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There were *ensatlonnl developmenta last nlght in
the mystcry surroundlng the case of the young woman
who wa* found ln the lludson River ot Croton I.andlnc
a week ago. Tlie young man who descrlbed hlmsetf
a* Frank Alwood, of Phlladelphia, and who Identltled
tlie body, left Tnrrytown late Thuraduy night arcom
pai'ie.1 by two eouatabtes. Clilef of Pollee Novstter
!-cnt the two eonstables to New York with Atwood
with Instmetlons to aee that be returned to Tarrytown
Bi tba morning. Atwood returned to Txrrjtown yea?
terday mornlng accompanied by t>*s two oracers. and
lie had his Iittle glrl with him. The child bears n
rvscmblance to tlie dead woman.
Coroner Sutton was holdlng an Innuest In the case In
* parlor of the Baker House when Atwood and the of
tioer* arrlvod. Beforo Atwood wus called a* a witnes*
he sald that he had come to Tarrytown to clalm Oie
body, and would see to Its burial. Dr. J. H. Her
man sald that while esamlnlng the body he notlced
ttwlsea on the left cheek; Those brulses, hc thought,
were made l?fore dcatb.
At thls, one of the jurymen asked Dr. llerman 11
he wa* of tlje oplnlon thal the young woman met
fea] play- Th? doctor replled that the brulses on
tlm face would lead to a suspicion of foul play. He
i",i!d not s*y how the brulsc* were produced, but
thought they might havo been mado by placlng *ome
hard >ub*tanre agaUiat the lower Jaw aud then prasslng
,n it. Dr. Ilennaii's statement was not In flecOrfl
with the slalementa of the doctors who mado tlie
aotopsy. Pottic of the lurymen polntedlv remarkod
tbat Ihey tlionght another auiopsy ought to be made.
Frank Atwood testllltd that he wns a salesman for
W'hite, Post <t Co., Iiardware dealers, of Clevelat-d,
ohlo. Ho sald that he llved at No. 111 Pinest.,
Pliiladelpiiia. lie idcntiMe.1 the body as tliat af Bla
wife. He rccofrnlzed hflf by a raole on tlie back of W
i.eck and a BBXf on her knee. Roth of these marks
were found on tho body. Hc marrled the dead woman
ii the fall of 1-sr,, ,.t the Church of the lloly Trans
licuration. Twenty-thlrd and B sts.. Pluladclphia. Tho
i!iiii:ater who toarrled tiicm was named Allen. Tlie
woman's matdeii name wa* Purcoll Marlnia. Ho knew
her but seven wocks when he marrled her. Hnd
never heatd her speak of her family. and did not know
whether her parent* were Ilving or not. He llved with
her about fourtoeii months, when she left him. she
had been away from him two year* and slx months.
He only heiird from her once after she left him. A
friend of his, a bartender, named McC.uire, wrote to
him, telling him that Ite had BflBB hls wlfe.
Atwood sald that hc was born la Havra, France.
and had an uncle named Atwood living at No. 17<>
\v_rt Forty-sorond st., New -York, proprietor of thc At?
wood Wire Company. He wtld a sister of his fatherS,
a Mrs. Bengall, lived at No. 130 Bast one-hundrvd and
lenth-bt.. New-York. Another %Mcr was living in
Yonker*. she murried u man named Herdling. He
,-nid hls BaXflf never BBW his wife. Hls wlfe was an
oducated women and could BPflflh Freneh and Italla-i
fluently. She WB8 tawntf-enfl years old.
At this point (otoii r Sutton, after conferriug
brlefly. with hla Jury, aaggflflflfli to Atwood lhal hc
p to New York and get BBBXfl one who would identify
him" as Fmnk Atwood. Tklfl prortmed ti milrt BflSMfl
lion in UM r.iiii-tt-of.in. Atwood seemed BBBBBWhal
amazed, 1 nt d'-.-id.-d to ivct on the coroner'- BBflaxxUan,
and went away a. .ompanied hy a BMB] olflcer.
The Cxxaaai reealae- woitl Ihul Ihe latlier and
mother and anelfl ol Ihfl man known Bfl Atwood were
BB IhXXf w.iy t' r.ii'iyt'.wu from Bfl* Voi* and would,
make imiMiriiint iMMMientfl. The Cor.? foncluded
lo adjnurn th'- 1no.ue*t until 0:43 p. m. When the
i .|in-t waa f-Miiiii-d al thal boar the Coroner an.l bli
jury pppearel aoxaewhat exfltMd. George P. HerflBni
und Wlfe and Mr. Herdling's br-'ther wcrc preeeot
When Atwood ciunc in he did not notlflfl Mr. Bad Mra.
llerdline and Mr. Her5Bag>B btflflflMr. Thfl CarotMf al
onre called him aa ;. BTtfBM, und aakfli him if he kad
found any one m New-York who could Identify him bi
Frat.k Atwood.
At Ihla I'int Atwood began to txrri pale nnd in
rcplv |o ihe Coroner, said. -I wiii tell roa now, Brat
ai iust. I Wfll not BBBWar any BJBBBtlan what'vet."
The Coroner thaa l'?t ? numlicr nf exxwtloaa to ih.
witness and hla IBMUUJJfBXl reply was, "I refuse to
all?-'?r.? The CkXrOaar then threntened to commit the
wltnee*' for contcmj.i. WlMfl he rvpllcd. ''All rlght you
can do it. lf you want to."1
Oaonrs P. Il'rdllnsr waa then called and the Coroner
*ald to lini. pobrUBf tO UM roong man who had just
lefl Hh> wiinc.s M?iid, " Do you BBOW thi- BMl) '
Mr. lleraJlBg, who M*nxe4 aaeh agiuted, repiied.
"Yes, '.ie is my son. Hls name 1* Vlatflfl GMorge
At tliis the Coroner iaM Ifl MM young man, WBO
st/Mid almmt tnotionl.'ss. Wllh a BXXMhl) I-ale BMB, " Do
vou deriv ti.*i this U your hthart- Br. HeraBng then
beeXXXfl evit-d an.l 8>CXat8X8C ahaklB8 I"" "?g? Bl bli
MMi. " Do you dare to deny tlmt I BM >ou: tethor '
The young man bBBf Ml head and said: " No, I
don't deny you. You are mv fatiici-.''
Mr Ibardlmg then went Ofl wllh his tc-tiinonv nnd
aaid that his son left hla BOBM in Th:rtv fifth <i .
New Y.-rk. vt-stenlay nomlng with his Iittle fllrl. He
I ln UM e'ini'!-v of the BflX VflfB CVntial Railioad. an.l
la ii,ai-i-i.-d. and tha ntti- '-mi "ni- I'"" i- hii aaufltrter.
I1M wifc Ifl allve nnd Bvea with him In Thi ty nftli-st.
' he WtaaM could not I.I! whv hls son h?l iictiMl bo
,tran*el ln thi* CX**, B* he had fllwoji Hvfld 1
wiu. his wife, *> for a* the witnea* hnaw. rha wH
?wa*Bid tliat hii aon l.a-i bud troubk with hla bead
. ,i hiail acu'd bt B P'-cit.ir niMner Jor _vor_u woc?s.
Tha wlUHM. *a.<i that hi. boii'b wlta hxd bflen_macli
f"i-\*1.". ago. He wa^ ii.cn BlnetOBfl rean o*J. ?**
? Lrried ai-Mnn th" wlah <-f hi ffltner. Tbe wltneai
luM^noa bc, ? on tne heat of mnm with bk bbb rlaea
' Mre. Loulse Merdling. wife of Ihfl previou* wlt
fMfli id'titifiet1 the vm-ig man known m AtwoflB*
or -on. Mie iof.-.li'.iMted the tcst inoi-y of her BXB>
OarOBflt sutton t'-en had thfl BMJtMflat |l8??I _J
rntmi AtwrsKi or Ht-diii s reai. Tha raroxej'?***
him If hl* testimonv vm rrxa. Hh wilr rcp? ??'
tlmt he re^sed t<. Bnawer. Ha alao> rsfasefll 5o. rtgn
tlie te.tlmonv. The corMier then told him lie would
have to .otnmll him utiti' K--o -v to .-..ualder whethci
he would l.ol't blm or BOt, Youi ?; Herdling waa tane::
into ru-iodv hv ("n'.-f of i-ll'e .1'walter and Mfkoe
np. Aa aa Mfl the room a pH*on< Mmng H'toiiiu:
dld not sav nnyUilnfl to M* IXUtaV or nuiher.
The InOBBsl u. arij.iurm*d un'll thr- afternoon at
4 i.-i Hk k, when Herdling'* wile wili bfl present 80
iflentl^ hlrn. _ _
Mis* Agne* Huntlngton wUl raime to Amerlca next
?ea*on and wlll open about Oetflflar 18. she vill
paBBBBl 'J'aul Jones," " Fatir.itia" aiid a BflW BflMTfl
Whleb -lio is ul preMsnt ncgoilating for |g l.ondon.
i ba pi aaa ol bUb* Hantington'fl new thflatifl in Lflfl
daa BXXfl just I'ccn anproved hy Hc ( :iv ('.jiincil. ui"l
it wlll bfl opened Bhoai tln flrfll of AW I. Her Amcr,
aaa tot-r wili bfl liinlted lo al-otit sixleen week*.
There wlll bc no MflBBflfl at 11^ Caslno to-day an.l
lha BMflahaxi al the tffaarw*w "'" baar "Wflaa* at the
niaaflwaj Theatre, After to-flxa ahara win he n<>
?Mtiaeea at Um Broatwa* for i Ubm,
ihe Ihm ik ii,.rflBxaei - of "Thfl Mflrekaxit" at the
Madl-on S.juirc TaafltM wlll bfl givcti this Baflflflfl*.
h d BXflBtag. Um hot awxther baa b*bo ladeeaa the
tnamBgera <>f lha Creote Company Bl thfl simdaiil
Ihcttio to cloae wlth to-i.ightN pcrfotniHiice.
It h*s been alreadv reported that Etnperor William
of ..eniiariy Inleudi-d 88 BBf a vKIt to tl>? t'ouit "1
iioiiand th -'"i.'::'T Later totaraMttoa in-s been
flarelafll ln ragari ta that plan. M whieh some wnsa
tional writflflfl ^ere bound to dlscern political sign*
of great ii,ict national iinpoitance, while, ln fait, it is
B mere MCBal duty whicli the y.-ing Emperor wlll
cu.l.arge when on hl* way to England. The Reurnt.
CJuecn Emma, JourneyKl witli ber daughter. the llttle
Oueen Wllhelmina. during the month of May through
thc Dutdi Kiugdom, noUibly ln the dutricLs of Rotter
dam aud Amvterdam. It wa* during her four da>V
ra at the latter plaee lhat the 0888188 Am
baaaador gave offleial 8*4508 of the tB*t ot lha BM
pcror and _flB|llll of 88858809 lor July 1. at noon.
ihev vtU cotuc by way of ".um:'bu, Ofl thelr iteam
rxOBX, ti.e Hahaaxollarn. and wili re.nain *t Aiiutar.
dam uutll Julv a. Ouoen Emmu ha* '?^^_t1'',^
ihe mial lMMaMB ->f UM D*>? shall bo plw ed at BBB
*crv|<e o! 8B8 lmperial vislloix
i BB Thc BJeeBBfl Couru-r.
The day cannot lie far dMaut when It wlll I
iMeeaBary for tha Uwmaken oi tbe i*'-<i to MbMa
,i upon the. same llne* *"d11"'"'l;i'.:"
-aiuc pnncli'lc that It haa ulitady bflXX i--u .d i.i ? ?
ar> to Xgialate BBXfllMl tbfl canving of con.i-i.le.
? m.? i'ki.: M Blway* a th-oiv tlmt thfl (-"?n-rsl
*>?A icnafl ot the eommanliy ?in rogutote lne?
iMnxa, an.i v.mv ukatj ta Um k>?? rii" _??_?*_ """?
-,f tlc .,ii,uiii.,itv or Ihe iiidificr<'!ice of tlie coiniim
nltv. wi,.umefl to tha same thing,. 5?, ?UowlB? a
ihlng to ,iip out <,f alxhl alUatetaer- fultiN Ihe fuie
llon ihua optlmistlcally allotled t<? Itj but lu u?
"asanUme tlie inilati-'ii of thc iiiiiaan* ' demand- --mi'
Mflafl taaettr and dia-tic ivncdv. h Ii the ownion <u
the edltw. raxclied after a earefu] ?tudi "f the ?itna
tion, and a Orxapflrale *u-l (lUpa^alonate revi.-w
ihet-of. tlmt for an amateiir lo be found t'oing ?i'__'*t
?U* an ordlnary uimeia ahoold be made a mUfla
mranor punlshable by confiBcatlon of tbe Instrument
and a fine to be regnlaM aroordlag to clrcum
Mnnces. To he lonnd wlth a detectlve camcra ahould
ln un nn.at.-ui- be punlahed by imprtsonment for ltf?;
ln a prOf.a?tnn__ by laataat deatii. could 11.? -_.?
pre.ia.' but inlld law* bu passed and rigldly efifoieed,
there would le a very nofable change fn the eo-kfor.
nnd ln the moral ton? of the romniunity. It la lm
poaatble that ilicr? ahould be any hlgh averago of
ethlcaJ focling ln ihe land aa long as the camera tie.nd
1- dalb aiid nourly allowed (o tratnple ou every feeling
of Indlvldnal liberty and frcedom; nnd unle~" some
i.'Hng la done to cheik tlils rnpldlv growlng evll. who
knows whether rlvlllaatlon wlll bo able even to la.t
out tlt. centnrv t
London. June 26,-Mr. Parnell. during an lntervlew
at Rrlghton to-day upon hls marrlage to Mra. O'Shea,
said that he found It Imposslblc to procura a marriag.
lir?nae for anv rotinlry rhiireh, and in order to preve.it
ilelay he thought it best to havo tl? ceremony per
formed nt the Reglstry Ofltce at Steynlng, near BrlgMaa.
llo addwl that th? church oer_mon,y would ho celcbrat?d
ln London aa soon an he nnd Mrs. Parnell were able lo
put ln a forlnlght's rcsldence there. ThU would pmb
alily be after the eleetlons at Carlow for a . urcem-OT ln
I'arllament to O'ttorman Mahon, who dled reocntly.
Mr. Parnell also, referring to the reJIfflous eeremonv
whlch ls to tnlie place in London, snld that even in this
cas? he would do his best to prevent'ouUiders from
being preaent, "csprclally r.porters,*' be added with a
Aaked If he Intended to take an actlve part In tlio
Carlow electlon, Mr. Pamell said: "I ?hall certalnlv po
to Carlow. In fnet, I start to-morrw nlght lf I can
peeafM}' mannge lo do so. I am eonfldent tliat we
ahall win." Thls electlon la tho only one slnee the
O'-hen dlvorre proceediiigs whlrh Mr. Parnall has lrad
a rhanc* of winning. He will take Mrs. Parnell with
hlm to Carlow lf he can possibly do so, but ali? is
known to be a bad saiior. nnd she ls compelled to re
main near her lawyers owlng to the coralng trial ot the
wlll anit Jn whlch she and her brothers are lntere?ted
in rcsp.it |a Dn Kltliam pioperty.
Mr. Parnell lntenda in future to devot? speeial atr
tention to the Irlsh industrial question, ln whlch he ls
pa___M_ar_y ititonested. Ileeently he haa glven general
aupport to Mr. Ralfour'a Irish Und blll, wliich ho be
llcvcs will grently benetlt both tlM Irish tenants and th?
Irlsh land owners.
ln conclusion Mr. Parnell snid that he Intended, lf
poaatble. to vlslt tho I'nlted States durlng tlie romlnc
ntitumn, bcllevlng that the sentSment of the Irlsh nnd
Irish-Amerlcans on tho other alde of tlio Atiantlc is ln
hls favor. Cotisequcntly he will try to attend th?
Irlsh National Conventlon to be held at RaJtimore in
the full.
Whaa Mr. Parnell was asked what ho thought would
b? the political cfTect of hls marriage to Mrs. O'shea. ho
aald tliat he had not glven that queatlon a thought and
that he dld not intend to do so. He and his wife, he
explalned, wer? perfectly hnppy, and he wa* now e.v
iicrleiifing gneater hnpplness than ever previouslv ln
hls life.
The reporter wlth whom Mr. Parnell had thls lnter?
vlew a.Uis : ?' I never saw Mr. Parnell in a more healt'iy
tonditioti or in better .pirit_.n
The Natioinil (a.-h KcgUtcr Company, of Dayton.
? ?hi'., to-day niesi u suit ia the inited Btatea Clrearl
Court here at'ao-t Il-an.les lirothers fot- u-ing a
< a_.li regi-ter sold by the Lamson Consolldated Klore
Berviee Ooaapaay "f Boatoa, The ralt wm broughl
npon tho RHtv and llir. h autoniati'- kev and indirutor
p.itciit. This patent was recently br.mdly sustained
in the Ualted Btatea Clreott Coert ai PhUadetphla. ln a
decision ii. ainat the American Cash Begteter Company
..1 that elty. declarlng the American Regtater to bo an
The failures in _U-ineei in the last seven days, ai
reported to K. C.. i'un ?'. Co., number 903 ior tlie
United Btatea aad 91 for canada, a total ol BBi, oon
pared with _?*??'; In th ? preeedlng *.?.<?<?;> aad -Ofl for Um
eoneaponalng week ol 1890. The weekly rertew
nunmaritea the sltaal. as follows:
Bigna of baprovemeul In bualncs. _r..w stotefreqncnl
,.,,l dlstlnrt, Utougli there la nothing like a rodieaJ
, !,.,.;..,? ;,. yet. i hc hesltatlon whlch haa pii
duiing tha vear give* way slowlj i" lncrea?ed
denoe, the more alowlj beeause "f a few fnllu
woollena at Phlladelphla and ln leather and shoea ln tli ?
Eaat. Yet the Boundneaa ol tha commervlal sltuatlon
I, generelly recognUed, and the hesltatlon whlch re
ualna ia rlghtl) attiibutad mainly to u:i< <>..i.iii.i.<?- re
gtM-dlng ile- domand f>.: gold from Bnrope and th
.1 _i111:11 i. >r> there. Hon. a dlapat. lie- an
Ing the aettlemenl "f dlffleultlea whlch have been hang
: the London market, and whleh were suppiiaed
Ui ..'!??. t .me or mora bouaea having larga lnter??ta i'.
iintiv, are regardad with aatlafuctlon, Whlle
_-ol.l oontlnuea t" leave England for Raaaia, the banh
Ututlon- of VVest?ni Bnrope are weJl supplied.
and in thi" eoontry Troaaury dlsbnr-ements have been
?normons. The om- ix.im of danger i- Mfll tbe ,?^
i a-iiineh atraltied condltlon ot <-.?-?iii ~ abi*.>?d <>:i a
(oimt oi paat dl lastroui speculatlonn.
lioaton, Jnne -,;- Jolui II. A hy. "f Lynn, haa made
m fta-lgnment for tha benefll of hla rredlton to
Wllllam A. Kuiwiton, of the law nrni of Crandall A
Knowlton. Thls |i an in.ii-.hiii tl aaalgnmant an.i
oi.K.-s ,,n hu privata aaaeta In th? handa of Mr
k'nnwltou, who U uNo a eo-aaalgnee for ihe eredlt'.t-a
nf Mi'-v lirolhera A Plaee, The Habtlitlei of John B.
Vllc* .of pftOn.OOOto ?<;(.).0'?o (whlr-n are partla-ly or
wi,..llv -i euredl. . ,
Bo lon, .lune ?_'..?The tlrm of Kimba'l Brotbera.
mminfa tarers nn.l de?iers Jn cari-lage". Nn?. 110 and
111 "ii.ll.un -i.. have failed ai.d made an aaalfnmeiil
io ("eorge w Sforse, attorney-at-r-~r. Th" lfldebte.1
ness ls ai.ou- #i'-ti,(KKi and tho nomlnal Baeets from
?00.000 lo #7*>.<>on.
Trenton, June 26.?Thomaa A. Reil, who is one of
the leading atockhoMeri ol Ih? flefnnei Btar Rnbbcr
Co., made an a slgnmenl to-day to L'nton latter
thwaith. Reil wbb bIb? .. itoekhrdder of the Central
itubi.ei c... Trenton Clilna Co., an.i the Mew-Jeraey i
FHnt an'l "i.-ir Co. Hl- asseta ard about P130.000, bnt
|t H -:iA t!iat he is ao "erlously tnvolved that they will
bc nearlv wlped < ut.
Penver. Jun? 2t>.?A dlspatch from Alhininerque.
N*. M.. aa_-8 : " Th? nlsrming reports ihat have ?'
out (oncerning the Indian trouhle on the Bavajo r??-? f I
tion are much more sensathmal than the laci- wonld
warrant. Om ot Ihe paymaitors here says thev p
turned from tho reservation a few days ago anc! U.e
Indlans this aeaaon of the year rollect In baflda and
palnt theniaelve.a nnd iudulge in the weird aa___M danoe,
A few white BeKsflH near tho re-crvatloii. iria-i|iiaint.-.l
witji the hahit- ot the Vaaajoa, became thnM aaa tmit
oxaagaratad reports at tbe torts aad lareral troo|M oi
,,,-.,,:,\ ara oa tha ground, but ao taoaUs la aatwl
Albany, .lune 'Jii.-The Wall Mre.-t l'errv htj.i.'.* I Offl
|,,i.v (llailtad) waa incorporate<l t.v.lav. with a eapltal of
115,000, 10 opei-te one or BaOre -tace llnes in Nev.
York citv- -*e dliactora, who sBb-cafhe t<> ten shaia-.
,,r tba eapHal itoek, are H. w. Whaalwr, i). R. Mumford.
tl. Bryant jr., A. M. I-iwrence and B. T. Ilunting, all
,.f tfea York.
" VWTttSB VP A 70B" O.Y _f?. BiBTOWa.
Fi-otn ti. < maaa . Tlmea.
Oowdj ? f touiclv woaaen lllled the l.alK parloi*
and M.-ei.iio.ni<__n.? af u.e Rlohellan y?_trwday morn
.... \t nooii afea.-. i.i hardly pae* through the maln
,',',;;ni.ir m de5a?a tbe th,,,.,. . Aboul 10 o'rlocl,
n prepososslng t-mag woman aent her? card to the
;.?a.-;,i,e:,is of Li *>__ Bartorla, a brotbei n la
\, me urant r^rtortaV Br i- one of the-wcalthy young
Kn. ii.ahmeii who arVftaily Interaated lu <-at h- ln
Wyomlng Ha re.eivBB tV jming womu. ln the rc
cevtlon-room. _ _ . .
??is th!" Mr. Barterie**---. a-ked.
?? ^ ? madame." , . .
- woii i wonld lihe to co to Wyomlng and he-p
hou-e for \ou." if the young I. >?< -met- hH'i been a-ked
to stand on Ufl head. he WOtlM nol have U-rn BO nr
- Wbal do you in'-an" beaxi "UaaeC
?? i w-nt t<> l*? vour hon-ekeeper.
?? \\,.n voi. trant I knoa -Ma ls a qu ? eountrv.
but when a young fenow waala t?. get raarrltA aureli
be cau plck Wa ehoiee. I-aaoa Bta. hat I -*tfl iaj
gU*'_.i.mt.'ooi-Mwoinaii's color wa* lobsi?r<'sqt:e. and she
daited om af the i-eoaa. Mr. Bartorla atart.-d fo the
! afe, mu waa kaMefl m Uie foot of th? Btatn by a Ur. ?
dark e> ad Wi.n:.in.
??Thu U Mr. gartorial" she. aakod.
" Tee."
-1 uouid HBa to go to wyoming."
?? Well, for graoducss' aal"1. KJ."
? Hut I would like to go wlth you."
-You can't. for I'm ci.tfapsl to this girl thnt i? *o
popular now. Lef. see. oh! Annhi Rinmey la oer
naine. I'm potng to many her and tliat bia you eqs.
fioiH. morning." ,_ , m^? .?
Tha young eattle hlng *^as the ?H____la"1_iJf
Chlcago when h? enferert t'.e eafe and orcb red brea
SatT^When ha had iinished his meaj there ??ra
twaaty-seven g_?-*i-l<->king mmmmt^mmBAma tor hlm.
Tl.e clerlt _?nt them to ?ie parloi. aud to.d Mr.
I .. .1 tha? aoa-B 'of hls frlenda wrr? ta tha i-jrior.
Ile v.e?i lo the tmm, -"?? "'" rrow<1 an? ran d..wu
'*AHvn,ru?f?*??><???:?+ ?-?? ?r nr
m_nt of mei I <1""'t mmui u> *-,:l ?nll^ru'<,? u ***
Hlk^_^UnS5n_ .1.1 iheaa.- repiied th? tlerk.
t__bb von.eu come to i h? oftif.'. a?k for v?u and
! _?nd ui> th-ir ci.id". lappeeiBI that >?hi ?r*e c.\
'^"I'vrH nn'goluc to u.v 10088, 88-1 I wlll bolt. tock,
hvA naUaa bu door. II another woaaen <-il- lm n.<*
i.-ll her I dh-fl laat nlglit," . .
? I -..i-toiis lockad liimaelf up and renialiiod a
,?,-..>'?.? mi day. Bul ti.at didi.-t si,.,. ^iah-aaaa
},,?? ralllng on hlm. Boraedraea four ""?,"/?'"""'
. .1 at a time. Th- mvaterj waa not airpta ncdtr.il
'.,,i g Loiiieajhi.a... clubmen und ir..-.,ds ..i Mr.
-aroiiH plaeed advertlaemenla In vaHoua '
i,?i? " -*kJng for .. good looklng lioa-akeener lo go
,', .womlng. The (?n.pthig call rr?.tluded by aa>l':g.
" call at Itlchalieu Hotel, Mr- Bartorla.'
To the Edltor ol The Trlbune.
8lr: 1 happened to be one of the audlcnee at Cooper
Initltute last nlght, where the flrst organized effort ln
thls city was made Ifl amaliaunate tho Farmer*' Alll
nnee and the tradea-nnions ao aa to form a thlrd party.
Senator Paffer, the long ?whiskcrrd exponcnt of third
party idea*. ln addre-siui; the a-scmblage. put speclal
emphasls on th* fact lhat the West and South wero
heart and ?oul engaged ln the movement, and that it
was only lefl^to the worldngmen of the East to corn
plele an orga"nl*atlon that would be National in IU
scope. Either Senator Pefler l? knowingly mliitatlng
faeta, or ol-e he I- wofnlly ipnorant of the true BBBB. fll
affair* when bfl 088881 upon the a?sUtanre of the Alli
ance men of a slnirle -onth.rn state In aupport of a
thlrd partv. I have lived in the South for the last ?ix
toen years, am famlliar with Its polllhal hlstory. wa*
an lntere?ted spectator at UM <?cala Convcnllon. and
have watclwd the c>ur*e of Uie Alliatic ** a political
faetlon. I had hoped thal it flUght bfl the mean* of
breaking down the biirrler.-, of that bllnd prejudlre and
MBtfaM-BBl blgotry to whlch all <iue*tlons of pra.tl. ,.1
polltlrs Imve baaa made -ubservlent ln the Southern
Btetflfl. BflflflgalslBI the fact tlmt Ih" BBPPIflMlM Of
oplnlon on National Issues ls futal to the securlty of
liepnbllcan Instltutlons, and rXBBtlBg that the Repnhli
cun partv ln the South ia ult-ily iK.werlesa. I was ln
btfflfl that a new era of fl-MMMflea micht lead to an
honest aafiBBilflfl of opinion hy the BBBaaaa, who are
now bound liand and foot bf a dcspotlsm of political
slavery whlch they have them.aclve* helped to create.
But I am convinced that any man who BBlBBMIM
on the sliphtest old to a tl.ird party in the S,.uth to, tf.
oaaifl ex-Scnator IngalU. Indulging in an B55
(|p"im Tlie Southern Allinnec men are d!
vided on the fljBXXaxaXM that ealled their
riTB-BlaxttaB mto axJalenaa. But they aro
unxTmoul on OBfl .|n-1i"?- They are determlned
to tight thelr battlea Wilhtfl the llne* of tbe Democrntle
niirlv aad wlll give enthuslastic support to thc IhMXB
emttfl National ticket wiUiout, questioning the views of
tho candulHlcs. Tho Soiif.crn Allia.ice men lacksln
i,-,tv They aro rXX* enough to fight for hMfll oflices
and are willlng Ifl gal Ihalr ahxxe of the loxvo. and
BXrMBi i'ut when It 808X88 t-> tho eleetlon of a 1 nited
?tate* senator or rongressmnn. prlndple vani-hea and
sentiment lnt1uet.ee* U.e.r vote. Wili. the bflhUkflO al
p(,wer in tbeir hands, they allowedi thelr H.U8MMUJ
feellng. to overeome tlMm and slrMflBl John B. Corden
|e the I'nlted htates Beiimta from Goorgia. By maana
?f BMJBhflflfl frriud in the late 85x58 eleetlon Ifl Raattfl
everv member of the State Letfslat-o flrafl ckxted on
,,?. ?p,.?,.,. ,-aiic ticket aave one Kepnt.li-an senator,
who held over. Of the 100 members who eonat_t_to
tlmt bad. rtatf were memberB of thc Farmers' Alllanre.
Thev bad a decided majorltv. and D. H. M-ffl,J.f5>
tellhn-nt farmer, wa* placed In numlnnUon for thc
Unitfld State. Senate. Soi.ator Call. wlUi a record of
iwelve ycarfl of masterly inablHW ln the Senate and
tl? verv nntlp-Kle* of a farmers' randlduta, was plaeed
,u the'flcld by Ihe Dcinocratli- eBqUfl WhMh rulea
Florida wlll. a rod of iron. The A-OBXMA MMI mlght
hava aaaflj defeated him. but. divided among tbetn
Syea th-'v aaflOTtai thelr eandidate and made iheli
?.? um. Bxattarx hvafh m their alaaaaa hy roateeUng
ra)1. H^n7n*^^^
to roil up .. thi.d paitv "ota^^rj _, seymoi'r.
New-York, June CO, 1551.
Va 858 E.lilo. of The Trlbune.
. . . | ,,,,, ? |th intcre-t thfl l-vraliiiii-at*. sermon
of PreMflaat Fflttoa Ib rour Uwo. at MoodxT, I
??', profound rogret. No l-vr of tn.lh ean
mVn ins BtaieaMxrl thnt Chrl I ? ? *_
_ dogrna. Oar Lorfl Barer enf-n-d flafxxaa. Hed*
,.,??.? ,? ,,?Hl"T,,n thOM WhO UOtmm r."t vvlth Hls
rtj^iple* st. Joha'fl Q4Mpel axaorei m that n
,,?? wa- Ufa, an.l tli* life WM the BgM of
ChrfUaolty li Chrlat, and Chrlat w?* a Hfaaad nol
:1 ??,?,*. Tod-'t'liii-t'swilllstoltnow ..sd.Ktrlne.
Hl, pletare of the taal ]ndrn"nt ahowi fhat. men wlll
,,, rom*** nol lor whxl they baaa iMflMta.. bal te
what they have done. Baeh n poBBlon aa thal bkhaa
l,v I't-inceto...* prcMd-nt Is nnfortunate at thi* '"'?
ItU anturnU)n,.'.t:a"vMl-':i'::.s.l.i-m. Our tMBtan
U.turn.ng fi-om erflflflX to Chrial ! frntr, dortrme M BlB,
fr.,.,, non^axeatlala to eflBBOtixlfl. Toaai BM wW
prefer to llatflfl tfl P5JUTBI ***** ",,"-r *** to ""
.? hoiHUeaaly floalBvea to aogmatBi thaotogj m t*
boidly corrtradld the rery aplHi of the Poarth ?.ospoi.
,?? uiBBMuafl thouaano rolleglao. ?_*J**J^J_?
more than tbe aplrit Bnd the kernel hMBtbBntl
,,t in- Pxtton'i ?Utemen1 wITJ not Barpiisa thoea
who have wxtehed bli oflnm. He roat Into proml
n-nc m tne Preabyterlan Church u the pro eentorof
David Swlng. Uke Thomai (rnniwcll. he "foaafl i
mpirii oi out ? . ? '.,._,,? 'that "Chr-tlin'.ty Is
um m Iii- flbsnrfl <1"..un* ,'Vt.,,vA'risMiTH
n?t a life hata dogma." i RANB IHAU smiiii.
Camhrtdcc, Ma-<.. JutM 0, 1551.
T o the F. d 110 r o f The Trlbune.
Sr: Ynnr Berere cornmenUupon the Bttaehx agatnal
PhlUlpa Drooki bj i.nyoMax elreulaifl are aaosl
iitn.lv Thii iperlei of crtmc-for momliy It la aaeh
teemi to be eploxmlr, and the irwral Beaxe of thc eotn
nii.nltv needs to be dMrpenfli agnlnat lt. It la *ur
prlring how oommonry Um Baooyxnoxi dreahu- or letter
U ii-e.l as ? nieaiia Ol attnek or Bf 1.1:.-Kmall. Re
renUr In an Importaal Honerefl rfirporati-.n an nnony
mnus ,-ii.i.h.r tiguivii largely m ? Btraggle for cantrol.
stni kholden ih ?M berwaro. Thc same Mr5 of ita
vhi.h prerenti an open nnd mantj Browal ol i
and lenttBMnta, i- Ukell ta BBirx with it a flraaknexi
,.,! ,,.,,).v t<> \i"ld in ?im.- of teniTitati'.n. A man
,.,| ;. ,..,-iv wonM n.'ver 0X8X107 BBCh We
\.-,in ln n aodxl elub of BOBxe pn.mii.cncc. an flbuslve
uMjDrm r wai iprang upon n raoeral raeet
ln, m both Umbb case* It I* bbM thal Ihe beefl
ndarlei end tbHr frleadi ??a ehnckBBg oxer thali mi
" Ol (!i-n|'!"'oVal. ItU 80
f?l?i qi nol to ba flaiMrallir beara, DetaeBrex, offldal
and prlvate, baaa been forced t<- Bexotfl B IflfBi ihare
0f uielr tln," Bbafltre or,haaekMxUtnganonr
noBi - ommnnit atlo
The wrtUBB "'"1 rirflalatlflO of an aninymou* nr
(.?,ar ? Mttec *ho*_fl bfl MBdfl rl" _?__ *? *"?
Meanwhlhs, c.e preai ean flo .... battet amrh thaa ta
nraaaafl bealthy . ,wt__?ili M*_Tin "tho
deronnUon of .neli pn.e*. ? h.-thcrfi l - ?>? h
rhurch ln ii corpomUon, in ? rtub, or ln ti.e ?u
, ,- tlifl author or .laaemlnfltor of an iiwnwi
' ' .,: /?? ict.-i ahouM be regnrded b* a moral ? ??
. h iiouid be doomed - bocIbI Isolattoii. Ita h
;; ... n and Intartably a ineak.? r .u.-.rd ..nd a
noRrour. ' 1-"' him frel ' ** unv.ortl.ihf.
?ilone. avoWfld by all decoui men. t. x
N, v. Verk, Jun'1 15, iBtl
te Ihe Ed.ir, , ,. f The Trlbune.
bi, a Bberl Ubm itaea 4. R- rh?*hxaxxr unuired
lhr0agi vomi potomna ralaltva * ""' ***** "' "ll"'h
InbrW .... ?,?..lli.i"!:..''i.,ni
_, i* at valur ... him. flowen - to know, ihooU
?,.,?; ,,..??, ioeo, UMl ot..' of the meel atnlelv anl
patJ.ell. of ,,??:fe!l.iW- POBBM B en-.tled: Th*
Ward-n of tbfl - i?, ue Porta.' one verse run. thu. .
IWleh and l'..,innev, llasllnp
Hlthe ?- fi l> .vi'i
Wera all alerl tlmt Bar, ?,?-din_ over
po bm th" Prenrri B?r-aManMri -i?'efnng over
When MM fofl .l-''"'',rt u":'' ,, _ ..
BawYorh 18x5 '-? ' " ' " "' "*
KlSgrwa IB ancik.n'T BOtffTOB.
?? . i. - m.tot of Tha Trllmne.
-, IV^M, rtj/rd to the P..?on k'-sln, - i-e. noted
?, ?.r . '...r..l Bfl I * " ^
"VV ,?ynndal:n.fagoa1^t.l-ipma-.e,' re
, , atonavorage, Inxaai btawtfaoa bmbUimj
tnrnlug l.-"1 A '' " . T,,A ...... ....
bar it UMBootBflxl aaai "'? r,",_ _, ,,
e I v 1*1 558 tttf BBX5I0B. to a d.oner on b<-rd hl.
SJSTJSl Baaaag flRcM gaua m aaaa aaaa ordorod
them to be whtpped. I think, becauae they were drun*
-tliat belng the penalty for the offeoce. Wbother the
order wa? ?arrled Into affart, l.aaaBM BBtW i aBMB
wanted bo us? thls ator. once or twlce and hav? never
baaa able to Ind it sine? reading lt year? ago. and th?
present se.-nia to b? a good Um? to brlng lt np. i.a_i
anv of your readar. clve lnformatlon about it t _-,
Xew-York, Jun? 17, 1801.
Washington, June firt.-The aetlon taken at to daj's
Cabln?! meeting on lh? qunttlon ol eontlnnlng or dla
contlnuing the colnag? of sllver dollars amounU prac
tlcally m a po-tponement of tho wholo subject for
the next three or four niontha. Th? eompulaort coin?
age of #2,000,000 a month wlll lap*e, aoeordlng to
the tcrma of the Act ol .luly 14, 1*?<". <**n July 1 ol
thls yaar, nnd the Bt-Htary of th? Treasury. avall
ing himself oi ttv- fliimettoB leflas- with him. affl
coin no more bulllon for Ihe present, al'hough M
monthlv purcha*es of ...VTOOOO nntire? will of courte
be rontmait Ifcaawttfto, tn? Mint authorities wlll
avall themselves of thls 'emporary breatWng spell to
coin Into standard dollat-a th? bars Into whioh the old
trnde dollars were mcted when redc?_ned, and to rc
.eoln Into dlme- a lorge quanUty of unavallable half
.lollnrs now on hand in the Treasury, so that. thougll
the old rompulsory coinage requliemeTtt Is ahnndoned,
the mlnts will netually bc Itept Just ns busy aa ever
for a whlle rolnlng sllver. Ily the end of th? sumnier,
when tho sUx-fe of tmdcdollar bars and worn half
fioiiars is aikwaatad. th? taaaHah of coining or not
colnlne a portion of HM monthly purchases of sllver
t.ulll m will come up agnln for flnal dodslon.
The action of the Cabinct thls afternoon was the re
sult of a elose eaamtaatlofl ol the acte of th? last Con
gro__ arteetlng '.llver coina_e. It wiw found tliat. al
thoiigh the coinage of a part of the monthly bull?tln
paiubaaoo wa. left by Ihe Act of July 14. 1?00, dls
i?retionary wiUi the .-cretary of the Treaairry aft.r
July 1, 1801, the Sundry Clvll Approprlatlon blll of
March :t. 1*01, dlrect-d abeolutely tl.e recolnage of the
..Id twle dollar bars and the r?.*e,..inage of tlio abraded
and utBaialae titiavallnble ?ubshllary colns held ln th?
Treasury, and mado a speelfic approprlatlon to defray
th? cost of recolnage. lt was determlned conscquently
to rueet flrst the more dliv.-t and immediate requlrement
..f Oaagmm as to sllver rolnafe tiefore decldlng npon
the remotor questlon ?f rontinuing ln whole or In part
tha old monthly colnag?.
That the qnestion of colntng or not colnlng th?
bullion pnrrha-ed monthly ls one that greatly lnteresta
tbe soealled ** allver men" may be serimfly queatloned.
Th-e provi.lon for dlseontlnnlng compulsory coinage
after July 1, 1*01. was adoptcd with their consent and
approval, and tho" taadlag advocateB In Congreea of th?
fr?e<=t of sllver a? money have freqnently said that the
aetual coinage of the bullion purchawd was a matter of
enttre Indlfference. so loof as Treaaury notea could bc
i-wned dlrertlv on the bulllon !t?e!f.
After the m-et!n? s.eretary Foster made tbe .?llos*
ing stntement ln regard to tho sllver questton :
He flnds that the Act of March H. U*91. reonlrea
??thnt ihe Beeretarp of tha Treasury shall. a? soon aa
prnrtirnhl?. coin the tradodoltar bars Into allver dol?
lars." 11? also flnds that $1 .0,000 has b??n nppro
prlnled for th** recoinm.* 0_ tlie stibsldlary sllver eotB
Into such ?SBMBlnatlons as wfll best serve lo -ivo lt
. ir.-n.atl'.n. There l? constant demand for small
.otiis, prlnrlpally dirnes, which tho mlnts have not
beea ablo to snpplv. I_a r-y-.i-etary Iia-s declded that
hls flrst duty lu t.hl- matter |s t<> obev the dlrectlon of
Congress. The nmtdl-HH of tlie trade dollar bars wlll
transform what ros? ir_.0 .7,7li.r. into B44B_MI standard
dollar". It wlll l-eqalre )a"rhaps four months to do
id to reroln lh- ?iil.?ldlary sllver. Tlierefor? th?
queatioa of th? eoirttneed eotnaaa al silv?r dollars as
he-vfofor? is not a prartlcal ono at present.
i !? tr.ul? dollar bttUtoa, whlch Is to be eolned Into
itandartl allver daOara, i- -'.-red ln the mlnts at Phiia
delphla and !.traflrlcana lt reaaltl from tho meltlng
Into ban ..f lha Irade -attars, rodecmed at _he_s face
ralaa aader the Art ol Kareh .1. IBBT, proartdb-f f<T
Um redamptlea ol all _u*h eetas not _sa____k_t, defaccd
orstamped. preseated Wlthta lta montlis from th? dat?
of the aei Ihe total aumher of redeemed eotaa was
7,600,-04 a per-kM nf whlrh fcaee nlreidy been
: latoeubatdlairerta. The Aat ol EareB B, 1BBI,
prortded, mtrwomer, that tlio re?t should b? colned Into
atandard ?llver dollars onlv, snd that thls ehould he
ac boob as praetleabla.* Owlag to tho rtmn
. ednage <.f t.000^00 ev_*eaa ol aflrer, or $"?,?
0 a month, nntll July l. ander the Act nf July
l.. 1890, lt taa aeen ImpraeUealrla np to thla ttaaa to
coin the tradc dnllar bnlBon into atandard dollars.
The recotoage wlll make a net proflt of a nttl? oeee
pGOO 000. The ti ul" dollar welghed 4-0 gnrine, whlle
haaflard dollar welgba 41212 grains, leartng ?
ntargla al proflt ol 7 1 a gralna on ead, doiiar rerolned;
l,.it aa a inatt.r of fa-1 Ihe pleces were abraded by
u.-ar abotlt (Iv? grilns each.
a kkrga aajoarrl ol -abaMlary Btrrer aad mint roins
win alao hav? to be reeained al HOa-hrtphla during
th* saaM period. Th? hust Cnneress made an appro
prlallon of fll60,000 for fhe recolnage of the nncurrent
fractlonal afleer eota aow m the Tieaaars. ahraded
belnw the Uanrl of I teranca, Itda is aboal ns maeh
. beea aparopriated for the aurt A* or aeven yeara
aHogether. it i-1 tlmatefl from wkal baa already been
rerolned that, ihe |..-s whlch thls apiawpi_-t_-a will
reimlmi-a wlB he abaat ."> per cent, that is. lt, wlll
pav the loss 011 the ivcolnnge of fiom *a,0OO,O00 to
Th- (l-inand for dinics lontlnues unabatcd and Bioel
<>f the lacolaaea lor tba praaaat will be of that aano-Bl
natlon, althoajgk Iw.-nt\ r.ve-.ent pleees mav al-" h?
raaned ut San Pnwelaeo. The coinage <?f ditnes during
the last thre? yc?rs has bc<*n #:i.l7?i,471. or 31.5(*4,703
plaeea, 11_> prlnclpal part "f whleb waa aseeatod at the
Pblla-Wlphla mint. tazlag that mint. with it* rramned
.,,;.,,.. to 11- Btmoat eapadty. It is proposed t<> <ii
tribute tnis reeoinace be4~*t?n the mlnta at Baa i'ran
,ia( o, Phlladelphla aad New orleans. By law. the
COlnage ol Bltoor Wtn l cent and 6 cent piecea?is
...nlined to the mint at I'lillad-iphia. Thla coinage
ha. been lieavv |... - \'i..i l_ai- paai, Duitng tho
last threo yeara tba coinage of B-e-eant plaeea Hin.>imte<i
10 .--_-.<?.<::." 1 ?. 1. and tl.e 1 anaga of one-eenl i,!-_. .J?'
s.1 :!'....,:;?; 1. maklng a t"t-il eolnaw "f lal.:;..'.'?. 1
,,. , rhls in- all been ahaorbed by tho public and
.here i- even in.l ??? r: ..: that t.lein.-m't fOT tbewj
...in- wlll rontlnue l.-.r-c tor moi.ths t<> come. and add
coi tiderabl- I 1 th ? n.t tbe Plilladelphta mint. rhe
rolruirc at the niii.ta ,it san Knin.ia.-o ajid < anoti ? itv
.fter julj 1 wlll b? r ? Bned to pdd pleeea and aaeb
qk? of BUbskHnr -lla'er coins a_ may be requlred
011 the I'.n iilc eoaat.
Waahtofton, Jaaa ?_<! (Speclali.-ConsiU Reid, of
DabBn, flefOtea a good deil ef Wa report on the annual
ipriac eahlhHIaa ol the Bopal Dabha Boatolp to lha
dlsplay <-f Amerloaa agrteattnral maeblnery and unple
manta. The eaklbll r_-rwiad tae aatlra Boaara iw-id
of labor saving lui|.l.-ments and mai-iiliicry. and the
competttton waa ai.dlitgly aagar at-d briak. Tl.e
United Statei waa flherally a^i ereflltahty representod
iu tlM tlaliv (lepartin-nt *- well as Iti fleld machitiery
aod Imptea-enta, Ooaaal lieid e-peciaiiy bisstHbbs ihe
\\'.. d mowen. rtafera ..nd btaflera, the MeConaleb
?ad biiiih-i-. tke BaeBoya Baoweraad raaper, -^
luperior to all forelgn compefltora. lieadds: -They
-n- iinptar In dealca, llffctor of druft. saater ol man
Bgemeat, U-it'-r Bntal-ad, and. aHhoait soniewbut
n_iit?r. parbapa, ara aumrtaertly strong for every teat,
marhlwa, partlculailj Iheee B-aaafaataiaa by
Vaofl, ara greal m~aritea tora, and have a wido ?!<?.
The inti- sl.i, tion of the single-aproti hlnd-r In lba W'.Hid
111.1.1.ine I" nun h tl.ou.ht of here, belng economi.ul ln
ns operation and promotive ol the moat aatlsfaxtory
An.tican maniifaciure-a may Hnd a uaeful and proflt
?bla hint in Iaa lu-toalni astraet, _a_ea the report:
i? mmm aahm Uaaa ?t larm machinerv 1 ?atteai 1
: <ii!..-!-".i..- aetweea the Aaaariaaa and iiriti-h
proflerta, ihe latter bainfl much heavjer and stronger.
Thi- 1- paruculaily true of hay-saving maclun-Ty and
gralu sevaral t- IlM Brafla m AmTlcan hay rake.
11 here lf thev wero m.il?
?nd itroefsr, an aeeoaarl al lha beaaim erapa
growa, winch make Hi?*? requlrenienus ahsolut"."
Tha Oeasal Wrttea enthuslaatically about Ihe ?\.
bii.it ..r oiiv.-r chiii'-.i ptoagka, <_ arhich ptoagh "theaa
aara beea many laltatloaa, but it stin hoid*. _ha from
pU ?' 1 ln .11 niarlt-1-." lieadds: ?' There aeems to he
areaee la lha ? amirf for the ateei iteam ..n
arcniit >.f its aDaged greaaer dumbilitT." Aaaeafl tii?
I AaMftt 11 toWB liiiwrs. whlcli, th-;
coii-ui wrttaa, - arr aaall] aapertei m t__-*a sa-aaflart
mad oa un- -al?." Has T* Hmm)hraato u a f,i
? hera, and has h aUe sale." ln water whs -
a*. luii.-. **Aa_er___a pwdaati aara wall rapre
and aa_faaad aetaiag froai eea-pariaoa oBth
foreipii Beaapatlt-ffa."
Tba animai exhii.i'-, aapealally 1 ?'?" aad
iwlae, a*ata laraa and iia-Mtabla. Oraal tuw-:iii..n
1 i,,?i 1,, |ha braed 1 "i < *J.ti_. botb lor haaf and
tha dalry, and pricm ar? hlgh. The Oooaul
?*iho .auio. a- 11.c\ p-?a mto th? batoh-ti1 hanfle,
?,ra unji-rmly ol eaucUeot quallty and would pasa aa
prlro cattle at many exhlblttona. "Tor example. I
happened to learn of ono aale tha* waa made at the
atock yarda here racently whare a hard ol -lx brmighl
the owner an average of ?1? each In caah, the ruling
prlres belng at present very low here aa el*ewh?r<v
The avcraR? valne of the .,240.7f>3 cattl? prodared
In 1A90 waj, aceording to rellable authorlty. ?1
fle, ld., or Uf *:i each." <?f tJie swlne exhlbl% tho
CoasaJ. among other things, writee: " I'ndcr thls
head there were upward of 100 entries, and there
was awarded ln tlie way of premtums ?118 by the
Royal Dublin Soclety and ?1J5 by the Pig Improve
raent A*soci?.lon | M?l, ?243. Th? plg Industry ls
also a verv Impnrtant one in Ireland, the fam? or
the Irish hams ?nd bacon belng known far ar.d wirtc.
thev are largclv exported to Kngland, Scotland and
France. The total product .rf the Wland ln 1~!'0 wa.
l.670,*_79. rcprosentlng a valuc ol **:S0?.?,-*J- T,
white YorKshfre and Ilerkshlre are the lavorite breeds,
tho former belng now preferred.?
Washlngton, June 2fl (Speclal).-Consul Dmjton. of
Tuxpam, Mex.. reports "for the lnformation and ln
tareat of the flbro mannfacturcrs of the United States.
parttcularly, in thlecaae, Uio-e of ManUato, Mlnn.. aud
Lockport, B. Y." that. through some mlsunderstandlng
In rospect lo clnssinoatlon of their wares at lh? Tux?
pam Cuatom House. th? duttea havo be*n plaeed ?o
hlgh ma to make Ihe artlele? nnaalable. Th? M?xlcan
Importers hav? complalned to th? Go-ernment. but
not having reeeived any an-wer to their complalnts,
have concludod not to Introduce any more until some
regnlatlons ar? made about the classlflentlon of such
lt oppeara that theie gooda. whlch ar? manufactured
Ra a 1)11.88. fllllS ware. are classlfled by the Mexlcan
custom ofllcers as paper or pasteboard ware and siib
Jected to a dutv of 48 cents a hllogram, Instead of 10
eaata, M a manufartnre of w.iod. The OoaaBBJ adds:
??Therefore, thes? burheU or go'Kla. aft-r paylng their
dntlea. eannot 1* aold for l?as than 81 50 apl?c?. whlch
mu..?* them nnmarke-able, and. aa flntvs have Beea
Sapoaai .... them for belng ?Mata?tara? m woodan
?i,,V " hrinaa '.*** c ,f. priee ao hlgh that tney ".?"'?
t' sold atalf "for leto thin W ar**"". whlclf ls a prohi?
bltion on the dealers In ?nrh artlclca.
Washlngton. .Inn? Sil.-The Ordnaiice Department of
tha Army has at last succecded ln maklng a eontraet
for tlie constnictlon In thls country ef the Ea-tern and
Anderson spring retnrn earriages for the l_-lnrh
breech-loadlng rlfled mortars intended for harbor d*?
fesiee. Thls carriage i.s of th? Ruseian type. th? reoll
belng takon up by disked stccl aprtngs and hydrwillc
cyllnders, and has given satisfactlon durlng tlie tesbs
at Pandy Hook. The P.ulldcrs' Iron Work?. of Provl
dence, B. I.. ha? aecurcd tto American rlghte of t!_.
patenteea, and has entered kito eontraet wlth the War
Department to furuLsh clght carrlagea at eil,.v*0, wlth
m condltlon that if the order ls Increaaed withln a year
to twenty flve Urft-ffM the addltlonal spveuteen arc
to be furnlshed at a prioe of glO,.oO each.
Washlngton. June _6.-The Preatdent haa approved
the sugiWBtlon of the Seoretary of the Treasury that
the public debt staAementi and the other statements
lssued by the Treaaury Department to show the statte
of the public flnances be roodelled after the form of
statoment? lssued durlng the administration of 6ec
rotwy Sherman. The debt ?tatements have nndergone
more or leas changes wlth each succeedlt.g estmlnWra
Uon. The changes wlll he made ln ttie -tatcmciita
l__ued on and after the flrst prox.
Washlngton. June *_H.-THe United Btadea Tr?asnrei
today states the aurptua at e.1,o_7,i:i7 ln ?xresa of
frai tfonal -llvor and doposit- ln National banks.
Eupene Du Beta. son in law of th? late Erastns
Rrooks, dled yesterday morning at hls home ln We-t
Baw Bftghton, S. 1. Mr. Du B-tfl was fifty-one y<*ars
old. II? was a member of the Heal Estate Exchange,
but lor several years had not hoen actively Interested
in its trana.ictk.ns. Mr. Du llois was a member of the
Holland Soclety. He Was Interested ln eltnrltable
work. and alded greatly tn the work of th? Charlty
Organization Soclety. Hls unass-umlng nature kept hls
many good worfts from public notlce. For BOBM tim?
Mr Du Dota had been afltrted wltb a thmat trou.i..,
_nd lt was this that laaltf eauaed hla .ue_m. He
kawi wlie aad three chlklraii. The to??ral wlll
tahe placa ln tbe Ohurcb ol tlie Ascenai.m, \A_st New
Urlghl-in, at. 4 o'clock p. m. to-morvow.
? ?.-_
Engene E. Dcwey, a member ol the Stock Exchange.
dled yesterday at Oraata. B. J-. of a compUcatlon of
Kldncv Uoubles. He was a'otit foHy-sIx years old, and
was born IITthle city. HU father, S. P. Dewey, was
a meichaiit of somo wcalth. and hls son reeeived hU
biiainess ediicatlun partly here and partly ln Europe.
Kugene Dewey was a member of tlio --aii Kranrisco
st.. k BxebaaffS for some yars, and then he remrfved
t.. Bew-York and ontored the Stock Exchange tlrm of
k. l.. OppeBhefaa B co. la dhb he retired, but lor
u.t.rly two years?ln 18*81 to IBBT-ba wa? a partner
wlth Caba <t ('"? I" 19BB Mr. Dewey retired from
a-uvo buatoeas with a eeaitortoble tortaaa He mar
,ied a Mlaa Wyneoop, who Bureivea him. He had been
a nietnber of th? Storli Kxehang? since Man-h 89, 1888.
H? was pcpular among hls filends und was a meniber
of niimerous social clubs.
I.os Angele?, Cal., June _o\-The case of libel upon
tha Bohoeoer Bohert and Minnie waa argaad and sub
mltted to JUUfe Uoss restorBay and taken under ud
On the top of The Tribune llnllding ls a .?aUuun.,
the dBBllBlBB of whlch aro |--eei(led ov.-r by t.-ovg- Plakar
taa and hla mtta. Uere, akaa the titv balow la .i-i>.
th? tollers who mako Th? Tribune eat th.-lr Ut* dlimera.
Yeatejrday at 0:80 a. m. a child waa born to Oeatfa, ??d
lier nan.? ls Ethel Mary Tribune l'inkeru.n. Kew young
ladle_ h_v l.n aahta-d into Hfo ln a dwelllng ao hliih
above tne --toll ai.d tumult of lh- BtMBt" -s wa. Kth-1
Mary Tribune rinU.-rtoa.
Th. North tiertnan JAnm ateamship Kaiser Wllhelm
II. from lJr?rnen and Soiahumuton. arrived at Quarantiu
at an ear'v lioor thU m.ri.lni*.
Waahlngton letter la IheBt, umla Otoha-Oeaia-nt.
Bone-graftlng i- the topto uppanooat wlth Dr. B.
m. niil kiek-tu, of llnolniiati. Durlng the past year
Dr KleketU haa conducled a aerlea ol experlments.
?? a,?.r or later," be aald wltb greal conrtdi-nce, -all
uf tlie bones ->t the l iwer anlmals, excepl the vertebra*,
will le trausplanted lnu> mm.* Thls remareable pie
d.ctiou i~ b__ed upon Uw reauMa of a number of t>\
perimonta and of cToae obaervatJoo. llilt Dr. Blcketto
waina th? protaaalou that a bone rannot ba trana
i.i.i.t.st ln a week. lt takea nlne tnoiiths t<> completfl
Uie traiispluntlng of a tibla, <>ik- of the leg i..a. ?? l
will giva a 100 bUi," he aaM, "-to anybodj who will
.how ine the unlon of a bone ln one annnal wlth a bone
iu another anlmal lonned Ln kwa uiaii twentj ?u
days" Dr. Rleketta carrlea aroand rn hls peeket a
soiivenlr ol hla recent graftlng. Ttie i.i ol "ll"
,ii iin.il la lirmlv iinli'.-d to the bone of another. Bone,
i.o aaya, -aaaa. be greft-d t-> anythlng i.ut boaa.
Another thlng his e\|>. rlmenta hav? taught blni la that
bones out with a knlf? unlta maek more mpi.tiv ami
,,..,.,ii, than i! .. -iv. i. used. "I have not been
iiblo to i,ave a bnger where the bone waa bov. rad bj a
.1.1. "bat l have .-iv.si Bnpara where lbe
boae waa dl\1ded by a knlfe." The rea-oral ol fr?
taanta of bono ln ihe oaaea ot bad frnrtur? is a Hta
take Dr. Illt hetta tlilni.^. H? wonld .-veti pl<*k up
rragtuents whlch had beea knoeked entirely oul
boZf cleanse them and roatoro them. Tho capa-lly
or booea ior roualtlng and reatorlng their Inbagrity,
even when la fragmenta, li one of tho grand things
whl.-h i-.i-nt experlmenta btb teachlng. An Edin
burgh doctor haa recently performe* fhe rcmarltable
fe%t .. rra-torlng a fnll tinrd of tlia railiua. one of th?
maln bone* "f tlie arm, f>r. Blnketta i- .'in.-iv.aa.yi in
ti.e aub]ect ot bone auraary, ai d ho taii>a about lt on
slight provoeatlon. Ile says tbal the proper method,
wben then. la a frarture about the ebaracter <>f whiuli
tbe aurgeo- haa anv .louht. is to use the knlfa and cul
rlgbl in to tl... looattori of the fracturo, nnd then feel
about wlth the tlnger until tho exa.t condltlon of tlie
fra.t'.iro i- nndenfood. The oia practica "f sett-ig
bones blindlv, puttltig tho broken llmhs |nt . spllnts
nnd Icttlng th?m take their eouree, hlf or miss, must
be dl-cird.-d. ?'f course verv slmnle fracturi'_. where
ia do doubt in Uie mlnd ol tli" stirgeon, mav t*?
tr?"at.-d i the old way, but no chance* ought to be
tuie-n about th- eaaa, wben i Bmple exefcaton aad
e\|il .rition wlth the tlnger wlll mak? sure and perfect
?? ?? ?
It ls lee-st to bn-ak np a catarrhal (old in ibs ?arly
stages, by usuig Dr. D. Jayne's Exp?ctorant, and there
.? foarsatl much ri?k ami BBsatf,
j.- B o'eloek ftatsntoy paaaeaaa
ann?x boat (run V\or IB, K It., al 1 :_i) t?. ?., wlll nin
The i*gul.ii - o'cloch Saturday pas.enger tralna. wiUi
_in*x boat trom I'It ih, k it., al l :_i"y. m., wlll run
t .lefTrraoii, ?in.y--up.>rt and Sag iIa.rl.or, leuvlng
Long 1-liind ("Ity ut *_ and linxiklyn. riatmish ave.
<taUon. at l :60 p. m.
For t__B8 of iK.at- and trains s?<c time tal.le ndver
ent of the c.utral Kt_lln_ul of New le. .?. In thls
,,,]??:? nd to Oeaeral Paaatngcr Agnnt, room
.-.ni, t ... inn liulldlng, tot mmroer book oonUilalng Ust
,f anmmer boardlng houaea ln tho aabarbs, uhea ,i? ?i
I hninpnBne \>'flio.it Aleahol.
(jni.-l | hl.dih '.-i s .-? ? ?..- CiiiiMil . I.. io.
\*u b_m i.-rt.fv tint rhe-BpagnM oalatatag lba i i
eabal in lha i.t vbalaaeme, um aaaalhls ptopU >t. i.k
t _rl It ?BaUa'fl Utile aeMBB, which U. hlglUy cSar.
vaaa-U aai coa-Un no aitohal whawvaa
Par '"twb nothlng mor* dainty men B U~\ta
chai.d Booejea* Sarlla-i alth * da*h of iBiCion.
Park _ Ttl/ord and Ae^er, Mern.ll & tondit ke*p ???
Tbo Plnrat tt.U*.
Oan 8* mada only by u.lng UV ollve oil Iiiport^ aafl bo*
tied by Hazard, Hewrd X Co. Thla oil l? "jcT ?*?*_'*?_
Oi. rh?l'H?t aofertwi ollvea, for thc*. ontyl and haa a rt'h
lasia of Ui* ollve pacullar to lt??lf -hlet.no oth.r otl ?aa
?pro*eh. Flfth Avenue. corn*r Twanty-f mrtn ?????,
n g
The New- Y.rk aad Bflilharfl K-ll-nr
hav* Ueoed a aumiiier uu.e Mbl', now Ifl ?flVt. wklek
in addltlon to the icgular tlmo ttble fliea extra traln*
tn Lake M%h9\ftt. Hp*'l?l fft?t tralo. ef Monday* an?
Saturday*; cloae coonectlon with exaraM irala* o* laa
? .? -va-.-d road.
BALLARD-WICKES-On Tburaday Ju-f* J?. ,]*9Xa*
Zlon ihurrh. Wapplnger'* Fall*. V. 1., by the Re/.
PraerotC Evart*. Julla Oon.UiB. dau?ht*,t of Wllliam _?
Wirkw, of New-Hamhurgh, ? Wllliam. J- Baliara, M
Jamalca, Long Dland.
roRS'iV-r.yi.KB-On Thuraday, Jone 2 1. ?* St J __?
protcslant Kp?*co|?l Church. BMBhlra* b? IB8 BMW.
O.orgo H. Br..'?i, Mariou Ity Lyk* U> Wllliam R. O.
Coraon. of Hartford, Conn.
No card*.
liMMo.NS-PARIBH-OB Wedn**d*y. Juni 24 at Irvinfl
T.f^oi,-lludaw., by ti.e Rv. Wllliam II il-ni.aitn. D I).
Juii* W. rHrfah. da.i&hwr of Henry Pi*i?h. to Arthur
11. hmmo'i*.
STKIX-TAYLOR?At Uie realdenre of thi brid*__* tathat.
Jaim-a a. Tavlor. 3M> Court-at., Brooklyi', on Tburaday.
ilM 2.V by li. R. v. E. P li iflerMll. 2'._*^J&,___2
J. stwl, of Aloiuphia. iuea., aod Mt*? Mary _oui*e
6TItYKKR-MF.TCA_-B-Thur.day. -Tunj* jg. V*\jB
Truilty thur?h. Morrl*?Bl*. bvi_e __**J__**___*_ 'luft
Orace Kh-aiior, da.i_il?T of ^lr. aad Mrs. Oeorgo H.
Motcalfe. to William Ilullol* Strik.r.
WATEHHOUBE-WIIITKHOI'SK-On -55.il?dav. Jun* 28.
lain l.y Uio Rev. Dr. _ A. Bradl.-y, Mm. MVfl, Hofftnan
V'hlt<-hn'i*e lo Mr. (ieorgu WaU-raous-v all ?i Brooklyn.
New-York. ^^^^
Noticea of marriagtM must be imlorxed with fuli
utuuc and address.
AXDIS-At Waahlnftoo_____ C. on We-?p**d*y. Jan* 84.
1851, at 8 ? t,,.. Aaa Owen Aldl*. ajoX ,9 j*?r*.
IiiUriiiii.t Bl St. Alhana, Vt.
av< Kl-ii.-Ai P*a**lc, N. J. *nt?rel Into re?t. Jun* 28.
Cethnrlnc E. AaaaiBBn.. nfo tA thfl late MBBBB *.
AverlCK. M. D. ,. . .. . _,._.
Funural amr*__a M h r late BBBBBdM8> i'aa-*l?. *?? J . o*1*'
Cy, Jiiin- -s, al 3 p. ni. . __. _. ?.._.???_ .. *
Truin lor HaaaaK Bridg" leavea foot oC Chamb?r*-a*., 8
p. m.; foot of Weat 38d-*t., 1:50 d. m.
BO?< B- -'ii Wodnoailay. Juno 24, 1881, .fohn Boyc*. *???
R^latlvw"'aiid frtond., and those al __ <5*M_BOJ_BB_>
Ariea V. Brooae, are unvt<K< to ?ttenf Jj*jWK_*J_?
Saturday, at 2 p. m., froni ihe becoiid l-efomn-sl Churvh.
Wayno-atL, J^r.ay Uty.
I'l, a-,- on.lt r.o?..'ra.
BKdKAW SuddinlT, at KPieron. V- 3- on Jun? 24. Fred?
erick Hrokaw. In Ui* l'8d r**'' o' ?"? ?*?? _ ^_ _??,__
Fuiimal -rvi'-a at hla l?te reoidenou. F.lberon, on bunday
Prl\a&?,,raV*wlll?rn'?*t relaMVB* and frleal*. C*nlr*l B. R.
of N J fo.il Ulwrly-et. 11:30 Uala. and return from
W.at. Rnd ?_lion at 3:45.
Interviiic. prlv-at-'.
Please omlt flowera.
CVKMAN-At Kr-eport, V- !?, Thuwday, Jun* 25. 1891,
S?muel H. Carm?n, In hl* 70?i year. ______ . ,
Fuunl servlce* at hU late re.ldonce. Freaport, _. I-.
gB-flXg, tuw WUi inet., at 5 p. m.
OOOB-At Saratoea SprlnBa. K. Y.. od Wedneaday, Juna
.1. 1S91. l'et.:r Cook, mhU.VJth year. -
Funeral MrvtMB at hla MM ilj.ldeac* Np. fl^ 6*. Mark e
Plaee, B. Y. City, on Sundaj, Jun'.' 23, 1881, at 5 o clocX
n. in.'.
Pfea** omlt flower*.
liif.-rii.fiit pnVXXB,
DKWET- ou Frld*y, June CflJ 1891, of pneurnonra, E'ifene
I I li W '' V
Pun r.l aervteXB on Monday. June 29, at kia laM real
.!? i, e. 2A lll-.'li--t Orange, N J.
Kr:.v ila ,.f UM f*n.:ly are Inv.Ual to atMnfl.
. -Ill n- ni waltuuj ,1. ?rrlv*l of 0X0 trala fro?
Bar. H-. -?'? B. Y.
Intermaat -t iii-e^nwood.
l>\- ROU*--on Frlday. Jun* 38, at th* realdene* of Mr*.
_r*atu* Ilrook*, Weat N.^'-brighton SMten Ialajid. En
a>uo DiiBol., ?on of th* laa. Comellu* DuBol*. ln th*
runal-l'aervlre^ wflV be held on Bunday, Jun* 28, M 4
', m '. Tiuroh of BM X*C"n.lon, Weat New-Brtghtan.
Boat lo*vo* foot Whlteball-at. ?t ? P- m
InWrni'-iit |)rii.ate.
EDWABDS-Ia Annlaton, Al*.. on the =2d tnat.. Cathe^
ln?? Mi. i.ard. beloved dauahter ot Oadan Ellery Edward*.
agi-d ^U year*.
rULLER-pn Jun* 24, <*eojB* W Fidlw, jr., *on oC
(ioorc W and the late .Ellwbeth PSjller.
Relatlva. and filend* ar* rippeeifully lnvlted V? ?"*nd M?
f'lTii'ral "-iil'-.'s from hla- lat.- realdencn, No. 11 Eaal
WUVat., on HataMaj, 27tk m*t., ?t 1 p- m
pltaa* ""-lt flower*.
BOIaMEB?Al UMB Bpey. Bulllvan County, X. T..
Thomafl B. llolmea. Jr., ln the 31*1 year of hl* aga
Funeral from Seeond I'm-rv-terian Churoh, Sd-at.. Jenay
Clly, Snn.liir, June 28, at V p. ?____________, ______
.;r*-l-iato of .'la.* 1H84. Wlllium* OoU*X*. Maaa.
8t Loul* pil'-ra plMaa eopy.
K_fIOIIT-In Brooklyn. cn Mfljf, June 2?. Martha A..
wlfe uf Boberl KnUht. ln tM" 77th year of h*r ajra
K.i.i.ni **rvie-a at her late riaalMJ;e, 428 CumberMnd-M,.
,""M.,:,.!.... UM 28th MO- at 4 30 p. m.
Iuti rn.' nt nrivate.
si. llOLti -Eatered mto re*t .t Ptalnfield. N. J.. Jun* 24.
1.-91 llui..', wlff of ItaacW. Nlchol*. daughMr ol tha
lat.- Wm. II. Weatervolt.
Rilatlvoa and trieuda *t? lnvltpd to ?tte-d th* funaral *er
vl.w otl.tr late >ea_*n*a, iFo. 20 I'ut_am-ava. at 2:18
n tn Satacdav, the 27th ln X.
C&tMaTwai be! at atauon ujwn arrlval of tr*M l*avlng
tooi.it I.lbHrty-at. at 1 p. m- _C. R. B, of B. J.
InVrnfiit prlvate. In (lieenwojd.
NnitTMROl'-Suddenly. Jun* 80. 1891. John I. Northro?.
NoBeB al ruBBifi huaalBM.
inn'llSi'HII.D-At L~ng Bneeh. Thnr?day, Jnn* BB.
M.iiii- biiovd ?ifc Ummam ?iBhiihlH. of io* Ea*t
Re^;i^V:dhfr%?n4-h.Jrru.v1t^l to MMfl *? MMMMi Sun
R_.v mominfl. Jun* 28. at 5:80. foot of IalbeKy-M.
uinvFXLT-Al hls late realdence, in PhlnfMd, N. .1 .
af! r a lliiV'rlnR lilne*? on Wadnrtday. Jun* 24, Adolph
Bchneelv. aa* 33 r*aiB
Fune.al privut.'.
st. I,.,ul? pnP'-r* PM?M e?py^
WABIBO June 2?, at Asbwry P*ra\ *??J- )Tr?_erlek*
w. Wartax. wldow of th* late Wllliam E. Warlng. of
Intermenl at Oreenwood Cameterr, Bunday. 28th lnat, al
vv.T.ii/^Suddenly, at Conaatcjit R. L, Mary H. _____$?*.
wlfe of thf Rev. Charlaa Wood, and daughtor of tba lat*
FlJn^r^a?vlce?, from her m*?her'a re.Menre Overbrook.
mir ili'lud'll.i'.l*. of Mondnv. June 20, *t J:4? p. m.
Carrilc" wlll n'eet Uio 8:15 traln fro.u Broad-at, aUtloh.
l'h lad li.hla.
Frti'Ml* ?UI klndlT on.lt BflWXBB,
WORTHI.F.Y-Ob Prldar. Juim- 88, <-t T.ong Branch, N. J.,
ol ,','nauii.nilon. Katmiel H. Worti.lev, *.n of Thoraa* L.
Wtwihl-'V tai?''^ 21 vrrar_.
Fmcral .Sundav, at SU t,uX*'? Chureh. Long Branch, at 8
p. in.
rOUBO-ThaxaBxir. June 25. 10:40 p. p., *t hla re-?
dwee 1.7..4 >ladl?on.ave., Now-Vork. O.>o. W. ^oun^,
of bcbM menlnflltU, in iho Mth ye*r of hla age.
In^mrBfat'cxMldB. Oreen* Conntr, B. Y._
Special Notiteo.
18 MILL1UN " " " 18'JO.
"Delightful aiid Refre.hlnB"
Britlah MedJcal Journal.
"More wholewme fh?n any Aented Water whlch art
can *upply."
"Of lrreproachable character."
"Invaild* are rerommend.-d to diink lt"
The Ttma*. L*nd*a
I..I al.li.l.e.l lh7h. _ _________
JE'|'!'1|'k'|-.1'.I) ( t'RRANT JII.I.Y A SPECIALTT.
F'vorthini; put up In ?!*?? and kept until fXlh Fm
opi'VV. r. r.-.i.?,. Ic, ald-aa Mr . sarah 8. McEi
llAl'll. :)j:l Dafraw^t., Brooklyn, X. Y._
I'.iai .tn. i- Nolice.
(Should he road flXB* uy all BMB88fl8a8, a* chaug}" may
00 al ?l BBJ l BKi.l
Letter. for luielifti countne* m-od no". he epecUlty ?d
flraaaed foi dl-|>ut' h hy a'-y nartlcular ateaaaer, ?auepa
when It i- ile-irid to -end duplli-ate* of bankliiK aid coft).
in-rtial iim-uin. d -. letter* not -p*ci?;iy addu-oa*! b-'liif
?. ut io the faatoat veaael* a\u labM,
Kori.Kii maila fur thr ?'?k .'i.dliuj Jun.' 27 wlll clo?e
fpromuttv ln ail eaae*) ut thla ofllee a. foi;,.?a:
BATURJJAl al 1 a. ni. for prnun.huea, Rlo
Jauelro aiid smilo* alao the I*i l'iata raUBtlMB, vla Rla
Jaaetra, per *. *? c'ai.ua. from Ilaltiinor ?, at ^:3'l a in.
f,,i riai.,'- bWlM?M?d. lUly. Kimln, I'urtiiyal aid
Turkri isr a. - i.i BreMgne vla Bavia: ?'. B:lb a. m.
I,,r i.riuiiiv. lx-iuuai'k, sweflea, Notway u'l ri, tianl* ,
and Kut-U. p t a. a Aller. \la Brenaea III.,* fnr other
1 .i, ,,ii .ouutriea vli hOaiUianipton n,i ?t las .|lre.'t,at
"Li-r Aller''. ; al ?? :80 a. M. 'OT <lreat llriuin. in'laml.
B.lgluin, N.'Ui.'il?ud?. A.i-'.na and Korway I't-rit", ,
,,, r . ?. fi btia.. Ml Qui-ei.aii.wn lleiur* f,,r oth.'r
i-.uropi'aii eo-intriea nmat ba fllreeMd "net urabrta"); **
7'a 11, fm S'otlaud ilirn-:. pei ? *. CHi ,,r BnBM, vla
i.la-'.iv lletMM m'lat tw dlrect"d 'twr Cllv of FBaBlflr)'
a' f'80 a ni. ("i th* SetherlBBd* dlrret, i>'t a. ?'
bpaamdaa*, vla Rotuaraam iktter* miat he durcttd "p-?a
bpaariidam1'! at 7 8U -. in f>-r B IglBlD diiei-t. lHr a ?.
I'.iiuiaiid, \ia ABtwarp 1-ett.ra u.i.t Ih drrcurt "j>?r
pcnnland'l; ?' 11 *? ":- 'or Caoifirhi', t'hla;.aa fTaha.'-a
and .uexMn. pei ?. ? <-lty of Wi?hin_ton i.,i>r? foi
Cuoo Tauiplio and 1'uxpain dlrtet an.l ofli.-r |lexkan
Mai< a vl. Vi-ra Craa, muat tn. d re.-t.-d "ii r <ttv of
Wi.-liiiigton"1: ?t 11 B. m- (-ipi'lymwiury 11 80 a. m.) f.,|
j ,,ui (ireytown, i?-r a. a. Sai.tuit [tetter* f,.r B.JU?.
(iuaU-n.ala and l'ueito Curt*?, n)M?t l>? dlnitcd "*,'r Sat ,
U i?. f?: f.i.nadi Trlrlilad and Tobtfa, BM
a. a. 'Aiidi*. at 12 B?. for .s-tiago, Cuba. pu ?. ..
Duiiialln i at 3 p. '*? for Bluetirld.. per ?. ?. W. u.
Hewe* from New-Orl?Bna.
SUNDAY?Al 3 p BL fnr coata Rh a. via Lnpon. pei
a * I-'oxhall. Irom Ne?-Orl.-a:i?.
Malla n-r Uie lia?. 11*11 l*!aa?U, per a. a.
laalandta ffrom San Vianrlaci.i. el.,.e here dallv tip,t.> Jun*
?21 at 0 10 P- ?? _rlallj f-r tl.,- Boclnta IsIhuiI,, 1," khlp
Jro'iil'- llnd f-oin Sau Fiuiulaiii. elo?a ht?? da1|r up lo
iu,,. 21 at 6:80 p. a*. Malla for Au.ttalia. N.>wii>aia,id,
Hawailan. FUI and BaBMaa Ulaiul- i?r ?. ,. M??ow?l
irruui sii Kranelaea). ?<?"_??M flally ap n Tul; -18, at
,\ .1,1 ., 1,1.. or on arrlval at N.w-Y'.rk of s. ?. i miri?. W|fh
Britlah 1 1 la Bm Auatralla. Mall. for ( litna ami I i|,?n |? r
, ,,, Ironi Sau him.'-!-' '? ?':??.? here da iv up to
|. \ -i M fl 80 i?. in Mall* for No? found land, t,v rail
',,, 11 iiifai and th- nee hy ?ta un. r, cloac _>. thla oiflro dallv
.,1 K 80 11. ru. Mall* f-r M_u*k_ by i*?l la r.??u?ii, aud
J ., a-n," 'ii- at *l* ->n-?- 'i?nv *t. sxo n. ,?
m ,iia 1 1 - .!..i. t.v lati u. laiiip*. rl_, *nd tbamea ur
?a"l.-? Mnnda.v* aiid rhuradav~l, . Imr at tala
M \-' ' '.\rrlai.d,
uuK-aa ?pauialiy adili?*aed for dl-potcli by ?teaniir. tl.mn at
.' , .. ?Ui. m
?Tn?.ia.l'?,ille nalta are pilNBlflli to San Kranrlaoa
n,ili ind Ibe MSliediil* "t eloaing I. airaax'-U aa Um pre
s iiiintlon of th,'lr .inlnt'-rrui.iial ..vorlajid l<a..?|t t., s,,^
Frai.'-l-io. Mall* fium t. .? on UBM at Ksm
, ..-, 1 ,, ,hv of *allliia .f at.'*'ui'f. are dli|Mt,in4
BoatoBea. Mbw-YmX. B. T.. Jun* 18. laai.

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