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Tho Jury m the tiial of GeorgB Frank, the allowed
alayer ol old Carrie Brown, laid the gn.utidworU of a
thorough uiiderst;inding ol the case ye>t<*-ay moining
by v____| tli>* a.eiw ol th* criino, tlie _?_ River
llot.1, at Cat_arine aaid Water Bfch They entered
court at 10:30 a. m., and Reoorder .myth told -BBBl
to rvturn trom their trlp ln an hour. Flve court
offlcera took tlie party ln charge, and a careful in
epcctlon was made ol tho premtsea. At 11:30
o'clock Reoorder hinyth op~ied court agntn. Tho
Algcrlan made hls usual a_ltu.ni to the court and Jury.
_MM?Bt Mstriot-Attorney Wellman then opencd tho
oaa) lor the pe_ple, and he added to hl* reputatlon _si
a pre.-oe.ntor of unusual aMllty and vigor by a rc
markably strojig Bpeoeh. He made pnbMc an Irapor
tant llnk in the ehaln of evldenee-the fact that Uio
blood found under "l-i-enrJiy'e flrrgcr nalta wae rnl-rod
with the Intestlna- fluld of a person who had eaten
things of whlch Carrio Brown partook on the day
prcvlous to tho murdur.
Mr. Wellman dcecribed the Horrtd crlme. and told
Ol the trall of blood loadliig from Carrio Brown's roora
to " Frcnohy's." Tlie Wood luund on the prlsoner's . hlrt
at.d under hls fingernalh wa- Carrie Brown's. Thte
lact had lxa_n estal.liahed by a chetnloal analyrts
mado by Dr. Henry Fornrad, of Plilladelphla, the
greatest Wood expert ln fhe world. The Wood was
mlxed wlth intestlual fluld In which were partly
dl-vaied artlck* whioh Oarrlo Brown waa known to
bave eaean orl Aprll _3.
Mr. Wellman tlien told of the arroat of Frank, nnd
ol hta declamtlon that he had spent tl?a nlght of tho
mnider In Brooklyn. Thls statenient wa* . hown to be
lulso. a* were a nnmber of ofhor* mude hy the pris
oiiev '*h"ii lie wa* asked nbotit the crlme.
Mary Corooran, the flrst wltno-* ol moment, -*ii- tho
iKwiaciiecper at tlto hotel. Hre bad never seen Frank
pr .vi'irs to hls arro-..
Captaln Rlchard O-Ooaaer, ot the Oafcat .fatlon,
who next took tho stand. wn* the flrst pultteaMB tO
... tke eorpaB. C_ the afternoou of Aprtl *_4 ho
and l-ctectlv?-_ Oowl-j-v au0 Orady fo-nnd a Irail of
blood from room No. 31. where the n.urder wi_s corn
mltted. to Nn :i3, where uVrtmibyn had -leirl. In th.
aftern-aDii rorom-r Schuttae and aeveral ir-lico ottlriaia
lestlfled- .ind tben c./urt ?_- adjoiinjed until 11
o'clock to-duy. _
Qeotllo. Waah.. .lune BBr-A <li-..at--li to "The rv^t
Intolllpoiirer*' from Krinliliii s.iys tkat tbe Whtta
BtriUirs. angored at the M-tion of tlie Oregon improve
ment Oo_mmy la takln| rie__-ee ta tha Bm ?< lette
eoal iniii'-a, atart.d to '? 888881 ont" tho ueglO enmp on
Sunday uifiht. In the scnmniam. four per?;.>ns wore
killed. A depnty-shcrlff who Iidji been at tho se.no
lor tl.e __?_ four airti haa eaJfed f..r lbe n.iiiflr..
O-aapaalaa B aai l) of tlie ist Bajl-aawt. XaOonnl
Guard. Mt liore f..r the Frauklln oal mln<-*_ on a
ipoclal trafn at 1 o'el.-ck thls BMI_ttllf. The only
.icws reeeived ao far ls tliat one white man was killed
nnd three wound.-d and one negro puard wnun-cd.
Over 100 sbots were ilrcd m tho rlot la?t nlght.
The threat of tho Oregon Iinprovement Company to
put iiei?oes la lt* mlnes at Xew-Custle, lu place ol
the 6ti*Hrlrjg wbite men, was cnrrl<*d out yestorday
niornliig. Tlio company sent a speeial train Into New
Castlc wlth elchly nogroes from Its Fianklln nilnes,
and had them guarded by flfteen ____*_. men. When
tltoy anlved the strlljers were all asleep and off pianl.
The sltu_tloin remalns uurhanged at (".llmap. Tho
atrll'e.a arv m;iliitaliilu? their armed organization
known as the Home Gnards and drlll dnlly. Tlio .tilH
v;m iiiori patol tho company's projK-rty day and nl?lil,
whlle the deputy shontfs wateh botli faetions and try
to uvert tro.il.le.
The rioatUe Coal and Supply Company wlll un
doiibtodlv take ln a loroe of men ln a few days and
start ap the nilnea. They wlll probably be proteenxl
by tho etvll autlu-ltles, but serious trouble ls altnuat
- ??
-faraaaa Island, June *-3.-The slriko ol tho negro
laboicra on the I.hind of NatB-BB mlmltiatrd on Jutie
i;0 in Uio pluc.iiR ol K'7 of them on Loaid the li.trll
Ai:..-in;i.ic tat t*aB-po8iat_ea to naitimore.
The L'nlL.d btates corvette Kaaraaraje iiiimcdiately
wlthd.'-(Ay the Bwrtac __ar_ _"?? Uie kdaaa. where lt
bad lx*on ataUoned lor forty tilno d-iya, and salled in
ahelh-pon to ot-llBal ei-jara ior Havaaa and Kev We ;.
a_aaea she will proceed dlrect to New-York.
Allhongli thls strlke hns happlly ended vHhoot
Woodshtd or vlolet.oo ol any Ulnd oa the part Ot th?
"?aMklaf" amployea, Ihere U fm reaaon to hope that
ftiture troaakB on Um I8_a_*l .1 _rava_ea arUl bu us
miid in thrii- el?raeter or aa hanaleaa la tbctr reealta,
There 888808 tO B8 DO (H-iH.ait4<.n <>n the part ol tlie
Maaaai i f aiaani le ameB mte Uie preaent svatt-m bv
?-_,!<?_. the aantarae uro _n~araea.
<?f ihe i<>7 aaaplafea who were aeat to Baltlmore ou
the l.iirk -Mn-inarle more llt_.li 100 had ha-dlv be-jn
|a i eaoBfh ..n the lal v.a \o ?? m nrh o_* theii advaoca.
1 a-l.-<i on ? oi thoin if ha th.mglit ho had been here
\o.x epoaxh to tke the iB-Uk- a _8_r tri'U. Ho told
me that he eame there tO w..r!i and intended tr. wot
as long as hc had uFi-i-ed to, bul when he ?v a Btaa
" t:ic.-<i ap" ou ihe report of a bi>-s, hc t\as wllltBa to
do anytbliig to get awaj f'oni the laland, away trom
Un- poaaihlllty of having thai kdrtare mflictcd on him.
ln reaponae to my qaeall ns he loM me that the __aa
to ba ''trlced up" was flr_t pat lu 8oaMNrO?a, : tal
tho chain eeaaaatlai tho aalda-ti-a was f-a.tened t*.
Uie fi.-.r. a eaaa waa thea laateoed io th.- chain con
neitinv t.'ie hand or w;-^t kroea und passed over a
pallc. h\o\\ bv whi.h he was tbon r\w:a uiitll hla
leci -c:e elear ol tho ground, Ihe body of the vir t-.tii
hetaa a^'tiiaiiy aaNaahaB, Tl.e n.po waa thea mado
laat aud ihe vh-tiiu left <>n stret. h for u spa.e of llino
vjim a Irom teu to thlrty niinute-. Tl.l. would bo
laeraalble dld the officers ol the Navisaa Company
dtn. i.: bul tiu.. avtempt to Jnstify it on the (_*o_l_d
tnat t-'oy must _i_J>o tlw negroes Icar Uieio iu order te
(overn ihem.
New-Eeilf.rd, M_*s., June 2U (Mpccial.).?J. Ilarry J.
Doanu, u well-known clotl.lcr of thls city, is reported
to b<- a l.?rR_r, nnd, while ihe auiount Invulv.d
la uot c__jcii>* known, lt wlll btobBI*-J leaeh ifl_,ooo
ut laaat Captaln lioiiry Ckhf, ot thla city. leni-iiod ol
bi? n;une boit.g ort a imtc. und upon iiiv?.-stipition found
l.uu. i..rg<i c.a. iio aaeaaai Baaae^ and the latt.r ?d
?IH8- Ihe faj-t. but prouilsed to make i?tltutlun and
uo proeeeatlaa lattoweA, Lal * H waa laaraal ahal
othor aaaaaa had b*i'n f.irp.-d, und yo-.tt-rday Doano k-ft
town. 11b* whereobonls are uiikin.wn. t-cvoi-ol clti
noa, a< well as a Sufe DepoaH aud TrtM Conipaiiy
auu I ?? I'.rst National Hui.it, hold some ..f iMnn.'s
WWlli'e-a jiajH-r. Dci.ti:.-'. ?lfo ls s.'?ld to be n U.a.-r.
The n lotuits of a lodge ol whlch Doane l? BaeraaaTP
we i.i bad -/wpe. He haa boen k_H_eala__f atid
bcitti'i.' and it i? -appoaaa tin.at ol Uie uiouey was lo.i
ln t.,ai way._
40-tsm. irrrif the bvbfbebbd uax.
>, ral AppiatBM Lunt bar. hand.-d down thr..--. .1-.
alal'x.- iji lv rt,|.|i _". I" *'.?*,;-,...*. Eka jtiutinent of C'hM
Ta?iIiiii J 0> WlaweU, wlf. has Uat. su.pendtd from
duty by Appraisor ("ooper. The AppmWcr wlll not make
puoi. lha cround* of Unt napaMBBB, and it l? >>ald ?hi
that hc ha* d?clln<d to giye tliain to SiKclal Ag.-nt lta
Coy, who ha* l-*'-n (hai_a8 w:th tlio duiy irf lnvmcutr
tug the hosp. ..-"lon b" lh'> S.a^-lar>' of __8 Tren .ury. It
la aaid, haaaiai. ' .'t ' '.< Vt -ih-:.-!..!. araa n;ad?- for sl
l_|r.d tnd. rvnluat. ..<?. of alJa. Tb>- <i<__.-i_l Appr.Nu s
dat'lsi.-. n.ade BM appraisals a aha8a lawai Uian Mr. Mi?
wcil's figurs. _
Mr- Bclle Callaglian, of Nt. 311 West Sixt. entb-st.,
aa* enfred a ilalm to HM great estat* ol the Earl of
Airiie, .,!. Mm ivaaai tkat t?.. aat earl iiinu-* if was an
uaurper and Baat hia .Vo_.li Mha. a_M 888 BBW ughl'io.
over iii? eAiU-, ha*-f no rt.ht to lt. Mra. 0_-_aj_a ia
_U. da-isrlit. r . f Jolu. Wll-.u, -ho /ur many year* hu.- asea
a heri-it ,n the Artironde'h Mont.fa'nt., and ahe aaya ti.at
he is t'.< .I.ii.n U11-.ui for wlinm fcnot-h _BW]_a havt-* for
aevcrai y-r* bean lookmj? a* tho her U. a groal eatat*.
Mrs- t'al.apluu. further aflirn.s i.bat thla ifre.'t c-tat. ls
Bon>* other than Uiat of tlio Earl ol Alt.l'-. Jolin Wllaon
al..ge> that hls gr.at-.rjndf.ther marrUd Janet 0_1lvl?.
alater oi tot Earl of Airlt-. By Ui>- wordlng of Ihe deed,
the cAtat* waa U? doacoiid to tiie eldeat daughter of tha
What is the Most Dangerous Drint.
in Summer?
lt la Lmpur.' wWcr. ihe d_J.|t>r 1- ono that cannot be.
#vrKstljna?e<r. Mattoni's 8*hk_aM Bta* Water ls Uie only
real uioteti. table wi_ut in.ported. lt Is a natural wat*-r,
aa* __* tne 88888188 n.crlt of .oinblnlng ___H .ualili??
wlth a hlguly 8*818-888 taato. In thoae lt la aurpa*-?d by
B* al_~? watar 9pau tha _iai*et, and ls hlghiy recoumcDdee
hy tha beat sa-Ica. _-Uu.ri.?-.
BnuiKK a mi.ni)1.i-s"n (_9_i
iiHparter*, a Bvciay-st., h'c-.-York.
ur.t bor?. P.abe k Keiler baal ** BUBtaJd aa Mr-.
C.a.fh_i'a lawyctw. and Mr. R*bc ha* BBM ta HlB-fll
to prosecuto Uio clatm.
Phlladelphia, June 20.-O.ntrary to the general 8*
peetaatoft, "Mtaaaii-QaBaral Wnnamakcr did Bat ap
?,,:- lief.re tbe [B8fA-|BB-l C.otnmlt.ee ot ( ounrll*
hi- afternoon to explaln thc upporent dN?r.'!?a..ry be
.ween hla prevl.ms testlmony r.h.tlv" t" ^8J8M>
sh'p ol Keritone Baah itaefe BBd fae* ?bB?x??
d'voioped bv the bflfl* of the b:mb. IT* ^***
letter Cn7*ft\ WBBBMM was iv.id by Cb-f-BB
Vu" ' "tea: Phlladelphia. Jaae m.
V'lt_ff-;^-_-?V?!fl ****** by eome that ccr
matter. lt. _*_&_*'_.,_i ?i Vwenty-f.mr honra' nutiee
from me I ***_* ftSg?thr oommTlflCe and
iS* J3 oTe^'Tterofbm Htaten.cn.. or attend
_*y neWig of whlch I ^vo not1?.wAKAMAKFR
A mB11.ll.BHI wa* also ******LfJJ
Tn-asurcr BBXwl oounael savlrtu that tt tbe.eom
U......1 if-" fl _*_? ___J _ M?W '"'
?., rs _- - *?? ? _?___?- ?rs_
^ .--I oa ifioo ffli Yard's per?>nal noto. am<o
mndc Aprll 2*1, 1HW). ?" ?_?_" "V ., uiilBloalfl
thc luan waa made tho baah ha- P?*? _< ?-"??
No. 4.-.0 and rBaartai earameaje Ma. oo, ta Ita ptara
Mr. Put.bam WB. quc.tif.ii.fi at great BBH*-. ?-* **
of lmportanee was elw-itod *** **> %
Efiingham P. Morrta, prfl WbbI -f tbe ObarB TW*
money to l-rBilay or o-eaimtad.tmr.*** J*?J;
m aiwwer to the qaerttoo Mr. Marrla aahl that.M
eompanv h.,,1 Btafll hehl n-rt.fi. at,1 Ba. ?J I*JJj
?toBfl BbbB. Thc eer-Bnata, tofttx*- *??? -"?"-*'
4-T I.V!. 453a..d 434. was held as collataTfll by t*
Olrard Company lot- a loaa made to Mr. W?*"
o-, Marah 8 IBBB. Baeh ot the eerlMtaatei m* Im
l ,' , ex The , ....wtiscti.:.-! in i.yiiM".-H-' <?'??';
Sr^Setabei 84, I*?. Mr. -2*J-*Hg
Jkb bl... Ibfl k?? boob of his nBPBBy, a* tn!teownj
it over Mr Bttmg. a n.e.iiber of the coinmiltoe. r.ili l
M,- Morni iald that the lm.ii* wero made to !.?. h.
temporary Iobbx, and -no wsTaaflral ollflred bj Ita baaB
?__m7b--BB Ol INfcBMA ?- 1.4?1 flhT.-- of r .ra
.,?m Ekvtrlc Troflt Btoe_ Mr. Marah, prexhlfl .. 4
,?o inooey, -Ttofl a. the tlme that B WOflM yaatto
oMIgo Mr. WanB-fl-ar. Mr. Marrlfl undcr*to.wl t....t
the loaii wa* to bo made to Mr. watuimokcr mt,m
,,,'pnt it. -wBMWIDIBI 81 UBy tlme to loan Mr
Ivtinamiilcer W0O.IXH).-. The ha,.,* were repa.d ,v
the Kcvetonc BBBB tba mornlng of toc day aftar they
were loan.fl. Mr. Moritl -Id that sulis.-HKutb th
Gtrard company loancd Mr. Waaaatatar moaey an what
be tbbibx wero U.e bbum Omm af BaetrB ******
lloward 8pe.,cer Jcflta*. B dflrt ln the aarptoy "
Mr waaaaaabar, was ti- rxwi wltaeaa. _brraaal ot
U,o ear-8eta_ ph-dgc. by Mr. BiaBMbwto bta
hfokara ataoB in Mr. Joaea*fl name. Mr. Joaaa ??
ptatafld that l.o -BBfli tno trnnsfers on the baeh af BM
oertlflcate* at the ragnert of Mr. Wanamnlter. H
(ll(1 not taow lhat fltoe. rtood m bl. ******
lones *vld tlmt W. RanHln, In wlu*-e name o-ronil
of thc eortfleatos 8t88?, was a voutl. fonnerlv Ifl tlio
emplov of Mr. WaaaaaaBer. Pevernl other fllUirflU
wero called. artcr whlch tli" eominlttee iidjonrncil.
Renry H. Yard was nrraign?<d in the Court tfl
Ouatter BOBBlon. to-day to BBflWer lo the clmrcelOl
eonaplraey wtth Bardsley Mtawfatty to n>e the pablle
funn= BCIOTfl Yard entcred h\* plea. Dlstrict-A.tor
,,ev Grabaai reo.nc*tad thc Coart to altow tha eaae to
,M over until Wptcmbe.- next. Mr. Orahaifl p.v,' Bfl
bta rexaofli for reqao-tlng a poal?oBa_aBt IbM a
deeUfloa waa axpeflted ta Ibe mit axaln- tbe a^raaad
bm t>. eonpel blm lo ariaaw tbe WieaUoni ol tha
i ,tv CouxelPfl taaeatlfBBng eommtttee, wblcli wai oi
UM ntitifst ImxorlBBea, and dHinit.it the power* of
Iho Ofitnmltteo 10 eOBipal Wltl-8888 tO BBBBW BBd
that Yurd WBB flxpeetfld tO Biaba a statement and
?for ather p-ave pabBc laaaona." Tha eoarl erMted
thc Dtatrlcl AtBorney'i reqaaiti and tlie nul ..I YaiB
"?V,nZ^lh\^tiv Common Flea. Coarl
to,i v " qncatlon a* to whether or not Um i oun
c_ufnve.?nTromml?ee had tta t*^?$*?
wltne*aei to an*wer queaUouf. u.e uoart beld UM
matb. BBdter adrtaeiBeat.
Tlir.iit 8E00BD annv lt MEBIXBO HBtD IB
Bew-HflXBB, Conn., .lune 80 (spcrinl).- Tbo BoflOBd
annual ? the Connaettaal MbbIi laxcberx'
Aasoctatlon opened ln thii etty at 2 o'eloeh to-day.
Mfls/or Borgent deBrared en ad-rce* of wekome,
eonrae oi xrWeh ha flBfraaaed rafrat tbat tbe Chaneral
Asaembly bad deeinc-d it wiso te pxerent BoSdaj even
neerta. Pre-Ofltrl W. li. Aik-n, of Hartfora,
daHrered an .nddrr-s, bl tlie eoarafl Of whlch bfl ad
voeated B?aaarai to peraoaa*) orfan iiBUiafariaxera
to adopt a BB?IB? fltaadard Of lJlt^li and it unlfortii
uotiiciulature of orrun stops; to havo BMTB BOOka about
nni'if placed in thc public Bhrai?l and to iiistltuto
i, lerka ef pabQo toetarea oa BBifte. Tiie Maxta Axao
clatlon niU'.ings wotikl pn>ve Bfl iiisplratlon. He
advocated tbe entt*uffla~?nent of iiome eoaipoaeii ta
piaretaaea lo tln1 patn-nage of Ihialgnara, wbeaaxer
1>::,, tVabl". lt WBB vnted to BoM Uta BBBt BBBB?
meetlBg in InWg.'port.
At 4 p. m. Iberfl ??a un orfan reettal in Bt. Mary'*
Catlicdral, tbfl P-BXlBIB belug R. T. I"cr.y, Rarry
Jepeea and .). B. Caap. Mto* C. a. isuiter, of BrMge
port, was the BOtOtot of tho occaslon. Thls aaealBg
tlwTo was a blg cholr eonecrt Di tlie catlicdral, flboln
from IirldgepoH., Hi.rtford, Mew-Haawi and Xcw
lirli'iln partlclpatlng. Tho programme for f e-rnormw
cot;bl*t? of a plano reettal at 11 o'clock. n liferery
meetlng at 8, an eshibitiou of achool iiiuslc tflacl?af
nt 4, and a nilttcllaneous concert at a o'clodi.
Thc long contcat over the prlnilpulshlp of tho new
Prlniary (school No. 17, in BaeaaBy aBIBtabat., wlll be
cndexl today. Tlie Committcx; on Taarbflll ol tbfl
Hoard of Education wlll rcconimend tbe uppoiutniei.t of
Mlaa Mary 8. Oannlnghaaa, now a teacher in Priiian
School No. ?i. More thuti three moirt!M flfO Ibfl
school trustoe* ot the Nltiotecntli Ward, Iu whieh tlio
new achool ls rltnatod, endcavored to dccldc uir-'ii tbfl
appotritraent of a princlpul. After more ilian a dozeii
nieetlngs thflf wero miablo to a^rcc upon a candidato
to bc rocoinnieiKled. They prcoculed ti inajortty tv
porl reoi_?BD?Bf mi-* lioyt for tiie plaee, and a
niinorlty i*oport rcrommendliig Mlss loopcr. Tlio
f'ommittw BB T*.~*BB, liowever, failed to aiopl
elther report and BAI Beriied upon Mis- Cfl??Hgbam.
sho k eonsldered au exoelleht toariier aiai ha* (, en
in the lervlce <->! the iiuard of EdncsUoii for lome
having been tonnerlv lu clitifge ol tlu; iepool Ofl
Wuitl's 1*1 md,
Aitliough tlio BahMfl of BBWfr? c_n<lidatcs liave been
mentiooed ln eaonect?a witb the plaee of Baparta*
teii.leut ol i'tiblic BebOOl llulldlng*. made vaeaal b]
the rxalfBaltoa of u.-irge \v. i!..-i,"vois(', po ?Beeeaaor
hH- bee:i decided BBOB, A im-iulKM r.f ihe BOBIfll "f
KdacatlOB *aid yflBtarday iii.it it v\a~ po itble thnt bo
BBpartataaieBl aaaM ha eboaea until neotl B ptember.
II. M. DflflflB*, who attended to tlie dutics ol tli' plaee
during ti:.- l'lW" oi ahaaaefl of Mr. Debaro?e, ba*
ai^alri Ik.-cii plaee*] In temporary charge of thfl offlce.
Mr. llevoe may aet for the eon.rnlttees uiftll hcptcinber.
(BMaaaai i-irharat win pntabty iaaa revok" hla ordf-r
BBBpaaaxXg from duty Edniiitid t'. Lcf-. Ihfl aaali-tant
buperinu-nient of Ui* Cuatom Houae and actinff *u)?rln
teo4*at elnne the rualttnatlon of JSBflpB MailBfl. Mr. Lee
wa* .iibj>-i)U. d rron, n.ity on Saturday rH-,_n?.- h,> waa not ln
the bulldlrifi wlien th" IX?IBMt I.irt hl* i.ni.e. Thc OaBaaHB
w?it ??ay at a late hour, and BhflB 1," WBlKfld down to
U.e N\',;ii_i,-st. door he fotind only Watlitn.n Hold?n
on duty Uietc Uin aaBBBBBtaa m duty wa* ou anoUier BBBB,
tun.iiii; od the ga*, ete. Holden had been ar-ifU'tl to
Ui? taslt of i-Io-liiif U.? Ofllh'otor'a ollloe every cveulu*.
lii.tea- ot talling la hifl coiapatuou to take charge of th*
door Wben Uie OflBaaH ordena lilui ta go to cloae bi*
roviiia, he hurrlt-tl BWay, l.avli.f ouly Colonel Erl.ardt
and hl* piivaU- herrrtary on duty at tbe donr.
ihny i-iiialixd Ui.r, until tl,, natcbiuaa returned.
Mr. Las. aaid yoterday lhat it could not he e.x|*ct"d tliat
tlie *U|>erlnleiidct.l of Ui, t'u-Unii Houmi ahould h? on
duty all ..I tlu- tlme to ..e Uiat hi? ii.'i) do Uielr duty.
Watchru?i Ili.id'ti said Uiat Ut wa* ou duty at Uil d? ,r
whau ihe Oallector oau>? down *t? ra, and that bc left it
at the OflBflBflXr'? oidttr*. MflflflBX. ?~ and Iloldua wejaj
betore thc dolleclor In thi altrrtioon. and 81881 he had
Dateuefl to what tbey *aid he reflcrvefl hl* de.i?i*n.
. -ir.-'in- !? j....-' r lha Ca_-aetat bbK. "Mr. Jj* *?"?
ni and lha __le___aa |*a haagled ap. Ihat is *U-'
Tiie iioiuest in tiu* eaaa af Mra. Baral mmmm, who
died at Iwl!.* ne ta-Bpttal 08 J'"? ''>? ?"? ll0ur!! Bf<or
he-flf admlttod. wn- feeM y.-t'-rdiiv heforv, Cor..iH*r
BetaalU. Tho wonmn wa- t.hen t<> the ucinian II ?
pitni Rrst Aa eperaMaa araa |B__ar_aal on ber, and
than ali- ?> tra firreil tO Belleviie Moapllal.
Dr. E. -*aehlil.i. of Ul'- Germuti llospttal, KsUlled
to perfortnltig Hh oporatlon upon the wi-nian After
having troated her, he consulbsd Ihe other physiclatis
u- to Uk* advlsablllty of having hor transfem-d to
Bollevue Hospltnl. Ho Uien e-uniined tlie woman, and
found that her pulse wa* good, and felt ?s_iirod Ihst
hor condltlon was such Ihat sle could bc transferred
to Bellovue ln st.fety.
Dr. Giiih. of No. 881 laat .eventy first-st., ol the
intcrnal fcmalo and gynocological departmont at the
OBieaaa HuefHal. said tbat t?r. _fa?-btilu reported to
hlm thnt Jie had a case of probablc acute septre on
Dr. A. .Mlllcr. of tho German II ..ipitol. testltlod to
hnxlng seen tho wotnun after she was bronght to the
boapltal. Dr. Schultr., of the Germnn Hospltnl, then
tca-WfH-d, bnt gave no Irnportant 8*18-1188
Tho Jury brotightin the vcnlirt tba. tlie treatmont of
Mrs. Fr.t'i.ti at the German Ilospltal was propcr.
They added: -'Wo are, liowever, iinaiilnious ln the
oplnlon Uiat Uw* practlco of transferrlng paUouts stit
ferlng from iriflummafory dlsea-es Irom one hasfMal
to anoth.r cannot bnt ls) Injnrlou* fo the patient, and
iu thls taataaaa BM transfer mntrlbuted to the death
,.f ti,<* patient nnder con.liler.iUon. Wc also rerom
metirt tl-_v? in ali ensoa where tlie pntieiit ls transfeno.1
fron one hospital to atioUier a report of ?"cii patient >
,.,.,.Ml-.n nnd treofment tn the Irat nospltnl aoeompany
the patt'-tit n _ I
Bohert E. De Laay p*-__ed his way into Uio ofneo
of ti.o Clapiaatlen Gaaaael yeeberday prexumabiv to
__ae*e*rf0 BB Bl imlnalion <oiicer_ing the tMOOt BBi irv
whlch ho alleged wn? dne to hlm for nlne months' baefe
pav aa n "baotftB" Aldenn.vi. Ile backed ont of the
examlnatlon. howe vei, swera that he wa? a fool for
ntag Into tho bt-taed thlnp. i-efti-Cd to hlss tho Elble
und llnallv k-ft ihe ofllrx'.
Tlio Ba{(*Mp I_aaeaater dld DOt leave the Navy . nrd
featerday, a~ it waa >:>a tbal aha woaM <i.>. hecaaaa the
. ,,f ber iteaa iteeitaf-geer waa lylng removed.
ii.,. rei l all] prflbablj leave the yard to-morrow
a;id go to the Korth Blver ofl i*orty eacoad at, Thero
si)... -ia roeeive aoma Beat aaa. atoraa, .ut.-r timt ihe
-.11 |0 t.. Tuiipkiiivillo, 8, 1.. to Meet*- her aminunl
li.,.i. TtM mm "'?) Whleh she wlll kUI for lier 6UU011,
the Aatatte, haa baaa rarloaatp aat, bnt it win probably
1*. aoaie tlmo naat week. Tho rreer ot t_o ship ia f-tui
lu.-king 111 nambera.
At a aaeaaiag of lha _tociiii.ii.icr-; (>f the eorpi.r-jtion
of Btetaway >v goaa. at No. lll F.a_t Fonrtecnlli-s-1
yeaterday aftemoi.ti. fhe eapltal stock of tho company
was Lutitaan- froai #l._oo,ooo to #2.000,000 by a
Vote <?f H.00O ?sit ->f ISyOOO shr.res. The now stock
v. 111 ba taken pro rata bf the oM ai-?1___l-0t. and win
date ff.m My 1. Tiu- laeraaae la made ln order lo
anlarge Ihe eompany'a foi-igu business,
George S. Rli*o, chlci doputy-onirineer of tho Aqno
dtict C.imtnlssion, yesterday eooHriued a Trilmno dla
pateh whlch said Ihnt hc wonld be ortlled to Boston ln
tho em.ilov of tho Itapid Tninsli CC-B-tfrelOPera of Ihat
elty. Tlie app.>lnt.moiit ?1!1 he Itar soveti or clifht
nu.iiUis. al a aalarjr at the rato of about i. IO.000 a year.
Mr. Blee eonea from Boston, nnd was emplo. ed there
low venrs _4,-o on tho sewor.._-o syslem. Ile was rtu.I
uab-d fr.un the I-twrence Scleuitlfic ru-hool of Httrviutl
rjtdrerattjr In 18T0. He hns been cmployed on tho
AqiKs'uila here lor about four ycors.
Deputy?Miporlnf.'iiilent I.lov.l of Ihe Unrwiu of In
eoinbrancefl *_M yeaaarda-f that Un borean was i.i.iy
waltiiiR Ihe Baaa. ofn.inl BOtlee tr m Uk* Contorntloii
Counflel of the di-^olntlon of an Injimction before be
glnnlng 1 ? 1 move the lsx-ths ln Chareb-t tbat pn.lert
on city property. Tbe b.?>Uis eonalal ol wooden rtora*,
whlch are 011 tho we?,t slrto Of' Church st.. betwooo
Lib'-ity aud Cortlaudl ita. Tho> astaai on tho sldc
u;.ll_ lolly two ioet, and occtipv ;i stnt.'h of about UOO
f--t. _ _
" Tin: BOSTOX J.->^^'I.^^*??':'.??, OBTA 1 gggr jrjal.
Boston, Jnne ?_"?>.-in the r:i-> '.f .1. II. Barl at-.-M;:-t
"Ttie AdverttBer" PnbltBnlng Compony, ln whlch the
.! had ? verdle. for 813,500 for Ubel, the fnfl
oi ? 0 ("npiwne Coarl baa matalned bbadafend
ant'a exceptlona aad ordered 1 new trlaL Barl ara
? ? appntser ol Btym Torb, .-ind the ni
legod Ubellou* articio ehargad hlm with baal ln eon
tnTti1.11 uiti. the hnportatlon "f -"Fir.
The decision ..1 tbe tomvi eoart li reveraed baeaaae
..f Um refn*a. nf the judee t.> admll two plerea of eti
i.whlrh "ii-lit to hsve b>-<-n submlttwl to tl.e Juiy,
and hecairre od ?n errot ia tae eharge.
W. B, Vena-i ^ c >., <>f Va ,;" Broa4__?r, aajra boM
r.ut iintl.-r the rnle at the OOQaoHdated __xeaa~f8 ves
lerdaj. Tlie ilrm h.-ul b?*cn caurrlit "aliorf aboat
C,()t) A\n.tv~, nnd wore un-iblo t<> me^t their eoatl'aeta.
Tbeae eontiarta eaOed lor Chleago <>v', L".ils-viiio nn.l
NaMlivillo. Northorn I':u*lfi. and Nerw York C
HtocU... Tbe fallnre u aaM to havo been eaaaed bv
delay ln r-niiMancc* upeeted trom Uaflalo, C. ti.
Daly wa, the ih-or nexaber.
II. E. Ilusfm. a Ootton P. .ehnnire broltfr, win. baa
had a lonner experlaaee of Om nnd, annonaeed hls
auspension yesterday. Hla ihortag* do_ nd amount
t.. ii.oii- than ?_.80O. Th* fallure wt_s due Bore to
lie cornpll. atiooa uf thu f.rinci- lalluro Uuiii to I '.
rocc.t biisliitaj-.
A Loat-fllla djspeteh publlshed yci>t?*rday declart.
Ihat a ayadteata imd baaa tonaei lo astabBah au
Amerleaa Monto Carln lu Lawar California. Fifty
11 .ilII1.11 dolliiia, it was said, wa* to b" subscribed, and
Grrieral Ell Mur-.iy was named a. president, whlle hls
brotlier, LagB8 0. Mnrray'a, ro-lgnalloii from th?: preaW
de.icy of the (J-lted _tatei MatJoaal Bank w_? aceounted
for by the explanaUoii tluit he was f,, eotee tho a.hcme.
Fn^i.ient W.-I7., Oeneral B. F. BaHer and c. P. ilnnt
lii-ton w.rc alao mmtloncd Bl iK'lng cotmectcd wlth
lbe lebeaaa. Loajaa C Karray was .mt ol loara yes
terdav, bai bla frleodi Bf-ooaaeed the story boab.
Hr. Htintiiigtoti tald Uio *-t..ry W88 too billj* to be worUi
oontndl. ii.?ii.
'ili. rrain itevaaw mun of thls cltv expert a larg*
i.uaine.--. this fall. mi all excipt two of thi-ui have fornv-d
un BBaaelatioB t. abtala au t'.e baalaaai _af u.oy cao.
Tho BBflOClBttn ls to be call-d tbe Int> mailonal ijr:iln
1,1. rator t ompany, and lt i.as boaa rapitaiiz.-.! at
I"otli tho methofl nnd resnlts arhao Synip of Fig.
is taken: it is ph - Bl BB- ICfRwag to tlie
taata, aad aeta geatly, yet pramptty, nn tfae KM
neys, Livct ami l'...\sel?, cleanaing the sybtein
efTeoti:,ill_*, dlspel- ealda, lieadaciiis uml fevers aud
cures iitiMtuai eenatipataaa. Syrup af Flg* is th.
only reu.eAly of ito kind ever produced, jileasing to
the taaic aud a. eeptablr to the stomacli. Pronipt
ln it*> action, 8_M_ trulv benetlciul in lt_ efleotM,
prepured only from bhe more healthy aud agrcrable
?ul>st.ir.i-e-, ita in_ny exoellent qualitieH eonixnend
lt to all and have made it the rno-t. populur remedy
Sjrup of Figts ia for nale lr. r?0o. and fl bottlea
by all leading di iirt-iatv Any rellable dnggist
who may uot huve it on hand wlll prooure ll
promptly lor any one who wLshra to try it Do
not accept nny anbatituto
?un rrt .?.ruM.ft. rn.,
' .,,00.00^ Kdwardu. Bxr,
? ,,.i-s aad Mi r-Bta Bv. boat-. fbU
;d . _-?. ... a.,- taa f.-'. i-'tur ha. Wtaied
'"- ?" , ?i __ _> >!<? Ii.-ad Ol tli."
? ?.. rau fflfl iralfl flhwartaf. 1""s" ** ' '
,?;,.):,?r .:,v tlmt Moaamy ln BB_-dalraltaB I* thc *****
.,r it* BrgaalBBtta?
Tlie st.it of .luhu Bwabl agalnst tbe HMflbXTf.
BheaaagB aad Lafea Ma Kallmad Company. growtog
mr) of tn- nuiBBBtaattna sf the Bbeaaago nnd aiic
taarry itoiinti.i Caarpaay ta \*BB, was ooattoaaditalBrx
jodge TTBBX, al Iba BBprfBM caart, yevcrdav. fcrnw l
li. Uteh nnd A. C. Huldchoper. wbo are odofendu.t,.
ratarpoBBd a Beararrer to tne complalnt, whirh the
Judge ovrrrnled. Uroolw wa* the owner of S40.000
worth 8. BTBt mortgai- bon.l* of Ihe old eiimpani
Whon (ho PH.d wa* sold under for.1.tleeBTX to 18B8. M
??> decided ro glve the holders of the bonds of the
Mi an cqual nutn^r In U.e ******* f?m',tt" ;
The new cm.panv I.Mied *l.200.000 in bonds whlrh
dopo-Jtcd ln tlie Central Ttaflfl Cotnpi.nv. Tho depo.lt
was MiB fr -BXr-ker-pIng a* well a- to ******
nmem mado for Bta payment of tlie BBBlfl Ml BBBBlBB.
nro proceedlngs. . _. ,
In Februarj-, 1880, a rommlttec was appolnted to
protert Iba Intereflta of the boudhokbr*. A.nona| tta
?w-tara w?* f. B. smith, Bflaaaal for DtaB -nfTllakk
kopcr. Tho ph.m.itr BUcfM thal Mr. iwtth araa
plarcd npon tho comn.itioe so that Lttfl cBentl tnljrht get
aoBfl aaiflfl < f part of the boad* wttboat ,?-. i?k tor ti.cm.
broolts Whhe- to f-BBtrata this nllegcd Idan and 8*8,
thoreforo, that ti.e *******J^^fiSJtflT^
to atueinl Tils loiupl.ilnl.
IIcrlMrt Satipilnetl. .-e.'.i'cd a j.idgm-.t for 88.800
agalnst Ibfl Mparata Bfltxtfl ol Mra. Tmaim tjarta
nontta ago. Babeeaj-Btlf be obtalaed a Jiu-.nct)
on thc BBfllah ladxmflBl tor tbe same amonnt I.i tl...
BaprflBM Conrt of ihta BltT. Ml*. 0***^** JJ
ncviug that aba had a gooi eaaa, appeatod thc
General ivrtn. That cou.t baa raewfld tbfl ^ ?
Hanry <:. Altolr* af this city, lecared a divorc fmm
1,1, B-lfe, JflBBto Allairo. on Jtme 11. The fljecwfl
wm graatei by Judge UwreBc* of tbe Sapreme
court. princip.l'y ou thc te-t,.t.o,.v of Mra. AUalnra
eotorad -aM, Mary Brett, Tta U? tel-xd UuB
k,? Muith. a balbtar of thta etty, aad tne crwner of a
iivitv itahle irarfl *taq?flol fWtflffl ** Mra. rUtolia
honi", Bo. 80 Morton rt.
Ti.e case came ap agatn yesterday before Judge
I,.,l, Mrs. Allalre BBXfld to bave tbfl jn.l'.rmen.
,,,. m uw poaad thal ihe had evin-...-" to proae
UMl her hflXDBDd bad been iBtlmatfl wttb tta colored
niald, as w. 11 a. Wttb B.ioth.-r servant glrl, BUBBt
order Of aflbflttBl?0?
It aae-a probabta tbat tbo efforta of the EJectrtfl
Power company tn bflflp thelr wlrflfl flboaa grooflfll wlll
provc van.. Battea was aer-ed ea tho eempanj a
few months ago that flBbWBifl watl readv for the rc
ceptlon of Ibfl wlres, and that tbey flhaaM be ptaeeB
ulthln tbem In nlncty dav*. The Ume exptred toat
Marah and tbe Mayor onlered tbe Coinmls-loncr of
Public Worlts to rUBOTfl the coinpany'* 8*88. A
ta-porary li.J..n.'tl.,n pat an end to thc removal.
Judge Uiwremc. of tbe BBpTeme Coart, yexterday re
fuscxl to BMbfl tho Iii3utictli.ii jiermatient. an<l dlaeotred
tbo temporary Injunctloii. The conipanv. ta en
deavortng to serure the perflM?at inlnuction, scf np
tho fltolm Ibat proper stibways had not boen ptOTldad
for Ibfl wires. Tho JadfB, however, holtls tbat the
c.iultv of tho complalnt Is denled: thnt the Mta of
tlc l'ioanl of Electrl.ul Coutrol ai.d of the other.pub
lie oillcit.ls have been In itrtet eoBtormlty w tli t.ie
atututos. an.l tliat tbem Ifi no catiso for an i:i]t.nctloii.
- ? ?
Artlclc* of Incurporittou of th" W_l Btrert F.rrv Ktnce
Ce-pany wera Old m Mm County Cterk-a oflci ??fletdair.
Dr Austin KllnU John D.'lahunty and Wllllim II.
Uaradea hav* baea appoiut'-d a Baan-<fltoa by JBd?a
Deaeb ot lha BapraflM Conrt. to tnaBiie i"t" ?? bmb?*i
condiuon of Abb M. Btater. Mrx Btom La i?f*?|j??
rear. oi-i. aad tba b_i of Jame* n. storcr. ot taffotb
O.-mrr. -1* SUf. BhB hBfl $12,009 IB tr-.st and BB
lotereflt ta eooalderahle reel oatata. .
The .-nt ot M'-sr*. 0_rtaB * tflark to recovei
7-11.10 tron Ita -itv u,t extra worh oa Ibe Aqneduct,
whleb ba? beca sa Brtal In IM BBpreme Coart ' t
fiaii a BMBth. wai c.,nt:iiU"d v-t"M:,y 1' I
Ingrabain. EHhn to."'- ended hl* loo? arBw-eBl I
oi dlB-taalofl Uw complalnt. Joaeph B. Choata |oi U
plalnUff*. beirxn bta arfB-eal Ifl oppoaltloB. Bfl wiu
..roi.ut.lv' Dnlah bli rtatem ita today.
ti," ofl " ot John a. si.i'ids. etark of th" i.mtyd BtatM
Cir u.t Court. am bfl etaflflfl ?? "O0" ?" ^u,Ti[iV '" ?,llh'
,\u^'i-t and 8 ptemb. r.
ii'm W Ooodwtn, who restgaed from the potlea for"
. 0f a ebarfl. "f drnnkeBBeBe, ta tohfl retaflaatad on
,..i etdflt graBtad by Jadffl Uwreaefl. Goodwia di*.
uroved t!" Cbargfl ayalnst blm.
_ . 4*
KMnrr-rre Court? (lenenl tflll BBCBBfl eonUaBflt.
t\ urcme Uottrt-CbBmbei Uotoi n.-jdi, J.-MoOoo
.?uie.'ii-:ii \..a' l to 2o, called at il o'elock.
c,-_upi?_e i onrt^pedal * na-Pait 1-AdtaaiBaf for tho
"tauaiM ObbiI Bpactal -1, riie-i'ai-t U-BetMa tawi m a,
'" _u^er_lwor8-CJr?Bl^BBrtB I. II and Ha-AdtaBiaaf
%u^VmcnCour?- Clrciilte-1'..rt IV-n-fo-e InKr,.him. J
i ,-,. '?, O'Urlen, ete.. v?. BV Mayor, ete.
-nm.gato'fl Court?Before Itanaom, S. M'Uon cah-ndar,
calli.1 ai lo:HO u. n, For proUit.-WIIU of Willlon. C.
m". t a* ill. ti Quii.ii.il. N- 8. Oraodell. Erafltu* tt. Mlller
and loflenb L> ?ay. to *? **?'? Margarotba Hclm, Saraii
Hroidiienl, John Ihompflon,, ABgeladl B. Colro. .A?an.
i.i,-.,. hth i L. iii.iibori.. Margaret a. uraca, Betli. ,
Uu_ jBCOb BCthlUg. Afc'a'ha Kauft, Ilfnrlcf- P.app,
F.rdvci: narher. 1!. M. BflllwelL Raehol ttuflbcfl, Uultt
Merer i"hn E. t'onnman H. W. Aiifb-i-vju, .larrl>-tt W.
_lll-r' i,_vld Diiu.au. Wllliam II. Keini,, luchtl E.
Lo-jtivr M?rv E. Hradlah, Jului (', Chamoerlaln, Jarvls
L Bak'or Join"s A. Connor and I-ideou llortoii, 10:80 a. m.
' 6up?rl"..r Court?Umeral 'Icnn?A.dloun.ea utitll Juiy _
Supertor (.'eu't-^-;>p?ctal Term?li.Iorc McAdam, J.?
' "Buinirfor < o'urt?Emtity Terrr?-Ad)o.tr.ied for th* term.
bujiorlor Court-Trlul Tcnn?Parto 1, 11 and 111?Ad.
taflt?M for the torni. ...... .M .,, _.,
t'oinmon Pl.a?-Geiierol Tcrm-Adjmirned until thi*
Cbibinlan Plea?? Hp.'.lal Term?Il.'lore Blschofl, J.?Mo
"Ci.'minfin i'lews-Equlty T' rm-Adjournod until Aupuat 18.
C.ioimoti Picaa?Mrloi 'Jerm?PoiU I, II and III?Ad
lournd for Uie tcim.
Lity t oirt^ Spe.ial Term?Ilefore MrHown, J.?Motton*.
City Court-Trlal TerirK-I'art* I, II, III and IV-Ad
journed for the ttrm.
lourt of (I'ncial fcie.sion.-l'art I ?U'-foro Cowlo? J..
ind ?Ml*tant Dtotrlct-Attoriicy W.BBop* I.ynn-No*. 1 to
18, IneluMve. ?___ ..
Court of Oencrol KetKlona-Hart II?Ucforo fcinyth, It,
and A*?ls?nt, Dlflirlet-Attoruera Wellman uaj sim.tn-,?
X... 1.
Court of Oetv rul Sesaiuna?Ptrt III?Peforfi Manlno,
J and AHilatant Dlatrlct-Attoinev SUiplcr ainl Bpedal
Di?tru-'i.Atto_i?v Ecelflfllnce-Bea. i t>, .). Inelualve.
Tecbnlcally ipraBlnf, The Trtbane Freah Air Fund
bflfljBB its Beaaoo'a wotb paotflrlay awrnlng, wben tlm
I't.rty Of thlrty two lltth; ghil fnr Pl< asuutvllle, B. J.,
took |f-s (lepnrtnro fi-.Mii the city. 1'i-ictl.-illy ipflBfc
ing, thla bcuutifiti charity began its operatloBB ta ihe
Beaaoa <t 1601 toXbj one month ago. Dittinu tbat
period ?f tlme hutidretls of llttle ehUdrefl bava toax*
ti'i'dl to Ibfl eoBBtry on ?ekata tortrtflbed by The Trlb?
une Fund. Many of Uieso W?I reXBBhl until the Khoola
op.-n ta Bepternbcr. ln Thc Trtbane work they are
d.iioiniii.ite.i '-|,,''iii ehlklren," sincc they hare baan
oot before at tho expe?N of riw laad, on.l now retorfl
by tbo ipeelal inviiatiiii of lha klnd hosta wbo eat. i
halned tbem last ramraer. Thib b?I ipeaxx well for
Um oblHNB, wi,o bave ao e?lear?i Iheaaierrei to lha
tofl?Baa of Iba eoBBtry.
Tbe Beaaoa ope?i earfiei thaa n aal thta year. As .
rul.%, the BXBBBfer of tbe funii doei n?1 expocl pafhtaa
oi iiiiifin'ii to toaxfl the etty before the Fottrta >.f .luiv.
Tbo iiidlcJltrou.s are BOW tliat tbfl Frfl ' Air - Bfl D bj?I
opentag m ni ba a Mg ",,('- Tba araatbar is aam, an.l
thc preut abnn.latiec of frnlt and gialtu BflflBiai Ibfl
faniicr tbat It will 18*1?18 bfll a a-nall BMTMflfl 10
fumi-h .?iit"rtiiii.tii.'nt f,,.' tii- btti" one* from the ?tjr.
heveral k,,ui1 ilBfld partiei aie un-uigoil fm u.e i
tbe wae? Bext weeh there wlll i.e ? i?,oni ln Tribun i
1 reab-AIr, a sperlal trnln ulifady liuvinfl; Ueen tha.
toied for Mondaj s partlflfl.
In Uie aecount f?f the ext:iir*|oti nnd dinner givan to
Klnslcy aud KaBflX poflto bv l.afHyeft.- p,,-i, u. \ R ,
publ1-l)eal ln Frlday's Tilbnne, if was flJIIflllllflBlly ?uld
tliat ?i'.'jric P. BA$*T, who was p.v-ctit. iu?l oue *iai at
Annapolls and one at \VY-t p.'i.t. m. refanad to
epoth"T person, Mr. Edgnr. a? I* well known, Ulng a
mWnBBEABAB bchRexuek*- BtHBBI_r,
John K. lleln/cliiiuii. tlie lrnvver wbo waa Indlrt-'d
alanit two months a?o on tho charge af prartMng ns
?i attflrney wlthont autlilotitv. anrrer.dered hBBMell to
AcBng I??trtC4>AUumey Ucdford ye*terdxy. Ho eanl
that he bad ffono to ??BBBai with his wlfe and two
childrcn. but on readlng lu a Bew-York newspapor
that he had been Uidlcted. h-.tcucd back to <?ce Uie
,,;,,.., Ilili.iha.8 wa-, paroM 8*_MJa^J__t?
cutody nf hia eo_ -l. n. J- Hair,.-. i.y J?-iw J_*J
HHnaalBiaa 88*rtlaal in u.e artaetaal mmt* BB
,,,?... .,,? ,.,.;.....,, gMbaya iagtra and 9tmxmBBBt>
S wlth -biltty. m applylt-j te a wnt or h.iaaaa
roraa* for Jariro, Boger M. f^?" ? ,rg, gS
llefnielman had never tmm ****** " Jm
...?:: i rti rward Hetaai bnaii 81 W - '??
pairr~A-8iovM_-_ir8 ._m-.i>.
Dcpufy Shcrlff Mntphv v-t May irrelvcd an 1*8*
m,.nt for BkOfiOO agalnat the MaB, Am Arbor and
North Blablgan Ratlway Qgaraaay la fc** od W*
Martln A Co. The att.irhtrenl w:,s n-rved on sever-l
banks where tho company 1* said to bave money on
dep slt. _ , ____?
Another nttachmenl. for S-.10S. haa been NBMl
agalnst, George W. tstetsot- k Oo.. plg ITOB "J?J_JJJ
men hat.fs at No. Oll Wall st.. ln favor ol 88- De Bardel
ben OOBl and Iron Compnny.
The f -llo-vlng wan sold out by tho gbartf yefctciday .
Tho Bew-YorB 108 and Cold Storage Compiny._aj P8,
-07 i"uii.n-at.. reaUabag *io.ooo; imperiai BmEmt and
?,....?, Company. at No. 107 Kultou-st ; Mrs. JaaM-*Mj8
Her-htleld. mllllucr, at No. .i<>5 V^M^-lJ^
lloynia... p-rore r. at No. 71 Mott -8. and Wolf Spcctor.
tallor, at No. 860 Thlrd-avc.
Ml Btere aUachmenta, agRre-atlntr SP-*..140. have been
laaaed agataat Oaaaafa ni.im. dotag bnrlness as <K
iiiiim A2 Oo., a-obaaai daalar in faaretry at No. .>.io
Broadway, whoae ilore la ln the hand- of lbe mttw.
Tho largest aro in favor oi K. C. ( _?tby. ?a.'1.17., and
Henry I.u.lin. , 81 ..WO. Mr. Iilutn had been in bu-lno -
ln I'hlladelplila for nlne yeais an.i began 8888 la*-!
November. Abiaham Morris, clothler at No. 478 Third
uv.'.. uia.ie aa aaatgnaieBl joitaraag lo Qeorfe nu-oii.
iriv.iig a pre-eraaee t<> .io_oph laaaphaoa ior #!.---"'?
Ho has baaa la tailaiM aaar twaaty-ave year*. and
wa*- repated to own taal aetaai la laal riixty-iirst-.t.
Maaael Gaaaalee, dgm naaalaetarer at No. B48B
Tl'lr.l ;.ve? Mott Ilaven. mado au a-slgunwnt yesterday
fo Joao Jumnieia. Ile has been in .u_ln?-s* many
?,,rs wliiiSl. U. Fate* haa been fW^xgm
or Joseph K. II. Thorn] o... luuibei* dealer at Bo. 4 '
Tenth-ave. In wf^mentary pro<_srflng*o, the a. p*V
catlon of Boyd A Co.. Inmber ui.-rcliaiiu of: Albany. who
obtalned a judftment agataat bim ior #0.0.0.
naltlmoro, June B8 (S.ieriul).-Il. stn.ii*. r.rothei*s
A Co., brewcr* and naaltaeara, mado an a-.mmei.t to
day. At a B-eattag of eradMors tho ma m uio a state
ment showing prlmary llabillUea of 9l90fiOO, con
tlng.-nt liabllifics of BBOOfiOO, aggWfaMng 8880^00.
Tli.tr aaaeia aro about BBOOfiOO. The flim at one tlme
owaad tba Dartey Par* Brewary and scverai malt
hotue. ln thft cltv. A llttle more than a year ago
they -old out their baataeea lo the BBsBah svndicate.
_ ??? ?
his cr.'iTiiiNG stolt.n ntOH HIS cn>n wmi>F.
Bdwln B. Chnpln. ln Laa-taaM tt BO. 50 Broadway
aad Brttag on Btatea to-BBB. la captaln of the *->taten
lalaad iBfrnaaal Ctab. Laal Saturday aft/.riioon tho
club played sur.lnst a Maw-YoHl team ln the northeast
meadow of Central I'ark. Wlion tbo mateh wa? orcr
in.i,t of Uie players went to tho kceper's l.slpe to
<lrr-<;. Cheplii had a new eerf. sult. in Uio pockct^i
of whlch wore Ui watch, pocketbook ard kcys, and
thls ho took from hls k-*ker nnd plaod 011 a camp
stool be?ide hlm. Ho then betran to pull hl* lacrrwso
feraay oear hls liead. Wlien hls head was free agatn,
he aaw tbal all hls elotbtag excevt Uw necktlo and an
undcr^nrment had dlaaypearfd.
The itsrrn was crowded, but no ono Ind seen who
took tho etothtaff. Cbapta- atbaatlon waa awkward.
A laer-aae aatt, eocataBag of an exeeedlngly brlof palr
of braaebee, a palr of slioei? and a Jersoy was scarcety
an ouftlt in whleb tO J.-urtiey to Staten Islaiid, and
lt belng Saturday e*-eatog aD the roady-made clothlng
Btorea ln that part ol the elty were closed. Kind
bterted toBabi players, however. eupplletl a palr ol
WbMe flann.-l trousors and a strlpod coala Mr. Cliapln
oSera a rewar-1 of *}"-"? "nnd no iiuoaHoaa w-ked" for
Uio retaro <?f Ma s-ilt and ptpons und 85 for Uie key*.
That Qeotral Park is bccoining lnfe<t?*d with sneak
ttrlevee ls dally growlng moro iipi?.rent. On 6ntur
(1-tv Wllllam M. Alltsun. of Ba.B8 E_rt One-hur.dred
anil thlrty Ilrst.-t.. laid down a new palr Ot V___
leothor -ln--*, und ho siearcely had B-MtOlOOB around
whon UK*y w.re gone. A nnmbor of blcycle* have
aU> beea ?b>ien reaeotly.
? '? ?
Tlio rlrm of MS-baaa __ralBaai A Company, wliich
taUed laat mouth, wltb __b--t__i of about 8_00,ooo,
h:ta beon reorgaalaed aader Uio laws of the btate ot
S'ew-Jeraey as tho l.'nloti I'a<itlc Tea C.mipany. Its
corporatora ara I. A. Campboll, of Treuton, N. J.;
1 ... Dowlman, of ffew-YorB; vYBUain A. Mciirido, ol
Mew-York; Praderleb T. Bbern-an, of Brooklyn, nnd
Wllliatn II'. TwotldeU. of sv.utli (irargo. Tho reorga;il
1 itton ha* beea effectod with tiw oooaant of the laadHora
1 |be Old c-i'inpaiiy. 'fhe new company wlll aasume all
tbe Uabllitlea ol tho old one and it ls kboaght thnt a
irtng c?n tlms b? made to the crcdltors of the
baokrupt Bna.
TBe eapltal stock of Uie now company ls $.100,000.
Wllllam A. McBrido has beon elected pre_ident. The
ronvany will have ofhoes ln Nowark. bnt WlB .outlnue
tn do buslneaa at the "Id oillcon, No. iU waBBT-g, ln
thla elty. _#_
iroodatoek, t'onn.. Jiuh*. 20.-Tho Fourth of July wlll
b? oe-ebrated at _U_wl_od IBril ln the runa -Mi_-er
m m pra-rloaa yc-nr.. Tho lal of .yeakcrs tfoatalns
ii.niy dlattngnlabed namea. CMigreaaman Baaae-, ol
i oneotlcut, -111 walco-ae hla eooatttaantB and tba vis
u..rs treta abraad. Ti.cu 8coa-or -bawkgr win make an
addrtaa as prealdenl ol the day. After pragar and Uw
ainging of "A-aartea.* t-itaiaatar Grmaral Wanamaker
win make an aadrasa, to he followed by MeJoaOenaral
0. O. lloward, who wlll spi-ak on "Independence Day,"
iiftcr wldch a poem by Maurbo Thompsoti wlll bo
: ,.!. entitled "Aa American Boy." Ia Uio afternoon
Senator AJdrich, of Hliodc Maud, WlB sp..-alc 00 "Tho
Industrl-1 Fufurc of Nc*.v F.ngland." Wllllam McKin?
ley, Jr., eandidato for Governor oif Ohio Mid author
of the ta.rtfT law, unO*cr the toplc of "National Streiigth,''
wlll speak frcoly on the subject whlch he has at lieart.
M11r.it Halstead, Kdltor of "Th. BrooUlyn Stoud_-d
Cnlon,"1 wlll take tbo topie, "Tho Presorvatlon ot the
IVople's Inborltaneo,*" aud Dr. Davld Gregg, Dr. Cuy
ler's sutcessyr ln IirooldvTi, and lut?>ly pastor of Park
Btrect ( hnrcli, BO-tOO, aiU take Uie subject, "Loyalty
to Amorlcabism."
? ? ?
A jury ta Oeneral .-waious | aaaa day found rhiiip
Derriiigor, a bntcber of No. *_11 En.st Thlrty-_rst-<t,,
guiity ..I naaaalaasbtar in lbe eeeeod dcgn-*e. liis wifo
a*aa l nnd dead ta bad on Aprll 18, und ho was aeeaaed
..I eaaetng ber death by boatlng her. a sonsaUonai
(eatnre ol tho t-.i^a was tbal Deputy Coxotmt Cea
way granted a burlal ptnnit, namlng heart dlseas<* as
tbe eniia.. of death. The fun.ral was atoppod by the
pollee, wliose wispiclons IvmI been aroused, and BBV-fBl
bruiaca wor- faiind on th>* eorpaa. Derrlti(K*r wus
ti,.-i upon Indlcted. Jadga Martino rcmuuded lnm tin
iii '1 iiur day for aeAte.-uJO.
li 111 The London Dally Nows.
Miyi-hnlne us an aaltdota to snako poi-,..n haa
long beea known lu AustraJla, bnt It h;_s been reservi.1
lor Dr. 5luc.ii.-i-, of Yaebadandab, ln th<* cotony ..f
Victorla, to explaln ia a .'.eiM.t. fn-iiion tbe
and praetlee ol li.ut rather toi-Mdable ramedr. nua
eipcrlenced praetltloner?who .ussures us ifiat 0111 ol
cent a D foot
tu eharnje tho appearainca of old
Pu'-ntture ao complotely that
your huabandB will think it la new.
m willooit\^_ aaa aaa Mt
aroLi'v * ruvwDOLru. rhiiad*u>-ia_
It I* ? rno'i e?raeloB* rcinedr for Or?pep*ln. Bra*.
chltla. Pm 11111.11.111. tho l.rlp nnd Ihe wenkenefl and 4?.
bllttnted candltlan rniiflefl by It. It I* n perfect .ilm*.
Iinil for weak nnd tlr.-d nerve*. Iinno. ibe hat
weather ll will be fenud, when mlxed wllh wet.r, labt
nn odmlrnble ontldoie to ibe eflVcia ot ihe Beal.
nbed IT.
Inalat on fletiin. 1' from yotir dr?eal*l. or groeer. aa
ll baa been proventobelbcOM.V I'l II K MRBICOUI
WIIIIflBY on ilie mnrin't. Wrlie for our book.
Kochewfer. N. V.
Tb the last opportanity to secure.
Georgla-Afabama Investment aud
Development Go. Stock at price of
$3.50 per nhare. 00*099, Itooma
31 and 32, 11 Wall Sfnct.
?about 100 cases. some of tbem at tho point of ibafh,
treated by this metbod, only ??:.<; haa been kuaBB to
fall?di.solvc* on-1 pnrt of nltrate ol ttrycbnlnfl bi -40
parta of arater mlngled wtth a Uttl i Tne
a?xtare l* injected andar Ibe i?n ta aay i?*rt ot tta
body??a netfbteorbood of tta btttaa part, n ? ? r.
beim; preferred. Btryehataa aad Ita putooaeai *ocn>.
tlou whieh tlie snake's faiiK injet- Into thfl ~oand am
drsn'lbed as "thorOBghlt aDtafbalstle," and Dr. Mueiier
aaanrna us thal no beNtation need be toB li. pu.hing
tlio uso of tlie drug to qaaatf?? Bmt wonld b<: lb?I
|B tho absence of Boaxa potaOB. Tbfl 'one faJliire*
r.-fcrred to aboxfl Ii attHbated t ? the mt*tata of tta
cotitlniitiik' the operatton after a graln and a .luarter
of atrych.ilne bad BMB lajeulai
[nr BBB?Btafla- to Tur. tbibcx?J
lSTorthfiekl, Mass.. June OCi.-Pre.'.idcfit-elcct Harper,
of the Chicago ITnlverslty, ha* glven hl? addres* before
tbe stadenw' summer school and gono away. As ho
lK*d to leave the confcrenoe so early, Mr. MasBj plaeed
hltn on the programme and gave him nearly ail the
tlme of the mornlng se?slon. Tne y-*rtbfnl pre'idc t,
apparetrUy no older than some of th" etudeot*. was ot
llti best to-day, and hls a>ldress BB " Tlie Propheey of
Nahutn" waa hlghly apprertated. Ho wa* appkwded
several timee, and at Ihe clo?o of lih lectoro Mr. Corn
rane, of St. Paul, followed with a warm trtbute to
Dr. Harper'8 ablllty as a scholar, and a hearty con
gratulaUon to the Went that had pTaced him at tha
head of a leadlng tafl?BMlon of lcun,lng.
Th? coitfcrence has storted with a larger gatherlnf
than any of Its ptodeeessors. More tl**n 400 studenU
are already enrolled, and every traln brtngs new ar?
rlval*. Vule and weslcvu. I'niv.rsltlea are at tha
head In point of members with Atnher.t, Prlnccton,
Haivard, Lafayette and tbe rnlvolty of Wglnia fol?
lowlng closely. The halb* are nearly illled. and 88BBB8
of tente dot tho hlltaldo of tho campus, pre*eiuli -' a
pletoreflqne appearenco. Tho weather Is a* nearljr
perlect a* any stneUuit of we.-her-vanes oould djaire,
and tho flflbBB?BBBB of tlie meettngs 1* cone*pon.1intdy
large. Tho heynoto Of tho conference Mr. Moody
sonnried at tlie openlng meetlng, when bo r> ad thi.
ver-e from tbo l'nalius: "rearcli u.o. <> 0"J. aud
know my beart, try mo and know my thought.
and seo if tbero bc any evll way in me. and
lead me ln the way everlastlng. Yeatarday Uie
sermona were dellvcred bv tbe Bar. John BlWb, ol
Edlnburgh; Professor Thonison, of the Luivr?ty ol
Pennsylvanla, and Dr. Harp.x.
In hls addretw today Dr. Harper dvelt 888*48?9
upon the valuo of tlio study of tho Hible by bo?k> He
deelared that tlil* could bo done a1tho.it B knowlcdge
of tho orlglnal lnngunge ln whieh the Blble ls writ" n.
und then, to obow hls young friends how ?a.slly n
could be done. Ji- t.xik up tlie ptopbeey Of Bfl?flflX.
After a few lntroductory remurks on tiie OM Te*ta
inont proplict, Dr. Harper eelled attonlioti brleflv to
tta soveral ncrnioti* in the b'V>K, churucterlwd a. fol?
lows: First, Jehovah, a (iod of NBBBBB?8 but a
fortress for His people; BBflOflM, Ifl?M?I wlll frefl
Judah and destroy Nlnevcb; thlid, desctiptlous of tbo
fall of Nlneveh, the means, manner and cause: fourth,
no ab*olute certalnty of Nineveh'? fall. The epeaker
next presentcd tbe essentitil Idc^i Of the propheey an.l
mado one pcd??"e'Ical B8"J?BB?9?, Tbe applicatl.M.
was on tho in.tl.od of boolt study and was in outlliBB
us follows: Intnaluetory-aacertaln tbe 8X88881 BBBl
whlch matorlal mav be eMataaf | sectiro tlie best hclpfl
for the ?tndy of tlie B8BWS BM_B rflflXrBfl? faniib.ir wltu
tl? blstory of tlio tf?aaa of whlrh the book trxit- 88
to whlch lt bclo!i;rs. Tho mnterltil?rt-id tho b^ ae fl
whole and make a roupli analysN: study each tffBBBB
of thls analysls, wrlting ln your own liuik*truge the
thought of eecli vcrso nnd BfltaiflBflflBf the thought ? t
BgrflBB whlch mukc a sx-parnt" piiragraiili li.to l
statement, readjustlng your an.l>*ls arflBB?Bg to
the new light otitaln.xl fp>tn thls study; Jolnlng t<>
getner the thought of eacli dlvision, untl". Bta bo<)k bc
10?88 a o'^t ln yonr mlnd. Tlie e?.seuflal idea*?
select the great m**mm*JI whlch you havo found
scattcred hero nnd tltere in tne book and arrange tlo-m
?the wrlter's eonceptlon of <ioa, the ftiltllmcnt ?,|
propnei-y, the Btoaataata staaBaaa, et<\, ato.; s'tircu
the b.?>k tbiroaffe for evorv *tatoment whlch ba-ar*
dlrei'tlv 08 Indlrectlv BBOH th>i totte BeleetaB; f.^nmlit.'
the -Btorlal Ubm gathcred inu> deiitiitc .tatemcuu
uovenng each toplc. '
From Pranh Li'slle's Illu-trat-d RBBBpafBT M July 4.
? Thc NewVorli BBB," an flBOflBflal t\pe ol oij
Ristcnt, old fasiiioiu'u itaBocracy. aooada a f
trarntag ta Iti p_-l? ln N'ew-Yorb 8Ute. II bid; m
lead.-rs rpin--iiit.cr th.it tta soUdarlty of th- BepubBeaa
pai'tv tt> .New V.-rk bas otico inore baaa aecorad - l
that tlm Deoocrocy, .1 it hope* to lucceed, 'ati-t
lmluite U* axampie and "pall Itaell :?'?*' ' '
fall's elei tlou ln Ba- Vorb btate may deeklc th" .>*?
tionai eonteai ol next yoar. Tta ehvtlon oi -
cr:,ti.- Legi*?ture ln b<"!' UraBohea, with ,
Uoveraor- in other wordfl, a eompleta rl * ./ f - '?"??
ernor Hlll-would BWBB '.K""*: tl-M app-a.- ni?-'i BBB
""'?The BBB" ls rigl.t. The Repn'ol.-'aii pu-tv. torfl
by ta ii"'" tor orer l> n
its members baea Iratarntsed. t?al a t lor w*
iirs-t Uaie ln a doaen yeare, Ui. .-,? wivs no fact i
oatbnrat among tlie Bop-Mlcan member* ?l tta beflje
latutv. Even Um II-puliIlcaM c.r *e li. I
w*s nndtaturbed. Hic Bepnbtlcajii party nf tbl* "t* ?
v^h.s naver mor? ln thc mood to icrli ? ei ?? ?
Inter rl to IU own well i , i jer* ?".- ? < tangej
anv faetlonal eonteata amung tta Bepablvaoa j1*
Bew-York ChBOJieey M. Depew ooold ind '
,tave tad. had !"? baaB wllllng lo aeoept mu toB
ox-nlmoti. ii.'i, i.it,". t :? Ita ttov***r-rablp. Hc de
enncfl io entor the o flteat. ?*''t wlwavj* *?T* **
nomlnee. wliettier lt be (fcraUai 8 li''->- * ____Z
York' lieorae I). Staai ? ' ? ' ' -{}?*_*
\v Wa.Kv ...Hi. of Oeiieseo: tbe llon. Andwa \-*M*>
?f Ithara, or ?*'???? >?'? the ottarp. raonx promtaantly inm_
tbrncil he wlll. fr->ni pnvwn! ltirtlc.itlons, le nominatea
by ac.-i?mntlon aud s*ipiH?t?i b Ui *ptandid unaiilru ?
There i- uo bmger * 1-ti tactton nor a MiUor f i.'tl.m.
an admlnlstniBon nor an antladralnlfltratlOB <*__*?
tta BepubUean pnrty ta thi* Jtale. There ls a **"*<
wlld, expertant cetanrn waltlng t> be M to y*_*r'
aii that it noxis to Bueeeed tftfl fall ta *******
nn.l thr w.-rU of orRBiiWallou mn?t bo be.gun rigut aara
iu Now-York Citv. iu thc. hot -bed und st.ongl*- "f[J
uell organUcd. well drllb-d BBd th..r.,ughly dlMliil.',.''!
Tammanv Democni.v. lf the itoo.iMtc.i.i ^^ '*
thta citv aud SUito alll tahe good advlc thev ?ill flf?J
at an Bark 8x88, map oat l fBBraalxn, nnd in Uv jora
h.- fltart.d Iiere nnd b> thfl k)c_ Hulers The -we
ConvenUon *iir>nW bo held before the ??_*___?___[
aaraber; the platf>mi ahould be con.Uo and ouWio*.".
and tta canipulgn *y?tematlc and a?gre**1ve ftiim v?
""lfdt'ta ftopubllcnn partv I* to win tn 1-021 K ah.*i^
beglu bv Alnntog in NV'Vorh thta fall. and If th- ? i?'*
palgn ln .thla State U to b* pu?.bcd to a ___8__?_I_|
.lii.lon Uio work BMM l?"gln lu New-York City. aud now
a? ?
"Throw phyUc to tho doga; PI uoiie ot If-Bafl.
Tho pure air and oceau breetc* of Long l?l_|*4 j^*J
hciUtl. and st*eiigth, cwlor to the ,*?^_j,rt?_P__,_!
tho evfla. Now cara, low fun?. f*_t aiid freuu?? %mm
to *4J polnta on Uie Long Islaud JUaUroa? o

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