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elimbed higher ta thirty-eight, and Harv?rd'B
ru4d#r made foaai flakea before the orew that
wofe the blne. Between the boat* now were
four length*. Now the only ray of hope that
lieamed for Yale to-day burat upoa the men from
New-Havcn. Yale wa* rowlng at forty. The
stroke waa wearing on the men. Hcffelnnger, the
glant of the boat, aplaxhed badly, but he was
valiant here. He tugged like the athlete
that he lx at hifl oar, but ha
waa not atrong in hifl wcrk. Somc
thing was wrong and Mr. Cook at that moment
taust have felt, as the thousanda of Bpeotatoia
did, that thia wai the la*t charge.
Onoe more Yale'a etroke went hlgher. Ifl WM
at forty. Slowly the big men in the rear boat
gamad. A quarter of a length was taken in.
Then a half was oaught and held and put behind ;
then there waa a length less between the two
But Yale'a cheare were still quivering on the
water, when the race wa* at a *ingle moment won.
8wlft ax a swallow the Harvard boat skimmed
thc Thame*. Thirtv-eight was the stroke: thirty
aine aext, and then forty, and between Harviird
antl Yale, rival* since Aincrioan ahell-rowing be?
gan, there lay eeven lengths.
Harvard in thls mile had met an accident whieh
mlght have proved dcadly. The ooean tugboat,
Casetc, of New-York, wa* steaming slowly in the
Eftst Courae. Harvard expected her ta ehcer
away, but 8he uncxpectcdly atopped, and the boat
from Cxmbridge fouled her. The starboard oars
ware forced to quit the etroke and raixe their
bladcs till the ahell aped beyond the tug's bow.
This aelflah iuoonsideration on the part of BM
tug wa* abeolutely inexcusable, and jecra and cnea
of indJgnation were aent broadcaat by both
Harvard and Yale men.
The raoe was practlcally over at thi* point,
however. Harvard took a stroke of tbirty-nine
or thirty-eight an<l drew away faster than the
iwiad, jBlue w&ter contiimedi W 8pen wmie
YaJa me.i groaued. Fiinu aeven Jengths the
lead increased to ten at the thxee-inile-and-a-half
tiag, while at the Hnisb the lead wax not less
SSa eleven. For Yale the fliiish was a hoUow
inockery. She rowed deper-tdy and aavagely
long after the Harvard me.i had cros-xed tue lnie.
That fruhtful lcn?th ruade them row when the
race wa*. ended. but no Yale eftort* to-day could
make her defcat less atinging. Eleven lengt i?
and tbirty four seeonds made a bittcr drauglit
to swallow. but Yale oarsmen are alway* men, and
the ctieer that Harvard gave them was no less mn
oere th*D it wax victoriouely nnging.
The interference of boat* on the couree was
unparalleled. The press-boat whieh followed
the hoata admirably for three-and-one-half-rniles
was ctit, into twice. ln the linsi oollision Uttle
damage was done. The offender this time was
the Gypey. Near the finish tbe ooean-tug Amer
lca flloniied areund in the water like a great
tub. The preas-boat'a bow *truck her and was
oompletaly cruehed. The ahoah wax severe, and
several men were thrown from the forward-deck.
Tbe prexs-boat with u *tove bow worked her way
back to New-LomTon after the race. Fortunately
rto one was serlouslv ii)jure<l. Mr. Cook Bflid af
ter the raee that the action of boata in the eonrae
would ruin racing on Iba Tliamrs. He deelared
tbat aucb intolerable interferenoe as was given
to-dav would drivc all nu'lng from the Thameis.
He'ffeltinger, the ginnt of the Yale boat, lost
fivc pouwus in tbe raee.
T_B referee for tlie daya contest wns W.
Meickelhuin, (dlumbia. The judges were E- Sex
toti and Albert Cowles. The tlmcrs were Oorjre
A. Adee and 0. S. Adams. Thc foliewlag tablo
show* the time of the two boats at every half
anle and mile flag :
"IflS1!!..-."*'_?* b%
1 " mile . Bwt Ij*
1 ^ mile . 7:40 ,.
? iii*:::::.:.:.10:1? ?>*]
->fl~lle. l'i !2 ti'\o
H ir.ll*. }8!4_ III".
Biemlie. l?:8j |l:*?
?I ikll*. 2* 2A -l.o,
The crews were made up in this way:
J'o Blea. Name. Aga. Hei?h?. Welrht.
Ho... M Beweil. 19 6-OS's 183
_\ .1 N. Perklna (Captaln).. 21 0 188
8. N. Kant-.ul. g 8 IM
4. E. I.yniaii. 28 611 105
B ('. K. C.innninga. L*o ??.01 170
H k. i) van . u ? ; :-;
7, I- ii. Keit n. :jo 8 IK
6t.. ? i .. Ppwata. '-- *>>? JM
Cox. (.'. lt. ltatt/>'lo. ?? ...... 1*0
s h i V. Wetrls*. 20 8111* 19.1
- :.. I). V. Jonc-. 88 610 10'
Poaltlon. Name. Ag*- HMght. Wflllkt,
Bow. W. A. Almms. 81 o-ll ]'_
? A. 1. nalllet. 28 ?? ti l'**
't , R 1 'v . ..'.. L't B 11 1 '
4. R I) I'aine . 1!' O.C0?a 1"!
O 1). W. HelTelflliger. If2 0.2 ^(H)
8, '). 8. BreBsMT (Captaln) _2v 6 176
: v BflflerMB. K 8
Btraka. 1 a tJoohl. H> 6.10 l;i
(nr lf ^. Bn^ns. .. ??? ? >'"
bu-. c w. Muu. n 5'1? )-.
BliO B I. Troaby. 23 6.11 1.1
Th.e apiwtided table ahows the Tesults of rxecfl
between llai-vard and Vnle *ince 1676:
WlanlBfl CH*, Time.
JoaeflO le?7'i.Yale. . 82:0:
.luii" 30 1877.11 - r ?- a d. ^4 .0
Juneya. ^7H..?.Harvard. M 4
June27 l^ro .TIarvard. 2.a:lS
.lu'.v 1. lfs-0.Yale. _5:fW
Jnrr 1 iwsi.Y?l*... . S2tl9
-..'(!) 1?*X.TIarvaH. 20:47-s
7ime ?!?. -\**a.Warverd. 88:4*'
,fune2ft.1884.Tal*. ?0 M
lune : '? IfW-i.TIarvard. Cr>: 1r-'-.?
.1,1. J inm .Tsle. 20:31%
Jnlr 1 18X7.Yale. 22 .',-,
Tnne nO 1?M .Y?1.. ?0 1 O
liinel* ifsf-o.Y*i*. ?1 ?o
.f.m?27 1*10.Tail. t_:7Q.
June 26. 1801.TIarrsrd. ?1 :23
yfew Ixmdon. Conn.. .lune '28 fPperlan.-The Harvard
rrlehratJon here lo-r.lftht, after the boat race was a
Uni'- afTair. Tlie ra<e helne over at noon, most of
the llarvard and Ynle men left Nevv-t.ondon on speclal
tralBX carly in the uftemoon. and the only ex'ltemeni
ln Uie lhauti waa 'atised by the esploslon of small
flrecrackei- br .mall bovs. A party of Harvard men
at the Peonot Hon*e, however. burned red llre and set
o.? flreworli* ln the evenlng.
At a meefJni! of the Yole crew thi* afternoon.
.1. Av?rr Oould. '011. K.. who pulled strolte thls year,
was electod captaln of the rrew for next year.
\Vh??, lltrvard win* on th, Thame* *he csl.bratea
at Nra.I."iidoii. and BMMfflM it ?"is l?Ui when Un
jnbHant crlmson men nf thls citv returned home last
Blflht Th* 7 30 t>. rn ti-aln laroujrht Iiaek Mimc of them.
T?t* tn the eveninir a hlghly exclted and J'lbllant thring
po- red Into the Harvard (",.ib. et No. 11 West Twantr
**cnTii!-st.. and relehrated Ilarvard's great vl.-tnrv pm i
Y?!e. Tlie eelebration was ke;)t Bp unlil long ?fter
anMMflht, and tlie priii'lpol sons wa* "Y*l" men say th'-lr
cr w |a s.ir,. t)o win."
Amnne tho.i? preaent wer. toseph T CI11.T. .Ismes F.
Cerpenter. BftMl M Wlllard, ThnrrdvBe D. Hodges.
Krftnk k. laaaiaaa, HXmbbII P. stittord, Harxart i>
l'i rat, Atnos K. Klsi.e, Cfearle* A. Btowa, James w.
Har.ea. A. B. Whltlng, W. I.lttauer, .1. W. I.apsl y,
W. Fran- ls flray. R. Ives Ard.'-r and Roval M.-rrIX
Klncsini;. >:. y,. .time -j.i (Bpeciflll.?II now seems
rertain thnt tlie afojen St:iten l-Utid deed on th'
dnmiment F.lnn'r BfBhlBW, of KrlppMbaflhi clalm* to
hnve got fnim hi* ejrandmolher ahoal ten y-nts. ;.;.-??.
i-aine fr?m the stntc rerords. l-.r- of t e atah m thfl
old colonlal manukcripts on whieh the doed was BBflBBl
t-till ailheres to ihe document and thfl impnnt of
the wa.y ?enl is found on the appoalfc
page. Blarta* BChaaruaakar, ?n authority on local
lii-tori' al niattets. anys tliat nhen ,MI,;iuv ^\:^^
thn-nletied l.y ltiv;i*1on nianv of flflr public records
WBia MOl i" B-BgBtoa; later, wh-ti thla plaee ?a? Iii
lanfrer of enptnre. all records nf the M?te trea^ury unil
?ther departn.ents of rcord were sent to Kochester
He thinks tnut Un* document. with the others named.
was ottntted or jo.t.
i vovratp.vr at getttsburg pp.dwatet).
(icttyst'urg, Penn.. June 2(i.-Two hundred survlvors
nnd friends of tlie 111th New Yorli Vohinteer In
fantry, U> dav dedlrnted their monument, a hron/c
*o)8ier with hi* gun at tl.1 ad ? on Hnncoclt ave.
Just aoutli of Mfljar*fl (irove. The 8X8881888 were as
Bxfaawi: Pruyer bv tlie Kev. ttephen O. HopMna, of
l'alniym, N. Y.; unveiling ..< the monument hy W. L>.
MatDoutful!, DaMai Htnlot N.vy; orMtioii hy Ileii
laniln B. 6iiow, of Auhuru, N. Y.; Bflxrrflflfl. by Ofla
?ral C V. MatDougall, of Aubum, N. Y., ;u:d thr
lenedlctlon by the Rev. Mr. llophin*.
Miniie.ip-ilis, Jaaa 15.?A llapateh to "The Trlb
nne" frorn CtBqaet, Miim.. flByi lhal nbntil -J :.'I0 o'< li,. |;
(lna flfXMaaflB llre wns dl eOVflteXl Ifl the vnrd ol tln
Kelson I.iiin1)er Cammmmf A Btraafll win.) was lilnv
Inu. and tlie flre spi.'ml riplilly p.wnrd tln
flUH. It looBaxI nt ono tlme a* IhflflBjh lha wliol
loun n.ust go. Tlie l.'i.'il Irfl BrtflB?a turm -i
out proinj.tly and throagll thelr do-peiate exertlona,
a--ist<d by aii tha unil flanax, lha Ira ?"?? -
to thc hioberyard. Oaxi . iAXMAXIO fflrl ot flij him
IrfT was .if~tro\'-d. Thr Jos? |. eetlflaared at a.'iflO.iH'K)
Maiiy uersons w.-tr hijtired duiinK tlie p..??;rr** of vh
Xre, wluih i* >uji barniog. though uudei aaotroL
There was not a vacant seat ln tho Metropolitan
Opera House yesterduy afternoon durlng the exerclse*
ol tho thlrty-elghth annual commencement ol M.m
hattan O-illege. Archblshop Oorrigan preslded, wlth
Ohaoncey M. D*pew on his rlght ani the Her. Brother
Anthony, the president ol the college, on hls left.
Among the other peraons preaent wore Bi.hop Conror,
of 4_mrlum ; Uie Rev. Franels H. Moore, ol St. There-a's
Church, Mayor Orant. Major B. J. O'Shauehne-sy,
Rlchard Croker. Miehacl Glblln, Jamea _. C'oleman,
Itichari M. Waltera, ('ommlaaloner Jamea J. Martln,
Brran Lawrence, Edward J. MeOean. T. O. T. Craln, ex
Senator Tlwrna* F. Grady. Franels O'.Nelil and Pollee
Commi^sioner Jamea J. Martln.. When the time for
Arohblsliop Oorrlgan to confer the degrecc waa reached
tho Mayor. ln an ostentattous way, lefl his seat beaide
Mr. Depew and wont Into tho prlvate box where Ri.-h
ard Crofeer und hia wife sat and grcetecl his baae with
a cordlal shalie of the hani.
Jame* Joseph Hnghe. spoke on the anbjeet. " Be .Tnst
and Fear Bet", Jame. A. Boylan. "Let all the F.nd.
Thou Almeat at be Thy Country's"; "Thy Gocl'.," J.
Aloyslu. Cralg; "And Truths," James P. Keenan.
lYancl. J. Grlffln spo_? tho valedlctory on "Char
acter," and the maater D. P. oratlon was made hy
Edward Hayden Kclley. '85. on "Truth Wlll Trttimph."
The iegrec of Doetor of Phllosophy was lOBBBtei on
Thomus P. Gnlwey, John B. Mc.Mahon and John T.
Morria; the degroe of Master of Arts, nn tho Kev. John
Hriody, John H. Byrnes. the Rev. John P. Clildwlclt,
OoraaUaa J. Droogan, Wllllam L. Etttnger, the Hev.
Franrl. M. Fagan, Paul J. Halpln, the R?v. .lohn C.
inrginv Edward H. Kelly, wiiiiam R. Laetreaea, the
Rev. Thomas J. Loughran, Thomas F. MrParli.n, thi
Rev. John J. Morris, tho Rev. Lawrence E. Mnrray,
Edmond A. OT.rlen. John A. O'Rourke. the Rev. Ed?
ward R. Prendei gast, Penl. L. fchoa and tlie
Bev. John F. Tully; the iegrce of Master ot
tirlcnce, on John H. R. Barry; the degree af
Tiaehelor of Arts, on Mlchael J. Mara, James A.
Oralg, Francl. J. GrlfDu, Thomas P. Phc'.nn, John
W. Farrar, Danlel A. Quinn, Cornellns .1. Ilrcii
n?n. John J. Fitzgemld. James E. Donnelly, Wllllam A.
Doran, Wtll.tm II. Conghlln, Jnhn S. Dunn, Jame . 1*
Keenan, Wllllam II. Thebari. John H. L'irltln. James
A. Roylan, and James J. Hughes; the de. lec of Budielor
of MaBBi on Joseph P. Murphy, Derniot .1. II i\.-.
Franels J. Crummey, and Franels M. Donohue: rnm
mercial dlplomas were glven to John E. Ward, John
J. Carroll, Vlrtor E. Meert, Wiiiiam C. Pomnierer,
Edward J. McDonald, Joseph T. D'-nnclly.
liernard J. Vagulre and John J. Weston.
The alumnl purae of 850 for the best English e'say
was won by Franels J. Gnffln; the Ml___0?_feOowafl
meial for rcliglous inatructlon by Daniel Alovsi.is
Quinn: tiie Kellv medal for phllosophy bv Mlchael
Joseph Mara; the Orody memorial medal for oratory
by Jame. Aloysius Boylan; the Develin memorial
medal for cln*s1c? t,v Mlchael Joseph Mara; the
Hoguet memorial medal for mitheniatic l,y F.mll
Joseph Vlllanyl; tho medal for I.atin _OBI>aalllBB
(undergraduatcs) by Emll Joseph Villanyi; the gold
medal lor sclence of accounta bf John Edward Ward ;
t1r*-t intermediato t-las. gold medal for excellence bj
Andiew J. Ronun; liiat intermedlate class, gold medal
for C-Oeqtlon l,y Vlncent P. Donlhce: second In?
termediato class gold medal foi- eB-OUeoea hv Joseph
Albert Farloy; tbird intcrmediate class gold medal Ior
txcellente. I.y Ertmund II. ChatHlari; tJi11<1 isitcrmedl-itc
elaaa pold medal lor elocution hy Wi'.liam C o'Bri.n.
Father laaac Jolm road out Mio iiam_?, and I.rt.tl.er
Anthony liand.'d t'ie parrlim.nt roll. to the Arch
hlshop, and us the graduuteo reeeived tl.em thoj"
kn.lt and kissedflie rtng on tlio Aruhbishop'. tinger.
Chiiuiicey M. Depew made tlie address to the gradu
888B, u.d was ln aaa of hla happieft und most clo<iu--nt
nioods durlng a .peetli Whlch \\__> reeeived wiUi raanii
of aiipii.use. "Demoethenee,'1 aaM hc. ugare the
rule of cloquenoe to ba '..ction, action, action,' and
BBCeea-fBl men In this w.iil.l will i__ll you thnt the
iuic nt BBeeaaa is 'work, work, _"or_u'"
Brotber Anthony, In a witty .p.<ech told how when
Mr. Depew araa asUed lo he preaent, he repl-ed. " '1 .h.ill
i to oblige you; but suppoee l'm ln Jail?"
ii! "I rcplied." _*tld Brother Antl-.on.. " "I
??ha'i nnnonnea to tii- grainatea that i hoped to h;.c
tiie moht ekx_-ent .poabe. in this oountrv, i.ui 1 am
aorrr lo aa. tbat be is al prcscait sojournlt.g al
Blng ..inn-.' (Renewed laughter.i But fortune farored
lilm ;.nd ns, and so we havo had tli" rn,,'t elnqunnt
adireaa that it ha. or,?r been the privile-ge nf tlie
atnicnta ol Munliuitan College t,> hoar.'' iLoud ap
Arthbishop Gorrigan thon gtxva tlie graduat^- I.i ?
The closlng cxerciscs of Grammar Sehool Xo. 20,
bOJa' department, were held in the princlpal's room
reeteriay aflenooQ. Patrieh Ca:r,,ii prc-,ded. c>n
Uie pl.-.iform with Alcxandcr Moichouse, prlnclpal, .at
George 8. Cornell. Henry Kopf, Frank A.
fc-peneer, Hugh Kelly, PMllp Blaalg, Daniel
Piittciaon, Phillp Benjamin, Mr. Vlncent and the Rev.
Mr. Alman. A feature of the progi-amme wu< tha
rlolin and flute pleying of O. WaMhor and W. B<*n
Janiin. A selcctlon for vlolln and two zithers wm
performed by 0. W'alther, T. Kchumaehcr and I.
Schmldt. Mnete.cn l.oys 'ang the weddlng choru.
trom "Lolieiigrtji." tsamuel Barlt. by blith a Rua
slan-Hebrew, dellvered the valc-di, tory aiiliiaa llis
subject wbc " From a Rn.?l_n t-ahara to bu Ampn, n
Oaala." Young BarH h.* been in lbe ichoo. leaa than
two years, and in that time ho hws K>?i-n-.l io read,
?vrite and BPeah Enplish. Prl_es, ron-isilnn of a BBBl
bef 8| vnliiable books, wero glven to Suinuel lJarit.
Henry W. Tnte. Jr., llcnnan Ppoerer nnd Oacar
Walther. The Ilc.rnthal medal *_,.* awardccl to Her
mu: Bpeerar for liarlng attalned tl.e blgheat lanlt iu
hi- cla^s diu-liig the sehool year. The cluss of "81 1,
eeaapesei nf Kamut-i Barlt, Oeorge B. Beeker, .\nircw
II. Borger, Hernian Fink, i-amuel Fine, Charles C.
Fucris. Jr., I)nvid Ohwer, Max (.lirkni.in, 1'i.u] s
ITaljiern, Jr., Albert liubener, Samucl Jaaobowlta,
Alfrod Ptacaa, Adolph tSnndberg, Hcrm.ni Bpoahrar, Jr.!
F.mll S. .aioin. Il.nry W. Tate, Jr., Jo.cph Welmer, Jr ,
-mi Oaear w.ithor.
The graiaattng e.\erci.es of Grammar Srhool Nn.
88, taaaak iepart-aeat, wero held at lha _ehaol-boeae,
ai B-Vtagtaa ?nd Lea-is ?t... f. j. Mnrray is prlaclpal.
The grodn:iting elaaa U aaBipeeei ef Clara H. Ooarler,
Jennie Fuld, Minnie Goodman. Martha L. HkkSflfl",
liosii KleiTiman, Blanclie .Newman, Dor.i Ruhmann.
Ila.hel Rubeiirteiii, 'iertnide L. Ryan, Amy Tevln,
Kmic A. Wood and Ocilia Ziji.r-r.
Tlir rioalni exarciaefl of ilrammar Sehool No. 47
wcie licid la tbe priiK-ipur. room af the InaBtatkw, No.
88 E-tst Twvlltt.-st. lha place wa. iotwialort with
laaa aai oiM loaora. Dr. w. w. waik.-r, ebalrouu
Df the I'.onrd of TlflJleea, pieaMeC The addi-c.a of
t'l-cting was made bv Mlllle V. Dre-ler. Loiiim' 11.
( ole read tha elaaa fmm, and Ida L. II
delivercd the valcdictoiy. An latlreaUng pl
grammc was listcncd to wlth attention by a
iiuiiilcr of rMtora. The Rev. Dr. Rotel. Collycr
.ddis.-sv(i ttie (.-radiK.t.--,. Tha Ckemri neiala wera
aanviai lo Heartetta B. Darltt and Malla Plerej i,v
Jaaaea W. Gerari. Tht hooor atoienta wera Arne.
m.,v Hanter, Marle Loalaa Aekenaan, Arraa Katio
nerger, Clara M. Chapple, Jennle 8. Cottier,
Kl'iretuo K. FniiiT:. Floreoee U FraUaeher]
18a L Herbert, Annie Low. Lu. v p. Loige!
l.lsi,.. c. M.-lii.s. Mnrgiierite Ameiia Bpcidbal and Mar
u.u-ot Cheaaar w<?a. The other aieibera af Um grai
iMtlnp (la. > iire i_a(tie n. Arnold, lvv iio.ert. ENtabeth
Brailar. glaaaolh a. nmd., Bta Angeta Bnunan,
Catherlna A. Breaaan, noreace Barleton, Loniaa ii'.
Cole. Mav O, c.iiicy. iiciu'etu E. Diiviu. Qrarc Lilxon
Florence i. Degle, WWa u. IBuaalai. Agnea lfae
.BT, Vera t. DoagtaB. Hella Druiistudi.-i-. Kllu. MM),-1
Bagllah, MaUe cH-riev:e\e Fi;_p<rald, Hal B J, E. fraafc,
Alea Vlrtan Ii-ey. Hcrtha H. Ganiaey. Edith J. n0l
braw, Etiici HateMaeoa, Adriaidc Tahaawi. pion
KoclUer, Louise Franct- Koehler. Emn^ Kohl, Joheplii,'ie
L. Latasa. BaUa Loulae Lorton, belma MumloU. Ma.
The Appetite
There t. BeBflag for whlrh ?-, lacommonU llooda
?araBpaillla wjih jrc-t.r raaMaaei th.., f0r io?. ut
ai.iK-tii.-. laaigaiBaB, ateb bsaiaaba ...n ?.|,.r ironbi^n of
? :\-j>r>t|o nature. ln me mo-t naturai way Uils UKUiclna
gaatty Maaa HM Btaaaab, a.,d ji.uu.-i c.no f_?i "r.--i
I.adlr. I. Drlicntr ll.nllli, BT v. rr dali.tv Bai pur
tlcuiar al meal?, atur takli,? Hood'a .Snr.?[)a:iiia a f, w
<i?T?, t\ni _bBM8fliai laagtoa tor _.,_ ,nin. ti,.. y^aaai
food wlth mi*X|>e'K'd rvBaB and aatuta. ti.,n. 'j-|V |L
bed i,y aii iaaggMBa. *i. Ma tor a_. i-raaani oniy
by C. i llo'ili v 00., -|>oUi-.ariea, _a,?,,i, nltt.
100 Doses One Doliar
garet McKenna. Jeannette I. Molloy. Mabel A- BtrmaU.
Augnst* Nlemann, Emma Plercy, EateUe Plercy. Kate
Heynolds, Marfaret M. Bhell, Emma C, A. 6le5er, Emlly
Baitaia Da SUra, May fl. Stocking. Aimee LoulM
Travli, Marle Loulse Wade and Frled* Westerfleld.
The cloglng exerclsee of Uie glrr* department ol
(Jrammar Pchool No. 87 were held at Peventy-?eventh
st. ond Amsterdam-ave. ye*terday mornina. ??.
Llon preBded. Among thoee on the platform with
Annle V. Foi. the prlnclp-l. were Henry A. Rnger*,
Iti. In.rd S. Treaev. James 11. Cumlng and Jacque* ll.
ll.rt-. There were not seal* enotigh to accommoda'e
thc many friends of tha gradunting cIhs*. ?l?? "ei'fl
Flnlav delivered tii- valedlctory. The pnnf'P :_J;?
prlw. a silver watrh. wae awarded to Ellen B. Hewitt.
Tareafl C. Welsh elso received u ?_?_______ caroiyn
Eerne, recelved a set of book* a* a prl/x
The graduatlng exerclses ot the g.rl.' .lepnrtraent ol
Oranimar achool No. 00. ln Kifty fourth-it.. near
filxth-ave.. were held yeiterdav afternoon, Bchool
Trustee .lacques 11 Hc'rt* pn-sidlng. <?old medals
were awarded to Ml**ei Elsle Ltiwensteln and lierthti
E. n.itchelder; sllvcr me.lals <-. M:>* Edna Innis,
Nora Have*, Mary E. Hartman. Mnrlon E. Itice,
JOBBBhlBfl M. Groer, Katherlne fronin, Hcatrice Lowcn
steln. Mav N. ftelwood. Mlllle L. tliahman. Henrlella
L. W. Hnaker. Marla T. Leon, Annle J. Rl"hl. F.tlnl
Hrunhlld, Mllllcent Newklrlc, OHve Franrl.ro, Oellia
?ray. Loretta K. Clarkln, Sar*h J. Itronks. Nellle K.
Urown, Sarnh W. Alexandre and Irene McHugh.
Boiton. Jnne 20.? There are Bax, young men now
worklng nt emmlnatlon for cntnince to Harvard.
In Cambrldge tlw nurnber of men that are taklng the
flnals I* 230. the nurnber taklng th" prellmlnarte* l*
881. At plaee. other than Caml.ridge there Me .127
men taklng cither the Baal* or prellniiiiarics. or both.
Thii ls a gain of 116 over last year.
New'mrc, N. Y., June 20 (Spcclal).-The rommencc
ment cxcrclse* of thc Newburg PTflfl Acadcmy took
plaee to nlght in the Academy nf Muslr. The Faluta
torian wns Wllliam J. Weygnnt and the valedlctorlan
Mlse Almlra heainan.
Bordentown, N. J., June 20.- M:-. Oertrude Rowen.
wlflow of the Rev. Wllliam C. Bowen, formcr president
of tho Rnrdentown Female C<,lleg", who dropi>ed dend
here a short time ago. twvs be-en appolnted pre-ident of
the college. by the Uoard of Coum il
The pnpU* of the gramn.ar department of Orammar
School No. 45. at No. 227 Weat Twentvsevnth-St.. BXTt
an 8851555X8 of free-hand drawine at the insttttitlon on
Thuraday afHilBBBB A large nurnber of pcraon* inspeeted
thc work of tlie i.uptls. whlch consl.t.'! of oi'tur. s. BBM*.
deslgtis and i?rchl<e:tural ?tudle>. Mury l> Tsto ls
urincinul of tbo school. _
Elmiro, N. Y., June 20 (Speeial).-" Who furnlshes
the funds for tlie new HIU organs r is a query that wlll
renerally l?e a*Ued when tlio fact i* known tliat the
(iovcrnor-eenator 1* branching out into louriialisin.
Dnviii Beaaatl HBPa iii?t pflwif par venture pruvod a
blg liiiaiicial and poll***al BBOCCM for thc astute Cha
muns wlrepuller, although ch-scly eaaaeetai with tli"
blackesi pagaa bi ahe hlxtory of Tweedism in New Torh
City and Albany. The latest movc on 11111'- BOUtteal
.-he.- boara bagBu to ahow Baell ln Bha extrema wc-t
?m part of tha Btate, wbara it is propoaaa v< add t<> a
jaaMfltawa waahry paper a reaVhal um daiiy orean.
What Banaaw mil shoaM want Of :m '.rgmi ln th"
"blacU Republlcan'' eoiint.y Of <'haiit.-iuiiua at thls time
ia as much a conundruni a* where ti.e money ia t" flflflflfl
from to run lt ac?>ra.lng to tho Cheniung school of
pelBxi -)?
lt is also sald by a mnn on thc Inslde tliat other
,-<iunti'v papen thraaghoal Um Btate nrc being mouidci
into tlie 11111 loaf, and lhat when the time airivea for
ulie *election of delegatc? to the DeflMcrattC suito <>>n
vention Mr. Hill wili have a tortiado of piinter's ink to
deluge all OppoalBoa. In the meatitime his home
organ, "The Elnilni (iar.ette.'' i* MIMflally but studlou*
ly quoting evcrytliing publlslied fuvoring a thlrd
term for the QOTflrnorshlp and as earefolly refrain
lug from mentlonlng other Demociat* for tho offlce.
Talk Flower to a Chemung Hill foBowar, anl the
convertation is wound up by the rlatement thal " bfl B
not ln lf." The names of rhapin, " Ed'' Miirphy ai.d
othCrs are recelved with the sam" dlafnvnr. TUl ls
not i.nly the ca-o In Chcmung, but Ifl other soiitherr
tler coimtios. And 9/5181 tlii- is K?|ng on tho ia. t
should B01 be losl tlght of that tlie dtial oflicial Is tlie
lanic Jehyll Hyde as he bflfl been since the late W. _.
Muller bronght him out of afeflearUf and sent him lo
praaaBt his eoafltftaaatfl in Iba "Bma- Twecd
In vlew of Mr. HIU'* former career, it ls difflcnlt to
BBderalaaa Bli po?iti.>n: ln fn.-t, bl* wannaat bobm
foUawara eoafaaa that h* la a Boaaatlraai, nnd thal they
aalAom, if ever, know hi- real lataDtloa BU lha niotaaal
for dtdfllva act.on BRltBfl. An ardent HIU 8BP
poiter haa llkened him to Charlflfl Blawarl
ParnelL The man refern-d 10 IBM 88811 reC0gnln4 M
an inip.rtaiit factor in Demoeratic polltlcs for many
year* and also a libeial cor.t ribiitor to the cau-e
tapaaflfli by Mr. garaall. BaM he: " i fcar tiiat
'Dave,' who, by the way, ls not utillke rarnell ta keep?
ing close-moutlwd conceniln? hls pbUM, at*. al ?<> eoflM
to gricf. Hifl friends dn'l like ostraebUB, und thfl hB I
that he aeems to dmibt ln- beal workari and BdmUart
leavt-H an tndelible impn-* apox Uielr nlati lhal bfl
otther kMhx flpon tiieu- v.-mi dlatrusl or beilerei lhal
no man is worthl Bl hB couiiaeiae. Thii Btata - 1
thliigs cannot exhit long, and already ha bM BM85
many eiieink's by Ihlfl BoBej." BpaflBlng of IUB'1
tliird-term prospects. tlie gatiUoBMU icnixrkfli Uttl
lio ha<l no Ide* tliat ?' 1):>ve'' tliought aarlonal)
of It. but he WHiited M have the givlng af ihe BBB
ti.iu ai.d thu* demonstriuc that he ii lha proper peraaii
ta Imve the distributi-m of the political loaves and
liahes in the State, as well a* whatcver may come to
him a* United >t*vtea Senator. lu Ihfl tiieaiitinie he
wants to hoM the la*b over hN qklef, bnt w,,uld-be
etieniie*: and vrhen the Utnc tomes, If ha <-?n Bhaw
that he nlone 1* the only poBBeaJ Moses to lead the
partv ot the t>tate to noeeM fltxl that BMh i bmt?
wlll pla.ate those to Whoa ia*t winter he prOMlflBfl thc
Baeatorahif and those with the "bar'U.'' a* well a*
other* who were promlsed tne iioinlaation for Oai
h? wtu lead aa to thfl BaUooal OoataxBaa with
an organizert rush and vell "I am a D.ni --uf
Ihara I* a littla rlppxi aa ihe araxl traooaU um
paiiUcal wavfl la Chflaxaag that Biaj also ooxt thc
boM bobm BBXkBf. Whaa tiie Qovcrnor was axieled
Minat.-r ha dcieimlned to 8X88 ln ttofl I'V pladug ln
ii.,iiiiiiaii'.ii men wlio, lf elceted to .-late ollites, w,,uld
look iifter hls BOBUoaJ fence. iu tlie Btata, Among
the oBiiflMtatoi Braotlralli BbaVad aaa Joax B. BCaach
nriii. a l'.niier law i-.i.iii"! ol the Goviirnor aad ex
Mayor ol Ihla etty, for Attorucj Oi.ral. >?. ebange
wm tnude in Ihe prograroine Ull >mith M. Beed aod
, tn rs made hlg kick* aUtnt HUl'a irviiinent ol iii,-m
during 'I'-' benatorial canva**. Ilieu the Chenrohg
,l (.??!? changed hl? Uctlea and ln iitunng lu
,,;.:,,? )js new-niade enon5e? c.tnfled" lhal Ihfl next
Attorney-Oei ei il ihoaM be a man mIci ied ai thc Bew
Vi.iii VS'lgwam. in tba tneanUme Mr. Flower li flio?l
spoken nf tor Gtrrernor, whlk at "Tlie Oaxettc"' offlce
Ihe remark l- nol unfreqaei tlj heard lhal bailth M.
rVfled wonhi makfl a flood OoxerDor. unfl lt wlll be
worth ahile t" watch Um name "1 B'eed ai the sttue
i onvenUon. AU I* not a* roey ln Ihe Dem ?ratlc
Flower ganien ns mlghi be hoped by the Oararaari
foliuwere?prlnetpaUy beneflclarii i.
Rlchard Oroker Wfli barh Ifl thc ,itv yesterday, hav
lag bobm from tbfl coantry ttA\ ot Btate Haoator wm
iun i.. BrawB) at Qreal Rarrlngtoa, Ba**., arhara be
i. "i enjoved i. ic-u- days' resplta tram the iieat of the
elty. A Tribune rsportflr kmod blm sittlng ln a co-,!
eorner of tlio WlgWBM 111 Fniiit."-nth st., surTOunded
by a iitimbcr of big and little "Jnjani" of the tilbe of
Tatr.maiiy. who Wflffl Buagratalflttag tli'' greit (hlcftain
ou iii- iapa>5 pbysl.al c .nditioii aud wuillke b-:arltig
Mr. CrdSflr sald that he had efljoyed MMBflU Imtnensely
at Hi-othfrkravc Browa'l Bay Btatt lepee. whlch was
ahundamly BXppUtal with all lhal flraa needeil to BMBS
a teu TflaDjaxii] warrhB f >:_?'. the tr:_s a'd vexailon*
of city hfr. Tharfl w?s no Bfltarr plaea, Mr. Ci kai
BMBMfl |0 thlhk, wltfiln maiiv m'b- of New York for
ptaanlna. poBBeal baUhH aad ">tui hunt**" whkh givo
promKc of more ridi ipoUl of cor.(|n
Fr tn the wa\ lu whieh Mr. f'i,,;;er ??'wsm1 o.uefl
tlon? touclilng tlie raeaat action of the Taitnuny Hall
'? i '.'nmlttec of Twenty-four " ln leaolving thal there
i BO dl.conl ot- backbHlBI ln tho orpanlratin'i, and
that the b <s's eollar dis" not rhafe tli" t., ci;, af UM
' aai drtiwer. of \mtrr'. i? miiit
I-' Inferreg thal the chlaj di-in- t,. Btaotra lnnis.ii
ol all rv?pon.ll,iri1y lot the t.M?etitig. lie c'- .rl.-ntIv
prrfct-N io Iflflflfej th* iir.pr-asio'i lhat thfl aiaie Whuli Wl
I'ji'i.'i )ha BNgfllB bfll not aflecte.1 l,un, aud lh.it MM
axaaUag ?_ axaBaa up to glaflBte hla aHhaal hi*
ktiowledge or conaent. Tlie followh.g dlalogue took
? wiiotn BflxoagfBfl me" in lha lanei raaaeflaafTaia'
many Hall Bayafl most Btlatraat, Mr. < r..kei
"I havn nev^r bflfl] ,inv ii,,.|rti t ,>| tl,<- b.vultv .f n
sltigle mnn flflaafletfll 1,1 any wai with tlie louudls of
Tammanv Hall. '
The aaseta of
lo 1847 were. flO.73H.81
They have lnnreased each year
since that time, and on Jan. 1,
1881. were. . 58,747,707.44
And during theae yenrs the com?
pany has paid to policy holdera.. 145,835,390.80
It baa paid lor the paat 20 years
an average dlvidend of. 34.31 peroent
Its ratio of expenae ofmanagement
to Income for the past 43 years is 8.51 per cent
lta surplus by New-York standard la over six
millions of dollnrs.
PHILIP S. MILLER, Oeneral Agent
for New-York City. T_on_ Ialand and Ne--J_raer.
No. 1 Wall St., New-York._
a Do VOfl wish lo be undcrstood aa iaylng that yonr
relatlon. wlth all of them are. perlectlv frlendly 1"
"That ls It exactiv. My raiatlons with every one
of the present dl?trl.t leaders havo been and are now
of the mo.t pleasant character."
"I? there, then, no trtith In the n.mera that rtvllcul
dlfference. have aria-n between yoursell and Mayc.
Orant. Pollee Commis.loner Martln. Mr. Oockran and
others. or that you have seriously thouglit of aevenng
your relatlous wlth Tiiii.miinv Hall !?
'? There ls ab-olutcly no truth in theae statcnienU.
I have had no dlsagreeiiient. with Mayor Graut, Com
nfls.loner Martln. Mr. Cekran or any other leadli'g
menilrcr of the oi-_ani/.at:<>n. I have had no di?_grce
ment wit_i an\ hody connccted witli tlie management
of the atfalis of Tammany Hall. All bueh reporta aro
" If thi. is all trae. Mr. Croker, what waa the neces
alty lor the me.tin.- held lu UM <oiin.il Chamber Ofl
Wedneaday and tlia a. Uon taken U_era '"
??'bo hu aa ) araa eoneemed, I aaw no ncce.slty fn*
the mei'tlng. I the BxecuUve (.'oiiui.ittee orof the adop
ii.ui ?f reaoluttona eertllylng lo tbe loyaity ol its own
nembera, ii maal ba lememb refl, however. tii.tt
numeroii. nnnnr- of an aanoytng character had Iren mt
afloat bv Interested partlee, and perlmpa M araa better
after all to aettle Ibeni by a elear declaratlon ol tlio
real condltlon of affairs tn the oiguni-aMon.-'
Mr. Croker will t-ike hls famlly to Hi.-hileld Sprlncs
|B-tav for the siimmer. but the hose wlll retnrn to the
cltv to partfi ipat.a wlth other hlgh muck-a-muc_a ol the
Wigwani in tha telebi-atioii of 'uly 4
*> ?
IBQ n;-.t;uN.
Chlcago, June 26.?A dlspatch from Yanhton, S. D.,
says that me nbeis of tho World's Falr Commlaslon
are there to dceide upon u course In ralslng tho
aaeaaaary taaia for tba Btam exhlblt, M-iety-fivo
plodg* from nieinbers of tlio Lcglblature bi-ve been
reeeived. goatBBBN_B| lo atteai a *pe< ial seaslon of
the Legislature he.* ,,f coet to tlie .-tate and to vote
Ior an appn.priaiioii, nnd nlnataan more aro known
to be in favor of tiu-. if local coaanlt-aea wlll pi-o
vide e-raeaaea. This iea~ea sli pli*ig<? rOQU-re-. H
a scv-sloii is held. it wlll probably ba Into bl tlie fnJi.
san Praaciaeo, Jane _?.*-a*Ute Cootroller CoifBB'a
attoincy h-a aivlaod blffl BOt to pay tlie $..00,Ot>i) ap
poprlated i.v Ihe Leglalatura lor Oallforala'a e_inb!t
nt iho WorM'a Knir, on ihe ground that tho uppro
prlation ls Bi -1 >i:- r it tit i- nal.
Work upon tha frst of tlio World's Fair buildlng.
waa beguo to-flajr. Tba strnctura is the Woman'a
Buildlng. lt is to bc -oo by iOO foot and three storBM
Prc'idcnt Oilman, of .Tolins Hopkliis, towhom had
been offered t!ic place of chicf of the Ilurcui of Uberal
Arts. arrlvei here thla nornlng, *n<\ after eonaulting
with IBiocttBf-Oaaeral iiavis as to the iutles of tho
place, ieetiei that he eauM not accept It. Hc found
tliat lt would raeaire all of hi. time, and he was uu
willlng to iclve thls to tha cxciu-lon of hls duties at
Joluis HopMBS.
nvei- 1,000 appllcnnts for space have already been
han>iis ('ltv. Mo., June 20.?A movoment has been
ftartei hera for tbe organlxatlon ol a novel mUltarj
company. Inteniei lo be G_te of the military teatui -
of the Worid'a i-air. The eompany is to i,<* <:_i;--*t
Company A, lat Reglment, I nlteu Blua ani Gray,
ll ia i,, I. ? i<,iii]?._?1 ,,[ titt.v c.\ I nlon and liftv 08
i onfederate reterana, the forroar uiilforuied ln blu-- aud
the latter in gmy.
A meetlnc cf the ietegatea of the Ctrman slnging
aoctetlea, of tfew-York and its rtctnlty, was hMi laat
i-vcning at t!,c Ailoii cliibhouse, I'arlc-iive. and Fift.
nlnth-st. T.'ic ol.Ject of the meeting was to tako
tteps, in cnnjiinction wlth ...,-letics or other eoontrles,
to iDwninaaioiale ti,e aaaet .infe of tra?? ilseovary ,,f
Aaterlea by Columbus. Tbere were preaeul ielegatee
from flfty-thrae aoctatlaai rapraaentlng over 3,000
kinger.. EUchari Knt7.euiiia.u-i', of the Arion Oiub;
Dr. Jos-ph 11. henner, of Iho -Btata Zeltanfl" ? BBi
WUHaa Stelowflf, axplalnei the tujectof the orgaal_
tion, Whleb was qalekly foimed, nnd it will be known
In tl.e future as the Coium,,in Celebratl ui Or_Bfll_a>
Tho organization profoaea fo amnge, with the aid
of lune Kiiaify, ,n. hlalorkal proeaaalonal pagennt aur
p_.---.iiii: in iiiagnitu.ie thoae ol the taaooui calebraUoo
of tho allver aaaVllin of th* Baifeior and Baiareaa of
aii-i.1.1. Tba roaiailttoa selacted la^t alght t<) havo
full power to niahe tlie prellulnary arniu-^riient. lor
this oeiebratlon are Wllllam Btelnway (chalrmaol, Blch
ard K.n/.,-.,iii.ii. ., John M. i ,n.,,?!-, 1 eli\ beflwara.
.chlld, John P. Wlndolpli, Frank Pfiff, l.oul. Daurpan,
I.0111. Ilaber.troh, lleurj Pallberg. l*,-t?-i Bertaeh,
( harle. Wahle, Julia. Caaaar, Wllllam 6<-hwub. Atfoiph
Hiracb aud L.i'.Mtiti KUegUta.
From T!,e KUwaakee i-emiiicl.
Twenty yeara ago bnffato robee w-ere the favorlto
prouv-toi- of bm oin ti ,v, i;,.in Bfatnal the riicors of
winiry l)lx~t.-. rbough -omewhal coaraa lo tho tou.-h
Utc) were almoal Impervloua to Uie cold ol the atmo?
pbere, an.i man) routli. aud inalden. of thoae iaya
i.h.u bark now ?iih regretful foelii_-ra t,> the aleigri
rliea when the>" neatled lienealli tbe flannel hmdereii
ani ?!,.!" r.i-i\ ini'-.i iklu. ol boffaloea, whlle their
iiciit -.-uii.-i-" ti.-w over anoar-coverei country roadj
to tho inu.ie of JlnffUna bel a,
i;iii the graal trana-contlDental rallroaia m.cd^ the
oontlrmed exlaten.f buffalo herda of Uie nld-taah
ioned smt .rn Imposilble thitig, ani tliey raplily faded
iiw.iv. so thu the robea whlch were eo nrdveraally
u-.si ii: Uie Nortliom Btatea bul a few yeara ago aro
now io.I...I upon a- veritable anUojuea when, at rare
l tarvals, il.ct :.r,- ilaeovei-ed b) liardy wekcrs afier
rellc. of tlie remote i>.st. tn the meanUuic all tho
report. from Uie i-'n-;ii ptaln. have aareei in Inileatlng
Uie gradual dl_app-ar_.ii c even of Ihe remnanta of the
greai droves ol bl-on wlilrji formerly were wonl to
sluikp the earth 1,,'i-cr.iii ihelr raet, ani to baar down
all nnlh.at.'1 ohateacUona in tln-ir front as tliougl.
thev wara bat fluttai Ing le i
Tha rheerlna Intelllgence i reeeived, bowever, that
the Ameri. m buffalo ls ?ife, for the present at
leaat, and tha thl? place r.f (leuior reaort is the great
Vellowntone Natiom_l Park. 'fhe lupertiitendenl ,.i
the park, Ceorge 8. Andemon, wrltaa tu tha Chlcago
Acaiem) of Kclence thnl there are from 200 to ;??)
baffaioefl bow in lha park, and thai th.- number l; uu
doubteil. increa Ing, though nol ao rapldli a- wonld
be tlio caae if Uie uniniala bad s,.me liaven ul reluiro
.hirine ti?. roldeai day. r.f wlnter. a rapid rate of
Increa-. '- nol de.lrnble, perhnpa, bnt lt i [o be lu n i
thnl ibla aborlgtnal breei wlll nol be permltted t .
lUiiergo romplete extlnciloii whlle tbe dcacendonta of
tlie Kuropeon auro hi are stlll i.. be found on their
natlve bcath, al any rnle.
From The Lowlston (Ma.) Jooraal.
a i oll,-..- t gentleman haa a vary i,rlght and beaatt
ful nttlc iaughter, wlui liki the famlly eai ln *>
dinately nnd who had nol i.n appriaed ,,f the IbcI
that there wai .. famlly of klttena two u.-.-k- old, wlth
? .'le open nnd one ,,f them ln portlcular tim
very '-Image ot its mother." Miung lu tl.e lun.iiv
tiu- other evenlng, the gentleman rcferrci to the cal
whlch mi. i-atiu-r Idauraly going out of tne room. :.nd
In a verv genaraj way aakei the UtUi ona if Am
- d i'l al?h thai tha eai wara nnallar. \\>n. ahe
didn't know. ain> liii.-.i i,ei prett] well a- ibe w.i^
-aii la," tonUnuei the I .11 - *. man, thlnklng of
tbat wonierful kitten that wbb the eounlerpart
ighl tbat, ii yoa ili, i , ouid ahrink
?' a-n for >..i to any si_e vo. arant." -What!"
.aid tiie ItUe girl. "You ranI And can vou ohi-iuk
"Yea," waa tbe reply. Then
enaued an liiteia?tlng .onver_ation between tlie gen?
tleman nnd the llttle girl, iu whlch the foim.-r
enieavorefl to oMala maaaureaianti of tbo Am
io which tka llttle girl \wmia Bke the cat to
be reiaeei. Bha expressed oplnlom, but her
father rather eraltUy, l,v a _.-rie. of leadlng
nue tlon? bronght her do-.-.u t.. a s,/? eorreap
to Uie kitten. riten oxacUug a piou,..,- ol i?-r ti.at
ihe would reroaiB In lbe parloc, lta ?an| out .<fier tl.e
cat hh- w?k soon found and Lrmmlif |a, Hie wae
inipaetai ln point ol <olor. whlta paw., winte Bars,
COlc. of l.ii. et. . - III know her certalnlv paoa "
I Tnen papa took the .-at "out ?n'd
put bar iu the warirnbe and .bul thr ri,>f)r iltM| w^?i
Bftei the l.'.llv. Wlien lt m .s l'ro.i(_||t |n. whul
, nel i,'n* llttle girl a i d ? i'-,,r ti.q
land ?akea!" -..ul ihe. -\Vi,.> -\..- ili!" .->ii,, vlewed
i!,.. kttter. In point ,.i fur ani paara .i?i _,),? u*m In
Iowa wBh it. ?Now,'- >aid ba) f.ili.-i-. -i m*amt i
l*-tler 0 Bbi hrinn lur l,a. I. (o li.-i ,,1.1 s:l<. |ia(i|,'i
l ?- ani tl.e little girl tmc lo her ?id lore laW
" V,-- " |..okli.g reifl-etfullv al thr llill. kltte.i Ka it
cca- t.o.ii- liorn tlt- t ,,'.,, ihe old ct Wm isrleaaed
t<. hci ::it-iia,. attafactlori ani Uie imtcn .at returued
lo tae boa ani the ul i i it re liitroiurai Into t!,_
parlor lo ne-tle In the llttle girl'. top. A long mi-.,,, ,'
|.'ll.i_ei In whlch thr ]ittIr ktlrl v,.< thHikluu. riien
"i.-r. who i alatost _s itout aa >.>?,
I- gootl naturefl, . IimHI .i I ? and womanh ? ii, ' i'.,.,
eaa roa aiirlnic Mk.r* "Bfhyf" a-i..*d her f.n.^,.'
- Ilecaoar " auul t!ir llt(|,< glr|. ?? |f rvcr I Rrt |,, fo
a wo.t.ai. aud aa .tout ?_? iii-.nnia, l'U be -hiunk."
ibt rauaaaxrxi to the ikibcnm
Jamcstown. N. Y., June 20.-A meetlng wa* held
here to-day to orgnnlre Hepnhllran crobs. It was
altcnded by thc mlasii,!;ariei aent oot by the National
and r-tato Republlran LflBgafla and by leadmg Rcpubli
cans of Ohaalaafljafl county. Among those preaent
were Or-lno E. Jones. a mcmlier of th* Bepublican
Ma:e Committee; Assemblyman Woottburv, Asscmbly
man (iirTord, tnaster of the Btata Orange: A. C. Wadc.
John Woodward. ex Assemblyman Williams, (,'. .1.
B?nn1?ter, chaltman of thc RepnblUan County Corn
mlltee; Fiedeiick W. II)de. Edltor of "Ihe James
town Journal"; and Ii. s Dean, Edltor of "The Morn?
lng News." Orcat Interest wa* ?hown bv the Rcptth
llc.in* of Chautauqua County present ln the proposed
work of organizlng Repnhlican clubs a* a result of thc
Tlslt of thc mlsslonatle* to Buffalo. It was ?a1d
that the Republlcan League of that city had
l>cen Insplred to eomplete a negotiatlon for
the purchase of a eostly bnllding for a Republleflji
headqtrarter* In that elty, and 54,000 had been ralsed.
A. B. Hnmphrey, secretary of tlie State Republlcan
League, iiddrc*?lng the meetlni'. s.ild :
Th* Republlcan* of the rest of the State look to Chau
taunua Countv ..i?n eleetlon nlght ind expect to hear of
a h|g Republlcan majorltv. W? hope that we shall hoar
thnt report thls year. We *h*U. If you all pm ynur
ahouldera to ihe whnel. ?fetywBflM that we have ?ono
we have found the Republlcan* of Uie fstate lnter^?t#d In
tho anuroichlng eleetlon. Mr. Byrnes and wrttlt recenth
visiUtd (Uno and found the Ilepubllcta* there d*t"rnilned t>
cl.ct McKlnlev. (ApnUuse.) Whr >lo you applaudl It
Ie because you are intirested In the Nstiouel issue*. The
aleeUofl of a btate tl'k'-t tlus yau ln 'iii* ,stst.' I* a politi?
cal ne'-essltv. We have got a hard flght and the onlv- wav
to wln Is to stOD quarrelllng, If we have any quarre!*, and
to wrlte and to work ivlth energy to elect our ticket. In
the, oreanlzation of club* I* success. Org?nl*.e club* In
thls county and send out speiker, to the farmers. Y,u
do not n-ed sp.aker*. Send out vour own men snd glvo
th* people a nlaln btiainesa talk. They had no Republlcan
club* In UXMBBrl Ifl 1815 when the campalgn bezan ; but
the Republlcan boys organlzed 600 club*. The National
BapabUcM Commlttce had no falth In thi* effort. but
BMM yoaag BMB aalned four Republlcan Cengre*smen.
We galnt'd four Republlcan Congreaamco by tht *ame meth.
ods ln Mlnnesota. That gave the Republlcan party a
majorlty ln Conjress, and President Harrlaon's Admlnlavra
tlon a ronslstent support.
Tlmothy E. Bymcs, chlef organizer, describe* the
detalls of club work. He sald that the btate Lcxgue
proposed to put a Republlcan club ln every town In
New-York State. It was not proposed to wipersede
the regular party organizatfoii, but to supplement It.
Henry Weason, one of the Lcugue mlsiionarles, de
scribed the hearty support glven them ln thelr tour
through tho .state. Ex-A**cmblyman Willlams, of
Dunkirk, said that the Republlcan club* had already
done a great amount of good work in Chautauqua
( iiunty. Mr. Bannlster, chalnnan of tho Republlcan
County Committec, sald he.wouId do all ln hls power to
eneoura^c the growth of the clubs.
Asspnihlymuti Wnodbury said: " It is by our oduea
tlonal campalgn that we can win. The regular voters
of bath partle* vote at every eleetlon. It V* the
floating elem^nt whieh declde* elcctlons, and we can
pet that eleraenl by cducatiouai worh." Mr. woodbury
iffered a reaolattoo, whieh was adopted, raque*tlng the
County Oommlttee to oigaiilr.e Republlcan clubs in
Chautattqua Coaotr.
Assemblvman iiitford. master of the state (irange,
s.-.ul : ?? 1 havo recentlv travelled throngh the State
iiddre-'ing various granges, nnd 1 iuivc thls tfl report
that the KepubUcxn farmen are lo\al to ihe Rapub
lleen party. The Mi Klnley bUJ haa l"-)i its terrora
to tlnni. ln my oplnlon they wlll give Bew-Yorh
Btate io tlie Kopubicnn party ln lattl aud in IftirJ."
Oralrio E. Jones, member of the Republlcan riuite
Commlttee. -^.id: "I "would like to a*k why lt ls thal
the BepabUcaB partv due* BOt orginlze soine of theae
club* flown iii Rew-Yorh City. why, that 1? one of
Um greateit mxnufxeturing c.tles iu the world, and
tliercfore the worklngmen are lntere?ted pcrsonally iu
itiataloiBg ih" protecBve tarltf. Is not that ? great
mlawionary Beld .'"
?It -.'' replled A. B. Humphrey, "and we are
orgatiizing rltibs In New-York Citv ln those very facto
ii'-. We did lt ii, 18S8, und lt had a great etfe.:."
Recent rable dlspatchee have mentioned the fact
that Indlgnatlon wa* rnnnlng hlgh *n France on ac
eoaal f the lateat cront* ln Haytl. It was reported
Uiat thc Franeh (rovernment would be eubjected to
an litterpellation In the Chamber of Deputles, and that
it had already f iken proper meniurei to avenge thc
cxecutlon of BigBflfl.. The latest Parls papers at
hand throw some light In advance on the lnteip-'lla
tiiiti whieh v>ms antioiinecd. They havo ltiterviewcd
Depnty PraaelX I~.ur, who wa* to make it, and mean
whltfl they pehUah from a Freneh pulnt of vlew some
lnferesting partlcnlar* about occurrence* ln Haytl
during the last few year*.
It wlll he remembered that Immediately after havi
Ing ?iil'dued the revoltitionery attempt at Port-au
I^lnce. oti May 28, President Hyppolite, wlthout any
priivoeatlon Bt all. ordered the ihOOttag of M. Rigaud,
wbOflB he saw qnletly sittin). on hl* vernnda by hi-a
wife's sldc. PiK'ind had tfof ahouted "Vlvn Preel
.1'iit Hyppolitc" with biifliclent promptltude. The
nephew of M. Rigaud, a sixleen-yoar old boy, was
als.) .shot a few minutes later.
M. I'niii. is l.anr. Ihfl Deputy of Nenllly. near Parls.
said to tbfl inierviciier of the Paris "SolelP tbat hc
wa* an Intiinate frlend of M. Rigaud, nnd that tho
latter died beeaaxfl hc wanted t>. remaln a Freneh
.Iti7.cn like iu, grandfathar, n.-ucral Rigaud, who from
170- to InOil defended tlie Fronch .uuse at Porl-au
Priiice. "Thal mnit bc known," added M. Laur, "and
I proposo to dnmon*trdte It by my lnterjiellaflon. I
wili oxhil.il iho card of ?immuiri.ulailou' or reglatry,
bcarlng tiutiibcr 1^44. reniitted tw M. Hlgaud by the
Legation of the Freneh Kepublic in Hayti, and prov
ing his natlonality. I wili itad the last letter re?
ceived from our iinfmtiinatc lellow-citiien, ln whieh
is sliown his love fur France, and alao hl* preaenUment
of tho fate whlch wa? lo lall BfOB him.'
Here us tlus letter of fUgaail
I am ceruin that o very unwholeaom* influonco has
baaa bxhiibibI ui>on M. Rlbot (the Freneh Mlnister of
im ua Affalre). Bal lt ls repugnunt to me Uo belleve
tliat lio v,ill foig-jt tlie hflxat of 1 rjiiv-u aud surretider so
inenv good l-'ieUvlimeii to Uio ramor aud rflBgeBBflfl of
faiUiless people. No I A thou.and Unic* no I M. Rlbot
has iu hls kaart a Bsarahlp for Praaeh induen.c and honor.
He wili he a Mfefaaifl 'or 0,,r llVP* and our interesu. alike
In dangcr; and notablv for tln- honor of our wlves and
daughter*. Franc* wlll not surrend-.-r those who are hers
to ahe knlve* of thos* bv B_aM Ba. v aro disllked.
It is trafl that HyppoUte*B Government pretended
that thc KgtoterlBg nf M. Kigaii.l as ;i Preflch i iti/.cn
was lllegnl, and that the tiueotion wae Juld l>efore tho
eoarM. Hut meaiiwlulc, as stiys " La Republl-i'ie
?taflcxtflBi" "f Tmrk\ a Hlatotarial orgaa, thc Fraaca
Mlnlflter acu laivd that M. Rigaud'* name should bo
BMlBtataei mi tha regUtar, and that he .iiouid tw
protected by Friin.-e.
At lha -uine Ubm the Paria prcss dlaelaaax thc fact,
ofllclall.v conceiil'-M until BOW, that ituults were oflereil
by llviipolite's BflflaleM to thc leiuvsentative and Ihe
fla^ of France Iminediiitely Bfter thelr vl. tory over
U'^'itinie. Thflf ?ent to tlie hotiso of Count 8BB*
naiaona, Ihe fornier Fiencli Mlatoler, whi.-h waa ln the
kutitiriis of l'ortau Prlaee, aUlaaaa it, un.i lewaiag tho
Freneh tlag, whkh they graajBBl Ifl tho mud, and
L ~~???_??_??__?__?______??,
cent a ? foot
. ?o ohanci*. the appearanee of old
ax r>urnitura so compietelv that
yuurhuauanda wili th.nk it ia new.
# WiLLOOitW ?**roeiT.
WOLKI a K_M>ol__, fhiiaflalaala.
And Scnlp Covcrcd with sor??. ^
Wonderfnlly Rapid Cure hy
Ihe Cutlcura K<iii<di? _.
I have med your CVT10V1U REME1.IE8 ln t*v? ,.___<
"h^re lt piavei to bu .oecanfal. Thr fir-t, -?* \n y,, JTJ
ul l Imj > year Biid a h-ilf old. HI, facr. _n_ hadj *.??/_:
a frrlnls cooditlci, tiu forr*. l.e.ng complttely ,A>WJ
?lth .ore.. I took hlm ?/> the M..--. ,. Sulphur IsDrlan
l.ul he aid nut iiupiov. any. 1 wa. tl ?.. * i
( IT1< 1 l*.,\ BEHEOII-. whlch 1 <1il II. too. <.,? _J_i
, .-half bottle. of CIJTI.'KA H_._or.VE.rr, wma 9
s .in BrAi aa .mooth .? im.I.I I,,-. -., _ |. u.,!.v. I u??d .Jr
CCTK t'I'.A ou l,i?. aon-a aai thr ( I"IKTha s?A|.'VT
..ashli.it hlm. Ile i? in.w Br* reara at ?_.? ind j.| r .,,
?lha other t-_ae w.? . di.oaa. of the .. .In. whl'h ?u .a. ?
by waahlrm ?lth th.- ( i"l ic/i KA SOaI' md rubbln. Ib Lu!
( 1 TKJUHA. one bottle of CL'TICCKA KK.vjI. VKVTbdBd
u-ed. lt I. aiirprUing how rapldly a c-trld wiu im.*,v_i
m.dcT thi. treatn-mt. ?
JOHN R. _1F.R0, neiran?b.irgh N T
Itchingand BurningSkin
I have been .flllcfed alnre l.?t M.i'h wlth a aktn i.mtj
the doetor. called <*;_?___. My face waa co-. ? r*. witf. ? y!
ai.d aor>'?, and Uie itchliisr and burnlu. met*. i_i.,o?t 'lnheTT
able. s-oinir rotir rt'Tici'KA REHRDIES _., hittl.
r.?< -omn.end.d, con.l'ided to (iiv.- thaa a tr..l, u.__? ,!;,
( I'iK'UKA and C'l'TICI.'KA SOAI' . xternally and iZ
SJOMTENT Intern-lly for four month.. | uOj my^J
cured, iu graiitude for wl.e-h 1 >r,?k. t.,:.. luWIi. .t.teiwrJr
>lr.. C. A. FHEDKHI (JK. Bro*f Bro.k, toJuT*
Why Suffer One Moment
From torturinc and dlwdriirlns akin d_w?a??, wh*n a _l__'_
applicatlon of U,e CUT_4 t ItA RKMKDIl-l ?!__. i? E
great, majority of eaa***. arTord li.'iu.t r<*I!_f I., th? ao,J
??.r,lrlna ?.f ltehlnir. burnlng. aealy. rrn.ted, ptmply \Z\
M.tehv sklii, ?< _ip and Mood dl.ea._a wlth lo., of hair' ani
loiut to a .ueodv, perman'-nt and eeono?.Iral c>.r?, wh_a _____
be.1 phy.lelan. and all other remedlea fall. ^
Held averywuare. Priee, COTICURA, Me.: soar
Ha.) RESOLVENT. 81. Prepared by t_a POTTtB
DKl'O AND _H_.Ml.A__ C'OBPOKATIQ.V, a ,Y .
lyscnd for "Bow to Cure fekla Dl.eaaea." _4 pagag.
60 llluatr-tlona and 100 te.timonlala. j
D1DV6 s>k,M ?nd S.-alri reirlfled and beauti.,4
n. JflL. In one mlnuie thr I'aii.-flra 4ml.P>,<
\ J^f X Plaaier t>llevwi rhcniT.Mlc, aclaOc, hip,
\7 w^^ kic1i..v, che_t aud imiacular pain. atd *mtt
\ ^ net-tot.
A faaclnatlng atory of llfe at an Adtroodack Reaort
complete La
mu I'lf
JUI.T. 180i
The aerlBl college atory,
Alao Fdltorlal Commenta atid Record. by C.pt. Ben?.!|
(Yaehtlng); Ellarslle Wallaee (I'liouxtraphy ; M.lo.lm W?
1'ori (Athi.'t:..)| E. Sandy. (Bbaa-laa and riaBlafli X*4
frowler (Cyollnf i; C B. Vaux (C-iiocing. ; U-nrv Cna l_?
wlck lOeWM a-d Baae-Ballj. J-me* Wat^n (Kem,el.|
., Sit.
finallv torc to pieces. The wife of the Minister Wa?
alao nisultcd ln tlie streets ol the llayttan caalb L,
Theaa facta stitlirientlv explam the aaarnllc bmb _
whleb the pre?ent Minister of I orelgti Aii.ur, M. 1
U -aid to iiave t?Ken iniineUJHtely In eoeeert wlf.'i _ul
coll.'asiic of Uie Navy to aroaad lbe lionor |
t.-1-.'.ta .f Praaca la H^yti IB tlia pre?ent ...
BRCN6\VICK-M?Mlle E. Inr-raoll, of Ciiu-lnnatl. anf
Coh,n.-l WlllUir. Ci.-ddard, of W.eiie lala.id. PUrTlf
ITTETIflTT lfllaaatBI J- B. Camden, of Weat V
and J.idue FAl'.rard T. Oraaa, of Vawafaraay. ll"l c<
IIAT laaaraai a BnpartBiaad-Ml Jaoaaa 9. I-Btaa*. "( AU
lih.r. BBW'TOBJC?Bx-Mayar John S. reven, of hai.n
i.-h. ST. JA.M1"S-C',inn._iider John Schouler, V. B- Xt\y4
From The tva^hlngtan Po.t.
Thii ls the month wlien the profes.or haa tlio
plea.uro and honor of tmnding to thou.and. of glrla
the roll of paivtiment that 88-48 them out from ti,?
Claaall Walfi f tht ?eminary Into the world ??.
"sweet kiiI (trnduab's.-' I'he Ri_duatin. gowni aia
eoaib-D-WOflS ul -impllcitv and elegaure. Tlw) ara
all wli.te, of eoarae, sllh c-mhrolder^sd. mull* and < hlffoin
lafclag the letn. oiik bntutifnl f-b;1<-. d?asti.ned for tho
?radaata, ls chlfM einbruldi-red in deli.'ute forjt.-t n..
nots und ke.vea, whlle icatterei over and amoag tha
leavaa ara tlnv sllk appie bh^-aom*, wh.w i_i?-*
p.;t?ls ni-e ao true h- to make '-no b.-licve ihat Ihrf
Win just plucUt-cl in tlie oivhard. Aootfeer ie-UB i<
of wlid t-aaa, wblla the more prvvalont pattern I* tl.a
tblflon cm'oioldr-rs.d m dot? h.*u1 .Ur-.
Ihe u-lrl giidiiate has benn pisunlsei a rare .**?
tlme this Bttmmer, after her year of hnrd *-t>rh. .-'a
-wcl.-omes cuinineniw'ii.ent d*v Jovou-lv, a,i;d ha. ai
reaidy de.-lded to Ju.t what ivtiixsd 6pot ahe will _e<*,
where she .an drinlt in iiatin-'s heautv unmoie.te'U
Hiid re.t her tlrei brain. *4l.e dMain-s tl? faahlonab,*
reaort, for whlrh her eldcr sliter F.d.th l. maluni. n--r
.uiniiier gowiiu; llka all jrlrl i;iadu_,tes. .he i? claaalv-J
ilterary, vou Know, and ahsure. herself tbat instead,
of i-onipletlBi itiicly. ?he la Just cntering upou H ;
llfe la a beriou* thim; with ber, nnd ahe c-ourts .oilt-.i.-.,
?he ltiiow. of a qulet, eoa&trv pl?ce hldden tn tio
; nioiititalna of Vir-lnia, to whlrh she wiU hie tVrseU 1
I icl.ilc there she will correspumi with onlv one ol 'ti*
alrta," a'ld podtiv Iv wrlte to n^t cme of the g mlemeiu
.he ttitenis to commune with ?? !iatiu*e in her varU
ou. foinis," and j.*ss ?n ldlc. aumnier away from 'hi
v.i.ii and MvotoBi thronp. Aecoril&fly, to the nui f
BflOh ni lh. moiiritnin. wtO .he fc.: ahe mu*-t taki
baoka with her, ot eoarae; her ward..,t>8 is pretty^
fivsh und .ompl.'tc. F.ditli att.'iids to ti.at tor h.r, Li
a-n u,B M ahe la too nmiolei with other matKrs ta
think of her B8WB8. When aBfl onee rea.'hea her qol'l
nook ahe -a1il bo .nrprlm^ (,> rtud oiliei*. who aha
hoped to be B-oaa, bm .he (..nl*?nu bcr.lf wlth the
ipssutunce that she neiaj not a.-a.>ciate with anv of tteia;
unlos* she .-ho'.s.-s, and tak-s beraatf aJid lier voluma
of an, Icnt loro down to Uio stieaui.
I'lien lf. the, ,,ld story e_-M1ai every sumraer c^
. tl.,- \crld: the ls bagaller] inti Just one wallc t., " *'i<"H
b lovelj place." bm eaaiaa Nwh Bi**BBeaaly haapj I
khe eat. more than anv on? el?e .t UM hal le. a*
t.. _,. ,,rt on another jaunt. I__a_la af ooa wae* il i
ituffa all lier baofca |0 the bottoai af Bar trunk. hai.a
uiih J,.v iv itaiBIit8i of new, omer.. and pluiipri
lir.i! aud ioal into fun for the .uniiiier. rjlie B I -
uirttleal iaaeer on thi H""r. whio tba) .iii dar-..-.- in thi
long (ilnlnp room; she ran watk niorw inlle* tLan ?T_
other woman on the place; aha ftlrt-. ontnpcously, a* j
li i ai?.ps btb ilaff-i by every conntrv sw.iln ani
".Itr bc.ttrder" for mlles around. In two aTcks s!_|
is a full-fie-xcd orthodox ?? siimmer flrf," taBA BM
acloua of her identity.
. m ?
Wa?hmgton Jun^ 26 -Kor IfewKnuland. F-i.tern N??*?
York, liAatorn Pennaylvania, Delaware. M_>iw-Jera?.v. Marr*
land, ai.d Vlrglnla, occ.slonal if_rht .huwets, 8888*1 tttrtti*
erly winda.
For tha Carollnaa, (Jeorgla. AlabBma and F..r_li t?~.
' Kor Weatern New-York, IV.uii..vlv?!ila. W.-t Virrinla,
Uhio. Intllana and lilmoU. l.ght ahowtrs ; cooler.
Kor Ml nl.aii, Wi_.-oi.ain, Mu.n.-auUi, Iowa aad M.??
aourl. ahower*.
Kor tl,. Dakot*a, Ker.ra.ka. Kanaaa and Co'.oradB.
ahower., ._o_*.
PiouKn BaaaBS IBR I b*b.
i ? a . . c 7 * ' i- i? i ? 1 i ii * ; ? aiotil "aaaal
Xtt the dia.rara _ eaBBaa_4l_ Une ahoctrs Uie t-_rv_i*'_*
Bvetc.tion. YMt-rdav, a. ,.l??rv#d at the l'r,it??1 8Utj?
a._nai acrvlOB tatatioa ?t U>? cltv. l'bw d_--*? lnf'f,
i,.o tenipc-r/.ture B.U'.t at r>'rry'? Phurtpicy, bui. B-' l* u?
Trlbuoa Ofllca. .Iubb 27. 1 a. m.?Clear w?a__?r c-oa
tloued raaaarBBB, wlth dty w.-Urlv breeiea The urmp'r
aiui-e. rai.gcd betwe-.-u 74 and 88 dr_reca. tha a*.*r-r*
181-a) b*lnB 2*a lil_.-l.tr than ? th.' ,on??pondlng d?y _P
vt-ar. aud 4S hl.'h r th_n ??, T-_r__B.
In and ic-r thU cltv aft-dar U? r- wlll pmbal.lT M te"
erallv falr ?t.tlicr bm with . thance of a ahowor; cooiw.
Oll Cltv. iv.... , j..,,- 2? - BaHaaal Ti?n?n reHtmmm
0|>' I.?a_ u! ..t. , . I.. li.raU OVsj , loM ?(. Qtfaj I luald at I"*.
Sal", _<J.000 1,1,1- ' i. .. (i, ,-?, 2H.0O0 bt.N; -i,:|,r.,.'nt?.
82.884 I,I>1?: rmia 18.848 bbla.
r.ilabtiiji. l'ftn.. -'"i.e *0.?I'.trole...... 0. t>A *???
tlonal Tr.i.-ll .,itin,.Us o|m .. d at ._. tl.iscd at CA, "!.->?
eat, H !.._. ?t. (_.._
T? III.".. I ( ?l<U.
1I...1-. baa ami Kini, u. ?..._.!-? U.e -vatiin effe. i .-UT.
vet auntlj ?l, i, ? ? :.' ? I '...-, "i _n.*U Ihf b -J ?
|ni|.ur? ?? ai.ig.lah. io iKrn.aiieixly ru?B 1,-b.tiaatl ron.-lwat
U.I.. K. t-ak'.-ll Un kldu.\a BBd llVtl to B haallhv ?U')^''< ,
wlUiV H irilutliig or b .Ak.-uuia Ui.m, ui. _._ rup af f-B

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