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CA81XO-8 1B?Tbo Orand Ducheas.
F.DF.N MFSEE-Wax Tableaua.
Bt. CORADO fNew-Jer?ey)-8:30-Klng Folomon.
aARDF.X TREATRR-- :3v)-A Parlatan Romance.
K08TER _ BIA-'S?8?Oarmenciu.
?Theodore Thoroas's Concert.
MANltATTAN BEAOU-8-Flreworks.
PALMF.R'R THEATRE-8:1?-The Tar and ths Tsrtar.
l-vl.A OROrNDR?4-BaMbail.
Page. CoL i
Am-snnsnta . 9 0 |lnatrnc:lon
Aiinonuc-jmant* ...10 0 i_*w ^,b0*,u.v:;;;,"" ,3 ,,
Au-tloa aohva of Real Lecture* k Meetlnca n 0
Batate . 9 1 Ifrxrtl Notlcea . 9 1
Msrrlasea * Deatha. 7 d
Mlacelisneoua . 4 1
Roard and K?om?... 4 2
Buslaes* Chancea.... 4 2-8
B .ai'.ee- .N tl.'. -_ A 1
loet.try Board. 9 2
Dlvldend Notice.a... 5 ?
Di^eamaktnx . 4 .)
liOr.eAtlr Sltuationa
W-tnted . 4 6-8
Fxcuralonw . V 6-?
Fine-rlal . n 0-0
I'lnanclal Muetlnga.. 5 6
For Sale . 4 2
Heip Wanted. 4 3
Htrn 4t CarHa?e?. 4 l_
Xew publleetloua.... 8 ,j
Orean St4_iuort. 8 ?_
Propeaala . ? ?
Red Fetate . ? 1
Uailrnd* . 8 6-0
Speolal Retloas. 7 0
Steainboats . 8 4
Sumnier ReaorU. 8 M
Ttechers-. 8 ?
Tne Turf .. ?-. _ _ JJ
Work Wsnted . 4 8-8
Btl-HK6S JOt CC-._
1 vear tt nioa. 3 mos. 1 mo.
Dally, 7 daro . week.JlW 85 00 02 50 01 00
Daflv, wltuout Sttndsy.... P ?-0 ? oO 2 00
K.nday Tribi'n*. 200 100 oO
Woeklv Trlbune. 100 ? ?
_?H$^ ?* wtfs
caaeo oxtrs po.tage will be i?id by oubacrtbers.
Remlt byP ??-.'. Order, E_| re*A Order, cheik, Draft or
^art^P-.ui Koto. if oant ln an untegl.tered letter.
^M^^'oi8'^ Tribune 154 Vaan**, ??_??
Address sll eorrespeideucs sflnply "The frlbune," Xew.
Advertkflnenta fw publlcation ln The Trlbune and
ordrra for ratular deUvtry of the dsily mjw wRl be r,
tcived st tho follnwing bfsnrh rflices ln New.5ork .
MUn branrl. offi-c 1.288 Hit*dway, corner 81st-?t.
153 4th-ne , corner 14th-at.
"70 W>?t _9d-st., cOrbrt Sth-nve.
10c, Wtat 4_d-St.. ne*r CWi-s\e.
f-'J AM--UU0 A, near Eaet 4-i-at.
700 8(1 ave.. entrance tTOh-at.
1 Wfl 3_-sve.. between oOth :md Olat at*.
1HH F_*t l_5th st., fietir HU-av.
1,002 Ota-avO.. ne:ir ftXih-at.
1 70? latave., ncar 8S)that.
(?Llkertjr-at. n OT?FRCTTTKS
nrooklyn Advertlaln? Aafoacy, 397 Fnlton-at., op. Clty
W?vhlnrton-Nn. 1.322 F at _
THUB8DAT, JULY 80, 1*91
Fereign?I^ord Salifibnry reviewod the work of
Parliamcnt at tliifl se^lon' nnrl tl.o rclations ot
the Powers. at the Lord Mayor's banquot. ? - -
Sir Richftr.l (.'nrtwri^tit's rooiprocity rvBolution
w.is vnteil dorera in tiie Dominion llouw by 88
to 114. ^=_= Abont 140 pprsonB are dying daily
in Mecca from cbolcra. r:-: Flooda have done
mnch t-saaaga ln India. _=3 Fourtcen porsoiw
were drownod in the Kuhr. at Esaen. r_-rr.j llie
vlotim.* of the St. Mande railway diriaster wcrc
Itomestio.-At the mecting of tbe Kepublican
M-ttonal Fxecutive C'ommittre in Washiuprton
Sennt^r Quny resigned as diaTrman of Ibat com?
mittee, and Colonel Dndley oa treasurer. =
The Naval Eeserve practised at taffei litin;,' otl
Montauk Potnt, wlth jrreat credit to tbe nierabew.
_____ Incessant rains ha\Te inade life in tho Stnte
Curup thi8 week extremoly 9iB8*|Tfrabl8. =^
Mrs. Ilark Hopkms Searlee was buried a1
Mrthuen, M IM At 0-IRba JofUcej I'.rewer
denled the apjUication foi a supersedeaa iu tbe
Rock Ifiland-Unlon Paeiflo bridge caee.
Wty nnd Suburban.?There waa liltle coniment
made regordlng the reeignatlon of CJollecUir
Krharlt. kssss Mme. Modjeaka told an interestlng
atnry nbaal Poland. _____ Memtiere of tiie I>
publiean Stnte Conimittee, whieh will nieet to
dav, begnn 90 arrive last night* __?: Charges
of lianpiiik,' up watnen by the wrlsts, bo that only
t'neir toes tooohed the deck, were- inade against
the captJin of a ?liip. -~-=- lfiz>Speakei 'Ihoibas B.
}{efd rotiirned from Europe. ???- Winners at
Morrla Park: tSleipner, WiUcott, Btot, llie
(\ifler.<e eolt, lloiiuefort and St. Pancrah. _____
The Brooklyn bascball Uwin defented the Pbila
delpbla nlne by a aeore of h to 4. _^^= Stocka
_4?61tned without bad news, but aimply from an
absence of bujiug powcx. Tiie principal Bell-kf
waa by disappointod and wearied lioklers, exeept
ln ilie anatMnaiy B-roitaN *>1 ^pe<?ulation. The
e'leing w_i in tbe nddHt of a modest- rally.
Tiie Weather?Forecaet for to-day: Partly
eloudy, with a sbower; sligbt thermal chancfH.
Teiuprrsture yrsterduy: Higliest, 74 degrees; low
..-?, r.7; avernge, 60 7-8.
rcnons (loiuftcvtoj town for Ihe gummer can
l<:\( the J>ai!y ond Suntlay Tribvnt moiled fo
th<m for $1.00 per month, or $2.50 for three
at-nta. Trareltcrs m Europe can nceire The
'Jiibune during thrir abnence for $1.65 per
motith,f?vi(fn posiage pnkl, or $4.45 far 1hree
RrfM '/.*. Tht oddrcsB of the paper will be changed
as often a$ de*i>cd.
The r-sJgR-tsOk of Collector Erhardt., while
raiiKinj; some BH-piiae, was not altogotlier un
ixpected. That he was not in tlioraugh sym
puthy with the Administration has Iohr lx?n
known, and the severanco of relations botweon
him and tho Troasury Departinent wa.^ felt to
bi OtttJ a ni.'iit^r of time. The question of bis
8BCIO-880. baa boen sottled in favor of Senator
F**>ert, arhO-8 a]?pointinrnt cannot fail to plea.se
all .1ement8 of tha party.
]'Y*tive <;h!pmastois who fcoelhaul able sr?a
mrn and fli>a apprenticcs aro almost out of
tl.ite. Tiie renowired " Bully" Watorman, how
cut, K<K'iii-i ta have a RRklona diadple in (.'ajitain
J<?*eph A. ThomkOR, of the elipper Khip J. K.
C'!iapman. This hiimane oflicer is ROOOR-d of
trifiiig iwo iiien up lo tha *pank"i-l"aiiii. bj
the wr.et*. with thrir t?jes jnst ^kilikf, 80 that
i-\-i iv limh wreiuhed them bodilj fnm the
debk. Thia soit of ancient oevti rtoi- is Tidoaa
enoRfh tai be Buperaeded, and ita perpetraton
di'K'rve kil the piiiiisiiiii'-iit the law kUowa. lt
i?? -OO-OliBg to know that the tapiain, if f..iiinl
jtuitty, may l^o imprison<-d and heavily iincd.
.-? '
l>ji"i Salisbury, in his talk at the Lord
Hajror'a baii'juet oonoerning the quictiide in Ire
laiid, ciaims cntdit for lvsultw hi_ Guveiinnriit
x)u'd iK-vcr have kocoiaps-ihed rfRfle-hknded.
lt i* trne that l,ailiaiii''n'arv obat-VOtioa has
'. and that .Mr. lialfonr's tactios hktre
rdaaekeal mlatRwoo to Brit ab decreea, Bvt all
ihis is duc primarily to d-M-ten and diaaeadona
itixide tho llon.e HvJi party. with whieh Eflg
l:*ii Con.?ervatives had rmthins t>) do. The Eand
Act bas stiil tO llkRRIRllliltl ibB sfflO-QT as R
permanent piliiitivo of Irish ?NW8. M<an
time. the people's pisMVtii"*i* is andoabtedly
dne to the abidini? confidente in ultimate fair
play in.spired by Mr. (iladstones championsliiji
of 08999 R'llc _
l>efeat of Sir Kichard CartwriglitH tariff
uneadmerit in the Canadian EkRRN of CoRRRMHia
WR| foreneeu, and the omphatic 9dV9f89 90tfl
thtiws that it wou no friends after its introdiic
tic:i. Tho __B9B9__eat OOOpled di'inaiid* fur
the redm-tioti of "all duties on aith'V* of priflM
Rge-BaMjr*4 !?nd tha i-MBBRloa at WkRliagtofl
,?f ifeiprocity in mamifattured as well a.s napi
r_J product>. .\ ltrj9Ct_oa Of the setvnd propo
sitifo alone would havo iinni'-'lia'ely ended all
pn.-pet't of a treaty, sin<? tbis Governtnent will
prooeed only on a ba<*is that indudt* monii
fkoturea. Tbe oall for a geneial rcpeal of
duties, bowevcr. eompcllod tho opposition of
many who lavor Keciprocity, considercd apart.
Tho incident., thercfore. moans little to this
country either way.
Here's ;t st.ite of things. Tamtnany loaders
aro throatenod with a dosertion of their aneicnt
?Iiic9a tl.o rumsellors, ?aleai Mr. Croket caa
mako good tho pimnisea to amend the F.xeiso
laws in their inteiv-t. Tho prcsent driwbacks
to a llomishing iiq'ior ttado, it apnoat*. aro
aimply fMlll99BIBBBf*1g. Th? Pemocratic Kx< ise
SMiperintendent not only exacw a feB-ilM rcal
esttt? bond, htit his Tammany BaMOoUtM foir
to opposo him. and offlcial blaokinailers BTB 98
rapacious M evor. Who CBB aroBldOT that ihe
W09B* has firiicd? (lovetiior Hill and his a>so
ciatos it is daar, can do BO le<s f..r tho taJoon
koopois than thoy havo done for their ma-t-rs.
tho biwara. If thoy tafoaa, it will 1** a signal
to tho ginshops to object to being " worked''
any loagar. Tho effort to avort this calamiry
will posscss some interesting foatnres.
If thore hns been any sealing in Behring ?ea
ainee the arrival there of tho I'nitod Statos
n;:\al and rovenue vesscls, it mnst havo beon
most slyly dono. Ifoturning soalera roport facts
and ciicuinstancos that show remarkable artiv
ity on the part of tho Amerirar vessels. Thoy
se'om to l>e porforniing the whole work arising
uikI.t tho t.rms of the modus vlvondi, while
their Hriti>h coadjntora hang aroniid and WBtcfc
tho apori Tho Ruah and the Thetis hnvo baea
tho naval ships mosb hoard from. The Tbetig
h.is arrested ninoteon vessels, sorving them with
tho Pnsidont's proclamation, and allowing them
to go on their ways with the warning that if
soon agaiu la liehring Soa they will be rvizrd.
Tho Ifush, BO far as reportod, has inteneptcd
to:i sealcrs, and has made two seizures. One of
them waa an Ameriean 949999*, th? other the
Victoiian schooner Marvin. Both had disre
garded their iirst warning. The vossols already
board from as having beon informed of the
prohibitioa constinte two-thirds of th? sealing
lieet, and as our facts como from the six that
have alroadv m.vle their way hack U> Victoria. it
is fair to proMime that the whole floet has been
reached and warned. This is croditablo work.
Ot cour.se, bj th? party intert^tcd in the en
foicement of the modus, it is natural that Eag
land should lot her activity wait upon ours, and
it is not at all suiprising or signiticant that.
her ships have held back while ours did tho
iiiicajaaij aerrioo. Boa tho tcturn of tho Mar?
vin to Victoria has brought out facts that Mtni
to show an unlortunate laxity in tho arronce
m :its Lord Salisbniy has mado for precantions.
It is provided in tho modus that tho authori
ties of eithox nation may make soizuros, but in
case tbe prizo is of on? nationality and the
oaptOT ol another, tho prizo BBBt bo delivi"!
for trial to the DeWBft court of it-t own nation?
ality. Thoro it is to be tried. The Marvin was
seiz'ed by the Kush aud delivcred to Her
Majesty's ship Njmph, by whom sh? was di
rected't^*iopoit i'or trial to th? custom liou<o
anthoritios at Viotorifa, Anivir.g thero, Uie
ColJcttor of Customs informed her ownens that
he had no fancti.-n to perform with rcgard to
her. and the Jiritish Admiral commanding oon
sidered himsolf eqimlly without is>p(.nsibility.
Tho 31arvin is thei-efor? under no resttaint. lt
doea not secm to hav? ocoiirred to th? law
oflit<T8 of the colony to recall their duty in tho
inatter. and so far Ss now appears tho Marvin's
t)ffenc<5 is to go withoiit judicial iuquiry or pun
This is altogether wrong. It i> a dietinct,
violation of tlio compact signed by tho Acting
Socretary ot !~tai? and the British. .Ministor, and
unless it is correct<'d,it mnst lead to an OB
pleasant wmpJication. Th? logulation for a
closed season was a condition ptocodent V> ar
bitrnti'.n, and it is liighly important that all itj
prov...,oiis ohould be ciiined out in good faith.
Thero hav? beeu seveial tBdJCBtaOllI that Qretal
Britain'l ofticials who are connoctod with the
prooeeding ,aro not (jjn'rating in that spiiit of
logard i'or tha uimi.a4.-t wliich w? are fBatitlftl
to expoct. it was hiuhly nnrieees^iy, if not
positively iniproper, for iSir 6?OIg9 LUiden-iJow
cll, the Uritish CominiAsiouer, to ideclai? at
Uttawa that the McKinley bill was designed by
th6 Americans to forco Canada into BaoeiBtaOn.
ln making such a statoment ho did not gpeak
the truth, and whatever right he may bave to
his opinion, he had no birsiiioss to uso his posi
tioB as ? ( .iinmi>siuwr in the iotereaf of j?'ace
to prointit? diKcord and distnisf.. Still nioro
orTenBivo was the dtJOMUBtiOB of his eolkaagBB,
Dr. Dawson, at Victoria, thai the provisinn in
the modus permitting tho killing of 7,oOO s<al
on th? Anieriton isbnds looked to him like a
trick to londer a geoeral alapghter ?iwsy. Thi
i-einail- wah mado oo the dayfbefore I>r. Dbwbob
sailcd. IIid it occurred eailier our (lovernment
would have been bouod to detnand his recall.
Tho idea tliat an oflicer, gppoiBted to earry out
a frieadty agreoiuont between nations. should
oonsider himself entitl.d 'n critidsB a provialon
that his superioi's had approvod and to Oipreu
his opinion that it had not been proposed in'
good faith is intolerable. It is to bo said, upon
tho whole, that <iieat Britaiaa method of cai
rying out tho modus is not calculatcd to pio
duoo good fo-ling in this country.
Om of th? iirst and jpost important rcsults
of tha paaaato ol the Ocaan Muil Serrice Aot
will be Ihe t stablislinietit of an Amorican line
with the Bivor Flata porta, <l?e of tha pro
posals of the i'* stniavtei-fjlenoial oalb for
steaineis ol .",ooo tong to rufl fron New-Yorh
to Iluenos Ayre8, tooddai at Montcvideo Ofl
the outward coiusc, and airiving in oighteon
days. These gteaBBBia are to sail onee ifl three
Wfjekl and to make soventeen voyages a year.
Iu ratturning Iroai Ehaenoa Ayrea and Montc
video thoy ate allowod t> i*top at BantOl and
Rio a* the ooBtractota' option. The royage
fiiiii iiio is to bo mado tft sixreen days. Hi.ls
for this sorviee, ~t aio informed by Mr. HugbdM,
will bo made by the New-iork and Cuba Mail
l.in'-. It the bids ais- iooopaed, 0*1*99 shipa,
exeeediag B,000 t >aa each. and capablo of mak?
ing Ui knots. will be built for th? larrice.
Tiie-o will Iio r999B_i superior in every reapad
tu any stoaiiisliijis DOW undor the Americin
This rosult will bo higbly advantageotis to
ABaaricaa ooib_-8to8. Kimipean nations have
a-OBopotiied the tnade ol tli? Plate ooBBtiiea
oariag to the lack ol direct Btaan a Bugtaoica
tion with Now-York< Atnerican exportera bBT9
beefl cimjiolled to ship th. ir poods by sailing
Teaaaia, or eNo to have them hrBnaahipped at
Bamborg or itio with tecw9Bed tnrMpoiiation
ohaugea and leriooa dolay. The mail sorvice,
niuit'iivei', baa beaa vory ha/1. rotjuiring any
whero from thitty ti forty days. With dired
st'-ani aerriog by Hi-knot ships maiU will ^'n
dowa bi eighteea daja, and there will be ,i
rapid deTfJfJpaBCBt of tnide. When our staff
oorreapofldeat was in Moaterideo laal jrear be
?aked one ol tho loading AaMBieaa ?trhiinta
wd.it sffect the eat9j>lia?_Bh9at <>f a direct line
, hav.- ujKiii his bngineaa Tho replj araa,
" lt will doable my ggJea the fital year.'' It
will he ? great train lor Nataonal pirstij.-,- to
have tlM Ain.'iirin llag s,.(.,i |g tho, Wafgatl u[
MoDterideo and BaaBMM Ayres, mnv trowdod
with the morchant Hee's of maritimo Kurope.
Tho euorgetk- manager of the New-York and
Cuba LlM als.. informs 08 that bldfl will bo
Offeml for tho Mexiran, Ilavana and BOUth
Cuban ee-rtee in Rceordaiice with tha rertoei
propoaahi of tha PnelRBjator naamal The line
alreadv has a leet of fotu lim- 8099-8889 answt r
iag the req-ire_?enta of tho 14-knot dk80 for
tho M__ie9H aerviee. For the Hnvaaa trade
,,?.. ,?.?? steaaker will be bnilt. and the Bouth
CfMMt itSk-sen an- alrealv availahle for the
aerriee reqefred. 80 hr as this Hae .? eon
oorned the effeot of the fl-aaage <f tha OeeRO
Mail Aer will be to bring fotv "<*w ateameri
into aerriee three of them lf-knot ebipe. B
its eaergy and aaterpriM 919 rivalled by othei
AmeriekB lieee, the Rel will have an bnportant
beaitag npoR the developinnit of ARMrkaa
,,-;?!?? idtfa the HfRstherfl coantrtea. The Poet
naater-ORRerR] WiU be iaatifled in icoommodat
iii. himself to the reqtiirenieriN of the exhtaOg
liiH-s and of any new cotnnmitiiMis whieh ina.v
be fornied.
KxtreRM fu.ssiness in minor details will dc
feat the niain object of th^ Rl-RRUre, whieh i8
the ImproTBRient of tho ooRRBerdal imrine.
The bill offcrs premiums, too smail by a third,
for tho coiistrurti.in and operati00 of reeeela
capablo ..f Rk-tiag 12, 14, 16 and SO ku<
aee nnder alxehour trials. Bo long as vereela
of thoso uianaoa are provided, it is of Riinor lm
portaace whether all the detaila of the propoaala
are complied with. Wlu'iicver an Ameriean
line preeeata a misonablo 0988 for nodifjiRg
the rcqtiireinents in HOB 988Rnti9l potktd COB*
utaaiona may propvrly bo m:ule. Tho propoaala
;l,-e tcnutlve, and there shoultl be a large dc
grf"> of ofldal elastitity in the eoiiditioiis im
poaed npoB eooferacton. What the Nation
wan-s i* 8 8 )in:n<i. ial marine worthy of ita
maiitinio traditiona, it* uidustrial 8RtBrpria| and
its D9W and popular navy.
Rumors rospoetmg the eegoUkt-OO of 8 Reci
procity Troity bebween the Uaited Btatea and
Baato Dominiro are eoaftraMd by "The World.
The BgfCQRItlHi. it states, vtas signed in Wa*h
iagtoa on Juno 4. _9a reeeived the RpproTkl of
Preaident HenieRox, and rs lo go into effed on
BepteRiber 1. Tho treaty follows the general
lines ol tho agieement with Brk-U, and in re
tnrn for the free market for angar, eoffee and
hides provklea a free echedole for oertain food
produote, RgricaitniaJ implemeate, raUwey ma
terial an I other articlc*. and a rednotion of _3
per ("in or oanned meets and regetablea and
OOttOR and iron inaiiufaettiivs.
Ameriean trod<< with -kflto DomingO, whi'e
leea important than eoniRierae with Ilayti, the
richer and more productive portion of the
island. is stendily incteaeing. The iarportB re
oeired in the I'nited Btatea frora the repnblio
amoonted laet year to $1,951,013, and tbe ex
ports aent in exohange to $926,651. The nnr
gin, while mucfa siualb'i- in proportioo than that
diacio-ed bj the atatiatica of Biar.il trade, la
siifliciently lai-^o to Juatify an equitable icad
justment of exchangea on the basia of recrpro
cal trade. tiaote Domingo is the, firat of the
We.4 Indian laiaoda after Cuba and Puerto
Hiro to conrplj with the reojo-retaente of tho
Rariprocity kmendment Ita ezanpla may have
an importaal effeot in detenniaing tho poHcy
of the Brltiah Ulaads, whieh have beea capri
ciously toying with the lond and fik-hl _d
ranees of Caaadk, Tne Dnihsd States is the
best market for ,,the tropical pradaee of the
West Jndies. It will be ooBTerted eader
eqnitable rxmditidtn of Etedprocitj Into their
natui-al base of OUpplice.
'i'ho Maneheater Uoard of Trade oonpteiaa
that Britiah frade is deereasing. The Bradford
irooiien nianutacturers attribtito a gieat ln?.s of
b-Rfak-kl to the new Ainerican taiiff, and st> do
the Bbeffield manufacturere of cutlcry. The
maaoikoture of oottoB Uea is said to have
been virtnalrj extinguUhed, and tbe Welah Ua
init > nialcei* are at war with their hands, each
side dec!ariiiK' that th?> iadaatrj in that oountry
will I* prostrated naieaa ita deataada are graat
ed, (ienaaa wooliea Hiaaafacfairera, Aastrian
buttoa-awkers, Preacfa prudncers of silk fooda
_nd silk plnab, kre c.niplainiiig that the Ameri?
ean duties have rioeed a multirude of trorka.
'j'he Ameriean thinks firet of the enonaoua
expaaaioa of iadaatrj in this ooontrj whieh
theae chaagea involve. Not one oi the foreiga
produets can be ibut out by the new dutfee, mi?
le** the iiemand bere ia aupplanted by oorra
iponding producm hera, and if it is ao aup
pliod, tho Aiii'-iirau workera nnal have more
work to d<i bv naay niillions' worth every year.
Thaa it is limply [mpo-tdble thai th<' foreign
indoatry ahould be Boppreaaed or prostrated by
the tariff, nnleaa the object of that tariff, tho
developnaeat and expanaiofi of an Ameriean la
dustry, ia acUialiy attained. When it ia kt>
taiaed thouaanda of Amerieaaa bave work who
were pieviouslv sc'ckin^ work in vain, or el.*o
thoaaanda of iauaigraata trom other ootmtriea
are emploved bere iu eatabiiahiag a new indua
iry who wiie fornn'ily empioyed abroad in
working for Araericaa oaatoaiera. In either
cuiso tho Ameriean sees that he gains. Ii the
additmnal work is done by Amerieaaa who
previously lived in thia oountry .t givea em
ployni'iit and wafl-8 to th009aada who have
been Hlo. and therefore a burdon or the earn
i n^s. nf otbem. The aamber of the anemployed
1* redooed. As theae were oanatantly aeekiag
employmont, and iu ..rdcr to gei i^ wcrv e?'ii
stantly offering to work for ieaa than the WBgea
OOBUDOaJy paid, this re<luction in the nimilior
i,f uneniployed dii<ctl.v lielps the \v_no? of -s-11
workera, removiag or diminUhing the moat
powerful of all the foroea that t*? 1 n 1 t-> depreaa
tii<> remnneration for work. ln this waj everj
additioaal baad empioyed in doing work whieh
bad been done abroad berpe to elevate tbe eern
Inga uii'l the oondition of all the laboring people
hera, and it i* no sinall g_in for the ei.Tiro army
of laboren tbal eaqdoyment baa been found
or made in this oountry for thouaanda in pro
diieuig thinga whieh were foiiueiiy imported.
But, it is aaid, tho foivi^u produifi waa also
to soino extont a -oasaaser of Amarieaa prod?
uets, and wbea he is di-piived of jMiwer to
bny th" marhel for Amerioan pio<lnet<4 is to
that exteat cul uff. Thia is a atraage mistake.
The Ameriean worker OQRaunMe 011 tiie kverage
iiime than twiee aa Rrach arhea wai] empioyed
ia the i' reifR worker, all prodnota oonniden L
If HneRipioyed he eoBauaaea pcrhajvs half a*
naeh a* other workera bere, The mere diifer
enee in the oonaumptioo of 10,690 eaaplo] d
or oaempioyed work";* 1* therefore as mw ii a*
the eiitne. oooaampt-an of tiie auaa number ...
workera abroad, even if the whoie of thal coa
8iinitj!ion were supplied from thia COtmtry, but
while abroad th?- workei>, fret. only a smaJl part
of ihpii supplies fioTTi Aincriea. The beaefll
1* eqaally dear whm thoaanada are brought
hither t" e*tabiiah a new iodnatry. Before they
had beea al work abroad drawiag only a frae
ti'ii, perbapa a tenth, of their sujipli-'e from
tho I'nJt-d B*ntaa. Earaiag i?i per day or
Ieaa they were s,,,n,|i'ii* only m ,.,.?,. ,,.., ,i,\
for Anaericah ptodocta, Bat when thej eoma
bere aad aarn S--' per day they >peud aabataa
tially the ^h.le <-f it fur the produets -,f other
Aiii'-ii'iii lal.'.r. J.very {lUt. ,,f f||4, t?;<?t 1.-rin<i
who bave beea brought hither in ooneequenoe
?f the new tanlT and of the fur Kreaf4-r iiiiinber
who have yet to 00989 will |,|,,. n, ,,,|y the
ontne lahoff tif anothor flRkWhaR worker every
year Ui piovide thmgs needed for btin and bi*
h_.il/. I*?" ir is ,hiU "Bj I1CW t:iriff "0t 0nl-V
adds'to Anioricjin producfion, bnt also to tho
dom md for Ameriean prudtict-.
?jllP peag nien of Tenville, Ga., H99_ 99 have
nt tlioia-'lvrs into a pretly prodieamoi.t. A
jrwh 9g9 the JBBBg men of Tenville, <ia., were
baaklflg '" ,1m> 6rnil('* "f ,hc FBBBg Ladies of Ten
vii;,., (,;i.: ta-dajr thef aro deeeribfd aa "?aUttlng
ariniiid ini ler tiio troos," lookiog k'loomy, while
other raoag aaaa nraaa other towaa an baaking
in tht graihr Tho yaaag men al TaBTiUe Bltoold
i* BBbasaed <>f thcBnaelveg. Tho wbok Statxi of
Ueorgia should Maah for them.
it aafaara (haa a diapateh, arhioh the (Jeorgia
State authorities Bflgfal to havo suppn ssod ia BOflM
way that tluaa >.r tour days ago a TbotIImj yooBg
B,:,ii beariai the aogapiciooa bbom ol Ae-*andei il
Sroart UoBBBfri publndy that he eottid 9B*I Bfl BBJ
v-ouBg lady in tOWB and neelve a oordinl W9BBBBM.
Tbey woald all be glad to sre him, 1.0 explnined,
nnd sprnt mo.sf of their tirue waiting for blm to
comr. Mr. .Smart thoeght he wns dotBg sotne
thing highly humoroiis bnf the fact waa. as he
bM sinie laaroad, ho was maldng the ruiHtalte-of
hls lifr. That vory afternoon he eailed ofl >
roaag batty an'1 99bed hit to go to a pleak wtfb
blm. Sbe laplied that ghl had a provioits en?age
ment. Mr. Smart rttirad Mimewhut cro.stfallen.
Hut wliat were his frolimr-, tho DtXt day when
hr miw tba yaaag lady apprai at the pienie adtb
a four?een-year-<ild Imy. "Thls." eAChiimed Alex
andrr rt Smart, "thls is indcrd too niuch'."
Tliat greaiag he Balted ? mcottnK of the Tenville
jraoBg men. Kvery one wus prosent. Mr. Smarr
e_plaifled bOW they had all beon inaiilted tbtOOgb
him. Ilr niftdo 9 rigetOOg njierch. souiethiiig 91991
tba BBBfllMf of r'ntri.-k lirnry, and a reeolot-OB
waa Saally paaaed to boyeott the jraoag lacttea.
I'hts was Sikturday night. Sunday tlie yaaag
l.i.li.'s went to Bhateb alone, or with thelr little
brothers. The yoBBg BMB Bf?|9 bBBghty Bfld
earried their baadg biwh. It. was tbeii bbB
pmud noa-eat, Monday the yoang ladlaa atet
;in<l reaoltad to boyeott the young men. Woree
than this, they doeided to BOQU-lBl the younn
men of tho iMJgbbOTing towns with the nituation
i;i Tenville and inti.rm tbern that traetablt Bttd
v.ell-behaved jroting men OOBld llnd a BBOBl Bl-JaMe
nnd BltaieetiBf lot of jroOBf bwliea at Tenville.
The neighborlng jroaag bmb Baapped at the batt
nnd bfgaa visitlmr. Tenville in laip' iiiinibers.
Tho bearta ol the Tenrllle jroaag raea aaak within
th.Mii. Thoy Btood Bghaat Tho batt of Beveral
Of thom begBJI lo tnrn whito. Thoy tried to in
tiniidatc tbe non-union jrooog men, bat thoy would
nai ha Intlnridated. They tried to pe?aiM*U9 tbeia
to roinp iuto the Tonvilio Ain:i!?amat:d Socioty
of Marriagntble Yooag Mea, bar they woald not
be peranaded. In twenty-four boora tho walking
delegate oi tho ubIob oflered to witbdnw their
boyeott if the yoong ladiei would do tho same.
Tlie Uoat Worabipfal Preddaat ol the Tenville
IndepeBderB Ordei of Prderated Yow_ Ladlea
promptly repHed tJiat they aboold do BOthiog of
the kind, aa they were taore thaa aatiaUed with
the situation just as it atood. Tbea the yoang
men, as wo snid befoTO, rolirorl and bCffJBB " sittir.'^
aroand onder the treos," wishing that thoy bad
ncver lteon born.
The Tenviire , yooBg men have got thorwlves
int,, a obobI awkward and painfnl porition. Tiiero
is l>ut one thir.g tliaf tbey r:m iln-Mirromler mi
conditionally. J.ot thom aaod word to tbe triris
th.it their part of tho boyeott is off, and that,
thoy nre simply awalting tlio pleaaore of the
fair creatnrea in whoaa banda lio thelr futore
deatiny. Thls may be bandHatlng, but it is ti:eir
llllly hOpO, ___________m?mmm
The froat nnd hailstorms of this remarknlil.^
.July have oxrl rloitBd this part of the eanntry,
but the reports from Tastern and WCBtera pplnta
Indieatc thai bo little danoage haa beea dooe to
gtaadlag oropa of aata, wbaat md corn. It was
even fVared that, the peaeh crop, whieh liaa sur
vlved all the dan/rers of blight and drouth, might
he go daaaBged that there would be an exoaae for
the usunl blgh prio-'s and limited BBppIy.
Fortnnately, thhi laat evil ha? not rome upon
ii-, and the market, will probably be woll suppliod
with tiio farortte fmit whoae threatcaed dangers
ii.rul Barrow oscaivs are ko faithfolly chror.lol.nl in
the dally pxeae. _
Mr. Clevolind is very eniplmtie in deolaring
that be is .-.imply a prlTBte eitllOB; but he la
alao jiorsistont in talking about the ennobllm;
[onetiona of an ex-l^eakkst in public life.
It s.>oms now ortain that, Colonel Mo.Mpln wlll
?aeeeed lo his nm>)ition to dmw togetber a hlghly
ootable aaaeBibly at the LMgue CoaveBtioa in
Syracnae on Aagnat 5. Probably as many us 500
loeal Olflba will l?e reprosentod, and not less than
?^,ooo dtlegatea will appear in the convention balL
ihis js a body wbieh ought to afford a good riaw
of UepabUeBO BiSM and hopos iu the State cam
pnitrn. lts inflaeoee, exerted tbroogh BOO local
eluba and as iniuiy more that CBB aml will be
formod befora the eampalgn is arell uader way,
aboold be -ullioient to turn tlio aeale Bgalngl Tarn
manyM eooapiiaoy to capture the State Qorern.
ti,.'iit. _
Dr. Kvi-n-tt, in deflniog hi^ politlCB at the
Saadarioh dinner, detcrlbed htraoelf as a inember of
r.nli ituont, Inagmooh as Magwomp begina with
um M and rnda wit.li a P. Wr alwayi .suspeoted
tliat the y-X?p was Engliih. This sottles it.
Tlio Pottoc 'Jonimissloners havo recently pun
bibed aeverely TiolatJoaa of duty by memiiers of
the foree. Chargea of dnakenrjeaa and peratetaai
abaanoe have J-een diaetpltnod by dlamlaawl, and
lessor vinlafions of poli''e ro.ulations have beon
mrt by beavy tines. Tlio sairty of the nti/ons
dependa no iargely upon tbe efftCBrBey of the poliOQ
foree that theae eereta penahieg will be geoerally
approred. Tho eoorta have beld thnt a poUoecaaa
il in BBCB9 BBBOe always on duty. and whothor iu
unifornror not he ghould so eoodaol himself as
t<i rotaln Ws self-reispt'-'t and do honor to tha de>
pnrtmrnt t-i which he bolontfs. And it ought to
be ftddod that, as a whole, the police fortn an
iiduiiraMe body of ni'ti, and one of wbieh the
oity may well be pgoad. Thore aro a lew un
wortby Daemben RBMmg tbeati bnt after all, they
aro only h few ntnl an exoepttOB to the fi-eneral
gtaodard of exoellen. e.
Tbe talk about, wouian's dreaa at Chatrtaaqaa
seems t^, bare exolted awre onrioalty than all tbe
H-rioiis toploa on the progrannne. This woald be
aalartaaate if the pabUe were aafaaiUiai with
tbe Aaarnbly'i arelghtlei side. i?ut, it? trienda
will in,t Im' rcpBhwd by the Badae iiBagBlfjIai ol
? suuill ilR'id.'lit.
y\~. loka a. Logaa t?iu a VTaahlngton tnbvflewer
tiiHt i? aaoBM t<> her taal Aaae-Maaa now abmivt
etrtaca tar iima- IntelMgeot patrtotlam anJ less toaav
i :n than did thetr tellow-coantryBMB aho mado toretgo
ixiir-. a f'\v raara af i
The f.Mir Daaakcra ,<f tii>^ poiniu- ?? Paer Ojrnt"
li,-nr'l at so many uaucaita aaa .1 ,!:iv? ln Knropo niifl
1 AjDBrlea, do boI roBiphrte UM ?"ru ,i- arrttien by nr\<-.r.
iW:-<- are alaa parta attagatbar, but tive. of them have
not yet haao BrraBgad hy tba eoaai mt tat coatart u^c.
Mr. Heaaeaal, ln London, 1-, bemg uigeu t> aah Herr
, nake i i aJtaratlooa and traiiaiio
iltl ina for the romlng laaaon. lt Ii said that U_
r,i.- \>-i naperformed ,,atsi(i? 0f tha Bwadtah capital
, ire ai ktrthiug ar.d ^aaatifal u tn -? artth vtueh m_.lt>
have now barOBM so tanilllar.
i ,,|,,i:,-l Oleotf has recently d?rllne<i to arrept more
ihati hHlf of a prapoaed a-H ,;f ?>0.000 fram?? to the
Tlioii^oiiliirnl .-,?lity fn,m a membrr of tliat bortv. nn
the prouiKl tliat t.he ioaot t;ad iw,t ratataed Miivtliiiijj
! |,, prataet kuaaelf aaalnet tlie ao^id?nta of llf.-. T.his
remluda "The Pall h_11 ?"^??tt'''1 that three roontoi
1141'. l? Aaatralla, Calonrl Olcott ratnrned t,> tha himlly
,if it d.-<,-i?.<i p, i-,,m i.iski poaada oet ,,f a -"iiu^t i f
0,000 piienda, ratainlng "id^ 1,000 poanda tor the
k.? i,-f.
i !.,?!>? la mil. a ipcnatatlftn ln Orrat hMrrlagton .,v,-r
u.<- poaalhlc iii- poartion n iala hy the hMa hli ?? Hopklaa
M-arl.-s ,.f tlie ?? r-Wwgg l.rri.,-,-' uimiisWhi lanll l,y lier,
gapara-Ry a- thei-e liave tieen fret|ii'*nt ruiimrs tlmt It
uiiiild ulMniat?'lv lie divntert t<> the une of mime art or
ajielBBl urganlutton. 'The Hpringtield Kepubllian"
rrgardn H_a ^n^gi'itlon a<4 a mere mietts, lierause peo?
ple have thonglit Mr. Hearlea voukl be anrfeltod wlth
______ wOrlenrc* "The Krpnhllrnn" ndda : "fi|d?r
&S5 ?&? srwaa'.'SXt-^h:
*, r_i, "irv snd Raney Ke.logp. and bclnngod to k
5 itSptS wi...... th- ymujc atan/iepwaai wlH
Xiratton and eerktla taaBnfi of! n*e."
Reoooa hk'*us to hkta a etaaao al Theoiaee Pnrker,
Iho'tttrat fnlt-rlan i>ader, be9we lontr. bnt a* vet hiw
??, aaMai where to erast tt "Tka Heraid," of tnnt
%w.'.nt* "i" nouwrial aiaeaa la a taaf phtf* aai
ai t ii lechalei oAa.
faaea ?earf W\ lilodgett, of <hica_o. has beon
Hut.Mi Dana ot Hm Rustknoskaa D-traratty Law
*, hool in that. c.'ly. ln plBOO of I>r. llcnry Booth. who
reilres after thlrty thre* faatV *ervlre.
Tho portru.t of Knnny K-mble. palntrd bv Sir
roakaa Rcvnoids ln 1T84, arae parehkaal by Me*?r*.
Afnaw for Mr. Rraaley Marfla, of Rew-Yerk, at the
Hla ..f the lata Mr. Cae-Bdlel .?iMnil'o eeBaeMen.
ii,. Loneaa Rewa" iara : "The pfetnre arttt _jw__**i
,.,, eire thli oonntry. Mr. MattUi k ka^kpMar o
alraaooan and Its fkmoni deer f iraat He Intcnds to
ban* tke pletan la kte scotatah rtettaaao.*
kjetaittH <? the "Llberte Rrmmalne," publishM by
M lieliilnimi, fermerly Rnmanlan Mlnlster In Rcrvla.
Ktng Chartes owes tho itn nrWm of th<- la**i love affulr
Of hi* DOakaw and helr, Prlnre Ferdlnand, to Do
metdns Btardxa, a former nvmber of tho Oblnet
Deklfnan <ieciam? tkat Hla Kkfaatf hai 90 tfea ?
tha ralatlona kotween th*? Prlnre and M^Vaoareaeo
onUl a few tlay* before the rtinture. The ni^bors
tl.e prwent MnlatrT. be ndds, had QiteonraaBdtta
Qieeu rVeWtly ln bef pl:m to U-Jte 7^I<?n*i_M_S
lToi^*or I'auti. tutor of the Prtnoe m R?^J* ???
U. -chaeffer, arlvate secretery of the Qaaaa, are to bo
dlsmlssed f.-om servke. Il 1* *ahl.
A 1?OH.IllO trasR af nature ls fonnd aaMaf the
l.ilis of Delawara Oooaty, N. -- ln ? s??kcn ,n"e rovcr
i?g abont tbraa aeroe of sorfkce, whlek Hea bataaaa
rwo lmn.ii.'i rklejeo m-t tor from ti.o Raw-Yorfc, Out.rio
and Wfcstern Rattroaa. tho whoie oafmea of the Ma
? eovered wltt a tklat irawth of nioan. wkoaa rteaae
? : to un aaknown ieptk, bnt rartolnty fartkw than
.,,. ma ,,,, r,? h. gaab tafl ol tha awae k of a
diir.'.cnt color from it* MMrkkor, eo flmt tka ourfkeo
looke ttke that of a be_o_f_l eolarad <'*r^t- J" wa?
|Dg over the velvety oniRwa, tho toot lUlBl ?0WR B 8tW
rttkont oncoantartaf tka water, wktea 1h ot
Icaot two f?.i beiDw the wrtaeo. Nc-r tho aawa, U
a few pia-aa, tke ?ra8er eomea lo tke top. The burted
pond i* a w-nderfnl nataral curloatty.
-How do i fcnow a a^tkanaa wton 1 ^< Wm'"
The .,1,1 v. .tt.'.' repvoted the .jue*Uon ondtkon gave i> o
osplanatlon. I hnow a g^.ttonan bj ttttwu. no
u-U wii.'i. be l* natktd on. He U Beeaftornai w t*
ii, i* qulet, a-v.r raises hl votoe *? f**J*B*&
"uigkr foius do oi geta srsred lika tka otAera. He
vont ittnd any non?enar not e l; it of lt but: ne
never n.aK's a scene and ii a walter l? mipitdent
I* "ot at tne tnlile that kO ta ?^d-Wn.
ne may not ttp yo* ?t aU or ka^majr 9tJ_.T?"
aa bui you are rare lw (? o gentleniao, ln* ao
mn as ron nr- tkat otliers nn not. n? lUakkw how
nui-ii they may ?ve yon. (Uetrott iroa rtaaa.
Chartoa Dndley Warner, In tke Aagnat "Harrr.''
pota i.aae of tha Ajoeriran glrl tUa ways "If Tho
Ameriean alri roee ta lerlonBly for r*'p.r*e, slie will he
able lo ?\y o;!ds to any modern langakttty or to any
anrlent marble. if what le wnnted In ood-Qr tK coM
hantenr and lanankl rapftrcflloaaneu or lnftv Immo
iniity, we are confldent that with a lirtlo pi_<-tice sho
can Ut ittner, ami look more Impnaatve, and movc wlth
Ieaa motton than any other ereatad woman. We have
tkat confldenoo ln ker abiltty and adaptnbUlty. II i*
a qaeatloo wketker it le wnrtli trklto to do this; to
tcri-ce the vtv;i.'ii\ and ebarm mtttva t.? her, _nd th?
ruttura] Impnletaanosa and genorono gUt of karaall
whlrh bolong to a new race In a new land. wiiich is
waUOng alwajra toward snnrlaa."
\ Dfsanated BokUer.?An frlakman oonred ln the
i'it..i btate* Aiinv kn Texns, amt belonglng t-> tho In
fnntry was ln tbe bablt of srandlng wltn his toes
? i inward, to remedy whkh the sergeanl i >n
llnually addressed hlm wlille on parado wlth "Stirk
out roar toea. rmri'it.-' it took Pntrick yeare to
arnulre the hablt of ^-tieuinp hla toes ont. .'u*t okont
the tlme he had aur<r?>ded hf waa tmnafarred t" tho
mvaJry where hi* babll >.f stlrklng out his to_i krtar
? ii I, wlth his n--f!ii:n'*~ oa :i horseman. Tie
sergeant was conUnually ealllng to hlm: " >tl'h ln
tlm-o t'^- Ititii.k." mn.h to hi* dtagnst, and he ex
e'aimefl wltti some omphask i " Dlvii take sucb a ser
rlee For llvo yeara it was nothltn.' but -stlcli out
v, ir tne*. r.itririi.' There la no puuln1 tka btoear
gnards." (Texaa sifting*.
in her last lettet t<> "Tne Boaton TranaertBt," Mlaa
rjflder thns dlspoaee of a mmoc abont a Rew-York
elergyman: '-it is mmored that boaton ha* Its eyo on
Dr. Kninsfiml as a OUCceiBor to FfcUUpe Ilr-wks. It
is nii in ratn. i?r. Bnlnafori woat leaaa Now-York.
II- || fOO inttfty B_ed hen-. Fr-pn what I know of
him I don't tklnk that he would mrc for a -fVhlonable
ehnreb,' anrt tkat of < rnrae Trlntky l*. ?t. George's.
Dr. Ralnt_ord'i ekareh bere, is a fkabtonnkla one, to
be enre, bnl tkat la so boeanae fkaUonoMa people havo
gone into it for tka eake ol the wo.-k it glvaa them.
*t. George's la a frve ehnreb, and ita work la among
tka poor of ivi*t Blde tenomenta. itir'i people llko to
work amonf the poor. )t le a notker t" their con
-. lm...... Tkey a-*' .luinp sometklng aneelnak, nnd it
ls n ble^siiiK to them. l>r. RalnntorJ kaowa Ju*t how
to mahafo ti.f*-e two alementa. No. ke win not go
to Tilnlly. You inust look for S'.nie one elsc."
Anaoath-Rc?A dentlat, wkoaa rtorlea are alwavs
fuun.i.-il on fn't, teli* of a nogro who eame to him wlth
hii wlfa to have one of her teeth extracted. Oaa be
ing somethlng whoae mysterles a'M.'rt terror t" lu
c'-irm*. tho soltcltoui darke) qiwttoned: "Couldn't
Ibe her auffln' a llttle tni:d^:-*ii ca?. dortahl
i ouldu't you ?tbe her gaaoUae r' -il'liarmac-utiral Rra,
8he ls *ittliig on 900k wllli !^>r slster,
(I've bOOn fnrtivrly W-teklDg nf.'ir.i
Ko maaeuRne eyes eoold bnea niis=cd l^r,?
The steauier's pnrtirnl ir stir.
The glrl In tho blue llaiun'l |acfcet
Over there by the ralllng.-don't lookl
H? breastptn. the liitl" *-'"ld rao,uet,
A ro*e ln the end of ker bOOk.
Wlth a Wk paraaol, potka-dottea,
tjfic keeps oir tl.e ranaklne land naen)
Bul from nndnr that 'i,i.'ii (pontn-apotteD
:.i\es me a gktace now ?md- then.
T o bad that tiie Bfje hi- il-'pirted
Fur slava with wnbrefla and fan;
How l'd eproad tkat ambrett1 (pollnvdottag)
And gyrnte her Japaneoe Rn i
-iw. s. Booattor.
iioii^i Proprt-tor-You my yon waol a J"i> aa walter.
Your f?',<* ?eame fanUllar t?> mo. Weran't you a guost
of this t.oiel J:i-t year I
?? Ye*. sir. I bave eome around to g?"t my moncy
Tho Otker day In Northampton^ilrc, F.ik'land, a
earioae wedoang took pkvea Xka i--'-"""1 *bo *i.\ty-six
an.l tho bride seventy-six. Tho bans luid been pro
nounred ln chnrrh lifty -ix yeara ago, but they sep
aratad and m-rried dltTeient peopka,
?? And so you'ro marrled, Rrldfolt"
" Ve*. nittni." _ ._
"What d.ies your Imsbinnl do!"
??An- shure iiiiiin. he ls a rollrowd dolrertor"
A rallroad dlreotor I rhat's a very Important pkwe.
An you qulto enre lt ls thatt"
?Arr Zaitk an1 doesn't he ahtand all day at tho
rallrowd dlrecilng peopto to the carb?''-(Bostx>ii
Courler. _________________
Fr<)in The PkUadelpbia TI aeo.
The Raeataa CJnar drlnks lo the proaperity of
Pmnce, but (i.a-s ool menUpn the Republle. ln tnta
ie *hows tiiat nnUko _om Reed ho i* aot a Bopabno-a
Caar, _
From Tho Boaton Advartloar.
Min h hm l.ren argOd ln the past BfBaBei " tho deadly
rar-stovo," bnt few eaaee are on re.'ord where tho
heaUng appurntu- of a r.-ir eanaed as k-^u nnd as
slgnal lo--* of llfe n* reanlted from the exploslon of
tke gas loaeiToIr aeed ln n^lamg the Fieach c_cur
slon tniliis. _ _
From Tho Baltknon Ameriean.
Canada kerer apprertated tho aorrleea of sir John
Maodot .'hl bettar than now tluii *he is eomp.'lle'l to get
aiong wttkoat them.
From The kooaon lonrnaL
Fka baarte of tke Mandi ..f ike Aawtftraa Raay win
tlmost slnk wlthln them ns they rertect that tl.e llouse
,,f Bepreoentattvae ln the Congraas whieh a**embles
ln Dceemlier next has 140 Demorratlc majority.
The lxmiorrntlc re.ord of olntrurtion to our naval
development tn the yars from lflrt- to lai9 ls too
well reniembered to retjulre repetitiou.
From The fhicsgo [ntoc OOOBB
Demoerats clalm " there ls a *I'Ut ln the Republlr-an
j,,,.!. in i.l'l.i.' ThOf will do WaN to kwp their
InfOn "Ut of thn rrarlt.
liiim The (leveland _8BBai
iiut it U eartalfl tka aarree laksly aneBoaed by Bbe
Chambor "f Dapnttee wlR be paeeed van sooo alter
the Benata reeouvaues ln tha fail, ns it tniled ihrough
tho intervenUon .>f other moawuwi ln tke i"i*v elos
Ing dayi ot Ike seestoa ?""l ool fr-.n. any opposlUon
uianlfested towarii lt. The only eRoet, tkerefOre, u
to p.iaipoi.e fur a few n.ontha the courluslun of one
of the inoat notn-le d.plom-tle. aehlevameata of the
deea/le It will toaoa a,tlrt sikli iiioioth to m-terlally
UnprQTe tka mttrliet foi Au.ernau Bop next w.ntor.
Ex spenker Thoma* /:. Reed was one of Uie paa
agagera Wbe nrr'ved yoatorday from Enrope on tha
*team.?hlp Clty of New York. Wlien Mr. Kerd walked
ftshore he ronfldently eipert?d that no one would ba
there to BB99I him. He hvl tivken hls paasaga onry
tbe day before he aalled. and did not know thnt hla
arrivnl bad been experted. Mr. Ke<d was met, how
cver, by lavatal frlends, eaa <-f wl.om had arnnge4
wlth 'Jeorge W. Lyon, istnveyor ?1 tlie Port, to hara
tlie ex Spenker'* bngp,"i#> expedltlously examlned. Thla
waa leaa ln order t<> enable Mr. Iteed to e.ntrh ag
early traln last evenlnir f-r hls home ln V irtland.
A Trlbnne reporler asked Mr. I'.oed lf he had kept
hlmaelf Informed about Ameriean polltlre dnrtug hla
"I don't know anythlng .nbont poJitlr. ln Amerlra,"
ho __-**?*?*_, " In faot I have tried U> forget for fout
niontti* all I ever knew about them. and I thlok I
have nearly *nrreed?l. i have not mveatlgated. any
of the goolal problem* thnt are now agttatlng the peopla
of Enrope; I hnow nothlng abont the effert of _? Mc
Klnlcy Aet there. and I have tried to heep out of tha
way of newsjiapor men and 'notablc*.' I went aa a
tourlst merely for pleaanre. No, not for recnperatlon;
for that would lmply tliat when I went I waa In bad
Iiealth. I w_e not auffertng trren, and I am not new?
e.vrept wlth beat." And Mr. Iteed vlgorously wlpa4
tlio p'.-i'aplration off hla Mre.
"Wliat aertlor:* of Europe did you vlaltl*
'? In 1883 I niade a trlp through part of Europe, htrt
I did not go tlTongh Italv. it waa at that tlma toa
late In the ?eas>>n. I Imve always wanted to know
suniethlng about that ronntry. I left here March 21,
and went dlrectly to Part.* and afterward to Ifaly.
I ?.tsyed In Borne for somo tlnie and tried to ?ee every
thlug thero of lnt'reHt. I wm partlnilarly Infreatei
ln the Umploe and rulra. ft. I'eter'a I revUlted flroe
and agalu, aud now a mctlng-hotiae wlll bave to ba
pnrtty blg to ettrart my attention. I afterward went
to Naples and asreuded Vesnvius. I made tiia ?v.e?_t
of the moimtaln on a rable rar. Tlie railroad run? al
en anglc of llfty three degrees and the safety of the paa
I :iK''rs ln the rar dopends solcly upon tlie rtrength of
o;,e little rable. I wa? mlphty glad when I got
?' Were any of Uie dhararterlstlr* of the people of a
strtkirig nnture J"
?Raflier. I waa mnrh intere>ted ln how
the people of Italy llve, partirularly in
and around Naplcif. They are half-rlad and
go uniiTid Imrefooted. but what I liked to ?ce waa that
tbey arere all happv and conter.tad. although moit of
t!;em did not know where they would g-et thelr next
nieid. Ibay aro ntieduratcd, and lo them lanoranca
la bBaa."
?? Was there miifh ex.itenvnt over the lynehlng of
the Itullaiis ln New Crlejinsf"
"I ?a> in H.mie durlng the whole of tbr.t rontra?
ratay, aud I did not notieo a blt of excltement. Every.
thing bppeareal to be quiet, both In Italv and ln
Blelly. Th? epi^ode. howevyr. MgMlBM- BWBf a good
many -BMglliaiM. Th' liotels of RO-M B ;?l tha oiher
ettloa of Barope are k^pt up bf Amerkaus. and it la
estimat'-d tlmt at le.ist #_.',,000.000 ls spenf bT thera
eaek year tlieiv.. Then.- h;i?? been a great deal ot >.?i_
platnt beeaaaa Ibaaa has been aaeh * taiiing oB n
ABBOrKaa traaTaO, There was no talk of war or ?r,y.
thliift of thai 'aIikI. however. While I was ln It:Ur I
boiik'lit a good many book?. N>nn: were new and
others were tboai I liad lieard about. Manv of theai
were rare ed'tloiw. I nlso bought some ln Ptvrii. I
aappaae 1 have about 2Chj abvigether. llut that Is not
,i lai.e BBBBber."
Afler visitinK Ifcilv a'ld Paris Mr. Beal went to Lnr*.
don. Ho aaw the fsarBaaaenaary i>.?ii^s ln the three
eOBBtriea ho rtattod. He was ??lte^ if anv extra?irdl
nary ,,?urte*ios were extended to him aa a member of
14Ba," he replied. "I went t-Bf the ?am? aa an?
other Ameriean ritiren go"s. and loolied on from the
galKries. The nile^ geearB-Bg tho?e bodles denv to all
forcicners the privlleges of the floor. We had a
?dmllar nilo MM Ooagraaa in tha KeaMa of Kepresenta
tiv.-, an.l I kBOW that nile. at leaot. was enforced.
Tbere were n?veraj Memberi of rariiunient who viMt.>d
Waahlngton durlng th.u Ubm, but taay had ta ga nta
t!.<.' gatleriea. iu tbe Baaata, h.??-*:ver. thev were
tabefl on the floor. but they are always dolng stranaa
tlilncs t.liere." ______ , _ ._*
Mr. ReM rtined wlth some fr'.ends laat cvcilng aaa
etartcd for Portlnn.1 on the mldnlsht traln.
ProvionaiT aa-aawtedgtd.tis.ra: ot
i'or tii,- hreaa-AIr r_u_i. , ^
th,-K. I.lmlia. K. 1.,; . X
pwabytrrlao Chnreh, tallp, K. V. }f(}g
Charic* E- BUhoj.s. },._?
? J'ft'l.. ,."M, ,v\
Park _ lllford. " ,'oo
11. .n.* Iioncal. .,'-{{_
W. II. E.i3
c. m. ii.?. 28
ii. s. Doollttle, lUadlne, I'enn. |B
Mai-. i: 1..,.-kwo?a1. .SJ.yi
V. U. Baldwto.. . ]3,3
I., of Salam, B. 1 . ,".m
Iiell.i, oi Mount Joy, IVtin. !,.?_
B. T. BotaMa. *|a
I _*ll . 1., (Ml
a. C. Colllna. 'ta
Mlss 11. II., Kngiewuod. , ^j
?? Toung. ? ?|0
Mln* inii. v. J.."i'r<siijt?-'ri_ii 8_u4ay^choal. , tal
w. i. ii. :.:::.:.:.; ;.'"^
>*A Uttte kitten oaf tWva V ira". ffl
M. T. H . -0J
ll ' 1" ." JOO
ltlrthiiar jnk- of th" Infmt , i? ?? of IBJ ?' * c (v,
Churrh Bnndav^ebool. Ka*t O'anae B. J.._.. ? w
WhaUoavet ClrcM '.t Klag'a Daughtrr*, Uaa- j ffl
gor, M . 1000
Mr<. Saekett. igaj
Aiice m. ICaaay.,_ _.
Total. .lulr 9, 1801.?19.19111
(F.iplit thonsand axl ajghty-thraa cBBdraa have s,r?Mj
boen aaat to the country for their fo tilghf* vacatlon.)
Ft'.VJR.ir. Of gfCViSB .??? KEWCOUMK.
The luaeral of r_*B_*i B, BtaWCaMBtM, the inwver. wM
? ii reaaaraay at Ua aoaae, PTa. 909 ato^aooara. at
10:30 a. m. The Kev. Dr. (-,ulll?-rt. of No^hport,
Cann. toraaatty of the C_aweb af the H,.ly fajtrtt of
this .itv, offlolated. He h.vl been a warm fnend ol
Mr Baweombo, and hls aei-nvm was a touehi.U one.
Mayor (irant. fontroll.-r Mvei^. (alonel Jolm R. Y"\
Mwa Distrkt-Att?r,:ey BleaU. laiTogata BTaaaoaa, ko
oordcr Smivth. 1'ollra Jaattee Androw .1. Whlte. CMB>
Btaataaer Tboaaaa F. otlray. ax-AMafaaaa IUCBe_ee*r,
c.x-Judg? Donohiw, F/ugeno |M. fartB, .Jame< t>.
ntapat-MB. John Cammlrk and Maal fora
mlsslonor M-BM M. o'llrl.'n were pall benrcia.
Among those who attended tho funeral were BB-Jaigl
IMituihoefer. Sarauel P. Ileyman. '? Abe" S.liwah.
lule Amnson, Joha 1). CHmmlns, Aldennan ttart,
C. W. Steln, Edwurd S. Sti-kw. C.mniU'loncr lUirker,
romniisslonor Phelan, ex-Commlasloner U-dirwav. Ed
waitl I.auterhach. Darti Leventrttt. Martiu n. Bawara,
(ominissioner .Uoolj Maaa, Jajtga Ehrli.-h. T. C. !_.
Ecloslne, J. H. V. Arnold. Judge I. H. M.< arthv,
... k. Laaataf, l. O. BlBBgalagialB, p?tS^i^i_I__
t ,..l Hayms. Meaander lirandoa. )r.. <.. W. pavtdaoBj
Fi! Waliirr and OotOIMt K. VBM Whlte. Tl.o hural
was ln Woodlawn.
Otaoayaraab, Onaau, -July _!?.-< m Aagaal l Iba l*wa?
mont Vaebi <"iub wia be BBtartalBBl by B. u. ^a^_,
tlie proprletor of tlie Jndiiin llurbor llot.-l. of OfaBB"
wi,li. Thero ?lil be * rereptton In the aftemo.'". 9*
kraad i>v a BaaMjaat an>i 9 iK'P bb tbe evaaiag Dartng
the <lav tba Indlan llarlyir Yivlit CBaft wlll bott IM
_____l !-? -.vttu. <?n tins eeeaaMai tne -09-i ?'** '*?
S__Ufal g^anda will he daeatatai erltb &*& *ad U
mmlnatad by CbtBeee bMtaeaa.
lV//.l-/iV lf. TAEtmntWi BKitfat
A ai?pJtih fr.uii Newport ye?vr*lay sald that wiaraaa
K vaudrrb.lt wan IU. It add.nl __M aralla h- wa-ta ?
ag _B4MP*a Baaek h* was selred arttB aomethlng BM
rerOg* and had to Ns ??MSt<-d honie ln IL' aMrBBja or ?
l.dv wlio happened to IV pa.alug at the tlm*. At tn*
Oraad C?atr_l Ntattoa y*al May tn? offlrer. kaww "'1t')'''?
,? Mr. vanderbilf* Utnaaa, aaoaaB afeBB ih'T bad r-Kt m
ihe n*??pai>er?. They ?ald they bad not f* lntorn..ia
al hl* not belng waB, and eon* <,..en_y did not BMBB BBTj
tiilnir ?*rlo'i* could l>? the nuHK-r vrtth hiin. Nc B 'r?
had been aent to hla bome ln gBBBBM, ?he_ a TriBuaa
reporter oailed _-.<ro late je?u?d_y.
Rlrhard Man*0?.d agaln ahowed hi* awBaiataa po-ere
at Uie Oardni Theaa* -Ml evemng. A? u.u.l on Weda*.
day eveolnga. .lnr* the lat^uctlonf of the taBaBBB 1"*
granime, he ap^*r->d tB -Don Juan." Many per^?*
M .od about the theatre b- tor* th* doors were op*n,d aa?
Mg for adinlMlen. tTbai Oie ou.-,ln *?? BiawB u|
for th* nrat a.-t, the IMBBBBMM room ?as ?-ll BBM "'??
?? .. ?.,,. | j r? ot i- afta IbiiBBlial ^ yJar un
aaaUeaaa UaBaaad ??<? th.- vi??i*; ataaBaaaB t? M- Maaa.
BelB'i .v.,i.'-i priatnti.? M th>' w.li-kn?\>u ahatMBM
lAUghter and prolong,sl Bg^B-Maa at fr?que?t BMarraM
re*a..l?d th^ a- to . aa uaual. for hl. ?uvce.rf?.l olto.W
u, ?iU.rtaln the \t?l??r* t.i th. theatro.
Tlii. .veulng Mr. Maii.tl-M ?_? apivar In the -ParlKlaa
H_man.-e " Aa Ui^ ptw ha* bmom* aueh a favorlte. tt
la e.p.n.ted that W Uio-tre wlll be 011*1 xtlth th- BMart
frl.-uda and Bt-BtMM* To-morro* e\eatu?; "Bcau _xaa?
UK-U" Wlll ba Biaae-Uxl.

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