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rMtrERO~THl'ATRE-?-Da? Alte Lled.
BIJOC TnEATRE-2 and 8:li-Th9 Nonalnea.
C'AMNO?8 IS?Poor Jon?th?n.
OOX.VMBVI TnEATRlV-8-Mlnatr-la.
DALV'K TIir.ATRE-8-Frederic Lcmaltre, Barbaia and
The Tir.tfd Yenua.
F.PF.N Mt'SF.F.-Wax Tableawi*.
3ARJ1FN THFATRF.-S 15-Bstrothed.
&RAXD PPF.RA HOUSn-2 and f-Xatunl Oaa.
HARLEM ori'.RA nOUSE-6-lVarl of Pekln.
HARRU.AXS THF.ATRE-2 and 8-Ueilly and the 400.
HIl'.RMANXS THEATRE-* :15-A!1 tha Comforta of
KoMl't 4 BlAL'S-2 and 8-famienclU.
LYCEU V ' HEATRE-8 :\o?Oid lleads and Toang Heart*.
MADIb. .> SQl'ARF. THEATlU',-8:30-Alabama.
XATIOXaL ACADEMY OF DKSIOX-0 a. m- to 0, and
7 :80 U> 10 p. m-Art i:\l.il.ltlon.
NEW PARK TIIEATRE-8 13-A fctralght Tlp.
MHLO'b-2 aud 8-The Beautlful .Slave.
PALMF.R'S TllF.ATUli-2 and S:15-A LoH Thrcad aad
Lady Harter. ,
PROCTOK'.S 1-3T1.ST. THEATRE-2 and 6:15-Mr. WU
klneou'a Widow*.
BTAR THEATRE-t*-The Power of tho Freea.
I'NIOX SQUARE TlII.ATRE-6 15-The Henrletta.
UTH-ST. THEAXRK-2 and ??Shann K.".?
3r\bex lo ^oocrtiscmfius^_
AmuBTreata. ...?l ? "?**????.,? ?
AnnouncemmU . 4 ??":?"???.lL i.|
Auaaou aalea. Ur* ^\_Tm **?*? i
A^B*-"B*oAa JWjaSU:-1* |
Boar.l a.i?! Ilom.i. ... | ?iBeailMjoufl ....- -a
rSr.ti. Xo Muefcal Inatrumaata, 8 4
Capartn r h p ^?n , N>,v pol)M, M1ona...'f 1
Dlvidwid Xotlcea... .11 1 l_rT. *.li \
B?'E::::.:i! lfiSRff*..^=i m
PlnancUl ii lsrecbil Wotlce*. 7 ?
?il";! :.::::::.::.jo m &&?*???.u8 f
rinanelal Mee?ng?..ll 1 ** ln^? Hank..ii i
iiidPbw.nt?d?::::::: 5 "1 wS5 **atBd.? m
Homea .c Cartlagei. l> 1
_Btl51HCBS X011CC3.
la Oreat Varietv, n.anutacsured oy
111 Fulton-sc. New.YorB.
Deekr. Llbrary Tablca. &c._
1 year. C roos. 8 poa. *m_
: itfSLAsil ii '? J
Weeklv Trlbuna... J?J *"" _ _
ll"?it i.v i'..-ui OiUcr, Expreaa urdcr, Chwlt, Uraft oe
r'eCaTol ICul' MaaB. if *ent ln an unrcgistered letter,
Atfrmm all eorrcapw.Ber.ee almply "The TMbonc." New.
r<,rl1' Rr.vrn urriflM cv thf ntnvra.
Adrvtlaaanenta for pubUea?Joo la Tho T. tb-me.and
nde.- for roKi.lar d'llvery of the.daily l??e ? .Tn'' ?? r?
EV. ai tne followlng hrai.eh eBlcee ln Kcw-lork.
I !n braneh ofllce, l.tW Proadway. corner 81at-at.
158 nh-Avo., r.iruer 14th.at.
270 We?t 284-at.. corter 8th-ava,
I ? W'eH 42d?t., near Oth-ave.
f, Avbbbc A. tteor BaM tOt-tt.
TjO 8d-avo., entran'o 47th at.
1 "2A .Idnvo . het,w?en 00th and Otat ata.
i-n Pj-t 1?-.th-?t.. ne>r 8d-ave.
1 fo," otbnvo.. nenr eath.fct.
1 ~ot\ lai.avo., near 8!>th-at
f.O T.tKe?t" ar _
For*ign.-Tlie British lWCea h:\xe- cntered Mani
pur; tlw instirsent Manipurio lost 200 men in a
fight with thc F.ritish on Saturday. == The
funeral of Couut von Moltke took place iu Berlin.
?:? Ex-Klng Tamaaeae, ol Samoo, is dead. ???
Queen Victoria has left GraaaC lor Kr.uland.
Douiestic.-I'resi.lent Barrlaon und his party had
an excurslon oa San Fiancisoo Bar. bis steamer
being followed l.y a larpe ileot. =e= The Aaaraibly
ptMOi rt?olutioii6 providinp fOr si\ conimitfees
to piii-siie varioua laveattfattoaa, oaa an laqulrr
into the eaaal manapenieni; tl.e Seaatc deadloek
coi*inued. - ?e lt was reported la Waahiaittoa
tbat the Chlneae GoTenuaeal had ref used to re
ceivo Henry W. Blair aa Mialster from the I'nited
Btatee. ??~~ The r"l>Tl<,11 of ,hc Nattoaal Miae
Workera' orgaaliation decided to postpone the
geaaral ftrike proposed for May 1. =t= The
report of Fedeiml ofBehtla on tlie New-Orkaaa
lynehiag was received i.y tbe Department of Jus
tice at Waahington, but waa nol made public.
City an.l Suburbaa.?It was touad thal John T.
11111, arealdenl of tho Nlnth National Bonk up to
the time of his death on March 1, bad heen a
delaulter ta the amount ol aboul $400,000; he
w;us a truftee for several eatatea, bui it was 6aid
that their fuada had beeu made cood \v the
hank. r- n .' Dr. Paul 11. Kretrachmar, Buperriaor
avLarge of Klaga Countr, died. s== The Brook*
Ivu Unlon League Club gave a dtnner to Major
WUliaa McKlnley, jr. = Leopold Landauer,
whoae wife aeeured an aboolute dlvorce fron him
yesterday, Uied to kill hiQitelf. :- William
Steinitz resigned both ganies ln tbe eabla cheas
aiatcli with Ttehigoria. ? .. Btocka aomewhal
ItM aetive and feveri6hly irrepuliir, hut, ojieuing
itrong. closed lirm at generally full reooveqr of
the losses suffered yesierdav.
The Weather.?Forecast for to-day : Fair and
cooler. Temperature yeaterday: llii?hest, 68 de
greea; lowest, 4.-.: nverrge, 60 1-8.
A number of important appointmonts aro due
from Major GibbI ou or aboul Maj 1. It is a
striking eonimcntary upon tho way tho K'.vorn
iner.t of this city is administ'M'cd that th<? opin
ion gencrally prcvai'.s that notbing wili be done
nfti-ding tlio appointments until the return of
r'ichmd Croker from Europe. Tho advent of
the Tammfiny Etig Chief is gocordinglj awoited
witli interest aml impatiem *'. As tho tiuie nf
his sailinj; is uncortain, tho situation is really
painful for the men who aie on tbe on-ious ggti.
One of the bills whieh bocamo a law yc'iter
_ay wm ihat proTidiBg foi" tho ostablishment
of a bntanical garden in BrOM l'aik. tbia city.
This intolligenee eannot fail to be jjiatifying tu
all the people of Xew-York. Tho provisions of
tho aot hnvo bwttl ropoatodly o\]i!aii:-*d iu TllK
TRlLH'NE. The entorprise is to bo in good
hands. and is ea?ily capablo (.f being DUtdo, and
iindoubierliy will bo ma'io, tl:-" moans ol ?reat
usofnlnoss. Tbg ei y i- t i I*-- oongiBtolated
upon tho foundation of such an institution with
n its bordei s. _ _
An oflicial statomont has beon made ro<zard
ing one of the subjects whit-b 'Governor Hill will
assign for the Legislatuie's considei-ation at the
extra se.sion whieh may bo sumnioned. At
least. if the statement of M Tbe Wine and Spirit
Gazette" regaiding the Hill-^cliaaff Liquor bill
18 not oftlcial. it may be aeeepted as authori
tatire. The orjs-an of the saloons says that thc
Governor will incJude this mca-mrc in tho busi
ness to be done by the extiaoidirary sesslon.
This is highly interesting, but not impovrant in
:he senso that it moans legbtetioR on tbe
question. The -Senate, of ooiirne, will never
ra *- tho bill whieh is ace-r-ptable to (bg Ass8B_
bly and the s'.ilnons.
Actins on the piii.oiplo that di-cioiioti is tho
fx-tt'-r part of courage, tho Xntional Boord of
tlie United Mine-Woikers of Ameriea has de
clde.1 to pggtpono, j[ not to ahandon. tho big
atr. ;o of toal-minei-s whieh had b'-on set for
May 1, This drtci-ion was leaohed at a session
of tho Hoard in Co'umbuv Ofeio, j< -toiday. Of
iu wisdom there canoot be two opinions. Thc
gtrike was to be made in order to forre the con
cessjon of eight hours as a day's work. rni
granting of this demand could not reas.ina. ,}
be erpeoted, and a long and bitter at?|gW
would have ensued, accompamed. doBbtleso, 9}
much deprivation and suffering. I-ark of ta?
is assigncd as the renson for the present action.
lt showg prudencc in the Hoard to have grasped
the situation before tho stnke had actnally been
begun. # _
A icvelation of a startling character was mad**
yesterday regording Mr. Jobn T. Hill, wbo, ti
tho timc'of bis death on March 1. was tho pro?
idenf ot tho Ninth National Hank of this oi'y.
It appears tbat he bad for tom? timo made uso
of the bank's funds for spoculative ptnrpoeea,
apparently covering up his dishonesty by dc
positing securities bcloDging to certain estatcs
of whieh he WM a tnistoe. Tho embozzlomonts
amounted to more than $400,000. Mr. Hill al!
the time led an apparently straightfonvard and
upright life, and dicd with the rcspec, and
esteem of his frionds. to whom these disolosuros
liinst be a most painfu) shock. Fortunataly, tbe
bank's capital has not been impairod by the
erooked ways of its la'" pre?ident. Hank Kx
aminer Hepburn and the Clearing-Houso Com?
mlttoe unite in declaring that it is entitled to
tho full oontidenoe of its depositors.
Governor Rill'i lateat movo in tbe interest of
tho canal rinp was niado in the Asscmbly yos
ti-rday. l.iko hia pio|?osterou? bill providing
for the app-intmiM.t of a non-partisan invcr-ti
gatifig commiesion \>y the moat unsorupulonis
and th^r-.u-rlnfoini* putisan in the State. c\QT\
hiins-lf, H wt_ -tile-1 to divort attention from
the L.itiffhlin re ; -n. It is a silly move, and
is worlhv of n-.*:.- if bogggm it atto.-ts that
tho DeOMMMtl of ti 1-egislature have been
acting th- ! n? ol ar.. ' hypocrites. Kver
sinco th*? Laogblin tesolu . m was Lntroduced
thev havo proti -'? 1 Bt*. that tho cannls ought
not to be inve-tigated ln Ika abaenoe of spoeific
chargeaj and aecond, that i-i onsa an investiga
tion wna oidor.l it ought to bo onductod bj
a non-partiaan body. Yet yesterday. ln uttet
disregard of these two porition-, tho Domoeiatie
leader of the As-ouiMy introducod resolutions
providing for tho a**pointinent of DO less than
six partiaan conunitteea to inveatigate mattei
no one pi whieh is the subject of a spei'iiu*
Of courso, the Ropublicans of the Logislattuv
Will not bo awerved from tbe path of duty by
a device so di-boneai and feebh as this. They
know, as every Democrnt in tbe Legialaturo
knows. that these Ilili investigntins billl were
not introducod in good faith, bnt solely for po
litii-al effect. and with the forlovn bope of raia
Ing a diut whieh would bide tho Langblin canal
I'osolution. Do tbeao Democrata really believe
that thc people of this State are so dull as nol
to see ihrough their little game? Every in
telligont vot'i- who keepa bimaelf informed in
regard to what goea on at Albany is aware thal
the resolution whieh is pending ln tbe Senate
is tho genuine artiele, has back of it an earne-t.
patriotic purpoae, while tho Hill bills wbleb
the reaolntion inapired are bogus, were not con
oeived with tho desiro of proraoting publie re
i'oini, but for bunoombe and blnff.
Only two more days remain of the aession of
1891. Do the ob.-tnutionists of the Senate pro
poae to asstuno tbe responsibili'y of defeating
tho vYorld'a Vbu bill and othor meuurea in
whieh the entire Btate i? Intereated? Do they
proposo to light the battlo of the canal ring
until linal adjoumuient, no matter how sorious
inay be the injury whieh they thus Inflict upon
tbe publie 'welfaie? Havo they entircly lost
sight of what ls due to their own reputaiions, to
the solemn oatba to whlch they rabacribed wbea
thoy began their onreer as Senatora? These
cjiiestions wili soon answer thein.-elves.
Lord Salisbury'a attitude toward tbe demands
of tho Newfoimdlond delegates is bnital bnt
fiank. ile will eoncedc nothing. They have
advanced tho position of the colony far to mect
him, but he will not budgo an inrh to meet them.
Tbey must arcept his policy or he will chokc it
down their tbroats. They mott pass a colonial
act to enable him ta curry out his agreemente
wlth i'raiic, agreemente whieh he wfll not at?
tempt to force France to modify, or he will pass
an Imperial act and earry them out anyhow.
It was quite improbable, M we said long ago,
that Lord SalUbury woold in any inatcrial re
nect qualify his policy to suit Newfoondland,
but we acarcelj expected such a display of
downright ngiiaen in his declaiations. Its
efl'ect uiKin thc colonists will surely be to in
creaso in lnanifo'.d power tbeir spirit of roaiat
ance. They, too. are Anglo-6axons and the
an*wer of Sil William W'hitcway, who at last
scems to bave made the iiievnablc cboice bc
twec'a bis duty and his ambition, that the Brit?
iah nation cannot retain Newfoundland and pcr
mit Lord Sali.-d.ury to enfoicc coereivo nu-asnres
Bgainat the oolony's will, is an answer chaiactcr
Utio of Anglo-Saxon temper. The issuc, there
fore, is joined. Lord Salisbuiy must aeeept the
colonj'a proposals or thc colony will appeal to
tho Britiah public. Failing there, it wfll with
draw from the Lmpiio. it fails to perccne
wheieiu a wound is k-ss sovere or more endur
ablo when admini-stercd for France by Lngland
than for France by heisclf.
There m som.i sense in this. The liritish
Foreign Oflice, while professing to go with the
colunists lo their liiterpivtatioii of tho Freneh
Shore treaties is iu practiee acccpting tbe in
terpictation of thc Freneh. lt *ays to tbe Xew
foundlaadera: "Your view ii ocrrect, but
France will BOt BOOept it. und it is necessary
until wc can pertogde Franco to agroe with you
tliat you ihall subiuit tu her deounde." Of
couisc, if Hritish proteetion is worth ao more
than tliis, if it has not thc courago to n.aintain
frhat it ncknowledgcs to bo tho right, if it il
to servc only u enother ann in enforring Freneh
dcciecs, it will not itrike the Newfoundlaaden
as of much valtio. Thoy might better deal with
France directly, appealing a> a weak aud needj
people to a gattaat and generOM eneniy than to
deal tbfOUgb a nation with whieh France has
other qoarrele, whidi has no elaim upon ber
oeneroeity, and whieh is unwilling to ris-k a con
tlict in aid of a cauae ndmittedlj |nat
.-ii- wiii'.am V\ bitewaj'a atatement tbat in the
even of tha pnasagn of tbe Knuteford bill be
should consider naion witb the I'nited E
i.s possibly inunded more a? an argutiie'i* to
the British publie than as anything else. What
wo ahould do il the quarrcl were thiown on our
baada i? one tbing, but whether we ahould wish
to goqnira it is another. but, thero is undoubt
ed l'orce in the argument thut, whereus u trade
with the Franeb of ball foi- theii ihore piiy
Uegea would be minou. to the ooloaiata under
present cireiunatanoea, it would be a small mat
tor if they bad free entrj to our narfceta. Ftan ?
and Sewfoundland Bre now bittet rivala in tbe
suun' asarketa, and fn e baii to tbe Fn ndi would
io increaaa their oatoh tha! Newfoundland would
be everjrwhore driven froaa tbe field of com*
petition. Hut with tb*.- Amerieaai aaarket at ita
c.,n tn.ind. i: would be aaora than compen-aated
for the loss of ita MeditemaeM trade. Theae
ooaudderationa create the beUef among the co.
baiata thal ia Aiaerkan dtiaana their eootro
versy witb Frgaco would come to a peaceful and
barmteaa end. Franee eould tako what she
really wanted, aud thav would got their th-.__.ii
.ind si.in. hing far richer than what they rc
f!nfpii>hed. -
Twelve mnntlis have paaaed and g??ne UBCO
the last great internatioinl Labor dcmonsrat.o
ta thfl "Id World. and May Dav tliis year will
liud the van.'us ttovenweota uf Bnrope ln ?
difTereoi frame of pind to iha: whieh th-y thcn
dispiaved. 'ihey have abandoncd their atti?
tude ef j.assive observaUon, and bare assumed
one whieh is Intended le ihow that thoy aro
determined to retain the iin>t..'ry of tho lOplOJJ
notring foree of federatod Labor. Thc oBtUm
iuaugu.ate.l last year of celebrat.ng thc M Ol
Mav a> a <la.v sacrcd to thc COOM of thc OrqW
big clartei i* U) be frowned down. ln m?t of
the Continental ooontriee, inelodlag Bpain. Hol
land jicn.uink and Germany, every k.nd of
oneii-air dein-nstration. such as Labor paiades
0|. Labor BUm-BMmiABBB, has been r.tornly p.n
hibited hv thc authorities, who havo coneen
tratcd large bodies of troops in the var.ous
eeotrea of Indwtij "Bh tho objert of ?*>*?
thoii- ordera. ln RuBBBtj, Italy and Austm
1K,t onlv thc outdoor but also all ...door ob
?erranoee of the day havo been stnetly or
bidden. Indeed. the MtaWW of thc Inono
both at Vienna and at Peeth have deelared tha:
any abstention frora work on May Day won Id
bc Wgarded U a brcach of contract, pun.shable
hv the iBVtt H such, and have not only given
diroettoni that. aii pereooi *RB**__\ "V tho
Stato railroads or on Uovernment works should
be kept on duty. hnt have also gonoso tar aa
to iasiio rec.inn.endations. cquivolcnt to posit.vc
cominanda, to the greal manufactoiwi and em
plovcrs of labor, uiging them to give no holiday
or icave of ahsencc OO tbe llt of May.
It m eertain that the proceedtagi of tho rercnt
"ntributcd pouorfnlly toward this .udd .?
Aan-e in the attitude of the Conttnenttl Gov
SnnTcnta toward fedetated Labor. Tho grauty
,. th- reaolutiont edoptod l,v tho CuuRtmfB
apparcnt to every itateeman poeaessed of the
digbtcsl ttgacity or enligbtennwnt, and no one
(,U1 fall to have been deeply ImproMed by the
Zcrtt when the delegates from the minen in
everjpari of the civiltaed globe aroso to their
feet and with uplifted bands rogiatered a aolemn
oath to stand by their Belgian b.eth.cn Intho
fight of the latter for nnivowaianffrage. Wbai
tho result Of thid ftghl Will bo it is impossiMe
to say w-ith ccriainty. But tbere ii a tride
?pread impwedon throoghoot Burope that t
will .ound thc death-kneU of the Uclg.an Con
stitution itudinvolvothcoverthrowofthecv
isting order of govcrnment. I he battle will
,?.,.,? abooi a fortnighl hence, as toon ea ever
the" budget haa been voted. Iti issuo wdl be
watched with deep intoiest and scrioiw misgiv
|ng? by all othrr foreign (Jovernmenta whieh
foresee the time when they too will be ealled
,,?.., ,., Bghl like thal of Belgimn for ther very
exUtenee againii thc new and Incaleulable force
of fedcrated Labor. Demoeratic to tho oore, tho
lat'".- will never conaent to co-operato with the
abeoluUnn whi.h in ? more or less disguised
form constitutea the mainatjring of almost every
existing Government in Europe.
lnapectoi Bjrnea'a unauceeaaful purauil of Hv1
Water-it bntcher is made the sui.jcct of eun
giderable unfavorable oomment and not a few
iinfecling Jeate. Properljr enongfa the pollce
officiah have not taken the publie Into their
conftdence, and about all thal i- podtiTely
known iis to their work la that thoy have kept
busily at it and that it has thtll fai fniled of the
main objeet Kumeroua nireata bave been made.
bu' the mnrdorer is still at large. It may be
gseumed witbout riak, or at leaat we hope lt
may tha' the Inapector nnd hia men are gieatly
diaeppointed at their laok of aueeeaa. That they
are attnewhai honflliated and ehngrined ia cn
tirely probable, though tho [napector at an earij
srag'e of bis operationa took padna to denj thnl
he had ever aneered at the London police ot
boasted of tbe roperioritj of the New-Yoit
forc*. IIo ia doubttoaa particularly glad at thia
nionicnt that hc wns abrC to make that dentol,
for tho detectivea of Earopo ire watching his
movementa with eager Intereat, and perhaps re
rtraining with difflculty a diapoaition to araile.
Thla community haa nol diacloaed any
of exdtemcnl over the crime whieh perp
the police, but of couiee there ia more intereal
in the case and a kecner deaire to have the mur
dorcr caught than if the circumatancea and de
t-iils of bis bloodj work had not itronglj aug
Kestcd the Whitechapel mysteries. That he ia
more tl.an an iniitator of a tar more skilful
original ia not generallj beiieved, but atfll there
|_ doubt enough remainlng to provoke much
curioaltj a:* to tho truth. And aince the truth
will not be poaitiTelj known until the murderer
Iiu been caughl everjbodj abarea in some dc
gree the anxiety ol ta*- detectivea.
To confeaa diaappointmeat, however, at the
embarraasment of tho police is nol equivalent
to~a condemnation of their methoda in this par
ticular case, and still Ieaa la II equivalent to a
vote of general want of eonfidence. It la vat
fortunate that a murderer upon whom tbe at
tention of the foree is conoentrnted ahould
eacape arreat for so many days, but it would be
unjust to forget that the Departmenl whieh
doesn'l aucceed in lajing hold of a ?*inglo adroit
eiiinin: who is vny likely aided bj tho pe
culiar characteriatica of lunacj, is the Dopart
ment whieh has made and kceps New-York
credltably aafe and peaceful by day and night.
The Raiiroad Commiaalonen of thia State
have been aolidted to become ecceaaoriet to one
of tbe most fiagrant outragei erer ooatemplated
by anv ring againat tbe city of Brooklyn. Tbej
are itked to do what tbe awet oorrupt local
government of tbal city in any period of ita
exietonee woold not have dared to do. Tbey
havo 00 jurisdictioii: thc conaenl they are nskcd
to give would not be flnal; it could be used only
in furtherance of a icbeme to taddle th.- trolley
ijaten of railwayi npoo thc fourth moat pop
oIoob citv ..f thc'country. Th" CommUdo
are conmiitt^d bv :i previoni dedrion to thc wiae
policy of excludins th" troll y lyrtem from u<e
viithin tbe limits of popolotu Cfcfat', and it i
noi t. be baatily eenduded thal they aie'coing
..-:>?? themaelvi i al the lolidtation of men,
however promlnent, who have auburban trolley
electric railwayi rcq'.iii.n? extenrion into the
(,ty to l>e made more profltable than now, or
owners of l.or-c-car liaea wbOM trafiic hafc been
idy interfered with t?y the electric rail
i'be Bailway Cominusioners have given one
hearing to applicants, headed by General Henry
W. Slocun, for an oxtensiou to rcithin the city
limits of bia line whieh now runs from " no
whete" at the southcrn entrance of Prospect
I'aik to " in- piu.v" a: Coney Ulaad. Tbey ure
to give aii'.thcr h".irin2 on May g, at whi.h an
additional application by the good Deacon liich
ardaon bu- permiaaion to itring a linc ..f
eonveying th" .ic.dly electtic power along
Seveath-ave. will ba eonddcred. Theae two
appHcatloni wa nwrely the entofiag iredgea foi
open ing thc Brooklj n itreeti '??> electric railwaya
trherevci surface linei ;.i" oow operated. Tbe
State Raiiroad Coautiadonm have ih. antbority
in the matter; all th.-y ran poeejbjj do is t<.
u>> ni t<? the tisc f.f tbe trolley syatein within
*?>?,>,?.,;...- lui foiUiitd with this con??iit Uie
maiiv horso-ear companics and the onei t >1
afectt, company feel tha. thay ??2?Efaro
Ko !??? dty can afford to cno.mbd
?troet. wm. tbe aomerooa po* **_^*J0$_a
on all si.ila.o rallwiyi in ta* d*? m '
limned by law tor the uttf, of ********
ot t;.m,.ci>; co.ise,uen.ly the tn.Ile) tfitom
will add nothing to local lap.-l trans.i in l.rooU
lv?. lt n.i.y be, as Mr. Richardion arguee,
economicl. bui it will bo eeonomittJ only for
thc itockholden of tbe railwayi wboee moti>e
power it is propoaed * bubebbl T_\*T7*_
wbo iide in the cars under the proposed changea
nwt foot tho bills in additional Inauraacc
ehargesi in losses to animaleita k-sses by Brot
in liaea, perhapa, of human life. Ihe Hnrt
of thoae toada to make VpUcation-tbe Stocnj
road-propoeei to croaa no leai than threo of
tho main cntia.ues, at Ninih and Fiftecnth di.
and the Ocean l'arkuay. to I'.-ospect I 9A%
ntmnd held m merod in Brooklyn m Central
ral is regarded by Xew-YorUer, Tho secoud
.ppUction, if grantod, woold otoeo up toaH
drivers of family or fast teams tho two other
In.,st important entrances to the same V******
Third-st. and thc Plaxa at Flatbudi-aye. The
, ivilege asked for by WOCIM and Richardson
Snnotbe giantod to them uitho.it extondtog
ittootherai and the result o! ? ?wt conceedon
t0 them would bc that thc other entrancca on
tha north and east, of the park would be sealcd
?p in the Bame way by nthrr strect-car CMB
paniea who staud ready to change their systcm.
Tl.e Raiiroad Oonunlidoiieraahould keep their
hancls off. They are interfering with the prin
cinie of home n.le tn even eonriderfng the iuo
ject, and ln grnnting these beartngl. AII that
Siocum and Richardron exped rtom any de
rision from thc Commtaiooew is encouragement
to ao tO tho loeal govcn.ine.it an.l iirge the
Vldennen and Mayor Chapin to Indorae the i ea
infl of most important franchi^os worth mill
loJ,. Nothing could be more diiartroiM to
Brooklyn than tho general introduction of the
trolley ?ystem on all her inrface roadij and i.
Slocumand BIcbardaon once get afranchh
their hactiow of linee, the City Railway Com
?,,-.? and othen will indst upou havmg fran
Slaw for all the real of tbe atreeti they now
occupy with borse-cari
Imericani who aro not moro devotcd toother
countriea than to thcir own will Und some -
faction iu the letter of William .J. Ilama to
?The Londi n Bconomiat," entitled "How to
lic-.t Foreign Tariffa." Anawering critidama of
previi ua letters, be says in " Thc Eeonomiafi" ot
API MBafmM tliat even thc more iBtdllgWl btU Ot our
Dopalatlon aro qalte unawara ol u.e magnltuda of Ua
';,;.,,!?,!, a.Ki how voi-y much is depandent "-.our
i niii.ptiv osertln? oar InBBaocB tor our ow* prol ?? ttoa.
V ?^^^lt,?,nlln,Al^su^noyUv?VAUo^,uv
..,..,?, hvored natlon" ueatment ln the marketa ol the
world. Taaaa wo nationa art arraaglng to glve ?P???
?drMtaaeatoiiatl na whiea aeeoitl to them prdewotlal
traatment owr oai ".'???-? .
wc i,,vp ,.,. no* i. ib i r *j**
^cuon whlrh taaCrttedUtateaaMadopted toward Br*
bu; tra are about to aaa tho eaaton ol ona d oar mort
tnporunt colanUl l.rtoaa (BrtttoB *orth A?ert<*
rrevci.t it. i'1-..n..-i.is wlll be made to th ? Weat IndtoB
lo toUow ln the aano eoarae. aad aU tha SouthAmttl
Zo Repubncs v. m have indwomcata bdd out to ti.eiu
lo loiMv tneexample ol BraatL
Mr llarria explaina that even the minlmum
dutiea pi-.posel by tbe French Governmenl
"would be well-nigh prohibitorj, nnd theae will
not prevent their bargaining with other nations
r0r prefeiential treatment over ouraelvea. . . *
The position is moal aerioua." ln cloeing, he
s-ivs ? " Thero aro ample reaaona for endeevor
ing lirst to coerce the United Statea and Franee,
.,..,,,- ti.at they are al preaent the most Bg
.-,,-ivc oountriea." This is guite a differeni
strain from that aang by aome Britiah atates
men nnd Jonmals when the McKinley 1 anlT
waa onactod. Then thej profeaaed to believe
that it would bo a greal bleaging to Greal Brit
ain. Now there are men of reoogaixed abilitj
[n England who warn thal country thnt It will
have to reeort lo Fmtection alao, or be ont
strippod in tho oommcrciaJ and induatrial ran*.
Mr. Harriaa plan is to eharge moderate duties
on all Importa other than raw materiala of man
ufacture comlng irom other countrios, whieh
will result in a greal cnatoma union of the Brit
ish Kmpire, he thinka, "pricea of food rather
bigher, and _Banufat?tured articlea of the higher
gra les also rather dearer." lle thinka thi
would "coerce" the I'nited Statea, and prob?
ably Franee also. But tolerably high dutiea
bave been exacted by Franee for years on im?
porta of breadatuffa withont materially affectlng
this country. la there even tho veetige of a
reaton for believing that Ureat Britain would
no*. be compelled to buy rjuite aa much wheal
from the United Statea B8 that country now
buvs. and to pay ita own duty?
Tbe certaiaty that tfreal Britain will not
reeort to anv such meaaure does nol make it
the loss worth while to oonaider what its resulta
might be for this eountry. The I'nited Stater,
is increaaing ln population at the rate of
1.2011.000 yearly, and so tdding about 5,000,
000 bushela yearly to Ita consumption of wheat.
But tho country would Increase even faater in
population if Britiah lawa abould make food
dearer in Great Britain. It would aot be at
all snrprising to see a large immigration of
skillcd and Induatrioua worhera from tbat coua
try in any caae during tlu- coming year, In con
Dection with the aameroua eatabliahmenta whieh
ti.o tariff is traaaplsnwng from Engllah to
Ameriean aoii. A recenl diapateh noticed the
large llult omigralion from Uverpool laat week.
and that these imniigrant.s weie of a BUperior
claaa, acouatomed to tho comforta of life, ** many
of them mechanica who had been indneed bo
gettlc in Ameriea in connection with tbe eatab
liahmenl <>f Britiah milla and fa.-t.ii-" In this
country. lf Ureat Britain wanta to multiply
this exodua it has only to aoake food appreciablj
dearer for workera.
Ameriean Earmera <an vrell afford to bave
theae cotuumera eome aeroaa the <x-o:in to thi*^
oountry, where tbey will conaume Ameriean
wbeat excluaivi-!y. Aa it ia, they consnme rough
lv a" bushel of Biitiab wheat, and anothi i of
Ruasian or other foreign wbeat, for every buahel
of Ameriean wheat. lf tbe conaumer is worth
r.i the Ameriean markel one buahel or 81 while
remaining ovei there be would be worth three
buahelf or |3 when tranaported here as reapecta
wheal al me, to aay nothing of corn, beef, hog*
and -undry other farm products whieh he will
have to conaume. lt would not terrify tho (arm
mrt ol thla country much lo have a few million
Bruish ertianna driven over here by Britiah
legialation, but nothing ao foo-iah as Mr. Iian.-.'
i in, iv will be attempl d.
Tbe p.";!" are alowly cettlng t'i"ir righta to the
, i, .-? of the atrn ta. Tlie
,.j,v a tboritlre I declded thal -. nomber
r . .s oa the vrtWt si-l.* oi Chnroh-et., between
I.H'.-rty and Cortlandl ita.. mu8 "to." lor Hm*
reason tii.it Uiey eneroaeh upon tiie Btdewalk.
'l I,,** are pr atouneed nul?ancea bv the C< rp u ?
Connselj aad tin*:r doom b;'s gone fortb, Phia
decieion ia ka aeeordanee arlth tbe reeenl ludielal
M r.'.nlen"! Iiy Jti.lt.-e PTyor, who Batd : ?*? Th_
str?-ot_ af Xew-York nre I'-if* hlghwaya of tlie pco
ui- aad tin'ir UMbatroetcd and unlmpeded patssaK.
ls lndispensablc to the publie eonvenienoe and to
the rapldly aeoumulatlng bueineaa of this aetive
and 10011)1111- mart." Tbat is fiound sense. and we
are happy io believe that it is w-und law. J*t
ila- people havo the free use of the strcete: and
lot them insi-t. alao, that auch use shall not 08 |
blndeied bf tha aocuininulatione. of Illth whlch the j
Street Cleaaiag Depamncnt outfbt tu romove.
A tear wmildn't bejjin to wash out the reeord
Wbleh the Democrats have made at Albany this
winter, and there is no rcason to suppose that thc
Reeofdiag Acgel hag a caturact.
Promier Fielding, of Nova Scolia, havin?.
offloially declarrd in the Parliament of that Prov
incc that Ncwfotindland'**. refusal to acll bait
to Canadlan fl.hormcn would bnu? ab-oluto ruin
to the Aahing mlustry of Nova Scotia. The Trib?
une recently n-marked that this wm a r/.nfession
of tbe truth of its eharge that Canada ha* no bait
supply of any importancc; tliat it can only flt out
our fishermen by first drnwinjr on the vast bnit
market of Newfonndlattd ; that in cbartfinR us a
Ueeaaa fee for tbe prirliege of buylnx bait at
Efalifai it acts upon a dtabeneal prctoncc. and by
tliat pieteaee it eheata our people on ihe ono
hand, nnd the Newfoundlanilers on tbe other. aml
tliat Sir John Macdonakl nnd Sir Cbarlcs Tuppcr
ln proposlnK tliat we admit Ca.nadian flshory prod?
ucts fri-o of duty in return for thr- right to pur
ohaae bait. withont this trtbute are assumlnn our
Ignoranea of tbe fnet tbat thay bave no bait to
?all, and are ettemptini to preanme m'-'-n it.
"The Ilalifax ffetald," Sir Cbarica Tupper's efgan,
empbiys these obsorvations ais thc tcxt for a bitter
kttaek npon Mr. FtaMlng for bavias told the truth
and cipoood the fraud. It seems to lie of opimon
that it is unpatriotle, if not treasonable. for a
Prorloctal oflicer, even for tbe.purpose of aeeuring
the Intereatl of bis owti people. to refusc to ln* a
party to this Tory Ramo of fraud. Mr. Fteldlng
sees his fisbornion, though tbe 888800 is well ad
rauced, held at, honio by their Inebillty to obtnin
bait, nnd be knowa thal if Sewfoundlawl petaUta
ln its pohcy of discriuiinatii.u No-ra Scotia's lishery
liiiiusiiy is practii-ally ruined : but he must not say
? word aboul lt, or attnnpt in any way to indu.'e
the Newfouadlaodwa to '*? jreneroue, beeauee. for
BOOth, be will "ixivo away'' Sir John lUodonald'8
fraud on tiie Americansl We qucation if this sort
of morallty is lndoncd by the people of Canada.
However. ?? The Herald** may aa well becomc i
eiled to tha taet tiliat ihe name is up. Canadlan
lieense. are nol worth tbe papsr Ibejr are writ-ten
on, anleaa they aro good Lo tbe ports of Newfoowl
land. or tinle-s Ilalifax can draw l're-ly frora the
inppliea of St. .lohn's. Ameriean eaptalna
know this porfectly, and they will keep their money
in their pockctw or dlsbnrae lt io Fortune Boy*
The creation of six Assembly c mmlttefs of
Lnveotigation is a ailly Bama of i.l.if! whieh doea
uoi decelve anybodjr. Fortfaermore, it does not
reilu.e tiie norcs-itv f..r a aearohing examination
Into tlie oonditton and management of tbe eanals. :
"The heathen rage," but In this case the people '
do not "ima?ine & vain thing."
Nearly all tbe liest torpcdo-boats and snb-ma
rinc exploslve liiiifbiiieiy nre of American iuven
Hon. Yet the United Statea Navy is behiad the
services of marititne Europe in this arm of war
lare. The deetruetion wrought by torpedoes on
the west coaat "f South Ameriea discloses tbe im
portanee of ImproTing tiiis braneh of the Navy
atul ezpendipg maney apon it. Perhaps it will
be ...,-i.i after tlie Italian deuionstration and these
torpedo battlea to Induee Wttttm economists in
Conjjress to vote for naval and ooast defences.
Dr. Kret7?chtiinr. the Kimrs County Supervisor
Bt-Large, Whoae tintimely death was nnnounce.l
yeaterday, waa alwayi an eerned Democrat, bat it
wm moat eieditable in him tlmt whlle bolding
his present oflicc he steadfaatlv withstood the
jobbers in tbe Brooklyn Board of Supervisors, aud
on the whole serve I the people well. He was
eapeclally aetive in oppodng s-diemes for spending
puhlic money usclcssly on the county farm at St
Johnland. and in promotinj? rcfonns there. and
earuestly a.lvoeated le^'islati.m to place the man
Bgement of that institution on a better and more
leepondble l.asis. Dr. Kretzschmar waa a promi
nent candidate for his party's nomination for
Mayor this falL His death, followiug so elosely
after that of Mr. Murtha. will 1* severely felt by
the Dcmocracy of Brooklyn.
The shadow of a jjreat rock in a weary land is
gratcful, BCCOrding to both S.-ripture nnd ex
perienee, but Mr. Gould'e gratitude for the ahadow
of tl.e elevate.l raiiroad strt.cturc in Battery Bark
la not ahared by l.is fellow-eltliena ot thia
mctropolis. Likf many ..ther men of ?reat prac?
tieal .sacacity Mr. (iould occasioually drops into
Tbe Assembly seenis at last to '.e waMng up to
its duty in the matter of the bill prohihiting the
LTnlon Ferry Company from increaalng its ratei of
tolL This meaaure paaaed tlie Senate some time
ago, but in apite uf atrenuoua ctiorts on thc part
oi its author, Senator JacobB, and repeated api>eals
frutn tbe press of this city and Brooklyn, it has
lieen alloweil to sluniDcr for several weeks in thc
pigeon-holea ol an Aaaembljr oommlttee. <>n
Monday night, however, it was sent to a third
reading. That ought to mean, an.l we trust it does
niean, its passa^e without further cleiuy.
If Governor Hill has really made up hls mind
to run for a third term, beeping the Senatorahlp
In bla poekel as a oonaolatioo priae in eaae ot his
defeat, we do UOt adviae the gentleman to whom
he haa promiied said Benatomhip ln eaae of victory
to hire u bouae ln Waahington for the period of
six years, tinleee he has a apecial takat for epecu
latLnK ln leaws. The Oovernor will have need
of his OonaolatiOQ prize.
B is eertainly a singular coineidence that tho
two oountriea in Bpanlah-Ameriea whieh have
fallen moat directly under Engliah Influenceahould
be overwhelmed together with miafortunee. The
Argentine Confederatlon is rlrtoally bankrupt, and
Chili is rent aaundei with civil war.
Il(>K<?r Q. MUll wni.M liko to hnvo It nnde.-'.tood
th..: i... waa nol n randldate for thc Toxot ftenatorsliip,
recently raranl f.-i- abont flftcan mlnntes.
Tha late V. B. Bptnner, be oftha rifgley slfnetare,
ha- dlreetad In bla wlll thal b fae-almlta of bla aatograph
be Inscribad apon hia lombstooe, witii tho dataB of his
liiilii ;.ikI dfatii.
Prlnee Blsaaarek, la sU parsoni who on April 1, went
(,. PrledrleksrtiiM to .ongratalate hln npo-t the !
anniversary >,f his Mrth, gava hli photograph bearing '
tii" In Bh nsrek, i Aprfl, Hl." For tiii- i
pnrpoae nundred* of photographs wera neeeaaary.
they ihow tiir* Prlnee i lad m clvlllan's 11
Tho late Prlnee Jerome ffapoMon, f.-r rarlotu
reaaons, alwajra refnsed t'< be preeented to ea-Premler
Crl-pl of Jt-ily. l:y ? I toto <il--ii
waa ooa "t um tw,, wltneieea to the oillcial announce- !
nent ?>f the Prlnee'a death.
Ti-ofessor Arthur h. Hoyt, of Hamilton College,
CUntoa, 8. Y., nnd Dr. Kalston Baalth, uf Uuffalo,
havu been propoaed for tlie v.u--i:*t '-ii-ir of sacrcd
rlit-tor!-* ln the Auhuni Tlieeloplcal senilr.ary. Ptw
f, - ,i- Hoyt ls about forty years of aee, ai.it gradaotod
at Hamilton ir> i*-t*j. ror a ihort ume Lhereafter Mo
laoght rbetorlc in Roberta College, CooataatlnopM.
He now li__ the cliulr ul Eng'-lsli literature lu llamil
M. Vaearaaea, *on of tlie Ilumanlan Mlt-.ter to
i. who waa expelled a 18* woahl ago from a
tloa ?t thc paiai-e of Prlneeas Beaaa, waa aarrted
on March ?-*?? to Milu. ?i? CoaottL liie roo?g ii.nr*>
tather, lt wlll bo reraenibored, I*an4ed hla realg i
. * to ii-i.' a doel wtth Prlnee
K'.i. , i',- li nnan Ambaaivlor. Klng Charlea de
cttned to art pi ibe i???.!.-ii-ni.* i. " 6 -till aaear*
t.iin a- i.i tl-..* end ol th" uulortonate amtr.
The l.n.-i '?? t.iiu?i di-i.ui.* aaat lha eventoal -.ao
r.--,.,n tn lliir ttirun.; of llu- i>*.lu. :>b11I>* <if l.lppi*
i>. i ii,.W, in i.wiuiiv, baa been aettted f,.r a Haaa .i
The idgnlni prlnee, Woktonar, haa appointed
iii. vifi*. the Prlneaaa --..phi'*. reftot ln Hm vttoA >t
? ., i ? PMocaai i*. no* iifiy scven vi-*r* old
.uid la bf lortti a Pl 1118881 of li-deii. a roti-la "f ttt
prew-nt Oraud Dnke. Tlie Llppe-Doimold famlly wlll
ba estliwt ln all pivbaMllty ln a few yeara. Atl
.preaent only six Biombem ol tlio houee aw llvlng.
As the Brlnce ?nd Princeas hara had no chlldim, tha
throne would naturally pass to the Prlnce's only
brother. Alexander PalwUlBBBBhr, however. the
1 iitfir lMt hls reason years ago, uid tt conaneA to tlie
Aaylum of st. Ollmnbarg, near layrenfh. Two r.f
tlirt relgnlng Frinee'i aUters. tl.e Prii-eeascaFrledarlha
and Paiiltne, liava ner<T bocn married. They were
born ln tttt and In isri4 rospfftlvely. The oth<r
trvemi**r ol tiie famlly ls th*- rhilrtleaa wldow ol ITlti'e
Lropold, wlio prweded the pre*ent ruler of the little
Hfafo ln (juestlou.
Down In P.o.ston thoy art- telllnc thH atotr abont
yeaag J'*lnh Qulmv, |aat now a member of the Demo.
cratlr IcglMatlve " steorlng commlttee." He had left
the Stato House for tho City Hall, and wa? pwtlng
along a rorrldjr of the latter cdlflce when two clty
laborcr* obaervcd liim. "Who's tliat, Patt* Inanlred
one of thom. "Tlutl Why that'n JoMah Qufncr.*
'? And who'i .Rulah Qulncv r '? MlUe, I never saw the
llhes o' you. iild yo nerer hear o* youag Joetaa.
ynlncyt Why, he*e?he'a the grondson o' the atatoa
out ln the yard there."
The war whlch the Enelish monk IznaUua tf making
agatnst alleged hercay ln tlie Eplsix.j.al Church itlU
goca on wlth ur.nbtited vlzor. The monk received an
answer yesterday to tho letter he sent to the Rev.
Willlam K. HaattngtOO. Father lluntlnfcton refera
to the monk a? the Rev. J. L. I.yne. and expreasea a
donbt of tl.e monk's acruracy aa a reporter of I)r.
Newton's nytefB. H? admita the right of any man
to Incito hlm to tlie itseharge f.f hu duty ** a Chrtstlan
mlrilstcr, but leclarea that thc monk ha* not beee ex
pllclt enough In his ehaifBB, aad holda that only Miefc
tharg:s should bc Btade as will admlt proof. He aeya
further: '-fpon ooe polnt I have the h<ippin<*? to find
myself lu complete ae-ord wlth Mr. Lyrte. He holda
and I hold that when a elcrgyir.tn of the F.plaropal
Cliur.il has reaehed a stagc where he no longer be.
Ilevea, and thcrcforc can BO longer honcstly tevh th?
?sinirmaMoris Ot thc Apostlfs' Crceo, he U ln honor bouad
to rrflBqalaft an ofllce with whif-h bt WOt orlglnally
Intnistcd upon the undcrstandlng that he dld ao bo
l!e\o and would so tcach. Hut when It cf.nies to de
terinlning that in the e&so of a partlnilar lirtli'r
rlergyman such a ?tage has actnally been rcaclied, we
mu^t proeaatf wlth cautlon.''
T!ic in .nk his alrcady replied to the Rev. Mr.
Hantlngton'a letter. Ile gtVBfl ..pof.fle rcfereticei for
Iii, ehargee. Moat of them are baaei OB BTtlelM pub
ll^ird iti a tiiotithly pai^r t?<uert by tlie rector of
\ll tjoala' Church. Thr* nmiilt polnta onl tho papers.
pagea aad lmc* ln wliu-h allegol hcretlral uttcra.u-?e
,.r Morgan Di\- t-fu=<"l to say ar.vthlng ye~terdav
nlifi.it Father Igaat.us's letter to Idm. Hc admltted
that lie liaii raoalved lt, but reli ted t<> ?av vbatliar ..r
nol he wooM anairer it. Tha Bev. B, P. Oo t
?Bld thal i. ? Intended t?> anawer t';; monk'a letter, but
i.led time to prepare his repty.
Father l^natiu, dellvercd an addrea* la?t night at
thf BapUil Th'Tiii. 1 ?. Sec. i. t ave. amt r.-i.tli-?'. Tlio
tubleci waa -Walee, J l*-i- People, La. ,aas? and Uo
Jlgioti." Uie i-iiuiTli araa erowfed, ai:d tlie wonk'e
remarka w-ere loudly applanded.
A sperlal nfftlnif of Uie mpmbera of thf? Manha'.tan
Atlil-tlc ili'. aaa held at the clab tli.-atrc la?t night.
OeorgB W. Carr prisitled. The BMaUag *?* an enthust.
astie one. Abont 400 member* wrre ptewent. ABABt
XV11I of the by-laws wm anienil?d *?> a? IB allow mnn.
b. rs who have won a world's i hai.ij.loship la any I
to become lllo Wttmban at tli..- itaatwHaa ol Uie board
nf gavaaaaNi Josc'.h V. Donoghue, the skai.r, wai. Lo-u
piopoard f.r life amam rahlp. Th.- jripirtttaa wiu bo
pon at a BMBtfBg to bc held Phday nipht- Tha
treesurer's report showfd that to Aprtl 1 th- d'lb's aa
se* atBBBlfid lt^ UahiUtlBB by over fldS.OtM. A state.
ment ?as UMB r^ad whk-h showod thal durlng Deeember,
Janaary, Februarv and IfaiCb every d-partment ln tha
haaaa had n.ade a prollt and that a t-.tal net proflt ol
-0,000 had baaa roallzed lu that tlnu\ after paylBg
all rxpeaasa, fccladlag the wagai al atraaaaa. M tbt*
atnount #9,000 had been itllwd INB the bar. #9,000 from
the rctaurant and #1,000 from tha aale of dgars. A>.'Aoa
wa* Mken for the purpose *t ralslng money to pay otf
thc piaaaBt iloating indebtcdnese ot the club, and a nuia.
bor of subserlptlons were made for ihat purpos .
Tbe 7th Replmeut passed before Uie erltkal eyea ot
iBBpnnlnt flnWTBl BBltar and Ai?istunt Ins|vrtor-<;eneral
Meorata at Mm anwry last evenlng. ti. ta ?en UOtt
men on thc rolla. and MM of thom apjx^r d Bt UM
aroccy. W* ptreaalagB of B.ea paaawl at? 9BASB.
Ihe tlgures were as follows:
l're*ont. Absent. Aggre.
Officera. Men. Offletn. Meu. gate
F. S. and tt. C. B- 10 U .| A
Compaay ?. i N .?- * Hl
ton.pany H. 3 1'J -?-. * ?
tow.moy C. 3 ioo .. *m
STK? r. 3 S "" I l"8
CompiBf b. a tm ..- , ,
t'ompaay 9. 3 100 . V_
Company (i. 3 10 .? ?
Com^nyH. ? $ { M
i ompaoy I. A w ? ? ,"j
Company K.___ _J_[ __ _L ? -
TotaU. *0 0?2 ???? 1J ****
A housewarmlng took plve last night ln the new LL
brary and Tralnlng Sehool Hulldlng at Xo. fl Weat 61x
ti. iith-st., whi.h ha* beon added to tha New-York Hospl
t.il building, ln West HUBWlhat The new building U
B handwme ton-siory tlreproof strt.cture, havlng a front
MC ot Bboal tl.iitv-two bat lu SUteenth-st. and runnlng
back ovor 100 feet. where lt adjoins th- maln b.nldinge
of the hospltal. It contaln* alxty sleeplng apartmeuu.
tl.rre b^lng six aattBS to earh flfx* and three rooma to ?
rotte; tne bedroon.s openlng o!T from a common parlor.
Th^o roorm will be used for the nur*c? of the hoopltal.
thm bolng about flfty-llve of them. The llbrary cot.Ul.ia
19 000 volun.es of BMtlsal worlw. whlch make* lt one of
thc most eompleu. llbrari.* of Ita klnd ln the world. Thla
,'?,v balMlBl wai .r.'.'t.d by theSoclfty of the New-York
n,,-|,iu.l, au organlzaUon fouuded lu 1771. at an exp?u?.
of anoo.ooo. _m_
Tho elait.r electlon held ln Jamalca, L. 1.. restorday.
taaaet oj*t*uy. Um cmsa^- **?* ??a compoaed ot
WllllBBi A. Wart.ock, llllKlBti Lynd Belknap. Ihonoa
Ullglai and Robert W. Highby, fur fuU t,rm tru.teea;
, trustec to 1111 Mvamy; AIfr?l lt.
, ,. ,orge L. FOWdl, clerk; H^ary Rru.vn.
John H Beonett, and QabrtH V. Hearth, ssses'ora; ullvat
IV Kyd.r, auperlnt.>ndent of itfaBta; John R. Kverett, col,
loctor of t?\e?. The opposltlou was known as the ?plll
t net Tho eand.dat.-h on Ibfl Cltlieos' tleket were al.
elected wlUi tbe exeepttea of H^lknap, Doughty and Highby
for truat.es. On the spllt tici.ct. John Fosdlek, Edward
L'amplBa and WUIaid C. Builaud were the IBBIIlrfM can
duiateii lor IfBBlaSB._
A recei-tlon lor women wa.s held last night at th, Ml
I ,n Renubllcaa Club, SevenOvave. and Oti.'-h..i.dr,d-and
tw,,.tv.vv,nUi-st. A m..*l.-Bl and llt< rary rutertr
na BlveB, followed by dwiclng. An addf.. ?a* BMl8
I,, the pr-^nt of the club. T. C. Campt,-.!. after wOlah
th. Mtowlaa Uttnmm wa* plveo . P.ano solo, 1 . J.
Bradley; hu.noro.is recitatlon, laaapfe Rrunnlng; xlther
maa Huohdoefer; comlc *ong, i. A. Heacdlet; OtmBt
,o'o' Aib-.to c Maaai laaiaaaiaai. Miaa ina a. odeiij
violin ?olo, M.-ss BBgBTBj song. baaso, Jolin S. Plerwai
nrcaUdlaitaUoB, H. R'.*s.ll; banjo du.-t. Messra. ?UVBM
ond Pu.dvi .luto solo, Ajaaata C Uan. tw ******
,., uraammaam co....st?l al J. U. CaaUOaa. _*_****_
11. P. Dfwev, U. J. C mpbeU, Herbert Hcudrlek. 0. *
The 200th porforn.an.e of ??p,H>r Jo?ii?hao" was aale.
i , ,t | M ti..- * mm* m*i Blghl by the d. v.ratlon of tha
audltortoBi and l-.bbie* with lomra and i<otu-d plaaaB.
'lliure vas a iBBffl ?udlen.-e paaBBBB, and prograrunea
priated .... latla mon MaMNtai. Th.^ apaaa _B ha
i.lar.'d for the last time on Wedueeday of next w.^k.
souvenirs wen dwtrlbutod at the Bljou Theatre lall
iilclu not b-oeuse of anv ri'iud number of paftMBHMai ol
? Ti?.'.Nomln.?-." but bBCBBBB it wa? thought to b* a?K)ut
t.i,... f..r a aoareatr. tba aoaraalt bbbbIbBN ttai
oi cciiuioid boaad with riMMfi aad haarMi tiie gm tt ?*?
a portrait of Kat ......l?i.. aod IfefaB MM from the play.
_?. m
V M aiBgllBlBBB PIltCtBI BB f*BgB of Ua ?"ard ??
ncrtioidBra ?.f H?d??i ('.?'">. B. J.. ha*. mtmtt tt Amt
UU patk bonda. Ti.es.. bond? W*t* ttntOtA Wtt jBBBi
bv MM UglBlaaBN IB the BBBMMM of ai.100.0f-0. and the
mma oat troattt * uaiiBliBlaa to ho appolnted hy the au.
MM Court JuJ.e la Uatrm County to purcha^ tba
ai'O'iad and ******** Ui- Pflaaa. rhwe honds to tha
tnuuat of BOOO.OOO wera pMpmi and aimply awaliad Uia
Mgnatura ot Mr. Brugg.wmm. Without the slgnature of Mr.
Urugg^mann Uie bonds are wcrth>n. ?nd a mar.damu* wtt
be applled lor to coiupal h.m to .ign them.
-.? ? -
Secreurr B'.alne will BlaM U*m-Totn wie Orrt par*
al mh we*/. lt i-s und.st.Ml that no matter of s^ta
?olflv for tl.e parpsas of betag pr^aent at thr amattO*
iaJrta,nm,nt to'be g.-.en at WO UwM Hall, ?UBpoammMa
m and urmithmaa.. on lu.sday BVBaaag U* tm aa
a??mpenlfd bv Mrs. MalM and oih?, MaatatB ol Wa
famlv ..n.l .Bt* b"" ?"' !'' th? ?u'? ?? ** T^
MM. baavaBtk. UU **t i" Utm-RatB U aot bkelf
,i t?o or u.r'? daj*.
Tho Coroner's jury In the lnuueat ln thf> Itilian fhootlng
and stabb.ng ai.'ray wi AprU lt>. In llobukeu. IwilMi *
vr^llct laH Blghl to tiie eiTset that Ro^ Flavalo Chtrl
chello ca.na to h. r d.uUi from blows lullicted by Anaelo
L'apnto. and Uiat Cono ClurlcheUo, who kllled Caout^
wm gulltle?s, and ho wm exouerated.

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