni beon'
i, msmbers ..f tu- pre?? ln Uw "Pekln department"
,?:.... -ii. Tl? di*i.o- were pi pnr .1 b) i
i bl. eii"ii with the nui ol chop
, ,,,. m,. De Preee ihowed ao murh graee in
.i,: the I'hin.nbatltutea fur l.nifc atiO forh
, t tha m" v .'"' ' '? '''??' ' ?'? I "i"1 anvy.
U ,,.., Broi ?.- - (... baatera, i.a\.- reealved i)i"
, . ,,, t IbuU-DI lo tli. li: i B M.'iiii.riiil lii',,|
I- .vioaai) ?? i.ii'.v.i.'i ed. BiajM n rln I througb I E
winv ii .?I Mr-. 1'ini laae* Kaae, *.'?.: Mr-. i;.i?t.r.l
Pir*_* aad ?'? "? HerahL aaeh 610; Mr*. a. c. _Mea,
i i, Raaeaaartea, ui'n, Aadie* Roa*. ??",.
i B-raagh i- W. Uo_ta
?|r.. |. i . IV I aalei .(in! II. V. C_n.|i, .mll i?.'.0, ? N. (."
;.? i taa Rav. "? ?*. Derkaley, eaeh ??".. KatarHaa Da
? i;. ii.'- aad "la Hi* Maaaa," aaeh I?I; iii*a
Marle TorKncc kikI Aiich1.' Lewb, ??ch 6110; "W. A.
B. ,t ." ?10i total. 618.15.
thi: rorvRir.HT law.
iTaghhlllan, March B.?The rresidect in tlie
laat few dayi followiag Ihe adjourntnent of Con
greaa has given his entire titue to the coiisidera
llon of ireaties authorized under tbe McKinley
bill for the ndvancenient of our trade with coun
tries souih of us. Cttha has been the siibject
of newtiation f.,r some lin.e and the caneluatoa
haa beea about reaebed lietween this Oovenuneal
? md Spain f,,r mutual ci'ifcssions. There BM
several other Bootb American countries whieh are
about ready t<> take part in the general reelprocity
plan of tho Admiuisirati.in. Indeed, there is a
general temieney throngboul South Aroeriea t,,
eo-operate in the heBrtieat spirit with the Presl
,ien: in Beeuring the greateal possible mutual bene
lit.s under the power given him by Coagicaa
Sotnetblag of the charaeter of the oppoaition t,.
thfl poUey of the Qoverarnent Ls Bhowa in a
reeeal pablicatioa In the farra of a ahnrateh by
eable from Brazil, in wbleh ii was deelared that
the reeeai treaty Babliahed by th.- State De
partraeat with thal oountry had not been ratifled
and would not l.e. This declaratioii bai been
flridely cirenbited, bm it, was such a deelaratlon
<>f Igaoraat auareprefleatation that the Depert
meiit has noi eared to ofneially take noiice .,f it.
There i.s n,, rifOtBBltj for u ratilication of the
treaty ptornalgatcd. It haa been llready rati
lied. The original deelaratlon that it was noi
rutilied was renl ,,ut by an BngUah eoiTeapomlent
,,f a BriUafa syndieate whieh hM btriTflS* interest.-.
in Kio. The hlstory ,.f the liraaillan treaty la -io,
pie. it was ratifled through Senhor Mendonca, the
lii i/ilian Minister. II" BfBl obtained Mr. BUlne'l
\iews of what was noaaible ill Ihe shape of a
forraal prefaoaltien. He earrled thia to Braill, ob?
tained the approval ol the propoaitlon lubmitted,
and broughl one back from his counlry. He alao
obtained tull authority to negotlate and t,, ratify
any ajrreetnenl following tbe line of hla Inatruo
tiona He thna eoneluded tbe negotiationa In
Waahlngton, and after they WCM fully e.,u,|,!ete.|
the treaty was made theaubjeel ofa proclamation
by tbe Presldent Thla is iu anawer t,, critica
wh.. would plaee the adminiatration in the silly
poaition oi parading a treaty .,f whieh only one
?ide bad been eotnpleted.
li i.s aald t.. i ,? a prinelple of journaliam tbal
.,11 beginnera adopl tlie ln.i attack as the hesl
;.. ina of showing thelr quallty. Ex-Senalor
lla'a dcbul in journaliam adhcrca to thia
dition. Ih- article on tlie Navy haa attracted
mme attention al Wuehington on accounl of Uie
?I rcpurta of it-. nUcgr*d virnrrnce*.
. however, n is found lhal
.?:: i Ie i.s not '.t all \ i.ilent and i- iu no w ;
up !?? ? ii 'a repul itiun as a man ,.f iihility
i.| Informntjon. I!.- mak. i e etlj two poinl
iu liis artiele. One is that under an annual i
nt war with Gre it Ilritain greal and extravaganl
. are foree i " ;' "i ( on :?? a ;?' apend upon
., na\y. arhich, in a few aborl yeara, will I* made
; itiire improvemcnta. II.? cltea tlie
War of the Kehellion in evidenc ? aa t" the rapidlt1
with whlch we could produce a navy, ii' need Ib?,
aad-' reasoal ti,.,! ihere is no need, therefore, "i
advance preparation for ? reraote wur poa
aihiUty. <','ti.ni'-, ii"in any one elae, auch adecla
r t; .11 would Imb re nrded aa weak. Comlng froni
* i Ingnlls, it is poht.l.v called careleaa and
IhoughtlesB. The country waa then engagrd in ?.
? ,r with a country lhal had r.o navy. The bldps
.'..?re bulli al lhal Ume were aimply .I
f.,r hhiekade purpnaea and were never called in
let with anything approaching a modern
In iii- second plaee, Ihere was no!
i v ip i.iuit during the war that was retained
on the a. live lial "i the Navy after tbe war eloaed.
rhe enly ihipa lhal we bad lefl then for gen
11 ,i aervire on foreign Btatious were the old
..?a ihipa built before the war. The aecond
? made by Mr. Ingalai waa that, after all
? p - ,.- nboiil ?? ir, I mrland had qtiictly put
thi* eo.intry ln a Litighable poaition by appe
,:, the S p ?? ue ' i i : lo iubrail the .*u< ition in
.- i..r urbilraiion, Bnd th il was the end ul
Uie whole "potber." Siirelj Mr, Lngalls ia fa
- reme l 'o iri
lu kni ? ? .? i- jusl wl at the Kngliah author
Itiea I. ive noi done. Tl,".. have pul in a cotch
caae, hoplng to ruibarntee Uiis Oovernmeut, Imi
have dlstlnctly -' ited through tlieir offleial
, "The l."ii,l,,:i Times,' thal in the evenl
ul an adverse de l "" ;1,1 ''?", be bound
bj such adverse rteriaion; The view concerning
the ilevelopiaenl "i tbe Navy mav I.ne whieh
will pleaae Ihe Knrmers' Allianee people, who
? ike no broader view oi iheir rountry than i- pre
. : , i . | t,,,,, i ,. ?j !?? ,.i some d< aolate
I t. :, nl pi.uii . Imi it i ? not In keeping with
auv view "l moderu Mi tr*m inship. Tlie con
n ul iifairs l ua greatly ? l inged ln the I. ?
twenty-five yeurs The developmenl "i "i'i:
. lonc h in i.i en bo ? real ti, il enormuus Inveatmenta
will have Ui be made lo efTSble n-~, compeR
II ,? world in the ti, inufnetiire nl guns. The fact
thal we are perfeetly prepared for wai ll I ?
?n|j nbsultitc '??'? thal we will never
Whal i- Invcstod in ihe Navy rcprescnta
nothing more n?r Icas tl,.,n un insuranoe^ lliui any
. l bualneaa rnterpriae wouhl regard as a mod
,.i i.. p. r.. in , ..? upon ihe property - ?cured.
lu another way, the huildinf, ol i greal aavj ia r
distinel cncouragemenl to private interpriee. Wc
made such protrreaa ln ahipbuildlng during
ihe lewyean tbal tne Oovdrnmeni liaabeen hulhl
Ing new Bhips thal wr can to-duy build aaohcaply
hetter shipn than are built on the Clyik*. TlitB
fncl la deraonatrated al tbe Crarap ahlpyard. M.
than this, the BtimultM fr.'in thia advancement
iu the art ot khlpbuilding will eauae the eonatrue
ii.>f new raerchanl Unea, The encourajremenl
given in tbe Poatal Kubakly bill will lead t., the
rsinblisl.menl "t a grral traaaatlantie line, to be
liuill with An.eiic.in money and eotidiicted i.m iii.
Vui'ii,',n i- iieipnse, ttyina for tbe tir.st lime iu
many yeara the L'nlted Statea hag over .. niodarn
ateumahip line between New Y,,rk aafl Liverpool.
rhe plan for thia new line haa been eotnpleted
.nd Ibe publlc wlll soon hear "t i' iu eonneetion
aitb eapitallata wbo are tboroughly expericnceil
ui tl.is kind oi enterpriac and arho have heen
rraervlng iheir eiwrgiea r,.r tbe tfcaa when they
euuld bave a line wbleh should e.ur.v their coun
try'B hag.
Seaator Pbrtt, ol Connectieut, is much pleaae.1
,,vi-i- tbe aueeeaa tbal Ibj bad ln paaalng the Copy
righl bill. lie aaid laal nlgbt thal aeveral times
ii waa toueli-and-:''. wlth the measure. The Slarr
II...I. amendmenl should noi h ive I.n aikJed t,> it
li Senator Aklrich had noi heen, bj aecklent, ab
aent frora the Senate Cbamber aben the vote
wrns taken on the Khermon amendment, it would
have Im'imi rejei.1. Hla vote Would have ina,
;. tie and tha Vu'eT'ri'M'leul would Iiave ea*.t The
decidlng vote agalnat it. The Senator aaid thal
? ? situation to-day under this bill i> EaTorable
for both authara aud publishers. It is also
ravorablt to the printera. He aaya tbal it ia
,,'ilv tnir and just that. a foreign writer wh<> >,
curea the privilege of eopyrighl and exeluaive
tale in thli oountry sboui.i w Mmpalled to pub
lieb his work her.-. He did not think thal
th.-re was tnueb point iu the EugHah
criticiam that work bere ia ao much more
rxpenaive than In England aa to bar the English
Brriter from comlng here. He said that he thoughl
books were produeed here noa aboul as cheaplj
.,, ihej un- in Bagland. If '.soal ahould be
.. trifle more. the author would -till have bia
eompensatlon in bls exeluaive aale under the copy
right The aarae advaatage is obtalnable lor the
Anieiiean author under tiie intern itional agwe
n.,.,,1 in the countriea whlch folkrwed the agree
,,,,.,,1 madcal Berne. Addittonal legialation mighl
bc la'e.ied in Englaad ta give the aaine protee
tJoa lo Atnericin authors U is given to the tor
,.,^ii autliors here. Bal under Ihe exislint; law
la Eaalaad uu Amerkau uutlior cau obtain e\
?lusive eoayrlfhl if he pulili.hes in Eneland. Tlie
advantafe to the puidisber waa lhal ha faaaaa
seeure tlie ewlusive rlffba to publish an.V well
kii..wn aathor'a worka. Formerly, whatever
n.'reoment Iie mi.lit make. Iie wnuld bave to face
tbe eompetitlon of three or four aabttehera hrinj:
in^' out editions of the same writer. He did not
believe thal there would >k? any inerease in tha
price of baoka aadee tlie new law. There rui?jht
>ic a redaetloB. It. Ls t.? a pabUabex- interest.
to sell as many booha as he ean. and he ean only
reaeh a large aale throagh moderate priees. With
exeleatve rigl ta aeeared, be eould pabUah a baak
,ii a lower price beeaaae be would have abaolate
eontml of the BBle, and the ine.reise bj nuui'iers
of the aale w.nill justify the lower prlce. Tlie
eoatrol of the prleea of the sale af the ararka
of modern wrltera la foand eoattBaalbf la the
eheap edltlona of Btaadard anritera, arheae arorka
are nol protected i>y tne eopyrlgbt law. So lon?
ii* the publlo ean obtain the beal standard writer.
in vr.luu.es aold al ten cents eaeh. II will l>e iin
poaalble t-i i>ut upon the markel arorka of new
writer* at bigh pricea Senator Tlatt tliouylit
that there would be >i'> udditioual leirislation
ii|n._lhe BUbJecl i.r BOaaa time. The present law
had oiiine to st,.\, anleaa, as be lias written t.,
BM nf the greal pi.lilisheis of New-York, tliere
should he aome oombination or trust made up i#
tween leadlag pablu_era. Sueb a oomrd_a_oa,
iie thought, waa hapoaatble. But un attempt in
tliat iliiciion w..a!d have a tendency to make
ihe preaenl le_islati.ui uapopalat and migbt put
it in daoger oi fiiture repeal.
Rottor* burera and wortara aill alwaya flnd lt to
their Interest lu lieep track ?f tha " Uttle advcnNemejita
?r the people." Tney ara printed on tlio nlnth pa.o
of uiic Fri.una,
waahington, March B (fh>a-lal).-Oreet pi*?j*arat*oaa
?ra betna mada lo antartalB Seeretary Proctor on tbe
rjeeaahm Of hl* Vlatt next week to 1n*pc t tiic Clikk
tmaoga Nal.U Park. II i* B-gBBrtei that ba n_|
leava Waahington wltb a dtaMngalaka- r*rt.v ou M.u>
day afteri.n, and arrlve in Chattaneaga on Tui7*.i-y
night Wedneaaay wdi be ipenl te visiting fl.icit
amauga Park. ln ti" evenlng there will ho a pubfc
reccpUon al tha <'h:,ni>.?-r of Commerea, <>n I-ajaday
Lookout Xountaln, Hl aloaary BWge and varimis iM.mt*
,,i ,: t.;?? ? _bout the clty, v\ili ba aaaa. That algnt it
I., Bxpecl .t Uw vi Itora arill attend tho baoqnet cale
l.nt.li tllO l:i:i:iiu.o UH'1 Of -t el 1>V tl*B baslc pl-iiesS
hom low unido .outhern Iron. A commlttee from tha
I'liomlior of Commcrcc, roiialatltig of ex-Kederal uiwi
,.\ ,,,', .-.:.. ,i- -il.ii.i~, and ol (iti/.iai* uho were
in iieithcr army. ha* been appointea. A
,-.-. .,;,.minitl ?? i.a* nlso been appolnted fromthe
i ,,., c,?iiik I an>1 iii'iov iii.::iii./..i "v*. N'tiil.i:* Mau
., ,;i l( :.v ii, ti.o. sherman afid AIIIwmi
. . L'oK.wpll, < loinoiit. Kln/.y
m(t ,,, i ,,? . xpei'ted t.. acrompany tho hee
,,..,,.,, u, ... ,,,,. vi-H it i* nndentond Uml the Sw
,.,.,. ,.v ... j,. ?.;.,. a t ??,:? i'i Uie -outhweat aiid vi-.it
ip-il pust>.
i ,..;.? (own, N. .'.. March 8.r-The lOOtb aaalver
?,-,,.., ,, | .. ,? iUi nf John Weehsy, tho foonde. "f
Melbodlsm, wa* oh_crved at Um Metliodlal BpUeopal
Church rn PiekUborough to-day. Aa Bddraaa waa
The i-ife avt w,."'k pf
seu ,!?:? \l lllram 11. Cari e. and iu tho
evemiig a number ..f addrcs-e. were delivere?
i !,".til. N. V.. Maich . (-peebU). Bdward Well*.
j,-. ?i ;.,??.?. vork i ?' . [loke to tii" eadeta "f the New.
v,, ;, Miiii i \ \. evei .ii. on "bonie Qu *r
i ?n :i -. hnlarly addreaa aud aaa
heunl witli greal pl. i?ure by a large audleace.
Many pratUcal needs eould he nael tiv ea_ef-lry si'an
nini; ihe lltil, advi rti iemeuta on tho uintli paga af Ihe
i..i ,. ii . t.ir_Ipok verterdar afteraaaa ta yoaaa
!??- luiutul ? il iii. St. 2_S Bowerr.
i . .? of a I Brta_in llfe, and r?
. ,. . . ot hia ?rinv exaerleaee, aheaa
..;,.. r. bad beas prod-ctlv* ?< nui n
_.,,,i ii Via;.|, .] ... ? r *. ii aaalael aaa aaaaera thev
- .,,, i ? ivl* -l ii." praette* ot th?
. ? aad *" ? B-tt ou th ? I'urt,
,,{'.,;]'. v th ? C-riaUaa aplrlt wllh tb ?
,',,,i ,:.:.. ii v.I, .. v u ? ? ahe-kl ea, "Eeap tha
? 1V I.- put lt, _J?J th- bm '. ?
?nt, whieh bl* reroarl- wer* reealvad aaa aa avta*a-?
that ii.iiiv ,r Umm v.i?, beard htm vrmUd eaaaavat to
laUew in* Injai I on.
,-,,, r vi-i abow in M-.ii*.Hi Bqaare
,,,:,i ? rfM| ,:,?,- were well attaaaa-. la ajat* af the
ilng weaOier Iha people tam* - large
. ?,,,!,. r-. and, . - -i " ' ? applaoa. aad tha bo_?*?u*
: th" noi*'". au Incldeot
1 ' ' ' '
I ? ?.,, ataalBB. s ?" - ? 'l
? r tulra In ihe [tallaa
: ..,?'??? ?? at i. ?<--.I
Wi. n -ii" wa* on an nn
?.,,.,. ,. ..... end ..f the wae, *h?
I , _, | | . ,-- -'in." of
i,,.;, ahe would hu\" tallaa t.. u..- Boor.
I ,, ith whl. h ahe ? aa ov, ""ii" -h.v urt
ber Budience. _?'veral |>hyalcla_* c*. forward ka *a*l l
? | rea, htd bm ihe bad ra ? .ered.
wtked when reaaoa retaraed wa*
..,, , . .. . .-?? M,-. Uetz'i frli ad* aay that
-I,. la nol .?: Uh ' ' '? ';' *lB ??'>'.
now -.'.' !??!riHi: POPCL i^.
i'i- .:u The I' ? ? Ipl i 11
?? vou know Mi- -. whn llve* m -eventeenth-at.t"
i mnlden with sliort. curly. blonoe. hair ol a
with romilah brown eyea a* the two ex
..i .v.i.- iu Ihe corner of a 1 iftctitn >t. eai
Uy." p, plied I " nl Ibe brown eyea.
??I., s i; know Ima -he liecame o popalar in aoci
el, ?? ,, . ? -ii.'ii hair.
? li ,- n'l tli" len i ldea." ___.a__i .
?? \\v:i you : . . Iio wa* al th.aalmre laal oum
??.,. *.:,? hl V, . .-I I U'k to 1.Iie ;,..|iiailil.'.l
u,n; .t ,..-, ?!,.,"? repiaii ". and he Roated her tn llw
. ...,?.? u!.,'n anviIiiiiK i"t?;> ri;,,v ll;1' "??_ ,","
,.,.,?,,) among those who narflrlpated. Kverybodj
:?.'. ii .. : lu< ha.* beionie Ihe 'go.
?? vnil .''??- the newspapi r reporter ronUnue ln ber
_,.?! .-.I,.'.." inuocetiUj ln<inlred tha broara-eyed
'"''?'?'i'i!',;,,'.'.' N'o; vou illly i "?"- ihe aaa no farthee
I if"'real mean." nbjerved the ..ti.o.v
.. a(0aj ,i ? i ? ? . ' rontlnued ahe wlth tlio
.horibalr. "that i havo ? Ived ... i.c.-oino acinaint.-.l
niih -..? a ou- t r norter when I ao to tne M?a
.hore nexl auhnner." biuI Ihen lhc*e two girl*, borely
l?1 t)l,.j,. ,,...,. fe|| to .'"win. l'uiii in a irtani.cr that
would iii-vo made ihe Bace ..f a mookey ache.
Trom Leiaare lio'ir.
Tha ..,.f Mra. Bliaabcth Woodeock, who fnraived
,., . , ,,, ?.| 1: ,1., mow, may ba known to many
;. ,,i... . t: i, woman, foriv-two year* of age. of
limiiiigton. ., vlllnao thitse mlle* north of Camh
,,,M i. -.. iv ln ntiiriiliiK home froai markel on Satur
riav evenlnit. Feliruarj _, iTw'.v and wa* burled ijevcn
-',,.. (1,,.,, ,? t'i- biiiiw. ln thi* itate ahe contiBued
.i.;hi-- nnd elirhl dai '. when ahe waa dng out
illve on sunda .1 mary 10. Mie retalned the tnU
i?,.-..?-.,;,.a oi I.-' ? ? .11 the while ahe wa* h-uaaraf.
-,|1(. died .Inh ?-''. 1"'.''.?
\ ^.whal ii'iira eaae oemrrcd m the anow-torm
, N ,, ?|... , ;?,. \ nii.i.ii" bc << woman, named
uire .'.i'i..- Lowo. !..?!? n.inc to Wlgan, wa* wlmiiteil
Into sualdlm; Workl.-? lu ;. vorj weak atate. havlng
j,,,.,, ,;,.,,,,, ,? ,;,. ri.|i..vliig offlrer aleeplmr iwl ln tha
anow fi the ln.ii*hlre Fena, near .paMlng. Hhe
?-,, . mil to lu.i Ihen alaled thal *lio had ale.pl
,,,, f!, HV . ? .. i , ,,, i moiish . im liKtinu-. wiilnii iho
, , ,,.u- ,;,, . ,... , ven- i weuther ol Ihe year, when
ii .,. i-oven-il Iho k'round U> Hi- dopth ?f ncarly
. i a i ih,. o ....? worn in'* hair wa* lu aueh a matted
11 had lohoi '! rnl off. ^eRtotedthal ahe
? ti imi 'i fi..n -? hlre. where ahe had fonuerly
,,..,, |? ,;,,,. ?;. prvl.e. and al tl.e time ahe waa found
,? ?,,. ?.,?,:'.' ,. have l.-t ber war. Tbe
?-(,rk!iou*e r?ni,liii-i i-on*W r it moal remerkable Ukaa
ii?- woman ?urvlved Uie expo-are and eeli.
Por r_rea_ln< ap ?<? CoM aaa Dr. i>. Jagne'a Ex
pectorant, whirh auhdue* ti"- Inflanaaaaloa imd heala
Um aoren. -, rellcvlng Throal aad Longa. . ' .
A bBBOB welghlag _B- Ih*. aiupMded from a t,r,,k|-n
nUt.. ??_ b-ieii ;.u."1 t..L-th.r wlth Hajor'a C Bral ,t tl,"
pood i'.i .!..'?tn i M,.-lt on. Any hrok-'u axtl.-lo brouuht
ih' i" will i" iv nd f ii ? ?
-a> ?
Whi-n nn aill.le ol lun-liare at FLrS'T'S iHth-3t.
..?i aa ' ? doea Bot qulehlr *'ll al Olio .-o.-t i.rlcc, ?
i, ,,.r an. low, |. ., BBUkad aaa. tn-; tarir-iti u
tVaaabahy ?-a* **?_ we aav* her Castori*.
V, , n a'i"'??, _ Chtld, ?tio cried f-l i a.*torla.
When aha h iwne tli**, aa- cluag io ca?~n*.
Whea *hi had B?Jaraa aha gara t_i_i C-?t_i_.
.___% nn i iday, M i. >>? BUaahatti K. Beyer. wtaaa
r M'n \ BTth rear ol h-. u?o.
,'.'?, - ".. tb..i.i-.,. ,-..r ber *. .-in-iuw, raha
M* Bow, Bl Weat .'*'?-'.. Twiaday, a_ut* 10. at 11
[_terni,?t *t th- coavanteae* ?f th.' famiiv.
haTHUATK At Central Morrlaanla, N V-. ttanday.
March 8 18-1, Matgaiet *>. Huthgat.-, ?Mer uf Dr.
I,;'*,'' ' '"' ',??','.'.'. ...I. of th.- f in,Iiv uro Inxli ,1 ta vt.n.I
il.'-r'Ji r'l .'iii'.'- Bl her late i.'-l.l.-i.?". 1,341 Fordham
.,v,. , ? i,-1 -t--t . oo Wedaeadav, March 11, .'?
I 80 |
iu liKV-.vi iVoudbrldae, N J.. Thtraday, klarch 6, Will.
ij.ii II. II. u\. lo Ui" S'HIi vriir tf hl* BJD*.
l lu, i il -.ri.i'* .>'. bl* i?t" i-caidcii.'.'. Woodbriairi'. N. J.,
o, Moniluv, Mar.li 9. ;U S li. Ui. I'rilu. lu_N0 Cortl-tl.t
aud li'.-atllviiM* *t_. 1_:30.
bUbOWbTXLL jjaaah 7. iwn. Ma Mf &J***."'JfJ
daaghter of Tbairafl K. and B. Uaaal Bha>aaaB, - a
'J inonth* and 2 days. ,.i.f,?? v j
Fuaeral from the reatdeflee sf ber paraats, turiou, ni. J*
Monday, Marrh 9, st 4 p. BB,
Biirial al WflBBSBWa.
OEDICBE-At Newark. \. .1.. oo. March ,>. 180 , of heirt
llsflflflfl, Beiaaai w. .id:,;.'. M. BT, in tha ? \o*t of
BfllaUvei and Intlmate frl.ndf ar.- In\*lt'd t.. BMaaallM
iBBflial K,-rsl,-.s at his l.i.i.,-. ;>,si H...I.I ?-:-. mi ?l'tna.iy.
Mareh ??. at -2 M p. .... An opportanlty will be ui?'0
Ut frl.-nil* to ?.? tl... Ix^lv i?t?.?... th. h....r? "f J a. m.
ai.d 12 0','lork nn"'. oa th ahove-unnttoii'.U dav
IbUUBUBI ln Ka.,n.,,,,i,t . ? metcry.
UOBBT-SDflaiealr. Marrh 0. Batjee B. lloM.v. of l'iou*
BBlvlllBi Wefltckaater c,., x. y., lu Ue! 06lh year ot
Puneral at the Melhodikt Church. Monday, Msreh *?, Bfl
II M ij. n.
HV NTlMilON'-Oi Thuraday mnrnln;*, March 5, KlUa
Ifth, widow nf Qeorgfl UunUagton,
B-'IiUmb and frienda at" lfl. vtted t<- BtteBd th'! JfBaeBBJ
aervkea sl he. lat* reaWeBrs, M Bflflt lrii-s... Monday
i,;..',,,?l' March tt. at io uviock.
IU Ti 1IIN>-M-ii-.-M I, at thfl r..-11'ii"' of h"'- s.,ii.lnlaw,
J. K. CUley, U,.,;,d?ai, cotasf ftlth-fll . J IB? S>?an. w ldo?
?,f th" int" M.ijsi- Che?t r I'hlld Uutchlna, oi Bath, Be8?
Han.pfhlt", ln th-, Hth y,a: of lu r a#e.
Iiitomiv.it at llath.
lil.NM^I.V--M.,idiy, March H. Vliuliili* Itevailry Ke.l
...dv. (Ui.L'iit.r ?,f tl." lata MarUn i.. Konnedy, of Mear.
Oriosas, ,ud sdejakd aaaakter ef Urs. Jaha f.. K"'.'ers,
<>f Kewburc, N. Y., au>d 37.
Puneral aervleea a! st. Chryaoitom'a Chapel, eorner ynh
r-t. .ind 7tii-a\" . Ttteaday n,"ti,i?L'. March 10, a. II.
New-uileana papara, papera of PrfldericksOBis;, Va.. and
rfewborf papi i - plaaa, eopy.
KINGBrORO?On ?fltflVflajr, Manh 7, J,.lin Parl..;. Klnca
f,,rd. in tli" llih v BJ Bf Bla BfB.
Funeral aervle. - *1U be beld at Qraflfl ChBieh on Tinaday,
March lo, at io o'clock a. m.
Tlu- fainilv ar,: reoanted t" ii. "t at tlic resldenee of hia
i.t" grsjtdfataer. - Baal lUth-at
knox \t ti..- r -ideiii a of bla pataats, 104 wiiiow.^t.,
Brooktya, Kuoday, March 8, l-ai. ?,f pncumoBla. 4,,im
MflflflB K.?.\. Bd, oulv- BBB uf Miria IL. .'1 aud J .lu. M.
Ki..'\. jr., ;.L''il C V .il ??
Batfca of f.iiural her,-after.
i.asviui. ?>? BBfrarfar. Msiah 7. Pbbm WlaBhrop Lawrie,
ln th" *J7tii rear or >u. *w.
Puneral aervlcea al hl- lat- reaktence, '-71 We?t aitii-at,
nn Tin -dav, Mareb 10, al I i>- m.
.M.'AIX- At 1.1-r-.d. ,- , -..il Uarl. u-st.. ll"t.. lt n, N.J..
satuidav. March 7. Uamuel MeOala.
Kuneial aervlcea Mondsj avefllBg at 6 e'doek.
IBlfltBHUl BriVSlfl l'i.e-i:;,v ,,:?..,,,-?.
l'K.\I.I,-.l,.lu. P. l'i .11, March 0, at his residence. Corona,
L. 1.. age: ',2 *? bi ?.
Pnnaral wrvleca wlll bfl h'-ld ln the Preabyterl.in chn^h,
Besrloaa, L. [., bo HooAaj, Mareh '.., af l .w p. m.
BaiaUvea and lr|, ,,<!.- :ii" li,\lt,d to atteoo.
Ttaln leavea l/ong laland . Ity at l p. ....
Oarrlacea in ?.utmu' ,?, airlval ol braln.
ILl.i.bK- ausuata Bugcula Keeae, btbIob of Bev. i.sorKfl
H. ll"-. and ilauLlit-r ,,f tl, l.-.r ? llhert 11. >'
c.itoi.d lutu ost .,u Uatu.diy i,,........-' .Mar.-h 7.
BelaUvoa and frlenda ai- l..w'.,i :., att ? ..it Ihe -1\ I'-f,
whlch srlii be i>, !d at Bloo i i,?i h. Dobba rVrrr. a*. V.,
on Tm-dn, Mareh 10. Bpaa tha arrlval ,,f tiu> train
whlch leavei the llud-on Blvet B. ll. deij.,*, 4'.'d-i.t..
New-York. at IS ?">?'> n m.
Oarrtares arlll ba ia amttlag il Dflbba P. rrjr d"i?,t.
BOLLINB?At roBisrs, March .>, d?tavaa a. Kcr.in?. ia
Blfl Sllh v. ,1.
I",,n,.ral M.,,,.i.,v 1:80 |>. m. from hi* Ifltfl realdcBC*.
Carrlasjea will be ... waltlna Bt Uowerre stati',,, on arrlval
,'f I p. in. tralu rio.ii l",",t!i-t. Boithera ruad.
ri.'in-'.NCK? Al Dcover, Cotoradp. Mareb ?!, Braeat
v*har6oa, aoo of the lat. Bov. Boflb Hunt flVlieac>,
Tt. I... of Brooklyn, aa??! IU ? >?-.
Puneral frotn 81, A....'- Chuteb, CIlBlOB-flL, Iliu'.klrn,
Wedoeadajr nwmlBg, Mar, h 11, at I0*at>.
.ST. .milN- <>n March 7. of pneumonla, Marj Bt .("'m.
WidOW of Havid St. .lolm. IU" ,'f I'.'ine, All,.,nv CoBBtT,
S. V.. Ill lii" .-!-* Mar "f I'"'- 4Ve.
Funeral at th" re?ldence of hei soa, Dr. m\id st. .lohn,
aa Eaaex^ft., HackeflBBcU, N. J., oa Moaslay, Mareh 9, |
at 2 AO B. ....
T-.ii.i- leavfl Coot of Corllaadt-Bt. at 1:io b, bl
THAYER?ln thla ,-itv. ,.,, Hunday, tt," llh Inatanl Beaj
hunin c. Tbaver, "f tiiglewood, H. .).. Nraaerly of
N'i'w.llavcn, i ,,;,n.
Puneral aervlcea at IM'-' ?:?- Preahyterian Chnreh, comer
7;i,i-'. and Boulevars, oa Tuoadsy, Mareh 10, j!
l o'clock.
THOMPSOJf?On Surd.v, March B ISOI, Barah l>:,,date.
uldnw ,.f I.aMd Thompann, of thl- clty, ai.d dsoshtet
,.: ni.- lat" John l.y?a UflrtUner, ?.' UbMUBm'* l-.?i,i,
Ri'lativi'i and frlenda ,f tl," famlly a-e reapectfully bivlual
^, a't'i.d th" funeral -:\i .?- .it. I,--. lai ? .? -:?',,'-. So,
:", i.,I-,. ii... piace, oa Wedu iday moraliuc, March ll,
:,t l" :i" o'i I,"-:, ?. m.
It i- kladly requeat*?| ih.t i,? t!"'- i I -
TOMI'KIXS-At IU" N,.:., N. V., ;>u ii.o.lth, otli day,
N'oah 1. ih lli.a, ln 1,1- 82d ???."?
rtelutivei and l.-.'i.'l- nr.- Invilad io attmd Ui"* funeral st
I,,- latc , -.,1",,.- . -'I day lOth at i o', i..'-k.
j C.iii.a--.- ??,.; ,. .-I tl," l-:t'- trwi.i from N"?-V?rk.
, TKACY Mar. I, 8, al I | Bf . 1- BB d F.
| I . , '. :, d 18 ' ',-?
, Burial a? I i.ii.,.,-'.. nn, Msas,
: wi>t->,um? ni---. suudaj tBoralag, Mareb 9, Eaally An.
. .?, wlfi ..; Josepb I Waal, at her r. Ideace, J. fcaat
91 !i,-i
Notlci <>l funeral hi reafti i
WIUTE \t tha realdc. "i ber ibb, r'"> ^y?,-? 73d-ft.
< harlotte Y Whlt.. wldow ,,f jo-jh WhiU, in I... Haa
s.-.\!..-- Tueaday, 7 :;io |>. n.
W1LSUV?At Tampa, l-"'.a , on Tharaday, Ifareh ?"?.
r.lu.,1 i , artwriKhi WUaon, of Brooklyn, ?"i, of ? Baalna
... ai.'J Un, i.ii" John Ulrkheck Wllasa, la th- Jith
year of ln- Bfl* , ,, .
Funeral -?,?.,. -t tl.- h-aldence of 1,1- BBcle. C. u,
W.Ibrldge, n,i:t Hearjr-st., Urooklyn, aa Mamtay,
March '.?, Bl Balf-pBflt - p. BV
Baaa ot ihe Urvolmloi.. Mareh 7. l-m.-Th- members
nf thl? aoeletv are hspiiift 'l tn atund tli" funeral lervlces
of ..'ir lat.- i,i th.r member, John I'niir PraU. at lha
l'r. ~r.it.-i-.an Chnreh, NVwtown, 1- ' I laland, Monaar,
Mar.ll '.,. I :'<> 1'. nt. I Ii. :n leavea I. . t Cltr 1 o .-Irx-flr,
P m. r. H. TALLMAOOE, ITiflHaati
J. M. MOymOMEBY. >" retsry._
woodi.awn CKMBTEBT.
Wocd'awn gtatlon ,-fi Ward . Ilarlem nai'.roaa
oflle.'. No. -20 K. 2S4t-Bt.
6nrcial Xoticcs
"A.'*? Thomao K. Kirby. Aaeiloneer. ?*>>?
Itaaaa*. rf.
., Baal ItaVflti iMadliaa S'i'iar"),
BCPEKB . "i.i.i:rTl"N
lll<.11 Qf.VL.lTY
kaiu: .i.\l>i:s, < ltYSlAI.S.
LfACQUERS, .<."., Ac.
'.i A. M. ln 1 P. M.
~ll.i>do U flV BlBBflH. An,-tioneera,
wlll - ii Tlllh DAY .M"M?AV ,
and eacli day rlni Ing at ll a. .?. a!ar,), tlie
enUr, ' alain ', u agi II.. '-i -to I? of
UK*sMlt?. D. I.IMH.MI.IUN' I CO.,
i ni ii wi xi i. r vK'. u.\ ii'ii'M-:.
M tr.'ii ii"? i,,i!'iin-- 18 Baal BM-st., opuoalta MadUflBB
Bve, Kur partic. ,.--?? ^ ?, i and World. [
.'.. .,.,,: .- "loli.'C.
(Sh.mi.i ),.' i.ad aaUy i,y aU iBtwsaiasl, as ahaaajfla
n ? ., eur at any llB .
Uii..:- foi iiu'i-ii tountrles ii"d uot bc ip^tlallj aa
,: -- d f,,r d -i..,t. u t.v :iin i . - um ,. 'a ? nl
when lt i- r! ..Ir, ,1 to - nd d'U.. i of banklng aud
; aicrclal d ?, u?..-,,'.-. Iciteri not fiaxlally addreaaaf o'?"*"
I -eut b) ti," f? !'-' >? ---,-.. ?
Korelcu malla i"r the a*eek eadlns Mareh ll will cl,v?
' (prouiutb iu all t.,--' at tlm ..il.." aa followa:
moxhw ii < |, i?- f"i ; ax lo, per a. a B.
HouRh, li-oiu N< ? " I ? ? - al ;i p. n>. !? Hcllte, l'li-rts
loru-2 and uuateiuala, V -- - BUllBBBir, fiom KBflN
rUKSDAY vt 10 b. bi. for i' ,>?-?- -". psr ?-. *?
Id , . ,i,tt.i- tor other M..\..a,. Ktacas Biust ba d.r ?. d
"I oi llai an i").
vvi'.HM -Ii \ V vt 11 a. tn. for F.orope, i-'r *. a.
TfOtfMilo, iu Qu, oatown .itt r- i ?: i." many, Ueiiaawk,
SMiiiu, Norwa* ( ll -t...n:a' aud II .--, , -t 1*
,ir.,;,,l '|,., routoair" : jr 8:80 a m.aor Htnaawv.
li.n.,1,1k. kwed n, n rway iChrlatlanla aflfs Rua?la, i-r
a. -. I.al.n. vla li,...... 1' t'".- for "'*
; lountrlea. \iit S?iith.-..n|.tiii.. nui-t I," dire.-asl "pei l.ihn". |
Ot i a. m. for li"l,-,,.?, 'ln.,. i": f. -. IU. nland. vla
Antwflrp [lettera muat be Urocted "per Rhyuland ;
at 1(1 a. >>,. filpnle.i .'..-. ll B Bl. foi i.'Vai Aawrlca
uti.i BoBth r.i, iti. 1'i.f-. i>r -. -. Ifewport, ii? rolea
??,.- f. r ..,,at.i.,:ii i mii-t I." dlrected "per .V ? purt i;
ai i (,. in for i uba, por i. a. aharara, v.? llaxana
lleit-r- muat be 'lli..td "per Nh.-nri'.; at I BB,
.aupplnnu'iitarr 1 :i" n. m.) t,,r JaaaUca, per *? -? Tyrian.
nn um.a v-vt i n m (aupplesaeniary 1:10 n Bu
i for H.ru.u.ls. |wr s. i. 1 i?:,!.. I : at I |> m. (nuppl U" ..tary
I 1 :m ... n... r.,r X:, ?in. N. I'.. md BantlflBo, r,,h.i. per
a. i. banUaco: at n p. iu. for TiuxlUe. ix r ?. a
. h. Oterl. f,",,. X. v ur'. I. -
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BC ?:3n p. ni. lor Ut. l'iirrc..iluiucIon, per ?t.-a.....-i froiB
si'NDAY-Al 3 p. m. foi Truxlllo, per B. a. J. Oterl. Jr..
frotu X,.'W.O.I''i?f.
M-ul* fo.- CBIaa and Ia|wn. per a, s. Cllv of rvklnsj
(from San Fran, i-:o . e!o?e b.-rc dallv un to Marrh -15.
fl (liSu 1). in. MaiU for the Ilawmtan Iflainl-. Der a. s.
auatralta .froii. s.m 1- ran.-l-.fi. rlom- here ilallr up lo
March -18 sl n ao p. n?. MaiU f?. th<- Boclety i^iandi.
Bflf "hip Tropie nirl (frmt. .San Kran.'laeov clo?f, berfl
duly ui'to Mareh -2*. at rt ao p, m MflUa tor A..*trali.i.
New-Zealaud. Ilawauan, Fljt and Sau.oan I?!and< prr
, ? ?; , i ., ro i. ^a.i t-rai.'i-., rl - r.-1;. dailv un
to March '28 al 8 :<" p, bj * aa arrlval Bl x. ?.y.,rk
of ? -. I'mltria. "itli Briti-h mulli f..r Auftralia1.
Mill- f'r NewloUBdlSttd by taU to Ilallr iv. and then'-a
i,v ateanier. elsaa at thi- aalae ?I?? i\ .< ? :'u p. ?..
Mall- for Mlq'i.lo', b] rail to Bofllfln. and IhflBee l,r
aUavmer, cloac at thla otti.v duly at 8:30 p, iu. Malla
f..r Cutfla bj ruil to TninpK Kla.. ani th< nr,> t,v itrfllBOf
,-i.ii.iL' Monday*, Ti.,,r*'lavH acd Hatu '? ? - i?;?>-.- >i
thl* ofllee dall\ al 1 JO a ,n. Mi !- f. , M"\t.-.,. over
land ..nl' -- ipeclslly uddr"?<l fo,- di-pat. lt bf aieaiuer.
. .? Ibla ,,!!.??" itallv at A 00 ii. '.,.
? TraiuePBctOc malla ar- fonvarl.-d to San Fran.-lsefl
iaily sad tl.-- achedule ,.t cloatos la anaasjifll aa tha
nreaumptloa of thfl. ni>,nt--,r.,|,t ,t oVerifllld trai.Klt to
mu Kr.iiu1-..,,. Malla fr",.,-ti," Kaat :'rr.\.i!-.- oo tlu,,- at
Siiu Ir.il'.'i-, u o., ih" .lay ot ffiliiu- .,; -..-iiij.'r- ar,' ,ila
l 1'iiid then.-,. th. hii." day. Basjutered n,all eloae- al
0 ;00 i?. in- provlona dai ?
roHNKl.IfS VAV COTT Po?tn*?ter.
Po*tora..c. Bew-Taaa. a. X-. March o, iwl

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