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C aBUXO-a 15- Apollo.
1 DMl MPisEi -Wax TablflBUa.
FI. _K*r..M>0 (Nen-.tetaer -2 und 9, .10?Klne Solomon.
liARnrx THEATRE ! and 8 :80-Don J.iau.
liRANi' OPERA Hour,E-8-Carro?ii.
BOBTBB * BI *_?**?_ and R-Carmeneit?..
mai)im.n tOTfitiB U-_an_-B-a*.l Oaaaara.
v.Dlsnx ,*-Q!'..l.!_ Tlir *TU&-?:_?-"r>. M-rchant.
l'ALMEH'. THFATBr. 1*11 Tha T.r aud the TarUr.
POLO OROrXl>*a_4 n??ehali.
. rWDAP.l) T1IEATRI-.-2 and 8-V.udevtlle.
'iP.RlUtF <;ARDF.N-.-Don c"_?-a-tr.
Jii-cr to 3.dt)crtteem.n.9.
^"faga. Cal., ' Vme. Col.
An.uacment.a .ll r. ,Xew Publicatlona .. 9 i_
\nnouinementa 11' n Mlweeilaneoua . 9
Banxer- fe l.n.-era.lO 8 .liaee__nr.ua .II <?
1 <_r_ -nd HBBBBS.... fe _ |..._i St iiim?.1' 8*
Rualneaa Ohancaa,... 9 2 <>tt* i stean.era. 3 ?
PutlneaB Xothea.. . 0 1 i P.opo ala .'?-,','
. 'intrv Hoard.11 i; : r.a><i*oi_ls.1' ';
Pividand Notl.ea... 10 8-6 -lallr.ada . ;? -? ;
Jiom??-_. SHuatlon- 'K'-al F.atBte. ? -
Wantd . 0 68 he I K* aw. . ????
nriHamaklni;. !? J|K*"lglo-a ?0?Be*.. ?? ?'-?
Eseuraloaa . 8 a . i:oo-i.? and Klata... ?
1 inat.clal .10 SM ! f--?l??? Hm_? ..10 a
VlDamlal Mcetlnt-.10 ?? 81 *** . .8 ??'?
! m- Maie. o :t S.imti -r Reaort
llelp Waated_ ? I ouldea .ll ?
l _? Carrlagea.. V 1 ' Sut:... er iea >iM.11 l-J
.. .......!7..... 8 4 Teacb ra . 8
LBtructlou . ? 2"3 Tt _J urf. ....II ?
>:arriagea 41 Di-atha. 7 o I \WK Wa-'iU*-. 9 ???_
UnsuifBi SSoucca.
~"7_n7bandV~("aloined Mai.ri.aia. Four flrst
nremtiim medal? awarded. More ai'reeahle to the ta?te and
-1th C S. oovennnent _e.;.tt*r-*d label .ttarh.l. ?ni.. ut
whu-i nouo 1. g'-nuine._Al 1 dru^'glata and cotintry at?rea.
Ia Great Varletr, iranufaetured by
T. O. I___LEW]
111 Ful!on-?-t.. Xew-York.
D-aka. Llbrarv Tr__iea, &c. _
1 yoar. a reoa. 8 moa. Iaa
n_n. 7 dava a week.8Io 00 85 00 8_ 88 8100
Batft wi *o?t M-_f? 8 0? . JS 215 *w
KVndav Tribune ......... 2 00 100 50 -
Weekly Tribune . 100 ? ? ?
fcoai!-weckly Tribune.... 2 OO - - -
Po-taae nreuald by Tr'bune, eacept on Dally and Sunday
puiA.. fJi mall ei.6?eilb.rs ln New-York tlty and on
FaTW. _W-We___v and Weeklv to forelgn co.mtr.a_. iu
whicb ea-oa a-lra |.o.'_ge v.Ul b* naui by aub*.rlbera
IUmil bv Po4t.l Order, Expreaa Order, Chcck, Diaft or
Reglalered'Letter. _ , ,.
Ca^h or I'oaUl NoV, II aent ln an unrcglatered letter,
*tl] b. af ..wner'a r!ak.
Maln oflice of The Tribune, 154 X-aaaau-ar., Xew.Tork.
Addr.*?? all co'ic_pond_nca simply "The Tribune," Xew
AdvartJaements for publieatlon ln Tha T/louae, and
atdera for regular delivery of tbe dally papcr, wiu bo re
ecivd ut the followlng braneh nfllc-s ln Xew-York:
Maln braneh oBlca, 1,23. Broadway, corner 81?t-ak
U.8 4th-ave.. corner l4th-ev.
170 W_?t -M-ai., corner Oth-ave.
100 West 42d-at.. near Oth-ave.
.2 Avonue A. near Baal 4th-st.
700 Sdavc.. entranee l7th-?t.
I 020 8d-ave.. hetn-een 0<"th and C1?t ata.
180 Eaat I25th-st., aear Sd-ave.
1,092 Oth-ave., near Wh-et.
1,708 lat-ave., near 89th-fV
99 Llberty-at.
nroohlrn Advertlalng Agenry, 897 Fu.ton-at., op. City
Waahlnaton-No. 1 S2_ F-t
SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 1891.
FaxwlfB.?Aa uftlei-l Cluliun diapatch wys tbe
revait ia maklTif no ltfndwnv. -?-? Th*. W8h
Land blll passed its hpeond reuding in tha I
of Lorda = _a Tha bakera' atrlke ln Paria con
iinnea. ? ? ? Tha mm Spanlih cc_n__-tclal treaty
waa signed.
Llo-i_|!_|io.-A tornado DOa. Moun, Caimel,
lJfon., blew down u coal-breoker, killing seven
i,..-n and fatally in.inring two morp.-" In the
i i- New-Londail rowin^ MM Harvard deleutcd
Vala over tl.e four-mil'*- fourw 'l>y nenrlv rleven
leaftl-a, s-a-sa Socrotary Foator will rcfoin tiu*
Irade d-llar bars und bnbsidiary silver Into otln-r
ileaaa-iaat-an-. ieta-TiM tha <_ueMion of tlie r?n
iinucd coinage ol Htandurd aQvei dollars. _-_=
Tha d____agc bf Uoods in Iowa ia pevtcz than ut
limt. reportp-l: ore town ia nhnoM wifasd ont.
? Tha hv. nbl.ca-i l-tagac auiiaaariea had a
?oattui ;.t. Jaatestawn ta advanoa tha club move
t ily aud Suliurban.?James A. Sminions, the
baak wvaaker, waa spntenced to six years' im
pii_on_o_nt. A hall aad ti-andt. storm of un
nstml sevorlty baifl on tbe iipppr part of thr r-ity.
i b__bb Two men were killed nnd otl.era injured hy
tha laliii.: of a aeaffald i.t EHaabeth, N. J.
'Uio comuieiifenii'nt c\prei.ps ol Mnnh.-ittan Col
lage laak plafl*. Wtaaan ?>' Bhaopahead
j.., : Driaila, A__a_-_f_, Benaada, Fairy, Atlantie,
Adiaiial. - Btocka more aetive, but lawer
uodef tlip lead of epeeialties, some ol whiph have
n .i \ct. i*i*u distiihutcd; tha closing W_8 heavy
ai i1ip lowpst lltiurea.
I i.e WaaihJI. roiaoatt for to-day: r.enerally
i i i.ut with a ehaaea of ihoweio; cooler. Tcm.
,.. i.,i ire yeaterday: Hlgheat, Bfl -Bgaaaa; lowtaai
. i. o-aataga, SJ i-e.
ii ?- -
Tbat al!-fC-l canal invcstiga.ion grows dn'lpi*
an.i lo^^ impnUint with each Mtccwding Marii-t.
\ ??-* rday thrte ni'inheis of the committee sat
ior an hour. hut accomplishwl next to nothin?,
?nd ttroa, gmwias iiicouMtod. deddid ko ad
innrii until next WadneaAoy. (iovernor Hill,
and ii'? "ii-- alaa, waa t'_r anthor of Mita IriTaaa.
gatioa; and he onght to talce th?? ]Kait of Ma
fiaiahar witkonf deky. The faroa baa ajoaa on
loem anoofb. Nol even the asembaia of the
roaa_aialM have anv interest in it. ami ih? pnb
|k eaa ae-1 BB rea*on why i: was cvor be?nn.
Thr FoNBl CO-BB-taak-B i< now a fnll-fledRod
IUII Bkaebino. A hi. and ilibul prnj;i-amiii<" waa
.1 . .-.I thronsh at a Btooting bold yeaterday,
( baiiBiaa Coa coming provirlcd witb typo
vnt on K'aolutioiis. pvidently caiefnlly drawn
np by 'Mtvcnior Hill'a dirocttoB, in otrdar thai
tbara miviit bo no biaeb or Biatako. Mr. Jli'l
B-mbIj aaoana to leava ao aaona untnmed in the
inU'iiipt tv) atu'iigthen in r\v>i-v way his prip
up n the party. The Kcrost Commiaaion is not
__n imj-ortant hody OOBaidOfing the amount of
BBaraBBffc a- lta d-apeaal, for it his only a few
?plnjia. bai the loag->baadod Qoyeraor ta mjk
ing ao ihanma. even la litHe Ihiaga, Bowadaya.
There is something gratifyingly tangihlo in
the ?nBoimmiBiaBt Megrapbad fron Cbicago
that work npon tho liiat of tho Wocidl 1'iir
b.nldin^'-a waa actually begun yeatarday. 11 *? r- -
t.?foie the Fuir has somchow appeared vague,
abadowy, inaobatantial?alwaya exoaptiBg, of
?. iho lit'!*' differenees of Opioion between
the Fair Coa_-Bia__Oa and tlie National l.uaid
of Oowtaol?bai here is oaajothing thai. the mind
<in graip and cling to. \\hatever stjiuis of
donht anae. Buildjai No. l is tbe Wofoaa'a
Hnilding: and the women of tba eOBBtty gvii
fi.il j ai lo ba canfrataiated oa th:s B-orning'a
npws. yeaterday ataa a proml day foi- Wobmb,
fot ihe IVoaua'a liuilding and?need we say
if'-ior C|-laago. _
l'etiple who were downtown about 4 o'clock
yeaterday were auipttaed to find that tkore was
no la'l gaaM Mayad at the J'..!.. Orooada oa ao
?-4iiint <?f ii heavy r.-.irif.i.J. People at tbe Polo
6_aa-_da wara not a Uttta i_aiiled by the aoddaa
ih.nige of pi-ogramme, for jiist as the gaine was
on the point of starting and the lij->t batWlin
waa ayaHriag to poaitkM-, the heavaai opeoed
gnd gteit bacfcaarful "f water dmpped down
liY.m what apparaotly a B_oa_an( befora araa i
rlear >ky. The grounds were delug? d in a f<*w
in,niite-a and baaaball wi_s au JBipoaaihilitjf Jt
ta a pity that the Mianta a_ia?.d the chanoe of
ihowing how noatly thoy could beal the Hostana
mi iheir BBBBBB) visit to this city.
]>w nroe, on tho Thames havo oxt_tad more
Interaxl Ibbb the eoBteat of this yoar between
Haxrard aaai Tale. Ia waa a conteot of nyatory
beforo tho *t:nt. Ruaaora of Hana.ds pbo
- aoataBBl awiftoasfl 00 thfl river had been told
, to a few. Hut Tala wa* helioved to bo a stronR
! crew, ano ahe bloa wns a favorite whon tho
i ,^1 began. 3eWo5_ baa laor rowlng been seen
b| Nexr-Ixmdon than th:T* of Barrard yester?
day, Yale la a gallant fop. But tho craw of
ti.e ciimson wmi bf tkeir suporior work, tbefc
i quicx. BtPokO and their wonderful blade work.
I llarviird h:i i BfX been rictoriofia in tho grcnt
1 boot-ra e of Iba jear aiaoe 188?, and for that
: ber tiimnpli bWBbI ba exceeding aweet.
Bttt ti.at she did not esinuto bot riv.-ils at too
low b valiw waa Bhowa whon tho etehf athletea
woaring tbfl CtU080B (heeied tho Yalfl OOtOM,
whi.Ji Imo 80 oflen beon earried 59 well.-wuu
i ctory. ^___________-_-_--_
Wb5t ia tho fad abOBl the mor-etarv pros
peoi ? Tbera ia BBokniably much hesitation ia
busitrBBB, and ifl m.*t of tlio speculativo mar
|c?ia (Mi)si.leral.le weakness, bnt this is iu part,
bacaiiso larga cropa ara clooa a( hand. caiaaag
i dedine in prices. The Treaxury ilaburaa
ments make money plentiful here, bnt gold still
?oea abroad in large amounts, in Bjite of the
, poxitioB of tba paal foroign banks. and
there is in financial efooftei not a littlo fe:u- tliat
wh.'ti the rail demand 005855, and large BBMUBta
are oeeded for moving tha oropa, tba rotura of
!;o:d frrnn Enrope wili bo Btrxmfrj rt-dated, aad
Tlie BOppliea Of BOBOJ hon- "iii ba inadeijiiate.
Nor can it be denied that thore i* some appie
hension BaTl haa country may bo slipping away
from a gold lasis, and in danger of having
flllrer pajaaoBta l-ofore long. This apprehen
Bioo, however ill-foundod it may be, undoubtedly
has some inflr.enoe trpofl thfl action of in<Jivid
lt is wise to remeinber, however, that tne
enormous supplies of money sent to Europe were
necded there to prevent gravo linanoial dis
turbaaoe, whlch might bave affocted this coun?
try most unfavorably. Ifl averting this dwturb
anoe American gold has defended American
trade and iaduatriaa moro effeclively by far tlian
it. could ii it, bad lvmained heie. During this
uinnth and July the normal excess of importe
over axporta of BtarobaBdioa is heavy, so that
much gold has to be sent abroad ou tliat BOOOUOt
alone, and when thero is roalixing 00 American
seciuitios hy Ktiropean holders tho movement of
specifl is natuiaiiy larger. lt, is a matter of
some BUipriflB that the mcrchandise imports con
Unue 80 heavy, bul this is in large part eri
dence of prosperous activiry of industries here,
aince tbe iBOxeaae in imports ia nol mainly in
artioka whieh are prodoood ifl this eountry.
SVhcn this c'itmtry want.* its gold bark again
for use in the fall there may bfl expected atrong
.-no hy European banka aad linaneiers.
For moat of tbo gold taken from this country
baa beon sent to ttu-.sia, and there it wili he
held away froin thfl financial marketes pf VVeat
ern Kurope. Strooglj fortiiied a? the great
Europeaa banka now aro, it muat yet be ad
ui: ted thal they wili iind it exceedingiy trying
to take from their stores or to gather from their
cufltomen the $60,000,000 gold whieh this
country has been advanring on merchandisc
imported and atocka aanl back. ln roeiating the
movement of gold hithervrard European money
marketa are apf" to become strong and tighr, bo
that foreign holders of Americaa seeurities may
be ind-- id I i Bell still more of them. If BBOcka
can be unloaded under BBOh financial prewuro
in ainoiinf sufficient to pav balBBOBB duo for the
wheat and the cotton whieh Kurope has to buj
fiom tlus country tbe uiovoniont of gold may
bo averted, and al the aame tinae tba Bcaroitg of
money bere mav cauBO onuBuxJly low pricea for
e_pcrt_blfl prodoota. Alxo the foreign aalox of
aeeuritiea may oot bnprobably oanae ??me de
p]-*-srs; ii iu tho atocb market.
While thc foree of theae ronwdetationa can?
not be safely <iverlooke-l, it is also to be rcinein
bered that th? buying power of tbifl country in
:i Beaaon of good cropa is almost Incalculable.
lluring thc |sxt year w have felt something of
the depression whieh a partia] failure, in V2~r\
ecitiiral prodoetJoB Bacesaarily iBToirta. Bnl
thero is now every rooxoa to expOCt thal the
cropa t? be haireated arithin the next threo
months i\ill ba of enorraoua BBignitude. Al
tiough prioaa may be relatlvaiy low, thc returns
to individual producerr, wili be largo, and wili
eoablfl them to olear off a great body of Indebt
edne?s and to increase their pnrrhases for eon
siimptii-n. Thc activity thus induced in all
bnacbea of manufacture and of trade wili be
felt in tinaneial eircle*. and wili add largHy to
the btiying power of Americans, for seruntiea
a* wo!l a* for products. Oil other oeoasions,
wlion Europfl has boen compelled to take large
]y of Aaaoricari products, the oropa being heavy,
the abaorptkni of seeurities in thi* ixiuntry lias
Batonlabed all linaneiers. lt is witbin the lim
its of BOBBibilitgi that the home demand this
full m.iy take flrhataver Baenritiea Europfl mm
have tii boU, .and at tlie aaoM time malntaln aoch
a maikct for products that foreign oountrios wili
be obliged to pay a fair price for whatcver tbey
The point of danger in the financial situation
is therefore the poaalble diatrust of the Govera
men' as rexpecta its ability to maintain its cur?
reney at par in gold. l-.veiy stop taken by the
Administiatii.n or by the great linancial insti
tutii ns wlii.li tends in any mcasure to inc
that diBtrusI is fo T?e profoondly deprocaoad.
Tho one thing Beedful during the next four
months is to maintain beyond possil.lo doubt
the a'nlity --f thfl liovernment to meet all its
obligationa in gold, lo redeem ia gold any of
ita notcs that m.iy be praaented fnr payment,
;md ;o abow that it BOt unb lotflndfl but i>
ahiindimtly able, as Secretary Foater distinctly
dtciarcd nt bla Ohio addresfl, to BB-Btain public
? and thfl parity cr gold and silver in tlio
.ii; iBcy.
Mr. Burt t>ld in yaatBrdaj. Tbibdbxi a
BBralgbtforwa d storj aboul tha ihipmenl of tha
Itatax cargo, bul bia reaaoning rexpecting the
neutrality lawa ifl defectrvo. Ha BdaoitB thal
!k- iiineiiascd tn-' anu.- m NawYork on ctfdits
suppljei from Europa aad Bbippad thm to 8aa
Prancisco, vbance tb< i ui i waa taken by the
Robert and Miani< lo Baa Uhtad and
ti.uisfi'ticd to ti..- I' , i . emerkea v\ .
What ba daniaa i- tba braaoh af Beutralitj laa
in tdis transactkin. lie c< - ? [tata a
? !.i.h coold propartj ..any tba cargo
oul of au Am n-ari BOtl ai.l \\!i;,ii, asid- from
-.ii ing from Sao Diego witboul el< aianoa papara,
; \,. lated an.\ l.iw ol the (Jnitad G
1IN niaiti eoiit.'iiiMii ia that hc ha- been indictcd
(..r Bt-fliflg and aejaJpfBBg t!u- Jtata. and thal
viikc the rexBol waa noi daaigBad to pi _ upon
coiiiii:'i<?-, but v.as niL'icly chartared ti rarry
thc cargo ao ic>,. .iisihic abippan Ib Cbili, he
haa not baoa gnllty of any affanei agaJnal
?. ut a ity i.i
A fact whiiii 8808x5 to be iatul to bia inter
proiation H tba eaae ia tbe axraiBBMol of the
Itala B8 a raaa l-of'-war. I: waa rXBBB-IBded
by oflcera ol tbe Exmeralda. lt had a crea
' I frOBI 558 88880 *lnp. lt sailc | out ()f
Baa Diego llarbot with some of tha l_4Bara)da_
gUna in poaitlon fti bring from her deck. Ixxbbj
cirami.aU.in._- altcred her original chaiactcr a*
? merehant steamer. and converted her into a
tender of tho K.Miieralda pin* i- -I.v as the prizea
armed, oflirored and manned from the Oonfed
era'e jirivatoer-., tbe Alabama and Florida, were
tonder* of those vessols. As Baglaad was com
pelled by the ("eneva trilimtl to pay for the
damagos eaoaod by the CoofoderBta tondrrs, the
t'nited States would have been NSfOBaible for
the operationa of thi Itata as an aiixi'iaty of
the insurgent ship-of-war. When a cargo of
arms was phred on board the Itata in Am.-ih-an
waters the ship was armed and eqtiipped an ?
vesael-of-wat in tba aervice of the insurgcnts.
The neutiality laws were elearly vi"latod, not
peihaps before the detention of the ship at
San Diego by the United States authorities, but
eertaialy iftarward at Baa Cleinente Uand
when American waters were convert"d into a
naval baaa of supplie* for the insurgent cause.
It may l.e contended that the Itata has been
surrendered by the insurgent authorities on the
ground that there waa a breach of port law in
sailiag from San Diegj without clearance paper.
aad when it had been formally detained for
criti. al investifjation of the case; and conse
qoentlj iliat proceedings canno* bo toetitated
for TiolatiOBl of neutiality law which oecurred
after hnr esca'K*. This will not hold, for the
question of intent comee in with dotrrmining
force. The ve-^c! entered port concealing her
character a? a war-vessel with tho EnBeialda'l
oftieers, men and guns on board, and intending
after coaling to violato the neutiality laws by
taking tho CBIgO of arms from th" Etobert and
Minnie. Kor the inten* the ship is liable to
ci.nilemnation under tlio laws. The intent is
proved by tbe tranaahipm__rt of the anna nnd
a strong 0010 BUBBB out in BdYBBCe of tho lejjal
proceedings for coudemiiatioii.
Nobody could have witaeaaed or can row
read about the Tammany lovo feast on Wodnes
day evening without deep emoti'.ti. The Coin
noittee of Twenty-four, dfaaaiaaorl from their
urduous labors for the season, but unmindful
of the heat in the fcrvor of their loyalty to one
another and devotion to tho causo of public
order, go< d government and the brotherhood of
man,' reaseea.bl.-l to pledge aaew under tlie
white winps of peace their lives, their fortuncs
and their savred honor. They had been wan
tonly and maliciotisly assai.Vd by tho lihertines
,.f the preae. Hircling assa.s--.ins of character
had declared that they were burnisliinR their
M-nafaawka preparaiory ut a icalpiBg-aatoh. lt
had been faleely and scandalously written and
said that Mr. Croker had already been ahorn
of the locl's wherein lay his strensth, that the
Mayor ifore them triiunphantlj at his belt, and
iha'. other good men and true had been betrnyod
god ilaaghtered without mercy.
It was the obvioii-v duty of the Committee of
Twenty-four, ar any pemonal lacriflce of ease
OOd clams and other g.1 things. to pather from
s.-nahore aud moiintain and rapel thfa rntbleM
onalaught "f detamarion. Aad they gatbered.
Sohle immolatien, sublime apeetacle! It wlll
go thonderiog down the ag'-s foterer. The
great-grandsona of Floaaie Croker will reemmt,
Tt with proud and hnppy tears to their prattllnf
infants. Tho towers of the Brooklyn Bridge
will cnimble and aink into tho steucl.ful dr-pfhs
,,f the Eaat River while st.ill the memory of
Wedneaday laat n i're_h and fragraat When
romote genorations have forgotren the distinc
lion b<-t\.e.-.n Washington'a Llirtbday and tho
Fourth of July. belfiies will still rock in celebra
tinn ol the twenty-fourth of June and the Com?
mittee oi Twenty-four.
It only nf-ds to be added that the spcechos
and lettera and paOBBI and assevorations and
anathemas and resolurions of Wedneaday even
ing were all gaininon, and that Tammany Iliili
is in a stato of tnnnoil and disiinioii.
Senator Peffer is not on'* of thoae wbo pain
wiadoan irom a vnse of loeteaaad raaponaibility.
Many men, after being elected to high placea in
the gift of the. people, and fiadiag tboBiaelvea
nu iori_er eallod upoB to reaort to the arts of
the demagogue for popnlar favor, would be led
by a sense of re.poruaihility to brader and more
oonaervative idcas. The >enator fmm Knnsa>
ihowa ihat he is not a man of aaeb cbaracter.
His fitatements are as ie.kle?s and his infer
encea ;is foolltb or unfair as they were a: any
time when he waa fiahlog for th" favor of the
most tgl_01-_-t and prejudiced voters. ln his
addreaa at the Co.p.r Union on Mondaj erea
ing Mr. Peffer repeated ihe old and often
refuted aasertion that "one-half the homes of
this country are mortgaged for more than they
are wonh.'' lt ought to be perfectly well known
to him that this aaaertiea has no trath in it.
Ho has seen the ollirial ret*oi-rs by seveial ?biU>
Labor bnreana, showing the number and amount;
of mortRaj?es outstanding in differeat Btatea,
and ia probablj aware that not a single State
has yet b".'ii fr.imd in which one-half of the
farma, and still less on"-ha!f of the lmmns, bcai
any mortgages at all. He has further aeen, ln
these a:nno ..ffieinl statenif-nt.. the evidenci
tho ainynnt of naortga^ea ootatanrling is in.i.-ii
!e?s than half tho reported valne of Uie prop?
erty. lt may be granted that when great bbjb
bera af estatos ia any particolar county or State
happen to be forced apon ihe narket withln a
very short time at SherLff'a sale they will not
brlng their full valne. lutt onder anv onlinar*.
dirtrmslaaeea the B-ortgaged property in this
country, it is safe to say, would sell for a greal
deal more than th<* amoual of nortgagaa out
The c mplaint whldi Senator Peffer makes
of nndne influence over tho Treasury Di
menl by tha bankeaa an-1 flnanders of \^ all
? may jxtLi ips be fairly u tiibul d I i his
igoorance. Thua he complains that laat year
the Treaaurji advaneed many millions [n antici
pation of intereel oa bonds for the benefil of
Wall -tieet floaaeiera. Bu< ba aurelj ouglu to
know that the m NO y tiu.- paid OUt by the
Treaaary \'us -.^Utni i.v baokers, and waa in
fi.t used. to help tbe aioveinenl ol the erojiH
frfun tho Weat. The millions paid ont, wh< thei
\..ivi. v or trawiaelj, weal str:ii^'ht to the pot-kets
of the Weatern fanaera, and dld in fact help
matariall. to Boataln tln* pricea al abich they
wara able to aell th*. pcoducta ol laat year. ll id
there been in the fall the Bcarcity of money
wbicb wai tbreateBed, and arbicb tbe large dUa
i.ui-a.meiiu of tbe Traaaary in part averted, il
is plain aooogb tbat the boldera i f millions oi
bu-hels of wheat and raat qoaatitias of corn,
cotton aad ctaat ppodaota uouid have beea
forced toaell at asacrlfice, a geaeral depreaaion
of pricea would have reauh 'i. aad tbe fanuera
would havo raaliatd _aan. millions laaa f<>r what
they had to sell. Wbotbar the eoarae of the
Traaaury was iu other reapeeta wtae or aawise, it
ii enoush that neither the fann?-is n<.r
their officiaJ repeaaaa-Btfra can with deoent o\
i use . ..luplain af it.
' Wo iiK*an io inak'-oiir own money and plen
iv ol ;:. Tbat is juat what we did doriog tbe
war, au 1 uo can do it again. We want it at
lewar rates of iateraat tbaa we gre now
lag." Iii theae -eBtaBoaa Mr. Peffer diadoaea
nvne fn Iy than be pafbaps int'-nda tba int.-ii
ti.in of tboaa behind him to get rboapcii n.
?? po i- r moaey Wbsd tbej really aaal
iBaaaoU] tbeaottot mooej tbal araa ia eliaula
iii.ii during the, War, worth m t.m.-s ],?<* than
i>) caafa ou the floHar, Ind -hifuin; iu value d^>
by dav, and rohhing al! wage-earncra and all
prodooera by ita fluctuations. The fana'.cs of
tho Wosr who fancy that. sueh BK-BflJ would
help thom aro ia fact. though they know it not
only the toola of tho gaatblara in Hoard* of
'I'n.'dc and at speeiilauw .cntres, to whom a
tlii.Matiiig curreney -ives more frequent oo
portunitios for disreputalde gain*.
The city of Hartford, Conn-. reporta* that she
baa done good in socret and been imposed upun
opcnly. HartfOfd has a pnpuhfion of some 52."00.
Tl,e amotint of n.onoy whieh has ?*en devotod
to ruarifv bv the elty and bf charitable__ or
naisatiODfl in the form of "out-door alms, or
relief afTurded outaide of institutions, has boen
foottag up lately at some 9150,000 5 year or
Bboat fl for aaeh iiiliahitant. Qf course there
aro a large nurnber of persoua in Haitford-m
BOtaBOfl empanv officers and ao forth-not de
pendent on charity for support, so thla ma.tea
the ai.iou.it r_pended on eaeh person of those ftctu
,,Uv belped many tintea |3. BbrM InTeatigxtton
baa ban fotng on latciy. and baa d-anaaad a most,
ramarkabM state ot xffBlra ia HBrtford.
It, appears frmn the report of tlie invcsligating
ei.riiinittco tliat tha onterprisiiijj pauper bBB
goeked, and ia atlll BoeUng, to Hartford from
ail parts of the country, and is llvii _ iu 8 Btatfl
Of idlencss w!ii-di would BflftOBBB) evon tho lillei
of the rleld. Nor was golomofl in all hla gbiry.
perliaps. arrayod and fed like a Hartford pauper.
Thoy nrnve on every train. and botli new-oome
paupers and old-resttent pnupers gnfhcr round the
door of tbo Pnor < 'o-nmisscner nf all hours. Wllflfl
I tbe overworked Poor Commissioncr arises troffl
his BOnflh at, 4 a. m. and looks out of his
WindOW, ha BBBl paupers on hia doorst"p, aud on
bifl front tence, and on his woodpile, and in hifl
bammoek. Um weary CoaniiaBloner drawfl eaide
the curtain and, as hc strains his heavy
tbrouffh the gray dawa, ha sces moro paupera
Comlng on tho run. He licars iho lound of
ianghter nndernaath the Boor, and knowa tbat
tliere are paupers in his cellar; and when he
opens the door lo heirin the day'a distribution
paupers flHdfl off the roof and drop out of thfl
eini trcos aad greet blm aayly, and Bxk for money
and new whlte bread with atrawbenry jam on
lt. For, Bfl ' ? iiifimated, the Hartford paupers
live well. The investigating committee report*
that tliey are receiving on their ordera sueh things
;o and oandy, cunned fruits, eggs, jellv,
eaoaed lobster, oraagea, pineapalea, sardtnes, to
baeflo, eto., as weli, of counse, as the necessarics
of life.
B ll these thinip only go into the regular ?very
dxy family Btorea of the Hartford pauper; bia
?peeial weakness is said tn he pate dc folfl gras.
This he ainia to have at loast thiee tinies B
week, though there are old rcsident paupers who
in.sist on H every day. Aud tbat life, hard as it
is foi all perxonx, and rxpoclxJly for the poor and
needy, dependenl on oold publio chxrity, that life
may be ? llttle roaier, the Hxrtford pauper driaka
champagnc with bia dinner, He is fond of the
drier branda. For his other moals he is well
aatlxued with n light whlte wine of the vintaga of
1885. H? BtTectfl BU imported cigar, whieh sclls
iu tho niarkel Bt the rate of three f--r tifty cents,
though on Sundaya and when entertalning other
paupers ho prcfers B dark-wrapper cigar whieh
retails foi lorty eenta Btralghfc Nor are other
thinga bexloefl food and drink fargotten by the
il eity of Hartford. Tho pauper's rent is
paid, and his life an-l Bre Inauraaoe polioies are
kept up, and tho pinno less.-ns for his childrcn
are uot forgotten. And Hxrtford is not cold and
critical with her charity ns are eoni"
litics; she di.es not withhold lier aid
an-l comfort boen use a man has money in
the bank, or herause ho is earning $'J0 a week, nor
yet, on Bfleon.n1 ot the fact that he is what ifl
known iu ornitbologiflal circlefl ns a Jallbird. The
feeling tliat there ahould i>e a month's raeatlon
eaeh lunuaar, with pay and rxtlona forwarded by
nil, is gnining ground in Hartford pauper cireles.
One womaa named Klein is known to have use.i
money drawn from the Poor ComnxUBloaei to buy
ft lainbrequin for her pei dog.
So the poor paupers of Hartford, Conn., con
tinue to llve, the awiui band of poverty upon
them, eatin^ their liumble beefBtSflk Itenderloln,
Chaarauhriand, with truffles), and drlnking thelr
thiu Lachrymafl < bristl vintage of '68), and nol
knowing whal Btill worat fate mav overtake them
to-morrow. Strange it Ib thal some iu this world
ahould be turrounded bj wealth and Inxury, and
Krving ahould be obliged to look
to charity lur their very food?munieipal chxrity,
oold and hard, at tliat. Bul iu fllofliag we ought
I.) Bay Bfl thfl other paupers of tho country
that it behoovex them to |fll to Hartford at onoa
if they lntend to go at all, as there la no tolllng
what. the invefltigating eommittea may reaolve
iip'in. _
Beoretary Proctor haa ordered n eourt-inartial
to try Colonel < i.mpton, ot tl.e 4tii Cavalry, fnr
negligenoe ln failing t.. take pro|x>r atepa to pre
vent the Walla Walla lynching. The civic authori?
ties of New-Orleaaa mu.t rejoice that they are
nol anhjeet to military law.
" Mill.v" Moioney's elalm for baek salary differs
in deprree only, nuf in Und, from thai ..f ex-Alder
mau DeLaey, f..r Ifoloney aaka foi only gl8S 99,
while DeLaey waata |i,500, Moloney, it ap
IKvirs, waa depoatd from tho ofliee of teadlag clerk
after be iaa awav, and the sum whioh he now
aska f..r is redneed in proportton. ln DeLaoy's
oaae a bearing ka to iie given by the Corporation
Connael, and probably Moloney'a elalm will take
.; liki' r.i;!iry. Ir will b_ rc:,llv BUFprifling it liu.l,
tlicae an.lnrioii. olalma ara refwoed, 'Twould be
i h>- sport, tbough, to sea DeLhoj a.*id Ifoloney
oarry them Into conrt,
Tlio .-eleetinn nf Mr. Flower for Governor bv
Hill nnd Tammany having heen offloially ratifled
and pnbUcly announced, this would seeni to be a
Buitable time for Oeneral Jonea to move that ihe
Domtnatlon be made nnanimoua. Smith M. \V:-.-.i
would doubtleaa second that motion and every
tliiii_r wonld be lovely. What ;i awvet boon Is
J lemocratle bai mony I
A' Teotniesome party of explorera the "ther
?i.y nndertook to ran tlie l R .er block*
ade tn the lake steamer Reranao. A sbort jour
ni'v ooeupied elghl i to some pretty
plain eommenta on tbe peoulinritiea of the
mighty stream that waters the stockyarda.
?? What do you Uiink of the bi. ?body
aaked Captain Todd, after the bual had waited
for an bour or so for a cr__noe to gel by Canal*
at. " f have no remarka to make," waa I
impartial reply, "cxoepl tbat this ia a ?
-...'." Somebodj ?- eated subwaya,
and an alderman daclaied that ..no ..f the bridgea
waa maintained onlv t<. ___ve a job !?? tlie tender.
Bnt ]<>nir before tbe irip waa over, aereral of
ti.o party, like Mark Twain's eanalboal orew,
put out a plank and walked aahore. lu this way
au- ihe baaatiea oi the Vftady City made mani
-? ?
lucation aeei a to be a grt it me. _
Ami Arbor. The Univeraity haa juol graduated
itadeata Thls ?? the largeal aamber .*..?.?
"floated aat npon life'a river" by any .haa
Mr Faraell la deaerlbed aa showing maay aigua
i.f aenroaaaaaa aad aaffatai perturhathm at hia
weddlng. Keen ohaerveia notleed that he eaat
tidelong glaaeea aad appaieatly waa attxioua l?'?t
the happy erraad "f the pony pbaeton und its
ihould Ih- BUapeeted by atrangem, The
bride, oa the uti.-r baad, a - serene aad _e!f.
?ed In her dark gown and pinh honnet, and
. -ia and ebeerfol wlthal. All this ia t,
Mr. r.iu.-li. aa ? Home Rule leadet |q
tbe Com'moaa, ls ti.1.-st an.i most Imper
irbable ot men, bul when he takea a wlft ha la
liatraeted, nerraualy apprehenaive aad orereasae
vith fnsaiBesa aad Bdgetlng. Waa there evcr *
n?|.|.*?i'.?.in who felt nt ??.#?.* .ind five lion. nei .a
!'?__ .i_ iu* inurnaKP draw aoarP Or waa tbesa
sver a brlde who waa uot aeieuo and iu tho poa
SBBBBSB nf all her .aer_ltre_ ander nimHAr atSSBBB
stancea? It ia not to be Loferred that Mr. 1 amell
S aa loelrfa. about lor miniona af Britudi law or
apprabending the lntervention of divoree-court
praeesa nr political Intrigue. He was aimply the
oonventioi.nl brldegroom placed at the usual dla.
advantsiKe by tbe compo_ure and high aplrite of
the bride Now tbat the waddJBg ? over. both
Mr an.i Mra. r&iWll wlll have to faoe the do
meatio problem of home rule: and an la o'her
matebea, so in this. tl.e odda are largely in fa-vor
of the i.rl.lV- IkBttBg the larger and dominant
aharc of local atiTiinomy.
Chieago has just named itself the "WorUTs
Fair City." The name ahould etick.
The transfer of the immigration headquarters
from the lower end of ManhatUn laland to Kllia
Island, which is to take place on Auguat 1, will
open the seoond ehaptat in the Federal control
of immigranta. which ifl now well atarted on its
second year. The change will free Battery Tark
from the hordea of foreipners to whom it has
largrlv been given up for mnny years, and maaa
theraataar pwiple may go there without belng
(ootled hy the new arrlvals, it will be more lm
puitaa- than ever to keep thia beautifully -taa-,
. t..,l pl.-asiire-ground free from further encroach
mentfl bv ihe elevated railroad. When Costle
Qardea w c.nvcrted into a public musio hall the j
Jtattery wlll enjoy a large measurc of dexerved
popularity. ^_b_?___>_?__^__m
Th? ?on of the late Oongressman Hook. of Ten
rKs-op, l. tving urged for nomlnatlon and electloo ln '
hi* father's placo by a nowspapor Just atarted down
(Bai way.
T!i? Knsslan Cr.arewitrh ls. aald to be an c-tceptlon- j
ally fine srlor.tlilc scholar.
Chl.f J ustfc? Fuller could not be persuad** te ln
falSje in HUt wouderful punch that was -crvod at
Uta Hareard f-omnKwment exwl3?<. and certain ;
enthuBlaets think he doea _ot kBOW what li? BBHSsa. ,
Senator Sawyor, of Wlscomstn, ha. given $3,000 to
elear otf the debt from a new obaervatory at L*w
p-nre Unlverslty. Th? teloacope ther? wtU oo named
af'.'r hlm.
Batns Goodale's intereat lrt th? Indlans dates from
a viait which Oeneral Armstrong made to "fiky
I'artrT Ln 1370. He was vWllng In the nelfhborhood.
soitpht out the chlld-poet and her slster Dora, and
Rtayed loug euough to go on ii plenlc wlth tBeaa. A
llttle later th? two girl. became toaehers ln hla sehool
al llaiiipton.
However Iilsbop WUberforce may have stood on
the labor uuestlon, he once camo near (oing on stxike
hlmself, and by a trureat of so doing he carrtod a
point. Enterlng a crowdad chnrch in whlch he was
to preaeh one day, he escorted ln?tde a lady whom
he met at tlie door, but who roniplalned that there
wa* no room. To his order to tlie beadle to liu.l ber
a seat tbat ftinetlonary replled tliat it waa imr*?"-lbl<'.
Thereupon thc lii*h'.,p de.'laivd: "Oh, if you don't.
I won't preaehI" A luxurlous empty pew was
ijucklv ilis< uviii-i'il.
Wflfter Fearn, ol Now-Orlean*, who has been plxeed
at the bead i>f UM Foreign Affaira Department of tho
dileago Fair. Is of .Southern birth, but waa gr_dnat*Hl
nt Yalfl in 1851. In 16.r.4 he becamo secretary <>f tlio
Amerlcari Lflgatlon ia llrussels, and from 18JO to
1888 flfflfl MiiatBIJ of the Legation in Mexioo. l)ur
Ing tbe early part of the war lie was in the BlflOflBaHfl
servleo of tlie Confederaoy, and then entered the
S'.nili-ni Army, lu whleb he nitained tlie rank of
lieutanxrB-eolooal. of lata years he ha* bflflB *
lawver, but he was also proreaaor of (SpanUh and
Italtan In tli" Unlvoralty of l.onlslana for a ttme.
PTttriu&nl Cleveland raxdfl blm Ministrr Hwldent and
consul (iicral to Iltunanla, Servta an.l urvere lu 1585.
II.- I'.-is a Onfl loiiiniaiid of foreign languages.
AeeOHUng to the Kev. C. E. Amaron. president of
the Freneh l'roteatant College at sprmgfleld. Mass..
there ae now abottt aOO.OOO Frencli-Canadiaiis la
New-Knjrland and Bew-York, and l.OOO.OOO in the
rjnHad Btfltfli. This narabar is rapMly incr,
both by eonatanl fltnlgratlon from Canada and from tho
preat miniber of ehUdlMl pilflragy t?'n or twelvc-to
be found iu every famlly. Of tlila nurnber ahout
116,000 are ITotestamt. The rost are Intensely Homan
Catholle. Oi ixtfl ytaus tli.-re lms sprung up among
these Freneh Catholics a great number ot Bflflhaxax Bf
men. In Lowell alone there are prol.anly _,Q00 mon
..nrolled in tliem. In 1850 there were --'17 of these
, arith a inemberaldp of 31,936. Every y.-ar
all theae BOCletlflB seml .!< IflflBXfll tO ,?tstate eonvontlun,
BBd every Other year to a National convention.
v.it !n Hlgher Miithematlcs.-Old gentleman (ln tlie
, rou -" to ichoal, my little dearl
Woe MIs* Vi-tl.. thlr.
- Whal do rou itudy I"
"wexdlng and wlthtneUc an' plnyin' tng at weee?t?.
- Y..U -.in.lv arltranattc, doyonl Wall, lat nu- *>?,:
now mneh ol b ajathematlclaa you are. Do ran Uvx
. Park ''
? Vath, thlr. I llve ln a flnl."
"Ltve in a tlat, eht Oa whieh rloorl"
" i (ii.n't know. thlr."
'? l sikinld think you would count the floor* ao you
m np and tind ont."
?? I ctiu't eount that far."-(.iatreet <fc Smtth's Good
Bon I.
Preaidont r.ate*. of Ambflrat, dld a kindly and grare
ful thing ln Kclti-ig nishop F. D, Iliiiitingfon to
prea. h tha bafcataareato ?.*inion at Amierat this year.
Tbe Biahop ?;.> iiaflaatol from Amherat in l-'io, and
reeeived the tlce-ree of 8. T. 1). from that college in
1 .,.;. i...t.-i- be waa amda a traatee of the eoOasja,
bai when ho l-ft th? Unttj-riaa mini-try and entered
tha Bplaeopal initiistry the eollSfa authorities were 80
on>n ...I thnt be waa dropped from ihe Hoard. Hls
-.?l'-i lion aa lia.-iii.'aiircato preaehei* may bo taken to
m au thai onder tho preaMeaoy ol Dr. Gates a more
cathotte splrli will prevuil.
A ('"tinertlcut pastor on a recent Sunday, aflor
triiin- Ood in bla long prayer tha grim story of the
-irai defectlona thnt algnallae our tlme, tinaiiv
found what aeemed to hitn a ptaea of re-.t In the
. that t..,,!. exactly this f. rm of e\pif<slnn:
?But, 0 Lord, we thanfc Thec that Thon art ortho
<! .\."? (Congregatlonaltat.
It ls an intorc-tln- and sua-crstive faot that Mi<s
Al/.in- A. cluvallioi-. whaat ?.ali'inent- are batng i-ir
eulated to aafeal taa alaction "t I'uiiiip. iirooks, u
IIOW in OalLfornla as the SjUeat of Thomas Lake Harrls,
the man who gained an uneiuiablc notoriety a few
reara airo in eonneet-on wlth LawTence nitphant.
Harrls hns fteQaOB-ly been shown up, but BB ^tili
contrlTes to retata his itranga inflnence over people.
tory of iiis aaeandeney over the Ottpbaata fc> so
remarkable that lf lt appeared ma novel nearly every*
..ne would say that it was pure lnvention.
Tiiougii ih<? weather ba wet
And your ulothiug be mussed,
l;.- .1 :
Don't grnmble and rret.
For the raln, don't for| t.
la ia\lug th.* duat,
Thongh tha a-eethar be bot
And boiled be your blood '
TIU 'tla Ui
Ba ".iitpiit with y.iiu- lot.
For the aunshlne l- irhat
l- .li \ Ing ih.- nnid.
Don't kiek,
flpaaklns <>f th? ahlftlng weather,
i'.-il \oh what I wiah \nir.l .io:
Wi-tl \ ?:;'(! pl-a-. Infoini me whether
it la ( hol i enougfa tor yoa,
it ia (cold) enougfa f _? you.
(Detn.lt Free Preaa.
Tha liabon ihaphaapsra abaw their di-iiit? af Kn_
land b) Slaptaying the placari "AaMttean talhad
h'-iv." In-tead oi the txadltloaal legend 'English
ipokan kara"
At tha Nunni.-r H .t.-l. Wl.it ttmt hath < hllled the
.-iddy Utrongl Whal terror atllla the mern
What lintni.s the ilanrt : ' Ihin.: 1. vt | WU8_ 1*08
ii-it li come tha boaaa to graet l rin* gne-ta froas baa
quet table ft. *vith paiiht aheek and (larlng .re; tha
landlord groana, the feeble .lerh turni off th.* gaa
.ml ..11 ia dark. Ol i..i.t .,,?,.i 1 -,..? ,,.?! uih-t'; bereft,
the lonely tavern atlU la i.f i ? h. ir Mlaa Dell -
how -Cnrt.-w .Mii,t N.,t K||,,. TOa&lg
(B. ?'? Hurdctte, ln ."hlhulelphla r..-.
lh i:.v M.iK ?.uv I'eaixe. ol London, tells of
ou.i ..f hia dsaCa-Maess aha w?nt to a mother of a
.lui.i of the aiuina ami offered" to Mha her for _, andh
in tha peifc. Tlio llttle one had never ?een a ti-.*e
.vri. When she _nw the lountaln ln the park she
a_ked. " Ia thls the ?!' "No. that |s not tho nea.* ',
?? li th<- -.-a hwger ihan thnt ' ?? Ye*.'" "Oaa d i waik '
f.uii'1 it." ?? Bo." -Then lt mm\ bs aa large i- aar
1 Aud. iw sho l.mitglit tl.e litih OM 1 ,i< U. a j
tnaii who hv.-.i iu ihe t?.p .tory of Ihe B8jBN h"li->0 i
aaM lo h<*r: "1 um i_n atluiat I.y rlght, ymi kti .W,
bat 1 lat.liot help a.l>ln?- |0 V"U, *li.?t l.le-s v.ni.- ?
Danlel B'eb __r*a OM Boota.- We ipaka a lew dav. |
ago ..i Ihe verli ible booti ahlch Hanh-l .Vebatar, ?? iho j
ixpoander of ti.,. Coo Ututtoo,' wora whan ujmih I
..-.?! nklli i - una boota ln wkleh the I
-n.it nan -i toa, ? <i whlch cani? dlrectb tlinniKli th? I
baodi ..i .luii..- Se niiiii and John m, B'alker, are now,
b- I.'..- i-111 * 11 - - - - ol i! _ .v ,i ii,.,ii|..iiiiv Mlatorl
.i.-tv on aahlbitlun lu John C, Tboroa'a ?h.^- at..ro
wm.i..w. Tha) ara al kip .?athpr, pasjBBd a-lw mt
h.a i, witli aquaia laaa, B"d _io u-b11 urp^rvcii.?itou
c.id Moiiii.r.
state CBflBBN Peekaklll, N. Y., June 26 (hpeelal).-TXa
dress parade to-nlght wa* a magnlflrent spectacle. It
waa 8*llm*t?M that full? i,O00 penon* oe< upied waau
on the hill. Completely around the pxrade grouofl"
thero was a llne of people ?\x or *?ve,n doep. Tha
men came out In full .egalU?whlte trousert, dr?_?
eoaM, trimmed witli gold lare, whlte croea belta anfl
. whlte hebnefi. Tho formatlon ww made wltnout a
break and the gnn* anapped ln thelr plaee* tn u*
maiiual in a way to bring applaaae from the assemblage.
The band marched down in front of the llne a_|
bark again with all the pomp due to no lmportant a
roremony, the flruma beat, the Imgle- playafl ttwtr
mournful tale, and "boom" went tiie tilg gnn Jn.t aa
the gun diaappeared behlnd Anthony's Note, leavlng a
red glow In the *ky. Down eame the colors at tha
aame Instant, and a few mfnufe* later the reglment waa
marrhlng iu revlow beforo the ape'tafor*.
To add to the excltMnent of the aftoroooti ano tha
pouiblo entertalnment of the v1*itor*. five HarraUox
Army people came over to eamp and marched arotmfl
! selllng ropie* of thelr oflicial newspaper, tinglng ?* Anr,:*
, Rooney" and klndroil BflflBJB, and tiiltinn up collertioru.
i One of the membera of the rcgtuient V?ik tne paperl
, friim the wonnm?not for'-ibly, Irowever,? and bagafl
\ kxwJUBJ them through the camp. Anotber man orfared
to buy every paper tho woman had if ihe wonld _ea
tho tanibourlne whieh hc BaM in hla hand at about tha
Iwight of his ahoulder. She mode-tly refuned, how?
ever, to make tho salc on tho*e conditlons.
The eamp i* all ugog to-night over tlio propoeed vhaa
battle between Compnnles D and II ln tho early morn?
lng hours to morro-w.
BaxaBBl Emmons Clark waa ln Colonel Appleton'* tenl
last nlght while the band eonocrt wa* ln progreM.
When fiere was a *hort lntcrmlsslon the members of
the rogimerit gathered around tlie tent In a tolid maat
and cheered the former eommander of 8x8 re?1me_t.
Then thc band pliiyed " Oimrades" and th* men all
-ang lt. Geneml Clark was so overcome by Ud* lnet.
dent that the tears rolled down hi* cheek*. and vrkan ha
was ralled npon fflr a spcech he found lt 1mpo**ible to
rc-pond. Colonel Appleton eame forward and made
B few remarks and the erowd diaperaod after glvlng an?
other hcarty cheer.
The reglment ha* made arrangcment? to retuni to
rbe city oa tho tars to-morrow Instead of g-otng by
Iirigadier-Oneral Fitrgerald and h1? atarT and a partv
of frk-uds arrived ln camp this afternoon and Uie-y wlil
remain until to-morrow.
The two Brooklyn Ea*tern Dlstrict reglmenU al
the National ilnard, wlll start for the State Camp at
Peeksklll at noon ">-day. They wlll take the *team
koat at souUi Flfth-*t. The 47th Reximant wlil bt
undr command of Colonel John fr. Eddy, and tht 32d
under Colonel Henry C. Clarke. It la expected that
about 500 out of the 504 men In the 47th Reglment wili
go to camp. Fully 300 from the 3-d Reglment wi_
Dr. John J. Nortitrop, au lnstnictor in Columbt*.
College, who wa* burnea by an expUvdoii of a barrei
of alcohol oa Thursday In the cellar of the Sebool of
Mlnes, dled yesterday mornlng at the Presbytertan Ho?
pital. lt was not suppo-c.l ,it Brsl tiiat hte burn* were
__tiil. but a cMroful examinato.n Bfl Thur*?lay nirht con
viuced Dr. Hupp and Dr. Uritton tliat Ik coiilrt not live.
Dr. Nortitrop retalned consciotisi.ess nntil aJiortir after
12 o'clock yc~ten1.iv morning, when he relapscd Into a
conditlon of coma and dted a palnlei* dei.tii.
Dr. Norfbrop wa* only twenty-uine years cld, and
apparently hal BtOfltiBB ot a briniant future. lie
wa* born ln tlila city ln October, 16.11, and whli*
yet a boy ahawai a great aptlrude for atndy. In 1884
he graduated from the Columlna College Sehool of
Mlnes. Jle then spent a short time in Europe. and
returned la 1555 t-> studv for the degree of Doctor of
I'lillosophv. whlch he took in 188T, slnce whirh tlmo
he ha.l been the asiistant of Dr. J. s. Newberry ln
?eoMgjr af Coltimbi.-i CaUflBM, In 1800 he marrle.l
Mi.-.s Ada Rlch, wlio ls now pniMrated at her h"ino
ln Tonxari
Dr. Northrop's body wlll be taken to Yonkers lor
The two Janitors, Slmpaon and Tighe, wbo were
burned ln the same accldent ln whlch Dr. Northtvp
recetvafl hls injurie*, wlll r-'cover. Shrtp*on 1. in
Uellevue llo*pital, and Tighe at lil* bome. No. fici
Tho recent dlsagreement between .1. W. llorrlsw*
and O. Tiicllapietra lias ended ln the way that BXflto
flUraraeaflfl aaaaQi do. in a reconeilition t,o w..i-id a* ki
be BlBKMt enthusia.tic on both sidea. ln thls bj I
T. Haary Freneh v,a-; tiie pflBeoBBBxar. The ia*t v,,-, ,i
of the 888X80 at tho Urand upera HOBBB wlll therefore
baeoXM a peace Jnbllee. TaKllnpl??tra wi'J ?iiig 88*1 I
ni.'iii. ami wtll have a benotit on Wodne-day tveiiln*',
when ho wlll appear in -Tlie Koheinifn OM." and ;_oo
in his axvarHfl BflBBa BjBBI "Caruieu." Oa Mouday
Big-t ho wiii -ing in "II 1588X8x8/8." on Tue*day la
?rausf and on Tlmrsday, Friday and Saturday bi
'? Fr_ Diavolo.'1 The seasmi has been _Ul*factory ln
Ita malll and mitfht be contlnued for a .ondderable
? wr bnt for tho iinreusing heat. wMflfe makea a
ttieatre a mueh bmb Bttrxattaa pb-'f than wheu tha
preaent engagemeut began. The la-t p.'rtormaiir?i
of "(urmcu" wlll Im f-'lvcii t.'iis attenioon aad eveulng
o-"iha, Juno 98J (,-pecial-.?A prominent poUticlan
and Orand Army man pullished a card to-day deelar
lBg that the ivport of Uie marrlage of Mr-. Jobu A.
LflfflB and Attnrney Lemon 1* absolutely false. Hl
recelved a letter from her Just prlor to her aaUlng. ln
whi.h sKe declarea she wili never marry Mr. Leinop
.,r anyone else. _ _
Augusta. Me., June -fl (Speclxl).-Chlef Justlce anfl
Mrs. I'uller and their daugliter arrived here on tlie
nfteriioon BflflB to-day and are .tayLig at thc AurnuU
House and calllng on old friends tere. The Juagl
p-iit bli oarly life ln AagBfltB.
Klraltya n**- "Ildor__oM wlll be forinally opanwl thla
Bftaaaaaa and cvcnhig, and tha public will have a chaa.-a
la mo lo: _____a8t?W what tlie new amu-0ni_nt raaorB. ag
th>* l'ali-ad.a, oppoalte I-'?rty-.-eond-st., la lllca. ln taa
altainaan an open-air _on<*ert will \>e glsan by Jul*o L?vy.
the corn*; player, a band of alxoy i?l*ee_ l.*d by N'ah-a
Prinko and a chorn* of elghty volcea from the Mef-opolltaa
Opsra Ooiaaa la Uio evenlng Bolosay Ktralfy*. gorgeoua
blatorleal r>!>raa?ntat:on, .-alled "Klng Solomon and taa
Daatraetloa of Jerusalora," wlll be given ln th- Romaa
amphllliaalia lt, ls promiaed that UiIh will oe a ap'.Ucla
employtug ovor 1,.">00 men ai.d ?______ Seveti liumlrad
young w.mien wlll tako part ln the ball.t. Afw-r Um
ipaaSaala th.ro aiU b? a dUplay of flraworfca.
Anton S.ldl wlll begln to-dav at BrluhUm Beo.-h hla
fourth .?:.a.iu oi 8-0alef aaaaarti wttB u.e MaWaaatBaa
.'l?'ra llo.ian orcli atra. 'ili. re wlll b? 140 aaaaaHB
civen ln all. exten.li.i_ over IM VBafea The nrleia ol
admUaion Wlll be onlv 1- and _5 aaata, Mr. SMU1 4-ea
not pr.._o-o to aaaaaa hi-aeif to anv naiUtular arac?l
of n.'isie, bnt wlll make hta tStSStk-BS ttmm th* b??8
eaamaatMaaa of all th? achool*. Aa a r__nit. it ahould
be ea*v for all to tlnd aomethinir In th* nro_.nn.mta t*
auit Uieir Uwt. ??. 'I l_U whatev-r la attempU*d bf -Mr.
BaMI wiu b? weii d..i..- aaaa without aaring to ail waa
_,;?? luniill.tr with Ma wiek na a lcadt-r.
Juatlee Hartlett, In Brooklyn. yaterday granted nrdrra
ilnaliy gtaaatalag and appon.Ung re.ilv.r- lor *ev?ral ol
IM BUfBt r.-llii' r.ea win. ii MSS 10 too ot? buirar I 'i'l.
,mi wiii.ii hns- ptaetteally -eaael. to e.ut. o-mg io mi.r
h.vm. laaaa. mi all their pr |BStP K> ??? American Huga.
U.-nnmg Caaiaaay. wl.l.h BM or. m..ed under Iht la-? ol
nvw-Jim-'v ior ti.* a_n.? aaapaaa ** _hs iiiegai s^gu
TraBBi Ha mit-"--* Bm i''"i.i'-'? xtmt gaajaap a '
tat !>?? (??tro mi lX>nn%-r and Oxuard llrothera, tho Kio#B
, irnat Caataaay Ba IteB-s. aawaa * Oa, and ma
moeeija TH_a Ceejpaap tor tu. ?aaaa-spm laps a*
_i._ng Cotupany.
Th? achoolboya of (?rauimar SAtnol No. M gav? aa ??
1,11, Baa of their paw_aa of drillin. y.-neiday avcui.t. a?
Bm am Isaj-asat mrnmry, Ninet.-'ourth-at ami i-_r_-av?.
Ily ? o'cloi-l maaa waa a large BS-BBB. of the p"i>ita ol tt*
_ml th.lr t__-__8 pr.-a.-nt, and aliorlly afl?iw?rd a
aaadaad >?[ Um _?_- B__raaad aaa Bm duii #h.a. Ti.*ir
wlivliM, w-._ |niti-|!j:!v B-axI 1 le v w er ' ln.iKH.ted bf
l.i.-iit.n.nt r..K?.-l Seh.lln._-. of the Mh Keglueal, aod U
gave BM Iwy aoldhra w.li?asaaal pratae.
A .<>lllal<,ii c-cnrred last nl.lit b.rtween the __-bji. yathl
1*, .-rl.aa and the tugboal C Y. Hnvd, n. the ,-hannel al
licii OaSa Dm atiani \?>ht .nt utr hm Iaa ?f u.< i..b
...ut aad Bm lestw nu,a mykBg and aaadL Th? irew at
ma 8as i.*?i t.ar.-iy tiu.' _? taasaa n. tii<- ibmH -aai t*
aaa r.|-..i"<i ti_?t aaa al ma araa ??? -r..w...d. Up "??
a lal? ho>ir laal B"BM 8b*1 BBBjl i.ot !h. venllM. i'
?U-aiu PB-M ?'_? ani.. u< > ??titiu?<> on her way and UM al
?aMil vt Uv (*aui__- aha auaUiued ww Uoi Ua_ua_*

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