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Cape May, N, J., July 20.-The President aaid
gHulght that he had accepted the reaiKuation of
loal B. Erhardt aa Collector of tiie Port of A'ew
York and had designated J. Sloat Fassett, of
Elinlra, N. Y., a* his ?Aicces*or.
Ttt President to-night telegraphed to Scnator
Faasett to come to the Cape and sce bJak iCfnaidhaf
tbe aew oftioe. _
J. Sloat ikaaaaj vras born ln Elmlra on Xovember
18, 1SW. Be ?? graduated at the CniverMty of
Bocheater In 1877, and then t ok a OOane at the CtaV
vendty of lleldelberg. On hl< rotkli hOBM from Oer
many, ha atadtad law, and was admitted to the bar at
Hmlra on the moilon of Pavld n. Hlll. In 1*70 he
waa appolnted DletrlctrAttorney fOT Chemung County
by Oavamor Roblnoon. He held this offlce for a year
and waa most sueressful lu hU proserutions. He took
an aetlva part ln RopubMcan polltt^, and ln 1*83 he
waa elected to the stnte Senatn. Pavld B. 11111 had
been elerted LieutenanKH>vernor in the preeedlng
year, and be graeloosly pat.-onised his fafliMa tnwniuMa
when he arrivcd lu Albany to take his seat as
Senator. r.ut Mr. Hlll beea aaw that the
Chetnung Penator was an aggressive Kepublieon
kod ln 1998 he dld all ln his power to dcteat him. He
was aaaanaaaafaJ, and Mr. Fassett was re-elerted bv
?n Inereased plurallty. When senator Fnssett rnu
again ln 1??T rtoverow Hlll vlolontly appaati hjs
eleetlon. tmt ho wus acain elerted. and after he took
hM BBBt ln 138ft he wa* made president pro temporc of
tbe saimte. He was re-elccte.l In 1899 for the tUTB
ending this yeur. taaatOf Fassett is a tuari of exrep
tlonal abllity and has bocn one of the most
valuable Eepul.liran* in the Semite. He
haa been an ablo leader on the RepnMlcan sido and
has doue amek to axpaaa Demorratie romiption. BM
manv of the tnsmataaattono btto akktie i" ta.a
and other clUM have been made at his W**" aM
under hi- dlrectlou. Senator Fer-sett waa .??"StZ
of the Retmbllcan Natlonal Committee ln ltfoS. He N
|* tenotea ol"the Rocheater Unlverslty and Cook
While tho arnoune-ment that Colonel Jool B.
Brbaidts the Collector of thl* port, had oant his resig
aatton to Waaklngton may have rau*d gcncral
mrprlse. yct to tkoaa of tho laner circlc of the tto
pnbHran P?rtv It was takna ta merely a maiter of
tourse. ln taet the iMtgniHia was looUod for somo
time ago, and lt has born known for several wocks
that Colonel Erhardt had asked to be rntkWtd from
his plare. The maln reaaon why his reslgnntion ?>
lorwarded to watklagtoa was that ho was not ln
U.nrh eltlicr wlth tho prlnciples or the pollry of the
Admlnlitratlon wktot tke PrcMder.t and 9aeretary
of the Treaanry were followin?. The qneattoa wae
preripltat.d vhen the Colleetor opposed 0 PbU of the
Baetetary to changc the mcthod of dolng the wor.t
of one of Uhj depnrtruents. When the Collertor's
ffaam were not eccepted by the Treasury Peportmeut
he sent lu his resigoHtion.
In the Custom llouse the news dld not ereate much
excttaaaani 8aaaa weeks ago the repurt wus afloat
that the OaHeetat attker had reataaed or that his
laolgnatton had beea aaked for by the President. At
the Uuie Colonel Erhardt was rn^t energetlc ln deny
kai that aay pm of this atatanwat was tme. On tkat
aeeount the anktaet then wns aHawad to dn,p.
wlth the OXceptton of a few brlef tomuienie Wfctek were
puhllslied in aome of tne lwpers. tmt there was a
oertaln nmnber of men in baakMBt Ufe and in ptoeatnent
polltiCAl oflicos wik> have dcvlared, Wttk a complete
uppearanee of good falth, that they fcnew that he would
not be Collertor mueli loi.gor. They were laughed at
by many who dld not beUava that Erhardt would givo
up ids oXfice antoaa be arere toreed to.
The only lntercst developed was ln rclatlon to what
tiie new Collector would do. The inajor partion of
this dlsmsslon was conflned to those men who were tho
Colleetor's pewonal appolntments and who faat thut a
now cosidition of aifairs may reaatt dlaaatfonely fcr
them. The outgoing Reambltaane to the nnaabar of
sixty-one. wliu were dtamlaaad aeeordlng to tke 00>
lertor's iecommondation?. lelt a llttle more tranqwl
when they lea.-ncd that l*e. too. WOUld aceompany
tkoaa. knri tke twenty oae Deeaocrata who aeetdentaUy
were catight uuder tiie OoBpetora knlfc wcie not so
well saUslled.
Odlertor F.rhiitlt said that he was tnu?h chnirrlned
when he aaw the pabUakad atortee of his reatgnatton,
and he def lared Wttk great earoestness that ho dld not
wnrtion tho publleatlon. Ile said that besides hlmseli
oniv tkrae men baew tkat be had realgned. Tkep,
HHWedlil U) hlm, ure President Harrtson, uocietary
Fokter and Aalhnairl Baeretary spauldlng.
colonel Erhardt was suiTiJunded by newspaper men
when a Trlbone leportar ivaehed bk oaaee ln the
custom iiou.se yetterday. He ?aid that he hnd realgned
and that h'.s laxhtaattoa woabt take cirVt on Prldar.
July 81. After he had Mtd this he wa- asked by Tke
Trlbune reporter to tell why he realgned.
-I will n"t any aaytktng frinhcv abont my leolgna
tion." he sald. l-ntcr lu tiie <iav iio reeoBslderad this.
and word was sent out that OOOM tune ln the alteriioon
he would clve out a gtoteineat. Tlieu he sent for
Ellhu Koot, Wha was closeted wlth him for aoaat
Ume. After Mr. Root had gone the Collector aavl
out the lollowmp:
1 have re*igiud be^?au^e Uio ColK'tor has been rrduc.d
to a paaltlaa arkate be is no hMgat ?" todapaadeat om
cer wlth authorlty eommensuiote with hk rtOpoaaJbOlsy.
1 bart givwi bonds for ?.00,000. 1 have recehod tor Um
frovemment during the twenty months l?st paat 88S8>*
88f(18l 40, ?nd l am aii the tkaa powoaolly raspaaalble
tar aaataaaaa ^ai^l.?s ta aiaaay aad nunthoadlet My du
ti.v- are aaeaaaartly ptrtaemat thiough about 1,M0 K?
ploye*. I ?m not WtlUaf to Mattaae to be r< sponsibie for
thflr conduot uii).-a? I oan ha\.' proier antkarl y o\ r
them. Ihe retent pollcy of tko Xieaaary D.partment hos
be<'n to cuntrol the aatafta of the cii-tum^ ndaiinisuatiua
at Ui< l'urt <jf Nvw-York Iroa. \\a?iiii)gtoi), al the dicuu
uf ? aatvaaa k^tvktaal aaxfai ae < ? ;ial laoaanotbtnay. Tha
CoUector Is praellcally depiived of power and contiol, while
ht la lelt oub)ect V- all re*poo?lbility. The oflice k no
louger BkBaaaanV nt, a.d 1 am. Xhcrelore ?? have sep*.
After it had bOOJi learned paattlvetf that the offlto of
CoUector would baeoaaa eajcaat tuaauiiow alght there
was murh ?petu.?tloii as to who vould bt tke next
CTlector. Tke naiues of sevetal well known Raoob
lleano were mentioned. I'romineat BBMMUJ tbem w:tf
Oeorge \V. Ljon. the pfeeeN .-urveyor of tke Port.
borvevor I.yoa & a aaod RepakUean, a thor u;:h law
yer and a man who woaM b?? aeeeptakk to a> al Repnb
Ucans. lUa nagoo ??^ ?uKsested beoaaee his dutics u
gurveyor Itavo tnad ? hlm famtnar Wttl mael of the
l,it? 0f tke CSoUeet rt ataea. Bat tke man on
whom all Kepublicans ur.ited as belng BaOOt llkcly to be
appoink-d ls Btate benator J. Sloat Fateeti. Beaatot
Fassett Is cxUemely pxipular In tke Btate. He k an
ablo lawver, a tknaaagk buslneaa man, an atoajaOBl
orator aLd a full-fledgod Repablican. Bualnesa men
geiicrally recclved the auffaattoa tkat be ndght Ixs
appoLiitod with pleaaur*. His leadenMp of tbe Repak
l^cans in tke state Bannta laal wlnter proead him t? bo
aaankaaaaa, kiiatkeadad and aktHnl man.
biia* B. Daleker, tke tx-Canal ?tpailulak9eit and
Appralser at tkte port, also WM H ? 10 he tke BfV
pointoe. A fourth man mentloued va^ Jacob M. Patter
sou. the chiUrnian of the Republtcun County Bxeca
tive Commlltee. ExJudge Pntkwaoa 1^ popular wlth
all the New-York Kepublicuns, and ho would bc ac
ceptabie to NvwYorh tOMdaeae man. _
nataaal Erhardt *an born m l\)tt?town. Penn
lilftkaa. years ago, and be cama wlth hta P^^to
ihm eiw when he was foui iean. old. ir.t, nrw
StaTwhtehTe atteuded was the ftlM tttooL
at oae Ume a well-Unown InaUtntton. lhen he ?em
as a clerk wlth Hortsman Biv?., AJlan a- (o. ne
aftorwtXil took a chrk>Uip vltlii an in^n?n<e Brm.
iklch he retalned until be hegurf to akady law wltt
Uenedlct & Bebedict, of Brooklyn From this offlce he
went to the Inlrersitt of Vermont. At Hi op?nlng or
ma war ht ?eot tj th<- front witn tuo Ttn Reg.iuein, ro.n
wkirh be ?as transffcrred to the l?t Veim nl u?vul:y
He returoed from the war wlth the rank <f cootam.
in IbtiZ he was a Provoot Marshal ln this eity and ln
1866 he waa AaolsUnt lAstrict-Attorncy in Brooklyn.
auyor Wckham made bini a PoUee Oommiaoiooer in
1672. aud chargeo were preferred against him whlr >
were not proved. In leas the Kepubllrans nomlnated
hlm for tayor against Hugh J. Qeant, Al.rai.i a,
HewlU and Jobn J. Coogon. One houtidn-d and c.g-it
aknaaand votes were polled for Oeneral llarri?ou, a.d
Colonel Erhardt ree*lved 74,000. President Hantaon
aDDOinted hlm Colleetor on May 4. 18H?. His honds
men ane Jacob H. arlufT, H. Q, Armour and cx-Judge
H<^hSjrtSS!' J?iv -^9 (Sneclaij.-Tbo iaalaaatkmv0f
Coll*rtor Erhardt was unexperted. m th^ #nH thrtt
it wa? not eipected so aoon. wrretan- Fi il r rtld not
Loe.u to he Rreatlv Mirpria?d. As u, Colleetor Krhardfs
m??iimahlo sucr?ss<ir Ik w*s uiu.n. Ile Migg"
CTrltmVfOtwrii<l'nt lh*t lt would ?,?? '
^<r?S5 Pat K^aak. he. "tha, M ..^
aaam kaaTaaaT mentioned.- aaerakwy raetae ?a m4
lUker"- ^a sik't k "Just iH lo.ely," you kiiow.
C em-ave. a?d 220-st.
?av that the name of J. Hont la-ssett has alBB.hBBB
n? ntioned. nr tliat It is tho opinlou of aomo }\??^"\
U-publleans that his cliauces are c,m>.ider*l.l> better
than Mr. lmtcherV in rart, aame 0< theja ^ecm to be
lleve that the name of the new (ollector wi 1 be
Fnssett. of cowroe the <|uidnunca ran glvc plenty of
reasons for OoUeetor Erhardt'i r ?slgnatlnn--uio-t of them
WUJ Of the mark. It is rertaln, however. that the
severance of hi* nflirlol retattaBa alth the ?.ovcrn
BMBt will bo uimccoaipanied by pertonal 111 wiU.
Mate OBarp, PielBtm, x. Y.. .miy B8 dpptdalV-The
friends of the members of the 22rt Replmcnt n<-cd not
M MirprlMsd at anythlng v.hich the soldlers mep i i
ahaa they return Boaaa. They an raatdly beeomlag
unphibious. Xearly tlirce day? Bf tcnt bfe ln I
ing rain have done the work. I.ong BJB they learnod
to e*t and smoke nnder wsfer, and lt l- IBBKtBd
that one or two of the BBMrteet n.ro in the rrglment
Imve learned t-> drlnk ln that posltlon. Bo 0B4 BBBf
thtnk lt unna?ural if ?ome af II I BMB BO with JiarnnmV.
rtrous or BMhe rngngeincnts wlth museum Bfaprietert
to ehow thelr acromp!l?hments In gKss tanki to the
wonderlng n.uititadc. WahrABt'l vocabula-- aoald not
be largo enough to descrll* the dlffcrcnt Idnda of raln
?torgM whica havo riatted tho eama wtthta Um bbi
scventy-two hours. There has tioen the ahowar, II
heavy dowu-pour. the thundcr-showcr. the regulati.,n
rataet rea, the aauvahaaar and the drizzie. ln fact, it
would ba ea-ler to tel WBB, Btad of a storm has not
pa!d It* c.mpllment* Be the place than It would to
anumcrate all ttMaa erhJeh have rOBM. After they had
beon here BlafXy and In BBitB, they gathcred on the
?oantalm all aboiit and came down all at onei from
the dlftorent polnts of tiefompas*. a drlaale -ikt otf the
and of Anthon.Vs Bata, a thundcrshower Jiimped
aeroae the river from o:d Dundernerg, and all the
other tarlattea of ttonaa cbbn trom as maay dlftor?
ent p-Mnto of <he rompass and hcld n grand rennlon
rtcht ovtr the camp. They rBBBBtBai there ftw Ml
fcnnjf and them diew off to the BBftBBlOB of the WBOdl
and raaaa baeh on* at a tline. Trom preaent nppear
aaeea there tOBB not seem to be BBdr hrtfe that the
clements will tlre Of thelr sport ln the riear future.
ln the m?antime the ?ihapptaat man ln camp B
Patrtet 8ejaf*aM (illmore. Hi* unhappiness has been
bfoagM about tn two waya, m the fttat pJace, tho
atonae hnve prcvented one conrcrt and bld falr 10
g?JBJ another one InuposMi.le. So, two canfalh- nr
ranged prncnmme havo gone to waato and that
mne'h enthuslasm tottled up. Then, Ollmore wantod
to remaln and pilot the reglmcnt baok to Wow-TorB
on Saturdar, lnstend of rushmg ofT satnrday BMfB
|ng to jilav a! Mnn'attan BaBBh ln tl.o aftaTDOOB.
It made him R?d to thmk that the boya wonld havo to
lock up the camp and go home wlthout a noto ol
mate wtth whfeh to in^plre thelr Btape. lie tricd to
get the Manhataaa ncach people to raJeaea him fmm
the afternoon ronrert, but they would not.
An uncertalntv yet rematna as to whcthcY or not
the ratnn wlll be ontlrcly des^rted m Wnrday.
Hcrmui Baek. tho Itnttalo man who Is sufTering
froiT^arlet%'-ver. la atlll ln the tent among tlie losmata
ov'r toward the McCoy plare, The anrgeona raport
UiSlMUgetSng olong weU, and thtnk that he may
be able to be niored on Satnrday rr.onun?.
Lleutenent-Cvloael KinK h, ar.1 DOl hlng from ColOgMl
ramn todav contrarv to his former meaaage that be
wouid be here to-morrow, and he la, aeeoTdtngly, ox
neeted then He wlll Mnd that bta two Hentananta
Imve kept the man hard at work. Lieut-mnnt-Colme]
Kiug put them through the batdaUon movement. on
Monday and Tuesdav and to-day Mijor BarUett tooh
eommand of the battallon. Althoneh It *ae UM Bral
?lme he hvt evar been ln full eontxol of tho regi
ment. he hnnded the men skllfully and put them
through sonie llvely manoeuvres.
Phlladelphla, July 'J!).?The trruble at ti)? plush
mlll of .lohn & .Tames Dobson, whleh brolte out Bfreah
yesterday, when the flrm lefaaad to allow Ihlray-three
aeaaart who had been lenders Of the strike to rcturn
to work, wa- dcfinlteiy settled to-day. Seven opcrn
tives, f'>ur man and three woeoen, arUl not i>e aliowcd
to resutne wor'j until they npni^die to memb"rs of
tho flrm and othera whom they sre said to have in
^nlied and abuaed duriug the strike. Tho str:Hers
aeoepted the lenns.
Potts\Hne, Penn., July 39.?BottOM have been pub
ll?hed ln tlie daily papers here by General Manager
Millilten giving the POO striklng hands of tho Pottsvllle
Iroa and Stcel Company's mlll two weeks ln whlrh to
retBTB to work. The Atrikers aro notlfled that lf at
the end of the tlmo they d3 not return the mlll wlll
be closed agatnst all the sttlkers forever and non
union men wlU 1* >enired and put to work undcr
p<illco protecti n. Tlie company's Hnmbnrg mlll is
worklng all iight to-day. Three famaoea are running.
SprtngfMGd, fihlo, July 89.- The liig Tonr swltrh
men's atriko hatd WBi rettled this nornlng. The
BMB are to go to work at UM old ]iay and the freighti
biockade wiii be rataad to-morrow. Tho BBrnpaay ro
fuscs to taUe two ol the itrlkera back.
Chlcago, .lulv 29.-A dlspatch from Omalia, pub
lished here, shvs :
It was announ'ed bere to-dav, thrnugh prlvato Bda>
grama, thnt th? Bew-Tetft BbMBB I'ompanv has fold and
taaaad tta taetarlaa at Omaha, DeaTtr, Cedai Rxpid-* aad
De.s Mateea ta Uta Battaaal Craeker compony. The bta
ter company l? eeaapaaed af strx-khoH'ra of gae Amirlraii
Bifruit Coaapoay. BliiiaUaiumia with thi? earae a tala
proni ordering the | ?ni aaaaagara to adiaaee prtaaa ta
the old standard. They have been selline at ll M than oo-t
lt Is aaid thst in the futuie MM ABMltCM (,'on.pany v.l!
control tlie trada weat of <"hlca?o and th?- Xow.ii.rK < ?
pgay east af Baeta, thaa a\e:<!ina tampatltlaa lt is aa?
deritood that the faotorhs had BOIBlraf by the Xatlonal
Company Wlll bc- clo.^ed.
- ?
Lajrence, Mnss., July 20.-The Aineral services of
Mrs. .Mark HopUius Bearlea ware iieid at it a'eloek
to day, at the mansion ln Methnen. Tho faneral waa
itrlrUy pns-nte, none but thOM havlng btTttatlont
batag ndmltted to the house and grounds. The aei
rleea v.ere noadawiaal by the Rov. Charles ftweet,
raetor of fct. Xnonma'a Protaataat Epi-copai Ciiurch,
aatlated by Um laa. Ctarlee H. Oltpaaat. The in
vited lrlonds all dcpntod at 11 :45. They were mos;
ly from Baw-YOfk, BoatOB and L?nrence. Tiic b "lv
was taUen thls afternoon to tlie magnideent tomh just
eompleted in afetbuaa CarMaary. Whther or not tius
vill bo it? lmal ro^i.;% place, Mr. Bearlea defatBed to
aay. _m_,
Chicago, July ?JO.-MaJor-Ueaeral .Tohn M m hofleld
and wlfe arnved here to-day fmm the Wcst. They
left here thla4 evening for the YaA. They aro ln the
best of hcallh. __
Dlatriei Av.einl.ly N .. i'.t, of the Kalghtt ot LabOT, )K>
taa an aetlte Bght yeatarday witii tiio Bew*TatB oed
Malaa QraaMa Bloek Caaipaay by tylag up
loaded wBh ttla eaa>pany*a atona at FraakUa-at., 1
e,t. and BeveateeaBvafc and Bm Barth Btver, aad at
CTltiton-sts. aad at .ce\cT>t.Y-i.l>;lli-ist. and 8M Eaat JII\..-.
thla Moaa is for MM most jwrt Intenil'd for the pavtag of
Braadway and Thlrd^re., arni fiv?- auhawirn aara eaa<
iign<d to Buotli lirothers. contracto.s. Wllllam
Baaak ?*id yaaaarday! "Thla i- ua aatnga.
\\o hiie unlon m.ii, and lf my boit? ara
not alioi.id to unioid M-raaetatr I will aead ^erl to onr
(|llu^rle^ to by ttfl betweea s: C and 1.000 aalaB men."
Mr. Baatfe ealbd at the teadgBBHan ot Dlatricl Aa
aemMy Na *'* yeaterday aftemooa aad Mld Wlll i M
Nair, UM |*Betal awntary, 'Jw- ba had oe ran
i*lth u.e Malaa Oraalta Btaek Coarpaay Mr. IfseXal?
?aiu that if gaia aaa aa Bta t>-?it^ raald b auloadt I, but
it any noti-ntiion bmb aara aapHured a geaeral atrlka
nf aavaea wid ramnurnien wo.id t>e ordur-d to-1 iv.
in' aattta ataabla i?i-'aa H'\rra'. wanUla ago beaavaa
ite aaaapaay paya baa thaa the aalaa rata of i
?-? -
An BaBaMlaMaat waa ghreo ia?' eraatog hy raa yaaag
ladli* a; the l>,ng Kench Hot*l for Baa le.neflt of The
THaaae gtaaB-Air VBad. Th- aaBwaalaiaaait aaaaartad M
?.?\rr?l tableaua, aad twa w.ngs by MU? EaaQy Wloant,
aaa eaaBndaa of 8t. Thaaaaa*! CBaraa. ttaua oi Tray
apreaeaard by Mlaa Baea aaada, lyhlgaaai I.??
uud? Wallaeh CngBIIB by Edlth BaaMBBaatar. Jeplitl.a't
Daugliter by Man.l > Sandi. Ro*amotd by Elua Mani,, J^jo
of Are by Ml?? Tburmaa, and 83aaaar by lAuit Baaaai
Tbo procetsl* of the evening were aiT5.
Leave Xew York, Pier 8, X. R., lor HlglUand beach,
rV?bri|ht, Monniouth Beach and Long Branch at 4 :.i<>,
10:45 a. BV, 12 m. (1 p. m. Saturday* OBly); 3:43,
4 :a0, 5:30 p. m.; t-undav*. 0:30 a. m., 1 p. ni.
For Atlartie Hlghlunds, 4:30, tt a. m.; 1, 3:43,
4:30, 5:30 p. m. hundny>. i# :i?> a. tu., 1 p. m.
|,-r Baafaa, aVBhary Park, Otean (irovc, Point
Pleaaaat, ?.tc, io:4r. ?. m. (i p. m. gataiday aalyX
3 :4S, 4 :.'I0, .'. dJO
ill-Rall Kon;
l.eave Xew-York, Ontial Rallroad of Xew Jer-<y,
fuot !.lberty-st., X. B., for Red liank, LjBBg Uranrh,
\-lruiv 1'aiK. <">eoan OtOVa. bprlim LaUe, 1'oir.t
Pleasant, etc, at 4 ::wt. ?:15, 11:13 a. tn. ll :.? p. ni.
aaturday only), i M, 3:16. 3::iO, 4, 4 :;:<?, :..;?,,
0 p in. Himdavs (eaoapt Atbury Park and Or?am
GroTe), 9 :16, 11:30 a. m., 4 p. la. .'.
Ckanlanajna, Jaly ftV-tfRe kwtnre of te^dar* ex
. kam aa* Ike meetm,- keM Ikk afknmoon at
ti?. Hafl -f PMutopby m the Mereef of the itody ...
,i,e Btbte in aekooh nnd eoTteaaa, Oae ?*??*?
. ?..? tke Rtbte ihoahj be iladled ln tha
universltlea and ealleaaa, as Oteek and Rotnan hUton
?-? ataaaad, and tkoafcl form a pan of the enrrlenlam.
Tho programme lo?day aai a^ latoreattng ae aver and
waa te followa: Al BalO n. m., the Wotnant Clnb
meetlng, eukleef ??cin-isiian ftndeavor,* ted by Hra.
Bmtly 11. Mllter; at 8:90 p. m. a leetare on "Dantc,"
by jvofe-vor C. ?'? Utth), of Byracoao; at I p- m. a
leetare on "Waelnailoa irvinc." by Leou H. Vlneent;
,., ., p ?,. eonfat nee oa "Tke Btndy of the Blble.ln
rollege and Bomlnary," hed by Prafeeaora ftnrroagki
ard Rurnbam : n' 7 !>? m. vespers la tho Amphltl
?t b p. m. readtaga by a. i\ Rarkaak, of HO* \
aaalated la tke maaienl namken by Rogen'i ?
band; at 8:18 p. ?< laeeagf a of tke fJfcautaufljaa Preae
( luli in tii^ areahe ta th?-|r frlends and members of the
Ctantaaqaa faeatty.
Dr. Utttefl leetare nttrarted a blg crovrd thl* aft'-r
noaa. He revtewed the llfe and tlmes of Dsnte ln a
ekWOr manner, and sald that the BtOty of the great poet
pooa toid, but that his aowl aae mtaonrelMi
aevetoped tke rkynae and poeatkttttka <>f the
jtnllan tMlgltfT. to whirh he o/d-d his wonderful
knowledpe and vktioa.
Mr. Vineeiit, I his lertum on Irvinc, gnve a bfM
ncoount of tho au'hor's llfo, illnstrated his humor from
the Knlcheroorh'T Hlatory, and made OR ablo rteienco
(,f Aatorlean Bteratara, skowlag tkat it was not *uf
lOkad to de ertbe lt a the ?'literaturo of BmgnaBd tkat
hus been ptndncad la Ainori'-a.''
At tke moottng at wklck the etady of the Bfble in
coiiege wai dlaenaoed Baara were a nnmbat of ipeah
rr-, tke prlnetpal onee bekuj Piofaaenf Barakam,
0f iiamiiton, n. Y.; Profeeoof Rarrcwghe, of Amkerat;
the Rev. Dr. Oakorne, of Albloa, N. \.. and tke Rev.
Mr. i-hiiiips edltpr of tke caaadlau ?? Qn:<ru-v\-.? i:<
lew.- Tho suuwers liialated that lt vaMM" "T.to
i';. !nndededll rhe JJll.lebc?tiHlle.l?an fi.ll, .
ictentlfleaUy a d reverently. .
Mr. Rarnham'e entertouunent to-ntekt to
Amphltl...rav wai before a crowded a. i < ?
The teatnre ol 'he evenlng y ta hle ? ?' '' .
of Rndvard Klplit.t; s porm, ?? A Iluhad of Bhktt aurt
West.'' >
Northllrti. Ma.s*., July 88 cpe.iull.-AltlViURh tho
Illbto ronferoncc date not begtn untll to-morrow even?
lng. aovcrai of tho ?naakcra innoanead have alretdy
arrlved. Thl* afternoon Mr*. 9a Of ?r, of BrOOkiyn,
and Miss AUco M. Robartaon, of the todton Xerritory,
?poko at a partor eoakweoee at the KOfthaafd on
??Home MUsionf."
La*t evcnir.K at Keritation llall a eoneeet war given
to aid lu grading the pnanda akoat tke North.icid
chnreh. The oommlttea appointed tO prcpare the pro
aramme oooottb* of Miss Omenloaf, of n..nhticid; Mtao
Vka Poaaoolaar, of Rew-York; tUee ^u^;. "
umokiyn; Woe Rnuna Mondy, Mr. Moodya fM^?fj
Fredcriek HriltM and W. J. Ma.iM-U, the latter U.e
traaaarar. Mrs. Turner. of Sfaw-York, alded the young
people lu arranglni tke ptogramme, and bet ion plnyea
M m-trumcntal WlO on a rioll.,7.i.her. the only one
of Ita klnd ln Ainerlea. The programme opened witlt
a aOM by a runrft-Mr. CrttokaBo, Mr. HafttkW, Mr.
Fl^k and P. P. Bli<-s, a son of the famous t.ospel
?lnger WIHle Van Banetetaer, the Ive-yetrold son
Of Cotonel Kiliaen Vau Retuaataor, Of New-lork, aad
Maltle Allcn tool; pnrt in a nursery tahleau. Ihis wao
foltowed by an ttlnatrated poaaa. -Tfca Couraln', iu
whieh Miss Mario chard, of Un.okiyn. aaraoewtad
Hnldah and Mr. Crttekollo repraseated ftttaL Wm
Munhaii. a daughtor of the evangettst, was the mothar,
while Loweirs famllfcv Uaee aaro read by Bnrton
I'aimer. The tkrao goanB toakta o? Uo woro tttao
Rnuna Belle Doogkerty, or Brooklyn; Mlaa Rhdo Bavia,
of i akewood, N. J-. tad Miss Kt.the.ino Vun Raaaaolaor,
of Kew-York. The tkrao o^d gaahfa were tflte Jeonie
Roberts, of Brooklyn; tttsa OBva Van Reniaafeer, of
\ow-York, and Miss Anna Plerooa, a eaagkttr of I>r.
irtkar T. Ptaraon, of PkUadalpkla. Mrs. Turner aaag
the loaf deaertbtng the onvlakle poattloo of the yonni
maidA eaeh wttk tovara thrat, and the ananvlable piight
ln whlch tho one man was placed who wus lOYOd by
tho tmea old maids. Tke -Oraeefcoppar Ckorna* waa
mac by tho onartot tad produeod a great deal of
Ssement Then eame the touehtoii appeaJ tomonej
bv Mr. Gnmbart, foltowed by a rnUeetlon tngMnttngto
1, , ,t V-. liefore tr.- amount was announrcd . olo lel
V. ;;;,::,!:?'., 1,-1 n >?? one of s-v.m-hI t?. glv;- .rto
iddltfonal, and he has nearly woo to hand ki&haw
iu-,r a* a reault of his Indlvldual ?V^?*cg?gi
ntece on tiv- programme was tke - gunflow< t ? norus,
. wh . h Misi i:.,|..it-. Mlsi Dooghorty. Mlei DavU,
tho Mtaea; Van R?ns"eiaer, Mlw lluulcr, tho '
Munhall nnd Hka Chard took pa.it.
Oeean Orovo, Jaly 88 (SpeetaD^Tke naaa] morntog
meetfngi took on a tampeiaaee napeet laday, and
were addreaaed by temperanee apatkera, Th ekrventh
Kattonal Temperanee Camp-Meettng eame logether
ull,i-r tke tnaptcee of the Rattonal Tamperanee Bo
rfety. Tke Rae. D. e. ii. Btokea, preaktent of tke
Oeean Grow Camp-Heetini Ataodation, made i
dreee ?f wekome, to wfcleb tke Retr. t. K. Btearna,
eorraq mdlng leereUry, aad tke Rar. Dr. wrUMam C.
Bteele reaponded. He satd tkat ae muat edncato
people to *ove tke eonjitry from ovtt. Tke tewspap .
is one of tke ireate I faetora In tbe ednraVon of tke
people. Onr fimy lo osu Inaalgranto I- t<i svara them
to eaat evarythlng derogatory to oar eoant y nnd lt*
Imrtttnttone toto tke tee wken tke) entel Ugbt of
our Btataa of Llberty. We must tetal them t I be
trae Amerleans. We must teach them that aleokol
|i a potson, and ln I epfltt of h.ve Wtn them to the
tratk. The yonni people of this ooantry are leara
tng this tnith, and tkoy will BOBM dav etot tke vute*
tkat ikaR free thte land from tnta enrae. This qaea
ttoa maat ho token tato poBttea. Ife nre worktng for
bttton tkere, and lnt^nd to do m anttl every
akaH be nnder prohlhrtlon. The ttaa. Dr. Jokn
a. R. wii ob, 'if Doear, DeL, ipofce ofthe ruin wi
by the Rqaor traflto.
Edward GareweU aaae one of nta ekkraetarlstfe ad
draooee ttda evenlng. Profeeeor a. w. Hnwka da
light^d the aadlonftO wlth his humorons reritaiion*.
To-morrow addresses will be delivered bv Dr. Wi! on,
(he Rav. ..'?? .;<? J. Minglns, paator of iii1 Cnlon
Tabcrnaele Church. and by the Rev. Dr. A. C Dtxon,
of tbe lianson Fiare Bnpttot ciiuieii, Rroouyn.
Rour.d l?ike. Ju'.y 2?.?The annual Sundhysih
tembly al Roa I Lake baa begnn beea, and B. B.
i.o.iais yaaterdnj oifanU'd bk elaaa In Bnadny-sckool
srlenoe. Dr. H. 0. Pkrrar organfctad his poot-grednat;
. las*, Mrs. C. w. Jonej ber pruanrj Bepartmenl with
akoat i.ftv ekildren and the Rev. P. P. Pleld hu icki il
of oratory. The Rer. H. A. Rktta, of Diww Bamtnary.
gnve the opentni ip- tare pf a sertoi to mlnleten on tb
? i;ii( of Hebrosva." Dr. Farrar delivered an addreee
ln tke mnoeum on "Tke Pmetteal Valne of AH Btndy."
One of the moal tatereetlng tee nrea I tke Informal
hatt v.M.h Rlanop Ifewman glvea to the rl
pi*o hera iu the evenlng at Alnmnl llall. Ckaneellor
c N. Blmsi ot the ^rraeu <? i nlVCTSlty, nave a hnmor
ooi and In-tnutlvc addresa oa "Tbe Phllosoj
Avon-by-the-Bea, Jaly 'J1' C9peetoiV-AI tke Beaalda
H tbe morning levotloaal exeretoee were ksd
by lleary i. Weber, of Pttabarg. Nadame Alhertt.
of New-Vorki lectnred In tbe Bfhool of Bipretston.
.:???.< (*l the relattoni of payrhotogy to physkal
so. At tbe i bool of art itndente wei.ngaged
ploting pteeea of deeorailve art la Ike aeh ?1
of Rikle stndj and Bamdayackoal work, tbe Rev. P.
h. Riaoka, of PrTTkealiarre. Tenn.. gave an toteraatlng
leetare anoa the ase ot tbe h!acktiosr<i. a ooneeet
? i in the afternoon by Profeasor Rrnrdna
** The ease onrl faeUity teMi
whieh the JEdian itptayed wiU, 1
am eonfldentf rdueate the mttarteal
tastc of the aeiieml public to 0
very htgh deffree, whence it ttu
ables them to become, witko+U \>r*"
viotts musieal trnininy on ani/ ln
stvument, eavhj f<imiUar trith the
WOrk of the hest eomitoxers."
4 Plnctor, Mttiopohtan Opera Hoitse.
Thl* Wonderful liutri.niriii |? sn | xhlbltlan DbIIt
at Our Wnreroo'.i*.
18 West 23d 8t.
Manteis, Tiles, Upen Fireplaces,
Household Art Goods.
UlilOii SQUARE ~ cor. Broadvay.
Oj.It aaarara ln our llne havini; Us own f
Ba) ot the maker. F.*tal>ll.?hed over or1 7'nn
No old hto>:lc. EverythinK niaiio aatlsfector?.
a/fjiuuBa, of Alfred Cnlveralty; W?. CgteJ****}
Pcnnoefc of Xcw-York, aaa Alfred \WUiam?. 01
Cld/afO, July 20.-Ch.iirman Flnley handod down
another ?eefehM today, di ini-ing ehargaa madc by tho
MrhlaoB, Topeka and Panta Fc agalnst tl? Ro<*
,.:,:,i. ComphUnl aaa made that a tlehet Baaad by BM
road, troaa Cbteago to Danaor, was parehaaed
f,?n. b etty biaker on May 7 for 888 80, Um tartff raw
?,,,, BM 88. aj UM Ueket bore Um aosmp of tha
;. ,1 ?lficc of the Roek tataad and WBd BBted Apni
83, it waa argned that the redaeed rale ajaat hBtobeea
made wlth the krjowfcdge and rooaent M UM offlrinis
of tir.t road, Chatman Unley afcetdei that tho eaarge
was not su datned.
The Weatern raaaamtir Aaoatatton nwt today in
,..?? ,,i aeaatoa and todh Bnal aettoa on the uueetlon of
? azcaraton rate? for the teaaon of 1901.
ananaaBMnfa made wero la eoofonnlty wlth t;
the traiiMai-s.,url Pjmb, v.hiih daelded 10 giW I ?
gaah axcnratona, the datoa for whlch wera Bxed toi
Aagact 3ft, Septemher 18 and 89, Ttokata wlU bo aold
at one and onwthlrd nwea tor th.> roand trlp.
Aaothor mattor b<.f.?ro tho neettng waa a e orplalnl
tdplnat Um Cbkaao, 81 Paal and Kanaaa CBy Rail
ro:id for tnnafarriug tiio baggaga of tta throagh pae
- bom it, own atatton ba Kanaaa CKy to Um
a-room of tta Waatern ooaneettona frae of ebarga.
Tiw Raple i-eaf baa not ret obtalned entrance t> tho
Unlon atatlon at that r ? G - Jwgjfwfg
bagcage I* i devlce to place lt?elf on ao eonauty wn i
Ita rompetltors. rhalrman Flnley rnled UmM t waa
InaUfled In dolng ao, bnt aome of tho disotmtentaa loada
tooli an appcal from hla dt ? I i ?n.
Omaha, Neb., July ?-??.? Juatlce Brewer to-day dented
Um appBi ktloa tor a aaperaedeaa in tho Boeb I I l
rjnlon PBclBt brtdge raae and made a d erae req
Um ipeelftc performanee of Um eontraet ai d
mg all ohVen ni.d empkr/ea of the oompentoe cou
eerned to rafraia from ln aay bmjumt Intarferlng wlth
the prompt enforeement of the t *n of eontraet. Tha
reqaeel of tba Boek island that Um rul ?of the Unlon
Paeiae be allowed to govetn ta the novamant of traina
uutii other rnlea and tebednlea ocbiM be prepared an
denled, The eiTect of the danlBl probably only detaya
Boek laland and Kllwankee tralne fjrom ero tlng the
brldgo until 00X1 Saturday, Bi by that eUM BOW BChed
Blea eaa be Btaparad by tlie operattng topartfnent of
the roadl interested and, in ca-e of a diaagraeeMtTt, the
eontrad providei that lt shaii bc aetUed by artdtratora,
When the 00008 wns atgned the eonrt loatntcted tha
elerfc oot I i entor it npon the reeorda ontll the t'nion
Paelfle had nied Its notlcc Ot arpea! and bill of execp
Uona, aa II bad given notloo of ?u dotng.
Cbteago, .July -J'.? (Bpeelal). -A enrtoaa dJaeovery has
been Djade by the rallroada eoneernmg the b?w reeently
paaaed by Um Bebraaka iMffalat ira, eoramonly knowa
as the ;- Rtgtt Honr Utw.? BecttOfl 3 of that law re-.ds:
.\ny erapiexor or eorporation worklng thelr eanptoyea
oaer tbe ttme spcrired m thls act shaii nay, aa axtrB
^orapenaatton. doubla Uw amonnt v^r hour aa aaid per
pravtoua hour.-' The lateaUon ondoobtedly waa that
Um rate of pav ncr hour for overtime thoold be double
that per hour for the regular olght hours' time; bnt
owing ta the acrbal eonatiaettoa of the sCTteiKe pay is
to tncreaae In wometrleal B?oaraaatoa, doubltng each
hour. Thus anppoalng aa employe to be reeatrlng
pl 30 or 18 eenta an hoar for elghl konra" woek, bla
aa* orartlme t.-t be for Um ntath hoar, 80 ec-nts:
r ll,,. V-nh hour, BO centa: for the elovojUi hour.
?i ??!> n',,i , onV 9ueh bn totcrnretatlon of tha lw
would ru.n thd rai!
Baataa, July 89.-VMe-Pmklenl baaogBaeaay, of tho
Caaadlaa Paelfle Rallway, wrttea Oeorga B. Barrla,
\,?.ri.-;m dlrectoi ,.( Uiat road, in regard to Uw repor^d
rcnaolldatloa, at Um Caaadtan Paeiae, the Orand Tr ...
lioaton and Malne and VanderbBl Interaafa as latle i:
Montreel Jaly 3 -
i hara heae tted down here atoee Mr. Vaa Horna left
for England, but Klrkpatrlck and I haye deetded to |, >
o,i a vial ln tba cour.f tho next ten da -. for the
mn?.?eot ,o,?ldr:ne the d?nhility of acquirmg all tha
rW.t of t. ? l ln Ni I ni land. oi v rhapa ln U a
Unit-d M.t ?, w thai the who be t.i ap
in a aingie, newapapat paragraph.
Kanaaa ruv, .July 89.- A ipeetal rtom BedaBa, M0.|
?Vs. , tnent of the maaonrt, Kanaaa and
Baliroad I are gltren noUee of a redaetJoB ln
,;?. lorce -t employaa on the road aad ln the otBea. tor
rake effed Anguat i">. Beveral bnndred men wlB ber
l't Olil. _^_^_.
Baa Fianetaeo, ?aly -JO.-D. B. Bobtnaon, gencmj
m.viver of the AttBaUe ar.d Padflc BallrOBd, haa rc
dcned. to take effed Anguat 15. HeiMvmm
ehar??f l"? -:,!1 ^ntonla and Aranaaa Pa- Rallroad.
k. u. Wado wlll probably aaeceed Mr. Bobtnaon.
Ti?', ]., .i c immlttee of Um WTeatern TratBe as.
aoetatlOB wlll mcct at Oape May to-day. It U tbonght
nmbabla that the Joini pa?8enger agencT a? the Barga
Bfflca wtfibanneVby appotntmant at thla meeting.
Kan^as Citv, .Jniv BsV-Jaaaaa Oarlton, ? ? ral pa?
.,?,.... IT ? oi the CMeago aad Altoo Ba ' ln Uds
;,,;,? ;i"t,,i of Ir.Mvetiou. v,'i,n a^el ?hat t:- n-xt rea,
would d ?lop la Weeeara paaaeagei raaMera, Mr. i
nid that after a^ piaaaat IBtta Barry la O. ?. B. ra
>io tlnaM tara rata b twa a Kaaaaa ? ly aod Chteago
,1 inuet 'The Altaa wlU eaattaae i ?
Uds rate In edeat, There Is no reaMB why lt ihould .r
ba rais.d agala. Pl M """I,: ?? :' "**? ^
rate for BM travelUng pabBe. but B10 la what Uw i tUraada
:., r X ? Ixe. , ,
,.Nl, l!r. (ba Alton wlll Baver >>? '"'r of
n.ir aavoeli.i wl.t? ' ' wlU n I I lf. H
:t [a ae p< f*r to be tndependenl Our i i neet has
n0 ,',,-. w "f UM areai m r?Ble
Ajaoclatlon We eoald aapeel ao falr trraameot from ta m,
Xhej do everythlns for i ?? nol Juii
,, Vi? , ...:,,-. aie raeHBted io kaep banaaay, u> ki ip
,;?. abad evealy bahM d "
Pbfiodi luhta Jtdy '-".' ?Tha ?Mter*ent of Uta NorfoUH and
Waatern Ita a 1 C? pany ror Jnae, 1991, ihowa
,.,.,,?. . ?;, ? 708 91 BM ll ' l ?'- of 911
parcd with June, 1999; i ^'"M
ol ra T82 91; netearamga, 0224.150 82;
,,r g8,0OOO9, For tho >i\ monrha ended
raramga ?ere ?:> ?:
ln,.,-.,.. '' Bta i on ?nondfcg
reilod of i ' "J Ml B?8 8?,
.lM'inir,. |; bM earalaga, *i.:i:!.'Jt3oa, an
? 101 541 88._^_
Dayt a, 0 "f ;hn
, ,d, helda cajf reaea
,,. i, :?,-? . M. t ?.;?> in* r-i'i payaieMna ?
.,,,,1 oireeb i tlMt adtaneea teaklag t" eaaDpn
I d and le Ui fort
l nj ,.,.; ni unu a ? i . at aU I U own t>at
Twa aaaaa ot erarlet fe^er were foand in tiw rhii
drcn\ ward at Baalavna Roaagtal yaaaardaa and tkay
eaaaed a de.il af ??xclMment. The names of the littla
laJaratl are JeaeaaBBd ItBatraah, aged two and a half
years. and Phil;ppo l)adj. aged flve. The flrst patlent
came to Believue on Julv x->, aud at tlie time the chlld
sltowed lymptOBM of ^arlet fevcr. ehe waa s*nt to
tri*. RaaeptloB Hoapttal, at the laot of Ea^t Httasnth
-t , whsre ahe raaaalBei anttl ihe waa thonght to be
I ba, u t.> Um boapttaL
riie other ehfld obbm to tha aaapltal aa May td
lt U 'e
lieved that I I oat on th<: MoatrBOfe rhlld
? i thai Um Haiiun boa eaaghl M BoaB.Bar. I
tlrv llttle ,,i,e, vara pron.ptly rcunivid t" Uu Ra
Hoapttal and the ward wa< alalnfaeted. Tho paranta "'
loaaphl ?? llve nt Bo. 3S5 Kast Eteventh-st., anl BaBM
of Uia ItaBan 1h,v al Bo. 4:i Oflaar
Talie the Baa VoiU ontral for AdlronducK Mountaln
raaoi-ta. bee ume-Ubla.
VAY&OVB] ohjkctioix.
Judge Cullcn in tho Mnpreme Court yesterday issued
nn order for tho dlwdutlon of the lirooltlyn hugar Re
llnlng Company and appoinflng the Fr.tnklin Trust
Compaoy re.elvcr. Tho appllcutlon for the ordcr was
mado bP the trust<-es and M.xkholders of the .ompany
and was opposed by James A. TBglar, a fattatr ttO0t>
?nfaaf and now the kotttr of lfi5 share* of sugar trust
ecrtlffleatoe Wfclok are in the fSOOOOOOtaa of the formor
Unattae of the company to be retalned until 181W
andor agreement made 00 Nuvrmber 30, 18<*7. Di
regaed lo tkeaa, Judw CaBaa ea
lt is not necessary for me to determlne on this appH
ratiou the rights of tbe liolden of the certulea
poslted uuder tho agreement of Novom!>er .'(0, as he
tween tkamsalvee aad tho trustees, furthcr tlian this.
tkat li 1 naw the results of this proceedlng were to
effect any fiaud or wrong on the holder of tho<e ewUfl
d ipoalted in truat, I *honlddeay this applleatlon;
but, as Hiat^d on the agreement. 1 eanuot see how any
fraud or lnjury Is being practlsed, so far as that ls con
cornod, ou this Okjeettoo.
He also assumes that Mr. Taylor hw no more tn
terest than thfl 198 shares of smsar Trust cenlfleates
given hlm, and says :
After the ilhv.ilitr of tho trust airreomcnt was sct
tled bv the deel*loiis of th?- rottrt-J ot this r>tate a p!an
oi reorganltniioo was prepaivd, by whlch the prop
?(.?. of aii tho eorporattona in trust were l<? oo
transferr d to ? naw eorppratton, the Ameriean fcucar
Benning (ompnny. To this plsn the holders of all
but 600 skarei out of 800,000 ?kareo ouMnmllngof the
oii tmst aesentod. Tho rnefoua eempanles sotd thelr
propertlea to the now corporotlon and than Ursututed
for u voiunt.-.rv dlvsotutlak. [he pra
tfoner ioW it- property for tV snm of 9300.000. its
reni ostnto and reflnery ahme are shown to have been
npwaid of 83,000,00 ?. The price obtojMd for
Its propnty was entlrely Inadeqnate as tong aa there
was any ontstandlng eortlflcntos of tke old
irnst wkleh had not aaaentad to tke etotfanfaa
tlon. i thlnk tke salo, tt on Inadeqaate pttoe,
deserve* ronsnre and rondemnatton. . . ? ?
Now tn all this ?eheme, lllegal tkongh it m thle pre -
ent obiector was a partv. He doea not snnd ln tne
Jjjnnocent stoekholder ot tbe e^pany
who objected to Ita enterlng unon nn untowtul act.
He dom i '?' repent. bul retali s the frult of the oiUaw
ful tranaactton, and hU rtandlng ln tkla very P*"f?f>
Ing i* bnsed on hi, prei at ownaraWp of n P*?0"0!
Bueb fruit*. This elone anewere tbeotdectijon tkni
Mr. Taylor makes to the d isointton of the .company.
on tbe ground tkat Ita cbartar or term of ???n?*J2
, - -i.ment of tocorporatton ?3?8?J 7}^;
and that even a majorltj of thoae totorested shojOdnot
bo ollowed to termiruito tbe corporat magatnat t? wiu
of the mlnorltv before the term pr-'Vl-led for ln
urlglnal agreement ahonld pxntre. it l* furtt*??n
tonded by Mr. Taylor thnt he eannot be romp?di. j
his will to enter lnto the pton of reonpanUa
Son, by whieh tbe Ameriean Bngar Reflnlng Oompanv
U to be subatltuted for the old Mtgar trust. even t rnugn
u titould bo benetl. InJ to hlm. Thlo mny be ttue. bul
eon>edlng lt to be true, I d i not thlnk *? conatttirtos a
valld objortton to this jppllcsUon. As thto ?W??"2
i?..;!,i not go on and do buslness, the groate*t rtgnt
of tl ? ol>Jeetor would be to have Its property eonv.vvt
bv salo or otherwfce, and he r-y<^<' !il- allqnant sharv
of the proeeeds. if sneh an his rlgbta wey ?*e-i"
r.-.v.i a feopardixed by this deeree of dlsaolntton. Tne
? iver sltould bring au actlon lo set aatde the mie w
tiie Ameriean Bugar Reflnlng Company. <>r ln '*;'* '?'
his ivrtisai to hiinp sneh aetlon, this objector eoujo ao
I*. Jolnlng the recetver a< a party. The rights <>r tm
prrseut eorporatton to dlsafflrm thal salo ean be no
greater dmn tke rlghta of the reeeivor.
The snit of tke Blxtb Av nue RaOroad Company to
enjoin the Rroadwny ami Bovantb Avenne Raflroad
Company from tenrlng up it* traeke tt sixthavo.
and Tktrty fourth-st, ln bylng the new rable, wiis
hear?t baforo JadfH Dnrrett. of the BapiUM Court,
yesterday afternoon. Judgo Truax, pr'or to his
teparture for Enrope, grnnted a tavporaoy InJaaettoa,
ttopptng tue work at blxth ave. and Thirty-fourth-st.
John E. Durrill, eooneel for tke Btxtk-a*a> roid, asked
th.> Jndge to oontlnoa the infanetfoa. Rttka Root,
(uuavi for tke Brondwap road, aatd Uiat the plainutt
ahonld bnve made the obleetton before his elanta luui
!eil afiOOfiOQ on tho work. Judge Btrrett, at
tho elaae of tho aigument. deetded to di*>olvo tho
Injunctton "as there wa* no necc*sli.y tor it." Ho
?ave counaal untll Frtday to d..<ido ipon the tertus
Zt the order to be entered. The judge also said
that if ln tho futuro tln-re was any aetual lnt?rferenre
with the running of the eara on the t?ixth-ave. rotul,
he .vould grant aaotk t tojnnctton.
* ? m
?ftward s. Btofcee and Oaaalni H. i;c.ad. who reeenliy
?en the mltof John w. Maefcay agalnet them for9S7tV
000 on ?* ntnadeoory noto, bava demanded fS.OOO from
tho pliiatlff in tho Cnlted Btatee ClrenH Ooait, tor
MMinael fe<>* Thev >;(V taev paid Josepb H. Choate
K GitggwbeTmer l Cntermyer 91.000, and
Oowen, Dlckewon, WcoU & Rrown, *3,ooo.
An anknoira baqneal of Aiien Tkarndlke Rtee aae
,.?,.??? pabu yesterday ifteraoon, Mr- Rke'e nfll waa
tdmltted lo probale la Daeambi r, 1880. lt ?as aat known
M tho ttma that any otbei testamanksry papar axtated
lleMra. Oftea & Reakmaa, howover. as attomen havo
osored a eodlofl of ltd will tof prokate, ?Mnx *-.,00o to
i Bargaat, a eervaat of Mr. Rteet, fat hi- "klnd
and faithful mrvteas." Tko paper was exaenl
Bdl iglaoola Rovoa, Beotlaad, ln Octobor. l?S3. Cltottma
will bo lssued to the nen-rosldent helrs.
?? -?
guprome Couit-aenewl Tero-Reces. cl'",t."l"-,'1LCo,,rt
opans at 10:80 a. m.-l*oUoo oalaodar, Kaa. i k oa. aaim
"Rupremo'N^nrt-gJpaelal Taim-Farte i and n-Ad
Cooft^ircait-Ptrte I, U. Ul and iV-Ad
^rr^aaPa- Co'urt - B fora 8 laaama,, BV-*or promte :
^X'fcaeola?- larm-* f?re DuKro. J.-Cout.
^?^."rulrCo^t-Trlar'T-rm-ParU, I. II and IH-Ad.
,Mc2niion,plloaa^Senoral Term-Adjourned untll Aagaetf.
i,m-:o Pleas?TMal Tofia?Patti I. n uua iii-au
^ty*c"rWSpeeial TenD-Refare Hewbaater. J.-Court
?^V^urt-Wal^m^Pars. I. U, m and IV-Ad
|ouc2u1t,<ofl&*!:ar Sassloos Part I-Befwe aktytk. R..
aad Asalatant Dtatrtet-Atternay Melatyfa-Ra* l to 25,
Inoluslve. t
rni: wjsatbke report.
eraahlagtaa, July B0.-rer Row-Rkakwd, Uakl ahowew;
ttatloi ? ?' tttafctlp warmw on tho
co.s-. ti l- laod to Bootoni w* ny wtado,
i.?r Ekaten jrew-Yor* and [fow-Jeroey, Ugkt ekewen;
.ligktly warmer, ewpt atathmary kasparatafe on tke
leaudlate coa?t; varlablo wln".B
l.r Bastrrn Prnnoylvanla, Delaw.ire and Maryland,
y tali ; lUgaBy narmoa
i .i virgtoia, Uu OaroltoM and Qeetgte, showers.
For Plerhta, JUllm-*. ttkotaatppl. Eoulsiana and
Tisaa. genetally falr.
Poe Arkaaaa* and Raatuelry, fa r; sJlgktly warmer.
I ?.. - .,,,-,; o IghUy sratnwr.
Pot w-t-.i New-Tork, Weatera Peaaaylvanla, weet
Vlrginla snd Obio. sh ? rs.
For Wis'ousfa, fa-r, rxecpt Ugkt skOWOM on Lako
I i , . r.
Tmr.t'NK tVOCAli cmsr.RVATioxs.
[IIUUU*. ..iyr...i>K. JiHll't. "I BAK
I . | t ,s (i7M"nrif ? i B 078 01011 iKcoes
T;r:z7 .30.5
rJrlHTr^ -n
-., I ?.-| -i--^ '? m-4~~+.?-4....-, - -?*??'
7? ln-^,,:, L',.;k *?M ..? t*?44.AiJ?UUti ?-l jof0
,,., . _,-,-.~~. - r-'-N^fs.
**3 20.5
,,, ?,,. , ., rsin h ronUnuoun lln? ihows Uie barometet
i BuetuaVlons ?''?- ' '' ?* :'"- ' nl,,'a ?Nt';'",
:?,. rko da-hoa tndtoeM
Baa bmOdlag.
Tribnaa ( Roa, Jaly 80, 1 ??. m^Partfy elandy raatkor
,^,; , ,.a, | ibow. r la tke sarly nomlad tke
, : 88 lt
? ..- rwaod botwooo cr and M
-, btlag t'? lower tktn ?
,, ,i,d u towrr Chaa oo Tt
iblv b* parUy
,.j t,v:, ... iwar, and lUgkt I
Tbe Huaaedeat l'?)b iu l.ito
If lt b? but Irradlat^l by go?1 health. is ohorn of hslf
lt* dls'astoful f.-atnrev Hcsts of d:?*Jugul?hwl men snd
*onien havo uttered r grets for a ia*t wben young, full
of vl?or and hope. t ifiu^h ba:?linK with obsta-lea that
ioiioI ? .;i Bigh laantawatsble. Bteto gakaa twat. th^ir
vpIus ttngled akk'tbe glaw el ayaaa SaaNk Gawaafe
- ? mbf rao aaea aare teel th? glaw, waaaf Pan
?, llf r%H \. ,, eai dkj -' itrfoetlyl Tkea ???. witt
prraktenea, Raatettor'o Bknaaoh Rllteaa, foremo?t among
? reitatta of vuaitamg aaMffataav Rtreeao.
; aam .iv.|,.-p*ia. aypaaaandrkv, u h -* of *\>\*uw aad ttaaa,
uii. grai'.d i i" iUv? ?' > doMitaatsd pkyakyat snd im
iai-.-u coMtttutiatksl vlga iposdily pieaatlaoaataak iu??u.
U)kli. n;ill , MWt, uiala/.?l ttsoidaea, Wdn?y
UWabloa, aad me .-rowmg tnflrmiu?. of ago. aro su?oo*s
full/ oor.b.tud b? this boaUrn aaoOfla.
M H < ? s ll B <; A M C
Internal Disinfectant
"I have usad CkapMan'a Intrrnal I)l?)nf>rtant fai
Malarla and I unli'Hiutingty proiiounc u tbe only -nmA
eure I havo ever trted."
Of all dnifglaf, or OLOBF. (III.Mir.Mi CO, lJo
Broadway, X. Y. One Dollar, poatnaid.
ox thi: .sn.vr.R QPiajfiOH
Sarntopra, July 2ft. TJ;e Amerban IBfar Mannfaetr*.
rers' Assoclatlon h !d lt* fmrteenth annual meetlng
hero to-day and eleeted the followli.g oiP.rers: I'rest
dent, W. A. Unssell. of Lawrenc*. Maaa.: vl< <>preol
deiits. Wllllam Whltnty, of HeejOBB, M:,$fc.; H. W.
Russcll, of I.awrtiae, Jiw.; i. II. IBfBB, of filen*
laalB, X. Y.; R, McAlplne, of ttaraaaBtaa, Wis.; B.
K. Mead, of Oayiou, OhtBi <>? C. ahtthar, of AWrm,
Ohto; J. a. Klnibarly, of Aprdatao, wm,; inaMMl L.
Montnu-ue, of CBBaMdfB, Maaa.; II. R. KimVrly, of
Porthind, Me.; s"cretary and trev.:i>r, \V. T. Parker,
of BaatOB. Tho report of T*.- d rna-wrer
showed the assoriatlon to ba In " p:o<.pe;-jtss , ,? dl
ilon, On a BBgfMaatoa mado by the ?erretirv a c?m
rnltfee woa BBpOtaaaf to n\\*<; the citistiturion. A
eoaaroftaae BBM BaM BfyftBts*1 to make arrengetnenta
for a lorge exhlblt nt the Worfci'* Falr ln CBaeagBt,
Tkfa evening ;? baniju-t WBB BBBf at tho Orand
rnhm lloiel, where aoftea were lald for about 175.
Preektent RaaaaU RaaaraB <?. itorr, of
Mkhlgnn, dUMBBBed the t ni.f BBBatlOBU '<<>:igr??.Mnaii
J. II. WalUer, of Bforcaeter, apaka npon tlie sitver
,|iie-tlon. Addroases were aleo BBBda by <'. II.
AUan, of I.owell, and otl.tr.. Mr. Wallier's ?peech
was in part a-; loROWB:
llrmly believlng, hs I do, tliat tlie exper(enr,5 of
tho w?rid proves that ? >' 1;?*. regiiUUon or ciiv
tom that beneflta Um hoieat, Induatnou*, frugal m.m
at the bottom beneata the whoie eomnronlty, and
that anv law, reguiatlon or cuatora tiut l-.-vm tha
p.iy or ta anv way adda t<< the bardea of t.io hura
blest rhMB of cltU-us lb nn injiirv <> ? ?
cominuiiity, and that we uro under the ?tro t
bond- of eelMntereal t.ike tha greal luq Qul
ln this eonntry nmst tlnaliy aettto the reutfana of
labor to capiuil, vir..: the ma*?e* ,,f UM PeOBaB. a*
proaperona .uid roiit/mi<*l a, poaalbla, l have v.iect
od tor conslderatlon to-day"aome phaaee of the labor
questtxr, the eorraetton of t> <me cmr* In Um mlnda
of workara ln our mill? and faaaofiaa a* :? taelr
rcai progreet and advantafe, aa to Um relatl f
Uiclr employan tu them, and as V> haw the W3ga?
worker wlll be atlectcd by granUag to '*? cwneia
of sllver bnOlOfl ihs froe and iinlimited eal-age,
what ehangea havo been wrousht ln the toi.-utloa
of the raoa in a thousund yejirs: What lraorov*.
raent ln tho p:v ??? t centaryl What ? <iMn?e?ino?
the bivhood Baya "f roaay af aal
Thei-e u no trada or oeeagadton tha la aay nora
Um raanlt and cause ,,f these gi*.it changea thao
that ol the paix;r BakeiB a d prlnrers. BM four
great lnduatry, the flfth ln magni ude ln the cotui
try. Is Baore Intereated In nnd dependent BBOB theM
Unprored eondltiona ti.an any oth<r.
But we havo no Uiue t-< ua?to In congrat'ilating
oursclves upnti Um praaent Bot a Kovenimcni,
not a eoaamunitar, teareaiy aa imiivldual L> dolg hia
full daty in ppivldlng ratlOBBl means of lmprov*.
m,;nt to the i,m traat, Um weait and the lowly, in wh ,?
yoiir btislii-s- i; mur? lnterested tn%n any
\\> aro raralnj nany with anenrattna rhanty, grat
lfrl-.ft to onr prlde of g.HKlnest and 6tiiH>rh>r ron
dltlon; but in the ehanglng oi the law^ and ea?
toms, n? we hnve opp-irtunliy, that mon and women
may aaraly earn thefr daiiy braad, too nany of nt
aro not only rejecti * but aetually realeung, rath^r
than enoouragltit'. t.i the. very gBBBl lnjury aad
hindraace of oursclves and all others.
C'ontrary to ihc gencral oplnton, there ls ro rlm
of men la tho whole range of the aoclal KBM who
get so murb of tlie advantages of ixvt d itngi anl
aecumnlatlons ln return foi- thelr labor, ln ppip,rfloa
:., thelr InteUgonee and effeetlvenesK, a* the diy
laboren; nnd -o on ap tba Bosnoaale wala. Th-)
whole lendeocy uf modcrn civili/.ati,.u u t<> t pel
tho wlse and strong to rarry tihe berdana Of Mi? if
noraal and the weak, putting all meu on the *aiu?
economlc level.
Very learmd men aro sometlmes v.-rv jgaoreBI otv
Mibjeets they hiive liad no oxpcrlen-e ln. In tl' IW
0f thes* facfs. what eonstimmato linwrnnf. m?n?l?,-l r
or lunaey to aaaert that graottag (>.oinaae fo %x\nr
ln thla country atooe, wn
tenth of the w,,rld-s WMuneree. nnd .?oo.on<i.i. >,4
Pe.-,pio now grant fj.Inage of stiver to wM^
o<K). will materially and r^rrnaneptty ehange the
optnlori and prartlea of the bankera of the^^workt'aeoa>
meree a~ tn the e/>mmer lal vahM of gold or Ml\"r to
tho Imaglnary coln of oommerce. when ?vcr>-r?>n?.dera
t >n of wU-lntarcsl to them rnllltatea agalnat lt:
Th>- rea', purpo <? of thoae demnndlti* Um fMe1 wfa.
agc of alrrer is rhoaper money. They d ?not daatra
tK -ilv.-r doBar to be enmtl to the gold dollar ieaa
tor Te'ler, the kc?'ne?t n-d BbkMt and one of the be?t
hiformed men amoog them. de.-lares that-the|eWMtag
of the goM dollar of on.. flfth of it - welght wlfl aemav
piish what the free allTer me-, wh? nre nat mIw""*
r^rnara want. aa aural/ as the free1 eotnage.af^aUaer.
In UM Ilght of exnerlence. we know tha 8rat iff?t
would be to add 20 per cent to tha p*!'<* M "'*
art'.le Imported. Thls wonli add to the ?at of a w
large proportton of roamifartnrod P?*1"**-^
arilcles of whlch we mannfaetnw a part. ta waMap
tlon wlth lmported gnod?, WOoK immed atetf go ?P ta
prtre to the prlr? of those lmporte-1. ^
Tne,? incroa^d prlees wonlil OCrtalnly '''^.f0J"5
the poeketa of the wage-workera. They ?'?;'"??.?
the mnnufarturer. tho merrhant, th? 2v"c"??;~to
rommfaaloB man. Xo oaeatton of tarlff nr BeeBnam
no qaeatton of elght hour- a dar-or ten ^:'\^
twelve honra la of aoch vlta conaequence to th' ?**
worker. Better hnv,- absolnte free tr.-d ? at Mee^lljm
efferts on tbe wage-worfeer are many t''",'",':,r;" fZL
the proteetlontat cialm. than to 1^ BBptoBBd N m?
sllver coinuge. _^__
Chic^go, july 88 PJfeataD-Al apruagiaafItaJJ
MtUra of incorponitlon were Uw-d t-> UM HaflaBBj
Memorlal Ilall Asso.iaUon, Orand Army of the R?
publlc, of Deeatar, fo buiid at DaeaAara BatkMal
memorial ball ln wldch to Btaaarve ofBdaJ? rewrdaei
thTM^Kmnmenu. departmenti and poata . t the Graal
Vrn.v of tYie Repui,' e. war rehes and tnphl*.. atf.
The tn.VJes are e'.o.v,unor Rlehard J. OfaaBaT.
lloiace S. Clark. Willlam L. IBgftB and others.
Asbury I>a.U. X. .J.. July 88 (>pe,-lan.-The comer*
stone of the n.w KethOdiat C'hurrli, now being hufll
at West Orove, was lald this afternoon. A numbrr of
prominent elefgyaaai wara preaaat, aaaoeg then
Kishop Cyna u. foaa, Jamaa <???>?:an, praaMlng efctay
of the Bew-Brunawtck dlatrtct; UM Rav It. ThomaB
and the Rcv. Dr. John Handhv, of A^lmry Park.
rusheil Into a newspaper oflioo recentlft
aud tlireateuod to "cloan out" the e*?
tablMbmaBt, beeaaaa tliuy printed Jjm
versea wronjr. Said lie : "I wrot*'. 'Tw
dwell rorever iu a fcmjt of peace,' andl
vnu idlots put it 4a pot of g'-**3*.
The mortified cditor presented nlm
with a vial of Dr. PtereAj'a Fleaaant
1'ollets, a year'a subscrlptlon aud aa
apoiogy. ?
The littlo "Pelleta" posltlvely cura
aick aud nervoua hoadache, biliouaneaa,
coativeuess. nnd all derauKemeuts o.f tha
atomaeh, bowela aud llver. It's a large
eontraet, but the smallest thiugs ln the
world do the buainesa ?Dr. PierceB
Pleasant Pelleta. They're the araall
est, but the moat effeeUve. They go to
work lu the rlght way. They cleanaa
aud renovate the llver, atomaeh ana
bowela tl.oroujrhly?but they do ?
mildly and gentlv. You feel the gooa
they do?but yoii don't feel them do
\i\g lt.
They're tho cA?ip?f plll jou eaa
buv. becauao they'ro guarantttd ?o gtvB
aaUafhoUon, or your money Is returned.
You onlv pay for ihe gooi you get.
That'* the ptculiar nlan all Vr.
Plarce'a medioluM axo aold cu, UuougB

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