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v, MSBS *_ : .Sl*ea-?iul..-The Canal Investlgatlon
Committee dwlndfcd to fchreo members to-day-Messrs.
..ullaghrr. Ost-BM ?-nd Ooul.l?and tlie one-hour'B eee
kion SrBS about a duli a* ooulfl be Inrnplned. The
roniniUtae adjourned lo meet next Wednesdny after?
noon, when a ronm'ttee ol worhlnirmen wlll bo re
relved, and tho re-ult* obtalned by the expert at work
on the books ol the superlntendent ot PnbBe Worhs wlll
be pro^ented. These will _how the Immsculatc man
nar In whlrh tho eanal* have been eonduct-Ml. Senator
Van .rerder was the flrst ot tho fonr wltncsses called to
day. Hi-> tesiimw.y waa ol llttle value.
When e_-.-A*_er. blyman Vt. P. Gorsllnc, of Ilerhl
mer, took the stand, Counsellor MeMahon attcnipted to
prort by hlm that tho npproprlatlon proenrod by
Senator Sheard of SWO.OOO lor the vertleal wall iu
Moyer Creek waa uot ncccssury. The wltneas _jVld he
flid not think B20.000 a proper amount to expend for
tho wall. To a Tr bone reporter later he explulned thut
tho wall wm about eifthtv les. long, nnd a~__ ereilod
aa a breakwater last y?u*; 8-1,000 was expended on it. to
no purpone. It waa bnlit up:>n pllos, ar.d tlre wate
washed under lt. damaglng the banks beyond It to tha
cxtent <>t BTiO.OOO. Tho ron*on, he ivdded. Uiat the
work had not b?on awarded under this year'. tippro
prtation waa that lt could not bo done for the SilO.OOO
Ghapman Jolmson, englneer of,tlie Canal Dcpartmeiit,
__id that the work on the Frankfort wall was well d.uie..
but Ui** tt was tlie " sooniin'fc action n <>f the water l-hut
..ndermlnad ttie wall. Tht! work. lio thoui.'ht. wae
SSS-TtMa- Mr. Goifllnc diffcrc- wlth Mm, and
Lakoi him if lt wae done l:i accoitlanre with th. ?n
trirt Mr. John-.n dld not ai.awer tnia dif-nlv. but
sjud that >- far 88 h<- wns informed it had been di.tie
atHetty as tho eontraet specltlesl. MrGorallne r-ald
tl'e wall waa Just the same now a<* when bullt.
Senator Vertdor said he snpported Uw Laui-hllii eanal
Invc-tl-ation rcaoluttou ln order to lomn th* melaofl*
wroviitllnc In the Cajial Department aud the eondiilon
of the ennuls. Thls was to determlne in hls mtnd
whetlier or not It w?s best to make rurthar a>>pr..j.ria
tlons. Ha liad votod lor tlie ex_raoi*din..ry approiirlv
tion*. but "-tiew llttle about the canal-. Mr. Veddor
opre-sed the bellol bluat the tvme waa comlng when Ihe
oauials would have to be ahandoned If the B-OCrw I -ov
ernment dld not take charge t>( tiieiu.
Tho wheat sperulatlon was a triflc more aetlve
re.aterday, 3,500,000 bu-hels changing hands, but
in aplto ol the irregularlty shown the tondency of
value* waa downward. Tho tulk early was largcly lo
tli* effect Uiat dnmage had been cauacd to the crops
tv the heavy ralns in the harvestlng Kcctlon. and
tlie floods whlle the Hus-lan dronth wa- also c?m
ltieTTtod upon. Cottrell wa* l.elloved to be endeavor
Ins to -u&taln UM market, bul only for a tlme was
be able to reslat the deslre to liquldato. I-.wer eables
wero reeeived, and Uio weatlier pro?pect# were brightcr,
tem.ting- Uie buvors ol Thureday to iinload. July
..i.U-mt rang-ed Irom SI 03 1-8&Pl 03 8-8 to ei 0*2 14,
aud Deeeniber from Bl 00 8-4 to *1 08 1-6. Tho mar
k'-t ended weak at net k?saas of 1*1 1-8 ocnta. ('a*h
-heat tsll 1 otmt ln splte of an e.xport demand for
112A>00 buahete. whlle BalUniorc reported eiiK-ireniont
cf n'*rl>* 100.000 bu-heW.
(orn wa. un-eUled and lar?ely lnfluenced by the
1. avinesa of wheat. Depre_*ins lnttuemes otherwlse
aara tho lower cubles, lib..ml reot^ipts and lmprovod
weather condltions. Tho tradlng in optlons was mod
cnit\ LnI. price.* broke 7-8#vl eent. Spot corn wa*
.-low in BiovuniciiL nitti e_port *xl?s of 104,<xv busti
el*. cblofly for dellvery in the rtaan threa nmntii-.
<?at* were ~enk nu a oontliiua.ire of thc lJi">dai!ng
movement. option* occllncd 11-4-1111 cents and
*p<>t Tbt* frii i _?i 14 oeata.
Lnrd rulvd dull. bnt closetl off 192 point* In sym
patliy with tlie fall ln roreaU.
The Until quotatlon* woro as foi love-:
Wliext-Jone, 81 03 1-4; .inlv. ifl 02 1 4 : Aafait,
07 3-6; September, U?ll-4: Oetober, 87; l>'ceinber,
08 1-S rctt*: Mav (18!i_>. 81 OB 8-8.
Cara JBBB. flfil-2: July, 011-4; Augnst. 53 34;
8cpteniV>er, 67 1-8; October, BflS-d eflflla.
Oato?July, 38 1-4; Angnst. 34 1-4; scptenilier. 33
Lard-July, ifl 25; Aiipnst, HC. :\V; Scptei-bor. BO 51;
October, $rt 88.
The reeelpta of graln and flour reported vcMcrd.iv
at New YrM-k. lUiltltnore, Plifltidelphla and Roatoii were
H* follow*; Wheat, 58,880 bn.hela; .,,m, 182,0 2
bnabcla; oat*. uii.nci boahela; total grUn. 80T,8flO
bu-hcla; fl.nu, 25.H44 p_ek:ige?. At Oilcago. Mil
waukra and St. Loul* thc arrlval. w.-re : Wlieat.
58,904 bmhel*; corn, Rlfl.fiSo htishel*: oats, 185,97
buslieh; tolal grein, 530.000 _ii*liels; 11 our, 11,(132
Chlcairo. June 2(1 (SpeiiaJ).?Meat ^torted steady,
but the strenrth an* upcet by ?ugge*tlo:is froin thc
ulli'T BMB that troiiMc might BOBSlbiy raXBll when
thc coniitientul ba&a BMB tcnlTcd tlie enormons
BBMBrl of wheat aaafrxatflfl far by tiiem. ti
ui'-ii"-! \vn* sti <lNlm+>?np ns at tmee |o Iobo th ? Btarfcei
ull 't its aarlr advance aod to itarl prlcea rupiiiiv
down hill. July ?t?!d from 04 to 01 ", 8, and closcd al
H13 4 cenbs; liecenibcr from 1)0 14 tfl -"- i i. ?.,?:
eloavd Bl Bfla-fl cctt*. Tlie bull erowd ln oorn be
rxMfl i di'iiHiiniiacd to-dciy at tha _g reectpta and wM
uliHl. it OOtUd tiiro'icli br,i!<'T>. Tln; Impiittttm local
?h.>rts, Ream. Cudnhy nnd Pardrldge, rcdm -al tluir
li:,-. Thc re-snlt of this Biinlflatlon wm a decUBe ol
about l 1-2 eent*. July i.<>id rrdtfl r,4 to vj i B, and
< leflfli al i)'2 :i4 eantx; Beptcrxber (rom 801-4 in 40,
ond ilus-'d at 4lt 1-8 cents. Tho 4BY*8 rm'ip:
ovar l!i" aspeetauona; [he cwtlxiate lor
snttinlay, .V.io. There was the same dfltnorallaxlion
among Ihe hull* ln oato ns ann>!i? the hull-. in th"
08?ai graln-.. 'Phe ducllne Rinnunted lo ttbont 1 1 -J
oenta. Thc newspaper? rcpf>rt?l a eaflfl of yellow
fever tn N-IW Oriflflax Tlie incnti-iti of this pest never
fallfl lo throw the provislnn trade inPi ? tivmor. II
illd ioftay pnrk dropped 10 cents; rlba flnd lard,
| 12 BflBflfl. Tlie el.Ke *!;ow"il n rflflOTfllT. E -p''-',i', r
pwB CkMCd at #10. Wd clos-d at 9-10 10: sep'embei
lard l't #<>2r>. bid cloaial ut $(I30; Scplctnber rlbs at
*5H0, bM c] ,a~d at !?:, 07.
BflMaBOra. June 20.?Flour dull, umthaitfed; re
ccipt.-, 7,:ji.4 buahelH', Rl.ipnients. i:JO bnsheu; axlea,
oofj bnslicls. Wheutr southcrti stcad. , Ftiitr., a<i o:ia
#1 07: kHMbaarx, 81 03BBI 08j :<o. -2. n-.l. ea y;
BBOij ifl OS 8-48)81 "3: Jah, '.-- 7-82808,; Attguet,
0, 1-4U97 1-2; seutemher, Ofl 1-BBOfl 3 4; recelpts,
3,345 bushcls; atocx. 184.20^ biKlu-ls salcs. 123.0O0
huahels. Corn?Soutnem cteady . ?bl'e, 75c; fellow,
70c; mixed, dnll; spoi, fla 1-SB08 3-lc; June ?>;(.-;
July, Bl 3-4c: spot,, Ba. 2, Whlte. 75C, ^ellers: ra
aatptfl, IfltB bflaaelfl; itocx, _8_,M0 bu--I:cls. oa*-.
flmi; Ba -, while, Wos?tn, ABBXfla; Ba. 2, mlxed
do, 43.) 44,-; rccelpt-', 2,o:/0 bn*bela; stof-fe. "j,i*72
bashc-la. Rye, <iulet; No. 2. OOBBfle; recarpifl, 2,l.'?o
bushels: st(*.k, 5,2.^0 bushel-. Jlav. bteiidy; gt.od fc>
Umothy, ij<tlffi?12. (iinln trrtxhU, rlrm, un
chaiiged. Coitoti. dull: mlddliat, 8 8-8c. Prtrrliiona
unrliiiursd. HiHter, dml and steady: ereamer]
lancy, ls l-2c; do, falr to choice, 17,o\rc; ?lo. |mit/(
Uon, 15Jil(io; ladle-fancv, 1^<^; do, _ood to choice,
llfM3c; store packed, lOS 12c Eggs scarc. 17 l ?_..
O.fTce, flrm; Rlo rargoes. Mr. 1? l _c: No. 7, 17 1-4..
Hugar *trong. Oopper nncbangcil. Whlskay. ifl 23i
81 25.
F.tifTalo. Jnne 20.?Wheat?No. 1 hard. dnll. r1..s|-it
nt *l 07 1-4 uskcxl; on spot, at #1 05 i-4 c. i. f.; aal -
..f (1,000 l.ushels; No. 1 Nortbern. at SlO'.lf... 4
cars al li g -' -7i 08 ai; ea ns. s.
a 1 ul 1 *_, . . i, 1. : No. - N'>nl."ni on -i>'.t at 09 :; 1. ;
No. 2 .prlng wheat it 0413-4; wlntr wbeal ilnll ani
lowar; Bo. 9 n-i at ri 04 i 88)81 06. .v... 2 extra red
nt 81 0138.08. Bo, 1 whtta Mi.-lngan. at 81 Od; No.
I tthit" I'rcg.n, at 8104. Coin- dpeiied attarty: 1.1
eara No. _ reltow "id al ou 1-4-?;_ 1 _c; 0 cara No.
:t 10M al 81801 i-4e: cloaed duli. weak and lower;
No. 2 yellow, at 01 l-4e I NO, :i vell .v.. at BU; Nn.
?_'. at 00 8-4.; No. .1. at 80a. (nits Dnll nnd weak,
No. 2 WhlW, at 44a44 1 _c, ln hlnre: no other oft.r
Ini?-. Hve-None oflei-ed. II..nr- Qulet. 9m9J\ h-.t
uateol si.rtng, at 85 4<_?t". ??*?. l*vt -.atent w.nter. at
.*'. 1 _?..', ?_..*.. Rye llour-4*4 ai..3 8-.10. llill
feed Btcady; car-e wlnter bran, at 817 50;
roaxae apring brun, at 817. canal frelchts.
-Qulet: wheat, _.8-4e. oorn, 2 3 . r ; oabs. 1*1-4'.
Deoetplf-rionr. 25,000 bbla; wheat. :u>,<xn> baab:
."t-n. 80,000 l.riab. Hanal -lii.nier.ta-Wheat, 138.000
bu-h. Halln.ni ihlprueiVs?Etoar, 11,0001.1,1-: -le-.it,
18*888 buah, , .rn, '.<_,oi*0 buah; oata, ao.uoO buah.
Chlcago, J.iue '20.?Th<- l.adtn. futnr, a rancd aa f_llo\v?.
Opr-'.li.g. Hi-i.e-'t. Lowrat. Closlng.
Jnne . ' ti N "'. r>:i"_
July . '.i.i-^-1 114 ui'? in',
Augiist . __'_ 8>H 87'? 87'.
CORN. NO. 2.
June. .... _',*? O**1- __-.
Julr . _-*_S4 St ?'.-.
Augual . 0- _-' oO-1. __?.
July . il*.*, __'- 18% a:!".
AU| U .1 . !'":l 30 V
??< p i.. er . 1 ? . _9*i Wa
H i--'.:;. !*i.u BBL.
.Iu v. 0*0 06*. 978
ls ptember . 10 10 1015 lOto 10 10
Lard. l-i.i; 108 S_
j.-lr . or.-, 808 (!02<-.. 189
Bepteuibei . 0_*7"b 0-0 0JS 0-0
fc-HOKT Kill... PER 100 ?.
Julr . . r. 70 _ ... :, (17<_ I 7.',
beptoiuba;. -'-i" - 00 _'jo tiuj
qaotnUooa were as follaara: Ptoat <|.iie:. and aa.
i No. .? -,. Ing wheat, '..:' ',,'?.>4 ; No. :i -
: N... 2 red
No. - 0.11-, _1'.?.M'.-. ; .'*?'.. - ryo, 77_n8c; N.>. - barley
nomlnal; Nu. 1 fl_>.- Un .th] aeed, 81 ?
**!__; n.caa iK.th, !?? r bbl, Hirll; laid, jw.- 100 11.
. ?
-', ul leri - ? OH ?:?*? ) J , alurt < leai - d - ,ix>X' d).
eo -Otf.'i 3" nthlBkey, ni-.ih.-i-' i.iiiah.d e..?>us. j*.t gal.
Bl 10; auuara 1 ncltaiiKi- : No, 2 white 1
8 do, 88 140"__. Au. 3 tx-.lty I. o. I.., .l-u.Ot?; Ka ? BB
Artl.-lea. r.eylpts. Shipmrnta.
1 lour, bbla . ' 80 0
V. _.at. bB-h.
(.r, ,,,.,. ._':-J.C?-0 212.000
.i,..' tra-h.114,000 n. ? ?
Rye.'buah . 1,000
B ? v. i.'i-i. . t.000
Oa BM Produce Exchaoge to-day tlio buti*r niark-t *-as
steiidy aad onchangi d. 1
Mlpn_a__3lla. Jaaa BB* Caab waeata 8aH and lower
to-day. Ni. 1 Nnrthrt-ii <>M mi-tni,* trma taa Jaly
.nr ihln wbeal lo i-_ eorer lor Caney.
mnir-o all the w_y fn.m 1.7 to 88 1 _r : with v -ry tow
bore 99e. No. - Nortbern >..ld fTom 4*3 for toft,
to i>6 f"i rary ehoi-8. BbJb o_ mlea wara 84U8841--.
The market followed the dccUoe 1. futarea eio--ely, and
(r? s,ie- lr.fer wvrr ttnd??:? \he early enee. The loeal
demand wo? alow, There wa* aome laanlry lor Bo. 1
bard, aad an4er rary Rnall otferlnga raaUrety hkther
?iaea arere baM taaa oa otber grades, Hecelpt- f.ir
tw.-ntv f..ni- Mure ware 126 ean wKh rlBhteen cm
t.hiiipd ont. Cloalng qnotaiiona: N.>. 1 h-tni Jan .
.???1: ..n track 81*8100H Ba 1 Bortherb, Juu-.
-..' 3 |.?- .inlv. !?<?> 1 le; Sept-taber. B4 3-?e; on trn. li,
IlTr. No. 2 Noi-th.-ni. June, '.i.'Ic : all trac'i, 0*l?04c.
peoria .inn" _.>.-(''>r*i eaeyj N . '-'. M 1-ta.J N"- 8,
f,*t 1 ?'.? ? Vi. 4, .',-_ 1 -'. . s.: 11 -_ daU; -'>>. 0 whll;.
:iV 3 4..'"ii?*'? ? Bo, :t wblte, 8?1 8S87c. Bye nomlnal.
Whl.ke. lirm; wln-a, 81 1": iplrltA, sfi l'?- Dv'-iiJt*
I 0 " bnah.; oata. iO.ooO baih.; rya. 5-0 bn-h.
l-hlpmenia Corn, 8,800 baab; oata, ?1.380 baab.; b.n
lev. cot) bnsh.
Phtlad'-l:>hi.i. Jun.- tt, Floar ma-k t en-ittiiii.-d dnll and
w-ah. bunpltes w r? Btoderate, BapeelaBy of arkatara, a I
owii.i: U, U'i bflfl XpBbffl and flne crop 88888880, ?mv-r*
? i|>eiutlng ca-Uto ."ly aud onlv lor linn.idlnV wint*.
Rv flour 'i-iiet ond .teaily. 84 75 for eholce Pean*y
market wiv? weak and price* of n-w cron
.!.. lln.-i -.- uinl. r flne harveatlna a-eattler and u Ufhl _.???
inaod f.,: e\|H,rt. lancr Krad'a lu d' -lrabi* lo<-ut.on for
ml ll,iu wen a.oree and llrm, bat elevator d-tllvevli _ wpre
neglett.'d. Cholci nnaradud ln 2"'.h-?f. elevatpr, *l 10,
fanrr du ln iiraln d laat. *1 18; No. 2 l'enii.rlvanli red
was uff'-r ,l ln Porl lllchiontid elevator at 81 (-'.-. but woulfl
hare mat, r|*lly ?*ce?led thla rat-' lf availalue In deslrablo
. r?r millw*; No. 2 f.d lune, 81 0_t**l 04 : July.
i" ; Aufc-.i.t, !?71?*Oi7-,4'': September, '.ia*t,flA>y..
Cara market wa* weak. and prle.ja ol ?pot ond mar dr
'. tinal >ac imder luer-aaixl ruceip'e W.-*t. and a
lltht u.-niand for export a*. wll ?* for loeal eonmmjjtlon.
i No 2 mix.-d lo uraln depot early, OV ; So. i
mU'd and rellow 1 ri graln dupot. 8V : No. 2 iul\.d June.
BBwflAe; Julr, OgrtO_ _c ; Auguat flOisodOV; Sentcmber,
Mo <>".'. Oa'.*-M*rkH for earlot* mlrd flrm undrr mod
erate offerlngs, and holder* rlew* were generally _e hluh'-r,
bnt the .Uvan.e reairlefed t.u-ln H. PflXBfB* were quh't
aud .fadv ; uiiKrmlod whlte, ;ou\2'd": No. 2 ahll" ? 4-?
No. 2 i?hlr," lune. 4^ai2.e- July. 4l,?'?'2?*c,
A.iL'.iat. :i.",irftS?D-e : Seft'mber. 84 .flBfl.e. Ritt/r. ?"]ld
pa ked. dnll : i.rint- ilrui: Pounai Ivanu p'itit extra, aio
Sir. Kiri'a solet bol -t"idv : Pennaylvanla flfat", Wj
S":;nr l'."liueij itroox and advanrlng: powder d. Vm
4 01Oe; b a:nlat?d. IV- Potatoea-Suppll'- lar?e BM
demand rkafl wlce*; Jer**y. per -V-buab Iwaket.
-hem new pato'o'?, prlme to rholre, _jr bol.
,1 , do medlnin. *1 50?8l .5 : do do eul!?_?3r?_in.
Oth r a.tl,l'-a nnehanw-d. Ilccetuts-Flour. 1.000 bh.s.
8.800 aaeka; wh'-af. 1,10!) Imah : rotfl. 10 300 bn.h ; oat*.
84,100 bnah. BMpnenU Whea% 1SM00 budi : orn. 9,'00
b'l,-h ; oat... 18.000 buah.
BL I.ouK Jnn- 2'i.-Flonr. stc-aly. bnt q"!<t. IfBflfll
iip '."<i - -,'ivii and 8-8fl krwar, aad I I ?_
1 i-2c lowce thxn v i-iii '* rloxa; No. 9 m* raaa,
87 i ?.. July, ?". l-fo8De, rlo.litg B7 1 Bc ind, Augint.
fc.)B-ii:-. 4c. cloKingfll 3-4c : Dcc -nbar. 87 7 S3tiit .)-8c.
4c aafcad. C rn?Tbe openli
1 |. "fl fioin vneti-rdav'* BMB 8X888, 8a44Pfl '''"*' *?"
eB*y, i .'.-ni, i B-4e below yeaterda* : No. 8 c?*h. 55 1-2
..?,-;<?: ,1'ilv. 51 3-4P53 1 '2r. closlnir 51 12c: Sepwm
ber. 47?48 1-4*, c)r.-lng 47c: yc.r. 37c Oats. dull
and cl'i.'d 1 1 ie btkrw ye-U't-laV. laol flg-rea; No. 2
ca-h. 3:. l-flfl&fle; Julv. 31 l 4?:u l Bc. cloalnx 80 3-4e
.1-1. ::-e. eluaing '-'7 1 2c, iicinln.il. BTO,
Bo. 2, 7jr. Ilay, i|i-.i, t. nnchnugnd. lir-rs. activo
a^d <=t.'a<!v: s-..bid, TOBTSa. Flaxse**! solal-le at *1
vs<! 01. i. ad, itranatr: detUvarlral. *4 27 i 2 MHera:
.- mrnon. -t C8. BBtter, fnlrlv netl'.-e. steady; .-n.-ini
crv, l.iaiSe: dalrv, 11' Mc BfQ. tlrni. 181-Sfl.
r^rnnieal, -le.auv, fl". ic? (H 1-">. whl*kev. ateady,
Bl id. "?? <. . . dnll and lower. Pork, 810 25,
I.anl. .75 75. Drv sa'.t BBtata -Iloxe.1 sl'iilllders,
84 671-.: l-'iig?, 8385: tborl rieV. ffllS, bbcoii?
Hoxed (hoalders, #"1:17 1 2: long*. Ifl l?S 86 m>: nt-s.
flnao; ?hort clear, BW75. Re<"lp1?-F1o:ir,
0,000 hbh; wheat, 1 .(?ni bu h : rom, .V.'.OfiO hnsb .
oats, 3f>ooi) lmah : rve and hnrb-v. ivme. siilpnioufs
Plmrr, TiWrj bbla; ^heat. 0.000 baah; eorn, C8^XXi
i,n-!i; 1.1' . :7,' 00 baah; rye and barley, none
The .ttirio'iii tnnrkct rcmalned iiniet yent.nl,'. fll
tbfl ii'tiauliflared F.xchnnre nnd tntallv ncglecteil at
thc Stock BscfcaafB The Kiles lu option-- wen- onlv
lO.iXJO bnrrels. *t 88 VfiBBB 84088 B-48)0fl 1 2 cent<
Bo iBBorBwrt adrleflfl raflflfl fn.m the otl <.ntry. Re
(ined petmleniD wai aaated at 7.oo eent* per c.iir..ii
ln barflrla and 8.80 raatl ln raaa*. FOrrlgn quota
Hoai aeta: AntaarB, IB1-8 Baaaa; liiemen. <i,2.")
narks; LorXton, :i.v?.'iii paaax
Bflw-Yot , 1,-i.iv. Jnne .'fi.- i BEVE8 Recelata, 211
earlood* ol A~<',<> nead?80 earloada "t eiporl ratlla Nr
S'h'i.i/.''Ill I BBltlbergor, -2 ea.load* for_ -hl| n?..t in
I iiuartcr*. 13 cenoaJ* for .Ity .aughtorera* Bobm
j .,a earloadi f.>r th ? marxet. Tldy oattla w?i?ii
0 ? fr,'.i, 1.100 to 1,850 I ."-1 ntullli uf. WedBM
,. .-r.-- prlme hcew. in Uu; ai.?ene? ot *nv axnorl d
u,'a- 1 wirc no-, a.lable t., cIi.y Btttehrn at ut ?tartory
.,. t,u:h at'itr wa* ?ooeralj]
.i^ier. The \nrd. aer- mX.quite oleiir d.
,,,/.,!,! at ::a-.-'.-1 10: Coiorado*, at N 05?a9;
-tii*. r- ' ?' 85 10x**6 7o; po.,r maa-fed
at 83 80, uixl 1 >-*f u.-al-fed at 88*0; Stiijfrt aud
Oxou, al 88-4*.; Bulla, at aZ-O-aM; Cowa, at a_ corf
"ftesssl beef alow at 5-7?_. lor Traae aldaa; tJJ
0?ae for coh.mcn to cholce nauve carca?*?. extra
gUJF.fvit.'V_Me Bdvieas auot. refrlg*r-t*d b.;ef eaeleipaj
4**d or aeaut |>a,c j*?r lh; and Amvrlean at *??> u"r_iy
?t?__.- at l_-13'-.c, <attm?_a_ de-d weivl.t
ghli.ruents to-day and to-morraw luclude 420 cattle on
tha ...vpnan Monarch: (Ml do 011 tiie Ainwica, J?oao
ou tle Nom.dlc; fron do on.lhe Colorado; g.ttU ?j"*fMT1!
t* 1.1 on Uie Alaaka; 1 duO quarter. on the k.tv or
Uom.; 1.0-O u-artei* on th* Ex-ter City : 1. _p? ,?''?"'?
3 be-f, -11 dreevai Slvaa, and 201 di-B-ed Baaa aa
the Cuibrla, mafctn. with 15 Sheop to ao on the- *>**>'*?*
total from thla pon fo; tlie week of 2,127 ealtte.13.wi
oJSBrteS of beef; 1. Bbeep, 211 dreaaad Calwa and 201
M_'wa--Dg McFhersw * Co.: 84 Taxar- -..? |U>?
ag?, at W OO par lOo ft; 38 do, -.4 ?. at 83 18: 88 do,
VW lh. at 83 50; 17 Ot.lo _ste.r?. 122. lh. at 84 90. 18
do, UiH lh. at ?6 20 leae 86; 5 do (P".^*.'. _. V_
ft at 88; ? Bbar_ and (Jaen. l.oar ft, nt 84 00; 17 St*-r?,
1188 B. at eBM; 10 f.ancaster County. P?nn.. do 11*1
lb. at 8. 80 . -1 do, 1100 10. al 88 85: 2 OMo Ox?o, 15_5 ft,
at, #0; o do, 1488 Di. at 84 . I do, 1440 lb. at *_ .5,1
Cow. 1410 m, al a. IU; 8 W__t-r- *U.wj? ISWl ft. al
?. 40, e, Dulis. 1477 lh. at 8S _0; _ do. 8-0 tt. at 83 80.
M. ?'oidat..lth: 55 Bcntucky "atillera," 1104 ft. at
85 10: 30 do.:1101 9Ktxmj9^A^LtB9B.mM9B.
_i do. 1142 lh. at 85 85; l'J aa, li.8 *. 8B 83 78. lo
rornf - Ch1ca*o atm*. 1470 ?. at 86 26: 62 do. 1288 ft.
at 85 :<0; 17 do. 12.4 ft, at 88 CO.
Ne? Um k OUlOH: 10 Laiicaato- County, Penn., ??eers.
1418 tt.. at*0 40; 1 do, IO?*) ft. at ?tl; irl Indtoaa sWi-M.
Bl rl 18 : 1 do, 1081 ft- at 84 60, 10 do. 1047 ft.
0; 8 Kentuiky do, l_<a_ ft, at 84 ,6; 11 o_en,
1270 : if 8888. 1 ?-ih. 1*70 ft. at 83.
S. Kaadara: 40 Tmii.-, 1089 8. 88 84 10; 41
la in-4 :->. at 83..); 22 do 1011 r>. al
13 70; :? do. 073 ft, at 83 00; 17 j_aael*j_*"*?
1177 lh, at $3 20; IH do, 1135 Ih. at 81 M; . Vlrelnl.i
oxen. 1-8- lh, at 84 85; - Ohio do. 1330 lh. at ?4 H; 3 do,
1028 ft. at 88 00; 7 oxca and tewa, 1033 Ih. at 81 t*5.
17 Vlr_l.il* ox.ti. ateen and cow* lpfiu th, a: tl 40; -1
mlxod "attl. fiom l in-iiuiaU. 107"! 8). at 84-0; 1 uhio
bull. 1000 rr.. ut 84: 1 -o. 1188 8. at 83 35.
8___-_a_B 4 Culvcr: 79 meal_.d Pennavlvanta aWers.
1"38 ft. at 85 54; 21 do. ____ ft. at 85 87%; 14 Vu-glnta
do 1218 ft. at 85 20: 2 tlo. 1055 ft. at 9Ai 0 cowa. 10..) _>,
at a.lO; 1 uk. 1350 lh. at 88 75.
I BUaanvberg: li Ohio al - -. 1250 rr, nt .?5.'-0: 10 eUU
Bulla, 1848 lh. ut, *3'.)0; 0 d?, 14<*7 tt.. at 83 75; 3 io,
i3oo rt.. at *;t rr..
ll. Seh-mberg: 57 Colorudu Steera, 113j ft, ut ..>;
20 do, 1088 ft. at, 81 05.
Brata ft Ptfrnek: o Ohio Baaera, 12.2 ft. at 8*00; 'j
do. 1119 ft. at 88; 17 do. 1887 ft. al 81 90; 1 Duli. luaO
tl,. at -63 78.
J.lliffB, Wrlght 4 Co. : 8 Hulls. 83. ft, nt 82 50.
Hume A .Mnli.u: 3 BulK .00 lh, at .2 30; 1 do. 000
ft. at *2 HO.
MII.CII COWI -UsillSB, 0 head. No tra-le, -_N_i__|
LvEB-BaetjuSa, 050 be-id-iGO at SOfb-S. ?nd 181
?t Jetwej ('itv. ataaa_r for \". aK. wlth .ati<i .il wmr Uo
at *.i/11ac per ft; dnll foi biit_?millic- at l**J3c;
f -d Calvea _nd n.lx.-d lota aold at llWc
Dresaed-CalvuH ln falr damand i-arly In the day. eloalng
?I'.li and ireak. Di. a- d l^i.t--in.iUf a.'.d at 4<rN5c ; country
ilr?aaed Veiil- ?t 0M_t (*nall Culvea 4>_e "?1_c). aud city
dr.-savd at 7%4-ft
Bkm -Hume t Mullen : 23 8__8a C'alvea. 100 ft av.-rit. \
at .1 75 per 100 ft; 3 f?-d do. 200 Ih, ot *_ ?0; 1- do,
14 1 Ih, at 82 75; 11 do, 159 lh. at 84; 4_ V.-ola, 153 B.
Bt M50: 8 do. 1?5 ft. nt 88 50,
J.lllfle. Wr.Khl t Co. : 22 biitt.'rmiik Calve-, 170 th,
Bl 3r; S Veftia, 170 ft. *t Oc ; 40 do, 130 lh, at 0'_. ; _
do, 140 ft. at 01- .
Halli-lxH'k k HoHl-: 0 Buttern.lk Calvoa, 12_ ft. at
_c: .Hl do, tfll ft. at 2V i 2 do, 110 ft, at Ib ; 1 Taal*,
157 ft. at Oc.
Judd ? Bucklnirham: 90 Veals, 151 ft. at 0>-_c ; 20 do.
158 ft, ?t fl>?<*; 22 buttermlla*. 171 fh. at IA_a; 13 mtxrsl
Calvea. 130 ft. Bt H1-_c.
j. ir, PMaoea b Basa: 3 "feala, l io ft, at |%as 1 do.
120 ft, st 5o.
fslIElCP AND DAMBS?Rec-lpts, 21 CBrloada of 4,831
head, aii at Jeraev City. v*. ith 'fi. exeeptloo of 25 bead.
She-n were lu lleht dniand. _nd so d at Bi 23a?5 50 for
inioreat to beat; good lau.bs a_N -auted at inlly NB
f-iliieil i.rtcea, B-hlle other mdaa wi re duli aud Brjak.
Medlum to cholce -^old at O-'.-rM- iwr Ih (a 881-888 ai
-?1. ,-f d Vlrglnla a.,ck at the ootMde Hgiire). Draased
muttoti aloir at HrtlOe, eelected oarea-_e_ briugfng Ur_e.
1 lau.ba, too, weja a llttle duli at 10-13c. wltii ihe
bulk of tbj ija.es nt 10./ 12r. _. . . - .
t,-ie?_\Vlllcer_on & Hherman: 475 Kentuchy T.amba,
68 ft averng*. at 7*8$ per O; 50 ohio ShBBp, 01 ft. at
a5 30 ner loo ft; 55 d... 08 ft. at *"> 18. _.__._...
.1. B. Pldcock ft buna: 25s Vlrglnla I-?inb?. 74 ft
aeant, ut. Be pca ft; M d... 70 ft, at , h<-; llo do, 72 ft.
at 7'*.!: 181 Woat Vlralnla do, 00** m. at 7a,c ; 85 J.-ra-v
do, 08 fb. at 7?.c; 11 Vlrglnla Colla. 57 ?. at S**c l 18
Vlrpnila Ewra &., n>. at 4'?c; 25 !??? Sb'-ep, 84 a. BB
* D1 fieTkraaiT. Wfcl Virglnia/^niba 08 ?, 1 **
per 7ft. 10 Vlr?io1u Siv ).'. 118 Ib. at 5c. _ ft
NewtOO * (i)llett: 00 Kenlnrkv I.atnba ('*"**>, 70 18
.r?nt. at 0??c : 12S BonBteXr sh.-.-p. 111 ?. al #4 48% pc?
100 Ih: 212 Ohiodo. 97 ?. *t 86 <M>. _ _.
M c?nin?: -.'.2 ohlo Sheep. 00 tf). tt 4>, 50 per 100 m.
208 Vlrglnla Lamb?. 00 Bt, at 7e per fl>; 15 Cnlla. ofl T*.
Dlilenhnrk & Dcwev. 38 We*tern 8hcep, 101 Tb. at 86/
30 do. lo2 th. at 8ft 80. _. _ _._._
Ilame _ Mnllen : 12 Ktatc Sheep, 84 t>. at 85: 8 htate
r_n,b?. rtl fb. at 87. . _ .-_.
HOtiS-ReeelPt*. 31 c*r1o*d*. of 4.054 hoad-21 <BrioadJ
at 40:h at. and 10 .-arlood* at J-r*)y etty. Foellpg *te*d*
and qnotarioo* are 81 75tf*5 25 per 100 a. _
If'ime * Mullen *old: 22 .State Roga. 240 Tb *v*r*ge,
at 83 15 p*r 100 Ib.
Buffalo, June 2fl.-CaUle-n?relpt* laat 24 honwi
S.KiO head; totaJ for tbe week tbo* f.r, 10,740 bead.
for aame time laat weeX 12.700 bead, cooalgn?
throiigh. 2.040 h'-ail; u. Bew-York, 1,700 head; oo
*a.V, 1.200 head: imu-ket opened steady for good;
cornmon gradfx slow; cIobM atcvlv ? faJr green steera,
i?4 lo? 84 35; go'-.i fat cows, *:><?$3 25; common.
KB88 75. Ilopi-RecelpU last 24 pouw, 11.85B
head; t'UI f.*- tlie vrcok thus far, 06,950 head; foi
saunj Um.- laat week, 51,000 bead; eocslgied tl/roogb.
o.OOO head; to Now York. fl.OOO head; on rate, 2.550)
head; market -ip-ined atcong. clojod flrm; Yorkero,
gnod to citotee. st .-:,'. 84 87 13; jood medlnm*,
*l 00: light Yottn, *4 7.'.fff4 80; plgv 84 008#I 75.
Bheap and Lamb Rarelpta lasf 24 iioara, r>,000 hrvi;
total for the \vu?k thus far, 21."00 head: for aamfl
tlme last week. 21,400 head; con?1ipicd tfuvngh. 5.000
head: to New York. IJOO head; 011 aale, 000 head:
market opened ,*low. with downward tendency; oloaed
rfltf dull: best iheep, *4 50" Bo; common to f.lr,
?QSOBiMBS; yoarllngM, *4 752*5 25; spring lahiba,
l0 78Bf7t
CJilcago, Juno 20. ?"The Evenlng Jf*irn*r report* 1
CotMc-Roceipto. 4.000 head; ahlprheoU, 2.000 head;
market moderatelv actlvo, atcadv; no prime atwtrl
on *:Oo; otbor*. #5<;5~83 80; Toxare, fl>2 40?*3 50;
stoefcora, *2 50fc*3?0: cowa, 82JO.'r?3 10. llog*
Rerelpts, 14,000 head; ttitpment*, ?,000 head; uiarkel
iotiv", iiliTlier: common, 4*4 2.'.? $4 35; mlxed atilJ
s, a4 4.',tt*4 35; prlme hnaw and butchof
ta, r4 36.?$4 05; light. ei40?s?4n5. aheap
ItocelpM, 0,000 hwd: sliiutu.'nta.. 4 00O head; roarkot
ai,)w, weak b> low r: oasives, i?4 5o<?f5 |B j Texane,
rH; Wiiterna, 84 oztHH ti6; lambo, $5 50<rf7. ,
.?.-?? ? ?
l-vrpooi. June 20. 4 p. ni.-i?otton?Tbe aule* of tho
dav luifua.d 12.400 halea Aniertcun. ilituro* cUa^dt
Uircly steady; American mlddllng low oilddlltig cnu.o,
June dellvery, 4 18 oliUA ?i,-?4d ; Jnno and July deiiverT1.
1 :'?-'Ha,r4-U-OIU; July and Au?ii?t dellvery, 4 _J-044<i
.iXtvw; Auac/ii ?ua 8)auteax>vr a llveryt 4^4-014:
Altera; 'MeplcmlH-r and October fliifveay 4 88-f?-;rtiJ
4 :<n-iitd ; Octobit and Novembu doliverv 4 4**-6id ?euar?;
Noiember aod Deraniber deliv.rv. i ii-Oid aellers; Decem.
i'-'i- nnd Januarv flaBrary, 4 40-04d aclian; Jai.oary and
Fcbruary flXUerry, 4 aaaSA bu.ier...
UbIvIbIob, J-iue 20.?Cotloii at.ady; mlddllng ffljSI
loi i iiadliur. 7c; K"od ordlnary. OU-; not anl gro*?
rooolpta, 72 httl... : sulea, tii Ijulei; ato?B. 7.7L'4 halea.
Weelily. net and flrro** .-ccelpta. ?.">H bale.,; export* coaeW
wlae. 079 bale* ; .all*, 858 bale*. vplnnera, 58 6al~.
Norfolk. Juti" a0.-4Jottoa dnll; u'lddllng. 8c; net anfl
gross 1111*188*. 180 balee; aal'-s, 72 bale* ; *tock (eorrect.'d),
tt.ios bale*. W.ckly, net and rro** rwcolnu, l.80?ij
?'iports to iireat liiitaiu. 6i'J baie.i; co*atwl*o, 1,003 bale*]
*alea, tititi balea.
.s.n Fiau. '- -ii, June 20, le'Jl.
iy.To-dar ~ YeaterdXT.to-dayi
Alta. _ 05
BulW.-r .15 .4'!
It, -t 1 B'l... 2483 2X0
lt ..ll,. coneoi ... ."3 .75
Chol.ar .1.70 1.73
( .ui Cal * VB.812. 0 73
nt .. 1
Ophlr. 3. u 3_()
l'"toa| ....8 80 I r
mrtgo ........ lai laa
Me.r, Nnala...l.?0 {Jfl
I n oi i.-?n?oi 1 M g.ofl
I'tali .OJ 00
Velow Jackcl..1.80 180
Ciown Pont .. 1 HO 1.40
> COuiinoaw'lth .. .o.j
uould k CnrrffJM 1.40 C'ommonwMth .. .u, $\
Hale x Boro.JxO 1.M \B. Com'wetiKh
Mexlean .-8.18 ---?? N"* J* Q,., en.. .28 .28
Mount Dtablo .2."5 2.23 11. Ile I-],. .5,., .,,0
NaVji.26 .25 II, IM!- Isli... OO .00
-jorots ano ?orn?4je8_
i,* ...\iiiui t co.,
B S7_, J74, 870 Broomeat.,
aod ll_t_4-_/, ?44t-at. aud 7th-aTB
of tho boat c'a*..
Vletortao, Wa.oucttea,
Cobrioleta, PeP?l W-?ona.
Two VjtteAtta, Curtatn Ro._*w_r?.
_.au Phailona, Ex. Top Cabrlolete.
Landa-lcttea, Doa-a-Do-,
Omi-buaoa, Road Waeona,
a_*a-? R.._-waya, Top Phaotont,
Coui* Roekowaja. Iyadie.-* Phaetona,
feBlder Ph-etoua. BuekboaMa,
V..-a-V_.. Viuaao Cjw**.
Lariau., Rutabout-,
Pauev Trap\ Derbv Phaosona.
DotKu.' Wtftoit, Surreya.
D.ctor*' BrouahaiEe, Ct'ldrenja Trap*.
r_orv Duc-brard-, Saxcn Phaetona.
8K( OKD-HAND __:______
Wafor.a. Phaetona. Buckboarda, RocSa
*w% feumya. Fancy Trui;a. Vlcti'r*-.
Laa_Mlat-M, Wagonettea. Carta Dyva
?os, Vlllag* Cart*. Bunhopo Olfa, Stan
?.ope Phaetona. D-^a5rv.afona. Doct- m
Vltmetooe, Ex. Too Cabrloleta. Runabouta,
Caoony Vlrtorla Phaetona. _
am moore. 63 T0 69 H41iH4g.
63 TO 50 WARREX-ST.,
53 TO 59 WAltREX-t.'*.,
at eroat reduction m pricea to mafco roorn
for extena/vo alterationa in buUdlnga. hla
tBconiparable v.rl.ty of
81__le Dl'< 'KROARDS feiugle
Dual IH'i KD<>ARI>S Du-1
Trlple lirrBBOARDS Trlple
-1n tbe noweat dealgna.??_..___
9a___ Carta,
Eaaaa Traps, tc.
j'op luicglea,
llla'-e and Do- Carta,
Ladlc.' Phaetona,
Ftatlo'i Wni_.>n\
l'onr Carrlacea,
ke.. te*,
and an
paajaalM aaaarlataas *of every do?crir>
t ? r
Jl\K\F__S and TIOI-Sl. OOODS.
40?. 408 410 ard 41? Broome-at.,
KSTAl'l.ISHF.D 1845,
_. r.vi aui_i_ii-..ji ioi...
ef everv d"?-rtptlnn.
VICTOfiiA--;, r-BRioi.ET.s. coAr.HES.
Xovcit!"? li. palnt and Natursl Wood.
rwo wm*Ri,Krts, spider pii ??. ftoxs.
POVY CAKTS and mlnlaturo
TRAP8 in ffrcat vart-ty.
DON'T PAY Baoti extra vaga-U prlr.-a for
hame-r-WanU-d M.flOO.OOO j,e.opie to
h. i.i for Btreh't < arrlace rnd Ilamea. Cuto
log.fa: .'arr'-at .a'ortnx nt ln An.erlca. Ad
d c.a J. n. BIRCH, Burllngion, N. J. li*
tabllahed lSftg_
WAVTrn.-A a?!tM aaddle hersa: cuar
antred -ound. young. -ind a:td i> r
f. rtiy a^fc for a lady to r.de; one that
W11 dilv* well : tntitt Ytxvi thr.a- d?v.'
ti-.il. Aliv-a' \v.. Bov 18 Baaitbport, Coim.
Cit_ ncal(?3ttttf _for Sale.
826.000. 8TEVENS -..h-a\.. eoraet
888V-8. : 9th-ave. and lOiih-ht
?iit)JReal Csiote to Cet~
nF.SKROOM -an be obtalned ln Uu
Central Bulldlr.K. Room 331. torn.-r
of Diberty and Weat Kt*., vi-rv d.-s!ruble.
InxniQrtco Qonscs
C2-J-N1_0__8 OB ilt'DsoN.-Bralvi.w
B iotU.ce, i12 Warburton.avt, to n nt,
lu l'l-h<0: f,-. two Bl tl.'..- BMQtha U
)0<>n.a; mod'-ri. ( onv ,ii.-n.e? ; altoatiou eud
Ttyr v!t'.<- BMB eil.-l
^ TATEM 1 .*?_._. \i>^^i'_j-nlahed houa, ? to
aj let; flue vie- ; uo BBB-aullaeB: mt
irieoa. a??..ttaoii i? ]_te. Ai.oli ... fkaxk
L MOFFA'iX, 6S Wall-at., Netv-Voi-U.
(Tonntrn Bfal Cslttte /or Sale
Aotxc'lTFOB MONXCl.Ali;.-D_-_il_n_:a
fc: aalo or io ..t, fu-.u.-.d or uuiur
li.?,uai: lau4 by Uie a<:tt ut lot. 1U_._K_
t TATI'Oii. 5 BtexiuBj.-et.. Is. Y.
Ai roi'V-TTki etoTeTnT v. s
aod farin (70 acrea). at _r.-at nealBaa;
i. iat ho aoid aoon : abundance of fruit: alao
ii.po. sttKh. ut.-nnlia. fur.-.itur be. I aot
much oa-h aeoded. A. A. CNDDRHIM..
l*.eiphk.-<'pa|... X. Y.
IV POBTCUE8TER. 10 Btlnutei from R.
?tit.. I rgi kouaa, ai. .
? (irouiid : atabic; magultii-. nt sinule:
IflBBa to ault D. A. AMBI.1-.R. I'ort
B. T._
OM.V -f&OO ueee.-iry Ui t?,\ oo.- or tiia
largaat. best and baat loeatad Qeoen
Anae ..ottaxus al Bti.aoiil.uril: 1" rooma.
al iu ^roN'ruenU: furnace; 200 feet rrou.
electile road; ront paya Ihe ra-qulred pay
ae-la ar.d Ixtereat; *,ery oaay lern.a; a raro
Jlportc-.t* io .. ?.) an L-lvyant r.--.d-i. ??-.
. ll. 8' BoOXOV1:R, l,'-'<58 3d-ave., be?
tween 53d and 54Ui at*.. Brooklyn.
of 2,4 -ell lm
iK-r e>tfit uy-Hi l.i
_llliTul . ilnmti- ; ex.
r-aaiiea .or,??d.-r._. H. M AIcDu.nald,
D-i.B , 150 Bieadway.
SIO' K .ARM of 2,-aOO i
prov4B; wlll ^.y 10 i>er
.aelBuafi eatromely bi*lliif
Connttn lleal (Esicte (to Zcl
MUlJll BEACH. T< l.-l. txUMUv*.
1-00 ta 8__000: aernt apeelal a_le_. WiLD
Ia.1 lan*e, Long Braaek, B. J-_
L" I KMbHED *-& unfun_,a*ied t.ouaea to
' I f.-r Uie aetaou or v.r , )>oua__ aud
?-r.,? fjr aale. W. H. llALKTKD, Real
?-e??te- and loaorance Brok,-r. Room _8, 30
lBBu__a-ac. K. Y,. or Maaiainiael-, X. T. _
JN BtfBAL part of UrAgi ; ?,<?:
"ii AUgu.t 0 .? .ev to r.lfi.l
fc.rtr. Mra. PACXfcR, 415 Iri_nlaU>n-ave.,
frioxeport. Conn, __
T'O f,hT~At LaiThn*.
8 i-e- u: ,....-, Iaua_i . iu..-; ex??
Jfi.t rui.iiing wat'-r; ahade, flyw.iiiiK a_mb
*r? ; iroi.Qtig bo ind and park ; batlilnj*.
^Sahlfig, aaiIlag; aeen to I aj.|)r.'<-'eit*4;
r?-nt WIJU.T2 -???ouol lat?an.?s of acoaon.
^ M. bi'lVEltS. 15. Eau 31?t?t.; look
Mtal Catole {Danteo,^
ANTED.-A lot not le?* than 40x75
. feet. between Willtaai, Church, lu)
ton ?nd Cliarohrr.a ?ta; po**e*?iou by Mav
1 18t?2. reouird. Addre* with detoil,
Kral Cotatf- _
FDSON RIVER, WoolellWtOfl County
_ and Counectteut tenl ealate. t.. S.
.viu.s, Ji:. 17 la-t ifld-at._
1P YOU aro Intoiealld ln real estate, want
to huv a hon,,, farm, ramh, bubi or UnV
br l:\uit,; lf you want to know what there
Lu ln the tnarltet and full informatlon of the
dlflor-tit bovtlcu* of the countrv, buy Tne
National Inv.etineut Journal. 10 e-nt* per
copy. Addr-*. 4."? Broadwuy. New-York.
Rral Cstntc !? Ctchanqc
BROOKLYN FLAT.-Equltv 8 ,.600 : wili
ex.hawre for .uburban proper.y or lou>.
Send pai-tl'-ulu)*. 11 Wall-st.. Room 51.
_"iats 8a tct. flnf:tr?iatic?>
fTaXCEPTIONALLY de'liaMo apartmant
j avvlooitldK Central I'ark; rent omy
*.,000: poMiasion Atay 1. Apply on prana
l?e?. 1.048 Bth-.ve., eorner SCth-at._
Boarb an& vtooms.
.An BttracUXe 2d iloor. bath, privnto
oPUonal. or wll:*nil loai I ; B88I 6Ui
v-nit - and sitiBlc rOOBIB, trBOBlCfll ur o-r
ii.au. nt; summer prico*; apBrtmenta, floe_
Bic - . ail deoiiatl* looatlw: niniR-.t
icfer ncea _lvm.
li... tmatlon free.
fc. 0. EEEAN'D _ co..
50 W-'?t 34th-st._
PaRLOrT.ooT, with private t~th; otln-i
rooins; axceUOBl tobk-: low prK-ea for
l:.e sumint-r: rcforearo*. 23 Eatt ol*t-*t,
JVOI'.TII fliu.MF.ltCy I'ARK. 1*7 F_?t
17 2lst-at ?Uar.d-oniolv fumiahed room- t.
let; bo*rd II de.lred; partt prlvliOKto; nf
EYERE Rfil'SE. coruer Broadway aad
Houaton at*.?Corqfortable room* from
80c yet day upward ; feduction by week
TH JUDBON, _ _? .... ?
53 WaabJ.iHiou Square?New bul.diup
are iriial- Dosrdlnir house wit.i ho'ei
aei-omr'adst on : eloctrlc bella. stoao, beat and
elevator; term* io___s__n-Mo , MM nu tilen^
5TH-aVE f08, entranee Bo 1 Eaet ftflth.
at -Elegaot cotnor room*, *outl.f.-rn BX
ixwure wiai board: wrlctty flr-t-.-lass; ai*o
?__t___i___r_i___c_i____br gonUomon._
_ a th-BIV EAST, 808.?fleaoaat rooma
14 wlUi or without board; Uil'le board;
term.a roaaoMBblo; refeienee*; hou?e quite
?wall ai.d homeUka_
naiisi.. li': 5 isT, n.-ar i'nloii bquare.
-Well-furnlsh.-d large and alngle
room*; axo llont board; tronalcnU accoonuo
dated; _
i BT!. 80 EAST, near Broadway.
Room* 81 a day 8X1 wcekly, wllh board,
810 un. elfvafc)
TB-BT.. Wi BABT, n>*r Brondwir
_w li'-it d room, day, ei bf; WBaUr,
aitfl board, WOj etevator._
- _, Xli-S .\i:sT.-F>gantly fur
lO elatuil rooma altigly or en auif;
.e.p.rlor bo.rd, Hl. c b.-arders accomiuo.
: .1 d inn i
'-a/.TlI-feT.. 48 AND 60 WEST.-Ptr't.
ZU elaae board and room*. en ?ult? and aln
i-ly; tmt,*l?*it*^d_j_|)uthi;rncr* lnvlted.
,. - 'j W-BT.-Blcdj furnljhed.
yi roo! roouis; aui?rior bo*rd aad atti'tid
rT.io- tm-isi'-nt- aicomn.od'ited; BBBBBBBI
ntea ; : tnbl" I o?^
WF>T 79TB-8T.?Al! So advan
lagr* ol the country rlpht her- ln
Bood cool rcems, with boaid: NflaT
/nrniflhfO Rooms.
X ROOM bi piivate houae near a Rl***
A Tautt-Bau wfth reforeoaeo. iu la^t
121M.-at. ;_-.
P" FTYBICIAN'S P A R L O K s.-O cunl'-d
"n\n\ y,?;> M ?ueh: ?ertW^T?
carpe-_ iaad eurtnlna only. !?5 ?rtt aBBX"
at., 8th aud !?tli-aves.
n ' IUKiMS haodnomely fumiahed, eom
3 , t I. r-ho'iv X^'l"?eT..5.f',.%'_;?nr
?3. ?i. $7. K1RBW _0P. 224 Weat HWX-ot.
|ATB-?'? 148 WfrT, i'ing ouUide -
10 xpartmeat* ol thr>- room*. aloeli I ?'?
iiialiU foi bou?e?*?PUig._
ITs'i1 2T?~ EAST.-Large ?nd HBBB
22roin*'; bZooT'ZA BMiTiaaiiBi Umr
oushh ilr*t-cla>* :__.'_!*'__?;_
aoTH.ST "-02 WEST.-B*1cobt narloi,
28 front - thrS rooma, lurnlaned^ for
kontaakBroUs. r_, 88 28; a?on<Ijpoor, &ont.
fl-or wme, tw. rooma. g:.s, ?J 2o; qulet
parttea, _
CabTIl-ST.. 402 WEST.-Ilaleynv pailo^,
28 bdr-oni, kttehen. Mrc.l?hed B_ **t?
kMipiiig. f*5-5: 8d ioor, ;* rooma, -awe, du
ii,?,.' r ' _
-,?T"-sT. .7 EAST, near P?ik- *
;>i* fu.mali-d ro..m? ..n hr-t ai.o
floor; evi iv luodeni convculeiiee, il-o BBH
?oom top floor. ^_______________
A. Dreeoa* ln -v"*' *'?*? '? '?'?''?
ioti*: shorl noWce. Mn.e. BVAB8. UDJ
Weat ?Jd-?t. _
ARTISTTC DREShM A K I N'f..- 1'. rfct
litlli.g ifjetume*. jaclet* ar.d ?rap*;
iiandaomo drtaae* lor $U. Mmc. OWEN.
"T7i'lISTiC dre*-ii.*KUm ; ptrfe.'t 111 and
A BxIaX, uuique d^*H(ll-; hotail order.
?t ahort BOtleoi _l">da nuri-b-H-d U d<?_*_
Ur* M--ELROY. 62 EVt 0Ui*t., Oi,y??lW
A .?t,o_?,.iii,nt out "f to?-? for wnamer,
AU prHcctiy; .tyltah trunnmr; ?_ar_iw..
HAK! .11, 221- i'-' 4-d ", .___,
|_::i;.'MAK'VI. Mne Tr.ih..id. ??
1/ Weat 40ti,-.t. ? ?uiiii"'- dr--*** . I" J
tillor-mado; ?*ralx btHwo: *burt
D! RI-.-sM '
anl V: ,?..;..! *l I
f.,t ni ?,.-ra.,t.-,d ? .-: ?: ?=? _?;,'
, |k. '.'!? adln o aid .i ' "'-'
for 810' n fe* B?*g_ c.'.oii,, r? U*?u. 14
Fmmi JOt:, ?t ? nflBJ nr?.-d< uy._
V*R|> IMAKER w*i?t and
II l; >r< l.md W_ Wlll '
,-i to luaru ?
u__liig.' ' 114 East SR?tU-?t.
DKE.SMAKEK.-Hi a -..ni ..>? *
it.an vIdo-; would aaa i.t ??m.'i I.-?
-ork or wlth childr-n; country only. Ad
dr__alAra. EMMA GTEVENH, '1,2-7 B"way.
hRESSMAH ER, i 011 ,.-?*.- i *
more CBBtomara n. i.rivat. fanilll.
rif.T'ii,.-; w.uid go in lbe country for th ?
aunjner montha. A. K.. Iiit W
t"| IR-.T-C._A88 di - 3 .
gua*ai.t?(i. L. A. MII.I.KK, S9S Eaat
FIBBT-0LA88 drea.ir.a_.-T, verj itrlMi,
wl-h.-a n.oro work Bl bet ewa BBi a.
1>A) Weat 4.Mh-aC_?_
LADIES1 TAII.OR aod drc-srnak*r: 18
yeaia' i avarleoee i j, ?i-f. 11 i \o\ i i
Ui.-'t iMl : tli.- tulta, 86 np. B. KAI,
LAO] , rt Jutt llth-at., neai -th-avc.
M" ME. O. M. DURRAND Parlalar, drra*.
maker. iu w-?t 19_v?_-XSetent per
lat?I .'vlc-: -).- tka **
SF iXtSTRl 88 ?,. j d-..-;r,:,:..r
_ f.w ii.oio enatomen h day; flraCclnaa
Ut and -tyl -.. Mm.. __Al... J4 _#?la__oa
YOUNO MAX, lateTv from Europe, havtaa
!'.rn?d drea. iKi'king thoroughly. wonld
ll):e r-o'l'lon a_ uutter and tn.ter. Addr-* .
KLINKG.L, Jeweuei 481 Bth-are., n'kl.m.
Sneiness Cnanrca
BAEERY BUSINESS far wile (o.d
Htaod); 810.000 roali aal.-s luft vcar ;
uo bonus ask.-d. Addr.as A. D. DEAN
a'itv, Seranton. Pena._
t'ARO engravlDg juid prlntina bu
' for ^ale. 103 Vlllton-at., Rooai 8.
F*6_. SA-B. \ raluaole pataat, appU.
.-a.lo to all rallroada. I .'? 'tj.-i par
tlerflare addreas Mr. WILSOX. 1.889
(^UH -SALL.-A valuaLle newlv l-"..-e pat.
BBt for a uWul lnveiiUuii. AUdi-.-__.
KINXE, Tribuno Oi'l-.i.
I? ' i; 8A__E Baal dtna auvi.d la Loui_.
I Vll'e, ICy. : n-Ilt lo**; 1,'lali.r-- r.V-1.,
vitying 20 ix-r cent on Inv.???*.!? i.t. Addr -
J. 1'. liAR.Nt M. Loui?vi;ie. Kv._
("? Uo.ERV on eor.ier for .al-; Invotlra
X tlOB kjvit.d. Call oo Mr. MAPES, of
MaPewell Plerce, 270 Wa_hln.iton.a_
HOTEL aad BAR-ROO*. at H :
Oonn.j l_ rooma, all furnlahed; prlce,
B1.500; elear Ing 8200 monthly; central : foi
: ?t. II. C. BREraFEUDI K I CU., Now
Hav...., Coi.n.
1HAVR an bmuk I fo
want eapltal to _lBnuf_.tare ai.d i.nt on
the murk'-t. k., in.x 16, Tribune oflic-.
R____AURaNt FOB sai.i: \
eai: aad taaka aaer, 1,028 Qai
corner Broadway, Brooklyn,
SMABT, PU8HIN0 Man. wlth 81,800
to li.vmt, can buy a bu*.|n>aa wbleh
wlll u?v larv> iirofl'a, and < aa. be greatly
..tond... Addreaa M. A.. B..x i;, Tribune
TAIDOR STORF. for mle on aerount ?f
otber bu*ljie_f>. Addl s> 1*. . 4_7 Oth
ave.. Brooklv.t; no aaent...
wlth 820,000 to 880 I 00 Ir an < tat.
li.hed wholeaale leaf tobaceo b<ialnea... I'rii.
< 11_r? 1 - only addreaa WATEIVST., Tribune
Jbx Sale.
ANOTHER l7*Btflp mlirarAtm parlor oraan
atcoat: 100,000 Bi - pliuioa
iu Uae; eaialogu. f-... Address )>\\IEL
. . i.i-.ATl'V. <S'a?l.lngtoii. X. J. _
AT _U_DLCi.CD PB1CH-8. 800 ee.:o..d
hai.d **..ou a. d ir..... aroiklag u.... a;
;_.!-. g-urau-i 8, .l-ci.1i.n oou_.'.t a.." ex<
tEanaed. -l.citUE B. EliDV. 8.3 MaJ
.On-: V r _
iii;Ai'Tii-ri.LY tiiii.h i plain -.??
R-.ir ftn>t latl.f awlaaa '.) Inehea, wlta
roat, ebaeka, l
plcte. Apply Xo. 17 Cwiur-at., r
FOR BALE.?One B8-I .? l_ noward *
Marae Exhauat Bloaer, nearly new.
EDW1N IVES. 22 Howard-at.
GllANME UCvilRV I'.H .ALE.-Tbe
uuderaigned hao a grn.i.u- quamr at
llo.nnida Bridge, COBB. whkh ha -
to ?ell, or work witli aon.e eellaltla palty;
?toi..- of llne (l'lali'.y nnd .'.-. 't
llENKY I'EX.MM.JO.N, Beyuolda liiidse.
SAi-l-'.S.?Large stocl ? iebrattd
flre and l.urylar i rool ul
nuintjer of K?roiid-li?tid -afe-i lt. clt] ,
ataudard make^; very U.\- ' li.
moved, utord. ?o!d a.'.d .s Mus.
I,i;U BArB OO. eor.'.-r 10t?i-at. and B'way.
lNVlAI... - V ,'
T~ ELESCOPPS?We lnve aeveral ujh t I
e-foiH-- od ulmiu ?ul equator i
they wlll be ?old 1<-- than r . ?'
PIBE BOX, 12 !.?? .:
cok-ng cf*l; eq-;.l t ? COBOel'Vllle.
drcas V. B. All( HER. Part rab irg, _
onilnarr: ii"U-t I' - '
Ccavrtptloi nnd prl..'-. QEOKUE ? REIfl II
llox :il fi buae Otrlce,_
UNRIVAI.LI!. BARll VIN?. -- Moi.a.'.'
tai ? rlov. , ?: Layall"' <._?
Wo.; ail-I.n'i. han-kerehlefa U>. : Uoyal
BUrrlU. 78 j.il . JAJIMES, ?0? Broad
whv and 13 \v?ei 80th-at._
1**1 M"bTiFX_7asT pataaola and cai.es madj
J to ord.-r. recovered acd repair'-Q. al
SPEXCRR'S 270 OMi-ava.. 1TU> a^J.^ ?_?;
WANTED \ -Bcoad-hand
hoiKi . .v.id prlce, dii..-"alona aud d<
tiiiis to V, IL t . Irlbuno Offlce.
lodland dog;
. S. i 'IX. IlM P.'..
Tribune .'.lu.w.. <??)'-? ??'?'^ '??""?''"??'
ttlj CDiintcd.
M .lea.
.. hii.a tl.e aerrieea ol ?__a_4?ak- u.an
wlio ia a p-rtnaoeot f. Vl.it of o<
town: *70 llionUilJ i r?'l( "!'l." ?
l?rnnnoi luU-r.ou.ae n.-i-.-aaary; no ._ttera
TUKlNtl OOMPANT, .;" i1. ado-al. _
A Trr '.".
u>Alu. elp I .r... i. -1 li'- M.n
y..Rh *CT,
760 broadway. .oi. ?ui-?t.. fn
Gi __N?.KAli aVd hPECIAL .'.
t nuw lairltor) *?aj.t"d : ct..u,-wt ln.
kno r. . o I] -i aaao-ament* total
_insc 1885; all cla!/..? Paid : bt*w It
l, -.-\< tuA re-jx-n llJie in.u.a.?-....:,' ilb
- i t^ir...; lurrsajMjndonca Hiviicd I'.UV
IOENT A.D WflETY. Portland Mo.
\l l/rr.ui 'iLiXAX a'.F.xcv maaj
.?! ,-at_l,ll.al._d. reliata.ai.il ?
ful ln placink mnn lu gooo i->aOioi.a: or
d-ra ccntUiually condna ln f-ir aJi Idada <*
. i.i: mtU'-lUi attei.tl.ii glven l
.-. i itaN
_A-y_ll-NX AUENCV, 710 B'way.
_fielB CDciiite*._
JFST OI'T. ?Mo-t -.i.iid.rf'i'. advertlalng
d. vlec ever known : a. ils lo .\
ihaut and mauataeanrflr; -^l, ndid Hmjiioy.
.<lv work; cacloao .taiap.
\RC 0 Mi'.'.. ii- , Rxolna, WT*._
tcat man
;v ta,,- eharge ?>! Uie boot:, ?t.d aooonnt*
oi a Foreign romjalnlnn iieua*; ,ui.
Uioruugbli Mnramnt wiii, aceount. and
brlnalng higbe-l r-f r",,? i,""l apply. Ad
_ __
W; I whlte
ii.aie walter*; countrv hotol; aeo
ard I -n 10 ai.d 11 ?-. m., i'J
\x? ant. Irrgoodi n
Ir houae. a l ???: xho
reaido* "Ith hla parontfl ln thla ,-I'y ,,r
Brooklvn. Addn ?, **th f*
WANTED, i!tin-.,:i.i.'.'l.\ . 2 Itlll
i? olirUiat and R1 met); i,,o I raa
,r,. nr*t-ciaaa tarpo!
Iddn -- w. 1 - i.m.i.u, luhway,
V ?'?______
\V' tNTED.? 8ai *men on *?:a?B' or eom.
II BUMIOQ to baaoi* Mi New Patent
Chfjrlcal Ink Era.ln*. i'eneil; th.: gruat".t
leliln- Bovelfly timt jjodncod; arxaea ink
tborouuhlv la two ,e''0i;d-: uo #br??loi. of
|..J, ,- 200 to 800 per C.'.tia protl:: DU'- atent'S
i*rc? aii.otintcd to *.;2'i lu *lv da>a; anotle'r
t'32 ln two Boara, Wt w?nt one anorpeU*
t.eueral Ag-nt fer eieh fltaV tnd Terrlt-iry.
li term *r,d f-tf) narticilara addrai
Crofat. Wi*.
COork CUnntcl.
d. i-lr*.* Il(.'lit einplov.'.ent for a home
' .lurlun thc sumniur monUi*. Addr u
I S. R. S., YouK.r., N. Y.
Pi I'li.s :, . Ui.truetloo ujk.u Ur. gflltar,
by a hlahly BompKeat tcacher. Ad
?.?*.* ChriatfU Aid to Employirwnt So
CJoty, 50 Ulble Hooao._
?~ Poidtloa d.-ait.d i,y a lady la oftio-;
-ularv not ao niU'-h ao objoet a> exucrieiice.
a., 5I_ Maalflon.**.., B-o iklyu.
1 L.Mu.KAl'H! -its bl'PPEl??
:r, Buklnua. Man
lalthou* cbary" to eitti'-r party.
:i.7 Broadway, Bea-York.
STENuUH W'llFR. - YoiiiiB indv, .
iiraduaU.l. llomlngtOB or Bammond
:'-r.:.,i: BKMSrate Ka'.jrr to gain exp.-rl
?K . A.l'lr -- Mi? A. R.. .'177 Ith-ava
Y' OUNfl LABT '1 -'.-??? I
wrlter; BBTClOpe, ?n.d wiopp I
?ii.? .il good a- -e-i-i ntant: wfUIng to
Ui duMea apjiertalulns to oiii."-. Addr
1,184 3d-?v".
Ubrk OOantrD.
*.tn a rep.itahie pl.y-lct?u, wlaejv he
.-.iu have Ihe prrrllega of atudy; antiarri'-' |
.,:,'. i: Ba I.'. Tlibune
AS EDCCATED V'I'Vi, M.'.N (20). do
hi.? I po*ltloa l ??' tlrm,
uf advanc-n,nt; ha* had tui-i
,,... ..?,,, 1.1,.... ,:,,,:? itnud* I," >kki
wii.i.iAM. 621 Bfyrtleai Bro u.-.u-_
AI'Oll SQ M vN '?' IW. i . . ?. eaperl.
_ In un
'..r tv.o ???,):?. tO taKe Ui* platO of
hii abBMlt ni-'ii l'i r on ii" VBoatlon, or a
?ir l,.,i- |?. .tli,.,. a,. f.rnihii .Mod if
.'.. )'?. frl
AN _Ml iiCAB
bu?T-."? expoi ? BTllar, qJlek
HiKl acrurata; blrhmt K?Umcnlal? fo: hon
characU-r. AOdroaa M.
t MMEllCl-M. rk'AV-LU ?
-'V j ? .
trav-Hlna I I
?i:i hanllc a r
i. '. i. 17, Trlbiin ? Ofllce._
AO '.il N'lS . j
? ?? I '
.,.? ,tlon* mad ??? J ..- i- * ,;,'.l ?''l
"i.k. EAPI 't
IKi\ & J
VX AI-; IAN1C; hotel <-r
? now
in any eapa.lti A1 r.tr. ,???-. WM. '?!. _.,
3 I2th-*t., N'.v-I... .... _
\YOUNO Man' - ? lt - or
. 'IV. Addrc** J. C, la BflW.
_ ____-_?__
\, | . aceurato ,
A an.l rapld pei , an wl
?"?il:^ na::?:
[il i?,.. - ivor button Bfar
ariabxfl paaltlou: aavanee beat r.-f.-r
,.. ce s i . Box lt'. Trlbune Ofllce
ARTENDF.R in j young man I
, th,- biuini-*, , neat n ?up ar^u r; wlll
, ailJ . t ol r-'-reiii-e. Call or
?,,'.." I DWar6uaREBER. e*reol Noh
-,\ -t a??;,-'_
B0OBKEE1 *? fBK ?jUh"" ?
?ltua-.i. . M '?'- '" *'e
pearanea; *obei ;uid reltyble; ,
Call or addiva* li. V. M-, earo Nobiett. 101
Woat 4-'.tii-at
BAI. l.R .- fi,r??..a.-i <>:? cood .<?? o)irt-hjiid
...i sa klnd* i.r .t?'.. _'?;?"?' *?'?*'?
?,v ?,,,;. \\. IT.Vsv ,'. ill H.-l J-.l'J.-t.
nOOKKKEPEll ;..vft- or ontil
ia..., axnt. poaltlou wliu a I
,,., run :-:, ai BBfarta - ? aaariaB
i. K. ii_
H~7jvK~T^.?'- ? ?"*"? Uioronanli
aoaliflrd ??? ? - :
,jt, /.,,,,. iron im-r.'tnut. and l-cKera.
u* I* ii'.i i.r- -ju"a, r-_:,I'???
? ev,, r ??? and trtiat, Add.e,a
A. D., 181 Wa*t 'Jl "'
l> UOK'K ? ?:?ntr, po.
i -ntV t-rlaa*; *o.
, . .r.i BB-aar
<Ve. Iil0iikl.il.
"Vookkoeplng. ol - <*'?_*$
_J<.hi relei'i.'c*. MOI.lOi*. laox ii, ii"
uu* Oflle*_
I '. a.rtmenl or fa.tory
huildina ..? ioo of h...... rar* *?
l'i -iiy p? ' :' '?":; WLu"t
__ _
1> ?iw??tt: tr.actd^e uliop i
*'dr?. ... '? IM !?*-?'?. Hobo
A.Idr ?a UluOllUE PAliLL
f.'J.N. ttt 4tb-a'.v.
CUorri CDonteo.
Ai.Yi'TtrrsrvF.vT^ for ttte sew
No. I 238 Lr.adwav. corner Thlrty-flmt-at.:
1 MO Hr- '.d-bv, >.-urn_r 2_:h-at.. until 9
lt. bi. ; '-'70 Weat Twcntv-thir-.-t.. corner
-Ifc-ave.: i6-' Ufh-.v.- ; lo_i Pourth-a*. j..
ecfasi I'oorte n-.lk-.t. : 700 Tb!;_-ava.. cor
ner Forty- e e..t..-.t.: 1.028 *rhli_-_ae.. neai
-..xt -ivr-t- _t. : 1,708 Hr?ta\o.. 100 fti-?
F<. ty te?o d-_ . 1.0- Co.uml.u_-e\e.;
1,170 Xli.U-a-.?.. <?? ne- Tl -it.; CO
J._ iiv?t. .'._ Aveaua a. 1.323 Thlrd-.ve..
Cmaa; _x
' rell -nt f t .-?.!? - ? 1. ?- irge ol an
olhea foi ti. - tuninK r. aad de?lrw
__ iu hi. ? ? anderatanda -'
ng, Addreaa J. ti.,
|.*_3 Rh-ave._
CIt. a young man of nat appear
> anse; tober and rellable; beat refer
1. ?? < ail or addr--fl T. CLAJU-, can
/ manager wanta a po-ltlon asmanaverend
ib, botnl or reataurant:
Addreaa CATERER.
I'ho ul- 1 lub. It'.iralo. -.. v.
Dri \ I.i; ? Bj .. inir.i.-.l man a
bulchar or -auhinin; tef. rcncea. .vd
draaa C. '?? Di'Wls, UM Buaawlck-ave.,
IBICTAT10NS TAKEN, eopylog of all
\9 klnds dooa Bcaurately and q
t irenlara d''.f>Kc.-.u-it al $?> a tliotiaand:
w-apper* ami env.-iop.-n Bddreaaed and
niallcd. pnpila 'o-iiflit. Bt the TVl'i.
\'. p.i 1 v.Y. 1:1 BEAD, 1:1:1 BlWe H
L*ixpF.ltT alenographer -
1- it?ties poaitluu i.e priTBtB acer<-tur;-:
baa n-v.Til yeara' experlence; ran fnrnlsh
Ui- .??? of referenr ?.. Addre-a KXPERi
l _Z\ I>. ri bun. Ofllee._
ORi'O rLERtf. i-nlor, d-Blrea poaiMoe;
fnur reara1 o-raertaaae; good reeonuceo
dations: countiv pr-ferr-d. W. A. G.. 10
st^\ena-at. _B_tbar~. Ooon. _
DSuVeR 11 1 young o.-rman: whole.
aal. Ilquor ai.d' trtne hou-- i,r-_.-rr.-d.
A. KNgEI.HARDT. 187 Soutli 3d *t.,
Brooklyn, K. D.
?,"? LKVATOK.RD N ' iTrT^Bv a rellable'
I i ii _n : und ral 1 ..:? hla buatn
...ivl.'.v ; anhn nnd r I1at,l<- : h.. t Ot refer
;. - < . -- M. DE-IMSO**,
? ,r ? of Nohletl 101 M lat I3th-at.
Iji.VOlKEER. I'l ral -ii --~ .1. -iniaT-aad
i BHublnl*!, al-o ?t.?ri:1t?r, da.lr.-a poal
tlori U. _0 i.-ara' experlence; aequalt.ted
wlth the KdlaoQ dynaBM ean do all r_jx>ari;
h..? IihiI ehargo .-f Lri* eoglaaa m faetorr
bm n.ui- tunptaate; baa Al referenoea.
A.ldre*. J. K.. 3. Dlvl-lon-Ht., Drooklrn.
J!*BOIBEBB, a_e _.. wlahea Mtuation ;
* 12 y.-i,ra' a.perlenca; a:i do hl_ own
: ...ira. M. F. _>.. 24 Cannon-at.
IJH Dt'CATED voune man. German want*
j atuatlon ln a llne prlvate famllv.
.! aaa l"iv ICE 187 3
tf n'i.im: k ..nd machtniat of K""i i.a'>
r* lta. ._ Mara' experifnce, fatT.Iltir wlth
elevatoro and .Ivuan.oa. Al -
poaltloo. Addreaa EXGINEKK,
>JA Md-iiv.-.
ii'.it afi*Tj:\"5:rivTir^jran~eT'
i p. ri.. . -.-.'.1 ? B_ a; artm.c.t
...Udlng; W.-reneea. J. F. SMlTlI, 71
f. NOINEEK or I.XOIXI'.ER and J.vXl
. TOR.?16 yeara liceneed: rellable :.ed
L l.U.l'OE, 00 h|.r:ug-at., eara
IJI I.. . i IlICIAN I'ovag n.an want* po?l
a tl.... as ajactrlelan and engtnrer 'n an
.?'.??"trlc llfht plai.t; ean alan do wlrlu?:
rRlO, Bob '_0, Trlb.
. ? EBY 1 i.i: B ng man 30
XX yeaia of ng' -. n*a* BpMaraaef: _adar>
-tuti'I- bla i.ii-iu. as thorougnly; wiiLik :ih<i
'?l)l!;jini_ . Call or addrvaa
? i,f Vol l.-tt. 101 yVwal I8(
/ - K"> : :. . IT.' i ? ?? i- O.-rnm.i
a g i\M..t. al -r ? 1.
,- ?OUIlt.V. All.lrvaa II t' IU
MA.VN Ml.V, R, .3 >.<? -:."-?t . J.r-ev l.ilv.
V J _
J. .; ? :, ?
t'.ti man; niiOvritanda ?teani-ii'*tlng.
.ri.. ind tai. r ib an ? l< ?
v.-.r-? '-. Ml NN.*')'.'. 8 -d-st.. Hob.k.1..
V. 1._,
M\R-;: ti.tlan, wl-!.<* alti.a
;, ....... .... 1
iibbiN r of yi ???'- ; - * * iiimit aroraei; no
. -, tfpil 1.1. ' l' lh ave.
n rolO '-d '.onn.* -
neat In . best referen. 0. (<-.Il
adrtioia' wTbOWRV, cara Noblatt. 101
rjTosITlO! I a? a?1<?u-?n. n.oal ..t
1 travelllafi no bo'.* <anvu??lng; good
..-f.-r-nc.-a. .*..].'i-a ll. C 11.. lfi_ Nortli
'?'.--t., Newark. S. I._
P)H".--a\i\N iir BraUclBM ruan for cyl.
ln _ -i 01 Oorflofi; long rxperl<_nee; luie
wotk i.f .. . i'l. 1 cuttlnf; nod*
arate waaaa. W. p., 828 [lenry-Bt. _
1I11ES.MA." hl'-ab-aia
picaan *ork ?u.it attua
. tt; eltar ot tountry. 8TEAN, Bov 7,
Trlbun. Offlco._
P. l; , Ft or DKiyi R.-l?> a younj: man
.-I oxui-rlcni i).
111 ? v i'l .lt. _'.' Madlaon-at.
7'TI'FWr.lT17."i> done at ?hort notico;
prl.e 3 1-S centa a follo and work gua.
_nt_,Kl; r^ttrenee- glvou lf d-*?!red; corrc
H.ondir.co lOllcltco. Addreaa 0. B.
? BEL I?'-.- - ? r 87_U or: ?
r*.YV1 vgRI Fljfil :i 1-8' 3 follo; naalfold
I - hair pi' e. WM. II. 1IA1.1.. 10
I "t: - _ Pl. n._
fTPllOI-STKRER By B-v-d uphel'terer
\> nnarrlt-); undeiBtanM ?o?irwhat of
caMaeVB-Bklac: t. m n. ramiiai. f'.>n- tn
-.-..ral v.ara; r f.tct.e..-a. .-YFIEKTH. v4
.efteraon-at Howc-a. .'.'. J.. top tlt? ?-.
Lj BttFt'L MaX My ?-".'.
;i,d <>f u?rk: f..ii > edurabd: liaa
ih--: . ftr rtf'irencea: ctty or eountry. Pteaa.
11 [3d at_
Wiad 1 _a_-f
tl.-ma... a_r? 3_. a po?Itl?n aa
Ior a fan.llr irolne ahrnad, and wonld al?o
liav.- th>' ear?. o>
I rench ; .iii-\ . pt.. tiahlo tef'r- :ic?. Adorc ?
\\rA'n IIMAX. -in j n. .:.'?-,:>d Am.:
1. eaa, oi tur bbbIUob of Iraal where
f.l'lifumea*. i,.i:,,- ?', a:nl ai'brb tyar* n
ciircd :
Braaawlak, N" -.
U*! - Kl.Jt ^A ' i_une n.an. flrat."
?? etintri V Idi - W \ 1 BMAKEK 180
v j.
\?t am . ra-Bl'J.
aT or a1
a.u_; f -en-Ba, aeourily. J. I., !
Win .r^hlteefa offl'0
: -rlenc. d draughUir.an. X J I; .
Trtlrtiu* ..n,-?.
?j_,!j ...?. AOil . L_.
_tl_UUM Ulli.C.
UUine??, i,.,:, tl. it are re
? d ." r. ci.-.,- i-f .11. ? ? -. ytara'
_li,a fi..m nt*.?fa: ?
-VIlM -
Itbrlt ajunteo.
WATf'IIMAN or I'ORTER.- By n Oerm*n
?nry or hflBlnaa* bbbbj, or amful.
maa in klttfhwn. 1. K IM Cbn
YOl'XO MAN. 20, want* po.itlon a*
ahlpplng clerk. W. J. L, te/J llud
.?on-it. _
OUNY MAN oi education, best of
raferencca. would a.-cilpt poaltlon of
any kli.d. BOOKKF.F.PER, Ho.\ bi. Ttlb
aaa Un -n OO ?. 1.888 Broadway._
VrjUxi] M Qg wi.hc* Mtuatlon to ?a *? n
i rai work In factory; best refemncei
B7 All ?1--1,..
man ls de
YOL'NO MAN (24). dentre* rltnatlon;
p< ?,. ni ,-i l'i lilppln i arul ?
? ,.,; !. nutfker. W. R . 197 Kast 7*n-'.
Yi'i n,. M> N (2ft), wUhe* po*Itton
. edueatcd bualneaa
?Ircd : l-O'kI ai'lil.i. aj.'i Well up IB m
ehBhlea und drau ,, i/.niii advHrSlso
?.rl:,: w'.th illiiktiatloti-, Iv i??.
y" .tlon **
r for a liiialn.-** hou.se: f-'Ood ref"
141 Wa*! lOto-al,_
Y'-iV; M i. \ j'. want* a sir.natlon a*
entfor nf gent'i RarmacU; I* ? ?,??:.
rirauglituaan, Addrea* 81 Waahlnatob-at.,
.. N. J. _
YOUNO MAN. Sfl, wlll make htmaeif
Keuerall" uaeful In ollloe for hls boird ;
cood wrtter; gor.d reforenccs. Addro**
c s. a.. Trihutio Offlce.
VACBT. Flrat-ela** I-'r -i '
? ?'(in on vaelit: b"*t -?'-.-? ie,
Writ-. ouly, OLIVIER, -110 Wi it 80th tt.
? pyki
Domcstic Si'.iuuia.ifl tU.intrb
uuder.tiuid* eare of liorse*; would
make hUuaell gerorallj u?eful; ?iie plaln
cook or general huuhcwork ; elty ur eountry ;
good raoraaoa. Addrt** james. mi
______ kei-at. _
Ai Ot'NO, r.-li.hle tjwedo wantw attnatlon
lu prlvate famlly; city or country. Ad
dree* ADOLF, CBN of Dlto Bengtaoii, .01
Eaot :oth-?t.
t'TI.I.!:. itv thorougliry compct"nt man ;
neat ubout tlie hoy.e; good table uVco
rotor; Amerleau and Europ'-an reference*.
(ull or addreM BUTLER, eare ol Nublett,
101 Weat loth-*t.
D UTLXR ur VAl.ET.-~a rellned young
' ' tnau ; I'r'iih, Enxltsh and QflrmBB
keu, w.-H odui.tcd; be*t ci*v refaranr**,
adflrea* J. _., oara N'uUctt, loi
Weal liih-.t.
BUTLER.?By a flrat-cla.* man ; 35 yeam
ef ago; in_t iu appeaiaBoB. aober . -i
raUable; be*t of ref -retit-ea. tail or addre**
Noblatt, 101 W.-st 45th-__t._
BU J I.I .11. Mv yon 11;- HWOfle, ipeeklng
luigll.-.* ; good cook, nat,her aud Ironer;
wiRlng. ohlIgini< and ITURtworthy; cltr or
i-ountry ; boat of refcrencea. Call or apply,
357 tth-avo._
BUTLER.?A gentleman i?avTiip tlm eli)
di.lre. to aecuiii a poaltlon for lila hut
lor, who la alao a capabl* vnlet; ??uu *urvo
,, r ' apaelty. Call or addatx* 34 Wi*t
t'HEF.?By a Freneh eooKi uoderstaoda
i paatry l.:r*axia; ?ober; L,e?t ,-f r.
ence?: emall hotel or club. E. URIBE.
227 Weat 82___*t>_
ti OA< HMANz-Bv ? flr
' man: ~~.-r. l, aeal uaeful and aMig
Call or addr.*,* W..
10. W -i _
Ci-ai IIMA.V ? By yo.iuK uiarrled man:
Ba '?-..Udren; andenund* i:-. buMn?m
ihoroutrlilv: wllllnfl t<? make blu.?"lf a-n
nrally aaarXI; laat usployer ean i?- mm;
,-itv or rountry. Addre** w. Boi 2C:i.
1 238 Ur
I'-m HMA.',' By LiiiiUhhii.Tin : uinler:
* ', al* bnaln* - thoroagbly; good
rld-r; toterul f'.tivir: ulllln^ to _?-!-t al
anvtlilug reaulrad; be.t eltv and eoui.U-y
lefercnce*. t all or addreoa 3*7 llliave.
OAI IIMAN or OROOM.?Sltuotion want
,i bj ..'.111-/ nai i ? eoxahmaa ...
ii prlvate fun?fy; Hist-ila,a,
..' *?**.
CMAN_By iu ; thoi
ouehly utidei.Un.U hls dut! *; aluuie
J.'.fl !? i. Add I* R. 11., HO l.uat
C'.'A, IIMAN ? Bj a yoUBfl colorad n.an ;
Brat-elu*. r'-fe'-eii'- a; cTtJ of COUIltOT,
Addrea* & B. aiCBLEB, White PUin>,
B. v.
Ct-.\, MMaN. Bltualton aa coaclnnan and
hanuy man ubout ho..,-: ,-,,ior i. .\,(
dre.a or inn-iir,: pMMBt eniplnj ,-r'h, 1,421
Lf-lo gton-a va
(i OACHMAN.?By tonipetefit man; flrio>
j cla.s refe'uni-e f~mi 3-.i ijoutli Portiand
iv, D. W. McWllllam*, or COAl UMAN,
.-: iij,t:--f.. Brookyn.l _
Ci OA( ii.M.v.\.-A hidy learlng etty deslrc
ill ,-. -ii for her ,,i'iiii.aii; Engliah
Proteatant; Ah year?' city reh r-iict**; don't
ttand KUtdiiiliie. l'EXITE, Ao W.-t
CiTj v l!M W.-By Am-Ucan P,otcata.it,
2'.; unduatanda tli' car.- of llne koNB*
?r-.i eft] or ,,,un.
try drlvei ; hMt-el* ' Iiiu laet
eiutUiyer. ?Iio ean l^e ?eeu. CUAKLKS
0VERBA1 "U. Hi W'__?t i:?.st._
i_'.\KM!.r. ER-Manled mao
l ni.he- p.?ltion to lake antln charga ot
o yent:. i.?i. . pla.?; undeiaundh flov.tr*.
lawi.h a.,1 Hl L'tas*; Wlfe uood bult-'r
niafcar; w!..h.. a t,,*i;lon by July 1: with
.11 i? f.-r.-i'i-p irou. former an.l lu-t am
Pjoy-r. Addr? W H II. MO Ea.t 31at-aj
r",-- Ai'.AlJ... I'.fM'SKM.jHKER.-lly young
a, rr: <l Qemiaa coup'.e. no tamlfr ; nn-i
BBdrratanflfl Brmlng. mllking. u.efui-nvwi;
wife go?d ho'i>ewor;;e: ; ean t*k< i-aru ol
gNitleman'i j 1 *- . XpB_ or c*l! 857 4tu
a\e. U'.i.is i OOtli *t*._
('ARDENER. m -.? rlaaeod mar
* ii-.i bm two ehildti'ti; taorongXly
mi. ,l~ . .re ui grevnnoxa*, ;?<,-?:.,uw.
maperloa, brult*, and v- ^etib.e gaiden. aud
?I a geiilleman's
pla. ? . , ... At2di**a UV li
MAN. 21 AahburWa* ?_?*_?: v- v
CJARDENEB and F_ORl8T.-By ainflla
I ? ' ? rinttii on try pia-i.';
?i-rally uvful *i>out hou.e :
bol and bia . niploytr
- .1 s , Bo\ 3'a, Trib
?me Offlee._
(":*~a,-o_'lill?ai ; rullj
? a-tent i:i y.\ 1 rj.v ; :
?>1,\.\, ll ? . _ _
(* ARDF.M l. ' ik ltl*:i ;
eful; t ii prlia
..' -a. ( _
*l|y uwf-il lu , ,ui.:r. ")/ i
/ ?
* I
i.lanl*: ali, t.? i ;',:..' ?f ii.-lvatu aardeii
1 M.r--,'' ENOLIbB U.Ul
_I_\ER. u.a L 'lrlbuuo ufbiu.
Oomestic tltuatlons t-Jantei.
rXVAMD ATTEXDAXT er -.at.hman
u-utie. altuatlon ; younK n.an, iC^j n-al
iu auu-orjaice; be?t itfarrnree, c?'l or
addreaa ll. C., care Xoblctt, ioi w. i.vji-at.
ANIlOR.?Hl I t_w.de, 28, Bl liasl.tBtll
...nltor; trllllog lo take a hand al any
r f.rencoa. J. P.. Loa
t'.__?; tti-t-i-ia...
_, Tr.bur.e Oflko._ .
MA8 AND WII'E wlsli a sltuatlon ; man
iia tc. ral tirni BMoager : li.ati._L-s
gardener; able to take car ?f hoiaaa ai;d
i:.lla ; wife to tUn<- .iiurge ..f itairv ; Oesi of
rcfotencoi. t .11 or ad-r fa* M McKENXA,
?:?? NoblBtt, 101 __> t I.Vl.-t.
Mali; n:...;? ... aUab-nda atat fraa al
<__r?e oa r.":elpt of ord.r*; i-ftraneu
;n.-e.il|?aoed; good and oBCPBienl t.elp oon.
.titillv oii hand. NODLEIT, 101 Weat
<i'li .1_
Sl'OTi IIMAX wlahi - ? "ii a tft'ii
tleman'a place; honeat aud obllguig.
Addraaa u.. U
Si EV. aiu. Wanted. aiiuation In hotel aa
aaawar. ...il itor kecp'r, i..\ n >:. and
wifo of many years' e..i"-r-.-n..-: elty or coun?
try. Addreaa c. A. I_1_.ES, 77 P-ltoa-at,
Lj t'MMEB 15 BU ROPE?College profen
i"5 aoi, cxn.ri. i.ied travell.r,
1 ien. li iu.d "(.. ti....... "r.-ircs )*o>ltlon to
eatort l<oya or _el.ct Mirty abroad. Ad
drt i \. V.. Ilox 13. Trlr.ti.i-- Ofl)
SCABU N i V. 5? I ????''- - :? BQ : -!>le
to drive; B d,-r.ta'.da hla l-ueloeea Hior
fiichly; bc.t ref.-rem-ea. Call or uddre.o,
ioiix xoi.an, care Noblett, ioi w.at
i.-ouplo: man /cii'-rally iia-fnl ; tend
hor.es, co-.\-.. garden; haady-man; wife to
c'-o'i araah and Iron; ni- t-? :a-a referaneoa.
Call or addr-s.. RluEit, car.- of Xu.leti.
1 )l Weat l..tii-?t.
Ii KKFi'i.-M.v.N. By good ateady Gennan
I Prote-lant: neat about Ihe bouae; (roo.I
appearance; v-ry wnjln-- ai.d OOllglna; eau
furulxh th.- be-t of rEfeVence* rio.u .-o-.d fam?
lly. BLOYD'S, 138 Oth-ave
V' Ai.i.'i .r BUIXER B. tfaiaj yoaag
n.an; apeak* four lanfuafca; uiillng to
tr.iv-i; i;oo.| reference. Afldrer-a C. .*?-., isr
of Mr. ilooay, 1. Broad-nt. _
ll/Al'J'l,.lt.-?- a riiunu '.-olored man;
XX rtrHt-claK-: prlvate faml'v prefemd;
ri-r.reiic?s glven. Addic** 11. L. UAT
FIkI-O. Whlle Plalna, N. T._
ANTE_>.?By man and wife. Keotch,
?dtojton on a farin to do . iutjI work ;
..rd.-rslauda lh? rare of b.r*e. and cowa;
?1ho a vagetaUe . .rden ; th- wlfa fo u-aku
her.i.f g>-nrraliy uneful. AUdr.? G. 1.,
90 ist-rl-na-al.. Clinton. Ma??.
DomfBtic Sitnotiona CUanlefi
-A -J
UK.. U. PL-.EI.Y
(formerly M-? 1.. CaiupbcU),
M) WEiT 2-D-J
Seii jii'.h i..rt>a.liig enkageni'-ute wlll bo
dl-ii.lKHua trom ?_ic. aaa lurivlt all claiui
lo fee paid.
08 WEST 22D-5T.
. ME.NT HOl'SE.-i'or liot-D aud prl
vat faml'.ica; flrat-clk,. n>ale and fin.ale
iinip. wlti rofer_Qcea; cltv and .-ountry.
At Mra. KLOVD'U. 18- Utii-avc.. 4tb bouae
j_ov_ lOtlt-Bt._
\l .' wf_li>>_ to l*ke ei.tire .liarKe of
a el.l!_ or rhlldn-u. a- nur. _ry; can
t, a.-h thS > lene-tiW. of iimalc ; puro _.u t
iu ._?ncii aud (furmau: rvferencee glven.
Addreaa until July 1, Mi-- uasbiiooK.
Al;l__l'l-.i T.\.,; . "would" like to
uo o-ir by the day: uOtce clean p
.r i.l Ir a, <[;., I.I/.ZII. MURPHY, -_?
Weat SOUt-at_
AX KN..I.ISU lady aa atreiuia.it to lady
or aaaiataat wiin famlly u-..1hk io Di|t
land ; good aallor, baVlng er.;-a.-d the o?eaii
throe tlniea: good reference.. Addreaa J.
i.. M F. .). Ho\ 147, Craaford, N. J.
Ar.L Ki.VDa of (),>rman a.-ivant_, wlth
tlr..t-cla-?a rafaraneea, aiwaya .,.. hand.
ior city or country. 1. huXXE.S.SCD I'.IX '?>
near 8th-at._
vo'it.a Prot.-itant irirl lu a prlvate
f.n.ilv: .-it-.- .-r .-..iiiitrv; uood cltv refer
?nc b. 888 _____[_?_
rHA.MI'l H.M Ail. _l.d"WAITRl-> .-IIV
a neat, tldy, t_o.o... hly competent voui.^
irl 1: li -t <-iaa_ city tafaraiieea; modorate
-agaa; U-y or couiti\. Call Bt 111 Eual
4!-: t(.
C' li A M li 1.119 A 11. an-Tv^vl TTtEs^Tliy
/ two glrla, loguih^r. very n>a__t in ap
ptarancc; wllling and oiotefu'-; Bxcellent
.??fcreucea; tiittwlry proferreil. Cal. ^i ad
dro?.a CHAMHERMAlDS.. <ur-- ol Noblett,
101 Weat _-lh-ft>_
CBAM---_t-_AJ0 ai.d LAi. NDi'.i>.>.
Rv a neat, tldr To.inr .Irl; tirat ila-a
Uundrea.; exc.-licot r?f-'a"eui?-. il..ivu.s
PR0VE8TAXT HOME Bl.'ltl.AC, I^n Oth
C" OOK.-Hy * Br-t-cl.-a It.?alailt
woman; wlll do co.ir?* aaahlng; tlr^t
.;_*-. referencea; r-?dy at PROTE8XAXT
Ci00B-U8EKUL.MAX.-By man and
/ wife, toH.ili r o; tcparaltly, f..r board
iiit-houae or hotei ; und.-ra'aid. a . ktnd* ot
.ooking; r_r?raae?B. PROTESTANT HOMti
BUHEAU, ISS Oth-ave._ _
I...IK- WAI i ItCS. . _Bv t?o atioilK
North of Irelaad .irN. logether; iv
.?ut.re work of fan-.ilv : < .Muiiry it ;. tr-d;
beat rtlarineaa Wiu. M.a. tylkk. hsh
C. ?<. K -Ilr n tlioro.u'l.lv .-,mpu'..iit (jlrl j
flrst. cLiHa btead. 1.I-. ult-, aaal J ?
t?rt-. 4c . uo ot..o tvu io a '.ii-.t-ci -
i.i,.-I.ouhc ; exeellant r.??rcn.-u- ; couutrv
red, <._li *t 114 Ki-t.41-;
Ci (50K.? Bv a ?t.-oi-k i miiiI.j'i no.nai
> _i t ..! .-? I
faniily co_k for hotel ,.i i.-l
. t-HtUi.onlaia; eouiitri i^
f..rrcd^_ J ii.-,\ .
Ci UOB, WA .:..?;,'???:. r
/ Amerlc-P rr..t<>-*uni; .ood coai:. witii
for ?ltv or connirr. it.ad. at
, ll-ME ID.UEAU. \M Oth-avK ueir
? - __
C" "ooit ? :.ias _ Br
iu v aaaaa ; t-'-t et".
: > ..i . auBtrr. Pteaea call 7i'?
.-.?-:? <_?-!-.
: ? l.-H
.'??.it >?. ile .
B .>t'-!i l'rut" awni ulrla : ,,ne tuod cmk
? nd laundn*-; oth.r th r. <uh ,lia:.l>eru,iid.
th. m .-?.. . r i>..- i._e
:,. tv-.-u ti.eiu . !'<? ur . ounliy.
At th- lit).\Ui UUIUi.AU, YJX O-u-ave.,
Domesuc t'Unaiiona ttJantafr
COOK -By a Se.,t-h glrl. who under
.stmid* her busi.e,* iii every branch;
Ui** rta i,?u? i?:,d e)n-ilent bread
and Dlacult riiokir: aUo eare u.-lk and but
ij'vLI/3 iSK*" BEa aaTflW, Mr*.
ipOOX.-By getive, aettled woman, aged
.,'i; vxceJl.-nt eook; do wasUlng in
.man famljy ; city or country; be.t elty ref.
??rui.?-; a eu lu to 2 o'clock. ALL1ANCE,
?_IA OtB-avft, Beat *ad--it.
Cuok.? A Noitli of If-iand woman S
tn--.u,-b-, mi roofc) (/--al bread and hN
-u.t baker; wlli.ng ttt aasl-t i. 1U1 aaahf.g
01 ? otlo r v ,ri . ily naferanoaa With E.
EENT, 101 Othave.
-Ry a Fouiir Swedi.a.i woman j
' ,k!..K Ei.aln-.'i; good biker, deas. rta,
aame, soiip-., marKetlug; b'? of city rofer.
aneea: city or cou:,t*y. ou or api'ly 357
Ith-ate., __?_________* ?>th and 20tn ?t?.
Ci li l ' :i!l-'K MAl 1? BiTd" WAU'.
/ RESS.?Bg t?o voung S'.iedlah glrla,
KpeakiBg Engilah: one a* pood famllr eojg
a.i.1 'lo wa*J:,0B ; tlie otlier a* up.tairs girl:
wllllotr, oblighia aud tn:.'.worthy; elty or
tountrj ; b-ct of rtf.reuc..;*. C~il or apUs
357 itli-ave.
i".)K. liy a li'?t-ela*a Proteatant; makeg
all klnd* of soi.p*. m-.its. d'**erta and
paatry: rhoroiiKhiy compatent; privat*
,:ot I; 2 y.-ara' rwTeronco*. Mra. BXKCBT, 1
Ea~t I2tli-.t., botween 3d and 4tu ave*.
j,' IRBT-CLAfU* laiiuUr--.-.. t? go oui ot un
l ? Mliliig ln. or do huu-eeieaning. Mr*.
, VST1 KMAN j.,;i i im ri.sd.t._
HOI si Kl EPER and BEAMflT/VUNa,
ity a tniddle-aged i.idow wtth twj
daugnAera, id und 12, ?iio would al*o terva
in Ih* .^ciold aa 1,-iitrea* and
chaabenoald; ln the eouotrv: good refer
oue. ?:vn aod roo-.ir.<i Adilr'?* CHRIS*
Bt) Blbie II. B -. -?_*.?._?,
HOI h_K EEPI.r -By an Amerlean Profl.
catani wldow ..f m.ddi ? age: ha* hafl
larfl .?\per1enct ynd 1* ful'y quallRed; hlgh
??t rcii-ruiL-e. Mra. A., t'hristian Aid to E/D
l_lojU)'-ut docl.ty. 00 B:t)le Houae, S. Y.
HOI SEKEEP1 R a "v~iy~ _.a? aud ln-'
le'llgent educatod hulv of rcflneiront,
tenl Iti all bran. he*. want* poe'ttoo;
wldower or bachelor preferred; c.xcsllenl
referencQ*. Pleasr colfor BflXlBflfl Mr*. II.,
eare of Nublotl 101 We*t 45tbWt_
Hi )itK, Ur ' OOk "and i.AUN
DRE.ss._By a o:>*' 1- Pro'e*tant glrl;
? wllllng; dti- oi- countrv ; Ix'tt
ri-forenea.. 872 iku-ave., aear lTUi-.i Mi*.
HOI MiVORK.-By a Hwede; good cook."
?iiBi:.-r aid Bonor: wllllng, obltglna
and tiu?t?ortliy; city or tuu-try; rotot*
rtuy; c
UCBEWORK.?By a neat North f^rman
i'rot'-atant; ean cook, a-ash and Iron;
uo objoctlou to privat,- or boardlng-hous* l
elty or coob _r; 2 y, tri' rvferonco. Mr*.
I'.lili.K, llt? Baal iL'tl.st., between 84 aa*
4ti! JVDS.
HOCflEVVcTRK^iTTtrong, KJiaidi' North
of Ir Und glrl to d,. wo.k of a cmall
famlly; K'">d cook and lauodre**; wllllng to
?all oft Ul?e; city or country. L L_NT,
101 0'ii-;i'.'.
Hi.i BEWORK. -A r .-i..-. ti?ble you^ ulrl
want. a slt.iaWon at l.ght house?orlL
and retnd childrcn. 421 Weat o-'d-at., M
Boor front.
H'?; s;.svi)i:K.-lly"a girl to eook, waa|
.md lr.m ar to fl" ^'."-ral houaework;
kood city refenuce frooi la?t plaee. ITeaao
tail for ______ dit.h at _____ WaiworUi-?t.
HODBEWORK. i:y a young" <*erman.
Amarlrxa glrl! 2 yiiir*' istforence fro.ii
a-4 ? uip.'i', ,r; kmoI oo'v, Lundro.a anfl
(MU aait ui table; < ity, country. with
Mra. TYI.EIt. HHf <jth_\*.
LAUy s MAlli.?ily y?ui:g MB*BBM glri,
.peakloe t_XBah; hai-ar^aaer; kuowa
how 11 cut aod Hl; good packpr; wllllng tf
iravea; 4 year*' beat .Jty r-'fer*n?ea, TJaU
or apply 8o7 itii-avu, pot. 2oUi and 2tttn .14.
IAUNDRE8B.- ny a young fa_SS f& i
i undeKtauds all Bua wa.ljng. trotilnf,
Uu!.1'ik; citv or country; refrri-i.'Oh. Apply
367 4 ii-ave.. botweoo 26tli and 2flth au.
Lai M>Kl>s.- ily Bro*-Ol_M~ iiermafj
Protratant: v,liiitifr to aaaM ~ith ehan>
irk: uo ob;.atii.n to prlvate or ?naimm
hotel; 2'-.: ye?r-' ref lenee. Mra. BlllCK,
118 Eaat I2;n-i.t.. m*mi nd ?nd 4th avoa
?AI SDRI'S.-.,-Bv ilrat'Iu.. UUndroaa;
a bat peraoi.M titv i^feranaaB) elty of
.. Pleaae call 74H dtliara. near
Ivi ndri-XS.-a iintnan thomugbly un.
2 BaralandtBg all klnd- of laundry work
v ??a t,i k.t ril'.i famllv wa*hlnii; flr?t
aa. YOI'Nli, 22? Weat 02d-?t.
1*^ FRiiE.?By ? vo'ai.K lady, 2o rcar*~ol
11 ace, with prlvate famllv. to take rhars*
of elilldreu over 2 v, ara ol age ; wtlHnir *n4
oblMug. tail or ii'idr *? WEBER, .-ar*
Noblttt, 101 Weat 45tU-*t._
|\1 I'RsE - liy a neat young OerroiiT-A^ner
11 nan gltl; conipiutit ana fmid ol MBBfl
ihililnu; rouda antl acwa matly; b-at imt.
o .ti.il rife.vnec*; rlty ,,i i-ouiiiry. WlUi
Mr*. TYJ.ER, 88- Otiavo. '
IV U RSE.-Traln.-d, wl.he*i"a pooftlon wltk
t * a coiillrtc-d Invaild ; beal refcrencea.
A'tdri.** E.. Tritiuno 0?1ea.__
NRS1 -Attonaaal ia JavS5 bbbt, 5
menflal <a*e; aov.-ral yeot-' e\p?rl*i.e.,:
i.0 d t - Nilinntiial*. Ad4r. aa N I'RSE Box
101, I.u/.tti.e, Warr-n Co., N. Y.
NS Hv"a roung
Un to ?,'.. t,, Um .oBiitrv. Ml.a- BIBU
si... a__4 a-otflfld-a*, "*~
Iv a ietln"d s,r,.,|| .P: 3 rear* In Ii*t
: for young elilldreu. Invaild, or a*
plau aaamaflNfla With Mr*. tveer 3hx
'. ,? iv,-. ' ^^
IV] FI'.SF. aid I.Al'Nt>RF.Sr>.-Hy _ JJ__
1* North t?erinan Pmt ?tant; good *eam.
? ti.aa m.d hne ucd.ew?rker, I* we_ odu.
eated. and -p-a'.? ttu.-o ianguagea; fl
year*' M,-ren.e?, no olii.ctloo to go to th*
"ittr;. i?:; at Mia. BIRCK'8, lia Eaifl
1 'Jtn-af.. md lUi avr*.
\ vi H i i- ,',:?? l-rot'^t.nt womah
IX a* ii.lani'a nur. : und-r-tand* lottlo
f. <llni/; .Ity or countrv; eaeollent eltr rf.
? -.iw.-.t__rd floor._
P.vili. T.MAl). By voung Swiaiuu^imr
? l-akli.g EtiKilah; wlllli^; to a??t? to
waltUlK: 1. vooi) .?ainati-a.; undrr.Una.
r>-ork iiioroQglilr ; city or eountry;
. r f- r -ix ?<?. lafi or apply K, *tli*\9.
Wl RSI-: ?Ily a r^peeSlTleT he.Rtij
you.'g Norli of I)eai>d wotnati ; fut
iai ol mllk; d'i'i., . , eiii;i.-?to: Tour.B
??_.. SV.u, Mr-. TTLKR, ftw OOiave.T
ei 2'te and 24lli ata.
WAI iUE-Sv By tvv ?oatT ttrohg Si.'Ot.B
ilri : tenrouah i*alt|0-ara; oe.i lK.*.
a .1 il' r-:ii, ; tutf. ther'or aepante: pei.
..,in-'v hovl. Wit_ _,*_
VLElt. it* C'J?4I_
IV ,v v ? TO,,l,? ""11 ean taxi
?? b.'.lr'. p,- ..: u.-t ixraonal eltr ref.
i.vocea; wllllng and tr latworthy; etty at
l *57 iti evo.. <?.
___<___h aud 20th ?ta.
All i.i.. s ny _ nr.t-claa* Protoataot:
iiiak. . ail klnd* aalada; wllline toal
-.-i ln cl.an.berw.irk ; no objecuou to url*
ixtu or tummer hntal; 2 year*' ?____?
Mr,. 1.1 R. _, UU kmt' LJU.l1? S%
.mi 4Ui avua- mm

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